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CLEVELAND, O., MARCH 12, 1887. 

NUMBFR) 13. 

> ds SES 
(Concluded froin last week. | 

Another ease of explosion for carélessness is illus- 
trated by the annexed figures. 

Fig. 7 shows the bvilers as they appeared just before 
the explosion. The boilers were nearly new, each 54 
inches in diameter and 17 feet long. After using them 
for some munths, some changes were made in the steam 
drum connections, which being completed the boilers 
were put in use. The manhole plate of one did not fit 
tightly; probably from some small portions of the old 
gasket alaeriag to the seav. Steam issued from the 
joint, and ingtead of waiting uatil the work of the day 
was oyer, so that the cause of the 
leak could be ascertained, two men 
secured a wrench with a long han- 
dle, and endeavored to force the 
mauhole plate on tw its seat by 
screwing duwn the nut of the bolt 
that held it in places They, were 
not successful in stopping the steam 
leak. Soa long piece of pije we- 
secured and slipped over the hand 
of the wrench, and with this i: 
creased leverage these two nn 
exerted their whole furce w b 11 
the manhole plate into place. ‘Ti. 
frame of the manhole, which was 
cast iron and sufficieutly strony for 

ter and 16 feet long, ready for use, there would be 1,135-; 
‘91 gallons, or 9,465°8 pounds, of water. When we 
start the fires under the builer, the heat is communicated 
to the water, which rises in temperature until at 212 
degrees Fihr. it begins to emit steam from its surface. 
The steam, however, is formed at the heating surface of 
the boiler, and forces its way up through the water to 
its surface. As the tires are continued, this process 
goes ou with great exergy, ant violeai ebullition is the 
result. If there is no outlet for the steam thus generat- 
ed, and the safety valve is weighted to say 80 Ib., the 
steam will accumulate in the steam room above the 
surface of the water, until it reaches a pressure of 80 Ib. 
to che square inch. when it will begin to issue from the 

safety vaive. The temperature of the steam and water 

To refer again to the boiler with asteat pressure of 
80 lb., what are the conditions? We have a boiler 60 

inches in diameter under 80 Ib. pressire of steam. The 

quantity of water is 163°17 cubic feet, or 1.135 91 
gallons, or 9465°3 pounds. Tnis water is heated up to 
temperature due to the pressure of steam, or 324 degrees 
Fahr. Ail this contained heat iu excess of 212 degrves 
is ready to flash into steam if it had the opportunity 
but the superincumbent pressure of steam on the sur- 
face of the water holds tin subjection, as a reservoir of 
power from which to draw as the steam above is used, 
If we now suppuse a rupture t > vccur above or near the 
water line, the steam alrealy forned would rush out at 
« velocity, at first, of at least 1,450 feet per second, The 
s.eam space of the builer would be nearly emptied be- 
fore the heat contained in the water 
could so tar overcome the inertia 
ofthe water as to disengage addi- 
tional steam. The steam which 
would rise from the w..ter, carrying 
a great quantity of water with it, 
would strike with great veloeity 
upon the upper part of the be iler, 
ind in my judgment be sufficient 
rend the beiter in pieces and 
jvct the broken parts to a great 
vance, | have always found that 
ve most destructive boiler exp'o- 
ns were thse where there was 
evidence of the unusual supply of 
water. Ino discussing une of ine ex- 


: ' » FIG 7.—Sh wieg the re ative po ji ion of the boilers 2 ard 3, the ‘wo thet exploded hreaking first at the man i ke i 
the purposes imended, was frac BEF AK and t's, s-condsry iines of rupture. K'.d-tted lines shuwing location uf brick periments at Sa dy Hu k in 1871, 

: h le of Nw. 3. 
tured by this careless and vivient 

usage. The rupture extend- 
ed into thesheet, and a very 
destructive explosion follow- 
ed. The pressure of steam 
on the bvilers at the time 
was about 80 Ibs. This shows 
how important it is to secure 
men of intelligence and good 
sense to properly care for 
boilers under steam. 

Another defect is grooving, 
which arises from a channel- 
ing of the plate. This is 
caused by some strain, gen- 
erally brought tv bear from 
the uneasy resting of the 
boiler in its setting. It may 
arise from strains caused in 
construction. But it generally 
appears alung the edge of the lap of both horizontal and 
girth seams. Tne continued bending back and forth of the 

piers built fur the support ot the steam drum upon the miu walls of the setting. 

STEAM BOILER EXPLOSIUNS,.—FIG, 8.—Rear view of the part of No. 3 boiler which is shown in Fig. 7. 

at this pressure is 324 degrees Fahr., or 112 degrees 
above the temperature of steam at atmuspheric pressure. 

metal lousens up the fiber, and opens it to the attack o1 } Che velocity of discharge of steam at this pressure is 

any impurities that may be in the water. The channels o: 
grooves extend sometimes nearly through the plate: 
fracture occurs, aud disaster is very liable to foliow 

A bwiler originally well constructed and strong may 
become weak from flow water—I. mean by this, over. 

heating from low water—aad be ina coudition inviting 
rupture or explosion when used under ordinary work 

ing steam pressure. The deposits from . bad boiler 
water work great mischief. Their accumulation in the 
form of scale of greater or less thickness on the plate- 
of bvilers is a source of much trouble and danger, 
Plates become overheated and burned, and have little 
ability left to withstand the pressure within. These are 
some of the conditions attending the use of boiler+; and 
when I remember how manv of these cases there are, 
the wonder is that more boilers do not rupture and ex- 
plede. In a horizntal tubular boiler 60 inches diame- 

* sibley Colleze Lectures —18%6-87.—By the Cornell University | 
nom-reskiont lecturers in mechanical éngineering. 

tbout 1,450 feet per seco id, or at the rate of 16 miles a 
uinute, or 960 miles an hour. The pounds of steam 
lischarged per minute per square inch of opening at 
this pressure would be about 82 pounds, which mutipli- 
~d by 4:56, the volume of one pound of steam at 80 
pounds pressure, will give us 373 92 cubic feet. I give 
these figures in order to give some adequate idea of the 
velocity of steam under pressure of 80 pounds. At 100 
pounds pressure, its actual velocity of efflux would be 
not less than 1,600 feet per second. But from investi- 
gation, we have good ground for believing that steam 
alone at this pressure would not be sufficient to cause a 
disastrous explosion, even if rupture were to occur. 
Steam evlinders of engines someti:nes fail. The steam 
is neariy at boiler pressure, and the cylinder is usually 
of cast iron, but the pieces arc not thrown violently 
away. The pressure is immediately released anid its 
forc® is gone. We must look, then, for some other 
+ cause than steam alone for destructive boiler explosions. 

Prof. R. H, Thurston presented 
the following calculations of 
the energy swred up in the 
builer and of the work dene 
by the liberated forces. The 
steam bviler referred to 
weighed 40.000 pounds, and 
contained abuut 30,000 
pounds of water and 150 
pounds of steam in the steam 
pace, all of which had a 
emperature of 301 degrees 
Fahr., when, at the moment 
hefore the explosion, the 
steam pressure was 53} 
pounds above that of the at- 
mosphere. Prof, Thurston 
says: “When the explusion 
touk place, the whole muasg at 
once liberated iis heat until it 
had couled down to the temperature of vapor under the 
pressure of the atmosphere.” I will not fullow Prof. 
Thurston’s calculations through, but he concludes that 
the maximum possible effect by these liberated forces 
was sufficient, had it acted in one direction, to have 
thrown the boiler more than five miles high. As it was 
with the liberated forces acting in all directions, por- 
tiens of the boiler were projected from 200 to 400 feet 
high. You can find this discussion in full in the 
Journal of the Franklin I stitute for Merch, 1872. * I 
quote this with great sacisf ction becanse it so fully 
corroborates the views which I have always maintained 
from the examination of many boilers which have ex- 
ploded under the conditions common to boilers in use. 
The question now arises: Why do not all boilers that 
rupture explode with such vielence? It depends upon 
the locality of the ruptre, and its dimensions. Ifa 
crack or fracture occurs on the bottom of a boiler and 

([Coneluued on page 171.1] 

* See e-pecia'ly Trans. A’n Soc. Mech. FEne« 1884. and 
Journ. ¥rask [net. Do 18-4 for Pres r Phurston’s latest 
paper on his subject, giving the amount of this stured energy. 








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[Con-luved trom page 169 | 

dues not exteud lo any great lengih, the water will run 
out no faster than the steam is siberated into the steam 
space; but a large rupture at or near the bottom of the 
boiler, sufficiently large to suddenly discharge a large 
quantity of water, would be f-llowed alike with de 
structive results. For by this great disturbance in the 
steam space of the builer, the disengaging steam from 
the water, together with the water, wouid act upow the 
shell with great furce and and destructive results. 

[The tecturer here displayed photograpas of explod- 
ed builers ander these conditions. ] 

Anuther cause vf bviler explosions is the effurt to 
connect builers under different pressures of steam by 
opening the stop valve between them. The water 
races from the boiler of higher pressure to that of 
lower pressure witha velucity and force due to the 
difference of pressure and volume of water 80 disturbed. 
Very destructive explosions hive resulted from care- 
lessness of this nature. Photographs of builers explod- 
ed from this cause were alxo shown. I desire now to 
call your attention to a case that is of special interest 
as bearing upon the many theories of boiler explosions 
which have been advanced from time to time. I'he 
drawing (Fig: 10) illustrates the explosion of a rotary 
bleacher, such as are used in paper mills. It was 20 
feet long aud about 5 feet in diameter. The plate 

FIG. 9. 

riptured at the manhole or stock door, and instead of 
quietly dropping its load, it exploded with great force. 
eaurely demolishing the mill and doing great destruc- 
tion to life and property. This vessel was 150 feet 
from the boiler wh ch supplied it with steam. There 
was no fire near it, ‘and no heat save that due to the 
pressure of steam which supplied it. The pressure of 
steam was ubout 50 Ibs. Here we havea case whic! 
will be difficult of explanation by any of the “myste- 
r.ous agency” theories. It certainly was-not electricity 
nor deaerated water. There were nod over-heate: 
plates, hence no place for decomposed steam. Bu 
there was an explosion that caused fearful destruction 
The heat in this large amount of water became destruc 
tively energetic as soun as an opportunity was given i 
toact. What weakness might have existed in the ma 
terial I am unable to sav, but there was a rupture suffi 
ciently large to change its potential energies into terri- 
bly destructive activities. 1 will add that up to this 
time we have the record of some thirty explosions «f 
similar vessels, They are always destructive, becau-e 
the contained water at a high temperature isa reservwir 
of power which nothing can resist when it 1s once liber st 
ed. Is there any remedy for these terrible accidents? 
Yes, within certain limits. 1 say within certain limits, 
because certain conditions are involved, and first, if the 
material of which the boiler is constructed is of inferior 
quality, %t can never be considered as sife at the 
pressures at which boilers in these days are used. A 
difference of acent or a cent and a half per pound in 
the material often decides as to what material shall be 
used; for the boiler must be built for a certain ‘price. 
Thus very inferior material often finds its way into 
boi ers. Then there are defects in construction. The 
drift pin is wickedly used. The work is not properly 
laid out, and undue strains are brought to bear in 
different parts «f the boiler, which are greatly aggravat- 

The boiler is subj. cted to a cold water test 50 per cent. 
greater than the pressure required when the beiler is to 
be put in use, It shows n>» leaks. Bait this does nt 
r- veal any of the defects which may exist, and which 
could only be detected by cutting the boiler in pieces. 
Another source of danger is the tendency to empley 
cheap and ignurant men to have the care of boilers 
S me steam users utterly fail to comprehend the re- 
sponsible position of an engineer who has charge of the 
steam plantofa large mill. Some of the cases of °x- 
plosivus which L have cited go to show the ignorance 
and carelessuess of men who are intrusted with these 
responsible duties, and in this connection [ desire to 
say a word for the competent stationary engineer. He 
stands before his engine and builers day after day, 
watching with care every detail, and upon his efficiency 
depends, to a certain extent, the successful operation of 
the whole plant. The economical use of fuel is, ina 
great measure, in his hands, provided the bvuilers are 
properly constructed, set, and connected. It is economy 
to employ intelligent mea for such responsible duties, 
and pay them adequately for it. There has been of late 
an eff rt madeon the part of stationary engineers to 
organuize themselves into associations for the purpose of 
mutual improvement. It is a movement in the right 
direction, aud so long as such associations are kept free 
from politics and other disturbing influences, they 
should be encouraged. Another meaus by which 
builer explosions can be greatly reduced in number is 


by thorough inspections. These will not prevent care- 
essness nor some other of the causes which lead to 

when once the b iler is completed and set. But a care- 
ful inspection does detect the defec.s and weakuess of 
such a boiler after it has been put in use, aud [ have no 
esitation in saying that many very destructive explo- 
sions have been prevented by careful inspections, To 
um up, then, I will repeat what I have often said. 
Boiler explosions are mainly due to inferior quality of 
naterial, faults in type, poor construction, aad ignor- 
ce and carelessness in management. We must be 
ronest in whatever we do. Money making 1s the 
unbition of all or nearly all, but if it is made at the ex- 
pense of honesty, it brings little comfort. A person 
once detected in a dishonest ‘rick will find it difficult to 
zain the confidence of the public afterward. 

[The lecture was illustrated by large drawings and 
aumerous photographs. } 


The Iron Trade Review of the Northwest. 
Gogebi: Mining Rerord, Bessemer, Mich. 

The Miner and Manufacturer, the Iron Trade Review 
of the Vermilion, Gogebic, Marquette and Menominee 
iron districts, will be issued about the middie of the 
present mouth. It is to be a first-class mining paper, 
and a credit to journalism in general, Chase Osborne 
is to have general editorial charge, assisted no doubt by 

an associate. 

A New Bessemer Ore Field. 

A great deal of the ore used in the Pittsburgh iron 
industry comes from the Jake iron region. It is report- 
ed that a Bessemer ore field has been discovered in 
West Virginia from which ore can be delivered in 
Pittsburgh at $4 00 per ton. 

ed when the boiler is subjected to the conditions of use. 
These detects cannot be detected by visual exumination. 

miles nurth of White Sulphur Springs. 

bviler explosions, As I have already said, it is next to; 

Final Decision in the Bas:c Process Patents. 

Attorney 0.3, Pier, as Mester, has prepared his fival 
rep -rt on the rehearing of the equity suit of the Bésse- 
mer Steel Company, Limited, vs. Jacob Reese, at Pitts- 
burgh. The suit was brought by the Bessemer Com- 
pany to gain possession of numerous patents on the 
basic steel process, of which Mr. Reese is the inventor, 
and which the steel company claimed Mr. Reese had 
suld them on a reyalty. In his first report the master 
found that although the claims of plaintiff were in the 
main correct, plaintiff had not acted in geod faith, while 
defendant had, Ile therefure made nv distribution of 
the patents, leaving the case in statu quo, and the Court, 
although agreeing with him in the principal features of 
his decision, held that after so much litigation it would 
be better to have sume d finite conclusion, and referred 
the case back 10 him for a rehearing ard a distribu:ion 
of the patents. This Mr. Pier has done in his last re- 
ports and mentivns by name and number the inventions 
and letters patent which shall or shall nut be conveyed 
to plaintiff, giving his reasuns for his conclusion in 
every case. All of the patents are in some way connect- 
ed with the basic process, and the teaor of the master’s 
fi ding is to the effect that all of those which huvée no 
connection with the manufacture vf steel rails must not 
be conveyed to the plainuff, while those which are ap- 
plicable to that process must be conveyed to the Ameri- 

1G. 10. 
can Bessemer Steel Company, Limited. These 
patents and the process has not been put into 

| operation, chiefly because an abundance of ores not 

impossible to detect the inferior quality of the material | adapted to basic couverting have been to band at all 

times for use in the regular Bessemer conv: rter process. 
Several of the later Bessemer plants were erected with 
reference to the use of cheaper basic ores, should it be 
found necessary. In the Southern States the process 
will probably be adopted. The Clapp Griffith process 
has in a meacure superseded the basic. 


Our Industrial Supremacy. 

Referring to a recent article in the Ikon TRADE RE- 
view entitled “A Dethroned Iron Autocrat,” ube Indus- 
trial South (Richmond, Va.) says: 

Yes, Great Britain must yield the sceptre of suprema, 
cy in the making of iron and its fabrics, because she 
cannot coutend with the natural advantages porsessed 
by this country. Four the same reason she will have to 
surrender to this country in the cotton manufacturing 
industry. Then the question will have to be settled, 
where, in this country, can these industries be carried 
on most economically and most profitably. © The Suuth- 
ward drift, already sv strong and brond, leaves no room 
for doubt where these manufac'ures will establish their 
final and enduring seat. 

Bessemer Steel in the South. 

Itis expected that by next April a Bessemer steel 
plant now building at Belle Isle, in the James river, 
near Richmond, will be completed. The Ricnmond 
Mercantile Journal, which is authority for the statement, 
says that the plant will be of sufficient capacity to turn 
out 200 tons of steel per day. It is added that this is 
the only plant of the kind seuth of the Potomac river. 

The new mines are situat- | 
ed on the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad, about eight federate prison during the war) it is the p iat at which 

It will be remembered that Bell Isle (used as a Con. 

| the Tredegar Irun Works are situated. 




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Corner St. Clair and Wood Streets, Cleveland, OU. 

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And Specia! Contributor on Metallurgical Topics. 

EASTERN OFFICE, - Room 21. Tribune Building. New York 
C.J Bittsex, Manager. 

InpusTeRiAL IreMs always welcome. 

Communications from practical men cordially solicited. 

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Review ( kly) $3.00 per year. 
TERMS: Tron Trade Rent lsoaeh ansnie) $1.:0 a year 
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CLEVELARD, 9.., Shanon 12, 1887. 

In this article we propose to take up those tariff 
schedules of foreign countries which do not go so ex- 
tensively into particulars in discriminating agains! 
American iron and steel products. 
Great Britain, which imposes no duties upon our manu- 
factures of this kind. 

Of course, we omit 

* * 

There are six countries which simply impose « tariff. 
in general terms, upon iron and tteel manufactures from 
this country. 
5 per cent. upon such manufactures and add a duty on 
cannon and field pieces of 50 cents per 221} pounds. 
This is the only simple schedule among European 
countries, C.ming to the continent of America, we find 
that Honduras imposes a duty of 3} cents (premium 25 
per cent.) per pound. Salvador places no duty on the 
iron and steel of commerce but does so on the chemical 
products of iron. Ecuador’s straight duty is one and 
seventh-tenths cent per pound. Going still westward, 
we find that Corea assesses a duty of 5 per cent. on pig 
iron and 74 per cent. on all manufactures of iron and 
steel. New Zealand admits free all articles of iron and 
steel except those classed under the head of “iron- 
mongery.” upon which it places a duty of 15 per cent. 
ad valorem. 

The Netherlands place a direct duty of 

* * 

Spain has a comparatively short schedule, as wi.] be 
seen by the following: 
{Duties per 221% pounds. | 

Cast iro 
jo wigs BM ITIDL... datideicnsbdebictellices chodeccborccedicdbtecck: $ 4895 
Bacccccccnccccccess ccvcpccoctectodonedh dbecebe scene: coos. o600cces’ ccccce 7: 
jp ordinary manufacture... At godt Ap EAS. dd 1.4475 
Tm Bre Mm eNUIROtUre.......s.ccccorsrsoceovoecrerorerecodorssvecseserscsece 3 3775 
Wro ght iron and steel — 
SARE SESE TPR ee ee ee RESET 5410 
Plates, from 6 millimete’s in thickness, with bol's....... L. 7370 
rm of any descriprion, in Yn un'il 6 millimeters; 
OI crisis thecconctd snk Gbdihs einp site 2 5090 

*pring- for carriages and 
i arge posed of hars ond Plates, a atts mened 
by ate for building purposes... 

i na is a and bolts. even those with ‘brass heads... 


etallic railing. ‘upmanufactured... 

~ 45: sbembe ch COPED. . < iid. ccces 
Old steel... bibeisaiesans 

Nicaraugua directs her attention mainly against the 
imp -riation of arms and military supplies. The sched- 
ule is as follows per Spanish pounds; 100 English 
pounds equal to 101.6 Spanish pounds: 

All sorts of machinery. . 

Gun ant cannons for ‘troups. _ (Prohibited 

Ing ta or plates... $0 (08.8 
anu‘actured tools .. 027 
ED PII lon cachh Joccehdchstseselodsbicscbecesdecaosese ‘sbeice eee, O14 
Buckles for pan’-, sad sles. harness pad penile t use., 06? 
All manufactured gvo is by tinsmiths... cia ‘ceases a 
pretture Midahesdgiladinbhth dijpeniabencncstbbssénsblbichonsstssbebs secede ssece 08.8 



such-like — lass snrenee tiie aliiilinsastpibaeeibiniees vnenieuinsecupese 315 
Pins, hooks and eyes. and fish-hooks, of any kind and 
SITE cle ctetatias: ss 0) costes nin bebe sppbhadaenenchannetiociiemaeans 5175 
Button- mnde of any kind of metal. swords and sabres, 
with sheaths buckles for braces and belts of any kind... _.62 
dma he § OO eee Rae et ci ane 1.035 

Berbadoes has the following brief schedule: 

[Duties per 100 pounds } 

Metals. new: 
Composi ion nails. bol s, bars. rods, spikes and rivets...5 1 00 
Copper in sheets, rods. bare, penne, seinen, = and 

rivets. sicaiaee 1 Ov 

Irom hoops. bers, and a a 08 

Iron mnils. sp kes, pivots eS SS ERC 24 

Lead, sheet. BN HE. ......0.0cs0rcnsseees iain divbctedbiteidietinnerias 24 

Yeilow metal, in pe tte aaa Sncgphtied spdiiadipatuanbs soutune> eprinies 1 0 

Porto Rico also confines its attention to a compara. 
tively few articles, as follows: 
[Duties per 221}4 pounds.) 


Cast. Dar. ANA ON ....sccccccccceresserenes 

Tu es «nd ordinary ma sufsctures 

Fins man ifsetured.. ..... 
Tron n!steet. forg din bars, springs. “axles, &c... 
WOES WE WEA. BONO WO so cccccsdoosaconias cecereves ,snrndhntdedieendags cove Sesense 
[ron wanujestaced with b ths of zinc, painted or var- 


CO in dhdarcdia eAciversrtteabileee yechcbebeuabiiewiisticastad 

OS ae 
Needles pens. anto. her 
Knives razers, preva... 
Arms — a.) 
Rompe: %..cskestioes 

We come next to Chil: 
(Duties per 2,215 pounds. } 


ae kg RR AR oa Free. 
sheet: Per cent. 
Painted anil ni hain cbonteiaia aaidiaiasig cnt ivaasgeeeeaalbaa cieaabiasennn sense 25 
Not pain‘ed nor galvanized wae ___ aE 14 
SECO TIE A qs cencnsnesncsendacsenssbtudeh vingsessyienteststagioananiaaa 25 
Wrouchr, or cast: 
alinted: OP timed... .ccusenessvoisauwane detenttlicdinds: “enecnniae 26 
Enameled énke tee sckeimenentipbenbisonseckesescsouss 25 

* * 

Peru’s imposts are rather peculiar. On all iron and 
steel manufactures for agricultural and mining, a 5 per 
cent. ad valorem duty is fixed; other classes, 5 to 45 per 
cen‘.; on other classes of steel manufacture, 10 to 45 per 

* * 

Not very much of a Chinese wall is evident from the 
following schedule of the Flowery Kingdom: 
{Duties per 133 pounds } 

a Sanity ND cz tondttacrctesacus sucsbnasaekeakace" <atbahsinap eh 16 
Hoops en , EE a ened etek es eee mon er 16 
Wire . 33 

Mar ufne' ures, like naiis, tacks, rivets, ‘ke . 3. per ‘cent. 
, ad valorem, 

Bars and inga's (13°%G paund).......ccccccccsssccscssececesscceees 33 
Manufactures, 5 per cent. ad valocem. 

