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This document is classified 
Unauthorized review will be 

prosecuted under the Universal 
Space-Time Continuum Codes 
11452.669b and 79516.414h. 






by Agent MELKIOR 
April 2092 

This report summarizes the events that lead to the arrest of 
JARLATH EQUS, who was responsible for stealing a valuable 
sample of the element AMERICIUM 1492. He hid the 
radioactive material in the past, endangering the equilibrium of 
the time continuum. For this reason the Space-Time Police were 
assigned to handle the case. 

The disks enclosed with this manual will allow you to relive this 
mission as DORALICE PRUNELIER. She is a woman who 
was selected without her awareness by the Central Computer 
of the Space-Time Police because of her historical-temporal ties 



The events in this game take place in three locations 
and two time periods: 

1992 - Manor de la Pruneliere - Atlantic Coast - Europe. 
1840 - Ship - The Briscarde - Caribbean Sea. 
1840 - Island of St. Cristobald - Caribbean Islands. 


In 1840 the treasure belonged to a tribe on the West Coast of 
Africa. Hoping to take it back without attracting the attention of 
the Space-Time Police, Jarlath decided to establish himself on a 
Caribbean Island by marrying the daughter of a rich plantation 
owner. Taking advantage of he slave trade, he sent for the trea- 
sure as well as for a few slaves. Then, on the island, he prepared 
the final part of his plan: He hired a pirate to wreck his ship with 
the treasure aboard near a seaside manor he had purchased on 
the coast of Europe. In this way the treasure would be safely hid- 
den from the Space-Time Police. 

We find ourselves facing a sensitive case of temporal manipulation 
with recursive characteristics. The percentage of paradox having 

reached a critical ceiling, an upheaval or even the destruction of 
the inner structure of the universal biological inheritance must be 
anticipated. Only the extraction of the disturbing element from the 
factual context can correct the perverse effects. 



At the end of the 20th century modern biologists were already using 
the retro-evolution of sick cells which allowed them to go back to a 
healthy structure and influence a new and positive evolution of the 
organism. At the same time theoreticians in thermodynamics were 
demonstrating the macroscopic reversibility created by intense mag- 
netic fields. Thanks to the convergence of the two scientific fields, it 
took less than a century to develop the techniques necessary for the 
evolution of matter to the past. The purpose was not to rejuvenate the 
subject but to rejuvenate his environment. This technology, which 
today has been miniaturized, allows us to go back in time. 

Professor Falco, specialist in quantum mechanics 
From his book “The Past Future”, January 2092) 


A trace of this element was first detected by accident on a meteor 
fragment owned by a family of collectors for more than a century. 
Chance played a role a second time when a crystal weighing sev- 
eral tons was discovered approximately one hundred feet below 
the surface of the Gulf of Mexico. It was determined in a laborato- 
ry located on a satellite, that the crystal could withstand extraordi- 
nary temperatures and rates of acceleration. The applications for 
an element with these properties would be revolutionary, especial- 
ly for the military. One detail needs to be mentioned: The element 
has been given the atomic code name Americium 1492. It is com- 
posed of heavy molecules and has a high level of radioactivity 
that lasts three thousand years. This may jeopardize its immediate 
application since it cannot be used as long as it is radioactive. 

Professor Falco, specialist in quantum mechanics 
From his book “The Past Future”, (January 2092) 

by Colonel Orson, recruitment specialist 

The year is 1992. The subject is a young woman, 27 years old 
and extremely intelligent. She works as a ship’s captain which 
allows her to be financially comfortable. 

NOTE: She is a gambler. Everything she earns disappears! 

