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See the small 
sights of the world 

“Skull’n crossbones dead 
ahead!” PIRATELAND p. 7 

The fastest gun in a vest! 
See him in LEGOREDO® 

Town p. 8 N 


prenn ation A 

3 Legoland 


If you’re fourteen, 

you're past it! 


Unigue means of transport by TY 
land, sea and air p. II A ome p ay 

There's nothing like it in the whole wide world. 

You don't have to be five years old to surrender to its charm. 
It does help, though, to be guided along by a child 

or to draw on your own inner one. 
Nothing is real, of course. 

It’s all a state of mind. 

Aerial map of LEGOLAND® 
Park tells you what's where p. I2 

The Indoor Collections start 
with an enchanting selection 
of glossy pictures = 

p. 4 a A 

See one of the world's 
finest collections of dolls 
and their homes p. 14 

Pe“ VE 

with reality 

But just watch a child in the traffic school, intensely 
concentrated on securing a personal driving license with 
picture, official stamps and all. 
Or think of the very macho 6-foot adult, who become all 
misty-eyed when he found his own birthplace in the 
small, Norwegian mountain village of Miniland. 
Of course it’s not real. Magic never is. 


Queen Titania’s 

symbol is the white butterfly 
with orange-tipped wings. 
See her beautiful palace p. 16 

The amazing story of 
the LEGO® bricks — to be 
continued and continued. 

Start on p. I7 

Assorted fun and games 
for all ages — and some good 
restaurants, too p. 20 

It’s a fine sight when the 
LEGOLAND Brass Band 
comes marching by p. 20 

stamps at the 
Post Office p. 13 

The secret life of 
p. 3 

See the small sights... 

Actually, there wasn’t room 
for the whole wide world, but a 
large chunk of the better parts 
fitted in very nicely. 
If you want to see the small 
sights of the world, just take a 
stroll in the park. 
A slightly more than fair share 
of the scenery is Danish. We’re 
part of that kingdom, as it were. 
Adults are often impressed by 
sheer numbers... by the many 
millions of LEGO bricks that 
went into Miniland. 
Children are not. They just 
sense the magic and the 
imagination that went 
into it. And they enjoy 
great buildings - and 
humble ones, too - 
in a setting they will 
never find in real life. 
No modern buildings 
to dwarf the wonders. 
It really is a small 
world. And here you 
can watch the rest of it 

Tall, narrow houses 

50 by, if JOu stand still with dabs of whipped cream. 
long enough. They can only be Dutch. 

Scout around and try to 
find the Danish 
Egtved Girl. 
She's been a teenager 
for about 3,000 years. 

No, it’s not New York Harbor, but you can see 
the Statue of Liberty and other great sights 
from the mini-boats. 

Famous Nyhavn in Copenhagen 
is one long row of old houses 
and houseboats. 



i=<5 EEE 



I tree 

o ddd BAAR Ao gy 
| Y 
\ i 


E — 

zk Rd AEAT 

Skull’n crossbones dead ahead! 

Some time ago we were invaded by pirates, 

led by a certain one-legged Captain Roger with parrot 
ie and all. Jolly Roger himself, we presume. 
€ a The smoke hasn’t quite cleared yet. But the good captain 
has withdrawn into the deep caves - together with 
his gang of cutthroats and lots of wine and loot. 

Visitors can expect broadsides at the entrance. 

a Your only chance of a glimpse of Roger’s 
o „Je ill-gotten treasures is by following the same 
By J route he fought for, every inch of the way. 

By boat, past Fort Sabre and 
notorious Shark Island. 

(Yes, they are still circling it. 
But no, they are not allowed 
to nibble visitors). 

Take a boat ride into the caves 
and see the pirates enjoying 
themselves between fights. 

Captain Roger himself seems to be 
a nice enough fellow - off duty. 


POWDER Powore 


LEGOREDO Town is wide-open “™ 
except to horse thieves, card-sharps, patent M 
medicine peddlers and other rogues. my 
It’s also a working town. You’re welcome to lend a hand Lan iii 
panning for bright yellow stuff in the river sand. 
Or you can board a dump waggon and rattle along the old mining 
track inside the mountain. 
Or just follow the smoke signals. 
They tell tales of broiling steaks or spare-ribs. 
Other aromatic wisps will lead you 
to the camp fire of Chief Playing Eagle. 
He’s about 192 LEGO bricks tall, 
but very human. 
Small one-feather members of 
his large tribe mingle noisily with a lot 
of sheriff’s deputies in 
10-gallon hats. It’s wild. 
But your scalp is quite safe. 

