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being an English adaptation to his Motett No. i, Splen- 
dente Te Deus, for four voices, with Organ Accompaniment 
by Vincent Novello ; folio, 2S., octavo, 6d., single vocal parts 
is., orchestral parts, 8s. 6d. 

J. A. Novello, London and New York. 

BIRD'S ONE HUNDRED CHANTS, selected principally 
from the choir books of Her Majesty's Chapels Royal, 
Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's Cathedral, Oxford and Cam- 
bridge, with a few original. Arranged for 4 voices, and Organ 
or Pianoforte, by George Bird. 

Price is. — Pocket size. 

MOZART'S and HAYDN'S MASSES, in Vocal score, 
with an Accompaniment for the Organ or Pianoforte 
by Vincent Novello ; with the alto and tenor parts in the 
G clefF. Oblong quarto size. Mozart's Masses, Nos. 1 to 18, 
half-bound in 3 vols., 54s. 6d. Haydn's Masses, Nos. 1 to 16, 
in 3 vols., 57s. 6d. Each Mass, singly, from is. 6d. to 6s. each. 
J. Alfred Novello, 69, Dean-street, Soho, and 24, Poultry. 

MOZART S TWELFTH MASS, inG, Octavo size, 3s 6d.; 
MASS, in C, 2S. 6d. — all with English and the Latin words, 
and Accompaniment for the Organ or Pianoforte. The Three 
in one volume, cloth, 8s. 6d. 

J. Alfred Novello, London and New York. 

HANDEL'S THREE CANTATAS, Octavo size, in Vocal 
score, with Accompaniment for the Pianoforte by 
Vincent Novello. Bound in cloth, 9s. ; or, separately — 
Alexander's Feast, 3s. 6d. ; Acis and Galatea, 3s. ; Ode for 
St. Cecilia's Day, 2s. 
J. Alfred Novello, 69, Dean-Street, Soho, and 24, Poultry. 

CLARA NOVELLO. — "Lidi amati," by Adolfo Schimon, 
price 2S. j. and " Ah se giungo," by Cagnoni, price 2s. 6d. 
— Two Songs sung by, and embellished with Portraits of, 
Madame Clara Novello; and Cagnoni's Duet, "Son esse! 
oh Giubilo," sung by Madame Clara Novello and Mr. Sims 
Reeves, price is. 6d. 

J. Alfred Novello, 69, Dean-street, Soho, and 24, Poultry. 

Now ready, 


In a new handsome binding, whole scarlet cloth, gilt. 

Haydn's " Creation " . Price 3s. 

Handel's "Messiah " ... ... ... „ 4s. 

— — "Judas Maccabaeus" ... „ 4s. 

"Samson" , „ 4s. 

" Israel in Egypt " , „ 4s. 

We are indebted to an eminent publisher of sacred music, Mr. 
J. Alfred Novello, of 69, Dean-street, Soho, London, for copies of 
several very beautiful oratorios, intended for the use of those who 
compose the audience at the performance of these sublime com 
positions. They are not music-stand, but proper and elegant hand 
books, such as any lady or gentleman may carry about, and make 
use of, without the least inconvenience. Moreover, they are sold 
at a price so cheap, that the purchase of them need not supersede 
for one inBtant an inclination to possess folio editions. They are 
what they purport to be — audience books of the cheapest, best, and 
most elegant and convenient kind ever published. Those before us 
consist of Handel's Messiah, Judas Maccabcevs, Samson, and Haydn's 
Creation — all works of the highest order of musical genius. Mr. 
Novello appears to complain that a clasB of unprincipled publishers* 
have availed themselves of the labours of his brain, to put money 
into their pockets. There is nothing peculiar in his case. The race 
of the appropriators of others' inventions, date from the days of 
Tubal-Cain, whose first pair of tongs were imitated by a neighbour- 
ing tinker, and never were they more numerous than they are at 
present. Nor are they confined to musical publishers. The worst 
class of them compile and publish cheap newspapers, and so con- 
trive to live upon the abstractions of our brain. Mr. Novello is not 
worse off than other labourers in the mental vineyard, and must 
trust to posterity to do him justice. May his days be many, pros- 
perous, and happy ! But, if we outlive him, assuredly there will 
be one on earth prepared to do justice to his endeavours to bring 
good music to the hearth of every family in England.— TA« Hull 

*Set Circular, fagt 33 1, Feb. ift. 