Her job is a good reflection of her independent nature and her rest 
lessness. She prefers the danger of jungles to the luxury of palaces. 
Her father is an ethnologist, a specialist in Amerinds, who loves 
open spaces. Her mother is a famous Brazilian singer with the 
Opera of Manaus. The subject lives in a luxurious apartment in 
Paris where she often entertains her many friends and enjoys cook- 
ing exotic meals for them. She has a taste for fine liquors: Whiskey, 
rum and cognac. Her favorite drink is the Pina Colada. Her 
favorite foods are eggs prepared in any and all imaginable ways 
with anything and everything. She adds salt and pepper before 
tasting and likes spicy hot dishes. 

She loves old-style jazz. She hates chess but adores Go. She can- 
not understand bridge but plays Scrabble with her best friend. She 
is healthy and strong and has taken up several different sports: 
Hang gliding, aikido, and scuba-diving, but there is none that she 
really prefers. She does not smoke. She detests weapons. She 
does not support any form of corporatism, politics or religion. She 
is not gullible or superstitious. She believes in science and is 
always searching for new sensations and unusual activities. She 
touches everything but does not take time to examine things more 
closely. For this reason she can give the impression that she is 

Sometimes she appears thoughtless or reckless. She loves difficult 
situations where her judgement, observation skills and deductive- 
mind can be tested. She has a passion for old American TV series, 
particularly MacGyver, Colombo and Mission Impossible. 

The subject is stable and well-balanced. She has all the attributes 
required to accomplish the mission that will lead to the arrest of 
Jarlath Equs. 


by Professor Nathaniel, 
expert in temporal criminology 

p" EUROPE ~ 2092 

JARLATH EQUS belongs to the “new generation 
of historians” who’ specialize in the synthesis of 
history and physics and are involved in the confi- 
dential research program studying travel in space 
and time. He has stolen a sample of Americium 
1492, a newly discovered material with revolu- 
tionary military applications, which he plans to 
eventually use for great personal gain. 
Unfortunately 3000 years are necessary for this 
material to become safe to use because it has the unpleasant qual- 
ity of being radioactive. Jarlath has devised a daring plan: He 
traveled back 3000 years in time and hid the sample beside a 
mummy in a golden Egyptian sarcophagus. Then as the years 
have gone by, he has kept track of his “treasure”. 

THE NEW EVENT - May - N 90 


THE NEW EVENT: Agent Melkior, can you remind us of 
the role of the Space-Time Police in 2092? 

MELKIOR: As you know, recent discoveries allow us to travel 
back in time with the use of a simple instrument worn on the wrist 
that generates an intense magnetic field. Time travel is a privilege 
and is limited to a few trusted people. The inevitable conse- 
quences of such an extraordinary discovery lead to the creation of 
the Committee for Temporal Ethics. Only A of the past is 
authorized. Any other sort of intervention is forbidden because of 
the danger involved. 

N.E.: You have just solved the case of the stolen 
Americium 1492 that we all heard about. 

M.: |m not the only one who deserves the credit. We owe much 
more to Doralice Prunelier, a lovely person who lives in 1992, for 
the solution to the case. | met her in 1840, aboard a ship called 
the Briscarde where | was working disguised as a cook. 

N.E.: It seems that the S.T.P. prefers to use persons 
from the past for interventions. Can you explain to us 
how she was chosen? 

M.: Well, Jarlath Equs, the criminal | was following, not only went 
back in time, he also influenced events. For that reason, the 
“Theory of Possible Futures” was to be applied and his fate was 
doomed. We just had to choose from all the possible futures, a 
temporal line that included his death as punishment and, of couse, 
one that included the existence of Doralice Prunelier. 

N.E.: Precisely what mistake did Jarlath make? 

M.: His first mistake was to marry, in 1840, Velvet Rochefort de la 
Pruneliere after having caused the death of her father. His second 
mistake was to bring to the Island of St. Cristobald his “treasure” 
(the stolen goods) and a slave named Yoruba. Yoruba had a child 
with Velvet and Doralice Prunelier is a direct descendant of that 
child several generations later. Our historians detected the tempo- 
ral wound caused by those two events which allowed us to local- 
ize Jarlath on this Caribbean Island. 

