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Full text of "The Zero Page Issue 14 From December 1994"

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The Zero Page 

The newsletter of the Commodore Users of Wichita 
¥ or the sharing, learning, and love of Commodore computers” 

Number 14, December 1994 

Random Access 
by Dale Lutes 

Thanksgiving weekend has just passed and 

Christmas is a few weeks away. This is traditionally a time for 
people to reflect on those things for which they are most thankful. 
I'd like to acknowledge a few people for whom I am especially 
grateful. First of all, thanks to each and every CUW member. 
You have all helped in one way or another, to make our club what 
it is today. 

Special recognition is due to the 
members of the steering committee. 
These dedicated people have done so 
much in this important first year for 
our club. They have worked many, 
many hours agonizing over finances, 
preparing demos, answering 
questions, fixing hardware, staffing 
the libraries, preparing disks, and 
writing newsletter articles. They 
often miss the demos and sacrifice 
their own chance to access the 
libraries while providing their special 
services at our monthly meetings. 
When you see these people, please 
tell them how much you appreciate 
their effort! It is a pleasure working 
with such a fine team. They have 
made my job as Chairman, an easy 

I am most grateful to the original 

committee members: Robert Bales, Marie Both, Nate Dannenberg, 

Don McManamey, and Jerry Shook. They were there from the 
very beginning. When things seemed to be coming apart for us in 

the C&AUGW, they helped hold it together as the leaders of the 
8-Bit SIG and the early CUW. Don’s vision of the 8-Bit SIG was 

a flag for us to rally around when lack of support from the 
C&AUGW board threatened us with extinction. Jerry served as 
Chair during those turbulent first months after our split with the 
C&AUGW. Nobody works harder than Marie, who has accepted 

some of the least visible and most thankless tasks as our financial 

officer, membership officer, secretary, and Vice-Chair. 

Thanks so much for your special contributions. --Dale 

Commodore Users of Wichita 

Next CUW Meeting: 
Saturday, December 10 
1:00 - 5:00 pm 
1411 South Oliver 

Let’s have some fun and celebrate 

the end of a terrific first year! 

Nate Dannenberg will be digitizing street. You can tell by their face 

pictures of CUW members with 
Video Byte. 

Eight-bit keeps takin’ a byte 
out of Commodore computing 

Don’s Digest 
by Don McManamey 

I would have liked to continue with 
the basic programming I started last 
month but unfortunately, or perhaps 

fortunately, there is information I want to pass along which is 
more exciting if not more important. With some luck we will 
continue with our basic program next month. 

It has been said that everyone has their fifteen minutes of fame at 
some point in their life. I used to 
think that that was a stupid idea. As 
time goes by I tend to believe it at 
least a little. Perhaps you saw me in 
my fifteen minutes of glory last 
spring and summer when I appeared 
in four Saturn commercials which 
aired in the Wichita area. It is 
strange how people you know and/or 
work with react to seeing you in a 
television commercial. Even people 
you have never seen before give you 
strange looks at the mall or on the 

they are thinking, “‘Don’t I know 
him from somewhere?’ Just last 
week I was contacted by a major 
movie studio about a part in a 
movie! Well, okay, I made up the 
part about the movie studio. Now I 
really don’t think that EVERYONE 
will have their fifteen minutes of 
so-called fame unless you count birth and death announcements, 
but one never knows how or when they will do something that 
will give them notoriety at least for a short time. If we set out to 
be famous, we stand just about as much chance to become a Jeffrey 
Dahmer as we are to become a Donald Trump. Frankly, I wouldn’t 
want to be either one of them. Nevertheless, some individuals and 
some groups gain a great deal of recognition their actions even 
though they do not seek it. Most of you old timers recognize user 
groups like TPUG who became well known by what they did. I'd 
bet when they formed UPCHUG they never thought that one of 
their members would become the Associate Editor of a Commodore 

(Continued on page 2) 

Page | 

(Don’s Digest -- continued from page 1) 

magazine with a circulation of 16,000 readers! Now that 
Commodore is out of business and support is becoming hard to 
find, those who can supply users with new and exciting material 
can make a name for themselves. Enter Commodore Users of 
Wichita! ! 

You may not know that some of our Disk O’Quarter programs 
were created by our own members and appear there for the very first 
time anywhere! I am working on several projects at this time 
along with some of our programmers. We are hoping to get our 
programs out to the Commodore faithful. We hope to bring 
attention to the Commodore Users of Wichita and its members 
with things such as the Koala art of Dale Lutes and some items for 
GEOS including Dale’s program, GeoMines. We stand on the 
threshold of producing some very high quality items. I can’t go 
into details at the time of this writing but a proposal will be made 
to the steering committee on 2 December 1994. With any luck, 
we will announce our plans at our regular club meeting on 10 
December 1994. I can say this: I am very excited about the 
possibilities. Without a doubt we will advertise our approval in as 
much detail as possible in the next issue of The Zero Page. 

I want to encourage each of you to attend our meeting on the 10th 
and help us celebrate the holidays. We will be playing with our 
machines, of course, but there will be snacks too. 

