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Based on the latest edition, major news are chosen 
and classified according to the issue dates and the 

is also listed here. Each index entry consists of the 
headline and the page number. 

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categories (Front Page News, Foreign News, Domes- 
tic News, Business News, and Sports News). Editorial 

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oil ee 
ABM anti-ballistic missile 
ACCJ American Chamber of Commerce in Japan 
ADB Asian Development Bank 
ADRs american depositary receipts 
AEC Atomic Energy Commission 
-AIDS acquired immune deficiency syndrome 
ANC African National Congress 
- AP Associated Press 
APEC Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation 
ASDF Air Self-Defense Force 
ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations 
AWACS Airbome Warming and Control System 
BIS Bank of International Settlements 

- BOJ Bank of Japan 
BSE bovine spongiform encephalopathy 

| —_—C— 

CAPTAIN Character and Pattern Telephone Access Information 

CATV community antenna television 

CB covertible bond 

CCD charge-coupled device 

CD certificate of deposit 

CEO chief executive officer 
CFCs chliorofluorocarbons 

CHONGRYUN General Association of Korean Residents in Japan 

CIA Central Intelligence Agency 

CIS Commonwealth of Independent States 

CP commercial paper 

CTBT Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty 

CWAJ College Women's Association in Japan 

DAT digital audio tape 

DEA Drug Enforcement Administration 

DPJ Democratic Party of Japan 

DRAMs dynamic random-access memories 

DVD Digital Versatile Disc 

EBRD European Banks for Reconstruction and Development 
EC European Communities 

ECOSOC Economic and Social Council 

EDTV extended-definition television 

EFTA European Free Trade Association 

EMS European Monetary System 

EPA Economic Planning Agency 

ERM European Exchange Rate Mechanism 

ESA European Space Agency 

ESCAP U.N. Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific 

EU European Union 
a) em 
FAO Food and Agriculture Organization 

FAQ frequently asked questions | 
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation 

FCCJ Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan 
FDA Food and Drug Administration 
FRB Federal Reserve Board 

FTC Fair Trade Commission 
a ee 
GAO General Accounting Office 
GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 
GCC Gulf Cooperation Council 
GDP Gross domestic product 
GENSUKIN Japan Congress Against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs 
GENSUIKYO Japan Council Against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs 
GM General Motors Corp. 
GNP Gross national product 
GSDF Ground Self-Defense Force 
HDTV High-definition television 
HFCs Hydrofluorocarbons 
HIV human immunodeficiency virus 
IAA International Association of Art 
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency 
IATA International Air Transport Association 
IOCT Institute for New Generation Computer Technology 
ICPR International Commission on Radiological Protection 
IDU International Democrat Union 
IEA International Energy Agency 
IFC International Finance Corp. 
liSS International Institute for Strategic Studies 
ILO International Labor Organization 
IMF International Monetary Fund 
INTELSAT International Telecommunications Satellite Organization 
INTERPOL International Criminal Police Organization 
IOC International Olympic Committe 
IPI International Press Institute 
IRA Irush Republic Army 
IWC International Whaling Commission 
IVANS International Value-Added Networks 
abel win 
JAA Japan Artistis’ Association 
JAAF Japan Amateur Athletic Federation 
JAIA Japan Automobile Importers’ Association 
JAIDO Japan International Development Organization 
JAMA Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association 
JAMSTEC Japan Maritime Science and Technology Center 
JANCPEC Japan National Committee for Pacific Economic 
JASA Japan Amateur Sports Association 
JATA Japan Association of Travel Agents 
JCCI Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry 
JCP Japan Communist Pary 
JET Japan Exchange and Teaching Program 
JETRO Japan External Trade Organizaition 
JICA Japan International Cooperation Agency 


fectural and Municipal Workers’ Union 

JOC Japan Olympic Committee 
wnat: OO ni 



KEDO Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization 

KEIZAI DOYUKAI Japan Association of Corporate Executives 
oct an 

LBO leveraged buyout 

LDP Liberal Democratic Party 

LSI large-scale integration 

M&A merger and acquisition 

METI Ministy of Economy, Trade and Industry 
MIA missing in action ee 
MIPRO Manufactured Imports Promotion Organization 

MOSS Market-Oriented, Sector-Selective 
MPD Metropolitan Police Department 
MSDF Martime Self-Defense Force 
ep lisain 
NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement 
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration 
NASDA National Space Development Agency of Japan 
NASDAQ National Association of Securities Dealers Automated 


_ NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization 
NGO nongovernmental organization 
NHK (NIHON HOSO KYOKAI) Japan Broadcasting Corp. 
Bar Associations 
NIEs Newly Industrializing Economies 

Business Federation 
NPA National Police Agency 

NPO nonprofit organization 
_ NTT Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. 
NYMEX New York Mercantile Exchange 
NYSE New York Stock Exchange 
=. oe 
OAPEC Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries 
OAS Organization of American States 
OAU Organization of African Unity 
OCCI Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry 
ODA Official Development Assistance 
OECD Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development 
OECF Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund 
OPEC Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries 
OSI open systems’ interconnection 
OTC over-the-counter 

a ae 

PCBs polychlorinated biphenyl 

- PECC Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference 

PEN Poets and playwrights, Essayists and editors, and Novelists 
PKF Peace Keeping Forces 

PKO Peace Keeping Operation 

PLO Palestine Liberation Organization 

POWs prisoners of war 

R&D research and development 

Union Confederation 
ROK Republic of Korea 

SAS Scandinavian Airlines System 
SDF Self-Defense Forces 
SDI Strategic Defense Initiative 
SDP Social Democratic party 
SESC Securities and Exchanges Surveillance Commission 
SORENGO-KAI) General Federation of Private Railway 
Workers’ Unions of Japan 
SNF Short-Range Nuclear Force 
SOR synchrotron orbit radiation 
STA Science and Technology Agency 
START Strategic Arms Reduction Talks 
S a 
TCCI Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry 
TOPIX Tokyo stock price index 
TRISTAN transposable ring-intersecting storage accelerator in Nippon 
_ TRON the realtime operating system nucleus 
TSE Tokyo Stock Exchange 
~ UAE United Arab Emirates 
U.K. United Kingdom 
U.N. United Nations 
UFO unidentified flying object 
ULSIs ultra-large-scale integrated circuit chips 
UNC United Nations Command 
UNCTAD United Nations Conference on Trade and Development 
UNEP United Nations Environment Program 
UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organiza- 
tion — 
UNFPA United Nations Fund for Population Activities 
-_ UNHCR United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees 
UNICEF United Nations Children’s Fund 
UNIDO United Nations Industrial Development Organization 
UNMOVIC United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Com- 
UNSC United Nations Security Council 
UPI United Press International 