N.E.: And you neutralized Jarlath on that island? 

M.: Not me, Doralice. | wasn’t able to localize both the individual 
and the “treasure”. And | was in danger of losing one or the other. 

It was necessary for him to be confident of his plan in order for me 
to be able to track him down. He wasn’t cautious with Doralice, 
who was a dangerous opponent. She was the one who defeated 

N.E.: Has Doralice been informed of her role in the 
whole affair? 

M.: The Code of Temporal Ethics forbids such a thing. She contin- 
ved her life in the 20th century. Normally she wouldn't be aware 
of anything, but | really would like to have her as a partner again. 


The descendant of a family of Egyptian priests and 
the guardian of his tribe’s treasure, the sarcophagus 
of Pharaoh Amenotep. He was taken from his tribe by 
Jarlath, who brought him to the Island of St. 
= Cristobald and made him a slave. He became the 
lover of Jarlath’s wife, Velvet Rochefort de la Pruneliere. Doralice 
and Melkior will free him while aboard the ship sailing to Europe. 


Jarlath married her to inherit the plantation and her 
father's name. Neglected by her husband and lonely 
during his long absences, she fell in love with Yoruba 
| and had a child by him. She will lead Doralice to 
~ Maximin. 


The Captain of the Briscarde. Jarlath paid him to sink 
the ship transporting the sarcophagus off the shore of 
the manor he owns on the Atlantic Coast in Europe. 
His men fear him because of his revolver with a mag- 
netic grip that works only with his magnetized rings. 


A sailor on the Briscarde. He hates the Captain and is 
waiting for the opportunity to start a mutiny. Doralice 
will help him steal the Captain’s revolver in exchange 
for the promise that he will help her escape. 


The healer on the Island of St. Cristobald. He spends 
his time trying to avoid the excessive passion of Delia. 
Doralice aa to convince him to heal Yoruba. 

The fortune teller and Velvet's confidant. She is madly 

= in love with Makandal and spends her time concoct 

i ing love potions to use on him. She will help Doralice 

find Velvet. 


The cook at the plantation and Amilcar’s mother. 
Velvet entrusts Maximin to her care but Jarlath suc- 
pei in distracting her and endangering Maximin's 

The Pe son of Celeucie and Makandal. He tries to 
fool Doralice but he will lead her to Makandal. 


The storyteller. He knows everything that happens on 
the plantation, especially about the arrival of Jarlath 
and the death ot Velvet's father. Unfortunately, he 
loses his voice and cannot speak. When Doralice 
heals him he will help her to enter the plantation. 

The son of Yoruba and Velvet and the — of 
Doralice. His life is in great danger because of Jarlath. 

The parrot that Makandal gave to the Captain. When Philibert 
locks Doralice in his cabin it deters her from searching the place. 


1. You must have at least 18 megabytes to install this 

-Insert DISK 1 into the disk drive (e.g. A: or B:) 
-Type A: (or B:) and press ENTER. 
-Type INSTALL and press ENTER. 

-Follow the on-screen instructions. 

The installation allows you to choose the hard drive on which to 
install the game (eg. C: or D:), but automatically installs the game 

into a sub-directory called SIERRA\LOST (eg. C:\SIERRA\LOST). 
You may choose to create your own sub-directory. 
To start the game: 

Change to the hard drive and directory where you 
installed the game (eg. C:\SIERRA\LOST): 

-Type €: and press ENTER. 

-Type CD\SIERRA\LOST and press ENTER. 
-Type LOST and press ENTER. 

NOTE: If, after installing the game, you want to change the con 

— you are using to play the game (sound card or 
advanced configuration), use the following prodcedure: 

Change to the hard drive and directory where you 
installed the game (eg. C:\SIERRA\LOST) 

-Type €: and press ENTER. 

-Type CD\SIERRA\LOST and press ENTER. 

