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A Signal Research Publication 
$2.95 $3.95 CANADA Vol. 3 No. 2 

HIE ele i|[teestor 



FEBRUARY 1991 01092 


0° 71486°01092"" 0 

Double-teaming may 
lead to victory — or 




Choose from 8 WWF 
Superstars™ or enter 
the ring as “yourself”. 


Unleash a Flying 
Atomic Drop — 
outside the ring. 




Seal of Quality 



[5 ON 

Official ~~" 
Seal of Quality 

They're stalking you... bombing you... 
' and assaulting you. There's even a 
mace |efe)(-10] a lU]¢ (ine me] elele|ce re 

/XST@ro] e)ce]iamrxe]anlle ym cele mexolaniaare are! 
i (ole melole| rm rene (—1(—e18 
Petolan Kelme li-le\/amereuela ns all 

Look for the Nestle Crunch® Bar promotion on 

We oS ane in f ul 
; specially marked packages and win "The Hunt For Red Les Luts 1S é 
F . Wl ge - - ores -} =f ; 
October" game or other great prizes! iG ror cas Ce mae 
' HI TECH Nintendo and Nintendo Entertainment System are registered rH 

trademarks of Nintendo of America, Inc. TM and copyright 

ap © 1990 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved. For NES" & ey I= X@) Ais ENTERTAINMENT 

menesiog Published by Hi Tech Expressions. 

The Immortal— page 66 

The Editor’s View 
The Tip Sheet 
Player’s World 

Nintendo.News —t- ae 
Yo! Noid | 
Aero Blasters 
ick Tracy|| 

streetfighter 2010 «| 
Ti ea ea IMBAS All-Star Che lenge 

_ Shake Rattle N oll 
ee ee ee 
Circus Caper — 
ishidolan ia 

SEER Reeieeenee aero : 

: : Rees Skull and Crossbones oa 
Atari Safari Galan [ Liffle Nemo il 


Game Boy. Players r 

Arcade Action _ « 

Amiga Players 

PC Players d 

= ae 


Sega aa 
Turbo Players 

Game News & Previews 

Nintendo’ Game c T the 
Month: The Immortal haa ae 
2 Sega Genesis ania of — 

the Month: Strider “it 

__Game of the Month: 
Test Drive Ill: The Passion | 


(213) 782-6960 / (213) 782-6961 
2421 205th Street, Suite D-204, Torrance, CA 90501 

Our October 1990 issue carried an in-depth article on 
QSound, a radical new recording technology that can 
make music or sound effects seem to come from 
anywhere in a room — even from behind your head. 
Best of all, QSound works with any two-speaker ste- 
reo system or stereo TV; it doesn’t need special 
equipment or extra speakers. 

As we reported in October, Nintendo has com- 
mitted at least $3 million to license QSound for use in 
future videogames. Nintendo will probably introduce 
QSound as part of a new accessory for either the 
existing 8-bit NES or the new 16-bit Super Famicom — 
or both. Our October article included an illustration of 
what such a device might look like. 

But there was one question we couldn’t answer in 
that article: How well does QSound really work? Back 
then, QSound wasn’t available for evaluation. 

Now it is. In November, QSound made its public 
debut on Madonna’s new greatest-hits album, The 
Immaculate Collection. All 17 tracks (15 old hits and two 
new songs) were remixed to include QSound. 

The verdict? We think QSound is a hit! 

The effects are surprisingly dramatic. For example, 
thesong “Lucky Star” begins witha trilling synthesizer 
that seems to make two complete orbits of your head; 
in “Rescue Me” you'll hear thunder and rain coming 
from the sky, even if you’re sitting indoors; and, in 
what is perhaps the most startling effect on the album, 
“Vogue” opens with Madonna’s voice snarling “What 
are you lookin’ at?” — from directly behind you! 
(Indeed, in my living room, Madonna seems to be 
standing three feet behind my back — even when my 
back is pressed against a solid wall.) 

These are just a few of the more spectacular QSound 
effects on The Immaculate Collection. Throughout the 

album, music seems to float about the room, as if you 
were sitting in the middle of the band. Sometimes the 
music actually seems to throb inside your head. It’s an 
eerie feeling. 

QSound isn’t perfect, however. It appears to be 
very sensitive to where you're sitting and how the 
speakers are arranged. The speakers should be spaced 
a few feet apart, level with each other, and approxi- 
mately level with your ears. (If your speakers are 
sitting on the floor, trying tilting them slightly upward.) 
And you should be sitting halfway between the 
speakers, about as far from them as they are from each 

QSound is so dependent on room acoustics that 
you can miss the effects entirely if either you or the 
speakers are only a foot or two out of position. There 
seems to be a learning curve as well; don’t expect to 
hear the most dramatic effects immediately. It seems 
to take an hour or so of listening before your ears get 
fully “tuned in” to QSound. 

Some people say they can’t hear QSound at all, 
even in a proven listening environment. Others say 
they can hear partial QSound — the music projects 
forward from the speakers, but never gets behind 
their head. Because QSound relies on psychoacoustic 
phenomena, not everyone will experience it in exactly 
the same way. 

Nevertheless, we’re more excited than ever about 
the videogame possibilities of QSound. We can’t wait 
to hear the first QSound spaceships engaging in 
dogfights near the ceiling, or QSound monsters 
thrashing it out from corner to corner around the 

By the way, if you want to hear QSound and you're 
nota Madonna fan, watch for new releases from Paula 
Abdul, Janet Jackson, Bon Jovi, Julian Lennon, Stevie 
Nicks, Sting, Richie Sambora, Wilson Phillips, Freddie 
Jackson, Imana, Gerardo, and Europe. These are just 
some of the recording artists who are exploring this 
new domain of multi-dimensional sound. 

Tom R. Halfhill 
Editor, Game Player's 

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P.O. Box 56254, Boulder, CO 80322-6254. 


Get ready for the blockbuster of the year. IKARI 
Ill, THE RESCUE. The hottest ticket in town for 
your Nintendo system. 

It's the end of the 20th century. A worldwide 
economic recession wreaks havoc with the nation 
and the planet. The impending threat of anarchy 
has given rise to a secret vice organization called 
“Crime Ghost” led by the mastermind “Faust”, 
who’s dangerously poised to take over the world 
with his diabolic strategy, 

There is one president who has initiated a plan to 
wipe out the association, and he has summoned 
you, the incredible Ikari Warriors Paul and Vince, to 
penetrate the enemy hideout and rescue his 
daughter Elise. But first, you must fight the Crime 



= SNK 

Ghost and attempt to destroy them all. To do this, 
you will use your undersea scuba tactics and 
guerilla fighting power. Fire machine guns, throw 
grenades and kick some butt using your own brute 
strength. Add to that superior martial arts skills 
using round house and jump kicks, punches and 
more. Only the Ikari Warriors can save the world 
from chaos! 

To be the first one on your block to see the hit of 
the year, call SNK at 1-800-PLAY-SNK and find 
out more. 




SNK Corporation of America, 246 Sobrante Way, Sunnyvale, CA 94086, (408)736-8844 

Game Player's: The Leading Magazine of Video and Computer Entertainment 

February 1991 

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Amy L. Pruette, Senior Art & Design Director 

Richard T. Mansfield, 
Executive Vice President, Editorial 
R. Selby Bateman, Executive Editor 

Lance Elko, Editorial Director 
Tom R. Halfhill, Editor 
Noreen Lovoi, West Coast Editor 
William R. Trotter, Senior Writer 
Matthew A. Firme, Associate Editor 
Leslie Mizell, Associate Editor 
Lisa M. Bouchey, Assistant Editor 
Brian Carroll, Assistant Editor 
Richard Lashley, Assistant Editor 
Jeff Lundrigan, Assistant Editor 
Gary M. Meredith, Assistant Editor 
Stephen Poole, Assistant Editor 
Phill Powell, Assistant Editor 
Margaret Ramsey, Copy Editor 
Melanie Poloff, Editorial Assistant 

Irma Swain, Production Director 
Edwin C. Malstrom, Art Director 
Laura C. Morris, Senior Graphic Artist 
Scotty L. Billings, Graphic Artist 
Kelly E. Pinter, Graphic Artist 
Jan J. Sebastian, Graphic Artist 

James A. Casella, Publisher 
Lawrence A. Fornasieri, 
Senior Vice President, Finance 
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Andrew Eisenberg, 

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Game Player's: The Leading Magazine of Video and Computer Entertainment is a publication of 
Signal Research, Inc., an independent publishing company. 


Dragon Tending demanded interminably long co roasting under the acrid hreath of temperamental 
dragons in holding pits of dirt and grime. 

Sorcery offered a four-year romp through Sorcerer University — four years of outrageous frat parties, 
scantily-clad co-eds and reckless behavior. 

Sorcerer U. also meant plenty of adventure — from battling dragons in the Simulation Lab with only 
arcane spells as weapons; to grappling with zesty females in real life using more, um, natural tools. 

Tough choice, Fe LEGEND” 


Marketed by MicroProse Software, Inc. 

: } M 180 Lakefront Drive » Hunt Valley, MD 21030 + 1-800- a PLAY 
Fee A ae ; : ©1990 Legend Entertainment Company. Spelicasting 101: Sorcerers 

Jie ony part of the Lah 118 movatar Ct yo | yeni Get All The Girls and Sorcerer University are registered trademarks 

pice gh! sala wth isi ; ss 4 © of Legend Entertainment Company. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 

Looking at the ind of this prornowy: serpent sm i 

its oy to fnaglng why one sea ale i aa 

|The Satlora’ Phaltic Phantasy.” 

ite ea Pballlcy ik anfoetamtely wo 

Spellcasting 101: Sorcerers Get All The Girls is yet another bawdy, irreverent graphic adventure from Steve ew 
author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Leather Goddesses of Phobos and Zork Zero. Despite the presence 
of “naughty” and “nice” modes, this game is not recommended for those who a) have weak hearts, 6) believe sex is a four-letter 
word, or c) think college students, no matter what universe they live in, spend their free time studying 

LL TO... 

Beautiful, Entombed Princesses. 


Psychotic, Death-Dealing Sorcerers. 

OFILL Te... 

Deranged, Draconian Firedogs. 


» Hideous, Head-Stomping 

“Spent hours searching for magical treasures . . . even longer 
ee trying to use them.” —Trey Green, Game Reviewer 




stole) om iat=) 
Future 2 & 3 

I have discovered a way to warp 
to the year 1875 in Back to the 
Future 2 & 3 for Nintendo. At the 
title screen, hold down the A and 
B buttons and press Select. Some 
scrambled letters come up on the 
screen. Arrange the letters to spell 
“Flux capacitator is the power.” 
The title screen comes up again. 
Press Start. A different story 
comes up and a bird drops you 
into the year 1875. 

David Johnson 

Thanks for the tip. But be careful when 
entering that code. The correct code,as 
you say, is “Flux capacitator is the 
power.” But in the Back to the Fu- 
ture movies, the actual device was 
called a flux capacitor. ; 

Gargoyle’s Quest 

I just received Gargoyle’s Quest 
for the Game Boy, and I enjoy 
playing it. But I seem to be having 
trouble getting into Darkoann’s 
castle. Please help me. 

Philip Balsman 

There are many passageways that lead 
to dead ends, so don’t be fooled. Take 
the cave entrance directly to the right. 
Even though it looks just like the other 
passageways on the inside and out, 
you'll reach the castle at the other end. 

Do you have any questions 
(o] oXe}U} mZel0] mnie No) di MaVA(e(=\es 
(olelaal<we) mxete) an) el0i (=| anelelnat= sit, 
(@) ZoloMVolUmale\ioMela\aaliaicnelate| 
tips to share with your fellow 
game players? If so, write to 
The Tip Sheet, Game Player's, 
SOM se) Paolo Wer(-1-\a\1ele) (onl \(@ 
27429. Due to the volume of 
mail we receive, we regret that 
agro] Ke me lelnat-me[Ul—\1 16) a\sh 

Les Manley in: 
AY-Yo/(orp elm lat) 

I have Les Manley in: Search for 
The King for PCs, but I’m stuck. I 
know I’m supposed to distract the 
maid to get the skeleton key in 
the Las Vegas Casino Hotel. The 
problem is that I don’t know how. 
What should I do? 

Dan Sayson 

This is an easy one: Lie down on the 

bed and mess it up. The maid will come 
in to make it up again, and you can 
snatch the key from her cart in the hall 
while she’s occupied. 

iV lelp (elem iV [elstye)p) 

I have piles of questions about 
Maniac Mansion. How do you get 
into the garage? How do you get 
the radio out of the pool? Where 
are the instructions to Ed’s com- 
mando kit? Where’s the sponge? 
What is the grate outside used 
for? What’s the grate in the pantry 
used for? Where are the pieces to 
the radio in Fred’s room? Do the 
candles in the dining room have 
any use? 

Michael Freeborn 
Alberta, Canada 

To get into the garage, use the Hunk- 
o-Matic to build your muscles. To get 
the radio out of the pool, use the water 
valve under the house to drain the 
pool. The instructions will be delivered 
by the postman — but you've got to 
grab the package before Ed does. 

The sponge is in the bathroom, of 
course. Use it to mop up the film 
developer that leaks through the grate 
in the pantry and onto the ground 
under the house. The radio can be 
repaired by installing the radio tube 
you should have found in the living 
room. Only Bernard has the know- 
how to install the tube. And finally, 
no, the candles don’t have a use — but 
don’t they add some nice atmosphere? 

EEE ———————————— 



Vlas \ackevohinatelamolnensel age Aemaaicaarsliglulaals 


Lucasfilm™ Games’ swashbuckling new 
graphic adventure lets you trade insults with 
some of the saltiest seamen to ever sail the 
seven seas, 

In The Secret of Monkey Island,” youll 
sling one-liners with a fast-talking used ship 
salesman, a sarcastic swordmaster, a wisecrack- 
ing corpse, and a prisoner whose breath would 
stop a horse. You'll also hunt for buried treasure, 
chase after a beautiful woman, 
and—perhaps—unravel one of 
the twistiest plots in the history 
of adventure gaming. 

You're short, broke, clueless 
and friendless. 

And you've just arrived on 

Mélée Island seeking fame and fortune. Explain- 

ing to anyone who'll listen that you want to be 
a pirate. 

Being the easy-going types they are, your 

new pirate pals invite you into the club. Just as 

soon as you've completed three tiny trials. 

Among other things, you'll need to sedate 
some piranha poodles, burglarize the governor's 
mansion, and do business with the scum of the 
earth. And if that’s not enough, you'll have to 
figure out whether the 300-pound voodoo 
priestess covets your rubber chicken, fetid fish, 
pack of breath mints, or... 

If the brigands don't grab you, 
- _ the graphics will. 

Lucasfilm Games set today’s 
graphic standards with games like 
Loom and Indiana Jones and the 
Last Crusade. Now The Secret 
of Monkey Island ups the stan- 
dards a few more notches with 
stunning 256-color VGA graphics (16-color 
EGA version also available), proportionally 
scaled animated characters, and cinematic 
pans and camera angles. 

Our acclaimed point’n click interface 

The Secret of Monkey Island is available for |BM and 100% compatibles in 16-color EGA and 256-color VGA versions. Visit your retailer or order directly with Visa/MC by calling 
1-800-STARWAR: “and © i i i 

IARS (in ida 1-800-828-7927). 

ship's registry: Bahamas and Liberia. 

x -B2E . , LucasArts Entertainment Company. All rights reserved. IBM is a trademark of International Business Machines, Inc. 
3M is a trademark of 3M Corp. AdLib is a trademark of AdLib, Inc. Cruise prize arranged with the “Fun Ships" of Carnival Cruise Lines, The Most Popular Cruise Line In The World; 

has been improved even more. So have our 
sound effects, which are backed by a captivat: 
ing calypso and reggae music track. 

Enter the Monkey Island Treasure Hunt and 
win a FREE Carnival Caribbean cruise! 
If you can solve a few sneaky puzzles 
in a special demo of The Secrets of Monkey 
Island, you might just win one of the sweetest 
prizes since Captain Kidd’s treasure chest. A 
Carnival Cruise for two, one of a hundred 
AdLib™ sound cards, or one of hundreds more 
prizes! You'll find the 
demo and complete rules 
in specially-marked 
boxes of 3M diskettes. 
Or send a self-addressed, 
stamped disk mailer to: 
Monkey Demo, PO Box 
10228, San Rafael, CA 

So act fast, think fast, and enter fast. 
Because while playing The Secret of Monkey 
Island is an adventure, winning the Treasure 
Hunt is a real trip. 



Phantasy Star Il 

In Phantasy Star II for the Sega 
Genesis, the hint book says to 
stock up on Star Mist, but I can 
only find two. Also, how can I 
find the elusive Moondew? 

Adam Treusch 
Manitoba, Canada 

These items can occasionally be found 
in dungeons, but you can also steal 
them using Shir, the thief. Take her 
into any Items Shop (it doesn’t matter 
if the shop doesn’t offer the items), and 
walk in and out until she steals 
something. What she steals depends 
on her experience level. To get the 
items you want, you might have to 
advance a few levels first. 

_ Use Shir the thief to steal special items that 
you'll need. 

I purchased Shinobi last Christ- 
mas. I don’t know which weapon 
you use to kill the big ninja at the 
end of level 2. How do you kill 

And how do youuse the magic 
and weapons you pick up after 
the bonus stage? It looks like 
lightning — what is it? 


Since the boss of level 2 is a helicopter, 
we're assuming you mean the boss of 
level 1-2, who isa big ninja. The ninja 
throws fire that zeroes in on your 
current position. Stay on the left, and 
just before he throws the fire, jump 
high to attract it to the ceiling. Then 
crawl under the flames to get close to 
the ninja. Stand four or five steps 
away from him and throw darts into 
his eyes. The timing is difficult, so 
make every shot count. 

To use the lightning magic, you 
must first defeat a certain number of 
enemies. When the ninja magic sym- 
bol at the top of the screen starts 
flashing, the magic is ready to use. It 
summons forth a lightning bolt that 
kills all enemies on the screen. 

To get safely through the Earth- 
quake Zone of Super C for 
Nintendo, run quickly to the far 
right of the screen while the 
Babalu is being destroyed. Move 
back slightly, then move back and 
jump immediately into the 
Earthquake Zone. 

Once you're on the ground, 
keep running and firing all the 
way to the end. The ground will 
cave in behind you, so you won’t 
get trapped. Only the attackers 
will be swallowed by the earth. 

Xiao Q. Tian 

That's a great tip for Snake and Mad 
Dog fans. Thanks! 

Alex Kidd in 

High-Tech World 

I have been a fan of the Sega 
Master System for a long time. 
I’ve finished most of my games 
except for Alex Kidd in High-Tech 
World. I don’t know how to get 
out of the city. Ineed a travel pass, 
but all I ever get is a fake one. 
Please, please tell me how to get a 
real pass. 

Mike Quimby 

Try praying at the church 100 times. 




Trash all those other basketball 
captures all the thrills and intensity 
of a real full-court basketball game. 
You are in command; leading the 
court, making the plays, and 
scoring the points. 

Want close ups? Go for the 

slam or a 3-pointer and let the 
full-screen animation blow 
you away! 

When your men start 

to drag, you can substitute 
some fresh blood. 

_ It's all jam packed into 

one NES cartridge, 

pro-basketball Be a part of the action-not = See your shots-up close 
at your fingertips! just a spectator and personal 

. ey B. 3 

You control full court 



Pick your starting line-up Team up with a friend 
against the computer 

American Sammy Corporation ULTIMATE BASKETBALL™ is a trademark of 

. American Sammy Corporation. Nintendo and 
2421 205th St., Suite D-104, Torrance, CA 90501 Nintendo Entertainment System® are registered 

& ® PHONE: (213) 320-7167 *» GAME TIPS: (213) 320-7362 trademarks of Nintendo of America, Inc. 

Why mow the lawn when you can bomb 

After dinner, you can always battle maggots, RIGA the 2 er arcade hit that ae you 

oncoming planes and destroy secret military blood-flies and drools in the dangerous 8 against ferocious beasts, hideous demons or 

bases in nine action missions with BLUE 

PAPERBOY. Fling papers at non-subscribers, 
race your bicycle on people’s lawns — in 
other words, the ultimate afterschool job. 

Warm up the brain cells. Condition And now you can play them 
those fingers. Break out the antacid. on earth. In fact, anywhere on 

The new Lynx 

cartridges are here. 

Twelve of the 

roughest, toughest, 

most challenging 
game cartridges in 

player game — SLIME WORLD. worse, your best friend. 

RAMPAGE. Become a 60 ft. beast, demolish Encounter loathsome beings. Escape iron 

buildings and eat tanks as an army attempts horrible creatures. It’s you against the evil 
to destroy you. Up to 4 players can take part in empire in the game of GAUNTLET. 
the destruction. 

earth. Because the 
Lynx is the world’s 
first portable, color 
video game system. 
, With its totally 
the Gittins unique 16 bit graphics engine, 

Blue Lightning, Slime World, Zarlor Mercenary™ Epysx, Inc. Xenophobe, Ranipage™ Bally Manufacturing Co. Klax, Paperboy, Gauntlet, Road Blaster™ 

ROBO SQUASH. Zhe ultimate paddle game. 
The goal is to squash the enemy and line up 
four globes in a row to win. But be careful, 
three splats and you're out. 

ROAD BLASTER. Drive and avoid mines, 
exploding towers and enemy vehicles for 
points and make it through 50 levels. Great to 
play in the back of the car. 

the Lynx lets you play arcade 
quality games that really look like 
arcade games. In 4 channel sound. 
Play by yourself. With one opponent. 
Two opponents. Three opponents. 
Or you can even link up with seven 
other players on certain games. 

So if you don’t already own a Lynx, 



XENOPHOBE. Trapped in a space station, you 
must destroy the aliens. Side-scrolling 

falling bricks. Stack ‘em for points. And try to 
adventure for up to 4 players. 

do it all before your dad asks to borrow it. 

It’s a galactic shoot out between you and 
aliens in the 4 player game ZARLOR 

MERCENARY. Your only hope is to kill them all 
or break for lunch. 


Help MS. PACMAN escape the marauding 
ghosts by guiding her through multiple mazes 
gobbling up dots, energizers, fruits and 

you better hurry. Because they’re 
going fast. And so are all these game 

Visit the videogame section in your 
favorite store now. 

Before they’re wiped out. 

Atari Games Corporation. Ms. Pac-Man™ Namco, Ld, Rygar™ Tecmo, Ltd, Atari, the Atari logo, Robo Squash, Lynx™ or ®™ Atari Corporation, Copyright 1990. 



For gamers, 1990 was an exciting year. In every format — Nintendo, Sega Genesis, NEC TurboGrafx-16, 
Amiga, PC compatibles, and hand-held systems such as the Game Boy and Atari Lynx — we've seen 
exceptional games that set new standards in the field of electronic entertainment. 

In recognition of these outstanding achievements, the editors of Game Player's are pleased to an- 
nounce the annual Game Player’s Awards for 1990. In early January, trophies for all of the major 
categories were presented to the publishers and manufacturers of the award-winning products at the 
Winter Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. We also presented Excellence Awards for products 
that exemplify the high level of quality and ingenuity we've seen over the past year. 

Consider this list of award-winners a guide to the best electronic games that came out in 1990. You 

can’t go wrong with any of them. 


Nintendo Game of the Year 
Super Mario Bros. 3 
Nintendo of America 

Super Mario Bros. Sj 
Best Arcade Action Game 
Mega Man 3 

Best Fantasy 
Role-Playing Game 
Final Fantasy 
Nintendo of America 

Best Graphics 
Adventure Game 
Maniac Mansion 


Best Puzzle Game 
Dr. Mario 
Nintendo of America 

Best Sports Game 
Baseball Simulator 1.000 
Culture Brain 

Best Strategy Game 
CSG Imagesoft 

Best War Game 
Shingen the Ruler 

Game Player's 
NES Excellence Awards 

A Boy and His Blob 
Absolute Entertainment 

Castlevania II: Dracula’s Curse 

The Chessmaster 
Hi-Tech Expressions 


Chip ‘N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers 


Double Dragon II: The Revenge 

Dragon's Lair 
CSG Imagesoft 

Dragon Warrior II 
Enix America 

The Immortal 
Electronic Arts 

Ironsword: Wizards 
& Warriors I 

Jack Nicklaus’ 18 Greatest Holes 
of Major Championship Golf 


Jordan vs. Bird: One on One 
Milton Bradley 

continued on page 21 

| od 

; 3 a 

A signal Research Publication 
$2.95 $3.98 canada Vol. 2 5 









|. Get your scouting info direct from 2. Play select screen. Try a draw play, 3. Check out your receivers through 4. Make the catch! Stiff arm 

Joe. All the inside information on all the flare pass or maybe go for a bomb. the face mask view at the top of the defenders as you sprint downfield for 
teams. Go for the win! Joe Montana even gives screen and find the open man. If the the touchdown. 
you his favorite play! defenders are playing back, hit your 

receiver ona short slant for a big play. 

