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\ Sep 15, 1994 Vol.I No.6 / 
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/ CAIN - / 
/ ee Monthly Newsletter | | 7 
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August / / \ \ September 
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The Official Online 

Newsletter of the Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG 

The Cleveland Free-Net 

Community Computer System is accessible worldwide! 

telnet fr 



( or 

216/368-3888 | 

300-14400 bps | 

type ‘go atari’ 

at any menu 

7800/XE/XL/800/400, FALCON030/ST/T1 


CAIN Online Newsletter Published and Copyright (c) 1994 
by Cain Publishing 


Voting/Conferences......... Mark Leair aa338@cleveland. freenet .edu 
Assistant Editor 

SIG Manager/Jaguar Area....Len Stys aa399@cleveland. freenet .edu 
8-Bit Support Area.......... Michael Current aa700@cleveland. freenet .edu 
8-Bit Technical Forum....... Craig Lisowski 
16/32-Bit Support Area...... Thomas Main em129@cleveland. freenet .edu 
16/32-Bit Support Area...... Bruce D. Nelson aa789@cleveland. freenet .edu 
Atari Classic Gaming Corner/ 
Portfolio Support Area...... Fred Horvat ap748@cleveland. freenet .edu 
Lynx Support Area........... Barry W. Cantin aa852@cleveland. freenet .edu 
Cont HUbO Reins Pease Sk hae & Augie Kuo 
COnte VI DUCT ta wed Sid et Kevin Haley 
GONE TEI DUEO sessie a Ea eet enw Marty Chinn drknight@garg.campbell.CA.US 
Contributo Ass 6 fe ab bee Sans Sgt. Dudley 
Cont Vi bub Or seeds sesh Soke, taste & Darren Bates 
CONELIDUEOR ess a aides Meck ede S Andrew Heller 
CONE FI DUT OR ewig. 28s sere eens is Rick Reaser 
CONnELIDUEOLA eea dee ies Say John Daniels ah499@cleveland. freenet .edu 
Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG Internet E-Mail: 

Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG, P.O. Box 364, Mentor, OH U.S.A. 44061-0364 

Table of Contents 

PEO: CNS: MAUVE Ors sled Slade dest guided As send geen end: ble Webae. aude ened geauerdc E E The CAIN Newsletter 
-Mark Leair 

SP rom, tne: -SIG Manager sa. osais sg avin Sele a ie tas The Cleveland Free-Net & Atari SIG 
-Len Stys 
Free-Net News: Part- 2 kilts seia Saan Soh oi Skies be ee aes Atari SIG Conference No More? 

New 16/32-Bit Computers SIGOp 
CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94 Prize Report 

NOISE in Greater Cleveland Area 
-Atari SIG 

Atari ANEW Side tide, tit, 5 dude dette lac ded Slate Sade BAe ted Sit dat os 2 Ses Video Gamers Need Not Wait 
Atari Abolishes All Rules 

Jaguar Tips and Tricks Publication 

Alien Vs. Predator Ad 

-Atari Corp. 

Wolf 3-D on Babbages Top 10 List 
-Sgt. Dudley 

European Trade Show Report 
-Darren Bates 

Jag Site Returns 
Andrew Heller 

Jaguar in "History of Computing" 
-Kevin Haley 

S-Bre. Computers SUPPORE Arapi aerat Sheeler ds ba 8 ales eee Se 8-bit Support Area News 
8-bit Product News 

8-bit Feature Article--Rick Reaser 

8-Bit Commentary 

-Michael Current 

16/32-Bit Computers Support Area.......... The Persistence of Vision Raytracer 
-Thomas Main 

Free-Net News Part II.................. CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94 Show Exhibitors 
-Atari SIG 
Atari Classic Gaming Corner............... Pitfall Map/Solution--Thomas Clancy 

-Fred Horvat 

LYNX SUPP OLE: ALETE a ter har pices de go A E E r eral asta toned: Som ee oo a omens ena ane Lene: 40m Ss Lynx News 
CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94 Lynx Report--John Daniels 

Lynx Summer Steal Deal Extended to Fall 

-Barry W. Cantin 

Jaguar Support, AT Sa niceties aed weet wi a eae ee eet aye Gaia ess a hee Ge sd ae Ses S Jaguar News 
AvP, Iron Soldier, and others--Marty Chin 

