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Ist Edition 1993 
2nd Edition 2003 
3rd Edition 2017 
4th Edition 2018 
5th Edition 2021 


In respectful dedication to The Son of Man 




Editor and Publisher James Mason 

Vot. D, #1 >~ August, 1950 


Hardly on individual receiving this bulletin will be unfamiliar with the name at the top, 
Lately with aa organization of the “Liass Strategy" set, and currently on my own at last, unlike 
ail other ventures of the past this one will succeed or fell {lat due to the abilities or lack of 
them of just one person Me. No more excuses or depending on different backers or from men, 
both of which have a way of never failing to screw up at the critical rime, There will be those 
who will say that I've been able to go through fronts aad front men like a snake sheds his skin, 
Truc, up toa polar, bur thar has ended now ond for two reasons: One, there are no more of 
them left; asc, Two, those surviving that | am no longer with or have never been with are still 
getting nowhere at a blinding rate of specd while the conditions in the country and in the world 
more and more are becoming revolutiontry, | have been becoming increasingly alarmed at 
this trend for quite awhile and my nerves won't allow me to sit back while the storm clouds 
build and continue to play more games. 

I've been assocwted wh a lot of Nazi pertodicals im the past. Some were original, some 
were assumed Imi some were resurrected, Seme [lifted from others, some have since been 
lifted from me. I've been cheered and condemned. I've been called magnificent and I've been 
called everything from a re nigger” to a “slime -dripping reptile”, Ae stated, I've been 
wah the Mass Strategists ~ started out there a long time ago - gone with the Armed Struggle, 
and back again with other Mass Straterists, Personally | must say that | favor strongly the 
Armed Sccuggi¢. in format {'ve issued everything from downright rags to thick journals to 
tabloid newspapers. I've learned that it, surprisingly. doesn’t matter much what the format or 
its appearance. Not even whar you say or how you way it, just that you ‘now what the hell you're 
talking about and who you are addressing it to, 

Why, for example, (alk out the Side of pour mouth in legalistic caphemisms appealing to 
the noble wnstincts of a handful of Right Wing types while the bottom line must always come 
down to revolution which scores them off? Why indeed break your back irying to get up a “mass” 
publicarion when you know damned good and well the masses will never see it? A useless ploy 
directed at a useless bunch. (Or could it possibly be that the whole point to this nonsense is 
some sort of personal thrill or kick aad, if luck is with you, maybe an casy living on the side?) 
You can't try to de two contradictory things ar once and in 2 too-littie-too-late fashion, Bur 
that's the history of the U.S. Right Wing of which the Nazis are a pan in all but ideology, The 
whole basis of the Right ‘Ving was fo try and “hold”, defend a shrinking perimeter, “Never”, 
anti-this and anci-that, One can only be shoved over the brink so many times, or trampled and 
annihilated up to a certain point when one must admit that, if it was a defensive struggle that 
was being waged, it was lost a little while ago, 

Table of Contents 

Introductĩ on 1 
N.S.L.F. and the Move towards Armed Struqqle. 25 

National Socĩ alĩs m. 132 

Conservatism and the Lost Movement . 154 

The SVyStem . 195 

Lone Wolves and Live WMire S.. 269 
Strength and Spirĩt. 317 
LeaderS....sssnsnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnmnnn nnmnnn nnmnnn 389 
Universal Order.. 442 
General Append. 503 
Appendix l: NS—F. 514 
Appendix II: National Socĩalĩs m. 535 
Appendix IIl: Lead 551 
Appendix IV: Universal Ord 570 
Appendix V: Death Throe S. 578 
Appendix VI: 21st Century of SIEGE: 593 
Appendix VII: 

The Decline and Fall of the Atomwaffen Division..........000008 615 

GIOSSALY. vecesscccessceesseueesseseeseesneeeenn aaan 622 

“I am the first born of the Universal Order, earlier than the 
gods, in the navel of immality!” 
- Taittariya Upanishad 


Preface to the Fifth Edition 

ecause the clock doesn’t stop it means that time does catch up. 

When over forty years ago I started Siege, the newsletter which 
was to run the next six years, few people gave much of a damn. Today 
in some places the mere possession of a copy can get one sent to 
prison. We’ve been named in person in the parliaments of major 
nations. Older editions sell on the internet for quite a premium. 
This will mark the fifth authorized edition. Exactly how many 
unauthorized or pirated editions there have been is unknown. Exactly 
how many languages Siege has been translated into is also unknown. 
Did I foresee any of this back then? Most certainly not. Have I made 
a nickel off of it? Absolutely not. As one great man once said, “I’m 
in this for life or death, not for money.” The way it has turned out 
positively indicates that my words to Tom Metzger that day in the 
summer of 1993 - when Siege the book first appeared - as we were 
leaving the TV studio there in San Diego were true and accurate: “Ifa 
bullet finds me today I can go down laughing because the cat is out of 
the bag and can’t be gotten back in.” 
Since then? Conditions have certainly “ripened”. And by “ripened” I 
mean that rot and deterioration have gone beyond even what the worst 
and most dire of any of our predictions then might have prophesied. 
Well, Commander Rockwell did say that when it got bad enough they’d 
begin to come to us. Things have gotten much worse and, apparently, 
they are beginning to come to us. 
I did contribute a foreword to a Bulgarian edition of Siege wherein 
I stated that we, as idealists and revolutionaries, are born to be in 
a hurry. That is only natural. But we need to see it and to know it 
otherwise it can and has led to untold calamity and misery. Things will 
grind according to their own time-table, not ours. 
Those ensuing years following those first few hand-cranked issues of 
Siege the newsletter and the appearance of that first edition of Siege 
the book? Well, I could have been shot down that day in that parking 
lot and things would have continued just the way that they have. That 
much has been demonstrated. I didn’t have to be present for any of 
this. But luck has had it that I’ve been around to actually see what has 


transpired over all of this time. I’m very fortunate. 

Back then I had to write and then get distributed - according to my 
own poor means - what I felt needed to be said. Because I knew that 
no one else was saying it. That’s been the standard ever since: Tell 
them what no one else is telling them. Keep things on the cutting 
edge. And then if we are correct, time will catch up and our words 
then will come into perfect focus. 

Much else I’ve come to learn over the past years that has confirmed 
all this and reassured me absolutely. But for you now the book that 
you are holding should provide enough of this same confirmation and 
reassurance - that plus the way that our enemies are attacking it - to 
illuminate the way for you and to buoy you up through all the ever 
increasing darkness along with enemy persecution that will follow as 
the climax draws nearer. 

My gift to you. 
Enjoy and good luck. 
Heil Hitler! 

James Mason, 2021 

Ay PL ER ee 
l bee. tk PA ol eel 


| ‘ 



Vy S ney | 



jee Mason is an ardent National Socialist who has achieved 
underground infamy. Mason’s revolutionary rhetoric is deemed so 
subversive and violent that it has even alienated other Nazis. SIEGE 
shares this uncommon distinction with Celine’s “Les Beaux Draps” 
(A Fine Mess), which was banned from print inside the Third Reich 
for being too hateful. This status of notoriety has served to propel 
SIEGE to new dimensions as a harangue bold enough to advocate 
sheer political terror. Indeed, Mason views the prevalent status quo 
Establishment as Enemy Number One, and has striven to foster its 
decollation by any means available. 

Much of the criticism Mason has attracted stems from his praise of 
Charles Manson as a misunderstood ideological leader. Superficial 
minds immediately dismissed this claim as preposterous. But Manson 
did not carve a swastika on his forehead without reason. Manson does 
consider himself a kind of neo-Nazi, and what is “neo” about his 
Nazism is at times quite fascinating. Thus Mason deserves credit for 
taking Manson seriously enough to glimpse the very coherent meaning 
behind his apparent facade of madness. Furthermore, both Mason and 
Manson have nothing but contempt for Right Wing shenanigans and 
escapist fantasies that purport to wage battle over pivotal issues that 
must not be lost, when in reality the greater WAR to even preemptively 
assert such causes has already been crushed. Suffice it to say, this 
open honesty has not endeared Mason with those of a lukewarm and 
illusive mentality. 

The writing done by James Mason for his SIEGE newsletter espouses 
bar none the most lucid ultimatum yet promulgated for soldiers of 
the Cause: Total Attack, or Total Drop-Out from the System. Not 
coincidentally, this admission of brute force wherewith to attain 
eventual liberation stands as the critical textual thesis upon which this 
tome is founded. As Mason explains, society has deteriorated to the 
point where it is crass idiocy to imagine that anything can be salvaged 
or gradually reformed by following traditional avenues of 
electioneering or encoded law. Likewise, SIEGE also expounds on 
how it is nowadays absurd to contemplate full engagement against 
ZOG by means of noble violence, as there is no longer the existing 
time, numbers, or expertise to wipe the slate clean in this manner. The 
pages of SIEGE bear testament to the many who have tried 



“heightening the contradictions” through guerrilla warfare... and lost, 
becoming purposeful martyrs either imprisoned or killed outright. 
Thus only the second half of the equation remains a viable practicality 
- a Total Drop - Out and withdrawal. 

With regard to those few elite who, do extricate obedience to ZOG 
by a sworn Drop-Out, and refuse to morally sanction, or materially 
support a criminal government - yet who disavow warnings about 
the sensibleness of launching Total Attack offensives toward key 
institutions, industries, and political/corporate/ media figureheads; 
Mason nonetheless extends wise council to such warriors imbued with 
enough elan to breach boundaries of no return. As SIEGE elaborates 
upon, if you are determined to unleash iron justice or make a valiant 
sacrifice with your life, then do so with finesse and style. Moreover, 
select prudent targets that count! Aim for the most menacing, and 
influential pigs; then dispatch them with methodical viciousness. Act 
alone or in small numbers. Remember, the soft underbelly of this 
whole monstrous setup is the volatile economy that fuels it. SIEGE 
also points out that elements of aesthetic terrorism are duly factors to 
be considered, as exemplified by the flamboyant immolation of stature 
Jews, race traitors, and plastic glamor stars in California during the 
late summer of 1969. Such brazen killings (and mass murder slayings 
in general) precipitate Shock-waves of paranoia that ignite massive 
confusion and stir discord. 

But sadly enough, many greater instances of organized resistance 
around the world have also miserably failed to rouse Aryans from 
stagnant slumber, or begun to dislodge the dominion wielded by a 
shadowy parasite, which contravenes all indigenous blood destiny. 
The aftermath of vindication strikes against the very seat of ZOG’s 
tyrannical power - the Pentagon and World Trade Center, seems 
eloquent empirical proof of this. In fact, things have reached such 
a decrepit stage that any Amerikan State of the Union sitting could 
ironically be blown to hell, killing every last political whore, 
bureaucratic pig, and shabbez goy in attendance, and the pathway 
toward imminent destruction of the West at the behest of Jewish 
intrigue wouldn’t be tremendously altered. A sheer expression of 
misplaced cynicism? Not really. The remnant White population is 
now so enslaved by debt, avarice, and ostensible affluence that most 



have unwittingly been rendered quite complacent in form and deed. 
Swarthy masters of international finance have adeptly positioned 
their god of mammon to ensure absolute damage control. However, 
minor consolation is obtained when realizing that this current epoch 
of dystopia is a natural process entirely structured in accord with 
cyclical history. This present Ragnarok/Apocalypse/Kali Yuga time 
frame is pre-ordained, set to burst forth cataclysm that will advertently 
necessitate a healthful catharsis of all undesirable elements. From 
chaos comes rebirth and order. 

So before a world-redeeming baptism by fire erupts, how can one 
best preserve sanity and ensure true sovereignty of soul on a planet 
engulfed by iniquity, hypocrisy, and folly? Furthermore, where can 
this reconciling stratagem for survival be found? 

Much of the solution rests within the pages of the book you now hold. 
At this juncture social malaise cannot be halted, only accelerated 
onward to the abyss, capitulating the whole vile episode of this 
end cycle. Savitri Devi’s classic book “The Lightning and the Sun” 
outlines precisely this same terminal indictment, which shares unique 
similarity with Mason’s Total Drop — Out stance. Both authors exhort 
those in the service of Truth not to work for temporal arrest of Western 
putrefaction, but instead consciously strive to make it WORSE. As 
SIEGE details, the secret to fomenting implosion is to route the 
System’s own nefarious momentum against itself, and reflect every 
bombardment of nihilism back to the instigative source to stoke 
frenzy, and reap greater sabotage. In short, championing the System 
to OVERDOSE on its own virulent poison! When this transpires en 
masse, Mason has repeatedly stressed that most will die along with 
the System. More poignant still, most already have expired, and 
represent the very antithesis of life: living cadavers. A fitting coup- 
de-grace and burial are long overdue. Previously dug graves beckon. 
What remains a preponderant complexity is just when optimal dirt- 
shoveling occurs. James Mason was born in Chillicothe, Ohio, on July 
25th, 1952. Family relations had lived in this region of the Amerikan 
heartland for generations. His ancestral background is mainly 
composed of Norman, with a drop or two of Irish and Dutch blood. 
Mason’s parents were confident and patriotic citizens. His father was 
enlisted as a Navy serviceman stationed in the Pacific during WW2, 



and his mother was likewise a lieutenant in the Army nurse corps 
during this same period. Both later worked at a local veteran’s hospital. 
As a single child in a predominantly middle class home during the 
1950’s he lacked few comforts. However as Mason further divulges, 
his parents did have distant suspicions something was errant: “My 
father was a casual atheist and my mother a nominal Methodist, both 
were Republicans. They Were good people, they had the right values 
although they were disturbed about what was beginning to happen in 
the country, but they were powerless to stop it, because they didn’t 
have the philosophical groundwork - that’s what I had. I took all the 
beliefs they had, put them together, put a name and a symbol to it, 
and made a militant idea out of it. Good ole’ Amerikan apple pie, 
but with teeth!” From the earliest age Mason harbored an intuitive 
resentment of authority, especially hollow authority for its own sake. 
The public school curriculum that so flawlessly indoctrinates most 
minds into reflexive automatons was the epitome of sinister falsehood 
Mason found intolerable and repellent. From age thirteen onward a 
predilection for National Socialism irresistibly developed and by the 
summer of 1966 the Swastika’s indelible allure asserted permanent 
reign. Not astonishingly, tensions began to escalate with school 
administrators who were determined to correct all rebelliousness and 
instill ‘discipline’. Mason thought otherwise, and proceeded to stage 
outrageous infractions of school code to orchestrate expulsions. After 
attempting to provoke another lengthy expulsion in the fall of 1968 
through failing grades, truancy, and conduct violations, the school 
shifted tactics and now staunchly refused to expel Mason under any 
circumstances whatsoever, as particular students were starting to 
emulate his antics. 

A chance encounter with a dramatic book entitled EXTREMISM 
USA, (which painted a lurid description of the active Left vs. Right 
dichotomy), granted the postal address enabling him to become a bona 
fide youth division member of the American Nazi Party: “There was 
a kid floating around, classified as a weirdo, who had gotten in touch 
[with the American Nazi Movement]. During 1964 there was the 
Goldwater campaign and all kinds of extremist talk, and somebody 
cut loose with a book dealing with the far Left and the far Right 
[EXTREMISM USA]. In the part about the far Right there was the 



A.N.P., and a photo of Allen Vincent [the San Francisco Nazi leader] 
in a demonstration, and he had a pick-up truck - across the gate of the 
truck was his local address. So this kid wrote that address, Vincent 
referred him to Arlington [Arlington Headquarters in Virginia], and 
that was it. My interest was picking up independently... so I went to 
him to get the address. I practically grabbed him and said, ‘I want 
this address because I want to join this outfit!’ But he wanted to 
propagandize me; he wanted to give me A.N.P. literature. I said ‘I don’t 
want this shit. I don’t want to read this - I just want to JOIN!’ That was 
in late 1966.” Meanwhile, the school predicament almost reached a 
violent apex. Right around December 1968 Mason formulated a novel 
approach to deal with combative and problematic teachers /System 
bureaucrats - kill them: “I just wanted out. For the previous year I 
would intentionally get myself expelled from school just to be out of 
there. But in the ensuing ‘period of time they got wise to me, and they 
weren’t going to let me out anymore. No matter what I did, smoke 
in the hallway, stage fights, etc., they weren’t going to throw me out. 
So it was headed for confrontation. I was headed for Boys Industrial 
School, and was told this was a prison for boys. I wasn’t going to let 
that happen of course, so I made up my mind in 1968 - my father had 
all kinds of weapons at home - and I was going to take a 44 magnum, 
which was a five shot revolver, go into the staff office and take out the 
principal, assistant principal, and two of the guidance counselors, then 
finally myself.” The slaughter was averted by the timely intervention 
of William Pierce, who gladly solicited assistance at American Nazi 
Party Headquarters in Arlington when Mason conveyed how dire the 





The sensationalist paperback that 
indirectly provided Mason’s first 
contact with the American Nazi Party 

) Pickup truck bearing American Nazi Party slogans 
cruised through San Francisco in 1964. A huge swastika 
was emblazoned on both sides of the vehicle 

situation had become. Later attributing his lust for carnage to the 
same factors of alienation that inspired Columbine and other school 
massacres, Mason claims the rotten System is alone responsible for 
the seething dosage of egalitarianism and multiracialism that breeds 
nihilist disaffection. The current Establishment is the poison dispenser. 
When the insane policies of Amerika encourage orgies of wanton 
murder and suicide, those tenets of belief require a merciless bullet to 
quell disaster. As Mason propounds: “Nothing happens in a vacuum, 
everything is cumulative.” 

Upon arrival at A.N.P. Headquarters Mason accomplished regular 
duties with punctiliousness, and soon was in charge of the Party’s 
antiquated printing press. The premise was anything but extravagant. 
Stormtrooper personnel resided in a ramshackle building six blocks 
away that was unheated, with no hot water, and constituted a primitive 
shelter at best. Mason slept on the floor next to the printing machine. 



Party members received a stipend amounting to little more than $15.00 
per week, which was a paltry sum even in the 1960’s. Those comrades 
who didn’t have recourse to outside households lived a tight, narrow 
existence for the Struggle. Yet in spite of all these drawbacks, food was 
cheap in those days, and the residency was virtually free - as rent was 
paid through loyal dedication and service to Party objectives. Mason 
remained here off and on until the summer of 1970, participating in 
street demonstrations alongside covert attacks on Leftist persons and 

In 1967 the American Nazi Party changed its name to the National 
Socialist White People’s party. Since George Lincoln Rockwell’s 
assassination on August 25, 1967, the leadership triumvirate consisted 
of Matt Koehl, William Pierce, and Robert Lloyd. An acrimonious 
dispute quickly grew between Pierce and Koehl over crucial realpolitik 
decisions. According to Mason, Pierce insisted on modifying the image 
of National Socialism from that of uniforms and goose-stepping, to a 
modern variant less foreign to Amerika sensibility - whereas Koehl 
favored a cult-like group that preserved doctrinaire traditions. After 
Mason chose to leave and return to Ohio to take over management 
of family affairs in the summer of 1970, increasing rancor shortly 
precipitated a crisis that witnessed a schism of Party factions. Koehl 
retained governance of the N.S.W.P.P. and all real estate; Pierce 
splintered off and founded the National Youth Alliance, which is 
known contemporarily as the National Alliance. 

Reminiscing upon why the formal A.N.P. crafted by Rockwell and 
its eventual successor the N.S.W.P.P. attracted little support from 
relatively affluent conservatives and the general populace at large, 
Mason glumly comments: “We would tell ourselves or try to make 
up reasons for why it wasn’t going anywhere. ‘Well, maybe things 
aren’t bad enough.’ I think that was the big one. “Things weren’t 
bad enough.’ When they got bad enough and if we had our message 
out there in front of enough people when it got bad enough they’d 
remember us, and they’d come running. Well that was just a dream. 
Because it’s already gotten worse now than we ever thought it could 
become, and they’re certainly not beating a path to our door. We were 
kidding ourselves there. Everything from, ‘they were materialistic and 
didn’t want to risk income and luxuries’ to, ‘media brainwash and the 



distorted image we had ‘But these were all excuses and apologies. We 
never went at it seriously enough as a Party with a social platform.” 

When Mason again struck up native roots, agitation was anything but 
dormant. At the behest of a kindred soul. Mason was persuaded to 
jointly assault a few down-home Negroes. Encountering this slothful 
group one evening. Mason and his friend assailed them with canisters 
of mace and fists. For this premeditated ‘crime’ Mason was arrested 
for racial assault in 1973. As 1974 rolled around he was subsequently 
tried and convicted. While incarcerated for six months at the ancient 
Cincinnati Workhouse (which dated from the Civil War), the grim 
atmosphere of being locked up with undesirable dysgenic fuck ups 
afforded him the opportune chance to either quit or get serious. He 
chose the latter option, and crystallized ideas for the basis of a new 
political front solely constructed to draw first blood from the System. 
About this same time Joseph Tommasi emerged as a pioneering 
leadership figure. Disgruntled with Koehl’s inadequacy, Tommasi 
initiated his own unique brand of Amerikan National Socialism that 

James Mason at study, 1983 

forever changed underground politicking in Amerika. But before this 
intrepid revitalization occurred he was still a loyal adherent to Koehl’s 



N.S.W.P.P. Koehl as it turned out, was innately jealous of Tommasi’s 
profound ability to organize more strength than even N.S.W.P.P. 
Headquarters could muster. To counteract this embarrassing 
disequilibrium, Koehl infiltrated spies into Tommasi’s Los Angeles 
command unit to ascertain the validity of alleged “loose morals.” 
Perhaps such execrable vices as girls occasionally kept overnight, 
or indulgences with marijuana were transpiring. In any case Koehl 
suspended Tommasi, terminating a potential rival. This prosperous 
estrangement enabled Tommasi to rely upon his own strict talents 
for organization. He termed his guerrilla movement the N.S.L.F. 
(National Socialist Liberation Front) and dropped all legalistic 
pretences. Tommasi was so successful in terrorizing the Communist, 
Negro, and Mestizo bloc coalitions that he forced them to scream for 
police protection! The effectiveness of Tommasi’s action was due to 
his adamancy in refusing to entertain anymore Right Wing fantasies. 
Instead, Tommasi took an unparalleled step forward by assembling the 
wreckage of Right Wing conventionalism into a formidable vehicle of 
armed instauration (as was later exemplified by the Bruder Schweigen 
liberation struggle). By eschewing safe and insular campaigns for 
democratic reform through routes of artifice and intrigue (which 
terribly deplete resources and manpower with discouraging outcomes), 
Tommasi reversed tactics and chose political terror as an instrument 
to raise the Stakes of battle. This terrorist provocation earned him 
instant acclaim, but also irascible denunciation and ostracism from 
shallow “revolutionaries” who found it unconscionable to transgress 
the System’s firewall rule of fair play, and thereby embrace a cold 
mandate beyond good/evil that permits whatever is necessary. 
Tommasi devised a slick propaganda campaign that maximized 
awareness of the true oppressive monster: the United States 
Government. N.S.L.F. fliers and pamphlets featured depictions of 
bombed-out bank buildings, arsons, assassination targets, and incisive 
sloganeering such as: “The future belongs to the few of us still willing 
to get their hands dirty - Political Terror.” “Cops are political soldiers.” 
“Political Terror: It’s the ONLY thing they understand.” At long last 
cabal of National Socialists had caught up to their Leftist nemesis, 
which for decades excelled in subversive underground operations. 
But Tommasi didn’t stop there Recognizing the imperativeness 






DN 5, 


- = Ai- ea — * Mag — * * 
oseph Tommasi’s first issue of the original SIEGE 

The cover of J 

of blending into your surroundings inconspicuously, he and fellow 
comrades drastically altered their appearance to fit the liberal 

No more spit-shined boots, dress regulations, or haircut requirements. 



Dingy and cliché clothing attire was worn, and hair grown long. 

The overall impersonation was that of unkempt, harmless hippies. 
All these determinants forged the N.S.L.F. into the preeminent 
spotlight. For as Tommasi opined: “It is well to be loved or hated, 
but when you’re in a situation where no one gives a damn — that’s 
political death.” Mason had several occasions for dialogue with 
Tommasi in person. The first such incident fell on the N.S.WPP. ‘First 
Congress Rally, held Labor Day 1969. A close rapport established 
itself, and both men maintained regular correspondence thereafter. 
Mason was fascinated by Tommasi’s charisma; and the intense, 
revolutionary zealousness that punctuated his character. Much of 
N.S.L.F.’s raucous stylization was hijacked by Mason’s next venture 
- the N.S.M. (National Socialist Movement). When Mason gained 
release from the confines of prison in 1975, Tommasi would soon be 
dead - his assassination engineered by N.S.WPP. Members (ironically 
past compatriots) in August 1975. Roused to resume where Tommasi 
abruptly left off. Mason’s ambitious plan was to facilitate a kind of 
propaganda experiment, and kindle a conglomerate federation between 
heretofore uncooperative National Socialist and KKK leadership pools, 
while subtly injecting this pan Aryan echelon with profuse N.S.M. 
militancy. The N.S.M.’s aggressive ideological proclivities ranged 
from engendering outright overthrow - a la Tommasi, to a gentler 
mass strategy approach. N.S.M. literature was a rape upon cerebral 
conformity. Mason accentuated his ulterior motive of “extinguishing 
the house-fire” by the open adulation of all illegality that threatened 
System survival. This tour de force of exorcised anarchism was slated 
to counter punch the Federal Government into a vegetative state of 
paralysis or - at least chip away at the abstract facade of so-called 
inalienable democratic freedoms. Mason dared to fathom the prescient 
issue at large: Why not aspire to help put the System in an impossible 
snare through aiding the 



“Whilst we..... the conventional 
— were wasting our time on 
education, agitation and organiza- 
tion, some independent genius has 
taken the matter in hand........ 5 

Post Office Box 42 
Chillicothe, Ohio 45601 George Bernard Shaw 

Mason’s first piece of Manson propaganda, circa 1977 

erosion of its OWN laws and bylaws that masquerade as Constitutional 
liberties? Tommasi always emphasized, “Heighten the contradictions.” 
One of the chief N.S.M. leaflets in this context displayed a photograph 
of paramount anti-Establishment boogeyman Charles Manson, 
superimposed underneath was a statement of Shaw to the Fabian 



socialist movement in Britain: “Whilst we... the conventional..., were 
wasting our time on education, agitation, and organization, some 
independent genius has taken the matter in hand...” Shocking enough, 
Shaw was actually lauding Jack the Ripper! Other transgressive leaflets 
saluted “Heroes of the Revolution,” and particularly championed 
Lynette “Squeaky” From me for her courageous assassination attempt 
on President Ford’s life on September 5th 1975. Such incendiary 
posturing sent reverberant shockwaves across the Movement, 
separating the wheat from the chaff. 

But Mason quickly discovered even the grandest schemes have 
limited horizon without consequential finances. In 1976 Mason 
resigned membership from Koehl’s N.S.W.P.P. out of bitter disgust 
for incompetence and lack of tangible progress. While Mason was 
accountable for almost every written composition and artistry of the 
N.S.M., a sympathetic Right 
Winger provided the backing funds. This gentleman was eager to 
“legitimatize” the N.S.M., streamlining it into yet another P.O. Box 
fan club rife with official membership cards and monthly dues. Mason 
thought this contemptible, and a recipe for failure. Truthfully, Mason 
never contrived the N.S.M. as anything beyond an intermediate 
organ to dispel reactionary propaganda. Growing angst reached its 
zenith with his associate’s difficult egocentrism’s and foolhardiness, 
so Mason decided to abandon the whole enterprise. Following his 
departure, the N.S.M. slowly withered and then dissipated entirely. 
Temporarily derailed but with goals still steadfast in the foreground. 
Mason ingratiated his skill with Allen Vincent’s National Socialist 
White Worker’s Party in California, and from 1978 until 1980 he 
drafted much of the promotional material. Past affiliates of Tommasi 
had been pondering the feasibility of resuscitating the now defunct 
N.S.L.F. Trusted friends Allen Vincent, Karl Hand, John Duffy, Ed 
Reynolds, and of course Mason were the winning combination behind 
this impetus. Fate didn’t stop carving Mason’s volatile destiny here 
though... While engaged with the propaganda scope of N.S.M. in 
Cincinnati, Mason was casually informed by a close acquaintance one 
day that both Manson women (Sandra Good and Squeaky From me) 
were interned at the same women’s correctional facility at Alderson, 
West Virginia. In a rash, spur-of-the-moment mindset he mailed off a 



letter. Expecting no reply, he was slightly amazed when a guarded 
missive came back as later revealed, so many kooks and hypocrites 
had approached the Manson girls, that they were natural skeptics as to 
Mason’s sincerity. Suffice it to say, Mason was enraptured and began 
a studious examination of the Manson family. What he ultimately 
disinterred amounted to a sizable divergence from the System’s 
generated image. The girls encouraged Mason to make formal contact 
with Manson, and forwarded his letters as an introduction. When a 
meeting of minds did transpire, Mason became a Convinced Manson 
enthusiast and proponent. Mason still fondly recalls the first collect 
call Manson placed. Upon accepting the toll fees, the first words 
Manson spoke were: “Boy it sure sounds like Ohio!” Unfortunately, 
providence never granted Mason a personal encounter with the ‘Son 
of Man’. In May of 1984, Mason had bought plane tickets and a 
visitation was scheduled. Manson became irate at not being able to 
secure a private conference room, and refused to consent to anything 
less, so Mason regretfully had to cancel his pilgrimage. Mason met 
impregnable distress in unveiling Manson as an instructive visionary 
to fellow National Socialists: “These people are really mindless. I ran 
into that to an extreme degree when I associated myself with Charles 
Manson. ‘Oh my god, look at the man’s hair, look at his clothes! He’s 
immoral! We can’t have that; we represent law and order middle class 

I’ve repeatedly stated that Charlie is the greatest National Socialist 
alive today. ‘Well is he a member of any of our groups? That’s as if 
Jesus Christ were to return to Earth with his beard, robe, and sandals, 
and one of these stupid Christian assholes telling him there’s a dress 
code before admittance to the church!” Friction and clashes ensued in 
the N.S.L.F. directive over the Manson portrayal. Karl Hand couldn’t 
overcome the media stereotype of the Manson element, and Mason 
chose to part ways with as little internecine warfare as possible. The 
agreement reached stipulated that Mason would keep the SIEGE 
newsletter going strong, whereas Hand 


James Mason in the mid 70's 
period of collaboration, 
Right: with NSLF leader 
John Duffy in 1976. 

Above: with Allen Vincent 
in 1977. 


The Satanic Bible 

Anton Szandor LaVey 

Dy; Sean BD 


of joint collaboration, as Universal Order’s voice and reason was 
answerable only to his inward drives. Manson suggested the dominant 
emblem that would henceforth be connected to Universal Order - a 
clockwise Swastika (later reversed) stationed over the Scales of Justice. 
From 1980-1986 the monthly installment of SIEGE was published 
with dependable surety. The language underwent a noticeable 
metamorphosis from what the N.S.L.F. extrapolated. Mason still hailed 
serial killers, mass-murderers, and eccentric commandos of all stripes, 
but now invested his literature with aspects of stoic self preservation. 
A chapter title from Mein Kampf proclaims: “The Strongest Man 
Stands Alone.” Mason comparatively theorized that if one could make 
provisions to subsist outside the grasp of System servitude, you’ve 
in essence become a crude weapon. In Mason’s view, Manson was a 
symbol par excellence of this alternative survival complex. As Mason 
surmises: “There aren’t enough Jews to run this circus show called the 
United States Government, there has to be massive numbers of White 
sell-outs. A good example is that of all those eligible to vote, less than 
half do. That’s pretty telling. They’re tired. They get the idea the whole 
thing is a shell game, that it’s heads, they win - tails, you lose. They’re 
apathetic. However, it hasn’t been carried all the way, because they still 
work their 40 hour-a-week jobs, pay the taxes, and obey laws. I guess 
they just pay lip service to the System hoping things will someday 
improve. You may still have segments in the Movement that will be so 
idiotic as to say ‘write your congressman,’ or, ‘go support so-and-so’s 
grassroots campaign.’ They’re not in touch with reality. What they’ re 
doing is (I compare this to Bram Stoker’s allegory about the Jews) 
giving their life to the dead vampire. The vampire couldn’t survive 
without their blood. If these people could ever say this is garbage, 
all fake, all smoke and mirrors, and not participate - it wouldn’t take 
that much to bring this affair crumbling down. But they’re drones, 
zombies.’ Manson once asserted: ‘When the television finally goes 
off, half will go immediately insane. The other half will just sit there 
waiting for the television to come back on!’” 



Is Charles Manson 


murderer Charles 

Manson Is the 

FO Of & de-i infact, whispered 
lavish him . 






ew Hitler? | 

him to death. 
Now authorities 







Tabloid terror in the wake of UNIVERSAL ORDER 


MASS MURDERER Charles Manson is the ‘philosophical 
and ideological leader’ of the Universal Order, a neo-Nazi 
cult so extreme, it’s been blacklisted by other Nazis 

Nevertheless, Mason prophesizes that if the sickness of Western 
Civilization goes out with a bang instead of a whimper at the Twelfth 



Hour, the celebratory exultation and lion’s share of spoils will be 
devoured amongst those elite who compassionately slit the first throats. 
Mason wrapped-up the SIEGE reports by 1986. He postulated that 
enough Universal Order ideas had sufficiently permeated underground 
spheres to have an independent life of their own. Surprisingly, media 
coverage and “exposes” remained silent until Red Warthan (who was 
a legitimate Universal Order affiliate) executed a System informant, 
which generated brief publicity and spontaneous outcry. Regional 
California pulp headlines questioned whether Manson was “A New 
Hitler.” With lenient time available. Mason designed in 1987 several 
high-octane promotional pamphlets. One bore the inscription “Drugs, 
Power, and Sanity.” 

As a result of these and other subsequent efforts, one idealist stopped 
forward and a beauty and friendship evolved, culminating in the 
aspirant offer to collect all SIEGE newsletters into a final volume. 
This first edition heralded magnificent sensation, reaching an eclectic 
audience hungry for cathartic bloodletting. 

Universal Order had gleaned the reputation as a dangerous provocateur. 
Mason’s F.B.I. dossier was now thousands of pages in breadth 
and enjoyed the premium classification of a probable Presidential 
assassinate. Nonetheless, phone taps and surveillance didn’t detour 
his revolutionary outgrowth. When a refinance of assets in 1991 
necessitated a swift departure from his hometown of Chillicothe, Ohio, 
he chose to settle in a sleepy backwater town in southern Colorado. 
Soon thereafter, domestic squabbles sowed a climatic denouement 
with a firearm. A young paramour Mason was intimately involved 
with in 1993 betrayed her charms. Mason reciprocated this uncouth 
chastity by levelling the score with whoredom, and brandished a 
firearm. This vengefulness led to criminal arrest. Out on bail with 
court proceedings pending Mason packed his belongings and travelled 
to Denver. During this hiatus, Mason struck up familiarity with 
hierarchal representatives of the Church of Satan. Mason had always 
reserved a gratuitous appreciation for Anton LaVey, and proudly 
owned the vintage 1968 LP recording of the Satanic Black Mass. 
LaVey also gifted Mason a personally inscribed copy of his infernal 
Satanic Bible. Lex Talionus was a perspicuous concept Mason richly 
adhered to, and found compelling “LaVey had many great similarities 



to George Lincoln Rockwell. They were both showmen. Rockwell’s 
father was a Vaudevillian. LaVey had been a carnival man. LaVey had 
concluded that if God as portrayed by the Christian Church [the way it 
exists] represents weakness and even suicide, then it stands to reason 
that his opposite number [Satan] has got to be worth a second re- 
appraisal. Satan must represent strength and vitality in a Promethean 
sense. So on the basis of that LaVey formed his Church of Satan. I 
thought that was absolutely brilliant.” 

Mason was interviewed twice on air by Denver radio evangelist-for 
profit Bob Larson. The first 1991 episode was an extravaganza called 
“Manson Maniacs.” Mason’s performance was at the finest acuity, and 
peaked when Doris Tate’s (the mother of R.I.P. Sharon Tate) lethargic, 
chemically sopped brain was dealt a blistering, verbal barrage of potent 
Truth, making short shrift of her rambling incoherence. Mason ended 
the program bombastically declaring: “If you want to fight evil, you’d 
better fight against the US. Government, because they allow it, they 
protect it, they subsidize it, they are it - the most evil thing that’s ever 
existed.” Bob Larson proposed another jousting session in the summer 
of 1993. Surrounded by three hulking bodyguards in Larson’s studio 
for the taping of “Neo-Nazi Satanism”, Mason’s raison d’étre would 
trample roughshod over Larson’s odd theology of vain, sententious 
benevolence hilariously slaughtering this obnoxious lamb of the Lord. 
Despite all resistance to the contrary, the gnashing clutch of prison 
loomed. In 1995, the punitive System rendered a guilty verdict of 
felony menacing with a deadly weapon, and ordered three years in 
“rehabilitative” custody. Sequestered as a thought criminal in 
maximum security, the extent of Mason’s proportional internment was 
at Colorado State Penitentiary. From the outset Mason stirred hostile 
sentiments amongst crazed Negroes and Mestizos run afoul of the law: 
“T’d ask, ‘What are you in here for?’ ‘Oh we shot it out with the West 
Side.’ ‘Shooting it out with the West side!? You and the West Side 
should get together and go shoot it out with the police, invade city hall 
- kill all of them - those are your enemies!” Muslim Negroes thanked 
him for educating them about the Jewish Question, exclaiming, “Now 
we know where to direct our anger!” While being transferred from 
Pueblo County Jail to State Prison, Mestizos even lined up to shake 
hands in farewell solidarity! Confinement ensconced his writing 



talent, and he penned copious articles, letters, and book material. One 
peculiar work entitled “The Theocrat”, shatters Christian orthodoxy, 
juxtaposing Christ and Hitler as one. “The Theocrat” draws valid 
synchronism between Mein Kampf and biblical scriptures. Mason 
claims many of the questions and principles posited by Hitler in his 
magnum opus can be illuminated by reading the pronouncements of 
Jesus in the Gospels, and vice-versa. Is this dreaded Christian Identity? 
No, only the genuine exposition of a perennial Blood Mythos that 
recurs under different guises throughout history. Mason was released 
from detainment on August 25th, 1999, the anniversary of George 
Lincoln Rockwell’s 1967 assassination. 

The Millennium has seen James Mason more resolute than ever. 
Portending a Heraclitean conflagration that happily incinerates human 
dross, he cheers all Violence (political, social, economic) that drags 
the System’s inertia downward. For truly, when all is atrophied and 
scattered in ruination, what more is there to compromise or LOSE? 
The future awaits the sociopathic Ubermensch! 

SIEGE is to be used as a cookbook and guide. Itis sincerely hoped 
this edition will prevail the vigilant(e) intelligence to heed a clarion 
call, wage battles of attrition, and act in a manner commensurate to 
Timothy McVeigh of Oklahoma City fame. 

Ryan Schuster 
Spring, 2003 




| , 

n = ‘ } al i kA 

A . le p W i 
p a i 
— ` e 


“The true guerrilla is never beaten. He will never negotiate away his 
freedom. He will never compromise his ideals. He will never surrender. 
History offers many examples of far larger and better equipped armies 
that were finally defeated by guerrillas. They can fight on for years, 
even generations. Guerrilla bands can fight in the cities, country, 
forests, swamps, deserts or mountains. They are everywhere and yet 
nowhere. They strike without warning and vanish without a trace. 
They take away with them the arms, food and ammunition they will 
need to fight again another day.” 

“The guerrilla is a grim fighter and a terrible foe. His strength is in his 
heart - in his love for his Race - in his hatred for the enemy.” 

“. . a unit can either fight a real enemy, or it must lose. And again, a 
unit not fighting a real enemy is in the service of another power - there 
is no middle ground. If a unit is not fighting for itself, it is fighting 
against itself.” 

-Francis Parker Yockey 

“The lost man, who has no belongings, no outside interests, no 
personal ties of any sort — not even a name. Possessed of but one 
thought, interest and passion — the revolution. A man who has broken 
with Society, broken with its laws and conventions. He must despise 
the opinions of others, and be prepared for death and torture at any 
time. Hard towards himself, he must be hard to others, and in his heart 
there must be no place for love, friendship, gratitude or even honor.” 
-Mikhail Bakunin 


Phase One Has Phased Out 

Hardly an individual receiving this bulletin will be unfamiliar with 
the name at the top [National Socialist Liberation Front]. Lately with 
an organization of the “Mass Strategy” set, and currently on my own 
at last, unlike all other ventures of the past this one will succeed or 
fall flat due to the abilities or lack of them of just one person: ME. No 
more excuses or dependence on different backers or front men, both 
of which have a way of never failing to screw up at the critical time. 
There will be those who will say that I’ve been able to go through 
fronts and front men like a snake sheds his skin. True, up to a point, 
but that has ended now and for two reasons: One, there are no more of 
them left; and two, those surviving that I am no longer with or have 
never been with are still getting nowhere at a blinding rate of speed 
while the conditions in the country and in the world are becoming 
more and more revolutionary. I have been increasingly alarmed at this 
trend for quite a while, and my nerves won’t allow me to sit back and 
continue to play more games while the storm clouds build. 

I’ve been associated with a lot of Nazi periodicals in the past. Some 
were original, some were assumed and some were resurrected. Some 
I lifted from others and some were lifted from me. I’ve been cheered 
and condemned. I’ve been called magnificent and I’ve been called 
everything from “white nigger” to a “slime-dripping reptile.” As 
stated, I’ve been with the Mass Strategists - started out there a long 
time ago ~ gone with the Armed Struggle, and back again with other 
Mass ‘ Strategists. Personally I must say that I strongly favor the 
Armed Struggle. In format I’ve issued everything from downright rags 
to thick journals to tabloid newspapers. I’ve learned that, surprisingly, 
it doesn’t matter much what the format is or its appearance. Not even 
what you say or how you say it. Just that you know what the hell 
you’re talking about and who you are addressing it to. 

Why, for example, talk out of the side of your mouth in legalistic 
euphemisms appealing to the noble instincts of a handful of Right- 
Wing types while the bottom line must always come down to 
revolution, which scares them off? Why indeed break your back trying 
to get up a “mass” publication when you know damned good and well 
that the masses will never see it? A useless ploy directed at a useless 



bunch. (Or could it possibly be that the whole point to this nonsense 
is some sort of personal thrill or kick and, if luck is with you, maybe 
an easy living on the side?) You can’t try to do two contradictory 
things at once in a too-little-too-late fashion. But that’s the history of 
the US. Right Wing of which the Nazis are a part in all but ideology. 
The whole basis of the Right Wing was to try and “hold,” defend a 
shrinking perimeter, shouting “Never!” anti-this and anti-that. One 
can only be shoved over the brink so many times, or trampled and 
annihilated up to a certain point when one must admit that, if it was a 
defensive struggle that was being waged, it was lost a little while ago. 
(This was the first segment of the first issue of James Mason’s revived 

[Vol IX, #4 - Aug, 1980] 

Mail-Order Revolution? 

At the time of the first American Revolution the adversary was the 
King of England. This man could have been called a lot of things but 
he couldn’t be called evil. The enemy today is the US. Government 
itself and it is, by every standard of measure, the most evil thing that 
has ever existed on earth. This, once it has sunk home, should be a 
good enough indicator of the sort of struggle we have ahead of us. 
I’m not going to agonize over “How evil is it?” because that would be 
typically Right Wing and a waste of time. Rather, I’m going to tell you 
what that means, or should mean to you if you claim to have the three 
big essentials for accomplishing anything that were set forth by George 
Lincoln Rockwell over twenty years ago: Sufficient intelligence to 
perceive and understand; sufficient strength, courage and resources 
to act; and sufficient will to persevere in spite of whatever obstacle or 

It means this: They’re not going to let us do it. It means that we’re 
going to have to do it in spite of them. Over their dead bodies. 

Will this be done by any legally chartered, tax-paying outfit? 

Will it be done by any outfits that own land and have public 

Will it be done by those with big bank accounts (by “big” I mean those 



that read in figures greater than four digits) who deposit, withdraw and 
earn interest? Will it be accomplished by strings of P.O. boxes? The 
best, most sobering question I can hit anyone with is: Will this, the 
most evil system on earth, allow anything even remotely dangerous 
to pass through its own postal system, to apply for and get special 
bulk rate mail permits, etc? The answer is a flat No. Those who point 
to the dozens of outfits currently operating in an attempt to belie that 
statement are in a hopeless fog. Those who agree but qualify it with, 
“Up to a point.” may have hope left yet. 
Those who disagree totally would also believe we can win through 
the electorate, with the consent of the masses. Those who partially 
agree, I suppose, imagine we will have to fight a “partial” revolution. 
Despite hopeful showings of any Nazi or Klan candidates at the polls, 
it amounts to nothing concrete; if they gain a lot of votes but fail to 
win the election they are as bad off as before because those voters 
haven’t got the guts to do anything more than pull a lever in secret... 
they’ll never make contact or provide support directly; and those that 
may win the election are in for the hassle of their lives dealing with 
“fellow Democrats,” etc., who are rabidly pro-Jew, pro-Black, if not 
outright Red. (But hats off to those few who try as they do lend to the 
revolutionary climate and help reveal by their results what the national 
pulse-rate is like, and what kind of potential support we might expect 
once a full-scale revolt is launched). 
And here again, can you picture a scenario like this: That great “Silent 
Majority” has at last gotten fed up, found its wits and given the Nazis 
or the Klan a voter mandate. The Jews, the Blacks, and the assorted 
fanatic Reds, etc., least of all to mention the entrenched Capitalist 
System manned largely by sick, liberal Whites give up, say it was a 
fair fight, shake hands and turn it all over to us. It’s just too crazy to 
contemplate. If it even started to look like we were verging on some 
kind of real power they’d go nuts and pull out all stops against us. It 
has even been predicted that they would go as far as to use H-Bombs 
against any large strongholds and I wouldn’t doubt it a bit considering 
the stakes. 
It'll be a real fight but it won’t be a fair fight. Matters of survival 
seldom are. 

[Vol IX, # 4 - Aug., 1980] 


Serious Steps 

Hitler did not arrive at January 30th, 1933, in a dream. Nor was the 
NSDAP [National Socialist German Workers’ Party] itself an idle 
concoction. Hitler did not get off the ground politically until after 
he was thirty years of age, after he had been orphaned, after he had 
existed in the streets of Vienna, after he had gone through the horrors 
of the First World War. The idea of National Socialism, the Swastika, 
the social ferment and disorder in Germany and Europe, even the very 
men who were to make up his winning team, every element was there, 
in place, active, just waiting for Hitler to appear as catalyst that would 
lead to the Machtergreifung [seizure of power] in 1933. At no point 
did Hitler, in his off-hours or his idle frustration, imagine that any 
idea, effort, or group would be “keen,” “swift,” “fun,” or “groovy.” 
Everything that was done was done because it HAD to be done. Hitler, 
like the master that he was, with consummate skill, played the ball 
exactly where it lay, utilizing the forces and elements at hand around 
him, applying them effectively and appropriately, step-by-step, to 

Joseph Tommasi did the very same thing as Adolf Hitler. Perhaps his 
is the closest comparison to Hitler’s methodology to date. Was he a 
copy-cat, aping the Marxists? If he was, so was Hitler. In all frankness, 
he took the name SIEGE from an LA. County Library book by that 
title which was devoted to the Weather Underground faction of the 
SDS [the militant Leftist group Students for a Democratic Society]. 
He took the name National Socialist Liberation Front from an earlier 
Movement effort at organizing Whites on campuses, a name, by the 
way, copied from the National Liberation Front of the Viet Cong. He 
let his hair grow long and wore olive drab fatigues. This and much 
more he adopted solely in order to “get with the times” and manners 
of the present day reality, in order to be EFFECTIVE. And he was 
tremendously effective in the one year of life he had left to him from 
1974 to 1975. Crackpot games and escapades don’t generally outlive 
their progenitors by a decade, going on to gain strength and influence 
and to set the pace for the rest of an entire school of thought. I mention 
Tommasi and the NSLF as major landmarks in our desperate drive to 
get serious in our modus operandi. Even with Universal Order I retain 



the publication title of SIEGE as tribute to this fact. Getting a bit 
deeper, war is to politics what politics is to the Idea. Of course minus 
the Idea, all is futile, just like the “power” wielded by the System 
and the Jews. Tommasi was more of a great general than he was a 
philosopher. He opened our eyes to strategy and tactics rather than 
the nature of our purpose. But is that not precisely what we are in 
direst need of? It won’t get there unless we PUT IT THERE. Thinking 
about it and writing about it won’t put it there. Only a serious, step- 
by-step program of organized ACTION will bring it about. And not 
“treadmill” action but FORWARD action. 

[Vol XII, #7 - July, 1983] 

Above a Whisper 

My own formal initiation into the ranks of the “hard-core” took 
place in the barracks and the ward rooms of the American Nazi Party 
headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, during the latter half of the 1960’s. 
There, amidst the off-hours high jinks, the “smokin’ ‘n’ jokin” typical 
of the paramilitary style of the day, would come forth expressions of 
unsanctioned, forbidden ideas of violence and revolution more closely 
resembling those of the Enemy we were regularly fighting in the 
streets of Washington, D.C., as the Vietnam War raged ten thousand 
miles away. We believed in what we were doing but most of us felt 
uncomfortable, left wanting with the current program and strategy. 
We wanted to attack the real Enemy, and, furthermore, we were more 
than tired of knocking down Enemy minions only to have them get 
back up later. 

We openly confided among ourselves - the duty officers, the pressmen, 
the clerks, shippers, the rank-and-file troopers - that what was required 
was a gaping hole knocked in the System order-of-things so that blood 
could be splashed from one end of the country to the other. None of 
the officers ever voiced these same opinions and, to be 










w A 
re] Ta 
A ` -à 

=r a 

Q — 
y N 
— rick 
mo a i — 
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= ~a 

Original NSLF Propaganda 

sure, they never inquired of ours. Nothing was open for discussion 
between these two sharply distinct levels. It was Right Wingism at its 
darkest. It was never spoken, never printed and was, in fact, taboo in 
official Party dealings. In those days we were still wasting our time 
- and our blood - defending the honor of an all but dead Republic 
against a mob of vile Jews, Liberals, Blacks, etc., demonstrating 
for its final demise and, in our printed propaganda, taking a futile 
and sadomasochistic trip by dredging up the most recent outrages 
committed by Blacks in the streets and Jews and traitors in the 

The loss of Commander Rockwell was so recent and his memory so 
fresh then that we carried on in his absence as though we expected his 



eventual return. As it turned out, no one had the vaguest idea of what 
to do or how to do it. The prevailing school of thought was that of 
“Professionalism & Orthodoxy,” in other words, to continue the “1933 
approach.” I recall one heated occasion when I crossed ideological and 
strategic swords with one junior officer at the headquarters building. 
I was talking then a very adolescent version of what I’m talking now 
and his response was that I would one day have to be “restrained.” by 
the Party. He hasn’t been active now in many years. 

But just as vividly I recall the first snapping of the ice in the earliest 
springtime of our Movement as we have it today. The refreshing and 
invigorating changes were first provided by Dr. William Pierce, as our 
propaganda chief then, in his hugely effective and widely listened to 
“White Power Messages” that thousands of people across the country 
would call in to hear. He had recorded a message in reference to a 
certain clique of Senators and Congressmen who were busy selling- 
out the soldiers in Vietnam. He concluded that one doesn’t talk against 
people like these, one doesn’t vote against them in the next election, 
one KILLS THEM. About that same time, during one of his addresses 
to the First Party Congress in 1969, after he had invited questions 
from the floor and one naive delegate asked what we should do with 
the White race traitors, he spoke not a word but, gesturing with thumb 
and index finger forming the barrel and hammer of a pistol being 
fired, brought the entire assembly to its feet in the loudest outburst of 
cheering and applause heard during that three-day gathering. 

So it was out, above a whisper, and, more than that, it was official. In 
less than one year. Dr. Pierce was out of the Party and on his own with 
the endeavor he still currently heads. Through a number of cosmetic 
and tactical changes in style and technique, he has never in thirteen 
years compromised his stand as being among the foremost of the Hard 
Core Idealists. And whose name and organization carries more weight 
in Movement circles today than Dr. William Pierce and the National 



The Long Road We've Traveled 

The distance we’ve traveled in the past decade can only be measured 
in terms of light years. How far, after all, is it from Commander 
Rockwell’s expressed ideal of the “American Constitutional Republic” 
to “Helter Skelter?” From “good citizenship” and conformity to total 
dropout and total revolution? From the trial and execution of a few 
thousand traitors in high places to the drowning in blood of entire 
social and genetic segments of the population? From an old A.N.P. 
slogan, “White Man, Stand With Us or Stand Out of Our Way!”’, to 
where there are no innocents, no non-combatants? 
Consider how far we’ve come from the days when discussion revolved 
around what would take place after our legal and orderly assumption 
of power, as mandated by the people, to today where two schools of 
thought prevail: whether a war will destroy the System or whether it 
will collapse under its own rotten weight. Regardless how, the result 
will be the same. Those who survive the initial period of absolute 
chaos that immediately follows will crawl out of their holes and take 
up the struggle on newly equalized terms: Animal to animal. 

[Vol XII, #8 - Aug., 1983] 

Something That Will Work 

This would almost call for a “mass” movement but here again we 
must carefully watch our definitions and understanding. By “masses” 
we need at most only a few hundred thousand more-or-less hardcore 
people committed to revolution and, to get and keep this discussion 
down-to-earth have been on the verge of going after these few hundred 
thousand twice before in the history of the Movement in the United 
States. Not only in theory but in actuality as newspaper headlines 
and membership rosters showed. First in 1966 and again in 1973. 
As strange as it may sound, the opportunities of 1966 were lost well 
before Commander Rockwell was assassinated. 



James Mason (right) with William Pierce, author of The 
Turner Diaries and the chairman of the National Alliance 

And certainly there was no such single incident in 1973 [comparable 
to assassination of the leader] that could be easily blamed for the 
downward trend that next set in. In both instances the revolutionary 
political groundwork had not been tended to in advance of the 



laborious and painstaking street work which was eventually - and all 
too fleetingly - crowned with the reward of some significant numerical 

I’msure also that had the pitfalls of having no solid chain-of- command 
reinforced and ready for the sudden challenge of hard success 
somehow been accidentally avoided, then still the moment would 
have been lost due to a lack of greater direction - a revolutionary plan 
- when suddenly called for. And such a thing can rarely be supplied 
by accident. Getting into the rut of rolling with the blows is dangerous 
because it gets habit-forming and it numbs the senses and imagination. 
We have to know exactly what we’d do with a real political machine 
if we had one right now, for if we were handed one - or the means 
of getting one and did not know precisely what to do with it, we’d 
quickly blow it. 

In 1966 Commander Rockwell was unable to EXPLOIT the God- 
given opportunity that presented itselfin Chicago that summer and fall. 
He always considered and referred to himself as being the spearhead 
of the Right Wing and when the historic moment arrived during the 
time of the Black riots in major cities, when Commander Rockwell 
was doing his best spearheading activities, he was LET DOWN AND 
BETRAYED by his own side. They failed to act in support even when, 
as the Commander himself pointed out, they stood to gain more from 
his efforts than he did because in the main, those people recruited by an 
intensive, unified Right Wing drive would naturally gravitate toward 
the “softer,” “easier” names and approaches like the NSRP [National 
States’ Rights Party] and various Klans. The Commander said all along 
that he only wanted and would only get what any true spearhead outfit 
must have: FIGHTING MEN! The apex moment of the 1960’s was 
thus lost In 1973, through constant activity nationwide and through 
some admirable policies of professionalism, the Movement stood 
ready to break into what Commander Rockwell would have called 
“Phase Three,” or the phase of mass action. We then had more leaders 
than had been on the scene in 1966. Rather than wait for a moment to 
come, we made our own. Not only that but we also chose the place: 
Cleveland. Over one hundred uniformed, helmeted Troopers marched 
down the middle of Euclid Avenue that Labor Day and formed-up in a 
public square for a rally. And though the opposition was there - from 



the System and from the Reds - we were too strong. Had that sort 
of show of strength and discipline been maintained and repeated in 
various other cities it most likely would have, first, broken the “spell” 
of thousands who were hovering on the brink of committing openly 
and, second, prompted panic reactions on the part of every aspect of 
our racial enemy thus providing obvious and inescapable openings for 
further and greater EXPLOITATION. 

What set in next, both in 1966 and 1973, is what we must now learn 
to recognize and make our new effort far less vulnerable - if not 
altogether immune - to. There seemed to be no absolute commitment 
to REVOLUTION. No one seemed to know what the goal really 
was. The prevailing leadership at both times used the term “White 
Revolution” copiously in their propaganda but they thought only in 
terms of a revolutionary ideal or of a revolutionary social change far 
down the road somewhere. They did not fully subscribe to TOTAL 
REVOLUTION NOW! And not only the men at the very top. The 
one-man show has proved it can’t get to first base. To be legitimate, 
a revolutionary political movement must have at least about a dozen 
or more leading, prominent figures. No one among the cadres being 
built at those times (with the single outstanding exception of Joseph 
Tommasi) was thinking purely revolutionary. Everyone had their own 
ideas, and were bent on doing their own trip. When the “fun” stopped, 
when the “thrill” wore off, when the self-gratification halted, they 
split. Also because they had their own conceptions, most of the rules 
of good common sense got walked all over - primarily during and after 
1973 - resulting in petty bureaucracy followed closely by alienation 
and the effective destruction of the one party. Had everyone concerned 
been completely committed to REVOLUTION OVER THE SYSTEM 
then it would have been a much easier task to sublimate the personal 
feelings and weaknesses which destroyed their efforts ultimately. The 
most incompatible of personalities can work together effectively for 
revolution but hardly for a damned thing else. The most limited and 
klutzy individual can understand the common sacred drive to SMASH 



Sought Power, Invasion Plotter Admits 

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — With box- 
es of high-powered rifles and military - 

gear ‘stacked nearby, a Houston man 
testified he hatched a plot to invade 
the tiny Caribbean island of Dominica’ 

after ‘discarding a “bloody” plan to 
take over nearby Grenada. 

Michael Perdue, 32, the- admitted 
ringleader of the bizarre scheme, told ; 
a US. District. Court jury, Tuesday 
that his invasion plans were prompted 
by ‘his quest for money and power. He 
admitted telling lies to recruit a nine- 
member band -of makeshift: merce- 
naries to help him. 

PERDUE’S comments 
trial opened for ' 
three of the would- 
be invaders:“ Ku 
Klux Klan Grand 
Wizard - Steven 
Donald Black, 27, 
of Birmingham, 
Ala.; long-time ac- 
tive Klansman Joe 
D. Hawkins, 37, of 
Jackson, Miss., and 
former Klansman Michael Norris, 21, 
of Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

` The three face various charges, in- 
cluding weapons violations and plan- 
ning an armed expedition against a 
friendly nation. If convicted, each 
could receive up to 50 years in prison 
and $38.000 in fines. 
SEVEN. OTHER men, including 
Perdue, pleaded guilty in a plea bar- 
gain with authorities. They have not 
yet been sentenced. 
’;. Black, giving his own opening ad- 
dress- to jurors. Tuestiay, said it. was 
not -but-patriotism that-moved 
him to get involved in the plot. |. 

He: accused Perdue of lying when 
he told the would-be mercenaries that ~ 
the coup would ‘prevent a communist” 
government from taking over Domini”: 
ca-and would help-to thwart- the 
spread of communism in the Caribbe- - 
an. Vee, Be et ey, 

came as a 

- bling, Jambering, 

“PERHAPS. we were. naive in all 
of this. Perhaps wè were stupid. But 
we were duped,” Black said. “We 
were ‘motivated -by the highest mo- 
tives, by patriotic ideals. 

A State Department specialist in 
Caribbean affairs, Richard Howard, 
testified that U.S. officials were una- 
ware. of any communist leanings in 

Perdue testified that his- scheme 
began with an offer to help ousted 
Grenada leader Sir Eric Gary regain 
power in exchange for money and po- 
sition on the. small, mountainous is- 
land in the southern West Indies. 

` HIS FOCUS switched to Dominica 
when the first plan proved overambi- 
tious, he said. “We decided it would 
take a major forde, and it would be 
bloody to take Grenada,” he said. 
des recruiting the nine merce- 
naries, Perdue said he spent the next 
year trying to get money to fund the 
Dominica operation, getting about 
$40,000 from Houston businessman 
James C. White and another $10,000 
from L.E. Matthews of Jackson, Miss. 

Perdue said former Dominica 
Prime Minister Patrick John agreed 
to; give him tax-free rights to gam- 
tourism,'a high mili- 
tary post,posts for 30 military “advis- 
ers” and $350,000 in return for depos- 
ing current Prime Minister Eugénia 

Above and next page: The KKK leaves 
the cow pasture and gets radical 


Seven Men $ Sentenced 

wil ringleader of the plot 
Wolfgang Droege, Robert William 
Pri Wilkam Barnett Waldrop 

US. ime 
2 Indicted On Charges 
Of Financing Invasion 






HR i; 
ie | ; 
SE tilt 

Dominica Plot 
206 Caristopher Billy Anderson were 


Perdue's raiders: To Dominica and glory 

Star witness called liar at trial 
of accused backers of coup plot 

The Little Invasion 
That Couldn’t 

“The Bayou of Pigs,” FBI agents called 
the fiasco. Armed with assorted rifles and 
handguns, a motley crew of neo-Nazis and 
Ku Klux Kiansmen set off tast week to 
invade the Caribbean island of Dominica. 
On D Day they piled into a rental van 
in New Orleans and set off for a rendezvous 
with a yacht bound for Dominica and glory. 
But as things turned out, their driver was 
a Federal agent. When they reached 
their point of embarkation, an FBI 

Perdue’s raiders included Don Black, 

27, Grind Wizard ofthe Alabama 
KK; Wolfgang Droege, 31, an 
Malie of wakat pcamionaes ta the 
KKK of Canada, and William Pri- 
chard Jr, 30, a truck driver who 
had once belonged to the American 
Nazi Party. 
Mystery: Why the raiders had set 
their hearts on Dominica was some- 
thing of a mystery. Only 29 miles 
long and 16 miles wide, the island 
ES toa Of Geb CASIA aed lant 
developed of Third World countries. 

Bananas and citrus fruits are its only 
cash crops. Two hurricanes in 1979 
all but wiped out its homes and its 
road system. Independent for only 
the past three years, it has been shak- 
en by strikes and political unrest. 
Most of its 80,000 citizens are black, 
the descendants of slaves. Racists 

wanted to transform the island into a haven 
for hot money and investors on the lam 
such as Robert Vesco. “There had been 
attempts by certain people in the prior ad- 
ion to give Dominican nationality 

Oliver Phillip. -Kaan Ia eared ery aed 
were to have been sold for up to $10,000." 
The leader of the prior administration — 
Prime Minister Patrick John-—has been un- 
der arrest since March for attempting to 
overthrow the present regime. If an Ameri- 
can jury finds Perdue's raiders guilty of 
trying the same thing, they could get 
$22,000 in fines and 32 years in jail. 


Everyone can find his or her proper place in the WAR AGAINST 
THE ESTABLISHMENT. The Communists have proven this in 
a dozen historic cases, all of them recent. Once we get our fallible 
and undependable selves sublimated to REVOLUTION then the rest 
should come easy when compared to the endless, nowhere drag of past 
years. Once accomplished, then all the “right” and the high ideals will 
have some meaning and can be put to some use. Instead of the current 
hindrance, they will have become the “end” that justifies whatever 
“means” may be necessary. 

[Vol. XI #1 - Jan., 1982] 

When Right Wing Becomes Revolution 

You ’ve all read of the arrests in New Orleans made in connection with 
the projected plan involving the island of Dominica in the Caribbean 
Sea. I must comment at the start of this that a D-Day on the part of 
the Ku Klux Klan is a long way from burning crosses in cow pastures. 
That is encouraging enough right there. But because it was a first, 
infant step, it failed. It failed however for reasons easily corrected. It 
was a good idea and it was not bound to fail. Loose lips sink ships, 
always did and always will. I’m not trying to pick apart a mission that 
failed for reasons either inside or outside but I am wondering about 
something that could have still happened but did not. 

It was reported that the KKK members were arrested with automatic 
weapons, about to embark by boat from New Orleans. Why did this 
happen? Why should ten men with automatic weapons about to leave 
the United States by boat be arrested? How could they be arrested 
unless they themselves decided in their own minds to let themselves 
be arrested? Instead of the end of a Right Wing mission, it could have 
and should have been the beginning of a revolutionary one. It could 
have begun right there on the pier. 

They might be dead or out to sea right now but they’d be free and the 
System would most definitely have bled and the White Man would 
have scored a solid hit against the forces of Big Brother. Instead, these 
men are in a limbo and facing many years in prison while no real 
action was ever taken. Think of the tragic waste! They still maintained 



the old Right Wing notion of “getting away” with something; they felt 
individual life too sweet to take the dare and RESIST! 
One set of equations that Joe Tommasi never got around to mentioning 
regarding the levels of the struggle is this: In the past the Right Wing 
pulled stupid stunts against Blacks and other useless expendables and 
then ran away hoping not to be caught later by Big Brother but usually 
were caught, and then offered no RESISTANCE. (Trying to defend 
yourself in Big Brother’s courtrooms is not resistance.) Lately some 
of the Movement have been choosing better, higher targets but still put 
themselves in a runaway kind of position where they are either caught 
right on the spot or after a manhunt. Again, little or no resistance 
(except in the heroic case of Fred Cowan who would not be taken). 
The two levels which the Movement is steadily evolving toward are 
these: first, if they must put themselves in a hit-and-run position then 
they will have made up their minds at the start to not surrender by 
the rules of the System’s game; The final level is when they have 
begun to hit and keep on hitting, never considering detection much 
less capture because they are completely involved with the ongoing 
attack. This final level of struggle shall be when the so-called “capture 
parties” sent by Big Brother go out but don’t come back. Any bets as 
to whether it’s coming to that or just how soon? 

[ Vol. X, #6 - June, 1981] 

European Renaissance 

Europe was knocked absolutely cold in the Second World War, literally 
ground under the tread of invading, foreign armies. Not just Germany 
but all of Europe. Bets were on through the Sixties and Seventies as 
to which one - Europe or the United States - was sunk deeper into the 
morass of decadence and liberal democracy. Europe at least had some 
excuse while we didn’t. Now right alongside the stunning stories of 
the White Man unleashing a micro-fraction of his fury against the 
Enemy in the US, we have news of a similar kind from all over 
Europe! Bombings and machine-gunnings in France against Jewish 
targets caused the System-controlled President of that country to call 
it, “the worst wave of anti-semitism in France since World War Two.” 



National Socialist 

— — — — — —— 



In Germany the situation is much the same. Again the trend is on- 
going, a thing they can’t seem to deal with. As yet the various arms 
of the System have been unable to make any major arrests. Europe, 
the traditional home of the White Man, the mother of all culture and 
civilization, is reawakening. And the words of the greatest American, 
George Lincoln Rockwell, will echo, “Where will the Jews run to 

[Vol IX, #7 - Nov., 1980] 

Playing The Ball As It Lies 

“We are a parliamentary party by compulsion,” said Adolf Hitler 
during the Kampfzeit period in Germany from 1925 to 1933. Because 
Germany was still essentially sound under the surface in 1923, the 
open revolt did not work, nor catch on with the populace (apart 
from being betrayed from the inside by conservative swine). And 
because German society and institutions were still basically sound 
at that time. Hitler and his fellow Putschists were looked upon quite 
sympathetically and favorably by those presiding at their trial in 1924 
which resulted in less than a year’s incarceration. (That German court 
gave Hitler less than a year for “high treason”; the System here today 
gives patriots fifty years for charges they were framed on, for doing 
nothing!) What had prompted the Munich Putsch was the apparent 
bottoming-out of German law-and order and economy. But that 
drastic move was premature because the Weimar regime - filthy and 
rotten as it was - still had more than one gasp left in it. The economy 
actually rallied from that point up until the World Depression of 1929 
which sent a stampede of desperate Germans, no longer complacent, 
into the ranks of Hitler’s Party. The point is that German institutions 
were yet healthy enough to work within, and indeed too healthy to 
try to overthrow (as the Communists had already found out the hard 
way). The problem was a thin coating, or scum, if you will, of traitors 
at the top. Because of Hitler’s correct assessment of the situation and 
the firm course he set his Party on accordingly in 1925, the history of 
the NSDAP from then until the Machtergreifung - the taking of state 
power - is an unbroken, uninterrupted uphill climb. We of the NSLF 



are a revolutionary party by compulsion. We are the first to realize that 
no popular revolt can be contemplated at this time as the only thing 
“popular” at the moment is further pleasure and more diversion among 
the quivering masses. The society is a shambles and the economy slips 
more every day but most would - and will - be surprised to learn just 
how much further it can deteriorate before the situation can be termed 
critical. We also realize that nothing, absolutely nothing by way of 
Anglo-Saxon institutions remain intact and this effectively means that 
America as it had been known for about 150 years has been wiped 
out more cleanly than if it had been defeated in a sudden war. (This 
actually had been Germany’s case and was what had allowed for her 
resurrection within only fourteen years.) The United States went the 
worst way a country can - terminal cancer - but yet, historically, even 
that process was quick - quick enough to leave enough White Men 
with some ability to still think and act as White Men. The rest is up to 
us. The polarization of the people and the government is so total that 
few even among the Movement can grasp its fullness. Perhaps the best 
way to be sure that we are the prime representatives of the people is to 
be aware that NO ONE is further alienated from the ruling, governing 
establishment than we. We call ourselves a LIBERATION FRONT 
and not a party because we hold no illusions about ever being able to 
realize anything concrete through parliamentary measures. How could 
such a movement succeed when the people themselves don’t care and 
the ruling body - Left, Right, and Center - unanimously stonewalls 
against us? The voices and opinions of the System might put forth 
varying opinions on any topic or issue save one: US. We are now and 
forever strictly O-U-T! But we know why we are out and they know 
why we are out so there should be no conflict on that. They are the 
Establishment; we are the Revolution. 

These are the rules, of their choosing, not ours. But they are the reality 
of a situation as harsh as it is immutable. It is war. Only a fool and 
a weakling would ask for it to be otherwise. The one fundamental 
reason the Hard Right movement in this country has perennially 
gone nowhere is because it has NEVER fully comprehended this one 
fundamental reality and has never been set upon the proper course as 
was Hitler’s movement in Germany. 



To describe the past twenty-odd years of Rightist and even Nazi effort 
in the United States as 


. . . the key to success in the 
#ruggle ahead is self-discipline. 
ile it is the time to be 
“Hegal” we must stolidly 
‘. tendure whatever the State sees 
7 =fft to inflict upon us. And 
Ww en it is time to revolt, we 
= so be prepared to unleash 
7 the furies of hell on the 
eS hte until it yields.” 

William Pierce 

Mason designed NSLF Propaganda. 



inappropriate is to put it as accurately and charitably as possible. Set 
upon an inappropriate course, with inappropriate ideals and priorities, 
inappropriate methodology, etc. - little wonder then why we have been 
plagued with such miserably inappropriate and wholly inadequate 
human resources. It is the reason quality human material doesn’t stay 
around long. The Movement has been off-base at the very foundation 
which means that no matter how carefully or skillfully the framework 
might go on, it is all fore-doomed to collapse (as it always has done). 
There has always been the talk of a New Order and a New World. Those 
are easy slogans, too easy in fact because their meaning is mostly 
lost. Their meaning directly implies a TOTAL CHANGE. Given the 
graduality of the decline of American society and culture over the past 
thirty or forty years, it’s hard for any comparatively young person to 
appreciate how far we’ve sunk and to know from that just what we’ve 
lost, and what must be recaptured and through National Socialist 
discipline and idealism enhanced and reinforced, super-charged to 
become something greater than has ever been seen on earth. Even 
Hitler did not face a task such as we face. Being aware of this then, 
the notion of even attempting or remotely desiring to become a part 
of the unspeakably vile and sick Establishment and System is utterly 
revolting to any true National Socialist. To sit amongst the sold-out and 
degenerate Senate and Congress in the Capitol?! Even Hitler refused 
to seat his new government in the same halls as the Weimar regime 
or the Imperial government (liberally laced as it was with Jews). He 
wanted a new beginning. Our enemies are VILE and only appear 
“legitimate” because of the power that comes with money. We state 
here and now that we shall SMASH THEM and, furthermore, that 
they are HELPLESS TO PREVENT IT! The road may be long and 
rocky but the moment will arrive and both our will and our striking 
blows shall be irresistible. No recognition and no cooperation today 
means no compromise and no quarter shown tomorrow. No favors 
rendered today means no obligations to fulfill tomorrow. 



Not asking today means not being told tomorrow. If we do not accept 
and function by the circumstances as they exist, we not only condemn 
ourselves to eternal failure but we miss the opportunity now given for 
a revolution more total and complete than anything ever before in all 

[Vol. X, #1 - Jan., 1981] 

Our Reasons for Being NSLF 

One incontrovertible fact is that the NSLF remains to date the only 
new development within the Movement in America since Rockwell 
began it in 1958. It was Joseph Tommasi’s work of the most incredible 
genius, the POLITICAL TERROR leaflet, that he designed in 1974 
and which reached my hands at that time, that provided for those 
true revolutionaries in the NS Movement what we had been groping 
towards for years. It was original and unique and Tommasi had DONE 
IT! NSLF is not an order of monks sequestered away studying religious 
tracts and further separating ourselves from reality. We do not wish 
to get the tiniest handful thinking differently nor do we imagine we 
can do the same with the masses. We do wish to give the answers to 
the people that are as plain as the noses on their faces. We preach 
revolution while the rest preach reaction. We do not wish to rock the 
boat, we intend to SINK IT! 

If anyone can claim to be the “legitimate successor” to George Lincoln 
Rockwell’s American Nazi Party it is NSLF and no other! NSLF is the 
true, logical extension of everything Rockwell believed in and fought 
for. Petty legalisms and political chicanery aside, were Rockwell alive 
today, he would not be retrogressing holed up with sterile bureaucrats. 
He would be found FIGHTINGIN THE STREET! 




Build the 
National Socialist Revolution 
through Armed Struggle. 

National Socialist Liberation Front 

Post Office Box42 Chillicothe, Ohio 45601 


Tommasi’s infamous “Political Terror” flyer 

His call would still be TO ACTION and not inaction on the part of 
eccentrics and fakers who studiously claim to have the “right way.” 
Of all those who have come along since the death of Rockwell with 
pretensions of being an NS leader, all but one have been totally lost 



within themselves and their fantasy world of “Fuhrer-dom” and many 
have shown themselves to be downright crooked and incapable of 
dealing as men and as National Socialists. One has turned out to be a 
racial alien and a sexual pervert and currently is serving a prison term 
for the latter [Mason here is referring to Frank Collin, the Chicago 
Nazi leader in the 1970’s who is mainly infamous for his plan to 
demonstrate in Skokie, IL]. It remains today that the measure of a 
group is the measure of the man who founded or who leads that group. 
Joseph Tommasi, as founder of the NSLF, was the first of a new 
breed. A hero and a martyr to the Cause. What he wanted most was to 
provide the Movement with its much overdue HIT TEAM and not to 
set himself up as some sort of cheap, tin horn demigod like the rest. 
Tommasi personified the kind of man we MUST have: Those desiring 
to serve the Movement with great facility, and not pose around in 
gaudy uniforms as “Hollywood Nazis.” 

NSLF is not taken lightly by the Reds, the Blacks, or the System. We 
are not laughed at. We have taken the already-formidable reputation 
of the ANP - built up by Rockwell at monumental human cost - and 
ENHANCED IT by removing all pretenses of conservatism and 
legalism while the rest have made laughing stocks of themselves and 
their sphere of the Movement. A White Man can take pride in being 
part of the NSLF. It is the ONLY place for a White Revolutionary to 
be found! 

In terms of longevity and resiliency, we have more than pulled even 
with the closest runner-up to the old Party, which had been the NSPA 
[National Socialist Party of America, headquartered in Chicago]. The 
death of our founder and the most severe tribulations still see us today 
in the best shape we have ever been. 

Finally, we are NSLF because we want no part of cut-and-dried, hard 
and-fast, locked-in bureaucracy like the others. We see the need for 
absolute flexibility as we struggle towards revolution in America. 
We recognize the need for a certain formality of concept and effort 
but until we have the pool of human resources large enough to draw 
selectively from, we REJECT any “rules and regulations” that would 
keep us from that pool. The rest will tell you that they are “It”; we tell 
you that we are the only ones with the potential 

- with your help - of BECOMING “It.” We are not among the “Great 



Pretenders.” We are not part of the System or the Establishment in 
any way, shape, or form, as most of the others are with their charters, 
corporations, legalisms, etc. We are REVOLUTIONARY! 

[Vol. XI, #5 - May, 1982] 

Real Revolution Versus 
Phony Revolution 

The old-timers from the Forties and Fifties predicted the “Coming 
Red Dictatorship” Those of us around and active in the Sixties were 
taught to dread the “Black Revolution” and that of the “New Left,” 
the “Yippies”, etc. - none of which ever took place. Or did they? PI 
just put it this way: All of their vile and sick demands either already 
have been implemented or are well on their way. The kind of sick filth 
that prevails today and much of which has long since been coded in 
law books is the sort of stuff that is so insidious and destructive that 
joseph Stalin himself - that “Arch Red,” right? - would have, and very 
often did go all out to root up and get rid of before the whole structure 
of society was devoured by it. While we’ve been on guard against 
threatening menaces, things far worse have over-taken us. Things so 
foul and deep-rooted that it’s even hard to put a finger on them. One 
thing for certain however, taken together, it all adds up to a national 
death sleep. Rockwell called the situation in the Sixties that very thing, 
except he believed enough White Men knew the score, hated it, and 
were ready to fight if only given the proper leadership. Things have 
gone far beyond that today: Most people don’t know the score; they 
don’t give a damn; and they wouldn’t fight under any circumstances. 
They are ready and willing to lay down and just die! So to HELL with 

Are we - are you - as unworthy of the White genes in your blood 
as that? That’s one reason to join the fight. Another reason is that 
the situation which prevails on planet earth is a damned insult and 
disgrace to a Creator or to Creation itself. This crazy and rotten mess 
cries out to be ruthlessly corrected and the only way to prove that 
you are not part of the problem is to become part of the solution. One 
final motivation is this: Those of us having been around and “in the 



know” had better get on with the big job of the dirty work while we’re 
still young. The System provides no retirement benefits for failed 
As far as any real revolution is concerned, one can only come from 
us. What’s the difference between all other interests vying for a piece 
of the pie today? They all love Blacks and their greatest ideal is high 
profits. What’s the difference when the US. First Lady is pictured 
with two great, outstanding democrats: John Wayne Gacy and Jim 
Jones? What’s the difference when Jesse Jackson, in his syndicated 
newspaper column, refers to the five dead identified Communists in 
Greensboro as “civil rights leaders”? Could things be worse? Do we 
need fear a Communist or Black revolution? Hardly. 
To bring off a revolution means literally to turn the tables upside 
down. It does not mean quibbling inches and degrees; turning back 
the hands of time; arguing two sides of the same coin. It doesn’t mean 
patching up a rotten, sagging framework either. It means DEATH to 
the old order and the BIRTH of the New Order! Anything other than 
this is no more than a variation on a single theme: Jewish-controlled 
State Capitalism. So forget about someone else’s revolution. There’s 
not going to be one unless WE make it! 

[Vol. IX, #4 - Aug, 1980] 

We Could Save A Lot Of Time If... 

..1f we could really admit that the Enemy has WON! Between the 
death of Rockwell and the turn of the decade of the Seventies the 
complexion of things changed. The struggle phase for the Reds and 
the Blacks ended and they assumed dominance. Whereas they used to 
influence things from behind the scenes, they now go about it quite 
openly. The only reason we still have a fighting chance is because the 
Enemy has not yet had the time to fully realize the key stone tenet of 
his program and philosophy: The complete bastardization of all races 
of man into a single, brown mass, devoid of all identity. Except for a 
mere time factor the Jewish Enemy has won totally and outright. It’s no 
longer a contest in the United States; it’s a matter of REVOLUTION, 
a struggle to overthrow the Enemy and for survival as a race. We stand 



at rock bottom and if you seek the reason then look no further than 
those fools trudging along in the ways of the dead past. 
One hell of a lot of the best of precious spirit, intentions, time, money 
and effort went pretty much down the drain during the Sixties and 
Seventies. It was because of a feeling and attitude of “part-time 
struggle”; Go out, risk your neck in some escapade but still be able to 
go home to your warm bed and carry on a normal life. Comrades of 
the past twenty years have sacrificed EVERY THING that one could 
expect to be sacrificed in a full-scale war. But it was all too little, too 
late, wrongly directed and, mainly, it was not TOTAL. 
If a good cause were enough, we’d have won a long time ago. But 
it isn’t enough. One of life’s more harsh realities is that in this dirty 
struggle the ultimate prize will go to he who is the dirtiest. We seem to 
have fallen for our own propaganda aimed at man’s nobler instincts. 
We’re supposed to fight “clean.” Our own foremost racial philosophers 
will tell you that truly noble instincts exist in only a small minority of 
Whites and not at all in other races. And most of those Whites have had 
their instincts perverted by the Jews and their universal, all-powerful 
brainwashing and taste making apparatus. Instead of carrying on with 
cultist garbage, useless publicity stunts and the like (which nobody out 
there fighting for survival against inflation, unemployment and taxes 
could understand or give a DAMN about), let’s direct our energies 
toward recruiting them all as soldiers of the revolution WITHOUT 

[Vol. IX, #4 - Aug, 1980] 

Removing All Options 

For the Movement over the past twenty years there has always been the 
option of take it or leave it. If you got mad or discouraged you could 
always pick up your marbles and go home. Indeed this has been the 
case for all White America. And when given a choice, human nature 
inevitably takes the course of least resistance. The diabolic nature of 
the Big Brother System in power today may be largely responsible 
for breeding a race of docile “consumers” who roll over like a spaniel 
when kicked and otherwise outraged, but for us that is no reason, no 



excuse, for revolutionary inaction. It CAN be done! 
They say a coward will allow himself to be bullied and backed up as 
long as there is room left for him to back up. All of White America has 
been behaving like a damned coward in the face of arrogant Blacks 
and traitors in government dismantling the once-great United States 
of America. Before it is too late, let’s see to it that the big coward at 
last gets backed into a corner so that he is going to have to come out 
It’s a crying shame and disgrace that every incident that’s happened so 
far with only one or two exceptions, which even comes close to being 
revolutionary, has either happened as an accident or as the result of 
Red agitation. The riots recently in the South are excellent examples. 
We may thank our lucky stars that the Jews have whipped the Blacks 
into such a volatile state that they’ll go off at the drop of a hat. Some 
news accounts did mention roving pick-up trucks of Whites shooting 
Blacks at random in places where order had broken down. But the 
object is not to kill Blacks... it is to FAN THE FLAMES! If we can’t 
get the Whites off their asses to retake control of their destiny then we 
can at least put them in a position where they will have to fight for 
their miserable lives! And with a general conflagration going on that 
will involve police and armed forces, we can, if we are slick about 
it, assume the guiding position amidst the disorder and coordinate it 
into what it must become: A revolution to smash the System! The way 
things are so. delicately arranged in this country today, incidents like 
the one in Miami and elsewhere can be expected to blow up anytime, 
anywhere. They said some White cops in Miami beat a Black to death 
and because these cops got off the charge, the Blacks of Miami went 
wild. If the Movement had been organized and on the ball, those 
flames would still be burning. How about six such “Miami’s” at 
once across the country? Or a DOZEN? Enough to pin down all the 
System’s troops to allow us to go after Big Brother himself! If, as 
Rockwell said, your uniform in the coming war is the color of your 
skin, then what, I ask, shall be your insignia of rank? We must View 
and realize that ALL OF WHITE AMERICA is our army. The leaders, 
the officers in this army, are those who take action and who strike like 
lightning. We are the cause, they are the effect. 

[Vol. IX, #4 - Aug, 1980] 


Revolutionary Common Denominator 

There is no need of revolution in a healthy state and society and indeed 
there can be no talk of it. Each revolution has been preceded by the 
SELLING OUT of the existing ruling class. And who else but they 
are in charge of all the building blocks of a civilization’s government, 
church, professions, military, arts, etc? These things all go when the 
ruling, or upper class sells out and becomes decadent, unfit to rule 
any longer. This goes way beyond the removal of Jews - it amounts 
to total revolution. The Jews can’t be credited for all this though they 
are a large part of fit. The Jew remains a Jew but without a corrupt, 
inept and decadent ruling establishment, he has nowhere to peddle his 
goods. A healthy state will expel - or kill - the Jew; a decadent one 
will take him to its bosom. The Jew corrupts the nation. He buys his 
way into opinion- forming and taste making media, feeds the gullible 
masses his poisonous, liberal garbage; this in turn gets sounded back 
onto gutless opportunistic politicians in the “democratic process”; 
finally the very fabric of the nation is a tangle of perverted legislated 
Talmudic euphemisms. This is how an originally Puritan state becomes 
Sodom inside fifty years. 

Neither the victims nor the leftovers, we are an historic breed: 
Revolutionaries. We appear and vanish as the times demand, just long 



“We do not wish for law and order, 

for law and order means the continued existence of this 
rotten, rip-off, Capitalist Jew System. We wish for anarchy 
and chaos which will enable us to atteck the System while 
her Big Brather Pigs are trying to keep the pieces from falling 
apart. We wish for a situation so confused and mixed-up that 
we can go after those basterds responsible for the anti-White 
policies and attacks against our people which now exist, 
Such chaos would allaw us to so intensify our assaults 
that we could very well plunge the entire System to its 

Pos? Office Box 42 -JOSEPH TOMMASI 
Chillicothe, Ohio 45601 ~* 

Latter day NSLF propaganda 



enough to do the job at hand. After us comes the slow, historic process 
over again. The mark of a revolutionary movement can only be 
seen in its complete separation from the current establishment. It is 
completely apart. It is not apart because it can’t make the grade in 
the sick society, but rather because it can’t stomach it and refuses to 
be part of it. It is set apart because it is disciplined, sober and austere, 
truly moral. It is a revolution because — finding itself faced with an 
absolute abomination - it has as its highest priority the destruction of 
the System and therefore is not some piddling conservative sideshow 
crusade. It can and does reject the prevailing decadence of the sick 
society, not because of any leftover code of taboos but because to 
dissipate oneself in such a manner is counter-revolutionary. It utterly 
scorns such phony “revolutionary” elements as the “hippie” or “drug 
culture” because it knows them to be only the more virulent forms of 
the same cancer as the System itself. It has historically been the task of 
each revolution to destroy that which is unclean. That accomplished, 
nature and man can once again assume their proper course upward. 
[Vol. X, #1 - Jan, 1981] 

Loyalty Only To Ourselves 

There is nothing outside Revolutionary National Socialism to which 
we can owe any loyalty. What we do, we do because it is the right, 
proper and manly course of action to take. We are in defense of 
nothing. We are everywhere on the attack. When we cease attacking it 
will only be because the System has fallen and all its former members 
have been killed. At that point, we will be the State and the time will 
be for building. No individual, no manifesto, no abstract concept of 
any kind can we allow to influence our thinking or our actions. We 
find ourselves in the midst of a monster and circumstances dictate to 
us that our every move must be calculated toward killing the beast. 
No frills, no fanfare, no frivolities. Only practicalities, realities and 

Mere fanaticism alone is not the ultimate indicator of a revolutionary 
movement whose time, it can be justifiably said, has 

come. All this must be in answer to the commands of the genes in 



our blood. This immediately rules out all the “Jim Jones,” all the 
“Hare Krishnas,” all the “Moonies,” and at the same time it rules out 
all the Reds and the off-brand socialists. We now state that only the 
affirmative answer to the call of the BLOOD decides which movement 
shall be the redeemers of an entire race of people. 
For that reason it could have happened nowhere else but among the 
most hardcore of National Socialists. Consequently, we can trashcan 
any fantasies about the course of events in this country following 
the course they did in Germany. Hitler could justifiably conjure up 
slogans of duty to Germany because the Germany he spoke of was 
still intact and the people were with him. The United States is GONE 
and that statement by itself means that the people inhabiting this piece 
of real estate are the very “goyim” that the Jews claim they are. And 
a “goy” can never be a National Socialist. To us they are merely the 
unconscious, unwitting, and unwilling carriers of the genes that can, 
under the proper care and leadership, reachieve greatness and pull this 
planet out of its quicksand. 
So much for “loyalty” to them! It has got to be loyalty only to ourselves 
or else the rest may as well never have existed in the first place. NSLF 
is the name under which those who are answering the call of their 
blood are doing so in the only manner in which victory has ever 
been achieved: Armed struggle! That is who we are, why we are, and 
where we came from. With the decade of the Eighties now fully upon 
us, the decade of George Orwell’s “1984” upon us, with the liberal 
element now having accomplished its work, with the enthronement of 
a conservative regime to usher in - literally - 1984, it is well for us to 
keep all this in mind. 

[Vol. X, #1 - Jan., 1981] 

The NSLF One-Man Army 

Once you have geared yourself up to think in purely revolutionary 
terms, things don’t seems so one-way anymore. If you view yourself 
as among the last of a dying-breed and then proceed to act accordingly, 
then that’s exactly what you’ve become! If you view the fact that 
you’ re broke on account of having “little or no faith in capitalism,” and 



yet believe that it is worth infinitely more to be a noble revolutionary 
being than to exist as a “consumer,” then that is your sterling badge of 
honor. If you seek to defend a capitalist system and still find yourself 
broke and struggling, that is the mark of a fool. If you seek to take 
refuge from an encroaching System, then you are like a fox on the run. 
If you are determined instead to place the System under siege, then 
you have become truly revolutionary. 

Money is filthy stuff. The means by which sneaks, cowards, weaklings, 
capitalists, bureaucrats, and Jews conduct every affair. It is ‘ the very 
means by which they are measured and judged. And as the money 
continues to grow more and more rotten with each passing day, so 
too is their individual worth eroded. Take away their money and you 
have nothing. They are not men. And neither are we the moment we 
imagine we can or even should fight them and their System on their 
own ground, by their rules. The dawn of day will break through the 
moment their foul money system either collapses under its own rotten 
weight or is blown to pieces by us. When they can’t pay off their 
minions any longer, when they can’t appease the hordes of savages 
in their cities - that’s when we, who have endured their worst while 
being penniless, will become the immediate new masters because in 
the meantime we have grown incredibly tough and resourceful! 

And why must the Right Wing always fall into the trap of basing each 
and every decision and move on the WISH that things were somehow 
other than what they actually are? Why can’t they base their actions 
on things as they exist? Why in the world struggle to get ourselves 
all bottled up when the enemy is ALREADY bottled up for us?? 
The Jews, the Blacks, the bureaucracy - every source of filth and 
decadence emanates from the major cities of the US How would a 
total breakdown, a general strike, a civil war, a total revolution, effect 
these man-made hell holes? They would in short order die the death 
they so richly deserve. That very thing is well within the capabilities 
of a small band of fanatics, each member a one-man army 

Let’s have none of their effeminate money-games and let’s have none 
of this garbage of withdrawing from the field where we presently are 
and confining ourselves within restricted, defensive boundaries. 

Let us instead fully enjoin the concept of the One-Man Army and bring 
the struggle to the Enemy. Wherever you may be at this moment, let 



the revolution be there also. Spread a little revolution wherever you 
go! Never gripe about the System; project the Revolution! Get the 
people around you thinking in terms of TOTALITY, and not in terms 
of inches and degrees. Point out the real Enemy and not just the noisy, 
obnoxious symptoms - tell everyone it is the System itself that must 
go! Convey the feeling that it will be good to have all true White Men 
and Women as Comrades — in - Arms in the Revolution! Don’t try to 
promulgate a “faith” there’s already too much of that. Be a spark for 

[Vol. X, #1 - Jan., 1981] 

Strike Hard, Strike Deep 

I am compelled at this time to add my voice to those few who have 
demanded that such things as “Phase One” type activities must STOP. 
Simply such nonsense as trying to “make headlines,” “confront the 
enemy,” or “rally the White masses” won’t work, never has worked, 
and almost always results in merely revealing our weaknesses and 
making us look like idiots. The very strategy itself calls for numbers 
which we do not have at this time. My view is that just because the 
Jews and Liberals have succeeded in making goyim out of the vast 
majority of Whites, we need not sacrifice ourselves in the vain attempt 
at proving them wrong. We have GOT to trash-can 1933 strategy and 
tactics. They won’t work. 

For a decent street demonstration you must have anywhere from fifty 
to one hundred uniformed and disciplined troopers. We have managed 
fifty on several occasions and one hundred on only one occasion. For 
the rest it is pitiful and ineffectual. Futile, counterproductive, and I 
might add costly and dangerous. As much as I hate to see a good 
comrade wounded in such useless actions, I hate worse to see the 
sacrifice of millions of lives in World War Two that went into building 
the terrific reputation that we have enjoyed, and are now 



James Mason (left) with Pastor Robert 
Miles, long time Klan leader 

wasting, as these “Laurel and Hardy” stunts gradually destroy our 
image. We don’t have to set ourselves up for big let-downs; the Enemy 
does that for us. 



I will admit right here that it does require GUTS to stage these 
demonstrations. The tragedy that we can no longer tolerate is that 
those guts are wasted in this manner. Doing it the way it’s been done 
in the past gives the Enemy full advantage of his power and places us 
at the mercy of our own weakness. It’s GOT TO STOP NOW! 
First, never ever announce your plans in any manner whatsoever. 
Second, forget about the use of uniforms unless, and until, you have a 
standing army of your own numbering fifty as a flat minimum (From 
experience, I know that with fifty National Socialists, one can do 
anything, anywhere, anytime.) Better still, as Tommasi said, FORGET 
such activities as might be used in a campaign to gain political power. 
Rather, g0 instead to activities designed and intended to HURT THE 
ENEMY. And for these activities, in my own opinion, two participants 
are one too many. Also in my humble opinion it is a ridiculous risk 
and waste to mess with the material body of the Enemy, as he has all 
our tax money with which to mend himself, just as a lizard will grow a 
new limb. The PHYSICAL BODY of the Enemy however is so utterly 
flabby that he positively CAN’T STAND very much of an intensified 
assault of this kind. 
In short it would seem to me that any intelligence at all would lead 
comrades to know to stop hitting the Enemy where he laughs and start 
hitting him where he SCREAMS! 
Strike hard and strike deep to build the climate for revolution where 
even the most craven of White cowards will be COMPELLED to join 
in or else die! But, for God’s sake, stop wasting yourselves and your 
efforts and making the rest of us look like damned idiots! 

[Vol. X, #2 - Feb., 1981] 

What Movement, Whose Movement? 

The Nazi Movement? The Klan Movement? States’ Rights? Racial 
Nationalist? German-American? Anti-Communist? Majority Rights? 




Those guilty of fraternizing socially or sexually with blacks now stand 
warned that their identities are heing cataloged. 

The country is ina Second Revolution which will restore complete 
authority inte the hands of those people of European ancestry. 

Those persons of alien race will be deported to Asia or Africa. 
White persons consorting with blacks will be dealt with according to 
the Miscegenation Section of the Revolutionary Ethic: 

1. Miscegenation is Race Treason; 
2.Race Treason is a Capital Offense; willbe punished by Death, 
automatic, by Public Hanging 
Negroes involved in Miscegenation will be Shot as they are apprehended. 

_ The 
Revolutionary Government 
of the 
linited States 

Anonymous propaganda distributed by Mason’s NSLF 

White Christian? White Conservative? For practically every cell of 
the Hard Right in this country you’ll find a separate definition of 



what the Movement is, as well as what the goal is and the methods 
for achieving that goal. Not to mention the identity of that “special 
person” to lead us onto that great destiny. Some of it gets pretty damned 
ridiculous which is why I stopped where I was in listing Movement 
“brand names” above. It is never my intent to offend anyone doing the 
best they can. 

There are huge ideological and theoretical differences in these 
Movement groupings but because these are in the realm of thought 
and paperwork they are rendered as very slight when compared to the 
main tasks we each purport to undertake, and when compared to those 
fundamentals we definitely share in common. The problem comes 
in when Movement people start thinking and acting as though there 
exists already some kind of pie to carve up, some bag of marbles to 
be taken home. Perhaps more than a few place much higher emphasis 
on giving the effect of doing something, instead of doing something 
in fact. A serious man will usually be found willing to work but a fun- 
seeker generally will refuse to be parted from his plaything. 

