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Armv Review Boardş 

Serving Soldiers, Veterans, and their 


with Justice, Equity, Civility and 

Mission and Functions 

> The Army Review Boards Agency (ARBA), acting on 
behalf of the Secretary, operating through Civilian 
and Military professionals, adjudicates Soldiers' 
and Veterans' cases (over 22,600 cases annually) in 
an imparţial manner, ensuring each decision is fair, 
just and equitable, recognizing outcomes affect 
individual careers, livelihood, and public safety. 

> ARBA's 14 component Boards are authorized 132 

personnel (116 civilians and 16 military) 

with 105 DA senior civilian volunteer board 
members for the Army Board for Correction of 
Military Records. 

> As a Field Operating Agency reporting to the 
Secretary of the Army, 

ARBA assists in self-regulating the Army to 
maintain trust with Soldiers, 


ARBA Vision and Values 


To be an adaptable, cohesive and collaborative team 
of highly qualified, responsive and compassionate 
professionals dedicated to customer service, 
transparency, justice and equity for Soldiers, 
Veterans, Army Civilians, Families, the Army, 
Congress and the public, using efficient and effective 
processes and the best technology available. 


> Equity - Produce consistent decisions based on 
fairness and justice 

considering the merits of each case. 

> Civility - Treat everyone with dignity and respect. 

> Compassion - Provide understandable and fair 
relief considering the Soldier's service, unique 
circumstances and the Nation's interest. 

> Justice - Apply law and policy to each case in a fair, 

FY 15 Priorities 

> Meet and exceed Congressional Mandate for case 
Processing time (90% within 10 months - 100% 
within 18 months) 

> Support Secretary of the Army and ASA (M&RA) 
priorities and initiatives 

> Proactively pursue legislative and regulatory 
changes to improve our service to customers 

> Complete contract in support of business process 
analysis and improvements 

> Complete new ACTS contract 

> Trend analysis of cases and systemic corrective 

> Outreach and responsiveness to Congress, Veterans' 

Organizations, and Army Commands 4 



ARBA Boards 

> Army Board for Correction of Military Records (ABCMR) 

> Army Discharge Review Board (ADRB)" 

> Army Grade Determination Review Board (AGDRB) 

> Army Board of Review for Eliminations (ABRE) 

> Army Ad Hoc Board (AAHB) Military Review 

> Army Active Duty Board (OTRA Officer£Ţ , (AA0Bprds 

> Army Special Review Board (ASRB) - evaluatftMfiB) 

> DA Suitability Evaluation Board (DASEII) 

> DA Conscientious Objector Review Boa^d (DACORB) 

> Army Physical Disability Appeal Board (APDAB) 

> Army Physical Disability Review Board (APDRB) 

> Army Disability Rating Review Board (ADRRB) 

> Interment, Inurnment, & Memorialization Review Board 

> Army Clemency and Parole Board (ACPB) 

■ (Army Decision Authority for DoD Physical Disability 
Board of Review (PDBR)) 6 

Procedural Highlights - Most 


1. Soldîer/Veteran/Family Member submits an 

* Applicant bears the burden of proof 

* Must exhaust other administrative remedies 

2. ARBA Staff analyzes the case: 

* Presumption of administrative regularity 

* Boards are not investigative bodies 

* Assembles facts from military records, advisory 

applicant's supporting evidence, 
regulations, and laws 

* Some cases are administratively closed if there 
are no 

records, case is not appropriate for Board 
review, or 

issue can be corrected administratively 

3. Staff analysis and case materials are submitted to 
a Board for consideration and vote 

Army Board for Correction of Military 

Board of 3 DA Senior Civilians 

rrprs and 


> The hîghest administrative board in the Army 
established by Title 10, 

U.S. Code, sejfjţfl JŞMiţfifiKfîS 

injuşticeş in military recoms. 7 

Awards "Supreme Court 





Evaluation Reports 

Pay and Allowances 

Survivor Benefit Plans 

Homes of Record 

Titling Decisions 

Clemency Petitions 

Memoranda of 



Army Discharge Review Board 

Board of 5 COLs/LTCs/SGMs/Civilians 



Established by Title 10, U.S. Code, section 1553 to 
review discharges of 
former Soldiers: 

