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Regd . No. CHD /0093 / 2006--2008 

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Haryana Government Gazette 

Published by Authority 

© Govt. of Haryana 


No. 6 , ] 


20.5 . CONTENTS 





PART I Notifications, Order s and Declarations by Haryana Government 
PART 1- A - Notifications by Local Government Department 
PART 1- B --- Notifications by Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners 
PART II--- Statutory Notifications of Election Commission of India 

Other Notifications and Republications from the Gazette of India 
PART III--- Notifications by High Court, Industries , Advertisements , Change of Name 

and Notices 




PART III- A - Notificationsby Universities 
PART III- B - Notifications by Courts and Notices 


PART IV- Act, Bills and Ordinances from the Gazette of India 



PART V- Notifications by Haryana State Legislature 
SUPPLEMENT PART I Statistics-- Weather and Crops Report for the week ending 

28th October , 2006 ; Rainfall for the month of 
August 2006 ; and Working Class for the month 
of November, 2006 . 



SUPPLEMENT PART II - General- Review - Civil Aviation Department for the 

period 2005-2006 . 



PART 1 -- Act 

· Nil 

Ditt :) 

PART II - Ordinances 


Ditt :) 

285. - 301 

PART III--Delegated Legislation 
PART IV - Correction Slips, Republications and Replacements 

Ditto : 



Notifications, Orders and Declarations by Haryana Government 



The 30th January, 2007 
No. 5/66/99 ( 05 )-I DG .--The Governor of Haryana is pleased to nominate Shri Raj Nagpal son of 

Price : Rs. 8,00 


Complete Copy : Rs. 28.75 


HARYCJA GOVT. GAZ ., FEB. 6, 2007 (MAGH . 17, 1928 SAKA ) 


Shri P.D. Nagpal, resident of House No. 28 , Sawastik Vihar, Mansa Devi Complex ,Sector 5,Panchkula as Non -Official 
Member of District Public Relations and Grievances Committee, Panchkula as constituted vide Haryana Government 
Gazette Notification No. 5/45/99 (05) -IDG , dated 19th January , 2007 with immediate effect . 

2. No TADA will be given to the member of the Committee for attending the meeting of the Committee . 

Chief Secretary to Government, Haryana. 


The 21st December, 2006 

No.IT/VT/OVEC.—The Governor ofHaryana is pleased to constitute District Vocational Education Committee 
in the State for a further period of two years from 12th October, 2006 to 11th October, 2008 subject to the condition that 
official members will claim TA/DA for attending the meeting from their own department. The non official members 
will be paid TA /DA as per Government instructions. The Committee shall consist of following members - 

1. Addl. Deputy Commissioner-cum - CEO , DRDA 

Chairman Concerned District 

2. District Education Officer 

Member Concerned District 

3. District Employment Officer 

Member Concerned District 

4. GeneralManager, DIC 

Member Concerned District 

5. President, District Industries Association 

Member Concerned District 

6. Lead Bank Officer 

Member Concerned District 

7. President, Parent Teacher Association 

Member Concerned District 

8. Principal, ITI at the District Headquarters 

Member Concerned District 

9. All Vice - Principal of VEIs situated in the District 

Member Concerned District 

10. Dy . District Vocational Education Officer 

Member Secretary 

Cessation ofMembership 


A member of the Committee shall cease to be a member if he dies, resigns, becomes un - sound ofmind is declared 
insolvent or, is convicted of a criminal offence involving moral turpitude . 

A resignation of membership shall be tendered to the Chairman and shall not effect until it has been accepted by 
the Committee . 

Function : 

1. The Committee shall perform the following functions : 
2. Promote and popularise Craftsmen Training Scheme and Vocational Education Programme in District. 
3. Keep linkage with Directorate of Industrial Training and Vocational Education and State Institute of VE 

on the one hand with regard to administrative and academic inputs and on the other with Government 
and Non - government organisation in the District for proper implementation of Craftsmen Training 

Scheme and Vocational Education Programme. 
4. Supervise institution - industry linkage, visit the institutions offering Craftsmen Training Scheme and 

Vocational Courses and Collaborating Institutions/ Agencies for assessing the strengths and weaknesses 
of Craftsmen Training Scheme and Vocational Education Programme Implementation , Institution - wise 
and take appropriate remedialmeasures . 



HARYANA GOVT. GAZ ., FEB . 6 , 2007 (MAGH . 17 , 1928 SAKA ) 


5. The Industrial Training Institutes for which societies have been constituted by the State Government 

and are being managed by Institute Management Committees ( IMCs), shall not fall under the purview of 

6. Identify Vocational Courses suited to local needs. 

7. Identify locations for Vocational Education Institute . 

8. Ensure proper placement of Vocational Teachers in the Institutions. 

9. Assistance in arranging on the job training sites and apprenticeship of vocational students. 
10. Ensure timely release of funds earmarked for the purpose and their utilisation . 
11. Ensure recognisation of the Vocational course in time and subsequent placement/ employment of 

the Vocational products. 
The Member Secretary shall prepare the record of discussion and circulate copies to all concerned . 

The Member Secretary shall give a notice of not less than ten days for the meeting but a short notice can 
also be given for calling the meeting. 

Tenure : 

The tenure of the Committee shall be two years from the date of notification . 

Buquorum : 

The Quorum shall consist of the 1/3 of the strength . 

Meetings : 

The Committee shall meet as and when required but at least once in a quarter. 

Place of Meeting : 

The meeting of the Committee shall be held at District Headquarters of Committee will be at Ambala , 
Kurukshetra , Yamuna Nagar, Jhajjar, Panchkula , Kaithal, Panipat, Faridabad , Mohindergarh , Rewari, Sirsa, 
Fatehabad , Jind , Sonipat, Karnal, Rohtak , Hisar, Bhiwani, Mewat and Gurgaon in DDVEO s Office /Vice Principal 
Office . 


Travelling Allowance : 

The expenditure of TA /DA of non - official members will be met from the sanctioned budget grant of the 

(a ) Non - Official members may be allowed TA at the rate of single Ist Class Railway fare plus incidental 

allowances or road mileage as admissible to a Grade- I Government employee drawing a pay of 
Rs. 5000/- as basic pay in old Scale plus daily allowance as per rules. The other conditions laid down in 
the Punjab TA Rules for GovernmentEmployees will also apply to journeys performed by non -official 

members except where otherwise provided . 
( b ) The T. A. for attending the meetings of the council should be allowed to members from their 
: permanent place of residence to the place of meeting . If however, a member attends the meeting 

from a place other than the place of permanent residence T. A. should be allowed . to him either 

from the place of his residence from where he attends the meeting whichever is nearer . 
(c ) The T. A. and D. A. will be admissible to the non-official members on the production of certificate 

to the effect that no T. A. in respect of the journey or D.A. for the period mentioned in the bill has 
been or will be claimed by him or irer from any other official source. 

Financial Commissioner and Principal Secretary to 

Government Haryana, 
Indlustrial Training and Vocational Education Department.