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Disposition decay... 

The novocaine is wearing off, and my pa- 
tience is wearing accordingly. The dental 
hygienist was JUST cleaning my teeth. Ya , 
right. I should have known what was about 
to happen when the 'Construction Zone' sign 

the office door. And when 
ice picks on the table 
And when I saw the granite 
Now they want me back in 
March '86? I even pay for this... 

was placed outside 
I saw the array of 
next to the chair . 
chisel in her hand 
March. How about 


P.O. Box 1448, 
Santa Barbara, 
C A 93102 

December 1982 







** ** 
** ** 
** ** 





Hurdle Cover 
Ship Adventure 
Mole Patrol 
Evasion (SYSTEM 


Turns Count 
CTR-41 CTR-8 


A 13 & 269 

B 54 & 299 

C 186 & 401 

EVASIO 229 & 435 

Cave Raider 


Net Worth 

Time 2 (Mod. I disk 

see notes 



15 & 270 

60 & 303 

162 & 381 

258 & 459 

7 & 156 
31 & 173 

107 & 232 

132 & 252 

8 & 156 
34 & 175 
93 & 220 

149 & 266 

Tape CLOAUing Notes - This tape may Yoad at an ObD ReiUuhDliK VULUMa. Set the volume Luwbfl tnan normal for your first attempt, 
then increase it slightly until the tape loads, if the first copy 01 a program won't loaa, try tne secona. mat is wny it is 
there. Model 1 only: Put an AM radio very close to the keyboard, tune it to a non-station, and you can listen to tne tape 
loading in. Adjust the recorder volume so tne hash from tne computer sounds 'cleanest' during a load, dodei ill only: 
the tapes at the LOW speed (POKE loylj.Oj. 


Subscribers - The month on the mail label is the last month of your subscription, if you have a cassette subscription, the 
number next to the month is the amount it would cost to convert the rest of your subscription to tne aisK version (.yH.gO per 
issue for b or less months, fcj.'fb per issue if more than b months). 


On your mark, get set, RUN Hurdle Cover ! See our hurdler race 
against himself, jumping and fall ing all over the place... 

Aye mates, there's jewels in that ol* bucket - Let's find 'em in 
Ship Adventure! You move around the ship, looking in old lockers, 
cabins , bilges , etc. for the pretties. Notes: You can use three 
character abbreviations for commands ( ie : OPE DOO for OPEN DOOR) and 
single characters for directions ( F,A, P, S, U, D) , Looking (L), and 
Inventories ( I) . 

Underground invasion - You are to bomb the moles before they reach 
the surface in Mole Patrol . This program makes rude noises whenever a 
mole is stopped" so connect the large grey AUX plug to an amplifier to 
get the full benefit. 

Nothing to do with taxes - Evasion is a machine language game where 
you try to avoid the shots from the moving tracks above and below you. 
There's only one small problem... The longer you avoid getting hit, the 
bigger you get! I don't usually mention high scores, but since mine is 
higher than Grady's (a first!) , I'll give you 2000 as a score to beat! 

To load Evasion from tape, type SYSTEM<enter> answer the *? with 
EVASIO<entef>~i; and when the tape has loaded type /<enter> to play. 

CLOAD December 1982 Page 2 

Connect the AUX plug to an amplifier for sound. The start, end, and 
entry addresses are 28672, 32451, and 28672. Note: The program is 
joystick compatible. 

It's dark in there - You try to maneuver a ship through a cavern in 
Cave Raider . Note: When you are asked to 'Try Again', hit any key. 

Where did I leave that planet? You are outside of the Solar System, 
looking down upon the planets as they revolve around the Sun. You start 
with any date from 1900 to 2100 and a step through time from 1 day to 1 
year. Then you just sit back and watch as the relative positions of the 
7 innermost planets change. 

Is that in U.S. funds? Find out how much you are worth with Net 
Worth . 

Time to look at Time2 . If you are a Model I single-density TRSDOS 
(or something very similar like NEWDOS+) user, and you WANT to be 
prompted for the time and date every time you power-up, this utility is 
for you. First, get Time2 on disk using TAPEDISK (start , end , entry = 
7000 ,713D, 7091) , LMOFFSET, or whatever tape-to-disk utility you have 
(name it something like TIME2/CMD) . Now, using the AUTO command (AUTO 
TIME2) , you can make it so that you are asked for the date and time every 
time you power up. Note: You can just hit <enter> in response to the 
date and time inquiries, but you will get strange values for them. 

Interesting loans... 

Last month's Loan Amortization did not calculate the interest 
correctly on a month to month basis. The author gave these lines to 
change : 


68 YR=RY: P=U1 : P1=0 :M1=0 : A1=0 : B1=0 : A2=0 :M=U3 : LL=0 


156 YR=RY:P1=P1+P:M1=M1+M:B1=B1+B:A1=A1+A:A2=A2+A: YR=YR+1:A2=0 

Also, Al LeShane of Portland, Connecticut noted that the page length 
limit is ignored on the Model III. So he gave this fix to brute-force 


Oh , joy ( stick) . . . 

Frank Foster of West Haven, Connecticut (what is it with Connecticut 
this month?) gave this fix to make last month's Reactor work with 
joysticks : 

900 IFM=LLTHEN12000ELSEP=255-INP(0) : 

ON P GOTO1010, 2010, 16000, 3005, 16000, 16000, 16000, 4010 

Quick' n' Easy. . . 