* * 

Australasia puts up few barriers to foreign competi- 
tion, though the tendency is toward higher duties. Be 
low we submit, in comparison, the old and proposed new 
duties of New South Wales: 

Old. New. 
Galvanized iron bars, bundles, sheets. or corru- 

NS EE LLIN LI $ 973 $973 
Gatvaniz dm NS. Cad MUM cds Uaseabhencasiventans 14 60 14.60 
I on wire per ton.. ot Re Fe Er 486 
a a . Free. Free. 
Bar rd, plate, shert. bundle and hoop perton... — ...... 243 
Iron chains, not oth rwise exempted per ton......  ...... 4.88 
Wire netting, per tun........... GuelineicrsigveveescaMesvasetes © gonste 72 

Victoria admits free bar and rod, galvanized cordage 
galvanized sheet, hoop and pig iron, iron plate and wire, 
scrap, sheet iron and tanks, and steel and cordage, and 
imposes a duty of 2% per cent. ad valorem on all other 
iron manufactures and galvanized ware. 


In this connection we quo e as follows from the 
Zanesville (O.) Signal: 

The In»n TRADE Review has undertaken the publi- 
cation of a series of articles upon the tariff duties levied 
by foreign countries upon our iron ore and iron pro- 
ducts. These articies are based upon a report issued 
by the Stste Department made up from Consular state- 
ments. In the first article of the series we find thar 
Turkey is the only conntry in the world that imposes a 
tariff on our iron ore. The iron and steel schedule of 
Austro-Hungary shows that that country, with its 
pauper labor, has to impose very high tariff rates to 
keep our manufactures out. 

Mr. J. B. WApsworth, for the past four years con- 
nected with the IRon TRADE REvVIEw in a business and 
editorial c»pacity, has accepted a flattering offer frou. 
Dalliba, ITussey & Co, of this etty, dealers in iron ore 
and pig iron, to represent them on the road. A large 
thare of the reputation attained by the Iron Traber 
Review for the reliability of its iron ore and pig iro 

market reports has been due to the industry and intelli 

gence of Mr. Wadswortn; and tke kuowledge thus 

gained by him of the ins and outs of the business will 
stand him in good stead in his new position. His for- 
mer associates join in hoping that his success may be 
immediate and abundant. For his successor, Mr. L. H. 
Russell, we bespeak the same kindly consideration from 
the iron trade of Cleveland that has been shown Mr, 

We have at hand advance statements of the pig iron 

prodnetion (in tons) of three leading countries for 1886 
and 1885, comparing which we deduce the following: 
United Pintes.. den 4 529.869 
PFOA It 11M .....cerceeseeceeereee 7.20 657 
GOTEIREF? oc cccratordsborassecdsénesscdcbecsosdobsnebb vb evetdd 3.742 0 0 

The decreased produstion of Great Britain from 1885 
was 5 and 2-10 percent. The falling off in Germany 
in 1886 amounted to 11 percent. The United States, 
on the other hand, increased its production 40 per cent. 
over 1885 and imported 361.768 tons besides. The 
make of pig ironin Great Britain in 1886 was the 
suallest of any year since 18/79, when the production 
was 6,009,434 tons. Ag will be seen the United States came. 
within 503,977 tons of equalling the production of 
Great Britain in 1886, while nearly doubling that of 
Germany. It is also a significant fact’ that the United 
States alone, of all pig-iron-producing countries, showed 
an increased production in 1886 over 1885. 

Yet in the face of such facts as these we are com- 
pelled to see such absurd claims as follow, set forth by 
so intelligent a paper as the Philadelphia Record: 

“By a repeal of the duties on raw materixls a mighty 
impulse would at once be given to the conntry’s com- 
merce. In return for an immense increase in importa- 
tions of raw materials there would be a corresponding 
increase in exports of finished products of American 
ind: stry and skill. With the enhanced share of work- 
ingmen in the profits of production and the steady em- 
ployments would be Jess bitter and strikes would be- 
come infrequent. The mischiefs of overproduction in 
atariff-contined market would be less aggrava.ed, or 
would cease aJtogether, as the surplus commodities 
would flow off w consumers in nearly all parts of the 
inhabited globe. Thus the country’s commerce and 
manufactures would march forward to prosperity with 
even and assured pace.” 

Truly a beautiful vision, but the facts are all against it. 

Tue Hon. Thos. B. Bancroft, Chief Inspector of 
Mines of Ohio, has our thanks for the advance tables 
from his furthcoming annual report, showing the pro- 
duction of minerals in the State in 1886. The printed 
report will not be issued for some weeks yet, we learn 
from Mr. Bancroft. 


The Iron Trape Review is in receipt of an advance 
copy of the special report on the ‘Commercial, Indus- 
trial Transportation and other Interests ot the Southera 
States,’ prepared under che direction of Wm. F. Switz- 
ler, chief of the Bureau of Statistics. It presents infor- 
mation acquired bv an expert in each of the ten South- 
ern States, viz.: Virginia, the two Carolinas, Geurgia, 
Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee 
and Kentucky. Necevsarily, the repurt is a voluminous 
one, containing no less than 738 pages, for which reason 
it is imp ssible to treat it in detail in aay ordinary news- 
paper review. We are indebted to the Age of Steel for 
the following excellent digest of the report: 

If one thing is brought out more clearly than another 
by the publication referred to it is that the Southern 
people are thoroughly impressed with the value of their 
wonderful material resources. Tne question with them 
aow is, shall we longer permit Northern manufacturers, 
at ruinous drafts upon our depleted exchequers, to 
manufacture our raw materials for us, we transporting 
‘hem long distances to their mills, and then their fabrics 
back again to the South, or shall we manufacture them 
muirselves, with the material at our »wa doors? How 
they are answering this question may be seen from 
the statistics relating to their industries, commerce, 
transportatiun facilities, p»pulation, and other  atters 
of interest. 

The total population of the ten States in 1870 was 
9,499.963; in 1830 it was 12.234%,962. In the half decade 
between 1880 and 1885 the assessed taxable property in. 
creased in value from $1,824,000,000 to $2,15%,00 ,000. 
In 1860 the railroad mikaze of the ten Southern States 








- _ 
. I 
Production of Limestone in the State af Ohio in 1°86. | ae _~ Coal Product of Chio for 189A, tM SS ts eee 
bao At peat 3 — NE eal ee se ORE RED 8) AS ON ITH ee |\Weekas | Tons of | Tunsof | total | \o. of | Ne vf 
| | le S ¢ County, Moulton: ump Nut. To..s. |Miners ogeaide 
| | t | = =) 
; | - i = | ' | = - . a } 
ae ee | o $s 2 2 ; ; - Athens ....ccssereeee | 3 766 411) 132,635} 899,46) 1, 206 
ae Se. g a |es g = —£ 2 ~ aletietthiaialeidhinsichesonecteniin 35 46.82} 111-5-7)  A78°779 ye} tog 
e | 28 Sb oe ae oe A zt Es 5 2/3 pak ge-eo vicetiieiale a ee ee az ri 
E | “6 3 we a | 3 g = 3 3 ¢ OP oClUD .....006 she: ay % 52.934 146 fT 25 
- z§ = 2 = = w 5 Varvoli. 181.09» 3. AB 216.60) 1 : 
Cotitties. % : | é= | # i & | es 8 = . ¥ SS fF GuePMGOT ~ wscereeessceecersessere 319 £03) 84.297) 433.8 0 a8 iii 
2 $i 5s | &e 7 ick. a 3 2 2 “@ NI as sonstenacisshclieitiiinttoen 14 862 2, 17.424 2 3 
| a) 8/51 ys | s®] Se ° R 3 = | SF | oles W449 | 7 QI Wem | 7 
) Ss + a} >= ; | 8 =e ; 3 = 5 fo ne sceecouanpeos cotsehscovenses ee ag: ba 4 ae 1,185 194 
; ; ja o | § arrizon 5.132 37 Avo 36 
zis | 8 s = 4h 3 £8 5 =I aod Jacs-on . 717.516) 130-224] 8°6.74 | 1.905 a1 
a] Ss | 2 © Z vA i) — J: ff -rson 242.051 33.615) = 27) GAG 453 16 
| B | 2 ‘S rs) | nt Saat 139 723 27.76) 166. OR3 446 56 
tl 3 |g Aesine ead, rod. Rese Bel 
Po mntecemnany He ay eS | 2 ee en ST 983! 251815, Gta] g 308] ge. | 188 
Belair coco | 0 | ot | 248 | me. ing ia mT 6 A nme NE i Bs 
VERLOD cocceseee sorerceecenrese 18 2+ | 4 : 5 31 1,535) 1.607.066) 2.603 : 
Crawford anc sennnoen: cn ys | le me at iss zt ina oP 31 1 23 9'n6 70339) ies | ae 
Ob edad iw iE ss 2% | 19,9 . ~! ’ 4 9 Qn: 4% 75.4 &3 422) 1,410 293 
Clermont... 10 | 13 | = - — "pose caate Hien — wy 21 TOI) 12004) 82.225) Bil “Bt 
Delaware. a0 | 85 | sa,049 160, 1,612 | 2.400 50 | a | Saess | cecoel Mech Chet Bee 
e.. 2% ¢ 40) | ot 102. ‘ at A Cad, be 
Pi Jae S| 25) Bea ca! Hoa tae aml tesaey | 1am ee ae 
Cireen | 3 | St | 19.768) "| a3e77) Saba] TH] Bann 109) 4°89 2 | __ ssa 1500} AO} 16 
fee eee | oe | «a tes Cede ~ hate: a th 846 | 7.099,024) 1,336,187) 8.495.211) 17709 | 608 
Hishiend meenes, segses pede » = 11.169) 51,583} 43°2 21811) 75%] 5,00 @ 1 ate wt OE. Ea 
B+ TOM... .sssessseeeeees 5 2 11,€06) 63.972 5 0 25.6 | ; 
Ha cock 82 41 | a4 6| 11.928 9:6 125 2.453 | Producti: n ot Lron Production of “ire Clay in 
—_— seasons aovtvtecsed eteamiad » i eana| 15 879 fied) Panna ye : a Ore (_ 26 ths. toron) Obio in 18%6 
eveee onee oe see « d oi y 7! 456 ' 4 2.3 5 
Logan .. os . 36 21 ‘ y : oe County. os = 
Lawrenee 67.6€9 oe ae | R 628) Ss |8, 2 of 
Mahoning 823). pinck lematite «Bi | 6 & |*sat g 
Muski gum... 30 | S51 | 3,985! 14,44) 10.475, 1.892 37 1,250 1,116 “—e Z* =| am \See= 4 
Montgomery. x it 55 83 i a 149,100) 19 R9 29 47.496) 3,000 Pt. z 428 8 ; 
ID ae. ve. > . 100) . 5m 5 S60) 9 20 te ate ee Soman 
M:awi............ wm | 2 581 | 18.846) 343'5 6.2% nae BY} 18.079 AB COMMMBIADA «00400000 so-seseeeees | 1if5tj 46 51 499 56.28 
2 —_ pipet veiee: 88 a 189,10) 411 8.417) los2, $2551 300 2°70| 28,75 allie Te eines 5 1-6 “ ; m oo) 
erry..... cena | : f 8 
ck | MII A sere iges a rs 2 64 8,342| 7,750) 5.38, 4,267 19.780 1411 Jack oon 58,036 ‘7 4 2 : ine 
‘ | [pal ‘ VEL ncccee -cocceccevecoerececes | ¥ 
2 5 | awrence ... 94,900 46 20 76 a 
67 | 14,036 71,8, 523 182] 32 a 4,40 32,6°8 || Mu-kingum 3 
1Z 3.4530 | Mahoning 13,952 2 1 a 
sd iy 4,98 1,2€3} ° 70 | 500} 3,74 ie 6.758. 10.18 2 8 12 17,20 
52,544 | ~e10'0 ns liu: 35 | 19 | 132 | ators 
1,6 0 fumbull....... 1°.°A1 
9 4,310 2,313. 277 | 1.04 || PuscarAwas ...ccsceesereseeees 51,359 Oe S 98 10,606 
8: |° 47.415 7,334] 10.556 36 23,3 Vim 8d ...cccccccccccesnccve --sopsece f9,9"4) 
Wyandotte eoseees sei 22 | 2 7.315 V2 187 '8 | 24 Tor 1. 3.07) wera 7| ra 222 = a | wa 
ee - a a o eovece e 4 09 
Total. tes, 28° 17.701 ¢ 80-0) 68,69 — 2 5,931! 6t4F ih] 179° 9 | 154.63 | 68 0! *86 sit Grand ¢ “ot: be. ___senveenee ih i 44.084) Average time made © we ks. 
was 8 Hie in 1870 econ 11,229, while in 1885 it had in-| nection, and to which we shall refer at scncidaibble | 13,000 veurs to exhaust the supply of coal. In twelve 

creased to 20,802. The additional railroad mileage since 
1870, added to the investments in old roads and their 

_improvement, is estimated to have cost $500,000,000. 

The following table will show the changes in the statis- 
tical position of vari »us industries in the ten States: 

1880 1885. 
Pig iron production, OE ROUEB..cnciccnces -dveodste of 201 Msg +4 
Co 1 - 1,938.796 4,215,507 
Corn “= "297; 81410 345. 181 000 
Oats ne OY 8 48.8445 :100 
Wheat 35.788,165 18,687,004 
Farms alienientl from 699 949 in <879 to... B,1B0.0B5 sa scescoveosee 

In the statement of pig iron n given above, 
the States of West Virginia and Texas are also incinded. 
Nw coal was reported as mined in the States of Suuth 
Carolina, Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana. 

Virginia is given considerable space in the report. 
In 1860 there were 3,325 manufacturing establishments 
in that State with a capital of $13,500,000; value of 
products, $26,000,000; whereas in 188 there were 5,710 
establishments, an increase of 2,385; capital invested 
nearly $27,000,00''. an increase ot $13,500,000. with value 
of products of $52,000,000, or nearly double the value of 
1860. In 1886 there were established in Virginia 186 
new manufacturing establishments with a capital of 

The cotton mills of Georgia numbered forty-two in 
1885, having 387,000 spindles, a capital of $10,909,000 
and employing over 9,000 hands. The product of these 
mills during that year was $9,471,000. In respect to 
minerals it is said Georgia has gold in 56 counties, cop- 
per in 13, silver in 8, mica in 6, coal in 3, and granite 
in 48, 

Previous to 1860 Alabama was almost exclusively de- 
voted to agriculture, and cotton was the single crop of 
eommerce. This has been entirely changed, and new 
and thriving centers of industry, entirely removed from 
the business of former years, have sprung up in various 
parts of the State. Among these is Birmingham. This 
new and promising city was unknown during the war, 
lt was incorporated in 1870, but fur ten years gave no 
special promise; from 1830, however, it was increased 
in population from 5,000 to an estimated aggregate of 
25,000 in July, 1886. The city owes its present vitality 
and promise for the future to the railroads and its iron 
manufacturer, ores and coal. 

As showing the wonde-ful industrial progress of 
Alabama, the New Orleans Jimes-Democrat of recent 
issue presents statistics of especial value in this con- 


The first b'ast furnace in Alabama was erected in 
Franklin county in 1818, but was a failure. Several 
other attempts were made without success until 1852, 
when a furnace was put in blast at Round Mountain, 
which has latterly been blown out, but is soon to be 
blown in again. Several furnaces, still in operation 
were started in the State during the war or immedi- 
ately after. All of these furnaces were run with char- 
coal up to 1878, when the manufacture of coke in Ala- 
bama was made successful. ‘The following table shows 
the number and present importance of the companies 
now making tron: 


: capacity, 
Company Location. Capi‘al. tons [lands 
Eureka Co... .. Oxmoor, $830000 Rom 305 
~helby Tren W orks......... shelby. 0.00 2000: 40 
j Tecumseh Iron ¢'0......... Tecumseh. 200.000 15,00 B80 
tward- Iron Co... .......... “oo stock. OY eee ae 
Woedward Iron Co......... Wheeling. 1.000900. 60.090 600 
Clift Pron 0 .....c00--000 Ironton. ¥0,000 16:00... 

Brierfield Co..............cs000 Krierfie'd. 7000 204W 

Alice Furnace Co............ Virmingham. 80 60) ...... es od 

Sloss Furnace Co............. Birmingham. 80000  ....0 
Mary Prat Furnace Co... Birmingham, 300/00 14:00 AO 
“Williamson “urnace Co.. Birmingham. 1:45.00) 600' ..... 
Gads-ien lron Co............. (indsden. 125.000 4,00) 140 
stock Iron Co......... » Anniston. 60 00 2,00 700 

The additional furnaces being erected are divided » 
follows: three for Florence, two for Gadsden, one f.» 
Calera, one for the Pioneer Manufacturing Company 
two for the De Bardeleben Coal and Iron Compan 
four for the Pratt Coal and [ron Comoany, three fe 
the Sheffield Iron Company, three for Decatur, one fi 
Greenboro, two for Anniston and one f:r Tuskalovs» 
The production of pig iron in Alabama has increase: 
1,789 per cent. in ten years, and amounted to 283,85: 
tons in 1886. [ao 1871, all the iron made, 41241 ton 
was made with charcoal; in 1880, of the iron manufac 
tured, there was charcoal iron, 58,72U tons, and cok« 
iron, 225,139 tons. 

The coal lands of Alabama are estimated at 8,6 
square miles, and are represented by three fields name« 
after as many rivers, viz: the Warrior, the Cahaba am 
the Coosa. The Warrior field alone is estimated 10 
contain a total of 113,119,000,000 tons of coal; 108,394 - 
000,000 tons of which are available worth $150,000,000, 
000. OF this, at least, $30,000,000,000 is profit or ne 
money. This is nearly 200 times the total assessed 
value of property in the State of Alabama, and woulu 
buy every foot of land in the State at $900 per acre. 
At the present rate of mining them it will take nearly 

years there was 5,500 per cent. increase in the coal out- 
put of Alabama; in 1836 the outpat was 2,800,000 net 
tons, valued at $3 920,000. — 

In steel manufacture Alabama has hitherto been very 
backward, although its. production has been the great 
ambition of iron masters, Great difficulty, however, 
was encountered here as most of the iron ore in the 
neighborhood of the Birmingham furnaces contained 
too much phosphorus to be utilized in making steel by 
the Bessemer process, which is the one most generally 
in use. The Pratt Coal and Iron Company bought 
some time ago the bisic process for making steel, and 
4 deposit of iron, admirably suited for that purpose, 
heing discovered in the aeighborhucd of Jefferson, at a 
olace since named Bessemer, arrangements were begun 
for the erection of the necessary plant there, which 
vork is now under way, and, as a consequence, Alabama 
v1] soon begin turning out steel. 

In cotton manufacture, lumbering,» stock-raising and 
arming the State has made ver- rapid strides in recent 

ears, for which statistics and other information are 
resented at considerable length by our New Orleans 
ntem porary.” 

The Carbon Industry. 

Of 150,000 carbons burned daily in the electric lights 
ised in the United States, 100,000 are mananéfactured in 
teveland. Six years ago all the carbons burned in 
he country were made in a single room in Boston. 
Now there are twenty carbon furnaces in this city alone. 
(he carbons are made chiefly of the residuum of oil 
tter it has been refined, but the deposit about natural 
cas wells is also coming into use. The material is 
round to a powder, a little pitch is added, and the sub- 
tance isthen placed in molds. These are packed in 
»oxes and the latter placed in a furnace, where they 
ire subjected to the most intense heat. The capacity 
f anordinary furnace is 45,000 carbons. Under the 
ud system four men were engaged two days in packing 
1 furnace, the carbons were subjected to a steady heat 
for nine days. Through the use of a movable furnace 
roof, two furnaces are constructed side by side, and, 
chile the carbons in one are being burned, the other is 
toaded with boxes of molds. Under this system two 
nen load a furnace in one day, the carbons are 

thoroughly burned in five days, and the cooling process 
continues only twenty-four hours, 

8 neo segn _ 




New and Complete System for the Handling of Heavy Materials. 



tha’ will take materia! either from or to any desired point op the line of its tram 
wor poe) automatically |»wer or dump the sawe at will of the operator Especially 

\ st 

The Brown Patent Cable Tramway Svatem apnhed to Strinning and Mining >* ‘he “* 

adapted for 
, Mining and 

Loading and 
Unloading of 

SS S97 rom ee Vessels, Cars, 

“rar: Mine.” Ga- ahaa Ranga, "Wie, ACM, ete. 

The Brown Hoisting and Conveyirg Machine Co., Cleveland, Crio. 


AT.PX. F. BROWN, Vice-President and Maneeer. [42] 

HARVTY H. BROWN, Secretary and Treasurer. 

The Celerhrated tmareved 


19 to 40 Hoaree Power, Trequalied for ac. 
eoracy * darabilitv. ag yp vané 4 
eare of management. Over 7.000 in suc 

cessful orerstion, 

Address F. J. L. B'andyv. zaneevitié Oo. 

The Improved Hane ¥ 



From 10 to 500 horse power. Built u 
the woe app proved modern mechanical 
. princinles evutitully proportioned. j-ow- 
*\ erful. durable, -ompact and easy of man- 
: gement 

Buchanan Manufacturing Co., 
Manufacturers of 


Cast Washers. Farm Bells, 
And Cenera'! Castings. 
Telephone 2141. 

176 Central Way. CLEVELAND. OHIO. 

Beaver Falls Steel Works. 
Manufacturers of all kinds of STEEL 
4pecial “Reaver” Tool. Die. and Axe Steel 
fron enter. Soft Steel ‘ enter. and Cast 
Plow Steels. Open Hearth tessemer Agri- 
eultural Stee! Shapes 4 a) 
Finished Rollirg ‘ a cvlternend Patent Cut- 4 

lery Steel. 



Fair Prices and Best Work 
106 Canal Street, CLEVELAND.O yj OL! 

Disintegrating Machine. fi 

The Only Method for Preparing the Ore Ce 

Disintegrating, Decomposing and Desulphurizing 
the ore under a HIGH TEMPERATURE and PRESSURE 
Or erkaM HRAT. with chemical action and attrition, 
disso] es and breaks up the chemical combination 
iv the ores. individualizing cleansing and separat- 
ing the atoms of metal from the gangne. pertect! 
freeing them for amaleamation combination wit 
process, (heing the greatest combination of Amalga- 
mation known). will snecessfully extract 4 per cent. 
of the metal from rebellions ores, such as Sulphur- 
aN * eta. Sulphates, Salpates. Chlorides. Bromides, Ox- 

for Amalgamation. 

Tellurides. F : 
We desire lesinese correspohdence in every mining district in the Tnited States. 

iy i 
VY The Meech Crusher ai Pulverizer. 

This Machine will GRUSH AND PULVERIZ® GOLD AND SILVER ORES to 20, 40 and 0 mesh fine, and 
from 20, 40 and 6 tons per day. The PRINCIPLES of this m chine. making it superior teal! others, 
are the peculiar concave and convex shape of the jaws, with concave and convex precvemees: which 
breaks. crumble<. stamps and pulverizes the ore with less power. wear and tear, t 
chine. Manufactured he 

n any other ina 

MEECH & CO., Cleveland, O. 

We will contract to erect the Meech Plant of Mining machinery for successfully treating 
all grades of gold and silver ore. 02 



Feed Water Heater 


Lime Extractor. 


Durable in Gino tien. 1 . eentip epee 
Easily Clean 

seni for Descriptive Circular A, 

Hoppes Manuf cturing Co, 
Soringfield. O 

oe J 
at © 

ee » 
442 pa 237 
HEE ErEsese 
a4 ;Z Semee S 
PeTLET pat 
Tht getehi 
3 2222 girs °77 
3 ees ary i 
S ga= 26 Fo Sees 
=a8 snes Togeee 
atte EeEes 

rm ] _ 
SNICCGS &CO., - - - - Buffalo, N.Y. 
‘ 61 

Send for Catalogue and Price List. 


W. H. Thompson, Proprietor, 
builder of 

Steam Pcwer Cranes 


Turned Chafting, Couplings, Hangers, etc. 



AND I Sigua GOODS.  Jobhers of Plumbers’. Gas and “team Firters’ Tools and Supplies. 

manufartrers of | he Worswick Patent Radiators. 

Corner Water and St. Nair 8S: reets, 42 CLEVELAND, O. 



Doors, Glazed Windows, tiass, Biinds, Mouldings, &c. 