Brutal Sports Football Review--Kevin Haley 

Brutal Sports Football Review--Augie Kuo 

Brutal Sports Strategy Tips--Augie Kuo 

Messages of Interest 
Jaguar Release Date Lists 
Jaguar Commentary 

-Len Stys 
Head “Organizer ShHOwVREPO Rt Me Mee aa a gee Sister dhe sue e AG dh gia gees acer da cies Maes he Fred Horvat 
CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94 RESPONSES... eee ee ee ee ee ee ees Part-Time BBS 
Upcoming Atari Shows Aeee Po a duel eee ded ida os & Sided Aes Atari Show Calendar 

-Mark Leair 

Voting Issues and Results............ Reader and User Opinion Poll Information 
-Mark Leair 

General Information. Of Nesdi ses sche Se 8 oS eels esis How to Contribute to CAIN 
Article Requests 
-Mark Leair 

>From the Editor 

Mark Leair 

What’s this? An August/September issue of CAIN? Has CAIN, like 
Current Notes, changed to a bi-monthly schedule? Of course not! Let's just 
say it was one busy month for the CAIN staff. Some staff members were 
without Internet access, some were heading back to school, and others were 
making up work that was missed while planning the CAIN Atari Fun Fest. 
However, you’ll be happy to hear that we haven’t "short changed" you. This 

double issue will definitely live up to its name. Over 160K of Atari news and 
reviews are at your finger tips! (But wait! There’s more!) ...and for you 
Jaguar Fans, there’s a special supplement containing details on how you can 
encourage more game manufacturers to develop for the Jaguar. So, with the 
supplement you’re getting over 200K of Atari news! If it’s news, it’s in 

You may notice a few minor changes in this issue. First, there’s the 
Fr Net News area which has been split into two sections. The second section 
contains a list of vendors whom attended the CAIN Atari Fun Fest. Because this 

list is rather large, we felt it would interfere with the continuity of the 
news section. Therefore, please refer to "Free-Net News Part II" for this list 

of vendors. Next, you may notice that there isn’t any "Conferencing" section. 

This has to do with the fact that the Free-Net Administration has made 

a decision that prohibits SIG Operators to access the IRC Multi-User Chat 
facility. Without access to the IRC, the Atari SIG Operators are unable to 
moderate conferences. No explanation for this decision has been made public as 

of September 13, 1994. S the "Fr Net News Part I" section for this and 
other news. Thirdly, CAIN has a new 16/32-bit writer on its staff. Thomas 
Main has joined the CAIN ranks and brings you a review on the "Persistence of 
Vision Raytracer," a graphics tool for the ST. Finally, one will find many 
"CAIN Atari Show Reports" scattered throughout this issue. 

It is hard to believe that the end of summer is here! However, it was 
definitely a memorable one. The CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94, which was held August 
7th in Kirtland Ohio, was definitely the highlight of this summer. 


you throw a show, they’1l come." 

A good portion of our spectators were from the Northeastern Ohio and 
Pennsylvania. Many people came out to see the Jaguar, while other die-hard 
Atari fans came out of the wood work in search for the ultimate Atari deal. 
Overall it showed us that there is still an interest in Atari products in the 


Give Aways! Give Aways! Give Aways! 

The highlight of the show was definitely the raffling of three Jaguar 
systems courtesy of Atari Corp. Additionally, most of the vendors donated 

door prizes to the show. 

a complete list of winn 

Finally, we are in need 

Door prizes were given away 1-2 times an hour. For 
rs, s the Fr Net News Part I section. 
kK kK * 
of a few talented writers. If you’re interested in 
send m mail (Internet) at "". 

joining our team, pleas 
Thanks a million! 

>From the SIG Manager 

Len Stys 

The CAIN Atari Fun Fest 

-Mark Leair 
CAIN Publisher/Editor 

94--the highlight of the Summer--the biggest day 

of the year for Atari users in Ohio and surrounding states--is over and 
everyone that I have talked with had a blast. The official count of the 
number of people that attended the show was near 300 people. Because many 

people did not register 
the CAIN Atari Fun Fest 

his was the first show 

that was located in the 

and we will remember th 

, W stimate that well over 300 people attended 

ever organized by CAIN User Group and the 

Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG. It was also the first Atari show in years 

Cleveland area. Since this was our first show, 

we spent a lot of time to make sure the show went well. But we knew that 
the show would not be perfect. We have learned a lot from our first show 

told, however, by a lot 

have taken place in the 

I am thankful to the dealers/vendors, developers, and user groups that 

attended the CAIN Atari 

area has needed for a V 

se things for future shows that we do. We were 
of people that they could not believe it was our 

first show. They thought the show compared favorably to other shows that 

United States. 

