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meets monthfy A the Beauercreek PubSc Liwry. A short business meeting is fofiouied by a prepared program of 
interest to Commodore 64/E8 users is presented. At it's conclusion, members may enjoy various services such as 

Domon Softujare Ifoary. (Mors are aluwys welcome and membershq) is open to the general pubic The 
of the CH$ is to help the Commodore 8 Bit computer user enjoy teaming more about their equipment. 

Yen CEBB Officers 

President John Feigleson Vice President Phil Lengo 

Sec/Tres Mike Derabnscli 236-5528 


During the business portion of the meeting 
votes were cast approving all the changes to 
the by-laws and the constutnim. The 
demonstration did not show up and several 
members did some ad-lib work. 

Next Meeting 

The next meeting will take place at the 
Beavercreek Library on October 26, 1994 
(Wednesday). The doors will open at 6:30pm 
and the fcfeeting will start at 7:00pm sharp. 
There will be some hardware and software for 
sale as well as a open discussi 



(513) 237-0268 BBS System 
This BBS serves members of the CEBB as wei 
as the general public. Anyone may log-on If you 
have any questions about BBS's, modems or 
terminal programs just give Mike Dombusch, who 
is the System Operator (SYSOP) a cal at his 
vme number 236-5528. Mite wl be happy to 
help you get started In the exciting world of 
tetecorranunicatfons. If there are any files that 
you want and do not see contact the Hippo by 
E-Mail and he wID/L them from Genie. 
Tke BUS if mfer$&m$ mjsr &&§&$ m 
please be patkat wdpsrdm mr &st 

JOhn will bring up the features of the Huber 
Heights Library community room. 

e Eight Bit Boosters does not condone end 
t tolerate commercial software piracy, 
is illegal end hampers the continued 
production or quality software for the C64 and CT28 
platform ATI acts of piracy will be reported to the 
proper authorties. 

Notes from the Treasurer 

£jf Michael Pornbuseh 

Officer Ejections 

The elections will be held at December's 
Meeting. If you are interested in running for 
one of the offices be sure to have your name 
nominated by a member or submit it yourself. 
The requirements are to attend all the meetings, 
have free time to do club activities., work like a 
dog for very little credit and believe in helping 
others to learn computing, in all aspects. You 
can volunteer for the following offices and 
board members: 


Vice President 


Sr. Board Member (vacant) 

jr. Board Member 

The office and candidates will appear in the 
November's and December's 
newsletter. Please support your club by 
volunteering or voting for your candidates. 


The suggested dues for next year (increase) 
will be sixteen dollars per membership per year. 
This is only a suggested increase and will be 
discussed at the meetings and voted on by the 
membership. Please be at the meetings and let 
us know if you approve of the proposal. 

Membership Renewals 

Please plan to renew your family 
membership early for next year. By doing so it 
will help plan the direction the membership 
wishes the club to follow. Participating in the 
club membership and activities will assure the 
continuation of support for the Commodore 
Eight-Bit Boosters. The only supported received 
now for the Commodore C-64/128 is through 
members showing an earnest interest in~ 
improving computing knowledge through 
helping others. That is what it fs all about. We 
hope to have your continued support. Join us 
now for the 1993 year. 

Switch Box Raffle 

The switch box that was donated to the club 
was displayed at the meeting and an offer of 
five dollars was made for it. If and when it is . 
sold the money will go into the club treasury. 
For those of your who weren't there this is a 
multi output box with one input (computer) and 
multi serial outputs to run several printers. It iz 
a commodore serial cable type output. If you 
have several printers this is for your. Bid on it 
next meeting and maybe it will be yours. 

Winter is Here Don t 

Yes winter is here. ¥hen you heat the house 
to keep the winter breezes out the air gets very 
dry. You don't know what to do because its too 
cold outside so you go over to the computer 
thinking you will entertain yourself or write a 
letter. You reach back to turn on the computer 
and feel a slight shock. There it goes the 6526 
maybe more. How many times I have heard of 
this happening. Well it doesn't have to happen 
to you this winter. Two tips are cover the joy 
stick ports with tape (electrical) or keep joy ' 
sticks attached. Secondly and best is take a 
twelve ounce spray bottle with a cap full of 
fabric softener and 12 ounces of water mixed 
well and spray your carpets., rugs and area 
around the computer where you walk or sit. 
Once a week should prevent any static 
electricity around your computer. Don't blow it. 
It could be costly. 