42. 44 and 4 Michigan St., Clevetand, O Zand 2 West Spring ®t... ¢ olumbu., ©, 



Hydraulic and Steam Passenger and Freight 


Also Hand Elevators and Dumb Waiters. 
No. 53 Center Street, 
Telephone No. 2111 CLEVELAND O. 

All Kinds of Elevators Repair d. 

Pat nteer and Man facturers of 

Gear Cutting. 


Tanoaro gn Acraynce ont 

Wason Street bet. St. Clair and Superior. | 

and Emery Wheel Machinery. 

Patented Sep. 25. 1883. and Oct -12, 1886. 

It grinds much faster than a grindstene. and will soon save 
raeo tt Wheels sre made to ron in water Will ship on their 
erits for 30 day’ trial. and if not satisfactory. ean be held 
ject t our or ler. 
We m-ke $8 izes and Stvles of Fmery W heel Grinders 
we-antu nish th madapted for alpostan ela « of work. 

One Thousand of cour Crir ders now in use. 
94-ly Send for Cirovlar No. B. 


cer eee en Ree 




Blast Furnaces:— 
It is reported that a $159,000 company has peen 
fortned to build a charcoal ftirnace and chemical plant 
at West Point, Tenn, If true, H. M. Pierce, Nashville, 
tan give inf..rmation. 

“The Chattanooga Times, March 5, says that Senator 
Brown, of Georgia, has sold his two blast ftirnaces. one 
of which is in Chattanooga, and the other at Rising 
Fawn, 20 miles distant, and the Dades mines, ne r 
that city, to a syndicate of Georgia capitalists, for 

2,000,000. The syndicate is known as the Bartow 
Cval, Iron and Land Co. 

A c ntract was completed in Pittsbutgh the past week 
for the erection, at Ashland, Wis., of the blast furnace 
heretofore referred to in these columns. The Ashland 
Pig Iron Co. is at the head of the new enterprise 
James E. York, of Mioneapolis, is at the head of th: 
company, and interests are held by James L. Gates, of 
Milwaukee, the Mesers. Hinkle, of Minneapolis and 
Cincinnati, and Mr. Fuote, of Minneapolis. In order 
to secure the location of the blast furnace, which will 
employ a large nnmber of men, the citizens of Ashland 
donated forty-seven acres of land adjacent to the North- 
ern Pacitic and Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omah» 
railway lines. It is reported that the citizens of Ash- 
land also subscribed - bonus cf $10,000, which is held in 
escrow for the benefit of the company when it shall 
have the furnace completed. 

Oliver Bros. & Phillips, of Pittsburgh, Pa., have # 
large contract fur pig-iron, and have Jeased the furnace 
of the Neshannock Iron Company, at New Castle, P.. 
The contract goes into effect on April Ist, and is the 
renewing of a similar one that expires on that date. [i 
is understood that the firm will furnish the raw mate- 
rial, while the owners of the furnace furnish the labu: 
and operate the furnace. The product of pig iron fur 
the year is expected to amount to between 40,000 and 
50,000 tons. The R.sena furnace at New Castle, which 
has been leased by Osiver Bros. & Phillips, is undergoing 
relining and other extensive repairs. Between $30,000 
and $40,000 will be expended in improvements at the 
plant. tis expected to have the furnace in blast by 
June Ist, with a daily product of about 150 tons of pig 
iron. It will be under the management of Mr. Georg: 
Tener, of Piusburgh. 

Rolling Mills: — 

The rolling mill of the Stewart Iron Company Sharon, 
Pa., has resumed after two years’ idleness, 

The machinery -for the new sheet mill of the 
Catasauqua Mfg. Company, to be erected on the Packer 
Flats, above the Ferndale Mill, has commenced to arrive 
from Baltimore, where the company purchased a very 
valuable plant, S-me forty carloads are on the way. 
and wi'l be stored until the erection of the mill is com- 
pleted.— [Catasauqua (Pa.) Dixpatch 

Myron. C, Wick, president of the firm of Cartwright, 
McCurdy & Co., of Youngstown, Ohio, has recently 
purchased the plant of Arms, Bell & Co., located in 
Youngstown, and reorganized the same under the name 
of the Arms-Bell Company, with the following officers: 
President, Myron ©. Wick; vice president a d treasure), 
W. H. Baldwin; secretary, J. A Finch. The new firm 
will continue the business in all its branches. 

A Findlay (U.) dispatch, March 4, says: Two iron 
rolling mills, with an aggregate capital of over $100,000 
each, have just selected sites here, and one of them has 
already begun building. The oth: r, which comes fron. 
Cincinnati, will have men at work on its building 
within two weeks. These two establishments will em- 
ploy over 200 skilled mechanics and will add nearly a 

thousand population to this now remarkably growing 

Steel Works:— 

The Phe .ix Iron Company, at Phenixville, Pa., ix 
preparing to build an open-hearth steel plate, and ha- 
ordered 1.000,000 bricks to construct the furnaces. 

W. W. VaNess, Jr., writes the Chattanooga Trades 
mon from Dalton, Ga.: We contemplate erecting a 
Bessemer steel plant at this place, providing that we 
can find a sufficient duantity of good iron ore in thi- 
locality to justify us. 

According to reports, a representative of the Buckaw 
Tron Works, Madgeburg, Germany, is now inspecting 
Pittsburgh, Pa., wills, with a view of arrauging the re- 

moval of his plant to America. 

|}event of the adoption by Congress of measures for 
a | coast defense, its plant will be removed to this country. 

This firm makes a 
specialty of steel plates for coast defense, and in the 

The steel in the cylinder for the hydraulic forging 
press which is being made by McGill & Manchester, of 
Pittsburgh, for the Burnham Gas Co., has shown re- 
markable behavior under test. The cylinders, which 
are 20’x20’, were cast by the Pittsburgh Steel Casting 
C:., the specifi-ations calling for a high tensile strength 
anda high elastic limit. The test piec-, which was about 
1}. inches square, was a lug cast at -the top of the cxst- 
ing, and was forged down to § of an inch square. The 
test was made by Carnegie, Phipps & Co. on their 
Tinius Olsen machine, and gave he following results: 
tensile strength per square inch, 132,700 pounds; elastic 
limit, 84,503 pounds; elongation in 2 inches, 16 per 
eeut; reduction of area, 31.07 per cent.—[American 

Machine Shops:— 

Chas. P. Willard & Co., Chicago, Ill. will build a 
one-story mac! ine shop as an addition to their works. 

The Pratt & Whitney Co., of Tartford, Conn., have 
just received an additional ordei from the I alian gev- 
ernment fur 75 more Gardner guns, making 175 in all. 

The vew © Union Machine ©. mpany,” of Fuchburg, 
Mars., was recently organized with the following officers: 
President, John Barney; Secretary, Emmons Crocker; 
lreasurer, S. E. Crocker; Directors, Johu Burney, T.C. 
Crocker, S, E. Crocker, George F. Fay, George H. 
Crocker and Alvah Crocker. The company, which 
wanufactures general paper mill machinery, is quie 
busy, and the men have been working extra hours. 

The machine shop of the Calumet and Hecla Copper 
Mine, Michigan, performed quite a feat a short time ago 
in rebuilding a locomotive in 56 hours. The locomotive 
had been almost destroyed by a tire which burned sume 
of the buildings at the min», practically nothing of it 
being left but the boiler and trucks. The company’s 
machine shop, however, is uot a small affair, as it con- 
tains 26 lathes, 6 drilling machines, 2 shapers, 4 buring 
wills, 2 milling machines. 2 pipe-cutting machines and 
4 planers, and it employs a force of V0 hauds, including 
56 regular machinists. 

Whiteley, Fassler & Keily, Springfield, O., says the 
Times, bave just completed a bolt forging machive for 
their new blacksmith shop. This machine was designed 
by Mr. William F, Harrison, formerly of Delaware, but 
now an employe of Whitely, Fassler & Kelly, and isa 
very simple and compact machine, having but very few 
parts and those are very strong and not liable to disar- 
rangement or to break. Heretofcre iron for bolts had to 
be cut into suitable lengths in one machine, and then 
heated and manipulated in another before they were 
con plered. This new patented bolt machine does away 
with all this and makes its bolts complete, at one blow, 
direct from the bar; it being fed con:iuuously through 
the machine until it is entirely cut up. 


John MecSally, of Hannibal, Mo., will establish a 

H. I. Chapman, White Pigeon, Mich., contemplates 
establishing a foundry. 

The Foundrymen’s Co-operative Manufacturing Com- 
pany has been organized at Chicago, capital stock, | 
$5,000; incorporaters, Uscar C. Bramon, Juha Schwariz, 
and Edwards Effting. 

The Cleveland Shipbuilding Company has begun | 
tearing down the old buildings on the premises, and will 
in a short time be ready to entertain contracts for ship 
building. The company has matured plans for a new 
foundry on the corner of Center and First streets, Mr. ' 
Airy being the architect. 

We take pleasure in announcing the organization of 
The Thos. D West Foundry Company, of Cleveland 
O. The firm consists of Mr. Thos. D. West, for years 
foreman of the foundry department of the Cuyahoga 
Steam Furnace Company (lately passed into the hands 
of the Cleveland Shipbuilding Company), and widely 
known as the author of “American Foundry Practice” 
and “The Molder’s Text-Book;” Mr. Samuel Landsdowne, 
foreman of the Eclipse [ron Works, and Mr. Charles 
Neracher, foreman pattern waker of the Variety Iron 
Works. All of these gentlemen are eminently practical 
in their various departments, and p sess the reputation 
of being hard-working and industrious arti-ans. They 
h»ve secured an excellent site on Wason street. facing 
the Phoenix [ron Works, and in the center of a large 
manufvcturing district, with ample shipping facilivies, 
Their buiiding is now uuder way, aud when i: js 

» cept hy those familiar with the machine. 

ed they will be prepared to do anything in the line of 
foundry work, either light or heavy castings. May their 
success be inimediate and abundant. 


The Essex Horse Nail Co., Essex, N. Y., have recently 
been increasing their capacity about 25 per cent. 

The Lenz Wire Nail Company has been organized at 
Belleville, Ill.; capital stock, $6,000; incorporators, 
George BLM. Gray, P. M. Priester, and George Lenz. 

The Bailey “Wringing Machine Company, Woon- 
socket, R. I, are stated to have a daily production of, 
800 wringers, which is reterred to as the largest number 
turned out by any 2oncern in the world: 

The Illinois Malleable Iron Co., of Chicago, manu- 
facturers of pipe fittings and malleable iron and brass 
Castings, whose works were entirely destroyed by. tire 
Jas: summer, aré just commeticing operations in’ thelr 
new factory. They have enlarged their capacity. over 
50 per cent., and now have a huil'i g that insurance 
men describe as “slowly combustible,” a called” 

A new Akron industry is about to be started; in this 
city, having been this week incorporated at the office of 
the Secretary of State The i corporators are princi- 
pally Akron gentlemen, The industry-ie to be known 
asthe Akron Hardware Manufacturing Co., and will 
mannfacture chiefly carriage hardware. The capi: } 
stock is $25,000. The shops recently occupied by Peck 
& Demsey, located at tle intersection of Exchange and 
Carroll streets, will be refitted and put in shape for ule 
new enterprise.—[ Akron (0 ) Beaeons 

National Association of Stationary Engineers, 

This Association has issued a circular setting furh ite: 
principles as ad«pted at the annonal convention Netd in 
Be ston in September last. The Association is not in- 
tended to be a trades-anion in the ordinary sense;hut 
an association for the purpose of elevating the. trade 
and putting it on a better footing then heret- fore. The 
objects sought to be attained are stated io the circular as 

“1. To elevate the profession, 

“2. To secure a legal or recognized status for operat- 
ing steam engineers. 

“3. To elevate and help its members, 

“4, To secure the confidence of steam nsers, 

“5. To prevent entirely the explosion of steam 
boilers. ' 

“6. To permit only licensed engineers to operate 
boilers under press 're.” 



Relating to Iron, Steel, Metal, Machinery, Hardware 
and Mining Interests. 
Reported expressly for this paper by Chas. J. Gooch, 
Solicitor of Patents, Washington, D.C. 

B oghtne te rot} yollieg hollow ware, J T. Duff. Pi:tabargh, Pa. 
ot-ry shear-, J tuff Pittsburgh, Pa 

Wagon dump a= ag J + Kidt, tres Molnes, 

Miai «dr i, d. R Powell and WD. Lewis, een Pa. 
Wire nail m: i al © C Hill Chicaxo, TH. 

Converter. L. 4. Laurean. Philade! nia. Pi. 

Bhusting cartrijge, J. tleath aud Wm, Prost, Burslem, Stafford, 

Conveyor machine. J, W Dodge. Phi'ade ohia, Pa. 
Power hammer., R. Je tkins. Jr Helletonte. Pa, 
Tool for twisting wires, «’.C Alexender. H ertfor ! City. Ind 
Dev ce for drilling rails. gieders, and ths like, 4, L Stanford, 
Waukegan. i 
Anvil, E 5 athamaol I Price. Newport. Ky. 
sit Lathe for warning round ro 8, M. E. Ntudkwell, (rand Ledge, 
Apeereiving puddling furnace, 8. T. Wellman and ‘3, W. Goertz, 
Cacti g car wheels. W Wilmington. ToleJdo, 0. 
Saw. J. E. Emerson, Beaver Fails. P». 

Why has the “New High Arn Divis” so rapidly and 
securely taken the front rank among sewing machines? 

| The fact that it occupies that position is freely ackn »wl- 
| edged, but the reasons are not so well understood exe - 

It is simpler 
in construction—having a less number of working pare 
than any other machine. It is made of the best mat- 
rials, and in the mst workmanlike manner. Is is light 
running. Its simplicity and the ease with which Ue 
details of .itg 0} eration can be mastered bring its best 
features within the reach of the most inexperienced. It 
has the greatest number of attachments,and automatic 
in their action, for doing every desirable style of work, 
Tt has the “vertical feed’”’—an entirely new principle in 
sewing machines—which enables us to do all kinds of 
work more perfectly and with greater facility than other 
machines, and many kinds of work entirely beyond the 
capacity of any other michite in the world. {t has 

built ats pre-eminence on solid — verit, aid because it ig 

, entirely uulike, and better than itg rivals.—[ Adv. 








163 Water Street, 

926m Cleveland. O. 


Old Raiis. Car Wheeis, Axies, etc. 

2 WILSHIRE BUILDIN#. iss Telephone 1107. CLEVELAND. 0. 


J. H. OUTHWAITE & CO., sR a gS ‘ 
Exelusive attention given to 

Lake Superior and Menominee Range! 
Tron Ore. 


Muck and Bar Iren, and 



lots special pri 
— 8 

Bolt and Nut Works. ‘ Hinckley, O 
a HE HOTCHE TSS & Sea CO, Manav. ws ke ated .S. ‘Tin cans of every descrip ion 
. ow «& levator ts, © iS Corresponuenee 

Boiler Makervw. 

MITH & TEACTIOUT—(Established 1857.) 
. Boilers, Tanks, Stills, etc. 644 Broadway. 

“@nuvisle, Pa. 

OU & CO. general jobbers in centage: of 
all kinds. 

Bridge and Boiler Builders. 

Man.-fieid, «>, 

> WORKS, mfrs. of Arch and Truss Bridges, 
Boiler Soaks and Oil Stills. Bet. Wasson St., 
an ve. 

Belting. &c. 

P4 RKIN & BOSWORTH. Agents for Shultz 
Raw Hide Belting, 9 & 11 South Water street. 

Carri e@ Bolta 

.. manufacturers of a 
ates = Tire Bolts. 

MinnesotalIron So. 
Vermillion District Ores. 

Ceo. H. & &. P. Ely, agents, 
15 Merchants Bank Building, 

Fayette Brown. Harvey H. Brown 
Harvey H. Brown & Co., 




72-hour Connellsville Coke, 
are | | Se IRRCIRNNCR 



34 Lewis Block, 

g | 122 Water Street, 

M. A. HANNA & CO., 
Successors to 

Coal, Iron Ore and Pig Iron, 

LEVEL IN®§s, O, 

Pittsburgh & Wh:eling Coal Co.. 
Miners and Shippers of 

Mines on the Cleveland, Lorain & Whesting 
R.R Capacity. 2,100 tone dailv 

Office, 29 Mercan'ite Bank Building, 
Ct. VELA, O. 
Lake Sh'pping Point, Lorain, Ohio 


Successors to 
W. iH. MoCURDY & CO., 


Steel Boiler Plates, Tubes, Rivets, etc. 

Cleveland Rolling “ill Company 
Manufacturers of 

Blooms and Bill ts, Stee! Angles. Forging . Bar 
and > Spring Steel, steel Street R.ils, steel Oil 
Barrel H. ops, Wire of all hinds. lron and Steel 
iler Piases, (ral. anized and Black sheet [rou, 
Corrugated Iron Roofing. Sheet Steel. 

Coat Tron and Ore, 

Coal and Pig Tron. 101 St. Clair St. 81 

Grand Arcade Building. Cleveland. 0. 5 

ICKANDS, MATHER & CO., [ron Ore fa 
Pig Tron, 101 St. Clair St. 

QANGER, A.1., wholesale Scrap Tron. Noa 
173, 175 & 1-7 Merwin street. 

JH. Dal'iba. min & Co., 
H. P. Hussey. ilwaukee, Wis. 


Commi-siou P«*'e in 


Rooms 2 and 4 Grand Arcade, 
101 St. Clair St. CLEVELAND, O. 




Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Chicago a 107 Dearborn Street, 

Moore, Ben 

oom 1! 
GEORGE K. Ht FORD, Manager. 30 
Pickands, Mather &Co. 


Corner Bank and Supericr Sts., 

File Wort 8. 

TMorerky | FILE W ‘RK, manf'rs of Files 
d Rasps. ld files re-cut. All kinds of — 
Grin Tine 3 Columbne etreet. Ay 

rounir @s 

P OWLER & CO., Car wheels. Patent Chilled 
Frogs, and all kinds of castings. 9 Winter. 
~AKE SHORE FOUNDRY, Water and Gas 

4 Pipe, Light and Heavy Castings. ee a 
__ Gray Tron Castings. 64 to 73 Central Way. 
ITZSTMONS WM. & SON, Rolling Mill and 
Machinery castings. Rolls a specialty. 

No. 435 Broadway. 64 

Foundry Facings, 

Supplies, Cor. Scranton & Carter 8 

Hardware and? tron, 
] INGHAM, WM. & CO., Hardware, Iron, 
Nails and Metals, 148 and 150 Water St. 

’ facturers of Steel and Iron Wire and = 

FRE EDERTARD MF’a CO. manfrs of Car- 
A riage, Wagon and Saddlery Hardware. 25 

Hardwood t umber, 

E. C. POPE, 


lron Ore, Pig fron 


\ ARTIN & BARRIS, dealers in all a r. 
Hardwood Lumber. 130 Central Way. 


\ OODs, JENKS & CO., manufacturers and 
- dealers in Lumber, Lath. ete., 5 ae r 

ISHER, WILSON & CO. eeleete lumber 
dealers —w & hardwood), rough and dressed 
47 ees 

yoo . lath, shingles, etc. 


Pia Tron. 

pole Sales Agents for following brands Lake 
Superior Charcoal [ron: 

Vulcan Furnace Co. 
D-troit Iron Furnace Co. 
Deer Lake Furnac- Co. 
iron River Furnace Co. 

Fond du Lac Furnace Co. 
Sole Golee Agents in West and Northwest for 
rier Hill fron and Coal (o.’s branda 

Tod Brier Hill Scotch, lron River, 

Grace, Bessemer. 
Also a fell tine of Southern Foundry 
and Foree trons. 

Tuttle, Ozlebay & Co.. 



from Marquette, (togebic and Menominee 


Tod. Stambaugh & Co., 



C. 0. PALMER, 
Mechanical Engineer. 

Particuiar attention given to ‘lesigning uf 

Working drawings made for all kinds ot machin- 


Lake Superior 

Tron ©Ore, 

101 ST. CLATR STREET. Clgygland, Ohio, 

I OTTER BIRDSALL & CO., dealers in rough 
and dres ed lampber. lath and shingles. Xprd 
and planing mil!, 7 & 10 Carter St. 

Machine Sho.-. 

ORD, GEO. A.. Metal Pattern Maker, small 
machinery repaired 154 Frankfort St. 

steel Stamps and Stencils. 

er Lee tad J. H. & Co., Rubber Stamps. 
Seals, Stencils. 92 Seneca street. 


Akron. O. 

Vy cNEIL, J.' ©O,. vream Boilers, Heavy 
Sheet Iron Work, tee. Repairing promptly 


‘APLIN, RICE & 00. manuf’rs, of Stoves 
and Hollow Ware, dealers i in Tinners’ ween 


CO., Founders and Machinists, 12 Main 



Man frs of Steam Boilers, Uil and Water 
Tanke. and all kinds of Sheet lron Work.. 68 

Niles, © 
EEVES -BROS., Manufacturers of Boiler. 
Tank and Sheet [ron Work. etc. 
Rochester, N. ¥. 
for Catalogue. J.S.(iraham & Co. @ 

( * LEASON, WILLIAM, manufr. of Maehin- 
b, ists’ Tools, Lathes. Planers and Pat. Gear 


ng Machines. 10 Rrown’s 

St-uhers, ©, 

CM ME KS BRUS. & CU., manufacturers of 
Box Annealed Common and Refined Sheet 
Iron. and Superior Quality Shingle-Kanda. 61 


Hussey, Hoyt & Co., 

Investment Bankers. 
A Specialty. 

Full Information and Expert Reports for 
the use of Investors. 

Hussey, Hoyt & Co., 
231 Bank &St., 
Mercantile EPank Building, 

Cleveland, O. 

“9 M'F'G.CO. 
108 & 110 WEST LARNED, 77 


OW G. L., builder of Engines and 
Machines. Also J obbing and Kepairing. _ 

Canton, O. 

YOVELTY TRON WORKS, Mill Work, Shaft- 
_ ing, Engines, Imperial job printing pease 

Columbua, 0 

EYNOLDS BROS., Manufact’rs of hand-cut 
Files and Rasps. Old files re-cut. pena, for 
Price List. 

VITY BOILER WORKS. manf’s of en 
/ Portable, and motive Steam Boilers 
All work warranved. Rorger Rros. & Co. 

Cinemn aii O. 

manfre, dealers and contractors, Warmins 
and ventilation of publie and private buildings » 
specialty. Boilers. Radiators, Pipe. Fittings. 
ras (ioods, ec. Correspondence soliced. 187 
West Pear! street. v2 

“NUNNY, ALEX. Queen City Pattern 
Works. Patterns nr toorder, 134 E. 2d at 

Cheap Excursions to the South. 

Excursion tickets to all points in Florida at 
grea ly reduced rates will be solu by the Penn. 
Sylvania Lines West of Pittsburgh for five low 
rate excursions on Tuesdays. March Ist, 8th, 
15th, 22nd and 29th. ‘lickets will permit stop- 
over on the g: ing tripat any puint south o the 
Unio Kiver within ten days, and wil be good for 
return passage until thirty days from date of 
sale, The Pennsylvania Lines make direct con- 
nection at Cincinnati und Louisville wth trains 
e-rrying through palace cara and dy coache< to 
ull ~euchern points. eni offer you choice of the 
geat variety of routes. The ea low rate excur- 

io x present uneqnilled opportunity for inspect” 
ing he ~outhern States and enjsying a soj ucn 
in the Floridian climate, For full particutars 
ad lress the neurest agent of the Pennsy!vania 
(: mpany,, Cincinnati & St. Louis 
Railway Compeny, and Chicago, St. Louis & 

45 City Hall Buliding. (74) re 
Baml.L. Mather, Fred. A. More. | § § zs as VEL M. SH Mep 
Cleveland Iron Mining Co., Fates DRE ST nM 

0 CLEVELAND. O. $S5£5| cuxverann, . onto. 

TH] [ ATFIELD GL rie he eet sal tk 
rns 0 overs 8 oO 
West Second Street: ~ 

Pittsburgh Kailway Company. 01-2t 

eit ee ARS 

product is too wellsold up for any probability of a drop 

_ grades, 



Orrics or Laon Traps Keview. 
CLevetanp, 0.. Frtpay Eventne, March 11, 1887. 
lron Ore. 