G cy 
avd gi > RE 
none GOBED r 
atom Lead outlay 
on informe motor 
of You'll be in good company 

on a WANTED poster. 

Scores of other famous people 
have seen the jail 

from the wrong side 

of the bars. 

The artist, Bjorn Richter, 
created the sculptures: 
The Bison Hunt, 

the Mount Rushmore 
portraits and 

Sitting Bull. 

v H U 

Country & Western 
where it belongs. 

Never mind the sheriff. 
Heroes wear white hats. 

Grill party at 
Playing Eagle's campfire. 

No doubt about it. 
He's the fastest gun in a vest. 

See the old mines The o 
inside the ‘ 


nly monument in the 
world of Sitting Bull, 
most famous of all 

Sioux chiefs. 

Four American presidents carved in LEGO bricks: 
George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, : 
Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. fies 

No need to fight. 
This is a gold river with plenty of 
the stuff that coins are made of. 

‘Watch that 

Fantasy in motion 
Oddly enough there is not a single submarine in sight. Yellow or otherwise. 

Apart from this little flaw there are all kinds of public transportation by land, 
by sea and by air. They move around in every conceivable direction — 
often at the same time. 

A good number of them are just for fun. But others are strictly official 
and the only possible access to other worlds. 

There is also an international traffic 
school for the 8 to 13 year-olds, 
always obscured by crowds of 
parents. Don’t be too impressed 
by their hypnotic concentration. 

It’s not concern for the kids. 
It’s just plain envy. 


You're not really that Ride one of the few monorails in the world, 

high up. But it’s just just feet above everybody else’s heads. 

like seeing the wo Or bounce up and down in the LEGOCOPTERo. 
from a balloon < You won't get anywhere, 

feet up in the air. but it’s heaps of fun. 

DUPLO® cars 
for the under-8s without a 

There are many ways of travelling the world in relative comfort. Take a safari ride so close to the animals 
that you can almost smell them. Or drift down the canals and see more famous buildings in five minutes 
ng licence. than you would in a lifetime. Mind the canoes, though. They may leave you just a wee bit soaked. 


*17. RED INDIAN CAMP. Bake twistbread over Chief Playing 













. LEGO TRAIN. Start your day 

. LEGOTOP® Tower has a S Sine “alate A 

. LEGOCOPTER helicopters spin up 

. LEGO SAFARI. Hop aboard a safari 

. LEGO TECHNIC LAND - a workshop for 

. DUPLO CARS for the under-8s. 
. LEGONDOL. A Ferris wheel for very young 
. DUPLO PLANES - a merry-go-round for small 

. DUPLO MERRY-GO-ROUND has spinning tubs. 
. MONORAIL. The only one in Denmark. A great ride 


= Separate charge. 
Activities in and 
around Miniland 

with a trip round the park to get 
your bearings. 

revolving panorama lift which q 1 Me s = Da 
offers splendid views of Billund and 4 RS ye 2 ~ 
the surrounding countryside. 

MINI-BOATS. Take a round-the- 
world cruise. Among the famous 
sights you ll see are the Statue of 
Liberty, Bangkok’s Golden Temple, 
the Acropolis, Abu Simbel. 

CATERPILLAR. A tummy-tickling ride. 
and down. 

truck and meet Africa’s wildlife. 
It's quite safe — the animals are made 
from LEGO bricks. 

the whole family. Build robots or vehicles 
and try them out. 

Activities in and around 

TRAFFIC SCHOOL for the 8-13 year-olds. 
The twenty-minute driving lessons in small 
electric cars are given in the pupils’ own 
languages. "Driving licences” for those who 
pass the test. 

You don't need a licence. 
children and their parents. 


for all ages, 4-5 metres above the ground. 

Activities in and around 

LEGOLDMINING CO. Pan for the yellow stuff in the 
river and have it turned into a souvenir medal. 

MINE TRAIN. Ride deep into the mountains, 
where lots of surprises await you. 
The station is at Sitting Bull. 

TIMBER RIDE. Tree-trunk waggons whirl round the 
mountain rift. Next to the "Great Bison Hunt” relief. 

Eagle’s campfire and get a headband with a feather. 

deputy sheriff, with your own silver star. 

LEGO CANOE. A canoe ride on the rushing river through 
the wild country, with its richly varied animal life. 

WESTERN RIDE is a real old-fashioned carousel in the 
LEGOREDO Town Square. 

PIRATELAND. An exiting boat-trip into the rocky grotto, 
where the pirates lead their colourful lifes. 


