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Tlje Mvcnlurcrs ' Journal 

December, 1992 

Not sold in stores 

Might & Magic: Clouds of Xeen 

Drawing on the rules of its three prede- 
cessors, Jon van Caneghem's latest 
Might and Magic introduces some minor 
yet surprising changes. Lord Xeen, the 
undead general of the Darkside's evil 
ruler, has stolen the sixth mirror and has 
obsessed Lord Burlock with the quest to 
find the mirror. This sidetracks Burlock 
while Xeen takes over the land for his 
sinister master. 

The road to finding and slaying 
Xeen is a tortuous one. First there is a 
treasure hunt for artifacts 
that increase skills and 
enable you to enter vari- 
ous towers, dungeons, 
and castles that contain 
items needed to complete 
the main quest. Xeen's 
castle rests on the clouds. 
After getting there, you 
must obtain another item 
before you can fight the final battle. 
When you slay Xeen, his evil master, 
who claims ownership of the Darkside, 
intervenes. This sets the stage for the 
quest in the Darkside of Xeen, the next 
installment in the series. The two games 
will interlock, forming a continual, 
seamless world that gives you twice as 
much territory to explore. 

Character creation 

Tavern-based character creation has 
changed little. After "rolling up" seven 
attributes, you choose one of up to ten 
professions for which the character is 
qualified. Skills — eighteen of them — 
again play a role, and are purchased or 
earned as you progress. Your party may 
contain up to six members. But unlike M 
& M II, there are no Hirelings or other 
NPCs to join the group. 

A character may advance only as 

by Al C. Giovetti 

high as the 15th level until one of the 
game's mini-quests, the construction of 
Newcasde, is accomplished. Then you 
can go as high as 20th level. This limita- 
tion of levels was disturbing. 

Specials, such as the well in Shangri 
La and completing the Golem dungeon, 
endow characters with one additional 
permanent level. One area in the game 
grants a 10-level advance that is tempo- 
rary. Attributes may also be increased 
permanently and temporarily in various 
special events. The 
choices between the 
combinations of 
permanent and 
temporary attribute 
and level increases 
will prove to be more 
satisfying to many 

No anagrams 

Puzzles are mainly of the treasure hunt 
variety, with one artifact at the end of a 
dungeon providing admission to the next 
dungeon. This made the game more 
linear than I would have liked. There are 
numerous delightful and entertaining 
side plots, many of which can be 
completed after Xeen's defeat. There 
were no anagrams, word puzzles, spell 
puzzles, riddles, or other types of puzzles 
in the game — another difference 
between this and previous M & Ms. 
The automatic note-taker made 
keeping track of hints and special events 
convenient, and eliminated the necessity 
of keeping extensive notes. The "quest 
item listing" saved space in the inventory 
and provided a list of items that could be 
used to fulfill quests. This list keeps 
accurate track of the quests you accumu- 
late, and allows the game player to have 
multiple quests going on simultaneously. 
The result is more freedom to pursue the 

optional quests. 

You may play in Warrior mode, 
which is combat intensive, or Adventurer 
mode, in which you won't have to spend 
as much time bashing bad guys. The 
choice between the two is responsive to 
the criticisms that many role-playing 
games depend too heavily on violence 
rather than exploration and intelligence. 
The simultaneous display of the over- 
head automap and first-person 3-D 
perspectives make getting around in 
Xeen most enjoyable, and enhances your 
awareness of the environment. 

The interface, animation, back- 
ground art, digitized speech, music, and 
sound effects are first rate. Graphics are 
the most vivid and intense of any role- 
playing game, almost on the level of pop 
art. Production values were superb, with 
no discernable bugs to limit play. This is 
quite an accomplishment, considering 
the extent of pest infestation in the latest 
round of entertainment software. The 

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Road 2 

Spellcasting 301 —.3 

Lost Files of 
Sherlock Holmes..4 

The Shadow of 

Yserbius 5 

Cobra Mission 6 

Quest for Glory III..7 

Dungeon Master.. ...8 

Waikthru: Ra...10 

Keys to ye 
Kingdoms 12 

Shay Addons' 




Savant most 
RPG in the 
QB Guild 

Each month we 
give away games 
to Keys to the 
Kingdoms and other 
contest winners. For 
the first time, everyone 
requested the same game: Bob 
Schreur, Norman Hughes, Charles 
Don Hall and Greg Zeshuk all asked 
for Sir-Tech's Crusaders of the Dark 
Savant. Thanks to everyone for all the 
clues, and to Sir-Tech for providing 
the games for 

Lure of the 

I planned to review 

Lure in this issue, 

but was still stuck 

as the deadline 

approached. It's a 

fascinating animated adventure with 

an original interface, tricky puzzles 

and in-depth secondary characters 

whose actions unfold in what Virgin 

calls "Virtual Theatre." 

The advanced artificial intelli- 
gence of the secondary characters 
makes this an unusual adventuring 
experience. Some puzzles take place 
in real-time and with a time limit. 
While it's an animated quest, it's 
more than just a Sierra clone — 
certainly something to play after 
King's Quest VI. 

Sierra update 

Space Quest V now looks like a 
spring release. Sierra has decided not 
to publish a Johnny Castaway clue- 
book, so I am personally devoting the 
next few weeks writing a walk- 
through (the hardest part is getting 
him off the island; unless you do it 
right, it the display reverts to 
Windows when you touch the 
keyboard or mouse!). 

Interplay's bulletin board 

For hints, upgrades, technical support 
and more on Interplay games, call 

714 252-2822 and tune into their 
new bulletin board. It's 300-14.4K 
baud, 8N1, and supports v.32bis and 
v.42bis. If s open 24 hours a day. 

Rex Nebular 

MicroProse's first venture into 
animated adventures is tantamount to 
Larry Laffer in a Space Quest. Here's 
a quote from Fred Philipps' review in 
the next issue: "...a puzzle-intensive, 
humourous, interactive brain-teasing 
series of linear adventures." 

Humongous Entertainment 

Ron Gilbert, designer of LucasArt's 
SCUMM system, 
has left the 
company to found 
with Shelley Day. 
They're starting off 
with a line called 
Junior Adventures 

Waxworks — P m ^- solvm s 

games for children 
ages three - seven. They're for IBM 
and color Macs. 

Sound Source & Windows 

Disney's Sound Source unit now 
supports Windows 3.1 and 3.0 with 
Multimedia Extensions. Contrary to 
recent rumors, Disney is not buying 

Crusaders cluebook 

Crusaders of the Dark Savant proved 
too difficult to solve in time for the 
next Quest for Clues, but help is on 
the way in a clue book from Sir-Tech. 
We hope to have them in stock in 
January for $19.95. 

Quest for typos 

Lately we've had more than our share 
of typos and other editorial fiascos. 
So, after only eight years (November 
was our eighth anniversary, by the 
way) we have finally brought in an 
editorial consultant, Edgar Schrock, 
to handle copy editing, proofreading 
and general typo extermination. In 
another eight years, we may even get 
an art director! 19 

The Mail Maze 




Dear QuestBusters: 
From the bottom of my heart I want 
to say thanks for all the solutions and 
clues you have published over the 
years. They have saved me from 
going out of my mind on more than 
one occasion. And your reviews are 
the most objective I have ever seen. 
They have saved me a lot of money 
on games I would not have enjoyed, 
and pointed out many that I would 
otherwise have not purchased and, in 
sometases, even known about. 
Larry Laffer 

Larry, you ignorant slut! This is 
supposed to be an objective newslet- 
ter — not one that publishes fake 
letters obviously written by the editor 
in hopes of attracting new subscrib- 
ers. In the future, please send your 
glowing testimonials to Nuclear 
Waste News (available for $19 from 
Eldritch, LTD, PO Box 85143, 
Tucson AZ 85754). 

'Tl}e ddveqtnrera' Journal 

Editor: ShayAddams 
Managing Editor: Dora McCormick 
Editorial Consultant: Edgar Schrock 
News Editor: Murphy Brown 
Contributing Editors: Al Giovetti, 
Bernie Yee, Fred J. Philipp, Clancy 
Shaffer, Rich Heimlich, Ken St. 
Andre, Brian Smith, Russ Ceccola, 
Bruce E. Wiley, This Reviewer 

QuestBusters, the journal of the 
world's largest group of adventure 
gamers, is published monthly by 
George Bush and Dan Quayle. 
Annual dues: 3rd Class, $19; 1st 
Class, $25, Canada, $26, Int'l, $36. 
Contents Copyright Eldritch, LTD., 
1992, All Rights Reserved. Copying 
without express permission is prohib- 
ited & punishable by what's left of 
the Republican Party. 

South American Explorers Club 

Spell casting 301: Spring Break 

anyone who has played one of the 
previous Spellcasting games, or any 
of Steve Meretzky's other games, 
knows how challenging and humor- 
ous they are, and that — with the 
possible exception of Leather 
Goddesses 2 — Meretzky always 
delivers the goods. The Spellcasting ■ 
series perfectly blends puzzles, 
humor, plot and variety (in the form 
of magic spells with unlimited use). 

Spellcasting 201: The Sorcerer's 
Appliance, one of Meretzky's very 
best games, introduced players to 
Ernie Eaglebeak, and to magic objects 
with great powers, which were inter- 
esting to play around with and figure 
out. In 201 , Ernie joined a frat and 
saved Sorcerer University once again. 
Spring Break throws Ernie into an 
environment in his junior year that 
results in a game even more fun and 
irreverent than its predecessors. 

