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this month 31_years 

C.U.G. Celebrat 

The Voice of the A 

ion Page * | 


t Ed 


July 200ce P 

The Voice of the A.CU.G. Celebrating this month 31_years 
Officers of the A.C.U.G. 

Those that didn’t run fast enough 

Chanceflor: {Sensei} David O.E. Mohr 
Treasurers Scott Farley {716} 
Commodore Librariay Imperial Warlord {42} 
Editor /SysOxs Lord Ronin from Q-Link (71) 
SAG, reps Amiga Scott Farley {#16}, Emulators Scott Farley {#16}, GEOS Lord Ronn, 
Basic Programming Lord Ronin. 

fale & so 


Desetiess Commodore Librarian £30, Editor/SysOp Vixen {#3} Imperial Warlord (42) 
WareCat {#23} Cracking PAL->NTSC Mad Max {#21} Linux & General Destined (#8) 
WebMeister Balzabaar 

A.C.U.G. History & Policy 
Legend has it that we started out in 1978ce as a PET group. Documents exist that show us active in 1983 
as a functioning users group. A.C.ULG. stood for "Astoria Commodore Users Group”. This is untill the 
early 20s with the scare from Escom. Then it was changed to be "Amiga & Commodore Users Group”. 
This was changed after an attack on the group by Mark Reed. Who destroyed the Amiga part. Name became 
“Anything Commodore Users Group” at the July 2004ce business meeting. Group now stands to work with 
all Commodore PC platforms, including emulators. 

Membership is open to all of like mind. A desire to learn and explore this collective PC platform. Cost is 
#18 per year for North America. Though the attack upon us has cut back many resources that are being 
slowly rebuilt. Members will receive a membership card, Certificate of membership and a starters disk. All 
created on a Commodore or hardware that works with a Commodore. Members also receive the monthly 
publication "The Village Green”. A newsletter of group happenings, interests and very biased opinions pro 
Commodore. Page count is now returning to 20 pages in booklet form. Most often done with Post Print 
3,8. An Electronic version is also at times available. Members are able to have the longest time and no U/D 
credit cost on the BBS {currently being rebuilt} Local members have access to the software and hardcopy 
library and all members have a discount on Commodore and Amiga items bought through the sponsor shop, 
Mohr Realities Games. Members also can gain the monthly 1541 disk The Penny Farthing”. Copies are 75 
cents each month. Regardless of the amount of disks issued. Long distance members are able to gain the 
disks in .D64 through the Inet or from the BBS {both options are being recreated at this moment} We 
consider ourselves to be the most fanatical Commodore group in the multiverse. 

Contact and Next Meeting 
Snail Mail: ACUG £447 623 29th St. Astoria Ore 97103 

Voice/Machine: 503-325-2616 
BBS {being recreated} 503-325-2905 
sho-vah side Ph# 503-325-1896 Inet: 
‘Next Meeting 1s 7:00pm 15/July/O8ce at Mohr Realities Games. Demos, visitors and Smokers welcome. 
Slst anniversary meeting 

July 200ce Print Edition Page * 2 

The Voice of the AC/U.G. Celebrating this month 31 years 
Open: 7:00pm 

© Newsletter April: Approved May: Approved 

Ly P 
— Chancellor Report: Because of a bit of an emergency. Neither LR or No.30 would 
be able to attend the meeting. Rather than not hold one this month. Decided to postpone it for 

24 hours. Bummer is that this occurred at the last moment on Wednesday. Change was posted 
in the ACUG mall list. 

Our constable ASOO has been recovering well. After returning from the vet. Now she is 
lively, purring and very loving. If all works as planned, we will lose her as constable in a 
month or so. As she will be going to the kibbutz with the other furry feline fertilizer 
factories. If, they can all get along. Worry is that the three years plus that she has spent in the 
shop healing from the abuse. Both mental as well as physical healing. May have made her too 
ingrained to leave her little ACUG GHQ home. 

LR has a report on the problems with last months newsletter and the last tests done on the 
SD cart idea for the BBS. This month thanks to the forgotten 128D KB. We can put out the 

Ryte Bytes for June arrived, Kansas City group has had a problem with the Editor who 1s 
also the President. He had to miss the May meeting. Because his wife of 26 years was 
graduating college with her second science degree. Alana <Lenard’s wife> is training to enter 
the CSI field. Sadly he will miss the June meeting as well. They have dinner tickets for what | 
understand as a dinner theatre, Bummer is that the date conflicts with the meeting. And this 1s 
the their wedding anniversary dinner. {editors comment: hmm maybe that is why I am no 
longer married. | went to the meetings and not out with the wife <BG> } Lenard doesn’t go 
Into any depth on what happened that clouded las months issue. Save that it was a personal & 
matter and private. Not dealing with the CUGKC or the Commodore. There are a few 
members of his group that have not yet presented their e-mail addies for the multipage jpeg 
issue that he is producing for the group. Though there are a few members that are not wired 
to the inet {editors note: we also have a few that have no desire to be wired} Ryte Byes will 
be sent to Nigel at Commodore Free in the UK. {editors note: we have been doing the same 
for several months. Gives more Commodore data for Nigel to use in the magazine. Glad to see 
another user group doing the same.} Lenard also reports the Nigel at Commodore Free s 
using his story of the Pulpit BBS. Which originally appeared here in The Village Green. 
Thanking the ACUG for permission to reprint the article. {editor note: our policy 1s that 
anything we publish in this cat box liner 1s open for republication. Like it if the original 

July 200ce Print Edition Page * 3 

The Voice of the A.CU.G. Celebrating this month 31_years 
source Is cited, Spreading Commodore information is our goal} On the home front, Lenard 
explains a bit on the different things that they are domg to buy the house in which they live. 
According to Jack’s insert, as he had to miss the meeting that day. There was a winvice demo 
at the meeting, | 

Want to thank c64geezer, as he has renewed for another year of the ACUG 

v Treasurer’ $36.20 Funds on hold in the account as group agreed to fund the repair 
of the keyboards. After repair cost remainder will be placed in the jar. 

