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Full text of "A collection of upwards of thirty thousand names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and other immigrants in Pennsylvania from 1727-1776 ... = Chronologisch geordnete Sammlung von mehr als 30,000 Namen von Einwanderern in Pennsylvanien aus Deutschland, der Schweiz, Holland, Frankreich u. a. St. von 1727 bis 1776 ..."

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'•^'"A't'  '♦■'v.»''   *    . 

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Mrs.  John  McKirdy 
in  memory  of 
John  McKirdy 

30,000  löttiett 

€tntoanbmrn  in  IPennsgltanten 


iJOtt  1727  bi^  1776, 

mit  Slngafce  t>er  Flamen  i»er  ©t^iffe,  beö  Sinfc^iffungöortcö  «nb 
tc«  ©atumö  t>er  Stnfunft  in  'P^ilat)dpl)ia, 


0efd[)i(^tIii^en  unfe  anderen  ^cmcrfungcn, 

foipic  '^adjtueifitng 

»Ott  me^r  alö  taufent»  beutf4)en  unb  fvanjö|tfd)en  S'^amett 
in  S^ero  g)orf  »or  bem  ^ai)xc  1712. 


ajerfflifer  nicl)rcr  ]&iflorifd)en  Sfficrfe. 

3weite  öevlbeffertc  unb  öerme()rte  ^tuflagc 


beutft^cr  ^lc0cirfe|ttng. 

IPbilaöeIpbia : 
Sear^,   ©tuart    ßo., 

SRro.  9  Süb  3fieunte  ©trafee. 




m  lillSAi  M 




Immigrants  in  Pennsylvania 

]Proia:i  IVZV  to  ITT"©, 

WITH    A 

Statement  of  the  names  of  Ships,  whence  they  sailed,  and  the  date 
of  their  arrival  at  Philadelphia, 



Ifecessary  Historical  and  other  Notes, 


An  Appendix  containing  Lists  of  more  than  one  thousand  German 
and  French  Names  in  New  York  prior  to  1712, 


Prof.  I.  DANIEL  RUPP, 

Author  of  several  Historical  Works. 

Second  Revised  and  Enlarged  Edition  with  German  Translation. 



No.  9  South  Ninth  Street. 

Entered,  according  to  Act  of  Congress,  in  the  year  1875,  by 
'         In  the  Office  of  the  Librarian  of  Congress,  at  Washington. 

Copyright,  1898,  by 



To  meet  the  often-repeated  requests  of  many  who  were 
anxious  to  ascertain,  if  possible,  when  such  and  such  per- 
sons came  to  Pennsylvania,  the  Editor  copied  carefully 
the  original  Lists  of  the  Names  of  German,  Swiss  and 
other  immigrants  on  File  in  the  Secretary's  Office,  at 
Harrisburg,  and  published  an  edition  of  Ä  Collection 
of  Thirty  Thousand  Names,  &c,.,  in  1856.* 

The  first  edition  is  now  out  of  print,  and  cannot  be 
had  at  any  price.  From  $5  to  $7  have  been  paid  within 
the  last  five  years  for  second-hand  copies. 

The  second  edition  is  a  carefully  revised  one,  and 
much  improved.  The  names  of  males,  not  sixteen  years 
of  age,  are  inserted  immediately  under  those  above  six- 
teen years  old,  instead  of  presenting  them  in  the  Ap- 
pendix, There  have  also  been  added  enlarged  Lists  of 
names  of  first  settlers  at  German  town,  of  early  settlers 
in  Lancaster  county,  in  Tulpehocken,  Berks  county,  &c. 

This  Collection  contains  upwards  of  Thirty  Thousand 
Names,  &c.,  and  some  historical  and  biographical  notes. 
The  present  descendants  of  the  early  German,  Swiss  and 
French  immigrants,  now  numbering  millions,  living  in 
Pennsylvania,  New  York,  Maryland,  Virginia,  and  in 
the  Western  States,  will  be  enabled,  if  they  procure  this 
Publication,  to  ascertain  the  time  of  their  ancestors'  ar- 
rival, and  other  facts  of  value  to  most  of  them. 

*Tlie  first  edition  was  published  in  a  Monthly  Serial  of  24  pages. 
Soon  after  issuing  the  first  number,  the  Editor  received  orders  for  the 
Collection  from  persons  in  New  York,  New  Jersey,  Maryland,  Vir- 
ginia, North  Carolina,  Ohio,  Kentucky  and  other  Western  States, 
and  from  persons  in  many  counties  in  Pennsylvania. 



It  has  been  truthfully  said :  "  That  comparatively  few 
of  the  living  millions  in  the  United  States  can  tell  when 
their  forefathers  came  to  this  country."  By  the  aid  of 
this  Collection,  thousands  of  the  descendants  of  early 
immigrants,  can  with  certainty,  determine  the  year  of  the 
arrival  of  their  progenitors.* 

Among  other  objects  had  in  view  in  publishing  this 
Collection,  is  the  preservation  of  names,  which  indiffer- 
ence or  accident  might  have  forever  placed  beyond  reach. 

As  many  feel,  naturally,  curiously  anxious  to  know  the 
names  of  fellow-passengers,  in  crossing  the  ocean  "in 
perils  by  sea,"  the  Editor  has  sought  to  gratify  this 
curiosity  by  the  plan  of  arrangement  adopted. 

This  Collection  may  also  lead  to  the  rightful  recovery 
of  inheritance  of  money,  held  in  abeyance,  in  the  old 
country.  It  is  not,  however,  presumed,  that  this,  in  it- 
self, is  legal  evidence,  but  it  may  aid  materially  in  sug- 
gesting modes  of  proof  to  the  right  of  such  claims. 


43d  AND  HuKON  Sts.,  West  Philadelphia. 

*  The  late  Rev.  Henry  Harhmgh,  B.  JD.,  in  a  letter  to  the  Editor, 
1856,  said:  "This  Collection  vrili  place  in  the  hands  o(  Subscribers 
the  means  of  tracing  their  ancestors,  which  must  prove  a  great  satis- 
faction to  all  who  have  not,  under  a  false  training,  grown  indifferent 
as  to  their  earthly  origin.  We  are  among  those  who  believe  that  any 
who  care  not  about  their  earthlv  origin,  care  little  as  to  anything 
higher.  We  are  much  mistaken  if  this  work  will  not  be  much 
sought  for." 

^mth  im  kxhmtxtm  ^nflagt. 

^m  ber  oft  J^on  SStelcn  wteberfjolten  5^arf)frage,  welche  gerne 
ju  erfahren  wünf(J)ten,  wann  tiefe  ober  jene  ^erfonen  fic^  in 
5>ennfi)banien  niebergelaffen,  jn  entfpredjen,  frf)rieb  ber  ^er^^ 
au^geber  bte  in  ber  Slmtßftube  beö  ^taat^-Sefretärö  ju  ^ax- 
risburg  aufbewahrten  Original ^Stften  ber  Flamen  beutfd^cr, 
f(J)n)eijerifd)er  unb  anberer  (Sinwanberer  forgfältig  ah  unt 
»eriJffentlic^te  biefelben  in  bem  im  3a^re  1856  unter  beni' 
2:itel  „Sine  ©ammlung  öon  über  30,000  S'lamen" 
u.  f.  tt).  erf(^ienenen  Sud)e  * 

2)ie  erfte  Stuftage  ift  iti^t  »ergriffen  unb  um  feinen  ^reiö 
ju  befommen.  2llte  ^remplare  t)aben  in  ben  legten  fünf 
Sauren  »on  $5  hiß  $7  gebracht. 

i)ie  jweite  5Iuf[age  erfu!)r  eine  forgfältigc  Prüfung  unb 
bebeutenbe  5Serbefferung.  2)ie  Seamen  ber  männlid)en  ßin= 
wanberer  unter  fe(^jet)n  3a^ren  folgen  (anftatt  im  5tn^ang) 
gleich  naä)  ber  Sifte  ber  über  fec^jejn  3al)ve  alten  ^erfonen. 
©ne  oerme^rte  ^lamenlifte  ber  erften  5lnfiebler  in 
©ermantown,  in  Sancafter  dounti),  in  J^ulpe^ocfen,  S3er!ö 
ß^ountp  u.  f.  tö.  ift  biefer  Stuflage  beigefügt. 

2)iefe  (Sammlung  enthält  über  30,000  9^amen  ic, 
nebft  gefcl)idbtlid)en  unb  biograp^ifc^en  Stnmerfungen. — T}it== 
felbe  ermöglidjt  e^,  ben  j'e^t  ju  2i)tillionen  jä^lenben  ^a6)- 
fommen  ber  frühen  beutf4>en,  f^weijerifd^en  unb  franjöfifd^en 
ßinwanberer,  bie  in  ^ennfplyanicn,  5^ew  ^jorf,  9)?ar»lanb, 
SSirginien  unb  ben  rocftlii^en  (Staaten  wohnen,  wenn  fte  fid) 
biefer  SBerf  anfc^affen,  bie  genaue  ^dt  ber  Stnfunft  i^rer 

*  £)te  crjle  2luflage  erfc^teit  tn  mottatltd^cn  Sflummern  öon  24  «Settcrt, 
33alb  nac^bem  bte  erjle  'iJiummer  »erbrettet  toax,  famett  Scj^eßungen  für 
bte  (Sammlung  »on  ^Perfonen  tn  91etD  gjorf,  ^iJe»  Serfej^,  ^Kar^lanb, 
SBirgtnten,  9tprb=Siiroltnn,  Df)to,  Äentudv  unb  anbeten  iveftttciicn  (Staaten, 
nebji  Btelen  Sountie^  in  ^Pennfvlöanten. 


VIII  Wotttiii  §ur  btihtsBtxkn  ^uflage. 

SSorfa'^ren  unb  anbere  wid^ttge  X()atfac^en,  bte  ben  9?Jetften 
»on  großem  2Bcrt()e  ftnb,  ;^u  eifal)ren. 

2Bai)r  tft:  „2)a§  üer|)ältm§mä§ic^  SSentge  ber  ijon  ben  in 
ben  SSeretntgten  (Staaten  lebenben  Ü)t{lItonen  triffen,  wann 
t^re  SSoreltcrn  tn  btefe^  Sanb  famen."  Wlit  |)iUfe  biefer 
^ am m hing  fennen  J^aufenbe  ber  ^bfommlinge  frütjer 
ßinwanberer  mit  ©ewi^^ett  baö  ^(a)x,  tn  bem  t^re  5lt)nen 
angefommen  ftnb,  befttmmcn  * 

il)te  35eröffentltrf)ung  btefer  ®  ant m lung  l^at  einen  ttjet^ 
teren  ^mtd  bartn,  ba§  tn  t^r  bte  9lamen  in  i^rer  eigentlirfjen 
urfprünglid)  ricf)tigen  germ  entl)alten  ftnb,  welc()e  burcf) 
©ieidjgiiltigfeit  ober  S^^ail  tt>ol)l  für  immer  aufcrt)alb  jebeg 
^ereid)^  gefcmmen  fein  n^ürben. 

1)a  SSiele  eine  natürlidie  9?eugierbe  '^aben,  bie  ^amtn  ber 
9)?itpaffagiere  ju  n>iffett,  bie  mit  i^nen  über  baö  2)ieer  famen 
unb  mit  i()nen  bie  ®efal)ren  beö  SBaffer^  burd)mad)ten,  fo 
bemüt)te  fid)  ber  ^eraueigeber,  in  bem  i^on  ibm  »eifolgten 
^lane  ber  (Sint^eilung  fold)e  9leugierbe  ^u  befriebigen. 

2)iefe  Sammlung  fann  ebenfalls  jur  red;tmäfngen  (Sr* 
langung  einer  im  alten  :2anbe  „in  Slnmartfdjaft  gel^altenen" 
(Erbfc^aft  5?on  ®elb  führen,  ^g  wirb  jebod)  nidbt  erwartet, 
ba^  baö  ^ier  ©ebotene  an  fid)  felbft  gefe^lid)e  ^eweiö-Urfunbe 
fein  foU,  fonbern  eö  bürfte  wefentlid)  baju  beitragen,  SBege 
an  bie  ^anb  ju  geben,  welche  33en)eife  für  bie  3fied;tmäf igfeit 
fold[)er  5lnfprüc^e  liefern. 


%  Daniel  fflupp, 

43fte  unb  |>uron=®trage,  2Bcjt=5)()t(atctijt)ta. 

*  jDcr  fcltgc  ^Jajlor  Dr.  $etnnc|  $arbai|  fd^rtcb  tn  einem  23ricfe  an  ben 
Herausgeber  com  Sabre  1856:  „Dtefe  Sammlung  ermöglicbt  bie 
Unter fcb reiber,  ibrc  3?ürfabrcn  ju  erforfcben,  tcelcbeö  Xenen,  bie  burd^ 
eine  falf^ie  örsicbung  nic&t  ganj  glcid)güUig  gegen  ibre  irbifcbe  Slbjtam* 
mung  geworben  (inb,  gro§eö  i^crgtiitgcn  ge»a(}ren  mu§.  S!Bir  geboren  ju 
2)enen,  bie  glauben,  ba§  !£iejenigen,  »eWje  [icb  nii^t  um  ibre  irbifdie 
5tbftammung  bcfümmern,  ficb  ebenfowenig  um  bi>^erc  "Dinge  flimmern. 
SBir  tüiirben  un^  febr  tä'ufc^en,  icenn  biefe^  SBerf  nic^t  einen  reifenbm 
Slbfa^  fänbe." 



General  Introduction 1 

Prolegomena  .........  39 

Names  of  Gennan,  Swiss  and  other  Immigrants        ...       47 

Addenda 420 


No.  I. — Names  of  first  settlers  at  Germantown  and  vicinity, 

from  1683  to  1710 429 

No.  II. — Names  of  early  settlers  of  Berks  and  Montgomery 

Counties,  originally  Philadelphia  County,  &c.,  &c.    .         434 

No.  III. — Swiss  and  German  settlers  in  Lancaster  County, 

from  1709  to  1730 436 

No.  IV. — Names,  age  and  occupation  of  those,  who  accom- 
panied Rev.  Joshua  Kocherthal,  &c.,  &c.         .         .         439 

No.  V. — Names  and  ages  of  the  hesids  of  families  remain- 
ing in  the  City  of  New  York,  1710      .         .         .         .443 

No.  VI. — Names  and  ages  of  male  children,  apprenticed  by 

Governor  Hunter,  1710  to  1714        ....         445 

No.  VII. — Names  of  male  Palatines,  above  twenty-one  years 

old,  in  Livingston  Manor,  N.  Y.,  &c 446 

No.  VIII. — Names  of  the  first  Palatines  in  North  Carolina, 

as  early  as  1709  and  1710 449 

No.  IX. — Names  of  males.  Salzburgers,  settled  in  Georgia, 

1734  to  1741 449 

No.  X 452 

No.  XI. — German  settlement  in  North  Carolina,  1709,  1710     454 

No.  XII. — Germanna  .......     460 

No.  XIII. — Names  of  males  at  New  Rochelle  in  1710      .         463 

No.  XIV. — Names  of  early  settlers  in  Tulpehocken,  Berks 

and  Lebanon  Counties  ......     465 

No.  XV. — List  of  members  of  the  German  Reformed  Church, 

between  1735  and  1755   ......         468 

No.  XVI. — Four  hundred  and  sixty-five  names  of  German, 

Dutch  and  French  inhabitants  of  Philad'aCo.,  &c.,  &c.     470 
Interpretation  of  Names  ........     479 




Slögcmttne  Stnlettuttg       ....♦♦♦♦     19 

35orbemerfungen     .......♦♦         43 

9?amen  ber  beutfd^cn,  fc^ttetjertfc|en  unb  anberen  Sintoonberet     ♦     48 

3ufi^ 424 


9Jr.  I. — 3lamtn  ber  erjien  Slnftebler  »on  ©ermantotott  unb  Um= 

gcgenb  »on  1683  btö  1710 .429 

^fJr.  II. — 5tamen  ber  erftcn  Slnjtcbler  »on  ben  SounticS  SBcrfö 

«nb  SJiontgomcr^,  urfprüngH(|  5't)tlabelpf)ia  Sount?  ic.  jc.    434 
3lx,  III.— ®c|»eijeri[c^e  unb  beutf4>e  5lnftebler  in  :^ancafter 

eount?,  oon  1709  big  1730       .....       436 
3lx,  IV.— 5Ramen,  Slltcr  unb  Seruföarten  ©erer,  tDelc^e  fa^ox 

Sofua  Ä'od^ertijal  begleiteten  jc.  jc 441 

9lr.  v.— gramen  ber  im  3ai)re  1710  in  9tew  gjorf  »erbleibenben 

3amilient)ä'upter  unb  beren  Stiter       ....        443 
«Rr.  VI.— gZamen  unb  Sllter  ber  »on  1710  ii^  1714  »on  ®ou= 

»erneur  punter  in  bie  2ef)re  get{)anen  Änaben         .       .    445 
3lx,  VII. — Flamen  ber  männlichen  ^Jf^tjer  über  einunbjtt5anjig 

3al)re  alt  jc.  jc,  in  Siüingfton  ^anox,  9?.  gj.      .       .       446 
^x,  VIII.— 9?amen  ber  erften  ^Jfä'ljer  in  ^lorb'Sarolina  in  ben 

Sauren  1709  unb  1710 449 

gtr.  IX.— stamen  ber  männlichen  ©aljburger,  bie  ftc^  »on  1734 

big  1741  in  Georgia  niebergclaJTen  l^abcn   ...       449 

mx.X 453 

^x.  XL— IDeutfcle  «Hnftebelung  in  ««orb=Sarolina,  1709, 1710    457 

mx.  XII.— ®ermanna 461 

«Rr.  XIIL— ««amen  ber  5)?änner  ju  ^m  dtoä^tüt,  1710        .    46^ 
yix.  XIV.— 9?amen  ber  erften  Slnfiebler  »on  Julpefjocfen,  Serfg 

unb  Lebanon  Scuntieö      .        .        .       .        .       .       465 

5tr.  XV.— gifte  ber  9)?itglteber  ber  beutfc^=reformirten  Äir($c  in 

ben  3al)ren  1735  bio  1755 468 

9?r.  XVI. — SSier^unbert  unb  fünfunbfe($jig  9?amen  beutfc&er, 

l)oßänbifcl)cr  u.  franäö[i[c|er  Gin»ol)ncr  »on  55l)ilab'a  So.  jc,    470 

ßrflärung  son  Xaufnamen 479 


i^mctat  ^nfrobudton. 




Love  of  fame,  the  desire  to  enlarge  their  dominion,  eager  to 
sway  the  sceptre  over  subjugated  nations,  influenced  the  ancient 
Germans  to  leave  their  hearths,  and  to  achieve  conquests,  thus 
proving  themselves,  in  days  of  yore,  as  in  the  middle  ages, 
Herren  der  Welt,  Lords  of  the  World. 

At  different  periods,  various  causes  and  diverse  motives  in- 
duced them  to  abandon  their  Vaterland.  Since  1606,  millions 
have  left  their  homes,  the  dearest  spots  on  earth,  whither  the 
heart  always  turns.  Religious  persecution,  political  oppression 
drove  thousands  to  Pennsylvania — to  the  asylum  for  the  har- 
rassed  and  depressed  sons  and  daughters  of  the  relics  of  the 
Reformation,  whither  William  Penn  himself  invited  the  perse- 
cuted of  every  creed  and  religious  opinion. 

From  1682  to  1776,  Pennsylvania  was  the  central  point  of 
emigration  from  Germany,  France  and  Switzerland.  Penn's 
liberal  views,  and  the  illiberal  course  of  the  government  of 
New  York  toward  the  Germans,  induced  many  to  come  to  this 
Province. — See  Appendix  No.  X. 

In  the  first  period  of  twenty  years,  from  1682—1702,  com- 
paratively few  Germans  arrived :  not  above  two  hundred  fami- 
lies,— they  located  principally  at  Germantown.  They  were 
nearly  all  Plattdeutsch,  Low  Germans,  from  Cleves,  a  Duchy 
in  Westphalia,  and  an-ived  in  1683-1685.  Leaving  their  na- 
tive country  at  that  time,  they  providentially  escaped  the  deso- 
lation of  a  French  war,  which  in  1689  laid  waste  the  city  of 
Worms,  near  which  town  they  resided;  ravaged  the  countries 

*  In  the  Fireside  History  of  German  and  Swiss  Immigrants,  a  fuller 
account  of  these  settlements  is  given. 

(1)  1 


for  miles  around,  where  the  flames  went  up  from  every  market 
place,  every  hamlet,  every  parish  church,  every  country  seat 
within  the  devoted  provinces.  When,  in  the  same  year  were 
laid  waste,  Rohrbach,  Laimen,  Nussloch,  Wissloch,  Kirchheim, 
Bruckhausen,  Eppelnheim,  Wieblingen,  Edingen,  Necker- 
hausen ;  and  Handschuhsheim,  in  the  Duchy  of  Baden,  in  which, 
says  Kayser,  Johannes  Schad  and  Ludwig  Kupp  were  consumed 
in  the  flames. — Kayser' s  Schauplatz  von  Heidelberg,  p.  505. 

Francis  Daniel  Pastorius,  born  at  Sommerhausen  in  Franconia, 
Germany,  Sept.  26,  1651,  arrived  at  Philadelphia  in  the  ship 
America,  captain,  Joseph  Wasey,  Aug.  20,  1683,  with  his  fa- 
mily. He  was  accompanied  by  a  few  German  emigrants :  Jacob 
Schumacher,  George  Wertmueller,  Isaac  Dübeck,  his  wife  and 
two  children,  Abraham  and  Jacob;  Thomas  Gasper,  Conrad 
Bacher,  alias  Butter,  and  an  English  maid,  Frances  Simpson. 
Others  soon  followed  Pastorius.  (For  a  List  of  their  names, 
and  of  the  first  settlers  at  Germantown,  see  Appendix  No.  I.) 
Pastorius  located  where  he  laid  out  Germantown  the  same  year 
in  which  he  arrived  in  Pennsylvania.  The  land  of  the  German- 
town  settlement  was  first  taken  up  by  him,  the  12th  of  the  10th 
month  (October)  1683.  He  commenced  the  town  with  thirteen 
families.  In  less  than  five  years  some  fifty  houses  had  been 

The  period  from  1702-1727  marks  an  era  in  the  early  Ger- 
man emigration.  Between  forty  and  fifty  thousand  left  their 
native  country — "  their  hearths  where  soft  afiections  dwell."  The 
unparalleled  ravages  and  desolations  by  the  troops  of  Louis  XIV, 
under  Turenne,  were  the  stern  prelude  to  bloody  persecutions. 
To  escape  the  dreadful  sufiierings  awaiting  them,  German  and 
other  Protestants  emigrated  to  the  English  colonies  in  America. 

In  1705,  a  number  of  German  Reformed,  residing  between 
Wolfenbüttel  and  Halberstadt,  fled  to  Neuwied,  a  town  of 
Rhenish  Prussia,  where  they  remained  some  time,  and  then 
went  to  Holland — there  embarked,  in  1707,  for  New  York. 
Their  frail  ship  was,  by  reason  of  adverse  winds,  carried  into 
the  Delaware  bay.  Determined,  however,  to  reach  the  place 
for  which  they  were  destined — to  have  a  home  among  the  Dutch, 
they  took  the  overland  route  from  Philadelphia  to  New  York. 
On  entering  the  fertile,  charming  valley  in  Nova  Caesaria, 
New  Jersey,  which  is  drained  by  the  meandering  Musconetcong, 
the  Passaic  and  their  tributaries,  and  having  reached  a  goodly 


land,  they  resolved  to  remain  in  what  is  now  known  as  the 
German  Valley  of  Morrison  county.  From  this  point,  the 
Gennans  have  spread  into  Somerset,  Bergen  and  Essex  counties. 
At  Elizabethtown,  where  the  first  English  settlement  was 
made  in  New  Jersey,  1664,  there  were  many  Germans  prior  to 
1730.*  There  was  also  a  German  settlement  at  a  place  known 
as  Hall  mill,  which  is  some  thirty  miles  from  Philadelphia. | 

A  well  supported  tradition  maintains,  that  a  Polish  colony,  consisting 
of  two  hundred  Protestants,  settled  in  the  early  part  of  the  eighteenth 
century,  in  the  valleys  of  the  Passaic  and  Raritan  rivers,  in  New 
Jersey.  They  were  led  by  Count  Sobieski,  a  lineal  descendant  of  the 
wide-world-known  John  Sobieski,  king  of  Poland,  who  routed  the 
Tartars  and  Turks  in  1683.  The  name  Zabriskie,  still  found  in  New 
Jersey  and  New  York,  seems  to  be  corrupted  from  Sobieski. — Bard's 
Rel.  Am.,  p.  81. 

In  1708  and  1709,  thirty-three  thousand,  on  an  invitation 
of  Queen  Anne,  left  their  homes  in  the  Rhine  country  for 
London,  where  some  twelve  or  thirteen  thousand  arrived  in  the 
summer  of  1708.|  These  were,  for  some  time,  in  a  destitute 
condition — wholly  depending  upon  the  charity  of  the  inhabi- 
tants of  the  English  metropolis. 

In  the  fall  of  1709,  one  hundred  and  fifty  families,  consist- 
ing of  six  hundred  and  fifty  Palatines,  were  transported,  under 
the  tutelar  auspices  of  Christian  De  Graffenried  and  Ludwig 
Michell,  natives  of  Switzerland,  to  North  Carolina.  As  in  all 
new  countries,  the  Palatines  were  exposed  to  trials,  privations 
and  hardships  incident  to  border  life.  One  hundred  of  them 
were  massacred  by  the  Tuskarora  Indians,  Sept.  22,  1711.  § 

*  „Den  16.  3unt  1734,  urn  10  Utjr  ^IJJorgettg,  fam  i^  nac^  gltfabctö» 
tot»n,  tt)o  »tele  Deutf^e  hjoljnett.  1)tefer  Drt  tjt  etliche  50?etlett  lang,  attein 
eg  ftnb  bte  |)äufcr  btöweilen  fcbr  weit  «on  etnanber  entfernt."— 3Son 
ated:  Ulfperger'ö  «Jlacibrii^ten  p.  159. 

f  Rev.  Michael  Schlatter  preached  here  in  1746. — Magazine  of  the 
Oerman  Reformed  Church,  II.,  p.  266. 

J  "There  were  books  and  papers  dispersed  in  the  Palatinate,  with 
the  Queen's  picture  on  the  books,  and  the  title  page  in  letters  of  gold, 
which,  on  that  account,  were  called,  'The  Golden  Book,'  to  encourage 
the  Palatines  to  come  to  England,  in  order  to  be  sent  to  the  Caro- 
linas, or  to  other  of  Her  Majesty's  colonies,  to  be  settled  there." — 
Journal  of  the  House  of  Commons,  England,  XVI.,  p.  467,  468. 

§  The  anniversary  of  this  massacre  was  solemnized  for  many  years 
as  a  day  of  fasting  and  prayer. —  Williamson's  N.  C,  I.,  p.  193,  194. 


The  descendants  of  these  Grermans  reside  in  different  parts  of 
the  State  * 

North  Carolina  received  constant  accessions  of  German  immigrants. 
In  the  first  third  of  the  last  century  came  Tobler,  and  the  Rev.  Zuber- 
biihler,  of  St.  Gaul,  Switzerland,  with  a  large  number  of  his  country- 
men, located  in  Granville  county.  Tobler  was  soon  appointed  Justice 
of  the  Peace.  Besides  these,  many  Germans  moved  from  Virginia  and 
Pennsylvania,  seated  themselves  in  the  mountainous  regions.  Lincoln- 
ton  and  Stokes,  as  well  as  Granville  county,  were  settled  by  Germans. 
In  1785,  the  Germans  from  Pennsylvania  alone  in  North  Carolina, 
numbered  upwards  of  fifteen  hundred  persons. — Loher,  p.  69. 

In  1707,  a  company  of  French  Protestants  arrived  and  seated  them- 
selves on  the  river  Trent,  a  branch  of  the  Neuse. — Hale's  Ü.  S.,  p.  98. 

At  the  time  these  Palatines  left  England  for  North  Carolina, 
the  Rev.  Joshua  Kocherthal,  with  a  small  band  of  his  perse- 
cuted Lutheran  brethren,  embarked  at  London,  1708,  for  New 
York,  where  they  arrived  in  December,  and  shortly  thereafter 
he,  with  his  little  flock,  settled  on  some  lands  up  the  Hudson 
river,  which  they  had  received  from  the  crown  of  England.  Two 
thousand  one  hundred  acres,  granted  by  a  patent,  Dec.  18, 
1709.— Ö'  Calahan's  Doc.  His.  iV.  Z,  p.  591.  The  Queen  also 
bestowed  upon  Kocherthal  five  hundred  acres  as  a  glebe  for  the 
Lutheran  church.  Newburg  is  the  place  of  this  settlement. f — 
Rev.  Kocherthal,  1719. 

Tn  the  meantime,  whUe  those  were  transported  to  North  Caro- 
lina, and  to  New  York,  three  thousand  six  hundred  Grermans 
were  transferred  to  Ireland ;  seated  upon  unimproved  lands  in 
the  county  of  Limerick,  near  Arbela  and  Adair ;  others,  in  the 
town  of  Rathkeale,  where  their  descendents  stul  reside,  and  are 
known  to  this  day,  as  German  Palatines,  preserving  their  time 
German  character  for  industry,  thrift  and  honorable  dealing. 
Persons  who  have  lately  visited  them  say,  "  They  are  the  most 
wealthy  and  prosperous  farmers  in  the  county  of  Limerick.  "| 
They  still  speak  the  Grerman  language.§ 

*  See  App.  No.  VIII.  and  No.  IX. 

•f-  Brodhead^s  Documentary  History  of  New  York,  V.,  p.  67.  The 
names  of  those  who  accompanied  Kocherthal  have  been  preserved,  and 
are  kept  in  the  archives  of  the  State  of  New  York.  —  See  App. 
No.  IV.  for  a  list  of  these  names. 

X  Journal  H.  C.  Eng.,  XVI.,  p.  465;  Methodist  Quarterly  Review,  Oct. 
No.  1855,  p.  489. 

§  Fliegende  Blätter,  IL,  p.  672. 


Of  the  large  number  that  came  to  England,  in  1708  and 
1709,  seven  thousand,  after  having  suffered  great  privations, 
returned,  half  naked  and  in  despondency,  to  their  native  coun- 
try. Ten  thousand  died  for  want  of  sustenance,  medical  attend- 
ance, and  from  other  causes.  Some  perished  on  ships.  The 
survivers  were  transported  to  English  colonies  in  America. 
Several  thousand  had  embarked  for  the  Scüly  Islands,  a  group 
south-west  of  England ;  but  never  reached  their  intended  des- 

Ten  sails  of  vessels  were  freighted  with  upwards  of  four 
thousand  Germans  for  New  York.  They  departed  the  25th 
December,  1709 ;  and  after  a  six  months'  tedious  voyage 
reached  New  York  in  June,  1710.*  On  the  inward  passage, 
and  immediately  on  landing,  seventeen  hundred  died.  The 
survivors  were  encamped  in  tents,  they  had  brought  with  them 
from  England,  on  Nutting,  now  Governor's  Island.  Here  they 
remained  till  late  in  autumn,  when  about  fourteen  hundred  were 
removed,  one  hundred  miles  up  the  Hudson  river,  to  Livingston 
Manor.  The  widowed  women,  sickly  men  and  orphan-chüdren 
remained  in  New  York.f  The  orphans  were  apprenticed  by 
Governor  Hunter,  to  citizens  of  New  York  and  of  New  Jersey.J 

Those  settled  on  Hudson  river  were  under  indenture  to 
serve  Queen  Anne  as  grateftd  subjects,  to  manufacture  tar  and 
raise  hemp,  in  order  to  repay  the  expenses  of  their  transporta- 
tion, and  cost  of  subsistance,  to  the  amount  of  ten  thousand 
pounds  sterling,  which  had  been  advanced  by  parliamentary 
grant.  A  supply  of  naval  stores  from  this  arrangement,  had 
been  confidently  anticipated.  The  experiment  proved  a  com- 
plete failure.§   There  was  mismanagement. 

The  Germans,  being  unjustly  oppressed,  became  dissatisfied 
both  with  their  treatment,  and  with  their  situation.  Governor 
Hunter  resorted  to  violent  measures  to  secure  obedience  to  his 
demands.    In  this,  too,  he  failed.    One  hundred  and  fifty  fami- 

*  John  F.  Watson  in  his  Annals,  Vol.  II.,  p.  258,  says —  this  was  a 
six  months'  voyage.  They  embarked  Dec.  25,  1709,  arrived  at  New 
York,  June  14,  1710.— Äee  Brodhead's  Doc.  Eis.  N.  Y.,  V.,  p.  167. 

f  For  a  list  of  the  names  of  families  that  remained  in  New  York, 
tee  App.  No.  V. 

X  For  a  list  of  the  names  of  apprenticed  children,  see  App.  No.  "P^I. 

§  For  a  list  of  names  in  Livingston  Manor,  see  App.  No.VI*;. 



lies,  to  escape  the  certainty  of  famishing,  left,  late  in  the  autumn 
of  1712,  for  Schoharie  Valley,  some  sixty  miles  north-west 
of  Livingston  Manor.  They  had  no  open  road,  no  horses  to 
carry  or  haul  their  luggage — this  they  loaded  on  rudely  con- 
structed sleds,  and  did  tug  these  themselves,  through  a  three- 
feet-deep  snow,  which  greatly  obstructed  their  progress — their 
way  was  through  an  unbroken  forest,  where  and  when  the  wind 
was  howling  its  hibernal  dirge  through  leaf-stripped  trees,  amid 
falling  snow.  It  took  them  three  full  weeks.  Having  reached 
Schoharie,  they  made  improvements  upon  the  lands,  Queen  Anne 
had  granted  them.  Here  they  remained  about  ten  years,  when, 
owing  to  some  defect  in  their  titles,  they  were  deprived  of  both 
lands  and  improvements.  In  the  Spring  of  1723,  thirty-three 
families  removed  and  settled  in  Pennsylvania,  in  Tulpehocken, 
some  fifteen  miles  west  of  Reading.  A  few  years  afterwards, 
others  followed  them.* 

The  other  dissatisfied  Germans  at  Schoharie,  who  did  not 
choose  to  follow  their  friends  to  Pennsylvania,  sought  for  and 
found  a  future  home  on  the  frontiers  in  Mohawk  Valley. 

New  Yoi'k  was,  at  an  early  day,  an  asylum  for  the  French  Protest- 
ants, or  Huguenots.  As  early  as  1656,  they  were  already  numerous 
in  that  State ;  ranking  in  number  and  wealth  next  to  the  Dutch.  New 
Rochelle,  situated  near  the  shore  of  Long  Island  sound,  was  settled 
solely  by  Huguenots  from  Rochelle  in  France.  "The  emigrants  pur- 
chased of  John  Pell  6,000  acres  of  land.  One  venerable  Huguenot,  it 
is  related,  would  go  daily  to  the  shore,  when,  directing  his  eyes  to- 
wards (the  direction)  where  he  supposed  France  was  situated,  would 
sing  one  of  Marot's  hymns,  and  send  to  heaven  his  early  morning  de- 
votions. Others  joined  him  in  these  praises  of  their  God,  and  remem- 
brances of  their  beloved  native  clime,  from  which  they  had  been  ban- 
ished by  the  merciless  fires  of  persecution." — Weiss'  His.  of  French 
Prot.  Ref.,  IL,  p.  304. 

In  Ulster  and  Dutchess  counties,  many  of  their  descendants  still  re- 
side. In  Ulster  are  the  descendants  of  Dubois,  Dian  or  Deyo ;  Has- 
broucq,  orHasbrouck;  Le  Febre,  Bevier,  Crispell,  Freir,  &c. — For 
names  of  males  at  New  Rochelle  in  1710,  see  App.  No.  XIII. 

Queen  Anne,  who  well  understood  the  policy  of  England,  to 
retain  her  own  subjects  at  home,  encouraged  the  emigration  of 
Germans,  sent  some  of  those  whom  she  had  invited  in  1708 
and  1709,  to  Virginia;  settled  them  above  the  falls  of  the 
Rappahannock,  in  Spottsylvania  county,  where  they  commenced 

*  For  a  list  of  names  of  first  settlers  in  Tulpehocken,  see  App.  No.  XIV. 


a  town,  called  Germanna.  The  locality  was  unpropitious.  They 
moved  some  miles  further  up  the  river,  "  where  they  soon  drove 
well."*  From  this  settlement  they  spread  into  several  counties 
in  Virginia,  and  into  North  Carolina. 

Shanandoah  and  Rockingham  county  in  Virginia  were  settled  by 
Germans  from  Pennsylvania,  prior  to  1746.  Many  of  their  descendants 
still  speak  the  German  language. 

When  George  Washington  and  others  were  surveying  lands  in  that 
part  of  Virginia,  in  April,  1748,  "they  were  attended  with  a  great 
company  of  people,  men,  women  and  children,  who  followed  through 
the  woods — they  would  never  speak  English ;  but  when  spoken  to,  they 
all  spoke  Dutch  (German)." — Spark's  Washington,  II.,  p.  418. 

In  1690,  King  William  sent  a  large  body  of  French  Protestants  to 
Virginia.  In  1699,  another  body  of  six  hundred  Huguenots  came  to 
Virginia,  under  Philip  Da  Richebourg,  and  were  assigned  lands  on  the 
south  side  of  James  River  about  tv? enty  miles  from  the  present  site 
of  Richmond. — Howison's  Virginia,  II.,  p.  160,  161. 

Some  of  the  names  of  the  Huguenots  have  i»een  handed  down,  such 
as  Chastain,  David,  Monford,  Dykar,  Neim,  Dupuy,  Bilbo,  Dutoi,  Salle, 
Martain,  Allaigre,  Vilain,  Sohlet,  Chambon,  Levilain,  Trabu,  Louca- 
dou.  Gasper,  Flournoy,  Amis,  Banton,  Sasain,  ,Solaigre,  Givodan, 
Mallet,  Dubruil,  Guerrant,  Sabattie,  Dupre,  Bernard,  Amonet,  Porter, 
Rapine,  Lacy,  Bondurant,  Goin,  Pero,  Pean,  Deen,  Edmond,  Benin, 
Stanford,  Forqueran,  Roberd,  Brian,  Faure,  Don,  Bingli,  Reno,  Lesueur, 
Pinnet,  Trent,  Sumter,  Morriset,  Jordin,  Gavin. —  Weiss'  H.  Fr.  Pro. 
Ref.  IL,  p.  322. 

Because  of  relentless  persecution  and  oppression  in  Switzer- 
land, a  large  body  of  defenceless  Mennonites  fled  from  the  Can- 
tons of  Zurich  (the  birth-place  of  Gessner,  Zimmerman,  Lava- 
ter  and  Pestalozzi) ;  of  Bern  and  SchaflFhausen,  about  the  year 
1672,  and  took  up  their  abode  in  Alsace,  above  Strassburg,  on 
the  Rhine,  where  they  remained  till  they  emigrated,  1708,  to 
London,  thence  to  Pennsylvania.  They  lived  some  time  at  Ger- 
mantown,  and  in  the  vicinity  of  Philadelphia.  In  1712,  they 
purchased  a  large  tract  of  land  from  Penn's  agents,  in  Pequa«, 
then  Chester,  now  Lancaster  county.  Here  this  small  colony 
erected  some  huts  or  log  cabins,  to  serve  temporarily  as  shelters. 
Here  the  time  and  again  persecuted  and  oppressed  Swiss,  sepa- 
rated from  friends  and  much  that  makes  life  agreeable,  hoped 
to  unmolestedly  begin  anew.  Here,  surrounded  on  all  sides 
by  several  clans  of  Indians,  they  located  in  the  gloomy,  silent 
shades  of  a  virgin  forest,  whose  undisturbed  solitude  was  yet 

*  See  App.  No.  XII. 


uncheered  by  the  murmurs  of  the  honey  bee,  or  the  twit^ 
terings  of  the  swallow,  those  never-faiUng  attendants  upon  the 
woodman's  axe.  For  the  hum  and  warbUngs  of  those,  they  had 
not  only  the  shout  and  song  of  the  tawny  sons  of  the  forest, 
but  also  the  nocturnal  bowlings  of  the  ever  watchful  dog,  bay- 
ing at  the  sheeny  queen  of  night,  as  she  moves  stately  on, 
reflecting  her  borrowed  light.  By  way  of  variety,  their  ears 
v/ere  nightly  greeted  by  the  shrill,  startling  whoop  of  the  owl, 
from  some  stridulous  branches  overhanging  their  cabins,  and 
bending  to  the  breeze  of  evening,  or  by  the  sinister  croakings 
of  some  doleful  night  songsters  in  the  contiguous  thickets. 

This  Swiss  settlement  formed  the  nucleus,  or  centre  of  a 
rapidly  increasing  Swiss,  French  and  German  population,  in  the 
Eden  of  Pennsylvania.* 

Hereafter,  the  influent  accession  from  the  European  continent 
steadily  increased,  so  much  so,  as  to  excite  attention,  and  create 
no  small  degree  of  alarm  among  the  '■^fearful  of  that  day."'f' 

It  is  stated,  by  a  popular  Annalist,  upon  the  authority  of  another, 
that  the  first  settlement  in  Lancaster  county  was  made  by  some  French 
families  in  1704. —  Watson's  Annals,  II.,  p.  112. 

The  families  named  were  still  at  Bittingheim,  in  the  latter  part  of 
May,  1708 — and  only  arrived  in  New  York  late  in  December,  1708,  as 
■ffill  appear  from  the  sequel. 

Mary  Führe  (Feree)  of  Bittingheim,  High  bailiwick  of  Germersheim, 
applied  March  10,  1708,  for  a  pass  to  come  to  the  "Island  of  Penn- 
sylvania"— these  are  the  words  in  the  pass — „auf  bte  ^nful^'^ennfi^löantett 
per  |)oUanb  unb  Snglanb  fic^  ju  begeben  unb  ntlba  ju  toot)nen  »Drtjaben." 

She  and  her  family  also  applied  for  a  certificate  of  church  member- 
ship, May  10,  1708,  which  sets  forth  that  they  were  of  La  profession 
de  la  pure  Religion  Reformee,  frequente  nos  sainies  assembles,  et  participe 
ä  la  cene  du  Seigneur  avec  les  autres  fidUes.  The  certificate  is  signed  by 
J.  Roman,  Pasteur  et  Inspecteur,  attested  by  the  clerk. 

Madam  Feree,  or  Wemar,  or  Warembier,  as  she  was  called  by  all 
these  names,  her  son  Daniel  Fiere,  Isaac  Feber,  or  La  Fevre,  and 
others,  accompanied  the  Rev.  Kocherthal  to  New  York  in  1708.  Here, 
says  current  tradition,  she  remained  till  1712.  The  records  at  Harris- 
burg  show,  that,  Sept.  12,  1712,  Maria  Warenbiir,  Wemar,  or  Fiere, 
at  the  instance  of  Martin  Kendig  had  2,000  acres  of  land  confirmed 

*  For  names  of  first  settlers  in  Pequa  Valley,  see  App.  No.  III. 

f  Since  the  days  of  James  Logan,  an  influential  man  of  the  Pro- 
vincial Council,  who,  in  1724,  said  some  unkind  things  of  the  Germans. 
In  another  work  the  Editor  notices  this  charge  more  fully.  Politicians 
have  more  than  once,  in  their  threnodies,  complained  to  the  Germans: 
"We  piped,  and  ye  did  not  dance." 


to  her  at  Pequae. — His.  Lan.  Co.  p.  102;  O'Calahan's  Doc.  His.  N.  Y., 
III.,  p.  550. — For  the  names  of  those  who  accompanied  Kocherthal,  see 
App.  No.  IV. 

Scarcely  had  the  Mennonites  commenced  making  their  lands 
arable,  when  they  sent  a  commissioner,  Martin  Kendig,  to  Ger- 
many and  to  Switzerland,  to  induce  others  to  come  to  Penn- 
sylvania. He  was  successful.  There  were  large  accessions  to 
this  new  colony  in  1711  and  1717  and  a  few  years  later.  So 
great  was  the  influx  at  this  time  of  Swiss  and  German  immi- 
grants, as  to  call  forth,  as  already  stated,  public  attention,  es- 
pecially of  those  in  office. 

Governor  Keith,  says  the  Record,  "  observed  to  the  Board — 
the  Governor's  council — that  great  numbers  of  foreigners  from 
Germany,  strangers  to  our  language  and  constitution,  having 
lately  been  imported  into  this  Province,  daily  dispersed  them- 
selves immediately  after  landing,  without  producing  certificates 
from  whence  they  came  or  what  they  are,  and,  as  they  seemed 
to  have  first  landed  in  Britain,  and  afterwards  to  have  left  with- 
out any  license  from  government,  or  as  far  as  they  know,  so,  in 
the  same  manner,  they  behaved  here,  without  making  the  least 
application  to  him  or  any  of  the  magistrates.  That,  as  this  prac- 
tice might  he  of  very  dangerous  consequence,  since,  by  the 
same  method,  any  number  of  foreigners,  from  any  nation  what- 
ever, enemies  as  well  as  friends,  might  throw  themselves  upon 
us."   This  was  in  1717. 

This  observation  by  Gov.  Keith  led  to  the  adoption  of  a  measure, 
which  has  prevented  the  loss  of  the  names  of  upwards  of  thirty  thousand 
of  the  first  German  immigrants  to  Pennsylvania.*    His  jealously  of 

*  The  Editor  wrote  to  the  Secretary  of  the  State  of  New  York,  and 
inquired  of  him  whether  similar  Lists  as  those  preserved  at  Harris- 
burg,  are  to  be  found  in  the  Secretary's  office  at  Albany.  The  follow- 
ing is  the  Secretary's  reply : 

State  of  Nxw  Yokk,  Secretary's  Office,  \ 
Albany,  July  18, 1856.  J 

I.  D.  Rdpp,  Esq. 

Dear  Sir: — We  have  in  our  Office  no  Lists 
of  the  kind  you  refer  to.  We  have  indices  of  foreigners,  who  file  what 
are  called  alien  depositions,  to  enable  them  to  hold  real  estate,  and 
who  have  become  citizens;  but  these  would  comprise  a  very  small 
proportion  of  the  entire  number  of  immigrants,  who  are  brought  into 
the  State.  Yours,  Truly, 



the  Germans  at  this  time,  though  he  afterwards  espoused  their  cause 
heartily,  has  been  overruled  to  preserve  the  memory  of  the  oppressed 
and  persecuted.— See  Col.  Rec,  III.,  pp.  29,  228. 

In  1719,  Jonathan  Dickinson  remarked:  "We  are  daily  ex- 
pecting ships  from  London,  which  bring  over  Palatines,  in  num- 
ber about  six  or  seven  thousand.  We  had  a  parcel  that  came 
over  about  five  years  ago,  who  purchased  land  about  sixty  miles 
west  of  Philadelphia,  and  proved  quiet  and  industrious."* 

After  1716,  Germans,  a  few  French  and  Dutch,  began  to 
penetrate  the  forest  or  wilderness — some  twenty,  thhty,  forty, 
others  from  sixty  to  seventy  miles,  west  and  north  from  the 
metropolis.  Large  German  settlements  had  sprung  up  at  differ- 
ent points  within  the  present  limits  of  Montgomery  and  Berks 
counties.  At  Goshenhoppen  there  was  a  German  Reformed 
church,  organized  as  early  as  1717.f  Some  Mennonites  coming 
from  the  Netherlands,  settled  along  the  Pakihmom,ink,\  and 
Schkipeck  (a)  a  few  years  later. 

Germans  and  French  located  on  the  fertile  lands  of  Waldink  (li) 
encompassed  by  hills.  Here  an  opening  was  made  for  others — 
persecuted  Huguenots.  Amongst  the  prominent  families  in 
Oley  were  the  Turcks  or  De  Turcks,  Bei-tolets,  Berdos,  De  la 
Plaines,  Delangs,  Loras,  Levans,  Yoder,  Keim,  Herbein,  Schaub, 
Engel,  Weidner,  Schneider,  Alstadt. 

Abraham  De  Turck,  of  Oley,  in  a  note  to  the  Editor,  March  1844, 
says:  "My  ancestors,  Isaac  Turck  and  De  Turck  by  name,  lived  in 
France.  They  were  of  the  so  called  Huguenots,  on  account  of  which 
they  were  obliged  to  flee  to  the  city  of  Frankenthal  in  the  Palatinate. 
Thence  they  emigrated  to  America,  and,  at  the  time  of  Queen  Anne, 
they  settled  in  New  York  in  the  neighborhood  of  Esopus.  They  moved 
to  Oley  in  1712.  The  patent  of  my  land  is  dated  1712." — Hü.  Berks 
Co.,  p.  88. 

Isaac  Txirck,  aged  23,  husbandman,  unmarried,  was  one  of  the 
number  who  accompanied  Kocherthal.    See  App.  No.  IV. 

In  this  connection,  though  apparently  out  of  place,  it  may  be  stated 
that  nineteen  of  the  number  who  accompanied  Rev.  Kocherthal,  turned 
pietitU  the  first  year;  whereupon  Kocherthal  and  Schiineman  petitioned 
the  Council,  May  26,  1709,  that  these  nineteen  might  be  deprived  of 

*  These  were  some  of  those  who  had  come  to  Pennsylvania  upon 
the  invitation  of  Martin  Kendig. — His.  Lan.  Co.,  pp.  79-117. 

■j-  German  Reformed  Messenger,  Aug.  3,  1842. 

J  Perkioming  meaning  at  the  Cranberry  place,  (a)  Skippack,  i.  e. 
stinking  pool  of  water.  (6)  Oley,  by  interpretation,  a  cavern,  cell,  also 
a  tract  of  land,  encompassed  by  hills. 


their  atutmanee,  "because  they  had  withdrawn  from  the  communion  of 
the  minister,  and  the  rest  of  the  Germans."  June  18th  a  committee 
was  appointed  to  inquire  into  the  dispute  between  the  Germans.  June 
2l8t  this  committee  reported,  "That  none  of  the  allegations  brough; 
against  the  pietüls  had  been  proved  before  them,  and  that  they  should 
be  cared  for  in  like  manner  with  the  others." — O^Calahan's  Doc.  His. 
N.  Y.,  III.,  p.  544. 

Among  the  early  settlers  of  Alsace,  or  Elsace  township,  Berks 
county,  were  many  French  Reformed  or  Huguenots ;  also  Swedes 
who  were  Lutherans. 

"Tradition  has  it,  that  the  Huguenots,  German  Reformed 
and  Lutherans  held  religious  meetings  within  a  mile  or  two  of 
Reading,  and  in  conformity  with  the  good  custom  of  their  fathers 
in  Europe,  conducted  their  worship  in  the  evening  as  well  as 
during  the  day." — Bücher. 

The  Geimans  were  principally  farmers.  They  depended  more 
upon  themselves  than  upon  others.  They  vrielded  the  mattock, 
the  axe  and  the  maul,  and  by  the  power  of  brawny  arms  rooted 
up  the  grubs,  removed  saplings,  felled  the  majestic  oaks,  laid 
low  the  towering  hickory;  prostrated,  where  they  grew,  the 
walnut,  poplar,  chestnut — cleaved  such  as  suited  the  purpose, 
into  rails  for  fences — persevered  untiringly  until  the  forest  was 
changed  into  arable  field.  They  were  those  of  whom  Governor 
Thomas  said,  1738:  "This  Province  has  been  for  some  years 
the  asylum  of  the  distressed  Protestants  of  the  Palatinate,  and 
other  parts  of  Germany ;  and,  I  believe,  it  may  truthfiilly  be 
said,  that  the  present  flourishing  condition  of  it  is  in  a  great 
measure  owing  to  the  industry  of  those  people;  it  is  not  alto- 
gether the  fertility  of  the  soil,  but  the  number  and  industry 
of  the  people,  that  makes  a  country  flourish." —  Col.  Rec.  iv.  315. 

England  understood  well  the  true  policy  to  increase  the  num- 
ber of  the  people  in  her  American  colonies, — she  retained  at 
home  her  own  subjects,  encouraged  the  emigration  of  Germans; 
by  this  England  was  the  gainer,  without  any  diminution  of  her 

Unreasonable  as  it  may  seem,  it  was  this  class  of  Germans, 
that  were  so  much  feared,  "  whose  numbers  from  Germany  at 
this  rate,  would  soon  produce  a  German  colony  here,  and  per- 
haps such  a  one  as  Britain  once  received  from  Saxony  in  the 
fifth  century."  * 

♦   Watson's  Annah,  II.,  p.  25Ö. 


In  1719,  some  twenty  families  of  Schwartzenau  T'dvfer  arrived  at 
Philadelphia.  Some  settled  at  Germantown,  others  located  on  the 
Skippack,  in  Oley,  at  Conestogo  and  Miilbach,  Lancaster  county. 

About  1728  and  1729,  the  Germans  crossed  the  Susquehanna, 
located  within  the  present  Hmits  of  York  and  Adams  county, 
and  made  improvements  under  discouraging  circumstances. 
Feudsj  so  common  on  the  borders  of  States,  existed  between 
the  people  of  Pennsylvania  and  Maryland — strife  for  ascendency 
among  the  rulers!  Some  were  actually  '■'■kansasd!" 

In  1736,  Thomas  Cressap  of  Maryland,  made  himself  captain — 
headed  some  fifty  "congenial  spirits"  for  no  other  purpose,  than  to 
drive  the  Germans  from  their  farms.  To  inspire  his  accomplices,  he 
very  generously  proposed  to  divide  the  land  owned  and  improved  by 
the  Germans,  among  his  associates.  To  reward  them  for  anticipated 
services,  he  promised  each  two  hundred  acres.  The  Germans  were 
seized  by  force  of  arms — their  houses  demolished — and  they  themselves 
carried  off  and  imprisoned,  for  no  other  reason  than  that  they  were 
subjects  to  the  proprietory  of  Pennsylvania. — Col.  Rec.  iv.  09-122. 

As  early  as  1710-1712,  German  emigrants  came  to  Maryland,  settled 
in  the  region  between  Monocacy  and  the  mountain,  on  the  spot  where 
Fredericktown  was  subsequently  laid  out  by  Patrick  Dulany,  1745. 
This  first  settlement  soon  extended  to  the  Glades,  Middletown  and 
Hagerstown.  Between  1748  and  1754,  twenty-eight  hundred  Germans 
were  brought  to  Maryland,  many  of  whom  settled  in  Baltimore. — Rev. 
Zacharias'  Centenary  Sermon,  1847.  Butler's  History  of  Maryland, 
pp.  51,  52,  61,  02. 

The  tide  of  emigration  from  the  continent  of  Europe  was 
strong.  Various  influences  were  brought  to  bear  upon  the  in- 
crease of  the  influx.  In  Pennsylvania,  the  Neuländer,  tools  in 
the  hands  of  shipowners,  merchants  and  importers,  contributed 
much  to  induce  Germans  to  leave  their  homes.  There  was, 
besides  these,  another  class,  who  were  active  in  prevailing  upon 
the  inhabitants  of  Germany  to  abandon  their  country  for  the 
new  world.  These  two  classes,  Neulanders  and  speculators,  re- 
sorted to  diverse  arts  in  order  to  effect  their  purposes.  They 
gave  those,  whom  they  desired  to  abandon  their  homes,  assur- 
ances, endorsed  by  solemn  promises,  that  the  Poeis  Arcadia 
had  at  last  been  found  in  America.  To  possess  this,  in  Louisiana, 
on  the  banks  of  the  Mississippi,  several  thousaiids  left  Germany 
in  1716  and  1717,  under  the  leadership  of  the  notorious  John 
Law,  who,  instead  of  bringing  them  immediately  on  their  arrival 
in  America,  to  the  promised  Eden,  on  the  banks  of  the  Father 
of  the  Western  Water,  landed  them  on  the  pontines  of  Biloxi 
near  the  Mobile.    Here  they  were  exposed,  without  protection 


against  their  many  foes,  for  five  years.  Not  one  of  them  entered 
the  promised  paradise.  Two  thousand  were  consigned  to  the 
grave.  The  pallid  survivors — about  three  hundred,  finally  seated 
on  the  banks  of  the  Mississippi,  1722,  some  thirty  or  forty  miles 
above  New  Orleans.  Law  had,  through  his  agents,  engaged 
twelve  thousand  Germans  and  Swiss.  The  sad  fate  of  those  of 
Biloxi,  was  spread  abroad,  which  deterred  others  from  coming 
to  participate  in  the  promised  blessings  of  the  Elesyan  fields, 
or  to  possess  the  Eldorado  ! 

The  three  hundred  on  the  Mississippi  were  very  poor  for  some 
years.  They  had  been  reduced  to  the  most  extreme  poverty. 
"From  these  poor,  but  honorable  Grermans,  have  sprung,"  says 
Gat/arre,  "some  of  the  most  respectable  citizens  of  Louisiana, 
and  some  of  the  wealthiest  sugar  planters  in  the  State."  Their 
descendants  forgot  the  German  language,  and  have  adopted  the 
French ;  but  the  names  of  many  clearly  indicate  the  blood  cours- 
ing in  their  veins ;  nevertheless  more  than  one  name  has  been 
so  frenchified  as  to  appear  of  Gallic  parentage.  The  coast,  so 
poor  and  beggarly  at  first,  and  once  known  as  the  German  coast, 
has  since  become  the  producer  and  the  receptacle  of  such  wealth, 
as  to  be  now  known  by  the  appropriate  name  of  Cote  d'or,  i.  e. 
Coast  of  Gold* 

Father  Du  Poisson,  Missionary  to  the  Arkansas,  in  1727,  in  passing 
along  here,  visited  Les  Allemands,  the  Germans,  May  10th. — "We  ad- 
vanced six  leagues,  which  is  about  as  much  as  they  can  ever  accomplish 
in  ascending  the  river,  and  we  slept,  or  rather  encamped  aux  Allemands 
(at  the  Germans).  These  are  the  quarters  assigned  to  the  lingering 
remnant  of  that  company  of  Germans  most  of  whom  had  died  of 
misery,  some  at  the  east,-)-  and  some  on  arriving  in  Louisiana.  Great 
poverty  is  visible  in  their  dwellings." — Early  Jesuit  Miss.,  II.,  pp.  236, 
262,  263,  267. 

In  the  spring  of  1734,  some  Lutherans,  known  in  history  as 
Saltzburgers,  from  Saltzburg,  a  city  of  Upper  Austria,  arrived 
in  Georgia.  In  Europe,  they  too  had  been  the  victims  of  bloody 
persecution.  "  They  had  been  driven  from  their  country  and 
their  homes,  on  account  of  their  unswerving  attachment  to  the 
principles  of  the  Gospel."  | 

*   Gayarre's  Louisiana,  pp.  860,  361.    Barbe  Morbois^  His.  La. 

f  Near  Dauphin  Islands,  twenty-five  miles  south  of  Mobile. — Brownes 
Illinois,  p.  168. 

X  Rev.  A.  P.  StrobeVs  His.  of  the  Saltzburgers,  p.  21 — a  book  that 
every  German  should  have  in  his  library. 



This  devotedly  pious  band  of  Christians  was  accompanied  by 
their  attached  pastors,  the  Rev'ds.  John  Martin  Boltzius  and 
Israel  Christian  Gronau,  and  an  excellent  schoolmaster.  Chris- 
tian Ortman.  The  Saltzburgers  locat-ed  in  Effingham  county, 
and  styled  their  first  settlement  Ebenezer,  to  express  their  un- 
feigned gratitude  to  the  Lord,  who  had  been  to  them,  "A  strong 
rock;  a  house  of  defence,  to  save  them."* 

The  Schoolmaster  was  deemed  no  less  important  than  the  pastor. 
"The  cause  of  education  was  not  overlooked  by  the  Germans.  A  fund 
was  subsequently  created  for  the  schoolmaster's  support;  for  our  pious 
forefathers  judged,  and  very  correctly  too,  that  no  country  can  prosper 
in  which  provision  is  not  made  for  the  mental  culture  and  improvement 
of  the  rising  generation." — Strobel. 

This  German  colony  received  accessions  from  time  to  time, 
until  they  reached,  prior  to  1745,  several  hundred  families. 
There  were  also  many  Germans  residing  in  Savannah ;  besides 
some  forty  or  fifty  Moravians  in  the  same  State,  under  the 
pastoral  care  of  the  Rev.  David  Nitschman. 

"  The  Moravians  made  no  permanent  settlement  in  Georgia. 
When  the  Spanish  war  broke  out,  they  removed,  almost  to  a 
man,  to  the  State  of  Pennsylvania,  because  it  was  contrary  to 
their  religious  faith  to  take  up  arms  in  any  cause."  f 

In  1738,  some  arrived  in  Pennsylvania  and  located  at  Beth- 
lehem. |  "In  1740,  those  who  had  remained,  left  Georgia  and 
joined  their  brethren  in  Pennsylvania.  Thus  the  mission  among 
the  Indians  in  Georgia,  aft«r  a  promising  beginning,  was  at  once 
suspended."  § 

Before  the  Moravians  came  to  Pennsylvania,  a  respectable 
number  of  Schwenckfelders  had  arrived,  settling  in  Bucks  and 
Philadelphia  county,  now  Montgomery,  Berks  and  Lehigh.  The 
Schwenckfelders  had  intended,  before  leaving  their  homes  in 
Europe,  to  embark  for  Georgia.  They,  however,  changed  their 
minds  and  established  themselves  in  the  asylum  for  the  op- 
pressed, Pennsylvania. 

In  1732,  Monsieur  Jean  Pierre  Pury,  of  Neuchatel,  Switzer- 
land, visited  Carolina.     Being  encouraged  by  the  Government 

*  For  names  of  males  of  first  settlers,  see  App.  No.  IX. 
f  StrobeVs  Saltzburgers,  p.  80. 

J  For  names  of  those  who  left  Georgia  and  came  to  Pennsylvania, 
tee  Addenda  B. — Orantz'  Brüder-Oeschichte  p.  302. 
\  Loakiel,  Part  II.,  p.  6. 


both  of  England  and  Carolina,  he  undertook  to  settle  a  colony 
of  Swiss  there.  In  1732,  one  hundred  and  seventy  persons  were 
transported.  These  were  soon  followed  by  others.  In  a  short 
time  the  colony  consisted  of  three  hundred  persons.  They  set- 
tled on  the  north  bank  of  the  Savannah,  built  a  town  called 
Pury&hxirgli^  about  thirty-six  miles  above  the  mouth  of  the 
river.  The  colony  still  continued  to  increase.  In  1734,  Pury 
brought  two  hundred  and  seventy  persons  more  from  Switzer- 
land. All  these  were  brought  from  Switzerland  at  the  expense 
of  Pury  and  several  of  his  friends,  who  advanced  him  money 
for  that  purpose,  he  having  spent  the  greatest  part  of  his  for- 
tune in  the  prosecution  of  that  design,  before  he  could  bring  it 
to  execution.  There  were  now  nearly  six  hundred  souls  in  this 

"  This  was  done  in  pursuance  of  a  scheme,  proposed  by  Mr. 
Pury  to  the  Assembly  of  South  Carolina;  his  scheme  was  to 
people  the  southern  frontier  of  Carolina  with  brave  and  laborious 
people,  such  as  the  Swiss  are  known  to  be.  The  Assembly 
highly  approved  of  this  scheme ;  to  assist  him  in  the  execution 
of  it,  they  passed  an  act,  August  20,  1731,  which  secured  to 
him  a  reward  of  £400,  upon  his  bringing  over  to  Carolina  a 
hundred  effective  men.  In  this  act  the  Assembly  promised  also 
to  find  provisions,  tools,  &c.,  for  three  hundred  persons  for  one 
year.  Purysburgh  in  1747,  contained  more  than  one  hundred 
houses  tolerably  well  built. 

In  CoUeton  county,  on  the  north  bank  of  North  Ediston  river, 
12  miles  from  its  mouth,  stands  Wilton,  or  New  London,  con- 
sisting of  80  houses  built  by  Swiss  under  the  direction  of  Zu- 
berbühler,  with  leave  from  the  Assembly.  This  town  proved 
detrimental  to  Purysburgh,  being  in  the  heart  of  the  country 
and  near  the  capital ;  it  drew  people  thither,  who  did  not  care 
to  go  to  Purysburgh," — Bowen's  Geog.  ii.  645.  London  edi- 
tion, 1750. 

From  1740-1755,  a  great  many  Palatines  were  sent  to  South 
Carolina.  They  settled  Orangeburg,  Congaree  and  Wateree.* 
In  1765,  upwards  of  six  hundred  from  the  Palatinate  and  Swabia 
were  sent  over  from  London,  and  had  a  township  of  land  set 
apart  for  them."!' 

*  Ramsay's  S.  C.  i.  3,  4. 

f  Holme's  American  Annals,  ii.  268. — Proceedings  of  the  House  of 
Commons,  England,  Aug,  1764. 


Many  of  the  Dutch  colonists,  dissatisfied  with  their  situation  in 
New  York,  after  the  submission  of  the  colony  to  the  crown  of  Eng- 
land, repaired  to  South  Carolina,  and  contributed  by  their  industry 
to  the  cultivation  of  the  province.  The  success  that  attended  them 
induced  more  of  their  countrymen  to  follow  their  example. — Ramsay. 

In  1679,  Charles  II.  sent  at  his  own  expense,  in  two  ships,  a  com- 
pany of  Huguenots  to  South  Carolina,  in  order  that  they  might  culti- 
vate the  vine,  the  olive,  &c.  In  1752,  no  fewer  than  sixteen  hundred 
Protestants,  chiefly  French,  settled  in  South  Carolina. — Holmes ;  Baird. 

In  1739,  a  number  of  Lutherans  and  German  Reformed  pur- 
chased a  tract  of  land  from  General  Waldo,  and  laid  out  the 
town  Waldoborough,  in  Lincoln  county,  Maine.  Bremen,  a 
village  in  the  same  county,  and  Frankfort,  in  Waldo  county, 
were  undoubtedly  laid  out,  or  settled  by  Germans,  as  the  names 
would  indicate.  During  the  Spanish  and  French  war,  in  1746, 
Waldoborough  was  laid  in  ashes  by  some  Canadian  Indians. 
Some  of  the  inhabitants  were  massacred,  others  abducted.  Not 
a  few  died  from  the  ill-treatment  received  at  the  hands  of  the 
savages, — some  made  their  escape,  and  were  dispersed  in  Ca- 
nada. Waldoborough  remained  in  ruins  until  1750.  In  1751, 
invited  by  those  in  authority,  thirty  German  famuies,  and  m 
1752,  fifteen  hundred  individuals  from  Europe,  persons  of  means, 
settled  in  Maine.  "  The  title  of  land  from  General  Waldo  prov- 
ing unsound,  many  left,  the  colony,  and  its  numbers  have  never 
greatly  increased." — Hazelius,  pp.  34,  48,  &c.  Loher,  1772. 
"Some  of  them  left  Maine  to  join  their  countrymen  at  London- 
derry, South  Carolina,  but  most  of  these  repented  of  having 
taken  that  step,  and  returned  to  Maine,  where  their  descendants 
are  to  be  found  to  this  day." — Baird. 

King  George  II.  of  Great  Britain,  held  out  strong  induce- 
ments, through  very  liberal  promises,  to  all  who  would  emigrate 
into,  and  settle  Nova  Scotia,  when  a  considerable  body  of  Ger- 
mans, principally  Hanoverians,  left  their  country,  embarked  for 
America,  landed  at  Chebucto  bay,  near  Halifax,  the  capital  of 
Nova  Scotia,  where  fourteen  hundred  and  fifty-three  re-em- 
barked, and  landed  at  Marligiiish,  on  the  7th  of  June,  1758. 
"  Here  they  laid  out  the  flourishing  town  of  Lunenburg.  Here 
they  were  doomed  to  experience  the  same  resistance  from  the 
natives  which  the  colonists  at  Halifax  had  met  with,  in  settling 
the  Peninsula;  and  the  early  history  of  the  place  contains  little 
else  than  a  constant  succession  of  struggles  with  the  savages, 
in  which,  notwithstanding  the  powerful  protection  they  received 


from  the  Government,  they  lost  many  Hves.  Their  attempts  at 
agriculture  were  therefore  restricted  within  a  very  narrow  com- 
pass, and  the  settlement  of  the  adjoining  country  was  retarded 
until  the  French  power  and  influence  in  Nova  Scotia  were  sub- 
dued."— Haliburton's  His.  Nova  Scotia,  I.,  p.  162 ;  Murray's 
Brit.Amer  ,11.,  i>.  55;  iyöAer,  pp.  68,  74;  M'CuUoch's  Urn., 
IL,  p.  498. 

From  1735,  settlements  in  Pennsylvania  multiplied  rapidly; 
extended  over  vast  regions,  west  of  the  Saosquahanaunk,* 
whither  the  Scotch-Irish  had  led  the  way.  The  German  settle- 
ments kept  pace  with  the  native.  From  the  Susquehanna  west- 
wards, in  Cumberland  Valley,  they  had  located  prior  to  1765 
along  the  limpid  Callapasscink  (a),  on  either  side  of  the 
sinuous  SuNiPDUCKHANNET  (b),  and  farther  west,  along  the 
GUNNEUKISSCHIK  (c) ;  three  principal  streams,  draining  this 
fertile,  highly  improved  district  of  country. 

The  Kau-ta-tin-Chunk  (d),  extending  from  the  Delaware 
hundreds  of  miles  westwards,  was  not  an  insurmountable  barrier, 
— that  they  crossed,  and  laid  out  farms,  "where  shortly  after- 
wards they,  their  wives  and  children,  were  exposed  to  the  torch, 
hatchet  and  scalping  knife  of  the  savages,  and  their  midnight 
assault  and  slaughter."  Hundreds  fell  victims  to  the  relentlessly 
cruel  savage,  along  the  Blue  Mountains,  south  and  north  of  them 
and  along  the  Susquehanna,  as  far  north  as  Penn's  Creek,  from 
1754-1763,  and  even  at  a  later  period.  Among  the  massacred 
were  many  Germans — more  than  three  hundred  in  all. 

Germans  massacred,  north  of  the  Blue  Mountain,  within  Monroe 
county,  among  others,  were:  Guldin,  Höth,  or  Huth,  Bömper,  Vana- 
ken,  Vanflör,  Schnell,  Hartman,  Hage,  Brundich,  Hellman,  Gonderman, 
Schleich,  Müller,  Vandelap,  Decker,  Van  Gondie,  Brincker.  South 
and  north  of  the  same  mountain,  within  the  present  limits  of  North- 
ampton, Carbon  and  Lehigh — more  than  one  hundred  were  killed. 
Among  them  were :  Sohn,  Klein,  Bittenbender,  Roth,  Schaffer,  Anders, 
Nitschman,  Senseman,  Gattermyer,  Fabricius,  Schweigert,  Leslie, 
Presser,  Depu.  Along  the  same  mountain,  within  the  limits  of  Berks, 
Lebanon  and  Dauphin  county  —  Reicheisdörfer,  Gerhart,  Neidung, 
Hug,  or  Kluck,  Linderman,  Schott,  Kraushar,  Zeissloflf,  Wünch, 
Dieppel,  Henly,  Spitler,  Nöcker,  Maurer,  Böshar,  Fell,  Kühlmer, 
Lang,   Trump,   Yäger,   Sechler,   Schetterly,  Sauter,  Geiger,  Ditzler, 

*  Susquehanna,  i.  e.  Long-crooked-river.  (a)  Yellow  breeches,  the  sig- 
nification of  the  Indian  name  is,  Where-it-turns-back-again.  (b)  Cano- 
doquinet,  i.  e.  For-a-long-way-nothing-but-bents.  (c)  Canoeocheague, 
i.  e.  Indeed-a-long-journey.    (d)  The  Kittatiny  or  Blue  Mountain. 



Frantz,  Schnebele,  Mosser,  Fincher,  Hubler,  Martloff,  Wolf,  Händsche, 
Weisser,  Miess,  Lebenguth,  Motz,  Noah,  Winkelblecb,  Zeuchmacher,  &c 

Prior  to  1770,  tlie  wilderness  of  Pennsylvania  was  penetrated 
beyond  the  Allegheny  Mountains.  Settlements  were  effected 
within  the  present  bounds  of  Westmoreland  and  other  western 
counties  of  this  State.  A  number  of  German  families  had  lo- 
cated on  the  Monongahela  as  far  up  as  Redstone,  Brownsville, 
Fayette  county.  Here  settled  the  Weismans,  Pressers,  Verval- 
sons,  Belongs,  Jungs,  Martins,  Shutts,  Peters,  Schwartz,  But- 
ters, Cackeys,  Abrahams,  and  others,*  whom  that  devoted  min- 
ister of  the  cross,  the  Rev.  John  Conrad  Bücher,  visited  in 
November,  1768. —  Col.  Eec,  IX.,  p.  508  ;  German  Reformed 
Messenger,  May  24, 1854 ;  Rupp's  History  of  Berks  Co.,  p.  459. 
For  names  of  many  other  Germans  in  Westmoreland  county^ 
see  the  History  of  Western  Pennsylvania,  by  the  Editor. 

*  The  first  Germans  in  Western  Pennsylvania,  located  in  Greene 
county.  These  were  two  brothers,  the  Eckerleins  of  Ephrata,  who 
left  there  and  settled  in  the  depths  of  the  wilderness,  in  1745. — Chroni- 
con^jffAra^ense,  pp.  158,  195,  197.  Coi.  Äec,  V.,  p.  531.  Prior  to  1764, 
Wendel  Braun,  and  his  two  sons,  and  Frederick  Waltzer,  located  four 
miles  west  of  üniontown. — Smith's  Old  Redatone,  p.  25. 

lUIgemetne  fittfettung. 

Äurje  53emerfungen  über  tit  bebeutenfcften  beutfc^cn,  \d)WtU 

jenfc^en  unt  franjö|tfd[)m  5tnftebelungen  in  S^iortamertfa 

n)ä^rmt>  bcr  Solonialjett* 

Siebe  nac^  9lu^m,  bag  (Streben  nacb  35ergrö§cning  ibrer  ^err* 
f(^aft  unb  bie  33cgterbc,  i^r  ©ccpter  über  unterjochten  ?>ölfern  ju 
fcbroingen,  beeinflußten  bie  alten  I)cutfdben  ibren  ^erb  ju  oerlajjen 
unb  Eroberungen  ju  macben.  Doburcb  erroiefen  fie  ft(^  oor  5tlterö 
jDie  im  SJZittelalter  aU  bie  „J^crren  ber  SBelt." 

3JJannigfaItig  waren  bie  Urfadben  unt  33ettteggrünbe,  »etcbe 
fie  ju  »erfdbiebencn  Seiten  bewogen,  ibr  SSatertanb  ju  »eriajfen. 
<5eit  1606  bflben  SJZiUionen  ibrer  ^eimotb,  bent  Jbeuerjien  auf 
Srben,  nacb  bent  fi^  bie  ©eele  immer  wieber  jurütffebnt,  ben 
^üdfen  jugefebrt.  9teligiöfe  Verfolgungen  unb  ftaatli(^e  Untere 
jocbung  trieben  laufenbe  nacb  ^^ennf^Ioanien,  ber  3«fl«cbtöftätte 
für  bie  gequälten  unb  untertrücften  ®öbne  unb  Jöc^ter  ber 
Steformation,  unb  wobin  aucb  2öiüiam  ^enn  felbft  bie  55erfoIgten 
jeben  Sefenntniffeö  unb  religiiJfer  2lnfcbauung  einlub. 

S3on  1682-1776  war  ^Jcnnfploanien  ber  Sentralpunf  t  ber 
(Jinwanberung  üon  3)eutfcblanb,  ^ranfreicb  unb  ber  Si^wei}. 
5)enn'3  liberale  Slnflc^ten  unb  ber  böt^f^  unliberale  SBeg,  t»en  tie 
Slegierung  öon  9lew  ?)orf  gegen  bie  Deutfciyen  eingefcblagen  batte, 
bradbten  »iele  in  biefe  ^rooinj.   (®iebe  5lnbang  9ir.  X.) 

3n  bem  crflen  3ettabf^nitt  öon  1682-1702  famcn  öerbältniß- 
mä§ig  nur  wenige  X)eutfcbe  an:  wobl  nicbt  mebr  aU  jwei  bun* 
bert  gamilien,  bie  ficb  meiflcnö  in  ©ermantown  nieberliefen.  'Die= 
felben  waren  beinabe  fämmtlid)  ^lattbeutfcbe  au!3  dleöe,  einem 
^erjogtbum  in  ^t\tp1^aitn,  unt  langten  b^fr  in  ben  Sab'^f« 
1683-1685  an,  X)a  fie  ibr  33aterlant)  ^u  ber  3eit  öcrliepcn, 
fo  entgingen  ftc,  Dan!  ber  göttlicben  3?orfebung,  ben  Sßerbeerun« 

*  3n  bem  Sfficrfe  "  Fireside  History  of  German  and  Swiss  Immigrants" 
flnbet  ber  Stftr  «mfajfenbere  Slu^fiinft  über  bitfe  Slnfiebflunfltn. 


20  ^Ilgcmeme  dinleiinng. 

gen  beg  fratt3örtfcf)en  Äriegeö,  mlä^tx  1689  bic  ©tabt  2ßomt3 
gerftörte,  in  bercn  S^lä^e  fte  gewohnt  Ratten,  unb  ba^  8anb  nteilen=^ 
weit  öernjüftetc.  55on  jebem  ^Jiarftfleden,  »on  jebem  2)övf(^en, 
öon  |eber  ^farrürc^e,  öon  jebem  Sanbfi^c  inner()alb  bcr  ungtü(f= 
liefen  ^roöinjen  lobertcn  bie  flammen  empor.  3n  bemfelkn 
3aBre  rourben  ebenfattö  jerftört:  3fto^rbac^,  Saimen,  ^^lu^Ioc^, 
S^Cn^tcc^,  Äir(^t)eim,  33ru(f Raufen ,  Sppeln^eim,  äßieblingen, 
ßbingen,  9iecfer^aufen  unb  ^anbf^u^ö^eim  im  ^er3ogtt)um 
33aben,  in  tt5el(^em  nac^  ^a^fer  3o^<inneö  ©d)ab  unb  2ub= 
h)ig  9lupp  öerbrannt  tt»orben  ftnb. — ^a^fer'ö  ®(^aup(a^ 
öon  ^eibeltterg,  ©.505. 

granj  Daniel  ^>aftoriuö,  geBoren  ju  ©ommer^aufen  in  i^van^ 
fen  am  26.  ©ept.  1651,  lanbete  in  ^^itabelp^ia  mit  bem  ®(^iffe 
„Simerifa",  Kapitän  3ofcp^  Söafe^,  am  20.  3tuguft  1683  [ammt 
feiner  gamilie.  (Seine  S3egteiter  iuaren  einige  beutfc^e  (£inn)an= 
berer:  ^aUb  (S(^u^ma(^er,  @eorg  Söertmüüer,  3f«af  ^il^cd, 
grau  unb  jtvei  ^inber,  5lbra^am  unb  ^atob,  i^omaö  ©afper, 
ßonrab  33u(^er,  alias  9tutter,  unb  ein  englifc^eö  '3Kabd)en,  9iamenö 
granjeö  ©impfon.  Slnbere  folgten  ^aftoriuö  balb  nac^.  (gür 
eine  ?ifte  ber  Flamen  unb  ber  erflen  Slnfiebter  öon  ©ermantoron 
(te:^c  Sln^ang  ^v,  I.)  ^aftoriuö  liep  ft^  in  bcmfetkn  3«^«, 
in  bem  er  nac^  ^ennf^Iöanien  gefommen,  ba  nieber,  wo  er  ^ernac^ 
©ermantottjn  grünbete.  Der  ®runb  ju  biefer  5tieberlaffung 
würbe  öon  i^m  bereits  am  12.  Oftober  1683  aufgenommen.  Den 
Anfang  ber  ©tabt  machten  breige^n  gamilien.  3«  weniger  aU 
fünf  Sauren  waren  fd)on  fünfjig  Käufer  errichtet. 

Die  ^eriobe  öon  1702-1727  begeii^net  einen  ßeitabfc^nitt  in 
ber  ©efd^ic^te  ber  erften  beutf(^en  Sinwanberung.  3>i'i[<^en  öier= 
jig  unb  fünfjig  taufenb  vertiefen  i^re  ^eimatt).  Die  beifpietlofen 
SSert)eerungen  unb  ^Berwüftungen  ber  3:ruppen  ^ubwig'ö  XIV. 
unter  Jurcnne,  waren  baö  traurige  25orfpiet  blutiger  2?erfoI= 
gungen.  Um  biefen  f(^re(fU(^en  Reiben,  bie  il)rer  erwarteten,  ju 
entgei)en,  wanbertcn  beutf(^e  unb  anbere  5)roteftanten  nad^  ben 
engiifcben  Kolonien  in  Imerüa  au^. 

1705  flüd)tete  ftcfe  eine  Stnjat)!  Deutft^-JReform.irter,  bie^wifc^en 
Sßolfenbüttel  unb  ^)alberftabt  wofinten,  na^  5fieuwieb  unb  »on 
bort  nad)  -^oüanb,  wo  \k  ftd)  1707  nad)  9lew  glorf  cinfc^ifften. 
aßibrige  Jßinbe  trieben  i()r  ©c^ifftcin  bie  Delaware  S3a9  ^^inauf» 
Da  fte  ftc^'tf  jcboc^  vorgenommen  trotten,  an  bcn  Ort  ibrer  33e= 
ftimmung  ju  gelangen  unb  ii)re  ^eimatt)  unter  bcn  ^oUänbcrn 
ju  fud)en,  nal^men  fte  von  ^t)i(abelpl)ia  ben  lieber lanbweg  na«!^ 

9le»  §)orf.  211«  fie  after  baö  cntjüdfenbe  %i)al  '^o'oa  Safaria  in 
9ten)  3erfe9  ju  ©eftc^t  befamen,  »elc^eö  burc^  ben  ftc^  ötn[c^län= 
gelnben  ^JiJZuöconetcong,  ?)affaic  unt>  fceren  Buflüffe  getvänft  irirt), 
unb  guteö  2ant)  gefnnben  fatten,  entfc^loffen  pc  [i^  bafdbft  ju 
bteifeen.  ©icfc  ^lieterlajfung  ifi  je^t  nnter  bent  stamen  "  German 
Valley  oon  ^Jtorrifon  Sountp"  befannt  SSon  biefem  5)unft 
verbreiteten  fid^  t)ie  Dcutfc^en  über  bie  Sonntieö  ©omerfet,  33cr= 
gen  nnb  Sflfer. 

3n  Slifabet^town,  ber  erfien  englifc^cn  ^tieberlaffung  im  Staate 
^iero  3crfe9  »om  3a:^re  1664,  gab  eg  öielc  2)eut[c^e  fc^on  »or 
1730.*  Sn  mm  ^aU,  einem  öon  g)^ilabelp^ia  ettt>a  breifig 
SlJleilen  entfernten  Drte,  war  ebenfalls  einebentfc^c  ^iieberlajfnng.f 

Sine  »o^lbcörünbfte  Ucberlteferung  it^anpM,  bag  am  Slnfang  beö  a^U 
jeltnten  3ai^r!^unbert«  ftc&  eine  aüi  jwet^unbcrt  tjroteflantt[c|en  ^clen  he- 
ftet)enbc  Solonte  in  ben  Xtjäkrn  beö  55af[atc  unb  3iarttan  in  9Zew  Serfep 
niebergelaffen  liabe.  £){efelbe  l)atte  ben  Orafcn  (Sobieött  ntm  güt)rer,  einen 
bireften  Slbfömmling  bcö  Weltberühmten  5)o(enfönigg  3ot)ann  (£obies?ft, 
ber  im  3al)re  1683  oor  SBien  bie  dürfen  aufg  C'a«>'t  fi^lwö-  3Der  in 
9?e»  3erfe9  unb  ^m  g)orf  fic^  nod&  finbenbe  '^ame  3abri^He  fc^eint  eine 
»crborbene  gorm  »on  ©obie^fi  ju  fein.— Bard's  Rel.  Am.,  p.  81. 

2lnf  eine  Sintabnng  ber  Königin  SInna  öertief  en  in  ben  3^^^ 
rcn  1708  nnb  1709  breiunbbrei§ig  tanfenb  it)re  Jpeimatt)  in  ben 
ai^cinlänbern,  »on  benen  im  ©ommer  1708  etira  gwölf  ober 
breije^n  tanfenb  in  ßonbon  anfamen.|  !I)iefe  2ln!ömmlinge 
njaren  eine  3eitlang  in  einer  fotc^'  ^ülflofen  Sage,  ba§  fie  ganj 
unb  gar  »on  ber  SJlilbt^tigfeit  ber  33e»o^ner  ber  J^auptftabt 
(Snglanb'ö  abhängig  fein  mußten. 

3m  ©pätja^r  1709  rourben  ein  ^unbert  unb  fünfjig  pfäljif^e 
Familien,  befle^enb  auö  fec^g  :^unbert  unb  fünfzig  (Seelen,  unter 
ber  2luffi^t  unb  bem  ©c^u^e  beö  S^riftian  be  ©raffenrieb  unb 
Cubtüig  ^O'Iic^ell,  beibc  (Sd^weiger  öon  ®eburt,  nac^  9iorb=Saro^ 

*  "June  16th,  1734,  at  10  o'clock  A.  M.,  I  came  to  Elizabethtown, 
where  many  Germans  reside.  This  place  is  several  miles  in  length, 
but  the  houses  are  sometimes  separated  by  a  considerable  distance." — 
Eeck,  Ulsperger^s  Nachrichten,  p.  159. 

i  55aJtor  m^ad  Schlatter  prebigtc  %'m  1746. 

X  „Sucker  unb  Leitungen  tturben  in  ber  5>f<Jlj  öcrbreitet.  Sluf  ben 
Suchern  njar  ber  Königin  Silb  unb  bn^  Jttelblntt  mit  golbenen  2?ucbftabcn 
oerjiert,  tt>egb<ilb  fie  auc^  ba^  „golbene  23u(^"  genannt  würben.  3t)r  ^'(Oid 
war,  bie  ^'fa'ser  ju  bewegen,  nac^  Snglanb  ju  fommen,  urn  nad&  ben 
Sarolinag  ober  anbcrn  Sotonicn  3t)rer  5)?ajeftät  aXi  5lnfteb(er  geft^tcft  ju 
»erben,"— Sournal  beö  englifc^en  Untertiaufeö,  XYL,  ®,  467,  468. 

22  ^Ilgtmtint  €inltitnng. 

lina  gefanbt.  SBie  in  alien  neuen  Säntcrn,  fo  waren  auc^  tit 
^fäljer  ^ier  ^^riifungen,  Entbehrungen  unto  SSefc^merfcen,  »ie  flc 
^rf)  im  ©renjleben  fiet^  ^nfcen,  au^gefe^t.  X)ie  Jugfarora  3nt>ia= 
ncr  me^elten  am  22.  ©ept.  1711  ein  ^unt)ert  terfelben  nietier.* 
2)ic  Slbfömmlingc  tiefer  !Deutf(^en  tt)ol)nen  in  »erf(^iet)enen  J^ei* 
len  beg  (Staate^  jerftreut.f 

9torb'Sarolina  erbielt  einen  beftänbtgen  3wflw§  »on  beutf^en  (Stnman- 
bfrern.  3m  trften  Tiritttbetl  bea  legten  3abrbunbert«  fam  Xoblax,  unb 
jur  ftlbtn  3"t  liff  fitb  ^Jafior  Bwberbübler  »on  St.  ©alien  mit  einer 
flro§en  Slnjabl  feiner  Sanböleutc  in  OranotUe  Sount?  m'eber.  Zohlax  »urbe 
balb  barauf  jum  griebcnöricbter  ernannt.  2lu§er  biefen  jogen  »if  le  X)cutfcbe 
OUÖ  5Jennf9lüanten  unb  2?irgtnten  babin  unb  fcblugen  tbren  Söobnfi^  in 
ben  gebirgigen  (SJegenben  auf.  Sincolnton,  ®tofeö,  fotcie  aucb  ®ran»iHe 
County  biben  Deutfcbe  colonifirt.  X)te  aui  ^Jennf^loanien  eingett5anbcrten 
Deutftben  in  9?orb«Sarolina  jä'blten  1785  allein  über  fünfjebn  bunbett 
5)erfonen.— Sober,  <S.  69. 

3m  3abrf  1707  langte  eine  (Sefellfcbaft  franjöfifiier  ^[roteftanten  an, 
bie  fid)  am  gluffc  Jrent,  einem  3lrm  ber  5fJeufe,  ben  Drt  ibrer  9iieberlof- 
fung  »äblten.— 5)ale'«  S3er.  ®t.,  i».  98. 

3ur  3e't/  als*  tk^^  SJfäl^er  fid)  üon  Sngtant)  nac^  9lorb=Saro* 
lina  einfd^ifften,  ging  auc^  ^^aflor  Sofua  Äoc^ert^al  mit  einer 
fleinen  Jperbe  feiner  »erfolgten  lut^erifc^en  ©lauben^brüber  in 
Sonbon  äufö  ®^iff  (1708),  um  naä)  9ten)  §)orf  überjufegeln, 
wo  fte  auc^  im  December  teöfelben  Sa^reö  anfamen  unt>  fid^  turj 
barauf  an  ten  oberen  Ufern  t>eö  .^utfon  auf  einem  ©trieben 
Sanbcg,  »eld^eö  i^nen  bie  Ärone  @nglanb'g  gefc^cnft  ^tte,|  an= 
ftcbelten.  Die  Königin  gcnel^migte  ^^aftor  Äcc^ert^al  »eitere 
fünf  ^unbert  Slder  aU  .Ktrd^engut  für  bie  lut^erif^e  ^irc^e.  9leu= 
bürg  ijl  ber  Drt  biefer  9tiebcrlaifung.§— ^aftor  Äo^ert^at,  1719. 

Sßä^renb  bicfc  nac^  9?orb*SaroIina  unb  9iett)  Sovf  gefc^idt 
würben,  fe^te  man  brei  taufenb  fec^ö  ^unbert  Deutf^e  nac^  3^= 
lanb  über,  jum  S3ebauen  uncultiöirten  Sanbeö  im  Sountp  Sime= 
rief  in  ber  9tä^e  öon  2lrbela  unb  2lbair;  Slnbercn  würbe  tai 
©täbtc^en  0lat^feaIe  jum  Sßo^nort  angewtefen,  wo  i^rc  Stac^* 

*  „Der  3abre3tag  biefe«  Slutbabö  tourbe  »iele  3abre  lang  mit  gajitn 
unb  Seten  feftitib  begangen."— SBilliamfon'ö  31.  £.,  L,  ®.  193, 194. 

i  (Siebe  Slnbang  <«r.  VIII.  u.  IX. 

X  „3tDei  taufenb  ein  bunbert  5lcfer  laut  föniglicben  Sefebl«,  18.  Decbr. 
1709."_O'Calahan's  Doc.  His.  N.  Y.,  p.  591. 

$  Srobbeab'ö  Doc.  ®efcb.  »on  m.  §).,  V.,  ©.  67.  Die  9?amen  »on 
Äotbertbal'ö  Segleitern  würben  erbalten  unb  finb  im  ®ta«t0ar(i)i»  ju  9?ejp 
Dorf  ju  finben.— (öiebe  Slnbang  ««r.  IV. 

^Ugtmeint  Äinleitnjtj.  23 

fommen  flc^  noc^  ftnben  unt  |cuttge3  lagcg  aU  „teutfd^c  5)fäl= 
gcr"  befannt  finb,  unt)  alö  foIcf)e  auc^  t^rcm  ächten  beutfAeu 
S^arafter,  bent  g(ei§,  ber  SJtrt^fc^aftltc^feit  unb  tent  e^rlicbcn 
ipanbein,  treu  cieMieben  flnt».  9te{fenlie,  mel^e  biefelben  fiirjUd) 
feefu(^t,  fagen  »on  it)nen :  „®{c  fmb  tic  rei(^jlen  unt>  n)ot)l^bent= 
ften  Sauern  in  2imericf  ßount^."*  Diefclben  fprcc^cn  auc^  tie 
bcutfc^e  ©prad^c  nodj.f 

25on  ber  großen  Slnja^I,  W  in  ben  3a|wn  1708  unb  1709 
nadi  Snglanb  gefommen  waren,  fe^rten  flcbcn  taufenb,  nad^bem 
ffe  gro^c  Selben  au^geflanben,  in  !^alb  nadtcm  unb  »crjjvcifcltem 
3ujtanb  in  i^r  SSaterlanb  guriicf.  ^i^n  taufenb  ftarben  au« 
9)^angel  an  9ia^rungömittcln,  ärjtlid^etn  Seiflanb  unb  anbercn 
Urfac^en.  Slnbere  famen  auf  ©(Stiffen  urn.  !Dic  noci^  Uebcrleben= 
ben  rourben  nac^  ben  englifc^cn  (Kolonien  in  Slmerifa  gebrad^t. 
ßtlic^c  taufenb  njoUtcn  nac^  ben  fübwefllic^  t>on  Snglanb  ge= 
(egenen  (SciK9=3nfeIn  iiberfc^iffen,  finb  aber  nie  bafelbjl  ange= 

S(^n  (Schiffe  waren  mit  über  »ier  taufenb  Deutfc^en  belabcn 
unb  für  9lew  g)orf  beflimmt.  2lm  25.  !Decbr.  1709  fegcitcn  bie^ 
felben  unb  liefen  im  3unt  1710  nac^  einer  fec^ömonatlid)en  l)öd)^ 
befc^roerlic^en  3Reife  im  Jpafen  »on  ^em  ^oxt  ein.|  ^uf  i^rer 
Steife  in'«  3nncre  turj  nac^  bem  3lnlanben,  ftarben  pebje^n  ^un= 
bert.  Die  Ucberlebenben  fc^Iugcn  i^r  Sager  in  ßelten  auf,  welche 
fle  »on  Snglanb  mitgebracht  Ratten,  unb  gwar  auf  Glutting,  bem 
|e|)igen  ®o»ernor'ö  3<?tanb.  i^ier  »erblieben  fic  biö  fpät  im 
^erb^,  aU  etwa  »ierje^n  ^unbert  nad^  Sioingöton  ?Wanor,  ^un= 
bert  ^cikn  am  ^ubfon  hinauf,  »erlegt  würben.  T)ic  »erwittweten 
grauen,  IräufU(|en  9Jiänner  unb  2öaifen  blieben  in  ^ew  §)ort.§ 
T)k  2öaifen  gab  ®ou»erneur  J^unter  bürgern  »on  9lew  §)or{ 
unb  ^lew  ^tx\i^  in  bie  Se^re.  |1 

!Dic  nac^  bem  ^ubfon  ©efc^icften  waren  unter  SBcrpflic^tung, 
ber  Königin  Slnna  alö  get)orfame  Untert^anen  banfbarft  ju  bic* 

*  Journal  beg  cngltfc&en  Unterbaufe«,  XVI.,  <©.  465;  ?Wftl)ob.  D.uar= 
Hxlx)  mti\,  Oft.  1855,  ®.  489. 

t  gitegcnbe  Sölätter,  IL,  e.  672. 

X  Sifie  Srobbeab'ö  Doc.  ®efc|.  9f.  W-,  V.,  (5. 167. 

§  Sine  9lamtn«ltftc  ber  in  9tcn)  2)crf  jurücfgeblicbenen  Bamilttn  finbet 
fiilj  im  Sln^ang  9tr.  V. 

II  2Int)ang  ^tt.  VI.  gibt  eine  S'Iamcnöliftc  ber  in  bie  ?tbrf  gegebcuen 

24  allgemeine  ^inleUitng. 

nen,  %^m  ju  fod^en  unb  ^anf  ju  tauen,  um  bie  öom  Parlamente 
c|en)ät)rte  ©umme  oon  je^n  taufenb  ^^funt»  ©terUng,  n?elc^e  il)vc 
Ueberfa^rt  foftete,  ^urücfjuerftatten.  "^an  ^atte  ertoartet,  au[ 
foI(^e  2öeife  baö  ©cfeiffömagajin  ju  füllen.  ®runb  übler  2>er= 
waltung  erroieö  fic^  aber  tiefer  33erfuc^  aU  gänjli^  mißlungen.* 
!Die  fo  ungere^t  unterferücften  ©eutfc^en  würben  mit  it)rcr 
Se^anbtung  unb  ?age  unjufrieben.  ©ouüerneur  Runter  griff 
gu  gewaltt^ätigen  9}?a§regeln,  um  feinen  23efe^(en  ®ei)orfam  ju 
erzwingen.  2luA  bieg  mißlang  il)m.  3ni  ©pätberbft  1712 
brauen  ein  ^unbert  unb  fünfzig  gamilien,  um  bem  fiebern  ^un= 
gertob  ju  entgegen,  nac^  bem  fei^jig  Steilen  norbweftlic^  »on 
Siöingöton  5Jianor  gelegenen  ©c^o^arie^I^al  auf.  S^a  gab'3 
feine  bur(^brod)ene  ©trafen,  feine  ^ferbe,  bie  it)r  ®epäcf  getragen 
ober  gejogen  Ratten.  T>kS  lub  man  auf  grobgejimmerte  ©(^litten 
unb  fc^Ieppte  eö  mit  eigener  ^anb  bur(^  ben  brei  gu§  tiefen 
©c^nee,  ber  i^r  3?orwärt^fommen  fe^r  ^inberte.  36r  Söeg  führte 
bur^  baö  X)icfi^t  beö  Urwalbeö,  Dur^  beffen  entlaubte  Steige 
ber  f(^neibenb  >alte  Sßinb  pfiff  unb  bie  fatlenben  (5(i)neef(ocfen 
jornig  burc^einanber  iagte.  X)ie  ^Jieife  bauerte  brei  ooüe  Söoc^en. 
3n  ©^o^arie  angelangt,  bebauten  fte  bie  i^nen  'oon  ber  Königin 
3tnna  »ertie^enen  Sänbereien.  ^ier  »erweiltcn  fte  je^n  öotlc 
3a^re,  biö  i^nen  @runb  eineö  ^Berfe^enö  in  i^rer  Urfunbe  i^r 
fämmtlic^eö  ?anb  mit  aßen  35erbefferungen  entriffen  würbe.  3nt 
grü^ia^r  1723  brachen  brei  unb  brei^ig  Familien  auf  unb 
fc^Iugen  i^ren  2ßo^nort  in  lulpe^ocfen,  etwa  fünfje^n  ^JJeilcn 
weftlic^  üon  JReabing,  auf.   (Sinige  3a^re  barauf  folgten  Slnberc 


X)ie  übrigen  unjufriebenen  T)eutf(^en  gu  (Sc^o^arie,  bie  i:^ren 
greunben  nict)t  nac^  ^ennfploanien  folgen  woüten,  fuc^ten  fi(^ 
im  ?0^ofeawf  X^ale  eine  gufünftige  ^eimat^. 

yifro  §)orf  war  fc&on  früf)£  ein  3uf[uc|t6Drt  für  bte  franäl)ftf(|en  55rotcfl= 
anten,  gc»öt)nHc^  Hugenotten  genannt,  (geben  1656  tcaren  btefelbcn  jabl= 
retd)  im  ^sjtaate  ijortianben.  ^n  ßaU  unb  ®ütern  fanten  fte  ben  |)ol= 
lönbern  am  nä'cbften.  9tew  dioä)iü(,  ba^  nabe  ber  lüfte  ber  «KWeerenge 
»on  Song  S^lanb  gelegen  ift,  tcurbe  au^fdilie^Iid^  üon  Hugenotten  auö 
gtoc^eUe  in  3ranfrei($  gegrünbet.  ,Xk  Smigranten  fauften  »on  Sotjn 
^ott  6ÜUÜ  2lcfcr  Sanb.    Sin  ebrtoürbtger  Hugenotte,  fo  erjäblt  man,  ging 

*  3m  5lnbang  9lr.  VII.  finbet  fic^  eine  9?amengHjte  btefer  gamilten  ja 
fitoing^ton  Wanor. 

+  3lnbang  5ir.XIV.  gibt  eine  9tamenöltfte  ber  erften  5lnfiebler  i«  Julpe» 

^llgcmtine  Umleitung.  25 

tägltc^  an  btc  ilujle  unb,  tnbem  er  fein  5luge  granlretc^  ju  rtd^tetc,  fang  er 
ctn^  öon  5J?arofö  fiebern  unb  fd^tcfte  fein  5)?orgcngebet  jum  Fimmel. 
Slnbere  [ttmmtcu  mit  ein  in  baö  2ob  itjrcö  ®otteö  unb  in  bic  ßrinnerungen 
an  il;r  geliebte^  SBaterlanb,  au3  bem  fic  bte  graufamen  gcuer  ber  äJerfol» 
gung  »ertriefcen."— Jffiei§'  ®cfc^.  ber  franj.  pxoU  9tef.,  IL,  ^,  304. 

3n  ben  Sountieö  Uljler  unb  !Dut4>e§  tt)ot)nen  noci&  öiele  i^rer  5lbfi)inm= 
Itngc.  3n  Ulfter  finben  fic|  bie  (Sproffen  i5on  2)uboiö,  i)ian  ober  ©e^o,  $aö= 
brcucq  ober  ^aöbroucf,  Sa  Sebre,  Sßeoicr,  dxi^peü,  greir  u.  f.  w.— ®iet)e 
bic  ^tarnen  ber  mönnlic^en  dintoo^mx  öon  5tew  Sloc^ette  1710,  im  Sln^ang 
^x,  XIII. 

T)it  Äönigtn  2lnna,  welche  tie  ©taat^flug^eit  Snglanb'ö  auö= 
gejeic^net  öerflanb,  forgte  fletö  tafür,  ta^  il)re  eigenen  Unter* 
tränen  ju  ^aufc  blieben,  tie  ©eutf^en  aber  jur  Stuöwanterung 
aufgemuntert  »ürten.  ®o  fc^iifte  fie  einige  »on  tenen,  tie  fie  in 
ten  Sauren  1708  unt  1709  nac^  engtant  gelocft  ^atte,  nac^ 
SSirginien,  »o  i^nen  ein  ©tüdf  Santeö  oberl^olb  ter  2ßafferfälle 
teö  3tappa:^anno(f  in  ©pottfploania  Sount^  angewicfen  rourte. 
2)afelbj^  grünteten  fie  tie  ©tatt  ©ermanna.  !Die  @egent  n?ar 
ungün^ig»  (Sic  jogen  te^^alb  einige  5Jiei(en  ftromaufroärtö,  roo 
fic  bait  ®Iü(f  Ratten.*  3Son  tiefer  ^Zieterlaffung  verbreiteten  fie 
fic^  über  mehrere  Sountieö  öon  35irginien  unt  9?ort=(SaroUna» 

T)k  Sountieg  (B^ananioaf)  unb  Stodingbam  in  23irginten  tuurben  öor 
1746  öon  Deutfd^en  aui  ^Jcnnf^loonien  angefiebelt.  25iele  »on  ibren  9tac^* 
fommen  reben  nocb  bie  beutfc^e  ©pracbe. 

8113  ©eorge  SBafbington  unb  2lnbere  im  %pxil  1748  in  jenem  %t)eü 
SSirginien'g  i^xt  Sänbereien  »ermaf  en,  „liefen  ibnen  ©cbaaren  »on  Män= 
nern,  SBeibern  unb  Äinbern  ju,  bie  ibnen  bnrc^  bie  SBälber  nat^folgten  unb 
nie  englif(b  fprac^en,  aber,  wenn  angerebet,  in  beutf(^er  ®prad()e  ont»or= 
teten."— ©parfö  SBafbington,  IL,  ©.418. 

1690  fibicfte  Äbnig  SBiaiam  eine  gro^c  Slnjabl  franjöfif($er  5)rotejianten 
nad^  3Sirginien.  ©ine  »eitere  ©cnbung  oon  fedjö  bunbert  Hugenotten  fam 
unter  ^i)ilm  X)e  Stii^ebourg  na^  33irginien.  ^^mn  nsurbe  eine  ©trecfe 
ßanbeg  auf  ber  ©übfeite  be^  3iimeti=g(uffeö,  ettua  jwanjig  Steilen  öon 
ber  je^igen  Sage  Stiimonb'^,  angc^icfen.— |5ot»ifon'ö  SStrginien,  IL, 
(©.  160, 161. 

Sinigc  ber  9tamen  biefer  Hugenotten  finb  unö  erbalten  toorben;  j.  23. 
^)}a^ain,  Dasib,  ?0?onforb,  D^^far,  ÜZeirn,  SDupup,  33ilbo,  Dutot,  ©alle, 
5Bartain,  Slüaigre,  ä>i(atn,  ©obfct,  Sb^^nibon,  Seotlain,  Jrabu,  Soucabou, 
©aöper,  glourno^,  5Irntö,  Santon,  (^afain,  ©olaigre,  ®i»oban,  Stallet, 
Duc9,  Sonburant,  ®oin,  fero,  55ean,  Seen,  Sbmonb,  Senin,  (^tanforb, 
gorqueran,  9{oberb,  SBrian,  gaure,  X)on,  33ingli,  dttno,  Sefueur,  ginnet, 
Xrent,  ©umter,  ÜiJJorrifet,  Sorbin,  ®a»in,— SBei§'  ®efd^.  ber  franj.  prot, 
diiU  n.,  ©.  322. 

*  (£iebe  Slnbang  ««r.  XIL 

36  ^Ugtmetne  dmltUsng. 

3n  Sotge  bcr  unaufprli^en  SBerfoIgung  unb  Unterbriicfung 
in  ber  (S(|tt)etj  flo^  eine  gro^c  9)^engc  fc^u^Iofer  SJlennontten 
auö  bell  Gantonen  3üric^  (bent  ®ebnrtöort  oon  ®e^ner,  Sit^^" 
mermann,  2aoater  unb  ^eftalojji),  33ern  unb  (Sc^ajf^aufen  um'ö 
3a^r  1672  nflc^  bem  ölfa§  nnb  lie^  ftc^  oberhalb  «Strasburg 
am  0l()cin  nteber.  2?on  ^ier  manbcrten  biefetben  1708  nac^  $on= 
bon  unb  üon  bort  nac^  ^ennfi^lüanten  auö.  ßtne  3eit(ang  wobn* 
ten  f(c  in  ©ermantoron  unb  in  ber  9iä^e  5)^ilabelp^ta'ö.  1712 
fauften  fle  eine  gro^e  ©trecfc  ßanbeö  in  ^equae,  bamalö  S^efter, 
je^t  ^ancafler  6ount9,  öon  genu's  2tgenten  an,  worauf  biefelben 
bann  Bütten  unb  SBlod^äufer  erri^teten,  njel^c  i^nen  jeitweiltg 
ein  Dbbac^  gewähren  mußten,  ^ier  hofften  bte  immer  unb  immer 
njieber  »erfolgten  unb  unterbrücEten  (Sd)tt)ei3er,  getrennt  öon  i^ren 
greunben  unb  fo  manchen  5lnne^mli(^feiten  biefeö  Sebenäi,  unge= 
^inbert  üon  9?euem  anfangen  ju  fönncn.  3tuf  aüen  «Seiten  oon 
mehreren  3nbianerftämmen  eingefd)Iof|'en,  Ratten  fle  fi^  ba  in  ben 
büftern,  ftiüen  ©Ratten  eine»?  jugenblic^en  Sßalbeö  jurüdgejogen, 
bellen  ungefiörte  Sinfamfeit  noc^  nic^t  öon  bem  «Summen  ber 
Sienc  ober  ben  glügelfc^tägen  ber  Sc^malbe  begrübt  toorben  war, 
welche  bie  nie  fe^lcnben  ^Begleiter  ber  2lrt  beö  ^olj^aderö  finb. 
SInftatt  beö  ^ummenö  unb  ©cfc^roä^eö  biefer  hörten  fie  nic^t 
btoö  ben  9tuf  unb  ®efang  beö  rotl)braunen  Sßalbeöfo^neö,  fon* 
bem  auc^  baä  nä^tlic^c  ®e^eul  beö  ftet^  wac^famcn  ^unbcö,  ber 
ber  Höhten  Königin  ber  S^a^t,  wie  fie  fo  ftattli^  ein^erjie^t  unb  i^r 
geborgte^  Sic^t  toieberflra^It,  nachbellt.  Um  einer  gröjßeren  iDZan* 
nigfaltigfeit  Witten  brang  aud^  baö  fc^riüe,  erfd)rerfmbe  (Dcfräc^je 
ber  Sulc  näd^tlic^  in  i^rc  D^ren,  bie  auf  einem  t)erborgcnen  2lfte 
über  i^ren  Bütten  bie  Slbenbluft  cinfaugt,  ober  baö  f^auerlid^e, 
näglid^e  ©efc^rei  eineö  9iac^toogeIg  in  feinem  ftnfleren  '5)irfid)t. 

T)iefe  fc^weijerifd^e  9lieberlajyung  bilbete  ben  ^noten^  ober 
3Jiittelpun!t  einer  fd^neU  june^menbcn  Seöölferung  öon  Sc^wei« 
3ern,  granjofen  unb  3Dcutfc^en  im  Sben  ^cnnfplttanien'ö.* 

X)er  öom  europäifc^cn  kontinente  :^creinftrömenbc  3»*^<^<^^ 
mehrte  pc^  beflänbig,  fo  baf  er  bie  Stufmerffamfeit  wac^  rief  unb 
bei  ben  gurd^tfamen  jcneö  lageö  ni^t  geringe  SBeforgni^  »er* 

*  t)it  ^amtn  ber  trfien  Slnftebler  im  ^Jfqw«  ^t)*»!«  ftnb  im  2ln^ang 
9tr.  III.  angegeben. 

i  <Btit  ben  lagen  eint«  3ameö  ?ogan,  e ineö  ttnf[u§rctc|en  5J?anne«  im 
procinctalen  Soncil,  ber  1724  ben  !l)eutf4)en  \)oä)^  unfc^öne  Dinge  nad^"» 

^Ilgemtint  dinltituitg.  27 

Sttt  »olfat^ümltd^er  ©cfd^iditfd^reibcr  beridjtel  auf  bie  Stliauptuttg  timi 
flttberit,  ba§  bit  crfle  ^tieberlajyung  in  Jancafler  Sounti?  int  3a^rf  1704  bfe 
ftmger  franjöjif4)cn  gamtlifit  toar.— 9Batfon'3  Slnnalcn,  II.,  <S.  112. 

üDte  genannten  Jamilten  toarcn  öntc  '^ai  1708  nod^  in  SBittfng^ftm 
unb  famen  erjt  in  ber  legten  Hälfte  tei  Wonatö  X)ejbr.  1708,  »te  unten 
nod^  weiter  gejeigt  »erben  wirb,  in  9?em  2)orf  an. 

SJfarie  gittere  (gerce)  a\x€  Öitting^eim,  Dberamt  ®ermer^t)etm,  jud&tf 
«m  10.  ÜDtärj  1708  um  einen  5)a§  nad^  mit  ber  3lbftci^t  „auf  bie  3nful 
5)ennf9banien  per  ^oßanb  unb  Snglanb  fic^  ju  begeben  unb  allba  ju 
Wol)nen  öorbaben." 

5lm  10.  ^ai  1708  erbat  (tc  p4)  au(^  ein  firci^lidde«  3eugni§  für  ftd^  unb 
i^xt  Oamilici  ba^felbe  beftätigt,  ba§  „fie  ber  lautern  reformirten  Olauben«- 
If^re  angeboren,  unfere  ijffentlidjen  ©otteöbicnfte  befud>t  unb  mit  anbern 
©laubigen  am  ^a\)k  bc«  i)errn  5lntt)eil  genommen  t)aben."  Unterjetc^inet 
iß  ti  »on  3.  Stoman,  5)aflor  unb  Snfpeftor,  unb  beglaubigt  »on  einem 

Örau  geree,  ober  2Bemar,  ober  SBarembier  (Wie  j!e  genannt  würbe)  be« 
gleitete  mit  i^rcm  ©o^ne  X)aniel  giere,  3faaf  geber  ober  ia  ge»re  unb 
önbern  im  3at)re  1708  ben  f  aflor  Äoc^ert^al  nac^  9icw  3orf.  |)ier  foil 
fte  biö  1712  geblieben  fein.  Die  Urfunben  ju  ^arriöburg  jeigen,  ba§  am 
12.  ©ept.  1712  burc^  bie  a?ermittUmg  »on  «Kartin  Äenbig,  5Äaria  2Ba- 
tenbuer,  2Bemar  ober  giere  2000  Slder  2anb  ju  ^equae  jugefprod^en  wür- 
ben.—®ef*.  2anc.  So.,  ®.  102.  D'Sauatjan'o  Doc.  ®efd).  9t.  2).,  III., 
(©.  550.  Die  ««amen  ber  Segleiter  Äoc^ert^al'«,  f.  Sln^ang  9tr.  IV. 

^aum  Ratten  bie  9JZennontten  i^rc  Sänbereten  baubar  gemad^t, 
fo  fanbten  fle  fc^on  9Jiartiit  heutig  aU  Seüotlntäc^tigten  naÖ^ 
Dcutfc^tant)  unt)  ber  (Sc^roetj,  um  anbere  ju  bewegen,  nac^  ^enrt* 
fplöanien  ju  fommen.  Sr  ^atte  großen  Srfolg.  1711  unb  1717 
unb  einige  ^al^xt  fpätcr  erfuhr  bie  Solonie  einen  bebeutenben 
3uttja(^ö.  ©0  ja^Ireic^  tt»ar  bie  Sinroanberung  üon  T)eutfc^en 
unb  <ad^tt)eijcrn,  bap,  roie  fc^on  oben  barauf  ^ingewiefen,  bicfelbc 
bcfonberä  bei  Seamten  Sebenfen  erregte. 

©0  crjä^It  bie(5taatö=S^roni!:  „®ouöerncur  Äeit^  »ic«  fein 
SoHegium,  ben  ®ouöerneurö=3ftat^,  auf  bie  gro^e  Sinjaiyt  ber 
gremben  aü€  ©cutfc^Ionb  ^in,  bie  unfere  (Spraye  unb  3Serfaffung 
nic^t  fennen  unb  fürjli^  in  biefc  ^^roüinj  hereingebracht  würben. 
Diefelbcn  jerflrenen  fic^  gteic^  nac^  i^rer  2Infunft,  o^nc  guöor 
f(^riftli(^  ju  jeijien,  tt»o^er  fle  fommen  unb  wer  fie  finb,  unb  wie 
fie  ft^  in  Sngla'ttb  betragen,  welc^eä  fle  o^ne  Srtaubnip  ber  3fle=» 

fagte,  unb  feiner  9?ac6bcter,  bte  nod&  lu  befiaupten  Wagten,  toai  er  nur  unter 
garest  auöfagtc,  bat  Ite  SSergangenbett  fefigejteUt,  ba§  foldljeSerbad^ttgungen 
obne  guten  ©runb  waren.  3"  einem  anbern  5Berf  nimmt  ber  Sbitor  »ofl' 
^änbigere  9totij  »on  bicfer  Auflage,  ^^olttifer  babcn  fc^on  me^r  aU  ctn= 
mal  bad  ^lagelieb  über  bie  Deutfc^en  ange^immt:  „SBtr  ^ahtn  eudd  gc» 
Vftjfen  unb  ttjr  wolltet  nid^t  tanjen." 

28  allgemeine  €ntleilo«g. 

gierung  öertaffen  i^abtn,  fo  au(^  ^tcr,  ba  fte  fic^  »ebcr  Ui  i^m 
no^  6ei  einer  anfceren  oBrigfcitIi(^en  ^^erfon  gemetbet.  Solche 
^anblungöjtieife  fönnte  fi^  aU  fe^r  gefä^rlid)  erroeifen,  ba  auf 
gleichem  SBege  irgenb  eine  beliebige  2tnja|I  grember,  »on  welcher 
9Zation  fie  immer  fein  mögen,  ?5rfunbe  ober  geinbe,  unö  guflrömcn 
möchte."   (So  gef^rieben  1717. 

Dtefc  Semerfung  bc^  ©ouöcrncurö  Äett^  fül()rtc  gur  Slnnal^mc  einer 
90?a§regcl,  bie  bag  2?erIorenge^en  öon  über  brctptg  taufenb  '^amtn  ber  erften 
bcutf^en  ötnaanberer  in  ^ennf^toanien  uert)tnbcrtc.*  ®ctn  5Jttgtrauen, 
baö  er  bamalg  gegen  bie  Dcutfi^en  begte,  obtcobl  er  nadbber  ibre  Sntereffe 
eifrig  öcrtrat,  mu|te  baju  augfd^Iagen,  ba§  bag  (53ebä^tni§  ber  Untcrbrücften 
unb  23erf  olgtcn  ntc^t  auggetoifcbt  »urbe.— ©iebe  SoL  3tec.,  III.,  «5. 29, 228. 

1719  bemerfte  3onat^an  Dicfinfon:  „Jäglic^  erwarten  mir 
(Srf)iffe  'oon  Sonbon,  bie  »on  fec^g  hiä  fteben  taufenb  ^^fäljer  ^er= 
überbringen  foHen.  Sin  3;^eil  berfelben  fam  öor  etwa  fünf  Sö^ren 
l^erüber;  biefelben  tauften  fic^  fet^jig  50^eilen  ireftlic^  'oon  ^^ila= 
bet|j^ia  Sanb  an  unb  erweifen  fid^  alö  friebli(^e  unb  arbeitfame 

^lac^  bem,3<i^«  1716  begannen  bie  3)eutf(^en,  etliche  5^««= 
jofen  unb  einige  trenige  ^otlänber,  »ot)t  jroanjig,  brei§ig,  öicraig, 
unb  SInbere,  fec^jig  unb  [itHi^  'Mältn  mit  »eftlic^  unb  nörblic^ 
»on  ber  ^auptftabt  bie  Sßälber  ju  bur^brec^en.  @ro§e  beutfc^e 
Stnftebelungen  entftanben  in  ben  je^igen  33erfö  unb  2Jiontgomer9 
ßountieö.    3n  ©ofc^en^oppen  organiftrte  ft(^  f(^on  1717  eine 

*  SJerfaffcr  btefc«  fd&rteb  an  ben  ©taatsfcfretär  »on  ^eto  gorf,  um  üon 
tbm  lu  erfabren,  ob  ftcb  folc^e  Stjlen,  toit  bie  ju  C>antöburg  erbaltcnen,  auf 
bem  SImtgjtmmer  beö  ©efretärö  öon  UZeto  §)orf  bcfänbcn,  unb  erbiett  fol= 
genbe  Slntwort: 

(Staat  9?eh)  ^lor!,  Slmtgjtube  bcg  (aefretärg,  \ 
Sllban^,  18.  3uli  1856.  / 

^crrn  %  D.  g?u|3p. 

?teber  $err !  3n  unfrer  Dfficc  baben  hjtr  feine  Stficn 
ton  ber  2lrt,  welche  fie  angeben.  SBtr  baben  »ob!  Stegifter  tjon  grcmben, 
»cicbe  eine  eibltdbe  Slugfage  betreff«  ibrer  5)erfon  nieberlcgen,  bie  eg  ibncn 
bann  ermogltcbt,  Itegenbcg  (gtgcntbum  ju  ba'tcn  unb  Bürger  ju  nserbfi^; 
bieg  iil  aber  tmmerbtn  nur  eine  flctne  5lnjabl  im  g?ergtetd)  jur  ganjen  ^7ia\\i 
Bon  (Smigranten,  bie  in  ben  ^taat  gebracht  »erben. 

3br  crgebenfter 

5)?.  S.  (Scbermerborn. 

t  I^'iefe  ftnb  »on  bencn,  welcfte  auf  bie  (Stnlabung  öon  ^Kartin  lenbig 
na^  ^ennf^banien  gefommen  ttoren.— (SJef^.  öon  2anc.  So.,  <©.  79-117. 

§iHgtm£mt  (Sinkiiung.  29 

ticutfcf)=reformirtc  ©etnetntc*  (Einige  nicberbeutfc^e  ^iJJennonitcn  f 
He§en  fl^  am  ^afil)mominf  entlang  unb  einige  3a^re  fpäter  am 
©^fipedf(a)  niebev. 

I)eutf(^e  unt)  gran^ofen  ivä()Iten  fic^  bie  fruchtbare  ?an'Dfd)aft 
2öal)linf  (b)  ju  i^rem  2ßol)nort.  ^ier  öffnete  fi^  halt  Stnbcren, 
ben  »erfolgten  Jpugenotten,  eine  ^eimat^.  Unter  ben  t)eroorragen= 
ben  gamilien  in  Dle^  waren :  turd ö  ober  be  Zuxäi,  Sertoletö, 
33erboö,  be  la  ^laine^,  Detangö,  Soraö,  eeöanö,  §)ober,  ^eim, 
^erbein,  (Sc^aub,  Sngel,  Sßeibner,  @d)neiber,  Sllftabt. 

2lbra{)am  be  Xnxä  »on  Die?  ft^rtcb  an  ben  ^crouögcbcr  tn  einem  Wärj 
1844  batirten  Briefe:  „5)?ctne  aSorältern,  «Ramend  ^^aaf  lurcf,  be  %üxd, 
»obntcn  in  granfret^,  waren  »on  ben  fogcnannten  Hugenotten,  flüctttcten 
wegen  9ieltgton  nai^  bcr  5)falj,  in  bte  ®tabt  granfentbal,  üon  borten 
wanberten  [te  auö  nai|  Slmcrifa,  liefen  [tcb  ntcber  im  Staat  9iew  2)orf, 
in  ber  ©egenb  Sfopu^,  in  ber  3eit  ber  Äönigin  Slnna;  jogen  nac^  Die? 
um  1712.  Da6  5)atent  üon  meinem  Sanb  iji  1712."— His.  Berks  Co.,  p.  88. 

3faaf  Xüxd,  ein  Sanbmann,  23  Satjre  alt,  war  einer  ber  Begleiter  bcö 
5)aftorö  tocbertbal.— Slnbang  9?r.  IV. 

Ss  mag  bier  bemcrft  werben,  obwobl  eg  etwa«  auf  er  Drbnung  crfdietnt, 
bag  ncunjebn  »on  bencn,  bie  mit  'JJajtor  tocbertbal  waren,  im  erften  3abre 
5)ieti^en  würben.  |)ierauf  erfucbten  Äocbertbal  unb  ©cbüncmann  am  26. 
^ai  1709  ben  9latb,  biefen  gjeunjebn  ben  Unterbalt  ju  entjiebcn  „weil  fie 
ficb  bcr  (^-eclforge  beö  "^rebigcrö  unb  ben  übrigen  2)eut[(^en  entjogcn 
batten."  5tm  18.  3uni  ernannte  man  einen  2lugf^u§,  um  bie  ©cbwierig' 
feiten  unter  ben  Xeutfcben  ju  unterfud^cn.  X)crfelt)e  bericbtete  am  21. 
3uni:  „ba§  feine  ber  ben  ^ietiften  jur  i!aft  gelegten  X)inge  »or  anbern 
erwiefen  Werben  tonnten."— D'Salaban'ö  IDoc.  ®ef(b.  9t.  §).,  HI-,  ®.  544. 

Unter  ben  erften  Slnfieblern  »on  Slfaf  3:oiDnf()i|),  33erfö  Sount^, 
waren  üiele  fran3Öftfd^e  9leformirte  ober  Hugenotten,  ebenfalls 
f(^it>ebif(^e  Sut^eraner.  ,ßlan  crjä^lt,  bap  bie  Hugenotten, 
2)eutfc^=9teformirte  unb  2utl)eraner  inner^lb  einer  ober  jweier 
^Jteilen  Xfon  3ieabing  i^rc  ©otteöbien^e  gehalten  unb  ft(^  nac^ 
guter  Söeife  i^rer  35äter  in  Europa  Slbenb^  fowo^l  aU  ben  lag 
über  üerfammelt  ^aben." — 33u(^er. 

2)ie  Deutfc^en  roaren  :^au))tfäc^tic^  2anbleutc.  ®ie  tierlte^eu 
ftc^  me^r  auf  ftc^  felbft  alö  auf  Stnbere.  (Sie  fc^wangen  ben  ^arft, 
bie  Slrt  unb  ben  ©i^lägel,  unb  mit  i^ren  fonnenoerbrannten 
Firmen  rotteten  fte  bie  SBuc^erpflanjen  aus,  faßten  bie  maicftäti= 
ft^en  eilten  unb  bie  fc^lanfen  SBaünuf bäume,  bie  Äaftanien  unb 

*  German  Ref.  Messenger;  Aug.  3,  1842. 

t  ^crftoming  betft  ber  ^retfelbeerc=55la^.  (a)  ®fipt^a(f,  b.  b-  eine 
pinlenbe  S3a|Terla(^e.  (b)  Die?  b^i^t  eine  ^'ii)it,  Beße,  aucb  eine  oon 
^Bergen  eingefcbloffene  Sanbf^aft. 


30  §illg£in£tit£  ®inlthn«g. 

55appeln.  2Bag  brauchbar  wax,  fpaltetcn  fic  ju  ©c^ttjcllen  für 
3äunc.  3^r  unermübU^er  Sifer  ttjuf  te  feine  «Sc^ranfen,  Mi'  er 
tie  Qan^t  roalbtge  Jßiltni^  in  urbare^  Sant)  umgefd)affen  I)attf. 
S5on  i^nen  fagte  ©ouöerneur  J^omaö  im  ^al)xe  1738:  „"Dicfe 
5)rooin3  ^at  feit  3iit)ren  al^  3wP[uc^^ftätte  für  »erfolgte  5>roteft^ 
anten  ter  ^falj  unb  anberer  J^eile  X)eutf^Iant>'ö  getient,  unb 
ic^  glaube  mit  2öa^r^eit  fagen  ju  fiJnnen,  t)a§  fic  i^ren  gegcn^^ 
»artigen  blü^enben  3ii^^"^  grö^tent^eilö  tern  gleite  biefeiS  33ol' 
lea  iu  »erbanfen  ^at.  So  ift  nic^t  tie  ®üte  teö  S3ot»enö  allein, 
fontern  tie  Stnja^I  unt  SIrbeitfamfeit  eineö  3SoIteö,  tie  ein  Sant 
tüo^I^abent  machen."— 6oI.  9lec.,  IV.,  @.  315. 

Snglant  öerftant  feine  5)oUtif  in  ter  fc^netlen  33eüöl!crung 
ter  amerifanifc^en  (Kolonien:  feine  Untert^anen  behielt  ei  ju 
^aufe,  betrieb  hingegen  tie  SluöJtanterung  ter  !Deutf(^en.  Sng* 
lant  jog  feinen  ©eivinn  tarauö,  o^ne  »on  feinen  (Sinwol^nern 
ju  »erlieren. 

da  mag  unvernünftig  fd^einen,  taß  man  ängftlid^  auf  tie 
©(paaren  teutfc^er  Sinroanterer  fa^,  „tie,  wenn  fie  in  fold^en 
9)iaffen  ^erüberftrömen,  eine  teutfcbe  Solonie  ^ier  grünten  möc^* 
ten,  unt  öietleid^t  eine  folc^e,  wie  tie  ter  Slngelfac^fen  im  fünften 
3fl^r!^untert  in  33ritannien."* 

3in  3abre  1719  famen  etlt^e  jwanjtg  gamtlten  ber  ®4)tcar$fnau'3;äu= 
fer  in  ^^MJabflp^ia  ak»  Gtntge  gogen  nac^  ®ermantoh5n,  anbete  nai^  bem 
©4)t|jpadf  in  Die?,  nad^  Sonejtogo  unb  5!)?ülbad>  in  Sancafter  Sount?. 

Um  1728  unt  1729  überfc^ritten  tie  Deutfc^en  ten  ©u^quc* 
l^anna  unt  liefen  fic^  innerhalb  ter  je^igcn  ©renjen  ter  ßountieg 
Sttamö  unt  gjorl  nieter.  !Dort  ri^teten  fie  ft^/  obroo'^I  unter 
öielcn  ^intcrniffcn,  ein.  ®g  entfpannen  fic^,  wie  ei  leiter  oft 
gnjifc^en  SehJO^ncrn  ter  ©ren^e  ter  gaU  ift,  get>ten  jroifd^en 
ten  SJ^arpIäntern  unt  ^^ennf^Iöaniern,  unt  Streit  um  tie  Dber= 
l^ant  unter  ten  t^ü^rcrn. 

Jbomaö  Srcffa»)  »on  TOar^Ianb  mad^tc  fid^  1736  jum  ^rtuptntann  toon 
fünfjtg  glct^arttgen  öietfiern,  lebigltdl)  baju,  um  bte  Deutfcfeen  »on  tl>rctt 
Sauereien  gu  jagen.  Um  feinen  ®efeüen  5!JtutIj  etttguflD§en,  fd)Iu^  er 
»or,  baö  ?anb,  toelc^eg  bte  Dcutfd^en  angebaut  Ratten,  unter  fie  ju  »ertbetlen. 
gür  bte  JU  letficnben  X){cnfle  fofltc  em  jeber  jtcet^unbert  Slcfer  erhalten. 
I)te  Deutfc^en  tsurben  mit  SBaffengewalt  angegriffen,  t^re  SBo^nungen 
jcrjtort  unb  ftc  »ertrieben  unb  gefangen  genommen,  unb  ba«  bloÄ  auö  bem 
©runbc,  hjeil  fte  ber  0tegterung  ^ennfvlsonten'«  treu  geblieben  waren.— 
eoL  3?ec.  iv.,  @.  69-122. 

*  SBatfon'«  Slnnalen,  II ,  «5.255, 

allgemeine  (Sinleitöttg.  31 

®d^on  fn  bett  Satiren  1710-1712  famett  Deutft^e  na^  5Rarölanb  imb 
lit^tn  pd^  in  bcr  ©eoieut  jwtftljfn  bcm  5}?onocac9  unb  beit  Sergen,  ba,  Jüd 
nac|t)er  ^'atricf  X'it'.anv  (1745)  J^rctricf town  oudlegte,  nteber.  IDtcfelbcn 
be^nten  ftt^  aber  Wilb  Hi  lui*  bcn  öjlabe^,  5)?ibbIetoft5n  unb  .^agerötottjn 
fluö.  3t»<f*fn  l'-'S  II.  1754  föurben  a^tunbjwanjtg  ^unbert  X)eut)'d|^c 
na^  ^^Tarvlant  ticbmrfjt,  i^on  benen  33tele  fic^  naü)  Baltimore  toanbten. — 
5Jafror  3act)artai?,  %hc\>u-[t  beim  Ijunbertfien  3at)reöfep,  1847.  33utler'« 
@efc^.  ».  9}ib.,  S.  51,  5>,  61,  62. 

T)it  gfutö  tcr  5ütomanbevung  ttom  europätf(^cn  kontinent 
war  mättt:;:^.  (rinf(ü[fe  üerf^tetencr  Si^atur  trugen  baju  bei, 
btefelbc  nur  noA  ,}u  öcrftärfen.  3«  ^Jcnnfplöanicn  waren  ed  bte 
iReuIänlier,  Söt'vf^eucse  in  ter  J^ant)  tcr  @(|ifföbcf{0cr,  .Kaufleutc 
unt)  Sntporteuro,  n?e(d)e  öiele  "Deutfc^c  bewogen,  i^ren  ^ert)  ju 
ecrlaiJen.  2Iuf  er  tiefen  gab  ei  noc^  eine  »eitere  Slaffe,  bie  fi(^ 
grope  SDtü^e  autl)at,  ben  Sinwo^ncrn  ^Dcutfc^Ianb'ö  Slu^manüe- 
Tungö*  Oelüfte  cinjuflöpen.  Diefc  jmei  ©orten,  bic  9Zeulänbcr 
ttnb  ®peculantcn,  nahmen  3uffud^t  ju  »erfd^iebenen  ^unflgriffen, 
um  i^ren  Smtd  auöjufü^ren.  ®ic  maciiten  allerlei  55erfpre(^ungen 
unb  [teilten  ben  beuten  oor,  in  bcm  neuen  Sanb  fliegen  i^nen  bie 
gebratenen  lauben  in'«  'Maul.  Um  biefeö  ^^arabieg  ju  befi^en, 
folgten  laufenbe  bem  berüchtigten  3o^n  Saw  in  ben  3«^«n  1716 
ttnb  1717,  um  e^  in  Souifiana  an  ben  Ufern  beö  5)tifjifjl)jpt  ju 
ftnben.  2lnj^att  bap  er  fte  aber  in'3  ocr^eipene  oben  brachte,  lanbetc 
er  biefelben  an  ben  2öajfern  beö  SBilori,  na^e  9)?obiIe.  günf  3a^rf 
lang  waren  fte  ^ier  obbad^loö  Söinb  unb  Söetter  auögefe^t.  9lic^t 
einer  betrat  baö  öer^eipene  2anb.  Swti  taufcnb  öerfc^Iang  baö 
®rab.  Die  blajjen  Ueberlebenben,  brei  :^unbert  an  ber  ßa%  hau-^ 
ten  ftc^  f(^Iiepti^  am  il^liffiffippi,  etlid^c  breipig  ober  öierjig  Wti^ 
Icn  oberhalb  ^eto  Drieanö,  an.  iam^i  Slgcnten  Ratten  auf  jwölf 
taufenb  1I)eutf(^e  unb  ©d^wei^cr  gereci^nct;  über  ba«  traurige 
®rf)icffal  berer  am  25iIori  i)atti  fl(i^  öerbreitet  wie  ein  Sauffeuer, 
unb  bie  übrigen  »on  bem  2öagnip  für  bie  öorgebilbetcn  ®üter 
unb  53ef{0t^ümer  abgefc^reift. 

3af)re  lang  befanben  fic^  bie  T)rei^unbert  am  SWifftfftpjji  in 
bürftigen  Umftänben.  ®ie  waren  in  ben  äupcrflen  9lot^^anb 
öerfunten.  „2lber,''  fagt  Oa^arrc,  „oon  biefen  armen,  jebod) 
e{)rbaren  X>eutfd|en  flammen  öielc  ber  angefe^enjlen  Bürger  Soui^ 
ftana'ö  unb  »iele  ber  rei^ftcn  Bi^cferpflanjer  im  «Staate."  3t?v- 
5fia^fommen  üergapen  bie  beutf(^e  'Bpvadit  unb  naftmen  bie  fran  ^ 
3Öfif(^e  an;  aber  bie  9?amen  5Sieler  beuten  Har  auf  ibv  .'pei-iontniei!, 
obwohl  man^c  fo  gaüiftrt  ober  franjöjlrt  finb,  la^  a  \fijihü, 
aU  wären  fle  öon  frangöftfc^er  ^erfunft.    "Die  Äüfti,  iveld)c  cl)< - 

32  ^Ilgtmeh«  (ImkUang. 

tern  fo  arm  unb  bitrftig  wax,  unb  tie  „teutfi^e  ^üfte"  genannt 
itjurbe,  ijat  feitbem  foI(|e  9te{(^tl)ümer  ^eröorgebra^t  unb  in  fi(^ 
aufgenommen,  bap  fie  je0t  unter  bem  geeigneten  Xiamen  Cote  d'or, 
„©olbfüfte",  befannt  ift.* 

5lm  10.  !Wat  1727  befuc^te  SBater  T)vi  ^JotJTon,  ein  ju  ben  Slrfanfag  ge= 
fanbter  ÜJJifftonar,  in  [einer  2)ur^reife  bie  Deutfc^en.  (£r  fagt:  „9Bir 
brangcn  a(^tjcl)n  9!)?ei(cn  föcit  ben  5lug  f)tnauf  oor,  etoa  fo  öicl,  aU  fie  j[e 
ju  ©tanbc  bringen  fönnen,  unb  [erlügen  unfcr  Sager  bei  ben  T^tut^en 
nuf.  Dicg  finb  bie  2lufcntt)altöj3lä0e,  »elc^e  ben  Ueberreften  ber  2)eutf^en, 
bie  »om  Sienb  im  Dftenf  unb  in  Souifiana  »erfc^ont  geblieben,  ongetoiefen 
tDorben  finb.  Oro^e  3lrmut()  ijerrfd^t  in  i^ren  SBo^nungen."— Early 
Jes.  Miss.,  IL,  (5.236,  262,  263,  267. 

3m  grii^ja^r  1734  famcn  bie  (Satjfturger  ?ut^craner  (au& 
©aljburg,  einem  Jperjogt^um  in  Dejlreic^)  in  ©eorgia  an.  2lu(^ 
fie  l^atten  in  Suropa  fc^merc  35erfoIgungen  ju  erieiben.  „©ic 
nmrben  au^  i^vev  ^etmat^  vertrieben  unb  au3  bem  Sanbc  gejagt, 
tt)eil  fie  ben  Se^ren  beö  Söangeliumö  mit  unöerrütfter  Streue  an= 

X)iefc  ernftc  unb  fromme  ©efeUfc^aft  öon  S^riflen  ttjurbc  öon 
ü)ren  ttjeuren  ©eetforgern,  ben  ^aftoren  Sodann  9J?artin  Solving 
unb  3frael  ß^riftian  (Gronau,  fammt  i^rem  aueigejeic^netcn 
©(^ulmeifter,  ß^riftian  Drtmann,  l)egleitet.  X)ie  ©aljfcurger 
liefen  fic^  in  ßf^ngf)am  Sount^  nteber  unb  benannten  i^rc  2ln= 
fiebelung  „(Ebenerer",  um  baburd^  i^rem  ^errn  i^ren  aufrichtigen 
£)anf  3U  fagen,  ber  il)ncn  feit^er  „ein  ftarfer  gelö''  geftcfen  war 
unb  il)nen  „biä  i^ier^er  ge|)oIfen''  ^ötte.  § 

Den  ©i^ulmeifter  backte  man  nidf)t  weniger  »it^ttg,  atö  ben  55firrer. 
„Die  Srjiel)ungöfad()e  tourbe  üon  ben  Deutfcben  nidit  libcrfe^en.  gür  ben 
Unterftalt  beg  ©d&ulnteifterö  f(^uf  man  nacb^er  einen  gonb;  benn  unfere 
frommen  33orfal)ren  urt^ciUcn  febr  richtig,  ba§  fein  Sanb  gebei|)cn  fijnne, 
toelcbcö  für  bie  geiftlic|)e  ^Jflege  unb  Sluöbilbung  beg  auftoacbfenben  ®t' 
fc^Iec^tg  feine  33orforge  treffe."— ©trobel. 

!Diefe  beutf(^e  Kolonie  erfuhr  einen  Su^a^ö  tion  Sdt  gu  S^it, 
W  fie  no^  üor  1745  me:^rerc  ^unbert  gamilien  jä^Ite.  3n  (Sa= 
üanna^  mi^ntm  ebenfatlg  öielc  X)eutfd)c;  auper  biefen  befanben 
fic^  unter  ber  geiftlidjcn  5>flcgc  beö  ?paftorö  SDaöib  9iitfd^mann 
noc^  oielc  ^Wä^rifc^e  Srüber  im  ©taate. 

*  ®av)arre'g  Souiftana,  ®.  360,  361.  SBarbc  9[WorbDig'  ®efi$.  ö.  Souif. 

t  9Jal)e  ben  Dant>bin  3ni'eln,  fünf  unb  gtuanjig  5D?eilen  fübli(|  öon 
53?obi(e.— Srofön'ö  ^ilhm^,  ®.  163. 

t  55aftor  21.  55.  ©trobel'ö  ßkf^.  ber  ©al^burger,  ®.  21.— Diefeö  23uc^ 
[oUte  ri(^  in  ben  C>änben  jebcö  Deutfcbcn  befinben. 

§  Slnl^iang  9ir.  IX.  gibt  bie  ^^iamen  ber  erjien  Slnftebler. 

^^Ulgcnwiiu  CiukHuug.  33 

„£)ie  ?!)?ä()rifc^en  33rüt)er  grünbctcn  feine  bletbettt)e  bliebet' 
lajfuncj  in  ©eorciia.  "ÜU  t»er  ^xko,  mit  (Spanien  au^Brac^,  jogen 
ftc^  ft^ft  »lue  nad)  ^Pcnnf^banien  juriuf,  mil  cö  gegen  i^ren  ®lan= 
Ben  tierftiep,  in  irgenb  einer  ©rtd)e  jn  ben  Sßajfen  jn  greifen."* 

3nt  ^ai)n  1788  famen  (Einige  in  ^ennf^Iüanien  an  unb  liefen 
fic^  jn  Set^Iel^em  nieber.f  „"Diejenigen,  welche  nod)  in  ©eorgia 
jnritcf  gcbliekn  waren,  üerfie^en  bai?feibe  1740  unb  jogcn  ju  i()ren 
33rübern  nac^  ^^cnnfploanien.  @o  würbe  bie  SOciffion  unter  ben 
3nbianern  in  ©eorgia  nac^  einem  oielöerfprec^enben  Stnfangc 
hjieber  aufgegeBen."| 

@()c  bie  'i)}iäi)rif^en  trüber  nac^  ^^ennfplüanien  famen,  I)attc 
ftd)  fc^on  eine  fceträd)t(i(^e  2lnjat)(  ©c^roendfetber  eingefunben, 
unb  bie  Sountieö  ^udö  unb  |)l)i(abelpöia,  je^t  SOZontgomerp, 
fÖtxU  unb  l*e()ig^,  auögemäi)It.  So  war  it)re  2{l)ftc^t,  bei  il)rem 
Stbjug  auö  Suropa  Georgia  jujufteuern.  «Sie  änberten  iC)r  53or= 
t)aBen  unb  wanbten  fid)biefer3uf(ud)tä!ftätte  aüer  Unterbrüdtenju. 

1732  befuc^te  ^err  ^ean  ^ierre  ^ur^  öon  5'?eud)atel  am  ber 
©(^weij  Carolina,  unb,  beeinflußt  'oon  ben  ^Regierungen  Snglanb'ö 
unb  Sarotina'iJ,  unternal)m  er  eö,  eine  f(^weijerifc^e  5lnftebelung 
bafelBft  ju  grünben.  Sin  f>unbert  unb  fiebrig  ^erfonen  famen 
1732  herüber.  3bnen  folgten  balb  anbere.  ^urj  barauf  gä^Itc 
bie  Solonie  brci  ^unbert  ^en)of)ner.  2fn  ben  nörbti^en  Ufern 
bc^  ©aoannaf)  liefen  fte  ftc^  niebcr  unb  bauten  etwa  fec^ö  unb 
breifig  '3)teilen  oberhalb  ber  5Rünbung  beö  gluffeö  eine  ©tabt, 
Wel(|e  fte  ^^ur^^burg^  t)iepen.  "Die  Solonie  öermei)rte  ftd) 
jufe^enbö.  ^ur^  brachte  1734  weitere  jwei  {)unbert  unb  ftebjig 
5)erfonen  au^  ber  ©^weij.  2)iefe  famen  fämmtü(^  auf  Jloften 
i)ur9'ö  unb  einige  feiner  greunbe,  bie  it)m  jur  Siuöfü^rung  feineö 
i?(aneö  SJJittel  an  bie  ^anb  gaben,  ba  er  fein  ganjeg  35ermögen 
bereite  baran  gewanbt  t)atte,  noc^  e^e  er  benfelben  ööüig  öerwirf= 
Iid)t  fai).  3e"^t  befanben  ftc^  beinat)c  fei^ö  ^unbert  ©eeten  in 
biefer  9lieberlaffung. 

„^err  5)ur9  t^at  bieg  infolge  eineö  öon  i^m  ber  ©efefegebung 
öon  ©üb^SaroIina  gemachten  Sntwurfg,  bejfen  nämtic^:  baö 
füblif^c  ©ren^tanb  Sarolina'ö  mit  tapferen  unb  arbeitfamen 

*  ©trobd'o  ©aljburger,  ®.  80. 

i  !Dte  9?amcn  bercr,  bte  ©eorgta  öcrltc§en  unb  nac^  ^ennf^Iöanten  toatt- 
berten,  finb  in  ^n^a^  B  entt)«Iten.— ®ran^'  23rüber=®efd^tc&tc,  ®.  302. 

:  Soöftel,  Ib.  II-.  ®.  6. 

S4  §illgtmtmt  dinltitang. 

Scuteit,  toai  befanntlic^  bie  ©c^wei^er  finb,  ju  fccöölfetn.  T)it 
Slffcmfel^  jetgtc  flc^  ganj  mit  biefem  ^orfc^Iag  ciHOerftantcn,  unt) 
fcercitligte  i^m  am  20.  Sluguft  1731  400  ^funb  (Sterling,  ttjenn 
er  :^unticrt  tüchtige  Scanner  naö)  SaroUna  bringe.  3«  tiefem 
S3efc^Iu§  üerpflic^tete  ftc^  bie  9legierung  ebenfalls,  brei  ^unbert 
5)erfonen  ein  ^ai^v  lang  mit  Unterhalt,  Sßerfjcugen  u.  f.  ro.  ju 
tterfc^cn.  1747  f)atte  ^urpöburg^  über  ^untiert  orbentlid^  ge= 
baute  .^äufer. 

3n  Sotteton  Sount^,  am  nörbltc^en  Ufer  beö  9lort^  Sbtflon 
Oluffeö,  12  ^Weilen  »on  beffen  SJiünbung,  liegt  Sßilton,  ober 
9?eu  Sonbon,  mit  ac^tjig  Käufern,  njelc^e  bie  «S^weijer  mit  Sr= 
laubnip  ber  2ljfembl9  unter  3uberbü^Ier  gebaut  Ratten.  £)iefer 
Ort  ernjieö  ftc^  nat^t^eilig  für  ^urpöburg^  wegen  feiner  Sage  im 
5Jiittelpunft  bed  Sanbcö  unb  na^e  ber  J^aupt^abt.  SSiete,  bie  nic^t 
na^  ^ur^öburg^  tüottten,  jogcn  ba  ^in." — Soiven'ö  ®eogr.,  ii., 
®.  645.   Conboner  2ludgabe  »on  1750. 

3n  ben  3<i^rett  1740-1755  brachte  man  »iele  ^^fätjer  nac^ 
(Süb=SaroIina.  3«  Drangeburg,  Songaree  unb  Söateree  festen 
fte  ftc^  fefl.*  Ueber  fec^s  ^unbcrt  auö  «Schwaben  unb  ber  ^fa(,} 
würben  1765  »on  Sonbon  ^erübcrgefc^icft  auf  ein  eigene  für  fie 
beftimmteg  Joronf^ip.f 

SStele  ber  l^onänbifdicn  Solontjlen,  bie  noc^  ber  Ucbcrgabe  ber  Solonte 
on  bie  Ärone  Gnglanb'ö  mit  tbrer  ?aae  in  ^Je»  g)or!  ntdjt  me^r  jufrteben 
ttaren,  brachen  naä)  ®üb*SaroIina  auf  unb  ftcuerten  burd^  i^rc  3Irbettfam= 
feit  ntti^t  wenig  jum  SBoblftanb  ber  ^roötnj  bei.  3br  Srfolg  betoog  anü) 
(tnbere  tbrer  Sanbölcute,  ibrem  Seifptele  ju  folgen.— Slamfa?. 

1679  fonbte  Äarl  II.  in  jwct  (5(](>tjfctt  eine  Slnjnbl  Hugenotten  nacf»  ®üb- 
Sarolina,  um  bafelb^  ben  SBetnjiocf,  bie  Dltse  u.  f.  i».  gu  |jflanjen.  9itc^t 
toeniger  afö  fetbjcbn  bunbert  ^Jroteftanten,  meiftens  granjofen,  liefen  ^iä) 
1752  in  <Süb-SaroItna  nieber. — ^olmeö ;  Sairb. 

3m  3a^re  1739  tauften  mehrere  Sut^erancr  unb  !2Deutfcb=9le= 
formirte  ein  (Stücf  ®runb  öon  ®eneral  Sßalbo,  unb  legten  barauf 
bie  ©tabt  Sßalboboroug:^  in  Sincoln  Sount^,  9Kaine,  an.  53re= 
men,  ein  Dorf  in  bcmfelben  Sount^,  unb  Ö^önfort  in  SBalbo 
Sount9  finb,  wie  auö  ben  9lamcn  erge^^t,  jweifetöo^ne  »on  Dcut= 
fc^cn  entweber  angelegt  ober  angeftcbelt  worben.  3>n  Sflufe  bcö 
fpanifc^^fran^öflfd^en  Äriegeö  würbe  SBalboboroug^  burc^  bie 

*  «Ramfa?'«  !5üb»Sarol.,  i.,  <B.  3,  4. 

i  |>oIme'd  2lm.  Slnnalen,  ü.,  @.  268.— SBerl^anblungen  im  engl.  Unter« 
Ixiu«,  3lug.  1764. 

^Ilgtnwine  ÄinUUnng.  35 

^onbe  canabtfd^cr  3nbiancr  1746  jum  2tf(^enl^aufen.  SBtcIe  tet 
Sinnjo^ncr  »urbcn  niebergemadjt,  anterc  abgeführt.  9it^t  rocnigc 
flarben  infolge  t»er  graufamen  Sel^anblung  feitenö  bcr  2ßtlbeit; 
einige  entfamen  bur^  tie  gluckt  unb  jerftreuten  fic^  in  Sanaba. 
S3iö  1750  fetieb  SOBalboboroug^  ein  «Si^utt^aufen.  3nt  3ö^re 
1751  famen  auf  Sintabung  bcr  9legierung  brei^ig  beutfc^c  ga^ 
ntilien,  unb  1752  fünfje^n  ^unbert  bemittelte  ?eutc  »on  Suropa 
naä)  5D?aine.  „X)a  jebo(i^  ber  9tec^tötitel  bcö  ©eneral  2BaIbo  ft(^ 
aU  fe^Ier:^aft  erwies,  fo  »erliefen  Side  bie  Solonic.  3^re  53e' 
öölferung  ndi)m  nie  bebeutenb  ju." — ^ajeliu^,  ®.  34,  48  k. 
Cö^er,  1772.  „Sinige  jogen  ani  'Maim,  urn  mit  i^ren  2anbg= 
leuten  in  Sonbonberr^,  ®üb=SaroIina,  ju  h)o!^nen,  »on  benen 
aber  bie  50'Zeiflen  biefcn  Schritt  ^crnac^  bereuten  unb  na^  ?!Jiaine 
jurücffe^rten,  »o  fic^  i^rc  9tac^fommen  jie^t  nod^  ftnbcn." — 33airb. 

3luf  gro§e  33crfpre4ungen  beö  ^önigö  ®eorg  II.  öon  ®ro^= 
Sritannien  :^{n,  welche  er  benen  auöfe^te,  bie  nad^  9looa  ©cotia 
auöroanbern  würben,  machte  flc^  eine  bebeutenbe  Slnja^l  3Deutf(^er, 
meifi  J^anno»eraner,  auf  ben  SBeg  na^  2lmeri!a,  tvo  fie  in  ber 
S^ebucto  33a9,  na^e  ^alifar,  ber  ^auptftabt  öon  9?ooa  ©cotia, 
anfamen.  2?ierje^n  ^unbert  unb  breiunbfiinfjig  f^ifften  ftc^  n)ie=' 
ber  ein  unb  lanbeten  am  7.  3uni  1753  in  SRarliguif^.  „^ier 
legten  fie  bie  blül^enbc  Stabt  Sünenburg  an,  fatten  aber  biefelbcn 
(©c^wierigfeiten  au^jufte^cn,  mit  benen  bie  Soloniflen  gu  ^alifajr 
in  Slnfteblung  ber  J^atbinfel  ju  fämpfen  fatten,  'bit  Ur^efc^id^tc 
ieneö  Drteö  erjä^It  'oon  wenig  Slnbercm,  aU  einer  fortwä^renben 
Sßieber^olung  »on  kämpfen  mit  ben  SJitben,  in  benen,  ungead^tet 
ber  fräftigen  J^ilfe,  bie  i^nen  bie  3tegierung  fletlte,  bo(^  35iete  i^r 
Men  oerloren.  getbbau  Ratten  ftc  beö^alb  nur  innerhalb  eng  ge= 
gezogener  ©renjen  ju  betreiben,  unb  bie  Urbarmachung  beö  an- 
fto^enben  SanbeiS  mu^te  überUegen  bleiben,  biö  bie  fran3Öftfd)c 
^Jla^t  in  SHo'oa  Scotia  gebrod^en  war." — ^aliburton'ö  ®cfc^. 
oon  9ioöa  ©cotia,  L,  @.  162 ;  SJ^urrap'iJ  S3rit.=2tmer.,  IL,  (s.  55 ; 
8ö^er,  @.  68,  74;  g«'Suüoct)'S  Uni.,  II.,  ®.  498. 

SSon  1735  »erme^rten  ftc^  bie  Slnftebelungen  in  ^Jennfpbanicn 
5ufet)enb3  unb  behüten  fid^  über  unabfe^are  ©egenben,  wefitic^ 
»on  (Saoöqua^anaun!,*  auä,  wo^in  i^nen  bie  f(^ottifrf>en 

*  (Suöqutbanna,  b.  b.  „Iang=flebügener»(Strom."  (a)  ®elbe  ^oftn. 
T)tc  Sebeutung  beö  tnbtantfc^en  9tamcnö  tfi  „®o  ti  ft(|  tcieber  jurücff 
brtbt."  (b)  Sanoboqutnet,  b.  i).  „(Sine  qro§f  ©trede  lang  mc^tö  a\i  Krüm- 
mungen." (c)  SanocD^eague,  b.  t).  „<Äid>er  eine  lange  Steife,"  (d)  T)tx 
Ätttatin^  ober  ,,33laue  Serg". 

36  ^Ugem^injE  ©inUitnttg. 

3rlättber  t»en  2ßeg  gezeigt  t)atten.  !Dic  teutfc^en  Sfiicterlaffungen 
fonntcn  fic^,  öerftärft  buri^  I'te  immert»ät)rent)  ^uflie^eulDe  Sin== 
iranberung,  «tit  t)en  (£iugebcrenen  mcffen.  33or  1765  ^^atten  fte 
ftc^  meftti^  »om  ©U£jquel)anna  im  6umkrlantttf)al  unto  ten 
ilfcrn  t)eö  flamt  SaUapafciu!  (a)  entlang,  unt>  anf  Mben 
©eiten  be;?  ge[d)liingelten  ©unipt)ucf:^annet  (b),  unto  meiter 
nat^  2ßeften  am  @unneufip(i)if  (c),  t»ret  tiefe  fruc^ttare 
©egent)  Beipaffernbe  ©tröme,  niebevgetaffen 

!Der  Äau  =  ta  =  tin  =  ßl)unf  ( d),  ter  ft(^  »om  !t)elan?are  ^un= 
terte  öon  Wldkn  weftioärtö  jiet)t,  toax  il)nen  fein  unübertüinblii^cö 
^inberni^.  ©ic  [^ritten  barüfcer  l^intt»eg  unb  legten  ba  i()rc 
Hauereien  an,  „wo  fte  furj  nac^^er  fammt  2öeib  unb  Äinb  bcr 
gaiJel,  bem  S3eit  unb  ©catpirmeffcr  ber  SBilben  unb  i^rem  mitter= 
nächtlichen  Singriff  unb  23Iutt()aten  auögefe^t  waren."  3n  ten 
3a^ren  1754-1763,  unb  noc^  fpäter,  fielen  ^unberte  ben  uner= 
fcittlic^  graufamen  Sßilben  gum  Dpfer,  unb  bieg  ben  33Iauen 
Sergen  entlang  in  füblic^er  unb  nörblic[)er  Stiftung,  unb  am 
©uöquefianna  t)inauf  bi^  ju  ^enn'ö  Sreef.  Unter  ben  X)a^in= 
gef(!^Ia(^teten  waren  öiele  !Deutf(^e — me()r  aU  brei  ^unbert  im 

Unter  ben  erfc^lagenen  2)eutf(|en  nörbltc^  »on  ben  Slaucn  Sergen  unb 
innerhalb  Wonroe  Sounti?  waren:  ®ulfcin,  ^btb,  ober  $utl),  Sömper, 
SSanafen,  Sßanpr,  ©(^nelt,  ^artntann,  ■^ctgc,  Srunbtc^,  Weltmann,  ©onber» 
mann,  ©c^letc^,  ?!}tii(kr,  33anbcla)5,  Derfcr,  ^an  ®onbte,  Srtncter.  Snner-- 
^alb  ber  Sountteö  2ct)tg{),  9?ort()am))tDn  unb  (Sarbon,  fiibltcfejinb  ncrbltc^ 
bcr  Serge,  fielen  über  Stnbunbert.  Unter  biefen  waren:  lisobn,  Äletn, 
33tttcnbenber,  JRotb,  ©gaffer,  Slnbere^,  5tttfcbmann,  ®enfemann,  ®rtttcr= 
mtter,  gabrictuei,  ©cbwetgert,  Semite,  ^'refi'cr,  2)e|^u.  3nnert)alb  ber  Soun= 
tieöSerfö,  Lebanon  unb 'Dauiit)tn,benfclbcn  Sergen  nttlang:9ietc^el0bbrfer, 
OJer^art,  9teibung,  Älug  ober  Slucf,  Sinbcrmann,  lac^ott,  Strau^^ar,  ^d^' 
lojf,  2Blinc|,  !Die|i))e(,  |)enl9,  <S)3itler,  9tbcfer,  5)?aurcr,  Söö^ar,  geU, 
ilitt)lmer,  Sang,  Jrumj),  gä'ger,  ©edbler,  ©d^ctterl»,  ®auter,  ©etger, 
3Dt^ler,  gran^,  @(|nebelc,  ^Koffer,  8tn(|er,  .Rubier,  «Üiartloff,  SBolf,  $änb= 
fc|e,  SBeiffer,  5D?tef,  Sebengut^,  5!)?o^,  5tDa^,  SBtnfelbleci,  3cucimac()cr 
«.  f.  w. 

35or  1770  war  man  in  ber  5Bilbni§  ^ennf^banien'ö  U^  über 
baö  2llleg^en9  ©ebirge  ttorgebrungen.  3itner^lb  ber  je^igen 
©renjen  »on  2ßeftmorelanb  unb  anberen  weftlid^cn  dountieg 
biefeö  «Staate^  fceftanben  feercitö  Slnftebetungen.  ©ine  Stnjal)! 
beutfc^er  gamilien  l)atte  ftc^  am  Si)Zononga|)ela  Mo  t)inauf  nac^ 
0tebftone,  SSrownöüiüe,  gazette  Sount^,  nicbergclaffen.  Unter 
il)nen  waren:  2ßeiömann,  Treffer,  35eröalfon,  Belong,  ^uxiq, 
SJiartin,  S^utt,  5^eter,  <Sd)war^,  gutter,  Sactev,  Slbra^am  unb 

allgemeine  Einleitung.  37 

anbere  *  njeld)e  jener  treue  "Diener  et)riftt,  5)aftor  3ot)ann(£on* 
rat»  Sud) er,  im  9by.  1768bcfuc^te.— (£o(.9^ec.,IX.,@.  508; 
German  Reformed  JMesscnger,  24.  "Wai  1854;  Stupp'ö  @efd)id)te 
»on  IBerfö  6o.,  ®.  459.  Die  Flamen  »ieler  anl»erer  Deutfc^en 
in  SBeftmorelant»  (lountp  ftni)  in  tier  »om  33erfa)'fcr  tticfcö  ju[am= 
mengeftetiten  ®e[(^id)tc  oom  njeftiic^en  ^eunfpbanieu  ju  jtnt)en. 

*  J)te  crflen  I^cutfdien  im  »ejlttc^en  ^^ennfulüanffn  It£§cn  \iä)  in  (^jrecite 
Souttt9  ntebcr.  G»  toaren  bie  betten  ä^rütcr  gcferlein,  tceld^c  1745  Gpln-ata 
»erliefen,  um  fid^  in  ber  Jtefc  ber  SBilberni^  einen  neuen  2Boi)novt  ,^u 
fuc^en.— Chronicon  Ephratense,  pp.  158, 195, 195.  SoL9?ec.,  V.,  (2J.53L 
25or  1754  bauten  ftc^  SBcnbcl  23raun  mit  feinen  beiben  ©ot^nen  unb  J}rie= 
txiit)  aBal0er  »ier  5JZeiIen  h)ejilit|  »on  Uniontotcn  an.— Smith's  Old  Red- 
stone, p.  25. 



Oebhans,  Swiss,  Dutch  and  French  formed  a  large  portion  of  the 
first  settlers  of  Pennsylvania.  Between  forty  and  fifty  thousand 
names  of  these  Immigrants  are  to  be  found  in  the  Records  of  the 
State — in  Land  warrants,  Acts  of  naturalization,  and  in  Lists  of  im- 
ported foreigners.  Much  time  has  been  spent  in  laborious  researches, 
to  copy  from  these  Records  the  names  of  Immigrants,  and  arrange 
them  in  chronological  order ;  especially,  the  names  of  those  who  came 
to  Pennsylvania  prior  to  1727.  As  that  Collection,  embracing  the 
period  from  1682-1727,  is  not  as  complete  as  it  might  be,  it  is  with- 
held from  the  public  for  the  present.  The  Collection  now  published, 
embraces  a  period  of  fifty  years,  and  contains  upwards  of  thirty 
thousand  names  of  the  ancestors  "0/  toiling  millions." 

The  great  influx  of  these  Immigrants  began  about  the  year  1707. 
Since  then,  thousands  of  Germans,  Swiss  and  others  bade  their  friends 
adieu,  left  their  Vaterland,  their  homes — "the  hearth  where  soft  affec- 
tions dwell," — for  this  foreign  country.  So  vast  became  their  numbers 
in  Pennsylvania,  as  to  excite  public  attention  as  early  as  1717,  and, 
finally,  to  lead  the  provincial  Council  to  adopt,  Sept.  14,  1727,  and 
enforce  the  following  Resolution : 

*^That  the  masters  of  vessels,  importing  Germans  and  others  from 
the  continent  of  Europe,  shall  be  examined  whether  they  have  leave 
granted  them  by  the  Court  of  Great  Britain  for  the  importation  of 
these  foreigners,  and  that  a  List  be  taken  of  all  these  people,  their 
several  occupations,  and  place  from  whence  they  came,  and  shall  be 
further  examined  touching  their  intentions  in  coming  hither;  and  that 
a  writing  be  drawn  up  for  them  to  sign,  declaring  their  allegiance 
and  subjection  to  the  King  of  Great  Britain,  and  fidelity  to  the  Pro- 
prietary of  this  Province,  and  that  they  will  demean  themselves  peace- 
ably towards  all  His  Majesty's  subjects,  and  observe  and  conform  to 
the  Laws  of  England  and  of  the  Government  of  Pennsylvania." — CoL 
Rec,  in.,  pp.  29,  283. 



Lists  were  taken  bj  the  masters  of  Tessels,  and  attested  as  being 
" exact  and  true."  These  are  still  preserved  in  the  Secretary's  Office 
at  Harrisburg.  Many  of  them  are  triplicates.  All  have  been  carefully 
examined  by  the  Editor.  For  convenience  of  reference,  the  Lists  are 
designated  in  this  Collection,  A,  B,  C. 

A.  The  master's  or  captain's  Lists  contain  the  names  of  all  male 
passengers  above  the  age  of  sixteen,  and  some  of  them,  the  names  of 
all  the  passengers.  If  any  had  died,  or  were  sick,  on  the  arrival  of  the 
ship,  they  are  marked  accordingly. 

B.  This  List  contains  all  the  names  of  males  above  the  age  of  six- 
teen, who  were  made  to  repeat  and  subscribe  the  Declaration  of  alle- 
giance, with  their  own  hands,  if  they  could  write,  if  they  could  not. 
the  name  was  written  by  a  clerk,  and  the  qualified  person  made  his 
mark.    Lists  A  and  B  are  preserved  in  detached  papers. 

C.  This  List  is  an  autograph  duplicate  of  B,  signed  in  the  same  way, 
and  is  preserved  in  Book  form. 

List  A  was  at  the  time  of  presentation,  Sept.  21,  1727,  to  Oct.  19, 
1736,  copied  literatim  into  the  Provincial  Records — containing  2,536 
names.  These  were  lately  published  by  authority  of  the  Legislature, 
**  as  a  faithful  and  literal  copy  of  the  original,"  in  the  III.  and  IV. 
Colonial  Records.  The  printed  List  does  not  present  the  true  ortho- 
graphy of  one-half  of  the  autograph«,  or  the  names  written  by  the 
qualified  persons  themselves.  This  remark  is  not  intended  as  invidious. 
It  is  a  mere  statement  of  the  fact,  that  English  scholars  may  not  always 
be  able  to  spell  German  names  correctly.* 

B  and  C  are  made  the  basis  of  this  edition.  The  orthography  of 
cognomens,  or  family  names,  is  given  as  in  the  autographs,  or  as  written 
by  clerks,  though  the  latter  do  rarely  present  the  correct  spelling  of 
German  names.  To  distinguish  names  written  by  clerks,  from  auto- 
graphs, this  mark  (*)  has  been  appended  to  the  former.    Some  of  the 

•  Hundreds  of  instances  might  be  cited  fmni  the  printed  Colonial  Records  to  ens- 
tain  the  assertion.  Two  must  suflRco.  In  September,  1727,  a  person  subscribed  the 
Declaration  thus:  G.  M.  Weis,  V.  D.  M.— In  tlie  Col.  Rec.  III.  284,  the  name  is  printed 
G.  M.  Wey,  V.  D.  M.  Rev.  Weis  was  bfirn  at  Stebbeck,  in  Neckarthal,  Germany — 
graduated  at  Heidelberg — was  for  »ome  years  pastor  of  the  German  Reformed  Congre- 
gation in  Philadelphia — diedatGonhenhoppen  1T63. — Rupp's His. Lan  Co.HoS.  Rupp's 
Hi*.  Lebanon  Co.  Ufi.  In  September,  17-28,  another  peraon  subscribed  the  Declaration, 
Johann  Canpar  Stcever,  S.  S.,  Theol.  Stud.  In  the  Col.  Rec.  III.  331— Johan  Casper 
Stefl'er  jr.  Kev  Stoever  was  bom  in  Strassburg,  Germany — was  for  many  years  a 
miniMtcr  of  the  Lutheran  Church  at  Lo)>anon— he  died  near  that  place,  May  13, 1779, 
aged  71  years,  3  mouths  and  2  days.  His  dfHcendants  still  reside  in  Pennsylvani». — 
Ruf/p'a  Hii.  (i/Rel.  Denom.  U.  S.    Ruj/p'a  His.  of  York  Co.  699. 


Gknnan  cmtographa  are  difficult  to  decipher.  When  a  doubt  remains 
as  to  the  orthography,  a  note  of  interrogation  (?)  has  been  added. 

In  List  A  there  are  names  of  males  above  sixteen  years  old,  marked 
»itk,  which  are  not  found  in  B  and  C,  and  some  are  marked  dead.  To 
complete  this  Collection,  these  names  hare  been  added,  and  designated 
accordingly.  Where  this  (§)  is  added  to  a  name,  it  indicates  the  per- 
son was  sick. 

Determined  to  make  this  publication  as  satisfactory  as  possible,  the 
names  of  males  under  sixteen  years  of  age  have  been  copied  with  the 
utmost  care,  and  will  be  presented  in  an  Appendix,  in  which  the  cor- 
rect spelling  of  names,  as  far  as  can  be  ascertained  by  collating  all  the 
Lists,  is  represented.  By  adopting  the  plan  pursued,  several  thousand 
names  will  be  added,  which  would  otherwise  not  have  appeared.  Foot 
notes  have  occasionally  been  added,  for  reasons  fully  explained  in  the 

Some  of  the  notes  are  of  a  historical,  others  of  a  biographical  cha- 
racter. The  most  important  are  those  containing  the  names  of  early 
settlers,  who  had  landed  at  some  port,  other  than  that  of  Philadelphia, 
but  who  afterwards  came  into  Pennsylvania,  and  whose  descendants 
Btill  reside  here.  An  attempt  has  been  made  to  place  the  diflFercnt 
spellings  of  names  in  juxtaposition,  showing  the  orthography  of  the 
ancestor's  autograph  and  that  of  his  descendants,  as  in  the  case  of 
the  well-known  Hiester  family.  An  ancestor  signed  his  name  to 
the  Declaration,  Sept.  26,  1737,  the  time  of  his  arrival,  Joat  Hikterr — 
ffittter  is  the  orthography  adopted  by  his  descendants. 

It  is  not  the  only  design  of  this  publication  to  preserve  names, 
which  indifference  or  accidents  might  forever  place  beyond  reach,  or 
to  lead  to  the  recovery  of  rights  to  inheritances  abroad,  that  might 
otherwise  remain  unestablished ;  but  to  enable  thousands  to  determine 
with  certainty  the  time  of  their  ancestors'  arrival  in  Pennsylvania. — 
Prominent  and  intelligent  individuals  may  be  met  with,  who,  when 
asked:  When  did  your  ancestors  arrive?  can  give  only  a  conjectural 
answer.  The  descendants  of  Mathias  Smtsee,  who,  numbering  in 
1845,  1,162  say:  "Mathias,  with  his  brother  Qeorge  and  his  sister 
Margaretta,  emigrated  to  America  about  the  year  1 738,  or  probably  at 
an  earlier  period."*  By  the  aid  of  this  Collection,  the  year,  month  of 
arrival  and  day  of  his  signing  the  Declaration  can  be  determined. 
The  eonjeetured  time  is  seven  years — "far  from  the  mark!" 

•  Minutes  of  the  Centennial  Celebration,  held  by  the  descendants  of  the  Elde^ 
Mathias  Smyser,  May  3d,  1845,  on  the  fann  of  Samuel  Smyser,  West  Manoherte« 
Township,  York  Cooaty,  P». 



ttjelc^c  bem  Sefer  jur  aufm crffa men  3)urc^ficf)t  bcfonber^ 
empfot)len  ftnb. 

'l!eutf(|c,  (Sd^tretjcr,  ^oUänber  unb  Srnnäofen  btlbcten  einen  großen 
Übeü  ber  erflcn  Slnftebler  ^Jennfgbantcn'^.  3*^ifc^en  öterjt'g  unb  fünfzig 
taufenb  5?amen  biefcr  Sintüanberer  [tnb  int  ©tnat^are^io  auf6etDa|)rt,  unb 
äwar  in  SanböoKmaci^tcn,  9?aturnlifiruitgö=2tctcn  unb  in  giften  angelangter 
grember.  3luögebel[)nte  ^lac^forfc^ungcn,  baö  Slbfc^reibcn  ber  9?amen  ber 
Sluöhjanbcrer  »on  bicfen  Urfd&riften,  unb  bie  gefc^ii^tlic^c  ^ufintttttei'fteßnng 
berfelben  nal()men  üiel  3ctt  in  Slnfprucf),  unb  befonbcrö  ift  bie^  ber  gaÜ 
bei  ben  9?amen  bcrer,  bie  oor  1727  nac^  5'c""f9lo<inifn  famen.  Tia  bic 
©ammlung,  tce(t|e  bie  ^Jamen  ber  in  bem  3fitraum  »on  1682-1727 
(Singeh5anberten  in  ftc|)  f^lic^t,  nic^t  fo  öotlfta'nbig  ifl,  alö  fie  gemalt  hjerben 
fönnte,  fo  tüirb  biefelbc  wenigftenö  für  bie  (Segenwart  bem  ^ublifum  »or» 
enttialten.  Die  je^t  »eröffentlic|te  (Sammlung  fc|liegt  eine  ^criobe  »on 
fünfzig  Salären  in  fi(^,  unb  enti^ält  über  brei^ig  taufenb  5Zamen  ber  2lf)tten 
emfiger  ^IJJillionen. 