Though I went to Spring Break in 
Fort Lauderdale in my sophomore 
year, and Ernie travels with his frat 
brothers, the Pharts, in his junior 
year, to Fort Naughtytail, our experi- 
ences were quite similar: lots of 

Type: Graphic Adventure 
System: MSDOS (640K and hard 
disk required, mouse optional; 
CGA, EGA, 256-color VGA, 
SVGA, MCGA, TGA (hi-res black 
and white); Realsound (PC 
speaker), Sound Blaster, Ad Lib, 


babes, bars, brewskis and beach fun. 

Ernie still gets the dirty jobs in the 
frat and, as Carpetmaster on this 
adventure, is responsible for trans- 
porting the Pharts on a magic carpet. 
He also has the crummiest room in 
the hotel. Ernie's job during his vaca- 
tion is to help his brothers defeat a 
rival fraternity in various Spring 
Break competitions. Along the way, 
he must also complete quests assigned 
by the mage at the Fort Naughtytail 
Sorcerer's Guild. 

' % 




Spring Break is a great setting for 
a Spellcasting game. The many 
contests and quests come together 
well and combine to make this an 
adventure with more fun elements, 
variety and laughs than either of 
Ernie's previous adventures. Fort 
Naughtytail is an interesting town, 
and you must take advantage of all 
the places in and 
around it. Ernie's 
love, Lola Tigerbelly, 
is also in town for 
Spring Break, and it's 
important that you 
impress her with your 
skill in the 

There are 12 
events in 301, from weight-lifting and 
body surfing, to a wet T-shirt contest 
and bull fighting. There is also a 
mystery event. Most events require 
that you be at the right place at the 
right time. Success depends on crea- 
tively using the spells and objects you 
find during the adventure. In addition 
to winning the contests, you must 
find your way out of jail when you 
inevitably get arrested. (There are 
seven different ways to escape.) The 
subquests take the game to another 
level of fun, because the feeling of 
accomplishment is high after satisfy- 
ing the mage's challenging quests. 
These quests also propel 301 toward 
the endgame. Meretzky works in one 
of my favorite jokes of the game here: 
the four seahorses of the apocalypse. 

Special interfaces 

The interface for 301 is just like all 
the other Legend games, with a few 
exceptions. There are special inter- 
faces for the magic carpet, the casino 
games, talking to other characters 
and for some graphic-oriented 
puzzles. Gateway was a turning point 
in the development of the Legend 
games' interface, and 301 benefits 
from this progress. Even more impor- 
tant are the new spells. Bip and Frimp 

by Russ Ceecola 

are back from the past, but all the 
other spells are new. There are some 
transformation spells in 301, as well 
as a spell mutation spell that effec- 
tively doubles the number of spells. 
Once again, it is important to take 
the spells' descriptions literally. The 
uses of some in puzzle solutions are 
real tricky. 

301 is graphically 
superior to previous 
Spellcasting games, because 
it offers Super VGA graph- 
ics screens, and regular 
VGA screens that look 
almost as good. 
Additionally, digitized 
photos from the "Girls of 
Spring Break" calendar to spice up 
the festivities. Music and sound 
effects are quite good. The Legend 
system has quickly developed into 
one that is strong in all areas: plot, 
sound, graphics and challenge. 

Spellcasting 301 is filled with the 
kind of humor we've come to expect 
from Meretzky. All the bad puns, 
outright laughs and funny circum- 
stances color Ernie's latest 
undertakings. 301 is the most enjoya- 
ble of the series in many ways, 
particularly because most of the 
people playing it probably went on 
Spring Break at least once and will 
recognize their own experiences in 
Ernie's travels. The competitions are 
fun, the puzzles demanding, the 
laughs numerous. 

Conclusions: 301 succeeds on every 
level and continues the adventures of 
Ernie Eaglebeak in one of the finest 
series of graphic adventures available. 
Ernie will be back soon in a senior 
year game that will hopefully not 
mark the end of the series. Magic and 
mirth mix better than ever in 301 . IS 

Skill Level: Intermediate 
Company: Legend Entertainment 
Price: $59.95 
QuestBusters price: $45 

The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes 

November, 1888: The gas lights of 
London, England shine feebly through 
the omnipresent fog, struggling to illumi- 
nate the moisture laden streets and 
buildings. Sounds of hansom cabs 
coming and going throughout the night 
echo in the distance. 

With this introduction you are swept 
away to Victorian Age London. Chelsea, 
Spitafield, Covent Garden, Whitechapel, 
Scotland Yard and Mayfair will become 
familiar territory as you travel in and 
around London in your hansom cab 
seeking clues and evidence to solve these 
horrific crimes before your apparent 
nemesis, Jack the Ripper, strikes again. 

In the first of the Lost Files series, 
The Case of the Serrated Dagger, you 
play the role of Sherlock Holmes. Dr. 
Watson, your stalwart ally, assists as 
you help Inspector Lestrade solve a series 
of gruesome murders: all women with 
their throats slit, and no witnesses. 

Illustrated with hand-drawn, 256- 
color VGA scenes that are akin to stage 
settings, accompanied by music appro- 
priate to the somber, fog-bound setting 
of 1888 Metropolitan London, this 
graphic adventure of sleuthing is a 

Type: Graphic Adventure 
System: MSDOS (640K, HD 
floppy, VGA & hard disk 
required; mouse, joystick, 
extended memory optional; 
Roland, Ad Lib, Sound Blaster) 
Planned ports: Mac 

refreshing change of pace. It was 
designed and produced by Mythos, a 
newcomer to adventure gaming. 

Quest for disk space 

The program loads quickly and 
smoothly — provided you have 15 to 29 
megs of space on your hard drive. That's 
right, I said megsl This depends on 
whether you choose Save Disk Space or 
Save Play Time when loading. I chose 
the Save Disk Space, and the game load 
speed was still very good. Expanded 
memory can be used, but it isn't 

The display consists of a picture of 
the current scene in the upper two-thirds 
of the screen, while the lower third 
consists of a Command box containing a 
dozen commands. (Although there is 
plenty of varied music, there are 
few sound effects.) 

The commands are the usual 
Look, Move, Talk, Pick Up, 
Open, Close, Inventory, Use and 
Give. The remaining three are 
Journal, Files and Set Up. 
Journal lets you see every- 
thing you've seen, heard, 
said and done. It even lets 
you copy the text of your 
game to a file or print it out. 
You can move forward, back- 
ward and even search for a 
text string. This simplifies the 
process of looking up exactly 
where you saw an item, or 
specifically what a character 
said about something. 

The Files commands are primarily 
Save, Load and Quit. You can save up to 
30 games in progress, and there is plenty 
of room to describe your saves. The Set 
Up controls cover Music, Joystick, Fade 
(where scenes change directly or slowly, 
pixel by pixel), Voice and Portraits (if 
you have a digitized sound board), 
Windows (text will slide or appear/ 
disappear), Submenus and Boxes), Key 
Pad slow/fast and even a Font Style 
command that lets you choose between 
three font styles. 


The greatest feature of the Set Up is the 
Auto Help. If this is turned on, the Look, 
Talk, Open, and Close Commands will 
become automatically highlighted when 
the cursor passes over an object or 
person appropriate to these Commands. 
At the beginning of the mystery, you 
can travel to only two locations. These 
are 221 B Baker Street and an Alley. As 
you gather clues and evidence, additional 
locations will appear on a map of 
Metropolitan London that pops up 

by Fred J. Philpp 

when you leave a scene. You then click 
on a location to travel there. You will 
have to travel back and forth to several 
locations after you get information and 
items from other places. 

You must talk to everyone, often 
repeatedly. After certain events occur, 
you may have to return and talk to 
some people again. You also need to 
look at everything, and try to open, 
move or pick up everything you run 

A few clues 

Here are a few tips for the 
outset of the game. Go to 

Alley. Examine corpse 
(closely). Get all obvious 
items (there are four). 
Examine them (closely). Enter 
Backstage. Talk to Watson. 
There are four obvious items 
here. Note locked drawer. 
How do you get out of the room? Look 
under something. 

When you do turn up some evidence, 
you can return to 22 IB Baker Street and 
use your Lab to analyze it for additional 
clues. When interacting with characters, 
don't give up — keep trying until they 
part with some information. 
Conclusions: There have been dozens of 
Sherlock Holmes games, mainly because 
the character is in the public domain and 
no licensing fee is necessary. Lost Files 
one stands out with its icon-based inter- 
face and novel design. For "disk drive 
detectives," or anyone looking for some- 
thing completely different from from 
conventional RPGs and standard graphic 
adventures, Lost Files is a fun game with 
many new and innovative utilities that 
allow you to personalize the game. 
Highly recommended. 4ffi 

Difficulty: Intermediate 
Company: Mythos/EA 
Price: $69.95 
QuestBusters price: $54 


Shadow of y serblus 

Last fall The Sierra Network (TSN) 
started dropping hints about a "secret 
project" that would be available in 
the next major version of the system. 
Eventually it took form as a first- 
person, multi-player game like the 
Wizardry or Eye of the Beholder 
RPGs. The news 
excited TSN users 
and RPG fans alike. 
America On-Line's 
Neverwinter Nights 
was good, but only 
as enjoyable as 
other SSI "gold 
box" games. 
Already extremely 
popular, Shadow of Yserbius is the 
most enjoyable online game I've 
played on TSN. Yserbius 
(pronounced "ser- be-us") is challeng- 
ing, nicely play-balanced and sure to 
eat up your block of access time. 

Yserbius is the name of a volcano 
near the town of Twinion. The 
dungeons are inside the volcano 
walls, and a guild and tavern lie 
nearby. Everything takes place in the 
shadow of the enormous lava-spewer, 
hence the title. 