-Type SETUP and press ENTER. 

—— ooo — — 

To install the game: | 
-Insert the CD into the CD drive | 

Change to your CD drive (eg. D:): 
-Type D: and press ENTER. 
-Type INSTALL and press ENTER. 

Follow the instructions on the screen. 

To start the game: 
-Insert the CD into the CD drive. 
Change to the hard drive and directory where you installed 
the game (eg. C:\SIERRA\LOST): 
-Type €: and press ENTER. 
-Type CD\SIERRA\LOST and press ENTER. 
-Type LOST and press ENTER. 

NOTE: If, after installing the game, you want to change the configuation 
you are using to play the game (graphics card, sound card, Snap, 
mouse, joystick or advanced configuation), use the following procedure: 

-Insert the CD into the CD drive. 

Change to the hard drive and directory where you 
installed the game (eg. C:\SIERRA\LOST): 

-Type €: and press ENTER. 

-Type CD\SIERRA\LOST and press ENTER. 
-Type SETUP and press ENTER. 


In order to correctly use the disks enclosed with this manual, 
gee follow these instructions. You may use the mouse exclusive- 
y. In this manual “left click” means “click the left mouse button” 
and “right click” means “click the right mouse button”. 

THE SCREEN is divided into four areas from top to bottom: 

- The icon bar appears when the cursor is brought to the top 
of the screen. 

- The central area is where the adventure takes place. 
- The dialogue box is where text appears. 

- The bottom line is where the names of objects, places 
and characters appear. 


Moving the arrow cursor on the screen corresponds to “looking 
at” or “acting upon”. It enables you to find: 

- Exits or directions to go which appear as inging 
door” icons or green arrows depending on the location. 

- Particular objects, places and characters whose names 
appear on the bottom line. 

The object cursor appears when you pick up or use an object. 

The “OK” cursor appears when there is text to be read. When you 
have read the text on the screen left click to bring up the next part 
of the text or to continue if there is no more text. Right click to skip 
the text and continue. 


When you left click the arrow cursor on a usable object, you pick 
up the object and the cursor becomes an object cursor: 

- The object goes into your inventory when you right click. 

- The object can be used by left clicking the object cursor on 
another object, place or a The message: 
“USE (object) ON (object, place or character)” 
appears on the bottom line. Left click to proceed with the 
action. Right click to abort the action. 


The inventory can be opened by fan clicking. The objects that 
you currently have in the inventory will be displayed. 

To use an object on another object in the inventory: 

1. Take an object in the inventory by left clicking the 
arrow cursor on the object. | 

2. Bring the object cursor to the icon bar at the top of 
the screen. 

3. Left click the object cursor on the INVENTORY icon. 

A. Left click the object cursor on the desired object. 

— —— —— — en a — 

Six functions are available by bringing the arrow cursor to the top 
of the screen and left clicking it on the desired icon. Right click to 
exit a function. 


SAVE: Left click on SAVE when you want to save at a point in 
the game. There are 30 lines on which 30 games can be 
saved. Choose a line by left clicking on the up or down 
arrow and then left click on the desired line. The name of 
the place in the game will appear automatically or you 
can type ina different name. 

LOAD: Left click on LOAD when you want to restore a previously 
saved game. Choose a line by left clicking on the up or 
down arrow and then left click on the desired saved 
ame Pictures of where the games were saved appear in 
the window. 

QUIT: Left click on QUIT when you want to quit the game. 

VERSION: Left click on VERSION to see the version number of 

the game. 

i Mo 

There are a few “jokers” available in various places throughout 
the game that will give you some hints if you are stuck. You are 
only allowed to use three. 

o: Ned T È EOR 

Clues (INDEX), dialogues with the main characters (DIALOGUE) 
and what has happened in the game (MEMO) are automatically 
recorded (indicated by a flashing notebook icon) and can be 
checked as often as you want. You also have an additional page 
(the last page of MEMO) to type your own notes. Left click on your 
PAGE (in MEMO) or EXIT. 

s | 410 TANGO Y 

This is another way to open the inventory. 