I found part of the solution to this age-old problem we face in the pages 
of an issue of Pastor Miles’ FROM THE MOUNTAIN. One good 
comrade, Rocky Suhayda, used the term “Resistance Movement” in 
reference to the pro-White, anti-Jewish struggle we all are involved 
in. This is a natural! It answers so many of the criteria left out by 
all other names for the overall Movement that I’ve heard of to date. 
Most importantly, it isn’t “funky” and doesn’t reek of the useless, 
crappy Right Wingism which has practically made dirty words of 
“Nationalist,” “American,” and even “White,” when used in group 
names and Movement efforts. With “Resistance Movement” we 
eliminate any inference of divided loyalties and mixed priorities such 
as with “For God, Race and Nation.” Most important of all, the name 
implies a kind of dead seriousness and strikes down the stupid, silly 
notion that somehow we are all “big wheels,” each vying for a piece 
of the political pie. It reduces the concept of the Movement to its most 
basic common denominator: Survival. 

In two words - Resistance Movement - it poses to the intelligent mind 
most of the ultimate questions of the day: Resistance to what? 

What are the real forces in the land to be resisted? And what power 
is behind these forces? Which segment of the population is actually 



resisting; which are co-existing; and which are actually in support of 
these controlling forces? At the quickest glance, any observer will see 
that we speak of the general anti-White drive afoot in every branch, 
at every level of “officialdom,” and they will know what it is we are 
resistant to: ZOG... the Zionist Occupation Government. They will 
know that we do not alternate between established political parties 
because the System, the Establishment, controls them ALL. He will 
see that we are resistant to the takeover of our government and our land 
by an enemy of our people. The term may not be the most original but 
it does provoke the right thought and it does fit the situation perfectly! 
Furthermore, it is a term that each of us, without exception, should 
be freely able to identify with and wholeheartedly subscribe to. The 
better known “Resistance,” the one in France during the German 
Occupation, contained elements from the entire political spectrum, 
from Gaullists to Communists and back again. But they were united 
into the one purpose and they were very effective as any history of the 
French Resistance will reveal. None of our own elements in the present 
day are nearly so far apart as were many of those in France during the 
1940’s. Our similarities are greater, there is far more at stake, and the 
enemy today is the ultimate WORLD ENEMY. According to all this 
then, we should vastly out-do any efforts of the French Underground 
of the Second World War who were merely out to liberate their soil 
from the military presence of a White, Northern European neighbor - 
Germany. We are out to remove all trace of an alien presence wherever 
the White Race is found. I hope this may provide some of the basis 
that must be hammered out toward the formation of a true, functioning 
Movement, and that we may freely repair to its common usage as we 
struggle to build this Movement while we yet have the spare time on 
our hands to do so... 

[Vol. XI, #4 - April, 1982] 



This government bureaucracy is satisfied 
to see you exist at animal level today. . 

And it will be satisfied to see you starve tomorrow. 

One thing you can account for in your 
lifetime is the removal of the monster of 

Economic Slavery 
from the backs of the people. 

The only answer to this intolerable condition is 



Revolutionary Government 
of the 
United States 


The Three R's 

No matter how one cuts it, there are but three steps which must 
be followed toward revolution - successful revolution. These 
are RESIST, REVOLT and RULE. In the first, one finds oneself 
disillusioned, alienated; then becoming more aware and intelligent 
of his circumstances, he enters the Movement and perhaps becomes 
further alienated, but - if he has the stuff within him - he becomes 
hardened and agile; he gains instinct; and he begins the course of 
“educate, agitate and organize.” In the second step he has learned 
that he must strike quickly, hard, and decisively; he takes care to see 
that there can be no turning back. Compromise has long since been 
discarded; he has in the forefront of his thoughts the awareness that 
only the most determined and the most radical can hope to master the 
situation ultimately. In the final step, he harbors no regrets; he puts an 
end to his opposition; he sees that the drastic measures called for will, 
for a time, result in a more simplistic society but one vastly more just 
and healthy than before; he joyfully accepts the task as he establishes 
the New Order. 

White Men will never rule their own lives and destinies again without 
a successful revolt, and no revolt can materialize without the intensive 
period of resistance - the basic preparatory stage of the Revolutionary 
Movement’s development. Attempting to revolt now would be 
suicidal while attempting to “rule” at present through “compromise” 
by trying to win a local election is rather a whimsical dream. We must 
first successfully RESIST, which entails pulling ourselves together, 
getting up on our feet, and ceasing to roll with the blows. It means 
having enough organization to be able to call a number of shots - felt 
directly on a national, if not worldwide, scale - on our own. It means 
mounting a series of National Socialist - or White - VICTORIES. It 
amounts to a coming of age and becoming truly THE Movement to 
do THE job. 

The trick or the key to this is nothing so new. Off and on in the recent 
past we’ve seen it almost done by one or another Movement grouping 
or leader. But what has been missing and what now must be fulfilled 
is a Movement functioning and acting in UNISON, maintaining, 



increasing, bringing into focus, and bearing its FULL STRENGTH as 
it is called for. A team, a network, a syndicate, an effective political 
entity. To become functional and effective is the phase we must 
achieve. There are no others. Never have I been a user of Commander 
Rockwell’s “Four Phases” because I am sure that the concept became 
obsolete soon after his death. I would rather give it a decent burial as 
a good idea that might have worked in its time instead of going on like 
others abusing it as a double-talk term, as an excuse for introversion 
and wheel-spinning. The fakers are stuck in “Phase Two” - right where 
Commander Rockwell died - and there they shall always remain. The 
NSLF will not subscribe to outdated strategy. Rather, we must come 
to realize that the only correct strategy is that which is dictated to 
us by reality. It may sound easy but the proviso is: Have we got the 
will, determination, and the COURAGE to selflessly follow these 
sometimes harsh dictates? 

[Vol. XI, #5 - May, 1982] 

Forces To Be Unleashed 

The masses, or the “mass” as a whole, can only be looked upon as a 
coward. They say a brave man dies but one death whereas the coward 
dies a thousand times inside. Within these millions upon millions of 
pieces of bio-mass there exists the kind of alienation, resentment, fear, 
frustration, and burning hate - all largely undefined - that is so terrible 
and potentially explosive that its full power can only be guessed at. 
So far the trigger, or fuse, hasn’t been found. Bleeding and pounding 
by the System isn’t going to do it. They just roll over like a spaniel 
when kicked and crawl back for more. So far the Jews have succeeded 
in pulling out all stops at getting and keeping the masses docile and 
distracted, pampered and entertained to the point where no reason and 
nothing reasonable can get through to them. That’s where the answer 
must lie hidden. 

Something unreasonable. Something that doesn’t even make sense. 
Something they can neither anticipate nor cope with afterward. 
Tommasi was among many revolutionists who knew that if a 
revolution were ever sparked in this country, it would be done by one, 



lone incident that had all the dimensions necessary to catch fire and 
spread in all directions at once. It is the missing factor. It is why the 
times we are living in are the roughest because nothing that is nothing 
dramatic and widespread, is happening that is truly revolutionary. 
This also means that the greatest heroes and heroines of all are those 
who have in recent times sacrificed in an attempt, and those in the 
near future who will sacrifice and succeed in the task, of blowing the 
bottom out of the situation - thus allowing new moves to be made 
free from interference by the paid forces of an intact Big Brother 
Pig System. That moment, when it comes, will be the pivot-point in 
affairs - when Big Brother’s hand is reduced and ours increases until 
it is the only one. The tempering we have undergone will pay huge 
dividends when Big Brother’s money power is broken and the criteria 
for mastery becomes the greatest degree of awareness, discipline, and 
ruthlessness in the hands of those with the greatest drive and will to 
power. In this we are not alone. We’d just better see to it that it spells 
US when the time comes. 

[Vol. X, #4 - April, 1981] 

Priorities Now, Perfection Later 

One of Commander Rockwell’s best, most loyal fighters and 
administrators, Robert Lloyd, once gave me one of the essences of 
the nature of the present struggle we are involved in when he stated 
that none of us - not even the best among us - are anything close to the 
Ideal which we are all fighting for. This was a simple, non-emotional, 
uncomplicated clarification of the plain reality of the situation, all 
wishful thinking aside. To go further, even in Germany during the 
time of the N.S.D.A.P., the Ideal that was sought after was perhaps 
centuries away and, to be sure, the human stock in America today 
comes closer to what the Germans of the Thirties and Forties referred 
to as “untermensch.” Take a look at the armies of mouth-breathing 
knuckle-draggers on these streets and realize that they are what pass 
as “White”! 

It will of course require centuries of the most careful up-breeding to 
reverse the dangerous and alarming mess we have before us today. 



That can only be accomplished by the most stringent measures on the 
part of the highest governmental authority and that, in itself, implies 
directly a total revolution victorious in our favor. In the meantime we’ll 
do well to guard our own bloodlines and to multiply and perpetuate 
ourselves and our belief in the best kind of quality as conditions and 
circumstances allow. 

But it has always seemed to me ironical that this avowedly “racist” 
Movement has placed the attitude and behavior of its adherents above 
the genetic quality of same. As the old rationale of the Seventies ran, 
“So what if he’s a Jew? He’s the best leader we have right now,” 
- meaning that he spouted the right line and went out and got the 
sensational headlines. But if a man was WHITE and adopted a totally 
unfamiliar and un-funky, REVOLUTIONARY line and strategy - and 
regardless whether he made hot headlines of his own - then these 
others would curse him into the ground. 

So it goes today with the majority of those of our comrades who have 
been jailed by the System for having actually gone on the attack rather 
than just sit back. To me the reasoning - or lack of it - behind this 
attitude is unfathomable! What do these do-nothings expect? Do they 
expect some “Silent Majority” type, all squeaky clean in his lifestyle, 
background, and personal appearance to step out of the endless, 
nondescript line he stands in and pull the trigger? In these earliest, 
most desperate stages, do they expect the targets, the actual victims, to 
be a revolutionary theoretician’s dream? What the hell do they want? 
It would appear that they want perfection going in. Or else, if not, 
that they use this claim to hide what they REALLY want: Nothing to 
rock the boat and possibly enrage Big Brother into coming down with 
both feet and ruining everybody’s “fun.” Lenin said that you can’t 
make an omelet without breaking eggs. And one Black saying of the 
Sixties was that you have to use what you’ve got in order to get what 
you need (or want). We’ll never get to that point where we can begin 
breeding Supermen if we can’t get our values and priorities squared 
away today. Trotsky said that, as revolutionaries, our only compulsion 
is circumstances (not wishful thinking)! It means that we have to do 
what we have to do and by any means necessary. 

Lenin, Trotsky, and the swarming army of Blacks in the Sixties are 
the farthest cry from what we believe in BUT THEY HAVE BEEN 



are after! That is very simply because they accepted the truth that the 
end does after all justify the means. 
Let us drop the dreaming, the faking, and the immature unreality, and 
recruit an army of the worst - if need be - in order to smash the » Beast 
System and make way for the Ideal to dominate the planet and the 
universe ten thousand years from now. For our part, we will welcome 
and honor as COMRADES any White, bar none, who wishes to join 
with us in the struggle. ANY action taken against the Enemy, no holds 
barred, is a heroic deed. For our part, we will tolerate no divisive 
moralism to hamstring our efforts. 

[Vol. XIII, #10 - Oct., 1984] 




Within the next year an economic collapse, followed by increased civil rebellion, 
may set off full-scale revolution. 

it must be made certain that those responsible for the misfortune of our Nation 
and the suffering of our White Race do not escape justice. 

These are identified os elected officiols which full inte one or more of the 
following catagories: 

1. A Willing, Active Participant in formulating or implementing 
anti-White policies which have brought Racial and National disaster ; 
2. A Passive but Conscious Participant in the above for purposes 
of personal aggrandizement; 

3. A Criminally Negligent Participant either without knowledge of or 
with failure to alarm the People to a criminal government. 

These acts constitute High Treason. 
The penalty in each instance is 

Death by Hanging 

(Should chaos ot couuter-revotutionary force not allow proper arrest and trial, 
Summary execution by any means is warranted, ) 

_ The 
Revolutionary Government 
of the 
United States 

Anonymous propaganda distributed by Mason’s NSLF 


State Of Emergency 

Are you among the conventional survivalists with a few guns, a few 
rounds of ammunition, some medical supplies, maybe a CB radio, 
and enough food and water for anywhere from two days to two years 
stored away? Are you one of the ruggedly individualistic types who, 
as long as he owns his firearms, swears by God that this is a free land 
and he is a free man? Or are you one of those intrepid ones who says 
he’ll “shoot the first nigger” that comes rampaging up onto his front 
porch? In other words, do you count yourself among those rednecks 
who are smug in their sense of Right Wing-style “readiness”? If so, 
you can stop reading right here. 

Years ago I wrote, after headlines appeared about the discovery of 
Wesley Swift’s hideout and arsenal (that included everything from 
automatic weapons to armored vehicles), that if Swift -- who died in 
the late Sixties - could have foreseen the day when, after his death, 
all his extensive preparations were unearthed and captured by the 
System, without a fight, that surely he would have viewed it as the end 
of all hope of resistance. He had expected a full-blown invasion of the 
United States by Russian and Chinese troops and I know of no group 
or individual who was as well-prepared for the worst of emergencies 
as was Dr. Wesley Swift. The “emergency” never came. Swift died a 
natural death and the government scooped up his vast arsenal. 

Even Commander Rockwell was POSITIVE that the Blacks were 
going to go on an all-out rampage before the decade of the Sixties 
was out and touch off the race war that so many talked about in those 
days. (In 1967, the year of his death, he had begun to organize what 
he called the “White Guard” on a quicker, more informal basis than 
the Storm Troopers, so sure was he that hell would break loose that 
very year.) But a massive welfare pay-off, a general caving-in of 
White resistance, and perhaps even a shift in Enemy strategy kept the 
conflict from coming out into the open. It was just about two years 
ago that a number of otherwise respectable and credible Right Wing 
groups were issuing super-serious, straight faced accounts of how, in 
the summer of 1983, Ronald Reagan would die in office, the economy 
would fall right through the bottom and coloreds everywhere would 
go berserk. This was the prediction from the “experts” who were, 



thereby, unfortunately placing their reputations on the line. I recall 
at about the same time one particularly provocative and sensational 
sheet released - not by what I would want to call “kooks” but by 
major Movement standard bearers - to the effect that in the upcoming 
weeks the Anti-Christ himself would seize all television networks 
(and automatically turn on all TV sets that might be off at that time) 
and mesmerize any and all whose glance was caught! Thank God the 
Movement has a shorter-than-hell memory span. Otherwise, that one 
would be impossible to live down. 

Through no fault of his own, Commander Rockwell’s “The Jews 
Are Through in ‘72” never materialized and 1972 came and went 
uneventfully. Black riots slowed and practically ceased. The economy 
certainly worsened but did not collapse. The government, the society 
and the country itself is becoming more and more like one big, giant, 
pulsating blob of a stinking, noxious Jew. The next major landmark 
in time - 1984 - is behind us. And I’m betting strong that one of the 
favorites of the fakers - 1988 - will come and go likewise and hardly 
even be noticed. I wasn’t long in figuring out that it really meant 
sticking your neck way out to venture to put a date on practically 
anything of a social or historic nature. It’s gambling of the worst 
sort unless you yourself have the means at hand to force the issue 
according to your own timetable. 

It is simply that there has never before existed a more CONTROLLED 
environment than the one in which we exist today. Things don’t just 
“happen” anymore. If they don’t come off Big Brother’s drawing 
board, then they’re not “sanctioned” and most of the time don’t take 
place at all or, if they do, they’re of a nature hardly worthy of note. 
Big Brother is in CONTROL. This plus the fact that the population 
DOESN’T GIVE A DAMN. Things are slipping constantly, gradually, 
but no significant upsets are being allowed that might either alarm the 
populace or provide the revolutionists an opening to take advantage 
of. I don’t expect it to change unless SOMEONE CHANGES IT! In 
fact as well as in theory, we are in the period of “Beyond Nineteen 
Eighty-Four’! From here on out we can forget about even George 
Orwell. Of course, the astute have been aware all along that “1984” 
had come into effect long before if ever arrived on the calendar. And 
I, for one, about a decade ago abandoned the “emergency” school of 



thought. That is, betting in favor of and preparing for something of 
a very sudden and fixed nature to occur to transform the situation; 
something which has to be braced for, weathered in a comparatively 
short - if harsh - period; and then to be emerged from on the “dawn 
of a new day.” (I do favor full preparation for a “lights out” type 
emergency, but that would probably be of a rather long duration and, 
again, short-term thinking is useless.) The whole thought was false 
all along but, up until perhaps this decade, the majority could have 
claimed ignorance. I began to sense the true nature of the situation, 
as I said, about ten years ago mainly because of experience born of 
intense involvement in revolutionary activity and thought. But for the 
rest, the object lessons are all there now. Many can’t grasp it, no one 
really wants to realize such a fact, but there are also plenty who refuse 
to be parted from their fun and games (like children, they expect and 
want it all now). What we face is not an emergency, nothing of a 
romantic or extraordinary nature but, rather, an indefinite period of 
what Warren G. Harding would term “normalcy.” (I know that taken 
individually or collectively the manifestations of contemporary 
“society” are anything but “normal” to us but, as far as great numbers 
and great periods of time are concerned, they are quite normal indeed.) 
Therefore WE are the abnormal and the out-of-place. We have always 
been such, except that until now most have figured that “Der Tag” 
was just around the corner which would turn things topsy-turvy in our 
favor. That is not about to happen. What it means for each of us is this: 
As long as there was a hope, real or imagined, of a sudden change in 
the basic course of things, then we could almost afford to hide behind 
our “unreal” attitude and approach to the situation with a “You'll see!” 
thought guiding us. Presently it has to be clear to all that nothing of 
the sort is going to be ALLOWED to happen and events are going to 
maintain a strictly business-as-usual complexion for the foreseeable 
future. And it is impossible to hide behind an abnormal strategy for 
very long in a stolidly normal environment, where nothing out of the 
ordinary is PERMITTED to happen. It should be added right away 
that those who do continue to go on in the manner of the past do so 
as utter and complete fools. Are you going to go on kidding yourself? 
Telling yourself that you'll be ready for it when “it” comes? If you’re 
a reactionary and a Right Wing type, then it may well require a sudden 



emergency to get you off your ass. But if you are a revolutionary, then, 
for you, “it” is here right now, and always has been here, right around 
you. You were born into it and, unless you kill it, it is going to kill 
you Having nothing initially to do with the name of this publication, 
what we have to adapt to is not a sudden emergency and then back 
to normal but, instead, a state of SIEGE. The system WILL fall one 
day. But when? Certainly no time soon? I’ve said often in the past 
that the winner of this race, this “Deathwatch 2000,” will be the one 
who finishes LAST. So it is up to each of us, individually, to see to it 
that we out-last the System. And you don’t accomplish this by merely 
stockpiling anything (unless you are prepared to become a hermit for 
the next 50 years or so). You military buffs should already know that 
a static defense went out with the Nineteenth Century, and that now 
it is all up to the fast and the resourceful. What must our definition 
of victory now become? To have survived another day, another 
year. To exist in and amongst the System... but not as a consumer, 
not as a Statistic or as a Victim. To exist decently and, to be sure, 
to “keep the wolves away from the door.” If you’re living smart, as 
you should be, you’ve already eliminated coloreds and criminals 
from your uppermost list and have gotten down to the very basics of 
defending against the real Enemy: The capitalist foreclosures. The old 
Right Wing types will know how to deal with a violent, one-on-one 
situation, but how about the ever-encroaching System? Here is where 
you have to become SMART! Commander Rockwell said that the 
purpose of life was to struggle as hard as you can for what you believe 
in and to enjoy the fight. You cannot fight to your fullest potential for 
what you believe in while being a fulltime slave helping to bolster the 
Pig economy. And you certainly can’t enjoy your fight existing under 
unrelenting social and economic pressure. The herds and armies of 
zombie-ized clones out there cannot or will not see that there IS an 
alternative. The revolutionary will ALWAYS find or make his own 
alternative. It is being done. And in this lies not only the definition of 
short term victory but the PROMISE of ultimate victory one day. We 
will LIVE. 



We will out-live the System. And, should we individually not make it 
all the way, then we will not have been cheated for we will have had 
our share. Living within the Beast System as a revolutionary, day-to- 
day, is the REAL emergency and it calls for emergency measures to be 
taken on a ROUTINE BASIS. To be able to exist thus is the victory! 
[Vol XIV, #1 - Jan., 1985] 


Here’s another new word to add to your vocabulary: Linkage. It used 
to be something known primarily to mechanics but, as of earlier this 
year, it could also be in your future. This one may replace “entrapment” 
as the latest dirty trick of the System designed to deflate any potential 

Movement may have before it can get off the ground. It’s a quasi- 
legal take-off on “guilt by association” which, even ten years ago, 
would never have held water except that, now, the source from which 
the juries and grand juries are drawn is sufficiently conditioned that 
they’ Il indict or convict on cue from the System. 

This arose out of the serious scare given to the System by one splinter 
of the Movement calling itself The Order. The System — so surprised 
and enraged that there is fight left anywhere - sought to tie in (or 
“link”) as many other Movement facets as they thought they could 
in order to, if not wipe them out totally, at least pin them down in a 
defensive legal jungle wherein they either retain expensive counsel or 
lose by default. Some top Movement people were literally on the run 
and others were sweating blood a few months ago because of it. 

So be reminded: The bastards WON’T QUIT! You must — if you ever 
run seriously afoul of the System to where they can lay a legalistic 
finger on you - either disappear totally or confront them totally. No 
use playing. Around here we didn’t worry so much about it (the 
Sedition trial investigations). Though we had about as much to do 
with The Order as did those who were being officially harassed (that 
is, practically nothing at all), our sympathies and our support for The 
Order ran the same as the others as well (that is, one hundred percent 
- as witnessed by those issues of SIEGE released at that time). Help 



for members of The Order? We were also in a position to lend about 
as much tangible support for those men as were the rest: Zero. Again, 
the main difference was, we felt (correctly as it turned out) we were in 
fact untouchable in the newest System craze of “Linkage.” 

Until things take a very radical turn, Pll stand firm on one thing I’ve 
always said regarding System persecution: I’ve never yet seen smoke 
where there has not been some actual fire. The System cannot yet 
INVENT its cases out of thin air. They can ORCHESTRATE them but 
that requires your willing participation. They must have something 
to go on - however shaky - and they can only get that through their 
own agents or through YOU. In the case involving The Order, their 
prime move was based upon one of the annual gatherings held by the 
Aryan Nations group of Idaho, from out of which came the majority 
(if not all) of the members of The Order. Those who attended that 
latest gathering before The Order took their course of action were 
wide open and subject to this latest “Linkage” ploy to shut us down. 
Simply, if you were there, you must be involved. 

Long before any of this was ever dreamt of, I ceased attending 
Movement gatherings. In complete candor, I did so because I dislike 
reruns, especially when they entail traveling long distances and 
shelling out cash, so drastically scarce. Frankly, I can’t afford the 
journey plus I doubt there’s anything I could add that they haven’t 
already heard and vice versa. The only thing that might have come out 
of such an expensive trip would have been my own name on a federal 
subpoena. And that I can really well live without. 

No. Those few men calling themselves The Order said more in a 
month of furious action than the rest of us have said in twenty years. 
And of what significance to them at that point in time were federal 
subpoenas and the like? I don’t mind paying the price but, by God, I 
demand the price be worth paying! 

Even before I stopped traveling around to Movement functions, I 
had become disinterested in such measly and bothersome things as 
“memberships,” etc. This really caused much anxiety among the 
faker figureheads I’ve acted as general secretary for in the past. 
As Commander Rockwell said in the Sixties, there is but ONE 
membership, known loosely as “the Movement” - which is bled white 
and thoroughly confused and dissipated by dozens and dozens of 



useless, crappy fronts. In order to squeeze a tiny portion of the general 
pool of money held by this common membership, one is required to 
INVEST comparatively huge sums in becoming a professional mail 
order con artist and, in the case of “Nazi” types, to engage in silly 
looking and potentially disastrous stunts for the press (which are then 
fed back to the membership to jack-off their emotions and draw off a 
little more money). That’s Right Wingism but it’s not revolution. And 
I got tired of it. 

[Vol XIV, #7 -July, 1985] 


At this stage of things, kidding ourselves would probably prove fatal, 
sooner or later. I urge against taking it on the chin or “leading with 
the chin,” as there are violent, revolutionary types out there aplenty to 
get things kicked off good and proper. Blacks, every shade of color in 
with the “chin,” 



P.O. Box 241 
E! Monte, Ca. 91734 



| ET TT y] zip 

A subscription ad for the original SIEGE 

as there are violent, revolutionary types out there aplenty to get things 
kicked off good and proper. Blacks, every shade of color in between, 
not to mention fanatic Reds, etc., plus nuts and more nuts. Add to 



this the slowly but steadily deteriorating conditions in the country, 
economic and otherwise, and you have a cake baking in the oven. 
You don’t want your cake to fall and you certainly don’t want to get 
yourself burnt. Instead, you want to be around for the ICING - and 
most definitely the EATING - of the cake! (Meaning the final seizure 
of power and exercising of same.) Most communist outfits share so 
much in common with the Democratic Party platform that they’d 
be stupid to start any general disorder, and they know it. Only the 
extreme Left can be looked to for hope in this area. Black and colored 
nationalists as well. The cities, where these types reign supreme 
anyway, will always be the first to erupt when it’s time for things to 
jump off. As far as the “first wave” up against the System’s Pigs is 
concerned, I’d much rather it be them instead of us. They’re primed 
and “psyched up” for it already, armed to the very teeth, and suffer no 
shortage of expendable manpower. And any blame would be levelled 
towards them in the event of a miscarriage. Wish them well. 

Recall the cornerstone of the US. Nazi Movement’s “grand strategy” 
of the Sixties? Rings crazy as hell today in light of developments 
over the past ten or fifteen years. It involved depending upon and 
even HELPING the Pigs against the urban revolutionaries. We'd be 
absolute idiots to attack the Pigs ourselves in any attempt to initiate 
something of the nature of a general rebellion. 

I cannot urge strongly enough: Stay out of their way; deprive them 
completely of any excuse to come after you. This does not mean stay 
legal. It means stay sane and rational. And stay alive and at full liberty, 
because dead or locked up you’re no good to yourself or the revolution. 
Let the revolutionary mobs - over whom we have no control and who 
would also kill us - take the brunt of the first, strongest System counter- 
attacks, and let these same numberless mobs in the cities chew the hell 
out of the System’s hired elite. It couldn’t happen to a sweeter bunch. 
There’ll probably be more than one revolution, back-to-back. The Reds 
and the Blacks, because this is what they’ve preached and prepared 
for all along, can be expected to lead the way. In the opening days and 
weeks of this phase, we can watch how the System is going to react, 
and how well it reacts. For us to attempt the same thing in the middle 
of an atmosphere of order would be outright suicide. Once there exists 
an air of disorder, the cards will be more in our favor. And we’ll be 



dealing in the smaller cities and towns, the countryside, where it might 
be possible to take things without the massive death and destruction 
that will occur in the major cities. Ultimatums, backed up by very 
real force, handed to local governments once they’ve learned what 
happens to their big city brethren, might just work wonders. 
Only after the System is BROKEN and DISCREDITED will there 
come a hope of mobilizing the masses of Whites to tackle the job of 
winning what will soon enough assume the characteristics of a civil 
Until then, for the present, give the Pigs nothing to do regarding 
ourselves but sit and get edgy. Once the shooting starts, keep out of 
the way of the mobs because they only perceive us as friends and 
allies of the Capitalists and the System. In the opening phases of any 
revolution, if the Red mobs don’t get you, the Pigs will. Let them 
instead kill one another. Developments will progress rapidly once all 
central power is gone and people realize they have nothing to lose 

[Vol. XIV, #9 - Sept, 1985] 

Terrorism Redefined 

Do we still happily accede to wearing just any favorite smear term 
the Jew System and its media chooses to hang on us (like the way 
Commander Rockwell did with adopting their term “Nazi”)? Or do 
we draw a line at how far we’ll allow these misnomers to go? Of 
course, to them, it doesn’t matter and neither does it matter to the 
sheepish masses of goyim what they call us or how we are thought of. 
But it does matter to us the way we view ourselves and the nature of 
our struggle. We should not consider ourselves “terrorists” (any more 
than we should consider ourselves “racists” even though we accept 
BOTH as facts of life), nor should we take it lightly when members of 
the Right - who should know better - refer to us as such. We need to 
keep our definitions straight. 

Who is a terrorist? When considering the hundreds of thousands of 
elderly Whites who are frightened to death inside and outside their 
homes on an unending basis because the System coddles and protects 



the criminal element officially, is that not terrorism? Brainwash 
and taste-making aside, when any individual knows clearly in his 
or her own mind that to buck the Jewish-liberal inspired consensus 
on everything from race to sex habits will lead to public ostracism 
and loss of employment, if not outright legal prosecution, is that not 
terrorism? Kids brutalized and intimidated on a daily basis, year in 
and year out, because of savages they are forced into school buildings 
with because of government policy - is that not terrorism? Millions of 
White workers struggling against losing odds with taxes and inflation, 
facing loss of homes and all forms of security, oftentimes wondering 
where food is going to come from or where the winter heat will come 
from because of the official Jewish-Capitalist economy and the Mafia 
style Internal Revenue Service - is this not terrorism? Yes, it most 
definitely IS terrorism and on a monumental scale! Worse than that, it 
is terrorism without the guts to present itself as such. 

But just as Adolf Hitler pointed out regarding the Jewish use of the 
“Big Lie” technique, if you do it big enough, no one will recognize 
it for what it actually is. A case of the kettle calling the pot black. 
Because it is the System which owns and controls the media, none of 
the above outlined horrors are described as what they in reality are. 
But let one individual or a small group of individuals dare to strike 
back! That, to the controlled media and softened brains of the masses, 
is terrorism! That gets the dirty name because it is small-scale and 
direct. It is a game and the game is a farce! We can expect no better 
from them but we must get it straight in our own minds if this struggle 
is to succeed. 

Most of this country’s Founding Fathers believed that the rights of the 
White Men who built the country would be guaranteed by the “petition” 
and “redress” clauses written into the Constitution. But other men, 
like Thomas Jefferson, didn’t think so. Neither did Benjamin Franklin 
who accurately predicted just what shape this country would be in by 
the time of its Bicentennial with the Jews in the counting houses and 
the Whites toiling away like slaves. 



Introduction to 

+a s 


An original NSLF SIEFE brochure from the mid-70’s 


And with a sold-out government flying directly in the faces of the 
interests and the will of the majority, it is tyranny which rules this 
land today and nothing more or less. It is an alien tyranny and a 
Big Brother “1984”- style tyranny because we don’t even enjoy the 
dubious pleasure of knowing or being able to SEE our tyrant. But one 
thing is known: He is not White. It is a tyranny hiding under a cloak of 
“democracy,” a clever disguise which prevents any blame from being 
placed on and which allows the monster to perpetuate itself through 
chicanery referred to as the “two-party system.” It is true that the 
removal of one or a dozen goyish front men will not alter or remedy 
the situation. Only a TOTAL REVOLUTION can change it. But there 
must be a beginning, that first step in the thousand-mile journey. And 
the first steps are always the hardest. 

When speaking of terrorism a line must be drawn between two types 
of terrorism: Selective and indiscriminate. Some members of the 
Movement howl and complain over “System persecution.” True, this 
is an example of selective terrorism (because, I assure you, facing 
the System’s prisons can be a terrifying prospect) but as Hitler said, 
unless one picks up the daily Jewish press and sees himself slandered 
and vilified therein, he simply had wasted the previous day. Comrades, 
you must expect that the System will attack but, when it does, for 
God’s sake, let it be FOR SOMETHING!!! No more damnable, 
pitiable frame-ups! Bring the attack to the Enemy!! 

With regard to indiscriminate terrorism, the only difference between 
the prevailing conditions I outlined earlier in this segment and, for 
example, a Black massacre of a White settlement, is the degree of 
subtlety used and the time lapse. A Katanga savage with machete or 
an IRS. agent in a gray flannel suit, take your pick. Your money or 
your life. These methods are designed for three purposes: To cow a 
population; to fleece a population; or to annihilate a population. Not 
infrequently do all three happen, one after the other. 

Terrorism is a two-way street for, as Hitler stated, the only answer to 
terrorism is stronger terrorism. We do face a naked tyranny here in 
the United States and it is employing terrorism to, first, wipe out the 
Whites as a majority force and, ultimately, to wipe them out as a race 
altogether. The System knows and we know that we are left no choice 
whatsoever. It is fight or die. We then are out to LIBERATE a nation 



from alien tyranny. It won’t be easy. When lightning is striking, blows 
are falling, history is turning and the stupid ones are groaning, “Oh, 
isn’t this violence awful?!,” we say: “To HELL with such lily-livers!! 
They haven’t seen anything yet.” 

[Vol. X, #11 - Nov., 1981] 

Defining The Radical Extreme 

The question of who, and which, is the farthest out? For what reasons 
and towards what purpose? Among these types would be included all 
of the pioneers, the ground breakers, the innovators, the outrageous, 
the unpopular, the unprofitable, the dangerous, the controversial, the 
misunderstood, and those in advance of their times. It’s been said 
that the road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom, that the only 
aberration is abstention. What all of this does on the practical side 
amounts to the elimination of the surprise element, minimizes the 
chance of disillusionment, builds confidence and self-reliance, and 
helps gain for one the mastery of almost any situation. It also rids us 
of the cowards and fakers, as well as opportunists, as they can’t use it 
or hide behind it. 

We can tolerate being regarded as inhabiting the far reaches of the outer 
limits if it means never being caught dragging behind anyone else. It 
behooves us to smile at those who today disparage our message if by 
our so doing we are striking out on the course that they themselves 
must one day follow. We would be fools and cowards to Shirk the 
task and take for granted that someone else might take it up in our 
stead. We have so little to lose at this point and so much to gain; our 
prime enemies being stagnation, dogma, and muddle. It requires some 
daring and imagination to become the vanguard of a movement, and 
to remain so takes constant reappraisal and re-evaluation. 

Had not Commander Rockwell taken the bull by the horns and risked 
everything - his “good name” as a conservative - over twenty years 
ago, where today would the Racialist Movement in the United States 
be? What was in 1960 the most dynamic and futuristic thinking, 
today is shared by practically one and all. But it was only through the 
supreme sacrifice of one man who was able to see farther than the rest 



in his own time. And still the situation demands more, far more. We 
could easily have another twenty years of marching ahead of us but it 
cannot be directionless marching and it cannot be marching in circles. 
People like to stay with what’s comfortable, especially those with a 
broad conservative streak in them. People dislike the shit-disturbers. 
However, comfort and routine do not make revolution. Where once 
Gus Hall was a firebrand with the power to shock the pants off all of 
us, today he is an old fogey. Seems as though all our REAL National 
Socialist leaders die in battle before they get the chance to atrophy 
thus. Maybe we are blessed in that manner. What we want - and what 
we believe we have achieved - is to make NSLF synonymous with the 
radical extreme, and when you seek to define the radical extreme, you 
need only recite those four letters to have it completely summed up. 
[Vol. XI, #7 - July, 1982] 

One Hell Of An Article 

In the October-November issue of THE NATIONAL SHERIFF 
MAGAZINE there appears an article entitled, “Posse Comitatus: 
Threat of the County-Based Criminal Militarists.” The article is 
remarkable not only because the entire front cover of that issue is 
devoted to it, or because it is of exceptional length, or because it reads 
like something from out of the “good old days of the Radical Right,” 
but because it focuses attention on what has to be considered a genuine 
ray of light on an otherwise dark and dreary scene. It was written by 
one Phillip C. McGuire, who is the Assistant Director of Criminal 
Enforcement for the BATF (the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco 
and Firearms) and so we may accept this as top-of-the-run from the 
System point of view. 

Given within the article is the genesis of the Posse Comitatus, including 
the names, dates and places relevant to its birth and development. 
The blazing incident involving Gordon Kahl is given the space and 
attention it is due. An explanation of what Posse Comitatus means and 
stands for 

(which couldn’t fail to appeal to the right kind of person) is included. 
The Movement accusation against the Jews is given. 



SPIRIT of “76 

“if, by the instrument of 
governmental authority, 
a people is being driven 
to its destruction, then 
rebellion is not only the 
right but the duty of 
every member of that 

Mein Kampf 1:3 

We Have The Right 
«They Have The Law 

a = ae 

Mason-designed NSLF flyer 

Familiar Movement groups and publications are listed in connection. 
An outstanding and highly technical listing of armament recommended 
by the Posse Comitatus is recreated at length. 

To properly appreciate the flavor of the article it is useful to quote the 
final two paragraphs in their entirety. 

Based on the above information, it is apparent that certain members 
of the PC pose a clear and dangerous threat to society. Their reported 
philosophy of racism, anti-Semitism, and their total disrespect for 
nonelected law enforcement officers must be a major concern to all 
law enforcement agencies. Care must be taken when confronting these 
members to ensure that we do not look upon them as “JUST ANOTHER 
TAX PROTESTER.” They have proven that they will injure and kill 
law enforcement officers in the furtherance of their cause. Recall that 



between February 13, 1983, and June 3, 1983, Gordon W. Kahl and 
other members of the North Dakota PC killed three law enforcement 
officers and wounded an additional three officers. 
“If you have any questions concerning potential firearms and 
explosives violations in your area or if you need assistance in 
conducting firearms and explosives investigations against members 
of these types of groups, please contact your nearest ATF office for 

[Vol. XII, #11 - Nov., 1983] 


There’s a special hatred and yes, fear, in my heart for the IRS. (Internal 
Revenue Service). Their bloodsucking touched off a near-calamity 
here two years ago. Starting at that time and increasingly ever since, 
my wits in that area have pulled about even with the sharpness of 
theirs and so a red-hot confrontation with them is not in the offing. 
Stave the System off where possible, rip it off where possible, attack 
it where possible. But this has not been the case with others - Gordon 
Kahl most notably. And, according to the news on television the other 
night, it was not the case with about eight hundred people last year 
alone. These were reported as violent attacks or assaults against agents 
of the I.R.S. 




Gordon Kahl 

As a result, the agents are now packing guns (that is if they weren’t 
before and as though they ‘d need an excuse now). “Self-defense” 
it was referred to as on television. “Robbers” is a fitting term for 
them but not even “vampire” approaches the depth of vileness and 



contemptibility they maintain. Eight hundred people defended 
themselves last year against what are now ARMED robbers and the 
System was surprised and maddened when they didn’t simply fork 
over their earnings without a mutter of protest. What maddens me 
is why - to date - not more DEATHS on the side of the System? The 
number eight hundred approximates the number of Movement hard- 
core members of about 15 years ago. And it takes a pretty hard- core 
customer to buck up against those vampires in three-piece suits! Who 
are these people? Where did these incidents take place? Are they all in 
federal prison now? They are unknown, unnamed and most certainly 
unorganized. Eight hundred is a number that can be seen as large in 
some respects but small in others. But these eight hundred skipped the 
preliminaries and came directly into conflict with the Enemy itself. 
That is purely revolutionary, whether even they realized it or not. 
Anyway, it got on the news. 
Let their numbers increase a hundred-fold and the revolution will be 

[Vol. XIV, #7 - July, 1985] 

The Hell Of It Is 

... that we ourselves aren’t at all immune from the horrific things that are 
in store for the future. If we were somehow isolated or insulated from 
it then none of what is today bringing it on would bother or concern 
us. If that was the case, I doubt whether we’d be in the struggle at all. 
But this is not a laboratory experiment that we can shelve, lockup and 
walk away from. This is a fight for survival and we are not immune 
from the hell that we must strive to see gets broken loose. Any halfway 
“normal” person might be expected to come up with a rejoinder like 
this: “Why do we do it?” We do it because one thing is clear: The 
current deadlock must be broken at all cost. It is frighteningly obvious 
that nothing positive can be expected to happen with the way things 
are now. Therefore a different atmosphere must be created in which 
some kind of positive change can be effected. Again, the “normal” 
person might say that there is already enough disorder, enough hell 
and chaos going on right now without adding more. What they don’t 



see is that what we have in this country is an “ordered disorder” which 
was made-to-order by, and for Big Brother. Don’t you believe they 
could stop crime, subversion and anarchy if they really wanted to? All 
the hell and disorder of the past, and the general crime wave today is 
the greatest help to Big Brother, his System and his Establishment. 
The Black riots gave the insurance companies carte blanche to remove 
the gloves and start extorting small businessmen and all the rest of us. 
The “limited anarchy” and the “limited insurrection” of the Blacks 
and the Reds just gives Big Brother more alibi to tighten the lid of the 
Electronic Surveillance Society, to stampede legislation to disarm the 
populace. All the runaway non White crime merely gives cover and 
justification for the erection of a police state, the reins of power firmly 
in the hands of the Jews. They don’t want it stamped out; they need it 
for the completion of their plans. What they fear most is total disorder 
which they can’t control. That which they can’t monitor or control 
doesn’t serve their interests. It’s been said that we don’t want to rock 
the boat, we want to sink it.” When we succeed in blowing the bottom 
right out, we’re going to have to hurry topside, over the rail and swim 
for life, leaving the rats to drown with the ship. 

[Vol. X, #4 - April, 1981] 

Longest Sought After 

A winning, successful course of action not dependent upon a central 
organization or a major leader figure. Between alpha and omega, not 
existing at extreme ends of the spectrum, will be found the answer. 
What does amount to suicide is going straight from doing nothing 
to taking on the entire System in direct, violent confrontation. There 
does not exist, and we cannot stand around and hope for, either the 
organization or the leader to “tell us what to do.” That outfit or that 
man would be pounced upon and destroyed in an instant by the 
System. We have to think for ourselves first, and then we can go on 
to direct our own actions. The first step has got to be giving up all 
stupid and false notions. Those who are basic cowards or who are 
otherwise hopelessly inadequate to the task cannot and will not part 
with these notions, ever. False ideas are any which stray from the 



ground zero reality that all evil springs from the System; the System 
will never correct itself; it will never permit anyone or anything to 
correct it; it will never tolerate or allow the development of any true, 
alternate system to compete legally against it; nothing of a positive 
or partial nature can be accomplished while the System stands; those 
who embark upon a course which runs contrary to that which the 
System has determined must understand that they embark on a life 
and death struggle. It is the one duty and one goal of the revolutionary 
to struggle for the death of the System. 

So much is bound up in just realizing the totality of the situation that 
little else can be added to that except to say that once it’ has been 
comprehended, the person then at once begins to see everything, 
every situation, in a different light. Things are clearer. The course of 
action becomes obvious. 

In the old revolutionary axiom, “Educate, Agitate and Organize,” the 
term “education” is basic. Not the type of education as thought of 
by reactionaries, but the kind of information which provides years of 
revolutionary experience in a week or a month, without the necessity 
of having to live it over painful, dangerous, useless decades such as 
we have had to endure. To impart knowledge and expertise to our 
next wave, our next generation, in precisely the same manner and for 
precisely the same reasons as our former “institutes of higher learning” 
used to teach their students: To build upon a solid foundation, to 
increase the chances of and to hasten ever-greater achievements. It is 
a science, not a diversion or a money-making racket. 




Kid good, Phi*” 

Lose to Mets, 3-2: 10 



Next, to agitate. The problem becomes more complex as it leads out of 
the confines of home or hideaway and from the safety of the typewriter 
and the postal service. You are not out to sell a product, a gimmick or 
a certain approach. You are not out to re-fight the Civil or the Second 
World War. You are not out to blow minds. Neither are you out to idly 
grumble or complain. You are out to CLARIFY, to POLARIZE and 
to INTENSIFY that which faces all of us, everyday. And it is to be 



directed, in every case, against the System itself, the ultimate culprit, 
never toward simply Blacks or Jews or liberals or anything else which 
skirts or evades the issue and which sounds like (and IS) reactionary 
and for which not even a fool nowadays will respond favorably or 
positively. A revolutionary comrade is one who leads. You lead by 
taking people over barriers of time and understanding toward ultimate 
confrontation with reality. And that reality is the best, most irritative 
source of agitation possible. Such is the rightness of our cause. 
You do not “agitate” by placing yourself in the center of brawls. 
Lesser still by aiding the System in making people despise you. You 
do it anonymously, by making people know and hate the System. 
Finally, to organize. That in which the Movement has consistently 
failed the worst. An organization does not exist for its own sake. 
Nothing ever starts out that way. The System, as have all such 
systems in the past, is ending up that way. To promote the “club,” the 
“leader,” the “name,” the “symbol” or the “approach” soon becomes 
everything. Ln-fighting takes over. Petty competitions take care of 
the rest. Nothing is served. So it has always gone. To truly organize 
effectively means having someplace to hide on the other side of the 
country, anytime, for any reason. It means secrets being kept. It means 
material help when it is needed. It means a unified line and a unified 
response in the face of crises. It means respect and cooperation. It 
means loyalty. It means to multiply ourselves in a coordinated way to 
give the effect of a giant, a unit. 
Organization - as opposed to “organizations” - does not give the effect 
of a lot of “duplicates” ignoring each other and getting into each 
other’s way. It means to effect hands and feet, arms and legs, eyes 
and ears everywhere, simultaneously. Acting in one common cause 
and one common interest, in iron discipline, ultimately to lead to one 
organism with a common intelligence, instinct, voice, and, above all, 
a common WILL! 
How little does any of the above description resemble what has passed 
heretofore as these very things: Education, Agitation and Organization. 
[Vol. XIV, #11 - Nov. 1985] 


Later On We'll Conspire 

Acomrade sent me a pamphlet issued by a bunch of idiots who happen 
to be the proud owners of some professional printing equipment and 
who thereby imagine themselves qualified to speak on the subject 
of revolution. In this pamphlet they darkly talk in grave tones about 
“conspiratorial activity.” At that point my suspicions of them which I’d 
had since the mid-70’s were confirmed: They are children playing with 
matches! The term conspiracy in not now, and never has been, part of 
my vocabulary. It is DANGEROUS! I should say UNNECESSARILY 
DANGEROUS! For conspiracy means TALK and talk is counter 
revolutionary. Talk is what the System and its pimps LOVE most of 
all. In case you didn’t know it already, you can do big federal time for 
merely “conspiring” to do something. You need not take any action, 
only TALK about it to a circle of three or more (including yourself), 
and THAT constitutes conspiracy! (And one of the favorites of the 
System is to charge people with “conspiring to violate civil rights” 
which sometimes doesn’t even require the discussion of any action.) 
But of course you figure that you are too careful for that, eh? You 
think you know and can trust the people you deal with, right? Let me 
quickly relate the story of how two brothers were framed by the feds 
and who are now serving a six-year term for conspiracy. A hired pimp 
was sent into their group in Columbus, Ohio, in 1977 to first gather 
information and, later, to act as agent provocateur. He spent two years 
building his credibility before he began to get a little bold with his 
suggestions. It doesn’t matter how “tight” your imagined security is if 
it includes one professional pimp. This agent kept bucking for some 
kind of “action,” something “solid” as a strike against forced bussing 
in Columbus. Finally he got around to the idea of bombing a school. 
Then came the brothers’ big mistake: They did not at that moment say 
to the pimp, “Get thee behind me!.” They listened, they discussed the 
pros and cons. And later, in the federal courtroom after their arrests by 
an army of FBI agents, they saw and heard themselves on wide-screen 
motion picture “conspiring” with police agents to bomb a school 
building! The all-White jury didn’t take even thirty minutes to return 
a verdict of “Guilty”! 

Rockwell in 1965 conjured up that exact scene of one day having to 



sit in a court of law and watch yourself on film. Well, gang, “1984” 
arrived a long time ago. This Big Brother System is held in power 
largely through pimps - both professional and amateur. Actually it is 
a pimp system, a whole society of loose-lipped blabbermouths! Law 
enforcement would nearly shut down without its pimps, who are in 
most cases not even “agents” in the true sense - just babbling idiots. 
The professional, hired pimps are one thing. Loose talk and stupidity 
are another. But they both lead to the same, disastrous result. And 
they both are defeated the same way: Don’t conspire; don’t talk! 
In effect it’s only illegal to get caught, only illegal to trip up. You 
don’t NEED to ever enter into a conspiracy! You don’t NEED to ever 
deal with persons who might later let loose with fatal talk! We must 
have acts of revolution, the sooner the better, the more the merrier. 
But these are all of a nature that they can and MUST be carried out 
by INDIVIDUALS and that removes all requirement for talk, the 
possibility of “conspiracy” and the danger of a leak! The lone wolf 
cannot be detected, cannot be prevented and seldom can be traced. For 
his choice of targets he needs little more than the daily newspaper for 
suggestions and tips galore. But it is necessary that NSLF begin again 
its program of systematic infiltration of the Reds, the unions, local 
Democrat and Republican cells, etc. (even the local NAACP... you 
need not be colored to join). We do have need of privileged information 
and will have greater need in the future. For his training the lone wolf 
needs only the US. military or any one of a hundred good manuals 
readily available through radical booksellers. Equipment is still easily 
available (and I caution against possessing illegal weapons as they 
aren’t necessary) and even though the System may be expected to 
enact more anti-gun laws, this will only serve to stimulate and ever- 
growing black market for armaments (thus producing an ever greater 
pool of human resources for us to recruit from). His greatest concern 
must be to pick his target well so that his act may speak so clearly for 
itself that no member of White America can mistake its message. 
If you can’t do it, leave it alone. Forget it! Don’t try and talk someone 
else into doing it and ESPECIALLY don’t hear of anyone else trying 
to talk YOU into anything. Don’t talk, period! However it can’t hurt 
to begin now to learn, to train and to have materials ready. 

[Vol. IX, #5 - Sept, 1980] 


On The Way Into Poland In 1939 

..or more accurately, on the way back into the Polish occupied 
German territory at the outset of World War Two, Adolf Hitler told 
his troops, “Close your hearts to pity.” A strange thing for a Nazi to 
be telling other Nazis. After all, that is supposed to be a foregone 
conclusion if we have been taught right. Didn’t Hitler start the war for 
the pure fun and brutality of it? We know otherwise but there is still a 
subtle message in what Hitler told his men in 1939. In spite of Polish 
occupation of German territories since 1918 and in spite of some of 
the worst outrages done against the German inhabitants by some over- 
zealous Poles, Hitler knew he had to spell out plainly to his men what 
the mission was if it was going to be done right. It is part of the White 
Man’s makeup to forget, to know pity... it is found in no other race. 
And this trait has cost us plenty over the centuries because we have let 
so many enemies get away. 

As we all too painfully know, THAT was the prime reason for the 
loss of World War Two: Hitler was not the bad guy he is made out 
to be. Had he been, the British Army at Dunkirk would have been 
annihilated; every Jew in Europe WOULD have been killed; and 
idealism would not have been so high as to prevent the immediate use 
of millions of Russians and Ukrainians in the fight against Marxist 
Leninism. But in a lot of respects, those German soldiers crashing 
their way back into their lost provinces had it a lot easier than we shall 
in closing our hearts to pity, for when an enemy is shooting at you, the 
instinct is to shoot back. And in the case of a war between European 
States, once the issue was settled on the field of honor, life could go 
on as before... not so at all for the United States in the civil war that is 
coming up. One well-known Right Wing leader has already said that 
we must not neglect to assemble our own “lists” of enemy operatives 
and sympathizers in our own locales for quick reference later on. His 
argument - and he is correct - is that you know damned good and well 
that they certainly have us on their lists, in triplicate! On the surface 
this isn’t a bad idea but I know how lazy the Movement is. 

It is by no means wishful thinking for me to draw you this picture: 
Not many months ago I had regular occasion to screen people in their 



homes in the line of work. Conversation invariably drifted to the 
topic of the neighborhood. More than once I found myself standing 
in windows or yards being given a visual guided tour of where the 
race- mixers lived. At those times I could visualize myself in the same 
circumstances only this time in official capacity as a “Revolutionary 
Clean-Up Man.” And THAT is part of how the civil war is going to 
shape up. 

The real White Americans who are left (and there are many) HATE 
the very sight of race-mixing even though they scarcely understand 
the larger, genetic meaning of it. They HATE those of their own race 
who are involved in it. Don’t you think they’d LOVE to come to us 
later on, after this existing race-mixing System has been smashed 
down by revolution, and “finger” every single race-mixer known to 
them, knowing fast action on our part will follow instantaneously? 
This sort of renders the need for “lists” unnecessary. As far as the 
System’s kingpins are concerned, everybody knows who they are. As 
far as the System Sucks are concerned, we here know ours by heart 
very well and you can and should be the same in your area. 

The truth is that assembling and keeping these so-called “hit lists” for 
us at this time is a DANGER. Looks bad as hell in case of a raid and it 
is UNNECESSARY. Actual System bureaucrats will get it during the 
full phase course of the revolution as we go about the real business of 
smashing the power of the System. 

The larger “clean-up” phase during and after the civil war, which even 
then will be raging, is a different matter. As most of you have long 
ago noticed, a lot of the most rabid, sneering miscegenators are blond, 
blue-eyed doll babies. If you can’t close your heart to pity, if you 
couldn’t blast the head off of one or a thousand of these types, then 
you had better bow out right now. War is war and it is something 
highly impersonal. But White renegades, be they government officials 
or plain bleeding hearts, are another matter. We must swear an oath to 
ourselves now - while we’re down, while things are tough, while the 
Enemy is in full power, while the 


Join the 
National Socialist Liberation Front 
P.O. Box 241 El Monte. Ca. 91734 

Original NSLF propaganda 

Vile race-mixers daily promenade openly in public protected by this 
evil System, now while it is easy to HATE - that for the United States 
there will be no need for concentration camps of any kind, for not a 
single transgressor will survive long enough to make it to that kind of 

[Vol. IX, #6 - Oct, 1980] 

Helter Skelter Is Coming Down 

But while membership and support for the traditional Movement 
has just about died, look what has been born in just the past year or 
so! To call it the “Movement” or to call it the “Right” would be a 
bad misnomer. From the forces favoring Life itself there has begun 
an assault, not just in the United States but in Europe as well. Not 
more parliamentary garbage which plays by Master’s rules but armed 
assault! A few of the more aspiring attempts were frustrated but, as 
we have said, only because they were first, infant steps. Others will 
follow and will succeed. Those which have been the most uniformly 
successful have been the one-on one, gut, animal-level encounters. 
Encounters one might well, only a few years ago, have ascribed as 
peculiar to the jungle. 

The System’s “Justice Department” announced that it has fourteen 
major US. metropolitan areas under surveillance by what is referred to 
as a “Community Relations Service.” It means that one, at least, of the 
milestones we set for the scenario immediately preceding a revolution 
has arrived: When the System can no longer pay billions in tribute to 
the millions of savages in its cities, then we might look for some action. 
The means by which the System hopes to prevent this from happening 
lies in their trying to “re-direct” violence or, in other words, defuse the 
bomb. The main weapon they have to do this with is the infiltration 
of both sides of the radical sphere. Black and White, and using the 
infiltrators to screw things up. Is this not what we have been reading 
about so often lately? But problem upon problem will compound for 
the Big Brother System and the time will soon come when, first, he 
has trouble paying enough pimps to keep the revolutionary movement 
from climbing to its feet and, second, the time is going to come when 
few individuals will want to take that kind of chance - for any money 
- once infiltrators start being killed as soon as they are uncovered. The 
elements, already in motion and proceeding at the same pace along 
routes destined to converge at some future date, will come together 



Our Opinion 

— ta 
te, a * 
Monday, Nov.17, 1990 Chillicothe O. Gazette—27 [ene BALLENA 
They hail those who hate 
“ i shouid be sent back 
By Tom Frazier —— ——— to Ainea and Bai lacks actully eo 
Gonertaiasatt wetter Aa every child who bas ever gone to jored slavery. He quotes ite 
Words of hate flow from a small par perigee was age oP sero 
= 4 trenden oi one of them, vie mald Werke War 1 history ls a 
Those who preach them think speech tale,” —— 
— Franklin may be the _ For tro centuries, express- —— —— pl gn vend 
of the nextrevolution,”" aman ing different viewpoints, sometimes ga jon 
who made the “supreme sacrifice” alarming, often misguided, hove been without supremacy” 
for his beliefs. more * less tolerated when com- doomed. isi * * 
That's the view of National Socialist ve taken. doten Nazi members in Ress County 
Liberation Front member James The concept of the marketplace of with untold sympathizers waiting for 
Mason of Ross County ideas, upon which the media ideally n revolution to arrive. And when will 
— nr a Man s —— many — — re — 
name in 1976 to fight in Rhodesia) was —— — for eer ed. “When does the dawn begin? it's a 
arrested ja Tempe, —— — their approval or repudiation. — — 
—⏑——— Wee? dase Sones and See ee Mason believes in what he says. He 
May. He also is believed to have been ten, others have flourished. The sald be is also willing ło make a 
laveved is Seieay Meas eet owed peed nk, ven Sher sacrifice, such as he said Jim 
attacks in five cities, including vive in the marketplace and is bank- V; has. 
cinaati. ing on the downfall of our present “If I saw the moment that I could 
While many may consider a man system of government for ils success. make a big enough J woad 
ane DaS AA DANAD — arpab orner aa ag — — — 
Masae lor and plier al SS een —— 
tn Bes Coat, Se ass ——— ae 
ed most of lle. He first met Mason firmly believes our way of treme 
Vossen 2t Ge Pine Bary, Gearon life must end, one way or another. Mason anc the Nazi cause will not 
of the NSLF in “Ve. Labor “i have to be out there end dr- et Oe ee Se os 
Day weekend in When be first ing down the federal baresucracyany receive from the 
heard of a Jospeh Paul way possible,” he said. “There's no People. 
Prank being sought. Mason said be nice way of getting rid of it." ideology fails because they 
knew theman FBI officials were look- Mason believes Vaughan is the are hateful the American 
ing for was Jim Vi . Mason said "first robbin of spring,” thal Adolf tiog garia Ar SGR, 
he and Vaughan had inthesome Hitler was “the greatest man sion, frustration and vast differences 
barracks when they demonstrated rypa narah gene tage be oer ce 
ever elected inherent being 
SEES teeters Voia si the 3 ool Sewlsh backing, Ge Wat of ability to ideas of men like 
man who volunteered to “gasout” the his slurs against Jews. James Mason. 

This year it was reported in the System’s media that 1980 saw no 
fewer than nine major riots in large US. cities. But during 1980 I recall 
only one riot - Miami - reported as such by the media. Sometimes it’s 
difficult to tell exactly how far along things actually are at any given 
moment because of the controlled media. Big Brother will never allow 
Dan Rather to report that he is hanging on the ropes by his eyelids. 
Look at the situation in Britain. When that occurs on a comparative 
scale here it will mean the END OF THE SYSTEM! Media reports 
indicated only weeks ago that a dam was blown in New Jersey (already 



in critical shape for usable water) and resulted in the System’s puppet- 
in-charge declaring a state of emergency. The balance the System 
maintains today is incredibly delicate and highly vulnerable to attack 
by just individuals. It isn’t a case of kill or be killed, instead it is a 
matter of killing in preference to allowing Death to win by default. 
I believe that through past experience, by weighing in cause and effect, 
and by taking these incidents that have occurred over approximately 
the past year, we can estimate closely the time-table for the destruction 
of the System. The weakening of society, the increase in the number 
of those fighting for their life who step outside Master’s rules, what 
the Blacks can be expected to do, almost universal apathy all the way 
to hostility toward the System among the masses, etc., will increase 
until the current balance becomes absolutely untenable. That’s when 
all bets will be cancelled, the gloves will come off and Helter Skelter 
will commence. Those already dead in the Jews’ money, and especially 
those now exercising power through the Jews’ money, will fall like 
flies when, first, the System can no longer maintain artificially - as it 
now does - the hellish, unnatural life-support of the megalopolis which 
contain the bulk of the genetic morass and the clonish, zombielike lost 
“Whites,” and, second, with the money-weapon having evaporated 
into thin air from their hands, the sold-out politicians and pigs become 
fair game for a population bent on bloodlust. 
Those who own the show today will go to their reward wondering 
why and how this could happen to them, how the tables could have 
turned so fast. The beginning is HERE and few recognize it. The end 
will be even more unexpected. 

[Vol. X, #8 - Aug, 1981] 

Marked And Unmarked 

It is well to follow earlier segments with a word on how a truly 
revolutionary organization must be structured in order to be effective. 
Those of us having in our innocent youth been part of the “Mass 

Strategy” find ourselves now and forever marked in the catalogs of 
the FBI, CIA and ADL, not to mention local police departments. 
Unless we as individuals decide in our own minds to disappear and 



slip underground alone to wage war against the System on what would 
probably be a one-way mission, we would be foolish to try to engage 
directly in Armed Struggle. To do so in spite of this truth for purposes 
of “proving” something to somebody falls directly in line with one of 
the key Zionist Protocols which states that the White Man’s greatest 
undoing has been a willingness to sacrifice a larger goal for a smaller, 
momentary one. We have absolutely no intention of rushing into their 
waiting, open arms. 

And no, our new people WILL NOT be paraded out in the streets 
in useless “Phase One” antics for the convenience of the System’s 
catalogers. Neither shall they all be monitored by post office checks 
of our mailings. Comrades of old - those of us already marked from 
years ago - who head the various cells around the country, will 
disseminate our propaganda person-to-person to those known only to 
themselves. Regarding “Phase Two vs. Reality,” these new people 
must not deliberately or at anyone’s behest cause themselves to be 
separated from the mainstream of White America either because of 
hairstyle, clothing, or any other stupid, narrow consideration. They 
must be able to move about freely, accepted and unnoticed by their 
fellows if they are to be effective. Far from going out of our way to 
affect an “invasion from Mars” with Prussian tactics and appearance, 
as seemed to be the goal in years past (blowing minds, etc), we must 
affect a thorough 

INFILTRATION or at least be able to infiltrate at will whenever and 
wherever the situation calls for it. 

“Too many chiefs and no Indians” has basically been the problem of 
the past. Those who insisted most loudly upon being “chief” in the past 
usually turned out to be the least fit to hold the position. A true soldier 
simply understands his mission - or duty - and goes about doing it 
without fanfare. Being revolutionary soldiers we must do what we are 
ABLE to do and do WELL. \We each have functions to fulfill. 
CIRCUMSTANCES - not wishful thinking - dictate these functions. 
As Joe Tommasi clearly stated, the leaders, the real “chiefs,” are those 
actually DOING IT! 

And we of the old school have been severely limited by the past itself. 
The greatest field of opportunities lie open to the new-comers free 
of the hogwash, mistakes and compromises of the past. However, 



one of the functions of the NSLF over ground is to see to. it that the 
revolution, once begun in earnest, is not betrayed. Let’s start off on 
that road now. 

[ Vol. IX, #5 - Sept, 1980] 

Behold The Uncle Tom 

Recently we’ve seen two men of action brought to a halt by what 
are best referred to as White “Uncle Toms.” I believe it was a nurse 
at a blood bank who “dime-dropped” on Joseph Franklin when she 
saw and recognized from reports of a distinctive tattoo on Franklin’s 
forearm as he was selling blood. The System in Buffalo, N.Y. believes 
they now have the “.22 Killer” in custody after he was fingered by 
someone in Georgia he evidently thought he could confide in. These 
were not cases of infiltration but rather of carelessness playing into 
the hands of the countless millions of “Uncle Toms” who are what this 
society is made up of. 

The Big Brother System of course operates as the “Master” with the 
goyish, nominally “White” consumers serving as slaves - of which the 
vast bulk are dyed-in-the-wool “Uncle Tom” types. Both Franklin and 
the “.22 Killer” - or the “Great White Hope of Buffalo” - had it right 
and were encouraging at least in so far as they acted consistently alone 
which is what solely provided the extent of success and longevity 
they did enjoy. We cannot forget the effect these men have had on 
helping to break the conditioned, hot-house atmosphere and inject 
into the climate an air of revolution. NSLF knows that we must see the 
kind of society we are dealing with, understand it and realize that it 
can’t be changed unless and until the current order is done away with. 
Cognizant of all that, we then must make up our minds to proceed 
appropriately. Allowing that, both these men - heroes, actually - made 
the errors which undid them by taking too much for granted. 

As a Movement we cannot afford the same mistake twice. 



Is the drifier a killer? 

s a boy in Mobile, Ala., he was fre- 
quently beaten with a stick by his 
mother. At 17, he dropped out of high 
school and began getting into frequent 
scrapes with the police. He was arrested 
for assault. carrying concealed weapons 
and disorderly conduct. He became an 
Evangelical Christian, then a Nazi and, 
finally, a Ku Kiux Kiansman. At one 
point he told friends that he was going to 
| join lan Smith’s Rhodesian army. Instead, 
Joseph Paul Franklin, now 30, continued 
to drift from state to state, driven by twin 
passions: his love of rifles and his hatred 
of blacks. 

Franklin, who was being hunted by 
the FBI. was spotted last month selling a 
pint of blood for $7 in a blood bank in Bir- 
mingham. Last week he was arrested in 
Lakeland, Fia. Authorities want to ques- 
tion him about a yearlong series of shoot- 
ings—in Salt Lake City; Johnstown, Pa.; 
Cincinnati; Indianapolis; Oklahoma City; 
and Fort Wayne, Ind.—which claimed 
the lives of eight black men and two white 
women and included the wounding of Na- 
tional Urban League President Vernon 
Jordan in May.-All the attacks occurred 
without warning, involved a high-pow- 
ered rifle. and, in four of the assaults, the 
black victims were with white females. 

Franklin, who was being held on 
$1 million bail, faces a hearing this week 
on whether he should be transferred to . 
Salt Lake City. where he was indicted for 
violating the civil rights of two black men, 
Theodore Fields. 20, and David Martin. 
18. who were shot to dcath in August 
while jogging with two teen-age white 
girls. Franklin had been arrested two 
months ago in Florence, Ky., but had soon 
escaped, leaving behind a Chevrolet Ca- 
maro, two rifles and two handguns. Said 
he of the charges: “They are all trumped 
up because of my white racist views.” fa 

Viking Berserker rage strikes back (see Lone Wolves section) 

As individuals we can’t afford it even once. We can state again and 
again, “Never deal with the police!” but you and I already know 
that. It is rather the rest of the total population which does not know 
it and never will know it, not even when the police have become 



OUR police - they will never change their habits. Today the casual, 
citizen informant - the Uncle Tom - works terribly against us but 
tomorrow they will provide the greatest ease and benefit. It is their 
nature to bow, scrape and try every means to ingratiate themselves 
with the “established authority” and to inform on those designated as 
“outlaws.” Miserable unthinking swine. Today it is us, tomorrow it 
will be the race-mixers, etc. Until we establish ourselves as the ONLY 
authority, we must, as revolutionaries and realists, accept the bitter in 
anticipation of the sweet. 
It is a sad commentary on US. society when we compare to that of 
Northern Ireland. Not an informant in the bunch. And that struggle is 
White vs. White! Over here we face the most odious enemy - posing 
as a “government” - ever in history, plus a monstrous Black alien mass 
in our midst to be dealt with. Yet instead of Huey Long’s concept of 
“Every Man a King,” it is rather “Every Man an Uncle Tom.” This 
armada of Uncle Toms is like unto the “better half’ of the System 
Police State already long in existence. Even with their incredibly 
sophisticated, “1984” electronic surveillance techniques, the police 
simply could not function effectively without the citizenry working 
for Big Brother, against themselves. We could romp them if the Whites 
of the United States were what they ought to be. But they are not and 
never are they likely to be. Seeing we cannot change that, we must 
instead adapt out tactics accordingly. 
We must become acutely aware at all times of the most minute details 
around us, overlooking nothing, taking nothing for granted. We must 
rigidly discipline ourselves to never, ever, breathe a word about 
anything illegal to anyone, anytime - past, present, or future. 
[Vol. X, # 6 -June, 1981] 

Stupid People 
Stupid people are more dangerous than any time bomb. 
You'll find stupid people everywhere but let us confine ourselves to 
those within the Movement itself, those whom we must deal with on 

a regular basis. Those armies of idiots within the System bureaucracy 



stand backed up and reinforced by so many replacements that errors 
of judgment on their part - which would otherwise prove fatal = are 
usually quickly caught and reversed before any real damage gets 
done. Often times they are caught and squelched before anyone not 
part of the bureaucracy even can take note of them. It gives the aura of 
invincibility but in fact provides for a deadly defect, in that everyone is 
depending on everyone else to carry things through. There are plenty 
of “sharpies” within the System but not the same kind as are found 
in revolutionary movements. Those that can do it all for themselves. 
The System needs their stupid people for errand boys, etc., while we 
just cannot afford their presence at all. With us, things must stand or 
fall with just you and I. And THAT is the basis of real responsibility. 
Regardless whether they are with you or against you, stupid people 
are equally disastrous to have around. It is easy for anyone to imagine 
how stupid people can foul up the best plan or program and defeat the 
efforts of dozens of good and prudent people with whom they have 
associated themselves. But it is less easily understood what it means 
to have fools for adversaries. Again, I emphasize that we are dealing 
within the limits of the Movement itself. Pd much rather run the risk 
of a tactical, personal set-back at the hands of a sharp, intelligent 
person, something I would expect I could reverse in time, than to have 
everything, the whole ball of wax, upturned or destroyed by some 
flake who loses all better judgment and control. 

The very reason one falls out with persons of limited intelligence 
usually involves the same lack of vision, imagination and discipline 
that will later lead them to tip the balance over from a localized clash 
to a full-scale disaster, too often involving the System and threatening 
to destroy or seriously injure BOTH participants. 

It’s also hell to try to second-guess an unintelligent person. They are 
largely unpredictable and are liable to do anything. An intelligent 
adversary can most of the time be anticipated and, if not, it usually 
means that he is a jump or two ahead of you himself. He can be 
expected to fight things with at least the protection, if not the immediate 
furtherance, of the Cause in mind. A stupid individual won’t care. 
They can see or understand nothing beyond the immediate object of 
“PIH show you!” How often have we witnessed this in Right Wing 
dealings? How often have we seen it in personal affairs? And how the 



Pigs laugh at it all! Within the Movement, whenever a person like this 
is uncovered and proceeds to threaten to disrupt things, he-properly 
should be killed before any damage can be done. If that is not feasible 
then it is critical to place as much distance between them and the 
Movement as possible. Same goes for personal dealings as well. Of 
course, in the long run, it is better to learn how to spot them in advance 
and never let them penetrate to a level where they can do no good and 
only harm. In this way we shall forge ourselves into a truly formidable 
political weapon. 

[Vol. XIII, #7 - July, 1984] 



Liberation Front 

Ei Monte, Ca. 91734 

P.O. Box 241 

100 Teer — J00 eve 


aN Aa 
Rati aN TN 



N — 





Building the National Socialist Revolution 

through Armed Struggle. 

Original NSLF propaganda 


Brief Your People 

As we’ve said often enough in the past, not everyone is a leader 
type. Not everyone can be expected to do all the thinking, all the 
time. If you are working with others, under whatever pretenses, it is 
a serious mistake to assume they will be able to think things through 
and make all the right moves under a sudden and stressful situation 
- such as a police attack - with no preparation. The only best way to 
prepare for such an event - which you may safely assume WILL occur 
sooner or later - is by BRIEFING YOUR PEOPLE in advance of any 

A briefing is just that: It is a going-over, aloud, of only the essential 
points involved in any specific situation. Only the crucial, critical 
facts and principles that are known to be involved. 

I personally have worked miracles through the successful use of 
briefings. A person totally unfamiliar to a given situation can be made 
to pass as being intimately familiar with it after a thorough briefing. 
And a thorough, successful briefing should require no more than thirty 
minutes time, maximum. Any more than that and you run the risk of 
confusing your people. At times I have taken people either by car or 
on foot from place to place while I have briefed them on the essentials 
and facts (and if there is a fabrication to be made, then that is to be 
injected after the known, indisputable facts have been introduced and 

The key is to remove all confusion and uncertainty. Avoid redundancy 
and concentrate upon making as many important impressions on the 
minds of your subjects as possible. Making them acquainted at first 
hand by sights and motions only aids in making those impressions. 
Once they grasp the workings and are aware of the facts, then most 
anything can be added, including extra events and even extra people. 
This, of course, comes in most handy when prepping or coaching 
witnesses before appearing under oath. 

When getting ready to head off a possible mess involving the law, 
as in the case concerning a revolutionary circle living and existing 
outside of legal bounds, briefings made well in advance of any 
expected investigation or attack and rehearsed periodically, designed 
to DELETE certain group activities, are what is required. 



A successful briefing will never involve an attempted recital of a cut 
and-dried script. To be credible and, thus, be effective in practical 
use, whether offensively or defensively, one’s given story must 
flow naturally and show all the characteristics of a normal, relaxed 
conversation. It must never go in direct contradiction of the known 
facts but instead merely present an “unknown side” of the story, 
basically in agreement with all the others. It must never include easily, 
readily demonstrable lies. Further, when under investigation or attack 
by any Pig agency of the System, it is of the utmost importance that 
everyone KEEP THEIR STORIES STRAIGHT! Consistency is one 
of the most basic keys to successful briefing. 
A shrewd individual will know how to brief his people so that the 
enemy will provide the cues for the prepared stories or answers. To 
be really successful at briefing people, you must make them able to 
recognize dangerous or trick questions when they are asked. Most 
generally, the appropriate answer will be only too obvious. With 
practice, all involved will get better. Briefings should properly provide 
what amounts to “instant experience” in whatever area it is you are 
going into. Its effect should be of building confidence within, and 
robbing the enemy of any element of surprise. 
I have done this successfully with groups, with individuals, with the 
elderly and with very small children. The object is always the same: 
Defeat the Pig. 

[Vol. XIII, #7 - July, 1984] 

Cooler Heads 

With even the most minor experience within Movement circles and 
activities, you yourself will probably be - in any given outside situation 
of a tense nature - the coolest head present. Whenever the situation 
does become heated or aroused in any way, never assume that other 
“cooler heads” will prevail - for to do so runs the risk that the problem 
may escalate out of control with you being right in the middle. 

Never forget the number one priority of any revolutionary: To 
maintain; to survive at all costs. 

We can’t allow ourselves the luxury of common anger and the 



resultant outlets that such anger inevitably seeks and finds. If there’s 
no clear-cut advantage to any potential conflict, then stay out of it, 
head it off, avoid it absolutely. Suicide pacts are of no use. Policies 
of mutual destruction are only feasible where huge resources exist. 
Punitive measures are currently an unaffordable expense for us. It is a 
mistake of the most childish sort to abandon the greater, higher goal, in 
favor of pursuing some momentary thing involving some practically 
meaningless sidetrack. Whatever move you make, whether it involves 
punishing, leaving alone, or even rewarding any person or anything, 
make sure that it is so calculated that it is you and the Movement who 
will ultimately profit from it. And it matters not whether you apply 
any one of the three options to situations where spur-of-the-moment 
emotion might want to apply another, just so long as you do not shoot 
yourself in the head but rather emerge the final beneficiary of your 
own decision. 
It is here where SUPREME SELF-DISCIPLINE is demanded. 
Forthe young revolutionary Movement, the old concept of the “Mexican 
stand-off’ should become well understood. Whenever tangling with 
equal or superior force over some tributary or even lesser matter, you 
should consider yourself to be “batting one thousand” if you can walk 
away from the situation alive, free and intact. Not to mention with 
the added experience which has cost you nothing. That is a definite 
victory of sorts. The “Mexican stand-off,” therefore, is about the best 
we, in our limited and tedious position, can hope for. We must learn 
to be able to base all decisions and actions accordingly = to our own 
benefit. The time for chest-thumping, false theatrics and heroics is 
past. We must act prudently and wisely in each case henceforth if we 
are to be around and in the position to exercise GENUINE HEROICS 
when the actual day for them arrives. We must continue to survive 
until that day. Be assured, cooler heads will prevail. It is up to you to 
make certain that the cooler head belongs to YOU. 

[Vol. XII, #7 - July, 1984] 



Paranoia is an insidious thing and must rank as one of the top two 
or three causes for the complete failure of racialist organization. 
Paranoia is most often thought of as seeing things which aren’t there 
(infiltrators, “Jews,” etc.), but it has one residual effect of NOT 
SEEING things which really are there. We’ve all seen the instances of 
the racialist, “Right Wing” type who sees - and often goes on to create 
- an enemy in one or more Movement comrades, but who falls blindly 
into government traps. A genuine leader type can, and will, override 
all human foibles and deficiencies and go on to wield an effective 
organization. IN SPITE of surrendering to individual weaknesses, he 
will exploit strengths and talents. The trick is that he himself must 
be smarter or made of better stuff than those he is trying to manage. 
Hitler was one. Rockwell was another. Hitler originally titled his 
autobiographical masterwork as a “Struggle Against Lies, Stupidity 
and Cowardice,” thus almost surrendering to the temptation to lower 
oneself to the negativism which, admittedly, abounds. Fortunately, 
Hitler thought better of it in the end and gave us instead MEIN 
KAMPF. Commander Rockwell publicly inveighed against Right 
Wing divisiveness and privately complained about how it was eating 
up far too much of his time and energy and preventing the Party from 
growing into what it should, and could, have become during his life 
and under his leadership. But he stayed on the road and in the public 

Today what passes as the Movement lies at the total mercy of 
unbridled paranoia reaching back for an entire decade. Times and 
strategies have changed, or have had to be changed to face present 
realities, and I’ve often enough in the past labored long over most 
things of a hallucinatory nature which have ripped the Movement into 
shreds. Now perhaps is the time to discuss some of those things which 
are quite real but have done almost as much damage simply because 
Movement adherents have been too occupied with the unreal. 

The real threat to radical political organizations is always from 4 
government sources. After all, is it not the FEAR of the presence of 



Above and Left: 1973 — Ohio Nazis provide the 
country’s first openly National Socialist country fair 
booth. James Mason is at far left in both photos 

government agents which leads to (or provides excuse) for those 
paranoid ones to label this or that hapless person an agent provocateur? 
But for every ten persons so accused, only one turns out to be the real 
thing. And that is IF he is ever “uncovered” as such. Most of the time, 
these agents simply gather their information and then disappear as 
quickly as they came, with no harm done. I’ve known the company 



of quite a few. The really classic example of an agent provocateur 
is in fact the one which only appears in the rarest of cases. He’s the 
one who, through his skill and your carelessness, gets you and your 
associates locked up, injured, or killed. These agents are distinct from 
simple informants because they actually ENGINEER things which 
otherwise would never happen. Commander Rockwell often said that 
both an idiot and an agent can get you just as dead or just as locked 
up. But if you can’t determine the difference between the two, then be 
assured, you’d be better off not aspiring to any Movement leadership. 
The leaks which I’m talking about are not OUR leaks, that is, any 
holes in our security such as it is, but rather THEIR leaks... leaks 
in the secrecy of their blanket surveillance of us and leaks in the 
effectiveness of it. Agents do exist and if you stay at this long enough, 
active enough, you will run into your share of them. But regardless 
who you are and what role you may play in the Movement, if your 
name so much as appears on a mailing list, then you too are subject to 
this “blanket surveillance” which extends over all the rest of us. 
About 1970 I was at a party in a rural county south-east of here, 
attended by a group of young persons of about my age at that time 
(eighteen years). One of them was the son of neighbors of ours down 
the country road where we’d moved from the city. After a few drinks, 
he approached me with, “How come the FBI is after you?” I told him 
I hadn’t been aware that they were after me, whereupon he stated that 
two agents had been by his home and had asked certain questions 
about me of his parents. Questions pertaining to certain nocturnal 
gatherings being held on my grounds lately and being pretty well- 
attended by locals. I assured my friend that everything was allOright 
and laughed to myself at the idea of the FBI concerning itself over 
earlier drinking parties I had hosted and which were made up of 
practically the identical cast that was present that evening. This, to 
the FBI, was a “Nazi Rally” if I was the one hosting it. Wouldn’t the 
guests have positively crapped had they but known? 

In 1975, when I first emerged from six months in jail (having been 
convicted of a “criminal” charge as this country “has no political 
prisoners”), I sent for and obtained my FBI file. At that time it amounted 
to a mere fifty pages but it was notable that it extended back into my 
middle school days, with information having been supplied by former 



“friends” and associates as well as parents of same, and amounting to 
no more and no less than hearsay and rumor. 1975 was also the year 
I broke from the former national Party and became active in my own 
right. Three years later, in 1978, I again requested my updated FBI 
file and was told that it now amounted to 2,500 pages. Fifty pages 
accumulated from 19661974 (including three years off and on at 
National Headquarters), and 2,500 pages from 1975-1978. That tends 
to speak for itself except that the vast bulk of what was contained in 
those pages is useless garbage, and again, rumor. (Specifics, such as the 
identities of agents, informants, etc., were blacked-out but, by reading 
“around” the omitted parts, one had no difficulty in determining who 
the informants were.) 

During 1974 the Ross County unit of the Party was engaged in a legal 
fight to secure the country’s first openly Nazi booth at a county fair. 
With the help of the ACLU, we succeeded in doing just that. As this is 
a small town and “things like that just don’t happen around here,” the 
air was tense that entire summer. I recall one evening picking up my 
telephone to make a routine call, first to hear no dial tone and, next, to 
overhear open-ended conversation in the background. Conversation 
which, after a few moments of listening to, was determined to be 
originating from Chillicothe City Hall and Police Station! And 
at about that same time came the incident after I had cashed a few 
minor checks from Party headquarters at my customary bank for the 
purchase of licenses necessary for the fair booth, etc., when the rumor 
came back to me that I was “being bankrolled by the Nazis.” If only 
it could have been true! 

It was during about 1977 that I received in my p.o. box a letter from 
the secretary of a California comrade, a major Movement leader at 
that time. The envelope was unopened, there was no return address 
save for the postmark itself, and the only things correct in the address 
were my name and the State of Ohio. The box number, the name of 
the city, and even the zip code were all wrong - not even close. Yet the 
letter made it to me all safe and sound. Rod Serling, move over! 
Then there have been certain actions here locally which, had the 
police but intervened in them, could have put myself and a few others 
away on some heavy charges. These involved matters ranging from 
the illegal to the quasi-legal, but which contained too many legalistic, 



red- tape complications to be comfortable with in any case. Some 
had to do with planned physical attacks in broad daylight in public, 
while others involved forays into surrounding counties to spread the 
revolutionary word and involving trespassing, minors, etc. (We were 
told that these cities’ police departments requested of the one locally 
to please either stop us from doing this or at least tip them as to when 
we were on our way. They failed to do either.) 

There was the flight I had to make from Ohio in 1981 when a warrant 
for my arrest appeared imminent. There was no difficulty in getting 
out. Evidently, they weren’t watching closely at these times... OR 
ELSE they didn’t want to move until they felt sure they could put me 
away for GOOD. More recently, I was told by an amused ex-girlfriend 
last year that, during the course of a conversation at a social gathering 
attended by herself and some local attorneys, etc., plus one out-of- 
state government man, it was dropped by this out-of-towner that 
there was one local name on his list of “dangerous persons” to watch: 
Mine. And, presently, there was a call. from one ex-associate about a 
month ago to the effect that I was “about to take a fall.” According to 
him, rumors emanating from sources both official and private - were 
too many to be ignored. Illegal possession of certain material was at 
bottom. He advised me to get rid of it if, indeed, it existed at all and I 
assured him, “No problem.” (And, to date, no raid.) 

With the single exception of the last account, none of the above was 
ever, at any time, discussed over the telephone, through the mail, or 
with any person not immediately involved with the issue at hand. (And 
persons involved were kept to a strict minimum.) As Commander 
Rockwell advised in his masterful Legal, Psychological & Political 
Warfare, you must assume that you are being watched and listened to 
at all times and proceed to act accordingly because, in effect, 

you ARE! The degree and intensity of this surveillance rises or falls 
hand in-hand with the degree of revolutionary political activity you 
maintain. Mine has been pretty intense in the past but I have always 
found there to be “leaks” aplenty in Big Brother’s fearsome apparatus; 
leaks in his supposed steel wall of covert secrecy; leaks in his supposed 
air-tight coverage of everything we say and do. 

Most importantly, these leaks can be anticipated and even 
ENGINEERED by YOU for revolutionary advantage if only you 



discipline yourself and rid your mind of deadly PARANOIA which, 
far from “protecting” you from Big Brother’s agents, actually does 
about eighty percent of their work FOR them! 

[Vol. XIII, #12 - Dec, 1984] 

There Was No Time To Say Goodbye 

You can’t exist it the middle of an embryonic revolutionary movement 
and expect to live trouble-free indefinitely. We around here never did. 
At present if the System decided upon one, big midnight raid on all 
known Movement members, he’d probably make his bag with little 
difficulty and that is because we are nowhere nearly enough prepared 
defensively. But then neither are we properly prepared offensively 
and so Big Brother is not likely to be contemplating such a strike. 
I’m speaking instead of the kind of situation where there exists 
the immediate threat of arrest and/or jail for a so-called “criminal 
violation” which on the surface would appear, legally and otherwise, 
to have no political connection. That, as all of you should be aware, 
remains our #1 threat individually as it has been for twenty years. 
What would you do this minute if you were made aware that an arrest 
might be imminent? Not the kind of arrest that could be seen as the 
System vs. the Movement, but merely as the police against you. Would 
you, could you, leave your home, your family, immediately? Do you 
have dependable transportation readily available? Do you have safe 
accommodations nearby which you can depend on without notice? 
Do you have safe accommodations out of state which are likewise 
dependable without advance notice? How about out of the country if 
necessary? Do you have lines of communication back home which 
can act as your eyes and ears in your absence? Do you know which 
foreign governments - and how to approach them - might offer aid 
and sanctuary should you have to depart permanently? Could you and 
would you go if you had to? Or would you be caught flat-footed, 
paralyzed by terror and indecision, without instant recourse? 

If your answer to any one of these questions, except the last one, is 
“no” then I suggest that you take steps to correct the situation while you 
still can. Your liberty may depend on it. Forget a glorified, dramatized 



guerrilla war in which hundreds or thousands are involved. In more 
or less “normal” times, could you, on a one-to-one basis, evade the 
damned police if you had to? Just pick up and go on a few, precious 
moments’ notice? If not, you’re living under a deadly disadvantage 
and possibly fatal handicap. We were suddenly faced with this very 
thing here and managed to pass the test. Our lines of communication 
discovered afterward - once we were out of reach and safe - that the 
situation was one which could be controlled or at least looked to be a 
decent enough gamble and not a one-way ticket to Who-Knows-Where. 
We’re back in the saddle now and making our moves. Whatever the 
outcome of that, it afforded a priceless and 100% realistic “dry run” 
for what can happen in life under a police state, in life in the reality 
of revolution, and not the fantasy of books. I urge all of you to think 
about it. Then act. 

[Vol. X, #6 - June, 1981] 

Off My Case 

Don’t confuse this with the spectacle of the Right Wing joker who 
stages a press conference to announce the formation of a secret, 
underground guerrilla army. This only involves YOU and nobody else 
but you. 

I’ve never been accused of being a paranoid individual, of imagining 
things which aren’t there. My desire to be aware of what the hell I’m 
doing and what’s going on around me precludes that. Earlier I wrote 
a segment entitled “LEAK” in which I partially delved into what I’m 
about to discuss, except then it was to demonstrate a different point. 
At that time I was concerned with the range and the limits of the 
System surveillance of ourselves. 

This time, however, I want to discuss definite ways in which we 
can actually control and turn to our own use the things I revealed in 
“LEAKS.” Every time I pick up one of those exposes of the Movement 
done by the ADL, etc., it appears to me as though they are invariably 
about three years behind the times as far as who’s who and what’s 
what. There can be no doubt that this constitutes for us an advantage 
in itself, however accidental it may be or unintentional on our part. 



Clearly it would seem that the desirable thing to do would be to take 
it upon ourselves, individually, to make sure that the gap in current, 
accurate information gets even wider. 

Unless you are a publicity hound or an exposure freak, it shouldn’t 
prove too hard at all to leave an icy cold trail. 

The point being that you can do a hell of a lot more in anonymity by 
way of things which COUNT, than you could ever hope to do under 
any kind of official, or semi-official, scrutiny. It is never necessary to 
foolishly attempt to deny or otherwise disown the Movement or any 
part of it. Far from putting distance between it and yourself that only 
amounts to another kind of “grandstanding” and draws more attention 
- the wrong kind of attention. Morally, politically, ethically, who gives 
a damn? Rather, it is in whether or not you are a person who bears a lot 
of watching. And too, whether or not you’re the type of person who 
DEMANDS to be watched. 

The best example of this is the legal demonstration. There you are, in 
the middle of the spotlight in the middle of a country full of people 
who not only don’t give a damn but who also hate shit disturbers. 
You might prove some kind of point which says something about 
yourself but you’ve done nothing which effects them... except to put 
them on notice, giving them something to wag their tongues about 
in bottomless ignorance. Morally, you may have accomplished 
something very significant but if it had been at any time a question of 
morals, we’d have won the Second World War. 

Perhaps, at bottom, the sad fact is that it’s dangerous and counter- 
productive, as well as futile, for us to attempt to COMMUNICATE in 
any way with the people of this country. When has it gained anything 
for us? Those who have come to us have done so because of some 
inner calling of their own. So it shall continue, I suspect. 



—Real Battle Ahead— 


The NSLF is a political, revoluttonary army. The organization revolves 
around a militant strategy of ARMED GUERILLA STRUGGLE against the Jewish 
power structure, Consequently the underground leadership has determined that 
those who will participate in the "armed struggle" will be organized and ARMED 
in a uniform manner, We are a disciplined ARMY whose aim is the total de= 
struction of the anti-White system and the creation of a National Socialist State! 
Therefore, all members of the "Central Organization” will acquire the following 
equipment, Suggestions for modification will be considered but as it stands now, 
the following equipment is required and must be obtained by all present "Central 
Organization" members by March 1975,” Any C.O, member who has not com- 
pleted these requirements or who does not have a valid excuse for failure to 
comply will be removed to the General Membership roster, 

Hi-Standard, 7 shot, 3 inch magnum shotgun 
min, 1500 rounds 

semi automatic military assault rifle-, 308 cal, 
min. 5000 rounds 

The original (circa mid 70’s) NSLF armaments guidelines 




Atter careful consideration of many factors and actual field tests the 
NSLP Central Comiand has issued new directives for all underground and 
other armed formations including above board Shock Troop Defense Groups. 

The choice of weapons will update the 1975 General Armament Policy as 
ordered by General Commander Tommasi. The overriding factors involved 
in the choice of weapons are ballistics, availabilitv, cost and the 
fluxing of revoluionary goals for the 80's. In 19875, the order of the 
davy was strike and run. Today we must prepare for the great days of 
atraggle ahead, and that the future mav see a chaotic and anarchistic 
situation that will mean survival of the fittest. The future of the 
armed struggle that the NSLP is gearing toward is not one of plinking 

4 few niggers on a Saturday night, but of leading our people to aurvival 
in the hellish nightware world to come. Our veapons will become for us 
the only TOOLS that will allow us to live through it. Any illusions 
about "overthrowing the Goverment” or “wasting all the niggers” can be 
thrown right out. the window. Revolutionarys must realize that events 
in this age of global politics are so far out of our hands that we are 
powerless to control them. We could be well on the way to conventional 
"military" victory When H-bombs could come raining down. The future 
indeed does belong to those who.are willing to get their hands dirty, 
The future will not De a question of who won or lost, but who SURVIVED?. 

Effective January 1 the basic armory of all NSLP fighterswill consist of: 

1 .45 Automatic Pistol- Colt manufacture preferably. 5 clips and 500 rounds 
’ of ammunition, Weapons of other than Colt manufacture will be recep- 
tive of US military clips. 

1.223 (5.56mm) Semi-Automatic rifle receptive to military M-16 clips. 
2000 rounds of ammunition and $ clips (30 or 40 round) 

1 12 gauge avtoloading or pump shotgun and 500 rounds of ammunition 

1 .357 caliber handgun preferably with a ¿"or shorter barrel and 250 rounds 
of ammunition 

The basic change of weapons from 1975 regulation ig that of the ,223 assogit 
rifle replacing the .308 NATO. The main reasoning is that the available 
-308 ammo in the hands of US military units is virtually becoming a rareity 
and although .308 is vastly superior balisticiy, supply problems dictate 
that the .223 be used. 

In addition, a good option would bo to have on hand would be a small light 

weight concealable handgun with good power. ‘This should he no smaller than 
a nine millimeter. The .44 cal. spacial is an excollent choice as is a 
small .357 that has a 2 or 3" barrel, this can be the same as the regulation 

‘revolver listed above. 

An updated guide from 1980 


Joseph Tommasi in 1975 declared the closing of the strategy of a 
mass movement and opened the way for the armed struggle. Have 
things been developing this way ever since or have they not? I merely 
propose to increase this division and intensify its development for the 
good of us all. 
No stunts, no handstands, no fanfare. Instead, care and caution. Long 
range planning. When you strike, strike hard and strike deep. Play for 
keeps. But, always in the end, it’s a matter of greater steady mileage 
over intense but short bursts. Don’t attract needless attention. 

[Vol. XIV, #10 - Oct, 1985] 


I don’t pretend to be an expert on the art of surviving under very 
primitive or hostile conditions. Yet, aren’t we all doing that very thing 
when you really consider it, and more so all the time as this civilization 
continues to rot away? Despite the erroneous image some have in 
their minds of what the NSLF is, or is supposed to be, few of us in 
fact could qualify as guerrillas. But probably the biggest difference 
between one of us and a “real” guerrilla is all the Hollywood-style 
phony image making plus the fact that we aren’t little boys out to 
play army, but instead revolutionaries who must pick and choose our 
means as the case warrants. Primarily we’re not off on any trip and as 
real and valuable as survival preparations and techniques are, when 
made into a hobby or an obsession, they become an actual trip. We 
are realists and as such we view these things merely as part of the 
weapons arsenal, not as central to the issue much less the issue itself. 
We are the first to tell you to be prepared but we are also the first to 
tell you never to get side-tracked. 

The talk of survivalism is now everywhere. It’s not a bad thought. But 
I see that the profiteers have moved in, including those non - political, 
non-racialist, and even many who are part of the Establishment. 
Whenever this phenomenon occurs, you can be sure the thing is 
deliberately being overdone and is well on its way to being run straight 
into the ground. It is today’s fad. And whenever the 

Establishment feels secure enough to dabble around in something, you 



can be pretty sure that it is in no way very valuable to the struggle we 
must fight. What about all those bomb shelters of the 1950’s? And what 
of those hidden weapons caches of the 1960’s? No Russian bombs, no 
federal swoops. What about even all the tremendous harum-scarum 
of the Red-inspired marches and demonstrations of the 60’s and 70’s? 
No Red revolution in the streets of the US Merely the latest thing to 
get spooky Right Wingers vibrating and shucking out vast amounts of 

But then the NSLF and SIEGE hammer away about the impending 
collapse and even the necessity of such a collapse before anything 
good can be accomplished. A contradiction? Not really. It has been 
stated before that very few things in this world are in plain black and 
white and this includes any sort of national collapse. We are in fact 
in a state of collapse now. We are indebted to a real slime-dripper, 
former New York City mayor John Lindsay, for providing us with 
this beautiful and accurate simile: The crime rate alone in this country 
is equal to a nationwide, non-stop “riot in slow motion.” I fit hasn’t 
already passed the point of total ridiculousness, it will any second now. 
But that is beside the point. The Right, and people in general, think 
only in terms of the melodramatic, the stereotypical. This, however, 
has been proven enough times to be what the expected case will NOT 
be, that we in the Movement should know better. They can’t seem 
to see a Leader, they’re scared to death whenever one of us pulls a 
revolutionary act, and yet they think in these grandiose patterns of 
things happening in a BIG, overwhelming way. They cannot seem to 
think and see in terms of stages and degrees which is precisely how 
the Enemy advances. 

Survivalism for the realist can be bound up in only a few very basic, 
common sense principles. First, remove yourself from what I call 
the “Death Zones” which are simply the metropolitan areas of the 
country. In these places not only is Big Brother’s grip the tightest, 
but the lowest-common denominator genetic miasma has you badly 
outnumbered. The air and water are going fast, many of the so-called 
“Whites” still there are totally gone to degeneracy, and life itself is 
already abnormal, a mutation of what it once was. There is no hope 
for these places whatsoever, under any circumstances, so get the hell 
out now while the getting is still good. Second, get located in an area 



where self-support can be possible. An area where you can successfully 
survive - and survive WHITE - as a separate region in the event of a 
complete national breakdown and protracted chaos. Let the cities go 
to HELL, right where they came from! If the Russians don’t get ‘em 
and if crime, famine, and disease don’t get ‘em, then WE’LL have to 
later on. Third, on an individual level, you must have all set-up and 
ready to go independent sources of water, food, and heat. At the same 
time you must have weapons and sufficient stores of ammunition with 
which to defend yourself. All of the above is basic essential. None of 
it is wild or exotic. 