The goal is not clear at the start. 
Clues are strewn throughout the 
dungeon levels, but most of the time 
you'll be exploring the levels, fighting 
monsters and finding special objects 
that allow access to locked rooms and 
other sections. Later you learn that 
the game is roughly divided into four 
parts, and you can talk to characters 
that send you on quests. But there's 
no specific method for you to follow 
to play or finish the game. You can 
just wander aimlessly and enjoy the 
camaraderie of your party members 
in travel and combat. 

Party on 

Parties consist of one to four charac- 
ters. You can join up with characters 
of any guild or race. There are eight 
races: Human, Ore, Elf, Troll, Dwarf, 
Gnome, Halfling and Gremlin. You 
may also join one of six guilds: 

by Russ Ceccola 

Barbarian, Knight, Ranger, Thief, 
Cleric and Wizard. Each guild has its 
own color, used to distinguish it in 
text messages and character icons. 

The character generation screens 
are self-explanatory and allow you to 
assign extra points to abilities, skills 
and spells (if avail- 
able). As in the 
other "lands" on 
TSN, you assem- 
ble a picture for 
your character 
from face and 
costume parts to 
represent your 
Yserbius persona. 
Of all the TSN personas, these are the 
most realistic. 

The main Yserbius screen has a 
few accessible locations. The Guild 
Hall is where you buy or sell objects, 
alter your persona's image if you like 
and, most importantly, assign new 
skill, spell and attribute points that 
you receive each time you reach a 
new experience level. After every 
battle, you obtain a certain amount of 
gold and experience points. Yserbius 
keeps track of how much experience 
you need to reach the next level, so a 
trip to the Guild Hall is the best way 
to outfit and improve your character. 
The Twinion Tavern is similar to 
other "hosts" on TSN. You can talk 
to characters here, look at characters 
and leave messages on special bulletin 

Unique to Yserbius is the ability 
to talk to characters anywhere on the 
host at any time. This is a useful 
feature, particularly if you're in the 
dungeon and want people in the 
tavern to join you. You can also can 
send messages to everyone in your 

The remaining two features of the 
main Yserbius screen are entrances 
into the dungeon. The top entrance 
puts you back to the top level at the 
start of the game. The bottom 
entrance takes you back to the last 
location where you saved your char- 

acter. If you die in Yserbius, it's not 
all over. You go back to the main 
screen and then enter through the top 
entrance. You retain gold, objects and 
experience from the last time you 
saved, so save often. 

Once you're in the dungeon, it's 
quite easy to play Yserbius. The party 
leader controls movement for the 
group, but all remaining functions are 
common among party members. 
Click on your character's icon at the 
top of the screen to bring up stats. 
Your character's outline appears on 
the right of the screen and a first- 
person view and text window are on 
the left. The outline has spaces where 
you can put objects, clothing and 
weapons you want to equip, as you 
do on the Ultima character screen. 

Icons, icons 

Below the outline are icons for a map, 
spell book, hammer and TSN 
options. Click on the hammer and 
spell book to bring up the abilities 
and spell lists respectively. The TSN 
icon accesses game options, which 
include save, quit to the character 
gallery and quit to the TSN main 

Another important element of 
Yserbius is the auto-mapping. When 
you click on the map icon, an over- 
head map replaces the character 
outline with highlighted squares to 
mark places you've been, as well as 
doors, teleports, and icons represent- 
ing the position of other parties and 
their level name and number. When 
you save your character, you also 
save the map. The party leader clicks 
on arrows on the map to move the 
party, bufc the maps of all party 
members are updated with each 
move. The first-person view and map 
work together to detail the party's 

Each player has a chest and bag 
to store inventory items such as 
potions, wands and keys. You simply 

Continued on page 1 4 

Sex & violence: Cobra Missi 

Cobra Mission's major inno- 
vation is its use of R-rated 
graphics. It is an enhanced 
conversion of a game from Japan, 
where this type of RPG occupies a 
large niche market. Megatech is 
gambling that there is a similar 
demand here in the States; if Cobra 
Mission does well, Megatech hopes to 
produce more conversions in the 
future. [And you can bet USA compa- 
nies will soon jump on the 
bandwagon, as usual.] 

The graphics are done in the 
"anime" style, the most popular kind 
of Japanese animation. They are 
distinguished by the womens' very big 
eyes and unlikely hair colors — 
bright blue and green are common. 

Set on a small Caribbean island a 
few years in the future, Cobra 
Mission puts you in control of two 
characters: JR Knight, a sexually- 
obsessed private investigator, and 
Faythe Watson, who has hired JR to 
investigate the disappearance of her 
friend Donna. As the plot develops, 
you discover that her disappearance 
was (naturally) part of a larger plan, 

— ^ 

Type: Adult Role-playing 
System: MSDOS (640K & hard 
disk required; VGA, MCGA, 
EGA; Ad Lib, Sound Blaster) 
vv JJ 

orchestrated by an criminal master- 
mind who (naturally) seeks world 

Gameplay is typical of Japanese 
RPGs: there is a handful of different 
armor and weapon types, which are 
easily ranked from weakest to strong- 
est, and a few special items to heal 
the party or inflict massive damage 
on your opponents. 

The city is divided into five 
sections, each ruled by a "boss." You 
wander around on a map of the 
section (seen from overhead), entering 
buildings and talking to people. 
Eventually you learn how to enter the 
boss* headquarters, fight your way 
through it, and defeat the boss. When 

this is done, you can move on to the 
next section. 

Real-time combat 

You see a full-screen image of your 
opponent, and use the mouse to posi- 
tion a weapon icon on top of him, 
then click to attack. Some opponents 
are heavily armored. To defeat them 
you must find the weak spots in the 
armor. If all else fails, you can throw 
firecrackers and poison darts, which 
are guaranteed to inflict damage. 
You're much more powerful than 
your opponents, and you regenerate 
hit points quickly, so combat is easy 
to master, even for people with 
limited arcade skills. 

When you defeat a boss, you'll 
earn the gratitude of a woman who 
lives in that sector, which is where the 
R-rated graphics come in. You go to 
a seduction scene. Here skillful point- 
ing-and-clicking with the various 
icons will allow you to see animated 
graphics that become progressively 
more revealing. If you have a Sound 
Blaster, the scenes are further 
enhanced with digitized moans and 
cries of pleasure. (There are also some 
other nude scenes to find. For exam- 
ple, Faythe's next-door neighbor will 
trade erotic photographs for any 
pieces of lingerie you happen to find 
in your explorations.) 

Unintentional humor 

The game has a high humor content 
and actually made me laugh out loud 
on a few occasions. Interestingly, the 
funniest lines seem to be uninten- 
tional: the translation into English 
isn't as good as it could be. The text 
is never indecipherable, but there is a 
lot of genuinely bizarre syntax. I 
thought this added to the fun by 
making the game seem like a badly 
dubbed B-movie. 

Here's an example: early in the 
game, JR is offered a job delivering 
packages. He wants to accept, 
because wearing the red cap of a 

by Charles Don Hall 

delivery boy will give him new oppor- 
tunities to snoop around. At the same 
time, he is put off by his manager's 
rudeness. He describes his internal 
conflict to Faythe: "Well, we need the 
money and this special red caps. I 
guess this is why the nickname bosses 
as [expletive]." The text for the 
seduction scenes simply has to be seen 
to be believed. 

Cobra Mission is the first release 
from Megatech Software. As a new 
company, Megatech is still in the 
process of negotiating with distribu- 
tors to have the game sold in stores. 
In the meantime, the game is being 
sold mail-order from their home 
office; you can order a copy by 
calling 1-800-352-6342. 
Conclusions: This game is being 
marketed on the quality of its graph- 
ics, and it has no shortcomings there. 
They are pleasing to the eye and 
generally succeed in being erotic 
rather than lewd. The game is solidly 
programmed, but a little on the light 
side. It doesn't have the depth of an 
Ultima or a Wizardry and is more 
closely related to console RPGs, such 
as the Phantasy Star series on the 
Sega Genesis. ftS 

Difficulty: Easy 

Company: Megatech 

Price: $49.95 during introductory 

period; $79.95 later. 

13 issues for the 
price of 12! 

Don't miss out on the next issue, 
with reviews of Rex Nebular, Lure of 
the Temptress, Waxworks, and 
more! Check the mailing label on the 
back page, and renew today — if it's 
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later, you'll get 13 issues for the price 
of 12! (Adventure Express members: 
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so dig through the trash before some- 
one covers it with bacon grease!) 


Quest for Glory III: Wages of War 

Lori and Corey Cole took Sierra On- 
Line down a different path when they 
designed Quest for Glory I: So You 
Want To Be A Hero? (known then as 
Hero's Quest I). Games in this series 
combine traditional Sierra graphic 
adventure techniques with RPG 
elements such as 
abilities and skills 
that directly affect 
your character's 
performance. The 
Coles also went out 
on a limb and 
designed the series 
so that players 
could choose to use 
a Fighter, Magic User or Thief, and 
the story and puzzles would be suffi- 
ciently different for each to make the 
game worthy of replay. 

All these elements worked well 
together, and the Quest for Glory 
series took off. Quest for Glory III: 
Wages of War continues the story line 
from the previous games, taking you 
to a land called Tarna in East 
Fricana. Here you must keep the 
peace between three tribes and 
discover what lies at the heart of the 
conflicts. Glory III works nicely as a 
stand-alone game, but also sets things 
up quite well for the next game in the 

Exotic setting 

Tarna is a place unlike any other seen 
before in computer games. With 
Egyptian and African overtones, it is 
a land rich in jungle settings and 
temples. The story picks up immedi- 
ately after the conclusion to Glory II. 
(In fact, the introduction includes a 
revisit of IPs end game.) You soon 
learn of a power struggle in Tarna. 
Only you can prevent a war between 
the Simbani, Leopardman and 
Liontaur tribes. Along the way to this 
goal, you learn a lot about the land 
and the world. 