Fun Fest 94. You were part of something that this 

ERY long time. And you didn’t disappoint 

anyone. Most of the people that attended the CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94 had 
a great time and you are directly responsible for it. We have mentioned 
the dealers/vendors, developers, and user groups in another part of this 

newsletter-—-look for it! 

I am especially thankful to Atari Corporation. The company gave the show 

organizers THREE Jaguar 
Tempest 2000 cartridges 

64-BIT integrated multimedia systems and THREE 
to demonstrate and then raffle off at the show. 

The support that Atari has given us is one of the reasons the show was a 

success. And because of Atari’s contribution, everyone that attended the 
CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94 has a new positive attitude towards Atari 


The people at Atari that arranged to give us the Jaguars and Tempest 2000s 
to demonstrate and raff] 
because their contribution 

many ways, 

1) A 




hat peop] 

but it has al 


tari Corporation received a new image through th 
hat were made to promo 
le can win Jaguars and 

to the s 
helped A 

le off at the show made a smart move. 
how has not only helped the show in 
tari Corporation in many ways. 

This is 

te the show. Each of th 

advertisements stated 



ly, peopl 


tari’s actions now. 

advertisements wer 

a positive i 

mage about Atari 
he thought of Atari being cheap is dismissed by peopl 

st 2000s from Atari Corporation. 

in their minds. 






advertisements in the CLI 



to all 
Explorer Online, 

s sent to all 

to over 200 Free-Net users, 
he System Announcements, 


Usenet newsgroup postings, 

major A 




he contribu 
lso resulted 
he show, 

about the show 
flyers pos 

tion of Jaguars and Tempes 
in deal 


ted on bulletin boards of 

& ST Repor 





ER and CHI 

information in CAIN Newsl 
information in S 


messages sent 

10,000 Cleveland Free-Net use 
tari gaming BBS postings, 
ted on over 25 Greater Cleveland BBSs--including PC OHIO, 
Atari user groups in Ohio and surrounding s 
dealerships and Atari publica 
that were distributed 


rs through 


rough 20 





FH ct 


ships carrying 

there was 

ideo gam 



he WaldenSoftware in A 

excited about the Jagua 
support of the show. 

before trying it. 
try the Jaguar to see if they want to buy it. 

A lot of people know about the Jaguar, 

After the show, 


people cam 

he 3DO that they had been demonstrating for awhile. 
system gets the most attention? 



2000s by Atari Corporation 
the Jaguar and games. 
tle excitement about the Jaguar by many of the 
we have heard of at least one 
aguar dealer setting up a Jaguar for people to try at their store. 
Ohio set-up a Jaguar that now sits next to 


Guess which 

You guessed it--Jaguar. 
and this is a result of Atari Corporation's 

Dealers are 

but they refuse to buy a product 
to the CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94 to 
Several Jaguars were 

sold at the show and a large number of Jaguar games were also sold. 

In any way I 

by cont 
off at 
much mo 

I would 
post ca 

card un 

The Jagua 

loyalists in the G 


the show. 

rs tha 

of t 

look at 


will most likely buy a Jagua 

t people won 
Tempest 2000 cartridges that 
One winner of t 
bought all 

he contribu 

The contribution also boosted 
ater Clev 

Atari Corporation did very wel 
ributing Jaguars and Tempest 2000s to be demonstrated and raffled 
tion of the Jaguars and Tempest 2000s was 
re cost effective than advertising in a newspaper for one day. 
the morale of many Atari supporters and 

land area. 

lso like 


rds that promoted the s 

after the show. 

how. Unfortunately, 

resulted in sales of games. 
people won resulted in Jaguar sales. 

he Tempest 2000 bought a Jaguar at the show and also 
he games available for the Jaguar. 

the U.S. 

The people that went home without buying a Jaguar or game cartridge 
r or game cartridge soon after. 