The iron ore marke on the whole is quiet. The 

in prices this season, and sellers have their probable 
output so well covered with orders that they rest 
content as to the future and are not inclined — to 
make concessions or push sales. The prospects for busi- 
ness are fair and some considerable sales are still pend- 
ing. Lake freights remain firm with no change to note 
in the situation. Vessels are freely offered at previ- 
ously quoted rates. The ambiguous inter-state com- 
merce bill is responsible to a large degree for the 
present lull in trade, dealers being naturally unwilling 
to make p.ices with the matter of freight rates in 
its present unsettled conditions, although, it-is felt 
possibly that the rate, even for long hauls, will not 
be 'argely inerers-d after the provisions of the bill take 
effect. The shipments to furnaces have been light this 
week, owing in some degree to the strike on the N. Y., 
P. & O. railroad. We quote: 

No 1 Specular and magnetic Bessemer ores per ton...$ 7 0 

No. 1 Specular (nen-Bessemer) ores per ton.............0000 6 00 

Bensemer [eis S61tOW. « ..ccscs -.coccescoccengracovcnpigescccoccstagesqes TONG OO 

Non-Bessemer Hemautites ........ scfioochap Hho biplanes edivtacbagniae 4 5u@5 75 
Pig Iron. 

The pig iron market is quiet, with scarcely any buy- 
ing, and such as there is consists mostly of special 
Offered concessions seem to nave little effect 
on buyers, beyond still further postponing orders, as 
they refuse to buy in the face of indications of weakness, 
unless necessity dictates, and then only in small lo's. 
Consumers are fairly busy but, having he*vy stocks on 
hand, are not desirous of adding to them until occasion 
requires. Neutral mill iron sells slowly at $19.50, but 
good red short finds ready sile at $20.75 cash, at furnace. 
Chareoaliroa is in less dem ind, but prices continue firm 
at $25@525.50 cash. There is very little inquiry for 
No. 1 foundry, and $21 seems to bea fair quotation. 
We quote f. o. b, cars, four months, Cleveland: 


Nos. 1 and 2 Lake Superior na $25 00@26 00 
Nos. 3 and 4 Lake Superior.. nck 250 va .610 
Nos. 5 and 6 Lake Superior.. s+e20 UO@26 0 
No.1 wee 22 1N@ 22 50 
No. i or all lake ores. Ra Biv 
No. 2same .. “21 2“azh Tv 
No. 1 foundry. ‘lake: ores, with ender mixture. -21 Jutaz22 
No. 2 same . eonnih eines induine sone 2 FM|@ 2) 2 
No. l silvery. Dative Whi OFES....cccsc-.ccscceoncecssces dhs ahaalias 2) haz) Ue 
No. 2same... eciiebbonanseneg=anbnidiiadoneand 'Yenna 20 
No. lgray forge. red short .. Sn TR 5 oe TE 2 Taz) 20 

o. | gray forge. neutral ... 
*y American Seotch (BL 1k Bani). 

s senantieed - 2@2X 7 
No. 2 American Seotes 

oe 212 

The Iron Age’s statement of he! endive of blast 
furnaces shows that there were in blast March Ist 141 
anthracite furnaces with a capacity of 43,724 tons per 
week; :146 bituminous furnaces with a capacity of 79,- 
682 tons; 51 charcoal furnaces with a capacity of 9,546 
tons. There were out of blast 58 anthracite furnaces 
with a capacity «f 12,8%3 tons; 57 bituminous furnaces 
with a capacity of 22,701 tons, aud 123 charcoal fur- 
naces with a capacity of 10,770 tons.. This 18 an-increase 
over last month of 5 anthracite furnaces and 2,768 tons 
capacity; 2 bituminous furnaces and 1,025 tons capacity; 
and a decrease of 7 charcoal furnaces and 103 tons 
capacity. The furnaces blown io during February have 
been mainly in New Y -rk, New Jersey and Pitisburgh. 
There will probably be a further slight increase in the 
make of anthracite furnaces during the current month 

Manufactured Iron. 

The manufactured iron market generally is steady. 
There is a better feeling owing to the indications of an 
early opening of the spring trade. There is more 
inquiry from merchant trade, and an improvement in 
orders has had a tendency to make prices a shade firmer. 

Scrap Iron. 

The scrap iron market is quiet. The mills appear to 
have purchased necessary supplies for orders now 
booked, and show little disposition to bny in anticipa 
tion of renewed orders for tinished iron. Values are 
Uncertain, andl if the denial ineretses itwill havea 
tendency to enhance them, but if the p:esent period of 
dullness shonld be continued for any length of time 
there is danger of a marked falling off in prices. In 
the absence of sales it is difficult to give actual figures. 

Old rails are nominally quoted at $26@$27 and offers 

expressed that $26.00 could not be obtained, There is 
practically no demand for No, 1 wrought, and $25 is a 
uominal quotation. The demand for old carwheels is 
light, and $20 is a fair quotation. 

The hardware market continues reasonably satisfac- 
tery and a fair amount of pusiness is being done. 
Tiade is made up of small orders for general assort- 
ment, frequently renewed, there being no preference for 
any particular Jine. The demand for builders’ hard- 
ware shows some increase but can scarcely be called 
britk as yet; all the progpects are encouraging for a 
good Spring trade in that direction. There has been 
little or no change in prices, and the market is substan- 
t'ally the same. We qnote a slight advance in augers 
and bits, and a trifling decline in planes. 
Natts.—-With the feeling prevailing of an early 
opening of the Spring trade, there has been more in- 
quiry, but no material increase in actual sales as yet» 
aad prices remain unchanged. 

: Coke. 
The market remains practicaily. the same as last re- 
ported, with no change in rate, but possibly slight in- 
crease in demand. 

Reported for the [row Trine Review by Rogers, Brown & C:.. 
There is no important change to note in the market 
since last report. March starts off with a larger volume 
of business than February, and prices have shown ne 
material change under the effect of a month of quiet 
trade. The halt in the advance of prices leads some 
buyers to the conclusion that a reaction is at hand thar 
will give them cheaper iron soon. The actual facts is 
the situation point rather in another direction, 28 con 
sumption is very heavy and stocks exceedingly light. 
Must furnaces are still greatly behind deliveries o 
orders, and few of them are seeking new business, unle+ 
at full ontside prices. Nevertheless, there is a goo’ 
deal of off-ring of odd and speculative lots incidem 
upon the eneck in prices, giving to bnyers the idea of 
sme pressure to sell, Old rails have declined an aver- 
age of $2.00 per ton, but are still higher than pig iror 
relatively. Old wheels gortinue firm and scarce. Som: 
buyers are in the field for mill iron in large quantities, 
and find but little to meet their inquiries. Good soft- 
eners are scarce. The range of business was on the fol- 
lowing basis of prices, which are cash f. o. b. Cincinnati 
(March 7): 

Hor Busast Founpry [ron.—Ohio and Southern Sen Dobe. 
No. 1, $21 5@$220: Ohio and Southern Strong Coke. N $210 
@*21 50: Uhio and Southern Strong Coke, No. 3, $50 00 21 00: 

Vhio Soft Stonecoal, Noe 1, $21 Owa@t2' Or: Ohio Soft Stoneeua 
No. 2, $20 00@821 00; Mahoning and , shenange Vatey on coke. No }, 
#23 10 a$240)) CrrarcoaL Lroxn.—Hanging Rock. No. 1, $25.00 
#2610: Hanging Rock No, 2, $24 0 r@$z4 Fr: aT an, 
Alahama. No. 1, $2201@32300; Tennessee a d Alahama No. 2 
$: 002$22 0). Forak—Strong Neutral Coke 22+ 0:1@*'0 50: Mor 
ted Coke, $1900@319 0; Cold Short, $19 00 #$19 40. Ces 
WHEEL aND Mit.easie—Southern (ar Wheel tron, #26 9% 
$3: Hanging Rock Cole Blast. No. 1_ $27 1@$28 00; Hane 
ing Kock Cold Blast No. 2, 824 @$25 vv; Lake Superior Malle 
able. $27 mu@$z8 


Reported for the Tron Trane Review by Rogers, Brown & Co. 
W. W. Backman. Resident Agent 

The week has been a rather qriet one in pig iror 
market. Some fair sized sales have been booked by 
agents and dealers at the range of prices last recorded 
but buyers »pparently have given up the idea that a 
further advance is likely, and are not making engage- 
ments for iron ahead, unless to cover special coutracte. 
Shipments are going forward very heavily on old orders 
and stocks in first hands are completely cleaned up. 
Locking ahead the indications point to larger buying 
within the next 30 days. Some of the largest consumer 
have supplied their wants for some time tocome. Or: 
the other hand, there are some large users of iron tha: 
have taken heavy contracts recently without covering 
for pig iron, believing the market was in their favor. 
The leading Lake Snperior charcoal furnaces have die 
nosed of their entire product to the end of the year 
Ohio softeners continue very scarce, but are obtainahl 
in small quantities at full prices. Our quotations are 
for cash, f. o. b. cars, Chicago, (March 5): 

Charcoal Fonndrv:— Lake Superior. $24 h0@26 1%; Southern: 
$24 Owe25 00: Hanging Rock. $74 51@25 50. Coke and Stone Coa! 
Foundrv:—Ohie Hanging Rock softeners No. 1. $23 0024 00, 
Ohi» Black Band softeners No. 1. $230+@24 %: Jackson county. 

“*hio. sotioners No. 1. $22 59@23 5; Ohio Lake Ore and ¢ vader 
eofreners No 1. $22 a's Bas Sonthern coke No 2. $92 59@23 00 

Car Whee! andl Malleable.—Lake Superior $24 W@2#!; Stand. 
ard Sowhern, $2600@27 ¥: Iangine Rock Cold Blast. $28 Sn@ 
wi AN: Hanging Rock Warm Rinst, $4 W@ 550. Old Materials:— 
Old American Rails, $25 60@26 00; Old wheels. $23 00@2; 50, 

Renorted for the [row Trane Review by Charles Himrod & Co, 
There has been an nnqnestionahly dall market for the 
last few davs, very little inquiry and little or no order- 
ing being done, and if there is any weakening in price at 
all, this lack of transactions has failed to make it known. 

at $26.50 have not been accepted. The opinion is also 

of their part to placesome of their future product. 

are a little more free and show perhaps a little anxiety 
Lake Superior charcoal furnaces are well sold up and 
little or, no anxiety is expressed by them. The market 
for this class of material has remained firm. It is 
thought that the latter part of March and April will 
show some heavy dealings. We = the market 
about as follows (March 9): 

Lake poey ae: all Nos, $25 00@$26 0; Lake Supenor 

peg ore. $23 @ : Lake Superior Coke. cindes mixed, 
wetern 6: ag be Ohio Blackhand. $23 fia $24 ht = apa 

ve $22 25@$22 75: Southern “ilverv. open. $22 00a 23 

zon Counts (Ohio) ‘Silvery #22 00@23 ™M; American old ove ra ls, 

$28 00@29 00; Old wheels, $22 10@23 00. 


Reported for the Lron Trane Review by Rogers, Brown & Co. 
Local furnace agents have been busy the past week 
on some round inquiries mainly for Southern iron and 
one or two considerable sales are reported. Bnyers show: 
a disposition to hold off and see what is to he the course 
of the market, The fact that business his been quiet 
fora short time leads many to think that a reaction in 
prices has set in and that an advantage will be gained 
hy delaying purchases. In the face of this, the stocks 
it furnaces are the smallset ever known, and the con- 
tracts for forward deliveries are the largest. There is 
no talk about any decrease in consumption, and makers 
f iron are quite content with the outleok, and claim 
that a little lull in business is absolutely necessary for 
them to catch up with the overdue and uncomfortably 
nressing engagements. Some large consumers are atill 
embarassed from inability to get iron overdue them on 
contracts. We quote cash on cars, St. Louis, (March 5): 

Charcoal Foundry — Missouri, $2? @22 W/; bet: $23 00 
@824M, Coal and Coke Foundry—<onuthern. No. 1, $2? omen 25; 

southern. No. 2, Ba pe bright) #2! vet 0, Ahir eners, 
#22 ive 25 0". Mill n—Sonthern No. 1. $2150@21 74: No 2, 
#21 00@21 WY) Missouri. $21 09@22 09. Car Wheat and ae 

ee. _ * — ti cane p Leg - ue Ola Rae es 
‘ron. © eels $ Rails. ap 
2 bt Caanellewitie Coke tFrick> #6 64 


teported for the Tron Trang Review by Geo. H. Hull & Co. 

The transactions in iron during the last week have 
heen numerous for small lots; and at slight concessions, 
wders for round lots have been taken by the furnaces. 
Owing to the upset condition of freight matters, it has 
heen an up-hill task figuring on orders. Railroads show 
: disinclination to guarantee freight rates after March 
31st, and as orders for round |«tsare usually béoked for 
lelivery auring several months, the freight rate matter 
has heen a serious drawhack to the transacting of large 
hnsiness. We continue our present quotations (March 5): 

Pia I[ron.—Southern Coke, No. 1, Foundry. $21 Soar 
No. 2. Foundry. mM LSD (0; Sout 
. $20 fA; Rengrae Rock Coke, No. 

21 (s@$21 50; Southern Chareaal. No. | ¥ 
122 mews: Silver Grey, different grades. #2! 0N@#20 50; Nouth- 
rn Coke. o. 1, Mill Neutral. $19 50@$2? 00. Southern Coke, No. 
Mill. anal $19 5339 00: Southern Coke, No. 1. Mill, Cold 
| Peles ae teetted ai orn Charonal, 7 iad Mill, 92: 50e@ 621 05 

te and Mott fferent grades, * Southern Car 
Vhee!l. Standard Brands, $26 (¥ seer 0 ; Southern Car Wheel, 
ther brands. oo ™: Hanging Rock, a Blast, $u7 oO 
2$28 00: Hanging Rock. Warm Blast. $23 M@s24 

speevennenéns Plu IRON samen 

eported for the Tron Taane Review by A. H. Childs. 

Notwithstanding the dullness which has characteriz- 
ed the pig iron market for some weeks past, prices have 
remained unexpectedly firm. As a general rule con- 
‘essions have been obtainable only from holders of une 
|-sirable brands, while others show full confidence 
‘hat there willbe sufficient demand in the near future 
o at least sustain present aye Quotations are 
March 7): 

Pra Trov.—No. 1 Foundry. $22.91@$22.%; Fo. 3 eantry 
221.0 \@§ 2.00; Gray Forge $2).50@21.: White "Kone 
319. 0@$20.00; Warm Blast Charcoal, $22. 00@$25.00; ‘Cold ast 
harenal. $25.90@29.M: four months. 

Renorted for the [ron Trane Revinw by Lowe & Tucker. 
There has been no falling off in the amount of gener- 
al b»siness being done, in all lines of goods. The 
hirdware and agricultural trade is very active. Real 
ostate is still quite active, and some large sales are being 
made, The mannfactnrers are having all they can do, 
to fill their orders. Prices of pig iron remain about 
the same and the demand is quite active. The farmers 
are all busy, preparing for early crops. 

Cheap Excursions to Florida via Bee Line. 

The Bee Line has arranged for a series of cheap 
excursions to Florida on two separate days of each week 
during the month of March, making the rate but one 
limited fare for the round trip. Now is your oppor- 
tunity to see the South at a slight expense, and avoid 
the boisterous weather we generally experience during 
thie month. Tickets are good going, ten days, with 
choice of routes and privilege of stop-overs, and are 
good to return within thirty days from dave of sale, 
The arrangement 1s a very liberal one, and deserving of 
large patronage. Full particulars can be had of any 
ticket agent of the Bee Line (C. C. C. & I. Ry., or D. & 

The offerings by the furnaces in the South and Ohio 

U. R. B.). 



sp tata HAMMER CO 
Buffalo, N. Y., 

Manufactufers of . 

Hammers, Hatchets, Sledzges, ¥ 
Railroad, Mason and Blacksmiths’ Tools. 
All Goods Warranted in Every Respect. 

Send For Our New 1887 64-page Catalogue. 

Iron Clad Paint Gs: err a 

actory 75 & 77 Central Way. Sec. & Treas. No. 3 Case Building, FR get the meine 
je. and save o 
\ICLEVELAND, OHIO. mult. i using an article 

made in violation of i 
tents issued to 
reen and now owned by 
this Company. 

is the most gur- 
able, most fire- 
proof and Cheap- 
est Paint made. 

}UKNISHED \ aos Dry 
and Ground in Vil 


For covering Boilers Steam Pipes, Cold Water Pipes, and all Heated Surfaces. 

Foss!i Mea! Compourd for fi''ing ice Houses and Safes 
whi. h are boxed or caged: and for Cold Water and Urde und Pipes. 
Souducto: this Powder has no equal It is aso fre-proof and Indestructible. 
TIDD & JOHNSON, | Sole Agents for Ohio. 

Por Sten | " 

7h Merwin S eet. 


N ! 
the Re: by, dpe rly 83 

Trete Mart Patente® Pact erent 


ie uaapenas 


Manug. & Treas. 

Nimick & Brittan Mfg. Co., 

2} |. 

- -_e= 
bad . 






oe CINCINNATI, 0. = 


Obst sieley U8 2 



Nowinthe market. For daseriptive circula 
and prices address 

The Sterling Wrench Co., Sterling. 1 

Cleveland Foundry. 

For Machinery and Rolling Mills 

Car Wheels 

all sizes and kinds, with and without Axles. 
Cnilied Faced R. R. Frogs 


Now ¥, 11213 } Bowler & Oa 

Seemee MAHER & BRAYTON, Proprietors, 

Manufacturers of 

. Car, Engine, Truck anc 
Tender Wheels. 

and Turnouvts. 


| Chilled-Paced Railroad Frogs. 

Office: 20 Curter Street, 
Works: CoraCarter and Collins Street+ 
” Clavelanad, OL . 2°” 

Established 1867. 

Rubber and Belting Warehouse — 
—ur— —S 
W. H. H. Peck & Co., SS 
176 Superior St., Cleveland, 0. ———— 

Rub er Bel'ing, Hose, Packing, 


Hoyt’s Celebrated Leather Belting, / 

Sunire an! Soapstone Parking. Rubber Bick Pis‘on 
Packing Ku -ber Clothing. Buots and > hoes, 

Wholesale and Retail. 
b Send Sample Order. 


Manufacturers of 


Patent Burglar Proof Door Locks, 

Knobs, Sash Locks and Padlocks, 
Genuine Bronze and Imitation Bronze Goods. 

Large Catalogue mailed on receipt of 50 cents. A condensed Catalogue mai ed free. 11 

im Ke LORD. 

General Agent. ME ADVILLE, PA., for 


(Patent rending.) 
No Expios ous F:om Nat- 

ural Gins 

No Valve W: dge o Spring to 
stick. All valve s thororgh- 
ly tested and warranted. 

a JA K->AN’S 
Atmosph' ric Gas Lamp, 

The be-t burner fer natural 
orartificialg son'h marrei. 

Send tor trice li t and cir- 
culur to ml . 



119 Water Street, PITTSBURCH. PA. 

\\ Asbestos Goods [~ 

of ali kinds. 

Reed's Celebrated Sectional Covering, 

Hot Blast Asbestos Cement, 

Sites fon 

Stump before a blast. | Fragments after blast. 


KXmnown to the Arts. 


hia ee Electric Mining Goods, 
ANNIHILATOR Ph tn ate 2 tly 

3. W- WILLARD, Mannger 



Ai ei ia ia tit cnt 

2 SS TR ee + mic aetna 

connec I NEA 

A RSS s-8 Sipsotetiegs EY Mia 


pt NP LPR 

2 esata? St 



. —_ per Ib. 
BRagle. American........ ssengelota dis wawes 
Wrignts...... we 
Armitage ouse hole ..... ¥ 

Armitage woure hole extra 11% 
Wilkinson. P4@ 1c 

Anvil Vise and Drul, 
Millerd Falls Co. Shs iidaeiecee dis 20 

Cheney Anvil and \ 
py Parers, 

Champion on 

Faintly Bay Stute ....00 2 
Gold Medal” 
Improved Bay State ..-.sss---r-0:-0022+ 
Improved Bay State, with push off 
Jersey: -.cocvcesssveesnnensvessnessereesesnensees 
pe Star..... 

WAVELLY ..cccccce cessssscensceees soosesesressnenee soneeenes 
White Mountain... eR 
uae and, Bite, 

Couvk's Douglass Mfe. 150. .coseunes 

Russell Jenuings’ vugers and bits. . dis 2 
Expansive Bits, Vlark'’s susall. $13; 

Large, BAB. -cosngeesenseeseenesenersnssecreers dis35@ 35.%5 
Hollow users, {ves .) dis DBLWG 

Hollow Lugers, Preach, witt . x Uo) 2>& lu& 5 
Hollow Augers. Bonney’ 3 aque. 
P.dos. 43... secevee Gis 40410 
Hullow Augers, Stearns" "Adjust. 
ease dis 20.4010 
sper ‘gross ‘3. OU to $3.2: 

B dod., FAB.....+0-00--- 

Giwlet vits .. 

Williams or tioits Bit Stock acct 7 5u10 ale 

Ship Augers .. iia aT weelis LO@m 

Naw tints a 

Sewing. brass ferrule. ...... ® gross $3.50, dis 45.410 
tent sewing. RUPE. ..ccecrceee @ doz $1.00, dis 40x lv 
atent sewing. long .. 1.2 P@doz net 

Patent peg. plein Lop, “Biv. OO P@gro.. dis Hah 

Pat. peg, 1eather top. ...$12.00 Pero. dis 45x) 

Awls, Brad Sets, &c. 

Awls, Sewing. Common.........¥ gross $1.70—dis 34 
Awls, Shoulkk idered Pes® gross 2.45—dis 10@40& 10 
Awls. Patent Peg 4 ® gross OSe—dis 40G404 1U 
Awls, Shoulitered ‘rad. ni eet $2.70 # gross—dis 34 
Awls handled brad.. = o.$7.5U Bgro ~ ab 
Awls handled. -cratch "$7.50 @ gro dis 35x 1 
Awls, socket scratch ..... $1.50 @ doz dis 2@s 
Brad sets. No. 42, $10. BO; "No. 45. 

$12.5v... seececesehis TO&10K5 
Bradt sets. s. Stanley’ 3 Excelsior er re 
$7.50... seasereerseesessoneeehid SMI 

“aac? doz $7 % to $7.25 

ah babeeootga? 49 7 

cecweccee ©1808  eeeeseesoscesecee® We@t.vw 
‘Axle Greare. 

Frazier’s. in bulk ..........-+- keg @tb 4c; pail 5c net 
Hrasier’s, pet BTOSS .....cseecseseessseeeperenererens $89. 
Nos. 1 to6.. Poomeerete ... 334e: short bd $4 
Nos. 7 to 1g .- kewtoeitiiaas dis GoVi@oue | 
Nos. 19 to eae ie te ota ar dis 6U& LU@6VK1V35 
Bag Holders, 

Sprengle’s pat., @ doz $18... soeeee Gis GH 

Spring balances ......+s9 saiiee ae 

Common ZAID .....ce-eeeeeese- "Bdoz $1.50 dis Pa 
Hand. light Brass .. 

Hand. Extra tHeuvv.... 
Hand. White Metal . 
Hand, Silver Chime.. if 

is eee 
die65& 10 to i 
nie: TU@TO& lv 

Hand. télobe oe 8 is BA1LO@35 
Gong. Abbe’s.....cc00-++ ceererreeees dis JAv ues 
Gong. Yankee.. weeee Gis 40410 
Gong, BAarton’s......creeresseererersenes dis 4Uc UGH 
Pull, westert .......+---.+- 4 di- D& 
Cow. common WIOURNL .......--secceeeeeeeceensnseee UK)! 
( neu WOSUOFD....0-ccceceeeseeees aS s List 7&1 
Re aad capeaatel ie: dis HVa@4itw: 
ana Dells........--.-ccccssseoses-eccccersoseee Sl 24@2%« 
Steel alloy. church and school.......-.0++-sss0e di> 0 
Kellows. Diseount 
Blacksnith’s.......--ssse. seenere 50k 10@Hu 
Mouldlers, .....---cecee-eeeeenereeeees discount 50@bu & : 
Hand, ....-.--ceseseereesnenereeeesseners discount 50@50 & 4 

Rea » Rubber, 

Standard... tis 71&10@ 701085 

Extr sitio dist & 1a 60K 1X 10 

N. \. ” Belting & ‘Packing Co. standard... dis 70a 

N. Y. Belting & P’ king extra standard. is 60.44 

Clev elan't Rubber Co., extra standard...dis G01 

Extra 4 dis on all for Cash. 

