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Kevin the Kangaroo 



Get inspired all over again with this new, 
more actively interactive CD-ROM title 
from Living Media. Each of our programs, 
and our new company, was created with one purpose: to make 
learning fun. With ideas and images more colorful and 
entrancing, Living Media is super nourishment - for your 
mind. Gray matter indeed! 

Our eleven years’ success in software development and 
publishing makes us confident that you and your families will 
find as much inspiration using our products as we feel in 
bringing them to you. 


CP ROM Instructions 

System Requirements: 

To Use Kevin the Kangaroo on a PC, you need: 

* A multimed ia PC (386SX or h igher) 

* MS DOS™ 5.0 or higher 

* Windows 3.1 ™ or higher 

* 4MB of RAM (8 MB RAM recommended) 

* CD-ROM drive, audio board, stereo headphones or speaker 

* Mouse 

* Video card with 640 x 480 and 256 colors 

* Minimum l ,5 MB free hard disk space. 

To Use Kevin the Kangaroo on a Macintosh , you need: 

* An Apple™ Macintosh LC computer or later model 

* 2.5MB of RAM 

* System software 6,0.7 or later 

* 32-Bit Qu ick Draw 1H 

* QuickTi me r M software versi o rt 2.0 or later 

* Macintosh-compatible CD-ROM player 

* 13 11 or larger color monitor. 


Kevin the Kangaroo 

Getting Started on the PC 

To install Kevin the Kangaroo, insert the CD-ROM disk and select File | Run from the 
Windows™ Program Manager, Type D:\Setup (insert the letter that represents your CD- 
ROM drive) and click the OK button. The program installs and the program group Crazy 
Wild Animals is added to the Program Manager 

To run Kevin the Kangaroo, open the Crazy Wild Animals program group and double- 
click the Kevin the Kangaroo icon. Follow the easy to understand instructions. 

n« rw Vtf Id Amnials 

"] * 



K£U1M THt 





n«4d M* 



Lamp md Line' 

1 « 1 



[ C| 

□ Run HePfltH 

! , j 


Getting Started on the Macintosh 

Insert the CD-ROM disk into the appropriate drive and double-click the Kevin the 
Kangaroo icon to start the program. 

If QuickTime™ 2.0 is not installed in your System Folder, find the QuickTime icon, drag 
it into the System Folder and restart your computer. When this is done, insert the CD- 
ROM disk and double-dick the Kevin the Kangaroo icon . 

* Note: Quit all other applications to make sure you have enough memory to run Kevin the 
Kangaroo. Also, this program will not work with virtual memory enabled. 



Exploring Kevin the Kangaroo 

Click on any Kangaroo in Kevin's family portrait to play a game. Each time “Namatjira" 

Click this icon to return to the previous screen 

If your mouse pointer turns into a hand that points up, click the object and it 
will come to life. 

If the hand points to the right, click the object and you will go to another 
scene, A spinning globe means you are moving to another scene. 

When the mouse pointer looks like a ladybug the object it is not active. Keep 

Adjusting the Volume 

Click this image on the first scene of the program to set the volume. 


To leave the Kangaroo family from any screen, enter Command + Q on the Macintosh or 
Alt+F4 on the PC. if you are on the first screen with the kangaroo family portrait, you can 
click on the ladder beneath the family portrait to exit. 



IMPORTANT NOTICE. Before loading this software, please read the terms at the tallowing License Agreement 
carefully. You signify acceptance ol the terms at this agreement fay using the software If you do not agree with 
them, you should promptly return the package. You will receive a full reload. 

Article 1: Li cense G rant J mernationa I M icracam puter Software. 
Inc. (IMS!) grants to you a license- 

1 To use this CD product on a single machine 

2 To transfer the program to another party if ihat party 
agrees to accept the terms and conditions of this 
Agreement, and you do not retain any copies of the 
program, whrther in printed, machine readable, modified 
or merged form Except as expressly priced for in this 
License, you may not copy, modify, or transfer this 

Article 2; Term. The license is effective until terminated. You 
may terminate it a) any lime by destroying the CD 
product together with all copies, modifications, and 
merged portions in any form It will also terminate upon 
conditions set forth elsewhere in this Agreement You 
agree, upon such termination, to destroy the program 
together with alt copies, modifications, and merged 
puriions in any form 

Article 3: Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitations of 

1 IMS) software is sold and Licensed ‘as is" All 
warranties, either expressed or implied are disclaimed as 
to thLS CD product and us quality, performance or fitness 
for any particular purpose. You. the consumer, bear ihe 
entire risk relating to the quality and performance of this 
CD product In no event will IMSI be liable for direct, 
indirect, incidental! or consequential damages resulting 


19319 fourth Street Unit 17 Brook Lane Business Centre 

Sen Rafael, CA 94901, USA Brentford. Middlesex, TW8 OPP UK 

Tel: (415> 454-7T01 Tel. (0911758-1447 

fax: (4151 454-6901 Fax (081] 758-1657 

from any defect in this CD product You, and not IMSI, 
assume the cost of any necessary service or repair. 

2 IMS) warrants the enclosed CD to be free of defects in 
materials and workmanship under normal use for 30 days 
after purchase During the 30-day period, you may return 
a defective CD to IMS! for replacement without charge, 
unless the disk is damaged by accident or misuse. 
Replacement of a CD disc is your sole remedy in the 
event of a defect. This warranty gives you a specific Legal 
rights and you may also have other rights which vary from 
venue to venue 

3 Some venues do not allow the exclusion or limitation of 
implied warranties of liability for incidental or 
L-unseque ntial damages, so the above limitations or 
exclusion may not apply to you 

Article 4: Copyright ,I his CD product is the copyright of 
Aborescence with all rights reserved The instruction 
booklet is the copyright of I MSI, with all rights reserved 
Under copyright laws, this CD product or instruction 
booklet may noi be copied, in whole or in part t for others, 
whether or not those copies are sold. Under the law, 
copying includes translating into another language. 

Alii did 4; General You may not sub-license, assign, or transfer 
the license or the program except as expressly provided in 
this Agreement Any attempt otherwise to sub-1ic*n$e, 
assign, or transfer any of the rights, duties, or obligations 
hereunder is void. This Agreement will be governed by 
the laws of the State of California 

IM SI Australia PTY Ltd I MSI. GmbH 

Unit 9. 4 Huntley Street Bayerwald strata 46 

Alexandria, NSW 2015 Australia D-81737, Munich, Germany 
Tel: {02} 319-7533 Tel. (QB9f 637-3357 

Fax: (02) 319-7625 Fax. |DB9] 637-3358 

CD ROM Instructions 

Look for these Living Media Titles; 

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* Peter’s Colors x^dventure 

* Peter’s Magic Adventure 

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* Peter and Santa 

* Barry the Bear 

* Kevin the Kangaroo 

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Be sure to register your Living Media title to receive up-to-date 
information on new titles. 

Customer Support 

Our Technical Support staff are available to serve you, Monday 
through Friday, 7:00 am to 6:00 pm (PST). You can reach Technical 
Support by phone, fax or mail. Phone (415) 454-7101 and ask for 
Living Media Technical Support. Have your CD handy when you call. 
Fax (415) 454-8901 and address the fax to Living Media Technical 
Support. Mail to Living Media Technical Support, 1MSI, 1938 4th 
Street, San Rafael, CA 94901. 

Living Media is a irademark of [MSI. 
All tridemarks acknowledged. 
OArboreswnce 1994. © [MSI 1994 
All nights reserved.