The above is simply a way to live, a habit to get into. At the same 
time it doesn’t interfere with one’s daily business or daily living. It 
doesn’t make you “weird.” But you’d be amazed at the number of 
those who fall flat in all three of these categories. They are not going 
to survive. More than what I’ve outlined is optional. For example, 
some advanced essentials would have to include medical supplies 
and independent communication sources. The actual organizing of 
neighbors into tight-knit communities and defense units is a tough 
one to accomplish. To go any further here would be to depart from 
reality because I know human nature and the laziness and “Never- 
Never Land” mentality of the Right Wing. They won’t do it because 
they don’t have the scope of imagination or the long-range gumption. 
I speak only about what YOU can and should do. 

The danger in survivalism lies in the fallacy of the hobbyist- escapist’s 
own, private dream world. Most imagine that blowing exorbitant sums 
on the supposed trappings of the “professionals,” or the accumulation 
of a library of doom-say manuals, or even the acquisition of a 
monstrous personal Armory, means survivalism. But are they living in 
a metro area? Are there hundreds of thousands of undesirable humans 
only blocks away? Do they have a good well? Wood-burning heat 
and adequate fuel? Can they grow or hunt food? Are they a likely 
target in the event of a nuclear war? To me, survival and reality are the 
same. Phony, faddish “survivalism” is nothing more than a hobby and 
hobbyism is nothing more than escapism. But, admittedly, escapism 
appears to be part - and parcel of the “Movement” as it stands. 
Useless and expensive hobbies won’t make it. It’s all the same if you 
remain hooked up to Big Brother’s life-support system. If you are, you 



will get disconnected with the rest and sink with the ship. This phony 
survivalism appears to be the most elaborate yet of all the dished-up 
excuses for inaction and retreat. It’s another way to build yourself an 
expensive sandcastle. There is a clear path to survival just as there is 
a clear path to victory. Both involve being in touch with reality and in 
taking action, in going FORWARD. 

[Vol. X. #10 — Oct., 1981] 

Readying For Revolution 

The mood of much of the population and the state of the economy 
both indicate that everyone could have a surprise in store for them at 
practically any time. Belief in the rottenness of the System coupled 
with the belief in ourselves and in our power to make revolution will 
guarantee that, even if we are surprised by any suddenness of events, 
we will not be found unprepared and helpless, to become victims 
rather than masters. 

At present the worst enemies of a revolution happening in America 
are: The unbroken sway of the System’s thought-control, i.e. the mass 
media; and the continued existence of this economy, as agonizing as 
it is protracted (and miraculous). In short, the System survives and 
functions so people are not allowed to think, to know. Plus they can 
still be alternately rocked to slumber or subtlety coerced into inaction. 
Our agenda at present then, as indicated by the prevailing conditions, 
would include: Focusing all our concentration on the ideological swing 
from reaction all the way over to total revolution. In other words, 
effecting a revolution within our existing Movement first; learning 
rapidly to live outside of the economy and live off of the System 
in order to help hasten its demise and to insure our own survival - 
whether there remains a month or twenty years left to this state of 
affairs; getting away from metropolitan areas and quickly establishing 
solid, independent enclaves for ourselves and our families; practicing 
both the subtle and overt undermining of naive faith in the existing 
government or System on the part of the people around us, 

not as “radicals” but as friends and leaders for the future; and having 
prudent stocks of weapons and sufficient stores of ammunition. Going 



“overboard” in quantities or in grossly exotic and illegal weaponry is 
a serious blunder. Concentrate on safe refuge and let all words and 
actions go toward undermining the System and toward strengthening 
the Revolution. In the future, at any time, the best friends of a revolution 
in this country will be any worsening or collapse of the economy 
along with any largescale disaster, disruption, or upheaval from any 
source. We want, first, for the System to “crap out” before one and 
all so that the evil Jinni, the illusion that’s been holding it together 
for these past decades, will be once and for all dispelled. We want its 
pimps to be deprived of their entire purpose, their entire excuse for 
living (as well as their protection) - which depends completely on this 
economy’s survival. And we especially want to see the System and 
its hired hoods under attack by the identical forces they created and 
unleashed upon our segment of the population as part of their “master 
plan” of control. We want to see the System’s strength and structure 
largely destroyed, initially by forces independent of our own. Only 
at that time will we be able to begin undertaking bold and sweeping 
actions toward assuming open control for ourselves. By that time, and 
it could come much sooner than anyone expects, we will absolutely 
need to have a strong and well-functioning revolutionary organization 
already operational and with a full spectrum of direct experience 
under its belt. It is in this area and nowhere else that the breakthrough 
must be made. The area of revolutionary organization. Without it, the 
revolution must go to someone else who DOES possess the strength 
of discipline and the will necessary to move and achieve it. First and 
last, the responsibility is entirely ours. 

[Vol. XIV, #12 - Dec, 1985] 

In Reverse, Again 

Not long ago I took a close look at the way the Movement has been 
in the habit of doing things, everything, from the lowliest task to the 
most critical one, and discovered that they tended to do it in a “bass 
Ackwards” way every time. As I said, this can be applied to just about 
all aspects of activity but it is still necessary to take a look at each one, 
individually, in order to see the significance of this. 



One of the areas is that of the overtly illegal, Violent attacks against 
the System. “Hit and run,” so to speak. Wouldn’t it make better sense 
to turn that concept around to “run and hit”? It only means that you 
should first drop out of sight, go underground, and stay that way for 
however long is required for you to learn to exist comfortably at it. At 
that point you can go ahead and do - and probably get away with - any 
damned thing you’d choose to pull. Striking in hot passion and then 
running blindly is no more than glorified suicide. 

[Vol. XV, #1 — Jan., 1986] 

Fury Unfelt 

Through a former associate’s job contacts, I once wound up invited 
to a meeting of the Revolutionary Communist Party. This particular 
cell was organized in a major factory here in Ohio and this special 
meeting was being called as a result of one RCP member having been 
shot after the RCP had abandoned labor union discipline in fighting 
management ripoffs. They wanted to try and decide “what to do” and 
they broke down and invited us, two known Nazis, to their gathering. 
It was convened in the home of the local organizer, Seth Goldberg. 
Included were Goldberg’s Jewish girlfriend - showing plenty of thigh 
throughout - plus a handful of Blacks and a handful of washed-out 
Whites. The history leading up to the shooting as well as the details 
of the shooting itself were duly gone over for the sake of newcomers. 
My partner at the time, an old Right Wing organizer who worked at 
the same plant, gave the young Reds some sound advice on how to get 
their act together but nothing was actually resolved. 

Flabbergasted, I had to speak up and tell Goldberg that, were Trotsky 
present at this meeting, he’d puke his guts out. A general strike would 
go for openers. Then the bosses would be shot and the plant itself 
blown up. Seth had no comment. (Ironically, and by accident, within 
the week my partner, who had been illicitly using the company Xerox 
[photocopy machine], left an original copy of Joseph Tommasi’s 
famous “POLITICAL TERROR” leaflet in the machine. The next day 
there were double armed guards at all factory gates.) 

Point being that everybody is just blowing smoke, just pussy - 



footing around - even the Communists! The riots of the Sixties barely 
scratched the surface in the amount of direct coordinated VIOLENCE 
and TERROR that’s going to be required to intimidate and melt the 

[Vol. XV, #1 - Jan., 1986] 

When To Shoot 

Talk of weapons aside, this has to do with shooting the enemy. You 
don’t need an arsenal for that. All you need is a zip gun and, most of all, 
the BALLS to use it. As I said earlier, if you’re thinking about going 
on the war path in the literal sense, you’d better take the time and 
planning to quietly drop underground first. Get yourself as comfortable 
and secure as you can and only then start taking your actions against 
the System. Your chances of success and survival will go way up as 
opposed to those who shoot first and try to think afterward. 

But now we’re talking future-tense. Our revolution will depend on 
someone or something else kicking events off the edge and into 
general chaos so as to loosen up some elbow room for the rest of us. It 
could be the Blacks, it could be anything from a sudden depression to 
an earthquake. Just anything to get the Pigs of the Big Brother System 
tied down and off balance. But just as we can’t expect to accept the 
full brunt of a System counterattack starting things off by ourselves, 
neither can we expect, as avowed revolutionaries, to be left alone by 
the System once somebody else has started the ball rolling. We must 
assume they are going to take certain measures to guard their rear. 
Those already underground or in prison will find this one to be a moot 
issue, but the rest of us still at liberty and particularly those maintaining 
homes, etc., will probably have a unique set of difficulties to face 
when the time comes for general action. It’s a matter best given a lot 
of thought now, as there’ll be no time for thought when it presents 

Three contingencies we can look for will be the following: (a) Once 
major and widespread revolutionary violence starts - no matter 
from what quarter - the System can be expected to detain all known 
revolutionists as a matter of precaution; (b) Once the economy starts 



to fall rapidly, the System can be expected to begin mass foreclosures 
and confiscations while it feels it still can; (c) Just like what’s predicted 
to happen when the sun itself is about to burn out, the System, when 
it senses its time is about up, can be expected to begin taking a great 
many extraordinary steps and, in general to really begin overstepping 
its bounds as they are vaguely defined today. Or hadn’t you thought 
of any of this? 

The whole point to our being constrained to taking a backseat to 
someone else’s opening gambit with regard to violent revolution is 
that we simply cannot stand to take on the full weight of the System’s 
Pigs, now or in the foreseeable future. It will be rather a judgment 
call for the individual, once large-scale actions have begun, as to 
whether he thinks he can get away with his own line of extraordinary 
measures when confronted by the System in a threatening manner. 
How much you think you’re worth to them or just how many back- 
ups they have to send after you will be something that each in his own 
area will have to decide, and decide intelligently, before he acts. You 
must remember that they are still used to having people - especially 
Whites — “drop over dead” at their mere approach. Unfortunately - but 
quite likely - they’ ll still be thinking that way when they come after us 
once someone else has started the shooting. Otherwise, they’d either 
not come at all or else come with a small army behind them. This 
unquestionably would then leave the ball in our half of the court as to 
how to react when only a few of them show up for what they expect 
to be a routine “roust.” Your choice will be either to let them take you 
into custody, away from your family, and possibly take your home 
and possessions too, or to take a chance on stopping them at that point 
and burying their bodies in the hills or being killed yourself. As I said, 
it’ll be a judgment call but one that takes some consideration, if not a 
considerable bit of preparation, in the present. 

[Vol. XV, #2 - Feb., 1986] 





“He who wants to live must fight, therefore he who does not want to 
live in this world of eternal struggle does not deserve to be alive.” 
-Adolf Hitler 

“We are the new ‘barbarians,’ forged in iron hardness in the fires of 
their hate and persecution. All over the world, we wait to pounce.” 
-George Lincoln Rockwell 

“And even our present acres of death will someday bloom again...” 
-Alfred Rosenberg 

“We shall reach our goal, when we have the power to laugh as we 
destroy, as we smash, whatever was sacred to us as tradition, as 
education, and as human affection.” 

-Joseph Goebbels 


National Socialism 

We agree that unless something equal or better exists with which 
to replace something, it is damn best to leave it alone. We feel it 
would be a mistake, a retreat, to return to the dim, distant past for an 
answer, though I agree we must rediscover our ancient heritage as 
there is much to be learned from it. Another reason for not seeking 
an “alternative” religion in the classic sense is because it is utterly 
foolish to postulate anything one cannot see, touch, and examine. 
Just as the Aryan Race is the highest order of being yet produced by 
nature on this planet, so too is National Socialism the highest, most 
sophisticated and advanced creed yet formulated by the White Man 
for his own betterment. Nothing more than that today exists, nothing 
more is required. It represents all of our needs. The message of SIEGE 
is not a negative one. It is, however, important and that is why we 
cannot afford any longer the stupid mistake of mixing or confusing 
our goals and priorities like so many traditional Right Wing types 
have done in the past. The slogan, “For God, Race and Nation” is an 
example. We cannot allow any foreign, alien moral code or dogma to 
cramp our revolutionary style and, when the big clean-up begins, no 
criminal will enjoy any “hands-off privilege” just because he may be 
some religious master of hocus-pocus or mumbo-jumbo. Our march 
toward revolution will not be blocked by any rules of the Establishment 
and our revolutionary New Order will be absolutely free of any trace 
whatsoever of the old. 

[Vol. X, #7 — July., 1981] 

The German Mystique 

Since this writer has not a drop of German blood in his veins, it gives 
me good qualifications to write on the following issue. So fundamental 
is it to what we’re doing and the way we’re doing it that without fail 
it hits us squarely in the face each time we are either attacked by the 
ignorant or are approached by the unfamiliar for membership, etc. 
Unless we ourselves come to understand it fully, we can hardly hope 
to convey the proper impression of it to the people we are out to win. 



Detractors will attack us as “Krauts,” somehow agents for a foreign 
power, while a great many sheepish sympathizers will open with lines 
like, “Do you have to be German to join your group?” Generations 
of war hysteria propagated by Hollywood: Anyone who uses the 
Swastika MUST be German, or so they imagine. Part of the kernel of 
ignorance and misinformation which plagues our people to this very 
day. Neither Marx nor Stalin were Russians. Napoleon Bonaparte 
was not French. Jesus of Nazareth was neither a Jew nor a Christian. 
National Socialists in America today are not Germans. National 
Socialism is a philosophy first codified and brought to power by 
Adolf Hitler in Germany. Today a Catholic need not be an Italian 
simply because it was in Italy that his religion first became the official 
one of the State. Philosophies and philosophers - or prophets - are 
largely interchangeable within the framework of our blood. The most 
recent, and certainly the greatest yet to appear in the world, happened 
to materialize first in Germany. Any philosophy must adapt itself to a 
large degree to the customs and traditions of the people among which 
its proselytes must move and work. The Christians are undoubtedly 
the greatest masters of that art to date. Having stolen or latched onto 
most of the important Pagan holidays, they came to dominate the 
entire White world as “Christendom.” As successful as those extreme 
tactics were for the Christians, I can hardly Visualize our bending the 
birthdate of Hitler to match some existing, popular feast day. But then 
what is the importance of a date on a calendar as compared to power 
over men’s minds and “souls”? 

Hitler made the philosophy work for his people in the context of the 
time and place and, in turn, the philosophy made the people greater. 
Hitler made National Socialism in Germany the epitome of everything 
German and, by that, he was the first and thus far the only man to 
forge a truly united Germany - even the Kaisers had been unable to 
fully accomplish this. By making some superficial concessions to the 
everyday whims of the people. Hitler’s philosophy, together with its 
greater meaning, was able to “creep up” painlessly on the common 
man in his simplicity, who otherwise could have been 

expected to rebel against such sudden changes in his world and in 
his picture of things. Hitler’s was the world’s first truly peaceful 
revolution. Such a super-human job was done by Hitler and his German 



National Socialists in the twenty-five year history of the NSDAP that 
the image has stuck and probably always shall stick. This is in no 
way a bad thing. Without it today the White Race - and particularly 
the very young - would have no means to any knowledge at all of 
the GREATNESS of their people in the recent past or the brilliant 
promise ahead if we are only able to gain White unity. All of the White 
nations of the earth - from antiquity to the recent past - possess the 
most magnificent histories, customs and traditions of their own equal 
to the best that Germany has. All branches of the White Race have 
great cause to be proud of their own heritage... so long as that great 
heritage is made known to them. 

The deriders of Germany, and the authors of “quickie” world history 
for the busy man, love to harp away on Germany’s two sensational 
tries at conquering the world. People remember this sort of thing as 
there is nothing else around to quite compare with it. It captures the 
imagination. The plain truth no one is interested in is that not only 
was “world enslavement” never even contemplated by the Germans, 
it was never within their capability. European unity dominated 
and maintained by Europe’s heartland was the furthest goal at any 
time. The Coca-Cola Culture isn’t told that the nation having come 
the closest to complete world domination was England who, by the 
turn of the last century, held one-fourth of the surface of the world’s 
continents and controlled the oceans between. In spite, Germany gets 
the credit/blame. But the important thing is that at least there stands 
the example of the White Man’s incomparable, irresistible military 
prowess in glaring, almost incomprehensible contrast to “democratic” 
actions in Korea, Vietnam, and lately Iran. 

Inextricably intertwined with this is the charge of the Liberals about 
“German militarism.” Victorious nations have historically taken turn- 
about at setting the military style and pace for the other leading armies 
of the world. Prior to 1871, the pace-setter was France (one needs only 
to glimpse at the design of the uniforms of both sides of the U.S. Civil 
War for confirmation). After 1871 it was the turn of Germany and 
spiked helmets appeared in the United States, England and Russia. 

“German” goose-step was and still is utilized in East Europe, Russia 
and large parts of South America. The unique German stahlhelm is 



still today worn by armies in places such as Spain, Egypt, over in 
Asia and again throughout South America. Why, the “Fritz Hat” has 
even long ago been adopted by the US. military. One place neither the 
goose-step nor the stahlhehn is practiced or worn is West Germany. 
Yet without Nazi Germany catching the hell today, these fine examples 
would be unknown to Aryan youth. 

The liberal pacifists and humanitarians, with their momentary power 
of the press and dollar, HATE all symbols of strength and masculinity 
and they therefore seize upon all the strongest, most outstanding 
of these very things and hold them up to ridicule. And that nation 
which has most lately demonstrated the greatest strength of masculine 
willpower and self assertion (without which not much is ever 
accomplished) gets the full “treatment” from these impotent liberal 
democratic types. When those of our own revisionist historians claim 
that Germany was a crucifixion, they are right. But if this is a cross we 
as National Socialists in America today must bear, we do so willingly. 
As much as by all this name-calling on the part of philosophical and 
intellectual pansies, also by the fact that the great German tradition is 
now locked forever in time, unchanged and unchangeable, does all of 
this stand out to the lost White masses of today as peculiarly “German” 
and not generally White or Aryan. National Socialist Germany went 
down ina blaze of glory and it will forever be remembered that way. All 
of the other nations of the West - those that “won” the war - have died 
or are now dying slow, painful, lingering deaths as they are infected 
and eaten alive by liberal democracy and Jews. When one thinks of 
a German, one envisions a helmeted, goose-stepping Stormtrooper. 
When one thinks of an American, a Briton, or a Frenchman he sees 
only a degenerated, “beat,” pot-blowing slob, one indistinguishable 
from the other. They don’t know that forty years ago every American, 
Englishman, or Frenchman was as disciplined, squared away, and 
patriotic as any German of that day. Neither do they grasp that in West 
Germany today the people are for the most part as liberalized and 
degenerate as the worst in America. 

It’s all a matter of imagery. If we are called “Germans” because 
we have as our ideal all the very best traditions of the White Man, 
then I suppose that’s as good and convenient a name as any other. 
(The same people would stand back in disbelief when informed that 



Hitler designed the Stormtrooper uniform, patterning it largely after 
the British World War One model originally designed by one Sam 
Browne for service in British India.) 

There’s nothing wrong in taking pride in one’s German ancestry or 
mentioning with pride a proportion of German blood in one’s veins. 
But we still are faced with one of our Enemy’s more deadly fabricated 
lies designed to throw a split within the White Race: That Hitler, the 
Germans, and National Socialism in general regard the other branches 
of the White Race as “untermenschen.” (Germany never had anything 
to compare with the British slogan that, “The niggers begin at Calais”) 
If anything cost Germany the last War, it was the number of narrow 
minded, chauvinistic bureaucrats who did stupidly feel and operate 
this way. But they are found in every nation and have a lot to do with 
the ease which the deceitful Jews have been able to get the White Man 
killing one another in the past. But it wasn’t part of Hitler’s program 
and it isn’t part of ours. 

Another danger is fantasizing that the situation today is that of 
Germany in the 1920’s and 1930’s; that we must somehow find or 
create a “Fuhrer”; that we should act the part of Hollywood Nazis; 
in short that we can expect to do an exact replay of 1933 here in the 
United States. It is a danger because it just won’t work. In Southern 
Europe, Christianity came to power slowly, via more subtle means, 
while in Northern Europe it was brought to power largely by the 
use of the sword. Many of the rites, etc., remained the same but the 
methodology was vastly different and was suited to do the job at hand 
in the setting that existed. 

We - thanks to Adolf Hitler and his great German compatriots - also 
have our rites, rituals and holy days on the calendar and I expect 
theyll not change. Hitler and his movement in Germany have given 
us traditions, martyrs to honor and great battles to commemorate, but 
it does not mean that we should try to live in the past or be that which 
we are not. The Christian Church has its age-old customs but they do 
not go around as Jesus did two thousand years ago in beard, robe and 
sandals, trying to walk on water. (Those that do are written off as nuts; 
a thing which we must avoid at all costs.) 

Yet we do have a valuable and powerful weapon to use in that, whereas 
our Enemy has been able to gradually do away with much of the rich 



heritage (and thereby, identity) of the nations of the West, they, by 
their very paranoid hatred of Germany, have actually preserved for us 
all the very finest of the White Man’s way of life. Mention Nazi and 
you think of German; mention German and you think of an ordered, 
strong and healthy way of life. You think of a people who are united 
and proud of their race and able to accomplish things together in a big 
way. Commander Rockwell bet everything on the theory that when 
the White Man got sick and tired of the alien, hothouse atmosphere 
artificially created by the Jews, he’d instinctively know where to 
expect the opposite - which will always be represented by no one but 
So when a good, White brother or sister comes up to you with the 
rather timid and awkward question as to whether he or she must be 
German to be part of this Movement, don’t deny the great German 
contribution to Western Civilization but rather point out to them that, 
if you are White, you belong with us. And emphasize that you’re either 
White or you are not! 

[Vol. X, #2 - Feb., 1981] 

The Chain 

Getting down to the most common denominator is the only way to 
achieve ideological coherence and unity. Race is of course the most 
basic element. But to put it and leave it at that can confuse as many 
as it enlightens. Are we mere “racists”? Hardly. The best explanation 
I’ve yet found for that is also the best illustration of what all facets of 
the Movement may come to agree unanimously upon and, from that 
point, eventually submerge any remaining, petty differences. 

With the religionists at one end of the Movement and the atheists 
at the other, total agreement can still be reached on this one point: 
The chain. Whether beginning with evolution or some kind of divine 
creation, the chain represents the endless journey of the generations 
of the White 

Man through the countless centuries of time. And we are all 

out to see that the chain remains unbroken. Like the earth and the 
universe itself, it is eternal and, if anything is sacred, this certainly 



is. It’s referred to as a chain because at any given point in time, that 
particular generation is a link with certain obligation and duty to both 
past and future. Behind us we can see the chain stretching backward 
into infinity and, ahead of us, forward toward and even greater infinity. 
We may well be living in a terrible time, terrible for us, but it only 
means that the responsibility and the care for the chain that we are 
now charged with is at its most critical point, perhaps more so than at 
any other time. 
As a basis for political motivation as well as religious conviction, it 
serves well. THERE is all the identity, purpose, meaning and birthright 
(as well as duty) that anyone could ever hope for. And it is quite real, 
not “pie in the sky” or some abstract form of moralistic dogma. A 
lot of lost people would be found if this philosophy would become 
universal. This is the cornerstone because nothing could be more 
basic and yet nothing could be any higher. The System and its two 
great halves - Capitalism and Communism - have as their ultimate 
goal its final destruction. And there is testimony enough to its reality 
as well as our own concept of Good and Evil. 

[ Vol. XIV, #6 - June, 1985] 

Consequences Not Conscience 

This is a question of responsibility versus superstition. The elders 
who set down the religious tracts back before time had it in mind to 
preserve the people and the culture by a series of “do’s” and “don’ts.” 
The mistake they made, rather than to take the time to explain in these 
tracts WHY, was to cut corners and attach the “supernatural” element 
in order to give their man-made laws more clout. Many of these laws 
make perfectly good sense but yet today have been totally undone, 
twisted and perverted, because the elders failed to state the WHY and 
WHEREFORE behind them. They left it as a matter of a person going 
to an intangible paradise or damnation, depending on how well he 
kept to the laws. It was a simple enough matter for outsiders to cast 
the least little doubt about these “hereafters” into the minds of the 
recently educated masses to effectively destroy the potency of the 
entire teaching. So-called “enlightenment.” 



Like telling a child that unless he eats his vegetables the bogey man 
will get him, this approach does justice to neither the merit of eating 
one’s vegetables or to the intelligence of the child himself. Besides, 
when, sooner or later, the child becomes aware that there exists no 
bogey man after all, the elder (or parent) begins to look like a fool and 
a liar. This is the general appearance that organized religion has taken 

It’s often been said that, unless you can present something superior 
or at least equal to that which already exists, best leave well enough 
alone. We, as National Socialists, do in fact have something far superior 
to these churches that are to be found everywhere, throughout the 
Western World, on both sides of the Iron Curtain. We feel it is overdue 
to break away from leftover moral codes and religious dogma of the 
Dark Ages and enter a TRUE Age of Enlightenment, both genetically 
and philosophically. 

We believe quite simply that a foolish, selfish or immoral act can 
be expected to bring its consequences tomorrow. Liberal types with 
only a thin veneer of religiosity believe they can get away with ANY 
behavior today, show up in church next Sunday and worry about it in 
some “hereafter” (which, in any event, their gut tells them isn’t there). 
It is for themselves only that they live. It is TO HELL with even their 
own children and the world they shall have to live in. So what, then, to 
all of this if it is the “spirit” in the “next world” that is all that matters? 
And as for the professional, “do-gooders,” they are out for nothing 
more than to rack up “points” for themselves in this same “hereafter.” 
They pervertedly View human existence either as a vale of tears or as 
a “testing ground” where some personal god sends “souls” to measure 
their “merit” to exist in some “afterlife.” 

National Socialists on the other hand view life - personal experience 
- as representing a link in a great chain; a chain existing back into the 
limitless past and forward into the limitless future. In you live all of 
your ancestors that have ever lived since the dawn of evolution. And 
in your children and children’s children so you shall live for the rest 
of eternity. The RESPONSIBILITY in this is a grave one. Each has it 
in his or her hands to BREAK the chain, either by not reproducing at 
all or by reproducing with other than one’s own kind. And it is with 
this awesome responsibility in mind that all our behavior as National 



Socialists is based. 
Will my action this day, this moment, advance or retard the good of the 
Race? Not whether one stands to own a “mansion in the sky” if one goes 
against all his natural instinct and accepts something totally alien as 
his “neighbor” or his kin. Not fear of some personal god but obeyance 
to duty within oneself and respect to oneself is what commands the 
actions of National Socialists. What greater CURSE could there be 
than bringing into being - or existing as - as a racial anomaly, with no 
identity, no past and no future? Short-term foolishness we ourselves 
must live with. Long-term idiocy posterity must live with. And how 
will it view us for our actions today? 
As opposed to Christianity, our Viking ancestors believed in luck. 
They also knew that one made one’s luck by living and acting 
ministers and the whole popular attitude has it that you can do any 
damned thing you feel like doing (as long as it doesn’t hurt the other 
person they say) and “the Lord will forgive.” These millions of people 
are indeed making their own luck as well. So while more and more 
churches are being built, the moral tone of the country sinks ever 
deeper into the morass. What a “lucky” nation we are becoming! 
Those National Socialists who don’t need the leverage of “heaven” 
and “hell,” don’t need to be frightened or induced into any pattern 
of behavior, but who have it in themselves to think and act in an 
honorable way independently, will be those who take command of the 
future, if there is to be one. 

[ Vol. XII, #4 - Apr, 1983] 

Marching To One Drummer 

One of the biggest differences between National Socialism and the 
rest of the Rightist spectrum, aside from ideological, strategic and 
tactical differences, is the nature of the intended “State-to-be” once 
the System is collapsed and destroyed. We’re of course not talking 
about immediately after the fall of the System, when it will be largely 
up for grabs, but well after the smoke has settled, once new sense 
and order has been established. We have definite ideas, the same ones 



we’ve always had. Observation, plus the folkways of our own people, 
have taught us there is but one way to go. It would be well it get it 
understood now. 

The Posse Comitatus of course favor government at the county 
level while the N.S.R.P. (National States’ Rights Party) and those 
similar types favor it at the state level. Most Rightist reactionaries 
have as a part of their platform the belief and the statement that 
“big government” is an evil by itself and has to be done away with. 
Neo-Republicans and Neo-Democrats alike are of the conviction 
that the purpose of Government is merely to serve as caretaker over 
affairs of business, property and defense. We disagree with them all. 
Commander Rockwell stated that the question is not one of “how 
much” government but “how good” a government. 

Hitler was clear in Mein Kampf just as he was clear in “Triumph of 
the Will” that it was always his intent and the intention of the whole 
NSDAP to be the one and only source of power and authority in 
Germany. We intend the same here, in North America. We hold no 
illusions that this march to power will not be long and hard. We still 
have a strong and powerful Enemy System firmly in place before us 
that has to be removed by one means or another. Once accomplished, 
there are the myriad factions that will then by vying for power over 
this continent and the rest of the world. Foreign and domestic rivals 
for control will have to be met and dealt with. At the end, there 
will be the factions within the Movement itself that will have to be 
united into a single unit, under a single authority. It may sound crazy, 
diversionary or impossible but it is a primary pillar of NS philosophy. 
It is the drive for power. It is the WILL TO POWER. If all the other 
“problems” around us were to disappear tomorrow, we, as National 
Socialist Revolutionaries, would still have this will to power to be 
fulfilled and would continue on our course. 

In our view, the function of government is as the leader of its people, 
not merely caretaker or arbiter. Hitler said that the leading forces 
make the society and the nation what it is and what it will become. 
This means taking the youth firmly in hand raising them up in the 
manner that our ideology commands so as to achieve the ever-more- 
perfect Race and State in the shortest possible time. Only a centralized 
government can accomplish this. So-called “rights” and “freedom” 



all take distant back seats to this highest goal. The task must be 
accomplished without petty interference from any quarter. 

Aside from future considerations, if in the present day the Movement 
could somehow find the wisdom and maturity to discipline itself into 
functioning as a single unit, then it would be in short order one hell of 
a long way ahead. The White Man’s greatest strength in the past has 
been his genius for organization. His greatest weakness has always 
been his tendency to contrariness and disunity. It has to be overcome 
and broken. The word that will sooner or later pop up is dictatorship. 
We favor dictatorship: Our own. Commander Rockwell again said in 
counter response to protests of limp-wrists and liberals against heavy- 
handed governmental policies (primarily in foreign lands) that it is 
not a matter of dictatorship, but only whether it is OUR dictatorship 
or not. And Hitler said regarding the prevalent ignorant concept of 
“dictatorship” as being a “one man show” that the very idea was 
absurd, that it requires a very large and dynamic TEAM EFFORT to 
run the affairs of a great nation in modern times. We are here speaking 
of one team, not dozens of teams all getting in one another’s way. 
Make no mistake, this country today is ruled by a dictatorship - that of 
Big Brother. What we plan is as far removed from this as it is possible 
to get. Yet ours will be a dictatorship also. It will be such because 
we will have no tolerance whatever for opposition of any kind, even 
ineffectual opposition, as it is certain that this smug omission on the 
part of Big Brother provides the seed that will kill him ultimately. 
Big Brother’s dictatorship is faceless, nameless and alien to the great 
majority of people it rules over. Furthermore, Big Brother’s rule is 
designed, is blatantly outspoken about and is having the results of 
being clearly AGAINST the best interests of ALL OF THE PEOPLE 
over which it rules. All save but one small group: The System’s own 
ruling pigs. 80 you should be able to see that there are at least good 
dictatorships and bad dictatorships. The coming rule will be one of, 
and with, its own people. It will be strictly manned and operated 
by men of the people with their one goal being the furtherance and 
betterment, the increased greatness of their people. Considerations 
such as governmental, financial or international matters will be but 
sidelines to be used or discarded according to whether or not their 
application in any case will favorably or adversely affect the White 



Race. And it will be because of this complete dedication to the 
interests of the Race that no interference will be allowed. Big Brother 
is absolutely BENT upon the destruction of distinct races and most of 
us know to what lengths he has already gone to see to it his plan is not 
altered in any way. We must at least be as determined as he is - at least 
that and MORE SO. 

[Vol. XIII, #2 - Feb., 1984] 

No Thanks To The Jews 

It has been said in some places that the spirit of Adolf Hitler has been 
kept alive by his enemies, the Jews. I say this is patently false. 
Commander Rockwell said that the Jews would build their own gas 
chambers if the price was right. And so the Jews keep the “Hitler 
mania” going because it is highly profitable for them to do so. There 
are so many tenets of the National Socialist State incorporated into the 
State of Israel that it is positively striking. The Jews wish intensely 
that Hitler had been theirs, in fact, had been one of their own, and this 
all-consuming fascination will remain irresistible to them. The Jews, 
being masters of psychological technique, understand better than 
most the effectiveness of the “bogeyman” stratagem. By holding up 
a “Nazi threat” through their media they keep their own “little Jews” 
in line, they keep the dumb goyim groveling, and they also keep us 
- or many of us — barking up the wrong “Hollywood” tree. Then too 
there is the fear angle. The Jews have no other real choice than to 
continue trying to keep Hitler “alive” — but on their own terms, as a 
monster. The absurd notion that Hitler would fade out of the picture 
should the Jews suddenly decide to turn their back on him holds no 
water, for the Jews themselves are well aware of that situation. Should 
they leave his memory alone, his spirit would not fade but rather the 
Truth, however gradually, would come to fill the vacuum left by the 
cessation of their lies. In point of fact, the Jews are trapped by Hitler. 
It is indeed ironic, but no thanks are due to the Jews. 

[Vol. X11, #9 — Sept., 1983] 



The Most Deadly 
Misconception We Face 

Of course the view that the common man has of our Movement is 
so screwed up it’s pathetic. Yet in the end it will still come down 
to our being uncompromisingly pro-White, anti-Jew, anti-Black, and 
the revolutionary symbol of the Swastika will yet prove our greatest 
blessing. But there is one - just one - widely held misconception that 
we must work to dispel in the minds of those we may need later on. 
It isn’t either one of the two most ‘common ones: First, that we 
supposedly “gassed” six million Jews and, second, that we are, 
somehow “Communists.” The whining about concentration camps is 
a peacetime, parlor room luxury which will fade fast when hell breaks 
loose and people are looking for killers to be on their own side. What 
better credentials could we possibly have? The absolute stone headed 
rednecks keep on with the “Nazism = Communism” because that’s the 
way they View ALL authoritarianism. However, most of these folks 
know how to hold a rifle and will be recruited to our side FAST when 
general hell breaks its tissue-paper bonds. You might guess all night 
and still not come up with the misconception I’m speaking of. 

While our biggest opponents - the Reds - love to keep using the “Six 
Million” complaint, you will at least notice that they don’t refer to us 
as “Communists.” How silly it would be to call us the very thing that 
they themselves are. (They call us instead “Fascists” which is only 
mildly irritating.) But other than that, those who have the most to fear 
from us and who like to make their name-calling campaigns count, 
claim that we are the last resort of entrenched Capitalism. And if too 
many White workers believe that, we’ve got problems. 

Like the “Six Million” canard, it stems from the National Socialist 
experience in Germany. The fact is that most of the German people 
were healthy in mind and spirit, and were totally in favor of Hitler and 
his programs. This included a high proportion of the upper classes, 
industrialists, etc. They were at least as interested in Germany as in 
their own profits and therefore, in Hitler’s View, still were part of the 

They were not exploiters or usurers but merely successful businessmen 



who got where they were honestly. But to a rabble-rouser or a Red, 
these too are “Capitalists.” It never occurs to the masses of people that 
the REAL “Ugly Capitalist” is our declared Enemy. 
The situation in Germany fifty years ago and in the United States today 
are vastly different regarding the composition of the ruling classes. 
It is a safe generalization to state that the ruling class in America 
has SOLD OUT and has got to go... all the way. That much at least 
the White workers are fast becoming aware of. Hell, things were so 
comparatively healthy in Weimar Germany, as opposed to what they 
are here, that Hitler was fully able to work within the framework of 
that system and WIN! No way in hell we can do that here today!! 
We cannot allow the White worker to believe that we are the friend of the 
System! The best and only way to combat and reverse this is to preach 
revolution, revolution, and more revolution! Smash the System!! We 
must develop and bring into focus our SOCIALIST programs for a 
new society. This means a BREAK with Right Wingism. If we fail in 
this, we could lose. 

[Vol. IX, #6 - Oct., 1980] 

Terms Such As These 

What was that about the kettle calling the pot black? This country 
and in particular this System have been good at name-calling all 
throughout this century and even further back. The word is self- 
righteous. Unless a foreign state is an outright vassal of this one then 
it is no damned good. And from that point they grade up the scale to 
full-blown “enemies,” “evil empires,” etc. 

This or that “dictatorship,” “tyranny,” “fascist state,” and on and on. 
Never mind the circumstances in that nation or in that part of the 
world. Never mind that a particular state of affairs may be the ONLY 
one possible with the alternative being chaos. Never mind the mood 
or the will of that particular people. If it isn’t “democracy” then it’s 
got to go. You’ve seen and heard it a thousand times. 

But as a kid in school I recall what they were trying to teach us what 
passed for “history” and I remember that they had a special epithet 
they were fond of applying to Germany’s ally in the First World 



War, the Austro-Hungarian Empire: “A vast, far-flung, ramshackle, 
polyglot empire.” This is no defense of the Austrian Empire as Hitler 
himself violently and bitterly hated what it was and what it stood for - 
a multi- racial/national amalgam. It did however serve the purpose of 
creating and maintaining peace and order in Central Europe and the 
Balkans until it collapsed in the First World War and was subsequently 
dismantled by the “democratic” Allies. 

If a man fresh from Mars were to take an objective look at the world 
situation as it exists today - with no knowledge or awareness of the 
long since-disappeared Austrian Empire - and would read a term like 
“vast, far flung, polyglot empire,” to what country might he attach 
the description now? Maybe the Soviet Union. Maybe several others. 
But certainly the United States would have to qualify as candidate 
Number One upon whose foot that onerous shoe would snugly fit. 
From ridiculing and deriding a political state created out of dire 
necessity over centuries of terrible wars, and playing a major hand 
in the destruction of that state, the United States itself has BECOME 
just such a similar entity. All that is required now is a contemporary 
catastrophe, an upsetting force like World War One was, and the US. 
will share the identical fate. Except things will be much worse. 
Could the Czechs and Serbs have had as much resentment for the 
Austrians or for each other, as the Blacks and Hispanics have for 
the Whites and for one another here today? Could the “vote of no 
confidence” which the ruling House of Hapsburg received at the 
moment of crisis be as barren as the one this democratic regime 
is getting even now? Could all the aspects of statecraft have been 
arranged then in a more ultimately untenable fashion than they are 
here today? All it took then was a crisis followed by an abdication 
and the entire structure fell to pieces. The number of those who are 
working to engineer such a collapse here, who would welcome such 
a collapse or at least not effectively oppose one, far outweighs the 
number of those who would or could prevent one. 

Such was not the fate of Germany which also suffered defeat and 
abdication. And not so in Russia where the same thing happened. 
In Germany there was one people. In Russia there existed a fresh 
centralized government, ready, willing and able to step in and assume 
command to prevent disintegration. Here again enters the comparison 



with the United States: These groups of people here today hate one 
another and they all despise the government. But there is no alternate 
government currently in shape to take over the reins should something 
unseat the present one. The stage is set. 
When it is over with, the map will certainly have been changed, and 
changed to concur with the racial facts of life. And the map makers will 
have little rest until the renewed racial struggle has been concluded - 
something that may take many years. 
When stability and peace have finally resumed in these latitudes we 
can hope that things won’t resemble a map of Europe after World 
War One but, rather, will contain no artificial and divisive boundaries 
whatsoever - not only from ocean to ocean, but from Panama to the 
North Pole. 

[Vol. XV, #2 - Feb., 1986] 

When As It Happens 

Tricky, introverted and myopic “comparisons” between the sick 
US. and Western societies of today, and the “sick” Weimar society 
of Germany in the 1920’s have been some of the favorite stand-by’s 
of the Right Wing in this country since the end of the War. Clearly, 
something isn’t exactly jelling. 

Revolutionaries can see and know the realities of both situations 
and can’t be kidded, nor do they kid themselves. They haven’t got 
the patience. The question that remains is whether a revolutionary 
movement will arise from out of the older, more reactionary 
movement that we have known, or whether it will arise literally from 
out of nowhere, from among those who have had no experience with 
the tired and dreary old ways of the past. Perhaps what follows will 
provide some of the answer. 

Between living in the past - be it either Reconstruction South or 
Weimar Germany - and harping on a “Jewish Conspiracy,” the 
traditional Movement has no other leg to stand on, ideologically or 
strategically. What’s been happening, and what’s still happening as a 
result, has been the creation of a magnetic force attracting kooks and 
cranks; producing something that is, and appears for all the world to 



be ridiculous; thus making sure that no solid and worthwhile types will 
be recruited or stay for very long; and winds up by scapegoating its 
failures rather than engaging in serious and intelligent re-evaluation 
of its overview and position. 

Latching onto the past as a profession begs for the System and the 
media to heap all their many smears and epithets onto us; is an open 
invitation for the System to pass and enforce such things as “Genocide 
Treaties,” etc.; and because it pretends to work within the System to 
change the System, it leaves room for doubt about those vast numbers 
of “System-entrenched” Whites and opens the way for Movement 
people to write “Dear Mr. President” letters and tell their members 
to “write their Congressmen” and to frantically urge “America” to 
“wake up!.” In reality it’s a dead-end street. 

One thing we all received in our years with the old Movement was a 
thorough education on the Jewish Question. It’s all quite true. There 
is and always has been a Jewish Conspiracy ever since contact has 
existed between Jews and Europeans. I will say that no professional 
revolutionary can hope to be real unless he is fully familiar with each 
aspect of the Jewish Question. It is only part of his basic education. 
Again, it is but one factor among many and this is where the Movement 
has been failing for so long. The fact is that what happened to our 
people and our culture would probably have happened anyway. Maybe 
not so soon, maybe not so drastically. But it would have happened. 
Going back to the close of the Renaissance period, the Jews never 
could have gotten their foot in the door of Western Civilization unless 
something had not already been amiss in the basic structure and 
outlook of things. One can point an accusing finger at “democracy” as 
being responsible for aliens entering into our affairs, but never forget 
that “democracy” in practice, in law, is a most recent development 
and only came about after the Jews and their allies got the upper hand 
in government matters. When the Jews made their entrance upon the 
scene, they were allowed in by the very leaders themselves - the kings 
and emperors, the upper classes. For who else had the power and 
decision-making ability to control this back then, before “democracy”? 
The Jews are aiders and abettors in this. They are specialists when it 
comes to alien corruption and they are certainly reaping their share 
of the profits from it all. And though the number of them directly 



involved in it condemns them by proportion to their total population, 
the Beast System is still basically manned and. operated by renegade, 
sold-out Whites. What we are fighting has always been, and will 
always be, a sickness from within. 

Blame? The cause and the well-spring for all of this can be located but 
it would be a mistake to seek merely to place a blame. It’s been going 
on for too long now, it is too deeply entrenched in today’s lives to try 
to isolate things and individuals. But if we were to identify where it 
all comes from, what sustains it and who profits most from it at the 
expense of the race itself, then where else and who else could we look 
to other than the ruling, upper classes of society? Those that let the 
Jews in in the first place, those that took them to their bosom, those 
that always set the newest “trends” for perversion and degeneracy, 
those that get richer while we get poorer, those who in their Vilest, 
foulest depths of anti-life numbness find their final kicks in drugs 
and consorting with racial aliens. And with their government in one 
hand and their Hollywood in the other, seek to reduce the rest of the 
population to their own level of decadence. I might add that their 
success in this isn’t far enough away from 

completion to merit any discussion of just “how far.” 

The final word, the last comparison between here and now and there 
and then with regard to repeating Hitler’s miracle in Germany would 
involve a statement made by Albert Speer in later years as he sought 
to further acquit himself, further glorify himself, and further condemn 
Hitler in his highly lucrative written and televised accounts of life in 
the Third Reich. Speer said, quite correctly, that the reason Hitler’s 
rise in Germany was so fast and so certain was because the very BEST 
in German society were behind him. This explains why the entire 
German nation had to be incinerated in the course of the War, why 
their entire government had to be murdered. It wasn’t just a man or a 
party, it was the whole country, or at least those elements that counted 
most. And so Hitler’s Movement was not the kooky, funny thing we 
see here in America today. It was truly representative of the will of the 
German people. 

If you haven’t caught onto the secret yet, then I will spell out for you 
why any such comparison between then and now is a totally lame 
one. True, the Weimar society was a sick one. But it was a sickness 



suddenly and forcibly attached to Germany at the highest levels. 
The people themselves saw it and hated it and were ready for Hitler 
when he made his appearance. In all, Weimar lasted fifteen years. 
Here the sickness has been coming along, unabated, for at least three 
generations and probably more. It’s their own baby and they love it. 
They wouldn’t be parted from it. It’s part of “Americanism.” This 
sickness is home-grown and it is from the inside out. 

What sort of Movement would it take to represent the will of the 
American people today? With some variations, several are already on 
the scene and, I might add, none of them remotely resemble anything 
National Socialist. Then too, there is no “American People,” only 
Whites who, for the most part, have lost all racial pride and identity. 
But they are only reflections of what their rulers, the upper classes, 
have made themselves into. In a plutocracy, which this is, the wealthy 
decide and control the mold of the society, how the future generations 
will take shape. And, like any god, they can predictably be expected 
to fashion the people of the future in their own image. Meet the future 
today as it was envisioned forty and fifty years ago! And tomorrow? 
When we speak of the best we have no choice but to speak in very real 
and very practical terms. Yes, racially best, of course. But best when 
it comes to profession. Best when it comes to training and education. 
Best when it actually comes to shouldering and maintaining the 
country and the economy. Best in practice and performance. These 
were the people who supported Hitler in Germany. But who are they, 
where are they, WHAT are they here, today? 

In terms of American and Western societies in the present day, what I 
described in the above paragraph, collectively, can only be referred to 
as Pigs of the System and Establishment. And there, in a nutshell you 
have the chances of repeating what Hitler accomplished in the 1920’s 
and *30’s. These people went gladly off to kill Germany. 

The White upper classes - which, make no mistake, rule this land - 
have long since been alienated from their own people, their own past. 
The great struggles and causes of White history are forgotten; today 
these people are merely managers and custodians, albeit damned 
well-paid ones at that; the West is no longer in competition against 
any colored’s; it has become the “White Man’s Burden” run amok 
there is no longer any “them” or “us” for all are “happy” together in 



“democracy” (at least in theory); all is liberalism; all is materialism. 
Jews are only a minority in this but they do manage to swim so very 
well in this open sewer they have helped to create. But the sick Whites 
are vying each to out-do the other in order to catch up and be the most 
“in” of the “in crowd.” 
We’re talking about a very large body of people who have sold out, 
or, perhaps better put, have burnt out. With no Vital signs left. Yet, to 
remove them would be to see the US. at an end. Not to remove them 
will be to see another Africa arise on the North American Continent. 
It is not so much a conspiracy as it is a head being out of touch with 
its body but yet striving to make certain that the body becomes as vile 
and perverse as the head, thus spelling doom for the entire organism. A 
ruling body with its own, peculiar world View in which they believe, 
for they are quite sincere. The Whites of this country and indeed most 
of the West have been betrayed by their own rotten leaders. Yes, their 
natural leaders, the nation’s elite! That is why no renaissance can be 
possible here. Only revolution. 
It must be DEATH to an entire strata of the population... 
..and a new, fresh ruling elite established from the ranks of the natural 
peasantry or yeomanry, before that too has been eaten away from the 
inside out and nothing remains of it. 

[Vol. XV, #3 - Mar, 1986] 

an & 
"a : 
if J 







“There is no justice in bureaucracy for the individual, for bureaucracy 
caters only to itself. One cannot practice the same bureaucracy as one 
is fighting against.” 

-Leon Trotsky 

“A great revolution requires a great party and many first rate cadres 
to guide it. is impossible to carry through our great revolution, 
which is unprecedented in history, if the leadership consists of a small, 
narrow group and if the Party leaders and cadres are petty-minded, 
short sighted and incompetent.” 

-Mao Tse-Tung 

“All you fakers are in for it. I begged you on my knees and you didn’t 

listen and now I can’t hear you.” 
-Charles Manson 


EI Stupido 

The worst critics of the Armed Struggle are inside the Movement. 
If you want to be told how “not to do it”, just consult the “Phony 
Fuhrers”. For some very good reasons do they fear and reject the 
concept of the 

Armed Struggle. It is because you can be a damned, total fool in the 
Mass Strategy and still live. You cannot be thus in the Armed Struggle. 
You can be a complete incompetent and an abject failure in the Mass 
Strategy and yet still live to formulate clever and complicated reasons 
to hide or justify your failure. You can get away with being a faker 
and a blowhard within the Mass Strategy and no one can tell you apart 
from those who may be sincere. You can eke out a “living” as a Mass 
Strategy mail-order fraud but the Armed Struggle holds no reward 
unless made a total success. It is therefore a decidedly uninviting 
climate for the fakers and the kooks. I’ve always said that the Mass 
Strategy could have been made to work under the proper leadership, 
such as provided by Commander Rockwell, but the sad and sorry 
types we see today are incapable of anything except amplifying and 
expounding upon the intricacies of insanity. They can’t even do what 
they claim to be doing and so no wonder they have no understanding of 
the Armed Struggle. Those stupid idiots who, when thinking in terms 
of the Mass Idea, envision marching columns decked out in German 
uniforms would naturally also think of a stereotyped, Hollywood- 
style “urban guerrilla” scenario in regard to the Armed Struggle. One 
is as stupid and impossible as the other except that the former will 
only get you laughed at while the latter one will get you killed. They 
are constitutionally incapable of getting their minds away from stale, 
sterile and programmed, obsolete ideas. If this isn’t the description of 
a professional loser then I don’t know what is. If there is one kernel, 
one basic thread that can be used to sum up the NSLF line of thought, 
it must be: To go for the possible and forget the impossible. The 
types I’ve just referred to are also unable to recognize or differentiate 
between these two things. One has to maintain and strive to increase 
his grip over reality in order to be able to see and to know what is 
obvious and therefore where the 



appropriate course is. At this point we are dictated to by circumstances 
and have no real choices. The situation is clear. Those who shrink 
from reality and go off in search of the unreal give away much about 
themselves. The situation that is clear is that the deadlock must be 
broken by any means necessary. The “Phony Fuhrers”, true to form, 
have it “bass ackwards” when they blurt: “Everything for Power!” In 
fact there can be no power other than Big Brother’s power as long as 
Big Brother lives and functions. If we’ve learned anything in twenty 
years, we have learned that! The revolutionary call is “Death to Big 
Brother!”, and until that time the only “power” exerted by our side 
will come from nowhere else but heroes like Fred Cowan, Joseph 
Franklin, the Men of Greensboro, the .22 Killer of Buffalo, etc. In 
many, if not most of the cases, the sacrifice is an expensive one. But 
it means action and only action gains results. The rest is hot air. Let 
‘em come right out and state that this most vicious and animal-level 
struggle can be won without sacrifices! 
Big Brother’s power must be broken by any means necessary. One 
great man added to that, “by any means we can find or invent”. The 
key word is “invent”. The stupid ones will always take it to mean 
something “classic”, something that’s “been tried”, in other words 
something Big Brother has long ago predicted that may well be tried 
and therefore is perfectly ready, willing and able to deal with. Another 
great man has said, “No sense makes sense”, in dealing with the all- 
seeing, all-knowing, all-powerful Big Brother System. Big Brother 
may be watching but is Big 
Brother comprehending?? 

[Vol. X, #4 - April, 1981] 

The Numbers Game 

It seems like the entire estimation of the Movement - not only by the 
general public but by the members themselves - has revolved around 
the question, “How many?” Earlier we’ve spoken of “Phase One”, or 
the days of the old American Nazi Party of George Lincoln Rockwell. 
In the comparatively short time Rockwell was running things he made 
a much bigger splash than have any of his followers... 


James Mason in uniform in the mid 70’s, when the American 
Nazi Movement came “damned close to starting something” 

and I can’t think of an instance where Rockwell was able to even put as 
many as fifty uniformed men on the streets for a single demonstration. 
One hundred troopers marched down the middle of Euclid Avenue in 
Cleveland in the fall of 1973 and the news blackout was such that it 
hardly made a ripple. The reason goes beyond the paper curtain of 
the Establishment media - it concerns real leadership, leadership-type 
activity, personal dynamism and true revolutionary spirit. 



Though we sometimes call ourselves a “party” we are hardly that in the 
same sense as Democrats or Republicans. For the sake of comparison 
however let’s compare ourselves with these two ruling bodies. I can 
make the comparison very short and sweet: Taken altogether, how 
many millions of members or regular voters can they claim? A lot, 
certainly. How large is their annual budget? Certainly in the millions. 
Titularly they control the country. But with all the fine speeches and 
good hopes, etc., and with all their apparent power, the country’s slide 
into hell gets more rapid all the time. In truth they are POWERLESS 
for they represent the dead weight of numbers, embodied in old habit 
and inertia. 

The issue is truly quality over quantity. Rockwell had envisioned 
three, and at one point even four phases to the taking of power in 
the United States but he lived only to see the completion of the first 
of these: Breaking the blackout, the news quarantine, and becoming 
widely known. He himself defined “Phase Two” as the gathering-in 
of trained, hardened, professional political agitators such as those the 
Reds are blessed with in good numbers. As he knew, any idiot can run 
out and get his face in the newspaper, but to back it up with something 
positive is another matter. The ill-famed “marginal types” - the heroes 
of “Phase One” - have proven a plague to us today. All show and blow, 
never any real go. 

The man who claims to be in charge of carrying out “Phase Two” has 
done nothing but retrogress to the point at which things stood in 1973. 
His idea of “Phase Two” was a cadre of mindless “yes men” owing 
loyalty to him personally and basically going on the Fuhrer Principle 
in the stark absence of a Fuhrer. Instead of building a core for the 
purpose of fomenting revolution, he didn’t even succeed in building a 
decent personal cult around himself. What came out of this 

craziness was a thing that was termed the “eighteen-month syndrome”. 
A fresh recruit would come to the Party all set and ready for work, to 
contribute significantly ofhimself, to see action and to sacrifice. Instead 
he got bullshit. Mainly a lot of silly “do’s” and “don’ts”, restrictions 
on how to wear his hair, restrictions on his clothing style, demands for 
paying exorbitant dues and “tithes” which somehow never produced 
a single result, and generally was relegated to treading water. Ninety- 
nine percent could stand it for no more than about eighteen months. 



The number of precious volunteers LOST in this manner could have 
made up a revolutionary core had they been handled right. 

That strategy has been self-defeated and that segment of the Movement 
has been, and shall remain, numerically - and in every other way - 
static. Whether you have a hundred or a hundred thousand, it doesn’t 
matter if the strategy is all wrong and if the only authority being exerted 
is of a negative nature. It is the so-called “Mass Strategy” and its 
promulgators. A strategy based on falsehood that hasn’t got a chance. 
The old Party generally could claim about a thousand adherents 
(a little less most of the time). Usually when asked by the press or 
anyone else, we'd tell them in answer to questions of membership 
numbers, “Those who know don’t tell and those who tell don’t know”. 
Another snappy come back to that embarrassing question was, “Not 
as many as we’d like to have but more than they’d like for us to have”. 
That was the old numbers game - all quite useless and ridiculous. 
Tommasi’s NSLF underground in 1975 had about four men. But those 
four men had the Reds and Blacks TERRIFIED and crying to the 
System (which they supposedly hated) for PROTECTION! That’s 
because those in the NSLF underground were MEN, Tommasi was a 
LEADER, and his was an ORGANIZATION. 

Those who think we need millions - or even tens of thousands - have 
no understanding. We don’t desire merely to dominate or monopolize 
in the manner of Democrats or Republicans. We’re not content with 
mere power if it means the continued decline of the White Race the 
way we are seeing it today. We have much more than this to do: Radical 
programs to be enforced, a huge but rotten System to be gotten out of 
the way first, etc. It can only be done by a sharp cutting edge, never 
by muscle-bound bulk. The ruling parties are monstrously huge, fat 
and rich but they are rotten to the core and threaten to pull the country 
down with them if they are allowed to do so. We are tiny but desperate 
and the conditions imposed upon us have made us hard as steel and 
sharp as razors. Let me just jog your imagination by unequivocally 
stating that four men properly motivated and determined - could set 
this country on its EAR overnight! And what’s more, we don’t need to 
sit about like helpless old ladies and WISH it were so - we have them, 
and more, NOW! Shall you be with us in grappling with and mastering 
reality or will you remain among the useless dreamers and escapists 



wishing things were other than what they are? As revolutionaries we 
know only one compulsion - CIRCUMSTANCES as we find them, 
the way they exist - in short, REALITY! 

[ Vol. IX, #5 - Sept, 1980] 

Twilight Of the Idiots 

I know we’re not just whistling up our sleeve because we have come 
damned close to starting something a number of times in the past 
ten years. But each time it always gets derailed by some IDIOT in a 
position of influence or control! They don’t want to rock the boat too 
badly for fear of provoking the System; or that’s not exactly the way 
they think it should be done; or that practice is uncouth and immoral; 
or they don’t happen to like this or that person; or it might cut into 
their own, tiny membership or book sales profit; or they just flat can’t 
stand to see anyone else get any credit. In fourteen years at this I have 
encountered only ONE individual high up that turned out to be a paid 
agent. And he succeeded in getting two people locked up. A feat that 
the Right Wing is famous for doing all by itself! But no agent I know of 
has ever been responsible for fouling up entire efforts, wrecking entire 
undertakings, whole movements. That’s always been the handiwork 
of the damned FAKERS and IDIOTS who pass themselves off as 

Those who have been around for any time, think back to when things 
were looking really hopeful, when it appeared almost certain we 
were on the verge of a breakthrough. Mysteriously, it collapsed every 
time. After having witnessed this on several occasions, I became able 
to tell when a leader or a group had “ceilinged out” and was about to 
crash to bits. A peak was reached by almost accident which couldn’t 
be held, built-in incompetence took over and devastation was the 
result. I am convinced it has not been the work of agents. For one 
thing, I’ve been close to too many of these so-called “leaders” and I 
know whereof I speak. They are incapable of team effort which is the 
heart and core of genuine organization. Fear, jealousy, paranoia, plain 
stupidity - you name it! And yet they all want to be “Fuhrer”! 

The symbolism has not been in error. It’s just that the endemic NUTS 



from the Right Wing work their way into control positions and proceed 
to poison everything. The one exception to this since Rockwell was 
Joseph Tommasi and his NSLF approach. 

Tommasi’s secret was that he essentially stopped talking and started 
doing. He said that all talk, all discussion, was counter-revolutionary. 
The situation has been talked to death and still they go on talking! 
Tommasi also knew the real difference between useless effort and 
effective action practically applied. It boils down to the real reason the 
“Twilight of the Idiots” exists right now. One generation ago, Rockwell 
devised a strategy aimed at unseating the Jews and other anti-Whites 
from power in the United States. It depended on his “Phase One” 
which was to break through the paper curtain that the media had had 
in total force for nearly twenty years previous. It was to let them know 
that true White leadership did exist and to be ready for them when 
the going got rough enough, they were jolted from their slumber, and 
were ready to dump the Democrat-Republican shell game. 
Rockwell’s fledgling American Nazi Party wouldn’t have lasted 
overnight against Bobby Kennedy’s Justice Department if the System 
had been able to pin just ONE act of terrorism on the Party or one of its 
members. Further, such violent acts in those day were the trademark of 
the Reds and Blacks still struggling to attain the foothold they desired. 
The American people hated these anti-social stunts and Rockwell 
couldn’t afford to be identified with the Enemy. So he was confined to 
walking a thin, red line of legality, to performing dangerous and costly 
political handstands to attract press attention and to get himself and 
his organization known to the American people and not 

just a few Right Wingers. Rockwell succeeded in this and now the 
generic term of “American Nazi Party” is universally accepted 
as a fact of life. Let us now get OFF that phase and begin DOING 
something with it! The reason the old B.S. just can’t cut it anymore 
is simply because the old tactics depended totally on sensationalism 
and with the national and world situation the way it is, merely waving 
a Swastika is no longer enough. The Swastika has, if anything, been 
overworked and abused. There’s been nothing behind it until now. To 
tell these idiots and fakers that what is now called for is revolutionary 
action goes over about as well as “Hitler at a bar mitzvah.” And that is 
why we are dying on the vine today! 



Our message can only be convened through ACTION henceforth. 
And our actions must be so calculated that they speak clearly for 

[Vol. IX, #4 - Aug, 1980] 

To Build A Movement 

There is no question that there has GOT to be some form of Movement 
- however rudimentary - already in existence prior to any major 
disruption in national communication if we are to hope for any success 
over all others whose whole ideology is bound up in the assumption of 
the continuation of the present System. 

We have all the elements. It can be done and MUST be done. If I 
were to name a handful of the chief bugaboos which have consistently 
fouled up the many past efforts toward establishing a true Movement, 
one of the primary ones would surely be the perennial phenomenon of 
the personality clash. Two people, or two or more cliques of people, 
who just aren’t personally compatible, who surely would make for 
a lousy marriage, but who, in the end, just aren’t DISCIPLINED or 
DEDICATED enough to realize what the hell they are supposed to be 
doing. Of course it only takes one half of a personality clash to foul 
up the entire works and create unnecessary division and, nine times 
out of ten, a case of utterly insane fraternal back-biting. A case of two 
types of people: Those too busy doing their jobs to play games, whom 
others love to seek out as “enemies”; and those who are so ineffectual 
at fighting the real Enemy they need to pick on someone more their 
own size and infinitely “safer”, i.e. someone in the Movement. 

Now it may be reasonably argued that, in reference to the latter group, 
anyone so terminally stupid as that can’t legitimately be thought of as 
being part of the Movement. It may sound logical, but it is too easy. 
Too easy because it takes in most of those who make up the present 
Movement. So at second glance, one answer appears to me: A form 
of elitism - as distinctly opposed to snobbery - by which those among 
that former group mentioned in the above paragraph, after identifying 
one another positively, get together on a cordial yet working basis and 
take concrete steps to guard themselves and their efforts against the 



idiotic machinations of the latter group (which could perhaps more 
accurately be looked upon as a misplaced and mutinous rank-and- 
file with completely false pretenses to leadership). In other words, 
exercise their unified superiority, take the direction and control of the 
Movement OUT of the hands of the second group and, through proper 
techniques of organization and management, put the rank-and-file 
types BACK TO WORK where they belong. 
The breakdown in leadership has gone on for too long and is having 
the effect of wearing down the Movement in all areas for lack of 
direction. The time has come for the actual, natural leadership of the 
Movement to, of their own initiative, come together and actually form 
that much-talked of LEADERSHIP CADRE, the first of many to 
come, and put this Movement on track and MAKE something of it! 
[Vol. XI, #2 - Feb., 1982] 

Boys From Brazil 

Last month I had the dubious “opportunity” of seeing the film by that 
name which took enormous, stupendous liberties with the identity of 
a still living person - Dr. Josef Mengele - by placing him as a central 
character, played by Gregory Peck, in a fictitious Hollywood pot- 
boiler and actually killing him off in the film! Never before have I seen 
this done. (Not to get off my main subject but to draw an important 
parallel, how many of you have seen, heard, or read about Mrs. Doris 
Tate’s national campaign to deny parole to those members of the 
Manson Family involved in the killings of 1969? Major national 
tabloids have given her full-page coverage and have even supplied 
COUPONS for people to sign, clip and mail to the California Parole 
Authority! Never before!) Double standard? I guess. 

But as screwy as the plot of “The Boys From Brazil” was, i.e. the 
cloning of dozens of Adolf Hitler’s in the modern world, in a film 
made not very many years ago, what the Movement itself has been 
doing for over twenty years is even screwier: Thinking that by dressing 
and acting like Hitler that similar results as his might be gained. There 
are those who deck themselves out - not in serious, dignified National 
Socialist attire - but in authentic World War Two German costumes 



complete with decorations, awards and insignia rank of that period. 
I don’t know which is worse, rendering themselves utterly ridiculous 
or insulting the memory of genuine heroes. We have those who 
sport Hitler hairdos and moustaches and no fewer than at least one 
individual in the US. South who actually bills himself as “Adolf Hitler 
JUNIOR”! And people wonder where the term lunatic fringe comes 
Worse and more destructive than the obvious clowns that no one takes 
seriously are the “Poor Men’s Hitler’s” - those who take themselves 
seriously and those who are taken seriously by the Movement as 
“leaders”. Names need not be mentioned. Worse still is the actual 
syndrome I have often witnessed of those totally inferior and unworthy 
types who try and pattern themselves off these very same overblown 
losers all in the name of ego-caressing. With this as a general condition, 
it can be no wonder why the Movement is in a mess. And this has been 
one of the BIGGEST mistakes that I long ago swore to have nothing 
to do with in any of my own dealings. It is perhaps the easiest to spot 
as it is the easiest to steer away from of all the common pitfalls. The 
problem is it forces you out in search of fresh human resources as it 
will automatically eliminate 99% of the existing Movement as the 
hobbyists, weirdoes, freaks and geeks that they are. 

[Vol. XII, #4 - Apr., 1983] 

Lessons Learned the Hard Way 

Among the areas for greatest attention this time if old errors are not 
to be repeated would be the scrupulous avoidance of another ego-cult 
built around another self-styled “Fuhrer”. Instead of being any sort of 
requirement, it has proven to be a deadly liability. With each man at 
his proper post doing his utmost without fanfare, it will soon enough 
become clear whether we have in our presence a true “Leader of 
Leaders”. Until such time, we can do extremely well by maintaining 
a correct chain-of command, seniority of those with proven track 
records, authority with responsibility based on ‘ability to perform 
and gain results. There are many effective ways we can operate and 
go forward while at the same time developing and bringing true 



leadership to the fore. When we speak of independence we primarily 
mean functional independence so that no one is crying out for this or 
that, no one carries an unfair load but most importantly that no one 
gets too much strategic CONTROL. One of the worst mistakes made 
in 1976, which I personally walked into with my eyes wide open as 
I knew I was taking a calculated but necessary risk, was depending 
on outside sources for our printed propaganda. This is especially the 
case with regular publications as it puts far, far too much control into 
hands whose sole function is to be at the beck and call of the political 
leadership of the Movement, rather than expecting to play the part 
of “mastermind” because they happen to own press equipment. I 
repeat, anyone who enters into an arrangement of this nature treads 
on dangerously thin ice and gives up a very large measure of true 
independence. Each unit of any size MUST have its own, private 
source of creating its printed propaganda. 

Another error to be avoided this time is excessive splintering, the kind 
of which we saw in 1976 and 1977. When the NSPA (National Socialist 
Party of America) was taken out of the parent group (the NSWPP), 
it provided an alternative for those favoring the Mass Strategy idea. 
When Tommasi took the NSLF faction out of the NSWPP in 1974 
he created the first group of National Socialists committed to Armed 
Struggle. And both of these were based in major US. cities. But it was 
no time before things started taking on a definitely kooky disposition 
when any disgruntled supporter in Podunk Hollow who had a p.o. 
box was trying to get into the act with weird sounding names and 
even weirder looking uniforms. That’s dissipation and it is NO 
GOOD! These neighborhood NS circles rightfully should serve as 
the meat and muscle to the brain and nervous system of the bonafide 
NS centers. They should not go off on their merry way and become 
drains that sidetrack critically needed centralized funds and nationally 
coordinated activities. During 1976-77 there was an absolute dearth of 
mutual honesty and respect which, once the initial monkey wrenches 
got tossed into the works, lead to the rapid collapse of the entire 
structure. There was no true LOYALTY. Once the first opportunist 
played his hand against one legitimate segment of the Movement, 
and because he owned printing presses, the rest bent completely over 
backward in futile and disgusting pleas for 



“reconciliation”, instead of demanding loyalty first to THEIR OWN. 
That attitude of screw-your-buddy for some material advantage (real 
or imagined, and at a high price) is what provided for the quick 
dismantlement of what little had been built up in that short time. There 
has GOT TO BE ABSOLUTE LOYALTY to a higher ideal and that 
POWER OVER THE STATE. It must be correctness and not short- 
range opportunism, egoism or materialism! Hitler talks a lot about 
correctness in Mein Kampf. If correctness were in any way bound up 
in how much money or how many assets a group or individual has, 
then the Zionist Capitalists would have us dead to rights. One line that 
did arise from the 1976-77 period was “Function Before Form”. The 
only way to do away with rivalries is to outline at the start the true 
FUNCTION and PURPOSE in everything from groups to officers to 
publications, etc. At the same time we will increase our potential by the 
specialization of distinct branches of operation such as the political, 
the paramilitary and the administrative. We cannot tolerate any longer 
a dozen or so “jacks of all trades and masters of none”, each purporting 
to be a “leader” and have a “group”, and each getting in the way of 
the other so that no one gets anywhere. Through true specialization of 
both function and purpose we will put an end to the idiotic syndrome 
of “all chiefs and no Indians” and shall then raise the beginnings of 
a real POLITICAL ARMY! Not everything associated with the old 
concept of “National Headquarters” should be completely rejected. 
For one thing I am a believer in UNIFORMITY because it builds 
unity and esprit de corps and looks impressive as hell to all outsiders. 
Hand-in-hand must come DISCIPLINE without which there is nothing 
remotely resembling a true and effective organization. We want no 
more clown costumes passing for NS uniforms and we want no more 
“generalissimos” whose sole function has been to underscore and 
reinforce DISUNITY and provide gaming material for self-appointed 
shrewdies wanting to play chess with live figurines. A straight brown 
and black paramilitary uniform as defined in 1973 remains the best 
and most practical way to go for any National Socialist. For the rest, 
we are so damned small and tightly-knit that any further distinction 
or rank shall be found in the name and face of the wearer of this 
simple uniform and the reputation he has built by his ACTIONS. May 



we see a return to dignity and sobriety in this manner. Because there 
are two major divisions in the Movement - Mass Strategy and Armed 
Struggle - notice should be served that those who want to wear the 
uniform should LOOK THE PART. Those who would instead rather 
remain in distinguishable from the masses for purposes of being part 
of the underground had better be ready to ACT THE PART. Because 
now we must base our reliance upon INNER DISCIPLINE in order 
to get this Movement on to the kind of footing it must have before 
discipline can be enforced externally. Until we are able to properly 
and competitively pay a professional, full-time staff and until we are 
confident enough of ourselves to effectively punish transgressors, we 
must rely upon our own self-discipline if we are to go forward. This 
calls for certain intelligence, certain maturity, certain commitment. 
For those who in the least way aspire to any leadership role in the 
Movement, then it also requires a certain self-denial, a placing of the 
Movement above one’s own self. 

[Vol.X, #12 - Dec., 1981] 

In Reverse 

It’s gotten to sound like an old cliché to say that the Right Wing has been 
going about things backwards but, upon real examination, that turns 
out to be precisely the case. Blueprints for successful revolutionary 
movements have been set down for us from Hitler to Rockwell to 
Tommasi and any number of other great revolutionaries not of the 
National Socialist spirit. Why then has the Movement continued to 
attach itself to the decrepit and utterly ridiculous Right Wing and 
chosen a course that has perennially doomed itself to failure? 

In the monumental classic film of ‘inspiration, “Triumph of the Will’, 
Hitler says words to the effect that in our belief and our overview we 
must be rock-hard, but in our tactics we must always be flexible. The 
essence of genius is the ability to spot the super-obvious principles of 
life - things so obvious that the majority can’t see them - and to put 
them into as few simple words as possible. Hitler did that when he 
made this observation of revolutionary procedure. But the Right Wing 
would rather dress up like him and go on about things dead backwards 



than heeding his words from the start. It’s been a case in the past of the 
two approaches of totality and flexibility misapplied and misdirected 
- quite literally inverted in a strategy and overview tailor-made for 
defeat, which can only be termed “out of this world”. When a person or 
group flies in the face of established and proven principles, the results 
are entirely predictable. I came to see the predictability of it all long 
before I was able to figure out “why” it was so. Never for an instant 
did I doubt the truth of the Cause and never did I relent in my hatred of 
the System. At first, one was almost compelled to state that the entire 
Movement was made up of idiots and born losers as being the reason 
for all the flat, dismal failures of such a noble Cause in the midst of 
such a dire situation. But wait! The System and the Establishment are 
LOADED with the same kind of fools and retards and, as far as the 
power structure is concerned, are doing quite nicely. We’ve got our 
share of real bums but that, however, is not the explanation. 

The leadership, up till now, has been responsible for the failure, as 
leadership - or lack of it - always is. And a great deal of these people 
were and are highly educated, formerly professional men who could 
compare quite favorably against most System bureaucrats with regard 
to personal ability and qualifications. But it matters not how brilliant 
or well-trained you are, how many good people you have or how hard 
you all work and sacrifice IF your basic premise is off. And it is that 
above all other causes for the consistent Right Wing failure over the 
decades. I’ll attempt to examine exactly why it is. 

The Right Wing - which includes most of what I call the Movement 
- fights its battles with the System on a piecemeal basis, choosing 
a “cause”, an “issue”, a “crusade” here and there. It’s always a lost 
cause going in and by the time the Movement gets its teeth into the 
meat of it, something new has come along. They actually play poor 
runner-up to the shell-gaming of the System media. At the same time, 
Movement groups go after their members with a raging demand for 
total conformity to a pattern that is unreal and call for perfection 
in their human material. Regulation haircuts, clothing standards, 
minimums of (worthless) literature to be bought and - presumably 
- distributed, a certain percentage of their income to be pledged 
(wasted) each month, demonstrations (ridiculous) to be staged minus 
the necessary personnel to do it right and minus a public which gives 



a damn. PLUS, I should add, strict adherence to the “Fuhrerprinzip” 
(regardless of what any non-Nazi group may wish to call it). To even 
QUESTION is an automatic out. Is this not about the size of it? 

A revolutionary organization would do it the other way around. To a 
revolutionary there are no “issues”, no “campaigns”. The only concern 
is the destruction of the existing order, the existing power. In complete 
truth, most if not all of the “issues” the Movement has wasted its 
time and effort coming out against in the past are some of the very 
things which will HELP DESTROY the hated System! From Vietnam 
to drugs to abortion to bussing to illegal immigration, etc., they have 
willingly adopted the LOSING SIDE of the “issue”. The System is 
historically DOOMED and these things are just a part of the TIDE OF 
DESTRUCTION that is going to engulf it. Sure a bunch of Jews may 
be cashing in on it, as they have historically done, but so what?! Of 
course, we all know the REASON that the Movement has taken the 
stance it always has in the past - because these things were all “bad” 
for the White people and, through our public demonstrations 

against these things, we hoped and expected to gain massive White 
support for our cause. THIS STRATEGYNEVER, AT ANY TIME, 

The Movement has been indulging in a lot of wishful thinking 
and, very basically, has been thinking with its heart, emotionally. A 
revolutionary thinks strictly with his brain, his highest intelligence, 
with regard for practicalities alone. 

A revolutionary also assumes a vastly different approach to the matter 
of human resources. This is not the future. This is the present. Even 
as Robert Lloyd once commented to me in 1969, not a single one of 
us is even a reflection of the kind of person we want to see inhabit 
the planet in centuries to come: To go even further, there’s no use 
even worrying about it or trying to “fake it”. Rather, work for the fall 
of the monster System that, if it keeps itself in power indefinitely, 
will spell the absolute end for any hope of a better future. That is 
primary. NOTHING can be done for our people as long as the System 
lives and exerts its influence. Now, I ask you, what kind of “clean-cut, 
moral, law-abiding and upstanding citizen” does it require to tackle 
a job like that? The great Russian anarchist, Bakunin, described the 
qualifications well: 



“The lost man, who has no belongings, no outside interests, no 
personal ties of any sort - not even a name. Possessed of but one 
thought, interest and passion - the revolution. A man who has broken 
with Society, broken with its laws and conventions. He must despise 
the opinions of others, and be prepared for death and torture at any 
time. Hard towards himself, he must be hard to others, and in his heart 
there must be no place for love, friendship, gratitude or even honor.” 
As for leadership, Tommasi put it best when he wrote that the leaders 
are those who are DOING IT. Those with backgrounds in National 
Socialism reaching back more than a decade will recall the so-called 
“leader” who ousted Tommasi from the Party for being “too 
Revolutionary’, for having had women in the headquarters (horrors!), 
for having had marijuana in the headquarters (more horrors!), for 
using the System in order to strengthen the revolutionary organization 
(unethical), and for attacking the System, destroying it physically and 
materially (illegal). It’s only been ten years since his death and the 
blossoming of the full-scale revolution may yet be a long way off but 
his name is remembered and known in more quarters than the “leader” 
who dismissed him. 

The only totality we can apply currently with success is in our own 
view toward the System, the Enemy. When we attempt to apply it 
to new people, new adherents to the Movement, we achieve only an 
inward looking cult; we alienate good people who are committed but 
still of a level-headed, reasoning nature. We open the field for nuts 
and tin-horns who are willing to put up with, and even add to, the 
nonsense in order to be a bigger part of it and, worst of all, we stifle 
fresh genius. It is a low view, held only by those who can’t handle the 
Enemy and choose instead to tyrannize the membership and make 
people over while pretending to attack small surface symptoms of a 
far more serious problem (and falling flat even at that). 

In applying a strategy of totality toward the System instead, we find 
ourselves keeping up a constant pressure against it where it counts; 
on a never-ending, day-to-day basis, we begin to lay the groundwork 
for a truly popular front and rid ourselves of the label of “kooks”, 
“reactionaries” and “fascists”; we develop a true ideology, a 
worldview, and in living it rather than playing at it we eventually 
become larger, greater than the Enemy itself; we assume the advantage, 



the OFFENSIVE, and through our self discipline and diligent efforts, 
we become the embryonic government-to-be, more than worthy and 
capable of taking over the reigns once the present government is gone. 
To the opposite side, the only area in which we can AFFORD to be 
flexible is that of our own people. The System is ruthless, unfeeling, 
unrelenting and so must we be toward it. We are our only best hope, 
we are our only best friends, we are all that we have and it would 
behoove us all to take better care and have better regard in our mutual 
dealings. Decency, intelligence and plain practicality when applied to 
new people - and current ones as well - would result in the attraction 
of new talent and better exploitation of existing talent, it would 
encourage initiative, it would encourage greater overall loyalty, and 
through the feeling of community, it would make us far less vulnerable 
to System attacks. Only through these means will we be able to enjoy 
and employ the equally primary principles of selection in building an 
effective Movement. Only through dealing with larger numbers - by 
not driving them away - can we develop the levels of action and 
leadership necessary to a revolutionary movement. The best will 
discipline themselves and work harder and meet with greater success. 
The rest will serve to augment these successes. 
When, as it has been, the Movement imagines it can assume a flexible 
stance and approach to the vicious beast that is the System, then a 
sense of direction lessness, airlessness and general confusion reigns. 
The System calls every shot. No one knows what’s next. There is a 
lack of seriousness, of real purpose, not to mention an unending series 
of defeats. Because of this there develops the “clubism”, conservatism, 
reaction. The group is, in effect, a PART of the Establishment and, 
because there is no real, long-range attack plan, it becomes full of 
dabblers. Flexibility when applied to the AIM absolutely precludes 
decisive action. (And a lot of idealistic hopes do not constitute an 
AIM.) Revolutionary discipline must mean that WE will be the single 
survivor in a war against the System, a TOTAL WAR against the 
System. Revolutionary lenience must mean that we will gladly accept 
the help of all who are willing to work and to fight; we will enlist the 
help of all. 

[Vol. XIV, #9 - Sept., 1985] 


Where History Stopped 

It never hurts to possess a comprehensive understanding of history and 
the development of Aryan culture, not to mention that of our enemies. 
This however requires much time and study, that is, assuming that 
one can even get hold of the required literature for such study. For 
purposes of revolutionary understanding as well as revolutionary 
recruiting, all that needs to be comprehended well are the occurrences 
of the past century. It’s all contained there within the span of a few 
short generations: The fall of the White Race from the very heights of 
power and culture to the bottom depths of servitude and degradation. 
And then, of course, there is the Greatest Story Ever Told which still 
lies within the memories of half the people yet alive today. That is the 
saga of Adolf Hitler, the birth and rise of the NSDAP and the Third 
Reich in Germany. There compressed within an incredibly short time 
frame, twenty five years, is the total revelation of an entire age of 
man. Truly where history - as it had been known since the end of 
Classical Civilization - came to its end. 

To go even further, a person who is truly aware really needs to look 
no further than what he finds around him here, in the present day. 
That may be asking a bit too much as practically all living vestiges of 
a great past have been erased. Still I hold that a person who is strong 
and natural within will know by the filth and disease all about him that 
things are not right and will be able to arrive at his own conclusions 
(also based on who is running the show, and who it is they most curse). 
Charles Manson, to be sure, has never cracked open one of the Right 
Wing books about the Illuminati, etc., and his grasp of things is total 
(and how the Establishment curses him!). Indeed, as he himself points 
out, books can be dangerous as they have the power to suck one into 
them and the era and place they are representing. How true this has 
been of the entire Right Wing - if they haven’t been living in 1933, 
they’ve been living in 1865. 

I’ve seen too many who flaunt their prowess at talking Right Wing 
trivia and laying claim to this intellectual trick as some kind of 
grounds for leadership. Some of it might be of interest for a genuine 
student of history - as I am - who doesn’t mind lectures, but it is 
counterproductive in the extreme where revolutionary personalities 



and temperaments are involved, that is, among the more directly 
action-minded. They want to hear present-day reality put into simple 
terms of explanation - they want to hear flaming, living rhetoric to 
forge together a hardcore Movement, and most of all to hear about the 
future, not the past. 
Just as not everyone was ever intended (at least not by Nature) to 
fall into the System’s universal, compulsory liberal education, not 
everyone who might possibly gravitate into the Movement is intended 
to be aware of everything that has happened throughout history from 
antediluvian times to the present. For all but the most tiny few, such 
knowledge is useless baggage. The fact is that most couldn’t care less. 
To try to push it on them is to alienate and lose them. Give them 
instead what will most set them on fire: The way to deal with the 
present rather than be victimized by it and, most of all, the way to 
conquer the future! 

[ Vol. XIII, #6 - June, 1984] 

What We Can Dispense With 

We can unburden ourselves of all useless wreckage and lumber. Things 
like idle complaint. We cannot complain about “what’s going on”, we 
can only complain about OURSELVES as yet not having reached a 
point where we can do something about it. Right now, we’ll do very 
well to concentrate on ourselves for, until we have done that, we can’t 
do much about anything else. 

It is an error to complain about politicians. It is a worse error to 
complain about any specific politician by name. This is because that 
to do so is to extend to them a certain legitimacy and, at the same time, 
to go so far as to place yourself in the same league, on the same level 
with them. As though they are your leaders and you don’t approve of 
what they’re doing. To fall into, or more often, to fail to get out of this 
line of thought is fatal one hundred percent of the time and no one 
who has ever towed a line like that has ever succeeded at anything. As 
to “What the Jews are up to”, “what the Blacks have pulled lately”, 
etc., it is all the same. People and groups will do as it is their nature 
and will to do. They cannot be predicted to do as might be “expected” 



when a society has broken down as this one has. Anyone who cannot 
see that has no business whatsoever in any movement calling itself 
politically revolutionary. The Enemy is the Enemy and aliens are 
aliens. All politicians - high and low - are PIGS in a Pig System. If 
they weren’t, they wouldn’t be there. From President to dogcatcher, 
they are all the same bureaucratic, sell-out swine. No distinctions are 
to be drawn. Meaningless considerations of “parties”, of “Left” and 
“Right”, even individual identities, names, etc, are simply not to be 
used. To kill an “ism” you have to kill the “ists”. Their words and 
actions are absolutely predictable and no one should ever express any 
sense of shock or outrage at them. We must view them as a mountain 
range, or a fetid swamp, or a series of storm clouds: Just there. A 
factor to be noted and taken into account, upon which to base future 
strategy. In the present we have to work around them, in spite of them, 
never extending to them the invitation to send in their pigs to breakup 
these, our most early and rudimentary efforts. In the future, we have 
to break up their power base and unseat them from the positions of 
authority which they usurped from real American leaders who haven’t 
existed now in several generations. In the end, we have to simply 
kill them, as expeditiously and unceremoniously as possible. As for 
what any Black or group of Blacks may do - likewise with any alien 
congregations - it should concern us not. For this is not our country 
and these are not our people. They are not doing anything to us; not 
taking anything away from us. They are but players on a common 
chess board. They are merely aliens on this continent which has mostly 
seen throughout its existence the parlances of groups of aliens, vying 
one against another for greater dominance. There is no indication that 
this long-established trend will not go on. If anything, they serve to 
unsettle and unhinge the drive for total control by the Big Brother Pig 
Bureaucrats of the System. At this point, anything which contributes 
to friction, chaos and anarchy can only help us in the long run. Should 
we then express any particular shock when any member of these alien 
groups commits some transgression against the old Anglo-Saxon laws 
which once, long ago, were devised to govern this land? Outrages 
and offenses to the sensibilities of any truly civilized individual have 
long since become the rule and not the exception. We must View it 
merely as the element in which we swim, in which we struggle. And 



of course, as we all know, it continues to degenerate further with each 
passing year. You do not complain about this. You either choose to 
swim or not to swim. You ADAPT to it so as to be able to function 
most effectively in it. You don’t have to like it. You never accept it 
but you view it as only the primary aspect of the greater game plan in 
which everyone is caught up. Others will view it differently but they 
will be deluding themselves. You don’t “worry” about any of that - 
you only worry about what YOU are going to be doing next, on your 
own, in relationship to it. 

[Vol. XII, #6 - June, 1984] 

Reasons, Not Excuses 

We have ourselves to attest to the fact that no one has to submit to the 
tyranny that today reigns. Who and what did it for us? The answer is 
no one and nothing. We did it ourselves, individually. We did it even 
though our backgrounds at that early time were practically identical 
to any of the rest, even though we were educated in the same school 
system, watched the same movies and television, read the same books, 
newspapers and magazines. We existed in the same world as the rest 
and yet we broke away. Why don’t they? 

The reasons why no mass movement has existed in this country 
on the part of Whites to defend themselves and what is theirs have 
been extensively dealt with by Movement scholars, probably more 
than any other single topic. There of course is the media brainwash 
which not only denies all Truth, but pumps the head full of lies and 
poison and robs the thinking and decision-making processes of any 
chance to function. There is the comfort corruption which softens and 
saps the spirit and will. Then there is also dysgenics which means, 
though a person is nominally “White”, he is so only in color, there is 
nothing underneath. This is the product of fratricidal wars and total 
lack of breeding: the creation of a race of boobs. These are some of 
the reasons... they may help us to understand but they excuse no one. 
The old Movement used to actually take comfort and reassurance 
from all of this and kept telling itself that all would be put right when 
“Der Tag” arrived. It won’t. It means that 9,999 out of 10,000 have 



been culled out of the action and have succumbed to things intended 
to consume all of us but which were escaped by a tiny few. The theory 
that all will be well once we have blazed the path or “when things get 
bad enough” is misguided. No one will “come along” once it has been 
seen that the going has been made safe and secure, because it will 
NEVER BECOME such until the last fire has been extinguished, the 
last shot fired, the last body buried. 

[Vol. XII, #3 - March, 1984] 

Only On Each Other 

I once knew a woman who worked as a check-out clerk in a super 
market. After work, she would relate to me all the little cliques, 
personality clashes, back-biting, petty intrigues, not to mention the 
rottenness and carousing of the boss himself. And it struck me that 
right there, in the confines of a few thousand square feet, involving 
only a few dozen individuals, was all the same nonsense - and all its 
deadly earnest ferocity - that I was running into in the Movement at 
that time. Our struggles, it seemed, were of a higher order with higher 
stakes and so, therefore, merited such in-house conflicts whereas to 
indulge in these stupidities in such a minute fashion, where there 
were no real stakes at all, appeared to be most childish. I was rather 
amazed. Then it wasn’t too long before it dawned over me that such 
silliness properly belonged to the realm of. the inconsequential, where 
no outcome mattered. In affairs of trying to build a viable political 
movement with aims such as ours, it had no place at all. It wasn’t long 
thereafter that I separated myself from it completely by undertaking 
what I’ve been doing with SIEGE and Universal Order. Idiotic, 
meaningless struggles, rivalries, quarrels. Among drunks, punks, 
jealous women, gangs of kids, neighbors, co-workers, the Right 
Wing, etc. The intrigues, the vendettas, the pettiness, the thievery, 
the meanness that goes on constantly. With no real outcome, nothing 
learned, nothing gained, and leading to yet more cycles of the same 

The winners? The System, the Pigs, the Establishment. The real 
results? Mutual loss for those who can afford it the least, making 



laughing stocks of themselves, one divided against another even into 
the family level. Helplessness and ridiculousness. 
Here again is the difference between the average person and the 
revolutionary. For one, the revolutionary scrupulously AVOIDS the 
havens and breeding grounds of common misery and trouble. He stays 
out of habitual, useless trouble spots and situations. He never helps 
police against any other nor does he invite them down upon himself. 
He doesn’t engage in drunkenness or “highs”. His is self-discipline 
and clear perspectives. He will never attack or betray a comrade. In 
fact he will never initiate any unnecessary hostility as he has more 
than enough on his hands handling matters of urgent importance. He 
engages in nothing petty, common or mean. 
His enemy is the System — as the System is the Enemy of one and all. 
He is different because he knows it fully well and is serious enough 
about himself and what is at stake to conduct himself fat all times in 
an appropriate manner: As a sober and effective revolutionary soldier. 
[Vol. XV, #3 - Mar, 1986] 

Strength Unencumbered 

Some have said and still say that these are “pre-revolutionary times”. 
That’s a pretty good intellectual cop-out for a professional faker. But 
a revolutionary cannot make such a statement without confessing 
himself to be no more than a weirdo. The degree of VACUUM found 
in this present-day society indicates clearly that this is a revolutionary 
time as no other before in history. Charles Manson has told us that we 
must read the books BACKWARDS and get all that “other stuff’ — 
people, places and events from other times — out of our minds so that 
we can start dwelling in the NOW and start dealing with the NOW. 

Trying to organize for what? To try to BECOME the Ku Klux Klan 
which effectively dealt with the NOW of the 1870’s? To try to become 
the Nazi Party which effectively dealt with the NOW of the 1930’s? Or 
to try to boost a damaged ego, to try to compensate for some frustration 
in life, to try to escape reality? I’ve seen it too much. I know it too 
well. And those FEW who are, or were, solid and sincere, what chance 
have 1/9531 got trying to “carry” and cater to a bunch of defectives 



and screwballs? That’s Right Wingism also, and not revolution, and I 
got tired of it too. The idea is not (or at least shouldn’t be) to organize 
losers so that somebody willing to sink his paycheck into a paper 
front, and willing to get his head busted to get into the press, etc., can 
feel “safe” and unthreatened as a “leader”. Nothing comes out of that 
as it is an escape, a pressure-release in itself. It has, in fact, its own 
demise built in. I’ve wondered whether it’s the System not allowing 
the Movement to develop into anything or if it’s the Movement being 
unable to develop into anything. One fact is certain and from it we 
should all take a lesson: What the System is trying to prevent, what 
their “Maginot Line” is intended to guard against, is the same thing 
the Movement can’t seem to muster and that is a serious, sober, 
effective, adult ORGANIZATION. Stalemate. And in favor of the 
System. Apart from being in possession of the Idea first, next the guts 
and intelligence, the greatest strength any member of the Movement 
can have is freedom and maneuverability. The comparisons between 
now and NS Germany, or even Weimar Germany, should cease as 
there is NO useful comparison, so different are the times and manners. 
No Adolf Hitler is going to join one of these idiotic groups with their 
absurd “commanders” as Member Number Seven and transform the 
thing overnight. For one, the “commander” wouldn’t tolerate being 
upstaged. For another thing, such a mind as another Hitler would have 
to possess wouldn’t tolerate the monkeyshines and shenanigans that 
the Movement is famous for. The nature of things now is immeasurably 
bigger and more inhuman than any other time or place. There is no 
time for comedies. 

[Vol. XIV, #7 - July, 1985] 

Too Close To Our Work 

Because of the self-imposed rules the traditional Right has always 
played by, they are so far removed from what’s happening as to 
realistically not count. For effective purposes in national affairs, there 
are only two camps: Status quo, middle-of-the-road Conservatives 
and “progressive”, death-wish Liberals. A true “Right” is in no way 
represented. This plus the fact that Whites have absolutely no real 



representation makes for probably the most lop-sided political scene 
of any country ever in history. Who is at fault? 

Right Wing mentality is at fault and it remains to be seen whether it 
can be changed or, if not, whether enough fresh blood or untapped 
human resources exist in the overall “Movement” or can be found 
to move things in a new direction. I stop short of saying “in time” 
because that kind of phraseology is part of classic Right Wingism. Can 
it be possible to go about something in a flippant, amateurish manner 
and yet maintain at the same time an air of utmost urgency? That is 
the Right. As I have said at times in the past, I have here Rightist 
tracts - postwar - dating up from 1949 which each in turn give this 
country about 5 years to go before totally succumbing to degeneracy 
and subversion, if not all-out military attack. Many of these are of a 
biblical nature with the rest being various shades of crack-brained 
political crusades. 

A comparatively recent one - which masked, but yet served, a 
monumental ego-trip of the author who happened to have been there - 
had it that, “Rhodesia must be the turning point!” That was from about 
1976. Last straw after last straw. 

That is how Right Wingers view things, possibly all things, but 
certainly the struggle they are involved in. Events have shown that 
nothing is that cut-and-dried or, if you’ll pardon, “black and white”. 
They say “the End” is just around the corner and shall arrive with the 
very next System sell-out. We on the other hand say that “the End” 
came and went some time ago with regard to the old order and all of 
the old values. They have it that when their “End” comes, it will be 
total and complete - the final triumph of the “Other Side”, depending 
on which Rightist you’re talking to and who, in his opinion, represents 
the “Other Side”. We say that today isn’t a hell of a lot different than 
the Dark Ages of Europe and that the choice is to either accept the 
existing grayness and mediocrity or work and fight to bring about a 
new Age of Man. 

An example: As long as the US. and the nations of the West are mired 
in this mess, things are quite certain to continue to steadily deteriorate 
- like a state of melancholia which strikes individuals. But as bad as 
the professional losers would like to have it, if right now a few of 
the proper orders could be given from places of authority, more than 



enough strength and vitality remain in the West to completely turn the 
tables on the forces of decay. I’d say within a matter of two weeks. 
Those “right orders” are not forthcoming however and aren’t likely to 
be until some new, healthy authority takes over. Total destruction of 
the high-tech space/computer age implied? Yes, probably, for a time. 
Until we can rebuild. But I want to tell you that pitted against the 
Third Worlders of today — or of the future our ancestors — in wooden 
ships, with flintlock weapons, could kick ass in mighty short order. 
Rather than two weeks, it might take two years. All a question of balls. 
The losers, those already dead, are riveted to a losing formula and 
thought-pattern. To break free you cannot be one of them. How are 
you to tell and how ‘can you break the barrier? 

[Vol. X, #9 - Sept, 1981] 

A Break With The Past 

I’m a National Socialist first and foremost. Have been for over half 
of my life and will be for the rest of it. But those familiar with the 
philosophy of SIEGE will see that I view the Party in Germany 
together with its tactics, etc., purely as a phenomenon of that time and 
that place, totally unworkable here in the present. (And I must add 
that Commander Rockwell and his strategy were not of the past or 
another place and could have worked had he lived to see it through.) 
But Hitler and Rockwell shared one thing in common which is no 
longer valid: They both believed — as Hitler proved and as Rockwell 
was successfully demonstrating — that the existing institutions of the 
day, though in many cases subverted and taken over by our enemies, 
were still usable and could be co-opted, or worked through, in the 
building of the Movement and the seizing of power. This is no longer 
the case at all. 

From now on, all our thoughts and strategy must be based upon this 
realization. It is unpleasant and uncomfortable to be without the old 
guideposts and landmarks of the past which stood largely unchanged 
for centuries. Yet the fact remains that for the first instance in a very 
long time we are absolutely NOT the masters of our own country, our 
own affairs. Our people are totally disenfranchised as a race and there 



are no exceptions to be found in “White” company men or “White” 
shabbez goyim. Do not make fools of the rest of us by complaining 
to, pleading with, or barking at the System. There have at times been 
intelligent and sincere people in sympathy with our Cause who’d 
admonish us in the most helpful and polite terms, which I can and do 
respect, that the Nazi approach can’t make it mainly because something 
new is required... something “new”. No argument could I ever find 
with that, though neither could I nor anyone else come up with that 
new “something”. Those who pretended they had were only fooling 
themselves for what they created was only a weakened and watered - 
down version of Fascism and National Socialism with different names 
and symbols. Furthermore, never in practical application did any of 
it come close to having the effect that Commander Rockwell and his 
A.N.P., or subsequent efforts of later Nazi fronts had. These “new” 
attempts were in fact backward steps. 
While I cannot go for any of these sneaky approaches, any of these 
“krinklejammers”, because of a personal commitment and devotion to 
what Hitler brought forth and out of practical common sense, neither 
can I allow myself to believe that history’s march stopped in 1945. 
The pages of history read pretty dull since that time but yet in historic 
terms the ensuing thirty-odd years don’t really represent much of a 
span of . time. The best that can be said for these past three decades 
is that a number of embryonic things have developed, one or more of 
which could mature into something. Which ones and how, no one can 

[Vol. X, #9 - Sept, 1981] 

Ready For What? 