•Der  gro^e  Strom  biefer  Sintoanbevung  tourbe  pffig  im  3<i^re  1707. 
©eitbem  fjaben  Jaufenbe  »on  ©eutfc^en,  ©i^toeijern  unb  anberen  ^Rationen 
tl)ren  ^reunben  bie  $anb  jum  Slbfd^ieb  gcrei^it,  ii)t  SSaterlanb  »erlaffen 
unb  if)re  $cimat(),  „beö  $erbeö  traute  geuerjtd'tte",  um  in  einem  fremben 
Sanbe  il)r  ®lücf  ju  »erfuc^en.  <So  jat)lreic^  würben  fte  in  ^^ennf^banien, 
bag  fie  f4)on  im  ^a^xt  1717  baö  öffentliche  Slugenmerf  auf  fic^  richteten 
unb  enblid^  ben  ^Jroßinjialratl)  am  14.  September  1727  jwangen,  folgenben 
23efd^lu§  ju  faffen  unb  burc^äufehen : 

„5)a§ bie Sapitaine »on Schiffen, auf  benen  ©eutfd^e  unbSlnbcrc 
»on  bem  ge  ft  lau  be  Suropa'ö  l)crübergebrad^t  werben,  unterfud^t 
werben  foßen,  ob  fie  für  bie  Sinfuljr  fold^er  Sremben  »on  ber  3?egierung 
(Snglanb'ö  (Sr(aubni§  einget)oU  f)aben,  unb  bag  eine  2  i  j^  e  »on  aßen  bicfen 
beuten  genommen  werbe,  nebfi  it)ren  Seruföarten  unb  ben  Crten  i^rcr  $er- 
fünft,  unb  biefelben  Weiter  über  bie  2lbfic()t  i^reö  ^ierl^erfommenö  befragt 
»erben,  unb  bag  eine  ©c^rift  jur  Unterjeic()nung  i^rerfeitö  entworfen  werbe, 
in  ber  fie  it)ren  ©c^orfam  unb  Untertf)ä'nigfeit  gegen  ben  Äönig  »on  ©rog» 
SSritannien  unb  gegen  ben  Sefi^er  biefer  55ro»inj  i()re  Jreue  erflären,  unb 


44  J^orbtmtrknngt». 

ba^  fte  (td^  ferner  gegen  aüe  Untertfjanen  Seiner  ^Wajeftat  friebli(f>  6ene^» 
men  unb  bte  ®efefe  Snglanb'ö  unb  ber  Siegterung  ^Jfnnfvloamen'ö  be* 
folgen  nnb  gemä§  benfelben  t)anbeln."— Sol.  9tec.  III.,  ®.  29,  283. 

Si  Pen  »urben  bemgemä^  »on  ben  Sdiiff^^Satjitainen  angefertigt, 
toeli^e  fie  alö  genau  unb  »  a  ^  r  ju  befc^reören  fatten.  I)iefe  finb  no* 
auf  ber  Slmt^fhibe  be«  ©taatjjfecretairss  ju  .^»arrieburg  erhalten.  Sßiete 
batjon  finb  breifac^i  »or^anben.  2lfle  »urben  »om  Herausgeber  forg^ 
fältig  unterfuddt.  Slue  Dliicfftc^t  für  Sequemlic^feit  im  9lac^f(^lagen  fmb 
bte  Sijien  mit  A,  B,  C  bejei4>net. 

A.  Die  Sabitaindliflen.  Diefelben  enthalten  bie  9?amen  «Her  monn' 
lidden  55a|[(»giere  über  fedjijelin  3at)re,  unb  einige  bie  ^amtn  fammtlic^jer 
3?eifenben.  Diejenigen,  toel^ie  auf  bem  «Scdijfe  jlorben  ober  franf  ge- 
»oefen  toaren,  tourben  na^i  ber  Slnfunft  bemgemä§  bejeic^inet. 

B.  Diefe  Cifte  enthält  aüt  üWannjtnamen  über  fec^je^n  3i^^re,  bie  i^ire 
$lnt)änglicl|)feit  an  i^re  frühere  ^Regierung  ju  »iberrufen  unb  i^iren  ®et)or- 
fam  gegen  ben  Äönig  »on  önglanb  eigenl)änbig  ju  bezeugen  Ratten;  Fonnten 
jie  nitit  fd()reiben,  [o  unterjeic^nete  ber  23eamte  ben  9?amen,  unb  bie  be» 
treffenbe  ^Jerfcn  fe5teii^r3ei(i^en  bei.  Die  Si^en  A  unb  B  fmb 
ouf  befonberen  (©^riftflücfen  aufbetoa^rt. 

C.  Diefe  Sifte  i)l  ein  e  i  g  e  n  ^  ä  n  b  i  g  e «  Duplieat  »on  B,  unb  t|l  in 
SBu4iformat  aufbetoa^rt. 

Die  Sifle  A  toar  |ur  ^tit  i^rer  Sorjeigung  »om  21.  September  1727 
big  19.  October  1736  iviä)^äilii^  für  bie  ^Jroöinjtal-Seric^te 
abgefc^rieben.  Sie  enthält  2,536  Dramen.  Diefe  würben  fürjlic^  im  9Iamen 
ber  ©efe^gebung  im  23anb  HI.  unb  IV.  be«  SoIoniaUSeric^t*  aU  eine 
gelreue  unb  bu4)fiäbli(i()e  Slbfc^rift  beö  Original«  eer» 
offentlic^t.  Die  gebrucften  ?iften  geben  für  bie  C^ölfte  ber  eigenliänbig 
ober  »Ott  ben  beauftragten  ^erfonen  gef4)riebenen  5?amen  bie  unrichtige 
Sc^reibtoeife.  Diefe  23emerfung  ifi  aber  aller  ®el^öfpgfeit  bar.  <äi  t»irb 
baburdd  nur  bie  2;t)atfacl(>e  feftgefleßt,  baf  englift^e  ®elet>rte  beutfc^ie  ^tarnen 
ni^t  immer  xiä)tii  buc^flabiren  fönnen.* 

*  J^unbtrtt  «on  Sdfpieltn  tonnten  ton  btn  {oIenia('C(rl((t(n  ungefütrt  ntrben,  um 
tit«  |u  btfiätigtn.  3»^  muffen  genügen,  ^m  StfUmitr  1737  unterjet^nete  eine  $erfon 
bie  lieclaraticn  fo:  ffi.  'SR.  ®ei«,  V.  D.  M.;  im  «olcnial-ißerictt  III.,  284,  i(t  ber  Slame 
Sebrudt  ®.  3Jl.  SIBeu,  V.  D.  M.  fJaflor  3Bei*  »urbe  {u  ©tebberf  im  Jledartfeol,  DeuJfdjIanb, 
getoren,  grabuirte  (u  ^cibelberg,  nar  einige  ^a^rc  lang  ^aficr  an  ber  beutfdj-rcfcrmirten 
Äirf^e  in  S^ftilabelpftia,  unb  ftarb  1763  {u  ©cfdjenDcppen.— SRupp'«  ®ef(t.  ».  £anc.  (Ip.  255. 
SRupp'«  ®ef4.  B.  £ebancn  £o.  442.— 3m  ©eptember  1728  unterjet(tnete  eine  anbere  JJerfon 
Hefe  Decloraticn  fo:  3ebann  gafpor  €JcBer,  8.  S.,  Stud,  theol.  3n  ben  dolcnial-öe. 
rieten  III.,  331,  9o&an  Jafper  ©teffer  fr.  ^afler  <Slö»eT  Burbe  in  ©frafburg,  t)eutf*= 
lanb,  geboren,  »ar  oiete  3abre  lang  $rebiger  an  ber  (utberifi^en  jtiritc  «u  Lebanon,  unb 
ftcrb  am  13.  3Ral  1779  in  ber  «Rabe,  im  tüttcr  pen  71  3>(ren,  3  S^onaten  unb  2  XagtM. 

Iß^orbtmtrhungt«.  45 

B  unb  C  finb  bitfem  2Btrfe  ju  Ö3ruMbe  gtltgt.  Die  ®d^rtib»tiff  ber 
(5tgen=  obtr  gamtlifttnamcn  tft  tie  ber  Unterfc^rtft  btr  ^J^fonen  felbf^, 
ober  ber  2Ingefieütcn ;  Untere  jcbod)  geben  feiten  bte  richtige  <B<^xtibtoti\t 
beutf4)er  5?amen.  Um  bie  »on  SlngejteUten  gef^rtebenen  5?amen  »on  btr 
ftgenl>änbtgen  9iamenöunter)"cl()rtft  ju  unterfc^eiben,  tfl  erfleren  ein 
«Stent  (*)  betgefe^t.  ißtele  ber  beutfc^en  Unterschriften  ftnb  l^öc^fl  fc^tcierig 
)u  entziffern.  S53o  ein  3»f «f«l  bejüglit^  ber  richtigen  (»c^reibtceife  obioaltet, 
ift  ein  grngejeic^en  (?)  ^injugefe^t. 

3n  Sifte  A  finb  bie  9?amen  ber  franfen  unb  »erflorbtnen  männ- 
U6)tn  yerfonen  über  fed()jel)n  3fl^re  beigefügt,  »»elc^e  [litf  in  B  unb  C 
nidbt  finben.  Um  biefe  (Sammlung  ju  »eroollftänbigen,  »ourben  beö« 
Ijalb  biefe  9tamen  aufgenommen  unb  bemgemol  bejeic^net.  SBo  ba«  ^axa^ 
Qxa\>\)itiil)tn  (§)  ^t\)t,  bebeutet  ti,  baf  benannte  ^ti^on  f  ran!  toar. 

(jntfd^lojfen,  biefe  Sammlung  mögli4>jl  »ollftänbig  ju  madden,  ftubet 
fic^  im  2lni)ang  eine  )}od)\t  genaue  Slbfc|rift  ber  9?amen  ber  unter  fecl()jel)n 
Sauren  (le^enbcn  5J?ann«perfonen ;  bafelbfl  ift  auc^  bie  richtige  Sctireib= 
loeife,  toie  fte  bei  SSergleic^ung  aller  Sijlen  erfi^tlic^  ij>,  angegeben.  Durd^ 
$5erfolgung  biefeö  ^lan^  »»erben  einige  taufenb  9iamen  me^r  ^injugefügt, 
bie  pc^  fonjl  nic()t  bitten  einreiben  laffen.  3tanbgloffen  t»urben  l^in  unb  t»ieber 
beigefeft  au«  Urfa^ien,  bie  in  ber  Einleitung  toeiter  auSeinanbergefe^t  finb. 

Ginige  ber  ©loffen  ober  Semerfungen  ftnb  gefcliiddtlitlien,  anbere  bio- 
flraj)^if4>en  Sl^arafter«.  Die  tpic^tigjlen  ftnb  bie,  toelcbe  bie  Flamen  »on 
frühzeitigen  2lnfteblem  entl^alten,  bie  in  einem  anberen  |i)afen,  al«  bem  ju 
5)^ilabelt)^ia,  angefommen  unb  nat^^er  nadf  ^ennf^lsanien  eingewanbert 
pnb,  unb  beren  'Jla^hmmtti  not^  |e^t  Ijier  »»otinen.  Sluc^  ma^Jte  man 
einen  33erfu4i,  bie  »erfdiiebenen  «S^ireibtoeifen  beöfelben  9lflmenö  neben 
einanber  ju  jießen,  um  baburc^  |U  jeigen,  wie  ber  Slbne  feinen  «Ramen 
buc^flabirte,  unb  t»ie  iljn  bie  9ta(^fommen  jept  fi^reiben.  Sin  befannter 
gaU  ift  ber  in  ber  $iefler=3amilie.  3^r  (Stamm»ater  unterjei^mete  am 
26.  (September  1737  feinen  Stamen  3 oft  $üflerr  jur  Declaration; 
feine  Slbfömmlinge  tiaben  bie  (St^retbt»eife  $iefler  angenommen. 

Der  3t»fff  biefer  Schrift  ifl  nidjit  bloö,  9?amen  gu  er^jalten,  tsel^e  burtb 
®Iei(^gültigfeit  ober  ^ü^aü  für  immer  unjugänglicti  gemacht  »»erben  fönntcn, 
ober  §ur  Gntbctfung  »on  au«t»ärtigen  Srbrei^ten  ju  führen,  »»eld^e  fcnfi 
unbegrünbet  geblieben  fein  fijnnten,  fonbern  um  laufenben  ti  ju  ermüg- 
lieben,  bie  Slnfunft  i^rer  Voreltern  in  ^Jennfolsanien  mit  Oenouigfeit  ju 
erfahren.  ÜÄan  fann  oft  ^eroorragenben  unb  uerflanbigen  55»rfonen  begeg» 
nen,  bie  auf  biegrage:  SBann  famen  3^t«  ^^nen  an"?  nur  eine 

©eine  5la*fommen  »»Dnen  n»4  in  f  ranfplsanitn.— 9lu(>p'«  ®tf<i|-  »«  '«••  »tHtnuBBge« 
in  Un  Scr.  @t.    fRnff't  ®ef((. «.  ^eri  Sd.  692. 

46  ^oxhtmnhnnQtn. 

unbefttmmte Stntwort ju gekn vermögen.  Die 9?a(|fommen 'oon'^at^xai 
©nt^fer,  bte  1845  1,162  jä{)Ucn,  fagcn:  „5Ratl)taö  toanberte  um'g 
Sd^r  1738,  ober  ttalrf^etnltd^  früher,  mit  feinem  SBruber  ßJeorg 
«nb  feiner  @c|»efler  50?argaretta  na(|  2tmerifa  auö."*  ?!}?it  |)ilfe 
biefer  (Sammlung  fann  iai  3af)r  unb  ber  5}?onat  bcr  5lnfunft,  unb 
ber  Xa$  bcr  Unterzeichnung  ber  Declaration  bcftimmt  »erben.  2)ic  m  u  t  ^' 
«tägliche  3"t  ifi  fieben  3a^rf— t»eit  ai  »om  3*^1' 

*  frototoH  ber  I)unbettiä6rigen  geier,  bic  »on  ben  9^ad)tommen  be«  Sleltcilen  5Wat6ta« 
©m^fer  om  3.  Wlai  1845  auf  bent  ®ut  be«  Samuel  ©m^fer  In  2Befi-anan$e|ier  a^orenf^i)), 
9orf  SountQ,  ?l.  9.,  gehalten  »urbe. 



German,  Stes  anb  ot^er  Immigrants. 

At  a  meeting  of  the  Board  of  the  Provincial  Council,  held 
at  the  Court  House*  in  Philadelphia,  Sept.  21,  1727,  one  hun- 
dred and  nine  Palatines  appeared,  who,  with  their  families,  num- 
bered about  four  hundred  persons.  These  were  imported  into 
the  Province  in  the  ship  William  and  Sarah,  William  Hill, 
Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Dover,  England,  as  by  clear- 
ance from  the  officers  of  His  Majesty's  customs  there.  The  said 
Master  being  asked  if  he  had  any  license  from  the  Court  of 
Great  Britain  for  transporting  those  people,  and  what  their  in- 
tentions were  in  coming  hither,  said  that  he  had  no  license  or 
allowance  for  their  transportation  other  than  the  above  clearance, 
and  that  he  believed  they  designed  to  settle  in  this  Province. — 
Col.  Rec.  III.  283. 

All  male  persons  above  the  age  of  sixteen  did  repeat  and  sub- 
scribe their  names,  or  made  their  mark,  to  the  following  Decla- 
ration : 

"  We  subscribers,  natives  and  late  inhabitants  of  the  Palatinate 
upon  the  Rhine  and  places  adjacent,  having  transported  ourselves 
and  famihes  into  this  Province  of  Pennsylvania,  a  colony  subject 
to  the  crown  of  Grreat  Britain,  in  hopes  and  expectation  of  finding 
a  retreat  and  peaceable  settlement  therein,  Do  solemnly  promise 
and  engage,  that  we  will  be  faithfol  and  bear  tnie  allegiance  to 
and  His  successors,  kings  of  Great  Britain,  and  will  be  faithful 

*  Immigrants  were  usually  qualified  at  the  Court  House,  occasion- 
ally elsewhere.  October  15,  1766,  at  the  dwelling  house  of  John  Law- 
rence, Mayor  of  Philadelphia.  January  13,  1767,  and  October  6,  1767, 
at  the  Office  of  Thomas  Willing,  Esq.  December  8,  1773,  at  the  house 
of  Peter  Miller,  Esq.,  in  Philadelphia. — [Editor.) 



to  the  proprietor  of  this  Province ;  and  that  we  will  demean  our- 
selves peaceably  to  all  His  said  Majesty's  subjects,  and  strictly 
observe  and  conform  to  the  Laws  of  England  and  of  this  Province, 
to  the  utmost  of  our  power  and  the  best  of  our  understanding." 



beutst^tn,  st^iörijerist^tn  u,anhni^intomt!timr. 

S3ei  einer  im  ©eric^t^^auö*  ju  ^^ilabelp|ta  ont  21.  «Sept. 
1727  gehaltenen  ©crfammlung  ted  GoUegiumö  teö  ^^ro^in^tal^ 
Slat^eö  erfc^tenen  ein  ^unfecrt  unt)  neun  ^fäljer,  welche  mit  i^ren 
gamiUen  etwa  öier  ^unbert  ^erfonen  auömac^tcn,  unb  mit  tcm 
«Schiffe  SBiUiam  unb  (Sarat),  Sapitain  SÖiüiam  ^iU,  tton  SRotter- 
bam  über  Doöer  in  Sngtant)  mit  Sriaubnif  gur  21bfat)rt  öon 
ben  Beamten  in  (Seiner  50'Zajeflät  B^Ü^aufc  nac^  ber  ^roüinj 
abgeführt  rourben.  2luf  bie  "B^a^t  an  ben  ßapitain,  ob  er  öom 
englif(^en  ^ofe  33olImac^t  jur  Ueberf^iffung  bie[er  Seute  erhalten 
^aht  unb  au0  welcher  Urfac^c  biefelben  ^erüber!ämen,  antwortete 
berfelbe,  ba^  er  feine  53en>iüigung  ober  ßrlaubni^  für  beren 
Ueberfa^rt  ^abc  al€  bie  obgenannteöene^migung  ber  3oUbeamtcn, 
unb  bap  er  glaube,  ba^  i^r  SSor^aben  fei,  fic^  in  biefer  5>ro»lnj 
nieber^ulaffen.— 6oL  Slec.  III.  283. 

SIÜc  männti^en  ^crfonen  über  16  3a^rc  wteberl^olten  bie  nad^* 
ftel)enbe  X)ccIaration,  unb  biefelben  unterzeichneten  eigen^änbig 
mit  i^rcm  9^amen  ober  i^rem  äcic^en« 

„2öir,  bie  Untcrjeic^ncten,  geboren  unb  weilanb  jno^n^aft  in 
bcr  5^falj  am  9t^ein  unb  in  ben  angrenjcnben  ^lä^en,  unb  nun 
fclbft  fammt  unferen  gamtlien  in  biefe  ^rooinj  oon  ^tnn^r)U 
x>anicn,  eine  ber  Ärone  Snglanb'ß  ange^örcnbe  Colonic,  in  bcr 

*  öinwauberer  tonxitn  gftoötjnltct)  im  ©tri^itöbaufe  qualtfictrt,  gc Icj?tnt= 
heb  anbfri?wo.  Slm  15.  Dftober  1766  im  SBobnbaufe  bfö  3obn  Lawrence, 
Wavor  öou  ^^ilattWa.  13.  3anuar  1767  unb  6.  Cftobcr  1767  tn  ber 
ilmtijfiube  bf«  Xi^omai  SBiaing,  Gtfq.  8.  I^ecember  1773  tm  ^auft  bfö 
•'pcrru  5)fter  !Wtlifr  ju  "Pbi'abelpbtn.— (>?>trauögeber.) 



Hoffnung  unb  bcm  ®Iauben,  balmier  cine  3uflu<^t^ilätte  unb  eine 
friet>ltd)e  9ticberlaf[ung  ju  ftnbcn,  aui?ge»rant)ert,  ocrfprc^en  unto 
»erpflic^ten  unjJ,  Seiner  gegenioärtig  regierenben  ^Wajeflät, 
Äönig  ©eor»;  bem  3>^fitcn,  unb  X)ejfen  9ta(^foIgern, 
Königen  oon  ©rojpbritannien,  Jreue  unb  21n^änglid^feit  berocifen, 
un^  bem  Seflöer  biefer  ^rofinj  treu  erroeifen,  unb  unö  gegen  alle 
Untcrt^anen  befagter  5)^aieflät  frieblic^  benehmen  ju  »oüen,  unb 
ju  unferem  beflen  Sßiffen  unb  Sßitlen  bie  ©efe^e  (Sngtanb'«  unb 
biefer  ^roüinj  ju  befolgen." 

a.  M.  Weis,  V.  D.  M.,  a 

Rudolph  Beyl, 

Sebastian  Graff, 

Tobias  Frey, 

Johan  Peter  Fritz, 

Jacob  Jest, 

Rudolph  Wellecker, 

William  Kerry,* 

Jacob  Bausel, 

Philip  Rutschly, 

Elias  Meyer, 

Johannes  Leib, 

Hans  Georg  Ziegler, 

Henrich  Meyer, 

Christoph  Walter,* 

Johannes  Huth, 

Philip  Zigler,* 

Joseph  Albrecht, 

Michael  Bottle, 

Georg  Petter, 

Johannes  Barth, 

Hans  Ernst  Rudy, 

Hans  Georg  Hertzer, 

Jacob  Meyer, 

Henrich  Meyer,* 

Hans  Philipp  Schweickhardt, 

Philip  Jacob  Rheinlender, 
Johann  Friderich  Hilligass, 
Hans  Michael  Zimmerman, 
Johann  Georg  Schwab, 
Hans  Bernhart  Wolff, 
Johannes  Eckman, 
Hans  Martin  Wellmer,* 
Hans  Caspar  Spangler, 
Hans  Martin  Will, 
Johann  Jacob  Cuntz, 
Hans  Georg  Welcker, 
Alexander  Dübendöffer, 
Johan  Friderick  Rudi, 
Hans  Michael  Pfautz, 
Hans  Michael  Diel, 
Hans  Jerg  Anspacher, 
Georg  Schumacher, 
Hans  Georg  Nögelle, 
Hans  Georg  Kremer, 
Andreas  Holsbacher, 
Hans  Adam  Wilder,* 
Hans  Georg  Wolff, 
Hans  Martin  Liebenstein, 
Johan  Henrich  Hartman, 
Johannes  Haberacker. 

a  G.  M.  Weis  was  for  many  years  a  minister  of  the  Gospel  in  the 
German  Reformed  Church  in  Pennsylvanift. 

ff  ®.  '^.  2Bfi«  war  »tflt  3altrc  lang  ein  ^xtÜQtx  Ui  Scangeltum« 
in  btr  rtformirten  Äirt^t. 



In  vol.  iii.  284.  Colonial  Records,  it  is  stated,  "sundry  of 
these  foreigners  lying  sick  on  board,  never  came  to  be  qualified." 
I  have  compared  Lists  A,  B  and  C  and  find  in  List  A,  besides 
those  given  above,  the  following  names : 

<5.  284  Scl.  9tec.  III.  l^cif  t  tS :  „Sinige  btefcr  gremben,  welche 
franf  an  5Bort'  lagen,  n?urben  nie  qualiftdrt."  3<^  ^^^c  ^ic 
Siflen  A,  B  unt»  C  jufamtnenge|lellt,  unb  ftnbe  au^cr  ben  oben 
angegebenen  in  £i|ie  A  nod)  folgenbe: 

Benedict  Strome,* 
Henericus  Bell,* 
Daniel  Levan,* 
WUlm  Jurgeins,* 
Adam  Henrich,* 
Sebastian  Vink,* 
Hans  Georg,* 
Hans  Georg  Bowman,* 
Hans  Martin  Shoemaker,* 
Hieronunus  Müderd,* 
Jon  Bamd  Lerinstey,* 
Steven  Frederick,* 
Hans  Jacob  Eckinan,* 
Hendrick  Wittser,* 
Jacob  Plause,* 
Johannis  Strome,* 
Philip  Swyger,* 
Jacob  Swartz,* 
Christian  Snyder,* 
Jacob  Mast,* 
Johanes  Bait,* 
Albert  Swoap,* 
Abraham  Beni,* 
Johan  Willm  i\Iey,* 
Johannes  Hier,* 
Ulrich  Sieere,* 
Jacob  Swicker,* 
Philip  Feruser,* 
Johan  Wester,  § 
Martin  Prill,* 
Peter  Seytz,* 

Bastian  Smith,* 
Nicholas  Adams,* 
Uhich  Hetzell,* 
Henrich  Gonger,  § 
Clement  Eise,* 
Philip  Rödesell,* 
Uldrich  Staffon,* 
John  Tobias  Serveas, 
Johan  Hend  Gyer,§ 
Johanes  Barteleme,* 
Christopher  Walter,* 
Hans  Adam  Stoll,* 
Hans  Jerig  Viegle,* 
Hans  Jerig  Eoadebas,* 
Christopher  Wittmer,* 
Hans  Mich  Pagman,* 
Hans  Mich  Triell,* 
Hans  Mich  Weider,* 
Hans  Jerrick  Wigler,* 
Hans  Fülkeysinger,* 
Hans  Georg  Kley,  § 
Andro  Saltzgerber,* 
Christopher  Labengyger,* 
Hans  Georg  Schaub,* 
Johannes  Tiebindorf,* 
Conrad  Müder,* 
Hans  Adam  Beinder,* 
Abraham  Fame,* 
Hans  Georg  Milder,* 
Rudolph  WUhehn,* 
Johanes  Michel  Peepell.* 



The  following  are  reported  as  having  died : 
!Die  golgenten  trerfcen  aU  geftorben  berietet: 
Leonard  Seltenrich,  Jac.  Müder,  Christopher  Milder  and  Hans 
Georg  Ahmold. 

2)  Sept.  27,  1727.  Fifty-three  Palatines  with  their  families, 
about  two  hundred  persons,  imported  in  the  ship  James  Good- 
will, David  Crocket,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Fal- 
mouth, appeared,  repeated  and  signed  the  Declaration. —  Col. 
Bee.  III.  284. 

©e})t.  27,  1727.  !Drei  unb  fünfzig  ^^fäljer,  bie  mit  i^ren  5a= 
miUen,  etwa  jtvei  :^unt)ert  ^Jerfonen,  auf  t>em  S^iffc  Saineö  ®ooli= 
jpttl,  Sapitain  Va'ciit  Srocfet,  oon  iRotterbam  über  galmout^  ge= 
bra^t  würben,  erfdjienen,  mieber^olten  unb  unterjetc^neten  bie 
2)ecIaration.— (Sol.  3lec,  III.  284. 

Michael  Danner, 
Joseph  Schurgh,* 
Georg  Müller, 
Ulric  Staufer, 
Peter  Zug, 
Adam  Kiener, 
Hans  Kiener, 
Joseph  Clap,* 
Christian  Miller,* 
Georg  Klapp, 
Hans  Debalt  Leteman, 
G^org  Michael  Kuntz, 
Hans  Michael  Kuntz, 
Michael  Syegrist, 
Hans  Langnecker,* 
Reinhardt  Jung, 
Wilhelm  Weygerdt, 
Abraham  Ebersohl, 
Hans  Michael  Friedler,* 
Jacob  Gass, 
Friederich  Gass, 
Jacob  Gass,§ 
Hans  Müller, 
Jacob  Arndt, 
Hans  Hein,* 

Hans  Häge, 
Hans  Lieman, 
Jacob  Weygerdt, 
Ulric  Zug, 
Jacob  Fritz,* 
Ulrich  Kiener, 
Christian  Weber, 
Georg  Steinerger, 
Jacob  Walder, 
Paul  Hein, 
Henry  Zeug, 
Jacob  Siegel, 
Hans  Purster, 
Henrich  Wolff, 
Georg  Valentin  KIop, 
Johan  Jacob  Wälder, 
Christoph  Kirchhoff, 
Michael  Leiberth, 
Heinrich  Eberli, 
Bartholomeus  Siegrist, 
Johan  Adam  Volpel, 
Johan  Ludwig  Klop^ 
Hans  Georg  Koch, 
Johannes  Müller, 
Joseph  Müller, 



Bastian  Muri, 
Jacob  Gangwyer,* 
Hans  Altorffler, 

Heinerich  Schulte, 
Georg  Zeug. 

3)  Sept.  30,  1727.  Seventy  Palatines  with  their  families, 
about  three  hundred  persons,  imported  in  the  ship  Molley,  John 
Hodgeson,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Deal,  appeared, 
repeiited  and  signed  the  Declaration. —  Col.  Rec.  III.  287. 

(Sept.  30,  1727.  ©iebjtg  ?)faljer  mit  ihren  gamilien,  etwa 
brei  ^untert  ^erfonen,  tie  auf  kern  (Schiffe  ^OJoUc?,  Sapitain  3o^n 
j£)ofegcfon,  »on  SRottertam  über  iDeal  gefommen  fmt»,  erfc^iencn,  rote* 
ier^oltcnunb  unter  jeic^neten  tie  I)ecIaration. — gol.9lec.III.287. 

Hans  Stuber,* 
Andries  Boms,* 
Johannes  Krauas, 
Martin  Hausser, 
Marx  Fuchs, 
Hans  Ring, 
Hans  Mosser, 
Michael  Krebil, 
Hans  Kobel, 
Michael  Frantz, 
Peter  Gut, 
Ludwig  Bortz, 
Andreas  Ihllig, 
Felix  Guth, 
Wygan  Diell,* 
Hannes  Steyer, 
Hans  Guth  sen., 
Henrich  Fultz,§ 
Samuel  Behr, 
Hans  Ludwig  Dederer, 
Hans  Heinrich  Bernhardt, 
Hans  Georg  Huber, 
Hans  Leonard  Hofiuan,* 
Hans  Michel  Guth, 
Michael  Spowner,* 
Hans  Georg  Harger, 
Michel  Schmidt, 
Burckhard  Hoffimann, 

Michel  Sebastian,  0 
Hans  Georg  Dieter, 
Georg  Ludwig  Gesell, 
Hans  Jergle  Schellenberg,  0 
Henrich  Kauffmann, 
Michel  Schenck,0 
Hendrich  Kryebiel,0 
Frantz  Stupp, 
Hans  Jacob  Bender, 
Hans  Jerig  Keel, 
David  Mardtin, 
Jacob  Marttin, 
Christian  Veite, 
Jacob  Scherer, 
Jacob  Bahr, 
Hans  Funk,§ 
Samuel  Gut, 
Martin  Kindigh, 
Ulrich  Leib, 
Tobias  Horch, 
Hans  Mich.  Aso,* 
Christian  Miller, 
Johannes  Büller, 
Aug-ustin  Weder, 
Stephanus  Reppert, 
Ulrich  Schellenberger, 
Henrich  Mayer,  0 
Samuel  Oberholtz, 

AND  OTHER   IMMIGRANTS — 1727.  53 

Hans  Jacob  Kiedt,  Christian  Wenger, 

Christian  Solderman,§  Hans  Erick  Feilter,* 

Rudolph  Lanckes,*  Joh.  Matheis  Egener. 

Hans  Hooghstadt,* 

In  List  A  are  reported  dead : 

Sifle  A  berietet  aU  tobt: 

Hans  Ulrich  Shumacher  and  Jacob  Horrester. 

4)  Oct.  2,  1727.  Fifty-three  Palatines  with  their  families, 
about  one  hundred  and  forty  persons,  imported  in  the  ship 
Adventurer,  John  Davies,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Plymouth.— CoZ.  Rec.  III.  288. 

In  the  printed  Col.  Rec.  only  twenty-seven  names  appear. 
In  A  fifty-five,  in  B  thirty-two. — (Editor.) 

Oct.  2,  1727.  !Dvei  unb  fünfzig  ^fäljer  mit  iferen  gamilien, 
etn>a  ^unbert  »ierjig  ^erfonen,  lamen  auf  bent  Schiffe  5tt'0cnturer, 
Sapitain  3obn  X)ai>iei5,  »on  Stotterbam  über  ^^I^moutt)  an. — 
gol.  9tec.  III.  288. 

3«  ben  flebrucften  SoIoniaI  =  33erid)ten  fiinben  fid)  nur  ficben 
unb  jwanjifl  5^amen,  in  A  fünf  unb  fi'mfjtg  unb  in  B  jroei  unt 
brciftg. — (Herausgeber.) 

Johannes  Lehman,  Johann  Peter  Weissner, 

Michael  Müller,  John  Can  Harlacher,* 

Peter  Shilling,*  Christophel  Miller,* 

Jacob  Bauman,  Jacques  Simonet, 

John  Seyham,  Johaunis  Ullerich, 

Johannes  Kurtz,  Johannes  Beydeler, 

Nicklas  Chron,  Hans  Adam  Osser,* 

Jacob  Wilhelmus,  Mathias  Risling,* 

Caspar  Ney,  Frans  Baltzar  Frans,* 

Jacob  Leidy,  Johann  Peter  Hess, 

Michael  Eickert,  Christopher  Ulrick,* 

Peter  Rule,*  Christian  Bickler,* 

Baltas  Leim,  Daniel  Bowman,* 

Ulrich  Riesser,  Johan  Dieter  Borleman, 

Nocolas  Keyser,  Johann  Jacob  Stutzman, 

Christopher  Ulrick,*  Georg  Christoph  ^chstein. 

Besides  these,  who  signed  the  Declaration,  List  A  has  the 
following : 




2tit§cr  ten  obigen,  welche  tie 
l^ält  Sifte  A  itoc^  golgente: 
Ulricli  Pitcha  * 
Michael  Thar,* 
Jacob  Bowman,* 
Nicholas  Kern, 
Hans  Marteler,* 
Joost  Coope,* 
Jacob  Fisher,* 
Henry  Smith,* 
Jacob  Meyer,* 
Jacob  Smith,* 
Jno.  Sower,* 
Jacob  Riser,* 
Jacob  Filler, 
Hans  Hisly,* 
Benedict  Null,* 

^Declaration  unterzeichneten,  mU 

Leonard  Rodennill,* 
Derrick  Bowshower,* 
Hendrich  Horlogh,* 
Jaspar  Mingale,* 
Alexander  Fritley,* 
Christian  Frier,* 
Christoph  Hoffman, 
Hans  Haldeman, 
Christian  Piger, 
Christo  Exell,* 
Adam  Pisher,* 
Jacob  Hoofman,* 
Peter  Boorlinger,* 
Hans  York  Heriser.* 

5)  Oct.  16,  1727.  Forty-six  Palatines  with  their  families, 
about  two  hundred  persons,  imported  in  the  ship  Friendship, 
of  Bristol,  John  Davies,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes, 
whence  the  ship  sailed  June  20th. —  Col.  Rec.  III.  290. 

In  B  are  thirty  names ;  in  A  fifty-two,  including  sick  and  dead. 

SDct.  16, 1727.  ©e^ö  unb  »ierjig  ^faljer  mit  i^ren  gamilien, 
ctrca  jtuei  fjunbert  ^erfonen,  famen  mit  bem  ®(^iff  grient[l)ip, 
»on  SSri^ot,  ©apitain  3o^n  Daoicö,  oon  Siottertam,  unt>  am 
20.  3uni  über  Someö  an.— eoI.=Sev.  III.  290. 

3n  B  ftnt)  breipig  unt»  in  A  jtcet  unt>  fünfjig  Flamen,  mit 
Sinf^Iuf  ber  Siotten  unt)  Äranfen. 

Peter  Hagman, 
Jacob  Hiestandt, 
Johannes  Bense, 
Martin  Scheleren,* 
Adam  Liphart, 
Valentin  Kratz, 
Hans  Riess, 
Michel  Eberhart, 
Nicolas  Piere,* 
Christian  Mayer, 
Peter  Pixseler,* 

Peter  Leeman,* 
Henrich  Lohr, 
Illess  Kassel, 
Niclaus  Bücher, 
Nicklas  Crösman, 
Peter  Weide, 
Peter  Eberhardt, 
Philip  Reemer,* 
Johannes  Schönholtzer, 
Johann  Georg  Hoffmann, 
Andreas  Schwartz, 

AND   OTHER   IMMIGRANTS — 1728.  55 

Hans  Jerig  Lauman,  Henrich  Strickeller, 

Jeramia  Miller,  Johannes  Hiestandt, 

Johann  Georg  Müller,  Christian  Creyebiel,* 

Matheis  Schweitzer,  Albrecht  Bauman,* 

Jacob  Sneppley,*  Heinrich  Schnebli, 

Johan  Vincens  Mayer,  Michel  Miller,* 

Johannes  Kassel,  Abraham  Schwartz, 

Johannes  Forrer,  Johann  Philip  Ried. 

Besides  these,  who  signed  the  Declaration,  List  A  has  yet: 

2lu^er  biefcn,  t»el(^c  t»ie  ^Declaration  unterjeic^neten,  enthält 
I2ijle  A  noc^  golgenbe: 

Jacob  Hiestandt,*  Michael  Eberain,§ 

Ulrich  Scheren,  §  Peter  Hansberger,  § 

Peter  Folock,  §  Ulrich  Leemer,  § 

Peter  Fennima,  §  Lodowick  Bentze,* 

Jno.  Crybile,§  Joseph  Eberam,§ 

Christian  Fide,§  Peter  Clucksclear,  § 

Nicholas  Bogert,  §  Nicholas  Chasrood.  § 

In  List  A  these  are  reported  dead: 

2II0  tobt  kriegtet  !^iftc  A: 

Andrew  Urmi,  Jacob  Trycler,  Jacob  Snyder,  Henry  Croo, 
Jno.  Overholser  and  Falkert  Adest. 

6)  Aug.  24, 1728.  Eighty  Palatines  with  their  families,  about 
two  hundred  persons,  imported  in  the  ship  Mortonhouse,  John 
Coultas,  Master,  last  from  Deal,  whence  the  ship  sailed  June 
15th.— Co^.  Rec.  III.  327. 

According  to  List  A  two  hundred  and  five  persons  were  im- 
ported. Eighty  males  above  sixteen,  sixty-nine  women  and  fifty- 
six  children. — {Editor.') 

Slug.  24,  1728.  2lc^tj{g  ^fäljer  mit  it)ren  gamilien,  etwa 
jt»ei  lunbert  ^erfonen,  würben  mit  t»em  ^»c^ijf  3)lorton()oufe, 
(Sapitain  3o|n  ßoultaö,  über  !DeaI,  üon  j»o  baä  ®(^tf  am 
15.  3uni  abfuhr,  i>erü6ergebrac^t.— goI.=33er.  III.  327. 

^a&j  Sifte  A  waren  eö  jtttei  ^unbert  fünfjtg  ^erfonen :  ac^tjig 
männlii^e  über  fec^je^n  Sa^re,  neun  unb  felsig  roeibli^e  unb 
fec^g  unb  fünfjtg  Äinber. — (Herausgeber.) 
Georg  Bechtell,  Abraham  Wolfi", 

Philip  Noldt,  Hans  Erdt, 



Johannes  Bär, 
Baltas  Gen-inger,* 
Andres  Kwy,* 
Stoph.  Haltsbieller, 
Johannes  Roth, 
Jacob  Storm, 
Frederick  Leader, 
Johannes  Edesma, 
Uli  Schiirch, 
Johan  Scharch, 
Jacob  Jost, 
Peter  Denckelberg,* 
Vincent  Stoufer,* 
Johannis  Christ,* 
Frans  Latshow,* 
Henrich  Wilh.  Dielinger, 
Johann  Dietrich  Hengst, 
Peter  Mittelkauff, 
Christ.  Newswanger,* 
Hans  Weldgrau,* 
Johannes  BöUa, 
Jacob  Heidschuh, 
Bernerd  Henssel,* 
Hans  Michel  Dettmer, 
Michael  Saipell,* 
Johannes  Weygandt, 
Johan  Georg  Doderer, 
Johan  Georg  Roth, 
John  Jacob  Hack,* 
Johann  Michael  Ranck, 
Johan  Christoph  Meng, 
Christ^ffel  Bencker, 
Johannes  Huber, 
Michael  Köhler, 
Johan  Stock, 
Johann  Rör, 
Johan  Herer,* 
Philip  Engert, 

Derick  Oordt,* 
Jacob  Bmlasher,* 
Felde  Kille,* 
Hans  Frill, 
Johannes  Bär, 
■    Jacob  Wissel,* 
Hans  HauflP, 
Rudolph  Heller, 
Hans  Philip, 
Jacob  Coger,* 
Conrad  Keer,* 
Jonas  Köhler, 
Martin  Schaub, 
Jacob  Brunner, 
Johan  Er, 
Ury  Schiirch, 
Georg  Schmidt, 
Hans  Wolf  Dielinger, 
John  Heniy  Raan, 
Henrich  Eschelmann, 
Johannes  Morgenstern, 
Johannes  Kitsmiller,* 
Johannes  Lägerhän,* 
Kasper  Heydrukee,* 
Johan  Jost  Schmidt, 
Martin  Vogelhiitter, 
Johannes  Franckhauser, 
Johannes  Naycommet,* 
Hans  Martin  Miller, 
Hans  Leonard  Miller, 
Denius  Dunckelberg, 
Frederick  Denckelberg, 
Johan  Peter  Molich, 
Gottfried  Henke, 
Johan  Albrecht  Köhlei', 
Christopher  Sullenger, 
Hans  Jacob  Miller.* 

7)  Sept.  4,  1728.   Thirty  Palatines  with  their  families,  about 
©ne  hundred  persons,  imported  in  the  ship  Albany,  Lazarus 



Oxman,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes,  whence  the 
ship  sailed  June  '22^.— Col.  Rec.  III.  329. 

©ept.  4,  1728.  Dreißig  g)fäl3cr  mit  i^ren  gamilien,  etwa 
ein  ^unltert  5>«foncn,  famen  mit  tem  ©c^tffe  2llban9,  Sapitain 
JajaruiU  Djrmann,  t)on  Siotterbam  über  Soweg,  »eld^eö  fie  am 
22.  3uni  öcrlic^en,  herüber.— SoL^SÖer.  III.  329. 

Simon  Scholler, 
Casper  Riedt, 
Jacob  Weis,* 
^latheis  Kopiin, 
Lorentz  Belitz, 
Casper  Hoot,* 
Conrad  Duboy, 
Michel  Keim, 
Hans  Georg  Metz, 
Georg  Gerttner, 
Hans  Miller,* 
Johan  Carl  Keil, 
Andrew  Abiin,* 
Jan  Blömen, 
Martin  Calb,* 

Georg  Frid  V.  Berbisdorff, 
Frid  Christf.  von  Steysplatz, 
Johann  Philip  Glasser, 
Heinrich  StelLfeldt, 
Friederich  Eichelberger, 
Hans  Jacob  Donbach, 
Georg  Wendel  Biehel, 
Johannes  Shönfeldt, 
Johan  Daniel  Bengel, 
Philip  Shoman,* 
Hans  Jacob  Biehel, 
Alexander  Zarthmann, 
Hans  Georg  Buch, 
Hans  Jerick  Riger,* 
Jerig  Fred.  Bergenstott.* 

8)  Sept.  11,  1728.  A  number  of  Palatines  with  their  fami- 
lies, about  ninety,  imported  in  the  ship  James  Goodwill,  David 
Crocket,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Deal,  whence  she 
sailed  June  15th.— C'o^.  Rec  III.  331. 

®ept.  11,  1728.  Sine  %x\%aU  ^faljer  mit  iftren  gamilien, 
Jvot)l  neunjifl,  famen  auf  bem  Schiffe  3ameö  ©ootmill,  Sapitain 
l^aüit  Grocfct,  'ocn  Slcttertam  über  Deal,  roelc^eö  bas  ®d)iff  axr. 
15.  3uni  öcrlicp.— 6oI.=53er.  III.  331. 

Ulrich  Englert, 
Georg  GraflP, 
Michael  Neff, 
Hans  Gurtz,* 
Isaac  Werthon, 
Hans  Martin  Valck, 
Hans  Mich.  Rider,* 
Friederich  Scholl, 
Sebastian  Dörr, 
Bastian  Ederle,? 

Leonard  Hicker, 
Jacob  Lentz, 
Johan  Ruspag, 
Adam  Sommer, 
Andreas  Graff, 
Jacob  Fuchs,* 
Jacob  Herman,* 
Martin  Moser, 
Jacob  Bayer, 
Adam  Engeler,  § 

58                                NAMES  OP   GERMAN,   SWISS 

Jacob  Kuhn,  Andreas  Strickli, 

Martin  Valk,*  Johan  Leonhart  Keller, 

Johann  Caspar  Stover,  Johan  Christof  GrroflF, 

Missionaire.  Philip  Henrich  Söller, 

Johann  Caspar  Stover,  Johan  Adam  Mosser, 

S.  S.  Tlieol.  Stud.  Hans  Jerick  Seyler,* 
Johan  Leonhart  Holsteiner,       Hans  Urich  Bontz,* 

Johan  Egidius  Grimm,  Hans  Jacob  Schlauch, 

Matheus  Fernsler,  Hans  Georg  Medtler, 

Thomas  Kopenhaver,*  Jacob  Meckling, 

Georg  Schuhmacher,  Michael  Korr. 
Theobald  Mechling, 

9)  Aug.  19, 1729.  Seventy-five  Palatines  with  their  families, 
about  one  hundred  and  eighty  persons,  imported  in  the  ship 
Mortonhouse,  James  Coultas,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Cowes,  whence  the  ship  sailed  June  21st. —  Col.  Rec.  III.  367. 

2tug.  19, 1729.  günf  unt)  IteBenjig  5>fäljer  ntitit)rcn  gamilien, 
tto^I  ^unbert  unt»  ac^tjig  ^erfoneit,  brachte  taö  ©t^iff  9Jlorton= 
l^oufe,  (S^apttain  3ameö  ßoultaö,  »on  3flottcrbain  iiier  Soroeö, 
m\6)zi  eö  am  21.  3uni  »erlief.— SoL^Ser.  IIL  367. 
Dielman  Kolb,  Rudolph  Moor,* 

Michael  Borst,  a  Uldric  Root,* 

a  Michael  Borst,  the  Editor's  maternal  great-grandfather,  who  lived 
and,  in  1741,  died  near  Lebanon. — See  Rupp's  History  of  Lebanon  Co., 
pp.  303,  304. 

a  5}?tc^ael  5Borfl,  ber  Urgro^öater  bc3  ^erau^gcberö  tnüttcrltc&erfeitö, 
tootinte  bei  Scbanon  unb  ftarb  1741.— ©tebe  9tupb'^  ®ffcib.  »on  ?cb.  So., 
®.  303,  3U4. 

Note. — In  the  year  1729,  Conrad  Weiser  left  Schoharie  with  his  wife 
and  five  children;  Philip,  Frederick,  Anna,  Madlina  and  Maria,  set- 
tled near  the  present  site  of  Womelsdorf,  Berks  County.  He  was  use- 
fully employed  in  various  capacities  by  the  Government  until  within  a 
few  weeks  of  his  demise.  He  died  July  13,  1760,  aged  63  years,  8 
months  and  13  days.  His  remains  rest  near  Womelsdorf. — Rupp's  His. 
Berks  Co.,  pp.  195,  222. 

5ln  m  c r f  u n (?.— 3m  3abrc  1729  »erltef  donrnb  SOetfer  ©cbobarte  wnb 
jo(?  mit  feiner  grau  unb  fünf  Ätnbern  in  bie  9?a'be  be^  je^igen  2Bomcl5' 
borf,  3?erf?  So.  Txt  Stec^ierung  öertoanbte  ihn  big  furj  oor  feinem  Jobc 
ju  mnnriterlei  Tieufien.  Sr  (larb  am  13.  3uH  1760  im  3tlter  »on  63  Sati- 
ren, 8  Wonaten  unb  13  Jagen.  Sein  Seic^nam  rubt  in  ber  9?ä't)e  »on 
SBomelöborf.— 9iu|)))'ö  ®ffc|.  »on  Serfg  So.,  ©.  195,  222. 



Carl  Ernst  Musselbach, 
Johan  Philip  Ranck, 
Konradt  Worntz, 
Henrich  Schlengeluff, 
Heinrich  Dubs, 
Heinrich  Blimm, 
Christ.  Brown,* 
Andreas  Meys, 
Jacob  Obere,* 
Ulrich  Groll,* 
Conrad  Kilner, 
Rudolph  Wälder  * 
Simon  Rohl, 
Baltzar  Hör,* 
Georg  Threhr, 
Hans  MuUer, 
Casper  Dorest, 
Johannes  Hoock, 
Nicolas  Peffel, 
Ultimer  Schnebler,* 
Christ.  KroU,* 
Jacob  Crebil, 
Peter  Wecher, 
Adam  Orth, 
Johannes  Reis, 
Michel  Weber,* 
Nicolas  Carver,* 
Valtin  Keiser, 
Johannes  Orde,* 
Wendel  Wyant,* 
Richd.  Fetter,  § 
Jacob  Reyer,§ 
Peter  Weeger,§ 
Jacob  SeUser, 
Friderich  Marsh,  § 
Andrew  Bastian,  § 

Jacob  Fetter,  § 
Moret  Creeter,§ 
Hans  Ulrich  Vry,* 
Johan  Niclas  Printschier, 
John  Daniel  Worley,* 
Valentine  Ficus,* 
Hans  Michel  Heides, 
Johan  Stephan  Riemer, 
Jacob  Eschelmann, 
Abraham  Kensinger,* 
Hans  Michel  Fröhlich, 
Hans  Jacob  Roodlys,* 
Hans  Ulrich  Hüber, 
Gerhai-dt  Müller, 
Heinrich  Zurtere, 
Jacob  Bowman,* 
Johannes  Müller, 
David  Montandon, 
Georg  Adam  Weidel,  a 
Christoph  Schambach, 
Henrich  Killhaver,* 
Reynard  Halder,* 
Christ.  Bumgarner,* 
Friederich  Marsteller, 
Johann  Peter  Moll, 
Johann  Middle,* 
Adam  Bastian,  § 
Henry  Daniel  Back,  § 
Johann  Georg  Grossman, 
Georg  Grossman, 
Christian  Longenacre,* 
Mai-tin  Alstadt,§ 
Philip  Jacob  Back,§ 
Hendrick  Sneevele,* 
Jacob  ^eH^,  formerly  of  Pa. 
Jacob  Seller,  of  German  town. 

a  Georg  Adam  Weidel,  the  paternal  grand-father  of  Jacob  Weidel, 
Esq.,  of  Lebanon,  Pa. 

a  ®eorg  3lbam  SBetbel,  ber  ®rof safer  »aterfeitg  beg  ^txxn  3afob  3Bet- 
bei  in  fiebanon,  $a. 


Jacob  Reif  and  Jacob  Seller  were  probably  both  Neuländer^ 
a  class  of  persons  fully  noticed  in  Rupps  Fireside  Bi&tory  of  the 
Germans  in  Fennsylvania.  Jacob  Keif  was  once  a  conspicuous 
person  in  the  early  history  of  the  German  Keformed  Church. 

In  A  are  the  names  of  fifty-five  females ;  among  others,  the 
wife  of  Jacob  Reif,  Veronica  Reif;  Eliza  Seller,  Anna  Chris- 
tiana Schlengeluff,  Apalis  SchlengeluflF,  Anna  Barbara  Ranck, 
Mary  Ann  Grossman. 

3acob  3fteif  unb  3acofc  ©etler  waren  »a^rfc^einlid^  ktbc  9leu== 
Iänt)er,  cine  2lrt  2cute,  welche  in  „SRupp'ö  ®ef^.  tcr  1)eutfc^en 
in  ^ennf^Iioantcn  für  ben  ^uöli(^en  ^xtii"  griintUc^  bemäntelt 
fint).  3öcob  9tcif  »at  feiner  ^tii  eine  bctcutenbc  ^^erfonlic^tcit 
in  ber  (SJefc^ic^te  ber  tieutfc^=reformirten  Ätr^e. 

3n  A  ftnl)  tie  5Ramen  »on  fünf  unti  fünfjig  grancn;  unter 
anberen:  bic  %xa\x  »on  3acob  Steif,  55eron{ca  SReif;  (Slifa  (Seller, 
2lnna  (it)riftiana  (Schlengeluff,  2lpaliö  «Schlengeluff,  2lnna  Soar« 
bara  9iancf,  ^ax'xt  Slnna  ßrö^mann. 

10)  Sept.  15, 1729.  Fifty-nine  Palatines  with  their  families, 
one  hundred  and  twenty-six  persons,  imported  in  the  ship  Allen, 
James  Craigie,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes,  whence 
the  ship  sailed  July  7th.— CoZ.  Rec.  III.  368. 

(Sept.  15,  1729.  9?eun  unb  fünfjig  ^fäljer  mit  i^ren  ^amx^ 
lien,  ein  bunbert  unb  fec^ö  unb  giüünjig  ^^erfonen,  brachte  baö 
(S(^iff  2lllen,  (Sapitain  3ameö  Sratgie,  »on  iHotterbam  über  Sottjed, 
wclc^eö  bag  ©c^iff  am  7.  3uli  öerliep.— Sol.=23er.  III.  368. 

Johannes  Mack,  Jacob  Wiss, 

Veiten  Mack,  Jacob  Snider,* 

Hans  Gunde,  Jacob  Lesle,* 

Andreas  Bony,  Paul  Lipkip,* 

Hisbert  Benter,*  Johannes  Kipping, 

Pieter  Lesle,  Conrad  Eill,? 

Jacob  Bosserdt,  Alexander  jNIack,  a 

a  Alexander  Mack  sen.,  was  bom  at  Schriesheim,  in  the  Pnlntinnte, 
1G79.  He  married  Anna  Maria  Kling  of  his  nntive  town.  They  hnd 
son«  and  diiughters:  John  Valentin,  .Inhannes,  Alexander.  Christina 
and  Anna  Maria.  Both  dauphters  died  younjc  His  wife  died  in  Ger- 
many 17:i'i.  He  settled  near  Germantown — died  17öö — buried  iu  the 
Brethren  burying  ground.    The  epitaph  on  liis  tombstone  is  brief:   Hier 



Alexander  Mack,  der  jmige, 
Jacob  Kalcklöser, 
Wilhelmus  Kncpper, 
Johan  Henrich  Kalckgleser, 
Cliristophel  Kalckgiässer, 
Johan  Christ.  Crobf, 
Hans  Slaughters,* 
Hans  Jacob  Kiebel, 
ßinehart  Hammer,* 
Johann  Martin  Kress, 
Johannes  Meinterfeer,* 
Johannes  Perger,* 
Andreas  Kropp, 
Matheis  Schneider, 
Mathias  Ulland,* 
Georg  Dieter, 
Alexander  Dihll, 
Daniel  Cropp,§ 
John  Hissle,  § 
Veiten  Becker, 
Christian  Matler, 
Ulrich  (Ellen, 

Saml.  Graller,* 
Joseph  Bruiiner, 
Jcrrich  Hoftait, 
Feltin  Rafer,* 
Jacob  Cropp,§ 
Job.  Jacob  Knecht, 
Georg  Vetter, 
Philip  Mich.  Fiersler,* 
Hans  Georg  Klauser,* 
Christian  Schneider, 
Johannes  Fliickiger, 
Christian  Kropf, 
Johannes  Petenkoffer, 
Hans  Georg  Koch, 
Hans  Caspar  Kolb, 
Jno.  Jacob  Hopbach, 
Leonhart  Amweg, 
Johannes  Wightman,* 
Valentine  Gerhart  Hisle, 
Henrich  Peter  Middeldorff, 
Christian  Ketzendander,* 

Heinrich  Holtzsteiu. 
A  contains  six  names  of  males  under  sixteen,  also  the  names 
of  thirty-nine  females  above  sixteen ;  among  these  are  Agnus 
Kalklöser,  Joanna  Margaret  Bony,  Veronica  Knepper,  Anna 
Margaretta  Mack,  Philippina  Mack,  Anna  Kipping,  Sivilla  Kip- 
ping, Johanna  Kipping,  Eva  Bossert,  Maria  Kalklöser,  members, 
with  their  husbands,  of  the  Sckwartzenau- Täufer,  of  whom 
Alexander  Mack  sen.  was  Urheber,  or  founder,  about  the  year 
1708.  He  seceded  from  Hochman,  with  whom  he  had  co-ope- 
rated for  some  time,  accompanying  him  in  his  religious  visits  in 

ruhen  die  Gebeine  A.  M.,  geboren  1679,  gestorben  1735,  seines  Altera 
56  Jahr. 

a  Slleranber  ?Wacf  feu.  tourbe  1679  ju  (acdrtedfjetm  in  bcr  ^Jfalj  9e_&oren. 
Sr  »ert)etratt)ete  ftc^  mit  9Inna  ^axia  Ältng  auö  feinem  ®eburt^ort.  Äobne 
unb  ZöüittT  würben  i^nen  geboren:  3o^ann  SSalenttn,  3o^ann£!S,  3Ilfran» 
ber,  S^riftina  unb  21nna  5)?arta.  iBeibe  %oä)Ux  ftarben  jung,  ^dnt  i^xan 
fiarb  1720  in  Deutfci^lanb.  Sr  Iie§  fid^  na\)t  ®ermantomn  uteber,  ftarb 
1735  unb  liegt  auf  bem  Srüber^Segräbni^Ula^e  begraben.  T-it  ^ufdirift 
auf  feinem  @rab)lein  ift:  .f)ter  ruljen  bie  ®ebeine  31.  ^Jl.,  geboren  1679, 
geworben  1735,  feine«  Slltera  56  3at>r. 



Germany  and  Switzerland.  Some  of  the  Täufer  had  come  to 
America  ten  years  before  Mack. — Rupp's  His.  Relig.  Den.  U.  S. 
A  entölt  fec^ö  9iamen  ber  '3)?anngperfonett  über  fc^3eön  3al)rc, 
eknfallö  bte  9iamm  üon  neun  unb  breipig  Sßeiböpevfonen  über 
fec^je^n;  unter  bicfen  ftub :  Slgnus  ^alflöfer,  3oanna  ^O^argaret 
^Bonp,  33eronica  ^nepper,  2Inna  ^Jiargaretta  ?!)?ad,  ^()iHppina 
'^a.d,  2tnna  dipping,  (giötün  dipping,  3ot)anna  .Ripping,  Söa 
Sojfert,  SJlarta  Italflöfer,  mit  i^ren  'SÖZännern  gu  ben  (2cfcit>ar^c= 
nau=Jäufern  gefiörenb,  beren  ©rünber  ber  ältere  2((ej:anber  '^ai 
um'ö  3a^i^  1708  war.  Sr  trennte  ft^  »on  ^oc^mann,  be)'fen 
§!)?itarbeiter  er  eine  ^t\i  lang  getüefen  unb  ben  er  auf  feinen  9te- 
ligionörcifen  nad)  2)eutf(^(anb  unb  ber  (Sc^weij  begleitet  ^ttc. 
ß'intge  ber  Käufer  iraren  3e^n  3abre  oor  Wad  nac^  %mtxxia  gc= 
fommen. — 9tupp'ö  ®efc^.  ber  rel.  33en.  in  ben  35er.  (St. 

11)  Aug.  29,  1730.  Palatines  with  their  families,  two  hun- 
dred and  sixty  persons,  imported  in  the  ship  Thistle,  of  Glas- 
gow, Colin  Dunlap,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 
—  Col.  Rec.  III.  283. 

3tug.  29,  1780.  T)ai  ©c^iff  I^iftle  öon  ©laögom,  Sapitain 
Sclin  T)unlap,  brachte  ^fäljer  mit  i^ren  Familien,  jjrei  ^unbert 
unb  fe^jig  5^erfonen,  toon  Sflotterbam  über  Soroeö. — SoI.=S3er. 
III.  283. 

Valentin  Grisemer,  Hans  Menigh, 

Johannes  Dunckel,  Nichol  Fiser, 

Christof  Batter,  Johan  Zwinger, 

Christian  Leman,*  Jacob  Nagel, 

Jeremias  Hes,*  Ulrich  Scherer, 

Joh.  Georg  Ludwig  Hass,  Philip  Groscost,* 

Bernhart  Siegmund,  Casper  Bittner,* 

Hans  Jacob  Dohl,  Nickel  Cünter, 

Johan  Peter  Ohller,  Johannes  Soberer, 

Johan  Henrich  Schmidt,  Johannes  Haus,* 

Caspar  Fiehman,  Phihp  Hautz,* 

Steven  Hemer,*  Lorentz  Hoff, 

Rudolph  Draugh,*  Thomas  Hamma, 

Johannes  Kun,*  Jacob  Stiffel, 

William  Keim,*  Wolfer  Sperger,* 

Ludwick  Delman,*  Uhich  Steyner,* 

Gerhart  Zinn,  Thomas  Hes, 

AND   OTHER   IMMIGRANTS — 1730.  63 

Henrich  Hes,  Frederick  Peifer, 

Hendrich  Gutt,*  Johannes  Kepplinger, 

Caspar  Krieger,  Feite  Meidelman, 

Christoph  Anckenbrant,  Dietrich  Beidelman, 

Jean  Henri  Fortineaux,*  EHas  Meidelman, 

Frederich  Reimer,  Jacob  Ammon, 

Peter  Beswanger,*  Johan  Nickel  Lukenbell,* 

Johan  Caspar  Schmidt,  Hans  Simon  Mey, 
Johan  Paulus  Düttenhöffer,       Henrich  LukebiU, 

Johan  Augustus  Scherrer,  Ludwig  Mohler, 

Hans  Greorg  Hofman,  Lönhart  Hochgenug, 

Abraham  Transu,  Peter  Federolff, 

Casper  Hartman,*  Peter  Müller,  a 

Christian  Shram,  Friederich  Lienberger, 

Leonhart  Köpplinger,  Peter  Frawiener, 

Rudolp  Andreas,  Bernhard  Renn, 

a  Peter  Müller  was  a  native  of  Oberamt  Lautem,  Germany.  He 
graduated  at  Heidelberg.  He  was  a  man  of  profound  erudition — of 
more  than  ordinary  powers  of  mind — a  finished  scholar,  as  is  evident 
from  testimony  born  him  by  the  Rev.  Jedediah  Andrews.  In  a  letter 
dated  Philadelphia,  lOmo.,  (Oct.)  14th,  1730,  "  There  is,"  says  Andrews, 
"lately  come  over  a  Palatine  candidate  of  the  ministry,  who,  having 
applied  to  us  at  the  synod  for  ordination,  'tis  left  to  Tenant,  Andrews 
and  Boyd  to  do  it.  He  is  an  extraordinary  person  for  sense  and  learn- 
ing. We  gave  him  a  question  to  discuss  about  Justification,  and  he 
answered  it,  in  a  whole  sheet  of  paper,  in  a  very  notable  manner.  His 
name  is  John  Peter  Müller,  and  speaks  Latin  as  readily  as  we  do  our 
natural  tongue."  In  1735,  he  connected  himself  with  the  Siebentägers, 
of  Ephrata.  He  died  Sept.  25,  1796.  His  remains  rest  at  Ephrata, 
Lancaster  County,  Pa. — Rupp's  His.  Lan.  Co.,  p.  229. 

a  53eter  UJiiitter  tfl  tm  Dberamt  Sautent  in  3Deutfc^lanb  geboren,  ßr 
flrabutrte  auf  bcr  ^eibelbergcr  Untöerjiitat.  Sr  tt»ar  ein  5D?ann  »on  ttcfer 
®clet)rfamfeit  unb  be[a§  au§erge»ö()nhcbe  (SJctjleöfräfte,  wie  aixi  bem  3f "9= 
nt§  beö  ^aftor^  Sebebta'^  SlnbreWö  erfti^tU(|  tfi.  3tt  einem,  5)f)tlabelp()ta, 
ben  14.  Dct.  1730  battrten  Srtefe  fagt  er:  „(S3  tft  fürjHc^  ein  tt)eologt[^er 
Sanbtbat  t)erübcrgefommen  aug  ber  ^^o.\i,  ber  auf  feine  Slnmelbung  bet  ber 
(©^nobe  jur  Drbtnation  an  3;enant,  Slnbrewg  unb  So^b  oerrotefen  würbe. 
@r  t|i  eine  au§erorbentIt^c  ^Jerfönltd^fett,  »ag  33erjlanb  unb  ®elet)rfamfett 
onbetrtfft.  2Bir  legten  tt)m  eine  grage  bejüglic^i  ber  SJecbtfertigung  »or, 
toel(|e  er  auf  einem  ganjen  Sogen  5^apter  auögejet^net  beantwortete, 
©ein  9tame  tji  3ot)n  '33eter  5Rüßer  uub  er  (priest  Satcin  fo  fliegenb,  tote  lotr 
unferc  5)?utter[pracbe."  1735  »crbanb  er  fiii  mit  'tiixi  ©tcbentägern  ju 
ßfljtata.  Sr  ftarb  am  25.  ®ept.  1796.  ©eine  Ueberrcfte  ru^en  ju  (jpt)rata, 
Sancafter  £o.,  $a.— 3tup|)'«  ®efc|).  2anc.  So.,  (©.  229. 



Dietrich  Kober, 
Georg  Hutzel, 
Ludwig  Hutzel, 
Georg  Undetenard,* 
Carl  Valentin  Michaels, 

Christopher  Henerich, 
Johann  Matheis  Theis, 
Michael  Thomas, 
Christian  Thomas. 

12)  Sept.  5,  1730.  Forty -five  Palatines  with  their  families, 
one  hundred  and  thirty  persons,  imported  in  the  ship  Alexander 
and  Ann,  William  Clymer,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Cowes.— 6W.  Rec.  III.  386. 

«Sept.  5,  1730,  braute  taö  @(!^iff  Sllcxanbcr  unb  Sinn,  Sapi^ 
tain  2ßiUiam  dimmer,  »on  3lottert»am  über  Soweö  fünf  uiit> 
^jierjig  ^^fäljcr  mit  i^rcn  Familien,  ettta  ein  ^untert  unt  dreißig 
^Perfoncn.— goI.-SBer.  III.  386. 

Anthony  Miller, 
Daniel  Christman,* 
Adam  Phillipot,* 
Martin  Müller, 
John  Peter  Waller,* 
Frantz  Blum, 
Jacob  Müller, 
Fredrick  Meyer,* 
Cari  Keller, 
Eberhart  Meyer, 
Adam  Schüler, 
David  Süsholtz, 
Martin  Creiner, 
Marger  Jerger, 
Michael  Belscher, 
Conrad  Stamm, 
Leopold  Helligas, 
Mattheis  Seltzer, 
Hans  Gerham,? 
Michael  Beyerle, 
Christof  Steinlein, 
Hans  Mich.  Wiedes, 
Joban  Carl  Hornberger, 

John  Adam  Stadtler,* 
Hans  Veltin  Breneissen, 
Hans  Lanciscus, 
Henrich  Lanciscus, 
Johannes  Herbert, 
Baltes  Lanckhär, 
Michael  Bürger, 
Hans  Jacob  Oberholtz, 
Martin  Bücher, 
Johan  Friederich  Weber, 
Henrich  Mai^te, 
Geo.  Michel  Breneissen, 
Johan  Philip  Enmiert, 
Peter  Edelman,* 
Johannes  Widner, 
Michel  Ackermann, 
Rudolph  Messerschmidt, 
Henrich  Clemmer,* 
Johannes  Klemmer, 
Johann  Volckmann, 
Joh.  Sebastian  Graff, 
Hans  Bartel  Hornberger, 
Joh.  Fried.  Lanciscus. 

13)  Nov.  30,  1730.    Palatines  with  their  families  imported 
in  the  ship  Joyce,  William  Ford,  Master,  from  Boston. — Col. 

AND   OTHER    IMMIGRANTS — 1731.  65 

Rec.  III.  3S9.  In  this  ship  there  were  twenty-eight  males  above 
sixteen  years,  six  males  under  sixteen ;  twenty-four  females,  of 
whom  eight  were  under  sixteen  years. — (^Editor.) 

5]üü.  30,  1730.  5)fäl5cr  mit  ibren  gamilicn  fame«  auf  bent 
Sd^iff  3o9Cff  Sapitain  äßiüiam  Jovt»,  »on  SSoflon. — SoI.^Ser. 
III.  389.  2luf  tiefem  <Sct)iffc  befantcn  ^d)  a^t  unt  jwanjig 
^Jianncpcrfoncn  über  fed^je^n,  unt  fei^^  unter  fec^jc^n  3a^«tt/ 
au^crtcm  »ier  unt  jwanjig  grauen,  »on  tenen  a^t  unter  fec^jc^n 
3a^ren  rcaren. — (|)erau^geber.) 
Christian  Miller,  Johan  Ludwig  Heintz, 

Nicolas  Swort,*  Hans  Jacob  Bear,* 

Daniel  Swort,*  Friederich  Elberscheidt, 

Hans  Wichel,*  Johann  Adam  Hofi", 

Joseph  Dorami,  Andreas  Hoffmann, 

John  Bear,*  Hans  Ulrich  Mayer, 

Leonhart  Kolb,  Leonhardt  Pfudere, 

Henry  Shever,*  Johan  Michael  Fischer, 

Egram  Hall,  Henrich  Kilian, 

Johannes  Cuntz,  Johannes  Oberbäck, 

Marck  Nitzen,  Zacharias  Barth. 

A.  G.  Schultze, 

Passengers  under  sixteen  years  of  age : 

Sleifente  unter  fec^je^n  3<»^««  • 

Hans  Lenhart  Schaffer,  Lorentz  Mayer,  Christian  Schwartz, 
Jacob  Schwartz,  Hans  Schwartz,  Ludwicli  Weichel,  Hen.  Bär. 

14)  Aug.  17,  1731.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Samuel, 
Hugh  Peircy,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 
Col.  Rec.  III.  410.  Males,  thirty-nine  above  sixteen,  sixteen 
boys  under  sixteen;  thirty-three  women  above  sixteen,  and 
twenty-one  girls  under  sixteen. — (Editor  ) 

Slug.  17,  1731.  ^fäljcr,  tie  auf  tern  ®d^iffe  (Samuel,  Capi- 
tain  .^ug^  ^eirc^,  oon  3ftottertam  über  Sorccö  gebracht  wuvtcu. — 
Gol.-Ser.  IIL  410.  'iD^ännlit^c  neun  unt  trci^ig  über  fcAjelnt, 
unt  fec^je^n  unter  fec^je^^n  3afei^cn;  trci  unt  brctpig  wfibu(I)e 
?)crfonen  über  fed)je^tt  unt  ein  unt  ^wanjig  unter  fc(^jcl)n. — 

Job.  Georg  Kirschner,  Philipp  Knopp, 

John  Fisher,"^'  Casper  Holtzhauseu, 



Conrad  Eckert,  Johan  Henrich  Knopp, 

Ludwig  Han,  Johann  Jacob  Krauss, 

Johannes  Metzger,  Johann  Jacob  Scheibe, 

Jacob  Wenst,*  Johann  Henrich  Hammel, 

Conrad  Möller,  Frederick  Babenmeyer,* 

Christo  Ritter,*  Lodwick  Goodbrood,* 

Johannes  Diterichs,  Hans  Georg  Bender, 

Andreas  Erlewyne,*  Georg  Sebald  Madriger,* 

Johan  Millbürger,  Hans  Georg  Lohrman, 

Hans  Bitter,  Philip  Friederich  Vogel, 

Joh.  Georg  Koch,  Johann  Christoph  Bauer, 

Barent  Tisen,*  Ludwig  Sauermilch, 

Johannes  Spengler,  Johannes  Stuntz, 

Georg  Baiser  Wentz,  Hans  Adam  Warthman, 

Hans  Georg  Plüger,  George  Henderich, 

Johann  Michael  Gleim,  Hans  Georg  Lohrman. 

Engelberd  Schraidt, 

Passengers  under  sixteen  years : 

Stctfenbe  unter  fed}jet)n  Sauren : 

Martin  Griesemer,  Johannes  Schraidt,  Georg  Kropp,  Peter 
Knopp,  Georg  Hahn,  Georg  Han,  Joh.  Han,  Carl  Müller,  Joh. 
Dietrichs,  Abraham  Warthman,  Jac.  Hofminich,  Balzer  Vogel, 
Henrich  Mülberger,  Georg  Gutbrod,  Anthony  Schniding. 

In  this  ship  came,  according  to  List  A,  Ludwig  Heck,  his 
wife  Mary  and  daughter  Elizabeth. 

SOHt  biefem  «Schiffe  tarnen  nad)  Sifte  A  gutiwig  ^ecf  mit  feiner 
grau  Tlav!)  unb  fetner  Joc^ter  Slifabett). 

15)  Sept.  11,  1731.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Penn- 
sylvania Merchant,  Jno.  Stedman,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last 
from  Dover. —  Col.  Rec.  III.  413.  Males,  fifty-seven  above  six- 
teen, twenty-five  under  sixteen ;  females,  fifty-seven  above  six- 
teen, thirty-three  under  sixteen. 

©ept.  11,  1731.  ^ennf^bania,  Sapttain  3o^n 
©tetman,  'oon  Sflotterbam  über^oöer,  brachte  ^fiiljer. — (SoI.= 
S3er.  III.  413.  ^Dtänner  fteben  unb  fiinfjig  über  unb  fünf  unb 
jjuanjig  unter  fec^je^n;  fieben  unb  fünfzig  Söetber  über  unb 
brct  unb  bret§ig  unter  fe(^jet)n  3a^ren. 
Michael  Geberth,  Ludwig  Wulheit, 

Michael  Feder,  Jacob  Lanius, 



Peter  Smit  * 
Abraham  Sahler, 
Johan  Niclas  Weiss, 
Martin  Boger, 
Georg  Heinrich, 
Jacob  Steiner, 
Christian  Weiser, 
Johannes  Diehl, 
Abram  Freeman,* 
Friedrich  Geberth, 
Friedrich  Strubel, 
Valentin  Schults,* 
Frantz  Krück, 
Heinrich  Krämer, 
Baltzer  Seyler, 
Christoph  Beier, 
Johannes  Schenkel, 
Conrad  Sybert, 
Nicklaus  Fuss, 
Laurence  Roodt,* 
Conrad  Hoogh,* 
Jacob  Mumma, 
Adam  Sauer, 
Michael  Geyger,* 
Johannes  Rymert,* 
Johann  Bartel  Gucker, 
Hans  Adam  Kremer, 

Johann  Michael  Moll, 
Mai-tin  Hunsecker,* 
Christian  Schmidt, 
Hans  Georg  Kelchner, 
Christian  Schmidt, 
Johann  Georg  Mayer, 
Joh.  Georg  Bergstrosser, 
Johan  Henrich  Schmidt, 
Johan  Bernhardt  Arndt, 
Christophel  Moll, 
Johan  Jacob  Krück, 
Joh.  Nicklaus  Steinmetz, 
Hans  Adam  Echelen, 
Joh.  Jacob  Woltzhoffer, 
Valentein  Schneider, 
Johann  Philip  Beyer, 
Hans  Martin  Schultz, 
Rudolph  Gasman,* 
Johannes  Rynert, 
Joh.  Engelbert  Lack, 
Johan  Georg  Schmidt, 
Burckhart  Kiillmer, 
Johannes  Bischoff, 
Johannes  Shaak,* 
Andreas  Beyer, 
Hans  Michael  Horlacher, 
Melchior  Wistholtz. 

Passengers  under  sixteen : 

Sleifente  unter  ferf)je^n  ^a1)vtn.x 

Bernhardt  Geberth,  Matthias  Geberth,  Gottl.  Geberth,  Chris- 
tian Krämer,  Henrich  Gehr,  Adam  Krämer,  Christian  Gehr, 
Georg  Henrich  Gehr,  Jacob  Mumma,  Johannes  Sahler,  Jacob 
Arndt,  David  Arndt. 

16)  Sept.  21,  1731.*    Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Brita- 
nia,  of  London,  Michael  Franklyn,  Master,  from  Rotterdam, 

*  While  the  Synod  of  South  Holland  was  in  session  in  Dort,  1731, 
eight  hundred  exiled  Palatines  passed  through  the  place  to  take 
ship  at  Rotterdam  for  America.    They  were  visited  by  the  whole  Synod 


!;ist  from  Cowes. — Col.  Rec.  III.  414.  One  hundred  and  four 
nudes  above  sixteen,  thirty -seven  under  sixteen;  eighty -one 
temalea  above  sixteen,  forty-five  under  sixteen — in  all  two  hun- 
dred and  sixty-nine. — (^Editor.) 

Sept.  21,  1731.  X)ag  ©d^iff  SBritania  oon  2ont>on,  Sapitain 
SWid^ael  granflpn,  »on  3lottert»am  über  domeö,  brad>te  5)fäljcr.* 
— SoI.=S3er.  III.  414.  Sin  ^untert  unt  oter  männliche  ^erfonen 
ükr  unb  fleben  unb  trei§ig  unter  fcdbje^n,  ein  «nt»  ac^tjig  roeib* 
lic^e  über  unb  fünf  unb  »ierjig  unter  fed^je^n.  3m  ©anjcn  jaei 
^unbert  neun  nnX>  fec^jig. — (i^erauogeber.) 
Hisbertus  Barsch,  Michel  Horsh,* 

Johannes  Barsch,  Daniel  Hubert,* 

Henrich  Geber,  Christian  Hubert,* 

Han  Henrich  Geber,  Jacob  Carl, 

Johannes  Geber,  Ulrich  Keyser, 

Jacob  Rasch,  Henrich  Kram, 

Lucas  Vetler,  Jacob  Kobel, 

Henry  Blicher,*  Nicholas  Känele, 

Leonard  Bock,*  Abraham  Kern, 

Hans  Böschung,  Gotfried  Kraft, 

Johannes  JEgender,  Valentin  Kleim, 

Johannes  Frey,  Wilhelm  Kerkes,* 

Joseph  Beyer,*  Michel  Meyer,* 

Jacob  Gunt,*  Jacob  Meyer, 

Hans  Gumer,  Jacob  Mier, 

Rudolph  Holsinger,  Michel  Mothes,* 

Hen.  Herbertz,  Johannes  Batholommay  Rieger, 

Jacob  Hachman,*  Hochteutscher  Prediger^  a 

Johan  Heistand,*  Louis  Trmothee, 

in  a  body  and  were  famishad  by  them  with  provisions  and  medicines. 
After  Christian  exhortation,  prayer  and  singing,  they  were  dismissed 
with  the  assurance  that  they  might  rely  upon  the  Church  of  Holland 
for  support  in  their  new  abode. — Ger.  Ref.  Almanac,  p.  22  for  1865. 

*  SBäbrtnt»  tit  ©ipnobe  »on  Süb-^otlanb  1731  in  Dortrttbt  tbrt  «Strung 
^atte,  joflfn  actt  Ijunbtrt  oertnebtnt  5'fiUcr  burcb  \>\t  (Jtabt,  urn  in  JRotttr» 
tarn  auf  Ö  Schiff  ju  geben.  Der  ganjc  geiftUcbf  Äorptr  bcfudjte  jle,  gab  ibnen 
^iabrung^mtttcl  unb  Slrjeneim  mit  auf  ben  SBeg.  9?a(l)  einer  cbriftl.  2luf» 
munterung,  (ijefang  unb  Qdtlti,  »urben  fie  mit  ber  93erpcbfrung  entlaffen, 
ba§  fie  fic^  auf  bte  Äirc^e  ^oQanb'ö  um  Unterflü$ung  in  itirem  neuen 
äCobnorte  »erlajfen  fönnen.— Deutfc^-ref.  Äaltnber  für  1865,  <ä.  22. 

a  Rev.  Rieger  was  a  native  of  Obcringelhcim,  Palatinate,  Germany. 
Ue  Btudied  at  Basel  and  Heidelberg  and  had  charge  of  several  German 



Gelert  Gelehren, 
Jacob  Sevenköl,* 
Johannes  Albert, 
^Uiraham  Halshaus, 
John  Henrich  Bahn, 
Hans  Michael  Blattner, 
N'eitli  Bruningher,* 
•lohan  Jacob  Beyer,* 
•lohan  Adam  Beyer,* 
Hans  G-eorg  Ebert, 
Hans  Michel  Ebert, 
Johannes  Eschelman, 
Hans  Michel  Debilbissen,* 
Hans  Georg  Debilbissen,* 
Hans  Michel  Wilhelm, 
Hans  Georg  Friedle,* 
Hans  Georg  Gunt, 
Hans  Michel  Henning, 
Hans  Lenhard  Holtzapfel, 
Erasmus  Holtzapfel,* 

Johannes  K i rsch ner , 
Georg  Dietrich  Kohl, 
Wilhelm  Lautermilch, 
Christian  Lehman, 
Johann  Philip  Lutz, 
Hans  Peter  Lederman, 
Hans  Jacob  Mautz, 
Johan  Thomas  Meyer, 
Hans  Henrich  Martin, 
Johan  Caspar  Miintz, 
Christian  Sliller,* 
Herman  Miller,* 
John  Nehs, 
Mathias  Nehs  jr., 
Hans  Georg  Nöss, 
George  Passage,* 
Gab.  Bösher,* 
Johannes  Roth, 
Jacob  Bohr, 
Matheis  Smeisser,*  h 

Reformed  Congregations  in  Pennsylvania.  He  died  at  Lancaster.  Pa., 
March  14,  1769,  aged  62  years,  2  months  and  4  days.  His  remains 
rest  in  the  grave  yard  of  the  German  Reformed  Church,  Lancaster 
City. — Rupp's  History  of  Lancaster  County,  pp.  226,  460. 

a  ^nftor  SRieger  war  in  Dbf ringcl^ftm  in  bf r  ^falj  geboren.  Sr  jhtbtrte 
tn  SBafel  unb  ^cibclberg,  bcbiente  mebrere  beutfd^=reformtTte  (SJemetnben  in 
^^ennfplöanien  unb  ftarb  am  14.  Warj  1769  in  Sancajter,  ^Ji-/  int  2llter 
v^cn  fi'i  3ii^rcn,  2  iWonatcn  unb  4  Jagen,  ©ein  2etd»nam  ru^t  auf  bent 
äircttiofe  ber  bfutfd)»reformtrten  Üirdbt  in  ber  Stabt  Sancajler. — 9iu))t>'^ 
(i)ci'c^.  »on  \!ancafter  So.,  ®.  226,  460. 

6  Matheis  Smeisser  was  bom  in  Rugelbach,  Germany,  February  17, 
1715;  on  his  arrival  in  Pennsylvania,  he  settled  in  York  County,  where 
he  died  1778.  He  was  one  of  the  ancestors  of  the  numerous  Smysers, 
whose  descendants  now  number  upwards  of  twelve  hundred. 

In  List  A  appear  the  names  of  Barbara  Smeisser,  aged  50  years,  and 
Margareth  Smeisser,  aged  20  years,  the  former  undoubtedly  the  mother 
of,  and  the  latter  sister  to  Matheis,  aged  16,  and  George  Smeisser, 
aged  9  years,  at  the  time  of  their  amval. 

b  5Watbct<?  Smeiffer,  am  17.  Februar  1715  tn  3?ugelba(6,  t^eutfcblanb, 
geboren,  lifp  fich  nacb  fduer  9lnfunft  in  ^-^ennföbanten  in  2)orf  Sountg 
uieber,  wo  er  1778  ftnrb.  6r  war  einer  ber  iyorua'ter  ber  jaljlretc^en 
^m^fer,  beren  Stbfömmlinge  jf^t  über  ^»clftiunbert  jät)len. 

3n  Sijle  A  erfc^etnt  ber  ^amt  ^Barbara  iämeilTer,  5()  3a^re  aXi,  unb 


Mich.  Stocker,*  Joh.  Christian  Sackreider, 

Christophe!  Drübe,  Joh.  Michl  Schrotner, 

Hans  Vogler,  Georg  Willem  Schwartz, 

Lenhart  Fieohr,  Henrich  Ludwig  Schwartz, 

Oswald  Wald,  Johann  Adam  Schröter, 

Caspar  Weis,  Valentine  Siegmund,* 

Jacob  Wirtz,  Jacob  Schumacher, 

Jacob  Nehs,*  Johannes  Schmidt, 

Johann  Adam  Ruppert,  Hans  Martin  Wetzell, 

Leonhart  Steininger,  Georg  Wannmacher, 

Hans  Georg  Möller,  Michael  Ness, 

Joh.  Leonhart  Bihlmeier,  Joh.  Jacob  Weynandt. 

Under  sixteen:  (Unter  \eö^]d)n): — Peter  Timothee,  Ludwig 
Timothee,  Carl  Timothee,  Daniel  Geber,  Peter  Rasch,  Nicholas 
Prey,  Georg  Michael  Blattner,  Hans  Brunninger,  Hans  Adam 
Brunninger,  Leohard  Bock,  Hans  Michael  Bock,  Hans  Bösch- 
ung, David  Brecht,  Casper  Debelbissen,  Henrich  ^gender, 
Ludwig  ^gender,  Lorentz  Friedle,  Hans  Georg  Friedle,  Hans 
Georg  Gundt,  Joseph  Hirsch,  Peter  Hirsch,  Johannes  Kern, 
Hans  Georg  Kohl,  Johannes  Lehman,  Rudolph  Martin,  Hans 
Jacob  Nöss,  Hans  Jacob  Roth,  Georg  Bindeissen,  Justus  Ru- 
pertus  Schwartz,  Johannes  Schwartz,  Johann  Michael  Schröter, 
Hans  Georg  Schröter,  Johann  Henrich  Weide,  Martin  Wetzell, 
Johannes  Moll,  Conrad  Henning. — Hans  Böschung  39  years 
old,  Barbara  Böschung  37,  Hans  Philip  Böschung  9,  Anna 
Barbara  Böschung  6,  Christianna  Böschung  3  years. 

17)  Oct.  14, 1731.  Palatines  imported  in  the  Snow  Louther, 
Joseph  Fisher,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Dover. — 
Col.  Rec.  III.  417.  Thirty-three  males  above  sixteen,  fifteen 
under  sixteen,  and  thirty  females  of  difibrent  ages,  and  two  in- 
fants unbaptized — in  all  81. — {Editor.) 

Dft.  14,  1731.  3m  ©noJi?  Souther,  dapitain  Sofep^  gif()cr, 
»on  Stotterbam  über  X)ooer,  famen  ^Jfäljer  an, — {5ol.=SBcr.  III. 
417.  9J?ännU(^e  brei  unb  brcipig  über  nnt  fünf^e^n  unter  fe(^= 
je^n,  unb  brei^ig  weibliche  ^erfonen  »erfi^iebenen  Sttterg  nebfl 
jwei  {(einen  ungetanften  Äinbcrn:  81  im  ©anjen. — (^erau^g.) 

'^ax<\ant\)a  (Smct([er,  20  Salbre.  ©rftcre  tfi  ttjofel  He  üWutter  unb  Se^tere 
t>te  ©cbwefter  beg  fec|je!)nj[äbrtgen  5}?atbetö  unb  beö  neunjiä'brigcn 
®eorg  Smetffer. 



Gottfried  Lehman, 
Jacob  Michael, 
Jacob  Keesey,* 
Henrich  Baum, 
PhiUp  Eckford, 
Ulrich  Michel, 
Jacob  Holtzinger, 
Johann  Christian  Lehmann, 
Johan  Wendel  Grisse,? 
John  Jacob  Brunner, 
Johann  Mathias  Cramer, 
Hans  Georg  Hamerich, 
Philip  Peter  Visanant, 
Johan  Peter  Fissnand, 
Melchior  Häyden,* 
Philip  Kinss, 

Hans  Bosch, 
Johannes  UUerich, 
Jacob  Snevely,* 
Christo  Newbert,* 
Caspar  Betschen, 
Georg  Schöltz, 
Daniel  Weisiger, 
Henrich  Havervass, 
Christoffel  Amborn, 
Anton  Banckauff, 
Johan  Nickel  Schmid, 
Johann  Conrad  Franck, 
Frantz  Philip  Ulerich, 
John  Christoph  Knauer, 
Christ.  Ernst  Stägenmüller, 
Caspar  Baumann. 

Dorst  Hoste,* 

Under  sixteen :  (Unter  fec^je^n) : — Johannes  Gottfried  Leh- 
man, David  Giesse,  Conrad  Giesse,  Ulrich  Giesse,  Jeremias  Brun- 
ner,  Johannes  Albrecht,  Michael  Brunner,  Henrich  Brunner, 
Paul  Hamerich,  Johann  Georg  Merchand,  Johann  Ludwig 
Merchand,  Johann  Adam  Fessingen,  Johannes  Straub,  Philip 
Lorentz  Michael,  Jacob  Holtzinger. 

18)  May  15,  1732.    Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Norris, 
Thomas  Lloyd,  Master,  from  Boston. —  Col.  Rec.  III.  429. 

max  15,  1732.   t)ai  ©c^ijf  '^^xxxi,  ßapitatn  3:^oma3  Sto^b, 
brachte  g)fä(3er  »on  ißüj^on.   go(.=33er.  III.  429. 
Casper  Schirch,  Johan  Michael  Siegmund, 

Martin  Gasner,  Joh.  Dietrich  Jungmann, 

Mathias  Weber,  Christian  Kennenger,* 

John  Phil.  Weber,  Johannes  Herman, 

Johan  Mancher,  Valentine  Westheber, 

Johannes  Behn,  Joh.  Georg  Liebenstein. 

Michael  Andreas, 

19)  Aug.  11,  1732.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Samuel, 
of  London,  Hugh  Piercy,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Cowes. — Col.  Rec.  III.  431.  One  hundred  and  six  males  above 
sixteen,  thirty -four  under  sixteen;   eighty -nine  females  above 



sixteen,  and  fifty  under — in  all  two  hundred  and  seventy-nine. — • 

2tug.  11,  1732.  ^fäljer  njurben  auf  tern  ©^iffe  (Samuel 
»on  Sonfcon,  Gapttain  ^ugb  ^ierc^,  »on  9lottert»am  über  Soroeg 
gebraut. — SoI.=Ser.  III.  431.  ©in^unfcert  unb  fe(^^  männliche 
^erfonen  über  unt  »ier  unt)  breifig  unter  fei^je^n,  nebft  neun 
unt)  ac^tjig  weibUc^en  über  unt)  fünfzig  unter  [edije^^n.  3nt 
(Sanjen  groei  ^unbert  neun  unt>  fieben3ig.   (.Herausgeber.) 

Martin  Gerhard, 
John  Bendler, 
Nicklas  Körper, 
Laurentz  Knoekel, 
Matheus  Böckle, 
Ulrich  Böchle, 
Samuel  Brandt, 
John  Heneberger, 
Michel  Dirstein, 
Henrich  Ebby, 
Gotfiied  Stahl, 
Michel  Georg, 
Johann  George  Nungesser, 
Georg  Philip  Windemuth, 
Hans  Jacob  Beclie, 
Christoph  Böckle, 
Johan  Jacob  Behlerdt, 
Hans  Georg  Klingmann, 
Jacob  Oberholtzer, 
Johan  Adam  Andress, 
Christ.  Frantz  sen.,* 
Samuel  Scherer, 
Leonhart  Döbler, 
Oswald  Hostetter, 
Hans  Muselman, 
Christ.  Frantz  jr., 
Friedrich  Kieflfer, 
Jacob  Crist,* 
Jacob  Fleiser, 
Georg  Döbler, 
Georg  Bender, 
Jacob  Stauffer, 
Martin  Weigell, 

Johannes  MUler, 
Christian  Beudler, 
Hans  Adam  Neidig, 
Julius  Dehr, 
Christian  Biry, 
Andreas  Müller, 
Christian  German, 
Benedict  German, 
Peter  Balsbach, 
Jacob  Knechell,* 
Martin  Giller, 
Jacob  Kieflfer, 
Ulrich  Burkh  alter, 
Jacob  Gut, 
Hans  Paulus  Boger, 
Johannes  Ziger, 
Georg  Heyl, 
Peter  Stey,* 
John  Bumgardner,* 
Jacob  Albrecht, 
J.  H.  Hartmann, 
Wendel  Gerlach, 
John  Helford,* 
Jacob  Weyes,* 
Henrich  Berret,* 
Jacob  Gochnauer, 
Peter  Frit, 
Andreas  Shetler, 
Carl  Seyl, 
Philip  Wendel, 
Eliseus  Mayer, 
Johannes  Lentz, 
Johannes  Brechbil, 

AND   OTHER   IMMIGRANTS — 1732.  73 

Johan  Nickel  Strass,  Georg  Ludwig  Horning, 

Hans  Georg  Gödeke,  Caspar  Wartman, 

Joh.  Leonhardt  Kieffer,  Georg  Klingman, 

Frederich  Mulchslager,*  Johan  Philip  Eager,  ? 

Michael  Kreiden-,  Hans  Michel  Balmer, 

Henrich  Ramsauer,  Christian  Balmer, 

Johan  Georg  Glassbrenner,         Friderich  Aldorffer, 
Johan  Sebalt  Kremer,  Anastasius  Uhler, 

Wendel  Brechbiihll,  Hans  Jerg  Steger, 

Johan  Georg  Kleinhauss,  Wendel  Bernheisel, 

Hans  Wendel  Höll,  John  Bernheisel, 

Wilhelm  Bergheimer,  Hans  Mich.  Baumgertner, 

Andreas  Slantzeberger,  Hein  Ulrich  Fischer, 

Johannes  Uhrich,  Peter  Schellenberger, 

Johan  Peter  Heylmann,  Hans  Georg  Queichel, 

Joh.  Leonhart  Ziegler,  Wendel  Wörbel, 

Joh.  Friederich  Schütz,  Augustus  Wendell, 

Joh.  Phillip  Schütz,  Peter  Schneider,* 

Johan  Jacob  Erdman,  Adam  Hillegas. 

Under  sixteen:  (Unter  fec^3el)n): — Henrich  Böchle,  Georg 
Ebby,  Georg  Stahl,  Heinrich  Eberle,  Samuel  Oberholtzer,  Jo- 
hannes Frantz,  Michael  Frantz,  Johannes  Hosteller,  Valentin 
Nungesser,  Johannes  Lentz,  Abraham  WoUschläg,  Christian 
WoUschläg,  Johannes  Ramsauer,  Philip  Neidig,  Gottlieb  Heyl, 
Conrad  Bergh,  Jacob  Kieffer,  Michael  Boger,  Matthias  Boger, 
Jacob  Zerger,  Georg  Berger,  Michael  Albrecht,  Georg  Hartman, 
Jacob  Bereth,  Henrich  Bereth,  Caspar  Bereth,  Georg  Schellen- 
berger, Georg  Kremer,  Friedrich  Kremer,  Gottfried  Kremer, 
Johannes  Wörbel,  Michael  Mayer,  Adam  Mayer,  Christian 
Böhler. — Johann  Sobald  Kremer  aged  32,  Margaretta  Kremer 
27,  Georg  12,  Friedrich  9,  Gottfried  7  years  old. 

20)  Sept.  11,  1732.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Penn- 
sylvania, Jno.  Stedman,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Plymouth. —  Col.  Rec.  III.  452.  Seventy  -  three  males  above 
sixteen;  women  and  children,  of  both  sexes  and  different  ages, 
ninety-eight — in  all,  one  hundred  and  seventy-one. — (^Editor.) 

(Sept.  11,  1732.  ^\i  t»ein  ©(^iffe  gjennf^toanicn,  Sapitain 
3o:^n  ©tetman,  »on  3tottert)am  über  ^»I^tnoutf)  famen  ^fäljer. 
SoI.=33er.  III.  452,  £)rei  unt>  ^ebenjig  ntännU(i)e  ^erfonen  über 



fcc^je^n ;  SBeikr  unb  Äinber  öevfc^iebenen  Stiterä  neun  unb  a(^t* 
jig ;  im  ®anjen  l^unbert  unb  iin  unb  ficbenjig. — (Herausgeber.) 

Adam  Klingen, 
Joseph  Caspering,? 
Jacob  Giss, 
Conrad  Frick, 
Michael  Rein, 
John  Jacob  Buss, 
Michael  Wüll, 
Johan  Seleberger,* 
PhUip  Frank, 
Jacob  Rod, 
Simon  Carle, 
Adam  Louer,* 
Hartman  Lauer,* 
Jacob  Haus, 
Wendel  Fiser, 
PhUip  Kebelbe, 
Cornelius  Kram, 
Hans  Rootelee,* 
Johannes  Weber, 
Conrad  Schönig, 
Daniel  Müller, 
Johannes  Hoorle,* 
Paulus  Ryter,* 
Henrich  Ryter,* 
Georg  Mertz, 
Michael  Schnager,* 
Ditrich  GauiF, 
Johannes  Faas, 
Jacob  Schaad,* 
Michael  Capp, 
Gabriel  Konigh, 
Carl  Ohliger, 
Adam  Zeyler,* 
Friederich  Emy, 
Mathias  Shaub,* 
Matthias  ZoUicoffer,  V. 

Hendrick  Christian, 
Leonard  Immel, 
Michael  Immel, 
Geo.  Michael  Hohlstein, 
Hans  Georg  Graff,? 
Hans  Georg  Smit,* 
Hans  G  eorg  Cuntz, 
Christofel  Stedler,* 
Johan  Georg  Kauger, 
Matheias  Hauser, 
Simon  Peter  Holsteiner, 
Hans  Michel  Much, 
Han  Niclaus  Müller, 
Johann  Peter  Strack, 
Benedict  Eiselman, 
Michael  Witmer,* 
Geo.  Michel  Schweinhart, 
Han  Michael  Krumrein, 
Wolf  Copenhäer,* 
Michael  Copenhäer,* 
Mattheis  Menchen, 
Johann  Georg  Amend, 
Christian  Steinbach, 
Albrecht  Wolffgang, 
Paulus  Linsenbigler, 
Hans  Jacob  Meyer, 
Johann  Georg  Bätz, 
Bernhart  Wolffinger, 
Bastian  Wagner, 
G  eorg  Friedrich  Capp, 
Georg  Palsgraff, 
William  Chriesmerg,* 
Hans  Lcond  Conrad, 
Wendel  Weinheimer, 
Hans  Georo;  Minhard. 


Under  sixteen :  (Unter  fe^jcftnj: — Philip  Ulrich,  Jacob  Ul- 
rich, Benedict  Bartholomäus,  Henrich  Christian,  Hans  Kuntz, 



Andreas  Schweinhart,  Christian  Müller,  Michael  Müller,  G-eorg 
Hottel,  Henrich  Hottel,  Johannes  Hottel,  Johan  Mayer,  Rein- 
hart  Mayer,  Paul  Reuter,  Caspar  Reuter,  Michael  Schweigharc, 
Peter  Gunst,  Bastian  Wolfinger,  Peter  Wolfinger,  Jacob  Isaac, 
Friederich  Isaac,  Friederich  Ermich. 

21)  Sept.  19, 1732.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Johnson, 
of  London,  David  Crocket,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Deal. —  Col.  Rec.  III.  453.  One  hundred  and  twelve  males 
above  sixteen,  ninety-eight  under  sixteen ;  ninety-eight  females 
above  sixteen,  and  eighty-five  under  sixteen — in  all  three  hundred 
and  thirty. — (^Editor.) 

(Sept.  19,  1732.  ^fäljer  auf  tern  (Sd)iffc  3o^nfon,  Sapitain 
Daöit)  dxoäet,  auä  Sonton,  oon  9tottert»am  über  T)taL — SoI.= 
33er.  III.  453.  Jpunbert  unt»  jlüölf  männliche  über  unt»  ac^t  unb 
neunzig  unter  fei^3e{)n;  ac^t  unt  neuujtg  raeiblic^e  ^erfonen 
über  unb  fünf  unt)  ac^tjtg  unter  fec^je^n:  tret  ^unbert  ireipig 
tm  ®anjen. — (Herausgeber.) 

Hans  Steinmann, 
Laurens  Hartman, 
John  Harwich, 
Paulus  Wegerlein, 
Valtin  Beyer, 
Henrich  Sien, 
Conrad  Behn,* 
Jacob  Müller, 
Thomas  Matern,* 
Andreas  Overback,* 
Jacob  Cruir,* 
Jacob  Rouse,* 
Daniel  Schew,* 
Isac  Cuschuah,* 
Bernhart  PeiFer, 
Conrath  Bollon, 
Andreas  Lohr, 
Lorentz  Weber, 
Tobias  Hegelle, 
Christoph  Riss, 
Friderich  Riss, 
Adam  Hinder, 

Andreas  Hemler, 
Nicolas  Ewick,* 
Johan  Ewick,  § 
Joh.  Henrich  Baum, 
Ludwig  Friedle, 
Anthorn  Gilbert, 
Valentin  Wield,* 
Nicolas  Wield,* 
Adam  Hummel, 
Fredrich  Miller,* 
Johannes  Dieter, 
Thomas  Sander, 
Johanes  Sofirens, 
Joh.  Georg  Steinmann, 
Hans  Jacob  Meiler, 
Johan  G-eorg  Meiler,* 
John  Michel  Lochtner, 
Hans  Henrich  Jegner, 
Valentine  Renner, 
Joh.  Martin  Schilling, 
Johannes  Mössinger, 
Mathias  Brownwart,* 



Johan  Jacob  Rower,* 
Christof  Ehrenhart, 
Johan  Jacob  Kuntz, 
Joh.  Wilhehn  KölHn, 
Joh.  Conradt  Scheimer, 
Joh.  Martin  Bullinger, 
Hans  Martin  Bullinger, 
Han  Phil.  Zimmerman, 
Johan  Michel  Deeter, 
Paulus  Weinheimer, 
Johannes  Bastian, 
Lorentz  Bastian, 
Joh.  Balthasar  Bott, 
Joh.  Phüipp  Görich, 
Joh.  Adam  Werner, 
Joh.  Valtin  Umstadt, 
Joh.  G-eorg  Baltz, 
Nicolas  Evelandt,* 
Joh.  Martin  Bauer, 
Johannes  Ebermann, 
Johannes  Albrecht, 
Johan  Henrich  Jung, 
Johan  Adam  Leberger, 
Bartholomeus  Morth,? 
Johan  Christoph  Beyer, 
Lenhart  Mumma, 
Lorentz  Kuntz, 
Ludwig  Leeman, 
Christoff  Englert, 
Henry  Oswald,* 
Leonard  Weyer,* 
Laureutz  Bawder,* 
Rudolph  Bonner,* 

Henrich  Appel, 
Pieter  Derber,* 
Peter  Gabele, 
Peter  Seyler, 
Philip  Smit,* 
Conrath  Sieber, 
Jacob  Tray,* 
John  Shullmeyer,* 
Johannes  Frey, 
Thomas  Cryle,* 
Friederich  Mayer,* 
Joh.  Georg  Sehm, 
Johannes  Kreuel, 
Johannes  Schmitt, 
Joh.  Frid.  Baumgardtner, 
Joh.  Henrich  Miller, 
Joh.  Peter  Schmidt, 
Joh.  Jacob  Neihaltzer, 
Han  Georg  Tray,* 
Michael  SchuUmeyer,* 
Johannes  Hannar,* 
Joh.  Hen.  Messerschmidt, 
Martin  Caplinger,* 
Hans  Wilhelm  Brant, 
Christian  Shneyder,* 
Conrad  Schneider, 
Joh.  Leonhardt  Herman, 
Joh.  Peter  Genther, 
Johan  Frantz  Russ, 
Joh.  Paulus  Lederer, 
Joh.  Georg  Gumpp, 
Joh.  Adam  Kreil, 

Joh.  Georg  Oberkagler. 
Under  sixteen:  (Unter  fcc^je^n): — Paulus  Harwich,  Jacob 
Harwich,  Nickolaus  Harwich,  Jacob  Wegerlein,  Johan  Jacob 
Müller,  Johannes  Oberbeck,  Philip  Oberbeck,  Ludwig  Schuey, 
Michael  Mössinger,  Paul  Mossinger,  Johann  Bauer,  Johannes 
Lauer,  Herman  Lauer,  Henrich  Weber,  Martin  Ebeland,  Adam 
Vogel,  Johann  Kuntz,  Friederich  Riss,  Jacob  Umstadt,  Conrad 
Stock,  Jacob  Ebeland,  Johannes  Eberman,  Jacob  Albrecht, 
Ludwig  Albrecht,   Conrad  Sattler,  Johannes  Sattler,  Anthoni 



Mumma,  Michael  Seyler,  Valentin  Seyler,  Lorentz  Sicher,  Jo- 
hann Conrad  Frey. 

22)  Sept.  21,  1732.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Pink 
Plaisance,  John  Paret,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Cowes. —  Col.  Rec.  III.  459.  Seventy-seven  males  above  six- 
teen, twenty-eight  under  sixteen ;  sixty-eight  females  above  six- 
teen, and  fifteen  under  sixteen — in  all  one  hundred  and  eighty- 
eight. — {Editor.) 

©ept.  21,  1732.  Stuf  bem  ©c^tffe  ^inf  ^laifancc,  Sa|)ttatn 
3o^n  5)aret,  üon  Stottcrtam  über  Someö  famen  ^^fäljer.^— (SoI.= 
^er.  III.  459.  ©ieben  unb  fieben^ig  männlid)e  5)evfonen  über 
uiit)  ai^t  unt)  jwanjtg  unter  fec^jc^n ;  a^t  unt)  fec^jig  »veiblid)e 
über  unt)  fünfje^n  unter  [ec^jct)n  3a^ren :  l)unbert  unb  ad}t  unt> 
ac^tjig  im  ©anjen. — (^erauögekr.) 

Georg  Bast, 
Joh.  Cline,* 
Melcher  Feler, 
Bastian  Budi, 
Christian  Huber, 
Samuel  Mayer, 
Martin  Mayer, 
Jacob  Schere, 
Paulus  Hertzel, 
Hans  Huber, 
Felix  Fissler, 
Rudolph  Reichert, 
Mathes  Müller, 
Johan  Philip  Müller, 
Johannes  Müller, 
Conrath  Scharff, 
Daniel  Stauffer, 
Hans  Zimmerman, 
Hans  G-eorg  Wagner, 
Greorg  Peter  Knecht, 
Christian  Besicker, 
Christian  Martin, 
Johann  Jacob  Koch, 
Johannes  Huisiner, 
■Tohan  Frantz  Fuchs, 

Balthasar  Schönberger, 
Tobias  Pechtluf,* 
Johan  Fulker,* 
Carl  Wagner, 
Jacob  Kutz, 
Stephen  Long,* 
Christian  Strom,* 
Rudolff  Christen, 
Peter  Bicker,* 
Hans  Stömply, 
Ulrich  Stalley, 
Paulus  Keyser,* 
Hans  Danler,* 
Jacob  Bloom,* 
Jacob  Swisser,* 
Frantz  Stadel,* 
Nicklaus  Peni,? 
Andreas  Wolff, 
Jacob  Stauffer, 
Johan  Landis, 
Hans  Gesell,* 
Elias  Wagner, 
Philip  Ott, 
Ulrich  Besser,* 
Hans  Lechteni,? 



Haus  Jacob  Keyser,  Hans  Albrecbt  Bücher, 

Matthias  Kramer,  Henrich  Hertzell, 

Nicol  Zimmerman,  Hans  Melchior  Werffel, 

Ulrich  Zimmerman,  Nicolaus  Carn,* 

Samuel  Harnisch,  Hans  Ulrich  Wagner, 

Andreas  Pflückinger,  Henrich  Harstlich,* 

Christoff  Albrecht  Lang,  Hans  Leonhart  Hertzell, 

Joh.  Wilhelm  Straub,  Andreas  Cramer,* 

Georg  Bernhart  Mahr,  Michael  Schärer, 

Joh.  Philip  Kistner,  Johan  Wolff  Berlett.  ? 

Joh.  Adam  Zimmerman, 

A.  Sick :  (Äranf) : — Johannes  Gross,  Nicolas  Ish,  John  Jac. 
Felker,  Ulrich  Hottell. 

Under  sixteen :  (Unter  fec^je^n) : — Hans  Zimmerman,  Chris- 
tian Zimmerman,  Bastian  Zimmerman,  Jacob  Mann,  Hans 
Martin  Huber,  Jacob  Huber,  Jacob  Born,  Jacob  Mayer,  Chris- 
toph Mayer,  Hans  Dickleder,  Hans  Peter  Stalley,  Martin  Marte, 
Johan  Emanuel  Brallion,  Conrad  Böchtold,  Bastian  Rudy,  And. 
Stättel,  Reinhart  Reichart,  Ulrich  Wilhelm  Kern,  Jacob  Treuer, 
Christoph  Müller,  Hans  Georg  Müller,  Philip  Müller,  Jacob 
Baseaur,  Joh.  Bernhart  Straub,  Matthias  Klein,  Henrick  Klein. 

23)  Sept.  23,  1732.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Adven- 
turer, Robert  Carson,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 
Col.  Rec.  III.  455.  Fift.y-eight  males  above  sixteen,  nineteen 
under  sixteen;  forty-three  females  above  sixteen,  and  twenty- 
seven  under  sixteen — in  aU  one  hundred  and  forty-seven. — {Ud.) 

(Sept.  23,  1732.  '3)Ztt  bem  @^iffe  5ibijenturer,  gapttain  dioh. 
Garfon,  »on  JRottcrtiam  über  ßojt>eö  famen  ^fäi^er. — ßo(.=33er. 
III.  455.  2td)t  unt)  fünfji^  männHd)e  5>erfonen  njaren  über  unto 
neunje^n  unter  fed)je^n;  trei  unto  öter3tg  weibUi^e  über  unb 
fteben  unti  jtranjtg  unter  fec^je^n:  ^unbert  fteben  unt)  »icr^ig  im 
©anjen. — (Herausgeber.) 

Michael  Brandt,  Mathias  Walder, 

Michael  Gross,  Han!  Michael  Müller, 

Johannes  Artz,*  Johan  Georg  Präuner, 

Georg  Mosser,  Friedrich  Tendelspach,* 

Balthas  Stüber,  Hans  Georg  Able,* 

Andreas  Kilian,  Hans  Martin  Ranger, 

Andreas  Horn,*  Han  Paulus  Zantsinger, 



David  Holtzeder, 
Hieronymus  Glantz, 
David  Fischer, 
Michael  Moser, 
Simon  Meyer, 
Georg  Unruh, 
Conrath  Lang, 
Michel  Potts, 
Johannes  Schott, 
John  Wingleplech,* 
Henrich  Steger, 
Malteis  Riegel, 
Henrich  Lips, 
Michael  Koogh,* 
Simon  Gillinger,* 
Andreas  Wise,* 
Georg  Riegel, 
Conrad  Clewer, 
Nicolaus  Bar  tie,* 
Tobias  Moser, 
Andreas  Schaup,* 
Leonhard  Moser, 

Hans  Leonart  Gam, 
Lorentz  Zwirner, 
Baltzar  Bortner, 
Han  Leonhard  Nydy,* 
Johannes  Heberling, 
Hans  Jacob  Gander, 
Daniel  Kolmer, 
Mattheas  Wagner, 
Hans  Ulrich  Hey, 
Bernhart  Shertle,* 
Johannes  Becker,* 
Paul  Le  Cene, 
Jean  Le  Cene, 
Vallentin  Scheib, 
Nicholas  Bogerdt, 
Johannes  Grawius, 
Hans  Georg  Lehner, 
Han  Melcher  Stecher, 
Hans  Michael  Hagg, 

Georg  Michael  Mack, 
Hans  Peter  Steyger,* 
Leonard  Aam,  sick. 

Under  sixteen :  (Unter  fe(^,5ei>n) : — Hans  Adam  Trump,  Hans 
Michael  Glantz,  Hans  Holtzeder,  Bastian  Mosser,  Simon  Mosser, 
Hans  Georg  Mosser,  Georg  Meyer,  Hans  Meyer,  Georg  Adam 
Steger,  Hans  Michael  Potts,  Hans  Peter  Heberling,  Bastian 
Schönle,  Hans  Peter  Winckelbleck,  Lorentz  Lessing,  Johan 
Jacob  Gander,  Johann  Georg  Gander,  Jacob  Bortner,  Simon 
Benedict,  Johannes  Artz. 

24)  Sept.  25,  1732.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Loyal 
Judith,  of  London,  Robert  Turpin,  Master,  from  Rotterdam, 
last  from  Cowes. —  Col.  Rec.  III.  456. 

@cpt.  25,  1732.  SJtit  bem  ©d)iffe  ^o^al  Qubit^  »on  Sonbon, 
Sapttatn  3fiobert  2:urpin,  oon  ^flotterbam  über  Soroeö  famen 
^fäljer.— (£oL=Ser.  III.  456. 

Andreas  Gaar,? 
Jacob  Steli, 
Matthes  Baarsteyn,* 
Rudolph  Brown,* 

Matthes  Schmidt,* 
Henrich  Papst,* 
Jacob  Spansailer, 
Christian  Reep,* 



Peter  Kreiter, 
Johannes  Kreiter, 
Jacob  MUler,* 
Henrich  Göbell, 
John  Auterbach,* 
Peter  Rauch, 
Michael  Peutz,* 
Jacob  Küutzel, 
Joh.  Christian  Shultz, 

Minister,  (aged  30), 
Johann  Adam  Gaar, 
Johan  Michael  Ebert, 
Johann  Adam  Abel, 
Johann  Jacob  Abel, 
Johan  Georg  Schmidt, 
Hans  Philip  Spansailer, 
Hans  Peter  Schäfer, 
Hans  Burghart, 
Hans  Georg  Noll, 
Friederich  Kühller, 
Hans  Georg  Wagner, 
Hans  Georg  Pelman,* 
John  Michael  Royer, 
Johann  Carl  Reyer, 
Fridrich  Ehley, 
Jacob  Lishire, 
Ludwig  Happel, 
Conrad  Fey, 
PhiHp  Raup, 
Leonhart  Hegeil, 
Bernard  Walter, 
Henrich  Acker, 
Wilhelm  Berne,* 
Hans  Kuntz, 
Paulus  Müller, 
Cronomus  Miller,* 
Hans  Weldtli, 
Peter  Saudter, 
Samuel  Griffe,* 
Martin  Heilman, 
Andreas  Schenk,* 

Michael  Emmert, 
Phil.  Ernst  Krüber, 
Geo.  Mich.  Rey,* 
Hans  Georg  Able, 
Johannes  Vogel, 
Johannes  Bentz, 
Jonas  Wolf,* 
Lenhart  Lotz, 
Marcus  Jung, 
Henrich  Leibacher, 
Johan  Becker, 
Baltzer  Conkell, 
John  Geo.  FurkiU,* 
Johannes  Bintnagel,* 
Hans  Georg  Raub, 
Johan  Shuman,? 
Georg  Müller, 
Christian  Gum, 
Friedrich  Schäffer, 
Johannes  Reep,* 
Casper  Krämer, 
Conrad  Walther, 
Jacob  Pretz, 
Joh.  Geo.  F.  Emmert, 
Joh.  Martin  Reier, 
Hans  David  Ely, 
Matthäus  Schultz, 
Philip  Ludwig  Güfi,? 
Hans  Georg  Riser, 
Georg  Adam  Riser, 
Philip  Jacob  Acker, 
Johann  Georg  Rück, 
Hans  Michl  Criger,* 
Hans  Georg  Kuntz, 
Hans  David  Lentz,* 
Joh.  Philip  Sauter, 
Joh.  Georg  Hoffmann, 
Johannes  Heilman, 
Martin  Weybrecht, 
Joh.  Geo.  Obermüller, 
Georg  Christoph  Lay, 



Johan  Geo.  Friederich, 
Johan  Georg  Honnig, 
Johann  Veit  Jorger, 
Geo.  Michael  Schmidt, 
Jacob  Biihlmayer, 
Joh.  Michael  Hoffacker, 
Georg  Peter  Schultes, 
Johann  Peter  Kucher, 
Joh.  George  Nadderman, 
Hans  Jacob  Stambach, 
Joh.  Friedrich  Hesser, 
Joh.  Fried.  Burghart, 
A.  Sick — George  Ritter. 

Andreas  Cochenderff, 
Hans  Antoni  Gasser, 
Hans  Henrich  Eckler, 
Johan  Nicklas  Rämer, 
Johannes  Züsser,  ? 
Hans  Martin  Bau, 
Hans  Georg  Tran, 
Johannes  Schmeltzer, 
Johannes  Rebmann, 
Han  Martin  Weybrecht, 
Hans  Georg  Birstler. 

Dead  (tott) — Jacob  Lishire. 

25)  Sept.  26,  1732.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Maiy, 
of  London,  John  Gray,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Cowes.  —  Sixty-nine  males  above  sixteen,  one  hundred  and 
twenty-two  women  and  children — in  all  183. 

(Sept.  26,  1732.  £)aö  ©^iff  ^ar^  öon  Sonfeon,  dapitain 
3of)n  ®ra9,  öon  9tottert>am  über  Soireö,  trachte  ^fätjer. — 9teutt 
un\>  fec^jtg  männliche  ^erfonen  über  fec^3et)n,  unb  ein  |)untiert 
unt)  imx  unt)  smanaig  Sßeiber  unt  ^inber — im  ©anjen  183. 

Nicolas  Staller,* 
Jacob  Reitlershan, 
Conrath  Miller, 
Dewald  Käse,* 
Christian  Kling, 
Jacob  Stempel, 
Nicolas  Stemple,* 
Jacob  Haub,* 
Christoph  Kiser,* 
Reinholt  Ezle,* 
Cornelius  Teele,* 
Daniel  Billiger, 
Albrecht  Strauss, 
Andreas  Moser,* 
Casper  Miere,* 
Jacob  Wiirth, 
Georg  Schüssler, 
Henrich  Chesler  * 

Jacob  Walter, 
Jacob  Walder, 
Herman  Sin, 
Simon  Müller, 
Winnale  Cattler, 
Albrecht  Hass, 
Carl  Lisa,* 
Georg  Kling, 
Johannes  Werth, 
Michael  Dörr, 
Pierre  Fleury, 
Martin  Ernst, 
Nicolaus  Kint,* 
Han  Georg  Froschauer, 
Michael  Ebennan, 
Hans  Jacob  Eberman, 
Johann  Laudermilch,* 
Hans  Adam  Miller, 



G-eorg  Phillip  Pier, 
Joh.  Jacob  Dreibelbiss, 
Conrad  Aberman,* 
Hans  Georg  Ebenno,* 
Hans  Michel  Walck, 
Hans  Jacob  Würth, 
Stephen  Kennamer,* 
Johannes  Mayer, 
Henry  Cheesler,* 
Hans  Jacob  Cheesler,* 
Joh.  F.  Rauschenberger, 
Jacob  Marcus  Imler, 

Hans  Georg  Minier,* 
Hans  Henrich  Teny,* 
Hans  Adam  Robetes, 
Jean  Louis  d'Avier, 
Johann  Georg  Kohl, 
Hans  Georg  Embright,* 
Hans  Peter  Verley,* 
Georg  Feite  Pickel,* 
Hans  Michel  Mentz, 
Johannes  Schaffner,? 
Johannes  Huber, 
Christopher  Bickel. 

Christian  Minier,* 

A.  Dead — Hans  Georg  Dörr,  aged  16,   Leonard  Sable,  40, 
Hans  Georg  Smith,  44,  and  Baltas  Click,  33, 

26)  Sept.  30,  1732.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Dragon, 
Chas.  Hargrave,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Plymouth. — 
In  aU  185. 

©ept  30,  1732.  3)^it  bent  ©c^iff  X)ragon,  Sapitain  (S^rleg 
^argraüe,  oon  0lottert>am  üfcer  5)l9moutf,  famen  ^Pfäljer. — 3»« 
®an3en  185. 

Peter  Matern,* 
Michel  Dirr,* 
Christ.  Hoffmann,* 
Jacob  Leipersburger,* 
Hans  Laabour,* 
George  Road,* 
Leonhard  Slosser, 
Leonhard  Miller,* 
Peter  Raudenbusch, 
Henrich  Gruber, 
Johannes  Witman, 
Jacob  Klein, 
Peter  Schlosser, 
Christian  Huber, 
Hans  Georg  Hegi, 
Simon  Belsner, 
Andreas  Schlauch, 
Henrich  Basler, 

Lenhart  Bentz, 
Michael  Graff, 
Tobias  Ball, 
Georg  Fantz, 
Georg  Hayle,* 
Georg  Seib, 
Ludwig  Sype,* 
Frantz  Seib, 
Henrich  Klein, 
Joh.  Friedrich  Romich, 
Hans  Georg  Dirr,* 
Martin  Weidknecht, 
Hans  Adam  Bender, 
Johan  Adam  Romich, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Franck, 
Hans  Jacob  Schorck, 
Hans  Peter  Wolff, 
Johan  Heerbürger, 



Johannes  Geiger, 
Johan  Greorg  Grreiaer, 
Job.  Dietrich  Greiner, 
Han  Wilhelm  Ziegler, 
Johannes  Schreyiackh, 
Joh.  Nicklaus  Müller, 
Johan  Phil.  Hopmann, 
Johan  Philip  Schlauch, 
Hans  Michel  Reisner, 

Hans  Rudolph  lUig, 
Hans  Maitin  Kappler, 
Georg  Ludwig  Schütz, 
Christophel  Beser, 
Johann  Jacob  Beyerle, 
Hans  Ulrich  Ber, 
Hans  Georg  Heill, 
Felix  Brunner, 
Hans  Georg  Soldnier. 

A.  Sick — Andreas  Beetel,  Wilhelm  Keyser,  Daniel  Stein- 
metz, Johan  Hagea,  Jacob  Hagea,  Georg  Tsober,  George  Bär, 
Henry  Zowck,  Laurence  Bechtle,  Nichlas  Musloch,  Dietrich 
Bücher,  Jacob  Dubbs,  Wolfgang  Birle,  Friederich  Engelhart 
Uhlmann. — Simon  Baserer,  dumb  (fiumm). 

27)  Oct.  11,  1732.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Pleasant, 
J.  Morris,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Deal. — In  all  150. 

Oct.  11,  1732.  T)aä  Schiff  ?)Ieafant,  eapitatn  3ameö  ^or= 
xiä,  »on  JHotterfcam  über  !DeaI,  hvaä^ti^^älitx. — 3'«  ©anjen  150. 

Henrich  Spengler, 
George  Bär,* 
Friedrich  Bassler,* 
Ulrich  Baduer, 
Johann  Georg  Senck, 
Baltzer  Spengler, 
Jacob  Friederich  Klem, 
Johan  Jacob  Timanus, 
Ulrich  Peters, 
Georg  Hans  Ped,  ? 
Georg  Spengler, 
Georg  Keller, 
Henrich  Roth, 
Jacob  Padum,  ? 
Henrich  Eckert, 
Conrath  Kolb, 
Felix  Miller,  ? 
Johannes  Gamber, 
Friederich  Notz, 
Johannes  Moak,* 
Ulrich  Basler,* 

Georg  Mess,* 
Valentin  Müller, 
Conrad  Rowp,* 
Georg  Michel  Favian,* 
Isaac  Raudenbusch, 
Matthias  Jurian,* 
Hans  Georg  Falck, 
Phillip  Schilling,* 
Conrad  Glasbrenner, 
Jacob  Hornberger,* 
Hans  Peter  Siegmund,* 
Hans  Bern  Kuntzer,* 
Hans  Philip  Kresler, 
Matheis  Ambrossi, 
Hans  Adam  Schilling,* 
Joh.  Casper  Wenterott, 
Geo.  Philip  Schnatterly, 
Han  Michel  Schatterly, 
Hans  Michel  HoiFman, 
Johannes  Taffelmeyer.  ? 



A.  Sick — Leonard  Lutes,  George  Pisell,  Conrad  Ralsure, 
Peter  Ralsure,  Conrad  Hellebrun,  David  Menner,  Mich.  Favon, 
Andrew  Schweitzer,  Jacob  Frocli,  George  Karne,  Johannes 
Kleffer,  Christoph  Sprecher,  David  Menein,  J.  Georg  Passage. 

28)  Oct.  17,  1732.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Pink 
John  and  William,  of  Sunderland,  Constable  Tymperton,  Master, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Dover. — Sixty-one  men  above  six- 
teen, one  hundred  and  nine  women  and  children  of  both  sexes 
of  diflFerent  ages — in  all  170. — (^Editor.) 

Oct.  17,  1732.  2Iuf  bent  ©d)tffe  ^inf  3o^n  unb  2BitIiam, 
öon  (Sunberlanb,  Sapitain  SonftaMer  Jpmperton,  »on  9lotter= 
bam  über  2)ooer,  famen  5^fäljer. — (Sin  unb  fec^jig  Scanner  über 
fe(^3c^n,  nebft  ein  ^unbert  unb  neun  SBeibern  unb  Äinbern  »er^^ 
[(^iebenen  %[itxi — im  ©anjen  170. — (Herausgeber.) 

Moretz  Lorentz, 
C.  Vielgar,  ? 
Georg  Albright,* 
Laurens  Kieffer,* 
Jacob  Brakebill,* 
Stephen  Mattes,* 
Bartel  Maul, 
Hans  Emich,* 
Johannes  Jagi, 
Johannes  Nagel,* 
Peter  Smidt,* 
Baltzer  Gurlach, 
Christian  Lau, 
Stephan  Matz, 
Nicholas  Paschon, 
Hans  Georg  Martin, 
Bernhard  Weymer,* 
Hans  Ehr.  Vosselmann, 
Feiten  Schydecker,* 
Johannes  Deymcn,* 
Pieter  Hayvigh,* 
Michael  Weissel, 
Fridrich  Wyssel,* 
Ludwig  Johan  Herr, 
Job.  Philip  lleiuhardt, 

Hans  Peter  Brechbill,* 
Benedict  Brechbill,* 
Hans  Brechbill,* 
Michael  Blömhauer, 
Casper  Willauer, 
Conrad  Low,* 
Ludwig  Hugel,* 
Jacob  Weber,* 
Johannes  Schook,* 
Abraham  Dubo,* 
Adam  Wilt,* 
Antoni  Albrecht, 
Conrad  Getts, 
Nicklaus  Koger,  ? 
Matheus  Mauser, 
Gideon  Hoffer,* 
Hans  Riehl, 
Henrich  Geck, 
Johannes  Vögle, 
Jacob  Henrich, 
George  Veibert,* 
Han  Georg  Sprecher, 
Job.  Michael  Hoffman,* 
Job.  Nicklaus  Böschung, 
Hans  Jacob  Reyel, 

AND   OTHER   IMMIGRANTS — 1733.  85 

Georg  Adam  Stis,*  Johan  Paul  Derst, 

Hans  Georg  Rohbach,*  Mathias  Rubichon, 

Job.  Nicklaus  Schmid,  Philip  Melchior  Meyer, 

Hans  Philip  Gleis,*  Job.  Georg  Wahnsidel, 

Sebastian  Truekmüller,*  Johan  Peter  Apfel, 

Johan  Martin  Schöffer,  Johan  Jacob  Scherr. 

A.  Sick — Frederick  Kühler,  Philip  Melchner,  Bartel  Noll, 
Jac.  Brechbill,  Johan  Vinterhelver,  Philip  Jac.  Probst,  Mich. 
Müller,  Philip  Dubo,  Hans  Woolf  Doopel,  Joseph  Hously, 
Michael  Probst. 

Under  sixteen : — Nicholas  Emich,  Joh.  Emich,  Jacob  Emich^ 
Johann  David  Heifer,  Christopher  Heifer,  Andreas  Böschung, 
Henrich  Böschung,  Johannes  Weymer,  Christ.  Lau,  Christian 
Bieber,  Jacob  Bieber,  Joh.  Schrögen,  Jacob  Lorentz,  Jacob 
Reyel,  Jacob  Frey,  Caspar  Müller,  Hans  Müller,  Mich.  Müller, 
Peter  Albrecht,  Joh.  Albrecht,  Bernhardt  Hublich,  Michael 
Hublich,  Michael  Rihl,  Michael  Martin,  Carl  De  Meyerer, 
Johann  Rubichon. 

29)  Aug.  17,  1733.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Samuel, 
of  London,  Hugh  Percy,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Deal. — Males  eighty-nine  above  sixteen,  females  eighty-six ;  males 
under  sixteen,  fifty-four,  females  sixty-two — in  all  291. — (Ed.^ 

Slug.  17,  1783.  Sluf  tern  ©c^iffe  (Samuel  »on  ?ont»on,  Sapi* 
tain  ^ug^  ^erc^,  »on  JRotterfcam  üBer  2)eal,  famcn  ^fäljcr. — 
9leun  unt)  ai^tjig  männlidie  unt)  fed)3  unt)  ac^tjig  roetfelic^e  ^er= 
fonen  über  fed)3e^n,  unb  »ier  unt»  fünfzig  männliche  unter,  unt» 
jmei  unt)  fe(^jig  toeiblic^c  unter  fec^jc^n — im  ®anjen  291. — 

Hans  Peter  Frey,*  Mattheis  Ley, 

Elias  Theiler,*  Hans  Peter  Beissel, 

Abraham  Kuhn,*  Michael  Sturtzebach,* 

Friedrich  Kuhn,  Han  Georg  Strohauer, 

Jacob  Rausher,*  Johan  Lechtenwallner, 

Christian  Kröbs,  Johan  Jacob  Zimmer, 

Henrich  Bischof,*  Hans  Georg  Ruch,* 

Peter  Kuntz,*  Johan  Georg  Ruch, 

Andreas  Frey,  Hans  Jacob  Ruch,* 

Friederich  Leiby,  Johannes  Jacob  Ritt, 

Michael  Schmidt,  Hans  Leonhart  Leher, 



Hans  Georg  Peck,* 
Friederich  Alldörffer, 
Hans  Georg  Wervel, 
Hans  Leonard  Wolff, 
Hans  Casper  Jost,* 
Hans  Wolf  Eiseman,* 
Hans  Fries, 
Hans  Werfe],* 
Martin  Scheib, 
Solomon  Miller,* 
Hans  Jacob  Hoff,* 
Kilian  Sclimid, 
Christian  Löffel, 
Milchor  Wagner, 
Michael  Probst, 
Andreas  Wigner, 
Johann  Kauffmann, 
Caspar  Mülhouse,* 
Andreas  Weltz, 
Jacob  Fegely, 
Jacob  Wenger, 
Johan  Lorig,* 
Johannes  Schnep,* 
Lorentz  Schnepp, 
Martin  Wanner, 
Henrich  Beter, 
Henrich  Roth, 
Peter  Cornelius, 
Nicolaus  Kan,* 
Marx  Gleim, 
Elias  Hasele,* 
Heinrich  Haller, 
Jacob  Krater, 

Sick — Han  Jac.  Gamooroon. 

Under  sixteen : — Valentin  Frey,  Hans  Peter  Frey,  Christian 
Frey,  Hans  Peter  Strohauer,  Philip  Adam  Thäler,  Hans  Martin 
Thäler,  Hans  Georg  Kuhn,  Michael  Ruch  Kuntz,  Hans  Georg 
Kuntz,  Georg  Ritt,  Hans  Jac.  Ritt,  Hans  Georg  Leitner,  Hans 
Mich.  Kämmerlin,  Christopher  Frey,  Jacob  Leiby,  Hans  Peter 
Beissel,  Hans  Jacob  Beissel,  Lenhart  Wirbel,  Älartin  Scheib, 
Hans  Georg  Scheib,  Christian  Lang,  Jacob  Fischer,  Jac.  Fegely, 

Peter  Drachsel, 
Henry  Meder, 
Lorentz  Seyboot, 
Hans  Jacob  Mathis, 
Johan  Lenhart  Weiss, 
Joh.  Jacob  Griesinger, 
Johan  Philip  Hötzer, 
Hans  Kaspar  Eysseman, 
Justus  Simon  Wagner, 
Han  Jacob  Kämmerlin, 
Hans  Adam  Lang, 
Han  Michael  Probst, 
Han  Georg  Zoller, 
Joh.  Caspar  Körber, 
Joh.  Henrich  Fischer, 
Joh.  Henrich  Adam, 
Joh.  Wühelm  Fischer, 
Hans  Casper  Brenner, 
Joh.  Conrad  Kämpff, 
Peter  Ensminger, 
Christian  Kämpff, 
Gilbert  Kämpff, 
Jacob  Gerckenhauser, 
Han  Lehnard  Eimiger,  ? 
Joh.  Peter  Knöbell, 
Joh.  Caspar  Schaffner, 
Ulrich  Flickiner,* 
Han  Adam  Stuckroth,? 
Valentin  Sneider,* 
Hans  Peter  Mack,* 
Christian  Danner, 
Henrich  Fessler,* 
Han  Bernhardt  Trosteil, 



Hans  Georg  Lövch,  Joh.  Schnepp,  Lorentz  Schnepp,  Christian 
Wanner,  Henrich  Peter,  Henrich  Ensminger,  Hans  Philip  Ens- 
minger,  Friederich  Kämpif,  Wilhelm  Ritt,  Lorentz  Cornelius, 
Michael  Kahn,  Hans  Adam  Dieminger,  Marx  Grieim,  Henrich 
Haller,  Philip  Drachsel,  Georg  Drachsel,  Jacob  Drachsel,  Gott- 
fried Drachsel,  Peter  Drachsel,  Daniel  Drachsel,  Benedict  Sey- 
boot,  Georg  Rössel,  Georg  Meder. 

30)  Aug.  27, 1733.  Palatines  imported, — ship  Eüza,  of  Lon- 
don, Edward  Lee,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Dover. — 
Males  fifty-eight  above  sixteen,  females  fifty ;  males  forty-one 
under  sixteen,  females  forty-one — in  all  190. — (Editor.) 

3tug.  27,  1733.  Daö  Schiff  Stija  öon  Sonbon,  ßapitain 
Sbroarb  See,  öon  JHottertnm  über  Doöer,  brai^te  ^fäljer. — 
SJiännlic^c  ^erfoncn  adjt  unl»  fiinfjig,  unt»  weibliche  fünfjig  über 
fed)je^n;  ein  unb  üierjig  männliche  unb  ein  unb  loierjig  weibliche 
unter  fe^jeftn — im  ©anjen  190. — (Herausgeber.) 

Johannes  Kirschner, 
Johannes  Mohn, 
Conrad  Schott,* 
Johan  Philip  Saner, 
Joh.  Michael  Grauel, 
Johan  Georg  Petry, 
Michael  Ruth, 
Carl  Hetrich,* 
Henrich  Slentz, 
Johannes  Jung,* 
Ulrich  Schuh,* 
Jaro  Schuh, 
Johannes  Loatz, 
Henrich  Still, 
Simeon  Linder, 
Simon  Linder  jr., 
Michael  Faber, 
Aron  Doganer,* 
Stephan  Lauman, 
Jaques  Bonet, 
Jacob  Müller, 
Johannes  Knoll,* 
Jacob  Kobbler,* 

Frantz  Weiss, 
Georg  Ohr,* 
Johannes  Ohr, 
Jacob  Serber,* 
Jacob  Serber  jr., 
Jacob  Hänrich, 
Jacob  Zettle, 
Jacob  Dellinger, 
Henry  Stricker,* 
Baiser  Metz,* 
Joh.  Henrich  Schotte, 
Johann  Philip  Faust, 
Johan  Philip  Faust, 
Joh.  Henrich  Dänig, 
Han  Peter  Hofiinan, 
Johan  Peter  Paust, 
Johan  Philip  Paust, 
Jacob  Michael  Eyb, 
Matthias  Weidman, 
Geo.  Friederich  Anselt, 
Hans  Georg  Perger, 
Wolfgang  Müller, 
Simon  Schermann, 


Georg  Scherman,  Hans  Georg  Nordt, 

Johan  Debalt  Traudt,  Andreas  Klebsattel, 

Hans  Martin  Traudt,  Georg  Henrich  Mertz, 

Johannes  Herrgeröder,  Johann  Ulrich  Gaul,? 

Joh.  Henrich  Dewess,  Johannes  Vögelin,? 

Joh.  Philip  Schmidt,  Michael  Reinhard.* 

Hans  Jacob  Metz,* 

Sick — Johann  Joseph  Faller,  schoolmaster,  Matthew  Weid- 
man,  Hans  Georg  Ley,  Nicholas  Sly. 

Under  sixteen : — Conrad  Kirschner,  Joh.  Georg  Kirschner, 
Martin  Mohn,  Ludwig  Mohn,  Conrad  Kobel,  Johannes  Schotts, 
Johan  Jacob  Paust,  Johan  Adam  Paust,  Joh.  Henrich  Paust, 
Michael  Ruth,  Johannes  Hetterich,  Johann  Heinr.  Hetterich, 
Wilhelm  Hetterich,  Hans  Jacob  Slentz,  Michael  Jost,  Johannes 
Jost,  Johann  Peter  Jost,  Andreas  Eyb,  Hans  jNIichael  Lutz, 
Johannes  Weidman,  Christoph  Weidman,  Matthias  Weidman, 
Simon  Linder,  Lorentz  Linder,  Michael  Faber,  Johann  Tobias 
Bogner,  Stephan  Lauman,  Jean  Simeon  Bonet,  Jacob  Müller, 
PhUip  Scherman,  Johannes  Traudt,  Johann  Henrich  Traudt, 
Casper  Horsveldt,  Philip  Schmidt,  Tobias  Nordt,  Joh.  Friederich 
Dellinger,  Mattheis  Gaul. 

31)  Aug.  28, 1733.  Palatines, — ship  Hope,  of  London,  Dan. 
Reid,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — Males  eighty- 
three  above  sixteen,  females  eighty-one;  males  and  females  two 
hundred  and  twenty-five  under  sixteen — in  all  389. — (Editor.) 

Slug.  28,  1733.  ^fäljer  mit  bent  (Sd)iffe  ^ope  i)on  Sonfcon, 
Sapitain  'Lmkl  3ftetl>,  öon  ^totterbam  über  Sotreö. — X)rei  unt> 
ad)t]\Q  männlichen  ©efc^Ie^tö  unt)  ein  unb  ac^tjtg  weiMic^en 
über  fe^je^n;  unter  fc^je^n  betberlei  ©efi^Ie^tä  jtoei  ^untert 
fünf  unt)  aroanjig — im  ©anjen  389. — (Herausgeber.) 
Ulrich  Wissler,  Hans  Timberman,* 

Hans  Steinman,*  Joseph  Flure, 

Peter  Steinman,  Johannes  Flure, 

Hans  Steinman,  Christian  Kerr,* 

Hans  Rat,  Michael  Whitmer,* 

Ulrich  Reinhardt,  Ulrich  Whitmer,* 

Hans  Grumbacher,  Peter  Whitmer,* 

Christian  Stouder,*  Jacob  Bürki, 

Nicholas  Timberman,*  Hans  Snabley, 



Friderick  Becker, 
lliidol{)h  Brock, 
Christian  Reblet,* 
Barnard  Keller,* 
Conrad  Rauf,* 
Georg  Richter,* 
Peter  Aaroud,* 
Daniel  Roth,* 
Frantz  Klebsattel, 
Andreas  Lauch, 
Herman  Arand,* 
Peter  Schmück, 
Henrich  Umberger, 
Peter  Sayler, 
Christian  Johnle,* 
G-eorg  Kreisseman, 
Andreas  Besinger, 
Abraham  Miller,* 
Jacob  Bart, 
Henrich  Tace,* 
Benedict  Wise,* 
Michael  Ably,* 
Jacob  Rubman, 
Henrich  Fegly, 
Barnard  Fegely, 
Steven  Slonacker,* 
Rudolph  Schnebele, 
Peter  Eschelman, 
Christian  Eschelman, 

Hans  Georg  Brimmer, 
Christian  Blank, 
Jacob  Lachbaum, 
Heinrich  Schmidt, 
Hans  Georg  Schreyack, 
Joh.  Henrich  Vonreth, 
Johan  Adam  Reistel, 
Han  Geo.  Eichelberger, 
Joh.  Leonahart  Stein, 
Hans  Georg  Kohler, 
Hans  Georg  Höffner, 
Johan  David  Deschler, 
Johan  Jacob  Mückli, 
Johan  Carl  Gramp, 
Bastian  Tryster,* 
Han  Leonhart  LTmberger, 
Georg  Michael  Treitter, 
Hans  Georg  Gobel, 
Hans  Jacob  Gerber, 
Joh.  Christopf  Cumm, 
Joh.  Ad.  Simon  Cumm, 
Martin  Spitelmayer,  ? 
Han  Adam  Spittlemire,* 
Wilhelm  Krauss, 
Han  Michael  Steinbren, 
Abraham  Kreutter, 
Hans  Jacob  Schreiber, 
Daniel  Hiiselman, 
Jacob  Schreyack, 
Han  Michael  Schreyack. 

Ulrich  Loninacre  jr.,* 
Hans  Georg  Weittner, 

A.   Sick — Michael  umberger  and  Jacobus  Linck. 

Under  sixteen : — Hans  Peter  Ebly,  Hans  Adam  Ebly,  Hans 
Michael  Ebly,  Hans  Rollman,  Hans  Adam  Linck,  Jac.  Eschle- 
man,  Caspar  Schnebele,  itlichael  Becker,  Friederich  Brock, 
Hans  Reiff,  Henrich  Schmidt,  Ludwig  Busse,  Geo.  Huselman, 
Georg  Adam  Gobel,  Jacob  Gensman,  Michael  Klebsattel,  Hans 
Georg  Klebsattel. 

32)  Sept.  18,  1733.     Palatines, — brigantine  Pennsylvania 
Merchant,  of  London,  John  Stedman,  Master,  from  Rotterdam, 




last  from  Plymouth. — Seventy-one  males  above  sixteen,  fifty-six 
females ;  and  sixty-four  males  and  females  under  sixteen — in  all 
m.— (Editor.) 

(Sept.  18,  1733.  T)a€  3ftennfd)iff  ^ennfploania  SiJicrc^ant 
»on  Sonbon,  Sapitain  3oi)n  (Stebman,  uon  9lottert>am  über 
5)It)mout6,  ^atte  5)fäljer  an  33ort). — Sin  unt»  jiieknjtg  männliche 
unt)  fei^ö  unt»  fünfjig  weibliche  ^erfonen  über  unb  oier  unt  fcc^= 
jig  mannli^en  unt)  weiblichen  ©efi^Iec^tö  unter  fcc^je^n — im 
©anjen  191. — (Herausgeber.) 

Jobann  Klemm, 
Gotlob  Klemm, 
Georg  Scholtz, 
David  Scboltz, 
Johannes  Naas, 
Pierre  Marot, 
Andreas  Kleim,* 
Georg  Kleim, 
Georg  Schalt,? 
Johannes  Riegel, 
Johannes  Riegel  jr., 
Michael  Walter, 
Georg  Knop, 
Jacob  Ott, 
Ludwig  Ewalt, 
Michael  Ludwig,* 
Daniel  Ludwig,* 
Philip  Schmyer, 
Peter  Ruth,* 
Hans  Lauer, 
Mattheis  Gisch, 
Adam  Vollmer, 
Ludowick  Evaldt,* 
Frederick  Götz,* 
Johannes  Mihm, 
Peter  Schmidt,* 
Paulus  Seh  äffer, 
Andreas  Frey,* 
Bernhart  Mauss, 
Andreas  Bauer, 
Peter  Straub, 

Friederich  Glass, 
Jobannes  Gordner, 
Mattbeus  Büchler, 
Andreas  Mosemann, 
Christian  Mosemann, 
Hans  Burcbard, 
David  Burcbard, 
Johann  Schönfeldt, 
Joban  Aullenbacher, 
Job.  Valentin  Presse!, 
Carolus  Burckbard, 
Job.  Philip  Weynandt, 
Joban  Michael  Ott, 
Alexander  Gasser,* 
Job.  Michael  Staudt, 
Joh.  Jost  Oblwein, 
Philip  Angelberger, 
Michael  Seydenbender, 
Joban  Daniel  Endt, 
Joban  Valentin  Endt, 
Joban  Peter  Saling, 
Hans  Georg  Winter, 
Hans  Martin  Santer,* 
Johann  Adam  Beyer, 
Job.  Christoph  Igelsbach, 
Michael  Kelcbner, 
Georg  Bartbol.  Schäffer, 
John  Ludwig  Sees, 
Hans  Georg  Hauk, 
Jobann  Jacob  Karst, 
Christian  Hook,* 

AND   OTHER   IMMIGRANTS — 1733.  91 

Hans  G-eorg  Grondt,  Johann  Georg  Grimm, 

Georg  Adam  Koch,*  Henrich  Schmidt. 

Justus  Osterrath, 

A.  Sick — Melchior  Gronsaum,  Henrich  Reet,  Jacob  linger. 

Under  sixteen : — Henrich  Souchonet,  Guilliam  Marot,  Philip 
Marot,  Benjamin  Marot,  Daniel  Marot,  Hans  Georg  Ritt,  Caspar 
Klemm,  Abraham  Riegel,  Johannes  Ewalt,  Johann  Schmyer, 
Johannes  Gasser,  Matheis  Gasser,  Joh.  Ruth,  Jacob  Ruth, 
Peter  Ruth,  Georg  Winter,  Hans  Winter,  Andreas  Stehliu, 
Johannes  Stehlin,  Matheis  Stehlin,  Jacob  Schultz,  Joh.  Götz, 
Johannes  Reuter,  Peter  Ingold,  Jacob  Frick,  Paulus  Schäffer, 
G-eorg  Schäffer,  Georg  Stoubig,  Christian  Striebig,  Joh.  Schäf- 
fer, Christopher  Frey,  Christian  Fischer,  Jacob  Straub,  Peter 
Straub,  Georg  Hauck,  Paulus  Gardner,  Andreas  Büchler. 

33)  Sept.  28,  1733.  Palatines, — brigantine  Richmond  and 
Elizabeth,  Christopher  Clymer,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last 
from  Plymouth.  —  Forty-four  males  above  sixteen,  thirty-four 
females;  twenty-four  males  under  sixteen  and  thirty-five  fe- 
males— in  all  137. — (Editor.) 

(Sept.  28,  1733.  2tuf  bent  9tennfd)iffe  9tt(^mont)  unb  (SItfa* 
kt^,(iapitatttS^rifto|)^er  SIpmer,  oon  JRotterbam  über  ^(i^moutt), 
tarnen  ^fäljer. — 3Sier  unb  öier^ig  ^iJiänner  unb  oier  unb  breipt^ 
i5rauen  über,  unb  üier  unb  jiranjig  männlichen  unb  fünf  unb 
breif ig  weiblichen  ®ef(^(e^tö  unter  fe(i)jc^n — im  ©anjen  137. — 

Frantz  Schuller,  Ulrich  Burghalter,* 

Jacob  Greib,  Mattheis  Beck, 

David  Mertz,  Hans  Schürer, 

Georg  Lipp,*  Jacob  Christ,* 

Mattheus  Bausser,  Marcus  Christ,* 

Matheis  Bausser  jr.,  Marx  Bigler, 

Christian  Bausser,  Johannes  Weber, 

Philip  Mire,*  Mattheis  Resch, 

David  Edelman,*  Hans  Michael  Mertz, 

Adam  Spohn,  Hans  Conrad  Lipp,* 

Jacob  Hennel,  Philip  Jacob  Edelman, 

Michael  Wise,*  Johan  Georg  Schuster, 

Jacob  Lebegood,*  Johan  Jost  Heck, 

Jacob  Herman,*  Jacob  Huntzecker, 



Georg  Schönmansgruber, 
Johannes  WoUett, 
Henry  Winterberger, 
Georg  Angstet, 
Philip  Dedigman, 
Johannes  Rosenstiel,* 
Abraham  Wotring.? 

Hans  Jacob  Utz, 
Hans  Georg  Utz, 
Hans  Peter  Somey,* 
Hans  Jacob  Somey,* 
Hans  Peter  Somey  jr., 
Otto  Fredrick  Somey,* 
Joseph  Schumacher, 
Johann  Nicolas  Seeger, 

A.   Sick — Ludwig  Rigerd. 

Under  sixteen:  —  Johan  Peter  Mertz,  Balthaser  Edelman, 
Daniel  Bausser,  Johan  Henrich  Spohn,  Johannes  Schufiart, 
Johann  Dan.  Heck,  Johan  Jacob  Lebenguth,  Dewald  Herman, 
Jacob  Herman,  Hans  Herman,  Hans  Peter  Herman,  Hans 
Michael  Somey,  Johannes  Somey,  Hans  Peter  Burchhalter, 
Hans  Henrich  Seeger,  Johann  Christian  Seeger,  Anthony  Beck, 
Job.  Henrich  Beck,  Georg  Angstet,  Johannes  Angstet,  Philip 
Fahrismann,  Hans  Peter  Wotring. 

34)  Sept.  29,  1733.  Palatines,— ship  Pink  Mary,  of  Dublin, 
James  Benn,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Rotterdam, — 
Fifty-five  males  above  sixteen,  thirty-seven  females ;  thirty  males 
under  sixteen,  forty-nine  females — in  all  171. — (^Editor.) 

©ept.  29,  1733.  ^fäljer  — ©(^iff  ^inf  mar^  »on  DuHtn, 
Sapttain  ^amcä  33enn,  »on  JHotterbam.  —  giinf  unt>  fünfzig 
männlichen  nnt»  fteben  unt)  trei^ig  weiblichen  ©efc^Iec^t^  übet 
fecb^e^n,  unb  fcrci^ig  Knaben  nnb  neun  unb  tiierjig  5)Zät)^en  unter 
fet^je^n — im  ©anjen  171. — (J^erau^geber.) 

David  Karcher, 
Gottfried  Reich, 
Hannes  Yorde, 
Andreas  Dries,* 
Cornelius  Dries,* 
Peter  Dries,* 
Jacob  Spengler,* 
Peter  Hite,* 
Elias  Stickler, 
Hans  Georg  Harlacher, 
Johann  Adam  Dries, 
Joiiann  Michael  Noll, 
Pliilip  Thomas  Trump, 

Johannes  Wingertmann, 
Johannes  Teutscher, 
Johann  Peter  Theusler, 
Johann  Georg  Riebell, 
Johann  Arnold  Billig, 
Johannes  Stickler, 
Henrich  Sauer, 
Christian  Blaser, 
Jacob  Franck, 
Friederich  Funck, 
Michael  Friedly, 
Nicolaus  Soder, 
Andreas  Ney, 

AND   OTHER    IMMIGRANTS — 1733.  93 

Christian  Sooter,*  Hans  Michael  Hammer, 

Georg  Pfaffenberger,  Johan  Michael  Dill, 

Greorg  Pfaffenberger  jr.,*  Christian  Retelsberger,* 

Georg  Düry,  Friederich  Dörfflinger, 

Jacob  Hoffman,*  Hans  Michael  Keller, 

Asemus  Rambach,  Hans  Jacob  Berkel, 

Jacob  Berkel,*  Baltzer  Breuninger, 

Nicolaus  Moretz,  Johan  Adam  Warner, 

Peter  Apple,  Geo.  Friederich  Köhler, 

Johannes  Lap,*  Johan  Peter  Gottel, 

Johannes  Reichenbach,  Johan  Jacob  Gottel, 

Johan  Martin  Braun,  Johannes  Slabach,* 

Philip  Jacob  Rothrock,  Jacob  Löscher, 

Johannes  Rothrock,  Joh.  Henry  Slabach.* 

A.  Sick — Johannes  Holtz. 

Under  sixteen : — David  Karcher,  Hans  Georg  Yorde,  Johan- 
nes Yorde,  Balthasar  Reich,  Christopher  Spengler,  Johan  Stick- 
ler, Adam  Stickler,  Henrich  Stickler,  Johann  Philip  Wingert- 
mann,  Joh.  Adam  Blaser,  Hans  Martz  Blaser,  Nicolaus  Blaser, 
Christopher  Teutscher,  Jac.  Teutscher.  S^^  One  hoy  of  Funck, 
not  baptized,  seven  weeks  old.  Hans  Henrich  Sauer,  Johan 
Jacob  Braun,  Hans  Michael  Ney,  Adam  Pfaffenberger,  David 
Hoffman,  David  Rambach,  Hans  Jacob  Rambach,  Hans  Mich. 
Köhler,  Hans  Jacob  Berkle,  Hans  Jacob  Breninger,  Peter 
Gottel,  Rudolph  Lapp,  Dewald  Schlabach,  Hans  Geo.  Löscher. 

35)  Oct.  12,  1733.  Palatines, — ship  Charming  Betsy,  John 
Ball,  Master,  from  London. — Sixteen  males  above  sixteen,  twelve 
females;  fifteen  males  under  sixteen,  twenty  females — in  all 
Q"^.— {Editor.) 

Oct.  12,  1733.    ^fälaer,— ©Atff  (Sftarming  33etfs?,  (Sapitain 
3o^n  33att,  öon  Ronton. — ©ec^je^n  5)Zänner  unb  jmölf  grauen 
über  [e^ge^n;  fünfje^n  Knaben  unb  jroanjig  ?iJtcit»d)en  unter 
fec^je^n — im  ®anjen  63. — (Herausgeber.) 
Johann  Kettner,  Peter  Stocker,* 

Henrich  Möcklei,  Johannes  Lang, 

Samuel  Ludi,  John  Lang  jr., 

Ulrich  Leibegood,*  Geo.  Michael  Kettner, 

Adam  Spag,*  Hans  Peter  Gruber,* 


Christian  Andericli,  Hans  Paul  Vogt, 

Johan  Leibegood,*  Nicholas  Hetzel.* 

Nicholas  Burger,* 

A.   Sick — Wilhelm  Imler. 

Under  sixteen: — Johann  Henrich  Kettner,  Henrich  Adam 
Kettner,  Martin  Gruber,  Adam  Lebenguth,  Jacob  Lebenguth, 
Adam  Spag,  Philip  Bürger,  Georg  Breidengross,  Ludwig  Imm- 
ler, Johannes  Immler,  Andreas  Vogt,  Caspar  Vogt.,  Johann 
Georg  Lang,  Christopher  Hetzel,  Hans  Jacob  Hetzel. 

36)  Sept.  12,  1734.*   Palatines, — ship  Saint  Andrew,  John 
Stedman,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Plymouth. — Eighty- 

*  There  is  a  slight  discrepancy  between  the  statement,  in  a  German 
book,  printed  1771,  giving  account  of  the  voyage  and  anival  of  those 
imported  in  the  ship  Saint  Andrew,  and  the  original  papers.  From 
the  book  alluded  to  it  appears  the  ship  Saint  Andrew,  John  Stedman, 
Master,  was  freighted  with  Schwenckf elders,  followers  of  Casp.  Schwenck- 
feld,  bom  in  Lower  Silesia,  1490.  These  left  their  homes  in  April 
1734,  embarked  at  Altoona,  Denmark,  May  14,  arrived  at  Philadelphia 
September  22,  and  on  the  23d  they  declared  their  fealty:  "On  Sep- 
tember 23d  all  male  persons  above  the  age  of  sixteen  had  to  appear 
in  the  Court  House,  in  order  to  swear  allegiance  to  the  rules  of  the 
country,  to  wit:  The  King  of  Great  Britain  and  His  successors  to  the 
Crown  of  England. — Description  of  the  Journey,  ^c,  pp.  450-461.  These 
settled  in  Berks,  Lehigh  and  Montgomery. — Rupp's  His.  Eel.  Denom. 
U.  S.,  pp.  663-667.— ÄMjojo's  His.  Berks  Co.,  pp.  222,  427.— For  a  full 
account  see  Chapter  Schwenckfelders,  in  Rupp^s  History  of  the  Germans 
in  Pennsylvania. 

Here  it  may  be  noted,  that  these  were  not  the  first  Schwenckfelders 
in  Pennsylvania.  September  18,  1733,  a  number  of  them  arrived  at 
Philadelphia,  in  the  brigantine  Pennsylvania  Merchant;  among  these 
were  Johann  Klemm,  Gottlob  Klemm,  Georg  Scholtz,  David  Scholtz. 
It  would  appear  they  remained  for  some  time  in  Philadelphia.  Mr. 
von  Beck  in  his  Reise- Diarium  von  Ebenezer  in  Georgia  nach  den  Nord- 
ländern, under  date,  Philadelphia,  June  6,  1734,  says:  "Here  are  of 
all  denominations  and  sects:  Lutherans,  Reformed,  Episcopals,  Pres- 
byterians, Catholics,  Quakers,  Tunkers,  Mennonites,  Sabbatherians, 
Seventh-day  Baptists,  Seperatists,  Böhmists,  Schwenckfeldians,  Tuch- 
feldtians,  Eucthelists,  Jews  andPagans,  &c." — Ulsperger News,  I,  p.l56. 

*  33ctreff«  ber  %a\)xi  unb  Slnfunft  bcr  mit  bent  ©cfetffe  Saint  Slnbret» 
gebrauten  ^Jerfonen  pnbct  (t(^  in  einem  1771  gebrudten  bcutfd^en  Sudbe 
son  ben  Urfunben.  5?on  bem  angefüt)rten  Suci^c  fc^etnt  eg,  baö  <S(|)tff 
i^atnt  Slnbreto,  SatJttatn  Sotin  (Stebman,  [et  mit  ®ci)tBendfcibern,  9?a4)= 
fulger  Hi  1490  in  9?teberfc|leften  geborenen  Sofpar  ©^JWencffetb,  belaben 

AND   OTHER    IMMIGRANTS — 1734.  95 

nine  males  above  sixteen,  forty-one  males  under  sixteen;  women 
and  female  children  one  hundred  and  thirty-three — in  all  263. — 

©ept.  12,  1734.*  I^aij  Sd)iif  Saint  ^vCuxtw,  Sapitatn  3o()n 
©tetman,  ttoii  ylottevbam  über  ^3)l!9moutt),  bra(^te  ^fäljer,  unt) 
jroar  neun  unt>  arf)t]ii^  miinnltc^c  über  unt)  ein  unt)  oierjtg  männ= 
lic^e  ^pcrfonen  unter  fcd)jet)n,  nebft  l)unliert  nnb  brei  unt>  tireipig 
2öeibern  unb  Jlinttern  meiblic^en  ®ef^Ie(^tö — im  ©anjen  268.-^ 

Christopher  Wiegner,  Caspar  Jäckel, 

Georg  Hübner,  Melchior  Hübner, 

Georg  Kribel,  Christoph  Schubert, 

Baltzer  Jäckel,  Melchior  Kribel  sen., 

Georg  Jäckel,  Balthaser  Hoffman,* 

Caspar  Kribel,  Melchior  Kribel  jr., 

Georg  Ander,  Georg  Hoffman  sen.,* 

Abraham  Jäckel,  Baltzer  Hoffman  jr.,* 

Georg  Rein wald  jr.,  Jeremias  Jäckel, 

Hans  Wiegner,  Christoph  Jäkele,* 

Georg  Wiegner,  Gregorius  Meisther,* 

Baltzer  Jäckel  jr.,  Christoph  Rein  wald. 

aettjefeit.  J)tefel6ett  »erltefett  tfjre  $etmat^  im  Slprtl  1734,  gingen  ju 
5lltona  in  "Dänemarf  am  14.  ÜOlat  auf  baö  "Schiff,  famcn  am  22.  ®ept.  in 
5)t)i(abelpt)ia  an  unb  am  23.  gelobten  fte  Xreue:  „Den  23.  (September 
mußten  alle  5}tannö=^erfonen,  fo  über  16  3at)r,  auf  ö  9iatt)l)au3,  um  bem 
^errn  beö  Sauber,  nä'mli(^  bem  Äönig  »on  ®ro§='8rittanien  unb  ®ucccf- 
l'ore^  ber  Ärone  önglanb'ö,  bcn  Sib  bcr  Ireue  ablegen."— 3?eife=Sefc()rei= 
bung  2c.,  @.  450-461.  Diefe  Ue§en  [tc^  in  Sert^,  Sebigf)  unb  ÜOZontgomer.) 
niebcr.— «Rupp'^  (Defd^.  rel.  23en.  ber  SBer.  St.,  ®.  663-667.— »tupp's 
©efc^.  öon  Serfg  So.,  @.  224,  427.  Sine  einge^enbe  2lbl)anblung  finbct 
fiel»  in  jRupp'e  ®efc^.  ber  2)eut|'c^en  ^Jennf^banien'a,  im  lapitel  „@(|njencf- 

So  h)äre  auc^  bemcrfcnötuertl),  ba§  biefe  nic^t  bic  erften  (gd^toencffelbet 
in  5)ennf9loanten  [inb.  5lm  18.  Sept.  1733  famen  einige  mit  bem  Schnell* 
fat)rev  ^peunfplsania  ^tx^ani  in  ^pt)ilabelpl)ia  an,  barunter  waren  3ol)ann 
unb  ®ottlob  Älemm  unb  ®eorg  unb  T)a'c>\x>  Sc^olß.  S3  fi^eint,  (di  blieben 
fte  eine  3«it  lang  in  5)l)ilabelp^ia.  |)err  oon  Secf  ft^reibt  unter  bem  G. 
3uni  1734  über  ^Pöilabelpbia  in  feinem  Steife-Diarium  »on  Sbenejer  iu 
©eorgia:  „.$)ierftnb  »on  alten  SRelivjionen  unb  Sccten:  i;utbcr,iuer,  JKe 
formirte,  Söifc^oflii^e,  ^reöbgterianer,  Satt^olifen,  Quader,  Dniuylcr. 
^icnnonijtcn,  Sabbatberianö,  Sicbeutägcr,  >Äepavatiftcn,  t^ürmiiftc;:, 
t^d^wencffelbianer,  Ju^felbtcr,  SBo^lwünfdjer,  3uben  unb  ipeibcn,  u.  f.  f.  ~ 
Ulfpetgcr'ö  5ta^ric^ten,  I,  (5. 156. 



Ilans  Henrich  Jäckel, 
Melchior  Mentzel, 
Georg  Mentzel, 
Georg  AVeiss,* 
Caspar  Heydrich, 
Georg  Scholtze, 
Christoph  Wiegner, 
Georg  Anders, 
David  Seibb, 
Christoph  Seibb, 
Georg  Heydrich, 
Georg  Drescher, 
Melchior  Meishter,* 
Baltzer  Anders, 
Georg  Scholtze, 
Caspar  John, 
Friederich  Schöps, 
Christoph  Pauss, 
David  Schubert, 
Wilhelmus  Pott, 
Degenhart  Pott, 
Peter  Schämker,* 
Nicolas  Dek,* 
Nicolas  Winder, 
Ulrich  Spies,* 
Peter  Jäger,* 
Peter  Treidel, 
Conrad  Frey, 

Abraham  Dihl, 
Melchior  Neuman, 
Tobias  Hertteranfft, 
Balthaser  Heydrich, 
Christoph  Neuman, 
Matthias  Jäckel, 
Christopher  Jäckel, 
Gregorius  Scholtze, 
David  Meschler, 
Christoph  Drescher  jr., 
Melchior  Scholtze, 
Christopher  Scholtze, 
Hein.  Ludwig  Urickhaus,? 
Bernhard  Steinbach, 
Georg  Bausche, 
Hans  Hübener,* 
Wilhelm  Witzen, 
Johannes  Van  Duliken,? 
Jacob  Friederick  Rieger, 
Johann  Georg  Rutz,? 
Valentin  Veruch, 
Jacob  Rumpfellt, 
Johannes  Wildfang,* 
Jacob  Wilhelmi, 
Johan  Caspar  Störller,* 
Johannes  Senger, 
Matthias  Marcker, 
Heinrich  Bumpfeld. 

Valentin  Dihl,* 

Sick — Christopher  Knebel,  David  Hübner,  Georg  Reynold, 
David  Jackie,  Andreas  Warner,  Hans  Martin  Tryster. 

Under  sixteen : — David  Neuman,  Abraham  WiegTier,  Georg 
Wiegner,  Caspar  Seibb,  Andreas  Heydrich,  Georg  Anders, 
Melchior  Hübner,  David  Schubert,  Peter  Labach,  Johann  Wil- 
helm Pott,  Johannes  Pott,  Georg  Heinrich  Ruth,  Jacob  Frey, 
Johann  Henrich  Deck,  Johannes  Deck,  Johann  Michael  Wolf- 
gang, Johannes  Wolfgang,  Jacob  Wilhelmi,  Valentin  Wilhelmi, 
AVilhelm  Hertteranfft,  Friederich  Drescher,  Johann  Jacob  Spies, 
Johann  Nicolaus  Steiner,  Johann  Jacob  Steiner,  Philip  Freidel, 
Hans  Georg  Völcker,  Johann  Jacob  Hildebrand,  Clement  Du- 
bach,  Christopher  Kribcl,  Christonhcr  Hühner,  David  Schubert, 

AND    OTHER    IMMIÜllANTS — 1734. 


Georg  Kribel,  Christopher  Hoffman,  Christopher  Reinhold, 
Melchior  Wiegner,  Christopher  Meister,  Balthasar  Jäckel,  Georg 
Hertteranft,  Melchior  Hertteranft,  Christopher  Heydrich. 

37)  Sept.  23,  1734.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Hope, 
Daniel  Reid,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — Forty- 
nine  males  above  sixteen,  forty-five  females;  fourteen  boys  and 
seventeen  girls — in  all  125. — (^Editor.) 

@ept.  23,  1734.  Daö  ©c^iff  Jpope,  eapttatn  ^Daniel  9(letb, 
»on  Stotterbam  über  Soweä,  brad)te  ^fäljcr. — 9leun  unt)  üter^sig 
männliche  unl»  fünf  unti  öierjig  metlüic^e  ^erfonen  über  fec{)jet)n, 
unt»  oierje^n  Knaben  unt)  f{ebenjel)n  SJJatx^en — im  ©anjeu  125. 

Jacob  Bauman, 
Jacob  HoflFer, 
Michael  Gerber, 
Christian  Huser, 
Michael  Fickel, 
Ulrich  Buhler,* 
Bernhart  Richer,* 
Han  Henrich  HoiFman,* 
Han  Jacob  Fischbach, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Graff, 
Johan  Albert  Langerfeld, 
Gottfried  Schierwager, 
Philip  Esping, 
Johannes  Keiser, 
Peter  Stam, 
Christoph  Rabe, 
Henrich  Stettz, 
Zacharias  Ahlbach, 
Johannes  Jung, 
Jost  Shmith,* 
Johannes  Nöh, 
Georg  Lübcken, 
Johannes  Artger, 
Simon  Kirbach,* 

Simon  Beil, 
Joh.  Henrich  Otter, 
Antony  Nobel, 
Antony  Nobel  jr., 
Johannes  Richter, 
Christian  Farnie, 
Johannes  Keinsman,* 
Johan  Adam  Schroff, 
Johan  Peter  Gross, 
Joh.  Henrich  Klöckner, 
Aug.  Henrich  Kunstman, 
Joh.  Henrich  Heissman, 
Joh.  Phüip  Doldt,* 
Zacharias  Flamerfeld,* 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Ahlbach, 
Joh.  Peter  Schmidt, 
Han  Henrich  Otterpach, 
Joh.  Herbert  Weberd, 
Joh.  Arnold  Reisch, 
Joh.  Hen.  Weschenbach, 
Joh.  Geo.  Antony  Müller, 
Joh.  Andreas  Müller, 
Christian  Otto  Schultz, 

Cornelius  Parät. 

Under  sixteen : — Johann  Caspar  Kratz,  Johann  Philip  Kratz, 

Nicholas  Husar,    Hans  Michael  Keiser,    Anthony  Heinsman, 

Johan  Henrich  Gross,  Johan  Gerhard  Klöckner,  Johann  Wil- 




helm  Ahlbach,  Johan  Gerhard  Ahlbach,  Johann  Peter  Ahlbach, 
Herman  Jung,  Johann  Jacob  Noch,  Johannes  Lescher,  Joseph 
Heinsman,  Henrich  Wilhelm  ßeisch. 

38)  May  29,  1735.  Palatines  and  Switzers  imported  in  the 
ship  Mercury,  William  Wilson,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last 
from  Cowes. — Sixty-four  men,  fifty-one  women,  thirty-seven  boys 
and  thirty -four  girls — in  all  186. — (^Editor.') 

SWai  29,  1735.  ^^fätjer  unb  ©(^meijer  mit  t»em  (Sd)tffe  5Jtcr= 
iMxX),  (Sapitain  Sßitliam  2öüfon,  öon  3ftotterltam  über  Soroeö. — 
3.^icr  unb  fec^gig  5Jiänner,  ein  unb  fünfzig  }^x<xutn,  fteben  unb 
brci^ig  jlnaben  unb  »ier  unb  brcipig  5!Jiäb(^en — im  ®anjen  186. 

Conrad  Würtz, 
Jacob  Beshar, 
Jacob  Schenckel,* 
Heinrich  Huber, 
Jacob  Nefi; 
Jacob  Täntzler,* 
Johann  Weiss, 
Henrich  Merk, 
Hans  Meier,? 
Caspar  Netzli, 
Jacob  Frey, 
Jacob  Meyer, 
Hans  Huber, 
Conrad  Naffe,* 
Hans  Müller, 
Hans  Ott, 
Johannes  Heit, 
Henry  Surber,* 
Abraham  Weidman, 
Rudolph  Weidman, 
Hans  Jacob  Radtgäb, 
Johan  Ulrich  Aner,* 
Baltzer  Bessert, 
Caspar  Schweitzer, 
Henrich  Oswald, 
Jacob  Perdschinger,* 
Henry  Brunner,* 

Jacob  Weidman, 
Hans  Conrad  Käller, 
Jacob  Madler, 
Henrich  Schreiber, 
Martin  Shellberg,* 
Jacob  Maurer.* 
Henrich  Scheuchzer, 
Jacob  Shellenberg,* 
Henry  Mosock,* 
Jacob  Wiest,* 
Rudolph  Egg, 
Rudolph  Walter,* 
Jacob  Schmit,* 
Conrad  Meyer,* 
Jacob  Näff, 
Caspar  Gut, 
Jacob  Matz, 
Philip  Klein, 
Hans  Ulrich  Amon,* 
Rudolph  Aberly,* 
Jacob  Conrad  Naffe,* 
Caspar  Plauler, 
Abraham  Weckerly, 
Conrad  Rütschi, 
Christoph  Neumeister, 
Johannes  Mölich, 
Henrich  Forat. 

AND   OTHER   IMMIGRANTS — 1735.  99 

Sick — Kilian  Mertz,  Jacob  Hornberger,  Jacob  Bücher,  Hen- 
rich  Müller,  Conrad  Zuppinger. 
The  following  are  marked  absent: 
X)te  golgenben  werten  alö  abttjcfenb  Bejetc^net: 
Henry  Gotschy,   Johan  Henrich  Maurer,   Henrich  Zurber, 
Jacob  Schmid,  Melchior  Meyer. 

Under  sixteen : — Rudolph  Gotschy,  Moritz  Gotschy,  Rudolph 
Beschar,  Rudolph  Huber,  Jacob  Dentzler,  Rudolph  Dentzler, 
Abraham  Dentzler,  Abraham  Dübendörffer,  Hans  Ulrich  Brun- 
ner, Felix  Ahner,  Caspar  Beschar,  Henrich  Beschar,  Rudolph 
Beschar,  Hans  Matz,  Hans  Conrad  Matz,  Lenhart  IMeyer,  Jac. 
Meyer,  Heinrich  Frey,  Hans  Jacob  Meyer,  Jacob  Hubler,  Ru- 
dolph Dübendörffer,  Jacob  Weidman,  Matthias  Käller,  Jacob 
Bücher,  Hans  Ulrich  Zupinger,  Jacob  Walther,  Hans  Jacob 
Neff,  Felix  Schmidt,  Hans  Henrich  Planier,  Hans  Jacob  Plau- 
ler,  Felix  Metzger,  Jacob  Rütschi,  Henrich  Rütschi,  Heinrich 
Mölich,  Andreas  Mölich,  Gottfried  Mölich. 

39)  June  28,  1735.  Palatinos  imported  in  the  brig  Mary,  of 
Philadelphia,  James  Marshall,  Master,  from  London. — Thirteen 
men,  ten  boys,  eighteen  women  and  girls — in  all  41. — {Editor.) 

Sunt  28,  1735.  21uf  ber  33rigg  max^  »on  ^f)i(aterp^ia,  Sa- 
pitain  ^amt^  Wax^i^aU,  »on  Sonbon,  famen  5>fälger. — Dreije^n 
9)Iänner,  ge^n  Knaben,,  ai^tje^n  grauen  unt  5ität>d)en — im  ®an' 
jen  41. — (J^erausigeber») 

Melchior  Scholtze,  Zacharias  Friedrich, 

Henrich  Boshart,  Henrich  Würchman, 

Peter  Schwaab,  Johannes  Würchman, 

Andreas  Brinker,*  Jacob  Weidmer, 

Wilhelm  Gesel,*  Solomon  Rückstul  sen., 

Andreas  Widmer,  Solomon  Rückstul  jr. 

Under  sixteen : — Caspar  Boshart,  Henrich  Boshart,  Conrad 
Brünckner,  Henrich  Würchman,  Jac.  Wiedmer,  Hans  Brünck- 
ner,  Henrich  Rückstuhl. 

40)  Aug.  26,  1735.  Switzers,  late  inhabitants  of  the  Canton 
of  Bern,  in  Switzerland,  imported  in  the  ship  Billander  Oliver, 
Samuel  Merchant,  Master,  from  South  Carolina. — Eighteen  men, 
eighteen  women,  six  boys  and  three  girls — in  all  45. — {Editor.) 


