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111 ] 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2019 

"1 have ever had a pleasure in obtaining any little anecdotes of my ancestors ’’— 5 
Benjamin Franklin. 

"He only deserves to be remembered by posterity who treasures up and preserves 
the history of his ancestors .”—Edmund Burke. 

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* 00 * 


2000 North Broad Street 


(photograph by bachrach) 

Compiler of 



British Army 

Prominent Attorney of Chicago, Ill., 
California / 

3 * 


Tune: Battle Hymn of the Republic 

A Norman was the ancient sire of all the Roberts Tribe; 

His seed was sown in England where they greatly multiplied; 

The Roberts are all loyal to their faith and family pride! 

The clan goes marching on! 

Chorus: Glory to the Tribe Robertus ! 

Glory to the name of Roberts! 

Glory to our grand old family! 

The clan goes marching on! 

C William, Stephen, Thomas, John, were fathers of our clan; 

Posterity of Samuel and Barnabas never ran. 

J Cadwalader was virile, Edward was a sturdy man. 

The clan goes marching on! 

John-athan signed a document which made a nation great; 

Albert served the people in a grand old southern state; 

George, at Stone River, facing danger, didn’t hesitate. 

The clan goes marching on! 

We like the name Robertus, there is music in the word: 

What made our name so famous and throughout the world adored? 
Samuel did it with the pen, Lord Roberts with the sword. 

The clan goes marching on! 

The Roberts hail from England, Scotland and the Emerald Isle; 

We love our British cousins in that good old Saxon style; 

Blood’s thicker than the water separating us awhile. 

The clan goes marching on! 

The Roberts all are loyal to the good old U. S. A. 

We love the flag of freedom and will follow it for aye. 

The Roberts do their duty and they never run away. 

The clan goes marching on! 

The Roberts sons are faithful, Roberts daughters true and sweet; 
More noble sires and mothers you could never hope to meet. 

The stories of their lives and deeds with pleasure we repeat. 

The clan goes marching on! 

We must prove worthy of our place on Roberts Family Tree. 

Let Roberts standards with the highest in the world agree. 

We owe a duty to the generations yet to be. A A C* A r~ A A 

The clan goes marching on! JLJLOQiO jctc 



"Battle Hymn of the Roberts”. 

(A) Introduction . 


(B) The Roberts Coat of Arms. 

(C) Ancient Roberts Families. 

(D) Prominent British Roberts, Past Generations. 

(E) Prominent British Roberts of Today. 

(F) American Roberts of Royal Descent. 


(H) Roberts in the American Revolution. 

(I) Prominent Roberts of America, Past Generations 

(J) Prominent Americans Roberts of Today. 

(K) Roberts Towns, Etc. 

(L) Roberts Census of The United States. 

(M) Religions of the Roberts. 

(N) References .. 

(O) Blank Forms for Private Family Records. 


HE Roberts Family is among the forty-nine “best families” selected by 
the American Historical-Genealogical Society for whom the Society has 
published family histories during the past few years. 

The Roberts Family has been prominent in the British Empire and in the 
United States, its members having played important roles in war and in peace. 
Family pride is a commendable trait and should be cultivated. All Roberts have 
just cause to be proud of their family history and traditions. 

In references No. 10, No. 7 and No. 14 we find the following regarding the 
origin and meaning of the name Roberts: 

The surname “Roberts,” like “Robarts” and “Robins,” is derived from 
“Robert”—a name which has held its place against all counter influences from 
the moment which first brought it into public favor. It was also exceedingly 
popular in its shortened forms, “Hob” and “Dob,” which gave us “Dobbs,” 
“Hopkins” and many others. It is a Teutonic personal name of great antiquity, 
introduced into England at the time of the Conquest, and frequently found in 
Domesday Book as “Rotbertus.” 

The influence of the name was enormous, as the number of persons bearing 
surnames derived from it amply testify. 

The data in this volume is gathered from reliable sources. We have selected 
what we consider the most important material. Many of the daughters, and 
sons for whom no issue was shown, have been omitted from the pedigrees. A 
missing symbol indicates that a name has been omitted. Those desiring further 
information are advised to consult the volumes mentioned in the list of Refer¬ 

The compiler hopes that, in producing this volume, he is bringing to the 
Roberts Family information which will be of interest and value to them, and 
that he is rendering an important service to the public. He and his associates 
will be glad to give their co-operation to members of the family who are inter¬ 
ested in having a complete genealogy of the family published. 

Unless otherwise plainly shown, the persons in this volume whose names 
are accompanied by three figures are children of the immediately preceding 
persons bearing immediately preceding numbers. All persons in each group 
bearing the same letter as a part of their numbers are directly related. The gen¬ 
erations of the descendants of those bearing numbers of three figures are rep¬ 
resented as follows. However, some of our material is published as copied from 
various records without rearrangement according to this system. 

Generations .1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 

Symbols .(1), etc. (A), etc. (a), etc. 1, etc. A, etc. 

Generations .6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 

Symbols .a, etc. (I), etc. (i), etc. I, etc. i, etc. 

Abbreviations: add., address; b., born; ch., children; coll., college; d., died; 
d. y., died young; d. w. i., died without issue; dau., daughter; grad., graduated; 
1., lives, lived; m., married, moved; s., son, succeeded; d. s. p., died without 
issue; d. v. p., died before father; univ., university. 



^ri COAT of Arms is an emblem or a device which is displayed by titled 
jSSplj persons, persons of royal blood, and their descendants. Coats of Arms 
1 were originally used for purposes of identification and recognition on 
the field of battle as well as in civil life. 

It is claimed by some writers that Coats of Arms, in a crude form, were 
used by Noah’s sons after the flood. There are records of other Coats of Arms, 
in one crude form or another, at different periods of ancient history. Heraldry, 
however, as we know it today, did not become of much importance until soon 
after the invasion of England by William the Conqueror, A. D. 1066. Heraldry 
became of general interest at about the time of the Crusades. 

The Roberts Coat of Arms shown in the front of this volume is the Arms of 
the Roberts of Cornwall; Barnstaple, Devonshire; Twickenham, Middlesex; 
and, with slight variations, of the Roberts of Lanhyderock, Cornwall, and the 
Roberts, Earls of Radnor. Authorities all agree that it was granted by Camden, 
King of Arms, in 1614. Coats of Arms very similar to it are used by Roberts, 
formerly of City of Waterford, and by other Roberts families of Wales, Ire¬ 
land and England. Numerous other branches of the family have arms resem¬ 
bling it. 

This is the most widely used of all Roberts Coats of Arms. It is described 
PLAYED and other reliable works on heraldry, in some cases accompanied by 
illustrations and pedigrees. It has been used for generations by many American 
branches of the Roberts family. 



Arms . 

Azure, three estoiles and a 
chief, wavy, or. 

A blue shield on which are 
three star-shaped figures be¬ 
low a wavy band, all gold. 

Crest . 

A lion, rampant, or, holding 
a sword, wavy, erect, argent, 
pommel and hilt of the first. 

A golden lion rampant, hold¬ 
ing erect a silver sword with 
pommel and hilt of gold. 

Motto . 

Quae supra (Latin) 

Which things are above. 

In the Washington Memorial Chapel at Valley Forge this Coat of Arms 
is carved upon the choir stall which commemorates the Pennsylvania regiments 
in the brigade at one time commanded by General Conway. It was given by 
Miss Frances A. Roberts, in memory of Elizabeth Cuthbert Roberts, 2nd, and 
her ancestor, John Roberts. Below the family arms is this inscription: 


In Memoriam 

Elizabeth Cuthbert Roberts, 2nd 
June 20th, 1832-March 25th, 1916 
Direct descendant of John Roberts, of Caernarvonshire, North ■ 
Wales, who came to this country in 1683 and settled in 
Merion on the site of the present Roberts’ 


Sir Bernard Burke, of Heralds College, London, said: “Heraldry is prized 
by all who can show honorable ancestry, or wish to found honorable families.” 

Besides its family significance this Coat of Arms makes an excellent mural 
decoration and inspires the admiration and comment of all who see it. 

It is quite appropriate that members of the Roberts family who have a 
pride in their ancestry should display the family Coat of Arms, in proper colors. 



HE following titled Roberts families are listed in “BL T RKE’S GEN¬ 
ERAL ARMORY”: Glassenbury, co. Kent (two families); Borzell, 
Ticehurst and Stonehouse, co. Sussex; Drybridge, co. Monmouth, and 

Stourbridge, co. Worcester; Comb Martin, co. Devon; Sutton Cheveil, co. 
Leicester; co. Leicester, Francis Roberts, Esq.; Willesden, co. Middlesex, bart., 
1700; Stepney, co. Middlesex; Bristol, Westerly, co. Gloucester; Beechfield, 
Bromley, co. Kent; Llangedwin, co. Montgomery; co. Kent; cos. Lincoln and 
Worcester, and London; Bow, co. Middlesex; co. Cornwall, and Twickenham, 
co. Middlesex; Barnstaple, co. Devon; Milford Haven, co. Pembroke: Liskeard, 
co. Cornwall; Coeddu, co. Flint; cos. Salop and Somerset; Wales; Field House, 
co. Worcester; Crompton-Roberts, Sunnyside, Regent’s Park, London; Corfton 
Manor, co. Salop; Ombersley, co. Worcester, Camberwell, co. Surrey and Seed- 
ley, co. Lancaster; Brightfieldstown, co. Cork, bart; Kilmoney Abbey, co. Cork; 
Ulster King of Arms, William Roberts, Esq.; Gen. Sir Abraham Roberts; 
Dormstown Castle, co. Meath. 

Atkin-Roberts of Glassenbury Park 


A101 Rookhurst or Roberts : left native shire of Annandale, in Scotland, 3 
Henry I (1103) ; settled in parish of Goudhurst, co. Kent, having pur¬ 
chased lands at Winchett Hall where the family continued to reside for 
274 years. From him was descended 

A102 Stephen Rookhurst or Roberts: m., temp. Richard II (about 1377), 
Joan (dau. and heiress of Wm. Tilley, of Glassenbury). This mansion 
inherited by his lineal descendant, 

A103 Walter Roberts: temp. Edward IV (about 1461) ; pulled down ancient 
seat and built another lower down the valley, being the present seat of 
Glassenbury. From him was descended 
A 104 Sir Thomas Roberts: knt., of Glassenbury; created bart., 1620. 

A105 Sir Walter Roberts: 6th bart. of Glassenbury; had a dau. and co-heir 
A106 Jane: m., 1732, George, 3rd Duke of St. Albans, who d. s. p. 1786; de- 


vised property of Glassenbury to 2d son of Thomas Robert (A107 be¬ 
low), of Britfieldstown, if he should have one, or in default, to his eldest 
dau.; d. 1778. 

A107 Sir Thomas Roberts (See B115) : baft., of Britfieldstown (3d in de¬ 
scent from Randal Roberts, son Rev. Thos. Roberts, Chancellor of Cork, 
who have the Glassenbury Arms, as is proved by the seal attached to his 
will) ; created a bart., 1809; m (1), 1765, Amy Johnson; m. (2), 1806, 
Ann Walton; d. 1817; had with other issue, 

(1) Walter (Sir) : 2nd Bart., ancestor of Sir Howland Roberts, Bart. 

(2) Thomas Walton: of whom presently—A108. 

(3) Martha: s. in 1778 to Glassenbury under Duchess of St. Albans' 
will, until estate was vested in Thomas Walton Roberts, her half 
brother; m. John Cramer, who assumed additional name of Roberts 
by Royal License. 

(4) Georgiana: m., 1826, John Drew Atkin, of Ballymore, co. Cork, and 
Castle Park, co. Dublin; d. 1873. 

(A) Walter Roberts: Barrister-at-Law; b. 1824. 

(B) John Roberts: late of Glassenbury—A109. 

(C) Walton Thomas Roberts : Maj. Royal Antrim Art.; 1845-1897 ; 
m. 1875, Margaret Cornwall; issue. 

A108 Thomas Walton Roberts [A107—(2)] : s. to Glassenbury under will 
of Duchess of St. Albans; d. s. p., 1882; devised estates to nephew. 

A109 Major John Roberts Atkin-Roberts [A107-(4)-(B) ] : of Glassen¬ 
bury Park, Kent; Reserve of Officers; Commissioner for Income and 
Land Tax; Judicial Authority under Lunacy Act, 1890, and Visiting Jus¬ 
tice thereunder for co. Kent; assumed additional name and arms of Rob¬ 
erts, by Royal License, 1882, on s. to property, in accordance with uncle’s 
will; 1843-1913; m. 1875, Marianne Gertrude Fox. 

(1) Malcolm Roberts: now of Glassenbury Park—A110. 

(2) Jane Walton: m. 1911, Baron Francis Nicholas Rudolph Herman 
Frederick Theodor Christian von Nettelbladt, of Chauteu de Zel, 

A110 Malcolm Roberts Atkin-Roberts: of Glassenbury Park, Kent; b. 

Roberts of Glassenbury 

Bill Rev. Thomas Roberts: D.D., of Brightfieldstown and Ballyfoyle, co. 
Cork; J. P. 1663; went to Ireland temp. Charles I; name appears in the 
Particular Book of Trinity Coll., Dublin, from Dec., 1637, to Feb., 1638; 
rector of St. John of Jerusalem and of St. Nicholas, 1639; Chancellor 
of the Diocese of Cork, 1661; b. 1590; d. 1664; m. (1), Eliz. Neville; 
m. (2), 1654, Dorothy Boyle (Turner) ; purchased lands in co. Water¬ 
ford, 1662. 

(1) Francis: J. P.; lieut.-col. of horse; 1644-1696; m. 1668, Anne Bus- 
tead; fled to Bristol 1689; was attained, but returned to Cork. 

(2) Thomas. 

(3) Randal—B112. 

B112 Randal: of Brightfieldstown; m., 1671, Hannah Bustead; d. 1719; will 
sealed with arms of Sir Thomas Roberts, Knt., Bart, of Glassenburv. 

(1) Thomas—B113. 

(2) Francis: of Castlepart, co. Cork; d. s. p.; will dated 1707. 


(3) John: B. A., Trin. Coll., Dublin, 1710; b. 1688; m. 1714, Catherine 

(A) Michael: d. s. p., 1731. 

(4) Michael: of Glanworth, co. Cork; d. s. p., 1742. 

(5) Hodder: ancestor of Roberts of Kilmoney Abbey. 

(6) Randal (Rev.): B. A., Trin. Coll., Dublin, 1715; M. A., 1718; b. 
1694; d. s. p.; will dated 1753. 

B113 Thomas: of Brightfieldstown; b. 1674; m., 1698, Jane Hodder. 

B114— Randal: of Brightfieldstown; to whom Wm. Hawkins, Ulster King of 
Arms, 1775, allowed the arms above mentioned appearing on the seal of 
his grandfather, as lawfully descended in a direct line from Sir Thos. 
Roberts, of Glassenbury, Kent, Knt. and Bart.; b. 1704; m. 1734, Mar¬ 
tha Westropp. 

B115 Sir Thomas: (See A107) ; 1st Bart.; of Brightfieldstown; created bart., 
1809; 1738-1817; m. (1), 1765, Amy Johnson; m. (2), 1806, Ann Wal¬ 

(1) Thomas: b. 1771; d. y. 

(2) William: b. 1773; d. s. p. 

(3) Walter (Sir) : 2nd Bart.—B116. 

(4) Randal Howland: d. s. p., 1801. 

(5) Thomas Walton—[See A108]. 

(6) Martha—[See A107—(3)]. 

(7) Georgiana—[See A107—(4) ]. 

B116 Sir Walter: 2nd Bart.; High Sheriff, co. Devon, 1817; 1776-1828; m. 
1800, Catherine Hodgson Gilbert (descended from Adm. Sir Humphrey 
Gilbert, temp. Elizabeth, half brother of Sir Walter Raleigh). 

