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JANUARY 1991 01092 

0°"71486°01092 | 


re ne “in r fac 
..where bre eaking the e rules 

OUTOFTHIS -_— : ee ; . 
WORLD wae 

y+ N ong pe) \\ | ie 

xo) @r-(e1 ((elakelanial=ye (ofa &: 
Acclaim’s blockbuster SuperPlay’ 
_ hand-held games! With high tech 
features that leave ordinary hand- 
helds grounded — like super sound 
effects, high score memory, and 
4-way action controls — you've got an 
Fleelo(-Mel-lan\oM ian taicy ey-] na ke) Avelel mar-1arep 
Solve Bart Simpsons™ 
(OT) oln-],(-¥ Oem l¢-]onVolU a alle] anecvern 
machine gun in NARC* Crash ‘n 
bash your way to the finish line with 
Bigfoot” For aslam dunkin’ : 
basketbraw/, its Arch Rivals. And 
Lola tare Male|-Keyayel0 la llc Yaldcw (6) ¢-]) 
Any way you play ‘em...the 
action is out of this world. 

u Gin Vent eee) 
entertainment, i 

Masters of the Game” 

Arch Rivals” © 1989 licensed from and trademark of Midway Manufacturing Company. Narc* TM & © 1988 Williams” Electronics Games, Inc. lronSword™ and Wizards & Warriors” 

© 1987, 1988, 1989 Rare Ltd., licensed to Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. by Rare Coin It, Inc. Bigfoot" and 4x4x4" TM Bigfoot 4x4, Inc. The Simpsons™ and © 1990 Twentieth Century Fox 
Film Corporation. All rights reserved. Ring King” TM & © 1987 Data East. Manufactured under license. Knight Rider™ TM & © 1982 Universal City Studios, Inc. Combat Zone™ TM & 

© 1989 Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. 1943: The Battle of Midway™ TM & © 1988 Capcom USA, Inc. Hulk Hogan™ is a trademark of the Marvel Comics Group licensed exclusively to 
TitanSports, Inc. World Wrestling Federation} WrestleMania’ and all other wrestlers’ names and character likenesses are trademarks of TitanSports, Inc. All rights reserved. © 1988 
TitanSports, Inc. Total Recall™ © 1990 Carolco Pictures, Inc. (U.S. & Canada); Carolco International N.V. All rights reserved. lronSword,” Wizards & Warriors,” Acclaim;” Masters of the 
Game," and SuperPlay™ are trademarks of Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. © 1990 Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. 


The California Raisins — page 64 

The Editor’s View 
The Tip Sheet 
Player’s World 
Nintendo News 

Game-Boy Players 

_Arcade Action 

| PC Players yr 
sega Players, gi 

Amiga Play 

Seal of Quality 
Licensed by Nintendo® for Play onthe : 

Really get a Noid. 

Yo! New York City’s been overrun by a 
SSS }unch of really bad guys. And you’ve got 
to stop them. How? Just bonk them a lot 
| with your yo-yo. Or, out-chomp them in 
the pizza eating contests. a 
Get your slice of the Yo! tO APCOM 
a Noid action for the Nintendo USA 
ae Mi eliMfen aiden Pie Vitel The eer today. While it’s hot! 

and gain magic powers. bonking. 

Licensed by Nintendo’ for Play on the 

© 1990 CAPCOM US.A., Inc. Officially licensed product of Domino's Pizza? Noid, the Noid character, and 
Domino's Pizza are registered trademarks of Domino's Pizza Inc. Noid design in Claymation by Will Vinton ENTERTAINMENT 
Productions, Inc. © 1990 Domino's Pizza, Inc. svsTem 

Except for the staff astrologer at the National Enquirer, 
almost nobody likes to make predictions in print. 
Predictions have a nasty way of coming back to haunt 
you a year later. 

For instance, a year from now, will your favorite 
game system be the NES or the Genesis? Will you be 
toting a TurboExpress or a color Game Boy? Will you 
be playing games on a compact disc player or onanew 
Nintendo 16-bit game machine? 

Throwing caution to the wind, I’ve listed some of 
my own unauthorized and unofficial predictions for 
1991. At the very least, I hope you get as many laughs 
out of them as some of my fellow editors at Game 
Player's did! 

Super Famicom. Nintendo’s long-awaited 16-bit 
videogame system is already on sale in Japan and will 
reach the U.S. in 1991. Nintendo will exhibit the Super 
Famicom at the Summer Consumer Electronics Show 
in Chicago this June, then start selling it in August or 
September. And it'll be an instant hit. 

Color Game Boy. | think Nintendo will do some- 
thing in 1991 to enhance the Game Boy. For one thing, 
all of the other cartridge-based hand-helds — the 
Atari Lynx, the NEC TurboExpress, and the Sega 
Game Gear — have full-color screens. Of course, the 
Game Boy is still more popular than all the rest put 
together. But I think Nintendo might introduce a 
higher-priced Color Game Boy and keep the current 
version as a budget model. The Color Game Boy 
would be compatible with all existing Game Boy 

Something else which makes me think Nintendo 
has big plans for the Game Boy is the hidden graphics 

quality of themachine. Have youever looked really close 

_ ata Game Boy screen? Some games have details that 

are barely visible until the screens are enlarged pho- 
tographically. Believe it or not, the Game Boy actually 
has greater screen resolution than the Lynx — you just 
can’t see it on that tiny 2.5-inch LCD. 

CDTV. Commodore Dynamic Total Vision is ex- 
pected to make its belated debut in February. By 
combining a CD-ROM player with a stripped-down 
Amiga computer and disguising the whole thing to 
look like a remote-controlled VCR, Commodore hopes 
to introduce a new style of home entertainment and 
education to people who fear personal computers. 
Frankly, I think Commodore’s marketing people face 
a tough battle, but I also think they’re on the right 
track. Even if CDTV fails, I believe their vision of the 
home computer of the 1990s is closer to the mark than 
anything on the market today. 

Software shakeout. There are now more than 60 
companies licensed by Nintendo to make NES games. 
For the first time, the market is becoming glutted with 

_ Nintendo cartridges. To avoid getting stuck with 

unwanted inventory, some stores are marking down 
prices to $20 or less. Although I don’t foresee a crash 
like the one that sank so many videogame companies 

in 1983, I do predict that several companies will be 

forced to withdraw from the Nintendo marketin 1991. 
Others will cut back on the number of titles they offer. 
It'll be a good year to take advantage of closeout sales. 

More predictions. Atari will introduce a lower- 
priced Lynx II with a smaller screen. Sega and NEC 
will each cut the prices of their 16-bit game systems by 
$20 or so to fight the Super Famicom. Nintendo will 
finally launch its on-line network, then struggle to 
gain consumer acceptance. Philips will finally launch 
CD/I(compact disc interactive), casting along shadow 
over CDTV. A vocal political group will demand that 
videogames carry ratings or warning labels for ob- 
jectionable material, like movies and record albums. 

Let’s meet back here a year from now and see how 
everything turned out! 

Tom R. Halfhill 
Editor, Game Player's 

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Is to baffle and disturb mentally. To confuse, confound, bewilder 
and befuddle you. Are you up for this type of challenge? Can you 
put such pieces within this game together? Figure out this SNK 
Role Playing Game. A shield, a necklace, pendants and rings. 
These are possessions you'll want to bring. Visit the towns and 
GET A CLUE. This will help to get you through. Tornel and Stom 
will test your strength. When you finally meet Draygon, you've 
travelled at great length. There's just one way to clear your doubt, 
call SNK to figure this game out. Here's one more hook, fill this 
out and I'll send the book. 


1-800-PLAY SNK 
SNK Corporation of America, 246 Sobrante Way, Sunnyvale, California 94086, (408) 736-8844 

© 1990 SNK Corp. of America. 


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r | we [bea fo Eas RDG Bay 
wo ms (| Ct i Ls see 

BENE e; 

Please send me your free strategy guide for: 



| a | 

=> eee SEES 

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: 2 : Be 
My, Gav" : é ; : 
*% : “ { ; X 
—¥¢ a : 

+, >. § Ashe kr 
= ‘ ‘ 
leis SUN... 



reracvinest aedemanyes p tageoed 


and a TONARI s 

4-\(e (om lf 
_ The Adventure 
Of Link 

I’m stumped on Nintendo’s Zelda 
II: The Adventure of Link. 1 can’t 
find the hammer. Where is it? 

Cindy Bates 

Just beyond Saria, you'll enter Death 
Mountain. Follow these directions: Go 
right through five different caves, then 
down through three caves. Now go to 
your left and you'll see a hole in the 
middle of a clearing. Go inside the 
hole, then turn right and go down an 

elevator. On the bottom floor, you'll 

find the hammer on the right and a 
magic potion on the left. 

King’s Quest IV 

How do you get the flute from 
Pan in KQIV? I keep running out 
of time and he runs away. 

Jay Fisher 

You can’t just wait for Pan to hand 
you the flute — you have to offer him 
something in return. Everything in 
King’s Quest works on the barter 
system. In Pan's case, you need a 
musical instrument. Remember the 
wandering minstrel who can’t play 
his lute? Offer the minstrel something 
in trade for his lute, then give it to Pan 
in return for the flute. 

Do you have any questions 
(o] ofolUl maZolU Mme heldiicmavulel=to= 
(ole lanl wre) mmere)anlelUli~lamele|nalqisir, 
Or do you have any hints and 
tios To share with your fellow 
game players? If so, write to 
The Tip Sheet, Game Player's, 
P.O. Box 29364, Greensboro, NC 
27429, Due to the volume of 
mail we receive, we regret that 
we cannot reply individually by 
mail to game questions, 

=X=JaTole[= Mutant 
Ninja Turtles 

I was wondering how to use the 
rope in Teenage Mutant Ninja 
Turtles for Nintendo. 

Trever Smith 

When you're on the top of certain 
buildings, you'll see a pole. When you 
touch the pole, your turtle automati- 
cally swings the rope and gets to the 
next building. 

Here’s how to get practically in- 
vincible in Pacland for the NEC 
TurboGrafx-16. First, push but- 
tons Land II. A screen will appear 
that says “My Pac 3” and “Skip 
Off.” You can get nine lives by 
pressing button I. After that, go to 
“Skip Off” and push button I so 
the screen reads “Skip On.” Now 
push the Start button twice. A 
screen appears that says “Skip 1.” 
If you press down on the direc- 
tional pad 100 times, the screen 
will read “No Hit.” If you push 
right on the directional pad, you'll 
jump to level 1-32. 

Eric Styranka 

Thanks for the tip! 

PU @ ¢elo l/s) 

High-Tech World 

In Alex Kidd in High-Tech World, 
Ican only seem to get seven pieces 
of the map. I’ve gotten the ones 
from Pappa, Paul, Mary, James, 
Tom, Mark, the one in Trask and 
the Bervants. Could you tell me 
how to get all eight pieces of the 

Brian Morgan 

Go to the third floor and climb up the 
ladder to the clock. When you set the 
clock correctly, you'll get the eighth 

piece of the map. 




rim Te ad 

a Se 

Lucasfilm™ Games’ swashbuckling new 
graphic adventure lets you trade insults with 
some of the saltiest seamen to ever sail the 
seven seas, 

In The Secret of Monkey Island™ you'll 
sling one-liners with a fast-talking used ship 
salesman, a sarcastic swordmaster, a wisecrack- 
ing corpse, and a prisoner whose breath would 

stop a horse. You'll also hunt for buried treasure, 

chase after a beautiful woman, 
and—perhaps—unravel one of 
the twistiest plots in the history 
of adventure gaming, 
You're short, broke, clueless 
and friendless. 
And you've just arrived on | 

Mélée Island seeking fame and fortune. Explain- 

ing to anyone who'll listen that you want to be 
a pirate. 

Being the easy-going types they are, your 

new pirate pals invite you into the club. Just as 


soon as you've completed three tiny trials. 
Among other things, you'll need to sedate 
some piranha poodles, burglarize the governor's 
mansion, and do business with the scum of the 
earth. And if that’s not enough, you'll have to 
figure out whether the 300-porn4 "--4-- 
priestess covets your rubber ch 
pack of breath mints, or... 
If the brigands don't: 
the graphics wv 
graphic standard; 
Loom and Indian 
Last Crusade, Nc 
of Monkey Islanc 
dards a few more 
stunning 256-color VGA grapt 

EGA version also available), pr 
scaled animated characters, an 

pans and camera angles. 
Our acclaimed point ’n’ 

The Secret of Monkey Island is available for IBM and 100% compatibles in 16-color EGA and 256-color VGA versions. Visit your retailer or order dire 
1-800-STARWARS (in 1-800- = it 

3M isa trademark of 3M 
ship's registry: Bahamas and Liberia. 

. ), LucasArts Entertainment Company. All rights reserved. IBM is a trademark of Internation 
AdLib is a trademark of AdLib, inc. Cruise prize arranged with the “Fun Ships” of Carnival Cruise Lines, The Most Pop 

has been improved even more. So have our 
sound effects, which are backed by a captivat- 
ing calypso and reggae music track. 

Enter the Monkey Island Treasure Hunt and 
win a FREE Carnival Caribbean cruise! 

If you can solve a few sneaky puzzles 
ina special demo of The Secrets of Monkey 
Island, you might just win one of the sweetest 
prizes since Captain Kidd’s treasure chest. A 
Carnival Cruise for two, one of a hundred 
AdLib™ sound cards, or one of hundreds more 
prizes! You'll find the a 
demo and complete rules 9} 
in specially-marked gt 
boxes of 3M diskettes. 
Or senda self-addressed, § 
stamped disk mailer to: g 
Monkey Demo, PO Box 
10228, San Rafael, CA 

Because while playing 7he Secret of Monkey 
Island isan adventure, winning the Treasure 

If you want a hand-held game 
machine but can’t make up your 
mind between the Nintendo Game 
Boy, the Atari Lynx, and the NEC 
TurboExpress, your decision will 
soon get even more difficult. Sega 
recently became the fourth com- 
pany to bring outa cartridge-based 
portable videogame system. 

Sega’s Game Gear made its of- 
ficial debut in Japan in early Octo- 
ber. It’s expected to reach the 
United States by mid-1991, and 
other parts of the world later in the 

In terms of overall quality, fea- 
tures, and price, the Game Gear 
falls somewhere in the midst of its 
three competitors. Its color screen 
and graphics are roughly equiva- 
lent to the Lynx, but it offers op- 
tions that until now were available 
only on the TurboExpress, cur- 



Nas <> Fe cS 

rently the most ex- 
pensive of the four 

The Japanese 
price for the Game 
Gear is 19,800 yen, 
about $152 in U.S. 
currency. That com- 
pares to $89 for the 
Game Boy, $189 for 
the Lynx, and $249 
for the TurboEx- 
press. However, the 
Game Gear doesnot 
come with some ac- 
cessories that are 
standard with the 
Lynx,suchasan AC power adapter 
and acable that links two machines 
together for multiplayer games. 
Also, the Japanese price does not 
necessarily indicate what the Game 
Gear will sell for when it’s intro- 

duced in other 

Because of its 
horizontal layout, 
the Game Gear 
bears some resem- 
blance to the Lynx, 
and is unlike the 
vertically oriented 
Game Boy and 
TurboExpress. It is 
about 7 inches wide, 
3.5 inches tall, and 
1.25 inches deep. 
The color liquid- 
crystal display 


Tony Takoushi 
and Tom R. Halfhill 

Game Gear software comes on credit-card-size 
cartridges, similar to those for other hand-held systems. 

(LCD) screen measures about 2.75 
inches diagonally. That’s a little 
larger than the 2.5-inch black-and- 
white screen of the Game Boy and 
the 2.6-inch color screen of the 
TurboExpress, but smaller than the 
3.5-inch color screen of the Lynx. 
The Game Gear’s screen is backlit, 
like that of the Lynx, so it can be 
played in dim light. But it does not 
use the higher-quality active-ma- 
trix design of the TurboExpress. 

To the left of the Game Gear’s 
screen is a directional pad, and on 
the right are three control buttons 
labeled 1,2, and Start. At the lower 
left is a tiny speaker. 

On top of the unit is an on-off 
switch, a volume control, a stereo 
headphone mini-jack, an auxiliary 
input jack, and an AC power con- 
nector. The machine runs on six 




ati tmare 

If you go to sleep dreaming about video games--don't. 
Freddy's” back and he's takenon a terrifying new form. You and 
your friends must search the neighborhood for Freddy's bones. 
When you enter the fateful house on Elm Street, you'll confront 
monsters and spooks that would give even Freddy a fright! 

But, beware. The farther you go, the deeper in trouble you get. 
Until, at last, you face the most feared horror legend of all time... 
Freddy. Krueger’ himself! Will you be the one to put an end to 

.Freddy’s reign of terror? Dream on. 

[Wret-lartloMos my llalicialeley 
for play on the 

i) ie ‘ cD R 

© 1984, 1990 The Fourth New-Heron Venture. All rights reserved. TM indicates a trademark of The Fourth New-Heron Venture. Alll rights reserved. Nintendo, Nintendo Entertainment System” and 
the official seals are trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. LIN” is a registered trademark of LJN Ltd. © 1990 LIN Ltd. All rights reserved. ? 


Notice the English and Japanese labeling on this bright 
package for the Game Gear in Japan. 

i3 +] 

The Game Gear version of Columns is 
nearly identical to the Genesis version. 
AA batteries, which last about three 
or four hours. 

The auxiliary input jack is for 
hooking up an optional VHF/UHF 
tuner which turns the Game Gear 
into a portable TV, just like NEC’s 
TurboVision tuner for the Tur- 
boExpress. In Japan, the Game 
Gear’s TV tuner is priced at 12,800 
yen, about $99 in U.S. currency. 
You can also plug a video cam- 
corder into the auxiliary input jack, 
allowing the Game Gear to function 
as a portable color monitor. 

Other accessories include an 
AC power adapter for 3,500 yen 
($27), a 12-volt cigarette lighter 
adapter for 1,500 yen ($12), a re- 
chargeable battery pack for 6,800 
yen ($52), and a two-player link- 
up cable for 1,400 yen ($11). 

Sega considered several pos- 
sible designs for the Game Gear 
and settled on one which requires 
its own special game cards; it’s not 


compatible with 
existing Sega Gen- 
esis or Master Sys- 
tem cartridges. 
Some of the Game 
Gear’s new titles 
will be familiar to 
Sega fans, though. 

For example, 
Columns is a Tetris- 
style puzzle game 
that recently came 
out for the Genesis, 
and the Game Gear 
version is almost 

Super Monaco GP is another 
Genesis title that’s available for the 
Game Gear, although the portable 
version is a little different from the 
Genesis and arcade versions. An 
option menu lets you customize 
your car’s body, tires, engine, and 
transmission, and the firstrace you 
enter is the Brazilian Grand Prix. A 
status panel shows the race course, 
your current position, the lap 
number, and the elapsed time. 
Collisions with roadside obstruc- 
tions or other cars cost you speed, 
and you win points by finishing in 
the top six positions. 

Pengo isa chase game based on 
an old Atari arcade machine. Your 
goal is to move around the screen 
and push diamond blocks onto 
pursuing characters knownas Sno- 
bees. It’s a fast, simple game with 
crisp graphics. 

G-LOC is based on a Sega ar- 
cade game that’s like a super ver- 

SuperMonaco GP isacar-racing game 

_ that varies a bit from the Genesis and 

arcade versions. 


sion of Afterburner — you pilot an 
F-14 Tomcat jet on various combat 
missions. Super Wonderboy is an- 
other installment in the Wonder Boy 
series of action games previously 
seen on the Master System and 
Genesis. Other expected games are 
Wonder Boy and Cyberball. 

In Japan, Game Gear titles are 
selling for 2,900 to 3,500 yen — 
about $22 to $27 in U.S. currency. 

Inside the Game Gear is an 
eight-bit microprocessor chip, the 
Zilog Z80A, running at a speed of 
3.57 megahertz. The machine has 
eight kilobytes (64 kilobits) of ran- 
dom access memory (RAM), plus 
another 16 kilobytes (128 kilobits) 
of video RAM. Screen resolution is 
480 by 146 pixels with 4,096 pos- 
sible colors, and up to32 colors can 
be displayed on the screen at once. 
Other technical features include a 
custom video graphics chip and 
true stereo sound. 

Pengois based on an old Atari arcade 

These specifications are com- 
parable to those of other hand- 
held game systems, although the 
TurboExpress still leads the pack 
in terms of graphics. 

Sega of America says it will 
announce a U.S. version of the 
Game Gear at the Winter Con- 
sumer Electronics Show, which 
opens in Las Vegas in early Janu- 
ary. The system is expected to hit 
U.S. stores a few months later. 




Arcadia” is a registered trademark of Arcadia Systems, Inc. Copyright © 1990 Marvel Entertainment Group, 
Inc. All Rights Reserved. Siver Surfer, other characters and character names are trademarks of Marvel 
Entertainment Group, Inc. and are used with permission. ©)Seven-Up, 7UP SPOT name and character are 
trademarks identifying products of The Seven-Up Company, Dallas, TX 1990. ©1990 Arcadia Systems, inc. 

AM Rights Reserved. Nintendo, Game Boy, Official Seal and Nintendo Entertas 
trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. 


18001 Cowan Street, Suite A a 

Irvine, CA 92714 
Tel: (714) 833-8710 

, Once you go in, you may never 
: come out! 

Lai ATEb mee. an nore ray 

ii t 
t rr 
The weirdest house 
t ! on the block! 

“Dr. Fred should 
chill out, 

Official aleco is Nintenge 

F dis 

~ Official 

Watch the Maniac Mansion TV Show 
on The Family Channel 

€2 JALECO.. 

And a scalpel-wielding doctor with an attitude? Anda 
cheerleader held captive in the basement? 

Just your average day in Maniac Mansion"! Totally weird! Definitely 
wacky! It’s the first game for your Nintendo Entertainment System® that 
combines the challenge of a mystery with the off-the-wall humor Americans love. 

Your goal—rescue the cheerleader and keep the mad doctor from taking over the 
world. There are over 50 rooms to search for clues. A cast of dangerous characters to avoid. 
And five completely different endings. It’s even based on the original from LucasFilm Games. 

You pick three of seven teenagers to go inside to solve the mystery. Who you pick Cece 
the course of the game. 

Want to take a break? No problem. Maniac Mansion’s battery back-up always saves yout place. 

Maniac Mansion is different every time—sometimes scary...sometimes silly... but always a 
challenge...the kind of a game that will keep you up nights trying to figure it out — or afraid to fall asleep! 

com’ T REACH TT. 

ETGOER. - 1 

rst. 3 

66 TG 

This box is ticking! Listen! “I'll suck out 
A nuclear reactor! your brains!” 

abs Hike # 

Don't get Weird Ed's 
hungry! hamster mad. 

The hamster's 
in the kitchen!? in the microwave!! 

“Nurse Edna, 
you are U-G-L-Y”’ 

Look for. <iues 
on the film. 

The mystery has just begun. 