- For propriety and equity 

- 15-year statute of limitations 

- Excludes General Court Marţial disch 

and disability separations 

Procedures include: 

- Personal appearance and records rev 

- Priority Processing for Army diagnos 

on the Board 

> Factors commonly considered by the Board: 

- Propriety: due process, limited use 

- Equity: characterization te 
PTSD contributed 

Other Military Review Boards 

Board of 3 Colonels / Sergeants Major 

> Army Special Review Board 


- Enlisted Evaluation Appeals 
- Officer Evaluation 

164 Enlisted 
90 Officer 

397 Cases in 



I Board of 3 Colonels, 1 Attorney, and 1 


DACpjTscigntioiJS Objector Review 

o ard 1 (PAC ORB) 

Category 1-0 = separation 
Category 1-A-O = reassignment 

to non-combatant duties 


Legal Special Staff 

Senior Legal Advisor, 3 Legal 
Advisors, I Paralegal 

> Senior Legal Advisor is a statutory position UP 10 USC 

> Provides legal review and advisory opinions on cases 

> Administers grade determination and officer 
elimination Boards 

> Voting member on Army Clemency and Parole Board 

> Action Officer on issues of legislation, law, and related 

> Acts on Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests and 

> Provides DASA legal advice 


Grade Determination & Officer 

Cnnat-afînn RnarWc 

Board of 3 Colonels or General 



Army Grade Determination Review Board 

Determines hîghest grade în whîch a member 
served satisfactorily: 

- Enlîsted Soldiers/warrant officers after 


569 Cases 

30 total years on active and 

- Officer grade at time of retirement 

- At separation for disability 



Determination & Officer Separation Boar 

Board of 3 

> Army Board of Review for Eliminations 

- Revîews records and briefs of officers who 
have been 

recommended for elimination for misconduct 

substandard performance by Bo P rrlc 
în the field 

Effective 20 Sep 2013, new cases 
Ad Hoc Board* 


*19 Cases 

> Army Ad Hoc Board 

- Officer resîgnations for the goo 

in lieu of general court-mai 

316 Cases 

- Resignations/discharges in lieu of elimination 

- Probationary officer elimination cases 


Case Management Division 

> Mission Statement: 

> Administrative support to all boards 

> Case Processing 

> Advisory Opinions 

> Case corrections 

> ACTS accuracy 

> Screening Team: 

> Handles all incoming applications 

> Builds cases in ACTS 

> Administrative closings 

> Ordering of records 

> Physical Disability Board of Review and Special Review Panel cases 

> Obtains all necessary documentation/opinions to facilitate the 
analysis process 

> Promulgation Team: 

> Maintains the Agency's record copy in ACTS 

> Conducts final quality control 

> Publishes board directed corrections 

> Coordination with externai agencies for other corrections 

> NARA records management 

> iPERMS corrections management 


Disability Boards 

DASA (Review Boards) is the Decision Authority 
for Army Case Recommendations from the 
DoD Physical Disability Board of Review (PDBR) 

^ Service members who were medically separated 
between 11 September 2001 
and 31 December 2009, with a combined disability 
rating of 20% or less 

and not found eligible for retirement. 

