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Full text of "The Village Green Newsletter Issue #58 From June 2004"

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SUBSECTOR M4P GRID Modded For Imperial Marlord F.R.P.G. 



ize wvot Sb. 


(Yk Yet 

8486 8606 
6887 6767 
> 4 


6308 6588 8788 

be Gon) 8488 é-») 8688 Gor 8868 
b 0169 es) 6389 8S89 co Cu 
6489 0663 os 68693 « 
Sah ge rie 

1. Subsector Name . Hi 

The Voice of the A.C.ULG. June/04ce Issue C: | 

Officers of the A.C.U.G. 
{We didn’t run fast enough} 

Chancellor: {Senset) David O.E. Mohr 
Treasurer: Gary L.Dupree <BBS 75> 
Commodore Librarian: Imperial Warlord <BBS #2 
Amiga Librarian: Mark Reed <BBS #4> 
Editor/SysOp: Lord Ronin from Q-Link <BBS #> 

430 (Librarian, file testing] #3 (Secretary, general girl Friday] #23 [BBS games, general] #16 

The A.C.U.G. 

Originally formed in 1978ce, as a Pet Club. The current membership is composed of a new group of 
users. Renamed in 1994ce from ” Astoria Commodore Users Group” to the more inclusive name of Amiga 
& Commodore Users Group. Our objectives are to preserve the material, hardware, software and 
hardcopy, for our chosen P.C. platforms. But not as dusty museum pieces. As actual functioning items 
regularly used as either the prime computer system or major back up. 

To this end, we collect as much for the systems as possible. As we attempt to learn about the aspects 
of the systems in a mutual learning environment. There are over 2,500 files o our BBS, an ever growing 
collection of books, magazines, hardware and of course disks. That we collect one by one or in bulk. We 
freely admit to “beginner” status in all aspects of the use of our platforms. 

Memberstup is open to all, interested in the Commodore 8 bit P.C.’s as well as the Amiga Line. 
Emulator users are also welcome as members. Cost ts $18 USD per year. This gives a membership card, 
certificate of membership {C:, Amiga or both} The monthly 16 page newsletter. Known as "The Village 
Green”. Several hours a day on the BBS {Second largest amount of time} No credit cost for BBS files. 
Access to the hardcopy library of books, magazines and manuals. In addition, access to an Amiga and 
Commodore set up in the shop. A 207 discount on all C: & Amiga items, purchased in the shop. The 
"Penny Farthing” 1s aC: monthly disk. Mostly in 541 format. 64/128 files each month, differing 
according to group interests. This is an extra 75 cents each month. Amiga disks are handled by request 
{WB differences} at $1.00 each. 

Next Meeting & Contact Info 

Meeting will be on {7/June/2004ce. In Mohr Realities Games, 623 29th St Astoria Ore. Visitors, 
Smokers and demos welcome. 

Snail Matt A.CULG, #447 623 29th St. Astoria Oregon 97103 

Voice: 503-325-1896 

BBS: 503-325-2905 


The Voice of the A.C.U.G. June/04ce Issue C:2 

Notes from 20 May 
2004ce Meeting 

OPEN: 7:00pm 

CHANCELLOR: Reminded all about the 
upcoming elections in July. There are no 
complaints with the current leadership. 
Appears that all current officers and 
therefor the deputies will hold the offices 
again, for the upcoming year. #30 stated 
that he wasn’t dumb enough to seek out a 
full officers job. A point echoed by others 

On the idea of the July meeting. That ts 
our official 26th anniversary. Sensel 
brought up the traditional party. 
Mentioning that there a chance of a couple 
of guests. Robert Bernardo of the Fresno 
Users Group. May be able to swing by at 
that time. Possible that Jert Ellsworth of 
the C-I may be interested in attending. 
None of this 1s confirmed. Only a 
possibility. Mentioned about C: and Amiga 
games to play at the party. SID music? 
Amiga music? The membership 
certificates? New application form? There 
will be the traditional Kitty Box Cake and 
Challah. Other ideas to be discussed on the 
BBS and tn S.LGs 

