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Glenside Color Computer Club, Inc. 
Volume 38, Number 3 

Mebane, North Carolina 
Autumn 2018 

CoCo ~ 123 Memory Map 

Routines Address 

GCCC Officers.1 

GCCC Information.2 


Contributors to this Issue.2 

GCCC Meetings.2 

From the Past President’s Platen.2 

From the President's Platen.2 

Trea$ury Note$.3 

The Secretary's Notebook.3 

Communications Director's Comments.4 

Editor's Clipboard.5 

Tandy Assembly!.5 

CoCo Happenings.11 

Calendar of Events.12 

The 28th Annual "Last" Chicago CoCoFEST!.12 

Upcoming Events: 

Regular meetings every 2nd Thursday @ Schaumburg Library. 
The 28th Annual "Last” Chicago CoCoFEST! May 4-5, 2019 


Here is the list of 2018 club officers and how to contact them. If 
you have questions about the association, call one of the officers 
for the answers. 









John W. Linville 
Tony Podraza 
Brian Goers 
Rich Bair 
Tony Podraza 
Brian Goers 
John Mark Mobley 








The buck stops here. . . 
Meeting planning, etc. 
Dues and Purchasing 
Records and Reporting 
CoCoFEST! Organizer 
Club Software Keeper 
Newsletter Production 

Copyright ©2018 Glenside Color Computer Club, Inc. 

John Linville Tony Podraza Rich Bair Brian Goers John Mark Mobley 

CoCo~123 - A Glenside Publication Since 1985 

Volume 38, Number 3 


Autumn 2018 


CoCo-123 is the newsletter of the Glenside Color 
Computer Club. Your annual contribution of $15.00 helps 
to keep our club going. Send your check to: 

Brian Goers, Glenside Treasurer 
3312 Miller Avenue 
South Chicago Heights, IL 60411 

Our treasury provides newsletters and good times with 
fellow CoCo users at our Annual "Last" Chicago 
CoCoFEST! and our Annual Glenside Picnic. 

If you attend the Annual CoCoFEST! your annual 
contribution is covered for that year. 


If you have any suggestions for the newsletter or would 
like to submit an article, please contact the CoCo~123 
Newsletter editor: 

John Mark Mobley, Editor 
4104 Wren Lane 
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008 


Rich Bair John Mark Mobley 

Salvador Garcia Tony Podraza 

Brian Goers Robert Swoger 

John Linville 


The Glenside Color Computer Club meets the second 
Thursday of each month at the Schaumburg Township 
District Library at 7:00 pm. If you need a map, see the 
following link: 

A social get-together we lovingly call “The Meeting After” 
always follows the meeting at a nearby restaurant. 

Visit our website at: 


Technically, this is a false article. As of our November 
meeting, I ceased to be the President of Glenside. John 
Linville has received the mantle of that office and will 
carry on. Send him your ideas, suggestions and support. 


I had the opportunity to attend this year's Tandy 
Assembly. I would say there was about 25 percent 
participation by CoCo-ists, and the rest, multiple versions 
of Tandy machine people... not one red herring noted. 
Miscellaneous systems, and pieces were available, 
including, keyboards from David Ladd. Not knowing the 
origin until after it was in my possession, I returned to the 
Chicago area with a keyboard that came from his stash, 
IN THE CHICAGO AREA! But it is a USB keyboard with a 

USB port, and I thought that that was a useful option, 


CoCoFEST! 2019 

The registration forms are complete and should be 
available for downloading from the website. 

If you do not see it, contact me directly at: 

I am still amazed at the new ideas the dreamers are 
coming up with for our machine of choice. 


I bid you peace. 

Tony Podraza, now Vice-President 
Glenside Color Computer Club 

Receiving The Torch 

Like many of us, I grew-up with the CoCo as my first 
computer. I turned nine the year the CoCo was released, 
twelve as the CoCo2 made its first appearance, and 
fifteen as the CoCo3 took the stage. I turned nineteen the 
year that Tandy finally dropped the Color Computer from 
its roster, and months later I moved into college with an 
"IBM compatible" PC in tow. While in college I learned 
plenty of cool and amazing things about modern 
computers, operating systems, and other software. Even 
though I thought that I had left the CoCo behind by then, I 
still knew that the CoCo had given me the foundation for 
what would become my career. 

Even in college, I had a neighbor that maintained a CoCo 
setup. I would drop by his room from time to time to 
inquire about his CoCo, but it was mostly a way for me to 
poke a little fun at him. I heard about the end of Falsoft's 
Rainbowfest and the birth of Glenside's CoCoFEST! Of 
course, I scoffed! Why would anyone still care about the 
CoCo in the Clinton years? Are these people crazy? 

