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Full text of "CLOAD Magazine (March 1978)"

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BOX 1267 

You may find the index numbers, in audio, on the 
tape don't exactly match the counter on your cassette 
recorder. The tape duplicators found problems 
in handling the match up. The index numbers on 
the label will be within a few digits, use that 
to find a program. Look for the April issue to 
have index numbers only on the label. Also look 
for it to include the memory left, in bytes, for 
both the HK and 16K computers. 

ere it is for the March 

i s s ue : 




Centimeters and milliters 



Break the window 



Sand Castle 






Check reconciliation 



We had no trouble in loading any of the programs s 
however if you do, try running the volume up to 
ten. This is just for the March issue and may not 
be needed at all. Radio Shack's Blackjack is at 
the same level. 

A word more about the April issue. There will be 
even more programs. Although the issue is not 
finalized yet, it is clear it is going to be great! 
There is a program to help you double check the 
math in your check book. Another program helps you 
figure out the angles involved in playing pool. 
The most excitement, however is generated by a bar 
graphing program. This is a very versatile program 
that can have data loaded into it by three different 
methods . 

At CLOAD we desided to include an example for the 
check reconciliation program, even though you may 
not need it. 

First, load the program into the computer. While its 
loading, I'll ramble on. The time to use this pro- 
gram is when you have received your statement from 
the bank, and you want to see if you and the bank agree 

about the money remaining in your account. So, 
you should have your statement, check book and 
canceled checks in front of you. The program 
should be READY now, so lets try the sample problem. 
After you enter RUN, the computer will ask you for 
"OUTSTANDING CHECKS." These are checks you didn't 
receive back from the bank. (Checks you have writ- 
ten that are not on your statement.) Lets try some 
examples. Remember, the format is critical so be 
careful; Oh yes, no dollar signs please. Lets say 
you are missing check #102 3, to Lucky' s Market for 
$46.23. That goes into the computer like this: 

1023,46.23 ( ENTER ) 

In a similar manner lets put some more outstanding 
checks in. 

1024,100.42 ( ENTER ) 

1027,1.01 ( ENTER ) — (Actually this is 

1031,37.87 ( ENTER ) an error) 

1032,38.78 ( ENTER ) 

Notice the last check was no check at all. 0,0 tells 
the computer that there are no more outstanding 
checks (this technique is called a "trailer entry".) 
After you press ENTER the computer will show you your 
input, a running total and an entry number we'll be 
using later. The running total should read 224.31. 
Nineteen checks is the maximum number of outstanding 
checks allowed by this program. Press ENTER again 
and you are ready to input outstanding deposits. This 
is accomplished in the same way. For our example 

47,100 ( ENTER ) 

48,100 ( ENTER ) 

49,5.87 ( ENTER ) 

0,0 ( ENTER ) 

The running total for deposits is 205.87. Nineteen 
deposits is the most the computer will take. Press 
ENTER again and the computer asks for your statement 
balance. For our example it's 25.73. Press ENTER 
and it asks for our check book balance, ours is 5.75. 
Now when you press ENTER things happen. We've got too 
much money — great lets quit while we're ahead. (1.54) 

First we'll review checks, just for drill. Type 1 and 
ENTEK. Wait a minute! Check #1027 was for 11.01 not 
1.01. Better correct it. 

4 ( ENTER ) 

C ( ENTER ) 

102 7 (ENTER) 

11.01 (ENTER) 

The new check review shows us the new check running 
total of 23^.31. 

3 ( ENTER ) 

Damn! Over drawn by 8.46. I remember now; a refund 
check for 8.46 was deposited but not recorded in 
our check book. 


( ENTER ) 

What is the next entry number? I have forgotten - how 
about you? All is not lost. Use any number greater than 

the number of deposits, 
you the correct number. 
19 and ea3y to type. 




The computer will then tell 

I like 

its higher than 


that's it* 

( ENT ER) 

Any deposit number will do, even the correct one. 
Ill ' (ENTER) 

8 . 46 


The new total deposits are 214.33. 
3 ( ENTE R) 

It balances!'.'. Call the wife, call the kids, WHOOPIEE'I 

P.S. If you get into changing a check or deposit 

and forgot the numbers or amounts, answer all 
question with till you get out of the changing 
routine and can review checks or deposits. If the 
program should exit at any time after all checks 
and deposits are entered; RUN 4000 will get you back 
in to the program. 

See you next month, 


Dick Puller