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ExcIub'ivb revieuj dP the 
IIBM’b bBBC Beat-’em-up 



! HI 


Volume One'Issue Twelve 

Fighters Destiny 
moves poster 

If your F 

missing? Please consult your newsagent 



RB/IEUIB ■ filgliiliBrs Destiny ■ IRadden Gk ■ mK mytf^^ 
HRST LOOKS ■ Hio firsaks ■ Dodg HarvssC ■ HrC oF Filing ^ 
PRSUUS ailiigtrsSliiiiiB Quake GMb Hyper Olynyiicllagaiio 

■imiFiii- e»i OUST einmiDny fehture 



iiwinrs Ncmi ii ni? 




One year old 
today, enjoy 
the party... 

I can't believe it. Total 64 is a 
whole year old - it seems like 
only yesterday that issue one 
said its first words and quickly 
established itself as a must buy 
for all N64 enthusiasts. Where does 
the time go? (etc, etc). 

Like the Nintendo 64 console. 
Total 64 has gone from strength to 
strength, improving with every long 
awaited cartridge that arrives on the 
shelves. Perhaps two of the most 
eagerly awaited of these would be 
Yoshi's Story and Quake 64 - and 
although neither of these games 
are available in the UK yet, we've 
been lucky enough to play both of 
them this month and are pleased to 
share our findings with you in this, 
our first birthday issue. 

The big game of the month in 
my opinion though, would have to 
be this month's front cover game - 
Fighters Destiny, at last the gaming 
powerhouse that is the N64 has a 
beat-'em-up that's actually worthy 
of its cartridge port! Check out our 
exclusive review on page 42. 

What are you waiting for? 



42 RgMere Destiny 

'The N64 doesn't have any good fighting games' says a disgruntled reader, well 
Imagineer and. Ocean say different - and so do we! 

48 madden Bk 

Can the latest title in this long running series make any kind of impression, after the 
stunning NFL Quarterback Club '981 

^2 mK mythologies: 

Sub Zero 

The boy in blue goes solo in this latest Mortal Kombat cash-in - let's hope Midway don't 
decide to do sequels for every character in MK Trilogyl 

Famistar 6k 

Namco arrive on the N64 with a Japanese baseball game that boasts that rarest of all 
features, originality 

Ulild Choppers 

No, it's not an alternative to your BMX, it's a peculiar looking helicopter sim from Seta 


Puyo Puyo Sun 6k 

It looks and plays like a SNES game, but even on the N64 its playability makes it an 
essential purchase for fans of the genre 

66 6k Oozumo 

The hot favourite in our 'will never be released in the UK' sweepstake - sumo wrestling 

for the N64! 

68 LJhBBl oF FortunB 

If you're a fan of the show, prepare to be disappointed. If you're cleverer than that, 
prepare for a laugh! 

First Look! 

Body Harvest 




DMA's spectacular new title looks to blend action, RPG, driving 
elements and all manner of sub-games in one massive alien bash! 
This could be one of the biggest titles of the year 



More driving action on the N64 with Ubisoft's new futuristic racer. 
The question is, do we really need it? 

Rrt oP Fighting Twin 

With this beat-'em-up you get to fight as either 'real' people or as 
manga-style characters. To what purpose? Find out on page 16 



With all those cutesy, cutesy games on the N64 at the moment, we 
could do with something to scare us. Spooky could be it, with its 
dark foreboding atmosphere and rather unpleasant monsters 

BuggiB Boogie 

Driving? In a buggy? Funky tunes? Sounds good to us - find the 
rest of the story on page 19 


CruiB'n UJorid 

With the original Cruis'n USA selling more than one million copies 
in the US, it is about to be released over here - just as Midway are 
preparing their much improved follow up. 


RPGs are something of a rarity on the N64 right now. Ocean's 
Jest looks to redress the balance with faultless gameplay and 
stunning graphics 


Bio PreakB 

Imagine a futuristic world where the survivors are part flesh, part 
machine and spend their spare time fighting in huge 3D arenas. 
Now you've got a pretty good idea what 
Bio Freaks is all about , 


UJagnB Gretzkg’B 3D Hockeg 'BB 

Mr Gretzky returns for another ice hockey extravaganza - N64 style! 


Don't look back In anger 

A look back at the first year of Total 64 and the console 
it's dedicated to 


2li BoBhroStorg 

* It's probably the most 
eagerly awaited 2D 
platformer since time 
began, and we've played it! 

DuakB EM 

The smash hit PC gore fest is on its way. Total 
64 takes an early look at what could be the 
first game to really give Goldeneye a 
run for its money 

^2 nagano UJIntBr 

From the creators of ISS Soccer 64 
comes a sporting title that's so 
cool, you'll have to wear a bobble 
hat to play it! 


6 neius 
m First Looke 
m Reviems Intro 
T 70 Revieujs Round-up 
80 The Cheat Zone 
87 Oatel Codes 

80 The Firing Line 
82 High Scores 
8h Subscriptions 
SB Back Issues 
as next month 
SB Sign OFF 

TOTAL 64 volume one 





Here are all the latest 
release dates for the N64 
in Europe: 




! “1- : 

- ^ 1 “1 C-1^ \ f 


■ ni. 


Ui' V 

LUj tiL 


' II 


1st Quarter ‘08 

TBA - G.A.S.P. (Konami) 

TBA - MK Mythologies: Sub- 
Zero (GT Interactive/Midway) 

January ‘SB 

TBA - Robotech: Crystal 
Dreams (Gametek) 

February ‘BB 

TBA - Chameleon Twist 
(Japan Supply System) 

TBA - Dual Heroes (Hudson) 
TBA - Nagano Winter 
Olympics '98 (Konami) 

TBA - NBA In The Zone '98 

march ‘BB 

TBA - Castlevania 64 


TBA - Quest 64 (THQ) 

TBA - Tonic Trouble 

(Ubi Soft) 

TBA - Twisted Edge 
Snowboarding (Kemco) 


R ecording to well-respected 
Japanese games magazine, 

Famitsu, the N64's worldwide 
sales have gone from good to great. 
Surprisingly though, the N64 has yet 
to catch on in its native country. 

Sales for the rest of the world have 
gone from 3.4 million to 9 million in 
the last six months, while the Japanese 
have only bought 400,000 N64s in the 
same period, taking the total to 2.5 
million. Hopefully, the anticipated launch 
of the 64DD will give a much needed 
injection of interest into the console. 


Super Famicom (Super NFS): 16,960,000 

GameBoy: 16,850,000 

Nintendo 64: 2,447,000 

Saturn: 5,200,00 

PlayStation: 8,600,000 

PC-FX: 29,000 

NeoGeo: 35,000 

NeoGeo CD: 45,000 


Super NES: 29,740,000 
GameBoy: 43,040,000 
Nintendo 64: 9,030,000 
Saturn: 2,960,00 
PlayStation: 11,400,000 
NeoGeo: 60,000 
NeoGeo CD: 12,000 

may ‘BB 

TBA - Wayne Gretzky's 3D 
Hockey '98 (Midway) 

These figures were compiled from sales taken from independent retailers and a number of major outlet stores. 


TBA - Banjo-Kazooie 

TBA - Conker's Quest (Rare) 
TBA - F-Zero 64 (Nintendo) 
TBA - Mission: Impossible 

TBA - Yoshi's Story (Nintendo) 
TBA - Zelda 64 (Nintendo) 
TBA - Attack! 

(GT Interactive) 

Flights oF the un 

P aradigm and Video Systems are set to team up again for another flight sim game. It will be based on the Harrier Jump 
Jet and will probably be called Flights of the UN. It is due for the fourth quarter of '98, will feature Rumble Pak compatibility 
and will be multiplayer, possibly even four-player. 

A spokesman for the company said: "It's possible (it'll be 64DD compatible). The game is a truer simulation than AeroFighters 
Assault. Think of this as Pilotwings with attitude." 

The title will be a least a 96 Mbit game and will come with battery back-up - let's hope that they do a better job with this 
than Aerofighters Assault. 

TOTAL 64 volume one 



TBA - Bio Freaks 
(GT Interactive/Midway) 

TBA - Body Harvest (Nintendo) 
TBA - Centipede X 
(GT Interactive/Midway) 

TBA - Joust Epic 
(GT Interactive/Midway) 

TBA - Mace: The Dark Age 
(GT Interactive/Midway) 

TBA - Mortal Kombat 4 
(GT Interactive/Midway) 

TBA - Mystical Ninja 64 

TBA > Rebel Moon 
Revolution (GT Interactive) 
TBA - San Frandsco RUSH 
(GT Interactive/Midway) 

TBA - NBA Courtside 

TBA - Unreal (GT Interactive) 
TBA - Vertical Edge 
Snowboarding (Nintendo) 

US ReleaBB 

Here are the latest release 
dates available for the N64 
in America: 

1st Quarter ‘QB 

TBA - Space Station: 

Silicon Valley 

(BMG Entertainment/DMA) 


6 - Robotron 64 
(Crave Entertainment/Player 1) 
18 - Fighters Destiny 

20 - Jeopardy! 

20 - Nagano Winter 
Olympics '98 
(Konami/Diamond Dust) 

27 - NBA In The Zone '98 

27 - Olympic Hockey '98 

(Midway/Atari Games) 

February ‘BB 

15 - Snowboard Kids (Atlus) 

15 - Virtual Chess 64 (Titus) 
20 - Aero Gauge (ASCII) 

28 - NHL Breakaway '98 
(Acclaim/Iguana West) 

TBA - Goemon: Adventures of 
the Mystical Ninja (Konami) 
TBA - N64 College 
Basketball (Z-Axis) 

march ‘BB 

9 - Yoshi's Story (Nintendo) 

16 - Banjo-Kazooie 

30 - MLB Featuring Ken 
Griffey, Jr. 

(Nintendo/Angel Studios) 

30 - 1080® Snowboarding 


- nBk REIUB 



rolls on 

n intendo have announced that they have now had five miLlion- 
seLling games in the US the first half of the Last financial 
year - more than on any other platform. The games in 
question are Mario 64, Cruis'n USA, Shadows of the Empire, Wave 
Race 64, Goldeneye and the recently released Diddy Kong Racing, 
which sold more than 800,000 copies in its first two weeks. 

Only one title on the PC has reached the million mark so far 
(although it is Likely that Quake 2 will sell more than this) and no 
PlayStation title has achieved the magic million. Despite Sony 
claiming that Final Fantasy VII has sold one million units in 
North America (including Mexico and Canada) independent 
sales monitors (NPD group) put the number at 500,000 
sold in the US. 

NOA added that revenue generated by the 
videogames industry was up 151% and Nintendo's 
own retail sales were up 463% on last year. 

Frogger on 

^ 6 ^ 

B reat news kids; that old arcade 
classic, Frogger, is set for an N64 
update. The game, titled Frogger 
3D on the PlayStation, is a polygon update 
featuring more than just the original style 
gameplay. There are at least half a dozen 
^ different levels, offering more of a 3D 
environment slant on the gameplay. 
There is also a two player battle mode. 
Although the PlayStation version was not well received, it is quite possible that 
Hasbro will revamp the game for the N64. ciTi 

I f you were reading last month's report on the 
Nintendo Space World, then you will be aware 
that one of the surprises of the show was that 
Capcom were nowhere to be seen. Well, we can 
reveal that the famous Japanese development house 
met with Nintendo at the show and discussed their 
plans for the N64. The result of this is that we will 
see three new Capcom games for the N64 sometime 
next year. These are Ghouls 'n' Ghosts 64, Mega 
Man 64 and a 'racing game'. 

Ghouls 'n' Ghosts 64 will follow a similar format 
to that of the original SNES title, but will take 
place in a 3D environment. It is unclear exactly 
what form the new Mega Man game will take but 
it is quite likely that it will remain true to its 2D 
platforming roots. As for the racing game, there 
are no details available at this time - let's hope 
it's not a Mega Man Kart game. i:]S> 

TBA - G.A.S.P. (Konami) 

TBA - Quake 64 (Midway) 
TBA - Superman: The 
Animated Series (Titus) 

Hpril BB 

1 - Earthworm Jim 3D 
(Interplay/Vis Interactive) 

1 - All-Star Baseball '98 

30 - Forsaken 

TBA - Art of Fighting: Twin 
(Culture Brain) 

TBA - Mission: Impossible 

TBA - Mortal Kombat 4 

TBA - NBA Courtside 
(Nintendo/Left Field) 

TBA - Quest 64 

TBA - Tonic Trouble 
(Ubi Soft) 

TBA - UEFA Soccer '98 

(Ocean/Power & Magic) 

TBA - Wetrix 
(Ocean/Zed Two) 

may ‘BB 

2 - Wrecking Balls 

TBA - Twisted Edge 


June ‘BB 

1 - Ultra Soccer 

TBA - GEX 2 

(Midway/Crystal Dynamics) 

July *BB 

1 - WWF: Warzone 


fluguBt ‘BB 

30 - Turok 2 


Znil Quarter ‘BB 

TBA - Andretti Radng 
(EA Sports) 

TBA - Body Harvest 

TBA - Conker's Quest (Rare) 
TBA - Dual Heroes 

TBA - Jest 
(Ocean/Curved Logic) 

TBA - Space Circus 


TBA - 64 Sumo 
(Natsume/Bottom Up) 

TBA - Aeronaughts (Ocean) 
TBA - BattleSport 64 
(Cyclone Studios) 

TBA - Bottom of the Ninth 
'98 (Konami) 

TOTAL 64 volume one 
trkttr twelve 




TBA - Bio Freaks (Midway) 
TBA - Castlevania 3D (Konami) 
TBA - Command and Conquer 
3D (Westwood Studios) 

TBA - Cruis'n World (Nintendo) 
TBA - F-Zero X (Nintendo) 

TBA - Freak Boy (Virgin) 

TBA - GTI Club (Konami) 

TBA - Harrier Jet Sim 
(Video Systems USA/Paradigm) 
TBA - Knife Edge (Kemco) 

TBA - LastLegion UX 

TBA - Legend of Zelda: The 
Ocarina of Time (Nintendo) 
TBA - Micro Machines (Midway) 
TBA - MLB Strike Zone '98 
(GT Interactive) 

TBA - NFL Blitz '98 (Midway) 
TBA - Powerslave 64 

TBA - Powerslide (Emergent) 
TBA - Quest for Camelot (Titus) 
TBA - Racer (Interplay) 

TBA - Robotech: Crystal 
Dreams (Gametek) 

TBA - Spooky (ICE) 

TBA - Thornado (Factor 5) 

TBA - WCW Nitro (THQ) 


TBA - 7th Legion 
(Epic Megagames) 

TBA - Bio Tetris (Amtex) 

TBA - Body Harvest 

TBA - Buggie-Boogie 
(Nintendo/Angel Studios) 

TBA - Daikatana (ION Storm) 
TBA - Deadly Honor 

TBA - Donkey Kong Country 
64 (Nintendo/Rare) 

TBA - Dragon Storm (MGM) 
TBA - Duke Nukem Forever 
(GT Interactive) 

TBA - Earthbound 64 (64DD) 

TBA - Emperor of the Jungle 

TBA - FI Simulator 
(Video System USA/Paradigm) 
TBA - F-Zero X Expansion Set 
(64DD) (Nintendo) 

TBA - Ghouls'n'Ghosts 64 

TBA - Hybrid Heaven 


TBA - Kirby 64 (Nintendo) 

TBA - Lego Racers 
(Lego/High Voltage) 

TBA - Lode Runner 64 


Turok 2 
release date 

H cclaim have 

announced their release 
schedule for 1998. In February 
we will see NHL Breakaway '98, a 
serious hockey sim that could well 
challenge M/oy/7e Gretzky's position 
as the best hockey game on the N64 
April will have two releases: All Star 
Baseball '98 and Probe Software's 
Forsaken - a sort of Descent-style 
shoot-'em-up. In May we will 
finally see what all the fuss is 

about when the ultra secretive title, Wrecking Balls is released and June will see 
Ultra Soccer hit the shelves. 

The latter, which is being developed by British developers Probe, is said to be "the game which 
will knock ISS off the top slot". WWF Warzone is set for a July release. Next, the one we're all 
waiting for, Turok 2, will be out at the end of August. November has been pencilled in as a 
release date for Shadowman, a game based on the comic book hero. Finally, December is the 
probable release time for NFL Quarterback Club '99, although the exact date is still unknown. 

I f you were reading this section last month, you'll already know that a group of programmers 
from Squaresoft have broken away and have set up their own software house, known as 
Crave. It is their intention to produce and release RPGs, exclusively on the N64 and they 
have just announced details of their first title, known only as Project Cairo at this stage. Crave 
are said to be in negotiations over the use of a major comic book license, for both the game's 
characters and background story, although no details about which comic book this might be 
have been released. 

"If it was another anime RPG, I don't think we'd be making it," commented Mark Burke, 
Vice President of Product Acquisitions at Crave. "We think the art in the game is as good as, 
if not better than that in Final Fantasy VIL" 

Project Cairo, which is still a long way off from its 1999 release date, is being developed to 
take full advantage of the 64DD. 

UJheel of Fortune for Europe 

ilie are Just so eKcited about this one. Kintendo haue qranted a 
license to Take Tu/o software to release games in Europe. They 
haue not yet reuealed any plans for the European market but it 
is likely that the first game for release u/ill be the abysmal 
UJheel of Fortune. 


TBA - Looney Tunes 64 


TBA - Pilotwings 2 

TBA - Magic the Gathering: 
Armageddon (Acclaim) 

TBA - Mario 64 2 (Nintendo) 
TBA - Mario Artist: Picture 
Maker (Nintendo) 64DD 
TBA - Mario Artist: Polygon 
Maker (64DD) (Nintendo/ 

TBA - Mario Artist: 
SoundMaker (64DD) 

TBA - Mario Artist: Talent 
Maker (64DD) (Nintendo) 
TBA - Megaman 64 


TBA - NBA Fastbreak 64 


TBA - NFL Quarterback Club 
'99 (Acclaim/Iguana) 

TBA - Off-Road Challenge 


TBA - Paperboy 64 (Mindscape) 
TBA - Pocket Monster: 
Pikachu Genki Dechu 


TBA - Pocket Monster 
Stadium (64DD) (Nintendo) 
TBA - Project Cairo (64DD) 
(Crave Entertainment) 

TBA - Return Fire II (MGM) 
TBA - Rev Limit (Seta) 

TBA - Rugrats (THQ) 

TBA - Rush 2 
(Midway/Atari Games) 

TBA - SimCity 64 (Nintendo) 

TBA - SimCopter 64 
(Electronic Arts/Maxis) 64DD 
TBA - Smurfs 64 

TBA - Star Wars (LucasArts) 
TBA - Street Fighter 

TBA - Super Mario RPG 2 
(64DD) (Nintendo) 

TBA - Zelda 64DD (64DD!) 

TBA - Ultra Descend 

TBA - Unreal (64DD) 

(GT Interactive/DMA) 

TBA - Wayne Gretzky's 3D 
Hockey '99 (Midway) 

TBA - Wild Choppers (Seta) 




Here are the latest release 
dates available for the N64 
in Japan: 


TBA - Fighting Cup 


TOTAL 64 volume one 




Ubi Soft Entertainment Ltd., Vantage House, 1 Weir Road. Wimbledon. London SW19 8UX • Tel: 0181 944 9000 • Fax: 0181 944 9400 • e-mail: • http'V/ 

Copyright 1997 Ubi Soft Entertainment Ltd. All Rights Reserved. N-Cube, and ® are trademarks of Nintendo Co., Ltd. © Co-, ltd. . 


TBA - Nintama Rantaro 64 
(Culture Brain) 

04 - Kindaichi Shonen no 
Jikenbo (Hudson Soft) 

04 - Toukon Road: Brave 
Spirits (Hudson Soft) 

29 - NBA In The Zone '98 

February 'BB 

TBA - UstLegion UX 


TBA - Legend of Zelda: The 
Ocarina of Time (Nintendo) 
TBA - Wayne Gretzky's 3D 
Hockey (Gamebank/Midway) 

march ’BB 

TBA - Jikkyou Powerful Pro 
Baseball 5 (Konami) 

TBA - Jungle Emperor Leo 


TBA - Kiratto Kaiketsu! 64 
Tanteidan (Imagineer) 

TBA - Lamborghini 64 


TBA - Mahou Seiki Eltale 


TBA - Mario Artist (64DD) 


TBA - Mother 3 (64DD) 


TBA - Pocket Monster 64 
(64DD) (Nintendo) 

TBA - Sim City 64 (64DD) 


TBA - Sonic Wings Assault 
(Video System/Paradigm) 
TBA - Snow Speeder 64 


Rpril ’BB 

TBA - F-Zero X (Nintendo) 

Spring ’BB 

TBA - King Hill (Kemco/Boss) 
TBA - Let's Smash (Hudson) 
TBA - Morita Shogi 64 (Seta) 
TBA - Rev Limit (Seta) 

TBA - Super Robot Spirits 

TBA - Tonic Trouble 
(Ubi Soft) 


Here are some games that do 
not have a spedfic release 
date yet. They could appear as 
early as spring 1998, as late 
as fall 1999, or they might 
not ever come out at all. 

TBA - Akumajou Dracula 3D 


TBA - Banjo-Kazooie 

TBA - Body Harvest 


TBA - Buggie Boogie 


What'fi that^ then'P 

In an effort to improve your brains, we have decided to educate you in the world of Nintendo. This new feature will, 
over the next few months, bring you everything you ever wanted to know about Nintendo - the key players, the big 
developers and the game characters that give the big N its identity. Pay attention, I will be asking questions later! 


Abbreviation for Nintendo Company Limited, the Japanese and founding arm of the Nintendo corporation. Founded by 
Fusajiro Yamauchi in 1889 and now run by Hiroshi Yamauchi, Nintendo has become one of the largest corporations in 
Japan and is hugely responsible for the present videogames boom. Responsible for many of the most significant formats 
over the last twenty years: Game and Watch, Gameboy, NES, SNES and (of course) the Nintendo 64. 

OFFicial Release 

m ore official release dates, this time from Nintendo. The first 
Nintendo game to be released in the US this year will be 
Yoshi's Story on Feb 23. YouTl find more details about this 
superb game elsewhere in this issue. Three weeks later, we will 
finally see the long awaited Banjo-Kazooie. Although this game 
seems almost identical to SM64, it is light years ahead of Miyamoto's 
classic in terms of visuals. Besides, who could possibly complain 
about another Mario 64’’ 

March 30th is a tentative date for the release of 1080° 

Snowboarding, the snowboard game developed by the team that 
brought you Wave Race. 

Nintendo's own basketball title, NBA Courtside, is looking at an 
April release but US gamers will have to wait until August to get their 
mitts on a copy of F-Zero X. 

As for European release dates, Nintendo plan to release Atlus' cute 
snowboarding title Snowbo Kids in February, Yoshi's Story in March and Mission: 

Impossible sometime in Spring. It has to be said that the Mission: Impossible date is 
a tentative one - we've heard so many rumours as to the state of the game's development, that 
it's impossible to say. 

Strangely enough, the one title that gamers want to see the most, Zelda, was absent from both lists. It is quite possible 

that this game is being lined up as the major release for next Christmas. 

I heard on the grapevine! 

The section where we keep you up to date with all the gossip from the world of Nintendo. Some or all of the following 
may or may not be true..-. 

Have you seen anything on Konami's Metal Gear Solid for the PlayStation? For those of you haven't, try to imagine a 
futuristic espionage game with an incredible immersive environment and you'll be half way there. Well, according to a 
source inside the company, there is already an N64 version on the cards* If this is true, then you should start getting 
very excited about this, because MGS could be the PlayStation title of the year and seeing it on N64 will bring tears 
to our eyes. Probably. 

Tekken on the N64? We should be so lucky - and that's the official line from Namco. But then you should never say 
never and anyway we've got Street Fighter 3 from Capcom, which can't be bad. 

TOTAL 64 volume one 




k The top dog at Nintendo, born in 1927, inherited the company from his grandfather back in 1945 and transformed 

' Nintendo from a playing card manufacturer to the biggest videogame company in the world. His first product for 

^ Nintendo was, bizarrely enough, instant rice - and it was a failure. He also had the idea for the 'world renowned' "love 

f hotel" (what?). He has a reputation as a ruthless but extremely astute businessman but strangely enough, Yamauchi 

^ doesn't play videogames - he prefers to indulge in a traditional Japanese board game, called Go. 


What can we say about the videogame character that is more recognisable to American children than Mickey Mouse? 
^ The famous little plumber first appeared in the Donkey Kong games in the eighties, trying to rescue a certain 

f Princess Toadstool and has since had more success than Elvis, starring in the most popular videogame series ever. 

Mario IS Nintendo. 

niiyamoto on 
F'Zero X, Cabbaie 
and Zelda DD 

Ever wondered what happened to Robotech? Apparently, Take Two (the original publishers) have pulled out of the deal 
with Gametek. So, there's no one to publish the thing and after seeing an 'almost complete' version of Robotech at 
the E3, we're not at all surprised. 

If you were a fan of the Metroid games on the NES and SNES, then you'll be disappointed to hear that there is no 
chance of an N64 version. This has been confirmed by Shigeru Miyamoto himself - but then who's to say we won't 
see a game starring Samus Aran in the not too distant future. 

Still waiting on Ocean's Mission: Impossible? Well, don't hold your breath, because the original development team 
has been fired and work is continuing with French developers, Infogrammes. The game has also been put back, to tie 
in with the release of the second film. 

According to the well respected American magazine, Gamefan, the Zelda 64 cartridge will come in gold casing. Probably 
not REAL gold, but you never know. 

B higeru Miyamoto recently gave an 
interview with Japanese magazine, 

Famitsu, which revealed some interesting 
facts about the 64DD, F-Zero X and a new 
virtual pet title, called Cabbage. The 64DD will 
be released in Japan in June or July, along with 
several key titles: the Mario Artist series, a Zelda 
update disk and an F-Zero X add-on disk. The latter 
will give players new courses and cars and, - more 
excitingly - a course designer. 

Cabbage will use a combination of the 64DD and the 
64 Gameboy Pak (a device that allows game data to be 
used on both Gameboys and the N64) and will be a 
virtual pet title. The idea is that you can take your 
pet with you on your Gameboy when you leave 
the house and keep an eye on him. You can 
then reconnect to your N64 when you get 
home and continue your game. 

On the near future of gaming, 

Miyamoto had this to say: "From now 
on, the breadth of fun you have 
with the games will be greater, in 
ways that you can't imagine", 

It's still unknown whether you'll need 
the cartridge uersion to play Zelda on 
the 64DD. Chances are, you'll have 
bought it already! 

TBA - Cabbage (64DD) 


TBA > Cavalry Battle 3000 
(Japan System Supply) 

TBA - Conker's Quest (Rare) 
TBA - Creator (64DD) 


TBA - Fire Emblem 64 
(64DD) (Nintendo) 

TBA - Fushigi No Dungeon 

(Chun Soft) 

TBA - G.A.S.P! Fighters' 
NEXTream (Konami) 

TBA - Golf (Nintendo/HAL) 
TBA - Hashire Boku No 
Uma (Culture Brain) 

TBA - Hybrid Heaven 

TBA - Ikazuchi No Gotoku 
- Chinese Chess (Seta) 

TBA - Jikkyou J-League 
Perfect Striker 2 (Konami) 
TBA - Jikkyou Powerful Pro 
Baseball 5 (Konami) 

TBA - Jissen Pachi-Slo 
(Sammy Kougyou) 

TBA - Kirby's Air Ride 

TBA - Knife Edge (Kemco) 
TBA - Macross: Another 
Dimension (Tomy) 

TBA - Mission: Impossible 
(Victor Interactive Software) 
TBA - Ogre Battle Saga 
(64DD) (Quest) 

TBA - Pilotwings 64 II 

TBA - Pocket Monster RPG 
(64DD) (Nintendo) 

TBA - Sim Copter 64 
(64DD) (Nintendo/Maxis) 
TBA - Space Dynamites 
(Vic Tokai) 

TBA - Super Mario 64 II 
(64DD) (Nintendo) 

TBA - Super Mario RPG 2 
(64DD) (Nintendo) 

TBA - Ultra Donkey Kong 
(64DD) (Nintendo) 

TBA - Zelda DD (64DD) 




The latest release dates 
for the N64 in Australia. 

1st Quarter ‘9B 

TBA - Cruis'n World 


TBA - Kirby's Air Ride 


TBA - Mission Impossible 


TBA - MLB Featuring Ken 
Griffey Jr. (Nintendo/Angel) 

TOTAL 64 volume one 



KOEI announces games 

J apanese company KOEI, best known for their strategy and RPG games, are set to release titles exclusively on the N64. 
They have at least one game in the works and it has been announced that it will be neither a strategy or RPG title. A 
spokesman for the company stated that "We are testing new kinds of games for the N64... but it is too early in 
development to say exactly what kind of game it is, but it is not Dynasty Warriors or any of the Romance games. It'll be an 
in-house game". 

This game will definitely be published in Japan and the US, with an eye to an European release shortly after, 

Cranberry HsMiur 

I t has just been announced that British developers. Cranberry Source, are to develop for the N64. Headed by veteran progammer 
Jon Ritman, who was responsible for the 8-bit classics Batman, Head over Heals and Matchday, they are looking to "put the 
gameplay back into videogames". 

Cranberry Source are already said to be developing a new game, which mixes the 3D adventure of Mano with logic based 
puzzles where you have to move objects, pile up blocks and line up shapes. "We want to move that kind of gameplay into 3D, 

with all the wonderful graphics you can do on the N64," 
said Ritman. More news as we get it. 

A on the ZX Spectrum 

T otal 64 have managed to obtain some early screenshots 
of Acclaim's eagerly awaited Acclaimsports Soccer. 
Originally titled Ultra Soccer, the new game is being 
developed by UK based programmers Probe. The game has 
been pencilled in for release in late 1998 but will not be 
shipped until 'it surpasses ISS in gameplay and graphics'. 
Sounds promising. 

TBA - Quake 64 (GT 



TBA - Tetrisphere 


February ‘SB 

TBA - Mischief Makers 


June ‘SB 

TBA - Legend of Zelda: 
The Ocarina of Time 


2nd Quarter ‘SB 

TBA - Banjo-Kazooie 

TBA - Body Harvest 

TBA - Conker's Quest 

TBA - Yoshi's Story 



TBA - Buggie Boogie 


TBA - Castlevania 64 


TBA - F-Zero X (Nintendo) 


TBA - Attack! 

(GT Interactive) 

TBA - Bio Freaks 
(GT Interactive/Midway) 
TBA - Centipede X 
(GT Interactive/Midway) 
TBA - Joust Epic 
(GT Interactive/Midway) 
TBA - Mortal Kombat 4 
(GT Interactive/Midway) 
TBA - Mystical Ninja 64 

TBA - NBA Courtside 


TBA - Robotech: Crystal 
Dreams (Gametek) 

TBA - Rebel Moon 
(GT Interactive) 

TBA - Unreal 
(GT Interactive) 

TBA - Vertical Edge 
Snowboarding (Nintendo) 

TOTAL 64 volume one 


•io ce Twe. 
pptasueJA , 

'TN 1 K££P Mt^UF 

r > riviv«!.ve)i> iM PmiicAt. 


BWiWt.^ yvllT et 

TAVfE.!^ A 

tt< m^■ 



I'M iSior^RPRi$eD tMftr ,T*tAT 

MA TENtOi SeAWCi UP ^. bcci 
IfoyfJOc IS- M&T A 

mcdo -raiMfit To [JO - Kiofl. 15 PkXTKec 
ON ft<ArP0'rir^^5um6. mcm 
IN Wut'Uf.^F- H/rtin& (>o<irt. 

PtfEHCEve^* 6orV.->JE KEliBiVC^S: 

you SHCMJU& g£^A5}WA£fi OF 


iTS-,.ThGJ Ai.'w*& 


I US N64 Specialists - lowest prices guaranteed'^ ~ ^ 


J64\ PiddM Hong Racing, Duke Nukem 64,Yoshi’s Story, Aero Fighter’s Assault, 

San Francisco Rush, Extreme G Games From £39.99 
N64 Video CD Player - PSX Decode Chips call now 
./ US PSX Final Fantasy VII £44.99 IMPORT SPECIALISTS 

Controllers, Memory Cards, RGB Leads, Transformers 




PlayStation & Games Also Available 


_ I MADEIRA GAMES, Lynn Road, Heacham, Norfolk, PE317JF 

ESI Tel 01485 570256 or 0831444041 Anytime - Fax 01485 570501 - Email stair 



jUJitli Five maBBivB I tD_ explore,'more than 130 vehiclee 

to drive and loade ol^mabd I thirety ! aliens to kill, Harvest 
seems to be shaping up to be one; oF the best | releases oF lOBB- 
It's the year ZOBO and time trayelling aliens seem j to be a problem- 
For you and the rest oF tbe human racel^ . i ir 

he story begins with a mini hfstory 
lesson, all the stuff that we were taught 
as kids about the beginning of mankind 

claim back the food that they had grown at that 
particular point in,time (how~else?). i, ; 

Now it is the year 2050 AD and the human . 
race is onjthe verge of extinction - you are the 

it's all wrong! What really happened 

was far more sinister. 

only hope for the rest of mankind, 

Highly intelligent aliens/who landed at the 
dawn of creation, decided to begin,the’human 
race as a sort of snack; a dependable source of 
fibre and nutrition. When they get hunger pangs; 
they^just pay us a visit and munch away - they 
can travel through different eras in history to 

The game is an action-packed affair and has 
three main elements which make up the gameplay: 
shoot-'em-up, driving and war strategy. As the 
player you will have to travel through various 
time zones, wasting the aliens and their equipment 
in order to save the human race from extinction. 

However, the aliens are not about to give up 
without a fight and they have plenty of nasty 
tricks up theirjsleeves (if aliens have sleeves). 

and each'will have their own respective pros and 

They jndude boats^ars- planes, tanks< 
bikes and many others. |j 

These include the ability to beam down a giant 
boss-type alienjonto the'surface of the planet ’ 
- which will then do its best to make a meal 
out of you. 

Graphically this game is very impressive; the 
.variety of aliehs^Ts remarkable and includes all 
manner of insectoids and cyber-genetic enhanced 
marine life. There are well over 130 different 
vehicles to choose from (which is a new record) 

The many different woifds are split up intof 
aflarge number of stages and mts^ons, most of 
which are very well designed. 