Jaleco”™ is a trademark of Jaleco USA Inc. Maniac Mansion” is a 
trademark of LucasArts Entertainment Company. Nintendo” and 
A ‘ ‘ Nintendo Entertainment System“ are registered trademarks of Nintendo ($1.75 first minute; 90¢ each 
Get the official Maniac Mansion of America Inc. © 1990 Jaleco USA Inc. additional minute.) 

Hint Book. Call 1-800-STARWARS 

son Linakti AD torrent AP 18 
i Bre 


yNXepute), Bey.\ | 2 

Super Monaco GP™ 


Dynamite Duke™ 

The Sword of Vermilion™ Columns™ 

Get the hottest new video games going. Arcade, sports, adventure, strategy 
and action hits available only on the |6-bit Genesis System by Sega* 

Today's latest blockbuster arcade hits like Super Monaco GP" Climb into the 
cockpit of the world’s fastest Grand Prix machines as you race wheel to wheel 
through the streets at over two-hundred miles per hour. Or take on the evil 
villain Mr. Big in Michael Jackson's Moonwalker™ as you use dance-kicks, hat- 
tricks and finally transform into a powerful robot that does it all. Or become 
a Cybercop in E-SWAT™ and clean up the city besieged by mad terrorists. 

Get ready for the most action-packed sports games ever. In Joe Montana 



* oe 

A oom, 

Joe Montana Footbali™ Pat Riley Basketball” James “Buster” Douglas 
Knockout Boxing™ 

Football” check out the defense, make the call, fake a pass and scramble for a 
touchdown. Or force your opponent to move inside your left hook and nail 
him with an uppercut that puts him on the mat in James “Buster” Douglas 
Knockout Boxing™ Or in Pat Riley Basketball” get the ball with seven seconds 
left in the game, drive the length of the court, slam-dunk and draw the foul 
which you make to break the tie. 

In The Sword of Vermilion make your way through |4 towns and |4 mazes 
in this adventure thriller where encounters with the evil demons are played in 
real time on the hand controller. And dazzle your friends with your skills on the 
puzzle game Columns” Or become the ultimat 
commando warrior in Dynamite Duke™ as _ agi 
you blast the enemy from an over- 
your-shoulder first person view. 

There's only one true |6-bit 
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Genesis does what Nintendont. 

Sega and Genesis are registered trademarks of Sega of America, Inc. Michael Jackson's Moonwalker is a trademark of Ultimate Productions. Dynamite Duke is a trademark of Seibu & Kaihatsu, Inc. All other game titles are trademarks 
of Sega of America, Inc. © 1990 Sega of America, Inc. P.O. Box 2167, South San Francisco, CA 94080. Nintendo is a registered trademark of Nintendo of America, Inc. 


Golden Axe” Space Harrier Strider” 

Forgotten Worlds” 

Altered Beast” Rambo III° 

E-S.W.A.T. Afterburner II” Michael Jackson’s Phantasy Star II” The Sword 
City Under Siege” Moonwalker of Vermillion” 


| ¥aj ‘a 

ifeaeef ccyggeivr| very) 



Tommy Lasorda World Championship Arnold Palmer Pat Riley’s James“‘Buster”Douglas Joe Montana Football* 
Baseball” Soccer” Tournament Golf” Basketball” Knockout Boxing” 

CORE o047240" 

Alex Kidd: 
Enchanted Castile” 

Ghostbusters II” 

Mystic Defender* 

Dick Tracy® Spider-Man°* The Castle of Illusion” 
Starring Mickey Mouse 

Columns” Herzog Zwei” 

Altered Beast," the Sega arcade hit, comes with the Genesis system. Other games sold separately. Sega and Genesis are registered trademarks of Sega of America, Inc. Ghouls n’ Ghosts and Forgotten Worlds are licensed trade- 
marks of Capcom, Inc. Rambo Il is a registered trademark of Carolco International N.V. Thunder Force Il is a trademark of Techno Soft. Zoom! is a trademark of Discovery Software International, Inc. Truxton is a copyright of 
Toaplan Co, Ltd. Cyberball is a registered trademark of Atari Games, Inc. Ghostbusters: © 1984 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. Original game © 1984 Activision. Spider-Man® & © 1990 Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc. All 
rights reserved. Dick Tracy and Mickey Mouse are copyrights of The Walt Disney Company. Michael Jackson's Moonwalker is a trademark of Ultimate Productions. Strider is a trademark of Capcom, Inc. Dynamite Duke is a 
trademark of Seibu & Kaihatsu, Inc. All other game titles are trademarks of Sega of America.* Anticipated game availability Winter/ 1991 



VREGO atomic Robo-Kid™ = NUVISION pimini Run 

ER ¥Y Whip Rush” 

Trash mutant life-forms and save the A unique, action-packed, high-seas A horizontal and vertical scrolling 
earth in this radical adventure! adventure where strange sea creatures game where you operate a mighty jet 
tax your skills. fighter and challenge seven stages of 

shooting scenes. 


00049600) SHIELD Emam 300 S=xOL 9x2 § 

An intense shooter as you fly an Rollerskate to action and win Shoot or die in this horizontal scrolling 
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reach the ultimate goal—the quest of 
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TENGEN kiax ETVISION Fight Palace~ M@IMCO Phelios™ 
Move fast and think faster in this Role playing fun, hit music and great Apollo challenges enemies to rescue 
strategic video challenge. Catch and sound effects for | or 2 players— Artemis in this arcade classic with vivid 
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conveyer belt—this is a scream! 

The Official Sega” Genesis” Seal of gameplay as part of the “commitment to 
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Total volleyball action that puts you In this action space-fantasy game, Earth 
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planet at all costs—Good Luck! 

1 ===... Populous™ Technosoft Thunderforce Ill 
Play God! Create the world or destroy Rush into a world of perpetual motion 
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natural disasters. The first game of its for the first time ever. : 
= STAGE=5 
» | SCORE- 1500 
. TIME -O3:0'7 
ita are “f 
SAGES ef , 
CREATION Insector X MCP OMB 0,111. junction” 

Destroy insect worlds full of danger in 
this intense shooting game based upon 
the arcade hit. 

An action puzzle game. You must 
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to excellence” by maintaining our high 

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own games for the Sega Genesis system. 
Look for these companies who have 

tip Technocop” 
You're a cop, detective and road 

warrior of the future. Your mission is to 
rid society of radical gangs of punks and 
thugs. Arm yourself and aim straight! 


A shooting action game featuring 
helicopters in death-defying combat! 

earned the right to display the Official Sega Sega and Genesis are trademarks of Sega of America, Inc. All of the games 
shown are trademarks of their respective owners. 

Genesis Seal of Quality. © 1990 Sega of America, Inc. P.O. Box 2167, South San Francisco, CA 94080 

omething new and a 

little different is now 

available from Konami 

— the Laserscope Opti- 

cal Command Headset. 
Usable with any game thatrequires 
Nintendo’s Zapper light gun, the 
Laserscope consists of stereo 
headphones, a swiveling mouth- 
piece with a microphone, and a 
detachable eyepiece that hangs in 
front of your right eye. The unit 
has an eight-foot cord that plugs 
into the second controller port and 
the audio jack of a Nintendo En- 
tertainment System. 

Thanks to the audio connec- 
tion, you can now listen to the 
game’s music and sound effects 
through the Laserscope’s stereo 
headphones (although the sound 
is still in mono, since the NES 
doesn’t have true stereo). You take 
aim by looking through a set of red 
crosshairs that are projected ontoa 
clear bluemonocle that hangs over 
your eye. To fire, you just say 
“Fire!” into the microphone. The 
Laserscope then fires a shot at 
whatever target the crosshairs are 
centered on. 

Actually, the Laserscope does 
not recognize different voice 
commands—any sound you make 
that’s loud enough to be picked up 
by the microphone will tell the 
Laserscope to fire. You could say 




Jeff Lundrigan 

“Shoot!”, “Pow!”, “Zap!”, or even 
the ever-popular “Die, scum!” 
We found that you have to 
shout fairly loudly before the mi- 
crophone hears your command, 

which is an odd design 
conflict. One of Ko- 
nami’s selling points for 
the Laserscope is that 
you can listen to Nin- 
tendo games through 
the headphones and not 
bother anyone else, since 
the TV sound can be 
turned off. But then it 
leaves you there yelling 
in front of the set. For- 
tunately, a little experi- 
mentation proved that 
you can also fire shots 
by simply blowing into 


the microphone. This drops the 
noise level back to near-silence. 

The Laserscope takes a little 
practice to use. For one thing, you 
have to learn how to track objects 
with your eyes while keeping your 
head pointed steadily at the target. 
If you turn your whole head to 
look somewhere else on the screen, 
you'll miss what you’re aiming at 
when you shoot. 

Focusing on the screen while 
looking through the crosshairs 
takes some getting used to as well, 
since your instinct is to focus on 
whateveris directly in front of your 
eyes. In addition, the crosshairs — 
actually a pattern of red LEDs — 
have different markings for aiming 
at the screen from various dis- 
tances. (We got good results at 
distances of about five or six feet.) 
Despite all this, it doesn’t takemore 
than a few minutes to get the hang 
of things. 

21m bia ea a 

One interesting feature of the 
Laserscope is that the eyepiece can 
be detached from the headset and 
the microphone can be swung out 
of the way. The stereo headphones 
can then be used with a Game Boy 
ora Walkman-style cassette player, 
thanks to an extra set of stereo 
plugs included with the 


Laserscope. A switch on the head- 
set lets you choose between 
Nintendo sound or another sound 

A second switch on the head- 
set lets you select turbo-fire. We 
found this feature a little unnec- 
essary, since you can get much the 
same effect by drawing out what- 
ever noise you make when firing. 
When turbo-fire is switched off, in 
fact, it takes a little practice not to 
fire multiple shots. 

Since the Laserscope relies on 
your head and voice for all com- 
mands, it leaves your hands free to 
use some other controller, whichis 
a potentially interesting opportu- 
nity. (Remember, the Laserscope 
plugsinto controller port 2, leaving 
port 1 open for another device.) At 
the moment, very few games re- 
quire the use of both a Zapper and 
a regular control pad, which is 
hardly surprising. In fact, only one 
game, Gotcha, comes to mind. 

Bee Tae 

2 ajelhy 

However, Konami may be 
working on more games that will 
take advantage of this ability to 
use multiple controllers. Can you 
imagine wearing botha Laserscope 
and a Mattel Power Glove? 

The Laserscope looks a little 
gimmicky, but it works. If you’re 
hooked on Zapper games, it’s an 
enjoyable alternative. 

Goodbye Gray? 

Nintendo of America recently an- 
nounced that it will permit inde- 
pendent game companies to 
manufacture their own Nintendo 
cartridges. Until now, Nintendo 
manufactured all Nintendo car- 
tridges, even those sold by inde- 
pendent companies. This pre- 
vented the independents from 


making their own cartridges or 
seeking out less-expensive manu- 
facturing elsewhere. 

What does this mean to 
Nintendo players? Well, for start- 
ers, it will probably mean that the 
uniformly gray Nintendo car- 
tridges you're used to popping into 
your deck will give way to a wider 
variety of colors. 

More importantly, however, it 
could theoretically lead to lower 
prices for Nintendo games, al- 
though it’s doubtful the drop will 
be dramatic. Lower manufacturing 
costs don’t always result in lower 
prices at the store. For instance, the 
manufacturing cost of audio com- 
pact discs has dropped dramati- 
cally over the past five years, but 
CDs still cost $12-$15 because the 
record companies don’t want to 
lower their prices. The same thing 
could happen with Nintendo 

Also, some manufacturing 
costs probably won’t drop. Even 
though the independents are now 
free to make their own cartridges, 

1 Puzzle is one of four new unli- 
censed Nintendo games coming 
from American Video Entertain- 

2 Castle of Deceitis the first Nintendo 
title from Bunch Games. 


Sey!) Kytae 

for the Nintendo GAME BOY™ 


Pd 990 

Snsoft” is a registered 
trademark of Stn Corporation! 
of America. 

Nintendo, Game Boy and the 
official seals are trademarks 
of Nintendo of America Inc. 
©1990 Nintendo of America Inc.“ 
Gremlins are a trademark of 
Warner Bros. Inc. ©1990 

All rights reserved. 

©1990 Sun Corporation of 
America. ‘ 


they still have to pay royalties to 
and buy certain parts from 
Nintendo. It definitely won't af- 
fect prices this holiday season, since 
most companies have already 
placed their cartridge orders with 
Nintendo through early 1991. 

Another possible effect of 
Nintendo’s new policy is that there 
will be fewer shortages of popular 
games. In the past, Nintendo con- 
trolled how many copies of a game 
were manufactured. Whena game 
became a hit, supplies would often 
dry up because Nintendo would 
limit the number of cartridges that 
could be made. Now the game 
companies are free to make as 
many cartridges as they want. This 
in itself may lower prices through 
the simple law of supply and de- 

However, the threat of ending 
up with thousands of unsold car- 
tridges should keep the game 
companies from going overboard 
with their manufacturing. Every- 
body remembers that many com- 
panies went bankrupt in the early 
1980s when they got stuck with 
warehouses full of unsold Atari 
2600 cartridges. 

Unlicensed Games 

A handful of game companies 
aren’t directly affected by 
Nintendo’s new policy. They’re 
already manufacturing their own 
cartridges, because they aren’t li- 
censed by Nintendo. But since 
many stores won’ t carry unlicensed 

cartridges, their games are pretty 
hard to find. 

Color Dreams has been in the 
unlicensed Nintendo business for 
some time, and the newest release 
is Challenge of the Dragon. In this 
arcade-style adventure game, you 

those children’s tile games in which 
you shuffle small squares within a 
frame to assemble a complete pic- 
ture. Krazy Kreatures is an oddly 
addictive game in which animals 
and other objects bounce onto the 
playing field, and youhave tomove 

try to free the kingdom of Lorin 
from the clutches of an evil wiz- 
ard. Each of the game’s ten levels 
throws a different mix of ninjas 
and other such enemies at you, 
giving the game a distinctly Japa- 
nese flavor. 

Bunch Games is a newcomer 
and has released its first Nintendo 
game, Castle of Deceit, another ar- 
cade-style adventure. In order to 
save the world, you must find the 
mystic runes of guarding, then re- 
cover the wards of protection from 
a series of underground castles. 

American Video Entertain- 
ment, another new unlicensed 
company, has also released its first 
Nintendo titles. Puzzle is based on 

them around to get a certain num- 
ber in arow before the field fills up. 
Pyramid isa Tetris-style game which 
uses triangles instead of squares 
and seems more difficult than 
Tetris. And still to come from AVE 
is F-15: City War, ajet fighter shoot- 



t's been almost a year since 

Nintendo gamers were first 

introduced to Blobert (Blob 

for short) in A Boy and His Blob 

from Absolute Entertainment. 
Blob, a friendly alien, came to Earth 
seeking help for his home planet, 
Blobolonia. An Evil Emperor had 
taken control of Blobolonia and 
was forcing bad nutrition on the 
people. Joining forces witha young 
Earth boy, Blob and his new friend 
succeeded in overcoming the Evil 
Emperor and restoring health to 

A Boy and His Blob had all the 
right ingredients for success: a 
lovable title character, colorful 
graphics, and absorbing game play 
that rewarded problem-solving 
and creativity. By feeding Blob 
different flavors of jellybeans, you 
could transform him into various 
shapes. A tangerine jellybean 
would turn him into a trampoline; 
a cola jellybean turned him into a 

A Boy and His Blob was created 
by acclaimed game designer David 




The Rescue 
of Princess 

Stephen Poole 

When the game starts, you're 
locked inside a castle tower. You 
] don’t have any jellybeans that can 
help Blob open the door, but if 
you look around, you might find 
anew flavor that will do the trick. 

Princess Blobette loves diamonds, 
soit’slucky youfound these gems 

2 in the hallway near the Throne 
Room. Two of the gems are easy 
pickings, but reaching the third 
requires cool thinking. 

Getting on top of this machine 
isn’t difficult, but you can’t reach 
the power switch alone. Use the 

3 ketchup jellybeans to get Blob by 
your side, then find a shape that 
can somehow knock that switch 
to the off position. 

It doesn’t take long to figure out 
thata wrench in those gears would 

4 bring the machinery to a halt, but 
tossing it into the right place isn’t 
50 easy. 


Crane. Although this was Crane’s 
first Nintendo game, he’s hardly a 
newcomer to the videogame in- 
dustry. His game Pitfall! — written 
for the Atari 2600 in the early 1980s 
— was the best-selling videogame 
cartridge of all time in the U.S. and 
Canada, according to Absolute 
Entertainment. A Boy and His Blob 
also sold well and won several 
awards for Crane. 

When a Nintendo game enjoys 
that kind of success, a sequel is 
almost guaranteed, and A Boy and 
His Blob is no exception. This time, 

alsa ale ls amet segs 

however, Absolute Entertainment 
is bringing the adventures of 
Blobert to the Game Boy. Although 
the characters and the settings have 
been shrunk to fit the Game Boy 
screen, The Rescue of Princess 
Blobette retains most of the charm 
and nearly all of the playability of 
A Boy and His Blob. While there are 
a few qualities missing from The 
Rescue of Princess Blobette that 
helped win so much praise for A 
Boy and His Blob, the essentials re- 
main unchanged. 

Licanned by Nintendo™ for Play on the 


5 : 
And that’s just for starters 

The whole thing started when you invented 
: in Street Fighter, one of 
Shoot fast, or Basher’s fist You'll face Androboy Fight hard or the 

this radical formula that turns men into 
will rearrange your face. the Hunter whose box Tornado parasites the toughest games for 

supermen. And someone stole it. You'll have 
to fight some very deadly interplanetary 
characters to get it back. 

ts bigger than his bite. will spin you to death. Nintendo ever. Play it 
© 1990 CAPCOM US.A., INC. Street Fi hter 2010, the Licensed by Nintendo” for Play on the today. You might even 
t t .S.A., Inc. i 
Pentel ecnny Coen va naec ca (Nintendo) _live to tell about it. 

Nintendo Entertainment System are trademarks of Nintendo ENTERTAIN 
of America, Inc. sosen Maybe. 

The Followin 


Tn fda 

ul ast Nyy 

Why mow the lawn when you can bomb After dinner, you can always battle maggots, RYGAR, the 2 aver atenie hit that pits you. 
oncoming planes and destroy secret military blood-flies and drools in the dangerous 8 against ferocious beasts, hideous demons or 
bases in nine action missions with BLUE player game — SLIME WORLD. worse, your best friend. 


PAPERBOY. Fling papers at non-subscribers, RAMPAGE. econ a 60 ft. beast, demolish Encounter loathsome beings. Escape from 
race your bicycle on people’s lawns — in buildings and eat tanks as an army attempts horrible creatures. It’s you against the evil 
other words, the ultimate afterschool job. to destroy you. Up to 4 players can take partin empire in the game of GAUNTLET. 

the destruction. 

Warm up the brain cells. Condition And now you can play them 
those fingers. Break out the antacid. on earth. In fact, anywhere on 

The new Lynx earth. Because the 
cartridges are here. Lynx is the world’s 

Twelve of the first portable, color 
- roughest, toughest, video game system. 
most challenging : With its totally 
game cartridges in the Goomar unique 16 bit graphics engine, 

Blue Lightning, Slime World, Zarlor Mercenary™ Epyx, Inc. Xenophobe, Rampage™ Bally Manufacturing Co. Klax, Paperboy, Gauntlet, Road Blaster™ 


ROBO SQUASH. The ultimate paddle game. 
The goal is to squash the enemy and line up 
four globes in a row to win. But be careful, 
three splats and you're out. 

ROAD BLASTER. Drive and avoid mines, 
exploding towers and enemy vehicles for 
points and make it through 50 levels. Great to 
play in the back of the car. 

For Adults. 

the Lynx lets you play arcade 
quality games that really look like 
arcade games. In 4 channel sound. 
Play by yourself. With one opponent. 
Two opponents. Three opponents. 
Or you can even link up with seven 
other players on certain games. 

So if you don’t already own a Lynx, 

XENOPHOBE. Trapped in a space station, you 
must destroy the aliens. Side-scrolling 
adventure for up to 4 players. 

It’s a galactic shoot out between you and 
aliens in the 4 player game ZARLOR 
MERCENARY. Your only bope is to kill them all 
or break for lunch. 


KLAX. Maneuver your platform. Catch the 
falling bricks. Stack ‘em for points. And try to 
do it all before your dad asks to borrow it. 

Help MS. PACMAN escape the marauding 
ghosts by guiding ber through multiple mazes 
gobbling up dots, energizers, fruits and 

you better hurry. Because they’re 
going fast. And so are all these game 

Visit the videogame section in your 

favorite store now. 
Before they’re wiped out. 

EN NI ~ | 

Atari Games Corporation. Ms. Pac-Man™ Namco, Lid. Rygar™ Tecmo, Ld. Atari, the Atari logo, Robo Squash, Lynx™ or ®™ Atari Corporation, Copyright 1990. 

Gey Gene 


The entire game takes place in 
a castle on the planet Blobolonia. 
This time around, a character 
known as the Antagonistic Alche- 
mist is trying to overthrow the 
Evil Emperor, who was turned 
good by a megadose of vitamins 
in A Boy and His Blob. As part of his 
plan, the Antagonistic Alchemist 
has seized and caged Princess 
Blobette, and has locked Blob and 
the boy in one of the castle’s tow- 

ers. Our heroes’ job is clear: to es- 
cape from the tower, then find and 
free Princess Blobette. 

As in the first game, you play 
the young Earth boy and are given 
a supply of variously flavored 
jellybeans for changing Blob into 
useful shapes. Along the way, you 

tess tiasar ie 4 ¢ wn 


can find extra jellybeans as well as 
new flavors. After figuring out how 
to escape the tower, you have free 
run of the castle in your search for 
Princess Blobette. If you find and 
free her, you still have to follow her 
to get to the game’s conclusion. 

The obstacles and problems 
you must overcome in The Rescue 
of Princess Blobette are similar to 
those in A Boy and His Blob. If you 
liked the first game’s emphasis on 
experimentation and creativity, 
you should find this game just as 
much fun. 

One of the nice things about 
The Rescue of Princess Blobette is that 
almost every problem has more 
than one solution. Two different 
players could easily come up with 
different ways of getting past many 
of the obstacles, and that gives the 
game a lot of variety. When you 
come to a deep shaft in the castle 
walls, for example, do you make 

There are several ways to get to 

] the bottom of the tunnel. If you 
use the bubble, stay away from 
the middle of the shaft. 

Underwater exploration can take 
you to parts of the castle you 
2 normally couldn’t reach. Look 
for a switch to reverse the plat- 
forms in the tunnel — it’s the 
shortest way back upstairs. 

The instructions say you always 
3 need to use Blob to turn off ma- 
chinery, but just running past 
this lever will change its setting. 

Youcould usea valuable ketchup 
jellybean to retrieve Blob from 

4 is watery trap, or you could 
take advantage of the fact that 
hummingbirds can fly under- 
water on Blobolonia. 

your descent with the umbrella or 
the cola bubble? Each method might 
work, butif you experiment, you'll 
find that one method always works. 

