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June Ne w^sMter 

Volume 4 

June Meeting Wednesday 29th 

Issue 6 

^ The CEBBS meets monthly at the Beavercreek Library, 3618 Dayton-Xenia Road A short business meetin^^ is 
t ollo^^ed by a prepared program of general interest of Commodore 64/128 users. At it's conclusion, membe/s may 
enjoy various services, such as the Public Domain Sof f^^^are Library. Visitors are aH-^ays velcomft and 
membership is open to the general public. All Commodore Systems are supported. Come join us for a fun 
experience. Doors open at 6:30 pm on meeting nights. Membership Dues are $12.00 per vear. Come Join Us^ 

President John Feigleson Vice President PMlLongo Treasurer Michael Dornbusch 
Senior Board Member Vacant junior Board Member Fred Middleton 

The meeting wf^s called to order at 7:30 pm. Old 
business T/as the prices T/ere increased on the software 
that was demonstrated the month before. There were 
handouts from CMD. and an article from the newspaper 
that was discused and handed out. There will be no more 
request for help in the library. There will be a survev 
about the commercial library for the final time. New ' 
T>usiness discused was phils wife's trip to England. 
Seems that the first magazine stand she visiTed had seven 
magazines on the Amiga. She contacted a local users 
group on the base she visited. Seems Germany has 
produced their years last run on the 64. Maybe they will 
improve the next. The CD32 (Amiga 1200) seems to be 
making a big hit. Commodore has been sold lock, stock, 
and barrel. There will be (planning) a CD32 
demonstration at the August meetitiig. Doti't miss it! John 
will be out of the hospital soon. Gary Ganger will be the 
guest speaker at Mays meeting. Meeting closed at 8:46 

The Mexi Meeiing 

The next meeting will be held on July 25.. 1994 at 7:00 
pm ¥ednesday at the Beavercreek Library, located at 
3618 Dayton-Xenia Road. Commodore 64/128's are always 
present. If you are having problems, want help with,' or 
just want to see software demo's, please stop in and see 
us. Guest are always welcome. ¥e support the 64, 128, 
Amiga, and limited MS-Dos machines. There is BBS 
support for 64/128, Amiga, MS-Dos on "Die Schwarse Eatse 
BBS". Home of the "Eight-Bit Boosters" 


This BBS serves the members of the CEBB as well as 
the general public. ¥e are running two BBS for the 
Commodore 64/128, and one for the Amiga, and MS-Dos 
machines. These are there for your enjoyment and 
use. ¥e are in the process of upgrading all three of 
the bbs's so please bear with us. Newer Software and 
games are comming. If you need help getting started 
in the world of telecommunication please feel free to 
attend one of our meetings. There we have Public 
Domain terminal programs for all machines. There 
'^'ill be someone there to assist you in selecting, and 
using a terminal program. The contact number for 
the bbs is 237-0268. 

Please tafce a moment to remember a 
Charter Member of tlie "Eight-Bit 
Boosters" Mr. Paul Peters, May 15 and his 
Wife Theresa, June 4. Yon will be missed 
by us all! 

Meeting starts at 7 PH 

Of ficers Reports 

Old Business 

Me^ Business 

Close Meeting 

GiTe-a ways/Surprise Demo 

Welcome Back 

¥e (I) VDUld like to -Felcome back., and out of the 
hospital John our president. ¥e sure missed you at 
the meetings, (and I am sure tired of filling the 
editors posilion) and hope you get back in the s^ang 
of things, (next ne-^'-s letter) 

Time Omi 

¥e are at the peak of summer (21 June) and I know 
you have a million things to do. Its time to have a 
little break from the yai^d work., and enjoy some time 
doing a little R and R. Come to a cool evening of fun 
and relaxation at your club meeting. 

Spam fyr Rent 

Yes we still have membership spi^ces for rent. 
They are still priced cheap for $12.00 per year. See 
your Eight-Bit Boosters treasurer. 

By Phil Loss^o 

Si/// W^/i/iig 

I told ya at the last meeting and newsletter that my 
writes trip to the U. K. "T/'ould get us some contacts -^''ith 
people (users groups) and commercial sof t'?;''are and 
hardware sources. ¥ell, I ain't got anything yet Got 
fingers and toes crossed. 

¥e have new letters from other users groups to pass 
around at the meetings as well as hand outs from 
previous meetings of demos., info, sources of software, 
and how to stuff and dos cheat sheets. 