Visitors’ Service Centre 

E e ; Bank: 
s p / Vee Money exchange, cashing of traveller’s cheque, 
E K and other bank services. 

Post Office: 

All ordinary postal services. 

Special LEGOLAND stamp will be applied 
to all letters and postcards. 

WA Fae Tourist Office: 
a m2 We'll help you with information about 
Denmark, leaflets, reservations etc. 


Drinking trays for dogs 
at several points in the park. 

First aid: 
There is a First Aid Station next 
to the Traffic School. 


Many benches and tables are available. 
Special picnic area 

behind LEGOREDO Town. 

At your disposal at the entrance. 


Several pay phones in the park. 
You can buy telecards at 

the Information desk. 

83 toilets in the park. 

There is an attended wardrobe 
room next to the entrance. 

Wheel chairs: 

May be borrowed free of 
charge at the entrance. 
The park is accessible 
everywhere by 
wheel chair users. 

me " " © ee + 

+, n a 


The collection has no finer kitchen than this one from Holstein in Germany, from about 1800. 
The tin- and copperware is in a class by itself. 

Any girl could get itchy fingers from this glorious 
collection of dolls and doll’s houses. They reflect 
the everyday life, furniture styles, clothes 
fashions and coiffures of bygone days. As bygone 
as the latter part of the 16th century. 

Some of the more antique dolls are not really dolls 
at all, let alone playthings. They were the fashion 
models of their time, sent by dressmakers to 
their customers. You can't play with them either, 
but you can get very close to all 500 of them. 

scraps are chromolithographies. 
They are also bits and pieces from the 
good old days: Angels and roses and 
other romantic motives from the 1860s 
and later. They give us a sort of picture 
of those days - though a very glossy one. 

= 7) 3 
“Madeleine Renaud” from “Lady Elton” from 1690 is very "Madame" from 1750 
about 1580. She’s the oldest English and a very rare lady. Note is probably of French nobility. 
in the collection. the fashionable mole above her eye. Note the nice, hand-cut smile. 


Danish doll’s houses never reached 
international heights, but the 

"Skottenborg" from 1850 comes close. 

Our small 

Over the years some 
fascinating items have 
found a good home in 
our Indoor Exhibitions. 
They are not at all related 
to LEGO bricks, but they’re 
family of a sort; small play- 
things, beautiful or bizarre, 
and with no other purpose 
than to charm people. 

So go and be charmed by an- 
cient dolls, stately elfin homes, 
glossy pictures of pretty little 
girls and rosy angels (same 
thing, really), or old mechani- 
cal toys and lots more. 


There are several entrances to the 
exhibition wing along the south side of 
the park. Starting at the main 
entrance, the collections are found 
in the following sequence: 

Just push the button 
to make the toys 
come to life. 

Glossy pictures 

More than 30,000 fine old book 
scraps from a private collection. 
Special book on sale in the LEGO 


25th Annual Exhibition 
Highligts of the first 25 years - 
and a peep behind the scenes. 

Antique dolls 
and doll’s houses 

ý One of the world's largest 

: collections with more than 500 
dolls and doll’s houses. Special 
brochure on sale in the LEGO 

TITANIA’S PALACE Of course, mechanical toys aren't much fun, 
The most exciting of its kind with more than if they can't move. Most of them can, but they re 
3,000 valuable miniatures. too old and too delicate to be exposed to a few 
Special brochure on sale. (See p. 16). million small fingers a year. So, nowadays they 

only perform in movies. 

Mechanical toys The practical tin contraption above is one of 
1,400 toys ranging from the 1820s to 1940. more than 1.400 toys in our collection. 
Some of them can be seen in action on video They are exhibited in transparent bubbles, so 
screens. that you can get very close to them and study 

them from all angles. 
LEGO products 
through the years 
(See p. 17). 

LEGO Workshop 
Thousands of LEGO bricks 
to play with. (See p. 19). 

LEGO Show 
The latest theme of the international 
exhibitions. (See p. 19). 



At first sight you won’t believe it. 
Very few of the real grand 
palaces in this world measure 
only 6.25 square metres. 
The official story is that Sir 
Neville Wilkinson spent 26 
years building this extra- ¢ 
vagant palace for his little “ 
daughter Gwendolyn / 
— who had one day seení 
a poor homeless ` 
fairy in their 

But we know 
better. B 
The palace tá j 
is really the `” 

home of Titania and 
Oberon, Queen and 
Prince Consort 

of the Fairies, and 
their children. 

You can’t see them, 
of course. 