Last month I described a method of speeding up programs by declaring 
variables so that the most used variables were declared first. But I 
mentioned that the difficult part was deciding which variables to declare 
first. Now somebody (I won't mention Grady's name) has brought Prosoft's 
Faster program to my attention. This program counts the number of times 
EACH variable is used, making it easy to declare them in the right order. 

CLOAD December 1982 Page 3 

We used it on this month's cover and sped it up about 15% with a simple 
DIM statement. $29.95 from Prosoft, Dept. G, Box 560, North Hollywood, 
CA 91603. 

More input . . . 

The January 1983 80 US (here we are just getting out December...) 
has an excellent article by Richard Metzler on using INKEY$ to get input 
from the keyboard. The whole article is worth reading, but I wanted to 
mention a little technique he uses for getting a character. You've 
probably seen something similar to the following lines in many programs: 

1010 IN$=INKEY$: IF IN$="" THEN 1010 

This waits until a key is hit, then IN$ holds the value of the key that 
was pressed. Since these statements go together, wouldn't it be nice if 
they could be put on one line? Richard uses this method: 

IN$=INKEY$: J=(IN$="") : NEXT 

;<t FOR J=0 TO 

Really, it works. The (IN$="") can only give J one of two values: 
false (0) if a key is hit, or true (-1) if no key is hit. So until a key 
is hit, J keeps getting reset to -1 and never gets out of the loop. 
Kinda neati 




Shool-em-ups nol your style? Consider 
Spellbound, a sophisticated word game that 
will both please and astound ": please 
because you will always have a capable 
partner at the the flip of a switch and 
astound because you can demonstrate the 
superior capabilities of your TRS-80 
Spellbound conducts a word search using 
its 12.000 word on-line dictionary in less 
than a minute. Words are extracted from a 
matrix of random letters by both you and 
your TRS-80. One to six humans can play: 
the word matrix is designed using a unique 
graphic configuration The ideal 
demonstration program for your pedantic 
friends Spellbound is written in a 
combination of 280 and Fortran: original 
purchasers can also purchase the source 
code lor an additional S10 Sorry, this 
program only comes on disk. Both Model I 
and III versions are included for S19.95. 
Because of critical real-time task 
processing, this program will not work with 

The Alternate SORT 

TASORT is a high speed sorting program 
designed for easy use in BASIC programs 
that need powerful sort capabilities 
TASORT is fast sorts up to 65 arrays 
simultaneously, sorts any combinations ol 

variable types, is completely relocatable, 
resfiects high-memory, and will sort 
ascending, descending and tag-along. 
TASORT works with all Model I and III 
configurations, tape and disk, and is the 
perfect bridge for making your programs 
100 compatible with all environments. 
TASORT is S19 95. tape or disk. Write for 
information on licensing TASORT for your 
commercial applications. 

Modem 80 

Need a top quality terminal program that 
works under a variety of enviroments? 
Modem 80 and its support packages have 
the TRS-80 talking with dozens of systems, 
both micros and mainframes. A special 
protocol permits easy and reliable 
communication with CP/M systems, too! 
Modem 80 allows you access to DOS 
commands while online, route screen 
displays to your printer, change all local 
communication parameters at any time, 
upload and download, send files larger than 
memory (if the other system recognizes 
XON and XOFF protocol), and even includes 
a HOST program so that you may access 
your unattended TRS-80 from a remote site. 
Four separate translation tables are 
included for communication output, video, 
printer and disk files. These are user 
modifiable. The Modem 80 package of seven 
programs and user's manual is S39.95. This 
program is one of our best buys! 

Information Storage 
And Retrieval 

ISAR I. Version 2.0 is the ideal beginning 
data base manager ISAR allows you to 
create data liles lo your specifications and 
add. change and scan records as desired. 
Version 2 features include: Sorting of all 
ten fields at once: reports are generated by a 

small BASIC program generated by your 
response to prompts (this allows your 
printer to work at the fastest possible speed 
and reports only need be defined ONCE): 
reports support titles, page numbers, 
column headings, footers, literals, end of tile 
totals, special control characters LPRINTed 
before the report and more, documentation 
has been expanded to cover items such as 
error trapping, utilization of disk space, 
sample user sessions and information about 
how ISAR stores the information necessary 
to access a file (making conversions 
between ISAR and other data base 
managers easier). ISAR I. Version 2.0. 
complete with all enhancements and 
documentation. S39.95 (Unregistered ISAR 
Expanded Users: Upgrades available!) 

The Alternate Source 
Programmer's Journal 

A software toolbox for your TRS-80 Model 
I and III. Each issue of TAS features utilities 
and applications If „' enhance your 
investment in the revolution And more We 
tackle comparison reviews Model Mil 
compatibility, useful patches for popular 
programs, modifying BASIC, using Z80 
assembler and many other languages. The 
Alternate Source is S24 for 12 issues If you 
haven t seen our |ournal. request a sample 
copy with any product on this page 

Thanks for reading our ad! TAS is localed 
at 704 North Pennsylvania. Lansing Ml 
48906 Phones: (517) 482-8270 and (800) 
248-0284 (order-line) Check. Money Order. 
Visa MC. COD (S1 75 extra), and written 
P O.s welcome We also stock several 
hundred programs from other vendors Ask 
lor a copy ol the latest TAS flyer Dealer 
inquiries welcome 

CLOAD December 1982 Page 4 

Complete with palm trees... 

The tree is decorated, the parties have started (when will they 
end?) , and this issue may get to you a bit earlier than usual because we 
want to take a few days off at the end of the month to recover. Happy 
Holidays (Christmas, New Years, Washington's Birthday, Memorial Day, 
Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.)!