And the 

ll for themselves 

o thank TOAD Computers for sending several hundred 

Postal Service 
is up to their usual standards and most people did not receive the post 
I received my post card from TOAD Computers on 

the Tuesday after the show. The post card was don xtremely well and it 
was really nice of TOAD Computers to try to help make the show a success. 

Thanks to everyone that attended. The Atari Community is definitely made 
up of special people. 

A number of people are writing game companies to encourage them to produce 
their favorite title for the Jaguar. In the CAIN Newsletter Supplement, 
you will find a letter writing campaign which lists several companies and 
their addresses. I encourage you to read it and participate. If you own 
a Jaguar or plan to buy one, these games are fun to play and should help 
make the Jaguar a success. 

Free-Net News Part I 

Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG Conferences No More? 

The Cleveland Free-Net Administration took away IRC (online conference) 
access away from SysOps. No explanation was given to SysOps for the 
action taken. This makes it impossible for the Atari SIGOps to continue 
monthly online conferences. 

In order to get IRC Access back to SysOps, please write Jeff Gumpf at and inform Mr. Gumpf that you enjoy online Atari 
conferences and wish for them to continue on the Cleveland Free-Net. 

In order for the online Atari conferences to continue, IRC access to SysOps 
must be returned. 

New 16/32-Bit Computers SIGOp 

The Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG welcomes Thomas Main (em129) as the new 
16/32-Bit Computers SIGOp. He will also be contributing articles and 
information to CAIN Newsletter each month. This month’s 16/32-Bit article 
is an extensive review by Thomas Main on the Persistence of Vision 

The Atari SIG is looking for additional 16/32-Bit SIGOps and writers for 
CAIN Newsletter. If you are interested, please send mail to: 

CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94 Prize Report 

Jaguar 64-BIT Winners! 

Gary Branstein Robert Lai Dave Merklin 
Mentor, OH Euclid, OH Akron, OH 

Ke. GK OK 
Below is a list of prizes donated and the vendor whom donated it. 

Vendor/User Group Prize 

Atari Corp. 

AAA Video 

The Computer Shoppe 

FMH Games 

Fouch Software 

It’s All Relative 

Jeff’s Atari Outpost 

Majic Soft 

Micro Computer Depot 

Spectrum Atari Group 

Stys on the Rise 

Toad Computers 

Steven J. Tucker 

3 Jaguar Multi-Media Systems 
3 Tempest 2000 game cartridges for Jaguar 

Tweety Board 

Pair of Remote Control Joysticks 
8-bit games Pac-Man + Joust 

2600 console with 10 used games 
16 new 2600, 5200, and 7800 games 
Mailing Manager ST software 

View II by DMJ software 

2 $50.00 gift certificates 
3 2600 Grab Bags 



Arcade hits Vol 1. 

Button Awari ST software 
Buttonz Basic ST software 
Nertz ST Software 

Spectrum T-shirt 
Gauntlet III Lynx game 
2 Jaguar Caps with $5.00 off coupons 

$40.00 gift certificate 

Below is a list of prize winners at the CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94. 


Brian Roach 
Joyce Kowalski 
Paul Klomfas 
Andrew Floyd 
Tim Roach 

Tom Lamparty 
Larry Ray 

Joe Pallendino 
Linda Spangler 
Robert Lai 
George Adams 
Al Silverstien 
Nick Branstien 
Rob Cupples 
Adam Corover 
Sandy Durisin 

Gable Blankenship 

Don Crano 
Dave Curtin 
James Woodford 

$50.00 gift certificate 

$50.00 gift certificate 

Atari 2600 console and 10 used games 
Jaguar cap and $5.00 gift certificate 
$40.00 gift certificate 

Nertz ST game 

Jaguar cap and $5.00 gift certificate 
Wireless joysticks 

4 new 2600 games 

SAGE T-shirt 

Mailing Manager ST 

Buttonz Basic St software 

4 new 2600 games 

4 new 2600/5200/7800 games 

2 new 8-bit cartridges 

MAGE Arcade Pack 

Buttonz Awari ST software 

Tweety Board 

4 new 2600/5200/7800 games 

View II Software 

Dan Paxton Gauntlet III Lynx game 

NOISE in Greater Cleveland Area 
Northern Ohio Internet System Explorer (N.O.1I.S.E.) is a public access 
OS/2 Internet site. It is designed for the novice user, but its help 

screens are unobtrusive for the experienced hand. 

