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Full text of "The Lynx Forever Lincoln College 1981-82"

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How quickly pass the days and years. 
Time never waits for man. 

Unceasingly the minutes fly 
To fill a waiting span. 

Upon the years forever gone 
And feel they were well spent; 

And still remember present time 
Will only shortly last. 

How happy he who may look back. 
With pleasure and content. 

And then will be, however lived, 
A memory of the past. 

Agnes Davenport Bond 

B. Danner M. Ertel J. Dellinger 



Dr. J. Michael Bowers, Dean of Administration Dave Hawkinson, Associate Dean of Students 


Switchboard Operator: B. Ryan 

1981-82 Dorm 

1981-82 Dorm Directors 
(L-R — Front Row) Marianna Taylor, Jim 
Lemon, Candi Kingsley (Housing Coordinator), 
Robin Marker. 

(back row) Cathy Dial, Sue Gruber, Kelly 
Chick, Bill Twaddel, Mark HoUenbach, Sam 
Richards, (absent: Scott Payne, Dave Sincox, 
Jim Phillips). 


Lincoln College swim team members: Back Row: Karen Stayman, Katy Coughlin, Teresa Coughlin, 
Carol Fewkes, Sue Szabo, Bob Lenz, Rick Sipe, Rob Coulam, Front Row: John Toft, Patricia Brown, 
Rene Rankin, Tony Porter, Jim Lowenstein, Amy Burns, John Minick, Nick Perisin 


Girls Volleyball Team, Back Row: Lisa Disbro, Pat Murphy, Pam Moore, Debbie Huchinson, 
Chris Fletcher, Diane Crowell, Carla Peters. Front Row: Kim Rippy, Karen Renfrow, Terri 
Ott, Lisa Mammen, Joannie Soaw 

Volleyball team member Terri Ott gets on over for th» 


Lady Lynx Basketball member Amy 
Baudouin goes up for two points 

Girls Basketball team: Back row: Pat Murphy, Kerri Hanson, Jannifer Johnson, Joan Sowa, Yolanda 
Block, Amy Baudouin, Front Row: Carla Peters, Kay Martin, Tangi Waldrop, Debbie Higgins, Diane 

The Lincoln College Soccer Team. 

Row 1: Pirouz Pirouzraey, Rusty Sibler, Billy Endean, John Mclaughlin, Rick Colen, Kevin Moore. Row 2: Chuck Christiansen, Okore Azuma, Dave Bazzoni, 
Kirk Weaver, Brian Shanley, Dan Brink. 

Row 3: Joe Greenspan, David Mills, John Sheehy, Larry Roseth, Louis Garland, Mart Rimmele, Tom Baier, Jim Sheehy, Mark Odiguez, Coach Rod Dalton. 

The Men of the field Where Physical Contact 
is Distributed and Absorbed 

Dave Bazzoni on the move of closing in on a goal against opponents. 

Jim Sheehy shows his skills as he maneuvers the ball against 

1981-82 Lynx Basketball Team 

Row 1: Kevin McCaster, Terry Borner, Tyrone Jenkins, Tom Townslay, Clay Britton, Alonzo Echols Row 2: Willie McCray, Tony Tuttle, Tom B 
King, Tony Thomas, Skip Reining 

1981-82 Tennis Team 

Row 1: Scott Joslin, Phil Freeman, Mike Buccola, Bob Simer Row 2: Coach Joni Comstock, Gary Frey, Jeff Gertsen, Victor Pasik, Coach Mark Hollenbach 

1981-82 Lincoln College Baseball Team 

Team Members: Jack Cullen, Greg Bee, Pat Sarver, Del 
Sutte, Stan Hudson, Jery DuBois, Larry Leonardo, 
Dave Grain, Gary Eimer, James Pugh, Mark Clark, 
Mark DeVries, Tim Evans, Paul Gonzales, Scott 
Bredeman, Skip Reining, Jeff Gerlick, Allen Miller, 
Jeff Stollhans, Craig Howard, Hal Mclntire. 