(1) Thomas Howland (Sir) : 3rd Bart.—B117. 

(2) Edmund Gilbert (Rev.): B. D.; rector of Paul’s Cray, Kent, and 
Glanville Wootton, Dorset; 1810-1856; m. 1836, Eliz. Anna Joyce. 

(A) Thomas Langdon: capt. London Irish Rifles; 1840-1904; m. 
1862, Emily Moor; d. s. p. 

(B) Herbert: b. 1847. 

B117 Sir Thomas Howland: 3rd Bart.; 1804-1864; High Sheriff, co. Cork, 
1837; m. (1), 1834, Eliza Caroline Maitland; m. (2), 1842, Anne Elliott 

(1) Randal Howland (Sir) : 4th Bart.—B118. 

(2) Howland (Sir) : 5th Bart.—B119. 

(3) Walworth Howland (Sir): Knt. Bach. (1921); C. B. E. (1920); 
late judge of the Marylebone County Court; member of the Standing 
County Courts Rules Committee; J. P. Staffordshire; sometime an 
examiner of the Court; revising barrister for Middlesex; one of 
chairmen on Committee of Production, 1918-19; set from Bench, 
1921 ; 1922, appointed standing arbitrator under Ministry of Trans¬ 
port Act; formerly lieut. London Irish Rifles; b. 1855; m., 1890, 
Katherine Thomson. 

(A) Walter St. Clair Howland: M. C.; B. A.; educated at Win¬ 
chester and B. N. C., Oxford; lieut. R. F. A.; Foreign Office; 
H. M. Diplomatic Service; b. 1893. 

B118 Sir Randal Howland: 4th Bart., late maj. London Irish Vol. Corps.; 
1837-1899; m., 1858, Eliza Mary Turnbull; s. by half-brother. 

(1) Warton Howland: 1859-1888. 

B119 .Sir Howland: 5th Bart., J. P. and D. L., co. London; Hon. Col. 3rd 
(^London Irish) Vol. Batt. Rifle Brigade, V. D.; 1845-1917; m., 1895, 


Elizabeth Marie La Roche, of New Jersey. 

(1) Thomas Langdon Howland (Sir) : 6th and present Bart.—B120. 

(2) Gilbert Howland: lieut. R. N., b. 1900; heir presumptive. 

B120 Sir Thomas Langdon Howland: 6th Bart.; of Glassenbury; lieut. 
R. F. A.; b. 1898. 

Roberts of Ecclesall 

C121 Samuel Roberts: of Stubbin House, Ecclesfield, co. York; 1649-1715; 
left, with other issue 

C122 Jacob: of Bridge House, Sheffield; bapt. 1697; m. 1723, Mary Hogland; 
had, with other issue, 

C123 Samuel: of Sheffield; 1732-1799; m. Mary Sykes; the eldest surviving 

C124 Samuel: of Park Grange, Sheffield; 1763-1848; m. 1794, Eliz. Wright; 
a son and three daus. who d. unm. 

C125 Samuel: of Queens Tower, Sheffield; M. A. Camb.; J. P. Sheffield and 
W. Riding, York; 1800-1887; m. (1), 1837, Eliz. Creswick; m. (2), 
1841, Sarah Anne Sooley; left with other issue, 

C126 The Rt. Hon. Sir Samuel: 1st Bart., P. C. of Ecclesall, and of Queen’s 
Tower, City of Sheffield, and W. Riding, co. York; Knt.; D. L. and J. 
P., W. Riding of York; M. P. for Ecclesall Div. of Sheffield since 1902; 
M. A., Camb.; barrister-at-law Inner Temple; Deputy Chairman W. Rid¬ 
ing Quarter Sessions; educated at Repton and Trinity Coll., Camb.; 
called to the Bar 1877; Lord Mayor of Sheffield, 1900; member of the 
Royal Commission on the King’s Bench Div., 1913; knighted 1917; 
created a bart., 1919; sworn of the Privy Council of Great Britain, 1922; 
b. 1852; m., 1880, Martha Susan Blakerey. 

(1) Samuel: M. A., LL.B., Camb.; J. P., W. Riding Yorks, and city of 
Sheffield; Lord Mayor of Sheffield, 1919; M. P. for Hereford since 
1921; b. 1882; m. 1906, Gladys Mary Dring. 

(A) Samuel: b. 1910. 

(B) Peter Geoffrey: b. 1912. 

(2) Albert Samuel: lieut. R. G. A.; b. 1885. 

(3) Norman Samuel: 1888-1914; m. 1912, Dorothy Sorley; issue. 

(4) Alfred Cecil Samuel (Rev.) : M. A., Camb.; b. 1890. 

(5) Eric Samuel: b. 1893; late lieut. York and Lancs. Regt. 

Roberts (Formerly of City of Waterford ) 

D127 Thomas Roberts: of City of Waterford; m. Sarah Bowles; d. before 
1775 ; s. by only son. 

D128 John: of Waterford; an eminent architect; 1712-1796; m. Mary Susan¬ 
nah Santelle, of a French refugee family settled there. 

(1) John (Rev.)—D129. 

(2) Thomas: 1748-1788. 

(3) Samuel: of Waterford; 1758-1834; m. Eliza Bull; issue. 

(4) Thomas Santelle: R. I. A.; b. 1760; d. s. p. 

(5) George: of Waterford; m. Anne Gooch; d. 1849; issue. 

• D129 Rev. John [D128—(1) ] : rector of Kill St. Nicholas, co. Waterford, 
and Ballymacward, co. Galway; J. P., co. Waterford; provost of the 
diocese of Kilmacduagh; B. A. Trin. Coll., Dublin; 1745-1815; m. 1771, 
Anne Sandys. 


(1) John: of Waterford; 1773-1837; m. 1796, Grace Dobbyn; issue. 

(2) Abraham: b. 1774; d. y. 

(3) Thomas: Capt. R. N.; 1778-1855; m. 1804, Kath. Hackett; issue. 

(4) Abraham (Sir) :—D130. 

(5) Samuel (Sir) : Knt.; of Belmont, co. Waterford; C. B.; Capt. R. 
N.; 1785-1848; m., 1818, Rosamund Roberts; d. s. p. s. 

D130 Gen. Sir Abraham: G. C. B.; col. 101st regt.; distinguished Indian 
commander; served throut first Afghan War; present at Ghuznee; 1784- 
1873; m. (1), 1820, Frances Isabella Ricketts; m. (2), 1830, Isabella 
Bunbury (Maxwell). 

(1) George Ricketts: maj.-gen., Bengal, S. C.; 1827-1915; m., 1857, 
Harriet Roberts; issue. 

(2) Frederick Sleigh: created Earl Roberts—D131. 

D131 Sir Frederick Sleigh, Earl Roberts: 1832-1914; Field Marshal; 
Comn.-in-Chief in India (1885-93), in Ireland (1895-99), in S. Africa 
(1899-1900), of the army (1900-1904), Col.-in-Chief of Forces in 
United Kingdom from oversea dominions and India, 1914; Hon. D. C. 
L. Oxon, 1881 ; received many distinguished honors and degrees; special 
ambassador to courts of Prussia, Saxony, Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Rou¬ 
manian and Servia to announce accession of George V, 1910; Queen’s 
medal with six clasps; C. B. 1872; K. C. B. 1879; G. C. B. 1880; G. 
C. I. E. 1887; G. C. S. I. 1893; P. C. 1895; K. P. 1897; IC. G. 1901; 
O. M. 1902; created bart. for distinguished services in India, 1881 ; ele¬ 
vated to peerage as Baron Roberts of Kandahar in Afghanistan, and of 
the city of Waterford, 1892; in recognition of victories in S. Africa, was 
created, 1901, Viscount St. Pierre and Earl Roberts of Kandahar, in 
Afghanistan, Pretoria of Transvaal Colony, and of the City of Water¬ 
ford; received grant of £100,000 for distinguished services; d. at head¬ 
quarters of British Army in France; m. 1859, Nora Henrietta Berns, C. 
I., R. R. C.; baronetcy and barony extinct at his death without male 
issue; earldom and viscounty devolved upon elder daughter. 

(1) Frederick Henry: b. 1869; d. y. 

(2) Frederick Hugh Sherston: V. C.; lieut. King’s Royal Rifles; served 
in Waziristan Exped., 1894-95; with Chitral Relief Force, 1895; 
Nile Exped., 1898 (present at battle of Khartum) ; S. Africa, 1899; 
1872-1899; awarded V. C. after death, for conspicuous bravery at 
battle of Colenso; d. of wounds received at that battle. 

(3) Aileen Mary: now Countess Roberts—D132. 

(4) Ada Edwina Stewart: O. B. E. (1918); (heir presumptive); b. 
1875; m., 1913, Brig.-Gen. Henry Fredk. Elliot Lewin. 

(A) Frederick Roberts Alexander: b. 1915. 

D132 Countess Roberts (Aileen Mary Roberts) : D. B. E., of Kandahar, 
in Afghanistan, and'Pretoria in the Transvaal Colony, and of the City 
of Waterford, and Viscountess St. Pierre, in the peerage of the United 
Kingdom; b. 1870; s. father, 1914. 

Roberts of Milner Field 

E133 Joseph Roberts: of the Marsh, Oxenhope, near Keighley, Yorks; father 

E134 James : of Haworth, Yorks ; 1808-1888; m. 1829, Jane Hartley; s. by son, 
E135 Sir James: 1st Bart., of Milnor Field, Bingley, Yorks; J. P.; Chairman 


of Sir Titus Salt, Bart., Sons and Co.; b. 1848; created bart., 1909; m. 
1873, Elizabeth Foster. 

(1) Bertram Foster: 1876-1912; m. 1903, Eliza Gertrude Denby. 

(A) James Denby: b. 1904. 

(B) William Denby: b. 1909. 

(2) Joseph Henry Nicholson: J. P.; b. 1887; m., 1920, Frances Elea¬ 
nor Partington. 


Barre Charles Roberts: (1789-1810); antiquary; was well versed in 
antiquaries; began his collection of coins at an early age. His collection was 
confined to coins of his own country, and it was bought by the British Museum 
at the cost of £4000. In 1805-06 he learned Spanish and in 1807 printed at 
Oxford 50 copies of a compendium of Spanish verbs. Not quite twenty, he 
contributed several articles to periodicals. 

David: (1757-1819) ; lieutenant colonel; served his country admirably; 
was author of “The Military Adventures of Johnny Newcome,” a poem of 
nearly 3000 lines. 

David: (1796-1864); painter; b. near Edinburgh; apprenticed to Beugo, 
a house painter and decorator, with whom Roberts remained for seven years. 
In 1822 he was on the permanent staff at the Theater Royal, Edinburgh; also 
worked in the scene rooms of the Drury Lane and Covent Garden theaters; 
later visited the Continent and collected sketches, etc.; was A.R.A. in 1839 and 
R.A. in 1841. Roberts’ most pleasing work was that done of western Europe. 

Emma: (1794-1840); author; girlhood was spent with her mother—a 
woman of some literary pretensions—at Bath; studied at the British Museum; 
went to India, and her first book was published in 1827; later went to Calcutta, 
where she devoted herself more closely to literature and journalism, editing and 
writing for The Oriental Observer. She published books, edited a weekly 
paper and interested herself in a scheme to provide the women of India with 
suitable employment; had all but completed her investigations, when death 
ended her work. 

Francis: D.D. (1609-1675); Puritan; matriculated at Oxford; took 
orders, joined the Presbyterian party at the outbreak of the civil war; was 
presented to the rectory of Wrington, Somerset; became a zealous partisan of 
the Somerset Puritans. On the appointment of Lord Essex as lord lieutenant 
of Ireland, Roberts was made his chaplain and created D.D. of Dublin while 
in that office; was a scholarly writer as well as a preacher. 

Griffith: (known about 1570); Welsh grammarian; in 1567 he pub¬ 
lished at Milan a Welsh treatise of grammar (in three parts) of about 300 
pages; only two copies are now extant—one of which is in the British Museum. 

Sir Henry Gee: (1800-1860); major general; obtained a cadetship in 
the East India Company’s services in 1818. He is described as an energetic 
soldier, good in every situation, and because of his valor was recommended to 
the post and became colonel in 1852, major general two years later. He com¬ 
manded the northern division of the Bombay army, and the Government, during 
the mutiny, expressed its sense of the judgment, resolution and self-reliance 


with which he acquitted himself of his most arduous duties at that time; re¬ 
ceived the thanks of Parliament for his services with the medal and clasps for 
Central India. 

John: (1576-1610); Benedictine monk; son of a merchant of ancient 
descent; educated as a Protestant at Oxford; visited Paris and was there 
converted to Roman Catholicism; entered the Jesuit College of St. Alban; was 
sent to England as a missionary; helped to found the house of St. Gregory’s, 
Douay, and became its first prior. 

John: (1623 P-1684) ; Quaker humorist. Though of humorous disposi¬ 
tion, Roberts was always devoutly inclined, and his sympathies were with the 
Puritans. When George Fox established the Society of Friends, Roberts 
quickly embraced the Quaker doctrines; as a result, suffered much persecution. 
He delighted—as shown by his son Daniel’s memoirs of him—in smart repartee 
and in pointed illustration. 

John: (1767-1834) ; Welsh divine; commenced to preach in 1790; later 
entered the Oswestry Academy and was ordained, 1796, pastor of Llanbrynmoir 
Church; was noted for his suavity of temper and eminent piety. 

John: (1822-1877); Welsh musician, better known as Ienan Grvyllt; 
was only fourteen when chosen leader of his choir; at sixteen became school¬ 
master ; adopted the name given above when he contributed a musical composi¬ 
tion to a Welsh magazine; became, in 1852, assistant editor of the most impor¬ 
tant Welsh paper of the day, devoted himself to the work with enthusiasm, and 
by the end of the year the circulation of the paper had nearly doubled; in 1859, 
under his leadership, was held the first of those musical festivals which became 
established institutions all over the country. The same year his “tune book” 
was published he gained immediate popularity. Probably no other musician 
has left such a deep impression on musical Wales. His chief aim was educa¬ 
tional, and of the twenty or so tunes he composed, some half a dozen are still 
in popular use. 

Joseph: (1795-1849) ; missionary; ordained, 1818, as Wesleyan minister; 
sent by the Wesleyan Missionary Society to Ceylon; corresponding member of 
the Asiatic Society; applied himself to the study of the Tamil language; made 
translations, afterwards publishing them; in 1843 was appointed general super¬ 
intendent of the society’s mission in the Madras Presidency and while there 
edited a work on “Caste—Its Religious and Civil Character.” 

Mary: (1788-1864); author; daughter of a London merchant; grand¬ 
daughter of the Quaker botanist Thomas Lawson. In 1790 her parents moved 
to Painswick, in Gloucestershire, where Mary developed an intense love of 
nature, to which she soon gave literary expression. Some of her passages in 
“Annals of My Village” fall little short of the descriptive power of Richard 
Jeffries, and she was author of many fine books. 

Peter: (1760 ?-1819) ; divine and antiquary. Through the Irish pupils 
at the grammar school Roberts attended he became acquainted with Dr. Henry 
Ussher, afterwards professor of astronomy in the University of Dublin, who 
procured for him admission as a Sizar to that university; after graduation, M.A., 
remained in Dublin as a private tutor, studying especially Oriental languages 
and astronomy; devoted most of his life to tutoring, and several of his titled 
pupils gave him a pension enabling him to devote all of his time to study. The 
“Cambrian Popular Antiquitus,” dealing with Welsh rustic customs and super¬ 
stitions, is his most valuable contribution to letters. 