One might be able to imagine, after reading some of what I have to 
say about “Right Wingism”, how I personally feel about the want- 

something-for-nothing inquiries that still come to my address 
occasionally from fossilized remnants of the “Right Wing Age”. 
I feel insulted by their presence and am offended at their wanting 
“free samples” of revolutionary literature. We’re struggling; they’re 
piddling. Usually these take the form of a partial sheet of school-kid’s 



notebook paper on which has been scrawled, “Please send samples 
of your literature.” Never any money, seldom even a request for 
subscription rates and not even a stamped return envelope. Then there 
are those who feel that if they provide a good, standard Right Wing 
litany in letter form then they are entitled to a freebie request thrown 
in at the conclusion of the letter, and all is even. (You always get the 
sinking feeling that at the end of each of these “pep- talks” there IT 
will be: The “bite”. And you’re right every time.) Readers of SIEGE 
will know that I hate idle complaint and try to avoid it wherever I 
can. But one of these letters came in about a month or so ago which 
sort of broke the camel’s back and prompted this particular segment 
to be written. It was “standard” all the way except that at the close it 
had, “READY TO FIGHT!”, above the author’s signature. It was too 
much for me. I didn’t gag but I did get steamed and still do whenever 
I stop to consider it. “Ready to fight.” “Ready to fight.” “Ready to 
fight.” Kick it around in your mind and roll it over your tongue a few 
times. Il bet I could draw you a PICTURE, complete with personal 
background and history, of that individual just going from experience 
with these types and making a composite... but I won’t because that 
would make me sick for sure. 

“Ready to fight”? Yes, I sent a copy of SIEGE in response - which 
probably scared the hell out of him if it didn’t entirely confuse him 
- and, no, there wasn’t any further communication. But “Ready to 
fight”? Ten years ago I might have stopped and written him a letter 
containing much of what I am saying here, but not today. I have vowed 
to cut waste. 

“Ready to fight”, eh? So what’s the delay? Waiting for a bell for the 
next round? Waiting for some “hippie” or “nigger” to come jumping 
up onto YOUR porch? If you’re really READY to fight, why not take 
it on your own like Cowan, Spisak, Mathews or a dozen others who 
FOUGHT?? What in HELL are you waiting for?! 

Is this the conscious evasion of a coward or an idiotic lack of 
understanding on the part of a blowhard? I know how the rest of it 
goes, like this: “Ready to fight...when the time comes.” Even when the 
fighting is, and already has been going on, it’s still never quite “time”. 
No. Not everyone is a fighter. That’s understood around here. But 
don’t come on like a fool and don’t use that term to hide behind. I will 



show respect for anyone who approaches me in seriousness and who 
is willing to apply themselves seriously. And a serious approach in this 
case would have been something like, “Ready to work.” Or “Ready 
to serve.” As it was, this person wasn’t even ready to subscribe! This 
is an insult to all who DO work and serve, in quiet, without fanfare. 
And ESPECIALLY an insult to those who DO fight and who pay the 
ultimate price. I can’t tolerate it anymore and I won’t. Let the fakers 
keep to themselves as there are plenty of faker-style groups out there 
who thrive on hot air. Not around here. “Ready to fight.” Son of a 

[ Vol. XIV, #3 - Mar, 1985] 

Revolutionary Set-Back? 

With Ronnie Ray-gun having trounced Jimmy Carter can we 
consider ourselves saved? Can we quit and relax? Not if we’re 
revolutionaries. All that Reagan is going to do - has already done - 
is rock the conservative types back to sleep again. Jimmy Carter at 
least jolted them out: of their apathy part-way, which accounted for 
the “landslide” turnout of voting cattle over previous years’ care-less 
attitude (when it looked like the electorate might shut down altogether 
- a revolutionist’s dream!) As long as the Enemy remains in control 
of this country, he is going to go the limit to maintain his Democrat/ 
Republican shell-game and, as Joe Tommasi said, the people will go 
on playing party politics no matter how bad things get. 

Some may think we can afford to go a little easier now on revolution 
and give Ronnie a chance. Maybe get a little more “mass” in our 
strategy and thereby hopefully avoid some of the leaner times ahead 
due to the conservative bandwagon. Most will be doing this very thing 
out of opportunism and “roll-with-the-blows” reaction, which is all 
they know. Not us. Ronnie Ray-gun has done only one thing and we 
as revolutionaries must view it from both sides of the spectrum: First, 
he may have bought some time for the System; second, right now only 
the Reds are in a position to take advantage of a general collapse and 
maybe Ron has done us a favor too. Unless we are dead wrong, then 
Ronnie is not going to alleviate this nation’s mess one bit. Simply 



because he can’t; because he is a System boy. Ronnie is as much a 
System boy as Jimmy. He wants to keep corporate profits high and, 
wherever possible, keep the serfs (be they 

Heah come de Reverend... 

Ralph David Abernathy, the sleazy proprietor of last year’s lil-famed “Insurrection City,” has an- 
nounced that he is coming to town again this year. Just as they did last year, all the Washington- 
area newspapers—sxcopt WHITE POWER, the newspaper of White Revolution—will hail this degen- 
erate black bum as a great moral crusader, s champion of human rights, a prince among men. 

This will be a gross deceit, for every editor worth his salt knows the truth about Abernathy, He 
is the butt of endless dirty jokes among the reporters in the National Press Club. He has been fully 
exposed in the Congressional Record. But there is a conspiracy among those who control the news 
in America to keep the truth from us, the White men and women of this country. Hera is that 
truth, It is pretty squalid—the sort of thing that most people will find distasteful. But is must be 
revealed, because the liberal-democratic Establishment is trying to pass off Abernathy—and hun- 
dreds of others of his caliber—-on us as people deserving of a public hearing. Their ultimate purpose 
is nothing less than the destruction of America and the White race, 

On the night of August 29, 1958, the Reverend Ralph David Abernathy was chased from his church office and 
through the streets of Montgomery, Alibama, by the irate, hatchet-wielding husband of one of the female members 
of his congregation Police saved the screaming Abernathy from his pursues, a Negro named Edward Davis, and 
Davis was Orought to trial for assault with a deadly weapon in November, 1958, before the Cuculi Court of Mont- 
gomery County, Alabama, with Judge Eugene W. Carter presiding The following is excerpted from testimony that 
was given in that trial by Vivian McCoy Davis, wife of Edward Davis. It is reproduced below exactly as it appears in 
the official transcript. 

TRANSCRIPT OF TESTIMONY OF VIVIAN McCOY Q. Ise, And now, what happened at that house? 
DAVIS, A WITNESS FOR THE DEFENDANT. A. That is where these affairs took place, 
Q. And at that time bow old were you? 
BY MR. KNABE: Q. And at that time you were a member of his 
Q. This is Vivian Davis? A. Yu, sir. 
A Yea, Tam. 
Q.. And what was your name before you became CROSS EXAMINATION 
A Vivian MeCoy, 
Q. Now, did Abernathy date you at any time? Q. Now, you testified, I belleve, that~! don't know 
A. Yes, sir, he did, whether you did testify--when did you frst know Rev- 
Q. Did he ever have physical or sexual relations rend Abernathy, what year? 
with you? A. It was in "52 or "Si, | imagine, when he came to 
A Yes, sr the First Baptist Church, tam not sure what year It was 
Q. Did he have normal relations or abnormal rel be came there. But the first time he made approaches 
tions? to me was in Birmingham in "52, July of ‘52. 
A Both. Q. Now, how old were you in 19$2? 
Q Both? A. 1 was fifteen then at that time, 
A. Yes, tir. 
Q. Now, did you ever tell him that you wanted him 
to stop getting in touch with you? 
A, Yes, sir, I did, 
Q. Lshow you a picture that is marked for identifi 
cation the Defendant's Exhibit No. 4 and ask you If 

you recognize that picture? 

A Yea, Ido. 

Q. What bs that a picture of? 

A. That is a picture of a house, and that ls the house 
that we went to, 

Q. And where is It located? 

A. it is located on Cark Street. 

Q. Now, then, you say you went there, Who went 

A- Reverend Abernathy end myselt 

Q Did he take you or did you take him? 

A. He took me, 



Q. Fifteen? 

A. Yes, sic. 

Q. Now, you testified that you had intercourse or 
sexual relations with Reverend Abernathy on several 

A. Yes, sis. 

Q. When and where did you first have relations with 

A. At the house on Clark Street. 

Q. How did you happen to get there? 

A He calied my mother and asked her to let me do 
some typing for him which was the excuse, and I went 
up to the church, and in turn we went over there on 
Clark Street, 

Q. So you and he went in the bedroom? 

A. Yes, sir. 

Q. And did both of you get undressed? 

A. Yes 

Q. Get in bed? 

A. Yes. 

Q. Did you go back to that house again? 

A. Yes, sir, | did. 

Q. When? 

A. The same month, in August. I went (here three 
times that August. 

Q. Now, you say that you have had both normal and 
abnormal intercourse? 

A. Yea, sir, 

Q. Where did you have the abnormal intercourse 
with him? 

A. The three occasions. 

Q. On all three occasions? 

A. Yes, sir. 

Q. Well, now, what do you mean by abnormal sexual 

A. Prevertednoss [sic]. He used his mouth. 

Q. He used his mouth? 

A. Yes, sir, he did. 

Q. On your private parts? 

A. Yes, sit. 

Q. Well, was that after he had a normal intercourse 
with you? 

A. No, sir, it was before, 

Q. In other wards, each time he used his month on 
you before and then he had a normal intercourse? 
A. That's right. 

Q. Now, when did you first tell your husband about 

A. | told my husband sbout i approximately a year 
after we were married, 

Q. Well, now, according to your testimony did Rev- 
send Abernathy start running after you again, telepho 
oing you again? 

A. He hasn't ever stopped. 

Q. He kasot ever stopped? 

A. No, sir. He has been to my house. He came there 
in "$4 when Bernice Cooper Davis was living with me, 
and she was in bed one night, her mother was in Wash- 
ington, and he came by and I was ordering him out of 
the house and she awakened and found him in there, and 
he had his arms around me. 

The jury acquitted Mr. Davis, 

Distributed as a public service by: 


2507 N. Franklin Road Arlington, Virginia 22201 



Black or White, it matters not) appeased. Being a System boy, Ronnie 
Ray-gun does not only not recognize any of the real problems of this 
country, on the contrary, they are some of his best friends. So cheer 
up! Things will get worse!! 

For the sake of conducting a “Reaction Survey”, how much 
conservatism do you have left in your blood? Did you somehow come 
off with a “cleaner” feeling when Ronnie beat the pants off of Jimmy? 
Do you feel vicariously “vindicated” or somehow satisfied by the 
sudden rush to the conservative camp by a bunch of edgy, middle-class 
Americans? Would you welcome an easing of inflation or a lessening 
of unemployment? Would you like to see a beefed-up US Army? Or 
bigger police forces? Why not an outright return to the Eisenhower 
or Nixon years? Do you enjoy playing hide-and-go-seek with the 
FBIKGB or trying to second-guess what a conservative, reactionary 
Supreme Court might cook up for us radicals and “Rock-the-Boaters”? 
Would you get that warm glow inside seeing “the people” again 
“having faith” in (what’s supposedly) “their government” and turning 
their backs flatly against actual reform? Well, if so, you ain’t one of 
us! Ralph “Here Come the Reverend” Abernathy said it all when he 
backed Reagan over Carter because, as he put it, “Under the Carter 
administration the forces of racism have experienced an upsurge.” 
Jimmy, we’re going to miss you! We want bureaucratic hang-dogs like 
Carter out front and not “Cowboy Heroes” like Reagan to give people 
a false sense of security in leadership. We want as our revolutionary 
incubus the most vile and decadent form of liberalism so that we may 
run wild and free. We do not want a repressive, conservative “Don’t- 
Rock-the-Boat” atmosphere which suits the cheap labor, high profits, 
one-man-one vote bourgeoisie just dandy. If we can’t get the gutless 
masses to join in an effort at retaking control of America from the 
Enemy, then we at least want them to keep out of our way in complete 
apathy when the day comes for us to break the current impasse. We 
don’t want “Law & Order” but rather we want the people so terrified by 
crime that they’Il be ready to accept anything which promises to lead 
them to safety. We want them sullen and disgruntled and not happily 
participating in the “democratic process”. Above all we don’t want a 
police state with our worst enemies at the top pulling the strings. 

We don’t want a “Business-as-Usual” atmosphere. We want an 



atmosphere conducive to REVOLUTION spilling over into the 
streets. Should Ronnie be somehow able to put even a little dent in 
inflation or any of the rest of the bogeymen pestering the mindless 
consumers of this country, then it is bad news for the revolution. If 
not, and Ronnie disillusions his conservative fans, then we could 
easily experience a spurt in general revolutionary sentiment. It doesn’t 
matter if they are betrayed by the government unless they FEEL they 
have been betrayed. We can’t worry about a revivified FBI-KGB 
or an increasingly heavy-handed judiciary. If we are worth a damn 
at all then we must expect to see our movement BANNED by the 
government, by a frightened System just as it happened in Germany 
(and for that matter, Russia) many, many times before victory became 
final. The incoming Republican regime is in fact just the same old 
System wearing a different mask. And regardless how “clean” Ronnie 
Ray-gun may seem next to Carter, his bottom line policy is the same: 
Try to make the Negro look White by reducing the Whites to the level 
of would-be Negroes. So, LIVE THE REVOLUTION! 

[ Vol. IX, #8 - Dec, 1980] 

Two Rules 

Since having gone the rounds myself on more than just a few occasions, 
it keeps coming back to me more and more these days that most of the 
travails encountered in day-to-day life can be bound up in two areas 
and generally dispensed with in two very basic rules: Number One, 
MISTAKE TWICE. I was formally introduced to “Rule #2” after I 
had joined the staff of what was then the national headquarters of the 

It was told to me by one of the old timers who was shrewd enough 
even then to make his career behind-the-scenes where the turn-over 
and the fatalities weren’t so rife. To the sixteen-year old I was at the 
time, that simple statement illuminated an entire universe of clear 
thinking in the area of just plainly playing things smart and keeping 
control of yourself. 

What I have termed “Rule #1” I arrived at independently some years 



afterward. It is because you’re going to make mistakes eventually - 
everyone does, even the best - and if you’re unable to master and 
overcome these initial errors, you won’t survive to go on with the 
learning and maturing process. In other words, you’re way ahead of 
the game if the mistake you commit the first time doesn’t do you in. 
“Rule #2” takes a backseat because it is only a matter of the intelligent 
learning process. However, it is to be emphasized due to an entire 
world full of people who never catch on to it. They just keep sticking 
their hand back into the fire. The trick is, of course, being able to know 
when one is confronted with a problem, the dynamics of which he has 
faced before as circumstances may be entirely changed. If there is 
another trick to this, then it has to be the ability to know that a mistake 
was made the first time around and precisely what that mistake was. 
In connection with this one, that same old-timer in the 1960’s told 
me this: “The first time, it’s the other guy’s fault. The second time, 
it’s YOUR fault.” Don’t be found at fault. “Cutting Your Losses” has 
to assume first priority because it involves applying acquired skills. 
Skills, by the way, which the timid and reserved never get the chance 
to develop. So you’re caught right in the middle of a big one, with 
your hand in the cookie jar, so to speak. As I’ve said before in SIEGE, 
few things in life are as clear-cut as the cookie jar and you normally 
will have room to maneuver if you don’t immediately make a bad, 
or potentially bad situation, into a worse one. Avoid the human/ 
animalistic tendencies to cop out or cave in, or, on the opposite side, 
to explode and do the inappropriate thing. Small concessions - if made 
intelligently - can sometimes be the only way of staving off major 
disaster. In many ways, a lot hangs on what you DON’T say or do. 
[Vol. XIV, #10 - Oct, 1985] 

The Enemy Is Anyone Who Attacks 

I’ve said in the past that the enemy was indeed anyone who attacked, 
for whatever reason, and that it was vitally necessary to know what 
amounted to an attack, in order to be able to ascertain one’s real 
enemies. You don’t wait until the bullet has left the muzzle. And in the 
huge spectrum of human struggle and endeavor, the fates of nations 



and individuals as often as not are decided upon matters far less 
dramatic and clear-cut than the use of firepower. More often, these 
days, it is intrigue and guile which decide the course of the future. To 
be undone by a bastard who has not declared himself your foe, or who 
has actually painted himself as a “friend”, is one of the worst fates 
imaginable. If just that much can be avoided in a person’s life, or in 
the life of the Movement, then we will be halfway home to victory. 
But to know what an attack is, to be able to identify an enemy, is not 
enough as anyone with strong beliefs and values worth fighting for 
will have already found out. You can depend upon an endless stream 
of those who’ ll seek to cross you up. But can you always depend upon 
yourself to be perfectly ready and willing to deal with all comers? 
Today’s friend, tomorrow’s enemy. In revolutionary politics your 
potential worst enemy is always your closest associate. Not only does 
he know you but he also knows “where all the bodies are buried”. Are 
you ready to deal in a summary fashion with the problem once you 
have received enough early signals that someone close is about to, or 
already has begun to turn on you? Can you be certain? Can you act? 
How about close blood relatives? Can you at one stroke “cut them 
loose” in the way the Manson Family “cut loose” their families in 
favor of their greater, REAL Family under Manson himself? If the 
answer is no then you are prime sucker material and I wouldn’t give 
you two cents for your chances. 

This is not going offhalf-cocked. It IS going around with a hair- trigger. 
Years ago, in a publication pre-dating SIEGE, I printed an appeal - 
a PLEA - to members of the Movement not to engage in games or 
trickery against my circle at that time because we would have SIEGE 
absolutely no choice whatsoever other than to consider such behavior 
as an attack and take appropriate steps - even more aggressive and 
belligerent counter-measures - of our own. I cited Movement harmony 
and unity as cause for my appeal. Predictably, it fell on deaf ears. 
Francis Parker Yockey had said that to attack someone who is not a 
real enemy is to ultimately attack yourself. Those in the latter part 
of the 1970’s who chose to attack us for no reason other than to try 
to eliminate competition in their imaginary “power struggle” are no 
longer in the forefront of Movement affairs as they were at the time. 
I do thank my lucky stars for the ability I’ve always seemed to possess 



for picking up on little hints that trouble is on the way from certain 
quarters, in advance of its actually breaking the surface. If it is an 
instinct, it is only a knack for detail. It has never betrayed me. It saved 
me a number of times where otherwise I would definitely have been 
lost. It has but one drawback once convinced of an impending attack, or 
at the very least, of perfidy that cannot go unchallenged or unpunished, 
but without any overt action on the part of your enemy as yet so as to 
be noticed by outsiders, strident and vigorous counter- measures give 
the appearance of unprovoked aggression. Sympathy is thereby lost 
and certain condemnation is incurred. In practically every case I’ve 
been involved in, I’ve had to stoically assume the role of the “bad 
guy” in the issue. This is fine with me. If you haven’t already learned 
the actual worth of “sympathy”, or of having been “dead right” in an 
issue, then I fear for you. To have never been a sucker, to have kept on 
winning, at whatever cost, will always be worth it to me. The tiniest, 
most insignificant of details have tipped entire schemes of personal 
aggrandizement that would have been at the cost of the Movement. A 
certain inflection placed on a single word in a talk; the inexplicable 
disappearance of an item no bigger than a thumbnail; equations which 
just don’t add up; things which most people would write off without 
a second thought, have time and again tipped the balance. When an 
attack is planned and as it becomes more imminent, the element of 
surprise takes on greater and greater importance. Naturally, many 
times things will appear “fine and dandy” as long as the plotters feel 
that this appearance is to their advantage. This again makes it doubly 
difficult to try and warn others, or to try and justify yourself to others 
whom are not involved in the intrigue, as no one wants to believe such 
things and no one wants to disrupt what has the look of a perfectly 
normal and peaceful state. During 1978, in a transcontinental telephone 
conversation with one highly respected Movement leader, I laid out 
the scanty evidence as I had it and submitted my conclusions based 
thereon - treachery was underway and an attack could be expected at 
any moment. His response, aside from utter incredulity, was that I was 
“turning on my last friend”. The reverse was the case as the individual 
on the phone was forced to admit within the week. 

Earlier in SIEGE I referred to the thing which Hitler told his troops as 
they prepared to go crashing into Poland to avenge a thousand wrongs 



accumulated over the previous twenty years. He said at that time, 
“Close your hearts to pity.” As though these troops would need to be 
reminded, you might think. At least as often as not, these situations 
come up suddenly (as their plotters intend). The instant the facts are 
clear to you, you must abandon all hesitation, all remorse. You must 
immediately determine that no quarter can be expected and that none 
shall be given. You have to determine to do whatever is necessary 
in order to win. And it matters not against whom, once they have 
demonstrated that it is conflict they want. Comrade, friend, family 
member... it doesn’t matter. The first few go-rounds you experience - 
assuming you survive - you’ll have to keep reminding yourself of this. 
After that it becomes instinctive. 
None of this is to be confused with the phenomenon I describe as the 
“Instant Bastard Syndrome” - where this or that person is a “queer” 
or a “Jew” or an “agent” simply because they disagree with you. This 
type of Right Wing behavior does the Movement a grave disservice 
not only because it muddies the water and actually HELPS the real 
agents, but because it has the effect of cheapening real enmities. Mere 
name calling and coming-to-grips-with, or matching wits against a 
determined enemy are two distinctly different things. The syndrome I 
outlined had one other feature: It is generally transient. 
I was once accused of threatening Movement unity because I “refused 
SIEGE to be parted from my revenge”. So it may have appeared to the 
accuser. It is rather that I view planned attack at any time or planned 
disruption inside the Movement to be among the most serious kinds 
of crimes. They don’t blow away. The passage of time has no bearing 
upon their status. If an end cannot be put to such an issue right away, 
and if merely foiling a plot or stabilizing a situation is all that can be 
done for the moment, then the conclusion has no choice other than to 
rest “on hold” until such time as it can be settled permanently. In the 
meantime, others will rise up in their order and demand solution in 
turn. Such is the cycle of life’s struggle. It is not expected by me that 
anyone will “learn” anything by it. 

[Vol. XII, #1 - Jan, 1984] 


Has Anything Been Gained? 

Yes, as far as I’m concerned - headway at least has been made regarding 
certain intangibles. While no hard achievement has been made over 
the past thirty years, a kind of “Think Tank” or “Brain Trust”, together 
with the essential knowledge denied to any outside the Movement, 
has been provided where special individuals can spend their time 
honing themselves for the final challenge... IF we are so lucky as to 
get the chance of coming to grips with it at all. Also, if the nonsense 
of the past the — “getting nowhere fast” - can be said to have served 
any purpose at all then that would have to be likened to a laboratory 
setting, arranged and supplied specifically for the finding of a solution 
of one problem, and wherein experiment after experiment is tried, the 
failures duly recorded and examined for what valuable lessons might 
be gleaned from them, and then shelved so as to be able to get on with 
the NEXT experiment with the lessons of the past in mind - to perhaps 
give success a higher percentage chance to occur. 

What must be drawn attention to here is the number of those who 
insist upon repeating the same mistakes year after year, bringing them 
along with their baggage to each new endeavor they may associate 
themselves with. Every attempt to create a revolutionary organization 
that I have witnessed to date has been RUINED in this fashion. Those 
unable to see a thirty year pattern of failure truly are part of the problem 
and the enemy of the solution. 

One other gain - independent of any action of ours - is that trends 
in the world have progressed to the point where so much of the old 
Right Wing “I told you so” has become so grotesquely manifest that 
we can unburden ourselves of it as we no longer need it to “convince” 
anybody. The time of the individual choice is upon every White Man 
and Woman, within or without the Movement. Argument is fading 
fast and being replaced by: Will you have a White world and an 
environment in which you can live or not? We may safely dispense 
with a lot of peripheral trash formerly used to confuse the issue and 
divide the Movement. 

The hopes and efforts of the past can only be considered wasted if one 
either quits outright or keeps on repeating the old mistakes. It would 
appear that the path a few of us have kept to is converging with the 



path of destiny and it remains now to clear our thoughts of useless 
garbage and to thereby be able to coordinate our actions accordingly 
for maximum results. 

[Vol. XI, # 10 - Oct., 1982] 



YAN — —— — 
DYA — 



“in your living room, you’re scared shitless. And that’s just Where 
the power structure wants you. In the middle of a riot, I’ve never found 
anybody who’s chickenshit. The way to eliminate fear is to do what 
you’re most afraid of.” 

-Jerry Rubin 

“The abscess on the sick body of the nation must be cut open and 
squeezed until clear, red blood flows. And the blood must be left to 
flow for a good, long time till the body is purified...” 

-Capt. Gerhard Rossbach, Berlin SA. 

“This dream of absolute, universal equality is amazing, terrifying, and 
inhuman. And the moment it captures people’s minds, the result is 
mountains of corpses and rivers of blood...” 

-Vladimir Bukovsky 

“What is ‘legal’? Legal is anything that the System does. Legal is 
whatever the System allows to happen. Illegal is whatever the System 
does not allow others, outside the Clone System, to do... The System 
is legal. Therefore, ‘legal’ is simply the System.” 

-Edwin Reynolds 


The Way Times Have Changed 

I can’t think of a more stark example of the way things have turned 
around just within the past twenty years in this country than something 
uttered by Gus Hall in 1961. He said, “I dream of the hour when the 
last Congressman is strangled to death on the guts of the last preacher.” 
The Right Wing went crazy over that one and used it as part of their 
“heavy ammunition” against the Communist Party. 
Well old Gus has shelved that rather embarrassing statement. Not 
because he is getting soft in his old age - hardly - but rather because 
it about as outdated as high button shoes. In those days he may have 
had some basis for a statement like that because Conservatism, and 
the former concept of “America” as it was known, was making its 
last stand against the total subversion that today holds all the seats 
of open power. Today’s Congressmen and preachers are truly among 
Gus Hall’s best troop. Why, he wouldn’t want to harm a hair on their 
heads. Gus and his buddies have it all. The Congress and the Clergy 
are two arms on the body of Big Brother. Conservatism lost while the 
forces that Gus Hall was running with won out. And now the shoe is 
on the other foot. Masters of subtlety, they’ ve everything except signs 
posted on the walls to the effect that Big Brother rules completely. But 
our Movement has no corner on prophets. The words of Gus Hall too 
will ring true yet in the United States. But they will do so in such a 
manner, with such an ironic twist that he and all his “fellow travelers” 
will choke on them! 

[Vol. IX. #7 - Nov., 1980] 

Whose Society? 

It remains altogether impossible to refrain from encountering 
conservative sentiments, reactions and other modes of thought and 
behavior. There remain great numbers of those short-sighted ones 
who feel that the situation can and should be “cleaned up.” The fact is 
that this kind of thinking plays directly into the hands of Big Brother’s 
lackeys who are trying desperately to hold their System together as 
long as 



possible, to suck as much blood as they can out of the dwindling 
number of productive Americans before it all finally goes to hell. The 
answers they propose for the totally insane and out-of-control crime 
rate are: #1: Build more prisons, but mainly, #2: The death penalty. 
“Fry ‘em!” say the reactionaries. They envision the ghetto criminals 
and rapists, etc., going straight to the “hot seat” but that is a dangerous 
delusion. Few are aware that one of the first men to die as a result of 
the renewed death penalty was John Spenkalink of Florida who was a 
White Man, a National Socialist, whose “crime” was having killed a 
homosexual who had made advances on his person. 

There is a case of a National Socialist who voted in a State election for 
an issue to deny bond for certain violent crimes, only to be arrested 
himself and charged with just such a crime and, since the issue passed, 
denied bond. What of Joseph Paul Franklin - and any of the men who 
follow in his Heroic foot-steps - who may one day face the System’s 
“death by injection”? 

You must remember the System is going to do NOTHING to “fight 
crime” but only to increase the degree of its hold over every individual. 
It CREATED the crime wave in the first place as an excuse and a 
plausible cover for the erection of its POLICE STATE. And if it can 
again USE the issue of rampant crime to get YOU to agree with the 
death penalty, only to turn right around and use it on you and other 
White Revolutionaries... We want to see crime and chaos rise to such 
a degree where the System becomes no longer viable and falls apart. 
We want to see them lose control, not increase it. We want to hasten 
the death of the System, not postpone it. (The Liberal do-gooders, 
so hated by Conservative advocates of the death penalty, SAVED 
THE LIFE of Charles Manson and those of his circle who had been 
condemned to DIE in California’s gas chamber after the Conservative 
Nixon had declared them guilty in national headlines.) What of such 
favorite Conservative issues as universal military service? They want 
a strong US military but they are so ignorant of history that they are 
unaware that the US. has NEVER BEEN ALLOWED TO FIGHT 
AND DEFEAT AN ENEMY but only to go and kill other White Men 
such as in the Civil War and the First and 

Second World Wars. They appear perfectly happy to go and fight 
another war to save alien interests. 



Besides - if you are a young White Man or Woman - do YOU wish to 
be drafted into any of the services alongside the dregs of society and 
under Black officers, possibly to be sent to DIE in fabricated wars, 
possibly to be sent - a la Little Rock - to violently suppress your own 
White Brothers and Sisters? No, let the military continue to crumble as 
it is doing for it is merely one more instrument of terror and coercion 
in the hands of the Enemy. 
What other Reactionary favorites can we choose from? Drugs? 
Abortion? Gun Control? If we are unable to recruit for our positive 
purposes from the populace and get them to drop out of service to 
the System, then we must accept whatever means there may be to 
cause more of them to fall by the wayside and become useless to Big 
Brother. The spread of the use of drugs is one of these methods. The 
increase in abortion is one major symptom of the total collapse of 
American morality which is one of the pillars of any society. As long 
as the alien is in control of the society, let it perish also! If the cowardly 
Reactionaries can fool themselves into believing they are “free” by 
possessing firearms (but lacking the guts to use them) then it would be 
heartwarming to watch the System Pigs strip them of these. Make no 
mistake, under OUR SOCIETY, our laws, crime would be eradicated 
overnight, likewise with the illicit use of drugs and unnatural trends 
such as abortion, every man and woman would be militarily trained, 
every home in America would be well-stocked with defense weapons. 
But this would only be in OUR society, never theirs. 

[Vol. XII, #1 - Jan., 1983] 

Saturation Point 

When I was a kid in junior high school, I had one science instructor 
whom I genuinely admired and respected. He even took my side in 
crowded corridors when I was verbally assailed by typical smart- 
asses who would attack my “totalitarian” beliefs, by agreeing with 
me that democracy and voting were a farce, etc. One theory of his 
own creation that he offered to the class and which made an instant 
and lingering impression on me was that it required approximately 
eight years for the trends prevalent in places like New York, Chicago 



and Los Angeles to filter down to places like here [Chillicothe, Ohio]. 
That was eighteen years ago and the theory hasn’t missed yet. 
The worst sort of maladies of the big sink-holes of North America 
have since well-established themselves here. All the horror headlines 
that used to only be printed in the doom-saying “Thunderbolt” you 
now can read every day in the lone paper here in this small town in 
the Midwest. The worst of it all, you name it and it’s here. And what 
does it mean? It means - scientifically and irrefutably - that the 
country isn’t going but has gone MAD; that the final END of society 
is accelerating; that the entire foundation itself is thoroughly corroded; 
and that there is no longer any place to go to hide (save maybe a tent in 
the North Woods). Now isn’t that the most encouraging thing anyone 
has reported to you in a long, long time? 
Like a brown bag or a cardboard box full of manure, held aloft with 
the bottom darkening with saturation from all the slimy, stinking filth 
contained within, it is up for grabs how many moments or seconds 
remain before the whole repulsive, putrefying mess comes crashing 

[Vol. X111, #7 - July, 1984] 

The Poison And The Rot 

This may well be the first time ever in history that an entire people 
cannot sustain itself minus electricity and the things run by it, but it 
is not the first time that an entire people has been eaten away at its 
very roots and core so that no healthy portion large enough remains to 
carry on with a semblance of the former civilization. It has happened 
often enough in the past, most notably in the case of ancient Rome. A 
great many Roman ruins still stand today - such as their aqueducts and 
Viaducts - and are in modern use. But nowhere - not even in the city 
of Rome - can one find a true Roman, a living specimen of the people 
who built that culture and that empire. We know in the Movement 



“The lowest forms of humanity are 
breeding so fantastically fast that we will 
soon suffer the worst plague in history . . . 


The children of today will be forced to exterminate 
swarms of wild niggers until all of them are finally corralled 
in Africa. And their children in turn will look beck on you, 

their grandparents, end wonder how in the name of Heaven 
we ever let this insanity go so fer without doing anything 
but talk.” 


— —6 

Rockwell scolds complacent White America 

Gaores LINCOLN — 

National | National Socialist Liberation Front | Liberation Front 

P.Q. 80x 42, ChiBicothre, Ohio 45608 

what became of them but how many can see the parallels as they are 
happening here today? 

As it occurred in history, the Dark Ages followed the collapse of Rome. 
As a number of observers have seen, so far in its history, the United 
States has not had a revolution, only a War of Independence; it has not 
had a civil war, only a War Between the States. Our true revolution 
and our true civil war are things of the future. They’ll probably take 
place one on top of the other. And our own “Fall of Rome” and “Dark 
Ages” will most likely overlap as well. Things are moving so much 
faster nowadays. 

What’s happening to the back-bone of the US. population, all 
those millions upon millions of Anglo-Saxons, has been a squeeze- 
play operation from the close of the last century to the present day. 
Commander Rockwell talked of the “niggerization” of American 
youth, and he was right. But since he was forced to swim in a milieu 
of Conservative Rightists, he neglected mentioning the other half of 
the assault that was just as deadly - that from above. 



Fifty years ago all of the social ills that have this country by the 
throat today were confined to two limited areas: The colored ghettos 
and among the circles of the filthy rich. These people who today are 
indulging in and/or are trapped by this social cancer - from drugs 
to whatever you want to include - might imagine it is something 
new. It isn’t. It’s only relatively new to THEM. It required several 
generations to do it but finally their resistance was broken and the 
walls were removed and hell has risen. And it’s referred to them as 
“freedom,” “democracy,” “equality,” “progress,” “self-expression,” 
“alternate lifestyles,” “human rights,” “dignity,” etc. I’ve said before 
that it has reached everywhere now and indeed has stood at that point 
of saturation for some time. If there ever is to be a major input of the 
clean, the fresh and pure to hope to rejuvenate the situation, as in the 
case of Rome, it’ll have to come from outside, as with the armies of 
invading “Barbarians” that the integrated, soul rotted Roman legions 
couldn’t resist. That points nowhere but the East, if it can happen 
before the rot of the West fatally infects the East as well. 

But, in the hopes of getting our own thinking balanced out, could 
there ever have been a danger to our masses of racially sound people 
of being poisoned from below unless the had already been rotted from 
above? Healthy people aren’t susceptible to such things as drugs and 
racial mixing. It took a couple of generations of Hollywood’s and 
New York’s effects on their MINDS via the movies, the newspapers 
and, especially, the television to get them properly “softened up.” In 
my book, there’s really nothing more Vile and detestable than a crowd 
of so-called “beautiful people” centered on Los Angeles, New York 
and all the really “fashionable” resort spots, etc. 

These are the types set up by the media to be worshipped and emulated 
by the masses. Take a look around at the results of fifty years of this! 
And, just as a final thought, exactly what bunch of people was it that 
were erased by a few “hippies” back on a hot night in 1969 and for 
which Charles Manson now serves several terms of life imprisonment? 
While we were watching out “below,” Manson saw the threat from 
“above” and acted. 

39 66 

[ Vol. XIV, #4 - Apr, 1985] 


Lost In Time 

Among other things, I happen to be an amateur photographer and I’ve 
been involved for the past few years in documenting the development 
and decline of this city. The town of Chillicothe, Ohio, was formerly 
not only the State Capital but also capital of the entire Northwest 
Territory which encompassed all of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, 
Wisconsin and parts of Minnesota. In short, it has its historical 

A hundred years ago this place was a hub of commerce and travel. 
Today I “joke” about its future as perhaps the only “ghost town east of 
the Rockies.” I’ve lived here all my life and have seen the population 
remain static that whole time. I’ve witnessed first-hand the more 
rapid and heartbreaking phases of this city’s deterioration. Through 
the photographs I’ve collected, I see that this was a city of incredible 
beauty - geographically and architecturally - from about 1800 until 
the late 1940’s. In recent years the Chamber of Commerce has loudly 
bemoaned the “dying downtown”. Not “ghetto-ized,” just dying. 

As special as this place is to me, I feel it’s most likely not an isolated 
case. To draw focus on the undeniable slow death of the city’s 
downtown business section, the first thing one has to notice as cause 
is the huge shopping mall built just across the river in the mid 1960’s 
to the north of town, which sprang up like a mushroom, gobbling up 
acres and acres of prime farm and pastureland and effecting an “arid 
wilderness of steel and stone.” If you have seen one of these, you’ve 
seen them all. So much for personality and local charm. Enter the big 
chains like Sears and out with the local businesses. 

But the downtown was already in trouble before that mall was built. 
Why was that when no real competition as yet existed? I found the 
answer buried deep and out of sight in the dusty files of the Historical 
Society. Left alone for hours, days, weeks and months on end with 
photographic files unavailable to the public, I was able to totally 
familiarize myself with the changing face of the city over a period of 
a century-and-a-half. We won’t have the five-hundred-year wait in the 
United States as they had in Rome for advance decay to wipe away 
everything of beauty 



and value. At this rate, it’ll be over with easily in another 100 years. 
Racially, yes, of course, we’re all familiar with the statistics on North 
America. But before we got into hot water racially and genetically, we 
began letting our architecture slide. As in Egypt, Greece and Rome, the 
architecture may be all that’s left now - a very few poor, tumbledown 
wrecks as reminders of a glorious past - but I feel it was probably the 
same there as well. People stopped giving a damn and wattle began 
replacing granite. (Cheaper and easier of course.) You can drive down 
Main Street here and see a marvelous old edifice, a parking lot next 
to it, then a structural and architectural piece of crap next to that. And 
the latter two are gaining ground all the time. 

The city is at this point thoroughly bastardized architecturally. Nothing 
fits. There is no harmony. An occasional pet project of the Historical 
Society will stand out amidst the desolation but I’ve seen these streets 
a hundred years ago when every block, in all directions, was picture 
perfect - a fairy tale setting, a Showplace. And I saw it all change. 

At first, still during the 19th Century, when any building was razed 
or otherwise had to be replaced, a bigger and truly better one went up 
in its place. Parking lots, of course, were unheard of. The time of the 
wonderful buildings stopped at about the time of the First World War. 
(Chillicothe was the site of one of the largest troop training centers in 
the United States. Camp Sherman was erected in 1917 in a matter of 
weeks just north of the city, across the river opposite the site of the 
mall I spoke of earlier, contained over three thousand well-constructed 
barracks, and then was almost totally eradicated by the end of the 
Twenties. While it existed, it was bigger than the city itself.) It seems 
that no really decent building went up after the time of the First World 
War. Things got static until the Forties and Fifties when destruction 
and demolition began to really take their toll. 

Fires and floods had their effect on original structures which had been 
built to stand the centuries. Renovation and the creation of parking 
space took care of the rest. As for the rolling beauty of the outlying area, 
condominiums and other such ready-made slums (literally for welfare 
cases), not to mention super-highways and beltways, have pushed out 
in all directions. As with the replacements for the great buildings of 
the 1800’sinside the city, these “condos” have a serviceable lifespan 
of approximately forty years. They are frail, ugly and inhuman. 



Furthermore, as I’ve witnessed it up close quite a few times, the biggest 
effort when any modern contractor sets about the job of erecting one 
of these glorified huts is involved in the TEARING DOWN of the 
existing structure! The fact - terrible and terrifying - is that these 
modern engineers and laborer’s CANNOT themselves build the kind 
of buildings that they have such great difficulty in demolishing! For 
one, we today as a nation are too POOR to afford to erect such palaces, 
and, worse, the craftsmanship and the materials for it NO LONGER 
EXIST! (They don’t make good brick anymore.) 

But the question I had centered upon was the mystification over the 
death of the downtown. Also in these thousands of photographs I’ve 
studied were many interiors of the various stores and shops of the 
downtown. They resembled the insides of jewelry boxes. Specialty 
shops, family-owned and operated where people took pride. Local 
industries producing furniture, automobiles, tires, canned goods, our 
own dairy, mill, pottery, paper (the only one still remaining), and 
everything that was necessary to sustain the town and profit by export 
to other areas. (This city was a major stop along the Ohio and Erie 
Canal from the 1830’s until about 1913 when the canal was finally 
destroyed by flood.) Today Chillicothe is as dependent as any other area 
on trucking, etc., for its basic needs. The marvelous shops were taken 
over by first one and then another succeeding business, remodeled 
and refurbished until the effect was one of ugliness. Great tracts of 
floor were parceled and divided until the effect was that of a bunch of 
Middle Ages shepherds squatting in the shadows of the pillars of the 
Parthenon. From temple to brothel. The four-by-eight panel, the drop- 
ceiling and the interior-exterior carpet. They couldn’t keep up the old 
standards of decor and appearance so it appeared logical to chuck it 
all and go across the river into virgin territory and build afresh. This is 
precisely what Eisenhower ‘had advised the Germans to do after the 
War: Abandon their cities, their culture, their heritage. The Germans 
didn’t take him up on it but REBUILT everything just as it was before, 
brick by brick. A classic example of how different peoples handle a 
lost war and a lost peace. What’s the answer? It has to be a matter of 
bad values or no values at all to have allowed a situation like this to 
come about within sixty years. And note well this took place years 
ahead of any of the more overt signs of racial deterioration. When one 



is no longer reminded of beauty and worth and order in what he sees 
around him, naturally he’s going to think less of himself, what his mate 
should be, or what his children should be, if indeed he bothers about 
children at all. Those without a past seldom worry about a future. 
[Vol. XII, #10 - Oct., 1983] 

U.S. Cities: Hazardous Gene Dumps 

A cartoon was reproduced in one Movement periodical which I 
receive depicting a mob of crazed Liberals lynching a “handgun” 
while the actual robber himself walks away free and unmolested. This 
is an insight into the prevailing mentality. So it is with the issue of 
pollution. They go wild on the question of hazardous waste dumps but 
are oblivious to the far greater danger of the hazardous genetic dumps 
which are our major U.S. cities. 80 what if we can manage over the 
next hundred years or so to clean up the vast amounts of garbage and 
waste that the Capitalist System has brought about if, over the same 
period, we have degenerated into a bunch of low level savages. A 
human garbage dump with no chance of reclamation? 

It is a cornerstone of the National Socialist outlook - and a hard one at 
that, which so few can manage to grasp — that NO MATTER WHAT, if 
the blood is preserved pure, it can survive and overcome ANY THING. 
If atomic warfare destroyed all human life on earth but two Aryan 
specimens somewhere in New Zealand, we could begin again. There 
is no threat greater than that of genetic pollution facing life on this 
planet. That is the one and only thing that could conceivably erase 
all civilization, all higher culture, and send this planet, as Hitler said, 
swirling back into the ether. 

Itis an unnatural, peculiarly human trait that allows so many otherwise 
intelligent people of our Race to look upon inferiors as “equals.” It is 
something - a sickness actually - that will most certainly die with the 
passing of this current age (and hopefully, will not take all 

the rest of us down with it). In line with the priority of the blood 
kept pure and free of alien genes, when comparing the respective 
damage to be done by other forms of pollutants, I’ve often stated 
that the condition - and content - of these cities make a positively 



ATTRACTIVE case for atomic warfare. After all, don’t they employ 
radiation in the treatment of cancer? That, of course, is the far side 
of radicalism. It is, however intended and offered in a one-hundred- 
percent straight and sincere conviction of its inevitability. And so, 
while we don’t discount the prostitution and poisoning of the land, 
air and water, we still view the defiling and befouling of the Race as 
the worst possible corruption of Nature’s highest creation. Who was 
it that said, “If you would build a better society, build a better man”? 

[ Vol. XII, #4 - Apr, 1983] 

The Whole Is Greater 
Than The Individual 

I’m not a sports fan in any form but only a blind hermit could fail 
to be aware that, with regard to boxing, the Blacks have gotten and 
kept that field pretty much to themselves now for several generations. 
There are also a lot of Black football “superstars” as well as Blacks 
in the past having been renowned for their ability to run like all hell 
(Feet, do yo’ duty!”). Is this then any case for racial equality or even 
Black superiority? Don’t make me gag! But millions evidently are 
content, even eager - to think so. A comparison with regard to what 
goes on inside the ring: Take an electric, magnetic can opener and 
take an old model, squeeze-and-twist kind and place both in a cement 
mixer. Turn on the mixer and let it go for half an hour. Remove both 
openers and see which is still working. The more primitive, of course. 
That’s about as valid a test of can openers as it is of human beings. 
The advanced brain and physique of the Aryan wasn’t intended, and 
didn’t evolve, to have the hell pummelled out of it for sport. But if 
you’re going to pit a White Man and a Black in the ring and call 
it a “match,” why not pit a Black in the ring with a gorilla? Same 
logic, same kind of “match.” You know who’ll win every time... the 
more primitive. But take an army of Blacks versus an equal number 
of gorillas and see which side wins. The Blacks, of course, because of 
their greater ability to organize themselves. Take an army of Whites 
versus an army of Blacks and the Whites will win every time for the 
same reason. So who then is superior? To attack a family of gorillas, 



which are some of nature’s most shy and timid creatures, would be 
a gross immorality. To attack a village of primitive Black Africans, 
replete with grass skirts and bones in their noses, would be equally 
unfair. But today, when confronted by armies of vicious Black street 
criminals, outfitted and trained in modern weaponry, and who are out 
to “Kill Whitey!” the bets are off. When they challenge the White 
Man as a race, they must be answered as a race. And the answer to any 
such challenge is a foregone conclusion. 
Therein liesthe main fallacy ofdemocracy, humanrights, human dignity, 
racial equality and all the rest of the System hogwash. Taking people 
one at a time you’ll get nowhere, in fact, you’ll become hopelessly 
lost. There are plenty who'd say it isn’t “fair” but they overlook that 
the concept of “fairness” was an invention of and only exists in the 
mind of the Aryan. The Third Worlders and internationalists know 
it’s a joke. They are winning because we keep ourselves manacled 
on bonds of our own making - ideas and customs intended solely for 
and amongst our own kind, not aliens. Commander Rockwell loved to 
repeat the prayer of the non-Whites and the early, sicko Christians of 
the post-Roman world when faced by e or whenever contemplating - 
our Viking ancestors: “Lord, save us from the fury of the men of the 
North!” This time, Lord, screw ‘em! 

[Vol. X, #10 - Oct, 1981] 

Big Brother, the System & 
the Establishment 

The time is overdue for us to get a few terms and definitions down pat. 
What we deal in are not simply cue-words or catch-phrases but actual, 
functioning people and things that make up the reality of the 

circumstances we are forced to deal with. The Left has been the master 
of the art of the blurb, of garbage semantics with their famous ones 
such as “imperialism,” “racism” and “fascism.” If any of these things 
were real then it is doubtful whether we in the Movement would have 
felt ourselves constrained to declare war on the society as it stands. 
Indeed, we should feel perfectly at home sharing positions of wealth 
and power alongside the ruling class were this the case (which is 



actually what the modern-day Leftist ARE doing). And so we do not 
deal in fable; we deal in fact. 

In previous segments we have spoken of the Establishment and many 
would object right away that we are lifting the term from the New 
Left of the Sixties. The Establishment is a reality though concepts 
of it vary widely, and until a better term comes along we will stick 
with its usage when referring to the economic and social goings-on in 
the nation and the world today. These are your big and little money 
people who make it possible for this stricken monster, the System, to 
continue lurching forward yet another step, then another. They buy us 
time and yet they condemn us to a longer sentence. Some of them pay 
pretty good lip service to some of the Movement’s more conservative 
aspects but they do not lend any appreciable support to the Movement 
for the implementation of its program. They like this Capitalist System 
and only really resent the bigger, official Capitalists who are ripping 
off the rip-offs. The Establishment is corrupt, complacent, reactionary 
and business-as-usual. The System is a term not so frequently used by 
the Left in the past because to glance at it too closely would reveal 
that the same ideals are postulated by BOTH except that the phony 
“revolutionists” are in a bigger hurry than are the Kennedy-type 
Establishmentarians. We use the term “System” in place of the word 
“government” because what controls America and the whole West 
today are not governments, they are faceless tyrannies, branch offices 
of a single monstrous SYSTEM. When we speak of the thousands of 
interchangeable, expendable parts of the alien, inhuman bureaucracy, 
we speak of the System. From police to welfare bureaucrats, to city, 
local, state and national appointees and so-called “elected officials”; 
from prison administration to the Armed Forces; those who either 
represent the System or who are in the employ of the System ARE in 
fact the System itself. High and low it is marked by the overweening 
drive to entrench itself ever deeper into the body of the nation - like 
the parasite that it is - to evade any and all real responsibility, and to 
regulate the lives of everyone it can in as minute detail as the System 
“legislators” can clear a “legal” path for it to do so. 

When we speak of “Big Brother” we use a term which has been 
infrequently employed by the Right Wing of years past because, 
traditionally, the Right has been associated with “Big Government” 



or central government. The Right has had its share of stock dialogue 
phrases, not altogether accurate and tending to fall into the easy 
manipulation of its very opponents, the liberals, for that reason. The 
“Communist Conspiracy” of the Right, for example, has been looking 
more foolish as the years have gone by. We of the Movement are 
aware that most of this is in truth the CAPITALIST conspiracy of 
which the Communist segment is but a poor relative. So when we use 
the term Big Brother we mean, first of all, the Conspiracy in general 
(for, have no doubt, it is a conspiracy which is at work). We do not 
harp away on Jews, Jews, Jews but this conspiracy is practically 
unthinkable minus Jewish input and control. We recognize that there 
is a highly disproportionate degree of Jews in the Establishment, the 
System AND in Big Brother which their overall population percentage 
does not justify. But Big Brother is the wellspring from which all 
the really noxious social, cultural and economic poisons emanate. It 
is the alien worldview which now permeates everything consumed 
by the public. Everything must have Big Brother’s seal of approval 
before it is marketable, printable, believable. It goes far beyond mere 
liberalism. It contains the greatest amount of DRIVE of any ideology 
or worldview ever imposed on an unaware or unwilling populace. 
None of its tenets or programs work in practicality. But no matter. The 
forces and resources of both the Establishment and the System have 
long ago been harnessed to CLAMP ON the dictates of the Big Brother 
advocates and their stated goal of total integration and everything that 

We do however subscribe to the old adage that, in order to kill an 
“ism” you must kill the “ists.” It is a general rule that in this ultra- 
sick society the members of the Establishment, the System and of Big 

exclusive few share many common traits. The most basic of 

these is cowardice. And from cowardice comes repression. As we 
already have said, none of them will accept responsibility for anything. 
Their defense is their endless red tape. Their offense is their economic 
system (not to mention the press, courts and police). They hide behind 
the “law.” They are “officialdom.” They are the ruling class. If we 
are to play by their set rules, as we must, then one of them is coequal 
to all the rest, as guilty as the next. To participate in this anti-White 



conspiracy is a crime that shall be punished by death. And no appeals 
are granted by the Revolutionary Court. 
[Vol. XI, #6 - June, 1982] 

The Simplistic Society 

I’ve been told in recent years that we just can’t blow the heads off the 
powers that be, that we simply cannot call for an anarchy. But what 
these sensitive, conservative types can’t grasp, or else refuse to grasp, 
is that the alternatives are either fast being removed by circumstances 
themselves, or they are gone already. What we must recall always 
is the magnificently just and civilized Program which Commander 
Rockwell offered to the nation and the world during his nine years as 
head of the Party. No one chose to listen. It’s now out of our hands. 
The point remains that the deadly and worsening situation we each 
are caught up in has at no time been the product of accident or even 
of stupidity. In point of fact, were things to be LET ALONE then a 
natural process of healing and correction - what Manson would call a 
balance - would begin to take place. However this can’t happen unless 
and until the SOURCE OF THE POISON is gotten to and shut off as 
a prerequisite to any chance for even the most gradual improvement. 
And for this golden, chance-of-a-lifetime reprieve we could afford 
easily and happily to do without a majority of what today passes for 
“indispensable.” Indeed, much of it is part of the poison and we would 
be far better off without it anyway. 

Our task is uncomplicated yet awesome in its individual challenge. I 
think the entire Movement is generally agreed that the System is going 
to fall; indeed it is currently in the process of falling. We have in the 
recent past the lesson of Iran: When the Big Brother regime there was 
toppled, all the high technology and the money itself disappeared... 
And yet. Iran has gone on to successfully purge itself of practically 
all of its impurities and has fought a victorious war with a militarily 
well supplied neighbor. And it is doing so under the direction of one 
elderly holy man who embodies the spirit and will of the entire nation. 
Are we to think it can’t happen here? But Khomeini’s march stretched 
over a period of a generation or more, much of it spent in exile. We’re 



no strangers to enduring long, dry spells made even more oppressive 
by the iron grip the System has over things in this country, but more is 
still required. We’ll need to have a team ready when the time comes. 
As some more advanced Movement thinkers have already projected, 
this occurrence may well be on a worldwide scale. Many believe that 
it is essential it does happen in this way so as to thoroughly pin down 
the forces of Big Brother. 
Everything connected with the past will be erased. And we can begin 
again minus any alien or renegade influence. Minus any parasites. 
We will have been provided with a clean palate with which to do this. 
Primitive is not the word to be applied but rather simplistic, or even 
organic, because a purely White society is intrinsically far superior to 
any high-technology mongrelized cesspool such as what exists today. 
What this will mean will be the beginning of a new GOLDEN AGE 
for our People. 

[Vol. XI, #7 - July, 1982] 


It is those who are blindly willing to trudge on in the standard, 
accepted fashion of “business-as-usual” and these alone, who permit 
the System and the Establishment to keep functioning. In recent years 
they have seen themselves reduced from pawns to victims and yet 
nowhere do we see any appreciable trace of popular rebellion, that 
is, genuine rebellion. They continue to work their jobs, go home or 
to the bar, drink and watch television. Is it that their resistance has 
been totally conditioned out or that obvious channels of resistance are 
as yet managed by the “Fellow Travelers of the System”? (Why, for 
example, have not the Communist factions called for a general strike 
nationwide?) This business-as-usual attitude, practically a fanaticism 
in itself as it calls for total inaction in the face of the worst excesses 
and outrages, will be the greatest single thing about the current historic 
phase that will puzzle and mystify researchers and historians for the 
rest of time. “Such miserable swine as these,” they will think, “so 
utterly devoid of the will to live or even of the worthiness of life 
itself.” For us today, this prevailing attitude contains the most ominous 



portents and it actually gives us the outline of events to come. The 
peoples of Europe chose to cling to business-as-usual in their refusal 
to join with Germany in the defense of Europe. What they got was 
World War Two and the state of affairs that has existed ever since. The 
menace was present, the prophets were issuing their warnings, the 
solution was easy at hand. Instead, the people begged for disaster and 
that is what they got. Today the menaces are clear, the prophets are 
equally clear in their messages, the answer is present but the reaction 
of the people is the same - or maybe worse, for at least the people of 
Germany answered Hitler’s call. The worst that history has ever had 
to offer will be their lot this time. 
National Socialists and all students of history are aware that this 
current business-as-usual phase is positively incapable of turning 
a page of history. The break will come to terminate this agonizing, 
lingering illness and it will come like thunder, suddenly. It will be an 
end to business-as usual and a resumption of history. 

[Vol. XI, #12 - Dec, 1982] 

Dark Age 

George Orwell will be mentioned now just in order to get his name out 
of the way so that we may go on to examine things far more real than 
anything envisioned in his imaginings. 

Things are going on and being said and done on a daily, routine basis 
that should cause one phrase to flash into the brain of any thinking, 
aware person: “The Dark Ages.” Starting with this example is the 
discussion here in Ohio and indeed across the country about whether 
to “build more prisons and stage more executions.” A lot of people are 
going to prison but many are getting out. Some are 

dangerous, it’s true. They are overflowing. Guards fear the conditions. 
So the turnover is rapid. And, around here, they ARE building more 
prisons - one right across the highway from the state prison that had 
housed Charles Manson during the 1950’s. Almost like competition 
across the street. “Will also create more jobs,” they say. 

We have to look at the way it is, not the way some Right Winger 
would like to see it. What does all this talk of prisons and executions 



MEAN? Hand-in-hand with the strong talk about “law and order”? 
Whose law and whose order? Why, the same ones as who own and 
operate the prisons and execution devices, of course. The State. Does 
this bode well for any of us? Hardly. 

Prisons are loaded with Blacks. Prison populations consistently run 
from 50/50 on up in favor of Blacks. Signs of a racist, repressive 
society? Not exactly. It is just that Blacks commit most of the crime. 
But all that is in their nature and the laws of this society, as they were 
originally intended, were never meant for a multi-racial population, 
for coloreds to have to abide by. They should not be “punished” for 
this but instead allowed to go and make their own laws to live by and 
to take care of their own transgressors. But the State won’t have it that 
way. Rather, they alternately inflict the Blacks on White society and 
inflict prison on the Blacks, ever heightening the fury of the cycle. 
And what of the Whites in prison? Aside from the federal, “white 
collar” types, most are there because they cannot help themselves and 
the State, the only source from where real help could be expected 
to come, babbles on about “more prisons, more executions.” After 
removing the Blacks and the rest of the non-Whites, and removing the 
habitual criminal types by actual and swift execution, the remainder 
would be only a shadow of the monstrous problem that exists today. 
A firm and healthy White society would easily absorb the majority 
and lead them to a productive existence while the rest, those who 
positively “can’t make it” with others, under others’ rules, could be 
gathered in colonies similar to the successful British experiment in 
Australia, to be left to make it on their own. 

The State and those running it presently either can’t see that or won’t 
allow it. In the first instance, they are incompetent. In the second, they 
are criminal. But at bottom, given the conditions and circumstances 
today, this official mutter about “more prisons and 

more executions” smacks clearly of a declaration of war by the ruling 
class against the poor. 

As “liberal” or “Marxist” as that might sound, if the System has ever 
had you behind the old eight ball, that is the inescapable reality that 
dawns over you. And they have the pomposity and gall to refer to these 
hell-holes as “correctional institutions.” They are human warehouses 
and, because of the conditions that prevail in most of them, they are 



in fact torture chambers. And it is a most odd twist that, because the 
System that created them and the conditions within merely tosses 
a person in and turns its back, rather than employ full-time official 
torturers and executioners, the System, in whose name these prisons 
stand and function, gains no respect by them but only engenders hatred 
and contempt among these hordes of prisoners, both Black and White. 
And still they babble on about building more of them. Somewhere 
along the line is a built-in justice that is taking its time in manifesting 

Another hallmark of the first Dark Age that we read about in school 
books was the degree of superstition and illiteracy abroad in the land. 
The talk was taking on a loud shrillness in my early school days about 
not being able to secure even an undesirable job without a high school 
diploma. They weren’t kidding about that. But no one has offered 
to explain all the “functional illiterates” WITH diplomas and WITH 
average jobs. The emphasis can’t, therefore, be on education. People 
I meet for the first time invariably take me for; a) an attorney; b) 
someone in law enforcement; or c) a clergyman. Seriously. I happen 
to be a ninth-grade drop-out and subsequent runaway, with a prison 
record, with no employment history and an avowed revolutionary. 
Seem strange? I’ve maintained in the past that “qualifications” in this 
society mean the degree to which you have reduced yourself to the 
level of a quickly and easily interchangeable part. 

They loved to point out to us kids in school the ghastly idiocy of the 
official belief in such things as the “sun revolving around the earth and 
the “earth as a flat disc,” and that any who opposed - or so much as 
questioned - this official view of the Church and State, were routinely 
burned. It really wouldn’t matter a damn if the sun did revolve around 
the earth or if the earth were flat. Things would go on about the same. 
It’s just that there were men of science who sought 

the TRUTH at any cost. But how about today when it is taught by 
System, encompassing State and Church, that “all men and races of 
men are equal” and inter-mixing has become law? Not only is there no 
evidence anywhere to support that very recent assumption, but in fact 
all science stands against it. And IF the lessons of history are ignored, 
IF this devolution goes on to its conclusion in North America, IF 
this civilization crumbles as a result, then what? In principle, it may 



be akin to the superstition that the earth is flat, but the results are 
infinitely more terrible. And what of those who today go against all 
this babble and chatter and “laws” about “human equality”? Only they 
can know and appreciate what Galileo and Copernicus might have 
gone through. 

If that’s not enough, there’s the business of “Six Million Dead Jews” 
killed by the foremost promoters of the “racist” idea: The Nazis. To 
deny this - merely to raise the question of it - is against the law in 
many countries and there currently are TRIALS underway to punish 
(silence) any who dare to challenge this “gospel,” this “canon.” 
Yet, all real investigation, all hard evidence shows that no such 
“Holocaust” ever took place. And they look upon the inquisitors of 
old and alternately shudder and laugh, smug in the certainty that this 
is the most enlightened of all times and places. 

Before proceeding further, these two things, illiteracy and superstition, 
are what ensures that no national renaissance such as that which 
occurred in Central Europe in the 1930s can be possible in this country 
today. In Germany they wanted to be given the Truth, and Adolf Hitler 
and the NSDAP provided it. Here, they don’t want the Truth and will 
try to kill you if you offer it. For a huge and complex society such 
as this, what this invites resembles something out of the darkest, 
bloodiest pages of the Old Testament. Such is the cry of eternal justice 
that will not be stilled. 

Finally, in terms of total practicality, this society teeters on the edge 
of a return to something even more primitive than the original Dark 
Ages. On television these days I see ads for a “computer dating 
service” which features such types as “marketing consultants,” “time 
management consultants,” “data processors,” etc. Now these are very 
high-paying, professional positions but I ask what is actually being 
PRODUCED by them? This is being billed as not only the wave of 
the future but as what to look for as the “ideal” in a mate, the kind of 
lifestyle to be desired. But who in the hell is going to PRODUCE? 
You hear constantly of farms folding and disappearing. That there are 
now more “white collar” workers than “blue collar.” Some proportion 
way above eighty percent of the population is now living inside the 
cities. Where’s the FOOD going to come from? And, lastly, some in 
the Movement are highly enthusiastic about computerism, about how 



it is the wave of the future and how we’d best dive right into the 
swim. But I ask again, what does the rapid processing of information 
actually PRODUCE? What happens if someone or something pulls the 
plug? A war or an anarchy, or any form of disruption or breakdown. 
Anything at all that puts the lights out and keeps them out. It’s all held 
together by a few generators, a few dams and a lot of wires. They 
think that the ancient standing stones of Western Europe were some 
kind of conductors of currents but who knows? Who’ll know what 
the hell these giant, metal towers out in the middle of cornfields were 
ten thousand years hence? I’ve stood in lines in supermarkets when 
the electricity has been out for as long as thirty minutes. The lines 
backed up to the meat departments; some people got fed up and just 
walked off, leaving their carts. And the people at the registers just 
stood helplessly, idly by, waiting for “someone” to turn the power 
back on. No one dreamt of whipping out pencil and paper. Tell me 
where the computers will be when the lights never come back on, or 
not for a period of years. What’s more, where will the COMPUTER 
PROGRAMMERS be then? It'll be back to the soil fast... or DIE. 
Winter and starvation won’t wait. Try “consulting,” “programming” 
or “managing” your way out of that. The diplomas will come in handy 
when the shipments of toilet paper stop. 

It has been said that Western Civilization reached its peak in the 
Eighteenth Century. For many reasons, this is probably correct. But 
I would add that mechanization had reached its natural, healthy peak 
at about the turn of the last century. By that I mean machines had 
developed enough to lighten man’s load but not too much to enslave 
him and make a hopeless dependent of him. I marvel at the inventions 
of the late Eighteen Hundreds and early Nineteen Hundreds. 
Practically none require fuel of any sort beyond man and horse power. 
Furthermore they were built to last forever. Many required a certain 
native CRAFTSMANSHIP to operate but therein was man’s greatest 
INSURANCE against disaster: HIMSELF and his own natural 
capabilities. Life was hard? Life was neither soft nor hard, life was 
merely life. Today, life is a hothouse, artificial. The lifeline can be 
cut at any time. Perhaps for the first time ever in history a society 
composed of hundreds of millions of people has lost the capacity for 
self-sufficiency. Cut the power and they’ll die by the millions. Talk 



about the plagues and diseases of the famed Dark Ages of old! 
Centralization has brought it about. But more than that, centralization in 
the WORST POSSIBLE HANDS. Centralization of nearly everything. 
Yes, everything. Even mass opinion created by a centralized media. 
The question is not whether it might collapse, but how it can possibly 
keep from collapsing for much longer... 

[Vol. XIV, #4 - Apr, 1985] 

Ain't It Funny 

I am disgusted by the sight of an army of drooling slobs grinning 
insipidly and mumbling, in halting phrases, from the television screen 
how they are attending this or that technical institute or some branch 
of the armed services to get the training necessary to become computer 
programmers. When I was a kid, it used to be that if you were going to 
become a doctor or a lawyer or an engineer then you had something to 
take pride in and could pretty well feel that you had your future made. 
Today it is with computer programmers. 

As a vocation, this seems to be society’s ideal. I guess it only stands to 
reason. Any trained savage can be taught how to program a computer by 
punching the right buttons. In fact, they’ve been conducting successful 
experiments for years whereby they are able to communicate with 
chimpanzees by training them to punch colored buttons to indicate 
words and phrases to make up for the sad fact that they are elocution 
ally underprivileged. But the area of computer programming seems to 
be the one that is attracting the most Negroid types - both Black and 
White - who are zonked out bad enough to choose something like that 
to dedicate their lives to in return for being granted by the System the 
desired status of “consumer.” 

Agreed, at the present time and for the foreseeable future there will 
be an expanding “need” for computer programmers as Big Brother 
tightens his grip over every tiny aspect of people’s lives in this country 
and the world, as people are increasingly reduced to numbers. That, 
of course, along with the vast and growing credit-debt-slavery racket 
which is the mainstay of the System’s economy and the inherent sifting 
and storing of countless billions of pieces of information related to 



how much people owe. At the present time, the computer programmer 
is every bit the necessity as his blood brother, the System bureaucrat, 
is. ve heard it stated that no matter what happens in the world with 
regard to politics, war, or the state of the economy, certain people 
will be in demand everywhere, at all times, and among these would 
have to be the doctors, the engineers, not necessarily the lawyers but 
certainly not such freaks as the computer programmers. There will 
always be sick people to attend to and roads, bridges and buildings to 
erect, especially after a general breakdown of the current order when 
there will be untold human suffering and much rebuilding to be done. 
Lawyers will be pretty much a useless commodity as talk and smooth 
dealing have no value when there is a world to be built anew. And 
it will be the vast legions of computer programmers that will find 
themselves instantly dashed from the top to the bottom rung of the 
society. As opposed to medicine and engineering, for example - what 
is produced, what benefit is provided by computerization? It’s like 
the crappy, worthless Federal Reserve money: It exists for itself, it 
is entirely artificial, the offspring of high technology. What happens 
when the lights go out and STAY out?? How will they run their blasted 
computers then?? And what need will there be of them any further?? 
Big Brother will have suffered a paralytic stroke. 
In this new Dark Age - different from the previous one wherein 
religion was the primary concern rather than the up breeding of the 
Race - it is technology that supersedes every other concern of life. It 
must be “progress” because it is all so far-advanced and miraculous! 
But note how the United States and the rest of the Western world are 
going computerized just at the moment of their impending death. So 
much for the true worth of so-called high technology. It all seems 
to indicate a loss of Vitality because, again, so much is involved in 
“keeping track of” rather than in creativity and productivity, goods 
and services. The demand for computer programmers soars while the 
national productivity continues to decline. So much attention to cold 
data must be seen as another form of death rattle in the affairs of men 
arid nations. 

[ Vol. XI, #3 - Mar., 1982] 



“People Are Too Smart For That” 

This will not be an exercise in wishful thinking but an examination of 
WHY one long-cherished strategy has not worked and will not work 
and, hopefully, a case for the new strategy which we are building 
through Universal Order. It is the study of one major symptom of our 

Commander Rockwell called it the monumental conceit of today’s 
individual who smugly figures that he knows it all in this most 
“enlightened” and “progressive” age. 

I got it from a very good source, the confirmation that people are 
“too smart” to know who their friends and enemies are, much less 
to embrace the former and expel the latter. While I was locked up 
at Cincinnati’s Work house, I resided in the hospital building where 
I held the post of hospital clerk. The chief paramedic was as fine 
a fellow as you'll generally discover functioning in the real world 
successfully. A big Pole who resembled a youthful, blonde version 
of Father Christmas himself. Once the word on me got out - thanks 
largely to the efforts of one Jewish social worker - the para-med started 
up with the fact that he was an avid Nazi blade and pennant collector. 
He was able to bring in and show me his pennants but, obviously, 
not the blades. It wasn’t long at all before he was spitting out how he 
wished he could have been a part of the Waffen-SS, “an outfit to really 
kick ass,” as he put it. Here he was letting his White nature hang way 
out in healthy exuberance but it was later, as were discussing Hitler’s 
style in public addresses, that he spoke up for the whole of the White 
Liberal Establishment. He said that people were too smart nowadays 
to fall for such theatrics as those that went on in Nazi Germany. (He 
of course had never had the opportunity to hear a recording of any of 
Hitler’s more heart-to-heart addresses to the German nation, free of all 
the carefully rehearsed histrionics which were intended more for the 
diplomatic corps and the rest of the world than for home consumption.) 
I suppose he was saying that these people nowadays only respond to 
- or accept as “‘for real” - some dried-out, stuffed shirt who looks and 



James Mason photographed outside the Cincinnati Workhouse, 
where he was previously incarcerated for assault 



sounds as though he is reading off the day’s stock market report but 
who, in essence, is saying nothing. The character fits perfectly into the 
scheme and pattern of Capitalistic America. 
Commander Rockwell vehemently condemned another one of today’s 
Liberal “virtues,” i.e., to keep it “cool,” to play it “cool,” to be “cool” 
at all times. To be inflamed by nothing, to stand for nothing, to be 
willing to die - or kill - for nothing. Hitler and the whole fascist aura 
are certainly about as “uncool” as it is possible to be. (Note that the 
same cannot be said for the Communist/Leftist mystique.) Machiavelli 
is condemned for being Machiavellian yet he is the least so because 
he came out with the way it IS, not the way someone who wants to 
represent, or misrepresent it as being. Hitler was least tyrannical for 
booming out the collective will of the entire German nation. Today’s 
leaders fly in direct defiance of the will of the majority; they would 
not know the truth if they saw it, could not speak it if they knew it. 
(Besides, it remains a positive treat and experience to hear one of 
Hitler’s speeches - even if one does not understand German - for it 
invigorates. If one does comprehend the language then it is positively 
inspirational. The same cannot be said for today’s bureaucratic puppets 
and dolts who only bore.) So how smart indeed is a people that not only 
cannot solve any of its major problems but which fails to recognize 
the most paramount of these as problems at all? How smart are they 
when they can’t do anything to prevent their government, society, 
institutions, traditions, families and their own lives from falling 
apart? Drugs, suicide, miscegenation, every manner of degeneracy is 
“smart,” “cool,” “sophisticated” and quite acceptable in the course 
of demonstrating one’s “individuality.” Mindless pleasure-bent is 
“smart.” Clinging to a false material security is “smart.” On goes the 
rationale. When it catches up with them in full, they’Il be wondering 
why. Smart. 

[Vol. XI, #12 - Dec, 1982] 



The thing that brought this segment’s topic to mind was a news item 
about the nomination of a transsexual for post commander of a branch 
of the American Legion. The only real Commander - George Lincoln 
Rockwell - used to chide the American Legion for being conspicuously 
absent at all of those countless Communist demonstrations during 
the 1960’s and at the height of the Vietnam War. They would rather, 
he said, pass resolutions linking the American Nazi Party WITH the 
Communists even though we were the only ones out there physically 
opposing treason. Now it’s really their turn! 

Picture a middle-aged, thick-set, square-jawed veteran of World War 
Two or Korea vintage in a low-cut gown and long, blonde wig (or 
maybe it was his/her own hair?). Really ravishing! And this for an 
American Legion post commander as reported in a national news 
item! Serves ‘em right. Of all that sort of business I’ve seen, from 
“Christine” Jorgensen on up, this one was the most bizarre because, if 
you blocked out the gown and wig, and squinted your eyes so couldn’t 
see the makeup, you had the face of a rugged male. It’s all over people, 
I’m telling you! There’s nothing and no one left to trust and rely on 
except ourselves. 

In the beginning, that is, with the start of the Post World War Two 
era, any of that sort of thing was considered just one more weirdism. 
Trash music or “rock ‘n’ roll” was to all but the very young and 
impressionable just that: Trash. And it was fervently hoped and 
expected that it would pass away. In the meantime, it was one more 
example of something strange and offbeat. The sight of racially mixed 
couples was an outrage but no less strange. “Addicts,” etc., were the 
same. One tended to write them off, all of them, as lost causes, the 
dregs of society - in fact, the “exceptions” that proved the rule that 
America was still great. You and everyone you knew still were sure 
of what was what and who was who. At least until the point when 
everybody was on some kind of dope; until girls from “good families” 
were seen in the company of Blacks; until the new “Rock” made the 
old “Rock ‘n’ Roll” sound like Guy Lombardo; until weirdoes and 
sickoes were found in higher social standing than you. 



No longer “strange” but now, and for a long time past, only par for the 
course. So if it’s no longer remarkable or extraordinary (not to mention 
unacceptable) for music to be no more than a deafening roar; for mixed 
couples to be seen and encountered routinely; for marginal types of 
every description to be filling all kinds of key and administrative 
positions; for bars to be going up on windows and doors of businesses 
and homes - then what is it actually? It is that they used to be the 
degenerates. Now, instead, it is the society itself which has become 
degenerate. And you and I are the misfits. (The Right Wing of old was 
looking for a Russian-Chinese invasion, a “Red Dictatorship”! What 
actually happened turned out to be a thousand times worse.) 
It’s all meaningless now. It was a White society with White Men, 
White Women and White Children. White families. White culture. 
White values. Up until the Fifties, if you weren’t White - including 
Jews - you either played it White or you didn’t exist. If you were a 
druggie, you kept it hidden, or else. There was an Ideal - though it 
was too poorly defined and not at all effectively enforced - and it was 
a White Ideal. It was slowly eroded to the point where, today, there is 
nothing left of it. 
Those principles that had been expounded and for which this country 
fought two World Wars to crush and destroy the very center of our 
Race and our Culture, from the start of this century on up, spelled 
out all of this clearly enough. Those who opposed the outward 
manifestations of it had no leg to stand on. It’s here now and in full 
bloom! Democracy triumphant. And they still demand more, much 
more! Any doubt at all as to where it will ultimately lead? And it is 
at this point that we must acknowledge to ourselves exactly who and 
what we are and what our goal is. For one, we are the remnant - which 
means the future is entirely up to us. For another, our job is not to 
“protest” any of this because to whom would we be protesting? Those 
who may be, for varying reasons, lagging behind their more jet-set, 
avantgarde counterparts in the society? In five years’ time, more from 
the former will be among the latter. In ten years, yet more. In twenty 
to thirty, it’ll all be down to a quivering, putrefying mass. Our goal is 
to, first, make sure that we survive its death. And, second, to hasten, if 
at all possible, that death. 

[Vol. XIV, #7 - July, 1985] 


Thrill Kill 

“Thrill kill” was a term born in the Fifties. You remember the “punks,” 
the “hoods” of the Fifties, don’t you? (And, parenthetically, in line 
with what I was saying in the last segment, if you had any proclivities 
to punkism PRIOR to that time, you knew better than to let it show.) 
Anyhow, the Central Park punks would beat or knife an old man to 
death just for the “thrill” of it, just for “kicks.” But, just like good 01’ 
“Rock ‘n’ Roll,” it took a toe-hold and grew from there. 

I love it when the System and the Establishment are made to look like 
conservative reactionaries. And the latest bunch of business coming 
out of California, the Leonard Lake and Charles Ng “survivalist” 
serial murders, has done just that. Mass graves, videotaped slaughters, 
etc. You see not all the manifestations of Liberal Democracy can be 
guaranteed or expected to proceed according to Hoyle. These people 
claimed to be getting ready to survive “Armageddon” but I can’t see 
what the sex killings have to do with that (unless it’s to break the 
boredom). But given that plus the fact that at least one of their prime 
movers is an Oriental and you can be sure that they’re not what could 
be called revolutionary. No. They’re a part of society. “Thrill Killer” 
Gacy. The press has already compared it to the Tate-LaBianca killings 
of 1969 and have freely admitted that this makes those look like 
“peanuts.” (Indeed, such incidents from Juan Corona to John Gacy 
have already done that.) But Manson is still THE “mass murderer” for 
all practical occasions (even though “his” victims were avid in their 
videotaping of bestial and sadistic sex as well as notorious for running 
a dope supermarket in their home). The difference was and is that 
Manson is revolutionary, one of us, and they HATE him and FEAR 
him for it. Just as Hitler’s supposed record for killing six million Jews 
is far surpassed by Stalin’s grand total of thirty million and Mao’s of 
fifty million. It’s who you are and what you stand for, not what you do 
or how you do it. 








“Thrill Killer” Gacy 



Mass graves are perfectly all right as long as they are filled with dead 
Europeans killed while defending their homeland. Horrible killing is 
okay as long as it is state sanctioned. Vile and perverse videotapes 
are readily available and completely legal. But put ‘em all together - 
private enterprise style - and watch out! 
We’ ve got to chuckle at all this for itis genuinely funny. These folks are 
the REAL “avant-garde” of Democracy! Talk about some jetsetters! 
For the rest of the citizenry who can’t quite understand it, it’s only 
what they’re getting in return for their tax dollars and their votes cast. 
As for any of us falling victim to this or some future excursion into 
“total democracy” on the part of these types which are burgeoning in 
the land, we’re supposed to be conscious and aware, on our guard and 
prepared. And, above all, with a reputation more gruesome than the 
gruesome. With a little knowledge, it’s easy to keep out of harm’s way 
the majority of the time. 
For the rest, let the dams burst! All sense and order and reason have 
failed. Let their own terror now consume them! 

[Vol. XIV, #7 - July, 1985] 

“American Hostages” 

I was infuriated a couple of weeks ago when a tape I was making of 
a Vintage “Sherlock Holmes” movie was ruined by a news bulletin 
about those damned “hostages” in the Middle East. Years ago, I 
recall writing an article entitled, “TO HELL WITH HOSTAGES.” 
Whatever I commented then, I don’t think it was sized up as neatly as 
it can be now. That by itself indicates that this is a recurrent problem 
and one that we’re bound to see more of, also one that this so-called 
“government” is powerless to do anything about. 

There is one thing about those “hostages” that is for sure - they 
can all be included somewhere among the following categories: a) 
Government or State Department, etc.; b) Military; c) Big Business or 
Filthy Rich, etc. Whichever, they are part of the System and, therefore, 
no damned good. Certainly not “Americans” in the same sense you and 
I might use the term. Second, what the hell are they doing over there? 
Whatever it is, it’s in support of the Jews who occupy Palestine and 



surrounding Arab lands. The Arabs are BEGINNING to understand 
this and it was reported that the Shiites (“Terrorists”) were scrutinizing 
those “Americans” for the ones who had “Jewish — sounding names.” 
Finally, the message as conveyed back by one former “hostage” that 
the Arabs have nothing against the American people but only the US. 
We wish the people of the Middle East good luck in regaining 
control over their homelands, through whatever means it may take 
to accomplish. The other half of this sick spectacle is the focal point 
it’s become for this latter-day brand of lame-duck “patriotism.” As 
far as those who involve themselves with it - taking it seriously - are 
concerned, those people perpetrating these acts might as well be the 
“Barbary Pirates” and the hostages themselves “Stephen Decatur” 
and friends. IF they were “hostages,” what was the ransom? Are they 
or are they not back safe and sound? Were they “rescued” or did the 
Shiites feel they had made their point and so set them free? In whose 
end of the court was the ball for the length of the game? What did 
the all-mighty US. government do other than “protest”? What did 
the US. population do other that hoist the flag and do a little out of 
step shuffling which they referred to as “marching”? Remember the 
“Yellow Ribbons” at the time of the Islamic revolution in Iran? Did 
the ribbons free those hostages or was it old Khomeini’s naiveté in 
thinking - as did plenty of Americans - that Reagan was less slimy 
in reality than Carter? He was trying his best to send a signal to the 
American people. I guess it bothers me to see them making the flag 
look more ridiculous and impotent than they already have. It has been 
rendered meaningless, i.e., meaning all things to all people, and now 
they’re making it the symbol of shame as well. The only time these 
so-called “Americans” bring it out nowadays is when their “Uncle 
Sam” is being made to eat shit. There’s no denying that this in itself 
is a very real form of conditioning and its effects will be felt sooner 
or later and with dire results for the deluded and manipulators alike. 
[Vol. XIV, #8 - Aug, 1985] 


Rabbits and Butterflies 

The title of this segment describes the state of the backbone and 
intelligence of the White population pretty accurately. We’ve all seen 
it a thousand times in our political and personal dealings. The averted 
glance, the limp handshake. The given word that you can depend upon 
being worthless. The preoccupation with sports and other luxuries 
and trivialities. Being willingly chained to dead-end “jobs” which 
they hate; passively being shaken down, rousted and robbed by the 
government, banks and utilities. ’'ve had a number of them state in 
the past that they don’t like talking about anything that has to do with 
the “Big Three”: Race, religion and politics. What kind of people are 
these? These are people who have had all the CHARACTER and 
WILL sapped from them by a couple of generations of the best, most 
complete job of mass conditioning and brainwashing ever known, 
bar none. There’s nothing left of them. Minus their “funny money” 
- growing more “funny” with each year - these “consumers” would 
probably turn invisible! | disdain to refer to them as “Whites.” In their 
interests they flit around like butterflies; in their resolve they scatter 
like rabbits at the first hint of trouble. Compare them with the type of 
person Commander Rockwell called for to be at his side: Men of steel, 
ready, willing and capable of marching through hell if necessary for 
the Cause. There’s no use belaboring the endless examples of what I 
mean. Suffice to say that it’s a universal condition. Accepting it as a 
fact and a reality, what does it mean to ourselves as revolutionaries? 
It means that they may as well not exist in practical terms. They’re 
not going to “do” anything. They’ll sit and watch anything happen. 
They’ ll do as they’ re told. They will roll over when kicked. But I would 
want to emphasize to all of you that, just as they today sit idly by and 
watch our early heroes arrested and killed by the System, so tomorrow 
theyll do the same when it comes the turn of the Systematarians. In 
the face of the implied threat from the System today they behave like 
sheep. After witnessing the fire and fury that removes the System, 
don’t expect any problems from them. No consideration is due to 
cowards and shirkers. 

[Vol. IV, #9 - Sept, 1985] 


Of Victims and Statistics 

Nobody wants to be a victim and nobody wants to be a statistic. Both 
terms take on the same forlorn, hapless connotation. What constitutes 
a victim? What makes a statistic? In either case, it’s a matter of forces 
or circumstances overwhelming an individual. In most instances, an 
individual who has been unable to cope with or give a decent account 
of himself in response. Individuals caught unawares, disorganized, 
unprepared, ignorant. Whether it’s from violent storms or violent 
crimes, the elements or the forces of the System, etc., a victim is 
not the thing to be, and neither is being added to a list of growing 
statistics. Probably without question the System’s greatest master 
stroke in recent decades has been its complete success in conditioning 
people in this country, especially Whites, to where they won’t stand 
together. (They’ Il stand together at a football game or at a rock concert 
but never against the System itself.) How else do you explain all the 
existing “racism” and boiling discontent that never comes to anything, 
never gets anywhere? This thought occurs to them, it must, but they 
shoo it right out of their minds before it even takes form. It would 
be a reminder to them of how totally emasculated and enslaved they 
are and they certainly don’t want to face that. It might mess up their 
dream world. 

Fear. They won’t because they can’t. They can’t because they won’t. 
They are hamstrung by their old beliefs and morals which the System 
Wisely allows them to keep. They are halted in their tracks out of 
uncertainty of what to do, how to do it and of “What it?” They are 
paralyzed by self-doubts which have no connection to things, such as 
“job skill” or being “fashionable” or “socially acceptable” They are 
cut adrift. Any wonder at all why they can’t pull anything together? 
Victims in the making. 

I will not waste words in attempting to draw verbal pictures of what 
could be accomplished “if.” What I will describe is the kind of person 
who - while still very much an individual - stands apart, stands forth 
against the System. A person who is of such magnitude that his act 
of standing forth in such a manner is equivalent to whole worlds 

That kind of person can never and will never be counted as a victim 



or as a Statistic. And that kind of person, whether his numbers are 

in the dozens or in the hundreds, is the kind which is making up the 

Movement of the future. 

The rest, as I’ve said often enough in the past, simply don’t count. 

They have been created and bred by the System to serve the System’s 

purposes: to be used up, discarded or cut down, as the System sees fit. 
[Vol. XIV, #10 - Oct, 1985] 

The Final Wedge? The Last Straw? 

This place is a land of contradictions, so it would seem. While the push 
has been on for decades to desensitize the US. population to Violence 
and crime (not to mention the presence of racial aliens, miscegenation, 
Bolshevism in culture, etc.), it now appears that a new push is on in 
the opposite direction. Hopefully most readers of SIEGE are like I 
am and can readily spot the latest System campaigns as soon as they 
are introduced (or implanted) through the media. With an official line 
of “anything goes,” so long as it is not “racist” or “fascist,” it is quite 
incongruous indeed when you see the plastic, phony newscasters 
actually put on some human emotion (real or faked) in the form of 
getting their ire up over some social outrage, either real or imagined. 
The two biggest evils - or heresies against the new, orthodox world 
religion which insists that “all is equal” (a thousand years ago it 
was that “the world is flat”) - are of course “racism” and “fascism.” 
The only trouble is that in the US. these things simply don’t exist 
and are only kept around to maintain a never-ending spook chase. 
Lately, more actual targets have been discrimination involving age 
and sex. (Such things as age and sex no longer exist and you shouldn’t 
insult the System by seeing them.) There has been the push against 
discrimination regarding homosexuality and the drive to establish 
it out in the open as an “alternate lifestyle.” Then there have been 
phonified campaigns attached to what could be legitimate causes, such 
as environment, just to let off steam and distract attention from far 
more serious crises. I think by now you may realize I’m talking about 
what Commander Rockwell referred to as the old shell game, in one 
sense, and “setting people’s minds” in another sense. All pure Pavlov... 



and how they fall for it! What are the two latest social crash projects 
of the System’s controlled media intended to condition people’s 
minds toward ends which all but the fewest never even suspect? 
Domestic violence and child abuse. In Soviet-Bloc countries and in 
the Third World cultures where creeping liberalism has not done its 
final damage, domestic violence, i.e., the dominant male of the group, 
the father, having to straighten out other family members after reason 
has failed, is shrugged off by the society and the authorities, that is 
when it is noticed at all. Here today, they have established “hotlines” 
to call to turn in a family member for touching you. “Human dignity” 
violated. “Big Brother to the rescue!” The most recent masterpiece of 
the conditioned reflex to air on television, “The Burning Bed,” had 
intentions and results which were one hundred percent predictable: 
Within forty-eight hours of airing, stories were breaking in the news 
about wives (and husbands) actually burning their mates at home, for 
real. “If it’s all-right for Farrah and if she can get away with it, so can 
I!” (Tell me this is an intelligent and free-thinking society.) The object? 
To give the coup de grace to the father figure in this country; to finish 
the job that “All In The Family” and “Archie Bunker” started. The 
husband and father as “bad guy.” To regular readers of my newsletter 
this will not sound the least bit extreme as it no doubt would to the 
outsider, the victim of this conditioning. You cannot get wives and 
children turning in their husbands and fathers unless and until you 
have rendered them ridiculous, impotent and brutish (fascistic). 
Step one was accomplished long ago and, I might add, with plenty 
of cooperation from the American male. Yes, they ARE mainly jerks 
and impotent buffoons deserving all the kicks the alien, anti-White 
System wants to deal them. For they are the ones who ALLOWED all 
of this to take place and come to pass. In this sense, the System media 
is flogging a dead horse to an almost comic degree. 

It is however a serious matter in that we see they intend to leave 
absolutely no stone unturned in their drive to flatten, homogenize and 
ultimately DESTROY any and all vestiges of former White life. To 
me it is funny and disgusting at the same time to watch this going on. 
Like a seller of snake oil rolling into a hick town a century ago, these 
Media Masters can and do pull anything, no matter how blatant, and 
are assured of getting away with it. Funny in the sense that we of the 



Movement are able to read it like a book and funny in the sense that 
it is being done to the killers of Germany, so “mighty and righteous” 
forty years ago. Disgusting in that these same people, while still 
claiming the heritage of their ancestors, are WALLOWING IN IT and 
loving every second of it. You don’t need to be a medium any longer 
to peek into the future. Just watch the television and see which way it 
points. As far as we are concerned, they had finished off the institution 
of the American family by no later than the Sixties but, evidently, it 
had to wait until the auspicious year of 1984 for the System itself to 
write its own “FINIS” to this particular job well done. 

Then there is the current red-hot issue of child abuse. This assumes 
two forms: Violence and sexual exploitation. In the first case it falls 
under the same heading as domestic violence. In a sane and healthy 
society, it is rare and the issue is hardly worth real concern. However, 
this society has long been neurotic and is currently well along the 
road to full-blown psychotic. And in a situation like that, don’t be 
surprised by anything that happens. Even at that, I seriously doubt that 
things are nearly so bad as the System would have us believe. It’s just 
that the magnifying glass is now trained on this one point. Abuses, 
outrages and certainly runaways happen all the time but note how the 
media campaign would only seriously effect violence in the home if 
it would be intended to instill discipline and, thus, try to preserve a 
semblance of family and civilization (about in the same way as “gun 
control” would work). 

Far more insidious is the second aspect of this: Sexual abuse. Are 
we to believe that the Beast System, a thing more loathsome and evil 
than any which appears in the Bible, piously draws the line at the 
sexual exploitation of children? Well, that’s what they’re saying, isn’t 
it? Remember the hot controversy over marijuana? How about the one 
over homosexuality? And the results in the life of the nation? 

The word is pedophilia and it, like hemophilia, has been around since 
time began and always will be around. Like dormant cells in the 
national body, they have been deliberately and systematically turned 
CANCEROUS, out of control, by the System and its media. Formerly 
docile Negroes have been turned arrogant and vicious. The two 
sexes have been set against one another. On it goes. Toward what 
goal? Again, the final and complete destruction of the people and the 



civilization that formerly ruled over this continent. 
The System has a unique knack of latching onto anything, exploiting 
it, escalating it out of all proportion and turning it poisonous and 
unnatural. While the big, hidden manipulators use their multi- 
trillion-dollar apparatus to get unaware masses of people “all set” 
for something only lately unspeakable, the little operators brace 
themselves to perform their patriotic, capitalistic duty of supplying a 
demand which they somehow know is on the way: Child pornography. 
And armies of those already rendered unbalanced are wound up tight 
and “all set” to go, like horses at the starting gate, at Big Brother’s cue 
to form ready-made ranks of “molesters.” Have you ever wondered 
which came first, the manifestation of something or just all the noise 
about it? Ask yourself: In a society already bored and satiated with 
heterosexuality (for jaded pleasure, not reproduction of the race) and 
right at the moment inundating itself in homosexuality in an attempt 
to recapture some of that lost “thrill,” where are the new thrills to be 
If you want to make something “thrilling,” you make it forbidden. Tell 
me, what’s the most loudly forbidden thing, the most sensationalized 
thing, now coming at you across the airwaves? This may have all 
just sounded like a moralistic sermon from Rev. Jerry Falwell. I 
will always insist that I am the LEAST moralistic person in that I 
have no superstitious fears or hang-ups typically connected with a 
reactionary society. Patterns are merely there to be observed and 
studied, in a detached manner, so that we may be able to use them for 
our own purposes. And we see how our Enemy is using them, literally 
orchestrating them, towards its own peculiar ends. It’s that end that 
we don’t like. 

[Vol. XIII, #12 - Dec, 1984] 

Ripple #1: Gun Control 

My third or fourth thought after the news was broken to me about the 
assassination attempt on Reagan was that the really jittery and guilt- 
ridden System bureaucrats will go all-out using this as leverage to try 
and cram through some anti-gun legislation. Without exception, all 



the paid whores within the media picked up the call. The best example 
was seen on “Sixty Minutes” soon after the incident. They used two 
Republican Congressmen, one as Devil’s Advocate and the other as 
Conservative Clay Pigeon. Together with the Jewish “moderator,” 
they “discussed the issue.” The one opposing anti-gun legislation 
happened to be from Ohio and used all the typical Conservative 
arguments which skirted the real point entirely. The one favoring anti- 
gun legislation was more to the point. He kept harping away on “fifty 
million handguns out there.” (For the record, anybody who’d even use 
the term “handgun” has got to have some pantywaist in his makeup 
somewhere and I use the term “pantywaist” only advisedly because I 
have a much more descriptive four-letter word in mind. Any man with 
a knowledge of and a respect for weaponry - and therefore someone 
qualified to speak on the issue - will use the term sidearm or short arm. 
The first time you use their terminology - concocted by intellectual 
queers - you’ve lost the issue!) But the one favoring “gun control,” 
who was from California, spoke like a brother to the one from Ohio 
when he said that unless those “fifty million handguns” were removed 
from circulation and if the current trend continued unchecked, then 
the both of them would soon be targets of other assassins. And that 
jewel went out over network television at prime time. But I wonder 
how many caught its meaning. The move towards “gun control” stems 
from the FEAR of ruling structure that revolution may be in the wind, 
coupled with the fact that we are the most heavily armed populace in 
the world, thank God! Precisely like the so-called “bussing issue,” 
taken at its face it makes no sense, can’t be justified, is unworkable 
and as far as its stated goals are concerned, is a flat failure. The stated 
purpose of “gun control” is to curb crime. But the real point of it is 
that THEY ARE SCARED OF US! Why doesn’t somebody among 
the Conservative debaters look one of these bastards in the eye and 
ask, “Exactly what are you afraid of and why?” If they want it, they’re 
going to have it. Never doubt that. Nobody is in favor of bussing but 
it remains the “law of the land” nevertheless. If they want it, theyll 
have it! And none of the tried-and-disproven Conservative methods of 
opposing naked tyranny will even slow it down. 



So don’t waste your time. We must expect it. Just be ready. Look at, 
what prohibition did for Al Capone. I can hardly wait! 
[Vol. X, #5 - May, 1981] 

A Breed Apart 

“The mightiest counterpart to the Aryan is represented by the Jew.” 
These are the words of Adolf Hitler writing in Mein Kampf. One is 
immediately struck by a hidden or little-noticed implication contained 
in that short declaration - the vast difference in numbers between 
Aryans and Jews for them yet to be “mighty counterparts. “What else 
can this imply other than not everyone counts? We who have spent 
years within the Movement are aware that the Jews, as a race, are 
elitists and think of themselves as such. This would mean then that 
most Jews matter in affairs of Jewry - that Jews, on average, represent 
themselves very well and in ways that count. Aryans, or Whites, on 
the other hand, as we have seen, by and large have abdicated not only 
their world role but their individual roles as members of the Great 
Race, to the point where the Race is now only “great” in so far as its 
past and potential are concerned. But in terms of hard reality, such 
things as “past” and “potential,” together with 50 cents, will get you 
a cup of coffee. How it got that way has been treated thoroughly in 
thousands of pages included in dozens of thick volumes put out by 
the Movement’s best authors so we need not delve into it here. The 
only concern is what steps are to be taken to correct the situation. 
What we have on the national and world stage today is a situation 
that fits Hitler’s statement far closer than when it was written in 1924. 
Numerically - as far as those who count are concerned - true Aryans 
just about equate Jews and this parity in terms of the battle for eternal 
stakes lends a light to the gravity and finality of the thing seldom 
before seen. The rest, as Nietzsche said, are merely humanity, the gray 
masses representing nothing but inertia. Thousands of years ago the 
Jews spelled out their own estimation of these types: “Goyim,” or 
cattle, to be grazed, milked and, finally, slaughtered. Can we argue 

We view the current status of the world conflict this way: Yes, there 



are two mighty counterpart forces at work in America and in the world 
- the forces of Life and the forces of Death. The Life forces represent 
an upward path toward, as Nietzsche put it. Godlike humanity. The 
Death forces merely seek now to make the cesspool, which they have 
in fact created, one of an irremediable nature. We must know that 
we fight for Life, for Revolution, as a matter of COURSE and not as 
a matter of choice or of reaction to anything. Our Program fulfilled 
will mean the rehabilitation and rejuvenation of Whites whereas the 
ongoing depredations of Jewish-Capitalism will finally eradicate 
them altogether. They themselves are unaware of this and, in any case, 
couldn’t care less. And this, in turn, means that we, like the Jews, 
must come to View ourselves as an elite, as a BREED APART from 
any other, because it is our DESTINY to do so. The Jew fights for 
his destiny in the same way... which is the only way his course can 
be explained or understood without, as did Commander Rockwell, 
looking upon it as purely insane 

[Vol. XI, #9 - Sept, 1982] 

Smashing the Pig System 

To make the critical distinction between ourselves and Marxists or 
plain anarchists, we must face that there has been no government that 
has been of, by and for White people since 1945. Conservative types 
and “fair dealers” were content to allow “good” aliens to man sensitive 
posts and make policy as long as they did their utmost to keep profit 
margins high. More reactionary conservatives railed at the thought 
of “creeping socialism,” “creeping liberalism,” etc., as the price the 
so-called “leaders” were willing to pay for the continued services of 
the master money manipulators. But they all rested their cases on the 
democratic system, the two primary political parties, the “free press,” 
etc., to ultimately set everything right somehow. Of course, the US. 
government ceased to be White even before the outbreak of the 
First World War as the very smallest number of alien infiltrators had 
succeeded by that time in deranging the entire meaning and thrust 
of government away from being the servant of the people and even 
away from being pro-American in world dealings. From that humble 



beginning it has grown into the monster that it is today. 