commodore Librarian: Time just leaped up and said, "hey it is time for the meeting 
and the disk isn’t ready.” So many projects that flooded the work area, and the disk was 

pushed farther and farther back. But the bad news 1s that there is a disk this month. On side 
#| we have games, novelty and an interactive demo. First off 1s Knight Rider. This game was 
released this year and we gained permission to put it on the disk. Has on screen dox. Rest of 
the entries are from back issues of the 5C’S disks, Thanks to Al Jackson. New Juggler, an 
Interactive demo. Very smooth animation. Treasure Wheel, sort of like wheel of fortune. 
Explorer a keyboard game that has you find a route to India, Basic Nightmare, a novelty 
game that lets you know what the C= thinks of you. Card, a poker game, Dabble one where 
you are given a description, some letters and must find the right spelling. 5 difficulty levels 
and level | the easiest is still tough around here with the dum ork. Draw Poker with on screen 
dox, poker game. Apprentice, semi text game that has you make gold before the Wizard 
returns. Ski Folley is semi like down hill skier. Fast and the trees just leap out at you {G} 

Side #2 has by request CommodoreFree #28, Mainly a Forth based issue. Good news ts that 
Nigel has gotten quite a few positive reports on the magazine. Stating that even the bad ones 
had constructive ideas, Last parts of L.'s series on the 64 users book. Things on the C-16 
programme. Which a note states will run on the 128 in Basic 7, Much more in news and 
report. All looks and runs great with the new menu system. 

int Editor/ SusUp: Last issue was a real bummer at the end. That "rR” key went all the 
way out. And | hadh't made the CyberSpace issue cover, or the last pages. Thanks for this 

Issue 80 to No.SO as he remembered that | had loaned him a (28D keyboard a while back. 
Since he wasn’t using it at the time. I have it for making our newsletter. OK you guys don’t be 
trying to shoot him for the KB and me having the issue out. 

Al Jackson of the C’s group sent me an e-mail, that was titled "original ACUG”. In there 
was a pair of photographs from around [9llce. Very wide ones, almost panarama in style. 
Showing two groups of NAN <Native American Nations> in full dress with a couple of 
TeePee's. | can’t recognize the area where the photos where taken. Not at the site in Shively 
park on the mountain top here in Astoria. Where | was told that in the 20s there was a large 
_ gathering of NAN. Nor have | in the 35 years living in this area, seen those photos before. 
Makes me want to try to research them. So a big thanks to Al in sending them to us, and they 
have been saved, Should be on the next MossyCon CD. 

July 200ce Print Edition Page * 4 

The Voice of the A.C.U.G. Celebrating this month 31 years 
Now then for the CyberSpace readers. By now, if things worked out correctly for me. You 
have seen a marked change to this issue, | gained a different copy of GeoPub, and at this time 
am experimenting with it for us. First tests have been a success. No duplicate pages or things 
placed in the wrong spots in print out of file converting. 

On the SysOp end. Well the test with the jumpers failed on that SD device from Eddie. 
Placed exactly as the ypeg that he sent me. | tested both of the controllers, and used the 2gb 
cart that | had made with the funky system previously. Then the 4eb one that Eddie had made 
and sent to me for the testing. Both came up with the "78,SYSTEM ERROR,00,00” message 
again. | am afraid that when ‘\o.8 did the board in backwards. Well it is his system and | 
can't see the pins or have hands that will work to that detailed need. Something got fried. 
Though on the (3th of June, Victor came by, and was impressed with the system from Eddie. 
He didn’t think that from what he saw, any power was transfered between the boards. But he 
also didn’t give it a full look over. As this 1s written as notes before the meeting . | hope that 
more can be said, but | may have to see about saving up and buying this device new from 
Eddie. Who Is the man that makes the SD-SCSHIDE back and forth thing. 

On that note, I have also been in contact with Jim Brain about his ulEC. Regarding will it do 
the same thing for me as Eddies system. As this note is written, | am not understanding all 
that he said to me in an hours worth of PM on the Saturday <13/June> #cé4friends chat. 
Looks like it has some of the needs. | know it at the moment will not do Geos, but that may be 
fixed, in the future. Sent off an email to him, at his request and hope to learn more on will tt 
work for the BBS. Cost is about the same AFAIK for his and Eddies units. At this time, and 
this 1s based on very little understanding of things. If this unit works for the BBS, | can go 
that way, and use a replacement system from Eddie to operate the Geos section of my work. 

Deputies: Since No.{6 is gone for most of this month, He hasn't been able to 
concentrate on the users group with his National Guard duties. But trust me good <?> old LR 
has a load of plans for him upon his return {SEG}. Such as the disk alignment tasks and other 
testing operations. Having his things ready for sale. 

Sadly with the recent health level drop for a bit with La. 'No.30 has only been able to 
move some of the things around in the shop. Trying to make an area for that A2000, when the 
battery 1s installed. A project that 1s on hold till all can be here for the hardware day of 

tt Geos; Mostly this has been creating an adventure for No.1 to run in our 
game group. As he is learning to run his own adventures, before starting his own game. A 

multipage adventure drawn up, with maps. All done in Geos, and then made into a post script 
file and converted on the linux system to pdf. Sent off to him as he ts doing his 2 weeks a year 
training. More on this in the Rambling section, as it deals 50/50 between C= and RPG. Did 

do some experiments with the new GeoPub, and post print B4.0. More on that in Ramblings 
and updated through out the issue I suspect {G}. There was some work done in editing the 
GeoPaint maps. Using the copy feature on a graphic font. Then moving to pixel edit for the 

July 200ce Print Edition Page * 5 

The Voice of the A.C‘U.G. Celebrating this month 31_years 
clean up. Must not forget some discussions online with dmackey828, Lending a hand in his 
start with GeoWrite, More on this part around his articles that appear in this issue. Including 

LR’S fallures in explaining and remembering what to explan to dmackey828. 

Another bit of work done in the Geos area, but that laps over to the RPG part. Did some 
scans on the linux system of the 1985ce FASA Dr. Who PC sheets. Then put those on a floppy. 
Down to the shop and the Geos/Wheels system. Where several copies where printed out, 
thanks to post print 3.8, Along with another errata fix and increase of data on the Morrow 
Project PC sheets, made in GeoWrite. 

RPGs: No.$9 has been working off and on with his recreated M.S.P.E. character generator 
{char gen} . Stuck at the moment on a problem, that I haven't heard all about. Nor with 
health and the projects | accepted to do, have | been that great of a help in my own limited 
knowledge of programming. Need a push from some place. So up to me to hunt around for 
that spark. 

i Demos/ Discussion/ Close: Demo was in parts. Much of the work is discussed in 
the Ramblings section. What was shown at the meeting was the Il page print out with a jpeg 

placed in different areas of the pages. Text flowed around it as is proper. No colour cart in 

the laserjet so we could only see it as B&tW. However, before the meeting the entire adventure 
was created and placed in GeoPub. Full report on this is in the ramblings section. There was a 
colour cover made for the adventure. Prior to the meeting this was shown to local members 

on the linux system. As well as being sent off as the demo to some of the CyberSpace members 
for their appraisal. Reports that came back in were favourable. 