SERVICES OF THE CHURCH, as sung in Durham 
Cathedral, and adapted for the use of Parish Choirs j 
with an Arrangement for the Organ or Pianoforte. By 
Charles Ashton, of the Durham Cathedral Choir. 8vo., 5s. 

PSALMS AND HYMNS, as sung at the Sunday Evening 
Lectures in the Galilee of Durham Cathedral, arranged 
for Four Voices, with an Accompaniment for the Organ or 
Pianoforte by Thomas Brown, of the Durham Cathedral 
Choir. 8vo., 4s. 

London : J. A. Novello, 69, Dean-street, Soho, & 24, Poultry; 
and George Andrews, Durham. 

To be published on the 1st of November, 

composed and dedicated (by permission) to G. J. Elvey, 
Mus. Doc, Oxon., by E. H. Thorne, Organist of the Parish 
Church, Henley-on-Thames. Price to Subscribers, 7s. 6d. 
Subscribers' Names received by the Author j Surman, 9, 

THOU ART GONE (Ballad), written and composed byW. 
Borrow, Esq. " Exquisite words wedded to highly appropriate 
music." — Mutual Review. Metzler & Co-., Gt. Marlborough-st. 

WEBBE'S PSALMODY : a complete collection of Tunes 
for the Church or Chapel Choir, adapted or composed, 
and harmonized for four voices, with separate accompaniment 
for the organ or pianoforte, by the Jate Samuel Webbz, Sen. 
and Jun. 25s. 

J. Alfred Novello, London and New York. 

Third Edition, price is., in cloth is. 6d. — "The most 
complete Choral Service book that has yet appeared." Dedicated 
by permission to the Lord Bishop of Manchester. For highly 
favourable reviews see " Christian Remembrancer," " Theo- 
logian," "Parish Choir,** &c. &c. London: J. A. Novello. 
A few copies of the quarto edition, price 15s., still on hand. 

New and cheaper Edition, revised and enlarged, now readyj 

price is. in paper, or 23. bound in cloth. 

mHE ANGLICAN CHANT BOOK.— A Collection of 

I Single Chants. Edited by Edwin George Monk, 
Miis. Bac, Oxon. London : Novello. Oxford : J. H. Parker. 

tion, prices reduced. 
Singing for the Million, Parti., is. 6d. * abridged 1 o 
„ „ Part II., 2S. 6d. - abridged I 6 

Musical Grammar, complete - - - a 6 

„ „ in cloth - - 3 6 

Choruses in three parts - - each 1 o 

Ditto, the 36 complete, in cloth - -40 

Each Chorus separate, at per doz. - -10 

Music and Education, in cloth - -30 

Pianoforte Guide, reprinted with English Text and 

Fingering - - - -40 

" Ruth and Naomi" - - -30 

"How beautiful," " Farewell Scotia," and all the pieces 
originally published in Mainxer's Musical Times t at 
per doz. - - - -10 

Novello j Simpkin, Marshall, & Co. j London. 
Hime, & Co., Manchester. Menzies, Edinburgh. 

For Schools and Singing-Classes. 

Francis L. Soper. In order to bring the above Melodiei 
within reach of children attending National, British, and other 
Schools, they are issued in ten parts, each containing 4 pages 
of music on thick paper, done up in packets containing 1 3 copies 
for is. Each copy may therefore be sold for id., of may be 
cut in half, and each leaf sold separatelyfor £d. Parts I to X, 
containing from 3 to 7 songs each, are now ready, price is. per 
packet of 1 3 copies. 