Glory III makes better use of the 
differences between the character 
types, and I strongly recommend 
replaying it. If you saved your charac- 

by Russ Ceccola 

ter on disk from either preceding 
game, you will be able to import the 
character into Glory III. This is the 
only way to play it a Paladin. 
Otherwise, you must choose at the 
start from Magic User, Fighter or 
Thief. (A character, however, may 
attain Paladin 
status in this 
game.) Playing as 
a Magic User and 
Thief, I was 
required to think 
more, while the 
Fighter game 
appealed to my 
instincts. All three options offer 
worthwhile stories and unique 

Ye interface 

Sierra's standard icon interface was 
augmented with more options and 
features than other Sierra adventures. 
In particular, character abilities and 
skills are unique to the QFG series 
and directly affect your character's 
ability to perform certain tasks. This 
aspect requires you to also find and 
solve the puzzles that increase the 
skills and abilities. Keep an eye on 
your health, stamina and magic 
points, for these 


totals are very 
important in 

A Special 
Actions icon bar 
offers more inter 
esting options to 
round out your 
character. This icon bar has icons for 
running, sneaking and sleeping, as 
well as others that reveal your charac- 
ter stats and the current time and day 
in your adventure. 

Glory III is heavy on conversa- 
tions with other characters you meet, 
and uses an intelligent conversation 
branching system with over 6,000 
lines of dialog. You don't feel trapped 
in the conversations. You can ask 
about and tell about many choices to 

characters, similar to the flexible 
system in The Dagger of Anton Ra. 

Combat takes place on a separate 
screen in most cases. You have to 
click on a choice of action from a 
combat menu. Combat menus differ 
for each character type. Magic User 
combat menus have icons for differ- 
ent magical attacks, and Fighter/ 
Paladin menus let you attack with a 
sword in different ways. An addi- 
tional magic icon bar lets Magic 
Users look at and cast spells. Glory 
III shows that you can quite easily 
expand upon the basic Sierra inter- 
face and still maintain the intuitive 
game play. 

Glory III is better at exploiting 
the differences between character 
types than the previous games. My 
favorite character was a Thief. As a 
Thief, you must solve puzzles in the 
most clever ways of all. There's lots 
of sneaking around! 

The conversation branching is not 
as static as you might expect, and 
serves the important purpose of 
providing clues and teaching you 
about the characters and places in the 
game. A Famous Explorers' 
Correspondence Course booklet 
details East Fricana and Tarna with 
history, monsters, hints and character 
suggestions. Read this interesting 

guide before 
you play the 

Type: Animated Role-playing 


System: MSDOS (640K, VGA, 286 

or faster and hard disk required, 

mouse recommended, joystick 

optional; all major sound boards) 


are some of 
the most 
I've seen in 
from Sierra. 
Each scene has a grand feel to it, and 
the details stand out. Choices of color 
and scale are dead on, and the overall 
effect is captivating. The land of East 
Fricana comes to life unlike many 
games I've seen. Also contributing to 
this effect are the African-like music 
and crisp sound effects. The compos- 
ers and sound effects people create 
the mood for each scene and carry 

Continued on page 14 


Dungeon Master: mother of all 

for l3M t this 
is the classic 
that rivals 
most games 
of today." 

Faster Than Light should get the lifetime 
award for the longest time a company 
has ever taken to convert a game from the 
Atari ST and Amiga versions to the IBM. 
Almost five years have passed since 
Dungeon Master first appeared for the 
Atari ST in a San Diego computer store at 
4:00 PM on December 15, 1987. 

Packed into 400K on a single sided, 
3.5 inch micro-disk, the game was a real 
landmark in data compression, copy 
protection, and 256-color palette, 3-D 
resolution graphics, first-person perspec- 
tive role playing games. Today the highest 
sales are produced by games that emulate 
the original classic Dungeon Master, 
games such as Origin's Ultima Underworld 
and SSI's Eye of the Beholder. 

Split personalities 

Theron is the Grey Lord's apprentice 
wizard. In an experiment with the firestaff, 
the Grey Lord is split into the Lord of 
Chaos and the Librasulus. The Lord of 
Chaos resides on level thirteen of the four- 
teen-level dungeon within Mount Anaias. 
Librasulus, from his home 
in limbo, gives Theron the 
power to resurrect or 
reincarnate four of the 24 
heroes who have been 
enshrined by the Lord of 
Chaos on the first level of 
the dungeon. 

Resurrected heroes 
have the same attributes 
and levels of training they had in life. 
Reincarnated heroes have higher attrib- 
utes, but start at the lowest levels of the 
four professions of Warrior, Ninja, Priest 
and Wizard. All heroes retain the posses- 
sions with which they died in their futile 
quest to defeat the Lord of Chaos and 
return order to their land. 

Theron still resides as an invisible spirit 
in the real world. The game player, in the 
persona of Theron, controls the four 
restored heroes on their quest to reunite 
Chaos with Librasulus to reform the Grey 
Lord and restore the balance between good 
and evil. 

Inside the dungeon 

The fourteen-level dungeon is roughly 32 
by 32 squares measuring ten feet on a side. 

The 3-D graphics make you feel as if you 
are really walking the dungeon halls and 
fighting with monsters. Real-time combat, 
similar to Eye of the Beholder, does not 
change the view, since you are always in 
the same mode while in the dungeon. 

Your group of four adventurers moves 
and fights as a unit, with two characters in 
front bearing melee weapons, and the two 
in the rear armed with ranged spells and 
weapons. Monsters can also move in 
groups of up to four characters per 
dungeon square. There is no tactical 
combat, since the characters cannot move 

Spells and missile weapons fly through 
the air and can be dodged by sidestepping 
out of the way. The most effective and 
least realistic defense is to sidestep before 
the monster group can turn and strike the 
party. The most effective offense is to 
combine the sidestep with an attack on the 
monster's flank without getting trapped by 
a second monster group. Groups can face 
in the four compass directions, but cannot 
fight diagonally, making battles very 

Puzzles in 
Dungeon Master are of 
the find-the-minuscule- 
button, switch, or foot- 
plate and operate it in 
the right order-type, 
along with other 
devices, to open a 
door, grate, or wall 
panel. Dungeon Master uses the treasure 
hunt form of puzzle, where you find the 
artifact or key necessary to solve the 
puzzle, locate the treasure and progress 
through the maze. 

Other challenges include the bestiary 
of 24 different monsters, from mummies to 
Andy Jaros' award-winning red dragon. 
Each monster has its own strengths and 
weaknesses for you to exploit and exam- 
ine. Monsters seem to increase in power as 
you kill more of them. 

Dungeon Master's infinite monster 
generators (which cannot be turned off) 
provide a measure of frustration, since 
levels cannot be cleared — and are there- 
fore continually stocked with menace and 
dread. Some monster generators, like the 



3-D, hi-res role-playing games 

screamer generator on level four, provide 
an infinite supply of food. 

Innovative character 

The original Dungeon Master character 
advancement system is innovative and 
ground-breaking. Characters can advance 
in any or all of the four professions. A 
character is a combination of all four 
professions at the levels earned by that 
character. Levels are obtained by experi- 
ence, which is directly linked to 
performing a task specific to a profession. 
The presence or death of an opponent is 
not required to increase skill and 

Warrior skill and experience increases 
by using a melee weapon. Ninjas advance 
by throwing weapons or using karate. 
Wizards and Priests advance by attempting 
to throw spells. Dungeon Master is refresh- 
ing: just as in life, the more the character 
uses a skill, the more proficient the charac- 
ter becomes. 

Graphics and 

FTL managed to get 
Dungeon Master to 
produce up to 256 
colors on the 16 color 
Atari ST by blinking 
two different colors 
from the 16- color 
palette alternately on 
the same pixel, which 
then appeared to be 


Type: Fantasy Role-playing 
Systems: MSDOS (640K, 12MHz 
286 or higher, high density disk 
drive required, hard disk recom- 
mended; 16-color EGA, 16-color 
VGA, 16-color Tandy; Sound 
Blaster, Ad Lib, Sound Source, 
Tandy, FTL 8-bit sound adapter 
(included), Amiga, ST, Super NES 

sound cards and an 8-bit, mono FTL 
Sound Adapter is included with the game 

The IBM has a bug that exhibits 
incompatibility with "wall-knocking" — 
which allows the party to 
check for false walls without 
walking into them — and 
some sound cards. The game 
will slow up visibly with 4-bit 
sound cards when wall- 
knocking is performed. 

Conclusions: Dungeon Master 
was clearly one of the most 
important turning points in 
game design history, the game that ushered 
into vogue the high resolution, three- 
dimensional, 256-color graphics used in 
only the best of today's games. Dungeon 
Master also abandoned the cerebral 
puzzles of the past for the cerebellar func- 
tions of treasure hunt and real-time 
combat. It was difficult for game develop- 
ers to cram intelligence in the box with all 
those graphics and sound. 

Beyond these musings of a long-time 
gamer, Dungeon Master is also just a fun 
^^^^-^^^^^^_. game to play, 
evidenced by 
those all night 
sessions that 
those of us who 
played the origi- 
nal version 
remember. For 

the mix of the two colors. Unfortunately, 
the IBM version is only in 16 colors, with 
boring shades of grey on the walls. 
Colored objects are occasionally hung 
from the walls to give them color, and 
messages appear to be chiseled from the 
very stone of the walls. 