Who better to design the ultimate football video game than the Pro Quarterback of the 
Decade, Joe Montana. And Joe chose Sega” Genesis” because only its 16-bit power could 
create the lifelike animation of real passing, running, receiving and blocking. After months 

of working closely with our programmers in the development stages, Joe Montana Football” 
is here. 

You select from I6 teams, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and unique style 
of play. You can be Joe Montana and control San Francisco's devastatingly accurate passing 
attack or quarterback another team that fits your style. Set your own strategy or use Joe's 
recommendation for the winning play. 

Call audibles at the line of scrimmage. As you take the snap, you see your receivers run 
their patterns from a quarterback’s perspective looking through his face mask. You decide 
whether the pass isa bullet or a long bomb going for the endzone. You can even throw the 
ball away. And you also control the receiver as he dives 
for the ball, or runs downfield and straightarms 
defenders. As the game clock runs down, 
dive for first down yardage. There's 
also halftime and end-of-game stats, 
delivered by Joe. Or, play the “two minute 
drill” and see if you can score a touchdown 
in just two minutes—in true Joe Montana 
style. Football couldnt get more real. What 
else would you expect from Joe Montana 
Football” You cant do this on Nintendo® 

Sega and Genesis are registered trademarks of Sega of America, Inc. Joe Montana Football™ © 1991, Sega of America, Inc. © 1990 Sega of America, Inc. P.O. Box 267, South San Francisco, CA 94080. 
Nintendo is a registered trademark of Nintendo of America, Inc. 





: TS = us 
Super Monaco GP” E-S.W.A.T. Michael Jackson’s 

Phantasy Star II” The Sword 
City Under Siege” Moonwalker”™ of Vermillion” 
+ es | - : ¥, M s sa | - 2 < 

Tommy Lasorda World Championship Arnold Palmer Pat Riley’s 
Baseball” Soccer” Tournament Golf” Basketball” 

ay 2 

Alex Kidd: 
Enchanted Castle” 

Last Battie” 

The Castle of Illusion” 
Starring Mickey Mouse 

Altered Beast,” the Sega arcade hit, comes with the Genesis system, Other games sold separately. Sega and Genesis are registered trademarks of Sega of America, Inc. Ghouls n' Ghosts, Strider and Forgotten Worlds are licensed 
trademarks of Capcom, Inc. Rambo lll isa registered trademark of Carolco International N.V. Thunder Force llis a trademark of Techno Soft. Zoom! is a trademark of Discovery Software International, Inc. Truxton isa copyright 
of Toaplan Co, Ltd. Cyberball is a registered trademark of Atari Games, Inc. Ghostbusters: © 1984 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. Original game © 1984 Activision. Spider-Man® & © 1990 Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc. All 

rights reserved. Dick Tracy and Mickey Mouse are copyrights of The Walt Disney Company. Michael Jackson's Moonwalker is a trademark of Ultimate Productions, Dynamite Duke is a trademark of Seibu & Kaihatsu, Inc. All other 
game titles are trademarks of Sega of America. “Anticipated game availability Winter/ 1991, **Summer/199I. 


Genesis Game of the Year 
John Madden Football 
Electronic Arts 

Jon Madden Football 


Game Boy Game of the Year 


Best Arcade Action Game 
Double Dragon — 

Best Fantasy 
Role-Playing Game 
Final Fantasy Legend 

Square Soft 

Best Graphics Adventure 
Gargoyle’s Quest 

Best Arcade Action Game 
Sega of America 

Best Fantasy 
Role-Playing Game 
Sword of Vermilion 
Sega of America 

Best Puzzle Game 
Sega of America 

Best Simulation Game 
Hard Drivin’ 

Best Sports Game 

Lakers Versus Celtics 
Electronic Arts 


Best Puzzle Game 

Best Sports Game 
NEL Football 

Best Strategy Game 
Mercenary Force 

Game Player’s Game Boy 
Excellence Awards 

Kwirk: The Chilled Tomato 


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 

NBA All-Star Challenge 

Best Strategy Game 
Electronic Arts 

Best War Game _ 
Herzog Zwei 
Sega of America 

Game Player’s Sega Genesis _ 
Excellence Awards 

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker 
Sega of America 

Budokan: The Martial Spirit 
_ Electronic Arts 



Best Simulation Game 

a oe é Jack Nicklaus Turbo Golf 

rafx Game o the Year 

| _—- Bonk’s Adventure - : 
NEC Technologies © Best Sports Game 
oe a Takin’ It to the Hoop 
NEC Technologies 

Best War Game 

Military Madness 
NEC Technologies 
Game Player’s NEC 
Svante TurboGrafx-16 
ee Lo Excellence Awards 
aoe Best Arcade Action Game 
Bloody Wolf Devil’s Crush 
NEC Technologies NEC Technologies 
est Fantasy TV Sports Football 
-Playing Game NEC Technologies 
Ys: Book I and II 
NEC Technologies Ninja Spirit 
a NEC Technologies 

Best Puzzle Game _ 

Game Player’s Arcade Game _ 
| Excellence Awards 

F-15 Strike Eagle 
MicroProse _ sy 

Battletech | 
Virtual World Entertainments | 



Lynx Game of the Year 
Todd's Adventures 
in Slime World 
Atari Corp. 

Todd’s Adventures in Slime World 

Game Player's Atari Lynx 
Excellence Awards 

Atari Corp. 

Chip’s Challenge 
Atari Corp. 


Amiga Game of the Year 
Shadow of the Beast 
Psygnosis _ 

Game Player’s Amiga 
Excellence Awards 

Data East 

Battle Squadron 

It Came From the Desert 

Shadow of the Beast Il 

Treasure Trap 
Electronic Zoo 




In Central Park, When the IceMan comes, 
skateboard over bad guys don’t slip-up on your yo-yo 
and gain magic powers. bonking. 

Use your pizza crusher to 
put out FireballMan. 

©1990 CAPCOM U.S.A., Inc. Officially licensed product of Domino's Pizza® Noid, the Noid character, and 
Domino's Pizza are registered trademarks of Domino's Pizza Inc. Noid design in Claymation by Will Vinton 
Productions, Inc. © 1990 Domino's Pizza, Inc. 

Yo! New York City’s been overrun by a 
bunch of really bad guys. And you’ve got 
to stop them. How? Just bonk them a lot 

ie with your yo-yo. Or, out-chomp them in 

the pizza eating contests. 

Get your slice of the Yo! CAPCOM’ 

Noid action for the Nintendo Trey 
today. While it’s hot! 

Licensed by Nintendo’ for Play on the 



PC Game of the Year 
Railroad Tycoon 

Railroad Tycoon 
Best Arcade Action Game 

Wing Commander 

Best Fantasy 
Role-Playing Game 
The Savage Empire 

Best Graphics 
Adventure Game 
Circuit's Edge 

Best Puzzle Game 
The Fool's Errand 
Miles Computing 

Best Simulation Game 
LHX Attack Chopper 
Electronic Arts 

Best Sports Game 
PGA Tour Golf 
Electronic Arts 

Best Strategy Game 
Ishido: The Way of Stones 

Best War Game 

Game Player’s PC 
Excellence Awards 

ABC Monday Night Football 
Data East 


Bad Blood 
Balance of the Planet 
Chris Crawford Games 

Blue Max: Aces of the Great War 

Budokan: The Martial Spirit 
Electronic Arts 

Centurion: Defender of Rome 
Electronic Arts 

Command HQ 

Conquests of Camelot 


Dark Heart of Uukrull 

Strategic Simulations 

F-15 Strike Eagle IT 

The Game of Harmony 

Hero’s Quest 

Jack Nicklaus Unlimited Golf 
& Course Design 

Knights of Legend 
Leisure Suit Larry II 

Les Manley in: 
Search for the King 




Lunar Colony Simulator 
Wesson International 

Electronic Arts 

Prince of Persia 

Scrabble, Deluxe Version 
Parker Brothers 

Second Front 
Strategic Simulations 

Secret of Monkey Island 

Silent Service II 

Starflight 2 
Electronic Arts/Interstel 

Sword of the Samurai 

Test Drive Il: The Passion 

Their Finest Hour: 
The Battle of Britain 

TV Sports Football 

Ultima VI: 
The False Prophet 

Where in the World is 
Carmen Sandiego? 
(Deluxe Edition) 


Virgin Mastertronic 



. Whe 

ibid | / 
a ite Lie ei, 
: 3 wy GY 
‘3 is ee en Aik ' 

So whatil it be? Shooting hoops with 
a bunch of nobodies. Or playing with the 
baddest of the NBA's big boys. 

Get real. ItS Lakers vs. Celtics & the 
NBA’ Playoffs”every time. 

The only Sega’ Genesis* game with 
real NBA teams—19905 eight playoff 
contenders plus the East and West All Stars. 

The only one with real players. Jordan, 
Chambers, Robinson, Isiah, The Mailman, Ewing, and 
114 other household names. 
For unbeatable five on five action. 

The only one with real signature moves, too. The 
slams, jams, and three pointers that made the stars 

Even real stats from the 1990 
season. And a half-time 
sports show. 

In other words, action aS “S====—= 
big and intense as basketball itself 
Big sound. Intense graphics. Killer animation. For one 
or two players. 

You think you can find this level of play anywhere 
else? Come on, get real. 


Rule the court. Full-court action with 
everything from fouls to fast breaks. All to 
the tune ofa Sizzling stereo soundtrack. 

| Jordan's Air Show. 
| Find out what life's 
like above the rim. 



({BULLS)" | 

E Nothing but net. Ta 

hy MIAMI B Spe 9411,19901 

| Bird in Flight. 

The Class of ’90. You get the complete 
rosters of '90 top playoff teams, subs 
included. Plus the Eastand West All Stars. 

Your Best Shot. Get the best 
action. The most realistic 
animation. And gameplay 

| that lasts long after the rest have 
| burned out. Get real with 

» Barkley’s Gorilla | Electronic Arts. 
>» Dunk. Charles is a 4 

Visit your retailer or order 
by phone. 800-245-4525 

between 8 am-5 pm 
Pacific Time. 

ee a 


Licensed by Sega Enterprises Ltd. for play on the SEGA GENESIS SYSTEM. "SEGA" and "GENESIS" are registered 
trademarks of Sega Enterprises Ltd. Lakers versus Celtics and the NBA Playoffs is a trademark of Electronic Arts. The 
individual NBA Team insignias depicted are trademarks which are exclusive property of the respective Teams and 
may not be reproduced without the written consent of NBA Properties, Inc. NBA isa registered trademark of 
National Basketball Association. 

ould it be Mario has 

settled down? After 

numerous adventures 

in the Mario Bros. se- 

ries, he’s turned in his 
running shoes for a stethoscope. 
Now he’s a medical researcher at 
Mushroom Kingdom Hospital, 
experimenting in the virus lab. 

But of course, Marioisa trouble 
magnet. Everywhere he goes, 
something is bound to happen that 
only quick reflexes and superhu- 
man hand-eye coordination can 
fix. So one day, just as Mario was 
beginning work, Nurse Toadstool 
came rushing in with news that 
something had gone horribly 
wrong. One of the experimental 
viruses was growing out of control 
inside a laboratory bottle. 
Fortunately, Mario had just 

developed a new set of vitamins 
that should have been able to kill 
the viruses. Unfortunately, things 
got complicated. The vitamins 
worked, but each one was effective 
only against a specific virus, and 
only when enough of the vitamins 
were used. In desperation, Mario 
began throwing vitamins into the 
laboratory bottle, trying to get 
enough of the right ones to the 
viruses they could kill. 

A Tetris Clone? 

Dr. Mario is a fast-moving puzzle 
game that looks and plays a lot 
like Tetris. (It also bears some 
similarities to Columns,anew game 
for the Sega Genesis.) As Mario 
tosses the different-colored vita- 
min capsules into the laboratory 

© isso 





Dr. Mario 

Jeff Lundrigan 

bottle, they gradually fall from 
the top of the screen. Using the 
controller, you can steer the cap- 
sules left or right and rotate them 
to various positions. As in Tetris, 
your goal is to stack them up in 



just the right way. 

The major difference is that in- 
stead of trying to eliminate hori- 
zontal layers, as you do in Tetris, 
your object in Dr. Mario is to elimi- 
nate the viruses that live in the jar. 
The viruses come in three strains: 
red, yellow, and blue. The capsules, 
you'll notice, also come in red, yel- 
low, and blue. Most capsules are 
two of these colors, but some cap- 
sules are all the same color. 

The idea is to line up four or 
more pieces of the same color, ei- 
ther horizontally or vertically. By 
“pieces,” we mean a whole cap- 
sule, or half of a capsule, or a virus. 
When that happens, all of the 
matching pieces disappear from the 
screen. If one or more of the pieces 
were viruses, you get points. 

Play continues until either all 
the viruses are eliminated from the 
jar, or the jar gets so full of capsules 
that there’s no room for another 
one. If you succeed in getting rid of 
all the viruses, you advance to the 
next level, which is even more 
contaminated with viruses. 

Although Dr. Mario (like Tetris) 
is basically a simple game, it’s very 
difficult to master. The first few 
levels have only a few viruses, but 
pretty soon the jar gets so full of 
viruses that there’s barely enough 
room for any vitamins. 

Dr. Mario lets you choose from 
several options. You can select 
which level to start on (1 through 
20); the speed at which Mario will 

Ancient gods of 2 
Greece at war! Evil Typhon, lord of 
the underworld, has kidnapped lovely Atene the 
moon goddess. Apollo, the sun god, attempts a rescue 
astride the winged horse Pegasus. With your expert guid- 
ance, they soar through the sky and battle the likes of the 
snake-headed Medusa; and Charybodis, the sea monster. 
Extra fire power, lives, and speed will help in the final 
assault...but don't forget to grab Phelios, the Sword of Light, 
when it is offered. 

PHELIOS TM & © 1988. BURNING FORCE TM & © 1989. PAC-MAN © 1980. Namco Ltd. All rights reserved. 

Imagine yourself astride a winged horse, 
thrusting and slashing with a magical sword... 
Or skimming the earth on a futuristic airbike, 
blasting through waves of attack robots... Just 
imagine... Now get ready for the kind of 
innovative games we're known for. 
New from NAMCO, the 
Game Creator 

ie apt Sos tr tte 
HOA Gps 
SiS te 

Space combat at the 
Earth University. That's what you signed 
up to learn. Armored attack robots are blown away as 
you deftly pilot your deadly airbike through fantastic 16- 
bit 3-D-like graphics of Earth terrain and alien ruins. Next 
class, you hop in your fighter plane to battle boss 
enemies and mop up in the bonus rounds. When you've 
finally mastered armament upgrades and piloting skills, 
you'll pass level six and graduate, earning the title "Space 

Licensed by Sega Enterprises Ltd. for play on the SEGATM GENESIS™M SYSTEM. SEGA and GENESIS are registered trademarks of Sega Enterprises Ltd. 


a a a & bi i a & ® it 

toss in the vitamins (low, medium, 
or high); and even two different 
kinds of music (“Fever,” “Chill,” 
or no music at all). 
Youcanalsoselecta two-player 
mode that lets you square off 
against another person. The main 
difference in a two-player game is 
that two jars fit side-by-side on the 
screen. Vitamin capsules are 
thrown into both jars simulta- 





neously, and the goal is to elimi- 
nate your viruses before your op- 
ponent does. If you succeed in 
clearing out all of your viruses (or 
if your opponent allows his vita- 
mins to pile up to the top of the 
bottle), you win the round. The 
first player to win three rounds 
wins the game. 

Perhaps the best feature of the 
two-player mode is that each 
player can select his or her own 
level and speed. This provides two 
players of unequal skill witha good 
means of “handicapping.” 

If both players start at the same 
level, they'll begin eachround with 
equal numbers of viruses in identi- 
cal positions. Furthermore, Mario 
will toss the same color vitamins in 
the same order into each player’s 
jar. This gives both players a to- 

In a two-player game, you can’t 
see Dr. Mario, but you canstill see 
] what capsule is coming next. 
Notice that both jars are identical, 
and the same capsules are falling 
in the same order into each one. 

When you eliminate more than 
2 one line at a time (left), odd pieces 

of capsules fall into your 

opponent's jar (right). 

Here’s an example of planning 
ahead. When the red-and-yellow 
capsule lands, it will eliminate the 

3 yellow pieces below it, including 
a yellow virus. The remaining red 
half of the capsule will then drop 
down, landing on top of the red 
virus directly below it. 

tally equal chance of clearing the 
screen and completely eliminates 
luck asa factor. Two-player games 
are contests of pure skill. 

Another feature that makes 
two-player games more competi- 
tive is that when you clear two or 
more lines simultaneously 
(whether or not they include vi- 
ruses),somerandom, unconnected 
pieces of vitamin capsules will fall 
onto your opponent’s screen. The 
number of pieces that fall is equal 
to the number of lines you cleared 
(up to four). Although their colors 
and positions are random, they al- 
ways seem to fall in the places that 
are most annoying to your oppo- 
nent. Therefore, it’s possible to 
make life more difficult for your 
opponent, even though you can’t 
affect his screen directly. 

Strategy Tips 
Dr. Mario is one of those games 
with simple rules that can be 


Valtera Skateboard 

Franklin Spell Checker 
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Estes Rocket Kit 

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G.E. Walkie-Talkie Set : 
SELL 11 ITEMS é Enfield, CT 06082 

Intex Two-Person Boat Kit 

wn Calligraphy Marker Set 


be pee oy ce i Columbia “Mountain Sports” Bike 
es : SELL 60 ITEMS 
“Wiz” Personal Locker “® New Kids On The Block Bag 

isonic Memory Bank Calculator Ye fd 

Nikko “Turbo Warrior” R/C Car 



learned in a few minutes — but, 
like Tetris or Othello, it actually in- 
volves numerous, complex strate- 

One key to shaping your strat- 
egy is to keep an eye on the upper 
right corner of the screen, where 
you can see the next vitamin Dr. 
Mario will toss into the jar. Al- 
though youcanmake the currently 
falling capsule fall faster by pysh- 
ing down on the directional pad, 
youshould probably just letit drop 
at its own pace. Use the time to 
look at what the next capsule will 
be, and figure out where it will fit. 

It’s also important to antici- 
pate where broken pieces of cap- 
sules will drop. Each capsule con- 
sists of two halves, and if one half 
disappears when you matcharow, 
the other half remains on the screen. 
When this happens, the half left 
behind drops until something stops 
it. If it happens to land somewhere 
to make another matching row of 
four colors, that row will also dis- 
appear, and any halves left behind 
will also drop, and so on. 

It should be pretty obvious, 
therefore, that when you match a 
capsule to a row, you should also 
think about where the odd half 
will drop. How will the leftover 
piece affect the piles of capsules 
below it? The key to beating Dr. 
Mario — especially at the higher, 
more contaminated levels — is 
getting the knack of lining up cap- 
sules so that when one half disap- 
pears, the leftover half can drop 
somewhere useful. 



Bod sic ak Sa 2 MED 

If you drop a capsule on top of 
a different-colored virus, there are 
only three ways to clear the virus 
later. The first method is to simply 
pile on more capsules of the same 
wrong color until they form a 
matching row and disappear, 
leaving the virus uncovered. This 
method is the most common, and 
it works, but it also takes time. In 
addition, the halves left behind 
might cover other viruses in the 
process, so careful planning is es- 

The second way to clear a virus 
that’s buried beneath wrong-col- 
ored capsules is to match it with a 
horizontal row of pieces. This is 
probably better than method #1, 
but isn’t always possible. Again, 
careful planning is the only way to 
keep those lines clear. 

The third method is even more 
difficult — form a vertical stack by 
building up matching capsules 
beneath the virus. This is possible 
because viruses, unlike capsules, 
do not fall toward the bottom of 
the screen when there’s nothing to 
support them. They hang in mid- 
air, and sometimes you can slide 
capsules into place underneath. 



Like other Tetris-style games, 
Dr. Mario is an exercise in thinking 
ahead under pressure. You can 
usually recover from mistakes, but 
italways takes time. And the longer 
you take to clear a level, the faster 
Dr. Mario tosses in the capsules. 

Unlike other Tetris variants, 
however, Dr. Mario has viruses, 
and you can see them magnified in 
the lower left corner of the screen. 
When the jar fills up and you’ve 
lost, they'll laugh at you, too. Ever 
hear a virus laugh? 


Three New Fantasies From MicroProse. 
Only One Of Them Is Make-Believe. 

a L 

i t 
Pade ianeaecnia 
Now, in Gunship 2 

vad bes 


i -thoroughly-resear 
sophisticated simulatio z ; ne | AY aes 
©) America’s radar-elusive jet. | 4 ee ' ically advance: 

New’ scenarios (including Iraq),; | 4 uieh *~helicopters: Evaluate six types 

more powerful weapons and oe of choppers and select the five- 
even better graphics than in poopee! squadron you want for 
F-19, the game the Software each of hundreds of authentic 
Publishers Association voted missions. Learn what would 
Simulation of the Year in 19 really happen in a war with Iraq! fi 


ss sETAFOUS Agate th 
For the latest information on release ales \ created just|the way medieval |. 
dates and availabilities, call teem lines | rmans ai ‘believed it to|be: 
MicroProse Customer Service at Fhe-troubled-realm-cries'outfor-a 
301 771-1151. © 1990 MicroProse true hero to deliver it from its 
Software, Inc., 180 Lakefront Drive, demons, alchemists, superstitions, 
Hunt Valley, MD 21030. unholy teligions and a whole host of 
other fantastically believable 


Join the MicroProse Squadron and win exciting prizes from these great companies. 

KRGFT......._ CompuServe Roland’ ()Hayes FX LOGiTEH of, 


The job is too hot for the marines LOCK AND LOAD. Then you've got to penetrate their 

to handle. It’s time to call in Bloody Wolf" massively deadly defenses, nullify their firepower, 
As a member of this top secret tactical strike force, save the hostages, rescue the president, and terminate 
it’s your job to find the hideout where the world’s the command of their psycho-killer strongman leader. 

most insane terrorist group has hidden the president. You'd better eat a good breakfast. 



Ahh, the smell of napalm in the 
morning. Keep moving or the 
flame thrower boss will dry , 

roast you. 

The world’s most elite counter- 
terrorist organization is 
looking for a few good gamers. 



The odds are hundreds-to-one So this is what they mean by “death from above!” Keep moving and shooting until this bird When it rains terrorists, an 
against you. Steal firepower is cooked, and you're on the way to your next battle. umbrella won't do you much 
from enemy ammo dumps. good. But a flame thrower will. 

at ebSoov vorr. 

PREV ER gsiocer 

Hope you like heavy metal. ‘This has not been a good day for 
Blow this tin can to bits, or die. your Commander-in-Chief. 
TurboGrafx™ and Bloody Wolf™ are trademarks of NEC Technologies, Inc. : f © 1990 Data East USA, Inc. © 1990 NEC Technologies, Inc. 

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the TurboGrafx-16 system is $159.99. 

n epidemic has been 

spreading through the 

world of electronic gam- 

ing over the past couple 
of years. Like most epidemics it 
started quietly, but soon raged out 
of control. It originated ina foreign 
country, then marched through 
Europe, North America, and most 
of the rest of the world. 

It first hit the United States in 
1988 in the form of a simple but 
endlessly challenging puzzle game 
for PC-compatible computers. 
From there it spread like wildfire 
to arcades and home videogame 
systems, conquering millions of 
game players along the way. 