Body Harvest is a rare thing 

a 'trjily original 
design' game and will most likely be specifically 
for the N64^ the only other memorable and-truly! 
original title in the pasT has been Blast Corpr - 
so when this gets a release on these shores it is:^ 
sure to cause ripples. Qlf 


A ■ 


“ 1 

f ■ 



ng gamee sbbiti to bB a tiuo^a'PBnng thing on tha 
and eadlg tha bad out numbar tba good by a long 

hBlp to tip tbB BcaiBB a iittio a 

maybB /Y7/7can 


game originally made an ^pearafice 
orTthe PC-about a year ago, when it 
was an obvious .riyal; to the PC version 
of Wipeout 20^ - v^ich^was Released atjaround 
the same time> Although POD didn't have the 
bangin' soundtrack j;hatjl4^/peput 2097 had, it 
was^Still a veryf popular game because of Its gOod 
playability a,nd:difficulty curve. As if to reinforce 

this|fact|Ubisoft have just released POD Go^, 
which is an expansion of the previous game. 

|he game takes |)lac4 on Planet 10 (where 
els^ where a nasty fenw^fiental disaster has 
projjgeed a deadly aflatpxip, which soon to 
engulf the planet ir|a shroud of death and pa^n. 
Everyone can't leave the planet, because there 
areg't enough ships’to acconfnodate thpm, so 
the inhabitants are holding POD races to decide* 
who will be allowed to the ^iPi and w^ho 
must stay andfdie j charming, I'mJsure^ 

* As a POD pilot, you will have eight different 
vehicles to choose fromi Each will'varyfgreatly 
from the next and will have over 20 adjustable 
components, ranging from thi^aeroM angle to, ^ 

If Ubisoft can^ pjJ^.Qff.a good conversion, 
the title and retain all th^ elements that'made 
the PjC^yersion so much'fun, POD oi^the N64 
'shouidibe a breath of fresh air'for Jspeed freaks 
andi'could also give ExG'eme G a 

picturg,_^d m^any special effects are going to be 
Tncorporated, including lasting skid-marks and 

.... 4-lT3f DriD lA/ill 

theislidejconttol. In effect, you will be able to 
customise your craft to a certain extent to sOit 
your racing style (a la M/ave Race}. 

The graphics for the‘finished game will most; 
probably use a medium or maybe even a high ] 
resolution mode, for ap extra cl ear a pd crisp ' 

Steaming Wheels, it's confirmed that POD will 
have a high level o^mtificial intelligence, with 
the computercontrolled tracers able to adapt to 
each player's racing style accordtnglyf 

run for its money, 

The Hrt oF Fighting luae very buccbssFuI on the Heo Geo eyetem 
and noiu — thanka to Culture Brain — ujb have a brand new ^ 
verelon oF the yame For the IIBk 

M his game has set tongues wagging and 
' rumours,flying from the start, mainly 
because it isn't strictly just one game, 
but two. Sounds, a bit weird, maybe? 

No chance, the idea is that you can play the 
garne in what the developers have termed 'real 
mode' for a realistic fighting game and then - 
when you get a bij tired of that - you can play 
the game in 'super deformed mode.' This means 
that the players have been squished up and made 
‘all cute and cuddly - ahhl 

Art of Fighting. Twin should feature around 
20 playable characters and will also, boast the 
now mandatory extra hidden ones. So, there will 
finally be a respectable number of people to 
Xhoose from in an N64 beat-'em-up (instead of 
the usual_ten)._ 

All the 'usual fighting styles are present too, 
with Karate and Kung-Fu being the main and 
rhost ob^Qusbnes. 

Due toithe intuifive|nature lof fie game's 
controls it is no longer necessary to bash the 
buttonsJn a^vaip attempt_^ get a^ow or a 

super move out before the other player. Instead 

Art of Fighting Twin puts the 
empha^isfon quick 
^ reflexes andVeaction' 
aW' times, rather than the 
jengthy combos and 
■T Wrist fracturing 

specials that seem 
' to have-become the 
W norm for other games 
t. ' like this. 

^ I The graphics are Eish 
yi 4 and as you'd expect, 

^ f they are all made up 
from polygons and 
flashy texture 
HI|K. ^ maps. Jhe 

A Expect the game to feature tgpicallg Japanese 

characters and all the usual Straet FigAter moves 

backgrounds are not all that special and not very 
3D, but somehow they still strangely compliment 
the fighters. 

Some brilliaht special effects have been 
included, featuring fiery glowing-fistS'and real- 
tipie lighting on the combatants.; 

The control system works in a very similar 
way to that qfjthe originaMrt Of Fighting series 
that was made;by SNK for the now defunct Neo 
Geo console, and all the usual projectile attacks* 
and th|^ows,have been included. 

It must be said though, that the game's main 
appeal will come in the form of the alternative I 

Incluki y J f eafiym 
Lii4 13 ^ 

TOTAL 64 volume one 

'A' You can make youi fighters look properly proportioned, as they 
are above, or give them a manga-style outlook on life 

play modes - pot only do thQy look different 

they alsa plaVjdiffer^tly to eaHf Gthe?| . 

Jhe Super Deformed Mode . will al-{.ov)ry.Qii^to 
collect up to 200 items from combat arid th^se 
will allow you to access new moves and power 
you| characters up a bitj In the R|alist1jp Mode 
you can choose between 2D and 3D gameplay, 
tjiejattef meaning that jyou can sjtle^tep^otjr, 
opponent andpe formef meaning f;hat Jfou p^ay 

judging ^y the look of these sho^ 
it's going to be a top game. 

Art of Figtiting^ Twin has] 
already been released in Oapan, 
so we should Ji ayp a f ul^ eViewi 
forlyou i^ery ^ooii 4 j 

-...- -.3,- - V - T r j 

Each fharajtter Ijas bundl^ of special mo^es 
and counter attacks. If you're purTched b)r1<icl<€d 
v guican grab that limb and ho ld jt for a?fait 
youi decide how you'd iSe to dant'^ge it, if a 
player gets put on the floor, you're even able to J 
grab their arms to give J^hem'^ good twist. L 

Something that would have been a 
good idea is i^u were^able to pit thej | I 

jrs against the 'super deformed' 
but, this probably won't happen, 


<TOTAt 6h. volume 


^ first 



»-'■ '.: J::i 

-'Ji'"'-L+'-”'-' J' “ ^1 -■ '-- 

0MXSamB aP you might have uiondBred luhere all tha blood, gute 

aod violBocB in IIBh gamoo has disappoarod to — aPtor all, 
niotBodo gamas ara all cuta and cuddly, aran't thay? 

SN. KaX 

Two aliens wait to ambush oui hero 

The hero has unusual taste in underwear 

S pooky is the \xery lately game that ICE 
(International Computer Entertainment) 
are working on^ and by all'accpunts 
it's going to be a very scary specimen^ ICE 
already have titles such as Total Carnage and 

Scary monsters lurk around euery corner 

The desolate landscape uiorks perfectly 


fTOTAl. 64 volume one 

y Euen the plants are out to giue you a hard time 

4/r;>a!under tfteir belt, so if it's blood^and guts 
that you want, then thfris the coTh'pany which 
is most Ijkely tq_deljyef. 

The player^wilitakelcontrol of a character 
who can 'morph' and 'shapeshift' - you will need 

to as welt Jbecau^ you get thrown^ntg^dingy, 
dank and downright.hellish world, that has aj 
nasty surprise around every corner and monsters 
in plentiful supply. 

Spooky is set on a planet many light years 
awayjfrom|Earth, which was once populated by 
supegadvan^dralTerf beihgsTalled Arch-MoTphs. ' 
A^trapge and uQd^UiQerited catastrophe ^s 
the cause of their demise and also put everything 
into a weird parallel dimension - this will all be 
madejcleariby the real-time rendered introj. There 
were two lone survivdrX but both wer^eveTely ^ 
injured, mentally .^d physi(;* Piie « 

Arch-Morph and the other was a nasty ArchfMorph 
- unsurprisingly, the nasty one tied the nice one 
up in|manacles and decided to rule the messed 
up'planet on hfs bwn. The'Shackled nice gay; 

iJsed hi_s sec ret pov^s^d sen t outla c ry' _ 
for help, which geb answered by a modern day 
kid (that's you) who Is blasted into the dangers - 
of this parallel dimension. j 

Your guest is to find 30 shards of a mirror - 
whic^f^ajeJittered^roun^ ten massive 

levels)- and then beat the nasty Arcli-Morpfi in 
order to free the nice one. Each level is divided 
i nto_su^- levels, |50 the quest is going toibe aj 
long one, but ygu will hive help iit the form of 
the shapeshifting powers, that you pos sessj which 
will allow you to gain entry to 'hard to reach' 
areaf of the game. 

Spooky la s b een in development|for a I long 
time and as{you can see from these screenshots, 
it shows - the game looks as if it will be weli^' 
wor^ the wait. The graphics do lodk rather 
specia^andTlcfar^I say if, alittle 'Zelda-isW but 
that's definitely not a bad thing. The djstincdy 
^nik-bqok style jof Spook\/^ graphics wil|be 
accompanied by fuTmidi mu^lt.; 

Not much else is known about this .new titye, 
except^ thaj^it should be available in the USA 
and Japan quite soon; If 5pooty Can provide all 
the suspense and gore that it promisfes,.J:hen it 
will certainly_be one to look out for. For^the j 
moment,^ however,jyou will have to be content 
fwith what you've got and just ogle these great 
looking shots of the ganie. gif 




BuggiB BaaglBuiB^B one oF the Feiu gamee that I luae looking 
Foriuard to From laet gear. UnFortunatelg it got delaged, hut 

inFo on the *neuj and improved* vereion 

here lue are ujith more 
oF the game... 

The second mode is very 
similar to 'battle Toode/ butjt 
doesn't pit you against another 
player. Instead, you must traverse 
the stages,[taking out all the 
computer controlled baddies that 
swarm on the course to stop you 
in your tracks. 

Buggie Boogie 

H ihis looked like being one of the most 
original and innovative titles of last 
year.'If i^had been released along with' 
the impact' on the market wouldVe 
been great and sales would have sky-rocketed 
- both are highly original - but in thejinterests 
of fine tuning (ha, ha) the game engine, it was 

sadly delayed, 

As it stands, _ 

js about 807 o complete - and it IT 
is looking extremely promising. 1^ 

The graphics look excellent and r 
the game will have a humourous 
slant. There isHio hews so far 
on what it willbav^ in th^^^way 
of musi^, so we can or^ly dfsume 
that this aspect has not been 
prog rammed^ yet. 

“ Ar!|TtandC Buggie Bgogie offers players" 
^fveral different v^'cles to ^hoqi^ejfrpm, each 

The previousTncarhatioTT of N64 Bug^e Boogie 
was more of a simulation than a blast 'n' race 
game and fortunately that has changed. At the 
moment there are only two play modes - one is 
time attik^ whi£h will pit the player against,the 
clock in order to piSTup items that willTTeTp to 
rebuild their buggie and then complete the track. 
Sounds easy? Not likely,] certain ppwer-ups can 
nullify or weal<en other power-ups and therefore 
youfmustjconstantlyjtry tp retain an even balaiice 
"of pick-ups' instead^bf coflectihg everythirTgnn 

Various add-ons wi[l ir^lude missile launchers, 
grappling hooks and winches, plus more features 
that are current,ly,4J;lll secret. There are also 
rumours that the 64DD will support the ^ame 
and have a 'data disk' with extra tracks and 
Jiuggies, but th.jj.has not been confirmed - yet. 

Baggie^ Boojgie should be recei>ring. a Japanese 
release in the early months of'98 and a'h'Arr^rican 
date will follow_shqrtly afteryvards. 

with its own attil'butes and characteristics h 
incidentally, some of the original vehicles were 
dropped in favo^urp^f 'fiew'iones. Youj:an_ 
‘trad^C;o[lect and even exchange parts |n order 
to customise these buggies to exactly suit your 

6)4^ volume 

ajT-ofPf-p I 

' 1 r~ / 

f'T . I -V.A 

Cruls'n USHmsiB one oF the BaddBBt racing gamaa ever to grace 
the flintendo GM 

dBBpitB thiB it Btiii luent on to oeli mang 
copiBB. Ilouj. aimoBt IB monthB down the iine. the oequei iB BBt 
to hit the riBM, hopePuilg in a more opectacuiar Paohion 

O ne of the most attractiveffeatures of} 
the Crt/fs'n arcade machine was that you 
didn't ha^ve to think to play it - you 
coiild just sit down, hit the gas and drive off, 
coLlidingVi|h anytlyng and everything without’ 
a care in the vyorld -;plu5 the g/aphics were 
great and the thumping soundtrack was equally 
a& impressive.second installment of the 
series will uses the same fornjula ,a^the ficsj, buL 
will also add new featurer, hopefully mpnagingi 
to captiire; the arcade fun the original Cruis'n 
USA "onlthe N64 sadly lacked. 

- there is. also a distinct reduction in the huge 
amount of poprup thay^^_very apparent in 
the first game. Tfie courses themselves wilUvary 
greatly and the roads will rise, dip, chicane, „ 
belch forth nasty corners and generally proyide| 
the full monty.: ’ 

You will be faxed with many nasty obstacles 
whiTst haling along the new tracks, which will 
include the likes of big barricades, split-route 
t^inndls, r^adjblo(i<s apd ev^ sgecial waUs ? 
that spew dCrjfflamesT iKe collilionsjhave alsp 
beep;vastlv improved and. there is no more of 

t|hei^ vary|gre|ai^ 

% Here the cars race through the streets of China 

The graphics have been touched up and the 
sound is a iot-less, heavy Diel^lpriented jnd 
sounds|far{more like pop: mujic t cool! Ifierel are 
also-all jie^'driving scenarios, which include Egypt, 
France j ItatVi China/ ! Russia,^ Mexico^ Australia 

that aggravating 'spin, spin, spin' after a crash 
which was so ^nno^ing JnJthe N64 original. 

to choose 

There willj^e several different c^ars: 
from and also a few secret ones like Hummer - 
a car^with a bonnet mqunted guh. 

^ The arcade game of the same title was 
actu4ly 3 goo^laugh^o let's hopejthatlthei 
N64 will get the works' and *have an arcade^ i 
perfect eonversiona-4 rilt A 

arid jof'coursei America. | : 

As yoCTcan see from these screenshots, the 
background .detail i^astl^jnprbved frdpi the 

Mountains, jeeps and palms 

it must be Torquay 

fipt game's dfab,,bonngjand unffTspiring stages 

as innovative as 

The IIBH needs another platFormer that’s 
maria Bh— that time may have come 

O cean have remained fairly anonymous sq| 
jfar when it cofties to the?N645soft\^^are,i, 
"except for Multi Radng Championship. 
Howeveo they were a big name companion thej 
8-bit and 16-bit machines of days long gone, 
so they are not without experience in the games 
jndustryjjhey noW|have various new N64 titles 
in the pipe-line, including Fighters Destiny, Wetrix, 
UEFA Soccer and Mission: Impossible - all are at 
different stages of development, but they all 
look equally impressive. The trump card, however, 
would have to be Jfst. 

The pTot unfolds thus: you are Tast as an 
intrepid young jester's apprentice, going by the 
name of Jax, who is sent to a freaked opt world 
called Humourous. Here your task is to fight with 
other jesters, magic bemgs jnd thj| infamous 

'Council Of Seven'. Your main objec^iv’e is To 
become the world's most powerful 
jestier, then beat the Council 

Of Seven and therefore 

brigg about universal 
peace and general 

tranquillity - it 

A The game's main character is Jax the court Jester. It is your 
mission to become the uiorld's most humourous jester 

The game has currently been pencilled in for 
ajSummef '98^release over in the USA, and a 
British release is almost certain. The plot is 
original and the ganieplay is sure to be both 
addictive;and compelling -iso corge on,|let*s 
have a UK release soon! ; 

sounds like a good 

I and Jest will 

^ / hqVe its own 

y particular and 
unusual style. 

~ As you ‘can ’^ee^ 

(^e graphics already look 

’ absolutely'^out^anding andias 

the game will bear a humourous slant (as you 

ni§in adversary 

magician who leads the 

Council Of Seven - and nobody 
has ever been able to beat him 
retrieve |he powerfuljibjed: - 1 

The worlds in Jdst are made up|of ol^er mini- _jyouli expect from a title starring a jester as' 
worlds, which will include cbld,’sn|iwy mountains' the main character) the graphics should do too. 
and blight but scary fairgrounds. Each world will< Nothing is known of the sounds^ and music|yetj 
look far removed from any seen on|other platformj but ifkhey canirnatch the graphics for sheer' 
games which have come out on the N64 to date, quality. Then we're in forja real treat. 

Giaphically, JestXooks like it might be a 
Ufoithy successor to/faiw 

^The N64's graphical effects on show - check JL Some of the locations are truly original. Here, 
out the enuironment mapping on the water's surface our hero takes a look around inside Big Ben 

total 64 volume one 

IUb flintendo 6M aiuners have bean begging Far a Fighting game 
that Finalig makee use oF the machine's true pouier. Up untii 
FightBrs Destiny z.'avnB aiong uie had mace— which was great ^ 
— but beFore that we had nothing. 

y‘initial reaction to Bio Freaks was "Oh 
M my God, it's going to be another Dark 
U| Rift, isn't it?". This was a fair comment 
because to date there have only been two fighting 
games, from a total of about ten, that have 
been worthy of the N64 - Mace: The:‘Dark Age 
and Fighters Destiny. However my initiaTworries 
were soon quashed. 

You see, where Dark Rift, ^Kilter Instinct Gold, 

Mortal Kombat Trilogy, War Gods and even’](giggle, 
giggle) Glayfighter 63.1/3 were all giving us the 
impression 'of a 3D game by providing players 
vyith well drawn, lush 3D backdrops, the people ; 
and the field of play-were kept on a.2D plane. 

Although in some; cases you were able to^ perform; 
a side-step, this didn't give you the kind of 
freedom ofj movement that players had hoped for. 

Ultimately:a lot of people were disappointed at| 
the fact that the Nintendo 64 was a next-gen 
console, which only had fighting games that , 
could probably be done orf a Sony PlayStation orT 
even a (oh no) Sega Saturn. _ 

Like even/one else, we knew absolutely nothing I 
about thisj game's background and nothing of 
the control system that would be implemented 
jn the final version ->a situationiwhfch has since 
changed. Bio Freah has been closely shrouded 
in secrecy until now, but we've seen _it at last music and brief introduction sequence, it would 

and can jiow reveal that it's going to be a proper, be fair to say that it's set a long time from the 

'tfuei 3D fighting game, which will feature some present day and judging from the^’ghters' faces; 
of the strangest and ugliesj^bio-mechanical it'd be safe tojsay that-they're not Earthlings! 

^^The combatants are made of flesh and metal 

warriors that are part fles 

Psychosis is the norm for Bio Frsdlrs'fiqliXeis 

After the rather obvious first mni^itf with the 
options_^scfeensJ-_where you^can reconfigure all 
the usual stuff Tike health, nunibe^ of rounds, 
blood, controls etc - you will be faced with the 
character selection screen. Here you will find 

combatants around 
and part metal. 

Bio Freaksl\s set somewhefeTin the future, 
most] probably Qij. a distant planet. In fact, - 
judging by the extremely futuristic, spacy intro 

ten the ugliest fighters around (yep, even the 
girls are ugly). They all possess a weapon of 
some^kindiand they all have the ability to fly!^ 
Yes? thafTright” you C^n fly and fight at thej" 
same time,vallj/i glorious 3D! This adc^ a very 
important element to the,game and makes itj 
very original - to my knowledge there is no 
other fighting game available that can prbvide 
the player with sd great a sense of immersion j 
as Bio Freaks has. ^ ^ L 

To;add further variation, p layers'eve nfh a ve. " 
the ability to fight in different heights on the 
stages' - one player could be down below on the 
ground, shooting up at the second played who 
is cowering at the top of the stage on a higb 
platform. Such 3D tactics will give Bio rteaks^ 
players a chance to re-address their strategy, 
giving the title that 'thmking mail's fighting 

BuUseye, the one man killing machine with two miniguns strapped to his arms, is an awesome foe 

TrOTAL 6)t volume one 


At this point in the development of Bio Freaks 
there is no news on any extra or hidden characters 
and we have no details on the 'boss' characters,, 
but we can't see any reason vyhy all of these extra 
elements won't be included. After all, they seem; 
to be a recurring trend which every beat~'em-up ' 
of the, last two years has employed. 

We can't wait to play a later version of this 
potentially stunning game and as soon as we do, 
you'll be the first to know. I 

the player's moves and buttons completely 
useless. When a limb is chopped off, there are 
huge plumes of blood that squirt out and leave 
a lasting mess^pn the.arena floor. If a move is 
particularly savage, there will even be blood stains 
on the actual screen, which will stay for a while 
then disappear so as not to obscure your view. 
This is an" awesome touch and if it gets the big 
okay from Nintendo, it looks as if it could be a 

real winner. 

game' feel that was so obviously present in the^ 
likes of Tekken 2 on the PlayStation 

The controls in Bio Freaks are actually very 
reminiscent of the Mortal Kombat/Tekken series. 
They promise to be easy to use and not at all 

like some beat-'em-ups we 

could mention. 

One of the best touches to Bio freaks is that 
you can severely damage your opponents - we're 
not;just talking about a few throws, a punch 
and then a simple knock out - oh no. What 
we're talking about is the ability to sever your 
opponents' limbs and therefore render some of 

A| Zipperhero is couered with huge metal spikes 
- spikes that will cause you a serious amount of 
damage if you get too close 

volume one ^ ^ 

ISSUE twelve 


UJith all the Pubs over Super maria Bh, Bveryone SBBms to 
havB PorgottBU about thB mBrits oP thB good old 
^ 2D platPormar. UJbII, not DintBudo — and hara to 
m provB that tha ganra is not dsad is a lovabiB 

littiB dinosaur callBd Doshi.. 

y, how time flies. It feels enough hardware inside to make a 2D 
like only yesterday that platformer that's quite unlike anything 
I was sat, my eyes wide ever witnessed on the SNES - and Yoshi's 
open, in a darkened Story is it. 

_ _ room in front of a TV 

screen, with a SNES controller grasped 111 h B D 

tightly in my hands and cramp starting 110 9 LI IW 

to set in on my finger joints. That's R4*nnj7 

how it was the day I bought my SNES 9 LMI Jj - 

and played my first Mario game - Super Taking its cue from Yoshi's Island on the 

Mario World. SNES, the latest Yoshi game continues 

Quite a bit has changed since those in the great Nintendo tradition of 2D 

heady days of 16-bit gaming; games platformers, by being everything the 

consoles have since become a lot more last one was but adding in some new 

The simple ‘pick up and play’ gameplay 
is instantly addictive and the overall 
charm and personality that comes 
across from the characterisation and 
luscious graphics, will have players 
falling instantly in love with the 
little dinosaur 

powerful and as a result the emphasis 
has gone from 2D to 3D. Gone are the 
sideways scrolling levels, the rotating 
platforms and jumping on baddies' heads 
and they've been replaced by... well, 
all of the above, but in 3D! 

Luckily for all of us who have fond 
memories of those original Mono games 
before they were in fancy 3D, Nintendo 
don't see the 2D platformer as a dead 
dog - far from it. Despite the emphasis 
being placed on the three dimensional 
capabilities of the N64, there is still 

ideas of its own and further refining 
the gameplay. In this case, the game 
has become something of a 'two and 
a half dimensional' platformer, with 

TOTAL 64 volume one 

4 3 


will get a choice of levels (just like in 
Lylat Wars) so the route that you take 
through the game is entirely up to 
you. There are, of course, secret levels 
to be earned. This is done by going 
back to the levels that have already 

Just pages in a book 

A UJheneuei you moue to a different section, you are treated to this wonderful 
'page turning' effect 

f fT" ■ ^ multiple routes through the levels, plus 

• I V i' I complete analogue control. Additionally 

® A. the game levels themselves have become 

f strangely non-linear. By that I mean 

that the object of each level is no longer 
^ to ''o^oh the 'end' by travelling from 

left to right. You now have to collect 
a certain number of fruit for the level 
to be 'completed'. Collected fruit are 
displayed around the edge of the screen 
if you so wish, or can be hidden by a 
press of the R button. 

So, Yoshi is on a quest for fruit and 
these tasty snacks can be found either 
^ just lying around the level 

• in obvious places or 
. - as is the case in 
I the later levels - 
I hidden in some 
^ cunningly difficult 
places to reach. 

Once you have 
completed a level, a 
J i page will turn in the 

I book (see boxout) 

I I and you will move 

|l on to a different 

world. Here you 

The graphics throughout Yoshi's Story are beautiful. Even on the level 
select screens, we are treated to some beautifully realised animated 
3D/2D pop up books 

A Oui little red hero narrowly escapes 
being eaten by a hungry fish 







TOTAL 64 volume one 





The first sideways scrolling 
Mono platformer. First 
released in the arcades, it 
was quickly ported over to 
the NES. This game set 
down the blueprint for 
future Mario games and set 
the standard for other 
platform games of the time 
to aspire to 

This game was released 
under the Mario name only 
in the West (in Japan it 
featured totally different 
sprites) and offered some 
interesting new ideas. You 
could pick up the enemies 
and use them as weapons - 
an idea that would later 
resurface in Yoshi's Isiand 

Quite simply, this was superb. 
Even by today's standards it 
can hold its head up high. 
SMB 3 introduced so many 
new ideas, it's impossible to 
name them all. Mario could 
change into a variety of 
guises, from a raccoon to a 
stone statue - each state 
giving him a new ability 

Continuing in much the 
same vein as Mario 3, this 
was Yoshi's first appearance 
as a playable character and 
he was an integral part of 
completing the game - using 
Yoshi you could eat enemies 
and spit them out as fireballs. 
Over one hundred levels of 
pure gaming genius 

This game appeared late on 
in the SNES' life, so many 
people may not have played 
it. The focus changed from 
Mario to Yoshi - indeed 
Mario was a baby passenger 
on Yoshi's back. Yoshi's 
Island helped take the 
Mario series to new heights 
of brilliance 

been completed and reaching a certain 
high score. 

The control of Yoshi is very much 
the same as in Yoshi's Island; that is 
to say, you have the ability to swallow 
your enemies, turn them into eggs and 
then fire these eggs. Firing the eggs is 
done like this: first, holding down the 
trigger button will cause a crosshair 
to appear. Now all you have to do is 
aim your egg and let go of the trigger 
button. Tossing these eggs lets little 
Yoshi open up new pathways, get rid of 
enemies, uncover items, or even break 
through walls to reach new areas or 

The analogue stick is used to control 
Yoshi in a similar fashion to moving 
Mario in Super Mono 64, and as such 
has a very instinctive feel about it. 
Move the stick forward very slightly 
and Yoshi will tiptoe, quickly change 

numerous to mention here. A word 
should be said about some of the odd 
enemies that you'll face, though. The 
imagination behind these might be 
described as just a little bit disturbed: 
creatures made out of green fluff. 

It’s not just the hi-res quality of 
what you can see but the imagination 
behind it: never before has there 
been such variation and richness of 
textures and colours in a video game 

inaccessible objects. 

strange edible marshmallow characters 
and giant lava monsters are the norm 
throughout this game, and all of them 
are superbly drawn and animated. The 
overall feel these bizarre creatures give 
to Yoshi's Story, is one of being in a 
dream-like world. 

direction on the stick and Yoshi will 
skid accordingly. 

Animation throughout the game is 
superb, with your little Yoshi character 
clapping and singing when not on the 
move and there are all manner 
of neat little touches, too 

aasHvs sTORy 

Evolution of a dinosaur 

How much have graphics improved from the early days of the SNES? Well, just take a good look at the change in the Yoshi character 
from the first time he appeared, in Super Mario World, to Yoshi's Island and finally in his latest incarnation in Yoshi's Story... 




A You start the game urith six Yoshis to 
choose from. You'll see them all running 
around inside this box. shouting at you 
to choose them! 

Don’t boss me 

Every few levels or so, Yoshi comes up 
against a boss character. These have to 
be defeated in a variety of ways. As 
you might expect from the minds of 
those people at Nintendo, these are no 
'normal' bosses... 


This guy seems invulnerable until 
you realise that he is edible. 
Marshmallow - yum, yum! 

/ m 


The only wish this weirdo will 
grant is that you take his place in 
his lamp of gloom 

irttlB FluFFy 

The graphics in Yoshi's Story are quite 
unlike anything ever seen before in a 
2D platformer. Remember the Silicon 
Graphics drawn visuals seen in Donkey 
Kong Country! Well, Yoshi's Story takes 
these a million miles further and then 
some. It's not just the hi-res quality of 
what you can see, but the imaginabon 
behind it: never before has there been 
such variation and richness of textures 
and colours in a video game. 

For example, some levels are based 
in the sky but the artists haven't just 
gone for the obvious blue sky, fluffy 
clouds with eyes type stuff, instead the 
whole level looks like it's made from 
denim. The background is blue denim 
with embroidered birds, clouds and 
pockets stitched on, whilst in the 
foreground Yoshi moves across pulsating 
white clouds, where the stitches make 
up the curves. The effect is something 
like playing inside a pair of jeans! Other 
themes include levels made from papier 
mache, inflatable plastic and molten 
lava - the effects are truly stunning. 

This wouldn't be a Nintendo game 
without a cute soundtrack and Yoshi's 
Story doesn't disappoint. The tunes are 
an absolute delight, taking their musical 
inspiration from hip hop, ska and even 
the sound of children laughing - I kid 

you not. The music even changes to 
reflect the state of Yoshi's health - if 
he's down on petals (the amount of life 
Yoshi has) then the key will change and 
the music will sound depressed. 

Although the gameplay is nothing 
too original, Yoshi's Story should offer a 
refreshing change from all those 3D 
'hurt your eyes' games. Its simple pick 
up and play gameplay is instantly 
addictive and the overall charm and 
personality that comes across from the 
characterisation and luscious graphics 
will have players falling instantly in 
love with the little dinosaur. 

Those who value pure gameplay over 
anything else will not be disappointed 
in this latest installment of the Nintendo 
platforming saga and we look forward 
to giving Yoshi's Story the full Total 64 
treatment next issue, i :ir> 



TOTAL 64 volume one 

With all thOBB cutBsy, cutBsy IlintBnda gamBB around at tha 
momant making ma sick, It’e about tlmo that ujb had somBthlng 
to got our tooth Into! H roal gamo, a gamo oP blood and a gamo 
oF torror and this is It: ujBicomB to ths dark and BVBr^so^scary 
morld oP OuakB Bk ... 

e afraid, be very afraid. The 
I phenomenon of Quake is 
I about to infect an N64 near 
you soon, with its mix of 
dark and strangely addictive 
gameplay. You'Ll be scared to play it, 
but something will compel you to sit 
down and pick up that controller, just 
one Last time. Put it this way - if 
you thought Doom 64 was scary, then 
you ain't seen nothing yet. Quake 64 
takes the demonic ideas first seen in 
that clclssic, puts them through the 
mind of a psychopath and drips the 
resulting mess down the inside of 
your TV. Urrgh. This game is not for 
the faint hearted. 

Quake was first seen on the PC a 
couple of years ago and became an 
overnight success. The combination of 
an immersive environment. Lots of 
death and blood and a superb online 
multiplayer game meant that Quake 
was THE game to own for the PC. Sc 

/ The trooper takes an axe in the head 

now it's about to be released for the 
N64, what will it be like? 


lUlU' l: 

Graphically, it is safe to say that Quake 
64 easily surpasses its PC counterpart. 
For starters, the frame rate is about 
ten times smoother, the monsters are 
superbly animated and the developers 

Finding soaot areas often rourards gou with a bunch of goodies 

have really gone to town with lighting 
effects and texture maps. The latter of 
these are extremely detailed and suffer 
from none of the PC's big problems of 
pixellation. But it's with the lighting 
effects that the N64 comes into its 
own. For a game that is supposedly 
dripping with dark atmosphere, this 
has got to be one of the most colourful 
games I've ever seen. The skies glow 
with a nightmarish colour, the water 
radiates a strange blue neon and there 


volume one 

ULlliKI:: Q'l 



L Locating keys is uital to piogressing through the leuels 

are effects everywhere you look - all frighteningly realistic. There are very 
of which makes Quake 64 a complete few games that can claim to give you 

visual delight - just walking near the a real adrenaline rush but when you 

lava can make you sweat when you walk into a room in Quake 64, and 

see the heat radiating off it. The use from the shadows a fiend leaps out. 

Tliei'e ci're very i'ev g-auies tlicit cy.ii 
claim to give you a veal adueiialiiie 
'rueb. but vbj.eii you \\'alk into a uoom in 
Quake and a kiend leape iroiii tlie 
aliadoVv'a^ hell'-bent on nipping youn 
liead ot'i\ tlien tliia ia one of tliem 

of powerful, almost neon colours 
has the desired effect of 
unnerving you, giving 
the strong impression 
that all is not quite I 
right with the world ' ' 
around you. 

All of this adds 
immensely to giving Quake 
an immersive feel and of 
course, the closer you are 
to actually being there, , 
the easier it is to scare 
you. And scare you it does 
- Quake 64 is 

hell-bent on ripping your head 
off, then you know this is one 
c of the few. The chilling 

atmosphere is helped 
' along the way by 
a quite superb 
f soundtrack - 
reminiscent of 
the one found in Doom 64. 
Ambience is the key here, 
with music made from the 
sounds of chains clanking, 
babies wailing and the sound 
of your heart beating. You 
^ can never be quite sure 



. i 

vl- i 

Z'Z-:v.., b'kL i 




aak xi.:., : 1 '^"■■■■■"■1.1 

Z- The silhouette of the fiend is all you 
can see as he slices you to pieces 

Z_ As you can see from this shot, the 
lighting effects are truly stunning 

Six million ways to DIE! 

What first-person shooter would be complete without a huge array 
of monster destroying weapons? Well, Quake 64 is no exception and 
boasts some of the most impressively destructive cannons yet seenl 


I'm gonna get medieval on yo' ass! 
When youVe out of ammo then the 
only thing left to protect you is this 
ancient tool of pain. Chop, chop! 


Twice as powerful as the Shotgun 
but also uses twice as much arnmo 


Same as the Nail Gun but fires 
more rounds and at a much faster 
rate. Monster! 