We offer a full range of Internet services, including email, usenet, 
Telnet, FTP, Archie, gopher, WWW, MUD and IRC. 

The System is front ended with a standard bulletin board which provides 
a menu driven access to all functions. 

On the bulletin board we maintain current files of interest to internet 
users, including a number of basic FAQ's. 

We are available from 9 am to midnight to provide assistance to users via 
a bulletin board ’yell’ feature, and by voice phone (s below). 

Our service is price at $2 per hour with a free trial for the first five 
hours. Discounts for educators, students and businesses are available. 
Fore more information, contact: 

Data: 216-892-110, Voice: 216-871-7419 

Atari News 

Contact: Ron Beltramo 
Atari Corporation 
(408) 745-8852 





Wolfenstein 3D, Alien Vs. Predator, Kasumi Ninja and Doom 
Among Many Hot New Titles Available by Christmas on the 
Award-Winning, 64-bit Atari Jaguar 

SUNNYVALE, CA (August 29,1994) —- Sega, Nintendo, 3DO and 
Sony continue to tell game enthusiasts that they must wait 
until late 1995 to experience advanced video gam 
technology and performance. But the Atari Jaguar, the 
world’s first 64-bit multimedia home entertainment system, 
already is available. "By Christmas 1994, Jaguar fans will 
be playing 30-50 new game titles on their 64-bit systems 
while our competitors continue to play catch up and beg 
their followers to be patient," said Sam Tramiel, Atari 
president and CEO. "Its nice to know American companies are 
once again leading the way in technology." 

The Atari Jaguar is the only video game system manufactured 
in the United States. Jaguar, the most powerful multimedia 
system available, was recently named the industry’s Best 
New Game System (Video Games Magazine), Best New Hardware 
Systems (Game Informer) and 1993 Technical Achievement of 
the Year (Die Hard Game Fan). Jaguar also recently was 

given the European Computer Trade Show Award for Best 
Hardware of the Year. "We still have the best hardware on 
the market. And now we have great titles rolling in." said 
Tramiel. "So if you can buy 64-bit power today for under 
$250, why should you wait until 1995 to spend close to 
$500?" said Tramiel. 

In September, Atari will launch an aggressive advertising 
campaign highlighting the great gameplay made possible by 
the Atari Jaguar’s 64-bit power. One of the campaign spots 
stresses the immersive, 3D nature of Jaguar games by 
focusing on upcoming title Alien Vs. Predator. "The 3D 
graphics and texture mapping take full advantage of the 
Jaguar’s technological superiority and create an experienc 
that is out of this world," said Tramiel. 

Atari Corporation, based in Sunnyvale, Calif., designs and 
markets 64-bit interactive multimedia entertainment systems 
and video games. 

Jaguar is a trademark for Atari Corporation. Atari is a 
registered trademark of Atari Corporation. Other products 
named may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their 
owning companies. 

Contact: Diane Carlini Ron Beltramo 
Edelman Public Relations Atari Corporation 
(415) 433-5381 (408) 745-8852 

Terry Grantham 
Telegames, Inc. 
214) 224-0690 ext.901 

For Immediate Releas 


Title Is First Of Many Third-Party Games For Award-Winning, 
64-Bit Atari Jaguar 

SUNNYVALE, Calif. (August 22, 1994) -- Imagine no 
rules on the football field as you decapitate your opponent 
as he runs toward the goal line. The only game you’1ll 
experience it on is Brutal Sports Football and the only 
video game system you'll play it on is Atari’s award- 

winning Jaguar. The first of many third-party video games, 
Brutal Sports Football also is the first sports-related, 
fast-action game developed for the 64-bit Jaguar system. 