A “map” of each of the three locations allows you to go directly to 
a place that you have already visited. Left click on the name of the 
place on the “map” that you want to go to. 

men, 6. OPTIONS 

MUSIC: Left click on MUSIC to turn the music on or off. An “>” 
indicates that the music is on. 

INFO: Left click on INFO to see the date, time, arar of 
the game completed and total amount of time in the 


(MS-DOS only) 

You may receive one or more of the following messages when 
playing your Sierra game or during installation. The following 
paragraphs show the possible error messages in bold with expla- 
nations and solutions detailed afterwards. 

CRC ERROR: This message means you have a bad disk. 
It stands for Cyclic Redundancy Check, a way to check for disk 
errors. See "The Sierra No Risk Guarantee" for more information 
on disk replacement. 

sage means you have a bad disk. See "The Sierra No Risk 
Guarantee" for more information on disk replacement. 

message means you probably have a low density floppy drive and 
are trying to read incompatible high density disks. 

AVAILABLE TO RUN THIS GAME: This message means that 
there is not enough free memory to successfully run the program. 
You may need to boot your system with a Boot Disk. See BOOT 

DISK INSTRUCTIONS on the following pages. 

SS — 
reading any MS-DOS game disk) This message means you have a 
bad disk. See "The Sierra No Risk Guarantee" for more informa- 
tion on disk replacement. 


Sierra programs require a large amount of memory (RAM) in 
order to function properly. If you are encounterin difficulties and 
want to see how much memory is available through MS-DOS, type 
MEM. An example of a typical system is: 

Largest executable program size 555K (568,320 bytes) 
If the "Bytes Free" line is below 568,320 (555K), please use a 

boot disk (Minimum memory i ln may vary per game.). 
To create a boot disk, please follow the instructions on creating a 
boot disk on the following pages. 


Booting your computer system with a Boot Disk before you py 
your Sierra game will keep any TSR (Terminate-and-Stay-Resident) 
programs from being loaded into memory. 


PLEASE NOTE: The format command must be used with care to 
avoid erasing all stored information on your hard disk. Please fol- 
low the instructions on the following pages exactly. 

Formatting From A Hard Disk 
1. Insert a blank disk into Drive A:. 

2. At the C: prompt, type: format a:/s [ENTER]. 

Note: If your A: drive is a 3.5" high density drive, using a low 
density disk, type: format a:/s/t:80/n:9 [ENTER]. 

Note: If your A: drive is a 5.25" high density drive, using a low 
density disk, type: format a:/s/t:40/n:9 [ENTER]. 

3. Follow the DOS prompts. 

Formatting From A Diskette Drive 
l. Insert your original MS-DOS system disk in Drive A:. 

2. At the A: prompt, type: format a:/s [ENTER] 

3. When prompted, insert a blank disk into Drive A: and follow 
the DOS prompts. 


NOTE: If you are going to use a mouse with your Sierra game, 
please refer to the mouse driver section prior to making the Boot Disk. 


If you will be using a mouse to play your Sierra game, you must 
copy your mouse pos onto your Boot Disk. There are two types 
of mouse drivers available: MOUSE.SYS and MOUSE.COM. The 
following is a step by step instruction on locating and loading the 
mouse river in either the CONFIG.SYS OR AUTOEXEC.BAT file. 

