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Glenside Color Computer Club, Inc. Mebane, North Carolina 

Volume 39, Number 1 Spring 2019 

CoCo ~ 123 Memory Map 

Routines Address 

GCCC Officers.1 

GCCC Information, Contributions.2 

Contributors to this Issue, G.C.C.C Meetings.2 

From the President's Platen.2 

Trea$ury Note$, Secretary's Scroll, Editor's Clipboard.3 

CoCoFEST! Awards Ceremony.3 

The Retro Search.4 

The 28th Annual "Last" Chicago CoCoFEST!.4 

CoCo Happenings.10 

28th "Last" CoCoFEST! Highlights.11 

News on Tony Podraza.16 

Calendar of Events.17 

The 29th Annual "Last" Chicago CoCoFEST!.17 

Upcoming Events: 

Regular meetings every 2nd Thursday @ Brian Schubring's Home 
The 29th Annual "Last" Chicago CoCoFEST! April 18-19, 2020 


Here is the list of 2018 club officers and how to contact them. If 
you have questions about the association, call one of the officers 
for the answers. 









Assistant Editor 

John W. Linville 
Tony Podraza 
Brian Goers 
Rich Bair 
Tony Podraza 
Brian Goers 
John Mark Mobley 
Salvador Garcia 









The buck stops here.. 
Meeting planning, etc 
Dues and Purchasing 
Records and Reporting 
CoCoFEST! Organizer 
Club Software Keeper 
Newsletter Production 
Newsletter Production 

John Linville 

Copyright ©2019 Glenside Color Computer Club, Inc. 

Tony Podraza Rich Bair Brian Goers John Mark Mobley 

CoCo~123 - A Glenside Publication Since 1985 

Salvador Garcia 

Volume 39 

Number 1 


Spring 2019 


CoCo~123 is the newsletter of the Glenside Color 
Computer Club. Your annual contribution of $15.00 helps 
to keep our club going. Send your check to: 

Brian Goers, Glenside Treasurer 
3312 Miller Avenue 
South Chicago Heights, IL 60411 

Our treasury provides newsletters and good times with 
fellow CoCo users at our Annual "Last" Chicago 
CoCoFEST! and our Annual Glenside Picnic. 

Should you attend the Annual CoCoFEST! your annual 
contribution will be covered for that year. 


If you have any suggestions for the newsletter or would 
like to submit an article, please contact the CoCo~123 
Newsletter editor: 

John Mark Mobley, Editor 
4104 Wren Lane 
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008 


Rich Bair John Linville 

Salvador Garcia John Mark Mobley 

Brian Goers 


The Glenside Color Computer Club meets the second 
Thursday of each month at Brian Schubring’s home at 
7:30 pm. If you need a map, see the following link: 


A social get-together we lovingly call “The Meeting After” 
always follows the meeting at a nearby restaurant. 

Visit our website at: 


Time passes, the seasons advance, and once again it's 
time for another issue of CoCo~123. I hope that everyone 
appreciates the work that John Mark Mobley and others 
put into each and every issue of our newsletter. Even 
today, with the email list, the Discord server, and more 
Facebook groups than we know how to use, there are 
some folks that primarily keep-up with on-going 
developments in the CoCo community right here in these 
pages. We should all be grateful to have this regular 

Not much more than a month ago, over 120 of us met in 
person in Lombard, IL for the 28th Annual "Last" Chicago 
CoCoFEST! As usual this was a great event and I think it 
was enjoyed by all. This was our 7th year at the Heron 
Point location, where we have had a number of enjoyable 

events and where the affordable rental rates have saved 
us a nice sum of money. But as they say, all good things 
come to an end. Shortly after CoCoFEST!, the 
management at Heron Point informed us that their facility 
will no longer be available for our event. They assured us 
that this was due to a number of concerns unrelated to us 
and not due to any problem with us specifically. 
Nevertheless, we need to find a new place... 

There is no need to be alarmed! Several of us were 
already of the opinion that we needed a larger venue 
already, so we were already considering other options. A 
venue search committee has been formed, and the likes 
of Mike Rowen, John Mark Mobley, and others have 
been contacting venues, getting quotes, and 
communicating the results back to the rest of us. We may 
have to spend a bit more money than what we were 
spending at Heron Point, but I think it will be worth the 
extra cost. I hope that we will have a new venue secured 
soon, with an announcement for the actual dates of the 
29th Annual "Last" Chicago CoCoFEST! to follow. We 
should know soon, so keep the faith and continue to 
check the website... 