There are a few quirks in con- 
trolling your character that take 
some getting used to. Whenever 
you enter anew screen, forinstance, 
Blob (who’s trailing behind you) 
will invariably run into you and 
push you ahead. So if you walk to 


a ledge, watch out — Blob will 
accidentally knock you off every 
time. Moving a short distance can 
also be tricky, because your char- 
acter tends to take more than one 
step, even if you press the direc- 
tional pad for just a split second. 
But you'll get the hang of it before 
too long. 

Sometimes Blob needs to be in 
a particular spot before being 
changed into an object, and getting 
him to stop in the right place can be 
a bit frustrating. There’s an easy 
way around this, though— change 
Blobintoashape that can be carried, 

he needs to be. Just make sure you 
save a couple of jellybeans in every 

The graphics in Blobette aren’t 
incredibly detailed, but there’s no 
need for them to be. All of the 
objects in the game are easily rec- 
ognizable, and the clean, unclut- 
tered look of each screen helps you 
keep your mind on what you're 
doing. The tasteful use of graphics 
gives the game the look and feel of 
its NES forerunner — a real com- 

vin WIN WIN 

1 S0b c2o-sGa4 

A Signal Research publication 
$2.95 $3.95 Canada Voi. 2 No. 5 










pliment for any game adapted for 
the Game Boy. 

The animation hasn't suffered 
in the translation, either. The Earth 
boy dashes smoothly through the 
castle, while Blob bounces happily 
along behind him. If you lose a life, 
you can even see a frown appear 
on Blob’s face. 

So far, so good. However, so 
much care and attention went into 
re-creating the wonderful game 
play of A Boyand His Blobthatafew 
other areas of The Rescue of Princess 
Blobette seem to have been rushed. 
For example, take the damsel-in- 
distress plot. It’s a fairly common 
storyline in videogames, and 


it’s not as endearing and original 
as the story in A Boy and His Blob. 
For the most part, Blobette hasa 
good variety of obstacles and 
problems to overcome. After 
playing the game, however, it 
turned out that several screens 
yielded lots of extra points, but 
nothing that was needed to finish 
the game. If you were trying to top 
someone else’s score, these rooms 
would be important — but there’s 
neither a two-player mode nor 
anyplace to record a high score. 
Of course, you have tc finish 
the game before you realize which 
rooms aren’t necessary. Hiding 
crucial items in those rooms or 
making it necessary to go through 
them to rescue the Princess would 
increase the challenge, especially 

After turning Blob into a bridge, 

] study the pattern of this floating 
serpent before attempting to 

Getting onto the moving plat- 
forms is difficult. Using an um- 
2 brella, you could try to dash onto 
aplatformasitrises—but there's 
actually more than one solution. 

This mighty cauldron is too hot 
to cross on a bridge, but if you 

3 figured out how to extinguish 
the torch, you won't have any 
problem here. 

You've found the princess, but 

4 freeing her is another problem. 
Maybe Blob can free her from 
her cage. : 

There’s a lot of money behind 
these doors. Your keys don’t 
5 seem to fit the lock, but by now 
you must realize there’s more 
than one way to get into a room. 


for players who are more intent on 
solving problems than on scoring 

Also, the game’s final sequence 
—in which youtry to find Princess 
Blobette, who runs away after you 
open her cage — is an anticlimax. 
It’s possible that your search could 
last awhile, but it’s just as likely 
you'll find her within a minute of 
setting her free. And the Antago- 
nistic Alchemist, who is to blame 

for the whole mess, is nowhere to 
be seen. 

But these are minor points. 
Taken as a whole, The Rescue of 
Princess Blobette is an absorbing 
game that retains almost all the 
appeal of its predecessor. Finding 
Princess Blobette may notbea huge 
challenge for experienced gamers, 
but intermediate and beginning 
Game Boy players should find it 
rewarding and fun. 


ustotom © Kele)(-W-A\\i-eemele]| (= Dm O)-anct-la iN less\-¥ O7- Wc lonich| 

he empire strikes back. 

The Atari empire, that is. 

Not content with having 

produced Hard Drivin’ — 

the finest race-car simu- 
lation in the universe — Atari 
Games has released Race Drivin’,a 
sequel that blows the doors off the 

Race Drivin’ offers four tracks 
to choose from: the original Stunt 
and Speed Tracks, plus two com- 
pletely new courses, the Autocross 
and the Super Stunt Track. You 
also have your choice of four cars: 

the two Sportstermodels from Hard 
Drivin’; a snazzy top-down Road- 
ster, whose handling outperforms 
its horsepower; and the Speedster, 
an all-out neck-snapper. Only the 
Sportster is available with an auto- 
matic transmission, but trust me, 
you'll want the manual trans. 
The Autocross is a deceptively 
simple course. Although it’s basi- 
cally a D-shaped track, it has so 
many little twists and turns that 
you Ilrarely get out of second gear. 

After your first lap, you'll face an 
interesting new opponent: an im- 
age of yourself (rendered in wire- 
frame graphics) that duplicates 


Race Drivin' 

Race Drivin’ gives you a bird’s- 
] eye view ofeach trackso youcan 

scope out the obstacles before 

dropping your quarters. 

These double corkscrew loops 
2 are one of the most harrowing 
features of the SuperStunt Track. 

Instant replays let you observe 
your most spectacular crashes 

3 fromafar. This driver didn’t quite 
make the upside-down loop 

A conventional ramp jump 
4 crosses the upside-down loop 

your previous best lap. A dusty- 
brown desert landscape gives this 
track a suitably gritty appeal. 

The Super Stunt Trackis where 
Race Drivin’ really shines. Twice as 
long as the original Stunt Track 
and twice as difficult, the Super 
Stunt Track is a wild roller-coaster 


ride with you at the controls. You'll 
find yourself spending almost as 
much time in the air as on the road. 
After zooming upand downasteep 
mountainside (watch out for those 
cows!), you'll passa roadside diner, 
whichis where the fun really starts. 
A huge vertical loop followed by 
two corkscrew loops lead to a hill 
that’s practically 90 degrees 
straight up! 

Watch your speed on the way 
down, because at the bottom of 
this monster is a sharp turn lead- 
ing into a tunnel. And inside the 
tunnel is a still-smoking car-truck- 
train wreck. Experienced S.T.U.N. 
Runner players will know how to 
avoid this mess by driving on the 
tunnel wall. 

Other amazing options in Race 
Drivin’ let you first race a com- 
puter-controlled car, then race 
yourself in the computer’s car. And 
by linking together a pair of Race 
Drivin’ cabinets, you can compete 
against another human. 

It just doesn’t get any better 
than this — not yet, anyway. 


eA 74h Be) 







coming soon to stores near you. 




 Producis-tor’Atan © Lynx are licensed by Atari © 

mar ctured SOIED OF endors at EE d 
ad ie 01 Sed | Amenca, Atan and Lyra are ot Atan Corp 
~ : * 


Alex Kidd in Shinobi World” 
This is the toughest challenge yet for Alex. It will 

take cunning and skill to do battle with the dreaded 
Ninja Warriors, Battle your way through four levels 

and overcome countless enemies before you finally 
confront the evil Dark Ninja. 


Erp janananannanns 


Psycho Fox” 

Ever heard of a fox that saved the world? What 
about the one that can transform into other animals, 
overcome countless obstacles and defeat the evil 
Madfox Daimyojin? Don’t look at us, you have to 
play the game to understand what we're talking about. 


~ Hot New 

Aerial Assault” 

Blast your way through five missions as you pilot 

a 21st century Assault Fighter. It takes some fancy 
flying and even fancier shooting, to wipe out all the 
N.A.C. invaders before they take over the planet. 
Buckle up for safety and start firing, 

Golden Axe” 

One of the greatest arcade games of all time is 

now available for the Master System. Battle your way 
through five levels of endless bandits on your way 
to recover the Golden Axe. Not recommended for 
the weak of heart. 

Boe SSanaa tone onic 


Stay glued to your weapons through fivé grueling 
levels. You have the ultra-tech armor and weapons 
for the job. The question is, do you have the guts 
for the challenge? 

Dead Angie” 

Step back into the 30's, when the mob was more 
than something you read about in books. Target 
practice was never like this. Shoot your way through 
six levels of pistol packing thugs as you clean up 
the streets and save your girl Jane. 

as ae 


\ Mander Syston / oy y ay = t 

| Paperboy” Columns” Super Monaco GP” 
| You are the new neighborhood paperboy. Sounds This mesmerizing game of skill and chance, will Fly up the long straightaways, and downshift into 
easy enough. Watch out for the breakdancer, a dog test your ability as you manipulate a king’s ransom the neck-wrenching hairpin curves. This game sends 
or two, construction workers, an occasional lawn in glittering jewels as they appear on your screen. you around 16 of the most demanding tracks on 
mower or baby carriage. Nothing to it...Just ‘ The better you get the faster the jewels will fall. earth in the hottest racecar ever built, the Formula 1. 
. another day in the neighborhood. It's guaranteed to challenge your mind, not Start your engine, and put the pedal to the metal. 
just your trigger finger. 


¢ Joe Montana Football” 

¢ Pat Riley Basketball” 

¢ James Buster Douglas Knockout Boxing” 
¢ Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker™ 

* Double Dragon™ ¢ Alex Kidd in Miracle World” ¢ Rambo Ill” 
* California Games” ¢ Wonder Boy III” ¢ Ghostbusters” SEGA OF AMERICA, INC 
* Choplifter” » Reggie Jackson Baseball” ° Outrun™ Sy eee : 
7one™- "5 * After B Paperboy is a licensed trademark of Atari Games. 
* Fantasy Zone + R-lype er burner” Dead Angle is a licensed trademark of Seibu Kaihatsu. 
° Black Belt” ¢ Phantasy Star. All other games are trademarks of Sega of America, Inc. 

f you're a science-fiction or 
fantasy role-playing buff, 
two new PC games will be 
of great interest to you. The 
first is a sci-fi adaptation of the 
popular Advanced Dungeons and 
Dragons series from Strategic 
Simulations (SSI). Thesecond game 
is (in my opinion) the first truly 

successful adaptation of J.R.R. 
Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. 
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, 
Volume 1: Countdown to Doomsday 
is the first AD&D sci-fi game from 
SSI. It places you in the fanciful 
world of Buck Rogers, the subject 
of a recent non-computer role- 
playing game from TSR, the mak- 
ers of Dungeons and Dragons. In 
Countdown to Doomsday, you par- 



ticipate in several adventures in 
which Buck Rogers plays a part, 
even though you don’t interact 
with the big guy on anything more 
than a fleeting basis. 

Players of SSI’s other AD&D 
games (Pool of Radiance, Curse of the 
Azure Bonds, Champions of Krynn, 
and Secret of the Silver Blades) should 
be able to discard their armor and 
swords and switch to spacesuits 
and lasers witha great deal of ease. 


Neil Randall 

Countdown to Doomsday is nothing 
more — and nothing less — than a 
sci-fi version of these games. I 
should emphasize “nothing less,” 
because the previous AD&D games 
have developed a solid, workable 
playing system, and Countdown to 

Buck Rogers: Countdown to Dooms- 
day: The surface of Mars looks im- 

] posing. The arrow points to your 
location and that of a neighboring 

Scot.dos, your ever-helpful com- 
puter companion, appears on the 

2 screen and issues a warning. If 
you're late, RAM will win this 

Tuskan, the leader of the desert 
3 runners, greets the party. He’s 
frightening, but don’t back down. 

In port you can refuel, replenish 

your ammunition, repair your 
4 ship, and pick up medical supplies. 

Only on Salvation is it all free. 


Doomsday uses that system well. 

Like the other ADGD titles, 
Countdown to Doomsday features a 
party of adventurers pitted against 
an evil force. To finish the game, 
you must pursue a series of mis- 
sions that seem only partially re- 
lated. As you make your way 
through adventures on Mercury, 
Venus, and in the asteroid belt, 
you'll find out where you must go 
and what you must do once you're 
there. If you wish, you can head for 
the climactic battle on Mars before 
completing the other adventures, 
but you'll find some things along 
the way that will make your job a 
great deal easier. 



Eachmember of your party has 
certain skills — both career skills 
and individual skills. Many of these 
skills are performed automatically, 
without your guidance. As the 
adventurers gain experience, they 
can rise in levels, learning new 
skills and enhancing the ones they 
already have. They can find weap- 
ons, armor, and other items along 
the way, or they can buy (and sell) 
items at the planetary bases. Each 
time they complete a new mission, 
they can head to Earth and find out 
where to go next. 



Trash all those other basketball 
captures all the thrills and intensity 
of a real full-court basketball game. 
You are in command; leading the 
court, making the plays, and 

scoring the points. 

Want close ups? Go for the 

slam or a 3-pointer and let the 
full-screen animation blow —y 
you away! fi ors 
When your men start = 

to drag, you can substitute 
some fresh blood. 

it's all jam packed into 

one NES cartridge, ite 
pro-basketball Be a part of the action-not 
at your fingertips! just a spectator 



You control full court 




Pick your starting line-up 

Team up with a friend 
against the computer 

®4. American Sammy Corporation 

Giyp 2421 205th St., Suite D-104, Torrance, CA 90501 
© & @ PHONE: (213) 320-7167 » GAME TIPS: (213) 320-7362 

See your shots-up close 
and personal 

ULTIMATE BASKETBALL™ is a trademark of 
American Sammy Corporation. Nintendo and 
Nintendo Entertainment System® are registered 
trademarks of Nintendo of America, Inc. 

ee ae 

The combat system is the heart 
of AD&D games, and it’s no less 
important here. The same tactical 
display appears, although most of 
the weapons in Countdown to 
Doomsday tend to be missiles. Yes, 
you can wield a Martian mono 
sword or even a lowly dagger in 
combat, but a plasma thrower, 
dazzle grenade, or rocket pistol is 
usually more effective. So, too, is 
the Martian battle armor, but you'll 


The solar system screen shows 
your ship’s position as well as 

] possible destinations. The aster- 
oid belt has several points of in- 

The space combat screen offers a 
gorgeous view of the enemy ship. 

2 Gauges show how much damage 
your ship and the enemy’s have 

The tactical combat screen gives 
you control over every member 

3 of the party, or you can let the 
computer handle them by choos- 
ing the Quick option. 

The Lord of the Rings: Good old Lo- 
belia wants the key to your house, 

4 the one she’s just bought. Might 
as well give it to her, and get her 
out of your hair. 


have to wait a long time before 
finding any. Effective battle tactics 
rely heavily on being able to mas- 
ter zero-gravity situations, so be 
sure to advance your adventurers’ 
skills in this area. 

Ship-to-ship space combat is 
the only major addition to the 
AD&D system. Firing weapons at 
other spacecraft is easy to do 
(though it demands considerable 
strategy), and you have the option 
of ramming and boarding an en- 
emy vessel as well. If you tangle 
with a light cruiser or a pirate ves- 

A al at 
i FUEL. 

Bad UTeW 


sel, you should be able to win. But 
if you take on a medium or heavy 
enemy cruiser, be prepared to get 
blasted out of space. 

The Lord ofthe Rings 

Interplay’s The 
Lord of the Rings 
(Volume 1) is cer- 
tainly not the first 
attempt at captur- 
ing the Tolkien 
novels in com- 
puter-game form. 
However, I think 
it’s the first suc- 
cessful attempt — 
so successful, in 
fact, that there’sno 
real point in look- 
ing any further. 
Unless your 


interest in the novels is the epic 
battles between the good and evil 
armies, this game will do more 
than satisfy your yearning for 
Middle Earth. It gives you Frodo, it 
gives you Sam, 
and it takes you 
to the places that 
so many of us 
know as well as 
our hometowns. 
Actually, it does 
even more. The 
problem with re- 
creating the 
Tolkien trilogy is 
that so many 
people know the 
books so well. No 
Tol-kien fan is 
going to put up 
with a game that ignores such es- 
sential elements as the Shire, 
Buckland, the Old Forest, the Bar- 
row-downs, Weathertop, Bree, and 
Rivendell, or that lets you go 
around these places without going 
through them. And who would 

AC << 

SS] faerie 



want a Middle Earth game with- 
out Merry, Pippin, Farmer Mag- 
got, Rose Cotton, Tom Bombadil, 
Old Man Willow, Gildor the elf, 
and, of course, Gandalf? 

But — and this is an important 
point — nor does anyone want a 
game that slavishly reproduces the 
novel, with nothing added or 
changed. There has to be something 
to do, after all, or you might as well 
just reread the books. 

Interplay’s version of The Lord 
of the Rings includes all of those 
familiar names and places. And to 
keep things interesting, it offers 
new quests that aren’t found in the 

There s avghost 
he Lebrary. | 

te gets et 
oes away t 

For instance, in the woods east 
of Bag End (the hobbit home where 
both the novel and the game be- 
gin), two children have been lost. 
If you talk to the strange creature 
hanging around the Green Dragon 
Inn, you'll also learn about a lost 
dwarf adventurer. Head to the 
woods, find some ruins, then lo- 
cate a cave. You'll be attacked by 
wolves and spiders, but there’s 
much to be gained. 

You'll discover similar quests 
in the Barrow-downs near the 

house of Tom Bombadil — which 
the books hint at but don’t reveal. 

In other words, you must com- 
plete the main quest as outlined in 
the Tolkien books, but you have 
other tasks to perform, too. These 
tasks force you to explore the Shire 
and its surrounding territory, and 
they also keep you somewhat off 

fs ards of broken smoking pepes 
Peamong piles of meshandled Library 
: a book is open on w tab 

here zs my pipe!’ a ghost shouts. may 

You Specengl the shelves. the 2 
a St pelts you with pipe shards, “8 
PeJou cannot touch these books. 

The game’s player interface is 
asnap. Press the space bar to make 
the menu icons appear. Select the 
talk icon to recruit or dismiss 
members of your party, or to ques- 
tion other characters. Use themagic 
wand icon to cast spells, or the 
scholar icon to use specialized 

Besides selecting icons, the 
game involves moving the party 
around a map which occupies the 
full screen. The overhead view is 
well-rendered, especially the ad- 
venturers. The hobbits look like 
Tolkien meant hobbits to look, and 
from above you can even tell that 



Esmerelda doesn’t want to let you 

1 into Brandy Hall, but Sam has a 
skill that will help you. Just soften 
her up a bit. 

There’s a ghost in Brandy Hall 
who wants nothing more than a 

2 good pipe. Find it for him, and 
you ll getall sorts of vital informa- 

In the basement of this building, 
3 you can find the key to the Old 
Forest gate. 

The house of Tom Bombadil, one 
of the highlights of the book, is 

4 found in the game as well. Go 
upstairs and find Goldberry; she 
has much to offer. 

their feet are large and bare — a 
nice touch. 

Volume 1 takes the party from 
the Shire as far as Rivendell. Vol- 
ume 2, due next year, will continue 
the quest to destroy the One Ring. 
Volume3, like the third bookin the 
trilogy, will deal with the final 
battles and the quest for Mount 

Real Tolkien. 
Real Middle 
Earth. At last! 





for te Nineuae Enitey talent: wae 4 


Soneoft tise register 
* Dred ark af'Sun' Go eue 
hot mericay 

ONintengoy Game BS Marth ie : 
offical\sea}s.are trademarks Of i 
Nintendoiek America Inc, 
att) L9QO'Nthtan do’ of 
i " Amietice they 

5 BTS TSO BC ‘Comiee Ihe! 
t. j ‘£1998 Ki caipbaheh ofpAmacd " 



.. Seal of Quality 

"New from S nsoft; 4 
ott for Gamd Boy. ae 

riving or flying games 

such as Super Monaco GP 

and Air Diver can give 

you. some idea of what 

it’s like to drive at over 
200 miles an hour, or to pilot a jet 
fighter. But neither game is a true 

In a true simulator, you’d be 
able to spin your racer around and 
drive into oncoming traffic. You’d 
be able to turn tail and flee the 
enemy jet planes, or even nose- 
dive into the ground. A true 

simulator lets you do almost any- 
thing in your video-vehicle that 
you could do in a real one. 

But this kind of freedom re- 
quires complex programming. It 
also requires more control func- 
tions than the two buttons on a 
Master System control pad offer. 
And although it’s technically pos- 
sible to design a true simulator for 
an eight-bit game machine, many 
game companies feel that the av- 
erage videogame player just isn’t 
ready for the depth and complex- 
ity of a simulator. 

So instead, we get “track” 
games, suchas Air Diver and Super 
Monaco GP. In 
other words, the 
vehicle in the game 
seems to run on a 
narrow track, al- 
most like a train. 
Even Air Diver, 
with its loops and 
rolls, limits your 
plane to arestricted 
pathway with 
slight allowances 
for steering left or 
right and up or 

EC a0 
| 70 CRRLLERsE | 

Hard Drivin’: 
The First 

Matthew A. Firme 

down. It’s like flying through a 

But now there’s a new Genesis 
game that comes closer to being a 
real simulator than any other home 
videogame — Tengen's Hard 
Drivin’, adapted from Atari's ar- 
cade hit. 

Hard Drivin’ is a stunning car- 
racing game. You can choose ei- 
ther of two courses, the Stunt Track 
or the Speed Track. The Stunt Track 
is studded with ramps, banked 
turns, and even a loop. The Speed 
Track is built for fast driving — 
there are more straightaways, and 
the turns are more gradual. 

But what really sets Hard 
Drivin’ apart from other racing 
games is the degree of control you 
have. You can actually turn your 
car off the track and drive over 
land, although you'll be returned 
to the track if you stay off-road for 
more than ten seconds. In the ar- 
cade version, this allowed you to 

ace the speed! ae or 

ae Drivin’. 

take iene Roce But Bee care- 
ful when exploring — in some 
places there are invisible barriers 
that prevent you from straying too 
far. If you hit one, your car ex- 

With a little practice, you can 
venture pretty far off the beaten 
path in the time allowed. As you 
wander around, you'll notice that 
the bridges, road signs, and road- 


side features are all three-dimen- 
sional. You can drive completely 
around a house, for instance, and 
view it from every angle. 

When you hit 
aroad sign (you'll 
probably do this a 
lot, just for fun), it 
bends forward 
and stays bent. 
Even if you drive 
around the track 
and return to the 
sign, ,Ors, turn 
around and drive 
the wrong way 
until you come 

The instantreplay featurein Hard 
] Drivin’ lets you relive this colli- 
sion with the barn. 

_ The loop in Hard Drivin’ can be 

very tricky tomaneuver success- 

2 fully. Too fast, and you'll wreck 

~ on the way out. Too slow, and 
you ll fall out of the loop. 

In the first two stages of each 
day’s testing in Burning Force, 
3 Hiromi rides an air bike 
equipped with many different 
weapons and missiles. 

In the third stage of each day’s 
testing in Burning Force, you'll fly 

4 a space plane against that day’s 


back to the sign, it 
will still be bent. 
All this makes 
Hard Drivin’ seem 
much more sub- 
stantial, as if you 
really are driving 
through a tan- 
gible, computer- 
generated land- 

The ten-sec- 
ond time limit for 
off-road driving 
and the hidden barriers do impose 
some restrictions on your freedom, 
of course. Also, when you're play- 
ing in normal mode — competing 
against other drivers for the best 
time — you're required to pass 
certain checkpoints ina given time 
period. But Hard Drivin’ has a 
practice mode, freeing you from 

timed competition. As long as you 
stay on the road, or at least return 
to it every ten seconds, you can 
explore at your leisure. 