What's the name of this “epi- 

demic’? Tetris, of course. But while 
many players have broken the ini- 
tial grip of Tetris fever, ithas spread 
to videogame designers eager to 
capitalize on the success of Tetris. 
Several companies have released 
games that try to imitate the 
magical combination of simple 
design and engrossing game play 
that gives Tetris such broad ap- 

Nowit’s Nintendo’s turn. And 
tosweeten the pota bit, Nintendo’s 
entry in “the next Tetris” race also 
stars everyone’s favorite plumber 
— or should we say doctor? 

Dr. Mario may conjure up im- 
ages of adventures in the Mush- 
room Kingdom, but you won’ t find 
any pipes, coins, warp zones, or 
secret rooms here. What you can 





Stephen Poole 

expect is a simple, highly addic- 
tive, and compulsively playable 
little mind-bender. Nintendo has 
simultaneously released versions 
of Dr. Mario for the NES and Game 
Boy, and the Game Boy version is 
practically identical to its big- 
screen brother. (For a look at the 
NES version of Dr. Mario, check out 
the “Nintendo News” column 
elsewhere in this issue.) 


Mario has traded in his 
plumber’s garb for a stethoscope 
and lab coat, but even in the sterile 
environment of a hospital he can’t 
seem to stay out of trouble. One of 
his virus experiments has gone 
haywire, and the little critters are 
spreading quickly. It’s lucky for 
Mario that he’s developed vitamins 
that can eliminate the viruses on 

When the game begins, the 
screen shows a jar containing sev- 
eral runaway viruses. There are 
three kinds of viruses — black, 
white, and gray. Youhave six kinds 
of vitamin capsules to use against 
the viruses, each made up of two 
colors. A capsule can be all black, 

all white, all gray, or a combina- 
tion of two of those three colors. 
Dr. Mario stands in the upper 
right corner of the screen, tossing 
vitamin capsules into the jar, one 
by one. Asacapsule descends, you 
can move it left or right with the 


Arcadia” is a registered trademark of Arcadia Systems, Inc. Copyright ©) 1990 Marvel Entertainment Group, 
Inc. All Rights Reserved, Silver Surfer, other characters and character names are trademarks of Marvel 18001 Cowan Street, Suite A 
Entertainment Group, Inc. and are used with permission. ©)Seven-Up, 7UP SPOT name and character are i " 

trademarks identifying products of The Seven-Up Company, Dallas, TX 1990. €)1990 Arcatia Systems, Inc. Irvine, CA 92714 

All Rights Reserved. Nintendo, Game Boy, Official Seal and Nintendo Entertainment System are registered 

trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. Tel: (714) 833-8710 


Aerial Assault” 7 

This is the toughest challenge yet for Alex. It will Blast your way through five missions as you pilot Stay glued to your weapons through five grueling 
take cunning and skill to do battle with the dreaded a 21st century Assault Fighter. It takes some fancy levels. You have the ultra-tech armor and weapons 
Ninja Warriors, Battle your way through four levels flying and even fancier shooting, to wipe out all the for the job. The question is, do you have the guits 
and overcome countless enemies before you finally N.A.C. invaders before they take over the planet. for the challenge? 

confront the evil Dark Ninja. : Buckle up for safety and start firing. 

ee ee ee Sere 

ee OR Oa ne 

Psycho Fox™ Golden Axe Dead Angie 
Ever heard of a fox that saved the world? What One of the greatest arcade games of all time is Step back into the 30's, when the mob was more 
about the one that can transform into other animals, now available for the Master System. Battle your way . than something you read about in books. Target 3 
overcome countless obstacles and defeat the evil through five levels of endless bandits on your way Practice was never like this. Shoot your way through 
Madfox Daimyojin? Don’t look at us, you have to ~ to recover the Golden Axe. Not recommended for six levels of pistol packing thugs as you.clean up 
play the game to understand what we're talking about. the weak of heart. the streets and save your girl Jane. 
: : ; 
i > , 

ei, ee ae 




1 ’ Master Bysbennt / 

| —_7 


You are the new neighborhood paperboy. Sounds 
easy enough. Watch out for the breakdancer, a dog 
or two, construction workers, an occasional Jawn 
mower or baby carriage. Nothing to it...Just 
another day in the neighborhood. 


* Double Dragon” 

* California Games 
* Choplifter~ 

« Fantasy Zone” 

* Black Belt” 


¢ Alex Kidd in Miracle World” * Rambo Ill” 

¢ Wonder Boy III” 

¢ Reggie Jackson Baseball” 
* R-Type™ 

¢ Phantasy Star” 

ane MCE 


}oo\ Mander Rystenrt 7} 


This mesmerizing game of skill and chance, will 
test your ability as you manipulate a king's ransom 
in glittering jewels as they appear on your screen. 
The better you get the faster the jewels will fall. 

It's guaranteed to challenge your mind, not 

just your trigger finger. 

¢ Ghostbusters 
¢ Outrun” 
« After Burner™ 

Super Monaco GP” 

Fly up the long straightaways, and downshift into 
the neck-wrenching hairpin curves. This game sends 
you around 16 of the most demanding tracks on 
earth in the hottest racecar ever built, the Formula 1. 
Start your engine, and put the pedal to the metal. 

e Joe Montana Football” 

¢ Pat Riley Basketball” 

e James Buster Douglas Knockout Boxing™ 
e Michael Jackson's Moonwalker™ 


1 4 


Paperboy is a licensed trademark of Atari Games. 

Dead Angle is a licensed trademark of Seibu Kaihatsu. 
All other games are trademarks of Sega of America, Inc. 


miu dkuak 

continued from page 36 

directional pad. You can also ro- 
tate the capsule in either direction 
withthe A and B buttons, and make 
it drop faster by pressing down on 
the directional pad. 

Your goal in Dr. Mario is to 
eliminate all the viruses from the 
jar. Whenever you form a row of 
four matching colors, that row dis- 
appears, including any viruses in 
the row. If only half of a capsule 
was used in the row, the other half 
drops until it lands on a virus, an- 
other capsule, or the bottom of the 
jar. You earn points only if your 
matching row contains a virus. 

You can start the game on 20 


different levels. Level 1 has only 
four viruses in the jar, and even a 
beginning player can quickly 
eliminate them. But once you've 
cleared the biological baddies from 
one jar, you advance to the next 
one. Each jar (level) contains four 
more viruses than the previous jar. 
This continues (if you’re successful) 
until the 20th level, where you're 
faced with 84 viruses crammed in 
until they almost reach the top of 
the bottle. Just the sight of that 
many viruses ona Game Boy screen 
is unnerving. 

The idea of a puzzle game in 
which you form rows of matching 
colors isn’t new, of course. Similar 
games include Sega of America’s 
Columns for the Genesis and 
Tengen’s Klax for the NES, Gen- 
esis, NEC TurboGrafx-16, and Atari 
Lynx. Klax, however, sends only 
one color down the screen at a 
time, and Columns drops blocks of 
three interchangeable colors. 

Because you can rotate the 
colored capsules as they fall, Dr. 
Mario is basically a mix of Columns, 
Klax, and — you guessed it — Te- 
tris. It’s the rotation feature that 
adds more strategy to the game. If 
you plan ahead, you can place a 
vitamin capsule so that half is part 
of a match, causing the other half 
to fall and help complete another 
match. Mastering this domino ef- 
fect is one of the keys to success in 
Dr. Mario. 

Although it’s easier to create 
vertical rows of matching colors, 


the fastest way to eliminate viruses 
that have been “buried” beneath 
capsules is to match them with a 
horizontal row. Time is definitely 
a factor, though, because the game 
speeds up after every tenth capsule 
is thrown into the jar. 

To plan your next move, keep 
an eye on Dr. Mario. Right after he 
tosses a vitamin capsule into the 
bottle, the next capsule he will toss 
appears in his hand. He won’t toss 
ituntil the first capsule lands, so (at 
first, anyway) don’t make the vi- 
tamins drop faster by pressing 
down on the directional pad. That 
way you'll have plenty of time to 
figure out the best place for the 
next capsule to land. 

The only exception to this 
strategy is when you're competing 
head-to-head against another 
player. Inatwo-player game, speed 
is very important. 

The two-player mode requires 
two Game Boys (each with a Dr. 
Mario cartridge) hooked together 
with the Video Link cable. Each 
player’s screen has an identical 
vitamin bottle, and the capsules 
drop in the same order for both 
players. It’s basically a race to see 
who can eliminate all the viruses 
first, but there’s a slight twist. If 
you eliminate two or more rows 
with a single capsule, random 
pieces of capsules will fallinto your 
opponent's bottle — usually in the 
most inconvenient places. A ran- 

Onlevel 20 you have toeliminate 
] 84 viruses, and there's no room 
for even the smallest error. 

When this vitamin lands, the 
ray row will disappear, causing 
2 the white half of the capsule to 
land and complete another ver- 
tical row. 

Your first temptation may be to 
let the black-and-white vitamin 
drop as shown. But if you flip it 

3 180 degrees and move it one 
row to the left, the black half 
will be positioned over a black 

o/ ws 

| s 
A : 
% a 
“yy WY 

or the first time in the history of mankind, 

you can play the existing 

16-bit library of killer TurboGrafx-16 games 

anywhere in the known world = 
with the new TurboExpress” Handheld 

Entertainment System. 

TW Sports Foothall™ is a trademark of Cinemaware Corporation ©1990 Cinemaware Corporation. Bonk’s Adventure™ is a trademark of NEC Technologies, Inc. ©1990 Hudson Soft, 1990 Atlus Ltd., 1990 Red. 

ar and AC Adapters 2-player TurboLink (com 

TR oe Ven 

ctual size and screen - ual Turho-fire buttons » 

TurboExpress, TurboVision, TurboGrafx are trademarks of NEC Technologies, Inc. 



continued from page 40 


dom piece falls for every row you 
clear, up to four rows. In other 
words, if you clear two rows, two 
random pieces will fall into your 
opponent’s jar; if you clear four (or 
more) rows, then four pieces will 

If your opponent's jar gets filled 
to the top, you win the round, even 
if you still have viruses remaining 
in your bottle. The first player to 
win three rounds wins the game. 
You can set the speed and the 
number of viruses differently for 
each player, so a less-experienced 
player can compete on an even 
basis against a more skilled player. 



Dr. Mario has two soundtracks 
to choose from, appropriately 
named “Fever” and “Chill.” 
(There’s also an option for no mu- 
sic.) “Fever” is arolling, fast-paced 
boogie number, while “Chill” is 
much slower and more workman- 
like. After playing the game for 
some time, I got the impression 
that the faster music worked best 
at the lower levels, while the fran- 
tic pace of the upper leyels could 
be slightly neutralized by the 
slower music. 

Puzzle games have always 
translated well to the Game Boy, 
and Dr. Mario is no exception. It 
loses none of its playability due to 
the smaller screen. In fact, the two- 
player mode might be even easier 
on the Game Boy than on the NES 
— the NES version squeezes both 
players’ bottles onto the same 
screen. Combine that with the 
temptation to look at your 
opponent's bottle, and youcan find 
yourself making mistakes you 
wouldn’t make in a one-player 

Nintendo has borrowed the 
best qualities from several puzzle 
games and rolled them into a nice 
package in Dr. Mario. It’s simple to 
learn, difficult to master, and very 
tough to quit playing, even if 

, you've been stuck on the same 

level for many hours. True, the 
game’s title is a bit misleading, 
since Mario doesn’t really play 
much of a role — some people 
might be expecting another hop- 


ping-and-bopping adventure. But 
if you like a good challenge and 
don’t mind a little frustration, Dr. 
Mario is the perfect prescription 
for your Game Boy. 

Sometimes it pays to make 
horizontal rows. Here, making a 

1 vertical row would cause the 
black half of the capsule already 
in place to land atop a white 

Two different viruses side by 

2 side make an easy place to drop 
a vitamin containing those two 

Here’s a perfect example of a 
chain reaction. When you turn 
the black capsule vertically to 

3 complete one row, the white 
capsules will drop to complete 
another row. That will cause the 
gray capsule to fall and finish a 
third row horizontally, 

Sometimes you have to make a 
split-second decision between 
two good spots to place a cap- 
sule. Placing this capsule on top 

4 ofits twin to the leftis one choice, 
but dropping it vertically and 
then flipping it to the left will 
eliminate a white row —and give 
you more breathing room. 


even issues ago I re- 

ported on the new gen- 

eration of pinball games, 

an industry now cel- 

ebrating its 60th anni- 
versary. I’ve since become a born- 
again pinball fanatic, so it’s no 
surprise that I recently found my- 
self at the 6th Annual International 
Pinball Expo in Chicago. 

All of the major pinball com- 
panies were there: Bally /Midway, 
Williams Electronics Games, Data 
East, and others. Data East was 
offering field trips to its nearby 
pinball factory, where the curious 
could witness the step-by-step 
construction of a brand-new pin- 
ball machine. Since I had already 
toured the factory a few months 
ago, I headed straight over to the 
exhibition hall. 

Antique pinball tables from 
earlier periodsin the game’s history 
lined the floor, to the delight of 
pinball fanatics. Numerous semi- 


Pinball: 1991 

Scott Wolf 

nars — on topics from game de- 
sign to restoration techniques — 
were open to all. But since I have 
the attention span 
of a sleeping wea- 
sel, I didn’t go to 
any of them. In- 
stead, I was much 
more interested in 
checking out the 

hottest new 
Among the 

new tables from 
Williams are Din- 
er, Riverboat Gam- 
bler,and Funhouse. 
In Diner, your goal 
is to serve food or- 
ders to five de- 
manding custom- 
ers so you can col- 
lect tips. This table 
serves up all the 
sights and sounds 


] The challenge in Diner is to collect 
tips from demanding customers. 

Riverboat Gambler lets you try your 
hand at roulette, blackjack, and 

of a real diner, including jukebox 
skill shots, E-A-T lanes, grill bo- 
nuses, and, of course, the Special 
of the Day. 

Riverboat Gambler puts you on 
a floating casino complete with 
roulette, blackjack, five-card poker, 
and the Lucky Lady slot machine. 
A unique control panel allows you 
to bet on either red, black, or green 
at the roulette wheel. 

Funhouse is a nostalgic rein- 
carnation of Aladdin’s Castle from 
Chicago’s late, lamented River- 
view amusement park. Dominat- 
ing the playfield is the animated 
head of Rudy, the funhouse barker, 
who picks a differentname for each 
player (up to four) and continues 
toaddress each player by thatname 
for the entire game. Although he’s 
helpful at first, Rudy soon realizes 
that you are advancing the clock 
toward closing time, and he begins 
to getangry. When the clock strikes 




midnight, Rudy falls asleep and 
starts to snore. Shoot the ball into 
his mouth for a multi-ball jackpot 

Bally/Midway’s new games 
include Radical and Dr. Dude and 
His Excellent Ray. In Radical, the 
table is a skateboard park where 
you can shred your way througha 
myriad of ramps, including an 
open-sided, on-the-edge vertical 

ramp. The Skate or Die Multi-Ball 
play can net you up to ten million 
points ona single shot. Radical also 
features an exclusive gizmo called 
the Diverter that automatically 
guides the ball to different scoring 
areas so you can experience every 
curve, swerve, and killer trick. 
Dr. Dude and His Excellent Ray 
fills the prescription for way cool 
pinball. Get yourself a Rock ‘n’ 
Roll heart, a Magnetic personal- 


ity, and the Gift of Gab, then takea 
spin in the Molecular Mixmaster 
to activate the Excellent Ray. Work 
your way up the Dude-O-Meter 
and score the world’s first gazillion 

Data East has a bunch of li- 
censed titles, such as Back to the 
Future, Teenage Mutant Ninja 
Turtles, and (it was only a matter of 
time) The Simpsons. 

Back to the Future combines all 
three of the movies into one wild 
game featuring the voices of 
Michael J. Fox and Christopher 
Lloyd. Another highlight is the 
background music by Huey Lewis 
and ZZ Top. 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 
wasn’t finished when I saw it, but 
should be by the time this maga- 
zine comes out (and just in time for 
the second Tur- 
tles movie). 

But the 
game that really 
blew everyone 
away was The 
Simpsons. It’s so 
awesomely en- 
joyable that you 
don’t even have 
to like pinball to 
play it. The first 
thing that grabs 
you is the bril- 
liantly colored 
artwork by Matt 
Groening and the 
digitized speech 
by all of the char- 
acters from the 
hit TV show (recorded especially 
for Data East). When you walk up 
to the table, you'll hear Homer’s 
boss, Mr. Burns, implore you to 
“Putmore funds into the machine!” 
When you press the start button, 
the familiar strains of Danny 
Elfman’s “Simpsons” theme song 
come wafting through the clouds. 
And when the ball drops through 
the top “doughnut” lanes, Homer 
gleefully exclaims, “Sprinkles!” 


Three big bumpers are shaped 
like the suspiciously glowing cool- 
ing towers of Springfield’s nuclear 
power plant. Listen to Principal 
Skinner or Ms. Krabappel scream 
in pain with each hit from Bart’s 
slingshot. Help Marge get three 
strikes at the bowling alley to ac- 
tivate the ball locks and light up 
her tower of neon-blue hair. If you 
bobble the ball, you'll be ridiculed, 
“Don’t you know how to use flip- 
pers?!” If you lose it, you'll hear 
the dreaded words, “Smithers, fire 
that man.” 

Elfman’s manic music and a 

staggering amount of sampled 
speech work together to create a 
giddy, fevered atmosphere. In fact, 
I had so much fun playing The 
Simpsons that I completely ne- 
glected to do well. Me and Bart — 
we're both underachievers. 


"elec baa ee LS od See ey a= ea 

1 -900-740-700 

Your telephone connection to the hottest gaming hints, 
tips, and secrets for your favorite Nintendo games! 

| Hear the game tips YOU want to hear by just pushing a 
button on your telephone. Each week, our Game Player’s 
experts choose the best hints and tips for three hot games 
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| hints. 

The Game Player’s Pro-Tip Hotline costs $1.25 for the first 
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forget to ask your parents' permission before making your 

a Ravers 

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TIP HOTLINE is a joint production of Signal Research, Inc., and CC/ABC Video Enterprises, Inc., and is not affiliated in any way with 
Nintendo of America Inc. : 

sygnosis, the British 

publisher that brought 

us last year’s smash hit 

Shadow of the Beast, has 

apparently been pretty 
busy since then. They've recently 
released not one but three new ar- 
cade games for the Amiga. Two of 
them — Shadow of the Beast II and 
Awesome — were actually created 
by Reflections, the same design 
group that programmed the 
original Shadow of the Beast. And like 
that game, both come packaged in 
an oversized box with an attractive 

The third new title is The Kill- 
ing Game Show. Although it was 
written by a new author, it has the 
distinctive Psygnosis feel. 

Shadow of the Beast II continues 
where the original left off, with 
great graphics, realistic sound ef- 
fects, and nonstop action. An ani- 
mated slide show introduces the 
story, but as with most arcade 
games, it has no bearing on the 
action. All youreally need to know 




strikes Again 

Sheldon Leemon 

is that if something moves, punch 
it; if something shoots, duck; and if 
something looks like treasure, pick 
it up. 

Not that Shadow of the Beast Il is 
a simple game — far from it. Evad- 
ing the many traps and hostile 
creatures requires both strategy 
and fast reflexes. To finish each 

level, you have to pick up certain 
objects, then figure out how and 
when to use them. Like the origi- 
nal, this game is tough enough to 
keep you playing for a long, long 

Among the improvements is a 
new menu option that allows you 
to turn off the music and — more 
importantly — to skip the annoy- 
ingly long end-of-game sequence 
which sometimes made the origi- 
nal.Shadow of the Beast such a pain. 
The new game also scrolls 
smoothly in all directions, giving 
you a better illusion of freedom to 
move about. The graphics seem to 
be drawn to a somewhat smaller 
scale, however, eliminating some 
of the rich detail that made the 
original game so striking. 

Awesome represents a new di- 
rection for the designers of the 
Shadow of the Beast series. Not only 
does it adopt a different style, but 
italso incorporates many different 
styles in one. Although it might be 
classified as a space shoot-em-up, 
it has a number of different se- 
quences that can be thought of as 
entirely separate games. 

For instance, there are se- 

Licensed by Nintendo® for Play on the 

En TresTamimany 

Shoot fast, or Basher'’s fist 
will rearrange your face. 

this radical formula that turns men into 
supermen. And someone stole it. You'll have 
to fight some very deadly interplanetary 
the Binter whose box Topeadoparsttes the toughest games for 
is bigger than his bite. will spin you to death. Nintendo ever. Play it 
© 1990 CAPCOM US.A., INC. Street Fighter 2010, the Licensed by Nintendo’ for Play on the today. You might even 

characters to get it back. 
And that’s just for starters 
Se ences UCC Nuewenr | live to tell about it. 
Nintendo Entertainment System are trademarks of Nintendo ENTERTAINMENT Maybe 

The whole thing started when you invented 
in Street Fighter, one of 
You'll face Andro boy Fight hard or the 
of America, Inc. 



P emery TANNED 
aN: lets stern” 


quences in which your spaceship 
is centered on the screen, and 
moving the joystick rotates the 
universe around you — all while 
you're trying to shoot asteroids 
and enemy spaceships. Another 
sequence has simulated 3-D 
graphics like those in Space Har- 
rier, and you fight a large space 
dragon. Still another sequence 
borrows the turn-and-thrust con- 
trols of Asteroids, and another one 
involves a chase through under- 
ground tunnels to a control center 
where you can trade for weapons. 
While none of these sequences is 
earth-shaking in 
terms of originality 
or execution, the 
variety of game 
play in Awesome is, 
well, rather awe- 
some. It is much 
more complex than 
the Beast games. 
Awesome comes 
on three disks, and 
the first disk ap- 
pears to be devoted 


Nhemliffa a 
a uu 

to one of the most spectacular in- 
troductions ever seen. (It even 
outdoes the famous Blood Money 
intro.) Awesome also takes advan- 
tage of extra memory to create a 
RAM disk which cuts down on 
disk-access time. However, you 
still can’t install the game on a 
hard drive. 

The Killing Game Show is a 
combination climbing and shoot- 
ing game with a 
number of neat 
new twists. Al- 
though the game’s 
title might remind 
enegger movie 
Running Man, the 
game itself has 
nothing to do with 
gladiators or foun- 
tains of blood. The 
hero is a comical- 
looking contraption that resembles 
an armored duck, and his enemies 
are the usual variety of mecha- 
nized baddies. You've got to blow 
away the bad guys as you climb 
from level to level, picking up 
weapons, tools, and keys. To be 
successful, youmust do everything 
in the proper order, a feat made 
much more difficult by a rising 
tide of deadly liquid that floods 
the bottom of the maze. 

Rather than make you replay 
an entire level every time you lose 
a duck (er, life), the game starts 
overinaninstant-replay mode that 

duplicates the last screen youcom- 
pleted before you got killed. You 
can jump in and take control at any 
point to avoid making the same 
mistake twice. 

The Killing Game Show is diffi- 
cult, but not frustrating. Although 
there’s a fair amount of shooting, 
you're not under constant assault. 
You usually have a couple of sec- 
onds to think about your next 
move, and maybe even to admire 
the parallax-scrolling background 
that looks like intricate metalwork. 
Yet with 16 levels, there’s no dan- 
ger of finishing too quickly. 

Although these three new 
games from Psygnosis are very 
different in style and game play, 
they’re all polished products with 
high-quality graphics and sound. 
Expert arcade gamers (and those 
who need another T-shirt) will 
want to try their hand at Shadow of 
the Beast II. Mere mortals like my- 
self who have plenty of T-shirts 
may prefer the somewhat easier 
pace of The Killing Game Show. And 
those who crave variety should try 




$5,000 CASH AND 
ad 174 CIMA NUN G 





NINN oe 



Prizes are available on games for Sega Genesis® and Nintendo% only and do not apply for the Atari ® Lynx games: 1-800 3 56-8 aS 8 9 

No purchase necessary. See specially marked packages for complete details or write for official rules to: COLOR DREAMS , P.O. Box 3674, Syosset, NY 11775-3674. 