Games from this months disk were shown. New Juggler amazed the members at the 
smoothness of the animation. Treasure wheel had some play <many minutes of play>. A game 
similar to wheel of fortune. Explorer, a game to make a route to India. Killed off LR shortly 
Into the game. But he did get the only whale in the fishing mint game, during the demo. Basic 
Nightmare, a novelty game. Did have some interesting things to say to us about the Basic 
commands we entered {BG}. 5 Card poker had us beat and in the hole. Dabble, a game that 
gives a definition and then a collection of letters. Where you are to spell the word, Well at the 
easiest level. Not that easy, but so frustrating that you can’t stop playing. Draw Poker, well tt 
looks nice, and it beat Leiko. There where some jokes about her playing it some time as strip 
poker. The way she lost. Apprentice, where you try to make gold before the Wizard returns. 
Ah well, we lost all the gold. Ski Folley, an arcade like game. Where you are going down hil 
and the trees just seem to leap out at you. Thanks to Al Jackson at 5C’s for those games. 
Except for Knight Rider. A new release this year and on the disk with permission. 

Discussion was on the repairs for the 128D keyboards. Much on the use of the working 

_ Geopub and ideas for projects, that UR couldn’t stop talking about. New character record — 

sheets for all of the game group games, in Geos, Getting that dotbasic-plus tool and making 
our own disk mag. Closed for the continuation of meeting on the IRC, and LR sending out 

July 200ce Print Edition Page * ¢ 

The Voice of the A.C.U.G. Celebrating this month 31_years 
the disks to CyberSpace members, Local meeting closed at 8:30pm. Cyberspace one at 1Opm. 

Lord Ronin Rambles 

Well time to babble about the things going on, if we are lucky there will be enough to cover 
the issue and none of my articles need be placed in here to drive you sane {G}. So then what is 
the stuff that has happened since last meeting? Hit you with the SD and BBS thing already. 
Said | needed to talk more on what Is happening in Geos for No./6. But there was another 
development that took place. Victor, guy that used to run a BBS, andisC= and Amiga 
sawvy. Popped by the shop for a few hours on Saturday the {3th of last month. Though | am 
told that it 1s really called CATurday, by the felines in the kibbutz {BG}. He told me that he 
Is working on a new tower for me. Ah no not a= one, but a linux one. Seems that No.i6 
decided to strip out his old fancy tower, that he doesn’t use and have Victor make a new one 
for me. Must explain that Victor is licensed and all that sort of drokk for this computer stuff. 
Runs a shop and some sort of networking business, and | have known him for over 20 years. 
Even have his 64c, well most of it, did change the KB once. Anyway he talked to me about the 
system he is making, wanting to know what | wanted in it, which is way past my head. Since | 
don’t know what it will do, don’t think he can put in that 64HDD thing for me. Anyway, as 
this 1s written 5 days before the meeting. | have no clue as to what ts happening. But if this 
does come about, then that pos compaq that likes to shut off completely, disconnect me from 
the IRC, and close off firefox 34 times in under 45 mintues for No.30. Shall be off to the 
side. As | understand things at this time. No ts bringing a replacement for the pos. Which 
will then be made into No.Se’s own computer. As at the moment we are sharing the one 
system. Or some such arrangement to have two working systems in the place. As that is the 
eventual idea. Though the information on cost and arrival of the system to me is not known 
and can be many months to pay for it on our budget. 


*Geos t RDG 
If the fonts work right in post print, not all do there are some graphic ones above. If you 
don't see them, well post print didn’t like them. Looks nice here in GeoWrite. Besides it sets 
It off for you to bypass this section. 

Past issues have had things on creating games for RPGs in the world of Geos. Never really 
did that in depth or completed it, must get to that some day. Good news, this isn’t the day! 
Nope this time around is explaining what I have done to help our No.{6. Of course | must 
relate it to the C= and Geos. 

Starting at the best beginning spot that | can think of for this trip. Wanting to run a game. 
There are many things that are mvolved with this action. Thankfully for this bit, only a few 
things need to be mentioned for you. First 1s the level of the game vs. the level of the guy 
wanting to run the game. No.[6 wanted to run a game and became bogged down tn all the 
material. Several thick books that needed to be poured over just to help make a character for 

July 200ce Print Edition Page #7 

The Voice of the A.C.U.G. Celebrating this month 31 years 
the players. Game ts good. But the level of the game is not what a beginning DM <the guy that 
runs the game, and tells the story? should approach. Sort of like, you just finished the 64 
users guide book, and now you jump into Cs on the Commodore. 

Over 30 years ago we came up with this formula for a guy that wants to run/DM a game. <I> 
he needs to be the party leader of the current group of players in the current game. Then 
after that has gone on for some time. <2> he then runs a small adventure, from a published 
source. We used to use a Dragon Mag adventure for AD&D. <3> the he runs a full blown 
published adventure. <4? then he writes up an adventure to run. Yeah that 1s a place to bring 
in Geos. But not yet. All of the above steps are done with the existing team of characters 
under the watchfull eye of the senior DM. <5? time for him to create his own game world, 
with new characters and start DMing solo. 

Well that 1s great for the days of long past. There are no magazine short adventures for 
No.{6 to run for the Morrow Project {a post apocalyptic scefi game}. That was released 
around 1983ce. Oh there are published full blown adventures. | have all of them, So he can 
use them to advance his training. 

Morrow Project is the current 4 night a week game that we are playing. Game is basically 
one book. And that book isn’t very thick either. A supplement came out for some better Hand 
to Hand <HtH> system rules. He and! have both of these parts. Though his copy is newer. 
Mine had to be put in plastic sleeves and in a 4” binder. Yeah it was used so much that the 
pages fell out of the staples. 

So to help him learn to run games. | took it upon myself to write up an adventure for him. 
As | am writing this bit, the adventure isn’t completed. 854 completed but not all the way. 
Right now my mind ts flooded with things that | can do to pretty it up in geoPub, now that it 
is working. As the work that | have done, save for maps, was used for that GeoPub print out 
and disk file converting experiment. But back to the topic at hand, Geos. 