This month a new Disk O’Quarter is out. As I promised, we have 
some great stuff. Dale Lutes has finished some new Koala art on 
the theme of The Lord of the Rings. Don’t forget you need a 
viewer such as the ones on the second Disk O’Quarter. Another 

exclusive is GeoMines which I spoke of earlier. This is a 
game which operates from within GEOS. This one is very 
addictive. I have included United States Geography for the 
128 (40) which was written mainly by yours truly but with some 
help from my youngest son. The bulk of the program was written 
over five years ago with several refinements along the way. The 
original concept included a help screen so 
that those who don’t spell well would not 
be at a disadvantage. I for one have hated 
quiz games where one can have the correct 
answer and not receive credit because of a 
misspelled word or because the exactly 
correct syntax was not known. In the end, 
I compromised by opting for a slide show type of game where the 
only keyboard input required is for choosing a geographic region. 
A map is drawn and one state is colored in. You are given five 
seconds in which to identify this state after which the answer is 
displayed. Next you are given another five seconds to give the 
capitol. In both cases you make no keyboard input and no score is 
given. If you want a printed copy of the current screen just press 
"P" and one will be printed. We have two hi-res arcade style 
games, a program which defines the "F" keys so you can LOAD, 
SAVE, LIST, and RUN programs using the f keys. We have a 
greeting from Commodore and a visit from Momo. 

Commodore Users of Wichita 

Finally, you may remember our demo of the Koala pad a few 
months ago. If we had had 10 Koala pads to sell that day, we 
probably would have sold them all. Well, there is an ad in die-Hard 
where Koala pads are to be had for just $25 each. I called recently 
and was told that they were out of stock but get them in on a fairly 
regular basis. These are used, but carry a full 90-day warranty. If 
you would like to contact them, they are: 

7036 188th South 

Kent, WA 98032 

phone (206) 251-9040 

Until next time, may your syntax be error free! ) 

= Sale 

Mary Wilson has some equipment that she is offering for sale. 
The items include: 

V Commodore 64 and a 64C 

V Commodore 1541 disk drive 

V Cardco CSD-1 (1541 compatible) 
V Commodore 1702 monitor 

V Commodore MPS-1000 printer 

There are also several joysticks, a datasette, and a C-64 keyboard. 
Mary has two magazine collections, Run and Gazette, that she will 
give away to the buyers of the 64 and 64C systems. If you are 
interested in any of this hardware, give Mary a call at 684-7685. 

Charter Members: 
Don’t forget that now is the time to 
renew your membership! 

Your CUW Steering Committee members are: 

Dale Lutes Chair & Newsletter Editor 
Marie Both Vice-Chair 
Robert Bales BBS Representative 
Francis Catudal Public Domain Librarian 
Nate Dannenberg BBS Representative 
Arlen Gould Commercial Librarian 
Don McManamey Disk Editor 
Jerry Shook Quartermaster 

Page 2 

Cards, Posters & Signs 

The Helping Fred Earley 

Word Processing & Desktop Publishing 

This page lists those Fred Earley Don McManamey 
users willing to share Jerry Shook Dale Lutes 
their experiences and 

knowledge with other members of the club. Nate Dannenberg Fred Earley 
Music Dale Lutes 
Robert Bales Nate Dannenberg Family Roots 

haiads Maxine Ulrich 
Robert Bales Justin Riddiough Helping Hand Volunteers 
Nate Dameniberg Robert Bales 744-2580 
Programming Marie Both 652-7783 
Nate Dannenberg Dale Lutes a ms 

: Sue Harber 942-4884 
Astrology, Biorhythm Tile Lines 721-0835 
Marie Both Don McManamey 265-2560 
Prinine in Color Justin Riddiough 522-5277 

8 Jetty Shook 716-2683 
Don McManamey Jerry Shook insine’ Ulkich 838-8606 
cuca Let us know if we may include your name in future Helping Hand 
my listings. If we don’t have a category for you already, we'll add one! 

Titling Home Videos 
Sue Harber 



The Commodore Users of Wichita is a club dedicated to "the sharing, learning, and love of Commodore 
computers." Meetings are held on the second Saturday of each month from 1-5pm. Anyone who owns or 
uses a Commodore computer system is welcome to attend. Family memberships cost $15 per year. 
Members receive a monthly newsletter, a quarterly disk publication, access to an extensive library of 
public-domain software, and the right to vote on matters of club policy. A newsletter-only membership is 
available for $5 per year. Contact any of the officers (listed elsewhere in this newsletter) for more 
information. We are looking forward to seeing you at our next meeting! + 


#Tres Beauty 
+ Camelot 

+A-OK Pawn 
#+GHEC Pental 

If you own an Amiga computer system, be sure to visit our sister club, the C&AUGW. Contact President 
Hal Wigley at 776-9529 for information regarding their meeting time and location. Harry 

You may join or renew your membership by mail. Type of membership: [Family ($15) |G Newsletter-only ($5) 
Complete this form and mail with a check payable to: 
Marie Both Address: 
Commodore Users of Wichita 
6606 Cottonwood City: State: Zip: 
Wichita, KS 67207 Phone: 

What Commodore systems do you use? (please check all that apply) List additional family members who are interested in participating: 
QO vic-20 OC-64 OC-128 OC-16 OPlus/4 O Other 

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