Initially released for sale in mid August, with 
national availability in September, Brutal Sports Football 
represents a hybrid in video games -- coupling the sporting 

elements of rugby with the blood-and-guts mayhem of the 
most popular video games. The product is designed for 

action gamers and football fans who are tired of the same 
old set of moves and rules. The new rules are simple 

there are none. Players simply pick up the ball and run for 
their video game life while avoiding the head-hunting 

"Brutal Sports Football was our chance to work with 
the most sophisticated video game platform on the market, 

the 64-bit Jaguar," said Telegames’ Terry Grantham. "We’ve 
been developing software for Atari hardware since 1982 and 
believe this is our most innovative product yet." Brutal 

Sports Football, retailing for $69.95 at consumer 
electronics and toy stores nationwide, is the first of 
numerous games Telegames is developing for the Jaguar 
platform including World Class Cricket, Ultimate Brain 
Games, Casino Royale, and Operation Starfish (James 
Pond 3). 

Atari’s Jaguar game system has approximately 30 
software titles planned for release before the holiday 
season. Popular titles in the works include Alien Vs. 
Predator, Dragon The Bruce L Story, Doom, Busby, Troy 
Aikman Football, and Kasumi Ninja. 

"We’ve challenged our software designers to develop 
games that use the full technological capacity of the 64- 
bit Jaguar," said Atari Corporation President Sam Tramiel. 
"This means players can look forward to some incredible 
titles in the near future because our developers are not 
constrained by less-sophisticated 16-bit or 32-bit 
technology." More than 150 independent developers currently 
are working on Jaguar-compatible products. 

Since its release in November 1993, Atari’s Jaguar 
game system has been named the industry’s "Best New Game 
System" (Video Games Magazine), "Best New Hardware System" 
(Game Informer) and "1993 Technical Achievement of the 
Year" (DieHard GameFan). The Jaguar is the only video game 
system manufactured in the United States. 

Atari Corporation, based in Sunnyvale, Calif., designs 
and markets 64-bit interactive multimedia entertainment 
systems and video games. 

Jaguar is a trademark of Atari Corporation. Atari is a 
registered trademark of Atari Corporation. Other products 
named may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their 
owning companies. 

kK Kk O* 
Contact: Ron Beltramo Joe Harabin 
Atari Sandwich Islands Publishing 
(408) 745-8852 (808) 661-5844 

For Immediate Releas 


First Authorized Jaguar Book Available December 1994 

SUNNYVALE, CA (August 18, 1994) -- Fans of Jaguar video 
games -- the most technologically-advanced games on the 
market -- soon will be able to learn the best strategies 

for playing their favorite games with Atari Jaguar Official 
Games Secrets. Hawaii-based book company Sandwich Islands 
Publishing will produce the strategy guide, the first 
Jaguar book written with the full authorization and 
cooperation of Atari. 

Written by Zach Meston (contributing editor to Video Games, 
Computer Player, and Tips and Tricks Magazines), J. Douglas 
Arnold, and Danny Han, Atari Jaguar Official Games Secrets 
will feature: 

* Detailed strategies for the hottest Jaguar games on the 
market including: Tempest 2000, Aliens vs. Predator, 
Kasumi Ninja, Wolfenstein 3-D, Doom, Iron Soldier, Ultra 
Vortex, Club Drive, and many more 

* Previews of upcoming Jaguar releases 

* Interviews with Jaguar game programmers and a "tech 
specs" chapter written by Jaguar game developer Douglas 

* A vivid design -- with hundreds of screen shots -- which 
conveys th xcitement of the Jaguar’s 64-bit power 

Atari Jaguar Official Games Secrets will be available in 
December 1994 at a suggested retail price of $14.95. 

"Our secrets and strategies for Atari’s library of superb 
games will make for a book that no Jaguar owner can afford 
to be without," said Joe Harabin, president of Sandwich 
Islands Publishing. Zach Meston, lead author of Atari 
Jaguar Official Games Secrets, added, "It’s an incredible 
thrill for me to work directly with the company that helped 
me sharpen my hand-eye coordination and get such a great 
job in the first place." 

Some of the tips included in Atari Jaguar Official Games 
Secrets already are available on Atari’s popular Jaguar 
hotline (tel. 1-900-737-2827). The hotline is available 24 
hours a day and costs only 95 cents per minute. (Children 
under 18 require parental permission.) 

Atari Jaguar is the world’s first 64-bit interactive 
multimedia home entertainment system and is the only video 
game system manufactured in the United States. Jaguar, the 
most powerful multimedia system available, was recently 
named the industry’s "Best New Game System" (Video Games 
Magazine), "Best New Hardware Systems" (Game Informer) and 
"1993 Technical Achievement of the Year" (Die Hard Game 
Fan). Jaguar also recently was given the European Computer 
Trade Show Award for "Best Hardware of the Year." 