Fairies only come 
out at night, 
when the park 
is closed. 

Just use your fingernail 
as yardstick. 

All these items from 
Titania's boudoir are 

as large - or small - as life. 

r o TTS e o 
This magnificent room is The Hall of the Note the silk-embroidered banners with 
Fairy Kiss for members of that j the royal butterfly and the Latin motto: 
most noble Elfin order. = Nihil sine labore. Nothing without work. 
Every tiny detail here and in the rest } How very appropriate. 
of the palace is exactly what it appears to be. Just try to imagine the tools 
If it looks like gold, it is gold. required for such perfection. 

Tapestries are woven in the old fashion. 
The china may be thin as paper, 
but it’s still real china. 

For a family of nine this is a cosy little palace. 
There are eighteen rooms filled with more than 
3,000 miniature objects from furniture down to 
jewelry in the two-millimetre range. The bureau 
is an example of the meticulous work. It’s 
decorated with red lacquer - and yes, we did find 
all the secret drawers. We think. 

Just behind the small nose you may catch 

a glimpse of Titania's throne in the large and 
opulent room of state. 

It’s inlaid with gems - and they are not imitations. 


"I put things 

He certainly did. 

Putting things together 

is what LEGO means in Latin. 
But Ole Kirk Christiansen didn’t know that when he foun- 
ded the company in the early 1930s. Classical languages 
were not part of a Danish carpenter’s education. 
He just condensed the Danish words "Leg Godt” (Play 
well) into LEGO. No contradiction there. 
In the early 1950s his son Godtfred developed the LEGO 
System after someone had the decency to invent plastic at 
the right time. The LEGO brick is not really a brick. 

It’s an idea. An inexhaustible source of solid fuel for 
young creative minds. 
And for our own staff of eternal children. 

In the mid-thirties the small Like all other toys the silently quacking 
fact egan branding its popular duck was handpainted 
wooden toys with the name LEGO. by local people. 

A tentative plastic production was They may look like the real thing, but 
started in the forties. The brightly they're not. They are among the first 
coloured fish are rattles. attempts from 1949. 

Since then the family has grown 
- and even grown up a bit. 

The little LEGO persons were born 
in 1974 and became instantly popular. | 

The LEGO company 
was one of the car 
manufacturers back 
in the thirties, so it was 
only natural for us to 
move on to a more 
complicated technology, 
closer to the real thing. 
The system is called 

and includes a lot of 
advanced gadgets. 

Apart from the factory across the street 
you won't find more LEGO bricks in one place 
anywhere else in the world. 

Thousands of them are lying around to play with, 
and the rest are neatly packed in their boxes 
in the shop nearby. 


You may have a sneak preview of 
the current LEGO Show, before it 
starts travelling all over the world. 
The show is a thematic 
exhibition of what can 
be done with LEGO 
bricks, if you really put 
your mind to it. 

Usually, a show includes 
a lot of sound, light 
and motion. 


The Workshop 

It may look like a playroom, 
but that’s a naive adult point-of-view. 
It’s the workshop. 

What you see isn’t play, but small world-famous , 
designers at work. Hard, concentrated work. VK 
Outside you've seen the results of professionals 

with access to untold millions of LEGO bricks. 

In here we just give the kids a free hand and 

watch what comes out of it. č 
And we are not above b 
borrowing a few ideas, either. 


Children have many 
ways of getting 

dizzy moving 

up and down, 

in circles or both. 

It’s perfectly safe to board the ship. 
The pirates don't run the restaurant. 

The letter box is made of LEGO bricks, 
of course. But it’s properly authorized, 

and all letters will be provided with our 
official stamp. 

Send a letter to yourself as a souvenir. 

You won't see the Changing of the Guard 

at Amalienborg Castle. Enjoy the LEGOLAND 
Brass Band instead. It’s a bit smaller, but the music 
is great — and not limited to marches. The forty 
members are all local teenagers, and their own 
musical preferences may creep into the repertoire. 


Pizzas, grilled chicken, pasta dishes. 


A la carte dishes and desserts. 


Spareribs and cold draught beer. Applepie and coffee. 
Grill House: 

Steaks and kebabs from the open grill. 

Captain Roger’s: 

Light dishes. Hot and cold drinks. 


Sausages, burgers, coffee and pastries. 

Canoe Inn: 

Light dishes. Hot and cold drinks. 

Drive Inn: 

Sandwiches, pizzas, hot dogs, ice-cream. 


Sausages, burgers and ice-cream. 

Step Inn: 

Sausages, sandwiches, coffee and pastries. 