With that as our setting we turn our focus to what was transpiring 
in the news during late October with regard to the bombings and 
robberies carried out by different Leftist /Black outfits that hadn’t been 
heard from since the 1960’s. Names and racial/political orientation 
are irrelevant actually because we are no longer concerned with the 
“menace” and “bogeyman” kick of the Sixties and we are through 
with conservative reaction. The point is that SOMEBODY HIT THE 
SYSTEM! And that is all that counts. 

Even during their heyday in the Vietnam era we rightly termed them 
“Phony Revolutionaries” as they merely made a public spectacle out 
of what the traitors in Congress and the rest of the government were 
quietly making into national policy. Who lost Vietnam? Jerry Rubin 
or System scumbags all the way from Kennedy to Ford and all the big 
and little ones in between? Jews like Rubin and Hoffman and dozens 
of others probably knew exactly what they were doing as demonstrated 
by their recent maneuvers but hundreds of thousands of duped, 
liberalized White youths did not. Furthermore, millions of Blacks - to 
the contrary - did know what the likes of these Jews were up to and, if 
anything, were a thousand times more sincere (if violently anti- White) 
than the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society), Yippie types. In the 
end it is questionable who the biggest dupes were however. 

The most rabid among these groups idealized every move they made 
as being directed against the very vital innards of what they viewed 
as the “White Racist” society. We did not and still do not take them 
lightly because, after all, it is the sentiment that counts. But you and 
I know that this is anything else but a “White Racist” society. It is a 
cesspool of miscegenation. So when they attack in earnest, physically, 
what is it that they attack? They attack Big Brother whether they know 
it or like it or not. They attack their very Patron Saint! This is known 
as falling for your own propaganda. It is the old “Frankenstein” story. 
Rubin once wrote that the fallacy of the Conservatives and the Right 
in trying to deal with those like himself was in their creating and aura 
of a gigantic menace which in reality didn’t exist but yet generated a 
very real void effortlessly filled by these shirt-tail Bolsheviks. Does 
such a void exist today and for whom has it been tailored? 

Each of us knows how they howl, march and protest against “racism,” 



the Klan and the Nazis to this day. They have even lately taken to 
saying that Blacks have actually lost some of the ground gained after 
1965. But it is glaringly clear that pro-Black discrimination rampages 
up and down this land like a steamroller gone wild. Each of you knows 
how impotent the traditional Right Wing has become. Yet, to the Left, 
Enemy #1 remains “Racism.” That is the situation and it is one of the 
prime reasons we must stick by our guns just as Commander Rockwell 
insisted from the beginning and NEVER shrink from the use of our 
rightful name and rightful symbol, the Swastika - for who and what 
more vividly represents this huge and terrible “ogre” than Nazis and 
the Swastika? The point is that, even while they declare us to be the 
primary foe, our very non-presence denies them the opportunity of 
getting at us. That is the effective result though they - after several 
cautious glances about - like to say that they won’t “allow” us to 
appear. We, on the other hand, are aware that plain redneck stupidity 
has merely run its full course. 

These psyched-up Reds - and especially the agitated Blacks - can’t be 
expected to lie dormant forever and you can only hit what you can see. 
One of the cornerstones of our strategy is to make ourselves the most 
unattractive target for these peripheral rowdies. We’d rather see the 
System take it on the chin instead. In deciding who your enemy really 
is you must take into account that an opponent is only dangerous to 
you if he holds some kind of power over you. Groups like the PLP 
(Progressive Labor Party), etc., can’t affect us in the slightest unless 
we provide them with an opening. The Big Brother System is another 
matter. THERE IS THE ENEMY” It is our worst enemy in the entire 

If a bunch of Black Nationalists rob a Brinks truck, if they kill some 
System Pigs, WHO CARES? Money is the lifeblood of the System so 
let the Blacks, or anyone else who cares to, open up a damned artery! 
Any Pig killed by a Black or Communist Revolutionary is one Pig 
you may be sure will not come after YOU one night with a nice, neat 
federal warrant. It is a dirty, rotten shame that it has to be left up to the 
likes of Blacks and bowlegged Jewish agitators to hit the Pig System 
but, damn it, SOMEBODY’SGOT TO DO IT! So wish ‘em lots 0’ 
luck because this is serious, deadly business and twenty years of bitter 



experience has shown us that all the piety and all the law and order 
bullshit of the past has gotten us NOWHERE! 
[Vol. X, #12 - Dec, 1981] 

Thanks — But No Thanks 

For the first time in six or seven years, I had to decline the twice- 
annual engagements to speak before combined classes of political 
science students in an auditorium at Worthington, Ohio. I had usually 
been scheduled each Fall and Spring and this had been going on since 
the birth of SIEGE [1980] and just before. The very first appearance 
was made by one old-time Movement “leader” to whom I acted as an 
escort. While that first time was “dynamic” to say the very least, it 
had also within the first five minutes or so totally alienated the entire 
audience. As with the handling of that, the publication of SIEGE and 
any number of other independent endeavors, I felt pretty certain that I 
was unable to bungle it any worse myself. 

One third individual who had been with us on that initial occasion, but 
who dropped out after the second or third, gave as his reason the fact 
that “nothing was coming out of it.” But since when has ANYTHING 
“come out of “any standard Movement activity? Was that ever the 
point? If it was, then we must really love going after failure and 
winning it, aces high. At any rate, that was never ‘my reason for going 
back year after year. My purposes were always self-contained, ends 
to themselves. One other complaint that I got from this other person 
was his reminders of the “dangers” that, someday, might be waiting 
for me. Turns out that it was I who had the long wait because “they” 
never did show up despite the fact that I carried on alone. 

My reasons for continuing with these speaking invitations over the 
past years included a very old, deep-seated desire not to allow - when 
I was able to do something about it - the Leftists to hog the show with 
regard to showing young minds the political alternatives that exist. I 
did it to “show the colors,” so to speak. Also, and even though I had by 
that time fully entered the strategy of the armed, underground struggle 
and held no illusions that anyone could or would be “recruited,” 



Right and Above: 
James Mason instructs 
high school Political 
Science students in the 
Revolutionary Nazi 

I kept up these appearances in order to keep myself in form, in the 
habit of addressing large audiences made up entirely of fresh people 
and not Right \Wing types. Finally, as I had deliberately cut myself 
off from the mainstream of Movement personalities and activities, I 
sincerely enjoyed the intellectual exercise, especially when it came to 
the period of questions and answers with the audience. 



But aside from all this, it was undeniable that there was no productivity 
whatsoever in these speaking engagements. It was also undeniable 
that a certain risk did exist although I would have to class it with the 
same risk one takes every morning in getting out of bed. Therefore, 
and in accordance with a set of new rules decided upon here in the 
opening weeks of this year, I concluded to terminate this aspect of 
things. No gain, no loss. Just a hole plugged. The significance of that 
should become clearer as you read on into the following segments. 
[Vol. XV, #4 — Apr., 1986] 

Send In the Clowns 

Only one thing did come out of those speaking appearances, 
which numbered about fourteen spread over the last , seven years. 
Approximately three and a half years ago, at the conclusion of a 
typical address and as part of the usual group of those who’d come to 
discuss some topic one-on-one with me at the podium, an individual 
introduced himself and began with statements of praise for what I had 
to say, expressions of fear that it might be true and the amazement that 
I was willing and able to stand there and successfully exchange barbs 
with the few hecklers who made themselves known from time to time. 
Slight of stature, racially good, well-spoken and presenting a 
professional social image, he insisted on giving me his name and 
address in hopes of getting together at a later time in order to discuss 
matters at greater length and detail. Not just one or two things, but 
everything about this guy told me he wasn’t for real. He had “agent” 
written across his forehead. I readily agreed to meet. 

True to his word, the contacts were made and a long series of meetings 
began which didn’t change in their essence for the next two years. He 
had it all well covered: He had been in the audience that day as, through 
a daughter who attended that school, he heard I was going to appear. 
He was a ready-made “sympathizer” and had all the right come-ons 
and come-backs. He was a few years younger than myself and, from 
experience several years before in the same county of Ohio, I guess 
they knew they could never get me to fall for a racial lowlife. Trouble 
was that, immediately after I cut off dealings with and practices of the 



“normal” Right Wing, I commented to one associate that, henceforth, 
for the authorities to send in one of their clowns, they’d be compelled 
to do so accompanied by a full brass band. For there could no longer 
be any hope of sneaking someone in. 

This was a circumstance handled in a manner that is not advisable for 
most to try. Though only one person was laboring under any illusions 
- HIM, thinking that he was taking me in - he was DAMNED GOOD 
at what he thought he was doing and no doubt could have made terrific 
mileage had he hit a regular group of the Movement. He was the dream 
of the “mass strategy” set. And he was the kind of which Commander 
Rockwell spoke when he would taunt the Washington, D.C. office of 
the FBI to please send him more of. The free dinners, free gifts, cash 
contributions and subscriptions, etc., that I received over the three 
year period, when added up, would have to be formidable. It’s only 
worth mentioning in passing now because they weren’t able to hang 
me on anything. Otherwise, I assure you, none of it is worth it. Very 
basically, I wanted to find out what they wanted to know. Plus the 
material support didn’t hurt. It was sort of a tightrope walk. 

Since you just don’t get genuine support like this, the question 
becomes: What makes a good agent? He looks and acts good. He talks 
a good line. He’s ready with the cash. He’s ready with the goods and 
services. He wants to help, to be involved. I guess at this point we 
part company with the credibility-building phase and get down to the 
infiltration proper. He pretended to know a little but he wanted to know 
a lot. He really wanted to know about the Manson connection. After 
a few months and at one meeting at a restaurant where I had a friend 
with me, he inquired of my friend, after I had excused myself from 
the table, what types of weapons did I have. And one other unique 
thing: As part of both building credibility and prying their way in, 
good agents will go to work on their intended victim’s vanity and ego 
I feel very honored because this guy was a licensed pilot and took me 
on many a pleasing junket into the wild blue. All this just to impress 
little, old me. 

Maybe he or his superiors began to get the feeling I was a dead end as 
I was using up somebody’s money and time and supplying only what 
could be gleaned from reading Movement publications. At any rate, 
he disappeared for a period of months. I never attempted contacting 



him just as I had never bothered to check into him or any of his covers. 
Why bother? I was sure in my own mind he was bogus and hostile and 
played things accordingly at all times. I could effectively do no more 
at that stage. Details were details and my resources at uncovering such 
things were not even at par with their ability to conceal them. 

Then of course came the beginning of 1985 and the explosion onto the 
national scene of The Order. This transformed more than one thing in 
the affairs of the Movement. Suddenly, he was back on the telephone 
wanting to get together again. He had been away in Florida, he said. 
This time he wanted to get to know the different groups, and, through 
me and the use of airplanes, travel and meet the various leaders. At the 
same time he began propositioning me with money-making schemes 
- involving the planes - that centered around hopping state lines for 
the purposes of evading taxes. Finally, in an effort to get something 
all set up, he arranged a meeting between me and the man he was 
supposedly going to fly these runs for. Basically, I was greeted by an 
older, sharper version of himself at the runway, piloting a plane twice 
the size of anything he had ever brought himself before. 

The two of them flew me several hundred miles away for a quick 
lunch. At the lunch they kept talking taxes and ways to get out of 
them. (They had already obviously despaired of ever suckering me 
on illegal weapons or acts of violence.) As a prelude to this however, 
their scenario was to include my helping the first agent in his bid to 
win points and secure this lucrative flying job with his prospective 
boss, agent two. He told me to give him a “big build-up” to this new 
guy when he was away from us at one point. Like clockwork, the first 
agent excused himself from the table leaving me and the second one 
alone. And, like clockwork, the second agent pointedly asked me how 
well I knew agent number one. The truth was that I had known him on 
and off for three years. One would surely think that one person gets 
to know - or thinks he gets to know - another person in a period of 
time like that. My pointed response was, “Not very well at all.” After 
a pleasant and uneventful return flight home, we parted company with 
smiles, handshakes and waves. I haven’t seen or heard from either of 
them since. 

My own opinion? As I said, that final meeting was clearly intended 
to be either the firm start or the final finish of something. And who 



was the older man who piloted the twin-engine cabin cruiser in the 
sky? The direct superior of the younger man, agent number one. He 
was there to size me up for himself after the former’s three year job 
of ground work. And my answer to his question was all he needed to 
hear in order to know what his young friend didn’t see. 

[Vol. XV, #4 - Apr., 1986] 


While still in the sky with this pair, my thoughts were of a situation in 
transformation. It was now serious. While chuckling to myself over the 
very thought of a spectacle such as this one, I knew from experience 
that one plant can be no more than an informant while two or more 
can be, and usually are, a set-up. I knew and finally acknowledged to 
myself that I was to going to have to do what I had been toying with 
ever since the first contact by the younger agent. I would have to check 
them out. Having no concrete reason to believe they wouldn’t attempt 
to proceed with their plan involving me, I telephoned an attorney 
whose acquaintance I had made while helping with the defense of an 
entrapment case in 1979. The men concerned had been infiltrated, 
set up and entrapped first (and significantly enough for a period of 
three years) by one agent and then, at the critical stage, by several and 
had been convicted in federal court and served four years in a federal 
penitentiary for having done NOTHING. This particular attorney=the 
sharpest and best I’ve witnessed, “Perry Mason” included I knew 
had been deeply chagrined at having lost the case to the prosecution 
despite overwhelming evidence that the whole thing had been 
conceived, engineered and instrumented by POLICE agents, and 
despite a BRILLIANT defense. 



The mysterious entrapment agent Gene 
Laws, in his “private plane” 
Photo: James Mason 

Furthermore, it had all happened just before “Abscam” and certainly 
before DeLorean. Had it happened afterward, as I told him when I 
re-contacted him, he’d most surely have won. Aside from all this, the 
man had impressed me with the speed and thoroughness with which 
he had dug out the background on the prime agent involved in this 
entrapment case. From absolute zero to a complete sketch in about 
twenty minutes from the time we first met and I supplied him with the 
agent’s cover name and a photograph of him. It seems this attorney had 
been an FBI man before taking up law and, since our last meeting, had 
served as a municipal judge. And he agreed to help me now without 
hesitation and without fee. 



What he found out was that the first agent was a licensed private 
investigator in the State of Ohio, including the name of the agency for 
which he worked. Plus the fact that he had turned State’s witness with 
information he’d been paid by the defense to collect in a rape case 
the year before. And so my suspicions were confirmed. The attorney 
also felt the situation serious enough to warrant hiring a private 
investigator of our own in order to learn why I was being watched and 
exactly who was footing the bill as this was a private business. The 
attorney’s services were free but to retain an investigator would cost 
five-hundred dollars going in. At that point, with this man knowing 
my story, I felt my ass was sufficiently covered even if the agents 
made a reappearance. Naturally, I wanted to know what was behind 
all this. If I were to scrimp and save, I might have been able to come 
up with the five-hundred but I had two afterthoughts: First, to tell the 
agents to go to hell and forget the whole thing now that the joke was 
over; second, since this affair did involve the Movement and I was 
only in a cockpit position, I’d go to the Movement and request help in 
turning one around on the System for a change. 

This final afterthought I decided was the best course by far. Right 
away I ruled out a general appeal because I have seen from experience 
just how dismally those turn out and this was far too important to trifle 
around with. So I settled upon a handful of Movement leaders upon 
whom to appeal, significantly the same group I had been watching 
over the years and placing increasingly high hopes in as well as the 
same ones that the agent had expressed the greatest interest in my 
helping him get close to. The System and I seemed to be noticing the 
same things and, certainly, by all this, these men had a very real and 
vested interest in cooperating with me in order to not only protect all 
of us but score a strong victory for the Movement as well in a great 
show of working unity. Split amongst this group, the dollar amount 
called for was practically insignificant. 

Remember, these were considered by both the System and myself 
as THE BEST, those most effective, most dangerous to the System 
and, therefore, most worth watching. And the response to the urgent 
appeal that went out via certified mail, with copies of the attorney’s 
letter attached? ZERO. After a time, I received ONE polite response 
from one of these men, and that was all. The rest chose to IGNORE it 



completely. And while this was in progress, they were all lamenting 
the fatal damage done to The Order by these very same types of 
infiltrators. Agents who were in operation at the same time as Thomas 
Martinez [the man who informed on and later testified in court 
against members of The Order], etc., who were working their way 
into different Movement circles, the same types as had sent who- 
knows-how-many others to prison or to death, and who were STILL 
AROUND and active after the climax with The Order, doing their 
level best to try to move in and wreck what was left of the Movement, 
lest it might produce still other organized revolutionaries. 
In essence, I had asked the Movement the same identical kind of 
question as that senior agent had asked of me at that final luncheon 
date. The answer was given and in no unmistakable terms. 
I was disgusted but not surprised. I had known all along that when 
you are in any kind of trouble, as far as the “Movement” is concerned, 
you are just plain SKEE-ROOED I In twenty years of all kinds of 
trouble, I had known better than to call upon the Movement for help. 
This time it could have been the worst jam I was ever in - it had all of 
the potentialities. But, instead of falling into a System trap, I worked 
things to where it could have been a MOVEMENT TRAP for the 
System! Instead of crying for help out of a mess, I was inviting AID 
in prosecuting an offensive type operation. And you can be sure, by 
the result, that I have been thanking what gods there may be ever since 
that it had not been a case of my ass in the sling! 
Just be sure it never happens to you. 

[Vol. XV, #4 - Apr., 1986] 

Thanks — But No Thanks... Again 

As stated a few segments back, this year saw the first time I have 
felt compelled to decline offers to promote Movement exposure. Last 
month I mentioned the cancellation of the speaking engagements, this 
month it is about a direct approach by the press here locally for an 

The last time any dealing with the press here was had, it was on account 
of a prominent Movement personality known internationally. Since 



we were all “publicity hounds” then, by both bent and profession, 
I telephoned the local paper’s news room and informed them of his 
presence in town. “So what?” was the response I received. This being 
a small town anyway and my being a person who doesn’t forget, when 
John Hinckley shot Reagan and this paper had wire service photos 
of an individual purported to be Hinckley but who was not, I didn’t 
bother saying a word about it. Last year Universal Order, Chillicothe, 
and my own name appeared in nationally circulated periodicals. The 
local paper - as I later found out - didn’t catch any of it and I, for my 
part, wasn’t interested in bringing it to their attention. Then suddenly, 
in January, I was forcefully approached, later wined and dined, in the 
hopes that I would not only grant this paper an interview but a photo 
spread as well. I must confess the old temptation arose and at one 
brief point I had made up my mind to do it: The evening I had bumped 
into an enemy of mine in a downtown drug store and had thought that 
would be a novel way to remind him and the rest just who they had 
made an enemy of. 

But within twenty-four hours I had thought better of it. Several personal 
pleadings from those closest to me plus my own better judgment finally 
caused me to rule it out entirely. As for my enemies, those distant as 
well as more current, I had already successfully defeated them at the 
time of the challenge and had permanently confounded their plans. I 
am a man of revenge but I am also a realist. I will not sacrifice myself 
for the sake of any punitive measure, large or small. 



(cx4eapril L)-HINCKLEY AT NAZI MEETING-John 4, Hinckley, Jre, far right, charged 
in the shoobing, of president eagan, stande with other members of the National 
Socialist Pary of America at national meting and dedication of an office in 
St. Iouis on March 13, 1978 (AF Laserphoto by John Wells)(CREDIT MANDATORY) 
(chd/j1fac6ssatr) 1984 


Above: Photos run in the Chillicothe newspaper 
after the Hinckley assassination attempt. 
The man pictured is NOT Hinckley 

As Manson would pointedly ask, “Are you ready to die?” Because if 
you aren’t ready to die over this or that particular issue, then you’d 

best let it ride. 

Besides, this would have been merely blowing smoke, serving a 
warning. And, serious as I am, I believe in doing neither. Let’s face 
it, that story, any such story, would have come out just like a veiled 



threat to these stupid yokels who understand nothing. Today I am in 
better shape and position and have more “in’s than I ever had as a 
“mass strategy” act. The story would have blown most of all that, 
and for what? So these fools would have something to gaggle about 
for the next ten years or so. (I say ‘ten years’ because to this day 
people tell me tales from when, in 1974, “the Nazis” had a booth at 
the county fair. They don’t know me as the person who organized the 
first openly Nazi county fair booth.) They could scarcely conceal their 
upset with me in their publisher’s office when I broke it to them that I 
would have to decline their generous offer. About the best they could 
do to try and spite me was to coolly inform me that should anything 
involving me come across the wire services, there’d be nothing I could 
do to prevent them from printing it in their paper. True enough, as far 
as it went. But then they had missed everything else that had come 
across the wire, and lately I follow my new policy of “run silent, run 
deep.” Unless I’m grossly mistaken, they’ve missed their opportunity. 
Then finally there is a quick, fleeting consideration: It had only been 
a matter of a few weeks since I had for all practical purposes shut the 
door on the spy game someone or some agency had been running on 
me for a three-year period. The timing and the newspapers insistence 
were both a bit too “high” for me. But take it or leave it as you will. 
[Vol. XV, #5 - May, 1986] 


The first time as a kid anyone samples boxing in the ring, one of 
the first things his instructor will tell him is, “Expect to be hit.” And 
not lightly tapped either but clobbered as hard as his opponent - just 
as determined NOT to be hit and to win the ‘match himself - can 
manage. But hit he will be until he masters the art gradually. If he is 
too faint-hearted, he will flee the ring at once. If he is too inept, he 
will get his brains beaten out. But if he is a healthy, normal specimen 
then Nietzsche’s maxim will prevail in his case. He will feel the blows 
when they land but he will learn that blows are to be warded off. He 
will learn not to “lead with his chin” just to impress anyone that he can 
“take it.” Above all, he will master himself and will not allow himself 



to be “spooked” either by his opponent or by the image of what might 
happen. For to allow oneself to be “spooked” is to concede defeat 
before the real fight begins. 

When antagonism leads to conflict, and most especially when one 
antagonist is an old, well-established, deeply entrenched System 
while the other is a young, bantamweight revolutionary movement, 
then the fight is going to be heavily one-sided throughout much of 
its duration. The enormous body fat of the System will absorb the 
brunt of our best blows while any backhanded swat from the System 
- if allowed to connect - can send us reeling off our feet. One thing 
however: The blows we have felt in the past are truly about as hard as 
can be felt, for the System’s attacks, for the most part, have been and 
can be expected to remain on the individual, personal level. To attack 
us as a Movement, as a Party, would be a great strategic mistake for 
the System and they well know it. It would provide for us the mass 
forum we could never manage for ourselves. It would make us a public 
cause. It would also be a strong unifying factor and that they cannot 
afford. They will continue to keep it to a “criminal” level, attacking 
us singly or in the smallest groups in order to make the pickings easy 
and to prevent a political spectacle. 

This being the case then, it is up to the Movement to better learn 
HOW, WHEN & WHERE to aim and deliver its blows. We’ve been 
leading with our chins for the past twenty-odd years and it’s time 
to stop. The fall taken for a federal conspiracy charge without basis 
would be no harder that one with a basis to it. A trip to the penitentiary 
for the deaths of a half-dozen racial enemies would be no longer or 
worse than a trip for the deaths of hundreds. The consequences for the 
wounding of one or several System bureaucrats are about the same 
as they would be for killing them. However, none of this is the actual 

The first time something goes wrong, you can blame others. The 
second time it goes wrong, you can only blame yourself. Never make 
the same mistake twice. If you can help it, never make it once. The 
rule is that once burned, twice shy. It only means keeping your hand 
out of the fire, not staying clear of the kitchen. The System wants - 
depends upon - INTIMIDATION. They count on fear and division to 
keep an increasingly alienated and sullen population subjected. Don’t 



get “spooked,” get SHARP! Rise and fight again with the experience 
you have gained. 
My greatest experience as a young novice in the ring with the System 
landed me in the Cincinnati Workhouse for six months in the early 
1970’s. (By contrast, my “blow” took less than sixty seconds.) ‘ 
However, today’s course was set in that cell block. I recall walking 
along that block, among a population half Black, and thinking to 
myself what a setting this was for one to end up a political effort. But 
the fact was that the previous effort had led there, with no result, and, 
upon release, could lead there again, also without result. And I recall 
in the next moment looking upward those six stories of prison cells, in 
that dungeon dating from the Civil War, toward the roof of the place 
where the pigeons and bats flew about freely, and knowing right then 
that when I walked out of there the following year I’d be set on a new 
course. Hand-in-hand with that larger experience were many smaller 
ones of a day-to-day nature - perhaps the most indicative of these was 
the comment made by one Black prisoner as our group was being 
herded aside for a surprise “Shakedown,” “Don’t they know that this 
only forces us to become sharper?” For most in the traditional Racialist 
Right, the feeling that the police have eyes in the backs of their heads 
must be gotten over. It is true that we have today what Tommasi 
correctly saw as a “Big Brother Electronic Surveillance Society” but 
I would maintain that it’s still not omniscient or omnipresent (and 
the technology even has the effect of making Big Brother’s Pigs 
spoiled and lazy). Big Brother has up till now (and probably always 
shall) depended upon, number one, our own stupid goofups and, 
number two, “Uncle Toms” and other species of babbling idiots in 
society, for the effectiveness of his investigations, detections, arrests 
and prosecutions. And these are some very age-old tactics and can 
be combated in equally simple, age-old ways. Determination plus 
guts plus smarts equals an effective and successful Revolutionary 

[Vol. XI, #8 - Aug, 1982] 


Biting The Bullet 

I’ve just stated that your first time up against the Big Brother System 
- just like a brand new boxer’s first time in the ring - isn’t likely at 
all to be a winner. In fact, the first several times, one is likely to fall 
flat. We recalled that it was Nietzsche who said, “That which does 
not destroy me only makes me stronger,” but we have to include the 
unspoken proviso that says, obviously, if you take a hard enough blow 
from the System to the point where you are more or less permanently 
incarcerated or otherwise seriously handicapped, you can count 
yourself effectively out. It has been observed that the road to the palace 
leads through the dungeons, and Commander Rockwell changed that 
to read that the road to the White House leads through the jails. We 
also said that the object is to deliver our blows and yet avoid the jails 
at all costs. We’ve said that in the event of an arrest, you shouldn’t 
expect to be shown any mercy (and nor shall we show it on the day the 
tables are turned). We’ve seen cases which demonstrate that System 
persecution can and does make the sufferer stronger and sharper as a 
result. I’ve experienced it myself where such things can provide the 
opportunity for new commitment and new beginning. We’ve said that, 
when it comes, it is your duty to take it like a man. 

The final thing to discuss on this matter is the personal decision of 
just what and how much is acceptable. Robert Miles, in his FROM 
THE MOUNTAIN newsletter, advised NEVER let them put you in 
their prisons. Prison is one of the hardest realities. When faced with 
the certainty or strong likelihood of going to prison, one of the most 
difficult decisions is whether to submit and hope you will come out 
alive and in one piece or whether to resist, either by going completely 
underground or by dying in a final act of supreme defiance. These are 
the things each and every revolutionary must have already carefully 
sorted out in his mind well in advance of when such a situation may 

The cases of James Earl Ray and Joseph Paul Franklin are illustrative 
of what, to me, would be totally unacceptable. On the other hand we see 
Rudolf Hess and Charles Manson bearing up quite well and admirably 
as it is their belief that suicide under conditions of mere confinement 
is unmanly and dishonorable. Michael Pearch and Fred Cowan chose 



death in their gun fights with police, rather than a life- and death - 
in hellish prisons. One circumstance that does very definitely make 
the prospect of even minimal confinement appear outside the bounds 
of consideration is the thought of prison after having not struck a 
significant enough blow at the Enemy first. In short, prison as a result 
of failure, as a result of inaction. I know I could not tolerate the idea 
for myself. 
The mark of a true revolutionary movement is that its members make 
their own choice as a matter of proper course as duty and circumstances 
dictate. They avoid situations where their actions are governed by 
stimuli applied by the System, such as pressure and fear. Proper 
decisions are seldom made under such sudden and always inopportune 
constraints. The revolutionary moves FIRST. Decide what your 
course shall be well in advance. Have your plan well laid so that the 
possibility of arrest, imprisonment or untimely death may be reduced 
to a minimum. It is an inescapable reality that the Underground must 
be built, the Underground Army, and as any student of warfare knows, 
an army of volunteers far surpasses one of fugitives. As a sudden 
fugitive, your chances of successfully adjusting to and functioning 
within an underground environment are tremendously reduced. As a 
volunteer, you first prepare and then choose the time and place. 
In revolution the price of failure generally is death. So whatever you 
do and whatever course you choose, don’t sell yourself cheap. MAKE 

[Vol. XI, #8 - Aug, 1982] 

Retreat To Reality 

The talk is big regarding a White Redoubt in the US Northwest where, 
it is said even today, FBI, etc., don’t care to venture. The reality of this 
is looming larger every day as things deteriorate and even this quiet 
spot in Ohio begins to lose more and more credibility as a place to dig 
in and hang on while the storm rages overhead. I remind each of you 
of what has been said before: Just because we may be part of a 

Movement in opposition to all this insanity does not mean we are or 
shall be somehow magically immune to any of it when things break 



full force. It was also said that an organization which does not plan for 
its future isn’t likely to have one. 
Those who want to LIVE and possibly go on later to make a significant 
IMPACT on the course of national and world affairs are going to have 
to strategically withdraw from grandiose designs of what might have 
been and surrender all illusions of what should be. For there is only 
what IS and that forever remains harsh reality. 

[Vol. XII, #1 - Jan., 1983] 


In the past I’ve spoken on the phoniness of the “survivalist” syndrome 
as one of the latest Right Wing escapist fads. But actual survival is 
no joke. Naked facts of life are taken into account when survival is 
spoken of in earnest. Where are you going to find food, water, shelter, 
heat, medicines, weapons and ammunitions in a world collapsed? If, 
for example, the trucking industry shuts down - for whatever reason 
- the cities will begin to starve within two weeks. And, for another 
example, should Big Brother’s Pigs be unable to control rioting and 
looting, that figure could drop to two days. Are you located in a city 
and dependent on centralized electricity, gas, water? These things will 
be OFF the first few hours of a general collapse. When we spoke of 
real survival before, we began by saying that the city is no place to be, 
now and especially later. 

It’s not getting any easier even in these “normal” times. Again, 
gradualism at work. Most evenings this time of year one can watch 
on the news of how more and more laid-off working families and 
old people cannot afford to heat their homes. There are the (as yet) 
isolated cases of those freezing to death. What’s the difference 
between a gradual emergency and a sudden one? Only that you are 
robbed of the chance to react appropriately and effectively. Meeting 
mortgages, rents, buying food, etc.-it’s the same now for most: A day- 
to-day struggle for existence. And how much more can the situation 
tolerate before it goes over the brink? Primary to survival, to my 
way of thinking, is that at least out in the countryside you stand a 
CHANCE. Beyond that, it is up to YOU how well you prepare for the 



day when the point of no return is reached. And, as I said before, one 
of the things the Movement has done a commendable job of has been 
making available a large amount of very good survival literature. Buy 
it! Read it! Use it! 

[Vol. XII, #1 - Jan., 1983] 

Before It’s Too Late 

No, this has nothing to do with the clock ticking out on the White 
Race. This has to do with luck running out on each member of the 
Movement individually. This hits home. How many of you have ever 
been arrested... for anything? How many have had to fight law suits? 
How many have fought in the streets against the Enemy? How many 
have been injured or jailed as a result? How many have gone without 
food or heat? How many have lived on the run? Or try something 
simple: How many have been personally smeared in the press? Given 
any one of these things, the average individual would break and run, 
would sell out his own grandmother in order to try and escape his own 
medicine. And, given any one of these things, if the consequences 
could not be avoided, the average individual would crack. 

The Pig System knows this and depends upon it in its day-to-day 
workings. It could be said in complete truth that only swine could be 
ruled by a Pig System. Members and adherents of the Movement love 
to borrow from Nietzsche his famous passage, “That which does not 
destroy me only makes me stronger.” The problem with that is it is too 
big an “IF.” The type of personal, one-on-one trial, the kind of sudden 
shock so well described by Commander Rockwell in This Time the 
World ninety-nine percent of the time DOES accomplish precisely 
what it is intended to do: Utterly crush any resistance or opposition. 
These soft, flabby - outwardly and inwardly - swine can’t take it; hell, 
they can’t even take the thought of it! 

This is one of the few things that causes me worry. On me they’ve 
tried everything except killing me and so I stopped worrying about 
myself long ago. But I do worry about what might happen when and 

if one or a combination of the things I opened this segment with was 
tried against a broad enough section of the Movement all at once. 



Certainly, a separating of the wheat from the chaff would occur but 
what happens if there are only a half-dozen kernels of wheat left? I 
worry because I am certain that the Movement in general ISN’T ready 
for precisely this very contingency. Would enough men be left after a 
sudden and hard System attack to be able to go on to form an effective 
underground to strike back? (Because I am also certain that no real 
underground will be formed until after the System has struck.) 

All I can say for myself is that I’ve been lucky. All my trials came 
one at a time, pretty evenly spaced out, and I was able - if sometimes 
only barely - to overcome each of them and to gain strength and self 
reliance from them. But I do worry about the rest. P ve known and 
encountered so few really “spit in the eye” types within our ranks 
that the thought of the after-effects of the shit hitting the fan scares 
me. And this could even take the form of a general System collapse, 
instead of a System attack, which, as I’ve said in the past, would be as 
punishing on us as it would be on anybody else. Yet it is a collapse we 
must fight for and an attack that we must expect. To do less, to expect 
or to desire less, is to be unreal. 

On the subject of unreality, it would be totally unreal for me to say 
something like, “We must have training for our people.” Must is the 
most overworked word in the Rightist vocabulary and is always, 
always the precursor to inaction. To say “we must” means we haven’t 
and it means that, due to our sorrowfully factionalized, Mickey Mouse 
state of organization, we don’t have the capability. That’s the reality 
of the situation. And so it will come down to tests of individuals; 
Judgment Day when each will stand or fall alone. Those left standing 
might be able to put something together. For the rest, their worries 
will be all over. This is what’s known as doing it the hard way, instead 
of taking advantage of the relatively calm times that now exist for 
training and toughening, but, as Commander Rockwell said, a coward 
will keep on backing away from a fight until he is literally backed up 
to a wall (or cliff). What then? And all I can say for the former days 
of the American Nazi Party, in opposition to those who think it was a 
“waste of time,” is that they provided some of the best experience and 
training possible for our field. 

We would sit around in those days during the Sixties and laugh about 
how we would tell our grandchildren, “I was a Nazi when it was 



HARD to be a Nazi.” Hardly. We were Nazis when it was EASY to be 
Nazis but, because of that, we stand a better chance than most of living 
through the really hard times to come. To Commander Rockwell I 
give a salute for his priceless leadership. To all newcomers I say I’m 
sorry that Rockwell’s successors did not strain every nerve, as he did, 
to keep the pressure up even when it did appear futile to do so. To 
them the best I can say is jump in and start to swim hard now. If you 
wait until the ship sinks, you’ Il most likely drown. 

[Vol. XII, #12 - Dec, 1983] 

Of Pigs and Professionals 

“The only thing lower than niggers and Jews is police that protect 
them.” Thus spoke Fred Cowan not long before he went out in his 
own blaze of glory, holed up in a building that was surrounded by 
police coming to the aid of some dead Negroes and a terrified Jewish 
boss who was hiding underneath a desk. His was a wry observation, a 
profoundly correct one and one that will live throughout time, as long 
as this revolution lives and is remembered. 

We know how Commander Rockwell officially viewed police: With 
almost fawning worship and complete deference. This, on his part, was 
a monumental feat of revolutionary shrewdness and self-discipline. It 
was the correct stance for that time. But by the end of the Seventies, 
it was clear even to the most dense that the usefulness of maintaining 
a friendly, benign, stance towards professional law enforcement had 
been outlived. They, like the professional military, had their last 
chance to act and had blown it. Those who by then had not sold out, 
had been edged out and silenced or otherwise compromised. All that 
was left were eager and willing, professional Pigs. 

Ever notice how only a certain mentality becomes a cop, or a 
professional soldier in these times? I’ve known several who did both. 
They might be compared to decadent Rome’s stoics were it not for 
their total lack of understanding or moral courage. They are gun 
fanatics, the law-and-order freaks and they have trouble getting girls. 



slays five, 
kills self 

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. (4) — An 
Army-trained sharpshooter steeped 
in the Nazi philosophy of Adolf Hitler 
shot himself to death last night after 
taking over the warehouse where be 
worked and killing five persons, inc- 
cluding a policeman. 

The climax to a day-long siege 
came about 6 p.m., when Frederich 
W. Cowan, 34, a six-foot, 250-pound 
body building enthusiast, was found 
with a ballet in his brain from his own 

A law enforcement assault team 
found the body as it closed in on 
Cowan's second-floor stronghold in 
the Neptune Worldwide Moving Co. 
warehouse on the outskirts of this 
Westchester County community just 
north of New York City. 

The last shot attributed to Cowan 
was heard about 2:30 p.m. No other 
shots were heard, indicating that 
Cowan had taken his life before the 
assault team launched its bid to 
overpower him. 

Five persons, including tbree other 
policemen, were wounded in the ini- 
tial bursts of the M16 automatic rifle 
in Cowan's hands. 

About two weeks ago, Cowan had 
been suspended from his warchouse 
job for an undisclosed reason. He was 
due to report back to work yesterday 
morning. He arrived shortly before & 
a.m., but with his gun blazing. 

About 50 employes were due at the 
warchouse for that shift, but there 
was no immediate count of how many 
were inside when the shooting began. 

Many of them remained inside at 
the mercy of Cowan, either as hos- 
tages or afraid to flee. Bat as the 
hours wore on, they left singly and in 


pairs to take their chances on 
reaching the safety of police lines. 

Falling dead in the first onslaught 
inside the warehouse were Pariyaral 
Varghese of New Rochelle, a native 
of India; Joseph Hicks and James 
Green, both of nearby Mount Vernon, 
and a fourth man, not immediately 

New Rochelle police arrived 
quickly at the scene, an Indestrial 
area of small commeértia} firms, 
gasoline stations and garages..One of 
the first there was Patrolman Allas 
McLeod, . 29, brought dows = 
Cowan's fire as be rushed toward the 
warehouse entrance. 

His body lay there for several 
hours until police moving in behind a 
tank-like New York City armored 
personnel carrier managed to re 
trieve it. 

Police were reinforced by FBI 
agents and by siege experts from the 
New York City police department. A 
two-square-block area was cordoned 
off as hundreds of curious persons 
flocked to scene. 

FBI agents infiltrated the first 
floor of the warchouse without op- 
position and removed the four dead 
workers. Cowan had withdrawn to the 
greater security of the second floor. 

At noon, Cowan telephoned for 
something to eat. The request was 

Cowan's father, William, ailing 
following a heart attack; the gun- 
man's mother, Dorothy, and his two 
brothers were called to the scene ina 
vain attempt to establish two-way 
communication with the trapped 

“Pray for Freddic, he’s gone 
crazy.” Mrs. Cowan was overheard to 
tell a friend. 


They are the most dangerous and irredeemable reactionaries. They 
are the System’s hired hoods, the System’s Pigs, and though the 
reactionary streak in them may at times cause them to sympathize 
with some of our program, they' Il sell you out in a minute in the name 
of printed law. 

Itis comparatively well-known that the suicide rate among professional 
groups is highest among police. To be blunt they are neurotic, cowardly, 
self-righteous bullies and any comparison between them and the SS is 
enough to gag any real National Socialist, for these Pigs are not in the 
least bit idealistic or devoted to any cause whatsoever, save enforcing 
the printed law as it is handed down by tyrannical judges and sold-out 
politicians. What else, how else can we regard them except as a major 
facet of the Enemy? Conservatism and Pig-ism are the same: Both 
enemies of revolution. 

Devoid of real ethics and motivation, only two things keep the Pigs in 
power in this land: The mood and atmosphere set by the superabundance 
of the “Uncle Toms” I mentioned before and the continued existence of 
the economy. Despite any 21st century line of electronic surveillance 
systems, the Pigs COULD NOT FUNCTION minus their finks, their 
informants. And were it not for the government’s continued ability to 
pay them their wages - handed over by sheepish herds of taxpaying 
consumers - they’d quickly get out and take jobs better suited to them, 
like pumping gas or some other honest labor. 

We can start to defeat them now, individually, simply by being 
SUPERIOR. Step one is to stop imagining that they have eyes in the 
backs of their heads or that they are all-seeing in any way. They are 
NOT as long as we stay away from stupid conspiracies and other 
compromising situations... and even more stupid TALK! Step two 
is to learn their silly little routine games which they play on every 
suspect and to knowhow to rebuff these at the time they are attempted. 
THAT is 90% of any encounter with the police. Third is to discipline 
ourselves to STAND FIRM against them even in the face of total 
personal disaster so that we ourselves and the revolution as a whole 
will not be further weakened or discredited. 

Their power will gradually be overturned and destroyed through the 
increased lack of faith and interest on the part of the public as well as 
our own rock-solid opposition. Offensive tactics against them are 



entirely unwarranted and unnecessary now and for long into the future. 

Once under serious attack by them, of course, consider yourself a 

marked individual and proceed to kill as many of them as you can. 
[Vol.. XIII, #4 - April, 1984] 

“The Pigs Are Your Friends” 

“If there’s trouble, call a cop.” If you believe that, please stay away 
from me. That is a mentality that has to be stamped out. I realize that 
an entire segment of the population will probably have to be stamped 
out along with it, but nonetheless. The artificially created instinct to 
rely on police whenever extraordinary circumstances arise has made 
way for the “Uncle Tom” syndrome I have mentioned often in the 
past. Indeed, without this reliance upon a paid army in blue to handle 
your violent, extra-legal situations for you, no such “Uncle Tom” 
syndrome could have arisen at all. To the average person, the cop IS 
“Big Brother.” The natural thing for them to do when the threat of 
trouble appears - or is even hinted at - is to go running to the Pigs with 
the story. Pigs may be Pigs but those who have truck with them are 
indeed SWINE. 

What’s been cultivated over the past century or so in this country has 
been generation after generation of more or less adult children. Those 
who can perform certain jobs they are trained to do and generally 
live within Master’s Rules but who cannot truly fend for themselves 
when it comes right down to jungle basics, the Law of Nature. Anyone 
steps out of line and it’s “Call the police”; “Let the police handle it.” 
And, on the opposite hand, they know that should they ever step out 
of line themselves, they will have to deal with the police. That is the 
outermost limit of their existence, their thought and their world. It 
never occurs to them, “What if the police are no more than tools of an 
evil, corrupt regime?” 

Even among children however is the lingering animal (true) instinct 
that where there are police, there is trouble. People are nervous within 
the sight of cops, whether on the street or on the road. That’s the reason 
for all the PR. and such slogans as “The Police Are Your Friends.” It 
works - up to a point - but within that lies all that is necessary to make 



their rule complete. They may not have the warmth and affection but 
they’ve got fear and respect. When it comes right down to it, results 
are all that count and the result of all this has been that we have a Big 
Brother Police State. 

Looking at it from an objective standpoint and assuming for the 
moment their only job is to “fight crime,” let’s take in the facts. In 
the big cities we might even pity them for the spot they’re in. They 
are fighting hard but they are fighting a losing battle. Mainly, they 
fight to hold their jobs and for the sake of appearances. Make no 
mistake, crime rules. In the smaller towns, like this one, they are good 
for two things: Hassling young punks and busting old drunks. The 
unsolved murders and unreported (that is, reported but not released 
by the press) rapes are a bad joke. If you’re assaulted or burglarized 
or vandalized, you’re out of luck. Out of luck, that is, if you depend 
on the police and are willing to let it go at that. It is accepted that if 
you are robbed, you can forget ever recovering any of your property, 
even assuming the culprits are apprehended. The tale - ridiculous but 
true - about handling it yourself and THEN calling the police getting 
you into bigger trouble than the crooks is reality. 

In one or two times that people - unaware of the “aura” that surrounds 
this place - have tried to make my home and those who live in it 
victims of their crime, it has been handled strictly in a “free enterprise” 
fashion but with this revolutionary difference: Police were NEVER 
called at any point, before or after. We live safe and we live free. Not 
only that, the whole valley here enjoys it as well. 

Perhaps not everyone can handle it themselves. They, by definition, 
are dependent upon others for their lives. Not an enviable position. 
And dependent upon whom? Around here, it is commonly accepted 
that if you need a cop, call the nearest donut shop. It is a travesty 
that children and the elderly are thus “protected” in a land where the 
worst savages ever to have existed anywhere in history roam at large 
- as “citizens” - subsidized by the System. But if police are not worth 
much of a damn at doing the job they’re supposed to do, what in the 
hell is it that keeps them busy and what are they really intended for? 
Simply, they are Big Brother’s first line of defense. Where the 
conditioning and the brainwash may fail, where the dope, the sex, the 
“thrills” fall short, where the monetary terrorism proves ineffectual 



and the person may step outside Master’s Rules, that is where the 
true role of police becomes clear and obvious. Crime is universal, 
it is everywhere. It is even accepted as a way of life. Revolution, 
bucking Master’s Rules, however, is not. It is an impossible task - 
within a “civilized” context - to fight crime in this country, things 
having gone as far as they have. Besides, the criminal element serves a 
definite purpose in Big Brother’s plan, a purpose that we’ve discussed 
previously in SIEGE. The police are really there to step in when the 
truly extraordinary happens. And what is that other than any act of 
revolution, any act of “civil disobedience”? 

[Vol. XII - April., 1984] 

Learning Not To Fuck Up 

It may be construed as paranoid to come out and say that the police are 
only there to mess you up. If you exist as a truly “herd” animal, you 
might never experience any difficulty with them at all. You might live 
out your existence in total indifference. But even those types live with 
the ever present risk that someday, somehow a Big Brother minion 
might decide it’s time to cut one out of the herd for an impromptu 
slaughter. Maybe a la Amazon River where one is sacrificed to the 
voracious piranha. That is no existence for a real White Man. Those 
who decide NOT to follow Master’s Rules will have to get sharp - 
physically and mentally - if they are going to long survive for, sooner 
or later, Big Brother will fix his sights on YOU. 

Brushes and run-ins with the police do not have to end in disaster 
for the Cause and victory for the System. You must fully expect to 
have these brushes, often, and you must be prepared to handle them. 
You can either live for the Cause and fight for the Cause in a totally 
legalistic way and, when you must face the police, you can do so 
with the complete knowledge that you are perfectly clean. OR... you 
can choose to be part of the Lawless Breed and learn to become an 
Academy Award winning actor. 

My own, personal set of morals - at least those few morals that I have 
fixed and permanent - will not allow me to advocate in a general 
way that anyone go the route of complete lawlessness. I don’t want to 



see anyone victimized and I refuse to have a hand in their victimization. 
AS was said ina previous segment, I consider myself among the luckiest 
individuals on earth for having bucked so many odds successfully 
for so long. Like the Vikings, I hold luck as something very real and 
sacred, almost as a science. Never abuse it or it will destroy you. 
When, through your righteous actions, your bold and daring tactics, 
your chivalrous demeanor, etc., luck chooses to smile on you then 
you must do your part by LEARNING and profiting thus by each and 
every experience so that Lady Luck won’t have to carry quite such a 
share of the burden next time. Instead of a dependent of luck, you’ ll 
become a partner. 

Part of mastering self-discipline is the ability to know - in advance - 
what is stupid and what is not so as to be able to avoid doing anything 
stupid yourself. (It is stupid, by the way, to fall to pieces when run up 
against adversity, large or small.) I do not advocate this lifestyle for all 
because I know, I have experienced, how most can and will fall apart 
under a certain amount of stress - a ridiculously low amount, I might 
add. As kids, my gang and I used to get into all sorts of kid-style trouble. 
Some would crack the moment it appeared the jig was up. Others 
would crack wide open merely at the passage of time, even when 
nothing occurred and it would have seemed that we were absolutely in 
the clear. Some could be tricked, others could be scared. I must credit 
myself that, even as a child, I had pretty good composure. I wasn’t an 
“incorrigible” - as that, in this context, describes a typical punk. Let us 
say that I was damned skillful and seldom caught. And when caught, 
I had the art of the next step, a possibly even more important step - 
this for it is a fact. Anyone who isn’t a complete fool can expect to 
get away with some things for awhile without getting caught. It’s an 
old story. They will keep it up and up until they overextend, develop 
a pattern or otherwise trip themselves up. Down swoops the System 
and personal disaster usually follows. As a kid, the rap may have been 
small but, as a revolutionary, the cost is life and /or liberty. You had 
better know how to cut your losses. Had Nixon known this, you’d 
never have heard of Watergate. 

You must expect to be caught. This is a struggle against an enemy 
who is in power everywhere and you are an OUTLAW. No one’s skill 



and no one’s luck can be expected to hold forever, in every case. Mine 
certainly hasn’t. Yet, I suppose, one can look upon the ability to cut one’s 
losses as the ability to end Game One and begin Game Two in order 
to gain one’s own advantage. That takes skill and luck and judgment 
all by itself. It is this realization, when constantly borne in mind, that 
will lead you to exert extreme caution even while in the midst of what 
others surely would call the most daring and foolhardy of exploits. If 
you’ re not caught in the act of something, then you generally will have 
great room to maneuver later on, should anyone pick up your trail. It 
is here where you’ll have to prove your gamesmanship because it will 
be a game in which the only real, permanent loser can be you! 

When the term “Pig” is used, it applies not only to police but to any 
person or agency of authority within the System. And the term “crime” 
is the only blurb you can expect when it comes time for you to feel 
their inquisition; it applies to any act - large or small, violent or “white 
collar” - which goes outside the rules. So much can be summed up 
in so few words and basic principles. “Deprogramming “what the 
System has taught is where most difficulty is encountered. Taking 
CONTROL over one’s thoughts, reactions and emotions makes up all 
of the rest. Beyond that, the rule must be to always, always act alone 
or in the smallest numbers possible. Next is to never talk - before, 
during or after. And “after” means FOREVER AFTER. Next is to 
leave no witnesses and no evidence to turn up later on. 

All of these precautions may be taken and still, eventually, you WILL 
be before detectives or panels of investigation. You WILL be either 
under suspicion or under arrest eventually. Knowing or having a 
pretty good idea of the strength of the Pigs’ case against you is of 
critical importance and you can only really know this through knowing 
yourself and being aware of all your own actions. Never forget the 
unbelievable number of those who are completely innocent but are 
broken and railroaded by professional techniques of interrogation, 
intimidation and, perhaps most dangerous of all, entrapment. Bluff, 
high-pressure and, surely, by “The Pigs Are Your Friends,” “Let Us 
Help You” and so forth. That is tough enough. But going in to face an 
interrogation - a most dangerous and uncomfortable experience, 
I assure you, under any circumstances - when you yourself know 
you are guilty of what they are investigating or accusing you of is 



something else entirely. Here is where it all either comes together or 
falls apart. I don’t recommend trying this unless you know what you 
are doing. The word here is brinkmanship. You must know how much 
to admit, what to deny, where to be vague. You’ll be asked to write 
your story out for comparison later on. You’ll be asked to submit to 
polygraph examination. You’ll be told you’re sunk already. You’ll be 
insulted and threatened. You’ll be alone and surrounded by a room 
full of Pigs. Sometimes it will happen that friends, acquaintances and 
even family may have actually betrayed you. Scenarios of your life 
ending may pass before your eyes. Through it all, your composure 
must never slip for even a split second. At this precise moment, things 
are most critical. 

It'll be the longest hour of your life and you’ll probably be able to 
count on a good many of them. But if you can withstand the best that 
the police academy can dish out in that initial blitz, then you most 
likely have weathered the storm. A long war of nerves is far preferable 
to a short war of violence. If you walk away from that encounter a 
free man, then, most usually, the thing is reduced to a kind of sick, 
graveside game of “Mickey Mouse.” This is the contest. The sight of 
a blubbering weakling, shaking, crying, babbling like an asshole is no 
contest at all. 

One of the primary things to keep always in mind is that police have 
no magical powers; they are not omniscient. They depend on your 
foolishness and the cooperation of others - informants - to win their 
battles. If you ROB THEM OF THESE by not making typical, idiotic 
mistakes and by not exposing yourself to needless vulnerability and 
betrayal, then you are ENTITLED to march into their lair like the Lord 
of the Earth and proceed to match wits with halfwits. The sensation of 
fear will never leave you, nor should it. It is there to help you. IT - not 
they - is your friend. It will do the most to keep you sharp and on your 
toes, alert and super-aware of what’s around you. Tempered by the 
highest degree of self-control and self discipline, fear will help make 
you a formidable beast of prey. 



Perhaps the only appropriate bottom line to this was supplied by one 
who provided little else in his career with the Movement other 
than this comment, which I'll paraphrase here: “When it comes time 
for you to finally cash in your chips, you’ ll go out with a sense of deep 
satisfaction for having always kept one up on the forces of the Pig 
System.” Keep it that way; live it that way. 

[Vol. XIII, #4 - April, 1984] 





“There are no such things as desperate situations. Only desperate 

-Adolf Hitler 

“Smash it! Crush it! Kill it!” 
-George Lincoln Rockwell 

“pray for victory and not an end to the slaughter.” 
-Joseph Tommasi 

“For the wages of sin is death.” 
-Romans 6:23 


Thank You Mr Director! 

In late August the LA. Times printed a story headlined, “FBI Director 
Calls Shooting of Jordan ‘A Calculated Act.” That’s not much of a 
sensational headline unless we were supposed to believe that the 
shooting of Jordan was some kind of “accident”! 
The master of understatement, FBI Director William Webster, stated 
to the Times that the two cases he most wants to crack are the [Vernon] 
Jordan shooting and the killing of Federal Judge John Wood in Texas 
in 1979. (Is there a significance to the date May 29th? Because the 
shooting of Wood and the shooting of Jordan happened on that day, 
one year apart.) I quote now directly from Webster: “These cases, 
without making an apology, are the most difficult. The assassin picks 
his time and place. Outside of the bullets themselves and evidence of 
where they were fired from, there is virtually no forensic evidence to 
deal with. There were no eye witnesses.” 
This is a proof-of-the-pudding statement regarding what has been said 
in SIEGE - the ONLY thing which can foul-up crimes such as these is 
TALK! So mum’s the word!! 
Quickly we should cover two secondary aspects of both these cases: 
Jordan walked out of the hospital under his own power early in 
September as cocky and arrogant as ever. I hope those who shot him 
weren’t intending on “scaring” him or teaching him any “lessons.” 
I’m sure that whoever is responsible will now realize that, henceforth, 
only head shots are worth risking your ass on. 
And the US. District Attorney in San Antonio, Texas, commented on 
the killing of Wood that it amounted to “warfare against the American 
judicial system.” BRAVO! The killing was credited to narcotics 
traffickers. Are we to favor big-time dopesters over federal judges? 
When was the last time a comrade got put away by a pusher? Go for 
the SOURCE, not the symptom! 

[Vol. IX, 46 — Oct., 1980] 



Vicious Murders Spark 
Massive Manhunt 

prosecutor says. 

But District Attorney Edward C. Cosgrove 
Thursday be didn’t believe the two sets of slayings 
committed by the same person. 

A MANHUNT by some 100 policemen — the biggest 
effort in Erie rage history, be said — has been 


blamed “tooks and drunks” for the incident 

black community was “very quiet,” Cosgrove 

No one has been arrested in the cross burning 
JONES’ BODY was discovered lo a parking lot along 
the Niagara River in Tonawanda, a northern suburb of 

Killer Stalks Buffalo Blacks 

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — A “2% wbite gunman could trigger a bleck 

caliber killer” bas been stalking black backlash, 

men in the Buffalo area, police say, 

See a et es 

Three black males were killed and 

and authorities are worried that (be = fourth seriously wounded in shoot- All four were shot in the head with 


22-caliber slugs and shell casings re- 


Soldier Faces 
More Murder 


NEW YORK (AP) — A white Army private 

the December stabbing death of a dark-skinned man 
in Manhattan and the wounding of a black on the 
same day. 

District Attorney Robert Morgenthau said Tues- 
day that Joseph G. Christopher also was under in- 
vestigation in the fOur other “Midtown Stabber” 
rg on blacks that occurred Dec. 22. Three were 


“These were horrible crimes that involved inno- 

cent bystanders, pedestrians and riders on the sub- 
way,” Morgenthau said. 

HE REFUSED to say whether the attacks were 
believed to have been racially motivated. 

Christopher, 25, became a key suspect in the 
attacks in Manhattan and the Buffalo area after he 
reportedly bragged to nurses at Fort Benning, Ga., 
about the slayings. At the time, Christopher was in 
Army custody charged with attempted murder in 
the stabbing of a black soldier and was being treated 
for a self-inflicted razor wound. 

Authorities said they also were investigating 
whether he was involved in four other killings in the 
Buffalo area — two of which involved taxi drivers 
who had their hearts cut out — and one in Roches- 

Morgenthau said the Manhattan indictment was 
based “on testimony of people at the scene” of the 
incidents. And he said a lineup was held two weeks 
ago in Buffalo and seven witnesses to the New York 
City attacks viewed it. 



Cowboys and Niggers 

Years ago, while still a dues-paying novice at this, I used to get 
discouraged. But no more because it came over me some time ago that 
the revolution we dream of, speak of and write of has not faltered or 
failed, for the simple reason that it hasn’t gotten started yet. It’s going 
to start - it must start. I don’t care how badly the disease of liberal 
democracy has infected our people; human nature remains the same 
and it will rise to the surface and show itself sooner or later. For there 
to be smoke, there’s got to be fire someplace. And you’ve certainly 
got to crawl before you can walk, much less run. Evidently things are 
beginning to happen, and happen right, in this country. Whether we are 
to believe the System bureaucrats who say that a “deranged maniac” 
is on the loose, or whether we believe Jesse Jackson who swears that 
a small band of extreme radicals is at work, hardly matters. The fact 
remains that SOMEBODY is starting to do it RIGHT!!! 

The past thirty days have been outstanding ones for news. What began 
as a hopeful trickle has turned into a positively electrifying flood! 
On September 26th the headlines began on this upbeat note: “Killer 
Stalks Buffalo Blacks.” That incident involved the shooting of four 
Blacks that left three dead within thirty-six hours in that city. Next 
item out of Buffalo was, “Vicious Murders Spark Massive Manhunt.” 
It was thus reported on October 10th that two more Blacks had not 
only been killed but had had their hearts cut out. From what we gather, 
the fourth shooting victim died and there was a strangulation attempt 
that was not successful against still another Black. Police in Buffalo 
claim four “composite drawings” of a suspect or suspects. District 
Attorney Edward Cosgrove made this very pregnant statement: “I 
can’t imagine a more serious, traumatic situation occurring in a US. 
Community.” Well, brother, we sure as hell can. On October 7th it 
was reported that a “prime suspect” in the shooting of Vernon Jordan 
had been identified as one Joseph Franklin. At the same time it came 
out that Franklin had been known to appear in Nazi uniform, giving 
the Hitler salute, this tidbit supplied by his ex-wife in Louisiana. But 
it seems as though Franklin is a real traveling man. Wanted for the 
killing of two Black “youths” in Salt Lake City, 



Utah, while police in Cincinnati, Ohio, want to question him (Ill 
bet!) regarding the killing of two more Negro “youths” in that city, so 
far Franklin is credited with ten killings and is wanted in five states. 
Best of all is the fact that Franklin supposedly has been killing mixed 
couples... the rotten Whites right along with the Blacks. Bravo!! 
Then finally there is the business in Atlanta, Georgia, of whomever it 
is that believes the proper target is the offspring rather than the adult. 
At last report, on October 11th, there were eight dead Black offspring 
in the Atlanta area over a period of fifteen months. These occurrences 
are the closest thing yet amounting to what is actually needed in this 


The Mathematics of Terror 

I am immediately reminded of Fred Cowan and all those very 
early White Heroes who sacrificed everything and who died in the 
glimmering, predawn hours of the true American Revolution which is 
about to break upon us. (I mean specifically revolution as opposed to 
the War of Independence in the Eighteenth Century and specifically 
civil war rather than the War Between the States in the Nineteenth 
Century.) The all-important difference now is that, one, the killings all 
have been multiple and, two, the System has its filthy hands on NO 
ONE as yet. This is a HUGE difference and spells out the dividing line 
between sporadic incident and revolution. And it is compounded by 
the fact that it is nationwide and involves a number of White Patriots 
rather than just one, lonely fighter. While on this aspect let us give 
some thought to what the next logical step might be toward opening 
the way to full, revolutionary conflagration in the United States: 
from almost random shootings and immediate death or capture of the 
killers, to select and consecutive assassinations by various Movement 
people in different parts of the country simultaneously, to [???] We’ve 
already seen the killing of two vile system creeps in San Francisco 
by Dan White. If I were asked by anyone of my opinion on what to 
look for (or hope for) next I would tell them a wave of killings, or 
“assassinations,” of System bureaucrats by roving gun men who 



have their strategy well mapped-out in advance and are well-nigh 
impossible to stop. 
But as we have been saying in the NSLF, the revolution will be a case 
of action and reaction. So let us look at some of the reaction to those 
acts we mentioned in the previous segment. As everyone reading this 
should realize, and as all those Right Wing newssheets rely on for 
their grist, Whites have been getting “offed” in similar ways in an 
ever increasing rate ever since Blacks were first turned loose upon this 
society. But nobody cares or gives a damn. When the Negroes get a 
taste of this medicine here’s what occurs: From Buffalo we now have 
reports of Blacks stoning and shooting at Whites and that same D.A. 
saying that, “The tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife”; in 
Indiana there has been posted a $60,000 reward for the person who shot 
Jordan; but it is Atlanta where the heat is really on. It was announced 
that literally hundreds of people are going to be involved in a HOUSE 
TO HOUSE search for someone, something, anything which might 
crack the case of the missing and / or dead Black offspring. 
Perhaps the primary equation here is that the System held a two day 
“conference” which included police literally from all over the country 
to discuss what the hell to do about one man: Joseph Franklin. What 
if there currently were three, or six, or a DOZEN other “Joseph 
Franklins” at work now all over the United States P What would the 
System do but go crazy? You must understand that this is something 
altogether NEW that they have never had to face. When Whites are 
killed, nobody lifts an eyebrow; when Blacks are killed there are 
nationwide “manhunts” and “conferences”; now what will be the 
case when BUREAUCRATS and JEWS start getting killed? It could 
trigger total panic. The mathematics of terror is this: They, the enemies 
minions have not got the power - regardless - to spark a revolution. 
No outrage, nothing on their part can do it. Therefore the initiative 
must be only ours if anything at all is going to happen. Not only that 
but the advantage as well is ours if only we will take it! A good friend 
of the Movement commented only the other day that, when it starts 
really happening all over, all at once, we will have reached the point 
of “effectively.” 



Viking Berserker Rage 

We can grumble and mystify at why it has taken so long for the White 
Man to start lashing back at his mortal enemies. But it won’t do any 
good. What is happening, or beginning to happen, will be regarded as 
something that is a biological, historical and worldwide phenomenon. 
It’s keeping no set schedule. It’s something BIG. It is that very 
worldwide RACE WAR that George Lincoln Rockwell prophesied 
long ago. Like an ice age or the eruption of a volcano it just happens. 
It is a massive “Viking berserker rage” about to explode and consume 
the Enemy in blood. It is a natural - not a political - phenomenon! 
There’s not much we can actually do about it except try like hell to 
really be WITH IT rather than against it, or even neutral about it, 
which would mean destruction. The only comment one can make is 
that it certainly is about time!! 

Just so no one - friend or foe - can try and claim that I am a naked 
sensationalist, I must tell this story: I knew Joseph Franklin when 
he was still going under his original name of James Vaughn. We 
met in Arlington, Virginia, at NSWPP headquarters in early 1969. 
Vaughnwas not a popular guy then. He was largely scorned by those 
Movement “intellects” who were disciples of prevailing orthodoxy of 
the day. Vaughn was grass roots and not “Ivory Tower.” I remember 
his stories late at night about his wife that he missed, about his 
German grandmother who had taught him fluent German as a child 
in Alabama, about how he sometimes worked as a trucker and passed 
many times through my own home town here in Ohio. I mainly recall 
the time in November of 1969 when we few decided to put the Reds 
of DC. under siege during their massive treason orgy known as the 
“moratorium” against the Vietnam war effort. It was Vaughn - because 
of his nonfascist appearance - who went into the high-rise “New 
Mobe” headquarters on Vermont Avenue alone and caused the place 
to be evacuated three times using gas bombs without being caught. 
No one then guessed that we might be reading about him eleven years 
hence in such a manner. May his luck hold now! 

One difference between today’s NSLF and the NSLF of the 1970’s 
is that we are less “specialized” than was Joe Tommasi’s tight band 
of urban guerrillas. However, joe’s statement that the real leaders are 



those who DO IT holds more true now than ever before. Joe had trained 
specialists who were loyal to him personally. The actions of these 
men were highly coordinated, but even more highly conspiratorial 
and clandestine, with the corresponding terrific risk factor. And when 
Joe died, so did that idea. We are broader, more loose and general. We 
tell you flatly to NEVER engage in conspiracy. Franklin - or Vaughn 
- didn’t and look at what’s been accomplished! No conspiracy there, 
just the strike of lightning. System pimps and Big Brother surveillance 
rendered useless! Vaughn just DID IT! We will win when we become 
like our ancient gods of thunder and lightning. You can’t out-sneak the 
System. But neither can any number of sneaks, or scum, or whatever 
withstand the onslaught of berserk, Viking warriors! 
Tommasi said to forget political power within this System framework 
and to concentrate on hurting the Enemy himself. But until and unless 
massive chaos is underway, the Enemy is still in a position to hurt us 
back and that is something we want none of. Therefore the primary 
ingredient for successful revolution is the complete breakdown of the 
existing order. In the end, we don’t want to “hurt” the System, we want 
to KILL it! And in this Joseph Franklin - or James Vaughn - is a gift 
from God. For those who reject the theologian approach, then Vaughn 
and those like him must be considered products of indomitable, 
unconquerable White genes. And had you known Vaughn the way I 
knew him then, you’d know there are MILLIONS more just like him 
out there awaiting their moment. 
THEY are the “Movement” for only they are moving! If the coming 
revolution in America one day wears a Swastika, it won’t be because 
of our worldview or our dogma. Rather it will be because we have 
managed to capture and embody the very spirit and conscience of 
the revolution and give it form and direction. Hitler didn’t just whip 
up those four million SA men out of thin air; they had always been 
around. They all eventually put on armbands because Hitler and the 
Party represented the spirit of the times, the Zeitgeist! We cannot do 
When this happens, when it all breaks loose, then they will remember 
the words of Rockwell and you will hear great cries of, “Lord, save us 
from the fury of the men of the North!” 

[Vol. IX, #7 - Nov., 1980] 


An American Revolutionary Hero 

To the media and the masses he is known as Joseph Franklin but he 
was known to me as James Vaughn. He was convicted and sentenced 
to life in prison in Utah for the killing of two Negroes and two White 
race traitors. There can be hardly any question he was responsible for 
more than just those but this was all that the terrified and outraged 
System could hang on him. His story as it was made public ran for 
just about one year exactly, from the time of his arrest to the time 
of his sentencing. He made it known that he was one of us, he never 
buckled, he told ‘em what they were in open court, and he damned 
near escaped at the end. What a man! Pray we can each measure up to 
him one day. 

But as I knew Vaughn in 1969 at what was Party Headquarters at 
that time, there is no question he would have been voted “least likely 
to succeed as a Right Winger.” Perhaps that was a fair assumption 
because a hard-core Right Winger would never have resorted to 
anything as unsophisticated and crude as direct action against the 
Enemy. I recall the night one of the most important missions of the 
year was in jeopardy because some of the men chosen to go out on it 
were refusing to be accompanied by Vaughn as part of the team that 
was to attack the “New Mobe” headquarters in Washington, DC. I 
was forced to call each one up individually and beg and plead, shame 
and cajole until I could get them to come to their senses and perform 
their duty. More than once I was hung up on and had to dial them right 
back up. In the end, while the rest of us provided escort and the back- 
up, it was Vaughn who caused the place to be evacuated and closed. 
Why? Because he was the only one among us who didn’t LOOK like 
a “fascist” and who could move easily about, in and amongst the 
numbers of the Enemy, and get the necessary work done undetected. 
And why was it that the rest, at first, refused to be in the same vehicle 
with Vaughn as part of the same mission? For the identical same 
reason: He didn’t “fit in” as a member of the cult. For the same reasons 
he could never have been accepted as a Party Member by those rules 
in those days. And they wonder why the Right Wing is impotent?! 
There was a hell of a lesson in what took place that night and even I 
didn’t fully catch its meaning. 





Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms 
Washington, D.C. 20226 

Hwb 80-12 Deta December 5, 1980 


— —⸗— — — 


To All Federal Firearm Licensees 

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is 
asking all firearms dealers as well as the general 
public to assist in locating firearms bought or sold by 
Joseph Paul Franklin, also known as James Clayton 
Vaughn, Jr. Franklin has been arrested on charges that 
he violated Pederal civil rights laws and the Gun Con- 
trol Act of 1968. He is suspected of involvement in a 
number of murders and shooting incidents throughout the 
United States, in which a variety of weapons were used. 


hy Pr ©) t + 

Franklin: a record of violence 

I congratulate myself that I did successfully place the performance of 
duty over personal preference. But I too would have been one of those 
who’d agreed in 1969 that it would be “nice” were Vaughn to have a 
regulation haircut and a squared-away uniform. But, given the “real” 



circumstances of the moment and the mission at hand to be undertaken, 
those two things would have spelled flat failure. I have since learned 
that it is NOT how you play the game that counts, it is WHETHER 
YOU WIN OR LOSE! The Party scored a big victory that night over 
huge odds and could have gone on and on smashing the Enemy and 
rolling up fighting recruits had not “rules and regulations” won out. 
Vaughn and dozens of others like him became quickly alienated by 
all that garbage and they departed. However, he went on to make a 
bigger splash and account for more solid results than ANY of the 
others present at that time. 

He was caught. Does that make him a failure? Was it worth it to him 
and to us? Some have called it the “threshold of anger,” others call it 
the “breaking point.” 

We have seen it happen in the cases of a dozen comrades in the past 
decade in the US The moment when one can no longer stand idly 
by in the face of countless, incessant outrages and when one decides 
that personal safety and comfort no longer have any real meaning. 
At that moment, he becomes a revolutionary. He goes on the attack. 
He becomes a part of the first wave, which must exist if there is to be 
a second or third or fourth, regardless of cost. Vaughn didn’t go the 
farthest but he did go farther than the average. It’s notoriously easy to 
kill indiscriminately in the big city. It’s less easy - a LOT less easy - to 
kill politically and racially anywhere in this sick land and keep going 
for very long. The heat was ON once Vernon Jordan was shot. Life on 
the run can be desperate and Vaughn was reduced to selling blood for 
cash to survive. That’s when he made his mistake and was 
recognized by the “Grim Reaper” tattoo on his forearm by a nurse who 
promptly dime-dropped on him, betraying him to Big Brother. From 
that point and for the next twelve months Vaughn was intermittently 
covered by the media and always it was brought up that he had killed 
two mixed couples that had been jogging down the highway. His 
trial being held in Salt Lake City, Utah, one would expect his jury 
to have been practically all White. Yet they convicted him of murder 
knowing that he could draw the death sentence. How many “White” 
juries have I seen thus convict? It has been said that a people deserves 
whatever it permits. Only a sick people would permit what prevails 
today. Vaughn would have done better by himself had he chosen to 



rob banks for money rather than sell his blood. (For, after all, when 
you are already wanted for two murders, what the hell?) It is debatable 
whether he did the right thing in allowing himself to be captured for 
he could have been sentenced to “death by injection,” a truly fiendish, 
characteristically ‘Big Brother means of disposing of trouble-makers. 
As it is, he waits for us. Do we let him down? 
Precisely which wave will free him from Big Brother’s prison? 
I have not read a single word in any Right Wing publication - Nazi or 
Klan regarding James Vaughn/Joseph Franklin, either for or against. 
It is as though he has become a non-person. One could then safely 
assume the so-called “Movement” has disowned him or wants no part 
of him. But by “playing it safe” they do not “disown” Vaughn, they 
in effect RULE THEMSELVES OUT as being worthy of anything 
except total oblivion. And this insanity and this crime they’ve 
committed for the umpteenth time in recent years. They refuse to 
learn. The real meaning of Commander Rockwell’s favorite excerpt 
from Main Kampf comes to mind at this time: “When human hearts 
break and human souls despair, the great vanquishers of distress and 
care, of shame and misery, of spiritual slavery and physical duress 
look down upon them from the twilight of the past and hold out their 
eternal hands to fainthearted mortals. WOE TO THE PEOPLE THAT 

[Vol. X, #11 — Nov., 1981] 

Power to Break the System 

We’re not going to discuss Atlanta for to do so would be foolish and 
dangerous at this point. But one thing no one seems to be catching - no 
one outside the NSLF - is that one or a very few persons have an entire 
area begging to the System for millions of dollars in additional funds 
to try and capture the mirth-makers. The foulest swine among the 
System’s stooges are staging “benefit concerts” to raise more money. 
Other metropolitan sink-holes across the country - openly fearing that 
they might be next - are urgently collecting funds for putting a stop to 
this unplanned, unmonitored, uncontrolled bit of “disorder.” 



What if there currently were six or a dozen “Atlanta’s’”? The power to 
break the System does exist. 
[Vol X. #4 - Apr., 1981] 

To Shoot a President 

That afternoon I stepped across the street for some refreshments and 
when I returned I was told that it had just come over the radio that 
Ronald Reagan had been shot. My immediate response was the same 
as that of everyone else I had occasion to speak with over the next 
forty-eight hours - “You gotta be shittin’ me!” The next thing I said, 
only halfway in jest, was that I’d probably better telephone home 
before returning from work this day... just in case. As it turned out 
later, I wasn’t far from right. I was informed close to midnight that the 
gunman had been associated with the Nazis. At that the mood became 
very expectant but very, very light. We were in for something the next 
day or so but, since we at least knew no conspiracy existed, we figured 
whatever it could be would amount to no more than a break in the 
boredom. But all that first afternoon I wondered who in the hell shot 
Reagan and why. Then the name of John Hinckley came out but failed 
to ring any familiar bells. From the first I expected it would turn out 
to be some scarified pink pansy type alarmed by the media’s theme of 
Reagan’s involvement in El Salvador becoming a second “Vietnam.” 

— — 
— * 

Our choice for Poster Boy of BOTH 
“Black Pride” and “Gay Pride” 


John Hinkley 



John Hinkley 



I'd seen many, many writings on the wall - literally - in men’s rooms, 
etc., to the effect that Reagan was a “fascist” and if he were to be 
elected,” he said.” Then after Reagan won the election, there were 
stories like the one about a certain KKK group that disbanded because 
they felt we had been “saved.” NEVER did I seriously think a Right 
Winger or a Nazi would go after Reagan. 

Why? Because I hoped that most of our people were better informed 
and would know that the last time there was a President worth 
shooting it was Franklin D. Roosevelt. To have killed Roosevelt would 
probably have changed the course of history. But, largely because his 
work was not terminated in time, all succeeding US. Presidents have 
been nothing but puppets, simple front men with a thousand ready, 
interchangeable replacements lurking in their shadows. Faceless 
bureaucrats. Big Brother’s marionettes. 

However, for the garden-variety assassin, shooting the President is 
like playing the Palace Theatre. Very little real importance but huge 
headlines. Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter are in fact co-equals 
with the only difference being “image.” Reagan’s image is hard to 
hate while Carter’s was very easy. Maybe those with a mind to waste 
a President thought Carter just too miserable to bother with. I don’t 
know. But because of image, I would have considered Reagan a poor 
target for assassination from the Right. Regardless, nowadays taking 
out a U. S. President will not change a damned thing even slightly 
because that is not where the power lies. 

In discussing targets we can draw a parallel with Atlanta. We still 
don’t know who or what is at work there but we can say that the 
masses of Whites would View it more favorably if it were big, black 
bucks turning up dead rather than little, black bastards. You and I may 
know that the little ones grow up to big ones but that is beside the 
point. As far as public relations are concerned, you must lay off kids. 
That of course is under ideal settings. The setting we have at present 
is about as far from ideal as can be imagined. Somebody who knows 
whereof they’re speaking once commented in an interview that, “It 
doesn’t matter who got it; just that somebody got it.” And I can go 
that one further and say that it doesn’t matter who’s doing it; just 
that somebody’s doing it with regard to Atlanta. In comparison, just 
as I wouldn’t ideally choose kids to be getting it in Atlanta, neither 



would I choose Reagan to get it as President. But this is where Big 
Brother and his hothouse conditioning have brought us. The situation 
is STARVED for action, ANY action. And beggars can’t be choosers. 
Another parallel, by way of the Russian Revolution, is that during 
the course of the entire sixty-year-long struggle phase, only one Czar 
was assassinated (Alexander II, not Nicholas II who got his after 
the Revolution). Since their efforts were ultimately crowned with 
Victory, as power over the State, we might take a lesson. The object 
was not to handstand for the press but rather to cripple the regime. 
The Czar’s life may have theoretically been in constant jeopardy but 
it was lesser government ministers that they had a tough time hanging 
onto. As pervasive as the Ochrana (Czarist FBI-CIA) was, nobody in 
government was safe. 


“400 Potential Assassins” 

That’s what the media says the System has a list of. As we found 
out the day after the assassination attempt, Yours Truly is on that list. 
Somehow the figure of four hundred seems incredibly small, all things 
considered. We’re not surprised or offended by this as it would tend to 
confirm what has been set forth before in SIEGE; Big Brother AIN’T 
comprehending what’s happening around him. As long as they’re 
watching me that close - a damned editorial writer - that frees a dozen 
others to move. If they consider four hundred to be “official,” fine and 
dandy. But they’d better, if it is to be considered “effective,” revise it 
now to read “399.” There has always been a good, round figure of a 
thousand kooks and nuts in the Nazi sphere alone in the US. Take in 
the Klan, etc., and the figure jumps. But that figure of four hundred 
“potential assassins” is supposed to take in everybody! The Commies 
and even the religious weirdos. Either they have one hell of a low 
estimation of us (which isn’t likely due to their galloping paranoia) or 
it takes some real credentials to be thus counted. There are those now 
clamoring to know: “What’s it take to get on that list?” Must be some 
kind of honor. I hereby propose that we hold “400 Club” reunions to 
commence one year after the revolution. 



If it does really signify anything - and I seriously question that it does 
- to have spooked the bureaucracy to the point where they “list” your 
name as a “potential assassin,” then as one that has been so “listed” 
I want to tell you something in that regard. For many a moon we, as 
a Movement, have crept along on our bellies, first as conservatives, 
then as Right Wingers, then as Nazis and today as revolutionaries. 
We have flickered back and forth from “cult,” to “conspiracy,” and 
to “underground” briefly with Tommasi. However many of us are 
represented in that list of four hundred, it doesn’t matter too much. Let 
‘em maintain their “lists” for what else can you expect them to do? 
If the uphill phase of the struggle here lasts thirty years then twenty- 
eight or twenty-nine of those will be pretty damned “dry” just as with 
today and in the past. The revolution will be born when the tens of 
thousands who are NOT on that list act. 


“Irresponsible Drifter”: Sire To 
A Thousand Hit Ballads 

Somehow whenever someone takes a poke at a System Stooge, the 
media, which is supposed to represent all sides of an issue, takes a 
very dim View of that guy or gal. It never fails. No matter whether the 
System Stooge is a Lefty like the Kennedys or whether he maintains a 
Rightist image like Wallace and, to a far lesser degree, Reagan, or for 
that matter is supposedly a private citizen like Martin Luther King, the 
media goes all out to paint the hit man (or woman) as a “professional 
loser” and a social and moral leper. Actually it’s not because the media 
loves the victim so much (for Big Brother is amost unloving taskmaster) 
but rather because the media - as the official voice of the Big Brother 
System - CAN’T STAND such rugged individualism and right-to-the- 
point direct action in the super-homogenized “1984” society they are 
building. They get all unglued when somebody circumvents all their 
rigged “debate,” “due process,” “redress” and “checks and balances.” 
In this town which is Republican territory and rural, I did not truly 
encounter any real upset about the shooting. There have been reports 
of classrooms full of kids breaking into cheering and 



applause at the word of the Reagan shooting. Naturally, Blacks 
everywhere were jubilant. But the media was shocked senseless, moved 
to tears. Dow Jones took a dive. As revolutionaries, each of us should 
have been unmoved one way or the other. Notice how “murders” are 
all right but “assassinations” are out. That’s because to get yourself 
“assassinated,” at least in the standard accepted jargon of the times, 
you’ve got to be among the “in crowd,” one of Big Brother’s elite. 
So, by those rules, if we get one of them, we’re “assassins.” If they 
get one of us, they’re just “murderers.” (But most of the time they 
reserve death for their own undependables. For us they reserve jail and 
oblivion - I’m not complaining.) John Hinckley was declared a bad 
boy by the media not because he took a shot at Ronald McDonald but 
because he stepped outside Master’s rules in a way that they couldn’t 
hide. Again, they’re not that much in love with Reagan. Remember 
how they bent way over backwards to make the election look like a 
toss-up in the rigged polls? But Reagan is to them a good little boy 
who does as he is told. What they fear is that those with a mind to 
step outside the Master’s rules will start picking their targets with 
less fanfare and more EFFECTIVITY! You must consider that in this 
filthy regime, this filthy System and Establishment, there are no real 
leaders. Ronald Reagan is an ACTOR, literally! At the end of his term, 
he’ll probably receive an Oscar for his performance. You can’t expect 
to affect change by taking out actors and puppets posing as “leaders.” 
It takes a little study to know where the threshold of effectivity lies. 
You will bump into names you’ve never even heard before. It’s so 
easy for them to attach the “nut” label to anyone who goes after 
the President because that office is so obvious and generalized. But 
when obscure officials, bureaucrats and wirepullers get taken out, 
it puzzles people and makes them start to think and study. “Nuts” 
simply aren’t that meticulous or methodical. Aside from that, security 
is much more lax if not altogether non-existent. But one name is as 
good as another. “Schizophrenic” is an all-purpose favorite of theirs. 
The System can’t be expected to pelt its enemies with roses. Seems 
like in any other circumstances an “irresponsible drifter” would be 
highly romanticized. How many sick flicks have the Hollywood Jews 
devoted to “irresponsible drifters”? 

Must be okay in film fantasy but, in real life - dynamite! Button 



down Establishment Creeps and conformists are seldom found to step 
outside Master’s rules. Being “irresponsible” and “drifting” means to 
be hard to keep tabs on for Big Brother. It means being hard to trace. 
Are there only four hundred more “irresponsible drifters” out there? 
They may be great at keeping “lists” but they are essentially the same 
ones who brought you Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and Kennedy. 
Who can tell who’ll be next on the “hit parade”? 


After the Fact 

Big Brother is at his absolute best in a tag match. So far it’s been a 
game of “Tag! You’re it!” between the Movement and Big Brother. But 
each time one or just a few individuals attempt to “tag” Big Brother 
- or, more often, either a Black or some other expendable - and then 
proceed to try to escape ‘to go home and turn on their TV set. Big 
Brother sets his Electronic Surveillance and Red Tape Bureaucracy 
into motion and the result becomes a foregone conclusion. IF there had 
been any conspiracy to get Reagan or anybody else, we’d be GONE 
today! The Columbus, Ohio, office of the Secret Service telephoned 
here in the morning after the incident and wanted to “talk.” Moreover, 
they wanted to know whether we’d be willing to make it a dialogue. 
When they agreed to buy the coffee, I agreed to meet them downtown. 
Apparently neither we nor they knew much more about why we were 
there than what had been so far reported by the media. The important 
thing was that they knew enough about me to know that I had no 
connection with it. Otherwise the picture would have been a lot more 
dramatic. Strange, actually, why they would make a hundred-mile trip 
for nothing. 

They were “told to check it out.” Of course I didn’t have to meet 
them but I wanted to know what they wanted to know. When it was 
all over they had no more than they could have gotten from the FBI 
or local police. They wanted handwriting samples just in case I’d ever 
in the past or would ever in the future write a nasty letter to the White 
House. (They’re obviously interested in the reckless.) They wanted 
to know if I used any drugs. (They’re concerned with the counter 



revolutionary.) As though I’d answer, they wanted to know if I owned 
any illegal weapons. (They are worried about the foolhardy, for, as I 
asked one of the two agents, “What can you do with an illegal weapon 
that you can’t do with a legal one?”) They asked about explosives. (I 
always suspected today’s police were concerned mainly over property 
rights.) They asked whether we had a headquarters and I told them 
yes, that they were in it. (Referring to that public coffee shop we were 
in.) Finally they wanted to know if I had any sex hang-ups, alcohol 
problems or mental history. (They had me confused with the main 
body of the Right Wing. But I did, for the sake of clarity, ask them 
to describe or outline some perversions or hang-ups. They declined.) 
All told, they neglected to ask anything which might pertain to a 
revolutionary or a movement committed to revolution. I think I drank 
maybe three cups of coffee. 


Enter the Spoiler 

If there were such things as true mediums I’d like very much to consult 
with Commander Rockwell about this subject. What would he say 
about the clown who very painstakingly got himself arrested and then 
made the statement that he had intended to finish what Hinckley had 
started and kill Reagan so that “the country would return to the Left”? 
This has got to be the most pregnant happening since the aftermath 
of the Kennedy assassination. At that time the Commander issued 
the most factual and amazing report on the assassination ever to hit 
paper and he did it within thirty days of the incident! His thrust was 
that the Big Brother Conspiracy - communists and capitalists hand-in- 
hand - had actually goofed and nearly blew its cover trying to hide its 
trail. On that occasion the Reds killed a President with the intention 
of hanging it on the Right thus making it a cinch to get us outlawed. 
But that was in 1963 and before Big Brother had decided to step 
forward and take over the controls himself entirely; that was when the 
Government still retained a semblance of a “government.” In 1963 the 
only revolutionists were Reds. In 1963 we were all still conservatives. 
One hell of a lot has changed since then. 



Link To Hinckley Checked 
In Second Reagan Threat 

NEW YORK (AP) — Federal av- 
thorities were searching Wednesday 
for any possible connection between 
accused presidential assailant John W. 
Hinckley Jr. and a man arrested bere 
with a loaded pistol who allegedly 
threatened to “bring to completion 
Hinckley’s reality.” 

Officials said there was no evi- 
dence of any conspiracy between 
Hinckley, accused of wounding Presi- 
dent Reagan and three other men last 
week, and Edward M. Richardson, 
who allegedly told officials who ar- 
rested him at a bus station Tuesday 
that be was on his way to Washington 
to kill Reagan or other high officials. 

However, the Daily News quoted 
sources as saying the Secret Service 
was investigating reports the two may 
once have been roommates 

Richardson was arrested after au- 
thorities were tipped off by a maid 
who found a threatening note in a 
hotel room. 

ACCORDING TO officials, there 
were similarities between Hinckley 
and Richardson: 

è Richardson apparently shared 
Hinckley’s affection for teen-age ac- 
tress Jodie Foster. 

è Richardson recently occupied a 
room in the same New Haven, Conn., 
hotel where Hinckley stayed earlier. 
The hotel was near the campus of 
Yale University, where Miss Foster is 
a student. 

© Richardson spent several months 
living with his sisters in Lakewood, 
Colo., 20 miles from Hinckley’s home 
in Evergreen. Hinckley later stayed in 
a motel three miles from Richardson's 
sisters’ home in Lakewood. 

RICHARDSON, 22, of the Philadel- 
phia suburb of Drexel Hill, also alleg- 
edly told authorities he was responsi- 
ble for recent phone calls and letters 
threatening Miss Foster — including a 
threat to blow up her dormitory un- 

Reagan May Be Hospitalized 
other Week, Page A-2 

less Hinckley was released, sald feder- 
al prosecutor John Martin. 

The Secret Service and one of 
Richardson's sisters sald there was no 
indication they had met. 

Richardson checked in at the New 
Haven hotel and wrote the letter to 
Miss Foster after the Reagan shoot- 
ing, authorities sald. 

Richardson was ordered held on 
$500,000 bond pending an April 17 
hearing to determine if he will be 
moved to Connecticut to face a charge 
of threatening to kill the president. If 
convicted, he could be seot to prison 
tor five years. 

EDWARD MEYER, Richardson's 
attorney, described his client as “con- 
cerned about what happened.” 

After bis arrest, Richardson told 
federal agents that if he were re- 
leased on ball “he would go to Wash- 
ington to kill the president,” Martin 
told a federal magistrate at Richard- 
son's arraignment. 

If he could not get Reagan, Martin 
sald, Richardson vowed to kill Secre- 
tary of State Alexander M. Haig Jr. 
and Sen. Jesse Helms, R-N.C. 

A decision on whether Richardson 
would undergo a psychiatric examina- 
tion was put off until later this week. 
Martin said Richardson told agents he 
had stabbed a man during a stint in 
the Air Force. 

RICHARDSON, son of a retired 
mailman, was arrested at 1 p.m. at 
Port Authority Bus Terminal, 40 min- 
utes after he arrived on a bus from 
New Haven, where he checked into a 
hotel Saturday. Police said he was 
about to board a bus to Philadelphia 
and was carrying a loaded 32-caliber 

Police learned about Richardson 
after a woman cleaning the room he 
had occupied for several days in a 
New Haven hotel found a letter dated 
Tuesday in which Richardson alleged- 
ly promised to “bring to completion 
Hinckley’s reality.” 

“Utimately Ronald Reagan will be 
shot to death, and this country turned 
to the ‘Left,”" said the letter addressed 
to “The Fascist Powers.” 

The cleaning woman also found 
several 32-caliber bullets and maga- 
zine photographs of Reagan, one 
marked “Targeted for Death.” 

According to Paul Smith, Richard- 
son had a brush with the Secret Serv- 
ice last fall. Smith, 20, of Drexel Hill, 
said he and Richardson were {risked 
by agents for no obvious reason when 
then-President Carter campaigned in 
nearby Lansdowne 

Edward Richardson 

We know Hinckley had been with the Movement at one point. (They 
are now trying to deny even this but I have photos of Hinckley at 
a Nazi meeting.) In Big Brother lingo this translates out to mean 
Hinckley was a “fascist” and a member of the “Right Wing.” Then 
this character, “Edward Richardson,” steps in and vows to complete 



what Hinckley started, identifies himself with the Left and uses such 
Big Brother catch phrases as “Fascist Powers.” And he does it all in 
the arms of the feds! I believe Hinckley is alright and acted in 
good conscience. The Jodie Foster connection could contain some 
heavy symbolism or it could be one more in a long line of historic 
cases of what a man will do for the love of a woman. I believe we 
have established a trend that has the forces of Big Brother badly 
worried. We have Greensboro; we have James Vaughn/Franklin; we 
have the .22 Man in Buffalo; even what’s happening in Atlanta fits 
in. Big Brother loves talk, loves debate, adores paper pushers but is 
frightened to death by ACTION! Even more than that Big Brother is 
terrified by the kind of action that the White masses might identify 
with!! Hinckley shooting a President that the Reds claim is practically 
the long lost brother of Adolf Hitler blows to smithereens their false 
claim that we, the Nazis, are in cahoots with the Capitalist System! 
The destruction of this myth is LONG overdue! 

Take a look at what they got Jack Ruby (Jacob Rubinstein) to do in the 
name of the “cause” when things appeared to be getting out of hand. 
Killing his fellow associate, Oswald, meant the rest of his own life in 
prison but, when you’re working for BB, orders are orders. (Thank 
God for the incredibly tight security they’re keeping Hinckley under.) 
This guy “Richardson” faces a maximum of a piddling five years for 
the threat of intending to kill Reagan. But look at what they’ re trying to 
accomplish by it: They’re trying to steal Hinckley’s thunder! They’re 
trying to get the spotlight back on the Left as the only source and only 
hope for revolution in this country. The new trend has been that the 
Reds - as usual - are marching but it is the Right that is striking! They 
can’t stand it! They know better than most that the mood is swinging 
toward revolution and they know that they must either 

move in on it at the crowning moment - as in Russia - or else become 
its principal victims. Another desperate grandstand play by Big 
Brother went unrecognized. In spite of their huge numbers, huge 
funding, governmental greenlights all the way, etc., have the Reds lost 
the initiative in this country? The very fact that they are concerned 
about the possibility is cause for great joy. As was said in an earlier 
segment in SIEGE, a near-victory left unconsummated too long is 
ultimately LOST! Do they now fear they’ve blown it? 



This is only a guess on my part but I think it has merit. The Commander 
had ace researchers working for him. I don’t. Pd like to know the 
exact story on this “Richardson” character (if that is his real name). 
Whatever might come out later on John Hinckley, what he stirred up 
isn’t bad for one afternoon’s work. 

[Vol. X, #5 - May, 1981] 

Die Monster, Die! 

Whether racially alien or spiritually alien, we have generally assumed 
that the agents and representatives of Big Brother were at least mortal. 
Maybe that assumption was too easy. We’ve witness edit dramatically 
recently with the shooting of a System “President” and a System 
“Press Secretary.” We saw it earlier with a Black - Vernon Jordan - 
plus other instances on and off. Jordan was hit with a heavy caliber 
rifle, critically wounded, yet lived to recover and go on fulfilling 
the commands of his Master. It was safely afterward that the media 
admitted that the System “President” had a close call due to loss of 
blood. Yet he too lived. But the story that the bureaucratic “Press 
Secretary” had his brains blown out and yet is making a “miraculous 
recovery” took the cake! 

Maybe you just don’t need brains to be a government bureaucrat. 
Science fiction fans will well remember a film classic from the 1950’s 
entitled “The Thing From Outer Space,” starring James Arness in the 
title role. The “Thing” had a humanoid appearance but the constitution 
of a vegetable which meant it had no vital spots. The men under actor 
Kenneth Tobey’s film command used everything from Very pistols to 
45 machine guns to high explosives but could not kill the “Thing.” 
Point being that each brave man who tried these ineffectual weapons 
was sacrificed and lost. In the case of Hinckley’s bullets, a line from 
the screen play might read like this, “But sir, I fired ‘Devastators ‘into 
the son-of-a bitch and he just kept coming!” 

In the end they killed the “Thing” by rigging a high-voltage trap which 
vaporized the monster. In the setting of a military base with all sorts 
of equipment and technicians handy, such a method as electrocution 
can be possible. 



But not so in a desperate, hand-to-mouth struggle against the most 
horrible and inhuman of all monsters: Big Brother. Certainly body 
shots, even with high-powered rifles, are never too dependable. And 
I’ve been informed that, because of today’s advances in medicine, had 
he been shot today, Bobby Kennedy probably would have survived. 
But not if he’d had his head blown OFF, Ill wager. 

