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)ou /iiiJ \nursr// in the hoint mui iinnnuls of a hminli'd nuni\inii )nur ln\k i\ In 
t^onisf thr fihosfy Pn\ mm ht dnnf h\ nalhrnni^ finit tht i thr N tnusnul hn\i'\ uhtih air 
stfilfnrtt (irnuiui thr ^rniiud\ at nindntn. Omr till n hitw fkrn (iil/i ilt il find liikrn to ihi' 
t \d thn lt d/ f)lrt\ tin- Ihnlh \Uinh and thr fiho\t\ it dl hr hanishrd forrirr! 

fhim ri. It i\ not aititr that raw! Fn\t/\. not all tj/ thr innsnal l>fi\r\ arr i hihlr. 
srtondh. attna/h findniti thr h\d nia\ hr ra\irr \aid than dmir and thirdly. \ou hair 
thr fihnst^ \\l /./). /.I\G /().\(. and SIHl kf tn (ontrnd itdh. 

Ihr /our fiho\t\ hai r thru on n haunts, thr fniMtnni oj u huh tlian^rs fnnn ^ainr to 
iianit'. hdrriufi a hauntrd room u ill au akrn the rrsulrnt fiho\t and hr u ill tlirn fin i' 
rhnsf. Con tad uifh our of thr f(ri\l\ /our. nirans trrtuni dralh, although you may he 
ahir to outu It thrni h\ Iraniing tlirir movrmrnt pat t mis or h) throunifi somrfhniff at 

In the botttnn riff/it hand corner 0/ the srrern is a hradiug 'ntom type' and thi\ is 
where you uill be tin en a brief description oj uhaf type 0/ room y ou are in. eg. '/Iimm/ 
room' - u alknifi into this one unprepared u ill result in droit ninf(. 

The musn boxes tome in tu o forms — visible and ini isihle. thrrr /> an drm in the 
grounds that u ill enable \ou /o make thr im isiblr ones i isihir Whilst a musu /w\ is 
being carried to the E\it roimi it counts as one of the items u huh you are tarrynig, 
but oner you have reached the t.xil it mil be dropped automatualh and u dl 
disappear /rom \our list. Hon ever, the notes they represent u dl still he there ne\t time 
you come to play the tune. 


£r Do Noiliiii^ 
/ Quit (.amc 
2 Pick I p 
y Drop 
4 Plav Tuiu- 
' Eai lu ni 

6 WVar Item 

7 Drop inarkt r 

8 Throw hem 

9 Swiuli On 

Do Nothing — This command is self explanatory and if chosen u dl return y ou to the 
game as you left iL 

Quit Game — You ma\ qud at any time m the game by choosing this command the 
list of commands will be replaced with a countdown and tfie comment 'Press fire to 
abort'. If you press fire or the space bar you will return to the game as you left it. 
Pick Up — This command allows you to pick an item which you u ish to carry. You 
will be given a choice of three slots in which to carry your item. If you are cany less 
than three items the free slot(s) will be filled with question marks (h and these are 
the best to fill with your new item(s). 

lo srlrit thr shit which you u ant to /ill moie alimg to the le/t or right udh thr 
fowtuk or apfmipriatr key and press 'hire' or spate bar. Your drtision tinir drirrases 
as \ini drtitlr itiiuh slot to /ill. so don't takr tnn hug. 

Drop- Thi\ allou s mhi to drop nn\ 0/ thr itrms that \ou no hnigri nrrd'and uorks in 
r\a(tl\ thr same u a\ as 'Pick I p'." 

Play Tune — You nun play the tune at an\ time in thr gamr as hmg as you hair 
lakrn at Irast imr musu bo\ to the t.\d. 

t at Item - To maintain your energy level you must eat during thr gnmr Rt I \ou 
must t/r tarrMUg thr itrm he/ore you tan eat it. 

Wear Item - .^galn \ou must be taming thr itrm bi'ftnr attrnipting to uf<n it. tuin 
utnn it It ill not apfirar in the list of items tan led. 

Drop .Marker — This will allou you to mark rooms u ith tu o dots ilikr a coloin and 
tan hr usrd to rrmind \ou that a ghost is haunting that rotnn or maybe to rrmrmber 
uhrrr \ou hax e been, we leave it up to your imagination. 

