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Mounting roadyXT in your vehicle 

We've included two types of mounts to help you install your roadyXT in 
your vehicle’s interior. 

Swivel Mount 

Find a suitable location; the mount uses a strong adhesive and you'll have 
difficulty repositioning it after installation. Do not install this mount on a 
leather surface. Make sure the air temperature is at least 60°F. 

Clean the mounting surface with the surface preparation 
cleaning kit, following the directions on the package. 

Peel away the adhesive liner and firmly press 
the swivel mount to the surface for 30 seconds. 
For best results, do not touch or apply any 
pressure to the vehicle mount for 24 hours. 

To remove the mount, lift the adhesive pad 
with your fingers or a spoon. You may warm it with a hair dryer for 2 to 3 
minutes to help soften the adhesive. Remove any leftover adhesive from 
the dash surface by rubbing with your finger, or use a mild cleaner as 
recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. 

Caution: Never use a commercial heat gun or paint-stripping gun. This could result in damage to the unit 
or to your vehicle. 

You can adjust the tension of the swivel mount 
by using a screwdriver. 

Base of mount can be rotated to accommodate 
vertical or horizontal surfaces. Choose the best 
for your installation. 

Vent Mount 

Find a horizontal air vent that is strong D v) © con) 
enough to hold your roadyXT and its 

cradle. Clip the vent mount into the vent. 4 

To remove the mount, push it into the Vent Vent 
vent and lift upward slightly to release 

the mount's hooks from the vent vanes. 

Carefully extract the mount. a \ 

Insert your roadyXT receiver 
into the vehicle cradle. 

Attach the power, antenna, 
and audio cable (if needed). 
Tuck the cables under the 
plastic tab. 

Warning: roadyXT should be placed in your vehicle where it will not interfere with the function of safety features 
(e.g., deployment of airbags). Failure to correctly place roadyXT may result in death and/or injury to yourself or to 
others if the unit becomes detached during an accident and/or obstructs the deployment of an airbag. 

NN ee a Sn ee ee o o o en o o O 

Using roadyXT at home* 

Turn off your roadyXT and your home 
stereo. Connect your roadyXT to your 
stereo as illustrated. 

on a window or an 
exterior wall so that 

Ke it points south. 

| Place the antenna 

*With roadyXT Home Kit, (model SA10176, sold separately). 

Turn on your roadyXT. 
To help aim the antenna, use roadyXT's “Antenna Aiming” feature. 

Press the “menu” button. Use the arrow and “select” buttons to choose 
“Antenna Aiming.” This feature is most helpful when using the roadyXT in 
a stationary home or office environment. 

Slowly turn and tilt the antenna. The signal bars on the display will change. 
Find the position that gives at least two bars on either “satellite” or 

The antenna aiming screen remains as long as it’s needed to help you posi- 
tion the antenna. When you've found the best position, press the “menu” 
button twice to return to normal operation. 


vay HH 


jump search J 


Activating your roadyXT 

Press the arrow 
buttons to find 
channel 0. Push 
the “select” button 
to choose it. 



14 | 

You'll see an 8- 
character XM Radio 
ID in the display. 
(The XM Radio ID 
does not use the 
letters I, O, S, and F.) 

DELPHI M roadyxt 

() À Prerdir memory jump search | 

C1) G1) CT) Cl) GT») 

Activate your XM Satellite Radio service by contacting XM at or by calling 1.800.XM.RADIO (1.800.967.2346). 
You will need the XM Radio ID and a major credit card. 

XM will send a signal from the satellites to activate the full channel lineup. 
Activation normally takes 10 to 15 minutes, but may take up to an hour 
during peak busy periods. 

When you can access the full channel lineup on your roadyXT, you’re done! 

Do more 

* Save favorite channels as presets, which you can instantly recall by 
pushing just one button. 

e Save and recall the artist names and titles of your favorite songs. 

+ Use TuneSelect™ to find your favorite songs when they play on any 
XM channel. 

e Create a personal stock ticker. 

e View sports scores, news, and more. 

Check out your roadyXT User Guide for more information. 

DELPHI quick/ins tall 


XM Satellite Radio Receiver 



Important: This manual contains important safety and operating information. Please read, understand, and follow 
the instructions in this manual. Failure to do so could result in personal injury, death, and/or damage to your roadyXT, 
accessories, and/or to your vehicle or property. 