Eventually, I graduated and got a job. Out of school and 
flush with cash, I began to remember certain good times 
from my youth. I found the CoCo mailing list (then hosted 
at Princeton) and I reached out, acquiring a CoCo2 and a 
CoCo3 and various accoutrements. I followed the mailing 
list and had a great time hearing each year about 
CoCoFEST!, but I would never attend such a silly event! 
Years later I found myself in the Pittsburgh area in time 
for PennFest - what the heck? So, I went... 

I enjoyed PennFest more than I expected, so much so 
that I convinced my wife to go with me in 2001 to 
CoCoFEST! - this sort of event wasn't going to continue 
forever!! Three kids, three CoCoFEST! locations, and 
seventeen years later, I've only missed one CoCoFEST! 
since then... and they ARE STILL HAPPENING! 
CoCoFEST! became a major part of my life and a focal 
point that I have come to anticipate with glee every year. 

Tony Podraza was an organizer and the auctioneer at my 
first CoCoFEST! back in 2001. Over the years he 
became the face of the Glenside Color Computer Club in 
my mind and probably in the minds of others as well. 
Tony eventually became the President of Glenside, 
where he has formed a lasting legacy of responsibility, 
creativity, and leadership. Keeping CoCoFEST! going for 
nearly three decades beyond the corporate death of the 
CoCo is an amazing and astounding feat of hope and 
will. Tony has carried the ball with strength and grace, 
and he has gotten us to where we are today. 

A few years ago I became concerned that CoCoFEST! 
and the CoCo hobby in general may be naturally losing 
some steam, and I just wasn't ready to let things go. I 
became a promoter both of the hobby and of the event of 
itself, culminating in the creation of The CoCo Crew 
Podcast. At about that time, I became involved with the 
Glenside club at the level of helping to plan each 
CoCoFEST!, accepting duties as seemed appropriate to 
my skill and availability. Now this year, Tony announced 
that he would step down from the position of President of 
Glenside, and he nominated me as a candidate to 
replace him. The Glenside membership voted, and I was 

Tony has passed on the torch, and I have taken the joyful 
burden. CoCoFEST! is both a time for fellowship among 
those of us who share this quirky hobby, and a historical 
marker paying tribute to a time when our present day was 
still the future being made. It is also an annual event that 
has marked the progress of my career, the growth of my 
children, and the progress of my hobby achievements. If 
you have read this far, then I am asking you to do 
whatever is needed to help me to keep this crazy thing 
going for so long as anyone wants to attend. 

With that in mind, please join me, Tony, and the rest of 
Glenside on 4-5 May, 2019 at the Heron Point 
Convention Center in Lombard, Illinois for the 28th 
Annual "Last" Chicago CoCoFEST! Remember, these 
things might not continue forever... 

John Linville, President 
Glenside Color Computer Club 

Trea$ury Note$ _ 

Our checking account balance as of November 8, 2018 is 

Brian Goers, Trea$urer 
Glenside Color Computer Club 

The Secretary’s Notebook _ 

Rich Bair here. Elections are over! The Glenside Color 
Computer Club held elections for officers at our October 
18 meeting. The election results were: 

President: John Linville 
Vice-president: Tony Podraza 
Treasurer: Brian Goers 

At the December 13 th meeting I proposed an amendment 
to the current GCCC Constitution. 

The Present Version reads: 

Article VIII - Officers 

The officers of the corporation shall consist of the elected 
officers and the Directors of the Board. 

Section 1 - The elected officers shall be the President, 
Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary as may be 
authorized in the Bylaws. Such officers may be elected or 
appointed as set forth in the Bylaws; their terms and 
duties shall be set forth in the Bylaws. The President 
shall chair all meetings of the Board 

Section 2 - The Directors of the Board shall consist of the 
Director of Demos and Reviews, Director of Special 
Events, Director of Communications, Disk of the Month 
Director, Software Librarian, Sergeant at Arms, and Club 
Newsletter Editor. The Directors of the Board shall be 
appointed as provided in the Bylaws. 

Proposed Version 

Article VIII -Board of Directors 
The Board of Directors of the corporation shall consist of 
the elected officers and the appointed Directors. 

Section 1 - The elected officers shall be the President, 
Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. The 
qualifications, method of election, terms of office, and 
duties of these officers shall be set forth in the Bylaws. 