Another neat feature carried 
over from the arcade version is the 
instantreplay. After you crash your 
car in an accident, you can observe 
the crack-up from a point of view 
just above the road. You may find 
yourself purposely smashing your 
car into other traffic or ramming 
bridge abutments just to watch the 

Unfortunately, Hard Drivin’ 
doesn’t have the best graphics 


we've seen in a racing game, and 
the animation isn’t the smoothest, 
either. But no other home 
videogame comes as close to being 
a true simulator. Hard Drivin’ gets 
off to a good start, and we can only 
hope for more. 

Burning Force 
and Ishido 

The latest game from Namco, 
Burning Force, is certainly no 
simulator. But it is a fast-forward, 
colorful shooter in the tradition of 
Space Harrier. 

You play the role of Hiromi, a 
female student at Earth University 
who hopes to become a space pi- 
lot. As the game begins, you’re 
starting the first day of a five-day 
test to determine whether you are 
skilled enough to realize your 
dream. If you pass the test, you'll 
earn the chance to fly a deep-space 
mission for your pilot’s license. 

As in Space Harrier, you play 
from a point of view just behind 
Hiromi as she hurtles toward vari- 

ous enemies and obstacles. Insome 


With The Nintendo Double Player’ 

Wireless Head-To-Head System! From Acclaim. 

Playing games on the Nintendo Entertainment System”® will never be the same 
with Acclaim’s new DOUBLE PLAYER™ System—the two player set of wire- 
less controllers that really gives you and a friend the power to move when 
playing your favorite video games—especially games with head-to-head, 
2-player action! 

Officially approved by Nintendo?’ the DOUBLE PLAYER™ System scores 
BIG with score-raising features like twin turbo rapid-fire, slow-motion, and 
pin-point accuracy from up to 30’ away. Get the winning edge. 


Licensed by Nintendo 

foruse with the : A<\ air 

(Ashtech. oe ay entertainment, i init 
Masters of the Game 

Double Player,™ Masters Of The Game™ and Acclaim™ are trademarks of Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. Hulk Hogan™ is a trademark of the Marvel Comics Group, licensed exclusively to TitanSports, Inc. All other wrestlers’ names and character 
likenesses are trademarks of TitanSports, Inc. © 1988 TitanSports, Inc. Nintendo” and Nintendo Entertainment System* are trademarks of Nintendo of America, Inc. © 1989 Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. 


Here are the exciting contents of the first Six GAMETAPES: ‘ 

Volume 1, Volume 1, 
‘Number 1 Number 2 
Double Dragon, Ninja Gaiden, 
Milon’s Secret Bad Dudes, 
Castle, Bionic Amagon, & 
Commando & Mega Man II 

RoboWarrior (also includes a 
(also includes a BONUS Quick- 
BONUS Quick- Look at Airwolf) 
Look at Wizards 
& Warriors) 
Accept No Substitutes... 

The professionals at Game 
Player’s have put together 
the hottest collection of 
video GAMETAPES available 
today! Each exciting tape 
provides valuable hints and 
tips for four or more games. 
There’s even a special sports 
tape covering eight major 
sports games! Plus the official 
Konami®’and Ultra® tapes! 

Our Editors Put Together 
The Best... 

Our tapes are carefully ed- 
ited and produced to cover 
the most helpful highlights. 
We don’t just tape a game , 
and let it run on and on. Our 
experts share their proven tips 
and techniques with you 
every step of the way! 

Created By Real Game 
Players For Game 

Every GAMETAPE includes 
detailed, easy-to-follow, step- — 

Volume 1, Volume 1, Volume 1, Volume 1, 
Number 3 Number 4 Number 5 Number 6 
Castlevania Il: Bases Loaded, The Adventures Teenage 
Simon’s Quest, Bandai Golf, of Bayou Billy, Mutant Ninja 
Thundercade, Baseball Stars, Blades of Steel, Turtles, Metal 
Strider, & P.O.W. Super Dodge Castlevania, & Gear, Skate or 
(also includes a Ball, Goal, Track & Field II Die, & Defender 
BONUS Quick- Hoops, Tecmo of the Crown 
Look at Wresitle- Bowl, & Lee 
mania) Trevino’s 
Fighting Golf 

by-step instructions from our ex’ > 
pert game players. Actual gam& 
footage shows you how to get“ 
through difficult spots, and pro- 
vides tips on how and where to 
find hidden power-ups, treasures, 
weapons, and other important 
items. Plus lots of advice on how 
to get higher scores, 

You'll see important action (while 
the narrator tells you what’s hap- 

he : 
| GAMETAPES, Game Player’s Magazine, P.O. B 

YES! Rush me the GAMETAPE(S) checked belo 
| Charge: _IVISA 

| Signature 
| Card # 

| Address 
| City State Zip 
| (Make check out to: Game Player's) 


[__]GAMETAPE #3 



| Add $2 for the first tape and .50 for 
each additional tape Shipping & Handling 
| (Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.) 

MasterCard L_JAmerican E 

Exp. Date 

$12.95 per tape 


‘you can guid@=Ace through tt 
battles to/destroy ‘the Infanto 
Earth and'rescue the beautiful Kir 
Space Ace®, the arcade folle 
Dragon’s Lair® is now available wit 
screen animation and sound of the origi 
No \Vi= alexcio Mero) an} olg-'==) (0) ahi cio alal(e[O[-topr- 
a action’scenes to be brought to life on 
compatible. ; 

Also/available or coming soon for Amiga, Atari ST, Macintgsh, | 

| TANDY © 


PR ein 

Dragon's Lair, Space Ace and Bluth Group, Ltd. are registered trademarks owned by and used under Uifef=} 
Bluth Group Ltd.; Character Designs © 1983 Bluth Group; All rights reserved; Space Ace programming 



00 P SSS 
(rss ERY 

Ishido is a puzzle game that joins 
other Genesis puzzlers suchas Klax, 
Columns, and Shove It!: The Ware- 
house Game. 

Ishido is said to be based on a 
very ancient game once played by 
people all around the world. Leg- 
end has it that the game was redis- 
covered by a Taoist priest studying 
archaeological data, and that the 
priest introduced 
the game to mod- 
ern players. 

Reflecting its 
world-wide roots, 
Ishido offers a 
choice of seven dif- 
ferent boards and 
sets of playing 
pieces. The seven 
sets are labeled 
Gemstones, Al- 
chemy, Native A- 
mericans, Egypt, 

Ss ae ae ae ae aN 

stages, Hiromi rides an air bike 
which can move only left or right 
on the ground, unless she ramps 
into the air to grab floating power- 
ups. In other stages, namely the 
third and fourth scenes of each 
day’s testing, Hiromi controls a 
space plane which can fly in all 

Burning Force contains few 
surprises. The story is a bit differ- 
ent, but the action and graphics 
willbe familiar to most game play- 
ers, particularly those who’ve 
played Space Harrier. But if eyou 
crave the kind of 
action that Burn- 
ing Force has to 
offer, you won’ tbe 

Another new 
Genesis game on 
the way is Ishido: 
The Way of Stones. 
It’s the first Gen- 
esis title from Ac- 
colade, a well- 
known maker of 
computer games. 


After each boss stage in Burning 
] Force, you'll fly along a path of 
bonus items. 

Tshido lets you choose fromseven 
2 different playing sets. This one 
reflects Egyptian influence. 

Your goal in Ishido is to place all 
of yourstoneson the board, Each 

3 stone must be placed next to 
another stone with the same 
symbol or color. 

Options in Ishido let you see the 
4 stones you have remaining, and 
where each stone can be placed. 

China, Stonehenge, and Japan. 

More New Titles 

Hard Drivin’, Burning Force, and 
Ishido should be available in No- 
vember. Here are some more re- 
leases tolook forincoming months. 

In December, watch for 
Mondu’s Fight Palace from Acti- 
vision, TechnoCop from Razor Soft, 
Super Volleyball from Video Sys- 
tem, Sword of Sodan from Elec- 
tronic Arts, Grenada from Renova- 
tion, and Shadow Blasters from 
Sage’s Creation. 

January will bring Aero Blasters 
from Kaneko, Cross Fire from 
Kyugo Trading Company, Junction 
from Micronet, Bimini Run from 
Nuvision, Ka-ge-ki from Sage’s 
Creation, and Dando from Treco. 

February should see Beanball 
Benny from Nuvision and Berlin 
Wall from Kaneko. In March, look 
for RBI Baseball 2 from Tengen and 
Task Force Harrier from Treco. 

ence of entertainment _ 



Imagine the shock of American B-17 
‘pilots when the first German jet fighters 
«whistled past. The lumbering bombers 
seemed to be standing still, sitting ducks for 
radical aircraft years ahead of their time. 

The twin-jet Me 262 unleashed a 

resemblance to today’s Stealth bomber. 
Were the Allies saved by Hitler’s blunder? 

As you'll read in the 224-page histor- 
ical manual, Hitler’s demand for a blitz 
bomber delayed deployment of the Me 262s 
as fighters. 

volley of 24 air-to- air missiles in In Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe, 
less than a tenth Fw} ofa you can reverse that decision. And pit these 
second, It’s ” 


revolutionary weapons with the more 
familiar German Bf 109 and FW 190 
fighters against the Eighth Air 
~~ Force B-I7 Flying Fortresses, P-51 

Mustangs, and P-47 Thunderbolts, 
All technically, historically, and graphically 

Fly in the face of danger. 
Desperate to stop the massive day- 

light bombing raids of the Allies, the 
Germans rushed their experimental aircraft 

just one of the little-known aircraft you'll 
encounter in Secrets Weapons of the Luft- 
waffe™ You'll also blast off at 16,000 feet per 
minute in the incredible Me 163 Komet 
rocket fighter. And pilot the remarkable 
Gotha 229, which bore an uncanny 

Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe is available for |BM and 100% compatibles. Visit your retailer or order directly with Visa/MC by calling 1-800-STARWARS 
(in Canada 1-800-828-7927). “ and © 1990 LucasArts Entertainment Company. All rights reserved. IBM is a trademark of International Business Machines, Inc. 

into service in late 1944, You'll experience 
the nail-biting terror of piloting aircraft 
that were as dangerous to fly as they were 
to the enemy. 

You'll rock with the impact ofa direct 
hit. Struggle for visibility through oil 
smeared, bullet-shattered canopies. Watch 
in horror as your 
engine burns. And 
wrestle for control ; 
against G-forces 
and rough wind 
conditions. All 
with the vivid 
realism of bit- 
mapped 256-color VGA graphics and room- 
rattling sound effects. 

In Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe, 
you'll do more than relive the air combat 
over Germany from 1943 to 1945. You'll 
decide for yourself whether these exotic 
superweapons could have changed the out: 
come of the war. 





So you want a Genesis” game 
with real impact? 
Play John Madden Football” 
A game as big and tough as ‘ 
the man himself. Seventeen teams. } 
__/S@GA) Each one blitzing @& 
GENESIS andscrambling & 
its way to Super Sunday. Each one Waa 
packed with pro Caliber ae who you ) 
make dive, spin, “= 
jump, block, and er aches 
\, Just like the big boys. 
OS Besides real moves, you 
get real weather Rain. Mud. Ice. 
Snow. Wind. Adjust to the 
= Conditions. Or take a beating. 

Play on the all-Madden team with guys 
who eat their lunch out of their helmet 
and dont know the meaning of pain. 

ItS real mud and guts football. 

ItS fourth down and 

you could boom one deep. 

Or take your chances, fake the punt, 
and go for it. What a total kick. 

You can call more than 100 real plays, 
too, for complete, easy on-screen play 
calling. Fages ripped 2 
right out of Maddens 
play-book. Even 

s soeverythings 2B 
'truetothegame % 
_ itself Bone-jarring fag ) 

' sounds of the 
| trenches. Animation & 
“am that will flatten you. 

=§ ©ntense pressure. And half- time 
f highlights and siats. 

REerePe een =f Se ET oN tees RT TS 
Make the mont call on over 1100 O Vy L Now it can be Super Sun 
different plays. Keep the weather in Including spins, dives, jumps, and an any day of the week. 

mind and youl put the game on ice. end zone touchdown dance. 

All the players have real atiributes. You get 
guys with better hands. Guys who are faster. 
Even special short yardage units. 

As the big man himself says, “Some 
guys arent mudders. Some guys 
cant hold a block on grass. 
(fe « Lhat’s real football. 
ie, [hats in the game’ 
eae 8 [hinkyoucan 
find a harder hitting 
football game? Get r 


Visit your retailer or order by phone. 800-245-4525 between 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Pacific Time. 
John Madden Football is a trademark of Electronic Arts. Genesis is a registered trademark of 
Sega Enterprises Ltd. 

eople have wanted to fly 

ever since they first no- 

ticed birds in the sky, so 

it’snotsurprising that the 

first flight simulator 
game appeared about ten minutes 
after the invention of computer 
graphics. Today, flight simulators 
are among the most popular kinds 
of games on the Amiga, as evi- 
denced by the recent outbreak of 
such specialized programsas Their 
Finest Hour: The Battle of Britain 
(historical drama), Strike Aces 
(bombing missions), Blue Angels 
(formation stunt flying), and A-10 
Tank Killer (modern anti-tank 

That’s why it was only amatter 
of time before the folks at 
Cinemaware focused their unique 
talents on the subject. The result is 
Wings, a lively mix of aerial com- 
bat sequences and arcade-style 
action with an important element 
that’s missing in most other flight 
simulators: a believable plot that 
builds as the game progresses. 

Wings follows the adventures 
of the 56th Aerosquadron during 
the First World War. One big ad- 
vantage of simulating this early 




Sheldon Leemon 

period of aviation is that the air- 
craft are quite simple to operate. 
Wings is definitely not one of those 
games in which you must attend 
flight school before you can figure 
out how to take off. In fact, the 
aerial combat scenes begin and end 
in the air, so you never have to take 
off or land at all. 

Unlike modern jet-fighter 
simulators in which the cockpit 
controls look like something from 
the starship Enterprise, all the con- 
trols you need to fly the planes in 

this game fit easily on your joy- 
stick. You twist the stick to climb, 
dive, and bank, and you push the 
fire button to shoot the machine 
gun. Want to go faster? You'll have 
to dive toward the ground. With 
flying skills reduced to this basic 
level, strategy and technique be- 
come the key factors in your success 
as a combat pilot. 

Wings isn’t one of those games 
in which you have a limited num- 
ber of lives, either. Each game lasts 
from March 1916 until the Armi- 
stice is signed in November 1918. 
If you don’t want to fight the entire 
war at one sitting, you can save the 
game to disk at any point. 

You begin as Waldo Barn- 

stormer (or another character of 
your choice). If Waldo dies, an- 
other recruit takes his place. Each 
new pilot must qualify at flight 
school, a training mode in which 
you learn to master the basic skills 
of bombing, strafing, and shooting 
down observation balloons. 

Once qualified, you start flying 
missions and keeping thesquadron 
journal — a device that advances 
the plot and throws in a bit of 
history as well. The journal entries 
appear as text screens before each 

(213) 782-6960 / (213) 782-6961 
2421 205th Street, Suite D-204, Torrance, CA 90501 

ha’ cters. BiccecAl missions (| 
_ increase your skill se 

After a brief elute for a filer 
. comrade, it’s back to the skies. 

mission. The missions are fairly 
short, and they vary from aerial 
combat and escort to defending 
your base or guarding your obser- 
vation balloons. 

The missions change over time. 
For example, you won’t get any 



Meanwhile, your skills improve as 
you successfully complete each 
mission. You are rated for flying, 
shooting, stamina, and mechani- 
cal skills. If you fail several mis- 
sions in arow, you lose points, and 
your pilot may be dishonorably 

If you play the game straight 

bombing missions until some 
bombs have been manufactured. 
Your opponents’ skills change over 
time, too. Although the enemy pi- 
lots start as rookies, they vastly 
improve after a year or two of war. 


through to Armistice Day (rather 
than starting over each time you 
play), you get a real feeling for the 
war. Pilots come and go, some 
doing better than others. The mis- 
sions keep changing, and the 
journal entries let you know how 
the war is progressing. The sound 
effects and music lend even more 
realism. Overall, you experience 
the cinematic effect that Cinema- 
ware aims for. 

There’s a good mix of game 
play as well. The flight sequences 
require some practice, but they’re 
broken up by easier, arcade-style 




Hen a 
ts A a I 

bombing and strafing missions. 
Sometimes you'll be out on patrol 
with several other planes, and 
sometimes witha single wingman. 
Bombing missions target build- 
ings, bridges, and trains. No two 
sequences are exactly alike. 

Wings comes with an excellent 
manual that provides some inter- 
esting historical background. Italso 
offers advice on flying maneuvers 
and combat strategy. Although this 

material adds enjoyment, you can 
start playing right away without 
reading a lot of instructions. The 
only thing I didn’t figure out just 
by playing is that the numeric 
keypad lets youswitch views while 
flying. You can look sideways or 
backward, and even watch yourself 
get shot down. 

Wings definitely has that spe- 
cial quality that turns “just one 
more game” into a lost weekend. 
Even if you’re nota flight buff, itll 
have you yearning to earn your 


Ancient gods ‘of 
Greece at war! Evil Tyohon, lord of 
the underworld, has kidnapped lovely Artemis, the 
moon goddess. Apollo, the sun god, attempts a rescue 
astride the winged horse Pegasus. With your expert guid- 
ance, they soar through the sky and battle the likes of the 
snake-headed Medusa; and Charybddis, the sea monster. 
Extra fire power, lives, and speed will help in the final 
assault...ut don't forget to grab Phelios, the Sword of Light, 
when it is offered. 

PHELIOS TM & © 1988. BURNING FORCE TM & © 1989. PAC-MAN © 1980. Namco Ltd. All rights reserved. 

Master The 

Imagine yourself astride a winged horse, 
thrusting and slashing with a magical sword... 
Or skimming the earth on a futuristic airodike, 
blasting through waves of attack robots... Just 
imagine... Now get ready for the kind of 
innovative games we're known for. 

New from NAMCO, the 
Game Creator 

Space combat at the 
Earth University. That's wee you cere 
up to learn. Armored attack robots are blown away as 
you deftly pilot your deadly airbike through fantastic 16- 
bit 3-D-like graphics of Earth terrain and alien ruins. Next 
class, you hop in your fighter plane to battle boss 
enemies and mop up in the bonus rounds. When you've 
finally mastered armament upgrades and piloting skills, 
you'll pass level six and erecta earning the title "Space 

Licensed by Sega Enterprises Ltd. for play on the SEGATM GENESISTM SYSTEM. SEGA and GENESIS are registered trademarks of Sega Enterprises Ltd. 

egendary Axe II is a lot like 
Legendary Axe. That means 
if you liked the first game, 
you'll probably like this 
one as well — and if you 
didn’t, you won't. Judging from 
the popularity of the original game, 
it seems that most people liked 
Legendary Axe. 

This time around, you're not 
Gogan the mighty warrior. Instead, 
you're Prince Sirius, the youngest 
son of good King Brace. The king, 
who took over from the defeated 
evil king Drodam, recently passed 
away. Now a dispute has arisen 
over whoshould inherit the crown. 

Prince Zach is the eldest son, 
but he’s unpopular and evil in his 
own way. You, instead, are the true 
choice of the people. But Prince 

Zach has called upon the power of 
the exiled Drodam in a bid to deny 
you the throne. Now you're ready 
to enter the palace and do battle 
once more, legendary royal sword 
in hand, in an attempt to defeat 
your evil brother. 

All this background doesn’t 
really matter much, 
though. Legendary Axe 
ITis an action game, not 
a role-player. All you 
really have to dois plug 
in the game card and 
start flailing away. Like 
its predecessor, Legend- 
ary Axe II is filled with 
sword-wielding, axe- 
swinging action from 
start to finish, and 
keeping on your toes is 
the key to winning. 


Axe Il 

Neil Randall 

a | a a a | 

You begin the game with three 
lives. A life gauge on the screen 
decreases when you suffer hits, and 
it increases when you find certain 
objects. When the gauge reaches 
zero, you lose a life. When all three 
lives are lost, youre out of the game. 

You can get an extra life each 
time you score 50,000 points, and 
you can also expand the life gauge 

Sto wo 2 > 2 

6:52 + 


from the initial five marks to ten. A 
nice touch is that the maximum 
number of marks on the gauge 
decreases with each life lost. 

In addition to the pressures of 
staying alive, you have a limited 
amount of time in which to com- 
plete each stage of your journey. 
At the end of a stage, you encoun- 
ter an enemy boss. These bosses 
grow increasingly dangerous until 
you finally confront your evil 
brother. In this sense, Legendary Axe 
IT is like a great many other NEC 
TurboGrafx-16 games (and games 
for other systems, for that matter). 

Atthestart of level3, Prince Sirius 

] stands with his sword raised 
high. It’s not the only weapon 
he’ll need. 

Sirius launches a blue star at a 
somersaulting enemy. Each en- 
2 emy has his own capabilities, and 
you'll have to learn them as you 


From out of nowhere, Sirius is 
attacked by arms and legs com- 

3 ing out of a wall. Watch these 
things, because they'll quickly 
use up all of your lives. 

There’s no rest for the weary. 
4 After fighting past hordes of 

monsters below, Sirius faces more 

somersaulters above. 

An NES” game that everyone in the family will enjoy playing? Not your family you 
say? Wait til you play LJN’s Pictionary! 

Four thoroughly addictive arcade-type games will challenge the NES” champ in in 
your family. The higher the score before the clock runs out, the more the hidden picture 
is revealed. Here's where the Pictionary fans take over, trying to identify the object 
before their time runs out. 

Most videomaniacs will want to hog Pictionary all to themselves for the arcade 
action. Others might choose to play 
the electronic version of the 

legendary board game. Better 
-“ yet, everyone can join in on 
- the fast-paced, video quick- 
draw super arcade action 
together. So, get ready for 
Pictionary like its never 
been played before. 

“esgrpiav en ie pee 
Ssv¥sTem® ‘ OS, 

Pictionary’ is a registered trademark of Pictionary Incorporated. (©1990 Pictionary Incorporated. All rights reserved. Silene Nintendo Entertainment System” and the 
official seals are trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. ©1990 LJN Ltd. Allrights reserved. : 

Leaping upward, Sirius takes aim 
1 at a Oui-Oui, a female bat-mon- 

ster. Hit these things quickly be- 

fore they swoop down on you. 

Stuck in some slime, Sirius finds 

2 himself under attack by two 
deadly skeletons. To get out of 
the slime, jump three times. 

This boss appears at the end of 

3 level 3. His ball and chain are 
deadly, and you'll have to get in 
close to defeat him. 

Well, youcan’t win ‘emall. When 
4 his life gauge runs all the way 
down, it’s curtains for Sirius. 

Surely it’s time for game designers 
to become more innovative and 
find an alternative to the prevail- 
ing “boss” model. 