Jot It Down! 

If you have any Ideas., programs, suggestions 
on improving your club, please jot them down 
and share them with us at the meetings, upload 
them to the bbs, or just hand them to the editor to 
print in the news letter. This is the only way 
that we can improve our services to the 
membership and help our club mature 

Take a Minute 

Please take a minute to check your address 
on the mailing label. If it is not correct please 
let your treasurer know. ¥e need the entire Zip 
code XXXXX-XXXX to expedite your newsletter. If 

you are not receiving the newsletter it could be 
that the address is wrong or your membership 
has expired. If you wish to just receive the 
newsletter, we are considering a small fee for 
mailing privilege only. 

Club Correspondence 

We have a book with newsletters from other 
clubs in the area. They are located in a book 
kept by the treasurer. If you are interested in 
reading them please contact the treasurer. 
Some of them have excellent information in 
them. Check them out. 

What's in a Name? 

What's in a name? Well sometimes a name is 
misleading. Take 5 0* Clock Computers. This is a 
business run by a friend of a friend and after 
looking for a board for my Wildcat BBS upgrade, 
I decided to give them a call. I was looking for 
an mulit I/O board with an IDE controller ."Prices 
ranged from $38.00 to $21.00 at the discount 
houses. His price was $14.00 plus tax. If you are 
looking around give him a call at (513M26-G350. 
He's open 10am-6pm weekdays. ll:30am-6pm on 
Sat So whats in a name? Bargains! 


The "Windows" Desktop Alternative is here. I 
sent off for information that I will have for the 
next meeting on the imported windows 
application for geos. The ad looks very 
impressive, and I just had to order it to use with 
my geos applications being you can use the REIT 
and up to three other drives. This will make 
things much simpler to do. I don't expect to have 
my copy of the program that soon but I will 
pass the information on to you. If you are 
interested in this German Import for $19.95 
contact the following: 

Quincy Soft works 
9479 E. Whitmore Ave 
Hughson,CA 95326-9745 

Schwarze Katze BBS 

The upgrade for Yftldcat 4.0 is in progress. 

The computer has been upgraded and soon the 
software will be installed. We will be using 
double space to see if things work out. We will 
then start adding the modifications. Color 64 
version eight is here and I am looking over the 
manuals. I will be looking at the software and 
taking the time to install ft Being it will run up 
to 28.8 Kbaud, I will be installing one modem to 
run the three BBS's. I have to complete the 
interface yet. We should be up and running 
Color 64 in about a month. It sure looks good. I 
can't wait to get it on line. It has something for 
every Computer. Black Cat. 

Help Is Available 

For help in the following areas please 
contact after 5pm evenings ( We have daytime 
jobs too) the following persons: 

BBS Michael Dornbusch 236-3528 

Library Phil Longo 237-8768 

Software Fred Middleton 232-9624 

Geos John Feigleson (at Meetings) 

Hardware Fred Middleton 232-9624 

Repair Michael Dornbusch 236-5328 

Newsletter John Feigleson (at Meetings) 

You can volunteer your knowledge in any 
computer related subject by contacting the 
treasurer or editor. 

Items For Sale/Trade 

The following items are For Sale or Trade as 
indicated. You may call and make offers on the 
items listed here, (o) is you can make an offer. 
If you attend regular meetings you might 
consider bringing them to the For Sale/Swap 
table at our monthly meeting. 

Tandy DWP-210 printer (o) 236-5528 

Vic-1515 printer (o) 236-5528 

Okidata U A83 A (Centronics IBM) (o) 236-5528 
Gold star Color monitor, C-64, 1541 ($120.) 236-3528 

Getting out of computing? I will buy your 
complete Geos package (to include Geos, 
GeoPublish, GeoFile, Geocalc, GeoWrite, GeoPaint, 
and other programs by Berkeley Works for the 
128 computer. Contact Michael Dornbusch at 

To place your ad here contact the treasurer or