These products are designed and manufactured by Color Dreams. They are not designed, manufactured, sponsored or endorsed by Sega® or Nintendo®. Products for Atari ® Lynx are licensed OK Atari®. 
Nintendo is a registered trademark of Nintendo of America, Sega and Genesis are registered trademarks of Sega of America, Atari and Lynx are trademarks of Atari Corp. 

orld War II had its 
great pilots, great air- 
craft, and truly great 
air battles, but the ro- 
mance of aerial com- 
bat started and ended in World 
War I. In canvas-and-wood air- 
planes that were thoroughly 
untested in battle conditions, the 
pilots of the first war invented and 
refined the art of shooting oppo- 
nents out of the sky. Although 
airplanes actually accomplished 
very little of strategic value, we 
tend toremember those early pilots 



JOE Tne mam nausea 
T Man aLrTu 

much more than the infantrymen 
who were being slaughtered in the 
trenches — probably because the 
pilots’ aerial exploits seem dashing 
and romantic amid the many hor- 
rors of the First World War. 

The most famous World War I 
pilot (besides, of course, Snoopy) 
was Baron Manfred von 
Richthofen, the famous Red Baron. 
There were others as well: Eddie 
Rickenbacker, the leading Ameri- 
can ace, and Billy Bishop, the great 
Canadian pilot. These men flew 
planes known as Sopwith Camels, 
Fokker Triplanes, and Albatrosses. 
And they flew their planes not in 
the tight formations of World War 



Blue Max: 
Aces of the 
Great War 

Neil Randall 

Il, but rather alone or in small 
fighting groups. One of the most 
memorable groups was Richt- 
hofen’s “Flying Circus.” 

A number of computer games 
based on aerial combat in World 
War lare now being released. First 
off the mark is Three-Sixty’s Blue 


Max: Aces of the Great War, an ex- 
tremely enjoyable simulation. Ac- 
tually, it’s nota true simulation, and 
Three-Sixty doesn’t bill it as such. 
WWI planes couldn’t maneuver as 
well as Blue Max allows them to — 
but then, simulations need not be 
the immensely complex, inordi- 
nately serious programs we’ve 
come to expect. 

The control screen in Blue Max lets 
you register your pilot, choose 

] graphics, set weather conditions, 
and so on. The VCR option per- 
mits instant replays. 

An enemy plane comes into view, 

2 hoping to blow you out of the sky. 
You'd better start thinking about 
your next move. 

At the beginning of the Bloody 
April campaign, your mission is 

3 toshoot down one enemy airplane 
and then land safely on your own 
turf. It’s not an easy task. 

The front cockpit view shows two 
enemy aircraft coming toward 

4 you. Quickly get them into your 
sights and fire, or maneuver to a 
better angle. 

Blue Max really 
has more in com- 
mon with an old 
board game known 
as Richthofen’s War. 
You fly your mis- 
sion, maneuver 
your plane to shoot 
down the enemy, 
and then land back 
home to receive 
your reward. One 
strong feature that 
Blue Max has in 



Six exciting action seque 
put you in control of 
elite squad of m 


The Railway Station confrontation and 
Warehouse bust culminating in the thrilling 
denouement of a 


as you re-live the knife edge existence of Ness 
in his struggle against the retribution of Capone! 



1855 O'Toole Ave., Suite D-102 San Jose, CA 95131 


common with Richthofen’s War is 
that you can play it as a strategy 
game similar to hexagon-based 
board games. Although you'll 
spend most of your time inside the 
cockpit, the strategy option lets you 
maneuver your craft along a hex- 
agonal path, planning each move 
rather than performing it in real 
time. This is an enjoyable way to 
play for two players, and it elimi- 
nates the difficulty of controlling 
your plane manually. Sometimes 
it’s simply more fun to plan things 

Even if you never use the strat- 
egy option, however, Blue Max 

The rear view shows an enemy 
] plane directly behind you. InWWI 

aerial combat, getting behind your 

enemy isan enormous advantage. 

From inside a German Albatross, 

9 this river is easy to see. The Allies 
will be after those bridges, so be 
sure to keep a close watch. 

The Fokker DRI, a famous Ger- 
3 man fighter, was known for its 

Asa pilot for the Central Powers, 
your mission is very often simply 
to shoot down Allied aircraft. 


‘offers a great deal of solid fun. You 

can sign up as a member of the 
Allies or the Central Powers, 
choosing from four different planes 
for each side. Among them are the 
Fokker DR.I (made famous by 
Richthofen himself), the Albatross 
DIII, the Fokker EIII, the Sopwith 
Camel, the Nieuport Nie 17, and 
the Spad VII. Each is rated accord- 
ing toits maximum speed, turning 
rate, and firing ability, qualities 
which become apparent if you 
choose the Realistic Simulator 
flight option in- 
stead of Direct 

Other options 
also affect the level 
of realism. For ex- 
ample, choosing 
EGA over VGA 
graphics speeds up 
the animation atthe 
expense of detail. 
You can also speed 
things up by turn- 
ing off the graphics 
showing the inte- 
rior of your plane, 
although once again, considerable 
detail is lost. You can fly with a 
joystick, amouse, or the keyboard. 
And you can opt for crosshairs to 
help aim your shots, or choose the 
much more realistic (and enjoy- 
able) Bullets option. Using the lat- 
ter, you see your arms raise into 
position to fire the machine gun, 


and you see the 
bullets stream out 
toward the target. 
But the only way 
you knowif you've 
actually hit an en- 
emy plane is if you 
see it dive into the 

In addition to 
the strategy option, 
you can choose 
Practice Flight, Ac- 
tion Dogfight, Co- 
operative Dogfight 
(two players only), and Cam- 
paigns. Practice flight is self-ex- 
planatory. Action dogfights pit you 
against whatever number of en- 
emy planes you decide, or against 
another human player (in the two- 
player mode). In cooperative dog- 
fights, you and a friend team up 
against enemy aircraft. In all of the 
dogfight games, you succeed only 
if you land in friendly territory. 
(Incidentally, unlike some flight 
simulators, Blue Max makes land- 
ings mercifully easy). 



The campaign option offers the 
greatest variety and the greatest 
challenge. You register your pilot 
as either Central or Allied and then 
choose from the Bloody April, 
Battle of Amiens, or Ludendorf 
Offensive campaigns. You must 
survive a series of missions, each 
more difficult than the last. You 
start each mission with a briefing, 
and you must land in your own 
territory after completing the mis- 
sion. At that point, you can save 
your progress on disk, change 
planes, and so on. 

The missions include patrols, 


bombing runs, photo reconnais- 
sance, and attacks on observation 
balloons. You receive a medal for 
completing each campaign, and if 
you succeed at all three you re- 
ceive the Victoria Cross if you’re 
an Allied pilot, or the Blue Max if 
you're German. 

Flying your plane in Blue Max 
is a simple matter of pulling back 
on the joystick or mouse to climb, 

pushing forward to dive, and 
pushing left or right to turn. The 
forward view is standard, but the 
function keys let you look left, right, 
or behind you. The F5 key gives 
you a chase view, while F9 gives 
you a smaller view but additional 
options such as a compass and 
gauges. Finally, F10 pauses the 
game no matter where you are — 

even if you're trailing smoke on 

your way to the ground. 

Another interesting option in 
Blue Max is VCR 
mode. This allows 
you to replay a 
flight sequence 
while looking at 
your plane from a 
variety of perspec- 
tives. You caneven 
watch yourself 
from another pi- 
lot’s vantage point! 
VCR mode, how- 
ever, is available 
only in the cam- 
paign games. 


Aboveall, Blue Maxis great fun. 
If, like me, you’re simply not very 
good at flight simulators, you're 
still likely to enjoy this game. WWI 
planes were slower and less re- 
sponsive than later aircraft, and 
they lacked all the electronic gad- 
getry of modern fighters. Blue Max 
gives you a basic airplane and the 
blue skies of France, and lets you 
take over from there. It’s first-rate. 

(System requirements: IBM, 
Tandy, and compatibles; 512K 
minimum memory forCGA,EGA, 
and monochrome graphics; 640K 
for MCGA, 256-color VGA, and 
Tandy 16-color graphics; supports 
Game Blaster, Ad Lib, and Tandy 
three-voice sound; joystick or 
mouse optional. Three-Sixty Pa- 
cific, 2105 S. Bascom Avenue, 
Campbell, CA 95008.) 


40 Yard Fight $6/$14 Thunderbirds Call 
tee 3 ee 
Teves 1on6 ana Kit Warr Call 
Abadox 20/32 2 Knight To the Earth 12/19 
Adv. Bayou Billy 10/16 2 Kings ¢ 3 Tombs & Treasures 24/39 
Adv. Dino Riki 8/14 24/39 T 18/29 
Adventure Island 24/39 KLAX , Top Gun 6/2 
Adventure Island II Feb ‘91 12/19 ht Ri Top Gun Il 16/26 
Adv. of Lolo 10/16 8/14 *Krion | Top Secret Episode Call 
Adv. of Loto Il 22/36 24/39 KungFu “Total Recall 18/29 
Adv. Tom Sawyer = 8/14. 24/39 Kt oes: Town & Country 4/10 
20/34 24/39 Last Ninja Track & Field — 10/16 
Air Fortress 14/22 18/29 Last Starfighter Track & Field I 8/14 
Mite as aes ae fe tg 
AllPro Basketball 20/34 6/12 Life Force 0/16 Twin Eagle 22/36 
Alpha Mission 8/14 10/16 Little Lg. Baseball ei Ultima 18/29 
Amagon 10/16 st BUS 10/19 “Little Nemo Dr. Mstr. 26/42 Ultima Il 28/44 
Aeon 12/19 t s k 22/39 Lode Runner (14/24 “Ut, Basketball 26/42 
Arch Rivals. 24/39 1 16/26 Loopz 9 Urban Champion —6/12 
Archon 6/12 12/19 “Lord of L 24 cOe Vegas Dreams 30/49 
Arann ocent  oe Get han 10/16 *Low G Mar 24/39 : hoe 
Astyanax 612 Dr. Mario Goonies 1 8/14 M. Andretti Wrid. G.B. 24/39. Wall Street Kid 24/39 
Athena 8/14 Dance Aerobics Gotcha 10/16 *M. 3g Ply Ftbl 24/39. “War Against Drugs 24/39 
Athletic World 18/29 *Darc Sead Gradius 8/14 acma 24/39 P War on Wheels 24/39 
Baby Boomer 22/36 Dash Galaxy “Gremlins 24/39 Mach Rider : Pro W 24/39 
Back to Future 8/14 Days of Thunder Guardian Legend 8/14 ax 6 Punch’ Wheel /Fortune 14/24 
Back to Future Ii/Il_ 22/36 Deadly Towers Guerilla War 12/19 Mafat Co cy Jl Wheel /Fortune Fam 24/39 
Bad Dudes 10/16 Defender II Gum Shoe  Johnso 10/19 Puss and Bc Wheel /Fortune Jr. 24/39 
Bad News Baseball 24/39 Demon Sword nsmoke agic of Sherezade 20/32 *Puttmaster Wild Gunman 10/16 
Bad Str Brawl 14/24 Defender/Crown Magic/Sherezade Il 24/39 *Puzzle Willow 8/14 
Fight 16/26 *Deja-Vu Ma — *Puzznic 18/29 
“Bandit Kugs of Anc 24/39 Desert Command ball = 8/14. *Pyramid Winter Games 16/26 
Bards Tale Mar'91 Dest. Earth Star an 24/39 *Pyto. Wizards & Warriors 6/12 
Bart Simpson 26/42 “Destiny of Emperor appyLand 20/32 Quix 24/39 
Baseball 6/12 Dietary Marble i 10/16 Q-Bert World Champ. Wrest. 24/39 
Baseball Simulator 18/29 Dig Dug Mario Brothers 18/29 Racket Attack World Class Tr. Meet 14/24 
Baseball 24/39 *Digger arvels X-Men 10/19_-Rad Gravity World Games 10/16 
Bases Loaded 8/14 *Dirty Harry _ Maste ke 2/36 Rad Racer World Runner 10/16 
_ BasesLoaded!l 16/29 Disney Adv. tch Box Racers — ei pea eee “World Trphy Soccer 24/39 
12/19 Donkey Kong _ Mechaniz 3% A Wrath of Black Manta 10/16 
Battle of Olympus 16/26 Donkey Kong Jr MegaMan d 20 Wrecking Crew 10/16 
palleicoeee 22/39 Dnky Kg Jr Mega Man I! 22/36 ‘Raley Biko B Wrestlemania 8/14 
Tank 24/39 Donkey Kong 3 Neos Mant 26/42 Rambo 5/1 r Glo Wurm Jan 
"Big Bird Hide/Seek 24/39 Double Dare Metal Fighter 22/36 RBI Baseb: 10/16 Mario 4/10  Xevious 10/16 
24/39 Dbl. Dragon Metal Gear 3/8 RBI Baseball II 20/32 Mario I 14/24 Xexyz 20/32 
“Bill & Ted's Adv. 24/39 pen Dieseal Metal Mech ie Remote Control 8/29 Mario Ill 2  *Xybots 24/39 
Dragon Power Manor sack 120 osc Aanpers 
Dragon Spirit ede 16/26 as : 
Dragon Warrior s Sec C 10/16 River City Ransom 
pregon were or 12/19 — Road Blasters 
Dr : Be oel aoe 
Duck Tales Robo Cop 
“Dungeon Magic 9 Robo Warriors 
“Dusty Diamond 9 Rock 'N Ball 
Elev. Action _ Rog ne 
: Thunder 
24 “Faria 24/39 
W392 Quest 12/19 


Final 22/36 
10/16 “Firehouse Rescue 24/39 


Fist of N. Star LL “ 
| ie Gergen HB | ToorpeR, FUNCO, INC. 
ie Gouna {CALL _ 4948 Highway 169 N. 
eT an : | OR WRITE TO: New Hope, MN 55428 
ihe ewsenie “Se All Games Come With A 90-Day Warranty 
s2@4 —“lanido. $24 | To Purchase: Send check or money order, or credit card number to. 
te oanver react | FUNCO, INC., 4948 Highway 169 North, New Hope, MN 55428, Add 
324 wick nt | $4.50 plus 50¢ per game. Add $1.00 per title if ordering by 
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1274 easy Grn To Sell Us Games: Call us first for current prices. Prices based on 
eee Nsracie amare game, insturction manual and original box. Subtract $1.00 for missing 
22189 © “North/South 12124 manuals and $3.00 for missing boxes. 
eo leelath ee (Due to a3 month lead time to place this ad, our sell or buy prices may 
pata eee esr a | be different) We reserve the right to refuse any purchase or sale. All 

Ithough Robo-Squash 

isn’t a sports simulation, 

it’s the closest thing 

we've seen to a regular 

sports game for the Lynx. 
It’s actually a futuristic cross be- 
tween tennis, squash, and racquet- 

Like tennis, in Robo-Squash 
players take turns whacking a ball 
back and forth across a court. But 
like squash and racquetball, the 
court is an enclosed room without 
a net. The walls, floor, and ceiling 
are all inbounds. 

The only exceptions are the 
back walls at each end of the court. 
If you allow the ball to get past you 
and hit your back wall, you lose 
the volley and your opponent gets 
the next serve. 

The immediate goal in Robo- 

Squash, then, is to get the ball past 

_ your opponent and hit his back 
wall. When that happens, the ball 
splatters like a juicy tomato and 
leaves a big red splotch. The first 
player to do this to his opponent 
three times wins the round. 

But there’s another reason not 
to miss the ball — when it splatters 
against your wall, the red splotch 
seriously hampers your vision. 
That’s because the back walls are 
made of glass, and you are actually 
positioned behind your wall, not 
inside in the court. To hit the ball, 
you control a transparent paddle 
floating in mid-air directly in front 
of your wall. You can move the 
paddle in any direction with the 
control pad. 

So far, Robo-Squash sounds like 





Tom R. Halfhill 

a relatively uncomplicated sports 
game. Butit’s not quite that simple. 

To begin with, each volley 
starts with a number of bricks 
floating in the air at mid-court. If 
you hit a brick with the ball, the 
brick shatters and you get bonus 
points. Ifall of the bricks are cleared 
before the round ends, a spider 
suddenly appears and starts 
crawling around the court. The 
first player to hit the spider with 
the ball automatically wins the 

Scattered among the bricks are 
power-up items. By hitting a 


power-up with the ball, you gaina 
special ability — but only until 
you miss the ball or hit another 
power-up. For example, the Spiral 
Disk enlarges your paddle; the 
Mouth allows you to catch the ball, 
so you can aim your shots; the All- 
Seeing Eye predicts where the ball 
will arrive when it’s returned by 
your opponent; and the Dragon 
allows you to shoot fireballs at the 
bricks and other power-ups. 

The goal in Robo-Squash is to 
outscore your opponent, and that 
means winning as many rounds as 
possible. Each time you win a 
round, a ballona4x4 grid changes 
toa particular color. You get bonus 
points for lining up rows of balls 
that match your color. 

You can also choose from four 

difficulty levels (Klutz, Terrific, 
Outrageous, and Insane) and play 
against a human opponent by 
hooking two Lynxes together with 
a Comlynx cable. 

Despite its apparent complex- 
ity, Robo-Squash is actually easy to 
learn. It’s also very challenging 
(especially at the higher difficulty 
levels), and the graphics are well- 

Some players may feel that 
Robo-Squash lacks variety. Trying 
to outswat the computer does geta 
little tiring after awhile. It’s the 
type of game that’s more fun if you 
can play a human opponent. 

But this is a minor point. If you 
like sports simulations, you'll 
probably find Robo-Squash an in- 
teresting combination of three 

opular court games. 
a Z GSP 


44,,.it's just as addicting as Tetris!” ia, a 
5 — Nintendo Power™ May/June 1990 fs ey 
eT Aha] 





It takes about five seconds XN ins a ie - a 


Really good. 

BERR EERE eee ee 


8337 154th Ave. N.E., Redmond, WA 98052 206-861-9200 

Se eal 

Pipe Dream is a trademark of LucasArts Entertainment Company Original game design © 1988 Entertainment International UK Ltd. Original game concept by The Assembly Line. Tetris™ & © 1987 v/o Electronorgtechnica (Elorg.) Tetris licensed to Nintendo © 1989 Nintendo. Original 
concept, design and program by Alexey Pajitnov. Nintendo, Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy and Nintendo Power are trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. Bullet-Proof Software is a trademark of Bullet-Proof Software, Inc. © 1990 Bullet-Proof Software, Inc. All rights reserved. 

he latest batch of Genesis 
titles we've seen is a pretty 
diverse lot. They run the 
gamut from the arcade hit 
Crackdown to the action-puzzler 
Trampoline Terror! And in be- 
tween, there’s enough to please 
just about every game player. 
Leading things off is the latest 
in Sega’s growing library of celeb- 
rity-endorsed sports games: Joe 
Montana Football. 

When this title was first an- 
nounced by Sega of America at the 
Winter Consumer Electronics 
Show in January 1990, everyone 
was eager to see the finished prod- 
uct. For some reason, videogame 
versions of football have tended to 
overemphasize one or another as- 
pects of the game, never quite 
achieving a realistic balance. Some 
games place so much emphasis on 
using arcade skills for running, 
passing, and catching that the 
strategies of calling plays and 
choosing formations are all but lost. 
Others — especially those de- 
signed for personal computers — 
are nothing but strategy. Once you 
call the play, you do little but sit 
back and watch the result. Would 
Joe Montana Football be any differ- 
ent? Would it do for football what 
Tommy Lasorda Baseball and Arnold 
Palmer Golf did for their sports? 
Joe Montana was originally 
scheduled for release in the fall of 
1990 to coincide with the football 
season. But in hopes of getting the 
game out even sooner, Sega began 
building it from an existing com- 
puter football game — Hard Yard- 
age. Originally an Activision game 



Matthew A. Firme 

_ Joe Montana Football: When you 
call a pass play, you get a 
1 quarterback’s-eye view of your 
receivers. Youcan toggle between 
three different receivers by just 
pressing a button. 

Joe Montana Football: On every 

down, you'll have your choice of 

2 sets, formations, and plays. 

Montana’s choice is always indi- 

cated and can be chosen by press- 
ing B. 

_Joe Montana Football: You can 
fumble, intercepta pass, and even 
_ be called for pass interference. 

for PC compatibles, Hard Yardage 
had also been announced for the 
Genesis before Sega decided to use 
it for the basis of Joe Montana. 
Before Joe Montana was fin- 
ished, however, Electronic Arts 
unveiled John Madden Football. This 


game (see our review in last 
month’s Game Player's) did such a 
good job of re-creating the action 
and the strategy of pro football that 
we found ourselves asking another 
question. Could Joe Montana make 
the grade? 

The answer is yes. Joe Montana, 
like John Madden, is a solid football 
game and a lot of fun to play. It 
gives you a wide variety of defen- 
sive and offensive options, and you 
view the action from overhead and 
behind the quarterback, as in John 
Madden. You can play a regular 
season game, go for the Sega Bowl 

title, or even practice two-minute 

The differences between these 
two games are small, but impor- 
tant. In John Madden, for example, 
you can choose to let the computer 
throw your passes and make your 
tackles. Even the player who’s 
under your direct control will 
move on his own if you don’t take 
action. Play selection — including 
audibles at the line of scrimmage 
— is the most important factor in 

In Joe Montana, you must move 
the player who is under your di- 
rect control. If you don’t, he’Il just 
stand there. And you can’t call 


audibles. This places considerably 
more emphasis on your arcade 
skills. Tomake the big plays, you'll 
have to be good with the control 

The result is two games with 
different but realistic approaches 
to football. While John Madden tends 
to place more emphasis on strat- 
egy, Joe Montana is more of an ar- 
cade-type game. But both give you 

Sword of Sodan: You can play as 

1 either Brodan, the male warrior, 
or Shardan, his sister. Both are 
strong fighters. 

Sword of Sodan: After a second or 
2 two, the slain enemy at your feet 
will disappear and a bottle of 
potion may appear in his place. 

Sword of Sodan: This isn'ta game 

3 for the squeamish. To get by 
these brutes, you have to hack 
off their heads! 

Crackdown: As Agent Ben, your 
mission is to move toward the 

4 exiton the right side of thescreen, 
placing explosives on each 
marked spot in the enemy 

Crackdown: Once you've placed 

5 all the explosives, you'd better 
exit the level before the timers 
run down. 

| pee 2 
a} a Se ae 
AL eas 


enough strategy and action to cre- 
ate a very playable and realistic 

There are a few cosmetic dif- 
ferences, too. The players in John 
Madden appear a bit larger on the 
screen than the guys in Joe Mon- 
tana. And in John Madden, the screen 
scrollsimpressively backand forth, 
left and right, giving a real sense of 
depth to the field of play. On the 
other hand, Joe Montana has more 
digitized voices, plus special 
screens showing Joe himself prais- 
ing you for making a good catch or 
a score. John Madden lacks these 

Joe Montana Football is a wel- 
come addition to the Genesis team. 
Some may prefer it to John Madden, 
and some may not. Since both are 
very good games, it really comes 
down to taste. 

What If You Don’t 
Like Football? 

Fear not. There are plenty of alter- 
natives for Genesis owners who 
just aren’t interested in football — 
no matter what celebrity is endors- 
ing the game. 

Maybe you’re the type who'd 
rather battle your way through 
dangerous medieval villages, 

_ fighting evil knights and fierce gi- 

ants. If so, Sword of Sodan might be 
the game for you. 

Sword of Sodan is the latest 
Genesis game from Electronic Arts 
and was translated from a popular 
Amiga game from Innerprise Soft- 
ware. You play as the mighty 
warrior Brodan or his sister 
Shardan, the wards of the famed 
wizard Sodan. Due to the usual 
odd circumstances, you find your- 
self pitted against the evil follow- 
ers of Zoras, a wicked wizard. 
Armed only with your guardian’s 
sword, you must battle to free an 
entire kingdom from the wizard’s 

One of the first things you'll 
notice about the game is its high 
level of violent action. To quote the 
company’s press release, you'll 
“decapitate fierce giants” and see 
“buckets of gushing blood.” All 
this is true. Sword of Sodan, like 
RazorSoft’s TechnoCop, is quite 
violent at times. 

Inaddition to seeing buckets of 
gushing blood, you'll also get po- 
tions when you defeat enemies. By 
drinking these potions — one at a 
time or in combination with other 

@Niine Gun * 
Bd Site and Kick 



potions — you can gain stamina 
and strength, and even get more 
lives and powerful flaming 
swords. However, drinking sev- 
eral different potions at once can 
also be dangerous. If you combine 
the wrong ones, you'll be poisoned 
and slowly lose strength. If you 
drink one of each type of potion, 
you'll die immediately, then see a 
cautionary message on the screen: 
“Winners don’t do drugs.” 