News aside, I have noticed (and even been a part of) a 
certain amount of online and social media conflicts within 
the community as of late. There seems to be a bit of 
friction between certain personalities in the community, 
between the cliques that have formed around them, and 
even between other groupings like "newcomers" versus 
"the old guard" and other such silliness. Some of this is 
natural as the overall group changes and expands, but 
not all of it is necessary. If you find yourself being quick to 
anger, eager to presume the worst about the motives of 
others, and unwilling to give the benefit of the doubt to 
your fellow CoCo hobbyists, then please take a breath, 
relax, and find some time to play with your CoCo, 
Dragon, or MC-10. The reputation you save may be your 

In any case, I encourage us all to stick together. There 
have already been some folks encouraging parts of the 
group to splinter off to their own chat servers, their own 
Facebook groups, their own online forums, etc. I honestly 
believe that this will not be fruitful, and that despite any 
irritations or differences we are better off as a unified 
group, even as the group spreads across a variety of 
communications platforms. So, explore whatever 
alternatives you find, but share them as widely as 
possible with the rest of us. And if you end-up a bit too 
far out on the limb, I promise that the rest of us will 
always welcome you back. 

As I draw [this column] to a close, the start of summer is 
upon us. While dark winter days lend themselves to long 
CoCo hacking sessions, not so when the days are long 
and the sun shines bright. I understand if you find some 
things to do outside and you let your Fahrfall skills get 
rusty. Just remember, the CoCo was there for you long 


ago, the CoCo got you this far, and the CoCo will still be 
waiting for you when the dog days are gone. Just be sure 
to remember where your heart is -- CoCo Forever! 


John W. Linville, President 
Glenside Color Computer Club 

Trea$ury Note$ _ 

Treasure report for May 2019 
The beginning balance on May 2019 was $10,985.44. 
Withdrawals/Debits $1587.52, Interest of $1.55 and 
Deposits $2,948.07 

The end of May month balance is $12,345.99 

Brian Goers, Trea$urer 
Glenside Color Computer Club 

Secretary's Scroll _ 

Rich Bair here with a summary of the last three monthly 
membership meetings: 

Our April meeting was devoted (no surprise!) to 
discussions of procedures that would make the upcoming 
test go as smoothly as possible. The registration process 
has been a bottleneck for the last few years, and having it 
in the same room where presentations are being made 
has caused problems. Things were somewhat improved 
this year, and I look forward to working out a completely 
new arrangement when we move to our new venue next 

The May meeting focused on the financial success of the 
test. The short answer is, we did very well. The longer 
question is, how can we use the money we collected to 
benefit the CoCo community? I expect this to be a topic 
in several of the upcoming meetings. By luck, we also 
formed a subcommittee to investigate alternative venues 
for next year. Thus we were well prepared when news 
came a couple of weeks later that Heron Point will no 
longer be an option for us. 

The June meeting concentrated on the findings of the 
venue search subcommittee, since it is now vital that we 
find a new location. The Holiday Inn in Elgin, where 
some FESTS have been staged in the past, was rejected 
because its ballroom is smaller than the space at Heron 
Point. But the Holiday Inn in Elk Grove Village looks like 
an excellent alternative. VCF Midwest has had their 
conventions there for several years. We authorized the 
venue subcommittee to work to get a signed contract with 
that location, and I hope that is happening as I type these 

Happy CoCoing! 

Rich Bair, Secretary 
Glenside Color Computer Club 

The Editor’s Clipboard 

We rely on people just like you to help write articles for 
the newsletter. 

John Mark Mobley, Editor 
Glenside Color Computer Club 

CoCoFEST! Awards Ceremony 

_ By John Mark Mobley _ 

Diego Barizo is sponsoring the Asimov Awards for the 
best BASIC and Machine Language programs of the last 


Isaac Asimov was an American writer of science fiction 
and popular science. Isaac Asimov appeared in 
advertisements for Radio Shack. 

The Asimov Award for best Interpreted program (BASIC, 
Color Logo, etc.) goes to Jim Gerrie for Atari Adventure. 
Jim Gerrie received a trophy and a $50.00 check. 

The Asimov Award for best-compiled program (anything 
that generates a BIN or similar) goes to Brendan Donahe 
for CCVEDIT. Brendan Donahe received a trophy and a 
$50.00 check. 