The music used the MIDI capabilities 
of the Atari ST to the fullest. The Japanese 
FM Towns CD-ROM version of the game 
had 21 instrumental CD-quality songs in 
the sound track. The IBM version has 
compatibility with an impressive list of 

those who played 
Dungeon Master 
on the Atari ST or 
=^^^=^^^=^5' Amiga, it will be 
like visiting with an old friend. For those 
who have never seen this classic game, you 
would be well advised to check out the 
classic that rivals most games of today, 
even five years later. $31 

Difficulty: Advanced 

Company: Faster Than Light Games 

Price: $49.95 

QuestBusters price: $45 

by Al C. Giovetti 

WALKTHRU: Treasures of the Savage Frontier 


Here you must help your friends the 
Dwarves achieve their liberation from 
the Lords of Zhentil Keep. Do not 
attack the Cleric at 3,4; he will give 
you helpful information. You may 
rest safely at the Inn at 9,3. 

Geildarr's Keep 

From Llorkh you must go under- 
ground to Geildarr's Keep. You can 
rest safely at any guard barracks that 
is empty. At 1,7 you will encounter 
the evil witch Cortarra, who will take 
the shape of her prisoner, Siulajia. 
You must cast a Detect Magic or 
Dispel Magic to kill the correct one. 
You need mirrors for the Cockatrice's 
who will attack you here. Take a 
Wand of Magic Missiles and a 
Dagger+2. Let Siulajia join the party. 
Your final battle is at 4,15. Use 
Search to find a secret exit to the 
west. You must clear out the Undead 
who have taken over the southeast 
portion of the city. In your fights you 
will find Lucky Papers; you need only 
one of each paper. 


Go to the southeast corner (13,11), 
Go south through two doors, then 
east through a secret door, and you 
will encounter the enemy. After the 
battle you will have your first crystal 
and Papers. Use the crystal, and you 
can read every third letter. Go to 
Amanitas at 10,4. He will give you a 
Crown that will allow you to talk 
with him at any time. 


Don't enter the Tavern until you have 
rested. You will be drugged and 
awaken in a barn. Set a fire to get 
out. Go to Waterdeep. Stop, camp, 
rest and save before Waterdeep. 


At Waterdeep you will be thrown 
into the ocean, but saved by Sirens. 
On your way back you can rest in the 
Sirens' cave (along the long halls 

by Clancy Shaffer 

running from 15,3 to 15,14). Watch 
out for a pit trap at 15,15, then you 
can rest from 14,14 to 6,14 and in 
the Queen Spider Room after killing 
her. Be sure and have Neutralize 
Poison memorized and protect your 
Cleric. Take the magic sword from 
her nest (located at 3,0 to 3,4). The 
exit is at 0,15. There are a number of 
magically locked doors and illusion- 
ary walls. This will complete a Lucky 
Paper project. To leave go to 15,0, 
take the ladder and arrive at 6,15 in 
Smugglers Dock, a short distance 
south of Waterdeep. 

Smugglers Dock 

When you meet the ancient Dragon, 
spread out and use Lighting Bolt 
spells on it. Use them from the north, 
and they will twice. You can take a 
ship from here to Orlumbor, but 
don't do it now. (When you do, be 
sure to arrive after 5:00 AM.) In the 
Dock at 9,5 buy rare maps. If you 
need healing, go to the Temple of the 
Mask; the password is Mask. 


At 9,6 you can obtain another 
Crystal. Enter the Castle at 8,5. 
Daggerford is freed if you win this 
battle. Hurry to the town exit at 15,8 
to stop the escaped enemy. Otherwise 
they will warn their compatriots at 
Way Inn that you are coming. 
To complete the battle at 
Daggerford, free the Master of Way 
Inn. Go to 5,6 and up the Spiral stair- 
case to 6,13. (To return down, take 
another staircase at 13,9, which ends 
at 6,5.) When you win this battle you 
will have completed another set of 
Lucky Papers. The Master will give 
you Bracers +2. 


You will learn that the Waterbaron 
has been captured by foes from 
Triboar. In reality he was kidnapped 
by Kraken spies, hoping to cause a 
war. Destroy the Kraken headquar- 
ters, then go to Triboar. 


Tell the guards you are not from 
Yartar. The Waterbaron is being held 
at a room entered at 6,1, After freeing 
the Waterbaron, take him to Lord 
Protector of Triboar at 2,12, thus 
preventing a war. If you wish to enter 
0,13, the password is "northwater." 
Go back to Yartar (at 7,9), the 
Waterbaron's home, for your reward. 
You complete a Lucky Paper project. 


Your job here is to kill off the 
Krakens and their allies at the 
Market, then clean the Breeding 
Monsters out of the various ranches. 
You complete another Lucky Paper 
project by doing so. 

Tower of Twilight 

The Tower is owned by a high- 
ranking Mage. If you clear out the 
monsters inside the maze around the 
Tower, he will train one Mage for 
500 gold. Otherwise the Tower of 
Twilight may be bypassed, as it is not 
necessary to completing the game. 

Smugglers Dock 

Take a ship to Mintarn and clear out 
the southeastern section of the Island, 
including Southclaw Fort, thus 
convincing the Island leader the 
Tyrant that Waterdeep is not behind 
the plan to conquer the South Coast. 
You can rest anywhere except 
Southclaw Fort (which is ok once it is 
cleared of monsters). You will receive 
a powerful weapon, the Tyrant's 

Vessels disguised as Waterdeep 
warships have been massing off 
shore, but don't let Wrighttson 
discourage you from going to the 
Farr Windward. You can rest 
anywhere except in the Tunnels; you 
should have the Map if you 
purchased it in Smuggler's Dock. Go 
to 14,10. Get the plans for the occu- 
pation of Orlumbar. Take them to 







Wrighttson, and you will complete 
the Lucky Paper Mission. 

Farr Windward 

Go to 13,7 and meet Ougo and 
Haalbok. Trust their advice. Get 
Boots of Striding and Leaping at 
12,10. If you go to 7,11, you will 
have a fight, but will get the records 
of the people in Farr Windward. You 
must get the brand from the dead 
guard. After the fight, Ougo will take 
charge. From here take Ougo to see 
Wrighttson, and he will free the 
people of Farr Windward. 


You will be searched when you enter. 
Rent a boat so you can leave and 
return at will. To complete the Lucky 
Paper mission you must find the miss- 
ing Ambassadors. 

You will find the Ambassadors at 
these locations: From 14,12 go south 
through the door, then east, northeast 
through an arch, east through a secret 
wall and south. Go to 0,10, then 
north through a secret door. 

To reach this location you will 
have go through the Fat Man's Bar. 
Don't talk to the Fat Man, just go 
south, east, north, or west through 
the secret doors. You can purchase 
many spells at the local magic shop. 

Port LLast 

Nothing you do here affects the 
game. You can explore and kill 
monsters for experience points. At 
0,3 is the Kraken Headquarters, 
guarded by Golems. Use Lighting 
Bolts and +3 weapons. Also in the 
inner room is a Mage who will use 
"Kill Living" spells. Hit him with a 
spell each turn to make him lose 
spells. The Trackless Sea Tours are 
not necessary to the quest. If you take 
them, stay on the ship, defeat the 
pirates, then bring the ship back to 
Port Llast. 


If you have completed all the Lucky 

Paper Missions except Ruathym and 
Mirabar, seek out Jagaerda at 6,6. 
She will send you to Ruathym to 
rescue Shipmaster Redleg. After you 
return to Luskan, you will again 
have to rescue Jagaerda, who is at 
4,7. After you defeat the local 
Captains, rescue Siulajia, who is 
being held at 1,11. You enter the 
same area in which Jagaerda is jailed. 
Don't try to enter the door 10, 2. 


You must rescue Shipmaster Redleg, 
to complete the last Lucky Paper 
Project. Redleg is in a cell 8,3. Enter 
the complex at 4,2, go south two 
doors, then east thru a secret wall. 

If you wish you may try to rescue 
Redleg in 9,2. Go to 9,3, sneak into 
the auditorium through the west 
door. You may be able to free him if 
you act quietly. Get the Bloodaxe 
and Redshield before leaving 
Ruathym; they are at 3,3, which is 
entered by going to 5,8 then south to 
a secret wall, then west and north. 


If you have completed the above, the 
Council will be meeting. Go to 10,6, 
enter and present your information 
to the council. Be sure to meet with 
Elastul and King Steelfist before leav- 
ing. Check 10,13 for Mirabar Magic, 
which sells the most powerful items 
in the game. Buy as many Hold and 
Charm spells as you can. 

Go to the chambers of Elastul 
Raurym at 7,2 (enter at 5,3). He will 
offer the help of his hammer 
Kriiador. Accept, then visit King 
Steelfist at 3,11. He will offer his 
son, but as the NPC slots are filled, 
instead he will give you a golden 
Battle Axe +3. Note: hit every black- 
robed Mage or Spy in each round of 
combat, or you will find members of 
your party dead. You must now 
catch a boat to Fireshear. 


You have two goals: to free the town 

leaders, and to free the town docks so 
the party can proceed. As you arrive 
you, are attacked by Beholders, Yetis 
and more fiends. Use spells to create a 
wall between the Beholder and the 
party. Use magic arrows and weapons 
on the Beholder, and save your spells 
for the other members of the attack- 
ing group. Use Dispel Magic to 
remove Slow and Fear spells. 