Throw Item — W hen you to kill one 0/ the ghosts you must thirm Mimrthing hivn at 
It eg a bed. Firstly srlrct thr item which you uish to throu. you uill then br askrd to srlrct 
thr dirrttion you u to thnnt m. .^ 'dotk fatr' u ill br disf^ayrd, usmg nthrr thr ftnstick or 
kl^s mm r thr hand and prrss 'Firr' or sfme bar oner \ou think your aim is conrct. 
Hrmenibrr. that thr glmst uill continue to move omr \ou rrtum to the game so you shmld tr\ 
and antifi/kitr this mm nnent and throu a littlr ahrad 0/ it 1/ // is any distance aua\. 
Switch On — Tfiis is used only for certain itrnis in thr gamr rg. thr .\1agu Lantrni. 
Energy — )our energy starts on one hundred units and gradualh ilrtrrasrs as you 
moi e around, if ytm allou it to reach zero you u dl die To gam thr most /rom rating 
thr /iHtds arouiul you let your energy fall to alxnit ^0 units be/tne you start eating. 
.Musical Boxes — This uill shou the number 0/ musual bo\rs that you have taken 
and drof)prd in thr t \it room, it u dl not nunihrr thr ours you arr tarrying 
Decision Time — This uill count dou n /rom 100 and starts u hen you choftsr a 
command. 1/ you do not drtidr u ithin thr timr linut ytiu udl rrtuni to the game as 
you left it. 

JoNMiik ill Pon 2 or ihc kcvs:- 
Z - Lcli Do Noihing 

X - Right / - Qiiii (.ajiu* 

M - Up 2 - Pit k I p 

A' - Down ) - Drop 

SPACE - Choosf connnanttf - Plav Tunc 
0 - Tunc oil 5 - Eat Iinn 

6 - Wear iit tn 

7 - Drop IS^arkrr 

8 - Throw Item 

9 - Switch On 


Movement — There are three different types of passage: - 

a) Free passage — this appears on the screen without barriers of 
any sort and the character may move to and fro at will. 

b) Doors — these require keys. When a door is blocked it may 
only be passed if the character is earn ing the appropriate coloured 

Red doors are opened by the big key. (Red). 
Green doors are opened by the small key. (Green). 
Blue doors are opened by the padlock key. (Blue). 

c) Hidden doors — these do not appear to be doors on the screen 
but as solid sections of wall. However, the character is able to pass 
straight through them. They also appear as normal passages on the 

Clock — All four ghosts will be woken up when the clock strikes 
midnight and as you start the game at ten minutes to twelve this 
may seem a bit of a problem. BIT if you pick up the clock and 
'L 'SE' it you will be asked to 'Please set time'. Move the joystick to 
the right to put the clock forward or left to put the time back. When 
you have set the time press 'Fire' or Space bar to return to the 

If you stay too long the screen will go blank and the comment 'It's 
all gone dark' will be displayed. You must turn on the light, you 
have two choices either the torch or the lightbulb. BUT you must 
have the power to drive them, therefore, you should be carrying the 

Do not pick up the hot coals unless you are wearing gloves. 

Do not hold onto the bomb for more than a few seconds or else it 
may explode. 

Some of the musical ho.xes are invisible, there f nr. you must pick up 
and switch on the .Magic Lantern, as this will make I hem visible. 
Once switched on it wdl disappear from the list of items you are 

You must eat during the game to boost you energy but be careful of 
the items that are poisoned such as the Magic Potion. Green Cheese 
and Red Apple. You can also gain energy by eating some of the less 
obvious items like the map and flowers. 

There is no protection from the Fridge Room and the only way to 
avoid being 'Frozen Solid' is to KEEP OUT! 

You may enter ^ and 'sunnve the oven if you have picked up a jacket 
and are wearing it. 

The best items for throwing at the ghosts are: Bed, Bunkbeds, 
Heavy Weight, Table some Trees (the trees that you are able to pick 
up and throw are distinguished from the rest by their lighter 
colouring), Dagger, Hot Coals and the Bomb. 

If you are carrying the boat you will be able to sail across the water 
and the quicksand, automatically, you do not have to give any 
commands to 'USE' the boat. 

The map is very important as it will show the Exit room, once you have 
picked it up it will be displayed and you need not carry it any longer.