USTR U.S. Trade Representative 
UV-B ultraviolet-B 
‘net A en 
VAT Value-Added Tax 
VCRs videocassette recorders 
VOA Voice of America 
VTRs videotape recorders 
ns ies 
WHO World Health Organization 
WIPO World Intellectual Property Organization 
WTO World Trade Organization 
WWE World Wide Fund for Nature 
ae, ae 
Agricultural Co-operatives 
Federation of Agricultural Co-operative Associations 

News of July 2010 

July 1 (Thursday) 
Front Page News 
Japan loses to Paraguay on penalties 
Defeated, World Cup team lauded 
JAL’s net negative worth hits ¥1 trillion 
Easing of visa rules paves way for biggest tourist 
group from China 
Arrests could be ‘decoy’ for large spy operation 
Graft probe rocks China’s aviation sector 
Domestic News 
New charter to strive for work-life balance (p2) 
Genba: Fast-track female jobs 30% (p2) 
Vessel carrying MOX docks near Takahama nuclear 
plant (p2) 
Foot-and-mouth shipment ban nears end (p2) 
High court sides with NHK against nonpaying 
viewing pair (p2) 
Lawmakers’ average income hits record low ¥22 
million (p2) 
Foreign News 
Benigno Aquino III sworn in as Philippine president 

S. Korean actor found dead in apparent suicide (p4) 
Napoleon’s hair fetches $13,000 at N.Z. auction (p4) 
Kagan shows bipartisan appeal at hearing (p5) 
U.K. coalition shows first signs of strain (p6) 
U.S. general open to Afghan pullout delay (p6) 
No Palestinian state by 2012: Israel (p6) 
Toronto police under fire after summit arrests (p7) 
Larry King to end prime-time CNN show after 25 
years (p7) 
Business News 
Pension reserves generate ¥9 trillion (p8) 
Tax hike policy due by March (p8) 
Violent protests erupt as new strikes hit Greece, Spain 
Sports News 
Pironkova shocks out-of-sorts Venus (p17) 
Japan beaten but unbowed (p18) 
Villa on target again as Spain ousts Portugal (p18) 
A Rudd-erless Australia (p12) 

July 2 (Friday) 
Front Page News 
Manufacturer mood hits two-year high 
Land prices plunged 8% in 2009 
Blue Samurai get warm reception 
Miyazaki eases foot-and-mouth restrictions 
Lexus engine woes may spur global recall 
Eased visa terms target individual Chinese with means 

Domestic News 
Fuji Xerox yanks sumo sponsorship (p2) 

Parties starting to shun ‘manifesto’ buzzword (p2) 
Air raid victims plan national union (p2) 
Tokyo Disneyland reopens Jackson 3-D attraction (p2) 
Paris opens biggest-ever Japan Expo (p2) 
Foreign News 
Pyongyang calls for both Koreas to probe sinking (p4) 
Foiled N. Korean assassins get 10-year terms (p4) 
Karzai agrees to send Afghan military officers for 
training in Pakistan (p4) 
Hong Kong holds prodemocracy rally (p4) 
U.S. House panel denies aid to Afghanistan pending 
probe (p5) 
Merkel weakened after presidential poll (p6) 
France’s World Cup exit dubbed ‘affair of state’ (p6) 
Al-Qaida launches English magazine (p6) 
Prehistoric ‘Moby Dick’ found (p7) 
U.K. court rejects plan to apply human rights law to 
soldiers overseas (p7) 
U.S. rushes to save turtle eggs from oil (p7) 
Business News 
Promise gets 966 to retire early (p8) 
Toyota may shift some car output to Thailand (p8) 
Over 280 execs raked in at least ¥100 million (p8) 
Four firms set up e-book distributor (p8) 
House OKs bill on financial overhaul (p9) 
Sports News 
German star blasts Argentina’s conduct (p11) 
Nigerian team banned for poor performance (p11) 
Exporting nuclear technology (p15) 
Well-deserved praise for Japan (p15) 

July 3 (Saturday) 
Front Page News 
Kan refuses debate with eight rivals 
Obama urges immigration reform 
‘Karoshi’ claims first foreign trainee 
Kobayashi hungry to be N.Y. top dog again, but 
contract may choke him 
Nagoya movie theater to show whaling film ‘Cove’ as 
BP oil spill hits a somber record 
Domestic News 
No charges for Prince Hotels in teacher, injunction 
snub (p2) 
Ginowan to sue over Futenma woes: mayor (p2) 
COP10, Asia Europe Meeting key events for EU: 
Belgium (p2) 
Japanese ‘critical’ in U.S. language scheme (p2) 

Foreign News 
40,000 CCTV cameras set up in Xinjiang (p4) 

Lahore attacks kill 42 (p4) 
Australian government relents on contentious 40% 
mining profits tax (p4) 
Vietnam steps up China-style Internet control (p4) 
U.S. lawmakers pass $37 billion in funding for 
Afghan troop ‘surge’ (p5) 
Study of centenarians links long life with genetic 
variations (p7) 
Cars with wings may be just around the corner (p7) 
Police reopen case on Gore’s alleged groping (p7) 
Business News 
Toshiba, MMC in EV tieup (p8) 
Lexus recall may go as high as 270,000 vehicles (p8) 
AIG may sell Japan insurance units to help reshape 
company (p8) 
Summer travelers abroad to rise 8% (p8) 
Sports News 
Serena back in final again (p17) 
JFA seeks replacement for Okada (p17) 
Lower summits of expectations (p14) 

July 4 (Sunday) 
Front Page News 
Public screenings of ‘The Cove’ begin 
Marines’ move to Guam to cost more 
Jefferson draft of Declaration used ‘subjects’ not 
New U.N. body to foster women’s equality 
New militant group emerges in Pakistan 
Tochigi keeps police DNA in database 
Domestic News 
Fishermen cry foul over ‘Cove’ depiction (p2) 
Rules for recognizing hep B sufferers eased (p2) 
Grappler ties sumo gambling to gangs (p2) 
- Judo’s Tani juggles election, Olympic gold (p2) 
First-ever appeal of lay judge ruling mulled (p2) 

Foreign News 

Gillard focuses on refugees (p4) 

FBI spent nearly a decade pursuing spy suspects (p4) 

Former Argentine dictator on trial for human rights 
violations (p4) 

At least 220 die in Congo explosion (p4) 

S. Africa’s ex-top cop guilty of corruption (p5) 

Chicago council approves tough ordinance on 
handgun restrictions (p5) 

_ Stem-cell work closes a door to AIDS virus (p6) 
Long-lost Livingstone letter deciphered at last (p6) 
Paris Hilton drug charges dropped (p6) 

Business News 
U.S. running out of options to fight recession (p13) 

Sports News 
Racehorse Oguri Cap dead at 25 (p17) 

Japan men defend gymnastics title (p17) 

Sneijder shines as Dutch top Brazil to make semis 

Uruguay ends African hopes with win over Ghana 

Quiet change in Japan (p14) 
Environmental literature (p14) 