Section 2 - The appointed Directorships shall consist of 
such positions as the current president deems necessary 
and vital for the successful functioning of the corporation. 
Examples might be Director of Demos and Reviews, 
Director of Special Events, Director of Membership, 
Director of Communications, Software Librarian, and 
Club Newsletter Editor. There must be a minimum of two 
appointed Directors. The qualifications, appointment 
process, terms of office, and duties of these appointed 
Directors shall be set forth in the Bylaws. 

Reasons for Changes 

The present Bylaws give many powers to the Board of 
Directors; one would assume that the elected officers are 
on that Board, but the present Constitution implies that 
they are not. They should be. 

The statement “The President shall chair all meetings of 
the Board ...” does not cover cases when the president 
may be unavailable. The subject is covered in detail in 
the Bylaws under the heading “Conduct of General 
Meetings”, so its presence in the Constitution is 
unnecessary. (But a similar paragraph is needed in the 
Bylaws regarding the chair for meetings of the Board of 

The needs for various appointed Directors have changed 
greatly over time and will continue to change. We have 
not issued a disk-of-the-month for twenty years; we have 
not had a sergeant-at-arms in my memory. Rather than 
having specific posts enshrined in the Constitution we 


should leave such details to the Bylaws, which are easier 
to update. 

Illinois requires that corporations such as ours have a 
minimum of six on their Board of Directors, hence the 
need for at least two appointed Directors. 

I’ve been secretary for well over a year, but only recently 
found out that our Bylaws specify that the minutes of our 
monthly meetings are supposed to be published in our 
quarterly newsletters. Up until now I have not been doing 
this, but have instead emailed minutes to all meeting 
attendees, and also to others who have either attended in 
the recent past or generally shown strong interest in 
Glenside’s affairs. What should my procedure be from 
now on? I could: 

a) Continue emailing as I have been doing 

b) Only publish them in the newsletter 

c) Do both a) and b). 

Option b) has the disadvantage that it puts a month or 
more of delay between the meeting date and the 
publicizing of the minutes, so I suspect it is the least 
desirable option. Also, I don’t want to clutter each 
newsletter with three months’ worth of minutes if only a 
few people are interested in reading them. In that case 
option a) would be best. (Of course, if you wish to be 
added to my current distribution list, just tell me at Or if you wish to be removed 
from my list, ditto.) But if you are a member who would 
like to see the minutes also in the newsletters, tell me. If it 
seems to be a majority, I will begin doing that. 

Happy CoCoing! 

Rich Bair, Secretary 
Glenside Color Computer Club 


Our secretary, Rich Bair, said he recently read our 
constitution only to discover that he was supposed to 
supply information about our meetings in the newsletter. 
After checking I discovered that he did not do this for our 
last three newsletters. Instead he was emailing meeting 
minutes shortly after each meeting. This provided Rich 
with feedback about errors and modifications that needed 
to be made before the next meeting for approval of those 
minutes. When it comes time for his newsletter 
submission he need only highlight what went on in the 
last three meetings as well as supplying comments on 
more issues that came up but not put in print. This is 
what the previous secretary had done for years. 

So who am I? Bob Swoger who showed up to a Glenside 
meeting in 1986, liked it and kept coming back. My 
original reason for coming was as a reporter for the 
Motorola Computer Club that was at the time 350 
members strong most using the CoCo 2. I was 45 years 
old at the time and now I’m 75 and an invalid no longer 

able to walk let alone drive. In my youth I helped write 4 
constitutions and edited 5 newsletters for 5 clubs. 

My PC of choice was the UK’s Sinclair computer 
available in 1983, a more sophisticated machine than the 
CoCo 3 but also almost twice the price. Because I was 
able to observe the Sinclair User Groups grow, evolve 
and die, I felt I could help the Glenside group evolve into 
what we now are. Maybe I can explain it in a podcast 

From my Glenwood Alumni Associate secretary Jim 
Peulecke, a Glenside member, wrote a program on his 
CoCo 2 using two dual TEAC drives to maintain both the 
secretary report and the treasurer’s report for over 5000 
members in the Association. 

Up until 1987 our Glenside database was maintained on 
a CoCo 2 using the OS9 Profile application. It was 
decided that we would use Jim Peulecke’s program, 
which looked at the output of the CoCo OS9 Profile 
database and convert it to Jim Peulecke’s database 
format. In this manner we could convert it back to the 
OS9 Profile format. 

It was proposed at the November meeting that the club 
should have a standard, synchronized mailing list for 
dissemination of club communications. Rich didn’t inform 
us who made that proposal but stated, “Currently John 
Mark Mobley has a list for mailing the quarterly 
newsletters to paid members and Rich Bair has a 
different list for mailing meeting minutes." This 
statement is not exactly correct as John Mark only uses 
the present Jim Peulecke program, which contains the 
names of both contributing and non-contributing 
members over 360 in all. Rich, I believe, uses our current 
database to get the email addresses he needs. What 
Rich is doing is just fine with the Board of directors. Keep 
up the good work. 