As you might expect from the 
name, this thing fires highly 
explosive rockets. If one of these 
hits you in the eye, it will hurt 


Single-barrelled but still packs 
quite a punch against the 
weaker demons 


This evil device fires nine-inch nails 
at a rapid rate. The result being 
anyone who gets in the v/ay ends 
up looking like a pin cushion 



Lock and load this beauty and the 
monsters will be running away 
from you in sheer terror. If you're 
really clever then you can fire 
grenades around corners! 



This is the most powerful weapon 
in the game as it fires an electro 
bolt which will fry anything it 
comes into contact with. The down 
side is that using in the ‘water will 
kill you instantly 

whether or not that evil sounding 
scream you just heard was a monster, 
lurking hidden around the corner, or 
just part of the music. This is one game 
that really does keep you on the edge 
of your seat. 


TOTAT. ^l.. / yolumo one 



These are your bog-standard, 
possessed-by-the-devil type beings. 

A couple of blasts from you 
shotgun is usually enough to see 
them choke on their own blood 


These blokes are deadly - at long 
range they fire a barrage of 
grenades at you, if you get close 
then they power up a chainsaw 
and slice you into little bits. Nasty 


Bored of being buried under a ton 
of mud, these corpses are up for a 
bit of wrestling action. They will 
also eat your ears if they get too 
close. The only way to kill these is 
to blow them into little tiny pieces 

Monster, monster! 

Quake 64 is jam packed with some of the most evil beings ever seen 
in a video game, all hell bent on ripping out your heart and eating it 
in a sandwich! 


The tabloids' favourite front page 
pet is made even more deadly by 
being undead. Not that you can't 
kill one - just ram a grenade 
down its throat and run like hell! 


With a six-foot blade and an 
andent Japanese war cry, these 
'chop chops' are likely to slice 
your puny body in two. Just don't 
let them get close and you'll be 
laughing at their pathetic shoes 


This creature is well named, it is 
an iibermensch, wallowing in its 
own pus and has the ability to 
jump around a lot and rip your 
eyes out. Lovely 

The portals teleport you to another part of the level. Uery useful if you need to get 
away from a pack of hungry monsters 

Quake 64 is also notable for the that has recently gripped the Internet 
time and thought that has gone , ^ - multiplayer Quake really does have 

into the level design. Okay, so ' to be experienced. There is nothing 

Quake 64 is also notable for the 
time and thought that has gone 
into the level design. Okay, so > t 
the gameplay is really 
nothing more than 
'shoot the monsters, 
push the switch and 
find the key' type stuff but 
the levels are rarely linear -‘y, 

and always offer the player 
something of a challenge. 

Each of the thirty or so . ' 

levels has its fair share of 
traps and puzzles (as in, 

'how on earth do I get up 
there?' type puzzles) and 
as a result, each is a pleasure to play. 
As in Doom, there are plenty of secret 
areas to find - the harder they are to 
reach, the better your reward. 

Thanks to the success of Quake's great 
multiplayer game on the Internet (and 
possibly because of the huge success of 
Goldeneye) there will be a multiplayer 
game on the N64 version, with up to 
twenty specially designed levels. Each 
of these will give participants a chance 
to enjoy a taste of the phenomenon 

^ quite like hiding out deep in 
the shadows of a room and 
seeing your friend run 
across, trying to 
/ track you down. 
Then, sneaking up 
behind them and - BANG! He 
^ gets a rocket where the sun 
^ I don't shine. Lovely. 

The screenshots shown here 
are from the Alpha version of 
the game, so bear in mind that 
the final version will be significantly 
different. Judging by the fact that the 
Alpha version is basically a port of the 
PC code, spruced up by the internal 
graphical effects of the N64, we should 
see a huge improvement when Quake 
64 is complete - and bear in mind that 
this is an enhancement to something 
that already looks stunning. 

Both the enemy texture maps and 
animation will be enhanced, as well as 
the already superb game engine. Other 
graphical improvements are likely to 
include smoothing out any unwanted 
pixelLation, inserting some new monster 
explosions and making the blood that 
little bit more gruesome. In short, the 
whole game will be tweaked until it 

The level desip in Quake 64 offers wonderful multi-levelled environments 

, f M volume one 

aULlLvL L-I; • QUHKE Bk 

Quake is just one in a long line of titles from veteran US coders, id Software. Starting off 
with arguably the first ever first-person shooter, Wolfenstein 3D, they have always been at 
the forefront of the development of the genre 

What’s your idENTITY? 


A recently released game on 
the PC, it's graphically superb 
with levels becoming more 
mission based than in the 
original Quake. Will we ever see 
this game on the N64? Only 
time will tell... 


The gameplay in Doom was 
slightly enhanced by players 
being able to jump and crawl. 
This was mostly notable for 
being a graphical tour de force. 
Has a huge online following 
and was the first game to 
feature polygonal enemies 

DOOM 1&2 


The daddy of them all. Appeared 
as far back as 1991 and 
involved you, an American GI, 
running around a maze shooting 
Nazi soldiers. This game actually 
appeared on the SNES in 1993 

First seen on the PC in 1993, 
this was far in advance of 
Wolfenstein 3D with textured 
walls, floors and ceilings. Also 
notable for its demonic theme 
and chilling atmosphere. 

Appeared on the SNES as a Super 
FX enhanced game in 1996 

Deathmatch Frenzy 

After the phenomenon of multiplayer Quake played over the Internet, 
programmers seem to be becoming increasingly aware of the merits 
of multiplayer games -> especially those where you get to run around 
shooting your mates. Quake 64 is no exception: a multiplayer option 
has now been implemented and there will be up to twenty spedal 
multiplayer levels when the game is complete. Although Quake 64 only 
has a two player deathmatch at the moment, expect the programmers 
to take full advantage of the N64's four joypad ports in the final version 

resembles something that looks better 
than real life. There will also be some 
thirty-odd levels - some taken from 
the PC version and some specifically 
designed for the N64. Add to this the 
addition of a four player deathmatch 
mode and you begin to see that Quake 
64 really could be a serious challenger 
to Goldeneye's supremacy. 

It looks like Quake 64 is set to do 
to the original Quake what Doom 64 did 
to the original Doom - give you the 
chance of playing the definitive version 
of that game, with superb graphics, all 
new, intelligently designed levels and 
an atmosphere that you could cut a 
knife with. We look forward to playing 
a final version soon. BM 

TO'I'.A volume one 



TOTAL 6^ volume one 

officially licensed game: Nagano Winter 
Olympics '98. 

By the time you read this, the real 
Winter Olympics will almost be upon us: 
the fifteen highly skilled events take 
place over two weeks of very intense 
competition in the famous Nagano 
area of Japan. Phew - if that isn't 
enough to get you all sweaty and 
excited, then I don't know what will! 

Konami, the makers of the now 
legendary title, Track and Field, have 
acquired the rights to the Games and 
they've set their sights on making the 

definitive Winter Olympic sports sim 
for N64 owners everywhere. 

Nagano Winter Olympics '98 has been 
divided up into a series of events, ten 
different ones and two others that are 
variations on the others. They cover all 
the main sports that would be suitable 
for a video game, apart from ice hockey. 

eluploy^Li tc? suieotli 


on't you just love the Winter 
Olympics? What with the cold 
weather, the events you've 
i-;: never even heard of and that 
strange tradition of ringing 
cowbells as the skiers ski past, I for 
one have the opening date circled in 
my diary with a big fat highlighter. 
Well, Konami are about to rid you and 
me of our downright ignorance and open 
our eyes with the release of their new 

A A slight error in the douinhill 
could mean the end of all your 
Olympic dreams 



nHBHiia luiiiTER OLympics ’sa 

Bporting occaBions. 
RemembBr the Olympic 
motto: PaBten higher, 
Btronger, Further! 

A Some tricks are more difficult that others, so they are worth more points 

which will be released as a separate 
Olympic tie-in game. Strangely enough 
though, Konami have left out the Figure 
Skating event... I can't imagine why. 

You can choose to play in either a 
Championship mode, where you compete 
in all of the events with the aim of 

become an overall champion, or in the 
Olympic mode, where you can compete 
in singular events and practice for the 
main championship. You also have the 
choice of playing on your own or with 
up to three friends, in one mad. Winter 
Olympics competition. 

TOTAL 64 volume one 




A"’, • 

^ LSI 

k lL£l 

UJith the lUinter OlympicB 
juBt around the corner, 
you muBt he getting 
mighty excited about 
proBpect oP all that 
inteoBB competition. 
LUeil, thankB to thoee 
boye at Konami, you too 
can take part in one oP 
the LJorid'B premier 


The Events 

Nagano Winter Olympics features many of the events found 
in this year's Games, all of which require different skills 


Involves sliding 'stones with handles' into a target 
area on the ice. The winner is the person who has 
the most stones in the target 


Perform differing levels of stunts to impress judges 
and score points 


The Winter Olympics' equivalent to the 100m sprint 
- race down a hill as quickly as possible 



lust as the name suggests, racing on skates. You can 
race at either 400 or 1500m distances 


Snowboard your way down the slope in as quick a 
time as possible 


Four men in a bullet shaped sledge race down an ice 
tunnel in as quick a time as possible 


One man (a nutter) lies on a tea tray and slides 
down an ice tunnel feet first 


Distance and style come into the equation when judging 
who is the best at jumping off a ramp on skis. 


Also known as 'hot dog', this event sees you performing 
tricks and stunts on skis 


I 16 \ 

RGcognise those pink goggles? It must be Eddie the Eagle! 


Wofe racing on skis, this time through gates that are 
closer together 

The first of the events on offer is 
the Downhill Skiing, where the basic 
premise is to ski down the full course 
in the quickest possible time. Skiing 

Next up is the Giant Slalom, which 
is pretty similar to the Downhill but is 
generally slower and the gates are far 
closer together. The key to success here 

through gates is essential here, as not is to get a good rhythm going to keep 

Witk tVBlve oxciting events end ttte 
optim to piay W 

fHendii this game loolis Xike it 

be a aa3?e«iire|b|t tl^ 

doing so will result in disqualification. 
The idea here is to find the best line' 
down the mountain, making use of the 
undulating snow and slopes to maximise 
your speed, to shave hundredths of a 
second off your time - which is often 
how much the gold medal is decided 
by. Controls are straightforward: the 
analogue stick is used to steer your skier 
and the B button can be pushed to make 
him turn more quickly. However, this 
also has a downside as this will slow 
you down significantly. 

your speed up. Other sure fire winners 
are the similarly racing based Bobsleigh, 
Luge and Speed Skating. 

If you want a bit more than 'first 
past the post' type events, you could 





TOTAL 64 volume one 

nHGHna ljihter OLympica ’sb 


Nagano 1998 


1 9 9 
• 6 & 




Your skier takes to the air in an attempt to 'hot dog' 

try your hand at a spot of Half-pipe 
Snowboarding. In the Snowboarding 
event you have to select a routine of 
different tricks to perform and complete 
them in a certain amount of time. The 
moves for this are accessed by a series 
of directional commands and button 
presses; obviously timing is an essential 
factor if you are to score well. 

Another interesting Nagano event 
is something called Curling. This game 
is similar to bowls in many respects, 
except that it is played on ice and 
with rounded stones instead of balls. 

A target is frozen into the ice at the 
end of a lane of ice and players take it 
in turns to slide or 'curl' a stone as close 
to the target as possible. Obviously you 
can hit your opponent's stones out of 
the target, so tactics play an important 
part in this game. 

With so many different events on 
offer, the gameplay will be varied. The 
controls differ with almost every event 

but remain remarkably simple - perhaps 
a little too simplistic for some tastes. 

If there is one thing that Konami 
games can guarantee, it is that they 
will always look spot on. Nagano is no 
exception to this rule and continues the 
high standard of visuals that was first 
seen in International Superstar Soccer. 
Motion capture techniques have been 
employed to ensure smooth and realistic 
animation of the athletes and the game 
uses highly detailed texture maps to 
full effect. Great attention has also been 
paid to the construction of the sporting 
venues and arenas - the reflections in 
the ice are especially well done. 

The game engine also looks espedally 
smart. This is most noticeable in the 
'racing' sections, where frame rate has 
definitely not been sacrificed in an 
effort to improve the speed and pop up 
has been kept down to a minimum: the 
Downhill race positively whizzes along 
at a rate of knots! 

This year's Winter Olympics will 
take place in Nagano City and the 
surrounding area. Situated on the 
Zenkoji Plain, in the midst of a 
mountain range, Nagano City is at 
the centre of the largest ski area 
in Asia. The Nagano Games will 
mark the Winter Olympics' second 
stop in Japan - the northern dty, 

Sapporo, hosted the games in 
1972. Nagano City will host the 

opening and closing ceremonies, Figure Skating, Ice Hockey and 
both long track and short track Speed Skating. Bobsleigh, Luge and 
Freestyle Skiing will take place on Izuna Kogen - a highland area 
nine miles north of the dty. 

Shiga Kogen, site of the alpine technical events and Snowboarding, 
is about 30 miles from Nagano City. Catering to the young skiing 
crowd, it is the largest ski resort of the Olympic region and boasts 
50,000 hotel rooms, 46 miles of trails and 2.6 million annual ski 
enthusiasts. Nozawa Onsen, host to the Biathlon, is a quiet and 
old-fashioned Japanese resort town, 30 miles from the dty. Next, 
Hakuba, the preferred destination for the serious Japanese skier, 
will host Cross-Country Skiing, Ski Jumping, Downhill, Super-G and 
Nordic Combined. It is 27 miles west of Nagano City. Finally, Curling 
will take place in Karuizawa, 56 miles from Nagano. 

Wi!:h twelve exdting events 
and tTe option to play with up 
to thi.*e friends, this title looks 
like it will be a sure-fire hit this 
winter. Knowing Kona mi's ultra 
high standard for games you can 
be sure that Nagano will be the 
definitive winter game experience 
- it looks set to bring all the 
agony and ecstasy of the 1998 
Nagano Winter Olympics straight 
into your front room 

Introduclng..,The Snowlets 

No Olympic Games, or any other major sports event for that matter, would be complete without its own spedal mascot. 
Nagano is no exception to this and features its own set of four characters known as the Snowlets. Apparently, they 
symbolise the vision for the Nagano Games. The offidal explanation of the owls goes something like this: 'Owls are 
cherished by people around the world as the embodiment of "the wisdom of the woods." Owls appear in Greek mythology 
as attendants of Athena, the goddess of wisdom. The name Snowlets has several meanings. "Snow" suggests the winter 
season and the Olympic Winter Games, while "-lets" calls on everyone to join in the fun. The word "owlets" is the term 
for young owls.' Yeah, I reckon. 

TOTAL 64 volume one 



The original lUayne Bretzky^s Hockey luae 
relBasBCI in OctobBr oP laat ynar. 
S ^ Can tliB SBquBi bB an 

. improvBmBnt on tbB Tirot outing? 

would appear. It did, in the form of 
W/fly/7e Gretzky's 3D Hockey '97 and we 
weren't disappointed - in fact it scored 
a very respectable 90%, back in issue 
two of Total 64. 

One of the best selling games in 
the genre has been the long running 
EA Hockey series, which has been seen 
in various incarnations on most formats 
over the years. This series was a real 
milestone in the process of bringing 
American sports that other countries 
rarely saw (basketball, ice hockey and 
American football) into video games, 
thus increasing their popularity. 

Now Midway have taken a second 
leap into the fray and look sure to come 
up with the goods in the dazzling form 
of Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey '98, which 
(in case you hadn't guessed) is the 

Then we reached the early nineties 
and saw the release of the SNES; this 
provided the developers with a more 
powerful console, with which they could 
realise the potential for such sport sim 
masterpieces as NHLPA Hockey. Some 
enhanced graphics, plus better controls 
and great playability, all helped to 

T he first ice hockey game that 
I ever played was Blades Of 
Steel, on the now defunct NES 
system, back in the eighties. 
The title was actually a pretty 
fair approximation of the sport and had 
some excellent punch-ups that you 
could start. The graphics were sparse 

The spread of options available Is, to 
say the least, impressive 

sell vast amounts of the game and 
brought a typically American sport 
over to our native shores, therefore 
introducing it to a wider audience. 

Now, we have almost reached the 
Millennium and the Nintendo 64 is 
running strong, so it was predictable 
that sooner or later a hockey game 

and badly drawn and the sound was 
poor, but in spite of all this, it was still 
good fun to play. 

/ Because the game moves incredibly A Come on then buster - me and you 
fast, an icon shows you where the ball is outside, now 

TOTAL 64 volume one 


Assisted bw »27 HIKF l>ECA 
Assisted by *39 HASEK 

sequel to the largely successful A 
first \NQ\/ne Gretzky's 3D Hockey. / \ 
The game doesn't feature 
anything in the way of an 9HI 
introduction sequence, but if 
left for a short time it starts to B|| 
show a 'rolling demo' from various ^ 
different camera angles. Right from 
this very early point in the game, even 
before you start playing, you can tell 
that you are going to be in for a treat. 
You'll soon realise that a lot of thought 
and research has gone into this sequel's 
development, an impression which is 
reinforced further by the wealth of 

team size, fighting, fatigue levels, A Ulayne Gietzsky himself 
offsides - it can all be set up so that 
it suits your needs. 

After selecting your preferences you 
have the choice of either a single game, 
a season or a practice mode - it's all 
pretty obvious what does what really. 

choices you are 

faced with when you hit the button for 
the options screen. Pretty much every 
aspect of the game can be tweaked 
and re-configured: match length, fouls. 

Who do you rink you are? 

There are lots of ways to start a punch up, here are just a few, 





TOTAL 64 volume 



_ — 

P*' 1 


Covtl bv «?4 rMUKTMnr HT 
aii«*«t«Kt bv •‘>4 RVAN «»fVTM 

with players sliding around in a very 
realistic fashion. 

There are seven different camera 
angles to choose from: high, low, up, 
down, left, right and overhead. This is 
good for people that prefer to play a 
Vertical' game rather than a 'horizontal' 
one. Playing a 'north to south' game can 
make the game a great deal different, 
because the usual brilliant 3D isn't so 
apparent, but if you play a match with 
the 'low side camera', you really will 
appreciate the 3D effects, as you'll be a 
lot closer to the action. 

Musically, the developers, Midway, 
have seen fit to keep with the usual 
annoying organ noises that became the 
standard for all the basketball and ice 
hockey games of yesterday, and to add 
small doses of a simple but effective 
rock music beat for the intro and mid¬ 
match screens - plus the occasional 
claxon if you score. All the standard 
crowd cheering and booing is present 
too, as well as the 'not quite discernible' 
chanting and a very nutty commentator. 
This man really must be heard to be 
believed: he sounds like a cross between 
Murray Walker and Des Lynam, goes 
ballistic when a goal is scored and 

you’ll goon reallf © that a lot of 
thought and r©g©arsh hag gone Into 
thlg gequel’g development 

A The players turn auray to celebrate their goal- Edmonton take a 2 -1 lead! 

The graphics are excellent and do 
exceed those of the original Gretzky 
game: the detail of the players, the 
wrinkles in the clothing, the 'real life' 
numbers on the shirts, the crowds, the 
logos on the rink - all these seemingly 
cosmetic touches set the vibe and will 
make you feel that Wayne Gretzky '98 
was money well spent. 

From these screen shots you can 
probably tell that the players are built 

A Just check out the grimaces on their faces... ooh, scary! 

Should you decide to choose to play 
the season, you will have another screen 
of options to wade through, which will 
enable you to have more control over 
who actually plays in your team. You 
can trade players and generally fine 
tune the team you choose so that they 
are practically invincible - all of these 

A Ulith only 1:10 remaining on the 
clock, Detroit pull one back 

options will add a far more managerial 
aspect to the game, which means that 
everyone's taste is catered for. 

The practice option will allow you 
to take the team of your choice onto 
the rink for either defensive, offensive 
or shooting practice, so that you can 
hone those skills before facing the real 
thing. The single game option is also 
straightforward enough: just pick your 
team, pick your opponent's team and 
then get to the rink for 20 minutes of 
fast moving action. 

A The best uray to finish a game off is 
always with a good scrap 

up from texture mapped polygons. What 
you can't see from these still shots is 
that the standard of animation is very 
convincing - you will firmly believe 
that you are playing on an icy surface. 

{foal hy mz HTROHOU 
Assisted hy KOMALENKO 

Assisted iHi #94 RVAN SHVTH 


tftt 3^H0 

/ utzinuii 

TOTAL volume one 


IBI^evlew (S4) 

A That goalkeeper must be obliuious to the disc that's flying along at 
about BOmph towards his head 

talks throughout the whole match. This 
may not sound that special but it helps 
to keep the general realism of the game 
at a very respectable level, heightening 
excitement and tension for the player. 

As far as playability is concerned, 
the first 14^oy/?e Gretzky's 3D Hockey is the 
be all and end all of ice hockey games 
at the moment, so as its sequel this can 
only be better. The movement in the 
original is very responsive and fluid, and 
you never really feel as if the computer 
is in control of your team members - 
quite the opposite in fact. The control 
method can be customised, but the 
controls that grace the joypad when 
you start are intuitive enough, without 
being overwhelming and fiddly. 

These controls will carry 
into the sequel and we 
may well see the 
addition of a few 
new moves like 
fake shots and 
body checking. 

You can adjust 
the power and height 
of your shot: depending 
on the length of time that 
you keep the button held down, 
you can trip other players up, slam 
them and even get into punch ups 
during play - yes, all of the elements 
that made the first game so great and 
many more are going to be present in 
Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey '98. 

The punch ups are great, with the 
commentator shouts "and whoa, it's a 
punch up" and then you get down to 
some serious pugilism. There are several 
different punches to throw, including 
a 'Tom and Jerry' style 'rolling chin 
punch' which looks brilliant. Once it's 
over you both get booked and sent off 

for three minutes in the 'sin bin'. The 
fights can be instigated by either 
tripping up or bodychecking a member 
of the opposite team - I'd recommend 
getting into at least one fight per game 
just for that extra slice of all-American 
hockey culture. 

There is enough here in the way of 
different options and play modes to 
keep even the most die-hard hockey 
fan occupied for hours and hours. 
Another big bonus is the fact that the 
sequel has a license from the NHLPA 
(who are the main governing body of 
the sport) to use real names, teams 
and their logos. 

When choosing your team, you will 
have the choice of four different real 
leagues and seven teams within each 
league, so in total there are about 28 
teams to play with. There may well be 
more in the finished version of the 
game, as well as the 'All Star' team 
and 'Dream team'. 

Considering that Wayne Gretzky's 3D 
Hockey '98 is presently unfinished, it's 
amazing how polished and smoothed 
out it all looks. All of the tiny flaws 
that were present in the first game - 
which weren't really that noticeable 
anyway - have been rectified in this 
sequel too, most notable is the fact 
that you no longer have to take part 
in a battle with the joypad to change 
your player. The final version should 
be nothing short of amazing. 
Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey 
'98 looks like it is going to 
be the ice hockey equivalent 
to International Superstar 
Soccer 64, which is by far 
the best football game around 
so that can't be bad. 

TOTAL 64 volume one 


Om ^ciMt«cir*tf 23r 


64 Game BMAter deliverA 152 
pagcA of ChcotAy TipA and 
SoImI ioMA for every N64 
gome ever releoAed! 

Viefortf lA Im ffte pofm of «fOMr ftotteff 


These are 
the cream 
of the crop 
- any H64 

ourner that doesn't own at least one of these hasn't yet realised the 
power of their own console! So if you'ue yet to experience the likes 
of Mario 64, ISS Soccer 64, Soldeneye or Mario Kart 64... Sort it out! 


Now we're getting somewhere! 
These games are the reason you 
first bought your H64: they're 
playable, they look good, and you're not going to be bored of them in a 
few weeks. The only reason these games won't haue scored higher will 
be because there's another similar game that we prefer, or because the 
title just lacks that special something that separates an extremely good 
game from the titles that no N64 owner should be without. 


Bit of a 'sitting on the fence' 
score to be honest. It's likely 
that games in this category 
will haue had us all thrashing out our opinions in a heated discussion. 
Differences of opinion in the team are good for our reuiews, but are going 
Ht BOmB point BVCrybOdy has had thB to mean that some of you wUl Uke it, some of you won't. 

unFortunate and unpleasant experience oF 
buying a duFF game, maybe because uF a 
recommendation From a lesser magazine. 

This is the section oF Tqthl BN dedicated 
to separating the good From the bad. the 
ujheat From the chaFF and the beautiFui 
From the ugly. 

We have also included a ‘Lastability’ 
score For the revieujs [use it as a rough 
guide, because uie obviousiy can’t play the 
games For months on end. although games 
like lUhBBl aF Fortune tSxm'X. reaily need us 
to!] ujhich should be invaluable in heiping 
you make the right choice. 

\ ^2 m a 1 ft 9 dme falling into this category 

Q I ^ y U JrmM is probably best auoided. The 

game might actually haue some 
redeeming features - or one of the reviewers may really like it - but for 
the most part these games are going to be an acquired taste at best. H 
definite game to 'try before you buy'. 


Ufe'ue had a couple of games 
fall into this category, which 
hopefully none of you will 
haue been foolish enough to buy. These games might look nice on the 
box, but will haue you considering suicide half an hour after you part 
with your hard earned cash to get them. If you do really like the look of 
them then check out our second opinions, but it's most likely that we'll 
haue agreed on a score this bad. 


lile hadn't expected a game to 
come into this category at all, 
but sadly some haue reached 
this low. Previous low scoring games, such as St. Rndrews Golf anA 
Cruis'n USA, haven't even reached this level, which goes to show how 
poor a game must be to reach such depths. Should be auoided at all costs. 

If a game this bad is ever released 
^ Cm Iftcn stern questions will definitely 

need to be asked about Nintendo's 
quality control. To be honest, you're unlikely to EUER see a game getting 
a percentage this low, although some games might slip into this category 
after a couple of months gathering dust in our cupboard. 

With Fighters Destiny sitting proudly in our laps this month, youTl 
notice something of a change in the chart proceedings. Also 1n our 
slots' this month is WCW vs nWo, which has been responsible for many 
a four-player late night session! 

The new Total 64 
award will be given 
to those games that 
have surpassed our 
expectations. These 
select few games 
will have to amass 
a score of 90% or 
better to achieve 
such an accolade. 

‘Landon Boy 

Jethro ‘Btop 
eating my lunch 




Juetin ‘Run Hick ‘Rre you 
For it!’ a oponge?’ 

Calvert Jonee 

(-) 1. Fighters Destiny 
(N)2.UJCUJ Us nUlo 
(N) 3. ISS 64 
(-) 4. Yoshi's Story 
(-) 5. Bio Freaks 
See ya later: 

UJheel of Fortune 

[-11. Yoshi's Story (-) 1. Goldeneye 

( Racing [-12. ISS 64 

(-] 3. UICUI Us nUlo (-) 3. UICUI Us nUJo 
(-1 4. Fighters Destiny (-1 4. lUaue Race 64 
(3) 5. Goldeneye I-15. Fighters Destiny 
One armed boxer: Empty Plate: 

UJheel of Fortune MK Mythologies 

(N11. Top Gear Rally (-) 1. Yoshi's Story 
(-) 2. Fighters Destiny (-) 2. Fighters Destiny 
(-] 3. Yoshi's Story (2) 3. Goldeneye 
(31 4 . ISS Soccer 64 (5) 4 . UICUI Us nUlo 

(2) 5. Goldeneye (-] 5. Quake 64 
Rway with it: Or are you a stone?: 

Clayfighter 63 v, UJheel of Fortune 

TOTAL 64 volume one 




IF you’ve been holding 
your breath malting 
\ For a good Fighting 
V X game on the WBK 
then you’ve most 
probably turned 
blue by noui. Don’t 
« ujorry though — it’s 
almost time For you to 
' let out that breath luith 
a huge sigh oF relieF 
/ ujith this. Ocean’s 
Fiffliters Destiny 



Uallerie successfully throws the clown ouer her shoulder 

TOTAL 64 volume one 




So where is it? Where is the end of the 
rainbow, where we might just find the 
crock of gold that contains a decent 
beat-'em-up? The answer is that it's in 
my eye! I can't believe I am actually 
saying this, but we have finally got a 
game that can rival Tekken in terms of 
the depth of gameplay. 

Fighters Destiny sets out trying to 
be quite unlike any other beat-'em-up 
- and succeeds without question. For 
starters there are the actual fights 

■ H ■ henever we at Total 64 
H H H approach another new 
H I ■ beat-'em-up on the N64, 
H H H we always do so with a 
certain amount of great 
expectancy. No, that's what we used 
to do, now we approach games with 
hope, pleading for this one to be 'The 
Good One'. This is because every game 
that has come into the office that can 
be placed into the pigeonhole marked 
'fighting game', has let us down in some 
way. With MK Trilogy it was just like 
playing the SNES version of that tired 
beat-'em-up, then with Dark Rift we 
thought we might finally have a Tekken 
beater, but soon realised that it was a 
shadow of that supreme game. Next, 
when Mace: The Dark Age came into our 
lives, our eyes lit up for a while but 
then darkened, as we struggled to get 
to grips with the game's unsuitable 
control method. 

A The Clown successfully connects with a 'fire ball' punch - 
earning himself three points! 


themselves. Instead of the usual 'best 
of three rounds' fights, the winner of 
the fight is the one to get ten stars 
or 'points'. The amount of points you're 
awarded depends on how you defeat 
your opponent. You will score three 
points for knocking your opponent to 
the floor (this is done after their power 
bar has reached zero), three points for 





It^i your Destiny 

It's a simple story of choose 
your character and win 
your way through to defeat 
the evil boss-man. Fighters 
Destiny features an initial 
nine selectable characters 
with another four secret 
ones for you to earn. For 
once in a beat-'em-up, 
the combatants are all 
completely different in 
both fighting styles and 
in the activation of their 
moves, so they'll take you 
ages to master! 


The game's obligatory 'fat 
bloke.' He has an extremely 
large belly, which is 
surprisingly resilient to 
almost any attack 

The boy from Brazil who 
grew up in the rain forest. 
Another strong character, 
who is let down by his 
sluggish nature 


Originating from the 
East, Kaze has trained in 
the ancient art of 
Ninjitsu. So he's a tough 
character, right? 

A Chinese trickster, 
Maylynn is the fastest 
character in the game 
and can dodge in and 
out of attacks easily 

executing a counter attack or fireball 
attack, two points for a throw (more 
about throws later) and one point for 
a ringout. 

The control method is surprisingly 
simple to use for a game where there 
is such variety in the number of moves 
that are available. There are only two 
attack buttons: the A and B buttons 
for high and low attacks. There is also 
a 'dodge' button and a '3D' button which 
can be used to both sidestep and move 
around the arena. The dodge button is 
especially useful and if pressed at the 
right moment, your character will move 
accordingly (usually duck, jump or sway) 
and avoid your opponent's attack. This 
will then almost certainly set you up 
for carrying out a counter attack of 
some description. 

One of the most interesting features 
of the fight system in Fighters Destiny 
are the throws. Pressing both the A and 
B buttons simultaneously will throw 

your opponent, and an ever decreasing 
bar will appear at the bottom of the 
screen. Now, if your opponent hits the 
A and B buttons before the bar reaches 

zero, then they will simply get out of 
your throw. But if they wait until the 
very end and hit the buttons on zero 
then they will perform a reversal. Now 

another, shorter bar will appear and you 
then have to stop it before it reaches 
zero to escape. Obviously hitting the 
buttons right at the end of this bar 
will reverse their reversal and you will 
throw them, despite their efforts to 
counter. It all sounds complicated, 
but in practice the method is extremely 
instinctive and works brilliantly. 

All the individual punch and kick 
moves are accessed in time honoured 
Street Fighter and Tekken fashion and 
include all the usual combos that you 

Fighters Destiny offers a totally 
unique fighting experience. Instead 
of going for the obvious and copying 
Tekken et al, the developers have 
chosen to do something totally 
different and make a game that they 
can call their own 

TOTAL 64 volume one 







Coming from the land of 
matadors, Leon is a tough 
character who, apparently, 
used to train with raging bulls. 
Rather you than me, mate! 

A French clown who likes to 
fight in his hot air balloon (?). 
Probably the trickiest of all 
the characters and has some 
cunning moves up his sleeve 

Ah, the Japanese hero 
type character. Has 
all-round good speed 
and strength and a 
jolly nice haircut 

A Native American 
who first took up 
wrestling as a young 
boy. He is extremely 
strong and powerful 

A German martial arts 
expert who has a nice 
collection of pyjama 
bottoms. She has some 
very powerful moves 



MINKV a*T*«.* 



might expect. With these you can also 
attach special 'fireball' moves onto the 
end, and if you manage to hit your 

opponent with one of these hot little 
beauties then you'll knock them down, 
regardless of how much energy they 
have left. 

That's another thing, this is the first 
beat-'em-up that I've played where 
the individual fighters have differing 
amounts of energy, relating to their 
size and power. This makes for a much 
more realistic confrontation between 
slow and strong characters and quick 
but weak characters. 

Fighters Destiny has instant 
playability. Anyone can pick it up 
and have a go but with the depth of 
gameplay this game has, it will take 
you ages to master 

Reducing your opponent's power 
bar to zero is not the end of the round. 
However, once you have done this they 
will then start to sway as if stunned. It 
is at this point that they are at your 
mercy, and you can choose to knock 
them to the ground, throw them or to 
perform a fancy special move that your 

^ Mast^Chauxngc 

Htri an fitr iiMceBtt.; . | 


This is where you can learn new 
moves for your fighter. Take on and 
beat either the Master or the Joker 
and you'll learn a new one. Lose 
and you'll be stripped of ALL your 
learnt skills 


You have to beat three boss fighters 
in under one minute to gain an 
extra character 


The object here is not to win the 
fight but to last as long as possible 
in the ring - with a cowl? 


Win successive fights up to 100 in 
order to win. Your prize is an 
extra fighter 

TOTAL 64 volume one 



There are many different ways in which you can win a round and each method gives you a different amount of points 


Your opponent is either 
knocked off or falls out of 
the ring 

fHBOW: 2Pf S 

Your opponent is thrown to 
the floor 





Your opponent is knocked 
down and out 

GOOTf'El;; 3PfS 

You manage to knock down 
your opponent whilst 
countering his attack 

Y iC 

;SFEGIA:IL;; %Pfi 

You use a special move to 
knock out your opponent 

character has 'learned.' But more about 
that in a minute. 