Slug.  26,  1735.    ©c^ireijer  auö  bent  Santon  Sent  auf  tern 
©c^iffe  35illaitt)er  DUoer,  Sapitaiu  ©amuel  9}?crd)ant,  sion  ©iit»* 
(Carolina.  —  ^d)tje()u  9)cäuner,  ac^t3e()u  SBeiber,  fec^ö  Änaben 
unt  trei  5i}Zät>d)eu — int  ©aitjen  45. — (Herausgeber.) 
Hans  Bucher,  Christian  BrenhoUz,* 

Lazarus  Wenger,  Hans  Michael  Pingley, 

Hans  Koller,*  Hans  Lüdenbörg, 

Christian  Zwaller,  Abraham  Mdusslin, 

Johannes  Marti,  Ulrich  Mischler, 

Jacob  Stelly,*  Christian  Weber,* 

Ulrich  Yilia,*  Jacob  Wilhelm  Naath, 

Johannes  Etter,  Hans  Leyenberger,* 

Peter  Henckels,  Hans  Bücher  jr. 

Under  sixteen: — Benjamin  Bücher,  Christian  Bücher,  Jacob 
Koller,  Peter  Leinberger,  Hans  Weber,  Christian  Weber. 

41)  Sept.  1,  1736.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Harle,  of 
London,  Ralph  Harle,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 
One  hundred  and  fifty-six  men,  sixty-five  women,  one  hundred 
and  sixty-seven  boys  and  girls — in  all  388. — (Editor.) 

(Sept.  1,  1736.  ?)fäl3er,  bie  mit  bent  ©c^iffe  ^arlc  öon  Son* 
bon,  Sapitaiit  ^lalp^  .Iparle,  »on  Stotterbam  über  ßoweö  famen. — 
din  ()unbert  fei^ö  unb  füitfjtg  SJtanner,  fünf  unb  fe^^ig  grauen 
unb  ein  fcunbcrt  fteben  unb  fei^jig  Änaben  unb  9)cäbc^en — im 
©anjen  388. — (Herausgeber.) 
Frantz  Heckert,  Andreas  Jochim,* 

Johannes  Krück,  Vincent  Schackie, 

Johannes  Lorentz,  Jacob  Hostedler,* 

Abraham  Tiegarden  sen.,  Jacob  Eysen, 

Johannes  Hannewald,  Hans  Kuppele, 

Abraham  Tiegarden,  Frederick  Beegel,* 

Jacob  Gemling,  Jacob  Jayser, 

Georg  ZeislofF,  Andreas  Kurtz, 

Wilhelm  Hetterling,  Frederick  Memart, 

Daniel  Nargarg,*  Jacob  Sontag, 

Nicklaus  Trewer,  Adam  Seider, 

Michael  Jochim,*  Nilaus  Lang, 

Karl  Kern,  Adam  Boher, 

Nicklas  Rebell,*  Ludwig  Lay, 

Jacob  Amandus,  Christian  Erb, 



Peter  Rentsch, 
Matthias  Speck, 
Dietrich  Martin, 
Andreas  Grimm, 
Nicolas  Post, 
Heinrich  Dubs, 
Joh.  Van  Laschet, 
Joh.  Peter  Van  Laschet, 
Christian  Van  Laschet, 
Joh.  Philip  Wageman, 
Johan  Philip  Wick, 
Johan  Valentin  Voigt, 
Johan  Mathias  Voigt, 
Johan  Daniel  Braun, 
Johan  Michael  Graul, 
Geo.  Nicolas  Sysloop,* 
Johan  Baltzer  Zeisloop,* 
Johan  Peter  Nargary, 
Joh.  Christophel  Treber, 
Johann  Georg  Jäky, 
Leonhardt  Cronbach, 
Rudolph  Hackmann, 
Jacob  Fellmann, 
Cornelius  Weygandt, 
Hans  Melchior  Beyer, 
Andrias  Nargang, 
Johannes  Butler, 
Clemens  Slottenbecker, 
Johan  Jacob  Weyl, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Speck, 
Peter  Slottenbecker, 
Johannes  Willems, 
Heinrich  Slottenbecker, 
Heinrich  Gerhart, 
Joh.  Jacob  Daubenspeck, 
Andreas  Haillman, 
Johan  Mathias  Bruch, 
Johan  Peter  Feglin,* 
Johan  Georg  Mein, 
Johannes  Rothrock, 
Johan  Jacob  Barth, 

John  Jacob  Zyderman, 
Andreas  Cratz, 
Jacob  Libbert, 
Valentin  Neu, 
Nicolaus  M  elcher, 
Eberhart  Ebeler, 
Christian  Schryack, 
Conrad  Frankenberger, 
Johannes  Rossinger, 
Daniel  Meyer, 
Johannes  Hess, 
Paulus  Brunner, 
Christian  Landes, 
Andreas  Gross, 
Leonhart  Jäger, 
Peter  Rupp, 
Michael  Noll, 
Johannes  Meyer, 
Nicolas  ^ngne, 
Caspar  Meyer,* 
Ludwig  Mauerer, 
Caspar  Stelling, 
Dewalt  Beyer, 
Johan  Brand, 
Mathias  Deck, 
Christian  Suder, 
Johannes  Gerber, 
Jonathan  Heger, 
Mattheus  Röser, 
Jacob  Cuntz, 
Jacob  HoUinger, 
Jacob  Kochenauer,* 
Andreas  Franck, 
Adam  Wambolt, 
Johannes  Fuchs, 
Gottfried  Grüll, 
Michael  Linder, 
Christoph  Rudolpf, 
Peter  Hironimus, 
Thomas  Hummel, 
Johannes  Schneider, 




Johannes  Zacharias, 
Balthaser  Stephanus, 
Joh.  Ludwig  Weicker, 
Joh.  Henrich  Bniner, 
Johan  Georg  Basel, 
Joh.  Ludwig  Kammerer, 
Joh.  Michael  Weygell, 
Laborius  Merschrath, 
Johannes  E-issmann, 
Joh.  Christoph  Windemuth, 
Johann  Georg  Wambolt, 
Johann  Georg  Scheidler, 
Johann  Conrad  Grimm, 
Johann  Adam  Schauss, 
Zacharias  Setzier, 
Johan  Valentin  Scherer, 
Isaac  Adolphus  Delb, 
Johan  Jacob  Christler, 

Johann  Jacob  Nuss, 
Johan  Conrad  Bab, 
Heinrich  Wohlgemuth, 
Abraham  Wohlgemuth, 
Joseph  Wohlgemuth, 
Georg  Adam  Werner, 
Jacob  Lädtermann, 
Johan  Philip  Müntz, 
Henrich  Weydebach, 
Caspar  Kupferschmidt, 
Johannes  Franckeberger, 
Han  Georg  Handtwerch, 
Joh.  Adam  Hohenschilt, 
Johan  Peter  Wambold, 
Georg  Michael  Friedrich, 
Johan  Peter  Marsteller, 
Johan  Georg  Lehnert, 
Joh.  Georg  Windemuth. 

Christian  Stöckly, 

Sick — Jacob  Eysen,  Abraham  Saaler,  Michael  Hochsfädter, 
Ludwig  Meyer. 

42)  Sept.  16,  1736.  Palatines  with  their  families,  in  all  330, 
imported  in  the  ship  Princess  Augustus,  Samuel  Merchant,  Mas- 
ter, from  Rotterdam,  last  fi-om  Cowes. 

(Sept.  16,  1736.  ^^faljer  fammt  iC)ren  gamtlien,  330  art  ter 
3ii^I,  famen  auf  t)cm  ©d)iffe  ^rince^  Stuguftuö,  ßapitain  ©a^ 
niuel  Wtxä^ant,  »on  Slotterbam  ükr  Goirteö. 

Georg  Mayer,? 
Stephen  Schust, 
Jacob  Meyer, 
(üeorg  Meyer,* 
Rudolph  Essig, 
Wilhelm  Huber, 
Jacob  Müller, 
Simon  Carl, 
Jacob  Früh, 
Lorentz  Früh, 
Leonhart  Stein,? 
Lorentz  Simon, 

Christian  Simon, 
Friederich  Gardner,* 
Henrich  Meyer, 
Sebastian  Graff, 
Daniel  Hekendorn,* 
Bastian  Stoler, 
Friederich  Greier,* 
Martin  Greider, 
Durst  Thomme, 
INIartin  Domey,* 
Hans  Jacob, 
Durst  Thomme, 



Joseph  Kratzer, 
Jacob  Kese,* 
Rudolph  Rauch, 
Hans  Spiteler  sen., 
Hans  Spiteler, 
Nicolaus  Tenne,  ? 
Jacob  Baire,* 
Hans  Jacob,* 
Stephen  Jacob,* 
Henry  Books,* 
Christian  Buchty, 
Abraham  Jacke, 
Jean  Comer, 
Hans  Fiseler,* 
Nicolas  Jewdie,* 
Job.  Grabriel  Lammle, 
Joh.  Georg  Baumgärtner,* 
Han  Philip  Fleckser,? 
Johan  Georg  Ritter, 
Johan  Jost  Dubs, 
Hans  David  Bilman, 
Hans  Thomas  Keer, 
Hans  Michael  Carl, 
Gottfried  Lautermilch, 
Philipp  GuUmann, 
Hans  Michael  Essig, 
Georg  Abraham  Essig, 
Johan  Jacob  Busch,* 
Han  Nicolas  Schmidt, 
Han  Georg  Trautman,* 
Hans  Georg  Graff, 
John  Adolph  Wenssel, 
Han  Jacob  Beitert, 
Christian  Schenblein  sen., 
Christian  Schenblein  jr., 
Han  Hegendorn  sen.,* 
Han  Hegendorn  jr., 
Han  Jacob  Greider,* 
Thielman  Hirnschall, 
Hans  Jacob  Dups, 

Hans  Georg  Gerster, 
David  Löwenstein, 
Sebastian  Caquelin, 
Dieterich  Caquelin, 
Jean  Caquelin, 
Daniel  Kommer, 
Dieterich  Werlie, 
Hans  Imberman, 
Hans  Jacob  Keller, 
Benedict  Yühli, 
Christian  Dappen,? 
Waltes  Baumann, 
Hans  Rudolph  Erb, 
Melchior  Detweiler, 
Jonas  Joner, 
Jacob  Joner, 
Hans  Siber, 
Hans  ZwaUe, 
Hans  Stockie, 
Peter  Binckly,* 
Hans  Binckly,* 
Frangois  Oriths, 
Nicholas  Orich, 
Eneas  Noel,* 
Joseph  Noel, 
Jacob  Altlandt, 
Peter  Weyer, 
Christian  Schiächten, 
Rudolph  Baumgardner, 
Jean  Frangois  Chrestien, 
Collas  Drasbart,* 
Johannes  Keller  sen., 
Jacob  Christman, 
Michael  Haalling, 
Marcus  Merky,* 
Hans  David  Merky,* 
Nicklaus  Mesling,* 
Johan  Conrad  Ganger, 
Georg  Nicolas  Ganger. 

Sick — Georg  Maurer,  Jacob  Domme,   Dietrich  Marschall, 



Hans  Georg  Knaab,   Jacob  Briiderle.     Dead — Sebastian  Car 
quelin,  Hans  Joner. 

43)  Oct.  19, 1736.  Palatines  with  their  families,  110  persons, 
imported  in  the  brigantine  Perthamboy,  George  Frazer,  Master, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Dover. 

Oct.  19,  1736.  ^\'cilyix  mit  t^ren  gamilten,  110  5)crfoncn, 
famen  auf  bem  S^nellfegler  ^Jert^ambo^,  Sapitain  @eo.  grader, 
oon  Sftotterbam  über  T)ooer  an. 

Abraham  Beer, 
Johan  Frantz, 
Johannes  Siegel,* 
Jacob  Keller, 
Caspar  Struwel, 
Caspar  Lambert, 
Georg  Keg,* 
Paulus  Andoni, 
Johannes  Geier, 
Johannes  Schier, 
Peter  Kohl, 
Daniel  Speth, 
Jacob  Bleicher,* 
Peter  Haas, 
Johannes  Herr, 
Deobald  Veit, 
Dirk  Schütten,* 
Nicolas  Stop,* 
Pierre  D'Veau, 

Peter  Apfelbaum, 
Joh.  Georg  iMicklein, 
Johan  Ludwig  Seib, 
Ludwig  Stred.  VoUsteller, 
Johan  Philip  Quickel,* 
Johan  Peter  Pritz, 
Joh.  Michael  Quickel, 
Francis  Joseph  Hornig, 
Joh.  Caspar  Schmidt, 
Friederich  Bleibtreu, 
Johan  Adam  Rausch, 
Johan  Jost  Mohr,  ? 
Johan  Georg  Quickel,* 
Joh.  Chi'istian  Heininger, 
Joh.  Heinrich  Schmidt, 
Abraham  Dumbaldt, 
Ernst  Fried.  Dumbaldt, 
Gottfiied  Eberhard. 

44)  Aug.  30,  1737.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Samuel, 
Hugh  Percy,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 
In  all  318. 

After  this  date  none  of  the  names  of  Palatines  are  pub- 
lished in  the  Colonial  Records. — {Editor.^ 

21ug.  30,  1737.  318  5)fäljer  mit  bcm  'Skiffe  (Samuel,  (£api- 
tain  ^ugl)  ?)erc9,  oon  .^totterbam  über  ßorneö. 

fi®""  9?a(^  tfiefem  X)atum  jrtcrben  feine  Xiamen  t)er  ^l)fäl3er  me^r 
in  t)en  SoIonial=33eri(^ten  oeroffentUdjt. 



Abraliam  Farui, 
Henrich  Werlle, 
Christian  Müller, 
Henrich  Müller, 
Jacob  Schober,* 
Peter  Tost,* 
Nicolas  Marret,* 
Jacob  Kuntz, 
Benedict  Tomas, 
Hans  Ebler, 
Friederich  From, 
Darius  Ruff, 
Philip  Becker,* 
Ludwig  Bothner, 
Weyrich  Rutisieli, 
Jacob  Volck,* 
Johannes  Ries, 
Jacob  Offenbacher, 
Wilhelmus  Beyer, 
Johannes  Kohr, 
Henrich  Guthard, 
Daniel  Filbert, 
William  Strub, 
Johannes  Lang, 
Lorentz  Becker, 
Lorentz  Schreiber, 
Simon  Mineehr,* 
Peter  Minich,* 
Paul  Frantz, 
Friederich  Eberhart, 
Joseph  Bischoff, 
Peter  Budniger, 
Ulrich  Bickell, 
Lenhart  Glaser, 
Conrad  Schütz, 
Nicolas  Meyer,* 
Francis  Fordene,* 
Michael  Fortineh, 
Johan  Georg  Wichel, 
Johannes  Schöffler, 
Johannes  Drachsell, 

Johan  Peter  Drachsell, 
Christan  Brengel, 
Andreas  Aulenbacher, 
Hans  Adam  Staut,* 
Hans  Georg  Hüttner, 
Hans  Michael  Hetzer, 
Johann  Georg  Ziegler, 
Johan  Jacob  Kolb, 
Johan  Friederich  Kraffib, 
Johan  Jacob  Nuss, 
Heinrich  Steinmetz, 
Johan  Thomas  Kern, 
Simon  Hönninger, 
Michael  Pfingstag, 
Hans  Georg  Laie,* 
Johann  Georg  Roth, 
Johan  Christoph  Meckel, 
Ludwig  Kornmann, 
Johan  Paul  Geiger, 
Johan  Valentin  Lang, 
Johan  Peter  Stembell, 
Johan  Jacob  Eichholtz, 
Johannes  Cashnetz,* 
Hans  Jacob  Castnitz, 
Hans  Adam  Biedniger, 
Johan  Adam  Schneider, 
Johan  Georg  Sauerbier, 
Johan  Jacob  Maag, 
Johan  Lenhart  Volck, 
Johan  Heinrich  Klein, 
Johan  Nicolas  Finck, 
Johan  Adam  Drumm, 
Johan  Conrad  Müller, 
Bernhart  Womer,* 
Johan  Christian  Doli, 
Melchior  Fordene,* 
Jacob  Baum, 
Andreas  Müller, 
Johannes  Baum, 
Jacob  Lower,* 
Michael  Lower,* 



Georg  Weyrich, 
Peter  Hugett, 
Jacob  Lang, 
Jacob  Wolff, 
Peter  Wolff, 
Peter  Bier, 
Johannes  Haust, 
Ludwig  Klein,* 
Johannes  Staudt, 
Christian  Ruth,* 
Johan  Christian  Daseher, 
Philip  Penstenmacher,* 
Michael  Spengler,* 

Johannes  Peter  Doll, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Welsch, 
Johan  Jacob  Welsch, 
Michael  Schumacher, 
Johann  Peter  Licht, 
Wilhelm  Rabenwalt, 
Johann  Henrich  Moll, 
Johann  Jacob  Kintzer, 
Johann  Georg  Geiss, 
Ludwig  Becker, 
Johann  Adam  Löffler, 
Johan  Jacob  Staudt. 

45)  Sept.  10,  1737.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Snow 
Molly,  John  Howell,  Master,  from  Amsterdam,  last  from  Dover. — 
In  all  95. 

Sept.  10,  1737.  5)färjer  auf  Dem  ©c^iffe  ©now  ^oü^r  ^ap^' 
tain  3ot)n  ^otoeU,  »on  2tmftert»am  über  S)oöer. — 3m  ©anjen  95. 

Valentin  Stober, 
Valentin  Stober  jr., 
Jacob  Stober, 
Friederich  Reitzel, 
Nicolaus  Kachelriess, 
Michael  Hertlein, 
John  Winter, 
Jacob  Meier, 
Job.  Jacob  Geyer,* 
Valentin  Rohleber, 
Christophe!  Gomer, 
Phil.  Jacob  Schaaff, 
Frederick  Horn,* 
Job.  Peter  Han, 
John  Mart.  Fröhlich, 
Job.  Jac.  Schaaff, 

Hans  Jonas  Reitzel, 
Johan  Christoph  Grohmann, 
Johan  Albrecht  Schaller, 
Johan  Georg  Albert, 
Georg  Albrecht  Schaller, 
Johan  Lenhart  Wulfart,? 
Georg  Simeon  Christ, 
Hans  Mich.  Herdlein, 
Georg  Fried.  Wollenweber, 
Philip  Gottleib  Meintz, 
Johan  Philip  Kratzer, 
Johan  Adam  Gomer, 
Philip  Adam  Endler, 
Johannes  Reitzmann, 
Johan  Christoph  Schäcke. 

46)  Sept.  24,  1737.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Virginus 
Grace,  John  Bull,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 
In  all  225. 



(Bept  24,  1737.  ^Jfaljer  mit  bcm  S^iffe  SStrtuouä  ©race, 
Sapitain  3o^n  SuK,  öon  Slotterbam  ubtt  Sotweo. — 3m  ©an* 
im  225. 

Antoni  Riiger  sen., 
Antoni  Riiger  jr., 
Jacob  Schaub,* 
Isaac  Hoffman, 
Hans  HoiFman, 
Christoph  Stauffer, 
Leonhart  Heier, 
Rudolph  Lützler, 
Bernard  Haup,* 
Jacob  Schwartz, 
Jacob  Remel,* 
Jacob  Graff, 
Jacob  Rimy, 
Ludwig  Born, 
Jacob  Stokee,* 
Simon  Stokee,* 
Jeremiah  Smitt,* 
Peter  Konder, 
Peter  Staut,* 
Adam  Weiss, 
Abraham  Wize,* 
Michael  Ulrich, 
Jacob  Wolff, 
Adam  Dill, 
Baltzer  Hartsoc,* 
Christian  Toll,* 
Jacob  Croyter, 
David  Bruch, 
Georg  Heck, 
Hans  Weis, 
Jacob  Springer, 
Johannes  Taskcr, 
Jacob  Hubler, 
Christian  Piner,* 
Henrich  Grimm, 
Michael  Carle,? 
Albert  Lebolt, 

Burckhart  Riiger, 
Isaac  Hoffman  jr., 
Martin  Hegendorn, 
Johannes  Stauffer, 
Hans  Jacob  Groller, 
Hans  Jacob  Kobler,* 
Hans  Georg  Schwartz, 
Hans  Georg  Reimmel, 
Albrecht  Graff, 
Simon  Schunck, 
Frederick  Cromer,* 
Hans  Georg  Dillmann, 
Henrich  Jacob  Dillmann, 
Hans  Michael  Ulrich, 
Christian  Bullinger,* 
Hans  Georg  Konder,* 
Rudolph  Duckwell,* 
Jacob  HoUinger, 
Andrew  Sunwald,* 
Hans  Georg  Friederick, 
Friederich  Kiester, 
Henrich  Schwerdt, 
Jacob  Bollinger, 
Wilhelm  Fischer, 
Henrich  Shamberger,* 
Henrich  Crössman, 
Hans  Georg  Meyer,* 
Johan  Jacob  Conradt, 
Henrich  Wideabach,* 
Johannes  Weiss,* 
Henrich  Engel, 
Johannes  Hunsecker, 
Michael  Rausch, 
Christian  Bauer, 
Hans  Jacob  Inhof,* 
Simon  Hunsecker. 



47)  Sept.  26,  1737.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Saint 
Andrew  Cralley,  John  Stedman,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last 
from  Cowes. — In  all  450. 

(Sept.  26,  1737.  2luf  tern  i5d)iffe  ©aint  2lnbrett)  ©aüe^  famcn 
unter  Sapitain  3o^n  ©tetman  »on  9tottert)am  über  Sott)ei8.450 

Jacob  Kintzer, 
Jacob  Niss, 
PhUip  Hefft, 
Jacob  Fries,* 
Philipp  Fritsch, 
Peter  Rapp, 
Caspar  Hüter, 
Valentin  Steinmetz, 
Georg  Kern, 
Georg  Schissler  sen.,* 
Johannes  Stöhr, 
Georg  Schissler  jr.,* 
Philip  Stöhr, 
Georg  Des, 
Georg  Hefiit,* 
Jacob  Lentz, 
Jacob  Küster,* 
Nicolas  Koch,* 
Andreas  Smith,* 
Christian  Meyer,* 
Johann  Meyer,* 
Conrad  Reich, 
Michael  Brown,* 
Georg  Wambold, 
Elias  Ratgen,* 
John  Spycker, 
Georg  Rahn, 
Conrad  Rahn, 
Philip  Schmidt, 
Baltzer  Beil, 
Georg  Neihart, 
Lorentz  Kayser, 
Conrad  Wall, 
Jacob  Werry,* 
Henrich  Kreyter,* 

Peter  Lin, 
Nicolas  Scherer,* 
Henrich  Smith,* 
Nicolaus  Holler, 
Wilhelm  Ohler, 
Paulus  Lingel, 
Henrich  Wisler, 
Georg  Kocher, 
Johan  Georg  Kälsch, 
Michael  Neihart, 
Johan  Lenhart  Jerling, 
Philip  Lebengut,* 
Joh.  Christian  Bürger, 
Wilhelm  Scheffer, 
Georg  Hen.  Wamboldt, 
Johan  Conrad  Jost, 
Johan  Asinus  Gerling,* 
Joh.  Jac.  Schindeidecker, 
Johannes  Schnauber, 
Johan  Georg  Kläppinger, 
Tobias  Böckell, 
Johannes  Meyer, 
Jacob  Neiswanger,* 
Hans  Jost  Meier, 
Hans  Martin  Amwäg, 
Nicolaus  Scheyer, 
Nicolaus  Biettel, 
Michael  Andreas,* 
Johan  Georg  Schneider, 
Gerhardt  Hübschman, 
Johan  Jacob  Lingel, 
Johan  David  Bühler, 
Johan  Peter  Spycker, 
Johannes  Mevius, 
Johan  Philip  "Wisman, 



Johan  Friederich  Heim, 
Jolian  Ludwig  Kolb, 
Johan  PhiUp  Seger, 
Bernhart  DickhofF, 
Johan  Jacob  Rosenmann, 
Georg  Fried.  Neihart, 
Johannes  Schlotter, 
Johan  Georg  Kuntz, 
Johan  Christian  Thron, 
Matthias  Lederman,* 
Valentine  Baumgärdner,* 
Johannes  Altenberger, 
Johan  Justus  Erdmann, 
Johan  Peter  Drass, 
Johan  Rudolph  Henrich, 
Christopher  Schaub,* 
Albrech  Fig,? 
Ulrich  Horn, 
Peter  Weiland,* 
Martin  Crou, 
Georg  Conrad, 
Jacob  Conrad, 
Daniel  Zopff, 
Ulrich  Sollberger, 
Christian  Estu,* 
Mattheis  Weber, 
Casper  Heyser, 
Valentin  Diebel, 
Casper  Rabe,* 
Conrad  Delp,* 
Johan  Funck,* 
Peter  Knepper,* 

Joseph  Zolenberger,* 
Henrich  Frantz, 
Andreas  Held,* 
Adam  Strauch,* 
Daniel  Ries, 
Nicolas  Ries, 
Jost  Hiisterr, 
Christoph  Krause, 
Johannes  Dreichler, 
Johan  Philip  Streiter, 
Georg  Caspar  Zeigner, 
Johan  Ludwig  Wildanger, 
Johan  Georg  Gist, 
Johan  Jacob  Weiler, 
Daniel  Zacharias, 
Christoph  Schwenck, 
Georg  Dietrich  Helt, 
Johan  Philip  Steffen, 
Johan  Herman  Weber, 
Johan  Henrich  Märtz, 
Henrich  Schieffler, 
Georg  Ludwid  Denner, 
Johannes  Geltbach, 
Johan  Philip  Edinger, 
Georg  Gernandt, 
Johannes  Köhler, 
Friederich  Schönfelder, 
Ernst  Seydel, 
Abraham  Wagner, 
Christoph  Hübner, 
Joh.  Herrn,  von  Basten, 

Candidatus  S.  Th. 

Nicolas  Rattge,* 

SicJc — Dan.  Hüster,  Jac.  Keim,  John  Erdman,  John  Appel. 
Absent — Georg  Test,  Caspar  Heyser. 

48)  Oct.  5,  17.37.  Palatines,  in  all  231,  imported  in  the  bi- 
lander  Townshead,  Thomas  Thompson,  Master,  from  Amsterdam, 
last  from  Cowes. 

Dct.  5,  1737.  231  ^fäljer  mit  beni  Hcinen  ?aftf^iflre  3:oron^= 
^eab,  Sapitain  J^omaö  J^ompfon,  öon  ^tmfterbam  über  ßoweij. 




Christian  Ewig, 
Georg  Egnel,? 
Conrad  Holbe, 
Peter  Schad, 
Jacob  Wogel, 
John  Peter  Wilt,* 
Conrad  Lauterbach, 
Peter  Lauderbach, 
Johan  Georg  Joh, 
Johan  Casper  Neuer, 
Jean  Corbo, 
Christian  Fredrick, 
Simon  Ersame,* 
Anthony  Hidler,* 
Jacob  Acker,* 
Balthasar  Süsz, 
Peter  Rausch, 
Valentin  Kiffer, 
Georg  Spengel, 
Johan  Küstler,* 
Vincent  Küster,* 
Casper  Wendel, 
Andreas  Epple, 
Georg  Schutz, 
Conrad  Preiss, 
Leonard  Kugel, 
Georg  Arnoldt, 
Christian  Aspech, 
Elias  Obelhart,* 
Peter  Graff, 
Ludwig  Frantz, 
Michael  Balmer, 
Peter  Wagner, 
Johan  Schlieger,* 
Johannes  Geseller, 
Conrad  Rippert,* 
Peter  Hotner, 

Sick — Balthasar  Sies, 

Johannes  Lowra,* 
Jacob  Schantz, 
Sebastian  Bisch,* 
Silvester  Holber, 
Christian  Friederich,* 
Johan  Georg  Heyer,  ? 
Johan  Georg  Euler, 
Johan  Casper  Premauer, 
Eberhard  Geschwind, 
Valentin  Henneberger,* 
Hans  Georg  Friederich, 
Hans  Georg  Krause, 
Andreas  Camerer, 
Peter  Mahrsteller, 
Hans  Georg  Ehemann, 
Anthony  Hempele, 
Hans  Georg  Mentzer, 
Wendel  Zwecker, 
Hans  Matthias  Pfeil, 
Johan  Jacob  Sauer, 
Georg  Friederich  Arnoldt, 
Johannes  Schlegel, 
Martin  Pfatteicher, 
Conrad  Reinhart, 
Johan  ^gidius  Hoffman, 
Johan  Stephan  Bernhardt, 
Hans  Georg  Bray, 
Hans  Mich.  Henneberger, 
Johan  Michael  Kärber, 
Johan  Frantz  Wühelm, 
Joh.  Philip  De  Bertholt, 
Johan  Peter  Bonnet, 
Valentin  Himmelberger, 
John  Peter  Ysterloh, 
Joh.  Martin  Dieffenbacher, 
Johan  Georg  Seger, 
Georg  Casper  Fernsler. 
Casper  Wendel. 

49)  Oct.  8,  1737.    Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Charming 
Polly,  of  London,  Charles  Stedman,  Master,  from  Rotterdam, 



last  from  Plymoutn. — One  hundred  and  five  men,  twenty-five 
boys,  and  one  hundred  and  seven  women  and  girls. — 237  pas- 
sengers.— ( Editor  ) 

Oct.  8,  1737.  i^fül^cr  auf  bcm  ^rf)iffe  ei)arming  ^iZx)  »on 
Confcou,  Sapitaiit  S()ar(eö  ©tetimau,  oon  Stottertiam  über  f\x}= 
moutl). — Sin  ^unbert  m\\}  fünf  ilD^änner,  fünf  unb  jwanjig  Äna^ 
ben,  unb  ein  {)untiert  unt)  fiekn  Üßeikr  unb  3]Rät»c^en. — 237  3iei= 
fenbe. — (.iperauögeber.) 

Johannes  Beitzel, 
Hans  Georg  Götz, 
Michael  Somer, 
Andreas  Ziegler, 
Jacob  Hubele, 
Gottlieb  Reisinger, 
Heinrich  Voltz, 
Jacob  Sontag, 
Jacob  Sontag  jr., 
Johannes  Krauth, 
Jacob  Schumacher, 
Christian  Geiger, 
Jacob  Baumann, 
Marin  Funck, 
Christian  Hapeger, 
Joseph  Habeger, 
Henrich  Karli,? 
Georg  Mauntz, 
Jacob  Schantz, 
Hans  Schantz, 
Hans  Gerber, 
Hans  Gerber  sen.,* 
Hans  HoU, 
Hans  Kofi"el,* 
Isaac  Holl, 
Wendel  Holl, 
Hans  Wenger, 
Christian  Kurtz,* 
Jacob  Miller,* 
Christian  Müller, 
Valentin  Jung, 
Benedict  Lehman, 
Jacob  Beiler, 

Jacob  Mast, 
Ulrich  Spiker,* 
Elias  Schreiber, 
Peter  Brucker, 
Claus  Erb, 
Claus  Erb  jr., 
Johannes  Erb, 
Adam  Pfeiler, 
Jacob  Dester,* 
Matthias  Riechart,* 
Jacob  Raisch, 
Georg  Gross, 
Johan  Martin  Becher, 
Hans  Peter  Schipp, 
Hans  Peter  Bernhart, 
Johan  Ludwig  Heger, 
Hans  Georg  Heiss, 
Johan  Heinrich  Heiss, 
Johan  Stephan  Conrad, 
Hans  Georg  Heiss, 
Hans  Peter  Küder, 
Hans  Martin  Reisinger, 
Hieronimus  Eberle, 
Hans  Jacob  Fachler, 
Johan  Philip  Bötzer, 
Hans  Jacob  Kauffmann, 
Hans  Jacob  Hobbecher,* 
Hermanus  OrendorflP,* 
Thielmanus  Weschenbach, 
Mattheis  Hoifmann, 
Christian  Lichte,* 
Peter  Eschbacher,* 
Hans  Michael  Punch,* 



Abraham  Müller, 
Johann  Jost  Kunz, 
Hans  Zimmermann,* 
Daniel  Zacharias, 
Jacob  Underkoffer, 
Michael  Zurger,* 
Christian  Hertzberger,* 
Nicolaus  Schreiber, 
Christian  Bürcki, 
Jacob  Wilhelm  Weiss, 
Johan  Jeremias  Jünghen, 
Johan  Jacob  Wetzel, 
Johan  Valentin  Haan, 
Frederick  Hoffman,* 
Johan  Georg  Ilgenfritz, 
Johan  Jacob  Bester, 
Abraham  Hann, 
Andreas  Hagenbuch, 
Hans  Georg  Kubier, 
Johan  Dietrich  Branner, 
Peter  Lohrmann, 

Lorentz  Nolff, 
Wendel  Heinrich, 
Dietrich  Uhler, 
Andreas  Weber, 
Christoph  Krauth, 
Peter  Freydinger, 
Ulrich  Strickler, 
Jacob  Schopff, 
Christopher  Ecker, 
Thomas  Schiri, 
Johannes  Bowman,* 
Georg  Ludwig  Wagner, 
Valentin  Uhler, 
Balthasar  Huber, 
Georg  Henrich  Ernsperger, 
Johan  Matthias  Albrecht, 
Georg  Titus  Cap, 
Johannes  Köhler, 
Hans  Jacob  Strickler, 
Georg  Philip  Fuhrmann, 
Georg  Michael  Düntz. 

Christian  Gross, 

Sick — Abraham  Dannahauer,  Hans  Georg  Dannahauer,  Hans 
Stephan  Conradt,  Georg  Michael  Hollinger,  Johan  Henrich 
Grimm,  Hans  Georg  Bäcker. 

Under  sixteen : — Abraham  Dannenhauer,  Paul  Schumacher, 
Georg  Schumacher,  Adam  Fachler,  Johann  Ludwig  Sontag, 
Wilhelm  Geiger,  Abraham  Kauffman,  Joseph  Karle,  Christian 
Schantz,  Hans  Lehman,  Abraham  HoU,  Jos.  Wenger,  Chris- 
tian Eschbacher,  Benedict  Lehman,  Christopher  Beiler,  Peter 
Herschberger,  Johann  Georg  Schreiber,  Philip  Schreiber,  Chris- 
tian Erb,  Friederich  Hoffman,  Hans  Georg  Ilgenfritz,  Wilhelm 
Kieger,  Georg  Martin  Cap,  Christian  Baumann,  Johann  Jacob 

50)  Oct.  31,  1737.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  William, 
John  Carter,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Dover. — 180 

Oct.  31,  1737.  180  f  fäljer  tarnen  auf  tern  Schiffe  William, 
Sapitain  3ot)n  ßarter,  üon  3iüttert»am  über  2)oöcr. 



Michael  Reuter, 
Jacob  Vechtel,* 
Wendel  Bohn, 
Johannes  Schantz, 
Caspar  Siirber, 
Peter  SchäiFer, 
Johannes  Grett,* 
Heinrich  Rode  sen., 
Henrich  Rode  jr., 
Daniel  Rode, 
Dietrich  Uhle, 
Matthias  Switzer,* 
Jacob  Hauer, 
Christian  Miller, 
Jost  Ficcus,* 
Niclaus  Mufli, 
Christian  Jagi, 
Andreas  Kessinger, 
George  Fitheim,* 
Jacob  Krom,* 
Simon  Schedel,* 
Thomas  Bauer,* 
Michael  Bauer, 
Philip  Jacob  Reuter, 
Hans  Adam  Kletle, 
Johannes  Madlung, 
Johan  Dietrich  Uhle, 
Johannes  Maurer, 
Hans  Greorg  Meister, 
Johan  Fried.  Muthhardt, 
Hans  Michael  Hauer  sen., 
Hans  Michael  Hauer  jr., 
Johan  Michael  Gesel, 

Sick — Friederich  Will, 
Matthew  Switzer. 

Johannes  Küchle, 
Hans  Peter  Hauth, 
Joh.  Theobold  Schalck, 
Johan  Nicholas  Fischer, 
Hans  Georg  Becholtt, 
Johan  Georg  Kessinger, 
Johan  Michael  Boltz, 
Johan  Carl  Haifelee,* 
Johan  Balthas  Rathgeber, 
Johan  Michael  Spiegel, 
Johan  Fried.  Heinnoldt, 
Johan  Peter  Baumgertner, 
Geo.  Hein  Valen.  Hencke, 
Conrad  Braun, 
Joseph  Keller,* 
Jacques  Creuccas, 
Mattheis  Schmidt, 
Theobald  Lange,* 
Johannes  Schwing, 
Johannes  Miller,* 
Joh.  Peter  Wilms, 
Christian  Winderbauer, 
Joh.  Gerh.  Brenner, 
John  Casper  Zunfft,* 
Hans  Jacob  Faber,* 
Hans  Adam  Faber, 
Georg  Jacob  Bentz, 
Johan  Michael  Nees, 
Johan  Conrad  Ernst, 
Heinrich  Weidtmanu, 
Johannes  Weidtmann, 
Johan  Georg  Beyer, 
Johan  Wendel  Ernst. 
Peter  Fickus.  Drowned  (ertruitfen) 

51)  July  27,  1738.     Palatines  imported  in  the  brigantine 
Catharine,  Jacob  Philips,  Master,  from  London. — 15  passengers. 

3uU  27,  1788.    15  ^Pfäljcr  auf  t)ein  ©c^ncüfa^rer  (Iat()arine, 
Sapitain  3aco&  ^^iüpö,  ooti  2ont)on. 




Hans  Boach,* 
Jacob  Zuch, 
Hans  Seiler,* 
Ulrich  Seiler  jr.,* 

Christian  Zug, 

Hans  Schneider  sen.,* 

Hans  Ludwig  Falbeystan. 

52)  Sept.  5, 1738.  Palatines,  in  all  252,  imported  in  the  ship 
Winter  Galley,  Edward  Paynter,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last 
from  Deal. 

(Sept.  5,  1738.  3m  ©anjcn  252  ^färjer  auf  bent  ©c^iffc 
SBinter  ®aüti),  dapitain  Sbiuart)  ^a^nter,  oon  Siotterbam  über 

Nicholas  Elie,* 
Christoph  Heller, 
Simon  Heller, 
Johannes  Roth, 
Henry  Weishart,* 
Andreas  Beier, 
Martin  Beier, 
Johannes  Light,* 
John  Sauvage,* 
Lorentz  Heim, 
Albrecht  Eberhart, 
Gottlieb  Eberhart, 
Wendel  Drauth, 
Johannes  Berntz, 
Ludwig  Meyer,* 
Peter  Wagner, 
Adam  Mayer, 
Johan  Jacob  Stahl, 
Johan  Peter  Müller, 
Frantz  Ludwig  Barth, 
Abraham  Körper, 
Johan  Philip  Bayer, 
Hans  Adam  Schreiner, 
Joh.  Henrich  Eschbach, 
Job.  Michael  Schreiner, 
Johan  Wendel  Laschett, 
Johan  Michael  Römer, 
Johan  Friederich  Hase, 
Johan  Martin  Mayer, 

Johan  Wilhelm  Mayer, 
Johan  Philip  Wagner, 
Johannes  Wagner, 
Sebastian  Zettlemeier,* 
Johan  Philip  Sebolt, 
Johan  Nehs, 
Rudolph  Schier, 
Johan  Miller,* 
Conrad  Shmit,* 
Phüip  Beyer,* 
Philip  Weber, 
Wilhelm  Janss, 
Henry  Teich,* 
Jacob  Bin, 
Andreas  Bin, 
Markes  Miller,* 
Friederich  Haas, 
Frantz  Seel, 
Henrich  Becker, 
Samuel  Moch, 
Friederich  Krafft, 
Melchior  Stall,* 
Henry  Feelt,* 
Adam  Stoop,* 
Henry  Klengler,* 
Georg  Joughein,* 
Simon  Deck,* 
Philip  Beyer  jr.,* 
Jacob  Hee. 



Peter  Bücher,* 
Augustus  Pönsy,* 
Jacob  Thebelt,* 
Philip  Harks,* 
Andreas  Hoock, 
Wilhelm  Best,* 
Casper  Berger,* 
Conrad  Dust,* 
Andreas  Seim,* 
Georg  Seiberth, 
Adam  Wall, 
Julius  Rübell, 
Jacob  Venig, 
Jacob  Runck, 
Christian  Jani,? 
Laz,  Palin, 
Jacob  Saddler,* 
Jacob  Bach, 
Stephan  Lang, 
Hans  Mich.  Hochländer, 
Johan  Peter  Hoffman, 
Georg  Hoffman, 
Jacob  Barthelm, 
Nicholas  Walter,* 
Hans  Geo.  Gerth,  dumb, 
Johan  Michael  Knab, 
Mattheus  Ulrich, 
Henrich  Landgraff,* 
Johannes  Jäger,* 
Johan  Michael  Busier,* 
Johan  Martin  Schreiner, 
Paulus  Kirchner,? 
Joh.  Daniel  Trölich, 
Johan  Michael  Preis, 
Johan  Christoph  Wagner, 
Daniel  Butterfass, 
Johan  Jacob  Krafft, 
Johan  Adam  Sehäffer, 
Georg  Ernst  Lintell,* 
Johan  Jacob  Hust,* 
Wilh.  Zacharias  Andich, 

Conrad  Zimmerman, 
Hans  Jacob  Tatweiler, 
Johan  Melchior  Weiss, 
Han  Nicolas  Preis, 
Christophel  Ambrüster, 
Hans  Adam  Heinder,* 
Andreas  Frederick,* 
Geo.  Martin  Lohmüller,* 
Georg  Andreas  Stupp, 
Johan  Jacob  Müller, 
Johan  Philip  Weicker, 
Hans  Philip  Köhler, 
Johan  Georg  Faass, 
Johan  Philip  Faass, 
Johan  Valentine  Stocker, 
Joh.  Balthas  Sartorius, 
Joh.  Valentin  Lemerd,? 
Daniel  Drumberg,* 
Johan  Jacob  Beyer, 
Friederich  Fahrion, 
Adam  Hoffmann, 
Charle  Gillion,* 
Claude  Charle, 
Isaac  Vial, 
Matthias  Gensle, 
Conrad  Ettinger,* 
Henry  Sturf,* 
Ludwig  Fillinger, 
Johannes  Ewert, 
Paul  Prack, 
Henrich  Bullinger, 
Johan  Georg  Hayd, 
Johannes  Bechtolt, 
Georg  Philip  DoUinger, 
Frid.  Ambrose  Tranberg, 
Johan  Michael  Mattes, 
Georg  Michael  Hyltel, 
Johannes  Cranester, 
Hans  Georg  Schmidt, 
Wilhelm  Gelsendorf, 
Johannes  Lingenfeldter. 



53)  Sept.  9, 1738.  Palatines,  in  all  349,  imported  in  the  ship 
Glasgow,  Walter  Sterling,  Master,  from  Eotterdam,  last  from 

®c|)t.  9,  1738.  349  ^fäl^er  an  ber  3af)I  mit  bent  ©dnffe 
©(aögora,  Gapitain  SSalter  (Sterling,  »on  Stotterbam  über  Sotöeö. 

Valentin  Krantz, 
Melchior  Glos, 
Ehrhard  Kless, 
Johannes  Zinn,* 
Philip  Jacobs,* 
Nicolas  Mock, 
Johannes  Hüppel, 
Adam  Albert, 
Nicolas  Kleh, 
Debalt  Guth, 
Philip  Drumm, 
Daniel  Staudt,* 
Peter  Staudt,* 
Theobald  Klee,* 
Conrad  Wolff, 
Jacob  Bernhard, 
Daniel  Corell,* 
Gottfried  Zerfass, 
Johannes  Miller,* 
Daniel  Schneider,* 
Johannes  Dreher, 
Carl  Neumann, 
Henry  Lowrence,* 
Philip  Gebhart, 
Peter  Koch,* 
Jacob  Mann,* 
Wilhelm  Daub,* 
Jacob  Grub, 
Thomas  Schneider  sen., 
Thomas  Schneider  jr., 
Johan  Adam  Schneider, 
Johan  Philip  Rihl, 
Matheis  Fenstermacher, 
Wilhelm  Fenstermacher, 
Johan  David  Diel, 
Johan  Nicklas  Fischer,* 

Johan  Nicolas  Wolff, 
Johannes  Pontius, 
Johan  Nicolas  Rausch, 
Johan  Philip  Heintz, 
Johan  Marx  Heintz, 
Johannes  Battelm, 
Johan  Henrich  Walter, 
Johan  Bernhard  Rauch, 
Johan  Jacob  Seibert, 
William  Mombaur,* 
Christopher  Kauffeld, 
Johan  Nicklas  Bower,* 
John  Peter  Bower,* 
Conrad  Rebman,* 
Jacob  Finstermacher, 
Johan  Georg  Mill,* 
Henrich  Jacob  Anspach, 
Henrich  Radebaugh,* 
Sebastian  Haupt, 
Heinrich  Bömmer, 
Peter  Jost, 
Johannes  Jost, 
Johannes  Kuntz, 
Wilhelm  Diel, 
Jost  Mitzier, 
Georg  Klein, 
Jacob  Tiel,* 
Philip  Cunius, 
KUlian  Noll,* 
Jacob  Triess, 
Steplian  Braun, 
Peter  Engeil, 
Leonhart  Georg,* 
Anthony  Erford,* 
Johannes  Boos, 
Johannes  Ber";er. 



Michael  Luteinger,* 
Michael  Müller  * 
Peter  Daub, 
Abraham  Heintz, 
Albertius  Koch, 
Michael  Maurer, 
Martin  Wall  * 
Deobalt  Weber, 
Georg  Stohler  sen.,* 
Georg  Stohler  jr.,* 
Bernhart  Stohler, 
Johan  Adam  Bömmer, 
Philip  Bartholomy, 
Johan  Adam  Steyn, 
Johan  Henrich  Koller, 
Johan  Peter  Oberkehr, 
Johan  Wuhelm  Gerhart, 
Johan  Nickel  Peck, 
Johannes  Bobenheiser,* 

Andreas  Bobenheiser, 
Johan  Adam  Hubert, 
Johannes  Guckes, 
Johan  Nickel  Emrich, 
Johan  Nickel  Michael, 
Johan  Frid.  Michael, 
Hans  Adam  Millei-,* 
Johan  Dieter  Frey, 
Hans  Adam  Shade,* 
Frantz  Carl  Huyet, 
Johan  Christ.  Neuman, 
Christopher  Bernhart,* 
Frantz  Gildner, 
Thomas  Gärniger,* 
Johan  Adam  Hartman, 
Heinrich  Bernhard,? 
Mathias  Stohler,* 
Bernhart  Dahlheimer. 

54)  Sept.  9,  1738.  f  Palatines  imported  in  the  snow  Two 
Sisters,  James  Marshall,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Cowes. — Forty-one  men,  thirty  women,  twenty-three  boys  and 
sixteen  girls — in  all  110. 

<Btpt  9,  1738.  t  ma  tent  (Seefd)iffe  Zm  Sifter«,  6omman= 
bant  ^anxia  9Jiarft)att,  »on  Siotterbam  ükr  ßoroeö. — Sin  unto 
»terjtg  9)länner,  trei^ig  SBeiber,  bret  unt>  Jtuanjig  ^nakn  unt> 
fec^3e()n  9)Zät)c§en — im  ®anjen  110. 

Johannes  Dadinger,  Hans  Wendel  Hoff,? 

Johan  Wildermuth,  Christophel  Schneider, 

Melchior  Schedle,  Hans  Georg  Wagner, 

Dietrich  Benedict,  Hans  Adam  Heylman, 

f  This  year,  1738,  Rev.  A.  G.  Spanp;enberger,  a  Moravian,  arrived 
from  Georgia  in  Pennsylvania.  Through  him  the  Moravians  were  made 
attentive  to  the  conversion  of  the  Indians,  having  received  some  ac- 
counts of  them  through  Conrad  Weiser. 

t  3tt  btcfcm  3at)rc,  1738,  fam  ^aftor  21.  ®.  ©pangenberger,  ctn  $crrn= 
buter,  »on  ®eorgta  nad^  5^« nnf^l'^^^ni^»-  X'urc^  tljn  würben  bie  |)crrnt)uter 
eetuogen,  ber  Sefeljrung  ber  Snbtaner  met)r  Slufmerffamfett  ju  fd^enfen, 
ba  t(im  ^ontab  SBeifet  oon  t^nen  erjä()lt  ^aitt. 



Wolfgang  Braun, 
Johannes  Solder, 
Jacob  Häuser, 
Philip  Friederich, 
Andreas  Frey,* 
Leonhart  Notz, 
Henrich  Funck, 
Johannes  Johe, 
Christian  Everhart,* 
Philip  Smit,* 
Simon  Creysmeyer,* 
Matthias  Keyger,* 
Balthas  Bahret, 
Johannes  Merckel, 
Hans  Mich.  Reiss, 

Hans  Georg  Greiser,* 
Hans  Martin  Halter, 
Johan  Gotlieb  Breuninger, 
Hans  Martin  Breuninger, 
Hans  Michael  Easterly,* 
Michael  Friederich  Zeyler, 
Hans  Georg  Brendel, 
Hans  Georg  Brücker, 
Johan  Philip  Brendel, 
Johan  Henry  Ptydenstock,* 
Johan  Wilhelm  Wentzel, 
Hans  Georg  Coon,* 
Johan  Wolfgang  Ünger, 
Johan  Bernhart  Reber, 

Johan  Henrich  Meyer, 
Under  sixteen : — Johann  Wilhelm  Simon,  Melchior  Ruch, 
Friederich  Schupp,  Ludwig  Holtzhefer,  Hans  Peterly,  Christian 
Schenck,  Jacob  Dür,  Hans  Peter  Ziegler,  Johan  Henrich 
Brendel,  Hans  Lenhart,  Hans  Geiger,  Hans  Michael  Kuhn, 
Andreas  Huber,  Christian  Schwartz,  Hans  Jacob  Hoifer,  Frantz 
Joseph  Eileshauer,  Hans  Horst,  Georg  Friederich,  Jacob  Frey, 
Hans  Grube,  Peter  Grube. 

55)  Sept.  11,  1738.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Robert 
and  Oliver,  of  Dublin,  Walter  Goodman,  Commander,  from  Rot- 
terdam, last  from  Dover. — 320  passengers. 

®ept.  11,  1738.  S)aö  ®d)iff  fRoUxt  unt  £)lmv  üon  ^DuBIin, 
6ommant>ant  SÖalter  ©ootunan,  »on  ^totterfcam  über  2)ooer, 
6rad)te  320  ^fäljcr. 

Melchior  Kolp, 
Peter  Kolp,* 
Johannes  Förch, 
Peter  Seubert, 
Johannes  Röhrer, 
Melchior  Yand,* 
Ludwig  Boos,* 
Jacob  Bricker,* 
David  Nagle,* 
Gerhart  Henry,* 
Nicolas  Miller, 

Caspar  Scheck, 
Lorentz  Biesang,? 
Paulus  Ballett, 
Peter  Heydrich, 
Peter  Kister, 
Alex.  SchefFer,* 
Reinhart  Alspach, 
Jacob  Frantz, 
Matheis  Aisbach, 
Paulus  Bufle,* 
Philip  Herzog, 



Gottfried  Betzele, 
Daniel  Klingenschmidt, 
Christopher  Heydrich, 
Michael  Clementz, 
Johan  Peter  Phiel,* 
Johan  Paulus  Kutz, 
Johannes  Trautmann,* 
Georg  Michael  Buch, 
Johan  Adam  Schnell,* 
Johan  Gottfried  Röhrer, 
Georg  Michael  Kolb, 
Johannes  Huntzinger, 
Hans  Mich.  Torenberger, 
Valentin  Schultz, 
Frantz  Klingenschmidt, 
Johan  Georg  Friederich, 
Casper  Weisgerber,  § 
Johan  Jacob  Klunt,* 
Hans  Caspar  Dortst, 
Hans  Adam  Gesler,* 
Hans  Jacob  Reyman,* 
Hans  Michael  Reyman,* 
Adam  Daniel,* 
Peter  Heyel, 
Johannes  Brown,* 
Tobias  Steuer, 
Theobalt  Schaffer, 
Theobalt  Schaffer  jr., 
Andreas  Meyer,* 
Paulus  Mosser,* 
Johannes  Bricker,* 
Michael  MüUer,* 
Jacob  Dommer,* 
Johan  Shneyder,* 
Andreas  Bader, 
Hans  Martin, 
Joseph  Kensel,* 
Philip  Tofort  sen., 
PhUip  Tofort  jr., 
Henrich  Shengle,* 

Conrad  Hayt,* 
Peter  Hayt,* 
Christian  Grub, 
Theobald  Fick, 
Anthony  Biehler, 
Ulrich  Bullher,* 
Peter  Ruby,* 
Jacob  Beck, 
Peter  Reitenauer, 
Georg  Gottfried, 
Adam  Dick, 

Job.  Christoph  Welterich, 
Johan  Nicolaus  Schneyder, 
Johan  Frid.  Schneyder, 
Joseph  Kentzeljr., 
Johan  Philip  Weiss, 
Johan  Jacob  Gugerle, 
Jacob  KoppenheflFer,* 
Leonhart  Nachbar,* 
Johan  Nicolas  Wolff, 
Henrich  Thomme, 
Job.  Jacob  Schumacher, 
Johannes  Schumacher, 
Johan  Nicklas  Holl,* 
Abraham  Holl, 
Balthaser  Reydenauer, 
Hans  Georg  Roth, 
Johan  Philip  Fehl, 
Johannes  Eskusen,* 
Peter  Eskusen,*  (^Escoque,') 
Michael  Shumaker,* 
Stephan  Durabercher,* 
Johannes  Schleyfard,* 
Johan  Peter  Karch, 
Johan  Adam  Graner,? 
Hans  Martin  Startzman, 
Hans  Hen.  Reitenauer, 
Christian  Stetler, 
Johan  Nicolas  Nagle,* 
Christian  Cassell.* 



56)  Sept.  16,  1738.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Queen 
EUzabeth,  Alexander  Hope,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Deal,  England.— In  all  300. 

®cpt.  16,  1738.  300  ^falser  mit  tern  ©(^iffe  Queen  SUfa^ 
ktt),  Sapitain  Sllevanbcr  ^ope,  toon  Stotterbam  über  2)eal  in 

Wilhelm  Brant, 
Andreas  Felsinger,* 
Andreas  Lerch,* 
Peter  Lereh, 
Johann  Lerch, 
Christian  Laubach, 
Eeinhart  Laubach, 
Johan  Ludwig  Seipel, 
Johan  Otto  Yserloch, 
Johan  Georg  Bergman, 
Johan  Bernhard  Roth, 
Hans  Otto  Schlächer, 
Georg  Casper  Schlächer, 
Johan  Jost  Schlächer, 
Johannes  Schimmel, 
Johannes  Kunckel,* 
Caspar  Lorch, 
Christoph  Streter, 
Nicolas  Fege,? 
Johannes  Hetrich, 
Henrich  Koch, 
Johannes  Schmidt, 
Georg  Loroy, 
Nicolas  Winholdt,* 
Johan  Schneider, 
Paul  Geissel, 
Ernst  Scharp, 
Georg  Schai-p,* 
Ludwig  Thomas,* 
Johannes  Strohl, 
Johannes  Bager, 
Johannes  Starr,* 
Georg  Dörr, 
Martin  Weitzel,* 
Christoph  Ried,* 

Johannes  Stein, 
Henrich  Zeller, 
Johannes  Lörch, 
Johannes  Schäffer, 
Johannes  Moser, 
Nicholas  Hyches,* 
Bernhart  Lintze,* 
Georg  Scharp,* 
Isaac  Scharp, 
Theobald  Schmidt, 
Conrad  Ilergle, 
Casper  Leap  sen., 
Casper  Leap  jr., 
Johannes  Alt, 
Carl  Nagel, 
Henrich  Wilhelm, 
Johannes  Homan, 
Conrad  Miller, 
Philippus  Medh, 
Casper  Scheffer,* 
Conrad  Gobe, 
Jacob  Ewald,* 
Johan  Georg  Schlächer, 
Johan  Henrich  Seitz, 
Johan  Henrich  Silvius, 
Johan  Siegmund  Henle, 
Johan  Adam  Shisler, 
Johan  Peter  Specht, 
Johan  Henrich  Weber, 
Johan  Henrich  Koch, 
Johan  Gabriel  Vogell, 
Johan  Henrich  Schmidt, 
Johan  Peter  Schmidt, 
Johan  Carl  Reichart,* 
Johannes  Reiffschneider, 



Joh.  Con.  Reiffschneider, 
John  Michael  Leroy,* 
Johan  Marx  Seypell, 
Johan  Ulerieh  Sibel,* 
Johan  Georg  EUinger, 
Johan  Henrich  Weiss, 
Johan  Werner  Wetzel, 
Daniel  Eiglebonner,* 
Johan  Conrad  Stichel, 
Heinrich  Schleucher, 
Christian  Morietz, 
Johan  Henry  Hyches, 
Johan  Henrich  Nichter, 
Johan  Martin  Schwedener, 
Johan  Georg  Kunkel,* 

Heinrich  Weitzel, 
Ernestus  Schlegel, 
Johan  Henrich  Grist, 
Johan  Henry  Gabel,* 
Johan  Casper  Schreiber,* 
John  Jost  Sulsbach, 
Christian  Nudhart,* 
Conrad  Lieppert, 
Johannes  Gunckel, 
Wilhelm  Lieppert, 
Casp.  David  Dumernicht, 
Johan  Gottwals, 
Johannes  Rister, 
Nicolaus  Schrack, 
Nicolaus  Ziegler.* 

57)  Sept.  19,  1738.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  The 
Thistle,  John  Wilson,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Plymouth,  England. — 300  passengers. 

(Sept.  19,  1788.  300  ^fäljer  auf  tern  (Schiffe  Zl)e  l:()iftle, 
3o^n  2ßiIfon,  33efe^(ö^aber,  »on  9tottert>am  über  5)i9mout^,  (£uc;I. 

Daniel  Draichler, 
Wühelm  Bischoff, 
Isaac  Ommell, 
Valentin  Heiss,* 
Jacob  Kener,* 
Abraham  Stetler, 
Jacob  Sligh,* 
Thomas  Reigh,* 
Johannes  Gers,* 
Daniel  Schneider, 
Lorentz  Gutt, 
Andreas  Neumann, 
Henrich  Becholdt,* 
Johann  Keller, 
Jacob  Carle, 
Christian  Lutz,* 
Caspar  Lutz, 
Jacob  Cloder, 
Johannes  Hedrigh,* 

Johannes  Cron, 
Jacob  Meyer, 
Elias  Zöller, 
Michael  Thiel,* 
Michael  Friess, 
Johannes  Friess,* 
Martin  Grimm, 
Johannes  Krimm, 
Jost  Freueller, 
Johannes  Con,* 
Bernhart  Smith,* 
Melchior  Smith,* 
Conrad  Riihmle, 
Christian  Lotter, 
Paul  Shiffer  sen., 
Bernhart  Shiffer, 
Paulus  Shiffer  jr., 
Philip  Kuhn,* 
Valentin  Wildt, 




Jacob  Bender, 
Christian  Brechbiill, 
Johannes  Schligter, 
Christian  Stettler, 
Peter  Habacker,* 
Henrich  Brightbill,* 
Georg  EUas  Amendt,? 
Peter  Fonderburgh,* 
Valentin  Fonderburgh,* 
Johan  Adam  Schneider, 
Joseph  Keller,* 
Johan  Georg  Lotz, 
Johannes  Weinmüller, 
Jost  Birckenstock, 
Georg  Michael  Grötz,* 
Johan  Leonhart  Müller, 
Hans  Georg  Mayer, 
Joh.  Jacob  Schuhmann, 
Conrad  Weymiller, 
Andreas  Mendung,? 
Johan  Simon  Friess, 
Caspar  Kühner, 
Hans  Martin  Biller,* 
Hans  Jacob  Pfarr,* 
Hans  Adam  Leidy,* 
Michael  UnderkoiFer, 
Martin  Mansperger, 
Johan  Herman  Schäffer, 

Joh.  Hen.  Riemenschneider, 

Henry  Bartholom.  Shaffer, 

John  Rudolph  Auchenbach,* 

Michael  Hubach, 

Andreas  Hannewalt, 

Johan  Ludwig  Müller, 

Johan  Conrad  Ziegler, 

Johan  Peter  Schneider, 

Nicolaus  Freitag, 

Elias  Nicolas  Bender, 

Jacob  Nicolas  Bender,* 

Johan  Philip  Schmeltzer, 

Dietrich  Six,* 

Johan  Frank, 

Georg  Günther, 

Peter  Günther, 

Wendel  Lentz, 

Johannes  Wiest, 

Hans  Meyer, 

Ulrich  Segen,? 

Johann  Rudolph, 

Jacob  Kalladay,* 

Georg  Mattheis  Weiler, 

Jacob  Hubach, 

Michael  Ströbel, 

Hans  Schmauss,? 

Joh.  Mich.  Geisselmann. 

58)  Sept.  20,  1738.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Nancy 
and  Friendship,  William  Wallace,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam, 
last  from  Dover. — Eighty-seven  males  above  sixteen,  and  one 
hundred  women  and  children — in  all  187. 

(Sept.  20,  1738.   ^^fäljer  auf  bent  Schiffe  ?tancj)  unb  f^rtenb^ 
f()ip,  33efef)(k?()al?er  2Bm.  SSallace,  öon  Stotterbam  über  !Dooer. — 
©ieben  unt»  ac^tjig  9}tänner  über  fec^je^n  3a^re,  unb  ein  ^unbert 
SÖeiber  unb  Mnitv — im  ©anjen  187. 
Johan  Bübinger,  Michael  Karcher, 

Jacob  Rost,*  Johannes  Kulm, 

Stephan  Glaser,  Lorentz  Debong,* 



Johannes  Negele, 

Adam  Krebs,* 

Philip  Stover, 

Heinrich  Seibel, 

Adam  Pence,* 

Jacob  Wallrecht, 

Jacob  Vollmer, 

Jacob  Fulmer,* 

Tobias  Dittis, 

Jacob  Zorn, 

Michael  Hubrich, 

Jean  Granget, 

Casper  Messner,* 

Leopold  Jost, 

Georg  Müller, 

Paulus  Hirne,* 

Jacob  Hime,* 

Jacob  Stander, 

Jean  Jurdan, 

Jacob  Durie,* 

Nicolas  Strauss, 

Jean  Gausfres, 

Johan  Wendel  Braun, 

Valentin  Schaller, 

Hans  Georg  Becher, 

Theobald  Klinger, 

Johannes  Hannecker, 

Abraham  Ecker, 

Johannes  Schreiber, 

Hans  Peter  Rausenberger,* 

Christian  Meyer,* 

Theobald  Sterner,* 

Hans  Georg  Buch, 

Johannes  Schwartzwelder, 

Johannes  Schaller, 

Hans  Jacob  Huber, 

Michael  Messner,* 

Bartholomäus  Bach, 

Hans  Adam  Bach, 

Hans  Georg  Hartman,* 

Johannes  Schwanner, 

Hans  Georg  Mahler,* 

Johannes  Stinglie,* 
Friederich  Pfänder, 
Bernhart  Matz, 
Hans  Michael  Brauch, 
Valentin  Pence,* 
Christopher  Weiss, 
Valentin  Reintzel, 
Abraham  Wendel, 
Adam  Ritter, 
Peter  Laucks,* 
Philip  Sowber,* 
Jacob  Schup,* 
Georg  Kern,* 
Bernard  Ege,* 
Jacob  Ege, 
Friederich  Karle, 
Sebastian  Neas,* 
Henrich  Hermes, 
Vite  Bechtoldt, 
Jacob  Wagner, 
Lorentz  Hautz,* 
Marx  Schmidt, 
Friederich  Heyly,* 
Martin  Speck, 
Christian  Jung, 
Johannes  Freyling,* 
Georg  Michael  Boret,* 
Joh.  Georg  Kaufiman, 
Eberhard  DroUinger, 
Joh.  Ad.  Schwartzwälder, 
Christoph  Wendel  Jacoby, 
Johan  Michel  Ege, 
Adam  DroUinger, 
Georg  Daniel  Henner,* 
Johannes  Längle, 
Johannes  Gensemer, 
Johannes  Friederich,* 
Joh.  Martin  Karcher, 
Dan.  Friederich  Reinetz,? 
Hans  Georg  Bauch,* 
Hans  Georg  König. 



59)  Sept.  20,  1738.    Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Nancy, 
Henry  Beach,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Dover. — 

150  passengers. 

<Bept.  20,  1738.   150  ^fäfjer  auf  bent  (Sd)iffe  ^anc^,  Sefe^= 
ligenter  ^enr^  Seac^,  »on  Stotterbam  über  Dooer. 

Johannes  Brientz, 
Johannes  Baltzer, 
Jacob  Lassall,* 
Michael  Jacob, 
Henry  Meyer,* 
Michael  Scholl  sen., 
Michael  Scholl  jr.,* 
Christoph  Meyer, 
Henrich  Kemper, 
Jacob  Meyer, 
Johann  Meyer,* 
Nicolas  Onas,* 
Joseph  Meyer,* 
Matheus  Leazer,* 
Johannes  Rollen,* 
Jacob  Reese,* 
Philip  Haimes, 
Philip  Trap,* 
Peter  Meesmer,* 
Jacob  Klatz, 
Casper  Mantz, 
Johan  Peter  Lautermann, 
Caspar  Hoffmann, 
Christian  Bergman, 

Johannes  Betschler, 
Antonius  Engelbret, 
Johannes  Ehrholt, 
Ernst  Hausknecht, 
Nicholas  Robertus,* 
Ulrich  Sheydecker,* 
Georg  Michael  Roth, 
Johannes  Memminger,* 
Frantz  Ackermann, 
Hans  Michael  Meyer,* 
Martin  Peter  j\Ieyer,* 
Martin  Springenklee, 
Wilhehn  Karst, 
Joh.  Philip  Bensch, 
Joh.  Dieterich  Hesselbeck,* 
Jacob  Pavelieats,* 
Johannes  Kastinitz,* 
Jacob  ffisterlin, 
Jacob  Barth, 
Johannes  Bosch, 
Johannes  Hass, 
Melchior  Bellman,* 
Michael  Kemperle. 

60)  Oct.  12, 1738.  Palatines  imported  in  the  snow  Fox,  Chas. 
Ware,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Plymouth. — 95 

Dct.  12,  1788.  95  ^fäljcr  auf  tm  «Seefc^iffe  ^ox,  SBefeljUgen^ 
t»er  lljaxUi  2öarc,  »on  Sftotterbam  über  ^^Ipnioutl). 
Michael  Grün,  Martin  Rein,* 

Jacob  Balmer,  Peter  Hesterman,* 

Adam  Heisser,  Bastian  Feite, 

Adam  Ullrich,  Michael  Krieger,* 

Philip  Hess,  Jacob  Stieger, 



Adam  Ulmer,* 
Thomas  Keusch,? 
Johannes  Asper,* 
Michael  Potz,* 
Martin  Cludy,* 
Hans  Diebalt  Drog, 
Georg  Michael  Balmer, 
Joachim  Stober, 
Hans  Martin  Rein, 
Hans  Georg  Wüst, 
Hans  Georg  Pauth, 

Hans  Georg  Zimerly, 
Johannes  Goldenberger,* 
Hans  Georg  Frey,* 
Jacob  HoflPman,''' 
Christian  Hohlmann, 
Philip  Jacob  Bub, 
Christopher  Bub, 
Christian  Kauff, 
Ulrich  Hübster,* 
Hans  Georg  Fetter. 

61)  Oct.  25,  1738.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  D&\^, 
Wm.  Patton,  Commander,  from  Amsterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 
180  passengers. 

Dct.  25,  1738.  180  ^fäljer  auf  bem  (Schiffe  I)ao9,  eomman- 
tant  2Öi(liam  fatten,  »on  ^Imflcrbam  ükr  ^oireä. 

Nicolas  Hoffener, 
Andreas  Born,* 
Valentin  Alt, 
Valentin  Nicklaus,* 
Christian  Schmidt, 
Conrad  Waldman,* 
Simon  Lampert, 
Ulrich  Reichart,* 
Georg  Stoltz, 
Han  Adam  Jök,* 
Baltzer  Lamport, 
Hans  Timmer,* 
Michael  Lange,* 
Jacob  Hoffman,* 
Gottfried  Braun, 
Johan  Stephen  Rausch,* 
Johan  Jacob  Kintzer, 
Johan  Nicolas  Theiss, 
Joh.  Wendel  Seibert, 
Johan  Friederick  Bartz, 

Johan  Adam  Schreyack,* 
Johannes  Halftzmer,  ? 
Johan  Mattheis  Scherer, 
Johan  Casper  Stein,* 
Johan  Philip  Wickert, 
Johan  Henry  Fleck,* 
Johan  Henrich  Scherer, 
Johan  Friederich  Stembel, 
Johan  Valentin  Fliegel,* 
Johan  Georg  Bickes, 
Georg  Lutz,* 
Jacob  Schräm,* 
Joh.  Geo.  Krebs, 
Joh.  Bert.  Sender,? 
Georg  Schräm,* 
Hans  Michael  Tillshöffer,* 
Hans  Jacob  Schmuck,* 
Johan  Andreas  Kauffman, 
Johan  Nicolas  Kienser,* 
Johan  Jacob  Herbert. 

62)  Oct.  27,  1738.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Saint 
Andrew,  John  Stedman,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Cowes. — 300  passengers. 




Oct  27,  1738.   2tuf  t>em  ®(^iffc  ©t.  Sintren),  Sa^itain  3o^n 
©tetntan,  »on  Slotterbam  über  Soroeö,  300  ^^fäljer. 

Peter  Light,* 
Jost  Shumaclier, 
Hannes  Hoffer, 
Stephan  Ackerman, 
Conrad  Nagel, 
Andreas  Sin, 
Reinhart  Bene,* 
Martin  DelUnger, 
Christoph  Berger, 
Martin  Schwartz, 
WUhelm  Risser, 
Christian  Heinrich, 
Hans  Wisler, 
Peter  Rohm, 
Michael  Messer, 
Johannes  Hertt, 
Henrich  Sauer, 
Christopher  Leiss, 
Jacob  Ottiner, 
Andreas  Wacker,* 
Michael  Syder,* 
Johannes  Ambrecht,* 
Vite  Ambrecht,* 
Johannes  Utzman, 
Johannes  Greber, 
Jacob  Beyer, 
Jacob  Stem, 
Henrich  Hoffman, 
Christian  Meyer,* 
Mattheus  Hirt, 
Lorentz  Kriger, 
Johannes  Althauss, 
Johan  Georg  Kiehl, 
Johann  Henrich  Ertz, 
Frantz  Herman  Diel, 
Manus  Sassemanhaus, 
Johan  Jacob  Kehler, 
Johan  Georg  Grauell, 

Johan  Conrad  Bittenbender, 
Johan  Peter  Spiess, 
Joh.  Christopher  Kintzel, 
Hans  Jacob  Künerein,  ? 
Georg  Conrad  Schreier, 
Friederich  Buckenmeyer, 
Joh.  Thomas  Eberhart, 
Hans  Georg  Behringer, 
Johan  Henrich  Wald, 
Johan  Nicolas  Stähler, 
Hans  Jacob  Shertzer, 
Joh.  Arnold  Shroder, 
Michael  Hütenbrandt, 
Philip  Martin  Fusel, 
Georg  Bernhart  Lauman, 
Hans  Jacob  Kattermann, 
Hans  Michael  Schyver, 
Adam  Hambrecht, 
Michael  Scheissle, 
Hans  Casper  Hindertruther, 
Hans  Jacob  Esler, 
Hans  Jacob  Brauss, 
John  Peter  Voyzin, 
Georg  Nicolas  Mayer, 
Johannes  Althauss, 
Johan  Christ.  Altoch, 
Bastian  Bremer, 
Berdolf  Meyer, 
Johannes  Bosfeld,* 
Johannes  Hoffman, 
Johannes  Mercher, 
Johan  K.  Röser, 
Daniel  Ribighaus, 
Johan  Georg  Althaus, 
Conrad  Hambrecht, 
Hans  Martin  Waltz, 
Johan  Georg  Weber, 
Jost  William  Rlücher.* 


AND  OTHER  IMMIGRANTS — 1738.  127 

Sickf — Johannes  Krieve,  Casper  Hukabach,  Vict.  Walter, 
Christ  Wagner,  Lewis  Vansant,  Simon  Derrick,  Jacob  Walter, 
Johan  Schenkel,  Anthon  Kiater,  Samuel  Beem,  Peter  Yosey, 
Christian  Sauder,  (leorg  Grevener,  Christian  Trewett,  Henrich 
Bahn,  Elias  Bald,  Hans  Ulrich  Katerman,  Hans  Michael  Shef- 
fer,  Christian  Stein  Claither,  Thomas  Everhard,  Hans  Philip 
Smith,  Martin  Adam  Brows,  Ulrich  Tow,  Hans  Georg  Webber, 
Johan  Neveling,  Georg  Bibighaus,  Andreas  Genberger,  Jacob 
Welsh,  Johan  Heinrich  Hoflman,  Johan  Jacob  Wagner. 

63)  Oct.  28, 1738.  Palatines  imported  in  the  bilander  Thistle, 
George  Houston,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 
Forty-two  men,  thirty-six  boys,  sixty-four  women  and  girls — 
in  all  142. 

Dct.  28,  1738.    ffdiitx  auf  bem  ?afifd){ffe  Zlji^k,  Somman- 
tant  ®eorg  ^oufton,  'oon  Stotterbam  über  Someö. — ßwd  unb 
»ier^ig  5!J?änner,  fed)ö  unt>  bretf  ig  Änafcen,  unb  öier  unb  fed)3ig 
Sßeikr  unb  SWäbc^en — im  ©anjen  142. 
Jacob  Lantz,  Abraham  Huntzicker, 

Michael  Lantz,  Peter  Huntzicker, 

Johannes  Gyser,*  Johannes  Kleingenny,* 

Peter  Gyser,*  Hans  Martin  Hertz, 

Conrad  Mehriam,?  Hans  Nicolas  Ensminger, 

Peter  Coger,*  Samuel  Eberhart  Kopp, 

Marcus  Reminger,*  Gottfried  Harlacher,* 

Casper  Maspeck,*  Hans  Peter  Lantz,* 

Friedrich  Müller,  Hans  Georg  Dietz,* 

f  Lloyd  Zachary  and  Th.  Bond,  physicians,  stated  in  a  certificate, 
under  date  of  October. 27,  1738:  "We  have  carefully  examined  the 
state  of  health  of  the  marines  and  passengers  on  board  of  the  ship 
St.  Andrew,  Captain  Stedman,  from  Rotterdam,  and  found  a  great 
number  laboring  under  a  malignant,  eruptive  fever,  and  are  of  the 
opinion,  they  cannot,  for  some  time,  be  landed  in  town  without  the 
danger  of  infecting  the  inhabitants." — (Editor.) 

+  T)ii  Slerjte  Slo^b  3'i'^'"9  w"*^  2:f).  23onb  erflaren  tn  einem  Serttftcat 
»om  27.  Dctbr.  1738:  „2Btr  ^nben  ben  ®efunb|)ett£juftanb  ber  SRetfenben 
unb  ©ecleute  beg  (S(4iffeö  ®t.  Stnbre»,  Sapitatn  (Ätcbman,  »on  3iotter= 
bam,  genau  unterfuctjt,  unb  gefunbcn,  ba§  eine  grof  e  Slnjabl  an  einem  bijg= 
artigen,  mit  2tuö[c^lag  »erbunbenen  %itbtt  leibet,  unb  [inb  ber  2lnfic|t,  ba§ 
(ie  öorbcrt)anb  nt(|t  an'g  2anb  fönnen,  o^ne  bie  23e»o^ner  anju^ecfen."— 


Johann  Jacob  Dietz,  Friderich  Sculpes,* 

Has  Bern  Stiganer,*  Greorg  Miller,* 

Hans  Adam  Fehler,  Johann  Georg  Grob, 

Job.  Wilhelm  Bossler,  Hans  Jacob  Sefiis,* 

Nicolas  Liser,  John  Georg  Lilie,* 

Christian  Freiich,*  Johann  Georg  Delpp, 

Ludwig  IMeier,  Ludwig  Joseph  Biehel, 

Henrich  Jung,?  Johan  Peter  Stegel, 

Christian  Gysier,  Hans  Georg  Lintz, 

Daniel  Müller,  Johan  Georg  Hess, 

3Iichael  Burn,*  Uhlerich  Dietz, 

Friederich  Brotsman,  Michael  Dietz. 

Under  sixteen : — Peter  Dietz,  Michael  Stockhalter,  Daniel 
Mischlcr,  Wilhelm  Stockhalter,  Ludwig  Ensminger,  Philip 
Christian  Kopp,  Hans  Nicolaus  Lantz,  Johann  Lantz,  Michael 
Kocher,  Ulrich  Karle  Klein,  Johann  Christian  Keyser,  Andreas 
Heinrich  Klein,  Andreas  Seifuss,  Hans  Christopher  Seifuss, 
Henrich  Seifus,  Friederich  Jacob  Jung,  Ulrich  Jacob  Jung, 
Christopher  Henrich  Jung,  Johannes  Jung,  Daniel  Rehsauer, 
Hans  Adam  Braun,  Jacob  Henrich  Brotzmann,  Ludwig  Kopp, 
Caspar  Stückle,  Daniel  Skulpius,  Hans  Peter  Lentz,  Paul  Her- 
bold, Hans  Adam  Herbold,  Jacob  Herbold. 

ß®""  After  this  date,  no  names  of  persons  under  sixteen  years 
old  appear  in  the  Captains'  List. 

Jl@"  '^Ci.6)  tiefem  2)atum  geben  bic  Sapitainöliften  tie  Xiamen 
Mner  unter  [ed)3el)n  3a^ren  alter  5)erfonen  an. 

64)  Oct.  30,  1738.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Eliza- 
beth, George  Hodgson,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Cowes. — 95  passengers. 

Oct.  30,  1738.    95  ^fäl3er  auf  bem  ©c^iffc  (Slifabet^,  Som- 
manbant  ©eorg  ^obgfon,  üon  Stotterbam  über  Soweö, 
Ludwig  Nicola,  Conrad  Renner,* 

Johannes  Mühr,  Lorentz  Raus,* 

Daniel  Heenig,  Philip  Besa,* 

Christoph  Egen,  Friederich  Kehler, 

Johannes  Meisters,  Mathias  Poriger,* 

Conrad  Neidigh,*  Jacob  Frantz,* 

Nicolas  Hodely,*  Jacob  Gem, 

Johannes  Carl,  John  Yeites,* 



Matheis  Christ,* 
Christian  Lesch,* 
Mattheus  Döbler, 
Elias  Beringer,* 
Ludwig  Pfantzler, 
Jacob  Schiltknecht, 
Johan  Georg  Arnold, 
Philip  Jacob  Lendenberger, 
Conrad  Wanneniacher, 
John  Jacob  Kesler, 
Matthias  Bartholome,* 
Hans  Ulerich  Fritz,* 
Hans  Georg  Petery,* 

Georg  Ernst  Meyer, 
John  Ludwig  Potts, 
Hans  Conrad  Vogelman,* 
Hans  Jacob  Bener,* 
Andreas  Rothenheffer, 
John  Adam  Kintzel, 
Hann  Georg  Windlinger, 
Hans  Michael  Deinie, 
Martin  Degenbeck,* 
Ulrich  Raudenbusch, 
Christoph.  Theophil.  Creutz, 
Georar  Adam  Yegold.* 

65)  Nov.  9,  1738.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Charming 
Nancy,  Charles  Stedman,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Cowes. — 200  passengers. 

9^0».  9,  1738.  200  ^fäljer  auf  bent  Schiffe  ß^arming  9tanc9, 
33efe^tö^akr  (St)arleg  ©tetintait,  oon  ^iotterbam  ixbtx  Soweö. 

Jacob  Dieterich,* 
Markus  Tholhaver,* 
Jeremias  Zämer,* 
Abraham  Berlin,* 
Hans  Etimers,* 
Samuel  Schust,* 
Peter  Kreitzer,* 
Andreas  Kreitzer,* 
Christoph  Abel,* 
Andreas  Beyerle, 
Michael  Klein,* 
Georg  Hatz,* 
Christoph  Trenkel,* 
Stephen  Trenkel,* 
Jacob  Corrt,* 
Conrad  Fleck, 
Christian  Miller,* 
Hans  Bollman,* 
Hans  Fletiger,* 
Nicklas  Klagh,* 
Ludwig  Klotz, 

Henrich  Meiss, 
Hans  Siegman,* 
John  Siegman,* 
Ferdinand  Dörtzbach, 
Christian  Miller,* 
Henrich  Kistner, 
Martin  Utz,* 
Peter  Butz, 
Jac.  Wannemacher, 
Hans  Geo.  Strobel, 
Hans  Christian  Gerber, 
Hans  Michael  Rein,* 
Han  Georg  Reisser,* 
Hans  Adam  Didel,* 
Hans  Philip  Mauerer,* 
Hans  Jacob  Kuntz,* 
Hans  Jacob  Kuntz  jr.,* 
Georg  Michael  Kerber,* 
Hans  Jacob  Berlin,* 
Georg  Frederich  Berlin,'* 
Johan  Jacob  Müller, 



Joseph  David  Trissler, 
Peter  Baldesberger,* 
Johan  Adam  Zeliman,* 
Abraham  Hauswirth, 
Jacob  Hochstetter,* 
Abraham  Kunzig,* 
Christoph  Siegman,* 
Georg  David  Boos,* 
Hans  Georg  Holtz,* 
Johan  Michael  Maurer, 

Hans  Georg  Siegman, 
Bernhart  Siegman,* 
John  Peter  Waltz,* 
Johan  Baltas  Kneerster, 
Johan  Henry  Kepele,* 
Hans  Georg  Schenck, 
Joh.  Stephan  Guthman, 
Hans  Jacob  Shank,* 
Hans  Henry  Pohl,* 
Hans  Jacob  Müller. 

66)  Dec.  6, 1738.  Palatines  imported  in  the  snow  Enterprize 
Lynell  Wood,  Master,  from  London. — 120  passengers. 

X)ec.  6,  1738.  120  g)fäl3er  mit  t)em  ©ecfi^iffe  (gnterjjrtae,  ga= 
^)itain  S^neü  Sooob,  öon  Sonbon. 

Vincent  Pieler,* 
Jacob  Hertzel,* 
Conrad  Hertzel,* 
Jacob  Hertzel  jr., 
Jacob  Saxer,* 
Thomas  Lang, 
Georg  Nodhardt, 
Hans  Jac.  Vander  Weyt, 
Johannes  Richter, 
John  Georg  Weber,* 
Jacob  Rothweiler, 
Jacob  Mansinger,* 
David  Mansinger,* 
Melchior  Mantzinge, 
Fritz  Böcker, 

Johannes  Becker,* 
Hans  Ruth,* 
Henry  Berger,* 
Martin  Greider,* 
Casper  Horner,* 
Jacob  Horner,* 
Caspar  Keller,* 
Felix  Hausecker,* 
Jacob  Kestenholtz, 
Hans  Rudi  Bürgi, 
Martin  Tschudi, 
Rudolph  Meyerhoffen,* 
Hans  Jacob  Fröli, 
Hans  Michael  Müller, 
Matheis  Baumgärtner. 

Sick — Friederich  Erter  and  Jacob  Hertzell. 

67)  Jan.  10,  1739.    Palatines  imported  in  the  bilander  Lon- 
don, Joshua  Pipon,  Commander,  from  London. — 60  passengers. 

3an.  10,  1739.    60  ^fäl^er  mit  bem  Saftfi^tffe  2ont)on,  33c= 
fe()Ie!t)aOer  3üf()ua  ^ipon,  »on  Sont>on. 
Felix  Lang,  Henry  Ortley,* 

John  Long,*  Jacob  Bantz,* 

Henry  Long,*  Caspar  Widter, 



Marcus  Koch,* 
Jacob  Koch,* 
Martin  Koch,* 
Peter  Thomas, 
Michael  Meyer,* 
Georg  Hans  Pfiester, 
Georg  Henrich  Pfiester, 
Johannes  Gassmann, 

John  Georg  Albert,* 
Christopher  Koch,* 
Michael  Sautter, 
Johannes  Thomas, 
Burghart  Weaver,* 
Christopher  Bader,* 
Jacob  Dispionit. 

68)  Feb.  7,  1739.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Jamaica 
Galley,  Robert  Harrison,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Cowes. — 320  passengers. 

geb.  7,  1739.  320  g)fä(aer  auf  bem  ©c^iffe  3amatca  ©alleij, 
Sefe^tö^aber  S^lokrt  ^arvifon,  üon  Siotterbam  über  Soweö, 

Jacob  Müller, 
Hans  Eppli, 
Henrich  Hauser, 
Casper  Mayer,* 
Peter  Huber, 
Henrich  Müller, 
Lenhart  Fürer, 
Henry  Galler,* 
Conrad  Ackert,* 
Heinrich  Ackert, 
Henry  Better, 
Ulrich  Schmidt,* 
Jacob  Fehr, 
Hans  Conrad  Rösli, 
Johannes  Wittersinn, 
Henrich  Hostman, 
Hans  Henry  Angst,* 
Joachim  Hanslay, 
Rudolph  Baumer,* 
Hans  Henrich  Sommer, 
Hans  Michael  Schwinck, 
Christopher  Müller, 
Adam  Schwinck, 
Rudolph  Decker, 
Conrad  Bauchler,* 
Andreas  Nabniger,* 

Jacob  Schwärber,* 
Hans  Moog,* 
Casper  Freneir,* 
Jacob  Kuntz, 
Hans  Meier, 
Jacob  Meyer, 
Hans  Nüsli, 
Jacob  Hina,* 
Henrich  Otto, 
Henry  Glattly  sen.,* 
Henry  Glattly  jr., 
Felix  Bossert,* 
Jacob  Bossert,* 
Henry  Meyer,* 
Felix  Schutz,* 
Rudolph  Schutz, 
Lawrence  Rieger,* 
Henry  Stally,* 
Henry  Rokoop,* 
Bernard  Riga,* 
Johannes  Trenner,* 
Rudolph  Kamp,* 
Johannes  Scheibley,* 
Felix  Leinbaker,* 
Henry  Leinbaker,* 
Hans  Zolinger,* 



Jacob  Dunkel,* 
Jacob  Meyer,* 
Felix  Clatley,* 
Henricb  Gantz, 
Hans  Anard,* 
Henry  Scheibly,* 
Henry  Brunder,* 
Rudolpb  Shutz, 
Henrich  Scbellenberg, 
Jacob  Hopman,* 
Hans  Jacob  Hopman,* 
Felix  Bachman,* 
Georg  Brunder,* 
Christoph  Weidman, 
Jacob  Bücher,* 
Heinrich  Bachman, 
Ulrich  Swartzenberg,* 
Johannes  Boshart, 
Hans  Ulrich  Hoffman, 

Jacob  Baumann, 
Hans  Jac.  Baumann, 
Melchior  Dünck,? 
Ulrich  Bäuinger, 
Hans  Bachman,* 
Henry  Overholtz,* 
Hans  Jacob  Bäuinger, 
Hans  Ulrich  Näff, 
Hans  Ulrich  Meyer,* 
Hans  Jacob  Schaub, 
Heinrich  Dünck, 
Hans  Jacob  Kern, 
Heinrich  Kremer, 
Ulrich  Nüssli, 
Jacob  Nargang,* 
Henry  Wert,* 
Casper  Wideman,* 
Felix  Frankfelder  * 

69)  Aug.  27,  1739.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Samuel, 
Hugh  Percy,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Deal. — 
340  passengers. 

Slug.  27, 1739.  340  ^faljer  im  ©c^iffe  ©antuel,  33efe|Iö^akr 
^ug^  ^erc9,  »on  ^lotterbam  über  TxaL 

Johannes  Fischer,* 
Caspar  Meth, 
Johannes  Meth, 
Henrich  Thorwarte, 
Michael  Adam, 
Peter  Rule,* 
Jean  Daniel  Bouton, 
Johannes  BraunmUler,* 
Michael  Schmohl, 
Johan  Leonhart  Hortung, 
Johannes  Schneyder, 
Johan  Georg  Bartmann, 
Peter  Welschans, 
Georg  Freeman,* 
Matheis  Claus,* 

Peter  Steinman,* 
Conrad  Hausman,* 
Frederick  Gerhard,* 
William  Gerhard,* 
Peter  Grub,* 
Georg  Sneyder.* 
Johan  Lamenick,? 
Daniel  Kockart,* 
Peter  Moor,* 
Ludwig  Geib,* 
Jacob  Fuchs, 
Sebastian  Doli,* 
Christian  Seyfert, 
Philip  Lentz, 
Johannes  Beyer, 

AND   OTHER   IMMiaRANTS — 1739. 


Paul  Michael,* 
Michael  Hahn,* 
Johannes  Hahn, 
Michael  Sinion, 
Simon  Geres, 
Peter  Schöffer, 
Adam  Becker, 
Michael  Miller, 
Michael  Baur,* 
Lorentz  Minich, 
Abraham  Faust, 
Jacob  Reiss, 
Philip  Hirsch, 
Jacob  Wolff, 
Michael  Miller,* 
Christian  Schug, 
Peter  Scholl, 
Otto  Riedy, 
Simon  Drom, 
Peter  Nickom,* 
Frederick  Nickom,* 
Daniel  Bürger, 
Paul  Samsel, 
Nicolas  Kniesel,* 
Peter  Mombauer,* 
John  Michael  Bartmann, 
Johan  Matheis  Bartman, 
Johan  Georg  Heyer, 
Johan  Lorentz  Hänsell, 
Johannes  Ermentraudt, 
Johan  Philip  Ermentraudt, 
Joh.  Fried.  Ermentraudt, 
Johan  Peter  Dressier, 
Joh.  Daniel  Cmb, 
Johannes  Bischoff, 
Hans  Adam  Diehl, 
Johan  Daniel  Diehl, 
Carl  Adam  Diehl, 

Joh.  Adam  Sclmoidcr, 
Peter  Schwenck, 
Abraham  Hendrick,* 
John  Nicolas  Hendrick,* 
Johan  Georg  Nickel, 
Joh.  Christ.  Zimmerman, 
Joh.  Henrich  Ehrhard,* 
David  Lautenbach,* 
Sebastian  Guckert, 
Joh.  Adam  Klein,* 
Christian  Schopffer  sen., 
Christian  Schopffer  jr., 
PhUip  Jacob  Schell, 
Johan  Henrich  Freys, 
Johan  Peter  Priem, 
Johan  Philip  Serfass, 
Johan  Peter  Stüber, 
Johan  Georg  Schauss, 
Abraham  Schreiner, 
Johan  Christopher  Ruth, 
Johan  Georg  Faust,* 
Johan  Adam  Müller, 
Johan  Friederich  Gabel, 
Johan  Philip  Gabel, 
Johan  Jacob  Kockert, 
Michael  Mombauer,* 
Joh.  Nicolas  Mombauer,* 
Johan  Jacob  Riedy, 
John  Peter  Riedy,* 
Michael  Helffenstein, 
Casper  Doll,* 
Christopher  Doll,* 
Joseph  Bederie,* 
Joh.  Bern.  Bederie, 
Johan  Philip  Klein,* 
Joh.  Adam  Gottwals, 
Abraham  Solomon,* 
John  Nicolas  Bach.* 

70)  Aug.  27,  1739.  Palatines  imported  in  the  snow  Betsy, 
Richard  Buden,  Commander,  fi-om  Rotterdam,  last  from  Deal. — 
190  passengers.  12 



2tug.  27,  1739.    190  ^fäljer  mit  feem  @eef*iffe  «Betf^,  eom= 
ntanbant  0lirf)art)  Subcn,  öon  Sftotterbam  über  I)ea(, 

Nicklaus  Leinberger, 
Daniel  Dalwig, 
Johannes  Küner,? 
Martin  Adam, 
Caspar  Herde, 
Martin  Barth, 
Peter  Blaser,* 
Friederich  Seitz,* 
Johannes  Martin,* 
Georg  Becker,* 
Jacob  Berkel,* 
Conrad  Becker, 
Valentin  Becker, 
Valentin  Ertel, 
Andreas  Weldi,* 
Martin  Haag, 
Conrad  Graff, 
Jonas  Klein, 
Matheis  Hertsel,* 
Johannes  Koch, 
Frantz  Welchel,* 
Jacob  Guth,* 
Jacob  Lantz, 
Johannes  Back, 
Jacob  Ernst, 
Henrich  Strickert, 
Michael  Becker, 
Conrad  Unbehand,* 
Martin  Hoch,* 
Jacob  Allen, 

Hans  Jacob  Geiger, 
Sebastian  Unberhent,* 
Joh.  Melchior  Kiener, 
Johan  Georg  Scherer, 
Johann  Peter  Hoffman, 
Christian  Rodenbach, 
Hans  Michael  Ernst, 
Hans  Jacob  Maron, 
Gerh.  Henrich  Schütz,* 
Geo.  Wühelm  Höcker, 
Johan  Daniel  (Esterlen, 
Johan  Daniel  Müller, 
Johan  Hasselwanger,* 
Johan  Peter  Meyer,* 
Georg  Daniel  Schall,* 
Johannes  Reinhardt, 
Johan  Michael  Roth, 
John  Henrich  Müler,* 
Andreas  Engelhard, 
Friederich  Ehrenfeichter,  ? 
Joh.  Gottfried  Straube, 
Pierre  Aubertien, 
Conrad  Hackensmitt, 
Georg  Friederich  Schaffer,* 
Jacob  Unbehand,* 
Valentin  Unbehand,* 
Hans  Martin  Bär,* 
Johannes  Weibell, 
Nicklas  Leyberger.* 

71)  Sept.  3,  1739.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Robert 
and  Alice,  Walter  Goodman,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam,  last 
from  Deal. — Seventy-eight  men,  fifty-seven  women  and  eighty- 
eight  children — in  all  213. 

(Sept.  3,  1739.  ^fäljer  famen  auf  bem  Schiffe  tRohext  unb 
Mice,  33efet)Hgent)er  Sßalter  ©ootman,  »on  9tottert)am  über 




Deal. — 2lc^t  unb  fleknjtg  ^O^anner,  fielen  uut>  fünfjig  grauen 
unt)  a<i)t  unt»  ac^tjig  Mnt)tx — im  ©anjen  213. 

Hans  Schantz, 
Peter  Riesser, 
Jost  Ebersohl, 
Michael  Hahn, 
Jost  Diehl, 
Carl  Schallin, 
Henrich  Steiner, 
Johannes  Steiner, 
Jacob  Steiner, 
Caspar  Shever,* 
Hans  Müller, 
Samuel  Brant,* 
Jost  Brant,* 
Peter  Bieber, 
David  Schaffer, 
Jacob  Stambach,* 
Jacob  Smith,* 
David  Miller,* 
Jacob  Zerchert,* 
Matthis  Obolt,* 
Hans  Schants,* 
Georg  Honi, 
Nicklas  Honi,* 
Jacob  Burgher,* 
Philip  Burgher,* 
Bernhart  Yauser,* 
Benedict  Lesseir,* 
Christian  Treit,* 
Theobald  Cleiver,* 
Nicklas  Fisher,* 
Christian  Klein,* 
Lorentz  Brua, 
Lorentz  Biever,* 
Bastian  Klein,* 
Jacob  Gerry,* 
Theobald  Con-el,* 
Johannes  Müller, 
Benedict  Bisser, 
Nicklas  Lieser,* 

Christian  Hirschi, 
Hans  Jacob  Schneider,* 
Nicolaus  Ellenberger, 
Frantz  Leyenberger, 
Hans  Jacob  Reiff,* 
Joh.  Martin  Hoffmann, 
Johannes  Hoffmann, 
Johan  Peter  Hoffmann, 
Christopher  Bollinger, 
Johannes  Baumann, 
Hans  Michael  Reitenauer, 
Johan  Martin  Bohler, 
Johannes  Havecker,* 
Joseph  Kubhold,* 
Abraham  Böchtel, 
Christopher  Hovell,* 
Johannes  Votrin, 
Johannes  Beihn,  ? 
Peter  Hoffmann, 
Daniel  Hoffmann, 
Johan  Peter  Volck, 
Abraham  Welshans,* 
Samuel  Helburgher,* 
Henry  Bambergher  sen.,* 
Henry  Bambergher  jr.,* 
Christian  Erhart,* 
Christian  Ellenberger, 
Hans  Peter  Treit,* 
Albreeht  Vonderlind, 
Philip  Martzloff, 
Adam  Wilhelm,* 
Simon  Mendinger,* 
Hans  Adam  Geri, 
Joseph  Welschhans, 
Hans  Mich.  Diebolt, 
Hans  Peter  Gemberlin, 
Hans  Mich.  Diebolt,* 
Hans  Michael  Leiser, 
Johannes  Ebersohl. 



72)  Sept.  3,  1739.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Friend- 
ship, William  Vittery,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Deal. — 150  passengers. 

©ept  3,  1739.  3(uf  bent  ©c^iffe  5nent»f()ip,  Sommanbanr 
Söilliam  Sitterp,  oon  S^ottertam  über  3DeaI,  famen  150  ^falger 

Johannes  Mayer, 
Egidi  Mayer, 
Michael  Kraus,* 
Michael  Blatner, 
Nicklas  Schwartz,* 
Andreas  Hack, 
Jacob  Franck, 
Jacob  Kübortz, 
Justinus  Hoffman, 
Stephan  Lasch, 
Johannes  Wolfart, 
Conrad  Florans,* 
Martin  Beniger,* 
Jacob  Loch, 
Johannes  Loch, 
Johannes  Nicol, 
Martin  Leid,* 
Jacob  Farne, 
Henrich  Ullerich, 
Frantz  Brossman, 
Michael  Trolers, 
Veit  Miller, 
Henrich  Heyl, 
Conrad  Schwartz, 
Leonhart  Florer,* 
Lorentz  Fridtel, 
Ludwig  Hevener,* 
Johannes  Werner, 
Wilhelm  Werner, 
Martin  Jack,* 

Johan  Philip  Illig, 
Balthassar  Hissong,* 
Georg  Jacob  Burchert, 
Georg  Ernst  Bühler, 
Daniel  Beinhart,* 
Joh.  Michael  Laub, 
Johan  Jacob  Franck, 
Georg  Michel  Bender,* 
Hans  Peter  Adich, 
Johan  Conrad  Engel, 
Anthony  Fischbach,  ? 
Philip  Stambach, 
Georg  Michael  Wolf,* 
Johan  Conrad  Wolf,* 
Gottfried  Christian, 
Hans  Peter  Müller, 
Peter  Zimmerman, 
Christian  Ehrgott, 
Georg  Henry  Hensell,* 
Philip  Christoph  Werner, 
Georg  Thomas  Heyl, 
Hans  Thomas  Heyl,* 
Bernhart  Herholt, 
Johan  Henrich  Rump, 
Johan  Veit  Bachler,* 
Henry  Bleistein,* 
Johan  Conrad  Philipin,* 
Hans  Ad.  Haushalder,* 
Joh.  Nicolas  Mauerer, 
IJenry  Bleistein.  § 

73)  Sept.  3,  1739.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Loyal 
Judith,  Edward  Painter,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Deal. — 315  passengers. 



©cpt.  3,  1739.   315 
bant  Sbwart)  fainter, 
Henrich  Keffer, 
Gottfried  Mang, 
John  Georg  Shup, 
Bartholomae  leserding, 
Johannes  Bollmar, 
Carl  Heiser,* 
Erasmus  Frantz,* 
Johannes  Frantz,* 
Bastian  Albert, 
William  Albert,* 
Peter  Martger,* 
Nicklas  Weighel, 
Nicklas  Schild,* 
Johannes  Bebertz,* 
David  Fortney,* 
Jost  Liesser, 
Jacob  Hough,* 
Valentin  Shey,* 
Peter  Kern, 
Martin  Sebelie, 
Nicklas  Small,* 
Christian  Bohrbach, 
Jacob  Bohrbach, 
Bernhart  Warth, 
Matheas  Eeemer,* 
Nicholas  Beemer, 
Peter  Becker, 
Jacob  König, 
Ludwig  Danney,* 
Philip  Denigh,* 
Christian  Hütter, 
Henry  Bough,* 
Johannes  Bupperter, 
Sebastian  Jacoby, 
Henrich  Wolffrum, 
Peter  Bücher, 
Bartel  Bücher, 
Carl  Scholl,* 
Georg  Laub, 

5)fäljer  mit  ber  So^al  3ubitt),  Sommon* 

öon  SRotterbam  über  üDeat. 
Tobias  Weber, 
Ludwig  Mans,* 
David  Weisser, 
Philip  Riss, 
Abraham  Staudt, 
Mathias  Felden,* 
Martin  Schaffner, 
Georg  Michael  Iserding, 
Johan  Georg  Ramseyer, 
Johan  Nickel  Bollmar, 
John  Peter  Lauch,* 
Joh.  Philip  Schneider, 
Hans  Nickel  Klein, 
Johan  Frantz  Albert, 
Hans  Adam  Teetze,* 
Hans  Adam  Haledii, 
Johan  Christoph  Frantz, 
Johan  Nicklas  Shild,* 
Johan  Georg  Threer,* 
Johan  Peter  Wolff, 
Johan  Nickel  Doli, 
Johan  Peter  Hauch, 
Caspar  Leydäcker,* 
Johan  Georg  Burghart,* 
John  Adam  Small,* 
Henry  Adam  Klein,* 
Joh.  Nicolas  Schatteau, 
Johan  Henrich  Kohde, 
Johan  Carl  Hey, 
Johan  Adam  Reemer,  * 
Johan  Adam  Tanny, 
Philip  Hasselberger, 
Johan  Jacob  Tanny, 
Johan  Nickel  Kleh, 
Hans  Adam  Wolfirum, 
Hans  Peter  Bouger,* 
Philip  Burghart,* 
John  Jacob  Stuhl, 
Adam  Schiedenhelm, 



Johann  Carl  Geres,  Henry  Handwerck,* 

Johan  Nickel  Glesser,  Nicklaus  Hantwerck, 

Christopher  Schmidt,  Johann  Dehlbauer, 

Nicklas  Rodenburger,  Georg  William  Thur,* 

Johan  Georg  Staudt,  Hans  Jacob  Madori. 

Note. — On  the  26th  of  December,  1738,  a  ship  of  300  tons  was  cast 
away  on  Block  Island,  f  This  ship  sailed  from  Rotterdam  in  August, 
1738,  last  from  Cowes,  England.  John  Wanton,  the  Governor  of  Rhode 
Island,  sent  Mr.  Peter  Bouse  and  others  from  Newport  to  Block  Island, 
to  see  how  matters  were.  On  the  19th  of  January,  1739,  these  re- 
turned to  Newport,  R.  I.,  reporting  that  the  ship  was  commanded  by 
Captain  Geo.  Long,  that  he  died  on  the  inward  passage,  and  that  the 
mate  then  took  charge  of  the  ship  which  had  sailed  from  Rotterdam 
with  400  Palatines,  destined  for  Philadelphia,  that  an  exceedingly 
malignant  fever  and  flux  had  prevailed  among  them,  only  105  landing 
at  Block  Island,  and  that  by  death  the  number  had  been  reduced  to 
90.  The  chief  reason  alleged  for  this  great  mortality  was  the  bad  con- 
dition of  the  water  taken  in  at  Rotterdam.  It  was  filled  in  casks  that 
before  had  contained  white  and  red  wine.  The  greater  part  of  the 
goods  of  the  Palatines  was  lost. — Penn.  Gazette,  Feb.  8,  1739. 

Slnmetfung.— 2(m  26.  I^eccmbcr  1738  f^citerte  ein  Sdttff  »on  300 
Xonnen  ©e^alt  an  231ocf  3ölanb.  i  "Ciefeö  «Sdjiff  fegclte  im  Sluguft  ooit 
Stottcrttam  über  ^mti  in  ©nglnnb.  3o|)n  SBanton,  ®cui3erneur  »on 
9tt)obe  3ölanb,  fanbtc  ^crrn  ^^eter  Soufe  unb  anbere  oon  ^^^cwport  nac^ 
33(ocf  3«(anb,  nm  ben  B^iftanb  ber  Dinge  ju  erfnt)«n.  3tm  19.  Sanuar 
1739  fcbrtcn  biefc  nad)  viewport,  "Si.  3.,  jurürf  unb  berichteten,  ba§  Sa= 
^itain  ®corg  ?ong,  ber  bag  <£(biff  befeiiligte,  auf  ber  ^erfafirt  geftorben 
,'et  unb  bann  ber  'Steuermann  bie  Leitung  beg  ©(^iffeg  übernommen  ^abc, 
,Belcfacg  »on  Siotterbam  mit  400  ^'fa'lsern  abgefatiren  unb  nadj  ^'>bi(abcl))t)ia 
beftimmt  gcttjefen  fei;  ba§  ein  fet)r  fdjlimmeg  %\t^ix  unb  9{ubr  unter  ihnen 
get)err[(it  habe;  ba§  nur  105  auf  Slocf  3glanb  (anbeten  unb  ba§  ber  Sob 
auch  bicfe  auf  90  »erminbert  h<ihf-  ^'tf  ^aupturfache  beg  Sieberö  toiU 
man  in  bem  f(^Iei^tcn  SBaffcr  finbcn,  bag  in  9totterbam  gcfa§t  unb  in 
Öa'ffcrn,  bie  juoor  rothen  unb  mi^in  JBein  enthielten,  aufbewahrt  toorben 
<oax.  X)ie  mciften  ®üter  ber  ^'ffllj"  gingen  »erloren. — ^'ennf.  (Baittti, 
3.  geb.  1739. 

74)  Dec.  11,  1739.   Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Lydia, 
James  Allen,  Commander,  from  London. — 75  passengers. 

f  Block  Island  lies  in  the  Atlantic,  soiith  of  the  State  of  Rhode  Island.  It  is  eight 
miles  in  length  and  from  two  to  four  miles  in  breadth.  It  constitutes  the  township  of 
New  ShoreUam,  Newport  Co.,  B.  I.   There  are  no  forests,  the  only  fuel  is  peat. — i.d.r. 

t  S8Io(f  3«Ianb  ticgt  Im  Slttantifdjen  SDcean,  fiiblid)  »om  (Staate  fR^obe  S«IanK  3)89» 
felbe  ifl  adjt  SReilen  läng  unb  »onjroet  bi«  »ier  ?^ei(en  breit,  unb  bilbet  bae  äoronfbip  SRe» 
©tprefeam,  Jlercpcrt  Sp.,  9J.  5.  m  ifl  »alblo«,  bie  einmctjner  brennen  £orf.— (5.  D.  K.) 



t)ec.  11, 1739.  75  ^^fäl^ev  tarnen  mitbem  Skiffe  S^bia,  Som- 
mantant  %\miS'  2lUen,  »on  ^ont»on  an. 

Ludwig  Frick,*  Hans  Jacob  Hauser, 

Johannes  Frick,*  Hans  Jacob  Free,* 

Andreas  Krug,*  Hans  Jacob  Grop,* 

Ulricb  Steiner,  Johannes  Schleiffer, 

Henry  Seetz,*  Johannes  Weber,* 

Henry  Seetz  jr.,*  Henrich  Hobert,* 

Rudolph  Bäi',  Johannes  Kagie,* 

Henry  Grob,*  Hans  Ulerich  Weber,* 

Caspar  Frick,*  Johannes  Reittenaur  sen.,* 

Hans  Bär,  Johannes  Reittenaur  jr.,* 

Heinrich  Bär,  Job.  Conrad  Fromm. 

75)  Sept.  23,  1740.  Palatines  and  Switzers  impoi-ted  in  the 
ship  Friendship,  William  Vittery,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam, 
last  from  Cowes. — 120  passengers. 

(Sept.  23,  1740.  120  ^^fäl^er  unb  <5(^TOeijer  auf  bem  ©c^tffc 
grient)f()ip,  Sommantiant  Sßiüiam  ^Sitter^,  üon  9iottertian>  über 

Johan  Christy, 
Johann  Mann, 
Johannes  Kapp, 
Moritz  Milhaus,* 
Bast.  Schaub, 
Wittus  Hartweg, 
Jacob  Lübrick, 
Martin  Schaup,* 
Heinrich  Woher, 
Henrich  Brobeck,* 
Gottlieb  Briegner, 
Hans  Frey,* 
IMartin  Rauff,* 
Johannes  Süss, 
Lenhart  Witz, 
Heinrich  Feger, 
Jacob  Dägen, 
Derst  Tschopp, 
Jacob  Hensi,* 
Friederich  Grieger, 

Friederich  Gerahn, 
Andreas  Eschenbach, 
Johan  Thomas  Reinhardf 
Rudolph  Kürntglein, 
Hermanus  HefFeling, 
Ludwig  Wessinger,* 
Nicolaus  Braubeck, 
Nicklaus  Steinhauer, 
Jacob  Stein  hauer, 
Johannes  Seiler,* 
Heinrich  Spohnhauer, 
Hans  Georg  Schneider,* 
Henrich  Unkenbacher, 
Hans  Jacob  Fetterley,? 
Hans  Siebacher,* 
Jacob  Siebacher,* 
Georg  Anastasius  Bern, 
Hans  Lebemith, 
Marx  Hüfrefege.  ? 



76)  Sept.  27,  1740.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Lydia, 
James  Allen,  Commander,  jfrom  Kotterdam,  last  from  Dover. — 
In  aU  180. 

(Btpt.  27,  1740.  180  ^fäl^cr  mit  bent  ©d)iffe  S^bia,  Som- 
manbant  S'inteß  Slüen,  öon  JHotterbam  über  2)ooer. 

Simon  Hirsch,* 
Christian  Weber,* 
Christian  Holenberger,* 
Arnold  Schneider,* 
Nicklas  Couwald, 
Johannes  Wil.  Beck, 
Johannes  Arnold,* 
Christian  Coos, 
Peter  Altonius,* 
Philip  Fritz,* 
Jacob  Keyser,* 
Henry  Keyser,* 
Michael  Eichhart, 
Jost  Lang, 
Matheis  Käffer,* 
Philip  Petry,* 
Philip  Tülman, 
Daniel  Schneider,* 
Daniel  Lucas,* 
Christoph  Geist, 
Matthias  Fuchs, 
WUhelm  Lang,* 
Johann  Ditrich,* 
Johan  Teis, 
Johannes  Kichler, 
Arnold  Schuman,* 
Caspar  Wirth,* 
Nicklas  Beyer,* 
Peter  Lorentz,* 
Peter  Lamm,* 
Heniich  Reussen, 

Johan  Georg  Crässmann, 
Johan  Georg  Lohss, 
John  Georg  Torenberger,* 
Johan  Herman  Lehr,* 
Johan  Jacob  Hollenberger, 
Johan  Jost  Presen, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Folberg,* 
Johan  Henry  Beck,* 
Johan  Jacob  Beck,* 
Johan  Henrich  Tiewes, 
Christian  Shwaigermeyer,* 
Peter  Henry  Shook,* 
Johan  Michael  Jacks,* 
Johan  Nickel  Beckeies, 
Johan  Fried.  Althoniuss, 
Johan  Adam  Fritz,* 
Ludwig  Hartenstein, 
Johan  Peter  Loie, 
Johan  Georg  Brosius, 
Christopher  Fuchs, 
Valentin  Pracht,* 
Elias  Gottlieb  Stein, 
Johannes  Berckhyser,* 
Johann  Gerhart  Schneider, 
Johann  Adam  Schneider,* 
Johan  Peter  Schuman,* 
Wühelm  Heidebrand,* 
Johannes  Kagelberger,* 
Johann  Simon  Denner, 
Abraham  Kirchhoff, 
Johann  Jost  Plöhirer. 

77)  Sept.  30,  1740.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Samuel 
and  Elizabeth,  William  Chilton,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam, 
last  from  Deal,  England. — In  all  206. 



(Sept.  30,  1740.    206 
SItfabett),  Sommanbant 

Frantz  Epgardt, 
Johannes  Schnog, 
Peter  Berger, 
Johannes  Hoffman, 
Joh.  Peter  Anders, 
Paul  Dünschman, 
Johan  Christ  Kraffeller, 
Johannes  Theis  Fiser,* 
Johan  Christ.  Schmidt, 
Johan  Christ.  Frantz, 
Johan  Jacob  Fischer, 
Christ.  Peter  Fischer,* 
Martin  Schmidt, 
Philip  Bosser,* 
Christian  Kirbach, 
Georg  Wilhelm, 
Friederich  Löhner, 
J.  Adam  Luckenbach, 
Joh.  Georg  Rörich, 
Joh.  Ernst  Rörich, 
Joh.  Moritz  Kohn,* 
Herman  Betzer,* 
Johannes  Hadorn, 
Henricius  Schneider, 
Jost  Kremer, 
Theis  Schneider, 
Conrad  Hirsch,* 
Thomas  Schneider, 

^fäljer  auf  bem  (Sc^ijfe  ©antuet  unb 
Sßiüiam  Sl)Uton,  öon  9tottert>am  über 

Joh.  Peter  Schneider, 
Joh.  Henry  Arth,? 
Johannes  Wergraf, 
Christian  Schumacher, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Klein, 
Carl  Jacob  Weymer, 
Johan  Adam  Meyer,* 
Johan  Adam  Schneider, 
Johan  Adam  Müller, 
George  Wilhelm  Kirbach,* 
Johan  Friedrich  Schneider,       ' 
Johannes  Brandenbürg, 
Johan  Hubrecht  Dimott,* 
Joh.  Henrich  Luckenbach, 
Johan  Simon  Erlogner, 
Johan  Georg  Eller, 
Joh.  Gerhart  Luckenbach, 
Joh.  Adam  Hammacher, 
Joh.  Hubrecht  Hammacher, 
Johan  Peter  Schreiner, 
Johann  Theis  Müller, 
Johan  Adam  Bender,* 
Joh.  Peter  Shoemaker,* 
Joh.  Peter  Harhaussen,* 
Johan  Adam  Rörich, 
Johan  Bertram  Klein, 
Johan  Simon  Hüller,* 
Hans  Henry  Müller.* 

78)  Nov.  25,  1740.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Loyal 
'Judith,  Lovell  Paynter,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Deal. — 265  passengers. 

9?oö.  25,  1740.  265  ^fätjer  famen  mit  bem  ©c^iffe  Jo^al 
Subita,  Sommanbant  Soüell  5)a^ntcr,  oon  3ftotterbam  über  Deal. 

Anthony  Keller,*  Wilhelm  Säur,* 

Christian  Brentzer,  Henry  Thielbon,* 



Andreas  Beck, 
Conrad  Sclineider, 
Georg  Viantt, 
Jacob  Kichler, 
Simon  Wehr, 
Lenhart  Gerhart, 
WUhelm  Ohl, 
Johann  Wolff, 
Henry  Wagner,* 
Friederich  Becker,* 
Peter  Sheetz, 
John  Henry  Legire,* 
Johan  Wilhelm  Oster, 
Johan  Abraham  Haas, 
Johan  Jacob  Theobalth, 
Andreas  llefschneider, 
Wilhelm  Jost  Becker, 
Johan  Baltzer  Hoffmann, 
Johan  Nicolas  Zoll, 
Justus  Lindeman, 
Henrich  Lindeman, 
Johannes  Keilman, 
Wilhelm  Schmidt  sen., 
Wilhelm  Schmidt  jr., 
Johannes  Schmidt, 
Valentin  Schneider, 
Jacob  Lindeman, 
Heinrich  Brem, 
Jacob  Breeni,* 
Valentin  Krimm,* 
Jacob  Krimm,* 
Ulrich  Hartman, 
George  Conrad,* 
Adam  Maurer,* 
Conrad  Wishong,* 
Peter  Becker, 
Carle  Gro, 
Johannes  Werbel, 
Mathias  Schmidt, 
Peter  Grauel,* 
Conrad  Schmidt, 

Johannes  Adam, 

Johannes  Wagner, 

Frantz  Jost, 

Caspar  Boner, 

Andreas  Schmidt, 

Johannes  Diehl, 

Philip  Kauff, 

Johannes  Ley, 

Jacob  Wolff, 

Johannes  Becht, 

Johannes  Frantz, 

Conrad  Schney, 

Philip  Wishong, 

Jean  Ganty, 

Peter  Sell,* 

Johan  Jacob  Koch,* 

Johan  Georg  Schneider, 

Johan  Nicolas  Bröder, 

Johan  Friedrich  Engel, 

Johan  Wilhelm  Betz, 

Johan  Dieterich  Becker, 

Johan  Bernhard  See, 

Johan  Abraham  Bollenbacher, 

Johan  Nicolas  Fey,* 

Johan  Ulrich  Scheier, 

Johan  Jacob  Schertel, 

Johannes  Müller, 

Johann  Michael  Busch, 

Johan  Peter  Diehl, 

Johan  Peter  Mohr, 

Herman  Heyman, 

Johan  Friederich  Loritz, 

Friederich  Wilhelm  Nagel, 

Joh.  Georg  Gottschalck,* 

Isaac  Dieterich, 

Johan  Peter  Wolff, 

Johann  Georg  Epple, 

Johan  Georg  Meier, 

Johan  Wilhelm  Esich, 

Johan  Nicklas  Haubt, 

Johan  Peter  Hans, 

AND   OTHER    IMMlÜllANTS — 1740. 


Johan  George  Esling,* 
Jolian  Peter  Müller, 

Joli.  Georg  Seyter, 
Jacob  Sell.* 

79)  Dee.  3,  1740.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Kobert 
and  Alice,  Walter  Goodman,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Cowes. — 185  passengers. 

Dec.  3,  1740.  185  ^(äl^tx  tarnen  mit  fccin  ©duffe  'SloUtt  unb 
Sllice,  ßapitain  SÖalter  ©oobman,  ocn  aiottertam  über  Sottjeg. 

Johannes  Seydel,* 

Johann  Eader,* 

George  Zohnleyter,* 

Andreas  Höller, 

Andreas  Sheyb,* 

Henry  Steiner, 

Frederick  Hanet,* 

Philip  Balthaser  Grossman, 

Johan  Henrich  Grossman, 

Johan  Wilhelm  Stadellmaner, 

Johan  Georg  Kramer, 

Ghristian  Anderbach, 

Hans  Michel  Holschuh, 

Johan  Jacob  Radge, 

Johannes  Brein, 

Peter  Reppert,* 

Christoph  Magel,* 

Daniel  North,* 

Blastius  Bear,* 

Antoni  Feltman, 

Joseph  Walther, 

Johannes  Vogel,* 

Andreas  Bentz, 

Johannes  Biickell, 

Johannes  Göttlich, 

Henrich  Göttlich,* 

Rubert  Reinbracht,* 

A.  Kurtz, 

Henry  Hanroth,* 

Philip  Shamele,* 

Jacob  Becker,* 
Jacob  Gress,* 
Jacob  Barthel, 
Johannes  Bruch, 
Peter  Grantzer,* 
Joh.  Gaspar  (Ether, 
Hans  Theobald  Grim,* 
Johan  Jacob  Diemer, 
Johan  Henrich  Neuman, 
Johann  George  Schmit,* 
Johan  Adam  Gass, 
Johan  Jost  Hensel, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Volprecht, 
Joh.  Friederich  Fichthelm, 
Hans  Jacob  Green,* 
Johan  George  Smitt,* 
Johann  Jacob  Zimmerman, 
Johan  Philip  Heileger, 
Geo.  Michael  Lingeveldt,* 
Wilhelm  Moritz  Vitel, 
Johann  Georg  Rauch, 
Johan  Melchior  Hangerer, 
Christoffel  HiUebrandt, 
George  Philip  Gress,* 
Conrad  Schweighauser, 
Hans  Martin  Conrad,* 
Johan  Christoph  Beserer, 
Johan  Nicklaus  Hippel, 
Johan  Peter  Sebolt. 



80)  Dec.  3,  1740.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Samuel, 
Hugh  Percy,  Captain,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Deal. — 175 

'Dec.  3,  1740.  175  f  falser  lamen  mit  tern  ©^iffc  «Samuel, 
Sapitaitt  ^ug^  ^erc^,  »on  Stottcrbam  über  DcaL 

Johan  Nickel  Schmidt, 
Johannes  Stool,* 
Gottfried  Walter,* 
Georg  Schwingel, 
Johan  Nicolas  Zerfass, 
Parthal  Osterman,* 
Thomas  Dörner, 
Nicklas  Gruber,* 
Philip  Leaber,* 
Jacob  Fuchs,* 
Georg  Maus, 
Andreas  Miller, 
Philip  Kreber, 
Henrich  Kreber, 
Bastian  Vey,* 
Joh.  Peter  Werner,* 
Peter  Bischoff, 
Urban  Aschenbrenner, 
Abraham  Schellberg,* 
Johannes  Zimmermann. 
Johan  Nicolas  Wuff, 
Joh.  Nicolas  Zimmermann. 

Nicklas  Kuntz, 
Heinrich  WolfiF, 
Johannes  Schreiber, 
Conrath  Schneiss, 
Johann  König, 
Georg  Born, 
Nicklas  Zöller,* 
Peter  Spengler,* 
Peter  May, 
Jacob  Maurer, 
Paulus  Huey, 
Henry  Giessler,* 
Georg  Keyser, 
Samuel  Taner,* 
Wilhelm  Marx, 
Philippus  Küpperter, 
John  Adam  Stump, 
Jacob  Schuster,* 
Caspar  Klöckner,* 
Johan  Henrich  Fröhlich, 
Adam  Schneider, 
Georg  Bombach, 
Johan  Nicolas  Schwingel, 

Sick — Ludwig  Vivel,  Peter  König,  Jacob  Euperter,  William 
Bishof,  Thomas  Fuse,  Isaac  Hencker,  Joseph  Neigh,  Adam 
Bushart,  Jacob  Bley,  Georg  Kreger,  Valentin  Singrove. 

Dead — Mathias  Klein. 

Note. — During  1739  and  1740  a  number  o{  Moravians  came  from 
Georgia  into  Pennsylvania,  and  settled  at  Bethlehem  and  Nazareth. 
For  a  list  of  these  see  Addenda,  B. 

2Inmerfung.— 2Ba'f)rcnb  1739  unb  1740  fam  ctite  Stttjat)!  $crrnt)uter 
öon  Oeorgta  na^  ^enn[t?Iüanten  unb  Hep  ftcl  ju  ^iti)Ui)em  unb  3laiaxtt\} 
nieber.  Slbbenba  B  enthalt  eine  ^^iamenltfie. 



81)  May  30,  1741.  Palatines  imported  in  the  snow  Francis 
and  Ann,  Thomas  Coatam,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
St.  Christophers,  f 

'Mai  30,  1741.  ^fäljcr  tanun  auf  tern  ©eefc^iffe  granciä 
uiit)  Sinn,  Gapitaiu  J^oma^  Soatam,  »on  3ftottertam  über  ©t. 
6^rtflo))t)erö.  f 

Peter  HoU,  George  Adam  Koch,* 

Geo.  Philip  Clem,*  Hans  George  Koch,* 

Johannes  Immel,  Samuel  Georg  Tössler, 

Jacob  Kipper,  Johan  Conrad  Schmidt, 

Martin  Bittner,*  Georg  Adam  Ernst, 

Michael  Bigler,  Johan  Wendel  Hornung. 
Johan  Peter  Herbei, 

82)  Sept.  23,  1741.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Marl- 
borough, Thomas  Bell,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

(Sept.  23, 1741.  ^fäljer  famen  mit  tern  ©cfeiffc  SJlarlborougl), 
Sapitatn  2;^omaö  Sett,  »on  3lottert)am  üBer  Soweö. 

Peter  Kuhn,* 
Job.  Jacob  Ick, 
Ulrich  Naffzir, 
Johannes  Ladsher,* 
Friedrich  Meyer,* 
Jacob  Hill, 

Johan  Ludwig  German, 
Johan  Friederich  Freyss, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Welsch, 
Johan  Jacob  Kuhn, 
Johan  Georg  Wagner, 
Johan  Nicklas  Beyer,* 
Simon  Vogelgesang, 
Friedrich  Zöllner, 
Michel  Kreischer, 
Michael  Seipert,* 
Peter  Staudt, 
Lenhart  Kleim  * 

Bernhard  Kapp, 
Daniel  Simon, 
Johannes  Doll, 
Johannes  Meyer,* 
Jost  Gasserd, 
Philip  Kuntz, 
Jacob  Bernhartt, 
Peter  Deiss,* 
Abraham  Hess, 
Johannes  Kühl, 
Georg  Ruth, 
Nicklas  Martin, 
Philip  Lein, 
Nicolas  Süss, 
Peter  Brent, 
Michael  Swyng,* 
Johannes  Kleim, 
John  Nicholas,* 

f  One  of  the  British  West  India  Islands. — Editor. 
t  eine  fcer  britt[c^--t»e(liiibtf($cn  Snfeln.— 5>ew«öseber. 




Johannes  Horn, 
Caspar  Modus,* 
Jacob  Gerdheir,* 
Peter  Kieffer,* 
Daniel  Kieffer,* 
Michael  Neumer, 
Johan  Jacob  Hegel, 
Johan  Michael  Welsch,* 
Johan  Nickel  (Ehl, 
Johan  Daniel  Gröninger, 
Georg  Jacob  Glug, 
Johan  Jacob  Nicolaus, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Engelman, 
Johan  Adam  Kascht, 
Johannes  Worscheber, 
Johannes  Deiss, 
Joh.  Jacob  Kemper, 
Johan  Peter  Engel, 

Johannes  Dielbohn, 
Friederich  Bals  Ratsnaith,* 
Johannes  Kuhn, 
Joh.  Ludwig  Hen.  Kohl, 
Peter  Bartoleme,* 
Johan  Tobias  Rühm, 
Melchior  Stahlman, 
Hans  Nicholas  Smith,* 
Henry  Bernhart,* 
Joh.  Nicolaus  Schmucker;, 
Philippus  Schneider, 
Anthonius  (Ehler, 
Johan  Adam  Kamp, 
Joh.  Ludwig  Hanckstoin, 
John  Jacob  Person/,* 
Johan  Jacob  Dietz, 
Johan  Karl  FishahasoB* 
Johan  Carl  Metz.* 

83)  Sept.  26,  1741.    Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  St  Mark, 
Wilson,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

®cpt.  26,  1741.    ^fat^er  fanten  mit  bent  Schiffe  (gt-  ^axt, 
Gapitain Söilfon,  öon  Sfiotterbant  über  Soroeö. 

Nicklas  Gebhard,* 
Peter  Criling,* 
Conrad  Stellweg,? 
Mathias  Pols,* 
Jacob  Matteis, 
Wilhelm  Müller, 
Mattheus  Borich, 
Johann  Arnold  Stecg, 
Johann  Nicklaus  Steeg, 
Hans  Philip  Auert, 
Johannes  Von  Erdre,? 
Johan  Henricli  Müller, 
Johan  Peter  Bernhart, 
Johan  Henrich  Müncker, 
Conrad  Funck, 
Philip  Mees,* 
Georg  Davahrt, 

Ernst  Braun, 
Nicklas  Seyler,* 
Johannes  Wieder, 
Wilbertus  Lutz, 
Ulrich  Weis,* 
Johannes  Scherrer, 
Christoffel  Stumb, 
John  Harst,* 
Peter  Jacob, 
JMichael  Folber,* 
Hans  Amweg, 
Philip  Swiger,* 
Nickel  Mensch,* 
Friederich  Hertzog, 
Martin  Becker, 
Philip  Hass, 
Michael  Riess, 



Johannes  Corell, 
Martin  Edenborn,* 
Adam  Rener,* 
Peter  Hoffman, 
Hans  Moore,* 
George  Yearst,* 
Conrad  Funck, 
Martin  Leey,* 
Cenes  Mook,* 
Abraham  Deneey,* 
Philip  Yeist,* 
Henrich  Stahl, 
Johannes  Scheider, 
John  Shider,* 
Jacob  Gerhardt,* 
Peter  Gaberd,* 
Johan  Johnloft,* 
PhiHp  Kalbach, 
Conrad  Dolch,* 
William  Prickes,* 
Henrich  Kroh, 
Michael  Geest,* 
Johannes  Engel, 
Lorentz  Eranmach, 
Johan  Herman  Gell, 
Johan  Martin  Spegt, 
Joh.  Adam  Von  Erden,* 
Johan  Friederich  Heinrich, 
Johan  Adam  Schmahl, 
Johann  Conrad  Michell, 
Johann  Starffinger,* 
Johan  Friederich  Römer, 

Johan  Wilhelm  Hoffmann, 
Just  Lorentz  List, 
Joh.  Adam  Gundacker, 
Joh.  Walther  Fischbach, 
Johan  Georg  Schmaltz, 
Johan  Caspar  Ahls, 
Johan  Nickel  Steinert, 
Johan  Philip  Beick, 
Hendrick  Korst,* 
Johan  Georg  Metz, 
Johan  Jacob  Corell, 
Johan  Samuel  Miihl,* 
Hans  Jacob  Meltzer,* 
Johann  Philip  Mann, 
Johann  Henrich  Mauerer, 
Leonhard  Korn, 
Johann  Niclas  Hauer,* 
Johannes  Bockius, 
Friederich  Kleppert, 
Johann  Jost  Schneider, 
Johannes  Kerstrich, 
Johann  Vallstapp, 
Jacob  Stoffelbein, 
Johannes  Wehler, 
Johannes  Schaum, 
Johannes  Rehwalt, 
Christian  Arhndarff, 
Adam  Schreiber, 
Michael  Dreydel, 
Philip  Hoffman, 
Johann  Christian  Orendorff_, 
Johann  Georo;  Warth. 

84)  Oct.  2, 1741.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  St.  Andrew, 
Charles  Stedman,  Master,  from  Rotterdam. 

Oct,  2,  1741.  ^fäljer  tarnen  mit  bent  ©d){ffe  ®t.  5tnt)rctp, 
(iapitain  S^arleö  ©tebman,  »on  Siottcrtiam. 

Johan  Conrath, 
Peter  Buhl, 
Peter  Voigt, 

Nieklaus  Jungblud, 
Johannes  Butterweh, 
Jacob  Albrecht, 



Ulrich  Schömig, 

Philip  Ulmer, 

Jacob  Gerges,? 

Michael  Will, 

Jacob  Worst, 

Paulus  Michael, 

David  Delatter,* 

Nicolaus  Bauer, 

Hans  Uhlerich, 

Johannes  Pfeil, 

Conrad  Giesy,* 

Jacob  Meyer, 

Johan  Peter, 

Johan  Philip, 

Frans  Grau, 

Jacob  Pfeiffer, 

Jacob  Klein, 

Wühelm  Gauff, 

Johannes  Roll,* 

Nicklas  Neezer,* 

Peter  Müller, 

Jacob  Aseby,* 

Jacob  Meyer, 

Wilhelm  Ludwig  Becker, 

Daniel  Henrich  Elch,? 

Friederich  Christian  Becker, 

Carl  Jung  Eurvett,  ? 
John  Michael  Behler,* 
Joh.  Georg  Daniel  Kübortz, 
Carl  Philip  Wirtz, 
Johan  Philip  Ebärtz, 
Augustus  Kauffmann, 
Hans  George  Lägner,* 
Johannes  Anthoni, 
Joh.  Michel  Prenger, 
Ulrich  Stambach, 
Hans  Philip  Hoffman,* 
Reinhart  Böckney, 
Rudolff  Steinman,* 
George  Caspar  Halle,* 
Lorentz  Schwenk,* 
Johan  Moritz  Dupel,* 
Gotfried  Orbig,* 
Joh.  Nie.  Schappert  Bernhart, 
Bernhart  Lachart, 
Valentin  Sees,* 
Hans  Rutschmann, 
Jacob  Saltzberger,* 
Heinrich  Weissmüller, 
Simon  Henrich  Höcker, 
Johan  Henrich  Walter, 
Hans  Surber.* 

85)  Oct.  12,  1741.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Friend- 
ship, Alex.  Thomas,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

Dct.  12,  1741.  ^fäl^er  famen  mit  bem  ©c^iffe  grienbf^i^j, 
Gapitain  2(Iej:.  Zi)oma^,  ijon  Stotterbam  über  Soweö. 

Paulus  Müller, 

David  Dreher, 

Jacob  Diehl, 

George  Hirt,* 

Jacob  Herth, 

Joh.  Geo.  Wilhelm  Berger, 

Andreas  Hubert,* 

Johan  Peter  Braun, 

Wilhehn  Erhart,* 

Johannes  Erhart, 
Adam  Enler, 
Valtein  Scheck, 
Matheis  Schreth, 
Jacob  Lies, 
Peter  Haldriter,* 
Daniel  Hubert,* 
George  Hubert,* 
Nicklas  Bundry,* 



Nicklas  Klan,* 
Carl  Schneyder,* 
Wilhelm  Antes,* 
Valentin  Embs, 
Cassimir  Wessel,* 
Friederich  Helwig, 
Peter  Jung, 
Jacob  Simon,* 
Adam  Weber, 
Jacob  Dinges, 
Peter  Baal,* 
Peter  Durny,* 
Johan  Handeise, 
Johannes  Melchior, 
Andreas  Kranmer, 
Joh.  Jacob  Schack, 
Hans  George  Haldriter,* 
Philip  Haldriter,* 

Caspar  Rauland,* 
Nicklas  Holtzleeder, 
Johan  Georg  Embs, 
Johan  Caspar  Schneider, 
Johann  Georg  Koch, 
Valentin  Hohwerder, 
Johan  Nickel  Schuster, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Hoster, 
Johannes  Fiehman, 
Wilhelm  Zimmer,* 
Simon  Jacob  Boor, 
Johan  Georg  Riegel, 
Joh.  Conrad  Lechleiter, 
Daniel  Korstmann, 
John  Philip  Ohger, 
Johan  Jacob  Schleiff, 
Joh.  Christoff  Schmuckheyde. 

86)  Oct.  17,  1741.    Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Molly, 
Thos.  Oliver,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Deal. 

Dct  17,  1741.    g)fäl3cr  fanten  mit  tern  ©c^iffc  5«ott9,  Som- 
tnantant  Zf)oä,  DUöer,  »on  ^lottertam  über  3DeaL 

Joseph  Hobian, 
Michael  Miller,* 
Martin  Giese,* 
Michael  Boracker,* 
Jacob  Rimli, 
Wilhelm  Schwann,* 
Veldin  Weissig,* 
Daniel  Gillmann, 
Peter  Godfried,* 
Johannes  Müller, 
Peter  Mantz,* 
Daniel  Ecron, 
Michael  Spindel, 
Christoffel  Heine,* 
Michael  Simon,* 
Johann  Georg  Druck, 
Johann  Adam  Scheib; 

John  Nicklas  Klein,* 
Johan  Lenhart  Beyer, 
Phil.  Conrad  Weydner, 
Johan  Jacob  Moltz, 
Johannes  Stockschieger, 
Christian  Commens,* 
Bartolomae  Conselman,* 
John  Frederick  Schipp,* 
Johan  Simon  Hein, 
Johannes  Mattheis, 
Johannes  Zellman, 
Johan  Michel  Keyser, 
Michael  Höpster, 
Matheus  Kilian, 
Philip  Daum, 
Herman  Sauer,* 
Jacob  Engelman, 




Johan  Ruddiss, 
Daniel  Zinck,* 
Michel  Säuberlich, 
Martin  Regelman, 
Lenhart  Lämmer,* 
Peter  Krammer, 
Alex.  Stockschleder, 
Henrich  Becker, 
Samuel  Spiegel, 
Joh.  Michel  Herb, 
Diterich  Shweyzey, 
Conrad  Riegelman, 
John  Peter  Siesler,* 
Matheus  Meyer,* 
Bernhart  Switzig, 
Joh.  Peter  Bender, 
John  Geo.  Hubeny,* 
Hans  Georg  Sterrles, 
Andreas  Unger,* 

Johan  Georg  Küntzel, 
Sebastian  Herlieman, 
Johan  Jacob  Gerst, 
Jacob  Engellmann, 
Johan  Jacob  Kron, 
Johan  Peter  Eitergall, 
Hans  Michel  Schwartz, 
Joh.  Henrich  Schmitt, 
Johan  Michel  Krämer, 
Johan  Henrich  Weydner, 
Johan  Michael  Weicker, 
Georg  Philip  Ptiihl, 
Hans  George  Riegelman,* 
Johan  Friederich  Klein, 
Johan  Christophel  Stimbi, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Saner, 
John  Lenhart  Siesler,* 
Johann  Caspar  Gress, 
Johan  Jacob  Decker. 

87)  Oct.  26,  1741.  Palatines  imported  in  the  snow  Molly, 
John  Cranch,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Deal. 

Oct.  26,  1741.  ^fäljer  famen  mit  tern  ©eefd)iffc  9Jiotl9, 
Sapttain  3o^n  granc^,  »on  Stotterbam  über  Deal. 

Peter  Schmitt, 
Jacob  Schmid, 
Jacob  Theis, 
Henrich  Pfeil, 
Johannes  Hess, 
Georg  Funk,* 
Stephan  Rub, 
Friederich  Ott, 
Georg  Keck, 
Joachim  Berger, 
Peter  Meyer,* 
Michael  Jung, 
Peter  Simon, 
Baltzer  Hamman,? 
Anthony  Adam,* 
Peter  Metz,* 

Johan  Heinrich  Gräff, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Huey, 
John  George  Meylander,* 
Johan  Peter  Herbach, 
Johann  Peter  Haass, 
Joh.  Geo.  Wilhelm  Küsterman, 
Joh.  Theobald  Brauchler, 
Valentin  Benedict  Hardt, 
Johan  Michael  Süs, 
Johannes  Metzler, 
Hans  Adam  Sontag, 
Johan  Philip  Desch, 
Hans  Peter  Hess, 
Hans  Dewald  Siber,* 
John  Gothart  Armbriest,* 
Joh.  Henrich  Daniel, 



Peter  "Weber,* 
Johannes  Ermel,* 

Theobald  Weber, 
Hans  Adam  Cresman.* 

88)  Nov.  7,  1741.  Palatines  imported  in  the  snow  Thane  of 
Fife,  William  Weems,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Aber- 
deen, Scotland. 

9ioö.  7,  1741.  ^fäljer  fanien  mit  bent  Seefc^iffe  Zljunt  of 
gifc,  ßapitain  Sßilliam  Sßeemö,  »on  JHotterbam  ühtx  ^Oerteen, 

Gabriel  Jung, 
Jacob  Fortine, 
George  Creim,* 
Carl  Grim, 
Adam  Grim,* 
Johannes  Boss,* 
Matteas  Kolb,* 
Ludwig  Essig, 
Peter  Semier,* 
John  Sebastian  * 

Johann  Bolander,* 
Johan  Adam  Kircher,* 
Vallentin  Esman,* 
Valentin  Winterstein, 
John  Henry  Bob,* 
Anthony  Schneyder,* 
Lenhart  Zarburger,* 
John  Nicklas  Kelch,* 
John  George  Weyman.* 

89)  Nov.  20,  1741.    Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Europa. 
Sfiot».  20, 1741.  ^fäljer,  W  mit  bem  (Bdji^e  Suropa  anlangten. 

Joh.  Mich.  Marx, 
Paulus  Furmann, 
Paul  Furman  sen.,* 
Dewald  Shanck,* 
Caspar  Rubelt,* 
Johan  Jost, 
Peter  Walmer,* 
Henry  Kuhntz,* 
Henrich  Udry, 
Johannes  Henrich, 
Konradt  Rahm, 
Simon  Gross, 
Theobald  Gross, 
Ludwig  Breit, 
Andreas  Lann,* 
Jacob  Shneyder,* 
Philip  Crentz,* 

Jacob  Lomger,* 
Conrad  Cornman, 
Philip  Wirbel,* 
Henrich  Ensminger, 
Joh.  Christian  Hausknecht, 
John  Daniel  Begly,* 
Johan  Paul  Bauer, 
Hans  Arnold  Meyer, 
Henrich  Christman, 
Johan  Jacob  Löser, 
Johan  Christian  Löser, 
Hans  Niclas  Eisenhauer, 
Johan  Peter  Eisenhauer, 
Johann  Isenhauer,* 
Hans  George  Shneyder,* 
Michael  Haberstück, 
Henry  Nicklas  Hostein,* 


Johann  Nicolaus  Ander,  Johan  Andreas  Krieger, 

Johannes  Corell,  Philip  Nair,* 

Joh.  Christoph  Wagner,  Peter  Main, 

Johan  Peter  Schreiber,  Johan  Peter  Krieger, 

Nicolaus  Wagner,  Johann  Henrich  Krieger. 

Note. — Count  Nicolaus  Ludwig  Zinzendorf  arrived  at  New  York  in 
the  latter  part  of  November,  1741.  For  a  full  account  of  Zinzendorf, 
see  Rupp's  History  of  Northumberland  County,  p.  391,  and  History  o/ 
Northampton  County,  pp.  79,  86. 

Stnmerfung.— g^raf  9?tcoIau3  Subtotg  öon  3injEnt"5rf  f'^»"  ^n  ^f*» 
gorf  gegen  (ante  ^Zoöember  1741  an.  Sine  »oUftanbtge  33et)anblung  übei 
Btnjentorf  ftnbet  ber  Sefer  tn  JRujjp'g  ©efc&icttc  »on  5^ort^umberlanb  So., 
@.  391,  unb  9tort|)ampton  So.,  ®.  79,  86. 

90)  May  28,  1742.    Foreigners  imported  in  the  snow  Catha- 
rine,   Gladman,  Commander. 

Wax  28,  1742.    ^rembe,  W  mit  bem  ®ecfd)iffe  Äat^arinc, 
ßommanbant  ©labman,  angefommen  fint). 
Johannes  Brücker,  Matheus  Wittgie, 

David  Bischoff,  Georg  Kast, 

Michel  Miesch,?  Georg  Emder, 

Henry  Aimers,  Georg  Schneider, 

Nathanael  Seidel,  Joseph  Möller, 

Jacob  Lischy,  a  Friederich  Post,  h 

George  Wiessener,*  Gottlieb  Petzold, 

a  This  was  the  Rev.  Jacob  Lischy,  a  Moravian  minister,  who  offici- 
ated for  several  years  as  a  German  Reformed  minister  in  York,  Pa. — 
See  Rupp's  History  of  York  County,  p.  694. 

a  Dteö  tear  fci^ox  3acob  Stfc^9,  ein  ^errnttuter  ®et|iHc^er,  irel(|er 
einige  S^brc  als3  beutf^^reformirter  ^'farrer  in  ^oxi,  ^d.,  amtete. — ®ic^e 
Siupp'^  ©efc^idjte  »on  2)orf  So.,  ©.  694. 

b  Post  was  an  unassuming,  honest  German,  a  Moravian.  In  1743  he 
accompanied  the  missionaries  Pyrlaus  and  Senseman  to  Shekomeko, 
an  Indian  village  bordering  on  Connecticut,  where  he  married  a  bap- 
tized Indian  woman.  Having  preached  the  Gospel  among  the  Indians 
for  several  years,  he  was  maltreated  by  being  arrested  at  Albany  and 
imprisoned  in  New  York.  After  his  liberation,  he  returned  to  Europe, 
1749.  He  afterwards  returned  to  Pennsylvania,  and  while  at  Bethle- 
hem was  prevailed  upon,  1758,  to  carry  a  message  from  the  Govern- 
ment to  the  Delaware,  Shawanese  and  Mingo  Indians  in  the  West. — 
See  Post's  Journal  of  1758  in  Rupp's  History  of  Western  Pennsylvania. 
Edition  of  I8i6.— (Editor.) 

AND  OTHER  IMMIGRANTS — 1742.  153 

John  Adolph  Meyer,  Johann  Leonhart  Schnell, 

Johan  ]?randmüller,  Christian  Werner, 

Paul  Daniel  Bryzelius,  Joh.  Christoph  Heyne, 

Heinrieh  Joachim  Sensemann,  Johan  Georg  Hey  decker, 

Michael  Tannenberger,  Johann  Reinhard  Rona, 

Johan  Georg  Hardtner,  Johann  Michael  Huber. 
Johann  Philip  Mauerer, 

91)  Aug.  25,  1742.  Foreigners  imported  in  the  brigantine 
Maiy,  John  Mason,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

2tug.  25,  1742.  grembe  famcn  mit  bem  ©c^iteüfa^rer  iJJiar^, 
fia^ttaln  3o^ti  SJiafon,  »on  9lotterbam  über  Soraeö. 

Valentin  Kraft,  Johann  Philip  Bertz, 

Daniel  Etter,  Johan  Michael  Zeister, 

Johannes  Seivert,*  John  Henry  Kookes,* 

Andreas  Straub,*  Constantinus  Stilling, 

Martin  Arnold,*  Hans  George  Sneyder,* 

Jacob  Reeder,*  Johan  Friedrich  Ricker, 

Martin  Schmidt,  Christoffer  Danner,* 

Georg  Kiester,  Jacob  Baumann, 

Peter  Burgener,  Georg  Friederich  Heranus, 

Rupertus  Bender,  Johannes  Bergerhoff, 

Peter  Welch,  Gerret  van  Kouten, 

Hans  Trachsell,  Jan  De  Mars, 

Abraham  Liettel,*  Peter  Burckner,* 

Jacob  Nägli,  Christian  Bugner. 

92)  Sept.  3,  1742.    Foreigners  imported  in  the  ship  Loyal 
Judith,  James  Cowie,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

b  5)oft  trar  ctn  bcf^etbcncr,  el)rHc!)cr  Xeiitfc^er  iinb  $errn'()uter.  1743 
begleitete  er  bte  ^Jifftonarc  ^*T?r[äus?  unb  laenfemann  nadi  ©fjefomefo, 
einem  Snbiancrborf,  Xiai  an  Sonnecticut  grenjt,  »o  er  nnd)  eine  getaufte 
3nbtanerin  t)t'iiatl)ete.  9?aa)bem  cr  ben  ^nbianern  mef)rere  3a{)re  lang  baS 
Söangelium  ijerlünbigt  f)atte,  föurte  cr  bur^  (>kfangennet)mung  ju  Sllban^ 
unb  Stnfperning  in  9?eix>  3"^^  mi§banbelt.  9?ac&  feiner  Befreiung  febrte 
er  1749  nai^  Suropa  ,^uriidt.  Stnt'ge  3cit  nad)ber  bcfuc^te  er  ^ennf^'loanten 
»Dteber  unb  toa'brcnb  fctncö  2iufcntbaUi3  in  23ctblebem  bewog  tbn  1758  bie 
Stegierung,  cine  Sotfcbaft  ben  IDclaicarc,  ®batoanefe  unb  5D?tngo  3nbta= 
nern  im  '^SBeften  ju  überbringen.— Siebe  ^'oft'^  Sournal  »on  1758  in 
Stupp'«  ©efcbicbte  »om  aBcftHc|en  ^ennfvlöanien.  ^iluögabe  »on  1846.— 



<Sc^)t.  3,  1742.  gremtie  famen  mit  bent  ®^tffe  Sopal  3ut»it^, 
Sapitain  ^armi  dotoie,  öon  3flottert)am  über  Goweö. 

Bernhart  Jansen, 
Kilian  Fischel, 
Johan  Fishel,* 
Georg  Metzger, 
Gottfried  Schnelie, 
Friederich  Keher,* 
Wendel  Vetter, 
Jacob  Berentpeller,* 
Daniel  Lang, 
Johannes  Schultz, 
Johannes  Hertens, 
Dieterich  Hobbach, 
Reymund  Laufflenter,* 
Johannes  Dernheimer, 
Simon  Wischhan, 
Friederich  August, 
Johannes  Lehn, 
Feibert  Sochus, 
Simon  Jonas, 
Jacob  Taubetishel,* 
Johan  Jacob  Winterehle, 
Johan  Peter  Jung, 
Johan  Jacob  Schühler, 
Johan  Georg  ^V^eninger,? 
Wilhelm  Anspach, 
Friederich  Schollenberger, 
Johan  Jacob  Sheer,* 
Johan  Paul  Weytzel, 
Johann  Henrich  Dörr, 
Johann  Michel  Sternn, 
John  Adam  Turinger,* 
Johann  Jacob  Rath, 
Henricus  De  Ilooff, 
Friederich  Germeijung, 
Joh.  Andreas  Strassbürger, 
Henrich  Wolffskehl, 
Philip  Henrich  Erben, 

Johann  Henrich  Wagner, 
Theobald  Nabinger, 
Johannes  Lorentz, 
Philip  Cronenberger, 
Peter  Frey, 
Johannes  Rab, 
Peter  Klein, 
Ludwig  Schott, 
Johannes  Rühl, 
Zacharias  Heller,* 
Friederich  Pfeil, 
Johannes  Fissel, 
Christofiel  Heucher, 
Valentin  Grün, 
Johannes  Domie, 
Lorentz  Place, 
Johannes  Rühl, 
Peter  Barth, 
David  Schall,* 
Johan  Jacob  Grub, 
Johann  Georg  Jäger, 
Johann  Lehnhart  Führ, 
Johannes  Peter  Frey, 
Paulus  Westenberger,  ? 
Johann  IMichel  Paulis, 
Johann  Baltzer  Schäffer, 
Johann  Valentin  Gloninger, 
Hans  Georg  Shaffer, 
Samuel  Fortinnix, 
Christoph  Plantz, 
Christoph  Bergman, 
Ludwig  jMetzger, 
Gonrath  Hartman,* 
Johannes  Schumacher, 
Christoffel  Geller, 
Jonas  Furtuly,* 
Johann  Simon  GräflF. 



9o)  Sept.  21, 1742.  Foreigners  imported  in  the  ship  Francis 
and  Elizabeth,  George  North,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last 
from  Deal. 

(Sept.  21,  1742.  gremte  famen  mit  'tcm  St^ijfe  granjiö  unt> 
ßlifabetl),  Sapitain  ©eorge  9iortt),  yon  3?ottcrt)am  ühtx  Deal. 

Michel  Kolb, 
Michael  Thesser, 
Johannes  Withman, 
Ulrich  Halber  * 
Jacob  Geiger, 
Johannes  Eckel, 
Peter  Rubel,* 
Jacob  Klein,* 
Frederich  Haussman, 
Nicklaus  Walder,* 
Christian  Newcomer,* 
Andreas  Waltaich, 
Christian  Henrich, 
Conrad  Bassel,* 
Henry  Cerber,* 
Christoph  Schmidt,* 
Jacob  Schenck, 
Paulus  Daterer, 
Michel  Coppelger, 
Johann  Friederich  lollgo, 
John  Henrich  StoU, 
Christian  Adam  Hbbel, 
Johan  Michael  Waidele, 
Johann  Jacob  Holbein, 
Joh.  Michael  Käschstler, 
Johann  Henrich  Stes, 
Hans  Adam  Klein, 
Ullrich  Neuschwanger, 
Christian  Newcomer  jr., 
Johann  Peter  Waller, 
Christian  Hiird, 
Hans  Michel  Fohl, 
Thomas  Heunemeyer, 
John  Gottfried  Rieger,* 
Johann  Georg  Weith, 
Johan  Peter  Kochlein, 

Johann  Wilhelm  Worth, 
Johan  Nicklaus  Cuntz, 
Wilhelm  Ruff, 
Martin  Meyer, 
Peter  Laaber,* 
Jacob  Binder, 
Melchior  Hirtzel, 
Jonas  Metzger, 
Adam  Säbert, 
Johannes  Grob, 
Philip  Shleyhouff,* 
Andreas  Heintz, 
Hans  Ewert, 
Johannes  Schäfer, 
Conrad  Gerhart, 
Heinerich  Hirt, 
Anton  Faust, 
Nicklaus  Röhrig, 
Martin  Kirschner, 
Peter  Stam, 
Adam  Odt, 
Adam  Ott  sen., 
Conrad  Ott, 
Johannes  Odt, 
Johannes  Reusswig, 
Christian  Rügner, 
Johannes  Weber, 
Johannes  Böhm,* 
Jacob  Yoder,* 
Friederich  Meyer, 
Jacob  Kurtz, 
Jacob  Guth, 
Peter  Faust,* 
Conrad  Bloss, 
Jacob  Hanck, 
Johann  Peter, 



Moritz  Zug,  a 
Christian  Zug, 
Johannes  Zug, 
Christof  Geiser, 
Hans  Georg  Binder, 
Hans  George  Shenk,* 
Matthäus  Wendnagel, 
Samuel  Wohlegemuth,* 
Hans  Georg  Knödler, 
Hans  Michael  Bauer,* 
Johan  Matthias  Plantz, 
Rudolph  WoUenweiller, 
Hans  George  Ruthy,* 
Ludwig  Jacob  Friedburg, 
Johann  Adam  Stam, 
Johann  Henrich  Rengel, 
Johan  Henrich  Wolff, 
Johan  Georg  Schüssler, 
Nicolaus  Gottschalck, 
Johann  Peter  Odt, 
Johann  Henrich  Odt, 
Johan  Henrich  Dessler, 
Leonhardt  Michael  Rüger, 
Johann  Henrich  Ahl, 
Johann  Christian  Homer, 
Johan  Jacob  Bohn, 
Christian  Jotter, 
Christian  Jotter  jr., 
Christian  Miller,* 
Johannes  Knäg,* 
Johannes  Gerber, 
Uhllerich  Ställy,* 
Johan  Adam  Heydrig,* 
Johan  Georg  Faust,* 
Johan  Henry  Creesman, 

Johannes  Walther, 
Hans  Jacob  Huber, 
Philip  Deter  Huber,* 
Johan  Peter  Köhler, 
Stephan  Bopenmeier, 
Abraham  Kolman, 
Johan  Michel  Truckenmüller, 
Jost  Fuchs,* 
Henry  Müler,* 
Ludwig  Huber, 
Gabriel  Köhler, 
Jacob  Sarbach, 
Georg  Schultz, 
Moses  Binder,* 
Christian  Ecket,* 
Andreas  Bachman, 
Bernhart  Kober,* 
Melchior  Schauer, 
Abraham  Gross, 
Johannes  Koohn,* 
Martin  Stouver,* 
Ludwig  Schmaltzhaff, 
Georg  Adam  Müller, 
Hans  Michael  Kraffl,* 
Christian  Dannewald,* 
Johann  Henrich  Schertz, 
Carl  Philip  Schultz, 
Hans  Michael  Doli, 
Johann  Michael  Bucher, 
Johann  Michael  Scitz, 
Abraham  Schnutz, 
Matheus  Massiman, 
David  Rotheheffer, 
Christian  Müller. 

a  Moritz  Zug  was  the  grandfather  of  Shem  Zoofc,  of  MifBin  County, 
Pa.,  favorably  known  by  his  agrirultural  essays  in  the  Patent  Office 
Reports  within  the  last  few  years. 

a  3)?onfs  3u9  *»"f  tjer  ryro§öater  'con  Sbem  3'"'f  tjon  5)?tfflin  Scunt^. 
fa.,  tex  b'urd)  feine  2Uifj"a'ge  über  2ant<»trtt)fd)aft  in  ben  ^atcnt'D^\ict' 
5Jerid)ten  wabrenl)  t>er  legten  paor  3a^re  riitjmlic^ft  bcfannt  tft 



94)  Sept.  24, 1742.  Foreigners  imported  in  the  ship  Robert 
and  Alice,  Hartley  Cussack,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 

<Bept.  24,  1742.  ^i^emlie  famen  mit  bent  ©c^iffe  Stotert  min 
%lki,  Sapitain  3)?artle9  Supcf,  son  3flottert»am  über  Soweg» 

Philippus  Bärger, 
Cornelius  Miller, 
Friederich  Müller, 
Ludwig  Miller,* 
Conrad  Pooff,* 
Veltin  Paul, 
Philip  Farenthal, 
Jacob  Stübigh,* 
Hans  Rub, 
Friederick  Becker, 
Michel  Axer, 
Michel  Wolff, 
Johannes  Heydt, 
Peter  G-eris, 
Philip  Geris,* 
Nicklaus  Hartt,* 
Paulus  Bang, 
Johannes  Binackel, 
Adam  Gucker,* 
Christian  Gucker,* 
IMichel  Weiss, 
Henry  Stave,* 
Durst  Ziegler, 
Johannes  Ziegler, 
Johann  Georg  Christ, 
Georg  Christian  Ulrich, 
Johann  Jacob  Metzger, 
Johan  Nicklas  Hyl,* 
Johann  Jacob  Benedick, 
Hans  Adam  Christ,* 
Simon  Jacob  Tlieil,* 
Johann  Georg  Schissler, 
Hildebrand  Heckman, 
Johann  Philip  Kercher, 
Johann  Christoffel  Peter, 

Johan  Jacob  Bome,* 
Simon  Peter  Diehl, 
Johan  Friederich  Heimer, 
Johann  Henrich  Werner, 
Johann  Simon  Drum, 
Johann  Jacob  Schmitt, 
Johann  Casper  Schell, 
Johann  Michel  Koch, 
Johannes  Brosius, 
Joh.  Abraham  Brosius, 
Johann  Georg  Riess, 
Johann  Jacob  Riess, 
Johann  Jacob  Wagner, 
Jacob  Weber, 
Jacob  Stein, 
Lorentz  Riess, 
Peter  Herber, 
Johannes  Herber, 
Andreas  Harter, 
Johannes  Kerch, 
Matheas  Meyer,* 
David  Weil, 
David  Mackly,* 
Johannes  Krape,* 
Peter  Maus,* 
Andreas  Kessler, 
Hans  Adam  Holdt,* 
Hans  Adam  Furtig,* 
Friederich  Schmidt, 
John  Jacob  Zervin,* 
Philip  Jacob  Ehrenfelter, 
Adam  Furchtig,* 
Joh.  Paulus  Reuther,? 
Hans  Peter  Woolf,* 
Hans  Geo.  Katzenstein,* 




Matlieis  Heinrich,  ?  Michael  Danner, 

Dietrich  Danner,  Hans  Michael  Spaar.* 

Note. — Rev.  Henry  Melchior  Muhlenberg,  D.  D.,  Patriarch  of  the 
Evangelical  Lutheran  Church  in  America,  arrived  from  Charleston, 
S.  C,  at  Philadelphia,  Nov.  28,  1742.— See  Rupp's  History  of  Berks 
and  Lebanon  Co.,  p.  433. 

Stnmcrfung. — ^aftor^enrv  5!)?eI(|tor  !0?ül)lenberci,  Dr.  Theol.  unb 
5)atriar(^  ber  eüangclifdb^Iut^erifc^cn  Äirc^c  in  Slmcrtfa,  fam  am  28.  ^iJoöbr. 
1742  öon  S^arlefton,  ®.  S.,  tn  ?)^t(abel>)()ta  an.— iStctje  JRupp'ö  ®cfc^. 
»on  Scrfg  unb  Lebanon  So.,  ®.  433. 

95)  Aug.  30, 1743.  Foreigners  imported  in  the  ship  Francis 
and  Elizabeth,  George  North,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 

2tug.  30,  1743.  gremte  famen  mit  feem  (Sd)iffc  gi'önji^  unb 
Slifabet^,  ^apitain  ©eorge  S^iortfe,  oon  9tottertam  über  Sowcg. 

Hans  Bücher, 
Henry  Coughly,* 
Hans  Zoblei, 
Rudolph  Mertz, 
Hans  Meier  jr., 
Henry  Rudolph,* 
Henrich  Müller, 
Uhllerich  Näff,* 
Henry  Leer,* 
Casper  Spery,* 
Henry  Shwitzer,* 
Casper  Crop,* 
Johannes  Hug, 
Henry  Naff,* 
Kilian  Gild,* 
Hans  Meyer,* 
Henry  Rudsh,* 
Hans  Heinrich  Hübner, 
Hans  Heinrieh  Näff, 
Christopher  Bosser,* 
Henry  Weidman,* 
Henry  Hebrecht,* 
Hans  Gütinger, 
Hans  Henry  Naff,* 
Henry  Baumgardner, 

Hans  Jacob  Naff,* 
Hans  Heinrich  Scheuerer, 
Hans  Ulrich  Bladman, 
Henry  Leinbach,* 
Henry  Poldesberger,* 
Hans  Jacob  Usser,* 
Heinrich  Bauerdt, 
Rudolph  Kleinpeter,* 
Jacob  Wegmann, 
Peter  Scheurer, 
Johannes  Meier, 
Ely  Wälder,* 
Henry  Good,* 
Felix  Leea,* 
Henrich  Eck, 
Johannes  Buch, 
Jacob  Boumer,* 
Hans  Kuhn,* 
Hans  Dups, 
Johannes  Bär, 
Jacob  Bär, 
Henrich  Grob, 
Henrich  Hitz, 
Jacob  Fi'anck, 
Henrich  Suter, 



Henry  Zutter,* 
Heniy  Shmit,* 
Daniel  Harner, 
Hans  Jacob  ^V^iirst, 
Felix  Hierlyman,* 
Johannes  Bosor, 
Melchior  Steheli, 
Lenhart  Altcrfer  Schmied, 
Henry  DubydoriFer,* 
Felix  Christ.  Wagner, 
Hans  Rurckons,^- 

Hans  Jacob  Meyer, 

Hans  Jacob  Rüttlinger, 

Lenhart  Schnebeli, 

Henrich  Schleypfer, 

Johannes  Schildemrad, 

Jacob  Bachman, 

Caspar  Snabily,* 

Hans  Jacob  Pfister, 

Hans  Ulrich  Dinges, 

Hans  Ulrich  Hegnetsweiller.  ? 

96)  Sept.  2,  1743.  Foreigners  imported  in  the  ship  Loyal 
Judith,  James  Cowie,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

©ept.  2,  1743.  gremtc  tarnen  mit  tern  (S(^iffe  So^d  Sut'iti), 
Sa))itain  ^amt^  Soroie,  »on  Jlottertam  über  Soroeö. 

Bartel  Zöller, 
Johannes  Becker, 
Philip  Christian,* 
Martin  Dincky,? 
Johannes  Lärer, 
Michel  Seitz, 
Henrich  Moag,* 
Jacob  Maag, 
Johan  Jacob, 
Johannes  Kirst, 
Friedrich  Feltberger, 
Lorents  Laffersweiler, 
Nickel  Runckel, 
Johan  Runckel, 
Adam  Brech, 
Johannes  Jäger, 
Johannes  Krämer, 
Daniel  Märtz, 
Bernhard  Lauffersweiler, 
Nicklaus  Scherstenberger, 
Johan  Conrad  Schütz, 
Johann  Georg  Eppelman, 
Johan  Jacob  Gittelman, 
Johan  Wendel  Dannefelser, 

John  Valentin  Hammer,* 
Johann  Wilhelm  Becker, 
Johan  Adam  Moses, 
John  George  Miller,* 
Johannes  Honig, 
Johan  Peter  Braun, 
Johann  Philip  Odewelder, 
Philip  Carl  Angel, 
Johan  Adam  Mohr, 
Johann  Philip  Beier, 
Johan  Philip  Gambach, 
Johan  Adam  Uehrbass, 
Johannes  Gambach, 
Ulrich  Freyhofer, 
Rudolff  Buchy,* 
Wendel  Horst, 
Valentin  Wentz, 
Gerhart  Fichker,* 
Bastian  Bongart, 
Christian  Weiss, 
Johannes  Bott, 
Andreas  \\''alter, 
Nicklas  Keller, 
Adam  Kappel, 



Lorentz  Sclimalil,a 
Adam  Shmaal,* 
Jacob  Haussman, 
Johannes  Schreyer, 
Johannes  Habersod,* 
Mattheas  Hoffer, 
Shnon  Küstener, 
Peter  Koth,* 
George  Fitterer,* 
Peter  Miller  * 
Jacob  Möhner, 
Lorentz  Hardt, 
Adam  Schmahl, 
Wentz  Schmahl, 
Valentin  Grosch, 
Friederich  Fichgus, 
Bernhart  Becker, 
Johannes  Becker, 
Johannes  Bennes, 
Jacob  Bentli, 
Jacob  Keyser,* 
Philipp  Hoffman, 
Johann  Philipp  Wentz, 
Christoph  Weisskopff, 
Christopel  Grossert, 
Johannis  Schwindt, 

Johann  Jacob  Wilhelm, 
Johann  Jacob  Huth, 
Jacob  Grosskopff,* 
Johan  Henrich  Scheurer, 
Hans  Georg  Sheyer,* 
Johan  Adam  Reyd,* 
Johann  Jacob  Petry, 
Johan  Adam  Fuchs, 
Johannes  Brückbauer, 
Johannes  Mondshauer,* 
Johann  Phillipp  Böhm  jr., 
Johann  Phillipp  Böhm, 
Hans  Wolf  Waltz,* 
Andreas  Weybrich, 
Hermanus  H  offer, 
Johann  Philip  Hardt, 
Johann  Emrich  Bott, 
Johan  Georg  Wolffskehl, 
Mattheus  Butterfass, 
Nicolas  Maneubach, 
Johan  Phihp  Schrieger, 
Joh.  Philip  Schrieger  jr., 
Johann  Henrich  May, 
Johann  Georg  Story, 
Hans  Heinrich  Maag, 
Johan  Balthasar  Groh, 

a  Lorentz  Schmahl,  a  native  of  the  Middle  Palatinate,  settled  as  a 
farmer  six  miles  from  York,  Pa.,  where  he  pursued  assiduously  and 
successfully  his  calling  to  the  close  of  his  life,  leaving  four  sons:  Jacob, 
who,  when  young,  moved  to  Baltimore,  whose  son,  Col.  Jacob  Small, 
was  Mayor  of  the  city ;  John  Schmahl  moved  to  and  settled  in  Beaver 
County;  Kilian  and  Lawrence  remained  in  York.  From  the  former, 
the  greater  part  of  the  numerous  Smalls  in  York  County  descend. — 
Rupp's  History  of  York  County,  p.  743. 

a  ?orcn^  <Sc^mat)l,  in  ber  mittleren  55ffllj  geboren,  He§  fic^  aU  Sauer 
fec^ö  55fetlen  oon  §)orf,  ^a.,  nteber,  too  er  fetnem^Seruf  h\i  jum  Snbe  fct= 
neg  Sebenö  treu  unb  eifrig  oblag.  (Sr  batte  »tcr  ^bbne:  3afob,  ber  in  fei- 
ner 3ugenbjiacb  Baltimore  jog  unb  beffen  ©obn,  (Sol.  3afcb  <^ma{\, 
'^aviüx  ber  (stabt  war;  3obn  ®($mabl  lte§  ficb  in  23eav^er  Sount?  nteber; 
5tiltan  unb  Sorenj  blieben  in  §)orf.  23on  erfterem  ftammt  ber  grö§cre  Jbetl 
ber  in  glorf  gount^  fo  jablreicben  ®maUg.— ^iuj)})'^  ©efc^i^te  »on  g)or! 
eount9,  (5.  743. 



Georg  Fredericli  Gribel,* 
Peter  Schweikhartli, 
Johannes  HoflFman, 

Lorentz  Miller  * 
Jolian  Daniel  Hoff, 
Job.  Jacob  Fossbendler. 

97)  Sept.  5,  1743.  Foreigners  imported  in  the  snow  Char- 
lotte, John  Mason,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

®e)3t.  5,  1743.  ?5«nibe  famen  mit  tern  ®eefd)iffe  S^arlottc, 
Gapitain  3oI)tt  SJJafon,  »on  9iotterbam  über  Sorocö. 

Adolph  Eiler, 
Henrich  Hant, 
Mattheis  Basting, 
Henry  Shoemaker,* 
Wilhelm  Bretz, 
Jacob  Bretz, 
Johannes  Lees,* 
Johannes  Lisch, 
Johannes  Schiffer, 
Phillippus  Maurer, 
Jacob  Enck, 
Johannes  Gross, 
Anthon  Schnieder, 
David  Dautderer,? 
Nicklas  Wolfart, 
Henrich  Eckenroth, 
Johannes  Koch, 
Valentin  Lörch, 
Johannes  Riesset, 
Henrich  Meyer,* 
Anton  Zehmer, 
Gottlieb  Werth, 
Johannes  Bopp, 
Johannes  Söhn, 

Johan  Nickel  Schnell, 
Johan  Peter  Schwager, 
Johann  Philip  Schnell, 
Johannes  Ickrath, 
Johan  Friederich  Thor, 
Johan  Jacob  Enck, 
Job.  Andoni  Hellenthal, 
Johann  Georg  Miller, 
Johan  Georg  Herman, 
Johan  David  Schmidt, 
Johan  Conrath  Guthmann, 
Johan  Balthaser  Gir,? 
Johann  Jacob  Stamm, 
Johannes  Niemand, 
Johann  Henrich  Mertz, 
Friederich  Krämer, 
Johannes  Hermann, 
Hans  Georg  Albrecht,* 
Mattheis  Heimbach, 
Jacob  Granable,* 
Johannes  Albenächt, 
Johannis  Clossheim, 
Johannes  Ulmstadt, 
Johannes  Mumrich. 

98)  Sept.  20,  1743.    Foreigners  imported  in  the  ship  Lydia, 
James  Abercrombie,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

(Sept.  20,  1743.   grembe  famcit  mit  feem  ©i^iffc  St)t)ta,  (Sapi^ 
tain  3fl'neö  Stijercrombie,  öon  3flottcrt)am  über  Sotueö. 
Jost  Folmer,*  Johannes  Benner, 

Johannes  Bender,*  Frantz  Bricker, 




Dietricli  Fohl, 
Johannes  Zepter,* 
Johan  Christian  Walther, 
Joh.  Christian  Rischstein, 
Joh.  Henrich  Hoffman, 
Johan  Jacob  Gucker, 
Johan  Henrich  Gucker, 
Simon  Dreissbach, 
Johannes  Weiler,* 
Johannes  Hiinche, 
Dielman  Schütz,* 
Johannes  Ax, 
Hieronimus  Weber, 
Konradt  Wirdt, 
Johannes  Jung, 
Hermanus  Bruch, 
Johannes  Gring, 
Johannes  Faster, 
Peter  Althen, 
Wühehn  Hebbel, 
Henry  Schwartz,* 
Matheus  Lentz,* 
George  Frieh, 
Conrath  Kohl, 
Andreas  Schmitt, 
Johannes  Roth, 
Johannes  Peltz,* 
Valentin  Roth,* 
Jeremias  Weidy,* 
Frantz  Greulich, 
Casper  Gastner, 
Henry  Frey,* 

Johannes  Bauer, 
Johannes  Dorr, 
Philip  Heger,* 
George  Ament,* 
Johan  Jost  Dreissbach, 
Johan  Ludwig  Rudolph, 
Johan  Peter  Riihl, 
Johannes  Blattenberger,* 
Johan  Gerhart  Weick, 
George  Wilhelm  Eckart,* 
Johan  Wilhelm  Eckroth, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Krautter, 
Johan  Adam  Gaul, 
Johann  Andreas  Gutman, 
Joh.  Nickel  Seidenbach, 
Henrich  Lepkiicher, 
Johan  Philip  Amendt, 
Johan  Christian  Neff, 
Joh.  Bernhart  Gesell, 
Johan  Jacob  Hacker,* 
Johan  Georg  Schwartz, 
Christian  Harshy,* 
Joh.  Friederich  Sänger, 
Valentin  Schmidt, 
Johan  Nickel  Sauer,* 
Johan  Christoffel  Looss,* 
Valentin  Kletter,* 
Joh.  Friederich  Heyer, 
Valentin  Heyer, 
Conrad  Sallam,* 
John  Goodman.* 

99)  Sept.  26,  1743.    Foreigners  imported  in  the  ship  Rosan- 
nah,  James  Reason,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

«Sept.  26,  1743.    gremte  famen  mit  bent  «Schiffe  JRofanna^, 
Sapitatn  2<imti  Sfleafon,  »on  SHottertam  üt»er  doroeö. 
Jacob  Hoffman,  Casper  Kessler, 

Andreas  Spring,*  Hans  Ferdinandt, 

Jacob  Schäueffele,  Casper  Meier, 



Jacob  Fincky,* 
Rudy  Keyser,* 
Johannes  Jooghly,''' 
Henrich  Christoph  Heroldt, 
Hans  Georg  Bentzinger, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Satler, 
Hans  Georg  Stärner, 
Georg  Christoph  Schoch, 
Hans  Georg  Fuchs, 
Hans  George  Markwart,* 
Hans  Martin  Müller, 
Hans  Conrad  Bruner,* 
Jacob  Schuster,* 
Hans  Müller,* 
George  Müller,* 
Gregorius  Müller,* 
Hans  Brunner, 
Henry  Müller,* 
Martin  Wirth, 
Johannes  Fischer,* 
Jacob  Prela, 
David  Schatz, 
Friederich  Stall, 
Jacob  Leder, 

Samuel  WoliF, 
Leonhart  Ströbel, 
Andreas  Strele, 
Christian  Ilaller, 
Jacob  Haller, 
Michael  Wyland,* 
Henrich  Burekart, 
Hans  Jacob  Gassner, 
Hans  Ulerich  Huber,* 
Hans  Melchior  Fischer,* 
Johannes  Fischer  jr., 
Bernhart  Pflaugner, 
Hans  Jacob  Bemmler, 
Hans  Jacob  Hummel, 
Johannes  Ketterman,* 
Georg  ChristoflF  Herais, 
Georg  Philip  Hummel, 
Hans  Georg  Kater, 
Hieronimus  Henning, 
Hans  Georg  Etzweiller, 
Hans  Leonhart  Wyland,* 
Casper  Bindschädler, 
Johannes  Roodsman.* 

100)  Sept.  30, 1743.  Foreigners  imported  in  the  ship  Phoenix, 
William  Wilson,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

<Scpt.  30,  1743.  Srentbe  famen  mit  bem  ©c^iffe  ^l)öni):,  Som= 
manbant  SiMliiam  Söilfon,  öou  Siottertam  über  Soiuee, 

WUhelm  Hölty, 
Otto  Hai, 

Lenhart  Wintergress, 
Johannes  Dandoner, 
Matheis  Treuckel, 
Johannes  Ungear,* 
Christoff  Holwer,* 
Jacob  Rubly,* 
Michael  Bauer,* 
Michael  Leavy, 
Johannes  Schnee, 

Philip  Reesher,* 
Philip  Spegel, 
Jacob  Gänsle, 
David  Säusert,? 
Frederich  Köhler, 
Jacob  Siherrer,* 
Michael  Eller, 
Isaac  Will, 
Henry  Meyer,* 
Dewald  Hochstädt,* 
Johann  Henrich  Hauss, 



Lorentz  Protzmann, 
Henry  Reydmeyer,* 
Paulus  Behringer, 
Phillippus  Bayer, 
Hans  Micliael  Stumpf, 
Joh.  Nicklas  Lohman, 
J.  Ernst  Reifisclineider,* 
Johannes  Gänsle, 
Johan  Frederich  Esch, 
Johann  Jost  Köhler, 
Georg  Klingmann, 
Johan  Georg  Sternbirger, 
Johan  Valtin  Beul, 
Johann  Georg  Schäffer, 
Friederich  Miller,* 
Johan  Henrich  Wagner, 
Peter  Handwercker, 
Benedict  Nussbaum,* 
Jacob  Geiger  sen., 
Jacob  Geiger  jr.. 
Matheis  Kent, 
Johannes  Bär,* 
Johannes  Stamm,* 
Peter  Gör, 
Jacob  Böm, 
Melchior  Bär, 
Christophel  Bär, 
Melchior  Bär  jr., 
Melchior  Seydler, 
Daniel  Schwartz, 

Henry  Dornig,* 
Michael  Masserly,* 
Daniel  Mauss, 
Peter  Bartolomes, 
Philipus  Bartheus, 
Nicklaus  Fey, 
Lorentz  Cuntz, 
Georg  Huber, 
Conrad  Wirth, 
Adam  Richman, 
Nicklas  HoflPman,* 
Bemhart  Mackler,* 
Henry  Georg  Nees,* 
Johann  Niclas  Gauer, 
Johann  Jost  Vetter, 
Michael  Steckbek, 
Anthon  Bensinger, 
Hans  Adam  Feibaum,* 
Conrad  Feibaum,* 
Caspar  Reithnauer,* 
Johannes  Reudenauer,* 
Joh.  Michael  Füchthorn, 
Christian  Rorbagh,* 
Johannes  Nusbaum,* 
Johan  Adam  Herbes, 
Bernhart  Müller, 
Hans  Michael  Miller,* 
Johannes  Schmidt, 
Cal.  August  Erlwein.* 

101)  Sept.  30, 1743.  Foreigners  imported  in  the  ship  Rolsert 
and  Alice,  Hartly  Cussack,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam,  last 
from  Cowes. 