At the end of the meeting last month, I went to give 
the hand out of door prises and "Phuuth you was gone". 
So, only one was given out to Pat Collins and thereTwere 
no C128 users left. I am offering a C128 (c.p.u.) dust cover 
at the next meeting for any of you interested, (you 
must be a member "in good standing). 

A hearty thank you to Gary Ganger for coming to 
our meeting on such short notice. Gary gave a 
historical account of CPU's and their evolution in 
computers with humorous origin data. He has worked 
on computers from the time of their scientific 
implementation and is a S.I.G. officer of D.M.A. (Dayton 
Micro Computer Association) 

{fr&m Mays Meeting} 

This meeting, we intend to do a real quick review of 
last meetings CPU history and finish up with the CPU 
formats and do buss arc. for those who wish to 

Hardware for you Upgr aders 

Turn back the clock to fast forward because 
"Uuestronix's" a 64 package V.3 will let all your C64 
software run on the Amiga. This package comes with a 
small box (to connect your C64 drives and such) to the 
Amiga, software and a 104 page manual. It is "GEOS" 
compatable and will emulate the C64 even with a R.ETT 
(ram^ expansion unit) from 128E to 2Megs of memory. 
The A64 tool conversion utility will transfer and make 
this setup worth the price alone if vou have anv stuff 
m files in 64/12&ycPM formats. Other features include a 
utility convert program to go from C64 into fast 68000 
machine-language monitor. To check price and 
availability, check with Merical Computers or get on 
benie or Internet at Questronix @ genie, geis. com. 

Where d/dM//ihe M&miors GeP 

Ref : Sunday morning, 30 May 94, The Haven Show, 
hosted by Joy Philbin, 1-800-521-HOME (4663). 

An interior decorator segment used a computer (off 
screen) to arrange furniture and then color it to 
coordinate the decor. It was fishy at first, then a full 
view of the monitor was shown. It was a 1702 
Commodore monitor! It must be assumed that it was 
setup for use from the rear panel and someone out 
there is buying up these monitors and adapting the 
input from this undisclosed computer sources. I guess 
this shows how boaring my Sunday mornings are. 

No more details other than Commodore, U. S. only, has 
sold off all liquid assets, plus as far as inventory land 
office furniture. Only about 5 people left in PA.' 

Same as last month, but stronger that Nu-Tek, a 
unnamed movie studio in California and Samsung are 
in cahoots to make a offer for, at least, the technology 
if not for the whole of Commodore International. 
Samsung is being the principal player for the group, 
but as of late, the bid was not accepted. This might 
indicate another player (big guy) going for it! " 

W/io/?M Thunhi 

I, like many of you, had thought that the C. E. S. 
(Consumer Electronics Show) or ComDex (the computer 
only industry show, U. S.) was the largest on this planet. 
I found out I was very mistaken. The "CeBit", in 
Germany, is by far the largest or larger than those 
earlier mentioned. Facts: It has 1.2 million people over 8 
days; 3733 exhibitors from 52 nations; they have their 
own train station, internal bus service; 25 halls some 
being the sise of 2-3 football fields and multi-storv plus 
ya can't get a hotel room for a 50 mile radius. You 
guessed it, I got CeBit 94 report from the Commodore 
slant up n^iit 


Commodore is alive and very well in Germanv. Sales 
figures in this region alone of the A4000 was 1*^^.000 and 
for the A1200 was 115,000. The new MPEG module for the 
CD32 took off big with 30 movies and more than 1.000 
karaoke titles. CD32 was not as successful as hoped but 
still managed to actually sell, not lust stock, 25.000 units 
More on the CD32 later in this news letter. 

Germany v^^ just now saying farewell to production 
of the C64 even though the demand is still there. The 64 
itself is still making money, but the 5.25 in. format disk 
drive is just too expensive to produce and cost more than 
the C64 itself, (nothing new about that here) So, they 
( ccsntinued fZ'ti next page) 

The following items are for sale or tra^3e as 
indicated. You may call and make offers on 
the items listed here, (o) is make offer. 
Tandy Model DWP-210 printer (o) 236-5528 
Vic-1515 printer (o) 236-5528 

Commodore 64/128, 1571, 80 Column monitor 
Okidata 120 printer, games, software, |oy 
stick (275.00) 236-5%l 

C-64, 1541, Okidata 120 printer (no monitor) 