Only two newsletters arrived in the 
exchanges. Neither one was damaged this 
time. Infinite Loop contained many e-mail 
reprints. Discussing the EXPO and some 
new and re-found C: items. What caught 
the interest of the group, were the classic 
C: adverts in the newsletter. M.A.CU.G. 
Ready, had two exchanges as well. Ours 
and the C: Digest.Marty mentioned our 

The Voice of the A.C.U.G. 

reprint of the Amiga sale. Echoing some of 
our own sentiments at all the delays. He also 
mentioned Lord Ronin’s rant on the HUD 
frell up. The group found tt interesting, on 
the AOL information. Seems that the raper 
of Q-Link is now filtering members mail. 
Bouncing any that has links to things that 
AOL disapproves of in some form. Reminded 
us of when we had a website and it was 
blocked by AOL for their users. Ours was 
the U.G. website. In regards to the review of 
the May issue of The Village Green. Group 
commended Lord Ronin and #30 on the work 
that was with the new Computer Eyes 

Treasurer: Sitting a $23. More | cent bits 
for £30 to wrap. 

Commodore Librarian: As all members 
now have a form of GEOS. This month it was 
decided to make a GEOS double sided disk. 
Files though are in either GeoZip or Wraptor 
V3. Extentions would be ”.zp” or ”.wr3”. 
These are old and new files from the BBS. 
FWIW Took 5 disk sides to safely place the 
opened files for use in Geos. These will be 
shown in the Demo time. If desired, a few 
more GEOS files can be added to future 
disks. Or more full GEOS disks can be made 
in the future. 

Amiga Librarian: #4 reported that it 
appears he may be losing his Amiga 4000 
Power Tower. Keyboard is going bad. 3 1/2” 
drive was replaced with a H.D. drive and still 
fails. Could be some major problem on the 
Mother Board. He isn’t sure how much 
longer he can contribute in the Amiga 
section. Lord Ronin offered his own A1200 
and CD/TV to help. This would be a stop gap. 
Since they are not at the same level as the 

June/04ce Issue C:3 


Editor & SysOp: For the past two 
weeks, | have been in an IRC each 
Saturday night. Starting around 6pm west 
coast time. This is #cé4friends on for the server. One night | 
was there for four hours. Before prior 
comittments forced me to leave. Yet the 
chat room was still active. Recently | 
learned of a new thing. Being created by 
Jim Brain. fll need some more hardware. 
But when st 1s possible, this new thing will 
allow me to have our BBS telnettable, and 
at the same time, still allow deckers to call 
in the standard method. I'd suggest those 
that are on the net to try out this chat 

Computer Eyes and the AD&D 
adventure have been the subject of most of 
our work this last month. | did send off the 
second nipped .D44 of submissions to 
Scene World. Speaking of that mag. Issue 
fil arrived and shall be on the BBS before 
your read these words. 

Writing: Looks as if | should do some 
more articles for Infinite Loop. Help Earl 
out with some more topics. Started on 
another set for Scene World, Finishing the 
second disk of submissions for Load Star. 
That one has some polishing on a couple, 
that bother me tn the flow. Then 
completing a collection of fiction pieces. 
Plus the GEOS AD&D Adventure. Need to 
add that we have found a way to write the 
submussions for Load Star in GEOS. Then 
convert to standard PET. That isn’t hard 
with Wrong is Write versions. However 
we found that resultant file isn’t formatted 
for the 40c screen. #30 worked on line by 
line fix for the Dark Vulcan Interview for 
Scene World. Very time consuming and 
we thank him for his work and dedication. 
By accident, | found a method that will cut 

The Voice of the A.C.U.G. 

that time. Using the EdStar IL By inserting 
aline. Then using the "glue” option | was 
able to format the document for 40c in PET. 
Using GOES allows the spell checker, and 
cuts back on the errors from the failing 64c 

First there levels of the adventure along 
with intro story and outside map. Have not 
only been written. The test copy had been 
printed and 1s currently in play testing. 
After meeting tonight, the group is 
continuing on level #1. There are two more 
levels to print for play. After the play 
testing, and the adjustments. The final copy 
will be sent to Rev Dave at Load Star. In the 
hopes it will appeal to members of the 
readership. At least as an inspiration. An 
article on how this was created, has been 
written, Needs polish when the game is 
played to the end, FWIW { was approached 
by the newest member of the game guild. 
Who old me that he enjoys this adventure, 
more that the prior two factory published 
ones. This being his third AD&D game. 