Waffle Bakery: 

Homemade waffles with strawberry jam. 

Western Kiosk: 

Sausages, popcorn and ice cream. 

First — class restaurant. 


General Store. 
In LEGOREDO Town. Large selection of goods 
- souvenirs, hats, ceramics etc. 

"Wanted Dead or Alive” posters with your name 
printed on them. 

Leather Shop. 
In LEGOREDO Town. Leatherware and many 
other items. 

LEGO Shop. 
At the Service Centre. LEGO products, posters, 
postcards, souvenirs etc. 


This is the park’s own hotel with 
128 comfortable rooms and a num- 
ber of well-equipped conference 

The restaurant has an international 
alacarte menu, also with delicious 
Danish specialities — and a 
renowned wine-cellar. 

There is direct access via the Indoor 
Collections, and the restaurant is 
open to all visitors of the park. 

Phone: +45 75 33 12 44 

New models are mostly built 
at least twice. 

One for practice, one for 
glueing together 

- which is rather final. 

If you study it closely, you 
may see that the howling 
wolf is a first edition. 

(The colouring of the 

hind legs is not complete). 

Most children believe that getting paid for 
playing with LEGO bricks must be 

a dream-job. And they're quite right. 

It demands talent, patience and nimble 
fingers — sometimes a lot of them, 

when you have to make 1.2 million LEGO 
bricks look like Sitting Bull. 

You can't very well avoid to 
see the statue, but where is 
the original photograph? 

At a rough guess there are about 300 million There are more than 1,500 elements to play 
LEGO designers in the world today, plus a few with at the moment, and just six 8-stud LEGO 
professionals in Billund. They are constantly bricks can be combined in almost 103 million 
trying to find new ways of putting things different ways. Just to make things even 
together. It’s a long-term occupation, and no tougher they keep on inventing new elements. 

wonder they also resort to computers. 

Moulding Decorating 


People always ask, == J 

if we take the houses inside k 

during the winter. This ry 

Quite a lot of things are constantly 
on the move in the park. Cars go 
from one point to another and 
back, ferries ferry, cranes lift, 
and airplanes eternally roll out 
for the take-off that may happen 
in somebody’s imagination. 
Nowadays kids can’t be fobbed 
off with the old explanation that 
"there's a little man inside”. 
When they reach a certain age 
they’ll even want to see the 
computer programme. 

So we can’t keep up the illusion 
that the park runs on a mixture 
of little men and magic. 

Actually it runs on electricity and 
computers. Plus a small army of 

question can be answered 

with a definite yes or no. 

Some houses are taken in ~ 

for repair. oy 
Others stay where they are i 

and get snowed on. W 

And a few houses l Pay- 
need wires | Ce 

to keep their roofs i} 

from blowing off. j 

u V; r T 

. se . =“ HD ilil Aia = = 
almost invisible little men and ' „| escape 4 nee 
i ee, i 



women. ho 
21 computer programmes piel T nd 
A : ; Va- ; 
— homemade, of course — keep = P 5 RK, 
i x f; B < 

things going, from airplanes to 
Captain Rogers' jabbering parrot. E 
It takes four miles of cable, for P i = 2 
example, just to make the pirates The perfect idyll. You'll never see it, unless it starts snowing in September. 
eat, drink and be merry 

and whatever else * 

=“, Secret services 

walking on top of an 000 

underground electronic 

webb 130 miles long. Obviously, 
moles are not welcome in the 
park. Above ground, scores of 
people work to keep things tidy, 
but they tend to blend with the 
surroundings. If you happen to 
notice a bent back among the 
tiny buildings, it’s probably a 
gardener pruning the trees. 
You'll know him by his nail 

TITANIA'S PALACE and DUPLO are registered 
trademarks of the LEGO Group. 

© 1993. LEGOLAND A/S, DK-7190 Billund 
Phone +45 75 33 13 33 

Planning: NP/Grey Arhus A/S 
Photos: Gunnar Merrild and others 
Reproduction: ReproLine ApS, Arhus 

No. 922.936 — Printed in Denmark by 
A. Thomsen A/S, Esbjerg 
ISBN 87-87957-116 

Reproduction in whole or in part, 

whether mechanichal, photographic, or otherwise, 
is prohibited without written permission from 

Welcome back 

May 1st until the third Sunday 
in September. 

From Easter until the 
2nd Sunday in December. 

LEGOLAND Park is open every day 
from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. 
(8 p.m. in high season). 

LEGOLAND Park is easy to find. 
And there are more than 4,000 
free parking spaces close to the