Text for the adventure. Which is the general story. Must have holes in that so the players by 
the actions of their characters can fill in with the interaction of the game world. Story 
explains to the DM the what, how, why, when, where and who of the adventure. He uses this 
to explain things to the players. As they adventure and discover the parts. Text was written in 
GeoWrite <naturally> with the Times Roman at 14 point. Not bold as this has to be made into 
a post print file and then into pdf for him to have on his system while gone, and then print out 
for his game play. | used the subscript and superscript at times to indicate specific parts of 
the information to him, Used oxford at [4 point to break the adventure into a sort of chapter 
style. Dealing with each section of the adventure. Also used North Gate for the font to 
Indicate the parts in areas for him to know, and for the parts for him to read to the players, 
All done in specific regards to the current group of players. 

Maps for the areas. Gotta know where you are and how far you have gone. Maps are simple 
things. | didn’t do a lot of pretty pretty in pixel edit. Used the pencil to draw the conture 

July 200ce Print Edition Page * 

The Voice of the A.C.U.G. Celebrating this month 31 years 
lines, and poorly for the hills and cliffs bordering the play area, Used a fill pattern to 
indicate more that they where hills/cliffs, Put that in a square in my legend. Oh yeah | used 
the 1/4" grid GeoPaint sheet that [ made several years ago, for my maps. For buildings, | used 
in some places just a fill pattern in a square. As the buildings where rubble. However, if it 
shows up here above at the start of this part. | used some graphic fonts from Hilgard 1 & 2 
for colour and specific buildings. Maps are for all the encounter areas. Plus an overall map 
for the DM to use to keep track of the direction and placement of the team in the general area, 
As there are points selected for pre-set random encounters. On that map I did more of the 
draw conture lines and fill patterns. Did a spray pattern for the sea on one side. Also used the 
Hilgard { & 2 font for trees and buildings to indicate where villages and encampments are 
located on the main overland map. Reminds me that | should work on making my own graphic 
fonts for stock RPG map icons. Did that long ago and it wasn’t half bad. More like 602, Used 
the font editor, not knowing what I was doing, Bet today | could do better, as I was using the 
light pen last time and it was hard to keep it on the proper pixel square. 

So then having said all the above. The final result will be put in post print 4, Made into a 
post script file. This will be the Text part and then the maps made into the file. Brought to the 
linux system, Where it will be converted to a pdf. Then sent to No.6. Save for the 
converting and €-mail attachment. All done in Geos on a Commodore. 

As for how it plays. That is the lesson for No.i6 in running it under my supervision. | may 
have a couple more of these to do for him. Before he fires up his wheels system with his 
RamLink and creates his own little adventure. Still point here is that it is done in Geos, on the 
sacred and most holy Commodore. Depending on how it runs for us in the game group. 
Calling this a beta test. Then | might be able to re-write it as a general adventure. Since it ts 
specific to the existing characters and mythos. Pretty it up a bit and place it on the CD for 
MossyConé. As well as the CD for the game shop. Again all but converting and CD burning 
being done on the Commodore. 

GeoPub Work 

Right, talked about this in the meeting notes, and a bit in the demos for the meeting. But 
exactly what did | score up and how can it help the group and the newsletter? Well | have 
discovered that in some DL I made from some place, and some time ago. That I have a pirate 
copy of an enhanced GeoPub. Does this bother me? A little bit. Yet at the moment my factory 
GeoPub disk is damaged from the leak in 2007ce when we had the gale that took part of the 
roof off. Bummer is that | have been using Maverick copies of GeoPub for a long time. Didn't 
even remember where the master had gone. But the copy I have been using went corrupt on 
me in some form. 

OK for the new members in the past 3 years. | used to make the print edition in GeoPub. 16 
pages for the Commodore part, and the sho-vah, before he became that, made 4 pages on his 
Amiga in post script. [ printed out a master copy, inserted his section in the middle. We then 
did the photocopy work and hand assembled them for posting. This is before | could do the 

July 200ce Print Edition Page * 9 

The Voice of the A.C.U.G. Celebrating this month 31 years 
CyberSpace issue in pdf. Some bad things happened. The newsletter was done on other 
"printers than the lexmark optra 40. One of the bad things besides what the sho-vah did to us, 
was the optra 40 going out. That is why I now have 4 dead ones. Anyway, before the last optra 
went out. GeoPub was doing a funky thing for us. Duplicate pages, | mean by that it was 
printing the same page twice in the print out. But it was perfect in the editing of pages. We 
had to stop that, and go to full sheets, or no columns in the booklet format for the print 
edition. We went for the no columns. Just raised the point size up from 12 to 14. Making it 
easier to read, without columns. 

Oh | have used that GeoPub for little things after it smegged us on the newsletter. Making 
shop signs and signs for the A frame on the street. Envelope addressing and a few other 
things. As long as it 1s just one page. We tried a few months back to make the CyberSpace 
issue with GeoPub. That turned into a night mare. Many experiments where tried but it all 
failed on us. Objective was to have about 4 colour jpegs. AIR they where from my little 
camera that doesn’t go over 58kb in size for the pic. Making it great to use in the newsletter. 
Would have looked great with the text flowing around colour pix. Even with the rotten thing 
that it made. Those that | sent it to all said that the idea and even what they could see looked 
good, if it worked right, See what it did was to do the duplicate pages, which naturally threw 
off all the page count and spacing for the jpegs. Therefore text came out in the wrong places, 
wrongly formatted, over written and the jpegs also started at the end of the testing to come 
out in the wrong areas. | posted on the COPS list the problem and asked for help. Bruce 
Thomas gave me some ideas, that failed. | sent him the result and waited for a reply. Guess 
I'll have to remind him. 

Well | wasn’t feeling good the other day. Muggy day here and each year that my health 1s not 
treated <we thank the sho-vah for that choice> hot weather does more and more to me. Great 
in the cool and the rain. But | couldn't concentrate on any of the things in the gigantic stack 
of projects. Saw that file, a zipped file. | opened it and discovered that it was some form of 
GeoPub on a .D8I. Took the zip file, oh | was actually looking through disks for the Hilgard 
fonts for the maps. Well took that zipped file. Stuck it on a 71 and over to my 64c system. 
There | used the Errol Smith unzip tool. Never did a .D81 before. Left it sending the file to a 
1581 disk in the FD. Came back later and saw that it had completed, though there had been 
some bad noises. What | saw concerned me. No not any splat files. A 400+ block GeoPub file. 
Stock GeoPub is under 400 blocks. | made a second copy from the zipped file. Using the same 
tool. Since | have this bad luck with 3 1/2” media. Same result, without the big grinding 

Now then I was uncertain of what I gained. Hoped that it was an un coded GeoPub. So I took 
the disk back to the 128D system where Geos/Wheels runs. Tested it from the [58ldisk in the 
2nd FD | have. Bugger said to switch to 40c. OK that was a surprise. As all the others | had 
tested gave me that use the original Geos system demand, | made a one page thing, installing a 

simple B&W drawing from a manga that | had ina jpeg for a task for No.30. 