The complete Work, 2nd Edition, is. 6d., paper covers; 
is. 6d., cloth. 

*' One of the best publications of its kind."— Athenautn. 
London : J. A. Novello) and Simpkin & Co. 



Now ready, price 4s. 6d» sewed, 

By F. J. Fetis, Chapel-Master to H. M. the King of 
the Belgians ; Director of the Conservatory of Music, Brussels ; 
Knight of the Legion of Honor ; &c, &c. Translated (with 
the kind permission of the Author) into English by the Rev. 
Thomas Helmore, M.A., Priest in Ordinary, and Master of 
the Children of H. M. Chapels Royal ; Precentor of S. Mark's 
College, Chelsea j Hon. Secretary, in Musical Matters, to the 
Ecclesiological, late Cambridge Camden Society ; &c, &c. 
J. A. Novello, London and New York. 


in Vocal Score, with a separate Accompaniment for 
the Organ or Pianoforte by Vincent Novello. — These Works 
will be found appropriate presents ; combining elegance with a 
moderate outlay for a standard work. 

Works already completed :— 



Fifty Rounds and Catches, arranged according to their 
relative difficulty. Edited by the Rev. J. Powell Metcalfe. 
Also, a second set of Fifty Rounds, price is.; or the two 
sets bound in cloth, 2s. 6d. 

No one, who, in instructing children in music, has employed 
both rounds and harmonized airs, can doubt which style is more 
easily taught ; and even where there is no experience to guide, 
reason alone can determine the matter. 

Pianoforte Solo, by Josiah Pittman. 4s. 

with Accompaniment for the Organ or Pianoforte by 
Vincent Novello. Folio size, 7s. ; Quarto size, 4s. 6d. ; 
Quarto size with English words only, 4s. 6d. ; Octavo size, with 
Latin and English words, 2s. ; an Edition for Pianoforte Solo, 
arranged by J. Pittman, Folio size, price 4s. 

J. Alfred Novello, London and New York. 

Now ready, Gratis, (or post free for 2 penny stamps). New 
Edition, containing all the new works printed since 1851. 

NOVELLO'S CATALOGUE, No. 2, (at the Reduced 
Prices) of Sacred Music with English Words, con- 
taining Services according to the use of the United Church of 
England and Ireland : Anthems, Hymns, Songs, and Solo 
Hymns ; Sacred Duets, Trios, Quartetts, and Choruses ; 
Psalmody ; Oratorios, and Large Psalms ; and Collections of 
Sacred Music ; also Boyce's Cathedral Music. 

%* This will be found to contain a list of Anthems and 
Services by all the principal English Church Composers. The 
majority of them are printed not only in Vocal score with a 
separate Accompaniment for the Organ, but also in separate 
Vocal parts. For the engraving, a large character has been 
used, both for the music and words, to compensate for the 
imperfect light in many churches and cathedrals, and the 
utmost attention has been made to render the copies as correct 
as possible. 


(bound) 3s. od. 


j (paper) 


>• (bound) 



4s. od. 
6s. 6d. 

as. 6d. 

5s. 6d. 

9s. od. 

6s. 6d, 

Handel's " Israel in Egypt " - 
,, " Messiah " 

,, " Judas Maccabaeus " 

,, " Samson '' 

' Creation " - 


J. Alfred Novello, 69, Dean-street, Soho, & 24, Poultry. 

BACH. The unpublished and rarely known works of 
John Sebastian Bach, for clavier or pianoforte, a col- 
lection of Toccatas, Fugues, Fantasias, &c, calculated to lead 
the student into the highest departments of clear and expressive 
execution ; the fingering by Czerny, adapted to English use. 
No. I. A descriptive Capriccio in 6 movements, repre- 
senting the departure of a brother, the lament 
of friends, &c, in B fiat . .13 

2. Fantasia con Fuga, in B fiat . .09 

3. Fantasia Chromatica, in D Minor . .16 

4. Prelude and Fugue upon the name of *' Bach" 

in B flat . . . .10 

5. Toccata con Fuga, in F sharp minor . 1 6 
London, J. A. Novello, 69, Dean St., Soho, and 24, Poultry. 

Israel in Egypt 


Messiah ... ... ... 

