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Am79C971 Based Evaluation Kit for PCI Systems 



■ Based on the 10/100 Mbps PCnet -FAST 
(Am79C971) single-chip Ethernet Controller 

■ Implements a fully functional 10/100 Mbps 
Ethernet node using a Peripheral Component 
Interconnect (PCI)-based system 

■ Ethernet adapter card utilizing a high 
performance, low-cost, bus master architecture 

■ Software compatible with all PCnet Family members 

■ Software drivers support all popular Network 
Operating Systems 

■ Includes Evaluation Board, software driver 
diskettes, and supporting documentation 


The PCnet-FAST evaluation kit is a design evaluation 
vehicle for the Am79C971 PCnet-FAST single-chip 
Ethernet controller. The kit includes an evaluation 
board with the Am79C971 Ethernet controller and is 
designed for 10BASE_T or 100BASE_TX media. 

The evaluation board, when installed in a PCI-based host 
system, provides a platform for demonstrating the high 
performance of the PCnet-FASTdevice, the low manufac¬ 
turing cost of a PCnet-FASTbased solution, and the over¬ 
all ease of design. The platform further allows the user to 
evaluate the network hardware and to develop software 
for an Ethernet node based on the PCnet-FASTdevice. 

In addition to the evaluation board, the kit comes with 
software diskettes, a hardware user’s manual, the 
PCnet Family Network Driver Installation Guide , device 
data sheet, and the PCnet Family Technical Manual. 

The software includes driver object codes for Novell 
NetWare ODI DOS and OS/2, Microsoft Windows NT, 
Window for Workgroups, LAN Manager, Banyan VINES 
Client, IBM LAN Server, SCO UNIX, Artisoft LANtastic/ 
Al, DEC Pathworks, and Packet Driver. Also included 
are two utility programs, one for configuration of the 
network adapter card and software drivers installation, 
and one for EEPROM configuration. 

No hardware jumpers are required for configuration. The 
PCI system BIOS automatically configures on power up, 
the I/O Base Address, interrupt channel, and DMA chan¬ 
nel for the PCnet-FAST-based Ethernet adapter card. 

In addition, AMD provides a low-level evaluation pro¬ 
gram to establish connections, and send and receive 
messages. The evaluation program allows the user to 
view and change the contents of the PCnet-FAST reg¬ 
isters, the memory resident Initialization Block, and the 
data buffer Descriptor Rings. The program also allows 
the designer to establish loops for hardware probing. 

The PCnet Family Configuration and Installation utility 
program, Aminstall, provides an easy user interface to 
view the configuration of the PCnet-FAST evaluation 
board. The utility program will automatically scan the sys¬ 
tem bus(es), which may include IDA, VL, and PCI to SA+, 
PCnet-ISA II, PCnet-32, PCnet-PCI, PCnet-PCI II, and 
PCnet-FAST devices. With the configuration portion of the 
program, the utility will find and report to the user, the I/O 
address, IRQ channel and DMA channel, assigned to the 
PCnet-FAST device by the system BIOS. After configura¬ 
tion, the user may use the installation portion of the utility 
to install a selected driver by copying the appropriate 
driver from the AMD diskette, and create or modify the 
OR NET.CFG files on the user's system. 

The PCnet-FAST evaluation board stores the unique 
IEEE physical address in the serial EEPROM. Once 
powered up, the Am79C971 device reads the node’s 
IEEE physical address from the EEPROM through the 
Microwire interface protocol. For more details about the 
PCnet-FAST Ethernet Controller also refer to the 
Am79C971 PCnet-FAST data sheet (PID #20550C) 
and the PCnet Family Technical Manual (PID #18216). 


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Issue Date: January 1998