July 2U0ce Print Edition Page * 10 

The Voice of the ACU.G. Celebrating this month 31 years 

Thing worked and stuck it in there, and made the file, and in a print test, printed it out in 
post print B4 {more on that in a bit}. That GeoPub worked on my system. OK then what can | 
do with it? Well make the CyberSpace issue into columns, for easier reading, at least | hope 
so. Did do an II page test in both print and disk file to convert to pdf that | could read on the 
linux system. Yes that manga image was also installed in the document. Doing it as usual in 
the lay out part of post print. If things work right then | can do many things, that are 
currently flooding what is left of my mind. Installing jpegs will be easter on some pages, but. 
at this time with only a couple hours of testing. | don’t know how to do that in the page layout 
in GeoPub. Only found out how to do it in page graphics. | should be able to add some colour 
to parts of the text information. Oh about 30+ colours. | have the chart for that, but only did 
a few of them in the past. Lack of colour printer stuff. Many possibilities at this time for me 
to consider and try to learn. As much was talked about in the past on the COPS list. That | 
have long since forgotten. 

Other thing to report isn’t pirate. | gained a copy of the B4 version of post print. | gained a 
copy of that when it was first released. B4 was useless for most people that did post print 
work. Oh it did everything OK save for two things. 2nd on the list is the fact that one has to 
be very carefull when printing double sided copies. You have to rearrange the paper just 
right. Main thing was that it didn’t print right at all. You lost about 4-5 lines at the top of the 
page. Not that it didn’t print at the top of the page. It did, just that the top lines were not 
printed, it printed at the top of the paper starting at 5-6 lines from the top of the document. 
Maurice never fixed that problem. 

Well there is a reason for that one. That I just discovered. | had that problem as did many 
people in post print work using the B4 over the B3.8. Though you have the same shuffle the 
pages just right for double sided copy work in B3.8, Reason for all of this difficulty. Maurice 
uses a HP 4100TN “IRC? | and most of the others used the Lexmark optra 40, or the 45n. | 
was recently told by a trusted source that there are different code things between the two 
companies in regards to printing. Sort of lost that techy stuff in my head. Well | have a HP 
ZIOOTN. | thought to give it a test. As | had already discovered that it works as post print 
promised with double sided copies. No shuffling as | had to do with the optra. Bottom line ts 
that post print B4 works as promised on the HP. That is with the text from GeoWrite, and 
GeoPub. Still cut the top line off of the GeoPaint document. | forgot many of the features that 
ar€ on this one. So | must experiment with settings, Oh yeah that is how | smegged the 
experiment. Forgot that it doesn’t default to post script level 2. It was at level 1 and that 
doesn't do the mages. | do remember that there is a Z setting which | was told, and believe 
the source years back. That could actually end up making a bill board sized layout. Loads of 
paper and probably some razor knife trimming. If | can get the size right. Be good for the 
larger A frame sign we salvaged for our new one. Many ideas and all must be done as time 
and health allows. Lets hope that the CyberSpace issue looks better this time around with this 
new GeoPub. 

And now we have from dmackey828 his story of Commodore. You may think that you are 
saved from more of my blabbing. But | do have some after comments {SEG} 

July 200ce Print Edition Page * 11 

The Voice of the A.C.U.G. Celebrating this month 31_years 
A My Story 

My name is Daniel V. Mackey | am 45 and | am a C= addict. Thanks to Lord Ronin and the 
guys in the Newnet IRC chat channels fACUG and #c64friends. A big thanks goes to all the 
people that have helped me a lot lately and they are as follows: 8, Mech, weirdwolf 
{\o.8}, Clocky/_Commodore_, Golan, WizardNJ, DLH, Info-Seeker and anyone else | 
missed, The help and information is MOST appreciated. 

| bought my first C: computer around 1984ish. It was a DEMO Model”Breadbox” C64. 
purchased from an AMES department store. My dad was going to buy the computer so he put 
$30 down on it till he could get the rest of the money, it was $100. A week or two later he 
decided he didn’t need a 2nd C64 so he told me if | wanted it that | would have to come up 
with the remaining $70. It took me what seemed like forever to come up with that $70. | 
mowed lawns and did what ever else | could to earn the money. | REALLY wanted that 
computer and | got it about 4 months or so later. While | was saving my dad gave me a green 
screen monitor and a datasette. 

My dad had a subscription to Computes! Gazette so that’s what I used for all of my programs 
because | didn’t know anyone that had a C: computer. If | had a dollar for every hour a 
friend and | spent typing programs in, | would have been able to buy every piece of C: 
equipment | would have needed. 

We would take turns typing in pages of a program, then at the end we would cuss all the 
errors and “BUGS” that were in the program that didn’t work. Most times all we had to do 
was walt till the next months issue to get the Bug Fixes for the programs to work. 

After about a year of this | decided it was time for a floppy drive and a color monitor. By 
that time | had a job working at a local marina being a gofer for the sales people and the 
mechanics. When | saved up enough money for a 154IC floppy drive (the white one) and an 
1802 color monitor it was like having an entirely new computer. By this time, | had met a 
bunch of other guys that had C: computers and piles of programs. Let the COPY PARTIES 
begin. It was a good old time till we had copied everything in sight. It got old after awhile 
because no one we knew had anything we wanted. 

The time and the price was right fora MODEM. My first modem was a Taihaho Model: 
TH-002 300 baud modem from The Protecto Company. $79 is what it cost. | still have one of 
these modems. Wish I could find a copy of the terminal program that came with it. The days 
of the local BBS scene was beginning. | called local and long distance BBS’s for programs and 
shared them with all my friends. That was some of the good old days. After about a year or 
two of this, | decided that it was time for me to run my OWN BBS. | bought a Supra 2400 
~ baud serial modem and purchased a copy of DMBBS to run on another system that | had 
purchased along the way. It was a 64C in great shape. | also had purchased a 128k REU that | 

upgraded to a 256k REU (Cost me $129 for 64K or RAM back then.) The BBS was called 

July 200ce Print Edition Page * 12 

The Voice of the ACU.G. Celebrating this month 31_years 
“Hell's Boarder BBS” located in Bridgeport, NY. The BBS ran for a year or so. It got to the 
point that | had my Co-Sysops running the BBS and | just supplied the hardware for it to run 
on. Worked out great as they did all the user validations etc on the BBS. 