An “Excellence in Broadcasting” trophy was given to Neil 
Blanchard for his work on the CoCo Crew Podcast. 

An “Excellence in Broadcasting” trophy was given to Mike 
Rowen for his work on the CoCo Crew Podcast. 

Asimov Award 
2019 CoCoFEST! 
May 4-5, 201 9 



The Retro Search 

By John Mark Mobley 

There is a new search engine for searching TRS-80 retro 
computer information. 


Link: search.cfm 

-> C d © Not secure | ☆ EJ 13 @ G* O (S fjr : 

Apps Q The Voice of the M... 0 Q chiclassiccomp chic... O YouTube - Broadcas... » Q Other bookmarks 

The Retro Search 


Home Listings Advanced Contact Others 

Search Us 


Welcome to The new Retro Search 

We're on the lookout for more TRS-80 listings 
0 Let us know about a new listing II OH Check current site listings 

The Retro Search 

2019 CoCoFEST! 

The 28 th Annual “Last” Chicago CoCoFEST! 

by John Mark Mobley 

The 28 th Annual “Last” Chicago CoCoFEST! was held 
May 4-5, 2019. 122 people attended. As our number$ 
were again in the black we shall have yet another 
CoCoFEST! in 2020. 

We have secured a larger venue and have selected 
dates for 2020 CoCoFEST! 

We come to this festival to view and purchase new 
hardware and software as well as socialize with others in 
the CoCo community. You may be inspired by something 
you see. You may be inspired seeing an 8-bit computer 
emulate Donkey Kong. You may be inspired seeing a 
young person write a program. You may be inspired 
seeing the Tandy Color Computer produce more colors in 
a higher resolution than would normally be possible. You 
may be inspired seeing how many other people are still 
interested in the Tandy Color Computer. 

Generous people donate items to our auctions thus 
keeping items no longer in production out of landfills and 
available to others now glad to get them. You may get 
caught up in the excitement of the auction. Would you 
bid $20.00 on a book about programming in assembly 
language? These auctions do keep the CoCoFEST! alive 
each year. 

What follows are pictures of the 2019 CoCoFEST! 

Heron Point Convention Center Lobby 


Heron Point Convention Center Lobby Paul Fiscarelli from Kingston NH 

DINO WARS Dawnne Thayer, Tim Thayer and Paul Thayer 

CoCo Brothers 



Morgan & Brendan Donahe’s Booth 
Exhibiting CoCoVGA 

William Astle, Jeff Teunissen & Jeff’s Son Vince 

Evan Wright’s Booth showing “Hunt The Wumpus” 

Eric Canales (back) 

Exhibitor and Vendor Room 

Eric Canales (front) 


Exhibitor and Vendor Room NitrOS-9 Ease of Use Edition 

Dan Keller, Brett Gordon, and Dave Philipsen 

Exhibitor and Vendor Room HawkSoft Booth 

Ron Klein, and Dan Keller 




im wm 

Henry Rietveld exhibiting RAMPAGE 


Our CoCoTREK Sign in the Lobby 

Tandy 1000 Running Cosmic Aliens 


Radio Shack Ad 

Bomb Squad - a Mine Sweeper Clone 



S«i 9W 

Cosnic Aliens 

Special Release version 1.9." 

Releasae late : Has 24tk, 19W . x: fla5 

twents, suggestions, and tax-dednctakl* donati«* 
Cosnic Aliens rndkack 
21(1 II. Oakland R. *jf 
Ft. UudewUle, FI 33311 
RotNMd kg Itm ««*•.*»_ 

Press ESC- 

iraHea By «ew « a 

in Micro-Soft's Qurttesicj.? 
*-1 durinf fane for 'Be ss *><* 

Cosmic Aliens on the Tandy 1000 


BorrlbSwayS Battleship 





'■ piiir.'.yj 

NitrOS-9 Ease of Use Edition 

Cosmic Aliens on the Tandy Color Computer Neil’s Computer Service / The CoCoCrew Podcast 

Neil Blanchard’s Booth 


Ron Klein and Tim Lindner 

CoCo Happenings 

By Salvador Garcia 

2019-06-24 Ron Klein announced that the second part of 
his video series about the CoCoiaPi3 is now on YouTube. 

