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Number 108 

The A&vcnturcr's Journal 

Special Mft>- Winter Issue 

Not sold in dwarven mines 

aution - puns ahead! This warning 
sign should be posted all over Legend 
Entertainment's latest quest wherever it is 
sold, because there are more puns per 
kilobyte in Xanth than even in the early days 
of adventure, when the lack of graphics 
practically required the use of puns to work 
humor into a game. 

It's easy to attribute the prevalence of 
puns on the demented designers at Legend, 
but Piers Anthony, whose Demons Don't 
Dream was the basis (or Xanth, is as much if 
not more to blame. (You get a copy of the 
paperback with the game.) Xanth is a fantasy 
world dreamed up by Anthony, and Xanth is 
the first - and surely not the last - animated 
adventure to bring that world to life on your 
computer screen. (It's also the first in which 
your character is represented by a computer 
screen, but we'll get to that later.) 


Type Animated adventure 

System IBM Required 

640K, mouse, hard disk, VGA or 
VESA SVGA Supports: Sound 
Blaster, AdLib, Roland MT-32, 

Planned ports 

A Mundane bet 

In the introduc- 
tion, a pair of 
demons make a 
bet on which 
Mundane (the 
name they give to 
humans) can 
track down and 
acquire The Prize. 
The winner gets 
control of Xanth, 
so there's more 
riding on this 

quest than a mere Prize. They will be 
assisted by a Companion from Xanth, since 
the Mundanes are naturally unfamiliar with 
the ways of the magic- and mirth-filled 
world. The Companions possess unique 
skills and powers that may prove vital in the 
quest. Then again.... 

h\\ $h&\i AbbAws 


The story begins when you, a guy named 
Dug, accept a bet from a friend to play a 
computer game - Companions of Xanth. 
Upon loading it, you see an elf-type person 
onscreen, choose 
one of three 
Companions, and 
go through the 
screen to set forth 
on the quest. 
Until you believe 
in magic, 
however, your 
character is 
depicted as a 
monitor - floating 
in mid-air in the 
animated cut 

It won't take long to get to the first quest 
- to rid Isthmus Village of an oppressive 
"censor-ship" that is burning incense and 
"censoring every 'bleep bleep' 
thing we say, which is 
incensing us." (Now do you 
see what I mean about the 
warning sign?) 

Solving this puzzle involves 
wrapping up several smaller 
ones, such as getting beyond 
the pail (a bucket that blocks 
your path to the Fairy Nuff - 
whose name won't make 
sense until you say it out 
loud) and finding the 
ingredients for a recipe. Puzzles are prima- 
rily object-oriented, but there are numerous 
nuances to their unravelling. You must pay 
attention to your surroundings in order 
answer questions posed later on, and the 
"wait" command is used more logically and 
more often than in other adventures. 

Top score is 1 ,000 points. You can check 
the score and status at any time. Status, for 




those who never played the real Infocom 
games, describes your progress in no 
uncertain terms: you initially earn the rank 
Never Done Nothin, and soon advance to 
Nearly Neophyte. 
(I once took an 
oath never to use 
the words 
"Infocom" or "all- 
1 text" when 
reviewing a 
Legend product; 
however, Xanth 's 
use of the word 
"Arggggh!" has 
freed me from this 

The bigger picture 

For several years Legend has turned out some 
of the best puzzles in the realm of adventure 
games. The game system, however, always 
relied on a small window for graphics. Most 
of the screen was covered with a text 

Continued on page 6 


Adventure Road 2 

Police Quest: Open 

Season 3 

Shadowcaster 4 

Dungeon Hack 5 

Daemonsgate 7 

CD Central 8 

Labyrinth of Time 9 

Walkthru: Innocent Until 

Caught 10 

Keys to the Kingdoms 1 2 

Theme issues 

Not long ago, someone called to ask if 
QuestBusters comes out at the end of 
the month, or at the beginning of the 
month. "Depends on the month," I 
replied. Though the number of days in 
each month varies, only 30 days pass 
between the rime a game is released, 
reviewed and the issue in which it 
appears is printed -so we are more 
significantly impacted by late releases 
from game developers (yes, it's obvi- 
ously all their fault). 

Though each issue we publish is 
rimely, they sometimes do give the 
appearance of being late, so we have 
made a major design change. Inspired 
by the "new Vegas" on our recent CES 
trip, we have decided to toss out the 
usual monthly labels - seeing "Janu- 
ary" or "March" at the top of the cover, 
just like every magazine, is so boring - 
and make each issue a theme issue. 
(How can we say we're on schedule 
simply because we are in synch with 
the Julian calendar, which is less 
accurate than the one used by the 
Maya?) For those hopelessly locked into 
the Julian calendar, the month in which 
each issue is published will appear in 
the lower right hand section of this 

This issue, for instance, is the 
Midwinter Special. So you'll see lots of 
snowflakes scattered throughout, 
maybe an occasional snow man or pack 
of carollers rambling through the gutter. 

To keep track of your membership's 
expiration, check the issue number on 
the cover with your mailing label (hope 
you didn't already throw out that 
envelope, Adventure Expressers!). This 
is issue #108, for example. If your 
membership expires with #108 or 
#109, renew today to ensure not 

missing a single issue. And if you're 
confused, renew today, just in case! 

CES preview 

Next issue - which wel probably call 
the Winter CES Aftermath Special, 
though it could have a Valentine's Day 
theme - Russ Ceccola will report on ail 
the new adventures shown in Vegas in 
January. And top it off with his usual 
amazing CES Party Report. Until then, 
you'll just have to settle for a few casual 
observations of Ye Editor. 

Graphically, I was most impressed by 
Origin's Ukima VIII: Pagan. Richard 
Garriott showed off the new monsters, 
created with 3-D Studio, and they were 
so life-like, I though they were going to 
jump off the screen. Garriott added that 
Ukima IX may be the last one with a 

Sierra is introducing hi-res graphics in 
their CD-ROM games, displaying 
samples from next Christmas' Phantas- 
magoria and others on the way far 
sooner. Abne in the Dark II, from 
Interplay, is in the offing and looking 
very appealing, while Stonekeep is a little 
farther off and looking even better. 

Tsunami has a unique offer for new 
Blue Force purchasers. Send them a 
video of yourself, a friend or enemy, and 
they'll "video insert" it into the game as 
one of the characters a player is sure to 
meet. They also presented the upcom- 
ing Protostar 2 and Ringworld 2, the latter 
looking much more challenging and 

New CD releases 

The CD version of New World's World 
ofXeen arrived recently - on two CDs. It 
features over 200 talking characters and 
new cinematic sequences, and runs 
from the CD drive. 

Legend Entertainment's SpeBcaster 
Party Pah bundles all three of Steve 
Meretzky's hilarious SpeUcasting 
adventures. In a real switch, the CD 

Continued on page 6 

Dear QuestBusters: 
I was going to order a clue book from 
you, but cannot figure out which is 
the most cunent - Book of Swords or 
Book of Clues? Please go back to 
numbering them, which makes it 
easier to keep track. 

Chris Mannock 

We would love to, but recently were 
informed that all Roman numerals were 
trademarked and can no longer be used 
without paying exhorbitant licensingfees 
and royalties. We will never give in to 
these extortionate demands! Besides, the 
store managers always yank Book 4 of 
the shelf the minute Book 5 is released, 
not realizing that lots of people are still 
looking for the solutions in Book 4, and 
probably Book 3 as well. (Ok, I admit it - 
- we stole the idea from New World 
Computing, which quit numbering the 
Might & Magic games for the same 


Editor: Shay Addams 
Managing Editor: Dora McCormick 
Editorial Consultant: Edgar Schrock 
News Editor: The Amazing Questkin 
Contributing Editors: Russ Ceccola, 
Al Giovetti, Bemie Yee, Fred J. 
Philipp, Clancy Shaffer, Ken St. 
Andre, Brian Smith, Bruce Wiley, 
Duffy, This Reviewer 

QuestBusters, ye official journal of the 
QuestBusters Guild, is published 
monthly by Tonga. Annual dues: $19 
($6 extra for Adventure Express). 
Canada/Mexico: $26. Overseas: $36. 
Contents Copyright 1993 Eldritch, 
LTD. All Rights Reserved. This issue 
was published in January, 1994. 
Copying without express permission 
is prohibited and punishable by rogue 


South American 

Explorers' CIud 


Police Quest: Open Season 

^s homicide detective John Carey of 
rthe San Francisco Police Depart- 
ment, you are assigned the case of a 
serial cop killer. Follow police proce- 
dure, and keep sharp, and maybe you 
will not be the next victim. Open Season 
is the excellent photo-realistic first game 
of 43-year veteran retired Chief Daryl F. 

