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Skinner Electronic Enterprises * 
PO Box 787 — 

Fallbrook, CA 92028 

Check/MO S/H $2.25/ea or 3/$5.00 

Item # 1552 
ZX-81 16K RAM (cas) 
"Compound Interest Calculations" 
Calculates the total amount of in 
terest produced by an investment, 
. the time required to yeild a giv- 
en amount, the rate of return on 
an investment, the investment re- 
quired to produce a specific 
amount in the future, the future 
value of today's investment, the 
value of a deposit when the in- 
terest is compounded daily, the 
effective annual rate when the 
annual rate is compounded, & the 
true APR of an Add-on charge. 


Item # 1553 
7X-81 16K RAM (cas) $12.95 
"IRA & Simple Interest Calcula- 
tion" Calculations to compute the 
annual balance for an IRA account 
when a single deposit is made an- 
nually, or when a regular monthly 
deposit is made, or when irregu- 
lar monthly deposits are made, to 
determine the total amount of 
Simple Interest due or paid, how 
Tong it will take for simple 
interest to increase a sum to a 
given amount, to find the rate of 
return on an investment, how much 
must be invested to produce a 
given amount, to find the value 
of an investment after a given 
period of time. 

Item # 1554 
ZX-81 16K RAM (cas) 
"Loan Amortization Calculations" 
Calculations to determine the 
number of payments to be made, 
annual interest rate being paid, 
payment amount required, how much 
can be borrowed for a given pay- 
ment, how much interest has been 
paid, what is the remanining bal- 
ance, how much will be refunded 
on early payoff, an amortization 
table printed in 32 column double 
line format. 


kak kk 


Always remember to make back- 
up copies of all your data 
tapes to insure that the data 
is not lost in a bad SAVE or 
* with a damaged tape. 


+ + 

+» + + + 

Circle Chess 

PO Box 63 

Des Plaines, IL 60017 
Check/MO S/H $ 

| Item # 1555 a 
ZX-81 16K RAM (cas) / $ 
TS-2068 (cas) $ 
A special and unique form of the 
chess game, The playing board is 
made up of 3 different kinds of 
spaces: 9 hexagons, 30 triangles, 
& 38 rectangles for a total of 77 
spaces. The paths used are: a 
straight line and a circle. The 
game is complete on tape, but is 
also available in box form separ- 
ately (extra) for playing when 
you are not at your computer. 


Group Technology, Ltd. 

PO Box 87 

Check, VA 24072 

Check/MO Visa/MC S/H $2.00 UPS 

Item # 1556 
FDZX1 Interface Board 
assembled & tested $99.95 
kit $69.95 
Enables the Sinclair Spectrum, 
ZX-81, TS-1000, TS-1500 & TS-2068 
to be used in automated measure- 
ment, data acquisition & instru- 
ment control applications. Fully 
buffered address, data and con- 
trol buses for input/output in- 
terfacing plus 6 decoded device 
codes (expandableto 18) for con- 

venient access. 

Clifford & Associates 
13910 Halldale Avenue 
Gardena, CA 90249 
Check/MO S/H 

Item # 1557 
Z-LINK Interface Card 
TS-2068 Emulator l 
With this interface you are able 
to use the Sinclair Interface-1 
with built-in RS-232 & L.A.N. and 


operate up to 8 ZX-Microdrives. 

Also run the Rotronics Wafadrives 
Run most Spectrum peripherals and 
hardware. Depending on the "type" 
of peripheral you wish to RUN de- 
termines the type of Emulator or 
firmware you will be required to 
run on your TS-2068. Write for 
details on what is compatible 
with what peripheral you intend 

to use. 

a es 

A & J Micro Drive 

1050 "I" East Duane Avenue 
Sunnyvale, CA 94086 

(408) 732-9292 

H software & wafers $3.00 
H starter kit & drive $6.50 
anada $10.00. Normally ship UPS. 

Sai srt Visa/MC COD (add $1.65) 

Item # 1558 
Stringy Floppy Model 1000 
Starter Kit by A & J Micro Drive 
ZX-81 $169.95 
Interface/Mass storage 
Data transfer (load & save) is 30 
times faster than a cassette with 
no sensitive volume controls, no 
rewinding or buttons to push, up 
to 127 files per tape, compatible 
with other peripherals, pluas in- 
to expansion port, automatic ver- 
ify with save, file directory. 
These are just some of the advan- 
tages you get with the system. 
Seperate power supply, so will 
not drain the ZX-81. Conttnuous 
loop cartridge (Micro Wafer I). 
Store up to 70K bytes on 50 foot 
wafer. Complete with Interface, 
Drive 0, cables, power supply, 
manual, Operating system, 5 Micro 
Wafers (one each length) & Wafer 
Organizer. Plug it together & RUN 

Item # 1559 
Model 1000 Interface 
ZX-81 $79.50 
This is the interface only and it 
is included in the starter kit 

Item # 1560 
Model 1000 Stringy Floppy Drive 0 
ZX-81 & Micro D. Interface $99.50 
Mass storage 
This is the first drive only and 
it is included with the starter 
kit above. 

Item # 1561 
Model 1000 Stringy Floppy Drive 1 
ZX-81, MD I/F & Drive 0 $99.50 
Mass storage 
Want to add more storage power? 
Then this is the drive to order 
to expand your unit. Requires the 
Drive 0 & Interface. 

Item # 1562 
Owner's Manual for Model 1000 
Stringy Floppy by A&J Micro eh 


This is included in the starter 
kit above.