During the Demo part, Ill show what we 
have done with Computer Eyes this last 
month While using the GEOS input driver. 
Mentioned what I was doing on the IRC chat, 
and had requests for copies of the 
newsletter. Those were sent out, with the 
May edition. 

BBS: Slow on work and calls this last 
month. Perhaps because the 128D was in use 
with GEOS for writing, more than usuall. 
Didn't do many files for the board. 
However, it was suggested that the GeoPaint 
Computer Eyes images would be a fine 
addition. Plus the photo album that was 
made with the scrap it tool. If! were to 
Judge my work, I'd say no! We can see at the 
Demo part. One last thing to add. A day 

June/04ce Issue C:4 

before the meeting. I was able to find my 
notes for my "micq” account. Tested it 
with a chat with Nafcom/Pol. in Germany. 
Much more for me to learn. | do have the 
full PoL crew authorized for my ”micq”. 

Deputies: #30 has worked with the 
GEOS & Computer Eyes project. There 1s 
a disk of assorted files to be opened and 
tested by him. Unfortunately, his 
keyboard ts going out on him. Most work 
Is done at the shop now. That is untill his 
new 128D arrives. #3 has been helping 
with the book research on the AD&D 
adventure. Plus her regular paper sortmg, 
filing and complaints about Lord Ronin’s 
handwriting. #23 has tested some games 
for a list. She reported that HV Poker and 
Checkers need to be remstalled, She 1s 
re-writing some of her reviews of BBS 
games. After new information was 
discovered, At the start of the new games 
for testing. She asks for "Nuke Em” and 
"BBS Wars”. #16 1s learning more on 
emulating and the AmigaOne. 

Discussion: Split into three topics. The 
C: work done and future plans for 
Computer Eyes and our work. #14s and 
30s 128D units. That should arrive a 
week after the meeting. GEOS 128 for 
them. Perhaps Wheels as well as an 
upgrade. Second group was about the 
AmigaOne. Third group topic was party 
Ideas. This one was overshadowed by the 

Demos: AS|ran the C: ones. | don’t 
have much in the way of the Amiga part. 
Also | don’t understand much of what | 
did see and hear. 

AmigaOne: #16 brought his new 
AmigaOne system. #4 loaned the use of 

The Voice of the A.C.U.G. 

his monitor. By work on the gfx board, 
which was lose, and a few calls to our Linux 
friend. #4 was able to have the AmigaOne 
operating. Something that #16 was not able 
to do before. There wasn’t enough time to 
install the CatWeasel device. | did promise to 
look in our parts C:64 collection for a SID 
chip. As this CatWeasel will use a real SID, 
There seems to not be an IRC client thing as 
of yet on the OS, This system is running 
Debian”. A form/flavour of Linux. Does 
have a Bash shell. That part | could see from 
my online time at VCS. Looks nice, but at 
this time, IIRC it will not run the Amiga 

disks | have collected. Something about 
needing the new OS 4? Most of the demo time 
was spent in the initial set up and testing of 
the AmigaOne. #16 left very happy to have it 

Commodore Showed how to use the 
unzip tool to open the GeoZip files. Also 
showed how to use Waptor V3 to open those 
files, Next how to, in GEOS, using convert 
2.5 to return the files from ”.cvt” to regular 
GEOS files. 

Programmes from the Penny Farthing. 
GeoBeap V2 was confirmed to work with a 
71, 81 and 1750 clone REU system in GEOS 
64. GeoPack, Graphic Storm, Scrap It, Big 
Chipper V2.1, Photo Print. These tools for 
image converting or manipulation of images 
were given a fast demo, Shown also were 
three light pen drivers. Hoped that one of 
them will work for a generic lightpen that 
#30 picked up. As there are image 
manipulator tools, and most GEOS users in 
the group are new to GEOS. A few GeoPaint 
images were shown from the disk. Grenade, 
Things To Do, GeoCalPrint, STS63, Skull, 
Shado {gif converted to GeoPaint} 
Terrahawks, Moonbase, Prisoner, Magic 
Hall, Vampire Girl, Luarana, Inn Lady 4. 