Samson ... ... ... 

Judas Maccabaeus ... ... 

Jephtha ... ... ... 

Dettingen Te Deum 

Coronation Anthem, 'Zadock the Priest* 


Acis and Galatea (paper covers) 3s. od. 

Alexander's Feast „ 3s. 6d. 

Ode on St. Cecilia's Day „ 2s. od. 

Deborah ... ... ... 

Saul (in the press). 

St. Paul ... ... ... (bound) 6s. 6d. 

Hymn of Praise — Lobgesang (paper) 4s. "| ,, .. ,., 

As the Hart pants (do.) is. 6d.| ( bound > S«- «<*• 

The Three Favorite Masses, with the Latin words, and an 

English adaptation by R. G. Loraine, Esq. — viz., 
Mozart's Twelfth Mass (paper) 3s. 6d. ~\ 
Haydn's Third or Imperial (paper) 2S. 6d. > (bound) 8s. 6d. 
Beethoven's Mass in C (paper) 2s. 6d. J 

„ Engedi ; or, David in the Wilderness (paper) 3s. 

Mozart's Requiem ... ... (paper) 2s. 

All the Choruses from the Octavo Editions may be had 
separately, from ijd. to 6d. each. 

in Vocal Score, with a Separate Accompaniment for 
the Organ or Pianoforte by Vincent Novello. The majority 
of these Oratorios are embellished with Vignette Titles, after 
Raffaelle, engraved by William Humphrys. 

HANDEL, The Messiah 

„ Judas Maccabaeus ... ... 

„ Israel in Egypt ... 

„ Samson ... ... ... 

,, Jephtha ... ... 

„ Joshua ... ... 

„ Solomon 

„ Saul 

„ Dettingen Te Deum 

„ Acis and Galatea 

„ Alexander's Feast 

,, Ode on St. Cecilia's Day 

(To be continued.) 
HAYDN, The Creation ... ... 12s. 

The above Oratorios can be had neatly bound in cloth 

for 2S. 6d. each extra. 

MENDELSSOHN, St. Paul ... (bound in cloth) 21s. 

„ Hymn of Praise ... 14s. 

NEUKOMM, David ... ... (bound) 24s. 

„ Mount Sinai ... (bound) 24s. 

PIERSON, H. H., Jerusalem (bound in cloth) 31s. 6d. 
JACKSON (Masham), The Deliverance of Israel from 

Babylon (bound in cloth) 21s. 

„ Isaiah (bound in cloth) 24s. 

BEETHOVEN, Engedi; or, David in the Wilderness 9s. 

ELVEY, Dr., Resurrection and Ascension ... 9s. 

Each Song, Duet, Trio, Quartett, orChorus, may be had singly, 

from 6d. to 2S. each. — Upwards of 400 are now ready. 

I OS. 

5 s - 

I OS. 
I OS. 




EDWARD GREAVES obtained Honorable Mention at 
the Exhibition, 1851, for the 

all the Tones and Semitones of the Octave ; a perfect guide 
for tuning Pianofortes, &c, and for Leaders of Choirs, &c. 