July 5 (Monday) 
Front Page News 

Kotomitsuki, Otake fired for gambling 
U.K. plans deeper spending cuts 
Australia mining detente builds Gillard election brand 
U.S. rules out North Korea in 2009 Net attack 
Domestic News 
Kan eyes wider corporate tax base (p2) 
Java ship seeks ancient Japan ties (p2) 
Municipalities eye Chinese field trips (p2) 
Japan Post parcels being delayed by merger with 
Nippon Express (p2) 
Law allowing inspections of N. Korean ships takes 
effect (p2) 
Chinese flotilla slips by Okinawa (p2) 
Foreign News 
Pakistan plans talks on tackling terrorism (p3) 
China braces for anniversary of deadly Uighur-Han 
strife (p3) 
China’s urban dwellers to exceed 700 million by *15 
Clinton laments crackdown on civil rights (p4) 
Cuba hides hunger strike details in Farinas report (p4) 
Buffett gives charities $1.9 billion (p4) 
New Satellite to track space junk (p5) 
Genius solves key math puzzle, shuns prize (p5) 
Sports News 
Serena equals King with 13th major title (p17) 
Uchimura dominates at Japan Cup (p17) 
World Cup made of cocaine seized (p17) 
Villa’s late goal saves Spain (p18) 
Germany romps over Argentina to reach semifinals 
Better view of business (p12) 
Funding social welfare (p12) 

July 6 (Tuesday) 

Front Page News 
Hayabusa capsule holds dust particles 

Axed ozeki on list for tourney 

Ozawa hands inquest body denial of guilt 
Fusion of militants creates new threats for U.S. 
Ex-champ crashes Coney dog contest, collared 

Domestic News 
Salivating cow spurs Miyazaki to kill 16 more (p2) 

Japanese men held in China over drugs (p2) 
Narita starts testing body scanners (p2) 
Thatcher’s Britain backed Soviet control of isles (p2) 
Tokyo eyes more races. for runners (p2) 
Foreign News 
Indian strike over fuel prices cripples transport (p4) 
North Koreans fleeing by sea feared as spies (p4) 
EU to cut Sri Lanka trade benefits (p4) 
Komorowski wins Polish election (p5) 
Spy suspects allegedly used consumer technology, not 
007 gadgets (p5) 
Turkey threatens to sever Israel ties (p6) 
Opposition claims Mexico poll win (p6) 
Airports ‘refuse fuel to Iranian jets’ (p6) 
Seized sub huge leap for smugglers (p7) 
‘Jam’ containing tiny speck of Princess Diana’s hair 
on sale at London expo (p7) 
Prototype car debuts in quest to enable blind to drive 
Business News 
Toyota files to recall 90,000 cars in Japan (p9) 
Japan Post faces disciplinary action (p9) 
_ Mitsubishi, Hitachi eye hydro tieup (p9) 
Sports News 
Nadal wins second Wimbledon crown (p17) 
Brazil sacks manager Dunga after early exit (p18) 
New era for cross-strait relations (p12) 

July 7 (Wednesday) 

Front Page News 
NHK won’t cover sumo tourney live 

Firms to boost foreigner hiring 
Coalition could fall short, poll shows 
Double taxation on  pension-insurance payouts 
overruled ) 
Gillard floats plan to ship refugees to East Timor 
Maehara targets bodies mired in ‘amakudari’ 
Domestic News 
Overseas voting system.a flop (p2) 
Probe urged over 27 trainee deaths in *09 (p2) 
Renowned ethnologist dies at 90 (p2) 
Kan seeks luck of Blue Samurai (p2) __ 
Number of registered foreigners down (p2) 
Foreign News | 
Thailand extends state of emergency (p4) 
Dalai Lama turns 75, reflects on Tibet’s future (p4) 
Sri Lankans protest U.N. war probe (p4) 
Israel eases blockade of Gaza Strip (p5) 
Accountant says Sarkozy took cash from L’Oreal 
heiress (p5) 

Clinton slams Russia over Georgia bases (p6) 
Billions taken out of Kabul airport: report (p6) 
Octopus predicts German defeat (p6) 
Vote shows Mexicans have little faith in any party (p7) 
Dutch agency admits more mistakes in U.N. climate 
report (p7) 
Cuban political prisoner tally falls under Raul (p7) 
Business News 
Toyota knew Lexus had valve fault in ’08 (p8) 
Nissan plans hybrid, green tech (p8) 
DoCoMo set to sell mobile phones with SIM locks 
removed starting in April (p8) 
Newspapers likely to experiment with ‘paywall’ 
alternatives (p9) 
Sports News 
Kawashima to sign with Lierse SK (p17) 
Nigerian changes plan, aroids two-year ban (p18) 
Sumo punishment meted out (p12) 
Getting serious on debt reduction (p12) 

July 8 (Thursday) 
Front Page News 
Sumo stables raided in gambling probe 

Bethune gets suspended sentence 

China’s AgBank IPO set to be world’s biggest 

Just 13% of designated hospitals ready for child organ 
donations under new law 

Solar plane attempts first 24-hour test flight 

Domestic News 

Japan protests Russian military drill on Etorofu (p2) 

Key Japan-U.S. diplomatic papers declassified (p2) 

Viewers bombard NHK to oppose cancellation of 
sumo tourney coverage (p2) 

Sea Shepherd calls activist Bethune a ‘hero’ abducted 
by Japan (p2) 

Noda vows payback for double tax (p2) 

More Hayabusa particles detected (p2) 

Foreign News 

Indian forces fire on Kashmiri protesters (p4) 

Russian conductor faces Thai rape charge (p4) 

Schalit’s plight divides Israelis (p5) 

‘Spy swap in works’ for Russian agents in U.S. (p5) 

Sarkozy link to heiress’ cash probed (p6) 

U.K. outlines spy torture probe (p6) 

France debates ban on burqa veils (p6) 

Early humans ventured farther north than first thought 

S. Africans to learn in mother tongue (p7) 

U.S. sues Arizona over strict immigration law (p7) 

Lohan sentenced to 90 days in jail (p7) 

Business News 
DoCoMo eyes digital books (p8) 

Toyota expands recall of Lexus cars to U.S. (p8) 
U.S. adds four cities to Haneda direct flight list (p8) 
J:Com to offer TV on demand (p8) 

EU caps bankers’ bonuses (p9) 

Sports News 

Classy Dutch reach final (p18) 


Scrutinizing party goals (p12) 
Flexibility needed on whaling issue (p12) 

July 9 (Friday) 
Front Page News 

Sumo betting conduit to mob probed 

Solar plane makes overnight flight 

Cabinet support drops to 43%: poll 

CIA, Pakistan locked in fierce spy battles 

_ Cuba agrees to free 52 political prisoners 

China’s military spending in 2010 said 1% times 
higher than budget 

Fast Retailing trims profit forecast as Uniqlo sparkle 
wears off 

Domestic News 

Niigata Minamata litigants urged to settle (p2) 