It's the first Police Quest done by 
anyone except the series' creator and 
designer of the first three games, Jim 
Walk, a 15-year veteran of the Califor- 
nia Highway Patrol, like Blue Force, 
Open Season is about cop killers. It also 
uses fully digitized actors, involves 
murder investigations, follows authentic 
police procedure, and there are other 
similarities too numerous to mention. 

Can Daryl do it? 

The sheer media impact of Daryl Gates, 
one of the most visible and controversial 
law enforcement officers on the planet, 
and ex-America's Most Wanted producer 
Tammy Dargan, totally overshadow Jim 




Type Animated adventure 

System ibm & ibm cd- 

ROM Required: 386+, 4 
megs RAM, 21 megs hard 
disk, 1 00% Microsoft- 
compatible mouse, VGA, DOS 
5.0+. Windows version 
requires Win 3.1 or higher, 
640 x 480 video & 256-color 
VGA) Supports: Sound 
Blaster, Ad Lib, Pro Audio & 
1 6, Roland MT-32, Microsoft 
sound system, General Midi 

Planned ports 


lack of 
ment in 
Quest 4. 
Most of 
the hype 
ing the 
spends as 
time on 
Dargan's backgrounds as on whether 
the game is any good. So the question 
remains: can an ex-television show 
producer and ex- police chief make a 
good game? Game design was certainly 
not pan of their life experience and 




Digitized locations and actors are the 
hallmark of Open Season. Gates himself 
appears in the story as John Carey's 
chief. Carey spends as much time filling 
out reports, talking to his supervisor, 
practicing on 
the firing 
vehicles at 
the impound 
lot, getting 
stored and 
showing his 
badge to the 
amorous, airhead morgue attendant, 
and reading the 1 04-page Abridged 
Manual of the Los Angeles Police 
Department as he does investigating the 
crime scene or intenogating witnesses. 

Don't get me wrong - 1 like the new 
game, the new interface, and even Daryl 
Gate's approach to the story, which has 
a real gritty feel to it, like dirt under your 
fingernails you just cannot clean up. 
The plot has everything, including 
encounters with rap stars, exotic 
dancers, white power extremists, and 
even a cross-dressing, mutilation-prone, 
sexual deviant serial killer. 

The puzzles are as much procedure- 
oriented as they are the real treasure 
hunt-type puzzles we all like. Open 
Season even has a sense of humor, 
putting the lighter used to kill the serial 
killer in the mouth of the decapitated 
head in the refrigerator. All in all, the 
best part about it was that the lunatic 
killer did not make any sense at all, nor 
did he behave logically. 

Derived from video-captured live 
actors, the animation is smooth and life- 
like, with very few illogical or 
unnecessary moves. The background 
art, pieced together from wide angle 

b\\ AI Giovetti 

digitized pictures, and digitized actors 
were colorful and attractive. Gates took 
the Sierra crew around L.A. to photo- 
graph the most effective locations with a 
Macintosh digitized camera, and the 
results are basically dirty and conosion- 
ridden colors 
and surfaces 
with a depth 
of detail only 
seen in film 
that produce 
the feel of 
being in a 
movie or 
being part of 
the actual 

There are times when the plot gives 
litde direction as to what to do next, 
and other times when what to do was 
exceedingly obvious, especially if you 
read the manual carefully. You really get 
the impression of the life of a cop, in 
which you repeat actions over and over 
again until you are bored - interspersed 
with quick thinking and quick action or 
you die. 

Shoot to kill 

All Siena graphic adventures have 
obligatory arcade action sequences that 
cannot be bypassed. Open Season is no 
exception. When confronting four 
perpetrators and possible suspects, 
quick, precise action is required or your 
character will die. Two other arcade 
sequences involve qualifying with a fire 
arm at the Police Academy range. 

It was particularly aggravating to use 
the Beretta at the range by overlaying 
the sights of the gun on the range target, 
only to later be confronted by a punk 
with an assault weapon, and for the gun 
to have no means of aiming accurately. 
Eventual survival of the incident still did 
not excuse the lack of continuity 
between these two events. Other arcade 

Continued on page 14 


rigin developed the earliest 
(and some still think the 

RPG system thai , ' 

bund themselves hopelessly addicted. 


I fadtrworkt. Elsewhere in the market, 

I. > S- >!nv;*Tt jck *\\\>s.C,rrtf * ; li|l| 

\ ktt4 tfi i • i" - Join used 
another first-person perspective system, 
but one that moves at incredible speeds 

. < .' b > i - . 

The triple threat 

(,h .!«!•. .. i ., , 

elements, while Wisconsin-based Raven 

Software designs n, 

1 . ! J 'II i i, • . I!l < !" 

.' -x. - • t a U,y .,( In ii \ by 

i ' i ,md information Ls 
:. . ry uh I itand the scope of 

'■'■'i • ' ■ dew as he 

explores the various levels of the 

, ds to be stopped. 

^existing first-person pefspei 
available, but outshines the of 


i i ound 
d.'J ;ions 





i'ev . I y 
,i ! > ,, 

the arrowjl ||| 
:: eursor to 
H&rnandm ' * > You 

,mU encoun||;|||i| : in1||iers anjind 


Type First-person perspective 
action adventure 

t||||if: HIP " 

' . of a 
|i||f|f :||J|§ 
>\h "AH'.'t. r 
'.-:'■ -ph") 
t-k- physical 
.., ■-, ■■-,.,. i i 

resemble any of 

||I1||| Sf §11 'l|I|||: : : 11r |: ; , : . ,11 

eliminate hostile monsters and discover 
the secret? of the game's temple, in 

llll|i|:;ll|i>|ifi .iiiid v- .t 

. ■ : -. ' ■- other 

morphmg beings for his own profit and 

b\f Tins-; v eccoU I 

System IBM Required 

386DX/33+, 4 megs RAM, 16 
megs hard disk, DOS 5.)+, 1 00% 
Microsoft-compatible mouse, VGA 
Supports: SoundBlaster & Pro, 
General Midi, Logitech Cyberman 

Planned ports none 

Click and slay 

< i , - ' nn in 

of the hand (or appendage) icons, then 
> • nui <•• > tndow 

1 ' ' ouhavea...,! 

weapon, you would drag it to the hand 

• i . < .,-. r, --. i 'ii- 'i ,i \,iu 
||i|;||;;ji|hl §ornbatisj|ist and 

exciting. Much of the 
gameplay involves 
the iiscovery of 
better weapons to 
survive combat 

.against stronger 
: :enernies. 
Other icons 

represent special 
Lymes. As Kirt, your 
ffpecial abilities are a 
kick attack and 
I jumping Other 
- ■'; : i ' ■ ' . have abilines more appropn- 
1 i • game levels. For example, 
k.i ' jrin form can use cat sight 
to uncover #ps or find hidden 
passages. Tie ethereal Opsis form can 

, stop time or throw 
prevails. Simply click on an ability to 
>u|e it. 

Some abilities consume power. In 
these cases, your power bar will shrink 
as you use them. The blue power bar's 
length determines how long you can 
stay in a non-human form or how 
many times 
you can use the 
special abilities. 
The red life bar 
reflects how 
much damage 
you can take in 

An RPG, 
or not? 

Shadowcaster is 
an RPG in the sense that you have to 
explore to find the objects, weapons 
and potions you need to discover and 
open passages to the next levels and to 
survive combat. But as an RPG, Origin 
eliminated many of the common 
feapres that sometimes frustrate 
players. You are not forced to eat, drink 
Jt rest, though all three may come in 
handy at times. 

When you rest in Kin's human form, 
you regain power and life, so it pays to 
sit idle in a safe place every now and 
then in order to conserve your potions. 
You may choose to eat or drink the 
potions and other magic items that 
help you, but you don't have to worry 
about passing out or dying because you 
didn't stop to eat. The game's automap 
further simplifies game play so you can 
truly concentrate on exploration, 
combat and fun. 

The six forms Kin can take are not 
immediately available at the beginning. 
You have to find obelisks in order to 
gain the ability to morph to a particular 
creature. You will find an obelisk within 
the first few screens at the start of the 
game. Clicking on the structure makes 
it disappear, and you can morph to the 
Maorin from that point forward. The 
forms are varied enough that you will 

Continued on page 14 



ungeon Hack 


ver ten years ago, Epyx 
produced the mega-hits 

games Rogue and Hack. Both 
were top-down perspective games with 
questionable graphics and sound, but 
which delivered 
combat fun. 
Hack and Rogue 
were so popular 
and sales so 
good, that these 
games were 
translated into 
every computer 
format available 
at the time. 

Now Jim Namestka and his co- 
workers at DreamForge, in a bid to 
recapture the fun of these classics, have 
created a first-person, real-time, Eye of 
the BehoHer-like reincarnation of them 
that employs the newest technology. 
DreamForge hopes that the new 
Dungeon Hack will become as addict- 
ing as the classics were in their day. 