Richard: (1789-1864); inventor; as a young man, devoted his leisure 
time to practical mechanics; in 1816 settled in Manchester and became known 
as an inventor of great ability; among his early inventions were the screw¬ 
cutting lathe and an oscillating and rotating wet gas meter. On the strike of 
cotton spinners, 1824, the manufacturers induced him to attempt the construc¬ 
tion of a self-acting mule, which was perfected the following year. The opening 
of the Liverpool & Manchester Railroad attracted him to a new field of mechani¬ 
cal invention; devised a steam brake and a system of standard gauges to which 
all his work was constructed, besides many other inventions; was one of the 
greatest mechanical inventors of the century. 

Samuel: (1763-1848); author and pamphleter, known as the “Paupers’ 
Advocate;” at the age of twenty-seven, published his first essay in the local 
press, being a satire of the then new fashion of hiding the chin in voluminous 
neck bandages. This was well received, and he was encouraged to follow a 
literary career, which extended over the remainder of his life. Roberts’ leading 
motive was benevolence, and he never published anything that he was not 
convinced was favorable to morality and religion, and never published for profit. 
Author of an immense number of books, pamphlets, broadsheets and contri¬ 
butions to the press. 

Samuel: (1800-1885) ; social and political reformer, better known by his 
initials “S. R.” In 1826 became assistant pastor to his father; during this period 
he gained wide popularity as a writer and a leader of public opinion among the 
nonconformists of Wales; was a pioneer in Wales of disestablishment; organized 
a great effort made by Welsh independent churches to pay their chapel debts. 
His persistent efforts towards reform of the postal system were finally success¬ 
ful ; he forwarded Catholic emancipation, abolition of religious tests and church 
rates, temperance movement, sanitary improvements, etc. Several songs written 
by Roberts rank among the best Welsh lyrics of the century. 

Thomas: (1749 ?-1794 ?) ; artist; son of John, architect of town hall and 
other public buildings in Waterford; exhibited from 1723 with the Society of 
Artists in the Strand; devoted himself chiefly to parkside landscape, imitating 
the Dutch foliage penciling with great skill; employed by many of the Irish 
nobility to depict their country seats; his younger brother Samuel, a landscape 
painter, followed him to London, where he exhibited at the Royal Academy 
regularly from 1789 to 1811. 

William : (1585-1665) ; bishop of Bangor, whose descent was traced from 
Edwin, King of Tegeingl; educated at Cambridge; in 1637 became bishop of 
Bangor; suffered much for his adherence to the King during the civil war. 

William: (1767-1849) ; barrister and author; born at Surrey; educated 
at Oxford. Dr. Cooke, of Corpus Christi College, described him as “the splen¬ 
did ornament of his college.” In 1791 he traveled abroad as a tutor and on 
his return studied law; turned his attention to literature as a source of income 
and published many works; was editor of several periodicals. Meanwhile he 
published some writings on his profession; held several public offices; his 
“Portraiture of a Christian Gentleman” was exceedingly popular in America 
as well as in England; very active in charitable and religious work. 

William Hayward: D.D. (d. 1791); poet and Biblical critic; graduated 
from Cambridge, 1757; an assistant master at Eton; gained his degree of D.D. 
in 1773; rector of Everdon; provost of Eton College; was one of the King’s 
chaplains for many years. His prose and poems are excellent. 


William Prowting: (1800-1871); solicitor and trades union advocate; 
admitted a solicitor in 1828 and practiced at Bath, Manchester and London; 
was concerned in nearly all the law offices of the trade union; in 1844 was 
chosen by the Miners’ Association of Great Britain and Ireland as their standing 
legal adviser; was a most able, indefatigable and pertinacious advocate. 


Roberts : Family name of Baron Clwyd and Countess Roberts. 

Countess Roberts: cr. 1901; of Kandahar, Pretoria and Waterford; 
Ailenn Mary Roberts: D.B.E., 1918; b. 1870; d. of 1st Earl Roberts. Add.; 

Sir Alexander Fowler: K.B.E., cr. 1926; Director, Murray, Roberts 
& Co., Ltd., Wellington, N. Z.; b. 1882; s. of Sir John; educ., Clare Coll., Cam¬ 
bridge; Commissioner to British Empire Exhibition. Add.: New Zealand. 

Hon. Alexander William: D.Scs., F.R.A.S., F.R.S.E.; Senator in the 
Union Parliament of South Africa since 1920; b. 1857; appointed to the Staff 
at Lovedale, S, Africa, 1883; erected a private observatory for the photometric 
observation of stars. Publications: articles on stellar physics. Add.: Love- 
dale, South Africa. 

Ven. Alfred: Archdeacon of Potchefstroom, 1891-1914; b. 1853; educ., 
St. Augustine’s Coll., Canterbury. Add.: Pretoria. 

Alfred Jabez: O.B.E.; b., Norwood, S. A., 1863; educ., Wesley Coll., 
Victoria; mem. of Stock Exchange. Add.: S. Australia. 

Arthur: Comedian; b. 1852; clerk; appeared first at Oxford Music Hall 
(old), 1878. Publications: Adventures of Arthur Roberts, told by Himself; 
Fifty Years of Spoof. 

Sir Arthur Cornelius: K.B.E., cr. 1917; F.C.A.; practicing as A. C. 
Roberts, Wright & Co.; Chairman, Financial Board of Control, Air Ministry; b. 
1869. Add.: Wimbeldon. 

Com. Arthur Millington: D.S.O., 1918; R.N., retired; b. 1886; Naval 
General Service Medal, Persian Gulf Clasp. Add.: Hambrook. 

Carl Eric Bechhofer: b., London, 1894; represented The Times and 
The Morning Post in Russia and the Middle East. Publications: several books 
on Russia. Add.: London. 

Cecil Edric Mornington : Hon. LL.D., F.R.G.S., b. 1892; Literary 
Editor, Liverpool Post; Parliamentary candidate (1.) Nottingham, East Divi¬ 
sion, 1922. Publication: Through Eyes of Youth. Add.: London. 

Charles George Douglas: M.A., LL.D.; author; b., Douglas, New 
Brunswick, 1860; educ., Fredercton Collegiate School; graduating with honors 
in metaphysics, ethics and political economy; editor of The Week. Publication: 
Around the Camp Fire, 1896. 

Charles Henry: b. 1865; educ., Marlborough Coll.; Chairman, National 
Health Insurance Joint Committee. Add.: London. 

Charles Hubert: M.D., Lond.; F.R.C.S., Eng.; F.R.C.P., Lond; Asst. 
Demonstrator of Anatomy and Demonstrator of Practical Midwifery and Dis- 


eases of Women. Publications: various papers read before the Obstetrical 
Society of London and the Royal Society of Medicine. Add.: London. 

Cyril: R.B.A., 1904; Auditor, 1914-15; mem. of Council, 1915-18; Sec¬ 
retary, 1918; portrait painter; b. 1871 ; studied art at S. Kensington, Slade and 
Paris; exhibitor at The Royal Academy. Add.: London. 

Ven. David Egryn : M.A., Oxon; Archdeacon of Monmouth; Vicar of 
S. Woolos Pro-Cathedral Church, Monmouth; s. of Very Rev. Griffith; educ., 
Jesus Coll., Oxford; Curate of Mountain Ash. Add.: London. 

Edward: I.S.O., 1907; J.P., F.R.A.S., F.R.H.S.; late Chief Asst, to Supt. 
Nautical Almanac; b. 1845; acted as Secretary to Tide Committee of British 
Association, 1868-75 ; editor of East India and other Tide Tables. Add.: Broad- 

Ellis : A.R.C.A.; mem. of Society of Portrait Painters; b., Staffordshire, 
1860; National Scholarship, S. Kensington, 1884; studied art at Minton Memo¬ 
rial, Stoke-upon-Trent, in Italy and in Paris. Add.: Surrey. 

Ernest Handforth Goodman: M.P. (C.), Flintshire, since 1924; Secre¬ 
tary of the Welsh Conservative Party in the House of Commons; b., Flintshire, 
1890; educ., Malvern Coll. Publication: Principles of the Law of Contract. 
Add.: N. Wales. 

Rev. Ernest Marling: Vicar of Kensington since 1917; C.F., 1917-21; 
Hon. C.F., 1921; b. 1873; ordained 1898; Curate, Kenwyn, Truto, 1898-99. 
Add.: London. 

Major Frank Crowther: V.C., 1918; D.S.O., 1915; O.B.E., M.C.; 
Worcestershire Regiment; b. 1891; s. of Rev. Frank; entered army, 1911; 
served European War, 1914-18 (wounded, dispatches, D.S.O., V.C., M.C., 
1917). Add.: Southall. 

Lt.-Col. Frederick Emilius: D.S.O., 1916; O.B.E., 1924; R.A.M.C., 
Medical Officer, Duke of York’s R.M. School, Guston; educ., Malver, St. 
George’s Hospital (M.R.C.S., Eng.; L.R.C.P., Lond., 1904). Add.: London. 

Rt. Hon. Frederick Owen: P.C., 1924; J.P.; Trade Union Represen¬ 
tative; M.P. (Lab.), West Bromwich, since 1918; mem. of Committee of Man¬ 
agement, Royal National Lifeboat Institution. Add.: West Bromwich. 

George Quinlan: C.B.E., M.A., Oxon; Secretary and Receiver, St. 
Thomas’ Hospital, since 1903; b., 1860; educ., Oxford; rowed in the Oxford 
Eight, 1883; won many rowing races, including the “Varsity Sculls and the 
Goblets” at Henley. Publication: Short History of St. Thomas’ Hospital. Add.: 

Gervase Henry: C.B.E., 1918; M. Inst. C.E.; M. Inst. Mech. E.; Supt., 
Royal Small Arms Factory, Enfield Lock, Middlesex, since 1922; Supt. of the 
Mechanical Engineering Dept, of the Royal Arsenal four years, and Chief 
Mechanical Engineer, 1918-22. Add.: London. 

Very Rev. Griffith: Dean of Bangor since 1903; Welsh Examining 
Chaplain to Bishop of Llandaff, 1897; b., Carnarvonshire, 1845; educ., Trinity; 
Canon Residentiary of Llandaff and Diocesan Missioner for Diocese of Llan¬ 
daff. Publication: The Marks of Christ’s Body. Add.: Bangor. 

Harry: b. 1871; practiced medicine in Cornwall and Stepney. Publica¬ 
tion : Public Control of Hospitals. Add.: London. 

. Henry David: M.B.E., 1918; Director, Public Library, Museums and 
Fine Art Galleries, Brighton, since 1906; b. 1870; Hon. Sec. Inter-Allied Exhibi¬ 
tion on the Treatment and draining of Disabled Men (Ministry of Pensions), 


1918. Publication: The Book of Brighton. Add.: London. 

H. Leslie: M.D. (Edinburgh); Consulting Physician to the Skin Dept, 
of Liverpool Royal Infirmary; b., Manchester, 1860; s. of Alderman J. F. ; 
appointed to the Royal Infirmary, 1893. Publication: Mould Fungi Parasitic on 
• Man. Add.: London. 

Herbert Ainslie: M.A.; Fellow of Gonville Caius Coll., Cambridge; 
Secretary of Cambridge Univ. Assn.; b., 1864. Add.: London. 

Brig-Gen. Hereward Llewelyn: C.B., 1917; M.V.O., 1906; b. 1864; 
entered army, 1883; served battle of Ctesiphon and subsequent retreat, battles 
of Shaikh Saad and Wadi River. Add.: Windsor. 

Sir James: 1st Bart., cr. 1909; LL.D., - Leeds; J.P., West Riding, York¬ 
shire; b. 1848; lately actively engaged in the worsted textile trades, and was 
owner of the Alpaca manufacturing works and model town of Saltaire. Pub¬ 
lications: pamphlets and articles on Free Trade. Add.: London. 

James Alexander: C.B., 1917; M.B., F.A.C.S., F.R.C.S. (Eng.); Col¬ 
onel A.M.S.; b., Indianapolis, 1876; s. of Peter; educ., Univ. of Toronto; taken 
active part in Canadian Militia continuously since 1894. Publications: Pro¬ 
fessional articles, etc. Add. Toronto, Canada. 

Lt.-Col. Sir James Reid: Kt., cr. 1913; C.I.E., 1911; M.B., M.S., F.R. 
C.S., Eng.; late Indian Medical Service; b. 1861 ; Administrative Medical Offi¬ 
cer for Central India, 1906-12. Add.: Perthshire. 

Sir John: Kt., cr. 1920; C.M.G., 1891; J.P.; runholder and managing 
partner of Murray, Roberts & Co.; b., Scotland, 1845; President of the New 
Zealand South Seas Exhibition held in Dunedin. Add.: New Zealand. 

Capt. John: R.N.R., C.B.E., 1919; D.S.O., 1917; R.D.; b., Denbigh¬ 
shire; educ., Llangollen Schools; apprenticed to the sea (Merchant Service) at 
17, 1885. Add.: Keston, Kent. 

His Honour John Bryn: J.P., D.L.; C. C. Judge Glamorgans, 1906; 
b. 1843; Solicitor, 1868 (Clifford’s Inn prize). Add.: Bangor. 

Lt.-Col. and Hon. Col. John Dobree Anderson : J.P.; b. 1860; educ., 
Cheltenham Coll.; served in the Royal Artillery, 1879-91; on retirement joined 
the Duke of Connaughts Own Sligo Artillery Militia, which he commanded 
1902-09. Add.: Cornwall. 

Rev. John Edward: M.A., D.D.; Past President of the Baptist Lhiion of 
Great Britain and Ireland; b. 1866; Minister of Union Chapel, Manchester, 
1890-1925. Publication: The Lord’s Prayer. Add.: Glasgow. 

Lancelot : R.C.A. Add.: Manchester. 

Major Marmaduke Torin Cramer: D.S.O., 1915; late 4th Gurkha 
Rifles; b. 1880; entered army, 1901; European War, 1914-16; retired, 1923. 
Add.: London. 

Capt. Marshall Owen: late Welsh Guards; b. 1878; 2nd Lieut. Scots 
Guards ; served S. African War. Add.: London. 

to**.- _ _ 

Martin: M. Inst. C.E., M.I.E.E., F.C.S.; consulting engineer; b., Lich¬ 
field, 1853; educ., King’s Coll., London; mem. of Engineering Standards Com¬ 
mittee and of Physical Standards Committee. Contributes to journals of Insti¬ 
tution Civil Engineers. Add.: London. 

Morley: Novelist and journalist; b., London, 1857; e. s. of W. H.; late 
Superintending Inspector of Income Tax; educ., Owens Coll., Manchester; 
went to Australia, 1876, and worked in the Bush of New South Wales. Publi¬ 
cation: Land Travel and Sea-Faring. Add.: London. 


Paul Ernest: M.A.; Fellow, Vice-Provost, Senior Tutor, History Lec¬ 
turer and Junior Bursar of Worcester Coll.; b. 1873; educ., Worcester Coll. 
Publication: Historical Geography of India. Add.: Devon. 

Reginald Arthur: C.B.E., F.R.G.S., F.Z.S., F.R.C.I.; mem. of Lin¬ 
coln’s Inn; b. 1874; Acting Provincial Commissioner and mem. of the Execu¬ 
tive and Legislative Councils of Southern Nigeria on several occasions. Add.: 

Richard Arthur: F.R. Hist. S.; a Royal Commissioner for Historical 
MSS. since 1912; b., S. Wales, 1851. Publications: Calendar of Home Office 
Papers of the Reign of George III. Add.: Oxford. 

Rev. Richard Gwylfa : Litt.D.; Pastor of Tabernacle Church; b., N. 
Wales, 1871; educ., North Wales Univ. Publication: Book of Poems. Add.: 

His Hon. Richard Owen: County Court Judge for Chester and North 
Wales Circuit since 1924; b. 1876; educ., King’s Coll., London. Publication: 
The Law of Collisions on Land. Add.: N. Wales. 

Rev. Canon Robert Edwin : M.A.; Hon. C.F.; Rector of Ashwell, Oak¬ 
ham, since 1923; b. 1878; educ., Ellesmere Coll.; Chaplain to the Forces in 
France. Publication: Faith and Advance. Add.: Oakham. 