June/04ce Issue C5 


Some are full page images. Others are 
partial and a few are photo scrap size. 33 
fonts were included on the disk. Including 
the Elven Runes from Lord of The Rings 

The print out of the Computer Eyes 
experiments from the Okimate-I0 and 
from the Lexmark. These were shown and 
comparisons made. There are benefits for 
both printers. The Oki is doing 60dp. 
Cutting off the right hand side of the 
image. Yet it does give a good and deep 
BatW result. When we have the lighting 
Just right {G). Printing with the Lexmark 
Opra-40, through Post Print 3. Appears to 
clean the image more and the pixels of 
print look a bit neater. Suspect that there 
Is some dithering happening somewhere. 
Overall opinion is that we have a good tool 
for our C: work. We need to practice 
more in taking the mages and in GeoPaint 
adjustmets. Plus experimentation with the 
manipulation tools, 

‘GS: Mostly in the Geos one. 
Work on the maps and text for the AD&D 
adventure. Along with the Computer Eyes 

Programming, has been debugging £30s 
MARS game. Finding the typos and other 
common errors. As a change of pace. | 
suggested a character generator for the 
Game M.S.P.E. First step has been done. 
#30 made it very interesting with the 
characters are, showing up as each letter 1s 
typed. He also made it so that the columns 
of numbers are in order. | mean that he 
ones column will be under the ones column 
of the stat above it on the screen. He also 
has this prg look for the possibility of 
doubles in the rolls. A part of the actual 

The Voice of the A.C.UG. 

dice rolling for the game. My additive was 
colour and switching to lower case. As we 
learn more in programming. The rest of 
character generation will be created, 

Closed: 9:17pm 

Labyrinth Walk Through 
{Previous entry in April Issue} 
[Translated to Geos by Vixen. Used with 

If you fall down a trapdoor yourself, don’t 
panic! Just walk to the upper left corner of 
the oubliette, and another trapdoor will 
conveniently transport you back to the Bog 
of Eternal Stench, so you can have another 
go. There’s no need to waste your peaches or 
use the beggar’s magic word. 

Once both Goblins are dispatched, it’s time 
to cut down poor Ludo from where he hangs 
upside-down in the middle of the maze. 
Simply walk up to Ludo and Use Shears. 

You'll end up back in the Hedge Maze, but 
now you can Call Ludo to have him join you. 
Once he’s with you, Call Rocks to make Ludo 
bellow and a pile of rocks appear. Do this if 
you're trying to make a Rock Video for the 
Firey. Take the Rocks.. Go to the 
vine-covered opening in the hedge, Use 
Shears and enter. 


Sir Didymus ts no longer blocking your 
way to the bridge, but be carefull The 
bridge is VERY slippery, and it may even 
break, dropping you into the foul sludge. (If 
you Called Ludo before crossing, and fall in, 
he will desert you!) If you are unfortunate 

June/04ce Issue C:6 

eee el 
Issue# 57 | The ACUG 
june € a O Amiga Section 
2004ce e & Comics! 
MR a | 

Interview with KMOS CEO Garry Hare (25 Mar 04) has obtained a lengthy interview with KMOS CEO Garry Hare. 

By way of introducing him to the wider Amiga community and to clear up some 

persistant long term queries. Garry has kindly offered to answer these questions 
and more below. 

Part 3. 
Garry Hare on: KMOS, Amiga Inc., Hyperion, Eyetech, Trademarks and 

Question 3.1: How would you describe the relationship between KMOS and 
Amiga Inc. at the present moment? 

Garry: The relationship has been friendly and, due to recent events, become very 

Question 3.2: Again, based on the present relations between the two companies, is 
there a prospect of the companies working closely together in the future? And, if 
so, is there a current understanding of continued association in the long term by 
both parties? 