2019-06-19 Richard Sorek announced on the Facebook 
page that a new version of his 6809-assembly language 
document was available. He provided a link to the 
document. For those that do not use FB, contact him 
directly at his Gmail email account keros6809. He kindly 
asks for feedback. Note: This document is in French. 

You must be logged into Facebook for the above link to 
take you directly to the post; otherwise it will only take 
you to the group. 

2019-06-16 D Bruce Moore shared the video “The 
Answer”: R2Dic 

2019-06-13 Jeff Vavasour fans rejoice! Allen Huffman 
announced that Jeff will be involved in a Star Wars 
project with the Arcadel Up: 

2019-06-08 Richard Lorbieski of Boyson Technologies 
made an important announcement on CoCoTALK! He 
basically mentioned that he plans to make some of his 
designs open source. Listen to the original 
announcement here: 

https :// 

2019-06-08 Ron Klein published a video describing the 
install process for the CoCo Pi3 software for first time 

Tony Podraza conducts auction in the 
register/sign-in room 

2019-05-27 Boisy Pitre published the article “Stepping on 
Toes: Addressing Duplication of Hardware in the Vintage 
Computing Marketplace” on Vintage Is the New Old 

2019-06-03 Pierre Serrat announced the availability of 
version 0.1.59 of CMOC, the 6809 cross compiler for the 
C language (or at least most of the C language). 

2019-05-31 John W. Linville announced the availability of 
episode #48 of the CoCo Crew Podcast. 

2019-05-29 Brock Harrison published the article “One 
Step Forward: Encouraging Competition in the Vintage 
Computing Marketplace”: 


2019-05-15 L. Curtis Boyle announced that the Beta 4, 
Release 2 of NitrOS-9 EOU (Ease of Use) has been 

2019-05-13 Ciaran Anscomb announced a new release 
of his XRoar CoCo emulator for Macs. 

2019-04-29 Neil Blanchard announced the Call for paper 
for the CoCoFEST 2019. Although this event had passed, 
the information page is worthy of a look-see for anyone 
interested in this project for next year. 

The papers submitted this year can be found at the 
following link: 

2019-04-18 Henry Rietveld shared the video link of the 
second art of the Dragon 32 video that he shared earlier. 

https ://voutu. be/7N U h KTe 12v0 

2019-04-15 Ron Klein announced the availability of the 
most recent version of the CoCo Pi3 software bundle, 
CoCoFEST 2019 Release Edition. 

2019-04-13 Michael R. Furman announced the latest 
release of pyDriveWire v0.5, the DW 4 compatible Python 
project. This version now has support for the EmCee 
Protocol for use with MCX Basic on the TRS-80 MC-10. 
Download at: 

2019-05-09 Bill Pierce announced that he is posting the 
latest version of his NitrOS09/OS9 MShell File manager 
application. He also mentions that this might be the last 
update. Link to download the app’s ZIP file: 1.0.3w. 


2019-04-04 Henry Rietveld shared an interesting video 
about the Dragon 32: 

https ://voutu. be/1 mqeeG 1 qls 

2019-04-02 Diego Barizo announced that the Asimov 
Awards were returning. As of the date of this newsletter’s 
publishing, all programs written for the CoCo after the 
2019 CoCoFEST! are eligible for next year’s competition. 
On your mark, get set, code! More info here: 

http ://vaccs. i nf o/A A/aa. htm I 

28 th “Last” CoCoFEST! Highlights 

By Salvador Garcia 

The Raspberry Pi 3 CoCo project 

CoCoPi3 is the implementation of a CoCo 3 emulator on 
the Raspberry Pi 3. This movement was initiated years 

ago when HawkSoft demonstrated a normal looking 
CoCo 3 that had a hidden secret. 

At first glance, it looked like a normal CoCo 3; however, 
when examined more closely certain aspects stood out. 
The first was an HDMI video output port. What? HDMI on 
a CoCo? How was this possible? Another oddity was that 
the cartridge slot couldn’t accept a cartridge. It just didn’t 
look right. “What is going on here?” many asked. 

When Chris Hawks, the mind behind this peculiar CoCo, 
removed the cover there was no 6809 to be seen. 
Instead, there was the ubiquitous Raspberry Pi! A 
Raspberry Pi powered CoCo? 