On July {6th 1990 (1 remember that because that was the first time | got married to my 
NOW X-Wife) | traded a C128 system to a guy for an IBM XT Clone. You could say that was 
the start of my transition to the PC Clones. | am not sure when I got rid of the rest of the C= 
stuff but either way it was a sad day... 

Now a BUNCH of years later 17 or 18 years or something like that, | am BACK in full force 
using the C: systems and loving every moment of it. This 1s just the general jist of it but 
during the C= days bunches of things were bought and sold, People met and parted ways etc... 

THATS my STORY and I'm Sticking to It... 
Daniel V. Mackey aka: dmackey828 

P.S: Lord Ronin told me that if | wanted to write a story it HAD to be done in GEOS. This 1s 
the first time | ever wrote ANYTHING in GEOS. 

Lord Ronin’s commentary: | think it was the threat of me writing more articles for this cat 
box liner. That prompted dmackey828 to write this bit for us, Or could it have been the 
constant nagging | did to him? Hey | have more EX wives than he, so much better at the 
nagging part. Years of lessons {LOL} 

Seriously dmackey is one of our new members. This will be his third newsletter. Ist was the 
free trial one. Stuck out on the East coast, | can just see him on the BBS when we are back up 
again. Hope that you have an unlimited calling plan. ACUG members will not have to deal 
with credit needs for files. Also will have more than a couple hours a day on line. Note the 
shameless pitch for the return of the BBS. Now | am hoping to see more articles from him. As 
the latest that { have heard 1s his work on burning eproms. Gaining vast amounts of 
information, that we on the other side of the continent lack. Along with several new bits of 
hardware. Like to also hear about the new 64K vdc chip thinggy he picked up. Oh and of 
course | want to hear all the glory/gory details about his BBS. Things like the topics of the 
message bases, what games he ran there, how the U/D area was classified. All of that sort of 
thing for my demented mind, Besides it would be his writing and not mine, so that saves you 
guys from me. 

Techy stuff here for a moment. Yes this 1s the first thing that dmackey828 has done in Geos, 
Have to addict him more, to it for the newsletter. By the time you read this, | will have gone 
over the information with him that | present here for all. As it is a way to explain article 
submitting for us. 

July 200ce Print Edition Page * 13 

The Voice of the ACULG. Celebrating this month 31 years 

Right GeoWrite is the preferred way of files for this fire starter. There are some things that 
need to be covered. Things that to me with a bit of time doing this, are obvious and to the 
cherry Geos user, ah not so much, So this isn’t a dump on dmackey828, it 1s a thanks for 
reminding me things that | have forgotten to mention in the past. | recelved his article in a zip 
file. Sent as attached to an email. Stuck that on the desktop of the Linux system. Popped it on 
a floppy at hand. Then today <I7/June/O9ce> put it onto the C= system. Used GeoZip to 
open it up. Expecting to see a file n CVT. Ah no, that wasn’t what was there, but a.D64. 
WOW I thought, he sent me a mess of articles and | won't have to write anything for months, 
_ Making the readers so happy, they may actually read the newsletter. Such was not to be the 
case, {yeah this 1s also a lesson on how to take a few things and turn them into an article for 
the prospective writers} Thanks to dmackey828, | was able to replace my GeoBeap v2 file. So 
in Wheels | opened the .D64 onto a disk in the drive in the 128Dcr. Found two files in there. 
This one and one that is .WR3. | dispise that system, as it destroyed a collection of RPG aides 
that | had. As | am writing this after editing his work. Not seen what is in that { block file. 

Backing up here for a moment. | told him how to do the Convert 2.5 and to use the Pasi Zip 
tool that | sent him. What | didn’t tell him were two things. Tis really nice to put the 
“filename.cvt” as the name of the file. Lets ancient old dum orks like me know that the file ts 
in “cvt". Many files from GEnie where destroyed here, as they didn’t run and they were not 
listed as being ”.cvt”. Ah if | knew then what | know now. The other thing that I didn’t teach 
him was that he could have just zipped up the one file.As that is one of the options in the Pasi 
system. Rather than the entire disk side. By the time you read this, | will have explamned that 
to him. My fault as | should have been more specific on the information. 

Format of the article. OK in his | added the graphic font to the title. Made it bold faced for 
the print edition as that is how we put in the Village font. Did some outline to fit the style we 
do for the print version. Fixed some obvious spelling errors, mostly caused by sensitive keys, 
Added that part for No.8 and corrected a Nick. That stuff is common for me. Also | changed 
the font to Times Roman from the BSW one. Here is the thing that | didn’t teach him. That | 
should have as we discussed over the couple of days before | gained his work, on how to use 
GeoWrite. | missed a few things, One of them deals with fonts. As he has the MossyCon5 CD. 
There are some where near 100 fonts there, converted and zipped in groups. According to 
something that | read recently. LW Roma is the font that compares to Times Roman. | don’t 
use it as | have the Times Roman from Dales disk. This is bringing me to font use, and the DB 
‘Dialogue Box? for the file. On this side it isn’t really a problem what font that you use to 
write the article. As it is converted here to the one(s) we use for continuity. Unless there is a 
special font that is needed. Only have seen two fonts that are needed in that way. First 1s a 
graphic font for some illustration work. The other is when doing a type in line for a pre. 
There are ways to insert the graphic font in a diagram. Do that another day. Deals with 
GeoPaint and photoscraps. The font for a type in programme should be ”"CommodoreNLQ”, 

_ Which | think | may still have and can send to those that need it for the work. Though it isn’t 
as pretty as a post script font. My viewpoint <did a long article on this> 1s that | would rather 
see the type in lines in the same font, looking like it will on the screen. Rather than a off beat 
. font that has to have a code key in the book/mas. 

July 200ce Print Edition Page * 14 

The Voice of the ACU.G. Celebrating this month 31 years 

OK now to the DB. In Wheels this 1s found by highlighting the file. Then pressing the C= & 
Q keys. Looks a little different in Wheels than in stock Geos. So I just looked at 
dmackey828’s file that way. Hmm he saved it last on the (5th of June. There ts also a box 
underneath all the techy information. Where one can insert maybe three lines of specific 
information. | use that for the fonts that | have used to make the file. Asin this one it will 
read “times, oxford, higard 1&2, north gate, dmgalley” Because if | don’t have those fonts in 
my stack on the work area. | will get the BSW default. | 

Another thing | must present to the writers for this poor excuse of a paper towel. Page set 
up. | use a system that has evolved over the years. For setting the paragraph and margins. 
Works for the things I made here, and for other places like my time as Managing Editor for 
the CML. As it fits the printers that | have used, and fits nicely in binders. | set the paragraph 
at the 1/2 mark on the left. Set the left margin for the line just to the left of where I have the 
paragraph. Gives a one space indentation for the paragraph. Right margin I set at the 81 
mark. For me this fits what I am doing. As there 1s a sort of margin around the print out 
already when done with what | have. 