Russian legislature OKs bill naming Sept. 2 as day of 
victory over Japan (p2) 

Tokyo wanted ‘unequal’ defense pact revised in ’55; 
U.S. said no (p2) 

Pyongyang’s jet bomber to visit this month (p2) 

_ No defector pledge, China told (p2) 

Envoy to Seoul escapes injury in stone attack (p2) 

Foreign News 

Malaysia gets first female judges (p4) 
~ Russia, U.S. working out spy swap details (p5) 
Al-Qaida agent charged in NYC subway plot (p5) 
Queen launches in-house austerity (p6) 
London marks tube bombings (p6) 
Moscow curators face prison for art show (p7) 
France jails Noriega for seven years (p7) 
‘Climategate’ inquiry mostly clears scientists (p7) 
Proton found smaller than previously thought (p7) 
Baghdad attacks kill more than 50 (p7) 
Business News 
Regions turn upbeat: BOJ (p8) 
_ IMF ups GDP forecast to 2.4%, citing exports (p8) 
Local tax revenue logs record fall (p8) 
EU calls on Europeans to work longer (p9) 

Sports News 

Spain outclasses Germany to make final for first time 

Nagatomo nears deal with Cesena (p12) 


‘The Cove’ screenings on course (p15) 
Startup to toll-free driving (p15) 

July 10 (Saturday) 
Front Page News . 
Retrial of °67 Ibaraki murder case begins 
Russia, U.S. exchange 14 spies in biggest handover 
since Cold War 
Antibodies found that stop more than 90% of HIV 
Female airline captain a first 
Two teenage girls held over fatal Hyogo home arson 
targeting kin 
Domestic News 
Sengoku sees last-minute resurgence for DPJ at polls 

20 DPJ candidates mixed on Futenma: survey (p2) 
Most parties shun Kan tax talks (p2) 
Yamazaki touts Japan’s space tech (p2) 
Mobster present in sumo cash shakedown (p2) 
N.Z. antiwhaling activist deported (p2) 
Foreign News 
U.N. to condemn Cheonan sinking (p4) 
Two suicide bombers kill more than 50 in Pakistan 
China finds melamine-tainted milk (p4) 
Marines’ blunt-talking Mattis to take over U.S. Central 
Command (p5) 
Norway arrests linked to British, U.S. plots (p6) 
U.K. told to delay extradition of suspects to U.S. (p6) 
Home, firm searched in Sarkozy cash probe (p6) 
Business News 
Toyota open to China pay hikes (p7) 
Sports News 
~ Bolt returns from injury to win 100 meters (p17) 

The kindling in Kyrgyzstan (p13) 

July 11 (Sunday) 
Front Page News 

Parties in last-ditch appeals to voters 

East, West pull off superefficient spy swap 

No clear-cut winner in exchange 

Petraeus, Karzai lock horns on defense plan 

‘Psychic’ octopus Paul receives death threats 
Domestic News 

Suicides prove malaise: Kan (p2) 

Sales of fake Japanese goods spread on Chinese Web 

sites (p2) 

Factories drawing tourists (p2) 

Japan, Russia eye Far East LNG plant (p2) 
Foreign News 

Myanmar democracy activists form new party (p3) 

North holds out chance of nuke talks (p3) 

Pakistan bombing deadliest of 2010 (p3) 

Six detainees prefer Guantanamo to home (p4) 

Nine Tony Blairs meet namesake in Kosovo (p4) 
Racist Gibson rant posted on Web site (p5) 
Cornered U.K. fugitive kills himself (p5) 
Business News 
Oil companies may shift drilling onshore, abroad (p6) 
Protests simmer among Iran’s merchants (p6) 
China-Google deal saves both sides face (p6) 
Sports News — 
Spain targeting Sneijder (p18) 
Tough call on sumo for NHK (p14) 
Motive for clean energy (p14) 

July 12 (Monday) 
Front Page News 
| Ruling bloc loses Upper House majority 
Kan now faces gridlock, internal revolt 
Korean War probe clears U.S. in refugee killings 
Domestic News 
Economy, tax on minds of voters (p2) 
California next target in high-speed rail bid, transport 
official says (p2) 
Video shows dolphin suicide try: ‘Cove’ star (p2) 
Your Party emerges as force to approach (p3) 
Gloomy DPJ focuses on renewal (p3) 
Judoka Tani strikes election gold; other celebs mixed 
LDP basks in first solid performance in years (p3) 
Foreign News 
Party splits Myanmar democrats (p4) 
Pakistan tries social strategy against insurgency (p4) 
U.N. may accept N. Korea offer of talks on sinking 
Secret deals with Bosnian Croats found in Mladic’s 
wartime diaries (p5) 
Europe’s Rosetta spacecraft swings past asteroid (p6) 
Mandela autopsy painting angers South Africans (p6) 
Naked Mickey Mouse swastika art causes flap in 
Poland (p6) 
Bahamas cops nab ‘Barefoot Bandit’ (p6) 
Sports News 
Nagoya meet begins amid somber mood (p15) 
Germany takes third on Khedira’s winner (p16) 
FIFA praises referees for high success rate (p16) 
Russian games up north (p12) 
A pension for their thoughts (p12) 

July 13 (Tuesday) 
Front Page News 
Kan, Edano blamed for DPJ defeat 

Your Party no party to ruling bloc 
Spain tops Dutch in final 

Switzerland rejects U.S. request for Polanski 
extradition | 
Beijing plans to make most residents learn English 

Domestic News 
Drama playwright Kohei Tsuka dies of lung cancer at 

age 62 (p2) 
Stud bulls doomed, farm chief says (p2) 
Ozawa strategy of fielding rival DPJ candidates fails 
Justice minister now out of Diet (p3) 
Your Party wins big but other new parties struggle 
Current, former junior coalition partners lose seats in 
election (p3) 
Foreign News 
Gillard poised to call elections (p4) 
Bethune: Whaling war will cost lives (p4) 
Top China miner devastates river (p4) 
Seoul grapples with Han suicides (p4) 
Magazine teaches bomb-making, other ‘skills’ (p5) 
Uganda bombings kill 74 (p5) 
Stargazers in awe as total solar eclipse arcs across 
Pacific (p6) 
Tibetans show fastest gene change known (p6) 
Longevity gene may also boost memory: study (p6) 
Karzai to ask U.N. to cut Taliban list (p6) 
Business News 
Tax issue not to blame: Keidanren (p7) 
Used vehicles suffer second-worst fist half ever (p7) 
China officials must report income (p7) 
Sports News 
Creamer hangs on for first major (p15) 
Spanish style trumps Dutch force (p16) 
Oranje see red over referee Webb’s performance (p16) 
Forlan claims Golden Ball award (p16) 