1. LOCATING THE MOUSE DRIVERS: |f you do not know 
where the MOUSE.SYS or MOUSE.COM files are located, the 
command below will assist you in the locating these files. For users 
of DOS 5.0 or above, type the following at the C:\> prompt: 


This command will allow you to search all sub directories for a file 
called mouse. If the system locates a file called mouse, it will dis- 
play the path where the mouse files are located. For instance, if 
the MOUSE.SYS file is located in a C:\MOUSE directory, the sys- 
tem will display the following message: 

Directory of C:\MOUSE 

MOUSE SYS  5516003-10-92 3:10a 

MOUSE COM 5640803-10-93 6:00a 

If the system does not locate a mouse, your mouse driver may 
have a different name or these files may not be — installed 

on the system. Some other common names for mouse drivers are 
IMOUSE, GMOUSE, and HPMOUSE. The mouse driver files may 
also be copied directly from the floppy disk packaged with your 
mouse. For information on the proper name for your mouse, 
check the owners manual which came with your mouse. 

2. COPYING THE MOUSE DRIVER: Once you have located 
the mouse driver, you will need to copy it to the Bia disk. In this 
step, we are assuming that the mouse drivers were located in the 
C:\MOUSE directory as shown in the step above. To copy the 
MOUSE.SYS file to the boot disk, type the following at the C:\ 


Please substitute the appropriate path and file name for your 
mouse driver in the command line above. You should then see a 
message indicating that one or more files were copied. 

AUTOEXEC.BAT: The following are examples of statements that 
are required to be added to either the CONFIG.SYS or the 
AUTOEXEC.BAT for the automatic loading of the mouse driver. 
NOTE: Do not place a mouse statement in both the CONFIG.SYS 
and AUTOEXEC.BAT, only one option is required. 

peperone ee 
THE CONFIG.SYS FILE: (If MOUSE.SYS was copied to the Boot 

Type: devicehigh=mouse.sys 

THE AUTOEXEC.BAT FILE: (If MOUSE.COM was copied to the 
Boot Disk) 

Type: Ih mouse 

Refer to your mouse manual for further information on how to 
install your mouse driver. You may also call or fax Sierra 
Technical Support for assistance. 

U.S. Tel: (209) 683-8989 Fax: (209) 683-3633 
U.K. Tel: (44)734 303171 Fax: (44)734 303201 





. Insert your formatted blank disk into Drive A:. 
. Type: a: [ENTER] 

Type: copy con config.sys [ENTER] 

. Type: device=c:\dos\himem.sys [ENTER] 

. Type: device=c:\dos\emm386.exe ram 1024 [ENTER] 
. Type: dos=high,umb [ENTER] 


Type: files=30 [ENTER] 
Type: buffers=30 [ENTER] 

If you are using the MOUSE.SYS file to load your mouse, add 
the following line to the CONFIG.SYS: 

devicehigh=mouse.sys [ENTER] 

ciare EA ——— — 
13. IMPORTANT NOTE: |f you are using MS-DOS 6.0 with 
Doublespace disk compression, please add he command below 
to the CONFIG.SYS. If you are not currently using the 
Doublespace disk compression utility, skip the command below 
and continue to step 14: 

devicehigh=c:\dos\dblspace.sys [ENTER] 
14. Press the [F6] key, then press [ENTER]. A ^Z should appear 

and you should see the message: 1 File(s) copied.Now you need 
to create an AUTOEXEC.BAT file for your boot disk. 


l. Type: copy con autoexec.bat [ENTER] 

2. Type: prompt $p$g [ENTER] 

3. Type: path=c:\dos [ENTER] 

4. If you are using the MOUSE.COM file to load your mouse, 
add the following 

line to the AUTOEXEC.BAT: 


4. Press the [F6] key, then press [ENTER]. You should see the 
message: | File(s) copied. 

IMPORTANT!! After you have created a Boot Disk, you must 
REBOOT your computer with the disk. Leaving the boot disk in 
Drive A:, press [chiF[AM{De] at the same time. Your computer 
will now reboot, with a: as the default drive. Type c: [ENTER] to 
change back to your hard disk. Then type ed sierra [ENTER] to 
change to the Sierra directory. Follow the instructions in the manu- 
al to start the game, and have a great time! 

