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/^NAVYPERsoNNSelection Board Procedures - Updat 


FY-17 Active-Duty Promotion 

• In alignment with current Navy Talent 

Management initiatives, the following procedural 
changes are incorporated into the FY-17 board 
season starting in January 2016, to ensure that 
the best and fully qualified officers are selected 
regardless of seniority. 

- During previous board seasons, records have been 
briefed in order of seniority. The records wili no longer be 
briefed in order of seniority. 

- During previous board seasons the records have been 
identified as above, in and below the promotion zone by 
a stamp piaced on the record summary. These zone 
identifying stamps wili no ionger be piaced on the record 

- Below zone records will still have a separate initial 
review process. If a below zone record is selected for 
further consideration, the record will briefed in the same 
manner as the recoid5^%Mr(Pibove the promotion zonfe. 



/^NWYPERsoNNSelection Board Procedures - Updai 


FY-17 Active-Duty Promotion 

* Links of interest: 

- ALNAV 050/15 - Department of the Navy Talent 
Management Initiatives 

- NAVADMIN 281/15 - Notice of convening FY-17 Navy 
Active-Duty Promotion Selection Boards