Robert Silyn : M.A.; Lecturer at Univ. Coll., Bangor; b., Carnarvon¬ 
shire; y. s. of R. Jones; educ., Univ. Coll, of N. Wales; lectured on social and 
literary themes. Publication: Telynegion, a volume of Welsh poems. Add.: 

Sir Samuel: 2nd Bt., cr. 1919; M.A., LL.B., J.P., M.P. (Con.), Here¬ 
ford, since 1921; b. 1882; e. s. of Rt. Hon. Sir Samuel; educ., Harrow, Trinity 
Coll.; Solicitor; retired from practice, 1921. Add.: Norfolk. 

Lt.-Col. Stephen Richard Harricks : D.S.O., 1917; V.D., J.P.; 

Deputy Director of Posts and Telegraphs for Western Australia since 1928; 
b. 1874; obtained Commission, Gold-Fields Infantry Regiment, 1899; com¬ 
manded Squadron Australian Light Horse, S. African War. Add.: Western 

Sidney Morton Pearson: M.A., M.B., B.C., Camb.; M.R.C.S., Eng.; 
J.P., Bucks; Consulting Physician, Sheffield Royal Hospital; educ., St. Bartholo¬ 
mew’s Hospital; mem. of Bucks County Council. Add.: Bucks. 

Sydney Castle: M.A.; Secretary to the Syndics of the Cambridge Univ. 
Press since 1922; b. Birkenhead, 1887; educ., Brighton Coll.; Lecturer for 
English Tripos since 1919; Trustee, Union Society, 1923. Publication: Picture 
Book of British History. Add.: London. 

Sir Thomas Langdon Howland: 13th Bt., cr. 1620; and 6th Bt., cr. 
1809; Lt. R. A.; b. 1898; s. of 12th Bt.; educ., Westminster School. Add.: 

Tom: Painter; Sergeant R.A.M.C. (T.), serving 1915-19; b., Dorchester, 
1856; s. of Richard; Educ., Dorchester Grammar School; went to Australia, 
1869; Exhibitor at Royal Academy and New Gallery. 

Prof. T. Stanley: Prof, of Colonial History, Univ. Coll, of Wales. 
Add.: S. Wales. 

William: b. 1862; Journalist and author since 1882; author of Earlier 
History of English Bookselling. Add.: London. 

Rev. William Corbett: Rector of S. George, Bloomsbury, since 1917; 
Chairman of Association for Moral and Social Hygiene since 1923; Principal 


of Dorchester Missionary Coll. Add.: London. 

William Lee Henry: J.P., Kent; b. 1871; educ., Eton Coll.; late Lt. 
Royal Dragoons. Add.: Kent. 

Rev. William Ralph Westropp: D.D.; Vice-Provost, late Senior Fel¬ 
low of Trinity Coll., Dublin; b., Dublin, 1850; Commissioner of Education in 
Ireland, 1913. Add.: Dublin. 

Emeritus Prof. William Rhys: Litt.D. (Cantab.), Hon. LL.D. (St. 
Andrew’s), Hon. D.Litt. (Wales); b., Wimbledon, 1858; mem. of the Prime 
Minister’s Committee on Classical Education. Publication: British Universi¬ 
ties. Add.: Sussex. 

William Stewart: M.R.C.S., Eng.; Prof, of Pathology, Otago Univ., 
Dunedin, 1885-1918. Add.: New Zealand. 

W. J.: Professor of Political Economy. Add.: Univ. Coll., Cardiff. 


Edmund Roberts Family 
Henry I, KING OF FRANCE, father of 

Prince Hugh the Great: Count de Vermandois. His dau. was 
Lady Isabel de Vermandois: d. 1131; m. Robert de Beaumont, Baron de 
Bellomont, Earl of Leicester and of Mellent. 

Robert-Bossu de Bellomont: Earl of Leicester; Lord Justice of England; 
d. 1168. 

Gervase Paganel: Baron of Dudley, Staffordshire. From him was descended 
(15 generations removed) : 

Thomas Dudley: b. at Canon’s Ashby, about 1576; commanded a company 
at seige of Amiens; became a Puritan and came to America with Governor 
Winthrop in 1630 to escape persecution; was four times Governor of the 
Massachusetts Colony; d. 1653. 

Rev. Samuel Dudley : b. about 1606; was Deputy to the General Court at 
Boston for several years; m., first, 1632, Mary, dau. of Gov. John Win¬ 

Elizabeth Dudley: m., 1674, Judge Kinsley Hall, of Exeter, N. H. 

Josiah Hall: of Exeter; m., first, Miss Woodbury. 

Mary Hall: m. John Langdon, of Portsmouth, N. H.; b. 1707; d. 1780. 
Judge Woodbury Langdon: of Portsmouth, N. H.; Delegate to the Conti¬ 
nental Congress, 1779; Councillor, 1781-84; President of N. H. Senate, 
1784; Judge of the Superior Court of N. H., 1782-91; m., 1765, Sarah 

Catherine Whipple Langdon: m., 1808, EDMUND ROBERTS, of Ports¬ 
mouth, N. H. 

(1) CAROLINE WHIPPLE ROBERTS: m. Rev. Prof. Andrew P. 
Peabody, of Harvard College. 

(2) SARAH ROBERTS: m. Dr. James Boyle, of New York. 

(3) HARRIET LANGDON ROBERTS: m. Judge Amasa J. Parker, of 
Albany, N. Y. 

(4) MARIANNA LANGDON ROBERTS: m. Charles Perry, of Delhi, 
N. Y. 


(5) CAROLINE EUSTIS ROBERTS: m. Robert Parker, of Delhi, 
N. Y. 

(6) ANN HENRY LANGDON ROBERTS: m. Truman H. Wheeler, of 

Delhi, N. Y. 

(7) FRANCES LEAR ROBERTS: m. Calvin Howard Bell, of Delhi. 

John Roberts Family 

Edward I, KING OF ENGLAND, father of 

Princess Joane d’Arce: m. Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Hertford and Gloucester. 
Their dau. was 

Lady Eleanor de Clare: m. Hugh le Despencer, Earl of Winchester; k. 1326. 
Lady Isabel de Despencer: m. Richard Fitz-Alan, 9th Earl of Arundel. 

Lady Phillippa Fitz-Alan: m. Sir Richard Sergeaux, Knt. 

Lady Phillippa Sergeaux : m. Sir Robert Pashley, Knt. 

Sir John Pashley, Knt.: m. Lowys, dau. of Thomas Gower. 

Lady Elizabeth Pashley : m. Reginald de Pympe. 

Anne de Pympe: m. Sir John Scott, of Scott’s Hall, Sheriff of Kent in 1528. 
Sir John Scott : of Scott’s Hall. 

Charles Scott: of Egerton, Kent; d. 1617; m. Jane, aunt of Gov. Francis 
Wyatt, of Virginia. 

Thomas Scott: d. 1635. 

Dorothea Scott: m., first, about 1636, Major Daniel Gotherson, of Crom¬ 
well’s Army; embarked in 1680, with her children, for Oyster Bay, L. I. 
Dorothea Gotherson: m., 1680, John Davis, of Pilesgrove Township, Salem 
Co., N. J. 

Abigail Elizabeth Davis: b. 1698, d. 1770; m. Elisha Bassett, Jr., of Salem, 
N. J. 

Elisha Bassett: m. Mary, dau. of Joseph Woodnutt, of Mannington, N. J. 
Hannah Bassett: m. JOHN ROBERTS, of Haddonfield, N. J. 



John Roberts Family 

Alfred the Great, KING OF ENGLAND, father of 
Edward ti-ie Elder, KING OF ENGLAND. His dau. was 
Princess Edgiva: m. Henry, Count de Vermandois. From them was de¬ 
scended, 10 generations removed, 

Patrick de Chaworth : b. 1253. 

Lady Maud de Chaworth : m. Henry Plantagenet, a des. of PIenry III, 

Lady Eleanor Plantagenet: m. Sir Richard Fitz-Alan, Earl of Arundel, 
d. 1375. 

Sir Richard Fitz-Alan: m. Lady Elizabeth de Bohun, a des. of Edward I, 

Lady Elizabeth Fitz-Alan : m., thirdly, Sir Robert Goushill. 

Lady Joan Goushill: m. Sir Thomas Stanley, d. 1458-59. 

Lady Margaret Stanley: m. Sir William Troutbeck, Knt., k. at Bloreheath. 
Lady Jane Troutbeck: m. Sir William Griffith, Chamberlain of North Wales. 
Sir William Griffith: knighted at Touraine, 1513. 

Lady Sibill Griffith : m. Owen ap Hugh, d. 1613. 


Jane Owen : m. Hugh Gwyn, of Penarth, High Sheriff of Carnarvonshire, 

Sibill Gwyn: m. John Powell, of Llanwddwn. 

Elizabeth Powell: Humphrey ap Hugh ap David ap Howel ap Grono ap 

Owen Humphrey: a Justice under Cromwell, living 1678. 

Rebecca Humphrey: m., 1678, Robert Owen, of Fron Goch, Wales, who 
removed to Penna. in 1690, and was a Member of the Provincial Council. 

Gainor Owen: m., 1706, Jonathan Jones, of Merion, Pa. 

Rebecca Jones: m., 1733, JOHN ROBERTS, of Merion, Pa. 











Cadwalader Roberts Family 
Edward I, KING OF ENGLAND, father of 

Princess Eleanor Plantagenet : m. Henri, Comte de Barr. Their dau. was 
Lady Eleanor de Barr: m. Llewelyn ap Owen. 

Thomas ap Llewelyn: m. Eleanor, dau. of Philip ap Ievan. 

Eleanor: m. Griffith Vaughan, Lord of Glendwdwyn. 

Lowry Vaughn: m. Robert Puleston, of Emral. 

John Puleston : of Emeral; m. Angharad Hanmer. 

Margaret Puleston : m. David ap Ievan ap Einion, Captain of Harlech Castle, 

Einion ap David : of Cryniarth, in Edermon. 

Llewelyn ap Einion. 

Griffith ap Llewelyn : m. Mary, dau. of Howell ap Harry. 

Catherine vch Griffith : m. Edward ap Ievan. 

Ellen vch Edward: m. Lewis ap Griffith, of Yshute. 

Robert ap Lewis : m. Gwyrryl ap David, of Llan Rwst. 

Ievan ap Robert ap Lewis: of Rhiwlas and Vron Goch. 

Evan ap Evan: of Vron Goch. 

Owen ap Evan : of Gwynedd, Montgomery Co., Pa.; b. 1659; d. 1723. 

Thomas Evans: of Gwynedd; d. 1760; m., 1720, Elizabeth Griffith. 

Thomas Evans: of Gwynedd; b. 1733; d. 1818; m., 1765, Elizabeth, dau. of 
JOHN ROBERTS, of Whitpain. 

Elizabeth Evans: b. 1781; d. 1842; m., 1802, CADWALADER ROBERTS, 
of Gwynedd, Pa.; b. 1777; d. 1871. 

(1) JOB ROBERTS: of Harford Co., Md.; b. 1814; d. 1858; m. Han¬ 
nah, dau. of Yeomans Pickering, of Bucks Co., Pa. 

(A) WILLIAM P. ROBERTS: m., secondly, 1876, Agnes D., dau. 
of John Taggart, of St. Clairsville, Ohio. 




John B. Roberts Family 

Edward I, KING OF ENGLAND, father of 
Thomas Plantagenet: Earl of Norfolk. His dau. was 
Margaret: d. 1399; m. John, 3rd Lord Segrave. 

Lady Elizabeth Segrave: m. John, 4th Lord Mowbray, descended (through 
his mother) from Louis VIII, KING OF FRANCE, and Henry III, 

Sir Thomas Mowbray: K.G.; d. 1413. 

Lady Margaret de Mowbray: m. Sir John Howard. 

Sir John Howard: K.G.; Captain-General of the King’s forces at sea. 

Sir Thomas Howard: K.G.; d. 1524. 

Lady Catherine Howard: m. Rice ap Griffith, of Carew, b. 1508; beheaded 
in public, on Tower Hill, 1531-32, for a political offense. 

Griffith ap Rice: m. Lady Eleanor Jones. 

Thomas ap Griffith: of Ebbernant, Carmarthenshire. 

John Philip ap Thomas: came into his inheritance, 1585. 

Evan Thomas: of Swansea; b. 1580; d. 1650. 

Philip Thomas: came to America in 1651, and took up much land in the 
Colony of Maryland. 

Samuel Thomas: of Anne Arundle Co., Md.; b. 1655; d. 1743; m. Mary, 
dau. of Francis Hutchins, of Calvert Co., Md. 

Samuel Thomas: of Anne Arundle Co., Md.; b. 1702; d. 1780; m. Mary 

Evan Thomas: of Mt. Radnor, Md.; b. 1738; d. 1826. 

Ann Thomas: m., 1790, Thomas Poultney. 

Sarah Cresson Poultney: b. 1806; m., 1830, William Miller Ellicott. 

Mary Miller Ellicott: m. JOHN B. ROBERTS. Issue. 

Elijah Roberts Family 

Edward III, KING OF ENGLAND, father of 

Prince John of Gaunt: Duke of Lancaster. His dau. was 

Lady Joan Beaufort: m. Sir Ralph Nevill, K. G. 

Lady Anne Nevill: m. Humphrey de Stafford, Duke of Buckingham. 
Humphrey de Stafford: k. at St. Albans. 

Lady Anne de Stafford: m. Sir William de Berkeley, Knt. 

Richard de Berkeley. 

Anne Berkeley : m. Sir Thomas Speke, Ivnt., member of the Privy Council 
to King Edward VI. 

Sir George Speke, Knt.: of Whitelackington; m., first, Lady Elizabeth Lut- 
trell, also of royal descent. 

Lady Anne Speke: m. Sir John Horner, Knt., High Sheriff, 1564-73. 

Lady Jane Horner: b. 1561 ; m., 1593, Rt. Rev. John Still. 

Anne Still: m. Robert Eyre, of Sarum; b. 1569. 

Catherine Eyre: b. 1601; d. 1667; m., 1630, Rev. Charles Chauncy, D.D., 
2nd President of Harvard Coll., Cambridge, Mass. 

Rev. Nathaniel Chauncy: of Hatfield; b. 1639; d. 1685; m. Abigail Strong. 
Rev. Nathaniel Chauncy: of Durham, Conn.; b. 1681; d. 1756; 1st graduate 
of Yale College. 

Nathaniel Chauncy: of Middletown, Conn.; b 1720; d. 1798. 

Nathaniel Chauncy: b. 1758; d. 1825; m., 1782, Abigail Olcott. 

Mary Chauncy: m. Elijah Ackley. 

Elizabeth Ackley: m. ELIJAH ROBERTS, of Buffalo, N. Y. 



F136 THOMAS ROBERTS: Settled at Dover Neck about 1623. In 1627 m. 
Rebecca Hilton (?) and had with other issue, 

(1) John: b. 1629; d. 1695; m. Abigail Nutter and had with other issue, 

(A) Thomas: m. (?) and had with other issue, 

(a) Love: m. Elizabeth Drew. Had with other issue, 

1. Love: b. April 21, 1721; m. (1) Mary Roberts, 1741; 
m. (2) Ann Pray. Had with other issue by first wife, 
A Love: m. and had 10 ch. 

a Love, Jr.: b. 1785 ; m. Sarah West True; d. 1827; 
had 5 ch. 

(I) William Harrison: m. Mary B. Lowd, 
1844; had 7 ch. 

(i) William Love: m. Cora J. Hewett, of 
Livermore, Me., Dec. 26, 1880; had 2 
ch.; m. (2) Edith May Parsons; 1 ch. 
(ii) Frank Herbert: m. (1) Eva May 
Ladd, 1881 ; m. (2) (Mrs.) Eunice 
Ellen Carver Foster, Sept. 15, 1894; 
had 2 ch. 