Eye to eye 

Dungeon Hack uses a modified version 
of the game engine and graphics used 
for the Eye of the Beholder series 
originally designed by Westwood 
Studios for SSI. Unfortunately, the 
interface is not identical to the original, 
and some of the differences make the 
cunent game more of a pain to play. 

For one thing, there are no hot keys 
for using the weapons, spell books, 
and artifacts held in the two hands of 
the one main character. This means 
you have to use the point-and-scream 
mouse interface, which may be fine if 
repetitive motion pain does not yet 
haunt your game-playing. 

Hack faithfully follows Advanced 
Dungeons and Dragons Second Edition 
rules with six character attributes, six 
races, seven basic classes, over 49 
monster types and over 200 artifacts 

(weapons, armor, scrolls, etc.), includ- 
ing special long-lost artifacts that once 
belonged to legendary heroes. Hack 
supports multi-classed demi-human 
characters, such as the half-elf fighter/ 
are not 

are rolled up 
randomly or 
modified to 
fit any 
statistics desired, such as those from a 
favorite character from another game. 
Then a face icon can be selected from a 
bank of sixteen icons for each sex. 

Non-racist levels 

Attainable levels for demi-human 
characters are considerably higher than 
racial limitations imposed by other 
games. The maximum character class or 
profession level 
attainable in the 
game is 20, 

except for demi- 
humans; a 
half-elf can 
attain level 1 7 as 
a cleric or 
fighter, 19 as a 
ranger, and 15 
as a thief or 
mage. Neverthe- 
less the level 
combined with 
generators make 
the game 

extremely hard to play even at the 
easiest settings, since you can top out 
your characters' development very early 
in the game. 

btf Al C Giovetti ~~ 


Type Fantasy Ore-slaying 

System IBM disk or CD-ROM 
Requires 386/25+, DOS 5.0+, 
100% Microsoft-compatible 
mouse, VGA & color monitor, 1 5 
MB hard drive space (3.1 MB for 
each saved games), 2 megs RAM 
(960,000 bytes free EMS for 
digitized sound effects, 1 ,048,576 
bytes free XMS for optimal game 

Supports: SoundBlaster & Pro, Ad 
Lib, Roland. Recommended: 4 

megs RAM ) 

Planned ports 

Roll your own dungeon 

The most notable difference between 
the Eye series and Dungeon Hack is the 
ability to randomly generate over four 
million dungeons, plus the ability to set 
difficulty or to select 19 separate game 
settings. Dungeon depth from 10 to 25 
levels can be selected. High, medium, 
low and none settings can be selected 
for amount of monsters, treasure, food, 
illusionary walls, keys, magic traps, pits, 
monster difficulty, magic power, food 
consumption, poison strength, and 
hints. Real death, enemy spells, magic 
zones, water levels, multi-level puzzles, 
and undead encounters can be either 
turned on or off. 

By selecting different combinations 
of thel9 available parameters., you can 
generate a unique dungeon with its 
own 19-character code that can be 
used to generate an identical dungeon 
on another machine (with another 
purchased software package). This 
allows two people to play the same 
dungeon or to exchange dungeons, and 
enables several players to enjoy 
tournament play. This unique dungeon 
generation system is 
in no way a dungeon 
editor, as was seen 
with the Unlimited 
Adventures game 
released for the Gold 
Box series. Character 
selection changes the 
dungeon in subtle 
ways, making it 
more of a challenge 
for the class of 
character that you 
are using to try to 
defeat the dungeon. 
Items are stored 
on the 16-item 
paper doll inventory 
and the 60-item pack inventory screens 
to the left of the first-person view 
window. A small automap unfolds 
under the character inventory display, 

Continued on page 14 





XAntVi ... from 1 

window, where you read the results of 
your interactions, and lists of nouns, 
verbs and other parts of speech. You 
could click on words in the lists to form 
sentences, or type in your command. 

With a sweep of the magic wand, 
Legend have given us a much bigger 
picture, an icon bar for inventory, and a 
smarter than the average cursor that 
senses the usual way in which you will 
interact with an object. The word lists 
were reduced to a single column of 
seven standard 
verbs that are 
with a few others 
at the appropriate 

Now when 
you place the 
arrow over a 
closed door, the 
words "open the 
door" appear 
automatically. If 
the door is open, 
you see "close the door." 

For objects that may be interacted 
with in other ways, additional verbs 
materialize in the verb list. Put the 
arrow over the mustard in the refrigera- 
tor, for instance, and the words "take 
the mustard" are displayed. Simulta- 
neously, the words "eat" and "squirt" 
show up in the word list. A couple of 
dozen keyboard shortcuts are available 
for commonly used verbs, movement 
and other functions. 

The eight-point compass is used to 
move from one location to another; you 
cannot click on the picture to do so. 
You may, however, click on an item 
and then on another one to use the first 
object on the second, a system that 
opens the way for numerous variations 
on the object-oriented puzzle. 

Other basic elements of the interface 
are icons to "undo" the last move, to 
access disk functions such ^s save and 
restore (you can name saved games, 
which are limited only by disk space), 
and to view the automap. 

The automap is superlative (I was 
going to say "more superlative," but 


will save that phrase for the next 
version.) flick the map button, and the 
picture is replaced with a black screen 
and icons that illustrate and name each 
location you have visited. You may 
travel to adjacent locations by clicking 
on the compass arrows, which saves 

Wide range of humor 

Humor encompasses everything from 
puns to sight gags, from obscure 
references ("Kenneth, what's the 
frequency?") to computer game jokes 
such as a line about The Master 

man in 
Secret of 
Island and 
a scattering 
of trade- 
the text. 
Even the 
credits are 
amusing, the only game aside from Al 
Lowe's work to do so this effectively. 

Who did all this? Michael Lindner is 
credited with the game design, 
programming and music system - as 
well as art direction and music. But the 
twisted humor of Bob Bates, Legend's 
president, is evident throughout Xanth. 
In the credits, Bates is listed as respon- 
sible for Game Design Assistance and 
Steerage. (I'm not sure what Steerage is, 
but whatever it is, Bates did a great 
job!) A half-dozen actors served as 
models for the animated characters, 
and the list of other credits is so long - 
and amusing - that you will just have 
to read them as they scroll off the top of 
the screen. 

There are many entertaining cut 
scenes, all animated and supported by 
humorous prose. In addition to Xanth 's 
solid showing as an animated adven- 
ture, there is an abundance of text, 
particularly in the early stages of the 
quest. This should satisfy fans of the 
interactive novel as well as those of the 
interactive movie. In the music and 
digital effects arena, Xanth is proof that 

you don't need "The Fat Man" to mm 
out a superior sounding game. 

Conclusions: Legend Entertain- 
ment has finally moved "beyond the 
pail" - from the land of graphic 
adventures with a few animated 
graphics and into the world of truly 
animated interactive questing. Siena 
and LucasArts have nothing on Legend 
games now, not with this new interface 
and animation - and certainly not with 
the Legend sense of humor. *fc 

"News .... from 2 


Dungeon Hack is out from SSI. 
Psygnosis, better known for arcade 
games, has a relatively decent action- 
oriented quest called Innocent Until 
Caught. For more Castk Wofenstein- 
type 3D questing, look for Kronobg. 

More CD releases 

Lawnmower Man, supposed to have 
incredible graphics, is due soon. Look 
for lands of Lore CD in January, Hand of 
Fate CD by March, Sam and Max in 
February. Critical Path features live- 
motion video in a quest with a Dragon's 
Lair-style interface. Alone in the Dark 
CD includes 'Jack in the Box, an I- 
Motion short story." Gabriel Knight CD 
enjoys brilliant voice-casting and 
animated sequences not seen in the 

The CD version of Star Trek: 25th 
Anniversary shipped, boasting voices 
from the original cast of the TV show. 

Add-on disk for Star Trek: 
Judgement Rites 

Interplay is working on a "Movie and 
Sound Pack" add-on for the recendy 
released Star Trek: Judgement Rites, 
endowing the original program it with 
new sounds and cinematic sequences. 

Low ball adventures 

Froggman Software has a variety of 3D 
"virtual reality adventures" that cost an 
amazing $14.95 each. Well look at 
them in a future issue, but meanwhile 
keep an eye out for lethal Tender, 
Rooms of Doom and Curse of the 
Catacombs. (Or call 1-800-876-FROG). 




large, marauding Daemonic 
^ Army of unknown origin is 
laying waste to the lands of 
Elsopea. No one knows how or why 
this Daemonic Horde appeared. You, as 
Captain Gustavus (Gus) of the Imperial 
Tormishan Guard must discover the 
answers to these questions. 

