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News Supplement #1-1990 Jan.,1990 


— B. Harmer,97 Rusk in, Ottawa, Can,KlYZjB; 

News for this year, 1990, may see Sinclair computers out-doing even previous 
glories. Rumours are that Apple Macintosh and NeXT computer emulators for the QL 
are being readied by software developers, to follow-the MS DOS and CP/l\'l emulators 
already available. Cambridge is rumoured to have a 3i lb., MS DOS laptop with 32 
inch disk drives and optional hard disk. But the big news is that most oi us are 
still here, looking forward to another year of user group activity. Ottawa-Hull 
TSUG has a BBS now, (6l3)745--SS3^ (afterhours), 300 baud, S/n/l, Xmodem, planned to 
be upgraded to 1200 baud. The writer is still working on photocopy-published 
Sinclair books , including additions to the ZX-Sl Assembly Language Booklet and 
Tips, Tricks ^ Techniques from the User Group Masters for the ZX-^1/TS1000,A third 
book. Master Guide to the LDOS ZX-Bl Disk System, is winding up final stage of 
preparation, altho it looks like it will be expensive to sell the full-length, 
extended edition, at about lOOpp.. for reasons of its size alone (photocopying & 
mailing expenses running over #25). Local group is showing renewed interest in 
Pascal programming and work on a simplified compiler (NOT BASICnor Pascaly but a 
sort of development system macro language) is continuing for the ZX-Bl/TSlOOO.The 
QL is still being advertised at US$100 (by Sharp’s), New ZX-Sl kits are still 
available too from one supplier. The Z-88 notebook computer still looks good in 
comparison to its latecomer competitors. Commodore 6k and Tandy 1000 H? computers 
are almpst being dumped on the market at bargain basement boxing day time specials 
(C- 64 , $ 169 , Tandy $399). The computer revolution is seeing a new round of dis¬ 
counting of the cheaper models and an increase in sophistication in the $1000- 
$3000 models. Even Macintoshes are penetrating the $2000 price barrier in Canada. 
Faster modems at 2400 bps are being seen in stores, Radio Shack is calling its 
80286 MS DOS computer its most popular beginner’s model (though it is not AT com¬ 
patible) and laser printers have reached the small business/serious amateur price 
ranges. In the big leagues, the slowness of OS/2 to reach its intended place in the 
market and the IBM PS/2 computers to become the new standard, once touted as the 
success stories of the forseeable future has again proven that the future isn’t 
forseeable at all. ’.This year is also the tenth anniversary of the release of the 
Sinclair ZX- 8 O and the start of the Sinclair saga in computing. 

Mailing list updates ; Harrisburg Area TSUG(HATS) may be deleted from our 
lists since the Dec,,1989 was the final newsletter and notification of disolution 
of the group. Former members will operate through the V/ashington, DC group (CATS). 
A new listing in the Computer Shopper has alerted us to the existence of Quantuum 
Leap User Group , c/o Gale Hensleey4411 2nd Ave.. Amarillo, TX .USA 79106. The 
Dallas/Fort Worth users are still going strong altho they don’t appear to be still 
issuing a newsletter to exchange with other groups. They support especially the 
Aerco TS2068 disk system and the CP/M compatible RP/M operating system. 


News from SNUG is that due to the illness of a member’s wife and personal situat¬ 
ions of others involved in the group, v;ork on the newsletter has been delayed and 
all memberships have as a conseq.uence been extended 6 months (that is into 1990). 
Looks like they v/ill soon have a really terrifically large public domain program 
library for the QL,TS2068 and TSIOOO, but they are still looking for more donat¬ 
ions of programs for it. It looks like a good way to consolidate the libraries of 
the local user groups v/ho have tried on a limited basis to amass such programs. 

ZX- 81 /TSIOCO Tips : Instead of PAUSE 20'0 try PAUSE COLE’’COS” to save memory, V/hen 
making a copy of your program on tape (v/ithout data) redimension arrays, by for ex¬ 
ample DIM A$( 0,0) to save mem*ory and loading/saving time, then on program execution, 
redimension them properly to restart the program. A good place to place the DIM 
statement (or GOSUB to more than one DIM statement) to redimension the arrays 
properly is line 0. In line zero, a RUN statement v/ill redimension the array and 
clear it (the RUN v/ould clear it anyw^ay) but a GOTO 1 (used to restart v/ithout 
clearing array data) v/on’t call the redimensioning (v/hich would clear the data). 

..Pi 2__-No.l-1990_,iJan.) _ 

Published-Prog;ram Survey of Newsletters: Dominoes-ZX-Sl ni/c,BASIC line trace 

ZX-Sl,Vector Screen Calculator ZX-^1 BASIC all in Dec.39-Vancouver TSUG N/L.. 

,,.octal/decimal conversion ZX-Sl m/c, Sineus, Johnson City,NY N/L.(Nov-Dec,S9).. 