Abby Brester Jill Hogan 

The Rev. Dr. Harper Daniel Miller 

Teddy Brewster James N. Lemon 

Officer Brophy Donovan B. Carey 

Officer Klein Rick Sipe 

Martha Brewster Tina M.Wright 

Elaine Harper Virginia J. Kaplafka 

Mortimer Brewster Scott Tidaback 

Mr. Gibbs D. Scott Karnuth 

Jonathan Brewster R'ck Bowsher 

Dr. Einstein Michael David Hayes 

Officer 0"Hara Jim Miller 

Lieutenant Rooney Ray C. Bement 

Mr. Wilherspoon Victor E. Pazik 

Production Staff 

Stage manager Melissa Seyer 

Lighting manager David Barber 

Sound Mark Beavan 

Stage Crew Ry C. Bement 

Properties Meredith Schaubel 

Make-up Karen Sanuw 

Amy Zaretsky 
Costume Melinda Gordon 

by Edward Albee 

Charlie Mark Beck 

. . . "it wasn't real. It wasn't enough for a memory." 

Nancy Kathleen M. Zasadil 

". . .Let's merely have it for today . . . and tomorrow, and . . . who knows" 

Leslie James Berner 

"Your're pretty odd yourselves, though you've probably never looked at it tht 

Sarah Lisa Leppek 

". . . we had change ... we didn't feel we belonged there any more." 

Top left: Mark Beck and Kathy Zasadil 

Right; Kathy Zasadil, James Berner, Mark Beck, and Lisa Leppek 
Bottom Left: Lisa Leppek and James Berner 


The director of the play -Mr. Kint-feels: "This 
play is a very good example of a small cast 
musical. The simple pit and set worked very 
well together, and that's what was so unique 
about the Fantasitcks. 

1st row: Daniel Miller (the actor Henry) Richard Colen (the man who dies — Mortimer) Lisa 
Leppek (the girl — Louisa) Victor E. Pazik (the boy — Matt) 2nd row: Ray Bement (the 
narrator — El Gallo) Geri Gorowski (the mute) D Scott Karnuth (the girl's father — Bellamy) 
Sanford Blechman (the hoy's father — Hucklebee) 

1st Row: Victor Pazik and Lisa Leppek 2nd 
Row: D. Scott Karnuth and Sanford Blechman 

Lisa Leppek and Ray Bement 




Back Row: Scott Karnuth, Bryan Thrun, Scott Tidaback, Direoce Rolack, Louis Vega, Jeff Calhoun, Sanchus Armstrong, Victor Pazik, Ray . 
Bement. 3rd Row: Dan Miller, Sanford Blechman, Tony Porter, Mark Beavan, Charles Jones, Rick Sipe 2nd Row: Alicia Arellano, Virginia; 
Kaplafka, Melinda Gordon, Kimberly Purnell, Samara Korelstein, Linda Stewart 1st Row: Michelle Foster, Lisa Leppek, Melinda Clayton,! 
Dawn LaForge, Jean Anderson, Ruth Stahlecker. 

Those absent: Jane Fulton, Kim Wiltjer, Melissa Coers, Meredith Schaubel, Kathy Zasadil. 

Chamber Singers 

Back Row: Scott Tidaback, Bryan Thrun, Mark Beavan, Ray Bement, Victor Pazik, Rick Sipe. Front Row: Melinda Gordon, Virginia Kaplafka, 
Lisa Leppek, Melinda Clayton, Dawn LaForge, Melissa Coers, Ruth Stahlecker. 


Chamber Ensemble 

Jazz Band 

Row 1: Tony Porter, Patricia Brown Row 2: William Maicke, 
Mark Gillen, Bryan Thrun 

Don Landreth, Jim Mangino, Jerry Spivak, Patrick Suess, 
Bryan Thrun, William Maicke, Torrus Phillips, Mark Allen, 
Sergio Jaquez, Rick Shull. Missing is Pattie Brown. 

Speech Team 

Row 1 : Tina Wright, Clifton Williams, Jill Hogan, Scott Karnuth, Row 2: Dan Miller, Jeannette Williams, April Randall. 
Calvin Read, Kelly Powell, Pamela Young, Bob Ackerson, and Coach Audrey Wells. 