After the battle, check your 
supply of spells; it is worth going 
back to Neverwinter for more. Enter 
the Fireshear Mines via the shaft at 2, 
14. You will fight a two-stage battle: 
the Grand Yeti is immune to magic, 
so use spells on his allies and attack 
him with weapons. After he is dead, 
you may rest safely anywhere. 

Ice Peak/Aurilssbarg 

Do not go to Tranjer Rolsk office, 
which is a trap. If you meet 
Northmen, befriend them. Tell them 
the truth, that you are here to fight 
against Luskan. Go to 0,17 and go 
north, the only way to get to Bjorn 
Hold. You will probably have to 
work your way out the east door, 
head north and then west to get to 
this point. Enter Bjorn Hold at 0,1, 
where you will encounter two groups 
of Black Robes that must be elimi- 
nated. If you don't feel properly 
equipped, it's still not too late to 
return to Neverwinter and stock up. 
At 11, 12, meet with Big Fish to get 
information. In the northeast corner, 
leave the dock for Icewolf. 


You arrive at 13,15. Work your way 
north, but do not enter any doors or 
archways. At 1,10 go north through a 
door, and you will be near the end. 
Go north to a blank wall, then west 
through a secret wall and use the 
Look option. You enter a tunnel that 
exits at 8,7. 

The Dragon is dead, but you will 
be attacked by Blackrobes. Cast 
Charm Person and Charm Monster 
first, then use the Hold spells. Don't 

Continued on page 1 4 

Crusaders of the 
Dark Savant 

If Belcanzar never seems to be in 
his shop, try walking out the 
door. Let the party rest for a full 
eight hours. Reenter the shop. 
Belcanzar and all his magical 
implements will be there. 
To quickly build up your party's 
Swimming skill (each should 
begin with 10 points), locate a 
body of water (Sea of Sorrow, 
Eryn River, etc.). Move one 
square forward into the water. 
Step back onto land. Rest until 
stamina is at 100%. Repeat until 
all characters have maximum 
Swim points of 100. 
Eddie Deale 

Might & Magic: 
Clouds ofXeen 
hi Asp: set SW and NE globes 
around well to Red to approach 
device to north. To avoid being 
repelled in NW part of city, cast 
Etherealize when just south of 
northern border of the area. Head 
north and west from there. 
Nightshadow: set three dials to 
9 to activate/awaken vampire 
Rivercity: witches are in NW part 
of city. All party members need 
Swim skill to approach tent where 
guild membership is sold. Party 
should be very strong to attack 
characters in area west of training 
grounds. There is a hidden door 
south of 6,8, the toughest fight in 
the city. 
Charles Jones 

People 8c things: Winter Druid 
at A3: 6, 1. Autumn Druid at C2: 
15, 9. Carlawana at C2: 10, 6. 
Man who needs Crystals of 
Piezoelectricity. Xeen Slayer 
Sword is at Newcastle Dungeon. 
Xeen's Casde is in Clouds of 
Xeen above Darzog's Tower. 
Levitate to walk over clouds. Go 
north to sign "Xeen 9N." 
Teleport 9 squares north. You 
must win 4 cupie dolls at fair to 
get Cupie Doll for Xeen's Castle. 

You should be at level 15, with 
temporary +10 levels, have Xeen 
Slayer Sword and cast Day of 
Protection when you tackle Xeen. 
Tommy Russell 

Before taking on Xeen, make sure 
you have more than one recendy 
saved game. After defeating him 
and moving the mirror with his 
sceptre, you find yourself in the 
end game sequence. 
Unfortunately the game is auto- 
matically saved at this point. You 
can explore the remaining areas, 
but are locked in by a destroyed 

Xeen is fairly easy to defeat. 
Grab the Sword of Xeen from 
your dungeon and give it to some- 
one strong and fast. When you 
find Xeen, cast a spell to teleport 
to his location, then have every- 
one block except the holder of the 
Sword. Two or three rounds 
should do it. 

There is a lava cavern to the 
northeast. At the bottom is a lost 
city. If you drink from the well, 
everyone will go up a level. You 
may as well wait until everyone is 
level 20 to avoid the training 
Dan Donahue 

Dusk of the Gods 
Getting started: you must 
search every nook and cranny of 
Asgard before leaving for 
Midgard in order to be properly 
equipped, be assigned many 
minor quests, and to learn several 
key words to ask characters later 
on. The fate Vrd (upper right 
edge of Asgard) gives you helmet, 
shield and axe. Kill all wolves and 
bears for experience points. Kill 
warriors in training area for more 
items. Get torch blessed to 
lengthen its life. Visit healer. First 
item for Fenrir's shackles is found 
in southern woods. 
Midgard: Bow and arrow are 
available in Ghori's hut (NW of 
initial left-hand cave entrance to 
Midgard). Reward for killing 
Treesmiter is Lifegiver Shield (but 
it's used up quickly). Beowulf (S 
of King Nitheri) will give the 

sword Hrunting for killing 
dragon. Sigurdh has the secret for 
slaying Grendel. Reward for kill- 
ing Grendel includes the Hagalaz 
Rune. Hrunding has the Valkrut 
Key. Ragnor Storm Raiser is just 
north of King Nithod. 
Mike Prero 

King's Quest VI 
Spell book ingredients: Swamp 
ooze (from bump on log at Isle of 
Wonder), River Styx Water (from 
Realm of Dead), Black Horse 
Feather (Isle of Sacred Mountain), 
Salt Water (baby tears at Isle of 
Wonder, Vial of Sacred Water 
(oracle at Isle of Sacred Mt., after 
completing catacombs), Falling 
Water (fountain at Isle of Beast), 
Skull (catacombs), Hot Oak 
Embers (Isle of Mist, after using 
"make rain" spell), Bit of Sulphur 
&C Brimstone (rotten egg at Isle of 
Wonder), Strand of Maiden Hair 
(Cassima at Casde) 
Norman Hughes 

The Catacombs: Return to 
Sacred Mountain and climb cliff 
steps (at the top, you're automati- 
cally thrown into the catacombs). 
See docs for map of catacomb 
(specials such as traps are brown 
squares, black squares are drop- 
offs). Before you encounter the 
first trap (room with carved floor 
tiles), find and take the skull in 
dead end east of entrance. Use 
order listed in docs to cross tiles. 
After tile room, get shield (hall- 
way) and coins from skeleton (far 
northwest deadend) before enter- 
ing secnd trap (collapsing ceiling). 
In second trap, throw brick into 
gears to keep from getting 

Go to northeast dead end 
(trapdoor drops you to second 
level). Use tinderbox (lights 
torch). Find room in middle of 
second floor where you can hear 
minotaur on other side of wall. 
Use hole-in-wall on east wall. 
Look hole-in-wall (seeing mino- 
taur). Go to tapestry room you 



just saw minotaur in. Move tapes- 
try (opening secret entrance). E. 
Talk to winged girl. When mino- 
taur is about to attack, use scarf 
on minotaur (you are automati- 
cally taken to Oracle and given 
holy water as well as location of 
Isle of Mists). 
Paul Shaffer 

Save after Beauty gives you the 
clothes. From this point you can 
follow one of the two paths, then 
restore and try the other one. 
Peter Spear 

Other World One: 
The Maze of Portals 

After using the portal behind 
the first skull, you'll emerge in a 
maze of 31 portals. The secret 
of getting out is to number the 
portals starting from the north- 
west portal as 1, southwest portal 
as 15. There are two portals in 
each room, except the 
fifth, which has three 
portals. The numbers 
are designated U and B 
to differentiate from 
the top or bottom 
portal. Thus l-u-3,l-b-2 this 
means that the upper in 1 will 
send you to 3 and the bottom will 
send you to 2. You are trying to 
get to 1 1 to throw a switch, so 
you can eliminate two portals in 5 
and return to the castle. 



ll-u=7 lever 










3-u=8 8-u=l use top port 13-u=15 
3b=15 8-b=2 al=5 13-b=l 
4-u=2 9-u=3 14-u=l 
4-b=5 back to 1 9-b=2 14-b=l 
5-u=3 10-u=12 15-U-4 
5-b=3 10-b=15 15-b=l 
al = after lever is thrown. 

The idea is to get to 8 and use the 
upper port, which takes you to 
11, throw the lever, get to 5 and 
walk out. (There is a lot of loot 
on the outside.) Then use teleport 
spell to return to Lord Evermore. 
Now if you use the same portal as 
before, you will arrive in 
Otherworld Two and Three. 

C. F. Shaffer 

The Lost Files of 
Sherlock Holmes 

Two things must be analyzed at 
your lab. To activate this 
sequence, first use lab table. The 
scene will shift, and you will be 
seated at the table. Examine 
things with the microscope, which 
results in a sampling that is 

placed into the 
test tube. 
After a 

ly added, 
light the bun- 
sen burner with 
the matches. 
Click on the tube 
to see if more 
chemicals are 
needed. A 
chemical reac- 
tion will occur. 
Examination of 
the test tube 
will then produce a clue. 
In one instance this sequence is 
necessary to continue with the 

When backstage, be sure to pick 
up a flower and talk with 
Wiggins. You'll need him and his 
Irregulars twice. Old newspapers 
make good insulators. 
F. J. Philipp 

Spellcasting 301 
Belly flop contest: In hotel 
room, take all but seahorses, 
eggshell, sheet and letter. Go to 
Souvenir Shop and buy roc call. 
Go to Poolside and wait until 
contest begins. Examine Vince. 
Give plumage to Vince. Wait until 
both Yu's are done diving, then 
blow roc call (Vince will be 
picked up by roc). 