Garry: This comes down to customers. If a commercial customer specifies both 
KMOS and Amiga property as part of a solution, I’m pretty sure we can work 
something out. 

Question 3.3: Hyperion has been doing an amazing job of re-inventing the 
Operating System, how would you describe the situation in terms of KMOS, 
Hyperion and the OS? 

Garry: We are partners. I look forward to working with Ben and the people at 

Question 3.4: Eyetech has done a marvellous job in providing the Al and 
microA | boards, obviously they have a stake in the future of the OS. The 
community has long been assured that Eyetech, Hyperion and Amiga Inc. are 
working together in this venture, now that KMOS is involved has anything 
substantially changed? 

Garry: No. Nothing should change. Eyetech, Hyperion and KMOS have a 
common interest. We’d like to build an attractive market for current, and likely, 
future products. Alan and Ben know that, within limits, I will help in any way I 
can. As I didn’t anticipate “going public” now, my schedule until about June, or 
so, is a bit of a mess. It will be difficult for me to participate in conferences and 
the like in the near term. I don’t think that’s important. Eyetech and Hyperion are 
doing just fine without my involvement. 

Eric Schwartz's Sabrina Online - Episodes 304-309 

Sabrina Online ty Ged) dtuad 

“Not oll that much later 


Zig . 
am eatin, Cee / 7 Ly 
Af Nero Ks «@ Wn ee) 

a aN ann @, V 

a 2 ars YA 

ley babe dent) 
too harshly whan you 

y; hever't even teen whe 
A den! | ger for you ! 

Shevidat you heve drive .@ > Whe needs a carl? 
pina mew cer by now, The Pegosos 2 mother- 
y board | ordered come inf 

Must be Tevgh weilin, 
ivi tee tittie utile Se |. ? 

ong h or. 
for the deaiersmip to ree orm ge", ae 

Page A2 

hente Cae corning by: TC rONe Leet eres Y, 
\€ you Con help me cut nice eet This is 
Vil be very grateful. ao new Arviga * 

' , : Gc 
per he hd el L \ie 4 

Did you enow the Engliy Hey! these con't match 
¥ t, 

cam? get The ond German monvels 

Pegeses BIOS tose JInew drive. tell you diferent things 
tre CO arrive. 

Question 3.5: Would you like to make some comment on Hyperion and Eyetech’s 
position in regard to KMOS, at least as you understand it? 

Garry: We are commercial partners. 

Question 3.6: Given KMOS’es self-description as stated above, Amiga Inc’s DE 
technology would seem to be a natural extension of cross-platform development, 
would you care to comment on this statement? 

Garry: I like Amiga’s DE product and, particularly their distribution agreement 
with Microsoft and, I trust, others. Given my content background it is a natural 
interest. But I am focused on the requirements of a specific customer. This 
solution does not require DE. 

Question 3.7: Amiga’s OS website presumably still belongs to Amiga Inc, are 
there any plans to host this on a KMOS site or are relations between the two 
companies such that this does not matter? 

Garry: About the last thing I’ve thought about lately is web sites. If we were to 
put up a KMOS site today about all it would do is point you to Hyperion and 
Eyetech. My first site is likely a “restricted access” site in support of partners and 
developers. I’ve yet to do much on that front either. 

ee ee AZ 

Question 3.8: Without attempting to speak for Amiga Inc. would it be true to say 
that it now can concentrate on the DE/Tao developments and business 
opportunities and that from their point of view this separation has been of benefit? 
Or is it the case that KMOS simply bought up the OS asset which for whatever 
reason Amiga Inc. was eager to sell? 

Garry: One of the most difficult things for smaller companies to do is focus on a 
specific product or market. We all tend to jump around from one perceived 
opportunity to the next. I believe Amiga intends to focus on the DE market but I 
can’t speak for them. KMOS’ business relationships are concentrated in the 
broader telecommunication industry and we will focus there. I don’t know that a 
single small entity can do both. 