«Sept.  30,  1743.  gremtie  famen  mit  t»em  ©c^iffc  S^toBert  unb 
Sllice,  ßornmantant  ^artl^  ßaffucf,  oon  9lottert»am  üfeer  Sottjeig. 

Johannes  Zänei*,  Johannes  Good,* 

Simon  Zenger,  Joseph  Ziebly,* 

Nicklas  Baker,*  Deobold  Bauer,* 

Jacob  Baker,*  Jacob  Shock, 



Andreas  Liess, 

Kasper  Strom, 
Michael  Deato, 
Johannes  Shalley,* 
Christian  Shalley,* 
Matheas  Baum,* 
Johannes  Schütz, 
Karl  Schwartz, 
Johann  PhUip  Emig, 
Johannes  Martin, 
Johann  Philip  Emig  sen., 
Baltzer  Schwerdt, 
Phillip  Fredrick  May, 
Joh.  Ludwig  Schalle, 
Hans  Adam  Shally*, 
Johannes  Obenheyser, 
Nicklas  Schreiber, 
John  Heniy  Butz, 
Johan  Kolinangreuer,  ? 
Jacob  Schmidt, 
Hans  Georg  Stucki, 
Christoff  Sheaneman,* 
Hans  Jacob  Koller, 
Peter  Guthman, 
Samuel  Landes, 
Conrad  (Esterlen, 
Johannes  Bender, 
Henry  Gilbert, 
Hans  Hardt, 
David  Sarbach, 
Samuel  Bechtel, 

Jacob  Bucki, 

Abraham  Derst, 
Mattheis  Meier, 
Oswald  Neff, 
Johannes  Young,* 
Bardel  Miller, 
Henry  Fanner,* 
Felix  Fanner,* 
Baltzer  Gilbert,* 
Conrad  Toll,* 
Uhich  Cress,? 
Joseph  Sheffer,* 
Hans  Georg  (Esterle, 
Christoff  (Esterlin,* 
Joh.  Ludwig  Truckenmüller, 
Johann  Georg  Frey, 
Andreas  Hemberger, 
Hans  Georg  Endes, 
Hans  Michael  Ott, 
Christian  Müller, 
Hans  Georg  Müller, 
Henrich  Stertzenacker, 
Philip  Heinetsch, 
Hans  Georg  Begtel, 
Johan  Georg  Schwartz, 
Felix  Zollinger, 
Heinrich  Zwick, 
Wilhelm  Spats,* 
Jacob  GiUinger, 
Bernhart  Gilbert. 

102)  Oct.  7, 1743.  Foreigners  imported  in  the  ship  St.  An- 
drew, Kobert  Brown,  Captain,  fi-om  Kotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

Dct.  7,  1743.  grembe  famen  mit  t»em  ®d)iffe  <Bt  Slntrew, 
ßapitdn  diobext  SBroivn,  öon  Eftotterbam  über  ßoiveö. 

Jacob  Walter,*  Ulrich  Wechlid, 

Friderich  Stoll,  Adam  Heyler, 

Johannes  Moak,*  Jacob  Striey, 

Andreas  Wollinger,*  Joseph  Hartman, 



Johannes  Häuser, 
Herman  Busch, 
Greorg  Gärtner, 
Lenhart  Stein, 
Leonhart  Dewalt,* 
Gottlieb  Zigel,* 
Johan  Mergel,* 
Gottlieb  Schleer, 
Jacob  Clausser,* 
John  Nicklas  Zeisinger,* 
Joh.  Adam  Gerber, 
Geo.  Mich.  Weiss  Müller, 
Hans  Georg  Maurer, 
Johan  Simon  Kern, 
Hans  Peter  Gnimbach, 
Hans  Michel  Striey, 
Friederich  Jayter, 
Georg  PhUip  Kürr, 
Hans  George  Eatter,* 
Hans  Martin  Fischer, 
Philip  Jacob  Buttman, 
Johan  Michel  Wagner, 
Hans  Adam  Sommer, 
Georg  Friederich  Zügel, 
Johann  Jacob  Ringer,* 
Daniel  Meidinger, 
Jacob  Eichhorn, 
Lenard  Fuchs,* 
Andreas  Güllam, 
Martin  Ruth, 
Jacob  Hesse,* 
Heinrich  Brunner, 
Hans  Burger, 
Ernest  Amon,* 
Christie  Casper, 
Johannes  Ulerich,* 
Frederick  Hubely, 

Johannes  Mayer, 
Peter  Werner, 
Johannes  Widmann, 
Leonhardt  Kern, 
Heinrich  Wagner, 
Friederich  Ziegler, 
Johannes  Rieger, 
Anthon  Knauss, 
Ludwigh  Dewys, 
Abraham  Hüller, 
Valentin  Shutter,* 
Henry  Shutter,* 
Jacob  West,* 
Johannes  Eberhart, 
Hyronimus  Trauttmann, 
Bernhart  Dübinger,* 
Joh.  Ludwig  Kraft, 
Hans  Ulrich  Hegli, 
Hans  Jerg  Backastos,* 
Hans  Ulrich  Jakly, 
Hans  Ulrich  Odt, 
Hans  Henry  Bossart,* 
Jac.  Fried.  Dochterman, 
Hans  Jacob  Goldner,* 
Hans  Jerg  Amon, 
Melchior  Bührly, 
Johan  Georg  Wittmann, 
Hans  Georg  (Ehler, 
Michael  Wolfgang,* 
H.  Peter  Fronkhousen,* 
Johan  Henrich  Knauss, 
Daniel  Debüs, 
Joh.  Henrich  Gackenbach, 
Han  Adam  Zimmerman, 
Niclaus  Kobelentz, 
Johan  PhUip  Schneider. 

103)  Nov.  10,  174.3.    Foreigners  imported  in  the  snow  En- 
deavor, Thomas  Anderson,  Captain,  from  London. 

AND  OTHER  IMMIGRANTS — 1743.         167 

^ot),  10,  1743.    gremt>e  famen  mit  bent  ©eefc^iffe  Snbeatior, 
Sapitain  Jl^omaö  Slnterfon,  oon  Sonbon. 
Matheis  Braunefelder,  Matheis  Braunefelder  jr., 

Adam  Schaub,*  Hans  Ulrich  Schaub. 

Jacob  Frounwalder,* 

Note. — Sometime  in  the  summer  of  1743,  the  ancestor  of  the  Kel- 
KEES  (Swiss)  left  his  native  country  for  America.  His  great-grandson, 
Rudolph  F.  Kelker,  son  of  Frederick,  has  in  his  possession  interesting 
family  papers,  from  which  the  Editor  has  made  some  extracts.  Among 
others  is  a  certificate  of  church-membership,  viz :  L.  B.  S. 

It  is  shown  by  these  presents,  that  Heinrich  Köllicker,  born  in  1705 
at  Herrliberg,  on  Lake  Zurich,  is  the  son  of  estimable  parents,  and 
has,  by  holy  Baptism,  been  united  with  the  Reformed  Christian  Church. 
Likewise,  it  is  also  the  intention  of  Barbara  Brätscheri,  his  wedded 
wife,  together  with  their  three  sons  and  two  daughters,  all  of  good 
repute,  as  far  as  is  known,  to  leave  their  fatherland  of  their  own  accord 
and  emigrate  to  Pennsylvania  or  Carolina,  in  order  there  permanently 
to  settle  and  herewith  take  with  them  their  churchright  for  themselves 
and  for  their  descendants. 

To  this  journey  we  wish  them  success,  the  divine  blessing,  health 
and  the  attainment  of  their  object.  For  the  sake  of  greater  security 
I  have  written  the  above  with  my  own  hand  and  certified  it  with 
my  seal. 

Herrliberg,  \  Minister  at  Herrliberg 

the  8th  day  of  June,  1743.  J  and  Wezwyl.       [l.  s.] 

Family  tradition  says,  they  were  28  weeks  in  crossing  the  ocean. 
The  date  of  their  actual  departure  from  Switzerland,  and  of  their  ar- 
rival in  this  country,  and  place  of  landing,  are  all  (up  to  the  present) 
unknown.  As  the  name  does  not  appear  on  the  lists  of  immigrants  to 
Pennsylvania,  it  has  been  surmised  that  they  landed  in  Carolina. 
Henry  Köllicker  settled  about  four  miles  from  Lebanon,  now  Lebanon, 
then  Lancaster  County,  Pennsylvania,  and  we  learn  from  the  Records 
of  the  Church  that  he  was  an  Elder  in  the  "Berg  Kirch,"  near  Leba- 
non, in  1745.  His  son  Anthony,  and  daughter  Susanna  are  his  only 
children  supposed  to  have  reached  America  with  him.  The  others,  it 
is  believed,  died  before  his  arrival. 

3lnnterfuttg.— 3m  ©ommer  1743  öcrltc§  ber  2tt)ne  ber  heifer  (au^ 
ber  ©Coweta)  fein  aSaterlaitb,  urn  na(^  5tmertfa  au^juwanbern.  ©etn  Ur= 
enfel,  S^ubolp^  5.  Äclfer,  (Sot)tt  beö  grtcbric^,  befi^t  tntcrejfantc  gamt(tett= 
f($rtften,  auö  betten  ber  Cewu^gef'er  Slu^jitgc  machte.  Unter  benfelben  tjl 
folgenbeö  tl)m  oon  feinem  ^Prebtger  auögefteüte  3,^"9"i§  • 

Wii  £egen»ertigen  attefttren  bag  ^einrtc^  Äddtäer  con  $err(tberg  am. 
3un($  ®ee  geburtig,  gebobren  »erben  oon  ebrlic^en  ©Item,  tm  jabr  unfereg 
^etlanbö  gejett  1705  unb  burcb  ben  ^eiligen  Sauff  ber  Sieformtrten  Sbrift' 
It(|en  ^ir^en  etncerlctbet.  Stem,  Sarbara  Srätf($eri  fein  ^\^mt\b  famt 
3  ®öt)nen  unb  2  Jöc^tern,  alleg  un»erliäumbte  lent,  fo  »il  im  »üjfen,  fre? 


unb  ungcjtoungcn  {xd)  entfc^Iopn  iljr  35atcrlanb  ju  »erlaffen  unb  nad^ 
55cnnfvlöanten  ober  Saniliua  ju  reifen;  bafelbft  fe^^aft  niebcr  ju  laffen, 
^temtt  tt)r  5)?annen  unb  ©cmetnbret^t  für  fi(^  unb  tt)re  9iac|toninien 

3n  »el4)cr  9ietö  tt)nen  gliicf,  fegen,  cjcfunb{)eit  unb  erreic^ung  t()reö 
3»ecf^  angetounfc^t  »irb.  3"  ntei)reren  fic^er^eit  t)ab  ic|  obtgeö  mit  ^anb 
unb  bitfc^afft  unberfe^t. 

$anö  Sonrab  3^69'^^'^' 
^crrltberg,  \  Pfarrer  ju  ^errltberg  unb 

ben  8  tag  ^euntonot  1743.  j  SBejw^l.  fL.  s.J 

(sine  gamtlien=Ucberliefcrung  fagt,  ba§  btc  Ueberfa()rt  über  ben  Dcenn 
28  SBoctien  in  älnfpruc^  genommen  \)ahi.  I^aö  genaue  I:atum  t^rer  2lb= 
reife  »on  bcr  ec^weij  unb  i^rer  Slnf'unft  in  btefem  Snnbe  finb,  trie  aucb 
bcr  SanbungSpla^,  bi^  auf  ben  heutigen  Jag  unbefannt.  'La  ber  9tame 
auf  ben  giften  ber  Sinwanberer  nac|  $ennfvl»anien  nic^t  ftet)t,  fo  glaubte 
man,  bicfclben  feien  in  Sarolina  gelanbet  toorben;  ^cnr^  Äöüicfcr  lie§  fic^ 
ettoa  mx  SJfeilen  »on  Lebanon,  bamalö  gancafter,  je^t  Lebanon  Sountv, 
^ennf^löanien,  niebcr,  unb  auö  ben  ^eric^ten  lernen  wir,  ba§  er  1745  ein 
Steüefter  ber  „*^erg»Äirc^e",  na])t  Lebanon,  toar.  5)?an  ift  bcr  Meinung, 
ba§  fein  ^o^n  2Intt)on9  unb  feine  Zocbtex  Sufanna  bie  einzigen  mit  it)m 
in  SImerifa  angetommenen  Ä'inber  unb  ba§  bie  übrigen  »or  feiner  ^nfunft 
geftorben  finb. 

104)  Oct.  8, 1744.  Foreigners  imported  in  tte  ship  Aurora, 
Robert  Pickeman,  Captain,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

Dct.  8,  1744.    gremte  famcn  mit  bem  Scf)iffe  Slurora,  ßapi* 

tain  Stöbert  ^idtman,  »ort  Stottertiam  über  ßotreö. 

Jost  Vrevel,  Pontius  Wiern,  ? 

Johan  Dornbach,*  Johann  Christian  Kell, 

Conrad  Rörig,*  Johan  Adam  Hirter, 

Job.  Thieffelbach,  ?  Johan  Adam  Hierte,* 

Job.  Phil.  Fost,*  Johan  Henrich  Bock, 

Daniel  Foost,*  Johan  Adam  Shog,* 

Peter  Schäffer,  Johan  Chiist  Wirth,* 

Pierre  Aune,  Johann  Adam  Wagner, 

Johannes  Baker,*  Hans  Valtein  Streder, 

Johan  Besenger,  Johan  Georg  Müller, 

Matteas  Meyer,*  Johan  Adam  Meyer,* 

Matteas  Meyer  jr.,*  Job.  Hermanus  Frevel, 

Nicklas  Meyer,*  Johan  Peter  Sheeff,* 

Jean  P.  Pavon,  Job.  Wilh.  Ganderman, 

Jobannes  Michael,*  Job.  Henrich  Rörich, 

Phillipus  Fackert,  Georg  Wilhelm  Berger, 



Joh.  Christian  Berger, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Sage, 
Mattheis  Hem, 
Georg  Nölen,? 
Godhart  Lore,* 
Andreas  Pichuoster, 
Jacob  Scheyer, 
Johan  Noll, 
Matthis  Noll, 
Bernhart  Neyzart,* 
Marcus  Andres, 
Joh.  Paul  Krebs, 
Joh.  Jacob  Henn, 
Joh.  Peter  Henn, 
Joh.  Hen.  Dornbach,* 
Joh.  Hiirfstenbach, 
Joh.  Adam  Geyer, 
Joh.  Geo.  Shuster,* 
Joh.  Geo.  Kell, 
Joh.  Jac.  Reyman,* 
Joh.  WU.  Weiss, 
Joh.  Pet.  Jung, 
Joh.  Donis  Shmit,* 
Joh.  Wilh.  Weyer, 

Joh.  Adam  Schumacher, 
Frantz  Wilh.  Kaulbach, 
Johan  Konrad  Weyre, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Lands,* 
Johan  Christ  Kohl,* 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Koch,* 
Johan  Peter  Weingerer,  ? 
Johan  David  Dornbach, 
Joh.  Peter  Neytzert, 
Joh.  Peter  Feyzer, 
Johan  Peter  Meyer, 
Joh.  Christof  Stiegeier, 
Johan  Georg  Stiegeier, 
Johan  Bastian  Miller, 
Johan  Henrich  Häffer, 
Joh.  Henrich  Schlemer, 
Joh.  Georg  Schuster, 
Johan  Peter  Cheert,  ? 
Johan  Wilhelm  Kell, 
Johan  Ludwig  Ehrman, 
Johan  Martin  Köhler, 
Johan  Peter  Strunck, 
Johan  Matteas  Dexter.* 

105)  Oct.  20, 1744.  Foreigners  imported  in  the  ship  Phoenix, 
William  Wilson,  Captain,  from  Rotterdam,  last  fi-om  Cowes. 

Dct.  20,  1744.  grembe  famen  mit  fcem  Schiffe  *pf)ömj:,  (£api= 
tain  Sßitliam  Silfon,  üon  Stottevbam  über  Gowes. 

Henrich  Hartmann, 
Johannes  Herberth, 
Georg  Schön,* 
Lorentz  Erbach, 
Adam  Fischborn, 
Antonius  Fischborn, 
Nicklas  Peteo, 
Theobald  Klein, 
Conrad  Fuchs, 
Andonius  Weyrich, 
Mattheis  Kolb, 

Philip  Bretz, 

Martin  Kolb, 

Lewalt  Laub,* 

Jacob  Rau, 

Johan  Wendel  Metzler, 

Johann  Adam  Wegel, 

Johan  Adam  ^lorgen, 

Casper  Schneider, 

Joh.  Philip  Mauck, 

Johan  Peter  Götz, 

Christoph  Westerberger, 




Joh.  Georg  Wahnsilier, 
Friederich  Partemer, 
Johannes  Schneider, 
Philip  Wendel  Klein, 
Johan  Jost  Tizler,* 
Joh.  Henry  Mattinger, 
Johan  Herman  Mohr, 
Joh.  Nicolaus  Wagner, 
Jacob  Buchman, 
Georg  Odt, 
Johannes  Klein, 
Johannes  Kuhn, 
Philip  Krebe, 
Johannes  Fliick, 
Paulus  Eberhardt, 
Paul  Schneider, 
Martin  Etter,? 
Joh.  Fiehlt, 
Conrad  Hefling, 
Henrich  Platt, 
Friederich  Grosser, 
Wendel  Benödes, 
Martin  Kiester, 
Andreas  Eshbacher,* 
Johannes  Wayemer,* 
Johannes  Dieckert, 
Friederich  Stelwag, 
Peter  Faust, 
Gerhardt  Fircus, 
Jacob  Stephen,* 
Jacob  Wagner, 
Andi-eas  Sorger, 
Conrath  Jung, 
Friederich  Huby,* 
Anthonius  Höblich, 
Andreas  Grübel, 
Henry  Pad,* 
Bastian  Morian, 
Heinrich  Liess, 
Herman  Decreiff,* 
Philip  Flugh,* 

Rudolph  Fiehl, 
Valentin  Huss,? 
Johann  Kuntz, 
Weymar  Strunck, 
Valentin  Winesheim, 
Jerg  Wilhelm  Staudt, 
Joh.  Nie.  Messersclimidt, 
Joh.  Balthas  Fischborn, 
Peter  Tauschhaus, 
Gerhardt  Schlosser, 
Friederich  Michael, 
Johann  Philip  Andre», 
Christian  Eberhart, 
John  Georg  Westberger,* 
Johan  Nickel  Hen, 
Friederich  Huber, 
Johan  Philip  Wagner, 
Johan  Reinhart  Waltz, 
ChristoiFel  Dinckenschiet, 
Johann  Georg  Schäffer, 
Fried.  Christian  MüDer, 
Johann  Valentin  Hue, 
Joh.  Peter  Breyvogel, 
Joh.  Georg  Meisenheim,* 
John  Adam  Klein,* 
Johan  Philip  Höflich, 
Johan  Philip  Kerchner, 
Johan  Henrich  Kuntz, 
Johan  Adam  Braun, 
Peter  Philipp  Hahn, 
Joh.  Friederich  Sauer, 
Johann  Dierlhofl^ner, 
Philip  Peter  Grassert, 
Johan  Peter  Fuchs, 
Johan  Peter  Kolb, 
Christoffel  Fiehl, 
Diellman  Diekenschiedt, 
Anton  Schneider, 
Philip  Jacob  Bäder, 
Johan  Philip  Roth,* 
Han  Dewalt  Seltenreich. 



106)  Nov.  2, 1744.  Foreigners  imported  in  the  stip  Friend- 
ship, John  Mason,  Captain,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

9Ioü.  2,  1744.  grembe  famcn  mit  bent  ©c^iffc  grieut)fl)ip, 
Sapitatn  3o()n  5Jiafon,  »on  Slotterbam  über  Soweo. 

Herman  Weber, 
Wilhelm  Weber, 
Caspar  Weber, 
Gerhart  Will, 
Jacob  Fughs,* 
Jacob  Engel, 
Peter  Bogert, 
Valentin  Voyt, 
Georg  Bernhart, 
Conrath  Förster, 
Nicklaus  Kusig, 
Jachim  Joan, 
Christoph  Koble,* 
Albrecht  3Iüller, 
Johannes  Gräber, 
Johannes  Moll, 
Peter  Williar, 
Abraham  Mischat, 
Peter  Hann, 
Johann  Wohlleben,* 
Dewald  Sperk,* 
Georg  Bieber, 
Johannes  Bieber, 
Dewald  Beaber,* 
Wolfgang  Siess, 
Johannes  Weber, 
Johann  Schlögel,* 
Bernhart  Roobe,* 
Johan  Lobach,? 
Johannes  Tieze, 
Philip  Waghmer,* 
Dietrich  Schattier,* 
Debalt  Werner, 
PhUip  ShaflFer,* 
Peter  Gesell, 

Job.  Adam  Radebusch,* 
Johan  Jacob  Ferber, 
Anthonius  Dillan, 
Job.  Philip  Ehrenhardt, 
Joh.  Henrich  Vätter, 
John  Peter  Cusick,* 
John  Jacob  Summer,* 
John  Wilhelm  More,* 
Theodoras  Krahl,* 
Adam  Schölkopf, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Reuel, 
Geo.  Emig  Haartz,* 
John  Adam  Haartz,* 
Johann  George  Weber, 
Johan  Adam  Weber, 
Andreas  ReifFschneider, 
Johannes  Schmidt, 
Johan  Georg  Schmidt, 
John  Peter  Noss, 
Michael  Baumann, 
John  Jacob  Bildhous,* 
Johann  Jacob  Stoltz, 
Johan  Georg  Schädel, 
Johann  Nickel  Grob, 
Georg  Konrad  Grob, 
Heinrich  Jacob  Krebs, 
Johan  Baltzer  Köhler, 
Johann  Michael  Klein, 
Johann  Ernst  Solomo, 
Johannes  Wildt, 
Heinrich  Scheffer, 
Heinrich  Scheffer  jr., 
Henrich  Fayerbach,* 
Henrich  Koppelberger. 



107)  Dec.  11,  1744.    Foreigners  imported  in  the  ship  Car- 
teret,   Stevinson,  Captain,  from  Rotterdam,  lust  from  Cowes. 

"Dec.  11, 1744.   grembe  famcn  mit  tern  (5d)tjfc  (ivirttvet,  vSapi= 
tain »oteoinfon,  oon  Sftotterbam  über  (Sowciä. 

Philip  Stein, 
Jacob  GraiF, 
Johannes  Zörlin, 
Han  Peter  Schiihlein, 
Hans  Henry  Dobler, 
Hans  Georg  Klein,* 
Michael  Haut, 
Johannes  Dewalt, 
Rudolph  Meeke,* 
Hans  Forster,* 
Philip  Bickler, 
Jacob  Bickler, 
Walter  Miller,* 
Valentin  Young,* 
Michael  Anthon,* 
Henry  Shwenk,* 

Nicolas  Herman,* 
Nicklas  Steinmetz, 
Friederick  Kop, 
Joh.  Georg  Schaaff, 
Albrecht  Fried.  Binder, 
Johan  Philip  Binder, 
Balthazar  Armgast,* 
Christophel  Weber, 
Jacob  Lambrecht, 
Christoph  Bittenbender, 
Johannes  Mayer, 
Joh.  Christian  Rehkopp, 
Friederich  Deobeld, 
Friederich  Deobeld  jr., 
Johannes  Kautz, 
Wilhelm  Jungck. 

108)  Dec.  22,  1744.  Foreigners  imported  in  the  ship  Mas- 
cliffe  Galley,  Georg  Durell,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam,  last 
from  a  port  in  Dorsetshire,  England. 

T)ec.  22, 1744.  grembe  famen  mit  bem  (3ct)tffe  ^Ota^cliffe  (3aU 
lei),  ßornmanbant  (S)eorg  SDurett,  »on  9tottertam  über  einen  ^a= 
fen  in  'Dorfetf^ire,  Snglant». 

Christian  StaufFer, 
Johannes  Staube,* 
Jacob  König,* 
[lenry  Dochman,* 
Christian  Coots,* 
Hans  Lynter,* 
Stephan  Kurtz,* 
Hans  Eyer,* 
Jacob  Engel,* 
Jacob  Sharff,* 
Christian  König,* 
Samuel  König,* 

Christian  Lang, 
Hans  Lichti, 
Frantz  Gernaudt, 
Valentin  Heger,* 
Elias  Dietrich, 
Christian  Florig,* 
Jacob  Höffling,* 
Conrad  Notz, 
Conrad  Meckes, 
Philip  Haible, 
Johannes  Meister,* 
Ulrich  Gotter,* 



Johann  Jacob  Meyer, 
Valentine  Tallebach,* 
Christian  Herford,? 
Lenhart  Klopert,* 
Christian  Krebill, 
Abraham  Steiner, 
Adam  Jacob  Maurer, 
Johan  Adam  Gess, 
Leonhard  Müller, 
Andreas  Henr.  Pattheuer, 
Michael  Trahman, 
Joh.  Melchior  Bruder, 
Johan  Adam  Werntz, 
Philip  Ludwig  Werntz, 
Johan  Jacob  Werntz, 
Hans  Greorg  Graff, 
Hans  Georg  Schneider, 
Hans  Adam  Young,* 
Hans  Peter  Burye, 
Hans  Georg  Dewalt, 
Caspar  Schertzer, 
Christian  Mosser,* 
John  Showalter,* 
Johannes  Mosieman, 
Henry  Thomas,* 

Bernhart  Bear,* 
Philip  Vetter,* 
Jacob  Ebi, 
Jost  Yotter,* 
Peter  Jutzy,* 
Jacob  ölüller, 
Peter  Weiss, 
Peter  Looh,* 
Peter  Mayer,* 
Jacob  Juncker, 
Elias  Rieth,* 
Jacob  Pregly,* 
Andreas  Mosselman,* 
Hans  David  Em, 
Jacob  Dauerschauer, 
Johannes  Albrecht,* 
Johannes  Sauder,* 
Christian  Frätz,* 
Rudolph  Hand,? 
Peter  Wittmer, 
Henrich  Schlichter, 
Rudolph  Herdte, 
Josua  Caspar  Herdte  jr., 
Rudolph  Herdte  jr., 
Geo.  Wilh.  Heydelbach. 

Note. — For  1745  no  Lists  found  in  the  Archives.  This  year  the 
Rev'ds  Peter  Brunnholtz,  Herman  Heinrich  Lempke,  J.  N.  Kurtz  and 
J.  H.  Schaum,  Lutheran  ministers,  arrived  in  Pennsylvania. — Rupp's 
Original  History  of  Religious  Denominations,  S^c,  p.  884;  Stoever's  Memoir 
of  the  Life  and  Times  of  Mühlenberg,  p.  59. 

Jluntcrluii!;. — iBon  1745  fmb  feine Stften  tm Strd^t»  aufbcttjatjrt,  3it 
btefem  Satire  famen  bte  lutfterifc^cn  55«l^orcn  ^ettx  33runnl)o(ft,  .^ermnnn 
frifinvic^  Scmpfc,  3-  9?.  5tur^  unb  3.  $.  ©c^aum  in  ^Jennf^ltjnmen  an. — 
9tupp'ö  Driginal=(5)cfc^t^tc  religtof.  Scncnnungcn  jc.,  ©.  384 ;  ©töuer'ö 
5)?emotr  beö  Seöenö  iSlni)knhtxQ''i,  ®.  59. 

109)  Sept.  27, 1746.  f  Foreigners  imported  in  the  ship  Ann 
Galley,  William  Wilson,  Captain,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  the 
Orkneys,  Scotland. 

f  This  year  the  Rev.  Michael  Schlatter,  of  St.  Gall,  Switzerland, 
embarked  for  America,  June  1st,  arrived  at  Boston  July  21st,  came  to 




(Sept.  27,  1746.  f  Srcmbc  famen  mit  bcm  ©c^iffe  Stnn  ®aU 
le^,  Sapitain  Söitliam  Söllfon,  »on  3fiottcrt>am  über  feie  Drfnepö, 

Philip  Bohn, 
Johannes  Bohn, 
Johannes  Dammer, 
Christopher  Thamer,* 
Thomas  Hahn, 
Johannes  Hahn, 
Conrad  Räber, 
Carl  Heyderich,* 
Caspar  Heyderich,* 
Daniel  Zwier, 
Johan  Peter  German, 
Johan  Georg  Godschalk,* 
Johan  Baltzer  Bohn, 
Johan  Balthasar  Damer, 
Christoph  Hoffman,* 
Johan  Ludwig  Lauman, 
Johan  George  Knabe,* 
Rubert  Harttoffel, 
Joseph  Egenbrohen,* 
Johannes  Kauffman, 
Michael  Egolf, 
Michael  Egolf  jr., 
Simon  Dohster, 
Martin  Lauman, 
Heinrich  Müller, 
Martin  Blisky,* 

Johannes  Ott, 
Johannes  Sheck, 
Michael  Batz, 
Jacob  Wetzel, 
Jacob  Ziegler, 
Andreas  Endt, 
Johannes  Kraus, 
Balthasar  Stauf, 
Mattheus  Hohl, 
Christian  Lentz, 
John  Lentz, 
Philip  Ziegler, 
Christoph  Lentz, 
Matheas  Bleakly,* 
Conrad  Dress, 
Michael  Dieter, 
Johannes  Sigle, 
Jacob  Ziegly,* 
Christian  Stram, 
Peter  Reshe, 
Georg  Stram, 
Georg  Ruth, 
Georg  Betz, 
Joseph  Alber, 
Georg  Hetrich, 
Jacob  Dauttel, 

Philadelphia  Sept.  6.  He  was  one  of  the  first  missionaries  and  found- 
ers of  the  German  Reformed  Church  in  America. — Riipp's  History  of 
Berks  County,  p.  443;  Rupp's  History  of  the  Germans  in  Fenna.,  Chapt. 
History  of  the  German  Reformed  Church;  Rev.  H.  HarbaugKs  Memoirs 
of  Rev.  M.  Schlatter. 

t  3n  btefem  3at)rc  f($tfftc  [ic^  5)rtftor  5i}?t_(^ael  Schlatter  »on  ®t.  ©alten 
ttt  bcr  ®cj)wetj  am  1.  3unt  nad^  2Imertfa  ein,  ido  er  bann  aui^  in  23ofton 
am  21.  3uli  unb  in  5^{iilabelpt)ia  am  6.  ©ept.  anfam.  Sr  war  einer  ber 
erjien  Wiffionare  unb  Scgrünber  ber  bcutfc^^reformirten  Äirc^e  in  Slme- 
rtfa.— 3?upp'ö  fycfd).  »on  Serfö  Sc,  ®.  443;  Slupp'ä  ®efcb.  ber  "Dent- 
feigen  in  ^Penn|\)Ioanicn,  Sapitcl  über  bie  Stcform.  Äir^e;  ^aftor  $.  $ar= 
i»oc^'ö  (Srinnernngen  an  ^afior  50?.  «Schlatter. 



Valentin  Staffel  * 
Hans  Peter  Dornhauer, 
Johannes  Shock  jr., 
Joh.  Gottlieb  Wehner, 
Johannes  Hummel, 
Johan  Adam  Heindel, 
Hans  Georg  Bresthle, 
Joh.  David  Schaihing, 
Bernhart  Bochner, 
Ludwig  Falkenstein, 
George  Shneering,* 
Johan  Andreas  Jetter, 
Hans  George  Trasher,* 
Hans  Mich.  Neuhauser, 
Johan  Baltes  Bücher, 
Christian  Kauffmann, 
Abraham  Rösch, 

Triederich  Eichholtz, 
Joh.  Wühelm  Horst, 
Johann  Schröter, 
Jacob  Freymann, 
Caspar  Schneider, 
Johannes  Stoffel, 
David  Küntzel, 
Geo.  Albrecht  Hillegass, 
Hans  Grünewaldt, 
Michel  Zimmerman, 
John  Michael  Sekel, 
Christian  Wagner, 
Melchior  Mill, 
Michael  Sekel, 
Michael  Klawer,* 
Mathias  Streihl. 

110)  Oct.  25,  1746.  Foreigners  imported  in  the  Neptune, 
Thomas  Wilkinson,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  England. 

Dct.  25, 1746.  grembe  famm  mit  tem  ©^iffe  9icptune,  ßapi^ 
tain  Ziiomai  2ßil!tnfon,  üon  Stotterbam  übtx  Snglant». 

Johannes  Kauffeld, 
Arenue  Consul, 
Henry  Eller, 
Henry  Miller,* 
Jacob  Shnyder,* 
Johannes  Heindt, 
Joh.  Friedrich  Windst, 
Joh.  Fried.  Windst  jr., 
Johan  Peter  Funck, 
Johan  Jacob  Pfeiffer, 
Peter  Sutter, 
Jacob  Rauch, 
Jacob  Bauman, 
George  Kauffeld, 
Adam  Kogh,* 
Daniel  Jacob, 
Frantz  Reynhart, 
Nicklas  Felle,* 

Jacob  Baab, 
Peter  Willem, 
Johannes  Gobel,* 
Jacob  Steiner, 
Georg  Weber, 
Michel  Werntz, 
Jacob  Huntz, 
Dewalt  Angny,* 
Caspar  Dewalt, 
Jacob  Leisser, 
Carl  Risch, 
Georg  Ernst, 
Pierre  Gerro,* 
Jean  Duesto,* 
Säule  Ruibec, 
Francoi  Conrieu, 
Joseph  Gerra,* 
Pierre  Vaintvas, 



Valentin  Leonhardt, 
Jacob  Bauman  jr., 
Nicklas  Kauffeld, 
Joh.  Cliristoff  Hausmann, 
Andreas  Reinhart, 
Isaac  Steiner, 
Job.  Peter  Langenberger, 
Wilhelm  Baussman, 
Philip  Ginder, 
Johannes  Steiner, 
Job.  Philip  Reinhart, 
Lorentz  Baussman, 
Henrich  Steiner, 

Cbristoffel  Pauscli, 
Conrad  Conrath,* 
Philip  Wissner, 
Henry  Shneyder,* 
Job.  Bernbart  Fer, 
Christian  Steiner, 
Peter  Grosnickel, 
Michel  Fischer, 
Johannes  Breitenbacb, 
George  Zimmerman, 
Job.  Christian  Leibrock, 
Friederieb  Reinbart,* 
Alexander  Gibbo.* 

Ill)  Aug.  1,  1747.  Foreigners  imported  in  the  bilander 
Vernon,  Thomas  Ricks,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Leith,  Scotland. 

5Iug.  1,  1747.  gvembe  famen  mit  tern  Saftfctiiffe  55crnon,  Sa= 
pitain  3:l)omaö  diid^,  öon  9totterbam  über  Ceitb,  ©(^ottlanti. 

Andreas  Bürge,* 
Cbristoffel  Bär, 
Jacob  Steinbring, 
Christoff  Cressel,* 
Dewald  Sheyder,* 
Jacob  Leesher,* 
Marx  Ehli, 
Henry  Goub,* 
Abraham  Funck,* 
Jacob  Shappy,* 
Felix  Weiss, 
Henrich  Startzman, 
Johannes  Grünwald, 
Hans  Michael  Kuntz,* 
Heinrich  Büttner, 
Hans  Mich.  Büttner, 
Samuel  Witmer,* 
Tobias  Wagbeman,* 
Job.  Georg  Meingästner, 
Hans  Caspar  Feerer, 
Johannes  Rooghel,* 

Hans  Jacob  Shappy,* 
Hans  Bickell, 
Jacob  Schnebeli, 
Rudolph  Hornecker,* 
Ulrich  Hornecker,* 
Henry  Herker,* 
Peter  Bawman,* 
Johannes  Wälder, 
Ludwig  Weiter, 
Rudolph  Huber, 
Georg  Wampfler, 
Henrich  Huber, 
Henrich  Huber  jr., 
Hans  Friedt, 
Kilian  Indorff, 
Heinrich  Fiett, 
Wilhelm  Otz, 
Hans  Nickel  Schmitt, 
Hans  Wilhelm  Weidner, 
Hans  Henrich  Weiss, 
Hans  Bleigestuufer, 



Rudolph  Hornecker  jr., 
Hans  Jacob  Wälder, 
Hans  Henrich  Walder, 
Hans  Casper  Wälder, 
Han  Michel  Eysenmann, 
Joh.  Christian  Wanipfler, 

Joh.  Ludwig  Wampfler, 
Ha)is  Niclaus  Bär, 
Jacob  Steinbrachel, 
Hans  Georg  Schar, 
Friederich  Wirtz. 

112)  Sept.  24, 1747.  Foreigners  imported  in  the  ship  Lydia, 
William  Tiffin,  Captain,  from  London — inhabitants  of  Switzer- 

©ept  24,  1747.  grembe  famcn  mit  t)cm  ®d)iffc  ^pbia,  Sapi^ 
tain  Sßidiam  Jifftn,  öon  Sonboit — 35emo{)nev  bcr  (3rf)»ei3. 

Johannes  Vogel,*  John  Jacob  Meishter,* 

Jacob  Verner,*  Hans  Martin  Wehrner, 

Hans  Peiffer,  Mich.  Vogelfanger  Tolly, 

Hans  German,  Hans  Jacob  Grüllmann, 

Peter  Verner,*  Daniel  Heinrichs, 

Michael  Meyer,*  Georg  Jacob  Nudell, 

Henrich  Danner,*  Thom.  Hen.  Breymayer. 

113)  Oct.  9, 1747.  Foreigners  imported  in  the  ship  Restau- 
ration, James  Hall,  Captain,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Leith — 
inhabitants  of  the  Palatinate  and  places  adjacent. 

Dct.  9,  1747.  ^''■enii'e  tarmn  mit  tem  ©c^iffe  Steftauration, 
Sapitaitt  3ame^  ^aU,  öon  3flottevt)am  itfcer  Scit^ — auö  ber  5>falj 
unt)  angren3ent)en  Säntern. 

David  Scherch, 
IMartin  Lesch, 
Johannes  Schanz, 
Nicolaus  Miller, 
Tobias  Pflieger, 
Leonhart  Horein,* 
Johannes  Knecht, 
Andreas  Seitle, 
Hieronimus  Greber, 
Johannes  Löffler, 
Joh.  Georg  Sürmer, 
Joh.  Georg  Kühner, 
Martin  Puenastag;, 

Johan  Peter  Beyl, 
Joh.  Adam  KauiFman, 
Hans  Georg  Jung, 
Jacob  jM  tiller, 
Jacob  Röder, 
Philip  Hinsch, 
David  Dietterich, 
Martin  Streicker, 
Andreas  Riess, 
Thomas  Zigler,* 
Jacob  Houpt,* 
Georg  Lertschle, 
Lucas  Flak,* 



Caspar  Ber,* 
Jacob  Endi, 
Georg  Klees, 
Georg  Rohrer, 
Johannes  Yetter, 
Baltas  Mauerer, 
Jacob  Hacke, 
Michael  Wagner, 
Peter  Mosser, 
Peter  Mosser  jr., 
Hans  Guth, 
Andreas  Beyer, 
Jacob  Wetzler, 
Simon  Isbod,* 
Christian  Eller, 
Johannes  Fuchs, 
Jost  Kobel, 
David  Kobel, 
Peter  Wittmer, 
Samuel  Rosser, 
Jacob  Beysely,* 
Michael  Funck, 
Jacob  Gross, 
Adam  Tamas, 
Christian  Rupp, 
Henry  Righter,* 
Hans  Lay, 
Michael  Föss, 
Bernhart  Beck, 
Georg  Beyer, 
Martin  Moll, 
Michel  Meyer, 
Johannes  Leonner, 
Job.  Lorentz  Sträueker, 
Christoph  Wagner, 
Georg  Fried.  Klingel, 
Hans  Georg  Klingel, 
Heinrich  RÖsch, 
Joh.  Philip  Busch, 
Job.  Daniel  Busch, 
Joh.  Paulus  Misser, 

Hans  Adam  Sebaldt, 
Hans  Georg  Torr, 
Joseph  Bentzinger, 
Joseph  Lobwasser, 
Johan  Georg  Wendel, 
Hans  Georg  Hoffman, 
Johan  Peter  Lutz, 
Johannes  Schemmlein, 
George  Wallmiller,* 
Heinrich  Hauptman, 
Michael  Hoffman,* 
Joh.  Frantz  Lemmlein, 
Job.  Philip  Stock, 
Job.  Michael  Weckesser, 
Philip  Hebeisen, 
Johan  Jacob  Ebener, 
Christoph  Homan, 
Friederich  Rohrer, 
Conrad  Bisecker, 
Joh.  David  Klemm, 
Joh.  Gottfried  Bohner, 
Michael  Reinardt, 
Hans  Georg  Eberhartt, 
Hans  Georg  Shmitzer,* 
Joh.  Phihp  Hopff, 
Gottfried  Rattenauer, 
Joh.  Christoph  Silberberg, 
Johannes  Hermann, 
Johannes  Feldmayer, 
Georg  Muckenberger, 
Hans  Leonard  Butz, 
Hans  Michel  Schlauch, 
Christoph  Mühleissen, 
Gottfried  Lauerer, 
Andreas  Bosshardt, 
Michel  Schill, 
Balthes  Zericher, 
Jacob  Rösch, 
Mattheus  Mauck, 
Jacob  Hettler, 
Jacob  Scherich, 



Samuel  Wendel, 
Christian  Miihleissen, 
Geo.  Friederich  Kasper, 
Philip  Jacob  Mayer, 
Georg  Daniel  Eppler, 

Johannes  Weissman, 
Hermanus  Mumau, 
Johan  Jacob  Schof, 
Christian  Tragher,* 
Christian  Schneider. 

114)  Oct.  13,  1747.  Foreigners,  inhabitants  of  the  Palati^ 
nate  and  places  adjacent,  imported  in  the  ship  Two  Brothers, 
Thomas  Arnott,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Leith. 

Dct.  13,  1747.  grembe  auö  ber  ^falj  unb  ben  angrenjenben 
Sänbern  famen  mit  bent  ©(^ijfe  Ztoo  Srot^erö,  Sapitain  Z^oma^ 
Slrnott,  »on  Stotterbam  ükr  2dtl). 

Johannes  Fuchs, 
Johannes  Bosse, 
Johannes  Adam, 
Johannes  Buch, 
Peter  Steinmetz, 
Johannes  Opp, 
Jacob  Arnold  sen., 
Jacob  Arnold  jr., 
Mattheis  Kern, 
Johannes  Hermann, 
Johan  Peterey, 
Georg  Schantz,? 
Carl  Baumberger, 
Johannes  Eberhart, 
Nickolas  Woolfe,* 
Henrich  Kirch, 
Georg  Kärch, 
Johannes  Bischoff, 
Jost  Fullmer,* 
Johannes  Udner, 
Christian  Eydam,* 
Henrich  Julius, 
Daniel  Sauerwalt, 
Johannes  Scheffer, 
Johannes  Enck, 
Jacob  Hüppel, 
Johan  Henrich  Kuntz, 
Joh.  Christof  Müller, 

Johan  Jacob  Schmidt, 
Joh.  Bernhart  Schneider, 
Joh.  Jacob  Hilgert, 
Johan  Peter  Bausmann, 
Johan  Philip  Thomas, 
Johan  Ernst  Kurtz, 
Johan  Frantz  Hammer, 
Frantz  Henrich  Gress, 
Johan  Georg  Roth, 
Johan  Peter  Conradt, 
Johan  Adam  Kröber, 
Joh.  Philip  Klonninger, 
Joh.  Leonhart  Negele, 
Johan  Conrad  Momma, 
Johan  Philip  German, 
Frantz  Peter  Lorentz, 
Joh.  Peter  Meisteuch, 
Joh.  Wendel  Eberhart, 
Joh.  Jacob  Bischoff, 
Joh.  Diet.  Schmidt, 
Joh.  Balthas  Hieronymus, 
Joh.  Frantz  Hieronymus, 
Adam  Ingebrand,* 
Georg  Philip  Groh, 
Philip  Fidler, 
Henry  Beyl,* 
Costinios  Ortmann, 
Michel  Reidenauer, 



Sebastian  Bauer, 

George  Wendling, 

Anthon  Aimrester,* 

Heinricli  Scharff, 

Herman  Woost,* 

Nicklas  Gebhart, 

Dewald  Knapff, 

(xeorgius  Boronii, 

Johannes  Schnepp,? 

Henrich  Kern, 

Matheis  Bischop, 

Johannes  Böhm, 

Johan  Seitzius, 

Johann  Georg, 

Frantz  GerHgh,* 

Paulus  Dilgard, 

l^hUip  Kolp, 

Ernestus  De  Switzerdediefryer. 

Johan  Niclaus  Sträitz, 

Joh.  Christoph  Strohman, 

Johan  PhiHp  Nachtgall, 
Johan  Georg  Huth, 
Joh.  Valentin  Harth, 
George  Greenemeyer,* 
Johan  Nickel  Wüst, 
Frantz  Michel  Bischop, 
Johan  Christoph  Lehr, 
Johan  Conrad  Geib, 
Johannes  Sassemanshause, 
Johan  Jost  Reese,* 
Joh.  Jost  Bebighausen, 
Georg  Hen-mann, 
Frantz  Willhan, 
Leonhart  Müller, 
Baltzer  Mohn, 
Uhllerich  Moan,* 
Valentin  Buchaker,* 
Adolff  May, 
Conrad  Waagenser. 

115)  Oct.  20,  1747. 
last  from  Leith. 

Foreigners  imported  from  Rotterdam, 

Oct.  20,  1747.  gremte  famen  öon  Stotterbam  ükr  Seit^, 

Johannes  Gress, 
Peter  Koch,* 
Henry  Bawngwar,* 
Jacob  Spring,* 
Jacob  Frey, 
Niclaus  Lantz, 
V/ilhelm  Dauber, 
Adam  Birger, 
Hans  Sheyer,* 
Adam  Schmitt, 
Johannes  Meyer,* 
Charles  Shmit,* 
Christian  Wenger, 
Georg  Schuster, 
Johannes  Stumpf, 
Ludwig  Tecker,* 

Hans  Conrad  Beck, 
Joh.  Christian  Petersohn, 
PhUip  Henrich  Seng, 
Jacob  Allimang, 
Jacob  Allimang  jr., 
John  Henry  Schneyder, 
Jacob  Schwanger, 
Johannes  Wenger, 
Christoff  Gottschall,* 
Hans  Adam  Furny,* 
Abraham  Frantz, 
Hans  Georg  Lantz, 
Christian  Gärtner,  ? 
Hans  Philip  Baron, 
Sim.  Con.  Steinuth, 
Joh.  WUhelm  Yef,* 

AND  OTHER   IMMIGRANTS — 1748.  181 

G-eorg  Wiilh,  Hans  Michel  Kleim,* 

Henry  Frantz,  Hans  Dewalt  Leyty,* 

Peter  Kennel,*  Nicklaus  Wenger, 

Peter  Frantz,  Henry  Likwilder.* 

Johan  Küstner, 

116)  Sept.  5, 1748.  f  Foreigners  imported  in  the  ship  Edin- 
burgh, James  Rüssel,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Ports> 

@ept.  5,  1748.  t  grembc  lamcn  mit  t)cm  Sd)iffe  SbinButgl), 
Sapitain  ^amti  Stuffel,  »on  Stotterbam  iikr  ^ort^moutt). 

Andreas  Staut,  Valentin  Huth, 

Jacob  Schumacher,  Valentin  Huth  jr., 

Christoph  Kumm,  Valentin  Sherer,* 

Lorentz  Reyder,  Valentin  Müller, 

Dietrich  Strubel,  Felix  Sautter, 

Adam  Rauch,*  Jacob  Veirling, 

Johan  Lorentz,  Leuhard  (Ehler, 

Thomas  Kirch,  Joh.  Valentin  Opp, 

Conrath  Claus,  eToh.  Philip  Schmitt, 

Sebastian  Barthol,  Joh.  Adam  Schuster, 

Peter  Wingert,  Joh.  Stephan  Franck, 

Philip  Haller,  Johan  Peter  Heger, 

Peter  Pfeiffer,*  Joh.  Valentin  Klages, 

Peter  Ott,?  Jacob  Hilssheimer, 

Friederich  Gerhardt,  Joh.  Philip  Lorentz, 

Peter  Döst,  Joh.  Valentin  Lorentz, 

Lorentz  Werthes,  Adam  Kirchner,? 

Simon  Pilanus,  Joh.  Leonard  May, 

Michel  Gugesk  *  Frantz  Peter  May, 

f  In  1748  several  German  Reformed  ministers  arrived  in  Pennsyl- 
vania. Aug.  13,  1748,  Rev.  Dominiciis  Bartholomceus,  and  Rev.  John 
Jacob  Hochreuiener ;  Sept.  15,  Rev.  Johann  Jacob  Leydig. — Dr.  Bütt- 
ner''s  Reform.  Kirche  in  America,  p.  11;  Rev.  H.  HarbaugVs  Memoirs 
of  Germ.  Reform.  Ministers  in  the  tl.  S. 

f  3m3iit)re  1748  fnmcn  mebrcrc  bfutfdj^reformtrtf  rs3et[tltd)c  in  ^'enn» 
[^(»anien  an.  2lm  13.  Stugufi  btc  ^^aftorcn  X)pnitnicuö  Sartf)olcinä'uö  unb 
3ol)ann  Safob  ^oc^reutener;  am  15.  eept.  ^aftor  3ütt.  3afob  £ei)bt'g.— 
!£)r.  Siittner'g  9ief.  B.\x^t  in  Slmcrifa,  a.  11;  5^aftor  $.  ^arbac|)'^  Srin» 
nfrungen  an  bit  beutfc^- reform.  ®eifUic^en  in  ben  33er.  «St. 




Joh.  Wilhelm  Gärtner, 
Joh.  Peter  Van  Kannen, 
Joh.  Jacob  Brommer, 
Joh.  Jacob  Eyler, 
Johan  Nickel  Buch, 
Joh.  Nickel  Mayer, 
Joh.  Nickel  Leu,? 
Joh.  Jacob  Schlosser, 
Joh.  Herman  Clauss, 
Peter  WU.  Caffroth, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Fuchs, 
Joh.  Nicolas  Döst, 
Caspar  Franckfurther,* 
John  Georg  Kirshner,* 
Adam  Anders, 
Melchior  Brown,* 
Jacob  Hoffman, 
Heinrich  Merckel, 
Michel  Theiss, 
Georg  Jantz,* 
Matheas  Krammer,* 
Bernhart  Diehl, 
Reinhart  Gaul, 
Johannes  Diehl, 
Johannes  Diehl  jr., 
Conrath  Graff, 
Balthes  Erbach, 
Peter  Schäffer, 
Jacob  Julius, 
Peter  Meetzler, 
Matheas  Betz,* 
Phihp  Mook,* 
Baltazar  Essig,* 
Peter  Krebs,* 
Ludwig  Bronholtz,* 
Henrich  Klatz, 
Adam  Reem,* 
Martin  Klein,* 
Abraham  Stein  jr., 
Peter  Stein, 
Abraham  Stein,* 

Henry  Stein,* 
Valentin  Reiner, 
Conrad  Fritz,* 
Matheas  Ebert,* 
Jacob  Ebert, 
Esaias  Carl,* 
Wilhelm  Nick,* 
Johannes  Upp, 
Conrath  Buber, 
Johan  Lorentz  Herschfänger, 
Phil.  Reinhart  Gossler, 
Geo.  Lenhart  Krumrein, 
Johannes  Weydenhauer, 
Baldazar  Spitznagel,* 
Joh.  Anton  Bucholtz, 
Johan  Peter  Bronnen, 
Johan  Michel  Hoffner, 
Joh.  Nickel  Eberhart, 
Joh.  Ulrich  Hainman, 
Joh.  Friederich  Antes, 
Vallentin  Kübatz, 
Justinus  Scherer, 
Heinrich  Scherer, 
Hans  Georg  Betz, 
Wilhelm  Hans  Mann, 
Nicolaus  Müller, 
Johan  Peter  Weber, 
Christopher  Weber,  § 
Ludwig  Lindenschmidt, 
Nicolaus  Lenhardt, 
Georg  Jacob  Hartman, 
Michael  Hartman, 
Philip  Jacob  Koch, 
Friederich  Herget, 
Joh.  Dan.  Lindenschmidt, 
Dominicus  Rädel, 
Michael  Wagner, 
Johan  Peter  Michel, 
Jacob  Schammo, 
Johan  Julius  Reem,* 
George  Leuthenfer, 



Greorge  Erdmayer,* 
Paul  Ulrich, 
Johannes  Riehm, 

Johannes  Foltz,* 
Adam  Uffner.? 

117)  Sept.  7, 1748.  f  Foreigners  imported  in  the  ship  Hamp- 
shire, Thomas  Cheesman,  Captain,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 

©ept.  7,  1748.  t  Srembe  famcn  mit  bem  ©c^iffc  ^am))f()irc, 
Sapitain  i^omas  S^eegman,  »on  Slotterbam  über  gaImout$, 

Johannes  Faust, 
Philip  Hap,* 
Adum  Mayer,* 
Johannes  Bischoff, 
Michael  Widman, 
Peter  Ferdig,* 
Jacob  Rühl, 
Johannes  Mayer, 
Hartman  Adam, 
Johannes  Adam, 
Georg  Steyerwald,* 
Conrath  Maul, 
Johannes  Deffithal,* 
Nicholaus  Christ,* 
Jacob  Runckel, 
Friederich  Hammer, 
Tobias  Schall, 
Jacob  Holtz, 
Andreas  Hollinger,* 
Caspar  Höberling, 
Philip  Merckel, 
Carl  Engel, 
Philip  Koch, 
Michael  Basserman, 

Jacob  Sherr, 
David  Hag, 
Anthony  Ermolt,* 
Frantz  Grove,* 
Henrich  Cron, 
Johannes  Engel, 
Jacob  Schmidt, 
Georg  Lembcher, 
Christopher  Rubi, 
Lorentz  Wentzel, 
Wolfgang  WolflF,* 
Jacob  Hammer, 
Anselmus  Schreiner, 
Andreas  Miller,* 
Rev.  Joh.  Albert  Weygand, 
Joh.  Adam  Wilhelm, 
Joh.  Georg  Stimmel, 
Johan  Peter  Schäfer, 
Adam  Immerhausser, 
Johan  Adam  Schmid, 
Johan  Jacob  Bentz, 
John  Georg  Wäbeber, 
Hans  Peter  Kucheller, 
Hans  Georg  Hag, 

f  In  the  same  year  the  Rev'ds.  Handschuh,  Weygand,  Kurtz,  Schaum, 
and  Klug,  Lutheran  ministers,  arrived  in  Pennsylvania. — See  Rupp's 
"H  -izaaa  ixxkrjffia,  (the  entire  Church),  p.  385. 

f  3n  bcmfelbcn  3at)re  famen  fcte  lut^ertfi^ett  ©eiftltd^en  $anb[c|ul), 
SBeVganb,  ^ur^,  ©c^aum  unb  Älug  in  5)ennft)löanten  an.— ©tet)e  Sfupp'ö 
"H  Ttaaa  kxxXriaia,  (He  ganje  Iirc|e),  ®.  385. 



Joh.  Andi'eas  Riegler, 
Job.  Adam  Müller, 
Johan  Henrich  Bott, 
Phil.  Ludwig  Hütig, 
Joh.  Ludwig  Wagner, 
Joh.  Dietrich  IMatthey, 
Johan  Frantz  Noll, 
Joh.  Henrich  Noll, 
Joh.  Friederich  Ritz, 
Joh.  Anthon  Maul, 
PhUip  Wendel  Helsel,* 
Johan  Tobias  Höltzel, 
Johan  Michel  Didah,? 
Johan  Philip  Baum, 

Johan  Michel  Ohrig, 
Johan  Georg  Wieil, 
Joh.  Erhart  Baumgertel,* 
Johan  Henrich  Krom, 
Joh.  Caspar  Lederholt, 
Joh.  Wilh.  Leymeister, 
Johan  Daniel  Hamm, 
Johan  Georg  Weittman, 
Philip  Carl  Piller, 
Hans  Jacob  Osterman, 
Philip  Henrich  Mohr, 
Johan  Adam  Weiss, 
Joh.  Friderich  Plotz. 

118)  Sept.  7,  1748.    Foreigners  imported  in  the  Mary  Gal- 
ley, George  Lawson,  Captain,  from  London. 

©ept.  7,  1748.   gremttc  lamen  mit  fcer  Tlaxi}  ©aüe^,  Sapi* 
tain  ©eorgc  Saiufon,  »on  Sonton. 

Niclas  Deederich, 
Michael  König,* 
Nicklas  Thinges, 
Peter  Edeborn, 
Nicolaus  Wolff, 
Friederich  Heff, 
Caspar  Klehr, 
Peter  Levan, 
Conrad  Cunner, 
William  Kohl,* 
Jacob  Back, 
Georg  Weber, 

Peter  Hans  Schneeder, 
Heinrich  Schuhen, 
Johan  Georg  Roth, 
Joh.  Gottfried  Sommerlad, 
Johan  Peter  Rauch, 
Phil.  Jacob  Sommerlad, 
Johannes  Hieppel, 
Abraham  Geebs,* 
David  Sudder,* 
Johan  Adam  Weber,* 
Johannes  Willerich. 

119)  Sept.  15,  1748.  f  Foreigners  imported  in  the  Two 
Brothers,  Thomas  Arnott,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 

f  In  Sept.  1748,  Peter  Kalm,  the  Swedish  Nat.  Phil,  came  to  Phila- 
delphia; he  was  born  1715,  died  1779. — See  Davenport's  Biogr.  Diet. 



@ept.  15,  1748.  t    gremtie  famen  mit  fccm  (Sc^tjfc  Stro  ^xi>- 
t^erö,  ßapitaiu3;^omaö2lrnott,  »on9tottert)am  über'9)ortömoutl). 

Johannes  Herrmann, 
Peter  Bier, 
Peter  Bier  jr., 
Johannes  Knecht, 
{,'asper  Kieffer,* 
Abraham  Kieffer  jr., 
Jacob  Scherer, 
Jonas  Eberst, 
Christoffel  Heck, 
Nicolaus  Clementz, 
Johannes  Worner, 
Johannes  Laubach, 
Jonas  Somerlad, 
Johannes  Stein, 
Jacob  Hendel,* 
Jacob  Hock, 
Michael  Günter,* 
Johannes  Heckert, 
Phillippius  Stein, 
Johannes  Koller, 
Conrad  Köhler, 
Johannes  Schlegel, 
Johan  Burckhart  Braun, 
Johan  Casper  Apffel, 
Johan  Daniel  Wirth, 
Johan  Peter  Deuig, 
Siegmund  Bassermann, 
Joh.  Friederich  Hotz, 
Georg  Carl  Hotz, 
Johan  Casper  Engel, 
Johan  Philip  Steffan, 
Joh.  Conrad  Vieliman, 
Johan  Conrad  Rauch, 
Johan  Just  Ebeith, 
Johan  Bakes  Schäffer, 

Johan  Peter  Enogel, 
Johan  Matheus  Etter, 
Johan  Caspar  Räumer, 
Johannes  Huntzecker,* 
Johan  Friederich  Reber, 
Johan  Paul  Junger,* 
Michael  Reiffsnyder,* 
Joh.  Georg  Messerschmidt, 
Johannes  Achtung, 
Ulrich  Wirth, 
Ewalt  Gantler, 
Johannes  Waltz, 
Matteis  Dilhart, 
Johannes  Deyh, 
Candias  Messert, 
Johannes  Nees, 
Jacob  Jirarden, 
Johannes  Schlegel, 
Michael  Hesler, 
Henrich  Frantz, 
Georg  Engel, 
Johannes  Braun, 
Peter  Bauber,* 
Jacob  Niess, 
Augustus  Peffer, 
Johannes  Müller, 
Daniel  Kober, 
Nicolaus  Kuntz, 
Peter  Feite,* 
Michael  Berges, 
Carl  ^lahrt, 
Philip  Heim, 
Jacob  Bretzius,* 
Jeremias  Runckel, 
Daniel  Angst, 

i  3m  '5e)3t.  1748  tarn  ^ettr  Äalm,  ber  ((^webtfc^e  9taturforfd^er,  na^ 
5)MIabe!pl)ta;  er  war  geboren  1715  unb  ftarb  1779.— ©te^e  Dasenport'sJ 
f&im.  I^ict. 




Johannes  Bitterwein, 
Johan  Nicklaus  Kindt, 
Johannes  Gestner, 
Johann  Jost  Dörr, 
Johan  Peter  Messert, 
Conrad  Alex.  Haug, 
Johann  Georg  Fass, 
Joh.  Daniel  Schneider, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Engel, 
Joh.  Henrich  Engel, 
Ludwig  Daubnüstel,? 
Johannes  Neuhauss, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Müller, 

Philip  Jacob  Schäffer, 
Johan  Philip  Schwab, 
Joh.  Henrich  Specker, 
Joh.  Michael  Brücker, 
Johan  Jost  Runckel, 
Johan  Peter  Lenhart, 
Matheus  Hütwohl, 
Han  Adam  Ströher, 
Joh.  Mattheis  Ströher, 
Michel  Christman,* 
Johannes  Stöhr, 
Johann  Bouller,* 
Joh.  Mattheis  Ströhr. 

120)  Sept.  15,  1748.  Foreigners  imported  in  the  ship  Ju- 
dith, James  Tait,  Captain,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

®ept.  15,  1748.  grembe  famen  mit  tem  (5d)iffe  Sut'itt),  ßa= 
pitüin  3ameö  3:ait,  »on  Sflotterfcam  ühtx  Sotveö. 

Conrad  Hinkel,* 
Philip  Knöbel, 
Augustus  Eygenbrod, 
Henry  Althaus,* 
Valentin  Welcker, 
William  Cuntz,* 
Christian  Schmid, 
Johannes  Stehr, 
Casper  Amhyser, 
Friederich  Gass, 
Erhart  Miller,* 
Johannes  Mayer, 
Hans  Peter  Shaller, 
Hans  Michael  Göhr, 
Johan  Adam  Leidig, 
Joh.  Nicolaus  Copia, 
Johan  Adam  Meyer, 
Christ  Peter  Sauerman, 
Joh.  Lorentz  Weygandt, 
Nicklas  Ackermann, 
Joh.  Michael  Serfriedt, 
Christian  Dapper,* 

Joh.  Esaias  Weisskob, 
Johannes  Hassinger, 
Ulrich  Rathmacher, 
Conrad  Weigand, 
Valentin  Ardt, 
Johannes  Schall, 
Michael  Ungar,* 
Johannes  Schuey, 
Jacob  Becker, 
Mattheis  Lescher, 
Jacob  Seyvert,* 
Peter  Glick, 
Conrath  Rhein, 
Thebus  Spees,* 
Jacob  Älotz, 
Johan  Jacob  Hassinger, 
Joh.  Michel  Baussmann, 
Phil.  Anthon  Sauermann, 
Joh.  Peter  Heckmann, 
Johan  Georg  Haster, 
Johan  Henrich  Beitzel, 
Paulus  Bender. 



Geo.  Michel  Wamkessel, 
Han  Georg  Arend, 
Heinrich  Bub, 

Georg  Melchior  Stuber, 
Christophel  Sauer, 
Job.  Henrich  Brosius. 

121)  Sept.  16,  1748.  Foreigners  imported  in  the  ship  Pa- 
liena,  John  Brown,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

<Bept  16,  1748.  grembe  famen  mit  bcm  ®(^iffe  ^^ciliena,  (Ea= 
)5itain  3o^n  53ron?n,  »on  Sflottertiam  über  ßomeö. 

Adam  Kastner,* 
Jacob  Beege, 
Jacob  Heissel, 
Christoph  Dang, 
Henrich  Deissinger, 
Nicolaus  Meisner, 
Peter  Petermann, 
Valentin  Katler, 
Conrad  Weiss, 
Dietrich  Sahl, 
Andreas  Rudolff, 
Valentin  Casser, 
Johannes  Kunckel, 
Johann  Kunckel  jr., 
Georg  Kuss, 
George  Nutz,* 
Friederich  Hofner,* 
Joseph  Pfeind,? 
Erdman  Koppe, 
Friederich  Bosch, 
Martin  Faunes, 
Sebastian  Leininger, 
Ludwig  Drackes, 
Carolus  Peier, 
Johan  Georg  Entes, 
Hans  Georg  Romel,* 
Philip  Peter  Gniser, 
Valentin  Rummel, 
Job.  Henrich  Erlenbach, 
Johan  Georg  Wack, 
Johan  Peter  Laus, 
Philip  Carl  Haas, 

Geo.  Mich.  Rothermel, 
Job.  Caspar  Hopper, 
Bertholomaus  Scheib, 
Johan  Conrad  Bohner, 
Johan  Peter  Voltz, 
Pbüip  Höffelbauer, 
Geo.  Balthas  Hoifelbauer, 
Georg  Adam  Neidig, 
John  Adam  Dieterich, 
Johan  Ernst  Kiesecker, 
Job.  Gottfried  Kunstman, 
Johan  Jacob  Marthin, 
Johan  Jost  Mertz, 
Job.  Conrad  Leininger, 
Johan  Biedenbender, 
Joh.  Philip  Hertzel, 
Johannes  Macht, 
Peter  Mumma,* 
Peter  Heissler, 
Johannes  Miller,* 
Philip  Wolfe,* 
Henrich  Schwab, 
Johannes  Göter,* 
Johannes  Gether, 
Friederich  Hagner, 
Bernhart  Kuber,* 
Hans  Kunckel, 
Matheis  Berger, 
Jacob  Haller, 
Conradt  Bübelt, 
Johannes  Habinger, 
Hendericb  Kuyl,* 



Hans  Zöbeli, 
Jacob  ^rig, 
Pierre  Cellier, 
Jacob  Margel,* 
Jacob  Fans, 
Jost  Kleiss, 
Hans  Sillmann, 
Christoph  Berth, 
Nicklas  Womser,* 
Jacob  Weber, 
Casper  Gerster, 
Hans  Wenger, 
Stephan  Wenger,* 
Peter  BergtoU, 
Christian  Wenger,* 
Samuel  Fries, 
Ludwig  Eberling, 
Henrich  Natter, 
Andreas  Keller, 
Carl  Blaser, 
Johannes  HoU, 
Job.  Nicolaus  Weicker, 
Johan  Jacob  Müller, 
Georg  Balthas  Kleber, 
Geo.  Philip  Wuhlhauer, 
Joh.  Friederich  Forster, 
Han  Adam  Kunckel  sen., 
Han  Adam  Kunckel  jr., 
Johannes  Summerauer, 

Antoni  Winkotz, 
Adam  Böhringer, 
Andreas  Böhringer, 
Johannes  Schmidt, 
Heinrich  Summerauer, 
Georg  Seidenspinner, 
Henrich  Bücher  Deiss, 
Casper  Phil.  Widerwenig, 
Henrich  Zöbeli, 
Jacob  Laudenberger, 
Jacob  Bleckenstorfer, 
Hans  Ulrich  Bucher, 
Heinrich  ^Rlüdtschi, 
Adam  Hartmann, 
Joh.  G.  Bernhart  Stögli, 
Job.  Rudolph  Grendel, 
Hans  Yerick  Miller,* 
Henrich  Adam  Müller, 
Michael  Christmann, 
Johan  Jacob  Carle, 
Johann  Kasper  Carle, 
Johann  Jacob  Schäfer, 
Johan  Nickel  Kind, 
Michael  Kessler, 
Joh.  Christoph  Speicher, 
Georg  Adam  Karnagel, 
Georg  Adam  Bauman, 
Jacobus  Müller. 

122)  Oct.  25,  1748.  Foreigners  imported  in  the  ship  Pa- 
liena  and  Margaret,  John  Govan,  Captain,  from  Rotterdam,  last 
from  Leith. 

Dct.  25,  1748.  grembe  tarnen  mit  tnn  '3d)i^c  ^Palicna  unt> 
5)?argaret,  ßapitatn  3ül)n  ©oüan,  mi  Siottcrtam  über  2cit(). 

liudwig  Pflüger,  Hcniy  Seeuiaii,* 

Henry  Knobloch,*  Michael  Bilil, 

Dietrich  Reinharth,  Johannes  Fantler,? 

Philip  Zimmer,*  Christian  Hahn, 

Andreas  Spieller,*  Johannes  Kneith, 



Johannes  Lantz, 
Jonas  Dietz, 
Richard  Langer,* 
Jacob  Löffner,* 
Peter  Groll, 
Hannes  Klam, 
Grottfried  Fremauer, 
Wilhelm  Wagner,* 
Balzer  Fleischer, 
Henrich  Kropff, 
Peter  Schmid, 
Carle  Janckbach, 
Jacob  Landes,* 
Antonius  Brost, 
Balzar  Schwab, 
Jacob  Overkirsh,* 
Michael  Overkirsch, 
Henrich  Contter, 
Friederich  Mauss, 
Henrich  Busch, 
Johannes  Busch, 
Wendel  Keeffer,* 
Job.  Nicolas  Kornd'örfer, 
Carl  Balthasar  Kern, 
Johan  Peter  Nieth, 
Johan  Henrich  Phul, 
Johan  Ludwia;  Seeman, 

Friederich  Panheimer, 
Johan  Peter  Nay,* 
Johan  Jacob  Mattheis, 
Johan  Adam  Gobe, 
Johan  Michael  Dietz, 
Johan  Diel  Wentz, 
Georg  Henry  Fuchs, 
Johannes  Meininger, 
Johan  Peter  Han, 
Johan  Friederich  Geiger, 
Jan.  Gottfried  Stöy, 
Johan  Adam  Schneider, 
Job.  Michael  Dreyerliug, 
Job.  Henrich  Bentheis,? 
Job.  Philip  Schmäck, 
Johan  Georg  Schad, 
Job.  Melchior  Kräuter, 
Johan  Peter  Galler,* 
Johan  Nicol.  Polch, 
Joh.  Michael  Reinhart, 
Job.  Matteis  Gell,* 
Johan  Casper  Prach, 
Johan  Jacob  Hardt, 
Johannes  Unverzagt, 
Johan  Nickel  Jung, 
Anton  Hamscher, 
Johannes  Boltz. 

123)  Oct.  25,  1748.  Foreigners  imported  in  the  ship  Elhot, 
James  Adams,  Captain,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 
240  persons,  males  and  females. 

Dct.  25, 1748.  gremfce  famen  mit  bent  ©c^tffe  Güiot,  Gapitaiit 
3ames5  Slbamö,  »on  9tottertam  über  (Eoroeö. — 240  ^erfoneu. 

Heinrich  Christian, 

Gottlieb  Schwarth, 

Peter  Rasch,* 

Jacob  Hoffman,* 

Anthon  Wolff, 

Job.  Friederich  Boserman, 

Johann  Georar  Wien, 

Johan  Jost  Kreuscher, 
Johan  Philip  Jantz, 
Johan  Georg  Bernhart, 
Carle  Helwig, 
Gottlieb  Bösler, 
Philip  Yorbach, 
Jacob  Drenth, 



Matthäus  Vorbach, 
Peter  Buth,* 
Peter  Hop,* 
Conrad  Wysner,* 
Johannes  Gross, 
Engel  Jonas, 
Philip  Kreischer, 
Johann  Paulus, 
Jacob  Kirch,* 
Nicolas  Necum,* 
Nickel  Niikom  sen., 
Peter  Nickum,* 
Johannes  Jacoby, 
Johannes  Staudter, 
Michael  Jost, 
Conrad  Gebhart, 
Conrad  Benner, 
Johannes  Degen, 
Jacob  Teitz,* 
Jonas  Hecht, 
Peter  Klein,* 
Jacob  Baum, 
Philip  Welmslehr, 
Herman  Beltz, 
Johannes  Bintzel, 
Peter  Marckert, 
Philip  Windermeyer,* 
Anton  Windermeyer,* 
Simon  Frankenfeit,* 
Joh.  Georg  Toster,* 
Andreas  Wolff, 
Conrad  Henrich  Eckhard, 
Georsr  Peter  Besel, 

Johan  Martin  Hoffman, 
Johan  Martin  Tusch, 
Johan  Henrich  Beriss, 
Johann  Strohschneider, 
Johan  Georg  Ritz, 
Johan  Nicklas  Kreischer,* 
Johann  Philip  Biehl, 
Johan  Anthon  Simon, 
Johan  Philip  Breidenbach, 
Johan  Georg  Blumer, 
Joh.  Nicolas  Preire,* 
Nicklaus  Hasselbach, 
Johan  Jacob  Gasser, 
Christo.  Sam.  Bildmann, 
Joh.  Georg  Rymisus,* 
Hans  George  Haas,* 
Johan  Jacob  Mertz, 
Johann  Nickel  Lang, 
Joh.  Georg  Schmucker, 
Henrich  Anthon  König, 
Joh.  Peter  Tressler, 
Joh.  Reinhart  Schwein, 
Joh.  Daniel  Miller, 
Jacob  Christian  Gleim, 
Johan  Philip  Peisser, 
Georg  Adam  Gossler, 
Joh.  Conrad  Gontler,? 
Johannes  Heydenreyd,* 
Johann  Adam  Geyer, 
Georg  Paul  Geyer,* 
Georg  Friederich  Küper, 
Joh.  Casper  Grosmuck, 
Joh.  Martin  Bernheusel. 

124)  Aug.  30, 1749.  Foreigners  imported  in  the  ship  Crown, 
Michael  James,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 
In  all  500  persons. 

3tuc5.  30,  1749.  grembe  famen  mit  t>em  (5d)iffe  Srown,  Sa= 
))itain  'älZic^acl  S^nieö,  »on  Stottertam  üUt  Soweö. — 2^  @an= 
gen  500  5)erfonen. 



Hans  Markly,* 
Claus  Berschman, 
Hans  Jacob  Markly,* 
Hans  Georg  Markly,* 
Hans  Erb, 
Martin  Weaber,* 
Hans  Heiney, 
Jacob  Groff, 
Heinrich  Seile, 
Jacob  Sally,* 
Jacob  Ruber, 
Henrich  Buser, 
Frederick  Bruker,* 
Michael  Beler, 
Michael  Danner, 
Henrich  Buser, 
Hans  Weber  sen., 
Hans  Weber  jr.,* 
Henrich  Spahr, 
Philip  Schmid, 
Matheis  Läpli, 
Hans  Hawly,* 
Durst  Hawly,* 
Martin  Grurom, 
Jacob  Giesie, 
Durst  Düren, 
Hans  Eumler, 
Henry  Garster,* 
Jacob  Seiler, 
Jacob  Shootin,* 
Hans  Stohler, 
IMartin  Seyler,* 
Jacob  Bohrer, 
Ernst  Endress, 
Georg  Vundi, 
Hans  Madery,* 
Adam  Weybel,* 
Jacob  Weibel, 
Philip  Onune,* 
Durst  Amine, 
Matheas  Seyler,* 

Hans  Scholtes,* 
Hans  Busser,* 
Jacob  Domme,* 
Heinrich  Thome, 
Adam  Thome, 
Hans  Mesemer,* 
Hans  Georg  GrofF, 
Hans  Henrich  Pahr, 
Johannes  Ischadt, 
Samuel  Neuschwander, 
Jacob  Werenfels, 
Hans  Jacob  Ställy,* 
Joh.  Emanuel  Pfiffer,* 
Martin  Meierhofer, 
Martin  Tschudi, 
Jacob  Schweitzer, 
Reinhart  Gunstenhauser, 
Hans  Jacob  Blonk,* 
Johannes  Tschuti, 
Friederich  Swonder,* 
Adam  Browbak  sen.,* 
Adam  Browbak  jr.,* 
Heinrich  Brabek, 
Martin  Walleset,* 
Jacob  Wiesener,* 
Baltzer  Strowman,* 
Hans  Flubacher, 
Johannes  Shitzer,* 
William  Derdamer, 
Henry  Handshy,* 
Hans  Ulrich  Ehrenstieger, 
Lenhart  Booser,* 
Christophel  Seiler, 
Martin  Schneider, 
Hans  Jacob  Hasler,* 
Hans  Jacob  Gass, 
Jacob  WaUsener,* 
Daniel  Messerly,* 
Hans  Jacob  Massener,* 
Lorentz  Morty,* 
Johannes  Marti, 



Jaus  Jacob  Honegger, 
Martin  Dätwyler, 
Hans  Jacob  Zaller,* 
Heinrich  Schneider, 
Hans  Ulrich  Möstmer, 
Friederich  Litzler, 
Hans  Georg  Reiniger, 
Hans  Ruben  Brubeck, 
Hans  Dege, 
Henry  Leety,* 
Daniel  Lüdie, 
Jacob  Tschopp, 
Henry  Bruner,* 
Martin  Tschop,* 
Johannes  Seiler, 
Hans  Lüte, 
Henry  Shaffner,* 
Jacob  Greider, 
Leonard  Hey, 
Nicklaus  Dill, 

Johannes  Meyer,* 
Conrad  Ziegler, 
Martin  Herbster, 
Heinrich  Buda, 
Bernhart  Romstein, 
Sebastian  Hassler,* 
Hans  Jacob  Greenblat,* 
Martin  Greenblat,* 
Christoph  WeesHn,* 
Mattheas  Spitlcr  sen.,* 
Mattheas  Spitler  jr.,* 
Hans  Jacob  Spitler,* 
Hans  Greber, 
Joh.  Ludwig  Buda, 
Andreas  Donner,* 
Uhllerich  Feeler,* 
Hans  Jacob  Travtinger,* 
Abraham  Houser,* 
Nicklas  Makhold,* 

Joh.  Nicolas  Macholt. 
Sick — Jacob  Furman,  Hans  Greber,  Jacob  Wurtz,  Stephen 
Spenhover,  George  Sholtes,  Hans  Messner,  Martin  Gash. 

125)  Sept.  2,  1749.  Wirtembergers  imported  in  the  ship 
Chesterfield,  Thomas  Coatam,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Cowes. — In  all  255. 

®ept.  2, 1749.  2ßürttem6erger  famen  mit  bem  Schiffe  (S^efter= 
ftelt»,  6aj)itain  S^oma^  ßoatam,  oon  Sftottertam  über  Soraeö. — 
3m  ©anjen  255. 

Gallus  Guide, 
Johannes  Maurer, 
Joseph  Weidel, 
Johannes  Keller,* 
Jaques  Moris, 
jNIartin  Waghter,* 
Friederich  Gosner, 
Frantz  Schweitzer, 
Nicolaus  Reyer, 
Solomon  Gansle, 
Jacob  Reyer, 

Jacob  Gast, 
Jacob  Aller, 
Jacob  Deible, 
Martin  Schooler,* 
George  Limbert,* 
Martin  Getz, 
Georg  Jäckel, 
Hans  Jacob  AUerth, 
Balthasar  jMaurer, 
Jacob  Schlotterer, 
Martin  Schauwecker, 





Baltas  INIayer, 

Elias  Ebirhardt, 

Ludwig  Hoch, 

Josepli  Eckert, 

Jacob  Hauch, 

Conrad  Wolf, 

Johannes  Michael  Christman, 

Christoph  Wunder, 

Johannes  Henche, 

Simeon  Heritho, 

Ludwig  König, 

Heinrich  Seytter, 

Mattheis  Schlatterer, 

Joh.  Conrad  Schlatterer, 

Hans  Christ  Beuthler, 

Hans  Georg  Kloss, 

Hans  Georg  Haisch, 

Hans  Ebert  Hordt, 

Johan  Martin  Hoyst, 

Mattheis  Laudenschläger, 

Michael  Tompprät, 

Jacob  Keinthaler, 

Christoph  Schäffer, 

Georg  Fried.  Fisher, 

Hans  Jacob  Haar, 

Hans  Georg  Hausehnann, 

Johan  Georg  Weiss, 

Philip  Gübler, 

Michael  Stierlo. 

Hans  Conrad  Schauwecker, 
Martin  Schlotterer, 
Jacob  Schlotterer, 
Phil.  Georg  Müller, 
Hans  Mich.  Lötterhe, 
Hans  Conrad  Katz, 
Maximilian  Speidell, 
Hans  Georg  Speidell, 
Johan  Jacob  Kies, 
Christian  Käpple, 
Johan  Martin  Beck, 
Balthas  Zimmerman, 
Jacob  Scheiffeler, 
Hans  Bernhart  Klotz, 
Bastian  Meyer, 
Jacob  Klotz, 
Gottfried  Fuchs, 
Elias  Steeb, 
Michael  Steeb, 
Hans  Stecher, 
Werner  Sauder,* 
Joseph  Seitz, 
Adam  Wanner, 
Johannes  Kleim, 
Joseph  Hiller, 
Michael  Fanz, 
Michael  Kiele, 
Jacob  Metzger, 
Christoph  Gross, 
Simon  Schmidt, 

Sick — Johannes  Mayer,  Sebastian  Mayer,  Hans  Ulrich  Sul- 
ler,  Jacob  Klotz. 

126)  Sept.  2,  1749.  Wirtembergers  from  Erbach,  — ship 
Albany,  Robert  Brown,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Cowes. — 285  passengers. 

teept.  2,  1749.  285  SQitrttemberger  »on  Srbac^  !amen  mit 
tent  i5c^iffe  '.Ulban^,  Sapitatn  S^okrt  Srojun,  »on  3flottert'a:n 
über  (Soweg. 




Jotannes  Scliinf, 
Johannes  Gerber, 
Friederich  Gätzinger, 
George  Shwartz,* 
Joh.  A.  Winckler, 
Nickel  Heist, 
Matheas  Schouk,* 
Vallentin  Edelman,* 
Hans  Redman,* 
George  Truke,* 
Wendel  Scherr, 
Joh.  Nicolaus  Porrath, 
Joh.  Philip  Beyer,* 
Joh.  Henrich  Moths, 
Joh.  Balthas  Hetzler, 
Joh.  Georg  Kroft, 
Joh.  Michel  Kabel, 
Joh.  Michael  Kabel  sen., 
Hans  Peter  Gembler,* 
Hans  Mich.  Gembler,* 
Joh.  Hen.  Blumenschein, 
Johan  Peter  Heist, 
Michel  Beed, 
Joseph  Scholl, 
Johannes  Grauer, 
Christoph  Nutts,* 
Johannes  Buchter, 
Johannes  Nibling, 
Adam  Edelman, 
Gotlieb  Volck,* 
Andreas  Welker,* 
Johan  Adam  Joh, 
Johan  Jacob  Joh, 
Johannes  Jotter, 
Augustinus  Ginter, 
Peter  SchäflFer,* 
Casper  Walser, 
Frederick  Lewy,* 
Johannes  Müller, 
Adam  Luick, 
Philip  Lautenschleger, 

Phil.  Jacob  Kreysh,* 
Johannes  Graber,* 
Christoffel  Nagel,* 
Peter  Brunner,* 
Joh.  Adam  Getz, 
Adam  GeiTuan,* 
Adam  Geisinger, 
Joh.  Philip  Gerg, 
Johannes  Klinger,* 
Martin  Rausch, 
J.  Balthas  Jegel,* 
J.  George  Folk,* 
Valentin  Schuck, 
Martin  Schäffer, 
Peter  KUl,* 
Alexander  Klinger, 
Nickolaus  Beissel, 
Conrad  Menges, 
Peter  Brunner, 
J.  Adam  Beiffweg,* 
Joh.  Philip  Heist, 
Geo.  Adam  Ewald,* 
Joh.  Philip  laxthemer, 
Hans  Jacob  Wagner, 
Joh.  Christof  Kintzinger, 
Hans  Georg  Fischer, 
Joh.  Martin  Schuck, 
George  Michael  Herold,* 
Hans  Martin  Strein,* 
Hans  Georg  Dreher, 
Hans  Georg  Edelman, 
Joh.  WUhehn  Volck, 
Johan  Peter  Horg, 
Johan  Michel  loh, 
Hans  Peter  Jotter, 
Hans  Conrad  Rärich, 
Johan  Georg  Menges, 
Mattheus  Nunnenmacher, 
Joh.  Adam  Heckman, 
Hans  George  Nagel,* 
Johannes  Hiickman, 



Joh.  Wilhelm  Süfer, 
Joh.  Nicolas  Delp,* 
Joh.  Zacharias  Erdroth, 
Joh.  Georg  Schäffer, 
J.  Leonhart  Meyer, 
Joh.  Georg  Dersler, 
Hans  Adam  Peetsh,* 
Joh.  Antoni  Walther, 
Hans  Philip  Krichbaum, 

Sick — Hans  Kabel,  Hans 
Hans  Georg  Hochzig. 

Johann  Adam  Gorm, 
Johan  Leuhart  German, 
Adam  Laudenschlager,* 
Georg  Michael  Frantz, 
Philip  Jacob  Walther, 
Joh.  Adam  Krichbaum, 
Johan  Adam  Rausch, 
Johan  Georg  Rettig, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Krichbaum. 
Balthaser  Schäffer,  Peter  Belman, 

127)  Sept.  9,  1749.  Palatines, — ship  St.  Andrew,  James 
Abercrombie,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Plymouth. — 
400  passengers. 

(Sept.  9,  1749.  400  ^Jfaljer  famen  mit  bem  (5d)tffe  ©t.  %n- 
brett),  gapt.  S^meg  SlbercromMc,  »on  3ftottert)am  üfeer  ^I^mout^. 

Andreas  Emmert, 
Joseph  Bergtohlt, 
Arnold  Kramer,* 
Johannes  Mebel, 
Johannes  Runkel,* 
Henry  Hamer,* 
Adam  Humberger, 
Jost  Streilhoff, 
Jacob  Linke,* 
Christian  Halte, 
Peter  Bauman,* 
Jacob  Rohr, 
Peter  Finger, 
Christian  Graff, 
Christian  Stauffer, 
Johan  Schnebeli, 
Johannes  Rohr, 
Johannes  Woosing,* 
Michael  Wagner, 
Christian  Hasseler, 
Jacob  Hertzler  sen., 
Jacob  Hertzler  jr., 
Hans  Dierstein, 

Johannes  Böhner, 
Marcus  Grull,* 
Jacob  Kern, 
Johannes  Haan,* 
Jacob  Leydig, 
Samuel  Meyer,* 
Peter  Ihrich, 
Jacob  Brandt, 
Johannes  Berr, 
Ulrich  Saufert, 
Daniel  Saufert, 
Daniel  Berr, 
Peter  Wilhelm, 
Franz  Jans, 
Johannes  Heisser, 
Conrad  Stichter, 
Joh.  Friederich  Emrich, 
Albrecht  EUenberger, 
Samuel  Kauffman, 
Christian  Eschbacher, 
Casper  Herschberger, 
Benedict  Mellinger, 
Hans  Rudy  Frey, 



Jacob  Heistliberger, 
Job.  Greorg  Vallendin, 
Hans  Michael  Vallendin, 
Jobannes  Blickesterfer,* 
Ulricb  Blickestörfer, 
Jacob  Mashberger  sen., 
Johan  Henricus  Wenig, 
Job.  Jacob  Küblinger, 
Job.  Daniel  Küblinger, 
Peter  Stenieman,* 
Bartbolomäus  Voss, 
Johann  Peter  Lach, 
Christoph  Weber, 
Bernhart  Kessler, 
Johan  Peter  Druck, 
Friederich  Neuboff, 
Job.  Friederich  Bohr, 
Andreas  Keller  jr., 
Andi'eas  Keller  sen., 
Henrich  Casper  Backe, 
Jobannes  Corell, 
Job.  Engelbert  Morgenstern, 
Conrad  Hoifmann, 
Baltzer  Weinberger, 
Christian  Kirschberger, 
Job.  Wilhelm  Franck, 
Ulricb  Hackmann, 
Abraham  Brübacher, 
Johan  Adam  Stahler, 
Job.  Conrad  Seybell, 
Hans  George  Garner,* 
Job.  Henrich  Gerndt, 
Henry  Slawffer,* 
Valentin  Stichler, 

Johannes  Walder, 
Jacob  Herbig, 
Valentin  Haag, 
Jacob  Esbelman,* 
Johannes  Jung, 
Jobannes  Funck, 
Christian  Wenger,* 
Hannes  Wenger, 
Jacob  Eimann, 
Christian  Fuchs,* 
Martin  Spreng, 
Adam  Heiweg, 
Jobannes  Huth, 
Peter  Ahles, 
Matheas  Weise,* 
Ulrich  Jordte, 
Christian  Eschbacher, 
Johannes  INIellinger, 
Jobannes  Brübacher, 
Peter  Eschelmann, 
Johannes  Eppelman, 
Hans  Jacob  Weyse,* 
Johan  Adam  Dörr, 
Hermanius  Heger, 
Simeon  Zeberman, 
Johan  Peter  Krämer, 
Christoffel  Henry, 
Jacob  Weiss  sen., 
George  Shambacb,* 
Johannes  Hackman, 
Henrich  Stauffer, 
Uhellericb  Staver,* 
Hans  George  Hobler, 
Jac.  Fried.  Debert  Yäussler. 

128)  Sept.  11,  1749.  Foreigners  imported  in  the  ship  Pris- 
cilla,  WilUam  Meier,  Captain,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 
299  passengers. 

(Sept.  11,  1749.  299  %vmit  famcu  mit  tem  Schiffe  ^xiHxüa, 
(Sapitain  Sßiüiam  9Jieier,  »on  3tottert)am  ükr  fiotüeö. 



Johannes  Kraun, 
Johannes  Miller,* 
Friederich  Lier, 
Rudolph  Bär, 
Henry  Barr,* 
Henry  Huber, 
Johannes  Bur, 
Melchior  Leeder,* 
Henrich  Kunst, 
Jacob  Stehli, 
Hans  Merky, 
Hans  Surber,* 
Hans  Schneebly, 
Georg  Funck, 
Ulrich  Hohsteter, 
Johannes  Weiss, 
Rudolph  Huber, 
Jacob  Huber, 
Jacob  Bär, 
Jacob  Baumann, 
Henrich  Wollenweider, 
Hans  George  Isseller,* 
Müller  Heinrich, 
Jacob  Gützinger, 
Joh.  Reinhardt  ühl, 
Mattheis  Gallman, 
Hans  Rudolph  Gallman, 
Hans  Jacob  Meyer, 
Hans  Jacob  Giibler, 
Jacob  Bodeureider, 
Reinhart  Scherer, 
Johannes  HoiFecker, 
Joh.  Philip  Mühlhoff, 
Joh.  Peter  Mühlhoff, 
Johan  Michael  Boor, 
Joh.  Nickel  Lorentz, 
Johan  Peter  Franck, 

Urlch  Hauber, 
Casper  Pfester, 
Rudolp  Naff, 
Jacob  Näff, 
Casper  Huber, 
Rudy  Kuntz, 
Jacob  Kuntz,  § 
Hans  Kern, 
Jacob  Mawer,* 
Rudy  IMawer,* 
Jacob  Häuser, 
Jacob  Shnabely,* 
Jacob  Bart,* 
Friederich  Shurp,* 
Johannes  Shurp,* 
Paulus  Schorb, 
Michael  Franck, 
Hans  Zubler,* 
Henry  Meyer,* 
Joh.  Ludwig  Küstner, 
Joh.  Philip  Küstner, 
Georg  Peter  Dürr,* 
Joh.  Jacob  Walther, 
Joh.  Henrich  Beiger, 
Joh.  Friedrich  Frütschie, 
Johan  Nickel  Göbel, 
Joh.  Michael  Malfier, 
Joh.  Matheis  Bohr, 
Johan  Adam  Bohr, 
Joh.  Matheis  Ströher, 
Joh.  Nicolaus  Wedartz, 
Joh.  Matheis  Becker, 
Johan  Nickel  Neu, 
Joh.  Adam  Neu, 
Joh.  Peter  Müller, 
Henrich  Rütschi, 
Joh.  Burkhart  Hoffmann. 

Friederich  Stroh,  

129)  Sept.  13,  17-19.  Foreigners  from  Wirtemberg,  Alsace 
and  Zweibrücken, — ship  Christian,  Thomas  Brady,  Captain,  from 
Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 




©ejjt  13,  1749.  SBürttemfcerger,  Stfäffer  unb  SmibxMnex 
famcn  mit  fcem  ©c^iffe  Sf)rifttan,  Sapitain  I^omaei  SBratp,  »on 
9lottertam  über  ßoweö» 

Paulus  Brod, 
Andreas  Vogel, 
Friederich  Erb,* 
Valentin  Kern,* 
Christoph  Ludwig, 
Ernst  Münekel, 
Heinrich  Albrecht, 
Frantz  Ziegler  sen., 
Frantz  Ziegler  jr., 
Benjamin  Cuny, 
Adam  Schneck, 
Johannes  Schäjffer, 
Daniel  Altik,* 
Wilhelm  Hältz,* 
Joseph  Ressener,* 
Andreas  Braun, 
Karl  Volden, 
Philip  Kaupt,* 
Friederich  Gelbach  sen., 
Frantz  Gelbach, 
Friederich  Gelbach  jr., 
Joh.  Andreas  Auler,? 
Hans  Jacob  Stotz, 
Hans  Adam  Hackman, 
George  Ludwig  Burg,* 
Johannes  Mischeb, 
Martin  Bernharth, 
Julius  Christo  Bachman, 
Hans  Georg  Michele, 
Johan  Georg  Erig, 
Joh.  Caspar  Geisinger, 
Joh.  Ludwig  Bäuerle, 
Michael  Shoemaker,* 
Ludwig  Maintzger, 
Joh.  Phil.  Hen.  Hauer, 
Georg  Michel  Derr, 
Georg  Hummel,* 
Jacob  Hieman, 

David  Pfautz, 
Michael  Hauff, 
Weybegt  Rupp, 
Christian  Romich,* 
Michael  Haupt, 
Johannes  Tilly,* 
Matheis  Ostertag  sen., 
Matheis  Ostertag  jr.,* 
Abraham  Selman,* 
Michael  Rummel,* 
John  Ehrait,* 
Baltasar  Glisser,* 
Wilhelm  Heyshe,* 
Martin  Danner, 
Conrad  Bosch, 
Matheis  Weiss, 
Joseph  Schmidt, 
Christian  Limbacher, 
Johannes  Reuter, 
Jacob  Wälckly, 
Isaac  Jung, 
Christian  Ostertag, 
Balthasar  Dock, 
Peter  Gascha, 
Samuel  Mosser, 
Jacob  Ribelet, 
Henrich  Dock, 
Hans  Meck, 
Peter  Hamman,* 
Philip  Kugler, 
Antony  Ecki, 
Jacob  Rumel, 
Georg  Bernhart  Braun, 
Georg  Michael  Braun, 
Joh.  Andreas  Weckeffer, 
Joh.  Jacob  Datismann, 
Martin  Schlachenhauff, 
Michael  Hechelman, 




Joh.  Michael  Mayer, 
Hans  Georg  Haffer, 
Hans  Georg  Haupt, 
Hans  Georg  Schumacher, 
Joh.  Michael  Sommer, 
Joh.  Abrecht  Eshelman,* 
Hans  Georg  Ungast,* 
Hans  Jacob  Über,* 
Hans  Georg  Merckly,.* 
Jacob  Risternholtz, 
Johan  Georg  Limbacher, 
Johan  Adam  Ebert,. 
Johan  Jacob  Sim, 
Johannes  Schmerber, 

Hans  Peter  Jung, 
Hans  Peter  Ribelet, 
Joh.  Nicolaus  Koch, 
Abraham  Ribellet, 
Phil.  Thomas  Hull,* 
Christian  Eichart, 
Johan  Jacob  Bamitz, 
Christian  Glässer, 
Michael  Hauswird,* 
Joh.  Erhart  Knappenberger, 
Christian  Gutknecht, 
Martin  Hisch,* 
Berhart  Schweighart,* 
Hans  Adam  Krieger. 

130)  Sept.  14,  1749.  Foreigners  from  the  electorate  Pala- 
tinate,— ship  Two  Brothers,  Thomas  Arnot,  Master,  from  Rot- 
terdam, last  from  Cowes. — 312  passengers. 

(Sept.  14,  1749.  312  ^falser  famen  mit  fccm  (Schiffe  Zm 
35rot^er^,  Sapitain  I^omaö  2trnot,  öon  Slotterbam  über  Soweö, 

Weygand  Schneider, 
Christian  Humbold,* 
Jacob  Gruber, 
Joh.  Gerhart  Schneider, 
Johan  Peter  Schneider  jr., 
Johan  Peter  Shneyder  sen.,* 
Teys  Refy,* 
Michael  Reyffener,* 
Peter  Reiffener, 
Henry  Wagner,* 
Peter  Ammo, 
Philippus  Löhr, 
Johannes  Osseler, 
Johan  Hermannis, 
Christian  Birkingbey,* 
Jacob  Cambeck, 
WUhelm  Pfeiffer, 
Johannes  Damftichs, 
Johan  Beisbeker,* 
Peter  Heinrich, 

Simon  Höller, 
Johan  Phillipus, 
John  Vemisbaker,* 
Henry  Weiler,* 
Johannes  Hilbisch, 
Matheus  Trawn,* 
Wilhelm  Kusche, 
Johannes  Böhmer, 
Ernst  Schäffer, 
Wilhelm  Ditz, 
Matheis  Baker,* 
Joh.  Balthas  Shmit,* 
Joh.  Christ  Klein, 
Joh.  Ludwig  Schiess, 
Joh.  Ernst  Greiss, 
Joh.  Adam  Becker, 
Joh.  Peter  Hess, 
Christian  Steltz, 
Joh.  Jacob  Carl, 
Johannes  Dirwess, 



Joh.  Peter  DiU, 
Bastian  Braun, 
Johan  Süsser, 
Wilhelm  Helt  * 
Joh.  Days  Rub, 
Joh.  Christ  Bub, 
Ernst  Becker, 
Michael  Durschman, 
Joh.  Wilh.  Jäger, 
Wilhelmus  Jacobus  Gruber, 
Johan  Conrad  Refi, 
Adam  Henrich  Prentz, 
Johannes  Hermanes, 
Johan  Henry  Wagner,* 
Hans  Peter  Lehr,* 
Johan  Jost  Blecher, 
Johan  Peter  Miller,* 
Johan  Jost  Fischer, 
Johan  Peter  Hilfisch, 
Joh.  Haubrich  Löhr, 
Johan  Peter  Lay, 
Joh.  Christ  Löhmer, 
Joh.  Albert  Strecker, 
Johan  Jost  Shaifer,* 
Joh.  Daniel  Hoffman, 
Joh.  Henrich  Fuchs, 
Joh.  Henrich  Schmit, 
Greorg  Jacob  Wird,* 
Christian  Matheis  Göbeler, 
Johan  Henrich  Gruber, 
Johan  Philip  Sauer, 
Johan  Peter  Lupp, 
Johan  Ernst  Kramer, 

Joh.  Balthasar  Schmidt, 
Friederich  Gottfried  Schmidt, 
Johan  Peter  Schuman, 
Joh.  Martin  Schmitgen, 
Joh.  Adam  Schmitgen, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Mallert, 
Joh.  Martin  Greiss, 
Joh.  Jacobus  Hoffman, 
Johan  Peter  Jung, 
Johan  Adam  Jung,* 
Joh.  Philip  Becker, 
Joh.  Christ  Badenheinner, 
Johan  Peter  Aller, 
Johan  Peter  Braun, 
Johan  Georg  Schultz, 
Johan  Theis  Durschman, 
Johan  Jacob  Haner, 
Johan  Michael  Gessel, 
Johan  Julius  Schmidt, 
Christoph  Lentart,* 
Johannes  Fonn, 
Johannes  Küm, 
Henrich  Schmieg, 
Joh.  Deis  Bäcker, 
Christian  Baker,* 
Joh.  Peter  Stath, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Schmidt, 
Johan  Christ  Schneyder, 
Johan  Adam  Gemmer,* 
Johann  Peter  Seyn, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Jung, 
Johan  Peter  Schaaff, 
John  Peter  Miller.* 

131)  Sept.  15,  1749.  Palatines  imported  in  the  ship  Edin- 
burgh, James  Bussel,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Ports- 
mouth.— 380  passengers. 

(Sept.  15,  1749.  380  ^fäljer  famen  mit  bem  (Sd^iffe  (Ebin= 
6urg^,  Sapitain  ^amti  9luffel,  t»on  3tottert»am  ixUv  ^ortömoutt). 



Heinrich  Conrad, 
Abraham  Jung, 
Peter  Lang, 
Georg  Conrad,* 
Johannes  Schmidt, 
PhiUp  Mertz,* 
Herman  Mauer, 
Jeremias  Bär, 
Wilhelm  Tuchembel, 
Valentin  Scherer, 
Henrich  Miedel, 
Adam  Lambe,* 
Christoph  Lambert, 
Phüip  Diehl, 
Hannes  Spicker, 
Julius  Spicker, 
Johannes  Bauer, 
Friederich  Kliirr, 
Peter  Laub,* 
Jacob  Hamman, 
Georg  Fengel, 
Peter  Gübrit, 
Waller  Schmidt, 
Valentin  Heil, 
Jacob  Wirth, 
Adam  Bauer, 
Georg  Wächter, 
Adam  Goos,* 
Andreas  Stein, 
Peter  Tamerus, 
Johan  Friederich  Ditz, 
John  Philip  Hame,* 
Johan  Jacob  Becker, 
Philip  Peter  Becker, 
Nicklas  Biedeman,* 
Daniel  Sheimer,* 
Friederich  Scheimer, 
Michael  Scheimer, 
Johan  Daniel  Koller, 
Johann  Henrich  Lang, 
Johan  Philip  Dick, 

Joh.  Friederich  Martin, 
Johan  Conrad  Lutz, 
Johan  Georg  Meundel, 
Johann  Jacob  Schäffer, 
Johannes  Rüdinger, 
Johannes  Senffelder, 
Johan  Henrich  Schmidt, 
Valentin  Petry, 
Adam  Scheimer, 
Johannes  Schwerdt, 
Johannes  Laudenschläger, 
Johannes  Schneider, 
Johan  Georg  Steiner, 
Christoph  Ridlein, 
Georg  Henry  Risser,* 
Wilhelm  Schwerber,* 
John  Georg  Hendershit, 
Phillipp  Metzger, 
Heinrich  Schmidt, 
Bernhart  Scherer, 
Friederich  Schwob,* 
Dewalt  Schmidt, 
Samuel  Kerch, 
Jacob  Kerch, 
Nickel  Renner, 
Michael  Penss, 
Stofel  Schuman, 
Michael  Mauerer,* 
Christian  Shmit,* 
Conrad  Knepper, 
Johann  Adam, 
Andreas  Bieber,* 
Jacob  Bieber,* 
Rudolph  Rauch, 
Christian  Axer, 
Stephan  Leyer, 
Philip  Dinges, 
Jacob  Klein, 
Philip  Bücke,* 
Peter  Brauch, 
Philip  Rickart,* 



Henry  Shmit,* 

Jacob  Zerel,* 

Jacob  Zinn, 

Simon  Horch, 

Johannes  Althaus,* 

Carl  Sirer, 

Jacob  Becker, 

Christian  Egyr, 

Johannes  Bender,* 

Henry  Bender,* 

Wendel  Essig, 

Friederich  Dick, 

Conrad  Miller,* 

Nicklas  Grusius,* 

Jacob  Kuhnan,? 

Fritz  Schäfier,* 

Jacob  Mohr, 

Gerlach  Strich, 

Georg  Land, 

Henry  Zoll,* 

Henry  Marsh,* 

Lothareus  Pfannenbecker, 

Nickolas  Seltzer,* 

Johan  Peter  Geis, 

Hans  Jacob  Tarnet, 

Frantz  Nicolaus  Faber, 

Henrich  Faber, 

Johann  Buchharner, 

Erasmus  Bockius, 

Johan  Nicklas  Fellenberger, 

Mattheis  Bolland, 

Christoph  Gideon  Myrteties, 

Nicklaus  Eisenmänger, 

Johan  Georg  Klein, 

Simeon  Charmely, 

Frantz  Hartman, 

Johan  Jacob  Dästerr, 

Georg  Michael  Mauer, 
Georg  Friederich  Seil, 
Antony  Hargesheimer, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Schreiner, 
Johannes  Dietz, 
Jacob  Pfannkuchen, 
Conrad  Schweitzer, 
Erasmus  Althaus, 
Adam  Diehhart, 
Benedictus  Thom, 
Christoifel  Klärr, 
Johannes  von  der  Lindt, 
Johann  Michel  Lawall, 
Jacob  Brubacher, 
Johan  Adam  Sachs, 
Johan  Michel  König, 
Johan  Nickel  Scheffer, 
Joh.  Walther  Schwob, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Pfeil, 
Joh.  Gerlach  Huhn, 
Joh.  Daniel  Huhn, 
Samuel  Neitlinger, 
Friederich  Zerfass, 
Jacob  Goodman,* 
Phillip  Goodman,* 
Christian  Bernhart, 
Joh.  Martin  Neubecker, 
Johannes  Adler, 
Bastian  Wenig,* 
Johannes  Fritz, 
Henry  Steinmetz, 
Friederich  Conradt, 
Jacob  Hattebach, 
Joh.  Michel  Hoffman, 
Johan  Jacob  Kapp, 
Johan  Peter  Weiler, 
Henry  Shermillin.* 

132)  Sept.  15, 1749.  Foreigners  from  Zweibrücken,  Nassau, 
Wirtemberg,  and  Palatinate, — ship  Phoenix,  John  Mason,  Mas- 
ter, from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowcs. — 550  passengers. 



(Sept.  15,  1749.  550  2tu^Iänt)er  öon  S^tihxMcn,  SRa^au, 
Sßüvttemberg  unb  t>er  5^fat,5  famcn  mit  bent  ©i^iffe  ^^önir,  (ia= 
pitain  3o^n  ^I^Zafon,  »on  Stotterbam  über  ßoroeö. 

Samuel  Notoing,* 
Caspar  Bruner,* 
Andreas  Creiner, 
Henrich  Lüta, 
Georg  Härther, 
Jacob  Anthoni, 
Nicklas  Roath,* 
Nicklas  Ricksaker, 
Andreas  Tevental,* 
Simon  Walter,* 
Johannes  Grross, 
Conrath  Jost, 
Jacob  Schneider, 
Jacob  Meserli, 
Joseph  Han, 
Henrich  Ginder, 
Michael  Traxel,* 
George  Traxel,* 
Henry  Mishit,* 
Dewald  Stecker,* 
Peter  Gerret,* 
Ulrich  Stoller, 
Georg  Altman, 
Anthon  Altman, 
Solomon  Barher,* 
Theobald  Kuntz, 
Niclas  Eisseman,* 
Michael  Koppel, 
Georg  Caspar  Heuss, 
Hans  Ulrich  Ott, 
Georg  Waneumacher, 
Job.  Ludwig  Strauss, 
Samuel  Wanenmacher, 

Joseph  Kauffman, 
Georg  Frantz  Philippi, 
Hans  Georg  Windenauer, 
Hans  Nickel  Ott, 
Hans  Adam  Bauss, 
Hans  Peter  Rösser, 
Georg  Adolph  Kräber, 
Hans  Lenart  Hinckel,* 
John  George  Shneyder,* 
J.  Rudolph  Ginder,* 
Job.  Jacob  Mestenbach, 
Abraham  Nonnemacker,* 
Hans  Georg  Cleiss, 
Bernhart  Traxel,* 
John  Jacob  Mitshit, 
Johan  Michel  Schmidte,  a 
Hans  Peter  Eichede, 
Hans  Philip  Bison, 
Hans  Georg  Eisseman,* 
Peter  Eisenmann  sen., 
Peter  Eisenmann  jr., 
Johan  Nickel  Koppel, 
Nicolaus  Schneider, 
Jacob  Keppel,* 
Paulus  Keppel,* 
Peter  Keppel,* 
Peter  Isch, 
Christof  Brunner, 
Daniel  Duval,* 
Johan  Drugrare,* 
Daniel  Daam,* 
Jacob  Dormeyer,* 
J.  Lutwig, 

a  Schmidte  has  ^^  Arzt"  physician,  appended  to  his  name,  indicative 
of  his  profession. — [Editor.) 

a  (gd^mtbte  fii^te,  urn  feinen  Scruf  anjujctgcn,  „5lrjt"  fctncnt  9?amen 
bet. — (Herausgeber.) 



Henry  Schauff,* 
Martin  Klein, 
Jacob  Klein,* 
Johannes  Hort, 
Andreas  Gratt, 
Johannes  Great,* 
Georg  Müller, 
Philip  Miller,* 
Nicola  Delon, 
Peter  Grieger, 
Jacob  Schneider, 
Michael  Nike,* 
Jacob  Nike,* 
IMattheus  Krasch, 
Herman  Batur, 
Jacob  Batur, 
Marx  Springel,* 
Christian  Creesle,* 
Weirich  Seltzer, 
Johannes  Gross,* 
Felix  Kley, 
Hans  Reese,* 
Michael  Shaffer,* 
Heinrich  Luteer, 
Philip  Laure,* 
Christian  Weiss, 
Nicklas  Bob, 
Jacob  Walter,* 
Martin  Walter,* 
John  Bender,* 
Jacob  Bieber, 
Jacob  Jonger,* 
Samuel  Spiger,* 
Jacob  Altman, 
Wilhelm  Altman, 
Han  Job.  Barhitz, 
Hans  Georg  Jundt, 
Johann  Michael  Mallo, 
John  Frederich  Hister,* 
Henrich  Wilh.  Mahhch, 
Samuel  Dormeyer,* 

Hans  Jacob  Witmer,* 
Frantz  Jacob  Zühl, 
John  Nicklas  Miller,* 
Jeremias  Schönbach, 
Jacob  ZoUicker, 
Adam  Grantadam,* 
Josephe  Chavlier, 
Johan  George  Ker,* 
Josephe  Courteuer, 
Abraham  Scherdrong, 
Johan  Georg  Mölig, 
Johan  Reinhart  Keller, 
Conrad  Wohlfehrt, 
Andreas  Riitsieler, 
Daniel  Greberger, 
Christopher  Reger, 
Frantz  Soal,* 
Francois  Grandadam, 
Johan  Adam  Walter,* 
John  Matheas  Shöman,* 
Wilhelm  Longhauer,* 
Anthony  Nieve,* 
Christian  Tathouer,* 
Christian  Brost, 
Simon  Roorig,* 
Johannes  Roorig,* 
Johannes  Geeber,* 
Daniel  Roorig,* 
Anthoni  Bieber, 
Hans  Nickel  Bieber, 
Hans  Adam  Herman,* 
Hannes  Müller, 
Ulrich  Kindlishberger,* 
Johannes  Weller, 
Johannes  Lamot, 
Stephan  Alman,* 
Samuel  Perquy,* 
Jacob  Schmidt, 
Jacob  Widmer, 
Hans  Sölli, 
Hans  Meier,* 



Johannes  Boushy,* 
Jacob  Miller,* 
Christian  Miller,* 
Peter  Miller,* 
Johannes  Keefer, 
Peter  Rett, 
Jacob  Misseler,* 
Joseph  Mischler, 
Jacob  Seiler, 
Christian  Staufer, 
Jacob  Klein, 
Martin  Ritter,* 
Hans  Lantz, 
Jacob  Hornlie, 
Antoni  Kratzer, 
Jacob  Has, 
Simon  Degler, 
Jacob  Grratze, 
Jacob  Hünler, 
Peter  Kaufman, 
Johannes  Riehm, 
Felix  Sailor,* 
Greorge  Bentz, 
Jacob  Bence,* 
Johannes  Sumer, 
Christian  Summer,* 
Matheis  Nafzger, 
Johannes  Fame, 
Peter  Crapy,* 
Jacob  Stauch, 
Johannes  Rupp, 
Jacob  Rupp, 
Peter  Nofsker,* 
Erhart  Bom,* 
Philip  Henkel,* 
Johannes  Reber,* 
Daniel  Rynolle, 
Christian  Fischer, 
Nicolaus  Dartwiller,* 
Daniel  Dörtweiler, 
Martin  Dartwiller,* 

Michael  Wüsel, 
Hans  Strubhar, 
Christoph  Spanler,* 
Hans  (xeorg  Springer,* 
Michael  Dormeyer,* 
Abraham  Drachsel, 
Durst  Deretinger,* 
Benedict  Leman,* 
Job.  Georg  Steinroth, 
Anton  Beavenaw,''' 
Francois  Hognon, 
Job.  Michael  Steng, 
Job.  Michael  Heller, 
Friederich  Wohlfahrt, 
Hans  Georg  Keim, 
Han  Philip  Grtinewalt, 
Sebastian  Bissahr, 
Job.  Ludwig  Bentz, 
Christian  Hartman,* 
Frantz  Marshall,* 
Christian  Schowalder, 
Rudolph  Nafzger, 
Christian  Kauffman,* 
Jacob  Kauffman, 
Johannes  Lans, 
Hans  Georg  Stauch, 
Abraham  Kurtz, 
Anton  von  Gumden, 
Georg  Christian  Sim, 
Christian  Kurtz, 
Jan  Hendrick  Reckman, 
Theobald  Hoschar, 
Hans  Peter  Hoschar, 
Heinerich  Hoschar, 
Andre  de  Grange, 
Georg  Hertzog  Dering, 
Kilian  Zimmerman, 
Michael  Ridelsberg,* 
Christian  Hochstätter, 
Georg  Hertzog, 
Peter  Obersteg, 




Ulrich  Hostetter'* 
Simon  Steckel, 
Hans  Schrantz, 
Conrad  Wagner, 
Matheus  Seygor, 
Peter  Herb,* 
Jost  Mayer, 
Jacob  Mann, 
Frantz  Griebel, 
Nicklaus  Hochstätter, 

Johannes  Schöndeman, 
Ulrich  Rein  hart, 
Ulrich  Mischler, 
Ludwig  Eerlman, 
Hans  Nickel  Mayer, 
Martin  Obersteg, 
Casper  Fretter, 
Conrad  Altvater, 
Hans  Michael  Walther, 
Joh.  Ludwig  Gribeler. 

133)  Sept.  19, 1749.  Palatines  and  persons  from  the  duchy 
of  Wirtemberg, — ship  Patience,  Hugh  Steel,  Captain,  from 
Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 270  passengers. 

(Sept.  19,  1749.  270  ^faljer  unt»  SBürttemkrgcr  famen  mit 
bent  ©c^iffe  patience,  Sapitain  ^ugt)  <Bttel,  »on  ^totterbam  übet 

Engelbert  Jung, 
Herman  Schneider, 
Henrich  Hartman, 
Jacob  Ernst, 
Henry  Righart,* 
Jacob  Richart,* 
Johan  Bauman  sen., 
Johan  Bauman  jr., 
Andreas  Hecker,* 
Christian  Eslinger,* 
Michael  Müller, 
Bernhart  Müller, 
Andreas  Müller, 
Friederich  Rübman, 
Joh.  Georg  Bauman, 
Conrath  Roger, 
Casper  Kilian, 
Adam  Keltinger, 
Georg  Lutz, 
Georg  Lindenmuth, 
Valentin  Gramly,* 
Carl  Kayser, 
Heinrich  Magasch, 

Christoph  Kylbach, 
Michael  Schlör, 
Andreas  Unangst, 
Johannes  Steinseiffer, 
Hermanus  Battenberg, 
Johan  Jacob  Grisse, 
Johan  Michel  Stoltz, 
Joh.  Jost  Zimmerman, 
Dielman  Grydelbach, 
Johan  Henrich  Güthing, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Hart, 
Hans  Henrich  Wehler, 
Joh.  Friederich  Schello, 
Johan  Georg  Haifner, 
Georg  Ludwig  Sommer, 
Johan  Jacob  Bahr, 
Hans  Adam  Grämlich, 
Philip  Jacob  Ernst, 
Hans  Adam  Grämlich  jr., 
Johan  Martin  Hasee, 
Hans  Georg  IMeeder, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Ritt«lbach,? 
Joh.  Adam  Zangmeister, 



Georg  Fried.  Zangmeister, 
Franz  Georg  Bacher, 
Hans  Peter  Liewel, 
Georg  Henrich  Urangst, 
Georg  Peter  Ghck, 
Joli.  Chi-istoph  QiUinger, 
Daniel  Camp,* 
David  Kamp, 
Christ  Zimuiermun, 
Peter  Spohn, 
Christoph  Stroh, 
Mattheis  Milling, 
Ludwig  Liudeumuth, 
Martin  Leeser,* 
Michel  Billing, 
Wilhelm  Bosch, 
Andreas  Beuschlein, 
Andreas  Fendig, 
Johannes  Endress, 
Johannes  Eulon, 
Martin  Bawer,* 
Martin  Riess, 
Ferdinand  Reed,* 
Joseph  Buyghart, 
Georg  Koster, 
Johannes  Eberts,* 
Jacob  Glasser, 
Joseph  Dummey, 
Samuel  Ehring, 
Philip  Herr,* 
Johannes  Wagner,* 
David  Keller, 
George  Smith,* 
George  HofFner,* 
Mattheis  Heinlen, 
David  Heinlen, 
Michael  Okser,* 
Andreas  Fohl, 
Joseph  Hausser, 
Daniel  Finck, 
Peter  Finck, 

Peter  Stetzier, 
Johannes  Käst, 
Adam  Ernst, 
Georg  Peter  Vogt, 
Joh.  Casper  Senghaass, 
Joh.  Bernhard  Fehr, 
Hans  Georg  Kantz, 
Hans  Georg  Martin, 
Hans  Peter  Uhrig, 
Hans  Philip  Brenner, 
Philip  Adam  Brenner, 
Hans  Adam  Ludwig, 
Hans  Peter  Ludwig, 
Georg  Michel  Roger, 
Hans  Martin  Yler, 
Hans  Georg  Hertel, 
Hans  George  Linemuth,* 
Joh.  Christoph  Wollet, 
Johan  Adam  Gessner, 
Johan  Ludwig  Barth, 
Friederich  Dörflinger, 
Johannes  Heillmann, 
Johan  Peter  Zimmerman, 
Joh.  Friederich  Gall, 
Johan  Adam  Diem, 
Johan  Adam  Hoffman, 
Georg  Michel  Gibler, 
Hans  Georg  Schuhmann, 
Georg  Himmelberger, 
Joseph  Kauflfman, 
Johannes  SauerzapfF, 
Abraham  Baumann, 
Gottlieb  Baumann, 
Lorentz  Seyfriedt, 
Bernhart  Pangert,* 
Daniel  Kurtz, 
Joh.  Friederich  Strauss, 
Johannes  Feyler, 
Heinrich  Häffner, 
Bernhart  Schmidt, 
Andreas  Müller. 


Sick — Johan  Ebert  Stein,  Jacob  Ludwig,  Johannes  Ender. 

Note. — At  the  same  time  the  ship  Patience  arrived,  two  other  ves- 
sels were  about  landing.  In  the  Archives  is  found  this  Memorandum : — 
"  The  foreigners,  in  number  40,  imported  in  the  ship  Francis  and  Eliza- 
beth, Captain  Beach,  being  sickly,  were  not  permitted  to  be  landed. 
Likewise  the  foreigners,  in  number  58,  imported  in  the  ship  Rachel, 
Captain  Armstrong,  were  so  sickly  that  it  was  thought  dangerous  to 
suffer  them  to  land  altogether;  whereupon  the  sick  were  ordered  to 
be  separated  from  the  well,  and  such  as  recovered,  with  the  well,  were 
to  be  qualified  occasionally." 

Slnmerfung. — ^ux  ^eit  d^  bicfeö  ®c^tff  anfam,  tuaren  auc^  jivei 
anbtre  am  Sanben.  3n  ben  $(r($töen  tft  biefeö  !Kemoranbum  aufbetvabrt: 
„^cn  auf  bem  ®($iffe  3ramti3  unb  (SUfabctt),  Sapttatn  23ead),  befinblicbfii 
49  Sluölänbern,  n)fl(^e  fxäntüd)  waren,  tourbc  baö  Slnlanbcit  uid)t  erlaubt, 
©benfaüö  ntc^t  ben  53  gremben  auf  bent  ©c^tffe  9tad)el,  Sapttain  Slrni- 
firong;  btefe  Htten  [o  febr,  ba§  man  c^  für  gefa'tjrltd^  glaubte,  fie  übcrt)aupt 
nn'ö  Sanb  fommen  ju  lajfen.  !E)ie  Äranfen  würben  ijon  ben  ®ef«nbcn  au^= 
gef^ieben  unb  jettweife,  wenn  fie  genefen  waren,  qualtficirt." 

134)  Sept.  25,  1749.  Foreigners  Jfrom  Wirtemberg,  Alsace, 
and  Hanau, — ship  Speedwell,  James  Creagh,  Captain,  from 
Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 240  passengers. 

(Sept.  25,  1749.    240  grembe  »on  Sßürttemfeerg,  (£Ifaf  unt) 
Jpanau  famen  mit  tern  ©(^tffe  ©peeturell,  Sapitaitt  ^arrn^  Sreag^, 
»on  Stottertam  über  Soweö. 
Peter  Sadler,  Jacob  Ham,* 

Hans  Müller,  Andreas  Ham,* 

Joseph  Hengher,  Jacob  Miller,* 

Christian  Hemler,  Adam  Layar, 

Dewald  Metz,*  Burghart  Ertinger, 

Jacob  Grryffing,  Johannes  Yowch,* 

Heinrich  Zeiuer,  Michael  Kientz, 

Johannes  Berth,  Mattheus  Sprutt, 

Johannes  Weiss,  Friederich  Wentz, 

Michael  Shak,*  Johannes  Hell,* 

Christoph  Meyer,*  Johannes  Geradewohl,* 

Michel  Meyer,  Hans  Jost  Hausser, 

David  Hamm,*  Johannes  Hausser, 

Adam  Buchman,*  Hans  Georg  Pfauty,* 

Jacob  Wächter,*  Joseph  Freymiller  sen.,* 

Hans  Diebolt,  Joseph  Freymiller  jr.,* 

Michael  Kleim,  Hans  Jacob  Held, 



Ludwig  Held,* 
Johannes  Amstedt, 
Hans  Morgedaller,* 
Andreas  Grossweiller,* 
Job.  Erhardt  Müller, 
Johannes  Tuckermann, 
Hans  Jacob  Schiedt, 
Joh.  Friederich  Lein, 
Johan  Peter  Källner, 
Joh.  Michael  Müller, 
Matheas  Onzinger,* 
Ludwig  Moser,* 
Gisbetus  Ignatius  Knipp, 
Johan  G.  Weydner,* 
Joh.  Egydius  Deschner, 
Hans  Greorg  Achenbacher, 
Georg  Schütterlin,? 
Hans  Jacob  Stöss, 
Leonhart  Ziffe,* 
Johannes  Scherban, 
Phüip  Seifert,* 
Jacob  Fanheel,? 

Christoph  Stornier,* 

Martin  Wurffei,* 

Jacob  Hecht, 

Andreas  Töhms, 

Hans  Plach, 

Hannes  Plach, 

Georg  Stöss, 

Isaac  Vetter,* 

Isaias  Grieb, 

George  Silber,* 

Hans  Armgast,* 

Andreas  Herster,* 

Andreas  Sauer, 

Andreas  Flach, 

Samuel  Stheryders, 

Han  Jacob  Hummerle  sen., 

Han  Jacob  Hummerle  jr., 

Hans  Georg  Wall, 

Mattheis  Lorentz, 

Christian  Strahling, 

Hendrick  Wookman.* 

135)  Sept.  26,  1749.  Foreigners  from  Hanau,  Wirtemberg, 
Darmstadt,  and  Eisenberg, — ship  Eanier,  Henry  Browning, 
Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  ,  England. — 277  pas- 

(Sept.  26, 1749.  277  grembc  'oon  ^anan,  Söürttemfeerc;,  Darm= 
jlabt  unb  Stfenberg  famen  mit  tiem  ©c^iffe  Spanier,  Sapitain 
J^enr^  ^Browning,  »on  Slottertam  ükv ,  Sngtant». 

Johannes  Raber,* 
Martin  Katz, 
Jacob  Katz, 
Martin  Gloss, 
Philipp  Dähn, 
Johann  Schaller,  ? 
Jacob  Clem, 
Jacob  Katz, 
Johannes  Shnyder,* 
Jacob  Boller, 

Sebastian  Weitzel, 
Friederich  Weitzel, 
Thomas  Appel,* 
Jacob  Grauel,* 
Christian  Knipe,* 
Abraham  Hess, 
Caspar  Streader,* 
Dewald  Schust,? 
Ekard  Keyser,* 
Leonhart  Keyser,* 




Thomas  Erich, 
Johannes  Albrecht, 
Nicklaus  Hess, 
Joh.  Christoph  Brüst, 
Christoph  Heyndel,* 
P.  Hans  Haytzmer,? 
Johannes  Landmann, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Ge3'er, 
Johan  Conrad  Riedel, 
Hans  Jacob  Sleuer, 
Johan  Heinrich  Weitzel, 
Johan  Adam  Appel, 
Joh.  Philip  Wygant,* 
Philip  Lauterbach,* 
Conrad  Lauterbach,* 
Johan  Nicolaus  Hess, 
Johan  Ludwig  Hess, 
Johann  Henrich  Ströder, 
Johannes  Ströder  jr., 
John  Henry  Streader,* 
Georg  Christian  Eberhardt, 
Johan  Henrich  Lehr, 
Joh.  Friederich  Hock, 
Johan  Conrad  Heck, 
Joh.  Conrad  Lutz, 
Hans  Jacob  Lutz, 
Mattheis  Graff, 
Martin  Lutz, 
Christian  Lutz, 
Christian  Mosser, 
Johannes  Messert, 
Jacob  Förster, 
Johannes  Weber, 
Adam  HopiF, 
Johannes  Conrad, 
Johannes  Shertel,* 
Michael  Hcnckel,* 
Benedict  Weiss, 
Carl  Schermann, 
Peter  Harting, 
Peter  Becker, 

Joachim  Vogel, 
Andreas  Heerreder, 
Johannes  Heerreder, 
Jacob  Engel, 
Johannes  Falick, 
Philip  Sultzbach, 
Johannes  Appel, 
Heinrich  Eckel, 
Wilhelm  Leberle, 
Johannes  Hohn, 
Henrich  Hartwich, 
J.  Henry  Shrefler,* 
Johannes  Graber, 
Johan  Steygerwaldt, 
Johann  Landgraff, 
Melchior  Gebhart,* 
Conrad  Gebhart,* 
Erasmus  Bosenberger, 
Johannes  Krebs, 
Conrad  Wagner, 
Johan  Jacob  Hettrich, 
Hans  Melchior  Hammer, 
Joh.  Jacob  Keich, 
Joh.  Georg  Trippner, 
Andreas  Messert, 
Ambrosius  Habermehl, 
Johan  Heinrich  Printz, 
Johann  Henrich  Peter, 
Fried.  Wilhelm  Geist,* 
Joh.  Adam  Fasnacht, 
Joh.  Conrath  Fassenacht, 
Joh.  Henrich  Leppieh, 
Joh.  Philipp  Lehnig, 
Johan  Peter  Feppel, 
Johan  Casper  Schmidt, 
Johan  Conrad  Geyer, 
Johan  Henrich  Geyer, 
Johan  Georg  Schultz, 
Joh.  Michael  Schmaltz, 
Joh.  Peter  Scharmann, 
Georg  Ernst  Schmidt, 



Wolff  Caspex'  Geyer, 
Joh.  Reinhart  Rohrbach, 
Joh.  Thomas  Schmidt, 
Joh.  Henrich  Lorey, 
Joh.  Michael  Oberheuser, 
Johan  Georg  Hörtzel, 
Joh.  Hemy  Heppel,* 
Joh.  Jacob  Diinderich, 

Georg  Ernst  Maurer, 
Michael  Reiffschneider, 
J.  Michael  Gunkel, 
Johan  Peter  Steygerwaldt, 
Johan  Jacob  Eckhardt, 
Johan  Conrad  Grail, 
Joh.  Daniel  Baueshar, 
Johan  Philippus  Jung. 

Sick — Johan  Sans,  Melchior  Heppel,  Johannes  Michler. 

136)  Sept.  26,  1749.  Foreigners  from  the  Palatinate  and 
Zweibrücken, — ship  Dragon,  Georg  Spencer,  Master,  fi-om  Rot- 
terdam, last  from  Deal. — 563  passengers. 

®ept.  26,  1749.  563  grembc  »on  ter  ^fal3  unt)  Qf'^tiixMm 
tamm  mit  tient  »S^iffe  3)ragon,  (Sapitain  @eorg  ©pencer,  oon 
Stotterbam  über  X)iaL 

Christoph  Eich,* 
Johannes  Gödtel, 
Christian  Fuchs, 
Jacob  Leber, 
Johannes  Eckel, 
Georg  Hostman, 
Johannes  Hust, 
Bastian  Leinthrick,? 
Simon  Richter, 
Hans  Gauifs,* 
Valentin  "Weber, 
Johannes  Weber, 
Jacob  Weber, 
Anthony  Ohber, 
Jonas  Bohrer, 
Martin  Sier,* 
Anthony  Moor,* 
Jacob  Wey,? 
Peter  Heimbach, 
Henrich  Brill, 
Jacob  Brown,* 
Jacob  Miller,* 
Adam  Gerber, 
jMatheas  Miller,* 

Bernhart  Wacker, 
Friederich  Minler,* 
Peter  Sühn, 
Johannes  Wagner,* 
Matheis  Wagner, 
Johannes  Zwalle,* 
Casper  Zirn, 
Tobias  Fey, 
Johann  Diwall, 
Kilian  Hagert, 
Antony  Müller, 
Leonard  Waller,* 
Adam  Egart,* 
Jacob  Bruner,* 
Adam  Brommer 
Valentin  Weber, 
Dewald  Shnyder,* 
Johannes  Ross, 
Johan  Nickel  Eich, 
Jolian  Georg  Fedel, 
Johan  Peter  Weyand, 
Johau  Jacob  Peterman, 
Joh.  Christ.  Heinrich  Beck, 
Andreas  Gustus  Seytz, 



Hans  Katzeubaclier, 
Ludwig  Haspelhorn,* 
Johan  Philip  Bauer, 
John  Nicklaus  Hayn, 
Joh.  Nicklaus  Reisinger, 
Joh.  Peter  Reisinger, 
Johan  Peter  Eckert, 
Philip  Jacob  Schmit, 
Joh.  Heinrich  Pengier, 
Philip  Jacob  Eger, 
Joh.  Heinrich  Sies, 
Johan  Nickel  Wentz, 
Jacob  Byshall, 
Johan  Georg  Dellen, 
Wilhelm  Hoffmann, 
Melchior  Benedict, 
Michael  Zyndelbach,* 
KUian  Duvinger, 
Joh.  Nicolaus  Schneider, 
Johan  Henrich  Weber, 
Joh.  Peter  Schlarbst, 
Jacob  Wendling, 
Friederich  Schütz, 
Philip  Jacob  Schmidt, 
Georg  Philip  Härtung, 
Johann  Martin  Kolter, 
Friederich  Schweickhart, 
Christian  Hoffstättle,* 
Hans  Georg  Hartlieb, 
Michael  Lenard,* 
Henry  Weber,* 
Johan  Valtin  Weber, 
Jacob  Kraus, 
Paulus  Hartman, 

Joh.  Heinrich  Hartman, 
Michael  Kilian,* 
Ludwig  Heitz, 
Jacob  Heitz, 
Jacob  Ness, 
Martin  Loroh,* 
Stephan  Bauer, 
Jacob  Frey,* 
Peter  Dagon,* 
Georg  Cump,* 
WUhelm  Müller, 
Weyrich  Beck, 
Jacob  Roth, 
Jacob  Fihr, 
Tobias  Lawer,* 
Martin  Föll, 
Johannes  Partts,* 
Jacob  Beck,* 
Johan  Georg  Ludwig, 
Philip  Müller, 
Ambrosius  Bender,* 
Frantz  Wittman, 
Johan  Georg  Krauss, 
Johannes  Dürr,* 
Johan  Nieklas  Shaffer,* 
Michael  Schneider, 
George  Jacob  Shaffer,* 
Johannes  Enders, 
Johan  Friederich  WidmaUj 
Balthaser  von  Können, 
Martin  von  Können, 
Jacob  Weidler, 
Johann  Henrich  Eyrt, 
Anthoni  (Ehler. 

137)  Sept.  27,  1749.  Palatines  in  the  ship  Isaac,  Robert 
Mitchell,  Captain,  fi-om  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 206  pas- 

©ept.  27,  1749.  206  ?)fäl3er  !amcn  mit  t)em  (Sd)iffe  ^\aac, 
ßa^itain  3ftokrt  5D^it^eÜ,  öon  Siotterbam  ükr  Soweö. 



Kudolph  Haberly,* 
Heinrich  Greb, 
Hans  Hug, 
Henry  Grreb,* 
Felix  Magli, 
Peter  Becker, 
Andreas  Linck, 
Velty  Kurtz, 
Hans  Kunrad, 
Albert  Shutz,* 
Uhllerick  Coppy,* 
Baltas  Shreiber, 
Michael  Fischer, 
Johan  JahUer, 
Matheas  Kehler,* 
Leonhart  Lasher,* 
Conrad  Weiss, 
Johannes  Klippel, 
George  Fisher,* 
Andreas  Bussart, 
Jacob  Klippel, 
Hans  Rudolph  Fisher,* 
Jacob  Plehman, 
Johan  Heinrich  Grün, 
Michael  Reedelmos,* 
Johannes  Storm,* 
Hans  Jacob  Mägli, 
Rudolph  Fries, 
Henrich  Boshart, 
Johan  Jacob  Stucki, 
Johan  Henrich  Cramer, 
Joh.  Christian  ScheUa, 
Joh.  Adam  Shreiber,* 
Christian  Mechel, 
Joh.  Valentin  Steinbring, 
Hans  Adam  Maurer, 
Johannes  Henlein, 

Sick — Hans  Conrath, 
Herman  Haust. 

Johan  Nickel  Gerst, 
Johan  Peter  Rit, 
Johan  Nickel  Schäffer, 
Georg  Adam  Fischer, 
Joh.  Casper  Langenberger, 
Wendel  Becker, 
Jacob  Wissman,* 
Henrich  Landes, 
Johannes  Miller, 
Johannes  Landert, 
Peter  Mackhart, 
Frantz  Hemmle, 
Christian  Hemmle, 
Henrich  Huber, 
Jacob  Vesseler, 
Johannes  Bauer, 
Philip  Haber, 
Ludwig  Krebs  jr., 
Ludwig  Krebs  sen., 
Georg  Schlosser, 
Johannes  Wolff, 
Johannes  Jungblud, 
Johan  Adam  Wolf, 
Matthias  Echternach, 
Johan  Friederich, 
Joh.  Nicolas  Senderling, 
Joh.  Henry  Wey ermann, 
Joh.  Georg  Schnabel, 
John  Michael  Stumpff, 
Joh.  Daniel  Weber, 
Heinrich  Burckhart, 
Joh.  Henrich  Beck, 
Johan  Henrich  Kleine, 
Johan  Georg  Batz, 
Nicolaus  Bricker, 
Joh.  Simonus.  Schreiner. 

Nicolaus  Franger, '  Lorentz  Haffner, 



138)  Sept.  28,  1749.  Foreigners  from  Basel,  Wirtemberg, 
Zweibrücken,  and  Darmstadt, — ship  Ann,  John  Spurier,  Mas- 
ter, from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 242  passengers. 

(Sept.  28,  1749.  Srembe  famen  ana  5Bafel,  JÖürttemfeerg, 
3tt>eibrü(fcn  unt)  ü^armftatt  mit  bent  ©c^iffe  2lnn,  Sapttain 
3o^n  (Spurier,  öon  Stotterbam  üBer  ßott?eö. — 242  im  ©anjen. 

Philip  Laidys:, 
WUhelm  Rubel, 
Johannes  Danesus,? 
Heinrich  Braun, 
Johann  Spitler,* 
Jacob  Swoob,* 
Johan  Switzer,* 
Jacob  Weeser,* 
Rudolph  Viunt, 
Adam  Schaulling, 
Daniel  Schnebly, 
Heinrich  Mock, 
Peter  Eiser, 
Johannes  Weber, 
Thomas  Lubek,§ 
Wendel  Keller,* 
Johannes  Mertz, 
Andreas  Scholl, 
Friederich  Meyer, 
Hans  Adam  Hacker, 
Melchior  Lippert, 
John  Jacob  Sutz,* 
Michael  Hengst, 
Jean  Thoulouzan, 
Johannes  Straudman, 
Jacob  LandgrafF, 

Hans  Georg  Schönperlen, 
Engelhardt  Kutern, 
Johan  Philip  Falch, 
Lorentz  Henger, 
Martin  Eyer, 
G-raiF  Hünner, 
Jacob  Salathe, 
Jacob  Tschudy, 
Blasius  Hauck,* 
Melchior  Anter, 
Conrad  Renninger, 
Jacob  Sheybethal,* 
Simon  Kraus,* 
Adam  Heinrieb, 
Christian  Shott,* 
Johannes  Sucher,* 
Jacob  Weichert, 
Jacob  Feeks, 
Martin  Brabnith, 
Michael  Breisah, 
Michael  Gassler, 
Hans  Nees, 
Henrich  Vogt, 
Johannes  Vogt,* 
Jacob  Schnell, 
Adam  Scharer,* 

Job.  Friederich  Zimmermann,  Hans  Kuhn,* 

Job.  Michael  Zimmermann,       Hans  Shutty,* 

Johannes  Zimmermann, 

Johan  Philip  Weber, 

Jacob  le  Jeunes, 

Johan  Paul  Traub, 

Johan  Adam  Schwartzbach 

Johan  Peter  Beissel, 

Johan  Georg  Schreiner, 

Jacob  Koller,* 
Gotlieb  ^Valter, 
Conrad  Mayer, 
Jacob  Shupp,* 
Hans  Ulrich  Bussy, 
Joseph  Gallmann, 
Bernhardt  Hauck, 



Georg  Michel  Scliuitz, 
Hans  Rudolph  Kittwiler, 
Johan  Jacob  Kreiss, 
Casper  Derstenbecher, 
Hans  Jacob  Vogt, 
Johan  Ewald  Breyer, 
Hans  Georg  Huber, 
Georg  Henrich  Shott,* 
Joseph  Schuülbein, 
Hans  Michael  Schuster, 
Jacob  Sclmülbein, 
Hans  Michael  Hauck, 
Jacob  Amman,* 

Hans  Jacob  Nees, 
Hans  Michael  Schwab, 
Johannes  Hummel, 
Niclaus  Motheri, 
Jan  Paul  Imno, 
Han  Friedrich  Schaffner, 
Jacob  Schaffner, 
Jora  Dangoranslo, 
Johan  Philip  Henneman, 
Sebastian  Schneider,* 
Joh.  Paulus  Eystelohr, 
Johannes  Dummer,* 
Sic/c — Thomas  Lubek.* 

139)  Oct.  2,  1749.  Foreigners  from  Swabia,  Wirtemberg, 
and  Darmstadt, — ship  Jacob,  Adolph  de  Grove,  Captain,  from 
Amsterdam,  last  from  Shields,  England. — 290  passengers. 

Dct.  2,  1749.  Stu^Iönber  am  ©djnjaben,  SÖürttemkrg  unt 
"Darmftattt  !amcn  mit  l>em  (Sd)iffe  3acob,  Sapitain  2tt)olp()  be 
©rooc,  »Ott  5Imfterl>am  über  (5^ieit)ö,  Snglant). — 290  in  SlÖem. 

Friederich  Buckel, 
Christoph  Fürstner, 
Friederich  Walles,* 
Conrad  Bauster, 
Philip  Storm,* 
Martin  Wust, 
Michael  Miller,* 
Georg  Hoffman, 
Johan  Jacob  Sinn, 
Johan  Georg  Sinn, 
Hans  George  Keplinger,* 
Hans  Georg  Hoffman, 
Georg  Christian  Spängier, 
Johan  Henrich  Herget, 
Johan  Christoph  Kees,? 
John  Georg  Steigleder, 
George  Bachert,* 
Joseph  Ritter, 
Paul  Lebing, 
Jacob  Uhllerich,* 

Johannes  Becker, 
Daniel  Freysinger,* 
Conrad  Reese,* 
Johannes  Roth, 
Jacob  Sinder, 
Peter  Seyds,* 
Martin  Treibel, 
Martin  Erch, 
Georg  Schweigers, 
Jacob  Traudt, 
Jacob  Rupp, 
Jacob  Gilbert, 
Lorentz  Hoch, 
Johann  Jabbes,  ? 
Johannes  Neier, 
Marcus  Gönner, 
Henry  Rubert, 
William  Hofman,* 
Matheis  Hartman, 
Johannes  Rohm, 



Henry  Kralimer, 
Jacob  Kautzman, 
Johann  Bauman, 
Adam  Eichholtz, 
Valentin  Villib, 
Friederich  Becholt, 
Adam  Shnyder,* 
Henry  Wirdt, 
Christoph  Heiply,* 
Phüip  Stumpff, 
Peter  Seyler,* 
Jacob  Heibly,* 
Melchior  Wolfart,* 
Joseph  Volck, 
Johannes  Folck,* 
Martin  Dotter, 
Johan  Conrad  Lebing, 
Georg  Michael  Laubinger, 
Hans  Greorg  Krafft, 
Friederich  Pfoersching, 
Jacob  Fleischmann, 
Johan  Henrich  Knöss, 
Martin  Bleymeyer, 
Georg  Eberharth, 
Heinrich  Hoffman, 
Job.  Conrad  Leitheiser, 
Eberhart  Windmeyer, 
*  Christian  Fried.  Häberlin, 

Hans  Georg  Bauer, 
Johan  Georg  Stein, 
Bernhart  Gilbert, 
Simon  Grossman, 
Hans  Adam  Fakler,* 
Hans  Philip  Schöster, 
Georg  Carl  Rubert,* 
Johan  Henrich  Rohm, 
Hans  Georg  Münig,* 
Joh.  Georg  Hunkinger, 
Gotfried  Samuel  Welper, 
Johan  Georg  Heinrich, 
Joh.  Adam  Hiltenbeittel,* 
Job.  Martin  Eichholtz, 
Joh.  Wendel  Kühner, 
Johannes  Zimmermann, 
Joh.  Michael  Schneyder, 
Hans  Michael  Gandner, 
Johan  Jacob  Heil, 
Johann  Adam  Roth, 
Johan  Georg  Gröther, 
Melchior  Vogelmann, 
Johan  Georg  Stömer, 
Hans  Michael  Gintner, 
Nicolas  Dotter, 
Matheis  Dotter, 
Claudt  Reinaldt. 

Sick — Fried.  Seydler,  Baltaser  Bauer,  Johannes  Hartman. 

140)  Oct.  7,  1749.  Palatines  from  Mannheim  and  Zweibrü- 
cken, — ship  Lesbie,  J.  Balledium,  Captain,  from  Rotterdam, 
last  from  Cowes. — 450  passengers. 

Oct.  7,  1749.   ^fäljer  famcn  auö  5Rann^eim  unb  3roe{tnüf= 
fen  mit  bem  ©c^tp  Jesbic,  Gapttain  3-  Saüetium,  üon  diottix^ 
tarn  über  Gotücö. — 450  im  ©anjen. 
Conrad  Valentine,*  Martin  Andreas,* 

Hannes  Henrich,*  Ulrich  Ichle, 

Wendel  Wahl,  Johannes  Hess,* 

Jacob  Hamels,*  Friederich  Schott, 



Johannes  Eckman,* 
Henry  Mohler,* 
Peter  Klein,* 
Casper  Klein, 
Friederich  Fuchs, 
Anthon  Koch,* 
Michael  Shmeyer,* 
Peter  Kraut, 
Philip  Mauer, 
Peter  Kuntz, 
Conrad  Wolfe,* 
Martin  Kind, 
Wendel  Jung, 
Christophel  Jung, 
Johannes  Ritcher,* 
Friederich  Mey, 
Baiser  Schmit, 
Michael  Klee, 
Philip  Klein, 
Wendel  Schmertzen,* 
Johannes  Becker, 
Valentin  Petry, 
Michel  Huyet, 
Jacob  Womer, 
Christian  Melchert, 
Philip  Karcher, 
Johannes  Pfeil, 
Michel  Cuntz, 
Jacob  Strauss,* 
Michel  Dinger, 
Peter  Weber, 
Christoph  Greigenberger, 
Peter  Griinenwalt, 
Christoph  Lesch, 
Johann  Adam  Mauer, 
Martin  Vosener, 
Johannes  Wessener,* 
Rudolph  HoiFman,* 
Johan  Philip  Griessemann, 
Johan  Herman  Metz, 
Johann  Jacob  Metz, 

Johan  Bernhart  Neiman, 
Joh.  Paul  Rothgerber, 
Johan  Peter  Wickert, 
Johan  Paul  Wickert, 
Martin  Schwenck, 
Johan  Peter  Stimmel, 
Johan  Georg  Kind, 
Johann  Michael  Messemer, 
Simon  Baumgärttner, 
Gottfried  Grünzweig, 
Hans  Georg  Scheistlen, 
Johann  Diehl  Klein, 
Johan  Jacob  Engler, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Irrendt, 
Jacob  HoiFman, 
Peter  Imbsweiller, 
Anthoni  Petersheimer, 
Jacob  Harberger, 
Michael  Wommer,* 
Christ.  Adam  Müller, 
Johan  Jacob  Ninies,* 
Johan  Adam  Correll, 
Johan  Michael  Deobalt, 
Johan  Philip  Matheis, 
Johan  Nicolas  Müller, 
Johan  Jacob  Walter, 
Gottfiied  Finderer, 
Gottfried  Kommell, 
Hans  Georg  Fischer, 
Jacob  Cratz, 
Stephan  Hepp, 
Georg  Hepp, 
Johannes  Müller, 
Valentin  Behler,* 
Conrad  Behler, 
Georg  MüUer, 
Johannes  Lang,* 
Andreas  Supper, 
Jacob  Mauerer,* 
Peter  Grem,* 
Adam  Stein, 




Philip  Haubt, 
Jost  Fischer, 
Peter  Miller, 
Jacob  Jäger, 
Georg  Imich, 
Jost  Engler, 
Jacob  ]>Ieyer, 
Henry  Boce,* 
Georg  Martin  Hausser, 
Bernhardt  Hepp, 
Jacob  Leonhart,* 
Johannes  Harmonie, 
Hans  Georg  Brodbeck  sen., 
Hans  Georg  Brodbeck  jr.. 
Sick — Matheis  Knauss, 
Philip  Adam. 

John  Rudolph  Espidt, 
Johan  Philip  Supper, 
Johan  Adam  Dörffling,* 
Job.  Reinhardt  Böhm, 
Johannes  Klossmayer, 
Johan  Adam  Bath, 
Friederich  Bender, 
Christian  Schneider, 
Nicklas  Diemus,* 
Philipp  Otto  Wagner, 
Job.  Ludwig  Dengeiss, 
Nicolas  Deterich,* 
Joh.  Christoph  Fackler. 

Bartholomae  Mertz,  George  Shmit, 

141)  Oct.  10,  1749.  Palatines,  persons  from  Wirtemberg, 
Durlach,  and  Zweibrücken. 

Dct.  10,  1749.  gremte  famen  auö  ter  ^fafs,  SBiirttemfcevg, 
!DurIa^  unb  3*i'ci^'^ürffn' 

Jacob  Bock, 
Steffe  Mansch, 
Johannes  Beck, 
Henrich  Bachman, 
Michael  Kipp, 
Leonhardt  Meyer, 
Georg  Wagner, 
Henry  Heyser,* 
Joseph  Balick, 
Konrat  Linss, 
David  Bast, 
Georg  Berger, 
Adam  Wollmer,§ 
Reinhart  Heiss, 
Heinrich  Haifer, 
Jacob  Adams,* 
Georg  Conrad  Bloss, 
Matheas  Oberfeld,* 
Henrich  Hübener, 

Bernhart  Miller,* 
Andreas  Gembler, 
Georg  Friedrich  Schmidt, 
Johannes  Hanfwerck, 
Johann  Michael  Bast, 
Michael  Steinborn, 
Johannes  Ohlinger, 
Johann  Peter  Clemmentz, 
Wilhelm  Arnold, 
Peter  Arnold, 
Johannes  Arnold, 
Georg  Simon  Bresler, 
Ludwig  Herrmann, 
Jacob  Kneiss, 
Nicklas  Bresler,* 
George  Bresler,* 
Michael  Bahrt, 
Henrich  Koch, 
Friederich  Jung, 



•Nickolas  Simon, 
Christian  Lentz, 
Michael  Barth, 
Michel  Schock, 
Jacob  Shaak,* 
Peter  Rap,* 
Ambrose  Remly, 
Michael  Messer, 
Matheas  Keller, 
Johannes  Schmidt, 
Philip  Häny,* 
Conrad  Geidlinger,* 
Ludwig  Hach, 
Johannes  Vogt, 
Daniel  Bock, 
Andreas  Vogler,* 
Baltzer  Heyl, 
Johannes  Barth, 
Hans  Grätsch, 
Jacob  Schantz, 
Carl  Shantz,* 
Henry  Miller,* 
Casper  Dorn, 
Joseph  Gebhart,* 
Adam  Lotz, 
Johannes  Koch, 
Georg  Rögler, 
Johannes  Kau, 
Jacob  Stadtler, 
Jacob  Tonner, 
Jacob  Ulmer, 
David  Kehm, 
Friederich  Doll, 
Georg  Breining, 
Jacob  Brücker, 
Georg  Crassan, 
J.  William  Shaak, 
Georg  Jacob  Wagner, 
Johannes  Oberle, 
Johann  Peter  Oberle, 
Conrad  Glück, 

Johan  Georg  Schreiber, 
Georg  Henrich  Wüst, 
Cornelius  von  Starweg, 
Johann  Georg  Hammer, 
John  Jacob  Messer,* 
Anthonius  Gedelo, 
Hans  Georg  Huff, 
Johan  Henrich  Hettich, 
Johannes  Scherrer, 
Jacob  Schweinfiirth, 
Hans  Michael  Seitz, 
Johan  Jacob  Rahn, 
Michael  Bastian, 
Nicolaus  Schäffer, 
Johannes  Uhllerich,* 
Georg  Küher, 
Georg  Adam  Löble, 
Wilhelm  Löble, 
Johannes  Himmelreich,* 
Johan  Jacob  Weyden, 
Johan  Philip  (Ehlweiler, 
Peter  Kratringer,* 
Georg  Jacob  Shierman,* 
Johan  Georg  Lutz,* 
Valentein  Schallus, 
Bastian  Shalles,* 
Hans  Georg  Kau, 
Henry  Reinhart,  § 
Nicklaus  Moclotz, 
Job.  Philip  Hausman, 
Philip  Martin  Hammel, 
Jacob  Schriffele, 
Bernhart  Breininger, 
Stephan  Tieffelmeyer, 
Christianus  Hentz, 
Johannes  Gelisen, 
Nicklaus  Gelisen, 
Michel  Brücker, 
Christian  Seyder,* 
Georg  Kremer, 
Edmundus  ThoU, 



Georg  Reilenbach, 
Valentin  Keller, 
Johannes  Storm,* 
Jacob  Kantz,* 
Michael  Kantz,* 
Jacob  Bertsch, 
Philip  Bodomer, 
Andreas  Ecker, 
Ruprecht  Hang, 
Mathias  Müller, 
Wilhelmus  Savelkorl, 
Georg  Christoph  Müller, 

Nicolaus  Forschberge, 
Georg  Ludwig  Hoffmann, 
Job.  Peter  Hickenauer, 
Job.  Stephan  Dietewig, 
Valentin  Schweitzer, 
Johan  Nickel  Klein, 
Johan  Michael  Mintz, 
Christian  Carl  Brandt,  a 
Johann  Menle  Brandt, 
Johan  Christian  Brandt, 
Job.  David  Wöpperck. 

142)  Oct.  17,  1749.  Palatines,  Wirtembergers  and  Alsa- 
tians, (from  Alsace,) — ship  Dragon,  Daniel  Nicholas,  Master, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Portsmouth. — 244  passengers. 

Dct.  17,  1749.  ^fäljer,  235ürttemBcrger  unt)  Slfäffer  famen 
mit  bem  ®(^iffc  Dragon,  Sapitain  !Danie(  Sf^icolaö,  öon  ^totter* 
kam  über  ^ortömout^. — 244  im  ©anjen. 

Andreas  Mohr, 
Martin  Shrätter,* 
Nicklaus  Brickner,* 
Conrad  Roth, 
Felix  Gartom,* 
Jacob  Wolff, 
Andreas  Hertz, 
Hans  Danzel,* 
Henry  Jacob,* 
Conrad  Engel,* 
Philip  Fischer, 
Valentin  Bender, 
David  Shantz,* 
Andreas  Bircker, 
Stephan  Purman, 
Peter  Fischer,* 

Jacob  Fisher, 
Andreas  Kerschner, 
Johannes  Müller, 
Johannes  Sauter, 
Johannes  Rumffel, 
Hans  Georg  Danbach, 
Wilibald  Gambert, 
Wilhelm  Monges, 
Hans  Peter  Voltz, 
Michael  Schmidt, 
Christian  Duchmann, 
Peter  Tuchman,* 
Hans  Michael  Kuntz, 
Hans  Georg  Stambach, 
Job.  Eberhart  Balthas, 
David  Kleidens, 

a  This  name  is  written  in  beautiful  Roman  Script,  with  the  profes- 
sional appendix — Christian  Carl  Brandt,  Chirurg. 

a  Dtefer  9?nme  tft  in  f(^öncr  latetnt[c|)cr  Sd^rift  gefcfjrieben  niit  tern 
tjrofefftonellcn  Xitel  „S^trurg". 



Heinrich  Kübarts, 
Johannes  Stiebler, 
Johan  Adam  Stiebler, 
Hans  Georg  Burkhard, 
Johan  Nicklas  Wyner,* 
Johannes  Waall,* 
Andreas  Euerling, 
Wilhelm  Hoffmann, 
Johan  Jacob  Alles, 
Johan  Simon  Groh, 
Heinrich  Fischer, 
Jacob  Griess, 
Peter  Diehl, 
Abraham  Keiler, 
Johannes  Bigler,* 
Adam  Sprengel, 
Jacob  Kiefer, 
Simon  Metziger, 
Peter  Grow,* 
Conrad  Shyd,* 
Georg  Shyd,* 
Conrad  Grumbach, 
Simon  Eshbagh,* 
Jacob  Grumbach, 
Casper  Iba, 

Johannes  Schmidt, 
Johannes  Eberle, 
Johannes  Gehr, 
Bastian  Gernaut, 
Wilhelm  Zimerle, 
Tobias  Horein, 
Anthony  Zürch, 
Balthas  Schneider, 
Conrad  Vieman, 
Johan  Georg  Krumlauf, 
Georg  Henry  Shyd,* 
Hans  Michael  Haudesch, 
Heim  Heydersh,* 
Hans  Mich.  Haudenscheidt, 
Johan  Adam  Meier, 
Johan  Martin  Ferster, 
Joh.  Andreas  Wagner, 
Johan  Henrich  Theiss, 
Hans  Michael  Rosser, 
Geo.  Hen.  Witler  Gründell, 
Johan  Jacob  Wirth, 
Johannes  Hoffmann, 
Johan  Georg  Schneider, 
Phil.  Lorentz  Zimmerle, 
Arnold  Klehass. 

143)  Oct.  17,  1749.  Foreigners  fi-om  the  Palatinate,  Wir- 
temberg  and  Rittenheim, — ship  Fane,  William  Hyndman,  Cap- 
tain, from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 596  passengers. 

Dct.  17,  1749.  Stuölänber  jiuö  kr  ^falj,  Jßürttemkrg 
ttttt»  9titten^eim  famen  mit  bem  issi^iffe  gane,  Sapitain  2öitltam 
^^nbman,  Sion  diotkxiam  über  ßoireö. — 596  im  ©angcn. 

Gottlieb  Söhner, 
Tobias  Manich, 
Jacob  Schneider  sen., 
Jacob  Schneider  jr., 
Leonhart  Lang, 
Christian  Reiner, 
Georg  Reiner, 
Adam  Seifert, 

Michael  Biner, 
Casper  Wagner, 
Paul  Geiger, 
Jacob  Stier, 
Christian  Stein, 
Georg  Geiger, 
Adam  Hugly,* 
Ludwig  Triber,* 




Mattheis  Stier, 
Christoffel  Graf,* 
Christoph  Graf  jr., 
Christoph  Willet, 
Johan  Martin  Offner, 
Sam.  Heniy  Abentschon,* 
Reinhold  Abendschön, 
Christian  Abendschön, 
Gottlieb  Baumgärttner, 
Christoph  Altneth, 
Joh.  Henrich  Gerlach, 
Hans  Georg  Huber, 
Johan  Georg  Huber, 
Georg  Michael  Haas, 
Johannes  Schilling, 
Johan  Adam  Keilinger,* 
Joh.  Christoph  Wethwein, 
Joh.  Conrad  Haussier, 
Jacob  Plantz, 
Jacob  Weyand, 
Heinrich  Benner, 
Henry  Mise, 
Arnold  Althaus, 
Ludwig  Benner, 
Johannes  Benner, 
Herman  Weber,* 
Jost  Weber, 
Conrad  Stenger, 
Conrad  Crum, 
Konrath  Kremer, 
Johannes  Keim, 
Johannes  Gross, 
Adam  Spies, 
Wilhelm  Shätz,* 
Jacob  Klein, 
Johannes  Pfeil,* 
Johann  Graffhos, 
Jacob  Hahn, 
Jacob  Zeller, 
Conrad  Zeller, 
Johannes  Zeller, 

Michael  Meyer, 
Martin  Willer, 
Martin  Faigile, 
Martin  Pefferle, 
Johannes  Herter, 
Jacob  Kelling, 
Casper  Zesseler,* 
Johannes  Algeyer,* 
Andreas  Scherle, 
Henrich  Priest, 
Melchior  Ram,* 
Christian  Reiner, 
Paul  Müller, 
Gottfried  Tietz, 
Leonhart  Jung,* 
Lorian  Eisely,* 
Johannes  Krämer,* 
Conrad  Hirsh, 
Johan  Leonhard  Jung, 
Leonhardt  Plantz, 
Johan  Jacob  Schneider, 
Georg  Jacob  Plantz, 
Jost  Sasmanhaus, 
Daniel  Marburger, 
Johan  Henrich  Rentzel, 
Jost  Wilhelm  Rentzel, 
Johan  Henrich  Schmidt, 
J.  Engel  Stolauan,* 
Johan  Philip  Stockmann, 
Johan  Casper  Klein, 
Johannes  Klein, 
Daniel  Benner, 
Johan  Georg  Zachrias, 
Martin  Schneider, 
Christoph  Schneider, 
Joh.  Martin  Hausser, 
Johannes  Wahl, 
Johan  Martin  Hertz, 
Johan  Martin  Reisser, 
Christian  Damselt, 
Christoffel  Wimer,* 



Hans  Georg  Mayer, 
Georg  Friederich  Höhn, 
Hans  Georg  Plocher, 
Samuel  Beck,* 
Johannes  Fisclier, 
Melchior  Heckman, 
Johannes  Schweitzer, 
Hans  Jacob  Botz, 
Hans  George  Kern,* 

Georg  Philip  Reiber, 
Hans  Jacob  Keller,* 
Melchior  Rinehold, 
Job.  Dietrich  Reiner, 
Wilhelm  Claussenius, 
Ulrich  Heininger, 
Jacob  Adam  Kraut, 
Joh.  Conrad  Biehn, 
Joh.  Friederich  Stieg. 

144)  Nov.  9,  1749.  f  Foreigners  imported  in  the  snow  Good 
Intent,  Benjamin  Boswell,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Cowes. — 76  passengers. 

9^ot).  9,  1749.  t  3tuölänt>er  Urnen  mit  bent  (£eefd)iffe  ©oob 
3ntent,  Sapitain  33enj.  33oön)etI,  oon  ^totterbam  über  SoweS. — 
76  im  ©anjeu. 

Hans  Georg  Bössmer, 
Joh.  Christoph  Besmer, 
Johan  Adam  Kurtz, 

Johannes  Hausman, 
Joseph  Hausman, 
Paulus  Hausman, 
Dietrich  Mertz, 
Johannes  Kreiner, 
Peter  Hetzer, 
Mattheas  Plenninger,* 
Ludwig  Stumb,* 
Jacob  Mäsner, 
Michael  Jung, 
Georg  Meyer, 
Peter  Matter, 
Friederich  Bassler, 

Johannes  Heinninger, 
Jacob  Heinninger, 
Hans  Georg  Hentzelmann, 
Christian  Pfingstag, 
Georg  Henrich  Reinöhl, 
Jacob  Reinholtz, 
Johannes  Kessler,* 
Ludwig  Werentz, 
Henry  Seyder. 

145)  Aug.  11,  1750.    Foreigners  imported  in  the  .ship  Pa- 
tience, Hugh  Steel,  Captain,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes, 

f  This  year  Rev.  J.  Conrad  S/einer,  a  Swiss  from  the  Canton  Zurich, 
a  German  Reformed  Minister,  came  to  Ponusylvania. — Bilttner's  Ref. 
Church,  p.  11. — {Editor.) 

\  3n  btefcm  3at)re  fam  53aftor  3.  Souvafc  «Steiucr,  ein  'äd)wet,5er  auü* 
bent  Santon3ürid^  unb  reform,  ©eiftlic^cr,  nac^  ^Penufvlitaiua.— Süttncr'o 
9lef.  Mxäi^t,  ®.  11.— ($erauSö«bev.) 



Slug.  11,  1750.    2luölänber  tarnen  mit  bcm  ©(^iffc  patience, 
(Sapitatn  ^ug^  (Steel,  »on  Stottertam  über  Sotveö. 

Stephan  Beck, 
Henrich  Lentz, 
Peter  Groff,* 
Cliristoff  Bener,* 
Andreas  Müller, 
Georg  Schnedh, 
Jacob  Jacoby,* 
Adam  Jacobi, 
Matheis  Jacobi, 
Peter  Jacobi, 
Jacob  Burkard, 
Jacob  Bär, 
Jacob  Conrath  sen.,* 
Jacob  Conrath  jr., 
Daniel  Miller, 
Jacob  Reichert, 
Samuel  Werner, 
Johannes  Halm,* 
Peter  Wieland, 
Hans  Peter  Treger, 
Jacob  Heckendorn, 
Hans  Peter  Graff, 
Hans  Jacob  Groff,* 
Johannes  Peter  Klein, 
Johan  Nickel  Müller, 
Johan  Nickel  Cuntz, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Fuchs, 
Joh.  Christoph  Orpertag, 
Johan  Peter  Fitz, 
Johan  David  Junge,* 
Joh.  Henrich  Leineweber, 
Joh.  Conrad  Wölffle, 
Christian  Ulrich  Lentz, 
Christoph  Ketteman, 
Johan  Georg  Ketteman, 
Joh.  Jacob  Bappoldt, 
Georg  Friederich  Grob, 
Johan  Georg  Bader, 
Friederich  Waltzer, 

Jacob  Schwob,* 
Georg  Loadig,* 
Geo.  Adam  Eekerdt, 
Joh.  Peter  Wohner, 
Balthasar  Vetterman, 
Georg  Hamen, 
Conrad  Veiten, 
Jacob  Mühleysen, 
Nicklas  Mühleysen, 
Wilhelm  Diedrich, 
Henrich  Reinhardt, 
Johannes  Roller,* 
Christoph  Fritz,* 
Jacob  Lentel, 
Henrich  Georg, 
Christian  Mener, 
Matheas  Oberkirsch,* 
Nicklas  Conrad,* 
Jacob  Deremot, 
Abraham  Ritner, 
Andreas  Rost,* 
Paulus  Reylandt, 
Johannes  Eischby, 
Dewald  Gerst,* 
Friederich  Gerst,* 
David  Smith,* 
Peter  Poland,* 
Stephen  Poland,* 
Peter  Foltz, 
Jacob  Dobeler,* 
Hans  Kawffman,* 
Christian  Shmitt,* 
PhOip  Heiber, 
Jacob  Keellenthal,* 
Michael  Juncker, 
Johannes  Palm,* 
Johannes  Reichle, 
Casper  Greiter, 
Anthon  Derffus, 



Carl  Vollunte  * 
Jacob  Dannether, 
Hans  Michael  Melber, 
J.  Michael  Leidich, 
Johan  Georg  Bauer, 
Georg  Adam  Eckart,* 
Johan  Christoph  Kuntz, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Wann, 
Johan  Arnold  Reinhart, 
Johannes  Nickel  Henrich, 
Johann  Peter  Schütz, 
Johannes  Adam  Lauch, 
Johan  Jacob  Weirich, 
Johann  Nickel  Brod, 
Johan  Michel  Conrad,* 
Johan  Nickel  Hasber, 
Johan  Jacob  Lüsbes, 
Johan  Peter  Diedrich, 
Johan  Nickel  Jung, 
Philip  Jacob  Maurer, 
Johan  Friederich  Pfeil, 
Hans  Georg  Eslinger, 

Hans  Georg  Sing, 
Johan  Conrad  Bross, 
Johannes  Baumgärtner, 
Hans  Georg  Nagel, 
Georg  Friederich  Haug, 
Johan  David  Gorges, 
Joh.  Andreas  Mühlschlägel, 
Joh.  Adam  Satson,* 
Johan  Philip  Ost, 
Johan  Matheis  Georg, 
Friederich  Henrich, 
Johan  Michael  Leib, 
David  Stadelmayer, 
Bartholomä  Lentzinger, 
Johan  Adam  Fetzer, 
Johan  Adam  Stiehl, 
Joh.  Albrecht  Veiter, 
Johannes  Esbenstein, 
Johan  Adam  Dentzell, 
Johan  David  Limbech, 
Johan  Jacob  Müller. 

146)  Aug.  13,  1750.  Foreigners  imported  in  the  ship  Ben- 
net Galley,  John  Wadham,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from 
Portsmouth. — 260  passengers. 

Slug.  13,  1750.  grembe  lamen  mit  bent  ©c^iffe  Sennet  ©atle^, 
Sapttain  3o^k  Sßat^am,  öon  0totterbam  üBer  5)ortöntouti). — 
260  im  ©anjen. 

Jacob  Lange,* 
Adolph  Riehl, 
Isaac  Gunst,* 
Jacob  Dencker,* 
Georg  Acker, 
Michael  Gallater,* 
Carl  Gustav, 
Johanes  Koch,* 
Peter  Bucks, 
Jacob  Lazarus, 
Jacob  Valentine,* 

Joseph  Eck,* 
Christoff  Grindler,* 
Adam  Steffan, 
Wendel  Insel, 
Martin  Bender, 
Johannes  Jacob, 
Peter  Merckel, 
Gylyan  Geused, 
Uhlerich  Steiner,* 
Casper  Stattler, 
Hans  Bergher,* 



Peter  Gutman, 
Bejitz  Horny,* 
Balzer  Leibiock,* 
Bastian  Ledig, 
Jacob  Schäffer, 
Hans  Rughty,* 
Nicklaus  Mercklin, 
Peter  Funck, 
Andreas  Müller, 
Michael  Kuntz, 
Hans  Düringer, 
Johannes  Bley,* 
Benjamin  Kelhover,* 
Dewald  Wantlin,* 
Friederich  Beys,* 
Jacob  Reiss, 
Johanes  Hoon,* 
Hans  Michael  Beyer,* 
Hans  Jacob  Silander, 
Johan  Georg  Ott, 
Joh.  Jacob  Shützlin, 
John  Friederich  Ott,* 
Johan  Jacob  Wiippel, 
Johan  Adam  Bayer, 
Johan  David  Neumann, 
Michael  Neumann, 
Hans  Georg  Baldes  Pargel, 
Johannes  Philip  Schmit, 
Hans  Peter  Shrantz,* 
Heinerich  Leininger, 
Johan  Frantz  Friess, 
Johann  Michel  Kloss, 
D.  Carl  Gottlieb  Diesbergen, 
H.  Jacob  Sander,* 

Hans  Georg  Wetzel, 
Hans  Georg  Hallifas,* 
Hans  Georg  Schenckel, 
Johann  Georg  Süss, 
Hans  Peter  Peters,* 
Hans  George  Hoon,* 
Georg  Friederich  Hoon,* 
George  Friederich  Hetzel,* 
Hans  Michael  Hetzel,* 
Hans  Michel  Beber, 
Henrich  Jacob  Vandeburg, 
Christ  off  Ackerman, 
Hans  Michael  Both, 
Julius  Friederich  Vollandt, 
Johan  Georg  Eonister, 
Hans  Georg  Shlaybouer,* 
Hans  Georg  Beichart, 
Hartman  Leibengut,* 
Christian  Fried.  Knauss, 
Hans  Michael  Hell, 
Hans  Adam  Miller,* 
Georg  Jacob  Brünsholtz, 
Benedict  Peter, 
Adam  Fixe,* 
Peter  Lazarus,* 
George  Lees, 
Diebolt  Schwenck, 
Hans  Mich.  Leby,* 
J.  Adam  Printzholtz,* 
Hans  Thomas  Leininger, 
Hans  Michael  Bonet,* 
Johan  Nickel  Post, 
Joh.  Phil.  Jacob  Schott, 
Johann  Georg  Hafer. 

Sick — Johannes  Miller,  Friederich  Lauderbrunn,  H.  Nicklas 
Blader,  Heniy  Peter. 