Hestor Quest 

Trapped withing the fortified walls of 

the besieged 


you set out to 

find an elderly 

Elsopean, the 

first to set foot 

in the Kingdom 

of Hestor for 

over a millenia. 

He has recendy 

been seen in the 

vicinity of the 

Attiean City 

State and may have some answers. 

But for now, at least, that can wait. 
Your first task is finding a way out of the 
besieged City. The Daemons have the 
perimeter tighdy sealed. There must be 
another way out. Speed is of the 
essence, for the Hordes could attack at 
any time and the City can't withstand a 
prolonged assault. 

So begins Daemonsgate, designed by 
Imagitec Design and distributed by 
Electronic Innovative Design (EID) - an 
RPG of epic proportions.with poten- 
tially 1 50 hours of game play. There are 
thousands of screens to explore and a 
70,000 word conversation system, so 
this game should keep anyone occupied 
for many weeks, if not months. 

It is the first game I've yet seen to 
arrive in the stores on both disks and 
CD on the same day. Actually in the 
same Airborne Express shipment. Not 
only that, the game is very reasonably 

bv| ¥ret> J. Pliilipp 

Gus and us 

You don't generate your character, but 
begin the game in the guise of Gus the 
Guard. Summoned before the ageing 
Elders of the City Council, you have 
come up with a desperate plan to save 
the City. 

Your characters will possess the 
usual statistics of Strength, Dexterity, 
Endurance, Wounds, IQ, Mana, 


These stats 
unless a 
character is 
under the 
influence of 
Stats that do 
change are 
Magic Points, Hit Points and Fatigue. 
There are also many skills, such as 
Brawling, Hunting, Missile Weapons, 
Haggle, Pick Locks, and Lores. Each of 
these listed skills, and more, are rated 
from Inept through Master. These 
skills can be improved through 
training and practice. Only a Master in 
a skill can train others. 

However, you will not be alone. By 
visiting the various Inns and Pubs of 
Tormis you will find 
many adventurers more 
than willing to join you 
in your travels. Up to 
six people can be 
added to your parry. 
All are humans - no 
elves, dwarfs or 

The graphic interface 
is a a well-rendered, 


be picked up have a black border 
around them, cutting down on what 
you need to concentrate on. 

All actions are performed from pull 
down menus by clicking on Main 
Categories at the top of the screen. 
These main categories are Controls, 
Objects, Doors and Knowledge. These 
menus present you with the opportu- 
nity to Converse, Use, Swap, Drop, 
Give, Wear, Get, Save, Restore and 
Quit. Conversation is of the "start 
with a few, and build up to many 
subjects" category. 

Your characters have multiple 
places to equip items into/onto, such 
as head, arms, chest, legs, hands, etc. 
You also have a backpack that can 
hold up to 32 items. 

Sure is quiet in here 

While the music is very good, the lack 
of sound effects was noticable - 
especially in the introduction, where 
sound effects would have added 
immensely to the otherwise graphics 
impressive. There is no speech, and I 
was playing on the CD version. As 
best as I can determine, there is no 
difference between the disk and CD 

The game comes packaged with a 
96-page Manual of Instruction, a well 
done short VHS tape, a map of the city 
of Tormis with key locations marked, 
and a map 

Type Fantasy Role-playing 

System IBM Required: 386/ 
16+, 640K, hard disk Supports: 
Ad Lib, Sound Blaster, Pro Audio, 
mouse, joystick 

Planned ports none 



top-down view, depicting a small area 
of your immediate surroundings. You 
and your party are represented as a 
single character on the screen, who 
walks around, talks to NPCs and picks 
up and uses objects. Objects that can 


of the 
Kingdom of 
tionally, the 
contains a 
series of 
hints that 
tell you 

leading up to specifically, how to 
escape from Tormis. This 

Continued on page 1 5 



o what's a video board review 
doing in QuestBusters? [Espe- 
cially when the company didn't 
even send a free review copy?!] Well, 
the ReelMagic board is designed to run 
only with CD software, and it very well 
could be the future of multi-media 
gaming for the next few years. If you've 
got a CD or are thinking about getting 
one, it's something you should know 

The ReelMagic board uses MPEG 
(Motion Picture Experts Group) 
compression technology to run 30 
frames per second of digitized video 
from a CD, rather than the standard 7- 
15 frames. It also allows for 32,768 
colors instead of the usual 256 in full- 
screen rather than reduced format. For 
games with digitized video, this means 
incredible full-screen clarity, movie- 
quality motion/animation and no 
bothersome pauses while accessing the 
CD. The latter is possible because the 
ReelMagic board has its own processor 
chip that does all the decompression, 
leaving the easy stuff for your com- 
puter. Also built in is 16-bit sound card 
that has 8-bit SoundBlaster compatibil- 
ity. So if you're considering a 16-bit 
sound card, this is an interesting bonus. 
And if you already have one, Sigma is 
supposedly planning a cheaper package 
that omits the sound card. 

In 1 994, we'll see full-motion video 
using MPEG compression in a form 
called VideoCD, which many folks are 
hoping will replace VHS. You may have 
already seen some for the Philips CD-I 

The ReelMagic board can play 
VideoCD for your PC as well as run any 
CD software designed for the board - 
and there's the catch. You get en- 
hanced video only if the software is 1) 
specifically designed for ReelMagic, or 
2) it's a VideoCD, or 3) it uses MPEG 
technology. Your lord of the Rings CD is 
going to look just like it always did, 

unless it's a ReelMagic version. 
So far a dozen or so software 
developers have contracted to suppon 
ReelMagic, and they are the big ones: 
Access, Siena, Activision, Aris, Inter- 
play, Psygnosis, Readysoft, Trilobyte 
and Virgin, to name a few. The board 
was supposed to ship with the 
ReelMagic version of Return to Zork, but 
it wasn't ready to ship with the board. 
Instead, the box contained Readysoft's 
Dragon's lair and a coupon to send in 
for Return to Zork. Aside from a barely 
noticeable fuzziness, Dragon's lair 
looks just like the arcade version and 
plays just as smoothly. And it has all 
the arcade scenes, from beginning to 
end - excellent! 

|J ReelMagic 

To run the ReelMagic board with 
Windows, you must have version 3.1; 
with DOS, 3.1 or higher. Other system 
requirements are: 386SX/16+, 2 megs 
internal RAM, 2 megs hard disk space, 
a VGA/SVGA card with a VESA 
standard feature connector, VGA or 
multisynch monitor, and an MPC Level 
1 + CD-ROM drive. 

The card slips into an expansion slot 
and has a connector cable (complete 
with male/female hook-ups) that 
attaches to your VGA/SVGA card - the 
reason you must have a VESA connec- 
tor on your video card. Sigma also 
offers a full CD-ROM upgrade package 
that has their CD drive plugged directly 
into the ReelMagic board. 

Installing the board was easy, 
especially with a setup program that 
displays all the IRQs and DMA 

bv| PaviI Staffer 


channels being used and enabling you 
to change settings via software rather 
than manually flipping dip switches. It 
also has a "Snooper" program that 
automatically installs in Windows to 
sniff out TSR conflicts and fix them, 
and a Mixer for adjusting volume levels. 

Reel problems? 

I've heard of problems with the 
ReelMagic sound card and some MPC 
games the Snooper program may not 
have taken care of. Another QBer, 
Clancy Shaffer, reported lots of 
problems in getting it to work with his 
system, including crashes with the 
software bundled with the board. My 
only difficulty was a technical enor 
where the Dragon's lair CD wouldn't 
tun because the ReelMagic manual 
failed to note I was supposed to load 
the full-motion driver in my hard drive. 
Once I did that, it worked fine (Up-to- 
date drivers have addressed many early 
problems and are available from 
Sigma's bulletin board.) 

The main reason the ReelMagic 
board took the spotlight this month is 
because of what it represents - MPEG 
technology, a fantastic step in bringing 
realistic full-screen, real-life and 
animated video to PC games. The 
drawback, as with all new hardware, is 
the lack of software for it. That was true 
with the CD drive itself, which finally 
made it. 

Right now you can get the ReelMagic 
board for about $380. It has a 5-year 
wananty and includes the 16-bit sound 
card and Dragon's lair, with Return to 
Zork on the way. Some software 
developers have put $50 rebate offers 
for upcoming ReelMagic versions in 
their new releases' boxes. Cunent and 
future tides planned for ReelMagic 
include Sierra's Outpost and Police Quest 
4, Virgin's 7th Guest: 11th Hour, 
Interplay's lord ojthe Rings and Access' 
Under a Killing Moon . ** 



Labyrinth of time 

ne of the pitfalls of multimedia 
I technology is that the develop- 
ers exert so much effort on the 
graphics, music, sound effects and 
other "bells and whistles" that they 
sometimes neglect the game play. This 
happened with Warner's UeU Cab and, 
unfortunately, with The labyrinth of 
Time, one of Electronic Arts's first CD- 
ROM titles. 