Question 3.9: Prior to the public announcement of your company’s stake in 
Amiga technologies, Amiga Inc. drew some broad stroke objectives for the 
development and convergence of two technical innovations, the revived 
AmigaOS and DE type developments. Broadly speaking does KMOS share a 
similar outlook? 

Garry: It isn’t really KMOS’ view that matters. We are proceeding to meet the 
needs of specific customers. I guess you could say that is our “strategy”. I’ve 
proven, several times, that I’m not smart enough to accurately anticipate markets. 
My partners might be, but I keep arguing they aren’t either. 

You may freely redistribute this article, providing that a URL is provided to the 
original source, and the copyright notice remain intact. Copyright (c) 2004 and KMOS Inc. All rights reserved. 

- DaveyD 

Page A4 

enough to fall in, just wade the rest of the 
way across, and Use Perfume as soon as 
you reach the bank to cancel the horrible 
smell. Beware: if you see the message 
"Something fell out of your pocket” when 
you fall into the bog, you'll know it was 
the Perfume bottle! This is more likely to 
happen with certain colors of clothes. If 
you have the Firey’s feet, you should be 
able to cross the bridge easter. 

If you are wearing a Goblin Helmet at 
this point, it’s a good idea to Drop it here. 
There’s a problem if you keep wearing the 
Helmet up to the end, 

If you later end up back here, and the 
bridge has broken, there is another way to 
reach the other side, providing Ludo ts 
with you: Call Rocks will cause Ludo to 
bellow at the top of his lungs, bringing 
stepping-stones to the surface of the bog, 
to the right of the broken bridge. You 
will have to Call Rocks several times 
before this new bridge is complete. 
Unfortunately, the stepping-stones are 
every bit as slippery as the first bridge 
was! Gah! 

Once you make it safely to the other side 
(Note: Save the Game!), you reach... 


If you still reek from the Bog, the 
Goblins will chase you relentlessly! Even 
without the bad smell, they will stl 
pursue you if you cross one’s path. 
Supposedly, wearing the Helmet makes 
them less apt to give chase, but you'll still 
fall down a trapdoor if you allow one of 
them to touch you. But since Jareth will 
not confront you if you're wearing the 
Helmet, it’s best just to Drop the Helmet in 

The Voice of the A.C.U.G. 

the Bog (the only place you can Drop it, in 

Enter the yellow house immediately to the 
left of you when you first appear in the 
village. This will transport you to the back 
of the village. Come forward about halfway 
and enter the house to your right. This took 
me to the Underground (see below) in the 
“Blue Clothes” version. You may have to 
experiment and find the right house by trial 
and error, depending on what color clothes 
your character has. Otherwise, you're liable 
to end up at: 


This one is an exercise in frustration. It 
appears that you need to throw rocks to 
knock out all the guards patrolling the castle. 
Since the Goblins are constantly on the move, 
you must time your throws precisely. If (or 
more likely when) you run out of rocks, Call 
Ludo. He'll start to come, but he’s a coward 
and won't come all the way. Call Rocks, and 
Ludo will do his bellowing trick again. This 
time the result will be a bunch of rocks 
rolling ina pile towards you. Use your 
Camcorder on the pile of rocks before you 
pick them up, to contribute to Firey’s Rock 
Video, if you like. Meanwhile, knock out all 
the Golbin guards with the rocks - you can 
Call Rocks over and over again as many 
times as needed, 

Once the last guard is down for the count, 
you should be able to enter the Castle, right? 
WRONG! If you try to open the door, you'll 
drop down into an oubliette. (See what | 
mean about frustration?) I’m positive there 
must be a way to get through that door 
safely, and | think it has something to do 
with the body parts that Firey gives you, but 
I've never been able to successfully complete 

June/04ce Issue C:7 

this section. Anyone who DOES know 
what to do here, please €-mail me, and | 
will promptly update this walkthrough. 
Meanwhile, you can still complete the 
game by going to: 


As soon as you see the sign announcing 
The Underground, get ready! You must be 
quick to Drop the Log in the path of the 
Goblin-driven Cleaning Machine that’s 
coming towards you. Don’t stand too close 
to the Log! As soon as tt hits the log, the 
Cleaning Machine will back off 
momentarily, and the Log will be 
magically transformed into a shiny plank. 
Pick it up immediately, and duck into the 
nearest doorway before the Machine 
reaches you again. 