There are also some other very nice 
touches, like being able to hang off the 
end of the ring for a certain amount of 
time (stay hanging there for too long 

and you'll just fall off). From here you 
can pull your opponent out of the ring. 
There's really nothing quite like making 
someone think they've knocked you 
out, only for you to grab the edge and 
pull them out by the ankle. 

You might think that by having only 
two attack buttons, the moves would 
be limited. Far from it, with all the 
combinations of button presses and 
movement on the D-pad you can pull 
off loads of moves. This also gives the 
game instant playability - anyone can 
pick it up and have a go, but with the 
depth of gameplay this game has, it will 
take you ages to master. 

I iJJish to 
learn, Sensai 

Within the game there is an option that's 
vital to your progression in the one 
player mode, and this is the ability to 
customise your fighter. By that I don't 
mean that you can change the way he 
or she looks (shame), rather that you 
can make them learn new, and more 
powerful moves. By taking your fighter 
in to challenge the Master and his 

sidekick, the Joker, you can earn new 
moves. Unfortunately, every time you 
face the Master you are putting these 
moves on the line. Lose to the Master 
once and he'll take back all of your 
hard-earned combo starters and special 
moves. This is a great idea and increases 
the lastability of the game no end - it 
enables you create your own character, 
save it to memory card and then take 
it round to your mate's house and give 
him a good bashing. 

Some other sub-games include the 
rodeo mode, where you have to stay 
in the ring as long as you can against 
a cow (it even shakes its udders when 
it wins); a challenge to defeat up to 
100 fighters in a row (your reward is a 
secret character) and a time-trial mode 
where you have to defeat the four 
toughest characters in the game in 


toti*. rxfm 






r ... ^ 


TOTAL 64 volume one 


Game Type; Beat-'em up 
Ueision: US 

'unctional but has 
some excellent 

▼ Clinging on for dear life... the onlg option is to pull her out 
of the ring! _ 

I tttttliiUU 

If you’ve been waiting for a decent 
beat-’em-up then this is your 
moment... this is your destiny! 

under a minute - again your reward 
for completing this is another secret 
character. All this adds to the game's 
Lastability, so you shouldn't get bored 
with this one too quickly. 

There are only nine characters to 
choose from initially in Fighters Destiny, 

'similar' moves, whereby you can access 
a related move by simply using the same 
combination of commands. 

Graphically and sonically, Fighters 
Destiny leaves a lot to be desired. Let's 
be honest 

The character polygons aren't the 
best I've seen and are lacking in the 
texture map department. This is made 
up for by excellent animation though, 
and the fighters move gracefully and 
smoothly between moves, instead of 
moving suddenly and sharply 
as in certain other games. 
Sound is another let 
down with some 
REALLY annoying 
samples and even 
more annoying 
music. At least 
you can turn it off. 
Fighters Destiny 
offers a totally unique 
fighting experience. Instead of 
going for the obvious and copying 
Tekken et al, the developers have chosen 
to do something totally different and 
make a game that they can call their 
own. What they have come up with is 
an instantly playable title. You'll start 
off button bashing and then realise that 
there is so much more to this title, then 
become hooked and never look back. 
If you're one of those people who've 
been waiting a long time for a good 
fighting game on the N64, then this is 
your moment... this is your destiny! 

A The Clouin possesses a strange euade manoeuuie 

but each of these characters offers a 
totally different fighting style for you 
to master. A great deal of time and 
effort has gone into making each one 
a completely different fighter - and it 
shows. None of the characters possess 

about this, with a machine as powerful 
as the N64 is graphically, you would 
expect games to look sharper, more 
detailed and smoother than their 
PlayStation counterparts. But Fighters^ 
Destiny does not. 



TOTAL 64 volume one 

Hcclaim'6 releaBB oP HFL auarterback Club ‘3 BY\?lb 
Btolan the HmBrican Football limBlIght luith ito hi-roB 
graphicB and HFL IIcbobb. Can Jabn mabban Bk roallg 
hopB to hold a torch to thlB BuporlatlVB titiB? 

A There's nothing quite like the feeling of scoring a touchdown 

in ■ ■ e love the good old 
H H H game of American 
III football. We love the 
cheerleaders and the 
way that there are 

adverts every five minutes, but most 
of all we love the men dressed in bear 
suits and those blokes flying around in 
their fancy jet pack things. Apparently, 

there is also some kind of game in 
amongst that lot, but fve never really 
seen enough of it to fully appreciate 
it. Lucky for me and the rest of you 
who don't understand 'grid iron', John 
Madden is hear to enlighten you. 

The basic premise, for those of you 
not in the know, is to get the ball 
into your opponent's end of the field 

TOTAL 64 volume one 

and score a touchdown. The attacking about three hours. Okay this bit I Like, 
team has four downs to move the baLL the actual game, it's the barrage of 
ten yards, if they do this then they adverts and cheerleaders that really 
get another four downs to go another wind me up. Luckily that's where 
ten yards and so on until they score. John Madden comes in - he cuts out 

What really makes Madden 64 a better 
game than NFL QBC is the artificial 
intelligence. Instead of the computer 
players standing around twiddling 
their thumbs, they actually cover, 
block, form patterns and intercept 
throw-away passes with an 
intelligence that simply isn’t found 
in most football games 

But if they don't manage to do this 
then the ball is turned over to the 
defending side and they have a go. 
There are passing moves and running 
moves and every time the ball is not 
in play, the clock stops. Each game is 
timed to Last an hour (divided into 
four quarters) but with the clock 
stopping so much it usually lasts 

all the nonsense and let's us get 
down to the real business of playing 
American football. 

If you've ever owned a Megadrive, 
or a SNES for that matter, you will 
have no doubt have heard of the John 
Madden football series and know that 
it was, for years, the definitive 
American football sim. Many have 

A The compiehensiue replay option 
allours you to uieur the action from 
any angle 

tried to emulate the easy-to-use 
control method and wealth of options, 
but few (if any) have succeeded. But 
now there's a new kid in school and 
he's looking for a fight... 

Obviously, John Madden 64 has 
only one competitor in the N64 
market. Acclaim's superlative NFL 
Quarterback Club '98. So it would be 
unfair to review this game without 
direct comparison, and on the surface 
it Looks bad for Madden. To start with, 
NFL QBC acquired the exclusive rights 
to all the NFL teams and stadiums a 
while back, so what is Madden left 
with? After some battles in the US 
legal courts it was decided that the 

TOTAL 64 volume one 

mRDDEn Bk 

mRODEn Bk • 

rights to the pLayer's names were open 
and that both games could use them. 
So no stadiums, no team names and no 
official NFL license. It just doesn't 
seem right to see a John Madden game 
without them. Okay, what else? NFL 
QBC '98 has beautiful hi-res, motion 
captured graphics and Madden... does 
not. Hmm, we're beginning to see a 
trend developing here. 

Hang on a minute though, that's 
not quite the end of the story. When 
you get past the lack of official NFL 
stuff and the obvious lack of fancy hi¬ 
res graphics. Madden 64 is actually a 
very good game. Perhaps even better 
than NFL QBC. 

Madden 64 uses the tried and 
trusted control method that was first 
seen way back in the first Madden 
game on the Megadrive {NFL QBCs 

A The Dallas Couiboys' quarterback is sacked by an inuading 49ers player 

control method was also 'inspired' by 
this). Using pull down menus you 
select your various plays. This must 
be done within a certain amount of 
time, so choose well and choose 
quickly or the CPU will choose for 
you. From here the players line up at 
the line of scrimmage and the play 
begins. Direct control of the players 
is then handed over to you and then 
the fun really begins. 

Using the quarterback you set off 
the play, and then when a completed 

pass has been made (either to a wide 
receiver or a running back) you take 
control of these players. You can 
then run, spin and dive your way 
towards the opposition's goal line 
and hopefully get a first down or 
even a touchdown. The controls are 
very easy to use and even the 
complicated American football plays 
will become second nature to you 
after only a short time. On the 
whole, the control of the players 
works better than, just for example. 

So which to buy, I hear you shout. 

Well, NFL QBC has the fancy graphics, 
the NFL license and the best 
presentation. Madden 64 will offer 
you more of a challenge in the one 
player game and has faster, more 
instinctive gameplay 

j f • T 1 


TOTAL 64 volume one 




Makes the surface slippery and 
your players fall over and fumble 
more often 


The perfect conditions for playing 
American football 

As with NFL QBC, you can change the weather conditions, and 
this will affect the way your players react 


The cold weather means that 
your players are more likely to 
sustain injuries 


Nothing special here, it just looks 
nice under the floodlights! 

A The computer players are smart 
enough to jump to make interceptions 

NFL QBC and makes for a better 
overall game of American football. 

Apart from the faultless gameplay 
there are also a wealth of options to 
keep you grid iron freaks happy. You 
can play the game in a championship 
mode (set up just like the real NFL 
leagues) or you can customise this in 
any way you want. You can also trade 

and draft 

players and there is 
an option to create your own player. 
Unfortunately, you can't decide on 
their looks, but it's always fun to 
have yourself as the Dallas Cowboys' 
star quarterback. The game also 

features some other neat 
touches like the 

selectable weather 
injuries to 
players and the 
where John 
Madden comes 
on every so often 
to give his opinion. 
Love him or hate him, 
you can't help but laugh! 

What really makes Madden 64 a 
better game than NFL QBC is the 
artificial intelligence. Instead of the 
computer players standing around 
twiddling their thumbs, they 
actually cover, block, form patterns 
and intercept throw-away passes 
with an intelligence that simply 
isn't found in most football games. 
Choosing the wrong formation can 
really lead to a computer 
touchdown, so there is a serious 
challenge to be had. 

So which to buy, I hear you 
shout? Well, while NFL QBC has the 
fancy graphics, the NFL license and 
the best presentation. Madden 64 
will offer you more of a challenge in 
the one player game and has faster, 
more instinctive gameplay. The 
decision is really yours, but we 
would go for the gameplay over 
graphics every time. Both are good 
games, but Madden just pips NFL 
QBC to the post. 


Name: John Hadden 64 
Publisher: ER 

Nothin? out of the 
[ ordinary. The 


intuitive control 
lod is still the best 


flenty of options to 

A flt first, the plays seem complicated. Don't urony, you'll soon yet the hany of them 

TOTAL 64 volume one 


midiuay's lateet mK addition ie the long aiuaited RPG, niK mythalaaiBB: 
Sub ZBra. Hs the First RPG out on the ilGM, Pans oP ths genre must 
be eager to Find out iP ITIiduiag have unveiled a classic masterpiece 
or just a lame cash-in... 

now the crowd had grown and people 
were jostling for position to see what 
this long-awaited, hyped and promoted 
masterpiece would have to offer. The 
players became one with the machine, 
felt the energy, felt the joystick and 
buttons - for a moment it felt as if the 
world stopped. Now they were focused 
on only one thing - the complete and 
utter annihilation of their opposition 
in Mortal Korn bat... 

So what happened next? The two 
players battled it out valiantly, joysticks 
moved quickly and smoothly, the buttons 

The crowd quickly dispersed, eager 
to be seen elsewhere in the arcade - 
if not anywhere else in town that was 
far away. The players left, dejected 
and disheartened, and headed to the 

O nce upon a time, a long, long 
time ago, in an arcade not 
so far away, a strange new 
machine was introduced. It 
bore an unusual red logo on 
the side and boasted that it contained 
the best ever fighting game yet - the 
world waited with baited breath. Very 
gingerly two players inserted their first 
coins, the Insert coin' sign vanished 
from sight and a new character select 
screen appeared. A small crowd of keen 
people gathered, all of them holding 
their collective breath without even 
realising that they were. 

The players chose their characters, 
palms sweating as anticipation rose 
almost to the point of overload. The 
fighters took their places and faced 
each other, as the 'Fight!' command 
rang in the air. The two eager players 
acknowledged one another and then 
focused their whole mind, soul and being 
on what was sure to be the biggest 
legal sensory stimulant available. By 

The kind of damage this title does to 
one of the most respected 2D fighting 
games around is, at best, horrific 

were bashed frantically and then, after nearest Street Fighter game for some 
the tension, the waiting, the glory that tried and trusted beat-'em-up action, 
was surely to be revealed... Nothing. Alas, the dream was gone. 


TOTAL 6h volume one 



The reason for this initial massive 
disappointment became clear: Mortal 
Kombat simply wasn't gory enough. 
The distributors were quick to pick up 
on this problem before it got out of 
hand. They recalled all the machines, 
overhauled the programme - adding in 
more blood and guts - then added the 
one thing that really swung public 
opinion: the Fatalities. The ability not 
only to beat your opponent to a pulp 
but to kill them as well was a surefire 
selling point. Mortal Kombat was then 

re-released in another media frenzy - 
only this time Midway had got it right. 
Once more all was well - and very, very 
violent - in the arcade. 

Since those best forgotten days, the 
Mortal Kombat game has had a few new 
incarnations. These proved popular, as 
the chances to humiliate other people 
and prove your prowess increased with 
such things as Babalities - there was 
even an injection of humour with the 
Friendship moves. All of these things 
helped to provide the Mortal Kombat 

machines with a lasting, dedicated cult 
following. So, when word reached the 
collective ears of Total 64 that there 
was to be a RPG adventure featuring 
Sub Zero, we were all expecting great 
things, to say the least. 

A A fight with Sub Zero's 
arch enemy. Scorpion. It's 
not going too well for the 
'frozen one', though! 

Mortal Kombat: the advert 

To promote the release of MK Mythologies, Midway have prepared a rather swanky 
commerdal. This is our interpretation of what's really going on... 

'Sub Zeeeroo, your breakfast 
is ready' 

Sub Zero awakens from his 
Electrolux bed 

i \ 

'Yum yum, I love the taste 
of cockroach in the morning' 


'Oh no, mum, not bugs for 
breakfast - again!' 

'Sub Zero - the best way to 
start your da/ 

TOTAL 64 volume one 


A Clinging on for dear life. Sub Zero prepares to fight for the right to progress 

When the package finally arrived in 
the office it was a bit like the scene 
described earlier: we came, we expected, 
we saw - we left rapidly. The kind of 
damage this title does to one of the 
most respected 2D fighting games around 
is, at best, horrific. 

The whole sordid affair that is MK 
Mythologies: Sub Zero begins with a few 
words and a not unpleasant picture of 
a house. Not just any house though; 
this one is built on top of a big hill, 
which in turn is on top of a valuable 
and powerful amulet, which two gods 
once had a bit of a scuffle over. Now 
Shinnock (the bad god) would really, 
really like to have the amulet back, so 
he can use its mighty powers to take 
over a world or two. Unsurprisingly, it's 
down to Sub Zero to save the day by 
fighting everyone he happens to meet in 
the house-on-the-hill-on-the-amulet 
(surely a secure safety deposit box 
would have been a far more practical 
resting place?). 

Now I can imagine that you might be 
thinking that this is all just sour grapes 

on my part, because I was expecting a 
really top game and didn't get just what 
I wanted. You might even be asking 
whether MK Mythologies is really that 
bad. Well yes, it is. From the top, here 
are the things that turn what could have 

been the greatest RPG of all time into 
possibly the worst ever. 

You start MK Mythologies with a brief 
explanation as to why you are about 
to kill everyone you meet, which is then 
followed by a scene showing Scorpion 
jumping through a window and then 
running away from you in true girlie 
style. That's it: no animated intro, not 
even a deep gravelly voice reading the 
words to you - nothing. Still, you now 
have control of your very own Sub Zero 
but unfortunately, whoever had him 

before you overworked him, leaving him 
with cramp in his leg (or something) 
which causes him to walk around in a 
permanently awkward position. Okay, so 
he's a fighter and he needs to take up 
a stance when he's scrapping but did 
you ever see Bruce Lee go everywhere 
in a fighting stance? No. 

In spite of his perpetually 'battle 
ready' appearance. Sub Zero's first fight 
will leave you feeling more than a little 
concerned. Not only does Sub Zero not 
yet have any special moves, he also has 
no Fatalities. 

Undetered you move on to the next 
room, pluck a floating lantern out of the 
air, and move on again. Then - after 
fighting an exact copy of the previous 
fighter - you come up against the next 
major flaw in the game, the evil collision 
damage. It would seem that when the 
house was built, whoever did it saw fit 
to include large falling hammers that 
smack you as soon as you get close. 

This could be a welcome addition - if 
the hammers didn't hit you no matter 
where you are in the room, then knock 
you underneath the next hammer to 
your imminent death. 

Another fundamental problem with 
MK Mythologies is the way the main 
character responds to your commands. 
In an attempt to win over the fighting 
freaks amongst us. Sub Zero's animation 
is a very jerky affair and also not very 
accurate. It's hard to move a small 
distance and all too easy to suddenly 

If you really loved MK Trilogy 
then maybe, just maybe, you will 
find something here to hold you 

TOTAL 64 volume one 


jump to your instant peril, either into 
a trap or down a hole. Add this to the 
dodgy collision detection and you've 
got a bad game recipe already. 

Moving on to the other characters, 
the guards all look like one another - 
with only an occasional weapon adding 
any kind of variation in the fighting 
technique required to defeat them. Then 
there's the boss characters, which are 
no harder to defeat than any of their 
previous incarnations in the original 
MK games. 

But enough moaning (for now at 
least). What did Midway get right? To 
be fair they did give it a shot, not a 
particularly good shot but all efforts 
should be commended - even if they 
fail miserably. Now let me see... well, 
there's the music, which is all very MK. 
Guitars and organs add to the tension 
of the game, and all the punching and 
kicking effects sound real enough. 

Moving on, as far as graphics go, the 
drawn real-time backgrounds do give 
MK Mythologies a sense of depth and 
vary enough to avoid being tedious. 
They range from the stereotypical 'rich 
and powerful Chinese house' look, to 
the vast and foreboding mountain ranges 
of the later levels. Sadly the digitised 
sprite of Sub Zero is less impressive. It 
looks like, well, a digitised sprite. This 
is all well and good in a fast paced, 
sadistic beat-em-'up, where the bouts 

are over before you have time to inspect 
your character, but in an RPG people 
are expecting that little bit extra. There 
are some nice lighting effects on show 
throughout though, which add a dark 
and meaningful feel to the game and 
give Sub Zero an eerie blue glow. 

The initial shock of the limited moves 
list is relieved a little bit by the news 
that you do get to learn Sub Zero's skills. 
As the game progresses you can earn 
experience points and maps that teach 
you how to do more and more powerful 
moves. However, for some reason Midway 
didn't see fit to include the signature 
moves of the MK games, the Fatalities, 
although there is still is a lot of blood 
flying around - small mercy. 

These extra moves can be reviewed 
via the in-game options screen, which 
also displays the selection of potions 
and pickups you've found throughout 
the levels. This does help a bit when 
you have been smacked by a particularly 
lucky enemy or a large falling object, 
allowing you to heal yourself or check 
those hard won special moves. 

Although this options screen does 
attempt to add another level of skill 
to MK Mythologies, it really doesn't 
achieve its intended goal of adding 
depth and lastability to the game. In 
fact its the only thing that remotely 
moves the game in the direction of 
being an actual RPG - which is what 

A Sub Zero makes a leap of faith into the bottomless pit of Hades 

we were expecting - rather than just 
a simple, outdated sideways-scrolling 

Finally, the last and probably the 
best addition is the turn button, which 
allows you to attack or block anyone 
fancying their chances at attacking you 
from behind. 

These 'good' points aside, this game 
just isn't what it could have been. The 
Mortal Kombat licence promises so much 
and those in charge of development 
seem to have thought that the licence 
alone would be enough to carry it. This 
is a real shame, as the N64 does really 
lack a good RPG at the moment - and 
indeed still will after the release of MK 
Mythologies. It is also a step in a very 
worrying direction: we are all familiar 
with poor games being associated with 
movie and TV licences, but now we 
have bad games associated with game 
licences! Now that's a really nasty 
state of affairs. 

If you really loved the Mortal Kombat 
Trilogy game then maybe, just maybe, 
you will find something here to hold 
you. If you like RPG games, it is my 
sad duty to tell you steer well clear 
of MK Mythologies: Sub Zero, or face 
agonising hours of sheer frustration 
and irritation from a game that should 
have been the defining point of the MK 
culture's long history. 

I know that we've been pretty tough 
on this game, but at the end of the 
day, MK Mythologies deserves all it gets 
- as do any bad games. After all, when 
the only truly good things to be found 
in a new title are the backgrounds 
and the soundtrack, it hardly warrants 
much praise. At the end of the day, MK 
Mythologies isn't so much Sub Zero as 
below zero. 

TOTAL 64 volume one 

ThB Japanese love their cute baseball sims — just 
ujhen the market mas looking a bit overcrombecl, 
namco come along mitb tbelr attempt. So mill the 
namco name ensure qualltg, or mill Famistar Bk 
simpig meld In mitb all the other baseball games? 


[ must admit that I ural 
surprised to see that | 
Namco were 1 
deueloping for 
Nintendo again, now 
that they'ue become 
such buddies with 
Sony but it seems from i 
their first title that we 
should be happy. 

\ Strangely enough, 
famistar 64 leminds 
me of SmasJi Tennis on 
the SNES. The cute 
characters, the user 
friendly gameplay and 
weird but wonderful 
'Japanese-ness' of thh 
game don't hide the 
fact that this is a 
'serious' baseball , 
game underneath. All 
the subtleties of a mon 
serious title are there < 
player stats and cleuei 
controls, and the sub- 
training games are a 
delight to play in 
themselues. If you're i 
fan of baseball and cai 
put up with Japanese 
text, this is definitely 
worth the import prici j| 

m m ■ hen I first heard about 
B B B Famistar 64, my initial 
B B B reaction was just one 
B^B^B of boredom - another 
baseball game, ho-hum. 
It seemed the mould for baseball games 
had already been set with the current 
crop but Namco, as ever, didn't pay any 
attention to current trends, and have 
done things their own way. Good thing 
too - although the fact that Namco 
were behind this title didn't really 
hit home until I started 
playing it. 

The first 
thing that 
strikes you 

when you 
turn it on 
will be the 
massive amount 
of options. They 

haven't just put together a baseball 
game. Oh no, not Namco. First of all, 
you have your sub games, which at first 
glance will seem to be little more than 
packaging but on closer inspection are 
revealed as training modes for the real 
game. These include snowball fights, 
which help you practice your pitching, 
curling, dipping and swerving and a 
target shooting game, where the targets 
are little Pac Man icons - this helps 
you get the right angle of 
hitting to avoid 

the fielders. There's also what appears 
to be a pretty straightforward "who can 
hit the ball furthest" game, but this 
actually helps you find just the right 
angle and timing for those all-important 
home runs. 

Okay, you've done the sub games 
- now you're ready for some action. 
There is the usual choice of games: 
single game, league, multiplayer, etc. 
Normally in games like this, the one 
player mode is good on its own, but 
it's the multiplayer mode which really 

TOTAL 6V volume one 

This may seem a fairly standard game, 
but there is a depth previously 
unknown in baseball games 

stands out in terms of pLayabiLity and 
fun and Famistar 64 is no exception. 

There are some nice touches before 
you start: you can choose to have one 
player as the outfield and the other on 
the diamond, or split the field up half 
and half, or have player one pitching 

and controlling the outfield, with player 
two acting as catcher and controlling 
the bases. Once you've decided who'll 
be responsible for what, it's onto the 
team screen. This is similar to IBS 64, 
in that you're given each playeKs energy, 
morale (indicated by faces again) and 

j| If 

lifhen the ball is hit, the display changes to 2D, allouring precise control 

By pressing the C buttons both the batter and the pitcher can try to 
out-psych the other by a variety of different actions: 



RIGHT C - Incite the crowd 
UP C - This ball's going 
right over there! 


LEFT C - Hold up the ball 
for a flash ball, which leaves 
a trail behind it. 

DOWN C - Dust your plate 
RIGHT C - Pick some dirt 
up: may aid curveballs. 

UP C - Not Used 

TOTAL 64- volume one 




attributes. These attributes are often 
overlooked but are very important to 
consider, especially speed and stamina 
- as the players tire, their batting will 


wn P r A* > etmCOM 

This game wouldn t be worthy of Namco if it didn t have lots of extra 
bits 'n' bobs and sure enough, there are stacks of them... 


Use this to practice throwing to 
bases, catching, etc. Very handy 
when you first start 


Tap A as fast as you can to run 
around the diamond. This applies 
in fielding in a proper game 


Another fun but pointless game. 
The idea on this is to rotate the 
control stick to blow up your Dig 
Dug character before your 
opponent can do the same 


You have six hits to score the most 
points you can by hitting targets in 
the shape of Pac-mon characters. 
This helps with your timing 


On this, you have to hit your 
opponents with snowballs to 
drain their energy. This helps 
you learn pitching 


This seems to be just for fun. You 
have to draw the pattern given to 
you at the start with your 
painting machine. The closest to 
the actual pattern wins 


You have five attempts to hit the 
ball as far as you can, and then 
your best three are added together 
for your total. This helps you find 
the Home Run angle when batting 


become weaker, they end up trundling 
around the diamond and their throwing 
becomes slower. 

Let the 
game begin! 

So now you're ready to begin in earnest. 
It's relatively simple to grasp the basics 
of batting, but it can take a while to 
master properly. The basic premise is 
to angle the control stick to determine 
the trajectory of the ball, so holding 
the stick fully down will mean the ball 
will be hit straight up, and holding it 
fully up will result in a lower 'grounder'. 

Then when the ball is pitched, you must 
press the A button at the right time to 
hit it. However, where the ball goes 
when hit is also dependent on your 
timing. If you are slightly early, the 
ball with go to the right; if you are 
late, to the left - provided you are a 
right handed batsman. You have the 
facility to lunge for it if you see a wide 
one curving away - plus you can also 
perform a sneaky bunt, which stops the 
ball dead. 

Pitching is also easy to learn, but 
tricky to master. The basic curve ball is 
performed by holding left or right as 
you throw, but when you start getting 
good you can employ fast balls, banana 

A In spite of the Japanese text, Fdmistdr64 still remains a highly accessible game 

TOTAL 64 volume one 




A The sprites hark back to the good old days of 16-bit gaming. Smash anyone? 

balls and low dippers - not to mention 
actually clobbering the batsman with 
the ball! In the early stages of the 
match the pitcher has the advantage, 
but as the game wears on, he starts to 
tire and the batter has control, being 
able to spot a curve ball a mile away. 
Luckily substitutions are included for 
both sides and these are very important 
towards the end of a tight match. 

If you have played any other baseball 
game on the N64, you will find the 
fielding very strange, and annoying at 
first. Unlike the other titles around, 
Namco have rejected the idea of using 
the four C buttons to represent the four 
bases, opting for a more straightforward 

hit, this can make moving the right man 
slightly confusing. 

It really is 

Despite the game's cute image, all the 
rules of real baseball are in here. If you 
don't know them you may find the game 
confusing at first, but it's nothing that 
a bit of practice and patience can't solve. 
Everything is in here - including the 
batter and pitcher trying to psych each 
other out: pressing various C buttons 
while on the plate makes your batter/ 
pitcher perform various amazing acts! 

This game is quintessentially Namco. 
The time and effort that have gone 
into the little aspects are what sets 
this aside from the rest 

approach. If you want to throw to first 
base, hold right on the control stick 
and throw. Hold up for second base, left 
for third, and down for fourth. Once you 
get the hang of the system, it does work 
surprisingly well. 

One annoying thing though, is that 
the basemen cannot move from their 
bases to catch or field and as they run 
to their bases when the ball has been 

Famistar 64 may seem like a fairly 
standard title but touches like this show 
that it has a depth previously unknown 
in baseball games. Other features such 
as the diving catch, stealing bases, 
dropping catches and the players' energy 
depleting if they get hit by a fast ball, 
all add to the authenticity. It doesn't 
end there either - hitting the ball into 
the crowd behind you will result in a 
strange outburst of Japanese from a 
startled spectator, whilst the two teams' 
mascots cheer everything. Perhaps most 
amusing of all, when you hit a home 
run you get to control, move and rotate 
a strange object, which is unique to 
each stadium and ranges from a duck 
to a bowl of sushi! 

0 0 

0 0 

0 0.000 

0 0.000 

0 0 

0 0 

0 0 

0 0.000 i go 

0 0.000 0.0 

--T I 



The multiplayer 
mode urill keep 


Once the game is over, you go to 
what looks like Namco's Website for a 
full report on the game, with batting 
averages, who scored what and tons of 
options. Famistar 64 is quintessentially 
Namco and the time and effort that 
have gone into these little aspects are 
what sets this aside. 

Probably the most bizarre feature, 
and something next to impossible to 
figure out in Japanese, is the story 
mode. This takes place on a world map 
similar to Super Mario World, and it 
appears that you travel around the map, 
meeting people, talking to them, taking 
up challenges and building a new team 
up, which can then be saved onto a 
memory pak for use in a full game. 

The graphics on Famistar 64 are 
very good and are clearly aimed at a 
Japanese audience with their cute feel. 
The sounds are very clear and although 
most of the speech is in Japanese, it 
still adds to the game's feel of quality. 
There are a few, well, to call them bad 
points would be too harsh, as they're 
more like minor niggles. Not being sure 
who you are controlling in the outfield 
is probably the biggest of these, and 
for people who've played other baseball 
games, throwing to the bases is at first 
frustrating. However, your patience will 
be rewarded. 

The obvious problem of playing a 
game in Japanese is very evident, so 
you may be better advised to wait for 
the US release. On the whole though 
this is a classic Namco title: quality, 
longevity, and sheer playability. 

TOTAL 64 volume one 
tkkttf. twelve 


The neii hasn't had a ujaalth oP Plying games, so it 
Luas clear that someone mould have to make amends 
and produce a game morthy oP taking on the Desert 
Strike series — here it is 

F irst of aU, just a brief word 
of expLanation: a game with 
the name Wild Choppers is just 
begging for innuendo and the 
use of many dodgy puns. I've 
tried to avoid this, but there were a few 
irresistible ones that I just couldn't 
leave out! Now, on with the review... 

Flight simulations have never really 
had a chance to (ho, ho) take off on 
any format other than the PC. This is 
because there aren't really any consoles 
or lesser home computers that are well 
equipped enough, to be able to deal 
with the intense realism that's needed 
to produce a decent representation of 

the advanced control systems and all 
the little nuances of a real helicopter 
or aeroplane. Up until now we've only 
really had the Electronic Arts Stnke 
series, which has been available for a 
long time now on most formats (except 
for the N64) and is an 'arcade style' 
stab at a helicopter game. As good as 
these titles are, they still don't have 
all the advanced manoeuvring systems 
that you'd find present on a 'proper sim'. 
This may be because of the limited 
number of buttons available on console 

& L'- J rmHetri 

^ ^ # . 

^4^ Jr 

controllers, or it could be because a lot 
of people think that flight sims are for 
'proper' computers only and wouldn't 
provide enough instant entertainment 
for the console fan - who knows? 

Now here to try and prove everyone 
wrong are Seta, with their stab at a 
helicopter game. It's aptly called Wild 
Choppers and has been causing quite 
a stir since it was first shown at the 
E3 show, some time ago. 

Wild Choppers starts with a sparse 
title screen and little else - no intro. 



no cool demo sequence which shows 
off what you are about to indulge in. 
Instead there's just a simple screen 
with 'Wild Choppers' tattooed across it 
in large letters and a noisy American 
shouting “Wild ChoppersV, in amongst 
some thrashy heavy metal background 

few aspects of the actual game and 
the difficulty settings. After this you 
must choose which machine to pilot. 
There quite few to choose from, eight in 
total, and this is no bad thing, because 
in most games of this ilk you have just 
one craft to play in, which can get a 

This game has been causing quite a 
stir since it was first shown at the 
E 3 show some time ago. 

music. The lack of a slick intro is always 
a bummer but you can't judge a book 
by its cover. 

From here you next progress to the 
options screen, which will allow you 
to custom configure the controls, a 

bit dull. Seta obviously appear to have 
put a bit of thought into things. 

Each helicopter looks, handles and 
plays very differently from the next and 
it's nice to see that, for once, everybody 
is being catered for. Each 'copter can 

carry different loads and comes with a 
different amount of spending money, 
with which you must purchase a nice 
healthy supply of missiles, bombs, shells 
and decoys. This choice is a bonus for 
strategy freaks, because it allows you 
to articulate your attack in any manner 
that you see fit, rather than taking it 
from a set route. 

After the equipment and supplies 
screen, you undertake your mission 
briefing from a top American commander 
(yeah, right!) and then head straight 
on to the mission objective map. This 

A This 'urooden dummy' is your commanding officer - speak English, boy 

TOTAL 64 volume one 



A This is the first game that uie'ue come across that uses this method 

B TOTAL 64 volume one 

realistic it Looks. There is a suspicious 
element of fogging but this could have 
been put in intentionally - after all, 
you are flying around in a jungle/rain 
forest area. 

Sounds a bit 
Rshy to me 

Sadly the sounds in l/t/ild Choppers are 
a little disappointing to say the least, 
mainly because you can't hear any of 
the speech and action related noise 
properly because of the really abysmal 
Steve Vai style over-indulgent guitar 
solos. These metal anthems whine on 
through all the missions, blotting out 
the atmospheric chopper noises. After 
a while you will find that every slice 
of background music will just blend 
endlessly into the next bit, until you 
decide to scream and shout "enough 

A The distinctiue control method takes a while to get used to 

outlines all the targets, your primary 
objectives, secondary objectives and 
your starting point. After all that time 
consuming palaver is over with, you 
are ready to fly over the enemy lines 
and finally get down to some seriously 
hardcore fighting. 

The graphics for the helicopters that 
you pilot are excellent - big polygons 

The detailing also fits in nicely - 
all of the extra cosmetic touches, like 
the shoot-down stickers on the sides 
of the craft and the signs of scarring 
on the choppers from previous battles, 
help to add that sense of "I'm there, 
that's me and I'm really flying this big 
metal thing, God damn it!". 

The sounds are a little disappointing 
to say the least... 

and lots of them, coupled with some 
nice texture mapping that really makes 
everything sparkle. 

The explosions also look brilliant 
and nothing can quite match the sheer 
adrenaline you feel when you let lose 
with an ATGM (air to ground missile) 
and watch it, following its flight path 
carefully until... kaboom! It's a very 
similar story for the enemy vehicles 
and the backgrounds and land detail - 
all are beautifully laid out, with texture 
maps and polygons and amazingly, the 
closer you get to the action, the more 

That’s a nice chopper 

Here are the various types of 'copter you can pilot, in all their glory 



■ jj 



r«£ CAT 

4^ Si.GCT pIayer 

T luM WHALE-33 


whale -32 


ran .UK WASP 





W- miiftT PIAVGR 






IS enough" whilst reaching quickly for 
the volume mute button. 