Shultz Raw Alide Leather Belting. single, dis 
es dia 35 

Standard, onk tanned,... wetlix 50 
Lower grades ... Os 10 to 6 
“Bench Stops. 
Hotchkiss’s P doz $5.00 wee Gis 10@10410 
Weston’s @ doz No. 1 i, $10. 00; No 2, $9 
dis 5&10&5 


oe eB doz $3.00 dis le 
Morrill’s ........++- 

.. B doz $9.00 dis 0) 
“Bit Holders. 

Extension, Barber’s.. ...@ doz $15 90, dis 40&4 

Diagonal Pdoz $24.00 dis 4 

Angular ........ B doz $24 00, dis 40a4 
“Blind “Adjusters, 
Domentic...........0-+serereerserseneneee B doz $3.0dis 33% 
Excelsior........® doz $10.00 dis 50 and 10 and 7 

Blind Staples. 
Barbed '% inch and larger.....-..-. 

Barbed 3 inch .....+0 sieeaiionssantaeaae @ th 9@9%e ner 

Cast iron barrel bolts.............0+--esseee M@70&10 

Cast [ron shutter poise, © BD coin sisseviatie 1 TO@70& 10 

Cast iron chain bolts............-.sscmeeeee | arieee GH5a10 

Ives patent door bolts... were, YS 

Wr’t iron barrel bolts... cevevee ceneeee | LO@TNKIO 
Wrought iron square bolts... seconsentl 
Wrought shutter bolts... 

Carriage com. new list... 

Tire.c»mmon, new list . sil 70 

Carriage und tire. Phila: jeiphia : pattern FAL O@TA 

Stove Wolts,....cccce..sceessccnereeeeenee-sesseceereenes 

Pl-vew th-s0RB......cocccescse-cosveccscscccovenssoeceoee ange 

Machine ............--. “ETAT va TH 

1 eect dis G0de10&10c070 

Blind Fa-teners, Garland ... dos $18 ; Self-measuring, —— > w dos $36 dis £10 
‘ocksellp =r # dos. pairs, $1,00—dis 20@20&10 . a oe Tre 
Van Sand's Screw Pattern $15 ® grose—dis 60X10 Horse and Curry dis 10@ 10410 Parag ~® dos $2 00 
Van dand's vid Pattern... =o ® grose—dis 45410 | Cotton vccearapessssaveneeeeneHOW Listy AUB +, — dix Forks 
Washburn’s Old Pattern.....-S0W) ¥ grome net Weel new list, Aug.. 1885 dis 10 Manure and Spading. hst.........dis 60410410 
Merriman’s .......- new list, net Cater Bor. list gerd 
potionacy 5 & Austin No, 2008......§9.00 % gross, net 
Security Gravity... seneee9.00 ® gross, NOt Plate Sci ee Fruit and Jelly —, Bes 
Borax. ow So aevecssecesnoenenee & 1o | Baterprise Mfg. CO...cccccorcssesee —0# 8 10@3 
eeeeeree Deer Sock eeceeere* 2 00cces one c00 000 eneees 
tes, Boing Machines. so@srae | Vote Casters. list May, 1884, aie igh Fry Pr 
wane i P< ee Martin's ® patent ay 10 38 | Gon Gontral ing Go."s Histo conergr dis fonte 
out augers. nate 
Douglas vright OE dis 50 Cains "| tiee 375 425 475 BH 6(OTW SO 900 
jnell’s. Rice’s patent 880 50. . ad ORIEN | trsiel ; seesthix 4008 10 
CTLMINGS.......0--0-en000 By a 
pinot machines . ciel 235 273 owner BOt |  asony 5 ineste a \ aissonto@soxs Fluting Scissors 
ps. augers. rrr Discount = 
Bow Pins. vierman fal Calla es list vise — 45 
{lumason, Beckley & Co.’s- Nos. 1 a nd 2 Jateanizad Pom’ aaa, § swale Machi 
ix and ia rand 10 and § Chain. Snes vein pe. Si4rineh........ +». soonf215, dis 36 
tfumason. Beckley & Co.’s other Soe tate and it aie maqam aint ore hen, Fluter. White Metal. 
“argent & Co.’s......+ ae. $17 and $14, dix and lH) yy: Nos. 85 $15.30. 06,98 ‘ji6 a ‘ 
ite oe  ) Fhe gover by te —_ 
Peck, Stow & W. Co - i) and 10@50 and lv and 4 White Grayon #190124 pet se may 
OS, Backus ..scueescseeneneee discount M5@60d 10 el bre i Bia We wha is % 
err? P a " ~wflieoount > okt Prvct we apace eed Se Back. mm 750 Ta Crown Jewel... pee Me eT i in. $3 1) each, dia 48 
Sun tent cove seosesesecscoMt IOUT et Fram’ irmer. ae ae eonp amerlenn. 
Chenin Vall ca nee a 4 ee | “ole eee Frain be Gis 0@90 &5 £1 a diana 3 FS 
rtholowe I. Ph oo sconumeelih 
Hertbelomew’s (08 iB iid die T0@T&S | Tanged Firmers dis 50 to S045 | OP*ET, band Guter, Nos. Tis 2, 1200; 8, 
Amidon’s Barker’s imp’d.........-+ dis 30 10 ramet Ga 
Amidon’s corner Lia aes vesesflis 4L@ 4081 | adjustabl dis 4045 uges. 
Univeral oaccese’ 8 ineh ‘ai. “90; W ineh $2.10) - asad s oe i! seevee amammengeney S| diz MAIC 
Buffalo Ball 8 inch $1.1u@$1. 14 | ‘!ammer Paadiante fe. iron.. sereroemesvoonne cove is 4 We iO gaeeins dis thd 
Brackets, ‘argent’s wae seeeee OO%& ire, ler, ry doy pos obegenessqubecese ED 
a, mile 
meee. plain, Sargent’s list “ais an cog th Axle and spring har, Norway iron..,... dis SA&545 Nau and Sete ae a «dis 50210 & 5 
Reading. plain .....-. bar od oa to | Wrought-Tron felloe clips.......... sevencnoeee DD ae , eureka” G sec one cee ene conipess.. omncccost he SUN UD 
_ | Steel felloe clips Bib md” (im lOts.........0iereeen er een erennethis 44d 1D 
ing. r dis Snio@ese] 10&1 Doutie Cut. She: - dis 
Bright Wire Goods. ere oh Dourie Cut. ee ats BOR WOEO 
Regular List. TS&IO@TSL1OKF | liscount....-+--n0» re 50 | Double Cut, Rl Fein 
trotlers,—Henis’ self besti ng. ‘ae FAAA, * Boo’’.....- 3 $12, dis % 
re enis’ sey 0 gxit—_| "Tardware list di-5hk2 Giue Pots. 
Per doz $450 550 650 Coffee Mills, Fi enameled dis 3°@°5 
Buckets, Galvanized, Enterpri 2 & 10630 | Famiiz, Howe’s. dis 40 
ITEIT's B AOS... .essecneeenennneenes 12qt 380... a Mat 4 5b Compasses, Dividers, &e, Grindstone Fixtures 
Lron clad 14 qt $8 ......000--+++ 4u0@40a! q m ma de Lane dy Sargent’s dis 70410 
Ball Rings. aliners U Gun Wada, 
Union Nat Co. Nividers Laced eb bebbied 
3 Re Call a) U.M.O & W. R. A.B. ae 
iene guiceoanincat ‘dis aga emis & Call Co. we Dividers. wetting | UM. CO & WR. A —B. E ani. 
tateh kiss? low list ...ccssesssereseeseee; dis ¥ f pant, pe TMC &W.RLA—B ae 
es ge Boosters & Co.’8....4. 2 is id tne oes — & Call Co.’s Wing & Inside or cel UM CAW.R. — e ee dis D&2 
eck. Stow (10."B...-2eeeeeee is 50K 10107 ¢ ‘¢ M + Zee aoe + meee ewe . 
Klirich Hardware Co.. white metal low list dis Remia & Call Co.'s Donhle.. aksaad TU M.C &W.R.A—P. BF 9410...4 
seaiiain Butta. Discoun’ pa Call Co.’s (Call’s Patent Inside)... at m co eB ; il B. 1&8: 490) a 
Wrought brass ........0--ssereeeressesrsorsnnssescecesrecens " El _E. 
"aot bras fons ola ~agaiaiivatieY | SR" LET Oats Gaines tad Bi que WR $a 
Jast [ron— . 
Fast joint. DATTOW ....sescescsseesen sean AVER@ENEORS | 1088 ww dis 2541 | Griffin’s Hack Saws, complete..... aso 
Past ant Seat. fn & GOS to HINES | athede Coopers’ Tools, isin deg be Bas oe. inden xt oes “ts Mn re 
Loose JOINT... .-cccceceeeceseeseee eeeseecoeeee Reou Star ack ws ad word) BS 
Looxe int. JAD...ccecceeee'becooee Rartan’s.. discount hay 7 . An nposoriaaag 
Loose joint, jap. with acorns ie &I. J. White sins Ve Bese 
Loose pin. acorns Eble id Corkacrews. *} G0 vert : = on t “_ ts die 
Loy ae Espasa. peri —- 7020 rrnmason. Reckley Mf. Co... ale 4n@anein | Covert.» quate horse a ke 
vt Wrought iron— ‘ sie # Pn ony 3 22 is sents aneniy © (adjustable hemp and jute. dis 50410 
t ft t | t a rrow. aby deneen 65 &2t ° S2eSSESe SOCSSESE FORCE ESODS CO Hee di enee emp 
W rout fast Janne Semen mete rg Pe Knives, tle ties =" pe dis 010 
Yro’t loose joint broad... j ‘ oi KN J evs o amm 
i Set go: i= mag |" NTO #0) yarn non Ba19 
gular inxide blin a t rs z 
Laree inside blind ....... PLZ iain ee die MANO Rumtate ry.aew ti Si attic ‘idias| i 40 
ORE PTT 2... 20 0- ceneee corre Crowbars. eam 
Light lore nin ast steel. = Sib 4 Magnetic Tack. No. 1, 2. 3. $1.25. $1.50 and nm 
spring binges.. ron, § po = 
tin d ‘ba ty Parker re vse abe Rese ies hamumers and sledges under fF. the ewer 
Mind Carte Raywemiccc cae | Wega anis RaMTo@sneing le indie nite 
lind butts, Lull & Porver ......---sese+eeeees dis ¥ UDDET...-ser0e00 scncssasoosoeene en. 25@3"' | providenve Tool Co, hand ouffa. sin ® de dos...dis 10 
hind hurts, Nicholson .......---+-sessseeereees dis 45.41! Curtain Pins, Providence Tool Co. leg irons $25 ® dos........te 10 
Blind butts, Huffer.. dis. | <t1vered glass net | Tower: dis B 
lind butts. Clark’s Nos. 1, 3.5... “disénabeonnact White enamel. net Dalev's improved hand enffs: 2 hands. pal- 
Blind butts, Manhattan "lardware Co... Cutlery. May! $4": Nickeled. $87; 3 hands 
‘lind butts. Sargent Nos. t. 3.. ite Th &1 | Reaver Falla is 8344 volishea a 08 $72: Nickeled, dis 20 
lind butts, Sargent’s No. 12. tnodell table. 4is38@ 4 mal ecese veces: 
hind butts. Reading's Gravity Wi Collars < Th ayy 
tlind butts, Snepa ~ oiseleda rer roan | Tmbosned gilt Dee dis 810 | Por dos sono jum — 
Slind butts sagt" a 2 Champion gis T5A10 eather: fon on dis @ | Sargent’s .........90 100 118 135 150 disAO£10 
is r nee. 
Blind butts. shewerd’§ tates 0 Nox Roggin’s Latch dea PAB 
North’s anes itn i fxr “4 adn 7508" om (Goi iat Ap Cori (noe ¥ tap Ee Toa eects Fi a $i 62; Paws an 
yratic « ' 3 . 
wood. $1050: No % for brick, $13 5" dis 24 eet Soy hy Knives. $1 10: no plate $0 88....... ..... ~ 
Shepard’s **0. aS” Lull & Porter sak dis 75.4102 | Tongiass & Witherby. cccasserecnee i eTS@TRAR | Rarn dow: .....-... vessssseseanens,c dos $1 40, dis ac ak 
§ AUC viens coseses-vese-” 5 -enecnense - 00s di Merrill... die manne Wronght onest.. 70 
Shevard’s * Queen City” reversible t, &T.1. White onest. 2 70 
Clark's imp’d shutter hinge, Nos. Adjustable Wandle.......-vecccsssereeses oa fis tos Fem chore Ais 70 
. oD seccencosccocseocccco=es Ses soneeses Trill nd Drill Rtock e oe: 
Butcher’s Cleavers, Rlackamithe’ part ? ¥ 1.001 ,88 > pine mint esesee sseseene ao Wee 0k Wa8 
secongescescoeses’ gpenennecssceess new aud ha Aya Ales R&S 
iTumason & Beckley Mfe. RES ee dis 2&kh@4 | Vackemithe’ cel f- feoding, each...#7.0 ones 7) Rrad aw -") #20 
Bradley’ Besssesscseceraccessconareeeesssesseceseenans ens dis Bax R LPS. & WW... cscs. “@iaconnt 19 & 1 Aekorv peaner chisel, ananrt.....© en ba RY 
Beatty’s.. ound cae segonies ais W@40&" | Nronct. Willers Pails miei each. $3.00 diseonnt z Hickore firmer chisel, laree ...... P grone Sh 
1 - panes Wh 8 Ratchet. Weston % 1 Annple firmer chicel, asenrted .....P eros Sh An 2 
1450 1900 2150 2490 2 ‘0 30 0 8350 36/10) intamatic Roring Tools......... each, $1.75 to #1 & quae firmer chisel, large... PD gross SA AN 
New Haven Edge Tool Co.’s seeseseeseetl is 4! | Twit drills... MA | Socket firmer chisel, assorted....? grasa 30 3 
Albertson Mfg. Co.....++++++ Maree... ROA | Qneket fraeing chisel, aseort "® ernan 8 Oh 
Can Openers, pe sess : a? boy dint 
Sprague No. 1 $2.00. 2 $2.25, 3 $2.50, diafinw lO evsland....- ' Suger. laree. @0a10 
Universal .......cse-eceeeeserernneres P doz $3 0. dis Williams se ‘BOk1a I 
Yen lg $: Drill Chucks, sa mein, aan 
Harp Door. old patterns... « 
Renee oe Morse’s Reach Patent.....aach. $#.00, discount 2 | Sarn Door. Ne Pnetand.. on Ne aE 
Cal Percussion, ? 1000, Morse’s Adjustahle...... each. 97.00 is 2 to D&A | Clima (Aati-Priction) ... ......-.00+ 
Wks & Gola We ) F Dripping bona. Zenith Avn-Priction Wood Track.. 
ote cee eheneerenes eee ° J 
E. B. Truomed Edge, 1- Wa ..ciscccuhed ho} %& | Buffalo, 8S. BS. A COQ. cresccerenoreeesoee one th. 54@546e | challonee . ~ pn 
EB, Ground Edge, Cent. Fire. 1-10's 7M Egg Beaters, = Phare Medina Mte Co. 
Donhle Waternroof. 1108. ....coreseeees 1.40 Naver......+ per dos. $2.50 | Starliv (Anti-frietion).. 
soget Waterproof, 1-108 .....0++ veeeeerene Se ome per gross $7. Vietar. No Nor «. 815: No.2, $16.50; No.8. #18. aia 
ranted oobteeer tlie 
Klys waterproof central. on noose eadloncpapooeneeces $1. 4 Regnlar numbers ae ot Rar Th 4@Te i Caters. —_ ‘ais sasvenon a6. 
Rim dive. gen. diseount Panga F. F at ay eee wae'® w track eeecees-- cecces seeeeeressoeenees - y 4 4 
Dial and rifle... divonunt ee ee eee std ener Terry's Patoat.5 in.. 12.06; 834 in.. 10.00, dine & 
tary and SPOrting ....r00.--r--+-r-0e iscount 30£2 
e- Carpet Stretchers, Tron, List Nov. nl. 18%. apap ron Croke No. a 12.00; No. 5, WAh Be. Soe 
Cast steel ae semen ssemne semen dom $8. Eacutcheana, eutliad. accapimenanamn non aie’ 
vast iron, steel points.......... Kelipse......-- secesseeen i8 SUA1O 
Sockets cccose Rao | 7. Door Lock.....-......Same discounts Looks | ¢ 
Sectbnrdl'e. ccaccones “Nipa-stbegeent isan 10| rane TRTOA....0--ns-ree0ee perenne + tO ROR | Ne ee an on 
Cattle Leaders. ¥ 
Humason, Beckley & C0.'S ....c0++sses-eeeeee oo eontlis TH ha Rv : eh Seat 1 Aerman. o} noun Guay? aie ™ 
ps = apnea Sain ata fepghw | 5. & Blow Qart-eealtvene ens arene de W | Ore How Patent. now Vist aia nasa 
Pook, Stow & W. CO...secssessesssneesneenessnses dis 50&1 | est © te of domestic make: acconding ta, gris s Hay Knives. 
(queen pale Pi) P doz $16.10 ‘mean gnatie dnmantio Mem. Ais “NAAR” oo sokias D des py 4 74 
hy os OPN ee ager, Saeeet AOTC 4 don gir fleller’s horse shoe bates comme” 60.8 10@508 104° Hin ‘ 
ottage “ slid one Wroanght Strap and T Hinges... CRAKE 
Onean. with ele aie cick ee tienen Ee Le Frary’s Patent Petroleum..... ...... in 40 £1042 | Screw, hoon sud strap.* 1? 1° papi 0 : 
Hoy ® dos 630 pes Lined ... ape 70 to 7010 ‘. ue Gia wes o 




For Sale. 

@’x10” SELF-INKING Foot Power Print- 
ing Press; will do wood work Address J. 
, care ircn Trad~ Review, Cleveland, v. tf 

For Sale, 

with over 40 feet of chain. Good as new: 

city. &0 ths. Add 
Sr ate ee ee 

Late Examiner U 8S. Patent Office. Fight ror 
cnpernnee in pomnes Ce Carpe Prices mode 
ate. Satisfaction guaranteed PP ew rite or onl | for 

H. T. ian SHER, 

34 Blackstone Building, CLEVELAND. o. 

For Sale. 


bo ler ard engine; machinery in perf: ¢ 

cna nity shai nearly — yal four eee | 
nft f dence 

ed iit chairs por Set LOOK: pnts ag / 

For Sale. 

PY copaurr & BEACH, Hartford. Conn., 
Auromaste Engine. 2448; Buckeye Auto- 
matic Engine, *x36; John Cooper & Co. Auto 
Engine, 2x3; C & G. Spoper oS. cn- 

;@ cngipe pod 

93-9ms HA DUSK ¥. OHIO. 

For Sa'‘e. 


. Machine shon, 24... toundry. xed 

ne a ias proof pattern building, 31x50. smith 
shorn and all other buildings for the use ot the 
works. f . large aseortment of patterns and ma- 
shiner” for iron «nd wood, all in goed reparr. 
ipping facilit’- — « nd by railroed or eanal. 
Forties of al! ! ry telivered here as cheap ar 
any place in the & . “a'er power moat of the 
steam pow: othe nevded This work« 

[ore a fret. class repair and johbbing trade. Ir 
has several patented articles and's ecialties tha’ 
are ll arias « poe _— beams Po on ean be hou ht 
wantin iyo ce 86 abehied. 
i WiNTINGTON B BEAKD ayetteville, N. ¥ 

For Sale Cheap. 

‘NEW PONY PLANFR. planes from }”’ 
tof’ thick and 24” wide. A strong and 
pay address for further partien- 

lars. X, care Iron Trade Review, Cleveland. 

For Sale or Exchange. 

HE BRADLFY FACTORY at Arhtabula.0: 
has switches from two ralisends, acre of 
buildings, large fine engines. boilers, shafting 
ete: finest shipring point on Lakes: no better 
point for manufscturing: at great sac: ifice. 

208 Superior street, {09} Cleveland. O. 

For Sale at Ve y Low Figures. 

Machinery for the manvfacmre of steam 
gauges and for carrying on jobbivg in brass and 
bee The tools are a Fox Inthe and a hand lathe 
ty brase work: a machine jnthes drill press; 
bufter and emer: wheels: gr adetenes two test 
mre and fa standerd testing ma hine; 
side> chucks. slide re-t. dies. entters. stamre 
markers. vises, and a qu«ntity of o her tools too 
pumeroue to mention Also all vatterns for 
gauges and other work.and potent do: ble-spring 
guge. Ascthe bnriress mvst be c oved out, we 
offer itt very low figures. A:idress 

90-4 2% Sears street. Dayton Ohio. 

Machinery Cheap. 
36 Le. 5 16 ft. Fitchburg Engine Lathe, second 

i 14 ft. Fifield Engine Lathe, second hand. 
3 in zs m4 fe Kid ‘Geld Shae fting Lathe, second 

10 ote Wrieh ht Lathe. new. 
pin. x6 ft. Perkune La‘he. new. 

in. x4 ours Foot Power Lathe. new. 
° =. xh fn, i Foot Power Lathe, new. 
x5 ft. ease Planer, new. 
18 in. : 4 ft. qiecbiers Vianer used two weeks. 
isin. x3 ft. Pratt & Whitney Planer, second 

68 in. x 46in. x 18 ft. Planer. good for rough 
heavy work; will be sold at a awe second 

600-Ib. Ferr: oe Miles fer. eat Hammer. 20x fin. 
oy linder, %in. piston. now in use, and will be 

Ro. 3) 3 Bell's ‘Steam Hammer, 22x10 cylinder, in 

2 for oe er, M chines. 
> s ' 
1 Double-Head Boit-Cutter, 36 to 14 in., second 

1 No. 3 National Bolt Cutter, new. 
1 National oeaty Tapping Machine, new. 
24-and 5-spindle Vayp ng Machines, very good. 
%-in Two Too! Pulley Lathe, new an cheap 
1 Double Cutter Horizontal Bar Iron Shear; wil) 
cut upiron faster than any other make; new 

and cheap. 

2 Pulley Moulding Machines, all complete, good 

1 Putiey Drilling and Tapping Machine, good 

1 Rodin Drill. os fine order 
singh ouse Engine. new and chea 
ib. bb. Nawle ngine and boiler, used very Fit 

si U t Sosten and boiler; Bookwalter, 

1 bp Upright ete Threader and Cutter, hand 
mondo 's hingie Wheel ‘Tool Grinders, with 
iinproved features; beat ull others. Send for 

Sen» ston’ "s Patent Suspended Emery Wheel 
Grinder; a wonderful wachine; wheels wear 
true. ds» more work without jar to building, 

norseless: send for circular, 

Full dine of grinding and pollsting | moschinery, 

emery wheels, iron and wood working machin- 

Write us before purchasing. 
W. H. Robertson 
48 South Canal Street, (34) CUIVAGO. 

24 inches wide. 8 inches thie 

soth mdes, joints both edges, and Kesaws at one 
1 Stave Cutter. 


For Sale. Our 

nb Co. Lite Giant 4-roll single cylindc. 
8 Lik aiant troll double eslinder 

r val Winch single cylinder Planer and 

Concord. N. H., U. s. A ee 

Section of Vops er W. te sewed Light i Sebte Stioane. 
“‘ EXTRA,” Bath Single and Double, and cur ‘LIGHT DOUBLE”’ 

Belting are specially adaptet for use in Machine Shops and on 

All PORT Orne Machinery. 

1 Mat 
sah 6 roll 24-inch double cylinder Ee also manufacture all the St 


and Special (jra.'es of Leather Belting and the “ HERCULES” 
cing Send for Cata ozue No. li. 

H Tar & Co. endless bed. single surface Planer. 