I Leslie Freeman: b. Dec. 9, 1882; m. 
Winnefred Foster, May 2, 1906. 
Add.: Richmond, Me. 

i Carl Freeman. 

ii Sherman Foster. 

G137 CADWALADER ROBERTS : b. 1673; d. 1731 ; m. 1714, Eleanor Ellis, 
2 ch. 

G138 Robert Roberts: b. Oct. 18, 1719; d. 1750; m. 1742, Sarah Amber, 7 

G139 Cadwalader Roberts: b. 1743; d. 1816; m. 1768, Mary Shoemaker. 
Issue inch 

G140 Joseph Roberts: b. Nov. 2, 1779; d. 1859; m. 1801, Elizabeth Ruben- 
camp. Issue inch, 

G141 Charles Roberts: b. 1807; d. Aug., 1867; m. 1832, Sarah Ann Kender- 
dine. Issue inch, 

(1) Jesse: b. 1837; d. Jan. 24, 1892; m. March 6, 1864, Sarah Kirving, 
5 ch. 

(2) George: b. 1840; d. 1916; m. March 24, 1868, Elizabeth E. Shay. 3 

(3) Richard: b. 1843; d. 1908; m. March 12, 1879, Ruth Michener. 

(A) David: b. 1880; d. 1884. 

(B) William E.: b. 1881 ; m. Martha Simpson. 1 ch. 

(C) George S.: b. 1884; d. March 29, 1920; m. Edith Boone. 

(D) Sarah: b. 1889. 

(4) Joseph: b. Sept. 11, 1848; m. March 3, 1870, Mary W. Evans. 

(A) William E.: b. March 20, 1871; m. March 29, 1894, Florence 
V. L. Roberts. 

(a) Joseph William: b. Sept. 24, 1898. 

(b) Florence Mary: b. Jan. 21, 1904. 

(c) Mary Frances: b. Nov. 9, 1905. 


(d) Alvin Lovett: b. Oct. 23, 1908. 

(B) Howard W.: b. Oct. 14, 1872; m. Jan. 2, 1893, Elizabeth C. 

(a) Elsie Anna: b. Dec. 8, 1893; d. in inf. 

(b) Cecil P.: b. March 31, 1895; d. in inf. 

(c) Helen Martha: b. July 21, 1899; m. March 24, 1921, Her¬ 
bert G. Moyer. 

1. Roy H.: b. Dec. 20, 1921. 

2. Elizabeth Marie: b. Jan. 27, 1927. 

(d) Eugene Jesse: b. Nov. 28, 1902. 

(e) William Howard: b. Sept. 18, 1906. 

(C) Iden F.: b. Jan. 22d, 1875; m. Oct. 22, 1902, Irene Van Em- 

(a) Clifford Evans: b. Sept. 11, 1904; m. June 30, 1928, 
Olive Lee Thompson. 

(b) Edwin Bogert: b. March 19, 1906. 

(c) Iwen Vincent: b. May 11, 1911. 

(D) Iwen J.: b. Jan. 22, 1875; m. June 18, 1901, Leva C. Lester; 
m. (2), Feb. 10, 1917, Martha Jane Stephens. 

(a) Lester Willard: b. July 12, 1902; m. Sept. 14, 1924, Ella 

(b) Earl Newton Lake: b. Sept. 26, 1910. 

(E) Jesse C.: b. April 22, 1884; m. Sept., 1915, Anna Shallcross. 

Descendants of Edward Roberts 
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania 

First Generation 

H142 I— Edward Roberts, the progenitor of this family in America, was 

born in Wales about 1690 and died in Providence Township, Phila¬ 
delphia County, Pennsylvania, now Lower Providence Township, 
Montgomery County. His will was proved January 16, 1753. The 
original Roberts homestead was near the present town of Eagle- 
ville, about twenty-one miles northwest of Philadelphia. From the 
top of the hill above Eagleville one can see lands in seven Counties, 
the view being considered one of the most beautiful in the State. A 
few of the families who settled in this region with whom certain of 
the Roberts have blood ties are Lane, Rambo, Bull, Pawling, Penny- 
packer, Horning, Tyson, Davis, Curry, Boyer, Baker, Francis, 

i Second Generation 

II—1. Children of Edward Roberts and-. 

a. Samuel Roberts, who married Catherine Francis (?), March 
1, 1740, and lived and died in Providence Township. Will 
proved September 16th, 1797. A reputable Genealogist re¬ 
ports that the seal on the will of Samuel Roberts has a bird 
on a design which is apparently heraldic. He divised one 
plantation to a son, Samuel, and one to Arnold. Previously 
he had conveyed a plantation to a son, Edward. 

b. Jane Roberts. 


c. Ann Roberts, who married Thomas Turner. 

d. Susannah, who married William Edward. 

e. Edward Roberts. 

f. Febe Roberts. 

Third Generation 

III —1. Children of Samuel and Catherine (Francis) Roberts. 

a. Edward Roberts, eldest son, born about 1741, died in 1810. 
Proof of heirship made May 17, 1810. He married Alice 
Rambo. License issued April 8th, 1768. She was the daugh¬ 
ter of John Rambo and Hannah Lane and a direct descendant 
of Peter Gunnarson Rambo, Peter Larrson Cock, Samuel 
Richardson and Edward Lane, who are frequently mentioned 
in early Pennsylvania settlements. The War of Independence 
was a part of the daily life of the residents of Lower Provi¬ 
dence. Edward Roberts and his brothers, John and Samuel, 
were in the Company of Captain Arnold Francis, being listed 
in the Return of the Sixth Battalion of Philadelphia County 
Militia, Eighth Company. Edward Roberts was in the fifth 
class according to Pennsylvania Archives, Volume 1, 6th 
Series, Page 913. 

b. Samuel Roberts, who was born about 1750 and died Feb. 24th, 
1803, married Lydia Horning, daughter of Samuel and Mar¬ 
tha Horning. 

c. Arnold Roberts, who died November 7th, 1820, at the age of 

76 years and 10 months. Arnold was one of the Trustees of 
Lower Providence Baptist Church. His wife’s name was 

d. John Roberts, born about 1749. He served in the War of 
Independence in Captain Arnold Francis’ Company hereto¬ 
fore mentioned. Further refence to John Roberts in “Amer¬ 
ican Boyers”, page 183, and in Brecht’s “General Record of 
Schwenkfelders Families,” page 1320. 

e. Mary Roberts, who married James Sands. 

f. Rebecca Roberts, who died March 18th, 1801, at the age of 
40. She married James Curry. They left descendants, one 
being Anita Major, now living in Norristown, Pa. 

g. Elizabeth Roberts, who married John Baker, son of Arnold 
Baker. License issued October 1, 1767. Baker family re¬ 
corded in “Sketches of the Montgomery County Historical 
Society,” Norristown, Pa. 

h. Catherine Roberts, married William Nelson. 

i. Hannah Roberts, who died March 14th, 1801, at the age of 
54. She married Michael Horning. 

j. Rachel Roberts. 

Fourth Generation 

IV —1. Children of Edward and Alice (Rambo) Roberts. 

a. Samuel Roberts, eldest son, who married Barbara-. 

b. John Roberts, of Lower Providence Township, Montgomery 


c. Jesse Roberts, of Lower Providence Township, Montgomery 

d. William Roberts, born in Lower Providence Township,. 
Montgomery County, 1783. He died June 27, 1849, at Sha¬ 
vers Creek, near Petersburg, Huntington County, Pennsyl¬ 
vania. Buried in Manor Hill Cemetery near Petersburg. 
While living in Eckesburg, Perry County, he held Federal 
and State offices. He first married Mary Peacock, and sec¬ 
ondly Martha Bull. See “Bull Family,” by Commodore 
James H. Bull. 

e. Jonathan Roberts, of London Britain, Chester County, Penn¬ 

f. Edward Roberts, of Lower Providence Township, Montgom¬ 
ery County. 

g. Jemima, who married Benjamin Davis November 4th, 1792. 
The Davis lands adjoined or cornered with the Roberts plant¬ 
ation in Lower Providence. 

h. Elizabeth Roberts, who married Joseph Johnson, of Worces¬ 
ter Township, Montgomery County. 

i. Alice Roberts, who married Alexander Phillips, of Lower 

IV—2. Children of Arnold Roberts and Mary-. 

a. Samuel Roberts, who married, Martha Pugh, daughter of 
John and Rebecca Pugh, on April 10th, 1810. 

b. John Roberts. 

c. Elizabeth Roberts, who married Andrew Casselbury. 

d. Mary Roberts, who married Daniel Tyson. 

e. Sarah Roberts, who married Jacob Highly. 

f. Catherine Roberts, who married Richard Pennypacker. Li¬ 
cense issued March 15th, 1810. The Pennypacker family is 
one of the oldest and most distinguished families in Pennsyl¬ 
vania. Samuel Pennypacker, of this family, served as Jurist 
and Governor of the State. 

IV—3. Children of John Roberts and-. 

a. Catherine Roberts, born January 21st, 1777. Married Henry 
Boyer. See “American Boyers.” 

b. Hannah Roberts. 

Fifth Generation 

V—1. Children of William and Martha (Bull) Roberts, and children 

of William and Mary (Peacock) Roberts. Children of William 

and Martha (Bull) Roberts: 

a. Henry Bull Roberts, born October 28th, 1820, at Donnelly’s 
Mill, Perry County, Pennsylvania. Married February 4th, 
1864, to Nancy Jane Meredith, daughter of Samuel Black 
and Margaret (Donnelly) Meredith, who was born at Don¬ 
nelly’s Mill January 7th, 1845. He died July 28th, 1887. 
Henry B. Roberts is buried at Middle Creek Cemetery, Win¬ 
nebago, Ill. When a young man in Pennsylvania, he engaged 
in farming and teaching, also started in the mercantile busi¬ 
ness but in 1849 came to the Middle West. Nancy Jane 


Roberts died May 21, 1919, and is buried in Middle Creek 

b. Edward Rambo Roberts, born January 2d, 1823. Married 
November, 1852, Ann Hamer, who was born at Petersburg, 
Pa., November 26th, 1833, and died July 12th, 1908. He 
died March 27th, 1898. Both buried at Winnebago, Ill. 

c. Mary Peacock Roberts, born June 23d, 1828. Married A. 
Clark Myton, who died in 1886. She died March 10th, 1916. 
No issue. Children of William and Mary (Peacock) Rob¬ 

d. Jonathan Roberts, born August 29th, 1810, married Mary 
Jane Wilson, died July 11th, 1836, and buried in Middle 
Creek Cemetery. 

e. Rebecca Jane Roberts, who married David Patterson. 

f. Eliza Roberts, who married (1) Robert Elliott. 

V—2. Children of Samuel and Martha (Pugh) Roberts. 

a. Samuel Roberts, who died in infancy and is buried in St. 
James Episcopal Churchyard, Evansburg, Pa. 

V—3. Children of Henry and Catherine (Roberts) Boyer. See “Amer¬ 
ican Boyers.” 

Sixth Generation and Later 

VI—1. Children of Henry Bull and Nancy J. (Meredith) Roberts: 

a. Mattie, born November 20th, 1865, at Winnebago, Ill., died 
April 10th, 1883. She is buried at Middle Creek Cemetery, 
Winnebago, Ill. 

b. Jessie Meredith, born February 20th, 1868, at Winnebago, 
Ill. Married October 8th, 1890, Charles Edward Morse, son 
of William and Nancy (Matthews) Morse, died May 19th, 
1899. Jessie Meredith Roberts graduated from Rockford, 
Ill., Female Seminary. Charles Edward Morse graduated at 
Oberlin College, A.B. She lives in Evanston, Ill. He is 
buried at Winnebago. There are two daughters, Mrs. Bev¬ 
erly B. Vedder, Winnetka, Ill., and Mrs. Jas. Dale Thom, 
Evanston, Ill. 

c. Blanche, born at Winnebago, Ill., May 20th, 1878. Married 
February 19th, 1896, Demus Wasmus Grippen, Jr., son of 
Demus Wasmus and Margaret (Wallace) Grippen, born Feb¬ 
ruary 15th, 1876, at Winnebago, Ill. They live at Mason 
City, Iowa. Demus Wasmus Grippen, Sr., was First Lieu¬ 
tenant of 146th Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry in the 
Civil War. Blanche and Demus Grippen have four sons, 
Bruce, Charles, Roger and Demus, Jr. 

d. Samuel Henry, born February 1st, 1883, at Winnebago, Ill.; 
married June 15th, 1912, Katharine Sherwood Marble, who 
was born at Canton, Ohio, April 8th, 1891, daughter of Guil¬ 
ford Lionel Marble and Lenore K. Sherwood. Samuel Henry 
Roberts was graduated from the University of Michigan 
(Ann Arbor), A.B. 1905 and LL.B. 1907. For fifteen years 
he was House Attorney for John V. Farwell Co., Chicago, 
the western pioneer jobbing and wholesale house, handling 
dry goods and general merchandise lines. He is now Gen- 


eral Land Commissioner of Capitol Reservation Lands (X. 
I. T. Ranch), which originally consisted of 3,000,000 acres 
given the Farwell family and others in exchange for building 
the State Capitol of Texas. In 1910 he was National Presi¬ 
dent of the Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity and is a member 
of the honorary law scholarship society, Order of the Coif; 
also a “Barrister.” Book references : “Leading Greeks,” 
edited 1915 at Evanston, Ill., by William C. Levere; “The X. 
I. T. Ranch and the Early Days of the Llano Escacado,” by 
Prof. J. Evetts Haley, Lakeside Press, Chicago, 1929; “Bull 
Family of Pennsylvania,” by Commodore Jas. H. Bull, pub¬ 
lished 1919, Shannon-Conmy Company, San Francisco. 
Katharine Sherwood Roberts, Wife, attended University of 
Michigan and is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta and D. A. 
R. Her grandfather, Gen. Isaac R. Sherwood, was Secretary 
of State of Ohio (1869-1873), and Congressman from To¬ 
ledo, Ohio, district many terms. Children : Sherwood Rob¬ 
erts, born March 24th, 1913; Samuel Meredith Roberts, born 
October 3d, 1915. Clubs : University Club of Chicago; Shaw¬ 
nee Country Club, Wilmette, Ill.; La Jolla (California) 
Country Club, La Jolla (California) Yacht Club. Addresses 
(Business) : 208 South La Salle St., Chicago, and Dalhart, 
Tex; (Home) 1465 Torrey Pines Road, La Jolla, Calif. 
Samuel Henry Roberts also traces lineage to Peter Gunnar- 
son Rambo (French-Swedish descent) and Peter Cock, who 
came to the Delaware, 1640, with Peter Minuit Expedition, 
both frequently mentioned in early Pennsylvania and Dela¬ 
ware Colonial history; to Albert Heymans Roosa, who came 
to New Netherlands (N. Y.) in April, 1660; to Henry Paw¬ 
ling, who came with Duke of York’s Expedition, 1664; to 
Edward Lane, who came to Pennsylvania prior to 1683 and 
whose line dates back to Battle Abbey; to Samuel Richard¬ 
son of William Penn’s Provincial Council; to David Mere¬ 
dith, early pioneer of Chester County, Pa., whose family 
claims descent from Welsh King; to Capt. John Rush, of 
Cromwell’s Army; to Thomas Robinson, pioneer of Western 
Pennsylvania. (“Thomas Robinson,” by Rev. Thos. Hasting 
Robinson, under name Meredith.) 

e. Ethel, born December 30th, 1885, at Winnebago, Ill. She 
attended Fairmont Seminary, Washington, D. C., and is Di¬ 
rector of Art in Public Schools, Mason City, Iowa. 