Let’s go out 
and play uilth 
your chopper 

Still, as we all know, sounds don't make 
a game - they can help to add to the 
overall feel, but they don't by any means 
make it. At the end of the day it all 
comes down to playability and that is 
where Wild Choppers should be aiming 
to pick up most points. It definitely 
has its moments of joy, such as the way 
you can strafe around a tank with your 
last rocket, just waiting patiently for 
that all important 'lock on' signal from 
your wingman. Stealthily manoeuvring 

around a collection of your enemy's gun 
turrets and then sneakily dropping off 
a massive cluster bomb can also be an 
especially satisfying experience. 

Sadly Wild Choppers also has some 
moments which induce the dreaded 'Or 
should I have bought something else?' 
syndrome - which is not so good. Its 

main failure lies with the damaging 
screen update and potentially fatal slow 
down when there are too many enemies 
on screen. Yes, the same curse of too 
many moving objects (which plagued 
Aerofighters to a greater extent) strikes 
again. For the first few levels it isn't 
actually that bad, it's just when you 
reach missions four, five and upwards 
- where there are lots of targets and 
moving objects - that it can get a bit 
dizzying. Consequently the gameplay 
suffers a great deal, which is a real 
shame. Apart from Aerofighters Assault 
the Nintendo 64 hasn't got any other 
games of this genre available for it - 
and we all know Aerofighters Assault 
was absolutely horrific to play as well 
as to watch. 

This is, all said and done, a missed 
opportunity for a really accurate and 
intense helicopter game. Given some 
more development time Wild Choppers 

could have been so much more than 
'just another missed attempt' at a genre 
which is, after all, probably not well 
suited to consoles. 

This is, all said and done, a missed 

Illild Choppers 
In House 






Game Type: 


Helicopter Sim 

lostly irritating 

TOTAL 64 volume one 

puna puna sun gm • puso pusn sun sk 

Follaujing in the Paotsteps oP such puzzling greats as Tetris, Super 
Puzzle Fighter, Dr ntariu and Tetrisphere, comes a neuj plager. 
Enter Pugu Pugu Sun— can it PulPil all gour puzzle Fighting needs? 

P uzzle combat games have 
been around since the first 
cavemen scratched a game of 
noughts and crosses into the 
dirt with a stick, fell out over 
the score, and proceeded to club each 
other to death with very large rocks 
(a practice still carried out in school 
yards across the country, although it's 
rumoured that the rocks are smaller). 

It would seem that pitting your 
wits against an opponent and winning 
fair and square just isn't enough, and 
rightly so - just ask anyone who's ever 
played Super Puzzle Fighter. However, 
until now there has only really been 
Tetrisphere on the N64 to help alleviate 
this situation. With its combination of 
superb graphics, catchy soundtrack and 
addictive gameplay, it has so far held 
the puzzle fighting crown. 

This is where Puyo Puyo Sun comes 
onto the scene. Despite its very Japanese 
name and characters, it's a really great 
game to play. The object of the game 
is very simple: match up the falling 
coloured blocks with the appropriate 
coloured blocks on screen to make the 
blocks disappear - but it doesn't stop 
there. If you do a combo by causing a 
chain reaction, it will not only clear 
your zone of a lot of unwanted blocks 
but also have the adverse affect of 
filling up your opponent's zone with 
unusable clear blocks, which will only 
disappear when a combo happens on 
top of them. 

If you're quick enough, you can pull 
off a reversal by doing the same as 

the opposition, and both characters are 
rewarded with a power-up which boosts 
the amount of blocks you give to your 
opposition. All of this can thankfully be 
rehearsed in the practice mode. There 
is also a matching mode that gets you 
to match falling blocks with the blocks 
on screen - a great way to practice 
setting up chain combos. 

The characters in the game vary from 
the usual mixture of Japanese girls with 
odd coloured hair and warriors with little 
more to do then bust blocks, to mutated 
fish with legs, a bee with a syringe, a 
little guy on a lizard and an elephant in 
a hat. The character you choose doesn't 
really affect the game, as both players 
get exactly the same blocks at the same 

TOTAL 6h volume one 


puya puya sun bm 

puyo puyo sun bm 

time. The only noticeable differences 
in gameplay come in the story mode, 
where the people you encounter will be 
easier or harder depending on which of 
the three characters you choose, and in 
two player when your blocks turn into 
different objects like money, butterflies 
or treasure chests before they disappear, 
depending on who you're playing as. 

games you've ever played, or the most 
downright irritating game in the world 
- depending on whether you're winning 
or losing at the time. 

The game screen is set out in a Manga 
cartoon style with the fifteen characters 
being distinctly 2D and hand drawn. The 
actual playing zones sport a picture of 
your chosen character, and occasionally 

The vaguely Caribbean vibes floating 
from your TV set may relax you and 
set you up for some controlled block 
blasting fun 

In two player, Puyo Puyo also sports 
a difficulty mode, which allows you to 
incorporate handicaps, if you so desire. 
These come in the shape of extra power 
ups and different rates of blocks. 

In two player mode Puyo Puyo is 
either one of the funniest, most moreish 

a short piece of animation - depending 
on how well you or your opponent are 
doing. The playing blocks are colourful 
and have small faces that get happier 
when they are joined by other blocks 
their own colour, but sadder if isolated 
(as all good blocks should). 

Sadly the in-game music is a bit of 
a let down. At first the odd, vaguely 
Caribbean vibes floating from your TV 
set may relax you and set you up for 
some controlled block blasting fun. 
After about five minutes you will almost 
definitely be reaching for the remote 
control before the simplistic tunes drain 
your brain of any scraps of sanity left 
after extensive Puyo Puyo playing. 

However, despite all that has been 
said so far, the question of the moment 
still has to be this: why did they bother? 
The Nintendo 64 is the most powerful 
games console in the world. With its 64- 
bit technology and superior sound and 
graphics, why has a game like Puyo 
Puyo even got a look in? After all, it is 
really only a straight conversion of the 
16-bit SNES machine. Granted, it has 
a large following in Japan's arcade circuit 
which will probably boost sales, but in 
this day and age and given a 64-bit 
opportunity, why didn't Compile do 
something a bit more like Tetrispherel 

That aside, Puyo Puyo Sun is still a 
highly enjoyable game, most notably in 
the two player battle mode. And even if 
Compile didn't realise its full potential, 
it's worth a look in, if only to show the 
kids how great games used to be. 

TOTAL 64 volume one 


LUith sumo ujrBStling being so massivefg papular in 
the Far East, it mas nnlg a matter oP time bePore a 
game Featuring this strange sport appeared on tbe 
Hintendo 6k. Hnd altbougb there is verg little cbance 
oP it ever appearing in this sceptred isle, me thought 
me mould give gou a look at this strange little game. 
HPter all, seeing is believing! 

U pon Loading up 54 Oozumo, 

I was immediately greeted 
with an options screen, which 
was unfortunately (though 
not surprisingly) all written 
in Japanese. I then spent about half 
an hour of trial and error button pushing 
until I finally reached the fighter select 
screen. This in itself was enough to have 
me rolling around on the floor in tears, 
as I scrolled through the various sumo 
fighters, each with their own strange 
facial expressions and more importantly. 

strength and stamina bars. There are 
apparently five different types of fighter 
but as all of the writing is in Japanese 
and I couldn't tell the difference, I just 
choose the one which looked suitably 
powerful and proceeded on, and into 
the arena to have my first proper taste 
of sumo, N64 style. 

For those of you who are unfamiliar 
with the rules of sumo, the basic idea is 
to eject your opponent out of the ring 
and onto some members of the crowd 
(well, maybe you're not supposed to do 

the last bit, but it regularly happens - 
much to the annoyance of said spectator, 
which is understandable as the wrestlers 
weigh somewhere in the region of 200kg 
and are usually sweating profusely). 
Anyway, for doing this the wrestlers 
receive a token sum of money and huge 
amounts of respect and admiration from 
their army of loyal fans. 

Thankfully the control method during 
the bouts is far easier to get to grips 
with than the options screen. The basic 
controls involve the four yellow 3D 

Famous sumo wrestlers.,. 




Okay, not exactly true, but this 

The infamous sumo wrestler from the 

From the Tekken games, the best 
move this guy had involved an 
involuntary grunt which sounded a lot 
like 'no swede!' 

occasional Total 64 writer has been 
known to parade around in a nappy 
from time to time 

Street Fighter games had some amazing 
moves, like Many Hands, a veritable 
blur of fists, and a flying 'Oink' move 

TOTAL 64 volume one 

ISSUE twelve 

BM aozumo 

EM aozumo 

buttons. These control your movements 
up and down and your attack to the Left 
and right, whilst the Z trigger adds big 
slaps and special moves when combined 
with the analogue stick, which is also 
used to point you in the right direction. 

moves that you could use to get your 
opponent out of the ring, but I found 
the best method was just to slap him 
until he was nearly unconscious and 
then chuck him out, this seemed to 
work in nearly every fight, except the 

The best method was to slap him until 
he was unconscious 

After all the ceremonial stuff it was 
a case of on your marks, get set, slap. 
There are probably lots of different 

one where my opponent jumped over 
my head and shoved me out from behind 
(rd like to see that in real life). 

A The character select screen features a colourful selection of nappies to choose from 

This 'style' of fighting also carried 
over to the two player mode, where 
lots of frantic button bashing was 
observed. This mode is slightly better 
fun than the one player mode but only 
for about ten minutes. Apart from the 
one and two player modes there is also 
a training mode and a story mode (all 
in Japanese of course) where you must 
work your way up through the ranks 
to be top sumo wrestler. 

The in-game graphics are simple, 
but look fairly accurate and do the 
job intended, whilst the animation of 
the fighters and other characters is 
quite nice. 

The sound in Oozumo 64 is basically 
a series of grunts and groans during 
the fights, along with the crowd noise 
and commentary from the announcer. 
The announcer also calls the name, rank 
and tournament record of each wrestler 
in Japanese before the bout begins, 
which adds an authentic touch. 

Those of you who are into sumo and 
can read Japanese will probably find 
64 Oozumo good fun, but the majority 
of the English gameplaying public, 
myself included, will find it goes way 
over their heads, quickly falling into the 
'quirky Japanese game' category. 

3D Pldtfoimei 


TOTAL 64 volume one 

Hb the advert Baye, ^nmtendo BM — the moBt poiuerPul gameB conBole 
in the ujorld\ IPthat’B the caae, then luhat^B thiB UJhBBi oFFortune 
malarkey then? 


i It is difficult to know i 
^ where to start slating - 
this game. UJhoeuer 
came up with the 
idea of porting the 
lUheel of Fortune 
show to the H64 
should be hurt. It's 
not just the fact that 
\ we don't want to plag ji 
] rubbish like this, but | 
releasing games like 
this will surely 
damage Hintendo's 
reputation. lUith 
games coming out 
[ extremely slowly and J 
Nintendo citing 
[ |quality over quantity,^ 
ZWwill do more 
damage than good 

I can see it now. All the top bods 
at Nintendo are sat round a long 
table in a meeting to discuss the 
design of the N64; 'What shall the 
specifications be?' asks the man 
at the head of the table. 

'Well, it needs to be at the cutting 
edge of technology. We need the most 
powerful graphics chips available too, 
because the machine needs to be able 

to create sophisticated three dimensional 
worlds for some of our most innovative 

A fl typically 'taxing' word puzzle for you to solve 

software yet.' comes a reply from one 
of the suits. 

'Just what sort of software are we 
talking about?' demands the man at 
the head of the table. 

'We want Mono in 3D, and a James 
Bond game that feels real and most of 
all, we want to be able to play Wheel 
of Fortune from the comfort of our own 
living rooms'. The room goes silent and 
all eyes turn to that man. 

'Yes, yes! You're a genius. That is 
exactly the sort of game I want to see 
on the N64. Forget Mono, forget James 
Bond, I want Wheel of Fortune!' The man 
at the end of the table erupts into a 
fit of joy and everyone begins to cheer 
and jump around. 

Okay, so I believe in an alternative 
universe, where anything is possible, 
even Nintendo making a game based on 
the hit TV show. Wheel of Fortune, but 
it's not this universe and I'm glad of it. 
But then, what's this? Oh no, they've 
only gone and done it - they've actually 
made a game based on Wheel of Fortune! 
Okay, so this title is not from Nintendo 
themselves but it IS on the N64; what 
is going on? Am I dreaming or have I 
entered that parallel universe? 

This game has actually been dreamt 
up by the boffins at Gametek and - 
surprisingly enough - it isn't very good. 
For those of you who have never seen 
the TV show, let me explain the rules. 
There are three contestants and they 

each take it in turns to guess a letter 
in a mystery word or phrase displayed 
on a huge screen. When enough of 
the letters are revealed, a contestant 
gets the chance to guess the word or 
phrase or whatever it is. If he or she 
gets it right they then win money. Now 
that's what I call a great concept for a 
video game. 

Now you, too, can experience that 
wonderful feeling of taking part on a 
hit TV show and winning yourself loads 
of (virtual) money. First of all you get 
to choose your contestant. There are 
six to choose from - each one as stupid 
looking as the last. All the characters 
themselves are digitised and look very 
poor quality indeed: they have no detail 
whatsoever, so they could be Mr and 
Miss Average American. Up to three 
people can play (as long as you've got 
the controllers) but the chances of 
you having two friends to play with 
you if you're the type to buy this game 
are slim. 

So, it's onto the show itself, which 
is introduced by (in all her very poorly 
displayed video) some American woman 


TOTAL 6If volume one 

that IVe never heard of. She's probably 
quite famous in the world of game shows 
but there you go. 

Each player now takes it in turn to 
spin the wheel to see how much money 

letters board. This can get especially 
tedious if you make an long spin - so 
'keep spins short at all times'. If you 
get a letter right you then get another 
go. Great. 

I beg you do not, under any 
circumstances, buy this game or you will 
be haunted by the sound of canned 
applause for the rest of your living days 

their guess will be worth and then they 
choose a letter. While the wheel is 
spinning the camera alternates between 
the contestants, the wheel and the 

I can hear what you're saying: 'All 
you have to do is choose vowels, as 
virtually every word in the English 
language contains one of these'. Aha, 








that's where you're wrong! You can't 
just choose vowels, these have to be 
bought from your 'money pot'. 

Anyway, the person who guesses 
the phrase correctly wins the cash and 
it all starts over again. Eventually you'll 
run out of time and the person with the 
most money gets to take part in a final 
bonus game to win a jackpot. 

All of this is accompanied by the 
usual showbiz stuff - after everything 
you do there is a round of applause. 
Spin the wheel - round of applause. 
Guess an incorrect letter - round of 
applause. Pull out a gun and start to 
fire it randomly into the audience... 
well, no - I made that last bit up, but 
it might make the game a bit more 
interesting. What I'm trying to say is 
that the applause goes on and on and 
on. It's inside my head, it's driving me 
insane. Argh! Stop applauding me! 

And that's it. That is all the game 
has to offer. No more, no less - and it's 
on the N64, which I still really can't 
quite believe. This is easily the worst 
game on the N64, and frankly Nintendo 
themselves should be embarrassed by 
that fact. I beg you do not, under any 
circumstances, buy this game, or you 
will be haunted by the terrible sound 
of canned applause for the rest of your 
living days. 

TOTAL 64 volume one 





Thinking about buying a game? UJaii. baFora 
you do. it's bast to aback out tba most up 
to data scoras in tba TBk Raviauis Round'up 

ReroRghters Rssault 

I uids almavs a fan of Afterburner in the acracdes, so I mas as excited as the next man 
mhen this aniued in the office. The thought of chasing enemies up into the stratosphere 
filled me mith joy. Horn wrong I mas, I mas not prepared for the sad, sad, gaming 
experience that mas about to come. The planes look shabby, the backgrounds look 
bland and boring - it's so very slom and instead of being fun it mas dull. I had hoped 
for so much more, especially on a console that is the most powerful on the planet. 
Take heed of these words - buy this and you mill haue no friends! 


42 % 

Rutomobili Lamborghini 

Hot another H64 racer! It seems like the only games me get these days inuolue driuing 
round and round a track, in as quick a time as possible. Is this mhat your M64 mas 
designed for? I think not. Anyway, Rutomobili Lamborghini is not that bad a game 
and if you're a fan of this genre you'll enjoy its slick graphics, realistic feel and well 
designed tracks. If you're not, then steer well clear. 


72 % 

4 wm 

75 % 

Chameleon Tioiet 

The idea behind Chameleon Tu/ist is actually quite cleuer - use your tongue to lick and 
spit your may through the leuels. The trouble is that there just isn t enough to this game 
to warrant a purchase. The six leuels are reminiscent of Mario 64, except that they are 
completely linear and lack any of Mario's excellent graphics, intuitiue puzzles and 
games. Don't euen consider buying this game - if you do you'll be sorely disappointed. 


51 % 

CruiB’n use 

Ulhat on earth is this? Haue I slipped through a time marp? Am I back in the late IQBOs? 
Well, playing this I certainly could be - pretty scary! 

I'm playing a bad uersion of Outrun on a 64-bit machine. Come on, mho in their right 
mind mould waste their cash on this mhen they could play Rage Racer on the PlayStation? 
This game is just a perfect conuersion of a crap arcade game - so exactly mhat is the 
point? Cruis'n IfSR is sluggish, all the graphics are totally dire and - worst of all - the 
playability is thinner than a matchstick on a diet - uery poor indeed. Auoid it! 



Dark RiPt 

Although this is probably the best beat-'em-up on the H64 so far, unfortunately it still 
needs to go a long may to come close to any similar titles on the PlayStation and Saturn. 
On the plus side it does feature some excellent backdrops and the characters haue 
interesting moues. These moues seem to dram heauily from Tekken and Soul Blade- 
which is not a bad thing by any means. I can't quite put my finger on mhat I don't 
like about Bark Rift, but there is some uital thing missing. This shows promise for the 
future of H64 fighters, but falls a little short of the mark. 


Blaet Corps ^ ^ 

I mas a little dubious about this title as I looked at the box, but after 
playing it for the short while I allowed myself before going back to 
more mundane work, I mas desperate to play it again. Some of the early 
leuels are uery simple and inuolue little more than crashing into buildings to knock 
them down, but later on the leuels get a lot harder and really get you thinking, as you 
try to solue the puzzles before your time runs out. I mould compare this game fauourably 
to Pilot Wings, as both games are similar in concept - but Blast Corps ioimlobi has 
the edge, mith a lot more action, tricky puzzle soluing and excellent explosions! 


73 % 

Bdmberman EM 

The idea of Bomberman appearing on the H64 mas almost too much to bear. Ny memories 
of the little tyke go may back to the year 19Q2, mhen I persuaded a certain Justin Caluert 
(as he mas known back then! to buy a game called Bgna Blasterfoi his Amiga. It was a 
great buy: the hours me spent blowing the liuing daylights out of each other don't bear 
thinking about. So mhen Bomberman 64 came into the office I mas expecting great things. 

, But no, it wasn't to be. By changing an unbeatable formula, Hudson haue upset the 
balance of Bomberman by transporting him into a 3D world. 

Gone are the blocks, the inuentiue leuels and the tactics needed to be successful 
at this game. What me are left mith is a mad scramble, the result of which is determined 
■ by luck more than anything else. I'm afraid this comes nowhere near the perfection of 
the old SHES incarnation. Bomberman 64is one of the biggest let-downs of the year. 


Doom 6M [UK] 

I'ue always been a big fan of Boom, and for me it mas always the best of the lot. I mas 
looking forward to Boom on the Hintendo 64, and the thought of hauing all new leuels to 
explore got me particularly excited. The fact is though, after the aniual of the spectacular 
Coldenegein the office. Boom mill neuer seem the same again. It's still a uery good 
game but compared to the later title it looks dated indeed. 

There are a couple of minor niggles: the darkness of the screen can become uery 
frustrating at times, as you're constantly getting hit by missiles that can only be seen 
at the last minute. The other thing is that the leuels all seem uery similar, which can 
become dull. Good but not the best. 


Diddy Kong Racing 

At first I thought that this mas going to be a simple update of Mario Kart 64, but I dug 
a little deeper and found something uery different. It relies in some mays on Mario 
Kart- which goes without saying. Homeuer, mhen you get a bit further into the game 
you realise that there is much, much more. The aduenture mode is absolutely awesome 
fun, mith loads of missions to accomplish and tasks to complete. The multiplayer modes 
are also uery good, mith players being able to choose between a plane, a houercraft, 
and a kart. If you liked Mario Kart, you'll go ape for this! 



"1''^ j 


volume one 



It's ueiy difficult to play this game without drawing comparisons to Mario 64, which is 
obuiously going to win hands doiUn. But if you can possibly forget about Maiiol^x a 
second and look at Boiaemon on its own merits, I think you'll find quite a quirky little 
platformer in there somewhere. Despite its similarities with Mario 64 it does haue 
plenty of of its own original ideas: it's just a shame that these are far outweighed by 
the ideas that were left out! If you'ue completed Mario ani are looking for something 
uaguely similar, then this should keep you amused for a while. Just don't expect the 
blue and white furball to fill Marid s shoes. 

FI Pole PoBition 

After finding Human Brand Prix entertaining a few months ago, I was expecting 
great things from what promised to be a new and improved version for release in the UK. 
Unfortunately the improvements that have been made are, although noticeable, few and 
far between, and not really in the areas such as playability and graphics that needed a 
little work. Maybe it's just me, but the addition of a few new sound effects along with a 
reduction of 50% in the amount of sparks that fly whenever you change gear doesn't 
really make for an improved gaming experience. Sorry FI, but you're left sucking the 
exhaust fumes of games like Top Bear HallpanA Extreme 6in my opinion. 




00 % 

Duke Dukem EM 

I'm one of the few people in the office who's never really got into the Duke Hukem on 
the PC, and after falling head over heels for Boldenepe 007, the Duke had his work cut 
out if he was going to impress me. I understand that a lot of the PC features such as 
strippers and 'dodgy' film posters have been removed from the N64 version but if, like 
me, you've never experienced the phenomenon, you won't miss these un-Hintendo 
like features and can concentrate on enjoying the game without having to stop every 
two minutes to show your mates what's changed IMilesIl In my opinion Duke Hukem 64 
could have taken the Nintendo by storm had it only been released before Eoldeneye 007, 
but with the two of them more or less going head to head for Christmas, I'm afraid 
there can only be one winner. 



As the only football game available for the N64 this wasn't a bad effort, but after seeing 
ISSSoccer 64MSB had no choice but to reduce our initially quite enthusiastic response. 
EA's FIFH series must surely be the most successful footie games ever, but when ISS 
arrived in the office and blew away everything that had gone before, we were left with 
no choice but to amend our previous FIFR %zbib to reflect just how superior Konami's 
top kickabout really is. This isn't really that bad a game, it's just that its opposition 
is the best footie game ever made! 


7B% 5B% 

aD% BB% 

Dynamite Soccer 

Ulhat can be said about Dynamite SoccerayaiX from the fact that it's absolutely appaling. 
This comment may sound a little hard but sadly I can't find anything positive to say 
about it. Actually, there is just one good thing that can be said about this dreadful 
game - it's so bad it's funny, although the humour will wear off after a few minutes 
of actually playing it. 

It is a sad day for Nintendo fans; rubbish like this should never be released and 
with any luck it will never been seen outside of Japan. 

Instead of a step forward, which has often been seen on the N64, this is a step back. 
In fact, this is a step back about eight years. Don't waste your money. 

Extreme G 

Ah, a breath of fresh air has wafted into the office and blown away the cobwebs of all 
those stale driving games, and that 'air' is Extreme 6. I've always been a fan of Wipeout 
on the PlayStation, so you can imagine my delight when I heard that we were getting 
our own futuristic racer on the N64. Just imagine how fast this game could be, using 
64 bits instead of that grey box's 32 - it could be very fast indeed - and Extreme 6 
delivers. And then some. There's no blinking allowed when you play this game - if you 
do then you are likely to miss a corner approaching at super fast speed. Use a turbo and 
the game gets impossibly fast - it gives you a real adrenaline buzz. 

There's loads more to this game than Wipeout as well, considering there's four 
player modes a-plenty, plus Time Trials and a Championship to compete in. Now throw 
in the fact that are loads of tracks, each of them like some kind of demented rollercoaster 
with loop the loops, corkscrews and jumps, which give you a real white knuckle ride 
and you have, without doubt, the best racer on the N64 to date. 

FIFH: Road to the World Cup 'SB 

After signing Michael Owen for my Bolton UJanderers side and taking them to the top of the 
Premiership, I was convinced this was the game for me. Unfortunately I soon found that 
the superb range of options and stunning visuals in FIFH. Hoad to the World Cup were 
overshadowed by poor artificial intelligence and gameplay. A great game for players who 
fancy managing their chosen team but not a patch on ISS64 in terms of pure playability. 



Ganbare Goemon 5 

Oanbare Coemon is quite unique in many of its gameplay styles and offers the first 
real APG experience on the N64 but an essential part of all APGs is understanding the 
plot. Unfortunately for us, Eanbare Coemon is completely in Japanese and so the story 
is completely incomprehensible, though luckily this doesn't interfere too much with 
the gameplay and the game is still very playable. It is a testament to the game's 
brilliance that it was able to score such a high mark judged purely on gameplay - 
just imagine how good it will be in English, as it will be when it is released in the 
US and Europe very soon. Of course, we will be re-reviewing it as soon as a copy 
comes into the office - expect a very high score for this one! 


80 % 

Gol Go! Traublemakere 

I don't understand it but I like it. Co! Co! Trouble Makers is so full of bright colours, 
you'll think it's going to explode any minute into a jelly rainbow, full of sponge 
fingers and chenies. And that just about sums up the title's gameplay as well. It's 
all cute and chubby sprites, biffing and throttling one another in the nicest 
possible way. On the down side, if you're not fluent in reading Japanese you 
won't have a clue what's going on, as various characters keep appearing to try to 
explain stuff. Still playable but you're better off waiting for the official release. 





- • volume one -r -i 

■-TrcTTir _ L _ * 

round -ui 



Goldeneye 007 


^ \ 



Human Grand Prix 

After happily playing on some of the forthcoming racers at the E3,1 really think that 
uie're left uiith no choice but to score Jfi/mdn /iidJidPnjf down. Sadly, uihen you compare 
it with such titles as ExtremB G and Multi Racing Championship, Human might as well 
be Pitstop 2 on the Commodore 64. It just doesn't match up to them on any criteria - 
except maybe the number of tracks (not their quality]. We are grateful that the 
US/UX version, FI Pole Position has been much improved! 



80% 72% 




Jf League Perfect Striker 

As the aging cliche goes, it's a funny old game, football - and Peifoct Striker zoi\a\n\yi 
proves that, with some of the most hilarious player animation ever. Just watch one 
of these guys trying to get up after a particularly bad foul to see what I mean! Having 
j said that, the actual gameplay isn't bad either, especially in two player mode. What 
with some swift passing, rasping drives, eccentric keeping and of course the all- 
important scoring celebrations, this boy has got it all and is certain to be a worthy 
addition to the footy sim. Premier League. Go and buy it! 


r \ 


volume one 

Jlkkyuu World Soccer 3 

I wasn't bothered about the arrival of Goldeneye, having never been a big fan of first 
person shoot-'em-ups. Since appeared in the office though. I've been forced 

to eat my words. Never before have I seen a game create such a sensation - even people 
who have never had an interest in games suddenly became interested in Goldeneye. 
The reason is simple - perfectly crafted gameplay, the likes of which some games can 
only dream of, and this is before the delights of the multiplayer game have been 
uncovered, which take Goldeneye\o a whole new level. An experience rather than a 
game, and one which shouldn't be missed by anyone. 

When it was mentioned that Konami had managed to improve on the original ISS, I 
didn't believe them. How much could they improve an almost perfect game? Well, quite 
a lot it would seem. With less emphasis placed on the through ball and more dominant 
goalkeepers^ this version has got to be the definitive one. Now there are also smoother 
graphics, plus the actual passing and movement of your players seems to have more 
fluidity. Whether or not this makes it worth shelling out another sixty quid for an import 
game is up to you. Personally, I am quite happy with my original PAL copy of ISS. 



Hcxen ON 

What is this doing on the H64? In the past few months we've been treated to two of the 
most excellent,enjoyable first person perspective games ever. Boom and Turok, then 
all of a sudden Hexen comes along. What do GT think they're up to? Do they think people 
won't see past this facade, this cheap attempt at a cash-in? The game looks extremely 
dated, almost as if it was a straight PC to H64 port, and takes no advantage of the power 
the H64 has to offer. The graphics are bland at best and the level design really lacks 
imagination. The only thing I can say in favour of this, is that it's the first game of 
this type to actually boast a four player deathmatch mode, but even this soon becomes 
tiresome after you've revisited the same level for the umpteenth time. If you want four 
player deathmatches then be sensible and go out and buy Goldeneye ox BukeHukem. 

Killer Instinct Gold 

Play this game on 'Ludicrous' speed and you'll know about adrenaline. Initially fast 
and furious, it can seem like a 'free-for-all, who can get one of the combos in first and 
bash the buttons quickest' test. However, after playing for a while, it has more subtlety 
than that - but nothing that matches the instinctive feel of Tekken. The animation is 
jerky and at times there's quite a bit of slow-down. Okay, so admittedly this is when a 
32-move combo is going on - but surely the N64 should be able to handle it? 


King oF Pro Baseball 

When we reviewed this back in issue two we were drawn in by the 

cutesy amusing graphics and the quality of the two player 

mode. Since then it's become increasingly difficult to 

find a human opponent, as more and better games ^ 

arrive in the office, forcing whoever wants to play it 

to do so against the computer. The fact that this game 

rarely makes it out of the cupboard nowadays is enough to | 

warrant a score reduction, and the incredible difficulty of 

the one player mode leaves us with no choice. It's fun with a 

friend but frustrating on your own. ^ 



International Superstar Soccer BN 

Football's not coming home... it is home! ISSG4has arrived and is, quite simply, the 
best footy game ever to be released. It sports graphics that are far superior to any of 
its contemporaries, [especially EA's appaling FIFR 64] it sounds the bizz and, with 
more moves than Juninho, Zola and Shearer put together, it plays a much meaner 
game of footy. To put things in their simplest terms, if you like football, you're going 
to love this game. As the great Bill Shankly probably would have said were he around 
today, 'football's not a matter of life and death, it's ISS64\' 


Lylat Ware ^ 

The sequel to Starwing has finally anived in the . < 
UK, and apart from the name change, it's been well A 
worth the wait. We've been playing the Japanese I 
version for a few months now but the English ^ 

speech adds a lot to the game, which has a 
surprisingly good plot. The game is definitely 
easier to complete than Starwing but to 
master the game properly requires 
taking secret routes and ^ 

battling a completely \ 

different end-of-game 
Andross, and this 

should keep you playing for quite a while. If you 

liked the original, you'll fall madly in love 

with its 64-bit incarnation. If you've never 

heard of Starwing, you've never witnessed 

what a man like Miyamoto can do to a genre as seemingly 

tired as shoot-'em-ups. 


. ^ 

in the . ^ 

sen well A 

sanese I v f 








macBj^The Dark Rga 

fit last a beat-'em-up airiues tha,t is moithy of 
comparisons with Tekken and Soul Blade. Mace , / / 

includes some excellent weapon bearing characters 1 
that haue been superbly designed - with each one 

playing differently from the last. In total there are ’ 

fourteen characters, including some rather ' ^ 

bizarre secret ones - the chicken springs to ^ ^ 

mind for sheer comedy ualue. 4 * 

It can be a bit frustrating at first, as the ^ - \j 

combat system may be a little different than v ^ ^ 

you are used to: it is initially uery hard to 

pull off anything that resembles a combo. Just giue it an hour or so though and you'll 
be reeling off fiue and six hit combos with no problem at all. 

A mention must go to the gruesome executions that take place in the form of special 
moues at the end of each battle - stomach churning to say the least. Obuiously this idea 
has been taken from the series, although /fare has really gone ouer the 

top with the blood. 

Ouerall, /face is a superb beat-'em-up that should keep any fighting game fan more 
than happy, although it is still a long way of from the excellence of Tekken. 


mario Kart Ek 

So it's got some new tracks and the graphics are better - but it's still Mario Kart just 
with a '64' tagged on the end. Don't get me wrong, I was (and still am) a fan of the 
original game, but really, what's the point? If all we're going to see on the Nintendo 64 
is souped up versions of old Nintendo titles - and at a souped up price too - you might as 
well buy yourself a SNES. That said, I can see the appeal of the title for those who missed 
out first time round. It's still fun and addictive - especially in the multi-player mode. 
Just think carefully, and do try before you buy ... 



mortal Kombat 

Ulith the arrivals of both lI/arSodsanA Bark Rift Mortal Kombat Trilogy suddenly 
began to look more dated than ever. For fans of the series this is still one of the best 
/fA'incarnations - it's just that there's really very little to separate this title from it's 
16-bit predecessors. Another reason for us changing the score is that we originally 
scored this more highly than Killer Instinct Gold, which judging by the number of 
letters we've had on the subject Is widely considered to be the better game - it's only 
us who think it's an unplayable pile of crap! 



70% 67% 

multi Racing ChampionBhip 

Being a big fan of racing games, I was looking forward to this one with baited breath. 
Unfortunately, although It looks nice and the alternative route idea is quite a novel 
one. I didn't enjoy MBCas much as I hoped. Ulith there only being three tracks. I'm not 
sure how long this one will last. At the end of the day though, this is a far better game 
than Cruis'n I/SBahA deserves to be a minor hit. Not a bad game by any means, but 
with Lamborghini 64 ani Top Gear Rally an the shelves it looks as though /Wr could 
be in for a spot of very tough competition. 


IIBH Hangtime 

In its day, KBR Jamvias an extremely entertaining arcade basketball game. Since then 
we've seen the likes of Total KBR an the PlayStation, which I would have thought made 
the likes of the HBRJamsams obsolete - apparently I was wrong! This game has little 
in common with the game of basketball and shouldn't even be considered by fans of the 
sport, but if you're a big fan of Pongai going to Uiimbledon for the tennis, this repetitive 
and dull left-to-right, right-to-left, left-to-right style of gameplay might appeal. 