($130.00 or offer) 2784136 

Okidata UA83a wide carriage for the IBM 

($70.00 or offer) 236-5528 

C-64. 1541, 1701 color monitor joystick, 
software ($120 00 or offer) 356-2330 

Slanted Geopublisli manual or geopublisli 
that isn't working with manual 236-5528 

lor help in the following areas contact after 
>pm evenings the following: 
BBS Michael Dorn1>usch 236-5528 

Library Phil Longo 237-8768 

Software Fre^J Middleton 252-9624 

Jeos John Eeigleson (at saeetings) 

aard^are Fred Middleton 252-9624 

Repair Michael Dornbiasch 236-5528 

Mews letter John Eeigleson or Michael 
Oornbiisch at the meetings. Yon can Yolnnteer 
rour time answ^ering questions by subiaitting 
four name to the editor. 

A£?i?&i iMsMew^s/eiier 

About this ne^s^sletter. This neirsletter i?as 
produced on a Commodore 64/128D using Ceo"s 
fieopaint, a 1581 drive, an REU and a 9 pin dot 
Imatrix printer. It ^as produced by the 
^treasurer from his notes and input from the 
iTice President. The errors and misspelling iras 
put there by the treasurer for your 
^entertainment. There vill be a pop quiz at the 
meeting on the number of errors! 


There has been no response to the letter that 
yas sent to '¥eird Stuff Inc." They are located 
in Sunnyvale Ca. and are supposed to have all 
types of software at lo^ prices. I sent them a 
letter requesting -srhat they have for the 
Commodore 64/128 machines. According to Gary 
Ganger they have sof frare for all machines. 

¥hen and if I receive the information, I 
;^ill distribute copies at the meeting. As usual 
if you kno^ w^here to obtain any sof tirare 
harevare support please jot it do^n and see 
mat ^e get it. It will be published right here 
m the ne'w^s letter for everyone. 

Our than&s goes out to Gary Ganger, irho 
^as the guest speaker at the May meeting. I 
found it quite interesting and Gary I hope 
you have all that stuff irritten do^n for 
historical records. It w^ould prove to be 
interesting reading. Bravo Gary! 

Sw^Mp TMMe 

Yes folks the s^s-ap table is still active in 
the club meetings. I guess most people have 
cleaned out the closets. The table will ali^ays 
be there for swap or for sale items. You can 
list them in the letter or bring them to the 

There is going to be a surprise demo this 
month by John. I talked to him and he said 

that he was working on it. Being you the 
users out there never request demo's, we are 

running out of ideas. ¥e need your input! 

Ariiehs for Mew^s Mier 

If you have a favorite software program, 
hardware item, or just want to chew the fat 
so to speak, you can submit your legible 
notes to the editor for print. Heeded items are 
software reviews. You can check out 
programs that are in the library for review. 
It is large and there are many there buried 
that w&^4 to be sorted out, reviewed and with 
a good programmer modified for more 
flexibility. Mot every program has it all. 
You get a program and modify it to suit your 
needs. There are some good ones in there so 
lets dust them off. Get your review in print. 

Computerfest i9Hi 

¥e have applied to the DMA (Dayton 
Microcomputer Association) for three tables 
this year. Last year we obtained three and 
it was a lot of fun. The main purpose for 
this is to introduce the Eight-Bit Boosters to 
the general public. There was a lot of 
surprised people that thought that the 
Commodore groups had dissolved. That is by 
far not true. There are a lot of potential 
members out there that need real support. 
This is one of the ways to get the word 
out. It also serves the purpose to the 
membership, where they can get rid of the 
excess equipment, software, and other stuff 
that they found in the closet. As the time 
grows nearer you will hear more about the 
event. Its a show that is worth seeing from 
the other side of the table, (usually I am 
manning the table at the event) 

('cona'j-m^-^ffwm previous psg-e;} 

claim that 1994 vill end production of the C64 equipment 
1981-1994.. R. I. P. .. 13 production years? 

Commodore shoved their confidence in the CD32 at 
the sho7/ by going head to head vith Sega CD and MS-DOS 
/486-50 vith CD Rom. all running "Microcosm" 
resulting in the CD32 veil in front of the MS-DOS/CD 
machine and leaving the Sega CD in the dust. 

The rumors of an A5000 and AAA chip set said to be 
possible shov stoppers maybe at the Autumn ¥. 0. C. 
(¥orld of Commodore) shov in Cologne. Germany and or 
at the European ¥. 0. A. (¥orld of Amiga) show in 
¥embley, England 18-20 Nov. 94. 