VI—2. Children of Edward R. and Ann (Hamer) Roberts. 

a. William Hamer Roberts, married Anna Powell. He died 
June 23d, 1886. No issue. 

b. Alfred Thomas Roberts, born August 4th, 1855. Married 
May 4th, 1876, Nellie Smith, daughter of Frank Adams and 
Sarah Brown Smith. They live in Long Beach, Calif., and 
have children living: Stella Claudine Bunn, Byron, Ill.; 
Henry Brown Roberts; Henry Clyde Roberts; Thomas Clif¬ 
ford Roberts, Fred White Roberts—all of Long Beach, Calif; 
William Homer Roberts, Ontario, Calif.; Mrs. Joseph C. 
Welch, Ojai, Calif. 


c. Mary Peacock Roberts, born November 18th, 1859. Mar¬ 
ried October 4th, 1887, John Elmer Compton. She died 
March 17th, 1902, leaving children: Mrs. Vera Emery, Gen¬ 
evieve Compton, Elmer Carlyle Compton and Albert Edward 
Compton, aril living at Rockford, Ill. 

d. Edward Roberts, born April 30th, 1869. Married October 
6th, 1898, Leonora Miller. They live in Rockford, Ill., and 
have children living there. Eleanor, Roland Karl, also a son, 
Allan Miller, living in Long Beach, Calif. 

VI—3. Children of Jonathan and Mary J. (Wilson) Roberts. 

a. Martha Bull, born July 16th, 1841. Married David Wray 
Linn, February 24th, 1864. She died January 24th, 1894, 
leaving children: Mrs. Mary Leonard, Byron, Ill.; Scott Wil¬ 
liam Linn, Electrical Engineer, Cleveland, Ohio. Homer 
Roberts Linn, Executive with American Radiator Co., Chi¬ 
cago, lives La Grange, Ill. Francis David Linn, Byron, Ill. 
Margaret Bertha Linn. 

b. Mary Ellen, born December 14th, 1843. Married John Henry 
Temple. They have children: Harry Roberts Temple, Archi¬ 
tect, Champaign, Ill.; William Ralph Temple, Edward Jona¬ 
than Temple. 

c. Scott William Roberts, born 1845, died 1847. 

VI—4. Children of Rebecca Jane (Roberts) and David Patterson. 

a. Martha L. Patterson, who married Zenas L. Merritt, and had 
children, Marie Jane and Alice. 

Marie Jane Merritt married Walter Olds, Esq., who was a 
Supreme Court Justice of Indiana. Now deceased. 

Mrs. Olds resides at Ft. Wayne, Indiana. 

Kate Merritt, lives at Mount Gilead, Ohio. 

b. Andrew, married secondly Nellie Heisey, to whom were born 
Frank and Rebecca. Rebecca married Dr. Carl Stutsman, of 
Burlington, Iowa. 

c. Thomas E. Patterson, married Emma C. Gillette. They had 
three children: Nellie, who married Levere Burch; Louise, 
who married Albert L. Ellis; Fordham. 

VI—5. Children of Eliza (Roberts) and Robert Elliott. 

a. Charles. 

b. Martha Jane. 

c. Scott. 

d. William Henry. 

e. David. 

f. Mary Ann, who married Joseph Newton Fullenwider. From 
this union seven children were born, one being Lavinio Full¬ 
enwider, who married Dr. Chas. S. Laughlin, Route 2, Box 
21, Vineland, N. J. 

1143 JOHN ROBERTS: in Simsbury, Conn., 1688; m. Patience Saxton; d. 

between 1730 and 1735. 

(1) Richard: b. 1692; m. Deborah Moses. 

(2) John: b. 1696; m. Frances-; d. 1724. 

(3) William: b. 1699; m. Sarah Mills. 


(4) Lemuel: 1701-1772; m. Abigail Beaman. 

(A) Lemuel: 1742-1789; m. Ruth Woodford; appointed captain of 
a company of militia in 1774. 

(a) Lemuel: b. 1766; m. Roxe Gillet. 

(b) Samuel: b. 1772; m. Elethea Calkins; m. (2) Pamelia 

(c) Hezekiah: b. 1781; m. Harriet King. 

(B) Nathaniel: b. 1745; m. Rhoda Woodford. 

(5) Nathaniel: b. 1704; Yale, 1732; m. Margaret Marsh; m. (2) Esther 
Loomis; Congregational minister. 

J144 MR. ROBERTS: m. Catherine Leefe. 

(1) William: d. 1735; m. Dorothy Forbes. 

(A) Benjamin: d. 1744; m. Jerusha Pratt; g. granddau. of John 
Pratt, who came to America with Thomas Hooker 1633 and to 
Hartford 1636. 

(a) George: 1752-1824; served in Revolutionary Army. 

1. Ozias: 1785-1868; second of his three wives was Har¬ 
riet Treat. 

A George: 1810-1878; second wife, Elvira Evans, 
a Sarah: D.aet.3. 

b Henry: 1853-1929 Gov. of Conn. Ch.: Francis 
D., John T. (m. and had Elizabeth, b. 1918), 
Edward C. 

c Jane: m. George D. Holton; 5 ch., all married, 
d George: 1845-1921; m. Ida Hamilton. 

(I) Helen. 

(II) George: m. Ethel Downes. 

(III) Constance: m. H. H. Whaples. Ch.: 
Anne (b. 1912), Jean (b. 1913). 

(IV) Mary: 1883-1918; m. F. G. Smith. Ch.: 
Robinson (b. 1912), Francis (b. 1913), 
David (b. 1915), Eleanor (b. 1917). 

(V) Walter: m. Polly Hutchins. Ch.: Sally 
(b. 1918). 

(VI) Philip: 1887-1925; m. Harriet Cook. 

Ch.: Ann Hamilton (b. 1925). 

(VII) Louise. 

e Martha: m. Edward C. Ritchie, 
f Mary: 1843-1921 ; m. George C. Perkins. 

(I) Mabel: m. Horace D. Clark. 

K145 JOSEPH ROBERTS: b. in Brentwood, N. H., 1756; served in Revo¬ 
lutionary Army; m. Esther Hamlin; m. (2) Margaret Hall; lived in 
Windham, Me. 

(1) Isaac: 1784-1862; m. Abigail Merrill; m. (2) Sarah Cobb. 

(A) Justin: 1811-1846; m. Mary Jane McLeod. 

(a) Charles Justin: 1843-1892; m. Maranda W. Warren. 

(B) Milton M.: 1815-1895; m. Elizabeth Cates Roberts. 

(a) Milton M.: b. 1847. 

(C) Clarkson B.: 1818-1896; m. Mary Nickerson. 

(D) Isaac Pennington: b. 1826; m. Harriet Stanley. 

(a) Lester Manter: b. 1857; Wisconsin State Univ., 1882. 


(b) Warren Norton: b. 1839; m. Mary E. Parsons; m. (2) 
Louisa Roberts; m. (3) Georgia Robinson. 

(2) Jacob: 1784-1856; m. Huldah Moulton Myrick; physician. 

(A) Hamlin Myrick: 1811-1856; m. Mary Ann Rich. 

(a) Allen Hamlin: b. 1836; m. Kate Weatherhead. 

(b) Francis Alton: 1839-1892; Hahnemann, 1861; m. Mary 
F. Huzzy. 

(c) Cassius Clay: b. 1845; served in Civil War, raised to 
Captain by brevet; m. Pauline E. Colcord; m. (2) Mar¬ 
garet Bennett. 

(B) Jacob Wellington: 1813-1849; m. Phebe Susan Abbot; m. (2) 
Jane Lippencott. 

(a) Edward Junius: b. 1839; Philadelphia Dental College, 
1865; m. Emma Evans. 

1. Arthur Wellington: b. 1868. 

2. Orville Leslie: b. 1874. 

(b) Freeman: b. 1840; served in Civil War; m. Aurelia York. 
1. Junius Everett: b. 1875; m. Blanche Whittum. 

A Edward Freeman: b. 1901. 

(C) Barnabas Myrick: 1818-1896; m. Emeline Rich; state sena¬ 
tor for two years. 

(a) Charles Sumner: 1851-1882; m. Faustina Marden. Ch.: 
Alton (1880). 

(b) Woodbury Davis: b. 1855; m. Evelyn Cheney. Ch.: 
Fred Barnabas (b. 1885), Edward Cheney (b. 1892). 

(c) Charles Linneus: 1821-1896; m. Caroline P. Metcalf. 

1. Charles Addison: b. 1862; m. Mary Wolcott. 

A George Seacord: b. 1891. 

B Wolcott: b. 1897. 

(D) Porteus Beezaleel : 1823-1888; m. Mary Preckett. 

(a) Charles Wellington: b. 1850; m. Sarah Lusk. 

1. Porteus Henry: b. 1885. 

(b) Campbell Myrick: b. 1865; m. Mattie Morris. 

1. Arthur Campbell: b. 1892. 

( c) Lincoln Hamlin: b. 1877; m. Nettie Morris. 

(E) William Pinkney: b. 1836; physician; m. Susan A. Weeks; 
m. (2) Cora B. Ferris. 

(3) Gilman: 1788-1877; m. Ann Leathers; m. (2) Susan Bachelder. 
(A) Ahira: 1812-1894; m. Mary Ann Durgin. 

(a) Samuel Gilman: b. 1843; m. Mrs. Jennis Baldwin; Fargo, 
N. D., 1871. 

(b) Albert: b. 1844; served in Civil War; m. Isabella M. Mc¬ 
Kinley; member of the State legislature for two years. 

1. Floyd John: b. 1876; physician. 

2. Lloyd Albert: b. 1876 (twin) ; farmer. 

(4) Enoch: 1791-1858; m. Eleanore Leathers; m. (2) Eliza Aborn. 

(A) Jacob: 1818-1889; m. Cynthia Badger. 

(a) Henry L.: b. 1852. 

(b) William J.: b. 1856. 

(c) Herbert F.: b. 1858; m. Hattie Briggs. Ch.: Hovey L. 

(d) Melvin W.: b. 1862; m. Annie Hall. Ch.: Earle Mel¬ 
vin (1893). 


(e) George Atwood: b. 1865; m. Lilia V. Austin. 

(B) Gilman: m. Abigail Wilson; m. (2) Lovisa Turner. 

(C) Alfred: m. Emily Dean. Ch.: Edwin. 

(5) Joseph, Jr.: 1799-1885; m. Lydia Knight. 

(A) Nathaniel Knight: 1832-1875; served in Civil War. 

(6) Benjamin: b. 1804 and d. in a rebel prison during Civil War. 

(A) Charles H.: b. 1853; m. Julia Douglas; m. (2) Lillian Wood¬ 

(a) Stanley J.: b. 1873. 

(7) John: 1806-1886; m. Harriet Jackson. 

(A) Sharon: b. 1836; m. Ann Mary Boody. 

(B) Jay: b. 1842; served' in the Civil War and d. of Southern 
fever in Louisiana, 1863. 

(C) Everett W.: b. 1846; m. Melissa A. Munson; m. (2) Mrs. 
Viola Phelps. 

(a) Bert: b. 1872; m. Verna Hanson. 

(b) Frank: b. 1886. 

(8) Alfred J.: 1807-1868; m. Caroline Davis; m. (2) Sarah Watson. 

(9) Timothy T.: 1812-1868; m. Nancy E. Gardiner. 

(A) William Henry Harrison: b. 1835; m. Esther B. Rand. 

(a) Forrest K.: b. 1860; m. Mabel Penney. 

(b) Elmer G.: b. 1862; m. Estelle Card. 

(B) Manter Alverado: b. 1838; m. Mercy P. Silsby; served in the 
Civil War. 

(C) Oscar E.: b. 1844; served in the Civil War; m. Romilia A. 

(10) Nathan Hall: 1815-1892; m. Elvira Irish; m. (2) Mary Sophia 

(A) Arrington: b. 1842; m. Jeannette Ray (separated); m. Jos¬ 
ephine Burnham. 

(B) Charles A.: b. 1846; m. Matilda Moran. Ch.: Will (b. 1869), 
Lee (b. 1871 ; m. Grace Gurley; two ch.), Charles (b. 1876). 

(C) John Nelson: b. 1876; m. Jessie Shugars; served in the Span- . 
ish-American War. 

(D) Guy Hall: b. 1877; m. Dora Shipton; served in the Spanish- 
American War; graduate of the University of Minnesota. 

(in Winslow: 1821-1879; captain in the U. S. Coast Guards during 
latter part of the Civil War; m. Amelia Putnam; m. (2) Cornelia 
Rand; m. (3) Maria Bangs. 

(A) Edward W.: b. 1865; m. Grace Burwell. 

(B) James Alton: b. 1874; m. George Anna Guptill. 

(C) Walter Henry: b. 1876; m. Mary Elizabeth Harvey. 

(12) Rufus: 1823-1900; m. Adelin Files; went to Minnesota with broth- 
* ers; second lieutenant in the Civil War. 

(A) Fred Leslie: b. 1854; m. Josie Briley (divorced). 

(a) Leslie Perry: b. 1878; m. May Hoffman. Ch.: Earl 
Roberts (1898). 

(B) Frank H.: b. 1860; m. Sadie Kessler; m. (2) Annie E. Suth¬ 

(a) Howard LeRoy: b. 1887. 

LI46 JONATHAN ROBERTS: b. about 1766; m. Prudence Willard. 

(1) Jothan: 1787-1865; m. Mary Richardson; m. (2) Lydia Doe 


(Doble) ; m. (3) Hannah Woodman (Walker). 

(A) Orlando: b. 1817; m. - Neal. 

(a) Thomas Loring: b. 1822; m. Nancy Ellen Perry; served 
in the Civil War. 

(B) Albert Augustus: 1832-1901; m. Maria Louisa Woodman; 
served in the Civil War. 

(2) Daniel: b. 1791; m. Mary Haskell. 

(3) Willard: b. 1796; m. Ruth Edwards. 

(A) Alonzo: 1819-1894; m. Eunice Stevens. 

(a) George Bean: b. 1864; m. Carrie M. Crane. 

JOHN (bro. of Jonathan) : m. Miriam Irish; emigrated to state of Ohio, 

(1) Sylvanus: d. 1872; m. Mary Jane Thompson; m. (2) Remember 

(A) Lloyd: m. Ella Griffin. Ch.: Edmund. 

(B) Dexter: m. Belle Libby. Ch.: Harry. 

M147 EDWARD ROBERTS: came from Virginia and settled at or near 
Richmond, Madison Co., Kentucky; m. Elizabeth McHenry, who was 
born in 1780 and d. in 1855. 

(1) Squier: 1800-1861; m. Penelope Prentice and had 12 ch., one of 
whom was 

(A) Bolin Emery: 1830-1900; m. Margaret Katherine Pickens, 

(a) Shelby Saufley: b. 1874; m. Nell Ackley Richardson; b. 

1. Nell Richardson: b. 1902; m. John Mitchell Owens; 
1 son, John Mitchell. 

2. Shelby Chilton: b. 1904; m. Virginia Carpenter; 1 son, 
Shelby Chilton, Jr. 

3. Sarah Pickens: b. 1906. 

N148 NAHUM ROBERTS: b. April 16, 1804; d. Dec. 14, 1859; m. Sally 
Brock Hemenway, Nov. 15, 1828. He was a descendant of that Roberts 
who came from Chester, England, and who was one of the first settlers 
in Portsmouth, N. H. His branch of the family settled in or about 
Wells, Me. Ch.: John H. (see below), Philander, Byron, Abbie, Wil¬ 
liam Harrison, Lake H., Albert F., Sarah D., N. Frank. 

N149 John Hemenway Roberts: b. Oct. 8, 1831, in Alfred, Me.; d. Dec. 
22, 1898, in Chelsea, Mass.; m. Louisa Southward, April 24, 1859. Ch.: 
Lillian Louise (see below), Gertrude, Martha E. B. (now dec.). 

N150 Lillian Louise: m. Alfred J. Hayman. 

(1) Stuart Roberts. 

(2) Lillian Louise. 

(3) Col. John Hemenway. 