THE /EOLIAN MUTE, (a combination of the "A' 
JBolhn Pitch-Pipe and the Mute) for the Violin, is more 
easily applied and detached than the old Mute. 

superior to all others in tone and finish. Sold by all Music- 
sellers. Manufactured by Edward Greaves, 5 6, South-street, 

AEOLIAN PITCH-PIPES, all Notes in the Octave- 
Diatonic and Chromatic Sets — Sets for the Violin, Guitar, 
and Harp. 

according to Act of Parliament, 6 & 7 Vict : c. 65), 
is a very complete and perfect instrument for measuring 
time in music. It is the size and form of a small watch, and 
may be carried in the waistcoat pocket, being similar to a 
spring measuring tape, on one side of which are marked the 
numbers of vibrations in one minute, (as in Maelzel's Metro 
nome) and on the other the Italian musical terms in general 
use. From its moderate price, small dimensions, and practical 
usefulness, it is adapted for all classes of musicians and singers. 
Price, with case and suspender, Brass, 5s.; German Silver, 6s., 
Pearl, 7s.; Shell, 8s.; Electro-plated, 8s. ; Gilt, 10s. each. 

Sixth Edition ! 

THE SINGING CLASS MANUAL, by William Jackson, 
in 6 Numbers, at 6d each ; or complete, zs. In this 
work the sol fa syllables are applied to the Scale ; Do being 
always the key-note of the Major Mode. Also, by the same 
Author, the following Four-part songs, viz : — " The Dream," 
s.a.t.b., is. ; " Night," a.t.t.b., is. ; " By Marykirk a sweet 
bird sung," s.a.t.b., is. 
London : J. A. Novello, 69, Dean-st., Soho, & 24, Poultry. 

Just published, price is., 

CHANT SERVICE to " Benedicite omnia opera" and 
"Jubilate Deo." Composed and arranged in five parts 
by Dr. Ions. London: Novello. Oxford : J. H. Parker. 

Price Three Shillings. 

CANTICA ECCLESIAST1CA (2nd Edition). By Dr. 
Ions. — A complete collection of Psalm Tunes, Chants, 
Sanctuses, and Kyries, in Vocal Score, with a Table of Services 
on a new plan, from which the whole of the Tunes, Chants, &c, 
for every Service throughout the year, as used in St. Nicholas's 
Church, Newcastle-on-Tyne, may be found. 

London : J. A. Novello ; Simpkin, Marshall, & Co. 

CHURCH HYMNS by W. R. Braine.— The First Three 
Numbers (commencing with the Fifth Edition of the 
favourite " Nearer to Thee") are ready. Each is. Separate 
vocal parts, 6d. Cramer, 201, Regent-street; Ollivier, 19, 
Old Bond-street ; Novello, 69, Dean-st., Soho, & 24, Poultry. 

Symphonia Cantata. Vocal Score, folio size, 14s. ; Ditto, 
8vo. size, in paper cover, 4s. ; the same, bound with As the 
Part Pants, 5s. 6d. 

Each movement may be had singly, as follows : — 
No. 1 The Sinfonia. Arranged as Duct, by the Author 5 o 

2 All men, all things ; — Chorus : and Praise 

thou the Lord. — S. Solo and Chorus ... 2 6 

3 Sing ye praises. Recit. and Air, Tenor 

4 All ye that cried. Chorus 

5 I waited for the Lord. Duet S.S. and Chorus 1 3 

6 The sorrows of death. Solo, Tenor ... 1 o 

7 The night is departing. Chorus... ... 1 9 

8 Let all men praise the Lord. Choral ... 1 o 

9 My song shall alway be of thy mercy. Duet,S.T. 1 o 
10 Ye nations offer to the Lord. Chorus ... 2 o 

N.B. — The Choral and Orchestral Parts may be had of the 
Publisher, J. Alfred Novello, London and New York. 


BACH'S PROGRESSIVE STUDIES, preliminary to the 
Forty - Eight Preludes and Fugues. Edited by 


No. 1. Six Easy Preludes ... ... 1 n 

2. Fifteen Inventions or Pieces, in two parts 2 6 

3. Fifteen Symphonies or Pieces, in three parts 2 6 

J A. Novello, London and New York. 