Yes. Chris had performed a few tasks to accomplish this: 

a. He compiled a special version of MAME (Multi 
Arcade Machine Emulator) to include only the 
CoCo emulator. This reduced this program in size 
to make it more Pi friendly. 

b. He used an extra CoCo 3 case to house the R-Pi 
and associated electronics. 

c. He designed a special interface that connected to 
the Pi and a genuine CoCo keyboard so that 
MAME could use an original CoCo keyboard 
instead of the standard PS/2 USB keyboard. 

Chris’ marvel has been a centerpiece at his booth for a 
few years. 

Others have taken his design a step further. Ron Klein 
assembled a software package that includes Raspbian, 
the CoCo edition of MAME, and other software bundles. 
This build is available as a downloadable ZIP file from 
three sites. Although it is a heavy download at just over 
8GB, it contains all the necessary components to just 
plug and go. We just need to transfer the image file to an 
SD card (32GB preferred) using the recommended 
software. A detailed how-to introductory video, also by 
Ron, is available at the following URL: 


RETRO Innovations 

RETRO Innovations’ Jim Brain and his daughter have 
been regular exhibitors/vendors for a good number of 
years. While Jim has satisfied our techie appetite with an 
ever-growing number of CoCo accessories, his daughter 
Belle has been satisfying our sweet tooth with her 
delicious cookies and pastries, not to mention her hi-tech 

Among other products, the following were visibly featured 
at the RETRO Innovation booth: 

ChameleonCart. This is a device that plugs into the 
cartridge port and has a passthrough connector so that 
another cartridge can be plugged into it. The Chameleon 
includes 512K of flash memory and another 512K of 
static RAM, a real time clock and a stereo sound device 
based on the Yamaha YM-262. 

CoCoQuadLink. This is a cartridge whose main feature 
is 4 serial ports, 2 based on the 65C51A ACIA chip and 
the other two on the ST16C550 UART. Additionally, the 
cart also includes 512KB of programmable FLASH 
memory and a connector for an ESP-8266 WiFi module. 

CoCoProc. This cartridge contains two 63C09Es that 
can be used as coprocessors to enhance the functionality 
of the Color Computer. Turn your CoCo into a 
multiprocessor machine! 1MB of RAM is onboard. Each 
processor can access 512KB of this resource and the 
main processor can access it all. As with the other cart 
boards, the CoCo Proc includes 512KB of flash memory. 

What is needed now is the right software to take 
advantage of the three processors. Hopefully, sometime 
in the future, will see OS-9 or NitrOS9 updated to support 
this new hardware expansion. 

CoCoDunio. Another cartridge that provides the glue 
logic needed to interface the CoCo with an Arduino, 
permitting bidirectional communication. To boot, the cart 
also includes 512KB of flash memory. 


Covertly, without fanfare, Gary Becker demonstrated the 
fabled GIMEX at his booth. The GIMEX is a drop-in 
replacement for the GIMME chip and is currently being 
developed by Gary and Ed Snider. The project is close to 
completion. Stay tuned for more information about this 
product. The excitement is high for this product! 

What this means to the community is that possibly dead 
CoCo 3s can be brought back to life. If a GIME fails, the 
CoCo becomes a brick. Out of all the components inside 
the CoCo 3, the GIMME is one that is hard to find, if at 
all. Talking to Mark (of Cloud-9), he mentioned that he 
bought a tube of GIMME chips back in the last century 
and each had a cost of roughly $80 USD. Contact Mark if 
you need a GIMME, but even these are in limited supply. 
Once they’re gone, they’re gone! 

Enter the GIMEX. This is a faithful reproduction of the 
GIMME chip that can drop into the GIMME’s socket. 


Although development is still underway, the project is far 
enough along to be able to have a demonstration of its 
capabilities. We all hope to hear good news from Gary 
and Ed soon. 

Call For Papers 

Boisy Pitre started a new tradition at the 2018 
CoCoFEST! He made an announcement motivating 
innovators to create written articles about their 
adventures in CoCoing. The objective was to get more 
information in the hands of the community. The paper 
should describe the project, make comments on why it is 
important, and provide notes on how the project can be 
improved or a direction that further development could 
follow. As Boisy mentioned, there was about double the 
number of papers compared to last year. If you are 
tinkering with a technology, have a good idea for the 
community or just want to share works in progress, 
consider doing a write-up for next year’s call for papers. 

DwTerm by Michael R. Furman 

pyDriveWire History and Motivation by Michael R. 