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Jaded palokoey UO Parulid G) 

wos'iydjap mmm 

IHd130 09'228 [1] ‘eames Jawojsng 

0605-86087 UeBIyaiyy ‘Aos, 

peoy aye] u07 Isa Ly 
uonerodio9 1ydjag 

IHid Daa 

“yeep 10 Ainful ajqissod 
prone 0} joqwis sių} mojjo} ey} seBessow Ajajes |je Aəaqo ‘spsezey Ainful VW 
Jeuosiad je1Ua}0d 0} NOA 34342 0} pasn S! 4 ‘JoquAs Jae Ajajes ay} SI SIYL 

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*euuajue Buralaoas IY} 93290]94 10 JUƏHOƏY - 

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What's in the box? 

vehicle swivel 

vehicle power 


vehicle antenna 

preparation kit 

vehicle vent 
mount 4 
5 home antenna Home Kit: home cradle 
sold separately. 
aA (SA10176) 


vehicle cradle 

home power 

cassette adapter 

signal strength — search by scanning display search channels channel selection 
1 to 3 bars all channels modes 1-5 by category mode - direct 
entry or preset 
banks A, B, or C 
© A 
menu select 
disp = v | 
© | DELPHI M roady ia 
0 pre/dir memory jump search 

additional info — channel 
name, channel number, 
artist, song title, Stock 
Ticker, and Info Extras 



© A 
menu — access = — 
advanced features up and down arrows, 
and configuration mèmi f mE mn select ea 7 change chan- 
options = i al E a = nels, choose menu 

| dhd i a m L k Le options, TuneSelect™ 
isp = v 
© | DELPHI M roadyxt | 
disp — change pre/dir memory jump search — search — look up channels 
pales see on by category or scan all 
e display e channels 
11) Crs 7h: 

pre/dir — select 
between direct 
channel entry or 
up to 30 presets 

memory — save 
and recall up to 
20 artist names 
or song titles 

numbers — enter a 
channel directly or 
select favorite presets 

jump - return to previous 
channel; press and hold 
to select one of the last 
six FM frequencies used 
for the transmitter 

Remember to pull out the clear plastic 
tab from the remote battery compart- 
ment before using the remote. 

To remove the battery from the remote, 
use your thumb to press the center of 
the battery tray and pull it out. Replace 
the battery with the equivalent size and 
voltage, taking care to insert it with the 
positive (+) side up. 


up and down arrows, select — 
change channels, choose 
menu options, TuneSelect™ 

search — look up 
channels by category 
or scan all channels 

pre/dir — select between 
direct channel entry or 
up to 30 presets 

display — change what you 
see on the display; show 
artist name, song title, 
channel number, Stock 
Ticker, or Info Extras 

*Sold separately. 

menu - access 
advanced features and 
configuration options 

+ and - - change channels, 
or control volume if 
roadyXT is placed in 

an audio system 

jump - return to previous 
channel; press and hold 
to select one of the last 
six FM frequencies used 
for the modulator 

numbers — enter a 
channel directly or 
select favorite presets 

memory — save and 
recall up to 20 artist 
names or song titles 

Sy i mk GS, mmc i mk a Sas mS, mn gn Sma i, Sp mk mi yup i mn al, a Sh SoS i i St SS, NG a M 

Using roadyXT in your vehicle 

Because every vehicle is different, we can only provide some general 
guidelines. If you need help, consult a professional installer. 

e Decide which method (cassette adapter, wired connection, or wireless 
FM transmitter) is best for your vehicle and location. 

e Always do a trial run before installing anything permanently. Temporarily 
connect all power, audio, and antenna lines. Make sure that you receive 

the XM signal and that you hear XM programming through your vehicle’s 
audio system. 

Audio quality 

Audio Quality 

Cassette Adapter 
Wired FM 

Wireless FM 

Important: See your roadyXT User Guide for important 
FCC information. 

Placing the antenna 
XM recommends the antenna be placed on the roof either: 

e In front of the rear window (option 1) 
e Behind the windshield (option 2) 

For best performance, make sure the antenna has an unobstructed view of the 
open sky and is surrounded by a minimum of 3 to 6 inches of metal. 

Warning: Failure to properly install the antenna may result in injury to yourself or to 
others if it becomes detached during an accident. 

if your vehicle’s audio system 
has a built-in cassette player. 

For a neat, fully integrated instal- 
lation, use the DELPHI FM DIRECT 
ADAPTER (model SA10112, sold 
separately). The FM Direct 
Adapter must be connected to 
your car radio and to the car’s FM 
antenna. We recommend that you 
consult a professional installer. 

TofM antenna 

TER is the easiest and quickest 
way to hear XM programming 
in your vehicle. Simply set your 
FM radio and your roadyXT to 
the same frequency. 

TIP: If using option 1 and routing the antenna 
cable through the trunk seal, use the lowest part 
of the weather seal. This should minimize any 
water leaks. 

TIP: If using option 2 and routing the cable along 
the door jamb, use the weather seal near the 
bottom of the door to minimize water leaks. 

TIP: For best results when using your 
roadyXT’s wireless FM transmitter, mount 
the XM antenna as close to your vehicle’s 
FM antenna as possible. The FM antenna 
may be a wire or metallic strip embedded 
in the windshield or rear window. 

TIP: Don’t install the XM antenna inside your 
vehicle or on a non-metallic surface. Doing so 
will likely degrade the signal and you will probably 
experience more signal interruptions.