The Drink-mixing Contest 
and Guzzling Competition: Go 

to Pawn Shop and sell roc call 
and shovel. Go to Grocery and 
buy strawberry. Go to Surf Shop 

and buy absorption pill. Go to 
Sand Bar before 7:30 PM. Ratant 
Voy (back to Foy). When contest 
starts, give bar to Vince. Ratant 
Spunj (changing it to Spurj: 
Enlarge Wee Fruit). Spurj straw- 
berry. Foy strawberry. When 
guzzling contest begins, eat 
absorption pill and drink daiquiri 
(judge gives you T-shirt for next 
contest). Take margarita. 
Paul Shaffer 

Frederick Pohl's Gateway 
The Aleph 4 mission: wait at 
lake's edge and get salamander. 
Get behind rock at Heechee dome 
and wait until aliens arrive. Then 
go to their village. Enter Chief's 
hut and hide under floor. When 
Chief returns, put salamander in 
tank. Wait until salamander 
leaves, then follow it back to the 
lake and retrieve the cylinder. Put 
cylinder in slot. The code: 4-4-3- 
2-5. Take all three fans. Put red 
fan in yellow slot, yellow fan in 
blue slot, blue fan in red slot. 
Take machine and return to base. 
Mike Prero 

Lure of the Temptress 

To escape the cell, move torch. 
Exit when Skorl enters.. Close 
and lock door. Get knife in next 
room. Cut leather cord to free 
Ratpouch. Use knife on sack in 
middle room. Get coin and green 
bottle. Look at barrel. Use bottle 
on tap. Give bottle to prisoner. 
Push bricks in corner. Tell 
Ratpouch to do same. To get 
lockpick in town, see blacksmith, 
ask everyone about girl, bribe 
man in Magpie Tavern, talk to 
blacksmith again. Then follow his 
directions when you talk to old 
man in front of the Magpie. 
Shay Addams *fc 

This month Eddie Deale and 

Charles Jones were randomly 

selected to receive the game of 

their choice for sending in Keys. 

So send yours in today! (All 

submissions become exclusive 

property of Eldritch, LTD. until 

October 11, 2317 A.D.) 


Clouds of Xeen from 1 

three dimensional art for the bestiary, 

non-player char- 
acters, temples, 
blacksmiths, etc., 
is often accompa- 
nied by voices, 
which made the 
game most enjoy- 
able. The ending 
consisted of a 
lengthy animated 
sequence that was 

a most satisfying reward for the hard- 
pressed and weary adventurer. 

Streamlined combat 

Combat is dexterity-controlled and turn- 
based, and incorporates the normal M & 
M spell list. Weapons, armor and artifact 
progression range from the simplest to 
the most powerful, and many of these 
may be magically enhanced. Combat is 
quick, and the monsters are briskly 
dispatched — nothing like the long, 
drawn-out conflicts seen in M & M III 
or Crusaders of the Dark Savant. 

There is no copy protection, so you 
don't have to look for a key word in the 
book. The simultaneously active mouse- 
and keyboard-activated interface shows 
icons on the right side of the screen. 
Xeen uses intelligent, intuitive, and logi- 
cal menus and control systems that make 
playing the game a joy. 
Conclusions: Jon Van Caneghem and 
New World Computing have created 
another very impressive game — Xeen 
has the impact of the original Secret of 
the Inner Sanctum, in the days when Jon 
and his wife answered the hint line 
personally. Other than the lack of 
variety in the types of puzzles, and the 
scarcity and obscurity of clues, Xeen is 
one of the best games that I have ever 
seen. I heartily recommend this beautiful 
and fun-to-play, first-person perspective 
game. It is so enjoyable that, even 
though I have completed the main quest, 
I plan to go back and investigate some of 
the quests that I have not yet finished. tt 


Difficulty: Intermediate 
Company: New World Computing 
Price: $69.95 

QuestBuster price: 

Type: Fantasy Role-playing 
System: MSDOS (2 MB RAM, 
256-color VGA, hard drive with 
15.6 MB free space required; 
Roland, Ad Lib, Sound Blaster/Pro, 
Sound Master II, Pro Audio 
Spectrum, Sound Source) 
Planned conversions: Amiga 

Quest for 
Glory 3 
from 7 

this duty through 
to the end, emphasizing the most 
dramatic scenes throughout. 
Conclusions: Quest for Glory III is far 
more interesting and playable than either 
of its predecessors, with the exception of 
the VGA remake of J. The Coles have hit 
their mark perfectly this time. They are 
sure to receive many letters from fans 
who were blown away by the story and 
puzzles. They took disparate elements of 
cultures and places, made them their 
own and combined them to form a neat 
new land fraught with equal parts 
danger and fantasy. I look forward to 
the next game in the series, which will 
emphasize horror and monsters as its 
main elements. The Coles have a unique 
approach and vision in game design that 
works best in Quest for Glory III. tt 

Skill Level: Intermediate 
Company: Sierra On-line 
Price: $69.95 
QuestBusters price: $55 

Shadow of Yserbius.f rom 5 

drag items with the mouse from the 
onscreen boxes. Weak characters can get 
further from the enemy by moving 
behind stronger characters. 
Conclusions: Yserbius is a deep and 
complex game that would stand on its 
own as a commercial release. You must 
spend a lot of time to build up characters 
until they're strong enough to make it to 
deeper levels, but the requirements for 
advancement are quite fair. Yserbius 

contains many subtleties, such as the 
option to challenge other players to 
combat, that I don't have space to talk 
about. One thing is sure: you'll be 
hooked by the Yserbius environment 
until and long after you solve the 
volcano's mysteries. M 

Rates: $12.95 for 30 hours of TSN per 
month, plus $4 for Medieval Land 
(discount rates on 50, 75 and unlimited 
hours include all TSN Lands) 

Savage Frontier from 11 

give up if some of your party is killed. 
After you win, keep the battle going 
until you can cast Heal spells. When you 
take the Gem from the dead Dragon's 
claw, he comes back to life. Dwarves 
will be help if possible, so get your party 
away from them and spread out, because 
the Dragon uses his breath weapon. & 

Quest for Clues: 
The Book of Swords 

Due out in January, the next Quest for 
Clues will have walkthroughs for: 

The Dagger ofAmon Ra 

The Dark Half 

Dark Seed 



Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis 

King's Quest VI 

The Legend ofKyrandia 

Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes 

Plan Nine from Outer Space 

Quest for Glory III: Wages of War 

Leather Goddessess ofPhobos 11 

Lord of the Rings II: The Two Towers 

Might & Magic: Clouds of Xeen 

Planet's Edge: Point of No Return 

Prophecy of the Shadow 

Spellcasting 301 

The Summoning 

Treasures of the Savage Frontier 

Ultima: Forge of Virtue 

Ultima VI: The Black Gate 

Special thanks to Paul Shaffer, Clancy F. 

Shaffer, Fred J. Philipp, Bruce Smith, Al 

Giovetti and the rest of the QuestBusters 

Guild for doing such a great job. 

(See back page to order.) 

Swap Shop 


Trade or sell your old 
adventures with a free ad. 
Adventures and original 
programs only, limit 10 games per ad, 
one ad per issue. * = cluebook included. 

Sell, $20 each: Alternate Reality: The Dungeon, 
Planetfall, Adventure Construction, 2400 AD, 
Legacy of Ancients, Shadowgate, Dragon Wars, 
Beyond Zork, Phantasie 3, M & M 2. M. Prero, 
12659 Eckard Way, Aubum CA 95603 


Amiga: Gateway to Savage Frontier, $20. W/ 
cluebook, $25. Pools ot Darkness, $30. W/ 
cluebook, $35. Silver Blades, $20. Dark Queen 
of Krynn, $35. Will trade any of these for Keef 
the Thief, Bard's Tale 3, any Ultima, Curse of 
Azure Bonds. Or send list. Sheila Jenkins, 550 
Oxford St #656, Chula Vista CA 9191 1 

Amiga: Want Prospector in Mazes of Xor. Kathy 
Longan, FOB 1071 , Oak Harbor WA 98277 

Trade/sell: Black Crypt, Colonel's Bequest, 
Corruption, Deja Vu 2, Eye of Beholder 2, Hard 
Nova, Les Manley Search for the King, Murder!, 
Spacewrecked, more. Send for list. Richard 
Goodkind, 4444 W Pine #413, St Louis, MO 

C-64: Sell only, 150 titles, send SASE for list. 
Also complete C-128 system for sale. Write for 
details. John Peterson, 207 E Perry St, Durand 
Ml 48429-1635 

MSDOS & Questalikes 

$35, 3" 'Ultima 7 & Forge, w/character editor. 
$30, 'Ultima Underworld 5". $25, Darklands 3". 
$25, The Summoning. Tony Ellison, 407 N 
Division, Lowell Ml 49331 

Want Spellcasting 301 , Waxworks, Lost Files of 
Sherlock, Spear of Destiny, Legend of Kymadia. 
Will trade Clouds of Xeen, Quest for Glory 1 
VGA, Star Saga: One, Out of this World. Mark 
Parsell, 500 W Lake Lansing Rd #C48, E 
Lansing Ml 48823. Prodigy NWHP81A 

Clouds of Xeen, $25. King's Quest VI, $25. 
Heimdall, $15. Austin Hendricks, 155 Newell St, 
Pittsfieid MA01201 

Trade/sell: BanefForge, Breach 2 w/Campaign 
disk, Savage Empire, Martian Dreams, more. 
Will trade my 2 for your 1 . Send SASE for 
details, or send list. T. Dauer, 1816 Lynvale 
Lane, Walnut Creek CA 94596 

Sell/trade: Martian Memo, Rise of Dragon, 
Space Quest 4, Legend of Kyrandia, Eco Quest, 
Willy Beamish, Indiana Jones, Countdown, Eye 
of Beholder 1, more. Lars Fuhrken-Batista, 635 
Altara AVe, Coral Gables FL 33146 

Computer Gaming World 1988-1992, complete 
but for 4 issues, $40 plus shipping. Need more 

space for QBI Corey Silver, 15H Jean Marie 
Gardens, Nanuet NJ 10954. CompuServe 

Sell: 3' HD, 'Dark Queen of Krynn, $35. 
'Prophecy of Shadow, $25. Darklands, $35. 
Michael Wilkes, 3189 Haney's Bridge, 
Huntington WV 25704 

Sell cheap or trade: King's Quest 4, Hero's 
Quest, Space Quest 2, Sorcerian, Colonel's 
Bequest, Larry VGA, Megatraveller 1 & 2. 
Lots more older games. Glenn Berryman, 
POB 348 McVeytown, PA 17051 

Sell only: 5' 'Savage Empire, $15. 5' 'Rise 
of Dragon, $20. Paul Rim, 1 Delamesa, W 
Irvine CA 92720. Cashiers check only, 
include $2 shipping. 

