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Full text of "Without An S (Electric Company) (Lyrics)"

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(performed by Rita Moreno and Bill Cosby on The Electric Company) 

words by Tom Lehrer 

music: “Without a Song” by Vincent Youmans 

Without an S -- A nest would be a net. 
Without an S — The west would just be wet. 
What happiness! 

That pest could be a pet, 

Without an S. 

Without an S — A spin would be a pin. 
Without an S — Your skin would be your kin. 
And I confess 
That sin is really in, 

Without an S. 

A spine would then be a pine, 

And swine would turn to wine, 

A stick would be a tick. 

When you were sick, 

You wouldn’t feel sick, 

You’d only feel ick\ 

Without an S — A slap would be a lap. 
Without an S — A strap would be a trap. 
Your hands can’t clasp, 

No, they can only clap, 

Without an S. 

A scar would then be a car, 

A star would turn to tar, 

A mast would be a mat. 

Try running fast, 

You couldn’t be fast, 

You’d only be fat! 

Without an S — A ship would be a hip. 
Without an S — A slip would be a lip. 

When you undress, 

A strip would be a trip, 

Without an S.