Players of both 
games will not in 
any way feel like 
they didn't get 
their money's 
worth in audiovi- 
sual elements, but 
they might get 
tired of wandering 
lost in the games' 
labyrinth is an 
gorgeous game 

with an outstanding score. However, it 
may take hours before you feel like 
you have any idea of what's going on. 

Goal to go 

labyrinth's layout extends throughout 
a number of time periods. The object 
of the game is unclear unless you read 
the pan of the manual that describes 
the overall goal. A warning precedes 
this section, but it really doesn't give 
away any of the game. 

King Minos of ancient Greece has 
called upon the spirit of Daedalus to 
build another maze like his famous 
design of the Labyrinth of Knossos. 
But the power-hungry Minos wants 
this one to span time and space, so he 
can attain complete control over the 
world. You must destroy the labyrinth 
by solving the puzzles in it and by 
using machines and objects to reduce 
Minos 's power. Without this back- 
ground information and Daedalus 's 
introduction at the stan of the game, 
you would be completely lost. 

The interface is rather basic. Even 
newcomers to adventure games should 
be able to figure out the controls. A 
row of icons along the bottom of the 
view screen controls the action. These 
icons stand for: take, move, open, 
close, look, inventory, turn left and 
right, go forward and map. A separate 
inventory interface lets you use and 
examine your objects and access the 

save game 
and load 
of your 
time will 
be spent 
in motion 
the many 
something constructive to do. There 
are few objects and puzzles in laby- 
rinth. Although this dearth makes it 
easier to solve the problems that pop 
up, it also makes 


labyrinth tedious 
to play. The 
minor maze, for 
example, is no 
real maze, 
because there are 
no tricks and the 
automap plots 
your every 

labyrinth is 
really a showcase 
for the Super 
modeled and rendered graphics that 
represent each game location. From 
the opening scene in the subway car to 
the Old West town to the diner with 
the jukebox, labyrinth looks 
photorealistic, as do many of today's 

b\\ Kuss CeccoU 

CD-ROM games. The beautiful 
scenery injects some excitement into 
the "story," because you never know 
what you'll see next. The intricate 
connection of places and time periods 
is such that you can find warps and 
gateways almost anywhere. 

Sound effects are nice, but rather 
minimal. The music, however, is 
outstanding and has the sweeping 
movements and variety of instalments 
that you would find in a film sound- 
track. It also sets the mood for the 
game, injecting a sense of urgency and 
impending doom. 

labyrinth is perfect for players who 
want to show off their CD-ROM drive 
or experience an incredibly realistic 
world on their computer. If you first 
explore the limits of the game without 
using any objects or operating any 
machines beyond the elevator, the 
objects you find will make more 
sense. The key to success in labyrinth 
is discovering which objects and 
actions will influence events in later 
time periods. That aspect of the game 
is quite interesting, but until you 
reach that 



point you 
might think 
Labyrinth is 
nothing more 
Those who 
delve into the 

backbone will 
find a neat 
story despite 
the confusing game play. Have some 
patience and you'll enjoy this 
modestly-priced CD-ROM game as 
the designers intended. 4* 

Skill Level: Novice 
Company: Electronic Arts 
Price: $59.95 
QuestBusters price: $49 

Type : Multimedia graphic 

System ibm cd-rom 

Required 381/16+, 2 megs XMS, 
VGA, DOS 3.3+, CD drive, mouse 
Supports Sound Blaster, SVGA 
VESA Recommended double-spin 
CD drive 

Planned ports Macintosh 




Tovftc spaceport 

Get passport lying on the seat in the 
lounge. As you approach the 
turnstiles in the subway station, you 
will remember how you used to 
cheat your way through. 

Go to the bar next door and sit 
on the end bar seat. Look at the next 
patron, and you'll see something 
green in his pocket, a pawnbroker 
ticket. Take it. 

Go next door to the House of 111 
Repute; you need a passpon to 
enter. Talk to the Madam, who 
wants you to get a vase back from 
the Pawnbroker. Take the perfume 
and the used chewing gum from the 
receptionist. Pick up the cane. Go 
through the alley, pick up the bag, 
hose and can of beer, and note the 
beggar and hat with money in it. 

Pawnbroker & Bikers 

Go to the Pawnbroker, redeem the 
ticket and get a flash camera in 
return. Take the vase and put it in 
the bag. Check the vase and take the 
gum wrapper from it. Go to the 
House of 111 Repute and give the vase 
to the Madam. Get the ornament 
from her. 

Go through the alley, past the 
beggar and back to the bikers. There 
is an electric outlet on the west 
comer of the food stand. Use it to 
charge up the camera flash. Look for 
a large egg in the trash and take it. 
Take the oil can. Talk to the biker in 
the northeast comer, and ask for the 
vest his friend is wearing. The biker 
wants the ornament. Exchange it for 
the vest, which is made of money. 

Going back to the alley, use the 
flash on the Beggar. This blinds 
him, so you can take the hat. Take 
the money and return the hat. 


Go to the bar and buy a drink. Use 
the change on the gum wrapper: 
you now have a subway cheat. Sit 
through the sequence where the 
gangster got Idled. Get the ring 
after the gangsters are killed. Go to 
the back table and get the jar and 
cap. Put cap on the jar. 

Enter the subway and use the 
oilcan to loosen the screwdriver. 
Take the screwdriver. Take the 
radio off the platform, go to the bar 
and call to Robot Server, then use 
screwdriver on him and get Qrcuit 
Board. Connect Circuit board to 
radio from subway to make remote 

The Crime Loro 

Go back to the bikers and continue 
north to the ship. Use the remote 
control to disorganize the Robot 
guard. Take the Captain Hat from 
the rail. Return to the Pawnbroker 
and trade hat for rug. 

Get on subway, pick up aerosol 
can, go two stops to Hill and get 
off. Go past the Art Gallery to 
Camera guard at gate (show ring to 
camera to get admittance) Give ring 
to Crime lord, who will suggest 
sharing profits if you steal three 
things: an egg from a man-eating 
bird at the zoo, a trophy from the 
museum, and some bank bonds. 
Note: The subway stops are Bad 
Side (your present location), Space 

b\\¥ret> Pliilipp & 
CUticvf Staffer 

Until Caught 

Pon, The Hill (Stoneybridge Galley 
here), Reguri ( Bank here), East Eruk 
(Zoo here) and The Bad Side again. 

Go to the Gallery next door to the 
Crime Lord and use the airhose on the 
aerosol can. Get a pellet from the first 
exhibit stand. Use the airgun twice 
against the display case, then put the 
carpet down, use the airgun again and 
pick up the trophy from the carpet. 
Give the trophy to the Crime Lord. 
Get the mushroom outside the gate. 

Hot 005! 

Go to Reguri and take the bad hotdog 
from the hotdog stand. Use the jar on 
the mayonnaise and get mayonnaise in 
it. Cap the jar and stand under where 
the fly stops for a moment, Uncap the 
jar, and the big fly will enter the jar. 
Cap it at once. 

Enter Police station and talk to the 
Sergeant. When he speaks about the 
drugs and flour, click your talk icon on 
these words. They will change color, 
and you can get the flour. 

Blueprints & file 

Go into the bank and tell the girl you 
want to make a deposit. Give her the 
bag of coins, and she will send you to 
the door. Give the coins, then buzz the 
door again and, when it's open, place 
the used gum on the door. Wait a 
shon time, open the door and use the 
screwdriver two rimes on the lock on 
the top left side of the files. Take the 
file and blueprints, then leave. 

Go to East Eruk, use the screw- 
driver on the balloon and get the 
string. Go back to the docks and get 
on the garbage truck. You will be 
dumped behind the zoo. Opposite you 
is a large animal on a pinnacle; use the 
perfume on it. 




The ess 

Remove the straw and open the grate. 
Fasten one vine to the ring the grate 
was attached to, and the other vine to 
the stick, making a grapple hook. 
Look up at the roof, and you will see 
some cross girders. Use balloon string 
on the cane to make a bow, then 
shoot the grapple over the girders. 

Swing across the chasm and give 
the hot dog to the man-eating plant. 
Put the big egg in the nest and take 
the real egg. Return to the vine and 
go down the hole into the sewer. 

Batik hontfs 

Read the blueprint, which will direct 
you to go west two alcoves. Put the 
mushroom near the alcove wall, walk 
away and release the fly. It dives 
toward the mushroom blowing it up, 
along with the vault wall. Inside, you 
can see the bonds. Use the flour to 
see the laser beams, then walk 
between them. Get bonds and leave. 