J. ALFRED NOVELLO has now printed All the 
Choruses from the Octavo Edition of the Oratorios, at 
ijd., 3d., 4$d., or 6d. — Every Chorus may thus be had 
distinct, in Vocal Score, with Organ Accompaniment, for a 
few pence. The advantage of this new facility will be evident 
to those who want large numbers for beginners. List of 
Choruses now ready, may be had gratis on application. 
It contains every Chorus in Handel's Solomon, Israel, 
Messiah, Samson, Judas Maccabaeus, Jephtha, Te Deum, 
Zadock the Priest, Joshua, Deborah, Ode to St. Cecilia's Day, 
Alexander's Feast, Acis and Galatea : Haydn's Creation, and 
Third Mass : Mendelssohn's St. Paul, Hymn of Praise, As 
the Hart pants : Beethoven's Mass in C, and Mozart's 
Twelfth Mass. 

Vincent Novello. 

No. I in C . .26 

2 in C . .30 

7 in B flat . . 3 o 

12 in G . .60 

J. Alfred Novello, London and New York, 

The Precentors of Cathedrals, and the Directors of Choirs 
in " Churches where they sing," are respectfully informed that 
Dr. Boyce's Work, which has long been considered the most 
complete and useful collection of English Church Music, is 
now published in a variety of forms to suit every requirement. 
The contents and the succession of pieces accord precisely with 
the original copy, as published by Dr. Boyce, so that Cathedral 
Choirs, &c, already in possession of copies, may increase their 
number, in full confidence of the new ones corresponding in 
every respect. The new editions may be specified as follows : 

I.— The VOCAL SCORE has been reprinted, in its in- 
tegrity, from Boyce; to which a separate Accompaniment for 
the Organ has been added under each score by Vincent 
Novello. In 3 Vols., bound in whole cloth, 42s. each. 

II.— The SEPARATE VOCAL PARTS for each of the 
four voices — Treble, Alto, Tenor, and Bass— are printed so 
that one set may serve for eight or twelve persons. The 
economy of these Parts will be readily appreciated for the use 
of Choirs, or where numerous singers have to be supplied with 
copies. Price of each Vocal Part, bound in whole cloth, 25s. 

III.— The SEPARATE ORGAN PART ( in 2 Vols., 
price 2 is. each), with the words in full between the Treble 
and Bass staff, will be found useful to those who wish these 
compositions as Organ Voluntaries, or for those who already 
possess the old Vocal Score, and to whom playing from score 
is inconvenient. 

It is believed that in many Cathedrals the habit still prevails 
of making Manuscript Parts from the Vocal Scores ; but this 
must arise from its not being known that good printed copies 
can now be purchased at less cost than the blank paper to 
make these manuscripts upon ; or, in other words, it requires 
3s. 6d. worth of blank paper to contain 3s. worth of printed 
music at the present reduced prices. 

*** Each Service or Anthem may be had separately from 
this work, either in Score or separate Vocal Parts (Catalogues 
postage free for two stamps). 

J. Alfred Novello, London and New York. 

\J for the Practice of Music will find in J. Alfred Novello's 
Catalogue No. 3, (a New Edition of which is just published) 
a detail of the large collection of Works printed in separate 
Vocal and Orchestral Parts. 
London : J. Alfred Novello, 69, Dean-st., Soho, & 24, Poultry. 



PATENT CONCERTINA.— Whiatstone and Co. finds 
it necessary to state that the original Patent for the 
invention, as well as a subsequent one for improvements, was 
granted only to them. They therefore Caution the public 
against those persons who assume to be patentees, and who 
only use this subterfuge to sell inferior concertinas at twice 
their real value. All concertinas manufactured by the above 
nVm bear their label, and may be had new (double action, with 
48 keys) from four guineas. An extensive assortment for 
exportation. — 20, Conduit-street, Regent-street, London. 

Makers, to Her Majesty, of the only keal Harmonium, 
to prevent the sale of inferior imitations, have reduced their 
prices both for sale or hire. 