Although the animation in 
Sword of Sodan is rather stiff com- 
pared tomany other Genesis titles, 
the game play is quite challenging. 
The numerous potions and their 
many uses add a nice element of 
strategy, and they can really come 
in handy when the fighting gets 

Save Those 

If you're looking for something a 
bit more understated but just as 
exciting, there’s Crackdown, a Sega 
arcade game translated for the 
Genesis by Sage’s Creation. Set in 
the 21st century, Crackdown is the 
story of an evil scientist who de- 
velops artificial life forms — or 


ALCs, for Artificial Living Crea- 
tures — and plots world domina- 
tion. As one of two Special Service 
agents, Ben Breaker or Andy At- 
tacker, it’s your mission to plant 
timed explosives at strategic points 
(marked with big red X’s) 
throughout the enemy’s strong- 

As in the arcade version, you 
view the action from overhead ina 
graphics window that’s about one- 
fourth the size of the screen. (Two 
people can play at once, each with 
their own window.) As you move 
from one red X to another, you'll 
face a staggering variety of en- 
emies and obstacles. After plant- 

ing your explosives on each X, you © 

must escape the level before the 
timers on your bombs go off. 

Each mazelike level is more 
congested than the last. To help 
you get past the enemy ALCs, 
you're equipped with a machine 
gun, a cannon, and a limited sup- 
ply of smart bombs. The bombs 
are amazingly powerful, capable 
of destroying all the enemies on 
the screen. 

The most obvious drawback 
in Crackdown is the very tiny size of 
the characters. The top part of the 
screen is occupied by information 
readouts and a map. Only the 
graphics windows show the ac- 
tion, and in this small space you 
view nearly half of the entire level. 
But even though Crackdown doesn’t 
scratch the surface of the Genesis’ 
graphics potential, it’s an easy 
game to get drawn into. 

Finally, there’s the latest game 
from DreamWorks: Trampoline 


Terror! It’s the story ofa once-happy 
planet menaced by an evil empire. 
The empire has surrounded the 
planet with a gridlike fortress of 
trampolines and sidewalks. Only 
by pressing the switches located at 
various places on the grid can you 
destroy the fortress. 

You are Trampoline Terror, a 
gifted gymnast. Your mission is to 
leap all over the giant trampoline, 

trying to throw switches to clear 
each of the game’s 33 levels. You 
have to avoid the different crea- 
tures that try to stop you and be 
careful not to fall from the grid to 
the planet below. 

Trampoline Terror! is a far cry 
from the violent Sword of Sodan — 
there’s no blood to speak of, and 
the gentle, cartoonish characters 
frustrate rather than frighten. But 
the game is very challenging and 
absorbing, and should appeal to 
players of allages. It’sanice change 
of pace. 


or a couple of years now, 
Accolade has owned the 
rights to produce computer 
games bearing the name of 
golfing great Jack Nicklaus. At first, 
Accolade’s designers concentrated 
on producing Jack Nicklaus games 
for PC compatibles, the Amiga, and 
other popular personal computers. 
Like some other computer software 
companies, however, Accoladesees 
potential in the NEC TurboGrafx- 
16 — and especially in the optional 
TurboGrafx-CD player. 

Jack Nicklaus Turbo Golf is 
Accolade’s first TurboGrafx game. 
It’savailableasatwo-megabit game 
cartridge or as acompact disc. Both 
versions look the same and play 
identically, but the CD version has 
five golf courses instead of one and 
adds a few other features as well. 
Both versions are extremely wel- 
come, especially since the only 
other golf game for the TurboGrafx 
(Power Golf) is rather limited in 

The TurboGrafx version of Jack 
Nicklaus Golf is so faithful to the 
original computer version that it 
even shares some of the same 
problems —suchas theannoyingly 
slow screen drawing. (Even the 
version for the Amiga — a com- 
puter that draws screens very 
quickly — has this defect.) Equally 
faithful is the putting game, which 
inall versions is extremely difficult 
to master. It’s too bad that both of 
these features were carried over to 
the TurboGrafx version, but fortu- 
nately Accolade has preserved all 
of the good features as well. As a 


Neil Randall 

result, Turbo Golf is a very strong 

The level of detail in Turbo Golf 
is superb. Not only can you see 

australian Hi 

| “A par five where 
| the green can be 
| reached im two 

| shots. 

orf to the 
ist nole! 

every tree, every cart path, and 
every obstacle, but you can also 
tell ata glance if you’re standing at 
the top of a hill looking down or at 
the bottom looking up. Even the 
crevices in the ground are quickly 
apparent. There isn’t a flat piece of 
real estate on the whole golf course, 
it seems, and you'll find yourself 
endlessly trying to master the 
ground’s irregularities. 

In Jack Nicklaus Turbo Golf, you 
can choose your skill level and 

] whether you want to play com- 
puter-controlled or human op- 

At the beginning of each hole, 

2 you'll see Jack’s smiling face. Pay 
attention to his advice, because 
it’s always valuable. 

Before teeing off, you get a bird’s- 
eye view of the hole. You can 

3 also call up this view at any time 
during play. 

The first hole is a fairly straight- 
forward 498-yard par 5, but no- 
4 tice the strong wind and its un- 
fortunate direction. Why notaim 
to the right and play the wind? 

Oh, great! A sand trap on the 

first hole. Notice how well grades 
5 are depicted in Turbo Golf — the 

pin is clearly a few feet higher. 


Despite this great detail (or 
perhaps because of it), the graph- 
ics are a little fuzzy. It’s possible 
that the computer game screens 
were transferred directly to the 
TurboGrafx, maybe losing some- 
thing in the translation. Some of 
the colors seem a bit strange, too. 

As mentioned above, the car- 
tridge version of Turbo Golfhas only 
one golf course: the Australian Golf 
Club, where the Australian Open 
takes place each year. On the CD 
version of Turbo Golf, this famous 
course is joined by Japan’s Saint 
Creek, Scotland’s Royal Troon, 
Colorado’s Castle Pines, and 
Chicago’s Kemper Lakes. Also on 
the CD version is an additional 
game option, match play, supple- 
menting the “skins” and stroke 
play options found on the car- 

1at: 2ZO% uc 

any Button.) 

Your golfer follows through 
after taking a shot. The game 

1 tells you how far the shot trav- 

Well, nobody’s perfect. Trying 

2 toplay astrong wind, youended 
up in a water hazard. Place the 
ball and be done with it. 

An approach shot to be proud 

3 of — past the lake and right 
onto the green. Now a good 
putt will finish it off. 

Putting is far from easy in Turbo 

A Golf. Pay strict attention to the 
“break meter” at the bottom left 
corner of the screen. 

A very near miss on a 17-foot 

5 putt. Get used to near misses, 
because there are bound to be 


a a | a a a | | a a 

tridge. Finally, the CD gives you 
Jack’s digitized voiceand twomore 
musical soundtracks. 

The heart of any golf game is 
hitting the golf ball, and this is the 
same with either version of Turbo 
Golf. Youstart by choosing the type 
of game you want to play. Stroke 
play is what you see on TV, where 
golfers try to finish 18 holes with 
the fewest number of strokes. Skins 
is a betting game in which you 
play to win each individual hole, 
rather than the entire course; the 
winner of the hole takes the money, 
and then you bet again on the next 

After selecting the type of 
game, you choose how many 
golfers will play, and which golf- 
ers are controlled by the computer 
or other human players. Using the 

TurboTap accessory, up to four 
people can participate in Turbo Golf. 
You can also play by yourself, ei- 
ther solo or against computer op- 
ponents. The computer opponents 
range from rank beginners to first- 
rank pros, with Nicklaus himself 
offering the stiffest (and almost 
unbeatable) opposition. 

Be aware, though, that taking 
on computer foes eats up a lot of 
time. Youmust stand by while each 
computer player takes his swings, 
which means the screen must be 
redrawn over and over again. 
That’s a slow process in this game. 

Next youchoose your skill level 
— beginner or expert — and 
whether to use the ladies’, men’s, 
or pro tees. The ladies’ tees are the 
closest to the hole and the pro tees 
the furthest fromit. (That’s the way 
real golf courses are designed.) 

Finally, it’s game time. At the 
beginning of each hole, Nicklaus 
appears on-screen to offer some 
advice. Next you see an overhead 
view of the hole, which you can 
also access at any time during play. 

At the beginner level, the com- 
puter chooses a club for you, al- 
though you can pick a different 
one if you like. At the expert level 


any Button. 7 ~ 


you choose your own club. The 
manual lists the maximum dis- 
tances you can expect to hit the ball 
with each club, but your choice 
must also be guided by such fac- 
tors as the wind speed and direc- 
tion, where the ball lies on the 
course, and such complexities as 
whether or not you’re shooting 
uphill or downhill. - 

Another factor to consider is 
where you want the ball to land. 
Aiming straight for the pin isn’t 
always the best idea, because you 
must compensate for roll and 
bounce. Your tee shots and ap- 
proach shots may take a long time 
tomaster, but thisis golfasitshould 

To swing, pay attention to the 
power bar, not the golfer. You can 
readjust your golfer’s viewpoint if 
you wish, but for the most part he 
or she will be facing in the right 
direction. Then press the I button, 
wait for the power bar to reach the 

amount of strength you want, and 
then press the button again. Now 
wait for the power bar to fall to the 
0 percent line, and press the button 
a third time. 

The higher the power bar 
reaches before you press the but- 
ton the first time, the more powerful 
your swing. Of course, you don’t 
always want to hit the ball with all 
your power. Stopping the bar before 
it falls back to the 0 percent line 
causes the ball to hook (curve left if 
your golfer is right-handed, or 
curve right if your golfer is left- 
handed). Stopping the bar after it 
reaches the 0 percent line causes 
the ball to slice (curve right if your 
golfer is right-handed, or curve left 
if your golfer is left-handed). 

Generally, it’s a good idea to 
always try for a straight shot — in 
other words, to press the button 
for the third time just as the power 
bar reaches the 0 percent mark. 
Eventually, though, youmust learn 
to use your power, hooks, slices, 
and the wind to make the best pos- 
sible shots. That’s what makes golf 
challenging — and exasperating. 

Putting, as mentioned before, 
is difficult in Turbo Golf. Before 
doing anything else, head to the 
practice green and learn how to 
read the “break meter.” This meter, 
which appears at the bottom left of 
the screen during putts, tells you 

which way the green slopes. (No 
part of this game, itseems, is played 
on level ground.) Then learn how 
to aim the ball, because Turbo Golf 
punishes you thoroughly if you 
don’t aim correctly. Finally, learn 
how to judge the power you’Ilneed 
for your putts. In this game, it’s 
easy to tap a ball toward the hole 
and watch it disappear down a 
grade to rest 25 feet or more from 
the original destination. 

Unlike Power Golf, the first 
TurboGrafx golf game, Jack Nicklaus 
Turbo Golfis a true simulation. You 
must think about the wind, trees, 
sand traps, cart paths, and the kind 
of shot that’s required. You're also 
playing on an accurate re-creation 
of a real golf course. As a result, 
Turbo Golf is a difficult game to 
master. But thatalso meansit won’t 
wear out its welcome in the fore- 
seeable future. All things consid- 
ered, it’s a very good game. 



The Immortal is only the second 
Nintendo game from Electronic 
Arts, long regarded as one of the 
leaders in computer gaming. And 
like EA’s first Nintendo game — 
Skate or Die 2 — it’s a beauty! 

In The Immortal, you step into 
the robes of a young wizard. Your 
teacher, the great Mordamir, ap- 
pears in a vision. He asks you to 
help free him from the Labyrinth 
of Eternity, where he is impris- 

Not long after you begin this 
perilous quest, you'll discover that 
the labyrinth is filled with danger: 
pitfalls, booby traps, trolls, gob- 
lins, and worms big enough to 
swallow you whole. 

By carefully questioning ev- 
erybody you meet, and by collect- 
ing every key, scroll, and message 
you can find, you'll learn clues and 
gain powers. When words or spells 
fail, you'll have to fight. The battles 
come to life with first-rate anima- 
tion, and all of the action is accom- 
panied by one of the most effective 
and elaborate soundtracks ever to 
grace a Nintendo cartridge. 

Best of all are the graphics. The 
corridors and chambers of the 
labyrinth are shown from a three- 
quarters perspective that helps 
convey an atmosphere of darkness 
and danger. The lighting effects, 
textures, and animation of the fig- 
ures are all handled with a fine 
attention to detail. 

Electronic Arts, 1820 Gateway Drive, 
San Mateo, CA 94404. 

“DShansis. you have. 
Some fo sag me. fT 
aM An the Aanggons fac 
helena. Eo kreoca EF can 
VOUNT on yor. 

SSS | 

The game begins with a & = You'll have to fight a 
visit from the spirit of the & ; = goblin before you can 

greatmagician,Mordamir. 2 oe 
S| : 
; RN ® freed prisoner. 

It’s nice to know the old wiz- 
ard counts on you...except 
that your name isn‘t Dunric! 

=f e 







EE sage you have come. 



“is aad 
= | be xa 

= getyourfirst clue froma jms 

During combat, pay close attention 
to the meters. Green shows yout life 
energy and red shows your fatigue. 

Be sure to talk to everyone you meet. Hees Open all the treasure chests you 
This prisoner has a key that you'll need me Come across. Inside, you'll find gold 
ne and other useful items. 

Be sure to search the bodies 

A sack of bait? You might as well aa of all dead foes. If you find 

take it along — you never know jf something, take it, no matter 

when it may come in handy. $e how useless it may seem at 
wh a be ee | , the time. 


= ) 



Dunric’s ring! Atleast now you have 
ece of the mystery. 


In this room, walk along 

= the edges. Walking in the 
center activates hidden 

Light a torch before ventur- 

ing into this room. It'll help 

» you see the shadows of the 

7. invisible shadow-creatures 
a that dwell there. 



If you must fight a shadow- 
creature, use a steady, fore- 

hand-backhand slashing mo- Don eave ine! siadow: 

creatures’ room without 

finding the amulet hidden 

there. But don’t read the 

runes on the amulet, what- 
u do! 

TW ell 
Check the contents of your wizard’s 
pack now and then. Every item you find 
has a purpose, but you must be in the 
right place at the right time. 

Shey appear to hg 

rational. Derhaps you 
Carn reach some 
Sregment mith 


Piles of straw are for sleep- 
ing; this restores your char- 

acter’s energy. 



While you sleep, dreams will come 
to you, bearing hints for the game — oy eee) 


Use the amulet to reflect the beam of 
light onto the floor mechanism that 
opens the next level. 



Sedan ations? 
our agrtificates is: 


Ee O1e) 


# Copy yourcertificate password very 
= carefully. 


Slime creatures can turn you Sis a Search the skeleton for a 
to bones with a touch. YOU (ssn ests powerful weapon, but 
can‘t beat them, so avoid jie eas don't probe too deeply 
eel aie one That dot in the middle of See Se Gicear aro. The old man in the corner has a 
the floorisared gem. You'll — gem youneed, buthe won't give 
needit, plustwo other gems, ee ty, it up until after you’ve found the 
to clear this level. ee ~CDust of Compliance. 

SSP a Che ao 

About halfway down into the dungeon, 
you'll start meeting trolls, They are en- When youenterthe will-o-wisp room, 
gaged in a eu with the Cfeloints go first to the stone on the left. It 

= i er contains a jewel you need. 

The Dust of Compliance can be 

Use the will-o-wisp charm to control fgg found on a dead goriin, 
those pesky little spirits. oJ ian py an GE & 

In the hall of the Goblin King, use an item from your pack 
— and that mound of dirt — to plant the seeds of future 
progress. Then retreat quickly, or you too will die in the 
throne room. 


fd Eee eB} Nera are @) | Sai 

ri Var OEE t 

od annncnaa chan hannnnnananacncnannannannaeen 

If you give the injured Goblin King a Bim Refer to the Goblin King’s clues to 

drink, he’llgive you a valuable clue. 

solve the puzzle in this room. But did 
he tell you the right order of things, 
or did he mix them up? 

Once you've administered the 
Dust of Compliance, the crotchety 
old man becomes eager to give 
= you his gem. 

One of these fellows has a ring that lets you disguise yourself 
as a troll. Use the disguise to sneak past the guard. = Because you gave the Goblin King 

Deadly spikes shoot up 
through the tiles on this 
floor. Take time to observe 
their pattern before trying 
To cross 


og za capaieerane | some water, he'll let you pass when 
ir you encounter him again. 


The next-to-last boss lies be- 

yond this whirlpool. You must 

lure him into the vortex by 

weeEE getting close to him. You 

When you throw the ritual | may get sucked in yourself, 
knife atthese two guards, | byt you could be rescued. 

: they'll start fighting each 

other. While they’re busy, you 
can sneak past them. 

The Immortal's final screens demon- 
strate just how good eight-bit Nintendo 
graphics can be. 


Beeshu Ultimate Superstick44. ‘ f 

Zoomer Steering Wheel 49.99 Super Monoco GP ao.90), | beet perry an) 29-98 PC Engine All 70.8 Sal (reb) (Feb) eee en 
Turbo Grafx Systems 149.99 Super Thunder Blade 39.99 C| fe p on pee Core Grai 229.99 City Hunter New Zealand Story 
Turbo Express 249.99 Target Earth 52.99 Land Buster (Feb) .99 Tricky (Dec) Meshee Maze Rastan Sagal 
Turbo Express TV Tuner 99.99 Thunder Force Il 52.99 Thunder Force Ill (Oct) 59.99 Son of Dracula (Dec) Toyshop Boys - 
Turbo Tap 18.99 Tommy Lasorda Baseball 55.99 Death By Steal (Mar) 59.99 World Beach Volleyball New Mega Drive 

Son of Dracula . 
Turbo Cable 8.99 Truxton 39.99 The Newest Genesis Burning Force 
Turbo Pad i} 

18.9 34.99 XDR 
Turbo Stick 37.99 sei -GENESIS TILES Bean Ball Benny (Feb) 49.99 Ringside Angel 
Turbo CD-System 379.99 Andromi fission (TBA) TBA Hard Drivin (Dec) 49.99 Space Invader 90 
Turbo Booster 34.99 Atomic Robo Ki 49.99 Paperboy TBA Fire Shark 
Turbo Booster Plus 49.99 49.99 Road Blasters TBA Rainbow Island 
Happ Pro 5000 Joystick 49.99 RBI Baseball TBA Battle of Axis 
Alien Crush TBA Buster Douglas Boxing . 49.99 Junction 
Blazing Lazers 44.99 Dick Tracy 49.99 Atomic.Robo Kid 
Bloody Wolf 49.99 Mickey Mouse 49.99 Strider “&., 
Bonk's Adventure 46.99 Dynamite Duke (Dec) 49.99 g 4 Darius 2 (Dec}'89.99 
China Warrior 2 .Mondus Fght 49.99 Joe Montana Football (Dec)49.99Batman . f SF se eS Granada a 
Cratermaze “PHelios . 49.99 Wrestle War (Dec) 49.99 F1-Circus ar Gable F og (Star Cruiser a 
Cybercore PULLS 49.99 Strider (Dec) 84.99 Okinawa High Score Memony4g.99 _—=ElementabMaster 
Deep Blue £4299 ‘Shadow Blaster . 49.99 Shadow Dancer (Dec) 64.99 Naxat Stadium 5 Player Tap Weegee. Artow Flash : 
Dragon Spirit “44.99 : Starblade:! TBA _—_ Storm Lord 54.89 Cyber Knight Turbo Pad 09 Mega Panel : 
Dungeon Explorer £854.99" Targhan BA i TBA Phantasy Star 3 (Jan) TBA Violent Soldier _ per Joypad 49.99 GalarieS%< ao 
Galaga 90 29,98 Trampoline Terk 42.99 Vermillion . ; Voiveif(Jan) .< 
Final Lap Twin 54.99 ‘Zany Golf °<— 49.99 Hell Fire (be ga Drive All are 79.99 — 
Fighting Street-CD 49.99 Bimini Run 49.99 Sword of Sodan® {Ds : g Japanese/American CD 
Fantasy Zone 39.99 D.J. Boy (TBA) TBA Battle Squadron (Ded) 189.99 Games 
JiJ. & Jeff 42.99 pero Blaster (BA) TBA John Madden Feetball All 79.99 
Legendary Axe 42.99 Super Volleyball (TBA) 49.99 Musha Super Darius 
Microbox (Boxyboy) 39.99 Final Zone (TBA) 49.99 : Crazy Car Racing 
Military Madness 54.99 Whip Rush (TBA) 49.99 Last Armagedon 
Monster Lair-CD 49.99 Battle Mission (TBA) ‘2 , Phelios Phantasy Soldier 2 
Moto Roader 44,99 F Legion 
Neutopia 54.99 UB Ss TIP LINE 

Professional! Baseball 
Battle of Bastille 
Valice Ill 
Golden Axe 
Rom'Rom Stadium 
Side Arms Special 
Where is Carmen Sandiego 
Legend of 3 Heros 
Ranma 1/2 

Belay ; ee 
Power Gol! ' 
Ordyne WAR:99. 

Bayes © 62.99 — 1 -900-Tl P-LI N E 
Side Arms £42.99. 
Shanghai . 39.99° 
Space Harrier 62.99» 
Takin’ It To The Hoop. 42.99 | 
Victory Run 29.99 — 
Vigilante .. 64.99 
World Class Baseball 29.89 
World Court Tennis 42.99 




-A COMPLETE LIST OF EVERY GAME COUNSELOR LINE. To order call 1-203-388-6741 or 

dapanese/American CD 
} Games are made in Japan but 

Aero BI Ma espate Wes ; : fay in English. All games are 
GOES Os |S) ; : : afanteed to work in your 
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Devil's Crush 49.99 SYstem w/ 2 Contr, Nam Blazing Lazers 29.99 Thunder Blade Contra Silent Assault 
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As the 1990s drew to a close, the 
nations of the world were finally 
working together, putting aside 

their differences to concentrate — 

on making the planet a better 
place to live. It seemed certain 

that the 21st century would be 

the best era that human- 
‘ity had ever known. 



Matthew A. Firme 

Then, one day, strange objects 
appeared in the skies over the 
European nation of Kazafu. Soon 

afterward, an army of strange 
_ creatures and machines appeared 

in Kazafu’s capital, led by the 

self-proclaimed Grand Master : 

: words of his fellow: canes 

SY -Te lo Ke) WN gal i (exe VAM wo) of 1 
Blvd., South San Francisco, CA 

ever to become an A-class Strider. 
Strider Hiryu sets off on his dan- 
gerous mission, alone but 
strengthened by the encouraging 

Meio. In just a few days the in- He 


Reports of 
the alien inva- 

ed up on the 
small island of 
Moralos, home 
of the Striders. 

Earth’s last hope 
of defeating the 
alien hordes. The 
Striders began 
their attack by 
sending out 
Hiryu, the 
youngest man 

_ vaders leveled the city and be- 
gan marching across the © 
continent. Soon. the 
aliens held all of a 
_ Europe. Noarmy 
in the world — 
stop | 
And | 
still they ad- — 

sion wete pick- — 

This elite band 
of warriors was 

Strider Hiryu flies his glider into the 

) capital of Kazafu. His athletic speed 

and acrobatic agility are his 
greatest strengths — but will they 
be enough to defeat the powerful 

As you move through Kazafu, at- 
tack the alien guards as soon as _ 
they're within reach of yourplasma 
sword. If you wait, they become 
harder to hit: 

Sometimes these whirring, flying 

droids carry power-ups. To get the 
power-up, you have to destroy the 

droid, then slash a capsule which — 


ers and onion domes of the ¢ 
Watch for power-ups and c: 
as many as you can. 

At he ee Ofte first stage you’ ‘I face Urbolos, 
an enormous, mechanized caterpillar made 
_of Grand Master Meio’s soldiers. Only hishead 
is vulnerable to your attack. — 

Some capsules contain friendly ro- 
-botslike this one scurrying ahead of 

you. The robots zip all around the 

screen, destroying any enemies 

they touch, andshooting whenever 

| Strider uses his sword. 

if you already have two droids, the 
third capsule you'll find contains 

_ this mighty mechanical panther. 