[Vol. X #6, - June 1981] 

Mass Insanity Breaking the Surface 

The Tylenol poisonings and the rash of “copy cat” poisonings that 
followed were the opening gun for the new phase in the downward 
tush this country is headed on. Who did it and why are still not known. 
Speaking for myself, it is not the type of thing that a Movement 
person with a National Socialist background would do. But owing 
to the random nature of planting tainted medicines around big cities, 
the aim must have been to inspire general terror and panic. Harsh 
as it may be, we cannot argue with it. This type of action is only 
representative of a groundswell of hate and frustration that is provided 
no rational relief or outlet. Looking at it with the eye of a revolutionary 
- a TOTAL revolutionary - it would appear that we all are being 
poisoned wholesale - and gradually - for big profit by Establishment 
companies and industries and the only great uproar about these 
Tylenol things is that they were done independently, without System 
sanction or regulation, and, as it happened, on a small scale. Just as 
with the “Terrorist” segment I wrote earlier, the System is the master 
poisoner of all times just as he is the master terrorist. But, being of a 
cowardly nature, his media squeals to high heaven when some poor, 
put upon individual decides the time has come to STRIKE BACK! I 
am convinced that this has been only the barest beginning. It merely 
comes to us from a different angle than anything before. Regardless of 
how puny any attempt may be, I feel that it’s the sentiment that counts 
and the sentiment behind those Tylenol poisonings would tend to point 
the way toward such happenings as bombs planted at public places 
and functions, etc., and certainly toward an increase in assassinations. 
Don’t condemn it for it is only a reaction to the heinous crimes that 



have been committed - and go on being committed - every day by the 
System and the Establishment. For when all legal means of “redress” 
have been systematically removed, then what is left? The beautiful 
part is that it is all undetectable and uncontrollable. Welcome it but at 
the same time take care to watch your own step. 

[Vol. XII, #1 — Jan., 1983] 

To Kill or Not To Kill 

There was no way my trained mind could not have reacted the way 
it did to the covers on those pulp tabloids depicting Negro darling, 

Jackson, and burnt-out, used-up “White” renegade, Brooke Shields. 
There was just enough reactionary left in me to get my blood hot 
at that sight. And immediately after the animal brain had subsided 
and the human intellect regained the upper hand, I remarked to my 
companion in the store check-out lane that HERE was a more worthy 
target for some of my comrades who lately have gotten themselves 
locked up for killing a few low-lifes. 

“Send Them A Message,” as old George Corley Wallace used to say. 
The message would state that to dare use your celebrity status to set 
such an example for totally impressionable White youth would mean 
death. Let’s face it, there aren’t that many left at the very top who are 
flaunting their filth and their perversion in this manner, even at this 
advanced stage of this nation’s decay. It STILL would be a relatively 



$3,000" REWARD 

TEENAGERS 6/8/80. 




(513) 352-3520 

easy task to literally terrorize them into not coming out of their holes. 
Our beloved and honored Comrade Joseph Franklin has had added 
to his already extensive list of credits - and by the Pig System itself 



- the deaths of several more racially mixed couples and the critical 
wounding of Larry Flynt. Sure, the crud still pours forth in the streets 
and in the press but Franklin was only one man. What if a dozen or 
more had followed his example? 

By the time we were walking out the door of that shop, I was thinking 
aloud to my friend that to grab a Greyhound bus to California, or 
wherever, and to take a motel room, rent a car, etc., in order to stalk 
one’s prey - a worthy prey - in an effective manner would require 
absolute cold calculation, a truly disciplined spirit. It would be part of 
an act of revolution, not a crime of passion, as have been too many such 
“racist killings” of late. Crimes of passion are easily detected and have 
minimal effect on the public consciousness. Scientifically calculated 
acts of revolution are not so easily traced and have immense effect 
on the public mind. Compare: A string of unnamed “racially mixed 
couples” or Michael Jackson and Brooke Shields. Who could fail to 
get that message? How could they black it out or twist its meaning? 
What a tremendous polarizing effect it would have over the entire 
country - either loathing or adulation. The stuff that full-blown civil 
wars are made of. 

Symbolism, the more basic the better, is the only thing that can 
penetrate the mass mind in this mass-opinion society. And, in this 
celebrity-minded society also, the higher the target, the better. This is 
only elemental cause-and-effect. I simply say that if these comrades 
are going to sacrifice their liberty and lives, DO IT IN THE MOST 

Whether to bother? Naturally, if you’re going to do it, do it right. I 
firmly believe that enough of it, aimed correctly and within a short 
enough time-frame, would force the situation out of the doldrums 
and into a state of revolution. There are those who’d disagree and 
the author of the magnificent Turner Diaries is one. Earl Turner and 
his “Organization” found, much to their dismay, after super-human 
(by present standards) sacrifices by their fanatical members, that the 
killing of System functionaries, of sleaze-ball System “super heroes” 
and the tactics of general terrorism designed to show the populace 
their “gods” 




Joseph Franklin 
(on right with 
glasses) photo- 
graphed at the 
first NSWPP 
Congress 1969. 
Below: Nazi 
mass murderer 
Frank Spisak 
(3rd from right 
with glasses). 

were not invulnerable and that the Pig System was not all-powerful, 
were not producing the results desired. The System was finding ample 



replacement parts and not nearly enough of the population was getting 
the idea and joining in. Instead, the “Organization” had to shift its 
strategy from one of killing System leaders and celebrities, to one 
of crippling the System itself, of causing it to shut down and thereby 
forcing the population to cease their support of it. 
A third option, of course, is to withdraw totally from it all and dig in as 
deeply as possible with the expectation of surviving once all the rest 
has been blown away and has blown over. 
Certainly however, nothing is going to stop those who reach a point 
in time when they’ve had too much and just start shooting. What we 
have to strive for is to increase the instances of those who bide their 
time and sell their lives dearly, at great cost to the Enemy and at great 
service to their Race. We have to train ourselves to be able to knock 
out the functions of the System itself for we are at WAR against a 
most foul occupier of our land. ‘And, certainly, some of us will have 
to disappear, dig deep and prepare to HANG ON when absolute hell 
does finally break loose. A combination of all these levels will be 
required before the revolution can begin in full. 
Decide your proper course now. Prepare for it so you’ll be able to do 
maximum justice to yourself and your Cause. Train for it so you'll 
maximize your chances of success and survival. We may well think 
silently to ourselves when confronted by examples of national disgrace 
and decay as Michael Jackson and Brooke Shields, “She can take that 
nigger to hell with her!” but we do not let it go at that. If you’re not 
going to be the one to do something about that, then you’d better 
have plans underway to fulfil one of the other callings the revolution 

[Vol. XIII, #4 - April, 1984] 

Revolution in Reality I 

Excerpt from the CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER, Sept. 13th, 

“The accused Cleveland State campus killer, Frank C. Spisak, Jr., 
shuffled into a Justice Center visiting room yesterday. In a voice 
without boast or remorse, he stated, ‘I guess my aim was pretty good.’ 



“He was active in White Supremacist groups and obsessed with Adolf 
Hitler. Spisak wore Swastikas, played Nazi records and collected 
hundreds of Nazi books. ‘When I was fourteen, I began reading books 
and things about Nazis’, he said. ‘The violent philosophy appealed to 
me in the deep recesses of my mind.’ 

“You're a pretty mixed-up guy’, Spisak was told. He shook his head, 
‘Right now they’re holding me in a psycho ward. I don’t know what’s 
going to happen. They said if I don’t have any trouble, it will be 

Excerpt from a letter by Spisak, dated February 25th, 1983: 

“I have long been a student of American Nazism and because I not 
only believed in the righteousness of our Cause but loved my people 
and hated the vile enemies who are daily attacking our womenfolk and 
elderly, I got ‘involved’ and became a casualty of the racial warfare. It 
does give me a great sense of satisfaction knowing I went down with 
my guns blazing and took out several of the Enemy before they got 

Excerpt from the CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER, July 16th, 

“Frank C. 

Spisak was found guilty yesterday of aggravated murder in the 
slayings of three people at Cleveland State University. Now he faces 
the possibility of his own death in the electric chair. 

“Spisak told the jury he was fighting a war against Blacks and Jews, 
and that he was not a criminal, but a prisoner of war. The first casualty 
was on February Ist and the war ended when Spisak was arrested 
on September 6th cowering in a basement crawlspace of a friend’s 

Excerpt from letter by Spisak, dated February 17th, 1984: 

“T don’t know what you heard or read about me in the papers in your 
area but it was probably mostly all lies. The Cleveland papers said I’m 
a criminal and a pervert and a faker and the worst person in Cleveland’s 
history. They said nobody deserves to die more than me. Coming from 
the Jew, I take these insults to my integrity as compliments of the 
highest honor but some people in our Movement are terrified of all 
the ‘bad publicity’ ’ve got and are doing their best to run a hundred 
miles an hour in the opposite direction from me and saying, “No, no! 



Don’t connect us with Spisak!’ That’s what the Jews want. The name 
of their strategy is called Divide and Conquer.” 

Excerpt from the CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER, June 30th, 

“Shaughnessy told the panel that to sit in judgment of someone whose 
philosophy was completely alien to theirs was a tough job. ‘Part of 
the job that you’ve undertaken is going to be sitting in judgment of a 
sick and demented mind that spews forth a philosophy that will offend 
each and every one of you’, said Shaughnessy. ‘Make no mistake 
about that, you will be offended.” 

“There are several ways to consider my case and situation. #1- You 
can accept the Jews’ official news media version that I am some 
kind of nut, kook, weirdo, lunatic, criminal, pervert, swine, thug, 
robber, pimp, etc. #2- You can accept me as a misguided idealist and 
somewhat schizophrenic personality who meant well but nevertheless 
only did evil. #3- You can view my actions and motivations as truly 
revolutionary and motivated by the purest idealism and the politics of 

Excerpt from the CLEVELAND GAZETTE, Jan. 26th, 1984: 
“This guy is crazy, right? Another lunatic killer taunting the public 
with a pretended belief in some hideous philosophy, right? After all, 
what else can we say about a man that crows about killing three men, 
then tries to vault into the electric chair, then announces his intention 
to fight his death sentence for his family’s sake? Frank Spisak, with 
all of his fractured posing and his demented exaltation of murder as 
a Final Solution, troubles any thought of a swift, simple execution of 

Excerpt from a letter by Spisak, dated March 17th, 1983: 

“Just between you and me, I think our people are ‘through’. The 
Enemy has got so many of us convinced we are each other’s worst 
enemy we can’t get it together for a big push against the real power! 
But that’s no secret: White people haven’t been able to stick together 
for years, and the Jews keep making sure we don’t. Movement people 
keep telling each other and trying to convince the rest that the press 
is controlled and is feeding us misinformation. But let something 
like what happened to me happen to any one of us and the whole 
pack of them go barking off and running in the same direction as the 



Jews media like a bunch of hounds on a leash. If they could only see 
themselves and what they are doing.” 

Revolution in Reality Il 

No one said it would be pretty. No one said it would be easy. Quite 
a few imagined it would be “by the book” which is, probably, the 
greatest misconception of all. The Movement has the facts and 
theories down pat but it always has appeared to be badly hung-up 
on reality when it happens. Many times - most times - reality, that is, 
the ACTUAL PRACTICE OF SOMETHING, varies widely from the 
carefully thought-out ideal. That’s life. In revolution as in any war, 
actual accomplishment of it primarily involves KILLING and the 
consequences of that. The sooner the Movement accepts all this as 
merely par-for-the-course, the sooner things will begin going more in 
our direction. The above quotes illustrate nothing more, nothing less 
than a focus on one instance of Revolution put into practice and the 
resultant - the predictable consequences. It can’t really be expected 
to be any other way, not in the insane mess that American society has 
long since become. The excerpts and the news clips presented here 
may be somewhat incomplete but they accurately paint the picture as 
seen from opposing sides. 
The actual truth is somewhere in the middle: The fact that a life/death 
struggle must break out into the wide-open lest death win out by 

[Vol. XII, #5 - May, 1984] 

One of Us 

Most, if not all, of us remember the news story which broke last 
summer about the shootings in San Diego. I recall that I was riding 
in my car and heard the story first over the car radio. From the details 
given at that time over the radio, it was clear that one man had done 
the shooting, that twenty-one were dead, that the killings took place at 
a McDonald’s in San Diego and that the killer himself was dead also. 
It didn’t state whether the killer was Black or White nor did it indicate 



the racial make-up of the Victims (though I surmised at the time that 
the majority of them probably were Mexican). 

“An encouraging little incident.” I told my companion at the time. 
Regardless whether Black or White, someone at least had stepped 
well outside Master’s rules and more power to ‘em! And regardless of 
who or what may have comprised the twenty-one dead, this had been 
one hell of a day’s work toward “heightening the contradictions” and 
toward sinking this rotten ship rather than just rocking it. And what 
a deliciously poetic setting... a McDonald’s! I really didn’t let myself 
dare to hope that the killer had been White or that the majority of dead 
had indeed been colored. That would be asking for too much, I felt 
at the time, and I gave it no further thought until a news item from a 
Southern California newspaper reached me in September. 

Sunday. July 22. 1984 

Mass murderer: 
‘Always very sad and very lonely’ 


SAN DIEGO (UPI: — One day last 
winter, James Huberty nonchalanuy 
approached a police officer in San 
Ysidro, the dusty. southernmost out- 
post of this sprawling city. and pro 
claimed himself a war criminal 

This, according to his wife. was 
about the time he began “bearing 
voices and seemed to be talking to 
people who were not there.” 

It was the time. in her words, when 
“he became obsessed with ideas 
about war.” 

And it spelled a frightful early 
warning system to what on July 18. 
1984, would became a colossal mental 
breakdown and make Huberty the 
most nefarious name on America’s 
rapidly lengthening roster of mass 

After representing himself as a war 
criminal, this man who had never 
seen a moment of military combat 
climbed Into the back seat of the 
police car and was driven away. 

“I tried to follow in our car. but 
could not — up.” said Etna Huber- 
ty, his wife of 20 years. 

So she returned to their apartment 
to await the call from the police. 

“Instead, an hour or so later, my 
busband knocked at the door.” He 
told his wife he had been taken to the 
federal building at the Tijuana 
border, interviewed, set free, and had 
walked two miles back to their Cot- 
tonwood Street apartment 

Six months later — too late for his 

inside or outside a 

McDonald's restaurant popular with 

—— visitors and American resi- 

” she 
Christ, like he’s not as tall as you 
think he is, or something.” 

“Always talking about shooting’ 

On that same eve before he would 
slay 21 innocents, the Hubertys sat on 
a sofa in their $450 a month two- 
bedroom apartment and watched a 
television rerun of “The Pink Pan- 

“He had been very, very nice — he 
even brought some muffins he had 
toasted,” she said. After the movie, 
ber husband sat in his favorite chair 
with his eyes closed 

“His mouth was going and his hand 
was moving. I didn't know whether to 
try to talk to him or take his arm and 
shake him — try to wake him up-and 
say, ‘Stop this and shape up.” ~ 

Instead. Mrs. Huberty said. she left 
him there and went up to bed 

She poignantly characterized her 
troubled husband as, finally. “always 
very sad and very lonely.” 

And so. apparently, he was 

James Oliver Huberty was born 
Oct. 11, 1942. in Canton, Ohio. one of 


The Biade-Tnbune — 19 

two children and the only son of Earl 
Vincent Huberty. a steel mill worker 
and part-time farmer. and his wife, 
Icel Evelyn. whose union was doomed 
to dissolve 

Young Jimmy. his sister, Ruth. and 
their parents were regular in their 
attendance at local United Methodist 

“They were Bible toters.”” said 
Gene Hofacre. an Ohio schoolmate 
who became a veterinarian in Yorba 
Linda. The assumption. according to 
Hofacre. was that Huberty would 
enter divinity school 

But Jimmy was. to others who knew 
him in the steel mill cities of Canton 
and Massillon and the nearby farm- 
ing community of Mount Eaton, an 
unremarkable loner, a wallflower in 
horn-rimmed glasses who seldom had 
a thing to ye 

“He just n't participate much, 

Future Farmers of 

to his rs when Huberty graduated 
in 1966 from Waynedale high School 
and entered, not divinity school, but 
embalming school. 

He seemed to have found his place 
in life and graduated with bonors 
from the Pittsburgh Institute of Mor- 
tuary Science in Pennsylvania. In 
1964-65 he worked at three Canton 
funeral homes 

Huberty liked embalming and other 
technical aspects of his c: . sald 
Don Williams, one of his employers, 
but his introverted personality caus- 
ed him to fail in the vital task of deal- 
ing with the bereaved 

“He simply wasn't cut out for this 
profession,” suggested Williams. “He 
acted like he just wanted to be left 

Huberty and Etna, a San Francisco 
native, married during his internship 
under Williams and in 1965 the Ohio 
Board of Embalmers and Funeral 
Directors issued him first a funeral 
director's license and later an em- 

= om Page 20) 

2 — The Bade Tibure 


Sunday, dy 22. 1904 

Mass murderer: ‘He talked about the end of the world’ ... 

(Continued from Page 19) 

balmer's license 

By then, however, Huberty had 
decided lo don welder's goggles and, 
gier (raining ot Lincoln Blecinie 
Welding School ia Cleveland. went to 
work al Macombers Manufacturing 
Co, in Louisville, Ohio, in 1966 

Three years later he was back ia 
Canton, a welder at Babcock and 
Vileor, which made replacement 
parts for the steel industry 

‘There be earned semority 

This good streich lasted 13 years 
Una worked as an elementary school 
mbslilule lescher They bought a 
bouse in Massillon, and their dawgh 
tors, Zelia and Cassandra, now Id and 
10, were born Huberty even fnished 
college alter 16 years of sporadie 
higher education and carad a 
wxiology degree in 1976 from Malone 
College in Canton 

A nest-door neighbor of that era, 
Vaughn Mohler, became wary of 
Buderty alter an errie inculent It 
seems one of Huberty's German 

actotched Mi masters 

car. "He took (he dog out back and 
Dolled i,” Mohler sald. "Shot it right 


"Huberty sald, ‘There, 1 took care 
@ it,’ “ Mohler recalled “And that's 
ow he hendird business ` 

Later, Mohler became disturbed by 

emanating from Me neighbor s two 
Rory (tame house. Huberty, Mohler 
evenivally discovered, was taking 

In the science that is established thus far into the most convulsive 

target practice in his basement 
shooting range 

According to Massillon police, 
Huberty was charged in 1980 with be 
ing drunk and disorderly alter a gas 
station incident No fine was imposed 
but Huberty had to pay Mé in court 

Over the years, hundreds of com 
plaints were logged against Huberty 
by Massillon police, mainly for his 
noisy ond freerunning German 
shepherds, noted officer Roa Davis 

Terry Kelly, who worked with Mm 
as a welder, remembered ihal 
Huberty was “always talking about 
shooting somebody” Kelly said 
Huberty was concerned with “sur 
vevalist” techniques and wrepoary 
and beleeved euclear war loomed 

“He talked about the end of the 
world,“ sai Kelly “He and bes lomi 
ly were going to be the only oses left 
He talked about goang off into the 

The American Dream burst for 
Huberty an 192 The webding plant 
loved aml he jomed the growing hst 
of unemployed in ihe mations 
maoulacturing mdwreimh 

"Wnty rates saared” said hes 
wile “We were caugh in a terrible 


Inviead of going olf into the woods, 
the femily moved in the (all of 190 to 
Timana, where Huberty 
they could hive economically 

Wat the sale of their house last 

September, which they thought 
would bring a prolil. resulted n what 
his wile coed was a 169.000 loss 

“He did not (rt ite the Meucon 
community, his wile said “He knew 
no Spanish He felt lost. rejected and 


He called Tiwana police, who 
stopped him for speeding on has 1982 
Honda motorcycle. “monkeys,” she 
acknowledged, but seid he was not 
simply a racist, despite bis increas 
ingly radical behavior and beliefs 

‘If anything, he was a Nani ` she 
soid “He thought he was German bul 
he wasnt He acted Whe he was Ger 

Police said there was no sign of è 
tacia) motive in Huberty s act. al 
though many of the victims were 
Menicans and Mexican Americans 

The move to Tijuana lasted bot 
three months Huberty dd not hike 
the litter or the congestion of the city 
with a bergeoning population smaller 
only then Los Angeles and Van 
couver, Canada, on the Parilie coast 

Hy the start of 1984 they were north 
of the border im the first of thei two 
San Ysidro rented apartments 

“Ie his mind, everything in (io 
was done righi ond he could nut ad 
just to the way thangs were dene in 
Coldorma,” Eins Huberty sad “I 
asked him if be wanted fo go back to 
Uho bul he sad. no, that there was 
nothing there but cold winters and 
bagh utility bills 

Huberty qualified for a Inderally 

funded security guard training pro 
gram as a low income. une 

applicant, and on April 12 was issued 
a permit by the Bureau of Collections 
and Investigative Services to carry a 
Mcabiber revolver ora 357 magnum 

on duty 

Huberty got a jod guarding a con 
dominium consiruction project bul 
was fired July 10 “But that did pot 
seem lo worry him tao mach at the 
time,” said bis wile 

Which is when he started hearing 
the voites 

‘Christ told him about something 
that happened when be was 9 years 
old.” bes wile said 

"He was standing in a street and 
there was a legionnaite on à horse 
said Mrs Huberty, recalling her 
husband's visions “And a IS year old 
boy stabbed the horse and the 
legionnaure (ell in the ground 

And when be got up he bad his 

sword drawn and grabbed three pro 
ple and wanted to know il they knew 
who this boy was And they told him 
yes, and be gave them each a gold 

The next day the Irpionnnire went 

lo the boys howse and killed Ms 
parents with his sward Then, he pat 
the sword im the hands of the young 
boy who stable hs burse and sard 
"There, you ve killed them 

A week later, alter a family owling 
al the 200. Huberty announced to Ms 
wile that he was ‘gong hustling. hyn 
tung for humans 

revolution this hemisphere has ever seen, it could have been assumed 
that the killer himself was colored. In that event, the happening would 
still have been a highly positive thing — even had the majority of the 

victims been White — because it would have caused one more crack in 

the phony façade of the multi-racial, Big Brother society progressing 
in total harmony along the road to hell. The world would have known 
for sure that SOMEBODY was not a damned bit happy with it! Had 
the killer been colored and the victims any color combination at all, 
the event would have been par-for-the course occurrence in the decline 
and demise of the System’s structure. A pleasant break in the day-to- 
day boredom but nothing remarkable at all. Since the killer was White 
and the victims mainly non-White, it must stand as a stunning victory 
and a landmark in itself simply by virtue of the LACK of any other 
really revolutionary action at present. 



As itturns out, this man, Huberty, was one ofus. Despite no revelation of 
any formal political affiliation (and how much more meaningless that 
is becoming all the time), and despite no “obvious racial motivation” 
according to police, you and I can unmistakably tell 
from what has been reported that this man was definitely one of us. 
You can be sure that had there been a Nazi or Klan connection, the 
press would have latched onto it in order to further downgrade both 
Huberty and whatever group he may have belonged to (i.e.- “Look 
what kind of nut joins these groups.,” or “Look what joining a group 
like that does to a person”) You can be sure, by that omission, that 
there was no direct Movement connection. Still, he was one of us. 
This glaringly raises the ultimate questions of what is a Movement 
and which is THE Movement? 


Yourself in His Place 

We’ve all considered it and quite often too. We’ve all got the means 
and the capability of doing it and a few of us might even have plans 
laid. Can you see YOUR picture there in place of Huberty’s and can 
you see a thumbnail sketch - a la Jewish System media - of your life 
in place of his? They are going to go all-out to “get” you on paper, 
just as a matter of course. Would you look as good as Huberty? Would 
your life’s story read as well as his (in spite of all the twisting and dirt 
dredging as well as pure speculation and fabrication) should they ever 
go after you in this manner? 

What real dirt might they turn up on you? If it’s there, they’II find it. 
Still, please note that no one - at least not to my knowledge - in the 
Movement has even mentioned Huberty and his fight, favorably or 
unfavorably. Why not? Is it because he was a “kook” and an “oddball”? 
Do they not know the press can make daylight out to be night? That 
face is not the face of a derelict or a defective and their worst try 
at character assassination turns up nothing deep and dark about this 
man. Therefore, we can safely assume that he was an outstanding 
Aryan specimen and solid White American. (Yet never forget that a 
nondescript type with a “mass” mentality and persuasion can never 



in any case be one of us, so never look for or expect perfection.) The 
Movement didn’t mention Huberty even though his action on that day 
far surpassed all of their combined efforts for the entire year! What 
does this indicate? Are there TWO Movements? Or is there only ONE 
Movement and one society of impotent fakers? Remember always 
that, historically, movements are natural, organic things, completely 
in tune with the times no matter how sick or apparently hopeless those 
times may seem - and they are NEVER something hoked up for fun 
and profit. 
But at least I didn’t see any of them CURSING Huberty or loudly 
denying and disowning him. They’ve been well-known for this sort 
of vile, cowardly behavior in the past whenever someone has taken it 
upon themselves to make the supreme sacrifice and go outside not only 
Master’s rules but those very same rules of the fakers themselves. As 
far as you or I are concerned, take a look at yourself, as only you know 
yourself, and first ask whether you’d ever be able to muster the guts 
to act in this manner, to relinquish forever the comforts and pleasures 
that this Big Brother society provides you with and, quite likely, to 
give up your very life itself for the Cause you purport to believe in. 
Second, ask yourself what they’d say about you and how your family, 
friends and, most of all, your “compatriots” in the Movement would 
react and handle the situation in the wake of your action. 
If you’re honest with yourself, you’ ll know then that Huberty was a 
HERO of the first magnitude and beyond any reproach whatsoever. 
Give us more men like this and victory will be assured! 

[Vol. XII., #10 - Oct, 1984] 


There have been a number of questions as to why no mention so far in 
these newsletters about the New York subway vigilante. Well, I was 
just hesitant to use up space in saying the obvious, like “hooray” or 
“it’s about time.” 

But beyond the reaction and the frustration of it, was there something 
in the incident that we can use or learn from as revolutionaries? 
Yes, there was. The experience was a practical application of one of 



the oldest Right Wing theories, to wit, if you push the White Man 
hard enough, long enough, eventually he’ll strike back. Even more 
interesting is that the Jews surely had something like this in the back 
of their minds when they produced the film entitled “Death 

Wish,” starring Charles Bronson. We predicted it and they, as it were, 
dramatized it for all the world to see. But that film was produced 
almost twenty years ago. 

Does the action of Mr. Goetz signal cause for hope or despair? Almost 
two hundred million Whites in this country, the majority of which 
are compressed into New York City-style situations, facing the same 
crime, terror and brutalization for an entire generation, and then, 10 
and behold, in 1985 one man pulls out a gun and shoots a few Blacks. 
Lots of cheers, lots of curses, lots of commentary and comparisons 
with the film. But is this the “White Backlash” that was hoped for 
after years of intolerable provocation? If so, we appear to be in deep 

By actual rights, Blacks, etc., should be turning up dead at a rate 
that would render a body count impossible. The police would be 
befuddled (and supportive) to a point where detection would be a 
joke. Fence straddlers of all stripes would receive the clear message 
to choose, keep silent or die. A reawakening would be underway and 
a massive Jewish emigration would commence. And all of it would 
be unorganized, unofficial, just like the subway vigilante. It would 
be, in fact, relatively painless (for Whites). But one man in twenty or 
thirty years bringing life to one of the keystone Rightist views for the 
future? How do we interpret that? 

For one thing, predictions for the future when speaking of great social 
crises, as I have already said, are a highly risky business. Two of the 
best - H.G. Wells and George Orwell - were wrong most of the time. 
It gets worse when you get overanxious. In fact, by and large, most of 
even the sharpest observers among us are almost completely blinded 
due to being caught up in events rather than being detached from them. 
Twenty years after we THOUGHT that it SHOULD HAVE begun on 
a widespread scale, one man in New York does it. It has to be taken as 
a tiny ray of hope. 

Undoubtedly, a large part of being stable and professional about 
anything is not being in a hurry. Kids, you’ll note, are always in a 



big hurry to get with whatever promises action and fun. So it has 
been with the Right Wing. Kids also let themselves in for a lot of 
disappointments as a direct result of being so overly anxious about 
things that require seasoning and preparation. It never occurs to them 
that maybe not everyone else’s mind is focused on the same thing as 
theirs. Most people are “serious” about dull and mundane things like 
making a daily living, not shooting Blacks on subways. I get anxious 
too but this pot is definitely on a slow boil. 
Had this subway incident occurred during Commander Rockwell’s 
lifetime, for example, it would have been far more sensational, like 
a thunderclap. They did sensationalize it at the time but look how 
it’s died down now. It’s so far overdue that it’s almost anti-climactic. 
In trying to discover unknowns using what is known, it’s nearly a 
certainty that the course of any revolution in this country will happen 
just this same way... running on what seems like a very late schedule 
but, actually, running according to its own schedule - its own unique 
schedule in history. 

[Vol XIV, #3 - Mar, 1985] 


The System media referred to the actions involving Comrades 
Mathews, Yarbrough and-others [i.e., "The Order” as violence on the 
part of “Neo-Nazis.” 

But to the very best of my own knowledge there were absolutely no 
Nazi affiliates involved in any of that. This is an interesting peek into 
the mind of the media and, hence, the public. It should also be a lesson 
to some of the more backward-thinking types in the Movement. As 
Commander Rockwell said in the 1960’s, if you’re racialist and aware 
of the role of the Jews and are willing to discuss it, then they’re going 
to brand you a “Nazi” regardless of what you may call yourself for 
your group. You can even try cursing the Nazis and they’1ll STILL call 
you a “Nazi.” The Commander said that he took the name “American 
Nazi Party” for that reason (though we know it was for far more than 
just that: He was a National Socialist and a believer in Adolf Hitler). 
The men involved in the actions referred to above never represented 



themselves as Nazis but neither did they deny or denounce the historic 
role of Hitler or the worth and truth of National Socialism. This is good. 
It is as it should be. Maybe we are, after all, the “Neo-Nazis” they call 
us. For we are not, any of us, like the original NSDAP of Germany and 
none of us are functioning with the program of same. We may swear 
allegiance and we may use the Swastika as our symbol; we may even 
wear the brownshirt uniform. But it’s all very superficial and really 
brings us no closer to BEING Hitler-style National Socialists than 
Mathews, Yarbrough, or any really good and revolutionary KKK type, 
etc. If this sounds confusing, it shouldn’t. It’s evolution at work. And 
the good news is that it is working toward our favour; it is welding 
a Movement together. A Movement that’s neither funky Right Wing 
nor orthodox, cultist Nazi. Rather, something alive and working in the 
here-and-now. Something that will live on its own and grow, something 
that can WIN in the end, here, in this place, in this time. It hasn’t got 
a name yet but is that important? The fact is that it’s here and the 
System knows it. A few of us even know it. With all the formality, the 
organizations, the corporations, the two bit “leaders,” the manifestos, 
the flashy uniforms and titles, etc., of the 1960’s, we had but ONE true 
leader — George Lincoln Rockwell - and, once he was gone, we had 
none. All the outward symbolisms continued to persist under lesser 
types and had begun to threaten the life and success of the Movement 
itself. Then came the first major splinters. I’ve said quite often that 
the situation in the nation went from conservative to revolutionary 
during the Seventies. Was it by accident that during the Seventies the 
period of greatest splintering within the Movement also took place? It 
was the Movement trying to free itself and find itself so as to be able 
to keep its appointment with destiny. It was an agonizing, destructive 
process but look what has developed. No Nazi Party and yet a Nazi 
Party EVERYWHERE, and with TEETH! And no pompous, tinhorn 
buffoons to hold it down or hold it back!! 

How would Commander Rockwell, who often and regularly doffed ~ 
the Nazi symbolism in favor of racialist unity, view today’s New Hard 
Right who openly praise Hitler and who HIT the Enemy HARD? 
How would Tommasi, who was the first to advocate and practice 
the coordination of an underground and an overground organization 
with regard to the racialist Movement, view the way the leadership of 



Aryan Nations stood by these HEROES... AFTER they had split from 
the legalistic parent group so as to be able to ATTACK the System? 
There is, it seems after all, something to be optimistic about. 

[Vol. XIV., #5 - May, 1985] 

If It Happens 

The news item reproduced shows an updated tale which stems from 
that originally starting with Comrades Mathews and Yarbrough. Take 
a look at the roadblock. This is some kind of first. This is a first when 
the damned System Pigs haven’t been able to stamp out a Movement 
attack with one blow. It is a first that so many - several dozen - have 
been involved in something apparently so well-organized that has 
been so little-known, at least, that is until it chose to become known. 
In the manner prescribed by Tommasi, “Our most eloquent statements 
will not be made in courtrooms, but in the streets of Jew Capitalist 
America.” Much has transpired which has been printed in the System 
media. Nothing quite like this has happened before. The System is 
reacting with full vigor, with the full force of its Pig Machine. But men 
of The Order, as they call themselves, are still standing in defiance or 
remaining at liberty. One can only say, “God Bless them!” They have 
been and are paying the full price the System demands of rebels. But 
how do they feel right now - those still at large? I try to put myself in 
their place and I feel that they are experiencing a sense of freedom and 
exhilaration unknown to all but those who have taken the great plunge 
into battle. I am anxious for them but I know their lives are in the 
best of hands: Their own. And foremost in this urgent matter is the I 
knowledge which we all know they possess of what the System did to 
our and their Comrade Mathews and the resultant decisions they have 
come to in their own minds as to their immediate course of actions 
in the future. One conclusion can safely be drawn: If a revolution 
does develop, does come about in this land, then it is going to start in 
precisely this manner and no other. This one may not be the one but 
it is the closest so far. The men are there and they are learning. When 
they have become ruthless enough, THEN it will start. 

[Vol. XIV., #5 - May, 1985] 




Missours Highway Patrol trooper stops à car ala earlier in the day. The FBI said the assailant in 
roadblock on a highway near Branson, Mo., Mon the shootings may have been one of 23 people in 
dicted in Seattic for involvement in a neo Nazi 

day, alter a trooper was killed and another 


during a routine traffic 

inspection group 

NeoNan Robert Mathews Ged when FOI agents in 
a hencooter Grooped liares wo Uws Mdeout near 

‘Revolutionary’ killed 

à boot called Turner's Dianes, pud 

SEATTLE (UPI) — A seoNen 
who beleved be was iesding è white 
supremacst “revoiuuon * thal would 
end in the violent overthrow of the 
U.S. government died in a fiery 
Mroctoul at aa sland Mideout, fecera! 

sand yesterday 

Robert Jay Mathews's heavily 
armed gang was pursuing “rumina 
tion of the 'Jewisà influence ind 
omer minonty groups (rom Amen 
cao society to provide for the 
ascencancy of ihe Aryan race 
documents filed i0 US. District 
Court sand 

Authorities. Meanwhile. pressed 
(new search for tree men said to oF 
with Mathews just Sefore we FBI 

sealed off sceme Whidbey Island 
Friday and lud seme io We ares, 
arresung four peopie and cornenng 
Mathews in a rented beach house w 
Ue Smutgier's Cove ares. 

Al De cod of a twoday sandali, 
Mathews, described as heavily 
armed. was bebeved to have been 
tilled aller an exchange of heavy: 
weapons fire with FBI agents when 
a Neucooter Grooped illumination 
lares inte Ube bouse, sparning s 
fiery exptosion (hat destroyed We 
«ood structure 

Mathews (rove was known as The 
reer, White American Basuon. and 
Srucer Sehweiten ‘German tor 
sient Srotherbood) and eahered to 


ished by “a0 extreme mght-oing 
assonaton on ibe East Coast Known 
as the Nabonal Alliance, a criminal 
compu sad 

The book advocates takeover of 
Americas society Sy write maies 
who deno thew “revolution Dy frst 
funcumg isei by roooeres. counter- 
lauaz and oer crunes.” De FBI 
COM panied Sard 

Weapons were to be douant for use 
© “errorst attacks against puolic 
difinas and pubie offices. enerey 
facies, Communication systems 
sewspaper offices, ana TV and racaio 
Mauer © 

Die, Monster, Die! 

About mid-May came the news of the System attack against a group 
of non-Whites and White renegades holed up in a Philadelphia 
slum district. The group called itself “MOVE” and, other Ethan 
the racial make-up of those involved, the circumstances and details 
were strikingly similar to the System attacks of a month or so ago, 
only that time directed against one element of the Movement calling 
itself The Order. (The only other main difference worth noting was 
the geography involved: Whereas the Whites made their stand in the 
countryside, the coloreds made theirs in the metropolis.) 

Twenty years ago, when the Movement still believed it could regain 
control over the Establishment, it would have cheered the government 
troops and cursed the beleaguered revolutionaries in Philadelphia. 
Not so the case today. The revolutionary reality is that we cannot even 
afford to stand as neutrals in such a situation... WE MUST WISH 
AGAINST THE SYSTEM! The System is the Enemy, the coloreds 
are merely there, just like part of the scenery. Ask yourself, who’s 
the most likely to come after YOU... agents of the System or some 
handful of coloreds? 

We now share one other bond of distinction, freshly formed for 
us by the System: At what time before has the System resorted to 
fire- bombing US. citizens (however rebellious) from the air? Not 
until this year, to the best of my knowledge. And when I said in a 
previous segment of SIEGE that there was but one way a revolution 
could start in this country, I should have added that it just might be 
non-Whites who do the starting! As extreme and unheard of as the 
attacks against members of The Order were, consider in your mind 
the picture of the System FIREBOMBING ENTIRE CITY BLOCKS 
OF PHILADELPHIA just to suppress some revolutionary group! Did 
anything more radical than that appear in the pages of The Turner 
Diaries? I think not. 



MOVE members’ latest actions 
finally too much for residents 

Gannett News Service 
followers have been living in the 
Cobbs Creek-West Philadelphia 
neighborhood since 1981, their 
taighbors Lave beccene determined 
to oust them only in the past year 
The anger came after MOVE 

It came after MOVE members built 
a crude kennel across the back alley 
for stray cats and dogs, boarded up 
the front windows with slats and 
began to erect a stockade-like struc 
ture on the roof, 

Neighbors also have said three 
residents of the street were beaten 
after criticizing MOVE members. 
Those persons and others who said 
they were threatened were afraid to 
file charges out of fear of retribution, 
neighbors said 

TENSION HAS increased in the 
last month as residents pressured ci- 
ty officials to enforce sanitation, 

A bomb dropped from a police 

helicopter onto the headquarters 
of the radical group MOVE 
touched off a fire that destroyed 
up to 60 houses in a middie 
income neighborhood, and of 
ficers today searched for armed 
members who fled the siege. 

— — — 
health and building codes at the 

But, the neighbors complained, city 
officials did nothing until Sunday 


Orin Thomas, who has lived on the 
block for 18 years in a house across 
the street from MOVE, said he has 
been worried about the situation for 

“I can't even go to work without 
worrying about my children; my 
whole lifestyle has changed,” he said 

For the past week, since neighbors 
al a block meeting threatened to oust 
MOVE themselves, police kept a 
steady but low profile in the 

They also began inter- 
Viewing neighbors in an attempt to 

2—Chillicothe, Ohio Gazette Tuesday, May 14, 1985 

Bodies reportedly 

found in 

Associated Press 

destroyed up oW bassin a mide 
upto ina 
income neighborhood, and officers to 

which dates to 
the turn of the century, was “like a 
war zone” at the climax af the siege 
Monday and the one of the worst fires 
in 7 

looking for them. 
surrounded and 


Mayor W. Wilson Goode said he ac- 
cepted responsibility for the 
“devastating” fire. 

E i 





prepare a legal case against MOVE Later in the 7 
* day, Bond announced 

POLICE SOURCES said the city 
was considering criminal ints 
charge MOVE, members with 
reckless endangerment of another 
person, making terroristic threats 
and assault. It was not known if such 
charges have been filed 

Last Friday, city officials met with 
residents living near the MOVE 

After that meeting, block captain 
Clifford Bond said Mayor W. Wilson 
Goode had promised to reveal a plan 
for dealing with the situation during a 
community meeting next Saturday 
Goode, who earlier had said the city 
would not act until st had “sufficient 
legal grounds,” declined to comment 

The next morning, Police Commis- 
sioner Gregory Sambor and Fire 
Commissioner William Richmond 
met with other fire and police of 
ficials for several hours to discuss the 
MOVE situation and presumably 
planning Sunday's evacuation of 

that despite an outstanding gas bil of 
more than $1,000 and a water bill of 
$00, city utility have not 
shut off service to the house. 

John Hagerty, a 
District Attorney Ed Rendell 

Siege Fire 


\ Philadelphia j 



(AP Lawr pen: 

Alter police surrounded the MOVE headquarters in Philadelphia 
Monday and evacuated about 200 homes in the area, a state police 
helicopter dropped a bomb on the rooltop of the house at $:27 p.m. By 
the time the fire was brought under control at 11:40 p.m., it had 
Spread to nearly 60 houses creating what looked like a “war zone,” 



There are but two ways of destroying the System: The kind of 
confrontations and uprisings we have seen lately, but on a larger scale, 
simultaneous and wide-spread enough to tie down the Pigs to the point 
of being ineffective; and an increased, intensified subversion of the 
System economy together with direct assaults against same in order to 
break the System’s army of hirelings and to ultimately alienate it from 
the population. Together these will topple the System. We may not 
picture ourselves as “allied” to these colored and Leftist groups but 
we must see that they too are being attacked by the common enemy, 
the System. Perhaps a dialogue couldn’t hurt. Could there be a greater 
nightmare for the System and its Pigs than the two widely divergent 
revolutionary elements in coordination? 

[ Vol. XIV., #6 - June, 1985] 



“Strength is the morality of the man who stands out from the rest, and 
it is mine.” 
-Friedrich Nietzsche 

“Such men alone are my readers, my proper readers, my preordained 
readers. Of what account are the rest? The rest are simply... humanity. 
One must be superior to humanity in power, in loftiness of soul — in 

-Friedrich Nietzsche 

“The idea of God implies the abdication of human reason and justice; 
it is the most decisive negation of human liberty and necessarily ends 
in the enslavement of mankind both in theory and practice.” 

“He who desires to worship God must harbor no childish illusions 

about the matter but bravely renounce his liberty and humanity.” 
-Mikhail Bakunin 



The Anti-Social Streak Versus 
the Decadent Society 

The Jews and the Liberal System love portraying us as anti-social 
misfits. Sometimes when we get down on each other - just like 
Jews vs. Jews or Negroes vs. Negroes calling one another “Kike” or 
“Motherfucker” - we tend to steer away from the term “misfit” and 
go rather to “professional loser” or something like that. So between 
the two I think a certain principle can be found that could be of great 
value if we are to develop into something. 

First, we should be aware that in a sick or even mildly mediocre 
society such as exists today, it is a badge of honor to be possessed of 
an antisocial streak. It will keep you safe and high above the trash and 
poison of the milieu - right from birth - where no amount of “proper 
education,” “good background,” “upbringing,” etc., could. 

How many from the so-called “best families” are completely degenerate 
zombies? Myself, I was always classed not only as the “black sheep 
of the family” but also as habitually “hanging with the wrong crowd.” 
So, for me at least, joining the Nazi Party at age fourteen just sort of 
made it all official. 

A skillful hypocrite (1.e., “good citizen”) in a sick society, one that 
really knows how to assimilate or conform and generally doesn’t rock 
the boat, is a disgusting System suck. I can have more respect - if 
that’s the right word - for the rabid liberal or Red than I can for the 
System sucks and the Establishment creeps. In any event, to go from 
one to the other is a national pastime and involves nothing more than 
a change of clothes, an expensive slick new hairstyle, and that certain 
mercenary acquisitive drive. But a good solid anti-social streak 
born right in the BLOOD cannot be changed by anything: Physical 
suffering; brainwashing; disillusionment; discouragement; defeat... 
absolutely nothing. It’s been rightfully referred to as the common 
denominator of ALL “True Believers,” that is, of all fanatics. 

It must therefore also be the key ingredient for all revolutionaries. 
Being White isn’t enough, being educated isn’t enough, being 
idealistic isn’t enough - dedication, determination, and so forth all 
can be undone by circumstances. One has got to be APART. Currently 



most of the best revolutionaries in the United States are non-White. 
That’s because they are taught to View this society as something to 
which they do not belong but something which they must break into, 
overcome and CONQUER! It is therefore more easy for them to become 
“revolutionary” than it is for most Whites who are instilled with the 
defeatist complex right from birth. Unlike the untermenschen of the 
world, with maps of Israel or the jungle written across their faces, we 
find our alienation in the special knowledge that this is not our society 
in any way, shape or form. We find ourselves, by far, greater outsiders 
here than any non-national Jew, Black, Asian or what have you. There 
is no way we can assimilate or “work within the System.” Further, 
there is no way we can be bought off the way Huey Newton, Jerry 
Rubin or Abbie Hoffman and the like were bought off. With them it 
was just a different side of one world. With us, it’s an entirely different 
planet. We can’t quit. Nor can we be thinned-out or watered-down. 
Our very guts are on fire. We are the only real revolutionaries! 
As long as the Movement remains part of the defense of something 
that it does not belong with then it will continue to share in the 
unremitting defeat of the past sixty years. When a substantial segment 
of the Movement realizes that it is WE who are the strangers who 
must “come, see and conquer,” only then will we begin to exert a 
measure of the earthshaking power-potential that we have. So let us 
draw a fine distinction between someone who is anti-social, a misfit, 
or a malcontent (for what kind of crawling dog could be “content” 
in this society?), and the archetypal “professional loser” for there is 
no natural connection between the two. I can think of nothing more 
formidable than a band of malcontents who know exactly who they 
are, what they want and how to go about getting it! The job is to build 
a world of our own, not to pull someone else’s chestnuts out of the 
fire. Not a defense but an attack! To borrow a revolutionary press 
statement by Ed Reynolds, “We don’t want to rock the boat, we want 
to SINK it!” 

[Vol. IX, #6 - Oct., 1980] 


“The True Believer’ 

This is the title of a well-known book that is generally frowned upon 
by idealistic Movement people as hailing the antithesis of what we’re 
supposed to be all about and what motivates us. I disagree. The 
thrust of this work by Eric Hoffer has it that all people of a fanatic 
bent, regardless of persuasion, have in common the fact that they are 
deficient in one or more fundamental human areas. These then seek to 
compensate, or overcompensate for this by joining fanatic causes as 
they see their mortal, earthly existence as ruined or worthless. I think 
Hoffer is very close to correct. 

Do we as National Socialists not agree that the individual self 
is not the end-all but that it is the Race itself which is of supreme 
importance? And even if one were - as are so many millions today 
- so self-centered, can it be denied that this materialistic society has 
rendered the business of going about life a pretty tired, miserable 
affair? Intolerable in fact, without some higher purpose? So what 
would it take to FORCE a person out of the mold, out of the rut and 
into an entirely new and different framework? It would seem that it 
would have to be something profound; deep within, something that a 
person cannot escape from, a fire that cannot be extinguished. Good 
or bad, anything, just so he is separated from the mainstream of the 
System and the Establishment. From there it has a great deal to do 
with the person, what stuff he is made of, and, to a far lesser degree, 
the breaks he does or doesn’t receive. To assume that people in general 
can be “shown the light” and be expected to drop the rest and go with 
it is to exhibit a naiveté in assessing human nature which approaches 
the ludicrous. It is toward that KIND of humanity that Nietzsche and 
Hitler strove but, as we each know, those plans have been seriously 
set back. No, it remains biological but at the same time it remains 
immutable if we can only understand its workings, come to grasp it 
and be able to USE it toward our own ends. That is subject matter 
which we have discussed previously in SIEGE. My point here is that 
each of must first recognize and then decide WHICH type he chooses 
to be and then really go at it with a vengeance 


Mason, the True Believer 



so as to make his mark a significant one. To “not fit” into this society 
can be a distinct badge of honor - it doesn’t have to be but it can be. 
To “not make it” in a money-based society oppressed, exploited and 
persecuted by money-men and by money considerations - and to be 
scorned and ridiculed by a conventional world, does not mean that 
one is a “loser” in the true sense necessarily. Is one to struggle in order 
to exist at the bottom rung of an alien society in failure and abject 
misery or should one rebel completely and stand forth as a different, 
and possibly superior, kind of being? Not as a left-over from the dead 
past but rather as a point-man securing a path for the coming of the 
wave of the future. Nobody ever said this would be easy, and obscure 
poverty stricken endings are very large possibilities. 
But again, it is to choose which type is superior and, thereby, more 
desirous: An historic breed which changes faces and reappears 
according to the changing of the eras, or that ‘kind of person who 
would be only what he is - part of the scenery - in any era? An historic 
breed or an ever-present type? Those who make history or those who 
make the background? 
Our TYPE - the True Believer - will one day rule again. The rest, 
under whatever society, will go on being serfs. Take your pick. * 
[Vol. XI., #12 - Dec, 1982] 


A large segment of the racialist Movement in this country is devoted 
to Identity [a branch of Christian religion which claims that the White 
Races are the true Israelites]. None may be found which devotes itself 
to or refers to itself as Alienation. Yet, in the present-day society, there 
is a lot more to be alienated by or from than there is to identify with. 
In the pages of SIEGE we try to concern ourselves with that which 
“makes things go ‘round” instead of engaging in wishful thinking. It 
is not negativism if we can gain understanding of the forces which 
exist and which tend to work in our favor so that we might better put 
them to use. 

Before anyone can hope to understand or appreciate revolutionary or 
outlaw mentality and morality they must first know alienation. It is 



impossible to sympathize fully with this kind of philosophy unless one 
shares a healthy appreciation of alienation and it is just as impossible 
to become a revolutionary oneself unless one is himself alienated. 
I’m not talking about born losers, common weirdos or run-of-the-mill 
anti- social types. I’m not talking about those who wouldn’t make it in 
any society due to personal deficiencies. I am speaking of people who 
do not fit into THIS society because of what it IS and what THEY are. 
To be outside this society is a marked badge of honor. I’m speaking 
of people who didn’t have the luxury of making a choice; people who 
aren’t in this for fun. 

Members of the Establishment - though some may think in our 
direction - only seek a way out. They yearn for a return to the days 
of brisk business and high profits, i.e., “business as usual.” To them, 
revolution is a dirty word because it carries a distinct connotation 
of being bad for profits. They are set to believe if everyone would 
just go out and get a steady job, all would be well. They hardly even 
want to rock the boat - only unload or perhaps rearrange some ballast. 
They appear to take us as one more form of Hard Right Winger, albeit 
the kind which they must be careful to hide any connection with (for 
profits’ sake). They really d6 not comprehend that WE ARE AT WAR 
WITH THIS SOCIETY and that it is them or us. We, as part of our 
revolutionary program, intend to blast to hell their filthy, scum-tainted 
System of profit values. Were they to become fully aware of this, it is 
likely that our fringe supporters would begin to leave us. 

So much is said about alienation that perhaps it might be wise to add a 
prefix - SUPER-alienation - to the term to bring out its meaning. This 
super-alienation marks the actual difference between a mere asocial 
and a genuine political radical. The asocial considers, “To hell with 
it.” The politically-oriented radical is determined to get in his licks. 
The asocial is only separated, hanging in space, while the radical is 
girded and made unflappable in the face of a hostile world. 

Most significantly the radical has found his own set of rules to go 
by. As often as not, he makes up the rules as he goes along. No 
superstitions exist to him such as the abstracts of “good” and “evil.” 
There is only that which works and that which does not. Those 
behavioral aberrations that so dismay members of the Establishment 
really are not “bad”, per se. To get the job done, it calls for whatever 



traffic will allow. If anything, the situation calls for a greater number 
of increasingly alienated, radicalized people. 
Only occasionally so far in SIEGE have I invoked the name of Charles 
Manson. Those who have begun to understand the thrust of the overall 
philosophy may be beginning to see how Manson fits into the scheme 
of things. Aside from that it can be said that the name of Manson 
evokes the same kind of instantaneous division of thought INSIDE 
the Movement that the name of Hitler does outside the Movement. 
It was once said of Hitler and the Swastika that they represented the 
“threshold of anger.” At the very mention most will curse you, a few 
will join you, none will remain neutral. I have found the same is true of 
Manson and the Swastika, even within the Nazi Movement. Manson 
is the threshold of alienation. Some in the Movement have begun by 
calling me insane (along with Manson, of course) and have gone on 
to become believers themselves in record short time. Others, for. the 
sake of friendship and unity, have opted to bypass the issue with some 
embarrassment. Some Nazi sympathizers actually denounce Manson 
as a freak and a murderer. What company do we keep these days! 
We have plenty of conservative reactionaries who freely don the 
Swastika and sing the praises of Hitler. But we have no conservative 
reactionaries who accept Manson. A pissed-off conservative might 
exclaim in mixed company how we need “another Hitler” to straighten 
out the mess. But how many come right out and state their belief in 
DOING AWAY with the mess entirely? How many in the Movement 
actually relish it every time the Establishment and its economic value 
system takes another direct kick in the teeth? How many are out to 
SINK the boat, not merely rock it? 
Manson represents the great divide between those persons who 
imagine there still are choices to be made casually on the basis of 
Establishment mores and those who have a profound, individual 
sense of “no going back.” I believe it is this - and not the abstract 
idea of “realism” - that is the great sustainer and inner-flame of all 
true revolutionaries. “These are not my people,” views the alienated 
radical. Life and the struggle are greatly simplified in that manner. 
[Vol. XI, #6 - June, 1982] 


Background to Siege 

Perhaps what it all boils down to is outlining two ways - the easy 
and the hard - of getting the stars out of one’s eyes, for, until that is 
done, by whatever means, that person is going to be a victim to all 
the pitfalls and hostile forces which surround him. And to clear the 
record, I do not advocate “intellectualizing” ourselves or our struggle. 
Our enemies are intellectualized, computerized, mechanized, de- 
humanized. And, for that reason, they wouldn’t FIGHT for a damned 
thing. As Manson would say, we are Pro-Life, Anti-Death. We still 
have the spark and the feel of life within us And that is why we fight. 
I simply say that we pick up the fight in earnest approximately at this 
moment in time despite any and all exhaustive effort gone before. But, 
at least, we’re pretty much sobered up. We’ll need to be. 

Cold rationality can only carry you so far, then it leaves you stranded 
in the middle of a field. In talking with people, I may use terms like 
“spiritual” but, more precisely, I mean gut INSTINCT as dictated 
by millions of years of genetic development. This is as close to a 
literal translation of being in direct communication with one’s distant 
ancestors as we’ll probably ever get. At the same time, being in 
abidance with one’s true gods would also come under this heading. 
Noble thoughts and ideals. Irrational as hell. But this provides us 
with our biggest advantage over our enemies; our legitimate reason 
for existing as individuals; our purpose in Life. Something bigger 
than ourselves, and certainly, as big as the universe itself. That 
is an experience these liberal types can never know and can never 
understand. Alone, it sustains us. COMBINED with the weaponry of 
cold thought process, it will lead us to victory over all odds. 

It is here where political activity should properly enter the picture. 
Politics, if it is serious, is the coldest of human endeavors. Colder still 
than war because war is only an extension of politics. Commander 
Rockwell called true politics the highest art form because it embodies 
all the other art forms. Accepting this as the case, as anyone who has 
studied art will know, it demands the highest degree of discipline and 
training in order to bring the artist’s own natural instincts and abilities 
to full flower. My own idea and understanding of the word politics 
means this for its own ends. This is where the confusion must be 



eliminated. Once the ideals are established arid the decision to fight 
is made, then the rules of going about gaining the power to put them 
into practice can be summed up by saying, “Play the ball as it lies.” 
There is NO ROOM for sentimentality of any kind in the practice of 
politics. And I emphasize again that, in terms of the present, politics 
and revolution are practically synonymous. That “it’s the sentiment 
that counts” is garbage. The bullet put in the head of your opponent 
by you, or vice versa, gets there precisely the same way and means 
exactly the same thing to either. That is “Phase One” politics. “Phase 
Two” politics may get around to just why you put that bullet there in 
the first place but, by that point, the questions are all over anyway. 
[Vol X11, #7 — July., 1983] 

God Can Stay but The Church Must Go 

Pll never be part of a war on something that is unseeable and 
unknowable. So this is not a war on God. George Lincoln Rockwell 
wrote often that the positions ‘of the religious fanatics and of the 
fanatical atheists were equally ridiculous and impossible. For no 
human being can know whether there is a Supreme Being and no 
human being can know whether there is not. All I say is that no 
supportive evidence exists to indicate there might be. But that’s why 
no argument can really be had on the matter - there exists nothing 
upon which to base an intelligent, reasonable argument. That is not 
the point of the following segments of SIEGE. 

We are playing no favorites - Jew, Christian, Moslem, Hindu, Buddhist, 
Shinto, etc. These huge and powerful, wealthy and influential 
institutions based upon Man’s greatest fears and weaknesses, created 
upon pure superstition, which have wrought so much damage, 
destruction, confusion and unwisdom, and are getting worse and 
worse with each year, have got to be viewed by all true revolutionaries 
as among the primary tentacles on the body of Big Brother. Organized 
religion when speaking in terms of the White Race is a terrible and 
deadly enemy. We’ll examine some of the reasons why later on but I 
am prompted now to print this piece which has been 




> > 
f —— 


A Ma wa Pret anh SETS EL 
: Ars EnS TS 

Das Kreuz war noch nicht schwer genug 

in preparation for many months because of such things as the “Moral 
Majority” craze and similar such movements afoot in the conservative 
backlash camp. We cannot and must not fall victim to this, their 

hogwash, ourselves. 



Opiate of the Masses 

There can hardly be any question that the Church has been edged out 
or at least relegated to a back-seat position - for the title of “Opiate 
of the Masses” which organized religion held for many centuries. 
The new one of course is television. After all, you don’t have to 
go to it on Sunday, the foul thing lives in your home with you. For 
entertainment purposes it has practically any preacher going beat by a 
mile. (Though look at how many of them use television!) Everything 
the Church used to offer the community, the television now offers. 
From sermons (editorials and more subtle propaganda), to fellowships 
(imaginary of course, in the form of soap operas), to even passing 
the plate (commercials), plus everything in between. The nominally 
“White” actors on television are co-equal with the nominally “White” 
ministers in Church: Both read-straight from Jewish scripts. 

Not attacking inanimate objects - neither buildings nor boxes, churches 
or TV sets - but only the way they are handled and the effects they’re 
having on the White Race, there is little doubt that television is the 
worst of the two. But the television is not an institution and can be very 
helpful, beneficial in fact, once all the networks are in National Socialist 
hands. What of the Church after a National Socialist revolution? Shall 
we put armbands on all priests or shall we put Stormtroopers in black 
robes? Shall we attempt to enlighten those now in power and pray 
that they will behave themselves and not act the role of subversives in 
our midst? Can we afford to allow an incredibly large and powerful 
organization - a state within a state - that currently is a major part of the 
Enemy’s scheme, to go on functioning as before once our revolution 
has succeeded? More importantly, as we must decide now: Is it at all 
necessary that we do so? The answer in each case is no. 

At present the Church presents its worst danger to the White Race 
because of the common denominator of all messages parroted by the 
“Born Agains” - lay down, submit and let God handle it; it has all 
been written; it is all inevitable. Further: It is only the next world that 
matters; this world and this life mean nothing. So just concentrate on 
avoiding sin (or go ahead and sin but beg like crazy for forgiveness) 
and really score points for the hereafter. Hang it all up in the present 
reality of today, here and now, and bank everything on some “afterlife” 



in some “‘Never-Never Land.” If that doesn’t sound like some kind of 
opiate, then I don’t know what one is. 

Can You Do Voodoo? 

The monumental cathedrals built by the genius of Western Man in the 
name of his religion compare identically to the mud and clay huts and 
carved, wooden idols that the primitive races erect to their peculiar 
religions. Same comparison as our I.C.B.M. missiles to their spears 
and blow-guns. Same concepts of war and religious worship, just that 
the White Man does it better. One big stumbling block on our way 
toward Nietzsche’s concept of the Superman is what we still share 
with the lower - and lowest - specimens of humanity: Guilt, fear, 
conscience, hang-ups of every sort, psychological self-limitations, 
idiotic notions of “good” and “evil,” unreason and plain superstition. 
If we can’t break with subhumanity on the psychological level then 
we can hardly hope to Part Company with them on the physiological 
level. If you are going to think like a primitive savage, then you might 
as well BE a primitive savage. What makes Christianity seem to be 
“the” religion for mankind has nothing whatsoever to do with any 
of its promises or tenets (for the Moslem faith promises sex in the 
hereafter), not even with how many people in the world today embrace 
its philosophy (which, incidentally, is a minority). It is because that 
was the religion that so happened to get foisted off onto the White 
Man and it was his genius and creativity that gave it its strength, 
beauty, charity, forcefulness and whatever real value it may once have 
possessed. Anything of a positive nature to be found in the doctrine 
or workings of Christianity did not come from the sky or from the 
pages of a book but rather from the blood of the White Race which 
foolishly adopted it. Blacks, Browns and Yellows aren’t backward or 
savage because of any backward or savage religion, it is because it is 
their nature to be so. The lowest-level primitive in the jungles of Haiti 
is no more voodooistic than the highest bishop or cardinal in Europe 
or America. But the style and presentation are a hell of a lot different. 




Nietzsche, beyond good and evi 



Dog and Cat Heaven 

Not only does Man fear death so much that he elevates himself up and 
out of the animal realm, but it appears to be a human trait and urge to 
imbue everything from house pets to stuffed dolls with identities and 
“souls.” Could “Heaven” be complete minus the family dog or cat? 
I agree that an animal can be every bit as much a family member as 
a human being but at the same time it must be seen that we share the 
same mortality. 

By the time of the Nineteenth Century there were armies of screw 
loose “soul jockeys” swarming into those areas of Asia and Africa 
which were colonized or conquered by the West. These missionaries 
were doing their best to score points in the afterlife by making human 
beings out of jungle savages through laying a little religion on them, 
sprinkling a little water on them and repeating a few cobble-gobbles 
over them. The ridiculous notion of super-repressed, super-uptight 
Christian missionaries trying to teach the lowest savages how to 
copulate properly gave rise to the well known “Missionary Position.” 
More than one of these lame-brains ended up in a stew pot. No loss 

The worst of this was seen at the time of the US. Civil War. Tokens 
were circulating at the time depicting Blacks on their knees in chains 
under slogans like, “Am I Not a Man and a Brother?” The object 
was to make you look immoral if you retorted, “Hell, no!” Mad-dog 
Christian fanatics were busy setting the stage for the worst bloodbath 
this country has yet experienced. (WW1 and WWII inclusive, the 
Civil War claimed more White American lives than any other.) From 
Harriet Beecher Stowe’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” to John Brown’s raid 
on Harper’s Ferry, the issue was a religious one on the part of all the 
forces driving toward war and not one of property, politics or even the 
Constitution. Plain, old-fashioned religiously fanatical egalitarians 
were responsible. The legend, “In God We Trust,” first made its 
appearance on US. coinage at the time of the Civil War. 

This opened the way for the first marriages between Blacks (who 
previously had paired off and mated like any other animal), and 
marriages between Blacks and Whites (because, after all, if two people 
“love” each other and are good Christians then what the hell?) The 



purest, most healthy and beautiful White child would be condemned 
as a “bastard” by these same mad-dog Christians while a real racial 
bastard product of mixed parentage would be blessed by them, 
depending solely on whether or not they had their marriage vows 
solemnized in the prescribed Christian manner. Today it is still found 
that some ministers will refuse to marry two people if it is found that 
both have been divorced. But a racially mixed pair neither previously 
married - will be immediately joined in “holy matrimony.” 
This is as bad if not worse than the criminal tampering and twisting 
that’s done with the US. Constitution, making anything and everything 
that so happens to have been whelped on this piece of real estate an 
automatic “citizen” - therefore “equal” to all the rest and wide open to 
all the “civil rights” invented or created in his behalf. But to do away 
completely with the reality and the ultimate importance of RACE 
in preference to some magical, mystical harum-scarum is no more 
than insanity. And when applied in an organized, enforced manner, it 
becomes CRIMINAL insanity and MUST BE STOPPED. 

Praise The Lord and Pass 
The Ammunition 

In two World Wars, German soldiers went into battle bearing as part 
of their uniform this motto: “Gott Mit Uns” [“God is with us”]. A lot 
of good it did them. 

In every war between White Men of different European countries, 
the leaders and combatants of both sides prayed to the same God 
from the same Bible for blessings and victory. White Men have 
been killing each other for two thousand years in the name of the 
same religion. And if nationalistic frictions weren’t present, then a 
religious “Reformation,” etc., took place to get the blood bath started 
up again. For what? So that “God’s will” may be done on earth as it 
is “in Heaven.” A hell of a lot of responsibility in the hands of those 
who interpret just whatever “God’s will” might be at the moment. For 
hundreds of years the Church has been an extension of the State. 



(In the beginning it was the other way around but the manipulators have 
been perfecting their methods.) Today the Church is indispensable to 
Big Brother. When the Church isn’t acting as the echo-chamber of the 
Big Brother System, then it is acting as its avant-garde. Turn about is 
fair play and it also keeps the goyish masses confused. The leaders of 
the Church hold the same ranking in the Establishment as the leaders 
of Government, the Military, the Professions, Arts, Business and 
Industry, etc. And they all went corrupt - sold out - at the same time, 
at the same rate. They all spout the same line, for the same reason and 
prompted by the same people. That which the taste-makers/opinion- 
formers decide upon and declare, their servants then take this and 
poison the masses with it as current, established, accepted “gospel,” 
which to rebel against or even question means personal ruin (if not 
eternal damnation). 



Separation of Church and State in reality merely means separate 
accounts in the same Jew-owned bank. 

Special Dispensation? 

In 1969 and 1970 we witnessed at first hand in this small community 
what was being repeated all over the country involving Church 
leadership. I should emphasize that I am referring throughout primarily 
to the major branches of organized religion - the big ones, the wealthy 
ones, the ones that are literally part of the Establishment. In this 
particular case there was a Presbyterian minister who represented 
the leadership in this town of the treason movement during the 
Vietnam era. I had just gotten back home from the November treason 
“Moratorium” in Washington (where National Socialists had been 
the only opposition and attackers against hundreds of thousands of 
vile, liberal, Communist and RELIGIOUS swine who were staging 
a “dolchstoss” [backstab] a thousand times more disgusting than 
that experienced by Germany in 1918), when I learned that similar 
demonstrations on a smaller scale had been staged here in Chillicothe. 
Another one was set for December and our local people knew without 
discussion what had to be done. 

I had been informed that during those first demonstrations a Viet Cong 
flag had been flown. Besides being there, our first objective was to see 
to it that if any enemy flags were flown, they would end up as war 
trophies and their bearers as war casualties. It was Christmas Eve, the 
weather was cold and the snow was getting deep, but we waited in 
front of the court house for the treason march to arrive at the end of its 
route from the Presbyterian Church on the hill. We heard them before 
we saw them. Chanting in true Red style, “PEACE NOW! PEACE 
NOW!” each one carrying a candle and numbering at least fifty. And 
headed by a black-garbed minister! 

Six of us against fifty of them was much, much better odds than 
we had at the Washington Monument a month before when it had 
been about fifty of us against a hundred and fifty thousand of them. 
I briefed our guys quickly as the column approached that if anyone 



hoisted a V. C. flag the fight was on and that unlucky bastard was 
the principle target. The secondary target was the obvious “patron 
saint” of the demonstration, the minister. No “special dispensation” 
for that dirty bastard either. While tensions mounted, teeth chattered 
and ugly, hissed comments were exchanged between former friends 
and classmates of the opposing sides, the cops slowly prowled the 
area expecting trouble. No Commie banner was displayed on this, 
the first occasion where they were met by opposition. It broke up 
without incident and there were no more such demonstrations here. 
But the following year it was reported that the same minister’s wife 
had been raped in her home by a Black. Later it came out that the 
Black was a frequent visitor to their home in the bourgeois west end 
of town. Then it came out that they were every bit as involved with 
“civil rights” as they were with treason. (Some surprise!). Finally, it 
wasn’t a rape case at all, maybe just a case of someone forgetting to 
say “please” and “thank you.” The report had come weeks after the 
alleged incident. We did some digging and found an open cesspool 
in the midst of which was this minister and his wife. In the end, they 
soon pulled up stakes and left town. A little effort in the right direction 
before the cancer takes hold can work wonders. Nationally, however, 
it is too late. The most radical surgery is called for and still the patient 
might well die. How about the dead nuns in El Salvador? An identical 
case. No “special dispensation” was granted there either and damned 
good riddance! But look at the hue and cry raised by the Big Brother 
media all over the world! So what if Catholic nuns aid the spread of 
Communism? You’re not supposed to touch. I say BULLSHIT! Part 
of what eventually destroyed Hitler and Germany was the rampant 
treason going on inside the Reich by elements of the Old Order which 
Hitler permitted to survive after 1933 (unlike Stalin’s policies in the 
Soviet Union in the 1920’s and 1930’s). But Hitler’s revolution was 
peaceful and legal and so therefore, I suppose, that’s what happens. 
It’s not going to be like that here. It’s not going to be peaceful or 
legal and the National Socialist revolution here will pull no punches. 
The ENTIRE ESTABLISHMENT is guilty of wholesale treason - the 
Church included and as far as I’m concerned, it will be situation of, 
“Up against the wall, motherfucker!” 



Integral Part of The Problem 

Ever notice the similarity between the tenets of Christianity and those 
of Marxism? They both negate race and private property; they indulge 
in brainwash, treason, subversion and have resorted to torture and war 
to get where they want to go. Supposedly a-movement for the poor, 
the hierarchy of both is filthy rich. The Pope and the International 
have a lot in common with regard to questionable national loyalties 
and I wonder how the Church would fare against a “House Un- 
American Activities Committee”- style investigation. The bulk of the 
Communist world is non-White as is the majority of those professing 
the Christian religion. The liberals and Marxists would have you mix 
with Negroes on earth while the Christians would have you mixed 
with them for the rest of eternity. (That would be my own idea of hell!) 
What follows is a quote from Mikhail Bakunin, a Russian nobleman, 
anarchist, and atheist in the Nineteenth Century. Bakunin was not a 
Jew nor was he a Marxist in any form. He saw what had taken place in 
his country and arrived at certain inescapable conclusions- “The idea 
of God implies the abdication of human reason and justice; it is the 
most decisive negation of human liberty and necessarily ends in the 
enslavement of mankind both in theory and practice. He who desires 
to worship God must harbor no childish illusions about the matter but 
bravely renounce his liberty and humanity.” 

...these are essentially the same conclusions we must realize here in 
the United States today. That the entire Establishment has long since 
been subverted from within by aliens, by traitors and by the corrupt 
opportunists. The entire structure of this society, all of its institutions, 
etc., have been turned meaningless, rotten and actually dangerous and 
destructive to the interests of our people. The plain fact is that the 
Church is a part of this, a very large part. 

Most of our readers already are well aware of the conditions prevailing 
in Germany under the foul Weimar Regime with the alien domination 
and the resultant decadence during the 1920’s. Very few realize what 
the conditions were in Russia from about the turn of the century to 
the time of the Revolution. They were the same. The Czar’s problem 
was that he was an early forerunner of Jimmy Carter, not a tyrant but 
a Liberal suckhole who betrayed his people and his empire. 


Mikhail Bakunin: Philosopher, Anarchist, Antichrist 

The whole ruling class of Russia at the time was with him in this 
betrayal. A war was lost to Japan in 1905 and another lost to 
Germany in 1917 through corruption and ineptitude. (Look at the US. 
experience in Vietnam and Iran.) “Russian Roulette” was coined at 



this time as a pastime for the totally burnt-out, idle rich. (Look at 
our drugs and suicides.) Outright varlets like Rasputin were mingling 
and fraternizing sexually with the court at St. Petersburg. (Check the 
pictures of John Wayne Gacy and Jim Jones posing with Rosalyn 
Carter.) And all the while Russia was a land of churches, more and 
bigger all the time. Yet events continued on an ever increasing downhill 
grade for that country until the System finally went bust, along with 
the land and the people. Today the United States is the most “church- 
going” country on earth. No one - not even the arch-fakers like Billy 
Graham and Jerry Falwell - would attempt to deny that the US is also 
the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. Con-artists and Big Brother 
fellow-travelers preaching a “return to God” and “Moral Majority” 
are becoming MILLIONAIRES while this country sinks ever deeper 
into a nightmarish, real life, earthbound HELL. The more churches 
and the more religion, the more corruption and the more decadence! 
These types are a major part of the problem and will go out right along 
with the rest of the facets of the overall blight effecting this world. 
What a racket they’ve enjoyed: Promise ‘em “Pie in the Sky” and 
proceed to rob ‘em of the only riches and the only life they’ll ever 
have. And it’s been going on for centuries! 


Man Created God In His Own Image 

Had it been the other way around then fakers like Billy Graham 
couldn’t today state that perhaps God is Black and perhaps Jesus was 
an Ethiopian. They say that the universal belief in a God of some sort 
and in a Hereafter is “proof” that these things are valid and real. It is 
proof only of man’s all-consuming fear of death and his unwillingness 
to accept his own mortality and his subjectivity to the laws of nature just 
like any other animal. Marxism and Christianity are both religions and 
philosophies with long lists of rules, tenets, parables, gospels, heroes 
and idols, gods and martyrs. To this day they file past Lenin’s tomb 
on Red Square to view his embalmed corpse and today Christians are 
going bananas over the possibility that the Shroud of Turin might be 
the actual burial cloth of Jesus. Same kind of morbid death fixation. 



(Hitler’s final orders were that his remains were never to be found.) 
The greatest similarity between these two ideologies is that all their 
monumental dogma is based on fear, enforced by ignorance and with 
falsehood as their objective. It has brought the world to where it is 
today. In man’s quest for reason and order in the universe and in his 
desire to elevate himself from the rest of the animals roaming the 
planet, he invented God to answer all these needs. Every form of 
human being did this in the beginning, each in his own way, but there 
the similarity ends. From that point sprang the actual doctrine, the 
code, etc., and 

Above: The Ruling Class greets The Common Man 



each separate race on this planet gave its own peculiar stamp to society 
building and personal conduct. If we are to be original and authentic 
in what we believe, profess and practice, then we should return to the 
philosophy of our Northern European ancestors and hail Odin and his 
host of Norse Gods. It might be a flight of fancy but it would be at 
least natural, normal and healthy for our people to live by the religion 
which arose from its own blood at the dawn of time. 

But through various quirks of fate, through the machinations of 
schemers and manipulators, the White Race got stuck with a noxious 
and repulsive religion cooked up in the twisted brains of a handful of 
Semites in the Middle East known as the Essenes. Over the centuries 
and through a dozen or more schisms it is known today as Christianity. 
It is alien to our blood, to our natural instincts, it is false and deadly 
and its organized body at work in the world today is dedicated to the 
destruction of the White Race. It must go. 

We agree that unless anything equal or better exists with which to 
replace something, it is best to leave that something alone. We feel 
it would be a mistake, a retreat, to return to the dim, distant past for 
an answer though I agree we must rediscover our ancient heritage as 
there is much to be learned from it. Another reason for not seeking an 
“alternative” religion in the classic sense is because it is utterly foolish 
to postulate anything one cannot see, touch and examine. Just as the 
Aryan Race is the highest order of being yet produced on this planet 
by nature, so too is National Socialism the highest, most sophisticated 
and advanced creed yet formulated by the White Man for his own 
betterment. Nothing more than that today exists, nothing more is 
required. It represents all of our needs. 

The message of these SIEGE segments is not a negative one. It is 
however an important one: We cannot afford any longer the stupid 
mistake of mixing and confusing our goals and priorities like so many 
Right Wing types have done in the past. “For God, Race and Nation,” 
is an example. We cannot allow any foreign, alien moral code or 
dogma to cramp our revolutionary style and, when the big clean-up 
begins, no criminal will enjoy any hands off privilege just because he 
may be a master of hocus-pocus or mumbojumbo. 



Our march toward revolution will not be blocked by any rules of the 
Establishment and our revolutionary New Order will be absolutely 
free of any trace whatsoever of the old. 

[Vol. X, #7 - July, 1981] 

Hollow Vindication 

A few years ago it became quite inescapable to me that most of the 
conservatives-at-large who were of any note were voicing and printing 
stuff the likes of which once could have been read in early editions of 
the “Rockwell Report.” We even today have a “President” who voices 
many of these same things. In 1961 it was revolutionary. Today it is all 
too little and too late. More and more I’m struck by the things which 

are getting into the daily headlines. The kinds of things that ten years 
ago you could only have found within the pages of the “Thunderbolt.” 
Not anything positive but actual horror stories of the nightmares 
rampant in the street and the insanity abroad in the nation, directed 
primarily against Whites. The sweet “We told you so” anticipated 
during the 1960’s has been taken from us. It has arrived full force and 
there still remains no answer for it. Nor is there likely to be one. 

We warned of this then and because of it we were “lunatics” and in spite 
of it we are still “lunatics” today. This at last should awaken and explain 
to the most hard-headed among us the true nature of the situation. 
We are witnessing the collapse of an entire civilization. Certainly 
not just what Rockwell called the “American White Constitutional 
Republic” for which he fought, but the entire civilization of the world. 
The jungle is reclaiming inexorably at present and, with only a slight 
slip of the wrist, could overtake very suddenly. It’s happened before, 
maybe several times on earth. But this and certainly no other section 
of SIEGE is intended as a crying towel. What is the larger meaning of 
all this to us, to the Movement? 

The correlation between something spoken by Joseph Goebbels and a 
comment by US. Marine Corps General Holland Smith - both in 1945 
provides part of the answer. Goebbels announced from the fiery ruins 
of Berlin that, should the. National Socialists be compelled to depart 
the scene of world affairs, they would slam the door so hard on the 



way out that it would ring forever in the ears of those who remained. 
Holland Smith, as he oversaw the final re-taking of the Pacific Islands, 
remarked to an aide whether there existed anything on earth that could 
defeat such men as those he was then leading. Forty years after the 
event, these two statements have come into balance. The thousand- 
year-old impetus of the world’s civilization simply cut its own throat 
and bled to death. 
The surviving perpetrators and their miserable descendants are 
reaping the rewards of this. Precisely like an ancient curse, the very 
things Hitler warned against are today holding a knife to the throats 
of those who went to war to defeat Germany. And what are we except 
curious spectators? Are we not powerless to effect the situation in the 
slightest? We speak of vengeance both individual and wholesale. Yet 
we are powerless to act save under the most desperate conditions and 
in the most limited fashion. 
And the point being that so much time and energy is uselessly 
expended in this manner. What little we could accomplish - even by 
way of living our lives to the fullest - is relegated to a distant back 
seat in favor of futile grandiosity in the face of a reality both sober 
and somber. Eventually everyone dies. What counts is the way they 
lived. I publicly professed a sense of having been cheated when it was 
learned that the System judge that had once sentenced me to a jail 
term for a racial/political incident locally had died “before his time.” 
I did this to better express my everlasting contempt for all those who 
are part of the ruling Pig System regime - both high and low - in this 
land and also to illustrate my personal philosophy that the only real 
way to escape justice is to die either by natural causes or by one’s 
own hand. But had I ever seriously entertained the possibility of our 
assuming the reigns of an orderly government, in an orderly manner, 
and hauling such petty criminals and tyrants up before what used to be 
their own courts for final disposition? No, not down deep. However, 
the one important thing did occur to me at the time: I was alive and 
that filthy bastard was dead. That’s reality at work. In that one case, 
it worked in our favor. What we have got to do is become the masters 
of understanding reality, become experts at playing the game and go a 
long way toward making reality work for us more often. 

[Vol. X, #2 - Feb, 1982] 


Measurements of Morality 

Never wanting to appear self-contradictory, Ill bring it up myself that 
on occasion in SIEGE I use the word morality. And I stick by my 
general pronouncement that morality, per se, as we have known it 
in years and generations past, is largely dead. At best, a bad joke for 
hypocrites and the self-righteous to hide behind, and something that 
certainly holds no use for any true revolutionary. Still, in our daily 
affairs, we each see things and encounter things we do not like, that 
cause us to experience revulsion - things that none of us would do or 
involve ourselves in under any circumstances. What kinds of things 
are these, why are we affronted by them, why do we avoid them and 
what do we do about them? 

Basically, we’re talking about the prime-moving stimuli that once 
propelled a fairly large and wealthy Right Wing to react against. Things 
that would drive the “normal,” healthy White right up a wall - hippies, 
dopesters, homosexuals, liberals, etc. Within the framework of the 
System, all these fall under the heading of the “New Morality.” But as 
James Montgomery Flagg commented on “Modern Art,” there is only 
true art or no art. Same goes for codes of conduct, for as Commander 
Rockwell wrote, the liberal’s reasoning on the issue, i.e., “Everybody 
else is doing it so why shouldn’t I?” is a nowhere argument and means 
there are no real morals at all. 

At a time when all central guideposts and authority are either broken 
down or under control of the Enemy, as is the case today, then such 
things as codes of behavior, more than ever, become matters of personal 
HONOR (not the result of any “alternatives” conveniently presented 
by the System media). You neither do, not refrain from doing, anything 
because it’s “easy” or “hard” or because everybody else is or isn’t 
doing it. You instead follow your instinct. As revolutionaries, we have 
it easier than most in determining our own actions. 

There arethosewhom|Iconsiderto be National Socialist Revolutionaries 
who do indulge in some of the more common vices normally ascribed 
to the general population. These are things which they take upon 
themselves with eyes wide open. I invariably refuse to judge such 
people because they remain, at that, revolutionary comrades, and, 
apparently, they don’t let these things get a hold of them or effect their 



greater course. Personally, I’m the least moralistic of people and am 
liable to try anything, at least once. However my circumstances keep 
me living about as Clean, straight and narrow as possible outside of a 
Cloister. For me to indulge in the common Vices I’d have to abandon 
the Movement just in order to find the time and the money. This, of 
course, isn’t about to happen. I say “hats off’ to those who can have 
their cake and eat it too. This isn’t to say that the group of comrades 
aforementioned don’t undergo their own privations. Barely staying 
even with last month’s rent or the current meal serves well to, as one 
says, “keep up the fear” in other words, keep up the awareness and 
feed the revolutionary 


“| am a political soldier, | mean to win, | do not hesitate to admit 
that | would do anything, absolutely anything, to insure the survival and 
happiness of our White, Western people, 

The survival of Western Civilization is at stake, There is no “moral” 
and “immoral”. The only immoral thing is to permit an enemy to destroy 
one's people, either by decay or by physical annihilation. 

Gentle doctrines mean nothing but oblivion in the filth, 7% — 

stench, and horror of the battlefield, Ii the enemy gouges eyes, yw Pye 

| will gouge eyes and kick to ‘the groin, —* 
Perhaps | will go to Hell for doing what must be done, But if | can 

look up and. see White boys and girls once again playing in a decent, safe, 

and wholesome America, then bring on the Devil with his worst.” 

PO Box 42, Chiicothe, Ohio 45601 

Rockwell voices his own “operative morality” 



flame. But when tackling the huge subject of morals, or lack of them, 
it is easier and better to pick on the masses which make up this society. 
Which could be lowest: The Jewish Systematarian or White capitalist 
traitor, or the hordes of don’t-give-a-damn “White” fun-seekers and 
escapists? Somehow, I can’t find it in my heart to hate anyone with 
a direct purpose - however vile - nearly so much as an irresponsible 
shirker. Of course they work to pay the usurious cost of living, but, 
at that, only so as to be able to chase more “fun.” No higher purpose, 
no direction whatsoever. They literally have no legitimate excuse for 
living! Wouldn’t it be hell if one day if in order to go on living, an 
acceptable reason was required? “In order to play more ‘Donkey- 
Kong’?” Have a nice forever...Degeneracy is degeneracy whether 
morbid or “recreational.” Isn’t there enough real work to do? Aren’t 
there enough real battles, real challenges to fight and tackle? Fanatic 
that I am, I look upon such things as playing golf in the midst of a crisis 
like this, about the same way I do slamming a needle in one’s arm. 
Let’s look forward to the day when we can hand these golf and tennis 
players shiny, new picks and shovels! These decadent slobs trying 
out every perversion on earth on the flimsy excuse of “trying to find 
themselves” only really need a good chance to concentrate in order 
to find themselves. Maybe if we sent them to camp...concentration 
camp. Penalties for such self-indulgence in the kind of society that 
breeds and fosters such filth? I, of course, am no law-and-order man 
(that is, alien law and alien order) and so the best possible reward 
for the desire of these modern-day, cosmopolitan “pleasures” is a 
limitless supply of same. What then when the thrill is gone, when the 
last substance is used up? In the years just proceeding the Revolution 
in Russia, that degenerate, burnt out bourgeoisie came up with a novel 
answer to their boredom: Russian Roulette. And it couldn’t happen 
to a sweeter bunch. Again, life is simple to the fanatic. Commander 
Rockwell said that, “ONLY FAILURE IS IMMORAL.” Anyone could 
expand that to mean that anything not contributory to ultimate success 
of the Revolution is immoral. You live, you breathe, you wake, you 
sleep for the Movement, for Revolution. You live as though an all- 
seeing eye is watching and will one day pass Judgment. 



And you make damned sure that you won’t be counted among those 
others, not even by accident. 
[Vol XII, #7 - July, 1983] 

Well Done, Soldier 

How can there be any talk of “injustice” when our sworn Enemy holds 
all the power? What can you expect from a mortal enemy other than to 
try and wipe you out, any way and all? There is no middle ground, no 
one to go crying to. There is only ourselves and our Enemy, whether 
any particular minion of that Enemy is conscious and energetic about 
his role, whether he is merely going along with the current flow, or 
whether he simply chooses to turn away and let the chips fall. But one 
thing is certain, nobody gives a damn about a cry-baby anymore. 
Let there be no more talk about injustice. Let there only be talk of 
WAR! In the case of Gordon Kahl [Militant White tax protester who 
engaged in a shootout with Federal Marshals in which two of the 
pigs were killed and three wounded. Kahl was later killed in a second 
shootout], this man took a toll against the Enemy. The only shame is 
that the toll couldn’t have been much, much higher. With a relatively 
high degree of certainty, those of us who make up the high=profile 
segment of the Movement today may expect to one day face our own 
similar such test. It is criminal and cowardly to hope to avoid it. It is 
best to be ready to perform admirably when the time comes. No lambs 
to the slaughter. If this isn’t WAR, what is it? Before this is all over, 
most if not all of us will have faced, more than once, the ultimate 
reality of “kill or be killed”. For many of us it will be kill AND be 
killed just as it was for Gordon Kahl. Only a coward and a shirker 
could expect less. There is no going back. Let us not cheapen the 
enmity we are locked into by crying “injustice.” Let us instead ready 
ourselves to withstand the worst that the Enemy has to offer and, at 
the same time, each swear a personal oath: Swift and unceremonious 
death to our opposition so that FINIS can be written to this Life-Death 
struggle for all time. 

[Vol. XII, #8 - Aug, 1983] 


Truth, Heritage & Blood 

Earlier in SIEGE, in the section concerning “The System,” I spoke 
of the decline of architecture which I have observed over the decades 
here in Chillicothe, Ohio. Other expressions of culture such as music, 
art and literature have gone the same way and in the same time span as 
architecture. For the rest, to try and establish a root cause and attempt 
to find and answer, we have to take in matters such as exactly what 
true values are and should be, how and why to remain a part of the 
whole and not become “atomized” as are the majority today, and of 
course the most important consideration of all - maintaining the purity 
of the blood. One can lament all day and all night with the “historians” 
over the loss of this or that prized, old building but the first instant 
one mentions why it is, what it is part of and where it is leading, 
you rapidly lose them. That, of course, is one reasons why I am a 
National Socialist and not merely a historian. Only this afternoon I 
had a discussion with a young school girl, the daughter of a friend of 
mine, and I explained to her about the lost, and even twisted, meaning 
of a great many passages found in the Bible. The real meaning of 
“adultery” was one and the real meaning of “neighbor” was another. 
Reverend Jack Crites conjured up the example that of a glass of water 
and a glass coffee. Pour some coffee into the water and you have 
adulterated it. The more proper translation of “Neighbor is RACIAL 
KINSMAN.” I believe I made some headway. But I told her that the 
Bible was no more than a compilation of memories - long distant even 
at the time of their writing - whose actual basis and meaning had already 
been largely lost through countless generations of retelling, deletion, 
embellishment, etc. A thing so far removed from the One Truth that 
inspired it that it is practically useless. A thing so vague in fact that, 
yea, verily, even the Devil can quote it toward his own ends. I told her 
of other holy books, older than the Bible and therefore nearer to the 
One Truth, or if you will, “the Word of God,” or as I prefer, a more 
accurate account of what did happen back at the beginning of time. 
How we got here and what, if any, laws were at that time given. I left 
out any comment on books written in the previous and current century 
that are far more relevant and nearer the Truth than is the Bible. The 
point being that things get lost. That’s not to say they can’t be refound 



or even re-invented, but that should never be taken as any kind of a 
“breakthrough” but rather like learning to walk again after an accident 
or a stroke. If we can’t remember - or manage to hang onto - where 
we came from and why, then is it any wonder that temporary things 
like civilizations come and go like sand castles? In the United States 
today, it is rare when a White person is able to trace his lineage back 
beyond great grandparents. For most, that barely clears the turn of the 
last century. In human terms, that is practically within living memory. 
What “culture” then is this? Members of the Movement understand 
how so much has been lost by our people over the last sixty years. 
True, it has been no accident, but it is just as real and just as effective 
nonetheless. And how close is the present culture to being erased? 
They say it can’t happen because of microfilm and videotape, etc., 
but what if the power goes out and stays out? Our books? Illiteracy 
is on the rise and the ongoing corruption of the English language 
through “jive talk,” etc., threatens to get it so off-base that a separate 
tongue will emerge altogether. The ancient Egyptian language - a 
creation of the White Race - was completely lost and unintelligible 
for thousands of years (even in Egypt) until Napoleon’s expedition 
to the Pyramids uncovered the Rosetta Stone which provided the key 
to its translation. “But it can’t happen here.” Famous last words. A 
few hundred years gone by and no one here today sees or thinks of 
“America” as being no more, no less than an extension of Europe. To 
them, “Europe” is some funny place “over there” where they speak 
funny languages. Civil war, world war, fratricidal war... there is little 
doubt that this present civilization - in its degenerated, bastardized 
state - will self destruct and vanish as well it should, and quite likely 
within the present human lifespan. What will go on? Let us hope that 
the end of this Beast System, which can only facetiously be referred 
to as a “civilization,” will be concluded before its effects can totally 
inundate the pure, White blood that still exists in great amounts in 
North America, Europe and the Soviet Union...then the cycle can be 
set to go around another ten thousand years or so. 

[Vol. XII, #10 - Oct, 1983] 


Honor — Loyalty — Discipline 

To a National Socialist the definitions of these words are just about 
impossible to separate. In any case, this was the motto of the National 
Socialist Youth Movement of which I was a member from 1966 to 
1970, and was printed boldly across the top of the NSYM membership 
cards. I always carried my own cards - one for each of the four years I 
was part of the NSYM - proudly on my person at all times and would 
often take the current one out of my wallet and look at its beautiful 
design and ponder those words. As a youth in contemporary America 
of the 1960’s, the words were familiar enough from literature, etc., but 
their real meaning was something I was only just then starting to learn 
on my own. There was the local ration of kooks and hangers on which 
I had but little choice other than to pal around with but I wasn’t long 



Post Office Box 1633, Washington, D.C. 20013 

Dear White Youth: 

We were pleased to learn of your interest in the National Socialist Cause, Every day we hear 
from a growing number of young White persons across the country who, like yourselves, are 

vitally concerned about the problems confronting our Race and who have expressed interest in 
a movement of this kind, 

Here is some information on our organization: 


The NATIONAL SOCIALIST YOUTH MOVEMENT is a completely legal organization of 
young White people dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the While Race and 
Aryan culture in the United States, We are the youth counterpart of the National Social- 
ist White People's Party, and part of that mighty, invincible movement which is contin- 
uing the heroic, earth-shaking struggle begun by our Fuehrer, Adolf Hitler, 





Above: Mason’s original NSYM card, and part 
of an accompanying introductory letter 



in realizing that I was the only National Socialist within a hundred- 
mile radius. It got lonely at times. 

These words - Honor, Loyalty, Discipline - came into sharp focus for 
the first time for me during one of my earlier confrontations with the 
System, this time represented by the local school administration. A 
new semester had just begun and I was at a new building, with a new 
(and reputedly tougher) faculty. They were aware of my record as an 
“incorrigible” and knew my stated aim was to break free of the school 
system once and for all. They were determined to prevent me. 

On the first day of the new season, after I had staged my anticipated 
opening play and now found myself seated in the office of the assistant 
principal, awaiting whatever their next move might be, one of the 
school’s three “guidance counselors” abruptly whisked into the small 
room with an obviously rehearsed spiel of threats to the effect, “Okay, 
boy, you’re going to court!” With that psychological ice-breaker out 
of the way, and seeing me non-plused, he sat down and started to try 
and “reason.” Finally he got around to the stories which were rife that 
I was a Nazi. Yes, indeed I was. Thinking it must surely be some kind 
of put-on, he asked whether I had any identification to that effect, 
whereupon I wasted no time in producing my NSYM card. He was 
silently impressed and just gazed down at it for a moment before 
speaking. The only thing he could come up with was that it said on 
the card something about “discipline” and did I think that I was now 
behaving in a disciplined manner? And for the first time ever, I was 
forced to see the deep division between loyalties and that code of 
discipline that my honor was demanding of me. 

My answer to that obviously loaded trick-question on the part of this 
poor man’s “Justice Jackson” was that, since I owed this System no 
loyalty or respect whatsoever, and since I openly considered it to be 
my personal enemy, my discipline was being directed toward opposing 
it and trying to break away from it in any manner available to me, 
including risking possible legal repercussions from it. 

He handed my card back. I never did go into juvenile court and, within 
less than ninety days, I was indeed out of there, once and for all, and 
in full service of the Movement where my discipline could be put to 
better use. This “counsellor,” whom troubled students - mere youths 
in their formative stages - were supposed to go to for help and advice, 



failed to grasp the larger meaning of my answer and next posed the 
second question: What did I think would have happened to anyone 
acting as I was, in Germany under Hitler? He could not see that my 
anti-social behavior there and then was not “for the hell of it,” nor was 
it even part of my nature, but rather an irresistible course of action 
forced upon me by an absolutely intolerable situation that was, and 
still is, referred to as “universal, compulsory liberal education” I was 
rebelling against the so called “education system” which was only at 
that time beginning to crank out endless hordes of illiterates with high 
school diplomas; become factories for race-mixing; of introductions 
to dope use, liberal ideas, and worse. No, in Hitler’s Germany I’d 
have diligently applied myself like a tiger. 
This only just means that ‘Honor - Loyalty - Discipline’ has no meaning 
whatsoever in this place, at this time and among these people. Not 
even among the learned, conservative World War Two veterans that 
were the “older generation” when I was a kid. In simple terms, they 
can’t see beyond the ends of their noses nor to the right or left of the 
blinders they are wearing. I came up against this early in life. Maybe 
that has colored my view of people and things to a more marked degree 
than most others even inside the Movement. Two lessons taught to me 
at that time were: One, doing what you have to do as you see it, and, 
two, arriving at the end conclusion of a certain principle in the most 
direct fashion, in the shortest possible time. 
Morally, I left that forty-odd-year-old man, who had to at least have 
held a bachelor’s degree, in the dust as a Hitler Youth at the age of 
sixteen. And, as anyone from that period will be aware, revolutionary 
training in those days of the American Nazi Party was pretty skimpy. 
Can you imagine what can happen when we start to do it right? 

[Vol. XII, #10 - Oct, 1983] 

Poor but Honest 

We’re down and out for a very simply reason: We have no place in 
what’s going on. That’s also why we’re revolutionaries. The only sad 
and silly part comes in when those in that position fail to appreciate or 
understand it. That’s true miserability. 