Now let’s discuss our CoCoFEST! Space problem. Up 
until this year we had only two kinds of attendees to plan 
for. Those two were the Vendors/Exhibitors and the folks 
that came to see their wares. We watched the total 
numbers through the years drop to below 80. We found a 
much less expensive place to hold our show, Heron 
Point. The lower prices brought us greater numbers, last 
year being 120 attendees. The increase was mainly due 
to the work of Randy Kindig, Steve Strowbridge and John 
Linville getting out the word using podcasts. 

We also noted that as the booth prices got lower some 
folks were buying booths just to store their STUFF. The 
vendors then asked that they be separate from those that 
only wanted to store their STUFF so that the real vendors 
could be all in one room. We now will try to accommodate 
these three kinds of folks, the third being those that want 
space to store their STUFF or exhibit STUFF but not sell 
anything. This third group will have their space in the 
check in room where Rich Bair hangs out. These folks 


will use the Vendor contract for preregistration and to 
state their intensions. (Hangout or Exhibit w/o sales.) 

Booth & Vendor Pass: 

_Extra table: (Limit. ONE.) 

_Extra Vendor Passes: 

_A Place to call Home (1/2 depth table; NO sales) & Pass 

(Located in the registration room) 

_Dinner(s) @ S20.00 per Adult 

_Dinners(s)(2) N/C Children 12 and under 


Locations will be allocated based on first come, first placement 

As you can see this “A Place to call Home” table is just 
$5 more than without a table. 

In the next line you can sign up for our catered dinner 
which includes Pulled Pork, Shredded Chicken, Beef 
Brisket, Pig Wings, Au Gratin Potatoes & Cole Slaw, 
Baked Beans & Garden Salad, Fresh Rolls & BBQ sauce, 
and a Gluten-free Cheese only Lasagna for folks with 
restrictions, Lemonade, Tea and Soft Drinks for $20 per 
person, kids 12 and under free. Of our 120 guests this 
year at least 78 enjoyed our catered dinner. It is a great 
time for all the attendees to socialize! 

Robert Swoger, Communications Director 
Glenside Color Computer Club 


We rely on people just like you to help write articles for 
the newsletter. 

John Mark Mobley, Editor 
Glenside Color Computer Club 

Tandy Assembly! 

by John Mark Mobley 

Tandy Assembly is a vintage computer festival for 
Tandy/Radio Shack computers and compatibles. This 
year Tandy Assembly was held November 10 & 11,2018 
in Springfield, Ohio. About 92 people attended Tandy 
Assembly. Tandy Assembly is almost like having another 
CoCoFEST! Who would have thought the community 
could support two such events per year. Attendance is 
up at both events. So this is proof that the community 
can support both events. 


Josh Malone was there. He 
was repairing Tandy 100-family computers. He repaired 
my Model 102. I mailed it off to him and he repaired it. 

Stewart Cheifet was the keynote speaker. He was 
recorded and placed on YouTube. 


Link: YouTube - Tandy Assembly 

S 5.00 


Printer for use with tractor feed paper 

TRS-80 Model 4 

TRS-80 Model II (2) 

TRS-80 Model 4 

TRS-80 Model I 


Tandy Color Computer 3 

RDS III (3) microcomputer system 

Tandy TRS-80 Model 4P 


Cloud 9 

Cloud 9 

Dino Wars 

Tandy 102 


Tandy Assembly 

Jim Brain 


A . tjstr as Pvnnfost 9942000 

• I 

The Smldw-foo^ RGB <0 SCART solution 


Tandy Assembly 

Jason Reighard and Grant Leighty 

Tandy Assembly Sandy Wiemer and Tony Podraza 


Ian Mavric 

Brian Goers and Peter Bartlett 

Ron Klein and Brett Gordon 

Ladder Logic Circuit each toggle switch has 5 normally 
open and 5 normally closed contacts. Uses incandescent 
lamps for output. 

TRS-80 Color Computer 


Floppy Disk Tools 
View Tools Help 

Catalog Search Explore View 


f. it 


Catacombs (coco 3) 

r^ofthe unwashed Heather 

Caves of the unw Hea ther 

Caves of the Unwashed Hea 

Checkers (R. Young) 
rD Young) 

TRS-80 Color Computer - Floppy Disk Tools 
by Paul Fiscarelli 



Eric Canales 


CoCo Happenings 

By Salvador Garcia 

2018-10-04 Pierre Sarrazin announced the release of 
CMOC version 0.1.54, the 6809 C cross compiler. 