147)  Aug.  13,  P.  M.,  1750.  Ship  Edinburgh,  James  Bus- 
sel, Master,  from  Botterdam,  last  from  Portsmouth. — 314  pas- 



2lu9.  13,  5i?ac^mittagi?, 
pxtain  3ameö  3tuffel,  'oon 
314  ^affajjiere. 
Johann  Corngibel,* 
Johannes  Beyer,* 
Johannes  Beyer  jr., 
Michel  Hamburgeis,* 
J.  George  Kirshner,* 
Valentin  Sösttel, 
Stoffel  Bruning,* 
Ludwig  Gassler, 
Jost  Schneider, 
Thomas  Kegel,* 
Thomas  Klosse,* 
Henrich  KIoss, 
Andreas  Huck, 
Jacob  Möler, 
Georg  Schäffer, 
Johannes  Wien, 
Michael  Lemer, 
Daniel  Klein, 
Jacob  Schäfer, 
Johan  Fasnacht,* 
Johannes  Telcher,* 
Johannes  Delcher, 
Jacob  Werntz, 
David  Herbster,* 
Jacob  Lanish, 
Georg  Heyle,* 
Jacob  Loch, 
Casper  Strohl, 
Andreas  Ditz, 
Philip  Conrad  Aumüller, 
Johann  Seybert  Gertz, 
Johann  Henrich  Lotz, 
Johann  Philip  Heck, 
Casper  Bröning, 
Joh.  Peter  Seyfert, 
Johan  Georg  Kabe, 
Johan  George  Flour,* 
Johann  Geor»;  Müller, 

1750.    l^aä  Schiff  gbinburg^,  6a- 
aflottevbam  über  ^ort»moutl),  brad)te 

Johan  Adam  Stein,* 
Johan  Casper  Rötter, 
Johann  Georg  Klein, 
Johan  Philip  Hölsel, 
Lorentz  Baum, 
Christophel  Spahr, 
Philippus  Bücksell, 
Johannes  Gertz, 
Johan  Peter  Leib, 
Johannes  Feuerstein, 
Hans  Georg  Benninger,* 
Johan  Herman  Dippel, 
Johannes  Eulert., 
Wendel  Benninger,* 
Ludwig  Pretzman, 
Frederick  Brinkman,* 
Daniel  Meerbagh,* 
Andreas  Spielman,* 
Peter  Sickenberger, 
Valentin  Kreisch  er, 
Henrich  PilgTam, 
Peter  Nees,* 
Peter  Bohre, 
Andreas  Keanig,* 
Carel  Keanig,* 
Philip  Shmith,* 
Nicklas  Hirt,* 
Johannes  Kniss, 
Christian  Hafi"ner,* 
Jacob  Flug,* 
Nicklas  Spring,* 
Johannes  Philips,* 
Andreas  Bensell, 
Jacob  Daunneberger,  ? 
Jacob  Merckle, 
Simon  Merckle, 
Carl  Stedt, 
Johannes  Mohl, 



Peter  Marcus,* 
Conradt  Böhm, 
Gottlieb  Wyda,* 
Casper  Mug,* 
Michael  Heinle, 
Peter  CoUep,* 
Conrad  Haffer, 
Theobald  Cuntz, 
Frantz  Cuntz, 
Peter  Spengler,* 
Johannes  Shmit,* 
Severimus  Sheffer,* 
Christian  Kempt, 
Jacob  Michael, 
Jacob  Schaffner, 
Anthony  Heanz,* 
Jacob  Walter,* 
Ludwig  Bauer, 
Nicklas  Spiri, 
Nicklaus  Bard, 
Henry  Coller,* 
Philip  Balbierer, 
Jacob  Metziger,* 
Thomas  Bough,* 
Philip  Begtholt, 
Casper  Conradi, 
Friederich  Hoffmann, 
Johann  Riidelbach,  ? 
Valentin  Chitzrieth,  ? 
Casper  Dieffebacher, 
Michael  Matinger, 
Johannes  Wölschläger, 
Johann  Jacob  Brang, 
Simon  Peter  Ternantz,* 
Johan  Ulrich  Daumer, 

Johann  Grottlieb  Rabi, 
Johann  Martin  Schäffer, 
Johan  Georg  Höltzer, 
Johan  Chriötoffel  Scharff, 
Samuel  Falckenhahu, 
Johannes  Schmidt, 
Johan  Philip  Stang, 
Johan  Georg  Dum, 
Johannes  Haffner, 
Johannes  Möller, 
Christoffel  Möller, 
Johann  Bernhard  Christ, 
Johan  Adam  Huber,* 
Jacob  von  de  Bait, 
Georg  Fried.  Heilbrunn, 
Johan  Fried.  Heilbrunn, 
Johan  Daniel  Bübel, 
Ludwig  Schreiner, 
Wilhelm  Schreiner, 
Christ.  Sam.  Bachmann, 
Joh.  Ludwig  Widtmann, 
Job.  Ludwig  Seysser, 
Johan  Georg  Esch, 
Hans  Adam  Wagner, 
Georg  Adam  Hobel, 
Ludwig  Spannagel, 
Johan  Adam  Regel, 
Johan  Henry  Shöman,* 
Andreas  Brandner, 
Georg  Sebastian  Krausser, 
Johan  Ludwig  Ehrhart, 
Johannes  Fisser, 
Matthias  Heiss, 
Johannes  Wagner, 
Nicolaus  Gerlach. 

148)  Aug.  15,  1750.  Ship  Royal  Union,  Clement  Nichol- 
son, Commander,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

Slug.  15,  1750.  Daö  ©d)iff  dio^al  Union,  ßornmanbant  Sie- 
ntent  9]i^olfon,  'oon  5tottevbam  über  Gon>ei2,  braute  gremte. 



Jacob  Grob,* 

John  Brenbauer,* 

Jacob  Karner,* 

J.  J.  0.  Driesch, 

Adam  Staub, 

Casper  Schmidt, 

PhiUp  Prike,* 

Hans  Prike,* 

Conradt  Arnoldt, 

Jacob  Stehr, 

Hans  Weertz,* 

Matheas  Rost,* 

Anthoni  Emrich, 

Daniel  Braun, 

Martin  Schrenck,* 

Andreas  Haas,* 

Andreas  Hotz, 

Adam  Long,* 

Gottlieb  Utz, 

Michael  Eyrich, 

Matheas  Eyrich,* 

Felix  Jung, 

Johann  Georg, 

Philip  Eberhart, 

Jacob  Steebly,* 

Martin  Schmitt, 

Nickel  Faust, 

Abraham  Gerhart,* 

Jacob  Shmith,* 

Peter  Hambro, 

Nickel  Fass, 

Matheas  Fesbely, 

Johannes  Hartman, 

Peter  Mann,* 

Daniel  Düdi, 

Johann  Wilhelm  Lochmann, 

Herman  Schwamm, 

Frederick  Schnitzer, 

Johan  Conrad  Scheffer, 

Stephan  Mürlich, 

Christoffel  German, 

Henrich  Hauenstein, 
Hans  Michael  Bauersachs, 
Andreas  Hertzog, 
Hieronymus  Schleider, 
Gustav  Friederich  Schleider, 
Heinrich  Holtzman, 
Michael  Luttman, 
Hans  Georg  Young,* 
Johan  Martin  Schwartz, 
Peter  Ulrich  Bauer, 
Johann  Georg  Utz, 
Hans  Adam  Kautzmann, 
Bernhard  CEsterle, 
Job.  Friederich  Glassbrenner, 
Johan  Jacob  Ebenth, 
Ludwig  von  der  Schmidt, 
Matheis  Bernhardt, 
Johann  Michael  Schul, 
Johann  Adam  Berger, 
G.  Adam  Renecker,* 
Hans  Martin  Wurtz, 
Philip  Peter  Theyl  * 
Johan  Georg  Spiettler, 
Fried.  Christ.  Kappeberger, 
Joachim  Wilhelm  Storck, 
Johan  Philip  Kirschbaum, 
Johan  Michael  Hollich, 
Johann  Peter  Perster, 
Johan  Friederich  Brecht, 
Johannes  Trümper, 
Simon  Leyteker,* 
Jacob  Beensly,* 
Henrich  Müller, 
Wilhelm  Discher, 
Jonas  Vogt, 
Henrich  Bauer, 
Andreas  Roth, 
Friederich  Süber, 
Johann  Gelberee, 
Hans  Shoub,* 
Martin  Shoub,* 




Philip  Dick, 
Wendel  Bretz, 
Philip  Fuchs, 
Philip  Lenius, 
Johannes  Bauer, 
Valentin  Fidler, 
Martin  Rubbert, 
Christian  Rust, 
Jacob  Handshy,* 
Friederich  Paff, 
Friederich  Miesch, 
Johannes  Miesch, 
Joseph  Zug, 
Martin  Imhoff, 
Johannes  Willar, 
Jacob  Urering,* 
Valentin  Schmeltzer,* 
Anthon  Kräber, 
Johannes  Paffler, 
Peter  Wolff, 
PhUip  Welde, 
Johannes  Grimb, 
Philip  Wilhertzbach, 
Frantz  Brunnholtz, 
Philip  Jacob  Stiimpel, 
Valentin  Gr.  Bast, 
Friederich  Jacob  Cuiumer, 
Georg  Hoffmann, 
Hans  William  Statily,* 
Henry  Ully  Statily,* 
Johan  Andreas  Jüngst, 
Johan  Peter  Dick, 
Dielman  Fuchs, 
Nicol  Merckhilusser, 
Johan  Dietrich  Duey, 

Johann  Christian  Duey, 

Wilhelm  Müller, 

Johann  Millerschurl,? 

Johan  Adam  Kern, 

Johann  Jacob  H  el  wig, 

Johan  Philip  Ludwig, 

G.  Michael  Kraus,* 

J.  Nickolaus  Sanger, 

Johann  Peter  Schneider, 

Job.  Nicolaus  Wertingisch, 

Johannes  Schnebli, 

Johann  Adam  Schmeltzer, 

Johannes  Christ.  Brammeret,  a 

Philip  Wendel  Opp, 

Friederich  Wolff, 

Johannes  Gamber, 

Matthäus  Bastenmeye, 

Kilian  Ganther, 

Johann  Peter  Benner, 

Isaac  Widmer, 

Johannes  Rohr, 

Henrich  Wolff, 

Jacob  Crebler,* 

Achior  Crebler,* 

Jacob  Rorrer,* 

Jacob  Rincker,* 

Melchior  Keeper,* 

Friederich  Keeper,* 

Johannes  Züiid, 

Henry  Smith,* 

Henrich  Felty, 

Putliy  Weyss,* 

Rudolff  Sherrer,* 

Henry  Trolly,* 

Jacob  Bercher, 

a  Johannes  Christian  Brammeret  is  an  unusually  -well  written  chi- 
rograph, having  appended  to  it,  '■'going  through  the  land."  No  doubt, 
a  mere  sojourner. — [Editor.) 

a  'Sj\t\t  ^anbf^rtft  tft  ungcnjüt)u{td)  flitt  unb  bat  ben  3wf<i5  •  //fcurc^'i^ 
Sanb  geljenb."  S[i}abri'ct)einltc^  nur  ein  9?ci[enber.— (^trauögcbtr.) 



Henry  Weys,* 
Eudolff  Widmer  * 
Hans  Scheurer, 
Weirich  Wagner, 
Henry  Brinker,* 
Jacob  Thumy,* 
Caspar  Waldy,* 
Philip  Bruner,* 
Jost  Funck,* 
Johannes  Knob, 
Rudi  Mauerer, 
Anthony  Suder,* 
Henry  Redlinger,* 
Joseph  Shomony,* 
Gallus  Fricker,* 
Henry  Sifry,* 
Jacob  Schüredt, 
Georg  Prall, 
Jacob  Waasser, 
Tobias  Pfister,* 
Jacob  Lostatter,* 
Jacob  Lostetter  jr., 
Conrad  Tshakky, 
Johannes  Turny,* 
Peter  Balsam,* 
Abraham  Arb  sen.. 
Christian  Mosser,* 
Johannes  Housser,* 
Isaac  Greber, 
Hans  Jacob  Meyer, 
Leonhardt  VonruflF, 
Lenhart  Froly, 
Rudolph  Hemming, 
Hans  Georg  Meyer,* 
Conrad  Kuntzly,* 
Henrich  Koch, 
Hans  Michel  Neraeker, 
Hans  Conrad  Steinman, 
Hans  Jacob  Zöble, 
Joseph  Lenggenhar, 

Melchior  Winkelman, 
Jacob  Haassler,* 
Abraham  Hasseler,* 
Hans  Georg  Shan,* 
Uhlerich  Bitsferker,* 
Johannes  Weidman, 
Johannes  Bimmesdörflfer, 
Abraham  Imoberstiich, 
Heinrich  Harneist, 
Hans  Jacob  Bär, 
Heinrich  Aleiss, 
Ludwig  Engel,* 
Solomon  Cauffman, 
Uhllerich  Waldmer,* 
Heinrich  Bauinger, 
Andreas  Shneyder,* 
Johannes  Zöpner, 
Hans  von  Huber, 
Rudolph  Guttinger,* 
Conrad  Weydman,* 
Christian  Pf  äher, 
Conrad  Bücher,* 
Caspar  Bücher, 
Heinrich  Haller, 
Friederich  Alenbach, 
H.  Nicholas  HeUing,* 
Michael  Singer,* 
Conrad  Kramer,* 
Heinrich  Boshart, 
Hans  Georg  Hennold, 
Felix  Housser,* 
Rudy  Hausser, 
Jacob  Fischer,* 
Adam  Cheseches,? 
Jacob  Wäspy,* 
Johannes  Waspy,* 
Joachim  Diehrig, 
Johannes  Schneider, 
Johann  Casper  Schaff, 
Johann  Adam  Meng, 



Johan  Nickel  Jung,  Hans  Adam  Seydler,* 

Friederich  Specht,  Johan  Paul  Glehas. 

Marked  "on  board." — Probably  confined  by  sickness: 
SSegci^net  „an  33oarb". — SSa^rfc^einlic^  wegen  ^ranf^eit  ju* 

Hans  Smith,  Henry  Wurtz,  Philip  Bauer,  Henrich  Ham- 
bach,  Henry  Bretz,  Ludwig  Bretz,  Sander  Sanger,  Jacob  Ure- 
ring,  Lorentz  Ampel,  Henry  Bousman,  Anthony  Samber,  Chris- 
toph Eyerman. 

149)  Aug.  21, 1750.  Ship  Anderson,  Hugh  Campbell,  Cap- 
tain, from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

Slug.  21,  1750.  ®(^tff  Slnberfon,  Sapitain  ^ug:^  ^amphtU, 
oon  9tottert)am  ükr  Soweö. 

Christian  Botz, 
Ludwig  Horst,* 
Johannes  Gunderman,* 
Martin  Weber, 
Peter  Hentzel, 
Gottfried  Büttner, 
Samuel  Lüthy,* 
Christoph  Metz, 
Johannes  Shmit,* 
Jacob  Rüter, 
Christian  Widman, 
Oswald  Dups,* 
Conrad  Häuser, 
Gerhart  Führ, 
Conrad  Derr, 
Lorentz  Hauck, 
Jacob  Dengler, 
Valentin  Maitlin,* 
Jonas  Mütschler, 
Johannes  Hebel, 
Johan  Miller,* 
Johannes  Schauerer, 
Christoph  Miller, 
Michael  Wagenmann, 
Gerhart  Birkenbeyly,* 

Johannes  Marquardt, 
Johannes  Bretz, 
Johann  Beck,* 
Matheas  Weymer,* 
Jacob  Lyme,* 
Henry  Reinfeld,* 
Johan  Engel  Gonderman, 
Johann  Henrich  Fick, 
Johannes  Peter  Jung, 
Johann  Henrich  Cuntz, 
Johan  Georg  Schneider, 
Johannes  Henrich  Ham, 
Johan  Jacob  Sturm, 
Johan  Christian  Sturm, 
Johan  Heinrich  Schuster, 
Job.  Heinrich  Mauden, 
Johannes  Ludwig  Beel, 
Johan  WUhelm  Beel, 
Johan  Daniel  Rheiner, 
Johan  Henrich  Schneider, 
Johann  Michel  Huber, 
Johan  Jacob  Huber, 
Johan  INIartinus  Reinhardt 
Johann  Georg  Reichman, 
Johann  Christian  Rick, 



Johan  Baltzer  Schmith, 
Christian  Kauffman,* 
Hans  Georg  Singer, 
Johan  Georg  Miller, 
Johannes  Jacob  Blässer, 
Johann  Philip  Benner, 
Georg  Deobalt  Aner,  ? 
Johan  Philip  Rambach, 
Hans  Georg  Rath, 
Johan  Peter  Weiss, 
Johan  Christophel  Bretz, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Britzing, 
Melchior  Bruner.* 
Jacob  Beaver,* 
Georg  Melcher,  ? 
Andreas  Shaad,* 
Jacob  Ackermann, 
Lenhart  Zebolt,* 

Philip  Pop,* 
Jacob  Heillman, 
Johannes  Naumann, 
Christoph  Steiner, 
Conrad  Plesher,? 
Urban  Friebele, 
Johann  Ludwig  Etter, 
Johann  Peter  Batz, 
Johann  Peter  Becker, 
Johann  Philip  Noll, 
Johann  Jacob  Bop, 
Reinhart  Hasenbürger, 
Johann  Theis  Schmidt, 
Johannes  Schwartzhaud, 
Johann  Gottlieb  Naumann, 
Johan  Conrad  Ruff, 
Henrich  Leuchthold. 

150)  Aug.  24,  1750.    Ship  Brothers,  Muir,  Captain,  from 
Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 271  passengers. 

Slug.  24,  1750.   ©d)tff  33rot^erö,  ßapitain  S^uir,  »on  SHot- 
271  ^affagtere. 

terbam  über  Someä 
Adam  Shnyder,* 
Adam  Weaber,* 
'Erasmus  Hess, 
Jacob  Gerdner,* 
Johannes  Koch, 
Johannes  (Ehrle, 
Philip  Kawtzman,* 
Christian  Shott,* 
Jacob  Keller, 
Johannes  Wälder,* 
Joseph  Nagel,* 
Abraham  Schneider, 
Adam  Mensch,* 
Abraham  Glass,* 
Christian  Fried, 
Johannes  Friessner, 
Friederich  Miller,* 

Peter  Meyer,* 
Benedict  Krieger, 
Andreas  Frey, 
Casper  Caarel,* 
Daniel  Cabel,* 
Nickolas  Rome,* 
J.  Nickolas  Holl,* 
F.  Philip  Holl,* 
J.  Adam  Lucas,* 
Johann  Jacob  Kimmel, 
John  Lenard  Miller,* 
Johann  Leonhard  Groh, 
Johann  Peter  Seger, 
Johann  Henrich  Keller, 
Johan  Georg  Keller, 
Johann  Adam  Körner, 
Johann  Georg  Weiss, 




Johann  Philip  Weiss, 
Johannes  Blumenschein, 
Johan  Georg  Höring, 
Johann  Georg  Gans,* 
Johan  Nickel  Ganss, 
Johan  Nicklaus  Helm, 
Joh.  Georg  Scheunberger, 
Johann  Matheis  Schäffer, 
Jacob  Friederich  Sahn, 
Johan  Peter  Schmunck, 
Johan  Georg  Drear,* 
Hans  Martin  Sürfes, 
Hans  Peter  Müller, 
Johann  Daniel  Hoffmann, 
Johan  Heinrich  Hauck, 
Johann  Georg  Zerr, 
Johann  Philip  Hüller, 
Hans  Georg  Frey, 
Engelhart  Wagner,* 
Jost  Jacoby, 
Mattheis  Miller, 
J.  Jacob  Freysh,* 
Martin  Dreisbach, 
Martin  Reich,? 
Martin  Weaber,* 
Otto  Dan.  Neuer, 
J.  Leon.  Reish,* 
Hans  Geo.  Stauch, 

J.  Jacob  Reybolt,* 
Martin  Ulmer,* 
Hans  Geo.  Ganshom, 
Johannes  Stroll, 
G.  Adam  Bartholt,* 
Adam  Eberle, 
Con.  Israel  Oberle, 
Joh.  Hen.  Leeseman, 
George  Adam  Barttel,* 
G.  Michael  Rommigh,* 
Hans  Georg  Ronmiigh,* 
Johann  Jacob  Schuster, 
Joh.  Jacob  Wagner, 
Johann  Henrich  Gamber, 
Georg  Michael  Gamber, 
Johann  Peter  Krämer, 
Johann  Jacob  Bernauer, 
Hans  Philip  Bender, 
Johan  Georg  Koop, 
Johann  Adam  Franck, 
Johan  Conrad  Schultz,  chir.j 
Johann  Georg  Müller, 
Johann  Adam  Edelmann, 
Johan  Peter  Laudenschleger, 
Johan  Ludwig  Rauhzahn, 
Johan  Peter  Fölker, 
Georg  Adam  Young.* 

151)   Aug.  28,  1750.    Ship  Two  Brothers,  Thomas  Amt, 
Captain,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

Slug.  28,  1750.    ©c^ijf  %m  33rotf)erg,  Capitain  %t)mai 
Stmt,  öon  3flottert)aitt  über  Solvex. 

Philip  Peter,* 
Frederich  Prophet,* 
Christopher  Gerner, 
Johannes  Kreutzwisser, 
David  Metzger, 
Jacob  Stein, 
Christoph  Albrecht,* 

Peter  Hergedt, 
Baltazar  Löffler,* 
Stephan  Kneisel,* 
Johannes  Kerlinger, 
Daniel  Sommer,* 
Johannes  Battenfeld, 
Philip  Battenfeld, 



Sebastian  Werner,* 
Leonhart  Heichel,* 
Johannes  Stoll, 
Johannes  Böhmer, 
Lucas  Schäffer, 
Johan  Georg  Huber, 
Johan  Matheis  Gerner, 
Hans  Georg  Gerner, 
Johann  Adam  Holtz,* 
Georg  Michael  Schupp, 
Hans  George  Seacoist,* 
Hans  Martin  Eche, 
Hans  Adam  Pfisterer, 
Hans  Adam  Pfesterer,* 
PhiUp  Peter  Huff, 
Hans  Adam  Battenfeld, 
Johann  Heinrich  Leibung, 
Johann  Friedrich  Thomas, 
Johann  Jacob  Schäffer, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Stoll, 
Johann  Peter  Böhmer, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Gölb, 
Johann  Paulus  Müller, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Schneider, 
Michael  Meli, 
Jacob  Roller, 
Martin  Dups, 
Christian  Matheis, 
Jacob  Bosch, 
Andreas  Wentz, 
Michael  Waltz,* 
Jacob  Kehle, 
Jacob  Bloss, 
Johannes  Becker,* 
Jacob  Weis,* 
Martin  Weis,* 
Jacob  Daniel, 
Bernhart  Berch,* 
Tobias  Muller,* 
Tobias  Müller  jr., 
Matheus  Brundle, 

Mattheis  Seufried, 
Eberhart  Bichel, 
Matheis  Rössler, 
Jacob  VoUtzer,? 
Michael  Tybly,* 
Peter  Martin, 
Mattheis  Martin, 
Johannes  Warner,* 
Lorentz  Spatz, 
Henry  Hillinger,* 
Mathias  Berger,* 
Johannes  Jung, 
Hans  Martin  Kollmer, 
D.  Bernhart  Rothbaus,* 
Hans  Christoph  Englerth, 
Jacob  Adam  Nonnenmacher, 
Hans  Balthas  Buck, 
Johann  Jacob  Klein, 
Hans  Georg  Sauerbreu, 
Johannes  Billheimer,* 
Hans  Adam  Shmit,* 
Hans  Georg  Geltz,* 
Hans  Georg  Weiss, 
Johan  David  Bichel, 
Hans  Georg  Rudel, 
Johann  Jacob  Braun, 
Christoph  Friedrich  Reutter, 
Hans  Georg  Müller, 
Hans  Wendel  Seufried,* 
Joseph  Seufried, 
Job.  Christoph  Breitzinger, 
Hans  Georg  Marich, 
Christoph  Buckbeck, 
Hans  Georg  Dischler, 
Johan  Friederich  Risch, 
Christoph  Meyer,* 
Hans  Georg  Saal, 
Philipp  Dellinger, 
Joseph  Stumbff, 
J.  Daniel  Printz. 



Sick — J.  Gottlieb  Weniger,  Baltazar  Munster,  Andreas  Dürr, 
Hans  Jacob  JMetzsrer. 

152)  Aug.  28,  1750.  Ship  Phoenix,  John  Mason,  Captain, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 339  passengers. 

Slug.  28,  1750.  ®(^iff  m'öniv,  (Sapitain  3ol)n  ma\on,  »on 
JRottcrbam  über  Soroeö  mit  339  ^^üffagiercn. 

Erdman  Schultz, 

Johannes  Seltzer, 

Simon  Peter, 

Christian  Bernhardi, 

Jacob  Saber,* 

Jacob  Patz, 

Johann  Georg  Leyss, 

Johan  Ludwig  Schieber, 

Johan  Nickel  Vogelgesang, 

Johan  Conrad  Protzman, 

John  Henry  Weydigh,* 

Johan  Georg  Kalteisen, 

Jean  Drapet, 

Caspar  Bruner,* 

Michel  Peter, 

Henrich  Gerlart, 

Haus  Wirheiner, 

Jacob  Moog,* 

Ernst  Böhm, 

Conrad  Zellner,* 

Georg  Betzier, 

Peter  Seigendaller,* 

Ulrich  Seigendaller,* 

Johannes  Peter, 

George  Hultzler,* 

Jacob  Sheel,* 

Jacob  Prison,* 

Henry  Yeal,* 

George  Yure,* 

George  Saling,* 

George  Kop,* 

Jacob  Werly,* 

Conrad  Hay,* 

Dewald  Theil,* 
Jacob  Beb, 
David  Frarry,* 
Jacob  Muni  jr.,* 
Jacob  Muni  sen.,* 
Debolt  Beck, 
Peter  Dinck, 
Henry  Herman,* 
Michael  Cuntz,* 
Andreas  Hotz, 
Georg  Hauss, 
Peter  Schmitt, 
Jacob  Riffel, 
Peter  Erhart,* 
Dietrich  Erhart,* 
Debalt  Frantz, 
Frantz  Anton, 
Georg  Gees,* 
Joseph  Waltz, 
Philip  Hind,* 
Jacob  Anthoni, 
Solomon  Phillips, 
Johan  David  Schmitt, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Hertzog, 
Johan  Jacob  Peter, 
Michael  Forbringcr,* 
Heinrich  Eberhard, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Weiss, 
Johan  Gottfried  Rüger, 
Carl  Ernst  Rüger, 
Georg  Siegenthahller, 
Johan  Jacob  Reich, 
Philip  Jacob  Volandt, 



Hans  Michel  Nothsteiu, 
John  George  Debald,* 
Henry  Haberman,* 
Michael  Lehman, 
Christian  Muni,* 
Conrad  Muni,* 
Hans  Ulrich  Schleppi, 
Andreas  Muni,* 
Christopf  Durrenberger,* 
Michael  Berger,* 
Hans  Jacob  Seuter, 
Nicklaus  Yeisly,* 
Johann  Georg  Herman, 
Andreas  Diemer, 
Johan  Friederich  Röhn, 
Dewald  Kuntz, 
Johan  David  Ziffel, 
Johannes  Zurbrück, 
Martin  Buchman,* 
Jacob  Buchman,* 
Georg  Hans  Anthoni, 
Nicklaus  Jacob, 
Georg  Friederich  Lintz, 
Johannes  Meyer,* 
Carl  Seusterditz, 
Christoph  Fischer, 
Adam  Hiltenbrandt, 
Abraham  Shopffer,* 
Martin  Burchhardt, 
Michael  Straub, 
George  Lindeman,* 
George  Hatzinger,* 
Henry  Meyer,* 
Michael  Kapp, 
Ulrich  Fooks,* 
Dewalt  Fooks,* 
George  Lohr,* 
Jacob  Werner, 
Peter  Bern, 
Nicklaus  Hegi, 
Jacob  Haber, 

Peter  Schirmer, 

Hans  Braun, 

Valentin  Mochel, 

Heinrich  Müller, 

Jacob  Paule, 

Johannes  Lips,* 

Abraham  Enderly,* 

Christian  Gross, 

Carl  Heiser, 

Jacob  Heck, 

Johan  Solomon,* 

Jacob  Meyer,* 

Jacob  Fisher,* 

Adam  Weiss, 

Paul  Weber, 

Johan  Grimm, 

Hans  Müler,* 

Godlieb  Bobe,* 

George  Matler,* 

Henrich  Presler, 

Debalt  Farringer,* 

Killian  Jaac,* 

Conrad  Hefer,? 

Georg  Voltz, 

Martin  Jost,* 

Philip  Finck,* 

Michael  Fischer, 

Gottlieb  Thurm, 

Nicklaus  Kiffer,* 

Jacob  Schoch, 

Philipp  Ferber, 

Andreas  Engel, 

Peter  Will, 

Hans  George  Eter,* 

Anthoni  Grieser, 

Georg  Henrich  Etter, 

Jacob  Friederich  West, 

Johannes  Wedel, 

Johan  Friederich  von  Bohr, 

Joh.  Andonus  von  Bohr, 

Gottfried  Thiele, 



Christophel  Pfuller, 
Johan  Otmansdorff,* 
Jacob  Laubenliauer, 
Michael  Shalleberger,* 
Ernst  Jacob  Dippberger, 
Michael  Lederman, 
David  Dieterich, 
Christian  Andrae, 
Johann  Jacob  Heiser, 
Gottfried  Peuckert, 
Johan  Tobias  Zimmerman, 
Friederich  Zimmerman,* 
Joh.  Michael  Heuschkell, 
Joh.  Christof  Heuschkell, 
Benjamin  Heuschkell, 
David  Ensminger, 
George  Reinhart,* 
Hans  Heinrich  Nacht, 
Abraham  RithmüUer, 
Paneratius  Reichhelfc, 
Hans  Weckerling, 
Adam  Huberling,* 
Philip  Friederich  Winther, 
Johan  Georg  Malle, 
Andreas  Wittenmeyer, 
Joseph  Gerber, 
Johannes  Phillipi, 
Johannes  Phillipi  jr., 
Andreas  Phillipi, 
Christian  PhUipy, 
Hans  Jacob  Liebenguth, 
Hans  Jacob  Liebenguth  jr., 
Peter  Liebenguth, 
Johann  Jacob  Leininger, 
Nicklaus  Jost, 

Hannes  Gerber,* 
George  Shep,* 
Dewalt  Nagel,* 
Caspar  Shmit,* 
Georg  Clauss, 
Christian  Gurdner,* 
Johannes  Philipi, 
Marx  Dahleth, 
Christian  His,? 
Hans  Blasser,* 
Hans  Deterig,* 
George  Viet,* 
Jacob  Kloti, 
Philip  Stock, 
Ulrich  Eggler, 
Sirach  Schultz, 
Hans  Wagner,* 
Adam  Reistebacher, 
Ludwig  Wohlfahrt, 
Joseph  Peter  Bauer, 
Georg  Engelhart,? 
Ludwig  Wittenmeyer, 
Heinrich  Sterchi, 
PhUipp  Waletein, 
Joh.  Gottfried  Zichelhart, 
Wilhelm  Ehrman, 
Thomas  Shlighter,* 
Nickolaus  Shlighter,* 
Han  Geo.  Dierenberger, 
Paulus  Christian, 
Hans  Georg  Ludwick, 
Peter  Haberstick,* 
Johannes  Steckel,* 
Hans  Georg  Schultz, 
Jacob  Guntzerhausser. 

153)  Aug.  31,  1750.  Ship  Nancy,  Thomas  Cautom,  Master, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 270  passengers. 

2lug.  31,  1750.  ©d^iff  ^lanc^,  ßapitain  Z^omai  (Eantom, 
»on  9tottert)am  über  (Sotreö  mit  270  S^eifenten. 



Johannes  Vollmer, 
Daniel  Bohset, 
Martin  Müller, 
Lorentz  Schcnck, 
Joseph  Stähle, 
Friederich  Gans, 
Johann  Grans, 
Thomas  Gans,* 
Georg  Heuling, 
Johannes  Zweigle, 
Michael  llieder, 
Andreas  Brauer, 
Michel  Hensel, 
Johannes  Heide, 
Christoph  Kendtel, 
Johannes  Glasser, 
Jonas  Raub, 
Friederich  Weiss, 
"Wilhelm  Gettling, 
Geo.  Hen.  Lutz, 
Joh.  Bernhardt  Riede, 
Balthas  Federhoff, 
Bernhart  3.ockenstihl, 
Daniel  Haubersack, 
Joh.  Conrad  Raisch, 
Joh.  Tobias  Rudolph, 
Hans  Georg  Hetle, 
Martin  Jommel, 
Johan  Georg  Bauer, 
Joh.  Bernhart  Wünsch, 
Johann  Georg  Sieger, 
Johann  Georg  Müsse, 
Geo.  David  Schneider, 
Hans  Georg  Kuhm, 
Johan  Jacob  Cantz, 
Han  Georg  Beiterman, 
Hau  Jacob  Beiterman, 
Joh.  Fried.  Unrath  jr., 
Geo.  Henrich  Lutz  jr., 
Geo.  Wilhelm  Marx, 
Joh.  Geo.  Marx, 

Christian  Fautz, 
Joh.  Jacob  Weiss, 
Michael  Förster, 
Jeremias  Horngacher, 
Christian  Hornberger, 
Andreas  Rahnfelder, 
Beruhart  Gilbert,* 
Christoph  Wetzel, 
Frantz  Kühlwein, 
Jacob  Würth, 
Andreas  Singel, 
Johann  Herholt, 
Christian  Blosser,* 
Johannes  Low, 
Christian  Giebeler, 
TUman  Creutz, 
Johann  Gitting, 
Johannes  Rehbach, 
Johannes  Jung, 
David  Nuss, 
Philip  Grabeman, 
Immanuel  Bager, 
Henrich  Wil.  Stiege!, 
Joh.  Ludwig  Traber, 
Han  Georg  Benner, 
Joh.  Nicklaus  Gilbert, 
Joh.  Jacob  Gobel, 
Joh.  Georg  Gilbert, 
Johan  Jacob  Baum, 
Hans  Georg  Gilbert, 
Han  Adam  Herbalt, 
Joh.  Philip  Hautz, 
Han  Jacob  Gilbert, 
Joh.  Jacob  Barth, 
Jost  Henrich  Wehler, 
Joh.  Peter  Gutelius, 
Joh.  Jacob  Brumbach, 
J.  Daniel  Sheyder,* 
Dilmanus  Weissgerber, 
Johan  Peter  Kleim,* 
Joh.  Henrich  Comrath, 



Johan  Henrich  Klein, 
J.  Henry  Seidensticker,* 

Johan  Henrich  Jung, 
Joh.  Georg  Braunsberg. 

154)  Sept.  12,  1750.  Ship  Priscilla,  WilUam  Wilson,  Cap- 
tain, from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 210  passengers. 

<Bept  12,  1750.  ®d)iff  ^rt^JcüIa,  Sapitain  Sötmam  Söilfon, 
»Ott  Siottcrtiam  ükr  Soweö. — 210  Stdfenbe. 

Christian  Reutzel, 
Johannes  Grack, 
Conrad  Grack, 
Peter  Hartman,* 
Nicklaus  Weininger, 
George  Cunkel,* 
Andreas  Schuster, 
Valentin  Born, 
Nicklaus  SchäfFer, 
Johannes  Guckel, 
Johannes  Rauck, 
Johannes  Mayer, 
Conrad  Hertzog, 
Kaspar  Oberdorff, 
Daniel  Resseler,* 
John  Henry  Ritzel,* 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Reutzel, 
Friederich  Steinberger, 
Han  Mich.  Wissner  sen., 
Han  Mich.  Wissner  jr., 
Joh.  Henrich  Rössler, 
Geo.  Henrich  Rasch, 
George  Ernst  Rish,* 
Joh.  Georg  Keyser, 
eToh.  Georg  Rössler, 
Joachim  Gottschalck, 
Eberhart  Steygerwaldt, 
Johan  Adam  Börner, 
Georg  Ernst  Becker, 
Han  Andreas  Kachel, 
Johannes  Stang, 
Johannes  Huth, 
Wilhelm  Adelman, 

Johannes  Mauss, 
Andreas  Oberdorff, 
Friederich  Shnyder,* 
Johannes  Ommerth, 
Valentin  Corngiber,* 
Henrich  Lotz, 
Michael  Roth,* 
Thomas  Bertholt,* 
Peter  Günder, 
Johannes  Plott, 
Johannes  Heyl,* 
Georg  Waihdel, 
Ludwig  Shmith, 
Balzer  Jäger, 
Johannes  Föller, 
Balthazar  Filler,* 
Johannes  Lamb,* 
Carl  Russ,* 
Andi'eas  (Etzel, 
Joh.  Jacob  Newman,* 
Wendel  Lawmeister, 
Johan  Straushaar, 
Balthazer  Simmons,* 
Christian  Hartting, 
Johan  Melchior  Orth, 
Johan  Adam  Roth, 
Joh.  Baltzer  Stockel, 
Ernst  Phil.  Kirscher, 
Johannes  Schuman, 
Johann  Peter  Muth, 
Nicklas  Berninger,* 
Melchior  Kleinfelter,* 
Johannes  Möller, 



Joh.  Simon  Oberdorff,''' 
Carl  Miller,* 
Johannes  Diemer, 
Joh.  Michael  Stoflel,* 

Joh.  Henry  Rulley,* 
Simon  Schierher, 
Conrad  Rossler, 
Joh.  Henrich  Liff. 

155)  Sept.  29,  1750.  Ship  Osgood,  WiUiam  Wilkie,  Cap- 
tain, from  llotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 480  passengers. 

«Sept.  29,  1750.  eci)iff  DcniooD,  eapitain  Sßimam  3Bilfic. 
öon  Stotterbam  über  (Eome^. — 480  JHeifente. 

Hendrich  Bronk,* 
Yerrick  Wisht,* 
Jacob  Wist,* 
Laurantius  Wüst, 
Jacob  Wüst, 
Christoph  Shmit,* 
Michael  Shmit,* 
Johannes  Greiner, 
Conrad  Toll,* 
Georg  Becker, 
Johannes  Seyl, 
Jacob  Clauser,* 
Henry  Clauser,* 
Nicklaus  Burg,* 
Nicholaus  Hörner, 
Friederich  Hörner, 
Han  Geo.  Hautzenbieler, 
Andre  Baudemont, 
Hans  Adam  Kney, 
Valentin  Petermann, 
Wilhelm  Humbert, 
Heinrich  Hörner, 
Johannes  Schwab, 
Gabrial  Leydy,* 
Friederich  Reist, 
Gottlieb  Kauifman,* 
Mattheis  Schnepp, 
Bartolomaeus  Eppler, 
Hans  Baltas  Otz, 
Han  George  Zigler,* 
Joh.  Martin  Neher, 

Joh.  Georg  Speidel, 
Michael  Peterman,* 
Georg  Dick,* 
Christian  Faas,* 
Jacob  Krebs,* 
Eder  Deghe,* 
Jacob  Schoch, 
Peter  Stotz, 
Ludwig  Sotz, 
F.  Schweitzer, 
Rudolph  Christi, 
Jacob  Keamigh,* 
Jacob  Glohser, 
Lorentz  Dobbler,* 
Ludwig  Readwile,* 
Georg  Ulrich, 
Philip  Jacob, 
Durst  Cantick,* 
Frederich  Kuntz, 
Michel  Bele, 
Ludwig  Bitzer, 
Ludwig  Eiszele, 
Hans  Netischeh, 
Ludwig  Moritz, 
Friederich  Gauss, 
Johannes  WolfFer, 
Christian  Schmoller, 
Anthony  Shnyder,* 
Jacob  Frasch, 
Matheas  IMeyer,* 
Michael  Eusinger, 




Heinrich  Dietmar, 
Christian  Eyserloh, 
Emanuel  Brittschedt, 
Christian  Heussler, 
Michael  Heinrich,* 
Andreas  Knodler,* 
Christian  Knotz, 
Sebastian  Rayster, 
Johan  Michael  jr., 
Christoph  Albrecht, 
Conrad  Bender, 
Johannes  Schnell, 
Joh.  Fried.  Sautter, 
Jacob  Schneider, 
Georg  Scheufläen, 
Christian  Schuhler, 
Jacob  Scheufläen, 
Hans  G-eorg  Crietz, 
Han  Martin  Wolffer, 
Andreas  Herther, 
Johannes  Moritz, 
Joh.  Michael  Rietweill, 
Johan  Arnold  Kuntz, 
Johannes  Dinges, 
Conrad  Wittman, 
Gottlieb  Mittelberger, 
Nicolaus  Haugendobler, 
Joh.  Wendel  Ackerman, 
Joh.  Georg  Ackerman, 
Han  Bastian  Eberhard, 
Loren  Marque  Daudt, 
Hans  Georg  Marti, 
Joh.  Georg  Ludwig,* 
Hans  Martin  Waltz, 
Hans  Jacob  Binder, 
Johann  Georg  Gauss, 
Hans  Georg  Meyer,* 
Han  Martin  Kienstein, 

Han  Mart.  Kienstein  jr., 
Joh.  Henrich  Binder, 
Joh.  Christian  Seindel, 
Joh.  Gottfried  Richter, 
Joh.  Gottolb  Hoppe, 
Han  Geo.  Koberstein, 
Johann  Martin  Kast, 
Jacob  Fried.  Kümmerley, 
Han  George  Fackler,* 
Han  Georg  Knodler, 
Han  Geo.  Schweigarth, 
Han  Georg  Murr, 
Han  Georg  Kreutz, 
Hans  Geo.  Schnawffer,* 
Han  Mich.  Dentzer, 
Joh.  Daniel  Bosch, 
Valentin  Heygis, 
Georg  Heigis, 
Mattheis  Miller, 
Christian  Stotz, 
Bernhardt  Rust, 
Jacob  Ehele, 
Jacob  EUheim, 
Jacob  UhUerich,* 
Andreas  Hertcher,* 
Hans  Jac.  Shanker,* 
Louis  Gerizeh, 
Johan  Jacob  Bosch, 
Hans  Georg  Hutekunst, 
Johan  Peter  Bender, 
Johan  Peter  Bender  jr., 
Johan  Philip  Mofhel,? 
Hans  Ludwig  Zimmerman, 
Hans  Georg  Mofhel,? 
Hans  Ludwig  Stein, 
Hans  Martin  Müller, 
Philipp  Joseph  Schilling, 
Hans  Georg  Basch. 



156)  Sept.  17,  1750. 
Captain,  from  London. 

(Sept.  17,  1750.     (Sc^ 
^apleton,  »on  itJonton 

Christoff  Reushaw,* 
Joseph  Reiff,* 
Peter  Millend,* 
Ludwig  Falck, 
Jacob  Winkler,* 
Hans  Stuber,* 
Nicklas  Dick,* 
Hans  Stohl,* 
Hans  iimmich,* 
Hans  Stuber,* 
Jacob  Furrer,* 
Jacob  Dick,* 

Brigantine  Sally,  William  Hassleton, 

neHfaljrer  ©atl^,  dapitaitt  SBiUiam 

Hans  Uhlerich  Winsh,* 
Johan  Gottfried  Kiele, 
Hans  Christian  Scheffeler, 
Friederich  Schärschier, 
Johannes  Kuhn, 
Hans  Georg  Keller, 
Christoff  Coblet,* 
Christian  Stober, 
Hans  George  Frey,* 
Hans  Knerr,* 
Jacob  Miller,* 
Abraham  Yarsing.* 

157)  Nov.  3, 1750.    Ship  Brotherhood,  John  Thomson,  Cap- 
tain, from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 300  passengers. 

5^00.  3,  1750.   Schiff  33rot^er(}oot»,  Sapitain  3o^n  2:i)omfon, 
»on  9lottert)am  über  4on?eö. — 300  Steifenie. 

Conrad  Laubsher,* 
Johannes  Schaffer, 
Simon  Minch, 
Teobalt  WUliahr, 
Matheis  Hoffner, 
Jacob  Stark,* 
Jacob  Sicher,* 
Peter  Sicher, 
Mattheis  Brückert, 
Johan  Jacob  Laubscher, 
Johann  Nicolaus  Schaffer, 
Johann  Elias  Wüüahr, 

Johan  Adam  Heys,* 
Georg  Friederich  Bayer, 
Johann  Peter  Brickli, 
Johann  Jacob  Maag, 
Hans  Georg  Schaufler, 
Johann  Nicolaus  Meck,a 
Pierre  Paris, 
Isaac  Paris, 
Henrie  Jeune, 
Michael  Swing,* 
Johannes  Schock, 
Peter  Hahn, 

a  Died  at  Harrisburg,  April  16,  1803,  aged  71  years,  4  months  and 
4  days.    He  was  the  Editor's  wife's  Proavus. 

a  «Starb  ju  ^arrtöburg  am  16.  Stpril  1803  m  einem  2llter  oon  71  3al)' 
ren,  4  90?onaten  unb  4  3;agen.  Sr  \x>cix  itx  Urgroguater  iix  grau  beö 



Jacob  Frey, 
Michael  Seitz, 
Johannes  Albreeht,* 
Johannes  Kreuss, 
Nicolaus  Bonn, 
Johannes  Bonn,* 
Nicklas  Weisman,* 
Michael  Weisman,* 
Paul  lemel, 
Wilhelm  Trün, 
Philip  Leister, 
Hans  Ziesser, 
Nicklas  Leyster,* 
Peter  Bassler, 
Joseph  Bassler, 
Jacob  Bassler, 
Jacob  Schowalter, 
Henry  Stigel,* 
Peter  Fahren, 
Joseph  Fahren, 
Johannes  Rub,* 
Jacob  Lichty,* 
Johannes  Mast, 
Peter  Stuky,* 
Hans  König,* 
Hans  Zorr,* 
Joseph  Meyer,* 
Michael  HöUey, 
Peter  Fisher,* 
Philip  Feillem, 
Michael  Wurm,* 
Ludwig  Fetzer,* 
Peter  Knabe,* 
Hans  Blauch, 
Hans  Knebel, 
Michael  Stuky,* 
Hans  Siegrist, 
John  Jost  Shwalb,* 
Johan  Jacob  Woikemer, 
Peter  Ratenbürger, 
Joh.  Henrich  KübUnger, 

Joh.  Christoffel  Hembel, 
Sebastian  Käppier, 
Christian  Däublin, 
Johannes  Lehman, 
Johannes  Showalter, 
Christian  Showalter, 
Peter  Lugenbiehl, 
Christian  Eidenes, 
Christian  Bleich, 
Heinrich  Schwartz, 
Christian  Kauffman, 
Johann  Philipp  Eckeil, 
Johan  Jacob  Lösch, 
Johannes  Rohrer, 
Johan  Adam  Stohr, 
Johannes  Schneider, 
Johannes  Bassler, 
Jacob  Schowalter  sen., 
Peter  Schowalter, 
Simon  Wisham,* 
Christian  Rub,* 
Jacob  Bürth, 
Johannes  Holly, 
Nicolaus  Mihller, 
Christian  Furrer,* 
Andreas  HoUey, 
Peter  Delebach, 
Christian  Neycomer,* 
Johan  Georg  Beck, 
WUhelm  Werner,* 
Hans  Gundelfinger,* 
Jacob  Naftziger, 
Christian  Knebel,* 
Hans  Hertzler, 
Johannes  Hertzler, 
Johann  Jost  Weigandt, 
Georg  Daniel  Orth, 
Melchior  Geissert, 
Jacob  Mössinger, 
Jacob  Berg, 
Jacob  Reif,* 



Georg  Weiss, 
Jacob  G-raf, 
Jacob  Behr, 
Hans  Funck, 
Paul  Roth,* 
Christian  Neuman, 

Martin  Funck, 
Georg  Rebschleger, 
Jacob  Hausser, 
Nicolaus  Schmidt, 
Johannes  Hausser, 
Johan  Georo;  Bauer. 

158)  Nov.  30,  1750.    Ship  Sandwich,  Hazelwood,  Captain, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 200  passengers. 

9^0».  30,  1750.   «Schiff  ©anbiüid),  CSapitain  .^a3eltt)0üt),  üon 
Stottcrbam  über  ßoweg. — 200  9tetfente. 

Jacob  Simre, 
Johan  Ludwig, 
Peter  Sallatin,* 
Christian  Fiess, 
Jacob  Rumel,* 
Daniel  Fahrne, 
Joseph  Klöpster, 
Jacob  Traub, 
Heinrich  Schmidt, 
Johannes  Koch,* 
Adam  Weygel, 
Daniel  Debuss, 
Henry  Hartzel,* 
Johannes  Moll, 
Hans  BoUinger, 
Andreas  Meutz, 
John  Eshbach,* 
Paulus  Grouudler,* 
George  Brech,* 
Johannes  Leitz, 
Philip  Gassman, 
Michael  Möggy,* 
Henrich  Stumpf, 
George  Casper,* 
John  Martin,* 
Henry  Haan,* 
Peter  Mantz, 
Casper  Peter, 
Johannes  Reel,* 

Jacob  Breys, 
Jacob  Shmit,* 
Michael  Frankhauser, 
Johann  Georg  Gass, 
Georg  Philip  Rumel, 
Johan  Philip  Körgert, 
Leonhart  Rupperter, 
Johannes  Willdanger, 
Mattheis  Wilfanger, 
Martin  Dcinberger, 
Johannes  Knauss, 
Johannes  Weygel, 
Johann  Peter  Gläffer, 
Nicolaus  Lorentz,* 
Peter  Huffshmit,* 
Jacob  Bollinger,* 
Johannes  Fuchs, 
Johan  Peter  Lamberty, 
Hans  Adam  Biebel, 
Joh.  Christoph  Laubach,* 
Joh.  Bernhardt  Kessler, 
George  Christ.  Deull,* 
Georg  Philip  Teul, 
Joh.  Henrich  Wäydemann, 
Johan  Adam  Gross, 
Georg  Adam  Wagner, 
John  Georg  Wagner, 
Kasper  Ristnach, 
Wendel  Hermann,* 




Friederich  Schenckel, 
Johan  Jacob  Koch, 
Johannes  Fleisher,* 
Michael  Fiinfrock, 
Peter  Shmit,* 
Martin  Nazurus,* 
Philip  Leher, 
Ulerich  Tuxly,=^ 
Rolandt  May, 
Georg  (Ess, 
Daniel  Bricker, 
Moritz  Wöber, 
Jacob  Spitler, 
Martin  Piere, 
Jost  Habgehes,  ? 
Friederich  Schor  sen., 
Friederich  Yor  jr., 

Hans  Weber, 
Michael  Schor, 
Nicklaus  Schande, 
Job.  Friederich  Eager, 
Job.  Anthon  Schwartz, 
Job.  PhUip  Schwartz, 
Job.  Anthonius  Körner, 
Christian  Hagen, 
Konrath  Imboff, 
Lorentz  Shmitly,* 
Michael  Hans  Peter, 
Jacob  Behrt,* 
Wolfgang  Job.  Henhey, 
Engelhart  Yeiser, 
Gottlieb  Beckley,* 
Caspar  Mayer. 

159)  Aug.  26, 1751.  Ship  Anderson,  Hugh  Campbell,  Mas- 
ter, from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes, — fifty  Roman  Catho- 
lics.— 236  passengers. 

31ug.  26,  1751.  <3^iff  2lnt>erfon,  (Sapitatn  ^ug^  Sampbell, 
»on  9tottert»am  über  dom^, — fünfgig  3fiömifc^=^^at^o(if(^c. — 236 

Lorentz  Durst,* 
Mathias  Rost,* 
Jacob  Maud,* 
Joseph  Strosle,* 
Hans  Martz,* 
George  Hoozer,* 
Sebastian  Greim, 
Adam  Greim, 
Hans  Riter, 
Peter  Klein, 
Martin  Clain,* 
Joseph  Voltz, 
Hans  Adam, 
Hans  Shaver,* 
Pbüip  Kinder,* 
Andreas  Hyder, 

Peter  Wehrner, 
Hans  ScheflPer, 
Michael  Morith,* 
Lorentz  Leble, 
Jost  Stroh, 

Hans  Georg  Hummerle, 
Johannes  Frick, 
Hans  Georg  Hook, 
Michael  Chrisback,* 
Johannes  Bower,* 
Ludwig  Werner,* 
Job.  Friederich  Geyer, 
Peter  Breelinger, 
Anthony  Yauble,* 
Abraham  Rinebart,* 
Ulrich  Bernhart,* 



Hans  Jacob  Bemath, 

Hans  Georg  Schneider, 

Michael  Dannerinborgen  sen., 

Michael  Dannerinborgen, 

Johannes  Zimmer,* 

Hajis  Casper  Stiindter, 

Joseph  Kiebell, 

Georg  Arbengast, 

Hans  Michael  Koonts,* 

Michael  Sommer, 

Matheis  Flach, 

Lorentz  Shiney,* 

Michael  Barle, 

Michael  Weidt, 

George  Reyser,* 

Adam  Storch,* 

Otto  Haase, 

Johannes  Fürster, 

Henrich  Fürster, 

Valentin  Clamdy, 

George  Miller,* 

Joseph  Wittemer,* 

Hans  Petersheim, 

Christoph  Fleur, 

Hans  Straub,* 

Hans  Metz,* 

Christian  Ritz, 

Adam  Gehrich, 

Peter  Weber, 

Jacob  Meier, 

Jacob  Minjan,* 

Bastian  Nögle, 

Johannes  Geiger, 
Daniel  Miller,* 
Henrich  Erferdt, 
Joseph  Joram, 
Henry  Demanche,* 
Johan  Jost  Franck, 
Carl  Wiederholt, 
Bartholomäus  Weid, 
Valentine  Loomyer, 
Joh.  Abraham  Arbeiter, 
Job.  Christian  Schauer, 
Wilhelm  Hammer, 
Joh.  Kilian  Feltmann, 
Johannes  Seyffarth, 
Joh.  Michael  Deininger, 
Hans  Georg  Spang, 
Dominique  Fleur, 
Jacob  Tschieringer, 
Joh.  Dietrich  Hostender, 
H.  Michael  Metz, 
H.  Martin  Vaudalin, 
Joh.  Caspar  Jungmann, 
Jeremias  Taubenheim,* 
Matthias  Schwartzwelder, 
Hans  Georg  Felber, 
Johannes  Hildebrand, 
Johan  Georg  Reichwein, 
Joh.  Christoph  Ohle, 
Joh.  Michael  Gistelbarth, 
Johan  Christian  Alter, 
Augustus  Milchsack. 

160)  Sept.  5,  1751.  Ship  Shirley,  James  Allen,  Captain, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Orkney,  Scotland, — three  Roman 
Catholics. — 288  passengers. 

®ept.  5,  1751.  @^iff  ©^irlep,  Sapitafn  pameö  Mm,  oon 
JRotterbam  über  Drfne^,  S^ottlant), — trei  9tömi[^=^at^oIifc^e. 
2B8  3fleifent)e. 



Leonard  Maas, 
Johannes  Fähr, 
Mattheus  Keuffer, 
Henry  Uhrer,* 
Heinrich  Wagner, 
Jacob  Huth, 
jMichael  Schneider, 
GottUeb  Roth,* 
Johannes  Heiss, 
^Michael  Weiss, 
Hans  Greorg  Betz, 
Christoff  Ludewig,* 
Georg  Jacob  Fisar,? 
Johan  Michael  Sholty, 
Joh.  Georg  Schumacher, 
Johan  Caspar  Spring, 
Johan  Martin  Kroll, 
Johan  Philip  Wagner, 
Hans  Georg  Klobly,* 
Johann  Georg  Curr, 
Johan  Lorentz, 

Georg  Giebler, 

Heinrich  Crafft, 

Thomas  Geiner,* 

Friederich  Zinn, 

Georg  Schürth, 

Jacob  Schauckert, 

Jacob  Shack,* 

Henrich  Curr, 

Martin  Leyer, 

Nickolas  Mildeberger,* 

Lorentz  Ludwig,* 

Ludwig  Schüttler, 

Fredrick  Sheiz,* 

George  Frantz,* 

Georg  Kleeh, 

Johann  Grosskopff,* 

Daniel  Pracht,* 

Georg  Baisbach, 

Georg  Kreuller, 

Andreas  Kuhn,* 

Christoph  Gnässle, 
Burkhart  Heinrich, 
Wendel  Miech, 
Isaac  Paris, 
Johannes  Ney,* 
Stephan  Schertzer, 
Samuel  Shweyart,* 
Baizar  Henning,* 
Veit  Meister, 
Conrad  Sampel, 
Johannes  Gilbert, 
Frederick  Krafft, 
Christian  Mook, 
Christian  Sholl,* 
Lenhart  Sumer,* 
Michael  Arnold,* 
Dietrich  Böhm, 
Peter  IMugler, 
Christian  Riger,* 
Frederich  Gross, 
David  Frank, 
Hans  Martin  Seyfeird, 
Georg  Adam  Stör, 
Hans  Adam  Grämlich, 
Joh.  Bernhard  Shrank,* 
Hans  Georg  Schrauck, 
Johann  Michael  Wagner, 
Johannes  Jacob  Braun, 
Hans  Andreas  Zilling, 
Geo.  Conrad  Schweighart, 
Hans  Adam  Franck, 
Johan  Friedrich  Teibz,* 
Hans  Henrich  Kautzmaun 
Georg  ]\Iichel  Walcker, 
F.  Johannes  Schweitzer, 
Hans  Stephan  Martin, 
Georg  Simon  Baum, 
Johann  Georg  Gassinger, 
Johann  David  Herbst, 
H.  George  Ney,* 
Hans  Jacob  Schoch, 



Johan  Henrich  Schirm, 
Johann  Martin  Seltzer, 
Hans  Georg  Wurteberger,* 
Christoph  Horlacher, 
Georg  Slichel  Gretter, 
H.  Michael  Wurtenberger,* 
Johann  Georg  Kühlein, 
Johan  Conrad  Beyrer, 
Hans  Jacob  Fogelmann,* 
Michael  Fägelman,* 
Johann  Michael  Sommer, 
Friederich  Wielandt, 
Frederich  Shwartz,* 
Johann  Georg  Büntzinger, 
Georg  Martin  Carle, 
Hans  Michel  Ott, 
Jacob  Bernard  Danecker,* 
Johannes  Keys,* 

Melchior  Lauall,* 
Hans  Georg  Hand,* 
Gabriel  Rössler,* 
Johan  George  Epson,* 
David  Edlinger, 
Francis  Edelberger, 
Ludwig  Ernst, 
Michael  Fölix,* 
Jacob  Sheyder,* 
Hans  Shauman,* 
Jacob  Gerringer,* 
Johan  Michael  Leytecker,* 
Melchior  Reysal,* 
Andreas  Schmeltzer,* 
Christopher  Ederly,* 
Johan  Elias  Horrst, 
Nickolas  Mittelburger.* 

161)  Sept.  9,  1751.  Ship  Patience,  Hugh  Steel,  Captain, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes, — eight  Roman  Catholics. — 
255  passengers. 

Sept.  9,  1751.  (S(i)iff  patience,  Sapitain  Jpug'^  (Steel,  ocn 
JRotterfcam  über  Sotueö, — ac^t  3fiöm.=Jl'üti)cltfc^e. — 255  Steifenbe. 

John  Hendrick,* 
Pierre  Balmas, 
Diewald  Hig, 
Andreas  Bleshor,* 
Daniel  Tien, 
Jacob  Wenigard,* 
Stephen  Deer,* 
Abraham  Wild, 
Isaac  Reno, 
Matthieu  Moret, 
Daniel  Ehart, 
Christian  Gran,* 
Michel  Farckart, 
Johannes  Bock,* 
Christian  Gaily,* 
Jacob  Wolf, 

Jacob  Wolf, 
Philip  Hering, 
Jacob  Enckisch, 
Philip  Gob,* 
Blasius  Isele, 
Michael  Wieder, 
Martin  Erdman, 
Jacob  Stöhr, 
Ludwig  Rimmel) 
J.  Peter  Andrea, 
Peter  Haubert,* 
Peter  Thomas,* 
Frantz  Host,* 
Peter  Haut,* 
Georg  Ludwig  Math, 
Eberhart  Chappelie, 



Jean  Henri  Tien, 
Johann  Andreas  Bersch, 
Johannes  Strohsehneider, 
Johan  Fried.  Strohschneider, 
Michael  Strohschneider, 
Hans  Michael  Mauer,* 
Hans  Georg  Worthlin,* 
Hans  Worthlin,* 
Jacob  Danninger, 
Michael  Mauch, 
Samuel  Pauser, 
Hans  Peter  Enck, 
Christian  Gabriel  Conver, 
H.  George  Gerhart, 
Johan  Henrich  Hering, 
Philip  Wendel  Höring, 
John  George  Reely, 
Johann  Georg  Babb, 
Johann  Andreas  Hütig, 
Philip  Carl  Jüdii, 
Johann  Andreas  Becher, 
Carl  Anton  Bergman, 
Johann  Christoph  Wieder, 
Johann  Georg  Ruoif, 
Johan  Diterich  Weitzen,* 
Johann  Henrich  Weitzel, 
Johann  Frantz  Huber, 
Hans  Peter  Huber,* 
Peter  Martin, 
Joh.  Deitschmall, 
J.  Henry  Dietzel, 
Jacob  Martin,* 
Michel  Drabach, 
J.  Adam  Trarbach,* 
Jacob  Trarbach,* 

J.  Peter  Thomas,* 
Conrad  Miller,* 
Henry  Müler,* 
Nicola  Matter, 
Johannes  Rust, 
Daniel  Hess,* 
Jost  Karger,* 
Melchior  Spery,* 
Johannes  Block,* 
George  Block, 
Nicklas  WolflF,* 
Peter  Wolcher,* 
Friederich  Mobs, 
Bernhard  Bauer, 
Philip  Conrad  Zeiler, 
Johann  Henrich  Stöhr, 
Johan  Martin  Freitag, 
Georg  Henrich  Joseph, 
Johann  Peter  Müller, 
Johann  Henrich  Dull, 
Johann  Philip  Haubert, 
Johann  PhUip  Litz, 
Hans  Peter  Shutz,* 
Johan  Nicol.  Bass, 
Joh.  Adam  Oberkii'ch,* 
Johannes  Schwarbach,* 
Johann  Jacob  Weyll, 
Johann  Peter  Holderbaum, 
Johan  Adam  Barthnies, 
Johan  Peter  Ströher, 
Johann  Georg  Scherbeann, 
Hans  Adam  Didrich, 
Jacob  Leibrock, 
Christian  Lindner,* 
Petrus  Trauenstack, 

162)  Sept.  14, 1751.  Ship  St.  Andrew,  James  Abercrombie, 
Captain,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes, — eight  Roman  Ca- 
tholics, ten  Mennonites,  the  remainder  Calvinists. — 230  passen- 



^tpt.  14,  1751.    (5d)i[f  ®t. 
crombie,  öon  S^otterbam  über  ß 
jc'^n  5JZennontten,  t»ie  Uebrigen 
Johannes  Lenn, 
Peter  Eckman,* 
Wendel  Hanst, 
Peter  Berringer,* 
Jacob  Brandt, 
Martin  Shwab,* 
Jacob  Kimmel, 
Adam  Kimmel, 
Christoph  Foth, 
Jacob  Stahl, 
Johannes  Ehrman, 
Michael  Spengler, 
Thomas  Vreytach,* 
Valentin  Daubenberger, 
Ludwig  De  wait,* 
Georg  Ludwig  Stutzenberger, 
Peter  Jacob  Weiss, 
Rudolph  Schoppi, 
Henrich  Seydenbender,* 
Johann  Philip  Kimmel, 
Johann  Henrich  Lohmann, 
Georg  Henrich  Rösch, 
Hans  Peter  Henrich, 
Philipp  Ihringer, 
Johann  Conrad  Bäuerle, 
Hans  Georg  Spengler,* 
Johann  Peter  Schmeher, 
Johann  Michael  Friedle, 
Johan  Jacob  Daubenberger, 
Hans  Georg  Hitman,* 
J.  Philip  Liss,* 
Johannes  Frick,* 
J.  Jacob  Shumber,* 
Augustus  Hub, 
Valentin  Kimmel, 
Melchior  Selb, 
Caspar  Wilghart,* 
Albrecht  Reinhardt, 

5tntire»,  Sapttatn  ^amti  W>n= 
on?e^, — ac^t  9iömifrf)=Jlat^oItfc^e, 
Galüiniften.— 230  iRcifenbe. 
Andreas  Lemel, 
Peter  Arnold,* 
Albrecht  Dederer, 
Friederich  Biebler, 
Tacitus  Geiger,* 
Alexander  Holder, 
Martin  Bender,* 
Martin  Dietz, 
Peter  Bininger,* 
H.  Matheus  Miller,* 
Kilian  DestermüUer, 
J.  WUliam  Volck, 
Conrad  Erich,* 
J.  Adam  Diersen,* 
Gottlieb  Ihrich, 
Abraham  Gusman, 
Hans  Mauerer,* 
J.  Wendel  Shwob,* 
Johannes  Frick,* 
Stephan  Rigler, 
Andreas  Kramer,* 
Hans  Georg  Scheu, 
Joseph  Bender, 
Joseph  Ehrman, 
Weybrecht  Nushagen,* 
J.  Adam  Kirschbaum, 
Georg  Wilhelm  Friedrich, 
Hans  Georg  Uhrich, 
Johann  Jacob  Selig, 
Johann  Georg  Hub, 
Johann  Ludwig  Ziegler, 
Georg  Adam  Allbrecht, 
Johan  Georg  Threer, 
Johann  Georg  Kochendörffer, 
Johann  Philip  Teutsch, 
Hans  Peter  Strein, 
Johann  Frantz  Biebler, 
Johann  Georg  Schäffer, 



Johann  Georg  Feick, 
Hans  Adam  Better,* 
Georg  Peter  Hüter, 
Joh.  Christoph  Steirschildt, 
Johan  Henrich  Eisenmenger, 
Johan  Friederich  Mindisch, 
Georg  Simon  Schramm, 
Georg  Thomas  Henneberger, 
Peter  Henrich  Eysenmenger, 
Johann  Jacob  HaiFner, 
Johan  Conrad  Friedle, 

Johann  Adam  Stückle, 
Johann  Gottfried  Stückle, 
Johann  Dietrich  Sauer, 
Johann  Daniel  Betz, 
Johann  Georg  Weiss, 
J.  Balth.  Eysenmenger, 
Michael  Casper  Fuchs, 
Johannes  Georg  Bäcker, 
Johann  Georg  Lasch, 
Georg  Michael  Weeber. 

163)  Sept.  14,  1751.  Ship  Duke  of  Bedford,  Kichard  Jef- 
ferys,  Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Portsmouth,  —  nine 
Ptoman  Catholics,  one  hundred  and  twenty  Calvinists. — 260 

(Sept.  14,  1751.  ed)tff  ^u!e  of  Scbfort?,  ßapitain  Stic^art) 
Seffer^ö,  oon  3ftottert)am  über  5)ortömoutf), — neun  JRömifc^=Äa=^ 
tl^oiif(^e,  ein  I)untiert  unb  3tuanjtg  Salötniften. — 260  Sleifenbc. 

Friederich  Zabooy,*  Michael  Huth,* 

Friederich  Zabooy  jr.,*  Joseph  Fuchs, 

Johann  Henrich  Weickel,?        Frantz  Bruner,* 

Hans  Michel  Scherster, 
Abraham  Beck, 
Isaac  Wengert, 
Andreas  Beck,* 
Nicklas  Münder,* 
Samuel  Weiss,* 
Adam  Koch  sen., 
Adam  Koch  jr., 
Michel  Koch, 
Andreas  Knauer, 
Johannes  Knauer, 
Christian  Reich, 
Caspar  Scherffig, 
Andreas  Schäffer, 
Michael  Pisserth, 
Georg  Fetzer, 
Peter  Gerbrich, 
Valentin  Huth, 

Erhart  Grimm, 
Jacob  Hobler,* 
Abraham  Holl, 
Christian  Gally,* 
Christoph  Heller, 
Henrich  Heller, 
Caspar  Müller, 
Philip  Liebcner,* 
Jacob  Thürig,* 
Henry  Shloder,* 
Caspar  Metz,* 
Henry  Derker,* 
Johannes  Bender, 
Valentin  Shaffer,* 
Peter  Weber, 
Johannes  Weber, 
Peter  Blügner, 
Henrich  Lümmel, 



Michael  Heyler, 
Simon  Burchhart, 
Jobannes  Dewetten, 
Jacob  Vaser, 
Jacob  Lallemand, 
Johann  Georg  Beck, 
H.  Michael  Meyer  * 
Johan  Jacob  Zigler,* 
Joh.  Michael  Koch,* 
Johan  Melchior  Rudi, 
Hans  Peter  Knauer, 
Caspar  Weinmer,* 
Georg  Balthes  Wecker, 
Christoph  Albert, 
Matthäus  Fetzer, 
Johan  Henrich  Krebs, 
Michael  Gerbrich, 
Johann  Adam  Koller, 
Hendrick  Courpenning, 
Jeremias  Geiger, 
Joh.  Renuigius  Spiegel, 
Christian  Künther, 
Johann  Gottlieb  Zinck, 
Johan  Peter  Kammer,* 
Friederich  INIutschler, 
Valentin  Mutschier, 
Johan  Christian  Lentz, 
Johannes  Schmuck,* 
Hans  Georg  Bender, 
Johan  Georg  Bender  jr., 
Johann  Marcus  Beck, 
Johannes  Kleinpeter, 
Hans  Peter  SchifFarth, 
Martin  Mattheis  Schielie, 
Georg  Adam  Krauss, 
Georg  David  Reinhard, 
Hans  Michael  Knab,* 
Johann  Lorentz  Stindtler, 
Johann  Philip  Schmidt, 
Johan  Georg  Stotz, 
Johan  Jacob  Gehemann, 

Johan  Georg  Burckhardt, 
Johann  Andreas  Heldt, 
Johann  Adam  Schick, 
Johann  Wendel  Weichstnir, 
Johann  Philip  Diehl, 
Lorentz  Hünckel, 
Hans  Peter  Kelinsteller, 
Jacob  Rewold,* 
Christoph  Zieger,* 
Andreas  Jund, 
Peter  Herr, 
Georg  Kleinpeter, 
Nicklaus  Schultz, 
Rudolph  Hoffer,* 
Johannes  Schäffer, 
Peter  Grauel,* 
Martin  Müller, 
Andreas  Kolb, 
Christian  Krebs, 
Jacob  Klein, 
Paulus  Sherly,* 
Jacob  Gally,* 
Johannes  Stumpp, 
Jacob  Geiger, 
Carl  Shaffer,* 
Nicklas  Shmith,* 
Jacob  Hildebrandt, 
Solomon  Heisch, 
Hans  Georg  Resh,* 
Martin  Henrich, 
Hans  George  Miller,* 
IVIatthias  Röckhele, 
Hieronimus  Kömmele, 
Hans  Jacob  Kurtz, 
Hans  Georg  Hauser, 
Johann  Jacob  Fischer, 
Mattheus  Schöllhorn, 
Johann  Ludwig  Einsei, 
Johan  Peter  Heygiss, 
Peter  Ludwig  Häyer, 
Hans  Georg  Klein,* 




Friederich  Würtli, 
Jolian  Martin  Heugeld, 
Johann  Martin  Fleischman, 
Henrich  Bernhardt  Diener, 
Johann  Adam  Brentzinger, 

Johan  Adam  Pole,* 
Hans  Georg  Mercker, 
Johann  Adam  Stock, 
Johan  Henrich  Haber, 
Nicolas  von  Münchler. 

164)  Sept.  16,  1751.  Ship  Edinburgh,  James  Bussel,  Mas- 
ter,— ten  Roman  Catholics. — 345  passengers. 

(Sept.  16,  1751.  ®d)iff  St)tnburc|^,  (Sapitain  3antcö  JRuffel, 
je^n  9tömifc^=Äat^oIifc^e.— 345  S^eifenbe. 

Jacob  Bauer, 
Peter  Maurer, 
Lorentz  Kuntzman,* 
Conrad  Zanck,* 
Johannes  Gottges, 
Gottlieb  Wagner, 
Wilhelm  (Erdter, 
Conrad  Bachman, 
Henrich  Katz, 
Casper  Wisser, 
Henry  Stumpff, 
Johannes  Doren, 
Peter  Fleck,* 
Joseph  Hombro, 
William  Saltzman, 
Henrich  Pfeffer, 
Johann  Adam  Allan, 
Philipus  Jacob  Wagner, 
Johann  Jacob  Huser, 
Hans  Adam  Müler, 
Hans  Michel  Gerber, 
Johann  Henrich  Ginterman, 
Johann  Henrich  Völckner, 
Johann  Jacob  Völckner, 
Adam  P.  Kness, 
Frantz  Wühelm  Jerholtz, 
Johann  Peter  Mengen, 
Johann  Henrich  Stein, 
Wilhelm  Kupferschmied, 
Hans  Adam  Matter, 

Hans  Henrich  NoU, 
Johann  Adam  Walther, 
Georg  Matter, 
Jacob  Keisser, 
Andreas  Keyser,* 
Jacob  Matter, 
Michel  Hardman, 
Balthasar  Jung, 
Lorentz  Schweissguth, 
Peter  Prim,* 
Andreas  Wier,* 
Nicolaus  Schoppert, 
Hieronimus  Textur,* 
Abraham  Schnell,* 
Nicholas  Lindeman,* 
Peter  Pfliester, 
Henrich  Pfliester, 
Christian  Luther, 
Christian  Scheib, 
Michel  Weber, 
Nickel  Weber, 
Johannes  Henrich,* 
Michael  Burger,* 
Johannes  Ort,* 
Peter  Schlosser, 
Wilhelm  Weigerich, 
Frantz  Highart, 
Martin  Schuh, 
Frederick  Greenewald,* 
Cari  Smith,* 



Peter  Lang, 
Carl  Schell, 
Peter  Rhein, 
David  Rhein, 
Adam  Kober, 
Christian  Kober, 
Michel  Bauerman, 
Johannes  Schlater, 
Christian  Hahn, 
Peter  Dötzter, 
Nicholas  Mathias,* 
Martin  Maties, 
Johannes  Mathias,* 
Friederich  Melil, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Heintz, 
Philip  Friederich  Meyer, 
Hans  x\dam  Ferber, 
Georg  Justanus  Noll, 
Wilhelm  Adam  Wolff, 
Georg  Christophel  Brem, 
Johann  Gottfried  Kroh, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Ferber, 
Henrich  Wilhelm  Kochler, 
Johann  Michel  Eberth, 
Johann  Philip  Ebert, 
Johann  Nicolas  Ebert, 
Johann  Georg  Schnell, 
Johann  Michel  Stemler, 
Johann  Nickel  Weber, 
Johann  Nickel  Weber  jr., 
Johann  Peter  Stilling, 
Johann  Abraham  Dauber, 
Johann  Friederich  Conrad, 
Johann  Nickel  Henrich, 
Johann  Georg  Reinheimer, 
Johann  Friedrick  Gräff, 
Joh.  Nicklaus  Weyerbacher, 
Isaac  Weyerbacher, 
Johannes  Weyerbacher, 
Johann  Andreas  Wagner, 
Joh.  Wilhehn  Gräff, 

Johann  Friederich  Fahss, 
Heinrich  Adam  Scherer, 
Jacob  Zilchart,* 
Johann  Henrich  Rhein, 
Hans  Adam  Kober, 
Johann  Jacob  Muller, 
Johann  Nicklaus  Ker, 
Johan  Valentine  Brenighoff, 
Johan  Philip  Brenighoff, 
Johan  Friederich  Brenighoff, 
Johann  Nicklaus  Mehl, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Nagel, 
Johann  Conrad  Jost, 
Abraham  Wenbacher, 
Haus  Georg  Käst, 
Jacob  Inder,* 
Simon  Burchart,* 
Johannes  Arbengast, 
Jacob  Fridrich, 
Jacob  Hoover,* 
Frans  Hoover,* 
Johannes  Schmid, 
Johannes  Klein, 
Johannes  Schmidt, 
Jacob  Funck, 
Anthony  Blum, 
Nicklas  Zegler,* 
Johan  Reys,* 
Zachary  Reys, 
Blasius  Weg,? 
Georg  Walcker, 
Johann  Philip  Küster, 
Johann  Michael  Heuler, 
Philip  Hasselbacher, 
Johannes  Schneider, 
Johan  Jacob  Bitter, 
Jacob  Shnaudy,* 
Johan  Nicklaus  Marheffen, 
Georg  Segman,* 
Christian  Steyerwaldt, 
Daniel  Lehmbacher, 



Christoph  Metz, 
Henrich  Daniel  Deitt, 
Johannes  Schleich, 

Pliilipp  Henrich  Weis, 
Israel  Burchart, 
Johann  Nickel  Schmidt. 

165)  Sept.  16,  1751.  Ship  Nancy,  Thomas  Coatam,  Cap- 
tain, from  Rotterdam, — one  Roman  Catholic. — 200  passengers. 

Sept.  16,  1751.  ®d)iff  ^f^anc!?,  Gapitain  Jöomaö  ßoatam, 
»Ott  9tottetbam, — ein  iHömifc^=Äatl)oUfc^er. — 200  3fleifenl)C. 

Jacob  Guth, 
A.  Conrad  Köder, 
Conrad  Köder, 
David  Mäuerle, 
jVIichael  Friess, 
Johannes  Hackeier, 
Johannes  Hopif, 
Michael  Capp, 
Andreas  Berensteher, 
Jacob  Kauifmann, 
Elias  Bär, 
Jacob  Kennely,* 
Conrad  Mäurly, 
Jacob  Scheible, 
Sebastian  Schnell, 
Andreas  Messerschmidt, 
Hans  Wuchter, 
Andreas  Bitinger, 
Christian  Nagel, 
Jacob  Kapp, 
Daniel  Kapp, 
Hans  Jacob  Klett, 
Johann  George  Rösch, 
Hans  Georg  German, 
Hans  Georg  Mäuerle, 
Johann  Friedrich  Rooss, 
Johann  Friederich  Würster, 
Johann  Martin  Lang, 
Johan  Georg  Goonner, 
Hans  Jacob  Pfester, 
Hans  Michel  Schnauster, 
Johann  Jacob  Supper, 

Hans  Fredrick  Brendley,* 

Jacob  Fredrick  Sooper, 

Hans  Georg  Reinthaler, 

Johann  Henrich  Fischer, 

Johann  Ludwig  Nonnemacher, 

Hans  Georg  Reynthaller,* 

Johan  Jacob  Scherick, 

Johann  Michel  Rühl, 

Hans  Georg  Schnell, 

Johan  David  Weissmann, 

Michel  Mauser, 

Johann  Mauser, 

Johannes  Heydel,* 

William  Swindel,* 

Jacob  Haug, 

Elias  Mayer, 

Hans  Mayer, 

Jacob  Haag,* 

Johannes  Kimmerlein, 

Conrad  Steiger, 

Wilhelm  Hammer, 

Daniel  Keuler, 

Johannes  Keuler, 

Johannes  Kohler, 

Jacob  Raub, 

Hans  Hay, 

Baltzer  White, 

Hans  Bernhardt  Messerschmidt, 

Hans  Jacob  Wizer, 

Hans  Georg  Köder, 

Hans  Martin  Kimmerlein, 

Hans  Martin  Mohr, 



Hans  Conrad  Steiger, 
Hans  Georg  Schnell, 
Hans  Georg  Reiclienäelier, 
Hans  Martin  Entiemann, 
Johannes  Kircher,* 
Johann  Lorentz  Wilhelm, 

Johann  Philip  Gerig, 
Johann  Friederich  Billinger, 
Michael  Schmidt, 
Johann  Hay, 
Johann  Balthasar  Geyer. 

166)  Sept.  16,  1751.    Ship  Brothers,  William  Muir,  Cap- 
tain, from  Rotterdam. — 200  passengers. 

©ept.  16,  1751.    ©c^iff  33rotf)erg,  Sapitain  mUiam  Tliiix, 
»on  9tottert>am. — 200  Sleifcntc. 

Johannes  Leinberger, 
Henry  Shneyder,* 
Johannes  Bieber, 
Joseph  Kennel,* 
Paul  iNIercker, 
Henrich  Seistel, 
Friederich  Millefelt,* 
Erhart  Millefelt,* 
Michel  Bieber, 
Henrich  Bieber, 
Christoph  Weber, 
Georg  Hackir, 
Peter  Abert, 
George  Mader, 
Valentin  Walter, 
Michael  Oberly, 
Andreas  Klein, 
Peter  Moore,* 
Peter  Dingis,* 
Peter  Heyser,* 
Johannes  Seyfarth, 
Johann  Jacob  Zigenfiiss, 
Johann  Philip  Schneck, 
Joh.  Melchior  Swerer,* 
Hans  Jacob  Farnie, 
Hans  Adam  Wagner, 
Friederich  Entzminger,* 
Johan  Jacob  Schmidt, 
Johannes  Schmidt, 

Johannes  Schnitt, 
Johann  Nicolaus  Merckel, 
Georg  Conrad  MeflPet, 
Philip  Brentz, 
Johann  Jacob  Ahlem, 
Johan  Adam  Stein, 
Johannes  Zössler, 
Ludwig  Friedland,* 
Johann  Michel  Mohr, 
Johann  Jacob  Blum, 
Johan  Jacob  Maul,* 
Joh.  Peter  Sheesler,* 
Johann  Georg  Hötzele, 
Jacob  Ludwig, 
Martin  Wolff,* 
Henry  Wolff,* 
Adam  Adams,* 
Friederich  Kirchner,* 
Christoff  Heuer, 
Christoph  Hauck, 
Jacob  Hauer,* 
Sebastian  Nagel, 
Jacob  Lehme, 
Jacob  Heit, 
Joachim  Nagel, 
Georg  Obermeyer, 
Michael  Weber, 
Andreas  Mohr,* 
Georg  Meintzer, 




Conrad  Menser,* 
Anthony  Graff,* 
David  Bietcli,* 
Michael  Bietch,* 
Jacob  Roth,* 
Ludwig  Weltnes, 
Jacob  Ritter, 
Daniel  ZoUer, 
Jacob  Frantz, 
Christian  Peter, 
Joh.  Jacob  Gerling,* 
Valentin  Blumenstein,* 
Johan  Wendel  Beylstein, 
Joh.  Georg  Kirchner,* 
Bernhard  Hauer,* 
Martin  Mäintzer, 
Johann  Michael  Hause, 
David  MusgnusT, 

Michael  Raub, 
Johann  Georg  Stählein, 
Anthony  Hauer, 
Anthony  Nagel  jr., 
Anthony  Nagel  sen., 
Hans  Georg  Kappes, 
Hans  Georg  Dillman, 
Johannes  Munster, 
Hans  Georg  Uhlerich, 
Johan  Adam  Heiser, 
Georg  Bastian  Eigelberger, 
Ludwig  Schlincker, 
Johannes  Monitzer,* 
Friederich  Daniel  Müller, 
Georg  Hoffheintz,* 
Ludwig  Bender, 
Johan  Henry  Past, 
Henrich  Mag. 

167)  Sept.  21,  1751.  Ship  Two  Brothers,  Thomas  Amet, 
Master,  fi-om  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 239  passengers. 

<Bept  21,  1751.  ®d)iff  Zwo  S5rotf)erö,  Gapitain  Zf)oma€ 
2Irnet,  üon  Stottertiam  übix  SoTOeg. — 239  3'^eifenbe. 

Johannes  Bausum, 
Philippus  Bausum, 
Johannes  Decker, 
Johannes  Rahn, 
Jacob  Jung, 
Abraham  Jung, 
Johan  Steinmetz,* 
Georg  Romel, 
Jacob  Pander, 
Melchior  Jung, 
Joh.  Christ.  Fried.  Wolff, 
Christofel  Gerhart, 
Johann  Henrich  Decker, 
Melchior  Jung, 
Caspar  Steinmetz,* 
Johan  Jacob  Steinmetz, 
Johan  Christian  Lupp, 

Johan  Wühelm  Staudter, 
Joh.  Michael  Lung, 
Johan  Georg  Etzler, 
Christian  Rohr,* 
Johannes  Stauffer, 
Simon  Weier, 
Andreas  Brendle, 
Georg  Lupp, 
Johannes  Lupp, 
Adam  Lung, 
Caspar  Augenstein, 
Ludwig  Beickle, 
Gregorius  Richter,* 
Henrich  Arndt, 
Carl  Lohe, 
Johannes  König, 
Daniel  Becker, 



Johannes  Hein, 
Johannes  Henrich, 
Johannes  Orth, 
Valentin  Fey, 
Johannes  Lappe, 
Andreas  Grätz, 
Anthonius  Seemisch, 
Conrad  Christian,? 
Jacob  Eberhart, 
Philipp  Thomas, 
Philipp  Hetz, 
Ludwig  Gleissinger, 
Johannes  Werbung, 
Georg  Straub, 
Jacob  Fegert, 
Mattheis  Hunolt, 
Wilhelm  Hunolt, 
Jacob  Schauer,* 
Simon  Lung, 
Johannes  Shrout,* 
Baltzer  Kentzler,* 
Henry  Matheas, 
Nicolaus  Stoltz, 
Johannes  Bentz, 
Han  Martin  Sehers, 
Jacob  Heinberger, 
Wolfgang  Rüttichell, 
Johann  Georg  Schneck, 
Johan  Philip  Eyster, 
Caspar  Kalckglösser,* 
Henrich  Kalckglösser, 
Georg  Henrich  Solinus, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Weyman, 
Hans  Michael  Herzog, 
Hans  Georg  Schmitt,* 

WUliam  Maltzberger,* 
Johan  Conrad  Kreger,* 
Johannes  Becker, 
Johann  Georg  Henrich, 
Johannes  Heintz, 
Johan  Henrich  Heym, 
Johan  Jost  Giersbach, 
Johann  Daniel  Hoifman, 
Johan  Henrich  Gring,* 
Johann  Henrich  Hartman, 
Johann  Georg  Decker, 
Johan  Jacob  Hoffheintz, 
Johan  Henrich  Ebes,? 
Joh.  Henry  Mauerbach,* 
Job.  Henrich  Nicodemus, 
Johan  Jost  Gring, 
Philip  Henrich  Nöll, 
Johan  Martin  Bender, 
Johan  Michael  Wieg, 
Johan  Daniel  Will, 
Johan  Adam  Schmidt, 
Johan  Friederich  Perlet, 
Martin  Christoph  Röder, 
Johannes  Kristmann, 
Johannes  Molssberger, 
Friederich  Klarwein, 
Joh.  Christoph  Georgey, 
Fried.  Wilhelm  Herman, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Weinandt, 
Johan  Jacob  Göbler, 
J.  Gerhart  Zimmerman, 
Johan  Henrich  Adam, 
Joh.  Gerhart  Schuhmacher, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Cromberg, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Bodenheimer. 

168)  Sept.  23,  1751.    Ship  Neptune,  James  Wier,  Captain, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 154  passengers. 

(Sept.  23,  1751.    ©c^iff  5fieptun,  ßapitain  3ameö  Söicr,  'oon 
Slottertant  über  Soweö, — 154  3fteifent»c, 



Anthoui  Weinnert, 
Jacob  Hetzel, 
Johannes  Gics, 
Michael  Wennert,* 
Adam  Weiser, 
Jlattheus  lippoth, 
J.  Conrad  Koch, 
Johannes  Manderbach, 
Johannes  Müller, 
Jacob  Pool,  (Puhl),* 
Johannes  Greis, 
Henrich  Gerhart, 
Johannes  Schütz, 
Nicolas  Keybolt,* 
Johannes  Busch, 
Johannes  INIeyer, 
Michael  Lauffer, 
J.  Michael  Lauffer, 
Johannes  Vetter, 
Johannes  CExle, 
Johannes  Beer, 
Paulus  Granin  ger, 
Johannes  Hombert, 
Johannes  Baker,* 
Balthas  Gressmann, 
Matheis  Lutz, 
Job.  Engl.  Cünrad, 
Johannes  Geistweit, 
Job.  Georg  Christ, 
Johann  Thomas,* 
Andreas  Steyger,* 
Everhart  Thomas,* 
Henry  Zimmerman,* 
Jost  Henry,* 
Job.  Phil.  Sesberger, 
Job.  Ebert  Steyner,* 
Job.  Engel  Bücher, 
Christian  Schmidt, 
Christian  Haffer, 
Johannes  WUhelm  Seyn, 
Joban  Phillippus  Böhmer, 
Joban  Wilhelm  Böhmer, 

Joban  Heinrich  Vetter, 
Joban  Friederieb  Gettner, 
Joban  Bernbart  Beatt, 
Johann  Georg  Seckel, 
Joban  Alexander  Schütz, 
Joban  Ludwig  Klein, 
Joban  Conrad  Wulleweber, 
Joban  Christ.  Zimmerman, 
Joban  Henrich  Kochling, 
Joban  Henrich  Greiss, 
Joban  Philip  Anhorn, 
J.  Henry  Tillman, 
Jobann  Peter  Schaaff, 
Joban  Nickel  Weber, 
Johannes  Peter  Reusel, 
Johannes  Engelbertb  Jung, 
J.  Jost  Walter,* 
J.  Friederich  Shreiber,* 
J.  Henry  Sbmitt,* 
Joban  Philip  Krum, 
Philip  Henry  Sholtz,* 
Joban  Jacob  Gonderman, 
Hans  Jacob  Müller, 
Joban  Michel  Nisch,? 
Joban  Christian  Baum, 
Joban  Christian  Benner, 
Joban  Christian  Leidtorff, 
Job.  Phil.  Daniel  Pfeiffer, 
Georg  Andreas  Carle,* 
Herrn.  Adolph  Schoppenmeyer, 
Joban  Henrich  Bucher, 
Jobann  Pjgidus  Hecker, 
Johann  Christian  Schmidt, 
Jobann  Henrich  Schmidt, 
Joban  Henry  Beinhart,* 
Johannes  Henrich  Peiffer, 
Job.  Peter  Flick, 
Job.  Philip  Flick, 
Johan  Martin  Flick, 
Job.  Christian  Zimmerman, 
Gerlach  Paul  Flick. 

AND  OTHER    IMMIdlRANTS — 1751, 


169)  Sept.  24,  1751.  Sliip  Neptune,  John  Mason,  Captain, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 284  passengers. 

®ept.  24, 1751.  ^5d)itf  ^Icptuu,  (Sapitatn  3ol)n  SJiafon,  üon 
9tottert)am  über  (Sowcö. — 284  3ieifent)e. 

Christian  Armbrüster, 
John  Pieters, 
Conrad  Newmeyer,* 
Henderich  Boons,* 
Jacob  S  hey  CO,* 
Philip  KHnger, 
Abraham  Pons, 
Johannes  Horing, 
Johannes  Hering,* 
Johannes  Saum, 
Johannes  Redig, 
J.  Adam  Ewig,* 
Melchior  Trautmann,* 
Bernhart  Jagel,* 
Adam  Pfeiifer,* 
Christoph  Cotz,* 
Georg  Kleinbach,* 
Michael  Link,* 
George  Crope,* 
Johannes  Henrich, 
Frantz  Horn, 
David  Maisheller,* 
Johannes  Gessner, 
Elias  Emminger,* 
Conradt  Schmidt, 
Jacob  Frith, 
Jacob  Gruber,* 
Conrad  Rawher,* 
Balthaser  Hess,* 
George  Kimmel, 
Johannes  Hock,* 
Johannes  Geiss, 
Daniel  Erhart,* 
Peter  Binger, 
Andreas  Miller, 

Jean  Pierre  Arnoul, 
Leonhart  Mentzinger, 
Hans  Georg  Anstein, 
Johann  Ludwig  Höring, 
Henrich  Lautenschleger,* 
Johann  Bernhart  Göth, 
Johann  Adam  Trinckliauss, 
Johann  Adam  Wirdeberger, 
Johann  Georg  Erhardt, 
Johann  Philip  Meyer, 
Joh.  Michael  Knotz,* 
Jacob  Walter  Wagner,* 
Conrad  Scheffnit, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Grell, 
Johan  Georg  Schäfer, 
Johann  Peter  Schindel, 
Johann  Adam  Geiss, 
Martin  Heckendorn,* 
Andreas  Drüchsel, 
Johann  Georg  Eisenbeiss, 
Wilhelm  Göttman, 
Hans  Georg  Heisy, 
Hans  Georg  Spohn, 
Johann  Adam  Heiss, 
Johan  Georg  Heiss, 
Tobias  Daumiller, 
Johann  Peter  Trautmann, 
Christoph  Hollobach, 
Joh.  Adam  Issener,* 
Andreas  Reybold, 
Friederick  Zimmerman, 
Jacob  Zettelmeyer,* 
Georg  Zettelmeyer,* 
Caspar  Spann, 
Jacob  Bogus, 

Johannes  Laurentius  Schmidt,  Henry  Deutch,* 
Med.  et  Chirg  Doctor.  Clementz  Frey, 



Jacob  Summer,* 
Ludwig  Knoll, 
Nicklaus  Schey, 
Adam  Weys,* 
Caspar  Kessler,* 
Johannes  Welt, 
Jacob  Nagel, 
Christoph  Schropp, 
Johannes  Vetter, 
Stephan  Herth, 
Henrich  Hall, 
Casper  Hoffmann, 
Casper  Hoffman  jr., 
Jacob  Buch, 
Jacob  Buch  jr., 
Johannes  Lemer,* 
Georg  Schill, 
Andreas  Berlib,* 
Conrad  Bower,* 
Jacob  Frey,* 
Baltes  Laub, 
Jean  Coulties, 
Georg  Creesh,* 
Conrad  Schäffer, 
Siegmund  Cosia, 
Benedict  Ervig,* 
Henry  Shröder,* 
Michael  Sattler, 
Frederick  Sullinger,* 
David  Kullem, 
Jacob  Peteiman,* 
Peter  Klases, 
Georg  Eppenzeller, 
Georg  Adam  Weys,* 
Johannes  Schniringer, 

Lorentz  Schniringer, 
Johann  Georg  VoUert, 
Heinrich  Eyssenmenger, 
Johann  Michel  Hag, 
Johann  Georg  Heist, 
Johan  Ludwig  BUger, 
Johann  Jacob  Gottwalt, 
Antonius  Lambrecht, 
Johan  Jacob  Artzt, 
Joh.  Daniel  Scharmann, 
Johan  Jacob  Schneider, 
Christian  Hoffman,* 
Conrad  Seihoff, 
Christoph  Vanterberg,* 
Johan  Conrad  Essy,* 
Martin  Schaickel, 
Joseph  Lehmann, 
Ewald  Trummaner,* 
Jacob  Höllerman, 
Albrecht  Schleppy,* 
Johan  Georg  Must, 
Joseph  Zugmayer, 
Phillip  Mallycoat,* 
Johan  Bernhard  Schäffer, 
Johan  Leon.  Trautman, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Müller, 
Johan  Peter  Klump, 
Joh.  Michael  Dür, 
Joh.  Georg  Hummer, 
Uhllerich  Schwenckel,* 
Ludwig  Klemmer, 
Martin  Kagel, 
Michael  Hahn, 
Hans  Georg  Stehle. 

170)  Sept.,  Wednesday,  the  25th,  1751.  Ship  Phoenix,  John 
Spurrier,  Captain,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Portsmouth,  Eng- 
land.—412  passengers. 



mittmö:),  ben  25.  ©ept. 
(Spurrier,  »on  ^tottertam 
Martin  Maurer, 
Jacob  Bauer, 
Christian  Laufaner, 
Michael  Meyer, 
Georg  Volpp, 
Antoni  Stehrn,* 
Georg  Stirn, 
Conrad  Höffler,* 
Jacob  Jordan, 
Andreas  Roth, 
Jacob  Heegy, 
Albert  Schneck, 
Michel  Hoffman, 
Christian  Pfeiffer, 
Martin  Wagner, 
Martin  Engelberth, 
Balthas  Widenmeyer, 
Martin  Ziegler, 
Peter  Denier, 
Martin  Ludi, 
Martin  Herter, 
Jacob  Rosli,* 
Hans  Rosli,* 
Georg  Rosli,* 
Jacob  Riger,* 
Georg  Bänssle, 
Simon  Widmayer, 
David  Herrmann, 
Carle  Hey,* 
Albrecht  Heu, 
Mathias  Laufer, 
Jacob  Pfeiffer,* 
Georg  Hollinger, 
Jacob  Wörner, 
Peter  Hoffman, 
Michael  Hudere,* 
Jacob  Veigenbaser, 
Conrad  Host, 

1751.  (S^iffP)öm).-,  SapitainSo^n 
über  ^ortömout^,  Snglant).  —  412 

Bernhard  Brand, 
Baltzer  Bümbel, 
Matheis  Bastian, 
Anthoni  Blesinger,* 
Johannes  Conrad  Lauer, 
Georg  Matias  Weig, 
Johann  Adam  Bauer, 
Hans  Georg  Weber, 
John  Georg  Käppis, 
Hans  Michael  Baunich, 
Job.  Michael  Lerchenzieler, 
Hans  Jacob  Schletzer, 
Philip  Ernst  Wagner, 
Johan  Melchior  Mils, 
Johan  Friederich  Fürber, 
Job.  Valentin  Hoffman, 
Johann  Conrad  Frech, 
Job.  Balthas  Schölhorn, 
Job.  Michel  Schumacher, 
Johann  Georg  Kiderer, 
Michael  Lautenschlager, 
Johann  Conrad  Krügele, 
Johan  Tobias  Hang, 
Andreas  Hildenbrandt, 
Hans  Jacob  Stambach, 
Hans  Georg  Betsch, 
Ludwig  Teussel, 
Hans  Georg  Hagele, 
Johan  Gottfried  Schmelzer, 
Hans  Jacob  Geis, 
Johann  Gottfried  Fuchs, 
Hans  Georg  Schotebecker, 
Georg  Friederich  Baisch, 
Christian  Küchler, 
Johannes  Gramm, 
Michael  Bossert, 
Michael  Kaucher, 
Mattheis  Hipscher, 



Johann  Georg  Gehringer, 
Albrecht  Hübscher, 
Baltus  Schlichter, 
Gottlieb  Lunenmacher, 
Johannes  Dietrich, 
Friederich  Veit  Schanss, 
Friederich  Dannwolff, 
Joseph  Böhringer, 
Samuel  Dirstein, 
Elias  Stocki, 
Graff  Hannold, 
Christoph  Lück, 
Jacob  Geigle, 
Martin  Off, 
Jacob  Hauber, 
Matheus  Kern, 
Jacob  Huber, 
Jacob  Hauher, 
Jacob  Alt, 
Samuel  Hitzer,* 
Georg  Hetzer, 
Frederick  Heins, 
Jacob  Seiler,* 
Jacob  Waltz, 
Georg  Teuffell, 
Philip  Müller, 
Mathias  Diesch, 
Jacob  Harz, 
Christian  Neuffes,? 
Thomas  Fisher,* 
Jacob  Fischer, 
Michael  Laver,* 
Dieterich  Löffler, 
Mattheus  Walter, 
Heinrich  Fritz, 
Baltes  Beyer, 
Abraham  Hausser, 
Georg  Ziegler, 
Jacob  Walder,* 
Michael  Müller, 
Friderich  Wogt,* 

Jacob  Hermann, 
Michel  Ernst, 
Michael  Wörnner, 
Matheis  Schimpff, 
Michael  Mayer, 
Simon  Breuer, 
Friederich  Hirsch, 
Philip  Poutmant, 
Georg  Carle, 
Joh.  Siegmund  Kühler, 
Christ.  Friederich  Weyler, 
Franciscus  Stür, 
Mattheis  Plocherr, 
Jacob  Buckel, 
Johannes  Albrecht, 
Hans  Jacob  Kiechner, 
Johannes  Waltschmidt, 
Johannes  Hauer, 
Christian  Blaser, 
Johannes  Bathgeb, 
Martin  Eilting, 
Bernhardt  Schneider, 
Hans  Conrad  Küchli, 
Hans  Georg  Christein, 
Christian  Christein, 
Peter  Christein, 
Johannes  Demuth, 
Friederich  Kerchel, 
Philipp  Jacob  Geis, 
Johan  Adam  Stoltz, 
Jean  Diedier  Moret, 
Jacob  von  Können, 
Lorentz  Schmiedt, 
Georg  Michel  Weimann, 
Matheis  Haufstein, 
Jacob  Hermann  jr., 
Andreas  Eissenhardt, 
Johan  Michel  Wörnner, 
Christian  Schmidt, 
Johannes  Schmidt, 
Jacob  Bürkhardt, 



Joh.  Georg  Fried.  Bayer, 
Gabriel  Wächter, 
Adam  Hettinger, 
Theophilus  Hiibbertz, 
Samson  Mittelberger, 
Georg  Baumann, 
Michael  Altrich, 
Konrad  Leuser, 
Michael  Leuttel, 
Hans  Georg  Ehr  man, 

Jonas  Rupp,  a 
Christoph  Hofman, 
Phillipp  Müller, 
Balthas  Schwinkes, 
Hans  Jacob  Meyer, 
Johan  Jacob  Wornner, 
Hans  Georg  Blesser,* 
John  George  Blazer,* 
Hans  Georg  Bläser  jr. 

171)  Oct.  4, 1751.  Ship  Queen  of  Denmark,  Georg  Parish, 
Commander,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 252  passengers. 

Dct.4, 1751.  @(^iff  Queen  of  Denmart,  ßornntantiant  ®eorg 
?)arif^,  »on  3tottert)om  über  SowciS. — 252  9teifent)e, 

Christoph  Berg, 

Georg  Wolff, 

Hartmann  Fritz, 

Daniel  Meyer, 

Baltzer  Martin, 

Valentin  Brock,* 

Jacob  Wolff, 

George  Bicker, 

Balzar  König,* 

Johann  Friederich  Hering, 

Georg  Jacob  Ullrich, 

Michael  Kremer, 

Hans  Georg  Erbolt, 

Melchior  Zigler,* 
Martin  Shewerman,* 
Hardlie  Sallade, 
Jacob  Georjan, 
Hans  Georg  Martin, 
Jacob  Kugel,* 
Hans  Suter, 
Jacob  Regennas, 
Johannes  Wagner,* 
Peter  Rehrer, 
Heinrich  Stohler, 
Johannes  Oxeman,* 
Johannes  Martin, 

a  Jonas  Rupp,  the  Editor's  paternal  grandfather,  was  born  Octbr. 
23d,  1729,  at  Reihen,  near  Sinsheim,  Grand  Duchy  of  Baden.  From 
1751  to  1772  he  lived  in  Lancaster  Co.,  now  Lebanon  Co.,  in  1772  he 
moved  to  Cumberland  Co.,  six  miles  west  of  Harrisburg.  He  died 
May  21st,  1801.  His  remains  rest  in  the  graveyard  at  Friedens-Kirch, 
three  miles  east  of  Mechanicsburg. 

a  3onaö  9?u})p,  bcr  ®roföater  be^  ^erauögekrö  »aterfett«,  »urbe  am 
23.  Dctbr.  1729  in  5lei{)en,  na^e  (Stn«|ctm,  im  ©roperjogtttum  Sabtn, 
geboren.  «Bom  3a^re  1751  bio  1772  toot)nte  er  in  gancafter  So.,  W  2e= 
banon  So.,  1772  iog  er  nac^  Sumberlanb  So.,  fec^^  5)?eilen  toejtlic^  »on 
^atrtöburg.  Sr  ftarb  am  21.  ^ax  1801.  ®einc  Ocbcine  rut)cn  auf  bem 
tir(ii()of  ber  grieben^fird^e,  brei  5D?eiUn  öfHic|)  »on  5Jie(|anic0bur0. 



Jacob  Geesseler,* 
Andreas  Fridli, 
Stephan  Bieg, 
Andreas  Roth, 
Nicklas  Rippel, 
George  Happes,* 
Durst  Grüner, 
Jacob  Joder,* 
Hans  Blanck, 
Hans  Heizer,* 
Henry  Süss,* 
Michael  Meyer,* 
Christian  Blanck, 
Wilhelm  Bosch, 
Friederich  Ruthy, 
Johannes  Shulty,* 
Bastian  Mengell, 
Caspar  Fisher,* 
Conrad  Fisher,* 
Martin  Fries, 
Andreas  Lantz, 
Conrad  Weiss, 
Hans  Geisser,* 
Henrich  Seitz, 
Jacob  Stehli, 
Heinrich  Stehli, 
Jacob  Shob,* 
Nicklas  Weiss,* 
Heinrich  Grell, 
Georg  Wolff, 
Friederich  Dirkerhoff,* 
Johann  Michel  Hartmann, 
Heinrich  Bachman, 
Johann  Philip  Bieg, 

Johannes  Carmane,* 
Georg  Grauss, 
Conradt  Schneider, 
Johann  Henrich  Graff, 
Christian  Bernhart, 
Hans  Schneeberger, 
Hans  Jacob  Weiss, 
Marx  Oberhäussle, 
Hans  Ulerich  Hess, 
Casper  Schneider, 
Johannes  Schaad, 
Hans  SchaUenberg, 
Johannes  Eymeyer, 
Martin  Dreysbach, 
Johan  Friederich  Mertz, 
Johan  Henrich  Hoffman, 
Hans  Henrich  Wiest, 
Hans  Henry  Shneyder, 
Johannes  Pampus, 
Antonius  Stütte, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Friess, 
Jacob  Ruthlinger, 
Heinrich  Stehli, 
Weinbert  Tschucki, 
Johannes  Strub, 
Joh.  Friederich  Steiner, 
Friederich  Lander,* 
Johannes  Possert, 
Johann  Friederich  Mentzer, 
Georg  Schweyler, 
Hans  Älelchior  Anderegg, 
Valentin  Meyer, 
Daniel  Wolff, 
Anthony  Carmone.* 

172)  Oct.  7,  1751.  Ship  Janet,  WilUam  Cunningham,  Cap- 
tain, from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 220  passengers. 

Dct.  7, 1751.  ©i^iff  ^amt,  Sapitatn  SBitliam  Sunning^am, 
»on  3tottcrt)am  über  Soweö. —  220  Steifende. 



Johannes  Waller,* 
Michael  Hollstein, 
Peter  Ganns,* 
Peter  Rossburger,* 
Phüip  Pfeiffer,* 
Mathias  Pfeiffer,* 
Adam  Jacobi, 
Marx  Breinig, 
Adam  Beckebach,* 
Caspar  Beckebach,* 
Peter  Ulmer, 
Georg  Welter, 
Kilian  Hausser,* 
Nickolas  Steyn,* 
Henry  Carle,* 
Martin  Bigler,* 
Georg  Bigler,* 
Johannes  Lap,* 
Christ.  Peifer, 
Stephen  Zweyer,* 
Eberhart  Kreiling, 
Michael  Alt,* 
Adam  Jordan, 
Jacob  Holtz,* 
Carl  Wagner, 
Abraham  Konig,* 
Philip  Enes, 
Jacob  Neiman, 
Leonhart  Buckel, 
Johannes  Hahn, 
Wilhelm  Ewig,* 
Michael  Leonhart,* 
Matheas  Nass,* 
Henry  Haushalter,* 
Heinrich  Friedle, 
Melchior  Krautter, 
Jacob  König, 
Enoch  Weber, 
Jacob  Sprecher, 
Jacob  Weimmer,* 
Dewald  Storch,* 

Jacob  Diether, 
Ehrhardt  Thürwäehter, 
Leonhart  Simon,* 
Georg  Adam  Beckenbach, 
Johan  Georg  Beckenbach, 
Georg  Bernhart  Beckenbach, 
Johan  Valentin  Sommer, 
Nickolas  Eshwyn,* 
Jacob  Hauswirth,* 
Jacob  Kämmerer, 
Heinrich  Hetzel, 
Johann  Nickel  Stumm,* 
Johannes  Kauffraann, 
Johan  Adam  Best, 
Johannes  Schmidt, 
Johan  Peter  Schang, 
Andreas  Altendorff, 
Johan  Lenardt  Gösel, 
Johann  Jacob  Lapp, 
Job.  Christoph  Weysbach,* 
Han  George  Zweyer,* 
Hans  Adam  Diem,* 
Han  George  Odewalt,* 
Joh.  Andreas  Engelman, 
Georg  Jacob  Schirmer, 
Michael  Wahrlich, 
Hans  Conrad  Bauman, 
Johann  Georg  Geisler, 
Johann  Nicklas  Wolff,* 
Johan  Valentin  Boss, 
Johan  Jost  Shweiger,* 
Johann  Jacob  Weltz, 
Johann  Simon  Schober, 
Eberhart.  Gochnat, 
Abraham  Bitilion, 
Johann  Georg  Busch, 
Johann  Michael  Hoffmann, 
Philip  Jacob  Hagenbucb, 
Matheus  König, 
Hans  Jacob  Hübbert, 
Christoph  Ketteman, 



Hans  Georg  Sprecher, 
Philip  Jacob  Kiinbe, 
Jacob  Hahn, 
Friederich  Humbert 
Diewald  Matter, 
Jacob  Gallman,* 
George  Shend,* 

Jacob  Shaffer,* 
Hans  Georg  Wallhuter,* 
Johann  Georg  Steiner,? 
Philip  Jacob  Humbert, 
Johann  JMichael  Drion, 
Philip  Jacob  Meder, 
Andreas  Kisselberg.* 

173)  Oct.  16,  1751.  Ship  Duke  of  Wirtemberg,  MontpeHer, 
Captain,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 406  passengers. 

Dct.  16,  1751.  ec^iff  3Dufc  of  Sßtrtemberg,  eapitain  Ü^ont- 
gelier,  üon  Stotterfcam  ükr  Soweö. — 406  Steifende. 

Ludwig  Heinrich, 
A.  Mattheis, 
Theodor  Larber, 
Johannes  Wissner, 
Andreas  Schlenckfer, 
Ulrich  Bräitinger, 
Conrad  Ram,* 
Jacob  Umensetter, 
Jacob  Umensetter,? 
Christoph  Sündel, 
Mattheus  Reich, 
Michael  Weyhenger, 
Johannes  Schott, 
Christian  App, 
Friederich  Zoller, 
Johannes  Gräuttler, 
Friederich  Hering, 
David  Duett,* 
Andreas  Leadercr,* 
Johaimes  Doli,* 
Martin  Dohl, 
Johannes  Notz, 
Peter  Strückel, 
Martin  Ecker, 
Johannes  ]\Ieiger, 
Eberhardt  Martin, 
Leonhart  Behl, 
Balthas  Götz, 

Jacob  Schäffer, 
Bernhart  Frick,* 
Graff  PUlab,* 
Jacob  Greiner, 
Georg  Christoph  Reichle, 
Johann  Andreas  Mayer, 
Johann  Georg  Mayer, 
Johan  Andreas  Mayer  jr., 
Johann  Adam  Meckle, 
Johann  Georg  Weisser, 
Johann  Georg  Maisch, 
Christian  Gertzinger, 
Jacob  Ludwig  Cäppele, 
Johan  Conrad  Held, 
Johannes  Brodbeck, 
Johannes  Weyhenger, 
Georg  Wilhelm  Bantlion, 
Christ.  Friederich  Bantlion, 
Hans  Georg  Schäffer, 
Hans  Georg  Dute,* 
Conrad  Eisenhardt, 
Georg  Adam  Schlegel, 
Christophel  Schlegel,* 
Sebastian  Wunder, 
Johannes  Wunderlich, 
Johann  Georg  Hoch, 
Mattheus  Sabererick, 
Joseph  Brendlinger, 



Georg  Adam  Franckenberger, 

Georg  Michael  Kern, 

Conrad  Klingemej'^er, 

Joh.  Conrad  Leibbrand, 

Georg  Adam  Gaab, 

Hans  Jacob  Baum, 

Daniel  Baumann, 

Conradt  Grietzinger  jr. 

Conrad  Merckle, 

Friederick  Keppert, 

Jacob  Zerch, 

Johannes  Winter, 

Martin  Ebbly,* 

David  Ansel, 

Jacob  Beyerly,* 

Friederich  Wibel, 

Jacob  Stahlman, 

Joseph  Ahner, 

Adam  Herman, 

Jacob  Jüngling, 

Jacob  Scherrer,* 

Johann  Nadem,? 

Ulrich  Hirschmann, 

Matheus  Hirschman,* 

Johannes  Stucky,* 

Jacob  Schwartz, 

Johannes  Augenstein, 

Simon  Nagel, 

Philip  Nagel, 

Michael  Deiss, 

Johannes  Mayer, 

Johannes  Mayer  jr., 

Johannes  BischoflF, 

Bernhardt  Merkle, 

Michael  Fritz, 

Ludwig  Fritz, 

Casper  Meyer,* 

Peter  Printly,* 

Christian  Fuchs, 

Joseph  Karg, 

Jacob  Karg, 

Michael  Bosch, 
Michael  Bosch  jr., 
Jacob  Esch, 
Baltas  Folck,* 
Christoph  Folck,* 
Conrad  Stöhr, 
Philip  Müller, 
Stephan  Katz, 
Michel  Waltz, 
Martin  Brodbeck, 
Conrad  Grietzinger,* 
Johannes  Brodbeck, 
Dieterich  Kämmerer, 
Peter  Kämmerer, 
Christian  Kämmerer, 
Johann  F.  Brodbeck,* 
Johan  Georg  Sendel, 
Hans  Georg  Winter, 
Hans  Georg  Heim, 
Hans  Georg  Wehr, 
Christ.  Gottlieb  Scheiberle, 
Hans  Peter  Path,? 
Joh.  Friederich  Dorff, 
Joh.  Michael  Zehntbauer, 
Johannes  Schultheiss, 
Andreas  Hirschman, 
Johan  Adam  Hirschman, 
Hans  Michael  Moser, 
Mattheus  Dullnick, 
Johann  Georg  Häman, 
Johan  Friederich  Stiess, 
Hans  Georg  Augenstein, 
Philip  Jacob  Werner, 
Hans  Ludwig  Both, 
Hans  Philip  Roth, 
Hans  Martin  Bischon,? 
Lorentz  Wessener, 
Hans  Adam  Meyer, 
Hans  Martin  Fisser, 
Michael  Hirnneise, 
Hans  Georg  Hirnneise, 


270  NAMES    OF    GERMAN,    SWISS 

Michael  Heimle,  ?  Benedict  Funck, 

Johann  Georg  Dürr,  Abraham  Eckert, 

Jacob  Widdenniann,  Andreas  Huttich, 

Michael  Katz,  Conrad  Gensly, 

Hans  Georg  Schneider,  Friederich  Heyl, 

Johan  Bardel  Gottwalt,  Johannes  Eberhart,* 

Hans  Bernhart  Frantz,  Johannes  Eberhart  jr., 

Johann  Jacob  Waltz,  Hans  Georg  Schinck, 

Andreas  Weidhorn,*  Michael  Wolff, 

Hans  Georg  Eckert,*  Andreas  Kappler,* 

Michael  Werner,  Hans  Georg  Ege. 
Wilhelm  Koch,* 

Note. — In  a  communication  from  Rev.  S.  S.  Schmucker,  D.  D.,  to 
the  Editor,  March  18th,  1856,  it  is  stated,  the  Rev.  John  Dietrich  Mat- 
thias Heinzelman  and  Rev.  Emanuel  Schultz,  Lutheran  Ministers,  ar- 
rived in  Pennsylvania  in  the  year  1751. — [Editor.) 

2tnmerfung.— 3n  enter  5)iittt)et(ung  »om  18.  Wdxi  1856  öon  ^nftor 
Dr.  S.  S.  (gc^muder  an  ben  Herausgeber  fagt  bcrfelbe,  ba§  bie  Iutf)erif(ien 
®ctfHtd^en  3ot).  SDtctrtc^  5[)Jatt^iaS  |)ctnjelmann  unb  ©manuel  Sci^ul^  im 
3al)re  1751  in  ^^fnnf^lüania  ongefommen  ftnb. — (Herausgeber.) 

174)  Sept.  15,  1752.  f   Ship  Two  Brothers,  commanded  by 
Thomas  Arnot,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

f  Rev.  Michael  Schlatter,  having  revisited  Germany,  returned  to 
America — arrived  at  New  York,  July  28th,  1752,  accompanied,  says 
Lewis  Mayer,  D.  D.,  in  his  History  of  the  German  Reformed  Church, 
in  America,  by  six  young  ministers  of  the  Gospel — Revds.  Wilhelm 

Stoy,  Johannes  Waldschmidt,    Theodore  Francken  feld,  Rubel,  

Wissler,  and  Philip  Wilhelm  Otterbein.  The  latter  was  for  many  years 
a  minister  of  the  German  Reformed  Church.  He  is  regarded,  gener- 
ally, as  the  founder  of  that  now  numerous  denomination,  "  The  United 
Brethren  in  Christ." 

"Rev.  Otterhein  was,  says  Lewis  Mayer,  more  attentive  to  internal 

piety  than  to  external  forms In  his  person,  Mr.  Otterbein  was 

portly  and  dignified;  in  his  manner,  urbane  and  affectionate,  and  of 
child-like  simplicity.  He  had  been  well  educated ;  and  to  the  close  of 
his  life  read  Latin  authors  with  as  much  ease  as  those  in  his  vernacular 
tongue.  His  piety  was  unfeigned  and  glowing;  his  preaching  solemn 
and  impressive." — Rupp's  Hist,  of  Berks  Co.,  pp.  445,  446. 

P.  W.  Otterbein  was  born  in  Dillinberg,  Nassau,  Germany,  Nov.  6, 
1726.  He  died  in  Baltimore,  Md.,  Nov.  17,  1813.  He  had,  it  is  said, 
a  peculiar  attachment  to  Jacob  Wagner's  family  of  Eibelshausen,  who, 
it  is  thought,  emigrated  to  America  at  the  time  Otterbein  came. 

AND   OTHER   IMMIGRANTS — 1752.  271 

(BepL  15,  1752.  t   ®d)tff  Zm  35rot^erö,  kfepgt  »on  I^o» 
ma0  kmot,  »en  9tottcrt)am  über  ßorocö. 

Georg  Eisenmenger,  Paulus  Böhm, 

Friederich  Mäyer,  Johan  Deiswers,* 
Joh.  Christo  Friederich  Kohler,Conrad  Hahns,* 

Kilian  Eisenmenger,  Casper  Krämer, 

Jacob  Müller,  Johannes  Wilhelmus, 

Christoph  Arnoldt,  Adam  Beck, 

Nölgen  Kremmer,  Johannes  Jacob, 

Peter  Schock,*  Anthon  Sheyed,* 

Peter  Hommer,*  John  Antoni  Statt,* 

Paulus  Gross,*  Wendel  Frey, 

Philip  Bornn,*  Thomas  Grämlich, 

Wilhelm  Huner,*  Jacob  Lips,? 

Jacob  Müller,  Gottfried  Kappes, 

Conrad  Winegarden,*  Casper  Lichtenberger, 

Bertram  Behm,*  Michael  Dietrich, 

Paulus  Huders,*  Joseph  König,* 

Moritz  Hene,  Johannes  Metzem,* 

Jacob  Anders,*  Borkhardt  Unangst, 

Johannes  Gerhardt,  Jonas  Pool,*  (Puhl), 

Peter  Dilss,  Jacob  Heibach, 

Jost  Ferschbach,  Joachim  Sodt,? 

t  9tac&bem  5)aftor  Wdml  ©d&kttcr  Dcutfc&lanb  einen  33efud&  «bge« 
jiattet,  fe^rte  er  am  28.  3ult  1752  totebct  nac^  9?m  gjor!  jurucf.  «Ottt  tl)nt 
Famen,  na(^  Dr.  goia^er'ö  ®e[($tcf)te  ber  reformirten  Äirt^e  in  Slmerifa, 
fec^6  junge  ^Hebiger,  nämlict)  aBil()elm  ©to!?,  3o^)anneö  2Ba(bfd)mibt, 

Jbeobor  Srancfenfelb,  JRubel,  2Bt§Ier  unb  W^m  aCilticlm 

Dtterbein.  gelterer  war  üiele  3at)rc  lang  ein  @ciftlid)er  in  ber  bculfclj« 
reformirten  Sircpe.  Sr  wirb  ge»öt)nlict)  für  ben  ®rünber  ber  jc^t  jat)lrci= 
cl)cn  ^Benennung  ber  „^bereinigten  SBrüber  in  dtjrifto"  angefeben. 

„«Pajitjr  Dtterbein,  faat  gouiö  ^')la\)n,  legte  mef)r  ®e»ic^t  auf  innere 

grömraigfeit,  aU  auf  äußere  ^orrn 3n  feinem  5leu^eren  ttar  er  ftattlict) 

unb  würbiü,  im  Umgang  fjijflic^  unb  tiebreid),  unb  üon  finblicber  ßinfalt. 
(är  war  gut  gefcliult,\inb  lag  gegen  Gnbe  feine«  Sebeng  lateinifc^e  (2*rift= 
[teuer  m"^tt  berfclben  gertigfeft,  wie  bie  in  feiner  5Jlutterfprac^e,  tsceinc 
grömmigfeit  war  unget)cud)eU  unb  eruftf)aft5__ feine  ^vecigt  würbei^oll  unb 
gewaltig."— Stupp'ö  ®efd).  öon  23erf3  So.,  ^^.  445,  446. 

55.  2B.  Dtterbein  würbe  in  5)iüinberg  im  ^laffauifc^en  geboren  unb  ;swar 
am  6.  gtoübr.  1726.  (£r  ftarb  in  Baltimore,  5JJb.,  am  17.  5toi)br.  1813. 
Man  fagt,  ba§  er  eine  befcnbere  S!3orliebe  für  Safob  S3agner'ö  gamilie  ju 
(äibelötiaufcn  tiattc,  welche,  toic  man  glaubt,  iur  3eit,  alö  ©tterbein  fam, 
tta(|)  Slnierifa  auewanberte. 



Johannes  Lutz, 
Conrad  Welder, 
Joh.  Silas  Bonn,* 
Joh.  Peter  Bon, 
Johann  Martin  Gans, 
Johann  Peter  Lentz,* 
Johan  Peter  Schock,* 
Leopoldt  Valentin  Gross, 
Johannes  Henrich  Metz, 
Johann  Friederich  Beck, 
Georg  Michael  Eberly, 
F.  Conrad  Leberling,* 
George  Michael  MiDer,* 
John  Peter  Rodebagh,* 
John  Peter  Blom,* 
Diedrich  Wilhelm  Dischong, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Ahlbach, 
John  Peter  Blom  sen., 
John  Christian  Ottinger,* 
Herbert  Schumacher, 
Johann  Christian  Hoffman, 
Wilhelm  Peterwelles, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Meyer, 
Conrath  Schneider, 
Joh.  Herbert  Lör,* 
Joh.  Antonius  Krämer, 
Johan  Adam  Imboten,* 
Johan  Gottfried  Kring, 
Johann  Christian  Seyler, 
Johann  Jacob  Beyer, 

Johan  Christ.  Eulenber, 
Joh.  Christ.  Lichtenthäller, 
Johann  Christ.  Meyer, 
Johan  Paulus  Seehl, 
Johan  Steffy  Drybler,* 
Johan  Peter  Hauer,  ? 
Johan  Christian  Albirger, 
John  Jacob  Qlilgarden,* 
Johann  Henrich  Wirth, 
Hans  Henrich  Münch, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Böttger, 
Johann  Georg  Metzger, 
Georg  Andreas  Raab, 
Georg  Michael  Gebhart, 
Johan  Gerlach  Meyer, 
Johan  Georg  Spiess, 
Conrad  Leinenberg,* 
Nicolas  Leinenberg,* 
Jacob  Dilss, 
Moritz  Wüh.  Dills, 
Joh.  Peter  Aller, 
Joh.  Wilh.  Weller, 
Johan  Sebastian  Onangst, 
Johan  Peter  Schmidt, 
Simon  Ludwig  Himroth, 
Johan  Herbert  Wingert, 
Wil.  Henrich  Brandenburger, 
Johan  Thomas  Schumacher, 
Johan  Peter  Putterbach. 

175)  Sept.  19,  1752.  Ship  Edinburgh,  James  Rüssel,  Cap- 
tain, from  Amsterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

©ept.  19,  1752.  ®cf)iff  Sbinburg^,  (Sapitain  3amc3  9tuj[el, 
öon  SImfterbam  über  Soiveö. 

Peter  Renau,  Franciscus  Dilier, 

Johan  Valentin,  Michel  Kümell, 

Henry  Hollinger,*  Leonhart  Claus, 

Paulus  Harting,  Siegfi-ied  Billing, 

Frantz  Renau,  Martin  Harsch, 



Jacob  Heerd,* 
Jacob  Beck, 
Paulus  Schmidt, 
Nicolaus  Mayer, 
Jacob  Fried, 
Paulus  Mauerer  * 
Wilhelm  Keller  * 
Christoph  Hummel,* 
Paulus  Walter,* 
Peter  Müh, 
Jacob  Küber,* 
Johannes  Roth, 
Friederich  Roth, 
Johannes  Bauer,* 
Georg  Shneyder,* 
Georg  Zerman, 
Michael  Fetzer,* 
Christian  Shneid,* 
Christian  Wenger, 
Leonhard  Lauter, 
Sebastian  Waas, 
Johann  Georg  Denier, 
Jacob  Bildman, 
Joh.  Samuel  Huth, 
Georg  Casper  Bohrmann, 
Johann  Martin  Schnepf, 
Georg  Leonhardt  Pfiister, 
Johannes  Bernhardt,* 
Michael  Hibscher,* 
Johan  Georg  Bauman, 
Johannes  Krieharst,? 
Andreas  Gabriel  Dietrich, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Trautwein, 
Bartholomäus  Lederer, 
Georg  Antony  Schebble, 
Johan  Carl  Häyer, 
Johan  Jacob  Helm, 
Johan  Friederich  Kiess, 
Hans  Martin  Kirschman, 
Martin  Kuntzman,* 
Hans  Michael  Weismeyer,* 
Christoph  Hardtmann, 

Adam  Christoph  Behning, 
Johannes  Schwartz,* 
Hans  Jacob  Roth, 
Johann  Christoph  Bentz, 
Stephan  Nerlinger,* 
Johan  Christian  Benish,* 
Sebastian  Dreher, 
Jacob  Friederich  Blaser, 
Jos.  Bernhard  Speth,? 
Johan  Jacob  Häydt, 
Johannes  Zürn, 
Georg  Schild,* 
Jacob  Hauser, 
Jacob  Rincker, 
Isaac  Buck,* 
Jacob  Meysel,* 
Johannes  Gemser, 
Carl  Horn, 
Friederich  Rosslein,* 
Leonhardt  Rosslein,* 
Adam  Stock, 
Andreas  Fetzer,* 
Friederich  Fens, 
Michael  Dür, 
Joseph  Shennal,* 
Frantz  Fischer, 
Johannes  Hendel, 
Johan  Adam  Schwartz, 
Joh.  Friederich  Huss,* 
Johann  Jacob  Kerffer, 
Johannes  Hüthler, 
Heinrich  Ottinger, 
Jacob  Wietdemann, 
John  Adam  Rey,* 
Michael  Friederich, 
Johann  Rischerd, 
Valentin  Brüttschiett, 
Johannes  Schweller, 
Hans  Jacob  Seltzer, 
Joseph  Shünal,* 
Christoph  Bauer.* 



Sick  on  Board  (franf  an  35ort)) : — Johannes  Kerlin,  Erhart 
Kuhrbocker,  Baltzer  Fahringer,  Jacob  Müller,  Johannes  Jung, 
Caspar  Deilinger,  Jacob  Weiler,  Michael  Karch,  Jacob  Roth, 
Georg  Braun,  Michael  Schäffer,  Conrad  Guth. 

176)  Sept.  22,  1752.    Ship  Brothers,  William  M'Nair,  Cap- 
tain, from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

(Sept.  22, 1752.  ©i^iff  53rot^erg,  (Eapitain  mUiam  m'^aix, 
oon  Siotterfcam  über  Goroeö. 

Johannes  Stauch, 
Carl  Fuchs, 
Martin  Karch, 
Andreas  Leisser, 
Peter  Hellman, 
Jacob  Seltzer, 
Johannes  Unruh, 
Daniel  Utz, 
Stephan  Goss, 
Johannes  Eckert, 
Peter  Bechtel,* 
Peter  Seig, 
Johannes  Bab,* 
Jacob  Miller,* 
Bastian  Hellman, 
Andreas  Ott,* 
Georg  Lentz,* 
Samuel  Herrmann, 
Johan  Michael  Lindemuth, 
Johann  Peter  Schwartz, 
Johannes  Edelman, 
Hans  Adam  Heckman, 
Wilhelm  Heckman, 
Joh.  Conrad  Kriechbaum, 
Job.  Jacob  Rudisielie, 
Johann  Jacob  Winter,* 
H.  Nicolaus  Bemnger,* 
Johan  Jacob  Wilhelm, 
Johan  Peter  Gabel,* 
Hans  Adam  Gerig,* 
Haus  Peter  Edelman,* 

Georg  Jacob  Ehresmann, 
Georg  Henrich  Grämlich,* 
John  George  Edelman,* 
Lenhart  Herteil, 
Antonius  Müller, 
Jacob  Lorentz, 
Hans  Schüberli, 
Matheis  Geyler, 
Andreas  Geyler,* 
Hans  Gergerich, 
Michael  Lupp, 
Jacob  Ybach  sen., 
Jacob  Ybach, 
Diebolt  Dietrich, 
Hans  Moltz, 
Peter  Bensei, 
Mattheis  Haas, 
Jacob  Braun, 
Johannes  Sommer, 
Peter  Hickman, 
Philip  Seydelman, 
Conrad  Heylman,* 
Külian  Pührer, 
Joseph  Scheffer,? 
Johann  Georg  Schmeltz,* 
Johann  Georg  Ester, 
Han  Georg  Edeler,* 
Johann  Erhard  Lobstein, 
Hans  Georg  Dammer,* 
Hans  Georg  Mauss, 
Philip  Jacob  Gottßchalck, 



Anthony  Zimmermann, 
Hans  Ulrich  Beutler, 
Abraham  Billing, 
Heinrich  Rahausser, 
Hans  Georg  Sommer, 
Hans  Georg  Holtzschuh,* 
Johannes  Coins,* 

Hans  Adam  Leh, 
Hans  Georg  JMarquard,* 
Andreas  Rotenbiirger, 
Hans  Jacob  Merckel, 
Hans  Jacob  Hage, 
Hans  Adam  Schnäbele, 
Hans  Jacob  Burghen.* 

Sick — Jacob  Lasch,  Johann  Nicklas  Schneider. 

177)  Sept.  22,  1752.  Ship  Halifax,  Thomas  Coatam,  Cap- 
tain, from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

Sept.  22,  1752.  ©c^iff  ^ali^av,  Sapitain  X^omaö  Soatam, 
»on  Slottert'am  über  SoweiS. 

Ghristophel  Witmer, 
Philip  Engel, 
Nicolas  Köhler,* 
Friederich  Eberhart,* 
Martin  Decker, 
Johannes  Griese, 
Hans  Feltz, 
Anthony  Zinck,* 
Johannes  Paulus,* 
Christian  Herman,* 
Jacob  Olenthin, 
Philip  Hoffman,* 
Bartholomge  Evar,* 
Jonas  Imschmiedt, 
Peter  Reeb, 

Johan  Melchior  Brombach, 
Johan  Conrad  Blecher, 
Johann  Georg  Kuntze, 
Michael  Springer, 
Johann  Georg  Kreybach,? 
Johannes  Josephus  Roth, 
David  Sasmanhaussen, 
Hans  Georg  Doctor,* 
Johan  Jacob  Bersey, 
Johan  Ludwig  Bersey, 
Johan  Jacob  Brucker,* 
Hans  Michael  Geyer,* 

Hans  Michael  Hammer, 

Hans  Philip  Elter, 

Han  Jac.  Serber  Zimmerman, 

Friederich  Fleckstein,* 

Henry  Meyer,* 

Peter  Duweiler, 

Heinrich  Maag, 

Lorentz  Dürr,* 

Philip  Hirdt, 

Jacob  Müller, 

Jacob  Sürber, 

Heinrich  Zolli, 

Henry  Kuntz,* 

Ulrich  Kreyser, 

Caspar  Wincker,* 

Henrich  Mercki, 

Friederich  Hörsch, 

Johannes  iMeyer,* 

Johannes  Jordan,* 

Johann  Rudolph,'' 

Friederich  Kammer, 

Jacob  Klein, 

Jacob  Schaaff, 

Johannes  Gehr,* 

Matheas  Roth,* 

Otto  Pegy,*  ^ 

Martin  Vaniinger,* 



Michael  Wentz, 
Anthony  Kush,* 
Jacob  Hanick,* 
Friederich  Schaaff,* 
Matheis  Kientz, 
Jacob  Dietrich, 
Jacob  Juncker, 
Peter  Wendung, 
Andreas  Stöber,* 
Michael  Conradt, 
Jacob  Hisner,? 
Johannes  Riegeler, 
Augustus  Urban, 
Joseph  Held,* 
Joseph  Rubel,* 
Georg  Rubel,* 
Johannes  Patt, 
Martin  Hutter,* 
Leonhart  Weidman, 
Hans  Jacob  Müller, 
Conrad  Müller, 
Johannes  Sürber, 
Hans  Jacob  Rümmen, 
Hans  Heinrich  Weiss,? 
Hans  Conrad  Wirth,* 
Hans  Casper  Schladter, 
Wilhelm  Haussaman, 
Hans  Michael  Eigel, 
Georg  Hans  Dietrich, 
Johann  Philip  Goress, 
Johann  Georg  Weber, 
Hans  George  Gleysler,* 
Jacob  Weissenberger,* 
Johannes  Müller, 

Johan  Ludwig  Ache, 
Hermannius  Ache, 
Joseph  Weigandt,* 
Lorentz  Reinhart,* 
Martin  Brungart, 
Joh.  David  Wildenmuth, 
Georg  Wilhelm  Müller, 
Johann  Jacob  Hess, 
Georg  Ludwig  Marburger, 
Johann  KraflFthorn,* 
Johannes  Jacob  Ache, 
Johan  Henrich  Gutting, 
Hieronimus  Spies, 
Johannes  Michael, 
Johannes  Schreiber, 
Joh.  Daniel  Steinseiffer, 
Hans  Henrich  Kauffer, 
Hermanus  Limper,* 
Joh.  Michael  Kantzer,* 
Johan  Jacob  Brentz, 
Johan  Georg  Büssung, 
Johann  Dieterich, 
Joh.  Jacob  Müller, 
Johan  Wennertblecher, 
Johan  Michael  Bäcker, 
Ulerich  Glökil,* 
Johannes  Meyer, 
Conrad  Ziegler,* 
Joseph  Altheer, 
Jacob  Gross, 
Hans  Nickel  Quinrin,? 
Johan  Nicklaus  Hoffman,* 
Johan  Nicklaus  Farringer,* 
Joseph  Onzemiller.* 

Paulus  Schäffer,* 

Sick — Jacob  Roth,  Henrich  Frey,  Christian  Bi-uchhart,  Jo- 
hannes Bruchhart,  Matheis  Müller,  Daniel  Fischer,  Hans  De- 
wald  Wandlin,  Hans  Georg  Mauser,  T.  Nieklas  Mauser,  Lud- 
wig Gross,  Johannes  Köttring,  Peter  Bring,  Johannes  Ludwig, 
Johannes  Ewers,  Hieronimus  Schneider,  Georg  Adam  Schütz, 
Haus  Jacob,  Michael  Gross. 



178)  Sept.  23,  1752.  Stip  St.  Andrew,  James  Abercrom- 
bie.  Captain,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Plymouth,  England. 

(Sept.  23,  1752.  ©c^iff  ©t.  Stnbre»,  Sapltaln  3ame3  mer= 
crombie,  »on  Stotterfeam  über  ^lt)mout^,  ©nglant». 

Jacob  Baltzer, 
Henrich  Horn, 
Hans  Dommi, 
Andreas  Bartruff, 
Ulrich  Scherch,* 
Abraham  Zety,* 
Jacob  Orth, 
Philip  Becker,* 
Christian  Bühler, 
Valentin  Becker,* 
Andreas  Lintz,* 
Ulerich  Zercher,* 
Daniel  Blim, 
Ulrich  Scherr, 
Leonhart  Bremer,* 
Jacob  Blanck,* 
Nickolus  Blanck,* 
Mathias  Ecks,? 
Johannes  Ruts,* 
Nicolas  Buch,* 
Hans  Blanck,* 
Joseph  Grropff, 
Ulrich  Hauser,* 
Leonard  Hedly,* 
Ulrich  Fischer, 
Johan  Friederich  Zeller, 
Hans  Martin  Zeller, 
Johan  Christoph  Rissel, 
Hans  Martin  Hang,* 
Dewalt  Billman,* 
John  Philip  Krimb,? 
Philip  Killinger,* 
Jacob  Hiestandt, 
Johannes  Webrecht, 
Johan  G-eorg  Knoch, 
Ludwig  Spannagel, 
Gabriel  Spannagel, 

Hans  Georg  Naffzer,* 
Wilhelm  Reiter, 
Johan  Jacob  Bauer, 
Jacob  Kauffman,* 
Johan  Henrich  Kräss,* 
Johan  Valentin  Kräss, 
Daniel  Reinhold, 
Christian  Schmücker, 
Johan  Jacob  Boltz, 
Dorstius  Alleman,* 
Job.  Michael  Mauerer, 
Job.  Bernhart  Eytel, 
Ulrich  Lautenbach, 
Joseph  Gall, 
Jacob  Fried, 
Philip  Wissler, 
Johannes  Moll, 
Peter  Moll, 
Dietrich  Schmitzer, 
Eberhart  Luttman, 
Michael  App, 
Christian  Stäbler, 
Christian  Meyer, 
Henrich  Schenck, 
Heinrich  Gebhart, 
Jacob  Lutz, 
Andreas  Zorn, 
Jacob  Schäffer, 
Christoph  Carl, 
Christian  Lutz, 
Simon  Kricht, 
Peter  Adam, 
Friederich  Planck, 
Jeremias  Eberle, 
David  Aller, 
Philip  Schauer, 
Friederich  MüUer. 




Ulrich  Stauffer, 
Simon  Brand,* 
Frantz  Kamman,* 
Daniel  Gerhart,* 
Michael  Eindesweiler,  ? 
Johan  Georg  Grämlich, 
John  Georg  Küffer,* 
Frantz  Jacob  Haussier, 
Bastian  Bohrman, 
Jacob  Bernhart  Friederich, 
Johann  Peter  Lang, 
Georg  Adam  Eberth, 
Hans  Georg  Bader, 
Johan  Georg  Kupper, 
David  Katterman, 
Johannes  Schmidt, 
Sick — Jacob  Forney. 

Hans  Jacob  Bemer, 
Martin  Steinbrenner, 
Jacob  Steinbrenner, 
Matheus  Baritschwerd, 
Joh.  Leonhart  Keuchert, 
Hans  Michel  Hattenbach, 
Johan  Georg  Hattenbach, 
Hans  Jacob  Eberle, 
Johan  Michael  Schlencker, 
Johan  Heinrich  Riedel, 
Christoph  David  Schauer, 
Johan  Georg  Eberle, 
Hans  Georg  Heiss, 
Hans  Georg  Piesch,* 
Johan  Peter  Bangman, 
John  Caspar  Ginter. 

179)  Sept.  23,  1752.   Ship  Ann  Galley,  Charies  Kenneway, 
Captain,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Portsmouth,  England. 

(Sept.  23,  1752.    (5d)itf  2tnn  ©aüep,  Sapitatn  e^arleg  Äcn= 
neivap,  öon  Stotterbam  ükr  ^^ortömout^,  ßu^Iant). 

Bartholomae  Eibach, 
Andreas  Braun, 
Philip  Heyd, 
Sebastian  Eschbalt,? 
Wilhelm  Conrad, 
Jacob  Mattler, 
Andreas  Kissel,* 
Michael  Obrist, 
Johan  Friederich  Pendtner, 
Albrecht  Hofmeister, 
Johan  Ludwig  Büschler, 
Johannes  Jacob  Rau, 
Eberhart  Christoph  Schret, 
Joh.  Henrich  Kuntz,* 
Johan  Georg  Steiner, 
Johan  Georg  Rihm,? 
Henry  Angculy, 
Martin  Schall, 

Martin  Wolfif, 
Ulrich  Spohn,* 
Balthaser  Mante, 
Joseph  Mayer, 
Rudolph  Schaub,* 
Simon  Zeiner,* 
Nicklas  Leydecker,* 
Peter  Spengler,* 
Henry  Valentin,* 
Peter  Campo, 
Jean  Pigonie,* 
Clementz  Ober, 
Georg  Ludwig, 
Michael  Meck,* 
Michael  Muth, 
Thomas  Jeidler, 
Christian  Muor, 
Peter  Inäbmit, 



Michael  Schwar, 
Jacob  Butz,* 
Martin  Müller, 
Johan  Elias, 
Phillip  Bleck, 
Christian  Tomm,* 
Jacob  Müller, 
Jost  Martin  Waltz, 
Jolian  Valentin  Seidel, 
Johan  Friederich  Springer, 
Johan  Gabriel  Springer, 
Johan  Casper  Spolin,* 
Martin  Georg  Wahl, 
Friederich  Reiclienerder, 
Hans  Georg  Hipp, 
Daniel  Nonnenmacher, 
Ludwig  Conrad  Schneider, 

Joh.  IMichael  Miller,* 
Hans  Georg  Schaal, 
Joh.  Georg  Spengler,* 
Benedict  Spetzfendem, 
Hans  Georg  IMeck,* 
Hans  Martin  INIack, 
Han  Georg  Schley,* 
Johan  Conrad  Schenck, 
Hans  Georg  Baltzer,* 
Joh.  Jacob  Wintzberger,  * 
Joh.  Georg  Schwinederer, 
Johan  Friederich  Braun, 
Johan  Georg  Braun, 
Georg  Jacob  Schneider, 
Hans  Georg  Schwartz, 
Wilhelm  Conrad, 
Rudolph  Schoff.  § 

180)  Sept.  26,  1752.  Ship  Richard  and  Mary,  John  Moore, 
Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Portsmouth. 

(Btpt  26,  1752.  ©c^iff  9it(^art)  unb  Waxi),  Sapitain  3ot)n 
?[Roore,  öon  Sflotterbam  über  ^ortömoutt). 

Peter  Wönner, 
Peter  Emmert, 
Casper  Baltzer,* 
Johannes  Weyant,* 
Johann  Diehlbeck, 
Michael  Behm,* 
Nicklas  Bernhart,* 
Peter  Hollebach,* 
Andreas  Harn,* 
Gabriel  Armbriester, 
Johannes  Conrath, 
Jacob  Daniel  Scherrer, 
Henrich  Jacob  Knerr, 
Johan  Daniel  Allsbach, 
Johan  Nicklas  Karcher,* 
Johan  Georg  Gensheimer, 
Johan  Georg  Emmerich, 
Johan  Philip  Taules, 

Johan  Henrich  Kipp, 
Johan  Philippus  Hoffman, 
Johan  Peter  Roller, 
Joh.  Peter  Pfankuchen, 
Georg  Reit,* 
Henrich  Scheidbach, 
Nicklaus  Winchel, 
Martin  Schmitt, 
Michael  Schleyer, 
Michael  Roth,* 
Jacob  Schuckman, 
Johannes  Becker, 
Johannes  Was, 
Elias  Schmidt, 
Andreas  Jäckle, 
Friederich  Saamm,* 
Nicolas  Samm, 
Adam  Samm, 



Theobald  Becker, 
Peter  Huth,* 
Ludwig  Schmidt,* 
Conrad  Miller,* 
Peter  Bär,* 
Henrich  Mosser, 
Michael  Graff,  § 
Jacob  Klar, 
Andreas  Petri, 
Adam  Bernhart, 
Dewalt  Grub, 
Daniel  Cramer, 
Michael  Lauetz, 
Baltzer  Dickhans,* 
Johannes  Küstner, 
Georg  Seider, 
Casper  Lademan, 
Antonius  Walter, 
Joh.  Henrich  Stanhenner, 
Joh.  PhUip  Werntz, 
Joh.  Benedictus  Müller, 
Johan  Henrich  Scher, 
Joh.  Theobald  Bauer, 
Philip  Jacob  Kehle, 
Johan  Jacob  Siegfried, 

Johan  Henrich  Hummel, 
Johan  Adam  Derting, 
Dewalt  Dannfeltzer, 
Johan  Nickel  Hembt, 
Johan  Georg  Beck, 
Martin  Holtzhausser, 
Johan  Thiel  Herman,* 
Henrich  Müssemer, 
Johannes  König, 
Jacob  Steinbach, 
Henrich  Bierbauer, 
Jost  Schönwaldt,* 
Simon  Schumacher, 
Johan  Georg  Haudt, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Stuber, 
Johan  Friederich  Stuber, 
Johan  PhUip  Stuber, 
Hans  Georg  Eheller, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Stricker, 
Georg  Peter  Eckel, 
Simon  Herrmann, 
Hans  Jacob  Gebhardt, 
Peter  Leonhard  Henkenius, 
Joh.  Henrich  Henkenius, 
Michael  Hoffman.* 

181)  Sept.  27,  1752.  Ship  Anderson,  Hugh  Campbell,  Cap- 
tain, from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Portsmouth. 

©ept.  27,  1752.  ©^iff  Stnberfon,  ßapitain  ^ug^  dampUU, 
»on  9tottert>am  über  ^ortömout^. 

Leonhart  Bender, 
Christoph  Mauerer, 
Uerlich  Volck,* 
Georg  Riegert, 
Peter  Willer, 
Jacob  Beiltel, 
Johan  Martin  Schweitzer, 
David  Haussman, 
Hans  Georg  Marquart, 
Johannes  Strätter,* 

Johannes  Weill, 
Michael  Heim, 
Daniel  Krütter, 
Philip  Euler, 
Peter  Pfeü,* 
Philipp  Kress, 
Michael  Schmidt, 
Peter  Dückherdt, 
Friederich  Steinle, 
Georg  Wetzel, 



Christian  Dürz, 
Nicolaus  Schunder, 
David  Weyfaller, 
Chiistoph  Usterle, 
Michael  Schelling, 
Martin  Betz, 
Andreas  Gäss, 
Andreas  Eppler, 
Johannes  Kurtz, 
Pierre  Lageau, 
Johannes  Altig,* 
Adam  Weisbarth, 
Johannes  Weber, 
Andreas  Weg, 
Peter  Ansell,* 
Christoph  Gisterer, 
Moritz  Bauer, 
Thomas  Knissel, 
Johannes  Deissher, 
Wilhelm  Garein, 
Gottlob  Herman.-* 
Michael  Ritter, 
Thomas  Piel,§ 
Christian  Peistly,* 
Jacob  Blessing,* 
Jacob  Kriser, 

Jeremias  Lud.  Engelmann, 
Johannes  Schneder, 
Mattheis  Knügel, 
Nicklaus  Wenschler, 

Leonhardt  Gnärr, 
Christian  Rapman, 
Johannes  Waltz, 
Wilhelm  Fried.  Schumann, 
Carl  Friederich  Muckenfus, 
Simon  Zimmerman, 
Jacob  Friederich  Fischer, 
Johan  Georg  Breymeyer, 
Wilhelm  Christoph  Kesebohref;. 
Johan  Friederich  Fuchs, 
Christoph  Bothacker, 
Andreas  Scheibling, 
Joh.  Caspar  Windesch, 
Joachim  Bräuchle, 
Johannes  Washer, 
Johan  David  Harlacher, 
Johan  Georg  Maul, 
Johan  Jacob  Beltz, 
Georg  Michael  Beltz, 
Johan  Jacob  Fussbec,? 
Hans  Michael  Kretel, 
Georg  Ernst  Lindenberger, 
Joh.  Georg  Reist,* 
Joh.  Georg  Schiiger, 
Joh.  Friederich  König, 
Matheus  Kühbauch, 
Joh.  Friederich  von  Rahden, 
M.  Jacob  Fried.  Schertlein, 
Balthas  Triett, 
Friederich  Masser. 

182)  Sept.  27,  1752.    Ship  President, 
tain,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  England. 

Dunlop,  Cap- 

©ept.  27,  1752.    ©d)iif  ^raftfeent,  Sa?)ttoin  Dunlop,  »on 
Stotterbam  über  Snglant. 

Joh.  Martin  Cranmiller, 
Georg  Christoph  Kuss, 
Johan  Martin  Huber, 
Johannes  Folmer, 
Georg  Albrecht, 

Johannes  Enttiger, 
Johannes  Laufer, 
Hans  Bauer, 
Johannes  Lutz, 
Johan  Georg  Schneider, 




Michael  Riiss, 
Jacob  Nast, 
Gottfried  Stauch,* 
Michael  Fischer, 
Wilhelm  Schneider, 
Carl  Killuge, 
Wolfgang  Heftier, 
Conrad  Huber, 
Johan  Briining, 
Michael  Gantner,* 
Jacob  Ruppert, 
Solomon  Wessle, 
Jacob  Müller, 
Christoph  Strobel, 
Adam  Sorg, 
Johann  Faber,* 
Peter  Baltzly,* 
Jacob  Wildt, 
George  Wild,* 
Andreas  Weste, 
Frederich  Shwenk,* 
Jacob  Long, 
Mattheis  Baser, 
Georg  Duwerter, 
Jacob  Threx,  § 
Frantz  Tulpenbaum,* 
Henrich  Hassler,* 
Johannes  Schmidt, 
Bernhart  Upp, 
Johannes  Dauchbes,? 
Johan  Georg  Haas, 

Hans  Martin  Shrang, 
Johan  Martin  Pfeiffer, 
Philip  Jacob  Nass, 
Michael  Pfadermiller, 
Ulrich  Michael  Bauer, 
Johan  Georg  Haitberger, 
Ulrich  Haitberger,* 
Georg  Friederich  Scherthlen, 
Johan  Peter  Erman, 
Bernhart  Höhneise, 
Hans  Georg  Lessig, 
Christoph  Schmid, 
Johan  Georg  Weidich, 
Caspar  Beintzighoster, 
Johann  Georg  Wagner, 
Johann  Henrich  Kostenbades, 
Johann  Christoph  Peter, 
Johannes  Schnecke, 
Melchior  Beltzhuber, 
Hans  Georg  Looser, 
Johann  Jacob  Long, 
Johannes  Schwencke, 
Adam  Augermeyer, 
Martin  Schillinger, 
Johan  Bernhard  Bauer, 
Andreas  Schwartz, 
Hans  Georg  Baser, 
Johannes  Schärthle, 
Georg  Friederich  Hengel, 
Philip  Samuel  Pühl. 

183)  Sept.  27,  1752.  Ship  Nancy,  John  Ewing,  Captain, 
fi-om  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

®ept.  27,  1759.  ®c^tjf  S^ianc^,  ßapitain  3o^n  Swing,  »on 
Sflotterbam  über  Somcö. 

Jacob  Schweiler,  Samuel  Müsse, 

Jacob  Schmidt,  Philip  Mall, 

Jonas  Bastian,*  Johan  Friederich  Danninger, 

Georg  Hauher,  Jacob  Mussgenug, 



Carl  Fr.  Biebert,? 
Philip  Jacob  Wunder, 
David  Xander, 
Johann  Michael  Hauss, 
Konradt  Weiss, 
Andreas  Bastian, 
Georg  Wenig,* 
Matheis  Deibel,* 
Friederich  Baisch, 
Jacob  Baish,* 
Christoph  Breisser, 
Johannes  Butz, 
Michael  Eyroh,* 
Joseph  Stünde!, 
G-eorge  Grass,* 
Jacob  Dietrich, 
Joseph  Bernhart,* 
Joseph  Bernhart  jr.,* 
Hans  Kintz,* 
Johannes  Shwitzer,* 
Jacob  Zinchffer,? 
Jaque  Peirot, 
Jaque  Molan, 
Michael  Doser, 
Balthas  Baumm, 
Christoph  Embich, 
Israel  Eberlin, 
Philip  Fallen, 
Valentin  Hagner, 
Ludwig  Erich, 
Martin  Fromm, 
Andreas  Jäger, 
Henrich  Schlachter,* 
Christoph  Mast,§ 
Paul  Waag, 
Rudolph  Klaar,* 

Hans  Stöts, 
Jacob  Kautz  jr., 
Job.  Philip  Bietrighoffer, 
Adam  Friederich  Weiss, 
Jüh.  Georg  Friederich  Bayer, 
Jacob  Bauerschmiedt, 
Jacob  Bauerschmied  jr., 
Georg  Friederich  Jauss, 
Christoph  Rothbaust, 
Johann  Andreas  Roth,* 
Johann  Friederich  Uhlandt, 
Jacob  Armbrüster,* 
Georg  Michael  Spatz, 
Jacob  Stützmann, 
Johann  Ludwig  Seiler, 
Christian  Bamberg, 
Johannes  Herrmann,* 
Hans  Georg  Kautz, 
Hans  Jacob  Lersch, 
Frantz  Saltzman, 
Peter  Halteman,* 
Johan  Martin  Doser, 
Christian  Mühlheim, 
Jos.  Jacob  Ernst, 
Hans  Jacob  Neustätt, 
Hans  Georg  Heilikel, 
Georg  Balthas  Ernst, 
Casper  Underweg, 
Johann  Marx  Klopfer, 
Joh.  Martin  Rüdelmayer, 
Herman  Matsh,* 
Georg  Friederich  Schwartz, 
Hans  Georg  Krebs,  § 
Hans  Paul  Henrich, 
Johann  Georg  Braun, 
Johannes  Griess. 


184)  Oct.  4,  1752.    Ship  Neptune,  John  Mason, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

Oct.  4,  1752.    >5d)iff  9itptune,  Sa^Jttaiu  3o^n  'iSla^on,  ^oii 
9lottert)am  über  Sowcsi. 



Adam  Hartman, 
Valentin  Letman, 
Christophel  Feichtner, 
Nicolas  Boron,* 
Johann  Ludwig  Leib, 
Hans  Michel  Gutknecht, 
Hans  Michael  Dock, 
Hans  Georg  Hartman, 
Nickel  Nählich, 
Henry  Henly,* 
Georg  Mewes, 
Christian  Schmidt, 
Johannes  Bernhart, 
Stephan  Nicklaus,* 
Georg  Werner, 
Michael  Hoak,* 
Stoffel  Hussung, 
Daniel  Stattler,* 
Daniel  Conrad,* 
Anthony  Roth, 
Johannes  Conrad, 
Casper  Fell,* 
Paul  Hoffmann, 
Jacob  Schwartz, 
Adam  Pence,* 
Nicklaus  Höh, 
Michael  Busch, 
Matheus  Andrae, 
Wendel  Biesel,* 
Jacob  Haberstich, 
Balthasar  Schwartz, 
Paulus  Seip, 
Theobald  Schwartz, 
Philip  Seip, 
George  Meyer,* 
Jacob  Kuhn,* 
Thomas  Straub, 
Johannes  Hortig, 
Johannes  Kress, 
Henry  Kress,  § 
Caspar  Kress,* 

Carl  Kress,* 
Nickolas  Schall, 
Andreas  Schall, 
Conrad  Rösch, 
Jacob  Zieget, 
Simon  Schmitt,* 
George  Unckel, 
Johannes  Feyly,* 
Matheas  Ebener, 
Johann  Jacob  Wolff, 
Hans  Peter  Hertzog, 
Johan  Valtin  Walter, 
Hubert  Baumgärtner, 
J.  Christian  Bohnenblust, 
Hans  Nicolaus  Pesser, 
Hans  Georg  Kurtz, 
Joh.  Jacob  Becker, 
Johan  Henrich  Nöl, 
Hans  Georg  Kucher, 
Georg  Friederich  Köal^, 
Philip  Jacob  Roth, 
Christian  Rohrbacher, 
Christian  Hoffmann, 
Johann  Georg  Werner, 
Philip  Christian  Wellef, 
Joh.  Sigmund  Hagelga^](j, 
Johann  Jacob  Dietrich, 
Johann  Michel  Harfer, 
Johan  Adam  Wild, 
Wilhelm  Trautmann, 
Christian  Haberstich, 
Hans  Georg  Schwartz, 
Wilhelm  Stauch, 
Michael  Hutzner, 
Johan  Adam  Tictz,* 
Dewalt  Witterspohn,* 
Johan  Peter  Asseim, 
Nickolas  Schall  jr.. 
Christopher  Blumer, 
Johan  Georg  Weber, 
Johan  Philip  Griech,* 



Johann  Jacob  Friess, 
Hans  Adam  Weber, 
Georg  Lautenschläger, 
Johan  Michael  Heinecke, 
Johan  Adam  Heinecke, 
Nicklaus  Schweyer, 
Johann  Sebastian  Gross, 
Johann  Andreas  Gross, 
Johan  Henrich  Niess, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Schneider, 
Joel  Dormeier, 
Andreas  Dormyer,* 
Jacob  Dormyer,  § 
Peter  Schneider, 
Conrad  Schneider, 
Samuel  Schultz, 
Ludwig  Küster, 
Philip  Wentzel,* 
Johannes  Geiss,* 
Mattheis  Haller, 
Peter  Molsbach, 
Johannes  Schäffer, 
Henry  Lipps,* 
Johannes  Nickellas, 
Joseph  Bernhart, 
Christian  Lauer, 
Peter  Uhrich, 
Johannes  Züplie, 
Johannes  Hirni, 
Johannes  Arris, 
Johannes  Glass, 
Hans  Kuntzi, 
Georg  Meyer,* 
Ulrich  Sterchi, 
Christian  Sterchi, 
Michael  Spatz, 
Michael  Hessler,* 
Johannes  Blockinger. 
Ulrich  Feitz,* 
Peter  Shneyder,* 
Peter  Dunter,* 

Johannes  Hoffer  sen., 
Johannes  Hoffer  jr., 
Nicolas  Lotz, 
Jacob  Gross, 
Johannes  Kautz, 
Johannes  Conrad  Streuber, 
Gebhart  Bertholt, 
Georg  Philip  Küster, 
Job.  Henry  Lohmiller, 
Johann  Georg  Rübsaamen, 
Johann  Georg  Jung, 
Johannes  Hufnagel, 
Job.  Michael  Schmidt, 
Johann  Philip  Haffner, 
Christophel  Keller, 
Heinrich  Schäffer, 
Johan  Philip  Breuning, 
Johan  Adolph  Gilman, 
John  George  Nicholas, 
Peter  Zöngrig,* 
Johann  Jacob  Baumann, 
Johann  Michael  May, 
Johann  Casper  Domm, 
Johannes  Schwatzer, 
Johan  Heinrich  Heiss, 
Job.  Adam  Arris, 
Johann  Jacob  Hipge, 
Friederich  Zurbüchen, 
Johan  Philip  Müller, 
Johann  Peter  Müller, 
Valentin  Lautenschläger, 
Johan  Georg  Kriegenmeyer, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Lotz, 
Johannes  Lohmöller, 
Christoph  Ensling, 
Johann  Peter  Schmidt, 
Johan  Daniel  Becker, 
Christian  Kautz, 
Johannes  Diehl, 
Johan  Caspar  Kindt, 
Johann  Georg  Nonyus. 



185)  Oct.  11,  1752.  Ship  Forest,  Paterick  Ouchterlony, 
Captain,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Portsmouth. 

Oct.  11,  1752.  ®^iff  goveft,  (lapitain  5)atcricf  Du^terloiip, 
»on  Stotterfcam  über  ^ortömoutt). 

Michel  Danner, 
Johannes  Schreiner, 
Johann  Jacob  Wilbrandt, 
Johan  Georg  Englerdt, 
Jacob  Reinardt, 
Balthas  Maute, 
Peter  Sauder, 
Johannes  Rubemiller,* 
Peter  Pfeill, 
Jacob  Heller, 
Peter  Girstohber, 
Johannes  WolflP, 
I.  Daniel  Junger, 
Conrad  Feuch, 
Johannes  Hirschman, 
Valentin  Braun, 
Johannes  Clauss, 
Johannes  Schell, 
Johannes  Tillman, 
Conrad  Jung, 
Christoph  Gerhardt, 
Jacob  Notz, 
Johannes  Lademacher, 
Johannes  Helters, 
Henry  Kahlbach, 
Johannes  Amgontert, 
Caspar  Hubert, 
Johannes  Schoyrer, 
Hans  Erling, 
Jacob  Digel, 
Michael  Englest, 
Johannes  Hayner, 
Mattheis  Miller, 
Johannes  Mayer, 
Johannes  Huss, 
Henrich  Creutz, 
Wilhelm  Creutz, 

Daniel  Leicht,* 
Joh.  Jacob  Swartz,* 
Joh.  Jacob  Lerch, 
Johann  Engelschreter, 
John  Henry  Shram,* 
Jacob  Tillinger,* 
Emanuel  Heintz, 
Johan  Jost  Georg, 
Christoph  Stattel, 
Hans  Georg  Bader, 
Johan  Ludwig  Henner, 
Johan  Peter  Schönfelter  sen., 
Johan  Peter  Schönfelter  jr., 
Johann  Georg  Hoffmann, 
Johann  Caspar  Fitting, 
Johann  Adam  Schissler, 
Friederich  Jacob  Kuntz, 
Johann  Adam  Wolff, 
Johan  Cari  Wolff, 
Johan  Dietrich  Schwartz, 
Georg  ]\Iartin  Vott, 
Hans  Georg  Suliger, 
Christian  Scheckenberger, 
Johann  Conrad  Wack  sen., 
Johan  Conrad  Wack, 
J.  Henry  Herman, 
Johan  Junges  Jung, 
Johann  Peter  Clossmeyer, 
Johann  Conrad  Hay, 
Johann  Henrich  Wiesteir, 
Johann  Christ.  Reis, 
Johann  Peter  Jung, 
Johann  Georg  Leuder, 
Johann  Jacob  Vaymer, 
Johann  Simon  Schreyer, 
Adam  Leonhart  Schreyer, 
Johan  Peter  Steinbach, 

AND   OTHER    LMM  [GRANTS — 1752. 


Johan  Henrich  Humerich, 
Johann  Georg  Hänner, 
Joh.  Teis  Reichel, 
Johan  Friederich  Gass, 
Johan  Engel  E,öder, 
Johann  Philip  Weller, 
Georg  Henrich  Gross, 
Hans  Martin  Wiser, 
Johan  Leonard  Harriger, 
Johann  Georg  Oltenwaldt, 
Johan  Michael  Büntzel, 
Johann  Dietrich  Riess, 
Hans  Adam  Werner, 
Sick — Matheis  Bader, 

Johann  Peter  Sprecher, 
Michael  Bitzer, 
Mattheis  Bitzer, 
Johannes  Retter,* 
Peter  Grimm, 
Michael  Kegereiss, 
Johannes  Adam  Adam, 
Jean  Christoph  Marekel, 
Johan  Georg  Benck, 
Johann  Peter  Archbiss, 
Johann  Martin  Walter, 
Johann  Henrich  Beil, 
Johannes  Jacob  Dowart. 
Nicolaus  Ruth,  Conrad  Luntz, 


hannes Teis,  Henrich  Gross,  Christian  Freilich. 

186)  Oct.  16,  1752.  SnowKetly,  Theophilus  Barnes,  Com- 
mander, fi'om  Rotterdam,  last  from  Portsmouth. 

Dct.  16,  1752.  (Seef^iff  ^etl^,  Sommanfeant  a:^eo))^Uuö 
SBavneö,  öon  9tottert)ant  über  ^ortömout^. 

Friederich  Jarquart, 
David  Welsch, 
Wilhelm  Lenhardt, 
Christian  Closs, 
Philip  Bideljung,* 
Daniel  Klein,* 
Joseph  Mey, 
Johannes  Gachon, 
Leonhart  Seuffert, 
Georg  Schneyder, 
Johannes  Hen, 
Andreas  Heck, 
Henrich  Miller, 
Christian  Wentz, 
Johan  Bluth,  § 
Philip  Scheffer, 
Philip  Albrecht, 
Caspar  Bauer, 
Andreas  Mack, 
Christian  Sand, 

Georg  Brauss, 
Christoph  Süss, 
Joseph  Weber, 
Henrich  Weidner, 
Jacob  Hän,* 
Georg  Wolff, 
Jacob  Weide, 
Martin  Grün, 
Michael  Baker,* 
Johan  Dieter  Marckbach, 
Johann  Daniel  Mütschler, 
Johan  Conrad  CEsterich, 
Johan  Conrad  Ruth, 
Johan  Christian  Burg, 
Johan  Christophel  Volck, 
Johann  Peter  Niedenthal, 
Johann  Jacob  Nunymeyer, 
Johann  Philip  Schneider, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Strempel, 
Jonas  Rindevdust,  ? 



Johan  Joacliim  Tölcker, 
Johan  George  Frey, 
Johann  Georg  Hertranft, 
Johan  Michael  Leid, 
Johan  Jacob  Decker, 
Johann  Peter  HöU, 
Johann  Jacob  Müller, 
Johann  Henrich  Heyl, 
Phihp  Jacob  Mack, 
Johann  Tobias  Ebele, 
Joh.  Daniel  Weisenberger, 
Georg  PhUip  Lied, 
Conrath  Thomas  Lied, 
Philip  Carl  Schenckel, 
Georg  Michael  Egert,* 
George  Michael  Hain,* 
Johan  Jacob  Heintz, 

Nickolas  Salladin,* 
Friederich  MüUer, 
Henry  Hess, 
Georg  Gass, 
Jacob  Heyl, 
Henry  Süs, 
Georg  Weide, 
Nicklaus  König, 
Peter  König, 
Abraham  Sontag, 
Johannes  Kallenberger, 
Hans  Georg  Brenner, 
Jacob  Shuster, 
Philipp  Schenckel, 
Heinrich  Schenckel, 
Balthaser  König. 

187)  Oct.  20,  1752.  Ship  Duke  of  Wirtemberg,  Daniel 
Montpelier,  Commander,  from  Rotterdam,  last  jfrom  Cowes. 

Dct.  20,  1752.  (5d)iff  Dute  of  Sßirtemberg,  eommanfcant 
£)aniel  9JJontpeUer,  »on  9tottert)ain  über  Soweö. 

Jacob  Guth, 
Michael  Stöhr, 
Georg  Ziegler, 
Jacob  Bosch, 
Michael  Meng, 
Christian  Zürn, 
Johannes  Kleiss, 
Mathäus  Kibler, 
Tobias  Baab, 
Johannes  Blickly,* 
Tobias  Mick,* 
Christian  Lutz, 
Mattheis  Bruder, 
Johannes  Wehing, 
Balthasar  Lotz, 
Jacob  Schaibler, 
Friederich  Stöhr, 
Friederich  Kilgus, 

Matheis  Zeiger,* 
Hans  Hemiger, 
Heinrich  Schwab, 
Christian  Drion, 
Friederich  Dehm, 
Matheus  Stahl, 
Michael  Fohme,? 
Johannes  Lemle, 
Michel  Lömle, 
Jacob  Wessener, 
Matheus  Lang, 
Johann  Michael  Guth, 
Johan  Georg  Guth, 
Samuel  Banher, 
Johan  Martin  Bat, 
Conrad  Feuerbohnen, 
Jacob  Bemhart  Schwab, 
Johann  Friederich  Gross, 



Immanuel  Fred.  Weckerlin, 
Johannes  Scliwartzwölder, 
Anthony  Katterer,* 
Johannes  Deschler, 
Johann  Ludwig  Über, 
Johann  Michael  Fissler, 
Johann  Georg  Fissler, 
Hans  Georg  Kellner, 
Hans  Jacob  Kellner, 
Sebastian  Wegner, 
Johann  Fritlauf,? 
Johann  Conrad  Hesser, 
Jacob  Simon  Vogler, 
Johannes  Schwartz, 
Jacob  Michel  Hei, 
Hans  Georg  Heitzman, 
Johannes  Seitz, 
Michael  Hauer, 
Johannes  Fachmeyer, 
Michael  Goodner,* 
Johann  Jacob  Lauman, 
Johann  Georg  Ott, 
Johannes  Miller, 
Michael  Bach, 
Jacob  Bauman, 
Christian  Braun, 
Andreas  Gering, 
Matheis  Bruchli,* 
Joel  Waltz, 
Georg  Haber, 
Friederich  Mag, 
Michael  Hart, 
Peter  Haller,* 
Jacob  Hewass, 
Jacob  Schuler,* 
Jacob  Weyn,* 
Martin  Haug, 
Asaph  Lantz, 
Jacob  Heitter, 
Johannes  Braun, 
Johannes  Braun  jr.. 

Jacob  Mass, 
IMartin  Lang, 
Jacob  Stehly, 
Jacob  Lanck,* 
Jacob  Morhardt, 
Jacob  Gündner, 
Jacob  Walter, 
Mattheis  Wessener, 
Jacob  Beyerly, 
Jacob  Braun, 
Jacob  Braun  sen., 
Mark  Mattheis, 
Christian  Haas, 
Jacob  Bub,* 
Christian  Stahl, 
Mattheis  Van, 
Hans  Geo.  Zinkblei, 
Elias  Finslaimer,? 
Johannes  Zinsser, 
Michael  Leichs,* 
Johannes  Leichs,* 
Hans  Michael  Schatz, 
Johannes  Raible, 
Hans  Martin  Raible, 
Christian  Getz, 
Christian  Ziegler, 
Johannes  Kugler, 
Johannes  Lochmeier, 
Albrecht  Walter, 
Johannes  Shutz, 
Christian  Karch, 
Joseph  Bontaux, 
Friederich  Schmeltzle, 
Ulrich  Scheermesser, 
Christian  Singer, 
Mattheis  Kirsch, 
Friederich  Gasser, 
Johannes  Ijeix, 
Hans  Martin  Lang, 
Hans  Georg  Fritz, 
Andreas  Wasserman, 




Friederieli  Schmidt, 
Augustia  Stahl, 
Johannes  Vigeld, 
Christian  Hebling, 
Georg  Haflner,* 
Johannes  Hetzel, 

Anthoni  Burell, 
Johannes  Fleit,* 
Johann  Jacob  Masser, 
Hans  Georg  Haak, 
Hans  Georg  Göttle, 
Christoph  Fried.  Biller. 

Sick — Johan  Jacob  Keyser,  Michael  Frick,  Hans  Jacob  Van. 

188)  Oct.  23,  1752.  Ship  Bawley,  George  Grove,  Captain, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Plymouth. 

Dct.  23,  1752.  ©c^iff  Satvle^,  ßapitatn  ©eorgc  Oroöe,  üon 
3tottcrt)am  über  ^^^^niout^. 