There’s a final Crystal Ball around here 
somewhere, if you're bold enough to go 
looking for it in spite of the Cleaning 
Machine. But you should have at least two 
or three in your inventory already, so you 
don't really need it. 

When you reach the other side, you will 
still hear the Cleaning Machine 
approaching, even though you can't see it 
yet. It'll be coming on the left, so move 
fight and again into the nearest doorway. 
Don’t duck too soon, or you may end up 
right in the Machine’s path. Do this once 
ae and you should find yourself in 

ont of the Door Knockers. The door on 
the left will only take you back to the 
Underground. You don’t want to go back 
there, so take the door on the right. It will 
take you to.... 

{The following ts from our BBS files. 
Originally created by Sky Knight of 

The Voice of the A.C.U.G. 

Twisted Sky BBS. Modded by 
Lord Ronin from Q-Link} 

The Unofficial Smiley 

) User is from an Ivy League 
Ol User is tongue ted. 
“) User is a hosehead 
“) User 1s a punk rocker 
me (real punk rockers don’t smile) 
=) User has two noses 

«:) User is the Pope or holds some 
other religious office 

‘y) User shaved one of his 
eyebrows off this morning 

*) Same thing... other side 

H User is asleep 
LO User is yawning/snoring 
:Q User is a smoker 
:? User smokes a pipe 
+2 Winking User Smokes a pipe 

{Lord Ronin’s usual one} 
0-) Megaton Man On Patroll (or 
else, user 1s a scuba diver) 

0:) User is an angel (at heart, at 

June/04ce Issue C:8 

+P Nyahhhh! 
SY User just made an 
incoherent statement 

D User is laughing (at you!) 
+X User’s lips are sealed 
ae User is really bummed 

Lord Ronin’s Ramblings 

What an interesting month. Ups & 
Downs for just about everyone. We need a 
couple ups at this moment. Hey they said 
they found some money at the HLLD. 
place. We have the inspection on our pad 
and passed. Federal Rental Assistance will 
start in July. Now we may be able to 
catch up on the bills and get the gas turned 

| on again, Off the record information to 
us, was that a lot of people yelled up a 
storm to the elected officials. Who did 
some sort of budget change routine. Hmm, 
I like the initial story of the software 
error. Easter to blame in on microS$haft 
stuff than the government. For another 
UP. This month | turned 54 on the 7th, 
Celebrated that day as the birthday for 
two of my Cats, Who are now [5 years 
old. At least, that is how long they have 
been with me. | also celebrate 21 years as 
a cancer survivor this month, Pretty good 
ups for me. 

Other ups come from the IRC chats and 
the mail lists. There is a bit more on the 
C: Direct to TV thing. I’m interested 
enough to consider buying one if the price 
isgood The upgrade to GeoPub, | had a 
short chat with Eyeth on that one. Bruce 
Thomas was there at the time and helped 

The Voice of the A.C.ULG. 

word my questions with better tech words. 
Looks like | will still need to use the Post 
Script Layout feature and do the regular 
change the font in the document file. But the 
concept of being able to directly place EPS 
and jpg pictures in the document, and going 
directly to Post Print for the printing. Has 
sold me and | hope Todd has that installer 
ready soon. There are other features that | 
missed understand all of what was said. Greg 
Nacu has more things upcoming on the 
:WINGs: project. He mentioned in the chat 
that there is a bug in the mail part. Won't say 
yet, till ready, what the new upgrades and 
fixes ar€ on the next version, 

Downer part was found on comp.sys.cbm. 
Based on some of the messages | read by 
some individuals and one in particular. 