A setback for Mr. Kan (p10) 

July 14 (Wednesday) 

Front Page News 
52% spurn Cabinet but OK with tax hike 

Special Diet session set for July 30 

Haitians mark quake anniversary 
Kan calls on party to unite after reversal 

ICC charges al-Bashir with genocide 

Cooker makes bread out of rice 

Pension fund now net JGB seller 

Domestic News 
Bethune slams trial, N.Z. action (p2) 
~ Incubator Bank ex-chief faces obstruction charge (p2) 

¥2 billion in shady accounting at 11 ministries (p2) 
Store’s Michael memorabilia lifted (p2) 
Ex-skippers admits fixing games (p2) 

Foreign News 
North Korea abruptly cancels U.N. military talks (p4) 

Internet overseer approves Chinese-character domain 
names (p4) 
China elderly surged in ’09: report (p4) 
Pakistan crackdown nets over 650 (p4) 
Mistakes made in Israel Navy raid: probe (p5) 
Israeli bill could deny citizenship to some who convert 
to Judaism (p5) 
Iran scientist surfaces in Washington (p5) 
Italy arrests 300 in Mafia crackdown (p5) 
Afghan soldier kills British troops (p5) 
‘Nationalists clash with Belfast cops (p6) 
Polanski’s release hailed by family, friends (p7) 
Fidel Castro makes rare TV appearance in Cuba (p7) 
Business News 
Microsoft, Fujitsu join on cloud computing services 
¥1 trillion spending quota eyed (p8) 
_ BP installs sealing cap on spewing well (p8) 
Sports News 
Hakuho notches 35th straight win (p15) 
A failure to deliver (p12) 
Aim to expand the middle class (p12) 

July 15 (Thursday) 

Front Page News 
_ Key figures at Incubator Bank nabbed 

Driver error caused ‘virtually all’ acceleration 
accidents: Toyota 
Farmer’s stud bulls won’t get reprieve 
Breakneck Singapore growth boosts hope for Asia 
France approves ban on face veils 
Domestic News 
-Kokumin Shinto woos SDP (p2) 
Three die, two vanish in deluge (p2) 
Sidewalk usage rules to be eased (p2) 
_ Trader indicted over export to N. Korea (p2) 
Panel grills ex-ozeki Chiyotaikai (p2) 
Foreign News 
Pakistan spy agency behind Mumbai attack: India 

minister (p4) 

Landslides kill at least 41 in China (p4) 

U.S. unveils strategy to reduce HIV (p5) 

‘Fidel still holds reins’ in Havana (p5) 

Oil smuggling to Iran embarrasses Iraq (p6) 

MIT scientists create microphonelike cloth that can 
listen (p6) 

12 NATO troops killed in 48 hours (p6) 

Business News 
Yamaha pitches electric scooter for no-emission short 

commutes (p7) 
Time to ease arms trade ban, Keidanren says (p7) 
Japan Post workers seek new status (p7) 
Sports News 
Baseball mourns ‘The Boss’ (p16) 
McCann hit helps NL end All-Star drought (p16) 
Referee Webb happy with World Cup final 
performance (p16) 
Mr. Kan and the Diet (p12) 
A Spanish ‘beauty’ in South Africa (p12) 

July 16 (Friday) 

Front Page News 
Panel votes to reopen Ozawa case 
IMF: Ratchet up sales tax to 15% 
Argentina legalizes same-sex marriage 
Documents detail cuts in U.S. nuclear arsenal 
NPA urges coroner ranks tripled 

Domestic News 
DPJ pushes single runway for Henoko (p2) 
Governor says bulls should be put down (p2) 
Two small parties to form up for Diet session (p2) 
Akazome, Nakajima win book awards (p2) 

Foreign News 
Amputations without anesthesia in N. Korea: report 

North seeks own Cheonan probe (p4) 
Karmapa, 26, high on list of lamas to succeed aging 
Tibetan leader (p4) 
Rice paddies in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta drying up 
French row over Bastille parade (p5) 
Iran nuclear scientist alleges abuse (p5) 
Belfast leaders decry Catholic youths’ zeal for rioting 
U.N. internal watchdog faces leadership vacuum (p6) 
Turkey to form professional military unit to fight 
Kurdish rebels (p6) 
Fossil rewrites primate history (p6) 
Karzai gives nod to local Afghan police forces (p6) 
Business News 
Latest in world of toys on display at Big Sight (p7) 
BOJ ups ’10 growth outlook to 2.6% but Europe woes 
cloud optimism (p7) 
Chinese growth slows to 10.3% rate (p8) 
Sports News 
Maradona gets four-year offer to remain Argentina 
coach (p10) 
Nagatomo to Cesena (p10) 
Cell phone service option (p14) 
Surveillance cameras sprouting (p14) 

July 17 (Saturday) 

Front Page News 
Congress sets in motion overhaul of U.S. finance 

Fraud settlement to cost Goldman $550 million 
Ex-star of sumo seen with mobster 
Gulf oil leak plugged — at least for now 
Beijing starts gating, locking migrant enclaves 
Domestic News 
More tax income needed: governors (p2) 
National Policy Unit to be redefined to focus on 
long-range goals (p2) 
Visiting Iran official downplays impact of sanctions 
In terms of prime minister assets, Kan ranks record 
low (p2) 
Miyazaki stud bulls’ owner OKs slaughter (p2) 
Rains claim eight; seven missing (p2) 
Foreign News 
Gillard eyes August election (p4) 
Treasure trove of marsupial fossils found in outback 
cave (p4) 
5,000 held in World Cup betting (p4) 
Americans point finger at Bush, not Obama, for deficit, 
jobs, war (p5) 
Ship junked 200 years ago found at WTC site (p5) 
Lawyer, 70, gets 10-year jail term (p5) 
Clerical sex abuse rules ‘miss boat’ (p7) 
Trials offer hope of universal flu vaccine (p8) 
June was hottest ever recorded (p8) 
Eight-legged oracle Paul to stay put (p8) 
Business News 
Toyota, Nissan want bigger slice of the pie in Latin 
America (p9) 
China, Indonesia drive on Komatsu (p9) 
Illegal logging drops across world: study (p10) 
Mobile phones in use top 5 billion (p10) 
Sports News 
Henry quits France to focus on MLS move (p16) 
A Cold War redux (p15) 

July 18 (Sunday) 
Front Page News 
- Panel on brain death ‘suspended’ 

Rainy season over across wide area 
AIG settles suit for $725 million 
Miyazaki slaughters, buries six stud bulls 
New Australian prime minister calls election for Aug. 
Aussie octopus picks Gillard for poll win 
Domestic News 
Bad weather drives up veggie prices (p2) 
JAL starts selling off one-third of its fleet (p2) 