Adam  Ship,* 
Adam  Tesch,* 
Heinrich  Klein, 
Jacob  Wann, 
Christoph  Eeyter, 
Christian  Metzger, 
Johannes  Heil, 
Georg  Heil, 
Peter  Schwab,* 
Johannes  Bauss,* 
Hans  Bauss, 
Johannes  Koch,* 
Jacob  Hottenstein, 
Johannes  Schmit,* 
Moritz  Schadig,* 
Jacob  Frey,* 
Daniel  Hätzel, 
Gottfried  Schutz, 
Andreas  Haag, 
Michael  Rüttger, 
Andreas  Jauch, 
Martin  Jäger,* 
Henry  Bauth,* 
Peter  Simmon, 
Andreas  Vey,* 
Michael  Kitz, 
Kilian  Bauer, 
Baltzer  Simon,* 

Andreas  Berge, 
Conrad  Ahster, 
Valentin  Stall, 
Henrich  Simon, 
Georg  Hartman, 
Andreas  Höhl, 
Christian  Hügel, 
Nicolaus  Böhm, 
Johannes  Roth, 
Justus  Derbert, 
Stephanus  Lotz, 
Johannes  Lotz, 
Ulrich  Miller,* 
Georg  Braun, 
John  Georg  Bager,? 
Henrich  Peter  Tesch, 
Philip  Henrich  Gross, 
Joh.  Friederich  Gackly, 
Job.  Michael  Breiner, 
Melchior  Katteman,* 
Leonhart  Bauman.* 
Hans  Georg  Schmitt,* 
Georg  Wilhelm  Dönges, 
Conradt  Dönges, 
Johan  Friederich  Wübel, 
Joh.  Nicklaus  Graushar, 
Johannes  Graushar, 
Bernhart  Mauer, 



Job.  Wilhelm  Engesbach, 
Johan  Adam  Zey,* 
John  George  Wendel, 
Johann  Georg  Gross, 
Nicholas  Miller,* 
Johan  Henrich  Cress, 
Johannes  Müller, 
Nickolas  Griiffenstein, 
Hans  Peter  Lein, 
Johann  Simmon, 
Johannes  Thurm,* 
Daniel  Machleit, 
Joh.  Philip  Titshler,* 
Johannes  Glassier,* 
Wilhelm  Gottlieb  Jaysser, 
Johan  Georg  Strobig,* 
Johannes  Lincker,* 
Joh.  Georg  Eberly, 
Leonhart  Spang, 
F.  Peter  Bauer, 
Johan  Nicklas  Ott, 
Andreas  Frischkorn, 
Joh.  Nicklas  Staus,* 
Jacob  Gumeringer,* 
Hans  Georg  Steedinger, 
Joh.  Philip  Fretz, 
Lorentz  Haushalter, 
Joseph  Burgstahler, 
Johannes  Seitz, 
Michael  Lang, 
Matheis  Miller,* 
Jacob  Neiell,? 
Matheis  Krön, 
Conradt  Endres, 
Friederich  Kera,§ 
Elias  Most, 
Philip  Fisher,* 
Daniel  Schmidt, 
Leonard  Gohl, 

Elias  Gohl, 
Johannes  Stocker, 
David  Jung, 
Christian  Kress, 
Michael  Wilhekn, 
Andreas  Brauss, 
Carl  Bentz, 
Johannes  Stehr, 
Philip  Caryess,* 
Gottfried  Weyland, 
Johannes  Hebeisen, 
Christian  Herrmann, 
Johannes  Möller, 
Johannes  Bohn, 
Christoph  Hancker, 
Hans  Georg  Mock, 
Hans  Georg  Wächter, 
Johan  G  ottlieb  Fröhlich, 
Georg  Henrich  Bentz, 
Johan  Jacob  Schuppert, 
Johann  Georg  Wunderlich, 
Hans  Georg  Gardner,* 
Georg  Friederich  Klein, 
David  Hottenstein, 
Georg  Eberhart  Döring, 
Lenhard  Schweitzer, 
Jacob  Schweitzer, 
Joh.  Nickolas  Bender, 
Johannes  Ommerth, 
Jacob  Sultzberger, 
Georg  Adam  Kern, 
Johan  Henrich  Gattung, 
J.  Henry  Staubach,* 
Theobaldus  Eberhardt, 
Johan  Tobias  Kenner, 
Job.  Conrad  Trünckler, 
Georg  Christoph  Steiuertz, 
Jost  Henrich  Möller. 



189)  Nov.  2, 1752.   Ship  Phoenix,  John  Spurrier,  Comman- 
der, from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Portsmouth. 

^o'o.  2,  1752.   <Sd)iff  5^^önir,  Somntantsant  3o^«  «Spurrier, 
»on  9tottert>am  nbiv  ^ort^moutl). 

Bastian  Kender,* 
Lorentz  Michel, 
Georg  Höre, 
Johannes  Riess, 
Peter  Ahlemann, 
Heinrich  Becker, 
Conrad  Ross, 
Joachim  Strover, 
Thomas  Geissler, 
PhUip  Herdel, 
J.  Jacob  Shellbecker,* 
J.  Henry  Sholtes,* 
Jacobus  Sautranck, 
Johann  Henrich  Schleich, 
Johann  Jacob  Wetzel, 
Joh.  Baltzer  Kleinschmidt, 
Hans  Michael  Fries, 
Philip  Jacob  Höre, 
Matheis  Wilhelm  Heming, 
Johann  Michel  Wissler, 
Johann  Wolf  Wissler, 
Johann  Casper  Wissler, 
Johan  Henrich  Katzbach, 
Joh.  Philip  Schelbacher, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Bäcker, 
Johan  Michael  Bürger, 
Johannes  Stehlert, 
Johannes  Wassum,* 
Leonhart  Wassum,* 
Christoph  Kuhn, 
Frantz  Ihmme, 
Philip  Kurtz, 
Abraham  Eduman, 
Johannes  Schmid, 
Johannes  Schmid, 
Andreas  Bauer, 

Stephan  Bauer, 
Michel  Bauer, 
Hans  Seubert, 
Georg  Hörner, 
Andreas  Seuberth, 
Peter  Dihm, 
Jacob  Bauer, 
Andreas  Drach, 
Veit  Garrecht, 
Friederich  Hii-sch, 
Michael  Hoffman, 
Johann  Bausch, 
Conrad  Kurtz, 
Adam  Rochia,* 
George  Bier,* 
Michael  Leiberich, 
Jeremias  CEsterlein, 
Jacob  Gibler, 
Nicklaus  Strauss, 
Johannes  Hörner, 
Ludwig  Wejuatius,? 
Lorentz  Kuntz, 
Andreas  Dressler, 
Peter  Ross, 
Andreas  Hörauff, 
Georg  Müller, 
Johannes  Fintzel, 
Jacob  Wolff, 
Andreas  Eyrich, 
Andreas  Büttel, 
Hans  Fertig, 
Joh.  Georg  Höh, 
Hans  Philip  Dosch, 
Johan  Conrad  Wassum, 
Joh.  Georg  Wassum,* 
Hans  Christoph  Schlesman, 



Johan  Ludwig  Feister, 
Johan  Christian  Heydt, 
Johannes  Satzman, 
Hans  Michel  Uetzel,? 
J.  Jacob  Grötzelman, 
Johan  Adam  Einner, 
Joh.  Melchior  Hörner, 
Joh.  Jacob  Hörner, 
Jacob  Oberdorff, 
Veit  Fetterling, 
Hans  Thomas  Dihm, 
Hans  Caspar  Haag, 
Ludwig  Haltemeyer,* 
David  Haltemeyer,* 
Hans  Melchior  Stieffei, 
Hans  Adam  Stieffei, 
Joh.  Georg  Sauselin, 
Johan  Georg  Wimmer, 
Johan  Friederich  Berger, 
Joh.  Phil.  David  Spindler, 
Joh.  Henrich  Kinsel, 
Joh.  Conrad  Duntz, 
Hans  Peter  Meyer,* 
Johan  Caspar  Wisener, 
Johan  Michael  Schrom, 
John  Christoph  Weydner, 
George  Adam  Frederick, 
Johan  Nicklas  Klein, 
Johann  Peter  Weichell, 
Johan  Christoph  Bütner, 
Christian  Tobias  Hensel, 
Hans  Georg  Egenschweller,  ? 
Johan  Friederich  Volck, 
Joh.  Henrich  Schlessman 
Hans  Georg  Hand, 
Johan  Michael  Lutz, 
Hans  Michael  Beck, 
Johan  Nicklaus  Ott, 
George  Hoppengartner,* 
Conrad  Onkel,* 
Andreas  Aleberger,* 

Michel  Schülein, 
Johan  Eissendal, 
Christoph  Schaad, 
Nicolaus  Weyant, 
Michael  Hundt, 
Philip  Sieur,* 
Sebastian  Leybolt, 
Johannes  Kraus, 
Nicklas  Ingelhoff, 
Johannes  Scholthes, 
Johannes  Weisgerber, 
Johannes  Endress, 
Johannes  Miller,* 
Jacob  Danner, 
Christian  Schäffer, 
Valtin  Ehrhart, 
Johann  Schäffer, 
Christoph  Waltz, 
Barthel  Schötzlie, 
Andreas  Klein, 
Simon  Beleni,? 
Carl  Schmid, 
Hans  Gerbrich, 
Hans  Georg  Seil, 
Andreas  Seil, 
Jacob  Krächman, 
Jacob  Will, 
Tobias  Ketter, 
Joseph  Sommer, 
Johannes  Hotman, 
Loreutz  Heffner, 
Johann  Heffner, 
Johannes  Honnig, 
Lorentz  Rörich, 
Peter  Fleischer, 
Peter  Müller  sen., 
Hans  Georg  Lang, 
Hans  Georg  Fintzel, 
Hans  Martin  Franck, 
Johann  Peter  Reeg, 
Nicklas  WeitzenhöUer, 




Carl  Ludwig  Mäckelburg, 
Johan  Melchior  Stader, 
Paulus  Jacob  Wolff, 
Caspar  Beuschlein, 
Hans  Henry  Forster,* 
Baltzer  Lantz, 
Hans  Adam  Scliäffer, 
Hans  Peter  S chaffer, 
August  Henrich  Schröter, 
Johan  Henrich  Mönch, 
Hans  Adam  Höh, 
John  Ludwig  Bender, 
Johan  Gi-eorg  Strauss, 
Christoph  Kuhlemann, 
Joh.  Conrad  Btitefisch, 
Johan  Martin  Noll, 
Carl  Fried.  Dan.  Christian, 

Johan  Adam  Hardel, 
Johan  Georg  Kallemeyer, 
Lorentz  Joseph  Dennschertz, 
Hans  Greorg  Engelbert, 
Joh.  Christoph  Schaber, 
Joh.  Niclaus  Schlessman, 
Joh.  Stephanus  Horn, 
Johan  Philip  Eich, 
Hans  Georg  Büttel, 
Hans  Antonius  Seger, 
Joh.  Ferdinandus  Leiss, 
Johann  Heinrich  Muth, 
Heinrich  Fleischer, 
Christian  Denner, 
Joh.  Peter  Müller, 
Hermanvis  Cronenbere, 

Johan  Conrad  Stödter. 
Sick — Andreas  Drach,    Johan    Heyser,    Johann   Leonhart 
"Wieder,  Johan  Henrich  Scholtes,  Henrich  Bed,  Joh.  Henrich 
Koch,  Michael  Küchel,  Henrich  Kuhn. 

190)  Nov.  3, 1752.  Ship  Queen  of  Denmark,  Georg  Parish, 
Commander,  from  Hamburg,  last  from  Cowes. 

9toö.  3,  1752.  (5d)iff  £}ueen  of  IDenmarf,  Sommant>ant 
®eorg  5>arif^,  oon  Hamburg  über  ßotr*e^. 

P.  Wortman, 
Christopher  Pabst,* 
Zacharias  Bach, 
A.  Dietrich  Schell, 
Johan  Zwiebeller, 
Andreas  Schott, 
Jacob  Schott, 
P.  Matheis  Abel, 
Lambrecht  Philip, 
Johan  Egen, 
Magnus  Schröder, 
Peter  Bruns,* 
Johann  Schlüter, 
Simon  Marcus,* 
J.  Jacob  Lauten,* 

Andreas  ülsch, 
Conrad  Schäffer, 
Georg  Gärtner,* 
Christian  Nagel,* 
Michael  Stahl, 
Hen.  Van  Hoven, 
Johan  Croyer,* 
Joachim  Harloff,* 
Christoph  Meyer, 
J.  Fried.  Lutzer,* 
Ernst  Hornäffer,* 
Christ.  Wilgenson,* 
J.  Henry  Shultz,* 
Henrich  Magnus, 
Joh.  Ernst  Heim, 



Peter  Weis, 
Joh.  Ohnschild,* 
H.  Mich.  Menneke,* 
Joh.  Adam  Gartner,* 

F.  Christo  Torson,* 
H.  Fred.  Laub,* 
Zacharias  Straubel,* 
Frantz  Schütz, 
Johan  Meyer,* 
Friederich  Schreyer,* 
Henrich  Burehard  Gabriel, 
Georg  Thomas  Gimpel,* 
Georg  Christian  Fischer, 
Casper  Friederich  Lutz, 
Hans  Zacharias  Longer,* 
J.  Christian  Morgenroth, 

G.  Leopold  Heinig, 
Georg  Gottlieb  Fass, 
Johan  Casper  Oberman, 
G.  Henrich  Herold,* 
Johan  Adam  Stoltze, 

J.  Nicolas  Tränckner, 
J.  Daniel  Metzler, 
Joachim  Henrich  Detloff, 
Hans  Casper  Batram,* 
Nicholas  Daniel  Nas, 
Johan  Henrich  Bauer, 
Joh.  Casper  Fried.  Grummet, 
L.  Ludwig  Winckler, 
Christoph  Ludwig  Grummet, 
M.  Friederich  Kippenberg,* 
Georg  Christoph  Günder, 
Georg  Christoph  Mück, 
H.  Zacharias  Hagelberg, 
Georg  Michael  Hamscher, 
J.  Christian  Nesselroth, 

Christian  Henrich  Habicht, 
Henrich  Andreas  Nagel, 
Hen.  Jacob  Struckmeyer, 
Joh.  Henrich  Sackman, 
Joachim  Andreas  Bräutigam. 
Joh.  Sebastian  Voght, 
Joh.  Joachim  Görtier, 
Christ.  Dietrich  Meyer, 
Johan  Georg  Golhell, 
Henrich  Caspar  Putscher, 
J.  Martin  Röttger, 
Joh.  Valentin  Dantius, 
Johan  Carl  Menneke, 
Henrich  Nothdarf,* 
J.  Christo  Schletz,* 
Casper  Gab.  Miller,* 
Joh.  Geo.  Barfuss, 
Christ.  Ludwig  Munt, 
Carl  Fred.  Grobler, 
Christian  Henrich, 
Fried.  Solomon  Weis, 
Friederich  Zimmer, 
Dietrich  Volkman, 
Johannes  Bibe, 
Joh.  Henrich  Sänger, 
J.  Andreas  Hornäffer, 
Dietrich  von  Bieren, 
Joh.  Gottfried  Zerhiger, 
Johan  Daniel  Eckebert, 
Hen.  Rudolph  Stoltze, 
Joh.  Friederich  Grassier, 
Joh.  Bartho.  Nühlhahn, 
Casper  Henrich  Grimm, 
Joh.  Georg  Reinhold, 
Johan  Zacharias  Jahn, 
Johan  Christoph  Winter. 

Georg  Christian  Klem, 

Sick — Joh.  Henrich  Hefthar,  J.  Thomas  Kuhn,  Gottfried 
Wilhelm  Allhelm,  Johannes  Minck,  Johan  Gustavus  Kuntz, 
H.  Christian  Willfeld,  Georg  Christian  Mayer,  Johan  Friederich 
Günter,  Johan  Ernst  Holland,  Georg  Friederich  Tesch,  Johan 



Henrich  Klem,  Henrich  Rudolph  Nagel,  Christoph  Mayer, 
David  Morson,  Grottfried  Reinknecht,  Joh.  Ernst  Simon,  J. 
Friederich  Berghaus,  Friederich  Albrecht  Scheller,  Joh.  Hen- 
rich Wendel,  David  Henrich  Heyer,  Nicklaus  Ruel,  A.  Matheis 
Molin,  Hans  Georg  Breihahn,  Johan  Ludwig  Schlottennan, 
Johan  Adolph  Flock. 

191)  Nov.  8,  1752.    Snow  Louisa,  John  Pittcairne,  Captain, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

9?oö.  8,  1752.    (5eef(^iff  2ouifa,  Sapitain  3o:^n  ^ittcairne, 
»on  Stotterbam  über  Sotueö. 

Michael  Deeg, 
Matheus  Kepstner, 
Christoph  Kuntz, 
Jacob  Holder, 
Uhich  Meyer, 
Johannes  Feiler, 
Johannes  Meyer, 
Johannes  UUman, 
Casper  Krieger, 
Adam  Pabst,* 
Christian  Hofman, 
David  Mellinger, 
Jacob  HoflPmann, 
Frantz  Carl  von  Campe, 
Hans  Georg  Hausser, 
Hans  Georg  Reisch, 
Johan  Herman  Rosenblatt, 
Johan  Leonardt  Kopp, 
Johan  Christian  Friess, 
Johann  Martin  Holder, 
Johan  Michael  Geiger, 
Hans  Georg  Lantzer, 
Georg  Michael  Schmidt, 
Albrecht  Michael  Felder, 
G.  Friederich  Hottenbacher, 
Hans  Adam  Statell,* 
Wilhelm  Fortenbacher, 
Johannes  Geiler, 
Leonhardt  Schindler, 

Conrad  Schindler, 
Johannes  Romig,* 
Frantz  Schmid, 
Konrad  Hepfoh, 
Balthaser  Scholl,* 
Peter  Diem, 
Georg  Gobel, 
Christoph  Gülberth, 
Joseph  Beyrer, 
Tobias  Stahl,* 
Christian  Kast, 
Johannes  Schneider, 
Jacob  Hag, 
Johannes  Bader, 
Johannes  Hoss, 
Jacob  Grieg, 
Georg  Karr, 
Friederich  Schrader, 
Hans  Michael  Carl,  § 
Johan  Georg  Koch, 
Johann  Peter  Scholl, 
Johann  Georg  Sturm, 
Georg  Baltzer  Schelling, 
Johann  Georg  Gilbert, 
Johann  Jacob  Kuckhen, 
Johann  Jost  Bruno, 
Johan  Georg  Laubin  ger, 
Andreas  Gilbert, 
Jac.  Balthasar  Volcampe,* 



Hans  Georg  Kautz, 
Joh.  Philip  Schwartländer, 
John  PhUip  Welsh,* 
Johann  Georg  Meyer, 
Georg  Philipp  Bock, 
Hans  Michael  Schmidt, 

Georg  jNIichael  Müller, 
Johann  jMichael  Path, 
Johan  Martin  Haussleither, 
Johan  Jacob  Stoll, 
Georg  Christian  Nüsser, 
Simon  Leitel  Huber. 

192)  Nov.  22,  1752.  Ship  Phoenix,  Reuben  Honor,  Cap- 
tain, from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

5fioö.  22,  1752.  <5^iff  ^^öni):,  Sapitatu  3teu'&cn  ^onor,  öon 
Stotterbam  über  Sotveö. 

Peter  Antel,* 
Josias  Schertzer, 
Johann  Klass, 
Jacob  Hüwit, 
Rudolph  Hoffman, 
Michael  Burgin, 
Ulrich  Nüssly, 
Friederich  Weiler, 
Leonhart  Uller, 
David  Zimmermann, 
Lambert  Smyets, 
Johannes  Mohr, 
Johannes  Roth, 
Valentin  Scheurich, 
Jacob  Scheurich, 
Christoph  Dosch, 
Ludwig  Henrich  Nussbürckel, 
Johan  Adam  Lotz, 
Johan  Nicklas  AUhäll,* 
Johann  Peter  Gittin, 
Georg  Christoph  Bauman, 
Johan  Adam  Geiger, 
Johann  Henrich  Breser, 
Jean  Jaques  le  Roy, 
Han  Georg  Rohrer, 
Johan  Henrich  Becker, 
Jacob  Friederich  Schneider, 
Johan  Philip  Albert, 
Frantz  Joseph  Pfeifer, 

Johan  Matheis  Scheurich, 
Johan  Martin  Dostman, 
Hans  Michael  Adelman, 
Ludwig  Weimer, 
Johannes  Frölich, 
Philip  Jacobi, 
Hans  Shneyder  jr.,* 
Jean  Botisnion, 
Christian  Kuhbach, 
Daniel  Gingenhan, 
Abraham  Peter, 
Michael  Peter, 
Paul  Walleysen,* 
Jacob  Ogli, 
Johannes  Statler,* 
Bartholomeus  Hoffman, 
Augustin  Fieng, 
Abraham  Frioth, 
Henrich  LoUeninger, 
Andreas  Kutz, 
Johannes  Fischer, 
Jacob  Gartman, 
Jacob  Grauss, 
Christian  Roth, 
Rudolph  Döbely, 
Johann  Schaidt, 
Henry  Geisler,* 
Joseph  Imfeid, 
Ulrich  Ott, 



Rudolph  Egy, 
Jacob  Haller, 
Johann  Waltz, 
David  Jugnal,* 
H.  Weytzel  * 
Peter  Gilliona,* 
Daniel  Lawall, 
Henry  Straub, 
Jacob  Guyer, 
Matheis  Krauth, 
Johannes  Duff, 
Peter  Jung, 
Wilhelm  Albert, 
Simon  Schneider, 
Christoph  Henrich, 
Jacob  Lüper, 
Johannes  Heltenmeyer, 
Burchard  Zendmeyer, 
Joh.  Jacob  Winter, 
Johann  Georg  Suber, 
Guiliam  Silbirit, 
Johann  Adam  Speck, 
Johann  Georg  Heck, 
Johann  Georg  Gingenhan, 
Hans  Georg  Dosh,* 
Johann  Peter  Lehmann, 
Jean  Michel  Lanblene, 
Johan  Peter  Conveer, 
Hans  Michael  Claus, 
Johann  Jacob  Schelling, 
Johan  Georg  Merckling, 
Hans  Georg  Zaimger, 
Johann  Michel  Ihl, 
Johann  Henrich  Schaff, 
Johann  Thomas  Beck, 

Johann  Burckhard, 
Hans  Georg  Meyly, 
Mich.  Friedrich  Buch, 
Johan  Peter  Pfannkuchen, 
Johan  Adam  Klein, 
Michael  Ullmann, 
Hans  Michael  Hoff, 
Georg  Nebeling, 
Johan  Ludwig  Lawall, 
John  David  Henkel, 
Hans  Michael  Lutz, 
Hans  Martin  Scheurich, 
Adam  Le  Roy, 
Johan  Peter  Frembes, 
Johann  Georg  Roth, 
Johan  Rudolph  Ferrer, 
Georg  Henrich  Kop, 
George  Henry  Koch, 
Georg  Bernhart  Kapp, 
Johan  Michael  Christian, 
Martin  Johann  Bauer, 
Hans  Jacob  Back,* 
Johan  Melchior  Ensle, 
Daniel  Kuhn, 
Piere  Guillons, 
Frantz  May, 
Kilian  May, 
Anthon  Weinbrener, 
George  Hoffman,* 
Wolfgang  Winebrener,* 
Johann  Jacob  Miller,* 
Johann  PhUip  Straub, 
Michael  Schäffer, 
Johann  Rudolph  Graff, 

Johan  Theobald  Closs. 
Sick — Johannes  Lenschy  jr.,  Haus  Georg  Backofen,  Thomas 
Leyerig,  Johan  Ludwig  Mickel,  Johann  Dietrich  Eckel,  Jacob 
Reigert,  Jacob  Döbly,  Hans  Georg  Beicht,  Georg  Hinleer, 
Abraham  Freilich,  Jacob  Lupfer,  Johan  Gottfried  List,  Jacob 



193)  Sept.  8,  1753.  Ship  St.  Michael  Michael,  Thomas 
Ellis,  Commander,  from  Hamburg,  last  from  Cowes. 

(Sept.  8.  1753.  ©ctyiff  ®t  mi^att  md^ad,  eommanbant 
Slt)omaö  Slltö,  »Ott  Hamburg  über  Someö. 

John  Henry  Deer,* 
Joh.  Fried.  Deer,* 
Henry  A.  Deer,* 
Christian  Warner,* 
Peter  Gunckel,* 
Andreas  Shweishelm, 
Andreas  Böger, 
J.  George  Saxe, 
Johannes  Rehr,* 
Friederich  Rauberg,* 
Wilhelm  Latink,* 
Christian  Latink,* 
Lorents  Shüler, 
J.  Henry  Krape,* 
J.  Peter  Millberg,* 
J.  Christian  Heyl, 
Michael  Kind, 
Christoph  Wegener, 
Conrad  Eichler, 
Ludwig  Topper, 
Christian  Aterholt,* 
Johannes  Resch, 
Ehler  Herse, 
Andreas  Linden, 
Herman  Inbuss, 
Henrich  Meyer, 
Fred.  Henrich  Barthals, 
John  Jacob  Port, 
Joh.  Josephus  Meinersen, 
John  Henry  Keller, 
John  Henry  Gross, 

Johann  Henrich  Ahrens, 
Joh.  Henrich  Billingesleben, 
J.  Henry  Messershmit,* 
J.  Friederich  Fischer, 
Johann  Christian  Sachse, 
Johan  Nicklaus  Rehcopp, 
J.  Caspar  Latink,* 
J.  Henry  Seydling,* 
J.  Friederich  AUter,* 
J.  Andreas  Vogt, 
G.  Christoph  Warinken,* 
Conrad  Henry  Sander,* 
Clas  Casten  Kroger, 
Johann  Daniel  Klemm, 
Hieronimus  Eichler, 
H.  Christoph  Gall, 
Joh.  Hen.  Eberhart  Hensen, 
Joh.  Benedictus  Breittenfeldt 
Friedrich  Henrich  Stern, 
Johann  Gerhart  ölayer, 
Hans  Henry  Tete,* 
Frantz  Con.  Rose, 
J.  Henry  Ratiker,* 
J.  Henry  Gutjahr,* 
Johann  Kirscher, 
Matheis  Kersher,* 
Johann  Erich  Reuter, 
Johan  Friederich  Sachse, 
John  Henry  Saxe, 
Christian  Wilhelm  Coli, 
George  Wilhelm  Hooker.* 

Richey,  Captain, 

194)  Sept.  10,  1753.    Ship  Beulah,  - 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

(Sept.  10, 1753.   ©c^iff  33eula^,  Sapitain  3Hic^e9,  öon  flotter- 
bam  über  Someö. 



Jac.  Bishop  Berger,* 
Job.  Georg  Rab, 
Vinsintzius  Beggari, 
Johan  Perass,  ? 
Friederich  Züron, 
Christian  Scheitt, 
Stephan  Lay, 
Andreas  Lay, 
Moses  Bauer, 
Simon  Walther, 
Peter  Über, 
Thomas  Dich, 
Friederich  Gruber, 
Jacob  IMichel, 
Baltius  Zweyk,* 
Christoph  Zweig, 
Conrath  Schief, 
Ludwig  Schick, 
Andreas  Frey, 
Jacob  Stein, 
Friederich  Cast,* 
Hans  Georg  Wilt, 
Albrecht  Heckman, 
Georg  Arnolt, 
Michel  Kuhn  sen.,* 
Michael  Kuhn, 
Sebastian  Hoffman,* 
Johannes  Hoffman,* 
Valentin  Korn, 
Martin  Bürger, 
Lorentz  Hössert, 
Hans  Waltz, 
Martin  Hedinger, 
Johan  Michael  Greffenstcin, 
Stephan  Frantz  Volch, 
Georg  Friederich  Volch, 
Johan  Michael  Bauer, 
(xeorg  Friederich  Braun, 
Johann  Simon  Schmieg, 
Johann  Friederich  Freund, 

Johann  Matheus  Braun, 
Johann  Henrich  Hoffmann, 
Georg  Heinrich  Alter, 
Johann  Jacob  Alter, 
Johann  Albrecht  Fessler  sen., 
Johann  Albrecht  Fessler, 
Johann  Andreas  Fessler, 
Georg  Conrad  Braun  sen., 
Johan  Stephan  Riegler, 
Georg  Conrad  Bi'aun, 
Johann  Michael  Krauss, 
Johann  Georg  Braun, 
Johann  Matheus  Mayer, 
Henrich  Martin  Ebele, 
Johan  Philip  Vohleder, 
Johan  Michel  Ungerer, 
Johan  Philip  Berberich, 
J.  Friederich  Hiltzbeck,* 
Georg  Friederich  Schweitzer, 
Johann  Henrich  Gebert, 
Johan  Georg  Ziegler, 
Johan  Michael  Lang, 
Johan  Christoph  Nitz, 
Johann  Peter  Bauer, 
Johann  Friederich  Bauer, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Ruth, 
Georg  Scholler, 
Peter  Truckeumiller,* 
Jacob  Sammit,* 
Andreas  Klein, 
Georg  Schimmel, 
Job.  Jacob  Keppner, 
H.  Adam  Brenner, 
Job.  Ernst  Sattelthaler, 
Job.  Andreas  Schmieg, 
Georg  Henrich  Scbäffer, 
Georg  Friederich  Schall,* 
Johan  Michael  Franck, 
Job.  Ludwig  Sommer, 
Johan  Georg  Dietz, 



Georg  Christoph  Dietz, 
Hans  Georg  Kamm, 

Georg  Ludwig  Rosenmüller, 
Geors;  Michael  Däueber. 

195)  Sept.  11,  1753.   Ship  Queen  of  Denmark,  Geo.  Parish, 
Captain,  from  Hamburg,  last  from  Cowes. 

(Sept.  11,  1753.    <Bä^i^  Cueen  of  IDenmarf,  Sapitain  ©eorg 
5!>arif  ^,  öon  Hamburg  über  Sot»eg. 

Caspar  Krönberg, 
Ludwig  Raflfgarn,* 
Henry  Bergfeld, 
Georg  Bossman, 
Thomas  Fugnicht,* 
Ernst  Delitz, 
J.  Ernst  Kort,* 
John  Ewald,* 
Christian  Arrent,* 
P.  Zangenberg, 
Ludwig  Brail,* 
J.  Henry  Frey, 
Lorentz  Petry,* 
Andreas  Grotheim,* 
Nicolaus  SchäflFer, 
J.  Jost  Werning,* 
Johannes  Taubert, 
David  Albrecht, 
J.  Jacob  Voigt, 
J.  August  Freyberg, 
J.  Friedrich  Desern,* 
Christoff  Endike,* 
J.  George  Gerang,* 
George  Fischer,* 
Christian  Heippe,* 
Christian  Luig,* 
Wilhelm  Brenner, 
Johann  Reichman, 
Christoph  Gut  jr.,* 
Johann  Valentin  Elte, 
Hans  Georg  Disseler,* 
Johan  Henrich  Mastenberg, 
H.  Christopher  Shadike,* 

Dieterich  Proptenslad,* 
Jost  Henrich  Bebe, 
Job.  Friederich  Ungar,* 
J.  Andreas  Rudolph,* 
J.  Andreas  Balthauer,* 
Job.  Henry  Engel,* 
Hans  Herman  Arrent,* 
Johann  Christian  Tenne, 
Johan  George  Distner,* 
J.  Valentin  Neimeyer,* 
Ludwig.  Wil.  Bockrantz, 
Anthon  Bartbol.  von  Brunck, 
Job.  Carl  Rauscbenbach, 
Job.  Wilhelm  Schiele, 
Johann  David  Fischer, 
Johan  Christian  Bolle, 
Johan  Valentin  Rausch, 
Johan  Christian  Schneider, 
Jost  Henry  Kinige,* 
Job.  Christoph  Gobrecht  jr., 
Georg  Wilhelm  Reburg,* 
Job.  Christian  Gobrecht, 
Frantz  Henrich  Ernst, 
Johann  Ernst  Blanssart, 
Geo.  Wilhelm  von  Lüde, 
Johann  Dingler, 
Christian  Gollstäd,* 
Wilhelm  Krelss, 
Peter  Fred.  Niemeyer, 
Nicolaus  Christian  Otto, 
Job.  Friederich  Wambeck,* 
Henrich  Julius  Boths. 




Sick — Johan  Ludwig  Starck,  Greorg  Demme  jr.,  Friederich 
Jordan,  J.  Dietricli  Welde,  Hans  Herman  Brand,  Christoph 
Weidener,  Joh.  Philip  Preising,  Christian  Neiss,  Johan  Georg 
Müller,  Erhart  Reindel,  Christoph  Gut  sen. 

196)  Sept.  14,  1753.  Ship  Edinburgh,  James  Rüssel,  Cap- 
tain, from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Portsmouth. 

(5cpt  14,  1753.  ®^iff  ebtnburg^,  (Sapitain  ^amti  fRu^d, 
toon  Slotterbam  über  ^ort^mout^. 

Johann  Achintopfs,? 
Michael  Halberstadt, 
Julius  Brecker, 
Samuel  Maus, 
Peter  Miller,* 
Dewald  Creutz,* 
Johannes  Miller,* 
Abraham  Miller,* 
Jacob  Braun, 
Philip  Lantz, 
Philip  Mülhof, 
Conrath  Kleim, 
Jacob  Dewalt, 
Conrath  Guth  sen., 
Conrad  Guth, 
Andreas  Hesterich, 
Peter  Schuh, 
Heinrich  Schupp, 
Jacob  Müller, 
Bastian  Mohr, 
Michael  Lang, 
Ludwig  Busch, 
Adam  Hamscher, 
Joseph  Zwieshig, 
Carl  Arnth, 
Andreas  Scher, 
Georg  Marthin, 
Johannes  Limberger, 
Peter  Steiner, 
Philip  Henry  Gabel, 
Johann  Jacob  Harn, 

Johann  Jacob  Wissinger, 
Philip  Jacob  Mühlhoff, 
Michael  Zimmerman, 
Johann  Georg  Kuhn, 
Johann  Adam  Kreischer, 
Johann  Sebastian  Kreischer, 
Ernst  Christoph  Adam, 
Johann  Jacob  Ross, 
Conrad  Klenter,* 
Johann  Peter  Bade, 
Johannes  Schwalb, 
Balthaser  Pemeller, 
Johann  Jacob  Beck, 
Johann  Reinhardt  Rahmer, 
Johann  Georg  Jost, 
Johann  Friederich  Vogeler, 
Johann  Christoph  Mauerer, 
Christoph  Treydel, 
Jacob  Kauffmann, 
Johann  Nickel  IMichel, 
Johann  Georg  Leonard, 
Conrad  Wagner, 
Christian  Jutzener,* 
Johannes  Herguth, 
Johann  Nickel  Jacoby, 
Johann  Nickel  Jacoby  sen., 
Johann  Peter  Jacoby, 
Wilhelm  Stein, 
Jacob  Krier,* 
Carl  Bernhart, 
Peter  Kuntz, 



Jacob  Schott, 
Johannes  Laffer, 
Peter  Rodtler, 
Friederich  May,* 
Jacob  Threye, 
Jacob  Zombro, 
Jacob  Knab,* 
Philip  Preiss,* 
Johan  Rauffbem,* 
Jacob  Bauer, 
Jacob  Bachman, 
Jacob  Heck, 
Daniel  Heck, 
Peter  Beder, 
Samuel  Wertz, 
David  Schmitt, 
Beiann  Lantz, 
Martin  Greldt, 
Peter  Klein, 
Wilhelm  Spira, 
Johannes  Fellentzer, 
Adolph  Meyer, 
Daniel  Hann, 
Jacob  Bollinger, 
Johannes  Stötzel, 
Philip  Weber, 
Andreas  Harnstein, 
Ulrich  Wäber, 
Johannes  Frey, 
Bernhart  Beck, 
Matheis  Ehhalt, 
Martin  Braun, 
Conrad  Foltz, 
Marcus  Angst, 
Paulus  Hartman, 
Greorg  Göhringer, 
Ludwig  Folmer,* 
Friederich  Jäckle, 
Christoffel  Renner, 
Valentin  Hoffmann, 
Jean  Pierre  du  Corbier, 

Johann  Adam  Böhm, 
Valentin  Kohlmann, 
Theobald  Angene, 
Friederich  Schwartz, 
Philip  Henry  Lein, 
Johann  Jacob  Bachman, 
Lorentz  Bachman, 
Eberhart  Schmitt, 
Ludwig  Jung,* 
Johann  Entzmenger,* 
Johann  Bientzel, 
Joh.  Henry  Bintzel,* 
Johannes  Bintzel,* 
Paulus  Spirandin, 
Jacob  Bollinger, 
Johann  Kraffgoss, 
J.  Henry  Shrohr,* 
Peter  Flickinger, 
Joh.  Christ.  Huffnagel, 
Johan  Georg  Weyshaar, 
Johann  Georg  Steinbock, 
John  Henry  Wunderling, 
Justus  Henrich  Weber, 
Conrad  Mentzinger, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Wäber, 
Johannes  Kornhaas, 
Johannes  Rechtlos, 
Johannes  Buchstel, 
Christian  Fischer, 
Gregorius  Büsche, 
Friederich  Hartman, 
Wilhelm  Hartman, 
Friederich  Weidmeyer, 
Andreas  Huttenbach, 
Jeremias  Hüsterle, 
Johan  Christian  Dörr, 
Johannes  Schmidt, 
Heinrich  Adam  Hoffman, 
Georg  Melchior  Hiebner, 
Johannes  Auer,* 
Jacob  Knödel, 



Adam  Roser, 
Johannes  Kreiner, 
Jacob  Polweller,* 
Henrich  Strack, 
Jacob  Miller,* 
Jacob  Ott, 
Philip  Lehrer, 
Johan  Georg  Märcker, 

Sick — Triederich  Kramer 
Henrich  E-odhaf,  Friederich 

Paulus  Hochstrasser, 

Valentin  Fleck, 

Johan  Michael  Hauber, 

Johann  Conrad  Metz, 

Friederich  Stephan, 

Elias  Kneller, 

Solomon  Gabel, 

Johan  Jacob  Albert.* 
,  Michael  Decker,  Rudolph  Weide, 

197)  Sept.  17,  1753.    Ship  Patience,  Hugh  Steel,  Captain, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

©ept.  17,  1753.    <3^iff  patience,  ßapitain  ^ug^  ©tcel,  tion 
Siotterbam  über  ßottjeö. 

Gottfried  Haberly, 
Jaques  Balme, 
Paul  Caffarel, 
Mortier  Türe, 
Jaques  Gouriie, 
Lorie  Nerien, 
Jacob  Gerhart,* 
Adam  Seihs, 
Jacob  Fisher,* 
Jaque  Berger, 
Joseph  Knittel, 
Johannes  Singer, 
Jacob  Borman, 
Friederich  Jensei, 
Michael  Scheible, 
Charles  Shommet,* 
Martin  Käyser, 
Martin  Jauss, 
Pierre  Gautier, 
Jean  Bonnet, 

Elias  Nastes,? 
Jaque  Bac, 
Jacob  Singquet, 
Lenhart  Heller, 
Pierre  Armin  Jean, 
Jean  Pierre  Chappelle, 
Jeremie  Chappelle, 
Pierre  Rouchon, 
Henri  Rouchon, 
Jean  Jacjues  Servai, 
Michael  Rüstler, 
Job.  Georg  Knidel, 
Hans  Georg  Feller, 
Jean  Richardon, 
Hans  Georg  Sholter,* 
Georg  Valentin  Reinhardt, 
Andreas  Münchinger, 
Fried.  Haux,  a 
Johannes  Würmle, 
Gottlieb  Heinrich  Harindus, 

a  To  this  name  is  prefixed  Ehw.  Dom.,  i.  e.  Eev.  Mr.;  thus:  Ehw. 
Dom.  Fried.  Haux. — (Editor.) 

a  aSor  btefem  9tamen  ftcl)t  (Sf)».  Dom.,  b.  \i.  55aflor  5rtcb.  $aur.— 



Hans  Conrad  Hogoodus, 
Hans  Georg  Bross, 
Ferdinand  Würtz, 
Friederich  Reinholdt, 
Christoph  Hehr, 
Johann  Caspar  Gross, 
Johann  Georg  Strödinger, 
Johannes  Preyss, 
Daniel  Stauber, 
Jacob  Banchle,  ? 
3Iichael  Aller, 
Johannes  Bodner, 
Hans  Hentzinger, 
Johannes  Hiller, 
Philip  Weiss, 
Bernhart  Jung, 
Henrich  Kendel, 
Matheas  Heber, 
Tobias  Kurch, 
Johannes  Kleintopf, 
Johann  Jackobi, 
Adam  Winhart, 
Johannes  Breinig, 
Casper  Hassler, 
Peter  Gröbil, 
Bastian  Erig,* 
Peter  Landig,* 
Leonhard  Schauer, 
Peter  Bühler, 
Michael  Gerber, 
Simon  Gerber, 
Christoph  Schmit, 

Sick — Isaac  Grad,  Christoph  Larg,  Christian  Bauer, 
Georg  Leib. 

Etienne  Brenn, 
Jacob  Gerber, 
Gabriel  Lausch, 
Michel  Rom, 
Georg  Martin  Kreidler, 
Johannes  Schweitzer, 
Get)rg  Michel  Descher, 
Jacob  Ochsenreiter, 
Johan  Friederich  Werner,* 
Job.  Friederich  Ochsenreiter, 
Job.  Friederich  Stähle, 
Johan  Caspar  Sieg, 
Georg  Adam  Wiet, 
Hans  Georg  Roller, 
G.  Wilhelm  Rieser, 
Christoffel  Klein  topf, 
Hen.  Christo.  Bleicherodt, 
Job.  Matthias  Schmidt, 
Hans  Georg  Schättinger, 
Hans  Georg  Adtelberger, 
Philip  Adtelberger, 
Hans  Adam  Schäffer, 
Heinrich  Hackmann, 
Hans  Michael  Mann, 
J.  Dietrich  Steinbrecher, 
J.  Lenhait  Gerwig,* 
Sebastian  Knartsch, 
Johan  Daniel  Rau, 
Samuel  Bosser  man, 
Friederich  Osswald, 
Johan  Georor  Federhoff. 


198)  Sept.  17,  1753.    Ship  Richard  and  Mary,  John  Moore, 
Commander,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

©ept.  17,  1753.    (Schiff  Slic^arb  unb  mar's},  Sommanbant 
3o^tt  9}loore.  »on  ^lottcrtiam  über  Sowcg. 




Joseph  Phillipp, 
Ulrich  Seuberlich, 
Peter  Juncker, 
Joh.  Martin  Jacob, 
F.  Wüh.  Zürn, 
Joh.  Knabschneider, 
Geo.  Adam  Schober, 
Johan  Caspar  Gayer, 
Hans  Michael  Rau, 
Johan  Jacob  Gayer, 
Johan  Henrich  Juncker, 
Johan  Carl  Siegle, 
Johann  Ernst  Juncker, 
Johan  Christian  Kniess, 
Martin  Sührer, 
Andreas  Diehm, 
Johannes  Siglin, 
Conrad  Lampater,* 
Joseph  Lampater,* 
Johannes  Lampater,* 
Joseph  Wild, 
Casper  Weschune,? 
Adam  Stall, 
Adam  Grim, 
Abraham  Lang, 
Michael  Vollmer, 
Friederich  Kucher, 
Josephus  Friederich, 
Peter  Janson, 
Paulus  Bäutigam, 
Joh.  Ernst  Nagel, 
Christoph  IMahl,* 
Johannes  Kuchen, 
Han  Jacob  Adam,* 
J.  Georg  Metzger,* 
Peter  Rahm,* 
Adam  ObendorflF, 
Peter  Hitschner, 
Jacob  Schlauchtet, 
Johannes  Sack, 
H.  Albert  Homer,* 

Johannes  Schreiber, 
Jacob  Wittmann,* 
Paulus  Hopp, 
Valentin  Schobig, 
Christoff  Waltz, 
Christoph  Heinickel, 
Peter  Nass, 
Christophel  Gref, 
Peter  Seiler, 
Johannes  Hollscheit, 
Johannes  Gürtz,* 
Simon  Sark,* 
Johannes  Peroing,* 
David  Reiff,* 
Philip  Hammerschmit,* 
Joh.  Nicolaus  Schubert, 
Joh.  Michael  Schubert, 
Joh.  Casper  Wurm, 
Johan  Georg  Stump,* 
Georg  Friederich  Pflieger, 
Joh.  Georg  Maisch, 
Joh.  Georg  Gelinder, 
Hans  Martin  Gelinder, 
Hans  Jacob  Kemmerli, 
Johan  Adam  Körner, 
Joh.  Georg  Gerstenmayer, 
Georg  Friederich  Weiss, 
Joh.  Lenhart  Zembt,? 
Carl  Friederich  Weydo,§ 
Joh.  Christoph  Herth, 
Joh.  Daniel  Druss 
C.  Friederich  Hutman,* 
Joh.  Friederich  Hess, 
Joh.  Friederich  Satler,* 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Engelhardt, 
Georg  Paul  Langenbach, 
Hans  Ludwig  Mall, 
Hans  Georg  Kreis, 
Joh.  Henrich  Oberlender, 
Johan  Adam  Wolff, 
George  Nicklas  Straus,* 



Joh.  Philip  Stein, 
Joh.  Christoph  Beck, 
Joh.  Conrad  Steinmetz, 
Joh.  Henrich  Müller, 
Joh.  Michael  Spannagel, 
Georg  Adam  Wittmann, 
Johann  Georg  Klein, 
Hans  Barthel  Heck, 
Hans  Geo.  Schöllhammer, 
Johan  Caspar  Auen, 
Ernst  Wilhelm  Kageroth, 
J.  Gottfried  Knapper,* 
Georg  Friederich  Heininger, 

Hans  Adam  Oswald,* 
Johan  Georg  Bick, 
Johan  Peter  Ruhter, 
Herman  Weyskirk,* 
Michael  Kolb, 
Jacob  Schenck, 
Johannes  Schmit,* 
H.  Georg  Gramly,* 
Hans  Georg  Seydelmeyer,* 
Philip  Grindelmeyer,* 
Hans  Georg  Harst, 
Joh.  Matheus  Pfanner, 
Joh.  Georg  Braun. 

199)  Sept.  19,  1753.   Ship  Leathley, Lickey,  Captain, 

from  Hamburg,  last  from  Cowes. 

Sept.  19,  1753 
bürg  über  Soroe^. 

Anercus  Foil, 
Christian  Schlemer,* 
Christoph  Amelon,* 
ChristoiFel  Termel,* 
J.  Christoph  Bömer,* 
H.  Henry  Coffer,* 
Caspar  Hillebrecht,* 
C.  Rudolph  Rechner, 
Daniel  Lange, 
Henry  Busman,* 
Henry  Neymeyer, 
Andreas  Busman,* 
J.  Carsten  Thorman,* 
Ludwig  Schmit,* 
J.  Henry  Hinsey, 
Michael  Uhl, 
Christian  Ramberg, 
Henry  Shreeder,* 
Hiram  Alleman, 
Johan  Heneman,* 
Henry  Werner, 
J.  Henry  Probe,* 

Schiff  Seat^Iep,  (Sa^jitain  Sicfe^,  öon  Jpam- 

Conradt  Shmit,* 
Friederich  Veiher,* 
Valentin  Wegmeyer, 
John  Henry  Hening,* 
Johan  Peter  Koch, 
J.  Wilhelm  Voss, 
J.  Dieterich  Sehr,* 
Joh.  Gottfried  Golde, 
Christophel  Schlencker, 
Fried.  Wilhelm  Schlencker, 
Frantz  Hen.  Schlencker, 
Christ.  Andreas  Nichtedt, 
Joh.  Ludolph  Wehmeyer, 
Joh.  Andreas  Meyer, 
Johan  Just  Müller, 
Hans  Henry  Busman,* 
Ernst  Henrich  StöUe, 
Joh.  Philip  Fertinbach, 
Johan  Stats  Koch, 
Joh.  Christoph  Appache, 
Johan  Nicklaus  Klein, 
Casper  Ludwig  Siwert, 



Johan  Henrich  Siwert, 
Jolian  Christian  Ale, 
J.  Cort  Halster, 

Georg  Casper  Hoppener, 
And.  ChristoflP  Meinsken, 
Joh.  Fried.  Christian  Alleman. 

200)  Sept.  24,  1753.    Ship  Neptune,  John  Mason,  Master, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

(Sept.  24,  1753.   ©c^iff  Neptune,  Sapitain  3o:^n  5}?afon,  »on 
9tottertam  über  ßotüeö. 

Friederich  Melcher^ 
Johann  Wilhelm, 
Peter  Dümmig, 
George  Keytel,* 
Joh.  Michael  Schärphlein, 
Georg  Nicolas  Weugäterr, 
Johan  Georg  Wenckert, 
Hans  Michael  Rather, 
Peter  Keytel,* 
Sebastian  Höre, 
Peter  Klünth, 
Nicklas  Hebling, 
Sebastian  Werlein, 
Michael  Kretz, 
Andreas  Bolch, 
Philip  Riessei", 
Andreas  Schneffer, 
Jacob  OberdoriF, 
Joh.  Peter  Riess, 
Georg  Weiss, 
Johannes  Ross, 
Conrad  Winckler, 
Michael  Hollenbach, 
Caspar  Dollmann, 
Johannes  Riess, 
Nicklas  Hollebach, 
Simon  Irst,? 
Georg  Falock, 
Georg  Leming, 
Melchior  Eisnert, 
Johannes  Fleischer, 
Christian  Reysing,* 

Michael  Hollenbach, 
Philip  Weiss, 
Adam  Hauck, 
Peter  Lennich, 
Sebastian  Hämer, 
Joh.  Adolph  Ott, 
Johannes  Schreiner, 
Wilhelm  Würtz  jr., 
Wilhelm  Würtz  sen., 
Joh.  Georg  Raab,* 
Bernhart  Shop,* 
Andreas  Crieby, 
Sebastian  Riess, 
Casper  Henkel, 
Johannes  Hue, 
Geo.  WUh.  Morash,* 
Andreas  Hommer,* 
Jacob  Beyer, 
Lorentz  Friederich  Croy, 
Georg  Schwenckert, 
Johannes  Trump, 
Bartel  Raunberger, 
Johann  Michael  Werlein, 
Johan  Georg  Schwab, 
Joh.  Christoph  Breitenhardt, 
Joh.  Philip  Eyrich, 
Joh.  Michael  Erdners, 
Joh.  Michael  Heidt, 
Johan  Paul  Schwab, 
Hans  Adam  Dierhein, 
Johan  Adam  Sauer, 
Johann  Georg  Wunder, 



Johann  Michael  Desch, 
Joh.  Lenhart  Wiittninger, 
Joh.  Sebastian  Hammeter, 
Joh.  Christujih  Feemhaber, 
Joh.  Philip  Mewe, 
Hans  Jacob  Winckler, 
Hans  Thomas  Winckler, 
Johan  Georg  Hollenbach, 
Joh.  Bernhardt  Pahosuch, 
Johan  Nicklas  Saul, 
Johan  Georg  Harmoff, 
Georg  Peter  Fuchs, 
Joh.  Nicklaus  Heckser, 
Hans  And.  Weickert, 
Ephraim  Benedict  Kaubel, 
Georg  Henry  Bauer,* 
Johan  Thomas  Lennich, 
Hans  Georg  Stautz, 
Hans  Casper  Fuchs, 
Hans  Georg  Carl  Volck, 
Joh.  Henrich  Graf, 
Joh.  Georg  Conrad  Hinck, 
Johan  Caspar  Schnerr, 
Johan  Adam  Saull,* 
Hans  Michael  Hörner, 
Johan  Georg  Oberdorff, 
Johan  Georg  Beck, 
Hans  Michael  Koller,  § 
Johan  Meyer,* 
Jacob  Schaffer, 
Andreas  Sahm, 
Baltzer  Oberdorff, 
Georg  WoUf, 
Adam  Scheck, 
Paulus  Plitz, 
Jacob  Scholl, 
Christoph  Büttel, 
Johannes  Horn, 
Balthaser  Seuberth, 

Hannes  Schnepper, 
Nicklas  Reinhart, 
Nicklaus  Beringer, 
Christoph  Horn, 
Martin  Semmel, 
Michael  Seubert, 
Simeon  Bürger, 
Jacob  Willier,* 
Johannes  Stihling, 
Peter  Höbling, 
Carl  Mildy,* 
Hans  Schreck, 
Andreas  Seuberth, 
A'^alentin  Oberdorff, 
Christian  Ernst  Nieman, 
Johan  Heinrich  Ord, 
Johan  Christian  Keyser, 
Johan  Michael  Seelig, 
Johann  Adam  Bolch, 
Johann  Adam  Schatz, 
Joh.  Henrich  Schlösser, 
Georg  Philip  Roth, 
Philipp  Hoffman, 
John  Slichael  Schatz, 
Johan  Peter  Stumpf, 
Baltzer  Georg  Christian, 
Georg  Philip  Bürger, 
Johann  Peter  Flick, 
Johann  Paulus  Platz, 
Johan  Philip  Meyer, 
Johann  Bernhart  Saull, 
Johannes  Burkhardt, 
Hans  Meckelein  sen., 
Johan  Henrich  Meckelein, 
Hans  Meckelein, 
Johann  Michael  Wassern, 
Johan  Adam  Schantz, 
Adam  Nicolaus  Platz. 



201)  Sept.  24, 1753.  Ship  Peggy,  James  Abercrombie,  Com- 
mander, from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Plymouth. 

(Sept.  24,  1753.  (Schiff  '^(QQV),  Sommant)ant  3ameö  2iber= 
crombie,  oon  3tottertiain  über  ^^Ipntoutt). 

Martin  Bauer, 
Christian  Roth, 
Johannes  Lutz, 
Christoph  Frantz, 
Christoph  Hast, 
Michael  Voltz, 
Holfern  Holtzman, 
Jacob  H.  Herly,* 
Johannes  Hütterly, 
Jacob  Miller, 
Casper  Miiuele, 
Fortunatus  Geney,* 
Nicklas  Schreck,* 
Johan  Andreas  Buch, 
Christian  Friederich  Panse, 
Johan  Jacob  Kautz, 
Johann  Adam  Zweuer, 
Johannes  EiminghofF, 
Johann  Carl  Erhardt, 
Johannes  Bachman, 
Johan  Casper  Nill, 
Johan  Michael  Schumacher, 
PhiUp  Leonard  Schwartz, 
J.  Greorge  Pluner,* 
Johan  Adam  Oberweiler, 
Carl  Friederich  Waag, 
Casper  Schaff, 
Jacob  Hohr,* 
Michael  Ban,  ? 
Johann  Forttmeier, 
Johannes  Steinman, 
Ignatius  Vogt, 
Johannes  Fibs, 
George  Baker,* 
Jacob  Eberhart, 
Conrad  Wiettemeyer, 
Jacob  Armschild,* 

Wilhelm  Gonder, 
Peter  Heiss, 
Jacob  Hetrich, 
George  Lange, 
Michael  Midler, 
Diebolt  Sorg, 
Conrad  Jäger, 
Michael  Brauer, 
Martin  Beck, 
Jacob  Schmidt, 
Georg  Matzon,* 
Johannes  Wälder, 
Jacob  Berger, 
Valentin  Schäffer, 
Philip  Krebs, 
Jacob  Grininger, 
Jacob  Hirsch, 
Carl  Ebersohl, 
Henry  Hassler, 
Abraham  Correll, 
G.  A.  Daser, 
Conradt  Huber, 
Martin  Schneider, 
Philip  Jacob  Meyer, 
Joseph  Graff, 
Isaac  Müller, 
Anton  Cantzle, 
Jacob  Nagel, 
Carl  Degreiff,* 
Jacob  Haller, 
Philip  Zorge, 
Hans  Michel  Zomel, 
Carl  Weinmiller, 
Georg  Philip  Ziegler, 
Jean  Frans  Battez, 
Johan  Jacob  Zucker, 
Georg  Anton  Linder, 



Johan  Andreas  Sclirodlie, 
Johan  William  Engel, 
Hans  Jacob  Steigelmann, 
Johan  Jacob  Kleinbub, 
Job.  Michael  Hero,* 
J.  Dieterich  Oppenheim, 
G-.  Wühelm  Albrecht, 
Henrich  Philipp  Brumm, 
H.  George  Leysig,* 
Friederich  Dannwind, 
Joh.  Theobald  Sternberger, 
Johan  Michael  Sorg, 
Johan  Martin  Bettinger, 
Johan  Jacob  Blecker, 
Georg  Peter  Delp, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Kempff, 
Joh.  Wolfgang  Zeilen, 
Johannes  Francisculur, 
Peter  Casper  Schön, 

Sick — Johannes  Rudel, 
J.  Jacob  Selwinger,  Paulus 

Johan  Jacob  Walther, 
Georg  Adam  Geiss, 
Nicklas  Turmeyer,* 
Georg  Adam  Siegrist, 
Michael  Feierstein, 
Joh.  Georg  Sautter, 
Jos.  Conrad  Haussman, 
Joh.  Nicolaus  Bartholomae, 
Johan  Casper  Rumetsch, 
J.  Georg  Schweickhart, 
Georg  Christ.  Reinholdt, 
Joh.  Friederich  Engelhart, 
Joh.  Wolfgang  Leiter, 
Johan  Adam  Schackh, 
Johan  Friederich  Uebel, 
Johan  Carl  Jacqueart, 
Johan  Conrad  Kagel, 
Johann  Christian  Krebs. 

Johan  Jac.  Müller,  Nicklas  Harter, 
A.  Daser,  J.  Casper  Weitzenfelder. 

202)  Sept.  26,  1753.  Ship  Brothers,  William  Main,  Com- 
mander, from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

©ept  26,  1753.  <5d)iff  Srot^erö,  Sommantant  2Bm.  Wlain, 
öon  Siotterbam  über  Soweö. 

Peter  Eysenbreit, 
Christian  Diem, 
Matheis  Blocher, 
Michael  Wäsener, 
Johannes  Karch, 
Jacob  Haipser, 
Ludwig  Fischer, 
Lorentz  Kölcket, 
Daniel  Wunderlich, 
Melchior  Minalt, 
Johannes  Kuss, 
Burckhart  Bindeman, 
Melchior  Rieckhed, 
Johannes  Jödder, 

Friederich  Mergel,* 
Philip  Hoffman, 
Jacob  Hester, 
Lenhart  Diterich, 
Christoph  Müller, 
Jacob  Müller, 
Friederich  Müller, 
Ludwig  Hertz, 
Johannes  Strohm, 
Martin  Flisterer, 
David  Kind,  ? 
Andreas  Keyser, 
Isaac  Vendner, 
Paulus  Bohler, 



iMichael  Setzer, 
Stephan  Kreidler, 
Jacob  Mann, 
Johannes  Koch, 
Johannes  Zaberer, 
Stephan  Keybolt,* 
Nickolas  Miller,* 
Hans  Greorge  Hop,* 
Hans  Jacob  Finfleher, 
Michael  Schittenhelm, 
Martin  Shittenhelm,* 
Johann  Casper  Koch, 
Hans  Georg  Hay, 
Johann  Simon  Jäger, 
Hans  George  Baltsondei'weg,* 
Georg  Christoph  Eberle, 
Johan  Ludwig  Wcltz, 
Philip  Jacob  Kreidler, 
Johan  Martin  Kreidler, 
Johan  Philip  Freher, 
Christoph  Jacob  Käucher, 
Johan  Philip  Kliestadt,? 
Hans  Wendel  Huber, 
Georg  Friederith  Reinhard, 
Johan  Paul  Sehott, 
Hans  Georg  Marsteller, 
Hans  Georg  Frauenfelder, 
Georg  Friedrich  Andrae, 
Georg  Alberth  Dill, 
Melchior  Fliesbach, 

Eberhart  Sallener,? 
Georg  Peter  Wilhelm, 
Friederich  Henrich  Knabe, 
Lenhardt  Beckermann, 
Christoph  Schenck, 
Hans  George  Mann, 
Bernhart  Schneider, 
Friederich  Lay, 
Johannes  Weyerbacher, 
Mattheis  Röstlin, 
J.  Andreas  Ehrman, 
Johann  Casper  Marburg, 
Johannes  Limbach,* 
Johannes  Herlein, 
Philip  Geyer, 
Jacob  Mann, 
Friederich  Leinbach, 
Friederich  Künstler, 
Johannes  Steidle, 
Johannes  Mann, 
Jean  Hartman, 
Martin  Schneider, 
Michael  Schneider,  § 
Hans  Georg  Fischer, 
Johan  Jacob  Müller, 
Hans  Georg  Mann, 
Hans  Georg  Schweitzer, 
Georg  Jacob  Schramm, 
Jacob  Schweitzer, 
Valentin  Klein. 

203)  Sept.  27,  1753.    Ship  Windsor,  James  Good,  Captain, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

(Sept.  27, 1753.   ©c^tff  SBinbfor,  Gapitain  3antcä  ®oob,  ücn 
Stottcrbam  über  Soweö. 

Rudolph  Banuinger, 
Marcus  Tomer,* 
Daniel  Schneider, 
Martin  Fazler, 
Christian  Schober, 

Sigmund  Bondeli, 
Henrich  Pfister, 
Johannes  Gräber, 
Henry  Boner,* 
Christian  Deiss, 



Daniel  Speck, 

Ciispar  Lutz, 

Heinrich  Sättel, 

Samuel  Sättel, 

Christian  Keller, 

Johannes  Thomas, 

(}eorg  Hoff, 

(ieorg  Mossbach, 

Casper  Cabbas,* 

Johan  Nicklin, 

J.  Jacob  Martin, 

Philip  Rice,* 

Simeon  Reiss, 

Jacob  Reive,* 

Henry  Eschrich,* 

Job.  Peter  Diehm, 

Jacob  Shrey,* 

Adam  Libhart, 

J.  Wilhelm  Tistel,* 

Job.  Jacob  Boshart, 

Job.  Reinhart  Batz, 

Job.  Martin  Kietzmiller, 

Johan  Ludwig  Beck, 

Georg  Stephanus  Wallhauer, 

Johann  Georg  Mann, 

Johann  Georg  Schmidt, 

Johan  Wilhelm  Cromer, 

Reinhart  Dietrich  Kercher, 
Johan  Ferdinand  Lehrer, 
Johann  Christoph  Rein, 
Hans  Georg  Lutz, 
Job.  Martin  Truckenmüller, 
Hans  Adam  Schatzman, 
Henrich  Gottfried  Murr, 
Johan  Peter  Hörn, 
Johann  Joachim  Jaysor, 
Johann  Jacob  Friess, 
Johann  Peter  Grub, 
Johan  Peter  Eltz, 
Michael  Milberger, 
Johannes  Baumann, 
Johann  Casper  Diehl, 
Johan  Jacob  Osterwald, 
Wilhelm  Berckhäuser, 
Georg  Friederich  Steidgers, 
Johan  Jacob  Striby, 
Johann  Philippus  Pix, 
Simon  Peter  Strauch, 
Andreas  Grünau, 
Nicklas  iMensch, 
Adam  Hoppacher, 
Johann  Georg  Betz, 
Johann  Michael  Hobbär, 
J.  George  Sommer. 

204)  Sept.  28,  1753.    Ship  Halifax,  Thomas  Coatam,  Cap 
tain,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

Sept.  28,  1753.    ©^iff  -^paüfar,  ßapttain  I^omaö  ßoatam, 
•oon  3^ottcrtam  über  ßomci?. 

Daniel  Ammon, 
Andreas  Staub, 
Felix  Gerber, 

Friederich  Keener,* 
Johannes  Colle,* 
Heinrich  Thönei, 
Ludwig  Luther, 
Adam  Syroa,* 
Andreas  Seydlle,* 
Daniel  Brenner, 
Henrich  Merki, 

Jost  Conrad, 
Andreas  Ingan,* 
Johannes  Kuhn, 
Conrad  Bornn, 
Christoph  ^Veber, 




Christian  Banner,* 
Paulus  Wolflfe, 
Jacob  Rein, 
Johannes  Buch, 
Johannes  Bassert, 
Johannes  Wagner, 
Isaac  Budeman, 
Talio  Repair,* 
Andreas  Hath,? 
Christoph  Schütz, 
Joseph  Schmitt, 
Jacob  Streder, 
Johannes  Happener, 
Gottfried  Streidtz, 
Johannes  Haass, 
Henrich  Kohn, 
Ludwig  Würtz, 
Johannes  Henckel, 
Johannes  Mayer, 
C.  Friederich  Maag, 
Christian  Heillmann, 
Johannes  Peter  Hann, 
Georg  Michael  Vollerman, 
Georg  Michael  Megerth, 
Georg  Baldas  lingerer, 
Johannes  Danwisch,  ? 
Solomon  Hartman, 
Heister  Hängärten, 
Michael  Grossclaus,* 
Rudolph  Meyer,* 
Jost  Fischbach, 
Bernhart  Sehmid, 
Paulus  Weygant, 
Daniel  Zacharis, 
Mattheis  Zacharis, 
J.  Henry  Stoffel, 
Herman  Göbel, 
Johan  Georg  Becker, 
Hans  Michael  Gock, 
Joh.  Daniel  Haga, 

Joh.  Ludwig  Hesser, 
Joh.  Caspar  Weiss, 
Ludwig  Henrich  Karcher, 
Johan  Jacob  Welter, 
Joh.  Georg  Stöcker, 
Johan  Conrad  Hess, 
Johan  Georg  Moritz, 
Johann  Georg  Schräster, 
Johan  Conrad  Betis, 
Johan  Georg  Hinroth, 
Johan  Georg  Prost, 
Johann  Georg  Krauskob, 
Johan  Georg  Fillibs, 
Johan  Peter  Heun, 
Jacob  Ringwald, 
Martin  Slayer, 
Johannes  Heyr, 
Nicolaus  Kremer, 
Georg  Bishoff,* 
Mattheus  Gromlich, 
George  Führung, 
Adam  Fays, 
Michael  Laub, 
Jacob  Urban, 
J.  Georg  Steyb,* 
Johannes  Laub, 
Johannes  Theis, 
John  Adam  Bald, 
Johannes  Achenbach, 
Johann  Jost  Schmidt, 
Johan  Georg  Sanborn, 
Johan  David  Drüber, 
Christian  Rohrbach, 
Peter  Katzenmeyer, 
Hans  Nicklas  Borger, 
Johann  Casper  Koch, 
Johan  Adam  Forsch, 
Gottfried  Körschnöck, 
Adam  Milchsack, 
Johannes  Georg  Henny. 

Sick — Christopher  Getzelman,   Jacob  Meyer,    Felix  Miller, 



Johannes  Monbauer,    Jacob  Kreyder,    David  Beistel,    Jacob 
Schaafbahn,  Johannes  Schwartz. 

205)  Sept.  28,  1753.  Ship  Two  Brothers,  Thomas  Arnot, 
Captain,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Portsmouth. 

Sept.  28,  1753.  ®d)iff  Zm  S3rot^erö,  ßapitain  Zi)üma& 
2lrnot,  »on  9flottcrt»am  über  ^orti?ntoutl). 

Johan  PhiHp  Gesseler, 
Johan  Wilhehn  Müller, 
Johan  PhiHp  Dill, 

Johannes  Späth, 
Mattheis  Dischong, 
Wilhelm  Dischong, 
Frantz  Klein, 
Conrad  Liitziug, 
Leonhart  Jjiitzing, 
Johannes  Wagner, 
Martin  Jung, 
Johannes  Müller, 
Debalt  Bosseng,* 
Peter  Stauber, 
Johannes  Lein,? 
Johannes  Wirtz, 
Job.  Philip  Fus, 
William  Tillboner,* 
Johannes  Grau, 
J.  Georg  Volck, 
J.  Joachim  Seebert, 
J.  Adam  Kohlman, 
Hieronimus  Bruner,* 
Michael  Hotman, 
Jacob  Hering, 
John  Friederich  Schuy, 
Rudolph  Zimmerman, 
Job.  Jacob  Helpfish,* 
Johan  Henrich  Lutsch, 
Johann  Theis  Schütz, 
Job.  Henrich  Heesman, 
Johan  Frantz  Koch, 
Johan  Philip  Heyman, 
Johan  Peter  Jung, 
Johan  Matheis  Schneider, 
Christian  Tressenstütt, 

Johan  Adolph  Gesseler, 
Johann  Peter  Hahn, 
Johan  Adam  Wirth, 
Johann  Adam  Meyer, 
Job.  Gerhard  Müller, 
Johan  Jung  Richler, 
Johannes  Elias  Arnoldt, 
Johan  Adam  Pfetzer, 
Johannes  Schneider, 
J.  George  Winter,* 
Johannes  Neydig,* 
J.  Adam  Lang, 
Heinrich  Schmaus, 
Conrad  Shmaus,* 
Johannes  Schmaus, 
Matthias  Nied, 
J.  Adam  Shwartz,* 
J.  Wilhelm  Shütz,* 
Johannes  Feck, 
J.  Henry  Jackel, 
J.  Georg  Jäckel, 
Israel  Wetzfeld, 
Johannes  Jung, 
Joseph  Beck, 
Conrath  PfiUibs, 
Johannes  Schey, 
Jacob  Hann, 
Johannes  Seiser, 
Johannes  Pauly, 
Friederich  Kroh, 



Joli.  Valentin  Wieber, 
Jacob  Kohl, 
Johan  Kohl, 
Friederich  Hamman, 
Johan  Leonhart  Müller, 
Johan  Adam  Pabst, 
J.  George  Bechtol, 
Johan  Peter  Koch, 
Job.  Nicklaus  Lehnes, 
Johan  Stephan  Dieter, 
J.  Jacob  Eisenhauer, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Hardtstang, 
Johan  Adam  Schmit, 
Johann  Baltaser  Götz, 
Johann  Adam  Götz, 

J.  Ludwig  Shook,* 
Johannes  Peter  Halt, 
Johannes  Wirthsman, 
Johann  Philip  Schneider, 
Johan  Georg  Bechtoldt, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Schäffer, 
Joh.  Paulus  Shaffer,* 
Franciscus  Schmidt, 
Johan  Philip  Klein, 
Johan  Christian  Zuprian, 
Joh.  Henrich  Heymann, 
Joh.  Henrich  Sägnisch, 
Elias  Conrad  Stegman, 
Johan  Georg  Seiffert. 

206)  Sept.  29,  1753.   Snow  Rowand,  Arthur  Tran,  Captain, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

®cpt.  29,  1753.    ©eefc^iff  iRottjant),  Sapitain  Strt^ur  Zxan, 
oon  SHotterbam  über  ßomeö. 

Philippus  Schmidt, 
Daniel  Flender, 
Joh.  Peter  Weyel,* 
Johannes  Buchner, 
Christian  Mann, 
Jonas  Mann, 
Ludwig  Lupp,  a 
Johann  Georg  Starck, 

Johan  Wilhelm  Jung, 
Johan  Peter  Meyer, 
Job.  Z.  Schruntz, 
Bernhart  Pfeiffer, 
Martin  Helfeysen,* 
Joh.  Phil.  Siesfass, 
Johannes  Seibach, 
Johan  Engelpruck, 

Johann  Christian  Weinbrenner,Joh.  Jacob  Hass, 
Johan  Stephan  Klöckner,  Frantz  Zeiller, 

Christ.  Henrich  Grab,  Conrad  Becker, 

Johan  Deis  Greb,  Johannes  Seibach,* 

a  Rev.  Ludwig  Lupp,  a  German  Reformed  Minister  at  Lebanon,  Pa., 
from  1786  to  1798.  He  was  bom  January  7,  1783,  and  died  June  28. 
1798.  His  remains  rest  in  the  German  Reformed  grave  yard  at  Le- 
banon.— See  IL  HarhavglCs  Lives  of  German  Reformed  Miriisterii. 

n  ^^aftor  ?ut>»ig  ?upp  tear  ooti  1786  \>\i  1798  tieutfd)-refennirter  ßjcifi- 
lidjer  ju  Sebonen,  $a.  (Er  toax  am  7.  pnn.  1733  geboren  ur.b  ftarb  am 
28.  3uni  1798.  (Seine  Q5ebctne  ru^en  tm  bcutfc^=refcrmtrten  Ätrcb^pfc  ju 
Lebanon. — ®ie^e  S^axhojifi  2ebenöbcfc|retbungen  reform.  Oeiftlic^er. 



G.  Peter  Bear  * 
(leorge  Hoover,* 
David  Giessler, 
Jacob  Hetering,* 
Peter  Müller, 
.Johannes  Miller, 
Joh.  Hen.  Brutz, 
Johan  Hindert,* 
Joh.  Conrad  Grra, 
Christian  Rübsamen, 
Joh.  Henry  Held, 
Johannes  Thomas, 
Johannes  George, 
Johannes  Freund, 
Philip  Pool,* 
Peter  Kolb, 
Philip  Schuman, 
Jacob  Shütz,* 
Sebastian  Weber, 
Johannes  Keller, 
Jacob  Böller,* 
Theiss  Lauer, 
Henrich  Lauer, 
Johan  Frantz, 
Henry  Wastenhaber,* 
Johannes  Schäffer, 
Matthias  Schütz, 
Martin  Diel, 
Henry  Kampffer,* 
Johannes  Kregeloch, 
Christian  Mann,§ 
Paulus  Crum, 
Johan  Friederich  Schmidt, 
Johan  Philip  Sonner, 
Johan  Christian  Greebel,* 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Böhmer, 
Johan  Peter  Kbll, 
Joh.  Martin  Buckner,  § 
Johan  Henrich  Buchner, 
Johan  Theis  Eraud, 
Jost  Henrich  Melier, 

Johan  Philip  Seye,? 
Joh.  Heinrich  Böhm, 
Johan  Elias  Steneroloh,? 
Johan  Peter  Schlämacher, 
Christian  Blickensdorffer, 
Jost  Blickensdorffer, 
Joh.  Jacob  Lingenfelter, 
Johan  Peter  Rach, 
Johann  Theis  Hissgen, 
Joh.  Gerhart  Humbel,* 
Johan  Henrich  Helt, 
Johan  Engel  Thomas, 
Joh.  Georg  Georg, 
Joh.  Georg  Knörtzer, 
Johan  Christ.  Bentz, 
Johan  Philip  Späth, 
Joh.  Henrich  Späth, 
Joh.  Bastian  Heun, 
Joh.  Henrich  Schäffer, 
Joh.  Gerlaeh  Schäffer, 
Wilhelm  Becker  Grün, 
Joh.  Henrich  Kicherman, 
Johan  Theis  Kicherman, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Schäffer, 
Johan  Theis  Schmidt, 
Joh.  Henrich  Felger, 
Joh.  Henrich  Strunck, 
Johann  Peter  Leiss, 
Johan  Theis  Rübsamen, 
Joh.  Christ.  Stahl, 
Joh.  Gerlach  Stahl, 
Bastian  Shneyder,* 
Matheus  Zimmerman, 
Johannes  Crum, 
Andreas  Ecker, 
Johannes  Creutz, 
Henry  Panix,* 
Hermanus  Zimmerman, 
John  Peter  Krammer,* 
Johan  Engel  Braun, 
Johan  Peter  Braun. 




207)  Oct.  1, 1753.  Snow  Good  Hope,  John  Tnimp,  Captain, 
jfrom  Hamburg,  last  from  Cowes. 

Oct.  1,  1753.  ®eefd)tff  ®oob  ^ope,  Sapitain  3»'^«  Srump, 
öon  Hamburg  über  SoiDee. 

Ulrich  Reling, 
Peter  Knobe,* 
H.  George  Becker, 
J.  Henry  Klapper, 
J.  Henry  Niederhut,* 
Andreas  Feigner, 
Christoph  Michael, 
Christofel  Ohms,* 
Christofel  Ahllborn,* 
J.  Henry  Nederman,* 
Johan  Kinerimen,* 
Simon  Shroder,* 
Jeremias  Pflug,* 
Christopher  Pok,* 
EUas  Au, 
J.  Henry  Worm, 
Christian  König, 
Conrad  Hartman, 
Christoph  Reinman, 
Christoph  Kneply,§ 
Simon  Eberle, 
Jacob  Riemann, 
Gerdt  Hurrelman, 
Joh.  Peter  Piigner, 
Carl  Ahlbora, 

Joh.  Hen.  Christo  Runcker, 
Hans  Henry  Steedeberger,* 
J.  Henry  Selligman,* 
Joach  Conrad  Steinwehn, 
Johan  Peter  Dippel, 
H.  Andreas  Wigman, 
Joh.  Erich  Schneeberg, 
Johan  Georg  Laumann, 
Hans  Christoph  Engel, 
Henrich  Christoph  Diedrich, 
Johan  Jacob  Niecke, 
Joh.  Henrich  Ziegeler, 
Joh.  Andreas  Forster, 
J.  Christoph  Leman,* 
Hans  Joachim  Meissner, 
Joh.  Gottlieb  "Wecker, 
Joh.  Urban  Kaulitz, 
Joh.  Christoph  Mohmeyer, 
Joh.  Theodor  Martini, 
Justus  Carl  Wil  Martini, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Röber, 
Joh.  Christian  Bachman, 
Jean  Jaque  Lapierre, 
Joh.  Andreas  Friederichs, 
Georsr  Henrich  Doieges. 

208)  Oct.  2,  1753.   Ship  Edinburgh,  James  Lyon,  Captain, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

Oct.  2,  1753.  ©(^iff  Siinburg^,  Sapitatn  3amcg  Spon,  »on 
S^otterbam  über  ßoweö. 

Joh.  Engel  Jung,  Joh.  Henrich  Otto, 

Joh.  Conrad  Scherer,  Joh.  Philip  Schneider, 

Joh.  Hen.  Knodt,  Friederich  Römer, 

Friederich  Köhler,  Johannes  Denig, 

Joh.  Georg  Christoph  Hering,  Johannes  Rudrauf, 
Joh.  Henrich  Wessing,  Wilhelm  Cossler, 



Philip  Wagner, 

Gottfried  Krum,* 

Andreas  Gerlach, 

Urban  Schaddell, 

Johannes  Heyl, 

Henry  Gimper,* 

Anthon  Keusch, 

Christian  Dotter, 

J.  Henry  Cronro,  § 

Anthon  Gersterkorn, 

Friederich  Schrieg, 

Christian  Jauch, 

Jacob  Looss, 

J.  Peter  Lehr, 

J.  Jacob  Wiesser, 

Joh.  Adam  Krum, 

Michael  Hauss, 

J.  George  RosdorfF, 

Joh.  Wilhelm  Buhl, 

Joh.  Georg  Stalil, 

J.  Dan.  Maunshagen,* 

Andreas  Schnyder, 

Johannes  Aurandt, 

Joh.  George  Shwartz,* 

Johannes  Jüngst, 

Adam  Klöckner, 

Christophel  Hebener, 

Johannes  Renschmit, 

Daniel  Schlappy, 

Georg  Schäfi'er, 

J.  Peter  Meyer,* 

J.  Christian  Schmit,* 

Michael  Tasch, 

Anthon  Krim, 

Johan  Schneider, 

Johannes  Fregele, 

J.  Peter  Kirchhöflfer, 

J.  Wilhelm  Wisser, 

Joh.  Wilhehn  HöflFer, 

Jost  Henrich  Weyerhaussen, 

Joh.  Friederich  Schall, 

Joh.  Gottfried  Höhle, 
Philip  Valentin  Kurseli, 
Joh.  Solomon  Heim, 
Johan  Georg  Müller, 
Johann  Peter  Baldus, 
J.  George  Friedrich  Löser, 
Andreas  Erdman  Leinan, 
Johan  Wilhelm  ^hl, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Steer, 
Johan  Conrad  Schneider, 
Johann  Georg  Looss, 
Johan  Jacob  Katz, 
Johann  Daniel  Ruppert, 
Johann  Henrich  Kuntz, 
Johan  Henrich  Printz, 
Johan  Philip  Göbel, 
Johan  Jacob  Schweitzer, 
Johan  Jacob  Hoffman, 
Johann  Georg  Schneider, 
Joh.  Ludwig  Schweitzer, 
Joh.  Baltzer  Ducker, 
Joh.  Gerlach  Born  Hütter, 
Johan  Anthonius  Hun, 
Joh.  Friederich  Weitzeil, 
PhUip  Hen.  Arndorff, 
Johan  Gerlach  Klein, 
Joh.  Gerlach  Muttersbaeh, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Stump, 
Joh.  Henrich  Steinseiffer, 
Joh.  Georg  Kinsel, 
Joh.  Conrad  Orndorff, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  WuUenweber, 
Johan  Georg  Wäller, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Weiler, 
Hieronimus  Schneider, 
Ernst  Ludwig  Krauss, 
Johan  Henrich  Stoltz, 
Johan  Peter  Stoltz, 
Johan  Georg  Schneider, 
J.  Gerlach  Wisser,* 
F.  Conrad  Schmit,  § 



Johannes  Müller, 
Johannes  Graff, 
Johan  Peter  Orndorff, 

Joh.  Henrich  Jung, 
Joh.  Jost  Schlappig. 

209)  Oct.  3,  1753.    Ship  Louisa,  John  Pittcairne,  Captain, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

Dct,  3,  1753.   ©i^iff  Souifa,  Sapitain  3o^n  pittcairne,  »on 
JHotterbam  über  Someö. 

Conrad  Kühl, 
Balthaser  Vorbach, 
Ernst  Jacoby, 
Mathias  Becker, 
Philip  Klein, 
Johann  Dach, 
Johannes  Buhlman, 
PhilUppus  Zech, 
Johannes  Preyss, 
Christian  Weber, 
Andreas  Kratz, 
Johannes  Fuss, 
Hans  Georg  Jansy,* 
Christophel  Schöpf, 
Friederich  Heyer, 
Conrad  Röberling, 
Johannes  Wärffer, 
Joh.  Georg  Braun, 
Stephan  Riel, 
J.  Henry  Wemeyer,* 
Friederich  Dürck, 
Johannes  Müller, 
Philip  Lutrich, 
Henrich  Schmidt, 
Herman  Emrich, 
Johannes  Bauman, 
Peter  Tran,* 
Johannes  Leipp, 
Peter  Mauer, 
Lothering  Richan, 
Henry  Fleck, 
Carl  Emrich,  § 

Jacob  Henendorff, 
Philip  Brendtle, 
Benedictus  Neidlinger, 
Johan  Philip  Hehnel, 
Johan  Adam  Dach, 
Joh.  Georg  Hemmersbach, 
Johan  Peter  Spielman, 
Johan  Christian  Lauer, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Rück, 
Georg  Wilhelm  Hard, 
Johan  Georg  Grub, 
Johan  Peter  Stadel, 
Johann  Philip  Innlab,* 
Johann  Carl  Vöttel, 
Johann  Albert  Maurer, 
Johan  Conrad  Strott, 
Johann  Henrich  Schmit, 
Johan  Philip  Hinnlaub, 
Georg  Adam  Mandel, 
Johan  Christian  Mandel, 
Johann  Jacob  Neiman, 
Henrich  Wilhelm  Becker, 
Johan  Christian  Schweiler, 
Johan  Peter  Grub, 
Johan  Philip  Wachs, 
Georg  L.  Gundrum, 
Hans  Michael  Müller, 
Hans  Cansfluderman, 
Joh.  Georg  Hasselbacher, 
Johan  Peter  Nickel, 
Johann  Peter  Schmick, 
Philip  Friedrich  Warth, 



Georg  Friederich  Iloolböck, 
Johan  Henrich  Seeberger, 
Johan  Greorg  Zeulaub, 
Johannes  Blocher,* 
Michael  Pflocher, 
Andi-eas  Heister, 

Achilles  Stau, 

Curl  Veny,* 

Joh.  Wilhelm  Völbel,* 

Joseph  Geiger, 

Friederich  Zillow,* 

Hans  George  Friere.* 

210)  Oct.  3, 1753.  Ship  Eastern  Branch,  James  Nevin,  Cap- 
tain, from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Portsmouth. 

Oct.  3, 1753.  Schiff  dauern  58ranc^,  Sa^jitain  3ameö  Stcöin, 
öoit  9iottcrt)am  über  '3)ortömoutl). 

Johannes  Dutt, 
Johan  Brey, 
J.  Martin  Fanau,* 
Sebastian  Stanzer, 
Christoph  Curfes, 
Joh.  David  Fuss, 
Conrad  Fausser, 
Christ.  Mäusfall, 
Henrich  Leiner, 
Jacob  Schmidt, 
Sebastian  Schaber, 
Johannes  Hopff, 
Ulrich  Stierlein, 
Johannes  Löbss, 
Jacob  Anthoni, 
Johannes  Lieck,? 
Peter  Bilhinger, 
Jacob  Schneider, 
Johannes  Kirme,* 
Johan  Christian, 
Ludwig  Christian,  § 
Gottlieb  Müschlitzj 
Matheis  Stoll, 
Friederich  Schäffer, 
Pete.'  Klees, 
Tobias  Wandel, 
Christoph  Wölffe, 
Wilhelm  Decker, 
Daniel  Parisien, 

Friederich  Glasser, 
Johannes  Glasser, 
Adam  Dornberger, 
Jacob  Weininger, 
Henrich  Stollzol, 
Johan  Michael  Böller, 
Johan  Friederich  Bleich, 
Johan  Martin  Feyl, 
Joh.  Andreas  Lohrman  sen., 
Joh.  x\ndreas  Lohrman, 
Johan  Martin  Kielman, 
Hans  Ulrich  Stohonen, 
Hans  Michel  Ketterer, 
Georg  Wilhelm  Sehlatterer, 
Christoph  Henrich  Spiegel, 
Michel  Ludwig  Feitter, 
Georg  Philip  Feuerstein, 
Johan  Michel  Schöneck, 
Hans  Georg  Dehts, 
Johann  Caspar  Hopff, 
Joh.  Henrich  Krauss, 
Johan  Georg  Förg, 
Johan  Jacob  Reneb, 
Joh.  Philip  Vogelgesang, 
Johan  Georg  Beck, 
Hans  Philip  Klein, 
Johan  Loreutz  Siegrist, 
Georg  Friederich  Taxis, 
Michael  Hörmann, 



Johann  Michael  Brodbeck, 
Georg  Eysemann, 
Johann  Ludwig  Hellers, 
Johannes  Dörflinger, 
Johan  Nicklaus  Zeitz, 
Hans  Georg  Heintzelman, 
Philip  Daniel  Gross, 
Johannes  Bonner, 
Hans  Georg  Schenck, 
Joseph  Haanelam,* 
Casper  Kreiter,* 
Michael  Basseler, 
Conrad  Hadt, 

Andreas  Schnabel, 
Michael  Vogel,* 
Andreas  Deg, 
Joseph  Crisby,* 
Jost  Peter, 
Johan  Peter  Lorie, 
Friederich  Deeg, 
Jacob  Friederich  Schenck, 
Jacob  Schmertzka, 
Johan  Conrad  Giessler, 
Hans  Georg  Michael,  § 
Johan  Conrad  Ludwig, 
Henrich  Friederich. 

211)  Nov.  19,  1753.  Ship  Friendship,  James  Seix,  Master, 
from  Hamburg,  last  from  Cowes. 

9ioo.  19, 1753.  ®(^iff  grienbf  ^ip,  Sai)itain  ^arm^  <Biix,  »on 
^amfcurg  über  SoiDCg. 

Johann  Petz, 
Gottfried  Nebe, 
Johan  Tabel,* 
George  Kneeling,* 
Christoph  Wächter, 
Valentin  Beyling, 
Johan  Volks, 
Christophel  Auhagen, 
Gottfried  Förster,* 
Gottfried  Leman,* 
Jacob  Bramer, 
Andreas  Blötz, 
Conrad  Hage, 
Andreas  Singneitz, 
H.  Ulrich  Rössel, 
Christoph  Matthesen, 
Joachim  Dietrich  Mohl, 
Adam  Stein, 
Andreas  Gerlach, 
Lorentz  Rüschle, 

Joh.  Heinrich  Schneider, 
Job.  Fred.  Franciscus  Soi-sini, 
Christ.  Henrich  Lutterman, 
Joh.  Fried.  Landgraff, 
Joh.  Henrich  Reventlau, 
F.  Michel  Lorentz, 
Conrad  Henrich  Törentz, 
Johan  Andreas  Klein, 
Johan  Georg  GörtUer, 
Johann  Christian  Zeise, 
Johan  Peter  Schmit,* 
Henry  Jacob  Noll, 
Joh.  Henrich  Comülder, 
Joh.  Henrich  Bauermeister, 
Hen.  Christoph  Delikamp, 
Johan  Friederich  Pelss, 
Andreas  Henrich  Lanneger, 
Johan  Hartman  Emmel, 
Joh.  Henrich  Sammann, 
Joh.  Henrich  Paffland. 

Johan  Lorentz  Vogel, 

Sworn  sick  on  board  whose  names  are  not  in  the  List. 



^U  txant  an  Sorb  beeifcigt,  beren  ^amm  abtx  nid^t  auf 
t»cr  Sifte  ftiib. 

212)  Sept.  14, 1754.  Ship  Nancy, Ewing,  Captain,  from 

Kotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — Inhabitants  from  Lorraine,  f 

(Sept.  14,  1754.  ©c^iff  9]anct),  Sajjitain  Swing,  oon  3totter* 
bam  über  Someö. — Sintvot^ner  »on  2ott)ringen.t 

Abram  Huguelet, 
Antoni  Hogar, 
Charles  Huguelet, 
Jeania  Quepic, 
Johannes  Adolphf, 
Peter  Rämmy,* 
Simon  Keppler, 
Johannes  Seyser, 
Friederich  Kramer, 
Abram  Joray, 
Johannes  Bär,* 
Abraham  Gobat, 
Frederick  Showay,* 
Peter  Smith,* 
Carl  Steiss,* 
Thomas  Bauer, 
Adam  Maine, 
Michel  Haag, 
Christian  Colly, 
Christoffel  Weiss, 
Jacob  Müller, 
Johannes  UU, 
Pierre  Vautie, 
Franc  La  Mero, 

Pierre  Griene, 
Abram  Duille, 
Georg  Got, 
Pierre  Dechin, 
Philip  Hasslinger, 
Philip  Spannseiler, 
Wilhelm  Bahr,* 
Frantz  Bahr,* 
Christian  Boss, 
Caspar  Biegel,* 
Jean  Mathiat, 
Georg  Dessloch, 
Alexandre  Guille, 
Jacob  Bauer, 
Jacob  Brautwald, 
Joh.  Georg  Steubesant, 
Mattheus  Schendt, 
Nicklaus  Schwartz, 
Johan  Jacob  Voll, 
Joh.  Daniel  Meyländer, 
Adam  Le  Roy, 
Abram  Le  Roy, 
Ludwig  Keiner, 
Abram  De  Die, 

f  Lorraine,  an  old  province  in  the  North-East  of  France,  and  since  the 
treaty  of  peace,  at  Frankfort,  1871,  again  became  attached  to  Germany 
In  ancient  times  this  name  was  applied  to  the  countries  of  Germany 
and  the  Netherlands,  northward  to  the  mouth  of  the  Rhine. — (Bd.) 

i  Sot^rtngen,  cine  o(te  beutfc^e  ^rostrtj,  jtorböjiltc^  ijon  granfret'c^  ge= 
legen  unb  fett  bem  granffurter  ^rieben  1871  »teber  mit  Deutfc^lanb  öer= 
bunben.  3n  alter  ^eit  mixie  biefer  5?ame  ben  Sa'nbern  Deutfc^lanb'g  unb 
ber  9?ieberlanbe  beigelegt,  wel^e  nörbli^  »on  ber  5)fünbung  be^  9lf fin^ 
logen,— (Herausgeber.) 



Albert  Otto  Steg, 
Johan  Peter  Wedel, 
Johan  Henrich  Stentz, 
Christoph  Scharlle,* 
Hans  Michael  Conradt, 
Johann  Adam  Wagner, 
Henrich  Eisenhuth, 
Michael  Klenck, 
Joh.  Daniel  Zimer,* 
Joh.  Conrad  Zäumer, 
Johan  Jacob  Kuntzmann, 
Johan  Dietrich  GompfF, 
Johan  Jost  Lap, 
Jean  Pien'c  Monin  sen., 
Jean  Pierre  Monin, 
Johan  Jacob  Wilier,* 
Johan  Nickel  Bauer, 
Jaque  Barberat, 
David  Marchand, 

Jean  Jaque  AUemand, 
Johan  Henrich  Häusser, 
Michel  Aniacher, 
Valentin  Heidenberg, 
Jean  Christoph  Pechin, 
Joh.  Gottfried  Herring,* 
Alphonse  Louis  Willemin, 
Abram  Rathend, 
Frantz  Philip  Weis, 
J.  N.  Pechin, 
Daniel  Fischer, 
Gabriel  Seger, 
Jean  Periter,* 
Johannes  Schelling, 
David  Putner,* 
Jean  Periter  jr.,* 
Johan  Thomas  Bernhard, 
John  Pierre  Bellie,* 
Johannes  Shullobak.* 

213)  Sept.  14,  1754.  Ship  Barclay,  John  Brown,  Captain, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes.  —  Inhabitants  fi-om  Alsace 
and  Lorraine. 

(Sept.  14,  1754.  (5d)iff  Sarclap,  Sapitain  3o^tt  SBroron,  tiun 
gtotterttam  über  Soweö. — ginwo^ner  »on  Slfa^  unb  Cot^ringen. 

Georg  Voltz, 
Abram  Duton,* 
Nicklaus  Bauer,* 
Johannes  Craus, 
Daniel  Weiss, 
Ludwig  Haas, 
Nicklas  Ash,* 
Georg  Schmit,* 
David  Pfeiler, 
G.  Peter  Lange,* 
Jacob  Traub, 
Michael  Rüeb, 
Jacob  Kräber, 
Friederich  Schenck, 
Tobias  Reisener, 

Joseph  Miller,* 
H.  Peter  Engels,* 
Ludwig  Schuster, 
Johannes  Karch,* 
Matheus  Reuchler,* 
Andreas  Kreissel, 
Martin  Hechler,* 
Michel  Eissge, 
Bastian  Rust,* 
Joseph  Sudtner, 
Nicklaus  Ehrhardt, 
Johannes  Köhler, 
Michael  Hauch, 
Ludwig  Stanger, 
Georg  Näwiss,* 



Johannes  Jüngst, 
Jacob  Geissler, 
Johan  Connitli  3I(K;k, 
Greorge  IMiohacl  F.-mtzer,* 
John  Adam  Fass,* 
Michael  Hostman, 
Nicolus  Steiuuian,* 
Jean  Pierre  Rottei, 
Joh.  Adam  Traub,* 
Georg  Peter  Bock, 
Christoph  Inpierman, 
Bernhard  Winder, 
Valentin  Zaneichel,* 
H.  George  Hechler, 
Samuel  Tallebach,* 
H.  Michael  Unangst,* 
Lorentz  Schönman,* 
Joh.  Friederich  Haller,* 
Wilhelm  Jacob  Fack,* 
Philipp  Kattenmann, 
Bernhart  Mirbach, 
Christian  Hoffbauer, 
Johan  Carl  Greiss,* 
Frantz  Ludwig  Uehle, 
Georg  Waff'unong,* 
Johann  Adam  Dörr, 
Johannes  Schnarrenberger, 
H.  Georg  Haff"ner, 
Hans  Georg  Stauch, 
Michael  Kornwaltlier, 
Bernhart  Ochsenbacher, 
Hans  Michael  Berr, 
Johan  Martin  Unangst, 
Johan  Conrad  Ber, 
Johannes  Bahs, 
Andreas  Baum, 
Gottlieb  Nagel, 
Matheis  Schreiner, 
Johan  Backofen, 
Johan  Schranck, 

Caspar  Ganz, 
Michael  Knecht, 
Jacob  Bockhle, 
IMartin  Schranck, 
Peter  Thum, 
Frantz  Rot  ham,* 
Matheas  Wagner,* 
Han  Nickel  Kiinel, 
Otto  Biirgestrass, 
Michael  Stauch  jr., 
Jacob  Eichely, 
Philip  Hentzer, 
Wilhelm  Zetzel, 
Bernhart  Meyer, 
Christoph  Gans, 
Matheus  Alt, 
Andreas  Stauch, 
Bernhart  Rebhuhn, 
Hans  Georg  Feyl, 
Jacob  Rathacker, 
Joh.  Jacob  Strohmenger, 
Helfrich  Knieriemen, 
J.  Michael  Seiflfer, 
Christoph  Laichinger, 
Dewald  Braunholtz, 
Hans  Georg  Fuchs, 
Johannes  Schuman, 
Ludwig  Beruh.  Zwissler, 
Joh.  Christian  Juuss, 
Joh.  Nicklaus  Martin, 
Sebastian  Muschler, 
Johan  Jacob  Rauch, 
Michael  Stauch  sen., 
Philip  Jacob  Griedler, 
Mattheus  Fautz,  § 
Michael  (Erthler, 
Hans  Michael  Bleich, 
Johan  Jacob  Seitz, 
Johannes  Kleinfeld. 




214)  Sept.  25, 1754.  Ship  Adventure,  Joseph  Jackson,  Cap- 
tain, from  Hamburg,  last  from  Plymouth. — Inhabitants  from 
Franconia.  "j" — 245  passengers. 

(Sc))t.  25,  1754.  ®(^iff  Slböenture,  Sapttain  3ofcp^  3rtcffon, 
»on  Hamburg  über  ^Ipmout^. — (Sinwofiner  »on  gtanfen.f — 
245  meifcnbe. 

Johann  Hartmann, 
Christian  Schäflfer,  § 
Johan  Georg  liger, 
Andreas  Weiss, 
Johannes  Weiss, 
Johannes  Andriola, 
Frantz  Hautuss, 
Christian  Letzbeyer,* 
Johannes  Veil, 
Joh.  Andreas  Hoffner, 
Joh.  Adam  Kohlass, 
John  George  Shmit,* 
Hans  Peter  Rehvan,* 
Johan  Philip  Wagner, 
Johannes  Andriola  sen., 
Johan  Jacob  Weinman, 
Johan  Adam  RoUbach, 
Joh.  Conrad  Spongenberg, 
Johannes  Fritz, 
Johannes  Keim, 
Balthaser  Raab, 
Johannes  Reidiger, 
Joseph  Gasser, 
Philip  Michael, 
J.  Zacharias  Stokel, 
Herman  Massemer, 
Anthon  Lembach,* 
Christian  Nehrlich, 
Henrich  Urich, 

George  Kohle, 
J.  Jacob  Cornelius, 
Johannes  Liebrich, 
Johannes  Didrich, 
Joh.  Jost  Will, 
Joh.  Nickel  Bech, 
Caspar  Schreiber, 
Johannes  Ditmar, 
Philip  Thiringer,* 
Joh.  Georg  Shmit,* 
Johannes  Mardersteck, 
Christian  Funck, 
Johan  Eberth, 
Adolph  llrbach, 
J.  Friederich  Ebnie,* 
Georg  Steinweg, 
Johannes  Rütiger, 
Georg  Stein  weg  jr., 
Christian  Gasser, 
Johan  August  Straube, 
Johan  Georg  Gütsell, 
Joh.  Christoph  Diemer, 
Joh.  Dietrich  Baltdauss, 
Johan  Christian  Eser, 
Joh.  Henrich  Neumann, 
Joh.  Michael  Weiss, 
Joh.  Henrich  Kohrman, 
Johan  Georg  Jung, 
Joh.  Daniel  Franck, 

f  Franconia,  an  old  duchy,  afterwards  a  circle  of  the  Germanic  Em- 
pire, between  Upper  Saxony  and  Lower  Rhine,  Swabia,  &c. — {Editor.) 

i  ^ranfen  tft  etn  nlteö  C>crjDAtf)unt  unt>  toax  na^f)er  ein  Äretö  beö  bcut= 
fc^cn  9Jetc^ei5.  So  liegt  jwi[(|)en  Dberfac^fen,  bein  unteren  9?t)etn,  «Si^toaben 
w.  f.  w.— (-^erauogeber.) 



J.  Philip  Tamhöffer, 
Joh.  Jacob  Reuneck, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Schaf,? 
Joh.  Gottfried  Nagel, 

Minist.  Candit.a 
Johann  Jost  Heck, 
Johan  Jacob  Rühlein, 
Joh.  Martin  Gardert, 
Joh,  Frid.  Ermetraud, 
Joh.  Martin  Matterstek,* 

Joh.  Nicklaus  Handt, 
Joh.  Georg  Rausch, 
Joh.  Matthias  Müller, 
Joh.  Henrich  Ruppel, 
Joh.  Christoph  Müller, 
Johan  Conrath  Con,? 
Joh.  Leonard  Rohrmann, 
Math.  Andonius  Rütiger, 
Nicklaus  Gorshbotte.* 

215)  Sept.  30, 1754.  Ship  Richard  and  Mary,  John  Moore, 
Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — Inhabitants  from 
the  dukedom  of  Whtemberg, — six  Roman  CathoUcs. — 230  pas- 

(Sept.  30,  1754.  «Schiff  gti(^art)  unt  SJlar^,  Gapitain  3o^n 
5Jioore,  'i:!m  9totterbam  über  Soroeö. — Sinroo^ner  oom  ^erjog* 
t^um  Sßürttemberg,— fec^S  3ftömi[d)=^at^oItf^e.— 230  9leifentic. 

Michael  Fischer, 
Conrad  Fischer, 
Caspar  Kust, 
Hans  Casper  Geyer, 
Michael  Staiger, 
Johannes  Schnerenberger, 
Andreas  Ziiickh, 
Jacob  Zinckh, 
Christoph  Zinckh, 
Gottlieb  Tuche,? 
Jacob  Saltzer, 
David  Kohl, 
Michel  Wolff, 
Jacob  Adam, 
Jacob  Wolff, 
Ludwig  Strobel, 
Johannes  Bether, 
Adam  Knoblior  * 

George  Heisel, 
Georg  Heisel  jr., 
Martin  Schmidt, 
Henrich  Kost, 
Jacob  Blessing, 
Friederich  Deiler, 
Friederich  Burr,* 
Jacob  Marier, 
Johannes  Wetzel, 
Casper  Hincke, 
Jacob  Steudtle, 
Jacob  Busch, 
Wolfgang  Ulmer, 
David  Wolff, 
Christoph  Walters, 
Jacob  Zuch, 
Jacob  Ramsberger, 
Christian  Zinck, 

a  Joh.  Gottfried  Nagel  is  written  in  a  very  bold  Latin  script. — {Ed.) 
a  3o^.  ßjottfrteb  S^tagel  tft  in  \t\x  beutltd^er  latetntfc^er  ®c^rift  flef(i()rie= 
ben. — (|>erau^9eber.) 



Michael  Wolff, 
Johannes  Hohl, 
Georg  Hohl, 
Johannes  Lauer, 
Georg  Grau, 
Daniel  Stumpp, 
Johannes  Schlotz, 
Valentin  Lemuu,* 
Herman  Founedus, 
Henrich  Kägele,? 
Johannes  Schauer, 
Christian  Kramer, 
Jacob  Schnerenberger, 
Johannes  Gürthner, 
Michael  Libelt, 
Hans  Martin  Müller, 
Johan  Michael  Strobel, 
Michael  Welthe, 
Jacob  Welthe, 
Ludwig  Müssi, 
Johannes  Schiessle, 
Hans  Georg  Bether, 
Hans  Georg  Weite, 
Hans  Georg  Meyer,* 
Jacob  Adam  Wendel, 
Michael  Herman, 
Christoph  Fleisser, 

Georg  Fried.  Dockesladel,  ? 
Johannes  Machler, 
Hans  Martin  Schäffer, 
Johan  Georg  Busch, 
Jean  Jac.  Foulquier, 
Joh.  Michael  Mössinger, 
Daniel  Blumenschein, 
Ludwig  Zimmermann, 
Anthonius  Schmidt, 
Joseph  Feinrür, 
Joh.  Christoph  Beyrle, 
Mattheis  Süss, 
Hans  Georg  Ramsberger, 
Wolfgang  Wolff, 
Georg  Friederich  Dietz, 
Johan  Caspar  Dietz, 
Georg  Adam  Engeil, 
Hans  Georg  Meyer,* 
John  Martin  Alisch, 
Hans  Georg  Heidle  sen.. 
Hans  Georg  Heidle, 
Hans  Georg  Rössel, 
Hans  Friedrich  Klinger, 
Georg  Ludwig  Kraft, 
Ludwig  Wilhelm  Heller, 
Friederich  Reninger, 
Johannes  Bernhard. 

21 G)  Sept.  30,  1754.  Ship  Brothers,  William  Muir,  Cap- 
tain, from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes.  —  Inhabitants  from  the 
Palatinate  and  Mentz, — seven  Roman  Catholics,  twenty-seven 
Mennonites. — 251  passengers. 

«Sept.  30,  1754.  ®d)ttf  Srotberö,  eapttain  mtxiam  g}?uir, 
»on  9iottert>am  über  ßoroeei.  —  (£inn)ot)ncv  ber  '^\al]  itnt»  »on 
SSlain^, — fleben  &iömt[d5=Äat^oIifc^e,.fteben  unt  gwanjig  ÜJJenno* 
niten. — 251  ^paffagiere. 

Joh.  Georg  Kol,  Conrad  Wagner, 

Johannes  Miller,*  Daniel  Sander, 

Joh.  Peter  Hahn,  Conrad  Mercky, 

Johannes  Aller,  Johannes  Klein, 



Henry  Weidman, 
Jacob  Bernhard, 
Wilhelm  Staut,* 
Joh.  Ansthoch, 
J.  Greorg  Lucker, 
Carl  Heinrieh, 
Jacob  KauiFman, 
Johannes  Schädel, 
Michael  Rasch, 
Jacob  Huber, 
Henrich  Graff, 
Valentin  Noldt, 
Jacob  Shable,* 
Johannes  Küny, 
Johannes  Forrer, 
Jacob  Brubacher, 
Johannes  Schöri, 
Peter  Weitzel, 
Anthony  Weitzel, 
Stephan  Weber, 
Frantz  Burghart, 
Joseph  Zieff, 
Jacob  Pfister, 
Daniel  Ott, 
Valentin  Urlettig, 
Hans  Greorg  Krauss, 
Frederick  Andreas, 
David  Hemgerberer, 
Christophel  Volckrath, 
Johannes  Bartel  Misihni, 
Johan  Georg  Humbert, 
Philip  Jacob  Späth, 
Georg  Christoph  Dauber, 
Johan  Conrad  Schmidt, 
Johan  Diehl  Kleinman, 
Johan  Balthas  Schmidt, 
Johann  Tiel  Werss, 
Johann  Peters  Werss, 
Hans  Jacob  Geist, 
Johann  Georg  Spies, 
Johan  Nicolaus  Stimmel, 

Joh.  Lud.  Ernst  Schiller, 
Abraham  Mellinger, 
Johannes  Herschberger, 
Johannes  Eicher, 
Georg  Michael  Schultz, 
Abraham  Hackman, 
Joh.  Jacob  Brubacher, 
Michael  Burghart, 
Georg  Ludwig  Meittinger. 
Johan  Christian  Trump, 
Hans  Georg  Zieff,* 
Friederich  Beher, 
Augustus  Schaad, 
Heinrich  Zumbrun, 
Christian  Wolst,* 
Johannes  Ritschart, 
Hans  Müldaler, 
Joh.  Wolfgang  Möhring, 
Balthas  Reiner, 
Christian  Eicher, 
Abraham  Bleistein, 
Johann  Georg  Diemes, 
Johan  Valentin  Webel, 
Hans  Jacob  Schaffner, 
Joh.  Christian  Wittmer, 
Joseph  Lemann, 
Jacob  Dettwiller, 
Martin  Herman, 
Adam  Kuntzel, 
Philip  Metzger, 
Johannes  Frey, 
Jacob  Becker, 
Peter  Frey, 
Wendel  Gilbert, 
Johannes  Seithss, 
Philip  As, 
Caspar  Knag, 
Johan  Jacob  Wittmer, 
Christian  Huber, 
Johannes  Müller, 
Abraham  Strickler, 




Oswald  Andreas, 
Leonliart  Krumbein, 
Johann  Georg  Becker, 
Hans  Mich.  Koppenhäffer, 

Wilhelm  Eschelman, 
Henrich  Hcistandt, 
Joseph  Bubickofer, 
Johannes  Kantz. 

217)  Sept.  30,  1754.  Ship  Edinburgh,  James  Rüssel,  Mas- 
ter, from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes.  —  Inhabitants  from  the 
Palatinate  and  Wirtemberg, — five  Roman  Catholics,  and  one 

(Sept.  30,  1754.  ©d^iff  (Sbinfcurgft,  (Sapitain  3ameö  3iup, 
'oon  Stottertam  über  Somcö. — (Sintüo^ner  bcr  ^fatj  unb  2ßürt* 
temkrg'ö, — fünf  3töm{f(^*Äat^o(i[c^e  unt)  ein  ?0^ennonite. 

Jacob  Schlotter, 
Henrich  Weil, 
Herman  Grerlach, 
Georg  Hilt, 
Johannes  Hirsch, 
Philippus  Spetzius, 
Christophel  Gühtt, 
Melchior  Schimpf, 
Paulus  Löshorn, 
Herman  Summer,* 
George  Wessig,* 
Anthon  Petry, 
Andreas  Wegel, 
Ludwig  Rahm, 
Casper  Zahn, 
Andreas  Dein, 
Philip  Besteres, 
Johannes  Bott, 
Johannes  Lincker, 
Jacob  Ludwig, 
Andreas  Hübner, 
Rudolph  Drack, 
George  Lohr, 
Friederich  Wilhelm  Frich, 
Georg  Eberhart  Mühl, 
Johan  Henrich  Pfeiffer, 
Johan  Conrad  Schäppler, 
Johan  Henrich  Blecker, 

Johan  Georg  Wilhelmi, 
Johan  Peter  Walschner, 
Johannes  Matthäus, 
Bernhard  Matthäus  jr., 
Bernhard  Matthäus, 
Georg  Henry  Rahm, 
Conrad  Wüchart, 
Johannes  Ludwig, 
Conrad  Ludwig,* 
J.  Jost  Bingeman, 
Friederich  Schimpf, 
Daniel  Vetzberger, 
Heinrich  Walther, 
J.  Henry  LangsdorflP, 
Engelhard  Ludwig, 
Ludwig  Winckler, 
Joh.  Jacob  Schmess, 
Balthasar  Faulstick, 
Casper  Erb, 
Johannes  Haubt, 
Peter  Hecht, 
Conrad  Lohr, 
Philip  Ludwig, 
Johannes  Huber, 
Conrad  Bauer, 
Conrath  Enders, 
Johannes  Weber, 
Georg  Kopp, 



Adam  Strehm, 
Valtin  Beltzer, 
Henrich  Huey, 
Casper  Weber, 
Jacob  Kern, 
Matheus  Kern, 
Michael  Wentz, 
Christoph  Essig,  ■ 
Peter  Paul, 
Adam  Maurer, 
Johann  Henle, 
Michael  Georg, 
Conrad  Grim, 
Johannes  Grim, 
Conrad  Philips, 
Georg  Grim, 
Peter  Kiel, 
Conrad  Mieser, 
Werner  Tickel, 
Peter  Tickel, 
Hans  Deme, 
Jacob  Giebel, 
Georg  Diel, 
Ernst  Menge, 
Peter  Pigger,* 
Reinhart  Weiss, 
Conrad  Geysel,* 
Herman  Geysel,* 
George  Sorge, 
Jacob  Hoifman, 
George  Bcirstler, 
Jacob  Fondenie, 
Samuel  Haubt, 
Joh.  Nickel  Haubt, 
Jacob  Hammerstein, 
Valentin  Ulrich, 
Eberhard  Diehl, 
Henrich  Wenckler, 
Henrich  Gebhart, 
Peter  Weissman, 
Joh.  Daniel  Krug, 

Adam  Bochteldt, 
Joh.  Henrich  Strehm, 
Heinrich  Hock, 
Anthoni  Hecht, 
Johan  Georg  Weitzeil, 
Christoph  Rebele, 
Georg  Henrich  Haas, 
Anthon  Merckell, 
Johann  Chrunz,  ? 
Joh.  Conrad  Schneider, 
Andreas  Krauthamel,* 
Joh.  Sebastian  Fritz, 
Joh.  Dan.  Langsdorff, 
Joh.  Conrad  Langsdorff, 
Friederich  Hildebrand, 
Herman  Matheus, 
Johannes  Bender, 
Joh.  Conrad  Bender, 
Conrad  Schneider, 
Johannes  Rupp, 
Johannes  Kemmerer,? 
Heinrich  Lupp, 
Peter  Derdler, 
Johannes  Menge, 
Lorentz  Albahn, 
Gerhardt  Allbahn, 
Jacob  Hellebrich, 
Christoph  Hellebrich, 
Johannes  Geisel, 
Hans  Conrad  Diehl, 
Frank  Baltzer  Schalter, 
Johannes  Knaab, 
Joseph  Nadtheimer, 
IMichael  Künstler, 
Georg  Renner, 
Jacob  Renner, 
Henrich  Herter, 
Johannes  Becker, 
Casper  Becker, 
Henry  Stecker, 
Jacob  Renner  jr., 



Hans  Michael  Esper,*  Johannes  Schmeh, 

Georg  Grottfried  Volcker,  Hans  Georg  Kroh.* 

Christian  Merckell, 

Sick — Philip  Sommer,  Philip  Riess,  Philip  Tauberman,  Georg 
Metzger,  Jacob  Rehble,  Johannes  Kopping,  Henrich  Peterson, 
Casper  Ziegler,  Georg  Holl,  Mathias  Ludwig. 

218)  Sept.  30,  1754.    Ship  Neptune, Ware,  Captain, 

from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — Inhabitants  from  Darmstadt 
and  Zweibrücken, — four  Roman  Catholics. 

(Sept.  30,  1754.  ©c^iff  «Reptune,  Sapitatn  2öare,  uon  JHot- 
tcrt»am  über  Sotveö.  —  Seh)Dt)ner  oon  !Darm[tat)t  unb  3wei= 
brücfen, — öier  9tömifc^=Äatl)oIif^e. 

George  Meyer,* 
Jacob  Bersding, 
Mathias  Heiner, 
Andreas  Bingel, 
Gottfried  Gebhard, 
Georg  Boltz, 
Johannes  Rebe, 
Friedrich  Schneider, 
Georg  Hofl'man, 
Daniel  Stegner, 
Johannes  Hoch, 
Henry  Klein, 
Philip  Wilt, 
V.  Brücker, 
Jacob  Wcynant, 
Friederich  Preis,* 
Jacob  Weynant  jr., 
Johannes  Schober, 
Phillippus  Frey, 
Christian  Rietz, 
Philip  Wild, 
Georg  Hechler, 
Benedictus  Forster,* 
Henry  Schaffer, 
Valentin  Dalick, 
Christoph  Speck, 
Job.  Georg  Decher, 

Geo.  Mich.  Vitzthum, 
Georg  Michel  Lohr, 
Job.  Henrich  Brumbach, 
Job.  Henrich  Kurcht, 
Job.  Adam  Michael, 
Johann  Peter  Decher, 
Johannes  Schuman, 
Job.  Georg  Traxel, 
Job.  Thomas  Bisshantz, 
Georg  Jacob  Haussman, 
Johann  Carl  Hermsdorff, 
Hans  Adam  Beckenhaub, 
Johan  Bernhard  Meek, 
Johan  Adam  Edelman, 
Job.  Nicklaus  Hauer, 
Phil.  Friedrich  Wünger, 
Hans  Adam  Bleier, 
Job.  Paul  Gemberling, 
Hans  Nickel  Ensminger, 
Job.  Carl  Gemberling, 
Aug.  Sigfried  Eichler, 
Eberhart  Kriechbaum, 
Philip  Jacob  Fbsig, 
Job.  Henrich  Schneider, 
J.  Adam  Angold, 
Philip  Dietrich, 
Peter  Rubel, 



Conrad  Wagner, 
Valentin  Cleinentz, 
Christian  Hoch, 
Heinrieh  Cappis, 
Johannes  Bbckel, 
Jeremias  Herbei,* 
George  Weyman, 
Jacob  Graulich, 
Henry  Shneyder,* 
Christian  Bauer, 
Peter  Stotzel, 
Michael  Miller,* 
Friederich  Betz, 
Christian  Andreas, 
Henrich  Holtzhausser, 
Friederich  Betz, 
Conrath  Nie, 
Henrich  Haun, 
Johannes  Schmitt, 
Johannes  Lentz, 
Frederick  Brand, 
Andreas  Riehl, 
Jacob  Becker, 
Jacob  Sehoff, 
Peter  Step,* 
Ludwig  Herring, 
Daniel  Schrein, 
Conradt  Wirl, 
Reinhart  Stein, 
David  Miller,* 
Peter  Shamar,* 
Johannes  Keyset, 
Wilhelm  Grauss, 
Johannes  Volck, 
Henry  Hain,* 
Burchart  Shneyder,* 
Philip  Lang, 
Peter  Hilliger, 
Arnold  Becker, 
Philip  Becker, 
Georg  Beiger, 
J.  Henry  Shneider,* 

Joh.  Christian  Wissbach, 
Joh.  Georg  Grundloch, 
J.  Jost  Stuberling,* 
Johannes  Kleinbehl, 
Johan  Philip  Nold, 
Joh.  Philip  Kolb, 
Joh.  Bernhart  Wolff, 
Joh.  Philip  Bresel, 
Joh.  Georg  IMentz, 
J.  Adam  Thomas, 
J.  Peter  Schrot, 
Daniel  Hoffman, 
Johannes  Bartenbach, 
Balthaser  Bergmann, 
Joh.  Michael  Schrot, 
J.  Jacob  Zimmerman, 
G.  Michael  Andreas, 
Johan  Henrich  Hauff, 
Abraham  Holtzhausser, 
Adam  Höllerman, 
Johannes  Keller, 
Johan  Peter  Haun, 
Johan  Christian  Haun, 
Joh.  Nicklaus  Eitenmüller, 
Johannes  Herman, 
Joh.  Peter  Scheuerman, 
Reinhold  Scheretz, 
Joh.  Conrad  Meiger, 
Joh.  Georg  Kribel, 
Joh.  Philip  Dietz, 
J.  Jacob  Dorsham,* 
Johann  Georg  Gack, 
Valentin  Gosper, 
John  William  Kurtz, 
Johan  Peter  Denger, 
Ludwig  Gach, 
Martin  Neimiger, 
Joh.  Heni'ich  Grantz, 
Johan  Michael  Rapp, 
Johannes  Krayly,* 
Johan  Just  Gack, 
Conrad  Scherrer. 



219)  Oct.  1,  1754.  Ship  Phoenix,  John  Spun-ier,  Captain, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — Inhabitants  from  Franconia, 
the  Palatinate  and  Zweibrücken, — seventeen  Roman  Catholics, 
twenty-five  Mennonites. — 554  passengers. 

Oct.  1,  1754.  ©^iff  ^^öniF,  Giipitaiu  3o()n  Spurrier,  »on 
Stotteriam  über  Gome^. — (5tnttJo()uer  granfen'ö,  t>er  ^^ai^  unt) 
3Jtietbrü(fen'g, — fiebenje^n  9tömi[(^^Äatl)Dlif^e,  fünf  unt)  jn)an= 
jig  ?0^ennoniten. — 554  ^affagierc. 

Johannes  Jung, 
Jacob  Schneider, 
Ludwig  Gröttgen, 
Abraham  Stein, 
Peter  Streier, 
Peter  Henrichs, 
Philip  Wesger, 
Hans  Reisch, 
Ufrich  Fesel, 
Johannes  Alberth, 
Johannes  Gebhart, 
Johannes  Sauer, 
Johannes  Andreas, 
Peter  Müller, 
Lorentz  Alberth, 
Daniel  Doss,? 
Hans  Kisecker, 
Johannes  Beck, 
Andreas  Hath, 
Andreas  Fertig, 
Johannes  Hilbert, 
Johannes  Schafiier, 
Lenhardt  Ott, 
Henrich  Ott, 
Adam  Gieg, 
Michael  Bertrie, 
Matheus  Stumpf, 
Adam  Miller,* 
Georg  Schäfier, 
Peter  Schäifer. 
Adam  Dihm, 
Peter  Heiges, 
Heinrich  Dann, 

Caspar  Jost, 
Andreas  Schmidt, 
Andreas  Gerberich, 
Valtin  Hörner, 
Carl  Henrich  Werckhäusser, 
Johan  Nickel  Dibs, 
Johannes  Henrichs, 
Jost  Schonauer, 
Michael  Fletter, 
Lorentz  Mangel, 
Burckhardt  Küch, 
Marcus  Weidinger, 
Frantz  Weidinger, 
Hieronimus  Grünewald, 
Hans  Adam  Sauer, 
Hans  Michael  Sauer, 
J.  Michael  Teubel,* 
J.  George  Ruttenwalder,* 
Joh.  Lenhart  Binzel, 
Joh.  Bernhard  Bob, 
John  Georg  Bob, 
J.  Henry  Unckelbach,* 
Christofiel  Sebum, 
Andreas  Schwartz, 
G.  Philip  Epsenhaar, 
Hieronimus  Gieg, 
Jean  Jaque  Aiquel, 
Jean  Pierre  Zoisin, 
Johannes  Hartman, 
Nicolaus  Bindder, 
Casper  Oberdorfi", 
Hans  Senifbeber, 
Andreas  Brüschlein, 



Thomas  Dihm, 
Hans  Adam  Dihm, 
Thomas  Biemmer, 
Melchior  Weppert, 
Johan  Georg  Katz, 
Andreas  Cunckel, 
Peter  Cunckel, 
Joh.  Heinrich  Müller, 
Martin  Sentiner, 
Johannes  Grabel, 
Heinrich  Haag, 
Michael  Seitner, 
Dietrich  Gerharfc, 
Balthas  Holl, 
Lorentz  Riites, 
Matheis  Reinhart, 
Conrad  Kern, 
Lorentz  Cramer, 
Johannes  Hertz, 
Martin  Shreyer,* 
Valentin  Keyser, 
Peter  Thomass, 
Ludwig  Cuntz, 
Caspar  Haas, 
Michael  Krühl, 
Hartman  Haas, 
Matheas  Pop, 
Andreas  Ferdig, 
Johannes  Geyman, 
Simon  Bechler,* 
Johannes  Beyl,* 
Andreas  Grub,* 
Philip  Wagner, 
Jacob  Fries, 
Frederick  Christian, 
Daniel  Ditloh, 
Peter  Guth, 
Ludwig  Schott, 
Peter  Ney, 
Georg  Bau, 
Dietrich  Weirig, 

Wilhelm  Weiss, 
Peter  Rohrbach, 
Wilhelm  Alberth, 
Andreas  Hüter, 
Wendel  Kremer, 
Daniel  Schmidt, 
Johannes  Schmidt, 
Nickel  Neuman, 
Beinhart  Wolff, 
Nicklaus  Schindtelman, 
Joh.  Philip  Schindtelman, 
Balthaser  Rabanus, 
Abraham  le   Roy, 
Baltzer  Schneider, 
Lorentz  Sandmann, 
Henrich  Messerschmidt, 
Joh.  Nicklaus  Armhiener, 
Georg  Philip  Diehl, 
Johann  Helffer  Cramer, 
Johan  Peter  Fischer, 
Bernhart  Thomass, 
Wilhelm  Metzger, 
Johan  Jacob  Holder, 
J.  Nicklas  Gerhart, 
Philip  Adam  Paulus, 
Jacob  Schneider, 
PhUipp  Schuch, 
Johannes  Schneider, 
Hen.  August  Grimier, 
Joseph  Reinhard, 
Jacob  Bernhart, 
J.  Wilhelm  Zwib,* 
Johann  Jacob  Angst, 
Phil.  Friederich  Schäffer, 
Bernhart  Franckfürter, 
Nicklas  Lehmer, 
Joh.  Henrich  Sackss, 
Johann  Lehmer, 
Hans  Peter  Schott, 
Johannes  Kauffman  jr., 
Johannes  Kauffman, 



Abraham  Edinger, 
Adam  Heinbach, 
Johan  Georg  Gerlach, 
Thomas  Hunsicker, 
Daniel  Hunsicker, 
Joh.  Adam  Batziuss, 
Joh.  Daniel  Pfeil, 
Joh.  Albrecht  Stimmel, 
Johan  Peter  Stimmel, 
Michael  Dietrich, 
Jacob  Herman, 
Peter  Dörrnis,* 
Jacob  Miller,* 
Adam  Schmit,* 
Henry  Shedle,* 
Henry  Hather,* 
Peter  Biehl, 
Daniel  Biehl, 
Georg  Friess, 
Philip  Hess,? 
Adam  Müller, 
Christian  Koch, 
Johannes  Zinn, 
Ludwig  Wird,* 
Conrad  Dewa,* 
Friederich  Miller,* 
Johannes  Veith, 
Peter  Dick, 
Nicklas  Paul, 
Elias  Jentes,* 
Henry  Gielman,* 
Daniel  Führer, 
Peter  ^shelman,* 
Hans  Jantz, 
Joseph  Wanger, 
Ulrich  Engel, 
Frantz  Zechler, 
Ulrich  Richty, 
Hans  Schwartz, 
Hans  Schütz,* 
Christoph  Pantzly,* 

Peter  Balzey, 
Christoph  Widerich,* 
Peter  Schwartz, 
Christian  Schwartz, 
Nicklaus  Moser, 
Georg  Hartwieg, 
Lorentz  Enders, 
Christoffel  Müller, 
Friederich  Herman, 
Johan  Georg  Tinius, 
Joh.  Henrich  Schmitt, 
David  Schröder, 
Jacob  Rathebach, 
J.  Nicklas  Lorentz, 
Gerhart  Martins, 
Johann  Michael  Sauer, 
Georg  Magnus  Conrad, 
Wendel  WendeUng, 
J.  Lenhart  Burchart, 
Matthias  Müller, 
Jacob  Theissinger, 
Christian  Brengel, 
Jacob  Brengel, 
Jacob  Hussing,* 
Christian  Conrad, 
Wilhelm  Becker, 
Christian  Brächtbül, 
Christian  Führer, 
Nicklaus  Schantz, 
Hans  ^schliman, 
Jost  Neuenschwander, 
Hans  Uelireist, 
Ulrich  Burckhalter, 
Hans  Jacob  Moser, 
Hans  Burckhalter, 
Christian  Burckhalter, 
Sebastian  Neuenschwander, 
Ulerich  Newcomer,* 
Christian  (jeimmer, 
Christian  Geimmer  jr., 
Abraham  Brechbühler, 

Christian  Newcomer,* 
Christian  Helhoff,* 


Bartholomais  Beringer. 


220)  Oct.  16, 1754.  Ship  Peggy,  James  Abercrombie,  Cap- 
tain, from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — Inhabitants  from  the 
Palatinate  and  Wirtemberg, — ten  Roman  Catholics. 

Dct.  16,  1754.  ©c^iff  5^eggt),  Sa))itain  ^amts  Stbercromlne, 
öon  ^totterbam  über  Someö. — Stnwo^ner  bcr  ^falj  unb  2öürt= 
temkrg'ö, — 3el)n  9lömtf(^=Äat()olif(i)e. 

Marcus  Weckfort, 
Henrich  Hust, 
Frantz  Stichling, 
Wendel  Warner, 
Ferdinand  Frantz, 
Jacob  Freyberger, 
Peter  Gebel, 
Andreas  Bonjour, 
Jacob  Shutt,* 
Georg  Kohl, 
Henry  Rubrecht, 
Bernhart  Egel, 
Jacob  Frey, 
Abraham  Trestel, 
Peter  Wudo, 
Johannes  Luppoldt, 
Hans  Luppoldt, 
Matheus  Zenaldt, 
Friederich  Koch, 
Johannes  Hasser, 
Matthäus  Die, 
Friederich  Hausehl, 
Andreas  Heckenleib, 
Michael  Koster, 
Johann  Daniel, 
Johannes  Hummel, 
Joseph  Boger, 
John  Shuster,* 
Stephan  Kraus, 
Johannes  Wersum, 
Martin  Haas, 

Johannes  Class, 
Michael  Krebs, 
Johannes  Ricker, 
Jacob  Thum, 
Hans  Glee,? 
Johannes  Meyer, 
Johannes  Meyer, 
Michael  Klein, 
Hans  Schule, 
Michael  Koller, 
John  Carl  Krumholtz, 
Antony  Kettinger, 
Balthasar  Wisser,* 
Christ.  Henrich  Fiedler, 
Georg  Adam  Dürstler, 
Hans  Michael  Shmit,* 
Hans  Philip  Flachs, 
Jacob  Friederich  Mayer, 
Johan  Valentin  Meyer,* 
Daniel  Hingerer, 
Hans  Georg  Kraus, 
Georg  Schweiger, 
Michael  Schenck, 
H.  George  West,* 
Hans  Martin  Tram, 
Hans  Georg  Tram, 
Ludw.  Fried.  Freisinger, 
Hans  Georg  Armbrüster, 
Joh.  Adam  Schnelleberger, 
Jacob  Hikenleibly,* 
Matthias  Wassermann, 




Hans  Georg  Zinn, 
Jacob  Henrich  Pluhan, 
Georg  Henrich  Bauer, 
J.  Johannes  Herrmann, 
Johan  Friederich  Linck, 
Hans  Michael  Dies, 
Joh.  Conrad  Möschler, 
H.  Michael  Hüpbisch, 
John  George  Braucher, 
Henrich  Ludwig  Worn, 
Hans  Georg  Ratze, 
Johannes  Schumacher, 
Johannes  Biecheler, 
Michael  Wuster, 
Johannes  Walckher, 
Lorentz  Martin  Scherer,? 
Michael  Rossnagel, 

Christian  Reck  sen., 
Georg  Nickel  Reck, 
Christian  Reck  jr., 
Hans  Meyer,* 
Martin  Marckel,* 
Johannes  Vaubel,* 
Johannes  Butz, 
Wilhelm  Reichly,* 
Adam  Grund,* 
Christoph  Gress, 
Johan  Adam  Pfisterer, 
Georg  Adam  Grombeer, 
Johann  Peter  Schlemb, 
Johann  Georg  Kress, 
Hans  Georg  Schiettinger, 
Georg  Peter  Kochen  dörffer, 
Jacob  Andreas  Sprecher. 

Sick — Georg  Weber,  Johan  Friederich  Hauser,  Melchior 
Jordan,  Anthon  Wallbeyer,  Jacob  Graaf,  Johan  Georg  Kreyer, 
Michael  Tietz,  Jacob  Eberhart. 

221)  Oct.  21,  1754.  Ship  Friendship,  Charles  Ross,  Cap- 
tain, from  Amsterdam,  last  from  Gosport.,  England. — Inhabitants 
from  Franconia  and  Hesse, — seven  Roman  Catholics. 

Dct.  21,  1754.  ©Aiff  grienbff)i^  dapitain  St)arleö  5Rü§, 
»on  SImfterbant  über  ®oöport,  Sngtanb. — Sintüo^ner  »on  gran= 
!en  unt>  Jpeffcn, — fteben  9tömifc^=^at()oltfAe. 

Gabriel  Reber, 
Johannes  Zeller, 
Joseph  Weissert, 
Albrecht  Miller,* 
Martin  Shnyder,* 
Jacob  Feiner,* 
Gregorius  Grim, 
Deis  Dersch, 
Andreas  Bommer, 
Johannes  Manckell, 
Henrich  Steller, 
Johannes  Koch, 
Johannes  Schmitt, 

Philip  Schweiger,* 
Jacob  Stahl, 
Conrath  Spenner, 
Lorentz  Althart, 
Johannes  Immel, 
Christoph  Stedtler, 
Moritz  Göbel, 
Georg  Steiner, 
J.  Friedei'ich  Korn, 
Johannes  Harff, 
Johannes  Frey  ling, 
Johannes  Wihrrem, 
Henrich  Reyel, 



Adam  Neubeck,? 
Joh.  Christoph  Lang, 
Johannes  Shellenberger,* 
Joh.  PhiHp  Schöberger, 
Johan  Georg  Weissert, 
Johann  Jost  Berger, 
J.  Henry  Cautz,* 
Johann  Wedelscheider, 
Reinhard  Werkheiser, 
Johan  Peter  Hasbach, 
Joh.  Dietrich  Kalckbrenner, 
John  George  Shmit,"^' 
John  Michael  Hoch, 
Johan  Georg  Hen, 
Johan  Casper  Freyberg, 
Johann  Georg  Stahl, 
Johann  Michael  Stahl, 
Joh.  Balthaser  HarflF, 
Johan  Henrich  Euhricheim, 
Johan  Henrich  Schmidt, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Mohr, 
Johan  Jacob  Mohr, 
Henrich  Wilhelm  Müller, 
Georg  Friederich  Auger, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Becker, 
Joh.  Marcus  Weylthöffer, 
Johannes  Straull, 
Johannes  Beuber, 
Balthaser  Stittz, 
Christian  Diehl, 
Martin  Bender, 
Carl  Wender, 
Johannes  Müller, 
Jacob  Fries, 
Philip  Seybolt, 
Anthon  Russ, 
Nicklas  Rab, 
Johannes  Vogt, 
Georg  Krug,* 
Bernhart  Spesser, 
Reinhart  Schmitt, 

Johannes  Ammon, 
Conrad  Schmitt, 
Peter  Klein, 
Baiser  Saltzer, 
Johannes  Kick, 
Peter  Stein, 
Peter  Buss, 
Johannes  Buss, 
Philip  Luar,* 
Anthon  Dauber, 
Johannes  Nold, 
Henrich  Scherr, 
Johannes  Mebür, 
Georg  Pott,* 
Mattheus  Diehl, 
Johan  Philip  Schreidt, 
Johan  Jacob  Laux, 
Johannes  Seybolt, 
Nicolaus  Heister, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Bender  sen., 
Johan  Philip  Bender, 
Konrad  Freitenberger, 
Joh.  Henrich  Rathschlag, 
Joh.  Michael  Reinhart, 
Wil.  Henrich  Lautenber, 
Johan  Conrad  Krug, 
Matheus  Achenbach, 
Herman  Wetzler, 
Reinhard  Kuntz, 
Johannes  Riell, 
Conrath  Langsdorff, 
Arnold  DannhöflFer, 
Johann  Peter  Bernhardt, 
Heinrich  Esch, 
Johannes  Weber, 
Johannes  Schaffstall, 
Joh.  Daniel  Büshart, 
Johannes  Danneheim, 
Johan  Georg  Meyreiss, 
Johan  Henrich  Vos, 
Johann  Georg  Vos, 



Joh.  Henrich  Scheid,  Johan  Ludwig  Bernhart, 

Henrich  Peter  KöUmer,  Johan  Christian  Schmidt. 

ßick — Friederieh  Stein,  Johannes  Müller,  Michael  Dinges. 

222)  Oct.  21,  1754.  Ship  Bannister,  John  Doyle,  Captain, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — Inhabitants  from  Wirtem- 
berg,  Westphalia  and  the  Palatinate, — four  Roman  Catholics. 

Dct.  21,  1754.  ©c^iff  23annifter,  Sapitatn  3o^n  2)o9le,  'oon 
fRotkvtiam  über  Soiueö. — Sinmo^ner  »on  S3ürttemf>erg,  2ßeft= 
p^alen  unb  ber  ^falj, — mx  3tömif(^=^at^oIif(^c. 

Jacob  Horman, 
Bastian  Wittmer, 
George  Wittmer, 
Andreas  Eberharth, 
Hans  Michael  Miller,* 
Johan  Peter  Rademacher, 
Joh.  Conrad  Jauch, 
Matheis  Heinlein, 
Johannes  Kintsch, 
Konrath  Weber, 
Johannes  Geisler, 
Joseph  Cormet,* 
Martin  Torward,* 
Martin  Torward  jr.,* 
Jaques  Talraon, 
Jaques  Caral, 
Jaques  Caral, 
Simon  Ege,* 
Adam  Ege, 
Balthes  Müller, 
Christoph  Diger,* 
Georg  Wirst, 
Peter  Butz, 
Philip  Modi,* 
Johannes  Weber, 
Johannes  Benner, 
Joh.  Peter  Kebler,* 
Matthias  Buchman, 
Valentin  Jäger,* 
Joh.  Jacob  Wolff, 

Joh.  Peter  Wolff, 
Abraham  Gehr, 
Adam  Mirtorum,* 
Conrad  Kemp,* 
Johannes  Delp, 
Peter  Meister,* 
Ludwig  Lang, 
Elias  Hartmann, 
J.  Peter  Weber,* 
Johannes  Weber,* 
Leonhart  Weber,* 
Conrad  Gildner,* 
Jacob  Ludwig  Beimling, 
Georg  Reissdorff, 
Joh.  David  Krauss, 
Christoph  Scharfrichter, 
Friederich  Schiebel, 
Alexander  Finck,* 
G.  Daniel  Uhll,* 
Hans  Mich.  Bühlheim, 
Hans  Georg  Ruass, 
Hans  Jacob  Ruass, 
Johannes  Laucher, 
Joh.  Michael  Schickel, 
Philippe  Rouchon, 
Johan  Valentin  Keller, 
S.  Bastian  Geyer,* 
Phylippe  Sarijons, 
Hans  Georg  Dölcker, 
Johan  Jacob  Weber, 



Johan  Georg  Jäger, 
Joh.  Nicolaus  Derscher, 
Nicklaus  Baserman, 
William  Leeb,* 
J.  Henry  Ashman,* 
Job.  Conrad  Georg, 
Job.  Jacob  Modi,* 
Job.  Georg  Hofman, 

Job.  Burebart  Häusser, 
Joban  Nickel  Mick, 
Cbristoflel  Müller, 
Joban  Henricb  Müller, 
Georg  Wärtbmann, 
Wenzel  Boltescbwag, 
Joban  Adam  Gebbart, 
Jolian  Peter  Emricb. 
Sick — Joban  Cbristopb  Boreil,  Jobannes  Bernhard  Wench, 
Johannes  Fiedler,  Jacob  Kress,  Pierre  Tolman. 

223)  Oct.  22,  1754.  Ship  Henrietta,  John  Ross,  Captain, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — Inhabitants  from  Franconia, 
Wirtemberg  and  Hesse, — three  Roman  Catholics. 

Dct.  22,  1754.  ®d)iff  .t)enrietta,  (Sapitatn  3o^n  Slop,  »on 
Stotterbam  über  Soweg, — Sinmot)ner  »on  granfen,  Sßürttemkrg 
unt)  Reffen, — brei  3^ömifd)=.^atl)oIifd)e. 

Johannes  Keipp, 
Christian  Schwartzwelder, 
Jacob  Seyboldt, 
Peter  Dietrich, 
Georg  Stöhr, 
Jacob  Knödler, 
Noah  Hagy,* 
Simon  Pier,* 
P.  Henry  Pier,* 
Philip  Badert,* 
Jacob  Volmer,* 
Hartman  Rausch,* 
Friederich  Haysner, 
Jacob  Haysner,* 
Peter  Stroh, 
Philip  Gruss, 
Simon  Higdal, 
Conrad  Bohl, 
David  Ernstmeyer, 
Simon  Leible, 
Jobannes  Karch, 
Balthas  Thüringer, 
Christoph  Sauther, 

Georg  Vetter, 
Georg  Franck, 
Michael  Tomm,* 
Albertus  Roosin, 
Peter  Franck, 
Jeremias  Eckert, 
Ludwig  Zucker, 
Michael  Kohr, 
Joseph  Schmidt, 
Jobannes  Koch, 
Jacob  (Ehler, 
Jacob  Sebner, 
Joban  Christoph  Preiss, 
Jacob  Kaltmiller,* 
Job.  Bernhard  Ressing, 
Joban  Reinhard  Steiner, 
Joban  Daniel  Pier, 
Joban  Georg  Reith, 
Jacob  Scbiefferdecker,* 
Joban  Georg  Herbst, 
Georg  Adam  Klee, 
Hans  Mich.  Scheer, 




Joh.  Henrich  Schwalbacli, 
Job.  Caspar  Stropp, 
Johan  Georg  Bader, 
Joh.  Anthon  Graff, 
Joh.  Georg  Neuinan,* 
Georg  Henrich  Beck, 
Johan  Michael  Peter, 
Johannes  Rothenbiirger, 
Johan  Georg  Schneider, 
Joh.  Georg  Franck, 
Conrad  Schlemmer, 
Johan  Adam  Rohlandt, 

Albrecht  Schweinfarth,* 
Johannes  Reinhart, 
Joh.  Wolrath  Krüger, 
Johan  Georg  Helges, 
Georg  Friederich  Stübert, 
Joh.  Henrich  Günther, 
Bernhard  Speck, 
Johan  Philip  Beuerle, 
Hans  Jacob  Mayer, 
Johan  Georg  Ihle, 
Gottfried  Ludwig.* 

224)  Oct.  22, 1754.  Ship  Halifax,  Thomas  Coatam,  Captain, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — Inhabitants  from  Wirtem- 
berg,  Hesse,  Franconia  and  the  Palatinate, — ten  Roman  Catholics. 

Dct.  22,  1754.  ©c^iff  ^alifaj:,  ßapttain  liyomaö  Soatant, 
öon  JRotterbam  über  Sotveö.  —  ^ctüo()ner  öon  Söürttemkrg, 
Reffen,  grantcn  unl)  t>er  ^fala, — je^n  9tömi[(^=Äati)oIifc^e. 

Johann  Haas, 
Johann  Förch, 
Hans  Georg  Merling, 
Johan  Georg  Best, 
Michael  Schneck, 
Leonhard  Schmith, 
Bongi'e  Nietzel,* 
Bastian  Geringer,* 
Henry  Heinnisch,* 
Albrecht  Rabenstein, 
Anthoni  Sultzer, 
Andreas  Schober, 
Johan  Gunderbusch,* 
Johann  Reckert, 
Conrad  Büchler, 
Hans  Oberzeller,* 
Bernhard  Kreith, 
Anthony  Gruber,* 
Lorentz  Senkeler,* 
Michael  Klein, 
Johannes  Geiger, 

Elias  Gordan, 
Jacob  Darm, 
Georg  Richter,* 
Gustavus  Reeb, 
Jacob  Strach, 
Johann  Ihle, 
Jacob  Grassei,* 
Adam  Breck, 
Henrich  Heiss, 
Nicolaus  Felix, 
Andreas  Frantz, 
Anthony  Dirner, 
Conrath  Casper, 
Peter  Zegels, 
Jacob  Wolfinger, 
Jacob  Weis, 
David  Blanck,* 
Jacob  Stegman,* 
Martin  Rarr,* 
Henrich  Wereni, 
Anthony  Braun, 



Michael  Poobagh,* 
Johannes  Hoch, 
Martin  Briell, 
Johannes  Schwab, 
Joh.  Michael  Kleinschrot, 
Peter  Matheis  Ganshon, 
Joh.  Georg  Getinbaur,? 
Hans  Georg  Obevholtzer, 
Joh.  Philip  Hofmann, 
Joh.  Wolfgang  Dietrich, 
Joh.  Michael  Tristers, 
Joh.  Michael  Abelman, 
Joh.  Michael  KauiFman, 
Hans  Adam  Schmidt, 
H.  Friederich  Schmit,* 
Johan  Caspar  Wahl, 
Johan  Georg  Riess, 
Johan  Michael  von  Berg, 
Paulus  Fussweg, 
H.  Thomas  Schlösser,* 
Hans  Georg  Ihle, 
Johan  Jacob  Roth, 
Johan  Nickel  Wetterhardt 
J.  Jacob  Wetherholt,* 
Hans  Adam  Haner,* 
Johann  Michael  Koch, 

Joh.  Henry  Amrein,* 

Hans  Jacob  Ferre,? 

Joh.  Fried.  Albrecht  Biirckert, 

Johan  Simon  Schelberger, 

Joh.  Leonhard  Ilgenfritz, 

Johan  Adam  Ewa, 

Valentin  Weebehandt, 

Johan  Daniel  Heck, 

Johan  Christian  Guth, 

Johan  Dietrich  Brecht, 

Hans  Michael  Swenk,* 

Christophel  Heil, 

Johannes  Bachman, 

Johan  Jost  Koch, 

Joh.  Henrich  Briehll, 

Hans  Martin  Schierch, 

Hans  Jacob  Dirner,* 

Johan  Georg  Maull,* 

Joh.  Bernhart  Willer, 

Philip  Gresel, 

Jacob  Lang,* 

Martin  Pfeiffer, 

Hans  Georg  Schütz,* 

Jacob  HanengTath, 

Joh.  Lenhart  KochendÖrffer, 

Hans  Michael  Diissing;. 

Martin  Dorscliheimer, 

Sick — Martin  Volckmeyer,  Johan  Michael,  Matheis  Tar, 
Nicolaus  Remberger,  Andreas  Schopp,  Nicolaus  Geringer,  Johan 
Henrich  Haas,  Johan  Albrecht  Henrich. 

225)  Oct.  23,  1754.  Snow  Good  Intent,  John  Lasly,  Cap- 
tain, from  Amsterdam,  last  from  Gosport.  —  Inhabitants  from 
Hesse,  Hanau,  the  Palatinate,  and  a  few  from  Switzerland, — 
seven  Roman  Catholics. 

Dct.23, 1754.  ©eefc^iff  @oot  intent,  (Sapitatn  3of)n  iaßlt), 
»on  2tmftert>am  über  ©oöport. — 33eit>o^ner  öon  -"peffenr  ^anau, 
t»cr  ^falj  unt)  einige  auö  t>er  ®  ^metj, — ftcbcn  9tömifd}=^'at^oIifc^e. 

Friederich  Holtzappel,*  Conrad  Heyser,* 

Johannes  Linck,*  Johannes  Heyser,* 



Jost  Marthin, 
Johannes  Ortt,* 
Casper  Schwing, 
Paulus  Fabin, 
Johan  Fillibich, 
Andreas  Zwanzger, 
G.  Friederich  Klein, 
Andreas  Schäfler, 
Peter  Staub,* 
Matheas  Staub, 
Christian  Meyer,* 
Conrath  Aumtiller, 
Johannes  Aumtiller, 
Johannes  Bock,* 
Johannes  Lang,* 
Johannes  Vogel, 
Conrad  Loray,* 
Anthon  Zollmann, 
Johannes  Glück, 
Christoph  Kopp,* 
Friederich  Deussinger, 
Mich.  Leinberger,* 
Mich.  Rehbock,* 
Nicklas  Tillman,* 
Frantz  Peter  Schultz, 
Marcus  Anthon  Schultz,* 
Job.  Nicolaus  Hoffmann, 
Job.  Bernhart  Heckardt, 
Johannes  Wohlemder, 
Ludwig  Hen.  Krutter, 
Johan  Georg  Goss, 
Johan  Christoph  Lang, 
Job.  Bernhart  Rost, 
Job.  Wilhelm  Weiss, 
Job.  Jacob  S chaffer, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Lieber, 
John  Valentin  Henkel,* 

Sick — Frantz  Jacob  Miller, 

John  Peter  Lob,* 
Johan  Georg  Hoff, 
John  Jost  Meyer,* 
Job.  Peter  Bleichenbacher, 
Georg  Friederich  Walber, 
Job.  Caspar  Loray, 
Georg  Henrich  Vogel, 
Job.  Wilhelm  Christian, 
Job.  Wilhelm  Becker, 
Johan  Adam  Zollmann, 
Job.  Henrich  Schwärtzel, 
Johann  Teitzwortzer, 
Johann  Teitzwortzer  jr., 
Job.  Philip  Klück, 
Job.  Georg  Hinckel,* 
Nicholas  Resch,* 
Jacob  Koller,* 
Friederich  Stüntzel, 
Friederich  Pepler, 
Lorentz  Arnold, 
Johannes  Hauck, 
Wilhelm  Arnold, 
J.  Friederich  Nebel,* 
Philip  Rieth,* 
Balthasar  Frietz,* 
Peter  Asper, 
Johannes  Abachlender, 
Johan  Adam  Blihle, 
Johan  Christian  Heintz, 
Johannes  Breidenbach,* 
Job.  Philip  Kleiss, 
Johannes  Stephanus,* 
Sam.  Friederich  Rügerr, 
Job.  Caspar  Bock, 
F.  Reinhardt  Fischer,* 
Chi'istian  Scheldt. 

Johan  Wilhelm  Niese,  Michael 



226)  Oct.  26,  1754.  Brigantine  Mary  and  Sarah,  Thomas 
Brodrich,  Captain,  from  Amsterdam,  last  from  Portsmouth. — 
Inhabitants  from  Franconia,  Wirtemberg  and  the  Palatinate, — 
.six  lioman  Catholics. 

Oct.  26,  1754.  ©c^netlfegler  'Maxi)  unb  ©ara^,  Sapttatn 
3:{)omaö  iBrobrid),  »on  5tmftcrt»am  über  ^ortömout^. — (Stnit»o^= 
ner  'oon  grauten,  Sßürttemkrg  unt»  ter  ^falj, — fec^g  9tömifd|= 

Jacob  Visser, 
Michael  Lehn,* 
iMichael  Wenhart,* 
Adam  Breydinger,* 
Carl  Menges,* 
Peter  Volck,* 
Jacob  Störner, 
Jacob  Shumbert,* 
Adam  Schaffer, 
Jacob  Haller,* 
Joseph  Dohner, 
Anthony  Bohr, 
H.  Peter  Carel,* 
Nicholas  Seewald,* 
Anthon  Kling, 
Nicolaus  Carl, 
Johannes  Boll, 
Peter  Edelman, 
Herman  Neyman,* 
Lorent    Mauerer,* 
Peter  Menges, 
Jacob  Carel,* 
Johan  Christoph  Heiss, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Schneider, 
Nicolaus  (Ellenschläger, 
J.  Adam  Schwllbel,* 
Joh.  Bernhart  Kessler, 
J.  Conrad  Menges,''' 
Johan  Georg  Briucker, 
Hans  Greorg  Aeuchler, 
Johan  Nickel  Lehr, 
J.  Michael  Schlauch,* 
J.  Dieterich  Zieller,* 

Johannes  Brunner, 
Joh.  Jacob  Helm,* 
H.  Adam  Beybolt,* 
Nickolas  Leberman,* 
Johannes  Edelmann, 
Johann  Bartman, 
Georg  Adam  Kaiser, 
Philip  Sommer,* 
Hans  Peter  Menges, 
Johann  Georg  Menges, 
Adam  Menges, 
Jacob  Schmit,* 
Matheas  Krauss,* 
Michael  Hubert,* 
Peter  Wevgand,* 
Michael  Wirth,* 
Friederich  Volck,* 
Conrad  Geyer,* 
Peter  Schnurr,* 
John  Ihrig,* 
Adam  Neidig, 
Josfc  Reichel,* 
Samuel  Löfe,* 
David  Löfe, 
Philip  Naab, 
Hertz  Kiest,* 
Johannes  Pfeiffer, 
Martin  Kistner, 
Johannes  Reist,* 
Georg  Schöff, 
Peter  Joh, 
J.  George  Krauss,* 
Joh.  Peter  Krauss,* 



J.  Leonhart  Neidig,* 
Hans  Adam  Meister,* 
Job.  Adam  Weber,* 
H.  Philip  Hartman,* 
Johan  Philip  Kuhl, 
J.  Leonhart  Trumheller,* 
Hans  Peter  Joh,* 
Philip  Jacob  Schwenck, 
J.  Adam  Heckman  * 

Georg  Lud.  Nonnenmacher, 
Bastian  Schraader, 
Daniel  Neidig, 
Johan  ]\Iichael  Schall, 
Joh.  Bernhart  Mayer, 
Job.  Leonhart  Kistner, 
Job.  Jost  Schletz,* 
Johan  George  Michel, 

Johan  Jacob  Helm, 
Sick — Joh.  Georg  Edelman,  Hans  Edelman,  Jost  Witt,  Hans 
Schnellenberger,  Georg  Kauflfman,  Johannes  Breslauer. 

227)  Nov.  7,  1754.    Ship  John  and  Elizabeth, 


Captain,  from  Amsterdam,  last  from  Portsmouth. — Inhabitants 
from  Hanau,  Wirtemberg  and  the  Palatinate, — eleven  Roman 
Catholics,  one  hundred  and  twenty  Protestants. — 330  passengers. 
9tot).  7,  1754.  ©c^tff  3o^n  unl»  Slifabet:^,  dapttain  ^am, 
»on  5lm|lert)am  über  5^ortömout().  —  öintüo^ner  »on  ^anau, 
Söürttemfcerg  unb  ber  ^falj, — eilf  3ftömifc^=.^at^oUf^e,  l^untert 
unt)  swanjig  ^roteftanten. — 330  Sleifentie. 

Nicklaus  Lang, 
Conrad  Herman, 
Wendel  Fritzius, 
Georg  Hochreitter,* 
Henry  Wölfling,* 
Martin  Krebs, 
Henry  Eyler,* 
Nicolaus  Desch, 
Johannes  Nees. 
Johannes  Winholt,* 
Johann  Schillers, 
Leonhart  Peteri, 
Berthold  Henry  Pott,* 
J.  Georg  Birckenmeyer,"* 
Carl  Friederich  Schultz, 
Job.  Fried.  Thebards, 
Johan  Henrich  Schmid, 
Melchior  Meichler,* 
Johannes  Roley,? 
Friederich  Adam  Derst, 

Martin  Reinharth, 
Job.  Georg  Gerner,* 
Job.  Gebhart  Leichtheisser, 
Johan  Georg  Heck, 
Jacob  Ammon,* 
Georg  Meissner, 
Johannes  Klein, 
Herman  Henger, 
Theobald  Pein, 
Johannes  Hahn, 
Christian  Kramer, 
Jacob  Wagner, 
Paul  Hoffman, 
Jacob  Ende, 
Wilhelm  Shneyder,* 
Johannes  Roth, 
Johannes  Blecber, 
Georg  Uder, 
Christoph  Menge!,* 
Martin  Cachler, 



Johannes  Weygandt, 
Michael  Scheck, 
Burchart  Hentz,* 
Johannes  Shuster,* 
Nicklaus  Klein, 
Friederich  Margel, 
Johannes  Flinner, 
Johannes  Mäning, 
Johannes  Horatz, 
Henry  Shneyder,* 
Michael  Homan, 
Michael  Krug, 
Peter  Fischer, 
Henry  Bachy,* 
Albert  Schunck, 
Adolph  Flohri, 
Christian  Aldt, 
Johannes  Rentz,* 
George  Flohri,* 
Michael  Schmit,* 
Jacob  Gander, 
Philip  Boger,* 
Andreas  Schwartz, 
Jacob  Dogent,* 
Adam  Bartholomoe,* 
Joseph  Debeer,* 
Daniel  David  Heiner, 
Bartholomi  La  Gneau, 
Johan  Jost  Süsser, 
Johannes  Heldraanu, 
Johannes  Meister, 
Joh.  Henrich  Schmidt, 
Joh.  Ernst  Fronheuser, 
Johannes  Schumacher, 
Daniel  Leuckel, 
Henrich  Dresbach, 
Philip  Achebach, 
Jean  Jaque  Kifie, 
Joh.  Henrich  Franck, 
Johannes  Gräffenstein,* 
Georg  Wilhelm  Schneider, 
Johan  Adam  Männig, 

Casper  Darner, 
Michael  Staub, 
Michael  Neyff,* 
Joh.  Adam  Zehnen, 
Jacob  Werthmiiller, 
Johan  Martin  Lösch, 
Joh.  Georg  Klillmann, 
Joh.  Jacob  Schlotzer  jr., 
Joh.  Jacob  Schlötzer  sen., 
Johan  Wendel  Lent, 
Johann  Georg  Fey, 
Johann  Peter  Hauss, 
H.  Georg  Miller,* 
Hans  Georg  Abel, 
Joh.  Michael  Uhting, 
Jacob  Bernhardt, 
Hans  Nicolaus  Dech, 
Andreas  Gebhai-t, 
Hans  Georg  Kleinpeter, 
Johannes  Därendinger  jr., 
Johannes  Därendinger  sen., 
Johan  Henrich  Schuster, 
Henry  Schwartzenbach,* 
Christian  Hauswirth, 
Joh.  Wendel  Königsfeldt, 
Joh.  Nicklaus  Seidel, 
Jacob  Wenigart, 
Christoph  Mey,* 
Carl  Gleim, 
Christian  Keller, 
Daniel  Pflidt, 
Jacob  Müller, 
Joh.  Conrad  Geil, 
Joh.  Peter  Bannot, 
Johan  Philip  Klein, 
P.  Christian  Gross,* 
Joh.  Jacob  Gross,* 
Joh.  Andreas  Götz, 
Johann  Georg  Schütz, 
Johann  Peter  Herrmann, 
Joh.  Valentin  Brünckmann. 



Sick — Caspar  Fahrenstock,  Johan  Adam  Nees,  Richard  Nees, 
Hans  Minnich. 

228)  Dec.  13,  1754.  Ship  Neptune,  William  Malam,  Cap- 
tain, from  Hamburg,  last  from  Cowes. — Inhabitants  from  Ham- 
burg, Hanover  and  Saxony. — 149  passengers. 

Dec.  13,  1754.  et^iff  5^eptune,  Sapttain  Sßiüiam  ^aiam, 
»on  Hamburg  über  Sowe«. — 33eivo()ner  tton  Hamburg,  ^annoöer 
unt)  Sat^fen. — 149  ^ajfagiere. 

Andreas  Schindler, 
Gottfried  Ficke, 
J.  Andreas  Knochen,* 
Nieolaus  Albers, 
Joh.  Georg  Bolich, 
J.  Gottlob  Basler, 
Anthon  Günther, 
Wilhelm  Antheis,* 
Ludwig  Leib, 
Adam  3Iüller, 
Conrad  Zorn,* 
Elias  Israel,* 
B.  Christian  Barkel,* 
Joh.  Ernst  Ziegler, 
J.  Peter  Usbeck, 
J.  Christoph  Urich,* 
Joh.  OfFenhäuser, 
W.  Claar,* 
Johannes  Lebentraut, 
J.  Christian  Kucher,* 
Walter  Wittmann, 
J.  Caspar  (Errig,* 
J.  Christian  Kühnman, 
Christian  Kalckbrenner, 
Friederich  AViederhohl, 
Johann  Holler,* 
Christopher  Guitelman, 
Joh.  Henrich  Schäffcr, 

Johan  Simon  Kahler, 
Hen.  Anthon  Bestenbast, 
Joh.  JMartin  Martine,* 
Joh.  Christoph  Zachriss, 
Julius  Casper  Strebig,* 
Joh.  Christian  Werlisch, 
Andreas  Jacob  Emeyer, 
Johan  Henrich  Weidner, 
Jerome  Diederich  Solfon, 
Georg  Christoph  Maschcat, 
Joh.  Christian  Schrader, 
Joh.  Gottlob  Küntzelman, 
Joh.  Abraham  Glimpff, 
Christian  Gebhart  Ziegler, 
Johan  Henrich  Schiesse, 
Conrad  Schnogheim, 
Johan  August  König, 
Jac.  Friederich  Shröder, 
Henrich  Frid.  Stammann, 
Christ.  Hen.  Jacobi, 
Georg  Hen.  Heller, 
Joh.  Philip  Alberti, 
Joh.  Julius  Sorge, 
Joh.  Gottfried  Ritter, 
Johann  iVrntbcrgcr, 
Juhn  Kotter,* 
Peter  Henry  Trotz, 
Johan  Philip  Stein.* 

229)  Oct.  7,  17."),"i.    Ship  Neptune,  George  Smith,  Master, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Gosport. — 226  passengers. 



Dct.  7,  1755.   @d)iff  9Teptune,  Sapitain  ©eorgc  8mitf),  con 

Stotterttam  über  ©Deport. 

Reimer  Landt, 
Bodo  Otto, 
Christian  Ocker, 
Philip  Grieg, 
Israel  Josep,  a 
Henrich  Metz, 
Joseph  Steinman, 
Christian  Reutter, 
Jacob  Bertsh, 
Nicklaus  Rein, 
Jacob  Würtz, 
Friederich  Dietz, 
Peter  Finck,* 
Thomas  Ilütz, 
Albrech  Shabert,* 
Jacob  Stierle, 
Adam  Wenigeck, 
Hans  Reinger, 
Michael  Blaass, 
Johan  Kaiser, 
Wühelm  Walder, 
Casper  Ulerich, 
Christian  Stöhr, 
Hans  Buch, 
Jacob  Buch, 
Michael  Wer, 
Michael  Wörer, 
Christoph  IMayer, 
Friederich  Ege, 
Johannes  Schitz,* 
Andreas  Missner, 
Mathias  Preissgärtaer, 

-226  :}^eifent)e. 

Georg  Peter  Hasser, 
Christoph  KauiFman, 
Joh.  Ludwig  Dantzebecher, 
Joh.  Adam  Chretschenbach, 
Thomas  Dantzebecherj* 
Joh.  Casper  BittoniF, 
Joh.  Conrad  Eirheim, 
Georg  Friederich  Dillman. 
Johan  Henrich  Finck, 
Henrich  Henckell, 
Gottfried  Zergiebel, 
Sebastian  Schmidt, 
Casper  HinderstieflP, 
Hans  Michael  Krauss, 
Johannes  Biendser, 
Michael  Schindel, 
Joh.  Jacob  Schock, 
Joh.  Casper  Zincke, 
Christ.  Ludwig  König, 
Joh.  Henrich  IMöser, 
Hans  Georg  Schneider, 
Hans  Georg  Schefier, 
Christian  Baumann, 
Conrad  Baumann, 
Johannes  Erbshusser, 
Andreas  Höfflinger,* 
Mathäus  Obergefäll, 
Johan  Nickel  Gast, 
Johann  Christian  Gast, 
Philipp  Jacob  Bär, 
Joh.  Peter  Hickman, 
Joh.  Adam  Helmställer, 

a  This  name  is  written  in  Hebrew.  The  final  letter  Pe,  having  a  dot 
inscribed,  I  have  written  Josep;  for  reason  known  to  those  who  read 
Hebrew. — (Editor. ) 

a  Dtefer  ??ame  tji  in  f)ebräti'd^er  Shrift.  5)a  ber  ©d^lugbuc&ftak  Pe 
(junfttrt  ift  (Taijefd)  Sene),  fo  f)abe  ic^  3ofct^  gef^rteben,  unb  jrear  au^ä 
fBrünben,  »elcbe  Xtejentgen,  tie  in  ber  fiebräifc^en  ^praciic  t^ewanDert  ftnb, 
willen. — (■.5)erau^geber.) 




Johannes  Steiney,* 
J.  Philip  Fischer  * 
Sebastian  Senlieder, 
Conrath  Müller, 
Johannes  Walther, 
Friederich  Adam, 
Christian  Bausman, 
Matheas  Weis, 
Henrich  Emert, 
Johan  Fetter, 
Friederich  Schirdt, 
Georg  Klinger, 
Jean  Frentier, 

Johan  Michel  Komer, 
Johan  Melchior  Hirth, 
Georg  Christ.  Webrecht, 
Johan  ölichael  Weise,* 
Adam  Lorentz  Dietrich, 
Johannes  Schneider, 
Jacob  Albrech  Haass, 
Bernhart  Eilsheimer,* 
G.  Michael  Schwab,* 
Hans  Georg  Keller, 
Johann  Georg  Volck, 
Joh.  Georg  Blanckenbiller, 
Samuel  Fraatsrach.  ? 

230)  Nov.  1, 1755.  f  Ship  Pennsylvania,  Charles  Lyon,  Cap- 
tain, from  London. 

9^00. 1, 1755.  t  ©c^tff  ^Jennf^bania,  Sapitain  S^rte«  g^on, 
»on  ?onbon. 

Friederich  Ley  dig,* 

Lorentz  Seitz, 

Andreas  Rietel, 

Georg  Friederich  Weber, 

Johannes  Jung, 

Joh.  PhiUp  Fischer, 

Conrad  Timpe, 

Joh.  Heinrich  Albers, 

Johan  Valentin  Reuter, 
Georg  Ludwig  Hochheimer, 
Johan  Georg  Koch, 
Joh.  Daniel  Bräutigam, 
Joh.  Henrich  Fischer, 
Joh.  Melchior  Hornung, 
Johan  Just  Hopman, 
Andreas  Nicolaus  Sailing;. 

231)   Nov.  10,  1756.    Snow  Chance, 
tain,  last  fi-om  London. — 109  passengers. 

Lawrence,  Cap- 

f  The  Rev.  John  Conrad  Bücher,  a  name  associated  with  Church  and 
State  in  this  country,  came  to  Pennsylvania  in  1755,  resided  for  some 
time  at  Carlisle,  then  a  frontier  settlement.  He  died,  while  pastor  of 
the  German  Reformed  Church  of  Lebanon,  at  Millerstown  (Annville), 
Aug.  15,  1780. — See  Rupp's  History  of  Lebanon,  p.  459;  HarhaugKs 
Lives  of  German  Reformed  Ministers. 

\  ^aflor  3obn  Sonrab  58u4er,  ein  in  ^\x6:it  unb  (Staat  in  biefcm  Sanbc 
t»ot)lbefannter  9?ame,  fam  1755  nac^  ^'cn^f^t^f'"'«"  it"ti  njotjntc  eine  3"*=" 
lang  in  Srtrti?(e,  bag  bamalg  no(^  eine  ®ren;;anficblung  tear.  (£r  jlarb  am 
15.  2Iuguft  1780  alö  '^a\ti>x  ber  beutfd&'reformirten  Äirc^e  ju  Sebancn 
in  SliJitlereitoion,  j'e^t  SlnnoiHe.  —  ®iche  JRupp'^  ©efc^ic^te  »on  Lebanon, 
(©.  459;  |)arbac^'ö  geben^befi^reibungen  ref.  ©eiftli^er. 

AND  OTHER  IMMIGRANTS — 1756,  1761. 


9?oo.  10,  1756.    ©ecfd)iff 
bonbon.— 109  JRcifentc. 
Bernhard  Uelilein, 
Paulus  Kamp,* 
Ehrhardt  Conradt, 
Georg  Doll, 
Leouhard  Dürr, 
Georg  Ludwig  Eberle, 
Caspar  Bernhart, 
Johann  Andreas  Kliinck, 
Johann  Peter  Klunck, 
Johann  Michael  Kuhn, 
Simon  Hengel, 
Nicklaus  Hahn, 
Michael  Müller, 
Nicklas  Pauly, 
Johannes  Sombero, 
Baltes  Schinf,? 
Adam  Schmidt, 
Johan  Sack, 
Friederich  Schöff, 
Frantz  Waner, 
Casper  Biener, 

Glance,  Sapitain  ?atürcncc,  ü6cr 

Johannes  Weytzel, 
Friederich  Walther, 
Christian  Segnitz, 
Johannes  Haas,* 
Valentin  Dürr, 
Georg  Ludwig  Crucius, 
Hans  Wolff  Gundel, 
Wolfgang  Nicolaus  Heymann, 
Johann  Peter  Körner, 
Johann  Heinrich  Klöpper, 
Johan  Valentin  Panzer, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Stiernkorb, 
Johan  Georg  Schmidt, 
Johan  Georg  Weining, 
Johann  Peter  Weber, 
Johan  Nickel  Wagner, 
Joh.  Nickel  Basserman, 
Christian  Pauli, 
Hans  Epplinger, 
Rudolph  Fulleweiler,* 
Johan  Michael  Wagner. 

232)  Oct.  21,  1761.  t  Snow  Squirrel,  John  Benn,  Master, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

Oct.  21,  1761.  t  ©eeff^iff  ©quirrel,  Sapitain  3o^n  33enn, 
öoit  9totterbam  über  Sotueö. 

Peter  Mischler,  Nicolaus  Schweitzer, 

Eberhart  Disinger,  Georg  Vogelgesang, 

Christophel  Bamberg,  Wilhelm  Becker, 

Johannes  Beyerle,  Hans  Eckardt, 

Andreas  Graff,  Henrich  Holtzapfel, 

Stephan  Danner,  Job.  Jacob  Vogelgesang, 

Daniel  Schaab,*  Friederich  Probst,* 

f  Owing  to  the  hostilities  between  France  and  England,  German 
immigration  was  completely  suspended  from  1756  to  1761. — [Editor.) 

t  SBä()renb  ber  3af)re  1756  big  1761  boite  bie  beutfdje  Stntoanberung 
wegen  bcr  jtBtfc^ctt  %xanlxt\ä)  unb  Sngtanb  befteljenben  lac^trierigfetteit 
ganj  auf.— (Herausgeber.) 



Friederich  Lieberknecht,* 
Caspar  Knoblauch, 
Valentin  Annawaldt, 
Johan  Simon  Mayer, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Serger, 
Johann  Conrad  Serger, 
Joh.  Nickel  Hertzler, 
Johan  Nickel  Becker, 

Georg  Friederich  Rohrer, 
John  Henry  Diessinger,* 
Johann  Jacob  Hackman, 
Johann  Friederich  Diehl, 
Johann  Nicolaus  Diehl, 
Johan  Ludwig  Probst, 
Johan  Jacob  Probst, 
Johann  Dietrich  Taub. 

233)  Oct.  5, 1763.  Ship  Richmond,  Charles  Young  Husband, 
Captain,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Portsmouth. — 1 62  passengers. 

Del.  5,  1763.  ®d)itf  9fti(^mont),  Sapitain  dijaxU^  gjouiij^ 
."puöbanb,  üon  Stottertiam  ükr  ^ort^moutl). — 162  SReifenfcc. 

Joh.  Jacob  Peiffer, 
Johannes  Zimmerman, 
Johannes  Schütz, 
Johannes  Klappert, 
Johannes  Schütz, 
Rudolph  Hehr, 
Peter  Gatz, 
Jacob  Gatz, 
Heinrich  Daum, 
Ludwig  Agricola, 
Johannes  Schneider, 
Joseph  Fischer, 
Frantz  Mültz, 
Georg  Bender, 
Conrad  Betis,* 
P.  Pautz, 
Joseph  Bohn,* 
August  Hemerlein,* 
Johannes  Hänner, 
Paul  Grin, 
Henrich  Dietz, 
Peter  Götz, 
Johannes  Claus, 
Daniel  Paulus, 
Peter  Humberd, 
Jacob  Otho, 
Jost  Heintz, 

Johannes  Basel,? 
Casper  Müller, 
Andreas  Dress, 
Wühelm  Eck, 
Andreas  Mertz, 
Matthias  Lockner, 
Henry  Wagner,* 
Johann  Daub, 
John  Sollberg,* 
Martin  Hasch, 
Johannes  Just, 
John  Marbes,* 
Johannes  Schaff, 
Henry  Banroth,* 
Georg  Bastian,* 
Johan  Jacob  Hoffmann, 
Johann  Theis  Cromm, 
Johann  Herman  Klappert, 
Johann  Engel  Becker, 
Johann  Michael  Becker, 
Johan  Henrich  Schneider, 
D.  Dieterich  Burchardt, 
Andreas  Holtzmann, 
Johan  Thomas  Noll, 
Friederich  Schönleber, 
Johan  Daniel  Royscher, 
Johann  Georg  Hibler, 



Johann  Henrich  Niess, 
Joh.  Philip  Wahrenholtz, 
Johann  Jost  Hänner, 
Johann  Jost  Dietz, 
Johan  Christian  Scheldt, 
J.  Henrich  Lack, 
Johann  Henrich  Paulus  sen., 
Johann  Henrich  Paulus, 
Johann  Friederich  StüU, 
Johann  Michael  Matz, 
Hermanus  Janler, 
Wilhelm  Völtmer, 
Johann  Georg  Giesberg, 
Johann  Peter  Giesberg, 
Johannes  Engel  Giesberg, 

Hermann  Donat, 
Johann  Engelhut, 
Jacob  Glässner, 
Lorentz  Kuöri, 
Heinrich  Beinöller, 
^lartin  Schaffner,* 
August  Eissinger,* 
Dilmanus  Becker, 
Phillipp  Warner, 
Jacob  Bergmann, 
Friederich  Bergmann, 
Georg  Friederich  Huber, 
Johan  Henrich  Wensell, 
Conrath  Wolff, 
Johannes  Wickel. 

234)  Nov.  1,  1763.    Ship  Chance,  Charles  Smith,  Captain, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 193  passengers. 

5toö.  1,  1763.   ©c^iff  Stance,  Sapitdn  S^arteö  ©mitl),  öon 
Slottcrbam  über  Sot»eö. — 193  3lcifente. 

Joseph  Seifferdt, 
Valentin  Gänssel, 
Philip  Casner,* 
David  Goltir, 
Johannes  Ludy, 
Georg  Ebert, 
PhUip  Schappert, 
Nicolaus  Schappert, 
Henrich  Aisbach,* 
Philip  Schmit, 
Jacob  Spielman, 
Casper  Huber,* 
Georg  Günther, 
Jacob  Jentz, 
Johannes  Gern, 
Andreas  Feger,* 
Jacob  Baltzel, 
Carl  Baltzel, 
Adam  Samuel,* 
Georg  Jantz, 

Georg  Fischer, 
Jacob  Schädt, 
Johannes  Dorst, 
Jacob  Schlick, 
Jacob  Behr, 
Peter  Wolff, 
Christian  Wangolt, 
Friederich  Arnold, 
Peter  Krafft, 
Adam  Schmid, 
Michael  Schmidt, 
Daniel  Zütter, 
Balthasar  Zütter, 
Henry  Schwantz,* 
Johannes  Weller, 
Johannes  Engelbert, 
John  Henry  Müler,* 
Anthon  Hausam, 
Martin  Braun, 
Samuel  Müller, 




Johannes  Sehellenberger,* 
Henrich  Deberts  H  ausser, 
Jean  Henri  Gaijdon, 
Johann  Georg  Vetter, 
Joh.  Jacob  Schnorss, 
Johannes  Schnorss,* 
Johan  Peter  Kessler, 
Johan  Christian  Schwab, 
Phihp  Zumstein, 
Johan  Georg  Dorneh, 
Georg  Ludwig  Kesselrinck, 
Bernhard  Ranhert, 
Johann  Nickel  K  otter, 
Johann  Georg  Mühlheim, 
Johann  George  Henninger, 
Georg  Jacob  Baltzel, 
Johann  Peter  Hauck, 
Hans  Peter  Studi, 
Michael  Becker,* 
Hans  Georg  Zeiner,* 
Michael  Zeiner,* 
Johan  Henry  Shuntz,* 
Johann  Michael  Altz, 
Jacob  Ebersohl, 
Johann  Jacob  Sonntag, 
Johann  Jacob  Hoffman, 

Johan  Valentin  Hauck, 
Georg  Henrich  Flanckenhardt, 
Johannes  Dörbaum, 
Friederich  Wilhelm  Stahl, 
Johann  Benedictus  Grieben, 
Johann  Wendel  Fackler, 
Johan  Thomas  Gil, 
Johannes  Jacob  Hud, 
Johann  Peter  Munner, 
Johann  Engel  ffirter, 
Johan  Eckart  (Erter, 
Jost  Henrich  Schmidt, 
Johann  Henrich  Keil, 
Johannes  Becker, 
John  Bernhart,* 
Michael  Stoffel, 
Heinrich  Monges, 
Samuel  Cjrriaci, 
Balthaser  Christ, 
Johannes  Strätzer, 
Johann  Ernst  Thiel, 
Valentin  Nicodemus, 
Michael  Spielman,* 
Emanuel  Meisterer,* 
Nicolaus  Wistadius, 
PhUip  Georg  Kneiht. 