Needless to say, Legendary Axe 
II is filled with other enemies: 
Pump Men (soldiers); Noma-Locks 
(skeleton soldiers, including one 
type whichis a very capable shield- 

shea S00 2:2e we 

carrier); Oui-Oui’s (bat-women); 
and the Tobo, who fires homing 
missiles. There’s even a small 
dragon that takes you completely 
by surprise, and a host of zombies 
with a variety of deadly weapons. 

As Prince Sirius, you can run, 
jump, throw bombs, and attack 
with whatever weapon you have 
in hand. Button I controls your 
jumps, and Button II your attacks. 
The Run button — be careful not to 
hititaccidentally! —releases magic 
bombs, which are wonderful (but 
rare) little weapons that wipe out 
several enemies at once. The num- 
ber of bombs you haveis displayed 
at the top of the screen. 





Three other weapons are avail- 
able. The sword, with which you 
begin the game, is excellent against 
some opponents but needs to be 
strengthened with magic to defeat 
others. To strengthen it, don’t miss 
the sword power-ups that appear 
after you destroy certain enemies. 
When you jump up into one of 
these power-up circles, the sword’s 
effectiveness increases dramati- 

The other two weapons are an 
axe (superb for close-range fight- 
ing) and a sickle and chain, which 
lets you quickly turn and defeat 
enemies sneaking up behind you. 

BCOPRE | i e7o0 


7700 & 

You can gain both of these weap- 
ons by finding the power-up circles 
with the appropriate symbols. It’s 
usually best to grab these weapons 
when you can, because they’Il help 
against the enemies who are in- 
variably lurking just around the 

Other power-up items help you 
along as well. A star restores half 
of your life gauge, a half-moon 
gives you a full life, and a medal- 
lion restores all lives (and is pre- 
dictably rare). All of these items 
can be found only after defeating 

Legendary Axe II is quick, ac- 
tion-packed, and enjoyable. But 
unfortunately, it lacks innovation. 
If you want a game that you'll be 
able to play the moment you put it 
into the machine, give it a try. But 
pass it by if you’re looking for a 
game with a wealth of new ideas. 



f- Gal 

. ad 


tic Batt 

last into the future 
for hours of oeNe MEI, 

Join Buck Rogers and 
the New Earth Organi- 
zation in the exciting 
25th Century, and play 
XXVc™ Role-Playing 
Game and Count- 
down To Doomsday, 
the new computer 
role-playing game. 

The XXVc role-playing 
game is packed with 
adventure, fantastic 

action-packed adventures sure to thrill science- 
fiction fans and game players alike. 

The computer game thrusts you into a race to save 
humanity from the enemies of 
the inner planets. Players 
must follow clues across the 
solar system, through the 
space ways, and to the sur- 
faces of Mars, Venus and the 
orbiting satellites of Mercury 
to discover the awesome 

Earth’s future is in your 

civilizations, genetically-engineered races, and hands! Look for these games at book, compuier, 
future-science technology. This game contains hobby and come stores everywhere. 

BUCK ROGERS and XXVc are trademarks The TSR logo is a trademark owned by TSR, Inc. 

used under license from the Dille Family Trust. Copyright © 1990 TSR, Inc. 

©1990 The Dille Family Trust. All Rights Reserved. TSR, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 

o, you thought the 1990s 

were going to bea “kinder, 

gentler” decade, eh? Not 

with games like Atari 

Corp.’s RoadBlasters and 

‘Take RoadBlasters, for instance. 
It’s a car-racing game in which you 
go speeding downa busy highway 
while avoiding such everyday road 
hazards as merging traffic, oil 
slicks, explosive mines, curbside 
cannons, and road-hogging cars 
and motorcycles that blow up on 
contact. You can shoot back with 
such weapons as lasers, rapid-fire 
cannons, and cruise missiles. 

In other words, RoadBlasters is 
a fairly accurate simulation of rush 
hour on a Los Angeles freeway. 

Then there’s Paperboy. In this 
game, you're supposedly a bicy- 
cling teenager who’s delivering the 
daily newspaper to homes in a 
typical suburban neighborhood. 
Hazards include loony lawn- 
mowers, belligerent dogs, incon- 
siderate kids on skateboards, hos- 
tile fire hydrants, and even funeral 
hearses driven by reckless maniacs. 

But that’s OK, because you're 
really a teenage terrorist in dis- 
guise. If someone on your paper 
route won’t subscribe, you deliver 
a newspaper to them anyway — 
right through their picture win- 
dow. And while you're at it, you'll 
knock over their garbage cans and 
vandalize their lawn ornaments. 
That'll teach ‘em what happens 
when they flee the city for the 

Both RoadBlasters and Paper- 





Tom R. Halfhill 

boy, of course, are based on arcade 
hits that have been widely trans- 
lated for other videogame systems 
and home computers. The Lynx 
version of RoadBlasters is particu- 
larly noteworthy for its fast, 
smooth animation and amazing 
illusion of speed. 

Another outstanding feature 
is the digitized speech. From time 
to time, a voice offers helpful hints 


and advice, such as “Watch for 
cross traffic” or “Fuel level criti- 

Although RoadBlasters encour- 
ages you to blast away at the op- 
posing traffic, it discourages care- 
less shooting. At the end of each 
round, your points are multiplied 
by a factor that’s determined by 
your shooting accuracy. The higher 
your hit ratio, the greater your 

If you’d prefer a somewhat 
slower-paced game, check out Pa- 
perboy. It’s a close translation of the 
arcade game, with the same diago- 
nal scrolling, zany hazards, and 
bonus rounds. Your main goal is to 
deliver copies of The Daily Sun 
(“The World’s Most Throwable 
Newspaper”) to all of your sub- 
scribers on the block. Before de- 
parting on your route, you can 
choose from three difficulty levels: 
Easy Street, Middle Road, or Hard 

Subscribers’ houses are easy to 
spot, because they have delivery 
boxes clearly labeled Sun. For each 
paper you successfully toss into a 
box, you get 250 points. If a house 
doesn’t have a delivery box out 
front, it’s an open target. Flinging 
your papers like rocks, you can 
shatter windows, spill garbage 
cans, and sometimes even flatten 
the stingy residents themselves. 
The game continues through each 
day of the week until you eventu- 
ally lose all your lives by crashing 
your bicycle into various obstacles. 


Your telephone connection to the hottest gaming hints, 
tips, and secrets for your favorite Nintendo'games! 

Hear the game tips YOU want to hear by just pushing a 
button on your telephone. Each week, our Game Player's 
experts choose the best hints and tips for three hot games 
for the Nintendo Entertainment System: Simply dial and 
choose which games’ secrets you want to hear! Or, hear 
them all! Every week we'll change the games and the 

The Game Player’s Pro-Tip Hotline costs $1.25 for the first 
game, and just 75 cents for each additional game. Don’t 
forget to ask your parents' permission before making your 

a Ravers 

Se me 
Nintendo® and Nintendo Entertainment System® are registered trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. The GAME PLAYER'S PRO- 
TIP HOTLINE is a joint production of Signal Research, Inc., and CC/ABC Video Enterprises, Inc., and is not affiliated in any way with 

Nintendo of America Inc. 

Jeff Lundrigan 

The California Raisins are mak- 
ing their first Nintendo appear- 
anceinanew game from Capcom, 
thesame company which brought 
us DuckTales and Chip ‘n Dale 
Rescue Rangers. Like those games, 
The California Raisins: The Grape 
Escape is especially recommended 
for younger players. 

In this adventure, the Raisins 
are in trouble and it’s up to you to 
save them. The Wild Bunch, a 
totally tone-deaf music group, has 
kidnapped the Raisins, stolen all 
of their music, and is holding them 
captive on the top floor of Sky 
High Studios. You may be just a 
wrinkled little raisin yourself, but 
somebody's got to do something. 

Your goal is to recover the 
four Golden Notes that will grant 
you entry into Sky High Studios, 
then make your way to the pent- 
house and set the Raisins free. It 
won't be easy, because an army of 
Sour Grapes and Bad Apples will 
try to stop you, and your only 
defense is your ability to hurl 
blobs of grape jelly. 

Those rotten fruits deserve 
every drop of jelly you can throw 
at them, though, and it'll take ev- 
ery drop you have. If you don’t 
succeed, the California Raisins 
will never make it to their next 

The executives of CALRAB 
(CALifornia RAisins Board) implore 
you to rescue their friends, the Cali- 

fornia Raisins. How can you turnthem. 


The gameis divided into four sections, 
and you can tackle them in any order 
you want. It doesn’t make much dif- 
ference where you start, because none 
of the sections is really any easier than 
the others. 



Throw blobs of jelly constantly — musical notes, sunshine, and 




Two items are fairly common throughout the game. The notes to 
the Raisins’ stolen music are scattered everywhere, so grab as 
many as you can. Sunshine symbols are a little more difficult to 
find, but they restore all your hit points. (Raisins love sunshine.) 

even extra lives are often hidden inside columns and walls. Only 
by shooting them will you find out if anything is inside. This 
column, for example, holds a note. 
= : e w 





Catch a ride on this jelly conveyor by hopping onto one of the 
scoops, then jump off at the first level. Run to the right and you'll 
eventually come to a chamber filled with musical notes. 


soe : 

Be careful crossing this gap to 

Get back on tk and. 
See ee on get the sunshine. Although 

ride all the way up. You'll 
find yourself running across you can generally fall a long 

the top of the main jelly vat. way without getting hurt, 
Watch out — those bubbles some drop-offs (like this one) 
are deadly! are bottomless. 



Fao fora yet fg 

: mcr oo 

| | i 
Look for these raisinettes; too. They 
' give you an extra life. 

et i 

Among the first obstacles in the Jelly 
Factory are these spikes rising out of 
the floor. You can’t jump over them, 
and they block your shots. Wait for 
them to drop, then run past. But first, 
make sure you shoot any enemies 
who are in the way. 

As you cross the jelly vat, this 
spacey character becomesa real 
pest. Wait until he’s level with 
you, then shoot him witha blob 
of jelly. Another character will 
appear, but you'll have a mo- 
| ment to jump to the next plat- 
| form. 

el ae 


BESSGeeeses! es -eeeeeseeset 

This I-symbol makes you invincible for a short time. You don’t 
come across these symbols very often, and you won't stay in- 
vincible for very long, but they'll help you through some tough 
areas — like these tunnels with leaky steam pipes. 


= LT EY eee ee 

These grape-stones become ; 
harmless columns when oe 
you shoot them with jelly. > 

If you wait until they’re in eee “ ‘ es : ‘ SESS SSeeeeaeaer y CGR cen —t Lee GGL: 
the right place before you -SEEEEEES= =i E 

shoot them, you canjump § : 

on the columns and get to 

_ places you couldn’t reach 
on your own. 

At the end of the Jelly Factory is the Banana Boss. He’ll try to 
dodge your blobs of jelly, but just keep firing and jump out of the 
way when he shoots at you. 

~~? % ~~ 

C 2 ee 
as . 


When you beat a boss, 
you'll be rewarded with 
one of the Golden Notes. 
After collecting all four, 

you can unlock the pent- The first obstacle in the Maize Maze is one of the most difficult 
house of Sky High Stu- in the game: You have to cross this river by jumping from vine 
Se dios. to vine. It might seem easier to hop across on the rocks below, 
but the rocks sink under you too fast. 

Colon ¢ J] 


Once you cross the river, 
things get a little easier, 
butnotmuch. The native 
Bad Apples have blow- 
guns, and they're not 
afraid to use them. 

ae PLAY 

This giant head will blast you if you're standing too far away, so 
stay close and shoot at its nose. If you score enough hits, the 
mouth will open to let you underground. 

The Maize Maze really is a maze — 
and a dangerous one at that. Make 
one wrong turnand the consequences 
are deadly! 

Here and there are secret passages hidden in the walls. If you enter 
this alcove and keep walking, you'll find a series of chambers with 

lots of musical notes. 

Now you’re in the Grapevine 
stage. It’s full of objects youcan 
reach only by shooting grape- 
stones and using them for 


Sometimes these boulders come roll- 
ing down at you when you're climb- 
ing a flight of stairs. If you don’t learn 
how to run backward and leap over 
them, they'll fall on your head every 





Go down and left. A 
rock will drop from the 
ceiling, but if you keep 
moving, it won't hit 
you. Grab the extra life 
before going on. 

SO 8 

¢ od 
Climb all the way to the 

Ei top of the vine and go left 
: —you'll find an extra life. 

Climb back down the 
vine about halfway, then 
go left again. Keep going 
as far as you can. Behind 
the snake is another se- 
cret room. 

Soon you'll meet the Corn Boss, who bleeds popcorn 
when he’s hit. Watch out for the deadly corn kernels he 
sprays at you. Wait until he fires, run backward a few 
steps to dodge the kernels, then run forward so you won't 
get trapped against the wall. 

When youclimbuponto © 
the Grapevine itself,en- © 
emy planes flyoverhead ; 
and drop bombs on you. 
Run back the way you 
came and watch for a 
break in the rain of 


peta, Ds 





Wea eeene ns 
Lento nanny: 


AO ALue ROA Levee 


These vines aren’t as hard to 
climb as the ones in the Maize 
Maze, but they have enemies 
crawling all over them. If you 
proceed slowly, you shouldn’t 
have too many problems. 

There are two ways you can go from here. Up above, on the 
clouds, you'll find an extra life, but the going isa little easier if you 
travel on the vine below. The bomber attacks you either way. 


: A. (a ¢ y 
See Scere al els 

Sa fs Ea Fs Cs Ee The Foot Boss is one of the most difficult bosses to beat. 

fxms Sinak Toms 

Se Sata : Not only does he try to stomp you, but rocks constantly 

freaean Tawa 

Ss fas fas ft te Cao z fall from the ceiling. If you immediately go to the far 

anmmem Premmsce Caxton lemon £ 
fies foes fs fam Gass Pass fos fe 
ecwaat Serarens Prene 

isos Sos Yased Games foes Fond fs ; 
Cs Fos fot Fae fa So 

meee — 
Fama (aout Yoaed Frees Seace Cid Fees 
r= a 

right and get behind him, you should be safe. Keep 

throwing jelly to knock him backward and prevent him 

from stomping you until he’s beaten. 

i ~ 

i al 

The Juicery is almost as complex as the Maize Maze. Bad 
Apples are all over the place, and some of the passages 
lead to danger. But be sure to try all of these alcoves — 
you'll find another secret room. 

Off to the right of the al- 
coves and down a vine 
you ll find the juice cellar. 

* If you want a challenge, 
there’s a musical note to 
the right and sunshine to 
the left, but the danger 
probably isn’t worth the 

Going all the way up the vine from the juice cellar will eventually 
bring you to these juice barrels. Above them — if you make it — 
is a room with a musical note. 

Travel all the way down the first vine 
(the one that goes past the alcoves). At 
the bottom of the vine is a very long 
drop, but the way is clear, as the helpful 
arrow indicates. 

Making your way through these pipes 
is tough but not impossible. The trick 
is to stay as near the top of the pipes as 
you can, while making sure you're 
below the top of the pipe you're 
jumping to. 

This cloud bobs upand down, 
so wait until it’s low enough 
and then jump on it to reach 
the vine. The only problem is 
that while you're waiting, the 
Centurion Apple will attack. 
Each time you shoot him, 
another one appears. 

You'll find this pipe after a series of 
conveyor belts. Pass up the temptation 
to grab the extra life on the right — 
you'll probably fall into the juice vat 

REE - 

ws ne a oa 

EEpeP cree rer 



peep et 

Ifyoukeep going up, you'll find some 
musical notes and sunshine but not 
the Juice Boss. To reach the boss from 
here, go as far right as possible, climb 

down below. 


as far up as you can, then go left. 

Once you've beaten all four bosses 
and found the Golden Notes, you'll 
return to the clouds on your way to 
Sky High Studios. 

*e@ a 

You can’t jump high enough to hit the 
Juice Boss directly, but you can hit 
something else that’ll hurt him— when 
you hit it, you'll know. Wait in one 
spot until hestops moving, then dodge 
the juice he tries to drip on you. 

Like the Juice Boss, the Big ; 
Boss can’t be fired on directly, Princ y 
but he does have a weak spot. 
Again, you'll know when you 
hit it. Don’t give up — you're 
almost ready to rescue the 


E ChrisSlate 
_ Matthew A. Firme 

Lons 390s King 

Ts@rkon of Cartahena ta 

unleashed his evil 
hordes upon the 
peaceful land of 

) ThouSh the people of 
Execalabris fousht 
bravelys in the end 
they were overwheleed 

‘Although they fought to drive 
back Tsarkon’s armies, the 
peace-loving people of Exca- 
labria were soon meverwhelmed: 


Sega of America, 573 Forbes Bivd., South San Francisco, CA 94080. 

Following in the great tradition of 
such role-playing games as Phan- 
tasy Star and Phantasy Star II, Sword 
of Vermilion brings to the Genesis 
the colorful graphics and involved 
storylines we’ve come to expect 

- from Sega RPGs. 

The story behind Sword of Ver- 
milion actually begins 18 years be- 
fore the game starts. It was then 
that the evil king Tsarkon sent his 
legions into the peaceful kingdom 
of Excalabria. When Excalabria 
crumbled, its king, Erik V, en- 
trusted his infant son to a servant 
and told him to flee the land to 
protect the young prince. 

The servant, Blade, sought ref- 
uge in a distant village. There, 

Blade raised the prince as his own 


But Tsarkon learned that the 
prince had escaped. Fearing that 
the boy might someday return to 
challenge him, Tsarkon sent his 
armies into the countryside to find 
Blade and the prince. 

As the game begins, you are 
the prince, now a young man. You 
have no idea of your true identity 
— but before the day is through, 
your life will change dramatically. 

a ae 


Talk Magic 
Str Seek 


You'll find Blade in the house in the northwest 
corner of the village. With his last breath, he tells 
you the truth of your identity, and of the horrors 

Tsarkon’s men are unleashing as they search for 
: Nace 

eBronze Svord 
Leather Shield 

Before leaving town, buy a 
weapon from the armorer. At 
first, the only weapon you can 
y (INGING TN Ng — § buy is the bronze sword. You 
_ Good, The first ring, given fo you Sa : : Bm have to “equip” the sword be- 
by your real father, is hidden in a : fore you can use it in battle. 
dark cave outside of town. You'll . ot ; 
~ need candles to find it. 


- You can adjust the speed of the messages in the 
game by pressing the Start button. 



Ae yh Se eae 

Pe RS DOOD gh Ata 

Talk Magic 
It om = auip. 

here’s @ mar insider 

Inside a treasure chest, youfinda 
map to the first cave. Without 
such help, it’s nearly impossible 
to find your way — especially in 
some of the complex caves and 
dungeons found later in the 

eae There's 4 rin3 in a cave 
ae ee =| south of here- 

t : -youonyour quest forthe rings. Sometimes the villagers 
will give you maps of the surrounding countryside. 

= : es SR 

si oko be a 

= ‘ 

comer. of the cave, you find the 
ist ing rat e na, of Wisdom 


Za ade 

‘find the Crimson A 
mor, look there — “even if au 
: “looked before. he 

one, you won‘t be able ae enter the 
city of Cartahena. 

~ After a ; long, _ dangerous 
journey, you reach the 

In Helwig, you finally find a date for ae ‘town of ‘Swaffham. This 

ne man back | in. Keltwick. Ds, a re- 


PPC LPL ity 

(aaa vad] 

ORGAO Ocoee re 


a fit.) 
Geed @aaad 

'ee0ea0 eae 


the silent, abandoned Clty ‘of 

- Excalabria, you'll discover 
Rafael’ s Stick. Look in the shop 

near the town’s entrance. 

Paneer that shopkeeper who stole all your 
possessions? He was really trying to help. He 
surprises you by giving you the most powerful 
weapon of all — the Sword of Vermilion. 

At this. point. in the game, “you “must 
travel back to all the towns you've 
been to already. The Aries medic 
Dieves well worth its price, 

rp Sas 
As you close in on TECK you'll . 
first have to deal with his zombie 


ae “In Hastings, beware of the 
friendly folk offering you food, 

_ There’s a cook in town with a 
- real grudge against you! 

The final destination — d -Cartahena. Just to the Rant of 
the gate is a cave, and the final showdown, 





Lt Py 


You have one final task to per- 
form — and the fate of the entire 
land depute on your success. 

Now you've really angered Tsarkon. He turns 
_ into a horrible monster with two long, deadly 

tentacles. Jump between the tentacles, hit 
him a few times, then leap back. 

3h chn ened G0: ea geod) doen 


A shocking revelaron after the battle 
Se will shake your faith. Whose example 
will you follow? 

Orie ings 
i Wing Com- 
mander is 
simply the best space-com- 
batsimulation ever made for 

PCs. It combines the tense 

excitement ofa great arcade 
shooter withawole-playing 
story of surprising depth 


ground up (primarily by 
Chris Roberts) to take 
maximum advantage of the 
power, speed, and memory 
of high-end PCs, Wing 
Commander offers graphics 
and animation that will 
make your jaw drop in as- 

Missions take place 
against a deep, velvety void 
sprinkled with ice-blue 
nebulas, pitted asteroids, 
and flaming suns. Enemy 
warships—fromsleek, light 
fighters to huge, wallowing 
transports — are modeled, 
scaled, and animated with 
uncanny realism and detail. 
The space battles are fast, 
furious, deadly melees. The 
illusion of battling against 
anintelligent, aggressive foe 

| William R. Trotter 

is at times quite unnerving. 

In contrast to the usual 
simple-minded arcade 
shooter, in which victory 
usually goes to the strong of 

_thumb, victory in Wing 

Commander goes to pilots 

U r, "J hibits # 
Wsapen: dart ar 
Gun: Mare, drivar 

=e UU ee Oh i 
4 cc. me ee 

better end up with your foe’s 
exhaust pipes in’your mis- 
sile-lock instead of theother 
way around, 

Strategic thinking, im- 
provisation, and initiative 
are important, too. Asinreal 


Nay 1 

UWM466 kin 

= \<Naw Objective 

The launching sequence is impressive, but you can skip any or all of the 
animated scenes once you've seen them na pee times. This speeds up the 

game considerably. 

who learn how to evade, 
how to maneuver at high 
speeds without ramming 
other vessels, and how to 
think two steps ahead of the 
enemy. When all the jinking 
and turning is done, you’d 

combat, the unexpected of- 
tenhappensanda judgment 
call must be made..Do you 
ignore those apparently easy 
kills lurking behind that as- 
teroid belt and get on with 
the mission, or do you try to 


~ MON 

System_requirements: IBM, 
Tandy, or compatible com- 
puter running at a speed of 
12 megahertz or faster; hard 
disk recommended; EGA, 
MCGA, VGA, or Tandy 16- 
color graphics; mouse or 
joystick optional; supports 
Ad Lib, Sound Blaster, and 
Roland sound boards. 

score a couple of quick vic- 

Or suppose you're at- 
tacking a big Dorkir trans- 
port that’s loaded with rein- 
forcements for a besieged 
enemy base. Your wingman 
concerned» with-racking-up 
— gets into troubleand cries 
for help. Do you ignore his 
pleas and dive on the trans- 
port, hoping you can dodge 
its flakand put your missiles 
into its belly before’the kid 
gets shot to.piéces? Ordo 
you break off your’ attack*his rescue? 