OK I can set that up on others work in just a few seconds. Do the C= and” V” to make all 
the adjustments for one page. Sort of a one page global setting thing. So it isn’t a bother or a 
problem in how you set up your submissions. | can easily adjust them for the newsletter. 
Where I have problems ts in the Shadowland area. As these are ASCII originally. | transfer 
them as stated above. Then use Wrong is Write to make them into GeoWrite. But editing is a 
bit of a chore. Spaces and paragraphs are all smegged. | have to manually adjust that for each 
bit. Takes a few minutes, but the result | hope 1s informative. 

Well that covers stuff. | want to thank dmackey828 for his article, and giving me the 
reminder on the things that | falled to mention to him, and to all the others, Of course | have 
along list that I have been giving him of more articles. That way you guys get a rest from this 
ancient old freak. Oh one little thing | forgot to mention, dmackey828 is a gamer. Just not 
active at this time. Now can we get him in the adult PBEM’s when the BBS starts again? {BG} 

Eprom Information 


If all goes as planned, I will be writing more about eproms and making C: cartridges as | 
learn and progress in the ”ART” of the carts, So far it's been fun and a pain in the backside 
but I have been getting result as some of you may or may not know. This article 1s about how 
to figure out what eprom you need in relation to the file you are trying to BURN” to an 
EPROM. Don’t know what an EPROM 1s? Well check out for info. 

| am by no means a GENIOUS at making cartridges at this time. So please don’t assume that | 
am. | always wanted to make a cartridge for what ever use | could make it for. So | am 
teaching myself how to do it, one step at a time. As far as | know, there are no single webpage 

July 200ce Print Edition Page # 15 

The Voice of the AC.U.G. Celebrating this month 31 years 

that tells everything that needs to be done and HOW to do it. That makes it so | have to hunt 

up everything | need one web page at a time. If you know of any good information that could 
help me, please send me an e-mail to 

Any time you want to BURN” a file to an eprom, you need to know the size of the eprom so 
that you have plenty of space to fit the entire file onto it. As | was looking for information on 
EPROMS & Cartridges, | came across a webpage located at When the page loads, 
click on the "Utility Cartridse-ROMS” link. A page will show information related to the size 
of the EPROMS needed in relation to the file size you are trying to burn to the eprom. 

MAX File Size - EPROM Type 

IK File = 2758 
2K File = 2716 
AK File = 2732 
GK File = 2764 
(6K File = 27128 
32K File = 27256 
64K File = 27512 
128K File = 271001 

Well thats it for this article, | hope | have taught you something. | like to pass along 
anything | have learned to others in the hopes it make your future projects easter. 

UR additive: A.K.A. space filler drenn. | too hope to have more from dmackey828 on his 
eprom work. At the moment | still have yet to find one disk from 5C’s to complete the 
information to send to dmackey828, Which is a sort of walk through learning system on 
eproms. Anyway you guys lucked out this issue, at least the print readers, As two articles 
from dmackey and that cuts down on my drokk for the issue. Though [ will be adding pictures 
to the CyberSpace issue in an experiment. They will be getting more drivel form me. So 
anyway, should we try to CONvince dmackey to sort of journal/blog his eprom work for us 
here in the pages of the best cat box liner in the quantum universes? 

Of course | would like to have more reports on our members and how they entered the world 
of the C= left it <if they did> and returned, What they are doing now in the field, and of 
course any tips, hints, questions, ideas, requests and the like. 

GeoPub Update 

Could put this in the Editor/SysOp area. As the experiment came out a day or so before the 
meeting. Better here in my mind, since it flows with reading time, as it did in experiment 
time. Anyway | made the RPG thing for No.6. Finished the text and the maps. All in Geos 

~ of course <G>. Then put the text in the GeoPub prg. Made it as two columns. If | lower the 

July 200ce Print Edition Page * 1 

The Voice of the ACU.G. Celebrating this month 31 years 
font to 12 point from 14. | could make three columns and have more data for the work, in less 
space. Look more like the old game module that way. OK I checked each column and page in 
the editor. Comparing them to an earlier print out. Something went wrong. But ina 00d 
way. AsT had made colour cover, learning how that works and the proper colour over colour 
thing. That was page #1, and there should have been a total of 16 pages. Since there were 14 
[/2 in text. | ended up with approx. 14 pages. If there is anything missing, I can’t find it in 
the GeoPub part. Next | went to post print B4, yeah that new one which was working for me. 
Laid it out and added four GeoPaint maps. Turned it into a linux post script disk file. Used 
GeoDos to put that on a floppy. Took it to the linux machine. Converted it to a pdf and gave it 
a look see. 

Colours on the cover, ah this 1s the only time I can see what it looks like in colour. Not that 
bad, though what colour for text works over what colour for a background. That 1s still a 
work of art and not a science. See it uses the fill patterns of GeoPub/GeoPaint. What | see 1s 
the text in the fill pattern, Which makes it a tad bit difficult at times to read what is written. 
Anyway it didn’t turn out too bad for the second experiment. Next | read all the text, again if 
there was something missing. | was too rushed, too sober, too something to see it, as it what 
ever it may be, didn't show to me. Looked like all the text was there for the adventure. | had 
even added at the end a final note to No.ié. About the adventure and the next part. Along 
with a test of a graphic font. That failed to work on the cover when scaled, Worked OK in the 
text part. 