235)  Nov.  25, 1763.  Brigantine  Success,  William  Marshall, 
Captain,  fi'om  Rotterdam. 

9ioö.  25,  1763.  ©d)netlfegler  iSucce^,  (Japitain  2öit(tam 
SWarfftaü,  ooit  Sfiotterbam. 

Abraham  Neu, 
Jacob  Helm, 
Leonhardt  Wass, 
John  George  Bauman,* 
Anton  Näryes, 
Johann  Kayser, 

Johann  Henrich  Hedrich, 
Johan  Jacob  Müller, 
Charles  Christman,* 
Mathias  Christman,* 
Joh.  Matheis  Steffen, 
Johan  Henrich  Fetzer. 

236)  Nov.  25,  1763.    Ship  Pallas,  Richard  Milner,  Master, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 198  passengers. 



«JfJoo.  25,  1763.   ®d)iif  %>aüai,  dapitain  dix^att)  müncv,  yon 
atotterbam  über  Soiueö. — 198  3iei[ent)c. 

Isaac  Droqunt, 
George  Kuhnele, 
Conrad  Mayer, 
Georg  Wagner, 
Johannes  Sclimidt, 
David  Jansohn, 
Jacob  Weissert, 
Johannes  Schaaff, 
Ludwig  Amaus, 
Gottlieb  KoU, 
Peter  Opp, 
Johann  Wendel, 
Martin  Helder, 
Jacob  Hauser, 
Lewis  Stutz,* 
Jost  Vohl, 
Johannes  Georg, 
Jacob  Heintz, 
Henrich  Flick, 
Henrich  Graff, 
Johannes  Blum, 
Henrich  Just  Röhrig, 
Georg  Friederich  Hammer, 
Ulrich  Bürckholder, 
Georg  Wilhelm  Janson, 
Johann  Henrich  Strauch, 
Friederich  Holtzhausser, 
Michael  Braun, 
Conrad  Scherer, 
Johann  Georg  Höchst, 
Martin  Schneider, 
Johannes  FriehruflF, 

Wilhelm  Bleiniger, 
John  Henry  Miller,* 
Johan  Martin  Merck, 
John  Henry  Freind,* 
Johann  Conrad  Kryser, 
Johann  Jacob  Schweitzer, 
Johann  Adam  Hoffheintz, 
Johann  Daniel  Hoffheintz, 
Wilhelm  Ritter, 
Georg  Thomas  Gerhardt, 
Peter  Schütz, 
Caspar  Beider, 
Andreas  Obmann, 
Lorentz  Obmann, 
Martin  Steffen, 
Henry  Pfeiffer, 
Baltzer  Schock, 
Friederich  Hüttner, 
Philip  Faust, 
Philip  Miller,* 
Christian  Pfeiffer, 
Valentin  Seipel,* 
Peter  Wercken,* 
Abraham  Senner, 
Jean  Andrie  Stockinger, 
Jean  Louis  Seiz, 
Johann  Georg  Prestel, 
Leonhart  Frischkorn, 
Johann  Schittenhelm, 
Johann  Christian  Schreiber, 
Gerlach  Witteustein. 

237)  Aug.  8,  1764.     Ship  Chance,  Charles  Smith,  Captain, 
from  Rotterdam. — 208  passengers. 

Slu^.  8,  1764.    (5d)tif  (S()ance,  Sapitain  SC)arIeö  <Biniti),  üon 
9lottert»am.— 208  ^leifente. 



Sebastian  Bender, 
Peter  Neyer,* 
Henry  C.  Shiel,* 
Johannes  Schneider, 
Phihp  Shiffere,* 
Balthas  Kappes, 
Valentin  Metzger, 
Bernhard  Ginger, 
Johannes  Strenger, 
Michel  Bändele, 
Adam  Wanner, 
George  Sleig,* 
Matheus  Roth, 
Friederich  Altherr, 
Philip  Brogli, 
Johannes  Tandt,  ? 
Peter  Grosh,* 
George  Haag, 
Andreas  Anion, 
Ludwig  Schad, 
Johannes  Rittesheim, 
Antoni  Vogt, 
Andreas  Scholl, 
Peter  Arandt, 
Jacobus  Arandt, 
Peter  Krapff, 
Michael  Bremich, 
Joh.  Ludwig  Dexheimer, 
Daniel  Dexheimer, 
Johann  Peter  Schmidt, 
Johann  Philip  Thoma, 
Johann  Adam  Schiffer, 
^Johann  Martin  Hes, 
Joh.  Michael  Habtüzel, 
Joh.  Friederich  Müller, 
Johann  Georg  Haass, 
Georg  Peter  Beck, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Weiss, 
Johann  Jacob  Sties, 
Johann  Nickel  Mayer, 
Johau  Herman  Mayer, 

Johan  I*eter  Durst, 
Georg  Leonhart  Stutz, 
Johannes  Gerhard, 
Stephan  Freundt, 
Johan  (xeorg  Gebhardt, 
Johannes  Wench, 
Johan  Jacob  Grob, 
Johan  Jacob  Schiffer, 
Matheus  Bremich, 
Johan  Stephan  Saam, 
Johann  Adam  Bremich, 
Johann  Georg  Hundt, 
Philip  Abraham  Hornich, 
Johannes  Kelter, 
Jacob  Eckfeldt, 
Heinrich  Schäffer, 
Peter  Zürn, 
Philip  Blum, 
Andreas  Bartel, 
Johannes  Wahl, 
Andreas  Meisch, 
Ludwig  Feter, 
Joseph  Gaser,''' 
Peter  Rücker, 
Peter  Haas, 
Johannes  Theissen, 
Philip  Will, 
Ludwig  Huber, 
Georg  Gielberth, 
Friederich  Ringer, 
Michael  Wilhelm, 
Johan  Georg  Strein, 
Friederich  Wahl, 
Herman  Zonnerer, 
Simon  Descher, 
Johan  Christian  Descher, 
Johannes  Späth, 
Johannes  Rick, 
Johann  Georg  Theiss, 
Friederich  Hoffman, 
Daniel  Weniger, 



Frantz  Schwartz, 
Matthias  Kempe, 
Andreas  Druckenbrodt, 
Georg  Scherer, 

Johannes  Weinberger, 
Sebastian  Seyberth, 
Valentin  Bauer, 
Geo.  Wendel  Zimmerman. 

238)  Sept.  19,  1764.  Ship  Polly,  Robert  Porter,  Captain, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — Six  Roman  Catholics. — 184 

©ept.  19,  1764.  Schiff  Voüi),  Sapitain  Stöbert  forter,  wn 
Stottertam  über  Soroe^.  —  ©e^ö  9tömifc^:=^at^o(ifi^e.  — 184 

Bernhardt  Beck, 
Nichl  Shluhtes,* 
Johannes  Schadt, 
Friederich  Galle, 
Hans  Grimm, 
Joh.  Jacob  Reudt, 
Jacob  Berchel, 
Joh.  Jacob  Mann, 
Christian  Bergman,* 
Caspar  Wenger, 
Jacob  Wenger, 
Nicklaus  Lugebül, 
Joh.  Daniel  König, 
Geo.  Adam  Graif, 
John  Martin  Stoll, 
Johannes  Beiser, 
Johannes  Eulman, 
Peter  Steigelman, 
Christian  Lang,* 
Johann  Christoph  Schmidt, 
Joh.  Jost  Schreckenangst, 
Johann  Jacob  Graff, 
John  Melchior  Hollebach, 
Johan  Georg  Schmidt, 
Johann  Peter  Trein, 
Johann  Georg  Eller, 
Joh.  Casper  Güttenberg, 
Joh.  Michael  Bergman, 
Johan  Friederich  Strass, 

Johan  Conrad  Strass, 
Johann  Carl  Laubach, 
Johan  Henrich  Ehls,  ? 
Johan  Georg  Weyckel, 
Johan  Nicklas  Franck, 
Johan  Adam  Franck, 
Johan  Henrich  Schell, 
John  George  Schwaab, 
Johan  Nickel  Heibst, 
Peter  Marks,* 
Andreas  Grebiel, 
Peter  Grebiel, 
Leonhart  Bauer, 
Conrad  Bauer, 
Antoni  Jutz, 
Peter  Dietrich, 
Adam  Mishell,* 
Carl  Schmidt, 
Anthoni  Weite, 
Frantz  Peter  Hacket, 
Johan  Valentin  Dumm, 
Joh.  Fried.  Zimmermann, 
Peter  Thormeyer, 
Anthon  Noschang, 
Johan  Mathias  Hoffman, 
Christian  Ernst  Beschler^ 
Jacob  Neblinger, 
Wilhelmus  Moser. 



239)  Sept.  20, 1764.  Ship  Sarah,  Francis  Stanfield,  Captain, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Portsmouth. — 230  passengers. 

(Sept.  20,  1764.  ®(^ijf  ®ara^,  Sapitain  granciö  (Stanfielt, 
öon  9tottertain  über  ^ort^mout^. — 230  ^teifenbe. 

Paul  Hoffman, 

Godfrey  Keyser, 

Conrad  Bischoff, 

Georg  Scherer, 

Michael  Lauth, 

Adam  Gottel, 

Peter  Gottel, 

Henrich  Eich, 

Theobold  Lehman, 

Jacob  Hoch, 

Israel  Grob, 

Peter  Schwaab, 

Peter  Hüb, 

Theobold  Weber, 

Adam  Lüdy, 

Frantz  Kettering, 

Christian  Meyer,* 

Jacob  Allspach, 

Daniel  Frick, 

Conrad  Frick, 

Michael  Hoffecker, 

Jacob  Kieffer, 

Joh.  Peter  Weber, 

Leonhard  Lenckner, 

Johann  Büthenfeldt, 

Andreas  Vollprecht, 

Johannes  Weite, 

Michael  Funck, 

Martin  Hoffman, 

Georg  Jacob  Scherer, 

Johan  Ludwig  Betz, 

Johan  Urban  Betz, 

Johan  Adam  Schaff, 

Friederich  Conrad  Scheffer, 

Henrich  Wettern,? 

Theobold  Itzberger, 

J.  Henry  Kisauer,* 

Christian  Främdling, 
Jacob  Altvatter,* 
Johann  Jacob  Kaufinan, 
Simon  Friederich  Schober, 
Johannes  Spielman, 
Johan  Daniel  Fuhrman, 
Daniel  Dausman,* 
Philip  Hoffecker, 
John  George  Hubacher, 
Johan  Michael  Thran, 
John  George  Drachsel, 
Henrich  Ochssenbecher, 
Hans  Georg  Schyre, 
Johann  Henrich  Hoff, 
Hans  Dietrich  Hoff, 
Johann  Georg  Grossglass, 
Johann  Matheis  Dibel, 
Johann  Friederich  Küchner, 
Johann  Philip  Weide, 
Jacob  Schantre, 
Jacob  Feiock,* 
John  Schuster, 
Michael  Metzger, 
Jacob  Gänsel, 
George  Fischer, 
Johannes  Finniger, 
Johannes  Dörr, 
Johan  Herman, 
Carl  Gerhardt, 
Peter  Kuhn, 
Areud  Krissing, 
Wendel  Sheets,* 
Christel  König, 
Georg  Schog, 
Georg  Riehm, 
Johannes  Hitz, 
Johannes  Gass, 



Johannes  Blitz, 
Oswald  Rap, 
Peter  Grottel, 
Moritz  Master, 
Johann  Christ.  Schaub, 
Johannes  Georg  Specht, 
Conrad  Fischer, 
Jacob  Trein, 
Heinrich  Schreiner, 
Martin  Rauch, 
Johan  Henrich  Fashaus, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Weber, 
Johann  Jost  Strack, 

Johann  Peter  Ottershelt, 
Johannes  Hegenstill, 
Frantz  Thomas  Hartman, 
Johan  Christoff'el  Bintz, 
George  Henry  Hartman, 
Johann  Georg  Wetzel, 
Johann  Philip  Kuhn, 
Henrich  Nickel  Raque, 
Hans  Christ.  Raque, 
Johann  Daniel  Löhr, 
Conrad  Schäffer, 
Johan  Peter  Steiler, 
Johann  Michael  Jung. 

240)  Sept.  26,  1764.  Ship  Brittania,  Thomas  Amot,  Cap- 
tain, from  Rotterdam. — 260  passengers. 

@ept.  26,  1764.  ©(^tff  33rittania,  eapitain  S^omaö  3trnot, 
üon  9lottert»am. — 260  S^eifente. 

Christoph  Heger, 

Johannes  Einzopp, 

John  Weber, 

Augustus  Weiss, 

Nicholas  Smith,* 

Daniel  Rieg, 

Theobald  Roth, 

Martin  Jetter, 

Andreas  Vogt, 

Johannes  Gitt, 

Jacob  Gitt, 

Adam  Fink, 

L.  Herschheimer, 

Jno.  Geo.  Reiff,* 

Johann  Baum, 

Casper  Erhardt, 

Gottfried  Lampart, 

Job.  Paulus  Grabsteinbrenner, 

Andreas  Ketteman, 

Georg  Michael  Schmitt, 

Johann  Henrich  Wölker, 

Georg  Haudler, 

Friederich  Zäntler, 
Johan  Carl  Schmitt, 
Georg  Philip  Karwin, 
Georg  Adam  Zepp, 
Henrich  Marschheimer, 
Jacob  Tieschmar, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Werger, 
Georg  Michael  Oeltinger, 
Adolph  Carl  Schneider, 
Philip  Lautenschläger, 
Thomas  Wagner, 
Christian  Schellman, 
Johannes  Waibel, 
Stephan  Waibel,* 
Adam  Miller,* 
Andreas  Freyberger, 
Justus  Lechleider, 
Carl  Garaus, 
Valentin  Stettier, 
Jacob  Masohlder, 
David  Sehneider, 
Christian  Fleckstein,* 



Peter  Wiser, 
Johannes  Wambach, 
Jacob  Schäfer, 
Johannes  Hoch, 
Peter  Paulus  Leicht, 
Joh.  Andreas  Velck, 
Joh.  Valtin  Horter, 
Joh.  Adam  Rau. 
Erhard  Bodenstein, 
Joh.  Friedrich  Koch, 
Phil.  Henry  Miller,* 
Jacob  Brückert, 
Christoph  Brückert, 
Johannes  Kalbfleisch, 
Abraham  Messer, 
Fried.  Jocheim,* 
Christian  Eberhard,* 
Andreas  Jäger, 
Georg  Lehner, 
Georg  Lambarth, 
Georg  Kuntz, 
Henrich  Wegner, 
Jacob  Bätzerlein, 
Christian  Rupp, 
Nicklas  Staller,* 
Friederich  Bachman, 
Dietrich  Gerhart, 
Christoph  Keller, 
Johann  Bernhart  Oth, 
Johann  Andreas  Schmidt, 
Christian  Haushalter, 
Georg  Heinrich  Schmitt, 
Johannes  Georg  Freyberger, 
Johann  Martin  Ott, 

Johann  Frluderich  Vogel, 
Georg  Wilhelm  Schmitt, 
John  Conrad  Wambach, 
Johann  Philipp  von  Nieda, 
Johan  Friederich  Mopps, 
Gerhart  Steinbreucker, 
Georg  Friederich  Helids, 
Johann  Georg  Graff, 
Johann  Adam  Graff, 
Johann  Georg  Cautz, 
Georg  Valentin  Dengen, 
Joh.  Philip  Seidenstricker, 
Johann  Jacob  Schmidt, 
Philip  Henrich  Engel, 
Johan  Philip  Racke, 
Johann  Henrich  Spitzer, 
Johann  Andreas  Spitzer, 
Johan  Friederich  Beyermeister, 
Johan  Dietrich  Hauck, 
Hans  Georg  Schusterdreher, 
Johann  Philip  Schösser, 
Henry  Seidenstricker,* 
Hans  Michael  Lampart, 
Johann  Ludwig  Schäffer, 
Joh.  Henrich  Fabricius, 
John  George  Menges,* 
Johann  Michel  Michel, 
Christian  Sachsman,* 
Hans  Adam  Taxler, 
Jacob  Bartscherer, 
Hans  Michael  Rosser, 
0.  P.  Dieter  Ticker,? 
Martin  Bühler. 

241)  Oct.  3, 1764.  Ship  King  of  Prussia,  James  Robinson, 
Captain,  from  London. — 94  passengers. 

Dct.  3,  1764.  Schiff  Äing  of  f  ruffia,  eapitain  Barnes  d\0' 
binfon,  t)on  Sonbon. — 94  3teifent»e. 



Jacob  Vadel, 
Henrich  Schell, 
Johann  Müller, 
Jacob  Weber, 
Gerlach  Gran, 
Philip  Rescher,* 
Ludwig  Schell, 
Sem.  Urckart, 
Frantz  Schweitzer, 
Johan  Nickel  Herst, 
Andreas  Zinck,* 
Johannes  Stutz,* 
Wendel  Apffel, 
Georg  Schlemb,* 
Henrich  Strohm, 
Georg  Appel,* 
Georg  Ridle, 
Paul  Schreck, 
Nicklas  Scherrer, 
Christian  Wickert, 
Albertus  H  äffer, 
George  Kenttner,* 
Elias  Appel,* 
Jacob  Specht, 
Christian  Appel,* 
Georg  üoU,* 

Johann  Peter  Vadel, 
Johann  Georg  Ther, 
Georg  Peter  Deisevt, 
Christian  Weber, 
Johannes  Ott, 
Matthias  Hendrich,* 
Job.  Philip  Rauschkopf, 
Philip  Jacob  Breszler,* 
Johan  Nicolaus  Dippel, 
Johan  Philip  Steinmetz, 
Johan  Philip  Matter, 
Ernst  Ludwig  Reinbold, 
Georg  Schwerdt, 
Thomas  Salade, 
Johan  Georg  Ernst, 
Joh.  Nicolaus  Schwerdt, 
Michael  Salade, 
Johan  Peter  Fischer, 
Philip  Jacob  Suder,* 
Johannes  Delb, 
Georg  Michael  Hart,* 
Johan  Martin  Heidt, 
Johann  Georg  Gantz, 
Johann  Nickel  Wagner, 
Johannes  Häffer, 
Job.  Philip  Mühlmichel. 

242)  Oct.  20,  1764.  Ship  Richmond,  Charles  Young  Hus- 
band, Captain,  from  Rotterdam. — 224  passengers. 

£)ct.  20,  1764.  (Schiff  3fttci)mont),  Sapitain  d^axUi  gounj^ 
.^uöbant),  öon  Sflotterbam. — 224  Sleifentie. 

Jacob  Nill, 
Friederich  Gebberdt, 
Jacob  Sherber,* 
Christoph  Weber  sen., 
Christoph  Weber, 
Bernhart  Schneider, 
John  AUman, 
Samuel  Starck, 
Johannes  Anpert, 

Daniel  Weichel,* 
Johann  Christian  Thiel, 
Johann  Peter  Gerhard, 
Johann  Georg  Diebert, 
Eberhard  Kirsheyer,* 
John  George  Pullman,* 
Johan  Conrad  Kauffman, 
Johann  Adam  Sebeinzer,* 
Johann  Martin  Anpert, 




Joh.  Wendel  Bartholmae, 
John  Adam  Heckman, 
Michel  Halm, 
Conrad  Jacoby, 
Jacob  Hasbirch, 
Wendel  Runckel, 
Albert  Giilcher, 
jMichel  Reiser, 
Frantz  Kuhn, 
Balthas  Steiner, 
Sebastian  Stier, 
Johannes  Glück, 
Samuel  Stauffer, 
Henrich  Kurtz, 
Georg  Taub, 
Michael  Reiner, 
Gottfried  Schott, 
Daniel  Sätzler, 
Johannes  Seitz, 
Michael  May, 
Paul  Kober, 
Peter  Müller, 
Jacob  Metz, 
Henrich  Allman, 
Abraham  Jacob, 
Jno.  Geo.  Ord,* 
Jno.  Geo.  Haffner, 
Conrad  Minger, 
John  Erlenheiser,* 
Jacob  Kleh, 
Jacob  Schneyder, 
Michel  Becker, 
Jacob  Breisch, 
Christian  Jung, 
Jacob  Bardon, 
Wilhelm  Feickert, 
Nickel  Kämerer, 
Peter  Hardtman, 
Peter  Hanner,? 
Adam  Rieth, 
Nickel  Götz, 

Michael  Mayer, 
Gottlieb  Börckle, 
Georg  Stattler, 
Wendel  Heiss, 
Johann  Peter  Schell, 
Valentin  Hackenbach, 
Johann  Friederich  Henrich 
Friederich  Hirschfeldt, 
Matheich  Koch  Weber, 
Joseph  Breisch, 
Christoph  INIartin  Henerdt, 
Hans  Georg  Kurtz, 
John  Geo.  Geiger, 
Hans  Georg  Hagenbach, 
John  Martin  Knobloch, 
Nicklas  Lächner, 
Johann  Andreas  Kolb, 
Michael  Reidebach, 
Johan  Philip  Müller, 
Johann  Adam  Schütz, 
Wendel  Gutdänder, 
Johannes  Mensch, 
Johann  Michel  Stoff, 
Joh.  Jacob  Engelhardt, 
Wolfarth  Reinhart  Edinger, 
John  Peter  Beckel, 
Johannes  Jacob  Quandel, 
Johannes  Jlenrich  Harn, 
Johannes  Erlenheiser, 
Frederick  Kühlman, 
Georg  Leonhard  Pfeiffer, 
Hans  Michael  Wills, 
Johan  Nickel  Grimm, 
Peter  Reidebach, 
Hans  Michael  Henrich, 
Conrad  Dieffenbacher, 
Johann  Dietrich  Heiss, 
Philip  Friedrich  Müller, 
Wilhelm  Spengler, 
Johan  Peter  Chypfeius, 
Johan  Adam  Weber, 



Johan  Balthaser  Häusser,  Johann  Nickel  Reidenbach, 

Johannes  Spengler,  Melchior  Edinger. 

Joh.  Christopher  Ulrich  Kenser, 

243)  Oct.  27,  1764.  Ship  Hero,  Ralph  Forster,  Captain, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowcs. — 500  passengers. 

Dch  27,  1764.  @c^iff  ^ero,  (Sapttain  Stalp^  gorfier,  üoii 
JRottertam  über  Someö. — 500  3tetfcnt»e. 

Johannes  Hufer,* 
Jacob  Karch, 
Johannes  Weiss, 
John  Berg, 
Andrew  WolflF, 
Jacob  Hass,* 
Peter  Müller, 
Georg  Siel, 
Jost  Meyer, 
Greorg  Etter, 
Jacob  Lossle, 
Matheis  Petter, 
Jacob  Hauck, 
Johannes  Hauck, 
Peter  Schauer, 
Peter  Scheide, 
Martin  Herwald, 
Gustavus  Schlosser, 
Peter  Wedel, 
Gottfried  Eppling, 
Friederich  Eppling, 
Johannes  Will, 
Daniel  Strickler, 
Michel  Shub,* 
Lazarus  Herby 
Jacob  Hönich, 
Johannes  Ludwig, 
Johannes  Gress, 
Jacob  Schibb, 
Conrath  Dörr, 
Johannes  Dürr, 
Lorentz  Dürr, 

Dietrich  Jäger, 
Philip  Ecker, 
Michael  Philipi, 
Adam  Philipi, 
Johannes  Deehr, 
Adam  Fägle, 
Adam  Neiss,* 
Ulrich  Eyman, 
Johann  Georg  Wagner, 
Johannes  Welsch, 
Johann  Andreas  Schad, 
Johann  Christian  Gemet, 
Leonhard  Büchler, 
Wilhelm  Henrich  Biege], 
Johann  Lorentz  Beck, 
Johann  Adam  Rudolph, 
George  Adam  Weickel, 
John  Reinhard  Cauffman,'' 
Henrich  Schwerdt, 
Jacob  Sauerheber, 
Johann  Schuman, 
Rudolph  Schuman, 
Christopher  Radebach, 
Johannes  Fuhrmann, 
Johan  Ludwig  Sewaldt, 
Martin  Heylman, 
Johann  Georg  Wetzel, 
Johann  Adam  Wausch, 
Johannes  Dage,? 
Johann  Ernst  Daniel, 
Johan  Adam  Seyberth, 
Hans  Georg  Götz, 



Johann  Michel  Walter, 
Johan  Philip  Kiintsch, 
Abraham  Fetter, 
Jacob  Düssardt, 
Johann  Michael  Klein, 
Hans  Nickel  Bauer, 
Johannes  Hoffmann, 
Johannes  Fellman, 
Johannes  Ring, 
Joh.  Georg  Weydenmeyer, 
Urban  Weidenmaier, 
Eberhardt  Weydenmeyer, 
Nicholas  Anthony, 
Ludwig  Freibiirger, 
Johann  Jacob  Gross, 
Conrad  Bingman, 
Peter  Nickles, 
Johannes  Gerent, 
Adam  Meyer, 
Paulus  Pauly, 
Henrich  Fuchs, 
Johannes  Frietsch, 
Michael  Scheff, 
Georg  Wintz, 
David  König, 
Conrad  König, 
Georg  Wilhelm, 
Egidius  Jung, 
Henrich  Sohl, 
Nicholas  Ott, 
Johannes  Seilheim, 
Joseph  Hertol, 
Georg  Heyman,* 
Martin  Schupp, 
Andreas  Reck, 
Simon  Fischer, 
Bernhard  Steiner, 
Jacob  Kiportz, 
Joseph  Renau, 
Henrich  Baum, 
Johaunes  AVittisr, 

Henrich  Roth, 
Michael  Nieth, 
Gottlieb  Nieth, 
Georg  Sachs, 
Georg  Deg, 
Michael  Walter, 
Samuel  Schober, 
Andreas  Michael, 
Michael  Schaffer,* 
Martin  Heitz, 
Nicolaus  Breidebach, 
Daniel  Brennemann, 
Christian  Brubacher, 
Jacob  Seitz, 
Daniel  Joder, 
Rudolph  Kägy, 
Peter  Grebil, 
Georg  Altschuh, 
Johann  Georg  Adam, 
Johann  Nickel  Raab, 
Johan  Adam  Bruchhauser, 
Johann  Henrich  Lutz, 
Friederich  Haffner, 
Abraham  Schantz, 
Conrad  Haftenträger, 
Jacob  Kauffman, 
Johann  Henrich  Heyl, 
Johann  Georg  Heyl, 
Johann  Conrad  Heyl, 
Johann  Jacob  Heyl, 
Johann  Peter  Hoffstadt, 
Johann  Jacob  Leiman, 
Johann  Henrich  Bausch, 
Johann  Valtin  Becker, 
Christian  Schowalder, 
Jost  Dettweiler, 
Johann  Michael  Breidebach, 
Georg  Philip  Pettry, 
Carl  Ludwig  Baum, 
Johannes  Prenser,  ? 
Melchior  Weydenmeyer, 



Johann  Daniel  Franck, 
Johann  Georg  Scherer, 
Albrecht  Schumacher, 
Benedictus  Galle, 
Johann  Philip  Gättman, 
Johann  Gottfried  Weiss, 
Johann  Ludwig  Weber, 
Johann  Michael  Hirschlag, 
Johannes  Kugelwerth, 
Johann  Martin  Klein, 
Johannes  Kiester, 
Johannes  Kundelmanu, 
Christian  StaufFer, 
Henrich  Schneider, 
Johan  Henrich  Lannert,* 
Adam  Herman, 
Nicholas  Ueberroth, 
Johann  Jacob  Nagel, 
Valentin  Volck, 
Peter  Harris,* 
Georg  Bortz, 
Nickel  Herisch, 
Adam  Ruth, 
Peter  Ambrose, 

Peter  Ziefus,* 
Peter  Jung, 
Christopher  Hess, 
Simon  Klos, 
Jacob  Klamm, 
Abraham  Petter, 
Johann  Glasser, 
Älichael  Büttner, 
Philip  Beck, 
Johann  Adam  Buch, 
Friederich  Lofinck, 
Hans  George  Baumantz, 
Herman  Wittscher, 
Georg  Peter  Zenteler, 
Johann  IMichael  Nagel, 
Johann  Andreas  Unangst, 
Michael  Resmeyer, 
Georg  Michael  Klamm, 
Georg  Simon  Rieger, 
Johann  David  Schaadt, 
Friederich  Würtzbacher, 
Johann  Henrich  Schöneberger, 
Johann  Martin  Mäder, 
Conrad  Höldebrand. 

244)   Nov.  5,  1764.     Ship  Jeneffer,  Georg  Kerr,  Captain, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 247  passengers. 

9100.  5,  1764.    ©c^ijf  3eneffer,  Savitain  ®eorg  Äerr,  »on 
Stotterbam  über  (Soweö. — 247  Sfleifenbc. 

Johannes  Futerman, 
Hans  Perger,* 
Frantz  Krämer, 
Jost  Rauter, 
Frantz  Krämer, 
John  Jäger, 
Antonius  Cromm, 
Henrich  Cromm, 
Simon  Georg, 
Georg  Schön, 
Peter  Hürstraan, 

Andreas  Braum, 
Johannes  Ochsa, 
John  Cond.  Steibel, 
Jno.  Geo.  Upper,* 
Jno.  Diet.  Fehring, 
Thomas  Weller, 
Johannes  Rübelandt, 
Friederich  Decker, 
Jno.  Charles  Hetrig, 
Martin  Scheller, 
Johann  Wantzbach, 




Christian  Roth, 
Johann  Ludwig  Degen, 
Johann  Philip  Endres, 
Johann  Gottfried  Meyer, 
Johan  George  Leininger, 
Frantz  Rübsamen, 
Johann  Martin  Neb, 
Johann  Tönges  Cromm, 
Johann  Christ.  Lindorff, 
Johann  Best  Weber, 
Johann  Gerlach  Traut, 
Johann  Gerlach  Finck, 
Johann  Peter  Weber, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Strunck, 
Johann  Henrich  Au, 
Johann  Peter  Petery, 
Johann  Georg  Reyman, 
John  George  Faust, 
Johann  Jacob  Schlosser, 
Joh.  Dieterich  Schmidt, 
John  Christ.  Fuhrsbach, 
Jost  Henrich  Frantz, 
Johann  Jacob  Frantz, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Frantz, 
Johannes  Volck, 
Gottfried  Stock, 
Conrad  Braun, 
Christian  Zimmer, 
Jacob  Landes, 
Johannes  Landes, 
Ulrich  Bieber, 
John  Miller, 

Henrich  Stöckel, 
Nicklaus  Meisset, 
Jacob  Meisset,* 
Philip  Schmidt, 
Jno.  Wm.  Miller, 
John  Schwab, 
Christian  Hantzel, 
Abraham  Schapler, 
Jacob  Werns,* 
Stephan  Petri, 
Peter  Grebihl, 
Joh.  Engel  Stöhr, 
Johann  Christ.  Heusser, 
Johannes  Georg  Reusch, 
Johann  Andreas  Wentzell, 
Johann  David  Mehn, 
Johan  Adam  Steinwax,* 
Johann  Henrich  Gihl, 
Valentin  Schuster, 
Hans  Georg  Vuter, 
Hans  Georg  Schmidt, 
Johann  Michael  Braun, 
Heinrich  Wilhelm  Gruck, 
Johann  Henrich  Helensteuer, 
Johann  Adam  Bieger,  ? 
Johann  Jacob  Batz, 
Balthasar  Dieffenbaeh, 
Johannes  Gerhard  Klein, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Weynan, 
Jacob  Brennemann, 
Johann  Peter  Hachenberg, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Klein. 

245)  Nov.  5,  1764,  Ship  Prince  of  Wales,  James  Edgar, 
Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 131  passengers. 

9?oö.  5,  1764.  ©c^tff  prince  of  2BaH  ßapitain  Sameö 
@l>gar,  »on  Stottertmm  über  Soweö. — 131  9tcifent»c. 

Peter  Römen,  Casper  Fries, 

Johannes  Muth,  Ludwig  Mader, 

Philip  Becher,  Peter  Julien, 



Philip  Golb  * 
Carl  Uhl, 
Nicolaus  Booss, 
Henrich  Happel, 
Jacob  Dorsheimer, 
Peter  Dörr, 
Johannes  Eckel, 
Peter  Rorbach, 
Peter  Harbarger, 
Paul  Bichler, 
Christofifel  Schneit, 
Johannes  Schertzer, 
Johannes  Strack, 
x\dani  Henneberger, 
Johann  Philipp  Bittman, 
Jacob  Schenckweiler, 
Conrad  Korffmann, 
Georg  Wilhelm  Resler, 
Johannes  Manderfelth, 
Georg  Peter  Hessler,? 
Charles  Norheimer,* 
Wilhelm  Henrich  Kuss, 
Johann  Nicklas  Schneider, 
Johann  Valentin  Schneider, 
PhUipp  Mittmann, 
Johannes  Schnell, 
Wilhelm  Stuntz, 
Johannes  Stuntz, 
Georg  Jäger, 
Adam  Kaiser, 

Carl  Stoltz, 
Johannes  Orth, 
Gottlieb  Becker, 
Philip  Barth, 
Peter  Wann, 
Adam  Gless,* 
Peter  Umstatt, 
Jacob  Petry, 
Georg  Schmit, 
Sebastian  Thiel, 
Thomas  Polhaus, 
Peter  Hesler, 
George  Horster, 
Martin  Seybert, 
Johann  Conrad  Stoltz, 
Johan  Jacob  Mattheis, 
Johan  Christoph  Pruch, 
Peter  Laubenstein, 
Johan  Peter  Laubenstein, 
Johann  Philip  Schuey, 
Jacob  Espenschied, 
Georg  Schäffer, 
Henrich  Rihm, 
Peter  Cärius, 
Georg  Adam  Dückel, 
Christopher  Heidrich, 
Henrich  Berninger, 
Johannes  Schneider, 
Joh.  Burchardt  Culman, 
Johannes  Weisgerber. 

246)  Nov.  10,  1764.  Ship  Boston,  Matthew  Carr,  Master, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 203  passengers. 

9^üö.  10,  1764.  (Sd)iff  Softon,  ßapitain  9}?att^en3  daxv,  oon 
0totterbam  über  Soiueö. — 203  Steifente. 

Henrich  Spahr,  Philip  Glass, 

Johannes  Schwerm,  Johannes  Kessler, 

Anthony  Boley,  Peter  Wentz, 

Johannes  Wentz,  Peter  Kendemer,? 

Johannes  Walther,  Georg  Reideuauer, 



Johannes  Pflaum, 
Diebolt  Lertz, 
Andreas  Koppel, 
Lorentz  Jung, 
Ludwig  Scheffer, 
Michael  Georg, 
John  Scheffling, 
Diebolt  Beit, 
Ja  que  Depre, 
Isaac  Bertsch, 
Adam  Lampart,* 
Johan  Andreas  Fuchs, 
Henrich  Bachmann, 
Johan  Casper  Keipper, 
Johann  Peter  Schahl, 
Johan  Georg  Muth, 
Johan  Valentin  Dickes, 
Hans  Georg  Büttner, 
Johan  Carl  Boley, 
Georg  Dannefeltzer, 
Hans  Adam  Hartman, 
Nickolaus  Reidenauer, 
Andreas  Schneider, 
Simon  Peter  Baidemann, 
Christian  Jacob  Klein, 
Johann  Teobald, 
Lewis  Shimfassel, 
Johan  Philip  Weytzel, 
Henrich  Herbach, 

Frantz  Lambert, 

Christian  Mühleisen, 

Peter  Castermann, 

John  Lampart,* 

Jacob  Buss, 

Henry  Bauer,* 

Michael  Week,* 

Peter  Halm, 

Justus  Eckhard, 

Henry  Scheffer,* 

Henrich  Fuchs, 

Peter  Geiss, 

Peter  Fuchs, 

Henrich  Fuchs,* 

Nicklas  Hittel, 

Peter  Steffen, 

Johan  Nickel  Weck, 

Jacob  Conrath, 

Andreas  Baussmann, 

Rupertius  Waller, 

Bernhart  Döss, 

Philip  Jacob  Bausmann, 

Casper  Bernhardt, 

Wilhelm  Bernhardt, 

Johann  Diter  Bledel, 

Conrad  Fried.  Bientelheimer, 

Johann  Georg  Stättler, 

Johannes  Sponknöbel, 

Philip  Gerber.* 

247)  Dec.  4,  17G4.  Snow  Tryall,  John  Clapp,  Master,  from 
Rotterdam,  last  from  Plymouth. — 48  passengers. 

Dec.  4,  1764.  ®eefd)iif  Xr^atl,  ßapitain  3oI)n  Glflpp,  yen 
3lotterbam  über  ^^Ipmout^. — 48  3teifent)c. 

Jacob  Keppel,*  Philippus  Stein, 

Georg  Bender,  Johannes  Jung, 

Andreas  Emrich,  Bastian  Bender, 

Johannes  Greast,  Anthony  Opp, 

Johannes  Bender,  Carl  Dost, 

Henrich  Strocher,  Johan  Daniel  Gross,* 



Heinrich  Laiitzenheisser,* 
Peter  Lautzenhäusser, 
Abraham  SchäfFer, 
Christopher  Mathias,* 
Johannes  Roscher, 

Niekolaus  Aberthal, 
Johann  Jacob  Enck, 
Johannes  Gaull, 
Kaspar  Schönbruck, 
Valentin  Braun. 

248)  Aug.  24, 1765.  Ship  Polly,  Robert  Porter,  Master,  from 
Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 211  passengers. 

Slug.  24,  1765.  ©d)iff  g)oII^,  Sajjitain  ^Robert  porter,  «on 
3lottert»am  über  Sonjeö. — 211  ^cifenbe. 

Jacob  Huntzicker,* 

Andreas  Heintz, 

Jacob  Nägele, 

Jacob  Gray, 

Joseph  Stecher, 

Jacob  Gemberling, 

Christian  Wuuuer, 

Conrad  Hauenstein,* 

Elias  Werner, 

Joh.  Adam  Friedrich  Doll, 

Jacob  Gremberling  sen., 

Georg  Jacob  Hauenstein,* 

Christoph  Spriegel, 

Joh.  Leonard  Devil,* 

Andreas  Ehresmann, 

Andreas  Buchhecker, 

Lorentz  Gronninger,* 

Joh.  Michael  Gronninger,* 

Peter  Sigrist, 

Conrad  Munch, 

Jacob  Mays,* 

Peter  Zeiler, 

Jacob  Wunder, 

Elias  Wigandt, 

Jacob  Fans,* 

Peter  Gram, 

Jacob  Treuttle, 

Jacob  Schultz,* 

Jacob  Behr,* 

Samuel  Behr,* 

Jacob  Thorwarth, 
Jacob  Hetzel, 
Jacob  Schneck, 
George  Stadtler,* 
Henrich  Hopff, 
Friederich  Hippel, 
Georg  UfFer,? 
Christian  Maurer, 
Rudolph  Mambeck, 
Johannes  Voltz, 
Johannes  Müller, 
Johannes  Schmidt, 
Michael  HoiF, 
John  Mich.  Bishop, 
Johannes  May, 
Jacob  Müller, 
Anthony  Rhein,* 
Michael  Mensebach,* 
Peter  Gress,* 
Johan  Bernhart  Dietrich, 
Gottfried  IMünch, 
Georg  Adam  Bressler, 
Michael  Widerick,* 
Valentin  KaufFmann, 
Georg  Simon  Haushalter, 
George  Adam  Teis,* 
Christoph  Dieterich, 
Henrich  Wilhelm  Mayer, 
Henrich  Berthgiss, 
Christian  Häuffrer, 



Johann  Philip  Harttung, 
Jacob  Schwenck,? 
Paulus  Sturm, 
Johannes  Rathacker, 
Christoph  Ginähle, 
Hans  Georg  Schneck  sen., 
Hans  Georg  Schneck, 
Christopher  Hanmüller, 
Johan  Jacob  Hanmüller, 
Johann  Bardtmann, 

Johann  Jacob  Hofelen, 
Johann  Georg  Hoff, 
Johann  Jacob  Schressel, 
Johann  Nickel  Fischer, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Bender, 
Frantz  Arnold  Lein, 
Martin  Klaubach,* 
Johan  Jacob  Mohr, 
Johan  George  Kahler, 
Peter  Rudolph.* 

249)  Sept.  9,  1765.  Ship  Chance,  Charles  Smith,  Master, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 216  passengers. 

(Sept.  9,  1765.  ©c^iff  Stance,  ßapitain  d^arleö  <Bm\%  »Ott 
Sflotterbam  über  ßowes. — 216  9tetfent)e. 

Peter  Kebbler,* 
Georg  Krebs,* 
Charles  Grim,* 
Jacob  Müller, 
Jacob  Geiger, 
Peter  Schmidt, 
Jacob  Deinius, 
Johannes  Schissler, 
Caspar  Roth, 
Henrich  Lambert, 
Balthas  Breitenbühr, 
Johann  Georg  Bauer, 
Tobias  Hafferstock, 
Christopher  Kessler,* 
Jacob  George,* 
Johannes  Fecher,* 
Daniel  Meyers,* 
John  Dauchawirt, 
Jacob  Krafft, 
Henrich  Kägel, 
Jacob  Guth, 
John  Klein, 
Jacob  Kendel, 
Jacob  Kehl, 
Johan  Erendorff, 

Christian  Höhl, 
Eberhard  Lüttig,* 
Michael  Heyl, 
Martin  Weber, 
Israel  Bockreider, 
Friederich  Keller, 
Peter  Beixitsch,* 
Nicklaus  Ludi, 
John  Dinius, 
Jonas  DUl, 
Christoph  Kettering, 
Wendel  Schanck, 
Johannes  Preiss, 
Rudolph  Brengel, 
Jacob  Kebbel, 
John  Russ, 
Valentin  Röbach, 
Isaac  Frantz, 
John  Geo.  Firer, 
Michael  Hütler, 
Matheis  Hora, 
Michael  Müller, 
Joh.  Georg  Philip  Lessig, 
Johann  Christian  Lessig, 
Johan  Gottlieb  Gampffer, 



Valentin  Metzger, 
Georg  Christian  Müller, 
Johan  Philip  Melter, 
Michael  Kettenring, 
Johan  Jacob  Kettenring, 
Joh.  Georg  Paul  Christmann, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Nützer, 
Philip  Henrich  Mayer, 
Joh.  Christophel  Kurtz, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  SchäflFer, 
Joh.  Conrad  Escher, 
Joh.  Wendel  Gübeller, 
John  Henry  Reichard, 
Matheis  Hartmeyer, 

Joh.  Adam  Graeim, 
Johannes  Ernst  Kaps, 

Johan  Friederich  Weyrer, 
Joh.  Burchard  Kreis, 
Joh.  Henrich  Gernardt, 
Joh.  Michael  Seltzer, 
Abraham  Breitenbüher, 
Johann  Philip  Müller, 
Johan  Daniel  Müller, 
Johannes  Giedelmann, 
Johan  Michael  Hoy  er, 
Christian  Brützius. 

250)  Sept.  19,  1765..  Ship  Betsey,  John  Osman,  Comman- 
der, from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

©ept.  19,  1765.  ©c^iff  Sßetfep,  Sommantant  3o^n  O^man, 
öon  JHotterbam  über  Soweö. 

Ludwig  Barer, 
Jacob  Frietz, 
Daniel  Cobbit, 
Henrich  Pfeiffer, 
Jacob  Idler, 
Isaac  Gassman,* 
Henrich  Hermann, 
Johan  Matheus  Dollmann, 
Michael  Löwenstein, 
,Hans  Michael  Brattier, 
Johan  Jacob  Brattier, 
Phil.  Gottfried  Mathias, 
Abram  Schming, 
Martin  Becker, 
Jacob  Zekerr, 
Wilhelm  Schäfer, 
Joh.  Georg  Pletz, 
Peter  Schneider, 
Wilhelm  Freund, 
Joh.  Ebert  (Erter, 
Johann  Gastlied, 

Daniel  Zwigart, 
George  Schiff, 
Peter  Garthner, 
Michael  Zehner, 
John  Heins, 
Martin  Hegner, 
Jacob  Hauss, 
Benedict  Schmit,* 
Hans  Merckle, 
Johannes  Wolff, 
Jacob  Blaus, 
Darius  Strauss, 
Jacob  Hiller, 
Martin  Ostertag, 
Christian  Wehr, 
Andreas  Heckel, 
Jacob  Licht, 
Josua  Metzger, 
Da\dd  Gottschall, 
Conrad  Schuler, 
Johannes  Braun, 



Johann  Henrich, 
Benjamin  Gassmann, 
Gottfried  Grumbach, 
Joh.  Carl  Gabriel, 
Hans  Georg  Ochs, 
Jacob  Friederich  SchäflFer, 
Gottlob  Jacob  Löffler, 
Johan  Jacob  Thiel, 
Johann  Georg  Schneider, 
Johan  Henrich  Ohrendorff, 
Johan  Adam  Schneyder, 
Johann  Christian  Betz, 
Johann  Adam  Arnsterger, 
Stephan  Höpffer, 
Philip  Jacob  Stockel,* 
Lorentz  Rinckle,* 

Hans  Georg  Frietz, 
Abraham  Gleding, 
Johan  Philip  Müller, 
Johannes  Riemer, 
Georg  Deschner, 
Johannes  Peter  Zepper, 
Johan  Jacob  Birki, 
Friederich  Heckel, 
Johan  Buben  Weller, 
Johan  Nickel  Licht, 
Johan  Conrad  Lang, 
Johan  Henrich  Clement, 
Johan  Philip   Schreder, 
Philip  Peter  Laplace, 
Johan  Friederich  Ernst, 
Jacob  Rockenbäuch. 

251)  Sept.  21, 1765.  Ship  Myrtilla,  James  Cayton,  Captain, 
from  London. — 81  passengers. 

®ept.  21,  1765.  (Schiff  ^^rtida,  ßapitain  3amcg  ßa^ton, 
öon  Sonton. — 81  Sleifente. 

Martin  Schmidt, 
Christian  Hauss, 
Jacob  Kapp, 
Martin  Frey, 
Martin  Behr, 
Philip  Behr, 
Jacob  Dieterich, 
Johannes  Burgholdter, 
Samuel  Funck, 
Christian  Burgholdter, 
Andreas  Friederich, 
ChristofFel  Dieterich, 
Jacob  Burgholdter, 
Henrich  Keller, 
Adam  Eckel, 
Jacob  Meyer, 

Henrich  Frey, 
Johannes  KrebüU, 
Jacob  Räumann, 
Ulerich  Wissler, 
Jacob  Wissler, 
Henrich  Küny, 
Joh.  Michael  Meyer, 
Sebastian  Nill, 
Ludwig  Schehlman, 
Johann  Christian, 
Josue  Dedie,  a 
Jean  Dedie,  a 
Abraham  de  Roche,  a 
Jean  Jaque  Etienne,  a 
Jean  Richar  Vierisard.  a 

a  Swiss-French  Protestants. 

a  (S(^weijerifc^»franjÖ[ifcl;e  ^Jroteftanten. 



252)  Oct.  7, 1765.   Ship  Countess  of  Sussex,  Thomas  Gray, 
Captain,  from  Rotterdam. — 50  passengers. 

Oct  7,  1765.    ®d)iff  Sounte^  of  ©uffej:,  Sa})itain  S^omag 
®ra9,  »on  Stotterbam. — 50  9teifent)e. 

William  Hagher,* 
David  Vohl, 
Rudolph  KäphfFer. 
Henry  Stephan, 
Greorg  Michel  Hertle, 
Joh.  Thomas  Metzler, 
Melchior  Metzler, 
Jacob  Sandemeyer, 
Christian  Schneider, 
Conrad  Brombach, 
Johannes  Brombach, 
Andreas  Hubert, 

Joh.  Christ.  Schönfelder, 
Frantz  Carl  Beaujacque, 
Joh.  Leonhard  Hirsch, 
Johan  Theodor  Hofius, 
Joh.  Jacob  Scheppach, 
Joh.  Gottlieb  Ponce  sen., 
Joh.  Gottlieb  Ponce  jr., 
Joh.  Henrich  Bender, 
Joh.  Henrich  Hepde,? 
Johan  Henrich  Meli, 
Joh.  Christoph  Schultz. 

253)  Sept.  23,  1766.  Ship  Chance,  Charles  Smith,  Master, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 200  passengers. 

(Sept.  23,  1766.  ©c^iff  Stance,  (Eapitain  ßf^arleö  ©mitt), 
»on  Stotterbam  übet  Sotücö. — 200  9teifente. 

Conrad  Störckell, 
Johannes  Groll, 
Johannes  Hoch, 
Peter  Blass, 
Johannes  Müller, 
Johannes  Lipp, 
Johannes  Conradi, 
Conrath  Eurich, 
Jacob  Reitzel, 
Henrich  Gross, 
Nicholas  Arnold, 
Johann  Georg  Freytag, 
Johan  Friederich  Altvetter, 
Johan  Friederich  Ulrich, 
Michael  Sulheimer, 
Johann  Georg  Ernold, 
Johann  Georg  Eurich, 
Johan  Peter  Mehrling, 
Johan  Henrich  Kern, 

Johann  Peter  Fuist, 
Johan  Franeiscus  Faist, 
Johannes  Meister, 
Johannes  Vogt, 
Philip  Blitz, 
Johannes  Emrich, 
Martin  Lantz, 
Johannes  Graub, 
Joh.  Georg  May, 
Johannes  Leis, 
Friederich  Lüderitz, 
Joh.  Adam  Flick, 
John  Haster,* 
Johann  Borthlehr, 
Gabriel  Becker, 
Henrich  Frey, 
Johannes  Mates, 
Zacharias  Endres, 
Henrich  Bossel, 




Paul  Conrad, 
Andreas  Weiss, 
Friederich  Locher, 
Henrich  Häher, 
Henrich  Dewalt, 
Johannes  Miesemer, 
Sebastian  Heckman, 
Adam  Schäffer, 
Peter  Burgiug, 
Georg  Tramp, 
Geo.  Conrad  Seip, 
Joh.  Georg  Weber, 
Heinrich  Ehrhart, 
John  Peter  Tramp, 
Johan  Hirschbirg, 
Johannes  Kehl, 
Peter  Weber, 
Simon  Bichller, 
Joseph  Schmidt, 
Johannes  Reb, 
Christoph  Huger, 
Johannes  Huger, 
Johannes  Weber, 
Anton  MundorflF,? 
Francis  Beler,* 
Joh.  Christian  Kunckel, 
Johan  Jacob  Vogler, 
Michael  Grünewald, 
Johan  Peter  Hör, 
Johan  Friederich  Helm, 
Johann  Adam  0hl, 
Johan  Georg  Seib, 
Joh.  Benedict  Schneider, 

Joh.  Ludwig  Waltmann, 
Joh.  Nicklaus  Seitz, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Klöpper, 
Joh.  Valentin  Klöpper, 
Joh.  Gabriel  Gröber, 
Joh.  Michael  Weingärtner, 
Joh.  Henrich  Deetzel, 
Joh.  Dietrich  Koster,? 
Hannes  Waldtmann, 
Joh.  Daniel  Frischmuth, 
Johan  Nickel  Martin, 
Georg  Grämlich, 
Henrich  Jüngst, 
Joh.  Jacob  Beinhart, 
Johan  Peter  Low, 
Joh.  Friederiek  Müller, 
Joh.  Jacob  Matzenbacher, 
Hans  Georg  Schnepp, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Seip, 
John  Adam  Sand, 
Johan  Christoph  Simon, 
Joh.  Georg  Zimmermann, 
Simon  Peter  Deubard, 
Christopher  Unger, 
Philip  Colman  Rämlander, 
Johan  Michael  Kuh, 
Joh.  Christoph  Kämpff, 
John  Michael  Lauer, 
Johan  Georg  Ott, 
Johan  Nicolaus  Wiebel, 
Johan  Georg  Allsbach, 
Joh.  Henrich  Leuthäusser, 
Simon  Gickert. 

254)  Oct.  13,  1766.  Ship  Betsey,  John  Osmond,  Master, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes.^154  passengers. 

Dct.  13,  1766.  ©c^iff  Setfe^,  (Sapitnin  3o^n  D^monb,  »on 
Stotterbam  über  Soweö. — 154  3leifeute. 

Johannes  Breinckhart,  Johannes  Schmid, 

Nioolaua  Bohler,  Jacob  Henckel, 



IMichacl  Ratli, 
Daniel  Brenner, 
Joseph  Stauch, 
Johannes  Benner, 
Jacob  Schaffer, 
Jacob  Kauffmann, 
Joseph  Singer, 
Grottlieb  Geyer, 
Fred.  Hoffman, 
F.  Gr.  Hirschmann, 
Johannes  Maeyer, 
Johannes  Dahm,? 
Jonas  Barone,? 
Lorentz  Boris,* 
Jacob  Kern, 
Jacob  Günther, 
Louis  Robert, 
Johannes  Höckert, 
Jacob  Hahn, 
Jacob  Wagner, 
Johannes  Linck, 
Valentin  Schürling, 
Peter  Lütter, 
Michael  Weiss, 
Johan  Hage, 
Peter  Reyt, 
Christoph  WiUemann, 
Jacob  Greuther, 
Christian  Wolff,* 
Johannes  Häuser, 
Johannes  Mosser, 
Valentin  Hamm, 
John  Keller,* 
Peter  Guite, 
Georg  Bub, 
Jost  Kuntz,* 
Daniel  Zimmermann, 
Johan  Hehuan  Karle, 

John  Jacob  Karl, 
Johann  Georg  Becker, 
Johannes  Gelessener, 
Jost  Henry  Volmer, 
Georg  Schiltwächter, 
Johann  Georg  Volmer, 
Johan  Georg  Miller, 
Johann  Jost  Miller, 
Johann  Georg  Fiesser, 
Joh.  Melchior  Endlich, 
Joh.  Henrich  Bär, 
Joh.  Henrich  Frantz, 
Joh.  Philip  Lambach, 
Friederich  Schittenhelm, 
Georg  Michael  Schäher, 
Johan  Jacob  Haussmann, 
Johan  Bernhard  Borst, 
Johann  Henrich  Fessler, 
Johann  Jacob  Fessler, 
Georg  Friederich  Immich, 
Henrich  Frantz  Feck, 
Johann  Christoph  Götz, 
Johan  Georg  Lichtenberger, 
Hans  Martin  Ziegler, 
Johan  Georg  Knell,? 
Johan  Michael  Keyser, 
Johan  Michael  Schäffer, 
Johan  Filbert  Gleh, 
Johannes  Wüst, 
Lenhart  Eckert, 
Johan  Bernhard  KÖrtz, 
Christian  Frey, 
Philip  Buchman, 
Lorentz  Ladenberger, 
Joseph  Haller, 
Christian  Becker, 
David  Wathman, 
Joh.  Georg  Schneyder. 

255)  Oct.  16, 1766.    Ship  Palladium,  Richard  Hunter,  Mas- 
ter, from  Lisbon,  Portugal. 



Dct.  16,  1766.   (S(^iff  ^aüatium,  gapttatn  gtic^ort)  punter, 
»on  Siffabon,  Portugal. 

Pedra  Oberländer, 
Ignacio  Onder, 
Francis  Frey, 
John  Meyer,* 
Francis  Fisher,* 
Peter  Polo,* 

Peter  Schotter, 
Paul  Abzieger, 
Carl  Grissinger, 
Erhard  Schlägel, 
Johannes  Kreck. 

256)  Oct.  18, 1766.  Ship  Polly,  Robert  Porter,  Master,  from 
Amsterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 181  passengers. 

Dct.  18,  1766.    ©c^iff  ^oU^,  Sapitain  9tobert  ^ovttx,  »on 
Slmflerbam  über  Sowe^. — 181  Sfteifenbe. 

Christian  Reiss, 

Georg  Schättel, 

Nicolas  Stoltzfus, 

Christian  Stoltzfus, 

Jacob  Holler, 

Jacob  Heifer, 

John  Brodnier, 

Jacob  Diemer, 

Joh.  Jacob  Lentz, 

Johannes  Reuther, 

Joh.  Hen.  Müller, 

Ernst  Wilh.  Christ, 

Johannes  Geitling, 

Johan  T.  Lupp, 

John  Edelmaan, 

Johannes  Schwen, 

Johannes  Bloch, 

Philip  Walter, 

Peter  Müller, 

John  W.  Herman, 

Hans  Jacob  Motz, 

Andreas  Stetzel, 

Johannes  Schräg, 

Valentin  Weld, 

Frantz  Schmidt, 

Michael  Friederich  Gutekunst, 

Michael  Schättel, 
Johann  Nickel  Wems, 
Hans  Georg  Horn, 
Frantz  Herman, 
John  Georg  Herman, 
Philip  Henrich  Hechs, 
Hans  Georg  Cuntz, 
Johan  Philip  Jacob, 
Hans  Jacob  Duchman, 
Johan  Jacob  Schreiner, 
Johannes  Peter  Stockmann, 
Johan  Adam  Widerstein, 
Johan  Hen.  Eissenberger, 
Johan  Philip  Gielberth, 
Johan  Eberth  Michael, 
Georg  Friederich  Steiner, 
Johan  Georg  Schreiber, 
Joh.  PhUip  Weltzheimer, 
Hans  Georg  Petry, 
Joh.  Philip  Schreiner, 
Georg  Valentin  Steiner, 
Joh,  Henrich  Herdel, 
John  Conrad  Erick,* 
Johann  Jacob  Henninger, 
Johan  Caspar  Trump. 

AND   OTHER    IMMIGRANTS — 17G7.  377 

257)  Nov.  4, 1766.  Ship  Sally,  John  Davidson,  Mastci-,  from 
Kotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

^oX),  4,  1766.    ©(^iff  <Satt9,  Sapitain  3o|n  Dattitfon,  »on 
JHotterfcam  über  Soipeö. 

Paulus  Amecker,  Georg  Jacob  Elsass, 

Johannes  Lemp,  Georg  Friederich  Göbss, 

Jacob  Brandenberger,  Joh.  Georg  Sturmfels. 

Christoph  Henrich  Augustinus, 

258)  Jan.  23,  1767.  Ship  Juno,  John  Robinson,  Master, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Berwick-on-Tweed,  England. — 36 

3an.  23,  1767.   ©rf)iff  3uno,  ßapitain  3o^n  9lobinfon,  öon 
SHotterbam  über  53ertpidf=on=Xn>cet>,  Snglanb. — 36  Steifente. 
Johann  Bekenne,  Johan  Georg  Seuberth, 

Michael  Götz,  Johan  Georg  Huber, 

John  Henry  Hirsh,*  Johann  Henrich  Kiesy, 

John  Peter  Böll,  Joh.  Hen.  Holdinghaus, 

Johannes  Moss,  Johan  Clemens  Gulich, 

Joh.  Hen.  Lebe,  Georg  Mich.  Kittelmeyer. 

259)  Oct.  5,  1767.    Ship  Sally,  John  Osman,  Master,  from 
Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 116  passengers. 

Dct.  5,  1767.    ®(^{ff  ®atl9,  Sapitain  ^oiixi  D^mon,  »on 
9lottert)am  über  Someö. — 116  Sfleifcnbe. 
Henrich  Kleiber,  Adolph  Dill, 

Georg  Kleiber,  Theobald  Fischer, 

Georg  Leidich,  Adam  Dörr, 

Jacob  Durweeg,  Christian  Müller, 

Johannes  Sommer,  Andreas  Sperling, 

Peter  Wilrich,  Leonhart  Beyer, 

Stephan  Tuchman,  Johannes  Kemperling, 

Philip  Krimmel,  Gabriel  Leon, 

Joh.  Emerich  Adam,  Georg  Henrich  Focht, 

Bernhart  Eglin,  Adam  Knoblauch, 

Michael  Gütchrel,  Friederich  Gamssendahl, 

Peter  Auchementer,  Martin  Bornträger, 

Wendel  Bernhardt,  Joh.  Theodore  Hartman, 

Georg  Bernhardt,  Hans  Georg  Mattheis, 




Christo.  Ludwig  Detweiler, 

Hans  Adam  Bauer, 

Johan  Georg  Würtzer, 

Johan  Andreas  Seuling, 

Georg  Henrich  Keitz, 

Adam  Philip  Kietz, 

Johan  PhiUp  Huff, 

WUhelm  Diewalt, 

Johann  Petrygandt, 

Joh.  Conrad  Bertsch, 

Joh.  Nicklaus  Weyandt, 

Georg  Kilian  Werth, 

Joh.  Henrich  Krafft, 

Joh,  Nicolaus  Ludwig, 

Joh.  Michael  Bast, 

Joh.  Hieronimus  Augustine, 

Johannes  Müller, 

Joh.  Jac.  Heiser, 

Frantz  Hoch, 

Jacob  Eckenberger, 

Jacob  Berndt,* 

Jacob  Berndt  jr.,* 

Henrich  Weber, 

Nickel  Huber, 

Caspar  Acker, 

Adam  Huber, 

Michael  Miller, 

Adam  Müller, 

Valentin  Hoch, 

Philip  Huber, 

Jacob  Lein, 

Jacob  Küffer, 

Jacob  Kerst, 

Peter  Diehl, 

Kunrad  Heier, 

Peter  Miller,* 

Frantz  Wilhelm, 

Adam  Reyter,* 

Jac^  Lambert, 

Walter  Heyl, 
Jacob  Zebalt,* 
Frederick  Kass, 
Henrich  Kiess, 
Jacob  Görtlerr, 
Caspar  Spies, 
Jacob  Reder, 
Jacob  Rummel, 
Hans  Georg  Graberth, 
Johann  Adam  Lechler, 
Johann  Philip  Lutz, 
Johann  Simon  Hoch, 
Joh.  Bernhard  Hoffmann, 
Hans  Schonenberger, 
Philip  Frölich, 
Johann  Georg  IMiller, 
Daniel  Lauth, 
Jacob  Luntz, 
Johann  Adam  Reb, 
Georg  Adam  Keffer, 
Johan  Henrich  Fückes, 
Hans  Adam  Palm, 
Wilhelm  Reuter, 
Leonard  Albrecht, 
Michael  Klein, 
Peter  Schweitzer, 
Hans  Georg  Buchman, 
Joh.  Friederich  Schlemb, 
Adam  Eckenberger, 
Joh.  Carl  August  Kiess, 
Johann  Jacob  Appel, 
Philipp  Rottmann, 
Joh.  Wilhelm  Bonyneburg, 
Jacob  Stellwagen, 
Johan  Caspar  Schneider, 
Phil.  Lconhart  Hartman, 
Balthaser  Heinrich, 
Nickolaus  Cabbett. 



260)  Oct.  6,  1767.  Ship  Hamilton,  Charles  Smith,  Com- 
mander, from  Rotterdam. — 302  passengers. 

Oct.  6, 1767.  (Schiff  .'pamilton,  Gümmanbant  S()ar(eö  (Smit^, 
»on  9tottert>am. — 302  Stdfeutie. 

Christophel  Henri tzy, 
Joh.  Phil.  Toninger, 
Geo.  Leon.  Zeller, 
Peter  Roth  rock, 
Friederich  Satler, 
Nicklaus  Schäffer, 
Michael  Wambach, 
Johan  Nicklaus  Frick, 
Joh.  Henrich  Baydeman, 
Joh.  Henrich  (xrosshard, 
Joh.  Friederich  Anstbach, 
Johann  Peter  Grumm, 
Hans  Michael  Dreher, 
Andreas  Dreher, 
Matheus  Cuntz, 
Michael  Merlock, 
Christ.  Wineman,* 
Henrich  Felty, 
Johannes  Hoch, 
Peter  Krassle, 
Peter  Neuschwander, 
Peter  Neuschwander  jr., 
Peter  Diether, 
Caspar  Fitrius,  ? 
Henrich  Seyler, 
Johannes  Weiss, 
Jacob  Euher, 
Jacob  Nuss, 
Leonhart  Knor, 
Wendel  Heuntz, 
Johannes  Huber, 
Conrath  Rau, 
Conrad  Wächter, 
Jacob  Veiock, 
Johannes  Dis,? 
Phihp  Baltzer, 
Joh.  Nie.  Smith,* 

Michael  Endres, 
Conrad  Henrich, 
P.  E.  Leonie, 
Georg  Cuntz, 
Daniel  Stollberger, 
Caspar  Walter, 
Christian  Steiner, 
Jacob  Schneider, 
Johannes  Hedinger, 
Johannes  Schneider, 
Peter  Seekatz, 
Adam  Lotz, 
Henry  Wagner, 
George  Hoock,* 
Frantz  Hopp, 
Ludwig  Horst, 
Joseph  Blisch, 
Leonard  Gramm, 
John  Vestermeyer, 
Joseph  Schleser, 
Joh.  Christ.  Kirschenmann, 
Jacob  Hochstrasser, 
Georg  Jacob  Baumann, 
Henrich  Nickel  Heynich, 
Geo.  Michael  Roth, 
Geo.  Michael  Vuss,* 
Joh.  Nickel  Stück, 
Joh.  Michel  Kulman, 
Christoph  Seiler, 
Conrad  Böhmer, 
Friederich  Böhmer, 
Johann  Georg  Butz, 
Conrad  Wagard, 
Michael  Heuntz, 
Georg  Jacob  Süss, 
Christophel  Shitertz,* 
Heinrich  Walther, 



Diebolt  KelchofFner, 
Philip  Christian  Schrader, 
Johan  Conrad  Schlüpp, 
Johan  GottUeb  Bliimler, 
Friederich  Möllinger, 
John  Peter  Hees, 
Johan  Melchior  Reuschling, 
Johan  Friederich  Heuntz, 
John  Bernhard  Hoch, 
Frid.  Wilhelm  Rauhman, 
Peter  von  Hulen, 
Johan  Jacob  Beuckler, 
Christoph  Hartman, 
John  Philip  Menick,* 
John  Adam  Peck, 
Johannes  Biircket, 
Johann  Jacob  Frick, 
Christian  Winseher, 
Johan  Georg  Biss, 
Hartman  Schneider, 
Peter  Michael  Klein, 
Martin  Kalckhaufen, 
Johann  Conrad  Reiss, 
Georg  Peter  Stoffel, 
Johan  Zacharias  Donselt, 
Henrich  Medart, 
Friederich  Hert, 
John  Ewig, 
Daniel  Barch, 

Adam  Humbert, 

Henrich  Horn, 

Sebastian  Ettel, 

Fried.  Vogel, 

Michael  Kiesser, 

Gottlieb  Geiss, 

Jacob  Badel,* 

Jacob  Albrecht, 

Michael  Erhart, 

Jacob  Schell, 

Peter  Bollinger, 

Johan  Schultz, 

Andreas  Neuman, 

Friederich  Stimmel, 

Phil.  Jacob  Cuntzmann, 

Friederich  Conrad  Hoff, 

Casimir  Bernhard  Alberti, 

Georg  Friederich  Knobelloch, 

Frau  W.  Sehwig, 

Lorentz  Schmidt, 

Johan  Gottlieb  Hauck, 

Johannes  Fütter, 

Philip  Eullmann, 

Hans  Philip  Bott, 

Quirinus  Michael, 

Johan  Peter  Klatz, 

Mattheis  Grässel, 

Joseph  Dubernock.* 

261)  Oct.  26, 1767.    Ship  Brittania,  Alexander  Hardy,  Mas- 
ter, from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Portsmouth. 

Dct.  26,  1767.   (Schiff  Srittania,  Sapitaiu  Stiejranber  ^art)9, 
üon  Slotterbam  über  ^ortömout^. 
Johannes  Han,  Johannes  Bauer, 

Casper  Dietrich,  Johannes  Staub, 

Henrich  Gorgi,  Johannes  Kunckel, 

Michael  Göhler,*  Henrich  Kunckel, 

Johannes  Hirsch,  Friederich  Stegel, 

Henrich  Hesser,  Adam  Dieterich, 



Johannes  Kister, 
Johannes  Keyser, 
Carl  Hörig, 
Lorentz  Schuster, 
Michael  Güntzler, 
Jacob  Plat,* 
Johannes  Glück, 
Johannes  Hem, 
Johannes  Kleinpeter, 
Friederich  Steygerwalt, 
Johann  Peter  Hoch, 
Johannes  Steigerwalt, 
Friederieh  Flehmann, 
Michael  Jacob  Bach, 

Johan  Philip  Falck, 
Leonhart  Krämer, 
Johannes  Kunckel, 
Johan  Michael  Alstat, 
Johannes  Breiteubach, 
Valentin  Breitenbach, 
Johan  Henrich  Bory, 
Johannes  Christian, 
Johannes  Köhler, 
Johannes  Bach, 
Peter  Schuster, 
Johan  Peter  Uhl, 
Matheus  Köhler. 

262)  Oct.  29,  1767.  Ship  Minerva,  John  Spuriers,  ^Master, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 194  passengers. 

Oct.  29,  1767.  ©c^tff  g)?iners>a,  (Sapitain  3o^n  ©puricrö, 
i50tt  Stottcrbam  über  Soroeö, — 194  3ftcifentte. 

Johannes  Nauman, 
Johannes  Nauman  jr., 
Jeremiah  Nauman, 
Nicholas  Blacher, 
Johann  Tetwelder,? 
John  Miller,* 
Peter  Schumacher, 
John  Fischer, 
Johannes  Houer, 
John  Miller,* 
Jacob  Hellman, 
Friederich  Gaey, 
H.  Hambach, 
Christian  Faber, 
Valentin  Faber, 
Jacob  Faber, 
Jacob  Gorsch, 
Peter  Fuchs, 
Anthony  Schoch, 
Job.  Mausshaider, 
Jacob  Weiss, 

Michael  Buch, 
Jacob  Drill, 
Henrich  Laux, 
Jeremias  Algeir, 
Philip  Hitzler, 
Michael  Seitz, 
Peter  Müller, 
Valentin  Stahl, 
Johannes  Schmidt, 
Johannes  Fusser, 
Jacob  Hohlwein, 
Hans  Georg  Mayer, 
Hans  Bernhart  Mayer, 
Johan  Peter  Schumacher, 
Johann  Simon  Schuey, 
Joh.  Dietrich  Hennenberg, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Endres, 
Johannes  Georg  Hefer, 
Johan  Jacob  Zechiel, 
Joh.  Valentin  Kattinger, 
Georg  Adam  Teutsch, 



Christian  KaufFman, 
Joh.  Matheis  Schleemann,* 
Valentin  Faber  sen., 
Georg  Wilhelm  Meyer, 
Georg  Adam  Wetterbauer, 
Johan  Martin  Motzer  sen., 
Johan  Martin  Motzer, 
Valentin  Kamper, 
Johan  David  Bordili, 
Hans  Georg  Haaga, 
Conrad  Schneider, 

Johann  Georg  Schäffer, 
Nicolaus  Albrecht, 
Diterich  Reidenmeyer, 
Nicodemus  Ungerer, 
Johan  Wolfgang  Bolschner, 
Johun  Daniel  Wilhelm, 
Johann  Jacob  Lang, 
Johann  Adam  Pfeiffer, 
Johan  Daniel  Schmoltze, 
Johan  Ludwig  Dieterieh. 

263)  Nov.  4,  1767.  Brigantine  Grampus,  Henry  Robinson, 
Commander,  from  Rotterdam. 

9ioo.  4,  1767.  ©c^neüfegler  ©rampue,  Sommanbant  ^cnr9 
3flobtnfon,  »on  S^lotterlDam. 

Adrian  Granget, 
Christian  Muinber, 
Peter  Dertwa,* 
Nicolaus  Müller, 

Johan  Peter  Gläkler, 
Michael  Unseld, 
Johan  Bernhard  Weite. 

264)   Nov.  10,  1767.     Ship  Sally,  Patrick  Brown,  Master, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 62  passengers. 

««oö.  10,  1767.    e^iff  @all^,  gapitain  ^atricf  Srown,  üon 
9totterl»am  über  ßoroeö. — 62  Steifenbe. 

Adam  Hertzerger, 
Johannes  Egel, 
Lorentz  Huber, 
Hans  Tschopp, 
Martin  Wäller, 
Martin  Stohler, 
Simon  Stein, 
Friederich  Bäntz, 
Conrad  Hering, 
Johann  Gänssle, 
Simon  Boni, 
Valentin  Neissel,* 
Henrich  Dölle, 
Johannes  Glotz, 

Johann  Tschudy, 
Jacob  Gobell, 
Martin  Tschudi, 
Martin  Müller, 
Daniel  Ernst  Hirach, 
Jacob  Ersteberger, 
Johannes  Hänner, 
Christian  Althaus, 
Hans  Michael  Boni, 
Georg  Fried.  Weidmayer, 
Johannes  Burman, 
Adrian  Hablützel, 
Michael  Länhart, 
Joh.  Rudolph  Bapp, 



Martin  Nicolaus  Scliudy,  Christoph  Lochner, 

Georg  Wächter,  aus  Memmin-l^hiliTp  Jacob  Fuchs, 

(jcn,  Johan  Christian  Roth, 

Georg  Carl  Mandel,  Henrich  Schaab. 

265)  Oct.  3,  1768.   Ship  Pennsylvania  Packet,  Robert  Gill, 
Master,  from  London,  f 

Dct.  3,  1768.    Sd)iff  5>cnnf9löania  ^aäd,  Sapitain  stöbert 
®iUf  ooit  l^onboiuf 
Martin  Pontzius, 
Ludwig  Brenner, 
Jacob  Linder, 
Wilhelm  Pynni, 
Jacob  Koch, 
Jacob  Kulmann, 
David  Pontzius, 
Jonas  Apfel, 
Jacob  Mauss, 
Johan  Georg  Jung, 

Frans  Peter  Brenner, 
Reinhart  Schell, 
David  Higernell, 
Johannes  Schumacher, 
J.  Frantz  Helm, 
Nicklas  Kulmann, 
Hans  Jacob  Hoffman, 
Johan  Georg  Würtz, 
Johan  Peter  Müller. 

266)  Oct.  10,  1768.    Ship  Minerva,  Thomas  Arnott,  Master, 
fi"om  Rotterdam,  last  from  Portsmouth. — 247  passengers. 

Oct  10,  1768.    ec^iff  9}fincr»a,  (Sapitain  i;()omaö  2trnott, 
»oil  5iottcrt)am  über  ^ortömoutt). — 247  3teifent)e. 

Johannes  Mohr, 
Johannes  Kunckel, 
Friederich  Stapf, 
Rudolph  Dersch, 
Wendel  Engel, 
Philip  Höhl, 
Jacob  Höhl, 
Wendel  Decker, 
Johan  Strohbau, 

Johannes  Busser, 
Michael  Latsch, 
Ludwig  Orth, 
Daniel  Weber, 
Friederich  Brand, 
Conrad  Braun, 
Michael  Wolff, 
Peter  Karp,* 
Michael  Ehrman, 

f  In  List  B,  the  only  one  preserved,  are  found  the  names  of  only 
nineteen,  although  twenty-eight  were  to  be  qualified.  Diligent  search  for 
the  nine  missing  names  has  been  made,  yet  without  success. — (Editor.) 

t  3tt  Stjte  B,  bcr  etnjtg  ertialtenen,  finbcn  |'tc&  bte  9?amen  »on  nut  neun« 
jc'^n,  obglci^i  a^t  unb  j»an;(tg  qualtfiätrt  roerben  foüten.  @^  würbe  fletft'ij 
nacd  ben  »eriorenen  neun  gefudjit,  jebcc^  otjne  Srfolg.— (Herausgeber.) 



Johannes  Sostner, 
Philip  Gruntzge, 
Christian  Phiil, 
Henrich  Müller, 
Georg  Mühl, 
Jacob  Frauenfelder, 
Johann  Bernhardt, 
Michael  Illgentz,? 
Christian  Koch, 
Michael  Schiesler, 
Jacob  Clautsch, 
Jeremias  Gleim, 
Thomas  Seyberth, 
Jost  Götz, 
Maximilian  Netzert," 
Jacob  Neu, 
Christian  Echternacht, 
Frantz  Hammet, 
Michael  Lang, 
Erhard  Giebelhauss, 
Paul  Büchert, 
Johan  Kiemer,* 
Joh.  Peter  Meier, 
Philip  Scheckler, 
Johan  Christian  Heiland, 
Wilhehn  Philip  Knecht, 
Johan  Jacob  Höhl, 
Hans  Jacob  Rippas, 
Henrich  Straumay, 
Johannes  Schrath, 
Casimer  Hembd, 
Conrad  Lückhaub, 
Valentin  Sandel, 
Johann  Raffensburg, 
Johan  Wolfgang  Seybots, 
Johan  Lenhard  Wagner, 
Christian  WUhelm  Frütz, 
Joh.  Andreas  Wiest, 
Joh.  Georg  Mich.  Strecker, 
Johannes  Stückerdts, 
Joh.  Georg  Eisenman, 

Johan  Christoph  Weick, 
Johan  Peter  Graff, 
Joh.  Balthasar  Graff, 
Joh.  Christian  Steymenn, 
Joh.  Balthaser  Kroh, 
Johan  Anthon  Stephan, 
Johannes  Schmidt, 
Joh.  Conrad  Rau, 
Georg  Adam  Rau, 
Paul  Weitenbacher, 
Jacob  Zimmerman, 
Johan  Adam  Meyer, 
Georg  Henry  Seyberth, 
Mathäus  Kockenbauch, 
Philip  Peter  Hautz, 
Johannes  Theis  Müller, 
Philip  Jacob  Ohler, 
Johan  Peter  Merckel, 
Johann  Mathias  Müller, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Kleman, 
Georg  Henrich  Haug, 
Johan  Jacob  Walther, 
Johan  Jacob  Dietrich, 
Johan  Jacob  Härmaun, 
Johan  Peter  Sieffert, 
Michael  Hieber, 
John  Peter  Meyer,* 
Josephus  Hybler, 
Philip  Sahl, 
Wilhelm  Frühs, 
Michael  Mauerer, 
John  Hasselberger, 
Melchior  Schmidt, 
Peter  Obersheimer, 
Jacob  Zoll, 
Peter  Feitne, 
Georg  Emmiger, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Paulus, 
Joh.  Matheis  Best, 
Joh.  Georg  Scheuerman, 
Johan  Tobias  Mohr, 



Johan  Valentin  Krauss, 
Joh.  Peter  Schmidt, 
Joh.  Nickel  Huber, 
Joh.  Philip  Schleicher, 

Joh.  Henrich  Haubt, 
Johan  Jacob  Schaffner, 
Joh.  Daniel  Kauff, 
Johannes  Scheyzer. 

267)  Oct.  26, 1768.   Ship  Crawford,  Charles  Smith,  Master, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 205  passengers. 

Dct.  26,  1768.    ©d)tff  Srawfort),  Sapitain  S^rle«  SmitI), 
oon  3flottcrt)am  über  Soroeö. — 205  JHeifentc. 

Gottfried  Schlaug, 
Jacob  Schmidt, 
Franc  Gouche,* 
John  Gersto,* 
Peter  Farry, 
Johannes  Schaffer, 
Georg  Erlinger, 
Andreas  TJssener, 
Conrad  Scheffer, 
Johannes  Schütz, 
Jacob  Welcker, 
Johannes  Welcker, 
Michael  Welcker, 
Johannes  Kreiter, 
Henrich  Blum, 
Abraham  Saruain, 
Isacque  Dedie, 
Samuel  Saldret, 
Abram  Doisin, 
Jacob  Stehm, 
Gottlob  Schwartz, 
Henrich  Herschberger, 
Philip  Götz, 
Hannes  Weickert, 
Georg  Hoffmann, 
Martin  Schnabel, 
Joh.  Jacob  Escher, 
Johan  Samuel  Amweg, 
Johan  Georg  Scher, 
Christian  Aescher, 
Gabriel  Aescher,* 

Jacob  Echman, 
Joh.  Jacob  Kümmel, 
Johan  Valentin  Friehs, 
Johan  Christophel  Keller, 
Carl  Ludwig  Staudehauer, 
Georg  Wilhelm  Becker, 
Johan  Philip  Haass, 
Johan  Dönius  Frölig, 
Friederich  Hoffmann, 
Fried.  Samuel  Heller, 
Johan  Georg  Grün, 
Jean  Pierre  Welle, 
Martin  Gerhardt  Utes, 
Johan  Samuel  Güdtner, 
Jacob  Ulrich  Siltzel, 
Johan  Henrich  Fohrman, 
Johann  Philip  IMichell, 
Michael  V.  Huber, 
Ignatius  Zengerle, 
Joh.  Friederich  Schnabel, 
Joh.  Conrad  Schnabel, 
Daniel  Spies, 
Conrad  Frühs, 
Martin  Paff, 
Joh.  Philip  Fries, 
Caspar  Lütschy, 
Peter  Galloe, 
Joh.  Jacob  Dietz, 
Joh.  Hen.  Leis, 
Ludwig  Kiehl, 
Joh.  Adam  Staud, 




Jost  Hen.  Müller, 
Philip  Hoff, 
Isaac  Cochet, 
Joli.  Wil.  Hartman, 
Job.  Nick.  Hartman, 
Sebastian  Hinderle, 
Joh.  Matthias  Hartman, 
Georg  Henrich  Fischer, 
Emanuel  Waltmann, 
Georg  Jacob  Waltmann, 
Johan  Isaac  Cochet, 

John  Georg  Bcilstein, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Diehl, 
Job.  Nicklaus  Heckmann, 
Job.  Henrich  Walterscher, 
Joh.  Herman  Obermeyer, 
Jost  Henrich  Schneider, 
Job.  Erhardt  Schneider, 
Georg  Dietrich  Cochet, 
Johan  Henrich  Strom, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Waltman, 
Andreas  Gotthard  Lobe. 

268)  Oct.  16,  1768.    Ship  Betsey,  S.  Hawk,  Captain,  from 
Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

Oct.  16,  1768.    (Sd)iff  SSetfe^,  Sapitain  ©.  ^atot,  öon  3ioU 
tcrtiam  über  Gomeö. 

Solomon  Stenger, 

Peter  Kammes, 

Jacob  Andoni, 

Job.  Philip  Naahs, 

Jacob  Berentz, 

Michael  Bieber, 

Jacob  Stenger, 

Jacob  Naschi, 

Johannes  Niess, 

Philip  Münsch, 

Adam  Anthony, 

Valentin  Bieber, 

Johann  Gerst, 

Jacob  Bieber,* 

Gerhard  Krug, 

Jacob  Motz, 

Adam  Steger, 

Andreas  Hauck, 

Adam  Horn, 

Frantz  Schnell, 

Joseph  Emrich, 

Jacob  Stenger, 

Johan  Gerhard  Thiel, 

Jacob  Anthony  Manuwiller, 

Job.  Matheis  Mannwiller, 
Ch.  Frantz  Christman, 
Abraham  Madsseil, 
Christian  Seyfert, 
Johan  Peter  Gerhart, 
Nicklaus  Rauscher, 
Theobald  Pfaff, 
Peter  Reissdorff, 
Jacob  Schulheiss, 
Johan  Philip  Opp, 
Peter  Armenbcfer, 
Johannes  Schulheis, 
Johann  Friederich  Leich, 
Henrich  Borckel, 
Johann  Henrich  Marx, 
Johann  Nicklas  Müller, 
Johannes  Schweyer, 
Martin  Weisshardt, 
Fried.  Wilh.  Hoffmann, 
Mathias  IMüller, 
Daniel  Stenger, 
Christian  Kuntze,  ? 
Wendel  Günther, 
Georg  Dupont, 



Stephani  Felix, 
Martin  Felix, 
Michael  Lang, 
Georg  Schutt, 
Martin  Bauer, 
Nicolas  Shirra,* 
Valentin  Müller, 
Jacob  Mayer, 
Peter  Sieber, 
Henry  Bender, 
Peter  Mennel, 
Hannes  Grreissell, 
Friederich  Mahler, 
Georg  Mutz, 
Peter  Driebler, 
Nicolas  Gläzer, 
John  Matheis, 
Jacob  Scholl, 
Andreas  Schmidt 
Johannes  Gess, 
George  Huber, 
Andreas  Bach, 
Nicholas  Hardt, 
Michael  Raum, 
Henrich  Zibig, 
Nickel  Ber, 
Philip  Gippel, 
Adam  Klein, 
John  Cottringer,  a 
Johannes  Felix, 
Christopher  Kirchsettin, 

Hans  Georg  Honher, 
Johan  Jacob  Lorentz, 
Johan  Georg  Threin, 
Johann  Nickel  Lintz, 
Johann  Nickel  Lintz  jr., 
Philip  Micher, 
Johann  Nickel  Scholl, 
Philipp  Schammo, 
Hans  Adam  Müller, 
Johannes  Tedweiler, 
Friedrich  Brandtohr, 
Johan  Peter  Frick, 
Hans  Ludwig  Herman, 
Michael  Wilhelm, 
Daniel  Gerhard, 
Hans  Adam  Schory, 
Michael  Zimes, 
Johannes  Pfau, 
Hans  Georg  Bau, 
Georg  Wendling, 
Daniel  Kämmer, 
Johann  Peter  Facquart, 
Joh.  Henrich  Hermann, 
Jacob  Hausknecht, 
Joh.  Hen.  Krächmer, 
Adam  Bernhart, 
Johan  Adam  Stenger  sen., 
Georg  Etelwein, 
Daniel  Kämmer, 
Christian  Stenger. 

269)  Sept.  1,  1769.    Ship  Nancy  and  Sucky,  William  Keys, 
Captain,  from  London. 

(Sept.  1,  1769.    ©c^ijf  ^fianc^  unt)  ©udf^,  Sapitain  Söltliam 
^tX)i,  öon  Sonbon. 

Friederich  Roth,  Jacob  Grob, 

Wilhelm  Usener,  Joan  Guilielmus  Pythan, 

a  John  Cottringer  was  only  qualified  Feb.  14,  1769. — [Editor.) 
a  3oi[)n  Sottrtnger  tturbe  erfi  am  14.  gebr.  1769  qualiftjirt.— ($era«^g.) 



Joh.  Balthaser  Dernheimer, 
Job.  Hen.  Christoph  Roth, 
Uli  Schrack, 
Christian  Roth, 

Nicklaus  Ernst, 

Johann  Greorg  Wunder,? 

Johannes  Gabriel. 

270)   Sept.  29,  1769.    Ship  London  Pacquet,  James  Cook, 
Captain,  from  Lisbon,  Portugal. 

(Sept.  29,  1769.  ©c^tff  Sonton  Racquet,  Sapitain  3amcg 
goof,  oon  Sifabon,  Portugal. 

Wentzel  Serb,  Hermanus  Cazo,* 

Martin  Long,*  John  Henry  Block, 

Johannes  Miller,  Hen.  Michael  Dhämer, 

Thomas  Brüst,  Joseph  Schmeuell, 

Martin  Giitt,  Frantz  Gamb, 

Friederich  Diess,  Joel  Franciscus  Todf, 

Adrian  Brüst,  Job.  Her.  Fried.  Lippenkan. 
Pitre  Inder, 

271)  Oct.  13,  1769.  Ship  Minerva,  Thomas  Amott,  Cap- 
tain, from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Portsmouth. 

Dct.  13,  1769.  ©c^iff  9)iineroa,  Sapitain  Z^oma^  Strnott, 
»on  9totterbam  über  ^ortömout^. 

Andreas  Heyer, 
Lorentz  Heier, 
Friederich  Grommel, 
Hans  Georg  Bopp, 
Conrad  Bock, 
Job.  Jacob  Lentz, 
Michael  Baus, 
Friederich  Kesseler, 
Abraham  Mellinger, 
Peter  Ulrich, 
Philip  Moses, 
Bernhard  Karg, 
Phüip  Seyfrit,* 
Joseph  Farni, 

Jacob  Farny, 

Jacob  Müller, 

Michael  Hertz,  a 

Conrad  Hoffman, 

Michael  Neff, 

Michael  Dosch, 

Daniel  Scheffer, 

Jacob  Berg, 

Johan  Philip  Hecker, 

Johan  Georg  Göltmann, 

Johan  Christoph  Ferdig, 

Philip  Henrich  Bohlender, 

Job.  Matheis  Katzenbach, 

Johan  Nicklas  Schaffer, 

a  Michael  Hertz,  written  in  Hebrew,  undoubtedly  a  Jew. — (Editor.) 
a  ^idi)ail  ^tx^  tft  in  t)ebrätfct)cr  Schrift  gefc^riebtn,  unb  ifl  jweifelöo^ne 
itx  3lamt  eineö  3uben.— (^eraueigcber.) 



Johan  Theobald  Emvich, 

Johann  Adam  Klein, 

Johann  Adam  Weiler, 

Johannes  Theis  Arnd, 

Joh.  Henrich  Mauderbach, 

Joh.  Henrich  Manderbach  jr., 

Joh.  Henrich  Dischardt, 

Johann  Wilhelm  8chu, 

Georg  Friederich  Rück, 

Johan  Georg  Zundel, 

Johann  Nicklaus  Döbler, 

Hans  Georg  Jacob, 

Jacob  Musselmann, 

Jacob  Sülger, 

Johan  Matheus  Dock, 

Johann  Jacob  Walter, 

Henrich  Klein, 

Nickelas  Weber, 

Nich.  Bernet,* 

Jacob  Diehl, 

Christoph  Pasch, 

Jacob  Fryer,* 

John  Bolliek,* 

Heinrich  Fentz, 

Johannes  Herd, 

Christian  Jung, 

Anthon  Fuchs, 

Andi'eas  Heger, 

Johannes  Weber, 

Georg  Siemath,* 

Joh.  Jacob  Fritz, 

Theobald  Hess, 
Hans  Vass.  ? 
Peter  Säwel, 
Manuel  Eberth, 
Antoni  Drexel, 
Johann  Hemrier, 
Henrich  Porster, 
Georg  Martin  Jentz, 
Theobald  Schramm, 
Jacob  Henrich  Arnold, 
Philipp  Conrad  Haussier, 
Henrich  Carl  Steutz, 
Philip  Peter  Rothenheusser, 
Georg  Henrich  Ziegler, 
Johann  Bernhard  Frietzel, 
Daniel  Naumann, 
Johannes  Schneider, 
Johann  Philip  Frey, 
Johan  Jacob  Walther, 
Johan  Henrich  Pfeffer, 
Johan  Casper  Pauli, 
Johan  Ludwig  Wasser, 
Johan  Christoph  Scherrer, 
Johan  Adam  Stock, 
Joh.  Andreas  Strasbürger, 
Johann  Adam  Steuer, 
Johan  Valentin  Klein, 
Johan  Jacob  Kiefer, 
Johan  Michael  Rademacher, 
Johan  Philip  Hennstz, 
Stanislaus  Matter. 

272)   Oct.  24,  1769.    Ship  Crawford,  Charles  Smith,  Com- 
mander, from  Rotterdam. 

Oct.  24, 1769.  ©d)iff  Sraiüfort,  GcmmanbantS^arlesSmitl), 
»DU  9totttn-t)am. 

Georg  Rüncker, 
Michael  Caff, 
Johannes  Hinckel, 
Friederich  Kneiss, 

Dieter  Beyerle, 
Johannes  Hoff, 
Peter  Thorn, 
Wilhehn  Nadler, 



Anthon  Müller,  Jost  Henrich  Thiel, 

Johan  Adam  Bariedet,  Christopher  Schmidt, 

Johan  Wilhelm  Stoll,  Johann  Theis  Kempff, 

Valentin  Hoffman,  Johann  Bernhart  Kempff, 

Johann  Wilhelm  Flick,  Johan  Theis  Miller.* 

273)  July  27, 1770.  Snow  Neptune,  Thomas  Edward  Wallis, 
Commander,  from  Lisbon,  Portugal. 

3uH  27,  1770.    «Seefc^iff  5fieptune,  Sommantant  I^omaö 
ßbwarti  Sßaüiö,  ücn  Siffabon,  ^ortugaL 

John  Nuttler,*  Georg  Heinrich  Cremer, 

Francicio  Weytzer,  Philip  Jacob  Michael, 

Johann  Paul  Karz,  Johann  Georg  Bradtfisch. 
Jean  Baptiste, 

274)    Aug.  29,  1770.     Brig  Dolphin,  George  Stephenson, 
Captain,  from  London. 

Slug.  29,  1770.  33rtgg  Dülpi)in,  Sapitain  ©eorge  <Step^en= 
fon,  »on  Ronton. 

Joseph  Solomon,  Johann  Jost  Klein, 

Peter  Miller,*  Jean  Siesrieux, 

George  Alizon,  Nicola  Pavit, 

Jaque  Monie,  Piere  Pavit. 

275)  Sept.  10, 1770.  Snow  Rose,  George  Ord,  Master,  from 
Lisbon,  Portugal. 

(Sept.  10,  1770.  (Seefd)iff  Siofe,  Sapitain  ©eorge  Drl»,  »on 
^'ijfabon,  5)ortuga(. 

Johannes  End,  Johann  Krüsser, 

Peter  Mohr,*  Petro  Claude, 

xintoine  Dore,  Gille  Sarier.* 
Louise  Patier,* 

276)  Oct.  1,  1770.  Ship  Minerva,  Thomaa  Arnott,  Master, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

Oct.  1,  1770.  (Sd)ijf  5Hineröa,  dapitatn  I^omae  ^vnott, 
»on  2lottevt>am  über  Sojuei?. 



Greorg  Mengs, 
Michael  Schmitt, 
Johannes  Schell, 
Georg  Müller, 
Jacob  Kuntz, 
Jacob  Marx, 
Valentin  Hess, 
Philip  Frantz,* 
Lorents  Vix, 
David  Ott, 
Georg  Gelli,* 
Adam  Bieber, 
Adam  Wolff, 
Theobald  Busch,* 
Jacob  Greiner, 
Sebastian  Heiss, 
Jacob  Schmit,* 
John  Leiffer,* 
Georg  Luck, 
Jacob  Luck,* 
Peter  Schmit, 
John  Weyer, 
Johannes  Sprötz, 
Georg  Jacob  Sturm, 
Hans  Georg  Schell, 
Johann  Georg  Hammerer, 
Michael  Nonnenmacher, 
Johann  Georg  Schnepp, 
Andreas  Eyrich, 
Caspar  Pletsch, 
Mathias  Weber, 
Johann  Peter  Bössinger, 
Friederich  Hehlhofher, 
Friederich  Greiner,* 
Johan  Georg  Pfäll, 
Georg  Heinrich  Maurer, 
Johannes  Scheib, 
Johann  Georg  Müller, 
Jacob  Lück, 
Mathias  Scheuermann, 
Christian  Weiss, 

Johannes  Becker, 
Martin  Kerner,* 
Philip  Preissman,* 
Johan  Georg  Bastian, 
Job.  Henrich  Bastian, 
Georg  Nickel, 
Conrad  Holstein, 
Heinrich  Freyer, 
Jacob  Paulus, 
Peter  Miller, 
Michael  Schock,* 
Philip  Simon,* 
Jacob  Heintz, 
Georg  Wier,* 
Johan  Frantz, 
Christian  Schultz,* 
Michel  Gerst, 

Jacob  Coblentz,  ^ 

Michael  Schafter, 
Georg  Ferber, 
Henrich  Gärthner, 
Jacob  DoU, 
Jacob  Stambach, 
Dieterich  Stambach, 
Johannes  Gaul,? 
Andreas  Kiefer, 
Johannes  Humbolt, 
Georg  Paul  Freyer, 
Matheis  Weidner, 
Philip  Jacob  Bessinger,* 
Wilhelm  Schlemilch, 
Hans  Georg  Herrmann, 
Stephan  Fünfrock, 
Michael  Fünfrock  jr., 
Hans  Georg  Mallo, 
Joh.  Henrich  Hornberger, 
Job.  Geo.  Zimmerman,* 
Hans  Georg  Weidman, 
Michael  Kammer, 
Georg  Henrich  Braunig, 
David  Hirschberger,* 



Conrad  Sebastian  Koller, 
Jacob  Philip  Ham, 
Michael  Pessinger,* 

Martz  Olftheintz, 
Johan  Henrich  Wäldte. 

277)  Oct.  30,  1770.    Snow  Brittania.  Richard  Eyer,  Master, 
from  Lisbon,  Portugal. 

Dct.  30,  1770.    ©eefc^iff  SSrittania,  Sapitain  9ti(^art)  (59cr,j 
oon  ^ijfabon,  ^ortu^al.  ' 

Z.  Didiers,  Guilliaume  Mommaton, 

De  Labeaume,  Jean  Vinettier, 

Jean  Hissard,  Matheis  Kreis. 

278)  Oct.  29, 1770.  Ship  Sally,  John  Osmond,  Master,  from 
Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 143  passengers. 

Dct.  29,  1770.  ©c^iff  Satl^,  (Sapitain  3o^n  £)gmont,  öon 
JRottertiam  über  ßoujeö. — 143  3teifent)e. 

Job.  Anton  Frazer,* 
Christoph  Müller, 
Francis  Stein,* 
Job.  Geo.  Altefried,* 
Peter  Joseph,* 
Paul  Mingel,* 
Burchart  Seipp, 
Daniel  Solmer,* 
Johannes  Ditman, 
Georg  Christian  Völcker, 
Dietrich  Wilh.  Bucking, 
Thomas  Engelhardt, 
Johan  Friederich  Hester, 
Job.  Jost  Sasmanshaussen, 
Johan  Krafft  Achebach, 
John  Henry  Denner, 
Johann  Henrich  Eul,? 
Johan  Jost  Birckelbach, 
Andreas  Lichti, 
Johannes  Lichti, 
Johannes  Criess, 
Jacob  Schneyder, 
Jacob  Schnell, 

Johannes  Reichel, 
Henrich  Weitherstein, 
Martin  Hebeisen, 
Job.  Georg  Dentzel, 
Christian  Furbi, 
Paulus  Welbemeir, 
Henry  Wernley, 
Johannes  Bibighauss, 
Johannes  Vollmer, 
Johannes  Stick, 
Johannes  Franck, 
Johannes  Weyandt, 
Justus  Schmidt, 
C.  G.  Hauck, 
Henricus  Horn, 
Jacob  Bühler, 
Peter  Vogt, 
Jacob  Hubacher, 
Paridon  Petersen, 
Friederich  Borsch, 
Rudolph  Miller,* 
Hans  Christian, 
Daniel  Mise, 



Christoph  Beil, 
Johannes  Graul,  a 
Johan  Henrich  AiFterbach, 
Johan  Henrich  Weyand, 
Joh.  Christopher  Dietz, 
Johan  Theobald  Franck, 
Ludwig  Daniel  Stendli, 
Johann  Nicklaus  Walter, 
Johann  Georg  Schleicher, 
Johan  Balthas  Klein, 
Johan  Henrich  Klieberstein, 
Johann  Adam  Haar, 
Georg  Andreas  Wagner, 
Johan  Christian  Breitner,* 
Johann  Nickel  Haas, 
Johann  Nickel  Bach, 

Johann  Jost  Weyandt, 
Johan  Christ,  vom  Hoff, 
Johann  Peter  Grub, 
Georg  Ludwig  Fischer, 
Johannes  Bachneid, 
Johan  Martin  Gaul, 
Joh.  Martin  Baumann, 
Friederich  Wilh.  Baumann, 
Christian  Aeschlimann, 
Johan  Jacob  Heinriegel, 
Baizar  Heinriegel, 
Christ.  Ludwig  Heinriegel, 
George  Emmert, 
Johannes  Hothem, 
Johan  Valentin  Franck. 

279)  Nov.  23, 1770.  Ship  Crawford,  Charles  Smith,  Master, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 60  passengers,  including 

Newlanders.  f 

gioo.  23,  1770.  ®d)iff  Srawfort»,  Sapitain  6f)arteö  ®mtt(), 
»on  Slotterbam  über  Sotöcö.  —  60  9te{fentie,  einf(^Ue§Ud)  fcer 
9?eu(änt)cr.  f 

Daniel  Stauffer, 
Jacob  Rohrer, 
Wilhelm  Gramm, 
Johannes  Hiestand, 
Cornelius  Gramm, 
Tobias  Hartmann, 
Peter  Müller, 
Johannes  Uff, 

Jacob  Uff, 
Francis  Kuhlman, 
Ernst  Berg, 
Johannes  Jauss, 
Henrich  Haub, 
Andreas  Gutting,* 
P.  F.  Droz, 
Jacob  Geiger, 

a  A  memorandum  on  this  list  states,  "nine  absent  of  those  to  be  quali- 
fied."— (Editor.) 

a  (gtne  Slnmerfung  auf  btefer  Stfic  fagt:  „neun  ber  ju  Qualtpjtrenben 
abtoefenb.— (^ernuögcbcr.) 

■|-,  such  persons  as  had  been  in  Pennsylvania  before. — 
See  Rupp's  History  of  Germans  in  Penna.,  Chap.  '■^Neuländer." 

f  9teulänber  finb  fo((J)e  ^^erfonen,  bic  [cfeon  »orljer  tn  ^'ennf^lsanien 
gewcfen  waren.— ®ic^c  Stupp'o  ®cf($ic^te  ber  'Dfutf4)en  tn  ^ennf^löamen. 
Äab.  „«Reulänber." 


Carl  Wilhelm  Keck,  Georg  Kleiderlein, 

Johannes  Grinther,  Johannes  Hummy, 

Johannes  Diehl,  Onesimus  Schwend, 

Carl  Adolph  Seitz,  Heinrich  Geiger, 

Andreas  Serenius,  Cornelius  Braun. 

280)  June  17,  1771.    Ship  Pennsylvania  Packet,  Peter  Os- 
born,  Master,  from  London. 

Sunt  17,  1771.    ©c^iff  ^ennfpbania  ^aäü,  (^apitain  5)eter 
Döborn,  »on  Sonton. 

Conrad  Bachman,  Philip  Jacob  Weiss, 

Abraham  Mayret,  Job.  Georg  Fried.  Bechtel, 

Ludwig  Rohrer,  Johann  Adam  Bauth. 

Johannes  Heyler, 

281)  July  27, 1771.  Brig  America,  William  Copeland,  Com- 
mander, from  London. 

3uü  27,  1771.  Srigg  Stmerica,  Sommanbant  aBilliam  (5o})C= 
lant»,  »on  8ont)on. 

Johannes  Belmann,  Johann  Georg  Helff, 

Johannes  Hepp,  Johann  Dietrich  Hepp, 

Justus  Kornschur,?  Job.  Georg  von  Nieder, 

Lorentz  Stahl,  Job.  Martin  von  Nieder,* 

Jacob  Ruff,  John  Jacob  von  Nieder. 

282)  Sept.  17,  1771.    Ship  Minerva,  Thomas  Arnott,  Cap- 
tain, from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 204  passengers. 

(Sept.  17,  1771.    @(^iff  SJJineroa,  ßapitain  Zl^omai  Slrnott, 
»on  Siottertiam  über  ßot»eö. — 204  Sieifenfce. 
Jacob  Wentz,  Henry  Dieterich, 

Henry  Spiess,  Job.  Barth.  Rohm, 

George  Miller,  Johan  Daniel  Sehröder, 

Gabriel  Gascha,*  Wilhelm  Friederich  Seeger, 

Philip  Müller,  Carl  Philip  Ebcrt, 

Christian  Kneber,  Johan  Henrich  Schmaltz, 

Jacob  Beier,  Georg  Jacob  Stoltzel, 

Peter  Hertel,*  Johan  Georg  Jordy, 

Henrich  Schäffer,  Johan  Peter  Lutsch, 



Johann  Peter  Kuntz, 
Johann  Peter  Heissler 
Jacob  WeisS;* 
Caspar  Osser, 
Conrad  Osser, 
Jacob  Jung,* 
John  Werge,* 
Alexander  Oranu, 
John  Geo.  Noth,* 
Jacob  Wentz, 
Adam  Wagner, 
Michael  Waldenaus,* 
Wilhelm  Hirsch, 
Friederich  Hirsch,* 
Valentin  Linn, 
Carl  Welcker, 
Jacob  Welcker, 
PhUip  Hehck, 
Henrich  Kurtz, 
Ulrich  Käyser, 
Mattheis  Engel, 
Andreas  Hertziger, 
Friederich  Dewald, 
Johannes  Böst, 
Jacob  ReifF,* 
Christian  Graul, 
Michael  Schmidt, 
Jacob  Hanhor, 
Anton  Glantz, 
Ludwig  Stegner, 
Peter  Kurtz, 
Jacob  Laux, 
David  Drexler, 
Petrus  Meyer, 
Joh.  Peter  Lehr, 
Erasmus  Busch,* 
Dionisius  Busch, 
Henrich  Weidlandt, 

Johann  Geo.Friederich  Scheller, 
Henrich  Matterkens,* 
Johann  Georg  Christmann, 
Johan  Henrich  Sehe, 
Johannes  Güntlert, 
Johannes  Reinhold, 
Michael  Pilerge,? 
Johann  Michael  Schmidt, 
Johan  Jacob  Meder, 
Andreas  Hettmansterger, 
Johann  Georg  Stierle, 
Johann  Michael  Hoel, 
Friederich  Seigmüller, 
Jacob  Grünenwaldt, 
Johann  Adam  Malle, 
Johann  Georg  Süss, 
Johann  Friederich  Dorsch, 
Johan  Conrad  Roth, 
Johann  Conrad  Schneider, 
Hans  Baltzer  Peterman.* 
John  Henry  Peterman.* 
Johann  Philip  Schenckel, 
Valentin  Saslavo  Stadeeifcer, 
Theobald  Leibrock. 
Philip  Jacob  May, 
Sebastian  Marcker, 
Jacob  Kuhlman, 
Adam  Molitor, 
Johan  Michael  Straub, 
Jacob  Huthmacher, 
Joh.  Gerhard  Kaltschmidt, 
Joh.  Stephan  Guck, 
Johan  Jost  Otterback, 
Joh.  Erhardt  Räyer, 
Philip  Henrich  Knapp, 
Philip  Conrad  Christ, 
Georg  Christoph  Hebebold. 

283)  Sept.  19,  1771.    London  Packet, 
from  Lisbon,  Portugal. 

Cook,  Captain, 



(Sept.  19,  1771.   £ont)on  '^adet,  Gapitain  Soof,  »on  Stffafeon, 

Henrich  Berger,  Michael  Esteuer, 

Peter  Schunke,*  Michelle  Devignair,* 

Paulus  Gottlob  Griell,  Etienne  Teisser, 

Gerardius  Vestens,  Pier  Gabori.* 
Jean  Baptiste, 

284)  Oct.  31,  1771.  Brigantine  Recovery, Bull,  Mas- 
ter, from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

Dct.  31,  1771.  «Sc^neüfcgter  Slecoöcrt),  Gapitain  33u(I,  »on 
Stotterfcam  über  (Eoiveö. 

John  Havel, 
Jacob  Schupp, 
Michael  Gundery, 
Johannes  Ortmann, 
Christian  Furman,* 
Johannes  Hei'schman, 
Paul  Ackerman,* 
Philip  Burbach, 
Daniel  Niederhauss, 
Nicholas  Becker, 
Peter  Schneider,* 
Albert  Delir, 
Christian  Weber, 
Albertus  Kratz, 
Johannes  Benner, 
Andreas  Schneider, 
Philip  GräflF, 
John  Martin,* 
Jacob  Welsch, 
Wilhelm  (Ertter, 
A'^alentin  Thomas, 
Jacob  SchäfFer, 
Michael  Schaffer, 
Peter  Becker, 
Johannes  Schnell, 

Gottfried  Lebrecht  Schmidt, 
Johann  Georg  Reiss, 
Job.  Henrich  Ortmann, 
Gottfried  Henrich  Diehoff, 
Johannes  Nicklaus  Neu, 
Johann  Michael  Lahm, 
Christophel  Zäntyes, 
Johann  Peter  Schneider  sen., 
Johannes  Peter  Schneider, 
Johannes  Christian  Horster, 
Johann  Jacob  Denkircher, 
Jacob  Henrich  Wilhelm, 
Ludwig  Schneider, 
Alexander  Schumacher, 
Johann  Nickel  Welsch, 
Johann  Jost  Schneider, 
Johann  Adam  Leonhardt, 
Hans  Jacob  Schäff'er, 
Johan  Conrad  Spangenberg, 
Johannes  Eckstein, 
Wilhelm  Ernst  Feibach, 
Johannes  Schnell  jr., 
Johann  Martin  Hisger, 
Johann  Henrich  Filger, 
Johann  Jacob  Becker. 

285)  Nov.  19,  1771.    Ship  Tyger,  Georg  Johnston,  Master, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 



««00.  19,  1771.     ©c^iff 
oon  Stotterbam  über  Soivcö. 
John  Kreble,* 
Peter  Wagner,* 
Nicholaus  Scheuerman,* 
Jacob  Wagner,* 
Ludwig  Schneider, 
Johannes  Müller, 
Hans  Georg  Benner, 
Johann  Jacob  Beyerle, 
Sebastian  Wille, 
Dominicas  Heyrom,* 
Nicholas  Grünenwald, 
Johann  Lautenschläger, 
Peter  Wasser, 
Adam  Steiner, 
Henry  Apple, 
Henry  Webber, 
Anthony  Klein, 
Nicholas  Jost, 
Johannes  Sigile, 
Matheis  Fauth, 
Caspar  Beyer, 
Johannes  Motte, 
Nicklaus  Köhler, 
Friederich  Foltz, 
Jacob  Burg, 
Jacob  Hoffman, 
George  Hann,* 
Nicholas  Hoffman, 
Jonas  Blesch, 
Jacob  Ihrig, 
Gustavus  Müller, 
Johannes  Lupp, 
Peter  Odern, 
Christoph  StÖrner, 
Wilhelm  Kumpf, 
Henrich  Mülberger, 
Johannes  Ihrig, 
Martin  Grahn, 
Henrich  Rickos, 

J^ger,  ßapitain  ©eorg  So^^njlon, 

Johannes  Weller, 
Johannes  Nitzel, 
Leonard  Kessler, 
Georg  Volck, 
Johannes  Schneider, 
Peter  Kessler, 
Carle  Benner, 
Johannes  Benner, 
Martin  Benner, 
Jacob  Marx, 
Adam  Grosshart, 
Peter  Trexler, 
Michael  Trexler, 
Jacob  Kessler,* 
Conrad  Haasse, 
Georg  Michael  Weiss, 
Job.  Daniel  Schwanfelder, 
Jacob  Samuel  Golde, 
Johann  Nicolas  Fuchs, 
Johann  Michael  Beltz, 
John  Le  Port, 
Georg  Mich.  Raffe nberger, 
Hans  Georg  Ackermann, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Fleck, 
Georg  Simon  Grün, 
Hen.  Jac.  Raubenheimer, 
Johannes  Wucherer, 
Job.  Hen.  Lautenschläger, 
Johannes  Willmann, 
Georg  Henrich  Kindle, 
Niclaus  Samuel  Golde, 
Johannes  Waltman, 
Georg  Friederich  Küchle, 
Johann  Christ.  Jäger, 
Wilhelm  Schmidt, 
Johann  Peter  Weill, 
Johan  Georg  Scheuermann, 
Johan  Daniel  Cleiss, 
Johann  Michael  Ihrig, 



Johann  Friederich  Dörr, 
Georg  Eissenriug, 
Johann  Peter  Schrig, 
Joh.  Gottlieb  Stein  Becker, 
Johann  Georg  Horn, 
Johann  Adam  Low, 
John  Bernard  Leyer, 
Johan  Caspar  Lorentz, 
Hann  Heinrich  Zimmerman, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Schneider, 
Gottfried  Kihnner, 
Johann  Nickel  Martin, 
Johannes  Bernhardt  Henn, 
Johann  Ludwig  Starck, 
Johann  Adam  Dracker, 
Johan  Conrad  German, 
Johann  Bernhard  Ragel, 
Johannes  Peter  Reusch, 
Conrad  Meyer,* 
Johannes  Schott, 

Lewis  Ney, 

John  Ney, 

Sebastian  Dheuch, 

Johannes  Schletzer, 

Martin  Eberts, 

John  Jorts,* 

Jacob  Scheibly, 

Philip  Egle, 

Adam  Als, 

Christ.  Jeremias  Schmidt, 

Johannes  Reusch, 

Conrad  Radman, 

Johann  Jacob  Menges, 

Jacob  Sanner, 

Johannes  Niebel, 

Johan  Georg  Laudenschläger, 

Hans  Mich.  Lautenschläger, 

Conrad  von  Halt, 

Adam  Eberhardt, 

Andreas  Ehmer. 

286)  Nov.  25,  1771.    Ship  Crawford,  Charles  Smith,  Com- 
mander, from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

5^00.25,1771.  <5^iffdratDforli,SommanbantS^arIeö@mit^, 
toon  Slottertam  über  Soireö. 

Michael  Mohrlock,  Jacob  Friederich  Höckhlen, 

Daniel  Wolff,  Johann  Peter  Kuch, 

Mathias  Krauss,  Johann  Stephan  Sulger, 

Gottfried  StoU,  Christoph  Gottlieb  Thieleman. 

287)    Dec.  1,  1771.  Brig  Betsey,  Andrew  Bryson,  Com- 
mander, from  London. 

2)ec.  1,  1771.    Srigcj  Setfe^,  Sommantiant  Slnfere»  Sßr^fon, 
öon  Sonton. 

Jacob  Frey,  Johannes  Schmidt, 

Jacob  Schneider,  Johannes  Staub, 

Heinrich  Meier,  Jacob  Kugler, 

Friederich  Bänley,  Heinrich  Fichter, 

Jacob  Bäy,  Peter  Stein, 

Jacob  Stügger,  Jacob  Heer, 



Henrich  Dicke, 
Hermanus  Dicke, 
Rudy  Funck, 
John  Koch, 
Wilh.  Becker, 
Michael  Frey, 
Johannes  Heiutz, 
Johannes  Flubacher, 
Jacob  Flubacher, 
Heinrich  Busser, 
Martin  Thomme, 
Christophel  Winder, 
Mattheis  Füsselbaeh, 

Paulus  Bauersachs, 
Johan  Henrich  Hester, 
Jacob  Zimmerman, 
Jean  Gaspard  Hathe, 
Sebastian  Strauman,* 
Conrad  Schelerünthler, 
Wilhelm  Schwhenneher, 
Johannes  Klappert, 
Johann  Martin  Frey, 
Sebastian  Harth, 
Daniel  Volck, 
Martin  Funck, 
Jacob  Schumacher. 

288)  Dec.  10,  1771.  Ship  General  Wolfe,  Richard  Hunter, 
Commander,  from  Lisbon,  Portugal. 

X)ec.  10,  1771.  Schiff  ®enera(  2BoIfe,  (Jommantant  fRiä^axt) 
Runter,  öon  Siffabon,  5>ortugaI. 

Charles  Smith,  Anton  Emits, 

R.  Berger,  Nich.  Biso,* 

Francs  Pros,  Joannes  Baptista, 

Casper  Trible,*  John  Fajon,* 

John  Carle,*  Johannes  Schmitt. 

289)  Feh.  24,  1772.  Ship  Hope,  John  Roberts,  Captain, 
from  London. — 26  passengers. 

geb.  24,  1772.  (S(^iff  Jpope,  Sapitain  3o^n  JHobert^,  üon 
Soitbon. — 26  Steifenbe. 

Henrich  Meisner, 
Hieronimus  Henricii, 
Christian  Schmidt, 
Christian  Wohler, 
Phil.  Wilh.  May, 
Dietrich  Muntzer, 
Friederich  Hector, 
Theobald  Klein, 
Lemuel  Lober, 
Theobald  Bastian, 
Martin  Sudtne, 

Joh.  Friederich  Hönninger, 
Johan  Ernst  Ziegler, 
Johann  Jacob  Schweutzer, 
Johann  Henrich  Steitz, 
Johann  Henrich  Voigt, 
Johann  Jacob  Hartmann, 
Johann  Andreas  Fritze, 
Johan  Ulrich  Bayer, 
Johann  Georg  Trühauffer, 
Johann  Georg  Meyer, 
Johan  Melchior  Vast. 



290)  Sept.  20,  1772.  Ship  Minerva,  James  Johnston,  Com- 
mander, from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 97  passengers. 

©ept.  20,  1772.  ©c^iff  SJZinerüa,  (Eommanfeant  ^amt€  3ot)n= 
fion,  »on  Siotterbam  über  dojue^. — 97  Steifende. 

Johannes  Mayer, 
Caspar  Wintz, 
Hans  Plattner, 
Johannes  Hauck, 
Hans  Schuey, 
Ludwig  Miller,* 
Gottlob  Hempel, 
Henri  Perret, 
Jacob  Schaub, 
Christian  Apffel, 
Henrich  Schweitzer, 
Jacob  Ballmer, 
Thomas  MoU, 
Jacob  Schwele, 
Frantz  Beck, 
Heinrich  Schäublin, 
Ulrich  Henberger, 
Jacob  Hofiacker, 
John  Christian  Fleit,* 
Hans  Baltzer  Biisch, 

Hans  Peter  Kämmer, 
Johan  Martin  Zimmer, 
Johan  Friederich  Ulmer, 
Johannes  Wasling, 
Hans  Casper  Heier, 
Georg  Henrich  Dehn, 
Hans  Jacob  Moller, 
Johann  Georg  Kessler, 
Johann  Da\ad  Bennz, 
Johannes  Schwerdle, 
John  Arnoldus, 
Jacob  Uberer, 
Martin  Rudy, 
Wilm.  Nycius,* 
Henrich  Wissich, 
Hans  Jacob  Weier, 
Gottfried  Zessemick, 
John  George  Stander,* 
Johann  Georg  Gehr. 

291)  Oct.  16, 1772.  Ship  Crawford,  Charles  Smith,  Master, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

Dct.  16,  1772.  ®d)iff  Sramfort),  Sapitain  ß^arte^  Smit^, 
öon  giotterbam  über  Someö. 

Andreas  Hoffman, 
Martin  Hauck, 
Jacob  Demmel, 
Johannes  Fischer, 
Jacob  Schwartz, 
Valentin  Welcker, 
Gottfried  Wittman, 
Friederich  Beyer, 
Johannes  Homer, 
Jacob  Scherer, 
Gottfried  Fechty, 

Christian  Schlauch, 
Johann  Werth, 
L.  Smith,* 
Johannes  Sauter, 
Jacob  Abbiter, 
Henrich  Vogel, 
Philipp  Hamman, 
Andreas  Weissart, 
Jonathan  Linck, 
Frederick  Feitmeyer, 
Christian  Mohr, 



Martin  Wieton, 
Johannes  Schmidt, 
Johannes  Keitzi, 
Marx  Schneider, 
Jacob  Rupp, 
Samuel  Schoch, 
Georg  Franck, 
Christian  Rettes, 
Wilhelm  Baltzer, 
Henrich  Zercher, 
Andreas  Müller, 
Johan  PhUip  Fitting, 
Johan  Christian  Nerbler, 
Johan  Theobald  Merckel, 
Henrich  Franckforther, 
Johann  Peter  Ochsner, 
Hans  Martin  Mayer, 
Johann  Henrich  Wagenhorst, 
Johann  Carl  Wagenhorst, 
Hans  Georg  Preis, 
Joh.  Georg  Warthman, 
John  Henry  Zimmerman, 
Matheus  Lindenmeyer, 
Michael  Warthman, 
Samuel  Friederich  Winter, 
Georg  Martin  Hüchtner, 
Michael  Stauflfer, 
Jonathan  Treuttle, 
Peter  Hamman, 
Friederich  Linck, 
Johann  Georg  Baum, 
Bernhardt  Wieland, 
Andreas  Holtzbarth, 
Johannes  Buchmiüler, 
Henrich  Weissmüller, 
Johann  Christoph  Scheibe, 
Jacob  Friederich  Lauser, 
Joh.  David  Ziegler, 
Joh.  Jacob  Eberly, 
Joh.  Georg  Einwächter, 

Johan  Conrad  Discher, 
Martin  Möllinger, 
Johan  Leonhard  Fichler, 
Jacob  Lautermilch, 
Albrecht  Kümmerle, 
Johann  Hebeisen, 
Johannes  Beer, 
Peter  Gälte, 
Johann  Hess, 
Peter  Lambert, 
Andreas  Lambert, 
Joseph  Stump, 
Michael  Müller, 
Rudolph  Seltzer, 
George  Shuman,* 
Isaac  Bergthal, 
John  Gramer,* 
Martin  Hirsch, 
Balthas  Bertsch, 
Jonas  Nothstein, 
Johann  Gram, 
Joseph  GraflF, 
Georg  Henrich  Maurer, 
Friederich  Wilhelm  Hess, 
Frantz  Carl  Widman, 
Johann  Peter  Harbach, 
Georg  Friederich  Betz, 
Johann  Friederich  Betz, 
Georg  David  Herrn, 
Philip  Jacob  Sartorius, 
Georg  Michael  Miller,* 
Friederich  Linck, 
Abraham  Köhler, 
Peter  Weymer  sen., 
Christoph  Saudrich, 
Johann  Wendel  Wiegele, 
Georg  Adam  Zacharius, 
Jacob  Schmidt, 
Johannes  Quast, 
Frantz  Peter  Drexler. 




292)  Oct.  19,  1772.    Ship  Catliarine, Sutton,  Captain, 

from  Rotterdam,  last  from  London. 

Oct.  19,  1772.     ©d)tff  eat^arinc,  ßapttain  ©utton,  öon 
3flotterliam  über  Sontton. 

Francis  Stephany, 
Leonhard  Müller, 
Ulrich  Otho, 
Georg  Keller, 
George  Bardeck, 
Martin  Schude, 
Francis  Geisse, 
Frantz  Heicks, 
Henrich  Gerding, 

Charles  Friederich  Knöry,* 
Johan  Caspar  Koch, 
Christian  Linderman, 
Gotthard  David  Flick  wir, 
Henrich  Richner, 
Frantz  Fideli  Schreckenbürger, 
Joh.  Christoph  Lotspeich, 
Peter  Mohrmann. 

293)  Oct.  19, 1772.    Ship  Pheba, 

Castle,  Captain,  from 

Dct.  19,  1772.    (Schiff  ^^tU,  (Eapitain  ßaftlc,  »on  bonbon. 

Nicholas  Jacobson,  .  Joh.  Reinhardt  Schäbelle, 

Frederick  Schröder,  Joh.  Friederich  Bahlsdorf, 

Georg  Rehfeld,  Friederich  Klette. 

294)  Nov.  3,  1772.  Ship  Sally,  John  Osmond,  Master,  from 
Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

5f?oö.  3,  1772.  ©c^iff  ©a%  eapitain  3o^n  D^monb,  »on 
9lotterbam  über  Soweg. 

Gerlach  Hass, 
Joh.  Geo.  Ostertag, 
Daniel  Weiss, 
Samuel  Reiss, 
Carl  Neier, 
Johan  Freymu, 
John  Holtz, 
Karl  Geissler, 
Wilhelm  Lehman, 
Christian  Trautmann, 
Weygandt  Rohr, 
Henrich  Rolandt, 
Jacob  Albrecht, 
Johannes  Krom, 

Peter  Rathenbach, 
Johannes  Fritzinger, 
Jacob  Michel, 
Wilhelm  Reiss, 
Henrich  Dieterich, 
Conrad  Böder, 
Jean  Halewyn, 
J.  W.  Lopfer, 
Jacob  Theis, 
Christian  Schmid, 
Matthias  Pauli, 
Christian  Reete, 
Johannes  Theis  Schnell, 
Nicolaus  Trautwein, 



Johann  Jacob  Eller, 
Wilhelm  Henrich  Ritter, 
Joh.  Adam  Matzenbacher, 
Ernst  Henrich  Fritzinger, 
Johan  Matheus  Böttger, 
Joh.  Jost  Langebach,* 
Johan  Henrich  Hartmann, 
Johannes  Schieberstein, 
Johan  Gerlach  Lupffer, 
Johan  Daniel  Koffer, 
Johann  Georg  Rubbel, 
Johannes  Peter  Schneider, 

Johann  Henrich  Georg, 
Johan  Georg  Knebelbach, 
Philip  Peter  Schneider,* 
Burchard  Heyer,* 
Nicklas  Paulus, 
Hans  Georg  Hiderffer,? 
John  Philip  Bauer, 
Gottheb  Schlichter,* 
Johan  Jost  Betz, 
Johann  Georg  Eull, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Meyer, 
Johan  Nicolaus  Schuhriem. 

295)  Dec.  3,  1772.  Ship  Hope,  George  Johnston,  Master, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

Dec.  3,  1772.  (Sd)iff  ^ope,  (Sapitain  ©eorgc  3o^nfton,  pon 
9tottert)ant  über  Sot»eö. 

Henrich  Lehr, 

Jacob  Finck, 

Johannes  Ohlwein, 

Johannes  Hentz, 

Johannes  Gösch, 

Peter  Keller, 

Johannes  Elgerth, 

Wilhelm  Becker, 

Jacob  Binckle, 

John  Frickheffer,* 

Arnold  Peters, 

Jacob  Cacho, 

Joh.  Zacharias  Langbein, 

Johann  Georg  Pflinder, 

Philip  Hardmanu, 

Johan  Philip  Miller, 

John  George  Geib,* 

Friederich  Jacob  Laux, 

Wilhelm  Friederich  Dampff, 

Georg  Wilhelm  Ber, 
Philip  Martin  Keilhauer, 
Georg  Kirchner, 
Henrich  Schuler, 
Johann  Adam  Funck, 
Paulus  Huwes, 
Anthon  Rausch, 
Anthony  Auer, 
Jacob  Masser, 
Christian  Stucky, 
Georg  Films, 
Isaac  Heuman,  a 
Friederich  Steinha 
Justus  Bottenfeld, 
Christian  Sahm, 
Johann  Jacob  Pfautz, 
Johan  Jost  Frickheffer, 
Johan  Jost  Dalmer, 
Carl  Ohlwein, 

a  Isaac  Heuman,  written  in  Hebrew. — [Editor.) 

a  3fanc  ^cuman  ift  i^ebrät[(|  gefclrieben.— (Herausgeber.) 



296)    Dec.  24,  1772. 
Master,  from  Rotterdam, 

Dec.  24,  1772.   Srigg 
ftcr,  »on  Stotterbam  über 
Gottfried  Fisterer, 
Jacob  Weltner, 
Jolin  Weickel, 
Jacob  Küster, 
Will.  Kemp, 
Conrad  Underseel, 
Jacob  Nusser, 
Abraham  Richards,* 
John  Runkel, 
Jacob  Hess, 
Johan  Feierbrand, 
Friederich  Hoffmann, 
Anthony  Schäffer, 
Peter  Nauätter, 
Johann  Lemer, 
Ludwig  Reinick, 
Bernhard  Nickel,* 
Philip  Suppert,* 
Friederich  Winder, 
Christian  Wenger, 
Georg  Schwartz, 
Frantz  Mentzer, 

Brig  Morton  Star,  Georg  Demster, 

last  from  Cowes. 

5Korton  (Star,  Sapitatn  @eorg  2)em= 


Johan  Ludwig  Maxeiner, 
Henrich  Maxeiner, 
Andreas  Stettling, 
Johannes  Hamscher, 
Nicklaus  Lüdermacher,? 
Jno.  Jacob  Nanecker,* 
Conrad  Langebach, 
Ludwig  Henrich  Deisman, 
Johann  Henrich  Küntz, 
John  Jacob  Gerem, 
Wil.  Ananius  Turnez, 
Johann  Georg  Kessler, 
Johann  Adam  Eseh, 
Johan  Heinrich  Messert, 
Johan  Gotfried  Gressmehr, 
Johann  Adam  Stoll, 
Johann  Jacob  Pfeiffer, 
Johann  Carl  Miller,* 
Frantz  Henricus  Hegert, 
Johann  Frantz  Kelter, 
Johann  Peter  Ulrich, 
Jacob  Niebergall. 

^1^  February  22,  1773,  Francis  Caspar  Hassenclever,  a  merchant 
of  Philadelphia,  appeared  before  Richard  Penn,  Esq.,  Lieutenant 
Governor  of  Pennsylvania,  and  was  qualified.  The  time  of  his  arrival 
is  not  stated. — (Editor.) 

^^  2lm  22.  gebruar  1773  erf*tcn  graitctö  Safpar  l^afencleöer,  ein 
^anbelömann  öon  55t)ilabelp^ta,  »or  3ttc^arb  5Jenn,  (Sfq.,  2ieutenant=®ou= 
»erneur  »on  ^Jennf^lsanim,  unb  föurbe  qualifijtrt.  "Die  ßiit  [einer  Slnfunft 
wirb  ntc^t  angegeben.— (Herausgeber.) 

297)  April  30,  1773.  Ship  Pennsylvania  Packet,  Peter  Os- 
borne, Commander,  from  London. 

Sipril  80,  1773.  ®d)iff  ^ennf^Ioania  ^aäet,  (iommant>ant 
^cter  Döborne,  üon  Sonbon. 



Edeme  Halbon, 
Gerhard  Meyer, 
Arnold  Bodescer, 
Johannes  Müller, 
Conrad  Gabel, 
Charles  Kliikner,* 
Henrich  Kese, 
Philip  Bahn, 
Adolph  Strohl, 
Gottfried  Hebauer, 
Joseph  Burchhell, 

Pier  Carle  Pouponnot, 
Johan  Friederich  Riutelman, 
Johannes  Hartman, 
Anton  Le  Roy, 
Johan  Christoph  Hebiegt, 
Andreas  Kleinschmidt, 
Johan  Philip  Rieffenach, 
Christoph  Reinche, 
Johann  Daniel  Lehmann, 
Sebastian  Kleinschmidt, 
Friederich  Basermann. 

Sutton,  Com- 

298)  April  30,  1773.    Ship  Catharine,  - 
lander,  from  London. 

Slpril  30, 1773.   Schiff  Sat^arinc,  Sommanbant  ©utton,  oon 

Henry  Mollwitz, 
Etienne  Shoret, 
Pierre  Factzedy, 
Philippe  Sunbert, 
Ulrich  Bastig, 
Jean  Gourdain,* 
Johannes  Schmitt, 
Henric  Savet, 
Robert  Hall, 

Ch.  Friederich  Oberländer, 
Johan  Christoph  Schweigerts, 
Henrich  Conrad  Boger, 
Job.  Bar.  Dondemand, 
Georg  Baumann, 
Jean  Daniel  Pouriot, 
Simeon  Meyland, 
Etienne  Morlier, 
Ausustin  Gao-e  Mercier. 

299)  May  31, 1773.  Brigantine  Dolphin,  Arthur  Hill,  Com- 
mander, from  London. 

'Mai  31,  1773.  ©^netlfegler  3)oI|)t)tn,  Sommanbant  %xt^m 
.fjiö,  oon  Sonbon. 

Friederich  Heyn, 
Georg  Pfetzer, 
Henry  Cautz, 
Jacob  Grübe, 
Michael  Horn, 
Niehl  Bardoe, 
Mathäus  Borelle, 
Johannes  Engel, 
Andreas  Heinlich, 

Nich.  Heyer, 
Miehl  Flyder,* 
Johann  Martin  Weber, 
Johann  Georg  Kuntz, 
Christian  Bashedich,* 
Henrich  Meister, 
Andreas  Reinhardt, 
Henrich  Arcularius, 
Philip  Jacob  Arcularius, 



Ludwig  Reinhart, 
Erhard  Ahlemann, 
Johann  Birstödt, 
Friederich  Schleiff, 
Andreas  Franck, 
Peter  Kappus, 
Nicholas  Grottman, 
Jacob  Leshong, 
Friederich  Frey. 

John  Wiseman,* 
Christian  Pfeiffer, 
Zacharias  Bohret, 
Christopher  Keeger,* 
Johann  Georg  Vogeley, 
Christopher  Biege!,* 
Balthasar  Paulssig, 
Eberhart  Vareflfens.* 

300)  June  4,  1773.  Ship  Carolina,  Benjamin  Loxley,  Cap- 
tain, from  London. 

3uni  4,  1773.    <5c^iff  Carolina,  Sapitain  Senjamin  Sojrle^, 
»on  Sonben. 

Gab.  Valin,  Johann  Georg  Egert, 

Louis  Demarer,  Johannes  Andre^js  Schmidt, 

Henericus  Martin,  Joachim  HartkopfF,* 

John  Ellers,  Gilli  Dautremer. 

301)  Aug.  23,  1773.    Ship  Sally,  John  Osmond,  Comman- 
der, from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Portsmouth. — 193  passengers. 

Slug.  23,  1773.    ©c^iff  ©atlp,  (5ommaut>ant  3o^n  D^moni), 
»on  9tottert)am  über  ^ortömoutö. — 193  Stetfcnte. 

Christopher  Mingel, 
Mathias  Ham, 
John  W.  Petri, 
Daniel  Mesare, 
Ernst  Mengeting, 
Joseph  Shemmler,* 
Christian  Leuthe, 
Heinrich  Brüser, 
Herman  Heldich,* 
Friederich  BrieiF, 
Henry  Beck, 
George  Wolf, 
Phuip  Keyser, 
Gerhard  Nobel, 
Isaac  Levi, 
Georg  Reyninger, 

Bernhard  Horning, 
William  Übung,* 
Johannes  Gadecke, 
Henrich  Hilgert, 
Johannes  Brücher, 
Albertus  Schilack, 
Jean  Peietrs, 

Mathias  Friederich  Däübler, 
Christian  Ludwig  Bussel, 
Carl  Gottl(jb  Fridler, 
Johann  Mathias  Hinck, 
Joh.  Hen.  Philip  Ehr, 
Johann  Georg  Vanberg, 
Johan  Frantz  Fuchs, 
Johan  Gottfried  Fischer, 
Johann  Peter  Gübrich, 



Johann  Henrich  Thielo, 
John  Henry  Bartram, 
Johann  Carl  Büttner, 
John  Lorentz  Tempel, 
Johann  Conrad  Hasemann, 
Johan  Henrich  Dreyman, 
Adolph  Grottf.  Carl  Rose, 
Johan  Friederich  Kukuck, 
Christopher  Schlachman, 
Johann  Jacob  Engel, 
Johann  Jacob  Müller, 
Johann  Jacob  Bastian, 
Johann  Jacob  Becker, 
Carl  van  Wuwenhuys, 
J.  Christ.  Schultz, 
Gr.  Werner  Himmel, 
Jno.  Nich.  Harm,* 
Burchardt  Jung, 
Andreas  Jung, 
Peter  Lösch, 
J.  Daniel  Weismuth, 
Anton  Hen.  Ritter, 
J.  Gottfried  Nestler, 
W.  DoUendorp, 
Ernst  Paul  Peter, 
John  Daman,* 
Martin  Hochmeyer, 
Mark  Wolff, 
Pierre  Demje, 
Adolph  Unfug, 
Gottfried  Vogel, 
John  Feig, 
Theobald  Stephan, 
J.  Conrad  Arnd, 
J.  August  Just, 
Frantz  Mutschier, 
Johannes  Braun, 
Andreas  Wagner, 
Job.  Adam  Schmidt 
Andreas  Hampe, 

Casimir  Leitz, 
Frantz  Frischtze, 
Tobias  Göhnet, 
Ignatius  Graffenberger, 
Conrad  Maurer, 
John  Kirshner, 
George  Schenck, 
Bartel  Metilmolske, 
Job.  Emanuel  Klos, 
Friederich  Marcus  Montelius, 
John  Henry  Hasper, 
John  Henry  Schwitger, 
Johan  David  Mandeler, 
John  Bernhard  Habner, 
H.  Conrad  Hieron.  Schultze, 
Johan  Christoph  Bosse, 
Job.  Gottlieb  Strietzel, 
Job.  Carl  Rosenkrantz, 
John  Vanderhuyst, 
John  Henry  Zelman,* 
Johan  Peter  Walter, 
Carl  Enoch  Schildbach, 
Job.  Tobias  Hess, 
Johan  Friederich  Beck, 
Johan  Gottfried  Neinrich, 
John  Christoph  Bautz, 
Francis  van  Bauch, 
Job.  Conrad  Brackmann, 
Valentin  Christian  Lehnig, 
John  Herman  Rudolph, 
Johann  Andreas  Merck, 
Johann  Christian  Merck, 
Johann  Christoph  Fasel, 
Johann  Joachim  Welsnack, 
John  Valentin  Kinberg,* 
Henry  Fred.  Sbuckers,* 
Henrich  Wilhelm  Busse, 
Job.  Hen.  Christ.  Bremmer, 
George  John  Rauch, 
Andreas  Fahrenkorn. 



302)  Sept.  18,  1773.  Ship  Brittania,  James  Peter,  Master, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. — 250  passengers. 

«Sept.  18, 1773.  (5d)iff  Svittonta,  gapitain  Sameö  ^^eter,  ooii 
3ftottert>am  über  Sonjeö. — 250  SReifenbe. 

Christoph  Henri,? 
Daniel  Genter, 
Simon  Schunck, 
George  Miller,* 
Johan  Grein, 
Georg  Adam  Vogelsang, 
Johann  Henrich  Löhr, 
Johann  Georg  Ehrenfreid, 
Johann  Dieterich  Bönig, 
Hans  Georg  Klein, 
Paul  Matz, 
Henrich  Saner, 
Andreas  Lob, 
Jacob  Lück, 
Peter  Eckel, 
Christian  Becker, 
Johannes  Mertz, 
Anthony  Weber, 
Philip  Conrad, 
Augustin  Hes, 
Hans  Frick, 
Henrich  Schultz, 
Ludwig  Gerlinger, 
Christian  Leibich, 
Jacob  Deque, 
Christian  Schütz, 
Adam  Kämminger, 
Christophel  Orth, 
Mich.  Runckel, 
Andreas  Ott, 
Johannes  Aal, 
Daniel  Spiess, 
Dan.  Geo.  Jung, 
Michael  Jung, 
Philip  Bönning, 
Jacob  Wenner, 
Jacob  Schott, 

Johannes  Daub, 

Michael  Ruff, 

Christian  Neil, 

Martin  Kramer, 

Ludwig  Kramer, 

Joseph  Schaak, 

Christoph  Henckel, 

Thomas  Baumann, 

Bernhart  Webert, 

Philip  Runckel, 

Bernhard  Schmitt, 

Jacob  Wenner, 

Jacob  Neu, 

Stofel  Neu, 

Wilham  Rockenbrod,* 

Hans  Georg  Weyl, 

Johannes  Reinhardt, 

Johan  Friederich  Cammerlich, 

Johan  Henrich  Herbst, 

Johan  Nicklaus  Bastian, 

Johann  Jacob  Waiblinger, 

Philipp  Aberthüne, 

Jacob  Schauffler, 

Johann  Peter  Schott, 

Traugott  Leberecht  Behzer, 

Johann  Georg  Kramer, 

Johan  Nickel  Reuthnauer 

Johan  Philip  Pflieger, 

Johan  Jacob  Beheling, 

Johan  Martin  Kramer, 

Johan  Georg  Kramer, 

Johan  Philip  Tück, 

Johan  Conrad  Emich, 

Johann  Adam  Engertt, 

Johann  Conrad  Netscher, 

Carl  Anton  Maas, 

Johann  Daniel  Roth, 



Joh.  Georg  Wenner, 
Joh.  Jeremias  Bouuing, 
Mermannus  Schüler, 
Johann  Georg  Gunckel, 
Johann  Carl  Wentzel, 
Johann  Georg  Huss, 
Georg  Martin  Eberhardt, 
Johan  Balthaser  Kinimer, 
Johann  Adam  Ki'amer, 
Johann  Simon  Linck, 
Johann  Georg  Linck, 
Johann  Nickel  Staudt, 
Johann  Friederich  Becker, 
Johan  Christian  Fabritzius, 
Johannes  Welthshans, 
Joh.  Michael  Kirschbaum, 
Hans  Adam  Weiss, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Franck, 
Hans  Geo.  Slettebauer,* 
Joh.  Michel  Ellig, 
Gottlieb  Mayer, 
Michel  Haas, 

Peter  Haas, 
Michael  Jung, 
Wilhelm  Voltz, 
Jacob  Hertz, 
Jacob  Degen,* 
Franc  Smith,* 
Henry  Erb, 
Daniel  Schütz, 
Jacob  Schneider, 
Michael  Kieffer, 
Jacob  Schneider, 
Johann  Georg  Haffer, 
Conrad  Voltz, 
Andreas  Hirsch, 
Georg  Henrich  Geck, 
Adam  Schmel, 
Johan  Michael  Füscher, 
Andreas  Gröner, 
Johann  Georg  Reiner, 
Adam  Schneider, 
Johan  jNIichael  Thome, 
Michael  Sath. 

303)  Sept.  21,  1773.  Ship  Catharine,  James  Sutton,  Com- 
mander, from  London. 

Sept.  21, 1773.  (S^iff  Sat()aviue,  Sommanbant  3ame3  ®ut= 
ton,  öon  Bonbon. 

Georg  Lufft, 
Johann  Schrecka, 
Philipp  Wild, 
Johannes  Sander, 
Casimir  Delbig, 
Johannes  Klein, 
GeorK  Baucher, 

Jac.  Lud.  Videbant, 
Conrad  Trippel, 
Henrich  Andreas  Meyer, 
Johan  Henrich  Becker, 
Christian  Tihn, 
Michael  Habach, 
Martin  Eberhard. 

304)  Sept.  27,  1773.     Ship  Union, 

Bryson,  Master, 

from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Portsmouth. — 247  passengers. 

«Sept.  27,  1773.   ©c^ijf  Union,  Sapitain  Sr^fon,  »on  diottcx-- 
bam  ükr  $>ortcimoutl). — 247  Stcifcnbc. 




Christophel  Leinn, 
Balthaser  Hammer, 
Johannes  Brand, 
John  Gennett,* 
John  Peter  Fuchs, 
Ludwig  Bachman, 
Daniel  Bernhard, 
Valentin  Götz, 
Christian  Götz, 
George  Shreier,* 
Jacob  Smith,* 
Johannes  Schütz, 
Johannes  Bauss, 
Johannes  Kiffer, 
Johann  Peter  Schauer, 
Johannes  Wicke, 
John  Philip  Diffebach, 
John  Henry  Dambeller, 
Johan  Michael  Lenhardt, 
Georg  Philip  Gruber, 
Johann  Jacob  Hörner, 
Georg  Adam  Wendel,* 
John  George  Störtzemeyer, 
John  Adam  Zeitz, 
John  Michael  Clements, 
Johan  Zacharias  Conradt, 
Johan  Henrich  Bauch, 
Johan  Lenhart  Ihrig, 
John  Zimmerman, 
Johannes  Adler, 
Joh.  Adam  Krausser, 
Johan  Spannman, 
Jacob  Arnoldt, 
Rüben  Stier, 
Ludwig  Schenckel, 
Johann  Kroscher, 
Hannes  Schmidt, 
Phil.  Dan.  Greiss, 
John  George  Sheffer,* 
Johannes  Firnhaber, 
Christian  Beck, 

Friederich  Grames, 

Nicklaus  Bachert, 

Andreas  Fischer, 

Wilhelm  Spies, 

Johann  Pfeiffer, 

Herman  Spies, 

Wilhelm  Busch, 

J.  Leonard  Rodel, 

J.  George  Erig, 

Joh.  Bounjuin, 

Johannes  Batz, 

Conrad  Marsdorff, 

C.  Varlet, 

Joh.  Egel, 

Joh.  Geo.  Egel, 

John  Hartman, 

Johannes  Herstein, 

Georg  Hartman, 

Jacob  Garste, 

Wilhelm  Stickel, 

Johannes  Schäffer, 

Philip  Andreas  Hadt, 

Johan  Matheis  Flach, 

Johan  Jacob  Aurandt, 

Johann  Philip  Donnges, 

Johann  Valentin  Stegmüller, 

Henrich  Valentin  Storches, 

Johan  Peter  Schmid, 

Johan  Philip  Hauck, 

Johann  Adam  Reichert, 

John  George  Holtzschuh, 

Jacob  Niclaus  Firnhaber, 

Andreas  Friederich  Schwentzel, 

Johann  Georg  Leonhardt, 

Johann  Leonhard  Göttmann, 

Johann  Peter  Stöhr, 

Jacob  von  Lahnen, 

Johann  Gottlieb  Metzger, 

Johann  Henrich  Weber, 

Johann  Philip  Gräber, 

Johann  Henrich  Brausser, 



Philip  Peter  Grruber, 
Johann  Georg  Steilhener, 
Johann  Joachim  Gruber, 
Johann  Adam  Hartman, 
Johann  Nickel  Horn, 
Johann  Nickel  Schmaus, 
Adam  Rosmeissel, 

John  Conrad  Riecheis,* 
Johann  Jacob  Hoof, 
Johann  Jost  Lenhard, 
Georg  Adam  Buckel, 
Johan  Wilhelm  Krüger, 
Johannes  Wilheiser. 

305)  Oct.  1,  1773.    Ship  Hope,  George  Johnston,  Master, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

Dct.  1,  1773.    Schiff  ^ope,  Sapttain  ©eorgc  3o^nfton,  »on 
Stotterbam  über  Soweö. 

Andreas  Dengler, 
Matthias  Wall, 
Matthias  Wexler, 
Jonas  DoUinger, 
Johann  Peter  Weber, 
Johann  Jost  Busch, 
Johan  Henrich  Busch, 
John  Christian  Guth, 
Henry  Steinbring, 
Michael  Stumpf, 
David  Niess, 
John  Karn,* 
Christian  Keberling, 
Michael  Bauman, 
Andreas  Oberdorff, 
Jost  Althaus, 
Graff  Weyand, 
Conrad  Gerhard, 
Fried.  Sölchel, 
Henry  Meyer,* 
Johannes  Huss, 
Georg  Wunderlich, 
Johannes  Hesse, 
Franz  Schmidt, 
Andreas  Annletz, 
Jost  Welckel, 
Philip  Peman, 
Friederich  Röser, 
Henry  Miller,* 

Johannes  Strackbein, 
Leonhardt  Schmidt, 
Jacob  Schlatter, 
Job.  Hen.  Klein, 
Niciaus  Henrich  Stephan, 
Johannes  Wilhelm  Carle, 
Johann  Jost  Bruch, 
Johann  Carl  Mattis, 
Carl  Ferdinand  Conrad, 
Johann  Michael  Conrad, 
Johann  Bernhart  Rau, 
Johann  Michael  Oberdorff, 
Job.  Fried.  Sasmanhäuser, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Seemann, 
Joh.  Jeremias  Ballenberger, 
Job.  Wilhelm  Eckhardt, 
Job.  Christoph  Thiel, 
Philip  Adam  Schuck, 
Johan  Lorentz  Dihm, 
Johan  Michael  Hirsch, 
Johann  Henrich  Dau, 
Johann  Conrad  Jung, 
Johann  Ludwig  Hantz, 
Johann  Friederich  Welckel, 
Johann  Michel  Seydel, 
Johann  Georg  Seidel, 
Job.  Hen.  Sasmanshaus, 
Johan  Ludwig  OfBeler. 



306)  Oct.  22,  1773.  Ship  Charming  MoUy,  Robert  Gill, 
Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Plymouth. 

Dct.  22,  1773.  ©c^iff  e()armiug  ^lo^,  eapitain  diohtxt 
©iü,  öon  JRotterbam  über  ^(pmoutt). 

Christian  Ernst, 
Nicola  Chaillot, 
Valentin  Dietz, 
Thomas  Krebs, 
Cassimir  May, 
Johannes  Steckel, 
Friederich  Wilhelm, 
Johan  Lechleitner 
Pierre  Miloh, 
Mathias  Astimer, 
Engelbert  Classen,* 
Andreas  Emmrich, 
Johann  Patteiss, 
Johann  Martin  Fuchs, 
Johan  Henrich  Hensle, 
Hans  Adam  Weitzel, 
Johan  Michael  Fuchs, 
Joh.  Conrad  Leonhard, 
Johann  Philip  Berg, 
Joh.  Friederich  Frey  tag, 
Johan  Ludwig  Schwens, 
Johann  Christian  Letten, 
Johannes  Eberhart  Ohl, 
Johan  Jost  Blecher, 
Johann  Henrich  Wentzel, 
Joseph  Friederich  Honstein, 
Jacob  Elgart,* 
Henry  Dayberer,* 
Christian  Schönfeld, 

Daniel  Weibel, 
Jacque  Dubret, 
Caspar  Geissinger, 
Friederich  Dietrich, 
Henrich  Kleyn, 
Friederich  Müller, 
George  Reinhart, 
Caspar  Adam, 
Johannes  Hartman, 
Johannes  Hoch, 
Christian  Lambert, 
Jacob  Graff, 
Arius  Schulicus, 
Johann  Daniel  Bonn, 
Friederich  Baltzer  Scherer, 
Nicholas  Zutheimer,* 
Joseph  Cauffman,* 
Johannes  Friederich  Braun, 
Johann  Friederich  Vogel, 
Johann  David  Steinmann, 
Johann  Georg  Vogel, 
Johann  Peter  Geyer, 
Johann  Adam  Lang, 
John  Peter  Ermolt, 
Carl  Heiniich  Hartig, 
Bernhard  Bauer, 
Johann  Georg  Müller, 
Johann  Georg  Theys. 

307)  Oct.  25,  1773.    Ship  Crawford,  Charies  Smith,  i\Iaster. 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

Dct.  25,  1773.    ednff  Grawfovb,  Gapttain  di^axUS'  Smitl), 
'oon  Sflüttevbam  über  (Sowe^. 
Johannes  Bud,  Jacob  Trewitz, 

Christian  Mertel,  Joh.  Jost  Mätz, 



John  Sclilichter, 
Joh.  Math.  Weber, 
Wilhelm  Schneyder, 
Joh.  Bap.  Nouu, 
Andreas  Zahele, 
Joh.  Geo.  Steiner, 
Johannes  Klappert, 
Henrich  Ober, 
Johannes  Geistweit, 
Joh.  Nickel  Thomas, 
Joh.  Philip  Kees, 
Killian  Keller, 
Jno.  Wm.  Humer,* 
Johann  Fürst, 
David  Reich,* 
Daniel  Meyer, 
Johannes  Diebler, 
Christian  Meyers,* 
Johann  Henrich  Dittman, 
Johann  Jost  Strackbein, 
Johann  Conrad  Triewitz, 
Johannes  Peter  Stahl, 
Johannes  Henrich  Kiel, 
Johan  Friederich  Manalther, 
Johann  Henrich  Achen, 
Johan  Carl  Gentzheimann, 
Carl  Christ.  Fried.  Cist, 
Johann  Henrich  Graff, 
Joh.  Georg  Birckelbach  sen. 
Joh.  Georg  Birckelbach, 

Jacob  Henrich  Bast, 
Johann  Georg  Pteichman, 
Johan  Henrich  Schumacher, 
Joh.  Siegesmund  Stedtekorn, 
Georg  Philip  Zissle, 
Ludwig  Güthing, 
Johan  Ludwig  Becker, 
Johann  Ulrich  Sieffner, 
Johan  Peter  Bostweiler, 
Michael  Müller, 
Adam  Michael, 
Matthias  Höffer, 
Wilhelm  Schöler, 
Henry  Brum,* 
George  Lebank,* 
John  Fisher,* 
Joh.  Geo.  Hartman, 
Wilhelm  Walther, 
Adam  Hamm, 
Andreas  Hild, 
Johannes  Petermann, 
Johann  Henrich  Dörner, 
Johann  Georg  Schneider, 
Johann  Henrich  Loos, 
Hans  Henrich  Schreiner, 
Johan  Jacob  Schwissfurth, 
Johan  Henrich  Hoffman, 

ohannes  Demandt, 
Joh.  Daniel  Schweitzer, 
Joachim  Stremmel. 

308)  Nov.  23,  1773.  Snow  Neptune,  Thomas  Edward  Wal- 
lace, Master,  from  Lisbon. 

9loö.  23,  1773.  ©eefc^iff  Sf^eptunc,  ßapitain  Z^üma€  Sbivart 
2ßaüace,  von  ßijjabon. 

Joseph  Lefran,  Anthony  Sinclair,* 

Charles  Cassell,  Joseph  Martin. 

William  Blach, 




309)    Nov.  24,  1773.    Ship  Fame,  James  Duncan,  Master, 
from  Lisbon. 

'^o'o.  24,  1773.   ©c^iff  game,  Sajjttain  Sameg  'Duncan,  öon 

Geo.  Shavere,*  Daniel  Shapue. 

John  Martine,* 

310)  Dee.  7, 1773.   Ship  dementia,  Patrick  Brown,  Master, 
from  Lisbon. 

2)ec.  7,  1773.    @(^tff  Slementia,  Sa)>itain  ^rttricf  Srotvn, 
»on  ?if[abon. 

John  Pesser,*  Francis  Villeneaue,* 

Charles  Zemmer,  Francois  Pechenet, 

Maro  Seroni,  Francis  Duchand. 
Joseph  Louvat, 

311)  Dec.  8,  1773.   Ship  Montague,  William  Pickels,  Com- 
mander, from  London. 

Dec.  8, 1773.  (5(^tff2«ontague,  eommanbant2ßimam5)irfeIg, 
»Ott  2ont)Ott. 

Jacob  Fürst, 
Friederich  Waltz, 
Peter  Andreas, 
Joh.  Ludwig, 
Phillippe  Engroth, 
Jacob  Rissner, 
John  Henry  Lau, 
Johan  Friederich  Pieckert, 
Christian  Hallitschke, 
Joh.  Wendel  Andreas, 
Johan  Adam  Handel, 
Johan  Heinrich  Krauel, 
Mathias  Conrad, 

Friederich  Eberle, 
Joachim  Neubaier, 
Joseph  Walcker, 
Joseph  Wagner, 
Joh.  Matthey, 
Johannes  Fessler, 
Joh.  Friederich  Zinckenritz, 
Traugott  Gottfried  Mayer, 
Georg  Ludwig  Kelmold, 
Anthon  Henrich  Gnäschler, 
Johann  Adam  Schanckweiler, 
Johan  Georg  Speiser, 
Johann  Christian  Duncker. 

312)  Aug.  15,  1774.    Snow  Sally,  Stephen  Jones,  Captain. 

5lug.  15,  1774.    ©eefc^iff  <BaUt),  Sapttatn  *3tep^en  3one«. 
Conrad  Bernhard,*  John  Ulrich,* 

Conrad  Seifert,  John  Sauter,* 



Michael  Lillienthal,* 
John  George  Gesel,* 

Joh.  William  Sauter,* 
John  Diehl. 

313)  June  21,  1774.  Brigantine  Nancy,  Thomas  Armstrong, 
Master,  from  Hamburg. 

3um  21, 1774.  ©c^ueUfegler  9lanc9,  Sapitain  J^omaö  2lnii== 
ftrong,  »on  Hamburg. 

Christopher  Fuse,*  Joseph  Lorentz  Herrmann, 

Herman  Schuman,  John  Matthias  Bauer, 

Cornelius  Welck,  Carl  Friederich  Müller. 
Johan  Fried.  Matz,* 

314)  June  21,  1774.  Ship  Charming  Molly,  Robert  Gill, 
Master,  from  London. 

3um  21,  1774.  (Schiff  Smarming  moüi^,  dapitaiit  Stöbert 
®ill,  »on  Sonbon, 

Henrich  Kiintzel, 
Laurens  Frost, 
Christian  Heyll, 
Peter  Stephan, 
Georg  Fried.  Frick, 
Johannes  Schwende, 
Joh.  Henrich  Moser, 

Georg  Jacob  Weiss, 
Georg  Paulus  Merckle, 
Christian  Langspech, 
Carl  Christoph  Nicht, 
Johan  Georg  Schneegantz, 
Johan  Georg  Tritzlen, 
Joh.  Ludwig  Bettmann. 

315)  Sept.  30, 1774.  Ship  Union,  Andrew  Bryson,  Captain, 
from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

«Sept.  30,  1774.  «Schiff  Union,  ßapitain  2lnbrett)  SBr^fon, 
t»on  Slottertam  über  Sowcö. 

Caspar  Nuyne,* 
Georg  Rummell, 
Heinrich  Dörr, 
Andreas  Schneynow,* 
Johan  Wilhelm  Müller, 
Johan  Martin  Schweickart, 
Matthias  Wild, 
Carl  Eurfiir, 
Johannes  Fuchs, 
Adam  Seibert, 

Nicklas  Grauss, 
Hartman  Winck, 
Bernhard  Schwing, 
Philip  Jung, 
Philip  Klein, 
Michael  Klein, 
Jost  Leibinger, 
Carl  Steinmetz, 
Johannes  Had, 
Jacob  Boss, 



Adam  Stam, 
Laux  Kochges, 
Philipp  Müller, 
Jacob  Eyler, 
Christian  Rossin, 
Jost  Spengler, 
Alexander  Ott, 
Peter  Kuner, 
Leonhart  Opp, 
Friederich  Gantz, 
Nicholas  Bayer, 
Samuel  Schenck, 
Fabian  Kortz, 
Peter  Schimmel, 
Johannes  Schaum, 
^  *  ^  Rütticher, 
Jacob  Yoltz, 
Christian  Witmer, 
Friederich  Weyler, 
Matheis  Feiring, 
Friederich  Bayer, 
Daniel  Hickert, 
Martin  Weimer, 
Nicklas  Sirer, 
Peter  Wallman, 
Peter  Sietz, 
Johann  Walter, 
Heinrich  Thering, 
Johann  Anthon  Kühl, 
Johannes  Heimbach, 
Heinrich  Heidt, 
Abraham  Stoffel  Jacoby, 
Caspar  Steinmetz, 
Heinrich  Steinmetz, 
Carl  Böhringer, 
Michael  Müller, 
Friederich  Kölheffer, 
Adam  Koningsfeld, 
Philipp  Thiebautz, 
Job.  Bartholomeus  Ney, 
Johan  Greorg  Gottfried, 

Johan  Adam  Pecht, 
Peter  SpiTickmann, 
Nicklas  Fitincher, 
Johann  Zimmermann, 
Nicklaus  Schneppenhäusser, 
Philip  Jacob  Wagner, 
Valentin  Beyer, 
Henrich  Adam  Weltman, 
Johann  Detweiler, 
Gotthold  Fried.  Enslin, 
Johan  Friederich  Streuet, 
Johan  Adam  Schiott, 
Johannes  Stoffel, 
Friederich  Bergman, 
Johan  Carl  Reutzheiner, 
Peter  Schwabeland, 
Johan  Adam  Friederich, 
Johann  Gotthelf  Paul, 

Michael  David  Esch, 
Christ.  Wilh.  Rathardt, 
Johannes  Becker, 
Christoph  Eufer, 
Melchior  Wickert, 
Johann  Georg  Bauer, 
Valentin  Göttert, 
Johann  Nicolehrs, 
Johan  Adam  Steinbach, 
Johann  Adam  Miller, 
Jacob  Heibenzeter, 
Friederich  Hehl, 
Nicholas  Guit,* 
Joseph  Futsch, 
Ulrich  Webber, 
Jacob  Leber, 
Ludwig  Au, 
Johan  Kurtz, 
Daniel  Wolff, 
Georg  Eckhart,* 
Michael  Schilling, 
Jacob  Gucker, 



Christoph  Herbster, 
Heinrich  Engelfiied, 
Friederich  Freytag, 
Martin  Schwartz, 
Caspar  Uhl, 
Friederich  Beyerly, 
Johannes  Carohs, 
Johannes  Holtz, 
Israel  Leypold, 
Michael  Müller, 
Johann  Nicolaus  Quast, 
Johan  Adam  Leber, 
Carl  Christian  Loris, 
Ludwig  Schwabeland, 
Christian  Schwabeland, 
John  Georg  Baltz, 

Johan  Conrad  Eiselen, 
John  George  Kutter, 
Johann  Jacob  lloth, 
Johann  Jacob  Medert, 
Friederich  Schäumenkessel, 
Johan  Daniel  Nisler, 
Johann  Christian  Wilms, 
Johann  Jacob  Dieterle, 
Johann  Adam  Stock, 
Georg  Jacob  Haussier, 
Georg  Adam  Marggrander, 
Christian  Glaufliegel, 
Erhardt  Freytag, 
Leonard  Kroneman, 
Johann  Georg  Müller. 

316)  Oct.  29,  1774.  Snow  Patty  and  Peggy,  Robert  Hardi, 
Master,  from  Lisbon. 

Dct.  29,  1774.  (Seef^iff  ^att^  unb  ^egg^,  Sapitain  ^lobert 
^art»t,  »on  2i|Ja6on. 

Jono  Moraublez,*  Jabopet  Hoquedas, 

Jono  Contono,*  Manuel  Rodrigue, 

Franco  Barkeka,  Francisca  Rabane, 

Jono  Cameti,*  Hipolito  Poncelly,* 

Jiram  Cloter,*  Juan  Domingo,* 

Fran.  Boz,  Juan  Hinanso.* 

317)  Oct.  31, 1774.  Ship  Sally,  John  Osmond,  Master,  from 
Rotterdam,  last  from  Cowes. 

Dct.  81,  1774.  ©c^iff  ©all^,  (Sapitatn  3o^n  O^moni),  »on 
9lottert)am  über  Soweö. 

Johann  Jacob  Welcker  sen., 

Johann  Jacob  Welcker, 

Frederick  Mayer, 

Joh.  Peter  Cronenberger, 

Balthaser  Eberhardt, 

Peter  Köhler, 

Joseph  Shem,* 

Christian  Müller, 
Christian  Ehmig, 
Hanö  Keller, 
Ludwig  Seltz, 
Andreas  Bühler, 
Caspar  Miller, 
Joh.  Maximilian  Hake 



Jacob  StoflP, 
Georg  Katz, 
Geo.  Habel, 
Adam  Segel, 
Peter  Löwenberg, 
Philip  Löwenberg, 
Diewalt  Klein, 
Wilhelm  Bramer, 
Peter  Bartheleus, 
Ludwig  Fihter, 
Johannes  Kiinsinger, 
Johannes  Sehäffer, 
Daniel  Zittel, 
Jacob  Klein, 
Joel  Klein, 
Anthony  Weber, 
Christian  Laros, 
Pierre  Maison, 
John  Henry  Klein, 

Johann  Philip  Weber, 
Johann  Jacob  Sunckel, 
Christoph  Griebela, 
Christian  Schudieck, 
Henrich  Oberkircher, 
Christian  Rommel, 
Friederich  Löwenberg, 
Carl  Bartholomae, 
Michael  Bartholomae, 
Georg  Schaltzindt, 
Johann  Paul  Thomas, 

Johann  Conrad  Schmidt, 
Friederich  Cronberger, 
Wilhelm  Wenner, 
Johann  Georg  Burckhard, 
Conrad  Bindenberger, 
Jacob  MussRenusr. 

318)  Jan.  16, 1775.    Ship  Catharine,  John  Baron,  Comman- 
der, from  London. 

3an.  16, 1775.  (S^iff  daüjaxine,  Sommantiant  3»^«  33aron, 
öon  Ronton. 

Caspar  Beaufort, 
John  Adam, 
Da^äd  Zuber, 
Thomas  Klenee, 

Joh.  Georg  Fried.  Wagner, 
Johan  Jacob  Holtzer, 
Joachim  Jacob  Brandt. 

319)   Oct.  9,  1775.    Ship  King  of  Prussia,  William  Potts, 
Master,  from  Rotterdam,  last  from  Falmouth,  England. 

i:ct.  9,  1775.    ©d)iff  ^ing  of  ^ruffia,  eapttain  Sßiüiam 
5)ottei,  ijoit  iRotterbam  über  galmout^,  Sngfant. 
Ludwig  Eller,  Joh.  Lilian  Booss, 

Georg  Bernhardt,  Jacob  Kohlman, 

Jacob  Müller,  Philip  Weber, 

Nicolaus  Sandmeier,  Johann  Segwalt, 

Johannes  Obersheimer,  Johan  Friederich  Huey, 

Joh.  Georg  Linns,  Georg  Conrad  Busch, 



Conrad  Tresenreutlier, 
Johann  Georg  Weyell, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Schilack, 
Johann  Michael  Tannezer, 
Johann  Philip  Kohlman, 
Johann  David  Weber, 
Johann  Michael  Hans, 
Johann  Peter  Heissheiner, 
Joh.  Paul  Lein, 
Thomas  Rentzheimer, 
Johannes  Eckenberger, 
Valentin  Hoch, 
Nicholali  Rudy, 
Nicolaus  Grall, 
Matthias  Kössler, 
Leonhard  Götz, 
Carl  Ritter, 
Johannes  Fauth, 
Michael  Kramer, 
Carl  Eller, 
John  Seip, 
Jost  Alstatt, 
Casper  Nickel, 
Johan  Herrman, 
Christian  Vätter, 
Jacob  Vätter, 
Jacob  Teutzel, 
Conrad  Becker, 

Jacob  Jost, 
Thiels  Zerfas, 
Nicol.  Heustang, 
Ludwig  Weiss, 
Johannes  Rentzheimer, 
Johan  Nickel  Wendeling, 
Johann  Nickel  Meyer, 
Johan  Friederich  Meyer, 
Henricus  Denner, 
Joh.  Jacob  Schmidt, 
Johannes  Kriedelbach, 
Joh.  Valentin  Mündel, 
Stephanus  Spach, 
Nicklaus  Zimmer, 
Nicolaus  Borman, 
Philip  Peter  Müller, 
Johan  Ernst  Kessler, 
Joh.  Jacob  Knabenschus, 
Christian  Weissbach, 
Friederich  Schönholtz, 
Georg  Friederich  Grawan, 
Johan  Jacob  Grawan, 
Johan  Simon  Schiars, 
Johannes  Sahler, 
Peter  Horbach, 
Jacob  Henrich  Krammer, 
Christian  Gottfiied  Willert. 

420  ADDENDA. 


The  SchicencTcfelders  are  called  after  Caspar  Schwenckfeld 
von  Ossing,  a  Silesian  Knight,  and  counselor  to  the  Duke  of 
Liegnitz,  Prussia.  Schwenckfeld  was  a  contemporary  with  Luther, 
Zwingli  and  other  Reformers,  and  had  his  adherents,  who  were 
tolerated  by  the  German  Emperors,  in  the  arch-dukedom  of 
Silesia,  especially  in  the  principalities  of  Taur  and  Liegnitz,  for 
nearly  two  hundred  years.  They,  like  many  others,  had  to  en- 
dure persecutions  in  1590,  1650,  1725,  when  they  were  com- 
pelled to  seek  shelter  in  Upper  Lusatia,  Saxony,  under  the  pro- 
tection of  the  Senate  of  Görlitz,  and  also  of  Nicolaus  Ludwig 
Zinzendorf,  who  had  them  under  his  protection  about  eight  years, 
when  they  resolved  to  emigrate  and  seek  a  home  in  Georgia; 
but  on  arriving  in  Holland  they  were  persuaded  to  go  to  Penn- 
sylvania. Some  came  over  in  1733,  but  the  gi'cater  part  in 
1734.— See  pp.  90,  94,  95,  96. 


For  the  following  List,  furnished  by  the  Rev.  Levin  T.  Reichel, 
Salem,  North  Carolina,  I  am  much  indebted  to  Prof  John  Beck, 
of  Litiz,  Pa.,  (died  1872)  who  not  only  pointed  to  the  source, 
whence  it  could  be  obtained,  but  also  very  kindly  engrossed  the 
Mss.  List  at  the  request  of  the  Editor. 

I.    Arrivals  of  Moravians  from  Georgia  in  Pennsylvania, 
from  1737  to  1747 — a  period  of  ten  years. 

Note. — Some  ministerial  brethren,  as  Bishop  Spangenberg,  Bishop 
Nitschmann,  Peter  Böhler,  &c.,  are  omitted  in  this  List,  as  they  were 
no  actual  settlers,  but  returned  again  to  Europe,  or  to  other  fields  of 
activity  of  the  Moravian  Church.  Ministers  and  Missionaries  are  in 

ADDENDA.  421 

A.  D.  1737. —  Georg  Neiacr,  born  in  Moravia,  emigrated  1737 
to  Georgia,  thenco  to  Pennsylvania,  died  1784 ;  Gottlieb  Demuth, 
Gottfried  Haberecht,  died  1784 ;  George  Waschke,  his  wife  and 
mother;  Gotthart  üemutli,  David  Jag,  David  Tanneberger,  the 
celebrated  organ-builder ;  John  Tanneberger,  son  of  David  T. — 
descendants  near  Lebanon. 

A.  D.  1740. — Anton  Seifferf,  returned  to  Europe;  Martin 
Mack,  died  1784  at  St.  Croix;  George  Zeisberger,  Rosina  Zeis- 
berger,  David  Zeisberger,  an  Indian  Apostle,  died  1808  at 
Goshen,  Ohio;  John  Bahner,  died  1785  at  St.  Thomas,  one  of 
the  West  India  Islands ;  Hannah  Hummel,  afterwards  Bahner's 

A.  D,  1742. — Hagen,  Büninger — his  descendants  in  N.  Y. 

A.  D.  1743.  —  James  Burnside,  born  in  Ireland,  died  1755 
near  Bethlehem,  where  his  remains  rest.  Twice  Representative 
of  Northampton  County  in  the  Assembly. 

A.  D.  1744.— Hussey.     1745.— Brownfield. 

II.    Arrivals  of  Moravians  from  Europe  in  Pennsylvania, 
from  1739  to  1749 — a  period  of  ten  years. 

A.  D.  1739. —  Christian  Henry  Rauch,  in  New  York,  died 
1763  at  Jamaica. 

A.  D.  1740. — Andrew  Eschenbach,  David  Nitschmann,  first 
proprietor  of  Bethlehem  estate,  died  1758  at  Bethlelxem; 
Christian  Frölich,  died  1776  at  Bethlehem. 

A.  D.  1741. —  Gottlieh  Büttner,  died  1745  at  Checomeko, 
N.  Y. ;  John  Wilhelm  Zander,  died  1782  in  Holland;  John 
Christian  Pyrleeus,  died  1785  in  Germany;  Count  Zinzendorf 
only  on  a  visit;  Abraham  3Ieinung,  died  1769  at  St.  Thomas; 
David  Bruce,  was  from  Scotland,  died  1749  at  Wechquatiisch. 

A.  D.  1742. — Peter  Böhler  and  wife,  returned  to  Europe; 
David  Bishop,  Michael  Mikseh,  Joachim  Senseman,  died  1772 
at  Jamaica — descendants  in  Pennsylvania ;  Michael  Tenneberger, 
David  Wohmit,  John  Brucker,  died  1765  at  St.  Croix;  Paul 
David  Beyzelius,  a  Lutheran  minister,  died  1771 ;  Heinrich 
Almerson,  George  Hartin,  John  Brandmüller,  died  1777  at 
Bethlehem;  John  Adolph  Meyer,  Oioen  Rice,  died  1778  in 
England  —  descendants  in  Bethlehem ;  Thos.  Yarrell — descend- 
ants in  Lancaster,  Pa.;  Robert  Huss,  John  Turner,  Samuel 


422  ADDENDA. 

Powell,  Joseph  Powell^  died  1774  at  Sichern,  N.  J. ;  Nathaniel 
Seidel,  a  Bishop,  died  single  1782  at  Bethlehem;  Gottlieh 
Pezold,  died  1762  at  Litiz;  Philip  Meurer,  died  1757  at  Done- 
gal; Leonhard  Schnell,  Frederick  Post,  Indian  Missionary, 
(see  Collection,  p.  152,  Note,);  George  Schneider,  Matthew 
Wittke,  George  Wiesner,  George  Kaske,  George  Heidecker, 
John  Reinhard  Sommers,  Joseph  Möller,  John  Huber,  George 
Eister,  Joseph  Shar,  Hector  Gerahold,  died  1788 ;  John  Okely, 
Wilham  Okely,  Christian  Werner,  Jacoh  Lischy,  (see  Collec- 
tion, p.  152) ;  John  Christoph  Heyne,  Andreas,  (colored). 

A.  D.  1742. —  Congregation  at  Bethlehem  Organized.  David 
Eurhert  and  wife,  died  1788  at  Bethlehem;  A.  J.  Kohn, 
J.  C.  Franke,  M.  Liebisch,  from  Moravia;  Schnell. 