1 Fay & €o. endless bed. single surface Planer 
wide, » inches t 
1 Air eh rear Planer, patty by Frank & Co. 
2 Pane: 
* Kall weed f rame Sash machine. 
i selftecd Iilind “lat Tenoner. 
1 Goodspeed & VW yuan Ginuge Lathe. 
1 Rogers’ Axe-handle Lathe, 
1 Union Siding machine. Thiemachine planes 

1 Bolt Equalizer. 
Lot “eeond-hand Stave Machinery. 
1 24-in. Cigar Box Planer eu makin 

1 Paper Cutter, 
Hand Stamping —— Cigar Boxes. 

11 x 18 Stationary Fn 
130-H.P. Portable Boi 
James iis & Co.,. 
48 to 54 Randolph Street, 

PP te log eaw mill, (London, Berry & Orton’s 

styles, and miscellaneous mach.uery for sale 
sheap. The Herms Mechine Devot 

For Sale. 
Second Hand Machinery. 



Best Watchin America 
for the Price. 


1 Iron planer, 22x22 in., 5 feet bed. 

1 Pipe cutter. 

1 Drill. 

1 Gang drill (10 spindle«.) 

1 Send ie reparing mornin. 

1 1#x20in vertical engi 

2 pairs vertical hoisting engines, 6x10 in. 

Large lot.of engines and boile~s. all sizes and 

82-3m 92 & 94 Ist Ave.. PITTSBURG. 

Devoted to the Inter. st: of Scrott Sawine ana 

Large, New, Full Size Working Design 

Subscription Price Ouly $1.00 per Year. 

Send 10 cents for sampie copy to 


anp Home DECORATOR. 

A MONTHLY MAGAZINE, A Practical Treatise upon the 
Management of Cupolas and 
the M Iting of tron. 

Ornamental Wood-work 
For Home Decoration. 

ee Practical Iron Moulder and Foundry 
Full instructions of t1is beautiful and profite 

able wu ke An elegant 


DAY & CARTER. Publisters, 



Loam, Dry Sand and Green 
Sand Moulding, 


By Taos. D. West, 
Fully Illustrated. 

Sent by Mail. Postage Paid, on Re- 
ceipt of Price, $2 50. 

Cleveland, Ohio. 



\ ANUFACTURERS and others who desire 

to call and see our samples 

Take Elevator. 


Ligh Grade Wool Engraving, are invited 

F. C. MUGLER. Engraver on Wood, 
89 Kuchd Av: nue, 
Cleveland, U. 

U. SoG 

ra Pye 




Nos. 7 & !O Carter Street, 

Steam Boiler Feeder, 


“soj4ys [ “8 





A Great Offer 


Our previous offer of books was so well received 
that we have decided to enlarge the list, hence 

We Will Give as Premiums 


for ONE YEAR, at the remarkably low price of 
$1.25, any one of the books named below. The 
book delivered free. 

All these books are printed from new plates, in 
large, clear type. on good paper, very hand~ 
somely bound in cloth, bluek and gold. 12mos. 


Adventurer Among the Indians. Kingston. 

Arabian Nights Entertainment. 

Cast Up by the Sea. Baker. 

Deughter of Heth. A. Black. 

Kast Lynne. Wor 

Right Years’ Wanderi in Ceylon. Baker. 
Erling ‘the Bold, Ballantyne. 

Ethan Brand. Hawthorne. 

-elix Holt. Eliot 

Pranken-tein. and Denis Duval. Mrs. Shelley 
and thackeray, 

Franklin's Autibiography. Franklin and Stuber. 

‘ireen Pastures and Piceadily. Black. 

Haunted supe, and the Coming Race. Bulwer. 

Hvperion. Longfellow. 

Ivanhoe. Seott. 

John Halifax Mulock. 

L»udies and Gentlemen’s Etiquette. 

Last Days of Pompeii. Bulwer. 

oe of the Mohicans. Swanee. 

Macleod of Pure. Black. 

Maid ot Athens. Mc arty. 

Mark Seaworth. Kingston. 

Mi'shipman. Kington. 

Vill on the Floss. Eliot. 

Mvsterious Island) Verne. 

‘Niver Twist. Dickens. 

Our Matus! Friend.. Dickens. 

Pan! and Virginia. Rasselas, an Vicar of Wake- 
field, St. Pierre. Johnson, and Goldsmith. 

Ked Eric Ballantyne. 

Rifle and Hound in Ceylon. Baker. 
fomola. Eliot. 

Round the World. Kingston. 

sartor Resartus. Carlyle. 

scottish Chiefs. Porter. 

shadows and Sunbeams. Fanny Fern. 

shandon Bells. Black. 

sket-h Book, 'rving 

‘wane Nun. and the ‘Black Dwarf. De Quincey 

and Seott 

steddard’s Readings and Recitations. Stoddard. 

strange Adventures of a: haetun. Black, 

~inrixse. Black. 

thaddeus of Warsaw Porter. 
hat Beautiful Wretch Black. 

Chicker Than Water. Payn. 

Chree Feather-. Bl«ck. 

Three Spaniards. Walker. 

‘our of the World in 80 Days. Verne. 

0.00 Lengues Under The ea. Verne. 

CwoOn a Tower. Hardy. 

Van Nostrand’s = ience Series. (18mo, green 
boards. Amply illustrated where the subject 

No. 1. Chimneys for Furnaces, Fire-places and 
Steam Boilers. By R. Armstrong, C. bk. See- 
ond e:lition, enlarged 

Ne. 2. Steam-Boiler Explosions. By ZerahCol- 


No, % A Treatise on the Compound Engine 
By John Turnbull, Jr. second edition. revised 
by Prof 5. W. Robinson. 

No.9 Fuel. By © Williams flemens. D.C.L.;3 
to which is appended the Value of Artificial 
— ux Compared with Coal. By Jno. Worm- 
ald, U. &. 

No. 21. Safety Valves. By Richard Suel, 

No. “4. A Practical Treatise on the Teeth of 
Wissel, By Prof 8S. W. Robinson. 
Soiler Incrustation and Corrosion 
_ By ¥. J. Rowan. 
o. 29. Steam injectors. Translated from the 
Freneh of-M Leon Pochet. 
No. 34. Foundations. By Prof. Jules Gaudard, 
C.E Translated from the French. 
No. 47. Linkages; the Different Forms and Uses 
of Articulated Links By J. D.C. De Re os. 
No. 66. Dynamo-Electric Machinery. By S. P. 
Thompson. With notes by F. L. Pope. 
No. 6% Steam Heating. By Robert triggs, 
Send postal note or express order at our risk, 

but stamps will be received. Address, 

130 Water street, Cleveland, 0. 

as “NT aa 

[ysedVoy [38eSU0I49 fyse[CUIL, > 

-MOd BF10Y (C] 0} g WIOl] SpPee7 




G=OQ wW® @O2OocedecaQ 


OR ee 
= «@« @AtOQoomww 

— elie ~~ he. 

Be ee eS 

acount OTRAS TIALS SA Nal 

enmeeemnanaia stain 

st rcascilisdi nba 



Screw hoor & eye hinges...44 ® doz 1 

eh. dis 

Gate, westerz.. seiagenl i. Pv a dis 5 


Gate. N. E bevsdeotbesois om doz 87 uu, dis 5 
Gate, N. EK. reversible ssaieemntesianiben ? BP doz 20, dia . 
Gate. Clurk's Nos. 1. z. 3........ Lis60.4 OGG A 11k 
Gate. N.Y State .......... esegnnecsen ny doz $5 Ww, dis» 

Gate, automatic ......ccccceesssccecee doz $12 50, dis 5 

Gate, commu« sense.... veseenc dos pair $4 &, dis » 

Gate, Seymour’s ...... dis 451 

Stove Hollow-Ware. tiround dis W£L10@GkWS 
Enameled and [finned Hollow-Ware 
Kettles chlo <conteeticonece 4008 SOK 
Oval oilers. Saucepans scggneeensesaceniinnl dis su@. 
Gray Knameled Ware...........cc00.-secc BUG s & 
Kustleas tlollow-W are ..ccccccrcs seseseeshi8 AY 
Galvanized [ea-he. tles 
Inch ..... 6 7 & 9 
Bach ......55 Ci) 65 75 

Garden, mortar.. wsssseneceeeee Gis 
Planter’s. cot dis 

Hog Rings and Ringers, 
Perfect rings....... sceescseceseseee @ doz boxes $1,75@E: 
Perfect ringers weoeee @ Oz $2.5 
Blair hog ringers............ -. puateabedk bd «-@ doz $2 6 
Hoisting App-«ratas. 
** Moore’s”’ hand hoist. with lock brake ...... dis 1 
**Moore’s differential! pulley block... 2 

Ree Cage. Sargent’s list......... 

evevesssooes ALS 

weds mek 

Biasspade. aes 

Clothes Line Sargent a list 
Ceiling Sargent’s list.. wgsemssesseeeennees 
Coat and Hat. Sargent’s list .«... 
Wire coat ant re I inns ntoenlnersitir 

Sta » 
ba ~~ hee mage sgn dis80& 1008042 
Wire forts 8 ak ie ae : 
Hooks and Eyes—Malleable Iron.............. 
Hooks and Eyes—Braas...............00 dis 60.1041! 
woe Po 

10 7 
Ausable. en. .B PH a Pi] Pr disase 10te2 &10&1 
Putnam, @ fb.. 19 20 21 22 24 ...dis5 & Ttofatx 
Mme ar shhven. bias 
t facto’ sesscseees Keg $40 
Rie Horse Sho bee t Co.. Perkins’ Lmp. «A ie gs 
ne keg ‘ 
Mule Shoes, at FACTOTY.....cc00... 00000 —% kexw $50: 
Hose Kabber. 
IB ca ceckidics Ncascdsd Werocsdaneovebe scoseenene ING BO 
N.Y. “Belting & Packing Co. standard 
ice Awis, Chisel», &c, 
American Ice Chisel Pol'd......% doz. $3.00, dis 2 
Tce Cream Freezers, 
Buffalo champion, S. S. & Co.........dis WOk2@60.4 
ice Tongs, 
Champion ..... acesessceecsecceeseeeet oz $4.00, dig 25.44 


Family......... accccecssessece-con? OZ $2.75, dis 0@-F 
Jack Screws, : 
Millers Falls list............++. sa sessceseneecdis 5OtOSOA: 
Brass. 7 to 17 inches inclusive...........® Th Me, nen 
Brass larger than 17 inchees.............. t 22e, n 
Enameled and Tea Kettlez..........See Hollow w, ee 
Eagle, cabinet, trunk and padlock......dis 40 and 
Ames’ Butcher. ; dis 
Ames’ Shoe Knives.. ..........000.. dis 2W@z 
rriag ero 80e. dis 4041 
iage. Jananned ............. gross 80c. dis ( 
Barn Rubber Tin Siepebiselileiadiiies eecceseenthix TO 1085 
Hemetite Door Rucke. new list..... ... dis 4084 &b 
noe M meee oa si: hc aes diidichihsacen . “4 
reelain japrnned ntescasebsdbocccnnesossoccccen 2 
Doar one lnin plated... denbeciuplecteuieee TUES 
Door porcelain —...ccoecscoscsecsecseseees ~ dbonicenesn Grn 
Shutter. Porcelain dis 64.41 
Melting. Sargent’s dis 5i¢1 
Re dis S&1 
Melting. Montue’ 8 Patent........ -B “doz $4.00, dis 4 
Melting, P. 5. & W dis 35%10@4 

Tubular No. 9 1D. .ceuibbiacenan ds seh 


sauces 7) per doz 

Tnbular. Lift Wire. Wo. 0, Pdot.....00..... 

Tubalar. Lift Wire. No. 1. ® doz 

Polios.: Suall. pated Sonic sa 25; lam. 

eeeeeeeees ee ee 

1 ane: notte, ete. 
Bann & Brittan Manufacturing Co., Pitt< 

“Bizowant Sheet Ne. 8 [Mareb 10, 1886]. 

Wo. GBM .ccsensteisarieoeute eeb-weansans-coosnehe SOELGT per. dor 
To, BIN -.ccantich ioesclbiclaeckene-sintdne Gee 

Ble. QCA cisccivahsinthhdisseteVcsabemantects 2.40 
Door locks. knobs and lntehes.. RC ae dis 

E-cutcheons and keys... 
Sash locks 

po SS ee numa ix 
Padlocks and “padiock: kevs .. inane d 
Bell pulls,mineral, porcelain. and jet. aa 
Bell pais bronze platedd........ aaa 

Bell pullx, Exyptian bronze 
Bell pulls, genuine bronze .. 

Lever bell pulls. genuine bror 
Butta, genuine bronze 
Butts, bronze plated 
Butts. Egvptian bronzed... 
Store door locks and Latches 

MIMD PSI TTI LH yeeertyes 

Store door handles.. ... ie wal is 
Shutter hinges and flaps. gen dix 
Shutter hinges, bronze plated.............-00 dis 
Shutter kinges. Exyptian prensed kesan lix 
Shutter flaps. bronze plated .....s0-eeeveseeehis 
Shutter flaps, Egyptian bronzed.. Vionsadsiaiaiaiieall dis 
Parliament batts, Erasine DrOnZe.......ceceeseeix 
Parliament butts, bronze plated .....+.....+...0is 
Parliament butts, Bgyutian bronzed ...........dix 
Flash bolts. gennine bronze...... ...ccsesesesses dis 6 
Flash bslts. bronze plated ..... Se idinapecdinsiseell dis 7 

Fiush bolts, Egyptian bronzed......00.eeseees dix 7 
Shutter kuobs. genuine bronze... 
Shutter knobs, bronze plited. ......... 

Shutrer knubs, Egyptian bronzed .. eveve Lin 
Shutter bers, Cenuine HrONZE...........eecceeeeed dix 6 
Shutter bars. bronze plated .. lis 
Shutter bars Egyptian bronzed .. covos'dis 7 

ach lifta genuine bronze .........cccccscsceecenes tie 
Sash lifts. bronze plated........cccccece scsseesseoee dis ™ 
oo lifts, Kevotian bronzed ....scssseoree cooeeflis 70 

b pulls and plates, fenuine bateoenmnenne = ® 
h plates. genuine bronze 
rawer nnl 

Drawer p 

ee eenereeeeseereesereees 

genuine hronse...... cccscees Mie Shh 

8, bronse plated ........cec0-seeeGis 70 

Drawer pulls. Exyptinn bronzed ..... os... 
iter box plates. genuine bronze...... cose dis 00 
wetter box plates bronze plated .....0-.secseedis OU 
Letter box vlates, Egy ptian bronzed w.0s-dlis 6% 

“humb latches, Egyptian bronzed..........000 i+ 75 
Sarm door LUCKS ......scccceccseeeree SRR ERE dis 33% 
Lemon Squeezern, 
resiain WinO dhs. ackssesschitbect @ doz $690, dis2&a 
Wovd My aes $3 Ov. dis 35 
sontap? . improv red. Lsecdchavsavaaied ot $3 7A, dis 20 
~almix’...... NO. 1,8: 2 part inate 2 dos Sas 
Commitee! * Bear’? ss. came socsestesctaedbeceseesl 2M 

he “* isoss’’....... 

tean’s No. 1. B doz $6 50; 233 

uittle giant 

due 2.5 
25; 3. $1 4...dis 
dis 5u@50K5 

otton Chalk............ dis 54 
ilver Lake, Braided, oy ae No. 1, $6.50; 
No. 2, $7.00; No. 3, 87.50 # gross ....... eeceseeh id 2 
palin Linen, No. 3%, $1 ar ‘Se. 4, $2.00 
Leper 4%. $2.50. 

Soe e ee OOeeee caveeeseceesecces! 

$3 IDS vcocrseense ehiebiis pi 
Lumber Tools, 

ing peavies, ‘‘ Blue Line” finish 
‘ing peavies, co'umon tinish....... 
(eel SOCKEL peu V 1E8......006...06 
shall. iron suck t peuv ies.. -¢ duz iy 
aut hovks, ** Biue Line’’ tinish.. ae duz 316 00 
aut huvks, commun finish........... ose @ luz $14 WW 
wnt hovk's mail. sovket clasp, ** Blue 

Line” finish . # doz $16 WW 
aut hooks, unali, socket clasp, common 

oo, a ER FE OT NS 00 # doz $1450 
ant hooks, clip clasp. “Blue Line” fin.. @ doz $14 
ant huvks, clip clasp, commun tinish... @ doz $12 

-B doz $20 00 
-# dus 715 WU 

-? doz $21 ww 

fund spikes............ # doz o tt., $1500; 8 £t., $2u ww 
ike pules, pike and huok— 
lz ft. 16 ft. 16 ft. 1% ft. 20 ft. 
WR sccnsccoved six nde w $1450 $17 5U $21 w 
‘tke poles, pike only, 
WOZ....cceceeeeeeee SIU UD rk w $1300 $16 00 $20 00 
‘ike poles, not ironed, 
SN $6 uu si BY S $12 00 $16 0 
setting pules,doz i4 uv vada $17 v0 
SWaInp HOOKS ......008. onenaes oor” doz $18 00 
ating WON acclaredsaaioveedbsszsi ie deveee P tus 822 5 
kidding tongs...... #@ dus $51 WU 
wx binders @ doz $26 WU 

vended buvt culks, | to 5 M, dis 25; 

5 to lo Sidis 3U 

quare steel boct calks is 40 

hain ratting dogs..... A fz w 

{ing rafting dogs..# iw, med. »$lu uu; Lirge $1200 
Vimber grapples doz $0 vv 

dis 20410 
KUM Vite. 

dis A.&10 
Pentield Block Co., eprapauastects and 
ilickury........ wecmene ev’ Seoveveboctibeiosscdaee SOURUDEE IO 
-esseee Gis COL5@60.K10 
ge sat: pane 
rixon’s (P.S.4W.) 

se gla. ‘0 wir io siv.0 $30, ‘w ail 4 
‘raw Oates: 5 

Bach........850.00 875.00 Sour 00 $225. 00 400.00 

dis DOB 

Voodruff’s (P 8 & W) per doz No 108 No lho 
Sle $lsdis 4 

lule’s—Nos. 11 12 13 
27 $s $45 dis 70£5@7| 
Mincing Knives, 

\m. (2d ony". P gro, | blade, $7; 2 blades, $12; 

Lathron" * gets 2 «lis yale 
~mith’s, ® doz. single, $2 WU; “double, $3 00 


tegular list... 


dis 40@45 
‘owles Hardware Co dis 5uc10@60 
Money Drawers, 
nme ee $18 Ov 
Molasses Gates, 
Stebbins’ pat ......0......06 sicnihelapiaeick dis 70£10@7545 
stebbins’ genuine is | 
stebbins’ tinned eNds.....csc0....ceseeceseessee is $0 1 
hase’s hard wetul dit Wel 
ED Bi ncdacanssimpinness euleseseliced ieulaibicgbes dis 20 
Lincoln's pattern PERT AR RTS RNS HP die 636d 10 
SO PERRY Se er erecsee-eeehis ZUde]t» 
toss Nos.... 2 4 
$7.0 800 900 1000 @ dos. 
‘ dis 60% 10410 
Natta (wire). 
-alem Staniard Penny Nails, @keg curdrate$3 55 
Nute nud Wa-bern, 

~ize of bolt in......... “whi 3% % &% 1 
© CODD - . caste .-cdccsem "% 7% wo 4945 4 36 
Oe EO 1 12 8% Pi 514 5% 1% 
Ee 84 7% 0% 

in lot. les- th .n iv. ibs, BD ¥. lt buae 
adil le to list 

Nut Crackers, 

fable (IIumason & Beckley Mfg. Co.)......... dis 4 

Slake’s PattErM....e..rsee-ccsseeee -# doz. $ is j 

Curuer & Seymour Mfg. Co........c00..c.0008 eoscseethis 

OBER a meseen, paccpesense Sn Ee 

Uh Way DENT a carve vnsananmbocsces badesesbanes : abtaweschion’ ih 6 

NOOR. ciccmus pe @ tb 5% 

ANC ANA TiN....ercse-erreee An ste wee oe CISFELIO@T: 

brass and opper.. 

lalleable (Hammer ‘ae No. i, $3.60; No. 2, S400 

No. 3, $4.40 ® doz.... evvorehis 1U@ 1041 
Packing. ‘Steam. 

N. Y. Belting & Packing Co .. dis @ 
American Packing l0@1)} 
aa a a RR aE A. E357 Sonedan I+ 
talian Packing. 
‘otton Packing . 


“aher’s Carpenters’ 
‘aber'’s SUMMIT URED Rcccccescestnachepnaseds % gro $5.25 ne: 
nxon’s Lead 

salees.° 5 “ i RRR $11 dis M&5@6041 
co O00 FE kitten ~ $i2dis wx5@tuel 
a Irons. 
OE ccecciternssacsees 
Pic cure ‘Sethe. 
trass head, Sargent’s list........ v uk 
sqee head, enwnhinar’ n liet 
Porcelain head Sargenr's list, dis... 
Porcelain head, comlinirion list. 
Plane trong. 
Rha AE Re Bo WE WINN  - cxssatssvccsnagourumsienabatemteceneer ale 
Pliers and Nippers. 
Tenttom’s Patan siccsccicsscccoceses’ seksi’ ob is EQ 
Wall’ Pat. Compound Lever Cutting g inners. 
o 2, 5in.. $13.50; No. 4. 7 in.. $21.0 

seovee G5C. NOT 

‘ias Pliers... wecqnecers secceceseesh iS 
PLS. & W. Cast Steel ... sesealp id aoolo ech 
P.5. & W. Lmners’ Cutting Nippers 

add 6 per cent. dis lv 

Plumbs and Level.. 

standard Vist... ..dis TU 1V@ 70K ae 
Visstun’ 3 
Pocket levels dis facia ty. Ady ib 
Vavis’ inclinemeters ais valt 

Post Hole and Tree Augers, 
Samson Post Hole Vigger..% doz. $36.00, dis 2041 
Flevcher Pust Livie Augers .... @ duz. $30.00, dis 2 
poruke DABBOLS.....ccccccseeeeeee H MOL. BIG UW @ O15 AA 
per dus $5.00 @y ia 
veusman’ 8 Hollow Luve Pust itule............024U 

Ye snd 
Potato Parere, 
White Mountan............-cccccse. ® 408 $5.00@ $5.5 
AM TU COMDITBLION......,..000re0eereereseees OE DOU 
thouster ......... - «oe dos Slo 
Pruning Hooks and Shears, 

Jisston’s Combined Pruning Llovk and Saw 

due $15.0, dis Wal 
Jisstun s runing liouk.....@ doz 212.00 dis Wak 

Wee De Lee A UUs bd PTUNET....ccccseee esses ooveccecsesthie 4 

CPUMINM DUCBLS o.....00) ceeeeeee «® duz 3.:5@34.W ve 
Pull, ys, é 

‘tot House : discount 6UA It 

Japauned Screw hi tok 

Brass Screw i twalv 

Japauued Side a LL onz_a bu 

Jupuuued Civthes Line d oud lv 

Vistern, best makers............-.00+ seeeee Gis HO@10&t 

Pitcher spuul, West makers...dis Hd 1U@ovVa WA sv 
Pitcuer spuut, cheaper guvubd... dis Uc sa Wav 

Saddlers’ or Vrive..... ® uuz. good quality, | ney gg 

eile &A Cull Cu. 5 Cust Steel Yrive"......... 
weulls A Call Uv.'s Spriuguelid pd pan = ne 
SUL LIMUUTD....000. ® dus. 01.44, dis dv 


Shding Door, Wrought Lrass...% tb 35e dis Wez 
Slidiuy Jevur, Lron, fainted # Lovt 4¢ din Wald. 

UAst Sve el .......ce000e er Pepe ten ds of 
Malleavie dig Ob Loud Lud It 

J. K. Torrey Razor Uo. dis a 
Wostenbuline X& LULCReF...ccmsesess S1U@L,.u18 bv 
hen V@Lee 

Lron. in bulk... discount 65 

por discuunl oU@el ad 

AREDOL DOLM,,....000cecccrcesesecerecresss Us DUA Mua LV 

Stair. brass..... ra dis BAz 
Stair black WV iimenanin seenscccecsesee ee 4UCS ® Gus 

Barn door, Surgent’s iist, «00.0... dis WLI lw 
Acme (Auti-F rictiul).... dis oo 
Uniun baru duur ruiler dis TU 

Manufacturer’s list Jul 12, 1886.. dis le@14 ® th 
CCU) rn eri i 6p es 
MALI B...c0000e oveeeeg BD D-lO LUCh # Ib 14 
MBL. .coveeeeeseee “Me und | larger sseccceeseresees Or Ib LINZ 
wer ib 119% 
ver ip ig 


°° ccevcesene'”g & D-10. 


sesseceeesnseee Giscount BOS1O@ SE 105 18. 