1r» fail 

Your pacing is broken by the 
entrance of a small object through 
the window bars. Read the gadget. 
Press the button on the end of the 
gadget and blow a hole in the wall. 

The hole leads to the next cell, and 
an inmate called Narm. Search the 
floor and lift the mat and trap door. 
To get out of the maze, work your 
way to the top right hand comer. 
After you and Narm emerge, you 
again read the gadget. Follow 
instructions, and a small space 
capsule appears. You both enter and 
find that you have been rescued to 
steal a Doomsday weapon from a 
would-be Conqueror. 

The space ship 

Take the flowers from, the stateroom 

and give to the newlyweds. Steal the 
groom's wallet, which holds a credit 
card and passpon. Use the credit 
card to buy the largest bottle of 
booze you can get. Drink it, and you 
will awaken on the new planet near 
P'Pau D'P' Pau Palace. 

Go into the hardware store and 
steal a screwdriver. Keep talking until 
the owner gives you a box of parts. 
Use the screwdriver on them to 
make a clockwork mouse. Talk 
about D'P'Pau, who will give you a 
book with a password in it. 

Enter the bar across the street and 
talk to the man. A scientist for D'Pau 
and in love with Ruthie D'Pau 
daughter, he agrees to help you if 
you can get the letter to Ruthie. 

Go back to the terminal and 
Narm, who is standing by the guard. 
Have him distract the old lady so you 
can steal her mink, which is on top 
of her luggage. You must move 
quickly to do so. 


Use the password and go past the 
guards and around the first house. 
When attacked by the dog, put the 
fur on the gadget you made. The dog 
will chase it. Climb up the rose trellis 
and meet and talk with Ruthie. Tear 
up the letter. 

Tell the Lab Technician you 
delivered the letter to get the key. 
Tell Narm to steal a uniform. Tell 
Narm you have a plan: he will 
impersonate Ruthie at a late night 
meeting. Outside the Lab, wear 
uniform. You must put it on while 
you are in the Control section of the 
game: when the Game icons such as 
"save, restore," etc. appear. Enter 
the Lab, and you end up injail. 

\n jail a5&ir» 

Look out the window. When Narm 
appears, tell him to give Ruthie a 
poem from you (use all # 1 answers). 

Once out of jail, talk to Ruthie in 
the bar to get a Travel Wanant. Tell 
Narm to get a crate (he's outside the 
Lab). Go to the spacepon and put the 
wanant on the large crate. Talk to 
crate. Get in it. Narm is already there. 

You escape the crate in the next 
scene and enter the Escape Pod on 
the shutde. When you reach the top 
of SkyCity, move the crate out of the 


Cross the Girder and go down into 
the hanger. Get crowbar from floor, 
back up and cross the girder into the 
doorway. Drop to the next floor. 
Open the Crate by using the crowbar. 
Get canister and balloon. Try and use 
Plinth: you need a pass key. Use the 
canister on balloon to float up to the 
next level. 

Go back and cross girder. Go 
down one level directly across the 
hanger into a room and talk to 
Ruthie. Get her pass key. Go back to 
Plinth, use pass key on plinth and get 
Crystal. Get another balloon and use 
Canister on balloon to go up one 
level. Return to Ruthie and put the 
Crystal on the large Console in the 
center of the room. Use console. 


Leave room, return and meet the 
Dictator. Bet him that he can't use the 
Transatron. After haggling, go to 
Ruthie and propose. Talk to Dictator 
and use the Dowry as a stake in your 
bet. As the Dictator is using the 
Console, your preprogramming 
transfers your IRDS debt to the Crime 
Lord. Narm appears and fires. ** 





■ • IF P ^fc^ 

^-flil ^«^i .*««•>> ^^» 

\M A ---.-, % Jr% | ,/< JT ]Jr v , , , 

Dark Sun 

White Sands: find Laussa in this area, 
which is south of Teqauetzel, and 
speak to her. After encountering Ssovan 
in the Salt Flats, return and tell Laussa 
about him. She will leave to find him; 
do not ask for a reward. Later, return to 
Salt Flats and speak to Laussa, who will 
offer you a reward; you'll get it whether 
you accept or decline: it's a Ring of 
Steadfastness (+3 Constitution). 
Johnny Ganett, Jr. 

Companions of Xatith 

Finding Fairy Nuff and getting past 
the pail: Take rock. Unlock gate with 
key. Open gate. Go to pier. Take 
sailcloth. Talk to Nada. Ask her to get 
rope from ship (and anchor). Go to 
deck (noting # of censers). Go to 
crossing. Pry log with anchor. In town, 
give log to woodman. Ask him to make 
a board. Go to meadow and try to take 
pail. Return to town and get board. Go 
to path between cliffs and put board on 
boulder. Put rock on board. Ask Nada 
to hit board. 

Go to meadow. Take pail. Go to screen 
door. Open mailbox and take envelope. 
Open envelope and read letter. Open 
screen. Talk to screen and ask about Ice 
Queen, Fairy Nuff, then solution. Open 
screen. Go to fairway, take tee. Go to 
fair. Give letter to Nuff. Ask Nuff about 
solution and explain the problem 
(getting recipe). 
Paul Shaffer 

Dr&cula \Jn)e*shei> 

Day One: At 7:00 AM, visit Annisette. 
You will pick up a strange white cloth. 
Travel to the Hades Club, then 
Newstand. Read articles in paper. Go to 

Holmwoods for Harker's address. 

Go to the Pub at 10:00 AM to get the 
Bookstore address. Go to Telegraph, 
hold Janos card and enter. Go to 
Bookstore for Asylum location and 
Occult book. Now visit Harker's Home 
(note roses) for card with Harkers 

Visit Asylum for blackjack. Check out 
Hades Club again. At 3:00 PM go to 
Holmwoods for gift. Go to Harkers 
office, hold gift, and enter. He will give 
you a cross amulet. Return to Hades 

Hold the amulet and check on 
Annisette. She will take the amulet, and 
Juliet will give you a rose. Now head for 
home. Hold blackjack, wait until 9:00 
PM, and enter home. 
Read telegram from Janos. You will 
receive a Bowie knife. Check out the 
Pub, then on to the Asylum. Back 
home to sleep. 

FredJ. Philipp & Clancy F. 

Gabriel Knight 

Day Four: Get up, drink coffee, read 
the paper. Get the veve clippings from 
Grace. Go to the Napoleon House and 
get the bracelet from Sam. 

Go to the overlook near Jackson 
Square. Click the "operate" icon on the 
binoculars and watch the drummer and 
another man talking with him. Go to 
Jackson Square and follow the other 
man to the Cathedral. 

Use the Snake bracelet on Crash to 
make him talk. Ask about the Drum- 
mer. Ask about "Voodoo Hounfour." 
After Crash dies, look at him closely. 
Use the "Open" icon on Crash's 
clothing. This will reveal a snake tattoo. 

Use the sketchbook on the tattoo. You 
will have added "Rada Drums" to your 
topics and "tattoo tracing" to your 

C.F. Shaffer & F.J. Philipp 

TheHanbof Fate 

Inside City: Click on statue's mouth to 
get stick. Go east to street for spells, 
parchment, flask, orange peel, wrapper. 
Go Tavern. Go through musical color 
sequence again to enter Tavern. Talk, 
get mug, use on keg. Get taffy from 

Removing trance: At the rabbit, get 
mud and use on paw for footprints. Put 
vinegar and taffy in bowl for sweet and 
sour. Add this to cauldron, along with 
the lucky horseshoe (use on Zanthia for 
clue), footprints and tears to make 
Skeptic Spell. 

Go to the gorge, and use stick on 
rope to cross. Head for altar, put flask 
with potion on it, and get Strong 

C. F. Shaffer & F.J. Philipp 

Leisure Suit L*xr\\ 6 

Lamp & tools: Go to beach and dig in 
sand (getting lamp). Go to bar. Take 
free matches on counter. In hall by ice 
machine, examine maid's can (both 
sides). Take hand creme, washcloth, 
toilet paper, soap, toilet seat cover and 
dental floss. Go to bathroom. Take 
wrench and file from mechanic's belt (if 
you called him previously. You can 
always bring him back by flushing a roll 
of toilet paper and calling him). Take 
condom from bed. 
Char & batteries: Go to mud baths. 
Examine and talk to Char (until you get 
points). Hitch a ride on tram in halls. 
Get off at end by electronic gate. Give 




match to An. While he takes a break, 
open back of tram. Use wrench (see 
previous section) to disconnect power 
cable. When Art returns, talk to him 
when he tries to repair tram (getting 
flashlight). Open flashlight (getting 

Return flashlight to An. Return to 
mud baths. Give batteries to Char. Go 
to make-up classroom. Take cord on 
floor. Return to mud baths. Use cord 
(strips away insulation). Plug cord into 
wall socket and connect other end to 
electric lock on electroshock door 
(getting sculpture). Return to shock 
room and get pearl on floor. 
Paul Shaffer 


Lab in Los Alamos: Take lithium 
battery. Note grinder. Go left, note 
Time Machine. Enter and observe. 
You'll be using this later. Go left to 
office, take glass pipet. Note cockroach 

Return to grinder and grind pipet. 
Go to cockroaches. Look at enclose and 
insert pipet. You will see a playing card, 
1/2 of Queen of Hearts with letters 
"hELZ." Go behind desk and stand on 
chair. Open vent and enter the Maze. 