Boot Disk instructions for other DOS formats are also available for 
downloading from the Sierra BBS [U.S. (209) 683-4463 or U.K. 
(44)734 304227]. The file below contains instructions for a vari- 
ety of systems. After downloading this file, select the set of instruc- 
tions that will match your system best. 


If you have created a Boot Disk and booted your system with it 
before playing your Sierra game and your problem is still evident, 
something else may be wrong. Following are some trouble-shoot- 
ing tips that Sierra's Technical Support Department recommends. 

ad PRS SO RS Loe 

1. Boot your system with the Boot Disk you created. 
2. Reinstall the game under a Boot Disk environment. 

3. If you are experiencing any form of program hesitation or lock- 
ups during game play and are using a Sound Blaster or compati- 
ble sound card, the bian information is a temporary solution 
to have you up and running quickly. For Sound Blaster or compat- 
ible sound card users, run the install procedure from the game sub- 
directory and select the "Ad Lib" or "PC Internal Speaker" option 
for music Please Note: This temporary solution does not give you 
the option to hear the sampled sounds or the speech that may be 
available in your game. For correct sound card functionality, a 
call to Sierra On-Line's Technical Support or your sound card man- 
ufacturer's Technical Support is recommended. 

4. If you continue to encounter difficulties with your program, 
please refer to the "Technical Support" section on the following 
page for available options concerning contacting Sierra On-Line's 
Technical Support Department. 


All Systems 

Technical assistance is only a telephone call away. Call (209) 
683-8989 in the U.S. or (44)734 303171 in the U.K. for conve- 
nient, person-to-person service. If you prefer, you may request 
assistance by Faxing (209) 683-3633 in the U.S. or (44)734 
303201 in the U.K. or by mail. If you choose to write or fax us 
with your request, please give us detailed information on both 
your computer system and the nature of your problem. In addition, 
please include your address and telephone number should we 
need further information. 

Send to: U.S. EUROPE-U.K. 
Sierra On-Line Sierra On-Line Limited 
P.O. Box 800 Attention: Technical Support 
Coarsegold, CA Unit 2, Technology Centre 
93614-0800 Station Road 
Attention: Theale, Berkshire 
Technical Support RG7 4AA United Kingdom 

Sierra Technical Support is also available through: 

‘Sierra BBS: U.S. (209) 683-4463 or UK. (44)734 304227 
CompuServe-GAMAPUB, Section 11 (Technical Support ID - 76004,2143) 
Prodigy (Technical Support ID - WBWW55A) 

America Online 


*Answers to our most frequently asked questions are available through 
our Sierra BBS (U.S. only). 

a -$ — —— — — 

Sierra On-Line's Automated 
Technical Support Representative 

Sierra On-Line, in our commitment to provide the best Customer 
Service in the industry, offers a 24 hour automated Technical 
Support Line. "Robo Tech", our automated Technical Support 
Representative, has answers to our most frequently asked technical 
questions and is available by calling our Technical Support Line at 

(209) 683-8989. 

In the U.K., although there is no automated voice response system 
at this time, technical answers to many questions are available on 
the Bulletin Board, (44)734 304227. Or you may speak to a 
Technical Support Representative at (44)734 303171 Monday 
through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 


The best customer service in the industry... "You don't 
just buy our games, you buy the support of the whole 

Sierra On-Line is dedicated to helping their customers with each 
and every question or problem. Whether it's memory shortages, 

software compatibility, or any other issue that has to do with their 
products, Sierra will go to any length to solve, repair and guaran- 
tee your satisfaction. 

Customer Service 

Direct your inquiries to the Customer Service department for issues 
pertaining to returned merchandise, back orders, defective mer- 
chandise, company policy, and general game information. 