PIANOFORTES, with increased and more equalized power 
of tone, superior touch, and great durability, in every 
variety and price, for Sale, Hire, Exchange, or Exportation. 
Geo. Luff and Son, 103, Great Russell-street, Bloomsbury. 

OLD VIOLIN FOR SALE.— A sweet and powerful-toned 
Violin, nearly a century, late the property of an eminent 
Musician deceased ; to be sold for 5 Guineas only. Also for 
Sale, a handsome 6 stop CHAMBER BARREL ORGAN. 
Apply to Clarence Rutter, MusicWarehouse, Shaftesbury, Dorset. 

DIATONIC FLUTE.— By Her Majesty's Royal Letters 
Patent. Full particulars, with testimonials of professors, 
incl uding Mr. Richardson, flautist to Her Majesty, forwarded free. 
Manufactory, 1 3 5, Fleet-street. A. Siccama, patentee. N.B.Mr. 
Richardson continuesto give lessons at the above address. 

Just published, price threepence, 

By D. ScHOLiriELD. Metronomes warranted to give 
Maelzel's Time accurately, is. each. Metronome and Letter 
Seal combined, is. 6d. Metronome, Pen, Pencil, and Letter 
Seal combined, 3s. each. Metronome and Measuring Tape 
combined, 4s. each. To be had of J. A. Novello, or by post 
from D. Scholefjeld, Trinity-street, Huddersfield. 

From B. Hanson, Inventor of the Pocket Metronome. 
I beg to state that Mr. Scholefi eld's Metronomes are exceedingly 
correct ; they are calculated on the principles of gravity to the hun- 
dredth part of an inch, and I have proved them many times by the 
seconds hand of a clock, and find the number always correct. 

SURREY CHAPEL MUSIC— A new edition of the large 
Score, with Organ part ; forming one of the best and 
cheapest selections of Pieces, Chants, Psalm and Hymn Tunes, 
extant. The whole of the harmonies are revised and corrected, 
and a separate organ part by V. Novillo. In cloth, A 18s. 
The Vocal Score, iSmo. size, B 10s. 6d. The separate Vocal 
Parts, of the whole work — Air or Treble, C 3s. 6d. ; Alto, 
D 3s. 6d. ; Tenor, E 3s. 6d. ; Bass, F 3s. 6d. 

169 PSALM AND HYMN TUNES, from the Surrey 
Chapel Music; containing all the various metres, with' proper 
indexes, &c. ; arranged, with a separate Accompaniment for 
the Organ or Pianoforte, by V. Novello. G 5s. The Vocal 
Score, iSmo. size, H 4s. The separate Vocal Parts i8mo. 
size — Air or Treble, I or is. ; Alto, K is. ; Tenor, L is. ; 
Bass, M is. 

the Vocal Score arranged for 1 , 2, or 3 Treble voices, so that 
the Organ part of G> is the proper accompaniment. i8mo. size, 
N 4s. The separate Vocai Parts, Air or Treble, I or is ; 
2nd Treble, P is. ; 3rd Treble, Q is. 

SUPPLEMENT to Novello's Surrey Chapel Music and 
169 Psalms ; containing 58 Psalm and Hymn Tunes, and 
Seven Pieces, together with proper indexes and titles for binding 
th: Supplement and Surrey Chapel Music in One volume, 
forming altogether Novello's Congregational Music. The 
Organ Score, R 4s. ; Vocal Score, S 3s. ; Treble part, T 9d. ; 
Alto, TT 9d. 5 Tenor, V 9d. ; Bass, W 9d. 

Surrey Chapel Music and Supplement, bound in one vol. 
Organ score. 21s. 

%* As there are many Editions of the above Works, it will 

be well for orders to state as fully as possible the particular ones 

wanted, giving the distinguishing letters from A to W. 