You'll also find a sword-shaped 
power-up atop this dome. It ex- 

tends the range of your plasma 

Cue He's Ong 

“and quick, so begin | 

form to ‘avoid the fire tha 
over the room. » le 

Inside this dome, a laser 
rises from the floor and be 

striking it repeated 

Strider’s next destination is Siberia. Wolves at- 
tack from both sides, so be ready to guard — 
your back. Get the power-up on the ledge — 

it’s a sword extender, and you’ re going to 
need it. 

When you approach the building 
at the edge of the icy slope, you'll 
have to slide fo squeeze under this 
wallbefore it falls, Ifyoudon’tmake 
it, step back and strike the wall 
until it explodes, then slide through 
the opening before it closes. 




Despite his awesome size and fe- 
rocity, Mecha Ponis a sluggish foe, 

Advance toward him, swinging 
your sword constantly. Once 
you ve defeated him, leap to the 
wall at the right to avoid the flame 
that erupts from the fallen monster. 


Move past Mecha Pon and up a 
long, dangerous shaft to this mine. 
Leap to the top of this platform to 
break open the capsules on the 
revolving wheel. 

Once you have the power-ups you need, 
leap up and move along this girder. When a 
smooth platform comes around onthe wheel, 
leap fo it, pull yourself to the top, and then 
jump upto the red beam atthe top right of the 

Hovering high above the mine. this alien night- 
mare attacks you with his three-way pistol and 
guided missiles. Lure him down by sliding to the 
right, then quickly back to the left, When he 
lands, slide into him and attack. 

After defeating the alien, run full-speed down 
this slope. If you don’t pick up enough mo- 
mentum, you won't be able to make the long 
jump waiting at the end of the slope. 

At the last second, Strider leaps the chasm ~ es 
and lands on the otherside. Beready tobatle 
some more vicious wolves. 

From here, there’sno place to go but up. Leap Move just far enough up the slope to destroy 

onto the icy ledge, butdon‘tmove too quickly. in the droid with your plasma sword, As the light- 

Fierce droids wait on platforms above. : ning flashes, watch out for arcs of electricity all 
around you. 

Once again you'll be moving up — this time : . 
high above the earth. You'llhijack three of these flying ships. The third 
ae will take you to the Ballog, Master Meio’s flying 

When the long bar at the left of 

the ship tilts upward, leap to 

this position, When you pull 
on “By yourself up, you should imme- — Smash through the door of this con- 
Leap carefully over the whirring blades of the — diatelyjumpoverthe cannon, trol booth, defeat the guard, and 
Ballog'sfans—they canknockyouoffthe ship. § then slide into the guards that you're through! Next, you'll pen- 

attack you. etrate tothe veryheartofthe Ballog. ° 5 


{ite (-Tmerel ai alel—om alk) adventure on the Ballog, then journeys i Coos a= WeNaaerde)amelale| 
ferrel ave mi (elii-ym(-1emomal-relelellelat-lice 


y now you must be 
a bit tired of driving 
around those old cars. All 
you had in Test Drive II, 
after all, was a trashy little 
Lamborghini Countach, a 
couple of silly old 
Porsches, and some em- 
barrassing Corvettes. Or, 
if you chose a different 
package, you had some 
gas-guzzlers from the 
1950s and ‘60s with 400- 


@ i ei, randall 

plus cubic-inch engines. 
Hardly worth the trouble 
of backing out of the 
driveway, right? 
Wellpaemthatss sail 
changed. With the release 
of Test Drive III: The Pas- 
sion, Accolade has ap- 
pealed anew to the would- 
be supercar owner in all of 
us. Gone are the Yugo-like 
Countachs and 'Vettes; in 
their place are some in- 

e if HO ae 

System requirements: IBM, Tandy, and 
compatibles (eight-megaherizorfaster 
Coto) nal ol¥i(-lai-Lerolnalnal-Jate|-to) Mey-(8) @anlial 
mum memory; EGA, MCGA, VGA, or 
Kelton K-txexe) (lame ]ce])al (ox Hama aleltIs-Wo)j 
joystick optional; includes 5.25- and 
3.5-inch disks. Accolade, 550 S. Win- 
chester Bivd., San Jose, CA 95128. 



credibly fast (and incred- 
ibly expensive) road ma- 
chines. So it’s back to the 
roads — or, in this case, 
even some fields. 

If you’venever played 
one of the previous in- 
stallments of Test Drive, 
here’s a quick rundown. 
The Test Drive series puts 
you behind the wheel of a 
world-class supercar. You 
see the steering wheel, the 

Graphics: Roseann michel 

Vcd yan pureamrav aCe miZelemerbn macy erence Mey 
switching on your windshield 
wipers. Yourheadlights now work, 
too, and it’s a good thing, consid- 
ering that you spend a lot of time 
fobunvaenrem ena nncerey nora ala 
) Test Drive III also of- 
maifers two outside 4r 
views of your ~~ 

car. Thechase- ~ 

SE adit 
ip head ibm)» « 

The opening screens give an 

indication of the detailed VGA foabantatanvalel ce af 
graphics in Test Drive Ill. Be 5 
prepared for some visual de- NA ler anes 
lights. pe NE 
Lamborghini Diablo from. 

stant replay gives you the same 
options for actions you've just per- 
formed. Want to watch yourself 
slip by thatslow-moving truck and 
fly over the hill? Just turn on the 
replay, and adjust the camera as 
you wish. 

You can choose your own 

car, course, and driver. 

exerted niud@mdavene -tcdpleleratae erate pee) 
course, the road, other cars, and 
miscellaneous scenery. Your goal 
is to make it from point to point 
in the shortest possible time. You 
can play against the clock, against 
computer-controlled cars, or 
against human opponents. 
ame” The original Test Drive offered 
| ~~ some generic scenery, and Test 
| Drive ITimproved on that by put- 
ting you on the California high- 
ways from Oregon to Mexico. In 
both games, you had to dodge 
slower-moving traffic, all kinds 
of road hazards, and the ubiqui- 
tous state troopers. If you got 
stopped, you lost time and points. 
Test Drive Ill adds impres- 
sive new features. Rainand snow 
can come pelting down without 

Another options screen lets 

youchoose your skilllevel and 
your opponent. 

The northern California scen- 
ery in Test Drive Ill is called “Pa- 

of Monterey and Mariposa. Acco- 
lade plans to release add-on disks 
with additional cars and scenery. 
Plan olercdaptancorel Cen ecebpbCaek con esvel da 
some roads in the European Alps 

or maybe even the Alaska High- 
way, the current offering is 
fol rave Cooarcatareaeunreners4 ae 

any imaginable angle, and the in- 

cific to Yosemite.” It takes you from — 
Paso Robles to Tioga Pass by way ~~ 

But the biggest draw in Test 
Drive III is the new ears. 

eral Motors are the contributors 
once more, but things have 
fol avebarexcre once mh daCam eratcjarereleye) (ene) | 
years. The legendary Countach 
has been replaced by the soon- 
to-be-legendary Lamborghini 
Diablo. Equally exciting is the 
new Pininfarina Mythos. Most 
interesting of all, though, is the 
ChevroletCERV IIL, because who 
ever thought a Chevy would be 
this advanced? Three cars are all 
you get, but with these three in 
your driveway you're bound to 
attract some attention. 

CERU lil 
éWiivignts 45.19 inches 
H Curb Height: 3400 pounds 
Cost: $400,000- 400,000 

Corporate Lxperimental Research Veni 

ingine: 5.2 liter, lun turbot hat 

The Chevrolet CERV Ill gives us 
a hint of what the Corvette may 
ultimately become. Better start 
saving your money now. 

P____Pressienier) to select 

Letra y 

The most expensive of the 
three is the Pininfarina Mythos. 
Listing at over $2.5 million, it 
promises a top speed of 180 mph 
and a 0-to-60 time of 6.2 seconds. 
(At least, that’s what the game’s 
manual says; not many of us will 
ever find out for sure.) 

If you're ona budget, go for Ba: 
the Lamborghini Diablo—itlists “| 
for a mere $200,000. Powered by pi) yagi TEAR: 
a V-12, it goes from 0 to 60 in 

r ’ 

: recy +g, wane" 

rosemire tiheel 


Pakerat hee elena tien 
Wai Spee? Tad me 

b chee esti CLs 

Pedi TM 

Lage Speech. 20, 

Tcauaa lee of more than 200 mph. But watch 
pimensior out for the speed bumps. 

Hheetbase: 104.) inch The most surprising car is 
Chevrolet’s CERV III (Corporate 
Experimental Research Vehicle III). 
Chevrolet has never tried to com- 


about 4 seconds, with a top speed: 

pete head-on with Lamborghini 
or Porsche, and the famous Cor- 
vette is regarded as a kind of 
baby sister to those supercars. But 
the CERV III holds its own in 
terms of both price and perfor- 
mance. For a mere $400,000, you 
get a 0-to-60 time of 3.9 seconds 
and a top speed of 225 mph. You 
also get a wealth of automation, 
all under the control of a nose- 
mounted computer. It’s a pretty 
smart car, and not just in looks. 

If you've played one of the 

4 lives left: 
* y A 

You have 

4p PS 

Test Drive games before, you'll 
have no trouble booting up this 
one and getting started. If you’re 
new to the series, it’s still quite 
easy. There are nine levels of dif- ,-_ 
ficulty, and the first three offer : 

lis TART ila Sins 




A closer. 

obstacles. Since 
fefoyasqe)l0bareamuarsmer- bap (Mop bce 
ficult enough, forget about shift. 
ing for the first few drives. It’s also 
a good idea to start off by racing 
against the clock instead of the 
computer-controlled drivers. 
You'll crash less often, and you 
won't be distracted by attempts to 
run the other guys off the road. 
And by the way, you can drive 
off the road in Test Drive III. There 

CONGRATULATIONS! You set a record! 

are various routes you can take to 
get from point to point, and most 
are shown on the maps. Some 
routes, however, are uncharted and 
must be discovered. You're free to 
drive across the hills and fields. If 
you get lost, just press the Fé key 

and you'll be taken back to the 
road. Or you can use the chase- 
car view to spot your location 
from above. 
@yat-Koyavatcpeatavayvepacencerctacey utc 

that the designers of Test Drive | 

III have been listening to what 
gamers want is the absence of 
gas stations. As the manual ex- 


plains, Test Drive III assumes 
some intelligence on the part of 
the driver. After all, you’ve 
forked out anywhere from 
$200,000 to $2.5 million fora car, 
so the game assumes you were 
smart enough to stop for a fill- 
up before starting your drive. 
Not that your expensive car 


seats bs] head OM] ae 5 
fy oy 4 

Tan f 

is maintenance-free. You can 
knock your wheels out of align- 
svat saleme) (Onimm Celeramcatcabatcmr-vatel 
even ruin your brakes. You re- 
gain full performance at each 
checkpoint, but until then a 
damaged car can make things 
extremely difficult. 

The chase-car and instant- 
replay views are welcome addi- 
tions. You'll find yourself 
switching to these viewpoints, 
if only to admire the excellent 
graphics. The view while racing 
along the moonlit seashore in a 
Mythos is a sight to behold, es- 
pecially if your computer is fast 
enough to handle VGA graph- 
ics at a speed that makes the 


4 ® 

game’s high-detail option worth- 
while. Even with EGA, however, 
this game impresses. 

Ultimately, though, any game 
must be judged on how enjoyable it 
is to play. For a host of Test Drive 
fanatics, that question has already 

been answered. For others, it’s a bit. 

trickier. If you like the idea of 
steering a supercar past a beautiful 
backdrop of well-rendered scenery, 
watching night change into day, 
and trying to avoid the speed cops, 
you'll like this gamea lot. Butif you 
prefer arcade-style shoot-em-ups, 
role-playing games, or graphics 
adventures, you probably won’t 
like Test Drive II or any similar 
driving game. 

Perhaps the best thing that can 
be said about Test Drive III is that 

it’s an excellent improvement 
over Test Drive and Test Drive 
II. And that’s saying a fair bit. 



ised POINTS» 

OL; 84,0] (13) 5384, 

40 tz Sa4y 
a 3 S384 
text Section: Coast Hills 

- + Yosemite Kecord It 
CONGRATULATIONS! You set a record! 

he claymation 
nemesis from the 
Domino’s Pizza 
commercials is 
coming home to 
your Nintendo. 
In Yo! Noid, how- 
ever, the Noid is 
the good guy. 

The Noid’s mission is to save 
New York City. New York is in 
trouble — which is supposed to be 
unusual in this game. Hooligans 
are everywhere and the Bronx is 
having a brownout. Somebody is 
responsible. Could it be the Noid’s 
evil twin, Mr. Green? 

As the Noid, you must work 

During the park stage, use the Noid’s 
skateboard defensively by keeping it be- 
tween you and the enemy. 

your way through 15 different 
sections of New York, from the 
docks up to the rooftops and be- 
yond. Your only weapon is a yo- 
yo, which you can whip out in a 
devastating around-the-world 
twirl that stops the thugs who are 
trying to stop you. 

You've got a few other tricks 
up your sleeve as well. The Noid 

has supernatural powers, and. 

throughout the game you'll find 
magical scrolls that enhance those 


Jeff Lundrigan 

Version reviewed: Nintendo. 

Capcom USA, 3303 Scott Bivd., 
Santa Clara, CA 95054. 

powers. The large scrolls reveal 
spells, and the small scrolls add to 
your magic energy. 

To cast whatever spell you've 
picked up, just press down on the 
directional pad and hit the B but- 
ton. Spells affect all enemies on the 
screen, though multiple enemies 
usually aren’t a problem until the 
later stages of the game. Therefore, 
it’s a good idea to save your spells 
for especially difficult places. 

zZ3 o 

© ( AARGH! You beat | 

Pizza-eating contests follow every other 
stage. Usually the other Noid has to eat 
more than you do to win, so it’s OK to 
concede a couple of rounds if you have to. 

eae iri S$ £488 i132 AP 
Besides his skateboard, the Noid has a 
couple of other devices to get around on, 
including this ornithopter. 

Collecting spells and magic 
energy has other benefits, too. Af- 
ter every other stage, you must 
face the local Noid ina pizza-eating 
contest. To win these contests, it 
helps to havea few secret weapons 
— such as hot sauce or a pepper 
shaker — which prevent your 
opponent from finishing all of his 
pizza. The number of secret 
weapons you get depends on how 
many spells and scrolls you picked 
up in the previous stage. 

While Yo! Noid doesn’t take 
advantage of the Noid character 
for as much humor as it could, it 
still uses the character well. The 
game revolves around its central 
character more than some other 
Nintendo games. And while the 
graphics aren’t spectacular, they're 
suitably cartoonish, and the action 
is fast and smooth with almost no 
flicker. Overall, Yo! Noid isa good, 
solid game. 



he title of this 
game tells you 
it won't be a 
peace mission. 
Still, as you pi- 
lot your super- 
charged fighter 
jet off the run- 
way, you have 
noidea of the intense battles ahead. 
Inmoments, the friendly skies will 
be filled with odd-looking aircraft 
of various descriptions. For thenext 
six stages, you'll be seeing quite a 
few of them. 

There’s no way to calculate 
how many bombs, bullets, and 
missiles are fired at you in Aero 
Blasters — numbers just don’t run 
that high. Clearly, the game’s de- 
signers were determined to cram 
every scrolling inch of screen space 
with more and more enemies 
armed with larger and deadlier 
weapons. In most sections of the 
game, you're being targeted from 
all directions at once. 

Not that you're left helpless in 
this hostile airspace. The Aero 
Blaster is a nifty little jet, capable of 
fancy maneuvering and constant 

It’s painfully easy to get shot down in Aero 
Blasters. You'll know when it happens by 
the fire and smoke trailing your jet. 


Phill Powell 

Version reviewed: NEC TurboGrafx- 
LN] C05 (Tod alate) [oe] (ym Pato fet ate l=) 
Drive, Wood Dale, IL 60191. 

0001210000 2p 
fo ea 


mach of these symbols is a power-up left by 
a Weapon Transport Pod. Choose your 
weapon — or grab all four! 

firing. Also, you can take advan- 
tage of the Weapon Transport Pods 
that appear throughout the game. 
WTPs resemble floating trash cans, 
but they actually contain power- 
ups. By collecting these special 
weapons, you can customize your 
Aero Blaster to make it more ef- 
fective in the particular area you're 
flying through. 

You begin the game by pro- 
tecting theskies abovea threatened 
city. Another stage takes you in- 

In the Mechanized Cave, you're sur- 
rounded by angry enemies, but you have 
even less space in which to avoid them. 

side a mechanized cave deep un- 
derground. You'll spend the latter 
part of the game in outer space and 
on other planets. The elaborate 
graphics help make it a detailed 
and colorful tour of duty. By de- 
manding a variety of arcade skills, 
the game remains fresh through- 

For one or two players, this is 
running and gunning of the first 
order. If you enjoy the thrill of 
aerial pursuit, Aero Blasters puts 
youin the thick of action and keeps 
you there until your teeth rattle. 


2P cocooonn 
=O { 209 


Some scenes require you to race through 
narrow tunnels at breakneck speed. Hit 
the walls and it’s all she wrote! 



rack crime- 
fighter Dick 
Tracy is cer- 
tain that Big 
Boy Caprice 
is behind the 
Gly, Sm Cur 
rent crime 
wave, but 
proving it and putting him behind 
bars is going to be tough. 

In Dick Tracy, loosely based on 
last summer’s movie, you don the 
ace detective’s yellow trenchcoat 
and hit the streets in search of bad 
guys. If you can solve a series of 
five crimes, you’ llhave all the cold, 
hard evidence you need to put Big 
Boy away. 

rs re 43 

You can fire on armed criminals, but you 
have limited ammunition. If you run out 
of bullets, pick up a new clip at a police 

Forwsy’ WN: 2 

When your energy runs low, grab a heart 
to restore your energy to the four-badge 


Lisa M. Bouchey 

Version reviewed: Nintendo. Bandai 

America, 12851 East 166th Street, 
Cerritos, CA 90701. 

The game has three different 
kinds of screens: overhead views 
of the city streets, side views of 
buildings, and information screens. 
The info screens include a notepad 
and a mug book, and you can call 
them up from any police station in 
the city. 

When the game begins, the 
notepad lists the crime you’re cur- 
rently investigating and any clues 
you’ve uncovered. When the 
notebook is full, you've collected 
enough evidence to arrest the 
prime suspect and advance to the 
next investigation. 

If you're having trouble witha 
case, open the mug book for profiles 
on Big Boy’s known accomplices 
and the locations where they were 
last seen. Itmight help you analyze 
a clue or find a criminal. 

When you’re ready to hit the 
pavement, the game shifts to an 
overhead view of the city. Some- 
times you'll find yourself pursu- 


ou clear an area of thugs, you 
might find some evidence. All the clues 
are clearly marked, but some are well- 

ing criminals’ cars through the 
streets. You have to riddle the cars 
with at least two dozen shots to 
stop them, but be careful. If your 
car is hit by too much return fire, 
you'll be pulled off the case. 

The game switches to a side 
view when you enter a building. 
You'll confront hostile dogs, rats, 
and bad guys. You can fire on the 
gun-toting criminals, but if you 
blast an unarmed bad guy, you'll 
lose one badge of energy. (You 
begin each case with four badges.) 

When you clear an area of 
thugs, you'll find evidence point- 
ing to a suspect you must interro- 
gate. When you arrest the guilty 
criminal, he’s locked behind bars 
and you get the first clue for the 
next crime. 

Dick Tracy is an action-adven- 
ture game that’s a step above the 
average shoot-em-up. The graph- 
ics are crisp and clean — if a bit 
repetitious — and the crime-solv- 
ing puzzles add a nice twist to the 
usual kill-or-be-killed cops and 
robbers game. 




t's not often that 
you meet some- 
one who’s a kung 
fuexpert,a world- 
champion street 
fighter, and a 
scientist all rolled 
into one. But 
that’s a perfect description of Ken, 
the hero of Streetfighter 2010 — The 
Final Fight. 

After defeating all of the 
world’s greatest street fighters, Ken 
turned his attention to academics. 
Working in the field of cybotics 
(cybernetic robotics?), Ken and his 
best friend Troy perfected 
cyboplasm — a substance that 
could make a person several times 

This Basher tries to crush you by swinging 
from an invisible wire. 

stronger than normal. 

Their discovery came just as 
mankind was beginning to travel 
to new worlds, where strength 
could mean the difference between 
life and death. Though happy his 
formula had proven useful, Ken 
had no desire to travel to these 
new planets — until the formula 
for cyboplasm was stolen and Troy 
was murdered. 

From its title, you’d probably 



Stephen Poole 

Version reviewed: Nintendo. 

Capcom, 3303 Scott Bivd., Santa | 
Clara, CA 95054. 

expect Streetfighter 2010 to be an- 
other furious exercise in fisticuffs, 
and you'd be partly right. Ken’s 
primary weapons are his feet and 
hands, the game puts a premium 
on fast reflexes and good timing, 
and you have to battle your way 
through a seemingly endless 
number of enemies. 

But a couple of things set it 
apart from the usual punch-and- 
kick games. The screens scroll both 
horizontally and vertically, and if 
you don’t keep up with them, it’s 
curtains for Ken. Also, most of your 
enemies are repulsive (and persis- 
tent) alien life forms instead of the 
human punks and villains found 
in most martial-arts games. 

When Ken begins each life, his 
punches and kicks have a very 
short range. You won't get very far 
unless you find power-ups to in- 
crease this range, because getting 
close to any foe almost certainly 


Pp LIFE &% 
UpNeT - OPEH> 


Smash as many round pods as you can to 
uncover power-up capsules. 

means taking a hit. Just a few 
power-ups increase Ken’s lethal 
range quite a bit. Eventually, it 
looks as if Ken is firing a weapon 
when he unleashes his blows. 

Streetfighter 2010 has unlim- 
ited continues, and for good rea- 
son. Capcom recommends this 
game for advanced players, but 
even they will probably have their 
hands full. 

The game’s story isodd—how 
many kung fu masters are scien- 

These limbs are like a trampoline — use 
them to spring away from the hunter 

tists? —butif you like arcade-style 
games with plenty of action and 
challenge, you won't be disap- 
pointed with Streetfighter 2010. 





| BA All-Star 
packs a pow- 
erful one- 
two punch: 
It’s a realistic 
game played 
by some of the National Basketball 
Association’s greatest names. 
Roundball fans won't be disap- 
pointed with this latest Game Boy 
offering from LJN. 

NBA All-Star lets you choose 
from four different variations: a 
one-on-one match between two 
NBA players; an accuracy shoot- 
out; a friendly game of H-O-R-S-E; 
or a free-throw contest. 

The roster in NBA All-Star Challenge in- 
cludes 27 NBA greats. 

Michael Jordan goes up for an easy two- 
pointer against Rolando Blackman. 



Brian Carroll 

Version reviewed: Game Boy. LJN, 
1 Spring Street, Oyster Bay, NY 11771 

Not surprisingly, the one-on- 
one game is NBA All-Star’s most 
entertaining challenge. You can 
selecttwo actual NBA players from 
the 27-man roster and then try to 
guide one of them to victory. Your 
opponent can be controlled by ei- 
ther a friend or the computer. 

Although familiarity with NBA 
players isn’tnecessary, it definitely 
helps. For instance, if your friend 
chooses Danny Ainge, it would be 
a good idea to pick another three- 
point threat, like Larry Bird or Kelly 

It also helps to know each 
player’s strengths and weaknesses 
before you hit the court. If you 
choose Patrick Ewing, forexample, 
your best strategy is to get inside 
the paint and take the easy layups. 

Unfortunately, two of bas- 
ketball’s best are absent from the 
NBA All-Star roster: Magic John- 
son, last year’s most valuable 

You can choose from four different tests of 
basketball ability. 

player, and David Robinson, last 
season’s rookie of the year. 

Despite the Game Boy’s limi- 
tations, NBA All-Star does a fine 
job of conveying the excitement of 
a good game of basketball. The 
characters are easily distinguish- 
able on the small LCD screen. Un- 
fortunately, they dwarf the tiny 
basketball court. This means you 
don’t have a lot of floor space on 
which to move around. 

Nevertheless, NBA All-Star is 
well-suited to the Game Boy. Since 
people often use their Game Boys 
on the go, quest games aren’t al- 
ways the best kinds of games to 
take along. Sports games, on the 
other hand, tend to be more flex- 
ible. NBA All-Star allows you to set 
time limits for your one-on-one 
games (2, 5, 8, or 12 minutes) or 
play until someone scores a pre- 
determined number of points. 