We’ve always worked without the basic necessities, even food. But in 
a better organized situation we had each other to depend on. You must 
be prepared to go it strictly ALONE with no one to depend on and 
no one to complain to. You’ll discover that to really be outside and 
against the System is a total thing, not halfway or part-time as many 
have pretended in the past. Anyone thinking they can step outside 
Master’s rules only to the extent that Master doesn’t notice or object is 
self-deceiving and worthless to the Cause. We’ve seen literally armies 
of these types come and go. It may be hard, it may well be impossible, 
for most to go through what has been gone through - especially in the 
midst of more or less “normal” times when, as an infant might remark, 
“you don’t have to” - in order to truly be part of the Movement but, 
for those who are able, even in these times, there are certain rewards. 
You'll become physically and mentally tough. You’ll lose any fear. 
Minus any fanfare or uniform of any kind, even with your commitment 
a complete secret, you’ll stand apart and inspire wonder and respect. 
You'll in fact be a leader. You’ll become resourceful and can make 
do with nothing. No situation, no opponent will daunt you. You will 
no longer be “victim” material. You will cease to be part of the herd 
of sheep but will instead have become a lone wolf. Your inner spirit 
will feel satisfied because you will know that you are - probably for 
the first time in your life - fully a part of the quest for actual survival 
rather ‘ than for temporary pleasure and false “security.” You'll be 
rich in your manhood or womanhood. You won’t be a slave. 
Let there be no complaint lodged against those trashy ones who turn 
their backs on struggle and refuse to support the Cause. Do we desire 
to make ourselves dependent upon their pleasure and their whim? Let 
there be no room for doubt in the coming disaster, regardless of what 
form it may take or what timetable it may keep. That, as we have 
said, will be the Day of Judgment and, for the most part, it will be 
entirely beyond our power to effect others’ fate either by our praise 
or condemnation. It will go according to how they have lived. Harsh 
circumstances, and not a vengeful god, will be the judge. Amidst the 
sudden hell and chaos, what will the sloppy and lazy ones do? For 
ourselves, we’ll hardly notice any change for we’ll feel right at home. 
[Vol. XII, #12 - Dec, 1983] 


On Your Own 

It’s not on OUR own but on YOUR own. After all, how much help can 
I expect from you and how much can you expect from me? Quadruple 
this in times of great stress. Let’s face it, we are islands for the most 
part, and the quicker we face up to the fact, the sooner we’ll be able to 
deal effectively and intelligently with it. P’ ve seen it too often in years 
past whenever someone got their tail in a jam. Those in positions to 
get the word out may certainly do so, but never have I seen support, in 
the amount needed, come in to effect the situation one way or another. 
That’s reason number one why I never have bothered to make appeals 
on behalf of myself or my operation. When a comrade requests of me 
that I print an appeal for him, and if it is a bona fide good cause, PI 
do it as a favor but I always caution them in advance never to bank on 
any results. 

If we are to call ourselves a Movement with any degree of seriousness 
then the kind of shabbiness I’ve laid out above is plain suicide. 
Flirting with ultimate, ‘eventual disaster. I’ve always wondered when 
the Enemy would finally read the signals given out by the Movement 
over the decades which indicate that it CAN be knocked-over one- 
by-one with perfect ease - except for singular exceptions who fight 
back like Gordon Kahl and a precious few others - and take logical, 
dreaded action upon the situation. You’ve been asking for it. Sooner 
or later they’ Il give it to you. 

None of my material is ever intended as a spook story or a down trip per 
se. I write about this because I take a certain, personal sense of pride 
- along with others - in having stood literally alone against the Beast 
System. I don’t consider this an end goal, far from it, but if I should 
die tonight I will have accounted for a hell of a lot more than most 
others. It has its elements of satisfaction. Again, that’s not enough. It 
is better viewed as a good preparatory phase in the development of 
revolutionaries. Anybody can stand in a mob or with an army. Few 
can stand alone. These are the only kind we want. 

When I was newer at this, I would stand in amazement at the sight of 
ex-members of the armed forces, combat veterans in many instances, 
who would be quivering and quaking and whispering their intentions 
of imminently running during confrontations with the real enemy, 



the enemy at home. How did we ever win any wars? One answer 
is massive logistics. The other answer would apply to all peoples, 
everywhere, in any army you care to discuss. The ordinary soldier at 
the front knows in his heart of hearts that his government, hence, his 
people, is behind him for better or worse while he is out there risking 
his life. He knows he’ll come in for all kinds of benefits, etc., once he 
gets home. If he is injured in the line of duty, he knows he’s in for even 
more benefits and the best medical care on earth. He knows also that 
if he screws up he’s in for hell, supplied by the same overwhelmingly 
huge machine he’s working for. And, as Hitler pointed out in Mein 
Kampf, the average soldier in the world is more afraid of his own 
commanding officer than he is of the enemy. In short, he is not alone 
and he knows it. 

Take the same soldier who performs honorably on the field of battle, 
such as Korea or Vietnam, and put him with a handful of fanatics, in 
a Nazi uniform, on some demonstration or picket line at home. Forget 
about the Negroes and Jews, but let the local White yokels come out 
to hoot their ignorant, idiotic brand of “patriotism” and watch what 
happens. He falls apart. He tucks his tail between his legs. He’s on 
his own. He’s alone. We half-joked during the Sixties as We’d be 
approaching one or another “Rednest” college or university preparing 
for a “Bomb Hanoi” demonstration or literature distribution at the 
height of Vietnam that, even though we may have numbered only four 
to six men as opposed to a numberless Red rabble on the campus, 
it would require them at least a good hour to get a mob worked up 
before they would attack. Most of the time we were right, though not 
always. Even among the scum there were a few leader-types, some 
real zealots. Otherwise, the mob had to rely on weight of numbers, 
and the anonymity and backup that it provided, before attempting to 
tush us. 

We tried to utilize to best advantage the maxim that nobody wants to be 
the first one to get it. It sort of helped neutralize their numbers game. 
Somebody had to be the first in. (Also, half-jokingly, we figured that 
that one could only be attacked by a maximum of seven persons at 
once; the rest having to wait their turn before they could get in a punch.) 
Surprisingly few were willing to be among the first. In later years, 
when Id be in charge of the security of an operation, I’d deliberately 



set things up to where, if an enemy mob tried to attack, they’d have 
to do so down a narrow corridor or gauntlet, practically single-file. 
Spoken, but unwritten, orders were to kill the first three or four and, 
thereafter, worry about saving your own life. This strategy never let 
me down on any occasion. We never seemed to run up against any 
scum that sincerely sought martyrdom for their scumbag cause. Being 
a martyr - or dying as one - really requires being A-L-O-N-E. Human 
types are a breed of animal that are social as hell. 

I’ve personally witnessed many a self-styled “rough-ass,” maximum 
security prison guards, etc., who could regale you with endless hairy 
stories from inside the block, etc., sit and literally cry in their beer 
because some woman was threatening to divorce them and take all 
their property plus a large chunk of their income. In the block, you 
have the flying squads. In divorce court, you’re alone. Which brings 
things around to the greatest source of fear of being caught alone: 
Loss of security. 

Security, even in a military sense, is a relative thing at best. Taken 
in any other sense, it becomes an illusion. They talk on about “ job 
security,” “family security,” “home security,” “social security,” etc. 
The way to terrorize and CONTROL these people is through control 
of the money system. And this is exactly what we see today. Big, burly 
men will cry and crawl, beg and plead, even blow their brains out 
with enough of an applied financial squeeze play. It’s a miserable and 
disgusting sight. I can’t feel any pity toward them because it is they 
who chose to accept the rules of the game from the System. It is they 
at the same time who curse me and my kind as no-goods because we 
don’t punch a time-clock or otherwise make slaves of ourselves. 

The other thing which prevents most people from being willing to stand 
alone is that they don’t have any reason to do so. None whatsoever. 
These are of course “the masses” and I don’t condemn them for 
anything except when they break bad with me for not only having a 
cause but also my standing up for it. They live only to produce and 
consume; to masticate and defecate. Wasted exercises in protoplasm. 
Here only to breathe the air and take up space. No really valid reason 
for living. Show them a real cause and a real act and they’ll hate 
and resent it because it makes apparent the bottomless futility and in 
significance of their own lives. The furthest “cause” or “belief” they 



know or will accept or will admit is today’s washed-out, washed-up, 
homogenized and mass Christianity. 
Being on your own, strictly speaking, has its disadvantages. But these 
are the kinds of disadvantages referred to by Hitler and Nietzsche as 
being the makers of superior, truly great men. Personally, I don’t know 
of anything, however small or insignificant on a daily basis, that isn’t 
some kind of struggle. And mostly these days it is financial. So be it. 
I’ve often enough said that economics is the key. Not those that have 
it but those that can live without it. ve already experienced the rest. 
We need and want professional revolutionaries. Men who are truly 
tough... inwardly where it counts. Men who will not flinch at anything 
that they themselves have to endure, much less anything which they 
may inflict upon the Enemy one day. We need a large band of those 
“flint hard personalities” - the kind of which, though they may have 
been of alien blood and creed, took over Russia when the roof came 
crashing down around the Ears of a rotten and decadent ruling class, 
one so very similar to that which exists here today. We each tread that 
course alone, as it must be. We’ll each either arrive at our destination 
in full figure or we'll have perished along the way due to some 

[Vol. XIII, #1 — Jan., 1984] 

Beliefs and Ideas 

Back again to ourselves as proof that it can happen that an oasis of 
thought and purpose can arise in the midst of a barren desert. To be 
sure, no propagandist injected any of the philosophy we share into 
our heads. It was there all along; it was there at birth. It required only 
development, enhancement, maturity. We are not the brainwashed 
ones as the fools and idiots claim. We are the few that REJECTED 
THE TOTAL BRAINWASH job being put forth by the System media, 
the same job that has been going on non-stop, twenty-four hours a 
day for the past forty years or longer, under which three generations 
have been warped and bent. To have stood immune to this poison - 
deliberately made inescapable - is something truly miraculous but we 
few did it and went on to codify our own beliefs independent of the 



media hype and all its diversion. We should congratulate ourselves for 
this remarkable feat. We are familiar with the concept of the mass taste 
as dictated by New York and from Hollywood, the “styles,” the “fads,” 
etc. The “two sides” to everything that are conveniently supplied by 
the same source. The catch-words and phrases and personages that are 
sanctified or damned by the Media Masters. We can see that, despite all 
the hell and unrest, nothing is ever really said or done to significantly 
rock the boat by any of these so-called “protests.” Though many words 
are used, nothing profound is ever said. We already know of the idle 
gripe and the idle platitude. 
The point is that probably only one out of ten thousand has an idea 
in his head not planted there by some outside source. Those unable 
to THINK independently, on their own, have no chance of doing 
anything else. 

[Vol. XIII, #3 - March, 1984] 


We have all seen the phenomena which tend to spell out that there is no 
longer any dependability; that no one’s word anymore is worth a damn. 
They’ ll agree with you, they’ll tell you they’Il do it, they’ Il be there or 
they’ Il have it, and they’ll look you right in the eye, maybe even give 
you a dish-rag handshake. Come the appointed hour and place, zero. 
Excuses will be as imaginative as they will be aplenty. It is only par 
for the course nowadays. Lots of talk and no action. Spinelessness. 
The logjam in the courts and the proliferating over-supply of lawyers 
in the country says the rest. George Lincoln Rockwell advocated the 
return to dueling in order to wipe out this mess and restore honor and 
value to man’s word. 

Compare things today with Hitler’s remarks at the Sixth Party Congress 
at Nuremberg when he said that the legions of faithful present had 
been summoned only by the command of their hearts. 

Strange that these other types can only be made to perform regularly 
and with some dependability through the knowledge that doing 
otherwise will lose them their livelihood. Job slaves; money terror. 
How many on the-job hotshots with padded billfolds, cushy positions 



and all the rest have each of us encountered who cannot or will 
not perform dependably for the Movement, i.e., on their own, for 
themselves, for their Race. THAT is the true measure. It means that 
ANYONE can be paid and prodded into some service or routine but 
to perform faithfully and well in the service of one’s inner calling - 
assuming one has one - despite any hardship, is rare indeed. 

[Vol. X111, #3 - March, 1984] 


Taken along with all the rest it would be difficult to try and tag any 
one symptom as the major one with regard to the entanglement the 
American people finds itself in as to regaining control over their 
lives and their future, but I would have to offer lack of discipline as 
certainly among the foremost. Of course, when a society has lost its 
normal health and vigor and no longer cultivates true discipline upon 
its citizens, then it has to come from within: SELF-DISCIPLINE. 
This is also the key element that has ever been lacking in the building 
of a successful political movement in this country. This is the cement 
among the sand, gravel and water, without which all the rest is but 

Among Movement members and organizations it manifests itself in 
those not holding a steady course or pursuing effective, long-range 
goals. It prepares the way for the endless mutinies, splinters and 
factions; the “You can go to hell!” attitude which prevails. When the 
only discipline that can be exercised from inside these organizations 
is mere expulsion from same, then the cycle is foredoomed to be 
repeated out into infinity. Only SELF-DISCIPLINE can correct 
the mess. And again, approximately one in ten thousand possesses the 
capability to muster it from within and bring it to bear. 

Among the remainder it shows itself as “Uncle Tom-ism.” Conforming 
and staying in line doesn’t require discipline. It instead takes a lack 
of initiative and vision. The biggest, the baddest, the roughest and 
the toughest... ALL will never step out of line, not really. A bar fight 
and a weekend in jail for “drunk and disorderly” hardly constitutes a 
revolutionary act. They cannot and they will not conceive of taking 



a revolutionary departure from what Big Brother expects of them. 
Beyond that, it is most often seen in the population as everyone 
informing on everyone else. Isn’t this the scenario they painted for 
Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia? What’s so different here? Maybe it’s 
in a good cause. Every man an Uncle Tom. “Pinch the Pusher,” “Take 
a bite out of crime,” etc. And what constitutes a criminal? Hot-lines 
and toll-free numbers. Whisperers and dime-droppers everywhere. 
Infiltrators, spies, finks, snitches, pimps, both on the official payroll 
and off. Keeping safe by ratting out to Big Brother. It’s the national 
pastime. No honor, no discipline, no guts. 
Look at Ireland where White is pitted against White over idiotic issues 
such as religion and geography! They are tar-and-feathering Irish girls 
who date British soldiers! They are bombing British installations and 
killing people in high places regularly. AND NO ONE BREATHES A 
WORD ABOUT IT! A Negro and a White renegade parade down Main 
Street here and what occurs? Usually nothing. And if something did 
occur? A hue and cry such as has not been seen for any rape or murder. 
Not only would the populace not offer any aid to the revolutionists, 
they’d be all-out helping the Pigs run them into the ground. 
I’m not about to say that this can be overcome. It simply is a fact of 
life and something that we will have to learn to recognize and work 
around. To me, it represents the sign of the very lowest of low. The 
mark of a people who no longer hold any claim to freedom or liberty. 
In short, people who are fit only as slaves. 

[Vol. XII, #3 — March, 1984] 

Intellect, Instinct & Personal Loyalty 

This is about how real leadership works. Not good administration but 
real leadership. 

Since last year I’ve had as an acquaintance a young lady whose 
company I enjoy very much but who, unfortunately, is a hopeless 
liberal. You may first ask why in the hell I waste my time with her 
and I would respond that, one, the mere fact that she continues the 
relationship indicates she has a spark of life left somewhere and, two, 
it is the best way to learn the workings of the human heart and mind. 



Besides, it’s entertaining and it breaks the boredom. 

First, she’s top-notch racially, being primarily Germanic. Second, she’s 
a brilliant conversationalist which is damned rare in this one-mule 
town. She’s one of the System’s primary victims yet, at the same time, 
one of the System’s most outspoken advocates. (I was also told by 
another comrade that we happen to be totally opposed astrologically, 
if that means anything.) Anytime the conversation turns to politics she 
ends up screaming, stomping out of the room, slamming doors, etc., 
etc. Later, she’ll say how it upsets her to allow herself to become so 
frustrated while I never ruffle a feather at all her name-calling once 
her “facts and arguments” all draw blanks and I start walking all over 
taboos and superstitions popularly held sacred today. According to her 
- and to her kind of course - I’M the problem; poisoning, subverting, 
befouling the workings of the “Great Democracy.” There’s something 
wrong with ME! That’s why things are so irrevocably, inexplicably 
screwed up in the country and the world. True liberal logic. 

Jews and the System know how to play these people like a violin. 
Commander Rockwell said that it was because of the high level of 
development of the abstract virtues or “advanced instincts” of charity, 
decency and fair play found exclusively among the best racial types 
within the White Race. The Jews have done an almost complete job 
of perverting these instincts into the Negro-worshipping mania that is 
everywhere today. 

But it’s tough to feel sorrow, much less kinship, for anyone who’ll 
sneer at you and say that they have an intelligence quotient of a 
hundred and forty and, therefore, they know it all and, furthermore, 
any Negro that comes along with and equally high IQ. is just as good 
as you or I, maybe even better. To seemingly further illustrate her 
argument, I never make any bones about the fact that I left school 
at the age of sixteen and made my way to Party headquarters. She, 
of course, has had several years of college. Still, she can’t nail me 
in facts and principles. And only after I thoroughly debunked to her 
the merit of so-called “IQ.” in my own terms, according to my own 
values, did I tell her that when last tested by the public schools at the 
age of about fourteen, my I.Q. far exceeded hers she was when last 
tested as an adult. 

My argument against pure intellect, or I.Q., or the placing of too much 



emphasis on its importance, is simply that it is but one more physical 
attribute, or blessing if you will, to be USED by the possessor. And it can 
be used for good or evil. Most of the slimy bastard, lawyer- politicians 
ruling this land today have exceptionally high I.Q.’s. It only enables 
them to tighten and maintain their ruthless and destructive hold over 
the rest of us. A really high I.Q. can be compared to weighing five- 
hundred pounds, or having three arms, or four legs, etc. Depending on 
the circumstances it can be a blessing or a curse. Jews, of course, as a 
group are known for their power of intellect. So what does this prove? 
That intellect is only a tool to be used, or a weapon to be wielded. 
Used or wielded by what higher power? 

Nobody ever heard tell of a “noble intellect.” Intellect doesn’t MOVE 
people, if anything it serves to hold them back from bold and daring 
action. A stone coward - by use of his intellect - can come up with 
a thousand perfectly plausible covers for his cowardice. The same 
swine that hold political office today use intellect to swamp the simple 
people in massive confusion and colors of gray. The lone, intelligent 
individual, many of who are to be found in the Right, may have sat 
down and sorted it all out for themselves but to what avail? Because 
again, intellect cannot mobilize the masses. People are largely 
unthinking. Of what benefit was intellect to any guy out to seduce 
some female? Hitler himself told us that the masses are feminine 
in nature. Of what good is intellect to its owner in the instant that 
sudden violence occurs? Instinct - a healthy instinct - stands second 
only to pure blood in vital importance. Hitler in Mein Kampf said 
that loyalty took precedence over intelligence, and loyalty is but one 
by-product of instinct. Aside from pure blood, nobility is found in the 
instinct. Facts can be distorted but the “sixth sense” - where it exists 
strong and unsullied - is well nigh impossible to deceive. Instinct is 
the product of eons of evolution. So-called “intellect” is measured by 
the amount of “information” one can store in one’s head, whether that 
“information” be essential or rubbish. When it comes down to male / 
female relations, it’s a matter of what animal signals are sent out and 
how well the other party senses these. In combat - animal, one on one 
combat - instinct takes over completely and the intellect shuts down 
so as not to impede the organism in successfully fighting to preserve 
its existence. Only man in his ignorance, pride and conceit, his off- 



base worldview with himself as the center of the universe and above 
Natural Law, has made possible the awful mess people are living in 

But did you ever notice how people with healthy instincts rarely need 
to be propagandized or otherwise “straightened out”? Those who 
require propagandizing can only at best hope to make up a class of 
distant followers, never leaders. Leaders and the Leadership Cadre 
itself must be able to serve as their own guiding light and their own 
inspiration, they cannot be skaters who need to lean on anyone else 
or be carried when times are tough (“Nobody ever told me it might be 
like this!’’). Total instinctive awareness is far superior to any number 
of years in a university. Can instinct be cultivated and can it be dulled? 
I rather think so and I am certain the Jews think so too, which is the 
reason for such things as “Project Head Start” and the general program 
of school bussing. To kill off the instinct before it has a chance to 
grow. To what extent the artificially created drug plague plays a role 
in this can only be estimated but I feel it must be devastating. 
Regardless of the degree of any success the Jews and the System may 
have had or shall have in the future in making the walking dead out 
of otherwise healthy, happy human beings, the number that somehow 
manages to hold on - through some fortuitous genetic twist - and resist 
the poison will respond to the call when it comes from the right Leader. 
The rest, as we can clearly see already today, are of no use anyway. 
But what I refer to as the proper Leader or the proper lead is just that. 
It is not one more poor man’s sneaky attempt at a clever Charade or 
club activity. Far less is it an exercise in counter-culture revisionist 
thinking. It is a call to ACTION. It will be a call for millions of people 
to lay down their lives. It had better ring true. Most of all it is a call to 
action by those currently ACTING on their own. 

I’ve said in the past that when it really starts to happen it will happen 
FAST. Right at the moment nothing is happening. Nothing except our 
enduring this most tiresome, agonizing and potentially discouraging 
phase of the struggle when nerves and spirits are tested to the utmost. 
The instinct for action cannot be fooled. It will not respond to a false 
alarm. Nothing half-hearted will strike fire. ’'ve seen many small 
sparks made. I’ve seen the pattern of how it works. When the current 
is running through you - and only then - it can be transmitted to others 



and the process of making an army has started. I did it myself again 
last month and worked a last-minute miracle in court. Of the small 
army I contacted the night before, not a single one failed me. Some 
got out of sick beds, others left their jobs in order to be in court at 8:30 
a.m., in order to be there for that purpose. A real purpose, not bullshit. 
That sort of thing can only happen fast. Dragging it out will kill it 
surer than any action by the Enemy. And what has the Right Wing 
been known for these umpteen decades other than DRAGGING IT 
THE HELL OUT? People get TIRED. I am tired but I also happen 
to be one of the tiny few whose guts are on fire permanently. Most 
people don’t have the capacity or the desire for that. Massive-scale, 
high-performance output can only be maintained for short periods. 
A successful revolutionary will know how to get it, how to direct it 
and how to secure rapid results before it dies down. Look at the 1905 
aborted revolution in Russia, or the Munich Putsch, or the so-called 
“revolution” of the Sixties. Other than members of the hardcore, 
the rest will respond only to a visible, known and familiar Leader 
figure. And down through the ranks that pattern will follow. Personal 
loyalty has historically been what the “hinge of fate” has turned upon. 
Owing to the split-second dynamics (historically speaking) of great 
revolutionary movements, this is well and good. Lenin lived the bulk 
of his fifty-odd years in comparative obscurity, as an exile. But he was 
the Man In Time for the Russian Revolution, and afterwards only lived 
a scant six more years. Hitler knew that as Leader of the world’s most 
crucial revolution he had to move fast lest he die and his revolution 
flounder without him. “He spoke with the eloquence of emergency,” 
and the current which < ran strong through him was conveyed to 
all of Germany. Those who are already committed to the struggle - 
whether win or lose - these are the ones who need propagandizing and 
politicking so as to hone themselves up to maximum ability. If we try 
that on people who are already waiting for the Leader to appear so that 
they may follow him, we will alienate and lose them. THEY DON’T 
WANT TO HEAR IT. Hell, I don’t want to hear it. 

If anything, the instinct is the only “soul” any of us will ever know. 
The only God any of us has exists in our bloodstream. Let us hope that 
the God within will provide our souls the answer to the dilemma we 
face and give us the strength to lead our people. 



When we begin to lead naturally then a hundred years of brainwash 
and distortion will be smashed in an instant. 
[Vol. XII, #9 — Sept., 1983] 

Culture and Conditioning 

Culture is a subject not very often brought up in SIEGE because, in a 
revolutionary context, it tends to give the ring of something irrelevant, 
and, in this jungle-ized milieu where some of our own best fighters 
enjoy nothing better than “rock” music, it might even appear as a flat- 
out waste of time. But it is important to know and understand what 
culture really is and, in so doing, come to understand better about 
human behavior and the effects of the stimuli around us on it. 

First, true culture comes from blood. Here today we have a bastardized 
culture just the same as the make-up of the American people grows 
increasingly bastardized. Then, as the old-timers will readily attest, 
there is the role of the Jew in what has been called “culture distortion” 
for his own peculiar purposes and toward his own particular ends. In 
truth, the West today has no culture. These consumers hang onto the 
language and customs of a bygone age because they can’t come up 
with anything so organized and intricate on their own. Some of the 
music aficionados will travel and sit for hours and pay huge sums 


Brahms at the age of fifty 

Civilization... It’s a White thing 



Of money to hear music played of a hundred or two hundred years ago. 
(Music isn’t being written anymore and the language is degenerating 
into a mass of “ya know’s,” “f real’s” and “muthafucker’s,” etc.) 
They might tell you that, in a democratic society, it’s a matter of 
free choice or of personal taste. Our side will affirm there is such as 
the “mass taste” which will always tend toward mediocrity. But the 
trick, as always, about any so-called democracy is that it is one big 
loop hole, gaping wide like an open invitation to all the sharpies and 
hucksters to move in and take over. That is what already took place 
here generations ago. And then the question of “free choice” becomes 
a moot one as it is all relegated to only those “choices” the taste- 
makers see fit to place before you. (Control of mass taste and opinion 
is absolutely no different than control of socalled “democratic” 
elections: The manipulators present two of their favorite dummies for 
you to pick from. Either way, you lose.) P1 use myself this time as 
a case in point. My meeting with my own culture was by complete 
accident. I could have been no more than ten years of age when, over 
the FM radio of my father’s car, I caught the sounds of music such 
as I had never heard before. I didn’t know what it was or who wrote 
it but I knew it was reaching out to me. And I must emphasize that it 
reached out not as anything prescribed socially but instead like a call 
of the wild. Here was culture and, as a product of blood, something in 
my blood was responding. After I had managed to get together a basic 
selection of classical and romantic music, I found out it has been one 
of Brahms’ Hungarian Dances. Blood to blood. Then, at a similar or 
even younger age hearing my first taste of “Rock ‘n’ Roll.” I thought 
to myself that this surely must be a joke. Why, these people can’t even 
speak properly. 

The feeling was identical to learning the name of a beautiful girl one 
has seen on the street and fallen instantly in love with. 

Then there is conditioning. I had experienced the syndrome long 
before Commander Rockwell explained it in his ROCKWELL 
REPORT. I can still go to my LP records and put on the turntable 
a piece of musical trash... BUT I will instantly be transported to a 
happy time and place and the overall effect will be a pleasant one. The 
Commander called it Pavlovian in principle and he was quite right. 
Pavlov was the Russian scientist who experimented in conditioning 



dogs through the use of flashing lights, ringing bells and even 
electrical impulses at their feeding time. Once the dogs had become 
accustomed to all the artificial and extraneous conditions and had 
come to associate them with the most pleasurable and essential matter 
of eating, the experiment was proven. Place the food before the dogs 
without the lights and bells and the dogs wouldn’t go near it. Flash the 
lights and ring the bells and the dogs would slaver at the mouth even 
in the presence of no food. Humans don’t like to think that they are no 
different in their instincts and reflexes. How perfect is the System’s 
brainwash and conditioning apparatus! It is total and complete! No 
matter who you are, where you are or what you are doing, if you have 
on a radio, record player or television, the System is there and you are 
being conditioned. The logical result has been that all this noise and 
claptrap has become social ritual. Without it, forget it. You’re not a 
part. The occurrence I experienced of the Black who happened upon 
the playing of a symphony on a portable FM radio and inquired, “Wus 
dat?” is indicative but not as troubling as the young White girl who 
couldn’t bear to be alone in the bath without loud noise blaring over 
her radio. 
I’ve chosen music as my example in this as it is an art form that cannot be 
idly or coldly stared at in a museum or gallery, it requires participation 
in the same manner as a stage play, etc. Music is emotional. And we’ve 
got a country full of badly emotionally disturbed people. 
Conditioning is everywhere but it is not everything. There are those 
few who hear and respond to that call of the wild I spoke of. For 
someone who can’t dance or play a musical instrument, I still believe 
I’m one who appreciates and loves best the music of our blood. I think 
of the masters who wrote it - Wagner and Liszt, etc. - and I know they 
weren’t writing for the hell of it. Without words, the music is saying 
something. It is blood speaking to blood. How few can hear it and 
how fewer still can understand it? (How few even suspect or care?) 
That is culture and that is what is nearly completely lost. 

[ Vol. XIV, #6 -June., 1985] 


Conflict and Adversity 

Most people run like hell at the first hint of real trouble. But their 
idea of “trouble” is so ridiculously low-threshold that the word itself 
loses its meaning. I have two ideas pop into mind at the mention of 
the word trouble: One, a violent, physical confrontation, one-on-one 
or between very small groups, wherein death or serious injury could 
come at any second. And two, a bottomless pit of quicksand involving 
an arrest and prosecution by the System which could result in, again, 
death or permanent loss of liberty. That, to me, represents trouble and 
I’ve run the risk of it routinely for eighteen years. Anything less than 
those two merely amounts to varying degrees of a pain in the ass. For 
most, however, trouble in the first degree starts in earnest with spooks, 
ghosts and goblins breaking loose and running amok through their 
childlike and undisciplined imaginations, playing on their fears and 
dark spots representing areas that are unknown to them. 

Violence, hardship, jail, ostracism and all the rest are those very same 
dark places of the brain and the experience that all “good citizens” 
are supposed never to know. We, as professional revolutionaries, 
know thein quite well and are on daily, intimate terms with them. 
We, as a result, don’t scare easy. Implications and threats are better 
names for ghosts and goblins in this modern day reality. Only physical 
annihilation - or the immediate prospect of - should give us any pause. 
The rest is garbage and it is for the teeming BILLIONS of the earth’s 
swine to cower before the remainder, just as Haitian savages would 
before voodoo. 

It’s been said that pressure makes diamonds and no truer words were 
ever spoken. I’ve had often occasion over the past twelve months 
to comment that you never know a person until you have known 
them under extreme stress. Most, instead of becoming diamonds, 
are reduced to coal dust in a hurry. But without these live-ammo 
exercises in daily life well before revolution spills over into the street, 
how are we to know really who is who? How are we to know in fact 
who we are ourselves unless we are TESTED? Right Wing bullshit- 
slinging and cat fights are no test. Smears in print are no test. Power 
struggles among powerless contenders are no test. The old style 
street demonstrations WERE kinds of real tests as were the resultant 



entanglements with the System (not to mention the Enemy in the 
street) and the Pig Bureaucracy. Only when you tangle with a REAL 
ENEMY who can cripple or kill you if you make a single false move 
can you accurately gauge your prowess in any area. 
When situations get hard it first of all causes one to take a true stock 
accounting of the people and things around him. At those times he 
can see the clearest of all... because he must if he is to fight well 
and survive. Just as the hardest tests cull out weak individuals, it also 
cuts out weakness in the strong individuals and this is what accounts 
for the phenomenon of the strong getting even stronger under fire. 
The hardest trials are the great leaveners of men. Performance under 
prolonged stress is the only way of knowing because all of the rest can 
be faked. Commander Rockwell called for men ready and willing to 
march into hell with him. He got only a handful but look at the legend 
they created in nine short years! What could be done with a thousand? 
Ten thousand of those types? 
Conflict and adversity should be viewed as no particular problem, no 
big deal. Just as part of the job. It comes with the territory. Once we 
see how we can deal with it and overcome it, and once we recognize 
what it does FOR US, then it should almost come to be viewed as an 
old and welcome friend. We must know the ways of adversity and 
be comfortable with them. Those who fear adversity and who spend 
their existences trying to keep it as a stranger, may the Devil take and 

[Vol. XIII, #6 — June., 1984] 

When Struggle Ceases 

Joseph Tommasi was fond of the saying, “Those not busy being 
born are busy dying.” Indeed, he was at that time in the midst of the 
struggle to see to it that National Socialism didn’t die because of an 
established, central control that refused to grow, to expand, to adapt. 
The result was as simple as it was predictable: Those that refused to 
grow died; those that did change soon came to effect and influence 
the course of the entire Movement. This is a law of nature; it applies 
universally and there are no exceptions. But this segment has to do 



with that which the Rightists and conservatives either can’t recognize 
or refuse to come to grips with. That fundamental, social-historic fact 
of life which ruled out from the very beginning any chance of their 
strategies meeting with any success whatsoever. It is a question of 
knowing when death approaches, why and what can be done about it. 
Never having gone the more or less traditional route of being a “bigot” 
or a “red neck” or being prejudiced on any matter, as a small kid I 
used to have an almost affectionate admiration for the Blacks and one 
might possibly see how such an attitude could exist, especially in a 
child. And having been born a rebel, I really liked the effect they had 
on - not to mention their performance in - a classroom. 

I never became a liberal or, to use the vernacular of the Sixties, a 
“nigger-lover” because I had always sensed that these people were 
alien and I could always feel the element of resentment and even 
hostility that emanated from them. Still, at no time did I count 
myself as their enemy. Undoubtedly, the first among my very few 
bad personal brushes with the Black Rage occurred when I was about 
eight years of age (this was well after these sentiments just outlined 
had already been formed). A chum and I were in the habit of hiking 
around the city and the area that immediately surrounds it. This day as 
usual we were equipped with packs and canteens, etc., and had set off 
towards the west. This was to take us to the southwest edge of town, 
the part largely inhabited by the Blacks. Some trepidation had already 
attached itself to this course but we figured the odds against anything 
untoward happening were fairly slim. No sooner had we approached 
the perimeter of the colored district than we encountered the approach 
of two Black youths, several years older than ourselves, about a block 
away and closing in. It was clear to both of us that trouble seemed to 
be on the way but my friend decided to take evasive action that, to 
me, appeared worse than futile - it appeared provocative. He crossed 
to the other side of the street. Had there been any doubts before as to 
whether something was to happen, they were erased when one of the 
Blacks also crossed over to the other side. In those days, I was noted 
for my ability to run like the wind but I didn’t entertain the thought 
that day. This was an obvious confrontation. All parties proceeded 
forward until contact was made. 

The tall, lanky mulatto who was now confronting me demanded a drink 



from my canteen. A similar scene was taking place directly across the 
street. What I was feeling at that moment I would only years later 
come to know and identify: the exhilaration of the natural adrenaline 
coursing through my body in anticipation of the primal conflict which 
appeared imminent. The “moderns” then and now referred to it as 
“fear.” My refusal was as curt as it was unequivocal. There followed 
more demands, more physical menace and more refusals while, as 
though to illustrate the apparent despair of the situation, from my side 
vision came the scene of the other Black hoisting my partner’s canteen 
for his drink. Finally, my Black grudgingly gave up and moved on. 
This one had been a bluff but other, later ones were not to be. I can 
only imagine the Black conversation afterward but my companion, 
after re-joining me, could only say, “You looked nervous as hell.” Yes, 
but that’s not where the difference was decided. 

And therein was perhaps a microcosm of the world conflict. We had 
something and they figured to take it away. They even thought they 
had us sized-up properly and they were half right. A question of wills 
perhaps. The great advantage that the Third World elements have in 
the world and in our midst is that they still struggle. It is NOT the 
aid and comfort lavished upon them by the Jews and bleeding-heart 
liberals, though this is most assuredly considerable. Their greatest 
impetus today comes from those among their leaders who are claiming 
that they, as a group, have made no significant progress since the 
1960’s. This spurs them onto continued struggle. Idiotic Rightists and 
conservatives take hollow consolation at the same words addressed to 
Blacks and fall back to sleep. Struggle is the force of life itself. Where 
there is ample struggle, there is not only life but also strength and all 
that attends. 

Struggle brings with it awareness and touch with reality. 

Whites perceive - even if unconsciously - that their struggle has 
been over for longer than they or any of their predecessors really can 
tell. When, during the mid-Sixties, as a youth in junior high school, 
a classroom of mixed Blacks and Whites was collectively chanting 
“Black Power, Black Power,” the explanation one White offered me 
later was that there was already “White Power” and that “Black Power” 
was only the fair thing. By instinct alone, that didn’t wash at all with 
me even though, at twelve or thirteen, I was unable to articulate in 



my mind exactly why. In fact there was no “power” at all. Only a 
pie of which everyone wanted a piece. And, just as nature decrees 
everywhere, the most and biggest pieces go to the most aggressive. 
Commander Rockwell did a superb, unsurpassable job in outlining 
and explaining why the workings of this society and the behavior of 
Whites in general were going haywire and I won’t attempt to recover 
that ground. I will propose to determine what was at the bottom of it 
all: that Whites had no goal left to them as a people while all other 
races did, to wit, to gain for themselves all the material riches and 
technological wonders in the hands of Whites. Hitler and his National 
Socialists were blessed with a very sudden and real sense of struggle 
which made possible their miracle. 
Americans particularly have been bombarded from birth with the idea 
that they have it all, that they have it made and that they now must 
share it, give it all away. The instinctive search for struggle cannot be 
denied, only perverted. We’ see today limitless individual struggle. As 
meaningless as it is empty. Not the mark of a great society but that of 
a helpless one. One that is LOST. NO longer a great people but just 
a mass of mean, mediocre, little nothings. Ripe for any downfall but 
incapable of any greatness. Without struggle, identity is lost. Lack of 
uphill push results in increasingly downhill momentum. Without the 
unifying bond, a people becomes estranged from itself, from its past, 
its present and its future. 
That is the reason for the otherwise “inexplicable” decay. And there 
is why no “quick fix” or “shot in the arm” remedy can be entertained 
as real. There is also the answer to why all the so-called “pro-White” 
efforts fail without exception. What we must find are more and better 
ways to distance ourselves from the knee-jerk reactionaries, the mere 
anti-Semites, the mere racists. If this society were not ripe for death, 
would it so willingly harken to the Jewish and liberal song of death? 
Would it cooperate so readily? No, my comrades, the struggle and the 
cry must be for that which is pro-revolutionary, exclusively. A political 
army sharing a common struggle! Do not be deceived any longer. 
[Vol. XV, #2 — Feb., 1986] 


Dedicated To My Enemies 

This segment was conceived and notes for it put down during a moment 
of depression. When running on an even keel, not to mention while 
feeling elated, one finds that it isn’t easy to discuss a last-ditch frame 
of mind. Needless to say, one can find good and bad moments under 
practically any and all circumstances but when things get miserable 
and tend to remain that way over extended periods, the difference is 
usually made between people who can or cannot find a way, some 
means of tying a knot and hanging on when they have reached the end 
of their rope. I know. I’ve been there - often - and sometimes for years 
at a stretch. And I promise you that I would not be here now had I not 
quickly learned where and upon what to focus my attention during 
those dangerously low times. 

In this saddest period of Man’s history when all do indeed either fall 
silent or become untrue, when all meaning and purpose seem to fade 
and vanish and it is either difficult or impossible to believe even in 
one’s self, to whom can you turn for the strength to carry on? What can 
provide the jolt to the senses to snap you out of it and put you back on 
the fighting track? Who else but one’s own circle of enemies? When 
you wouldn’t carry on for so-called “friends,” after you’ve already 
given yourself up for dead, when even the Cause itself appears lost, as 
long as there are those personal adversaries out there who might just 
gain some tiny degree of vindication at one’s fall, there has always 
been given the one, single reason to go on to the end. 

Beyond the absolute fact that a man without enemies is worthless 
as a friend, there is the equally powerful truth that a man’s enemies 
can and do serve a definite use in his life’s struggle. Again, when 
everything has lost its meaning and worth, the presence of a string of 
enemies can provide a reason for life. I’ve never been disappointed 
or betrayed by an enemy. To them, I am Number One and rate special 
attention accordingly. They do me honor in this way when all others 
have forgotten or turned their backs. When life itself has taken on 
every aspect of a bad joke it becomes reduced to a kind of game where 
the object is to keep building, keep winning for no other reason than 
to confound one’s enemies. Probably unbeknownst to them, over the 
years they have each and all provided direction where there had been 



only aimlessness. They have instilled resolve where there had been 
resignation. I am sorry indeed to have to say that I could make no such 
dedication as this to any supposed comrade or friend. 
Perhaps a handful of long-time readers of my output will recall some 
of my more lengthy dissertations on those whom I felt were doing a 
great disservice to the Movement and perhaps they will remember 
these as “smears” of a sort. Note always that I never claimed to have 
been undone by, nor did lever attempt to “put the blame on,” any of 
those named or alluded to in these exposes but that I instead carefully 
pointed out the mistakes that had been made, for whatever purpose, so 
that they might be recognized and not repeated in the future. No, my 
enemies cannot undo me. Only I can do that. As long as my enemies 
are around, new ones coming after the old, then they shall be my own 
best defense against that by keeping me constantly alert and on my 
Despite the debt that I may owe them, and that some of them who may 
read this could become ill at my revelation, I do not fool myself in 
false sentimentality about it. Enemies are enemies and, if allowed to 
build up or join forces against one, then he has invited his own doom. 
I View it as a war and a war it is indeed. I will kill them if I can. I owe 
them much - call it vengeance or call it justice, whatever you will. As 
with most larger, more important things in life, I fear I owe them more 
than I can repay. 

[Vol. XII, #7 - July, 1984] 

When Indomitable Wills Despair 

When this occurs it is definitely time to look out. No greater dynamite, 
potential or otherwise, can I imagine. I know... I’m one and I know 
what I have in mind. This is the exact point at which revolution appears 
within any society. It of course, at first, appears silently and unknown 
even to that person within whose brain it is beginning to hatch. It takes 
time to find its definition and take its form. It takes more time still to 
get into action and to manifest itself. But it always traces its start to 
within those who, in better times, would more likely be found among 
society’s professional classes. When enough of these people despair 



of anything positive then, truly, anything can happen. 
If there is anything that I desperately want to believe in it is the old, 
historic maxim that every action will result inevitably in an equal and 
opposite reaction. This after all would be the very thing we’ve all 
been waiting for: the pendulum to return. But I refuse to hold out any 
childish hope for anything that, in my carefully cultivated cynicism, 
qualifies as only a pretty theory. It was this feeling that led me from the 
Right Wing - where dreamers are forever building “parties” to “take 
over” the country and “clean things up.” No, as I have said in the past, 
this is Death Watch 2000 and only the most grim and remorseless can 
hope to make it all the way out to the end and be around for the final 
body count. This is where I intend to be. 
Not only is this where revolution begins, it also happens to manifest 
itself as what the simple-minded and quaint see as “evil.” Nietzsche 
would understand but precious few others could ever cope with it. 
Damned few can understand what it means to write your own rules as 
you go along. Or doing whatever it is you have to do at the moment 
in order to get the mission accomplished. And only a fraction of a 
percent know what it means to carry on in this manner and yet possess 
the highest calling, to give a damn for nothing as it exists in the present 
circumstances and yet proceed in a coldly methodical pattern ever- 
toward the highest ideal. Most aren’t capable. In order to be to able to 
do this then, one must arrive at an understanding of those masses of 
people which surround him. The masses are approximately the same 
regardless where you find them or during what time you find them. 
They have a way of killing their Christs. They’d kill us if given a 
good, clean shot at it. A whole world full of one, big Parisian mob. 
Never at any time are the masses to be found “in the right” of the most 
profound issues. By the time they have accepted these, they have long 
since gone stale and flat, just as with Christianity. They will forever 
reject and try to destroy that which is new and vital. This much of an 
understanding is necessary if one is not to bash his own brains out in a 
vain and gullible attempt at setting the world straight (a world, by the 
way, that doesn’t want to be set straight). 

[Vol. XII, #6 - June., 1984] 


Confused Recollections 

To me, this is what all so-called “holy books” dating from timeless 
antiquity are. Confused recollections. They are all variations of the 
one, lost Truth which does go back to the beginning of, at least, Man’s 
own time. If the right meaning of these things was ever properly 
comprehended on earth in the beginning, then they certainly have 
been lost and muddled by the time anyone first sought to capture them 
down in writing. Primitive attempts at explaining the misunderstood 
or the unknown. Stories dealing with the start and meaning of it all so 
old and so re-told as to have long since taken on the air of nothing more 
than meaningless fairy tales. And how much was embellished along 
the way by opportunists seeking to terrify and control through the 
method of “super spookism’’? Once the practical history and meaning 
was lost, then in came the demand for blind faith in incomprehensible 
fables. Hence the erection of the religions and churches. The ultimate, 
cogent Truth having been lost, the remainder thus is rendered 
meaningless and worse than meaningless... dangerous. For it sets the 
basis for all enforced unwisdom. This sort of thing is not the meat of 

[ Vol. XV, #3 - Mar., 1986] 

The Big “If” 

To attack religion, any religion, is a foolish waste of time at best. 
Between ourselves we may discuss anything and in intelligent terms. 
But the masses of people, whenever involved, have never yet been 
separated from their peculiar religious beliefs. (If the Communists of 
Eastern Europe weren’t able to do it then no one can.) The question 
need not even be a matter of philosophy or ideology but, rather, one of 
strategy: do like the capitalists, and, lately, the communists, and get 
the Church spouting exactly what you want it to through infiltration, 
etc. It merely helps keep down the friction. So much for that problem. 
We are not a mass movement and this is not a mass publication 
which is the only reason I, from time to time, even address the issue 
of religion and the revolutionary movement. And when speaking 



in terms of “the Movement,” we are merely speaking of a core, a 
potential for something more greatly significant. Within this core is a 
large percentage of those who make their main thrust one of religion. 
Among these are some of the leaders - actual or potential - that I 
happen to trust and respect most. Ninety-nine percent of what they 
believe, preach and write conforms to that shared by the rest of us in 
the Movement. (And by “the rest of us” I’m undoubtedly referring to 
a minority.) But that other one percent is where the danger is found 
that I take particular issue with. These people will tell you that we 
can’t lose, no matter what. That at the very end of time, when the “Red 
hordes,” the “anti-Christ,” the swarms of sub-humans or whatever you 
will, just about have the White Race (“the Race of Angels”) finished 
off, then God or Jesus or Michael will come bursting through the 
clouds at the head of a host of warrior angels and will save the day. 
(Some, whether by belief or in order to make this sound more 
believable, make this tale analogous to the equally high hope of the 
flying saucers which are even now supposed to be keeping close watch 
over earthly developments). 

They’ ll tell you that without God or God’s inspiration all is to no avail 
and our best efforts are doomed from the start. They’ll tell you that 
God has stated, “vengeance is mine” and it is all out of our hands from 
the start. They’ll tell you that Satan presently rules all the earth and is 
calling all the shots. All of this may well seem to fit the situation, that 
is, everything going to hell on a greased pole with no visible resistance 
or effective opposition. To some it may serve as an “explanation” of 
sorts, as a sop to an otherwise wounded self-image as some sort of 
political wizard. 

Some of the more rough-and-ready among them (not to mention more 
realistic) will add that God expects you to fight for yourself and will 
only help those who help themselves. That is a little better for it almost 
approaches the totally realistic view of one making his own luck. 
Have you ever studied or heard what the Muslim are saying, and have 
been preaching for three decades and longer? It is almost the same 
thing except for two important points: in this case it is the Black who is 
the “superman” that is on an irreversible course and it is a Black Allah 
which smiles down on them (yes, from a “mother ship” saucer), in their 
teeming billions, as they prepare to swamp the “White Devils.” The 



rest is a lot of mumbo-jumbo, all quite ridiculous. One thing I found 
exceptionally ironic is that they count those most responsible for their 
rapid ascension during this century - the Jews - as Whites, saying, 
“they were the first out of the caves,” and planning the same demise 
for them as for the rest of us. The answer of course is in the numbers 
and in the wirepullers behind the scenes, not in whose “god” happens 
to be on top. Blacks and Whites alike are fools because neither side 
fully understands or appreciates the reason why things are the way they 
are. Blacks believe in their newfound “invincibility” while Whites are 
convinced of their own “guilt” and impending end. Forgetting even 
the numbers involved for the time being and just removing the hidden, 
alien, Jewish factor and the situation would begin to reverse itself 
practically overnight. A simple matter of control - who’s doing the 
controlling and to what end? 

The new wave of thought within the Movement states that we must 
stop thinking that the forthcoming end of the System and this society 
means the end of the White Race or of higher culture. A defeatist will 
hold to that outmoded line but a revolutionary will see the coming, 
gradual collapse as a loosening of the very CONTROL that has led ‘up 
to all of this in the first place. The intrepid won’t worry about the end 
to convenience, luxuries and amenities that this coming collapse will 
mean. Those who do allow it to concern them will, in all likelihood. 
To associate the facades of this crumbling civilization, the lifestyles 
and values of this decadent society, the “knowledge” of this backward 
culture, with the life of the White Race as it effects the limitless future 
is to express a kind of oneness with and a desire and a willingness to 
go down with it... to the bitter end, waiting for some god to bail you 
out at the last possible moment. 

To an agnostic, that might be seen as one hell of a big “if.” Years ago 
I gave up the terrific effort it required to be an agnostic — or pretend 
to be one - and admitted to myself and others that I was and am an 
atheist. In other words, there is no “if” factor: if we lose, we lose on 
our own, all alone and we’ll have lost FOR GOOD. If we win, it'll 
only be because a few of us - but certainly enough of us - got smart in 
time and made the right moves. To me there can be no “‘it’s.” We can 
lose and we will lose unless we do something to change the situation. 
No one and nothing outside of ourselves can or will step in to save us. 



Too many races and too many religions are saying the same things. 
There’s historic explanation for that but it only spells out further the 
confused state and lost meaning of religion. Worse than that, the White 
Man is saddled with an alien religion ~ counter to his warrior nature 
which is controlled by more aliens. And in this mess, he doesn’t stand 
a chance at all. I personally reject all of it and am convinced that it is 
dangerous in that it is so self-deceiving. If it weren’t, it’d be damned 
silly nonsense and fairy tales. 
I’m a believer in clear thought and strong action. I believe we are our 
own “god” and control our own fate. And I know that we can’t leave 
any of this to chance or to an “if.” As far as the Movement is concerned, 
let us use religion as a tool to lead others whose understanding is thus 
limited. We can’t afford to pretend or to accept for a moment that 
religion can ever lead us! 

[Vol. XII, #11 - Nov., 1984] 

The Most Moral 

I’m not in any danger of waxing religious but, at the same time, I’ve 
never made any bones about the fact that I am total fanatic and true 
fanatics tend to come to resemble one another in various aspects. But 
in complete truth, many of these modern day religious fanatics could 
take quite a few good lessons from an actual political fanatic. It offends 
me to see these Christians insulting their own religion through their 
light hearted attitudes about it and their god as it involves their own 
beliefs and lifestyles. After listening to and observing a few of them in 
action lately, I have come away with a feeling of absolute piety. 

I have always attacked moralism. I am not - nor have I ever been 
- a moralist. To me, that is a person who has been taught and who 
preaches a set of behavioral rules which run contrary to their nature. 
Consequently, they are forced to maintain and to practice, to hold tight 
vigilance over themselves and even their thoughts and to live their 
lives watching their step, so to speak. Human nature being what it 
is, they slip up regularly and must come crawling back to their god 
asking for forgiveness. And the cycle starts all over again. Modern day 
Systematarians have provided themselves with endless “alternatives” 



that are equally fine and dandy with the “new” god who is very “hip.” 
Just so that they are able to work it out in their own minds that as long 
as they are somehow “square” with their maker, any despicable thing 
goes. Revolutionaries have no such “alternatives,” no choices. 
Immoralities arise from frivolities, trivialities, materialism, leisure 
pursuit and a dissipation and rottenness of spirit. And the constant 
preaching of morals is a sign of an intrinsically immoral society. 
Certainly the revolutionary attacks conventional “morality” as the 
height of hypocrisy. 
As with the “sportsman: and the hunter, as with the dog and the wolf, 
one kills for the pleasure of it while the other kills because he has to. 
There is the morality. Everything the moralist does, he does in order 
to fool somebody, if only himself. In order to make the appearance 
of being “righteous” or in order to steal a few moments of physical, 
animal pleasure. 
Everything the revolutionary does, he does because he has to. There 
is the justification and there lies complete and total morality. The 
revolutionary does nothing “for the hell of it,’ does nothing “for 
the fun of it,” does nothing for the gratification or diversion of it. 
Revolutionaries possess the highest goal, the highest calling and, 
therefore, anything is allowed. And in this same regard, it was 
Commander Rockwell who said, “Only failure is immoral.” 

[Vol. XV, #3 - Mar, 1986] 

Three Wishes 

This will have very little to do with my politics or philosophy but it 
does signify a certain state I have arrived at in my twentieth year with 
the Movement. If everyone were to be able to stop and look back in 
reflection over the past the way I have done lately, it would be quite a 
good thing for most. I’ve often enough attacked indulging in wishful 
thinking but I believe, in this case, I may allow myself this luxury by 
way of measuring where I’ve come from and where I’m at. 

First, I would wish that all of my enemies could be subjected to the 
same tests that I have had to undergo heretofore. I confess my share 
of anxiety and discomfiture but I managed to prevail in every case. I 



would like to watch them each crack and crumble when placed under 
the same trials and stresses that I had to cope with. 
Second, I would wish that in each separate contest, every challenge 
and every struggle, the actual, physical circumstances could have 
been transposed to that of a battlefield. One of the greatest insults 
of the present day is the way, for the most part, any swine who seeks 
to offend or undo you can walk away - win or lose - with virtual 
impunity. I would want every hostile encounter to have been upon the 
field of honor where the defeated do not get back up to try again later, 
and where one lives or dies according to one’s actions, not words. 
Third, and most fondly of all, I would wish that I could time-travel 
back twenty years and be able to be a constant companion and guide 
to my former self as a youth those many long, uncertain years ago. 
To be able to compensate for the bitter moments, of which there were 
many, when as a kid, I had only lonely determination to sustain me. 
Twenty years into the future, especially to an adolescent, is “the 
future” indeed. Those intending for themselves normal and average 
lives might balk at knowing what such a comparatively distant span 
of time might hold in store for them, and increasingly so in these most 
uncertain times. But to have laid claim to such a fanciful, outrageous 
and impossible dream of what a life and career should be, to have 
burned - literally - all bridges behind, and to have achieved in reality 
what was but a personal dream at the start is something one might take 
an appreciable share of satisfaction from. Not a bad personal roster of 
hopes and regrets. 

[ Vol. XV, #3 - Mar, 1986] 

A Thousand Plagues, A 
Thousand Curses 

Among the things I have been since I first opened my eyes at birth is 
an atheist. But I’ve always been able to wax very “religious,” quoting 
scripture and even going so far as to get myself ordained, for whenever 
the occasion demanded. It seems as though I’m always ready with a 
biblical connection to anything. Then too was one of the very first 
realizations I ever made on my own as a child: That this world and 



especially this society were on their way out. It irked me then only 
because I didn’t want to share in its fate. I hated it, I wasn’t part of it, 
I didn’t want to go down with it. Then I encountered the Movement 
with all the high plans of turning the mess around for the common 
good. Only then began my real education. And today here I am with 
my own conclusions. I’m afraid it’s back to the Bible connections, 
childishly simple hopes and fears, plus what was learned in a long 
sojourn with the Movement. 

I’ve learned all the “whys and wherefores.” I have found out that 
historic trends are irreversible (unless you happen to be Adolf Hitler). 
And I still marvel at what can happen to a civilization and a people 
that defies and blasphemes “God” (or you could read it as “tempts 
fate”) once too often. 

One of the Christian tenets that invariably sticks in the craw of any 
real White Man - second only to “turn the other cheek” - is that “the 
meek shall inherit the earth.” A lot has to do with definition of terms. 
“Meek,” in this instance, refers to those with their eyes and ears open 
and their mouths shut. It has a lot to do with, quite simply, ceasing 
to butt one’s head into a brick wall. While the rest “speak out” in 
meaningless blurbs, tomorrow’s survivors will observe very carefully 
but choose very wisely to stand mute and not “cast pearls before 

Did not the “Lord” state quite plainly that “vengeance is mine”? Upon 
considering our somewhat less than omnipotent position, who are we 
to argue that? It’s too much to expect that these fools will be aware 
- or are aware now - of what’s happening to them. There’ll be no 
opportunity for “I told you so.” But if we drop ALL nonsense right 
now and take only appropriate steps henceforth, we might just be 
able to hope that we will ESCAPE a wretched fate in common with 
those vast multitudes who so richly deserve it. If you’re caught out 
there amidst the throngs when the time approaches, madly, futility 
screaming and waving your arms in warning, you too will be trampled 
by the same Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. 

You may be getting the distinct impression by this time that I'll have 
no difficulty in grinning at all of this. As I said before, I’m no idealist. 
What we may hope for - realistically - is the total consumption of 
these people, together with their rotten System, before our eyes and 



through their own evil. What we may work for - realistically - is our 
own physical salvation, the maintenance of the quality of our lives, in 
order that we or our posterity may be the last on the scene, to have in 
essence, inherited the earth. 
I don’t know how many are familiar with the Serenity Prayer but a 
decent paraphrasing of it would go like this: “Teach me to change 
the things that I am able; Teach me to accept those which I cannot; 
And teach me to know the difference between the two.” During recent 
months, two things have loomed up unmistakably in my mind and I 
have seen that most matters which used to cause so much sweat and 
anxiety, not to mention so much useless activity, can be bound up and 
dispensed with in two theses: If you have in the past disassociated 
yourself from any kind of mess, then just allow it (them) to be their 
own best answer; if you are presently working to rid yourself of or 
extricate yourself from an entanglement, then proceed to do so with 
the same amount of care and consideration - and afterthought - as you 
would to evacuating your bowels. 
The fight to survive will be a full-time job. Leave the rest to themselves. 
That is the worst penalty. Slime to slime. In the end, we will remain 
and our hands will be perfectly clean. 

[Vol. XV, #6 — June., 1986] 

[The final issue of SIEGE] 



The Future — don’t get trampled under by it... 


X £3) 
uy a jd Sor 
= Oe EERE 

7 J ~ 7x7 = tail Y . 
i, J LS LAL) ; TEZA y ⸗ 
s hai! ge — i i i p AJA - 

” - -4 { ‘ Pd Af ~~ T 
— vs SOSA CISA ve PES LA è 

s at a - 
— = 77" A tw? — 
— — ~] iW — 
> + TAL IK 

Their Money's Worth 

History’s judgment is shifting and coming into focus gradually on 
that large chunk of the US. population least worthy of a place in any 
future. The middle class consumers are not only getting their full 
money’s worth from their efforts at keeping the economy and the 
System going by working their pig jobs and paying their taxes, but 
they’ll be receiving huge dividends in times to come. They keep in 
line, keep voting, keep the Beast System alive and in power and, in 
return, they are raped, robbed, beaten, murdered, betrayed. They and 
their children are turned into vile things not resembling actual human 
beings. Their numbers are reduced while the numbers of the colored 
are increased. 
They are among the first to disown and attack us and to embrace the 
World Enemy. And for this they will continue to take the coward’s 
pummeling from their hard taskmaster in exchange for a few more 
months or years of cheap, plastic thrills and hollow pleasures. While 
we are under some of the worst pressure we’ll ever have to face, 
today in the present, and while they go about making money as part 
of “business as usual,” the question in the backs of their minds must 
be: what, if any, future this all has-We, on the other hand, have little to 
worry about. When the final awakening comes, and catches probably 
the majority of the rest completely unprepared, they’ll experience the 
agony of how it could be happening to them. Those of us still around 
at that time will be saying over them, “DIE, GUY!” 

[Vol. XII, #8 - Aug, 1985] 



Joseph Tommasi 



“I know that some man capable of giving our problems a final solution 
must appear. And that is why I have set myself to do the preparatory 
work, only the most urgent preparatory work, for I know that I am 
myself not the one. And I know also what is missing in me (to be 
the one). But the other one still remains aloof, and nobody comes 
forward, and there is no more time to be lost.” 

-Adolf Hitler, as quoted by Hans Grimm, 1928 

“The man they have most reviled stands closest to us, and the man 
they hate worst is our best friend.” 
-Adolf Hitler 

“Our motto continues to be: ‘White Man, stand with us and fight, or 
stand out of our way!” 
-George Lincoln Rockwell 

“Leadership in the struggle has to do with making things happen. 
Leadership is the people who are doing it, cutting through diversionary 
debate, smashing forms and familiarities that hold us back, and 
through developing and acting on a clear line of how we move to win, 
redefining the context, content, and meaning of the National Socialist 
Movement and the Revolution. That’s what we call SEIZING THE 

-Joseph Tommasi 

“Our greatest weakness is our belief in our own weakness. We have 
to communicate to all National Socialist Revolutionaries our strength, 
and to show them our strength we have to show them the strength of 
fighting. We must build confidence within the entire Movement before 
we can hope to help people and lead those people in revolution.” 
-Joseph Tommasi 

“I got no dead heroes.” 
-Charles Manson 



Sum Total 

Perhaps the hardest thing that National Socialists, pro-NS types and 
even revisionist historians have to deal with is the question of what 
effect did Hitler have on the world he lived in and what did he leave 
behind? Of course, the other side has no such difficulty and is quite 
clear and outspoken on the matter. They simply say that Hitler caused 
the greatest disaster in human history and, not only that, but also 
caused the direct demise of everything he himself believed in and was 
fighting for. That is to say the end of “fascism” as a potent force, the 
end of Germany as a united and independent nation, plus the spread of 
Bolshevism over most of Europe. Those are the “failures” they attach 
to his debit side. Paramount among his accomplishments they list the 
slaughter of six million Jews. That one, at least, we have the answer 
for ready at hand. Let us back up within our own framework and 
state upfront that the historical facts as we know them tell us plainly 
that the three horrifically destructive things above were outcomes of 
the Second World War, a war that was forced upon Germany, not a 
war that Hitler sought but a war engineered by Big Brother forces 
to get their master plan, i.e., world government, back on track after 
Hitler had messed it up in 1933. As not just a few Jewish and pro- 
Jewish writers (as opposed to true historians) have openly stated in 
their books, Hitler was the one personage and event of the Twentieth 
Century that wasn’t “supposed” to happen. That means that he wasn’t 
planned, at least not by them. The Federal Reserve System here was 
planned; the First World War including its outcome was planned; 
the Russian Revolution was planned; the League of Nations was 
planned; the destruction and betrayal of Germany to Bolshevism was 
planned as the linchpin to Lenin’s world revolution and nearly was an 
accomplished fact. But in came Hitler... 


An Honest Man 

Hitler’s personal qualities which clearly come through in Mein Kampf 
(a hot potato for the Jews as they can’t burn it or otherwise suppress it 
for fear of drawing too much attention but can only forewarn you that 
it’ll “bore you to death”) are painfully striking in these “modern” times. 
Total honesty, total conviction and total courage. No compromises 
and no evasions. “Here are the facts, here is what I’m doing - what are 
you going to do?” Hitler was a humble man and a man of the people if 
ever there was one. What he wanted he wanted for Germany and the 
German people, not for himself. He would have had Germany win the 
First World War - in which he risked his own life many times - so as 
to have been just a small part afterwards in its national life. He would 
have rather helped someone else in the task of resurrecting Germany 
after 1918 but, then just as now, everybody seemed to be waiting. So 
an honest man of the people did it himself. 

Aside from positively infuriating the behind-the-scenes Big Brother 
Systemites in Moscow and New York, Hitler caused unlimited 
resentment and chagrin among the stooges of the System of his day 
because he wasn’t “qualified” to do what he was doing, he didn’t 
have the social “background” for world statesmanship which he had 
assumed in the role of German Chancellor. It was this latter resentment 
among petty European, nominally “White” politicians that facilitated 
the war that would erupt in 1939. They claim Winston Churchill to be 
the “Man of the Century” but friend and foe alike should stop and ask 
themselves who’d remember Churchill today had not Hitler entered 
upon the scene? Churchill was their most willing and handy tool and 
as soon as his task was performed, he was discarded by them. 

Which brings us to the pivotal year of 1945. No real history has been 
recorded since 1945. Nothing ofa positive, upward nature has occurred 
since then. Some technology has been developed which threatens to 
destroy us all. Some infectious diseases have been curtailed while 
degenerative disease now seems to be in all our futures. Civilization 
is crumbling and dying. And they say “the best man always 

Wins”? Yet we, as National Socialists, are aware that Hitler and 
Goebbels and thousands of others were talking about ultimate victory 
even on their personal day of demise. Was this “propaganda” or were 



they “insane” as the Jews and their friends tell us? Any intelligent 
mind should know that no man and no organization of men can 
achieve what Hitler and the NSDAP achieved by telling lies and being 
unbalanced. And there is no way that a sacrifice of the magnitude of 
Germany can have been for nothing. 

[Vol. XII, #11 - Nov., 1983] 

The Meaning of Hitler 

People, even National Socialists, get the two dimensions of Hitler 
mixed up and, thereby, lose the actual concept of what he was in 
reality. There was the inspired philosopher and reformer, then there 
was the inspired politician and statesman. History has been full of the 
first type and equally full of the second type but NEVER TOGETHER 
IN THE SAME MAN. Aside from this, Hitler was entirely a man 
of his people - racially, psychically, culturally. He was gifted with 
extraordinary personal qualities. He was entirely fearless, selfless, 
absolutely dedicated to his people. What he accomplished amounts 
to the greatest miracle in history. Against every odd there was the 
Philosophy, the Party, the Revolution, the Third Reich and even the 
War itself. No one man has ever accounted for so much on his own - 
all within twenty-five years! As far as we today are concerned, those 
who are living to perpetuate and advance Hitler’s work, or at least 
live up to his example, need to understand what he meant historically. 
His Movement and his government represented the LAST TIME the 
workings of the old order would ever be harnessed and put to use 
FOR THE GOOD of the Whites of any respective nation. Hitler was 
the LAST CHANCE for the revival of Western Civilization. And so, 
in that sense, it is practically useless for us to attempt to emulate him 
today, for that phase is PAST. For those who are aware of this then, the 
choice is clear but it is not easy: Either dream in the past or live in the 
present, at the same time while FIGHTING for the future. 

[Vol. XII, #3 — March., 1983] 


A Man, The Man 

It’s worth saying again and again that the failing of the Movement has 
not been one of name or symbolism but of strategy and tactics. A few 
of our own best people have correctly observed that should a great 
mind and personality exist with the potential of becoming another 
Hitler, he would positively want nothing to do with the Movement 
in its present state. He would be instantly repelled by the idiocy, the 
smallness, the futility and the negative connection with the dead past. 
But such a mind would by nature be committed to a course of open 
action, just as Hitler was. He would waste no time in gathering 
followers and in making himself known to the world - and to every 
household - in his own original way. But how? And what would be the 
world’s reaction as well as the reaction of the individual? One way of 
knowing is to recall how the world reacted, and still reacts, to Hitler. 
The Jews are cunning and the individual is blind and stupid. 
Someone of an extraordinary nature must be among us somewhere in 
one guise or another. Not one more faker either, but truly a personality 
of extraordinary proportions. When one takes into account that Hitler 
was joined by many great men then there is room to accept that 
more than one might - must - exist today. The times are still early, 

[Vol. X, #9 — Sept., 1981] 

What to Look For and How to Look 

Forget about knights on white horses or a stereotype Right Wing 
superhero in a three-piece suit. Forget about middle America or 
any one of those slobs arising out of the middle class or the “Silent 
Majority.” Expect them to remain silent throughout. Certainly you can 
forget about any current Right Wing “leaders” ever amounting to a 
damn either by supreme sacrifice on the part of their memberships or 
through blind luck. They are committed to defeat. In fact, no one who 
says he is it is likely to BE it. 

You can throw out all the old rule books accumulated over the decades. 
You cannot discover the right man either by searching through the 



System or its media or by him trying to reach you through the media 
or the System. He will not proceed by established rules. Avoid all the 
symptoms of “head-up-the-ass syndrome” if you are to keep your eyes 
open wide: Moralism, squeamishness, prudery, bourgeois hang-ups. 
Right Wingism, reaction, etc. Stop looking in all the wrong places. If 
things are as barren as the Right Wing formula would indicate, then 
we are truly lost. And I cannot accept that as being the case. 
Try thinking logically. The right man would know instinctively or 
would learn very fast that the System would never knowingly allow 
a real leader of the people to arise. Therefore he will never represent 
himself as such. This all at once rules out the fakers and the assholes. 
He would be well aware of the state of the masses of people and 
would therefore not be a politician or follow a political course geared 
to a hope of a mass following. He would know already that the 
people cannot recognize their own leader. He would see that a formal 
movement or organization cannot be successfully built (the System 
won’t allow it) and therefore his every move could be expected to 
defy all convention. Being primarily a man of action, he would know 
better than most that the truth remains for the moment our only and 
best weapon. Therefore he would know how to put it to its best use. 
Since the deaths of Rockwell and Tommasi there has not been 
a personality type to fill the gap of possessing a magnetic and 
commanding presence. Aside from the Right Wing being mainly all 
chiefs and no Indians, what Right Wingers that do make up the rank- 
and-file for the most part are of notoriously poor quality and have 
been the bane of the entire Movement. The right man would have 
to be quality in order to attract quality types around him. The Right, 
worse than just words, is mostly paper words at that - dry and dead. 
This man would possess the power of the spoken word which is the 
spark to revolutionary action. He would most probably follow in the 
classic mold of greatness in that his apprenticeship in life would have 
been long and his “career” would have only begun at or about the age 
of thirty. One other thing. He would know the value of symbolism and 
he would choose the Swastika as his symbol. 

[Vol. X, #9 - Sept., 1981] 


Men of Ili Repute 

In this Movement a man of ill repute is one who scares the hell out 
of and embarrasses the fakers by approaching “kindling temperature” 
and “bringing down the heat.” I’ve done this two or three times in the 
recent past which is why Iam my own publisher today: I’ve yet to scare 
myself. But SIEGE might be called a publication of ill repute because 
it serves as part of a larger force geared toward the implementation of 
everything printed in these pages. It is action-oriented, not idle chatter. 
The majority of the rest are great when it comes to telling it like it was 
or when it comes to singing the blues, both of which are very “safe” 
and even profitable. We however are more concerned with NOW and 

Hitler and Rockwell were not mere philosophers or writers, they were 
men of action! Men who acted upon their words! Let us right now 
reclaim an old Anglo-Saxon word heretofore long since stolen and 
perverted by our racial enemies and used when describing their own 
minions to the unsuspecting world: Men of “integrity.” How often 
have you heard that applied to complete scum-suckers until the sight 
and sound of it alone is enough to sicken? The definition of integrity - 
one definition - is simply COMPLETENESS. And, to me, this would 
entail a man who can think, speak and ACT. What this also then means 
is that men of integrity are hated and feared in this Movement. They 
are, in essence, LEADERS who, again by their nature, threaten the 
livelihood of crooks and fakers. Rockwell himself wrote it again and 
again that the White Race is dying from a lack of LEADERSHIP. 
And in more recent times we have seen others: Joseph Tommasi who 
first set this Movement on a completely revolutionary course. At this 
point it should come as no surprise to anyone that I would include in 
the first rank the name of Charles Manson, probably the farthest ahead 
of his time, for having done in fact many of the things outlined in the 



Above and next page: Fallen Leaders 



In Memory Of - 

Joseph Charles Tommasi 
Born - 

Connecticut — April 15, 1951 
Passed Away - 

August 15, 1975 — El Monte 
Services ~ 

Wednesday, August 20, 1975 — 10:00 A.M. 

Chapel of the Good Shepherd 

Roy C, Addleman and Son Funeral Home 
Officiating - 

Reverend Edward Schultz 

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Rose Hills Memorial Park 

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11338 E. Valley Blvd. — El Monte — 442-1000 

highly futuristic - but nonetheless straight-down-the-line Turner 
Diaries. Those bogged down in System thought-processes hate men of 
action but Rockwell knew, and as he wrote and DEMONSTRATED, 



the people will only respond to a man of action. Any other than a 
man of action is effectively INVISIBLE. The truth will not make you 
free; only ACTION. How easy it has been for them to suppress all 
our truth. Not so easily can they hide ACTION. It has the effect of 
leaving the fakers and the parasites standing alone and exposed as 
in the middle of a forty-acre field. It is electrifying. It is unifying. It 
builds the confidence to go on toward even greater things. 
One thing pretty much for sure is that we may take a cue from our 
communist adversaries and look at what were known in the Forties 
and Fifties as “transmission belts.” And as unpalatable as it may be 
for many in the Movement, it was said of Stalin that what kept him 
in power over the huge, world-wide communist apparatus was not the 
terror at his command but the faith, the trust and the respect that his 
name inspired in the rank-and-file. Men are more apt to make sacrifices 
for those whom they look up to for those men have made even greater 
personal sacrifices or have gained far greater results themselves. And 
that kind of stature doesn’t come quick or easy. Commander Rockwell 
certainly had it. Joe Tommasi had it. The number is few. 
The man of ill repute today must one day go on to emerge as the Hero 
that he is just as our entire Movement must emerge as the savior of 
an entire People. And the fever of action-orientation must break out 
of the isolation it presently is in and assume infectious proportions 
before our revolution can hope to sweep over the land, taking every 
obstacle in its path. But it all begins with the proper thought. Those 
with a lot of rethinking to do had better get started. 

[Vol. XI, #7 - July., 1982;] 

Promise Destroyed; 
Promised Destruction 

At the height of Western development, that is during the mid and latter 
Nineteenth Century, the best brains and philosophers accurately 



George Lincoln Rockwell, “Man of Ill Repute“, as photographed 
by the Presidential Portrait experts, Harris & Ewing 



Above: Francis Parker Yockey, author of 
the Spenglerian tome, Imperium 



predicated what the next century would hold for Western Man, the 
White Race. And that was Adolf Hitler, National Socialism and the 
Third Reich in Germany. As hard as it is for many of us today to View 
the affairs of Western life in the Nineteenth Century as anything but 
grand and glorious, those great philosophers such as Nietzsche hated 
their own times and projected towards something much brighter to 
come over the next two or three generations in Europe. Come it did 
like a miraculous resurrection following the disaster of the First World 
War and the future could hardly have appeared more secure. Hitler 
was the embodiment of that which the best had foretold, from Wagner 
to Chamberlain, from Gobineau to Grant. Not only the fulfilment of 
German national destiny but the answer to the total dilemma of the West, 
the promise of the future of Aryan Man to be built upon the foundations 
already laid from the time of the Renaissance, the Crusades and even 
before, to complete the compassing of the globe and to go on to reach 
out for the universe. Only a lunatic or an otherwise fevered brain 
could have conceived even a tiny glimpse of the Gotterdammerung 
of Europe, the Second World War, which ended - for all time - that 
promise that had begun with the very beginnings of the West itself 
following the collapse of Rome and of Classical Civilization. In that 
sense, true history came to a halt in 1945. Since that time, what we 
have witnessed has amounted strictly to the decomposition of the 
dead body of what had been traditionally known as the West. And the 
process enters high gear as we look about us today. Our best latter- 
day philosophers, from Francis Parker Yockey (author of Imperium) 
to William Gayley Simpson’s excellent work Which Way Western 
Man?, and even including Commander Rockwell’s contribution 
to the field, White Power, all trace the growth, the decline and the 
final destruction in their sagas of the West - the world in which they 
each matured and lived. They analyze the death symptoms and place 
the blame and responsibility squarely where they belong. But with 
regard to the future they all agree on the same thing as well: Either 
the suicidal trends are reversed mighty shortly or all culture perishes 
forever. None of them are able to offer any bright ray of hope, any 
assurances whatsoever, as did their predecessors one hundred years 

They pose the challenge of whether we will be able to put the lie to 



that maverick of thought among them, Oswald . Spengler, who said 
so long ago that we were finished after all. And that is precisely where 
we stand today. recent years - very recent years - is the consensus 
that not only is the total destruction of the world-wide System and 
Establishment inevitable now, but it is our only best hope. Not even 
Spengler himself could have foreseen a twist like that. 

Those of us within the traditional Movement are today running a 
dangerous risk of going down with a past that we refuse to turn loose 
of. The old NS phrase that announces that we are not the last star of 
the evening but the first star of the morning is hollow and “trite” by 
contemporary, smug definitions of “past” and “future.” Adolf Hitler 
represented the END of one world-historic era and the man who 
represents the START of a new one either has not appeared or he has 
not yet been recognized. This man, whoever he may be, will however 
definitely pick up where Hitler left off, of that we may assure ourselves. 
There have been in the past, and still are today, many men who can be 
considered as great leaders and “pointers of the way.” So far though 
they have all been of a single mold and, so far, none of their results 
have even approached the spectacular, much less the epoch-making, 
which is after all what is required. We must have a TOTAL break with 
the past if we are to survive it. This means in very practical terms that 
we should, we must, take up looking in places OTHER than those to 
which we’ve become too familiarly accustomed. We must broaden 
our scope. 

Now if our latter-day prophets in the line of Yockey, etc., were 
unconsciously saying something profound when they apparently 
left us hanging with the specter of desolation, then it would mean 
that a man would one day come to take all these loose, unexplained, 
incomprehensible ends into his hands and make something of them 
that we could use, that we could understand and follow. If a man 
never wrote anything of his own then that would make it all the much 
harder for the rest of us to see and know him. But there was once 
before a prophet who wrote nothing in his own lifetime and who was 
recognized only after his death. In our supposed present level of higher 
enlightenment, we might hope to avoid the repeat of such a tragedy 
and embarrassment. But can we? 

Historic phases come and go but the pattern, the historic pattern, 



doesn’t change. Rockwell might say that unless we were able to be 
ABANDONED by Providence itself - as he frequently referred to 
it then it seemed impossible to believe that we could be kept thus 
down forever. That would have to be then the kernel of our essence 
that keeps us believing. And in line with this thought would be the 
repeating historic pattern of a man being sent in amongst us at the 
moment of crisis to make the critical difference. We must not fall into 
the trap of stereotyping the kind of individual, from where and in what 
manner, who might fulfil this historic promise. 

First of all, would he not have to be totally APART, right from birth, 
from this System and this Establishment if he truly were to be a 
prophet for the future of our Race? And, in terms of practicality, what 
would this mean? Might not it mean someone you’d hesitate to sit 
next to at a coffee counter? Would it not mean a total outlaw? Second, 
would not a man with such an historic mission to accomplish be 
one of extraordinary powers of personality, mannerism and speech? 
Would he not be a LEADER of exceptional magnitude? And would 
the System - could it afford to allow such a man to roam free to do his 
natural work? Third, would this man with a sacred awareness act the 
part of our typical Right Wing fakers, i.e., a pretentious lout all decked 
out in gaudy uniform and demanding fealty from a handful of pitiful 
defectives like some idiot? Or would he be found to be LIVING in his 
one-on-one existence in a microcosm of the exact same position as 
our whole people lives in, in harsh reality, at the very BOTTOM? He 
would be FOR REAL and in this world in its current state, “for real” 
means not very pretty. Have we the guts to look it in the face even if 
it means our own LIVES? 

This is only another way I am trying to show the Movement of 
approaching Charles Manson, for there is a great deal more to him 
than is generally supposed. I say only that the case merits a closer 
look on the part of each and every National Socialist who desires to 
be part of the future. To scorn the strange man in the shaggy beard 
who sits locked in a System jail cell simply because he doesn’t fit 
some set standard for what we might be expecting or hoping for is to 
be very foolish indeed. Be on the lookout for the thief in the night. It 
isn’t that we’ve been looking in all the obvious places because, from 
an historic standpoint, we simply haven’t been. We’ve been looking 



in all the easy places, rather like sitting in one’s living room at home 
and watching the progression of clowns pass before the screen of the 
TV over a period of years. The stakes themselves and the nature of the 
circumstances should tell anyone of logical mind that nothing about 
this will be pleasant or easy, let alone conventional. I’ve been assured 
that things will happen fast when they begin to happen. 

[Vol. XI, #7 - July, 1982] 

Forces Which Are Positive 

What shames the entire Right Wing existing today is that Hitler 
outlined, step-by-step, what to do and how to do it in Mein Kampf. 
Nobody since Rockwell and Tommasi has had the guts and the 
gumption to do it. Hitler also told us within the pages of Mein Kampf 
precisely how to spot the right man, our best friend, at a glance, and 
we have for the most part failed to heed his guidance in that as well. 
What propelled Hitler and his Movement in Germany ever forward 
was duty, love and devotion, all of which were applied under the most 
expert management. Doing the best one can do given the circumstances 
of the moment. Yet, allowing for what occurred in 1923 and in 1945, 
we must always bear in mind that even the best, most inspired efforts 
may be overwhelmed. 

Right Wing hate and paranoia won’t make it and cannot hope to form 
the basis of a movement. The power and force trip won’t make it 
either for the Movement is powerless. Socio-political tunnel-vision, 
being too close to our work, is fatal because everything must be taken 
and viewed in balance with everything else. Someone said that we are 
“operating in a vacuum.” We are not. A better way of putting it is that 
we are “starring in our own movie.” There must be total awareness, not 
partial ignorance. There must be absolute love for our own Kind plus 
an abiding respect for all Nature. There must be the spirit of sacrifice, 
something which was always at a premium in the Right and which 
has now all but evaporated. Because we were hyped on the para- 
military approach, because we saw only narrowly, because we were 
very ignorant of what was going on around us, because were largely 
unaware and because hate and paranoia were two of our main pillars, 



we lost track of events after 1967, that is, when we lost our leader, 
Commander Rockwell. The very year of Rockwell’s death a new path 
was being blazed three thousand miles away on the other side of the 
continent. Two very short years later, in 1969, it burst upon the world 
as few things have done before and it remains alive and in full force 
with us today. Even as National Socialists, we have been blinded and 
have proven equally vulnerable to the System media misrepresentation 
every bit as much as the cursed and despised “masses,” the “goyim.” 
We are fully capable of being just as bigoted and prejudiced as the 
Jews and the Liberals claim we are. It took me fully twelve years to 
really wake up and see that here is a man and a movement with all the 
right credentials that Hitler himself specified and which has to qualify 
positively as the System’s “most reviled.” 

[Vol. X., #9 - Sept, 1981] 

Power to Blow Nazis’ Minds 

We were supposed to be the ultimate mind-blow and indeed we were 
until after the death of Rockwell. Still in all, at the best of times, we 
labored and struggled under the stigma of “un-American,” again 
because of the past. The Commander sat up most nights painstakingly 
devising ways to shock the pants off of complacent Americans. One 
man succeeded in doing this without so much as trying. There is only 
one man and one group of followers who can conceivably be considered 
as being smeared as much, if not more so, than Adolf Hitler and his 
Nazis in Germany. And, it is important to note, smeared by the self same 
people. With Jewry and its accomplices all-triumphant at the close of 
World War Two, and with the Nuremberg Trials as a precedent, can 
the outcome of any head-on clash between this man and his followers 
and the System - especially in 1969 - be doubted? The System is as 
fearful as it is vengeful. At a closer look, if, as anyone will agree, true 
leadership is a pyramid then the fact that nothing of a positive, epoch- 
making nature is happening currently has an easy explanation. The 
leader is jailed and the pyramid is thus turned upside-down. Today’s 
Right Wing is notoriously made up of born losers while the Party in 
Germany was composed of born winners. Only Hitler himself - by 



virtue of an extremely fortuitous genetic combination - might have 
been taken as a “loser” during his thirty-year apprenticeship period, 
but yet rose to the top as the Leader of Leaders. One man today rose 
to the top of a group of people taken mainly from society’s elite 
upper-crust whose own origins were something less than modest. The 
time, the place, the wrappings are different. The phenomenon is the 
same. Hitler and Rockwell stressed the importance of appealing to the 
young. This man did so as naturally as he did it dynamically. Reality 
is emphasized. Wishful thinking negated. The traditional Right has 
the stigma of being sexually hung up. It was women who voted Hitler 
into power and it was Commander Rockwell who said, “A man who 
won’t fuck won’t fight.” One person today has a reputation for having 
declared war on sex hang-ups. Rough, back-to-nature survivalism was 
being practiced in the 1960’s. Rather than a stag milieu, this group 
was made up of men, women and their children. Only Whites were 
permitted. Jews were recognized for what they are. 
Environmentalism was practiced and war was declared against 
polluters and exploiters in the 1960’s. Death to System sucks and 
Hollywood phonics was practiced... and a System lynching took place. 
[Vol. X, #9 - Sept, 1981] 

The Truth Is One 

The One Truth came to be called National Socialism by Adolf Hitler 
in 1919. Today, under a different setting it might be called Universal 
Order, or something of the like. No one has a monopoly on the truth. 
And no one has a monopoly on the proper modus operandi: DO IT! 
No one is invulnerable to the common pitfalls, like blabbermouths 
on the inside. Anyone who really hits the System can expect to be hit 
back. And when it involves the System’s “President” who publicly 
voices the “thumbs down” before any trial has taken place, then you 
know it must be of a unique nature for sure. 

I am no kind of a sucker for a bandwagon or a con game of any sort. 
The fact is that, after doing my own trip for over twelve years while all 
this other was transpiring, almost totally oblivious to it all, I stumbled 
onto a discovery similar only to the discovery I made when I bumped 



into Adolf Hitler - the real one as opposed to the media-created one 
which everyone is aware of. And as with that earlier discovery, I 
proceeded to check it out thoroughly. To first read all the System trash 
available on it and then to unravel and separate truth from lies. To get 
to know the actual people involved rather than to take someone else’s 
word for it. To begin to get personally involved in it myself and start 
to become identified with it not giving a damn what anyone else - in 
their ignorance - cared or said. The experiences and feelings that I 
went through during last fall and winter after making the acquaintance 
of Charles Manson and members of his Family can only be compared 
to those I went through after first becoming a National Socialist and 
dealing with the rest of the world as such. It was and remains a special 
kind of feeling. To sum it up I quote from one Family member who 
commented after I had introduced her to the books of George Lincoln 
Rockwell (for she was already familiar with Mein Kampf), “Where 
Rockwell stops, Manson begins.” 

Of the two groups - ours and Manson’s - theirs is the more current 
and up-to-date. Psychologically and in coming to grips mentally 
with the nature of the situation, they are way ahead of us. Practically 
and operationally, we are ahead of them. It can only be compared 
to making contact with another intelligence in the universe. “What 
has your science learned?” They are leery only of individuals, not of 
the world and the situation itself as so many in the Right are. They 
expected ultraviolence and blood-and-guts from us just as I was told 
by the Jewish media to expect of them. The basis of our idealism 
is practically the same whereas our redneck and cultivated “macho” 
image makes us out to be barbarians, the preponderance of women 
in the Manson Family though no less action minded gives them a 
lot more of a religious, “apart” quality. They are in fact very moral, 
quaint in many ways, naive in some ways, polite, softspoken, but 
more fiercely dedicated than most I’ve known calling themselves 
National Socialist. They are scrupulously honest. They bewilder me 
at times. They are very, very slick. They are keenly intelligent and 
usually know what you’re about to say before you say it. They resent 
the image made for them by the media far, far more than we resent 
the one that has been made for us. We laugh at and enjoy ours while 
they are outraged and indignant over theirs. When dealing honestly 



and openly with them - as I always have done - we get along together 
magnificently. Lying and holding back, or the playing of phony ego or 
personality games with them is detected immediately and is held up 
before one just like a mirror. Racially, they are all tops. Maybe when 
we speak of the kind of person and mentality of the future, we are 
actually talking about these kind of people. 
No one reading SIEGE should allow any of this to shock them or 
become dismayed in any way for I have been of the same mind since 
before the first Manson contacts were made. We have our areas of 
disagreement. I can present no hard-and-fast conclusions at this time. 
Certainly no drastic changes in course are contemplated. I do know 
that circumstances are removing options fast and that our course and 
the Manson course seem to be converging. Manson acted in 1969 (and 
the understanding and appreciation of that act stands at about zero). 
It is now 1981 and he is still there and watching. I was asked by one, 
“What took you so long?” I had to stop and think about my answer 
before I could give it. I felt like a novice, a dumb-ass kid. You can’t 
bullshit these people. We were separated by three thousand miles and 
were developing in our own worlds, with once huge differences which 
have shrank drastically over the years. We have essentially arrived at 
the same place having come across widely divergent paths. We have a 
lot to offer one another. And the Enemy, just as the Truth, is the same. 
[Vol. X, #9 - Sept, 


Above: “Servant of the Truth”, Charles Manson 


Charles Mason 

They’ ll say that you can’t have anything to do with such a criminal, 
such a defective, such a pervert, such a monster. The lesson of history 
is clear and the method of the Jew is exposed for those with the 
understanding, the intelligence and the courage that it takes to put it 
to use. For the rest, they write themselves off right away, as easily as 
that. The Revolution is going to call for people who will think, “To 
hell with all that other! What has he to say?” For when they exclaim 
to hell with the other, they mean the whole System, everything it says 
and everything it stands for. They then stand at the beginning. (Adolf 
Hitler was unable to do this because at his time he was able to work 
within that system but, in so doing, may have engendered his own 
ultimate end.) 

Those who cannot, under any circumstances, accept or even try to 
accept Manson are unconscious of the fact that, in reality, this means 
they cannot accept their own reflections. They are then severely 
crippled - just like the Jews say they are - and not only useless to 
themselves or anyone else but that same kind of liability to anything 
they may get into as I have attempted in many various ways to outline 
and illustrate in SIEGE over the years. 

(Even in the hostile, Jewish-System accounts of the Manson Family, 
you'll find no dregs or cripples such as abound in the Right Wing. 
Only the best from among the best - racially and otherwise, profoundly 
alienated by a Jew System - just as it was with the NSDAP in Germany.) 
There is the immediate rise of, “What about all those drugs?” Part 
of the legend and lore of the Kosher myth-building machine. First, 
speaking for myself only, I have never used drugs and never plan to. 
Not only do I not feel I require them for any reason, I feel they are 
detrimental to the faculties both mental and physical. Second, I have 
had explained to me by people who are “drug wise” that there is a 
differentiation between natural substances such as “grass” and certain 
hallucinogens, and the rest of the broad drug spectrum. It was that 
spectrum of addictive, manufactured drugs that Manson specifically 
forbade among his circle. But, just from a practical point of view, you 
tell a young White kid he must get his hair cut and give up grass, etc., 
and you are going to lose him to the other side who will be thinking 



to themselves - rightfully - just what a jerk you are. We will interior 
decorate only AFTER we have extinguished the house fire. (Same 
goes for sex practices as long as it is kept WHITE, just as Manson 
Last of all, as could easily be deduced from my shotgun blast against 
any form of “religiosity” earlier in SIEGE, I go for nothing, indeed 
have no tolerance for anything remotely “spooky.” All of this is real, it 
is solid, it is as “American as apple pie,” and it only may seem strange 
on the surface because it is so new. Manson, like Hitler, is as human 
as you or I. He is just special by Virtue of a one-in-a-hundred-million 
shot of gene combinations which gives him his ideas, his personality 
and his physical presence. So, children, be as naughty as you like but 
don’t be afraid. 

[Vol. XI, #11 — Nov., 1982] 


Charles Manson also describes himself as being an outlaw, among 
other things. And this is one more term that we must be precise in 
our understanding of. The System and its hacks would be too quick 
to jump into full agreement with this all-too-simple statement. Too 
.simple, that is, on its face. 
To the American mass-mind the word “outlaw” triggers notions of the 
Wild West. Notions, by the way, planted there by a Jewish Hollywood. 
But an outlaw in real life, in the present day, need not be a person 
trying to exist in a bygone time and he need not necessarily be even a 
fugitive or a desperado. An outlaw is only a person who exists outside 
the law. 
The question then becomes one of: What law, whose law? The “law” 
presently, as it has been for many years, is no more than a tool of 
repression in the hands of an alien, Enemy regime. One can be a 
passive outlaw without bringing down the forces of Big Brother on 
one’s head. 
However, are not ALL true revolutionaries outlaws? 

[Vol. XII., #1 - Jan., 1983] 





Manson refuses to help 
‘good friend’ Warthan es 

murret Charles Manoa says be 
wnai try te help An fread, Perry 
Red” Warthan, whe cate himeell 3 
Nan ia face murder charges in Nro 

Tim aat pong 10 wrie hem Tm nat 
pong ia be responuhie tor Mim Im 
fot holding him up He Ms i dold 
bene! up pu bhe I Rad ia Mod 
meil op” wd Mamoa ia a apy 
right intervene wih a repie Roger 
Avteorth of the Chica Enterprise 

The intervirw whet tok ptite at 
the Vacaville state prison shere Man 
on serving a hie sentence for the 
Taia Bana murders wat puw 
ohni Fnday by ibe Enterpris 
Record ii cad t ocurred rreenity 

Manoa A? was Convicted of ibe 
shaping of actress Saroa Tate Imi 
eigh otber people io Los Angeles ia 
190, and was initially sentenced to 
death before Calllorale’s draid 

penty lee iene uaran 

trougt together by James Mawe of 
Chillicothe, Oto. Mamon Aas kanwa 
Mawa since Manson wis 3 prisoner i0 
a federal reformatory where Mina s 
taiher was a guard long Before Ibe 
Tate killings 

The Oho man, whom Mamaa ralh 
a Sent,” ciama to be the man pubi 
spokesman lor 3 Mansoeunnurd phl 
macai party and retigiegs wet collet 
the "Univeral Order 

Like Warthan, Mason a an mied 
member of the National Senta 
Whee Poopte s Party, the Nazi party 

ln a telephone wierviee with ibe 
Eaterpere Record, Mason wid he hod 
bern i regular Cortespoedence wah 
Maman Barter thes year, he decid 
the “Tinewersal Order” etch he sind 
hav houi 20) members, aredd 3 
dunt contact ah Maawa Friend 
suggested Warthan, be sad 

Mason aed be contacted Warthan, 
whe was at firm rebectent, but iben 
agreed me eee CIE rete wire 
Praa records show that 

Hewat Iie sas aena pni fer rine Martens 
karià tre a as many wears bu Warthan visited Mamon fou times 
mony before his own arrest 

Warthan, di, has pleaded innocent 
to charges cf murdering a I? year old 
Police say Wariban kiled Joseph 
Hoover because ihe youth told police 
Warthan was behind racist literatore 
stutied ia scbonl lockers 

Marson told Aytweeth that while he 
woot help Warihan, “I love hin irre 
gardes I respect him and | love 

Warthan has boasted he was Mar 
sons only “spokesman” in Pune 
County. Marson agreed thal he and 
Worthan are clow 

We are pond frends He doesn? he 
to me and | dent he to dim We fave 3 
pretiy goad rehomp, howd on s 
geet inundan Maman wit 

Menoa relerred io Warthon os 
The Reverend Red 
He g revereod ia the reperi that 
be loves the world be lives in” Mon 
soa aid. “He takes responubelity for 
the thoughts that he bas f see no bad 
in the man. All (ht mae wants to don 
survive in a world of people thal push 
bem in a Thousand directions and ew 
ham and mises him” 

Aller bis arrest, Warthon talked 
about a ranch somewhere in Northera 
Calfornia where be would take Nari 
recruits for outings 

About that, Manson aid “Yeon, be 
was Irving to get away from ihe mad 
ness | told him a wouldnt work ia get 
reny froma | had a Marre form too 



help’ Warthin, 

not make things rougher or him by 

staying in contact with him during his 

trial stage, Pius, of how mach 

can a man ina maximum security pris 

son over a hundred 


iles away he’ 

Manson dhi not knew Mason until 

siter the killings 
father but uncle 

Like Worthan, 


at the relormator 

\lason is net an 

mitted a written resieration in 1976 

the grounds th 
hitionrry anv longer 
the pow mme ond stoma! for 

Revolt ions ries to roir to 



Nazi forty member bet suh 

fit sav that he would 

And it was not Mason's 


t the forty wis not reve 
Alanson provided 

Beyond Sensation 

Revolutionaries and National Socialists should never be so interested 
in pure sensation as they are with the dynamics behind it. So it is with 
the situation which broke in the West Coast newspapers last month 
involving our good and valued Comrade Red Warthan. 
They say Warthan was behind the propaganda blitzing of Oroville, 
Ca., schools. They say he was responsible for the killing of police 
informant in relation to the previously mentioned activity. They are 
also saying that Warthan was in close, direct contact with Charles 
Manson in the course of Movement development. 
We will admit only that, yes, Warthan had paid a number of trips to 
Vacaville to see Manson and that, as far as the police informants are 
concerned, we agree that death is the proper medicine. The rest of the 
particulars will be left up to the System to sort out and determine, if 
they can. 
In the meantime very important work has been disrupted and a most 
valuable comrade has been incarcerated by the System. These are 
some of the adversities that confront the building of truly revolutionary 
movements. But these are the very obstacles which Hitler said must 
never be surrendered to but, instead, broken and overcome. So it shall 
be in this most recent instance. 


Further Disruption 

Only days before the arrest of Red Warthan came the news in the 
national media of a “possible jail break attempt” on the part of Manson 
and a number of confederates in Vacaville, Ca. A number of allegedly 
“contraband” items were uncovered and Manson and the rest were 
subsequently moved to maximum security quarters for an unspecified 
period of time. 

First, to those who have had an interest in all of this for awhile, the 
pattern is familiar enough. They can’t seem to leave him alone out 
there but insist on harassing him at more or less frequent, regular 
intervals in hopes of, supposedly, keeping his thoughts off balance. 



However, one concurrent pattern that has been clearly noticed is that, 
contrary to the plan, Manson has been getting stronger and better 
over recent years. The result of this latest ploy? Communication gets 
slowed down. But we ask of every one of our readers to consider what 
it means to be an individual in prison who slowly acquires slightly 
better accommodations, a little more personal liberty, more chance 
for recreation, etc., only to have all this arbitrarily snatched away over 
some pretext in this manner. Such is the day-to-day lot of the man 
who holds all the answers to the crisis which the world finds itself in 
today. And this is how thin the thread of ultimate survival is. It could 
just as easily be broken. Our job is to gain the indestructible IDEA 
in time, get it developed to the point where it has been made safely 
INVULNERABLE to these barbaric machinations. 
The greater point is that, by these actions, the System proves beyond 
any doubt that they are more than willing to PLAY GAMES in matters 
of Life versus Death. If anything, it will be this that will lead to their 
final destruction. What about YOU? 