So it was all fine for text. BUT! the B4 post print problem arrived with the GeoPaint 
maps. Top line, ah that is where I had in the black border, using reverse text in GeoPamnt. 
Placed the names of the maps. Along with the next line down, missinglll! Too late to destroy 
the document and do it again. | had made the stupid mistake of accepting that since the 
GeoWrite text was ok, then the GeoPamnt would also function. When printed out, the tests 
done earlier covered GeoPub and GeoWrite, but not GeoPamt. Sent that off to NO.I6 along 
with an explanation of the problem. Next day | sent off the corrected maps. Making them in 
the usual disk file for linux. But this time using the v3.8 post print. They came out perfect. 

| will try that v3.8 out for the CyberSpace edition. If it fails. | can remake it with the 4.0 
for us. Smce there won't be any GeoPaint. GeoPaint 1s added to the file in Post Print layout 
section. While the jpegs are done, in GeoPub vi! in text graphics. But to place them scaled in 
the text itself, the page layout part of GeoPub. | must make an empty box to hold the area 
Then hope I can read my notes and in the Post Print layout, place them in the right spot. As 
well as scaled evenly. Still working on that one <G>, 

(4999 Power Tower Update 

Received a message from Duncan in Calif. He had gotten the new 4000 mother board, and it 
works fine. On the morning of the [8th/JUne/09ce. There was another message. Mother board 
still works fine, But the busboard <no idea what that 1s> has a problem. Things are taking a 
super long time to work, As | remember what was written. The SCSI device took over 15 

July 200ce Print Edition Page * 17 

The Voice of the A.C.U.G. Celebrating this month 31 years 
minutes to activate. Cost for another one will start at $300. Making over $500 that ‘\e.3c 
will have to shell out for this tower. Which was said to be working and the sho-vah gave it to 
him to cover a debt. Which for the record was not as much as the cost of the mother board. 
Along with the tower came the Amiga disks and hard copy. That turned out to be some 
library, some that belonged to No.i4, a few hundred that No.0 had been waiting to have 
returned to him for 10+ years. And yes some of the disks and other items where mine. Just 
more that the sho-vah is going to have to explain and repair for his attacks against us, 

<20/June/09ce Saturday> Like usual, woke late and after a cut of spam on the e-mall 
account. | saw that Duncan had sent another msg to me for Ne.30. Part of it was a suggestion 
to sell some of the rare boards, like the Picasso one. In order to gain the bread for the new 
busboard. Another part was that he would also look around for a used one that we may be able 
to afford and place in the Tower. No.30 1s not keen on stripping down the tower to make it 
work, by selling off the components that he wants in the tower. So at this time we are stuck. 
More thanks to the sho-vah on what appears to be a premeditated attack, added to all his 
others, on us as individuals and us as a group. 

Plans - Ideas - other drenn 

Little Leiko is gonna be ticked at me. She had me write a bio of my entering the world of 
C= and place it right after dmackey828’s intro piece. | hate doing personal ones. So when | 
saw that this had reached the limit of page count for print edition. When | entered the rest of 
the meeting notes, and updated information. Just couldn't see 2 1/2 pages about me as being 
relevant to the newsletter. More interested in what you guys have to say on your background 
in the Commodore. | deleted those pages, and stop your cheering about that. She is gonna get 
me for killing off those pages. 

Anyway, as | fear her wrath, of the cold bed. | consider that these pages should have 
prospective things on our work presented. Not the old days syndrome. What are the plans, 
you might ask. Followed by what are the problems to the plans. That is what this part is 
about. Our ideas and plans for this new tool we have working for now. 

| have spoken in here about the colour that can be used in this GeoPub tool. CyberSpace 
readers will see the experiment. Print readers, sorry, no colour cart in the printer, and cost 
of photocopy of the issue in colour would drive the price up, and | am trying to get 
membership down in cost. Though for the print readers. | will have the CyberSpace issues on 
the next MossyCon CD, 

Dale Sidebottom for his users group newsletter did the colour and the few I have are very 
good. He placed colour jpegs in the pages with the text flowing properly around them. 
Making full pages, rather than booklet. In the past I had made the full page and the booklet 
Issues with inserted ypegs with GeoPub. Till about 4 years ago, when the hard drive locked up 

__ and was sent to Maurice, the prg started its frell ups on me, Then as told earlier in this issue | 

July 200ce Print Edition Page * 18 

The Voice of the ACU.G. Celebrating this month 31_years 
went to the full pages no columns in the booklet style. No | won't be going to columns again 
in the booklet for print readers, Full pages are easter to read, say the members in the past. 
But | may get brave enough to try to insert some B&CW images in the future for the print 
issue. Not just on the cover, but in the pages. 

CyberSpace readers will be tormented this issue with the experiment. If it works, then they 
will have some meaningless colour pix tossed in the pages and we all hope for the best on the 
result. So if the result is good, what next? Hard to say, as you haven't seen what comes out of 
the project experiments that we have made so far. But projecting the idea, We can place 
colour images into the pages, text floats around them. A page can be made with Jpegs on It, 
and text can be entered. Not going to bore you with the how it 1s done at this time. That is a 
report for later, when I understand it better and can talk about it for you. But what can be 
done? That is the question of the moment, By the use of this tool. We can create books for 
Commodore use. Beginners training manuals if that is a better word. That will be illustrated 
with images. Plus, yes for the RPG part. We can make the adventures and articles look much 
better than just words on the screen, Images that can help the document, can be installed, 
This makes Geos into more of a desk top publisher <DTP> than before. These files can be 
made into post script with Post Print, as a disk file. Then sent to the linux system and made 
Into pdf files for distribution. Like on the CD. If we had the proper printer and colour 
abilities. We could actually print out our own limited edition books for members and for the 
shop. Well we need a new printer that takes the I1x14 paper and colour abilities. 

Trying not to go into long winded excited didactic on the ideas. Lets get to the bad part first, 
before anything more. One problem ts that GeoPub only takes 16 pages. That means | have to 
have several 16 page files of GeoPub and assemble them in Post print. Or in a more relevant 
example. | have to have one 16 page GeoPub file, and then one 4 page GeoPub file to make the 
20 page Village Green newsletter. There is supposed to be a way to have the page numbers 
show up properly, But | am not making heads or tails of in in the GeoPub manual. The other 
bad thing, or problem is the size of the file. Too many pages with too many images will take it 
over the .44mb heretic formatted size on the floppy. According to Jim Bram, there 1s with 
his ulEC the ability to transfer the SD card to the HD. Doing that would let me have larger 
documents. Yeah more of my drivel to read. Only problem 1s at this moment, as I understand 
It right. Jim’s ulEC doesn’t handle Geos. But if the SD card can be read, and thanks to No8 
we have the reader thing. Once we have the thing working with Eddies system. Then we can 
send the files to the linux HD and have them as pdf. Which can be placed on a CD for us. And 
yes the local print place can take that CD and print out the files, in colour as well. Loads of 
Ideas, and not the skill to make them. But lets see how well the failures turn out {LOL} 

cover pic is of the fixed A500, a gray scale test 

End of Print Version - Start of Cyberspace Additives 

July 200ce Print Edition Page * 19 


The Voice of the A.C.U.G. Celebrating this month 3. 

A.C.U.G. £447 
6235 29th St. 
Astoria Ore 


We NL ae fey tT 

= | 
oe | 
= |