Thanks to NBA All-Star Chal- 
lenge, now you can hold your own 
with the NBA’s best players — the 
Game Boy shrinks them all down 
to size. 



nake Rattle N Roll 
appears to be 
designed for 
gamers of the 
younger set. 
Look atit—cute 
little snakes 
Sith en ane, 
, around for food. 
It’s got to be simple, right? 
Wrong! Don’t be fooled. Once 
this intriguing game sinks its fangs 
into you, it just won’t let go. It 
requires you to simultaneously 
collect variousitems, performrisky 
maneuvers, and race against the 
clock. Ifits dynamic graphics don’t 
overwhelm you, its increasing 
level of difficulty probably will. 
You control a serpent named 
Rattle (his friend, Roll, joins the 
game only in the two-player 
mode), and you're journeying up 
a mountain on your way to the 
moon. As each level begins, your 
snake starts with nothing but a 
head. Meanwhile, convenient 
dispensers are shooting out 
Nibbley Pibbleys, energy balls that 
bounce and dart around. By chas- 
ing and devouring the Nibbleys, 
you can add segments to your tail. 

At the end of each level, hop on the scale 
for your weigh-in. The door out of this 
level is at the upper right. 



Phill Powell 

Version reviewed: Nintendo. 

Nintendo of America, 4820 150th 
Avenue N.E., Redmond, WA 98052. 

F% i 
Time is crucial in this game, and clocks are 
worth an extra 25 seconds. This one’s out 
on a ledge, so be careful. 

Eat enough Nibbleys and you can 
advance to the next level (there are 
11 in all). That is, if you can avoid 
the booby traps and other nui- 

' Sances. 

The terrain works against you, 
too. Snake Rattle N Roll resembles 
the world of Marble Madness — 
elaborate platforms and ramps 
viewed froma3-D perspective. The 
graphics packa strong visual effect, 
and the dense landscapes are your 
greatest challenge. Each level is 

Snake Rattle N Roll demands expert 
jumping. The jump that takes you out of 
level 4 is one of the easier ones. 

loaded with waterfalls, cliffs, and 
ledges. Later stages take you 
through underwater caverns and 

Adapting to these different 
challenges demands new skills, 
suchas swimming underwater and 
scaling slippery ice hills. Although 
you don’t get a chance to practice, 
the game does give you two con- 
tinues. You'll need them, as well as 
the hidden bonus continues. 

Eliminating opponentsisn’t the 
central goal in Snake Rattle N Roll. 
In fact, there aren’t any lengthy 
battle stages. The enemies you face 
are pesky but easy to destroy; their 
role is merely to slow you down. 
Getting through each level is the 
whole point, and it’s also the main 
source of frustration. In some 
places, the multilayered back- 
grounds are almost impossible to 

For a game that seems so 
simple, Snake Rattle N Roll is sur- 
prisingly inventive and engaging. 
Try telling yourselfit’s justa kiddie 
game when you're perched on a 
mountain ledge, only ashort slither 
away from certain doom. 





olumns, the 
latest of the 
dozens of Te- 
games, offers a 
few variations 
onthe original. 
True, itdoesn’t 
offer as many 

as Klax, another Tetris variant for 
the Genesis. But then, Klax might 
be a little too different for Tetris 
fans who can’t buy the Soviet 
puzzle game for their Genesis 
systems and want the next best 

Look familiar? Unlike Tetris, however, the 
goal in Columns is to forma matching row 
of at least three colored blocks in any di- 

Columns sticks much closer to 
the proven formula. Colored ob- 
jects gradually fall from the top of 
thescreen, and you have toarrange 
them in patterns at the bottom of 
thescreen to make them disappear. 
Thelonger youcan keep the objects 
from piling up to the top of the 
screen, the longer the game lasts 
and the more points you score. 

But unlike the variety of geo- 
metric shapes that descend in 
Tetris, the falling objects in Columns 
are all the same shape — vertical 
columns made of three colored 


Tom R. Halfhill 

If youhave two controllers, the two-player 
mode allows you to go head-to-head 
against an opponent. 

blocks. You can’t rotate these ob- 
jects as you can in Tetris, but you 
can change the position of the col- 
ored blocks within each column. 
And unlike Tetris, your goal isn’t 
to form unbroken horizontal rows 
across the bottom of the screen, but 
rather to form matching rows of 
colored blocks. When you line up 
three or more blocks of the same 
color vertically, horizontally, or 
diagonally, they disappear and you 
get points. 

If any blocks are stacked atop 

In this variation of the basic game, your 
goal is to reach a flashing block buried at 
the bottom of the screen. A clock measures 
how long you take. 

the ones that disappeared, they’ll 
fall downward to fill the gaps. 
Sometimes this triggers a chain 
reaction — new rows of matching 
blocks are formed, then disappear, 
thus causing more blocks to fall, 
and so forth. There’s also a “wild 
card” column that eliminates all 
blocks of whatever color it lands 

Basically, that’s it. Columns 
does offer a few variations on the 
standard game, though. Two 
people can play simultaneously, 
and another mode lets you race 
against a timer while trying to un- 
cover a flashing block buried be- 
neath regular blocks at the bottom 
of the screen. 

Perhaps the best new feature 
of Columns is the background mu- 
sic. You can choose from three 
different tunes, allmuch better than 
the average videogame sound- 

In short, Columns holds few 
surprises. It won’t win any points 
for massive originality, but if you 
want to play Tetris on your Gen- 
esis, this is as close as you're likely 

to get. SP 



loves the cir- 
cus — funny 
clowns, brave 
animal tam- 
ers, and fear- 
less acrobats 
all under one 
big-top tent. In 
Circus Caper, Tim and Judy can’t 
wait to see the show when the 
circus comes to town. But this 
troupe is led by an evil ringmaster, 
Mr. Magic. He kidnaps Judy, and 
with a nasty chuckle tells Tim that 
he’llneversee his little sister again. 

You play the role of Tim as he 
races to outwit the sinister magi- 
cian. If you don’t save Judy, the 


| POWER +e Pua 

BXS | i EXE 













av 4 





Grech ELC EL) 



Boat ..)-[) 

f Ie 






You can’t destroy enemies with the blocks 
you collect, but you can use them to jump 
to places that are normally out of reach. 

circus thugs will use her as a knife- 
throwing target. 

Circus Caper has six acts 
(stages) you must survive before 
making the rescue. Fortunately, 
you won’t go unarmed. Each time 
you defeat an enemy, you get a 
chance to grab power items and 

The yo-yo may be the best 
weapon to use against the clowns 
in the first act. It revolves around 

Lisa M. Bouchey 

Version reviewed: Nintendo. Toho, 

_ 2049 Century Park East, Suite 490, 
Los Angeles, CA 90067. eae 

Tim and destroys enemies as they 
approach. If you find yourself 
without a weapon, try kicking and 
punching your way past the bad 
guys. To advance to the next act, 
you must get by the stage boss, 
Rolypoly the clown. 

In the air above the center ring, 
you'll fight trapeze artists and a 
monkey named Leonard. If you 
can outfox the tightrope walker, 
you'll find yourself backstage in a 
maze filled with egg-walkers and 


| POWER vvevevuyy 

Hamburgers and pieces of cake restore 
your power and life, but make sure you 
catch them before they hit the ground. 


' POWER +v<+ 
Pee Sea ea 

S xs 
hae : oe See ee 


The bosses from each act make a final 
appearance in the last scene of the game. If 
you can get by them one more time, you'll 
face Mr. Magic. 

hammer-throwers. Gamran, the 
white tiger, also lurks in the laby- 
rinth. If you defeat him, he’ll give 
you a key to the lion cage. 

Soccer balls make good weap- 
ons when you advance to the ani- 
mal cage. The balls roll along the 
contours of the tentand knock baby 
elephants and lions out of your 
way. But you'll have a tougher 
time getting rid of Ivanov the ani- 
mal trainer and Spanky the bear. 

Before your final showdown 
with Mr. Magic, you'll once again 
face all of the bosses you’ ve already 
defeated in previous acts. Get by 
them as quickly as possible, be- 
cause the master magician has 
some tricks up his sleeve. 

The simple graphics and plot 
make Circus Caper a good game for 
younger players. The graphics may 
be a little too simple for older 
gamers, but controlling your 
character is a challenge that makes 
the game worth playing. 




ake a look at the 
shelves of your 
favorite soft- 
ware store: The 
majority of new 
games for sale 
are either edge- 
adventures or action-packe 
simulators. If you prefer games that 
are more contemplative, take an- 
other look to find Ishido: The Way of 

Ishido is an amalgam of many 
games from many cultures, based 
on traditions that go back thou- 
sands of years. Its primary inspi- 
ration, though, is drawn from the 
games of ancient China. Ishido is a 
very simple game to learn that 
nonetheless requires a subtle strat- 
egy reminiscent of chess. 

Several possible four-way matches are just 
waiting for the right stones. 

Some stone sets are distinguished by 
shapes instead of symbols, as with these 



Gary Meredith 

Version reviewed: IBM, Tandy, and 
oxo} an} oko hile) (-\emeom 4 Gam cal ial inate ian) 
Taat=1pate) AYA (oy-(0) co) au Kelate "am oprere)(e)) 
fo] ele) p) (eo) LCT. Wa C7 (LCT WAL C7.W 

Ake] aloha koprere) (e) eke) mal 1ceie| (= ye] cele) aby 
ics (hard drive or 3.5-inch floppy 
drive required for VGA); mouse 
fo) ) je) ae] ay. Cexexe)(e[o(—Mamtoto] 0A (11a 
fot al =13)(-1 m=) Vo Pemslo | a (oS OF coll Ase 

Each player (you can challenge 
another person or the computer) 
works with a pouch of 72 pieces 
called stones. Each stone is deco- 
rated with one of six colors and 
one of six symbols. You take turns 
placing the stones one by one on 
the game board in order to match 
colors and/or symbols with as 
many other stones as possible. 

If you match two stones of the 
same color or the same symbol, it’s 
called a two-way. A three-way re- 
quires matching two colors and 
one symbol, or two symbols and 
one color. A four-way — the ulti- 
mate goal — requires matching 
two colorsand twosymbols. That’s 
really tough, but the game puts a 

big premium on four-ways, espe- 
cially consecutive matches. 

Ishido has stunning graphics, 
particularly for a board game. You 
can choose from a number of dif- 
ferent boards and stone sets (such 
as runes or hieroglyphs), which 
makes this game a visual as well as 
a mental feast. 

There are also several play and 
scoring options. In the “ancient” 
variation of the game, the object is 

To score points, matches must be made 
only on the lighter-colored inner squares 
of the board. (These stones, by the way, 
depict ancient Germanic runes.) 

to place as many stones on the 
board as possible, leading toamore 
slowly paced and contemplative 
game. In the “modern” variation, 
the objectis to score as many points 
as possible (which, for some, may 
detract from the game’s charm). 
You can also set time limits for 

If your nerves have been frayed 
by the games you've been playing, 
perhapsa few hours with Ishido: The 
Way of Stones is just what you need 
to put everything into perspective. 




kull and Cross- 
bones is an ac- 
quest adven- 
ture for one or 
two players. 
It’s about two 
pirates, Red 
Dog and One 
Eye, who sail in search of treasure 
while guarding a beautiful prin- 
cess. Then the Evil Wizard (how’s 
that for an original name?) be- 
witches them with a spell and 
kidnaps the princess (not to men- 
tion an original concept!). The two 
pirates (or one pirate, in a single- 
player game) set out to find her 
and avenge their tarnished honor. 

To complete this adventure, 
you must clear six stages and sur- 

Most of the screens are so busy that the 
two-player mode is definitely recom- 
mended for survival. 

SELES zy iS 2 Ol xe 

Booty appears in unlikely places— clouds, 
for instance. 




William R. Trotter 

Version reviewed: Nintendo. Brod- 

erbund, 17 Paul Drive, San Rafael, 
CA 94903. 

vivea finalshowdown on Wizard’s 
Isle. The six stages are arranged on 
a map screen, with the easiest one 
to the left and the most difficult on 
the right. You can play them in any 
order you want. 

In each stage, you must not 
only defeat lots of enemies — both 
human and supernatural — but 
also collect booty. Later, if you clear 
the stage, you can trade the booty 
for valuable weapons. 

One player can tackle this game 
alone, but Tengenrecommends the 
two-player mode, and we strongly 
agree. The screens in Skull and 
Crossbones are extremely busy. 
They’re filled with enemies trying 
to kill you, objects you must grab, 
and places where you must jump 
to avoid losing a life. Our game 
testers found it difficult — and on 
some screens, virtually impossible 
— fora single player to maneuver, 

fight, and grab all of the necessary 
booty. In the two-player mode, 
however, one person can do most 
of the shooting while the other 
concentrates on picking up the 

In the single-player mode, you 
get five continues. In the two- 
player mode, the five continues 
are shared by both players. Health 
points and extra lives are some- 
times available as bonuses. 

It’s hazardous to go near cannon muzzles, 
but that’s often where the best booty can 
be found. 

The graphics are bright and 
cartoony, and the whole game has 
a fresh, appealing style. Basically, 
though, Skulland Crossbones isa fast 
and furious action game that val- 
ues quick reflexes and sharp coor- 
dination over good strategy. 

Many people will find Skulland 
Crossbones frustratingly difficult 
when played alone. With two 
players, however, it turns into a 
better, more balanced game and 
becomes a lot more fun to play. 





n Little Nemo: The 
Dream Master, a 
tury comic strip 
character leaps off 
the page and into 
a Nintendo game. 
As Little Nemo, a 

ee oe Sleeping Kiciinied 
nightshirt you'll take an imagina- 
tive journey into the fantasy world 
of Slumberland. But leave your 
machine guns and guided missiles 
at home — Little Nemo deals with 
danger by tossing candy and 
transforming himself into various 

the hidden, Pee ee in the Night Sea 
of dream 4. . 

Inamarket glutted with shoot- 
em-up games, Little Nemo is a 
gentler pastime. The strategy and 
action are well-balanced. To finish 
each dream (stage), you have to 
collect a certain number of magical 
keys. That may sound simple, but 
swarms of army ants and other 
pesky crawlies are out to get you. 

By tossing three candies at a 
friendly creature, such as a frog, 
Nemo gains the animal’s strengths 
and weaknesses. The trick to win- 
ning is to learn how to use each 
kind of animal to reach the magical 



Richard Lashley 

Version reviewed: Nintendo. 
Capcom USA, 3303 Scott Blvd., Santa 
Clara, CA 95054. 

TopSsy— TURUY 
=4 LIifEaers 

Watch out for the dish-throwing monkeys 
in dream 7’s Topsy-Turvy World! 

keys. Some parts of the game, such 
as the end of the Mushroom Forest, 
test your ability to overcome ob- 
stacles while dodging enemies and 
stunning them with candy. 

Your final goal is to free King 
Morpheus. The king’s daughter, 
Princess Camille, gives you the 
powerful Morning Star wand be- 
fore youenter Knightmare Land in 
dream 8. Use the wand to battle the 
two bosses in that stage. 

The toughest boss, the demonic 
king of Knightmare Land, lurks at 
the end of the game. He’s beatable, 
but it takes persistence. (Try 
standing in the left corner of the 
screen and striking him with full- 
power blasts from the wand. Your 
position allows you to dodge his 
red blobs by jumping in one di- 
rection, then scampering in an- 

Top-notch graphics add to the 
excitement of each dream. The 
chugging trainin the House of Toys 
and the brilliant fire walls in 
Knightmare Land are especially 
nice touches. 


@e=-0 BEAM LIFEene- 

The dangerous fire walls in dream 8 show 
off the top-notch graphics in Little Nemo. 

Coordination and timing are a 
must in Little Nemo. The game 
gradually becomes more difficult 
as your adventures take you deeper 
into Slumberland. Overall, Little 
Nemo should appeal to both inter- 
mediate and advanced players. 
Experienced gamers will probably 
consider the first seven dreams as 
a warm-up for the shadowy evilin 
Knightmare Land. 






The year is 2999, and the evil war- 
riors of Drakkon have gained con- 
trol of a powerful time machine. 
Now they plan to conquer Earth 
by fighting a war on a unique 
battlefield — Earth’s past. By go- 
ing backin time and changing cru- 
cial moments of history, the 
Drakkons can easily take control 
of Earth’s governments and 

In Milton Bradley’s new 
Nintendo game, Time Lord, youare 
aplanet-hopping mercenary hired 
by the desperate scientists of the 
MB Time Travel Research Center. 
Your mission is to travel through 
time and stop the Drakkons’ de- 
ranged plans. 

You do battle in four different 
locations and eras of history — on 
a pirate ship in 1650, in war-torn 

oe ie 

A Drakkon foe faces a “timely” death in Milton 
Bradley’s Time Lord. 

France in 1943, in the American 
West of 1860, and at Castle Harman 
in 1250 England. In each era, you 
must gather weapons, discover five 
mysterious time-traveling orbs, 
and defeat the Drakkon Lord be- 
fore advancing to the next time 
period. Finally, you return to 2999, 
where Earth’s past, present, and 
future will be decided as you face 
the mighty Drakkon King. 

rE WS 


Nintendo’s Game Boy isn’t just for 
games anymore. GameTek has an- 
nounced InfoGenius, the first non- 
entertainment product for a hand- 
held videogame machine. 
InfoGenius is a series of Productiv- 
ity Pak cartridges that includes a 
spelling checker, dictionary, ency- 
clopedia, and thesaurus. Addi- 
tional cartridges will feature per- 
sonal organizers and health and 
fitness information. 

GameTek is also planning to 
introduce language translator car- 
tridges for the Game Boy. The first 
ones will be English-Spanish and 
English-French translators. 


Inthe21st century, terrorist groups 
have become strapped for funds. 
This is upsetting the plans of VI- 
PER (Vicious International Punks 
and Eternal Renegades) to domi- 
nate the world. As a result, VIPER 
has decided to _ infiltrate 
RollerGames, a popular spectator 
sport, and win the huge cash prize. 
Thus begins RollerGames, a new 
Nintendo title from Ultra. 

VIPER enters three teams in 
the RollerGames tournament and 
captures the sport’s commissioner, 
Emerson “Skeeter” Bankhead. It’s 


up to you, the RollerGames cham- 
pion, to protect the prize money 
and save Commissioner Skeeter. 

As youskate through six stages, 
youmust overcome oil slicks, open 
manholes, skateboard goons, and 
motorcycle thugs. Eventually 
you'll find the gang’s headquar- 
ters — the VIPER Pit. But winning 
the final battle won’t be a skate in 
the park. 


Skillful skating is the key to victory in Ultra’s 


Dynamix is releasing an updated 
version of the classic computer 
game Stellar 7 for PC compatibles. 
First released in 1983, Stellar 7 has 
been upgraded with 256-color 
VGA graphics and an original ste- 
reo soundtrack. 

Stellar 7 is a futuristic arcade 
gamein which youare Earth’s only 
hope of defeating the invading 
Arcturan forces. Youcommand the 
world’s most sophisticated fight- 
ing machine in a battle that spans 
seven different planets. Ultimately 
you must face a terrifying show- 
down with the dreaded Supreme 
Overlord of the Arcturan Empire. 

The new version of Stellar 7 
features digitized graphics, 15 
original songs, numerous sound 
effects, support for many different 
sound boards, and optional con- 
trol by keyboard, mouse, or joy- 

Destroy the evil Arcturans in Stellar 7 from 


Live life in the fast lane and break 
the bank in Hal America’s Vegas 
Dream, a casino simulation for 
Nintendo. The Hal Palace Hotel 

B | BE kms @ 

Visit a simulated casino in Vegas Dream. 

casino offers four Vegas games of 
chance: roulette, keno, blackjack, 
and a slot machine. Starting with 
$700, you try to beat the odds and 
win the $10 million jackpot. 

Buy some chips, choose your 
game, and place your bet, includ- 
ing side bets with fellow gamblers. 
Allofthe games have realistic odds 
and are played by casino rules. But 
don’t get so caught up in the gam- 
bling that you forget to take a break 
from the tables and meet the inter- 
esting regulars who hang around 
the casino. 


LE Wee 


If you enter Konami's new vaca- 
tion getaway sweepstakes, you 
could win a trip to a beautiful, 
historic European castle. There’s 
only one catch — it’s Dracula’s 

To promote Castlevania III: 
Dracula’s Curse, the latest install- 
ment in the popular Castlevania 
series, Konami willsend one lucky 
winner and three friends on an 
all-expense-paid trip to Tran- 
sylvania. They'll stay at what was 
once the castle of Vlad the Impaler, 
the butchering tyrant who in- 
spired the Dracula legend. 

Runners-up will receive the 
original film version of Dracula or 
copies of Simon's Quest: Castlevania 
II and Castlevania, the first two 
games in the series. If you want a 
chance to win this unholy holi- 
day, entry forms can be found at 
retail stores, in advertisements, 
and in the Castlevania III game box. 
Winners will be determined by a 
random drawing. 

2 rae 


Win a trip to Transylvania in Konami's 
Castlevania III contest. 



You've earned the right to be a 
Flying Tiger and sit in the hot seat 
of the Fairchild/Republic A-10 
Tank Killer Ground Support Plane. 
Armed with an awesome array of 
weapons, your mission is to pro- 
tect ground troops from enemy 

In A-10 Tank Killer, a new 
Amiga flight simulator from 
Dynamix, you are Captain Buck 
Ryan of the Flying Tigers. You 
must successfully fly your A-10 on 
seven dangerous missions against 
enemy forces. Although your 
plane is armed with 30mm can- 
nons and 16,000 pounds of laser- 
guided missiles and bombs, you 
must also use cunning and tactics 
to intercept radio messages, adapt 



to the environment, and plan sur- 
prise attacks. 

In addition to the seven stan- 
dard missions, A-10 Tank Killer also 
has a campaign mode that simu- 
lates extended warfare. An acces- 
sory disk is available with seven 
more battles. 