J. Alfred Novello, London and New York. 

Neat i8mo. size. is. 

LITANY. Noted by Thomas Tallis. is. 
it is in Vocal Score, with the words of the Litany complete. 
J. Alfred Novello, London and New York. 

Just Published. 

by Question & Answer, i8mo., price 6d., sewed, is. cloth. 
" I must begin with rudiments of art 
To teach you Gamut in a briefer sort, 
More pleasant, pithy, and effectual, 
Than hath been taught by any of my trade : 
And there it is in writing, fairly drawn." — Shakespeare. 

Just published, price is., 

a Chorale, and "THE SABBATH HYMN," com- 
posed by Henri Mannini. The above Chorale is short, and 
adapted for Musical Societies practising this description of music. 
London : J. Alfred Novello, 69, Dean-st., Soho, & 24, Poultry. 

SPOHR'S LAST JUDGMENT An Oratorio, in vocal 
score, with an Accompaniment for the Pianoforte or 
Organ by Vincent Novello. Price 6»., forming Vol. 35 of 
Novello's Cheap Musical Classics. 
London : J. Alfred Novello, 69, Dean-st., Soho, & 24, Poultry. 

MUSIC MADE EASY. — Rudiments of- Music by 
J. Eastes, 9d, post-free is. It is used for the tuition 
of the Choristers of Trinity and St. Peter's, &c. Colleges, 
Cambridge. London, J. A. Novello ; Author, King's College, 

New Part-Song appropriate to the present time. 

for Four Voices. The Words by Charles Dibdin, with 
Additional Verses. The Music by J. Tilleard. Price 6d. 
London : Novello, 69, Dean-street, Soho, and 24, Poultry. 

Just published, price 2S-, 

the Words by T. Brooke, Esq. ; the Music by Edwarp 
F. Rimbault, Mus. D. 

J. A. Novello, 69, Dean-street, Soho, & 24, Poultry. 

NEW ORGAN MUSIC BY W. T. BEST.— Six favorite 
Subjects from Lindpaintner's Oratorio, "The Widow of 
Nain," arranged for the Organ by W. T^Best. Price from 
2s. to 3s. each. 

London : Wessel & Co., 229, Regent-street. 

CHURCH HYMNS, for public and domestic use, by 
W. R. Braine, having been so well received, will be 
issued Monthly. No. 4 of the series is published this day. 
Each number, is. ; separate vocal parts, in a small and con- 
venient form for choirs and domestic circles, 6d. 
Cramer, 201, Regent-street; Ollivier, 19, Old Bond-street; 
Novelio, 69, Dean-street, Soho, and 24, Poultry. 

MUSIC FOR ALL.— The Violin, Viola, and Double Bass 
Taught at 6d. per Lesson, by J. JOUNAUX, 29, Rath- 
bone-place, Oxford-street.— Classes for the practice of Orches- 
tral and other Music, every Wednesday Evening, at 9. Terms, 
is. per Quarter. 

Book Auction Rooms, 191, Piccadilly, Established 1794. 

PUTTICK and SIMPSON, Auctioneers of Music and 
Literary Property, beg to announce that their Sales of 
Music and Musical instruments are held Monthly, throughout 
the year ; for which occasions Instruments of any kind and 
Music in large or small parcels can be received. The Cata- 
logues of Sales of Music at this house, embracing nearly every 
important Sale of Music for many years past, may always be 
referred to. Books and other kinds of literary property and 
works of art inserted in appropriate Sales. 

Printed by Joseph Alfred Novello. of 69, Dean-street, Soho, 
in the County of Middlesex, Printer, at his Officein Dean's Yard, 
21, Dean-street, in the Parish of St. Anne's, in the said County, 
and Published by him, at 69, Dean-street, aforesaid, and also at 
24, Poultry, in the City of London ; and at 389, Broadway, New 
York. Sold also by Kent and Co., Paternoster-row.— Saturday, 
September 30th, 1854.