Japan, China UnionPay ink tourism deal (p2) 
New line links Narita, Tokyo in 36 minutes (p2) 
Hatoyama indicates he may not retire from politics 
after all (p2) 
Tourists injured as bus overturns (p2) 
Man feared snatched in Philippines (p2) 
Foreign News 
New S. Korea missile can fly 1,500 km (p3) 
North Korea said to be building ‘shrine’ for Kim Jong 
II’s successor (p3) 
Oldest opera singer dies at age 98 (p3) 
Amiri moved to U.S. ‘out of safety fears’ (p4) 
Europe nearly rid of mad cow: EU (p4) 
Mexico drug cartel turns to car bombs (p5) 
Theater planned for Shakespeare play site (p5) 
Solar-powered drone stays aloft for record seven days 
Russian Parliament beefs up FSB (p5) 
First female Lutheran bishop quits amid sex abuse 
allegations (p5) 
Business News 
Apple offers free cases or full refund for iPhone 4 
antenna angst (p6) 
Bieber’s ‘Baby’ tops on YouTube (p6) 
Sports News 
Bolt holds off Powell to win Paris Diamond League 
100 (p18) 
Stress and the railways (p14) 
A Japanese Steve Jobs (p14) 

July 19 (Monday) 
Front Page News | 
ASEAN skips tough talk on ship sinking 
BP extends tests as well cap holds 
Philippines abductee hails from Hiroshima 
World celebrates as South Africa’s Mandela turns 92 
Biden’s presidential campaign hit by $219,000 fine 
Domestic News 
Incubator Bank e-mail purge tied to 10 execs (p2) 
Temperatures shoot past 35 in several cities (p2) 
Railways get into day care centers (p2) 
Major Miyazaki farm missed early signs of 
foot-and-mouth disease (p2) 
LDP eyes September tax blueprint (p2) 
Your Party targets spring elections (p2) 
Foreign News 
Clinton arrives in Pakistan for strategic talks (p3) 
North warns it may open dam gates (p3) 
Uzbeks allege forced sterilization (p4) 
U.S. bags murderous fugitive drug kingpin (p5) 
Somali anger rises over peacekeepers (p5) 
Re-enactors brave heat to relive 1410 Battle of 

Grunwald (p5) 
_ Clues on heart health sought in hibernating bears (p6) 
X-ray cracks Leonardo’s code (p6) 
Space telescope spots 25,000 new asteroids; 95 
detected ‘near Earth’ (p6) 
Polanski takes in wife’s Swiss concert after house 
arrest lifted (p7) 
Divers find oldest champagne in Baltic wreck (p7) 
Sports News 
_ Hakuho joins exclusive 40-win club in Nagoya (p16) 
More organs transplants? (p12) 
Bank wanders off the path (p12) 

July 20 (Tuesday) 

Front Page News 
Afghanistan, Pakistan OK trade deal 

Train crash in India kills dozens 

U.S. orders BP to keep well shut 

Iran accused of using bank in Germany to duck 

Richardson may head to Pyongyang 

Heat wave strikes nationwide 

Elderly Ehime zoo kangaroo has joey 

Domestic News 

Refusal to send SDF copters to Sudan disappoints U.N. 

Beefed-up Okinawa border eyed (p2) 
Monaco exhibits old, new Japan (p2) 
Whaling stirs Aussie ‘emotionalism’ (p2) 
Large Narita outlet mall to draw Chinese (p2) 
JTB to up use of Marubeni charter flights (p2) 
Foreign News 
Myanmar marks °47 event (p4) 
Taiwan planning to buy more weapons from U.S.., 
paper says (p4) 
Kabul to ask donors for control (p5) 
Gulf leak plugged for now; future unclear (p6) 
Pakistanis held in wake of Uganda attacks (p7) 
Microneedles could make getting flu shots easier (p7) 

AIDS conference chief lashes out at world leaders (p7) 

Spanish Parliament set to debate ban on burgas in 
public places (p7) 
Gunmen leave 17 dead in Mexico fiesta slaying (p8) 
Business News 
Emirates order kicks off air show (p9) 
Handling of car dealers in U.S. criticized (p9) 
Sports News 
Oosthuizen coasts to British Open title (p14) 
Striker Maki to join Russia’s Amkar (p15) 
Editorial (p14) 
Tax ripoff gets thumbs down (p10) 
Citizens’ view of Mr. Ozawa (p10) 

July 21 (Wednesday) 

Front Page News 
Ex-Pyongyang agent here, meets kin of abductees 

Gel halves risk of HIV infections 
Tokunoshima off the hook for military drills 
Kan seeks ¥71 trillion budget spending cap 
Conference to reaffirm 2014 handover goal for 
Afghan-led security 
Domestic News 
Futenma plan to await poll (p2) 
Most lawmakers settled in at new office towers (p2) 
New organ eyed to set budget, tax reforms (p2) 
Two of six plaintiffs deemed hibakusha (p2) 
TOEIC contractor hid ¥100 million (p2) 
Foreign News 
North Korea dominates ASEAN summit (p4) 
Thai north ends emergency rule (p4) 
Court charges 196 over Turkish coup (p5) 
Former dictator Bouterse elected Suriname leader (p5) 
Syria bans Islamic veils from universities (p5) 
‘Top Secret America’: out of control (p6) 
Business News 
Honda preps plug-in hybrid, EV for 2012 (p8) 
Toyota settles U.S. suit over hybrid patent (p8) 
Sharp planning e-book reader (p8) 
New leaks detected near BP well (p9) 
Sports News 
Ohigashi named J.League boss (p17) 
Hakuho’s streak hits 42 (p17) 

The U.N. pulls its punches (p12) 

July 22 (Thursday) 

Front Page News 
JR West conductor held in tampering 

China rushes to halt spill’s spread 
Mob-linked building rented by sumo figure 
Deadliest floods in decade kill over 700 
Ex-North saboteur Kim spotted others on abductee list 
Domestic News 
JR conductor won four safety awards (p2) 
67 nations to attend A-bomb service (p2) 
Japan may hand over Korean cultural artifacts: report 
Tokyo temperature exceeds 35 (p2) 
Kitazawa positive on southern GSDF deployment (p2) 
Institute barred from foreign trainees (p2) 
Air France stewardess stole from passengers’ hand 
luggage: official (p3) 
Foreign News 
U.S. to hit N. Korea with new sanctions (p4) 
‘Luckiest’ Philippine maid inherits millions from 
Singaporean employer (p4) 

Lohan begins jail term; sentence cut to 14 days (p4) 
Kosovo trio face war-crimes retrial (p4) 

Spain Parliament rejects burga ban (p4) 

Plant left ablaze after attack in Caucasus (p5) 

‘Top Secret America’: National Security Inc. (p5) 