In Wing Commander, 
these are not trivial deci- 
sions. If your wingman dies, 
you have to watch his fu- 
neral on the screen. On the 
other hand, if the enemy 
transport gets through, an 
important battle could be 

Wing Commander is an 
elaborately branched pro- 
gram. The outcome of your 
seventh mission determines 
not only what your eighth 
mission will be, but also has . 
an impact on the entire cam- 

-okaign: If you fail too many 
missions, the tide will turn 
in favor of the enemy. Once 
that happens, you'll have to 
fly and shoot like a winged 
demon to wrest the initiative 
back again. 

Your enemies are the 
Kilrathi, a ruthless, fanati- 
cally brave race of aliens 

who resemblewa=crosswbe= 

tween lions and tabby cats. 
“fheirgoal is the enslave- 
ment or extermination of the 
human race. As the game 
begins, the Terran Confed- 
eracy is|stretched thin and 
both sides have thrown ev- 
erything they’ ve gotinto the 


Your first assignment is to fly a 

Hornet fighter — fast and 

maneuverable, but lightly armed 

and shielded. 

strategic Vega Sector. 

To the Kilrathi, humans 
are nothing more than 
“monkeys.” Humans, in 
turn, disdainfully refer to the 
Kilrathi (with a touch of 
grudging respect) as 
“hairballs” or “fleabags.” 

The Kil- 
rathi are a 
notch above 
the usual 
computerized opponents. 
Origin has created a num- 
ber of deadly Kilrathi aces, 
each with his own style of 
flying. You'll meet them 
during the course of fero- 
cious one-to-one dogfights 

Learn new 
tactics on the 
located on.the 
left side of the 
pilots’ bar. 

Dramatic narrative sequences — such as this “scramble” 
scene — do a lot to enhance the role-playing depth of 

Wing Commander. 

Wing Commander 
unashamedly borrows 
much of its imagery 
from the Star Wars 
saga (although by 
now those images 
have nearly become 
cultural archetypes). 

in deep space.Some of these 
encounters take place inside 
asteroid fields, where you 
have to keep one eye on the 
enemy and one eye on the 
great pockmarked boulders 
tumbling through space all 
around you. During com= 
bat, your Kilrathi opponents 
will sometimes direct per- 
sonal taunts and insults at 
you. If your computer has 
extended memory, you'll 
evenbe able to see their faces 
as they jeer. 

This attention to detail, 
fitted seamlessly.into,,.the 
context of an ongoing cam- 
paign, gives startling depth 



Gun: Lazar cannon 

to the role-playing aspect of 
Wing Commander. Make no 
mistake: This game draws 
you,in and doesn’t let go 
until the Terrans either de- 
feat the Kilrathi or go down 

“in balls of flaming plasma 

after anepiclast-ditch stand. 

By using the save-game 
feature to mark your place, 
it’s possible'to play straight 
through to victory — if you 
don’t mind refighting the 
same missions over and over 
again until you win. But a 
more entertaining method 
is to play several careers at 
once, letting the victories 
and defeats dictate the 

Some of the most reliable pilots you'll 
fly with are female. In fact, Wing 
Commander is refreshingly non- 
sexist, especially for sucha 
swashbuckling kind of game. 

story's: progress: 

Those who have an 

aversion to complicated 
flight simulators need not 
be shy about taking control 
of a Terran fighter in Wing 
Commander. Origin has 
made this aspect of the game 
as simple as possible, con- 
sistent with realism. You 
willspend most of your time 
and concentration on flying 
and fighting, not punching 
keys and watching lots of 


‘Origin says that one of 
its goals in Wing Commander 
was to “advance the state of 
the art in computer games.” 
As aresult, the breathtaking 
experience of the game is 
best savored on a fast 16- 
megahertz computer with 
256-color VGA graphics and 
a good sound board. If you 
have such a system, your 
reward will be the smooth- 
est ‘animation, the lushest 


ously effective soundtrack. 
Wing Com- 

-— mander also 
runs well on 

12-megahertz computers, 
although some of the more 
complex scenes may bea bit 
jerky. The VGA graphics are 
so terrific, however, that 
playing the game with EGA 

graphics is recommended _ 
only as a stopgap measure. 5 

| It’sonly when youseea 

waIMe= this: goody-this«ecom= 

pelling, and this virtuosic 
that you realize how thin is 
the line which separates 
computer entertainment 
from. a genuine interactive 

In|Wing Commander, the 
art of gomputer gaming has 
been not merely advanced 
— it ips taken a quantum 


ih Back inside the pilots’ 
it bar, you can pick up 
some pointers, practice 
maneuvers on the 
training simulator, or 
banter with Shotglass, 
the friendly barkeep. 

Large Kilrathi targets may take 
many hits to bring down, but 
when they do start to explode, the 

screen fills with fireworks, 

when they are discovered b bya patio! of hilrathi 


Here’s a fAbhtening sight: The 
Terran mothership Tiger’s Claw 
is under heavy attack. If you 

don’t save her, the game ends 
with you drifting helplessly in 

Escort missions are tricky. The 

enemy tries to lure you away from 

the ship you're protecting, and the 

temptation may be overwhelming. 

If the Vega campaign 
starts to go badly, you'll 
see dramatic news 
flashes from other 
locations, inspiring you 
to redouble your efforts. 

mavon Roberts, aka Mavarioh. 
Gimle system, dateline 2b54.123. 

Whenever you need aff eg0-boost, 
you can always call uprasdiew of 
your medals and decorations. Go 
ahead — nobody's looking! 

Whenever you gr 

one of your r 

comrades"ts killed 

L ve the option 
of viewin goa! 

ant burial-at- 

a good pil t way too erratic, 

Between missions, be sure to talk 
to your colleagues in the bar. You 
can pick up some good tactical 
tips as well as advice on other 
pilots’ personalities and styles. 

If you're hemmed in by 
asteroids, you may be 
able to gain some 
maneuvering room by 
pulverizing the bigger 
ones with your cannon. 

Keep up with your ranking on the 
barroom scoreboard. If you 
perform even moderately-welly 
you should advance rapidly. 

Maniagafearlessypilotbutaglory-houndakdecan OS lionel Aes — 
setyou.tnto serious trouble if you.don’t watch out for, jis vnnbhe,wilder.the.melees, the more’ 
tendency to go wild in combat. shoot down (or be shot down by) a friendly pilot. 

The computer handles the landing sequences. All you have to do is 
get your spacecraft back to the Tiger’s Claw and request 

Once you've landed, check the amount of damage your ship has'sustain- 
ed. Sometimes it'll look even worse than this! 

Put the controls on autopilot to 
save time on longer missions. If 
you encounter the enemy or a 
navigational hazard, the 
controls automatically revert to 
real-time cockpit mode. 

The Skipper praises you when you 
perform well, and gives you a 
tongue-lashing when you foul up. 
He'll debrief you after every 

Isee you made it back... barely, 

_ =wines 


| Always try to get behind your target — that’s where his An enemy Dralthi-class fighter. You'll engage a lot of 

| shields are weakest and where a shot up his exhaust these, and you'll find that their Prisbee-like design renders 
~ vents can do critical damage. | them extremely vulnerable. 

The Tiger's Claw manages to jump out. Barely. 


: One-of the-last-and-most-crucial-missions.involves- ~ oe 

owaiattack.on.analmost=impregnable-Kilrathi-star-.. All te een planetary defenses head off a 
__ base. Save all your missiles for this target. : last-ditch Kilrathi assault, 

In the final stages of a victorious campaign, Kilrathi 
attacks become more desperate and less successful. If 
you’ re losing at this stage, however, this Perr will 
havea differen rere é 

The Tiger's Claw closes in for the Hill... 

Hangar dech. 
:00 hours, €b54,1i0. 
In the grand finale, the Tiger’s 
Claw herself sails magnificently 
into battle, all guns blazing. 

Medals are given to the 
~=bravestand most ‘resoureefub 
fighters at an impressive 
awards ceremony. 

Victory! This familiar scene is one of the rewards for success in the Vega 

acations are 
supposed to 
be relaxing, 
aren’tthey? At 
the very least, 
you shouldn’t 
be attacked by 
demons and 
monsters bent 
on your destruction. 

But that’s what happened 
when you decided to spend the 
summer at the ancient Mayan ru- 
ins of Chichen Itza in Mexico. 
Maybe you should have looked 
the other way when Professor 
Imes’s tattered archaeological 
notebook fell into your lap. 

Tombs and Treasure puts youon 
a frantic hunt for riches in the 
jungles of Yucatan. You are ac- 
companied by your girlfriend and 

There are numerous ruins sat Chichen Itza, 
center of the fabled Mayan empire. 



. 3 Dae 
see a 

it? s he! with 

re. oF 

The Castillo Pyramid is filled with treasure, 
but you’re looking for a few special items. 


Gary Meredith 

Version reviewed: Nintendo. 

Infocom, P.O. Box 3048, Menlo Park, 
CA 94025. 

the professor’s formernative guide. 
Each of you has particular strengths 
and abilities, and part of your clial- 
lenge is to use each character to the 
best advantage. 

With a few scraps of informa- 
tion from the professor’s notebook 
— and the strange sword the ar- 
chaeologist left behind before 
mysteriously disappearing — you 
must venture into the ruins to un- 
cover the fabled Sun Key and put 

- anend to the terror of the demonic 

Tentacula. As you get nearer to 
your confrontation with Tentacula, 
his monsters become stronger. 
They even kidnap your girlfriend, 
adding to the stakes. 

The sword is a fairly useless 
weapon until you find various 
jewels that fit into its hilt. Each 
stone makes the sword effective 
against different monsters, so 
you'll have to experiment. 

a S 

SOne-e Ma 
S e 

BR 4 

Pe ESS: 

Make a note of anything you discover in 
the ruins. 

Stee c 
i ing & 

SRea Jewel 3 


SSss5 RXE tens 

The sword left by Professor ne isa aaa 
weapon only if used with the correct jewel. 

Because the tombs and temples 
of Chichen Itza don’t give up their 
secrets easily, you'll have to try 
even more experiments to solve 
their many puzzles. Certain items 
you find provide clues, but only if 
used with other items. And the 
relationship between items is not 
always obvious. 

While not a true arcade-type 
game, Tombs and Treasure still has 
plenty of action. The feeling of ex- 
citement is heightened by excel- 
lent graphics, including some nice 
animated sequences. The story, 
puzzles, and fantastic creatures 
make Tombs and Treasure a fasci- 
nating and deeply layered game 
that should keep you engrossed 
into the late hours. 





ohn Madden 
Football is a tri- 
umph, striking 
the perfect bal- 
ance between 
strategy and ac- 
tion. Few simu- 
lations of any 
sport are practi- 
cally as much fun to watch as they 
are to play, but John Madden Foot- 
ball is just that — and a great deal 

In fact, John Madden Football is 
one of those rare games that might 
tempt someone into buying aSega 
Genesis just to be able to play the 

Passing is the game’s toughest skill to 
master. You might wantto let the computer 
throw for you at first. 

You can choose from 17 pro 
teams: 16 from National Football 
League cities plus the All-Madden 
All-Stars. This diversity allows for 
different skill levels. For instance, 
if you’re just starting out, try 
coaching the All-Madden squad 
or San Francisco to what should be 
an easy win. Once you geta feel for 
the game, you can begin directing 
lesser teams in the bid for an upset. 

Because the 16 pro teams mir- 
ror their real-world counterparts 
(based on 1989 statistics), some fa- 



Brian Carroll 

Version reviewed: Sega Genesis. 
Electronic Arts, 1820 Gateway Drive, 

San Mateo, CA 94404. Also avail- 
fo} o) (Sco) a] =1\V Mu kelave heme] aekereyan)eleliie)(-) 

miliarity with how those teams 
performed is helpful. For example, 
if you take control of the Chicago 
team, youshould establisha strong 
running game and stick to a short- 
yardage passing attack. If you’re 
coaching Miami, use your 
quarterback’s strong arm and quick 
release on deep pass routes. 
Beginners might want to use 
the computer override function, 
which lets the computer execute 
the plays you call. Passing, for ex- 
ample, is easily the game’s most 
difficult skill. Just let the computer 
do the work, sit back, and observe 
how the play develops. 
Graphically, John Madden 
Football has no equal. The game’s 
palette of rich colors gives you turf 
you can almost smell and stadium 
crowds you'll wind up cheering 

with. Even snow, mud, and rain 
are possible. 

The animation is impressive, 
too. In some football simulations, 
watching the action is like bump- 
ing down a back road in a truck, 
but in John Madden Football it’s like 
gliding along a freeway in a Rolls 
Royce. All 22 players are on the 
field, and they all move simulta- 
neously without flickering. 

One warning, however: This 
videogame is as addictive as the 
real football games on TV that turn 
wives into widows each fall. 
Thanks to John Madden Football, 
additional members of the family 
are going to be lost. 

There are several formations and plays to 

choose from, so keep the defense guessing 
by mixing it up. 

reports for each team. 



he magnifi- 
cent Golden 
Warpship was 
once the most 
. powerful ves- 
sel in Solar 
Jetman’s ga- 
lactic fleet. But 
then the ship 
was stolen by space pirates, taken 
apart, and hidden in distant areas 
of the galaxy. Solar Jetman is the 
only hope for its recovery. 

In Solar Jetman: The Hunt for the 
Golden Warpship, you play an in- 
terplanetary hero on a quest to 
rebuild the missing spacecraft. 
Your search for the scattered pieces 
takes you through 12 alien worlds 
filled with menacing armies, black 
holes, booby traps, and strange 

Each time your mothership 
lands on an alien planet, Solar 
Jetman emerges in a jetpod. It 
might take awhile to get the hang 
of flying the jetpod because it’s 
sensitive to the pull of each planet’s 
gravity, and the gravity varies from 
planet to planet. 

As you explore each new 
world, you'll find alien booty that’s 

Travel from planet to planet in your 
mothership and get ready to explore 
strange new worlds. 



Lisa M. Bouchey 

Version reviewed: Nintendo. 
Tradewest, 2400 South Highway 75, 
Corsicana, TX 75110. 

WSitittiq hit iitiituiiituiny 


The cyberzone takes you to a bonus round 
where you can earn points to buy weap- 
ons and supplies. 
yours for the taking. The jetpod’s 
tractor beam activates automati- 
cally when you get close to the 
loot, but keep an eye out for alien 
attackers. You have to deactivate 
the pod’s shields to use the tractor 
beam, and your power is reduced 
when you have an object in tow. 
When you are attacked, the 
jetpod can firea stream of bullets at 
your enemy. By collecting enough 
alien loot to earn extra points,you 
can buy more powerful weapons. 

Vou sean’t Sleavie. sini + the 
mothership until you collect all 
the essential items hidden on the 
planet. These items include a miss- 
ing piece of the Golden Warpship 
(one piece is hidden on each planet) 
and enough fuel to continue your 

A distant descendant of the 
classic arcade hit Asteroids, Solar 
Jetman is a shooter with a twist. 
The search for the Golden 
Warpship adds challenge to the 
game, and the different gravity 
fields make handling your ship 
more difficult than in most shoot- 
ers. While the main game screens 
are fairly average, the planet sur- 
faces, warp zones, bonus rounds, 
and outer space graphics may be 
sharp enough to impress players 
who think they’ve seen everything. 


This star warp will transport you to the 
piece of the Golden Warpship that’s hid- 
den on the planet. 



Force is one 
of the most 
and elabo- 
_ rate shoot- 

ers we’ve 

seen for the 

Game Boy. 
Ithas lots of action, but leavesroom 
for some strategy, too. 

The game takes place during a 
turbulent period in 19th-century 
Japan. A shogun recruits a small 
band of his finest warriors to defeat 
the Dark Lord and his minions. It’s 
your job to lead that small group 
through six levels of intense 

Organize your troop on this screen. Bal- 
anced firepower is desirable, but remem- 
ber not to spend all your money on war- 

mission, you must alter the forma- 
tion of your force to meet the chal- 
lenges of the changing terrain and 
new kinds of enemies. 

You start by choosing the 
members of your four-man troop. 
Select from servants (who are 
sturdy, inexpensive, and straight 
shooters), mystics (who can shoot 
vertically), monks (who can fire 



William R. Trotter 

Version reviewed: Game Boy. 
Meldac, 1801 Century Park East, 

Suite 2201, Los Angeles, CA 90067. 

diagonally), ninjas, or samurai. 
Each type of warrior has unique 
abilities, and each costs a different 
amount to hire. 

As you move from screen to 
screen, you need to rearrange your 
group to make the best use of your 
firepower. If you have three ser- 
vants in line, for example, you can 
sweep the screen straight ahead 
with massed fire. If the enemy en- 
dangers your flanks, you can puta 
servant in front, followed by a 
monk and a mystic, thus giving 
you a full 180-degree arc of fire. 

When you slay an enemy, he 
leaves behind a fallen coin. Collect 
as many coins as you can, because 
you'll need them when you reach 
one of the cafes, temples, or shrines. 
Youcan purchase health-restoring 
food or medicine, and even resur- 
rect dead heros. 

Mercenary Force is a big game. 
Your campaign takes you across 

The Formation of the Wind isa good choice 
when the game starts — it offers an opti- 
mum spread of firepower. 

72 different screens, and you'll 
have to battle more than 50 kinds 
of enemies, human and demonic. 

In Mercenary Force, Meldac 
pushes hard at the boundaries of 
the Game Boy, providing almost 
more game than the system can 
comfortably hold. 

If you're looking for a shooter 
that demands some brainpower as 
well as strong thumbs, Mercenary 
Forcemay surprise and delight you. 


Inside the cafe, you can spend your coins 
on medicine to power-up your leader, or 
onteaand sushito providea lesser amount 
of refreshment to your whole force. 



t was big news for 
game players 
when Electronic 
Arts announced 
that it would start 
making video- 
games for the Nin- 
tendo and Sega 
~ Genesis. EA has 
long been one of the most famous 
and successful companies in com- 
puter gaming, and everyone was 
curious about what sort of 
Nintendo games their designers 
would come up with. 

Well, EA’s first Nintendo car- 
tridge has arrived, and it’s an ab- 
solute knockout. Although The 
Immortal is basically just an ex- 
plore-the-dungeon quest adven- 
ture, the graphics bring a whole 
new dimension to Nintendo role- 
playing games. 

When The Immortal begins, you 
assume the role of an adventurous 
wizard who is visited in a dream 
by the spirit of a great arch-wizard, 
Mordamir. “Save me, Dunric!” the 
old wizard implores. “I am in the 
dungeons below! I know I can 
count on you.” 

There’s just one problem: Your 

The dungeons are shown from a fresh, 
distinctive perspective, and the screen 
sparkles with detail. 

Rede We Te NAS 


William R. Trotter 

Version reviewed: Nintendo. Elec- 
tronic Aris, 1820 Gateway Drive, 
San Mateo, CA 94404. 

EA’s programmers must have been deter- 
mined to see how far they could push the 
graphics potential of the eight-bit 

name isn’t Dunric. But never mind. 
You'll meet up with Dunric far, far 
below, after finding your way 
through perilous chambers and rat- 
infested corridors, all guarded by 
goblins galore. It’s a long and 
dangerous quest, but it looks so 
good and so, different, you'll feel 
like it’s the first time you've played 
a game like this. 

Gone are the conventional 
horizontally and vertically scroll- 

ing screens. Nor is there a 
character’s-eye-view perspective 
thatcansometimes beso confusing. 
Instead, The Immortal presents the 
Labyrinth of Eternity froma three- 
quarter view, with the solid dun- 
geon walls and ceilings shown as 
massive blocks of solid black. 

The unusual graphics create a 
sense of subterranean gloom and 
weight. The atmosphere is rein- 
forced by many fine, crisp details: 
shading, shadows, flickering 
lights, ominous voids, and the 
textures of stone, smoke, and wa- 
ter. The Immortal also has some of 
the best animation ever seen in a 
Nintendo game. It’s breathtakingly 

What’s even more unusual is 
that this game sounds good, too, 
thanks to the moody and elaborate 
background music. 

2) BRERA ADY ity) (QUA a‘ 

Combat screens feature smooth animation 
and realistic figures. 

Of course, sky-high graphics 
and sound don’t necessarily make 
agame fun to play. Judged in terms 
of game play, The Immortalis tough 
but fair. Beginners should be able 
to struggle through it eventually, 
and veteran questers will find a 
respectable level of challenge. 




laying Super Star 
Soldier is like try- 
ing to make your 
way through a 
heavy blizzard. 
So much stuff 
comes at you so 
fast that if you 
: “ stand still too 
long, you'll be buried. 

This fast-moving shooter has 
more objects moving on the screen 
at once than any other videogame 
we've seen. At times, the action 
gets so thick that it’s difficult to 
locate your own ship on the 
crowded screen. Yet the animation 
never slows down or gets jerky, 
and the dozens of moving objects 
never flicker. 

Although the action is incred- 
ibly complex, the gameitselfis not. 
Super Star Soldier is an uncom- 
plicated, vertically scrolling 
shooter in the tradition of Blazing 
Lazers. In fact, it could easily be 
mistaken for a souped-up sequel 
to Lazers. 

As Starbuck, a crack fighter 
pilot, you control a highly maneu- 
verable spaceship that can be 

Rapid-firing cannons and alien gunships 
are just a few of the hazards to overcome 
as you fight your way through this enemy 
space station. 



Tom R. Halfhill 

Versionreviewed: NEC TurboGrafx- 
16. NEC Technologies, 1255 
Michael Drive, Wood Dale, IL60191. 

Armed with Swing Fire, you can greet 
attacking aliens with a very warm wel- 

guided anywhere on the screen 
(though the safest place is usually 
near the bottom center). Most of 
your battles are fought in outer 
space onajet-black screen adorned 
with star fields and enemy bases, 
but some stages take place over 
planetary landscapes dotted with 
elaborate alien installations. 

The rules are simple: Shoot 
everything that moves. But that’sa 
tall order in this game, because just 
about everything moves. Even the 

backgrounds aren’t benign. For 
example, sometimes when you're 
passing over an alien space station, 
a small section of the structure 
suddenly detaches and reveals it- 
self to be a deadly gunship. And 
the alien bases are bristling with 
gun turrets. 

Another impressive feature is 

You’resurrounded! Unfortunately for you, 
these circling aliens have more on their 
minds than a pleasant game of ring- 

the awesome array of weapons you 
can collect. By grabbing the differ- 
ent-colored power-up crystals left 
behind by vanquished aliens, you 
can get three-way, four-way, and 
six-way shots; lethal green light- 
ning bolts; Ring Lasers that cut 
wide swaths through onrushing 
attackers; homing missiles that 
automatically seek out enemy tar- 
gets; tiny escort ships that repel 
alien shots; giant tongues of flame 
that barbecue anything they touch; 
and Super Bombs that destroy ev- 
erything on the screen. 