[Vol. XI., #12 - Dec, 1982] 

By Accident or Design 

The Movement as a whole has traditionally been fundamentally 
opposed to anarchy. It is our nature to favor order over chaos. 
According to tradition, anarchy has been associated with the Left. But 
today we have arrived at the point where traditional definitions of 
“Left vs. Right” no longer carry much valid meaning. To be “Right” 
is to support the System and the Powers That Be; while to be “Left” 
is to support mass or mob rule, in short, democracy. Can we adopt 
either stance knowing what we do? The answer of course is that we 
cannot any longer play the role of traditionalists or get caught up in 
the detached, unreal world of party politics which, in any event, is 
owned and operated by the Enemy. The System itself must go. The 
masses are entirely unfit to rule even their own daily lives. As long as 
the System survives it will never allow the formation of an alternate, 
incipient body ready to step in and take over the reigns of government 
following its own collapse. What answer then is left but anarchy? 



Surprising as it may sound to many in light of such docu-dramas as 
“Helter Skelter,” etc., Manson and his people stated afterward that, 
during the trials of 1969-71, they left the judges untouched deliberately 
because they did not wish to lend to the creation of an anarchy. This 
was the identical outlook George Lincoln Rockwell held towards the 
law and the courts. Manson’s war at that time was with Hollywood 
and the Media and only later did they realize that the courts and 
judges were controlled by the same bunch who rules Hollywood. This 
approach and this outlook are the mark of civilized intelligence; it is 
not the practice of a philosophy of annihilation as has been credited to 
Manson (as well as to Hitler). Had Manson wanted to do in 1969 what 
they claim he wanted to do, he could have done it. And had Hitler 
desired the domination of the world in 1940, he would have allowed 
no Dunkirk. Both men had something to offer the world but we see 
instead what developed. Commander Rockwell too stressed legality 
in the face of a nakedly criminal brute seated in power in America. So 
many missed opportunities... 
If the mess in the world and in America were the result of accidents 
or goofs, as the Media would have us believe, then there could be a 
chance of straightening it out through legal and reasonable methods. 
But if things have arrived at this point, on the one hand, by half 
the power stratum consciously betraying the nation down a path 
predetermined for destruction and, on the other hand, the rest of the 
Power Establishment selling out the responsibility to their people and 
nation by turning a blind eye to this other for the sake of career and 
profit, then only the TOTAL DESTRUCTION of this governmental 
form will work. Total anarchy is far preferable to the fiendishly 
diabolical, carefully manipulated destruction and betrayal now taking 
It is the only means by which we can hope to derail Big Brother’s plan 
for the end of our Race. It is the ONLY way we can even the odds. 
The game-board is rigged against us and so we are constrained to kick 
over the gaming table itself. Treat criminals as criminals, never play 
favorites with one bunch over another, never indulge in shell games, 

[Vol. XI., #7 - July, 1982] 


Revolutionary Man 

I spoke much earlier in SIEGE about Mass Man and Representational 
Man - the low and high levels of the broad human spectrum. But Savitri 
Devi, in her work entitled, The Lightning and the Sun, describes for us 
an even higher type of man: 

“They live and wait. Knowingly or unknowingly, they are waiting for 
Kalki; Kalki the last Man Against Time; the one whom Adolf Hitler 
foresaw in 1928; the Avenger who will give them — or their children 
— the world. “The last incarnation of him-who-comes-back — the last 
Man Against Time has many names. Every great faith, every great 
culture, every true (living or obsolete) form of tradition as old as the 
fall of man has given him one... the Christians behold him in Christ, 
present for the second time; no longer a meek preacher of love and 
forgiveness but the irresistible leader of the celestial white horsemen 
destined to put an end to this sinful world and establish a new heaven 
and a new earth. The Mohammedan world is awaiting him under the 
gestures of Mahdi, whom Allah shall send “at the end times,” to crush 
all evil through the powers of his sword — “after the Jews will once 
more have become the masters of Jerusalem” and after “the Devil 
will have taught men to set even the air they breathe on fire.” And 
the millions of Hindustan have called him from time immemorial and 
still call him Kalki, the last incarnation of the world-sustaining power: 
Vishnu; the one who will, in the interest of life, put an end to this 
age of gloom and open a new succession of ages. “That last, great 
individual — an absolute harmonious blending of the sharpest of all 
opposites equally sun and lightning — is the one whom the faithful of 
all religions and the bearers of practically all cultures await; the one 
whom Adolf Hitler (knowingly or unknowingly) said in 1928: “I am 
not he; but while nobody comes forward to prepare the way for him, 
In do so.” 


Above: Savitri Devi, author of The Lightning and the Sun 



“Contrarily to Adolf Hitler, he will spare nota single one of the enemies 
of the divine cause: not a single one of its outspoken opponents but 
also not a single one of the lukewarm, of the opportunists, of the 
ideological heretical, of the racially bastardized, of the unhealthy, of 
the hesitating, of the all-too-human; not a single one of those who, in 
body of character or mind, bear the stamp of the fallen ages. 
“His companions at arms will be the last National Socialists; the men 
of iron who will have victoriously stood the test of persecution and, 
what is more, the test of complete isolation in the midst of a dreary, 
indifferent world in which they have no place; who are facing that 
world and defying it through every gesture, every hint — every silence 
of theirs and, more and more (in the case of the younger ones) without 
even the personal memory of Adolf Hitler’s great days to sustain them. 
They are the ones who will, one day, make good of all that Men Against 
Time have suffered in the course of history, like they themselves for 
the sake of eternal truth: the avenging comrades whom the millions 
of 1945 — the dying, the tortured, and the desperate survivors — called 
in vain; those whom all the vanquished fighters against time called in 
vain, in every phase of the great cosmic struggle without beginning, 
against the forces of disintegration, co-eternal with the forces of life. 
“They are time the bridge to superman-hood, of which Nietzsche has 
spoken; the last battalion, in which Hitler has put his confidence. 
“Kalki will lead them, through the flames of the great end, into the 
sunshine of the new Golden Age. 
“We like to hope that the memory of the one-before-the-last and most 
heroic of all our Men Against Time — Adolf Hitler — will survive, 
at least in songs and symbols. We like to hope that the lords of the 
age, men of his own blood and faith, will render him divine honors, 
through rites full of meaning and full of potency, in the cool shade 
of the endless regrown forests, on the beaches, or upon the inviolate 
mountain peaks, facing the rising sun.” 
Any of the two-bit, tin-horn “Fuhrers” who think they can follow that 
act, take three steps forward! 



A New Phase, A New Course 

One long-time veteran of this Movement commented to me about two 
years ago when I sprang on him my new “discovery,” “Jim, P1 just 
consider that this is your latest fantasy and that it'Il be gone in a couple 
of months.” I responded that if indeed this were a “fantasy,” it was only 
my second one in fourteen years - the first having been everything 
ever represented by Adolf Hitler and George Lincoln Rockwell. Quite 
apart from being a fantasy, I was not long in finding out that I was 
not first in my unorthodox and thus far self-kept findings. Since then 
others have come to the same conclusions and conviction. Finally, 
today, it has reached the point where it has broken the surface on its 
own and people are going to have to start taking a stand on the issue. 
Who recognizes history being made? Who would have guessed that a 
well-established National Socialist Movement in Europe would have 
latched onto, or been latched onto by an ex-vagabond from Austria 
named Hitler? Who in 1919 would have foreseen the social, political, 
economic and military MIRACLES that were to mark the next twenty- 
five-year period? Greater than that, who ‘could have imagined to what 
extent the name and accomplishments of Hitler would be DISTORTED 
and MISREPRESENTED by a media totally in Jewish hands? We are 
at least supposed to be enlightened to where we CAN see these things. 
But are we? Hindsight alone is more dangerous than it is useless. Are 
we to say it can’t happen again in a totally unpredictable way? Do any 
among us still seriously think we can do it alone, using the past and 
current methods, without some new, difference-making input? I quote 
from Hitler: “I know that some man capable of giving our problems 
a final solution must appear. And that is why I have set myself to do 
the preparatory work, for I know that I am myself not the one. And 
I know also what is missing in me (to be the one). But the other one 
still remains aloof, and nobody comes forward, and there is no more 
time to be lost.” That was a statement made by Hitler in 1928. In 
1924, in Mein Kampf, as all National Socialists must be aware, Hitler 



He was born in a small rural village. In a society based on inherited class and 
title his mother had been a house maid. He never attended a university and the 
only training school he applied to rejected him saying he lacked talent. He 
never traveled outside his country except to serve as a soldier and few brief 
visits late in life. He served a term in prison. He did none of the things that 
usually lead to greatness. He had no credentials but himself. Left an orphan as 
a youth he never had a single close friend and most people who knew him 
disliked him. When he died his body was partially burned and then carried off 
by his enemies. It was never granted a grave. Yet he wrote a book that outsold 
the Bible during his lifetime and it was translated into every civilized language. 
He never studied architecture because they wouldn't let him but he redesigned 
cities. Though he lived in splendor through his achievements he really didn't 
care much about expensive possessions. Even those who hate him admit he 
was the central figure of the twentieth century and still fear his message and 
memory. While communism is being gradually rejected even in countries 
where it is practiced this man’s teachings are still vital. All the armies that ever 
marched, all the navies that ever sailed, all the parliaments that ever sat, all the 
kings who ever reigned, even all the edicts and pontifications of the popes or 
the lives of the saints . . . all put together have not affected the way people think 
and feel as much as Jesus Christ and this man. He will be remembered as long 
as men are able to remember anything 


Above: Adolf Hitler, The revolutionary “Man Against Time” 


Now You've Got Me Scared 

These are the exact words I’ve received from more than one good 
comrade upon springing this news upon them over the past two years. 
One might well be scared at the awesome implications. How did we 
each react when we first were introduced to the scale of the Jewish 
Conspiracy? Surely that alone out-did any movie plots of science 
fiction. The TRUTH is stranger than fiction. I myself was scared 
literally - in the beginning through the horror tales engendered by 
the lying media against Charles Manson and his first followers. How 
many good Whites today do not approach the NS Movement as it is, 
because of almost identical lies put forth by these same media Masters 
of the Lie? 
The next big step has been found. It will be up to each one individually 
to either take it or remain where they stand forever. The turning point 
has arrived - thirteen years ago - and time for each of us is wasting. 
Lincoln Rockwell knew what he faced in openly embracing , Adolf 
Hitler for what he truly meant to the White Race, but that did not 
deter him. He faced the blindness and the bigotry of the rest of the 
MOVEMENT ITSELF at that early time - those too unintelligent to 
see, those too cowardly to look. I’ve been fully aware for two years 
of the actual role and nature of Charles Manson and I have already 
experienced much of the same reaction as Rockwell experienced - 
from both extremes within the Movement - and I have so far handled 
it and I intend to keep handling it in the same way: Nothing will deter 
the furtherance of the necessary and proper course. Nothing. 

[Vol. XI, #10 — Oct., 1982] 

New Thresholds 

The symbol of the Swastika in contemporary America has been called 
the threshold of anger. For no one would have been willing to embrace 
the Swastika openly unless and until they had already been largely 
disenchanted and disillusioned - totally alienated - by the System. 
Anything short of that, or so it would have appeared to us, would have 
been only a cop-out. Anything more was inconceivable, even to us. 



Rockwell in front of “The Threshold of 
Anger” at ANP Headquarters 



Yet, a truly open mind would have known that there HAD to be more. 
An even greater extent to the degree of anger and frustration felt that 
was sooner or later bound to find its definition and expression. It had 
to be. Just one more aspect that an historically trained mind not only 
would have found no surprise in but, again, would have been carefully 
checking his watch in expectation of. Something NEW. 
That new threshold appeared right on time. The fact that it appeared 
unbeknownst to us does not alter that fact. Two years after the 
assassination of Commander Rockwell and the end of that phase 
and that strategy there appeared on the world scene the man who 
would extend the content and definition of the Idea itself in order 
to fit perfectly the situation in the world today as we have it. That 
new threshold was and is represented by Charles Manson. And just 
as the entire body of the Movement had to catch up with the Idea as 
defined by Commander Rockwell - as they have all now done after 
much begrudging reluctance - they are now going to have to rise and 
expand to this new challenge. They’ ll bitch but they’ Il do it. 

[Vol. X11, #7 July, 1983] 

The Meaning of Manson 

He is a product of the American heartland and was subject to the worst 
conditions that prevailed. But racially, psychically and culturally he is 
perhaps the MOST American. Personally gifted, selfless, fearless both 
morally and physically - and absolutely dedicated to Life, to Earth and 
to Truth. What he did - in spite of a life full of the worst adversity - 
rather than drown in a sea of bitterness as most would have done, he 
established a racial-socialist colony in Death Valley, in California, in 
the midst of the push-shove of the 1960’s, which was neither hippie 
nor Right Wing. As far as those of us today who remain active in 
the struggle against Death, in favor of Life, Manson’s meaning is of 
the highest importance. His ideas can be readily accepted by racially 
sound, intelligent, honest Leftists as they can be by Rightists. Without 
Manson’s input, neither side will unravel the problem nor find an 
answer in time. His is to date the most supreme example of defiance, 
action and survival. 



Little more can be added here except that the verse from Mein Kampf 
in which Hitler cautioned against turning one’s back to the immortal 
hands which occasionally are outstretched to us in times of great 
stress, has its most potent meaning at this time - “...woe to the people 
that is ashamed to grasp them.” 

[Vol. XII, #3 - March, 1983] 

A Non-Faker 

Throughout SIEGE I’ve referred often to the fakers within the 
Movement. So often in fact that many might tend to believe that I 
am hung up on the term and toss it around recklessly, almost as a 
smear to be applied to those I personally don’t like. No. Many if not 
most of the Movement fakers I’ve known I liked personally. It’s just 
that I placed the Movement and its development above all personal 
considerations and refused to allow myself or my own contribution to 
the Movement be retarded by narrow, blind personal considerations 
when the individual in question proved to be of detrimental or limited 

At great length and in several ways, I’ve outlined what makes a faker 
and how to spot them. It is regrettable that, until now, I haven’t had the 
occasion to point out the makings of a non-faker, that is, someone who 
is genuine and for real, and to go into the detail of what makes them 
so. Actually, Ive had the opportunity to do so all along except that 
person involved is not, nor has he ever been, a part of the Movement 
in the strict, formal sense. In the real sense however, this individual is 
GREATER than all the “leader/fakers”’ in the Movement combined, as 
his world-wide fame and his personal impact will attest readily. 

Can you imagine any Right Wing type in legal possession of a mail- 
order “group” or “party” telling one of his followers that he has 
imparted to him all that he can give on his own and that the time has 
come for the follower to carry on and see how much farther he can go 
with what he’s got? It’s never happened to my knowledge. I certainly 
have never experienced it. No. They’ Il “sit on” their memberships and 
mailing lists like mother hens but with one difference: They refuse 
even to allow the eggs to hatch! Even with a moderate conservative 



line, no progress can be made like that and, indeed, none has been. 
No development into a revolutionary Movement can ever occur that 
way and the only way the revolutionary Movement has had any 
development has been through violent and bitter splits. 

The fakers know why they are fakers. They have too much to hide, 
too much to protect, too much to lose. The attraction of any real talent 
or genius or personal drive is a direct threat to them as it threatens to 
“take away” not only their livelihood but also rob them of their “star” 
status. To protect these meager, paltry considerations, they are more 
than ready to stifle and squelch the Movement itself. They are quite 
ordinary people with ordinary capabilities who only just so happened 
to “bump into” the Movement. Outside the Movement, they’d be 
absolutely nobody... and they know it. 

The best possible example of a non-faker which every one of us in 
the Movement can agree upon is Adolf Hitler himself. Without formal 
education, without family background or connections, without money, 
without even German citizenship; surrounded by officers, gentlemen 
by birth, scholars, intellectuals, royalty, government officials, long- 
time veterans of the Movement there at that time, he nonetheless 
rose to the pinnacle of leadership practically instantaneously and was 
never again to be seriously rivalled for it by anyone. He had nothing 
to hide, nothing to be afraid of in the way of personal shortcomings to 
the point that he had to fake nothing. No one would and no one could 
attempt to even consider taking over his place. 

With this knowledge and this security as a rock-solid foundation, 
Hitler was able to appoint and delegate authority to the kind of men 
which would make even the cream of today’s Movement look like 
stumblebums. We know Hitler is accused of having only “toadies” and 
“ves-men” around him but we are also aware of the falseness of that 
charge. But imagine had he really been so insecure about himself and 
his position that he only allowed jerks and nincompoops to surround 
him. Of course, you’d have never heard about him in history. By 
comparison, the “best” attempts on the part of certain Movement 
groups lately have been those headed by fakers and with a larger-than- 
average coterie of these same nincompoops to do a few extra, odd 
jobs for them They began to look like real organizations. But where 
are they now? This has been our worst bane. 



There is a great leader/philosopher in our midst, alive and involved 
today, as he has been for over eighteen years, with a name and a 
reputation world-renowned and a following of his own - loose as 
it may be, at least equal in number, if not greater than that of the 
combined groups comprising the traditional Radical Right. His 
actions have been mightier, his ideas loftier, his eloquence greater, 
his philosophy superior and his impact ten thousand times that of 
anything the Movement can offer as its closest runner-up. Still, the 
“faker-syndrome” will show itself within the minds of the very same 
rank-and-file who may condemn it in the “leaders” who forever are 
letting them down when they instantly disown and defame - jumping 
right on the Jewish-System-Media bandwagon - this same great man 
Woe to them... 
Be that as it may, I was told very recently in a telephone conversation 
by this man whom I revere that there is little more of a building nature 
to be exchanged between us, that I am in a position to take it on my 
own. The words came to me as an honor, to be sure, as a congratulatory 
remark but also as something tinged with sadness as well as having 
their own unsettling effect. I still consider this man as the only one 
who can teach or tell me anything. I can’t foresee the day when this 
feeling will change. I can’t foresee the day when I will no longer bow 
before this man as my own mentor and inspiration. The day will never 
come when this man will cease to be The Leader as long as he is alive. 
He is aware of all this himself and is in total humility about it, just as 
was Hitler. Therefore, he is able in complete honesty and sincerity to 
make the kind of statement and bestow the kind of authority implied 
in the previous paragraph. He knows he can’t be threatened or rivalled 
by anyone. He is secure. He only wants to see it all put successfully 
forward by whomever and by whatever means are at hand. Hitler did 
no differently. He is Charles Manson. 

[Vol XII, #8 — Aug., 1984] 

For Love or Money 

Those who were fortunate enough to have seen the “Tomorrow Show” 
interview from June, 1981 between host Tom Snyder and Charles 



Manson should have caught and should recall one of the major points 
Manson brought forth in the course of parrying Snyder’s attempts at 
distortion and misrepresentation of what Manson really is: “You’re 
playing for money; I’m playing for life.” The entire meaning was lost 
on Snyder to whom money and life are one and the same. Manson’s 
trademark - one of them - from the time of his first farcical “parole 
hearing” has been issues of play money from the “Monopoly” game. 
This is one of his ways of demonstrating a contempt for the System 
and those who are part of it. Those who are playing for money may 
currently be holding him and many hundreds of others. They may 
be making life miserable for many millions and may have driven 
thousands to their deaths. This money power may hit hard, but 
seldom, it seems, does it hit fatally at one blow. Those like Manson 
with a full understanding of the nature of it can expect to survive it, 
to turn the tables on it and, assuredly, not make its own same mistake 
in the handling of their enemies. The lack of understanding mixed 
with the desire and the effort to be part of this money power has 
created a species that we around these parts refer to as the “Johnny 
Paycheck” types. (In fact, the actual Johnny Paycheck comes from 
around here.) From a line just east of here reaching west as far as 
southern Illinois and from mid-Ohio, Indiana and Illinois down to 
mid-Kentucky we have an island generally defying current population 
trends in that we remain overwhelmingly White. But we seem to have 
an overabundance of two types of thoroughly revolting “consumers”: 
The “White Niggers” and the “Would-Be Niggers.” A “White Nigger” 
is a Black that a true Negro would surely refer to as an “Uncle Tom,” 
whiter-than-white assimilationist. These are few. More numerous are 
the “Would-Be Niggers”: Those of European descent but whose only 
claim to the title of “White Man” rests solely in the happenstance of 
both his parents having had white skins. In every other regard he is 
much more closely related to the White Nigger than he would be to a 
GENUINE White Man. The great equalizer is the paycheck both these 
swinish types draw from whichever System factory or business they 
may be employed in. 

Take away the money, take away the regular paycheck and such as 
Snyder never would have ventured into the bowels of the System’s 
hell where Manson makes his home to secure his interview. In fact, 



you never would have heard of Snyder - a money person - at all. But 
Manson would be Manson regardless. One of the reasons they fear 
and hate him so much is that he is a man totally outside their Money 
System: He is strictly of his own. Take the paychecks away from the 
cruds in this or any other area and they become invisible. Imply the 
threat of removing their paychecks and they become mindless slaves, 
quivering cowards. When the Money System collapses I think it would 
be reasonable to estimate that there will remain only about a thousand 
or less true White Men on the continent of North America. For what is 
the measure of a “consumer” if not the amount he is able to consume? 
Manson also coined the phrase, “Dead in the Jews’ money.” This 
establishes the premise: For love or money? The millions upon V 
millions of Establishment Creeps, those who are dead in the Jews’ 
money, are only shadows, outlines of real men and women (“persons” 
they like to call themselves), who are foul but they reign supreme. 
How can this be? 

Because the love of the Jews’ money and - more than that - the FEAR 
of being without it keeps them in line and exacts from them the very 
essence of their lives. A poor substitute for true devotion to duty but 
an effective one nonetheless. They hate their jobs but would sell the 
world to hell a thousand time before chancing losing them. They work 
to live. Life consists of paying taxes, paying private debts and incurring 
new debts for more minor luxury and diversion. (I spoke before on the 
role of the computers. The hottest new diversion today is the video 
computer game.) The quest for the buck. To go after the buck they 
scratch and wrangle for “training” and “qualifications” in desperate 
hope of edging out that White Nigger or Would-Be Nigger that they 
are standing behind in the applications line. You must be trained to 
pull that lever or punch that button!! Training? Garbage! The proper 
word is CONDITIONING! The Jewish or Jewish-Stooge bosses in 
the businesses and plants are only interested in types mentally geared 
for the menial, meaningless and repetitious tasks. If one imagines one 
needs real training for this sort of thing, if he believes it and wants it 
bad enough to go after it, then he has already demonstrated himself 
to be the kind of zombie that Corporate America uses to keep profits 
coming in. An intelligent White Man throws them into consternation. 
Didn’t they abolish serfdom over a hundred years ago? This is the true 



“beauty” of capitalism. And it is at the core of communism as well. 
My question to you then: Is our Movement not worth shaping up for? 
Can you not find sufficient motivation and discipline to fall in line, 
to forge a Movement with which to smash Pig Power? Or are you 
so bad off that someone must, as in the cases of the swine I’ve just 
mentioned, affix a carrot from a line at the end of a stick and lead you 
around like that? Do you not have it in yourself to move - by force of 
willpower - together into a mighty political instrument and submit the 
ego, again, to the force of WILL, in favor of whatever it requires to 
overcome the situation and master it? 
We will delineate “Column A” and “Column B” and let each one 
categorize themselves accordingly. 

[Vol. XI, #4 - April, 1982] 

The Attack On Manson 

Last month’s issue of SIEGE had gone to press at about the same 
time the news of the prison attack against Charles Manson reached us 
here. Personally, I hadn’t experienced such a shock since I received 
the word of the assassination of Commander Rockwell. Neither had 
the implications for the Movement been as great as that day in 1967. 
It was probably better that things worked out as they did, time-wise, 
as there was little or nothing more that could have been added in these 
pages to the news reports which, I’m certain, everyone saw at that 
time. I dislike trying to comment in an intelligent way on a grave 
topic about which few facts have come in. Speculations now aside, 
Manson’s injuries are not severe and will produce nothing of a lasting 
nature. One friend reported that, “It was all over with inside of four 
minutes.” Those with any combat experience, or experience at being 
wounded, will be aware that four minutes can be an eternity. But there 
are at least as many friends of Manson inside as there are enemies and 
this plus their fast action made the difference. We thank these from the 
bottom of our heart. 

I never recalled any questions or worries during the Sixties about what 
would happen should someone kill the Commander or even whether 
anyone might seriously try. 



Manson torched in 
argument over religion 

VACAVILLE, Calif. (UPI) — 
Mass murderer Charles Manson was 
set afire yester: 
day with paint 
thinner in a pris- 
on hobby shop by 4 
another killer $ 
during an argu- 
ment over reli- 
gion, authorities 

The attack 
took place at 8:45 
a.m. in the Cali- 
fornia Medical Charles 
Facility where 
Manson, 49, is Manson 

serving a life term for the murders 
of actress Sharon Tate and eight oth- 
ers in 1969. 

Manson was listed in good condi- 
tion in the hospital. He suf- 
fered second and third-degree burns 
on his scalp, face and hands, said 
Bob Gore, spokesman for the De- 
partment of Corrections. 

“It's not life-threatening, but he 
could have some scars,” said Lt. Bill 
Hartwell, spokesman at the prison. 

The accused attacker was identi- 
fied as Jan Holmstrom, serving a 
life term for second-degree murder 
and other crimes committed in Los 
Angeles. Gore said prison psychia- 

trists described Holmstrom, 36, as a 
“psychiatric case in remission.” 

He said the flames singed the 
beard and hair of the cultist murder- 

Hartwell said Manson's attacker 
apparently threw paint thinner in 
Manson’s face and then tossed a 
match at him. 

Other inmates extinguished the 
flames almost immediately and 
Manson was taken to the prison hos- 
pital, Hartwell said. 

Gore said Holmstrom told prison 
guards that Manson had argued with 
him over his religion. He was placed 
in a segregated cell pending the in- 
vestigation. He told the guards he 
was a member of the Hari Krishna 

“Manson had threatened him in 
the last two days for practicing his 
religious beliefs,” Gore said. 

Manson was the wild-eyed leader 
of a drug and sex cult that shocked 
the nation with the murder of Tate 
and eight others in Los Angeles. 

He escaped death in the gas 
chamber only when the California 
Supreme Court struck down the 
state’s death penalty law. He has 
been rejected several times for pa- 

He was eminently well qualified to take care of himself and, as he 
would say, his very audacity helped keep him alive. But with Manson 
it has been different. We have worried deeply - about the very real risk 
of just such an attack. If the world outside is a jungle then the world of 
prison is an insane asylum. It turns out that it was a “nut” that finally 
got to Manson after all these years but it certainly didn’t have to be. 



Among dangerous punks of all types - inmates and guards alike - it is 
known and accepted that a hit against Charles Manson would place 
one at the top of the pecking order. And it’s an odd coincidence that 
both Rockwell and Manson were forty nine years of age at the time of 
their most deadly personal attacks. 

People are dying and getting killed all the time. It'll happen to each 
one of us sooner or later. In prison, those with “names” have been 
targeted traditionally since these institutions first existed. Though 
maybe prison, with all its risks, is and has been Manson’s world, we 
still view his life as something of extreme value, something to be 
preserved at all cost. We have been lucky this time. I’m a believer in 
luck. Maybe nothing like this will happen again, or at least not for 
a very long time. It was as though, with the elevation of years with 
no significant attack, the probability of one happening was becoming 
critical. Now, in more ways than one, the pressure is off, for awhile. 
The press, as always, treated Manson as hot property, not as an 
individual. That he had been seriously attacked was sensational. That 
he’s going to be all right is not. And it is this view - that of the Jewish 
press - that the majority of those in the Movement seem content to 
be left with concerning Manson. Not too surprising really when you 
match this View and this attitude with the state the Movement finds 
itself in. Though I expressed the sincere feeling that I do not identify 
with these times, I do take pride in the fact that and the realization 
that I am not, in spite, stricken by contemporary blindness. Jesus of 
Nazareth in robes and sandals in 1934 would be a sensation. But in 
the year 30 A.D., he was just another guy, a shit-disturber whom they 
allowed to be strung up in the manner of the most common criminals. 
Adolf Hitler with his flashy uniform, his paramilitary party and his 
histrionic oratory today seems most out of place. In 1933, he was little 
different than a dozen other European dictators. They say familiarity 
breeds contempt while the dreamer in all of us longs for the exotic. 
Maybe that’s why the Christs among us in the present are so often 
overlooked or scorned. The Movement with its weird way of looking 
at things can’t see in Manson anything more than what the Jewish press 
puts in its deliberately distorted, sensationalized coverages. What did 
it in the end for Jesus, Hitler and Manson is found in what they SAID 
and in what they DID... and not in whatever way they might have tried 



to attract the attention of any potential fan club. If Manson is still with 
us in the living, you can thank a couple of nameless prison inmates. 
What do you now do about that which you nearly left until it was too 

[Vol. XII, #11 - Nov., 1984] 


To the day I die, certain things will remain at the front of my 
consciousness and, not only that, but in my deepest subconscious as 
well. Just so that there may never be any question, I want to spell them 
out here and now: 

Just as Adolf Hitler was and is the greatest personality in all of history, 
so he has had and will always have, by far, the largest meaning and 
impact in my life, in my every thought. So great is Hitler that the more 
words one tries to devote to him, the less real justice one does him. 
While I have always been an atheist, Hitler, to me, is larger than life - 
an immortal if there ever was one. 







Joseph Tommasi 




To HELL with any who think differently! He is my life’s inspiration 
and shall always remain so. George Lincoln Rockwell, the bridge over 
which so many, including myself, have crossed. My greatest source 
of education, though we never met. The greatest example of courage 
and devotion, resourcefulness and even humor that I can imagine. We 
were lost when we lost him. The man who provided the single, best 
shot at it since the end of the Second World War. No one had ever 
come close to what he did. And he did it all using the Swastika! They 
can evade and they can contravene but they can’t deny it. He made 
his success because he too saw it - the struggle - as “all is one” and 
proceeded, unhesitatingly, to give it his ALL. In Joseph Tommasi I 
see represented a number of things. All of the martyred comrades I 
can see in Tommasi. The young, especially, from the rank-and-file. 
In him I can still see the hope for the future arising out of the ashes 
and the dust of the former Movement for which he served as a soldier. 
He represents the clearness of mind and hardness of spirit to not only 
abandon the past for lost but to attack the present as the only means 
for achieving a future. And that future is entirely in the hands of those 
National Socialists serious enough to be called revolutionists. That 
all three were National Socialists is not the one thing they had in 
common which is most important to be aware of for we who hold 
their memory in cherished reverence. Today it is most urgent to see 
and recognize that all three men met their undoings and their end 
through direct betrayal, and, in the latter two cases, murder at the 
hands of those close around them. This seems to be the traditional and 
predictable fate for those who openly, consciously strive for greatness 
- who willingly give all of themselves in the name of others. But never 
will I be convinced that this is the way it HAS to be! Into this same 
segment I feel I must include, by way of shining example of the way 
men CAN work together for a greater CAUSE, not only The Order but 
the various affiliations that were present together at Greensboro. Both 
were of heroic magnitude but, as if to point the direction which things 
must assume, Greensboro, being the precedent by many years, took 
on the qualities of a defensive masterpiece while The Order, with no 
question at all, was an OFFENSIVE masterpiece. Both are a tribute to 
each of the men I have named above and vice versa. 



Charles Manson 

To Charles Manson it is necessary to devote his own segment. He 
is unique from the rest not because of any comparative degree of 
greatness, not on account of any variation from a certain, accepted 
norm but only because he is the only one which is still alive. And alive 
in this age generally means to be grossly misunderstood. 

I have no way of knowing how many of you managed to watch the 
interview with Manson done by CBS on its “Nightwatch” program 
during March of this year. It is difficult for me to comment on what was 
said even though I videotaped the entire, sixty-minute show. For one, 
it was anything else but an interview. The “host” kept on interrupting, 
baiting and throwing barbs all throughout, not to mention tossing in 
his own little “interpolations” at every commercial break. Manson did 
his best to hold a tight line of thought despite all interference and 
provocation. What came across to me - and I have known Manson for 
about six years - Was impressive. The heaviest concepts I have heard 
to date. Things so huge and all-encompassing that they were and are 
hard to grasp. I realize that the bulk of the Movement is in agreement 
with the System in that “Manson is insane.” I have heard all that 
elsewhere before, applied to different personalities. It says nothing 
about Manson. It tells a lot about those who say it. 

Without difficulty, I can well imagine and appreciate how Manson 
must strike the average mind. Incomprehensible. However, I always 
felt that the minds in the Movement - or at least some of the better 
ones - would and should be more perceptive and receptive. I have 
only been partially right. While 98% of what Manson says flies right 
over the heads of most, only about 50% leaves me behind in the dust. 
To me - a realist and an objectivist - that doesn’t mean Manson is 
screwy. To me it means that here is one source from which I can still 
draw understanding and knowledge - from which I can still LEARN. 
For these past five or six years, I have had a sure feeling that when I 
could approach Manson’s grasp and understanding, I’d have achieved 
something truly great. I’ve been gaining at it slowly but steadily and 
remain more convinced of it than ever before. Contrast this with the 
information to be found in the Movement. First, how much of it is 
direct reprint, often dating back ten years and beyond? What does 



the most advanced of it consist of? Flowery curses upon the System 
and admonishments to get away and form our own colonies. What’s 
missing is the state of mind, the Weltanschauung, the ideology upon 
which to live, think, to base and to View and everything. I’ve come 
to know enough of it to realize that full comprehension of the rest 
would amount to the ultimate weapon, offensive and defensive, in 
our poor, disinherited hands. Manson is unique from the rest because 
he still lives. He is identical with the rest because he too was undone 
and betrayed by his own disciples. And for any who have the courage 
to see and know that, with 1945, the world and everything in it was 
turned upside-down, it only follows logically that you look for the 
greatest of leaders, not at the top where they used to be found, but at 
the STONE BOTTOM the way this crazy, evil mess demands it must 
be! But bottom or no, not even the walls of San Quentin can confine his 
world-significant impact. (And I just wish all of you could have caught 
a glimpse of the half-dozen-strong escort of “Mr.T’s” he had from the 
block to the room where the interview was conducted.) Everything 
else had become to me just like a broken record. I was more than just 
a little amazed and disgusted when some of the “better” people in the 
Movement would ask me in the beginning, “Is he a member of the 
party?” or “Does he plan to become a party member?” The problems 
always arise when small or average minds try to measure something 
great using their own inadequate standards. Such as if Jesus were to 
appear on the street and some asshole inquire, “Are you a member of 
our Church?” And, in any case, he’d be in violation of the hair and 
dress code, with no visible means of support, etc. To the Right Wing 
aficionados, I would remind you that our Enemy, in the Protocols 
of the Learned Elders of Zion, has long ago promised to invariably 
attach the status of “common criminal” to their own worst enemies so 
that their true nature would be effectively concealed from the eyes of 
the people. Even at that, they have found it altogether impossible to 
continue seriously pretending that Manson is no more than a common 
criminal. I have done What I could to inject - subtlety and overtly - as 
many of Manson’s ideas into Movement thought as possible. I have 
had limited success. But having accomplished this much, I can only 
hope that the seeds have been planted and the torch passed... 

[Vol. XV, #5 - May, 1986] 



Self-portrait hand-drawn by Charles Manson for James Mason 




“Do not handicap yourselves with the idea of revenge, because the 
trend of events will avenge the wrongs that you suffer, not only in the 
case of the individuals who initiated the persecutions, but also of the 
society that has permitted this lawlessness.” 

-Vidkun Quisling, 1945 

“To get yourself together you need not to even think there is anyone 
else in this world. I don’t need to look down on, or get off on, or get 
over on. The hardest thing to overcome is our own lies, confusion and 
our jealousy!” 

-Charles Manson 

“Open up the dope valves and let the people take all the dope they 
want. Let ‘em dope themselves on out till there’s nothing left of it. Let 
the people do what they want to do. Take the rules and regulations off 
of it and then what you have left is the people that want to live. The 
people that want to die, let “em go. The people that want to destroy 
themselves, let them go ahead and destroy themselves.” 

-Charles Manson, 1984 


Night Of The Buck Knives 

If any single historic similarity links Hitler to Manson in the eyes of 
friends and foe alike, surely it has to be what have become known as 
the Tate killings of 1969. One cannot bring up the name of Charles 
Manson for discussion without having these killings brought into 
the picture by the moralists and curiosity seekers just as one cannot 
bring up the name of Hitler without some conditioned brain-washees 
harping a Way on the “Six Million”. I now undertake, to the best of 
my knowledge, for the first time the task of analyzing these killings 
strictly from the “pro” viewpoint and hope to come out with arguments 
superior to those of the “anti” camp. I do this with no firsthand 
knowledge of the events and certainly without the sanction of either 
Manson or any of his associates. 

One thing I do however bring into the balance with my study of 
this most fascinating chapter in recent American history is a broad 
background as a National Socialist and the understanding of the 
modus operandi of the Jews and their controlled media. I bring with 
me also a background as a National Socialist revolutionary and all 
of the anti- Establishment modes of thought and action which that 
involves. Finally, I am supported by a better-than-average knowledge 
of and familiarity with some of the principals in the case. What follows 
then would have to be viewed as the appraisal of the Tate killings by 
a sympathetic White revolutionary. 

First of all it is necessary to dispel the prevailing mythology 
surrounding the casein precisely the same way as an entire universe 
of corresponding legend has to be done away with that was erected 
around the matter of European Jews during the Second World War. 
Manson, too, had his equivalents of Speer, Frank, Eichmann, etc., who 
0 seeing that the jig was up - exulted in commanding huge fanfare for 
themselves yet were artists when it came to shifting the real blame. A 
very large proportion of the most bizarre, blood-and-gore and, I might 
add, perverse stories ‘connected with the case were the inventions 
of Susan Atkins as she struggled to do her best to impress the grand 
jury after she had been indicted in the course of the investigation of 
another case. The opportunistic prosecuting attorney, 



Bugliosi, merely made capital of it in his subsequent 
book and a legend was born. It mattered not that Susan 
Atkins later retracted her statements - enough evidence 

had been gleaned by the System to go on to crack the case 

and the media had the suitable grist for its myth mill 

Vincent Bugliosi, merely made capital of it in his subsequent book, 
Helter Skelter, and a legend was born. It mattered not that Susan Atkins 
later retracted her statements - enough evidence had been gleaned by 
the System to go on to crack the case and the media had the suitable 
grist for its myth mill. 




It Couldn't Have Happened 
To a Sweeter Bunch 

Let us now go on to get rid of another clumsy but commonly held 
misconception, that of the “poor, innocent Victims.” Those of you 
with backgrounds similar to mine in the American National Socialist 
Movement will be among the first to sadly admit that it was indeed 
a damnable shame that Hitler did not, in fact, kill at least six million 
Jews during the War. We are the minority who KNOW what the Jews 
were and are all about and we can shed no tears for any of them. The 
rest of the gullible public sees things otherwise. So we have before us 
the image of the beautiful actress, Sharon Tate, eight months pregnant, 
slaughtered in her home with a number of her equally beautiful friends 
by a bunch of crazed beasts out for bloodglut per se. Sound familiar 
in premise? Sort of like all those beautiful, talented and peace-loving 
Jews that a certain madman, bent on conquering the world, took an 
irrational dislike to. How knowledgeable are most of you about the 
Tate case, even if that means judging it based upon the hostile and 
distorted versions available in bookstores? An intelligent, informed 
person can still learn much truth even from the worst liars if he knows 
what to look for. I found that the house on Cielo Drive in LA, scene 
of the killings, had been occupied by one Terry Melcher, half-Jewish 
son of White renegade actress Doris Day, and that Melcher had made 
the acquaintance of Manson as a music promoter and had reneged on 
a series of promises he had made Manson over the previous year or 
more. In fact, it appears as though Manson and some associates had 
been at the house as guests on a few occasions. This much then rules 
out the false notion of “random” killings. 

It may have been accident that the house on Cielo Drive had since been 
taken by Roman Polanski, Jewish film director and erstwhile child 
molester, at the time of the killings but it is irrelevant when one stops 
to consider that the strata of human type stayed steady throughout the 
transition of tenants. Given that then, it is helpful to take a look at 
what is known of the people who were in that house on the night of the 
killings. My sources are the very books that were written to, first of all, 
make money off the sensationalism, and, secondly, to defame Manson 



and his associates for having been anti-Establishment enough to have 
dared lay hands on the “Beautiful People.” They are the following: 
Helter Skelter by Bugliosi and Gentry; The Family by Ed Sanders; 
Will You Die For Me? by Charles Watson; Child of Satan, Child of 
God by Susan Atkins; and The Manson Women by Clara Livsey. 

Hollywood Rouges Gallery 

Sharon Tate, whose most famous role was in “Valley of the Dolls” 
wherein she had typified the supreme harlot role for a nation full of 
impressionable, young White girls to emulate, had as her first business 
agent one Hal Gefsky. Her early producer as well as her lover had 
been one Martin Ransohoff. Still another lover of that period, Jay 
Sebring, a.k.a. Kummer, was to be among the dead at Cielo Drive a 
few years hence. Tate had come to meet Roman Polanski when her 
producer- lover, Ransohoff, had hired Polanski to direct one of his 
films. Through Polanski came Voityck Frykowski who had known 
Polanski from the old days in Poland and who was to become yet 
another Cielo Drive death. 

Polanski and Tate began their affair and he wasted no time in exploiting 
her Aryan looks by getting her into a nude spread in “Playboy” 
magazine during 1967. They were married in 1968. The Polanskis 
were such close friends of the likes of Robert Kennedy that they were 
present the night of his killing. From the beginning it was known and 
accepted that the Polanski is were regular users of LSD. A glance at 
the rest of those present at Cielo Drive that night reveals that Voityck 
Frykowski had been dealing in a substance known as methylene dioxyl- 
amphetamine which is used as a stimulant as well as an aphrodisiac. 
It was revealed that Frykowski was “on” this substance himself at the 
time of his death. He was also involved in a marijuana smuggling ring 
which brought that substance into the US. from Jamaica via Canada. 
Through Frykowski came Abigail Folger, his lover and member-in 
good-standing of the filthy rich set as Folger Coffee heiress. The 
nominally “White” Miss Folger had just campaigned for Negro Tom 
Bradley for mayor of LA. and had been a volunteer social worker 



in Watts. Jay Sebring was a successful men’s hair stylist who took 
his business name from the famous race track. After his death it was 
revealed by the L.A.P.D. that Sebring had been heavy into sado- 
masochism after they had discovered whips, chains, studded cuffs, 
hoods, and even films of these activities on Sebring’s premises. 
The teenager, Steven Parent, it would appear, did have the dubious 
distinction of having been at the wrong place at entirely the wrong 
time. Some of those who, as easily as not, might have been there that 
night at Cielo Drive included Terry Melcher himself, Roger Vadim 
(one-time husband of Jane Fonda) who had just celebrated a birthday 
at the house, Jerzy Kosinski (matchmaker for Frykowski and Folger) 
had actually been supposed to be there, and, finally, Roman Polanski 
himself who happened to be off tending to another film. 
After the killings, the L.A.P.D. found at the house large quantifies 
of cocaine and mescaline as well as videotapes depicting scenes of 
sadism, masochism and bestiality. The boy, Steven Parent, had not 
been at the house at all but was about to depart the grounds after 
visiting at the servant’s quarters. This leaves only Tate, Sebring, 
Frykowski and Folger. Much speculation has been made concerning 
Sebring’s presence there in Polanski’s absence. The nature of the 
relationship between Folger and Frykowski is clear. With regard to 
the eight-month-old fetus Tate was carrying, it was after all, a Jew. 

Foreword And Afterword 

Just as one can’t get a clear picture of the so-called “Holocaust” 
by glimpsing a picture of a pile of bodies, one can’t understand the 
happenings of that summer of 1969 by looking at the events of one 
night. Fewer people know of the Gary Hinman and Donald Shea 
killings than of the Tate killings but they form part of the picture 
equally as important as the rest. 

Gary Hinman had been a student at UCLA. with a PhD. in Sociology. 
(Those again with a National Socialist background recall what 
Commander Rockwell wrote about Sociology.) Hinman was a convert 
to a thing called Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism and was also engaged 



at home in the manufacturing of synthetic mescaline. Hinman was 
also a homosexual. He had made the acquaintance of Manson and 
some of his associates and his home was known as a hide-out for 
various drop-outs and drug-users. The stories were that Hinman had 
been responsible for drug “burns,” in the selling of bad drugs, and 
that he had the habit of making passes at male members of Manson’s 
group. Hinman turned up dead and a number of Manson’s people were 
arrested as suspects in his killing in July of 1969. 
The theory has already been put forth that the Tate killings were 
originally designed to take heat away from those of Manson’s people 
already being held by making it appear the real killers were still at 
large. “Political Piggy” was found written at Hinman’s place and 
“Helter Skelter” was found at Cielo Drive. The choice of who and 
where to strike would have been obvious and would have been a 
matter of killing two birds with one stone, as it were. 
Donald “Shorty” Shea had been a Hollywood stunt man as well as a 
ranch hand at the Spahn Ranch where Manson and his group called 
home part of the time. George Spahn had recently sold the ranch and 
the new owners enlisted Shea’s help as a pimp to try and involve 
Manson with the law or otherwise aid in his removal from the ranch. 
Shea also happened to be married to a Black chorus girl. Shea too was 
reportedly killed though his body was never found. 
The deaths of the LaBiancas which followed immediately after 
those of Tate & Co. were most likely intended as more of the same 
smokescreen tactic aimed at the police investigation. 


Would You If You Could? 

As a National Socialist, I am not interested in sensationalism. Instead 
of gruesome details, I want to know the why and wherefore of things. 
As with the facts disproving Nazi “gas chambers” plus information on 
why Jews were concentrated, similar circumstances surrounding the 
Tate killings are tacitly suppressed. We are satisfied the right people 
got it in both cases and, if there is fault to be found, it is that the 
Second World War was lost and that Manson and some of his best 



people were apprehended and jailed. Call it revolution, Helter Skelter, 
or whatever you want. It is WAR between Life and Death forces and 
war means killing. The key, as Commander Rockwell said, is that it 
still remains a one- sided war with the only blows landing being those 
of the Enemy. You read of it each day. WE - the Whites - are fair game 
whether it be our minds, our souls, our spirits, our culture, our country 
or our very blood that is being attacked and destroyed. To the media 
that is only par for the course. But let OUR SIDE make an attack and 
you know the results! If you could mount a successful attack yourself 
would you do it? Would you condone it by others? Do you really 
KNOW who your enemies are? Do you KNOW what is happening 
and what is at stake? If there is ever to come a genuine Movement 
then it will only come about through people who have gotten their 
thinking straight, for without the right thought, nothing of any value 
can hope to follow. 

The killings of July and August, 1969, were prime examples of 
DIRECT ACTION and in cases of revolution, or national liberation, 
direct action alone merits the highest respect. Those out front, putting 
themselves on the line and taking the action, as Tommasi wrote, are 
in fact the real LEADERS and are at the top level of the struggle. 
All else pales to insignificance as events over the past thirteen years 
would tend to prove. Everything combined that has been attempted on 
the part of this Movement since the death of Commander Rockwell 
in 1967 stands at ZERO when compared to the ‘magnitude of and 
vibrations from that one night in August, 1969, that have continued 
ever since. 

Neither I nor anyone else has the right to question or judge what 
happened in 1969, least of all from a moralistic standpoint. It is only 
that we have misread it for so long. The historic march of events never 
stops at the death of a single individual. 

However, poor mortals can and do often get out of step with or fail 
to recognize that same historic march when it reconstitutes itself into 
another form. We have been thirteen years in the wilderness. 

I do know that with the death of Hitler and the loss of the Second World 
War the situation was transformed to the point where something very 
much like “Helter Skelter” most probably already is and shall more 
and more become the order of the day. I pose the merit of the notion 



of a series of similar actions by members of the Movement directly 
on the heels of the arrest of Joseph Paul Franklin in order to have 
taken some heat away from Franklin and to, as Tommasi would say, 
“heighten the 


Nearer The Truth... 

..or “How I Broke the Right Wing Habit And Started Living Life.” 
The fact remains that the Truth is One and the conflict only enters 
because, due to racial differences in the world, the Truth smiles more 
on some than on others. The Right Wing is a history of deviations, off 
- channels and side-rails from the mainline of Truth, concocted mainly 
by those who didn’t have it in them to stand in the harsh, naked glare 
of unadorned Truth. National Socialism has been the closest thing 
yet to approach successfully the task of putting the Truth to work in 
reality. But this was done very far away and nearly forty years ago. 
The practice of mixing Truth with lies in an effort to formulate something 
that the sick masses might accept without much struggle has resulted 
in the Right having built for itself an insurmountable obstacle of self- 
imposed hang-ups and restrictions. 99% of everything in the Right 
goes toward maintaining the facade of this or that particular illusion, 
whether it be turning the clock back to 1876, 1933 or whatever. 

The National Socialist Liberation Front, from the time I had 
reactivated it in 1980, and up to the present, has slowly and steadily 
been gaining acceptance among the members of the Movement 
having long ago grown sorely disappointed with the totally out-of- 
touch, cultist, hobbyist, fetishist Nazi organizations that had held the 
stage heretofore. In NSLF they at least found reality and honesty. But 
after two years of following this course, it had already become clear 
to me that the key element was still lacking and we were still a long 
way from starting the kind of Movement that will catch on, take hold 
and spread in the manner of all historically significant and successful 
Movements. About one month after I had put out the first issue of 
the new SIEGE in the summer of 1980, I made my first contact with 



the Charles Manson people. In the two years that followed, that 
relationship grew to where now it has become too large to remain 
confined and camouflaged inside the idea of a fallen Comrade, Joseph 
Tommasi, whose work I had earlier set myself to keeping alive, as it 



Above: Mason with Karl Hand, who assumed NSLF 
leadership after Mason began Universal Order 



was the best thing I had run across up to that time. No recorded comment 
of Tommasi’s on Manson is known to exist even though Tommasi was 
in high-gear operation in the LA. area at the time of the Tate killings. 
He, precisely as I at the time, probably missed the greater point to 
the thing entirely. I would venture to guess however that he would 
not take kindly to anyone trying to mix “apples and oranges” with 
regards to the NSLF and Manson. And, as far as Manson is concerned, 
I was advised over a year ago to forget what I was doing in NSLF and 
start over fresh. As I feel I must pursue this course unencumbered by 
considerations of the past, the decision was made to leave NSLF and 
start UNIVERSAL ORDER, a name suggested to me by the highest 
authority. (Manson himself.) That is what I have now done. 

Universal Order 

In the fabulous book, The Turner Diaries, mention is made of “The 
Book” which revolutionized “The Organization” from some pitiful 
thing such as we see today into that which did indeed go on to smash 
the System and erect a White State, not only in North America but in 
the entire world. Even according to Turner Diaries calculations, “The 
Book” has yet to be written. So it is with Universal Order - nothing is 
written. I am handicapped by this in that all I can do for the present 
is offer my impressions and observations and wait for the day when 
a complete revelation is offered. I am aware that things of this nature 
are in the works at present though I’d be foolish to try to place any 
timetable on their appearance. 

If I were to be asked what Universal Order is, I’d have to respond 
in language and terms as familiar and easily understood as possible 
even though they may not be entirely fitting. For those among my 
former affiliates, I would say without reservation that it is everything 
National Socialism is and much, much more. It is geared to the present 
conditions. It is as dynamic as - maybe more so than - 

National Socialism because its true leader is alive, a contemporary 
of all of us. It is uniquely “American” and it is NOW. It has no links 
whatsoever with Conservatism or the Right Wing (or the Left, for that 



matter). It largely disarms the Enemy because he doesn’t know what 
to expect of it or how to deal with it. It has fascination and appeal to 

[Vol. XI, #11 - Nov., 1982] 

Living It 

One essence in the comparison of Manson versus Right Wingism is 
that Right Wing groups as well as individuals “dream it” and play 
at it, simultaneously working their System jobs and living their 
Establishment lives, while Manson and those who follow his Idea 
LIVE IT by dropping out of the System and by attacking the System. 
Truly, the same could be said of the conventional Left Wing as 
well. To attach the necessary political connotation to it, rather than 
“Mansonism,” one would have to say Universal Order in reference to 
this new mode of living. 
The key is the total dropping out and away from the System. That 
in itself constitutes one of the greatest forms of attack. Carried to its 
conclusion, it would effect a moribund System caught alone, isolated 
in a mass of very angry people, eventually at their complete mercy. 
Passive resistance a la Gandhi only set in America? Perhaps. It has 
its comparisons. The Movement is struggling closer to individually- 
waged guerrilla warfare on the System but it is a long way from 
tackling the System’s Pigs as an opposing army. Yet we must ACT 
NOW in some manner of an effective yet wisely prudent, appropriate 


Universal Order Versus The 
Left-Right Spectrum 

Even as Commander Rockwell was saying twenty years ago, classic 
notions of “Left” and “Right” were becoming then, and certainly are 
by now, obsolete and meaningless. To place this into perspective, by 
referring to “Left” and “Right,” one only expands the context of - 
while remaining on the same plane as - those extremely foolish ones 



who still think in terms of party politics. Democrat vs. Republican, 
Liberal vs. Conservative. The point being that these terms are all 
equally SYSTEM TERMS, because in reality, at the core of their set 
programs, they each support the System and are a part of it. 
What has been missing up till now has been a clean dividing line, an 
actual breaking point where all pretense of working within the System, 
by its rules, were dropped once and for all. In short, a complete break 
with time past. 
As has been said earlier in SIEGE, those who control the System, 
by having ultimately succeeded in effecting TOTAL CONTROL over 
every official, recognized aspect of society, business, government, 
media, etc. have LOST CONTROL over the course of events through 
having done away with competent, legitimate opposition that could 
conceivably step in and take over in an orderly manner (as Hitler’s 
NSDAP did in 1933). An incredibly dangerous, explosive situation 
this is, for it’s becoming clearer each day that those in “control” and 
their minions are losing the ability to hold the pieces together, yet there 
is no relief, there are no answers forthcoming from any “reputable” 
This, of course, spells TOTAL COLLAPSE, TOTAL ANARCHY, 
TOTAL DESTRUCTION. And it shall mean that any babbling about 
Conservative “a little less of this” or Liberal “a little more of that” will 
one day be rewarded with a bullet. 
When the mess collapses the obvious will become clear: There is only 
one correct way of handling elemental human problems - not by further 
compromise - but through Universal Order. Rather than viewing the 
world and its affairs from an artificially created vantage point of any 
outmoded political philosophy, it will be a matter of dealing directly 
with reality from any point were one finds oneself at that moment. 
Universal Order means reality applied to NOW. 

[Vol. XI, #12 - Dec, 1982] 



Scrupulous honesty is what Universal Order is all about. Charles 
Manson, who provides most of our current-day inspiration, refers 
to himself as a Servant in the Truth. Yet in the day-to-day course of 
revolution and propaganda the necessary use of the lie and the half 
truth are repeatedly and often called into active play, many times 
in order to preserve life and liberty. If we deceive successfully the 
System and its Pigs, what is lost? Nothing. If, on the other hand, we 
play as “good citizens” with respect to the laws and the powers that 
be and succeed instead in deceiving ourselves at the same time, what 
then is lost? Everything. As George Lincoln Rockwell said, in this 
current struggle for the survival and safety of the White Race, only 
failure is immoral. We accept that statement literally, at its face, and 
see nothing reprehensible in the lie as a means to an end, nothing 
whatsoever. Indeed, it is but one of the weapons in our arsenal against 
the Big Brother System whose policy has as its very end the Lie. 

Whole People 

Another of the differences between the outlook and strategy of 
Universal Order and the rest of the entire strata of various “political” 
groups, one that is so basic it is mainly overlooked or misunderstood, 
is that Universal Order does not seek to “indoctrinate” or make people 
over, it seeks to FREE them. While the rest of the political groups 
both Left and Right attempt to inject their own brand of dogma over 
top of Establishment distortions, Universal Order would ERASE 
those primary distortions and let the person BE HIMSELF. Political 
dogmas can be cracked and undone by various methods or just 
by circumstances alone. One may even grow tired of them after a 
time. But once a person has been released from the alien and false, 
unnatural conditioning from birth by a commercial, materialistic and 
repressive Establishment, then THAT can never be undone. It might 
even be called “brainwashing” as opposed to the System’s “brain- 
dirtying.” We do not want System, Establishment people with any 



kind of veneer of “Conservative,” “Liberal,” “Left,” “Right” who are 
playing a part in a movie of their own. We want whole people, real 
people who can see, think and act independently, free of any artificial, 
phony input which must be, by definition, a concoction by, of and for 
the past. And these are the ONLY kind of people that can ever make 
a true Movement. 



I do not use the term in the sense that the Right Wing and the 
Reactionaries use it when they moan about the System’s assault on 
the family and how the American family has been atomized and 
effectively destroyed. This is all quite true enough but it has little 
bearing on what’s to be done with regard to the success of the future. 
Manson had the right idea about Family. It involved people of the 
same Race, the same Spirit, coming together for mutual security. Most 
may have turned their backs on their “real” families in order to have 
found the one, true Family but such is the case with regard to a struggle 
such as this one with overtones of civil warfare. Hand-in-hand with 
revolution, with survival, is the elemental component of the Family. 
It is really the only way the System can be destroyed, really the only 
way we can survive. TRIBES of White Warriors, bands of White Men 
with their Women and Children who have drawn together and then 
pulled away from the System to allow it to fall without taking them 
with it. The only insurance we’ ve got against being picked off one-by- 
one, being atomized and casually victimized by the System’s Pigs is 
to STICK TOGETHER. Go and get even those most hostile accounts 
of the Charles Manson Family’s days in California’s Death Valley 
and you’ll see how it was done. It must be done again in hundreds 
of thousands of locations across the country. Again, the Movement 
has added its own words of direction on how these Family-type units 
must be arranged to assure at least a minimum chance of success and 
survival. It’s not to be done for fun or for caprice, but for LIFE or 

[Vol. XII, #1 - Jan., 1983] 



A Combination Impossible 
Ten Years Ago 

Those who have read thus far in SIEGE will know what I have put 
forth regarding myself, being a former member of the American Nazi 
Party, and the Charles Manson Family and, I would hope, by now 
begin to understand the why and how of it. For the rest, the revelations 
of such things may come as quite a shock, you can be sure. It could 
almost pass as “shock for shock’s sake alone” - the two most defamed, 
sensationalized groups in contemporary America now linked together, 
not just by a few in the Movement, but by the System Press as well. 
Needless to say, it couldn’t have happened much before now. 

The Manson people look upon and accept the NS Movement in 
America with curiosity, some admiration and some dismay. “Hate,” 
they say, “is not going to get it.” Trying to live in another time and 
place isn’t going to get it either. To our charges of a monstrous, Jewish 
conspiracy, they simply counter with the stated belief that people today 
have a death wish for themselves. We say that without unpolluted, 
White blood, there’ll be no civilization left. They say that without an 
unpolluted world, there can be no White Race... or any other race for 
that matter. Most importantly though, they show understanding and 
are willing to have a dialogue. 

The same cannot be said for the majority in the Movement. A nasty 
commentary when it becomes clear that media brainwash has not 
affected their View of us but has, on the other hand, for the most 
part, effected almost totally our View of them. For me, for all those 
who are in the least bit perceptive, this fact is most revealing. No 
one condemned bigotry, prejudice and knee-jerk, snap reactions more 
roundly than did Commander Rockwell. It comes down to reinforced 
blindness and ignorance - “redneck-ism.” Manson says that the Truth 
is One. The Movement, for the most, obviously places the codes of 
dying, decaying, Jewish-subverted “tradition” and “morals” first, 
ahead of Truth or reality. An even nastier commentary because it 
has always been so and that remains one more prime reason for the 
failure of the Movement. And now - lo and behold - we see it that 
the arch - reactionaries of the Movement can no longer ignore the 



mile high writing on the wall, have admitted that theirs is no “party” 
at all, have indicated that no such “party” is any longer possible or 
even desirable under present conditions, and have ‘announced the 
founding of an “order” of their own, approximately ninety days after 
the appearance of Universal Order. An admission that the old, phony 
prettiness of a “party” not only hadn’t been producing any results in 
many years but that the cultist remains from the mid-1970’s were in 
immediate danger of evaporating into thin air. Hence, a new name and 
a dropping of some false prettiness. Reality does have a way - after 
having been ignored and put off long enough - of making its presence 
felt much like a sledge hammer right between the eyes. You can also 
get a stubborn donkey to move by building a fire under him. How 
many steps that donkey will take away from that fire, or in which 
direction, is an uncertainty. But such a dramatic - if long delayed - 
reaction should be proof positive of the changing times. Blue-skying 
for fun and profit has been rendered practically extinct by ever harsher 
realities that NO ONE can ignore or escape. I regard all this merely as 
a confirmation, not as anything too encouraging, as I do still expect to 
see the same, old sales pitch as before for some variation of “Spanky 
and Our Gang” ideals and mentality. Regulations for how you have 
your hair cut will most likely persist even while Manson continues to 
speak in terms of Life versus Death. For the rest of you, those who, 
as long ago as I, dropped out of the more overt brand of nonsense, 
I urge again to look beyond the media-created images to the Truth 
of the matter and you’ll see how those differences which may exist 
between the Movement and the Manson Idea are minor; how survival 
is everything. 

[Vol. XII, #2 - Feb, 1983] 

Toward The Unity Of Whites 

I was particularly struck by one glaring omission made by the 
communist press in their reports of their mass actions lately in 
demonstration against KKK and Nazi presence in Oroville, California. 
They did not repeat one of the main themes still to be found in the Big 
Brother press, to wit, the involvement of Charles Manson’s influence 



within the Oroville Nazi faction. Almost incredible and certainly too 
stark and obvious to be lightly dismissed. Do they wish to HIDE the 
fact of Manson’s involvement? Do they FEAR to attack Manson in 
their publications, to their respective memberships and the public 
at large? That the communists are far more realistic, pragmatic and 
perceptive in their understanding of and dealings with people than the 
Movement has ever been can hardly be denied when one takes a look 
at the numbers they can throw onto the streets at almost a moment’s 

Oroville, Calif., parents 
say: ‘Stop the Nazis! 

By Gloria LaRiva 
OAKLAND, Nov. 8—Five 
Black members of Concerned 
Parents of South Oroville deli- 
vered an urgent plea for help 
in stopping Nazi activity in 
their city at a community 
meeting of 65 people called by 
the All-Peoples Congress 
(APC) here Nov. 6 

The five had travelled 150 
miles from Oroville. a city of 
10,000 in north central Califor- 
nia, to attend the APC meeting. 
held in solidarity with the Nov. 6 
anti-Klan march in Washington, 

Oroville, located only 20 miles 
from the California headquarters 
of the Nazis ın Chico, has been the 
scene of Nazi and K lan organizing 
for many vears. This fall, the 
Nazıs went on the offensive when 
Oroville schools opened. provok- 
ing outrage from parents when 
they distributed racıst literature 
to elementary school students 

Today, under pressure from the 
community, the city administra- 
tion was forced to arrest Nazi 
leader Red Warthan for the ex- 
ecution-style murder of Joseph 
Hoover. a Nazi follower who had 
told police of the distributions at 
two Oroville schools. Two racıst 
youths had admitted being in- 
volved in the murder with Warth- 
an and led police to the gun used 
in the killing 

Racism of media, 
city officials 

At tonight's meeting, Denise 
Johnson, president of Concerned 
Parents of South Oroville, spoke 
of the racist attitudes of the media 
and city and schoo! officials and of 
their disregard for the victimiza- 
tion of the Black community by 
the Nazis 

“The city and media have given 
the Nazis full exposure.” she 
pointed out. “They have created a 

Denise Johnson of Concerned Parents of South Oroville 

— ee 

denounces Nazis ot All-Peoples Congress meeting in Oakland, 


situation where we seem to be the 
ones who have attacked the rights 
of a group of people.” 

Yet, she noted. this Nazi group 
has said that when they take pow- 

Tr, “there will be total segrega- 
tion, or they will ship us back to 
Africa. If not, then a holocaust 

“I say this—it is we who are 
under attack. The whole com- 
munity needs to stand up and say 
NO, this racist terror will not be 

Other speakers expressed their 
solidarity and their commitment 
to help stop Nazi terror im Oro- 
ville. Bill Wahpepah of the Amer- 
ican Indian Movement (AIM) 
spoke of the fight to keep DQ Uni- 
versity, an institution devoted to 
the preservation of Native cul- 
ture, open. explaining that Black 
and Native people share a com- 
mon struggle against racism and 

Shane Summer of the Lesbian 
and Gay Focus of the APC told of 
the recent brutal police attack on 


Blue's bar, a Black gay bar in New 
York City Johnnie Stevens of the 
APC emphasized, “Fascists like 
the Nazis and Klan must be 
smashed wherever they appear by 
mass mobilizations of workers 
and oppressed people ” 

Wide press coverage 

The meeting drew broad media 
coverage, including reports by 
several radio stations, one mayor 
TV station, community newspap- 
ers, and the Oakland Tribune and 
the San Francisco Chronicle. The 
national anti-Klan march in 
Washington was also mentioned 
on local radio and TV 

Those attending the meeting 
were moved by the parents pleas 
Virtually every person there 
signed up to become involved in 
the struggle to support the Oro- 
ville Black community Further 
action to stop the racist attacks is 
being planned 

For more information call: All- 
Peoples Congress, (415) 821-6545 


Commander Rockwell stressed one point with regard to communist 
strategy in the United States: The fact that they must somehow bring 
about the large-scale, working union of Black and White workers or 
else admit failure. While they have come a lot closer to that goal than 
the Right ever did toward its goal of a large-scale, working union of 
Whites from all social strata to the exclusion of colored’s, in terms 
of national power, they fall critically short and what “success” they 
have seen in that regard - and to whatever degree that is genuine and 
authentic - has “blessed” their ranks with the absolute scum of the 
earth. How about those basically good Whites who find themselves 
amongst that group out of want of anyplace better to be, who have 
no great love for Jews or Blacks, but hate the System too much to do 

It could easily be said that unless ALL radicalized, revolutionized 
Whites can be united, then the dream of Commander Rockwell can 
never be fulfilled. The effective realization of that dream was also an 
impossibility during the 1960’s and on into the 1970’s, at which time 
the Whites were too badly polarized over trivial, superficial matters, 
again, concocted by Jews for the purpose of divisiveness. Issues like 
the morality of Vietnam, segregation vs. integration, the “Generation 
Gap,” Watergate, etc.. Manson - at the time - was outspoken about 
getting out of Vietnam. Commander Rockwell was on record saying 
that he believed that segregation was wrong and would not work. The 
biggest difference was in how various people and groups REACTED 
to these irritations and outrages thrust into the life of the country by 
agitating Jews. The TRUTH of the matter, and even the so-called 
“issues” themselves, were lost in the heave and sway of REACTIONS. 
Meanwhile, the plan of the Protocols marched onward, practically 
unnoticed. But today most of the worst of the Big Brother subterfuge 
that played on the emotions of idealistic-yet-duped Whites has been 
replaced by REALITIES TOO UGLY TO IGNORE and which are 
fast driving these people into the same boat. Leftists could generally 
admire everything about Manson except his views on race (the most 
crucial thing of all). Sadly and ironically, the Right allows the lesser, 
peripheral items to overshadow, in their eyes, Manson’s racial and 
family social philosophy. But then there are those hypocritical, racist 
“Reds” and those non-conservative, truly revolutionary “Beefsteak 



Nazis” - brown on the outside, red on the inside - who are instinctively 
TRUE to the genuine fight, who could and might repeat the mass 
phenomenon which occurred in Germany when White Men in droves 
abandoned the fraudulent, Jewish communist “revolution” and became 
part of the Army of the Swastika (which, incidentally, Manson has 
retained except in a manner that revolves to the left). The prospect is 
too much for the Enemy to contemplate. 

[Vol. XIII, #2 — Feb., 1983] 

Youth Oriented 

Those in the struggle never tire of exclaiming how there is no time 
left, or at least not much time left, before it becomes “too late.” What’s 
more, they’ve been saying it for thirty years. True, it is too late for 
certain things to be attempted. In fact, it is true that with each passing 
year, more and more options are removed. But “too late” is something 
that cannot be applied in a general sense. A hell of a lot can happen 
in a mighty short time if only the right moves are made. The “hurry,” 
therefore, doesn’t have nearly so much to do with the situation as it 
does with the fact that those of us looking at the thing clearly want to 
stop wasting our time and get on with something that’s going to prove 
worthwhile, that will gain RESULTS. 

And YOUTH is the name to be applied to the group of people among 
whom you will find a majority of those who DEMAND RESULTS, 
not Right Wing bullshit. Manson explains that the older a person 
becomes, the more frozen they are in the programmed ways the 
System has inculcated them with. Not only that, usually, the older a 
person becomes, the more conservative they become in their whole 
attitude and outlook. Nowadays, and for quite a while now, people 
have begun to march to the grave very, very early. The death wish 
the System implants practically at birth just grows and grows with 
the passage of time. The most adept social and political movers of all 
times have known that, in order to have a successful movement, you 
must get ‘em while they are YOUNG! It is quite true, and especially 
so to those with Rightist backgrounds, that Youth today is in a mess. 
Can they be blamed? Their cowardly, hypocritical elders on the one 



hand having abandoned them over to the care of Big Brother who 
has done probably the most monumental mass brainwash of any 
time on them by, first, omitting, eliminating or ridiculing anything 
of worth in their heritage and then, second, by telling them they’re as 
good as niggers and by filling the vacuum already created with their 
own brand of insanity. However, as thorough going as the job the 
Jews have done is, people are still looking - they’re still hungry - for 
SOMETHING that rings true and worthwhile. It is Youth that has the 
most to lose, that has traditionally been the most idealistic and action- 
minded. Charles Manson exerts a fascination over Youth today, in the 
entire West, more so by far than anyone else even remotely attuned to 
what we’re trying to do. 

[Vol. XII, #2 — Feb., 1983] 

Manson's Way 

Manson cannot comprehend why otherwise intelligent adults would 
want to try and pretend that this is Germany in 1933 or the US. South 
in 1876 or indulge in any other fantasy to the expense of the stated 
struggle which is at hand. Having been through this Movement, I can 
comprehend it - though I’m not proud of it - and have found that, in 
trying to explain it to Manson, the whole sorry thing sticks in my 
throat. The reason Manson can’t understand it is that he goes on 
the assumption that any who are in possession of so large a chunk 
of the Truth, as is the racialist Right, would proceed as he himself 
proceeds: In total honesty. Those who have seen the light know that 
the operators within the Movement are a notoriously DISHONEST 
bunch of fakers and ripoffs and do the Truth the grossest disservice by 
their very presence. That’s why people can’t - at first - countenance 
Manson: He does not deal in images or gimmicks, only reality, the 
way it is. Most people simply cannot STAND this. They haven’t got 
the brain capacity or the guts for it. When they look at Manson, they 
see themselves and they 4 unless they are right inside - HATE IT. So, 
for lack of better understanding of it, they direct this hatred towards 
Manson. Is it any wonder then why we get so many of these reactions 
from within the Right, having been the haven that it has for all the 



many cowards and defectives? But the Right can no longer deliver 
the cheap, vicarious thrills it used to and the curiosity-seekers are 
thinning out along the carnival midway. REALITY has arrived and 
business for fakers is bad. If one were to attach a human name to stand 
for reality, that name would be MANSON. 
It is Planet Earth, here and now. A Leader who is alive is called for. 
There has to be guidance, authority, unity that can only be provided by 
the kind of personality that can fulfil the demands of Hitler’s Leadership 
Principle. Many will be called but few will answer; fewer still will be 
chosen. This however is not cultism but the reality of the situation. As 
revolutionary National Socialists, we denounced and abandoned the 
so called “Mass Idea” as worthless. But even a winning minority is 
going to have to number in the hundreds of thousands and, therefore, 
the task is every bit as awesome as it ever was. The difference now 
must be that we correctly assess the situation, accurately perceive 
what measures are called for and then set our plans accordingly. Only 
a master of the sense of REALITY can focus through the shroud of 
Jewish-created illusion, determine the proper course and define the 
right action. 


The Truth Ignored 

Not only is the Truth ignored, it is cursed and defamed. Any National 
Socialist in the world can attest to that. Manson’s Idea is the same as 
the NS Program only that it is, understandably, intended for THIS 
TIME and THIS PLACE. The vast differences in times and places 
fully account for the seemingly vast discrepancies between Manson 
and Hitler. Adolf Hitler was the LAST to offer the world workable, 
orderly and just solutions AND - most importantly - be in a position to 
actually deliver. The world’s answer to Hitler was the Second World 
War. It was no fault of Manson’s then that, though he wasn’t in much 
of a position to deliver, he did still in all offer the Truth. The answer 
he received was nine sentences of life imprisonment. 

As George Lincoln Rockwell - another martyr for the Truth - said in 
his writings: Anyone so conceited and foolish as to be determined to 



flaunt Nature’s Laws (Truth) may do so but only for a limited period 
of time. He cannot go on doing so indefinitely. A man determined to 
flaunt, for example, the Law of Gravity may dive off of the top of the 
Empire State Building and, for awhile, seem to be actually getting 
away with it. But then he reaches the ground (Reality) and is judged 
very harshly. So it is and so it will be with the people of the world. The 
spirit of liberalism, let alone the hand of Big Brother, cannot refrain 
from flirting with catastrophe - economic, social, environmental, 
racial - and the ultimate answer to all this gets closer each day. 

What do you do with one insistent upon leaping to their death, or with 
those who will not hear the Truth but who will go far out of their way to 
PERSECUTE it? If they won’t have it, if they choose to attack it, then 
the best thing you can do is SAVE YOURSELF. I refer again to those 
obscenely distorted accounts of the Manson Family experiences on 
the California desert which are readily available in any community’s 
bookshop (right alongside William L. Shirer’s “Rise and Fall of the 
Third Reich”, of which one respected historian has commented that 
the book contains an average of at least one factual error PER PAGE) 
to show just how Manson and his followers set about doing this very 
thing. The Movement, too, is more and more thinking in these terms 
but not with the sense of urgency or the totality which Manson did. 
Just as with the sinking of a great ocean liner, getting over the rail 
isn’t enough; one must swim hard and fast to put sufficient distance 
between himself and the sinking ship or else be sucked under by it. So 
much for urban survivalists. 

And so much for passivity. As was said last year, the renewed version 
of revolutionary National Socialism was built and grew concomitant 
with the increasing familiarity and devotion to Charles Manson and 
his Idea. It certainly was no accident that it was revolutionary National 
Socialists and not some other more or less traditional Movement front 
that made this transition. Revolutionary National Socialism, from the 
beginning, was known for its stand on guerrilla warfare against the 
System. Expressed beliefs and theories are one thing but putting them 
in to practical application and THEN seeing what they’re called is 
quite another. “Terrorism” usually turns out to be the term most often 
used. That brings us right back around, full circle, to the start: 



Those who start with the Truth, though they may do so separately, 
ultimately end up together with the Truth, regardless whether they be 
hailed or cursed by the masses. 

[Vol. XII, #2 - Feb., 1983] 

Helter Skelter 

Manson says simply that when the television goes off, the people will 
go insane. The spell will be broken and what shall Reality consist of 
other than Hell having made itself manifest on earth? That’s when the 
thought and preparation undertaken today will pay off for those who 
did more than TALK about the deplorability of it all. And Charles 
Manson will share no blame for any of it. I would add that the people 
will go insane trying to place culpability. In all likelihood, they’ll 
kill themselves off in a mad frenzy. I’ve said before that I want to 
be around for the finale, but not in the midst of that scenario. I’d 
prefer surveying the scene of the carnage after it has died down. The 
bright spot to all this is that, once the forces of the System have been 
swept away, then Universal Order will be established naturally. I can’t 
imagine anyone not wanting to be on its side. 

[Vol. XII, #2 — Feb., 1983] 





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alte ‘i 
$ Han 




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rij H it aH 

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“eT jipen 



The Meaning Of Universal Order 

The name Universal Order is not one more crinkle jammer replacement 

for anything more properly termed 

“Nazi” nor is it any head trip, 

In fact, Universal Order is more a concept than the name of any group 
or organization: Universal order as opposed to some kind of localized, 

grandiose “organization” designed mainly to enhance someone’s ego. 



specialized, exclusive “order.” When order is truly universal - and 
only then - it will be right, proper and, most of all, everlasting. This 
will include National Socialism, of course, and by direct implication, 
it will provide no place anywhere in the universe for alien “order.” 
Why did Universal Order make its appearance here, in the midst of the 
hard, U.S. radical Right Wing? Why not among the Left or among the 
Moral Majority or, for that matter, why didn’t it spring forth on its own 
from virgin soil? Why, in fact, out of the US. Nazi Movement? Because, 
as was said earlier, it is only here where a large enough measure of 
the complete Truth has resided for so long, where enough idealistic 
and altruistic individuals have rallied and fought, that Universal 
Order could take on a solid form and begin its organizational drive 
outward. It is only among the BEST and most forward-thinking of 
today’s National Socialists that Universal Order could be understood 
and embraced once these same National Socialists realized that THIS 
is what they had been reaching and striving for over the past ten years 
and more. 

The most extensive background in the US. Nazi Movement serves 
only as a partially adequate stepping stone to an understanding of 
Universal Order. Those who so foolishly state that Charles Manson is 
“hardly NS material” are like unto those of a modern-day Methodist or 
Presbyterian Church - with all their dogma and “social consciousness” 
- who wouldn’t allow the actual Jesus of Nazareth into their buildings 
for being in violation of prevailing hair and dress codes. And what 
would they then term “NS material”? Why, of course, some type mainly 
suitable for a small role in a Hollywood “docu-drama” - a parody of 
real National Socialism! But I refuse to concede the Movement to 
these types even though they maybe in preponderance. 

Hitler had his problems with them and so did Rockwell. They are 
the “fringers,” the coattail-hangers who gravitate toward the strong in 
hopes some of it might rub off onto them. The trouble is, instead of the 
association doing them any good, they by their presence only tend to 
short circuit the good works of others. 

In short, the Movement is in a mess. But then, the whole world is in a 
mess. Here in the Movement, the problems have been diagnosed and 
the solutions outlined for literally generations, every tool necessary is 
at hand. Yet the Movement is retrogressing today. Why? The degree 



of control by the Enemy cannot be used as and excuse for it is only, as 
Hitler would say, an obstacle that exists to be broken, not surrendered 
to. The sorry shape of the people, likewise, cannot be used as an alibi. 
Hitler also said that the masses are female and that it is up to the 
male drive to reach them and conquer or win them. No, the problem 
still rests inside the Movement itself. Too few have started and too 
many have stopped looking for a new beginning, a REAL beginning 
to the creation of a True Movement. Things are all out of tune. No one 
has yet struck the correct balance required to release that first bolt of 
[ Vol. XII #3 - March, 1983] 

A Thousand-And-One Diversions 

Though what a dreary, tiresome task it would be, someone should 
try to catalog the number as well as the names of all the microscopic 
“groups” which make up the galaxy loosely referred to as “the 
Movement.” A study in futility and impotency. Every one of them 
“disguised” as something or another and with all their effort going 
toward the upkeep of the disguise rather than the expressed purpose. 
Commander Rockwell referred to these types as “Sneaky Nazis.” 
Mostly, they knew and understood what National Socialism was and 
is about but had no stomach or self-discipline to join the real fight in 

Note there are no sneaky Mansonites - but for vastly different reasons. 
From direct personal experience I tell you that the name of Manson 
can be used for the same purposes the name of Hitler can be 

used... MINUS 95% of the usual hassles which immediately follow 
due to the huge job of conditioning that the Jews have done on people 
over the last forty or fifty years. Most of you in the Movement have not 
considered the way Manson is at first taken by average people. Young, 
wild, American, anti-Establishment, and finally, yes, a criminal type 
but certainly not on the order of what they have whipped up regarding 
Hitler. Manson scares people but he does so in the way they LIKE to 
be scared. There is no huge, vague, ugly “thing” attached to Manson 
as there is to Hitler. After a time, once people have been brought 



sufficiently around, you may introduce them to Hitler without much 
risk of losing them. This is but one example of the right balance, the 
right approach at work. 
But the reason there are no sneaky Mansonites is several-sided. Once 
a person knows what Manson is about, and actually shares it, he is no 
longer interested or concerned with sneaking around about anything. 
Who are we trying to hide from? What are we trying to conceal? Who 
are we trying to kid? We, after all, are the ones representing Life, we 
have the answers, we have what it is everybody needs and wants. So 
why should we sneak? (If a person likes to dress up ina 1930’s German 
uniform, for example, I can understand the need to sneak and hide.) 
But we go forth among our fellows ready at any time to impart Truth 
to whomever seeks it or will hear it. Second, the “Sneaky Nazis” are 
several steps below “open” Nazis because they are aware of what they 
are doing and yet lack the courage and honesty to correct themselves. 
On the contrary, more Nazis aren’t Mansonites for the very reason that 
they HAVE NO UNDERSTANDING of what he represents. A real 
Nazi would never reduce himself to some crinkle jammer waste of 
time just as one that is part of Universal Order and the whole Manson 
Idea CONFOUNDS the Enemy (just as it confuses the block-headed, 
faint-hearted and lukewarm) because it is so NEW (yet timeless) and 
cannot be copied from, at least, not copied effectively. 
Do not deny your prophets, your heroes and your saviors. As long 
as there is any breach of faith anywhere, nothing positive can ever 
proceed. It is something that the ignorant and the stubborn will have 
to live with. 

[Vol. XII #3 - March, 1983] 


The night of the Tate Surprise Party there were not enough good men 
around to handle the job and so it was left mostly up to women. In 
Manson’s Family the ratio of women to men stood at about five-to- 
one. Women, then, were Manson’s best troop. To go back in time and 
to change in location, it was women, by their majority, who elected 
Hitler to power in Germany. Maybe the deadliest built-in source of 



destruction the U.S. Right has been its attitudes toward women. Ever 
notice the typical Right Wing married couple? The little lady is ever 
bitching at hubby to drop that garbage and get a better-paying job. His 
own kids see him as a poor man’s Archie Bunker. That’s on a good day. 
The rest of the time it is off to divorce court. Why? Is the Movement 
really garbage? Are these women really bitches? The answer is no. 
The problem in every case lies with the man. 

The US. Right is made up of frustrated men, men who are afraid 
of this or that or the other and seek the company of others who are 
similarly frustrated and frightened, in order to be able to ease their 
angst and perhaps work out some of their fantasies. What woman on 
earth would respond to that? Women don’t respond to the false macho 
of the phony para-military of the US. Right nor are they turned on 
by the secretiveness of it all. Because these men are unable to form 
an effective organization which has the power to take the issue to the 
streets, to the Enemy, they keep it at home instead to the neglect and 
alienation of their families. The Enemy knows this and delights in the 
knowledge. Further, because of all this, the home, wife and family 
of the average Right Winger - Nazi, KKK or whatever - has become 
the biggest weak point with regard to System attacks: Break a man’s 
home or turn his wife against him and you HAVE him! 

Among the Left this is not the situation. Though they may be badly 
deluded in their beliefs, between a man and woman the commitment 
is shared and the struggle is shared as comrades. This is one main 
reason why the Left is so much more successful than the Right: The 
women are INVOLVED. I’ve witnessed recent Right Wing attempts 
at “involving” their few women and it amounts to trying to place them 
into uniforms and under the same kind of discipline as the men a la 
American Legion, etc. It doesn’t work. The reason it doesn’t work is 
it looks about as crappy as the System itself and turns the women off, 
as well it should. 

It is scandalous and notorious that most Right Wing “leaders” are 
very questionable as to the issue of sexual preference. This follows 
naturally when one takes a quick look at the mess the Movement is in 
outwardly - for it is merely a reflection. Hitler, Rockwell, Tommasi 
and certainly Manson exerted a strong, almost animal attraction over 
women and gloried in their company. This quality goes hand-in-hand 



with the dynamism necessary to MAKE AMOVEMENT. Sterility and 
impotence remain just that. Women make the most excellent fanatics 
but they have to be properly motivated and LED. There is something 
very wrong with any organization that doesn’t have its share of women. 
What is called for today is a strong Movement - normal and natural - 
to do the job, and not anything weird or introverted. Once the correct 
balance is struck for attracting women, the rest won’t be far behind. 

[ Vol. XII #3 - March, 1983] 

Circumstantial Constraints and Karma 

There are those who will rule the validity and existence of karma right 
out the window. As nearly as I understand it, it could boil down to 
“reap as ye sow.” There are references to “good karma” and “bad 
karma” and, again, the way I take it, it is different from luck in that it 
is like a cloud - or a rainbow - that follows you around according to 
some word or deed of yours in the past. It’s something that has to be 
dealt with, or lived with. Rather than hard results to be overcome - in 
the negative sense, anyway - it is something to be lived down. Real or 
unreal, it is something which effects the way people receive you, or 
don’t receive you. Like an aura. Furthermore, it can be passed down 
through time and therefore, it is wise to take care what kind of karma 
one takes upon himself or bequeaths to his posterity. 

No small bit of inconvenience do we labor under to this day with 
the story of the “Six Million.” Though the number of dead has been 
established statistically at around a quarter of a million and though 
there were no “gas chambers” as such, still the whole picture of a 
bunch of “little Jews” being killed rather sticks in the throat of most 
people. No less with the Manson Family does the matter of the “Five 
to Die” keep cropping up, despite the fact that Manson himself had no 
part in those killings. Again, a houseful of minor slime-drippers and, 
to make matters a hundred times worse, a pregnant female to boot. 
When people think Hitler and Manson, these are the visions that pop 
into mind primarily. 

Such is the “karma” those of us who follow in their path have to 
deal with. Personally, as a young kid just coming into the Movement 



and knowing nothing other than what I had been told by the liberal 
education system, I never at any time had a problem with the “Six 
Million.” I admit it is strange and unusual but it never bothered me. 
Hitler looked good to me and I was ready to go, regardless. I was sure 
in my own mind that he must have had his reasons for killing all those 
Jews. And well do I recall the moment in the summer of 1969 when 
the news broke on television of the discovery of the Tate killings - 
months before the case was cracked and the world would hear the 
name of Charles Manson. Well, too, do I recall thinking to myself at 
that time one word: “Good.” A favorite line when asked if we would 
condone the killing of women and children in the event of an all-out 
race war is one whereby I correct the language by adding, “You mean 
females and offspring?” 

Good karma is the kind gotten by Joseph Franklin by killing mixed 
couples. If anybody chafes at that, we can’t use them under any 
circumstances. Personally, I can see the use of wholesale measures 
plus being utterly thorough in one’s task but, as I fully understand, 
most people still retain certain hang-ups along these lines. The word is 
“compunctions”; some are born with them and others are born without 
them. I was one of the fortunate few. But though we have thought of 
ourselves for many years now as purely revolutionary and esoteric, 
with regard to what “public relations” we do still maintain, we still 
have to struggle to keep matters neatly within the context most readily 
understood and accepted by the majority. “Reasonability.” No less a 
man than Robert 

Lloyd told us a long time ago that we’d need to adopt a “missionary” 
approach. It hasn’t been easy and it’s not much fun but it does have 
some good effects. 

Getting back to the two historic and philosophic giants who I have 
spoken of in this segment, as Commander Rockwell never tired of 
insisting upon - rightly - Adolf Hitler DID NOT saddle us with any 
handicaps whatsoever. The problem only comes in when tiny minds 
attempt to measure great men and great deeds by their own inadequate 
standards. It of course will never fit. But if we fully understand who 
we are and what we want, then none of us should expect or want it to 
fit. If it were all very pleasant, nice and polite then, like everything 
else that way, it would mean NOTHING. This is the single, big reason 



I came to the Movement in the first place as a kid who knew nothing of 
the usual Right Wing background garbage through which most found 
their way in. I had looked around and was sick and tired of all the 
sugary sweet, prim and proper crap that existed around me in society 
and all of which added up to a big zero. Where there is real adversity, 
there is real substance and real worth. I wasn’t disappointed. 
One thing to keep in mind as we go about the struggle today in our 
own way, in our own time, is that hindsight is always 20/20. What 
really matters though is what takes place either right NOW or in the 
immediate future and the plain, inescapable fact is that ANY ACTION 
AT ALLIS BETTER THAN NONE. Beggars can’t be choosers and, I 
assure you, we are at the moment begging for action of any kind just 
to break the boredom and the deadlock. Anything would be welcome. 
I wrote previously in SIEGE that a little forethought is essential 
if we are to transform our situation from one of hand-to-mouth to 
one wherein we are able to actually call a few of the shots. Malice 
aforethought? Does it matter much should you be unlucky enough 
to end up before a System court? In all truth, one is far less likely 
to be caught and more likely to have a much greater impact - and 
better karma - if he contemplates matters ahead of time in a cool and 
rational way. Pick and choose, time and place. It is called getting 
professionalized and WINNING! 

[ Vol. XII, #6 - June, 1983] 

Toward Higher Thresholds 

Tommasi printed in a very early issue of the original SIEGE, “He who 
is not busy being born is busy dying.” This says, in essence, that there 
is no such thing as successfully standing still. You are either growing, 
changing and expanding or you are withering and dying. 

To better explain what is meant by my using the term “threshold” 
here, most have heard of the reference “threshold of pain.” Some 
people are very stoic and won’t flinch or complain at the worst 
discomfort. Others will scream and faint dead away at the mere sight 
of blood. The first group is said to have a high threshold of pain while 
the latter group has a low one. By training and by discipline - all 



backed up by willpower - one can RAISE their own thresholds and 
thus increase their endurance. How familiar is the sight of timid faint- 
hearts who fear everything which is found outside of Master’s Rules? 
Fear, anticipation, anxiety, panic, shock syndrome and gutlessness. 
How many of us today may have been scared by that very first police 
knock on our front doors? Or frightened by that first violent street 
confrontation with the Enemy? Commander Rockwell wrote that he 
did not expect to return from that first White House picket in 1958. 
Here we have the thresholds of fear or of “trouble.” 

But he did return from that one and a thousand others far worse. A 
combat veteran of two wars, he had come to grips with an entire new 
and different situation: Confrontation at home. He got good at it, from 
fighting in the streets to fighting and winning in his own court battles. 
As far as physical combat is concerned, he knew and he wrote that, 
in battle, one’s adrenaline takes over, provides extra strength and 
reflexes and also blocks out pain. The pain, as he said, only comes 
later, if injury is sustained, during the mending. As far as the “trouble” 
threshold is concerned, Commander Rockwell wrote later that, again, 
the night after John Kennedy was assassinated it appeared to one 
and all in the American Nazi Party, even with five years’ experience 
behind them, that, with all the hue and cry raised by the Jewish media 
that “Hate Killed Kennedy,” they would not last the night. Of course, 
they did last the night and went on and on to bigger and greater things. 
So how high can these thresholds go? How much pain is too much? 
What does it take to shake you? The answer of course is that you set 
your own limits. Commander Rockwell lived with imminent death 
for nine years, through countless death-dealing encounters with the 
Enemy, before he was suddenly shot in ambush by an ex-associate. 
He always claimed that his audacity kept him alive. He pulled many 
“publicity stunts” in those nine years, any one of which could have 
gotten him killed. But he knew, even in his quieter moments, that he 
was a marked man every second of every day of his life, no matter 
what, once he openly stood forth and accused the Jews. How many 
hot-shot punks carelessly risk their lives on motorcycles every night 
of the week and end up dying in bed at a ripe, old age? What does it 
represent? Nothing. Because it is all for nothing. True bravery is a 
constant. It is a singleness of purpose. A complete devotion to a Cause 



higher than one’s self. Knowing what to expect, or at least being ready 
for anything, and being totally committed to an Idea is what is required. 
Being caught anywhere in the middle is a potentially disastrous 
situation, one that inevitably leads to personal tragedy, which we in 
the Movement have seen played out many times. The Orientals are 
noted for a frame of mind similar to what I’m talking about but theirs 
is passive in nature. Ours, owing to our blood, is anything else but 
passive. Sustained in the Belief, await the opportune moment and then 
take the appropriate action. Never be side-tracked, never be tripped 
up by being distracted by issues of the moment. Always take the long 
A truly superior state of mind will keep you perpetually ahead of 
the situation. Just as with Adolf Hitler, be UNSHAKABLE in your 
determination and your belief. All this can only come with a full 
grasp of reality, regardless of how you come about that full grasp. 
As Commander Rockwell outlined in IN HOC SIGNO VINCES, it 
takes a certain intelligence, a certain amount of guts and definitely 
sufficient physical follow-up in order to survive and be able to push 
forward to Victory. 

[Vol. XII, #7 July, 1983] 




WHITE MAN!! The same iron 
blood of your mighty ancestors flows in your 
veins! The towering figure of ADOLF HITLER 
reaches out a giant hand to lift you up to world- 
conquering POWER! You have cringed long 
enough before pygmies! Now RISE! DEFY the 
rats and vermin at your feet! Let them feel the 
toe and the heel of your boot! Stamp them out! 
You have been sleeping. when you rise and 
stand up and the masses see what a man of 
FORCE looks like, they will love you, as they 
now imagine they hate you. With the spark of 
National Socialism, struck by Adolf Hitler, burn- 
ing in your breast, you are UNCONQUERABLE! 
In hoc signo vinces! In the sign of his Swastika, 
YOU will conquer! 

Join hands with the heroes in America, 
Britain, Iceland, Denmark and other White 
families who have raised the holy Swastika ban- 
ner and defended it with their blood. It has 
risen from the ashes of Berlin, and never shall 
it be hauled down again. Stand with us before the 
altar of Adolf Hitler and the world-conquering 
WHITE RACE, and pledge your life, as we have, 
to bring the order and justice of Western WHITE 
civilization once more into the world, 

Let us teach the traitors and rats and 
pygmies once more to cringe in terror in their 
huts and pray, "Lord, save us from the FURY 

— b LAA 

Lincoln Rockwell 

Above: An excerpt from Rockwell’s In 
Hoc Signo Vinces manifesto 



There's No Fanatic Like 
a Religious Fanatic 

All who have read thus far in SIEGE will know that I myself am 
purely political in outlook and am an atheist. However I try at all 
times to be above all else a realist and lately I’ve been taking a harder 
look at what, statistically, tends to make the better, more durable kind 
of social and political movement. It appears that those movements 
which have the most to offer to all the human needs tend to do better 
than their more narrow, confined counterparts, i.e., the cults. There 
of course can be narrow religious cults, narrow political cults, etc., 
but the point is that self-limitations should be scrupulously avoided. 
Instead of choosing to burden and restrict ourselves, we should rather 
afford ourselves every possible advantage and opportunity. 
Awell-balanced movement containing all elements of human existence 
would seem to be the only thing capable of filling the vacuum that is 
yawning before us as alienation continues to grow from the plastic 
crap, cheap “imitation of life” that the System offers. Every angle 
from the most personal to the political and the religious, if that is what 
people still claim to want. Manson would agree here, himself being 
more of a holy man than anything else. 

[Vol. XII, #8 - Aug, 1983] 

Revolution Equals Family 

To be able to understand the meaning of revolution in these times 
demands a rethinking of the concept of family. The kind of family 
we’re talking about here bears no resemblance to the so-called 
“family” as it is known to and among the Pigs of the System; the 
entity they constantly cry about being torn apart when, in fact, it had 
long since become nothing more than an evil farce. This has nothing 
whatsoever to do with the “bonds of matrimony” or even of immediate 
blood relation. It has even less to do with the threadbare notions of 
“family man” or the “good citizen” which that first term would seem 
to entail. The new and true concept of Family is so revolutionary in 



these times as to become interchangeable with revolution itself. If the 
machinations of the Jew and liberal have caused a terminal cancer in 
this society, then it is up to those who wish to survive to produce a 
new nucleus: The Family. 

It means people (and need I throw in “White People’’?) living and 
working closely together, in harmony and in communion. Not calling 
it off at a certain hour or on a certain day and returning home or back 
to “the job.” This concept of Family is total. It of course begins with a 
man-woman relationship and grows outward, immediately following 
with children. In this screwed-up society, this will as often as not 
involve men and women of an age that has attained some maturity 
having gone through one or more “bum” relationships or marriages. 
It is a fortunate few in this jungle who will find the right mate first off 
the bat. We are searching and sifting, trying to build something out of 
the wreckage. We cannot expect to start off with perfection. We must 
instead have as our goal the constant struggle for perfection. The only 
true revolutionary is the realist and the only true realist is he who 
plays the ball as it lies. 

Men and women of good race who are compatible are all that is 
necessary. The will to live and to survive is the bond. No idiotic 
notions of “fun,” “romance,” “tradition,” “security” or anything else 
can ever enter in. The realization that we CANNOT survive this alone, 
any of us, must govern all our thoughts and actions. The best security 
is the awareness and the preparedness for the tooth and nail struggle 
that is upon us plus the grim determination to SURVIVE at all costs. 
There’ll be plenty of fun and romance connected with the fight itself. 
Each day brings another victory; each hit - large or small - carried off 
against the System represents another vindication. This calls for men