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Full text of "Finch and Dench (Electric Company) (Lyrics)"

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(from The Electric Company) 
words and music by Tom Lehrer 

Frederick Fin-ch 
Never would flin—ch 
Even in a pin-ch 
Never gave an in--ch 
Ev’rything was a cin-ch--ch 
For Freddie Fin--ch, Fin--ch--ch 

Freddie Fin--ch. (Alt.: Fin--dee--din--ch) 

Deborah Den--ch 

Was a cool wen-ch 

Sitting on a ben--ch 

She would often clen-ch 

A book that was all in Fren--ch-ch 

Did Debbie Den--ch, Den--ch--ch, 

Debbie Den--ch. (Alt.: Den--dee--den--ch) 

Finch saw Den--ch 

Reading her Fren-ch 

Thought he’d try to wren--ch 

Debbie from her ben--ch 

He brought a bun--ch 

Of flowers to lun--ch 

She was pleased as pun--ch 

And I have a hun--ch 

The two of them are now in a clin--ch-ch 



Fin--ch, Fin-ch--ch, 

Freddie Fin--ch. (Alt.: Fin-dee--din--ch 

or Dench and Fin-ch)