A.D.  1743. — In  December,  one  hundred  and  twenty  persons 
arrived  at  New  York,  who  moved  to  Bethlehem  and  Nazareth ; 
among  these  were  thirty-three  young  couples,  who  had  been 
married,  all  on  the  same  day,  at  Herrnhaag,  May  27,  1743. 

Note. — The  letter  N  appended  to  a  name  indicates  that  the  individual 
settled  at  Nazareth,  Pa. 

A.D.  1743. — Wohmit  and  wife,  Abraham  Kessler, N;  H.Bie- 
fel,  N;  John  Tobias  Hirse,  N;  G.  Kremer,  John  Henry  Möller,  N, 
died  1760  at  Bethlehem;  M.  Reuz,  died  1753  at  Oldman's 
creek,  on  the  pulpit ;  Christian  Fritsch,  N;  Matheus  Otto,  doctor 
at  Bethlehem ;  Gottfried  Grabs,  N ;  Wolfgang  Michler,  died 
1785  at  Hebron  —  descendants  in  Easton;   Gottlieb  Anders,  N; 

Herser, Aimers;  John  Münster,  from  Moravia;  Geo. 

Christ,  N;  M.  Hanke, Schaub ;  Geo.  Zeisberger  and  wife, 

died  1780;  G.  Hantsch,  died  1756;  Christian  Hopfher,  died 
1760;  John  Jorde,  N;  J.  Christian  Weinest,  N;  G.  Hicke; 
Matheus  Schropp,  N,  died  1766  at  Salem,  N.  C. ;  Jonas  Wilson, 

Ostian, Dugion,  Jno.  Schaub,  N;  John  Brandmüller, 

returned  from  Europe  whither  he  had  gone  1742 ;  J.  G.  Nix- 
dorf,  died  1785  at  Bethlehem,  Pa.;  Anton  Wagner,  died  1786 
near  Emaus;    James  Greening,  D.  Kunkler,  N;    A.  Demuth, 

from  Moravia ;    Schütze, Brosch, M.  Böhmer, 

Hanke,  Opitz;    George  Ohneherg,  N,  Missionary  in 

St.  Croix;  Matheus  Weiss,  N;  John  Mozer,  N;  J.  M.  Micke,  N; 
G.  Bertsch,  N;  John  Michler,  N;  P.  Göttge,  N;  Andrew  Krem- 
ser, N;  Schober,  Harding,  Oerter,  Doh- 

ling,  Cook,  Thomas  Schaaf,  N;  Jacob  Behringer,  Thomas 

Fisher  and  wife,  N;    Lighton,   Jasper  Paine ;     Richard 

ADDENDA.  423 

Udey,  first  English  Missionary  in  Dobbs  Parish;  M.  Krause, 
died  1775  at  Salem,  N.  C 

A.  D.  1744. — Abraham  Reinke,  Bishop,  died  1760  —  his 
grand-son,  Moravian  Minister  at  Litiz,  his  grand-daughter,  wife 
of  Prof.  John  Beck. 

A.  D.  1746.— J.  F.  Cammerhof,  died  1751  at  Bethlehem; 

Hendrup, Wacke, Westmann, Gottschalk, 

S.  Bosun. 

A.  D.  1747. — The  members  of  the  Moravian  Church  in  the 
region  of  Bethlehem  numbered  316,  viz:  at  Bethlehem  163; 
Nazareth  42;  Frederickstown  23;  Gnadenhütten  11;  Gnaden- 
thal 18;  scattering  59. 

A.  D.  1749. — Dec.  12,  the  following  twelve  married  couples 
moved  from  Bethlehem  to  Nazareth : 

Everet  Emerson ;  Paul  Fritsch,  born  in  Moravia ;  Ehas  Teex, 
born  in  Upper  Lusatia,  Germany ;  Gottlieb  Berndt,  do ;  Jacob 
Hafner,  Switzerland ;  Gottfried  Schnitze,  Lower  Silesia ;  Hein- 
rich Pritsche,  do ;  Wenzel  Bernhard,  Bohemia ;  John  Schmidt, 
Upper  SUesia;  Geo.  Gold,  Moravia ;  Melchior  Schmidt,  Moravia. 

III.  A  List  of  unmarried  men,  who  arrived  at  Bethlehem, 
September  14:th,  1753. 

Ludolph  Gottlieb  Backoff,  born  in  Lüneburg;  Christoph 
Heinrich  Bachmeyer,  Friedensburg ;  Frederick  Beyer,  Silesia ; 
Hans  Martin  Calberlahn,  Norway  ( surgeon) ;  Ludwig  Christoph 
Dehne,  Wernigerode ;  Jacob  Eyerie,  Wirtemberg ;  George  Chris- 
tian Fahricius,  Denmark,  was  murdered,  Nov.  21, 1755 ;  Jacob 
Fries,  Denmark,  died  1793  at  Bethlehem;  George  Wenzel 
Golkowsky,  Süesia  (surveyor),  died  1813;  Joseph  Haberland, 
Moravia;  Jacob  Herr,  Wirtemberg;  Samuel  Hunt,  Yorkshire, 
England;   Jacob  Jürgensen,  Finland;    Henry  Krause,  Silesia; 

Otto  Christian  Krogstrup,  Denmark,  pastor  there;  Joseph 
Lennert,  Breisgau;    Albertus  Rudolph  Rusmeyer,  Lüneburg; 

George  Solle,  Denmark,  formerly  a  minister;  Christian  Frie- 
derich Töllner,  Pomerania;  Peter  Worbasse,  Juttland;  Chris- 
tian Widsted,  do;  Peter  Weicht,  Silesia;  Charles  Frederick 
Ziegler,  Pomerania;  Jacob  Till  and  his  wife,  Moravia,  died  1783 
at  Bethlehem ;  G.  Stephen  Wolson,  Thüringen. 

424  %usuti 

3«fa^    A. 

!Die<3(^it)encffeIt)ertt>ert)cnnac^  Safpar©(^tDendffeIt)  öonOffIng, 
einem  f(^Ief(f(^en  9tttter  unt)  9tat^  fceö  -^erjogö  »on  !2iegni^  in 
3)reufen,  genannt,  «©c^mencffelt)  toax  ein  ßeitgenoffe  :2utt)er'ö, 
3tt>ingli'ö  unt>  anberer  9teformatoren.  ßr  ^atte  Stn^änger,  tie 
»on  ben  t)cutf(^en  ,$laifern  gebulbet  mürben  unb  ft^  im  @rof = 
:^erjogt^um  ©d^Ieften,  befonberö  in  ben  gürftent^ümern  3;aur 
unb  2iegni0,  na^c  an  jmei  t)unbert  3at)re  fortpflanzten.  2ßic 
üiele  Slnbere,  fo  Ratten  auc^  fie  in  ben  3n^ren  1590,  1650  unb 
1725  3SerfoIgungen  ju  erbulben  unb  nac^  ber  Dber=2aujt0  in 
©ac^fen,  unter  ben  @(^u^  beö  ©enatö  ju  ®örli^  unb  beg  ©rafen 
9?icotaug  SubJötg  'oon  ßinjenborf,  ^u  flicken,  welcher  fie  a^t  3a|)re 
lang  bcfc^ü^te.  ©ie  entf^Ioffen  ftd^  aujsjuwanbern  unb  eine 
^eimat^  in  ©eorgia  ju  fuc^en;  man  belet)rte  fie  jeboc^  auf  i^rer 
^eifc  burc^  ^ollanb,  ft(^  in  ^Jennfi^banien  an^ufiebeln.  Sinjelne 
famen  1733;  jebo(^  bie  gro§e  «OZajfe  erft  1734.— (Sie()e  ®.  90, 
94,  95,  96. 

3«fa^    B. 

!Die  folgenbc  Sifte  »on  ^aftor  ^eoin  J.  9leic^el  in  ©alem,  9?orb= 
ßaroUna,  t^abc  ic^  ^rof.  3o^n  33e(f  »on  8iti3,  ^ennf.  (geftorben 
1872)  3U  »erbauten,  welcher  nic^t  nur  bie  £}uetlc  angab,  in  ber 
fie  ju  ftnben  tt>ar,  fonbern  auf  bie  SSitte  beö  ^erauögeberia  bie= 
felbe  auc^  für  biefeö  Sßert  jurec^t  machte. 

I.   2ln!unft  ber  ^errn^uter  'oon  ©eorgia  in  ^enn  = 

ft)I»anien  in  ben  3al)v*en  1737  big  1747 — ein 

3ei träum  x^on  ]tl)n  3<Jt)ren. 

Slnmcrfung.  —  Stntgc  ficiftliiie  '-Bviiber,  aÜ  23tfc&of  ©pangcnbcrg, 
23tfc^of  9?ttfc^mann,  *Petcr  iBbt)lcr  u.  f.  w.,  feblen  in  btffer  l'tfte,  ba  bte= 
ff Iben  \ifi)  etge nt(ic|)  nic^t  niederließen,  fonbcru  »icber  nad)  Guropa  i^urücf- 
fe^rten,  ober  iin  anbcreö  Slrbcttöfelb  ber  ^errn^uter-Üiri^e  auffud^ten. 
5)rebiget  unb  3Ätffionare  finb  mit  gefperrter  ^^rift  gebrurft. 

^«sat§.  425 

1737. — ©cor 9  ^^eifer,  in  5JZä^ren  getioren,  manberte  1737 
nac^  Georgia  au&  unt»  üon  ta  na^  ^ennf^banten,  unb  ftarb 
tort  1784';  ©ottlieb  X)emut^,  ©ottfriet»  Jpabmc^t,  ftarb  1784; 
®eorg  2öaf(^fe,  feine  grau  unb  9J?utter;  ®ottt)art)t  X)emut^, 
!Daüil)  3<i9/  X)aoit)  Sanneberger,  ber  berül)mte  Orgelbauer; 
3ot)ann  3:anneberger,  ©o^n  »on  iJauib  5. — 91ad)fomnten  nat)e 

1740. — Slnton  ©eiffert,  teerte nac^Suropajurücf;  ?0^ar  = 
tin  ?0^acf,  ftarb  1784  ju  @t.  Sroir;  ®eorg  Bei^^f^gc'^/  iRofina 
3ei^berger,  ^aöib  3ciöberger,  tear  3nbianer=5lpDfteI,  ftarb 
1808  gu  ®of&en,  D^io;  3o^ann  33a^ner,  ftarb  1785  ju 
(St.  J^omaö,  einer  ber  Jüeftinbifd)en  ^n\ein ;  J^anna^  Jpummel, 
l^ernac^  33at)ner'ö  grau. 

1742. — ^agen,  Süninger — 9iad)fommen  in  ^tero  Soff. 

1743. — 3aineö  Surnfibe,  in  3i"Iflnb  geboren,  ftarb  1755  na^e 
SBet^Ie^em,  njo  feine  ©ebeine  ruben.  Stt^ei  ^«^  2tbgeorbneter 
»on  Sf^ort^ampton  Sount^  in  ber  ^tjfembl^. 

1744.— ^uffe9. 

1745.— 33roronfteIb. 

II.    2ln*unft   »on   Jperrn^utern    in   ^ennfploanien 

aug  Suropa  »on  1739  bio  1749 — ein  3eitraum 

»on  je^n  3fl^re»t- 

1739.— SI)ri|lian  .f)cinrid)  Stauc^,  in  ^lito  2)orf,  ftarb 
1763  ju  3flmaica. 

1740. — 2tnbrea3  Sfd)en'bac^,  Da»ib5'titfc^monn,  ber  erfte 
SBeft^er  »on  Sigent^um  in  Set^le^em,  ftarb  1758  ju  S3ett)le^cm ; 
(S^riftian  grölid),  ftarb  1776  ju  SBet^le^em. 

1741.— ©ottlieb  Süttner,  ftarb  1745  ,^u  (Sbecomcfo, 
««.§).;  3oftann2öiIbeIm3auber,  ftarb  1782  in  ^oüanb; 
3o^ann  S^riftian  ^»rläuö,  ftarb  1785  in  3)eutf erlaub; 
@raf  3iJ^jenborf,  auf  einem  33efud)e;  5lbra^ant  '>3ltu 
nung,  ftarb  1769  ju  (£t.  Ibomaö;  Da»ib  S3rucc  »on  ©d)ott^ 
lanb,  ftarb  1749  ju  2öed)quatüfd). 

1742. — ^et.  Söller  unb  gran,  febrten  nac^  Suropa  jurücf ; 
S)aüib  33if(|of,  2J?ic^aeI  ?}?iffe|,  3o*id)im  ©en fe maun,  ftarb 
1772  3U  3flin<iica  —  ^iac^fommen  in  5)ennf»t»anien ;  5)'cic^ael 
Jenneberger,  Dauib  Sßo^mit,  3i?M"»t  SBruder,  ftarb  1765 


436  ^usatj. 

gu  <Bt.  groiv;  ^aul  I)aüit)  Sc^^eliug,  ein  (ut^crtfd^et 
©eiftlic^er,  ftarb  1771 ;  ^etnrtc^  5l(merfon,  ®eo.  Jpartin,  3  o  ^  a  n  n 
Sranbmüner,  ftarb  1777  ju  33et^Ie(iem;  3ot)ann  5lt)oIp^ 
9}?e9er,  Droen  9^ice,  ftarb  1778  in  (Snglanb — ^'lac^fommen 
in  33et^W)em;  Zi^omaä  parrel! — ^tacfcfommen  in  Sancafter,  ^a. ; 
3bbert^uf,  3o^ann  Jurner,  ®am.  ^Poroctl,  3ofep^  ^omell, 
ftarb  1774  ju  (s:>i(^em,  9i.  3«;  9lat^aniel  (5eit)cl,  ein 
5Öif^of,  ftarb  1782  unöer^eirat^et  ju  Set^Iebem;  ©ottüeb 
'Pejolfe,  ftarb  1762  3U  2iti3 ;  ^biHp  "^tuxtx,  ftarb  1757 
ju!Donegai;  öcon^arb  Schnell,  grieterlc^  ^oft,  3«= 
t»iancr=2>?ifftonar,  (fte^c  ®.  152,  Slnmerfung) ;  ®eorg  ©d^neiter, 
5)Zatt§äug  2öitt!e,  ®eorg  Sßieeincr,  ®eorg  Äaefe,  ®eorg  ^eibedfer, 
3o^ann  Steinhart)  (Sommer^?,  3ofcp^  Woütv,  3o^ann  ^uber, 
@corg  Sifter,  3ofepfe  ®^ar,  Rector  ©cmboU,  ftarb 
1788;  3o^ann Dfett>,  SBil^elm Ofel^,  e^riftianSJerner,  3a cob 
gif(^9,  (fie^e  (Seite  152),  3ct&ann  S^riftop^  ^e^ne,  2lnt>reaö 

1742. — ®emeint>e  ju  33et^Ie^em  gegründet.  3)at)tti 
^urbert  unbgrau;  er  ftarb  1788 ^n33et^Ie^em;  21.3-  ^o^n, 
3.  S.  granfe,  SJZ.  Siebifd),  yon  ^CRa^ren;  Seined. 

1743. — 3^  ^December  famcn  ein  buntert  uni>  brei^ig  ^erfonen 
in  91en?  2)orf  an,  welche  nad^  23ct^le^em  unt  9?ajaret|  jogen; 
unter  biefen  befanben  fi^  brei  unb  brei§ig  junge  ^aare,  tt)el(^e 
fämmtlic^  am  27.  'JOtai  1743  ju  .5)errn()aag  getraut  loorben  waren. 

Slnmerf  ung. — ©er  bcm  Flamen  betgefügte  Sud^ftabe  9?  jetgt,  ba§  bie 
'oetreffcnbf  ^exion  jtc^  in  9?ajaretb  nteberHe§. 

1743.— SBo^mit  unb  grau,  5lbrabam  Äe^Ier,  9i ;  ^.  33iefel,  ^ ; 
3o^ann  Jobiaö  ^irfe,  5^;  (3.  Bremer;  3o^ann  Jpeinric^ 
gn  on  er,  91,  ftarb  1760  ju  33ct^Iel)em ;  5)?.  gteuj,  ftarb  1753 
auf  ber  Äanjel  ju  Dtbman'g  greet;  et)riftian  gritfd),  91;  Wat- 
t^uö  Dtto,  Strgt  in  33etöle^em;  ©ottfrieb  ®xaU,  91;  Söolf- 
gang  ?Wi(^Ier,  ftarb  1785  ^u  Hebron  —  9la^!ommen  in 
Safton;  ©ottliebStnberö,  9i;  ^erfer,  Stlmer^ ;  3obann  ?!«ünfter, 
9on  ?Olä^ren;  ®eorg  Shrift,  9i;  iJi.  ^anfe,  lic^Aaub;  ®eorg 
3eigberger  unb  grau,  er  ftarb  1780;  @.  6antf(^,  ftarb  1756; 
e^riftian  Jpöpfncr,  ftarb  1760;  3ol)anncg  3orbe,  91;  3- Shrift. 
2ßeinefl,  91;  ®.  ^ide;  9JZattbäug  ®*rop)>,  9?,  ftarb  1766  ju 
®alem,  9t.  S.;  3onaö  Söilfon,  Dftian,  !Dugion,  3o|iann 
©c^aub,  9Z;  3o^anneö  SSranbmüUcr,  febrte  »on  Suropa,  ba^  er 
1742  befuc^t,  jurüdf;  3-  ®-  9tirborf,  ftarb  1785  ju  Set^kbem; 

nxxsut^.  427 

3lnton  2Bac|ner,  flarft  1786  nal}e  ßmauö;  3iic»^  ©reeninci, 
2).  fünfter,  5^1;  2(.  T)emutft,  oon  SlJia^ren;  ©c^ii^c,  S3rof^, 
S)*?.  S3öftmer,  S^ank,  Vp\^;  ©eori}  D^nebcrg,  9i,  ^cifftouar 
gu  ®t.  Groir;  5TJtim)äuö  Jßeif?,  91;  3oftann  g«o,?cv,  91;  3-^. 
9}Ncfe,  91;  ©.  SBertfc^,^;  3ot)anu  ^3)Zi(^Ier,  9i;  ^.  ®öttge,  91; 
2lnt)reflö  Ä'remfer,  91;  ^d)okr,  .'öarbing,  Dertcr,  "1)0^111:9,  Goof, 
3:t)omaei  ®d)aaf,  9?;  3iico^  33e^ringer,  Ji)omaö  gif^cr  unt) 
grau,  9?;  ?tc|l)ton,  3afpcr ^aiue;  Stictyart)  Uöle^,  erflerenc;= 
lifter  9)tifftonar  in  'Dobb^  ©prcngcl;  5K.  .^raufe,  jiarb  1775 
3U  Salem,  91.  G. 

1744 —mva^a m  meinte,  33if(^of,  fiarb  1760;  fein  Gnfcl 
ift  ^errnbuter  ©eiftlt^er  ju  Sitij,  feine  Gnfelin  tie  grau  t>eö  ^rn. 
«Prof.  3ü^inn  Secf. 

1746.— 3.g.Ganimerl)of,  flarb  1751  ju  Set^te^em ;  ^cnbrup, 
Sßacfe,  2öeftmann,  ©ottfd^alf,  @.  Stofun. 

1747. — Die  ^itgliefeer  bcr  ^crrn'^uter  ©emeinbe  in  ter  9^ä^c 
«Bet^le^em'ö  ^ä^Iten  316,  nämlic^:  ju  Set^Ie^cm  163,  ^a^a^ 
retft  42,  grebcricfötown  23,  ©naben^üttcn  11,  ©nabent^al  18, 
jerflreut  59. 

1749. — 2(m  12.  December  jogen  folgende  jwijlf  »er^eirat^etc 
^aaxe  oon  SBett)Icl)em  nac^  9lajaret^ : 

Söeret  Gmerfon;  ^aul  gritfc^,  in  Mäbren  geboren;  Gliaö 
Jeer,  in  ber  Dber=Sauftfe  geboren;  ©ottlieb  23ernt)t,  ebenfaüß; 
3acob  ^afner,  anä  ber  ®d)it»ei3;  ©ottfrieb  Srf)ul|ic,  auö  9^icber= 
©c^Ieften;  ^einri(^  gritfd)e,  bo;  2[öcn5;eI55ern^arb,  auö  S3öl)men; 
3o^ami  <Sd)mibt,  auiJ  Dbcr^Sc^ieftcn;  @eorg  ®oIb,  auäi  Wdi)' 
ren;  Sytel^ior  ©(^rnibt,  ebenfaüi?  auö  '2J?ä^ren. 

III.    gifte   bcr    unoer^eiratbeten    9J?änncr,    bic   am 
14.  ©ept.  1753  ju  Sßctl^te^em  angcfommcn  finb. 

?ubJvig  ©otttieb  Sac^off,  geboren  ju  JüneBurg ;  Gbrift. 
.'Öeinrid)  33ad)mc^er,  griebenöburg ;  griebric^  33c9er,  ©d)Iefien; 
^anö  9}larttn  Ga(berta()n,  9lDrn:)egcn  (SBunbarjt) ;  Submig 
Gl)riftopl)  Dcbnc,  2ßcrnigcrobc;  3acob  Sj)erle,  SBürttemberg ; 
®eo.  Gi)riftirtn  gabriciuji,  Dänemarf,  ipuvbeam  21.9Ioö. 
1755  ermorbet;  3«cc*&  gric^,  Dänemarf,  ftarb  1793  ju 
33ctf)(e^em;  ®corg  Söenjel  ©olfomöft),  (Sd)(efien  (2anbmef[er), 
jlarb  1813;  3ofept)  ^abcrlanb,  '3J?ä:^ren;  S^icob  ^err,  2Bürt= 
tcmBerg;  Samuel  ^unt,  ^orff()ire,  Snglanb;  3flcob  3«rgenfen, 

428  ^usat^. 

ginnlanb ;  ^einrid^  jlraufc,  Scfeleficu ;  D 1 1 o  ß  ()  r  i  ft  i  a  n  ^  r  o  g= 
ftrup,  T)änemarf,  borticjer  ^aftor;  3t>fep^  Sennert,  33rei^gau; 
5lUertu^  9tuboIpf)  .^usmeper,  I'ihteburg;  @eo.  ©ölle, 
!Dänemar!,  fvüt)cr  öieiftltc^cr;  (I()riftian  griebric^  JöU^^ 
ner,  Sommern;  ^eter  5Bovba[fe,  3üt(ant;  St)riftian  Sßitfteb, 
3ütiant);  ^eterSBeic^t,  (^(^lefteu;  Ä'avl  grtebrtd)  3ie3ler,  ^om* 
mern;  ^acoh  %iü  unt»  grau,  9}?äl)ren,  ftarb  1783  ju  ^et^le^em; 
®.  <Btcp^m  Sßolfon,  J^üringen. 



No.  I. 

AND  VICINITY,  FROM  1683  to  1710. 

S^lamen  ber  erften  Stnftetler  imju  ®crmanton)n  unb  Umöegenb 
öpn  1683  bi0  1710. 

Names  having  an  asterisk  (*)  attached  were  naturalized  by  an  Act 
of  Assembly,  1708-1709. 

©t'e  mtt  einem  ©tern  (*)  bejetc^neten  stamen  »urben  1708-1709 
iüXfi)  2lffemM9»23efc^lu§  naturaltfirt. 

Francis  Daniel  Pastorius,*         Isaac  Dilbeck,* 
Jacob  Schumacher,  Tunes  Künders,*  a 

Georg  Wertmüller,  Arents  Klincken,  b 

a  Denis  Kundors,  or  Conrad. — Pastorius  had  an  interview  with  Con- 
rad at  Crefelt,  April  12,  1683,  on  his  way  to  America.  The  first  religious 
meeting  by  Quakers,  or  Friends  was  held  at  Conrad's  house,  German- 
town,  1688.— Proud's  Penn.,  I,  p.  220. 

a  2)entö  Äunborö,  ober  Sonrab. — ^^ai^ortuö  l^atte  Sonrab  ju  Srefelt 
flm  12.  Slprtl  1083  auf  feinem  9Begc  naji^  Slmerifa  gcf|.^roc^en.  I^te  erftc 
gotteöbtenftUi^e  3ufammenfunft  ber  SHuafer  ober  greunbc  »urbe  1683  xv. 
6onrab'^  $auö  in  ®ermanto»n  gel)aUen. — ^^roub'ö  ^'ennf.,  I,  ®.  220. 

b  Arents  Klincken  came  from  Holland  with  William  Penn,  in  his 
first  voyage,  1682.  He  became  acquainted  with  Penn  in  Holland. 
Klincken  built  the  first  two-story  house  in  Germantown ;  Penn  was 
present,  and  partook  of  the  raising  dinner.  The  same  old  house  stood, 
1855,  on  Justus  Johnson's  premises.  Klincken  died  at  the  age  of 
eighty,  and  left  a  son  whose  name  was  Anthony  Klincken,  "the  great 
hunter." — Watson's  Annals,  II,  p.  20. 

b  2Irentö  Älincfen  fam  mit  2Bttltam  ^inn  nuf  beffen  erjte  SRetfe  1682 
»on  ^oHanb,  wo  er  mit  ^cnn  befannt  ivorbcn  tear.  @r  baute  baö  erfte 
|ttcijiöcftge  ®ebäube  in  ßkrmantonjn ;  ^'enn  tear  jugegen  unb  bettjetltgtc 
ftd^  an  bem  bei  ©elegenbctt  bcö  Sluffcbtagenö  btefe^  ^aufeg  bereiteten  5e|t= 
eifen.  1855  ftanb  nocb  bnöfclbe  alte  ^am  auf  3«[tuö  3o_t)nfon'^  ®runb= 
ftüd.  Ältncfen  jlarb  tm  3ilter  »on  80  3at)ren  unb  ^interttep  einen  ©obn, 
Slnt^on?  Ältncfen.  „ber  gro^e  SBaibmann."— SBatfon'g  Slnnolen,  II,  (£.20. 



Thomas  Gasper, 
Cuiirad  Bacher,  alias  Rutter, 
Dirk  op  den  Graff, 
Herman  op  den  Graff, 
Abraham  Isaac  op  den  Graff, 
Lenert  Arets,* 
Reinert  Tisen,* 
Wilhelm  Strepers,* 
Jan  Lensen,* 
Peter  Keurlis, 
Jan  Simens, 
Johannes  Bleickers,* 
Abraham  Tunes,* 
Wigard  Levering, 
Gerhard  Levering, 
Jan  Lücken, 
Johannes  Jawert,* 
Conrad  Conrads, 
Johannes  Kunders, 
Dennis  Kunders,* 
Matheis  Kunders,* 
Johan  Kunders,* 
Dirk  Keyser,* 
Peter  Keyser,* 
Johannes  Döden,* 
Casper  Hödt,* 
Cornelius  Werts,* 
Henrich  Selen,* 

Walter  Simens,* 
Dirk  Jansen  jr.,* 
Richard  van  der  Werff,* 
Johannes  Streper  sen.,* 
Cornelius  Siverdts  jr.,* 
Peter  Schumacher,* 
Georg  Schumacher,* 
Isaac  Schumacher,* 
Jacob  Schumacher  jr.,* 
Mattheis  van  Bebber,* 
Cornelius  Vandergach,* 
Peter  Clever,* 
Georg  Gödschalk,* 
Hannes  Reinhart  van  der  Sluys,* 
now  (je^t)  Vanderslice, 
Adrian  van  der  Sluys,* 
Johan  van  der  Heggen,* 
Gödschalk  van  der  Heggen,* 
Casper  Kleinhoof,* 
Heinrich  Buchholtz,* 
Herman  Tuyman,* 
Paul  Klümges,* 
Johannes  Klümges,* 
Johannes  de  Wees, 
Cornelius  de  Wees,  now  Dewes, 
Mattheis  Neus,*  now  Nice, 
Johannes  Neus,* 
Claus  Rüttynghuysen,*  a 

a  Claus  or  Nich.  Rittenhouse  settled,  says  Horatio  Gates  Jones,  Esq., 
on  the  eastern  bank  of  the  Wissahickon,  south  of  Germantown,  where 
he  erected,  on  a  small  stream,  which  empties  into  the  Wissahickon, 
about  a  mile  from  the  Schuylkill  River,  the  first  paper  mill  in  British 
America.  He  died  about  1730,  and  was  the  grand-father  of  David 
Rittenhouse,  the  Philosopher,  who  was  born  April  8,  1732  and  died 
June  26,  1796. 

a  Slauö  ober  ^t(^clfl^  3flittenfeauö  ftebeltc  nac&  ber  Stngabe  »on  ^oratio 
@atc3  Soneö,  Sfq.,  auf  bent  o^lic^en  Ufer  beö  JJBiffatitäün,  fübltc^  »on 
(SJermantoTOit,  nteber,  tto  er  an  einem  flctncn  J^lujte,  »eldier  etwa  eine 
SD?ctIe  oberl)alb  be«  ©cfeuolftüö  fic^  in  ben  SBiffabicfon  ergiept,  bie  erfie 
^apiermüt)le  in  ^Britifc^  Slmerifa  erbaute.  UmV^  3at)r  1730  ftarb  er.  ®r 
war  ber  ®ro§oater  beö  ^t)ÜDfoi)l)en  Daüib  9itttent)aui3,  welcher  am  8.  Slprtl 
1732  geboren  würbe  unb  am  26.  3uni  1796  geftorben  ift. 



Gerhart  Küttynhuysen, 
Matthias  Rüttynhuyseu, 
Henrich  Küttynhuysen, 
WilHam  Küttynhuysen, 
Casper  Stahls,* 
Heinrich  Tubben,* 
Wilhelm  Hendricks, 
Henrich  Hendricks,* 
Lorentz  Hendricks,* 
Gerhart  Hendricks, 
Heinrich  Kesselberg,* 

now  Casselberry, 
John  Rebenstock,* 
Peter  Verbyman,* 
Johan  Heinrich  Carstens,* 
Casper  Carsten, 
Johannes  Kadwitzer, 
Johannes  Conrads  sen.,* 
Johannes  Gorgas,* 
Henrie  Bartels,* 
Senwes  Bartels,* 
Johannes  Krey,* 
Andreas  Krämer, 
Thomas  Böter, 
Wilhelm  Krey,* 
Conrad  Jansen,* 

Everhart  in  Hoffe,* 
Herman  in  Hoffe,* 
Gerhard  in  Hoffe,* 
Peter  in  Hoffe,* 
Peter  Jansen,* 
Johannes  Schmidt,* 
Thomas  Echelwich,* 
Johannes  Scholl,* 
Peter  Scholl,* 
Gabriel  Sentner,* 
Hey  wart  Hapon, 
Conrad  Hermann  Born, 
Dirk  Vankolk, 
William  Potts,* 
Mattheis  Tison,* 
Jacob  Keiner, 
Jacob  Engeil,* 
Paul  Engell,* 
Paul  Wulff, 
Andreas  Söplis, 
Jacob  Isaac  von  Pedden, 
Arnold  Kassel, 
Johannes  Kassel, 
Jacob  Isaacs, 
Herman  Dorst,  a 
Heinrich  Zimmermann  *  b 

a  Herman  Dorst  died  suddenly  near  Germantown,  a  bachelor,  past 
80  years  of  age,  Oct.  14,  1739;  he  lived  for  a  long  time  in  a  house  by 
himself. — Penn.  Gazette. 

a  German  'Sorft  ftarb  plö^ltcb  nat)e  ßicrmantoton  al6  Suttcigcfelle  »on 
über  80  3abrcn  ben  14.  Dct.  1739;  Innge  %\^xt  lebte  er  abgefc^lcjjcn  in 
einem  ^aufe  allein.— ^ennf.  ®ajettc. 

b  Heinrich  Zimmermann  came  to  Pennsylvania  1698.  He  returned 
to  Europe  for  his  family,  which  he  brought  over  in  1706,  to  German- 
town.  In  1717  he  removed  to  Chester  County,  now  Lancaster.  His 
son  Emanuel  was  bom  1702  in  Switzerland.  Emanuel  died  in  1780. — 
Rupp's  History  of  Lancaster  County,  p.  126. 

b  $einri(i  3ti^"^f'^i"i""  ^^^"^  1698  nacft  ^'ennf^lüanten  itnb  reifte  ua^ 
Öuropa  juriid,  iim  feine  f^amih'c  %\\  bolen.  1706  langten  fie  in  @erman= 
toh5n  an.  1717  jog  er  nach  Sbefter,  je^t  ?ancajter  Sownt^.  (£ein  i^otin 
©manuel  würbe  1702  in  ber  'Scbwei,^  geboren  unb  ftarb  1780.  — Stupp'ö 
®cfc|i(|te  »on  Sancafter  Scunt^,  ®.  126. 



Philip  Christian  Zimmermann, 

David  Scherges, 

Hufert  Papen, 

Jan  Silans, 

Jonas  Potts, 

Jacobus  De  la  Plaine, 

Simon  Andreas, 

Thomas  Potts  jr., 

Cornelius  Bom, 

Isaac  Schefer, 

Enneke  Klosterman, 

Claus  Tamson, 

Johannes  Küster, 

Albertus  Brandt, 

Johannes  Pettinger, 

Jacob  Peines, 

Reinhart  Herman, 

Anthony  Loof, 

Martin  Seelen, 

Lorento  Marcus, 

Christian  Wammer, 

Hans  Peter  Umbstat, 

Daniel  Falkner, 

Johan  Heinrich  Mehls, 

Georg  Müller, 

Johann  Cornelius  Cotweis, 

Conrad  Cotweis, 

Peter  Kenlis, 

Anthoni  Jerghjes, 

Johan  Döden, 

Ludowic  Christian  Sprogel,* 

John  Henry  Sprogel,*  a 

Mattheis  Frank, 

Hans  Heinrich  Mehls, 

Heinrich  Kassel, 

Andreas  Hartzfelder, 

Johan  van  der  Wilderniss, 

Johannes  van  Leer, 

Joseph  Baumstädt, 

Johannes  Kelpius, 

Johannes  Seelig, 

Heinrich  Bernhardt  Küster,  h 

Daniel  Lutkins, 

Ludwig  Aderman, 

Andreas  Boney, 

Heinrich  Frey,  c 

Johannes  German, 

Peter  Scharbon, 

Mattheis  Nezelius, 

Johannes  van  der  Wert, 

Wilhelm  Baumann, 

Paul  Küster, 

Paul  Rüttynghuysen, 

Arnold  von  Bossen, 

a  The  Sprogels  were  naturalized  by  special  Act  of  Assembly,  passed 
1705.— Coi.  Eec,  II,  p.  184. 

a  Die  ©progclg  würben  1705  burc^  einen  befonberen  2lpmblv=Sefc|Iu§ 
naturaliftrt.— Sol.=Ser.,  II,  ®.  184. 

b  Heinrich  Bernhardt  Küster,  a  native  of  the  town  of  Blomberg, 
in  Lippe-Detmold.  He  came  to  Germantown  1689,  and  was  the  first 
German  and  English  preacher  there. — Loher,  p.  39. 

b  ^einrtc^  35ernl)arb  Äüftcr,  gcbovcn  in  ber  Stabt  SBIomberg,  Sippe» 
Dctmolb.  1689  fam  er  nai^  ©ermantown,  unb  h5ar  ber  erfte  beutf4)e  unb 
englifc^e  55vebigcr  bafelbft.— Söt)er,  ©.  39. 

c  Heinrich  Frey  had  been  in  Pennsylvania  before  1682. — Hallische 
Nachrichten,  p.  664. 

c  |)cinri(^  J^re?  t»ar  »or  1682  in  ^Jennf^Isanien  gewefen. — $allifc|c 
9?ac^ri(|)ten,  (5.  664. 


Isaac  von  Sintern,  Jürgen  Jacob  Jacobs» 

Doctor  Christopher  Witt,  a  Wilhelm  Hosters, 

Joseph  Paul,  Hans  Gi'aaf,*  b 

Reiner  Peters,  Philip  T.  Lehnemann,  c 

a  Doctor  Witt  was  an  Englishman  and  came  to  this  country  1704. 
He  was  noted  as  a  famous  conjuror,  and  died  1765. —  Watson's  An- 
nuls, II,  p.  22. 

a  r-oftor  2Bttt,  ein  Snglä'nber,  fam  1704  in  bicfeg  ?anb  «nb  war  ein 
berüt)mter  SBa^irfager.  Sr  ftarb  1765.— SBatfon'ö  Slnnakn,  H,  ®.  22. 

b  Hans  Graaf  came  to  Germantown  1696.  He  settled  afterwards  in 
Chester  County,  now  Lancaster,  took  up,  as  by  date  of  warrant,  1716, 
in  Pequse,  lUOO  acres  of  land;  on  a  second  warrant,  Nov.  22,  1717, 
a  large  tract  of  land  in  Earl  Township,  Lancaster  County.  The  old 
homestead  on  this  tract  is  now  owned  by  Levi  W.  Grove,  a  lineal 
descendant  of  Hans. — Rupp's  History  of  Lancaster  County,  p.  133. 

h  ^ax\i  ®raaf  fam  1696  nad^  ®ermantot»n.  9Jacbt)er  He§  cr  ficfc  in 
ffhcjtfr,  jeht  5?ancafter  (Sounti),  ntebcr  unb  natjm,  »te  bte  Urfunbe  bcfagt, 
1716  taufenb  Slder  «on  in  ^Jcqna  ju  crwerbenbcm  Sanbe,  unb  ert)te[t  am 
22.  9iD0.  1717  burc&  einen  jwctten  SSoUmaditöbrtef  eine  gro§c  «Strccfe 
Sanbeö  in  Sari  3;ott5nff)tp,  Sancaftcr  Sonntt).  T)\t  alte  ^^eimftattc  auf  bte=' 
fern  Üanb  ift  jefit  im  53cftß  »on  Seüi  2B.  (Srcöe,  ein  Slbfömmling  in  geraber 
Sinie  üon  ^an^. — SRupp'^  ®efc^.  »on  Sancafter  Sount?,  <©.  133. 

c  Philip  T.  Lehnemann  was  for  some  time  private  secretary  to 
William  Penn. — Löker,  p.  39,  Proud,  Watson,  Deutscher  Pionier,  Col. 
Rec.  II,  p.  493,  Penn.  Archives,  I,  p.  63. 

c  55i)iHpb  2;.  Scbncmamt  war  eine  geraume  ^t\i  ^^rioat^Sefrctär  beö 
SBiaiam  5)enn.— Sober,  ®.  39,  5)roub,  ffiatfon,  ©eutfc^er  ^Jionier,  Sol.- 
23er.,  II,  ©.  493,  ^ennf.  ^^rc^ice,  I,  (©,  63, 




No.  II. 

who  were  naturalized  January  9,  1729  to  1730; 
Votes  of  Assembly,  III,  p.  131. 

'^^mtn  ter  evften  5tnftebler  von  ten  dountieö  S5erf^  unb 

3)^ontgomm%  urfprüngli4)  ^l^tlabdp^ta  ßounti;, 

juclt^e  öom  9.  3flnuflr  1729  an  V\i  1730  naturaliftrt  würben; 

einige  öon  ^ucfö  ß^ountt),  »on  ß'fjefter  unb  »on  ber  ©tabt 


3i:&fitmmungcn  bcr  Sljfembl^,  III,  ©.  131, 

Peter  Wentz, 
Martin  Kolb, 
Dielman  Kolb, 
Jacob  Kolb, 
Micbael  Ziegler, 
Paul  Fried, 
Hans  Danweiler, 
Valentin  Hun  sicker, 
Jacob  Schreiner, 
Johannes  Kooken, 

Jacob  Herman, 
Gerhart  Clemens, 
Christian  Zimmerman, 
Jacob  Metz, 
Bastian  Schmidt, 
Martin  Gmelin, 
Ulrich  Mayer, 
Christian  Bauman, 
Abraham  Schwaark, 
Hermanus  Küster. 
From  Berks  County. 

Johan  Joder, 
Johan  Joder  jr., 
Philip  Kielwein, 
Jost  Joder, 
Hans  Hoch, 
Peter  Endreas, 
Johan  Dietrich  Kreiner, 
Peter  Balio, 
Abraham  Levan, 
Isaac  Levan, 
Nicholas  Lescher, 

David  Kauffman, 
Jean  Bartolett, 
Hans  Martin, 
Georg  Martin  Schenckel, 
Jonathan  Herbein, 
Johan  Bauman, 
Arnold  Huffnagle, 
Johannes  Langenecker, 
Johannes  Buchwalter, 
Johann  Eckstein, 
Isaac  Vansintern, 



Johannes  Dewalt  End, 
Johan  Georg  Bentzel, 
Blasius  Daniel  Mackinet, 
Mathias  Adam  Hogennöd, 
Hans  Rupp, 
Lorentz  Belitz, 
Johan  Nicholas  Kressman, 
Christopher  Funk, 
Johan  Georg  Reif, 
Johan  Isaac  Klein, 
Peter  Reif, 
Johan  Jacob  Scharch, 
Johan  Joseph  Scharch, 
Antonius  Halman, 
Gerhard  Peters, 
Johannes  ölayer, 
Johannes  Schaffer, 
Jacob  Seltzer, 
Johannes  Lefeber, 

Georg  Raus, 

Georg  Jäger, 

Samuel  Guldin, 

Christopher  Guldin, 

Heinrich  Pannbecker, 

Hans  Siegfried, 

Samuel  Hoch, 

Johann  Schneider, 

Georg  Merkle, 

Hubbert  Cassell, 

Peter  Traler, 

Heinrich  Schaut, 

Jacob  Hottenstein, 

Daniel  Langenecker, 

Hans  Jacob  Bechtel, 

Melchior  Hoch, 

Georg  Bechtel, 

Jost  Henrich  Sassamanhaussen. 

Front  Buchs  County. 

Georg  Bachman, 
John  Dreistel. 

Jacob  Klemmer, 
Jacob  Sauder, 
Philip  Geisinger, 

Note. — As  early  as  1709  John  Bleicher  was  naturalized. — Col.  Rec, 
II,  p.  494. 

2tn merf u ng.— 3o|ann  23(et(|er  »ar  1709 Itxtiti  nahirah'firt.— Sol.= 
23er.,  II,  (S.  494. 

Christian  Mory, 
Johannes  Roth, 

From  Chester  County. 

Casper  Acker, 
Jacob  Acker. 

From  the  City  of  Philadelphia. 

Marcus  Kuhl,  Johann  Becker, 

Johau  Keller,  Abraham  Kintzing. 
Jacob  Karsdoop, 

From  Philadelphia  County.     1734  to  1735. 

Anthony  Benezet,  jMartin  Bitting, 

Abraham  Zimmerman,  Conrad  Kerr, 

Christian  Weber,  Conrad  Küster, 

Nicholas  Keyser,  Jacob  Dubre, 



Andreas  Kreber, 
Ludwig  Bitting. 

Co.   1734  to  1735. 

Anthony  Zadouski, 
Hans  Jacob  Dubre, 
Hans  Bingeman, 

From  Chester 
Grerhart  Braunbeck. 

From  Lanca&ter  County. 
Jolian  Georg  Bard,  Frederick  Elberstadt, 

Joiian  Casper  Stover,  Peter  Ensminger, 

Michael  Weilder,  Jacob  Herschberger. 

No.  III. 

COUNTY  FROM  1709  to  1730. 

®cf)n5eijertf(^e  unt>  fceutfd;e  3tnftebler  in  Sancafter  ß^ountp 
»on  1709  W  1730. 

Johann  Rudolph  Bundeli, 
Martin  Kendig, 
Jacob  Müller, 
Hans  Graff, 
Hannes  Herr, 
Martin  Oberholtz, 
Hannes  Funck, 
Michael  Oberholtz, 
Wendel  Bauman, 
Hans  Meylin  sen., 
Hans  Meylin  jr., 
Martin  Meylin, 
Samuel  Gulden, 
Johan  Rodölf  van  der  Werff, 
Daniel  Herman, 
Christian  Brenneman, 
Johan  Georg  Trellinger, 
Hans  Mayer, 

Hans  Haigy, 
Christian  Herschi, 
Hans  Pupather, 
Heinrich  Bär, 
Peter  Lehman, 
Melchior  Brenneman, 
Benedictus  Witmer, 
Heinrich  Funck, 
Christopher  Franciscus, 
Michael  Schenck, 
Johannes  Landes, 
Ulrich  Hauerich, 
Emmanuel  Herr, 
Abraham  Herr, 
Hans  Huber, 
Isaac  Kauffmann, 
Melchior  Erisman, 
Michael  Müller, 
Christopher  Schlegel. 




Hans  Georg  Schutz, 
Martin  Keuinger, 
Michael  Bachman, 
Jacob  Hochstetter, 
Jacob  Kreider, 
Benedictus  Veuerich, 
Jacob  Kreutzer, 
Jacob  Böhm, 
Hans  Faber, 
Martin  Urner, 
Theodorus  Eby, 
Johannes  Lein, 
Heinrich  Zimmerman, 
Emanuel  Zimmerman, 
Gabriel  Zimmerman, 
Johannes  Schenck, 
Michael  Danegar, 
Marcus  Oberholtz, 
Christian  Stein, 
Edward  Riehm, 
Joseph  Steinman, 
Siegesmund  Landtart. 


Ulrich  Brechbül, 
Christian  Mosser, 
Andreas  Schultz, 
Samuel  Hess, 
Peter  Yorde, 
Hans  Tschantz, 
Johannes  Hauser, 
Francis  NeflP  sen., 
Francis  Neif  jr., 
Georg  Kendig, 
Johannes  Burchhalter  sen., 
Johannes  Burchhalter  jr., 
Abraham  Burchhalter, 
Michael  Bauman, 
Johannes  Hess, 

Johann  Friederich, 
Christopher  Brenneman, 
Martin  Harnish, 
Joseph  Buchwalter, 
Felix  Landes, 
Heinrich  Neff, 
Michael  Meyer, 
Peter  Baumgärdtner, 
Melchior  Hoffarth, 
Johannes  Brubacher, 
Jacob  Nüssly, 
Hans  Schnebele, 
Jacob  Guth, 
Johannes  Wolschlegel, 
Jacob  Meyer, 
Joseph  Steinman, 
Daniel  Eschleman, 
Christian  Bülman, 
Johann  Henrich  Neff  jr., 
Abraham  Herr, 
Jacob  Beyer, 
Hans  Jacob  Schnebele, 
Ulrich  Roth, 
Rudolph  Meyer, 
Carl  Christopher, 
Henrich  INIusselman, 
Mattheis  Schleiermacher, 
Jacob  Kurtz, 
Johan  Ulrich  Huber, 
Johannes  Lichty, 
Johannes  Stampfer, 
Peter  Neucomer, 
Johan  Henrich  Bär, 
Jacob  Weber, 
Heinrich  Weiser, 
Johannes  Weber, 
Georg  Weber, 
David  Langenecker, 
Abraham  Meyer, 
Ulrich  Hauser, 
Johannes  Meyer, 



Heinrich  Musselman, 
Michael  Schenck, 
Peter  Eby, 
Johannes  Guth, 
Christian  Steiner, 
Adam  Brandt, 
Johan  Jacob  Lichty, 
Caspar  Lauman, 
Friederich  Stein, 
Johannes  Schwaab, 
Bastian  Rayer, 
Jonas  La  Ru, 
Simeon  König, 
Eberhardt  Riehm, 
Hans  Graff, 
Johannes  Rupp, 
Philip  Dock, 
Johannes  Weidman, 
Christian  Lang, 
Michael  Albert, 
Wilhelm  Albert, 
Leonard  Bender, 
Georg  Miller, 
John  Buschong, 
Nicholas  Kendel, 
Johannes  Hagey, 
Charles  Keller, 
Stephen  Remslaerger, 
Ludwig  Dettenborn, 
Jacob  Bär  jr., 
Christian  Lauer, 
John  Leiberger, 
Michael  Becker, 
John  Peter  Kueher, 
John  Liebach, 
Bartholomew  Schäfer, 
Casper  Stump, 
Jacob  Becker, 
Tobias  Bickel, 
Peter  Ruth, 
George  Klein, 

Paul  Tittenhoffer, 
Matthias  Teis, 
Georg  Ludwig  Horst, 
Sebastian  Graff, 
John  Henrich  Basler, 
Matthias  Jung, 
Jacob  Schlauch, 
Heinrich  Michael  Tmmel, 
Felix  Miller, 
Martin  Weybrecht, 
Friederich  Eichelberger, 
Sebastian  Fink, 
Hans  Adam  Schreiner, 
Christian  Lang, 
Casper  Filler, 
Antony  Bretter, 
Leonhard  EUenmacher, 
Andreas  Bersinger, 
Jacob  Hartman, 
Theophilus  Hartman, 
Benjamin  Witmer, 
Abraham  Witmer, 
Johannes  Binckley, 
Turst  Buchwalter, 
Valentin  Hergelrat, 
John  Stettler, 
Leonhard  Ramler, 
Leonhard  Heyer, 
Peter  Schell, 
John  Nohacker, 
Nicholas  Miller, 
Johann  Hauck, 
Thomas  Koppenheffer, 
Christian  Lehman, 
George  Unruh, 
Jacob  Schäfer, 
Valentine  Keffer, 
Casper  Rieth, 
Christian  Mahenschmidt, 
Nicholas  Kutz, 
George  Weyrich, 


Christoplier  Ley,  Johannes  Blum, 

Jacob  Lauer,  Ex-asmus  Buchenmeyer, 

Hans  Mohr,  George  GraflF. 

No.  IV. 



who  settled  on  lands  on  Q,uassick  Creek,  then  Dutchess 

County,  N.  Y.,  in  the  Spring  of  1709.* 

Rev.  Joshua  Kochei'fhal,  aged  39;  Sibylla  Charlotta,  his 
wife,  39 ;  their  oliildren,  Benigna  Sibylla,  10  ;  Christ.  Joshua,  7 ; 
Susanna  Sibylla,  3. — Kocheithal  was  furnished  with  1  barrel  of 
lime,  3  gouges,  2  formers  (kind  of  chisel),  1  grind-stone,  1  s(juare, 

1  rule,  1  compass  and  several  pieces  more. 

Lorenfs  ßchwisser,  aged  25,  husbandman  and  vinedresser; 
Anna  Catharina,  his  wife,  26 ;  their  daughter,  Johanna,  8. — He 
was  furnished  with  1  grind-stone,   1   square,   1   little  gimlet, 

2  augers,  1  smoothing  plane,  besides  several  pieces  more. 
Henrich  Rennau,  aged  24,  stocking  weaver,  husbandman  and 

vinedresser;  Johanna,  his  wife,  26;  their  children,  Lorentz,  2; 
Heinrich,  5  months  old,  and  two  sisters  of  Mrs.  Rennau,  Susanna 
Liboscha,  1.5;  jMaria  Johanna  Liboscha,  10  years  old. — He  re- 
ceived 1  cross  cut  saw,  1  mitre  block,  1  adze,  2  augers,  1  gimlet, 
besides  several  small  pieces. 

Andreas  VoJck,  aged  30,  husbandman  and  vinedresser;  his 
wife,  Anna  Catharina,  27 ;  their  children,  Älaria  Barbara,  5 ; 
Georg  Hieronymus,  4 ;  Anna  Gertrauda,  1 . — He  received  1  cross 
cut  saw,  1  smoothing  plane,  1  whipping  saw,  a  set  of  gouges, 
besides  several  pieces  more. 

Michael  Weignnd,  aged  52,  husbandman;  his  wife,  Anna 
Catharina,   54;    their  children,  Anna  Maria,   13;    Tobias,  7 ; 

*  In  1710,  April  20,  these  where  furnished  by  Queen  Anne,  through 
Melchior  Guelch,  a  Palatine  joiner,  with  implements,  &c. — Doc.  His. 
N.  Y.,  V,  pp.  52,  53. 


Georg,  5. — He  received  1  large  file,  1  smaller  one,  1  mortising 
chisel,  1  auger,  besides  several  small  pieces. 

Jacob  Weber y  aged  30,  husbandman  and  vinedresser ;  his  wife, 
Anna  Elisabeth,  25 ;  their  children,  Anna  IMaria,  5 ;  Eva  Elisa- 
beth, 1. — He  received  1  box  with  knife,  whitelead  and  compass, 
1  adze,  2  gouges,  1  mortising  chisel,  besides  several  pieces  more. 

Johan  Jacob  Plettel,  aged  40,  husbandman  and  vinedresser ; 
his  wife,  Anna  Elisabeth,  29;  their  children,  Margaretha,  10; 
Anna  Sara,  8 ;  Catharina,  3. — It  appears  that  Mr.  Plettel,  hus- 
band of  Anna  Elisabeth,  had  died  prior  to  April  20,  1710, 
when  these  implements  were  distributed.  It  is  recorded  "to 
widow  Plettel,"  1  whipping  saw,  1  great  hammer,  1  gimlet, 
1  tenant  saw,  besides  several  pieces  more. 

Johannes  Fischer,  aged  27,  smith  and  husbandman ;  his  wife, 
Maria  Barbara,  26 ;  one  child,  Andreas,  6  months  old. — He 
received  1  tenant  saw,  1  gimlet,  1  hammer,  1  small  file,  1  hatchet, 
1  jointer,  besides  several  small  pieces. 

Melchior  Guelch,  aged  39,  carpenter  and  joiner;  his  wife, 
Anna  Catharina,  43;  their  children,  Magdalena,  12;  Heinrich, 
10. — He  received  2  full  sets  of  carpenter's  tools. 

Peter  Rose,  aged  34,  cloth  weaver ;  his  wife,  Johanna,  45 ; 
no  children. — He  received  1  glue  pot,  1  wimble,  1  hatchet,  1  little 
hammer,  2  augers,  1  jointer,  besides  several  pieces  more. 

Maria  Wemnrin,  widow,  37  years  of  age;  her  daughter, 
Catharina,  2. — She  received  1  smoothing  plane,  1  file,  1  hatchet, 
besides  several  small  pieces  more. 

Isaac  Feber  (Ae  Fever),  aged  33,  husbandman;  his  wife, 
Catharina,  30;  their  son,  Abraham,  2  years  old. — He  received 
1  broad  axe,  1  little  hatchet,  1  smoothing  file,  1  rule,  1  former, 
besides  several  pieces  more. 

Note. — Isaac  Le  Fever  was  born  March  26,  1669,  and  died  in  Lan- 
caster County,  Pa.,  1736.  His  son,  Abraham,  was  born  April  9, 1706. — 
/.  D.  R. 

Z>a?uWi^ie/-o,aged32, husbandman;  his  wife,  Anna  Maria,  30 ; 
their  children,  Andi-eas,  7 ;  Johannes,  6. — He  received  1  broad 
axe,  1  square,  1  mitre  block,  1  tenant  saw,  1  jointer,  besidc'.s 
several  small  pieces  more. 

Herman  Schilneman,  aged  28,  clerk,  unmarried. 

Isaac  Tiirck,  aged  23,  husbandman,  unmarried. 

Note. — In  1711,  Isaac  Tiirk  left  New  York,  went  to  Pennsylvania 
and  settled  at  Oley. — History  of  Berks  County,  p.  231. 


91amcn,  5tltcr  unb  58mtfeartcn  Xerer,  trd(^e  ^aftor  3ofua 

^oä)txi\)ai  begleiteten  imD  im  giüt)jal)r  1709  jiä)  am  Slluafftcf 

dreef,  tamalö  2)ud)e^  ß^ounti),  9^  g.,  nieterlie^en  * 

5)aflor  3ofua  itoc^ert^al,  39  3a^re  alt;  feine  grau 
oibpUa  S^arlotte  39;  ibre  Äinber,  33entgna  (Sib^üa  10; 
(i()rtftian  3o[ua  7;  «öufanna  ©ib^Ua  3. — Äoc^ert^al  t)atte  ein 
ga§  Äalf,  3^of)lmet§e(,  2  (»tcmmeifen,  1  Schleif  ftein,  1  SBinfelmap, 

1  JHid}tf4eit,  1  Äompa§  unti  einige  weitere  *5tüde. 

S 0 r en j  © c^ » i f f er ,  25 ^abxe,  ?antmann unti  Jöeingärtner; 
feine  grau  5tnna  Katharina  26;  it)re  2oct)tcr  3ot)anna  8. — Sr 
toax  au^geftattet  mit  1  ©AIcifftein,  1  Sßinfelma§,  1  Heinen  33ot)= 
rer,  2  Stangenbohrern,  1  ^pianirbobel,  aujßer  anteren  ©tüdcn. 

^einri^  3fiennau,  24  3ai)re,  ©trumpfrocber,  Santmann 
unt)  Sßeingärtner ;  feine  grau  3Dbanna  26;  ibre  Jlinber,  '^oren^ 

2  3fl^re;  ^einric^  5  9J?onate  alt,  unt)  jroei  ©c^roeftcrn  oon  grau 
9tennau,  ©ufanna  ^ibofc^a  15,  unb  'üJiaria  3o^anna  Jibofcba 
10  3a^rc  alt.— er  erhielt  1  Sirfelfäge,  1  Sßintelblocf,  1  ^o^lavt, 
2  Stangenbohrer,  1  9iageIbo^rer,  au^er  einigen  anberen  fleinercn 

5lnt)rcaö  35oI(f,  30  3flt)re,  ?antmann  unt)  ©eingärtner; 
feine  grau  2lnna  Äatfearina  27 ;  i^re  hinter,  Waxia  33arbara  5 ; 
®eorg  ^ieronpmuö  4;  9tnna  ©ertrub  1. — Sr  erhielt  1  3ii'fel= 
fage,  1  ^lanirjyobel,  1  33rettfäge,  ein  ^laar  .^ol)(meifet,  nebft 
anberen  2öerfjeugen. 

9)?i^ael  Söeiganb,  52  %ihxt,  Janbmann;  feine  grau 
Slnna  Äat^arina  54;  i^re  Jlinber,  Sinna  ^Hcaria  13;  Jobiaö  7; 
®eorg  5. — 3^nt  jourbe  jugctbcilt  1  gro^e  geiie,  1  fieinere,  1  2od)^ 
Ibeutel,  1  33o^rer,  nebft  anbcren  ©tücfen. 

3afob  SJeber,  30  ^al)xt,  l'anbmann  unb  Sßeingärtner ; 
feine  grau  Slnna  (Slifabeth  25;  i()re  Äinber,  Slnna  SJJaria  5; 
Söa  (Slifabct^  1. — 3()'"  9^'^  '"^i"  1  .^"äfti^en  mit  ^Hejfern,  33lei^ 
njei^  unb  Sompa§,  1  ^o|tart,  2  ^o^Imeifel,  1  Soc^beutel,  nebft 
anberen  ^itücfen. 

*  2lm  20.  Slprtl  1710  tourben  btcfelben  »on  bcr  Königin  9lnna  burd^ 
5)?eI(i&tDr  ®ü(c^,  einem  ^fäljcr  2;tfc^Ier,  mit  SBerfjeitgen  u.f.w.  »erfe^en.— 
£)of.  ®cic^.  5i.  2).,  V.,  ®.  52,  53. 


3o:&ann3afot>^tette(,  AO^a^xe,  Sanbmann unb 2ßettt= 
gärtner;  feine  grau  2(nna  Glifabct^  29;  it)rc  ^tnber,  ?i}tavga= 
retl)a  10;  2lnna  ©ara  8;  J^atl)anna  3. — ^^  fc^etnt  ta§  ^crr 
5)IetteI,  @ema()l  fcer  Lintia  CSUfaktl),  fd)on  »or  bem  20.  3(pril  1710 
geflorben  mar,  an  meinem  Jage  bte  2öcrf3eugc  öcrtt)ct(t  irurbcn. 
Der  Seric^t  fagt,  „ter  3ßittwe ^Icttcl"  1  33rettfäge,  1  großer  .Jam- 
mer, 1  ^Jagelbo^^rer,  1  ®ttd)fäge  unt)  anterc  ©tücfe. 

3o6annc0  gifc^er,  27  ^ilm,  (5d)miet>  unt)  Sldcrmann; 
feine  gvau  ^^IJtaria  ^Barbara  26;  ein  Äint»,  2tnt>reaö,  6  9}tonate 
alt. — Sr  ert)ie(t  1  Sot^fiige,  1  5^ageIbo'^rer,  1  Jpammer,  1  fleinc 
^iUe,  1  Seil,  1  ®(^Üi^t^o6eI,  nebft  einigen  anderen  (Stücfen. 

Tleldjiov  ©üirf),  39  3a()re,  Bii^i^ermann  unb  Jifc^ter; 
feine  grau  Slnna  ^atbarina  43;  i^re  Äinber,  ?Dtagt>aIena  12; 
Jpeinrid)  10, — ör  ert)ielt  ein  üotlftänbigeö  boj^pelteö  3^'"'"^^* 

5)eter  3flofe,  343a^re,  3;u(^mac^er;  feine5rau3o^anna45; 
feine  Äinber. — (jr  erl)ielt  1  Seimpfanne,  1  Sßintelbo^rer,  1  23eil, 
1  fleinen  Jammer,  2  S3o^rer,  1  ©latt^obel,  nefcfl  anderen  (Stüdfen. 

SJiaria  3öe marin,  Söittwe,  37  ^af^xe ;  i^re  Jcx^ter  Äat^a* 
rina  2. — ®ic  erl)ielt  1  ©latt^obel,  1  geile,  1  S3ei(,  neBft  einigen 
anberen  fleincn  ©egenftänten. 

3faaf  gcber  (Se  getier),  33  ^a^xi,  Stdermann;  feine  grau 
^at()arina  30;  it)r  ©o^n  Slbra^am  2. — Sr  erhielt  1  treite  2trt, 
1  Heiner  53eii,  1  ®(attfeile,  1  Sßinfelma^,  1  ©temmeifen,  nebft 
einigen  anbercn  ©tüdfen. 

Slnmerf  ung.— 3faaf  Se  Oe»er  tourbe  am  26.  üDlärj  1669  geboren  unb 
ftarb  1736  in  Üancafter  (S.o.,  ^cnnf'^banicn.  «Sein  (So^n  2tbrat)am  tuurbc 
am  9.  Stprtl  1706  öcboren.— 3.  D.  3t. 

Daniel  giero,  32  ^ai)Xi,  Sanbmann;  feine  grau  2Inna 
Waxia  30;  it)re  ^'inbcr,  Sinbrcaö  7;  St^öanucö  6. — ör  erhielt 
1  breite  2lrt,  1  2ßinfclma^,  1  JßinMMotf,  1  ?od)fäge,  1  ®Iatt- 
i^obd,  nebft  einigen  auberen  Stürlen. 

^  e  r  m  a  n  n  S  d)  ü  n  c  m  a  n  n ,  28  3*J^)W/  Su(^()alter ;  unöcr= 

3faaf  lürcf,  23  3i^t)re,  ?aubmann;  unoerfeeirat^et. 

2lnmerfung.— 1711  i>frlte§  3faaf  Jürf  g?cw  gorf,  hm  nad^  ^enn* 
fvlöanten  unb  Heß  ftc^  in  Dln;  niebcr.— ©cfc^.  »on  ''Sixti  So.,  ©,  231. 


No.  V. 



^amtn  fcer  tm  3oire  1710  tn  9?cn)  §)orf  ^txUdUn'om 
^amilten()äiipter  unb  teven  Sllter. 

The  fomiiles,  whose  names  appear,  were  widows, 
i^^  üTie  grauen,  bereit  5?amcn  f)kx  »orfommen,  toaren  2Bittt»en. 
Hans  Wilhelm  Stuckrath,  37,    Ludwig  Burs,  32, 

Anna  Worniser,  30, 
Nicklaus  Jung,  32, 
Frantz  Lucas, 
Mattlieis  Bronck,  50, 
Johannes  Jung,  32, 
Baltzar  Wenerich,  40, 
Benedictus  Wenerich,  32, 
Anna  Apolona  Siegner,  44, 
Johannes  Planck,  43, 
Hans  Adam  Zollner,  52, 
Andreas  Richter,  47, 
Anna  Maria  Mengel,  27, 
Maria  Margarotha  Scher,  21 
Peter  Gerlach,  37, 
Hieronimus  Klein,  38, 
Anna  Catharina  Erb,  44, 
Magdalina  Baum,  29, 

Georg  Ludwig  Leicht,  56, 
Johann  Henrich  Neukireh,  36, 
Anna  Almerod,  67, 
Johann  Henrich  Leicht,  24, 
Johann  Henrich  Gossinger,  31, 
Friederich  Maul,  31, 
Christopher  Dannermarker,  28, 
Anna  Marg.  Dannermarker,  58, 
Andreas  Elich,  37, 
Johannes  Engeil,  31, 
Michael  Paffer,  32, 
Michael  Storr,  38, 
Joh.  Diet.  Wannenmacher,  28, 
Conrad  Lein,  56, 
Peter  Appelman,  42, 
Anna  Maria  Bender,  44, 
Arnold  Falck,  36, 

Maria  Catharina  Born  Wasser,  26,  Anna  Kunegunde  Russ,  44, 
Maria  Catharina  Schütz,  40,      Johannes  Kautz,  40, 

Anna  Maria  Cramer,  38, 
Maria  Nies,  38, 
Frances  Basch,  40, 
Susanna  Beyer,  30, 
Sitonia  Melcli,  41, 
Anna  Catharina  Batz,  38, 
Anna  Eliza  Rorbaal,  34, 
Anna  Elizabeth  Schultz,  22, 
Conrad  Friederich,  52, 
Johan  Philip  Greisler,  40, 

Maria  Catharine  Hebmann,  40, 
Anna  Maria  Sack,  30, 
Johann  Mattheus  Keiser,  23, 
Johannes  Trillhauser,  23, 
Bernhardt  Sickard,  25, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Schneider,  28, 
Valentin  Bressler,  41, 
Andreas  Weidknecht,  40, 
Johannes  Bär,  40, 
Melchior  Dausweber,  55, 



Elizabeth  Lainpert,  47, 
IMaria  May,  45, 
Georg  Römer,  30, 
Ulrich  Simmendinger,  38, 
Christian  Kasselman,  36, 
Johann  Dieterich  Schatz,  38, 
Anna  Elizabeth  Maul,  42, 
Peter  Wickhaus,  32, 
Veronica  Zwick,  39, 
Johannes  Lorentz,  43, 
Caspar  Hartwig,  39, 
Magdalena  Off,  32, 
Anna  Eva  Morrell,  48, 
Michael  Henneschied,  36, 
Johann  Peter  Fuchs,  31, 
Anna  Maria  Held,  50, 
Dieterich  Fiebersbach,  21, 
Christopher  Werner,  35, 
Johann  Paul  Badner,  19, 
Elizabeth  Müller,  42, 
Nicolaus  Heisterbach,  53, 
Elizabeth  Noll,  ß6, 
Appalonia  Lintz,  40, 

In  all,  males  and  females  of 
3ufammen  430  5>erfonen,  9 

Johanna  Zenger,  33,  a 
Anna  Maria  Gabel,  34, 
Benedictus  Kühner,  36, 
Anna  Elizabeth  Lauch,  42, 
Margaretta  Schmidt,  27, 
Daniel  Teffer,  30, 
Margaretta  Messer,  50, 
Maria  Galete,  38, 
Simon  Vogt,  31, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Feiten,  30, 
Hermanus  Hoffman,  30, 
Ludolph  Korning,  50, 
Bernhart  P]kel,  53, 
Johannes  Täuble,  38, 
Catharina  Müller,  36, 
Job.  Jacob  Starrenberger,  45, 
Johann  Friederich  Neff,  34, 
Anna  Catharina  Grau,  40, 
Heinrich  Schmidt,  54, 
Daniel  Schumacher,  30, 
Philip  Peter  Grauberger,  29, 
Johannes  Roschman,  33. 

different  ages,  430  persons, 
fiänner  unt>  grauen  öerfc^iebenen 

a  This  poor  widow  was  the  mother  of  three  children,  John  Peter,  aged 
13,  Anna  Catharina,  10,  and  Johannes,  7.  Her  son,  Peter  Zenger,  was 
apprenticed  to  William  Bradford,  printer  in  New  York ;  and  afterwards 
became  owner  of  the  N.  Y.  Weekly  Messenger.  He  was  indicted  for 
libel,  1734,  on  which  Hamilton,  a  lawyer  from  Philadelphia,  pleuUed 
his  cause. — Doc.  Hist.  N.  Y.,  Ill,  p.  565. 

a  X)tefe  arme  SBtttwc  »ar  btc  üOtuttcr  son  brei  Äinfcrn :  3o()aun  yctcr, 
13  3al^re  alt,  Slnna  Sat^arina,  10,  unb  3ot)nnuci?,  7.  3t)r  ^cbn,  "iVtcr 
^enger,  tourbe  ju  einem  X)ru(ier  in  9iem  gjorf,  9iamcne  5Bm.  ^rabfcv;. 
in  bte  Se^re  get^an  unb  nai^^er  felbft  Sigcnt^iimer  be^  N.  Y.  Weekly 
Messenger.  1734  tourbe  er  wegen  33erlä'umbung  anfieflogt,  bet  »e(($er 
ßJelegen^ett  Hamilton,  ein  SIbüofat  öon  ^^ilabel})t)ia,  feine  ^a^t  fiit)rte. — 
Dof.  m^'  ^'  Sv  "I-.  ®.  565. 



No.  VI. 

TICED BY  GOVERNOR  HUNTER,  1710  to  1714. 

Sflamen  unb  5t(ter  ter  i?on  1710  biö  1714  t)on  @ou»crneur 
punter  in  t>te  ^el)re  get^anen  Knaben. 

Johan  Philip  Lepper,  12, 
Georg  Friederich  Weiser,  13, 
Daniel  Artopee  Weiser,  12, 
Philip  Daniel  Weiser,  13, 
Johan  Paul  Denbig,  7, 
Hans  Georg  Kuhns,  8, 
Hans  Philip  Kuhns,  15, 
Adam  Greiner,  13, 
Hans  Georg  Bär, 
Joh.  Ludig  Trorit  (Trauert),  9, 
Henrich  Porter  (Bortner),  14, 
Hans  Bastian  Gatian,  12, 
Joh.  Bernhart  Ruropaw 

(Rorbach),  10, 
Johann  Conrad  Otteene,?  9, 
Frederick  Otteene,?  7, 
Hans  Georg  Schweitzer,  12, 
Johan  Conrad  Petre,  12, 
Peter  PfeiflFer,  6, 
Georg  Kastner,  13, 
Gerhardt  Lamberton,  12, 

Hans  Gerhart  Löser,?  10, 
John  Peter  Zenger,  13, 
Thomas  Reich,  12, 
Jacob  Berleman,  10, 
Johann  Paul  Schmidt,  12, 
Georg  Schneider,  15, 
Joh.  Con.  Matheis  Horner,  15, 
Jacob  Eysterberg,  3, 
Hans  Henrich  Schütz,  8, 
W.  Webber,  8, 
Jonah  Schmidt,  10, 
Johannes  Schütz,  10, 
Christian  Engel,  12, 
Arnold  Schweedt,  13, 
Jacobus  Brauer,  14, 
Peter  Lohn,?  9, 
Nicholas  Dietrich,  14, 
Peter  De  Mott,  13, 
Johann  Wühelm  Schmidt,  14, 
Jacob  Berleman,  11 
Simon  Helm,  12. 

The  whole  number  apprenticed,  males  and  females,  was  75. 
Die  gan^e  ^n^a^,  Änaben  uitt)  SJiabc^en,  betrug  75. 



No.  VII. 

IN  THE  WINTER  1710,  AND  SUMMER  1711. 

Sfiomen  tcr  männltd)en  ^Häljcr  über  ein  unt>  ^wanjtg  ^a\)xt 

alt,  wc\ä)i  im  ®luter  1710  unb  ©ommer  1711 

in  €tinnöftoii  SJcanor,  9t.  g).,  waren. 

Johann  Christopher  Gerlach, 

Peter  Maurer, 

PhilUp  Müller, 

Johann  Georg  Spannheimer, 

Johan  Friederich  Casselmann, 

Johann  Löher, 

Friederick  Merkel, 

Georg  Schäffer, 

Johann  Adam  Friederich, 

Valentin  Bender, 





Henrich  Hoffmann, 

Georg  Höhlen, 

Heinrich  Scherman, 

Valentin  Wohlleber, 

PhUip  Wohlleber, 

Peter  Wagner, 

Johann  Henrich  Krantz, 

Johannes  Straub, 

Frantz  Keller, 

Johannes  Becker. 

Joh.  Friederich  Gantermann, 

Phihp  Kilmer, 

Heinrich  Mann, 

Thomas  Ehrman, 

Albert  Friederich  Marterstock 

Augustin  Voschell, 
Peter  Voschell, 
Johannes  Eberhard, 
Peter  Wohlleber, 
Anthony  Kremer, 
Herman  Hostman, 
Stephan  Fröhlich, 
Johannes  Franck, 
Andreas  Ross, 
Joseph  Reichart, 
Melchior  Tausweber, 
Rev.  Joshua  Kocherthal, 
Jacob  Mond, 
Matheus  Schleimer, 
Georg  Wilhelm  Kiel, 
Peter  Becker, 
Valentin  Falkenberg, 
Wilhelm  Müller, 
Johannes  Ritzbach, 
Peter  Keiseler, 
Johann  Wilhelm  Kieffer, 
Johan  Henrich  Schräm, 
Peter  Egner, 
John  Michael  Emrich, 
Georg  Henrich  Stubenrauch, 
Peter  Diebel, 
Christian  Mäyer, 
Peter  Oberbach, 
Henrich  Mohr, 



Conrad  Martin, 
Adam  Hardel, 
Gottfried  Fidler, 
Jacob  Demuth, 
Gottfried  lliegel, 
Hieronimus  Scheib, 
Nicolaus  Keriier, 



Hieronimus  Weller, 
Johann  Conrad  Weiser, 
jNIattheus  Reinbolt, 
Johann  Peter  Dopff", 
Johann  Jacob  Reisch, 
Carl  Nehr, 
Heinrich  Jung, 
Werner  Deichert, 
Georg  Müller, 
Friederich  Bellinger, 
Heinrich  Wiederwachs, 
Georg  Mathias, 
Christopher  Hagedorn, 
Frantz  Finck, 
Andreas  Schütz, 
Peter  Hagedorn, 
Niclaus  Weber, 
Wilhelm  Georg, 
Friederich  Schäffer, 
Anthony  lehard, 
Johann  Peter  Lein, 
Johann  Jacob  Munsinger, 
Johannes  Leyer, 
Jacob  Kuhn, 
Henrich  Mattheis, 
Nicolaus  Eckert, 
Martin  Dülenbach, 
Nicolaus  Föller, 
Jacob  Schnell, 
Jacob  Webber, 
Wilhelm  Nelles, 
Johannes  Geissler, 

Georg  Briegcl, 

Johannes  Schäffer, 

Georg  Dachstiidter, 

Johannes  Zeissdoif, 

Heinrich  Mayer, 

Capt.  Joh.  Christopher  Fuchs, 

Johann  Wilhelm  Tliales, 

Johan  Wilhelm  Scheff, 

Christian  Bauch, 

Peter  Heidt, 

Henrich  Hammer, 

Michael  Ittich, 

Johann  Keyser, 

Jacob  Kopp, 

Paulus  Dientzer, 

Melchior  Foltz, 

Johannes  Segendorff, 

Philip  Laux, 

Abraham  Langen, 

Johan  Jacob  Schultz, 

Johann  Wilhelm  Hambach, 

Nicolas  Laux, 

Nicolaus  Göttel, 

Capt.  Hartman  Wiudecker, 

Johann  Wilhelm  Dill, 

Peter  Spies, 

Herman  Bitzer, 

Johannes  Schuc, 

Johann  Wilhelm  Schneider, 

Jacob  Bast  (Borst), 

Johannes  Blass, 

Johan  Wilhelm  Kammer, 

Johannes  Bonroth, 

Johannes  Bernhard, 

Sebastian  Fischer, 

Nicolaus  Heyd, 

Henrich  Klein, 

Henrich  Balthasar  Stuper, 

Caspar  Bauch, 

Hans  Henrich  Zeller, 

Johannes  Zeller, 



Samuel  Kuhn, 

Jacob  Ess, 

Gerhart  Seh  äffer, 

Ulrich  Bruckhart, 

Conrad  Kuhn, 

Friederich  Mentegen, 

Samuel  Kuhn, 

Valentin  Kuhn, 

Heinrich  Winter, 

Johann  Georg  Reiffenberg, 

Johann  Wilhelm  Linck, 

Johan  Martin  Netzbach, 

Johannes  Weiss, 

Johann  Adam  Walborn, 

Johann  Heinrich  Ahrndorff, 

Daniel  Busch, 

Johan  Henrich  Conradt, 

Henrich  Bellinger, 

Johannes  Schneider, 

Marcus  Bellinger, 

Philip  Schäffer, 

Johann  Kraut, 

Christian  Sittenich, 

Johann  Henrich  Schmidt, 

Johann  Philip  Zerbe, 

Nicolaus  Ruhl, 

Adam  Michael  Schmidt, 

Conrad  Meissinger, 

Thomas  Ruffener, 

Jacob  Dinges, 

Henrich  Fehling, 

Johan  Jost  Petry, 

Johannes  Lantz, 

Lorentz  Zerbe, 

Peter  Rieth, 

Conrad  Schütz, 

Joseph  Saab, 

Georg  Rieth, 

Gottlieb  Fidler  (Fitler), 

Johannes  Rieth, 

Johan  Peter  Pacht, 

Sebastian  Pisas, 

Andreas  Walbom, 

Antonius  Scharf, 

Sebastian  Fischer, 

Christian  Lauer, 

Johann  x\dam  Lesch, 

Georg  Auspach, 

Ludwig  Wilhelm  Schmidt, 

Paulus  Reidkopff, 

Rev.  Job.  Friederich  Hager, 

Johann  Peter  Kneskern, 

Jacob  Mauck, 

Philip  Peter  Grauberger, 

David  Huppert, 

Conrad  Schauerman, 

Henrich  Sechs  (Sex), 

Friederich  Ball, 

Jacob  Kobel, 

Jacob  Werner, 

Johannes  Schultheis, 

Reinhart  Schäffer, 

Johannes  Rosclunan, 

Cari  Uhl, 

Baltzer  Anspach, 

Conrad  Keller, 

Johann  Georg  Schmidt^ 

Conrad  Goldman, 

Georg  Bender, 

Johann  Henrich  Uhl, 

Thomas  Schumacher, 

Peter  Schmidt, 

Johannes  Schwall, 

Georg  Ludwig  Koch, 

Veit  Müsig, 

Georg  Kirchner, 

Christian  Hills, 

Rudolph  Stahl, 

Gottfried  Wolfen, 

Leonhart  Anspach, 

Georg  Zeh, 

Andreas  Kapp, 



Jacob  Löwengut, 
Johannes  Noäcker, 
Jacob  Katterman. 

Jolianu  Philip  Theis, 
Martin  Zerbe. 

No.  VIII. 

CAROLINA,  AS  EARLY  AS  1709  and  1710. 

SfJamen  ber  evftm  Pfäljer  tn  ^f^orb^^cyarolina  in  ben  3öl)ren 
1709  unb  1710. 





































These  were 

still  living  in 

i  1714. 

©iefetben  lebten  mä)  im 

3a^re  1714, 

No.  IX 


GEORGIA,  1734  to  1741. 

(Sources:   Ulsperger  Nachrichten,  Vol.  I,  pp.  2307-2310.) 

Slamen  bcr  männlii^en  ©ciljburger,  bte  |t^  yon  1734  bt^ 

1741  in  ©eorgia  niebergelaffen  ^aben. 

(Queaen:  Ulsperger  9Iac|rtc|tert,  23b.  I,  ©.  2307-2310.) 

First  Transport. 

Rev.  Job.  Martin  Boltzius, 
Samuel  Leberecht  Boltzius, 

(Srfle  Ueberfa^rt.) 

Rev.  Israel  Christian  Gronau, 
Peter  Gruber, 




Thomas  Gschwandel, 
Leonhart  Rauner, 
Matthias  Rauner, 
Georg  Schweiger, 
Thomas  Schweighoffer, 

Martin  Hertzog, 
Christian  Leimberger, 
Simon  Reiter, 

Christ.  Ortman,  schoolmaster, 

In  this  transport  there  were  20,  including  males  and  females. 
2luf  tiefer  Uefcerfa^rt  waren  20,  mit  Stnfc^Iuf  ter  männlichen 
unt)  lueiMic^en  ^^erfoncn. 

Second  Transport. 

Simon  Steiner, 

Ruprecht  Kalcher, 

Thomas  Pichler, 

Stephan  Rottenberger, 

Matthias  Burgsteiner, 

Ruprecht  Burgsteiner, 

Ruprecht  Eischberger, 

Matthias  Brandner, 

Veit  Lemmenhofer, 

Barthol(5mäus  Rieser, 

Balthasar  Rieser, 

Georg  Rieser, 

Veit  Landfelder, 

Hans  Maurer, 

Thomas  Bacher, 

In  this  transport  there  were 
^uf  feiefer  UeBerfaI)rt  waren 

(3t»eite  Uefcerfa^rt.) 

Georg  Kogler, 
Ruprecht  Riedelsperger, 
Johannes  Riedelsperger, 
Christian  Riedelsperger, 
Georg  Sanftleben, 
Gabriel  Bach, 
Bartholomäus  Zant, 
Christian  Hessler, 
Jacob  Sehartner, 
Georg  Brückner, 
Ruprecht  Zimmermf^A. 
Paul  Zittrauei-, 
Carl  Sigismund  Ott, 
Heinrich  Bischof. 

59  in  all. 

im  ©anjen  59. 

Third  Transport.   (X)rttte  Uekrfa^rt). 

Hans  Schmidt, 
Hans  Flörel, 
Johann  Spielbiegler, 
Johann  Cronberger, 
Leorihard  Grause, 
Michael  Rieser, 
Gottlieb  Rieser, 
Joseph  Ernst, 
Johann  Ludwig  Ernst, 
Joh.  Friederich  Helfenstein, 
Johann  Jacob  Helfenstein, 

Jeremias  Helfenstein, 
Johannes  Helfenstein, 
Friederich  Müller, 
Johann  Paul  Müller, 
Peter  Arnsdorf, 
Hans  Krüsy, 
Friederich  Nett, 
Michael  Schneider, 
Joh.  Georg  Schneider, 
Peter  Arnsdorf, 
Andreas  Grimmiger, 


Frantz  Hernberger,  Gottlieb  Christ, 

Cari  Flörel,  Johann  Pletter, 

Peter  Reiter,  Ambrosius  Züblin, 

Martin  Lackner,  Jacob  ZübHn,  a 

Matthias  Zettler,  C.  E.  Thilo,  M.  D. 
Joseph  Leitner, 

There  were  59  in  this  transport. 

59  famen  mit  tiefer  %Oi^xi. 

Fourth  Transport,  which  arrived  in  June,  1741. 
(35icrte  Uefeerfa^rt,  bte  im  3uni  1741  anfam.) 

Andreas  Piltz,  Conrad  Künlen, 

Caspar  Gramwetter,  Johannes  Künlen, 

Martin  Lackner,  J.  Ludwig  Mayer,  chirurgus, 

Georg  Eigel,  Johann  Georg  Mayr, 

Lorentz  Ludwig  Eigel,  Mattheus  Bacher, 

Johann  Lorentz  Eigel,  Peter  Kohleisen, 

Georg  Glaner,  Georg  Klammer, 

Johann  Frantz  Eigel,  Johannes  Maurer, 

Samuel  Eigel,  David  Eysperger, 

Balthasar  Bacher,  Johannes  Scheraus, 

Michael  Haberer,  Johann  Georg  Kocher, 

Abraham  Haberer,  Johan  Scheraus  jr., 

Bernhard  Glocker,  George  Kocher, 

Ruprecht  Schrempf,  Veit  Lechner, 

Sebastian  Glocker,  Ruprecht  Lechner, 

Paul  Glocker,  Job.  Georg  Mayre  jr., 

Simon  Riser,  Johann  S  chefler. 

There  were  63  persons  in  this  transport. 

5ü^it  tiefer  UeBerf(^iffung  famcn  63  ^erfonen. 

a  Ambrosius  and  Jacob  Züblin  were  two  brothers  from  St.  Gall, 
Switzerland. —  ülsperger  Nachrichten,  I,  p.  2310.  See  also  Part  II,  pp. 
900  and  1832. 

a  SImbroftuö  unb  Sacob  3wf'Ittt  toaren  jwet  Sriibcr  axxii  St.  (Datlcn  tr. 
bcr  ©c^toeij.— Ulöperger  9Zacbvicbteit,  I,  <a,  2310.  Siebe  m6)  %\)ti\  II, 
©.  900  unb  1832. 


No.  X. 

"Though,"  says  Peter  Kalm*  "the  Province  of  New  York 
has  been  inhabited  by  Europeans  much  longer  than  Pennsylva- 
nia, yet  it  is  not  by  far  so  populous  as  that  colony.  This  cannot 
be  ascribed  to  any  particular  discouragement  arising  from  the 
nature  of  the  sou,  for  that  is  pretty  good;  but,  I  am  told  of  a 
very  different  reason,  which  I  will  mention  here. 

"In  the  reign  of  Queen  Anne,  about  the  year  1709,  many 
Germans  came  hither,  who  got  a  tract  of  land  from  the  English 
government,  which  they  might  settle.  After  they  had  lived 
there  some  time,  and  had  built  houses,  and  made  corn-fields  and 
meadows,  their  liberties  and  privileges  were  infringed,  and,  un- 
der several  pretences,  they  were  repeatedly  deprived  of  parts  of 
their  land.  This  at  last  roused  the  Grermans.  They  returned 
violence  for  violence,  and  beat  those  who  thus  rolibed  them  of 
their  possessions.  But  these  proceedings  were  looked  upon  in 
a  very  bad  light  by  the  government.  The  most  active  people 
among  the  Germans  being  taken  up,  they  were  roughly  treated, 
and  punished  with  the  utmost  rigor  of  the  law.  This,  however, 
so  far  exasperated  the  rest,  that  the  greater  part  of  them  left 
their  houses  and  fields,  and  went  to  settle  in  Pennsylvania. 
There  they  were  exceedingly  well  received,  got  a  considerable 
tract  of  land,  and  were  indulged  in  great  privileges,  which  were 
given  them  forever.  The  Germans,  not  satisfied  with  being  them- 
selves removed  from  New  York,  wrote  to  their  relations  and 
friends,  and  advised  them,  if  ever  they  intended  to  come  to  Ame- 
rica, not  to  go  to  New  York,  where  the  government  had  shown  it- 
self so  unecjuitable.  This  advice  had  such  influence  that  the  Ger- 
mans who  afterwards  went  in  great  numbers  to  North  America, 
constantly  avoided  New  York  and  always  went  to  Pennsylvania. 

"  It  sometimes  happened  that  they  were  forced  to  go  on  board 
of  such  ships,  as  were  bound  for  New  York,  but  they  were 
scarce  got  on  shore,  when  they  hastened  on  to  Pennsylvania, 
in  sight  of  all  the  inhabitants  of  New  York." — Peter  Kalm's 
Travels  in  America,  in  1747  and  1748,  Vol.  I,  pp.  270,  271. 

*  Peter  Kalm,  a  Swedish  natural  philosopher  and  traveler,  was  bom 
at  Ostro  Bothnia  in  1715,  traveled  from  1748  to  1751  in  North  America, 
and  at  a  later  period  in  Russia ;  he  became  Professor  of  Botany  at 
the  University  of  Abo,  and  died  1779. 


„Dbfc^on  Die  ^xo'ouii  ^m  §)orf,"  [ao(t  9)etcr  Äalm,*  „met 
länger  üon  (Europäern  bejvc()nt  ift,  aU  ^pcnnfiplöanien,  fo  ift  fic 
t)od)  nod)  lange  nid)t  fo  beivobnt,  wie  jene  Solonie,  Vni  !ann 
feinem  befonbcrcn  i^in'Dernilg,  »el^eö  in  t)er  33e[c^affcnl)eit  tiec! 
33ol)cnö  liegt,  ^ugrfAvicbcn  werben,  tenn  terfelbc  ift  giemli^  gut; 
aber  ein  ganj  autorcr  ©runt)  TOuric  mir  angegeben,  ben  ic^  i)ier 
mittl)ei(en  mü. 

„äßä^rent  ber  S^egierung  t>er  Königin  5lnna,  um'ö  3a^r  1709, 
famen  oiele  T)eutfd)e  ^ierl)er,  n?el(^en  bie  cnglifc^e  Ärone  ein  ©tüd 
l'anb  3um  einbauen  5utl)cilte.  ^ioc^bem  fic  eine  ßeitlang  bafelbft 
geitJO^nt  unb  Käufer,  gruc^tfelber  unb  Söiefen  erbaut  unb  ange= 
legt  ^ttcn,  griff  man  in  ibre  greit)eit  unb  S^lec^te  ein,  unb  nat)m 
unter  »erf^iebenen  55orn?änben  i^nen  njieber^olt  J^eile  i^reö  San= 
beö  ttjeg.  3)ieö  erregte  bie  !Deutfc^ett  enblic^.  ©ie  oergalten  ©e^ 
»alt  mit  ©enjalt,  unb  »ergriffen  fic^  an  Denen,  bie  it)nen  it)r 
Seflj^t^um  raubten.  Die  Stegierung  na^m  biefeö  i^orge^en  übel 
auf.  Die  Jüc^tigften  unter  ben  Deutf^en  mürben  in'ö  @efäng= 
ni^  geftedt,  ^art  be^anbelt  unb  ibnen  bie  äu^crfte  ©träfe  bes 
©efe^eö  feeigemcffen.  Dices  erbitterte  bie  übrigen  berma^en,  ba§ 
bie  9)?eiften"^auö  unb  ^of  ocrlic^en  unb  nad)  ^ennfplüanien 
sogen,  ^ier  mürben  fte  fe^r  gut  aufgenommen ;  fie  erhielten  ein 
bebeutenbei^  ©tüd  ?anb,  unb  er^ebtid)e  9iec^te  mürben  if)nen  für 
immer  jugetf)eilt.  Die  Deutf(^en,  bamit  nic^t  jufrieben,  felbft 
ytew  §)orf  oertaffen  ju  Baben,  fc^rieben  i^ren  35ermanbten  unb 
greunben,  unb  gaben  ibnen  ben  diat^,  baf,  menn  fte  je  na^ 
Slmerifa  auömanberten,  fte  ^iem  g)orf  (dienen  foEten,  beffen  3fle= 
gierung  ftc^  fo  ungered)t  crmiefen  f)abe.  Die  Sßarnung  mar  oon 
folc^er  iragmeite,  ba§  bie  ®d)aaren  Deutfc^er,  bie  ^ernac^  nad) 
9iorb=2lmerifa  jogen,  9]em  glorf  ftetö  mieben  unb  ^ennf^Iöanicn 
aU  Drt  i^rer  9?ieber(affung  mäblten. 

„3umeilen  gefcfca^  e^,  ba§  fie  an  Sorb  »on  ©i^iffen  famen, 
mel(^e  nac^  9?em  §)orf  fteuerten;  faum  maren  fte  aber  angclanbet, 
fo  eilten  fte  im  2InbUd  aller  SSemo^ner  Sion  ^m  glorf  na^  ^enn= 
fplöanien.''— 5)eter  Äalm'ei  gf^cifen  in  Stmerifa,  in  ben  ^aijxen 
1747  unb  1748,  53b.  I,  ©.  270,  271. 

*  5)cter  ^alm,  ein  fc^wcbtfc^er  91a  altjl  unb  JRctfettbcr,  1715  in  Dftro 
Sotbnten  geboren,  retötc  üon  1748  biö  1751  in  9?Drt)-2lmertfa  unb  \)ixmä) 
in  9?uglanb.  Serfclbe  tourbe  ^rofeffcr  an  ber  Unicerfität  ^bo  unb  ftarb 
im  3a^re  1779. 


No.  XL 

1709,  1710. 

"  The  population  of  North  Carolina  was  increased,  near  the 
beginning  of  the  eighteenth  century,  by  two  small  colonies  of 
Protestants,  French  and  Grermans.  A  colony  of  French  Hu- 
guenots, encouraged  by  King  William,  had  come  to  America  in 
the  year  1690,  and  seated  themselves  at  the  ManaJdntown,  in 
Virginia,  above  the  falls  of  James  River.  Not  well  pleased  with 
the  lands  they  first  occupied,  and  the  greater  part  of  Carolina 
being  unappropriated,  they  removed  to  the  southward  and  seated 
themselves  upon  Trent  River,  with  Rybourg  their  pastor,  1707. 
They  were  sober,  fragal,  industrious  planters,  and  in  a  short 
time  became  independent  citizens. 

The  German  colony  was  from  Heidelberg  and  its  vicinity,  on 
the  Rhine.  Those  unfortunate  people  had  suffered  persecution 
from  time  to  time,  because  they  could  not  change  their  reli- 
gious opinions,  so  as  to  be  in  constant  agreement  with  the  ruling 
prince.  The  elector  palatine,  Frederick  II.,  embraced  the  Lu- 
theran faith.  Frederick  III.  became  a  Calvinist.  Lodovic  V. 
restored  the  Lutheran  Church ;  his  son  and  successor  became  a 
Calvinist.  That  prince  was  succeeded  in  the  government  by  a 
Catholic  family,  who  oppressed  the  Protestants. 

Those  people  had  also  the  misfortune  to  live  between  power- 
ful rivals,  who  were  often  at  war.  In  the  year  1622,  count  Tilly, 
the  imperial  general,  took  the  city  of  Heidelberg  and  put  five 
hundred  of  the  inhabitants  to  the  sword.  In  the  year  1G34,  the 
city  was  taken  by  Louis  XIV.,  and  many  of  the  inhabitants 
killed.  In  the  year  1688,  it  was  taken  a  second  time  by  the 
French,  who  laid  the  inhabitants  under  a  heavy  contribution, 
after  which,  at  the  approach  of  the  imperial  army,  they  blew 
up  the  citadel  and  reduced  the  city  to  ashes.  The  city,  being 
rebuilt,  was  taken  again  by  a  French  army,  who  committed  it 
to  the  flames  in  the  year  1693.  The  inhabitants,  men,  women 
and  children,  about  fifteen  thousand,  stripped  of  their  property, 
were  turned  into  the  fields  by  night.  Upon  the  retreat  of  the 
French  army,  the  inhabitants  were  again  prevailed  upon  to  re- 
build the  city,  being  promised  liberty  of  conscience  and  exemp- 


tion  from  taxes  for  thirty  years.  After  some  time  the  elector, 
who  seems  to  have  believed  that  promises  made  to  heretics  should 
not  be  observed,  begau  to  persecute  his  Protestant  subjects.  The 
French  army  having  again  crossed  the  Rhine,  the  distressed 
Palatines,  persecuted  by  their  prince  and  plundered  by  a  foreign 
enemy,  fled  to  England,  about  six  thousand  of  them,  for  pro- 
tection, in  consequence  of  encouragement  they  had  received  from 
Queen  Anne,  by  proclamation,  1708. 

Having  pitched  their  tents  at  a  small  distance  from  London, 
they  were  supported  at  public  expense,  until  they  could  be 
shipped  oflF  for  Ireland  or  the  colonies.  Christopher  de  Graf- 
fenried  and  Lcivis  Michell  were  attempting  about  this  time,  to 
mend  their  fortunes  by  purchasing  lands  in  some  of  the  British 
colonies.  Michell  had  been  several  years  in  America,*  and  had 
obtained  some  knowledge  of  the  country. 

Note. — Michell  was  originally  employed  by  the  Canton  of  Bern  iu 
Switzerland,  to  search  for  a  large  tract  of  vacant  land  on  the  frontiers 
of  Pennsylvania,  Virginia  or  Carolina,  to  which  they  might  send  a 
colony.  He  spent  some  years  in  exploring  the  country.  There  was  no 
scarcity  of  mountainous  land,  such  as  those  people  are  accustomed 
to ;  but  they  desisted  from  the  project. 

The  lords  proprietors  of  Carolina  had  agreed  with  those  gentle- 
men, April,  1706,  that  ten  thousand  acres  of  land  should  be 
laid  off  for  them  in  one  body,  between  Neuse  and  Cape  Fear, 
they  paying  twenty  shillings  for  every  hundred  acres,  and  sis- 
pence  the  yearly  quit-rent.  The  Surveyor  General  was  also  in- 
structed to  lay  off  an  additional  tract  of  one  hundred  thousand 
acres,  which  was  to  be  reserved  twelve  years.  One  of  them  was 
to  be  gratified  by  a  title,  when  he  should  pay  the  usual  price 
for  five  thousand  acres  of  land.  De  Graffenried  made  the  pur- 
chase and  was  created  a  baron.  This  company,  having  secured 
the  lands,  wished  to  make  them  productive  by  settling  them 
with  tenants;  and  the  poor  Palatines  presented  themselves  as 
an  object  of  speculation.  Commissioners  had  been  appointed  by 
the  Queen  to  collect  and  receive  muney  for  the  use  of  the  Pala- 
tines, and  to  provide  them  with  settlements.  Graffenried  and 
Michell  covenanted  with  those  commissioners,  that  they  would 
transport  to  North  Carolina  six  hundred  and  fifty  of  the  Pala- 
tines (about  one  hundred  families) ;  that  they  would  lay  off  for 

*  Rupp's  History  of  Lancaster  County,  pp.  70,  71. 


each  family  two  hundred  and  fifty  acres  of  land,  to  be  held  five 
years  without  cost,  and  from  that  period  at  the  annual  rent  of 
two-pence  currency  per  acre.  The  Palatines  were  to  be  supplied 
twelve  months  with  necessary  provisions,  to  be  paid  for  at  the 
end  of  the  following  year ;  and  they  were  to  be  furnished,  gratis, 
with  tools  sufiicient  for  building  houses.  It  was  also  stipulated 
that,  within  four  months  from  their  arrival,  they  should  be  pro- 
vided with  a  certain  number  of  cows,  hogs  and  sheep,  which 
were  to  be  paid  for  at  the  end  of  seven  years ;  and  half  the  re- 
maining issue  was  to  be  returned  in  lieu  of  interest. 

The  commissioners  allowed  five  pounds  sterling  per  head,  for 
transporting  the  Palatines ;  and  those  people,  who  had  each  of 
them,  young  and  old,  received  twenty  shillings  of  the  charitable 
collections,  made  throughout  the  kingdom,  lodged  that  money 
in  the  hands  of  Graffenried  and  Michell,  to  be  returned  to 
them  in  Carolina.*  The  Palatines  arrived  in  December,  1709, 
at  the  confluence  of  the  rivers  Neuse  and  Trent,  where  they 
erected  temporary  shelters  until  they  could  be  put  in  possession 
of  their  lands.  The  place  on  which  they  encamped  was  called 
New  Bern,  from  Bern  in  Switzerland,  where  Graffenried  was 
born.  The  Palatines  had  too  much  reason  to  complain  of  their 
trustees;  for  Graff'enried,  in  whose  name  the  lands  were  taken 
up,  returned  to  Switzerland  without  giving  them  a  title  to  their 
settlements.  He  mortgaged  the  lands  to  Thomas  Pollock  for 
eight  hundred  pounds  sterling ;  and  they  passed  to  the  heirs  of 
that  gentleman. 

Note. — Pollock,  by  a  letter  to  Graffenried,  Feb.  16,  1716,  offered  to 
return  to  him  the  land,  fifteen  thousand  acres,  if  he  would  re-pay  the 

The  Palatines  in  the  meantime,  being  industrious  and  living 
in  a  country  where  land  was  plenty  and  cheap,  increased  in 

*  The  commissioners  were  John  Philips,  Alexander  Cairnes,  Theo- 
dore Janson,  White  Kennet,  John  Camberlin,  Frederick  Store,  Mi- 
caiah  Perry. 

The  article  of  agreement  was  dated  Oct.  10,  1709,  in  the  eighth  year 
of  Queen  Anne. 

There  were  six  hundred  poor  Palatines; — ninety-two  families. 

This  article  was  signed  by  the  seven  commissioners ;  Christopher 
De  Graffenried  and  Lewis  Michell,  in  the  presence  of  William  Taylor 
and  James  De  Pratt,  Oct.  21,  1709. 


number  and  acquired  property.  After  many  yeai-s,  upon  their 
petition  to  the  king,  tliey  were  in  some  measure  indemnified, 
by  a  grant  of  land,  ten  thousand  acres,  free  from  quit-rents  for 
ten  years." 

Deutfc^e  ^(nftebelung  in  S^oib^^aroltna,  1709  unb  1710. 

„'Die  33et>ölferung  öon  9lorb=SarüIina  tt>urt>c  gegen  Stnfang 
teö  ai^tje^nten  3fl^r^w«^ertö  burc^  jroei  fletne  Kolonien  fran= 
jöftfc^er  unt)  beutfc^er  ^roteftanten  öerme^rt.  ßine  Solonie 
franjöfifc^er  Hugenotten  xoax  1690  auf  BwfP^^wc^  t>eö  Ä'öntgö 
2ßi(^eim  nad)  Slmerifa  gefommen  unt)  ^atte  fic^  am  ?0?anaftntotün 
in  3Sirginien,  ober^alfc  ter  gäüe  tiä  3amei?=gluflfei3,  niebergelaffen. 
T)a  fte  mit  fcen  2änt»ereten,  tie  fie  anfang«  befaf  en,  nid^t  jufrictcn 
ft»aren,  unt»  t)a  t>er  gröfere  3:t)eil  Sarolina'ö  unöeräu§ert  mar, 
hradcjen  fte  öon  ^ier  auf  unt)  sogen  fübli^  nac^  bem  Jrent^gluffe, 
n)o  fie  ftc^  1707  mit  i^rem  ^aftor  ai^bourg  festen.  (Sie  waren 
nü^terne,  fparfamc  unt)  fleißige  ^flanjer,  tie  in  turner  Qtit 
unabt)ängige  Bürger  hjurten. 

!Die  t)eutf(^e  Solonie  war  auö  Jpeitelberg  unt  ter  Umgegent) 
am  Sfl^ein.  Diefe  ungtücflic^en  2eute  Ratten  5BerfoIgungen  ju 
ertulten,  weil  fte  i^ren  ©laukn  nic^t  mit  jetem  regierenten 
^rinjen  änbern  wotlten.  ©er  Äurfürft  grietric^  II.  oon  ter 
§)fal3  war  ein  Sut^eraner;  «^netric^  III.  wurte  ein  Satöinift; 
Vutwig  V.  fteüte  tie  lut^erifd)e  Äir^e  wieter  ^er;  fein  (Sol)n 
unt  ^l'ac^folger  wurtc  ein  ßabinift;  tiefem  wieter  folgte  cinr 
fat^oUfc^e  gamitie,  wetc^e  tie  ^roteftanten  untertrücfte. 

Sbenfatlö  Ratten  fte  taö  Unglüd,  jwifc^en  jwei  mächtigen 
9Zeknbu^Iern  ju  wohnen,  tie  oft  gegen  einanter  ju  gelte  lagen. 
3m  3a^rc  1622  na^m  ®raf  %i^,  ter  faiferti^e  ©eneral,  tie 
©tatt  ^eitelberg  unt  ri^tete  fünf()untert  ter  33ewot)ner  turd)'ß 
©c^wcrtt  ^in.  2utwig  XIV.  na()m  tie  (Statt  1634  unt  lic^ 
öiele  ter  Sinwo^ner  meterl)auen.  Sßieterum  wurte  fie  1688  öon 
ten  Sr^njofen  eingenommen  unt  l)attceine  f(^were  ©umme  ®eltcö 
gu  beja^len.  2llö  tie  faiferlic^e  5lrmee  angefommen,  fprengten  fic 
tie  geftung  unt  brannten  tie  (Statt  nieter.  1693,  alö  tie  (Statt 
wieter  aufgebaut  war,  eroberten  tie  granjofen  tiefelbe  jum  trit* 
ten  9J?ale  unt  gaben  fie  ten  glammen  preiö.    X;ie  Sinwobner, 



ettra  fünfjcftntaufenl),  Wanmr,  Sßeiber  unb  Winter,  njurtien, 
nac^bem  i^nen  Slüeö  geraubt,  in  ter  9tac^t  in  tie  gelber  ^tnauö 
pejagt.  9iacö  bent  Sitücf^ug  beö  franjöftfc^cn  ^cereö  Iie§en  ftif) 
t)ie  SiniDofiner,  unter  3?erfpre(^ung  von  ®en.n[fenöfreit)eit  uub 
Befreiung  »cn  ^Steuern  auf  ibrei^tg  3a£)re,  bereten,  t)te  (Statt  auf':^ 
^tcue  aufjubauen.  Stnige  ^dt  darauf  fing  ber  .^urfürft,  mcldcicx 
Äckern  geleiftete  35erfprec^en  für  nid)t  tnnbenti  ötclt,  an,  feine 
prote^antifc^en  Untertt)anen  ju  »erfolgen.  !Dte  fran5Öftfd)c  5Irmce 
liatte  ten  d\i)dn  bereite  roieter  ü6crfd)ritten;  ba  flogen  bie  »on 
i^rem  dürften  verfolgten  unb  'oom  gcinbe  peplünberten  ^fäljer, 
etwa  fec^ätaufenb  an  ber  ^aU,  nad)  Snglanb,  um  nad)  bem 
öon  ber  Königin  2lnna  im  ^ai^vi  1708  ergangenen  (Sriap  bafelbft 
@c^ui^  ju  ftnben. 

3^re  3eite  i)atten  fie  eine  Heine  <5trecfe  aufer^atb  Bonbon  auf= 
gefc^tagen,  mo  f[e  auf  öffentli^e  Soften  erhalten  würben,  biö  man 
ffe  nai^  3i"fanb  ober  ben  Sotonien  beförbern  fonnte.  61)riftopl)er 
be  ©raffenrieb  unb  ^oniö  Wiö^ili  »erfuc^ten  ju  biefer  3eit  burc^ 
Stnfauf  »on  2anb  in  ben  britif(^en  Kolonien  i^r  ®IM  ju  machen. 
9)ii(^eti  tvar  mehrere  3a^i"e  in  SImerifa*  gewefen  unb  ^atte  ftc^ 
einige  Äenntniffe  bcg  Sanbeö  »erfc^afft. 

2lnmcrfung. — Wtc&eU  toar  anfangt  öom  Santon  Sern  in  ber  (Sc&toetj 
beauftragt,  eine  gro^c  ®trccfe  leeren  i!anbcö  an  ben  ®renjcn  üon  ^txin^ 
f^löanten,  Q3irginten  ober  SaroHna  ju  fui^en,  auf  bem  ber  Santon  eine 
Volonte  grünbcn  fönntc,  3Jlid^tü  braute  mehrere  3abre  mit  Unterfui^ung 
beö  Sanbe^  ^u.  "Ca  tear  fein  5>?angel  an  gebirgigen  (Scgcnben,  trie  fte 
jene  Seutf  gctoöt)nt  finb ;  aber  ber  ^ian  würbe  aufgegeben. 

Xiic  ©runbl)crren  von  Carolina  ^tten  mit  biefen  Ferren  ein 
Uebereinfommen  getroffen,  bafi  je^ntaufenb  2lcfer  für  fte  an  einem 
©tü(i  gttjifi^en  9ieufe  unb  Sape  gear,  gegen  Sejablung  von 
3it>an3ig  ©chiding  für  je  ^unbcrt  StiJer  unb  fec^S  5^ence  aU  jäi)r= 
liefen  (Srbjinij,  abgemejfcn  werben.  IDer  ®eneraI=3nfpeftor  würbe 
ebenfalls  angewicfen,  eine  weitere  gläc^c  2anbcg  von  I)unbert= 
taufenb  Slcfer  abzulegen,  we((^e  für  jwötf  3a^te  3urücfget)alten 
werben  fotiten.  Siner  »on  i^nen  foüte  nad)  2lbjat)Iung  beö  ge= 
wö^nlic^en  ^reifeö  für  fünftaufenb  Stcfer  Sanbeö  einen  S^rcntitel 
befommen.  ;De  ©raffenrieb  erfüllte  bie  Sebingung  unb  würbe 
jum  ^aron  er()oben.  ^f^ad^bem  biefe  @efeüf(^aft  bie  Sänbereien 
erworben  Ratten,  war  i^r  ^med,  fte  burc^  bie  Seoölterung  mit 
^äd)tern  erträgH^  ju  matten;  unb  ba  boten  ftc^  bie  armen  ^fä(= 
jcr  3um  53?ittel  ber  ©peculation.  DieÄiJnigin  l^atte Seöoümäc^tigtc 

*  SRupp'^  ®efc|).  öon  Sancajler  So.,  «ö.  70,  71. 


ongeflcllt,  um  ©elt»  für  W  ^fäf^er  ju  fammetn  unb  t^nen  ju 
einer  ^ieberlaffung  ju  öerl)clfen.  ©rajfcnrtet)  unb  'üO'Jic^eÜ  mad)= 
ten  eg  nun  mit  bicfen  33eöoUmä^tigtcn  ab,  bap  biefclbcn  fec^ö= 
l^unberi  unb  fünfjig  üon  ben  ^''fäi3crn,  ettt?a  I)unbert  gamilien, 
nac^  9?orb=SaroIina  fc^ijften,  njcfd)en  ftc  baö  ?anb,  jeber  Familie 
3njeil)unbert  unb  fünfjig  2lder,  bie  erften  fünf  ^ci^xc  lang  unent=^ 
gelblich  unb  öon  ber  3eit  an  ju  jtrei  ^cnce  Mourant  per  Slder 
abgeben  wollten.  Sml^  ?Wonate  lang  fotiten  bie  ^^fäl^er  mit 
Sebenömitteln  üerfe^en  werben,  bereu  Scja^Iung  erft  am  @nbe 
beö  barauf  folgenben  3at)reö  fällig  würbe;  ebcnfalliS  foKten  ftc 
unentgelbli^  mit  ben  jur  Srbauung  i^rer  Käufer  nöt^igcn  @f= 
rätöen  auögerüftet  werben.  @ö  ftanb  ebenfaüö  im  5Bertrag,  bap 
fte  innerhalb  oier  'SJtonate  nac^  i:^rer  Slnfunft  mit  einer  beftimm= 
ten  Stnjabl  Äübe,  ©c^weine  unb  ©c^afe  oerfeben  werben  fotltcn, 
bie  erft  nac^  33erlauf  oon  ffeben  S'^^ffn  ga^^lbar  würben,  ©tatt 
ber  3ntereffcn  fotiten  fte  bann  bie  Hälfte  ber  ^f^ac^juc^t  jurü(!= 

gür  Ueberfc^iffung  ber  ^fätjcr  gcflatteten  bie  S3eöollmä(^tigten 
fünf  ^funb  (Sterling  auf  ben  ^opf ;  unb  fol(^e,  welche,  jung  ober 
alt,  jwanjig  Scfeitling  öon  ben  im  ganjen  Äönigreic^  erhobenen 
milbtl)ätigen  ßoHeftionen  erl)ielten,  gaben  baö  ®elb  in  bie  .f)änbc 
©raffenrieb^ö  unb  S)?i^cll'g,  um  eö  i^nen  in  Carolina  wieber 

3m  !l)ecember  1709  famcn  bie  ?)fäl3er  am  3ufammenflu§  ber 
gtüffe  5^eufe  unb  Streut  an,  wo  fte  fi(^  Jpütten  auffc^lugen,  big 
fte  in  ben  33ep^  ibreö  ^'anbcö  gelangen  fonnten.  i)en  Drt,  wo 
fte  i^re  Sßo^nungen  auffd)lugen,  Riefen  fle  9iew  33ern  narf) 
35 cm  in  ber  ©d)wei3,  bem  ©eburtöort  ©raffenrieb'g.  2)ic 
5)fäljcr  ^^atten  gute  Urfrt(^c  ju  flagen,  ba  ©raffenrieb,  auf  beffcn 
Manien  bag  Sanb  aufgenommen  worben  war,  nad)  ber  ©d)weij 
3urüdfel)rte,  olnie  ibnen  ein  @runbred)t  ju  i^ren  Slnftcbelungen 
JU  geben.    Gr  »crfd)ricb  bie  Sanbereien  bcm  J^omaö  ^^oHocf  für 

*  Die  5BcoD(lniä'd)tigtcn  waren  Sobn  ^(»tltp«,  Sllcranber  Sntrnc^,  3;t)eo. 
Sanfon,  SBJjite  Äcnnet,  3ot)n  Stiamberltn,  ^^xtitrid  <Bt\ixt,  5J?tcatat)  ^Jerrip. 

Die  SSertrngSurfunbe  tr»ar  batirt:  ben  10.  Dct.  1709,  im  ad^ten  Sa^rc 
ber  3tegterung  ber  Äöuigin  Slnna. 

"Die  3«t)(  ber  armen  ^ftäljer  betrug  ^i^ii^vintttt; — jtuet  unb  neunjtg 

Diefe  Urfunbe  war  uutcrjeicijnet  »on  ben  ftcbcn  23eöDttmäc^ttgten; 
Sbriftopb"  be  ©raffenrieb  unb  ^out^  5}?ti|eß,  in  Öjegentoart  öon  2BiÜtam 
Jailor  unb  3ameß  be  ^i'ratt,  ben  21.  DU.  1709. 


W  (Summe  tton  ad)t{)unt»ert  ^funt)  (Sterling,  mlä^t  bann  öuf 
bte  ßrben  biefeä  SJZannes  übergingen. 

31  tt  m  e  r  f  u  n  g.— 3n  einem  »on  $oüocf  an  (Sjraffenricb  gerichteten  (Sc|irct= 
bcn  öom  16.  (Februar  1716  trug  er  tt)m  bie  fünfjeijntaufent»  Slcfer  Joieber 
an  gegen  9{ücfja|)lung  beö  Äaufpreifeg. 

X>k  ^fiiljer,  bie  inbeffen  baö  au^gebe^nte  unb  fcitligc  Sanb 
fleißig  bearbeiteten,  nahmen  an  Slnja^I  ju  unb  erttiarfcen  ftc^ 
S3eft0tt)um.  9lac^  öielen  3a6ren  mürben  fie  auf  eine  Sitte  an 
ben  MniQ  burc^  eine  (Sc^enfung  yon  jel)ntaufenb  Slder,  bie  auf 
je^n  3Ä^re  frei  öon  Srbjinfen  twaren,  gemiffermapen  entfc^äbigt." 

No.  XII. 

"  Beyond  Col.  Spotswood' s  Furnace,  above  the  Falls  of  Rap- 
pahannock River,  within  view  of  the  vast  mountains,  he  has 
founded  a  town,  called  Germanna,  from  some  Germans  sent 
over  by  Queen  Anne,  who  have  now  removed  further  up  the 
river.  Beyond  this  is  seated  by  Germans  from  the  Palatinate,  with 
allowance  of  rich  land,  who  thrive  very  well,  and  live  happily, 
and  entertain  generously.  These  are  encouraged  to  make  wines ; 
which  by  the  experience,  particularly  of  the  late  Robert  Bev- 
erly, who  wrote  the  History  of  Virginia,  was  done  easily  and 
in  large  quantities  in  those  parts ;  not  only  from  the  cultivation 
of  wild  grapes,  which  grow  plentifully  and  naturally  in  all  the 
lands  thereabouts,  and  in  the  other  parts  of  the  country,  but 
also  from  the  Spanish,  French,  Italian  and  German  vines." — 
Hugh  Jones'  Present  Condition  of  Virginia,  published  1724. 

Col.  B^rd,  writing  of  Germanna  in  1732,  says :  "  This  famous 
town  consists  of  Col.  Spotswood's  enchanted  castle  on  one  side  of 
the  street,  and  a  baker's  dozen  of  ruinous  tenements  on  the  other, 
where  so  many  German  families  had  dwelt  some  yeai's  ago,  but 
have  now  moved  ten  miles  higher  up,  in  the  forks  of  Rappahan- 
nock, to  land  of  their  own." — Iloioe's  His.  Col.,  pp.  475,  476. 

Rockingham  and  Shenandoah  Counties  are  inhabited  by  many 
of  German  origin,  who  still  speak  the  language  of  their  ancestoi-s. 


Shenandoah  Valley,  in  the  vicinity  of  Harrisonburg,  was  almost 
exclusively  settled  by  Germans  from  Pennsylvania,  prior  to  1748. 
A  traveler  through  this  part  of  Virginia,  during  the  French 
and  Indian  war,  writes :  "  The  low  grounds  upon  the  banks  of 
the  Shenandoah  River  are  very  rich  and  fertile.  They  are  chiefly 
settled  by  Glermans,  who  gain  a  sufl&cient  livelihood  by  raising 
stock  for  the  troops,  and  sending  butter  down  into  the  lower 
parts  of  the  country.  I  could  not  but  reflect  with  pleasure  on 
the  situation  of  these  people,  and  think,  if  there  is  such  a 
thing  as  happiness  in  this  life,  they  enjoy  it.  Far  from  the  bustle 
of  the  world,  they  live  in  the  most  delightful  climate  and  richest 
soil  imaginable.  They  are  every  where  surrounded  with  beauti- 
ful prospects  and  sylvan  scenes; — lofly  mountains,  transparent 
streams,  falls  of  water,  rich  vallies  and  majestic  woods,  the  whole, 
interspersed  with  an  infinite  variety  of  flowering  shrubs,  con- 
stitute the  landscapes  surrounding  them.  They  are  subject  to 
few  deseases,  are  generally  robust,  and  live  in  perfect  liberty. 
They  know  no  wants,  and  are  acquainted  with  but  few  vices. 
Their  inexperience  of  elegancies  of  life  precludes  any  regret 
that  they  have  not  the  means  of  enjoying  them;  but  they 
possess  what  many  princes  would  give  half  their  dominions 
for — health,  contentment,  and  tranquillity  of  mind." — Howe's 
Coll  of  Va.,  p.  468. 


„T)raufen  üter  DBerfl  ©pot^ttjpob'ö  (Etfcnfc^ntelge,  oBer'^atfe 
ter  gäücbeö  JRappa^annod^ghiffe^,  im  SlnMid  ber  unabfe'^baren 
©efcirgc,  ^at  er  eine  ©tabt  gegrünbet,  Sf?amcnö  ©ermanna, 
fo  genannt  naö)  einigen  öon  ter  Königin  Stnna  ^erübergef^icften 
!X)entf(^en,  bte  je^t  weiter  tien  glu§  i)inauf  gejogen  ftnb.  Sßeitcr 
brausen  ttto^nen  Deutfc^e  ani  t»er  ^falj  auf  reichem  SSoten,  bie  gut 
fortfomnten,  glücfUc^  leben  VixCt>  freigebig  betPtrt^en.  ©iefe  Mtern 
SOSeine,  bag  no.&)  (Fvfai)rnng,  befonberö  beö  üerftorbenen  Stöbert 
SBeoerl^,  »etd^er  bie  ©efc^id)te  »on  5?trgtnten  gefc^rieben,  lei^t 
öon  ©fatten  ge()t  unb  in  jenen  I()eilen  au^  in  bebeutenben  £^uan= 
titäten,  nid)t  nur  au^  bcn  in  jener  ©egenb  unb  angrengenben 
Sänbern  fo  ^äuftg  unb  üppig  njac^f^-nben  tvilben  Jrauben,  fon= 



t>ern  rtU(^  son  ben  fpanifc^en,  fran5Öftf(^en,  itatientfc^en  unb  bmt= 
fc^en  diebm."  —  ^ug^  3one3'  ^t^iQt  3wf^änbe  in  33irgtnien, 
^erau(?c(egeben  1724. 

Dberfl  5Bprb  [agt  in  einem  (Schreiben  über  ©ermanna  1732 : 
„X)iefeö  mertwürbtge  ©täbtd)en  befielt  aus  Dberft  ®potött)oob'^ 
bcjanbertem  (»c^Ioffe  auf  ber  einen  @cite  ber  ©träfe  unb  einem 
!Du^enb  unb  ettid)en  alten  »erfattenen  Bütten  auf  ber  anberen,  in 
benen  frütjer  tbm  fo  öiele  beutf(^e  gamitien  gewohnt  hatten, 
welche  aber  jc^t  ^tijn  ^EReilcn  fiuf aufroärtö  in  bie  ®abeln  beö 
9iappal)annocf  gebogen  ftnb,  auf  il)r  eigeneö  Sanb." — ^oive'g 
®efc^.  ber  Sot.,  ©.475,  476. 

■bie  Sountieö  Siocfing^am  unb  ©^enanboa^  ftnb  öon  5>ielcn 
beutfc^er  Stbfunft  bewo'^nt,  bie  noc^  bie  ®praci)e  i^rer  2If)nen 
reben.  Vaä  ®benanboat)  =  2;^at  in  ber  9?a(ibarf(^aft  üon 
^arrifonburg  würbe  faft  aueifc^lieplit^  nod)  öor  1748  lion  "Deut^ 
fc^en  auö  ^ennf^löanien  angefiebelt.  Siner,  ber  roä^renb  beö 
fran3ijfif(^en  unb  inbianifc^en  Äriegeä  burc^  biefen  J^eit  33ir= 
ginien'ö  gereift  toav,  fd)reibt:  „X)ic  an  ben  Ufern  beö  ©^cnanboa^ 
gelegenen  9iicberungen  ftnb  fet)r  reii^  unb  frud)tbar.  !DicfeIben 
finb  ^auptfäc^Iic^  oon  IDeutfd^en  angebaut,  bie  burd)  3ie^en  üon 
33orrat!^  für  bie  2;ruppen  unb  bur(|  Lieferung  t»on  SButter  nac^ 
ben  niebercn  Ii)eilen  beö  Sanbeei  fic^  einen  genügenben  Unterhalt 
crtrerben.  3^  fonnte  nur  mit  '35ergnügen  über  bie  Sage  biefer 
Seute  nac^ftnncn,  unb  benfen,  ba§,  trenn  e^  in  biefem  Seben 
©lüdfeligfeit  gibt,  fie  biefelbe  befi^en  muffen.  2ßeit  üom  ©etöfe 
ber  2ßelt  entfernt,  wohnen  fie  im  präd)tigften  ^Uma  unb  auf 
bem  reic^ften  S3oben,  ben  man  fic^  beulen  fann.  Ueberaü  ftnb  fie 
mit  ben  t)errli(^ften  2tugft(^ten  unb  2öalbgruppen  umgeben — ^ol)e 
S3erge,  ftlber^etle  ©tröme,  Söafferfäüe,  reii^e  Jplcr  unb  maje^ 
ftätif(^e  ffiälbcr,  mit  einer  3n?ifd^enfaat  üon  buftenben,  blüt)enben 
@cfträud)en  aller  3trt,  bilben  bie  fte  umgebeube  Sanbfc^aft.  ©ie 
ftnb  nur  ivenigen  Äranf^eiten  unterworfen,  geivöl)nUc^  »on  fräf= 
tigem  2leu§eren  unb  leben  in  ööüiger  greil)eit.  ©ie  tennen  feinen 
5}?angel  unb  ffnb  mit  wenigen  Saftern  bcfannt.  3()re  Unerfahrene 
beit  in  ber  Sleganj  bes;  2cbenä  f^Iiept  icbeö  53ebauern,  baf  fte 
nic^t  bie  ?0^ittel  jum  ®enuf  berfelben  ^aben,  üon  felbft  auö; 
il)r  X^eil  jeboc^  ift  ein  ®ut,  für  bag  bie  gürjlen  bie  ^älfte  i^rer 
®üter  geben  würben:  ®efunb()eit,  3ufi^iebenbcit  unb  ©eelcn* 
ru^e." — ^owe'ö  ©ammlungen  »on  35a.,  ©.  468. 



No.  XIII. 


New  Rochelle,  in  West  Chester  County,  N.  Y.,  was  early 
settled  by  Huguenots  from  Rochelle,  a  seaport-town  of  France. 
The  following  list  embraces  the  names  of  all  the  males,  ages 
annexed  to  the  names,  living  in  New  Rochclle,  December  9, 
1710.  The  Editor  can  vouch  for  the  tnie  spelling  of  names — 
they  have  all  been  carefully  copied. 

Seamen  ier  S)länner  ju  9?em  Sfiodietle,  1710. 

9lcn)  9to(^e((e  in  2Beftd)efler  Souutp,  9?.  5).,  luurbe  frü^c  tton 
J^ugcnotten  axxi  Sflo^elle,  einem  Seehafen  granfretd)'ö,  ange= 
flebelt.  £)ic  nac^ftc^enbe  Sifte  enthält  tie  9iamen  aüer  am  9.  X)ec. 
1710  3U  9tett»  3ftod)eIIe  töo^nentien  männlid^en  ^erfoncn,  nebft 
beigefügtem  i^efeenöatter. 

William  Le  Conte,  52, 
William  Le  Conte  jr.,  16, 
Jean  Le  Conte,  6, 
Alexander  AUear,  50, 
Peter  AUear,  15, 
Philip  AUear,  8, 
Jean  AUear,  3, 
Isaac  AUear,  1, 
Peter  Vallow,  47, 
Josiah  Le  ViUien,  48 
Peter  Le  ViUien,  9, 
John  Le  ViUien,  4, 
Peter  Martine,  45, 
Andreas  Nodden  sen.,  73, 
Andreas  Nodden  jr.,  34, 
John  Rannoo,  46, 
Stephen  Rannoo,  22, 
John  Rannoo,  3, 
Andrew  Jan'o,  45, 
John  Jarro,  13, 
Andrew  Jarro  jr.,  11 
James  Jarro,  3, 

John  Mannion,  45, 
Peter  Fmteer,  22, 
Isaiah  Vallow  sen.,  72, 
Peter  Vallow,  10, 
Daniel  Bondett,  58, 
WiUiam  Landering,  13, 
Zachariah  Angevine,  46, 
Zachariah  Angevine  jr.,  6, 
Daniel  Angevine,  2, 
James  Moreye,  55, 
Daniel  Moreye,  9, 
Ffrancis  Le  Conte,  45, 
Josiah  Le  Conte,  13, 
John  Teast,  54, 
John  Lambert,  52, 
Isaiah  Baddo,  46, 
Isaiah  Baddo  jr.,  12, 
Andris  Barrett,  63, 
John  BaiTctt,  25, 
Barnabas  Barrett,  16, 
Andris  Barret  jr.,  13, 
Peter  Angevine,  44, 



Lewis  Angevine,  8, 
John  Barrett,  50, 
John  Barrett  jr.,  7, 
Gabriel  Barrett,  6, 
Peter  Barrett,  50, 
Peter  Brittain,  28, 
Peter  Brittain  jr.,  3, 
Anthony  Leppener,  24, 
John  Claance,  1, 
John  Neffveile,  69, 
Josiah  Neffveile,  18, 
Lewis  Guion  sen.,  56, 
Isaac  Guion,  25, 
John  Lammon,  28, 
James  Fflanders,  46, 
James  Fflanders  jr.,  4, 
Peter  Fflanders,  1, 
Paul  PiUon,  40, 
Paul  Pillon  jr.,  14, 
James  Sycar,  34, 
John  Sycar,  3, 
Robert  Bloomer,  76, 
James  Mott,  15, 
Thomas  Mott,  9, 
Fredk.  Bolt,  36, 
Peter  La  Boue,  12, 
Daniel  Sycar,  40, 
James  Sycar  sen.,  75, 
Daniel  Sycar  jr.,  12, 
John  Sycar,  11, 
Peter  Sycar,  9, 
Andrew  Sycar,  3, 
Peter  Parcout,  47, 
John  Parcout,  15, 
Andrew  Parcout,  9, 
John  Couton,  52, 
John  Couton  jr.,  15, 
Peter  Couton,  12, 
Frederick  Scurman,  80, 

Jacob  Scurman,  40, 
Jacob  Scurman  jr.,  11, 
Miles  Scurman,  6, 
Peter  Symon,  47, 
Peter  Symon  jr.,  12, 
Charles  Fruttye,  56, 
Oliver  Bayley,  52, 
Peter  Le  Doof,  46, 
Daniel  Le  Doof,  14, 
Peter  Le  Doof  jr.,  8, 
John  Le  Doof,  5, 
Andrew  Le  Doof,  4, 
Ffrancis  Geenar,  45, 
Frederick  Scurman,  4.3, 
Daniel  Rennoe,  55, 
TheophUus  Ffurtye,  68, 
John  Sarineer, 
Stephen  Garrien,  46, 
John  Murro,  46, 
Peter  Murro,  9, 
John  Murro,  13, 
John  Martine,  25, 
Peter  Frederick,  68, 
Peter  Sluce,  18, 
Peter  Frederick  jr.,  26, 
John  BouUie,  35, 
John  Boullie  jr.,  5, 
Daniel  Bonnett,  45, 
Daniel  Bonnett  jr.,  17, 
John  Bonnett,  15, 
Peter  Bonnett,  5, 
Josiah  Hunt,  43, 
Josiah  Hunt  jr.,  15, 
John  Bon  Repo,  47, 
.Blanch  Bon  Repo,  13, 
Gregory  Guyion,  44, 
Gregory  Guyion  jr.,  7, 
Peter  Dais,  48. 


No.  XIV. 


As  early  as  1723,  tliirty -three  families  of  Germans,  who  had 
come  to  New  York  1710,  settled  in  Schoharie  1713,  left  there 
and  located  on  Tulpehocken  Creek;  among  these  were: 

9?amett  ber  erften  5tnftebler  ooit  2;ulpe{)orfen,  ^txU  unb 
Sebanott  ß^ountteö. 

©c^on  im  ^a.;Xt  1723  tiefen  p^  breiftg  beutfc^c  gamtlten, 
bie  1710  nac^  5'ien)  §)orf  gefommen  unb  1713  na^  (St^oijavte 
gejogcit  ttarcn,  am  Stülpet) ocf en  =  glu^  nieber;  unter  biefen 
waren : 

Johannes  Lantz,  Johan  Peter  Pacht, 

Peter  Rieth,  Sebastian  Pisas, 

Conrad  Schütz,  Andreas  Walborn, 

Lorentz  Zerbe,  Antonius  Scharf, 

Joseph  Saab,  Sebastian  Fischer, 

George  Rieth,  Christian  Lauer, 

Gottfried  Fitler,  Johan  Adam  Lesch, 

Johan  Nicolas  Sch'dflFer,  George  Anspach. 
Johannes  Rieth, 

In  1728,  others  from  Schoharie  settled  here. 

2tnbcrc  öon  ©c^o^aric  liefen  ftc^  1728  ^ierfelbjl  nieber. 

Leonard  Anspach,  Georg  Zeh, 

Johan  Jacob  Holsteiner,  Andreas  Kapp, 

Johan  Philip  Schneider,  Jacob  Löwengut, 

Philip  Theis,  Georg  Schmidt, 

Casper  Höhn,  Johannes  Nöcker, 

Michael  Lauer,  Jacob  Werner, 

Jacob  Katterman,  Heinrich  Six. 
Conrad  Scharf, 

Note. — In  1729,  Conrad  Weiser  left  Schoharie  with  his  wife  and 
five  children,  Philip,  Frederick,  Anna,  Madlina  and  Maria,  and  settled 
near  the  present  site  of  Womelsdorf,  one  mile  east  of  the  town.  He  was 
usefully  employed  in  various  capacities  by  the  Oovernment  of  Penn- 



sylvania,  until  within  a  few  weeks  of  his  death.  He  died  July  13, 1760, 
aged  63  years,  8  months  and  12  days.  His  earthly  remains  moulder 
in  their  narrow  house,  near  Womelsdorf. — See  Rupp's  History  of  Berks 
County,  pp.  195-222. 

The  first  settlers  in  Tulpehocken  were  Lutherans  and  German  Re- 
formed. Rev.  Tobias  Wagner  was  the  first  pastor  of  the  Lutheran 
Congregation.  The  following  is  a  List  of  the  members  of  the  Tulpe- 
hocken  Church,  from  1743  to  1746: 

?lttmerf ung. — 1729  öerUe§  Sonrab  2Betfer  ®c^of)arie  mit  feiner  ^xau 
unb  fünf  Ätnbern,  5^t)iH|3p,  griebric^,  Stnna,  5]?agbalena  unb  iSlaxia,  unb 
fiebelte  ftc^  in  ber  5?at)e  ber  gegentuarttgen  Sage  »on  SDomelöborf,  eine 
^OJeilc  ijftlic^  öom  (2täbt($cn,  an.  Stö  furj  »or  feinem  lobe  letftete  er  ber 
9iegterung  ijon  ^ennf^loantcn  auf  i^erfc^tcbcnerlet  2Beife  treue  £)tenfte. 
5tm  13.  Suit  1760  jiarb  er  im  Stiter  ijon  63  3a{)rcn,  8  5!ÄDnaten  unb  12 
3;agcn.  ©eine  Oebeine  ru^en  in  tt)rem  engen  |)auö  bet  SBomelöborf. — 
®tf()e  Stupp'ö  @ef4).  oon  23erf3  Sount?,  ®.  195-222. 

"Die  erftcn  ^nftebler  in  Sutpet)Dcfen  tcaren  Sut^eraner  unb  Oleformtrie. 
5)aftor  Jobtag  SBagncr  tear  ber  crftc  «Seelforger  ber  Sut^crtfd^en  ©emetnbe. 
Öolgenbeö  ift  eine  Sifte  ber  SJiitglteber  ber  Xulpeijorfen^Äirc^e  »on  1743 
bt^  1746: 

Sebastian  Fischer, 
Michael  Nef  sen., 
Erasmus  Dunkenmayer, 
Martin  Höcker, 
Peter  Hohnsteiner, 
Valentin  Urich, 
Thomas  Koppenhofer, 
3Iichael  Erhardt, 
Georg  Graf  sen., 
Friederick  Kapp, 
Andreas  Kapp, 
Keinhold  Eset, 
Johannes  Rickmüller, 
Leonard  Grau, 
(Christoph  Kaylor, 
Joh.  Georg  Brigel, 
Joh.  Georg  Lechner, 
Andreas  Graf, 
Martin  Stupp, 
Christian  Laur, 
Jacob  Fischer, 
Georg  Unruh, 
Johannes  Immel, 
Andreas  Kreutzer, 

Christian  Walborn, 

Andreas  Saltzgeber, 

Martin  Batorf, 

Joh.  Heinrich  Boy  er, 

Georg  Anspach, 

Joh.  Adam  Lesch, 

Joh.  Peter  Anspach, 

Joh.  Georg  Kohl, 

Nicolaus  Dek, 

Joh  an  Heinrich  Dek, 

Johannes  Anspach, 

Leonard  Anspach, 

Joh.  Phil.  Schneider, 

Balthas  Anspach, 

Joh.  Leonhard  Hollsteiner, 

Georg  Brosius, 

Abraham  Lauk, 

Michael  Müller, 

Joh.  Nich.  Schwengel, 

Andreas  Wolf, 

Michel  Koppenhofer, 

Simon  Carle, 

Joh.  Phil.  Gebhardt, 

Michel  Hof  jr., 



Johann  Schoss, 
Abraham  Nef, 
Andreas  Wigner, 
Joh.  Mich.  Müller, 
Joseph  Keller, 
Peter  Gebhard, 
Jacob  Löwengut., 
Joh.  Martin  Kapp, 
Johan  Martin  Cass, 
Geo.  Vitus  Cass, 
Joh.  Michel  Kapp, 
Joh.  Georg  König, 
Doratha  Ertzbergerin, 
Margretha  Basler  in, 
Niclaus  Hafner, 
Philip  Moderer, 
Joh.  Müller, 
Joh.  Adam  Lang, 
Peter  Kreutzer, 
Nichlas  Gaucher, 
Jacob  Katterman, 
Peter  Zerb, 
Johannes  Graf, 
Heinrich  Schupp, 
Georg  Graf  jr., 
Joh.  Adam  Christ, 
Philip  Kunz, 
Georg  Pfafenberger, 
Wilhelm  Leitner, 
Frederick  Süss, 
Margr.  Kreutzbergerin, 
Johan  Kistler, 
Anna  Cath.  Daurin, 
Melchior  Dehler, 
Mavg.  Cath.  Christian, 
Franciscus  Brosmann, 
Joh.  Kastner, 
Anna  Elisabeth  Lenin, 
Hermanus  Batorf, 
Jacob  Lesch, 
Leonhard  Feg, 

Joh.  Geo.  Goldmann, 
Joh.  Gotfried  Röhrer, 
Joh.  Jacob  Köhler, 
Anna  Barb.  Riedin, 
Daniel  Schneider, 
Joh.  Adam  Müller, 
Joh.  Peter  Müller, 
Heinrich  Gruber, 
Jacob  Muller, 
Conrad  Scharf, 
Christian  Gruber, 
Johan  Dieter, 
Joh.  Valentin  Lang, 
Jacob  Mautz, 
Christoph  Besher, 
Joh.  Georg  Lauk, 
Andreas  Kraft, 
Stephanus  Umbenhauer, 
Joh.  Kettner, 
Joh.  Casper  Stöver, 
Geo.  Michel  Kettner, 
Conrad  Ernst, 
Adam  Scharf, 
Gottfried  Fiteier, 
Michel  Schauer, 
Eva  Martinin, 
Martin  Pfateicher, 
Jacob  Zorn, 
Philip  Straus, 
Adam  Schauer, 
Johannes  Zerbe, 
Jacob  Zerbe, 
Adam  Schmidt, 
Adam  Ulrich, 
Leonhard  Müller, 
Johannes  Waidmann, 
Balthas  Süss, 
Georg  Albert, 
Martin  Waidman, 
Daniel  Huber, 
Georg  Klein, 



Jacob  Klein, 
Jacob  Heil, 
Hartman  Vertries, 
Leonhard  Hof, 
Job.  Georg  Heü, 
Peter  Raa, 
Henrich  Rothe, 
Johannes  Bauer, 
Job.  Adam  Oberlin, 
Geo.  Eichelberger, 
Michel  Spieger, 
Mattbeus  Albrecht, 
Job.  Peter  Kucber, 
Georg  Steitz, 
Job.  Sigmund  Herle, 

Georg  Zeh, 
Wendel  Heil, 
Friderich  Ruth, 
Georg  Günter, 
Valentin  Herchelroth, 
Adam  Stump, 
Henrich  Majer, 
Geo.  Bartel  Schäfer, 
Franz  Wenrich, 
Johannes  Haak, 
Georg  Wenrich, 
Johan  Henrich  Basler 
Job.  Holman, 
Job.  Jac.  Ertzberger, 
Christian  Anbauer. 

No.  XV. 

CHURCH,  BETWEEN  1735  and  1755. 

€iftc  fcer  3}Jitölicber  bcr  tcutfc|=^reformtrtm  Ätrc^e  in  bm 
3aM  1735  bi^  1755. 

Johannes  Bassler, 
Jonas  La  Ru, 
Johan  G.  Zöller, 
Wilhelm  Hoster, 
Hartman  Zöller, 
Friederich  Klopp, 
Georg  Huber, 
Johan  Thomas, 
Michael  Spengler, 
Johannes  Petrus, 
Nicholas  Gelbert, 
Johannes  Zollner, 
Jacob  Itzberger, 
Nicklaus  Miüler, 

Johannes  Müller, 
Peter  Becker, 
Peter  Loch, 
Jonas  Fortuny, 
Johannes  Lein, 
Johan  Adam  Stein, 
Jacob  Dinges, 
Christian  Orndorff, 
Jacob  Simon, 
Michael  Gunkel, 
Jacob  Keller, 
Johan  Jacob  Müller, 
Peter  Summois, 
Georg  Dollinger, 



Johan  Wilhelm  Hoster, 

Abraham  Lebbo, 

Peter  Spycker, 

John  Adam  Forne, 

Henrich  Marsteller, 

Jacob  Rammler, 

Johannes  Reiif, 

Wilhelm  Leitner, 

Johan  Greorg  Stahlschmidt, 

Nicklaus  Simon, 

Michael  Kor, 

Peter  Mayer, 

Jacob  Rössel, 

Johan  Henrich  Herchelroth, 

Jacob  Seifert, 

Johan  Diehm, 

Henrich  Koppenhöffer, 

Conrad  Hartman, 

Henrich  Ludwig, 

Daniel  Maurshagen, 

Johan  Peter  Pappel, 

Isaac  Mayer, 
Joh.  Adam  Dieffenbach, 
Adam  Forrer, 
Peter  Wenkelbley, 
Baltzer  Noll, 
Jacob  Gröninger, 
Conrad  Goldman, 
Henrich  Schmidt, 
Philip  Ziegler, 
Valentin  Schuler, 
Casper  Kor, 
Johan  Michael  Becker, 
Michael  Sänger, 
Jacob  Walter, 
Conrad  Schwartz, 
Georg  Deys, 
Johann  Dätweiler, 
Martin  Schell, 
Augustus  Wilhelm, 
Jacob  Zufall, 
Lorentz  Wolff. 

Note. — May  10,  1728,  inhabitants  of  Colebrook  Dale  petitioned 
Governor  Gordon,  praying  for  relief  against  what  they  suffered,  and 
were  likely  to  suffer,  from  the  Indians,  who  had  fallen  upon  the  back 
inhabitants  about  Falkner'' s  Schwamm  and  Goshenhoppen. — Pa.  Arch.,  I., 
p.  213. 

Slntncrfung. — 2tm  10, ?[)?at  1728  retd^ten  bte  33eh)of)ner  »om  Sole^- 
broof'Xöat  an  ©ouoerneur  (53orbon  eine  Stttfchrift  ein,  in  ber  7°  i|)" 
erfuc^tcn,  tt)nen  2l&()ülfe  ju  ocrfc^affen  »on  ben  Slngrtjfen,  bie  [ie  öon  ben 
Snbtanern  ju  letben  fatten,  »eld^e  bereitö  über  bte  ^)tnteren  SSemo^ner  nat)c 
Salfner'ö  ©c^ttjamm  unb  ®oft)enl)uppen  hergefallen  t»aren. — 
5)ennf.  Street»,  I.,  ®.  213. 

John  Roberts, 
John  Pawling, 
Henry  Pfannebäcker, 
W.  Lane, 
John  Jacobs, 
D.  Bais, 
Israel  Morris, 
Benjamin  Frey, 

Jacob  Opdegräf, 
Richard  Adams, 
George  Boger, 
Adam  Sollom, 
Dielman  Kolb, 
Martin  Kolb, 
Gabriel  Schüler, 
Anthony  HoUman, 



Jolin  Isaac  Klein,  Hans  Ulrich  Borge, 

Hans  Detweiler,  Jolin  Mayer, 

William  Bitts,  John  Frot, 

Heinrich  Ruth,  Paul  Frot, 

Hubrecht  Cassel,  Wm.  Smith, 

Henrich  Fenttinger,  Peter  Rambo, 

Christian  Weber,  David  Yung, 

Gerhart  de  Hesse,  Christopher  Schmidt, 

Lorentz  Sinsemore,  Gerhart  Clemens, 

Richard  Jacob,  Mathias  Tyson  (Deisen), 

Herman  Rupert,  Peter  Janson, 

Betu  Bohn,  Yost  Heid, 

Jacob  Conrads,  Christian  Allbach, 

Christian  Neuschwanger,  Hans  Reif, 

Conrad  Cresson,  Daniel  StauflFer, 
Jacob  Kolb, 

and  numerous  others  (uni  »iele  antcrc). 

No.  XVI. 




who  owned  land,  and  paid  quit-renta  prior  to  1734. 

Note. — Quit-rent,  a  reserved  rent  in  the  grant  of  land,  by  the  Pro- 
prietary, by  the  payment  of  which  the  landholder  was  to  be  freed  from 
other  taxes.  Quit-rents  were  not  uniform;  they  varied  from  one  shil- 
ling sterling  per  hundred  acres,  to  six  shillings />«r  annum,  and  in  other 
instances  more. 

SSier'^unbert  unb  fünfunbfed)ö^^tg  5'^amen  fceutfd)er,  f)ollän^ 

bifcf)er  unb  fianjiJftfdjer  (Stnwo^ner  »on 

^f)tlabelpl;ia  (Jounti;, 

»elc^e  Sanb  befa^cn  unb  oor  bent  3al)re  1734  Srbjinfen  jal^tten. 

Slnmerfung. — ©rbjtnö  tficinc  refcrüirie  Stcntc  bet  bent  Iktertrncien 
coit  ^anb  burcb  ben  ®igentt)üincr,  buvd)  bereu  3'iblung  ber  5-^äc^ter  »on 
aUett  nnberen  laren  befreit  luurbc.  (£rb,^tiifen  tt>aren  nid)t  gletc|)fi)rnitg ; 
fte  »aritrten  t>ou  einem  @d)t(!inij  (Sterling  per  Ijunbert  Sldfer  bio  ju  [cc^ö 
(»djiUtngen  j[ät)rltc|),  unb  in  anberen  gälten  met;r. 


Amity  Toion&hip. 
Johan  Jacob  Roth,  100  acres,   Jacob  Weber,  110, 
Daniel  Womelsdorf,  200,  Georg  Ander,  200, 

Elias  De  Hart,  100,  Simon  De  Hart,  100. 

Bihury  Township. 
Joseph  Van  Pelt,  180. 

Bristol  Township. 
Christian  Peterman,  50,  Abra'm  Schuhmacher,  50, 

Johannes  Lücken,  300,  Mathias  Lücken,  150. 

Cresheim  Totonship,  late  part  of  Germantown. 

Wühelm  De  Wees,  150,  Peter  Zell,  60, 

Johannes  Conrad,  100,  Dirk  Rebenstock,  50, 

David  Müller,  100,  Peter  Rüttynhuysen,  100, 

Heinrich  Zell,  lOO',  Jacob  Zell,  90, 

Cornelius  Neus,  50,  Hans  Schelly,  25, 

Michael  Acker,  25,  Leonard  List,  20, 

Anna  Rupp,  100,  Johan  Streper,  150, 

Anthony  Tunis,  150,  Joh.  Georg  Rieser,  27. 

Cheltenham  Township. 
Georg  Schuhmacher,  100,  Isaac  Schuhmacher,  20. 

Georg  Herman,  50, 

Colehrook  Township. 
(Number  of  acres  not  given.) 
Daniel  Stauffer,  Hans  Bauer, 

Jacob  Buchwalter,  Peter  Beidler, 

Michael  Bauer,  Jacob  Herman. 

Upper  Dublin  Township. 
Dirick  Tison,  100,  Johannes  Herman,  100, 

Dennis  Cunrad,  100,  Wilhelm  Lücken,  200. 

Johannes  Conrads,  200, 

Franconia   Township. 

Johannes  Frey,  150,  Johan  Griesman,  40, 

Jacob  Oberholtzer,  150,  Conrad  Küster,  100, 

Jost  Pfannenkuch,  100  Michael  Bang,  75, 

Joseph  Althaus,  141,  Jacob  Fuhrman,  140, 

Uly  Hunsberger,  150,  Johannes  Hentz,  100, 

Leonard  Christoleer,  200,  Ludwig  Zerkel,  100, 



Johannes  Wilhelm,  50, 
Henrich  Rosenberger,  100, 
Jost  Schindler,  140, 
Christian  Mayer,  150, 
Abraham  Keif,  200, 
Jacob  Hunsberger,  50, 
Georg  German,  100, 


Johannes  Neus,  200, 
Joh.  Hein.  Hageman,  100, 
Henrich  Stover,  100, 
Henrich  Stettier,  140, 
Adam  Barsteller,  25, 
Joh.  Georg  Sprogel,  120, 
Johannes  Kraus,  150, 
Jacob  Fauts,  100, 
Joh.  Geo.  Schwenhart,  100, 
Gotlieb  Herger,  80, 
Wilhelm  Frey,  150, 
Geo.  Phil.  Dotterer,  150, 

(The  number  of  acres 
Christian  Getzendonner, 
Paul  Hippel, 
Christian  Schneider, 
Michael  Bastian, 
Daniel  Frantz, 
Joh.  Geo.  Ganser, 
Martin  Husacker, 
Michael  Hill, 
Ludwig  Dotterer, 

Frederick  Gädschalk,  150, 
WUhelm  Hauk,  100, 
Henrich  Zerkel,  50, 
Michael  Hentz,  100, 
Georg  Hertzeil,  50, 
Frederick  Scholl,  100. 


Joh.  Georg  Kraus,  22, 
Christian  Stettier,  50, 
Martin  Funk,  160, 
Ludwig  Englehart,  100, 
Henrich  Schmidt,  80, 
Michael  Kraus,  150, 
Bakus  Fauts,  100, 
Frederick  Reymer,  100, 
Michael  Herger,  200, 
Joseph  Graaf,  100, 
Michael  Dotterer,  150. 

are  not  given  in  the  following.) 
Johannes  Herb, 
Christian  Müller, 
Jacob  Mecklin, 
Jacob  Fuchs, 
Georg  Trumbauer, 
Abraham  Pfenning, 
Michael  Hendricks, 
Adam  Hill, 
Johannes  Dilbeck. 


Abraham  Kauffman,  50, 
Georg  Wammer,  10, 
Gotfried  Lehman,  J, 
Henrich  Holtzapfel,  70, 
Samuel  Kerschner,  50, 
Andreas  Keyser,  50, 
Johan  Georg  Knorr,  50, 
Christian  Wammer,  75, 

Paul  Engle,  50, 
Jacob  Keyser,  4, 
Dirick  Keyser,  3, 
Georg  Hass,  20, 
Johannes  Mack,  2, 
Henrich  Friederick,  1, 
Gotfried  Liebgieb,  13, 
Lorentz  Blitz,  15, 



Bernhard  Rieser,  80, 
Isaac  Van  Sentern,  18, 
Joh.  Theobald  Ent,  5, 
Jacob  Bauman,  8, 
Johannes  Bartel,  20, 
Christopher  Meng,  15, 
Peter  Schuhmacher,  50, 
Alexander  Mack,  J, 
Mathias  Adams,  70, 
Johan  Lückin,  1^, 
Dirick  Jansen,  100, 
Jacob  Müller,  50, 
Casper  Steinbrenner,  50, 
Anthony  KHnken,  100, 
Joh.  Friederik  Ochs,  25, 
Georg  Traut,  28, 

Joh.  Jac.  Pallard,  31, 
Joh.  Peterkoffer,  |, 
Johannes  Gorgas,  30, 
Peter  Becker,  23, 
Baltzer  Traut,  25, 
Johannes  Eckstein,  25, 
Joh.  Adam  Gruber,  l4, 
Johannes  Bechtel,  20, 
Christopher  Säur,  6, 
Joh.  Henrich  Kalckleser,  42, 
Herman  Theen,  50, 
Christopher  Funk,  50, 
Nicholas  De  Laplaine,  7, 
Benj.  Schuhmacher,  20, 
Henrich  Pastorius,  260, 
Georg  Bentzel,  15. 

Hanover  Township. 

Stoffel  Witraan,  100, 
Johannes  Benner,  50, 
Benedict  Mentz,  50, 
Frederich  Reichard,  150, 
Christian  Eyster,  100, 
Claus  Braun,  100, 
Melchior  Hoch,  100, 
Samuel  Musselman,  50, 
Henrich  Wenger,  50, 
Johan  Linderman,  100, 
Cornelius  De  Wees,  24, 
Michael  Schenk,  50, 
Georg  Küster,  100, 
Peter  Lauer,  100, 
Andreas  Gräber,  150, 
Balthaser  Huth,  150, 
Henrich  Kollman,  150, 
Jacob  Weizler,  150, 
Daniel  Schöner,  100, 
Elias  Äff,  50, 
Mathias  Bender,  100, 
Andreas  Kepler,  100, 
Johannes  Allbach,  100, 

Jacob  Hoch,  100, 
Jacob  Arner,  100, 
Jacob  Bechtel,  200, 
Mathias  Christman,  100, 
Garret  De  Wees,  100, 
Mathias  Otto,  50, 
Joh.  Henrich  Sprogel,  556, 
Johan  Bingeman,  200, 
Jacob  Dunkel,  150, 
Ludwig  Bitting,  150, 
Henrich  Bisbing,  150, 
Georg  Saalicht,  150, 
Henrich  Rieder,  150, 
Francis  Stupp,  50, 
Friedrich  Hillegass,  150, 
Daniel  Lubbar,  100, 
Henrich  Saalicht,  150, 
Michael  Schell,  150, 
Jacob  Mayer,  100, 
Jacob  Hiestandt,  150, 
Johannes  Zell,  100, 
Georg  Geiger,  50, 
Ludwig  Bethsill,  100, 





Philip  Knecht,  50, 
Mathias  Herman,  100, 
Adam  Spengler,  50, 
Peter  Rothermel,  100, 
Jacob  Grus,  100, 
Henricli  Dehring,  100, 
Henrich  Antes,  150, 
Henrich  Bitting,  100, 
Hans  Martinius,  50, 
Simon  Krebs,  100, 
Jacob  Müller,  100, 
Barnibus  Tothero,  100, 
Georg  Raudenbusch,  150, 
Johannes  Huth,  150, 
Philip  Lubbar,  100, 
Daniel  Borleman,  100, 
Conrad  Kolb,  150, 
Stoffel  Wagenseiler,  150, 
Rudolph  Mauerer,  150, 
Nicholas  Insell,  100, 
Valentin  Geiger,  100, 
Martin  Beiting,  100, 
Adam  Herman,  100, 
Wendel  Keit,  100, 
Peter  Conrad,  100, 
Michael  Schmidt,  50, 
Jacob  Schweitzer,  100, 

(The  number  of  acres  are  not  given  in  the  following.) 

Nicholas  Hensy,  Stephen  Reymer, 

Johan  Adam  Plank,  Adam  Müller, 

Herman  Fischer,  Joh.  Georg  Welcker, 

Hans  Leymeyer,  Jacob  Schmidt, 

Michael  Krebs,  Jacob  Jost, 

Martin  Merkle,  Ludwig  Burghart. 

Limerick  Township. 

Philip  Brandt,  100, 
Adam  Ochs,  140, 
Nicholas  Jost,  70, 
Jacob  Mayer,  100, 
Henrich  Krebs,  100, 
Jost  Freyer,  100, 
Paul  Hill,  100, 
Casper  Kemp,  100, 
Bastian  Reifschneider,  100, 
Joh.  Georg  Georg,  100, 
Georg  Noth,  100, 
Henrich  Acker,  50, 
Wilhelm  Kehle,  100, 
Martin  Zentler,  150, 
Johannes  Eyster,  60, 
Jacob  Schäfer,  50, 
Johan  Reicheisdörfer, 
Jacob  Frey,  100, 
Johannes  Schneider,  150, 
Anthony  Hinckle,  100, 
Georg  Hallenbach,  150, 
Georg  Steiger,  100, 
Mathias  Ringer,  150, 
Johannes  Dunkell,  100, 
Casper  Singer,  50, 
Christopher  Schlegel,  50. 

Peter  Umbstat,  250, 
Adolph  Pennybecker,  250, 
Hieronimus  Has,  250, 
Stephan  Müller,  170, 

Johannes  Umbstat,  250, 
Henrich  Reiner,  100, 
Lorentz  Rinker,  50, 
Martin  Kalb,  150. 



Maxatany  Township. 
(Number  of  acres  not  given.) 

Jacob  Hottenstein, 

Peter  Andreas, 

Jacob  Levan, 

Jacob  Kemp, 

Wilhelm  Gross, 

Casper  Wink, 

Christian  Mahnenschmidt, 

Jacob  Hill, 

Isaac  Leonard, 

Peter  Trexler, 

Hans  Hage, 


Georg  Jäger,  250, 
Johannes  Joder  jr.,  300, 
Sebastian  Graaf,  100, 
Jacob  De  Plank,  100, 
Andreas  Bally,  200, 
Johannes  Bertolet,  200, 
Christopher  Bittle,  100, 
Isaac  Levan,  230, 
Johannes  Joder,  200, 
Jost  Joder,  150, 
Peter  Schubert,  200, 
Englo  Peters,  150, 
Nicholas  Lescher,  150, 
Arnold  Hufnagel,  200, 
Martin  Weiler,  100, 
Martin  Allstadt,  150, 
Peter  Fornwald,  100, 

Perhlomen  and 

Henrich  Pennybecker,  150, 
Anthony  Hallman,  100, 
Julius  Kassel,  90, 
Abraham  Schwartz,  100, 
Jacob  Scheimer,  100, 
Peter  Jansen,  150, 
Martin  Kolb,  100, 

Johannes  Siegfried, 
Nicholas  Kutz, 
Abraham  Timberman, 
Jost  Hen.  Sasseman, 
Andreas  Fischer, 
Henrich  Hartman, 
Michael  Müller, 
Hans  Kleimer, 
Henrich  Schade, 
Jeremiah  Trexler, 
Bastian  Ferr. 


Adam  Weidner,  100, 
Johannes  Hoch,  300, 
Philip  Kühlwein,  200, 
Jonathan  Herbein,  200, 
Samuel  Guldin,  200, 
David  Kauflfman,  300, 
Martin  Schindel,  100, 
Johannes  Engelhardt,  150, 
Peter  Bingeman,  100, 
Peter  Bally,  100, 
Abraham  Levan,  150, 
Samuel  Hoch,  150, 
Johannes  Schneider,  200, 
Johannes  De  Turk,  300, 
Johannes  Leinbach,  250, 
Abraham  Eschelman,  150, 
Rudolph  Hiegler,  250. 

Sh  !ppa  ck  Townsh  ips. 

Johannes  Fried,  200, 
Jacob  Merkle,  200, 
Paul  Fried  jr.,  100, 
Valentin  Hunsecker,  100, 
Johan  Van  Hussen,  50, 
Hermanus  Küster,  150, 
Hupert  Kassel,  60, 



Georg  Merkle,  150, 
Jacob  UpdegrafF,  100, 
Paul  Fried,  100, 
Michael  Ziegler,  100, 
Peter  Kolb,  100, 
Henrich  Dentlinger,  100, 
Benjamin  Frey,  100, 

Hans  Detweiler,  100, 
Mathias  Jansen,  50, 
Leonard  Van  Hussen,  25, 
Peter  Pennybecker,  100, 
Hans  Heiser,  100, 
Arnold  Van  Hussen,  50. 

Providence  Township. 

Johannes  Beidler,  100, 
Conrad  Kubell,  150, 
Conrad  Knoss,  48, 
Jacob  Schrack,*  250, 
Jacob  Müller,  80, 
Han  Nicholas  Crisman,  200, 
Bastian  Müller,  100, 

Dirk  Ramsauer,  100, 
Henrich  Holtzstein,  60, 
Conrad  Stein,  15, 
Herman  Indohavcn,  200, 
Jacob  Boblitz,  80, 
Anthony  Vandersluice,  100, 
Joh.  Greorg  Wagemüller,  30. 

Roxhurro  Township. 

Wilhelm  Levering,  150, 
Jacob  Seltzer,  100, 
Daniel  Bergenthaler,  80, 
Claus  Rüttynhuysen,  50, 
Henrich  Schaub,  100, 

Peter  Kuntz,  100, 
Valentin  Crates,  100, 
Hans  Michael  Wägly,  100, 
Hans  Wolleberger,  100, 
Ulrich  Stoffe,  öl), 
Dewalt  Jung,  100, 
Hans  Adam  Mauerer,  100, 
Jacob  Kehler,  100, 
Andreas  Haake,  120, 
Hans  Weyerman,  50, 
Henrich  Ruth,  100, 

Jacob  Levering,  50, 
Arnold  Baml^erger,  80, 
Johannes  Mack,  18, 
Peter  Rinker,  46. 

Hans  Reif,  100, 
Hans  Klemmer,  100, 
Jacob  Hoffman,  100, 
Hans  Georg  Bucher,  100, 
Jacob  Reif,  150, 
Vincent  Mayer,  100, 
Johannes  Jansen,  150, 
Henrich  Schlinglauf,  50, 
Johannes  Lebo,  100, 
Johannes  Kemper,  100, 
Galy  Heffelfinger,  150, 

*  Jacob  Schrack  arrived  from  Germany,  1717,  and  located  at  the 
place  now  called  The  Trappe.  He  died  1742,  aged  63  years. — Uallische 

*  3afob  ©c&racf  langte  im  3al)re  1717  ijon  'Deutfc&Ianb  an  unb  too()ute 
tn  bein  jc^igen  X  r  a  |)  p  e.  Sr  ftarb  1742  im  63[ten  Sebenöj'afjre.— |)aUi|'4»c 



Christian  Kroll,  50, 
Isaac  Klein,  130, 
Mathias  Hass,  100, 
Samuel  Mayer,  100, 
Martin  Hildenbeidel,  50, 
Christian  Lehman,  100, 
Jost  Cope,*  100, 
Christopher  Ankibrant,  100, 
Ludwig  Schäfer,  100, 
Christian  Allebach,  150, 
Gabriel  Scholer,  150, 
Philip  Rieth,  100, 
Andreas  Lederach,  150, 
Thielman  Kolb,  150, 
Nicholas  Haldeman,  100, 
Georg  Keif,  100, 

Johannes  Scholl,  100, 
Christian  Jüngling,  20, 
Haus  Wendell  Iloffer,  100, 
Abraham  Titlo,  50, 
Andreas  Schwartz,  150, 
Michael  Moll,  50, 
Christian  Stauffer,  120, 
Hans  Mayer,  150, 
Christian  Mayer,  100, 
Samuel  Mayer  jr.,  50, 
Henrich  Funk,  150, 
Hans  Mayer  jr.,  100, 
Jacob  Koch,  100, 
Jacob  Landes,  150, 
Hans  Fried,  100, 
Joh.  Henrich  Schneider,  100. 

Towamoncin  Township. 

Christian  Weber,  50, 
Jacob  Frey,  200, 
Peter  Tison,  100, 
Gerhardt  Schräger,  100, 
Abraham  Luken,  200, 
Velty  Kaufenheisen,  22. 

Jacob  Frül,  100, 
Nicholas  Lescher,  150, 
Peter  Weber,  150, 
Christian  Brenneman,  150, 
Herman  Gädschalk,  100, 
Henrich  Frey,  50, 
Jellis  Jellis,  22, 

Springfield  Township. 

Christopher  Ottinger,  85,  Georg  Gantz,  40. 

Henrich  Schneider,  50, 

Worcester  Township. 
(Number  of  acres  not  given.) 

Lorentz  Schweitzer,  Johannes  Van  der  Sluys, 
Conrad  Conrads,  (now  Vanderslice), 

Stoffel  Timberman,  Henrich  Schweitzer, 

Jacob  Engel,  Johannes  Lefever, 

*  Jost  Cope  arrived  at  Philadelphia,  Oct.  2,  1727,  with  the  ship 
Adventurer,  Capt.  John  Davies. — See  pp.  53,  54. 

3oji  Sope  langte  am  2.  Oct.  1727  mit  bcm  (Schiffe  Slböeuturer,  Sapt. 
3o^n  iJaütc^,  in  5)^iIabelp|)to  m.—^\t\)t  <£.  53,  54. 


Adam  Vanfussen,  Conrad  Vanfussen, 

Henrichi  Rüttenhuysen,  Daniel  Christman. 

Peter  Keyser, 

WMtpaine  Township. 

Philip  Böhm,  200,  Henry  Levering,  100, 

Henry  Conrad,  201,  Peter  Indehaven,  100, 

Jacob  Jost,  80,  John  Merckle,  100. 
Jacob  Levering,  100, 

Whitemarsh  Township. 
Henry  Bartinstal,  170,  Nicholas  Stiegletz,  150, 

Adam  Kettler,  170,  Ludwig  Knoss,  100. 

Mooreland  Township. 
Joh.  Van  Buskirk,  180,  Garret  Winecoop,  200, 

Joseph  Van  Buskirk,  150,         Herman  Yerkes,  150. 

Plymouth  Township. 
Johannes  Redwetzer,  200,        Peter  KroU,  100. 


Interpretation  of  Baptismal  Names 


gollccfion  of  '^^hitf  "^^oxi^anb  ^amc^. 

(SrHärung  öon  ^aufnamen,  mldjt  in  ber  Sammlung 
üon  30,000  ^amm  üorfommen* 

AARON,  a  teacher ;  Hebrew,  literally  one  that  is  exalted  above 

the  vulgar  or  common  people. 
ABRAHAM,  father  of  many  nations ;  Hebrew,  from  ab,  father, 

and  raham,  many  nations,  or  multitudes. 
ACHILLES,  one  that  mourns  or  grieves — F.  Pichler.     It  is 

a  Greek  name,  by  which  the  son  of  Peleus  and  Thetis  was 

known,  who  signalized  himself  at  the  siege  of  Troy. 
ACHOR,  Achior,  trouble,  disturbance  of  mind ;  Hebrew,  akhor, 

troubling,  or  akhan,  he  that  troubles. 
ADAM,  earthy  man ;    Hebrew.     This  name  may  be  derived 

from  dam,  blood,  adam,  red,  or  to  be  red,  in  the  sense  of 

beauty,  or  beautifiil,  i.  e.  red  man,  beautiful  man. 
ADELBERTH,  Ethelbert,  of  noble  birth ;  Gothic,  ^del,  adel, 

noble,  and  Anglo-Saxon,  li/t'd,  heorth,  berth,  birth,  the  con- 
dition in  which  a  person  is  born. 
ADOLPH,  Adolf,  a  noble  helper;    Gothic  and  Anglo-Saxon, 

hyJpan,  helpan,  holjjeji,  holph,  help,  hence  helper. 
ADRIAN,  Hadrian,  one  from  the  Gulf  of  Venice ;  Greek  origin. 
aEGEDIUS,  Egidius,  Giles,  vigilant,  wakeful ;  Greek,  and  may 

be  derived  from  the  verb  egeiro,  to  stir  up,  animate,  to  waken. 
ALBERTUS,  Albert,  Albrecht,  same  as  Adelberth. 
ALEXANDER,  one  who  aids,  or  defends ;   Greek,  from  alexo, 

alexeo,  to  defend,  and  aner,  andros,  nom.  pi.  andres^  a  man, 

men ;  one  who  protects  men. 
ALFRED,  all  peace;  Anglo-Saxon,  eal,  (Greek,  holos,  all,  the 

whole)  and  freoh,  freod,  fread,  fred,  peace. 


ALPHONS,  Alphonse,  Alphonso,  Olphonso,  blessed,  happy, 
one  that  is  blessed — F.  Pichler.  This  name  may  be  derived 
from  the  Greek  holos,  olos,  all,  and  phone,  phones,  sound, 
voice  —  literally,  "all  spoken  of,"  much  renowned.  If  de- 
rived from  the  Gothic  alfanz,  alefanz,  alifanz,  alafanz,  the 
name  signifies  "a  jovial  man."  —  "Jetzt  merk'  ich  den  ale- 
fanz." — Wackemagel. 

AMBROSIUS,  Ambrose,  imaginary  food  of  the  gods;  Ger- 
manice, Götterspeise ;  Greek,  from  ambrosios,  a,  on,  immor- 
tal, but  mostly  as  appertaining  to  the  immortals,  sacred  to 
the  immortals,  the  food  of  the  gods. 

AMOS,  one  who  bears  a  burden  —  F.  Pichler.  Burdensome, 
burdening,  with  stammering  tongue — Heubner;  Hebrew. 

ANANIAS,  the  cloud  of  the  Lord,  or  the  Lord  will  answer — 
M.  T.  Bernler. 

ANASTASIUS,  a  convalescent,  one  rising  from  the  dead; 
Greek,  anistemi,  part,  anastesas,  arouse,  arise;  anastasis,  a 
rising  up  from  sickness. 

ANDREAS,  Andries,  Andrew,  a  courageous  man,  one  strong 
and  stout;  Greek,  aner,  andros,  a  man,  hence  andria,  as 
manhood,  manly  courage,  manly  feeling — it  occurs  Andro. 

ANTON,  Anthon,  Anthony,  not  to  be  valued,  one  who  is  in- 
estimable— F.  Pichler.  It  may  be  derived  from  the  Greek 
verb  antheo,  to  attain  the  highest  pinnacle,  hence  anthos, 
eos,  antheon,  the  excellence  of  anything — occurs  Andoni. 

AREND,  a  tenant-farmer;  Germanice,  Pächter;  Russian, 
arenda,  hence  the  English  arendator,  a  farmer  of  the  farms. 
It  might  be  derived  from  the  Greek  aroo,  to  plough,  sow; 
Latin,  aro,  aras,  arare,  to  plough,  to  till.  Ovid  says:  arati, 
agri,  farmed  fields. 

ARIOVIST,  honorable— F.  Pichler. 

ARIUS,  martial,  valiant ;  Greek,  from  areios,  arieou,  excellent, 
strong,  valiant. 

ARNOLDUS,  Arnold,  an  honorable  hero— F.  Pichler.  From 
the  Gothic  aere7i,  aehren,  am,  hence  ehren,  and  old,  asld, 
haeld,  held,  hero. 

ASAPH,  one  who  assembles  the  people;  Hebrew,  from  the 
verb  asaph,  to  gather,  to  collect,  to  assemble. 

ASEMUS,  without  a  mark,  note  or  stamp;  Greek,  from  a, 
privative,  without,  and  sema,  sematos,  a  sign,  mark,  note, 
stamp;  Germanice,  zeichenlos,  ungewöhnlich. 


AUGUSTUS,  Augustinus,*  Gustav,  noble,  sublime,  elevated, 
increasing;  Latin,  from  augeo,  to  augment,  increase,  elevate. 

AUE.ELIUS,  the  golden  one,  one  most  excellent;  Germanice, 
goldener — F,  Pichler.  Latin,  derived  from  aurum,  gold, 
hence  aureus,  golden. 

BALTHASAR,  Balthas,  Baltzer,  Baldis,  counselor  of  war; 
Germanice,  Kriegsrath — F.  Pichler.  It  may  be  derived  from 
the  Gothic  haltha,  daring,  bold,  audacious;  Anglo-Saxon, 
heald,  bald,  bold.  lornandes,  in  defining  this  word,  gives  its 
Latin  synonymn  thus,  baltha,  audax,  as  audax  viribus, 
der  auf  seine  Stärke  pochet. 

BARTHOLOMÄUS,  Bartholomew,  a  valiant  son— F.  Pich- 
ler ;  a  son  who  stays  the  water — Heubner.  It  may  be  de- 
rived from  the  Hebrew,  Chaldaic  and  Syriac  bar,  son,  and 
Greek,  tolma,  boldness,  courage,  from  the  root ;  or  the  verb 
talao,  to  have  boldness:  undertake,  hazzard,  dare,  support, 
sustain ;  or  fi-om  the  Hebrew  tal,  bear,  support.  This  name 
occurs  abbreviated,  as  Bardel,  Bartel,  Barthe,  Bard. 

BENEDICTUS,  Benedict,  a  blessed  one;  Latin,  from  bene, 
well,  and  dico,  dicere,  dixi,  dictum,  to  speak,  hence  bene- 
dictus — occurs  abbreviated  Bene,  Beni. 

BENJAMIN,  son  of  fortune— F.  Pichler.  Son  of  the  right 
hand,  or  most  beloved  son  —  Heubner.  Derived  from  the 
Hebrew  ben,  son,  and  jamin,  the  right  side,  or  the  right 

BERNHARD,  Bernhardt,  Bernard,  a  robust  child,  born  robust; 
Anglo-Saxon,  hi/ran,  baern,  beran,  berand,  born,  and  heard, 
hard  or  robust — abbreviated  Barni. 

BERTHOLD,  Berchtold,  Berdolf,  Berdolt,  worthy  age,  one 
worthy  by  reason  of  his  age;  Gothic,  berth,  verth,  werth, 
worth,  excellence,  worthy;  and  Saxon,  aelde,  eald,  old,  ad- 
vanced in  years — occurs  Berd,  Bert. 

*  This  name  is  variously  written  and  abbreviated ;  it  occurs  once  : 
Costiniös  Ortman,  p.  179.  This  is  undoubtedly  intended  for  Gustinus, 
Augustinus,  unless  it  be  derived  from  a  Greek  word,  kostos,  kostou,  an 
aromatic  plant. — [Editor.) 

*  Dtefer  5[?ame  toivb  «erfc^tebenartig  gcfc^rieben  unb  abgefiirjt;  er  fommt 
einmal  auf  lÄtite  179  Dor— Softiiiiöö  Ortmaun.  S)iefeg  tft  c^ne  3wetfel 
für  OufttnuS,  Slugufttnuö,  gemeint,  wenn  cd  ntc^t  üon  bem  griccötfcben 
Sßorte  kostos,  kostou,  (eine  »no^Iriec^enbe  ^flanjc)  abgeleitet  njtrbl — 



BERTHRAM,  Bertram,  Berdram,  a  stately  hero,  a  grand 
champion — F.  Pichler. 

BLASE,  Blasius,  a  royal  one,  a  king — F.  Pichler.  It  may  be 
derived  from  the  Swedish  hlasa;  Saxon,  hlaze,  to  make 
known,  hence  generally  known  as  a  king. 

BODO,  a  hero,  a  commander — F.  Pichler.