HFL Quarterback Club 'BE 

Until American football games started appearing on consoles I wouldn't have known 
a touchdown from a hole in the ground, but after playing Madden games on my SNES 
for hours on end I became quite a fan of the sport. HFL O'back Club '9^basically takes 
tried and tested gameplay formula of the Madden series, improves upon it, tarts up 
the graphics, adds plenty of new options, and kicks the competition for a field goal. 
Anybody who's ever enjoyed an American footle game will absolutely love this, but 
unfortunately for Acclaim I think most N64 owners lat least in the UKl will be sticking 
with ISS64\o satisfy their ball habit. 



B0% BB% 

Pilot Winge Bk 

This is still a classic game but the truth is that it's not often taken out of the Total 64 
cupboard - except to lend it to someone who hasn't witnessed it before. All the missions 
and the different craft are varied enough to keep you playing for ages but nine out of 
ten N64 owners in the Total 64 office - who expressed a preference - said they preferred 
the manic and explosive gameplay of Blast Corps. In light of this we've had to reduce 
the score slightly - but it's still a must buy, as an all time classic piece of software. 



BB% B1% 

San PranciBco RuBb 

Yes, it's another driving game on the N64.1 wish that I could tell you that this was 
something different from the usual hum drum that is the norm with this genre, but 
San Francisco Bush \% not. This game suffers from tired gameplay and ropey graphics. 
Okay, there is one decent idea - collecting the rings on the courses gives you access 
to extra cars, so this gives you something of a challenge, but even this doesn't add 
much to the gameplay. It's such a big disappointment to see releases like this out on 
the N64 -* developers have the most powerful console on Earth to develop for and they 
still churn out trash like this. Ulhat a waste. 



Shindau Qlaria Bk 

I can't really see quite where Nintendo are coming from releasing something like this. 
You'd have to be a certified nutter to fork out another 60 odd big ones for the pleasure 
of a shudder every now and again when the dungareed one falls on his arse, so who's 
left to buy it? New owners might as well take advantage of the extra feature but it 
seems to me to be nothing more than a gimmick to drum up support for the jolt pack. 
Obviously the more games it's compatible with, the better it sounds - but only with 
your fingers in your ears and a goldfish up one nostril. 


I '' V' 

total ci4 volume ( 

Bhiiidou Wave Race 6M St Rndreuis GolF 

fit first you would think that Wave Race would be an ideal game to use with the Rumble Most of us in the Total 64 office are pretty big fans of golf games such as Rctua Golf on the 

Pak - a rumble in your hands when you hit those wanes seems like a great idea and is PlayStation, so the fact that this has HElfER left the shelf since it was reuiewed back in 

more than likely to add to the experience of riding a jet-ski. The trouble is that there are issue one must mean that there s something very wrong with it. If this game had been 

so many waues in this game and the pak uibrates to some degree on euery single one released on the Commodore 64 ten years ago, it still would haue come up on the scorecard 

[makes sense) so it's constantly buzzing. This has the effect of actually distracting from as a bogey when compared with the classic Leaderboard. The fact that it's in Japanese 

the gameplay, rather than adding anything to it. It is uery disconcerting to haue the pad doesn't exactly help matters, but no amount of irritating commentary could redeem this 

constantly uibrating when you are trying to control your jet-ski and it's got to be the effort. Fore! 

wrong sort of feeling anyway, fl short sharp jolt when your jet-ski's nose hits the waue 
would haue been more appropriate than this constant buzzing. Hauing said that though, 
the feeling quickly moues into the background but neuer stops from being a nagging 
irritation, so it makes you wonder, what's the point? 




BtarFox BM ^ ' 

The latest SHES classic to get the H64 treatment is here . 

and it's just as good as we'd hoped it would be. The tank, i - 

submarine and open leuels add a large dollop of much 

needed uariety, and the ouerall effect is quite 

stunning. 6raphically Starfox64 is the biz but it's ^ 

the multiplayer option that makes it. f 

Rdmittedly the small quarter screen 

uiewing windows take some getting used to but it does 

make for some wicked four player battles. The only m 

real disappointment is that it would'ue been nice to 

haue a two player option with half a screen each... but I guess 

that's just being picky. Ultimately it's still a fairly basic shoot-'em- ^ 

up, but if you liked the SHES uersion you're definitely going to loue this one 

Super mario BM 

^ Euer since this game was first 
seen, it's been hyped up as the 
'the greatest uideo game euer' 
and to you the 
doesn't fall far short of that title. 
Nintendo haue broughtto 
^ life in the most conuincing 3D world 

I'ue euer seen: he runs, somersaults 
^ and can euen fly - and all in superbly 
animated style. Rll the familiar Mario 
^ traits are there as well - the infuriatingly 
L addictiue gameplay from his earlier SHES 

m incarnations, the 'throw the controller at the wall 

and pick it up fiue seconds later' syndrome. This is what uideo games 
are all about. 


Btar Wars: Bhadouis oF the Empire 

This game was one of the most eagerly awaited of the launch titles, but unfortunately 
failed to deliuer the goods on all but two or three of the ten leuels. The number of 
letters we'ue receiued from people who'ue bought it and been uery disappointed, or ^ 
haue thanked us for warning them away from it leaues us with no choice but to ^ 

emphasise our warnings to other readers, with an euen lower score. One to auoid! 




The prospect of yet another N64 racer filled me with dread. There haue been hundreds 
of them of late and none haue liued up to my expectations - yet. 

Top Gear Rally \% no exception to this rule, but then it is by no means a complete 
disaster. I was hoping for a game that would riual Sega Rallyioi the best racer title 
but what I got was a competent, yet good looking racing game. The graphics are all 
gorgeously smooth and the cars moue with realistic handling. The only disappointment 
lies with the computer controlled cars - they just aren't up for it! 

itV ^ Tetrisphere 

— Hauing the Tetris prefix in its title, one would imagine 
that this would play uery similarly to the original. This is 
where the initial confusion sets in: when anyone plays Tetrisphere 
, for the first time, their reaction is that it's not uery good. This is 
HHv simply not true - just because it's different, that does not make it a bad 
game. I would haue to admit though, Tetrisphere certainly takes a bit of 
' getting used to, but once you'ue mastered the basic concept, it becomes 
increasingly addictiue. There are uarious different 
modes of play which can only add to 
its longeuity - it euen features an y , 

eight player tournament mode, for / 

when all your mates come round. / 




volume one 


f round -up (I b<K 

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter 

Another first person shoot-'em-up gets a knock down thanks to the ground-breaking 
GoldensyQ. This doesn't mean that Tuiok\% a bad game, it's still one our fauourites, 
but compared to the ingenious gameplay found in Hare's 'Bond sim', Tuiok\% already 
looking dated. Graphically you can draw parallels between the two games with the 
use of polygons and excellent motion capture for characters, but 7V/r?/ropts for lauish 
texture maps so it has to use misting effects to couer pop up. Where it really loses out 
though is in design and gameplay. The leuels in Tuioku^ all uery similar - set in 
outdoor locations which promise to take you into the depths of a jungle but neuer do. 
Goldeneye you to a wide uariety of familiar looking locations with the gameplay 
changing euery time. It's the structure of Goldeneye keeps you interested - Tuiok 
becomes uery samey after a short space of time. 


03% 83% 

Don't you just hate those people who drone on about how the PlayStation is 
better than the H64? We all know that Nintendo's machine really has a far 
higher standard of games - except it's missing one genre. The 
H64 really needs a beat-'em-up, it needs a Tekken of 
its own to shut those PlayStation owners up for 
good. But this, sadly, is not it. 

War Gods its gameplay from Mortal Kombat 

and then transfers it into 'wondrous' 3D and this is the 
main problem - /fAThas become uery dated since the likes 
of Uirtua FighteranA just doesn't hack it anymore. For 
die-hard fans of /fATonly. 





Wave Race 64 

The closest I'ue euer come to a real jetski would probably be when I 
was about six, splashing around a Northampton pond in a rubber 
dinghy. After playing UJaue Race, I'ue decided that maybe I * 
should broaden my watersports horizons and try it for real. 

Quite simply this is an extremely playable and unusually original ^ 
piece of software. As far as I can see, the only thing missing is a 
Pamela lookalike to diue in and rescue you when you fall off. If / 

you're after a racer for your H64, auoid the traffic and take to 

the waues! 



30% 33% 

Wayne Gretzky’s 3D Hockey 

This is still by far the best ice hockey game on the market at the moment, but at the 
end of the day - it's ice hockey! And unless you're a big fan of the sport you'll most 
probably get bored of this uery guickly. It's a great fast game, with a good multiplayer 
mode, but when compared with some other sports games this just seems incredibly 
shallow. More of an arcade 'couple of quid' than a' £50+ lasting appeal' 


30% 82% 

WCW Vs. nWo 

I haue to admit that I'ue neuer really played a wrestling game before - somehow 
the idea of taking part in a pantomime has neuer really appealed to me. But WCW Us. 
/z/^uhas changed my opinion of all that. The fights last ages (definitely a good thing) 
and are great fun. I found myself shouting abuse at Nathan whilst playing this game 
and wheneuer you get that inuolued in a game, it can't be bad. With loads of characters 
and moues, this has to be one of the best fighting games on the N64. 


92 % 


Wonder Project J2 

I was quite looking forward to playing around with a young Japanese girl, when I ^ 
heard that I could saue my plane fare by getting hold of a copy of Wonder Project 2. 

Imagine my excitement! Unfortunately the game is a little too realistic in that - ^ 

with Josette being Japanese and euerything - she speaks in Japanese, which might 
as well be binary as far as I'm concerned. My aduice to anyone who's thinking of 
buying this is to become fluent in Japanese first, because after about half an hour 
of play I was still on the first screen, and getting uery frustrated! 




volume one ^ 7 k 

^ _ ISSUE TWELVE_ * \ ^ ^ . 




Tothl Bh is a luhole ysar Did todayl For those oP you 
Luho’ve been ujith us since the beyinniny, here's a 
quick trip douin memory iane and For those oP 
you mho are nem to the morid oP Tdtrl 6k — mhere 
mere you? Here's a iook at just some oP the thinys 
you've missed... 

ri isjs-irfiri' .ro|n{(r^ 

A free 68 page Super Mario 64 solution, along with a competition to win one of 
10 N64s, ensured that the launch issue of Total 64 was a great success. With well 
over 100 pages packed full of news, previews and tips, plus a reviews section 
containing the lowdown on ten exciting releases, issue one of Total 64 was a 
magazine not to be missed. 

Perhaps one of the most surprising facts about Total 64 at this point in its 
history, was that there weren't any dedicated writers for the magazine - the entire 
thing was put together by members of the Total PlayStation, PlayStation Solutions 
and PC Power teams. 

jijpugt sii^ mmuo m eouinoni 
1 ^ UHiinatB 

,FlR}0jNlTl ,;c.0{v1eTR) 

The N64 console in all its glory 

[r,AJT,N|Cll-l|T[ETl3-ri .TTolRj 
Chris Marke 




:i-4T[6lnp^rsTTl iRfEjvTi n£,vi'J 

967o - Super Mario 64 

|T|sjs.u[tr| ,jIv4o.' 

By the second issue, N64 games were starting to get a little thin on the ground. 

The ten reviews of issue one had become a disappointing three, 
and although we had plenty of great titles to look forward 
to - such as Zelda 64, Hexen 64, Clay Fighter 63 1/3, Quake 
64 and Starfox 64 - it was obvious that none of these games 
were going to see the Light of day for quite some time. 
Filling the magazine from month to month - without 
resorting to tactics still favoured by certain other N64 
publications - was clearly going to become an increasingly 
difficult task. 

The third issue of Total 64 saw Justin Calvert, a 
staff writer from PlayStation Solutions who had 
become obsessed with all things N64, taking 
over the reigns of editorship. What Justin didn't 
realise was that for the next four months he would be the 
only full time member of staff working on Total 64, and would 
spend much of his time attempting to convince writers from other 
magazines to do freelance work for him. 

Issue three also saw the first appearance of the now deputy editor, 
Nick Jones, a staff writer on PlayStation Solutions at the time - the 
only person in the office willing to dress up in drag for the 'New 
Name! Same Game?' feature which Justin was working on. 

volume one 


,i-iR{(T(TlTl ..cio[vli5TR| 

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter 


Chris Marke 




li-iTi leli-ifTETsTTl ‘.[RtElvlT nr,w) 

93% - Turok: Dinosaur Hunter 

^i-!RTo,NiTl ..c;lo{vliETRj 

Blast Corps 

■TEjO j T[0)R) 
Justin Calvert 






92% - Doom 64 

[T|s|s-u[(tr| ^FioaiirJ 

At last, N64 owners really had something to shout about. Issue four might only have 
contained three reviews, but when that number was comprised of H/ove Race 64, ISS 
Soccer 64 and Starfox 64, we were far too busy playing with the quality to complain 
about the quantity. 

Issue four also saw the arrival of the much hyped Jolt Pak, which in turn saw almost 
everybody at Rapide Publishing (and especially the females) suddenly becoming interested 
in the Nintendo 64 and its new vibrating peripheral. 'My girlfriend certainly seems 
keen!' stated managing editor, Chris Marke, when asked to comment on Nintendo's 
new Starfox 64 enhancing gadget. 

An American comic featuring the now well-known Turok: Dinosaur Hunter also put in 
the first of three appearances, which saw Total 64 readers enjoying an exclusive glimpse 
into the history of what most gameplayers had previously thought was a new character. 

Starfox 64 

[E|dTi -tToIr) 

Justin Calvert 




[gIh{iSs]T1 Ie.wI 


97% - ISS Soccer 64 


Rapide Publishing arrive in Exeter and Mario Kart 64 arrives in the UK! Never before 
had a magazine been so difficult to put together - the entire office 
(in the process of moving) became obsessed with four player 

action, and with the stunning battle modes in Mano Kart 64 
and Star Fox 64, the days were long and work free! 

In between lengthy four player sessions and the 
occasional hour spent writing editorial, we also 
found the time to play an entire season of 
ISS 64, which saw Chris Marke walking off 
with an especially handsome (and extremely 
cheap looking) trophy, courtesy of our sponsor 
Captain Large of the 'Game On' software emporium 
in Newton Abbot. 

Perhaps most memorable of 
all though, was young James 
'Controversial' Gale's admission 
that Mario 64 wasn't the worst game 
ever created - as he had previously 
claimed - but instead was far 
better than any of the PlayStation 
nonsense he'd been rambling 
about during our 'discussions' 
on the subject. 

ji-lRloTiriT 4Ci(){vliEjRj 

Mario Kart 64 


Justin Calvert 

;1T1rTi ~ 




J-lp [(5 II-|{eTsTtT ‘iRpElvTT He.viI 

957o - Mario Kart 64 


[T[s|s.uR .[s]T[jrj 

An issue with only two reviews was always going to be tricky but after visiting the E3 
show in Atlanta and spending almost a week sorting through the various press kits and 
freebies we'd acquired there, we found ourselves armed to the teeth with exciting new 
screenshots and information on a multitude of future releases - plus enough free jelly 
worms, fortune cookies and tales of drinking exploits to see us through until the deadline. 

The trip to America also gave those of us lucky enough to attend a chance to get 
away from James, who was by now totally addicted to Maho 64 and spending the first 
half hour of every working day boring us with stories of how he and Mono had managed 
to get a few more stars the previous evening. 

Also worth noting is that we were the first magazine to get excited about and preview 
WCW Vs. nWo, which went on to score a very respectable 92% in issue 11. 

[T|s|s.II[(Tl 4 S|e|vl(i|rri 

With the arrival of Dark Rift and Multi Racing Championship, N64 owners could at last 
join in (and unfortunately lose) arguments with PlayStation owners about beat-'em-ups 
and racing games. 

Nintendo devotee and sometime nude model (you might have seen his bum on the 
cover of Time Out magazine and in many Body Shop window displays) Nick Jones was 
at last allowed to follow his heart's desire, as he opted to leave PlayStation Solutions and 
his part time career as a bum, in favour of Total 64 and a better life (not to mention 
better games!). 

Issue seven also saw the arrival of a new staff writer, a local fanzine producer by the 
name of Alistair Felton, who made the mistake of starting work about three days before a 
deadline and so didn't see the outside of the office for his first 72 hours at the company. 

iFjRfajNTTl .,c;o{v]e1r| 

WCW Vs. nWo 


Justin Calvert 

r^RTlTcIlEl , 



.Hp lGlH[lE]sTTi 


63% - Hexen 64 

^F!R{a^,Tl .,c;o{vlETRj 

Dark Rift 

[EjoTi ■t~IoJr| 

Justin Calvert 

TrIrTi ' 




'.hTi |gIh{eT‘sTtT IrIeTvTi !£>! 

rsTci^RpE: ■. 

96% - Shindou Super Mario 64 

i I e I c 

4 I 1S4S 

After being spotted leaving work on time for two nights running, it 
was decided by the powers that be that Total 64 editor, Justin 
Calvert, was obviously not being kept busy enough. So, following 
Nick's promotion to deputy editor, the supposedly under-worked 
Justin was given a second magazine to look after - PlayStation 
Solutions. The bags under Justin's eyes would never be the 
same again! 

The big news of the month was that Rare had been secretly 
developing a Mono Kart style game called Diddy Kong Racing - 
could this really be as good as Mario Kart 64? We'd find out in a 
few months time! 

Issue eight also saw the long awaited arrival of Goldeneye 007, 
which Justin hadn't stopped raving about, ever since the E3 show in 
Atlanta. After listening to him say how amazing this game was for 
over two months, nobody in the office believed it could live up to the 
Calvert hype but it did, and it was awarded our highest ever rating of 
98% - which incidentally still stands, unlike some of the higher scores 
we've awarded. 

,F{R}0,N!Ti .;cI(){v1eTr| 
Extreme G 

[ETiitT ^tJoJrJ 
Justin Calvert 

J^.rTiT^ei . 




J-lp [g1h|eTsTt~ 1 “lR{lf[^Tl tE,WJ 


98% - Goldeneye 007 




A report from the ECTS show in London and a respectable eight reviews meant that issue 
nine was never going to be a problem to fill - in fact we had to add 16 extra pages to 
the magazine to fit it all in. This month also saw the arrival of our new price; more 
Total 64 for less money - you never had it so good! But it wasn't just Total 64 that 
was improving with every month. Nintendo 64 software was also getting better all the 
time, with the arrival of Extreme G, Jikkyou World Soccer 3, Mace: The Dark Age and 
the surprisingly impressive Top Gear Rally. Our local Chinese takeaways profit's doubled 
as more and more staff who'd been told they couldn't take an N64 home with them 
decided to 'work late', in the hope that the Total 64 boys would invite them over for a 
quick session. 

The office PlayStations were gathering dust... 

Ti ) 

NFL Quarterback Club '98 

Justin Calvert 



977o - Jikkyou World Soccer 

|T|s|s*11 [(Tj ,Jiejn^ 

Christmas was upon us and as expected, we saw a healthy number of high quality titles 
arriving in the UK - including the superb Diddy Kong Racing, the first game in history 
to provoke an animated response from Nick. He could often be seen singing and dancing 
whilst playing, before the inevitable throwing to the floor of his control pad whenever 
a laughing, cute character overtook him on the last lap. 

Rapide Publishing also welcomed Dave 'Games Animal' Perry, Duke Nukem and, 
following the mysterious disappearance of Alistair Felton, Nathan 'What do you mean 
I'm not a God?' Coombe aboard the good ship Total 64. 

jT}s|s.u[(Tl .[E+T[e|vie|ni 

Nintendo Space World 97 sees the unveiling of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Yoshi's Story, 
and the much hyped 64DD (albeit running some very strange Japanese software) and 
of course. Total 64 is among the first magazines to report on these exciting new events 
from the wonderful world of Nintendo. 

This month also saw intrepid reporter Nick 
Jones enduring a ten hour long train 
journey up to the offices of DMA 
Design in Scotland, to check 
out their forthcoming Silicon 
Volley - another top exclusive 
brought to you by the T64 team 
that never sleeps! 

Unsurprisingly, this was the last 
issue before issue twelve -which 
you're reading right now, so I'm sure 
I don't need to say too much about it, 
except that I hope you all continue to 
enjoy reading Total 64, as much as we 
enjoy putting it together. And you're 
all invited to our second birthday issue 
in twelve months time! 

(FlRfoT^rn .;c 1 ()|v 1 e 1 r| 

Duke Nukem 64 (Xmas Edition) 


Justin Calvert 




ll-lfT'iRpllV^in Ik,W) 

957o - Diddy Kong Racing 


jI-IrTo^nItT" 1c1o{v]e1r| 

Yoshi's Story 


Justin Calvert 





llH[r|( 5 ll-l{Els]Tl 


92% - WON I/’s. nWo 

Neu Uear! 

TOTAL 64 volume one 


Hll your gaming marrias 
are overl Total BM's uiorld 
reknouinad Cheat Zone 
comes to your rescue yet 
again, uiith the dePinitive 
riBh cheats listing 

HeraRghters Heeault 

Change Calours 

On the plane select screen press the R button to change the colour scheme of your plane 

Extra Pilot and F'1B 

On the title screen (where it says "press start") press Left C, Down C, Right C, Up C, Left C, 
Right C, Down C to access a secret plane Ql| 

Bomberman Bk 

Extra battle arenas 

Go to the game selection screen and quickly press the Start button repeatedly. Do this until 
you hear a chime. You will now have access to these extra levels: 

In the Gutter, Sea Sick, Blizzard Battle and Lost at Sea BM 

ClayRghter B3 1/3 

Hidden Characters 

Play as Dr. Kiln 

At the character selection screen, hold L and press B, Left C, Up C, Right C, Down C, A on the 

Control Pad 

Play as Sumo Santa 

At the character select screen, hold L and press A, Down C, Right C, Up C, Left C, B on the 

Control Pad 

Play as Boogerman 

At the character select screen, hold L and press Up, Right, Down, Left, Right, Left on the 
Control Pad 

Secret Options menu 

At the character select screen, hold L and press Up C, Right C, Left C, Down C, B, A, to enable 
a secret menu in the options screen 

stage Select 

In the two-player mode, when the versus screen comes up, press Right C or Left C to change 
the stage 

Random Ssiect 

Hold down the L and R buttons simultaneously at the character selection screen and a random 
Clayfighter will be chosen for you 

DiPPorent Colour 

In order to choose your Clayfighte/s alternative colour, just press Bottom C (instead of the 
A button) to select your character BMl 

CruiB’n USB 

Some cliBats to add that much needed breath oF neuj HFe into the rather ordinary 
racer. They don't help out that much, but IF you did buy it. theee might cheer you 
up a bit! 

flccesB to the Other Coursee 

By doing this cheat you'll have access to three of the levels that you race on when you 'Cruise 
the USA' but don't normally have access to on the regular, individual level select screen. This 
way you can race on the boards to try to beat your record times, without having to cruise the 
whole of the USA first. 

The first thing you must do is go to the course select screen. Now hold down the following 
button combinations for different areas: 

Golden Gate Park - Left C, Bottom C and L (on top of the controller) 

Indiana - Top C, Right C and L (on top of the controller) 

San Francisco - Right C, Bottom C and L (on top of the controller) 

Recess the Hidden Cars 

You can select from a Jeep, Police Car and School Bus. The first thing you must do is go to 
the car selection screen. Now hold down Top C, Left C and Bottom C all at the same time. 

If you hold down those buttons over the '63 Muscle Car (the leftmost car) then you can 
choose the Jeep 

If you hold down those buttons over the La Bomba (second from the left) then you can 
choose the School Bus 

If you hold them down over the Devastator VI (the grey car which is third from the 
left) then you can choose the Police Car. Holding those buttons down over the rightmost 
car will do nothing 

Flashing Lights ujith Siren 

The first thing you must do is select the Police Car or the School Bus. Next you can pick any 
track to race on. You must get a "Hot Time" on that course. After you put your initials in on 
the "Hot Times" screen, you must go all the way to the bottom of the "Hot Times" list. Now 
hold left for about 35 seconds (you'll see the rollers moving to the left). If you choose the 
police car or school bus, get a hot time and you're at the bottom of the list, a rather spooky 
disembodied head will come rolling across the screen, saying "I love this job." Exit the "Hot 
Times" screen and choose another board to race on. Once you've begun the actual race, 
press Brake, Brake, Accelerate fairly quickly. If you did everything correctly, the lights on 
your police car will be flashing and your siren will be going off, or the lights on the school 
bus will be going off. 

nitro Boost 

This code is activated in the same way as the "Flashing Lights with Siren" code below. Get 
your name on the "Hot Lists", scroll to the bottom of the list, then hold down the left 
button for about 35 seconds, until the head comes rolling across the screen again. Using 
any car in any race, you can now get a Nitrous Boost by pressing Brake, Brake, Brake, Gas, 
Brake, Gas. 

Please note: you can only use this once for every checkpoint passed. BM 


TOTAL 64 volume one 

Level 09: g578 9bc4 69fr ybk? 
Level 10: hn58 9bc0 69hr pbk? 
Level 11: h538 9bcw 69kr fbk? 
Level 12: jnl8 9bcr 69mq 6bk? 
Level 13: j5z8 9bcm 69pq ybk? 
Level 14: knx8 9bch 69rq pbk? 
Level 15: k5v8 9bcc 69tq fbk? 
Level 16: lps8 9bb8 69wp 6vk? 
Level 17: I6q8 9bb4 69yp yvk? 
Level 18: mpn8 9bb0 690p pvk? 
Level 19: m6l8 9bbw 692p fvk? 
Level 20: npj8 9bbr 694n 6vk? 
Level 21: n6g8 9bbm 696n yvk? 
Level 22: ppd8 9bbh 698n pvk? 
Level 23; p6b8 9bbc 69?n fvk? 
Level 24: qp98 9bf8 6?cm 6bk? 
Level 25: q678 9bf4 6?fin ybk? 
Level 26: rp58 9bf06?hm pbk? 
Level 27: r638 9bfw 6?km fbk? 
Level 28: spl8 9bfr 6?ml 6bk? 
Level 29: s6z8 9bfm 6?pl ybk? 
Level 30: tpx8 9bfh 6?rl pbk? 
Level 31: t6v8 9bfc 6?tl fbk? 
Level 32: vls8 9bd8 6?wk 5vk? 

Doom Bh 

Dark RiPt 

DemonB getting gou doiun? manetere 
making gnu mad? Fear notl Here come 
the Totrl 6M team, armed lulth some top 
level codes and a secret super password 

Play as Sonork 

At the title screen hit: L, R, Top C, Bottom C, Left C, Right C 

Play Hs Demitron and ^onork 

At the title screen hit: A, B, R, L, Bottom C, Top C 

Skill Laval — Ba gantlal 

Level 02: cdp8 9bj2 68zt svk? 

Level 03: cxm8 9bjy 681t jvk? 

Level 04: ddk8 9bjt683s 9vk? 

Level 05: dxh8 9bjp685s Ivk? 

Level 06; fdf8 9bjk687s svk? 

Level 07: fxc8 9bjf689s jvk? 

Level 08: gd?8 9bc?69br ?bk? 

Level 09: gx88 9bc6 69dr 2bk? 

Level 10: hd68 9bc2 69gr tbk? 

Level 11; hx48 9bcy 69jr kbk? 

Level 12: jd28 9bct 69lq ?bk? 

Level 13: jx08 9bcp 69nq 2bk? 

Level 14: kdy8 9bck 69qq tbk? 

Level 15: kxw8 9bcf 69sq kbk? 

Level 16: lft8 9bb? 69vp ?vk? 

Level 17: lyr8 9bb669xp 2vk? 

Level 18: mfp8 9bb269zp tvk? 

Level 19: mym8 9bby691p kvk? 

Level 20: nfk8 9bbt693n ?vk? 

Level 21: nyh8 9bbp695n 2vk? 

Level 22: pff8 9bbk697n tvk? 

Level 23: pyc8 9bbf699n kvk? 

Level 24: qf?8 9bf?6?bm ?bk? 

Level 25: qy88 9bf66?dm 2bk? 

Level 26: rf68 9bf26?gm tbk? 

Level 27: ry48 9bfy 6?jm kbk? 

Level 28: sf28 9bft 6?ll ?bk? 

Level 29: sy08 9bfp 6?nl 2bk? 

Level 30: tfy8 9bfk 6?ql tbk? 

Level 31: tyw8 9bff 6?sl kbk? 

Level 32: vbt8 9bd? 6?vk 9vk? 

Baa Tha Charactar Enijings 

Aaron: At the title screen hit; Up, Left C, R, Right, Down, R, R, Left C 
Demonica: At the title screen hit: Up, Left C, R, Right, Down, R, R, Top C 
Demitron: At the title screen hit; Up, Left C, R, Right, Down, L, L, Bottom C 
Eve: At the title screen hit: Up, Left C, R, Right, Down, R, R, Right C 
Gore: At the title screen hit: Up, Left C, R, Right, Down, 


Morphix: At the title screen hit: Up, Left C, R, 

Right, Down, R, R, B 

Nikki: At the title screen hit: Up, Left C, R, 

Right, Down, R, R, A 

Scarlet: At the title screen hit: Up, Left C, R, 

Right, Down, L, Left C jj^T 

Sonork; At the title screen hit; Up, Left C, R, 

Right, Down, L, L, Top C ^ J 

Zenmuron: At the title screen hit: Up, Left C, ^ 

R, Right, Down, L, L, Right C. ^ ^ , 

Bkdl Level — Watch me die! 

Level 02: csnr 9bjz 680? Ivk? 

Level 03: c9lr 9bjv682? bvk? 

Level 04: dsjr 9bjq6849 3vk? 

Level 05: d9gr 9bjl 6869 wk? 

Level 06: fsdr 9bjg 6889 Ivk? 

Level 07: f9br 9bjb 68?9 bvk? 

Level 08: gs9r 9bc769c8 4bk? 

Level 09: g97r 9bc3 69f8 wbk? 

Level 10: hs5r 9bcz 69h8 mbk? 

Level 11: h93r 9bcv 69k8 cbk? 

Level 12: jslr 9bcq 69m7 4bk? 

Level 13: j9zr 9bcl 69p7 wbk? 

Level 14: ksxr 9bcg 69r7 mbk? 

Level 15: k9vr 9bcb 69t7 cbk? 

Level 16; Itsr 9bb7 69w6 4vk? 

Level 17: l?qr 9bb3 69y6 wvk? 

Level 18: mtnr 9bbz 6906 mvk? 

Level 19: m?lr 9bbv 6926 cvk? 

Level 20: ntjr 9bbq 6945 4vk? 

Level 21: n?gr 9bbl 6965 wvk? 

Level 22: ptdr 9bbg 6985 mvk? 

Level 23: p?br 9bbb 69?5 cvk? 

Level 24: qt9r 9bf7 6?c4 4bk? 

Level 25: q?7r 9bf3 6?f4 wbk? 

Level 26: rt5r 9bfz 6?h4 mbk? 

Level 27: r?3r 9bfv 6?k4 cbk? 

Level 28; stir 9bfq 6?m3 4bk? 

Level 29: s?zr 9bfl 6?p3 wbk? 

Level 30; ttxr 9bfg 6?r3 mbk? 

Level 31: t?vr 9bfb 6?t3 cbk? 

Level 32: vqsr 9bd7 6?w2 3vk? 

Diddy Kang Racing 

The Folloujing cheats are entered at the ‘magic Cades' options. HFter you turn the 
game on. Just go to Options, then to magic Codes 






















All the weapons are disabled for the computer 

All balloons are green 

All balloons are yellow 

All balloons are rainbow 

All balloons are red 

No limit to bananas 

Bananas reduce speed instead of increase speed 

Makes the bananas have no effect 

Random character noises are played instead of a horn 

Two player adventure mode 

All thd zippers will disappear 

Maximum power-up 

Start with ten bananas « 

Access the music menu ^ ' , 

Ultimate computer AI 

Small racers 

Select same player 

See game credits 

Makes karts 4x4s | 

Large characters " ' 

Bkill Level — Bring it on! 

Level 02: cjpr 9bjl 68z? qvk? 

Level 03: clmr 9bjx 681? gvk? 

Level 04: djkr 9bjs6839 7vk? 

Level 05: dlhr 9bjn6859 zvk? 

Level 06: fjfr 9bjj 6879 qvk? 

Level 07: flcr 9bjd 6899 gvk? 

Level 08: gj?r 9bc9 69b8 8bk? 

Level 09: gl8r 9bc5 69d8 Obk? 

Level 10: hj6r 9bcl 69g8 rbk? 

Level 11: hl4r 9bcx 69j8 hbk? 

Level 12: jj2r 9bcs 6917 8bk? 

Level 13: jlOr 9bcn 69n7 Obk? 

Level 14: kjyr 9bq 69q7 rbk? 

Level 15: klwr 9bcd 69s7 hbk? 

Level 16: Iktr 9bb9 69v6 8vk? 

Level 17: I2rr 9bb5 69x60vk? 

Level 18: mkpr 9bbl 69z6rvk? 

Level 19: m2mr 9bbx6916 hvk? 

Level 20: nkkr 9bbs6935 Bvk? 

Level 21: n2hr 9bbn 6955 Ovk? 

Level 22: pkfr 9bbj 6975 rvk? 

Level 23: p2cr 9bbd 6995 hvk? 

Level 24: qk?r 9bf9 6?b4 8bk? 

Level 25: q28r 9bf5 6?d4 Obk? 

Level 26: rk6r 9bfl 6?g4 rbk? 

Level 27: r24r 9bfx 6?j4 hbk? 

Level 28: sk2r 9bfs 6?13 8bk? 

Level 29: s20r 9bfn 6?n3 Obk? 

Level 30: tkyr 9bfj 6?q3 rbk? 

Level 31: t2wr 9bfd 6?s3 hbk? 

Level 32: vgtr 9bd9 6?v2 7vk? 


In order to get Drumstik as a selectable character, you must first get all the amulet and TT 
pieces. Once you've done that and opened up the Wiz Pig face, you can get him. Here's how: 
go to the main outer world and look at the frogs that are hopping around the water. One will 
have little red rooster feathers on its head. Run over it, and Drumstik will appear, then you'll 
be put back in the centre of the field. Immediately go to quit game, then start a new game 
and you'll find Drumstik is between Diddy and Bumper 

Buper PasBUiord 

Entering this code on the password 
screen will start you on the very last 
level with 100 health, 200 armour, all 
weapons, full ammo, backpack and the 
three pentagram items that enhance your 
laser gun, making it up to three times 
more powerful than the BFG9000. This 
weapon can apparently kill the last boss 
in four seconds. 