Benchmarking CF83 Forth by M. David Johnson 

Made in the U.S.A. - Are American CoCo 3s Quality 
Challenged? by Boisy G. Pitre 

The home page for 2019 is at the following link: 


Another staple at this and past shows is John Linville’s 
CoCoVid. This is a hardware and software solution to 
allow the CoCo to display videos. John proudly showed 
Star Wars (1977) on the CoCo. Granted, its definition 
was not as great as Eric Canales’ laser disc version, 
which was also showing, but still is an impressive feat. 

John has mentioned that he hopes others take an interest 
in this project and move it to the next level. Word about 
was that there was someone interested in enhancing this 
video player. We can only hope that this is the case. 

CoCo Arcade 1 Up 

Another attraction at the fest was Henry Rietveld’s 
Arcade lUp machine. He gave the console a serious 
makeover by installing a modern computer and using the 
VCC emulator as its heart. He added an interface to an 
arcade control panel consisting of buttons and a joystick. 
Along with a menu system and a bunch of games he was 
able to give this CoCo emulator the look and feel of a real 
arcade game. 

The finishing touch was using an image of the CM-8 
monitor bezel created by Tim Lindner. 

This year, the papers submitted were the following: 

The Micro:bit as a Color Computer Accessory by 

Brendan Donahe 



Cocoman was on hand with his flagship product the 
Switch-A-Roo. Jason Reighard, the man behind 
Cocoman, took an idea by Barry Nelson and produced 
the Switch-A-Roo, a cable that connects the Color 
Computer 3 to a SCART device. One such device is a 
SCART to HDMI converter. Having this chain of 
components, the CoCo 3 can display its awesomeness 
on a modern HDMI monitor or TV. This design, using the 
Switch-A-Roo and an extra off-the-shelf component, is an 
economical way to display the CoCo 3’s screen on a 
modern display. 

Also being featured at Cocoman’s booth was the WallabY 
cable. This cable, simply put, allows us to have two RGB 
display devices attached to the CoCo 3. And yes, one of 
those devices can be the Switch-A-Roo. 


Cloud-9 was present at the event with its ever-diverse 
selection of CoCo related products. From CPU 
protectors, PS/2 keyboard adapters, tools, cartridges and 
RAM expansion cards. The main RA expansion card is 
the Triad, a 512KB expansion board for the CoCo 3. 

Using modern RAM chips, the Triad uses only a fraction 
of the power required of the original 512KB expansion 

This year, Cloud-9 had a new product, the Triad+. Like its 
predecessor, this product is a RAM expansion card; 
however, the difference being that it was a 2MB 
expansion. This was an impossibility back when the 
original 512KB RAM card debuted. 

Along with the myriad of products, Cloud-9’s Mark 
Marlette was also on hand to repair ailing CoCos. He 
spent most of his days (and some nights before security 
would escort him out of the exhibition area) repairing as 
many CoCos as he possibly could. 


Boyson Technologies was also present. Just like Mark, 
Richard Lorbieski is usually on hand to help us all with 
the repair of our CoCos. Alas, he was under the weather 
this year and was not able to personally attend; however, 
his booth was present and well staffed by community 

Richard is also a vendor of RAM expansion cards. His 
product the Boomerang, is a 512KB RAM expansion card 


for the CoCo 3. This year he came out with a new model. 
He renamed the original model to “Boomerang Classic” 
and named the new model Boomerang E2. The new 
model boasts 2MB of RAM. 


Brendan Donahe was also present showcasing his 
CoCoVGA product. This product, for Cocos 1 and 2, 
allows the CoCo to display its screen on a VGA monitor. 
Note that this product is not for the CoCo 3. A huge plus 
of CoCoVGA is that it fits inside the CoCo. There is no 
external component. Brendan was kindly installing the 
CoCoVGA for people who bought his product. 

Brendan’s contribution to Call for Papers discusses this in 
much more technical detail, including a pinout for the 
serial port and plenty of source code. Let’s make the 
CoCo sound like Colossus! 