From 4 to 10 lbs at fuctory...per 100 fb» 
Sell-heating Padus ev uct 
Delt-Heating, Lailor’s........ccccsscsesees # UUE $18 uct 
(alempun o Duel ald Lyrlet....cecccccceoees 


Mrs. Putts’s Lruns, ls 40 
bRulerprise Star bruns it pt +! 

Com. Fluver and dad Lron...® doz $15,discuunt 1b 

Sa-h Weights 
Per ton $22.5: 
Visston’s Circular. discount 45 
Uipston's hand panel, rip XC ............. discuunt 2 
W.M. & U., Champion Kegular.......per tout 2c 
Ww. M. x c. Luin Gack.........PrL ae 
Atkins’ circular ....cccesececcee steerer seses DU 

‘A:kins’ s.lver steel diam nd XS cuts. veccnne® tt Toe 

Atkens’ coucave tuuch Dexter X cuts......., ....d0¢ 

\talus’ seCtal stevl diamond X CULB....c.c00..cBet 

\. kina’ tuc le tuoth A cum. 

Atasus’ nuduw vuck A cuts Zi@ze 

ACM sts” DisdesiS, MUIUY, ULAZ, KC.....ccccceccceee + 
suw Fi ameg. 

Whites | V er URE nccnscntubsditeroreccones «~ B gross $9@iv 

ved, polishod & varnished @ doz plow, ecoee thls ZO 
Saw sets, 

Niken’s Genuine............cecceeceees $13.00, dis 50 &1' 

sorrill Saw Dets No. 1 $15.00; No. 3 and 4 Sw 

cvseeethis 40 AI 

.tkins’ adjustable............ a0 seseersesscseeses UOZ SO 

talus criterion Paluz 37 wu 

iatch, Counter. No. m coeesseeceecssecssene COZ $21.10 

datch, Tea, No. IGL.......ccccccccsoscsecncccen ¥ MUS $7020 

hatillon 8 tirucers ...... dis * 

ly Lurnbulls. dis 
= Ba my Buty List of January 12, 185z amas 
dis 6045@ 60): 
\ r. ~ meses Box Scraper (d. RK. & L. Co.) 
Sox, 1 Handle 

—¥ v da Siw, dis 

werew Drivers, 
stanley R. & L. Co.'s Varnished Handles dis5.£1¢ 

stanley K. & L.+ o.’s Black Handles......disduxle 
sets Lnterchangeabie................¥ dus $)4.00 dis 4 
Wood Screws—List Jun 27, 1887. 
flat head tron....... oceliiaibeipendintiin “inti « iw) Se 
ound bead tron diz 7u | ag 5 
“lat head orass dis 70 | *"& 
tound bead brass. dis 65f Bc 
lat head bronze ..... eserevcescececessocs-cccesces dM | te = 
tound hend bronze............cecees-cesseces-coees == 
Machine, flat head. 17On.........cccccssssseeess caveat 4 

Jachine. round head, iron coccnanpeepocosty cook 
eneh and hand— 

teneh tren ow... scunemenee SAS V@BL OK 

Benen, wood. beech, per dozen 

Bench, wood, bicnery 

190 oe eee se eeness 

Hand. t Hk 10@ Zs Hd! 
eodpunethos secetessovecerecs = len |S 
Coach, patent gimlet poin eocerce | TN 
iland rail.” —eanaeer - — seee OCC Oe co eReeonses 
Hand rail. Ilumason. Reckley & Co.’s7?& 10 
Mand rail, Am Screw Co 

saw Tools, 

Atkins’ patent 8 dos sets $6 Ou 

American(Cast) [r~n..............dis7T5&10@75410 & 5 
Pruniug ..... .......5ee Pruning tivvks and Shears 
darunrd's Lamp Ac 8 ® duz $4.:6 
Cinners’........ dis Wa2 
themusch’s List. Dee. 1851... sccocescese dis war &5 

tleimsch’s Lauor s Shears... dis 33% 
Scruil 5awe. 
Lester, complete, $1v.w dis % 
ugers, suuplete, 34.0u, dis 25 

Slidirg Door R. & E. tistWee 18, 1885... dis 60axe 
Sinking Vuur, PAvOUl NULET.......00000001s OU 1K 
Siding Youur, Pat ul iiier, Mattivid’s..cccs ula iU 
Slidiug uur, tussell’s AUL-£ rictiuuVeg, 1d, 1996 
i a | 
Sliding Dour. Movre’s Anti-Friction ...........18 OO 
SHUM SUULLEL. Br, A, be. Mob. .ccccccseeee Gis UA IUAD 
Muy OUULLL, DALKOUL'S Lats. cosccesee Gls CUA10 
Mititty Suulter, headiug tlot............dis OVA Ws 10 
Muure's ALLE MOUUU...-o0rsecseeeern NOW Listy dis 60 
Suip ivvis, 
Lu. & LJ. White 

dis 0 & 5 

Shuvels and Junge 
sron Head dis WS 10@6041045 
2EUDD MOUAL.serereensesees Hk Uk 18 

Juffalo metallic, 5S. 5. 4 Co.. new list... dis 50425 

SSLIOL © MUUL SIEUOLS 2. ....c.cccceseceseeseneee ® MUS BSW 

»chuol, by cuse. dis W@6uk5 

Spuke Stiuves. 
iron dis 45 
*® vud dis sv 
Speke Lriumors. 

bonney’s # doz $10.uu dis 50 

vleurus ® dus ov.w dis Wald 

dasting 5 dis 334442 

vritannia.. eeeeevecens soe one vee one ver cee ISO MAG@OUd Lud IU 
Wat. BOMEPS MEE U0... 00 ecresecreeierenhl® OU INGO 
tha & Suiver cu. Suvi Suver Minted, teu alate 
dabies suu.w. sencserseneccessesenthle OUGOWA1O 
Stevl and UTOD wveesecseee-seeeeene 

dis 75&10 
2 1CKO) p 

Ary square aud L bevels Wd 10@60£10410 
Viepluu bd try oyuure wud L UOVEld sen. dis 45 
W lutervuttun’s Uy aud MmiLeEr.........0.....i8 Sud 


dis Wx lu@6ud5 

seatincsiel: Stocks aud Djvs, 
; th’s dis 5 
** Lightining’’ screw Dlete ......0000000.hi8 bap “re 

dine. . 
Hindostan, No. 1, 340; Axe, 440; Slips B}<c 
Saud Swue - 
Washita Stone ...... sessessseeeee Oe Ly # fh 17 
Turkey Uil baer nme t oy AD see scocesene # ID OVC 
Purkey D)i08........0.00000 see 000s be seececcseee UU @ ID 
Luke Superior. on eb ile 
Lake Supertor Slips .........00s000 ayer i Slpséc 
Washitaa Stipa NO Lb .cccccscssssesssesssssesess 1D S738 
W asbita NO Z StOMG......5....04 cesssecrccncecsserse HID LSC 
Arkansas Stone 1 46m 1 50 
steve Buards, 

Buffalo zine, 8. 8. & Co. 

Shuyele and spades. 
Ames’ list Nov 1 I885......0.c000 s00e "discount 20 
urimth's black iron dis dud 10 
Uuruitu’s solid cust steel R.K. gueds.......dis 20 

Sswve Prutish, 

Joseph Dixon’ z........ cama gross $6 00 dis " 
4 5u dis 10 

dis 50 

Lustre. ¥ ures $476 net 
thuby gross $3 75 net 
MISINgG DUD...... ....0ee sccesssesececenses ® BTUSs SO OV net 

eeeee see 

Boynton 's Noun Day, B gr, ..ccesessesseoreeeee $O WZ 

Lothrops’ Brick and Plastering.........dis 0@3045 

Heed’ s BTICK ANd PIUSLELIDG.....cc0008 correereeel b&b 

Visston’s brick and Pia-tering... 

trade's brick. dis 25 

Tacks, Urais, &c. 
New List. September 1. pans, & Supplemeut Jan- 

Awerican iron carpet tacks all kinds...........dis 75 
DOE! CUCPOL LACK ll KALUB.....000. cccccceses « soeereeee dD 
S¥edes Lrup carpet wks all Kinds q........ 000. 75 
SWOUSS IFUL LECKds... 00008 ‘ 
2wedes irun Upbulsterers’ tacks 70 
Limued SWedes FUL UWCKS .......cecce-essconsecsrsncseese JU 
Linned Swedes trun L phuisterers’ tacks.......... 70 
American irul oul Wicks coewncsseceesereesd UREN@ UK 10 
Uupper lacks 
yopper fuishing aud trunk nails <senanee ES 
Cigar Dox Uslls ...00. -- +000 DD 
flushing nails, pees wenden buhie 
tLungurian oails and utuers’ "tucks... 5 
oftde ith Iw 70 

‘tlup apd lace tacks. 
= ™ aS 

eeeneeree, seecccece 

nok tinned......... 
Crunk and clout nails 
sinned trunk and ciout nails bs 
dusket nails ou 
OE RR gee ee te 
Common and patent brads 0 
Linned Capped CrUDK UALS ....,....ccsseressseo MiG 

‘emmoed, Centra! Stamping Co.'s} 

“SERRE ERE: ls Bad 

baparined Central icamelnn Co.'s in 
“Tk ERE ESR, LRA this 2 kz 

vicced, Centrai Stamping Vo...... 
diss 2 
Pieced 5. 5. & Co....... asene Gis $876 
Japanned 5. 5. 3 eo Fae ~te 3% 3i% 
Mamped, 5. 5. new list...... 
.. dis 334) 
Te +» ceo Cutters, 

Enterprise Mfg. Co, (Champion)...... dis 200£10@30 

tame, Newhouse dis 35@40 

W vod, on 15e & duz holes 

delusion, mouse.................... ? crose $isw dis 15 
‘Tra wom Lifters. 

Wollensak’s P; & 50 
Twine. BC. 
and th Balle. Dace... 

4 aE * hte die 

| Sai ’ tase Sand Balls... nae ven =e 

rhiemp, tb Balle (Sprir x riwine) 12 

IB. .cescceesseee edema 

Chaten Weevelzn: 8 etlews eden” 

a ee mmnae 

so ren 
emadieteee ee 




Standsrd Time. 

Cleveland, Cotumous. Cincitanati & indianapolis. 

o- Set. Cin. & Ind Bxpr.....coccssecseceee? 45 A.M. 

Col., Vin. Ind. and pt pe hb. BE w 

°:4, Gol. Cina Lad ind. and St. Louis *7 0 

Wheeling &x .......... 6 45 

©. £1, Columbus Acoumumudation ....... ‘2 

. 2. Massillon and Ubrichville Kx... 4 


4 Dt. 
= Louis. Lud. « Vol. ite 
. w, Galion A 
ody W beoling hap ees Ex... ¥ 

ING WXPTOss......cecccerererseee 
Daily .ali other trains daily exeept Sunday 
Cieveiand & Pittsburg. 
744am 22pm 


a Verno1 & Pan Handle Route. 
C.,A &C. Ky. Co. Arrive. Depart. 

Akroa. Col, Scis: e+ * 6 15pm 7Wam 
— a& Uin, Nix a gees 
Cloccinnd ix UrrvilieAcoom, llwWam 21pm 

TaeSp m train runs 
palace cleeping curs at 
daily except Sunuay. 

New York, Pennsytvania and Ohio. 

. & Pitts, Express........ 16 Wa m % aw 
g.7. x. & Pits. xpress. bien 3sce 

sane dolly. BS Bispens F Fuliges 

Le0Cal..... w------ 13 10am 
em coma aud Pitts Local “1 Ham 

ese RE =e 118ra 
* patly. 1 Veily except Duuuay. | ex- 
sept Monday. ¥ 
Lake Snore & Michigan Southern Railroad. 

Trains wos _ _ fon Woe. Deess 

2 eer 

OOits. Vik DRDGUSKY...<ec0ee © +10 Wam tld 4am 
reg te saat wee T10 Wa m. ms 4am 

. lv, Leuis « N. ¥. hx. Uv noon 
a lead wy - tus. Ft.Ex. “Wii, ‘hose 
No.s Night bx.viaNorw'k ¥ Wow tluwpm 
No &, Cunnesut Acoom 14 Dvm 

qzams oume weer. ,Aftive Revert 

V est. 
No. 1, fast Limited Ex... -"S baw %l2 Sam 
0.25. Cleveland hxpress am 
v. & Chi. Ba. via Sand'y.. eben Bos 
0.2, Mich. Ac.via DOT WH -.crecreerseeee sam 

wal fm acl Rang PES. 12 0pm 13 Dpm 

at ot cndusky...,, °10 45am "10 Sem 
Noshilss. fx. a % lbpm % Wpm 
No. dl, hlyria Aocommods- 


Central Standard Time. 

BASTW ARD.| No.5. | No, 7. |No, 9.*|No. 1.° 
Potedo...... esowl¥| 7404M/12 30 Pm) 44> PM) ........... 
jak| 5 43 IZ 7 “Licsamanores 
HF remont...-ce....| 4 147 6 Uz wtsenies 
Ulyde......ccccceces| 203 618 geveneubeené 
Bellevue 9 38 2 SBR eeecenee 
Munrvevitie.iv| 9 57 232 7ol 1354 
Sanaa Ines | 2a low | ass 
el bttvee ‘ t j 
eveseeseF| 1) 52 433 w 5 3 
Urrville........ariz@ pm) 505 [il 4bem) 345 * 
PO niin ols |12 40 505 Bam) 60am 120 [545 | 6 640. 
Massillon......Jv} 120 545 40 6 4 
Valley sunc.iv | 2° 6 5 5 U0 Sr) 
Snerrousvuie...| 233 | 7 1h pw ” wou 
Jana! Dover.....| 444 py) 7 z »» Aum il Uae 
New Comerst’n} 3 13 146 «12 OV pw) iz Uwe w 
Sa eons | 408 8 37 luz l 
ey | | ae, OR mua 2.0 230 6 56 pul.. 3 3%pw! 3 pm 

2 No. 4. Nw.2.° 
Merietta ...... hy tte livuam)............ . 
Jambridge. ...| 952 127 SO AB lccsesececee 
New Comerst’n}10 47 2m We enna 
vanal Des Sh 1130 254 6 TA aM) rece sees: 
sherrods 12 Ub pm} 4 Z OM ~ 4d iniad. 
New Cumberl i 12 .0 45 703 
Valley Junc.....|i2 35 5 Su 2 age Pay 
Maasillon.........| 120 710 GRRE, Pra 155 $20 Ti | Epsasohasens 
Orrville.........Jv) 200 j|1015 * | 855 |... 1. 
ie - bacon wis} 230 [1045 a Tecensasgepes 
Saageen «- 318 {1123 jwie act 

N 410 12 Wamill ad 7 2am 
Monroeville...) 4 22 1225 * |1137 737 
Bell 40 ie 11 55 753 
Free 56 --|12 10 pu} 8 08 

13 ..{12 30 825 

41 11255 848 

3A 1% pw! 9 45am 

* Daily. 
This road 1s now o—- through from Toled« to 
wereton. connecting “ith the Pennsylvaniz 
System for all points hast 


Between Toledo, Cam bridge and Marietta. 
and Bowers on 
© “ and Akron, Youngstowa and 
Chicago, Akron, Voungstown and Pitts 
° burgh. 

Gen’! Manages Gen’! Pass. Agt. 

Scioto Valley Railway 
In effect July 19, 1885. 

North and South, East and Southeast, West 
and Northwest. 


en. bilyria ODLY.......00+++ nn 4 Dpm 
No. 27. Conneaut Accom.... 18 10a 

Sunday train for Nottingham Dearttcina, lia. = 
= 1:4 p. ee ~e aggt 

. an 
Refereiice ui Peel +Daily except Sune 
» 2 

— local ed cole and New York Sleeper and 

’ dining car daily on No. 10, leaving Cigyolend » s 

grand Central Lepot, New 1 

information to trains and con- 
“Por further ‘at the Union Ticket Uftice, , corner 
ers and Superior-sts., under a ? Bank. 

A aoe. 6 arrives 

“7 va ag Gen'l Pass. & Hoket Ag’t. 
Cleveland and Canton Raliroad. 
Azsize.—Canten, Sherrodsville and Coshocton | 
55 a.m., 7 OU p.m. 
con —7 Wa.m. 

Bedfora—°7:/#) u.m.. 1:06 p.m., 6 40 p.m. 
New burgh and Miles avenue-t-W a.m., *7:1t 
a.m.. 4:15, p,m. ¥:15 p.m. 

Canton, Sher’deville & Cosh’t’n—7:00 &.m. and 

65:45 p. 
Esti rd—L1: v's a,m., 4:46 v.m., %5:45 p.m., 10:3* 

wbargh and Miles Avenue—6:12 a.m.. 2:00 

A 5 marked a with *run daily. All othér: 
Dooce ak taunt street. opposite Huron street 
Valley Raliway, ARRIVE. 

From Canton 9'0am 

From Axron 215pw 

From Valley Juncti 6 30pm 

For Valley Juno. and interme. points... 83 aw 
For Valley June. and interme. pnts. 220pm 
For Canton aud intermediate ape ints... 5 30 p m 
Trains leave depot, South W ater Street. 

Cleveland, Lorain and Wheelina. 

'e R' 

Ba gr ett nnnnnnn---con 65am 60pm 
Uoviehes Sile XDTORA. ......0...40nm 9 35am 



9.99 SHERI cL AND Of 

-~i rt 

STATIONS. do. 2. Now 4.) Nowe 
62a.m1ll Ham) » vpn 
6 48 12 08 p.m| 552 “ 
7 oe 1220 oe 606 rT) 
7 iT) 12 36 oe 24 Ad 
74 * 110 * | 650° 
808 “ 1 32 oe vi 13 “ 
840 te 20 oe 7 55 ty 
7a; tag - 1sea* 
932 ‘ | 257 *| 854 * 
94 * |311 *| 9° 
1008 *‘ |323 *|9% * 
10% ° (34 “| 945 “* 
1050 “ | 410 “ {1010 “ 
eto eo 1108 “* |42 “ |1027 “* 
er ssenn Be idk Pie” ! 
Havevanill ............ |1138 “ | 454 ** 1055 °° 
ng Rock...... 1150 “* | 506 * |1105 * 
trenton oink Lt p.m ge - Hy Lf sd 
etersburs ... 30° 
Ashland.............. Ar 1250 pm! 6% p.m 12% a 
Trains } pos, 2 - 4 daily, except Sunday, 

Frain x Noe 6 takes supper at Chillicothe. 


STATIONS. No.1. | So.% ) No.4. 
2H a.m ere 155 pw 

55 ci) 8 * 5! cry 

308 * |818“* (54° 

320 oo 8 30 oe 555 ry 

331 ¢¢ 841 oo "06 te 

35v é 9% “ 6 26 oe 

Ste:*. 101 * 1 é6ui * 

4h * |98 * |64 * 

| WR” vee ne 

451 ‘ |1008 “* | 731 “* 

Pike aeeiee aan (oa ae Tee 
Waverly nrnsesenn 621 * |loaR “* | 803 * 
SBATOD .cccccccnssss. | 533 ** [1047 * 18 ° 
Chillicothe cman | fae wee. 126 * 
Kings eee Lae” Pee 6s. * 
Circleville. We ieein 727“ |1247 “ | 950 “ 
Ash ville......0-.0+ 2 Beh BE Be 
Lockbourne........ | 814 * | 129 “ [1029 * 
ba A Crossing. 82%* |14 * W433 * 
wn tee At 24 nom it Mene 

a sone 
Trains Nos. 3 deity, 5 daily. except Sunday. 

COUPON TICKETS, by the best routes and 
to all tps points in the United States and 
Cc found at the following “tations: 

eieaiees. Circleville, Kingston, ‘ bitivothe 
Serer » Portsmouth, Ironten A.C. &L 

For further information relative to rates, con 

nectiowe and through time. call on your Ticke 

ine pal 

Eioket Ag't, Gotumbos, Okie, 

[Reclining Chair Gar Route. 

Ny, Wayne, Gicetazati & Leuisel 


Ful1.T WANE, 
sabhcment be 


Fort Wayne and Indianapolis 
‘han any other Koute. 
22 EES trea” DO 
By 3 HOURS, Between 
Louisville and Fort Wayne. 

No chance of Car- 
Cincinnati and Fort Wayne, 
Via White Water Railroad. 

All trains arrive and depart trom Centra) 
Union Pas-enger Stativun Cincinnati, Corne, 
Thud Street and Central Avenue. 


At Fort Wayne with L. 5. & M.S. Trains for al) 
points sormen and East. 

Ask for rr ickets 
Pt, Warne, Circizneti & Len‘svilie Reilsoa?, 

af yA cole wal Agents of connecting lines, 
E-T. NURTH AND Soutvu. 
Gen’*l Supt. Gen"! ia Agent, 

Spring Emigration. 

If you expect ‘ogo West thix Spring, be sure to 
get pour tincets via the 


C.C.C.&1.Ry. I1.&4S8t.L. Ry. D.& U.R.R. 

No other line ean offer you the superior 
accowmmodatious,. quick time and 
through ear service p'e-ented 
by this route. by which 
Through Tickets are sold as cheap as any. 

To the East! 

this Line leads all comp titorsin affording itz 
ba'Truus the wo-t sup: rior Threug 
Car ser‘ice to 


and #11 Cities throughout the FASTERN 
SLATES, giving its p.trons the 
op.ion of gving via 


or Tourist wi!l find no other Line which 
can compure wi h this in 


and Through Car accommcdations. 
Apr ly to Ticket Agen’s for detailed inforn ation. 
D. B. MARTIN, Gen. Pa-s. Agent 

The Picturesaue Lehigh 

Vallev Route, 

Three through trains with Pullman cars at. 
ached are now run via by this beautiful scenix 
ozte. between Suspension Briage, buffalo. New 
York and Philadelphia, leaving Suspension 
Bridge 8:18 a. m. 4:10 and 7:45 Pp. u., Buffalo 9:06: | 
1. M. and 4:40 and 10:00 Pp. m., connecting with al) | 
rains from the West. 

Passengers between the East and West passing 
over the famed LEHIGH VALLEY ROAD wil! | 
*xperience the pleasure of a trip through the 
most magnificent and picturesque scenery in th: | 
sorld presenting an ever varying panorama 01 | 
lelightful surpriser. 

Double track, steel rails, magnificent road hed 
tnd unrivaled equipment. all combine to mak 
«he LEHIGH VALLEY the favorite and mos: 
lesirable route between the East and the West 

Anthracite Coa] is used entirely. guaranteeing 
to passengers perfect freedom from the dense 
volumes of smoke that so greatly annoy passen- 
sere on lines using Bituminous Coal. 


Gen’l Pass. Agent. Mauch Chunk, Pa | 

NewYork,Penn = Ohio Railroad 

N.Y... L.E. & W. R.R, 0. LESSEES. 


New York, Boston and the East. 



Uhange of time goes into effect Jan. 9, 1887. 
Central or Nineueth Meridian time, 33 min- 
utes slower thn Cleveland city time. 
Untul turther nuttce trains will ieave from the 
New Central Depot, south Water Street and 
Viaduct, as tollows: : 


A part. 
No. 62. Mahoning Valley Accommo..... t b4dam 
Nv. 7-, New Lorn EXP: CBs......0eceeeeeeeee s2ham 
No. 72, rast Pittsburgh Express ......... *82am 
No. 64, Fust New Lork Express...........% 245 pm 
No 04, Pittsbu: gh Bxpress.............c00 *245 pm 
do. 66, Mahoning Valiey Accommo.....* 430 pm 
No. 68, Pittsburgh Express... . ....000- tll l0rm 
No. 70, Pittsburgh Local Express......... *114am 

. Arrive. 
No 61, New York Express..............000«+- +545am 
No. 61, Pittsburgh Express.. +t 55am 
No 65, Fast New York Expre "120 am 
No 65. Pitisburgh | xprers,..... 120 am 
No. 67, Pitteburxh bxpress.. .~* 1B » 
No. 63. New York Ex; -ress.. ..* 640Dm 
No. 68, Pitt-burgh Express, as honstengesiens *o64 pm 

No. 6¥, Pitt-burgh Local Express . ft Y2Bpm 

No. Ti. Your g-tewn Local ......ccccscesses .t 83luam 

No. 13, Erie Express, carr) ing express 
mm «tter only, from ail points 
tand Svath-east. carries 

MO PASFENKETS.........cccccceceeee 1 12:05 pm 

bg sy. t+ Duily, except Sunday. | Except 

Mend ek 
his is the only route by which p»ssengers 

ean rig Main Cor mira, Binghawpton, New 
York City and intermediate points without 
change. One change to Bostun and New England 

aggage checked through to all points Fast. 