,,,,m/c utilities to break any program caught in a loop, to ignore BREAK command, 
invert screen attributes, scroll the screen line to left and wrap it around to 
next line, to flip the screen (horiz, or vert.) TS206S m/c -Boston Comp. Soc., 
Sept-Oct n/1 (note: the TSUG there has recently broken off from Boston Comp. Soc.) 
...USA Medicare Income Tax TS206^ BASIC, in Harrisburg TSUG n/1 Sept,89....TS206S 
State Lotto program, Aug k Sept,S9 SMUG n/l, Milwaulkee.,..cryto demo TS206S,BASIC 

and Chaos Demo, 0ct.B9 Vancouver TSUG N/L.Cube-It (TS206S game),LasVegas,n/l 


assembly lanj 


Eje articles with sample routines is 

Vancouver TSl 

Jg 1 

N/L, The articles, by V. Lee, are on 

help to TS206S users. Note that back issues of this newsletter also have articles 
by Wilf Rigter on V c routines to speed up the ZX-Bl/TSIOOO by modifying the dis¬ 
play routines. Apparently using these techniques, the ZX-SJ/TSIOOO can be made to 
run faster than by merely putting it into FAST mode. Seems like a much better vay 
than brute force acceleration which only boosts execution 15% when you step up the 
ZX-Bl/TSIOOO clock to 4MHz (from S^MHz) and avoids the technical complications 
(like setting fire to your tvl). And of course good n^/c or assembly language pro¬ 
gramming speeds up programs too. So can the rewriting of BASIC routines . An § 
sec. loop was cut down to about 1^ sec. in one of my programs by ingenious rewrit¬ 
ing of it to avoid going through the loop as many times and replacing looping 
with straight through BASIC code (within a loop that then required fewer times 
through the looping). _ 

n/l Hardware articles continue to appear although the cable articles^^in 

hats; and the increasing attention given to QL modifications, are starting to re¬ 
place ZX-S1/TS1000/TS2068 modifications. The writer hopes to print a lot of tips 
for hardware modifications of the ZX-Sl/TSIOOO in the next pages of the ’Tips, 
Tricks and Techniques from the User Group Masters for the ZX-SVTSIOOO ’ booklet. 
This should become an excellent source of info and references for both the old and 
new ZX-Sl/TSIOOO user. (Yes, new users are coming to the user groups looking for 
ZX-31/TSIOOO lore. They are mainly young students seeking a low cost computer to 
practice the things they are being taught in school about computers since the 
hands-on practice sessions at school are often not quite long enough for them.) 

The writer thinks that not only is the ZX-^l/TSIOOO a good platform for control- 
ler projects like burglar alarm monitors but also a natural as the intelligent 
part of eprom or other programmable chip programmers . One user has "made a short 
ZX-!^1/TS1000 board, with only the ROM, RAM and eprom (no ULA, keyboard or video) 
so that programs debugged and developed on the full ZX-Sl/TSIOOO can be used on 
the short board, run from an eprom, rather than a full ZX-^,/TSIOOO.It.’s been it 
is said by Donald Lambert of the CRAGIST, used to take pictures from a kite. So 
there is lots of potential left for hardware hackers in the old ZX-BVtS 1000.Tip 
from Donald Lambert for TS206^ LOAD problems caused by heat: take off all unneces¬ 
sary accessories pff^ the^bus/ expansion,Also mentioned is an audio xformer tip pas- 
sea on from Dave Solly, Ottawa,ror__trij.^_passette_loa d problem. (Sineus n/l,Dec,89) 

Aerco TS206S disk system users m.ay be interested in the LKDOS Cartridge i/f for 
that system. V/ith an FD-5^ it gives Darken DOS & Extended BASIC commands incl. 
MERGE. You can switch between the Aerco & LKDOS so you can still use RP/K.It uses 
the Aerco RAM to give you a 4SK RAM disk. Cartridge is also available f or O liger 
system k Ram ex . US|6^ from Darken Electronics, RR,|2,Mavan, Ont.,Canada K4B 1H9 

Mazir Pashtoon of SMUG reports Cambridge North Am. in Chapt.ll-but Sharps has Z-^ 
still and will now be only i‘’^porter__on_the bankruptcy of Cambridge, (MilwauH^K.^) 

A software interface for the video digitizer for the TS206P and the Okimate 20 dvip 
sold through TOYS-R-US for>'4>99'J has been "produced by John McMichael, 1710 Palmer 
Dr., Laramie, 7/Y,USA S2070 for US$20-requirr-s IBM parallel Plug *n Print cartridge 
The product name is VideoCopy plus VideoTex.VideoTex alor« avail, separately USllO." 
This softv/are uses the digitizer i/f board to capture VCR/videocamera images that 

__^^§-^S§ 2 -r§Yi§^§G_iD_D§§t_ issues _of_SMUG_BYtes,. 5052 N^ 91 st_SL.AUl¥SUlkge,.¥I- 

\n amateur publication of TS Bulletin, Bill Harmxer,97 Rusk in, Ottawa, Ont .Can.KlY 4B3 

p,3 - No. 1-1990 (Jan.) 