Hunt down enemy armor in A-10 Tank Killer 
from Dynamix. 


| EW S§ 


3 | 

Acclaim/LJN TFC, IBC, 55 
American Sammy 13 
Atari 14-15 
Capcom 49 
Color Dreams 51 
Data East BC 
Electronic Arts 26-27 
Funco oY 
Game Dude 94 
Hi-Tech Expressions 1 
Lucasfilm ib! 
Marketplace 95 
MicroProse Tires) 
NEC 31-35, 41-43 
Namco 29 
Ocean 53 
Olympic Sales 31 
RazorSoft 8-9 
Renovation Products 25 
Sega 18-20, 38-39 
SNK 5 

Virgin Mastertronic 37 
Visco Enterprises 96 

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Air Diver 29,95/15.00 Lakers vs. Celtics 37.95/20.00 
Alex Kidd 29,95/15.00 Last Battle 29.95/15.00 
Amold Palmer Golf 37.95/20.00 Mondu's 
Atomic Robo Kid 39.95/24.00 — Fight Palace 34.95/18.00 
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‘ABADOX 6.00 | 2495 [CONFLICT 18.00 | 36.95 [IKARI WARRIORS | 3.00 | 12.05 |NASC CHALLENGE 18.00 | 36.95 [SLALOM 4.00 | 14.95 |WRESTLEMANTA 
[ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS | 8.00 | 2498 [CONTRA 4.00 | 14.95 |IKAR! WARRIORS Ii 5.00 | 17.65 |N. ZEALAND STRY TBA [SNAKE'S REVENGE. 15.00 | 29.95 |xENOPHOBE 
ADV. IN THE MAGIC KINGDOM 8.00 | 27.95 [CRYSTAL MINES 16.00 | 12.95 [IMAGE FIGHT 16.00 | 32.95 [NES PLAY ACTION FOOTBALL | 18.00 | 36.95 |SNOOPY SILLY SPORTS 16.00 | 34.95 [xEVIOUS. 
ADVENTURES OF BAYOU BILLY | 3.00 | 1498 |CRYSTALIS 720.00 | 34.95 IMPOSSIBLE MISSION II 16.00 | "32.05 [NFL FOOTBALL 15.00 _| 29.95 [SOCCER 3.00 | 14.95 _|xEXyYx 
[ADVENTURES OF LOLO 5.00 | 15.95 |CYBERNOIO 6.00 | 19.95 [INDIANA JONES 5.00 | 15.95 |1942 4.00 | 12.95 |SOLAR JEIMAN 18.00 | 37.95 |xyB0iS 
[ADVENTURES OF LOLO I 9.00 | 24.95 [DANCE AEROBICS WAMAT__| 15.00 | 18.95 [IMMORTAL 16.00. 95 |i943 15.00 _| 29.95 |SOLOMON'S KEY 4.00 | 16.95 |YONOID 
ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER | 7.00 | 22.95 [DASH GALAXY INTHE AIENASYLUM | 6.00 | 16.95 |ISHIDO/SYONES 48.00. | 36.580] NINJA GAIDEN 6.00 | 19.95 [SOLSTICE [16.00 [3205 _|ZANAC 
[ADVENTURE ISLAND 6.00 | 19.95 [DAYS OF THUNDER 18.00 INDIANA JONES LAST CRUSADE. | 18.00" [39.95 [NINJA GAIDEN II 70.00 | 29.95 [SPELUNKER 5.00 | 15.95 |ZELDA 
ADVENTURE ISLAND I 32.00 | 36.95 [DEADLY TOWERS. 3.00 |'36.95 [INFILTRATOR 18.00 96. [NINJA KID 5.00 | 15.95 [SPOT THE GAMES [18.00 |"36.95 [ZOMBIE NATIONS 
[ADVENTURES OF LINK 3.00 | 12.95 |DEFENDER I 7.00 | 22.95 |IRON SWORD 4.00 [16:95 [NIGHTMARE ELM STREET | 18.00 | 36.95 |SPY HUNTER 3.00 | 7.95 
AFTER BURNER 10.00 | 26.95 [DEFENDER OF THE CROWN| 5.00 | 19.95 [IRON TANK 400 | 35. \GA'S AMBITION. 20.00 | 39.95 [SPY vs. SPY 4.00 | 14.95 
JAIRBALL 1200 | 36.95 [DEJA-vU 18.00 | 17.95 ISOLATED WARRIOR 18.00. }) 36.95. |OPERATION WOLF 4.00 | 14.95 [STACK UP WITH T 5.00 _| 15.95 
‘AIR WOLF 10.00 | 23.95 [DEMON SWORD. 6.00 | 96.95 [JACK NICKLAUS GOLF 718.00 | 32.95 6.00 | 18.95 : pone 5.00 [1505 |GENESIS GAMES 
[AIR FORTRESS. 400 | 15.95 | DESERT COMMANDER 8.00 | 18.95 [JACKAL 4.00 | "14.95 8.00 | 19.95 4.00 | 14.95 (Z B 
[AIR FORCE 6.00 | 18.95 |DESTINATION EARTH STAR | 10.00 | 25.05 [JAWS Boo} az ERBOY 10.00;,| 24.95 [STAR IER 9.00 | 19.95 |AFTER BURNER I 16.00 | 39.95 
[AL UNSER JR.'S TURBO RACING | 12.00 | 30.05 [DESTINY OF EMPEROR 18.00 | 22.05 [JEOPARDY 7.00. FIGHTER 15.00 -|/96.95 [STAR VOYAGER. 3.00 | 12.95 [AIR DIVER 9.00 | 29.95 
[ALIEN SYNDROME. 5.00 | 21.95 [DICK TRACY 14.00 | 36.95 [JEOPARDY JR. 76.00 *|" 33.95 38.00 | "37.95 B 76.00 [34.95 [ALEX KID 6.00 | 19.95 
JALL PRO BASKETBALL 30.00 | 29.95 [DIG DUG I 6.00 | 29.95 | JEOPARDY! 25th ANNIV. EDITION | 17.00 | 6.05 20.00 | 39.85. 74.00 | 26.95 [ALTERED BEAST 3.00 | 14.95 
ALPHA MISSION 3.00 | 14.95 [DIRTY HARRY 18.00 | 21.95 | JOHN ELWAYS QUARTE! 3.00)] 32.05 [Pin 37.98 [STINGER 5.00 | 15.95 _|A PALMER TOURNAMENT GOLF | 10.00 | 22.95 
|AMAGON 4.00 _| 17.95 | DINO KIKI 8.00 | 29.95 | JORDAN VS, BIRD 7.00 15.00 _| 28.95 16.00 _| 3495 |ATOMIC ROBO KID 20.00 | 53.95 
[ANTICIPATION 7.00 | 21.95 [DONKEY KONG 3.00 | 17,95 [JOURNEY TO SILI 14.00 | 32.65 [Pin 18.00 | 29.05 [STRIDER 6.00 | 19.95 _[BIMINI RUN 18.00 | 42.95 
[ARCADE TURTLES DONKEY KONG JA. MATH 5.00 | 1495 [yoUST 4.00 [745.05 [PIPE DREAMS. 18.003]/96.95 |SUPER CONTRA 30.00 | 29.95 [BUDOUKAM 15.00 | 39.95 
JARCHON 7.00_| 27.95 [DONKEY KONG 3 c00 | 46.95 | KARATE CHAMP. 3.00 | 7.95 3.00 | 12.95 [supi 42.00 | 26.95 [BURNING FORCE 18.00 | 42.95 
[ARCH RIVAL 15.00 | 39.05 [DONKEY KONG CLASSIC 800 | 44: TE KID 3.00 | 33.95 |p, 78.00 | 36.95 |SUPER MARIO 1 3.00 |” 5.95 [CROSS FIRE 18.00 | 41.95 
ARKANOID W/CONTROLLERS | 20.00 [42.95 [DONKEY KONG JUNIOR: 00 | 14.95 ]KARNOV 4.00 || 15.95 | PIRATES _ 48.00 | 36.95 |SUPER MARIO 2 3.00 | 15.95 [CURSE 18.00 | 39.95 
ARKISTA'S RING 30.00 | 26.95 [DOUBLE DARE 13.00 | 42.95 |KICLE CUBICLE 75.00 || 32.95 20.00 | 39.95 38.00 | 37.95 [CYBERBALL 20.00 | 42.95 
[ASTYANAX 10.00 | 29.95 [DOUBLE DRAGON 00 | 22.95 |KID ICARUS 6.00 | 19.95 48.00 6.00 | 18.95 [COLUMNS 16.00 | 37.95 
ATHENA 7.00 | 21.95 [DOUBLE DRAGON I 7400 | 18.95 [KID KOOL 34.00 | 29.95 A 18.00 | 36.95. [SUPER OFF ROAD 15.00 | 34.95 [DYNAMIC DUKE 20.00 | 42.95 
ATHLETIC WORLD W/MAT 8.00 | 24.95 [DOUBLE DRIBBLE 3.00 | 29.95 [KID Nix! .00 | 48.95 18.00 | 36.95 4.00 | 15.95 [DICK TRACY 22.00 | 44.95 
BABY BOOMER, 7.00 | 21.95 [DR CHAOS 00 |” 9.95 [KING'S KNIGHT 6.00.) 14.95, ICE ACADEMY. 14.00 | 29:05 |SUPER SPIKE v 9.00 | 24.95 [DJ BOY 22.00 | 44.95 
BABY GANGSTER 8.00 | 24.95 |DR. JECKYL AND MR. HYDE (00 | 22.95 [KINGS OF THE BEACH 0.00 | 22.05 8.00 | 475 PER SPRY 70.00 | 19.95 [DANDO TBA. 
BACK TO THE FUTURE 6.00 | 24.95 [DRAGON POWER 00 [21.95 [KIWI KRAYE t 38.00" | 36.95 6.00 | 16.95 [E-S WAT 24.00 | 43.95 
BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 15.00 [35.95 [DRAGON WARRIOR 7,00 | 14.95 |KLAX 16.00 | 3295 [PREDATOR 9.00 P. 78.00 | 36.95 _|FORGOTTEN WORLDS. 6.00 | 21.95 
BACK TO THE FUTURES | T.B.A. DRAGON WARRIOR I 38.00 | 19.95 [KNIGHT RIDER 10.00 | 241 INCESS TOMATO IN 18.00 UPER XEVIOUS 18.00 | 34.95 [FIRE SHARK 20.00 | 36.95 
BAD DUDES 6.00 | 24.95 [DRIVING GAME 1 34.95 |KUNG FU 3.00 | 9.95) 6.00 40.05 15.00 [32.05 _|GOLDEN AXE 13.00 | 37.95 
BAD NEWS BASEBALL 15.00 _| 33.98 [DUCK HUNT WITH GUN 15.95 [KUNG FU HEROES 5.00 | 19.08 4.05, 18.00 | 36.95 |GHOULS'N GHOSTS 4.00 | 21.95 
BAD STREET BRAWLER 12.00 [32.95 [DUCK TALES 32.00 |'29.95 |KRION CONQUEST 18.00 | 36.08 NBOOTS _- 42.00 | 24.95 [Ta CSURFDESION 3.00 | 6.95 _|GHOSTBUSTERS I 18.00 | 38.95 
BALLOON FIGHT. 3.00 | 14.95 |DUNGEON MAGIC. 418. 95 |LAST.NINJA 1 18.00 12.00 | 24.95 [HARD DAIVIN' 22.00 | 42.95 
BANDIT KINGS OF CHINA | 15.00 | 36.95 DUANONO'S ALL STAR BOFTBALL [46.00 | 96.080]. EE TREVINO FIGHTINGGOLF | T.B.AL AT. 6.00 _| 18.05 |TAGTEAM WRESTLING 4.00 | 16.95 _[HERZOG ZWEI 8.00 | 26.95 
BARD'S TALE TBA. DYNOWARZ 14.00 | 34.98 |LEGACYIOF THE WIZARD 5.00" |" 3! VAT TBA TAGIN' DRAGON 78.00 | 36.95 [HELL FIRE 22.00 | 41.95 
BARKER B'S TRICK SHOOTING |_ 5.00 | 15.95 |&-15 STRIKE EAGLE 7.B.A. | 29.95 |LEGEND OF KAGE 3.00. |" 12.95 318.00 |"36.95 6.00 | 22.95 [INSECTOR x 20.00 | 41.95 
BASEBALL 3.00 | 895 |e eves 10.00 | 24.95 [LEGENDARY WINGS 5.00 {11 RACKET ATTACK 4.00 | 16.95 LL 8.00 | 22.05 |. MONTNA FOOTBALL 18.00 | 39.95 
BASEBALL SIMULATOR 1,000__| 412.00 | 31.95 [ELEVATOR ACTION 6.00 | 19.95 [LIFE FORCE 14.00 | 34.96.) RAD 3.00 | 12.05 [71 76.00 _| 32.95 [JUNCTION 12.00 | 96.95 
BASEBALL STARS. 10.00 | 29.95 [EMPIRE CITY 13.00 | 27.95 [LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL "| 42.00 | 34.05 12.00 | 29.95 14.00 | 29.95 |KNOCKOUT BOXING 24.00 | 42.95 
BASES LOADED 3.00 | 1205 |EVERT AND LEANDA’ 10.00 | 28.95 [LITTLE NEMO.OR MSTR 38.00 95 15.00 | 29.95 ANT NINJAT 4.00 | 21.95 |KLAX 14.00 | 35.95 
BASES LOADED II 4200 | 29.95 | EXCITE BIKE 3.00 | 8.95 [LODE RUNNER 6. 19.96 ‘ON BUNGLING BAY 6.000] 47.05. ANT NINJATURTLES?2 | 22.00 | 42.95 |KA-GE-KI 24.00 | 44.95 
BATMAN 8.00 | 29.95 |F1 BUILT TO WIN TBA. LO} 36 12.00, | 29:95 YARD EIGHT — 3.00 |" 9.95 _|LAST BATTLE 6.00 | 18.95 
BATTLE OF OLYMPUS. 9.00 | 27.95 [FANTASY ZONE 0.00 149.05 [LUNAR POOL 9.00 | “2a: 3.00 | 7.95 [Tennis 4.00 | 15.05 _|MISSLE DEFENSE 22.00 | 41.95 
BEEPLEJUICE 38.00 [36.95 [FARIA 18.00 |. 24.95 |LAST STARFIGHTER 78.00: 24.95 [TERRA CRI 16.00 [32.05 _[M. JACKSON'S MOONWALKER | 20.00 | 39.95 
BIG BIRDS HIDE AND SEEK _| 15.00 | 36.95 |FAXANADU. 00. LGOEZ. 48.00, {96.95 6.00 | 19.95 [TALKING SUPER POWER | 18.00 | 39.05 [MYSTIC DEFENDER 7.00 | 22.95 
BIG FOOT 1.00 | 29.05 |FESTER'S QUEST 19,95" [ORD DF LIGHTNING © 48.00. mM 22.00 {799.95 [TETRIS (NINTENDO) _ 9.00 | 22.05 [MICKEY MOUSE 24.00 | 42.95 
BIONIC COMMANDO. 3.00 | 18.95 [FLYING DRAGON 2 30,00 |-10.95"| MACH. RIDER 3.00] 14.05. ING 3 88 42.00 | 24.95 |MONDU'S FIGHT PALACE | 20.00 | 39.95 
BLACK BASS 18.00 _| 39.96 [FLYING DRAGON 3 39.95:[MAD 76,60 95. 6:00. | 49.88 6.00 | 19.05 _|MAZ HUNTER 22.00 | 41.95 
BLADES OF STEEL, 8.00 | 21.95 | FIGHTING GOLF 48.00 {30°05 | MAFAT. Pi x 34.95 6.00. | 49.95 48.00 |/36.95 [OUT RUN 25.00 | 42.95 
BLASTER MASTER 3.00 [42.05 [FINAL FANTASY 96.98 | MAGIC SOHNSON'S FAS Ei 108 tAr 6.00] 15.05 |TIGER-HEL! 3.00 |” 7.05 |PATRILEY'S BASKETBALL | 24.00 | 43.95 
BOMBERMAN 10.00 | 26.95 [FISHER PRICE:I CAN REMEMBER | 1 £08 [MAGIC OF SCHEHE: . 05, 8.00 | 24.95 15.00 [3295 |PHELIOS 20.00 | 39.95 | 
BATTLE CHESS 38.00 | 36.95 | FISHER PRICE: PERFECT FIT | 1200} 28.95 _[MAGMAX 4.005.) 16.96. 6.00_| 19.95 [TOTHE EARTH 8.00 | 16.95 |PHANTASY STAR II 18.00 | 41.95 
BOULDER DASH 34.00 [29.96 |[FISTOF THE NORTHSTAR | 1 22.95 | MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL | 3.00 [ 12.98 9.00_|124.95 IBS AND TRESURE 18.00 _| 36.95 |POPULOUS. 18.00 | 39.95 
BREAK THRU. 4.00 | 14.95 [FLYING DRAGON 1 22.08) | MANIAC MANSION. 46.00 #.00 | 49.05 10.00 | 27.95 |POWER DRIFT 22.00 | 42.95 
BUBBLE BOBBLE 7.00 | 22.96 |FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX 24.95 |MAPPY. 18.00 44,005] 29.95 [TOP GUN 4.00 | 15.05 [PAPER BOY 22.00 | 42.98 
BUG BUSIER FREEDOM FORCE 7.00 | 34.95 |MAGIC OF SHEREZADE If - [18.00 | 36.05 O WARRI 17.95 [TOP GUN IL 8.00 | 24.95 [PENDULUM LAIRD. 24.00 | 43.95 
BUGS BUNNY 15.00 _| 32.95 [FRIDAY THE 13TH 3.00 | 21.95 [MARBLE MADNESS. 14.00 | 28.66 38.00 | 29.95, 76.00 | 32.95 [RAMBO I 7.00 | 18.95 
BUGS BUNNY BIRTHDAY 16.00 | 34.95 [GAUNTLET I 800 | 9.95 [MARIO BROTHE! 5.00 | 41 35.00. 3.00 | 9.95 |REVENGE OF SHINOBI 16.00 | 34.95 
BUMP "N JUMP 3.00 | 19.95 |GALACTIC CRUSADER 48.00 [36.05 [MARVEL'S X-MEN 29. 3.00 1] 2: RACK AND FIELD. 4.00 | 4495 |ROAD BLASTERS 22.00 | 42.95 
BURA! FIGHTER 0.00 | 29.95 [GAUNLET 00 | 29.95 | WASTER CHU & THE: iu 78.00, 96 10,00 _| 29.95, 3.00 |" 9.05 [STORM LORD 22.00 | 44.95 
BURGERTIME 6.00 | 18.95 |GENGHIS KHAN 26.00 1142.98 [MANDRETTI WORLD 18.00 |"36.95. 35.00" | 32.95. 18.00 | 34.95 [SPACE HARAIER It 6.00 | 17.95 
(CABAL 16.00 | 3295 |GHOSTBUSTERS 10.00 M. DITKA BG FOO’ ET 96 77.00, |°19.95 | TWIN. 18.00 | 36.95 [SPIDER MAN 24.00 | 48.95 
CALIFORNIA GAMES. 18.00 | 29.95 [GHOSTBUSTERS I 18,00 | $2.05 [MECHANIZED ATTACK. fab, 23.00 [49.95 16.00 [34.95 [SHOVE IT 12.00 | 39.95 
CALIFORNIA RAISINS. 18,00 | 36.95 |GHOSTS AND GOBLINS 3.00 7,00 | 23 20.00 | 89:95, 18.00 | 39.05 [SUPER HANG-ON. 14.00 | 96.95 
CAPTAIN COMIC 5.00 | 15.95 | GILLIGAN'S ISLAND 19.00 | @.n5 [MEGA MAN2 4.00, | 2495 [ROLLER GAMES 20,00" |"39.05 [ULTIMA 11 18.00 | 36.95 [SUPER THUNDER BLADE | 10.00 | 19.05 
CAPTAIN SKYHAWK 718.00 [36.95 [GOAL 14.00 MEGA MANS EEX 05 3.00" 9.05 3.00 |" 8.95 [SUPER VOLLEY BALL 24.00 | 48.95 
ICASINO KID 12.00 | 29.95 [GODZILLA 14.00 | 78.68 [METAL ER AG. 95 3.00 | 8.05 [URBAN CHAMPION 25.00 | 48.05 |SUPER MONACO GP. 22.00 | 44.95 
[CASTLE QUEST 3.00 | 1295 |GOLF-PEBBLE BEACH 10.00 | 2485 METAL GEAR 8.06 | 6.05 | SAMURAI CONFLICT 16.00 | 36.95 |VeGa's DREAM. 18.00 | 37.95 [SUPER HYDLIDE 15.00 | 39.95 
[CASTLEVANIA 3.00 | 12.95 |GOLF.NINTENDO 5.00 | 15.08 [MENDEL PALACE 3.00 | 9.95 [vi 1B 10.00 | 2495 |STRIDER 28.00 | 49.95 
CASTLEVANIA: SMON'S QUEST _| 8.00 | 14.95 [GOLGO-13 4.00 | 4: MECHANOIDS 38.00. | 36.95 |scicr 8.00 | 19.95 |v 5.00 | 14.95 |SGT. SLAUGHTER WRESTLE WAR| 22.00 | 44.95 
[CASTLEVANIA Il 78.00 | 36.95 | GOONIES Ii B00 | 0.95: [MATCH BX RACERS TEA E STi rT 15.00 | 32.95 REET KID 38.00 [36.95 [SHADOW DANCER 24.00 | 48.95 
[CAVE MAN UGLYMPICS: 15.00 | 36.96 [GOTCHA 14.00 |. "0.96)| METAL MECH 18.00. | "36.95 14.00 | 29.95 38.00 | 39.95 [SKULL & CROSS BONES 22.00 | 44.95 
CHAMPIONSHIP BOWLING | 18.00 | 36.95 |GRADIUS 3.00 [1296 | METROID 00 | 5.05 DEGREES 4.00 | 16.95 | WAR vs DRUGS 18.00 | 39.95 [TOMMY LASORDA BASEBALL| 16.00 | 38.95 
CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES. : GRAND PRIX 30.00:| 44.95 »[ MICHAEL ANDRETITS GP. | TBA. F 20.00 | 39.95 [WAR 18.00 | 36.95 [THUNDER FORCE I 9.00 | 24.95 
ICHESSMASTER 18.00 | 36.95 [GUARDIAN LEGEND. 6.00) 72.95" [ MICKEY MOUSE 7.00 {19.08 8.00 | 22.95 38.00 | 37.95 [TARGET EARTH 18.00 | 36.95 
ICHESIERFIELD GUERILLA WAR 18.96) BOMS J) 7.607 [+2198 20.00 | 39.95 8.00 | 26.95 | TECHNO COP 22.00 | 44.98 
CHILLER 8.00 | 16.95 [GUM SHOE 76.00 |45.95 | MIKE TYSON'S PUI 4.0031 HINOBI 12.00 _| 24.95 [WHEEL OF FORTUNE JR. | 15.00 | 32.95 [THUNDER FORCE til 24.00 | 48.95 
[CHIP AND DALE TBA. (GUN SMOKE 5.00 | 14.95 |MILLIPEDE 5.00 | 18.95 14.00 | 27.95 15.00 | 32.95 |TRUXION 14.00 | 29.95 
CHUBBY CHERUB 348.00 | 32.95 [GYROMITE WITH ROBOT 5.00 | 14.95 |MILON'SSECRETCASTLE | 5.00 | 17.95 ORDERVEGGSPLODE! | 14.00 | 27.95 INMAN WITH GUN | __5.00 | 15.95 [TRAMPOLINE TERROR 20.00 | 42.95 
CIRCUS CAPER. 14.00 | 32.95 |GYRUSS 7.00 | 22.95 |MISSION COBRA 18.00 | 36.95 |SIDE POCKET 25.00 | 49.95 | WILLOW 8.00 | 2495 |VERMILLION 16.00 | 39.95 
CITY CONNECTION 5.00 | 18.95 [HARD DRIVIN' 20.00 | 17.95 [MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 16.00 | 32.05 18.00 _| 36.95 |WIN, LOOSE OR DRAW 16.00 | 32.95 [WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP SOCCER! 14.00 | 34.05. 
CLASH AT DEMONHEADS. 8.00 | 24.95 [HEAVY BARREL 18.00 [39.95 [MONSTER PARTY 6.00 | 18.95 SERVI 5.00 | 19.95 [WiNiER GAMES 4.00 | 12.95 [WHIP RUSH 24.00 | 42.95 
CLASSIC CONCENTRATION | 12.00 | 29.05 [HEAVY SHREDDIN" 10.00 | 36.95 [MONSTER TRUCK RALLY | 18.00 | 37.95 [siLKW 18.00 | 36.95 RORY. 15.00 | 35.95 [WRESTLE WAR 20.00 | 41.95 
(CLU GLU LAND 4.00 | 17.95 [HOGAN'S ALLEY WITH GUN | 5.00 | 36.95 [MOTO CITY PATROL 18.00 | 36.95 24.00 | 42.95 4.00 | 12.05 [200M 1200 | 29.95 
COBRA COMMAND 15.95 | HOLLYWOOD SQUARES 10.00 | 31.05 [MS. PACMAN, 16.00 | 32.05 |SivERSURFER 18.00 | 39.95 P 22.00 | 38.95 _|ZAXON 24.00 | 48.95 
COBRA TRIANGLE 6.00 | 15.95 [HOOPS 5.00 | 27.95 [MULE 16.00 | 32.95 |SKATE OR DIE 4.00 | 12.05 [WORLD GAMES. 6.00 | 18.95 |ZILLION 22.00 | 44.95 | 
(CODE NAME: VIPER, 32.00 | 27.95 [HUNTFOR RED OCTOBER | 18.00 | 15.95 [MUPPET ADVENTURE 18.00 | 36.95 78.00 | 36.95 5.00 | 15.95 
COMIC CAPER. 8.00 HYDUIDE 3.00 | 36.95 [MUSCLE 5.00 | 18.95 [sx Re 18.00 | 36.95 |woRLD Fi 5.00 | 14.95 
(COM ANDO 3.00 | 1298 [ICE CUMBER 5.00 | 15.95 [MYSTERY QUEST 9.00 | 2495 [Sky SHARK 3.00 | 12.95 [WRATH OF BLACK MANTA | 8.00 | 24.95 

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features that leave ordinary hand- 
| helds grounded — like super sound 
effects, high score memory, and 
4-way action controls — you've got an 
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Solve Bart Simpsons™ 
Cupcake Crisis. Grab your high tech 
machine gun in NARC? Crash ‘n 
bash your way to the finish line with 
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