Also on display was this oddly interesting looking thing. It 
looked like a micro:bit card connected to a red spherical 
speaker. Brendan tells me that this is a speech 
synthesizer using the micro:bit card. It connects using the 
CoCo’s serial port, lovingly (or unlovingly) called the bit 
banger port. The software running on the CoCo can send 
either ASCII codes or allophones that the micro:bit 
processes and reproduces as speech through the 

The micro:bit product is not an Arduino. You can’t fire up 
the Arduino IDE and use it to program the micro:bit. The 
concept is similar in that the program is created on your 
Windows/Linux/Mac OS computer (it also supports 
Chrome Book) and then downloaded to the micro:bit. For 
those interested or just curious, here is a 6 minute video 
on how to get started with micro:bit: 

Next year will be an epic, as we celebrate 40 years of the 
Color Computer. See you all next year! 6rxYNBq 

I recall talking to him about this product years ago when 
he was finalizing the design. I got to see the product fully 
functional. This is a practical alternative to display the 
CoCo screen on a VGA monitor since there is no need to 
carry any other stuff. 

A noteworthy event that was a highlight of the show was 
the visit of a special guest, George Schneeweiss. He 
celebrated his 98th birthday on May 24th. He has been 
an active member of the Glenside Color Computer Club 
for over three decades recently serving as its treasurer. 
Everyone took a moment to celebrate him and hoping 
that he will be in good health to join us again next year. 


News on Tony Podraza 

By John Mark Mobley 

Tony is having heart problems. Send prayers and/or nice 
thoughts his way. 

You can also check out the following Facebook pages: 

1 w * m Mm m 

Tony’s walkin’ in Texas 


Calendar of Events 

_ by John Mark Mobley and Salvador Garcia _ 

See our website’s Calendar of Events: 

Glenside Color Computer Club, Inc. Business Meetings 

July 11, August 8, September 12, 2019 
Thursdays, 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM Central Time 
Brian Schubring’s Home 
2131 Mallard Ln 
Hanover Park, IL 60133 

Blue Jeans teleconferencing access is available via John 
Mark Mobley or John Linville. You can call in. 

Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo 

July 12-14, 2019 

Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel & Convention Center 
Atlanta, GA, USA 


KansasFest 2019 (Apple II Forever) 

July 16-21,2019 
Rockhurst University 
Kansas City, Missouri, USA 

Cleveland's Classic Console & Arcade Gaming Show 

July 20, 2019 

North Olmsted Soccer Sportsplex 
31515 Lorain Rd. 

North Olmsted, Ohio, USA 

Vintage Computer Festival West 

August 3-4, 2019 
Computer History Museum 
1401 N. Shoreline Blvd. 

Mountain View, California, USA 

Vintage Computer Festival Midwest 14 

September 14-15, 2019 
Waterford Banquets/Clarion Inn 
933 S. Riverside Drive 
Elmhurst, IL, USA 

Milwaukee Maker Faire 

September 13-15, 2019 

Wisconsin Center 

400 W. Wisconsin Ave 

Milwaukee, Wl, USA 


What is a Maker Faire? Go here: 

Tandy Assembly 

September 27-29, 2019 

Courtyard by Marriott 

100 S. Fountain Ave 

Springfield, OH, USA 


The 29 th Annual “Last” Chicago CoCoFEST! 


Make The Trek! 

Here are the 5 "W's" 

WHO? 1) Glenside Color Computer Club, Inc. 


WHAT? 2) The 29th Annual "Last" Chicago CoCoFEST! 
WHEN? 3) April 18-19, 2020 

Registration & sign-in: (Sat.8 am-9 am) 

Show: (Sat. 9 am to midnight - Sun. 9 am-3 pm) 
WHERE? 4) Holiday Inn Elk Grove Village 
1000 Busse Rd 
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 
(New location from 2019!) 

Overnight room rate: 

$99 plus 13% tax ($111.87 Total) 

Call 1 847- 437- 6010 for reservations. 

You must ask for the "CoCoFEST!" rate or 
Group Code: CCF. 


WHY? 5) 

A. To provide vendor support to the CoCo Community 

B. To provide Community support for our CoCo Vendors 

C. To provide educational support to new users. 


And now, the "H" word. 

HOW MUCH? All Attendees - General Admission 
Both days: $TBD 1st - $TBD 2nd & more 
Sunday Only: $TBD 1st - $TBD 2nd & more 

******* Children 12 and under - FREE ******* 

*** Students 21 and under with valid Student ID - FREE *** 

For further information, general or exhibitor, contact: 

Tony Podraza, GCCCI Robert Swoger, GCCCI 
847-428-3576, VOICE 630-589-4692, VOICE 


Be sure to visit our Website to see up-to-date information 
on upcoming events,