> PDBR staffed by medical and board members from all 

> Administrative support for the PDBR provided by US Air 

> US Army PDA takes corrective 

< Total = 1576 Cases in 

> 3,803 cases total as of 30 June 2015 


Congressional Liaison and Inquiries 

Chief and 2 Personnel 

r The public face of ARBA-Provides top cover for the entire 

> ARBA Congressional Liaison and Inquiries responds to 
White House, DOD, and Army Secretariat correspondence 

> Manages congressional and executive correspondence 
from the Pentagon utilizing the HQDA tracking system 
(Agency SACO) 

> Operates the general inquiry email center "Ibox" for the 
Agency to respond to public inquiries 

> Responds to general correspondence, Privacy Act 
requests, and submits reports as required 


> Uses data put in ACTS to promote most inquiry responses- 

Corrections and Law Enforcement 


Assistant Deputy and Operations 


> Provides SA Oversight of Army Corrections (Prisons) 
and Law Enforcement Systems 

> Provides DASA advise on aii corrections and law 
enforcement issues 

> Coordinates aii agreements with outside corrections 

> Action Officer on issues of corrections and law 
enforcement functions 

> Manages Army American Correctional Association 
Accreditation Program 

> Coordinates SA approval for transfer of prisoners to 
Federal Bureau of Prisons 

> Conducts technical assistance visits of Army 
Correctional facilities 


my Clemency and Parole Board (ACPB) 

1 Civilian Chair, 3 Colonels/Lt Colonels/Majors, 1 

Legal Advisor 

> Conduct hearings for Army prisoners: 

> Parole (10 USC 952) 

> Clemency (10 USC 874 & 953) 

> Restoration to Duty (10 USC 953) 

> Mandatory Supervised Release (DoDI 1325.07) 

> Review / approve transfers to the Federal Bureau of Prisons 

> No death sentence or high profile prisoners 

> Must be discharged 

> Must have a year remaining on sentence 

> Manage supervisees in coordination with U.S. Probation 

> Track compliance; modify conditions 

> Impose sanctions; issue warrants; revoke supervision 

> Support victims and encourage th 895 Cases in 

clemency and parole process 

> Victim impact statements 


> PprQnnal annparanrpt; 


Support Staff 

Director , 9 Civilians, and 12 IT 

> IT - computers and peripherals, network, information 

contractor support for systems and applications 

> Human Resources and Admin - personnel, 
evaluations, awards, civilian pay, personnel 
security , emergency evacuation, mail and 
distribution, annual required training 

> Budget and Logistics - budget execution, POM 
development, contracts, government travel 
(cards and DTS), supplies, equipment, facilities 

Medical Special Staff 

Medical Advisor and Assistant Advisor 

> Provides medical review and advisory opinions on cases 

> Serves as medical advisor on Army Discharge Review 
Boards involving medical issues (PTSD, etc.) 

> Conducts the Army Physical Disability Appeals Board 

> Action Officer on medical and disability issues 

> Provides DASA medical advice 


Disability Boards 

Board of 3 Colonels / Lieutenant Colonels (1-2 

Medical Corps) 

> Army Knysicai uisamiity Appeai poara iakuabi 

Adjudicates disability ratings given active duty 
Soldiers in the 

disability pipeline referred from the Physical Disability 
Agency (PDA) 

> Army Physical Disability Review Board (APDRB) 

Reviews claims by Soldiers retired or released from 
active duty 

without pay for physical disability; 15 year statue of 

> Army Disability Rating Review Board (ADRRB) 

Hears petitions from retired Sold^^ 
five years) Total = 4 Cases in 

for relief pertaining to percentag FY15 



Online Resources 

> ARBA Website: 

- Information on ARBA Boards and applîcant 

- Frequently Asked Questions and Answers; ABCMR 
Applicant's Guide 

- Printable DD Form 149 (ABCMR) and DD Form 293 


> Online Application: 

- Apply electronically to ABCMR and ADRB 

- Guides applicants through the process and 
provides helps 

- Signature page is printed at the end of the online 

signed and mailed to ARBA with supporting 

- Applicants can check application status online 

> ARBA Case Tracking System (ACTS) 

- Case tracking and management 


Army Review Boards 


Serving Soldiers, Veterans, and their 


with Justice, Equity, and Compassion