If you bought your NEC 
TurboGrafx-16 on the promise of 
arcade-quality 16-bit graphics, 
Super Star Soldier is one game that 
definitely delivers. 




he Silver Surfer 
is one of Marvel 
Comics’ most 
powerful char- 
acters. He was 
endowed with 
“the Power Cos- 
mic” by Galac- 
tus, whose hun- 
ger for energy consumes entire 
worlds. When Galactus threatened 
to consume Earth — which re- 
minded the Surfer of hisown home 
planet, Zenn-La — the Surfer re- 
belled, and Galactus banished him 
from the universe. 

In Arcadia’s new Nintendo 
game, the Silver Surfer has been 
called back by Galactus. The uni- 
verse is threatened from beyond 
by the Magik Warriors, who want 
to assemble the six pieces of the 
Cosmic Device and break down 
the barrier between our universe 
and theirs. Only the Silver Surfer 
can recover the pieces first and 
defeat the Magik Warriors. 

Each of the game’s five worlds 
represents the domain of one of 
the Silver Surfer’s enemies, and 
they can be played in any order. At 



Youcantakeon the enemies of the universe 
in any order, but you might want to start 
with either Reptyl or Mephisto and leave 
the Firelord for last. 


Jeff Lundrigan 

Version reviewed: Nintendo. 
PNcotolelfoVAVdicellaMMitely(cliirolal(enm (1010) ie 
Cowan, Suites A & B, Irvine, CA 

* AOE 
4 SAeoear 

~ Z 
Z & 
fi a fii Ue Ses TN] 
NRT iestestosteatonteaten 
71 Aue Aanaaasn be | 3 

ave nnaRraan 

The Firelord’s world is full of small volca- 
nos that spit lava into the air. Wait for one 
lava jet to pass, then immediately go up 
and to the right. 

the end of each world, you defeat a 
boss to retrieve one piece of the 
Cosmic Device. After defeating all 
five bosses, you are ready to ven- 
ture into the Magik Domain, re- 
trieve the sixth piece,and overcome 
the forces of darkness. 

From time to time you can in- 
crease your firepower by collect- 
ing various items, including orbs 
which fly alongside you and fire 

simultaneously. You can choose 
whether the orbs will shoot for- 
ward, backward, or sideways. You 
can also collect power-ups to boost 
your shots and smart bombs which 
destroy everything on the screen. 

The Silver Surfer's graphics are 
well above par for a shooter. The 
opening sequence is nicely done, 


The game alternates sections of horizontal 
scrolling with vertical scrolling — a nice 
touch that adds variety to the action. 

and although the screen gets pretty 
crowded during play, it almost 
never flickers. The music is also 
surprisingly good. 

The game’s only major prob- 
lem is that it doesn’t really make 
much use of the Silver Surfer's 
character. Although in the comics 
he has enough power to change 
the course of stars and planets, in 
the game he’s reduced to throwing 
little balls of energy that often re- 
quire multiple hits to work. You 
could, in fact, replace him with 
almost any other character without 
affecting the game play. 

But this is a complaint only 
fans of the comics might make. 
Overall, The Silver Surfer is a well- 
made, challenging shooter. 




ven after a thou- 
sand years, the 
legends of King 
Arthur and his 
knights have not 
lost their power to 
excite and enter- 
tain. In Spirit of 
Excalibur, you as- 

sume the role of Constantine, 
Arthur’s successor to the throne of 

The realm is beset by troubles: 
The sons of the slain Mordred are 
massing an army; powerful Saxon 

Lush, romantic graphics are this game’s 
strongest attraction. 

bands are plundering; dragons 
roam the countryside; and in the 
wilderness, the evil Morgan Le Fay 
schemes for revenge. 

Meanwhile, the Knights of the 
Round Table are scattered and 
apathetic. The only man who can 
rally them, Lancelot, is sequestered 
at Glastonbury, brooding over his 
betrayal of Arthur and his lost love, 

First you must travel to Cam- 
elot to assume the crown. Then, 
while fending off the Saxons and 
maneuvering to delay Mordred’s 
sons, you mustsomehow persuade 
Lancelot to return and once more 



William R. Trotter 

Version reviewed: IBM, Tandy, and 
compatibles; 512K minimum 
memory (640K for VGA); EGA, 
VOLT Wan £7 Wao) ta Kol ato \YAum Kehvexo) (0) 
graphics; mouse or joystick op- 
lite) atol MMA icoll amy (eri(-aice)al(ommm ko18 10H 
Cowan, Suites A and B, Irvine, CA 

Plan your kingly strategy on this beautiful 
map of Olde Englande. 

raise the standard of Arthur. 

And that’s only in the first two 
of five episodes. Along the way are 
numerous smaller quests and du- 
els, interspersed with larger clashes 
between armies. 

Excalibur is undoubtedly one 
of the prettiest games to comealong 
in quite awhile. The large scrolling 
map of England is a work of art, 

and the castles, landmarks, vil- 
lages, and cathedrals are sumptu- 
ously rendered, not unlike medi- 
eval manuscript illuminations. 
There is a lot of pleasure to be had 
simply by wandering around and 
looking at things. 

The game system, however, is 
sometimes baffling. Your first 
quest, forinstance, is not the one the 
instructions lead you to expect. 
Reasonable objectives — things 
that certainly appear easy enough 
to accomplish — are sometimes 
denied you for reasons that seem 
both murky and arbitrary. The 
manual appears to tell you all you 
need to know, but is actually mute 
on important subjects. 

Eventually, just by wandering 
around and trying different ideas, 
you do get a feel for the game. 
Some players may lack the time or 
patience for this, while others may 
enjoy the learn-as-you-play phi- 

Certainly, anyone who is at- 
tracted to the Arthurian legends 
should take a look at Spirit of 
Excalibur. It’s alush, beautiful game 
that is faithful to the myths that 
inspired it. 

Much of the fun in Spirit of Excalibur comes 
from simple sightseeing. 



or years, all was 
peaceful in the 
country hamlet 
as the villagers 
tried to forget 
the days of car- 
nage when he 
roamed the 
land. Surely 
they’d suffered enough. 

But one day, a flash of light- 
ning from the heavens struck the 
monster’s tomb. Just like the bolt 
of energy that had first given him 
life, it awakened him again. 

You must defeat the dark warrior and his 
henchmen to reach the Evil Dimension. 
The life symbols at the bottom right corner 
of the screen restore your energy. 

As Frankenstein begins, the 
fiendish monster has ransacked the 
village and kidnapped Emily, the 
beautiful daughter of a village el- 
der. He has also used evil magic to 
gather a band of monster body- 
guards to protect himself from 
foolhardy rescue parties. 

But the only rescue party in 
this game is you — the fate of Emily 
and the villagers rests entirely on 
your shoulders. 

You have to fight your way 
through four stages on your way 
toward your ultimate encounter 


Lisa M. Bouchey 

Version reviewed: Nintendo. 
Bandai America, 12951 East 166th 

Street, Cerritos, CA 90701. 

The sword is an effective weapon, but 
you'll have to deliver some mighty blows 
to defeat this monster. 

with Frankenstein’s monster. In 
eachstage, you'll confront increas- 
ing numbers of vicious body- 
guards. Destroy the monsters by 
punching, kicking, and using 
weapons you find on your jour- 

Keep an eye on the energy 
meter at the top left corner of the 
screen. When you're hit by a 
monster, you lose energy, and 
when all your energy is gone, your 
character collapses. Frankenstein 

allows two continues for restart- 
ing the game from the stage where 
you collapsed. 

Each stage also has a boss 
monster you must defeat. Before 
you fight, the game switches to a 
dialogue screen on which the 
monster calls you ugly names and 
challenges you to battle. Since 
sticks and stones can break your 
bones but words can never hurt 
you, just skip the dialogue screen 
by pushing the A button. 

Be careful when battling the 
boss monsters. They are far more 

Send the ultimate Frankenstein’s monster 
back to the grave forever to rescue the 
beautiful Emily and save the village from 
certain doom. 

powerful than the ordinary mon- 
sters, and it takes many blows to 
defeat them. If you make it past all 
four bosses and through the Evil 
Dimension, you'll find yourself 
face-to-face with the fiendish, 
oversized Frankenstein’s monster. 

Frankenstein is an arcade-style, 
scrolling shoot-em-up with a wide 
variety of graphics, but sometimes 
the screens get a little too cluttered 
for you to keep a sharp eye on the 




lint East- 
wood’s Harry 
Callahan is a 
ruthless cop 
who’sjust this 

side of the 
law. In Dirty 
Harry, the 

new video- 
game based on the movies, 
Callahan crosses that line. 

Search each and every room for weapons, 
useful items, and chili dogs. 

Armed with a .44 Magnum — 
which Harry affectionately calls 
“the most powerful handgun in 
the world” — you must stop a 
Colombian drug lord who’s setting 
up shop on your home turf in San 
Francisco. The kingpin’s name is 
Anaconda, and he doesn’t like 

Your problem: The police chief 
has just ordered you to take two 
weeks’ vacation. But Harry’s idea 
of rest and relaxation is putting 
criminals behind bars. 

become “Catch of the Day.” 


ROB VelsE Vi 


Brian Carroll 

Version reviewed: Nintendo. 

IW ITate (exe ol-Yal at=ere) ia elt-w kolo) ie) hee 
60 Leveroni Court, Novato, CA 

In this case, that means appre- 
hending anotorious murderer who 
has hired hordes of hooligans, 
street gangs, dock workers, mer- 
cenaries, and paratroopers for the 
sole purpose of eliminating you. 
All of these punks are going to 
make your day. 

Before leaving for your unau- 
thorized “vacation,” remember one 
of Callahan’s cardinal rules: “A 
man’s gotta know his limitations.” 
In Dirty Harry, one of those limita- 
tions is that you lack the weapons 
necessary to get past some of the 
larger foes. You must comb the 
city in search of either a harpoon 
gun or a bazooka. 

Explore each and every room 
in every building for weapons, 
usefulitems, and life-boosting chili 
dogs. It’s also important to estab- 
lish rapport with the town’s low- 
lifes. Do this by walking up to them 

and pressing the A and B buttons 
simultaneously. This should elicit 
some valuable help for your cause. 

The cause, or the chase, is what 
makes this game go. Gamers of all 
skill levels will find it a challenge 
to survive long enough to rescue a 
missing girl and solve the case. 

Unfortunately, Dirty Harry is 
missing something — the East- 
wood Factor. In the Dirty Harry 
movies, it was Clint Eastwood's 
laid-back approach to vengeance 
that carried the day. In the game, 
Callahan and his enemies lack any 
personality. They’re faceless and 

Another problem is the vio- 
lence. In the movie Magnum Force, 
Callahan said, “There’s nothing 
wrong with shooting as long as the 
right people get shot.” In the 
videogame, Harry shoots, punch- 
es, and kicks everybody. There’s lots 
of action, but not much strategy. 

If you’re looking for a solid 
shoot-em-up, don’t miss Dirty 
Harry. But if you’re an Eastwood / 
Callahan fan, you might be disap- 


Switch suits with a friendly local if you 
want to get past this bodyguard. 





Koei’s Bandit Kings of Ancient China 
brings the danger and excitement 
of medieval China to your 
Nintendo Entertainment System. 
The new strategy game is set in 
12th-century China, where the 
Song Dynasty is near collapse. The 
evil Imperial Minister Gao Qiu has 
taken control from the emperor, 
and hordes of barbarians are in- 
vading from the north. All men 
loyal to the emperor have been 
cast out and have become Bandit 
Kings. The Bandit Kings live for 
one thing only: the chance to topple 
Gao from the throne and restore 
the emperor to his rightful place. 

Save a dynasty from falling in 
Bandit Kings of Ancient China. 

As a Bandit King, you must 
rack up enough popularity, eco- 
nomic strength, political power, 
and military prowess to defeat the 
sinister Gao. To reach Gao, you 
and your army must overcome ty- 
phoons, epidemics, desertions, and 
wild beasts. 

Bandit Kings of Ancient China is 
one of the first Nintendo games to 
make use of the new MMC-5 mi- 
crochip. The MMC-5 offers im- 
proved graphics, character control, 
and game play. 


ee ae 


Microsoft's Flight Simulator Aircraft 
and Scenery Designer is intended for 
use with Microsoft’s Flight Simu- 
lator Version 4.0. Developed with 
help from Boeing, the Aircraft and 

Scenery Designer allows you to cre- ~ 

ate both new landscapes and air- 

When designing scenery, you 
can choose the size, shape, posi- 
tion, and color of roads, bridges, 
runways, mountains, and more. 
You can even re-create your own 
town and local airport. You also 
have control over moving scenery, 
suchas boats, cars, and planes. The 
finished scenery is very detailed, 
including trees that change color 
with the seasons. 

The aircraft-design section 
comes with several sample planes, 

including a Piper Archer, a Beech 
Starship, and a Boeing 747-400 
(complete with authentic instru- 
ment panels and flight characteris- 

Youcanalso use the Aircraft and 
Scenery Designer to create your own 
course for air races. The program 
will keep a record of your best 
times and performances. 

The Flight Simulator Aircraft and 
Scenery Designer gives you total 
control over a Boeing 747-400. 


In Circus Caper, a new Nintendo 
title from Toho, a mysterious circus 
owner named Mr. Magic has kid- 
napped a little girl named Judy. 
But Judy’s brother, Tim, is deter- 
mined to rescue her. He must battle 
his way through six stages of sinis- 
ter clowns, wicked trapeze artists, 
and dangerous animals. 

Tim gets some help along the 
way, though. A good fairy occa- 
sionally appears and offers him 
rest, advice, and chances for bonus 
points. Tim can also pick up ham- 
mers, soccer balls, and other 
weapons with which to fight the 


demented performers. Power- 
boosting hamburgers and ice 
cream can be collected after cer- 
tain creatures are destroyed. 

SceRE 990029009 iTEM 

Tim tries to avoid deadly flames in Circus 

AN Di PeR- EV 



Enjoy the adventures of Metal Gear in 
Konami's new book series. 

Konamiand Scholastic Books have 
agreed to publish novelizations of 
two popular Nintendo games from 
Konami — Castlevania II: Simon's 
Quest and Metal Gear. 

In the Simon’s Quest novel, 
vampire-killer Simon Belmont 
joins forces with a teenage 
videogame expert. They travel to 
Castlevania to track down and 
destroy the evil Count Dracula. 

In the Metal Gear novel, secret 
agent Justin Halley faces many 
dangerous enemies as he tries to 
save the world from destruction. 

Konami's Charlyne Robinson, 
a former teacher, believes the new 
book series will encourage chil- 
dren to read. “By offering books 
they can relate to, we can, hope- 
fully, rekindle their appreciation 
for the written word.” 

Each book will also provide a 
reading list of classics related to 
the book’s plot. Such books as Dr. 
Jekylland Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis 
Stevenson are recommended for 
additional reading. 


Jack Nicklaus Turbo Golf will be the 
first NEC TurboGrafx-16 title from 
Accolade, a well-known computer 
game publisher. Featuring actual 
golf courses on which pro golfer 
Jack Nicklaus has played, Turbo Golf 
will allow up to three players to 
compete in a foursome that in- 
cludes a computerized Nicklaus. 
Players can also compete against 
each other by selecting the begin- 
ner or expertlevels with pro,men’s, 
and ladies’ tees. 

Turbo Golf will also be the first 
TurboGrafx title to be released on 
both a TurboChip game cartridge 
and a TurboGrafx-CD compact 
disc. The cartridge version features 
the 18 holes of the Australian Golf 
Club and provides players with 
some of Nicklaus’s best golf tips 
prior to each hole. The CD version, 
because of its much larger storage 
capacity, features five different 18- 
hole courses: the Australian Golf 
Club, Castle Pines in Colorado, the 

PE Wes 

Royal Troon in Scotland, Kemper 
Lakes in Illinois, and St. Creek in 
Japan. The CD version also in- 
cludes three different musical 
soundtracks and Nicklaus’s golf 
tips in his own digitized voice. 

Both versions of Turbo Golf 
were scheduled for release by the 
end of 1990. 

NEC is also licensing Gunboat, 
an Accolade computer game, for 
translation to the TurboGrafx. 
Gunboat is a military action game 
based on the U.S. Navy river patrol 
boats used in the Vietnam War. 
Gunboat is scheduled for release in 
the summer of 1991. 

YACK N.  Hole:S \ii¢rlAin Shot ™ 
Expert ft 

@ Stroke: 1 Par:5_ |i 
Distance: 536 uds. ie 

Hing) Total: Even par 

Jack Nicklaus Turbo Golf for the NEC 


SOFEL’s first sports title for 
Nintendo will be KlashBall, a fu- 
turistic combination of soccer, bas- 
ketball, and hockey. Based on a 
best-selling European computer 
game, KlashBall pits two five-man 
teams against each other on a rink 
with a sleek metal surface. The 
object is to maneuver a five-pound 
steel ball into the opponent's goal. 
The rink includes such contrap- 


tions as a Warp Tunnel, a Ball 
Launcher, and a magnetically 
charged Bounce Dome. And brib- 
ing the referees is an acceptable 
part of the game. 

The Nintendo version of 
KlashBall will allow a single player 
to compete ina tournament against 
computer-controlled teams, or two 
players to compete against each 



EW $ 


&& ofthemany ar eaE in the ae 
version of Ishido 

Ishido: The Way of Stones from Ac- 
colade and Nobunaga's Ambition 
from Koei are now available for 
Amiga computers. Both games 
were previously released for IBM, 
Tandy, and PC compatibles. Ishido 
is also being released for the Sega 
Genesis, and Nobunaga's Ambition 

is available for Nintendo. 

Ishido is based on an ancient 
game in which two players try to 
place stones bearing different 
symbols and colors onto a 92- 
square board. Each stone must be 
placed next to another stone with 
the same markings or of the same 
color. Placing stones becomes more 
difficult as the game progresses, 
and larger numbers of points are 
awarded for matching two, three, 
and even four sides of the stones. 
Ishido comes with several different 
stone sets, playing boards, and 
background screens. You can play 

against the computer or another 

person, and follow either ancient 
or modern rules. 

Nobunaga’s Ambition is a his- 
torical strategy game set in 16th- 
century Japan. You play the role of 
a power-hungry daimyo (warlord), 
fighting for the honor of becoming 
Japan’s next shogun. Leadership 
and power are important as you 
try to increase your strength and 
lead your army to victory over 
enemy generals. Natural disasters 
and bloody battles decrease your 
power as you struggle against ri- 
val daimyos. 

Koei says the Amiga version 
has been improved over the PC 
version. It has pull-down menus, 
mouse support, and digitized 
sound and music. 


Commodore has announced 34 
compact-disc software titles 
scheduled to be available when 
Commodore’s CDTV player is 
launched in early 1991. The soft- 
ware ranges from strategy and ac- 
tion games to educational and 
home-reference applications. 
Games include Battle Chess and 
Future Wars from Interplay; Air- 
wave Adventure — The Case of the 
Cautious Condor from Tiger Media; 
Defender of the Crown from 
Cinemaware; Classic Board Games 
from Merit Software; Many Roads 
to Murder and Murder Anyone? from 
Vent; Excalibur from Virgin 


Mastertronic; Space Quest III from 
Sierra On-Line; Pacmania from 
Domark; and Xenon I, Falcon, and 
Sim City from Spectrum Holobyte. 

Children’s titles include 
Cinderella, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, 
Scary Poems for Rotten Kids, A Long 
Hard Dayat the Ranch, Moving Gives 
Me a Stomach Ache, and The Paper 
Bag Princess from Discis; Animated 
Coloring Book from Gold Disk; All 
Dogs Go to Heaven from Merit 
Software; Snoopy from The Edge; 
North Polar Expedition from Virgin 
Mastertronic; and Fun School from 

Home-reference applications 
include Gardenfax — Houseplants 
from Intersearch; King James Bible 
and Illustrated Works of Shakespeare 
from Animated Pixels; World Vista 
Atlas from Applied Optical Media; 
Family Medical Advisor from Digita; 
Japan World from TopClass Tech; 


and Time Table of Science & Innova- 
tion, Time Table of Business & Poli- 
tics, New Basics Electronic Cookbook, 
and The American Heritage Encyclo- 
pedic Dictionary from Xiphias. 
CDTV (Commodore Dynamic 
Total Vision) is a modified Amiga 
computer (without keyboard or 
floppy disk drive) combined with 
a CD-ROM player and a wireless 
remote controller. Designed to re- 
semble a videocassette recorder, it 

» plugs into a TV set and allows 

users to run CD-based software 
without entering computer com- 
mands. It can be turned back into 
an Amiga-compatible personal 
computer by adding an optional 
keyboard and floppy disk drive. 
CDTV is scheduled for launch in 
early 1991 for under $1,000. (For 
more details, see the “Amiga 
Players” column in Game Player's, 
August 1990.) 

Pen D PR «E.¥ 


Rowdy fans, hair-pulling skaters, 
and wild fights are all part of the 
game in Jaleco’s War on Wheels, a 
new title for Nintendo. War on 
Wheels has many of the elements of 
classic roller derby action. Two 
teams of opposing skaters try to 
score points by passing opponents 
on a rink studded with bumps, 
ramps, pits, and grates. 

Eight teams, including the 
Phangs and Maimers, compete for 
the title of Roller Derby Champ. 
After selecting a team, you can 
compete against either the com- 
puter or another person ina round- 
robin tournament. 

It’s important to manage your 
team well, because your skaters 
can be tripped up in more ways 
than one. Rival teams body-slam 
and pick fights with your team, 
causing injuries. Rabid fans throw 
food onto the rink and pummel 



40 — “ie : 

a of games IN STOCK!! 
Rare & Hard to Find Games!! 

Watch out for bumps as you skate your 
way to victory in War on Wheels. 

any skater unlucky enough to get 
thrown outside of the rink. 
Fights are seen in closeup 
views, and you control your skat- 
ers’ kicks and punches. If you 
knock out an opponent, your team 
earns extra points. And if things 
start getting too dull, just get the 
fans riled up— they’Il start thrash- 
ing each other, allowing you to 
take a breather. GP 


AMmetican Sammy 3) 9 Al. 
Arcadia 32) 10 cle) 
Atari “20, a1 
Capcom.) 3 29° 
Color Dreams 8 37 
Data East BC 
Electronic Arts 52, 53 
Game Dude 793 
Lucasfilm 11 51 
Marketplace oe 94 
Namco : | 57) 
New England Services 6. 
Ocean ae 85 
RazorSoft 79, 48, 49 
Sega 18-23, 880 
SNK S38 
Sunsoft - 26, 44 
reco | | 9) 
TOR 61) 
Visco Enterprises - 

EW $ 


IFC, 1, 13, ce IBC 


Game Player’s: _ 
Game Player's subscriptions 
Game Player's — S — 

Pro-Tip Hotline. 63. 


FREE - Membership! 

FREE - $30 Worth of Coupons! 

FREE - Price catalog of all the video games! 
Nintendo, Genesis, Turbo Grafx-16, Game Boy 

FREE - Game Dude Top 10 ’HOT LIST’ 

New Hints, Tips and Pass Codes! 