Business News 
Epson to pay $7 million to settle U.S. antitrust suit 

MUFG eyes U.S. banking assets (p7) 
¥200 utility bill surcharge eyed for renewable power 
Playboy launches work-safe Web site (p8) 
Sports News 
Tiger, Kobe are top U.S. stars: poll (p15) 
Piniella reveals plan to retire after season (p16) 
Ditching a political vision (p12) 
Retrial of the Fukawa case (p12) 

July 23 (Friday) 
Front Page News 
Abductee Taguchi seen six years ago: Nakai - 
Kim: North failed to turn abductees into spies but 
wouldn’t kill them 
Photos back claim Myanmar eyes nukes 
Obama signs sweeping finance law 
Predawn tunnel crash halts shinkansen line 
Domestic News 
Stop exploiting trainees as cheap labor: lawyers (p2) 
Judo gold medalists break down barriers by teaching 
Israeli, Palestinian kids (p2) 
Diet to convene July 30 to Aug. 6 (p2) 
Okada, Yang eye gas field treaty (p2) 
Kim adds little info about abductees but Yokota family 
heartened (p2) 
Foreign News 
Tutu plans to bow out of public life (p4) 
Ceausescu grave dug up in search for his remains (p7) 
Dark clouds hover over U.S.-U.K. ties (p7) 
U.N. court orders war crime retrial for ex-Kosovo 
premier (p7) 
Complexes that never sleep transform U.S. 
communities (p8) 
_ Structure found near Stonehenge (p8) 
U.K. to call time on 24-hour drinking (p8) 
Scientists find most massive star (p8) 
Business News 
Guangdong mulls wage law (p9) 
DPJ panel proposes funding for stimulus (p9) 
Electric motorbike market revs up (p9) 
Pitt, Jolie win suit against U.K. tabloid (p10) 

Sports. News 
‘Hakuho’s streak at 44 and counting (p13) 

Minamata criteria slammed (p15) 

Keeping devolution in focus (p15) 

July 24 (Saturday) 

Front Page News 
Democrats abandon U.S. climate bill 

Proposed surcharge of ¥200 for power hit 

SDF to view U.S.-South Korea drill 

Deja vu as Ozawa faces new grilling 

Kosovo claim to statehood ‘legal’ 

North saboteur Kim leaves; visit “very meaningful’: 

Domestic News 

Murderess as VIP guest puzzles media (p2) 

MOEX dodging gulf spill costs: U.S. lawmakers (p2) 

D.C. zoo to breed salamanders (p2) 

Stablemaster land deal tied to mob (p2) 

Cabinet seeks to streamline handling of suits against 
state (p2) 

Foreign crime rings targeting Japan (p2) 

Foreign News 

U.S. plan to resume ties with Indonesia’s Kopassus 
blasted (p4) 

Clinton accuses N. Korea of ‘campaign’ of 
provocation (p4) 

Report says workers worried about rig safety (p5) 

Venezuela cuts ties with Colombia (p6) 

Queen bars U.K. far-right leader from palace (p6) 

Prince Albert II sets wedding date (p6) 

Business News 
Public servants face bonus cut to under four months’ 

salary (p7) 
Ailing JAL lays out ’14 profit goal (p7) 
Former Abiko mayor to head consumer agency (p7) 
64% of EU fakes come from China (p8) 

Sports News 
Abe-led CL earns All-Star win (p16) 

Farm policy needs more scrutiny (p13) 
Why the investigative secrecy? (p13) 

July 25 (Sunday) 
Front Page News 
Nearly all EU banks pass ‘stress tests’ 

Main points of stress tests 

Woman dies in Swiss train accident 

North issues ‘nuclear’ threat to S. Korea, U.S. 

Global arms treaty talks make headway 

Tokyo to relax export ban, send missiles to third 

Domestic News 
Noda to ask ministries for 10% cut in.’11 (p2) 

Huge Gundam statue erected at Shizuoka fair (p2) 

U.S. to Japan: keep up spending on bases (p2) 

Watanabe tops prime minister poll (p2) 

Tokyo, Hanoi to launch foreign, defense talks 
framework (p2) 

Second Defense Ministry drone sinks (p2) 

Foreign News 

Gillard rapped for reversal (p3) 

China flood control at ‘crucial stage’ (p3) 

U.S. backs Colombia in Chavez row (p4) 

Disney gives sneak peek of new Hawaii resort opening 
next year (p4) 

Iran plans man in space by 2019 (p4) 

Solar drone lands after record 14 days aloft (p5) 

Ancient remains suggest diverse migration (p5) 

Business News 
Seoul, IMF working on emergency money program 


India unveils $35 tablet prototype (p6) 
Sports News 

Finch shuts out Japan at World Cup of Softball (p17) 

- Hakuho secures title (p18) 

Brazell’s homer forces tie in All-Star Game 2 (p18) 

Cooking the planet, not the books (p14) 

July 26 (Monday) 

Front Page News 
Copter crash in Saitama claims five 

Love Parade stampede kills 19 
Train crash victims’ kin arrive in Switzerland 
MSDF officers observe U.S.-S. Korea naval drill 
EU to hammer Iran with oil sanctions in effort to 
revive nuclear talks 
Heat exhaustion cited in 20 deaths 

~ Domestic News 

Futenma specifics put off till after poll (p2) 
‘Totoro’s home’ reopens as park (p2) 

IAEA chief denies tougher Iran line (p2) 
First ‘Nagasaki Peace Correspondent’ named (p2) 
Multifunction home bread makers prove hit (p2) 
Russia: Sept. 2 victory over Japan day (p2) 

Foreign News | 

Abbot hints at cuts to immigrant intake (p3) 

India state seeks $1 billion to foil Maoists (p3) 
Bangkok bomb hurts nine on election day (p3) 
Mexico mass grave reveals 51 bodies (p4) 

Gravity of 2010 heat waves debated (p5) 

- Love Parade survivors recall chaos (p5) 
Driverless vehicles begin trip from Italy to China to 
test tech limits (p6) 
New rules will allow some VA clinics to use medical 

marijuana (p6) 

Sports News 
Mendoza helps U.S. roll past Japan again (p14) 

Hakuho sets record (p16) 

Contador makes title a formality (p16) 

Ogura takes over from Inukai as JFA president (p16) 

No reason not to intervene (p12) 

Foundation of science crumbling (p12) 