A merican Micro Systems , 2175 Aborn Rd., Suite 262, San Jose, Calif.,USA 95121 has 
a catalogue of QL (and Z-5B) items, hardware and software, printed in TimeLinez. 
I ncluded are QL ;R0M upgrades. Trump Card disk i/f ($312). IBM software emulator 
r|172), modem'adapter ($69), Front Page desktop pub ($34j, CP/M emulator (Success), 
($69) Forth ($57), Fortran 77($1^4), Pascal($57),C Language ($69) .Superbasic to 
C converter (needs C compiler)($B0), Spellchecker (30,000 word)($bS, needs extra 
RAM), Discover (disk file format converter)($ 46 ),Flight Sim.($34), Astrol.($35>) 
the QL computer itself ($129),Lightning (acce lerator software)($ 46 ),Serv.Man.($29) 
30 meg. hard drive coming soon, JSU ROM ($19),membrane keybord($25) all in US$ plus 
Z-BB products , the Z-^^ $450, PCtoZ-BB link-up($70),QLtoZ-BS($46)-Mac to Z-B5($lll) 
zterm($90),zBASE ($120) ,Superchip($200),Modem, 1200($130) ,32Keprom($40) plus plus 
their phone no. is ( 4 O 0 )270-9730 (voice, ans. roach.) 

Maxcom TS206B BBS system for LKDOS disk users:""Maxcom is everything and more that 
It’s chalked up to be...I’ve got to tell you, if you haven’t gotten it as:yet, 
chase those moths out of your wallet. . .Maxcom will truly make your day.’’ from a 
column in the Las Vegas TSUG newsletter by Ralph Hammer.Also mentioned is the 
deluxe move utility in Maxcomm that allows transfer of files between disks, etc. 
simply and effectively. RMG handles this system in the USA. Nice to hear such 
good comments. Larry Kenny of Larken is also v/orking on a desktop publisher with 
spelling checker at the moment (Jan.,1990) and is marketing a plotter,engraver, 
light duty plastic-router/miller that will run from an IBM PC and is also working 
on Z-^0 controller version of it. The softv/are to run it has been written in 
Hi-Soft Pascal on the TS206^. It v;ill work on a 2’x2’ board to a depth of 4+”. At 
an Ottawa-Hull TSUG user group several years ago, a TS2068 user demo’d a system 
in which a plotter applied etch-resist directly on a copper pcb for one-of-a-kind 
cad/CAM production of pc boards, automatically. There is obviously lots that can 
still be done with the old Timex-Sinclair’s, V/hen the writer moves his old ZX-Bl 
out of the computer den it will be going to the basement, electronics workshop for 
use in eprora blasting/controller experiments. These old models serve on, and on... 

Fix: for Timemachine BASIC compilerchange * POKE s in line I 06 from 32B^O to 33S^O, 
by HL Schaaf printed in Aug.$9, CATS & Dec.,19^9 Timelinez.... 

TDM Magazine . Vol,5,No.2 issued finaiiy, contact TDM BBS at 503-244-265B (S/l/n) 

Jack Dohany has upgraded MScript to version 5.5 according to D.Lambert,CRAGIST 

TSlQOO’s still available -contact Gary Young,5S6 9th Ave..Marion,IA,USA 52302-cheap 
v/orking ones or bad keyboard ones avail., ram packs (loK) and progs, can be incl. 

Article on using an audio transformer as*a*cassette load aid (TSIOOO/TS206S). in 
Aug-Dec. ,1939 issue of Cragist,D..Lambert,31T0™Clover Dr.S.'V.,Cedar Rapids,lA 52404 

Source code for TreeFORTH (a romable, TSIOOO, slightly non-standard FORTH) has been 
released for non-coramercial use by author Bob Alsum. A TS1500 with Tree FORTH in 
ROM has turned up on the surplus market, D. Lambert,CRAGIST, reports. 

D isk Library , TS2063 disk utilities program (search,list,delete, update,sort etc.) 
nas been created bv RA Hilsman,P0B 45, Menomonee Falls, WI,USA 53051 and is avail, 
on cassette for US$5 (or possibly slightly more mailed to Canada/for.).It is for 
the TS2063 Oliger system but probably can be adpated for other disk systems by the 
programmer/hacker. -Mentioned in Sineus n/1 Jan.90 & SMUG n/l Apr.,1933 

Sineus N/L from 1229 Rhodes Rd,,Johnson City,NY,USA 13790 continues to run lists 
of TS2063 ROM routines listed different ^wa^s j sorted and compared v/ith Spectrum. 

Don Lamen of ^Sineus continues to submit articles on TSIOOO programming, mainly c 
to Sineus n/l and it is nice to see the' TSIOOO St ill" "receivih' like that. 

Comouter Shopper has discontinued articles on Commodore 64 , Sinclair,TI, Atari 3-bit 
much to our disappointment. Latter Sinclair articles were really good. Not much 
reason for me to buy it anymore except for hardware adverts re-PC clones. User Gp. 
listings continue hov/ever & Sinclair Gps. will pop up listed tnere. 

Published as an amateur venture by Bill Harmer, 97 Ruskin St., Ottawa, Ont,,Canada 
KlY 4B3. Don’t hack, promise, send money or buy v/ithout checking info in this n/l 
v;ith a second, independently qualified source. You may photocopy freely for friends.