Maze: Put device in socket. Put battery 
in helmet and hold. Proceed S, W, W, 
S, S, W, W, S, S, EX, S, S, WX6, N. 
Remove device. Click on grill in floor to 
exit. Give device to Morissey, then talk 
to her. She gives you a pottery shard 
and poem from her. Open cabinet on 
left to travel to Lakona Pueblo. 
C.F. Shaffer &F. J. Philipp 

This month contributor Johnny 

Ganett Jr. was randomly selected to 

receive the game of his choice - so 

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The Book of Clues includes a coupon 
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free solutions from games such as 
lands of Lore, Return to Zork, Abne in 
the Dark 1 , Gabriel Knight, Hand of 
Fate, Star Trek: Judgement Rites, Leisure 
Suit Larry 6 and Quest for Glory IV It is 
only $19 (see back for shipping.) 

The Book of Clues 

Alone in the dark 


Batman Returns 

Betrayal at Krondor 


Blue Force 


Challenge of the Five Realms 

Cobra Mission 

Might & Magic: Darkside of Xeen & 

World of Xeen 

Daughter of Serpents 

Day of the Tentacle 

Dusk of the Gods 

Eric the Unready 

Eye of the Beholder 3 

Freddy Pharkas 

Gobliins 2 

Hollywood Hijinx 


Koshan Conspiracy 

Lure of the Temptress 

Magic Candle 3 


Realms ofArkania 

Return of the Phantom 

Rex Nebular 


Space Quest 5 

Star Control II 

The Prophecy 

Ultima VII Part 2: Serpent Isle 

Ultima Underworld 2 

Veil of Darkness 


Zork Zero (from Lost Treasures 2) ** 




1 BOOK! 

Our next clue book -- Keys to the 
Kingdoms - will ship in March. It is 
too late to advance order at last 
issue's special discount. But well still 
send any solution in the book to you 
when you order. Goblins 3 and Inca 2 
have still not yet arrived, and may be 
replaced with other solutions. The 
book will still have at least 20, 
however, includes a coupon exchang- 
able for a solution to Ultima 8, 
Stonekeep or any of ten games not av- 
ailable in time to include in this 

Keys to the Kingdoms 


Companions ofXanth 

Dark Sun 

Dracula Unleashed 

Etemam (CD version) 

Gabriel Knight 

Hand of Fate 

Innocent Until Caught 


Lands of Lore 

Legacy: Realms of Terror 

Leisure Suit Larry 6 

Lost in Time 

Police Quest: Open Season 

Quest for Glory IV 

Return to Zork 


Simon the Sorcerer 

*Star Trek: Judgement Rites. 

(Solutions marked * are still in 
development). ** 



Police Qwest ... from 3 I I Stafcowcaster ... from 4 

incidents relate to the subduing of two 
violent citizens and killing the serial 
killer. In none of these events does the 
gun aim in the same manner as on the 
academy range. 

Game options such as save, pause, 
sound volume, and load are superb, as 
with all Siena games. But Siena should 
consider having more hot key macros 
to relieve the repetitive strain injury 
computer users get from using the 
mouse continually. I especially like the 
Siena save game system, where the 
number of save games is limited only 
by hard drive space. 

Context- sensitive music includes 
rock, rap, and hip-hop and sound 
effects were of high quality, which 
make an entertaining background to 
the serious and often gruesome story of 
mutilations of police, women and a 

Conclusions: The game deficiencies 
include a too-shon story, no aiming 
device on John Carey's weapons in the 
south central LA shoot out, and lack of 
story direction and clues (too many red 
herrings). In spite of these, the story 
was entertaining, involving, and a most 
interesting, realistic view of police work. 
Conclusions: Open Season is recom- 
mended, with the proviso that someone 
looking for a continuation of the style 
of Jim Wall's earlier efforts will find 
little resemblance in Daryl Gates' 
continuation of the series. [Which must 
be the reason Siena didn't call this 
Police Quest IV, but simply Police Quest: 
Open Season. •&* 

Difficulty: Average 
Company: Siena 
Price: $69.95 
QuestBusters price: $59 

Solution Needed! 

We still lack a complete 
solution to The 7th Guest. If 
you can provide one expedi- 
ently^ we will give you a copy 
of the upcoming sequel, 7th 
Guest The lllh Hour, 

have fun trying them on various levels. 
Other than the Maorin and Kin, you 
can morph to the gremlin-like Caun, 
the Beholder-like Opsis, the frog-like 
Kahpa, the dragon-like SSair and the 
golem-like Grost. You have to be 
careful in some circumstances, because 
Kin will drown if you morph to a 
Kahpa and subsequently run out of 
power underwater. 

Morphing & more 

Shadowcaster's graphics and sounds are 
spectacular. The screens move by so 
quickly that you may have to intention- 
ally slow down to catch the scenery. 
The morphing effects and other visual 
touches are nice. 

The variety of the game's levels is 
even better. From mist and water to 
lava and shrubbery, Shadowcaster 
provides a visual treat as exciting as the 
action. The monsters are also drawn 
and animated quite well so that they 
each have their own "personality." 
Sound effects are very realistic and 
sometimes goofy (in combat). You'll 
hear grunts and yells during fights and 
creative in-your-face sounds at other 
times. The music is intense, but does 
not bother you while you play. 
Conclusions: Origin and Electronic 
Arts should team up more often if they 
produce games like Shadowcaster. It will 
compel most players to finish just one 
more area or defeat just one more 
monster. The monsters are tough, and 
it may take a while to discover the best 
approach to each level, but you're sure 
to have fun with every attempt. The 
game is not terribly large, but it does 
have high replay value, because it 
assigns you a score and you can try the 
game over using the monster forms at 
different times than you did before. 
Think a little while you play, and you'll 
be able to survive all the way to the 
final confrontation with Veste. 

Skill Level: Average 
Company: Origin 
Price: $79.95 
QuestBusters price: $69 

ftack ... from 5 

and can be clicked on to provide a full 
screen dungeon map. 

The automap features self-coding for 
stairs, doors and other things Maps can 
be printed, but only to IBM character 
set printers, which requires you to 
spend some time in your long lost 
printer manual to get the maps to print. 
You cannot move around while the full 
screen map is displayed, which could 
have made the game play easier, since 
the automap is too small. 

Under the first-person display 
window is the character face icon, two- 
hand activator buttons, a compass, and 
six mouse-activated movement icons. I 
preferred to use the number keypad to 
move around with my left hand while 
keeping my right hand on the mouse 
for untoward circumstances. More hot 
keys would have made the interface 
more user friendly. 

Music and sounds are excellent. 
Graphics are not quite as polished or 
attractive as the original Westwood 
graphics they are based on. Game 
options are functional and conveniendy 
placed in the camp selections. 

Thankfully, resting is very easy, even 
when monsters are dangerously close, 
and there are no interruptions while 
resting. Saved games are limited to a 
grossly inadequate twelve. But the plot 
is the weakest element: a hero respond- 
ing to the summons of a powerful 
Wizardress, who for some reason 
cannot search for a lost orb on her own. 
Conclusions: Despite all the deficien- 
cies cited, and the obvious 
improvement that conecting them 
would have on the game, I found Hack 
fun and addicting, and continue to rum 
to it for diversion between playing all 
the other games that I have to play and 
review each month. While it is highly 
recommended, remember that there 
will be little or no help getting through 
the over four million dungeons in the 
way of specific hints. ** 

Difficulty: Average 
Company: SSI 
Price: $60.00 
QuestBusters price: $50 



Swap Shop 

Swap Shop ads are no longer tee! 
We are accepting nothing but clues 
for recent quests (to appear in our 
Keys to the Kingdoms section) in 
exchange for ads. Please type your 
ad and include with your due. 10 
games per ad, original software with 
boxes only. * = due book induded. 