There is a start of a group to bring some sort 
of Legal Action against Maurice Randall and 
cmdrkey. Unconfirmed at this time, that the 
Attorney General of Michigan has been 
contacted on the matter, -{ 

Back to UPs!! #30 has his new (28D. 
There are a couple of problems with this one. 
One of the keys was srpung off the keyboard. 
This was packed in a separate box! Then 
placed in the main box with both of the {28D 
units. The 1571 1s acting as if it is only a 
1541. | haven't looked at it to see if it 1s a 
poorly seated chip. If it 1s a bad chip, | know 
that | have some spares from JiffyDos 
changes buried someplace. I've loaned him 
my old keyboard till we can find him a better 
one. #16 has his 128D, He is learning the 
basics of the C: system. We have done a fast 
overview of the 128, Now along with basic 
Geos lessons. 1 am working with him on the 
C4 part. He has done a little programming 
type in stuff from the book. Can’t describe 
the expression on his face when I told him he 
had just done his first programme. After he 

June/04ce Issue C9 

ran it, and we discussed how it worked. 
Skipped ahead a bit and | had him work 
with the number generator. Short on time 
so we didn’t discuss it much. But I had him 
see how to mod it to. aD20 dice generator 
and then had him save his first prg. Think 
that he likes the creativity of the C: {Scott 
I sure hope so} As he has ordered Jiffy 
Dos, Geos/Wheels 128 and some other 
ttems from Maurice. He mentioned that he 
15 also looking at a SCPU and some other 

UP & DOWN: Jim Brain had his test of 
the server thing with Centipede for 
telnettable. He put this up during our last 
fc64friends chat. “Saturday 12/June/04ce> 
Up part is that several people gave it a try 
and reported the results on the IRC. Our #8 
and some others reported that there was 
some sort of echo”. As | understand what | 
read. That 1s from the emulator. Hyperlink 
and Linux should be fine. Downer part, is 
that at this time I can’t access it :-( My test 
gave me the same ansi character drenn as 
found on Dr. Video's beta test board. Jim 
believes that it is from the Ansi 
transmission in the connection from 
Centipede. There is a way to either shut 
that off or provide an option for the user. 
Didn’t follow all of what he said, This test 
was done by me through the Linux Telnet 
part of VCS. Jim said that he thought gong 
in through Wave directly would give the 
correct response. | logged out and gave it a 
try. £30 and | worked on all sorts of ways 
to type in the Telnet addy. All failed to do 
anything. Only one would go to what is the 
usuall waiting for connection screen. But 
nothing happened. This will be reported to 

UP: A good part {if not all} of our dox 
and magazine library has made it to the 

The Voice of the A.C.U.G. 

shop. Thanks to #4 and #16. Even the old 
photocopies <still needs repair> #30 can 
return to the indexing after a4 year layoff, 

UP: Not set in stone. Robert Bernardo of 
the Fresno Group ts planning to be at the 
26th party. Maybe Jeri as well. Fungus from 
Nostalgia wants to try to make the trip. 
Alien Relics the new President of UPCHUG 
would like to try to make if to the party as 
well. If this happens, Il have to find more 
chairs, <G> 

Space Is again short and I didn’t fill in 
with any graphic stuff this issue. Hope to put 
in some things from the current work. This 
next part relates to Load Star {Hot 
RevDave} Five of the 6 areas have been 
fully completed. Maps were already created 
for all the areas, Now it is text and story 
work. This issue should <Fingers crossed> 
have something from the maps printed, 
Work continues on the Hex map. Designed 
for Traveller RPG. Articles, including the 
fiction piece are on slow down for the 
AD&D adventure work. Must add that as of 
a week before this months meeting. The 
game guild, playtesting the adventure, has 
not made it to level three and have spent 
about 40-46 hours in the game. Have them a 
bit paranoid. | have accepted for myself and 
for the UG. making some adventures with 
Dungeon Creator for L$. Going to have to 
dig out my work disks from the initial task 
that we were doing for LS. Start it over 
again. RPG S.LG, members will be given 
some outlines for levels and coptes of 
monsters etc. We can work on It at the shop. 

Right then, as you can see we have been 
doing a lot of things this month. Thanks also 
go to Mad Max for sending a collection of 
files to us. Still haven't opened them up yet. 

June/04ce Issue C: 10 



June/04ce Issue 

The Voice of the A.C.ULG. 

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