Sell only, 3", $24 each: 'Lord of Rings 2, 
Darklands. Richard Robillard, 52 S Main St, 
Baldwinville MA 01436 

Sell only: Police Quest 3, 3" HD VGA, $20. 
Chris Kelly, 3709 Sandal Lane, Cincinnati 
OH 45248-281 5 

Sell: Sound Blaster Pro, new, complete, 
$125. Peter Malta, 73 Basswood Rd, 
FarmingtonCT 06032 

Sell/trade: Quest for Glory 3 VGA, Search for 
the King, Tunnels & Trolls, Castles, Secret of 
Silver Blades, 'Eye of Beholder 1 , Eye of 
Beholder 2, Death Knights of Krynn, 
Conquests of Camelot, Ultima 6. Send your 
list. Bob Greenfield, 106 Heritage Dr, 
Freehold NJ 07728 

Sell only, 5': Eye of Beholder 2, $20. M & M 
3, $18. Magic Candle 2, $18. Scott 
Carpenter, 1625 Kalakaua Ct, Gulf Breeze 
FL 32561 

Sell/trade: 4 Crystals of Trazere, Prophecy of 
Shadow, $20 each. Gateway to Savage 
Frontier, $15. Want Bloodwych, Ultima 4 and 
7. Georgina Jankay, 809 Hatcher St, 
Montgomery AL 36109-1701 

To trade: Cruise for a Corpse, Indy Fate of 
Atlantis, Sea Rogue, Kyrandia, King's Quest 
5. Want: Lost Files of Sherlock, Amazon, 
Dark Half, Conspiracy, Deadlock Files, Curse 
of Enchantia. Have more, will trade 3 for 1 . 
Edward Carr, 216 Shaner St, Boyerlown PA 

Sell, various sizes: 'Prophecy of Shadow, 
$25. $22 each: Willy Beamish, King's Quest 
5, Megatraveller 2 (MT1 included), 'Magic 
Candle 2. $17 each: Space Quest 4, Spirit of 
Excalibur, 'Bard's Tale 3 (Bloodwych 
included). Eddie Deale, Rte 3 Box 89-B, 
Mineral VA 23117. 

Sell only, 5': M & M 3, $25, cluebook $7. 
Both, $30. Mili Roberts, POB 6486, Florence 
KY 41022-6486. Prodigy #SVSH80A 

Sell only, $25 @: 'Indy and Fate (VGA 1.2 
MB), 3" Magic Candle 2, 5" 'Tunnels & 
Trolls, Space Quest 4 (VGA 1 .44 MB). $15 
@: Conquests of Camelot, Colonel's 
Bequest, Trial by Fire, Larry 3, Space Quest 
3, Journey. Many old games, send SASE for 
Gst. Robert Kraus, 3038 N Christiana, 
Chicago IL 6061 8 

Will buy any IBM-compatble games, old & 
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version, other info. Send SASE for large list 
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Dennis Billow, 353 Hamer St, Clyde OH 

Sell only: Loom CD, $30. All 3.5', $15 @: 
Out of this World, Hair Raising Havoc w/ 
Sound Source. Space Quest 1 VGA, $10. 
Joseph Carter, 410 N 10th St, Prospect Park 
NJ 07508-2211 

Sell/trade, $23 each: Darklands, Monkey 
Island 2, Elvira 2. $18 each: Eye of Beholder, 
King's Quest 5, Larry 5, Willy Beamish, 
Gateway to Savage Frontier, more. Want 
Perfect General, Indy & Atlantis, Spellcasting 
201 , Gateway, Martian Memo. Send your list. 
Peter Dotto, 45561 Piute St, TemeculaCA 

Sell: Space Quest VGA, $20. Willy Beamish 
VGA, $30. Bane of Cosmic, $30. Bruce 
Smith, 91 58 Conifer Lane #B, Cucamonga, 
CA 91730 

Indy & Last Crusade, 5' 256-color, $15. Lost 
Treasures 2, 5:, $20. Want Police Quest 3, 
Larry 1 - must be 3" HD, 256-VGA. Paul 
Shaffer, 1523-C Crescent Lane, Matthews, 
NC 28105 

Will trade Ultima 7, Bane, Populous for 
Ultima Underworld, Lost Treasures of 
Infocom, Pohl's Gateway, Crusaders of Dark 
Savant. Chris Pitcavage, 19 Egypt Lane, 
Clinton CT 06413 

Sell only, $15 @, 2 for $25: Conquests of 
Camelot, Hero's Quest 1, Magic Candle, 3rd 
Courier, War in Middle Earth, Colonel's 
Bequest, Rise of Dragon, Lightspeed, 
Wasteland, Tangled Tales, Space Rogue. 
Send SASE for list. Liria39 krausl, 1 101 
Centre Pkwy C-59, Lexington KY 40517 

Sell/trade: 3.5" Ultima Underwork), $20. Both 
Castles, $20. 3' Civilization, $25. Want 
M.U.L.E. Nicholas Aquila Jr. POB 471 , 
Sebastopol, CA 95473-0471 

Will trade Martian Memo, Rise of Dragon, or 
Free D. C. for Heart of China or Lost in LA. 
Paul Kmosena, 5827 Emstan Hills Rd, 
Racine Wl 53406 

Sell only, $8 each: Silver Blades, Bard 
Construction, Buck 1. T & T, Sorsorian, $10. 
Ultima 7 w/Forge, $45. M & M 4, $35. Many 
Apple adventures too. Kevin Kwan, 1 1 1 

Passport to Adventure 

Books and Map Kits 

Quest for Clues 2, 3 or 4 $25 

(40 solutions in each volume) 

Quest for Clues: Book of Swords 
Quest for Clues: Book of Orbs $17 each 
(20 solutions each; see page 14) 

The Official Book of Ultima $ 17 

(solutions to I-VH, Ultima Underground, 
and exclusive biography of Lord British) 

Quest for Clues I: photocopies of solu- 
tions are $2 each to USA; others add $1. 

QB Map Kit (includes US shipping, 
Canadians, APOs send $3 US funds.) 
Kit A: (for text/graphic games) $8 
Kit B: (for role-playing games) $8 
(100 sheets of mapping paper in each) 

US addresses, add $3 shipping @ book or 
game, $2 @ on multiple orders. To APO, 
$6; Canada, $4; overseas, $12/$8. No 
bill mes. AZ residents, add 5% sales 
tax. Send street address, we cannot ship 
to PO Boxes. 

Special of the Month! 

Buy any game and get Quest 
for Clues: The Book of Swords, 

regularly, $17.00, for $15 (plus 

regular shipping charges). Or you 

can get The Book of Swords 

and The Official Book of 

Ultima. Revised Edition, a $34 

a value, for $30. The Book of 

Swords book should arrive in 

late January. The Book of 

Ultima will be shipped right 

away, and the usual # of QBs will 

be added for each book and 

game. Orders must be post- 

it's the time of year when 

everyone Is buying at least 

one game. So to support 

your local Adventurers 

Journal, order your quests 

from us — orders received 

by Dec 15 will be shipped In 

time for Christmas. 

With each game you get a free pack 
of mapping paper & 3 issues added 

to 3rd class, 2 for 1st Class & 

Canada, 1 for overseas. With Quest 

for Clues, you get the same number 

of free issues; other books entitle 

you to 2 issues for regular subs, 1 

for others. 

n.a.Ncvj uy . -., . => 

Lure of the Temptress $ 45 


Darklands $59 

MSDOS Quests 

The Dark Half $45 

(State disk size& EGA or VGA.) 

Crusaders of the Dark Savant 


Amiga Missions 

The Summoning 


Conquests of the Longbow VGA $5 1 

Rex Nebular 


Lulre of the Temptress $45 

Prophecy of the Shadow 


Dark Queen of Krynn $50 

Lord of the Rings, Vol. 2 


Legend of Kyrandia 


See this issue's reviews for prices of 

Dagger of Amon Ra 


recent releases. 

Indy & Fate of Atiantis 


Spellcasting 301 


VISAIMastercard: print & sign name 

Lost Treasures of Infocom 1 or 2 


as it appears on card & include expi- 
ration date 


POB 85143 

Tucson AZ 85754 

Forwarding and Return Postage Guaranteed 
Address Correction Requested 

Bulk Rate 
U.S. Postage 


Tucson AZ 

Permit No. 1153