July 27 (Tuesday) 
Front Page News 
Stimulus cut of ¥1 trillion tough for Kan 
Khmer Rouge’s chief jailer guilty 
U.S., Britain may attend Hiroshima memorial 
Japan women’s life expectancy still the longest 
Wikileaks files lay bare Afghan war 
65% of universities are setting academic bar lower for 
Ailing Kansai arrival dies after interrogation, bid to 
Domestic News 
Companies raided for selling moldy rice (p2) 
New ambassador to China chides bureaucrats, urges 
FTA (p2) 
Kin view woman killed in Swiss train crash (p2) 
Watanabe again scotches Your Party coalition talk (p2) 
ISP blocking of access to child porn gets OK from 
government team (p2) 
Tokyo inks deal for two pandas (p2) 
Ease arms export rules: Nagashima (p2) 
Foreign News 
Political motive seen in deadly Thai blast (p4) 
Aquino condemns Arroyo in speech (p4) 
Plastic-bottle catamaran ends trans-Pacific voyage 
South Korea, U.S. stage antisubmarine drills in wake 
of Cheonan sinking (p4) 
Oahu fears harm from homeless (p5) 
Iran begins program for nuke fusion (p5) 
California city manager whose annual pay neared 
$800,000 quits (p6) 
Mexico prisoners released to carry out drug-related 
killings (p6) 
Business News 
Tighter rules may yield yen rise (p7) 
Exports up 28%, post seventh month of rise (p7) 
Chavez threatens to cut off U.S. oil (p8) 
Sports News 
Ferrari controversy mars Alonso victory (p16) 
Contador climbs to summit with third Tour de France 
win (p16) 
The tragedy in North Korea (p10) 

July 28 (Wednesday) 
Front Page News 
_ Yahoo Japan to use Google search tech 

Saddled with record loss, BP replaces CEO 
Motive for Akihabara massacre hinted at 
Tsujimoto quits SDP, says party has lost its way 
Japan to take 32 Myanmar refugees 
China provinces facing default risk 

Domestic News 
All ministries face 10% budget cut (p2) 
Ban issues plea to abolish nukes (p2) 
Injured Japan tourists still in Swiss hospitals (p2) 
Heat wave death toll climbs to 66 (p2) 
Foreign visitors up 35.8% in second-best first half 

ever (p3) 

Foreign News 
‘Islamabad decries release of trove of military papers 

Korean armistice marked by drills (p4) 
More Asian men marrying foreign brides (p4) 
Key names omitted in memo to destroy CIA 
interrogation videos (p5) 

NATO attack ‘killed 52 Afghan civilians’ (p5) 
Paris in quandary after al-Qaida execution (p7) 
Muscovites battle record-breaking heat (p7) 
Russia-Iran tensions grow in war of words (p7) 
U.K. language law to start Nov. 29 (p7) 
Man reveals results of full-face transplant (p8) 
Big bang investigators seek new atom smasher (p8) 
As climate goes, so go Mexicans (p8) 

Business News 
Shanghai runs a ‘toy’ maglev: JR Tokai boss (p9) 
Kan team vows ‘active’ FTA hunt (p9) 

Sports News 
Maki aims for success in Russia (p17) 

A new era for U.S. finance (p14) 

July 29 (Thursday) 
_ FrontPage News 
_ Pair hanged; Chiba attends as witness 
Life term upheld for Hiroshima girl’s killer 
Roos likely to attend Hiroshima ceremony 
_. Yahoo Japan-Google pact monopoly: Microsoft 
All 152 aboard dead in Islamabad plane crash 
Domestic News 
Defense draft urges SDF upgrade (p2) 
Progress made in search for Iwojima remains (p2) 
Record 44,210 child abuse cases logged in ’09 (p2) 
Sengoku grand coalition talk sparks LDP caution (p2) 
Southern All Stars frontman Kuwata sidelined by 
cancer (p2) 
Tanker attacked in Strait of Hormuz (p2) 

Foreign News 
Gillard hits back at pre-election leaks (p4) 

Anwar prosecutor out after affair allegations (p4) 
Ex-Nazi indicted over 430,000 deaths (p5) 
Elite U.S. hit squad blurs rules in battle (p6) 
Iran to pay for new babies to boost population (p6) 
Spain’s Catalonia outlaws bullfighting (p6) 
Business News 
Nissan eyes 20% of global EV market (p7) 
Panasonic unveils 3-D camcorder (p7) 
Sports News 
Maradona gets boot (p16) 
A year left on analog TV (p12) 
Limiting budget requests (p12) 

July 30 (Friday) 
Front Page News 
Internet upgraded to foil crooks using fake sites 
Hormuz tanker blast no freak wave: Mitsui 
Spain may extradite suspect in Ginza heist 
Court ups Futenma noise damages 
U.S. pipeline spills 4 million liters 
Long-dead shut-in’s corpse found; kin probed for 
Domestic News 
Tax miscue caused poll loss, Kan admits (p2) 
ANA computer glitch hits international flights (p2) 
Transfer outlay boosted (p2) 
Marines’ move to Guam could be delayed to 2017 (p2) 
More Russians aware of isles row (p3) 
Atom bomb exhibition to be held in London (p3) 
Foreign News 
China’s growth takes heavy toll on environment (p4) 
Asia remains bastion of execution (p4) 
Islamabad slaps down Cameron in terror row (p4) 
Water a ‘human right,’ U.N. declares (p5) 
Federal judge blocks Arizona migrant law (p5) 
Plant plankton drop threatens ocean food chain (p7) 
‘Hands-only’ CPR, pushy dispatchers save lives (p7) 
Eight newborns of French pair found dead (p7) 
Business News 
PlayStation, TVs put Sony back in black (p8) 
Sharp enters 3-D TV market via Aquos series (p8) 
PayPal plans belated Japan foray (p8) 
Russia OKs list of state companies to privatize (p9) 

Sports News 
Maradona rips Argentine federation over dismissal 

Jockey Take ready for comeback (p12) 
Mr. Kan and the DPJ under watch (p14) 
Ferment within the SDP (p14) 

July 31 (Saturday) 
Front Page News 
_ Kan proposes to slash Diet ranks 

Microsoft to confront FTC stance 

Output fall, jobless rise signal stall in recovery 

U.S. draws ‘red lines’ in Yellow, South China seas 

Tokyo death chamber to be opened to media 

Mom held after children found ‘starved to death’ in 
Osaka flat : 

Domestic News 
DPJ, Kan in hot seat as Diet opens (p2) 

Sept. 14 DPJ presidential poll (p2) 

Drug haul burst in Ghanaian-Belgian who died at 
airport (p2) 

- Sakai, husband get divorced (p2) 
Fans flock for Hayabusa capsule (p2) 
Time is ripe for banana vending machine: Dole (p3) 
Foreign News 

Pakistanis die in flooding (p4) 

U.S. is viewed as enemy in Pakistan: poll (p4) 

Washington watching Myanmar-N. Korea talks (p4) 

Frenchwoman admits to killing, concealing her eight 
newborns (p5) 

U.S. troop death toll at record high (p5) 

Arizona appeals immigration ruling (p7) 

Mexico army kills top-level Sinaloa boss (p7) 

Business News 
Toyota recalls 412,000 cars in U.S., 16,000 here (p8) 
DPJ lawmakers urge Kan to focus on growth, put 
pressure on BOJ (p8) 

Sports News 
Hurler Saito shines in victory over Koreans (p18) 

A call for death penalty debate (p14) 
Miyazaki crisis almost over (p14)