Duke Dukem Bk - DS Vereion Dnly 

Cheat menu 

On the Main Menu screen press Left, Left, L, L, Right, Right, Left, Left 


After entering the cheat menu code above try entering this to get all items 
R, Right C, Right, L, Left C, Left, Right C, Right 

The pentagram items also let you use the 
three switches in the last level (letting 
you close all the gates that spawn the 
monsters) and make the laser shoot more 
quickly and strongly. 

Skill Level — I euin DoomI 

Level 02: cnn8 9bjO 680t nvk? 

Level 03: c5l8 9bjw 682t dvk? 

Level 04: dnj8 9bjr 684s 5vk? 

Level 05: d5g8 9bjm 686s xvk? 

Level 06: fnd8 9bjh 688s nvk? 

Level 07: f5b8 9bjc 68?s dvk? 

Level 08: gn98 9bc8 69cr 6bk? 

To get invincibility, press the R button seven times then press Left on the D-Pad 

To switch all monsters off, enter the code to bring up the cheat menu (see above for 
details) and press: L, Left C, Left, R, Right C, Right, Left, Left, Right. You will hear a 
noise if the code has been entered correctly and you will now be able to turn the 
monsters on and off BU 

Credit goes out to Justin McWilliams for most 
of the Doom 64 stuff. 

Visit his Website at: 

TOTAL 64 '7olume 

s zom 

FI Pole Position 

Extreme B 

Check out theee codes For the Fastest, most Futuristic racer there is 

Extra Car 

When you have become World Champion, reset your Nintendo and hold down both the A and 
B buttons when the Control Pak screen comes up. Now go to the car selection screen and you 
will have a special Ubi Soft car G^ 

Extreme Speeil 

For the ultimate challenge, try the Extreme Mode. Simply enter 'xtreme' as your name at the name 
selection screen (Contest Mode) and it cranks up the speed even more. Combine with Fisheye for 
some insane action 

BoidsnsyB 007 

Extramaiy Ghostiy 

Enter the word 'ghostly' at the name entry screen (Contest Mode) and all the track polygons will be 
transparent. You can now see right through the walls and even through the very ground you race on 

To access the built in cheat menu in BalileneyB you must activate the cheats by 
completing each oF the levels uiithin a speciFied time, you cannot enter any 
controller codes to activate them. See beloiu For details: 

mayniPy mode 

Enter the word 'magnify' at the name entry screen and your view will be strangely distorted (magnified), 
Your bike is now at the very bottom of the screen and everything will seem huge 


DiPPiculty Time 

Secret Agent 2:40 

00 Agent 2:05 

Agent 5:00 

Secret Agent 3:30 

00 Agent 4:00 

Agent 3:00 

Secret Agent 4:30 

00 Agent 4:15 

Agent 1:30 

Secret Agent 3:15 

00 Agent 1:20 

Agent 1:45 

Secret Agent 1:30 

00 Agent 5:25 

Agent 3:45 

Secret Agent 10:00 

00 Agent 9:30 

Agent 2:15 

Secret Agent 9:00 

00 Agent 6:00 

Level 1 Dam 

Paintball Mode 
DK Mode 

Race Upside Doiun 

Enter the word 'antigrav' at the name entry screen (Contest Mode) and you will finally be able to 
race upside down without standing on your head... 

Level 2 Facility 

Level 3 Runway 

Level 4 Surface 

Level 5 Bunker 

2x Grenade Launcher 
2x Rocket Launcher 
Turbo Mode 
No Radar (Multi) 

Tiny Bond 
2x Throwing Knives 
Fast Animation 
Enemy Rockets 
Slow Animation 

Bteaith mode 

Enter 'stealth' at the name entry screen (Contest Mode) and you will hear a confirmation sound. Now 
start a race and all drivers should be invisible, though you can still see their shadows and weapons 

Level 7 Frigate 

Level 8 Surface2 

The Ultimate Bike: neon 

Finish the final circuit and you get Neon, the best bike in the game. All attributes are completely 
maxed out, including speed, shields and handling. You can also cheat your way onto it (see below) 

Level 9 Bunker2 

Level 10 Statue 

Level 11 Archives 

Enter 'uglymode' at the name selection screen (Contest) and you can see what Extreme 6 would look 
like without mip-mapping and texture transparencies. Very PSX-ely... 

Silver PP7 

Level 15 Jungle 
Level 16 Control 

2x Hunting Knives 
Infinite Ammo 

lUirePrame mode 

Want to know what a Colour Virtual Boy version of Extreme-G would look like? Start a new Contest 
and enter your name as 'wired'. This will eliminate all textures and only give you wireframes 

Level 17 Caverns 

Level 18 Cradle 
Level 19 Aztec 
Level 20 Egyptian 

Ride the Raach 

Finish Extreme (Ts Contest Mode on Meltdown and you receive Roach, an extremely high-performance 
racing machine. Use it to exterminate your enemies! 

There are also some weapon cheats that are activated by simply completing certain levels. 
For completing Janus Base and Antenna Cradle on Agent level you will be given the Magnum. 
Complete Aztec complex on Secret Agent level to gain access to the Moonraker Laser and 
finish the Egyptian Temple to get the Golden Gun. 

PlBheye Leno 

If Extreme 6 is still not fast enough for you, how about an optical trick that makes the scenery fly by 
even faster? Go to the 'Contest mode, enter your name (press R, then press R to switch to lower case) 
and enter the word 'fisheye.' You will hear a confirmation code to tell you that the trick worked. The 
screen will be distorted (like with a fisheye lens) giving an even greater feeling of speed 

To get the extra missions on the one player game, complete the game at Secret Agent for 
the Aztec level and finish the game on 00 Agent level to get the Egyptian level. 

Race as a Boulder 

Extreme G lets you transform your bike (and everyone else's) into a rolling boulder! Start a new Contest 
and at the bike selection press R - this brings up the name entry mode. Press R again to switch to 
lower case, enter the word 'roller' (no caps) and you should hear a confirmation sound. Start the race 
and get ready for a different kind of Boulder Dash... 

To access the hidden multiplayer characters just complete the game on Agent level. The 
characters include Mayday (from A View to a Kill), Oddjob (from Goldfinger), Jaws (The 
Spy Who Loved Me) and Baron Samedi (Live and Let Die). You will also be able to choose 
from any of the characters included in the game, including some extras such as the 
Moonraker Scientists. BM 

Quit and still win 

Enter your name as 'RA50' at the name selection screen. If you quit out of a race the computer will 
still register you as a winner 

Race as the ExtremB /r Team 

Enter your name as 'XGTEAM' at the name entry screen and then go back and change it to one of the 
first names of the game's programmers - you'll find these in the credits in the manual. Now start a 
race and you'll see the faces of the development team on top of the bikes 

Hexen OH 

To accees the cheat menu, pauee the game and enter the Folioujina combination: 
Up C. Doujn C. LeFt C. Right C. The ujord 'Cheat' should nouj appear at the 
bottom OF the menu. By selecting this you’ll see a list oF cheats, each oF ujhich 
requires a neui combination to be quickly entered: 

Bhoot Fergus 

Enter your name as 'FERGUS' then go to the game's shoot-'em-up mode. You will then get to shoot 
Fergus McGoven, director of Probe! 

Invincibility Walk Through Walla 

Left C, Right C, Down C Up C (20 times), Down C 

Level Belect 

Left C, Left C, Right 
C, Right C, Down C, 
Up C 

Ultimate Password 

Enter 81GGD5 at the password screen to unlock both the hidden bikes and a special hidden track 

Kill Hll Enemies Fuil Health 

Down C, Up C, Left C, Left C, Up C, Down C, 
Left C Down C 

Drive the neon bike and open all courses 

Go to the options menu and enter the password 61GGB5 to open all the tracks and ride the Neon bike 

UJeapons Cheat 

To receive weapons whenever you want, enter your name as 'arsenal' in the name selection screen 
in the Contest Mode 

Entering the Collect sub-menu mill give you another list oF cheats, again all 
requiring their oum combinations: 

Hll Keys 

Down C, Up C, Left C, Right C 

Full Health 

Up C, Right C, Down C, Up C 

Slippery Track 

Enter your name as 'banana' at the name entry screen in Contest Mode 

Full Health 

Right C, Up C, Down C, 
Down C 

Full Health 

Up C, Left C (three times). Right C, 
Down C (twice) BN 

Unlimited Ihrbo Boosts 

Enter your name as 'nitroid' on the name selection screen 

TOTAl. 64 volume one 

J-league / IBS Boccer 

Probably the best Footle game ever hae Juet got a little bit eilly! 

Tiuo neiu TBaiBB u * 

There are two ways that you can get these two new teams. Firstly, you could play through and beat the league mode - which is bleeding hard - or alternatively simply enter the following 
code at the title screen: 

Up, L, Up, L, Down, L, Down, L, Left, R, Right, R, Left, R, Right, R, B, A and then hold down Z and press Start. Now, that was much easier, wasn't it? 

Big Head PlayerB 

To increase the size of your players' heads, a la NBA Jam, just enter the following code at the title screen: 
then hold down Z and press Start. This doesn't change the gameplay but is nicely daft! 

Up C, Up C, Down C, Down C, Left C, Right C, Left C, Right C, B, A and 

direction and back. If done correctly, the smoke will change from 
white to yellow. Repeat the 'steering' motion and the smoke should 
change from yellow to red. Once the smoke is red, let go of the R 
button. If you have your speedometer on screen, you'll notice your 
speed go up for a few seconds 

Killer Inetinct Bold 

Get all the bonus options — ujithout having to have your scraiuny butt kicked every 
time FirstI 

mirrored TrackB 

Gain a first place position on every cup in the ISOcc class. After you 
reset your machine, the title screen should have changed. Now go into 
GP mode and you'll find a new option - extra. Wham, bam - you can 
now race on mirrored tracks! 

Rccbbb HII OptiooB 

To be able to access all of the game's level options without beating the game on the higher 
difficulty levels, wait for the character profiles to come up. Now press Z, B, A, L, A, Z. (That s 
the L button on the top left of the controller). 

The announcer will say 'Perfect' if you did it correctly 

Speed Burst 

As soon as the starting lights turn blue, hit the gas and hold it. 

You should now be able to achieve the speed burst that you need to 
get ahead! BM 

See the Ending Credit[s Ulithnut Beating the Game 

To check out the ending credits without beating the game (note: the credits only, you do 
not see any character's ending) wait for the character profiles to come up. Now press Z, L, A, 
Z, A, R. (That's the L and R buttons On top of the controller.) You'll see the game's credits come 
up if you did it correctly 

nPL Quarterback Club 'BB 

you must enter theee cbeate on the cheat menu [obviously] and you can only enter 
and use one cheat at a time 

Piay as Gargosl 

To play as Gargos, wait for the chaic^er profiles to come up. Now press Z, A, R, Z, A, B. (That's 
the R button on top of the controller.) Gargos will laugh if you've done it right 


Makes the players huge. Strangely enough, this code also makes the commentator's voice 
become deeper! 

Piay on the Sky Stag^ 

To access the Sky Stage, both players must press Down + MK when they select their character. 
All subsequent battles will then continue to be on this stage until you decide to select a 
different battle arena BM 


Will make your running backs rock hard. They will run more slowly but will also be almost 
impossible to bring down 


Shrink mode! Makes all of the players tiny and will make the commentator's voice higher 


This code stretches your players 


This does the opposite of the above cheat, creating fat, squashed players 


Turns all of your running backs into Walter Payton. Apparently he was a 


Gives you an unlimited number of downs 

maria Kart BM 


Makes all of your players as fast as Michael Johnson 

R couple oF cbeate to epice up your copy oF maria Kart GN — not that you could really 
improve on thie Fellai 


Gives your players butterfingers. The result: more fumbles! 

Race Rgainst Course Ghosts 

Mario Kart 64 has three perfect time trial boards. Secretly programmed into the game are some 
"course ghosts' that represent the development team's best time trial runs for those boards. 
The ghosts will follow the path that corresponds with their time. 

First go into the Time Trial mode and pick your player. Next, choose one of the levels below 
and get a time better than listed. 

Luigi Raceway - under 1'52"00 ^ ^ A 

Mario Raceway - under 1'30"00 

Royal Raceway - under 2'40"00 

All of the course ghosts are automatically saved to 


Makes the playing field rather slippery 


Improves your players' catching skills 


Gives you an excellent quarterback 


Enables your team to jump as far as Carl Lewis 

BoBBt Trick 

Hold down the R button to slide around a 
corner and, continuing to hold down the 
button, 'steeri the joystick to the opposite 


Makes players stronger and faster BM 

TOTAL 64 volume one 

madden BM 

Hidden Team 

To get the secret team enter the code TIBURON in Season Mode, Front Office, Create Player! 

Name. Select Continue and SAVE, 

then back up (B) twice. Next select Exhibition Mode and 

you will be able to pick a large team 

Ending Sequence 

Hold L, R and Z as soon as the EA 
appear immediately BM 

ogo appears. If done correctly the end sequence will then 






Shoiu OFF to all your matee with all 
the cheats you'll ever need For the 
nSM o version oF the classic haskethaii 
yame. PBH Jam 

Player Clones 

Fancy having two Dennis Rodmans on one 
team (and double the cack hairdos)? By 
using this code, you can now achieve your 
goal by cloning your player. 

To access a clone, just enter their last 
name - see list below - and '0000' for 
the PIN number. For example - enter 
Rodman as your name and 0000 as your 
PIN to access the clone. Here's a listing 
of all of the duplicate players available: 

Ahrdwy (Penny Hardaway) 

Cliffr (Cliff Robinson) 

Davidr (David Robinson) 

Dream (Hakeem Olajuwon) 

Elliot (Sean Elliot) 

Ewing (Patrick Ewing) 

Glennr (Glenn Robinson) 

Ghill (Grant Hill) 

Hgrant (Horace Grant) 

Johnsn (Larry Johnson) 

Kemp (Shawn Kemp) 

Kidd (Jason Kidd) 

Malone (Karl Malone) 

Miller (Reggie Miller) 

Motumb (Dikembe Mutumbo) 

Mourng (Alonzo Mourning) 

Mursan (Gheorghe Muresan) 

Pippen (Scottie Pippen) 

Rodman (Dennis Rodman) 

Rice (Glen Rice) 

Smits (Rik Smits) 

Stackh (Jerry Stackhouse) 

Starks (John Starks) 

Webb (Spud Webb) 

Webber (Chris Webber) 

Hidden Players 

As with NBA Jam, you can access a huge 
amount of secret player characters, some 
of which are a tad bizarre! 

The name that you should enter is 
in bold. The PIN number you need to enter 
is in yellow. 

Amrich (Dan Amrich)2020 
Bardo (Bardo) 6000 
Carlos (Carlos Pesina) 1010 
Daniel (Dan Thompson) 0604 
Danr (Dan Roan) 0000 
Divita (Sal Divita) 0201 
Eddie (Eddie Ferrier) 6213 
Eugene (Geer) 6767 
Jamie (Jamie Rivett) 1000 
Japple (Japple) 6660 
JC (John Carlton) 0000 
Jfer (Jennifer Hedrick) 0503 
Jonhey (Jon Hey) 6000 
Kombat (Ed Boon) 0004 
Marty (Martinez) 1010 
Mednik (Mednik) 6000 
Minife (Minife) 6000 
Morris (Air Morris) 6000 
Mortal (John Tobias) 0004 
Monday (Larry Monday) 5432 
MXV (Vinikour) 1014 
Nick (Nick Ehrlich) 7000 
Nfunk (Neil Funk) 0101 
Patf (Pat Fitzgerald) 2000 
Perry (Matthew Perry) 3500 
Quin (Kevin Quinn) 0330 
Root (John Root) 6000 
Shawn (Shawn Liptak) 0123 
Sno (Sheridan Oursler) 0103 
Turmel (Mark Turmell) 0322 

Recess Secret Play 

The following codes are entered at the 
Tonight's Matchup' screen. You use the 
Turbo button to control the first number, 
the Shoot button to control the second 
number, and the Pass button to control 
the third number. Basically, it's much 
like the Kombat Kodes in MK Trilogy. 

025 - Baby Sized Players 
048 - No Music 
111 - Tournament Mode 
120 - Fast Passing 
273 - Stealth Turbo 
390 - No Pushing 
461 - Unlimited Turbo 
552 - Hyper Speed 
610 - No Codes Allowed 
616 - Block Power 
709 - Quick Hands 
802 - Maximum Power 
937 - Goal Tending 

Further Secret Codes 

To enter all of the following codes, just 
enter the sequences below whenever the 
screen switches from team select over 
to Tonight's Matchup'. 

The cheat box should flash if you have 
entered them correctly. 

Big Heads 

Hold Up, press Turbo and Pass at 

same time 

Huge Heads 

Up, Up, Pass, Turbo 

Shot Percentage On 

Rotate D-Pad clockwise, starting with Up 
No Tag Arrow 
Left, Left, Pass, Turbo 
No Drift 

Down, Down, Shoot, Turbo 

No CPU Assistance 

Hold Right (on the D-Pad) and press 

Pass, Pass 

Rooftop Jam 

Hold Left, then press Turbo three times 
All-American Basketball 
Hold Right (on stick) and press shoot, 
turbo, pass 

Random Team Select 

To have your team selected for you (you 
lazy people!) press Up and Turbo at the 
team select screen and the hard choice 
will be made. 

Change Rodman'e 
Hair Colour 

While at the team selection screen, go to 
the Chicago Bulls and press the PASS 
button to change the big man's hair to 
different crazy colours. EM 

Pilotuiinge 6h 

Rn excellent Flying elm. with 
excellent cheate and oF course, an 
excellent cheat section! 

Find the Birdman Stare 

To play as the birdman, fly through one 
of the special stars that's located on the 
following levels: 

Holiday Island 

Found under the natural arch on the beach 
Crescent Island 

Found in a hidden cove on the beach 

Little States Island 
In Central Park in New York 

Arctic Island 

Deep inside the cave, down at the base of 
the waterfall 

We suggest that you use the Jet-Pac 
to find these areas 

Get a PerFect 100 on 
Jumble Hopper 

Jump between the building you start on 
and the building in front. You should 
notice a doorway on the building in front. 
Go through this into the Nintendo building 
and out of the other doorway. As you leave 
the building you will be teleported to near 
to the end of the level. You can get a top 
score of 100 every time. BM 

San FranclBco Rueh 

Rttempt to Resurrect in Place 

On the setup screen hold Z and press Left C, Right C, Right C, Left C 

Ruta Rbort Disable 

On the setup screen press Up C, Up C, Up C, Up C (quickly) 

Change Rear Tyre Size 

On the car select screen press Right C, Left C, Left C, Right C (enter again to vary tyre size) 

Change Front Tyre Size 

On the car select screen press Left C, Right C, Right C, Left C (keep entering to vary the 
tyre size) 

Change Gravity 

On the set-up screen hold Z and press Up, Down then let go of Z and press Up, Down, Up, 
Down (you can change back to normal by reentering the code) 

Change Vieiuing Distance 

Hold L and press up or down on the control stick while playing the game 

Disable Car Colliaians 

On the setup screen press Left Right+ Right C, Up C, Left C, Down C, Z 

Foggy Digbt 

On the options screen during gameplay select 'extreme fog' with all C buttons held down 

Fog Colour 

On the car select screen hold Z and press Down C, Down C, Down C 

Do Game Driver 

On the setup screen hold Z and press Down C, Up C, Up C, Down C 

Turn Car into mine 

On car select screen press Right C, Right C, Z, Down C, Up C, Z, Left C, Left C 

Turn OFF Track Textures 

On the setup screen press Right C+L, Z, Right C+L, Z 

Change Car Size 

On the car select screen press Down C, Up C, Up C, Down C (quickly) 

Drive Cab 

Get half the keys on any course to unlock the cab. There are six to eight keys on each 
track and the car they unlock is exclusive to that track 

Drive Hot Rod 

Getting all the keys on any course will unlock the hot rod 

Turn Cones into mines 

On set-up screen press L, R, L, R, L, R (quickly) 

Upside doiun tracks 

On set-up screen press Up, Right, Down, Left, Down Right, Up, Left BM 

TOTAL 6^ volume one 

ShadaiuB op the Empire 

maybe It’s luorth collecting all those pesky challenye points In this aiuFul Star UJars cash in aFter alii 

Challenge Paints 

Collect all the challenge points on the Easy setting - during the game hold down the camera 

button for five seconds and you get the Leebo Scanner --.v 

Collect all the challenge points on the Medium setting and during the SkyHook Battle , ' 

stage hold down the camera button for five seconds and you can fly as an X-Wing. Hold down 

the button for another five seconds and you can fly as a TIE Fighter. If you hold down the button for another five 

seconds, you'll go back to the Outrider 

Super mana Bh 

Some bizarre secrets, all contained in 
the best platFbrm game everl 

Hat Trick 

Go to Snowman's Land (Course 10). 
Once you're there, get to top up by the 
snowman's head, as if you were about 
to cross the ice bridge with the big 
penguin's help. Now, go ahead and let 
the snowman's breath blow you off the 
bridge. Your hat will fall off - don't 
I go and pick 

Take Mario past the grey star spot, 
the small pop-up snowman, and 
* towards the two pine trees. The 

second tree of the two is a teleport, so 
use it. Now step back and teleport again 
- do this at least three times. 

Once you've teleported a few times, go back 
to your hat and look at it carefully. Examine 
it from all sides. What you'll see is a bunch 
of hats stacked up on each other. Pick up 
one hat and Mario will put it on his head, 
whilst the other hats will still stay on the 
ground! Now, pick up the other hats and 
Mario can now carry them all around 
with him! 

He can now kill baddies with them, 
j|i plus he won't put it back on until 
^ you either teleport with him, get a 
star, or leave the level - time for fun! 

Control the Ending 

During the ending sequence ^ 
after you beat Bowser, you can i 

control the camera if you have a 
second controller plugged in. 

Now using controller two's 
analogue control stick you can move ^ 
the camera in many different ways 
during the sequence with the Princess 
and also during the re-cap of the levels 

Carry the Rabbit to Other Hreas 

Find a door which you can easily go in and out of. After going through the door, quickly 
execute a jump kick, back at the door. Usually you'll go through the door completely, 
without opening it. However, if you time it right, half of Mario will be on one side and 
his other half will be on the other side. There is a situation in which you can actually 
do something weird with this trick. If you manage to find the rabbit in the basement and 
catch him, don't collect his star. Instead, carry him to a door and put him down just in 
front. Go through the door and try the jump kick trick mentioned above until you get 
Mario on both sides of the door. Now pick the rabbit back up and set him down on the 
other side of the door. Go through the door ~ you can carry the rabbit to some other parts 
of the castle. This serves no real point at all though... 

Turn ButterFlies into One-UpB 

For Course 2, Course 12 and Course 13. Sometimes a bunch of butterflies will come 
out of the grass or trees. If you punch the butterflies, they turn into bombs that 
chase you. They will then either simply explode or else turn into one-up mushrooms 
- which is always handy! EM 

TOTAL 64 volume one 

Collect all the challenge points on the Hard setting and in the game you will get invincibility for 30 
seconds and start with all weapons 

Collect all challenge points on Jedi setting and the Wampas from the "Escape from Echo Base" stage 
will follow you and attack your enemies for you - that way at least he's on your side! Qlf 



Level Select 

Enter the bottom five characters from left to right - 


Type in VORTEX then hold down the shoulder buttons and press RESET on your N64. Keep 
the RESET button held down in order to see the 'Vortex'. Wow! Bk 

Extra muBic 

G (alien's head) MEBOY 

Secret Game 



To enter these cheats you must First activate the 
extra characters’ on the screen ujhere you 
enter your name. To 
this hold the lePt 
shoulder button, 
whilst holdiny down 
the risht and down 
’C’ buttons, now enter 
the Following names to 
activate the cheats: 

Top Bear Rally 

RemovB Bf-linear Filtering 

While playing the game press B, Left, Right, Up, Left, Z, Right 

UJave Race BM 

Have you ever Fancied riding on the back oF a dolphin? 

UJell here’s your chancel 

Reverse Tracks 

To open up the "Reverse" mode, you must get a first place overall on the Expert level of 
difficulty. After that a new, fourth option called Reverse will appear underneath Expert. 

You will now be able to race backwards on the tracks. 

massive Scores 

To rack up huge amounts of points on the stunt courses, press the pause button as soon as 
you complete a stunt. If you do it right, all the sounds should stop except for the announcer's 
usual inane banter. Usually if you press pause at the exact moment you hit the water, you 
should be OK, but the idea is to press pause the instant the announcer starts wailing. If you 
do it right, you should get tons of points, racking up massive scores for easy tricks. 

Ubb the Bame Racer in Tujo-Player mode 

This cheat allows both players to have the same racer and the same outfit in the two player 
mode. First, use controller two to decide which racer you are going to use in the Vs. Mode, 
and make sure that the first player's cursor is on an adjacent racer. Press up on controller two 
and press Start to have player one's default colour. 

Now, on controller one, press right (or left) and Start at almost the same time. If you 
do this correctly, you can start the race with both players having the same outfit. 

new Stunts 

DoublB Flip Stunt 

First get some speed with the jet ski. When you are on the ramp, tap up at the top of the 
ramp and hold down to do your flip. Instead of making the character do one complete flip, hold 
the down button longer so that he does another turn. If you have done it correctly he will 
land perfectly and ride on without falling off. 

Rainbouj mode 

While playing the game press Down C, Z, B, Up, Up, Right 

HBlicoptcr Stunt 

This is a variation of the flip, where you spin sideways. When you are going on the ramp, 
turn sharply diagonal left-up or right-up, then hold down to do a sideways flip. 

Beachball Car 

Finish the fourth year and you will receive the Beachball Car 

mirror Care 

Finish the fifth year and a new 'Easter egg' will allow you to change your car texture to 
mirror. Simply press the Down C button on the car selection screen to access it Gk 

Turok: Dinoeaur Hunter 

Here are eame excellent cbeate For one oF the best 
games uue have ever seen, nouj all the secrets are 
yours For the picking. 

Bias, uie haven't got a 
cheat to stop those 
bleeding T-Rexs 
From scaring 
the pants 
OFF youl 


Enter all of these codes at 
the cheats screen: 

DLKTDR - Pen and Ink Mode 
(black and white wireframes) 

SNFFRR - Disco Mode 
(strobe lights and 
disco dancing enemies) 

Infinite Lives 
THBST - Gallery 

(view, scale and rotate all 3D enemies) 

FDTHMGS - Show Credits 
THSSLKSCL - Spirit Mode 
(gives invincibility and slow moving enemies) 

CMGTSMMGGTS - All Weapons 
BLLTSRRFRND - Unlimited Ammo for weapons 

After you have entered one of the above cheats, you will now be able to access a new 
option called "Cheat Menu." Enter this option and you can now select whether to turn 
each cheat ON/OFF BLf 

HBlicuptBr into a Flip Stunt 

Do the helicopter stunt as listed above but hold the down button for longer. It will look 
like he does a helicopter move, but then he will rotate so he's in an upright position 
and do another flip. 

Triple Flip 

You need a lot of speed and a lot of air to do this. Tap up at the top of the ramp, start 
doing the flip and hold down. You need a lot of speed for this one, so do not try to do 
any turns as they will slow you down or stop you completely. 

Doipbin RacBr! 

To be like that horrible kid in Flipper, follow these directions: 

Select the Stunt Mode and play in Dolphin Park. From there you need to go through all the 
rings and do all the stunts (see the list below) which include diving underneath the water 
from a ramp. If you did everything correctly, you'll hear the dolphin squeaking when you 
cross the finish line. 

Doipbin Tricks 


(off throttle - press down and up) 


(off throttle - move the stick clockwise) 


(off throttle - move stick counter-clockwise) + Somersault (hold down) 


(off ramp - tap right and hold left) 


(off ramp - tap left and hold right) 


(off ramp - hold up then quickly press down) 


(off ramp -• hold down then quickly press up) 

Now exit and select Championship Mode and then War 
selecting a character, hold down on the analog stick a 
you'll be riding a dolphin! 

SpBBd Burst 

Try to press and hold down the gas button, right 
before the announcer says, "Go!" If you can time 
this correctly and hit the gas just right, you'll gain a 
perfect start and a valuable speed advantage BM 

TOTAL 6W volume one 





Ever luanted to get more out oP your games or just Feel 
the need to cheat to get ail oF those hidden secrets? IF 
the ansuier is yes. then the Datel Hctlon Replay Cartridge 
could be For you. Hs a neui section to our Cheat Zone, me 
present a Full listing oF Oatel Codes For UK games. 

Ulhat is R Datel Cartrldse? 

Quite simply this Is a device that slots between your game cartridge 
and the N64. It enables you to enter the codes printed below and thus 
access these cheats. The Datel Actlort Replay Cartridge can be purchased 
from most good computer game stores for around £45. 



Infinite Lives 

802AC617 0063 


Stop Timer 

802AC633 0000 


Infinite Credits 

802AC61B 0063 


Press PAR Button For 99 Gems 

882AC61F 0063 



Infinite Turbos 

801651CB 0003 

801651CF 0003 


Have 255 Race Points 

80169837 OOFF 


Have Roach Bike 

8016983F 0008 


Have Neon Bike 

8016983F 0009 


Anti-Grav + Fish Eye Lens 

80097687 OOOA 


Anti-Gravity Mode 

80097687 0008 


Boulder Mode 

80097687 0001 


Boulder Mode + Fish Eye Lens 

80097687 0003 


Boulder Mode + Wireframe Modp 

80097687 0011 


Extreme Mode i 

80095F6E 0002 


Fish Eye Lens , 

.80097687 0002 


Ghost Mode ' 

80097687 0040 


Magnify Mode 

80097687 0004 


Stealth Mode 

80097687 0020 


1 No Of Goals Player 1 80119043 OOXX 

2 No Of Goals Player 2 80119047 OOXX 



1 Infinite Health 

810BA3DC 3F80 

2 Infinite Ammo 

800BAB97 0007 


3 Infinite Health 

8109D7DC 3F80 

4 Infinite Ammo 

8009DF97 0007 


5 Infinite Health 

810C07DC 3F80 

6 Infinite Ammo 

800C0F97 0007 


7 Infinite Health 

8109AFDC 3F80 

8 Infinite Ammo 

8009B797 0007 


9 Infinite Health 

810ADBDC 3F80 

10 Infinite Ammo 

800AE397 0007 


11 Infinite Health 

810CCFDC 3F80 

12 Infinite Ammo 

800CD797 0007 


13 Infinite Health 

810AC7DC 3F80 

14 Infinite Ammo 

800ACF97 0007 


15 Infinite Health 

810CCC3C 3F80 

16 Infinite Ammo 

800B4797 0007 


17 Infinite Health 

810BDFDC 3F80 

18 Infinite Ammo i 

800BE797 0007 


19 Infinite Health ■ 

810A77DC 3F80 

20 Infinite Ammo 

800A7F97 0007 


1 Invincibility 

2 Always Have Axe/Staff/Frost Shards 

3 Always Have Hammer/Firestorm/ 
Arc of Death 

4 Always Have Quietus/ 

5 Infinite Blue Mana 

6 Infinite Green Mana 

7 Have All Items And Artifacts 
(See Note below) 

8013F119 0020 
8013F093 OOFF 
8013F097 OOFF 
8013F09B OOFF 
8013F09F OOFF 
8013F0A3 OOFF 
8013F0A7 OOFF 
8013F0AB OOFF 
8013F0AF OOFF 
8013F0B3 OOFF 
8013F0B7 OOFF 
8013F0BB OOFF 
8013F0BF OOFF 
8013F0C3 OOFF 
8013F0C7 OOFF 
8013F0CB OOFF 
8013F0CF OOFF 
8013F0D3 OOFF 
8013F0D7 OOFF 
8013F0DB OOFF 
8013F0DF OOFF 
8013F0E3 OOFF 
8013F0E7 OOFF 
8013F0EB OOFF 
8013F0EF OOFF 
8013F0F3 OOFF 
8013F0F7 OOFF 
8013F0FB OOFF 
8013F0FF OOFF 
8013F103 OOFF 
8013F107 OOFF 
8013F10B OOFF 

8113F11C FFFF 
8013F147 OOFF 

8013F149 OOFF 

8013F14B OOFF 
8013F14D OOCF 
8013F14F OOCF 

8013F091 0001 
8013F095 0002 
8013F099 0003 
8013F09D 0004 
8013F0A1 0005 
8O13F0A5 0006 
8013F0A9 0007 
8013F0AD 0008 
8013F0B1 0009 
8013F0B5 OOOA 
8013F0B9 OOOB 
8013F0BD OOOC 
8013F0C1 OOOD 
8013F0C5 OOOE 
8013F0C9 OOOF 
8013F0C0 0010 
8013F0D1 0011 
8013F0D5 0012 
8013F0D9 0013 
8013F0DD 0014 
8013F0E1 0015 
8013F0E5 0016 
8013F0E9 0017 
8013F0ED 0018 
8013F0F1 0019 
8013F0F5 OOIB 
8013F0F9 OOlC 
8013F0FD OOID 
8013F101 OOIE 
8013F105 OOIF 
8013F109 0020 

Note: As you can see the list of codes for 'Have All Items/Artifacts' 
Is quite long. I am a bit dubious about giving these codes out at 
the moment. This Is because the GameShark at the moment will 
only activate 15 codes at a time (though a new patch Is coming 
soon!) but as you can see, there are five times that amount of 
codes above. As you will know from Hexen, to select an Artifact 
you move along a scrolling bar until you reach the Item you would 
like to use. From the above codes you will see the first code Is 
8013F119 0020. This code opens the appropriate amount of slots 
In the activation bar. This particular code will open 32 slots (0x20 
[HEX] = 32 [Decimal]). You can adjust the value of this code to 
how many Items you have or you can just leave It at 0x20. 

Looking at the next code which Is, 8013F091 0001: 8013DAC1 
corresponds to the slot In which the artifact will be placed (In this 
case It Is slot 1 on the activation bar) and 0001 corresponds to 
which Item Is to be placed In the activation bar. There are 32 
Items In all. 