MSDOS & Quest-alikes 

Sell: Day of Tentacle, Companions of 
Xanth, Shadowcaster, Hand of Fate. Will 
buy/trade for: Ultima VII & Silver Seed, 
and new CDs. Austin Hendricks, 1 55 
Newell St, Pittsfield MA 01 201 

Sell only, $1 9 each: Larry 1 (VGA) and 5, 
King' s Quest 1 VGA Police Quest 1 & 
2, Manhunter 1 & 2, Quest for Glory 2, 
Codename Iceman, Gold Rush. Kevin 
Tyrell, 38 Coleman Rd, Arlington MA 

Trade/sell, $30: 7th Guest CD, Prince of 
Persia 2, *Day of Tentacle CD, 'King' s 
Quest 6 CD, Maximum Overkill. $20 
each: Indy & Fate of Atlantis, Space 
Quest 5, Legend of Kyrandia, Eric 
Unready. Joe Marietta, 2812 W Meadow 
Wood Dr, Chesapeake VA 23321 

Trade only: 'Clouds of Xeen, Underworld 
1 , Dark Savant, Lands of Lore. Want: 
Krondor, Legacy: Realm of Terror, Space 
Hulk, Day of Tentacle CD, Eye of 
Beholder 3 CD. Johnny Garrett Jr, 41 048 
Brown Rd, Ponchatoula LA 70454 

Trade/sell: Quest for Glory 1 (VGA), 3 & 
4; Clouds and Darkside of Xeen, Inca, 
Space Hulk, Dark Sun. Want Larry 6, 
King' s Quest 6, Civilization, 
Shadowcaster, Kyrandia 2, Xanth, more. 
Daniel Bulmer, 1 163 Union Rd, Victoria, 
BC Canada V8P2J2 

Trade: Ultima 7, Spear of Destiny, 'Dark 
Savant, Cbuds of Xeen, Indy & Fate of 
Atlantis, King' s Quest 6, Space Quest 4. 
Want Eye 3, Darkside of Xeen, Ultima 7, 
Quest for Glory 3, Kyrandia, or your list 
Richard Cariin, 90-03 1 07th St, Richmond 
Hill NY 11418 

Trade/sell, $20: Dark Sun, Cbuds & 
Darkside of Xeen, 'Ultima Underworld, 

more. Want Ultima 6, Dark Savant, etc. 
Write for list. Robert Olsen, 201 W 
Vineyard Ave #1 44, Oxnard CA 93030 

Trade/sell, $30 each: 'Cbuds of Xeen, 
'Darkside of Xeen (or World, $50), 
Ultima Underworld 1 or 2 CD. 'Gate- 
way, $20. Return to Zork, $35. Want: 
King' s Quest 6 CD, Gateway 2, 
Lands of Lore, Ringworid. Casey Lang, 
203 E Mitchell Ave, State College PA 

Trade only: Lands of Lore, The 
Prophecy, Flashback, Veil of Dark- 
ness, 'Star Trek 25th, Monkey Islan, 
*Vengeance of Excalibur. Joe 
Semanfck, 303 Hill St, Bridgeville PA 

CD-ROM: Lost Treasures of Infocom 1 
($25) and 2 ($20). Mixed-up Mother 
Goose, $20. Floppies: Bard' s 
Construction, $12; Links 386Pro. Unks, 
$1 5. SoundBlaster, $40. Will trade 2 for 
1 for Loom CD or Atlantis CD. Paul 
Shaffer, 9420 Harris Glen Dr, Charlotte 
NC 28269 

Sell only, $23 each: Darkside of Xeen, 
7th Guest, Shadowcaster, Ultima 6, 
Critical Path CD. Terry Kwong, 1 1 00 
Howe Ave #245, Sacramento CA 

Trade: King' s Quest 6, 'Cbuds & 
Darkside of Xeen, 'Dark Savant, more 
(all 3"). Want: Day of Tentade CD, 
Companions of Xanth, Larry 6, Freddy 
Pharkas, Indy & Atlantis CD, Railroad 
Tycoon Deluxe. Clint Schauff, 725 
Griffith Dr #1 , Manhattan KS 66502 

Trade: King' s Quest 5 & 6, Veil of 
Darkness, Lost in Time, Inca, Eric the 
Unready, Amazon. Want: Gateway 2, 
Eternam, Hand of Fate. Edward Carr, 
21 6 Shaner St, Boyertown PA 1 951 2 

Will pay $5 for Legend of Blacksifver, 
Legacy of Ancients or Phantasie 
Trilogy. $1 for Sword of Aragon, 
Bloodstone. $1 5 for Warlords 2, 
Stronghold. $20 for Dark Sun, more. 
Send your list. I pay postage. T Zurek, 
1900 Patricia, St-Laurent, Quebec, 
Canada H4L 2X7 

Trade only: Return to Zork CD. Want 
Day of Tentacle or similar quality CD 
game. Dave Duberman, 91 5A 

Stambaugh St, Redwood City CA 94063 

Sell only, $22 each: Dark Sun, Krondor, 
Heart of Maelstrom, Bane of Cosmc 
Forge, 'Dark Savant, M & M 2, 'M & M 3, 
'Cbuds of Xeen, Challenge of 5 Realms, 
Realms of Arkania, more. Add $2 shipping 
on first game, I pay rest Bob Buchhortz, 
POB 837, Arnold CA 95223 

Sell, $30: 'Darkside of Xeen. Unopened 3" 
Unks Troon North, 5 more courses, $15 
each. Unopened Megatraveller 1 , $7. Wm 
Birch, 1800 E. Old Ranch Rd#143, Cotton 
CA 92324 

Trade only: 'Dark Savant w/character 
editor, The Summoning, more. Want Dark 
Sun, Krondor. Send trade list. T. Dauer, 
1 81 6 Lynvate Lane, Walnut Creek CA 

DAemonsgAtc ... from 7 

is a nice feature that greatly streamlines 
getting off to a good start. 

Naturally there is combat, but to a 
tired old adventurer like myself (who 
would rather love than fight), a choide 
made during Set Up will allow you to 
escape all combat (except some 
important combats). 

If you enjoy combat you can set up 
your own strategy with both offensive 
and defensive menus. Additionally you 
can rout, reform or use a "radar box" 
to display the complete combat area. 
Or, if you prefer, you can let the 
computer fight the battle for you. 

And, of course, there is Magik in the 
forms of Herbalism, which consists of 
binding plants to produce potions. 
Elementalism, which binds the powers 
of the elements to various items such as 
swords and amulets. Daemonology, 
which binds the power of Daemons 
into finely crafted objects such as silver 
weapons or jeweled amulets. 
Conclusions: A huge game of epic 
proportions and 150 hours of game 
play, this one will cany you through- 
out the Winter and into the Spring. All 
RPG lovers should grab this one up. ** 

Difficulty: Intermediate 
Company: Imagitech Design 
Price: $59 



Two tacos and a large 

Coke, only $3.99! Wkat 

a deal! Please pay at the 

first window, and nave a 

nice day! 

QuestBusters: The Book of Clues $19 
(35 solutions — see page 13 for list) 

QuestBusters: Keys to the Kingdoms $17 
(20 solutions — see 13 for special offer) 


Quest for Clues 2 or 3 
(40 solutions in each) 

Quest for Clues: Book of Swords$17 
Quest for Clues: Book of Orbs ... $17 
(20 solutions in each) 

Official Book of Ultima $17 

(solutions to Ultimas 1-7, Underworld 

the Month 

1, Savage Empire, Martian Dreams) 

King's Quest Companion $20 

Space Quest Companion $20 

Quest for Clues 1 or 4: photocopies of 
solutions (to all but Origin games) $3 
each to USA, others add $1 each 

MSDOS Quests 

(Please state disk size, other specs) 
Police Quest 4 $55 

Quest for Glory 4 $55 

Gabriel Knight (CD or floppy) ..$55 

Companions of Xanth $55 

Dark Sun $59 

Gateway 2: Homeworld $45 

Leisure Suit Larry 6 $45 

Lands of Lore $59 

Shadow of Yserbius $55 


PO Box 851 43 
Tucson AZ 85754 

Forwarding and Return Postage Guaranteed 
Address Correction Requested 

The Bloodstone $35 

Lost in Time $59 

Simon the Sorcerer $59 

Legacy: Realms of Terror $54 

Dracula Unleashed CD $59 

Challenge of the 5 Realms $59 

Alone in the Dark $49 

Inca $49 

Return to Zork (CD or floppy): . $69 

Eye of the Beholder 3: $59 

Unlimited Adventures $49 

Lost Treasures of Infocom 1 or 2 .... $42 

We can special order any game you 
request: FAX us at 602-743-3709 to 
order via credit or for a special order. 

To USA, add $3 shipping per book, 
game; $2 each on additional items. To 
APO & Canada, add $4/$2. Overseas, 
add $12/$8. VISA/Mastercard, check or 
postal money order. AZ residents add 
5% sales tax. 

Bulk Rate 
U. S. Postage 


Tucson AZ 
Permit No. 1153 

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