2018-10-08 Walter Zambotti announced progress on his 
OWC project. This is an Open Source implementation of 
the VCC emulator that will be compatible with Windows 
and Linux. 

2018-10-14 Pierre Sarrazin announced another release 
of CMOC, this time version 0.1.55, the 6809 C cross 
compiler. This fixes a few minor bugs. 

Retro Store 2018-11-03 D. Bruce Moore announced the availability of 

all 10 episodes of CoCo Forever. 

2018-11-06 Walter Zambotti announced more progress 
on his OVCC project. He successfully converted VCC to 
native Linux using SDL2/AGAR and is able to start an 
emulation of the Color Computer 3. 

2018-11-12 Rietveld published a video showing how to 
connect a wireless PS2 keyboard to a CoCo using a 
Cloud 9 PS2 Keyboard adapter 

2018-11-12 Walter Zambotti announced more progress 
on his OVCC project. He is now working on FD-502 

2018-11-21 Walter Zambotti announced even more 
progress on his OVCC project. He now has working the 
basic VCC CoCo core, MPI, Hard Drive and FD-502 

2018-11-21 Carlos Camacho announced the availability 
of his 2MB RAM CoCo badges. They will be available at 
his website, 

2018-11-23 Walter Zambotti announced even more 
progress on his OVCC project. The Orch 90 and 
RAMDisk modules are now complete! Way to go! 

2018-11-25 Pierre Sarrazin announced the release of 
CMOC, version 0.1.56, the 6809 C cross compiler. Now 
directly supports the generation of Dragon executables, 
among other improvements. 


-> Broust RttroStort 
Starch RttroStort 
Confifurt UiFi 



Calendar of Events 

_ by John Mark Mobley and Salvador Garcia _ 

See our website’s Calendar of Events: 

Glenside Color Computer Club, Inc. Business Meetings 

January 10, February 21, March 14, 2019 
Thursdays, 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM Central Time 
Schaumburg Public Library 
130 South Roselle Road 
Schaumburg, IL, USA 

Blue Jeans teleconferencing access is available via John 
Mark Mobley or John Linville. You can call in. 

Vintage Computer Festival Pacific Northwest (PNW) 

March 23 & 24, 2019 
Vintage Computer Festival 
Living Computers: Museum + Labs 
Seattle, WA, USA 

Midwest Gaming Classic 

April 12-14, 2019 

Home video game consoles, pinball, arcade, computers, 
tabletop gaming, crane games, collectible card games 
and air hockey, and that’s just the start! 

Wisconsin Center 
Milwaukee, Wl, USA 


The 28th Annual “Last” Chicago CoCoFEST! 

May 4 & 5, 2019 

Tandy Color Computer Festival 

Heron Point Building 

Lombard, IL, USA 



July 15-21,2019 
Apple II Computer Festival 
Rockhurst University 
Kansas City, MO, USA 

The 28 th Annual “Last” Chicago CoCoFEST! 

Make The Trek! 

Here are the 5 "W's" 

WHO? 1) Glenside Color Computer Club, Inc. 


WHAT? 2) The 28th Annual "Last" Chicago CoCoFEST! 
WHEN? 3) May 4 & 5, 2019 

(Sat. 9 am to midnight - Sun. 9 am-3 pm) 
WHERE? 4) Fairfield Inn & Suites Lombard 
645 West North Avenue 
Lombard, IL 60148 

(Near the intersection of IL-355 and North Avenue) 
(Same location as 2018!) 

Overnight room rate: 

$94.00 plus 11% tax ($104.34 Total) 

Call 1-630-629-1500 for reservations. 

You must ask for the Glenside "CoCoFEST!" rate. 


WHY? 5) 

A. To provide vendor support to the CoCo Community 

B. To provide Community support for our CoCo Vendors 

C. To provide educational support to new users. 


And now, the "H" word. 

HOW MUCH? All Attendees - General Admission 
Both days: $15.00 1st - $10.00 2nd & more 
Sunday Only: $10.00 1st- $5.00 2nd & more 

******* Chi | dren 12 and under - FREE ******* 

*** Students 21 and under with valid Student ID - FREE *** 

For further information, general or exhibitor, contact: 

Tony Podraza, GCCCI Robert Swoger, GCCCI 

847-428-3576, VOICE 630-589-4692, VOICE 

Be sure to visit our Website to see up-to-date information 
on upcoming events,