0151 WILLIAM WICKENHAM ROBERTS: b. about 1829 in Western 
New York; m. Jane French, b. near Rochester. 

(1) William Hinman: b. near Joliet, Ill., 1855; m. Daner Alma Mc¬ 
Donald, in Chicago, 1887. 

(A) Helen H.: b. Chicago, 1888. Add.: Kent Hall, Yale Univer¬ 
sity, New Haven, Conn. 


(B) Mildred Jessie: b. Chicago, 1891; m. Martin Robert Broman, 
Dec., 1922. . 

(C) Wesley Kilmore: b. Chicago, 1894; unm. 

(2) Cora. 

P152 CHARLES H. ROBERTS: m. Martha J. Roberts; issue. 

P153 Howard Lacey Roberts: b. Feb. 16, 1859; m. Anna Elizabeth Smith 
(b. June 27th, 1861). 

(1) Ethel Lacey: b. Dec. 7, 1881. 

(2) Anna Richardson: b. May 10, 1883; d. July 30, 1883. 

(3) Katharine Warrington Andrews: b. Oct. 30, 1885; d. March 6, 

(4) Annette Marcellus: b. March 26, 1889; d. March 28, 1889. 

(5) Howard Lacey, Jr.: b. Oct. 6, 1890; m. Mildred Scanton. 

(A) Jean Lois: b. Oct. 28, 1917. 

(B) Howard Lacey, 3rd: b. Jan. 14, 1919. 

(C) John Scanlon: b. Jan. 15, 1921. 

(D) Shirley Dubree: b. Jan. 20, 1925. 

(E) Barbara Mildred: b. June 13, 1926. 

(6) C. T.: m. Wilhelmina Octavia Hallen, Nov. 28, 1918. 

(A) Charles Thrope, Jr.: b. Nov. 4, 1919. 

(B) Vail Roberts: b. Feb. 3, 1927 (adpt. dau.). 

(7) J. L.: d. Feb. 20, 1928. 

(8) R. S.: m. Ruth Hickman, Dec. 25, 1927. 

Q154 JOHN ROBERTS: m. Julia Bergen; settled in Cullahill, Queen’s Co., 

(1) Catherine: m. James Ryan. 

(A) James. 

(B) Catherine: now Mrs. Claude Kalen. 

(2) William: m. Annie Butler, Feb. 16, 1896; d. Feb. 7, 1921. 

(A) Rev. John S.: b. May 3, 1897; Priest, R. C. Church; appt. to 
Mission Dolores Church, San Francisco, Feb. 21, 1900. Add.: 
Mission Dolores, 3321 16th St., San Francisco, Calif. 

(B) Mary A.: (Mrs. A. J. Cabral). Ch.: Richard, John, Thomas, 
Annie (m. John Koehnke, 1 son, John), Patrick. 

R155 BENJAMIN ROBERTS: came to New York State from Litchfield 
R156 Horace Robert: father of 

R157 William Henry Roberts: m. Fanny Platner, dau. of a Holland Dutch 
settler somewhere near Cooperstown or Westford, Cherry Valley or 
Scherevus, Ostego Co., N. Y. 

R158 Charles Albert Roberts: m. Jennie Colby. 

R159 Walter O. Roberts: b. Brockport, N. Y.; m. Helen Woodworth, of 
Rochester, N. Y., 1911. 

(1) Walter Otis, Jr. 

S160 JOHN A. ROBERTS: m. and had 3 ch.; served in the Confederate 
Army of the Civil War and carried Lee’s last message to Jackson. 

(1) William Edwards: m. Rebecca Bertha White at Vicksburg, Miss., 

(A) William Edwards, Jr.: b. Vicksburg, Miss., Feb. 22, 1898; in 
1917, enlisted in the U. S. Navy and went overseas; m., July 


26, 1927, Grace Law. Ch.: Patricia Ann, b. July 4, 1928. 

(2) Mamie: m. Charles Woodin, of Wesson, Miss.; 2 ch.: Albert and 


(3) Morgan Hughes: m. Mae Paquet at Vicksburg; 1 son, John. 

(B) Laura Evelyn: b. July 24, 1899; m., June, 1922, William Fair 
McDuff; have 2 daus., Rebecca Lee and Laura Evelyn. 

(C) John Baldwin (Jack) : b. Nov. 6, 1902, Vicksburg, Miss. 

T161 DAVID ROBERTS: b. 1794; d. 1864; went to Michigan from Ohio 
some time in the 1830’s; m. Cathrine Maguier and had 
(1) Frank T.: b. 1848; d. 1882; m. Celiah Ellsworth and had 

(A) Lulu A. Roberts: b. 1872; m. Harry Brawnell; has 7 ch. 

(B) Ellsworth Willis: b. 1874. Add.: 65 Rose St., Battle Creek, 


Officers of the Continental Army 

Algernon Roberts (Pa.). Lieutenant Philadelphia Battalion Pennsylvania 
Militia in 1776. 

Benjamin (Va.). Captain of Clark’s Illinois Regiment, 1778 to 1781. 

Cyrus (Va.). 1st Lieutenant 14th Virginia, 28th November, 1776; Cap¬ 
tain, 15th January, 1778; retired 30th September, 1778. 

Daniel (Ga ). Lieutenant Georgia Rangers; taken prisoner at Savannah, 
4th March, 1776; Major, 3d Georgia, 5th July, 1776; Lieutenant-Colonel, 2d 
Georgia, 21st March, 1778; died 18th November, 1779. 

James (Mass.). 2d Lieutenant of Scammon’s Massachusetts Regiment, 
May to December, 1775; Major and Lieutenant-Colonel Massachusetts Militia, 

Jesse (Pa.). 2nd Lieutenant of Lewis’ Pennsylvania Battalion of the Fly¬ 
ing Camp, July, 1776; 2d Lieutenant 10th Pennsylvania, 4th December, 1776, 
but does not appear to have joined this regiment. 

John (Mass.). 1st Lieutenant of Spencer’s Continental Regiment, 18th 
February, 1777; resigned 15th September, 1777. 

John (N. Y.). 2d Lieutenant of Malcolm’s Continental Regiment, 6th 
February, 1777; 1st Lieutenant, 17th November, 1777; Captain-Lieutenant, 16th 
June, 1778; resigned 1st April, 1779; name also spelled Robert. 

John (Va.). Surgeon 6th Virginia, 1st February, 1777; transferred to 4th 
Virginia, 14th September, 1778; transferred to 10th Virginia, 1st August, 1779; 
served on staff of General Lafayette in 1781; served to close of war. (Died 
21st April, 1821.) * 

John (Va.). Lieutenant of Clark’s Illinois Regiment, 1779-1782. 

John (N. C. and Va.). Lieutenant 5th North Carolina, 28th March, 1777; 
retired 1st June, 1778; Captain Virginia Convention Guards, 11th January, 
1779; Major, 5th March, 1779; retired 1st May, 1781. (Died 30th November, 

Joseph (N. H.). Captain New Hampshire Militia, 1776. 

Moses (Mass.). 1st Lieutenant, 15th Massachusetts, 1st January, 1777: 


Captain, 1st March, 1779; killed at Young’s House, 3d February, 1780. 

Owen (S. C.). Major, 1st South Carolina, 17th June, 1775; Lieutenant- 
Colonel, 4th South Carolina (Artillery), 14th November, 1775; Colonel, 16th 
September, 1776; killed at Stono Ferry, 20th June, 1779. 

Richard Brooke (S. C ). Captain 4th South Carolina (Artillery), 1779; 
Aide-de-Camp to General Lincoln in 1782, to close of war; Captain, 2d United 
States Infantry, 4th March, 1791; assigned to 2d Sub Legion, 4th September, 
1792; Major, 3d Sub Legion, 28th February, 1793; assigned to 4th Infantry, 1st 
November, 1796; died 19th January, 1797. 

Samuel (Pa.). Lieutenant Pennsylvania Militia, 1776-1777. 

Thomas (Va.). Surgeon 10th Virginia, 1st October, 1778; transferred to 
3d Virginia, 1st August, 1779, and served to close of war. 

William (Pa.). Captain of Hart’s Pennsylvania Battalion of the Flying 
Camp, July to December, 1776. 

William (Va.). Lieutenant of Clark’s Illinois Regiment, 1779-1781. 

The following Roberts served in the American Revolution from the respec¬ 
tive colonies. Figures following some of the names indicate the number of 
times those names appear on the records examined: 

Connecticut: Aaron—4, Abiel—3, Abigail, Amos—2, Asahel, Ashbel, Ben¬ 
jamin, Caleb, Clank—2, Clerk, Collins, Constant—2, D., Daniel—4, David—8, 
Dudley—2, E., Ebenezer—6, Elijah—5, Eliphalet—2, Eliphalet, Jr., Ezekiel, 
Elisha—4, Freelone—5, G., George, Gideon, Giles, Hiram, Isaac—3, Isaiah, 
James—2, Jesse—2, Joel—2, John—18, John 2nd, Jonathan—6, Jonathan, Jr , 
Joseph—3, Josiah—2, Judah—2, Lebeus, Lemuel—3, Luke—4, Nathan—-4, 
Nathaniel—6, Noah—2, Noah 1st, Parly, Peter—3, Phileman, Jr., Rozil, Sam¬ 
uel—10, Seth, Stephen—5, Thomas—2, William—7, Ziba. Delaware: Bignal, 
George—2, Henry—15, Jeremiah, John—27, Richard—4. Georgia: Aaron 
—2, Amon—2, Daniel, Drury, Elizabeth, Francis—2, Graystock, James—5, 
John—10, Jonas—3, Reuben—4, Richard—2, Rolin, Thomas—5. Maryland: 
Bazil, Benjamin—2, Edward—7, Henry—3, Horatio—3, John—4, Nathan, 
Richard—2, Thomas—6, William—11, Zachariah. Massachusetts: Aaron 
Abraham, Amasa, Ard, Benjamin—9, Christopher, Cuff, Daniel, David—5, 
Ebenezer, Edmund, Edward, Elijah, Fortune, Francis, George—3, Giles—2, 
James—2, Jeduthan, Jeremiah, John—13, Jonathan—4, Joseph—5, Josiah—2, 
Lemuel, Love, Moses—3, Peter—2, Reuben, Richard, Samuel—6, Seth, Thomas 
—6, William—14, William, Jr. New Hampshire: Amaziah, Benjamin—4, 
Cornelius—2, Daniel—2, Ebenezer, Edmund—2, Elisha—5, Ephraim—12, Fran¬ 
cis—6, George—9, Griffith, Hatevil—4, James, James, Jr., Jeduthan—7, Jere¬ 
miah—2, Joel—4, John—13, Jonathan—3, Joseph—11, Joseph, Jr.—2, Joshua 
—2, Love—3, Love, Jr., Molly, Moses—17, Nathan—13, Nathaniel—2, Paul—5, 
Perley—3, Reuben—11, Samuel—14, Seth, Simon—5, Stephen, Thomas—7, 
Timothy—3, William—11, Ziba. New Jersey: Aaron, Adam, Edmund, Icha- 
bod—2, Jacob, James, Jesse, John—3, Joseph—2, Matthew—2, Moses, Samuel, 
Sears, Stephen—3, Thomas, William—2. New York: Amos, Benjamin, Caleb, 
Daniel—3, Ezekiel, Lt. Ezekiel, Gilbert, Isaac, James—2, John—6, Jonathan, 
Peter—3, Thomas, Warren. Pennsylvania: Abner—2, Ann, Benjamin, Bignal, 
Clem, Clement—7, Clements, Daniel—4, David—5, Derick, Evan—7, Even, 
George—5, Griffith, Hugh, Isaac, Israel—2, Isral, Israle, Isreal, Jacob— 2, 
James—-8, Jemima, Jeremiah, Jesse—4, John—19, Jonathan—4, Joseph—9, 
Joshua, Leonard—2, Levi, Levick, Mary, Mordica—2, Nathan—8, Nathen, 
Nathn., Nathaniel, Patrick—9, Patt—3, Peter, Richard—11, Richison, Sale, 


Sale, Jr., Samuel—12, Serick, Thomas—13, William—33. Rhode Island: David 
. —7, Duty—6, Ephraim, Ira, John P.—11, Knight—5, Oliver-^-, William—5. 
i Vermont: Benjamin—4, Christian, Christopher—5, David—6, Eliakim—3, Eze¬ 
kiel—2, Jeduthan—3, Joel—3, John—18, Lemuel—9, Peter—9, Samuel, Silas, 
; William—7. Virginia: Abraham, Alexander, Ambrose, Anthony, Azariah, Bar- 
] nard, Benjamin—4, Bernard, Cyrus—2, Daniel, David, Edward, Eliab, Elias, 
Elisha, Evan, George 2nd, Godfrey—2, Godfry, Henry, Hezekiah, Isaac, Izra, 
t Jacob, James, John—6, Joseph—2, Mathew, Michael, Moses, Mourning, Oba- 
diah, Obedience, Philip, Richard—2, Robert, Spencer, Stephen, Thomas—3, 
William—5, Wilson—2. Total 1004. 


Major-Gen. Benjamin Stone Roberts: Soldier; b., Manchester, Vt., 
1811; grad., U. S. Military Academy, 1835; invented the Roberts breech-loading 
rifle. He was assistant geologist of N. Y. and, in 1842, aided Lt. Geo. W. 
Whistler in constructing the Russian system of railroads. After serving in the 
i Civil War he was professor of military science at Yale until his retirement. 

Edmund Quincy: Diplomat; b., Portsmouth, N. H., 1784. It was owing 
to his suggestion that Congress sent out the U. S. vessels “Peacock” and “Boxer” 
to make treaties with Muscat, Siam and Cochin-China, appointing him special 
diplomatic agent. For a detailed account of his successes there see “Embassy to 
’ the Eastern Courts” (N. Y., 1837). 

Ellis Henry: LL.D.; journalist; b., Utica, N. Y., 1827; served in the 
i State Legislature and in Congress, and was president of the Oneida Historical 

George Washington : Soldier; b., Chester Co., Pa., 1833 ; practiced law in 
i, his native county and in Chicago. At the battle of Stone River, Tenn., in 1862, 
i Colonel Roberts led the advance of the 20th Army Corps, drove the enemy to 
, their breastworks and was killed while leading the 42nd Illinois in a successful 
\ charge. 

* Howard: Sculptor; b., Phila., 1843; studied at the Pennsylvania Academy 

of Fine Arts and, later, at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. His statuette, 

- “Hester and Pearl,” exhibited in 1872, won him a membership in the Pennsyl¬ 
vania Academy, and his sculpture, “La Premiere Pose,” was awarded a medal 
at the Centennial Exposition of 1876. 

James Booth: Actor; b., Newcastle, Del., 1818; made his debut at the 
Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia, 1836, as Richmond in “Richard III.” 
Later he played at the Drury Lane Theatre in London, and wrote a version of 
Goethe’s “Faust,” which he produced in Philadelphia, playing Mephistophles. 

Job: Agriculturist; b. near Gwynedd, Pa., 1757. He promoted the manu¬ 
facture of silk and was among the first men in Pennsylvania to introduce and 
breed merino sheep. 

Jonathan: Senator; b., Upper Merion, Pa., 1771 ; s. of Jonathan, who 
served in the Assembly and was one of the delegates to the convention that rati¬ 
fied the constitution of 1787. He served in the Assembly, Congress and the 
U. S. Senate, and was appointed by President Tyler collector of the Port of 


Joseph: Soldier; b., Middletown, Del., 1814; grad., U. S. Military Acad¬ 
emy, 1835; was assigned to 4th Artillery and served in the Florida war. He 
was breveted brigadier-general of the U. S. Army and of Volunteers for meri- 
tous service during the Civil War, and, in 1877, was promoted to the rank of 
colonel and placed on the retired list. 

