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Full text of "Jensen JAN139 user manual"

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Universal Instructions for: 

Roof/Side Mount 
Universal Antenna Assembly 



Form# 37200037 Printed in China 

Installation Instructions: 

1. The antenna may be mounted either on top of the vehicle (roof mount) or on the side 
(See fig. A and B). 

2. Disassemble the antenna mounting hardware and cable from the Antenna Assembly 
noting how it was assembled. (See Fig. C). 

3. Select the mounting location using the following considerations: (See Fig. D) 

A. The antenna cable is 40” long. Verify the selected antenna location will reach the 
radio’s antenna socket. 

B. Check behind the area for access for mounting and clearance for cable/base 

C. The mounting location (if at all possible) should be metal for best grounding of the 
antenna and minimal electrical noise interference. 

4. Drill a 1/4” hole at the selected location using standard drilling precautions. 

A. Remove any burrs from the drilled area. 

B. Apply a small bead of sealant (not included) to the underside of the antenna base 
gasket to insure a leakproof installation. 

5. Place the mast/base assembly over the mounting hole. Position the mounting stud 
through the hole and attach the cable assembly, mounting washers and nut. 

(See Fig E). 

6. Align the mast as desired and tighten the mounting nut. Do not overtighten as this 
may distort the rubber gasket. Best procedure is to firmly tighten the nut by hand then 
an additional 3/4 turn using a wrench. 

7. Route antenna cable to radio and connect to antenna socket. Note: Any excess antenna 
cable should be loosely looped into a figure 8 type shape. Do not bend sharply. Do not 
stretch or tug on the antenna cable. Use wire ties (not included) to secure loose cable.