If you come to the meeting in August., you -^dll get to 
see a machine that can do great video and audio, 
games, photo CD's, audio CD's and up to 74 min. films/ 
moYies. Plus, you can later expand it to be a full Uzwm 
Amiga 1200 by adding a keyboard, I/O interface and 
external drive. Then, other stuff ^all hook right up 
from there on, like printers, modems, and all the me^^a 
sof t^^are that runs on kickstart 2.0 up. , along with an 
AG A video chip set and 2 meg of memorv. over 120 CD 
titles available and hookup to about any video displav 
on this planet plus Hi-Fi Stereo. You got to see this and 
ask your self, Tall commodore, or ^'-ho ever takes them 
over, ever market this stuff? For nov, check it out, and 
hang on. 

Note: They have been selling in Europe for 2 vears and 
1 year in Canada. At C. E. S., a very lov key intro •^•-as 
done. I love this thing, I sure v/ish they v/ould set off 
their asses. You can do it all or just a little and it v/ill 
nov break the bank anyis-ay ya go. For all the details, 
see ya at the meeting. 

Ok you hardT'-are freaks, ya wmut to compare ra^'- 
video povz-er ^sdth your neighbor, here goes: 

Present level at the store, not in a book is the A4000T 
at 25 meg hs. 68040 C. P. TJ. comes vith 6 megs of ram 
expandable to 16 megs on the mother board^'but up to 2 
gig bytes of ram in the ram slot that is directly 
addressable, 5 ea Zorro 11 or III card-slots, tv^'o video^ots. 
three PC/AT slots, and a 200 pin processor slot. A built in 
IDE and 16 bit SCSI-2 controllers (12 devices) both PAL 
and NTSC standard video support built-in wth Dos 3.1.. 
kickstart 40.70 and the usual 3 1/2" built-in disk drive 
?/ith basic 880k ^i: 2 meg format compatible. Standard 
video chip set to support only, 1,600 x 1,300 pixels vhen 
hooked up to a 14-17 in. monitor. Hi-Fi stereo is 

Nov/ for the basic software package "¥B" buys: 

A 500+ meg hard drive, clip makerT genlock, the 
communicator, C. A. V. E. (computer aided video editing), 
DR-3150 personal animation recorder card, AD-3000 
realtime video capture card (typically betveen 3-5 
min.) and the video toaster II to do direct NTCS standard 
tv production or 35 mil. film standard at 30 frames per 
second wixl'i real time dump. Nothing on the planet even 
comes close for 5 times the monev. 

The give a-^^ays this month are: 
Grand prise Issue 119 of Loadstar disk (2) four sides. 

(donated by "Loadstar") 
Second Prise C128 dust cover 
Third Prise Erasable ink pens (ball point) 
Fourth Prise Magasine 

Die Hard Magasine had a Commodore survey in their 
.joaagasine. A space for names and addresses ^--ere left 
out and there, ^^ere no responses. If you send a post 
>oard addressed as listed belov/ you v/ill be entered for a 
free subscription dra-^dng. These entries must be dated 
xm or before 31 August 1994. (Post Marked) 
On one side: Your name and address. 
On the other side address as f ollo-^-'s: 

Die Hard _ 

Subscription Drawing 

P. 0. Box 392 

Boise.. ID. 


This should get you entered into the drav/ing. If 
not you i:dll surely get on their mailing list. 

Ye have made every effort to mail the ne'^s'-sletters 
to members and other clubs. Please take the time to 
TBYiew your address and if it is not correct, please 
call us, mail us a card, or let us kno*^'' at one of the 
meetings. This includes the last four digits in the Zip 
Code. If you don't kno"F it please check ^'ith your post 
office or check your other mail. Soon you will have 
to start using them or the mail vill not be delivered to 
your box. (treasurer) 


¥e are going to try for a trial period to mail the 
ne^'sletters in envelopes. Seems that some of the 
membership is receiving them torn, black ink -Fhere 
they jammed the machine, late delivery, or not at all. 

¥e are paying first class postage and receiving 
second class service. ¥e therefore v/ill mail the 
tieis'-sletters out at least 5 days before meetings. 

Please note the date that you received your 
ne^'sletter in the mail. ¥e need this information to 
better serve you by mailing the letters on time. 
Report any errors, or delays to the editor, or treasurer.