1 Player 1 Unlimited Energy 801698AD 00A6 

2 Player 2 Unlimited Energy 80169B81 00A6 

3 Player 1 Aggressor Text to Energy Bar 80169941 0030 

4 Player 2 Aggressor Text to Energy Bar 80169943 0030 


1 Infinite Lives 80163C09 0063 

2 Infinite Bombs 80179F0B 0005 


1 Infinite Time 8009498F 003C 

2 Always First 800A9107 0000 

PILOT Uiinos BM 


Unlimited Fuel Rocket Belt 

803669A9 0081 


Unlimited Fuel Gyrocopter 

80366989 0081 



Unlimited Lives 

800E2333 OOFF 


Unlimited Missiles 

800E1265 OOFF 



Press PAR button for 99 Coins 

883094D9 0063 


Unlimited Lives 

803094DD 0064 


Unlimited Energy/Breath 

813094DE 08FF 


Invisible Mario 

803094E0 0020 


Half Mario 

803094E1 0000 


Limbo Mario 

8030961C OOCO 


Mario Runs Backwards 

8030961E 0080 


Big Fist Mario 

8030961B 0010 


Unlimited Hat Usage 

813094E6 FFFF 


No Power Display 

803094E3 0001 


Mario Runs Bent Over 

8030961C 0050 


Strobe Mario 

803094F0 0078 


Rubber Walls 

81309434 FFFF 


Crazy Camera 

81309263 0095 


Flat Mario 

803094E4 0078 


Jumping Hurts You 

803094EC 0078 


Die Before You've Moved 

803094E2 0078 



Only Race 1 Lap Championship 


8031EBDB 0002 



Have All Keys 

801280E3 0007 

80128DE7 0007 

80128DEB 0007 

80128DEF 0007 

80128DF3 0007 

80128DFB 0007 

80128DF7 0007 


Unlimited Arrows 

80128D7F OOFF 


Unlimited Chronoscepter Ammo 

80128D93 OOFF 


Unlimited Mini Gun Ammo 

80128D83 OOFF 


Unlimited Pistol/Rifle Ammo 

80128D63 OOFF 


Unlimited Quad Rocket Ammo 

80128D8B OOFF 


Unlimited (Auto) Shotgun Ammo 

80128D67 OOFF 


Unlimited Fusion Cannon Ammo 80128D8F OOFF 


Unlimited Rifle/Alien/ 

Particle Ammo 

80128D6B OOFF 


Activate Pistol 

80128DA7 0001 


Activate Shotgun 

801280AB 0001 


Activate Automatic Shotgun 

80128DAF 0001 


Activate Assault Rifle 

80128DB3 0001 


Activate Pulse Rifle 

80128DB7 0001 


Activate Mini Gun 

80128DBB 0001 


Activate Grenade Launcher 

80128DBF 0001 


Activate Particle Accelerator 

80128DC3 0001 


Activate Quad Rocket Launcher 

80128DC7 0001 


Activate Allen Weapon 

80128DCB 0001 


Activate Fusion Cannon 

801280CF 0001 


Activate Chronoscepter 

801280D3 0001 


Activate Quake Mode 

801195EE 0010 


No Limits 

801195EC 0008 



Super Speed XX (00-FF) 

801c0077 OOXX 


Misses Don't Count 

801C007F 0000 


Infinite Time Stunt Mode 

801C020E OOFF 

Hll codBB are eupplied by Datel Deeign 
and Development Limited. Tdtrl BN 
takes no responsibility For the 
reliability oF these codes. 

TOTAL 64 volume one 


T he Firing Line is very 
prnud tn announce 
that uie have a neui 
sponsor. Thanks to 
those iovely peopie at 
Gamester LGIP - makers oF 
Fine accessories For your GGk 
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You can write to us at: 
The Firing Line 
Total 64 Magazine 
1 Roman Court 
48, New North Rd 
Exeter, Devon, EX4 4EP 

Or email us at: 

Look, iBtCers as 
Far as Chs eys 
can sec ! tUs 
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quBSCions, so 
kBBp Luriting in 
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win yoursBiP a 
VBry special prize 
— a Gamester 
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your very owni 



I am a huge Doom fan/addict, right from the days of it being fairly new on 
the PC, up until Final Doom on the PlayStation. I read your review of Doom 64 
in issue nine: the review was of a good quality and better than some of the 
ones IVe read in other mags - keep it up. I have a few comments to make: 

1: Okay, sprites don't turn very well, but when they're facing you straight 
on, they animate better than any polygons I've seen so far - yes, even those 
in Goldeneye. To be honest, neither method is perfect and until bad guys are 
defined out of curved objects or very detailed contour maps, these games 
won't look perfect. 

2: How many guns has the reviewer actually used? Normally people do 
hold their guns in the middle of their view because they see along the barrel. 
I think this approach is far more realistic than having a little sight wandering 
around the screen. 

3: Another thing, not about Doom but games in general: most PC games 
use VGA resolution (640 x 480) but very few N64 games use this screen mode, 
so come on games writers - get with it! 

■ Kester Harding, north Horkehire 

ne Truth... 

1: It's true, sprites do not turn very ujell but there is no uiay that they 
can be animated better than polygons. Can you imagine Turok, Mario 64, 
Tekken 2oi even Goldeneye miXYi sprites instead of polygons? Ho, I didn't 
think so! 

2: Hour many real guns have you ever fired? I didn't think sol Maybe 
people with a hand pistol would hold the gun in a central position, but with 
a shotgun and any other large side-arm, the 'kick back' is so great that it 
would seriously damage your ribs and chest, so a side 
holding position against the shoulder is 
the more commonly used method. 

3: The UGfl question is 
easily answered. Only 
rubbish or old PC games 
use UGH, because SUGfl 
(Super UGA) has been 
available for the past 
five years and is 
now used as 
'standard' as 
it's far better. 

It doesn't 
matter what the 
resolution is unless 
you're running it on a monitor. 

How many people out there who own 
H64s play their games through a monitor 
instead of a TU? Hot many. 

First of all, congratulations on the 
brilliant magazine - it is definitely 
the best Nintendo 64 mag in the world! 

Your reviews and work are just 
amazing and I would not swap it 
for any other Nintendo magazine in 
the world. 

Anyway, I have a few questions 
to ask you, please answer them. 

1: I have already got Mario Kart 
64 but your review of Diddy Kong 
Racing was so good, I wanted to go 
out and buy it straight away. Should 
I buy it even though I have Mario 
Kart 64? 

2: I see that Nintendo have now 
dropped the console's price again. 
Are games going to be cheaper as 
well and are Nintendo going to do a 
Platinum range, like PlayStation, in 
the future? 

3: Is it true that a Nintendo 128 
is coming out in the future and if so, 
when? Is it going to be a lot better 
than the N64? Why haven't you told 
your readers before - or have you? 

4: Why aren't there enough pages 
to save ISS 64 and Mario Kart 64 on 
the same memory card, or am I just 
going bonkers? 

ne Trua... 

Being the lovely people we aie, 
here at Total G4, we are always 
willing to help a reader in need - 
so here are your answers to those 
most perplexing questions: 

Thanks very much for 
answering all of my 
questions. Keep up 
the great reviews 
and work! 

Thanks again. 

■ Hlex Smith 
[13], Surrey. 

TOTAL volume one 


1: Biddy Kong Racing \% a uery good game - if you are a 
fan of the genre I would buy it straight away. 

2: I wouldn't get your hopes up too much - the main 
reason being that cartridges are much more expensive to 
make than CDs. Maybe in the years to come we will 
see titles like Maiio 64 and Shadows Of The Empire 
as cheaper 'budget' games, but not for a while. 
3: You must be joking! Anyway, if there was 
anything planned for a 12B-bit Nintendo you 
wouldn't see it arrive until well into the 
Millennium. Besides, the 64DD is coming 
and the power that you can wield with that 
will be remarkable. 

4: The only reason that I can think of is that you have a 256k memory 
card - buy a 1Mb card and you will be able to save more games. 


I was wondering if you could pass a message to Shigeru Miyamoto for me. 
In Super Mario 64 Z, please tell us Luigi will appear - not just at the end 
of the game like Yoshi did in Mono 64 but as one of the players, perhaps in a 
two player mode. 

Even more importantly, will Yoshi appear? He just has to, he's the 
coolest dino there is! Just imagine riding around on Yoshi, shooting out 
your tongue, sucking in enemies and spitting them out as fireballs! Okay, 
This may sound a bit childish but hey, that's what Yoshi did in Super Mono 
World and we all loved that. So, Shigeru Miyamoto, WE WANT YOSHI! Please! 

Is there going to be a Duck Hunt 64? Because I've got a really good 
idea for a gun. It's an add-on light gun with a jolt pack at the same 
time so that when you fire, the controller 'jolts' and the light gun works 
as expected - as a light gun. 

Nintendo rules! 

■ Remund Torgersbraaten, Roriuay 

Tfie Truth.... 

The ideas about Mario 2aie good and we would dearly love to see them 
put into the final version of the game. Unfortunately we are not a direct 
link to Nintendo or Shigeru Miyamoto, so we can only hope that either he 
reads this or he has already incorporated those ideas into the game. The 
only thing we can assure you of is that Luigi will be making an appearance 
in the game - but as for Yoshi, it's hard to say. The game may well feature 
a two player option but this hasn't been confirmed. 

The idea about Duck Hunt 64 is another good one, but it's extremely 
unlikely to be put into action. 


I bought the N64 soon after the price drop and it was well worth it. I have 
Shadow Of The Empire, Mono 64, Mario Kart 64 and Starfox (oops... Lylat Wars). 

At Easter I am going to America and I wondered if it is worth buying a 
universal adaptor and games. I know that it's a lot cheaper and I think the 
games come out at least a month earlier than England, but is it worth it? 

As I said earlier, I have SotE and I have almost completed it, except for 
about six challenge points. Can you tell me if there are any really cool cheats 
(not the Wampa Stompa cheat). 

PS. I think your mag is a lot better than any other and I especially like 
the reviews and top scores section. 

PPS. What universal adaptor should I get? 

Yours thankfully, 

■ Ben Holjb, Kent. 

The Truth... 

It probably would be worth picking up a few games, but I wouldn't buy 
too many because of the Duty Free charges that will be enforced on you. Ule 
at Total 64 however, do not accept any responsibility for any faulty carts or 
long term damage that these games may incur on your machine. 

The best universal adaptor to get would be the Blaze SFN64 v.3.0. 


I'm writing to complain about everybody who's complaining about 
Nintendo! I think it's nuts to complain about the lack of software, 
the price drops, the black borders on the games and bad conversions. 

I still love Mario Kart 64, even though there's a lot of speed loss, 
borders and so on. 

Oh no. I'm having one of my attacks again... now I can't think 
of anything other than Zelda and Diddy Kong Radng, Zelda is going 
to be so cool! Link grows up during the game, the dark mysterious 
dungeons are full of traps and puzzles, all in glorious 3D! I can't 
wait. And then Diddy Kong Radng; 25 tracks! Man is that awesome 
or what? I need to play them now. Oh yes, it's ending... 

Hey, have you thought of the 98% you gave Goldeneye yet? How 
are you going to give Zelda and Diddy Kong Radng a fair score without 
passing 100%? Another thing: thanks for lowering the price. And 
another: why hasn't the price for the subscription been changed? 

And finally (at last) here are a few ideas that you asked for in 
your 'hot as toast' section: 

How about including a poster of every game that gets a score of 
95% or higher, because they've surpassed your quality control? 

I've also noticed that there's a lack of entries in the 'Top Martin' 
section, here is the solution: How about giving away free subscriptions 
for people who've managed to get their name in the high scores 
four times in total? 

As you will understand. I'm saving money to buy Diddy Kong 
Radng so, with your mag being much more expensive in Holland, I 
don't have enough money to subscribe. I would like to, as it's perfect 
in every way: 






99% The layout is unbeatable 

97% It sounds great when you flip the pages 

99% It's easy to read 

Great features! 


So, if my ideas are used by you guys. I'll be able to get a 
free subscription! 

PS I like the guides and stickers. 

Yours truly. 

Kevin Laumen. Haliand 

The Truth... 

On the subject of people moaning about prices, don't bother - it's dull, 
boring and not at all big and clever, so I firmly agree with you there. 

The subscription is being rectified as we speak. 

Yes, Diddy Kong Racing very good and you should buy it the second 
it hits the shelves. 

Posters - hopefully you've already found one tucked in this very issue. 

Goldeneye ma\i well have had a score drop by the time Zelda becomes 
available for review, because it will be suitably old by then. That's the 
idea behind our Reviews Round Up: if a game is dated or a newer version 
comes out, we reassess the score that it got and adjust it accordingly, to 
keep it in a fair perspective with the newer releases. 

The high scores table isn't about prizes but about proving yourself as 
a gameplayer and the fun of the competition. Besides, isn't it enough to 
have your name in the magazine? 

Cheers for the 'review' on our magazine's quality and we appreciate 
the marks that you gave us! 

TOTAL 64 volume one 



In issue nine a reader was concerned about their boxes (A. Karim). Well my 
friend, your worries about your N64 boxes might be over... 

A couple of months ago I requested a pack from International Technology 
Exchange, who are a company who take consideration in people's invention 
ideas. So, when I saw your problem I immediately filled out a form for an 
idea for N64 carts to keep in a storage box, I can't (unfortunately) reveal 
too much about it because it is a patent at this stage. If the idea is a success 
though, I think many N64 owners will want to shake my hand! 

Anyway, back to business: I wrote to ask a couple of questions, if that's 
okay with you kind peeps at Total 64. 

1: When is Mace: The Dork Age out in the UK.? 

2: I've bought Goldeneye 007, how about some cheats? 

3: How do I make the cable shorter on my controller? 

4: Will there be a Street Fighter game for the N64 and if so, when can we 
see a release? 

5: Is it worth getting a converter for the N64, as import games come out 
quicker than the UK versions? 

6: Are import games cheaper via mail order? 

7: Will there be sequels for Goldeneye 007, KI Gold, Mario 64, Mario Kart 
64 and Lylot Wars - or is it too early to say? 

8: In the future do you think that demos of games will be available for 
the N64, like on the PlayStation, but in a cart format? 

Anyway, I hope that you will print and answer my questions and letters. 
Keep up the good work. 

■ Kiiamisa Juneja, Bolton 

r/je Truth... 

You don't want to know much do you? Okay, here we go: 

1: Should be out by now. 

2: There are loads of cheats but you haue to earn them by being a bit good 
at the game. Check out our Cheat Zone section for more details. 

3; I don't quite understand why you should wish for a shorter cable - if 
people complain it's usually the other way round. Perhaps tying a knot in 
the cable will solve your dubious problem. 

4: Yes, there will be - either Street Fighter 3 m a 'best of' edition - but you 
will haue to wait a while. 

5: It all depends on how much you want the latest games. However we do 
not accept responsibility if a game will not play through a converter, as some 
games just won't work. 

6: Import games are generally more expensive because there are always 
people who will pay the high prices to get a game a few months before the 
official release date. 

7; Yes, let's hope not or I'll kill myself, yes, doubtful, unlikely. 

8: In the future, when the 64DD gets released, you will be able to download 
demos and similar stuff from the Internet via the 64DD's modem. However, 
until that day you must wait. There is no way you would find a games cartridge 
on the front of a magazine, because they are so expensive to make. 

I Live in L1L' ole New Zealand, below Australia and I got my Nintendo 64 the 
second day it came out, with Wave Race and Pilot Wings. Up until that point 
my life had not been complete, but when I plugged the machine with Wave 
Race in and turned it on, I was amazed - everything had amazing detail, 
especially the water. 

When I went to Drake Lake (or Milky Lake to you) I was frustrated with 
the fog, as I kept crashing, but when it lifted I was breathless at the beauty 
of the reflection in the water, the drakes skimming past, the ripples made 
by the wind - heaven! 

That weekend I rented out Super Mono 64 and loved it, so I bought it. 

Two months later in the electronic store, I saw Killer Instinct Gold and - 
loving it from the arcades - I promptly bought that as well. I can't see why 
everyone thinks it is so crap. If you are willing to put in enough time, it 
becomes enjoyable. I didn't have the cheats so I had to open up the five levels 
of options the hard way - I can now do and 82 hit combo with Sabre Wulf. 

Then there's Lylot Wars - amazing, what a beauty of a game. The rumble 
pack adds heaps of depth and I have opened up all the options. 

I was desperate for more, so I rented MRC (Multi Racing Crap) which sucked, 
so I swapped it for Goldeneye. Now that's amazing, especially when I had 
the sniper rifle (great fun on the dam) and I eventually opened up all levels 
on agent difficulty until the Jungle, where I got killed by Onatopp. 

This game is as good as Mario 64; from driving the tank and fighting in 
the train, to using the sniper rifle and pushing Trevellyan off the antenna, 
it's beautiful. 

This letter really serves no purpose other than to boast about the power 
and beauty of Nintendo and it's games. I am now off to rent Extreme G - 
but first some questions: 

1: Tomb Raider 641 

2: Internet capabilities in the 64DD? 

3: Super Mario 64 2? 

4: How do you get Hobo Cop in Cloyfighter 63 . 

5: When is Zeldo 64 due out? 

6: When is 64 Oozumo due out (big fat men!)? 

■ Rnon, Bblu Zealand 

The Truth... 

Sorry to call you flnon - you didn't sign your letter - but urhoeuer you are, 
all of us here would join you in singing Hintendo's praise. Don't worry. I'm 
sure that in about a month you'll have got over the initial state of euphoric bliss 
that owning an H64 can put you in! Here are your answers: 

1: Ho chance matey. 

2: Yes, yes - it has already been confirmed. 

3: Ulhat about it? If you mean is it on it's way, then yes. If you mean does it 
have a two player mode, the answer is possibly. 

4; To be honest, I don't knoui (I hate it) but there must be someone mho does 

5: ZeUd is due for release in Japan in February '98 and in the summer the US. 

6: Oozumo B4i% not liitely to euer see the light of day outside Japan, as it 
is too typically Japanese. It wouldn't be deemed as suitable fer release in a 
country which is football crazy. 

The Truth... 

Thanks for those encouraging comments about Total 64. 1 can't think of any more action based films that 
are likely to get an H64 game conversion. It would be nice to see Alien Resurrection, Batman And Robin, 
Trainspotting (joke) and maybe an H-Files game though. The only title that might qualify for now is 
Superman but that's based on the comic book and not on any of the films. 

I think that vour magazine is the best N64 magazine around. . r- u t r • 

Now my letter is this: I love games based on films, especially action films such as Goldeneye (which 
think is grLt) and Mission: Impossible, which is coming out for the N64. Can you tell me if there are any 
more of these games coming out for the N64? T&0 

PS. I think that your ultimate player's guide for Goldeneye was great! ^ 


i Unilreiii UlcSiillB. 

1 S| TOTAL 64 volume one 



I am just appalled at the silly and 
childish games for the N64 - maybe 
Mario is the Nintendo trademark 
but are you sure it should be? 

When Mortal Kombat came out 
for the SNES it was just a silly game; 
like when someone chucks a knife at 
you, water comes out instead of 
blood! Okay, it was a long time ago 
and you may have Doom 64, Killer 
Instinct and Hexen 64 but where are 
the 18 rated games? 

Better gameplay is a must and 
VR is in! The N64 pad is great in 
Doom but for me it's Duke Nukem 
PC every time. I love VR - it's great: 
if N64 could make a VR pack I'd 
be happier, as games like Doom 
and Hexen would be better sellers 
for us adults. 

Back to violence: how come 1 
haven't seen Core Design's Tomb 
Raider for the N64, as it's the best 
selling game on other formats and 
it could do the N64 justice. 

As for me, well I have a great 
design for a game. If you can help. 
I'd like to know how to get it out 
on a format. Like most wannabe 
game designers, I have no money 
and no way of getting it off the 
ground, so I'd like some help. 

■ Damel-Baden BayField. London 

The Truth... 

The reason that you haven't seen 
Tomb RaiderQii the Nintendo 64 is that 
it's not coming out. If you have a good 
idea for a game, but have no money 
and want to make it 'real', then it 
would be a very good idea to either; 

fl: Get a huge bank loan to help 
with production of the game which 
you could develop yourself, or... 

B; Buy a guitar and go busking for 
a while to raise funds, or... 

C: Write to some development 
companies and suggest your idea to 
them, but I wouldn't expect miracles. 
Though you never know, they may 
take you seriously. 

Hi! I just got a Nintendo 64 for an 
early Christmas present (without a 
game) so I rented ^Nawe Race 54 and 
I was not disappointed. The graphics 
are spectacular and your magazine 
really helped me learn new stunts. 

Your magazine doesn't come until 
about months later here though, but 
it's still better than other mags for 
the N64. 

In response to Luke Moody (in 
issue eight) as far as I can tell, the 
announcer says: "What a cool move", 
"Mow'd he do that"? and "Cool Stunt!". 

I just cracked into dolphin mode 
(it wasn't easy) and when I saw the 

Introduction Demo, all the riders were 
on dolphins. Now I am convinced 
there is a code to ride on a dolphin 
in Championship mode. Are you sure 
there isn't? 

Now, if you could please answer 
some questions for me: 

1. How do you get to Glacier Coast 
and Twilight City in Wave Race 641 

2. I don't understand anything 
about the 64DD. It is just an add 
on for games originally for the N64, 
or will it have full games of its own? 
How much will it cost? (US dollars) 

3. Just what is the AI? It was 
mentioned in page 38, column three 
last paragraph. 

The things I want to see the most 
in Mario 64 Z are the ability to use 
different characters and Fireflower 
power. Another thing that would be 
really cool might be a tank or truck 
- whatever, just some vehicle that 
Mario can ride in. 

Another thing I'd like to see for 
the N64 itself would be a Virtual 
Reality headset, compatible for all 
N64 and 64DD games, that would be 
cool! (If it was possible). 

I think your mag is totally cool, 
and keep up the good work! 

■ Hlex Herzog, USH. 

The Truth... 

Those ideas for Mario 64 ^are good, 
ure'd like to see them in the finished 
version of the game - the tank idea 
uras cool as urell! 

The UR unit you mentioned is not 
being made by anybody as yet, but 
there is a company that intends to 
produce some form of visual adaptor 
for the H64. Bon't start getting too 
excited though, as it uron't be UR. 

1: You simply have to play the 
game on both Normal and Expert 
difficulty settings and they should 
be available as extra courses. 

2: The 64BB is an add-on for the 
N64 that will be used for expanding 
some existing games via data disks. 
It will also have games specifically 
designed to use the combined power 
of both units and will feature a modem 
for use of the Internet. When it is 
finally available in the USR, it should 
retail for less than the N64 - that's 
all we know at present. 

3: RI actually stands for Rrtificial 
Intelligence - but it's not as intelligent 
as some people think and certainly 
can't think for itself. Basically it's 
the way in which the 'bad guys' in 
a game are made to appear intelligent 
and responsive to what you do. By 
following a list of pre-set orders made 
by the programmer, game characters 
can shoot you, chase you and so on. 


■ Robat Aled Jones [141 H. Wales 

■ Paul McDonald [131 Hew Zealand 

■ Oliver Pooley [141 Colchester 

■ Amy Walford [111 Nuneaton 


tWe O'O*' 

■ Send us your name and we'll 
credit you! 

llJB*ve had a great response to this pics section 
since lue started it. UnPortunately me don't have 
room to print them aii, but every issue uie'li print 
a selection oP the best me receive and amard the 
minning artist a prize oP a year's Pree Total BM 
subscription — not bad, eh! 

Just remember to include your name, address and 
age [somemhere other than mritten across your 
masterpiece] and iP at all passible, try to use a large 
envelope, so that you don't have to Paid it too much. 

Pencils at the ready, steady, go! UJe look Pormard 
to receiving more oP your entries and to amarding 
one oP you a Pree subscription! 

TOTAL 64 volume one 



no matter luhat else might happen. I 
kneui that one thing luas certain this 
month. I kneuj that norman Obaseki 
uiould send os get more stunt scores 
For lUavB Race BRi The gug is obsessed 
— but congratulations to him. because 
he now holds everg stunt record on 
the table. 


Trick Score: 41,132 - Norman Obaseki, Leeds 

■ Bunny berch 

Best Lap (US/jap): 0*20.643 - Herman Sheilds, Manchester 
Best Race (US/Jap): 1*05.410 - Ian Thorley, Dyfed 
Best Lap (UK): 0*24.734 - Jason Madigan, Ireland 
Best Race (UK): 1*17.693 - Trevor Scannell, Essex 
Trick Score: 37,770 - Norman Obaseki, Leeds 


Best Lap (US/jap): 0*22.628 - Jus 
Best Race (US/jap): 1*11.238 - la 
Best Lap (UK): 0*24.708 - Trevor 
Best Race (UK): 1*21.087 - Trevoi 
Trick Score: 33,660 - Norman Ob 


Best Lap (US/jap): 0,23.970 - 

Ian Thorley, Dyfed 

Best Race (US/jap): 1*14.828 - 

Ian Thorley, Dyfed 

Best Lap (UK): 0*28.501 - 

Trevor Scannell, Essex 

Best Race (UK): 1*28.327 - 

Trevor Scannell, Essex 

Trick Score: 31,340 - Norman Ob 


lUhen sending in your 
scores and times please 
include a photo to proue 
that you're not making 
up numbers at random, 
and possibly a photo of 
yourself - which will 
make it into the mag if 
we think you deserue it! 


Best Lap (US/jap): 0*24.275 - Ian Thorley, Dyfed 
Best Race (US/jap): 1*21.520 - Ian Thorley, Dyfed 
Best Lap (UK): 0*27.406 - Trevor Scannell, Essex 
Best Race (UK): 1*30.818 - Jason Madigan, Ireland 
Trick Score: 46,392 - Norman Obaseki, Leeds 



Best Lap (US/jap): 0*28.940 - Ian Thorley, 
Best Race (US/jap): 1*29.906 - Ian Thorley 
Best Lap (UK): 0*28.501 - Trevor Scannell, 
Best Race (UK): 1*28.327 - 
Trevor Scannell, Essex 

Trick Score: 43,390- Norman Obaseki, Leeds 


Best Lap (US/jap): 0*27.468 - 
Matthew Tighe, W. Sussex 
Best Race (US/jap): 1*29.345 - Matthew Tighe, W. Sussex 
Best Lap (UK): 0*32.573 - Trevor Scannell, Essex 
Best Race (UK): 1*41.573 - Trevor Scannell, Essex 
Trick Score: 60,545 - Norman Obaseki, Leeds 

Best Lap (US/jap): 0*28.530 - Ian Thorley, Dyfed 
Best Race (US/Jap): 1*28.278 - Ian Thorley, Dyfed 
Best Lap (UK): 0*27.406 - Trevor Scannell, Essex 
Best Race (UK): 1*39.505 - Trevor Scannell, Essex 
Trick Score: 46,982 - Norman Obaseki, 


Best Lap (US/Jap): 0*24.557 - Matthew Tighe, W. Sussex 
Best Race (US/jap):1*19.103 - Justin Calvert, Total 64 
Best Lap (UK): 0*29.416 - Trevor Scannell, Essex 
Best Race (UK): 1*34.009 - Trevor Scannell, Essex 
Trick Score: 44,822 - Norman Obaseki, Leeds 

If you have any scores that can beat 
those listed below, please let us know, 
and if possible please enclose/email 
some form of proof (or hard cash, if 
^you're so inclined). 

There has been a sudden surge oF 
scores For BtarFaxJLylat mars this 
month — a Berman mastermind by the 
name oF Dimitri Jarazraj has biown most 
oF Hrron Tayior's scores oFF the board. 
We knew it wouid happen eventually, so 
congratulations — and thank you! 


Ben McBean - Arron Taylor- 

Wellingborough: 267 PlayStation Solutions: 87 

sECTOfz m 

Dimitri Jarazraj - t 
G ermany: 122 


Dimitri Jarazraj - 
Germany: 229 


Dimitri Jarazraj - 
Germany: 488 


Dimitri Jarazraj - 
Germany: 269 

Dimitri Jarazraj 
Germany: 414 

Dimitri Jarazraj 
Germany: 127 

Dimitri Jarazraj 
Germany: 205 

Dimitri Jarazraj 
Germany: 297 

Dimitri Jarazraj 
Germany: 242 

Dimitri Jarazraj 
Germany: 225 

Arron Taylor - 

PuyStation Solutions: 265 

Dimitri Jarazraj 
Germany: 2090 

Dimitri Jarazraj 
Germany: 185 

Arron Taylor - 
PlayStahon Solutions: 214 

TOTAL 6h volume one 



Trevor Scanneil - Essex 
Trevor Scanneil - Essex 
Bas Bionda - The Netherlands 
Bas Bionda - The Netherlands 


UK Race 1’53.07 
UK Lap 0’33.21 
US Race 1*56.13 
US Lap 0*39.46 

Trevor Scanneil - Essex 
Trevor Scanneil - Essex 
Bas Bionda - The Netherlands 
Bas Bionda - The Netherlands 


UK Race 1*53.37 
UK Lap 0*10.74 
US Race 3*54.08 
US Lap 0*51.06 

Trevor Scanneil - Essex 
Trevor Scanneil - Essex 
Bas Bionda - The Netherlands 
Bas Bionda - The Netherlands 


UK Race 2*09.66 
UK Lap 0*43.02 
US Race 2*08.45 
US Lap 0*42.43 

Trevor Scanneil - Essex 
Trevor Scanneil - Essex 
Bas Bionda - The Netherlands 
Bas Bionda - The Netherlands 


UK Race 3*09.40 
UK Lap 1*02.56 
US Race 2*47.82 
US Lap 0*55.47 

Patrick Laasko - Sweden 
Patrick Laasko - Sweden 
Bas Bionda - The Netherlands 
Bas Bionda - The Netherlands 

iRBR mnu FRRin 

UK Race 1*35.26 
UK Lap 0*31.31 
US Race 1*28.97 
US Lap 0*29.42 

Patrick Laasko - Sweden 
Trevor Scanneil - Essex 
Bas Bionda - The Netherlands 
Justin Calvert - Total 64 

UJb have been quite 
Flooded with entriee 
For the Top Kartin' 
score table over the 
Christmas period but 
unFortunately, only 
a Feui mere actually 
good enough to go 
into this hallotued 
hall oF Fame. 

Hn intrepid young 
SujBde bg the name 
oF Patrick Laasko 
has sprung From 
noujhere to invade 
the scores set by 
Trevor Scanneil — 
good luck to himi 


UK Race 2*24.13 
UK Lap 0*47.93 
US Race 2*11.97 
US Lap 0*43.40 

UK Race 1*16.63 
UK Lap 0*25.20 
US Race 2*36.00 
US Lap 0*51.48 


UK Race 2*02.11 
UK Lap 0*39.61 
US Race 2*09.22 
US Lap 0*42.77 

UK Race 2*15.20 
UK Lap 0*44.47 
US Race 2*05.70 
US Lap 0*41.58 

Trevor Scanneil 
Trevor Scanneil - 
Bas Bionda - The 
Bas Bionda - The 






UK Race 5*08.61 
UK Up 1*40.94 
USUmp 5*42.70 
US Up 1*53.72 

Patrick Laasko - Sweden 
Patrick Laasko - Sweden 
Bas Bionda - Ihe Netherlands 
Bas Bionda - The Netherlands 


UK Race 1*42.92 
UK Lap 0*33.92 
US Race 1*39.17 
US Lap 0*32.87 

Trevor Scanneil - 
Trevor Scanneil - 
Bas Bionda - The 
Bas Bionda - The 






UK Race 2*14.53 
UK Lap 0*42.85 
US Race 2*05.73 
US Lap 0*41.43 


UK Race 3*18.96 
UK Lap 1*04.37 
US Race 2*51.22 
US Up 0*56.19 

Ricky Pearson - N.Devon 
Ricky Pearson > N.Devon 
Bas Bionda - The Netherlands 
Bas Bionda * The Netherlands 


UK Race 0*48.29 
UK Up 0*09.97 
US Race 2*03.59 
US Up 0*40.89 

Trevor Scanneil - Essex 
Kieran Grundy ~ Leicester 
Bas Bionda - The Netherlands 
Bas Bionda - The Netherlands 


OK Race 2*61.48 
UK Lap 0*36 JO 
US Race 1*56.50 
US Lap 0*37.96 

Ricky Pearson - N.Devon 
Ricl^ Pearson - N.Devon 
Bas Bionda - The Netherlands 
Bas Bionda - The Netherlands 


Trevor Scanneil - 
Trevor Scanneil - 
Bionda - The 
Bas Bionda - The 





Trevor Scanneil - Essex 
Trevor Scanneil - Essex 
Bas Bionda - The Netherlands 
Bas Bionda - The Netherlands 

Trevor Scanneil - 
Trevor Scanneil - 
Bas Bionda - The 
Bas Bionda - The 





Trevor Scanneil - 
Trevor Scanneil - 
Bas Bionda - The 
Bas Bionda - The 





US Up 



UK Race 

UK Lap 
US Race 






seem to be a recurring problam ujith the high scoreB 
‘*^ifninttiLlUB can not stress enough horn important it is to enciose 
bF the scores that you achieve uihen piaying the games. 
StHeruiise your entry can not be considered as a iegitimate one. 




0 Calvert, Tom 64 - 2:31 Justin Calvert, Total 64 - 2:36 Nick Jones, Total 64 - 5:42 Justin Calvert, Total 64 - 12:46 


Nick Jones, Total 64 -> 11:06 




Justin Calvert, Total 64 - 6:55 N. Jones, J. Calvert Tom 64 -1:44 Nick Jones, Total 64 - 6:36 


Nathan Coombe, Total 64 - 0.34 Nick Jones, Total 64 - 6:17 




Nick Jones, Tout 64 -10:42 


Nick Jones, Total 64 - 6:34 

Nick Jones, Total 64 - 8:33 Justin Calvert, Total 64 - 1:55 


Nick Jones, Total 64 - 6:08 



Nick Jones, Total 64 - 0:58 


Nathan Coombe, Total 64-4.15 Nathan Coombe, Total 64 - 6.58 

Takin* It To The Extreme 

Since Extreme G is the 
fastest racer available on 
the N64, we thought it 
would be a good idea to 
include it in our high 
scores section, so send 
us in your Extreme times 
as soon as possible and 
we'll try to get them in 
the next issue. 

Diddy Kongs 
Triumphant Times. 

If you think you're a 
bit of a Diddy Kong 
master, now is the 
time to prove it. Send 
us in your best times 
and give us an excuse 
to use some more of 
that amazing Diddy 
Kong artwork in our 
next issue. 

TOTAL 64 volume one 



J I 

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