Technical Support 

Direct your inquiries to the Technical Support Department if your 
question is regarding hardware and software compatibility issues 
that are specific to Sierra games (i.e., sound card configuration 
and memory management). If you choose to write or fax us with 
your request, please give us detailed information on both your 
computer system and the nature of your problem. In addition, 
please include your address and lechore number should we 
need further information. 

Order games or hardware directly from Sierra On-Line, redeem 

coupons, use special discounts, or get a list of software dealers in 
your area where you can purchase Sierra games. 

Patch Disks 

If you have spoken to a Sierra Technical Support Representative or 
have read about an available patch disk in our InterAction 
Magazine, please send in your request for a patch (repair) disk to 
the "Patch Disk" address on the following pages. Please let us 
know the game and disk size you are having problems with. 


Game hints are available by phone, hint books (orders available 
through the Sierra Sales Department), through the Sierra Bulletin 
Board Service (209 683-4463) or by mail (see address on the fol- 
lowing page). If you want an immediate response, you can call 
our 24 hour Hint Line at: 900-370-5583. In the U.K., call 
(44)734 304004. 

$.75 each minute. Long distance charges are included in the fee. 
U.K. customers will be charged the normal rate for U.K. telephone 
calls. Callers under the age of 18 must get their parent's permis- 
sion before calling the hint line. ABSOLUTELY NO HINTS WILL BE 
time, the automated hint system is only available within the United 
States. all contents are copyrighted by Sierra On-Line and may 
not be reproduced in any form without express written permission. 


If you find that you need to send for replacement diskettes, send 
the original disk #1 in the size you need (3.5" or 5.25") to: 


Sierra On-Line Sierra On-Line Limited 

P.O. Box 485 Attn: Returns 

Coarsegold, CA 93614 Unit 2, Theale Technology Centre, 
Attention: RETURNS Station Road 

Theale, Berkshire RG7 4AA 
United Kingdom 

Be sure to include a note stating your computer type, and the size of 
diskette you need (5.25" or 3.5"). We will gladly replace your pro- 
gram free of charge for the first 90 days of ownership (please sali i 
a copy of your dated sales receipt with your request). After 90 days 
there is a $10.00 (£6.00) charge for 5.25" or 3.5" diskettes. 

THE PROMISE: We want you to be happy with every Sierra product 
you purchase from us. Period. If for any reason you're unhappy with 
the product, return it within 30 days for an exchange or a full 
refund...EVEN IF YOU BOUGHT IT RETAIL! (Hardware ordered direct 
must be returned within 10 days.) 

THE ONLY CATCH: You gotta telll us why you don't like it. Otherwise we'll 
never get better. Send it back to us and we promise we'll make things right. 
(I you bought it at a retail outlet, please send your original sales receipt). 

O ————————— — — 

Write in to Sierra Services 

To ensure prompt and efficient service, direct your requests to the 
appropriate department on this page. 




Customer Support Technical Support Sales Dept. 

P.O. Box 600 P.O. Box 800 P.O. Box 978 

Coarsegold, CA Coarsegold, CA Oakhurst, CA 

93614-0600 93614-0800 93644-0978 

1-800-SIERRA-5 (U.S.) For direct orders: 
Monday-Friday Call 1-800-326-6654 

EUROPE (U.K.) 8:15 a.m.-4:45 p.m. Fax (209) 683-4297 

Sierra On-Line Call (209) 683-8989 

Limited Fax (209) 683-3633 

Unit 2, Intl. orders: 

Technology Centre EUROPE (U.K.) Call (44) 734 303171 

Station Road, Monday-Friday Fax (44)734-303201 

Theale, Berkshire 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. 

RG7 4AA Call (44) 734 303171 

United Kingdom Fax (44) 734 303201 



Dept. 10 

P.O. Box 485 
Coarsegold, CA 



Hint Dept. 

P.O. Box 200 
Coarsegold, CA 

24 hour Hint Line: 

$.75 each minute 

(44)734 304004 


Fulfillment Dept. 
P.O. Box 485 


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