Through tic kote and intormaution regarding the 
route can be obtained at office. 224 Bank -treet, 
andat Depot N.\..P.& ©. Raitrond, Fouth Water 
-treetund Viaduct, Cleveland. Ship by Erie 

J. N. Abbott, General Passenger Agent, 

A. E. CLARK, Ass’t Gen’! Pass. Agent. 
Cleveland, O. 
J.R. SH ALER, General Guperyprnuess, 

Cleveland, O. 
M. L..FOUTS, —— Agent. 
Rank Street, Cleveland, oO. 

Cleveland & Marietta R. R. 

New Through ! ine Between the Ubio River and 
the tireat Lukes. 

The popular line to Chicago, St. Paul, Milwaa- 
kee Minneapolis, aud all points in the Great 
Northwest, Direct connection tor the Pennsyl- 
vapia Vil Fields and all points hast and South- 
east. December 5, 18st. 

dov4. | No.6. | SEATIUNS. | No.8. | No.3. 
© am! lo 50 aw'| 820 Ps) 433 PM 
622 |lW5is lar.caywoud. ae iu +il 
* ae ST Shean Sranley. 7 4(58 
643 (11128 |... M hippie...... 7 35 3 508 
654 [lids |...... Warner 125 3 iw 
7 US JY 233 mae etal 7 lu 327 
718 1143 PM)... Ma ksbure..,) 7 318 
72 dl. Dexter City... 6 5u 39 
733 1214 - «A uldwell......| 0 2b - 46 
8 03 12 24 “Helie \ alley «| 045 236 
5B 12 47 |. Pu leasnnt...| 55) 212 
839 1258 «Byesville ...; 5 40 201 
355 115 bee ‘ amb-nige... | 5.6 148 

21 1 40 | ne + imbolton .. | 458 119 
¥ 52 210 [N Comer-town! 4 26 12 38 

10 10 2318 Vhil ipeburge | 406 i218 
i014 | 2358 tek Band..., 402 [Ld 
10 28 2438 . Canal lover. | 345 1200 
10 50 3 it PM). Valiey June | 325 PM it 3h am 

3 7 

A aa .. Pittsburgh... | » Aeie 
710 aM! 730 pul....New York .. |........... wiphanls 


No. 8. | Accom 
250 PM/IV...cccsesseees Marietia.............. aril 2am 
ae” Vedbhaweedentemed Caywood. ..ccccoccccccees 
ee CERO PRR IIOT oscccchevdiccenes lu 40 
5 ae erent Cs SCP ees 110 20 
ae IE ME sn socens chpness- 110 05 
imme Cotoncinuccvscssalas SS Ea | 9 44 
re ee ee ee aes i ¥ 32 
ae" losacescanesiies Dex OF Cit y..cccccce-ove | 

fy Se 3 gee 8 45 
ge RS . Belle Valley... . | & 30 
& 2h z Point Pleasant ! 7 45 

| & iy eee Kyesville.. ee 
7) ar .Can bridge. AW? 

No. 9 leaves Canal Dover 605 am, Neweomers- 

| town 8 «un; + ost Boy § 15am. Guernsey 8 20 am, 

Kimbulton 92' am. Millers 940 am, ¢ldh»m’s 
“iam. Cambridge 10 40 am, Caldwell 120 pm, 
Marietta 505 pi. | 

No. lv lesves Marie'ta 615 am. Caldwell 950 
am, Cambr ge 1145 am. Uldhame 11 48 am. Mil- 
Jers 12 10 )-m, himb--Iton 12 75 pm. Guernsey 1 06 
pm. Fo-t Boy 1 20am, Newcomerstown 155 pm, 
Cann! lover, 73% pm. 

No 19le.vesCanal Dover 6 am, Newoomers- 
town 6-4 am. Po-t Boy 703 am, tiuernsey 7 13a 
my Kimbotron 7 Mam, Millers 7 43 am, Oldbams 

75S am. Cambridge & 10 am 

a stopeon signal only. 

Connections made with all lines at junetion 
points Lf ace important cities east or west. 

IK": ie Gen’l Menager. 
F. ‘a JKEWETT, Gen’! Pass. Agent. 

S60 Berea 

caret Limes), 



ie set eas! 

ne ll ee 



Solid box. inesatl wk0es | Steel, Tnout wrought iron bOilers......0.0-0eesssseem: Hit . ’ 
Parkopenrcccconeccnsccnnnvs disgount auezo | Best Quality Refined Cast, Stool—Sauare, Flat Oii‘ivon € taiine-.--crorccees gross tous | 28 
Pr OREREE shove cckscesccess soocesseccecere cesses * 20 Kh@25 Vetagon und Round. Cents. a vessesrenees BFOBE tS _~ oe 
Stephen’s “ 4 gato Be eye ine iecire. gnvocquchs “eneuediialees sesuale = Fon — “es 2 & 
and 2% to 4 inches...... «17 Phstapndtong 4 
aw iowa. 8 rovsveeserserssnsnnsess ROMY M6 and 44 to4 SOR i cachesie: seviow ERIS it Old conner perth 7 
W filers, Stearns .....00--eeseerersesserreressseees dis , 
-3z und 4% to 5 inches. o. 1. Hl. red Brass 8h 
Washer Cutters. 8-16 and S56 to 68 ceccse osneshiccccnenecercooua ell Tenvy yellow Drang ....cccsssesesserensesses 6% 
Smith’s Patent .....ceeenn doz $1200, dis 10410 | 5-82 BP: Cecwouenspeagenomnene Sanne | See oeaee 6 
oe bay CT si <a on dis 43% | A iia ina e hes 2 comer cine 3 
enny’s ..... oz Po 0: Jap 600, dis 55 steel forgings........ ....... paliedéghersesnaie " 
Appleton’s P doz $16 Ww, dis6ux 10 uheot Xteel tears Lead oyece 3% . 
BOMMCY’S...ccecoosessversecsesssecesseessreseseeseceeees diz 30&10 eee scible-————. Bessemer & Pitre, wROUCHT DETACHABLE 
Well Wheels. Best. 2d. Qual, 3d. Qual. . Standard Wrought Lron Welded Stean rE 
, 0 ; «ea we | To 2] gauge, Ye. “ge i eae rth. | and Uas Pipe. _ eee 
4 in., $1.75; 1 in., $2.95; 12 In $ Th 
Wire. N ee Wee ic. extra for each ndditional gauge. Lut to - $ t Pi FOR 'MPROVEO 
Brass and Copper. : “discouat Zi Aen moaltionss or specines lengths, 7Gs eewe. 23 . =53 es4 255 5 t 
Bright and annealed, a. O@18 ........ dix? % Setrepienypges aiape feos. E oP +3 EF. z Ls =t E L EVATO R S 
. Now. 1 19 @ % PR die 63400 Augar and. augur bit =—25 - = oe: == 
“ on 36.......das 72% > e steel for wagons.. sag ost 
Coppered Nes. Oto a. market list......... wi Frog voints and plates . swage Conveyers, 
Ga vanized Nos. 0 to 1% * dis 6045 | Prog xize bars .. 5 |3 ¢% * fae - 
ey ~ Sart > Ses. TRO 1B .,..crcncgsrsereees dis $1x5 ged hammere 5 iz Fa om 008i ro] co 
t icc Biedh veettbegeese+ctingectien snicogeaias ish | (Kate “teel......... : 
Fea ona Wigs Aicitee | Metvocks boveie me aes aR oe et SB Driving Belts 
Annealed Fenve. gee. sant? Podeelesssbsteseas dist Fable —. “ee wee SM | Sy 1B ba 1% 1] ) 
nnealed tirape, Nos. 10 to 14......0-0000. dismiaeh | 220'e S utlery, bevele 4 2 it y iM x x 
Stubs Steel Ware regular............... $6 00.@tbdis 30 | Trap pring steel...... ......ccssseese 6 |= '% 3% on 7.88 lw TOR RAEN 
Pike and cant hook.. 7 Te 
Wrenches. P 1 : s , ‘ 
Coe "s genuine. caeh IM 10 AMYS .<ceece sesecceeses 85 & 5 toa RTADILE WOdEE 0.000004 cosseerseee soneenee i, eo ze 035 He i~ Coal, Ores, 
ira: py and a eee as di C t ™% Th Rg laps. a a ge ann, Paenticiongse, Bar? ey © pe . Py a f = 9 "¢ . F 
Agricultura. meen Ey vs eed F. ha ivan epiben aoe to machinery classification. bbs - 7 045 vee an 2 Crain, 
Aocrrone ails Oe Forged crank pins and lathe spindieswnnum T>| $%~ | oes | ams leluy | cas Clay, Brick, &c 
Coes’ pattern, malleable.........dis80& 10@80N W&5 | Pi. a eee 4 4h... 1224 100 15 “Ao \- . 
Goss” patter, Wrenahe “tis Sua lU@d0dl «sh Eacion reas. forged RU BION: So sscncdaicinns Stavros in st. 14.50 120 150 “23y ADDRESS THE 
slide bare. forged to pheno, TH LEE | BS | Pe s* ee 
TINNE®S’ STOCK. Ope. Hearth or Bessemer, = 8 < et 4 ~ Roller Chain Belting Co., 
re Tin. ncaa Roller fir fire-box and flue sheets not less than sh | "° ca | 2a ro Columbus, O. 
~~ aie capanesaonreseanemeniemme Ls” zl 3. # 
saglish =~ = igee| Sieg eebenned Seis mieten Bl B— | Be} Se me | Memes hee 
Bar FidcdininsdsoeT asc sie8 Wicuceaene 2@24% | ‘irculars and semi-circulars, when ordered sepa 13 ... 54 U0 7% 379 ae 7 oe cee ee 
Atsietlie oh. © smolts sii, Ph Be ioe a ORSINI seseceseees if ‘ 5s WW A+ = Sent for Illustrated Catalogue. 4 
, een tite 2 Lovomotive tank steel...... 4 ee, Hee . 
¢ harcoa! Ti "Ph on. - one oot j 
C 12x12 295 sheets eas tes $5 23@7 5 File ¢ ast st el, hscount, (cur loud lots) oo \% : tige ii he peg t Lo. a 
g 14320 112 sheets. 6 Boo 2 | “Ware. round, half round and flat bastard. * incher to 1% thes plail......s..0.+.-.45 DOr COD ingens’ ¢ ey ol — 
DC 1244x17 luv sheets 5 00@5 oF we hand ov 7% Ulty aaienaiaed ii i ied per cent es rc pe Aste- 
DX 12 itabeegalll avcesntintteleseapese 5 Zw ill saw, *-inch and seseeseseceseenee § remeeasitn et Dee Ore wean ‘ 
G Tu Pr ae = elle = i Peper. 36 feeatcoaee ce . | inches to 15 inches plain...............8thg per cen All oGest - eins % er cent, ox. “over oll to.” 
C Bom 8 112 sheets.......c.-cccccccese- lu 25@15 24-| ‘lorse and shve rasp ......... > | Keovenes do per cen | “oy Meate {weir merits. aa wre 
EX WOE1§ 25 whet seesan minenens +8 BOY spring Ca t Steck, 4 | ‘iscuunts on less than oar lots 26 ver oem. lex, ath ag 
2x12 225 sheets .......00......00000 P jw | “viral, taper, a Sevuinasa pe pn Ba Pioneer Fs =a eprint 
For each additional X add $1 2e@§2 v0. ae vas ee bed Pn me 7, poy th Priaea Pe OF a ees 
Coke Tin Plate, ix and over........... 1 6% Boller Tubes 
C 19x14) Best Ordi Ixt-Ih ¥%x3-16 and \... een: | diseount : 
C 14x25 $453 ae |. and I$ 16xhs und 512. x: 3-10 and 5-38.........8 COAL 55 per cen: 
[C 12X12 «..cer00-0e . 487% 47ha- | ‘4und %x% and +32 vod 5 apenas arms: 
© 10x10 (Giutters 225 sheets)... 8 vu T.2B@- ltl enfe cast 8000 eeacc. a-ccmcoonenccccccee we Rte”: WHULKSALE. 
[C 2x28 (112 sheets)... lu & “hree and five piv cast steel............sccccssseeneees =) Wholesale f. o. b. cars at Cleveland: 
sonder. ape | ultural Implement Cast Steel. arbor Hill and Monday Creek ......-0082 1i@2 2 
“ork and FAKE, CruciDle......ccccogeeccccccecsssccsse oe 1 ee cans ee 2 @2 © 
Halt ane Bat. ia burs warranted......... ma urve rake steel. cut to lengths, crucible......... ‘slnyre, lamp 2 tw LOOKING FOR 
Zine. orn «talk pone fe beveled... 4! ‘ittsburgb 22@25 Oo 
Zine, cask J 50@5 7 teveledd hoe and shovel steel, baz hii. ~wlineville... 2 WU@ 2 
ZiNC. OVED......+0++- 64@od. vucible plow steel. ‘in sla Movkechesmmosty ' Seu Manainos 2 We? 2 L CATI O N Ss. 
é LEAD. Be-sem+r and -pen-hearth, rat: — Ponte mix 1 ce 
ie sneesenesd Gt | ~Pring.. im) * a 1 75@1 5 
Bar. MD WD ccsccoimesslanincea tenes Fizcss, | :prme spiral and taper. cut to lengths............. ‘ . ADDRES 
oa Bc i. dice oe Cire. 2-16 thick and above.. at —— 2 dw 2 ESS THE 
eet. a ida y | OF CRIB. .cccereeees 
"He: diceount per sew | i atnracnte meats ee eee 
SII -oinnciaheeeispindiasiiabiinnnanthdiiglaeaaneae du | xe DIM tS 0... esseeeesseseeeseenseeseenenees uthracite exe a 8° : 
Ghitted Shot # bag 25 the ..0..0: mts 17 | ‘leigh shoes uthrucite stove 1s Pittsburg Crawford Co., Kan 
wereecccoscccencs ‘ 4. ’ "9 . 
Su ____Mbbtt eta “oh: Seaver aes eee oe oon satiate chest RT ash 
’ a PID6G@7 | “tain srill bars kKKTAIL.—Delivered. Tn the Great Western Coal Fields. Town har 
p SIE ORES ok badielll class lassillon Lamp gee | bree tireat Railway systems. apd othe's in 
xX ePAaiD ATi]! POIMtS.....ceceeee sconsseereresesseceereees hy Nu 3 wuree of saunstnalie. Coal from 
Jee ee 15 | tlie eoultes blanies, cui and punched “.t | urbou Hil mad Mloalay Creek: Tuiapenec~ 85 | hush Ito five conte ‘Pittsburg t destined tobe 
COPPER Lng a eee DES SEY Rae arbup bhi) and Monday Creek, DUL....c..00000. 3% he largest manufacturing tewn in the South- 
Lahie Tipetlisccisencscoscesecipesvee sce a samen 12% @12). AP ACIINE MRO. nsscccs-ccaisibebtiins: -<coummiainna mall rcs a oT oo _ —_ eee ned 
Baltimore......ereseccee-eee . pecs ~ I4@il lerims.—Four months 3 per cent. disdoune fo a “4 ri ” < 3) arming dietriet xood 
Arizona... om ie seenessooee HYG O15 | “neh. if remitted within 90 days @ lbasctoun Uae. ceceg | . 
IRON AND STEEL. uinbers’ steam aud Gas Fitters’ Suy | “ew Muvelton Sut 2 fy THE IRWIN & REBER 
r Ua eSiee- ~uat L s ~ A v 
to4b tol ware Srie. ° rey Tron Firtings..........0. ssecsssssssee os discount 7 i a Ket Lx 3 ‘3 PATENT 
2 tos by soi inch - Be pr nm a beer cchpeeeebeeedebenince eee qeenene ® « 1ess UD cars by car load 4 
oooeee < ate SF POOMER ee cennecee cessersecerens’ ixeount ‘ + : ae u & 
e patty = “sel steseeseceees oer rereeee Orecccecececs 3) erly in trate \ alves coccce cneeevecesocesoccocccs! diseuunt + pep tate ¢ tnut pte EXPANDING WATER CONDUCTOR. 
SIM be SK to a erecccvecceccsccsessccecsecessccessoees . : inat-tor tinuge Cocks..... net O1Ls MANUFACTURED BY THE 
%. 3% and % by — za 35 ‘enw (inugen nes eageee. Seaealiiebieietsience sui discount : ae . 
sae eam (inuges Sinehes net dial per doz Pure Oils. Puckages included, S. S. S. Conductor Co, 
tem ny sound ned ‘Raaare. —_ Me (Shame Tebees sas ive csccicichenesiesvev ce SE dt yore winter bieuched ger gai.........ccce 15@i 2 LIMITED, 
ine comin 21 te aS ‘hate, winter bleached per gal. nam. 
2.t0 to 2% 9 = Po mony & *Fitunes. “Wort? = ‘Liat. Salshats =a epee traits .... po aa . i ue aed 163 Lacock Street, 
, fr. “ey sh stecl. auk F 
a8 to4 ae a inveiiiicenamnesial ee b. -.* oebuiebenbeati ; eto ry a. Ta = a searecerwndving 
RG BES 6 7 4 ; 
A sued ma himery ... EOS LEE Fe et re ie ee do. une. nN Tus a SEAM 
% to 1% ineh aemnet ioe utes... nocipseiianiiigatl l4e vei stout mig “pure. a Dae ie ows of an eua-y and 
: ei. 3 ee eereee-crscece seetseecorenesscosces @:1 a i 
3° ext double ~bear res a ineeed st Rua; | cure fastening, keeping 
s TREE ERE CES SCE Mae at En l4e _ - raw te svsseneersnenrerenene ad | hE pipe far enough from 
-erman -teel.- best...... RRL CSE le odude Ihe 2 oe wad. | the wall to make uny over- 
“a quality {: ot=tun seet of . white... Tan 
1% 1, penne ge 7. 4. § Sellow sorsveeennassens | a. | dow from the eave pipe or 
14 snot Outt OGT Te WRT ce ee A | Lest Vineinin lubricating 3 dog wn. wii | bead, run down the spout, 
tend Boller Rivets, Carainny ofl. water Yresed.asy-r-aeooemen OE | and DO the wall ; ang will 
Heavy and. @, %* 11- ee and 34 inches diameter......000......4 (¢ | Mode! . lo ; si in case uf freezing, 
194 to 6 by 34 amd 5-16 Sb vsesene oentnee 2g | Ui ge 4, % N-16and % ineb diam 4......40 | fldoradto Engine z | ‘0 as to prevent bursting, 
1. to 9p oye art inch... ae Rolisand Caating.. Faryeatine. ve od gal. ~ *} and still remain double- 
2 ‘urnace floor #=* straightening plates....I¥: | “emcee *! ocked and water-tight. 
lousings and castings nut otherwise specified Pj ttsb h & Lak E R il 
«| Pittsburg ake Erie Railroad. 
tuide plates........ extvecininnocesehenniiall md 
spindles «nd oupling _ RE NERA a On andafter November 16, 1846, paswnger 
g | wad rolls and pinions, large 8i2@........sesee 2, | (ruins will depart from and arrive at the Witte 
‘ Sand rolls an: ‘mtn, sizall size.. sede } Ourkh and Lake Erie Depot at Pittsburgh, ac 
+4 2 ME AE OLR STM wm Bd] tee, ttt OO RR § -wcencnssemnrasseerorrneestoernnre 8 «| totlows, Ventral time: 
Light mand. dolling willes sazs ander 50m... ae FE P. & L. E. R..R. Depart for 
1% to 6 by % to3-I6......... | Spur an. bevel wheels, large. ...ser-sessesees ame : : Miade in 6 foot |! 
y % to3- ae) <: a nae 26 rig a a ~ab bgaaaae nee eee ~~ ioe + Hg Satan eens See Vast... pe um : engths of 
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eine teeth, SCRAP IRON AND OLD Mod ETAL Xe. 9, Butialo Express eerenens $40 p.m Galvanized, Kalamined 
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5-16 and 2% to3 in... Stove plute (free from burnt iron)... ssesce 100! SO. 10, Beaver Falls Accommodation.... 7 28 ’ 
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Hammer Cast Steel. Wronght turning (free from east) seeee eee cesees 15% W. C. QUINCY. General M — — yen 
Crucibl Cts. @ th. | Wrought iron, oily drillings... one 12% R. W. JONES. Master of thee ome in ere. Five hold- 
cible cast steel.. ia H | Cast borings... Wi GEO. REPPERT. T E p eat 

Oven-hearth steel......<+. erevcseeedh 

Malleable iron ieee cevereee 1050 

A. D. SMITH, Gen’l Pass, Ag't, 

et Agent, 

double handle, when req 

Waiker Mig, ‘oon 





‘fsouo\spulty pe UNOs] 

Of Any Size, and Adapted to All Kinds of 


Wilshire Building, CLEVELAND, O. 



Cleveland City Forge & Iron Co., 


Patterns ang Models of Wood and Metal 

’ i t 
With our new af improved facilities we ure prepared to make very | Poller Skate Sor 

line. sup eD. 
D. S. HITCHCOCK & CO., Crossing C. & P. & N. Y.C. & St. L. R. R.. CLEVELAND, 0. 63-6m 


Fine Crucible Tool Steel, 


Self-Temperinge Steel 
For Lathe, Planer and Nailers’ Tools. Extra Refined Hammered Iron. All Goods Warranted. 
™ Office and Works, Titusville, Pa. 


Exclusive Manutacturers of 

The Kennedy Injec or, 

This Injector is warranted to lift was 
ter 25 feet. and will take water at 125 
Degrees Fahrenheit. *o a just- 
ment is required for varying steam 
pressure. Started, stepped and regula 
ted by one lever. Also manufacturer 
nothing superior in the market. Send 
for price list and catalogue. Speciali-ts 
in ail kinds of Bra-n Casting. and 
Babbi: M-tal. Estimates furnished 
on application. 

The Forest City Brass Works, 

40 to 44 Leonard Street. 
T2eowomo «6d Sleveland, Ohio. 

Eo x. Turret ad Spec 

iP mates LATHES Zo¢; 
weet And Brass Finishers’| 6 25 
= ) TOOLS. ait 
a= ° = 
i Waterford, New York. Y) a? 




Corner Center and Frank Sreets, Rochester, N. Y. 
New York Office, 46 Cortland St.; Cleveland Office, 208 Superior St. 

Send For Our Catalogue. 

Hurley’s Automatic Steam Flue Cleaner. 

For upright or ho izontal boilers. 
The most Economical Fiue Clea erin tre market 
There is no loss of steam in ch ienging from one 
flue to another. satisfa tion guaranteed. 
Will send to any responsible party on thirty 

days trial, 




es © 

OF oS C5 is Lay YY. k : 


wy. R. Ewnon é« Co., 

Manufacturer of 

Milling Machines, Die Sinking Machines. 
Universal Heads, 

Index Centres 
' And other 
7 oe oe Special Tools. 


Corner Leonard and Winter Sts.. 

New and Improved 

{6-Inch Engine Lathes. 

189 W. Pearl Str... 144] CINCTNNATT, O. 


Our SU-PENSION WIIEFL is the lie] tes: in the market. and_ will sustain more in proportion 

to its weight than any other Itiss'rietly uspen-ion ‘Ihe wewht being sustained vv a pull inward 
from the tire, the tension is the same+ne-ch an: every spoke, orallalike The strain is put “pon 
ail the spokes alike, and not on one at a time, as in other wheels. G. W. Howell, M fr.,Covington,Ky. (7