To Join Call NOW! 
(818) 764-2442 
Mon-Sat 9-5 PST 

fot - - 2 = = === 




Indicate Systems That You Own 
Turbo Grafx-16__ 

Send To: 
Game Dude 
P.O. Box 8325 
Van Nuys, CA 91409 || 

Game Boy__ 



Largest Selection at lowest Prices 

AN. Distributors Is always For a FREE catalog write: 
First with the 
Hottest Releases: A.V. Distributors 

16451 Space Center Blvd. 
The Simpsons Houston TX 77058 
Nightstalker Call 1-713-486-1123 

Used Used 

We Sell Used/We Buy We Sell Used/We Buy 
Afterbumer || 29,95/15.00 Lakers vs. Celtics 39.95/23.00 
Air Diver 29.95/15.00 Last Battle 29,95/15.00 
Alex Kidd 29.95/15.00 Mondus 

Amold Palmer Golf 34.95/18.00 Fight Palace 34.95/ 18.00 
Atomic Robo Kid 39.95/23.00 +Moonwalker 34.95/ 18.00 
Bimini Run 34.95/18.00 Mystic Defender — 29.95/15.00 
Budokan 29.95/15.00 Pat Riley 

Buming Force 34.95/18.00 Basketball 39.95/20.00 
Buster Douglas Phantasy Star ll 44.95/25.00 

BeetleJuice Please encolse $1 or 4 (25 cent) Boxing 39.95/23.00 Phelios 34.95/ 18.00 
Columns 29,95/15.00 Populus 34.95/18.00 

Showgun Fource stamps for handling Crackdown 30.95/23.00 Rambo il 29,95/15.00 
Monster Master Cross Fire 34.95/18.00 Revenge of Shinobi 34.95/18.00 
Gameboy Nintendo SegaGenesis NEC TurboGrafx Gen eS se eta 

Dando 34.95/18.00 Space Hamer Il 29.95/15.00 

fF Sse ees eee eee sees DJ Boy 34.95/18.00  Spidenman 34.95/ 18.00 

Dick Tracy 39.95/23.00 Strider 39,95/23.00 
Dynamite Duke 34.95/18.00 Super Hang On —_29.95/15.00 
E Swat 39.95/23.00 Super Hydlide 29.95/15.00 
Final Assault 34.95/18.00 Super Manico GP 39.95/20.00 
Final Zone 34.95/18.00 Sup. Thunder Blade 29.95/15.00 


Fire Shark 34.95/18.00 Stper Volleyball 39.95/23.00 
We Accept Forgotten Worlds 34.95/18.00 Sword of Vermillion54.95/30.00 
g IT'S HERE! A GUIDE ONLY 4 Money Order, Ghouls 'N Ghosts 29.95/15.00 Target Earth 29.95/15.00 

Golden Axe 39.95/20.00  Technocop 39.95/23.00 
Ghostbusters 34.95/18.00 Thunderforce Il  29,95/15.00 
Hard Drivin’ 39.95/20.00 Thunderforce /i/ —39.95/23.00 
Hell Fire 34.95/18.00 Tommy Lasorda 
Herzog Zwei 29.95/15.00 Baseball 39.95/20.00 
Insector X 39.95/23.00 Trampoline Terror 34.95/18.00 
Joe Montana Truxton 29.95/ 15.00 
Football 44.95/25.00 Whip Rush 34.95/18.00 
Junction 34.95/18.00 Wrestle War 39.95/20.00 
Klax 39.95/25.00 Zoom 29.95/15.00 

Highest Prices Paid 

We will pay more for your Nintendo & Genesis cartridges than any other company. 
Enclose a current price list with your cartridges if you can find any higher buy back 
prices. We will pay at least $1.00 more for EACH Nintendo & Genesis cartridge 
and send you a check within 48 hours of receiving your cartridges. 

Titles in /TAL/CSare newer and may or may not be available, please call for 
availability. All Used Genesis Cartridges must include box and instructions. All 
Used Cartridges have a 90 Day warranty and are subject to availability. 
Although prices are subject to change without notice, most prices will be 
effective through January 31, 1991. We reserve the right to refuse any sale or 
purchase. Allow 14 working days for personal checks to clear, send money order 
for faster processing. Due to the nature of game cartridges, we are unable to 
give refunds. For shipping, add $4.50 for the first two cartridges and $.50 for 
each additional. Alaska, Hawaii & Canada $10.00 min. Calif Res add 6.75% tax. 
Hf you are unclear about any of our policies, procedures or prices, please call. 

Send your Cartridges to. 

BRE o-0.0n 

Software a 
352 W. Bedford, Suite 104 MasterCard 
Fresno, CA 93711 PS 

(209) 438-4263 No Credit 

@FOR ONLY $7.95 (INCLUDES & 1-800-621-6862 
§ FRANKLIN, MICH 48025 a 





ROAN MARKETING 708-882-0505 

New NINTENDO® For ae 

Little League Baseball $34 _ Game 
Mechanized Attack $34 Dexterity "524 
Crystalis $42 

Call for Other Titles 
88 (818) 575-0007 Dept 88 Dealer Inquiries 
Send check or M.O. +$4 for S/H to: Welcome 
PANASIA-:1431 N. Potrero Ave.*South El Monte, CA 91733 





5350 JACKSON DR. #219 e LA MESA, CA 92042 


Mega Drive (GENESIS): Games — $69 / Deck—$179 
PC ENGINE: Games— $59 / CDs—$69 / Core Grafx—$199 
GAME GEAR, GAME BOY... & Game Catalog on VHS too! 

TEL:(212)966-2203 * FAX: (718)919-2508 
89 Bowery New York NY 10002 Dealers Welcomed! 


1000's of Public Domain/Shareware pro- MA RKE PLA CE 

grams on 100's of disks. Categories include 

games, education, business, music, graph- Classified and small space Display advertisers can now take advantage 
les ues apanoroy Hee Ising enol of the targeted and highly enthusiastic Game Player's audience at 
large descriptive catalogue (specify com- bl 

puter). Disks O'Plenty 7838 Pines Bivd., Suite reasonable rates. 

270-P, Pembroke Pines, FL 33204 

Call Olivia Merritt at (201)703-9500 for more information. 







GAMES [We Buy |We Sei! | GAMES We Buy | We Sell] GAMES [We Buy |We Sell |GAMES |We Buy | We Sell] GAMES | We Buy| We Sell] GAMES | We Buy| We Sell 
1942 4.00 | 16.95 | CHUBBY CHERUB 18.00 | 39.95 | GUARDIAN LEGEND r | 7.00] 2595 |skyKiD | 3.00 | 16.95 | WILLOW 8.00 

1943 [7.00 | 20.95 |CASTLEVANIAII: SIMON’S QUEST [14.95 | r 22.95 [SKYSCRAPER 24.95 | WIN, LOOSE OR DRAW 10.00 
720 DEGREES 23. Y . MILL 17.95 |SLALOM | 4.00 | 19.95 | 3.00 
BEYE'S [a0 [178s [MLOW's SECRETCASTIE | s00 [21.8 [suane's REVENGE | 7.00 | as0s | wzanony ——_—] 14.00 
ABOYSAND HIS BLOB Bi x COSIGCIP Eero] | 00 [270s |suoor; __}_ eo { ans | WiZARDS AND WARRIORS 3.00 
ABADOX [ “4.00 | 22.95 [COBRA TRIANGLE r r | 22.95 |MISSION IMPOSSIBLE | 10.00 | 3295|socceR | 3.00 | 
[ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS | 8.00 | 24.05 [CODE NAME: VIPER ras stir —[ sw [aes facnuromonce [srl wee nonzaauee [a 
[SoLOMON'S KEY | 4.00 | 19.05[WortDGP 4.00 | 
ee a eT 24.95 | WORLD RUNNER (3-D) 3.00 
HOGAN'S ALLEY WITH GUN 508 15.95 |MUPPETADVENTURE | _9.00| 2495 [SPELUNKER —|_3.00 | 12.95 | WRATH OF THE BLACK MANTA | 8.00 
THOLLYWBOD souARES | 10.00 | 31.95 [Muscle | 6.00 | 24.95 |spyHUNTER | 3.00 | 9.95 | WRECKING CREW 7.00 
ADVENTURE ISLAND 4 136: : ARG gy Tf ets fps ——__| son 18.95 | XENOPHOBE 8.00 | 15.95 
ADVENTURES OF LINK ALK j : 5.00 | 18.95 
AFTER BURNER g S [rine | ase [Nua GAIN =] oe + : . 15.00 | 32.95 
[AIR WOLF SIE [ gs 3 




fazoo | sae [Parensoy —_] | 7.00 | 24.95 |sTRI 00 | 2495, 

2 7 a ero nen [es ea sues coum 40 
ANTICIPATION 7. . : [7.95 | 95 [SUPER DODGEBALL 3 We Buy |We Sell 
[ARCHON. __——|_9.00 | 289. : ‘SUPER MARIO 1 3.00,|..6.95., AFFER'BURNER TI 99.95 

ARKANOID W/CONTROLLERS | 17.00 [azee [cous | "sao ua Que | 2.00 | AIR DIVER 32.95 
ARKISTA'S RING 10.00 | 26.95 [ADVENTURES OF DINO Rik! | o*E_| 4.00 | 18.95 | é 5 pene aetee ALEX KID 28.95 
ASTYANAX 103 0 [aes oe h ; [9.00 | 27.95 | Pie DREAME | 10.86 | SUPER OFF ROAD. 1200 | 3495 [ALTERED BEAST | 14.95 
ATHENA RIGREA [isn [ser rou ean fae aroUGZGIN | am oe [A OREO 00 | 22.95 
BABY BOOMER DONKEY KONG 3 ar: : | 10.981 i [8.00 | 2405 [BIMIN;RUN 42.95 
BABY GANGSTER : WY " ‘ : 1ogs as fears Searels | | 41.95 | 
BACK TO THE FUTURE 26.95 [DONKEY KONG JUNIOR if 14. if i | 15.06 | PREBY [curse ——————_—i| 46.00 | 39.955 | 
BAD DUDES [aco [ 2605 [oouste bane | eo | EDHOH f.- 47.00 | S805 | FI 42.95 

BAD STREET BRAWLER 12.00 | 32.65 [DOUBLE DRAGON 3 =" [0.00 [30.05 [suPcR TEAMGAMES | 710.00 | 26.95 [DYNAMIC DUKE 
BALLOON FIGHT 3.00 | 17.95 [DOUBLE DRIBBLE . Bi : Fanos [axes loneneasmnc —~ Z[amo | nas] SUPER TRUCKS [8.00 | 24.95 [DICK TRACY 

BARKER B'S TRICK SHOOTING | _8.00 | 24.95 |DR. CHAOS ee [ano | 17.9548 i 
BASEBALL 3.00 | 12.95 [DR. JECKYLL AND MR. HYDE| 7. ; [see | sstlapet =a oo tes [rac gieresmr {sao ass fewer E-S WAT 


BASEBALL STARS 8,00 | 24.95 |DRAGON WARRION: : — ee Ae 
BASHI BAZOOK 6.00 | 29.95 [DUCK TALES =, | 9.00 [270.95:} .95 [RAD RACER oofiae5 |TecMOBOWL 23.95 
BATMAN 13.00 | 32.95 [DUNGEON MAGIC _“.._|_ 12.00 {'38.95 | ki Da 24.95 |RAD RACER JI 2c 99°] 29.95 |TECMO WORLD WRESTUNG | HELL FIRE 41.95 
BIG FOOT 10.00 | 29.95 [DyNowanz | 2.00, | 05 [kif : Ga ane A TEN YARD FIGHT, J. MONTNA FOOTBALL, 35.95 
BIONIC COMMANDO. 3.00 | 18.95 ERAT = mate ag a SARALLEY BIKE aT OY Hrennis 4.00 JUNCTION 34.95 
BLACK BASS 18.00 Panes fee Ce nt ott ae rl : 4249 KNOCKOUT BOXING 42.95 
BLADES OF STEEL 7.00 | 21.95 [EVERT AND LEANOLTENNIS| 10.00 | 28.95 ; 2.06 KLAX 36.95 
BLASTER MASTER, 4,00 | 19.95 [EXCITE BIKE . Ut [8.0 | oseete gots] 7.00.1 23.95 [Th LAST BATILE 
BOMBERMAN 10.00 | 26.95 | FANTASY ZONE 00 | 19.95 [HEAVY.SHH | 98,007] S888. Bical Tie puNisHER | ec. | M. JACKSON'S MOONWALKER 
BATTLE CHESS. 16.00 | 12.00 | 20:55:11 a8 |: FHUNDERCADE MICKEY MOUSE 

BACK TO THE FUTURE II 10s a0 32.95 ee 
BUBBLE BOBBLE a 00 roa eee = ore NORTH STAR _| 10.00 



BUMP 'N JUMP 00 96:1 06) RRIOR tl reeves MACH RIDER. P8004 

BURAI FIGHTER ["49,06:| feecoorence | 00s unex | a 


CALIFORNIA RAISINS. | DEG. ; | 15.95 | $0071.05 |uTIMaquest “Bac, | 
CAPTAIN COMIC [6.06 118 : HA: 8.00 | 23.95 | TWIN COBRA 

CAPTAIN SKYHAWK é 34.55. ho . r 7.00 | 19.95 [TWIN EAGLE 

CASTLEVANIA Iit “| 18 i : i 


BIG BIRD HIDE/SEEK _“™»...| “hk LA : 

CASTLE QUEST LE 0 [ot aes ustacncrmon| oe et [soem ane ——[ ato vas imocaton Ta PHANTASY STAR I! 
CASTLEVANIA 98:1G08 : | 3.00 | 12.95 [MECHANIZED ATTACK 10.00 | 29.95 | SIDE POCKET 18.00 | 47. TRUXION 
CHAMPIONSHIP BOWLING "82. im 36.95 [MEGAMAN Il 10.00 | 29.95 [SILENT ASSAULT 7.00 | 24.95 |WALLSREET KID 

CAVE MAN UGLYMPER . : .00 | 12.95 [MEGA MAN 7.00 | 26.95 [SILENT SERVICE 7.00 | 25.95 |WHEEL OF FORTUNE 

THE CHESSMASTER .00 | 32.95 [GOTCHA : 14.95 [METAL FIGHTER 6.00 | 19.95 | SILKWORM 0.00 | 32.95 | WHEEL OF FORTUNE JR. 

CIRCUS CAPER .00 | 32.95 |GRADIUS .00 | 16.95 |METAL GEAR 3.00 | 9.95 [SKATE OR DIE 4.00 | 14.95 | WHEEL OF FORTUNE FAMILY EDTO 

CLASHATDEMONHEADS | 7.00 | 21.95 [GRID GRABBER 17.95 [MICKEY MOUSECAPADES | 9.00 | 26.95 | SKY SHARK 3.00 | 14.95 [WILD GUNMAN WITH GUN | 5.00 

an d Much Much Morel! + Price may vary without notice. + Video Gameland reserves the right to turn down any order. 

NOW! (213) 792-1190 

All orders should be paid in full and must include sales tax and shipping. Money orders and personal checks will be accepted | VIDEO GAME LAND 
but no credit cards will be honored. C.O.D. orders will not be honored. All orders available in stock will be shipped within 7, PLAZA 1000 #D, 1000 TORRANCE BLVD. 
days. All orders what are not available may be cancelled or turned down by Video Gameland. Please allow 21 days for | REDONDO BEACH, CA 90277 
personal checks. Residents from Canada, Hawaii, Alaska may call for shipping charges by phone. Prices may call for shipping PLEASE CHECK ONE: © |1WANTTOBUY © | WANT TO SELL 
charges by phone. Prices may vary depending on the area you live. Prices listed are cassette prices only. For Nintedndo and | ‘ 
Sega Games, we deduct $1.00 for missing instructions, $1.00 for missing box or slip case, $2.50 for missing controller or 3D | NAME Please Print AGE 
glasses and $3.50 per game if a game needs to be returned to you. All California orders must pay a 6.75% sales tax. Refunds 
or exchanges must pay a 5% handling charge or $3.50 amount whichever is greater. No refunds, credits or exchanges given ADDRESS 
without prior notice. All new defective merchandise is warranted by the manufacturer only. All used games are given a 7 day CITY STATE ZIP 
guarantee from their date or arrival. Both used and defective games can be traded in, only for the same game. Those ordering | 

in large amounts will be granted a discount. Used atari games are no longer accepted. [PHONE ( ee SIGNALURE ——_ | 




We are the largest mail order 
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For sales only: 1800 1OY-CLUB. guaranteed for 90 days by us and the 

Since that line is constantly bus 
‘we've installed another line 1-203- 
388-6741 for your convenience, For 
customer service of questions about 
your order call 1-203-388-6366. For 
information on new games, release 
dates, new products, what we buy 
your used games for call 1-900-TIP- 


We accept checks, Money orders, 
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Quite simply- EVERYTHING! 
sell both new and used games for a 
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tefunded- only credit wi 



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rates on orders for accessories & large orders. This 9 
tions, $1 for missing box or slip cover, $2.50 for i 

Any refunds or ex¢hangss,ate subject to a 5% handling charge or $3.50 whichever is greater. We f 
credits or exchanges without prior authorization. All new defective merchandise is warranted b 
can only be exchanged for the same game. We make no guarantees for product performance. 
must be paid, in advance. You must be a member to buy and sell games at club prices, or else 
you sell us unless you are a member. Please allow 4 weeks upon recelpt of used games you s 
ordered from us within 30 days. c 1989 Ultimate Game Club, Atari, Sega, 
change without notice. We are not responsible for typographical errors. 



issing control 

pay Ital 6 
Ai fh so we 


that we.can ship ’ ou tr 
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. By thehyou'v 
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We can ship via UPS- ground, 2nd 
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GENESIS John Maden Football. 49.99, SUPER, GRAFX Darius 2 Dle Hard 
Battle Royal 49.99 £-Swat 49.99" ‘ : ~~ System 359.99 Granada Rabio Lepus Special 
Bravoman 49.99 — Insector X 49.99 — Lynx;:Nintendd,Séga.8-Bit Battle Ace 79.99 Heavy Unit Formation Soccer 
Boxyboy 42.99 Burning Force 49.99 Super Fatnicom, Sega Game'Gear © Grand Zot 89,99 W-Ring 
Camp California 39.99 Curse 49.99 Gameboy Games, Japanese Ghoul's. n Ghosts 109.99 CD GAMES Batman 
Chew;Man-Fu 45.99 Fire Shark 46.99 Gameboy- Call for info! Strider 99.99 All games are 79.99 F1-Curcis 
,, Devils lush 49.99 Mond Fight Palace 49.99 Out Run 99.99 Super Darius Okinawa 
““Doyblg/Dun 49.99 elios 49.99 NEO GEO American Darius Plus 99,99 Crazy Car Racing Naxat Stadium 
‘Dragan 45.99 Shadow Blaster 49.99 System 389.99 Legion ber Knighjt 
Daal 45.99 Trampoline Terror 42.99 System w/ 2 cont, Nam MEGA DRIVE Professional Baseball Violent Soldier 
‘ i 45.99 Ka-Ge-Ki 49.99 75 or Baseball 529.99 All Games Are 79.99 Battle of Bastille Honey in Sky 2 
Axe: 44.99 Zany Golf 49,99 Extra Controller 49.99 Mega Drive System 189.99 Golden Axe Final Blaster 
TBA Bimini Run 49.99 All Games Are 179.99 Darwin 4081 Rom Rom Stadium Cyber Comber Force 
¥45.99. Super Volleyball 49,99 Ninja Combat D.J. Bo Side Arms Special JB Harold Murder 
TBA Final Zone 49.99 Baseball Stars Twin Hawk Valice Ill Champion Wrestler 
54.99 Whip Rush 49.99 Magician Lord StarCruiser Aero Blaster 
45.99 Thunder Force Ill 59.89 Nam'75 Ka-Ge-Ki PC ENGINE Out Run 
iger 49.99 Hard Drivin’ 49.99 Top Player Golf Phelios Core Grafx 229.99 Saint Dragon 
Timebaly af 45.99... Buster Douglas Boxing 49.99 —_ Riding Hero Space Invader '90 All Games 79.99 Jackie Cha: 
TV Football Hi 54.99 ~~ Dick Tracy 49.99 Cyber Lip Burning Force Tricky in: 
Sone Spike V-Ball i Mickey Mouse 49.99 Baseball Stars 2 Batman 89.99 Son of Dracula 
CD GAMES y _ Dynamite Duke 49.99 — King of Monsters Osumatsu Thunder Blad 
% Valis'Il fh ‘Joe Montana F-Ball 49.99 Joy Joy Kid New Zealand Story World Beach V- 
‘Last Alert Mi ‘Wrestle: War 49.99 Ghost Fighter Rastan Saga II v 
‘Magical.Di i 9,, “Strider 64.99 Boxing XOR f 
Final Zone. I! MN) NGG), Shadow, Dancer 64.99 Super Spy Ringside Angel Fora'free catalog write: 
Y's 1 & Mb 99" Vermiltion 69.99 League Bowling Rainbow Island 1491 Boston Post Rd. 
Turbo Express, /} 49.99 Soin of Sodan 49.99 Puzzled Junction: Dept. GPL-02 
Express TV. Tunes, ////), 19.99, I, tle Squadron 48.99 Raggle Atomic Robo Kid, Old Saybrook, CT. 06475 

& catalogs. Ad expires 12/30/90. We do not accept Atari games. 
we return a game back to you. All CT orders must pay 8% sales 
or specials at soyilime without prior notice. No refunds, 
guaranteed for 30 days from ship date. All used & defective ga 
ed it cannot be changed without authorization. 
for all accessories and $5 more for any games. We also will pay you $2 less for games 
can process and test your games. Then we will send you a credit slip or 
Genesis, Turbo Grafx and Nintendo are registered trademarks and are not related nor endorsed by them. 
Some orders will take longer than 24 hours to process due to verification of orders, unavailabili 
pices listed are member prices only. NOTE: Some of the items in this ad may not be In stock when peu read this ad. All games that are preordered cannot be cancelled or 

be issued towards a future purchase. All credits take 30 days to process. Memberships are non-re joston Post Road,Old Saybrook, CT 06475 

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12. We buy direct! Who knows 
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14, We were the 1st to sell Japa- 
15. We even buy used Japanese 
16. We supply American transla- 
17. We'll special order anything! 

they make it, we can get it! 
~ 18. We also have tips, hints and 

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19 We ship to more places by 

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(o)0] an @iar=\|(=\ale[=rar- me (0]6] o)(-Manliss1(elalvelest- Wi) 
the past, present and future. Here’s your 
chance to teach Biff Tannen a thing or two for 

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1a)(@] abers) @X=1=10 Mm arenVi=) qm ofey= lee] ale lalaalcw\{-y-lar-40N komm come 6lamji[ale]|ale| 
mayhem in the wild west. Get “Back to the Future” now--and 
save the world--before it’s too late. 

ay \2 

Licensed by Nintendo 
for play on the 

® ‘Gistense) AR Cp suvesse t 10GO1s40 0000010 


Back to the Future Part {I & Ill ©1989,1990 Universal Studios; Inc. & Amblin Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. Nintendo", Nintendo Entertainment System" 
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