Marshall Owen: Merchant; b., New York City, 1814; s. of a physician 
who came from Wales in 1798. He built the “Hendrik Hudson” and took a 
great interest in the Texas Pacific Railroad, investing nearly two million dollars 
in the enterprise. When Ft. Monroe was threatened in 1861, he raised 1000 
men at his own expense and sent them on his steamer “America” to reinforce 
the garrison. 

Robert Ellis: Author; b., Utica, N. Y., 1809. He moved to Detroit, 
Mich., in 1827, and was responsible for many public improvements in that place. 

Robert Richford: M. E. bishop; b., Frederick Co., Md., 1778; m. to 
Ligonier Valley, Pa., 1785; elected bishop May 14th, 1816. He is buried at 
Greencastle, Ind., on the grounds of De Pauw Univ. 

Samuel: Lawyer; b., Phila., 1763; was appointed president-judge of the 
5th judicial district of Pennsylvania, 1803, and held the office until his death. 
He was the author of several valuable works on law. 

Solomon White: Civil engineer; b., Phila., 1811. During a notable 
career as engineer, he constructed canals, tunnels and railroads. He also served 
in the Legislature and was a member of many learned societies. 

William: D.D.; clergyman; b., Llanerchymedd, Wales, 1809; had charge 
of Welsh churches in New York, Scranton and Utica; several times served as 
Moderator of the United States Welsh Presbyterian General Assembly. 

William Milnor: Civil engineer; b., Phila., 1810; s. of Thomas P. Rob¬ 
erts, treasurer of the Union Canal. In 1879 the Emperor of Brazil appointed 
him chief of a commission of engineers to examine and report upon the improve¬ 
ment of harbors and navigable rivers of that empire. He died when the survey 
was nearly complete. 

Thomas Paschall: Civil engineer; b., Carlisle, Pa., 1843; joined his 
father, William Milnor, in Brazil in 1863, when he was employed as an engi¬ 
neer on the Dom Pedro II railway. Later he filled various government posi¬ 
tions and made the first examination of the route through the Rocky Mountains, 
which was adopted by the Northern Pacific Railroad. 


Albert H. Roberts: Ex-governor; b., Overton Co., Tenn., 1868; s. John 
A.; A.M., 1892, Hiwassee Coll., Sweetwater, Tenn.; practiced law in Overton 
Co. and adjoining counties, 1894-1910; mem. M. E. Ch. Add.: Nashville, 

Alice Mumford : Artist. 

Arthur Jeremiah: College pres., b., Waterboro, Md., 1867; s. Albert 
Hall; B.A., Colby Coll., 1890; M.A., Harvard, 1900; Prof. English lit., 1895- 
1908; pres, since 1908, Colby Coll. Add.: Waterville, Me. 

Benson Howard: Editor; b., Brockport, N. Y., 1853; s. Rev. Benjamin 
Titus; educ., Dartmouth Coll., 1876; editor and pub. of The Earnest Christian 


and Golden Rule (1893-1906). Add.: Catonsville, Md. 

Brigham Henry: Ex-Congressman; b., Warrington, Lancashire, Eng., 
1857; came to U. S. 1866, settled Utah. Chiefly engaged as editor and writer; 
has traveled extensively in United States and British Isles. Add.: Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 

(Henry) Chalmers: Editor; b., Austin, Tex., 1870; s. Maj-Gen. A. S.; 
educ. in private schools and uni vs. of Va. and Tex.; was attached to U. S. 
Legation, Constantinople, during 2nd Cleveland administration. Add.: Lon¬ 
don, England. 

Charles Humphrey: Lawyer. 

Clarence J.: Lawyer; b., Jefferson Co., Ind., 1873; s. Dan A.; educ., 
common schools and Southern Ind. Normal School; admitted to Ind. Bar, 1894; 
mem. 37th Legislative Assembly, N. M., 1909. Add.: Sante Fe, N. M. 

Edwin Ewing: Congressman. 

Elmer: Newspaper corr.; b., Lagro, Wabash Co., Ind., 1863; s. Rev. 
Lewis; De Pauw Univ., class of 1885; Reporter Terre Haute, Ind., Express, 
1885. Author of “Monarchial Socialism in Germany” (1913). Add.: Paris, 

Ernest William: Ex-Congressman. 

Florence: Actress; b., New York, 1871; d. Henry B.; educ., San Fran¬ 
cisco; debut at Baldwin Theatre, San Francisco, 1888, as a super doing extra 
work. Some of her plays are “Faust,” “Magda,” etc. 

Frank Hunt Hurd: Coll, pres.; b., Mt. Vernon, Ohio, 1869; s. John 
Henry; Ph.D., Univ. of Denver, 1903; LL.D., 1915; engaged in newspaper 
work, Ohio, 1889-93; mem. Am. Hist. Assn.; lecturer on history and pedagogy, 
Colo., 1901-03. Add.: El Paso, Texas. 

George : Agronomist; b., Burnside, Ky., 1873; s. Missouri; B. Ped., Univ. 
of Ky., 1899; teacher public schools of Ky., 1889-95 ; mem. Am. Soc. Agronomy, 
Kentucky Academy Sciences. Add.: Lexington, Ky. 

George Evan : Banker; b., Delaware Co., Ia., 1857; s. David; educ., com¬ 
mon schools of la.; learned the printer’s trade; proprietor Fort Dodge Mes¬ 
senger, 1878-1909. Author of “Coin at School in Finance,” 1895. Add.: New 

George Litch : Lawyer; b., Boston, 1836; s. Reuben; attended Harvard 
Law School, 1862; principally identified with patent litigation; mem. Phi Beta 
Kappa; wrote essay “The Domain of Utilitarian Ethics.” Add.: Brookline, 

George Lucas: University prof.; b., Decatur Co., Ind., 1860; s. William; 
A.M., Columbia, 1910; Master’s Diploma in Edn., Teachers’ Coll. (Columbia), 
1910; head dept, of edn., Purdue Univ., since 1908; mem. Kappa Delta Pi; 
Methodist. Add.: Lafayette, Ind. 

Harlan Page: Lawyer. 

Henry : Ex-Governor. 

Herbert Rufus: Coll, prof.; b., Brooksville, Me., 1865; s. Darius Law¬ 
rence; student Alliance Francaise, Paris, 1898; has served as trustee, Brown 
Pub. Library, and supt. and dir. pub. schools, Northfield, Vt.; Methodist. Add.: 
Northfield, Vt. 

Isaac Phillips : Educator. 

Tames Cole: Mining engr.; b., Warren Co., N. C., 1863; s. Frederick 
Cox; Ph.B., Univ. of N. C.; chemist and mill engr. in N. C., 1885-87; now 


mgr. Safety Council, Denver; mem. Am. Inst. Mining and Metall. Engrs. Add. r 
Denver, Colo. 

James Hudson : Clergyman. 

John Bingham : Surgeon. 

John Emerson: Clergyman. 

Kate Louise: b., Lodi, N. J.; d. James; grad., Normal School, Newark, 
N. J. ; studied art and music in Berlin and Munich; formerly with pub. library, 
N. Y. City; compiler of “The Club Woman’s Handybook of Programs and 
Club Management” (1914). Add.: S. Orange, N. J. 

Kenneth Lewis: Writer; b., Kennebunk, Me., 1885; s. Frank Lewis; 
A.B., Cornell Univ., 1908; editor-in-chief, Cornell Widow, 1905-08; mem. 
Authors’ League America; mem. of St. Botolph Club. Author of “Black 
Magic.” Add.: Phila., Pa. 

Mary Eleanor: Author. 

Mary Fanton: Editor; b., New York, 1871; d. W. H.; educ., Albany 
Female Acad.; was 4 years staff writer on Herald Tribune; on editorial staff 
Woman’s Home Companion. Add.: New York. 

Milnor: Mining engr.; b., New York, 1877; s. William Milnor; A.B., 
Leland Stanford Univ., 1899; instr. mineralogy, Stanford Univ., 1900; mem. 
Wash. State Geol. Survey, 1901-02; Episcopalian; mem. Seattle Golf Club. 
Add.: Seattle, Wash. 

Oct avia : Author. 

Owen Josephus: Lawyer; b., Phila., 1875; s. Josephus R.; LL.B., Univ. 
of Pa., 1898; began practice at Phila., 1898; appointed special dep. atty. gen. 
to represent U. S. Govt, in prosecution of cases arising under Espionage Act 
in Eastern Dist. of Pa.; mem. Psi Upsilon. Add.: Philadelphia. 

Percival, Jr.: Capitalist; b., Phila., 1857; s. Percival; A.B., Haverford 
Coll., 1876; director U. S. Steel Corpn. (mem. finance com.). Add.: Philadel¬ 

Peter: Clergyman; b. Dowlais, S. Wales, 1859; grad., Brecon Memorial 
Coll., 1883; ordained Congl. ministry, 1886; mem. Senatus Academisuc, Lon¬ 
don, Eng. Author of “Anthracite Coal Industry” (1902). Add.: Mt. Vernon, 
N. Y. 

Robert: Lawyer; b., Manchester, Vt., 1848; s. Daniel; continued studies 
Paris and Geneva, 1871-72; began practice at Burlington, 1871 ; mem. Vt. House 
of Rep., 1882; mem. S. A. R. Author of “Digest of Decisions of Supreme 
Court of Vt. from 1879-1910.” Add.: Burlington, Vt. 

Roy Allison: Newspaper corr.; b., Muscotah, Kan., 1887; s. Thomas 
Stone; Univ. of Kan., 1905-07; began with Lawrence (Kan.) World, 1905, and 
became city editor; served as capt. Adj.-Gen.’s Dept., Camp Sherman, O.; mem. 
Alpha Tau Omega; Congregationalist. Add.: Washington, D. C. 

Shelby Saufley : Civil engr.; b., Louisville, Ky., 1874; s. Bolin Emery; 
LL.B., Washington Coll, of Law, 1925; began in employ of maintenance dept., 
I. C. R. R., 1898; admitted to bar of D. C., 1925; mem. Am. Ry. Engineering 
Assn.; Episcopalian. Add.: Washington, D. C. 

Stewart Ralph: Prof, medicine; b., Oxford, Ga., 1878; s. Janies Wil¬ 
liam; studied Harvard Medical School, 1905, 14, 16; physician to Wesley Memo¬ 
rial Hospital; mem. Med. Assn, of Ga. (v. p.) ; Methodist. Add.: Atlanta, Ga. 

Theodore: Actor. 


Thomas Paschall: Engineer. 

Thomas Sadler: M.D.; b., Phila., 1858; s. John; moved to Minn., 1867; 
M.D.; Univ. of Pa., 1883; interne Phila. Children’s Hospital and Phila. City 
Hospital; mem. Council Am. Ornithologists’ Union. Add.: Minneapolis, Minn. 

Walter Adolphe: Editor, author; b. at sea, off Jamaica, 1885; s. Adol¬ 
phus ; educ., public schools; editor The American Parade since 1925; mem. 
Poetry Soc. America. Add.: Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Warren Russell: Civil and mining engr.; b., Sadorus, Champaign Co., 
Ill., 1863; s. Samuel Martin; gen. engineering practice, 1888-91; engr. of 
bridges; mem. Am. Soc. C. E. and of Engineers’ Club. Add.: Chicago. 

Wightman Durand: Editor; b., Weaverville, N. C., 1873; s, Jacob 
Riley; educ., Weaver Coll, and Central Univ. of Ky.; formerly country news¬ 
paper editor and railroad industrial writer; founder, 1908, Appalachian Trade 
Journal, Knoxville, Tenn.; Rep. candidate for Congress, 1924; Episcopalian. 
Add.: Huntington, W. Va. 

William Blair: Bishop; b., Detroit, Mich., 1881 ; s. Rev. William Jack- 
son; grad., Berkeley Div. School, 1908; missionary in charge Dallas and other 
points in the Rosebud Country, S. D., 1908-22; mem. Psi Upsilon and of Soc. 
Colonial Wars. Add.: Sioux Falls, S. D. 



There are in the United States towns as follows: 

Roberts: Idaho, Ill., Md., Miss., Mont., Oregon, Wis.; Robertsburg: 
W. Va.; Roberts Camp: Calif.; Robertsdale : Ala., Pa.; Robertson: Iowa, 
Wyo.; Robertstown : Ga.; Robertsville : Mo., Ohio. There are also in the 
United States numerous counties, townships, streets, avenues, etc., bearing the 
name “Roberts.” This is eloquent testimony to the high esteem in which the 
name is held in this country. 


The compiler of these records has made up a list from city and telephone 
directories of the United States, and from other sources, as follows. Care was 
taken to eliminate, wherever possible, persons known or believed to be colored, 
or of nationalities other than British and American: 

Albama . 

. 271 

Maine . 


Oklahoma . 

. 246 



Maryland . 


Oregon . 


Arkansas . 

. 69 

Massachusetts . 


Pennsylvania . 

. 1135 

California . 

. 955 

Michigan . 


Rhode Island . 

. 125 

Colorado . 

. 235 

Minnesota . 


South Carolina ... 


Connecticut . 

. 272 

Mississippi . 


South Dakota . 


District of Columbia 142 

Missouri . 


Tennessee . 

. 361 

Delaware . 

. 30 

Montana . 


Texas . 

. 831 

Florida . 

. 528 

Nebraska . 


Utah . 


Georgia . 

. 329 

Nevada . 


Vermont . 


Idaho . 

. 60 

New Hampshire . 


Virginia . 

. 243 

Illinois . 

. 816 

New Jersey . 


Washington . 


Indiana . 

. 491 

New Mexico . 


West Virginia . 

. 163 

Iowa . 

. 147 

New York . 


Wisconsin . 

. 172 

Kansas . 

. 190 

North Carolina . 


Wyoming . 


Kentucky . 

. 229 

North Dakota . 


Louisiana . 

. 89 

Ohio . 


Total . 



To secure an estimate of the “Roberts population” of the United States, 
we figure as follows: 




Only about half the names were taken from each directory con¬ 
sulted .:. 2 

Half of the Roberts reside in the rural districts or in small towns 
having no printed directories which were available to us. 2 

There is an average of more than four persons in each Ameri¬ 
can family. 4 

Since Roberts daughters marry and have as many descendants as 
the Roberts sons, there are as many descendants of “other names” as 
there are bearing the name Roberts (though it is much easier to locate 
the latter. 2 

By multiplying each figure of column (a) into the preceding 
figure, we have a total of. 32 

Conservative estimate of the Roberts population of the United 
States, one-half of whom bear the name Roberts and one-half of 
whom bear other names. 421,184 

The estimated Roberts population of any of the states may be obtained by 
multiplying the figures shown by 32. There are Roberts in every state of the 
Union. The Roberts population of the British Empire is probably equal to that 
in the United States. 


For several centuries the Robertses lived in Wales, England and North 
Ireland. Most of the British (with the exception of those living in South Ire¬ 
land) and, likewise, the Robertses were and are of the Protestant faith. 

There are a few Robertses of the Catholic faith in the British Isles, but it 
is estimated that their number does not exceed three per cent, of the entire 
Roberts population. 

The Robertses who came from the British Isles to America continued in 
the faith of their fathers, for the most part, though their descendants in this 
country today will be found in the memberships of practically all the various 
churches. It is estimated that of all the Robertses in America who are church 
members, at least ninety-five per cent, are of the Protestant faith. 

Biographical sketches of 45 Robertses appear in WHO’S WHO IN AMER¬ 
ICA. Their religious faiths are shown as follows: CONGREGATIONALIST, 
other PROTESTANTS, 4; religion not stated, 28. 



All of the works listed below will be found in the Library of Congress. 
Most of them will be found in the libraries of historical and genealogical socie¬ 
ties. Some of them will be found in the libraries of all of the large American 

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26. Geneal. Joseph Roberts of Windham, Me. Mrs. Amorena Grant, Chicago, 

27. Coat of Arms Roberts Family. George C. Martin, Asbury Park, N. J.. 


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