Radio Club 

Row 1: Devery Hayes, Jon Schwartz, Charles Bernstein, Mark Rimmele, Chip Tate, Scott Harrelson, Mike Farmer, I 
Donavan Carey. Row 2: Rusty Silber, Louise Rosenberg, Bill Bressie, Sanford Blechman, Tim Tarter, Tina Wright, 
Veronica Gibbs. Row 3: Don Begolka, Jerry Spivack, Pat Suess, Kenneth Watson, Louis Garland, Jim Barton, Mike 
Jamison, Lewellyn Brown, Jane Zachary, Marion Andi, Brayton Danner 



Dance Company 

Row 1: Toni Brown. Row 2: Kelly Powell, Melinda Gordon, Andi Marion, 
Pandy Purdie, Felicia Cooper. Row 3: Sandy Rasqus, Rick Bowsher, Sharon 
Smith, Lisa Kosner, Karen Stayman Row. 4: Karen Spencer, Michelle 
Magee, Ray Bement, Pamela Young 


Ray C. Bement 

James G. Berner 

Charles S. Bernstein 

Matthew Daniel J. Brink 

Tom Brown 

Toni M. Brown 


Susan E. Curtis 

Jerald L. DuBois 

William M.Elder 

Gary D. Frey 

Jane E. Fulton 

Gary A. Eimer 

Philip G. Freeman 

Stephanie Garland 

Richard T. Gawne 

Melinda F. Gordon 

Micheal A. Greger 

Kelly A. Hall 

Timothy J. Hamann 

Paul L. Gonzales 

Malcolm J. Griffith 

Denice H. Harris 



Joanie Sowa 

Karen S. Stayman 

Gregory P. Still 

Diane M.Vaughn Teresa M. Vogel Tracy L. Ware 


By Jill Hogan 

Sandy Carich was an adventurer. She was always looking for excitement. A day did 
not go by without her playing a game or two of Acee Ducee and bopping around cam- 
pus with her headband. 

Some of Sandy's specialties that we may never forget were, for one, her Roller- 
skating down the hall of Olin-Sang. For a girl who tried so hard for an A from room 
inspection, she sure wound up in the trash can a lot. 

It was evident how happy Sandy was to be here. She had made some very special 
friends, and found a place where she belonged. 

One of Sandy's favorite things in life was poetry. One of her favorite poems was 
written by Gordon Lightfoot . . . 

I wish you 

good spaces 

in the far away places 

you go. 

If it rains 
or it snows, 
may you be safe 
and warm . . . 

And if you need 
somebody sometime 
you know I will 
always be there. 

Gordon Lightfoot 


Mark A. Goree Jennifer Gorey William L. Gunter Dalonta S. Hale Jeffery R.Hanson Alan S. Harrelson 

Arthur C.King LisaA.Kosner Toshiaki Kusanagi Yung Tat Lam 

Lonna D. Leak James N. Lemon Lisa A. Leppek Melissa J. Levi 


Mark A. Johnson Kurt A. Kamberg 

Morris M . Kelley Clifford J . Kimber 

Donald G. Landreth Victoria A. Lavin 

Marisa C. Lewis Tom S. Lewis 

Nicholas A. Perisin John R. Perry III Carla Y. Peters 

Patrick L. Pontrelli William A. Porter 


Karen M.Spencer Ozel Spencer Kimberly R. Spires Jerry C. Spivaek Ruth E. Slahlecker Michael T. Slange 

Thomas G. Stefanic 


Todd A. Stern Del S. Sutter 


David Taylor Matthew M. Thomas Bryan A. Thorpe Bryan L. Thrun 

Tristan R. Trova 


SusanJ.Szabo Frank A. Tavitas Chip A. Tate Jr. 

Tony T. Tuttle 

Louis A. Vega Marlene M. Vermoch Miriam ViUarrubia David P. Waite Tangi D. Waldrop Kenyette L. Walker 

k \f\/r\i 

Mark J. Walker Marchel C. Walker Charles H. Washington Tami L. Wattelet Kathy M. Wellmann Alfred J. We.strick 






Brothers On Campus 

G. Mega-Fy 



First row: James Jauss, Karen Drexler, Karen Stayman, Diane Newman, Lynn Rodriguez, Christina Chiu Back Row: Victor Pazik, Mark Greger, 
Mark Gillen, Charles Jones. STXJDEIVT SEIVATE 

First Row: Malcolm Griffith, Edward Roe, Meredith Schaubel, Amy Zaretsky Second Row: James Pugh, Laurie Newham 



Snowbound at the Lynx 

Homecoming Events 


'Don't go on Sam's floor after hours!' 

Is this live or is it Memorex?' 

'Long Live T???' 

'At Lincoln College we get all kinds. 


Humanities Fair 

The Intramural Football Game 





Roxanne and her body guards 

Yum! Fresh baby shark 



san angeio, texas