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Full text of "Tom & Jerry (1989 Magic Bytes) [2780]"

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Programmed by.King Mikkelsen 

and.Winfried Stappert 

and.Thomas Rolfes 

Graphics by.Ralf Vogel 

Sound by.Jim Rankenberg 

and.Georg Brandt 

and.Carsten Neubauer 

Sound Fx by.Alan Pedersen 

and.Georg Brandt 

and.Carsten Neubauer 

© 1989 Turner Entertainment Inc., all rights reserved. 

Produced by MAGIC BYTES 

Layout & Artwork by, 


Text & Typesetting... 



.Ralf Vogel 

Hans-Georg Witte 
....Stefan RiBmann 

.Nathalie Escot 

Dave T. Anderson 

Thanks to: 

Susanne for her good food, Lite’s noisy vacume cleaner for the 
extra breaks, Thomas for paying the phonebill, Elisabeth’s coffee 
and Adrian just for being there... 

Extra special thanks to: 

Carsten Borgmeier (SMASH) for the biggest micro-parti 

Blue cheese blues 
by Jerry (Lee) Mouse 

Blue cheese blues scoop 
boopy doo 

My tummy tells me that I’m 
missing you 

Blue cheese blues oo la la 
gimme some a that gorgonzola 
If all the world were paper 
and all the cat’s had fleas 
I’d be happy on the moon 
Eating all the cheese 

Dutch cheese is red, 
danish is blue 

German cheese smells like an 
old joggers shoe 

Swiss cheese has holes in it 
just like a cave 

to make my home there, 
is all that I crave 

Gimme some o“ that blue, jeah 
that blue, got them blue chee¬ 
se blues baby oh jeah! 

Those of you who remain un¬ 
moved by all this raving about 
what is basically a jaundiced 
product af sour milk are just 
the ones to be reborn as a 
TomCat, who sings something 

- 4 - 

Acid Mouse 

by Tom (Tin Roof) Stray 

One mans meat can be 
another man’s pet 
all your fans of Jerry 
don’t you forget 
like mice and men, 
us cats are only mortal 
a mouse is smalll but it makes 
a tasty morsal 

- 5 - 

prises at you while you’re down there. Now for a bit of theatrical 
training: by moving the joystick you control the direction of Jerry’s 
leaps, and dashes to freedom. The firing button makes him jump, 
and as you may remember, chairs and sofas are great for boun¬ 
cing. By moving the stick towards you, you can cause Tom all 
sorts of trouble, and watch him get real mad. Don’t underestimate 
Tom tho’ he’s a tiger without stripes and he’ll be after you 
wherever you go, but don’t worry either, he won’t actualy eat you. 
Yes his "meow” is much worse than is bite, he’s just having fun 
too and maybe, as in the cartoon, you’ll shake hands and join in 
the final chorous, all together now: 

- 6 - 

Well now that we’re clear about Tom and Jerry’s conflicting inter¬ 
ests let’s examine the backdrop to our "dualistic” plot. The cur¬ 
tain opens on the livingroom scene, and you get to play the star, 
the hero who steals everyones heart, who else, but that pint size 
pirate Jerry of course. In this role you are free to explore the 
whole house gorgeing yourself with as much cheese as you can, 
cheese that melts in your mouth to dissapear into the insatiable 
depths of your turn. Not only do you play the hero but also the 
producer, it would seem, for you may at will, change the scenario 
by nipping into a mousehole (Joystick forward) to appear in any¬ 
one of five different rooms all littered with your scrummy cheese. 
These dark passages also contain a store of your favourite food 
but watch out for mouse traps for Tom can roll all sorts of sur- 

- 7 - 

Final Chorus 
Little Jerry that little fox 
jumps over sofa, table and box 
with a cheeky chuckle 
and no hesitation 
gets lots of cheese, and indi¬ 


You steer Jerry with the Joy¬ 
stick to consume all cheese 
wedges on touch. When you 
have collected all the cheese 
on all 5 Levels within the time 
limit then you have won the 
game. Tom, however, is there 
to stop you, so keep to the 
higher shelves and pictures to 
avoid him. 


Some articles of furniture pro¬ 
vide an obstacle for Jerry but 
not for Tom. If Jerry is caught 
at a furniture obstacle, (especi- 
aly large ones) it can happen 
that Jerry may be pinned to 
the ground with no chance of 


One press of the firing button 
and Jerry jumps. Some objects 
provide a trampoline effect this 
may be increased by repeated 
bouncing. These objects are: 
Sofa, lamp, couch, chair, car- 
boot, wheels and pram. 

Direction directions: 

Joystick left and right. 

Jerry’s jumps can easily 
change direction in mid-flight. 
If during a jump you press the 
firing button just before he 
lands, at the same time moving 
the joystick left or right, then 
Jerry will make an extra jump 
in the required direction. 

- 10 - 

Object Objections: 

Land on an object - joystick 
towards you - object falls. To 
make Tom object for a while, 
thus keeping him distracted, 
try to hit him with an object. 
These objects are: Bowling 
ball, Hammer, Vase, small pic¬ 
tures, plates, oil-can, paint- 
bucket and toys. 

Slipping and Sliding: 

Land on a banana - joystick 
towards you - banana skin 
falls and you kwows how slip¬ 
pery they can be. If Tom steps 
on one he slides, right out of 
the screen, while Jerry keeps 
on running. 

- 11 - 

Distraction Instructions: 

Joystick towards you - initiates 
a distraction opperation. On 
each level you will find some¬ 
thing to distract Tom. Once ac¬ 
tivated he’ll just sit there, obli¬ 
vious to Jerry even if he 
touches him. 

Such objects being: T.V. (Jerry 
must stand above the control 
switch), Ice-box, Statue, Au¬ 
tomobile-door, Jack-in-the box 
with a devil in the box. 


Joystick left or right - and Jer¬ 
ry will follow. Press firing but¬ 
ton and Jerry jumps, preferably 
over the bombs for: Cheese 
wins (and bombs loose) play¬ 


Joystick forwards - Jerry dis¬ 
appears into a nearby mouse- 
hole. Here he finds a mouse- 
passage leading to the next le¬ 
vel, containing more mouse- 
food. Unless you wish to return 
its best to get this cheese 
while you can. It saves valu¬ 
able playing time. 

- 13 - 

Mouse-passage corrections: 

Below is a schematic illustration of the mouse-passages leading 
from room to room. The left portion of Room 1 is accessible 
only from Room 5. If you wish to return to the right portion of 
Room 1 you have to take the long way round .going from mouse- 
hole to mouse-hole until eventualy you get there. Me-ow! 

- 14 -