Atari Corporation, based in Sunnyvale, California, 
manufactures and markets 64-bit interactive multimedia 
entertainment systems, video games and personal computers 
for the home, office and educational marketplaces. 

Sandwich Islands Publishing is a privately held company 
based on the tropical paradise of Lahaina, Maui, 

Hawaii. It was formed in 1984 and has been producing best- 
selling video game strategy guides since 1990. Sandwich 
Islands Publishing’s books are distributed in the U.S. and 
overseas, including Canada, Spain, and the UK. 

Jaguar is a trademark for Atari Corporation. Atari is a 
registered trademark of Atari Corporation. Other products 
named may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their 
owning companies. 

From: (Donald A. Thomas, Jr.) 


Below is the text of the 2-page ad that appeared on facing 
pages (48 and 49) of the September 1994 issue of VideoGames 
magazine. The ad has a color photograph on the upper two 
thirds of each page. The photograph on the left page is 

of the Alien from Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation 

The first line of a thr line headline is "pasted" just 
over the Alien’s image. The right page photograph is of the 
Predator holding a human skull from Twentieth Century Fox 

Film Corporation. The second line of the headline is pasted 
above the Predator’s head and the last line of the headline 
is pasted just beneath the image of the skull. All three 
headline lines appear in a large, underlined typewriter 

Headline line 1: _YOU_CAN_BE_ THE ALIEN._ 
Headline line 2: _YOU_CAN_BE_ THE PREDATOR. _ 
Headline line 3: _~OR_YOU_CAN_BE LUNCH. 

The Alien vs. Predator logo stretches just beneath the two 
photographs across both pages. Six screen captures taken 
directly from the Alien vs. Predator video game for the 
Atari 64-bit Jaguar Interactive Multimedia System are 
"stacked" side-by-side across the two pages. There are a 
few lines of italicized text beneath or to the right of 
each screen capture. 

SCREEN: far left; left page 
IMAGE: Aliens’ perspective facing marine 
PREDATOR. Be any one of them and fulfill your 
biological destiny; kill or be killed. 


SCREEN: center; left page 
IMAGE: Marine’s perspective facing Alien 
TEXT: THE ALIEN LASHES OUT. His claw and tail strikes 


are beautiful and deadly. No such aesthetics 
apply to acid-spitting. That’s just plain sick. 

far right; left page 

Marine’s perspective facing Alien in airduct 
ALIEN. Texture-mapping heightens the 



claustrophobia of the airduct. Too Bad. 

Tell your 

far left; right page 

Marine’s perspective facing Predator 

Q E 


more conventional weaponry. Might be a good idea 

to keep your first-aid kit handy. 

center; right page 

Predator's x-ray perspectiv 

Above the 


body copy: 


On the left page is an Atari logo underscored by "MAD 
To the right of the logo are three small lines of 




his view. Too many x-rays can be bad for you. 

far right; right page 

Predator's perspective facing Marine 

extraordinary bit-mapped image makes the shape of 
your skull look so very right to the Predator. 

screen captures and beneath the photographs from 

Century Fox Film Corporation are four lines of 

Lunch. Toast. Dogmeat. You’re on the menu. The 
Alien eats you from the inside out. The 
Predator’s razor-like mouth parts go for the 
crust. It’s one thing to be the low man on the 
food chain in a 16 or 32-bit game. But in 
Jaguar’s 64-bit system, it takes extremely fine 
tuned reflexes to stay alive. Give your 
reptilian hindbrain a workout. Be the Predator 
or the Alien. Ancient animal instincts exploit 
the high-resolution bit-mapping - the better to 
see you. Huge sound-sampling - the better to 
hear you. And unparalleled animation - the 
better to come out of nowhere and eat you. Ina 
64-bit environment, pure sensation can 
overwhelm. Keep a little blood in your 
adrenaline system, and maybe you'll survive. At 
least until dinner. 







Game tips and hints: 1-900-737-ATARI. 95 cents 
per minute. If you are under 18, be sure to get 
a parent’s permission before calling. A touch- 
tone phone is required. USA only. Atari Jaguar 
information is available in the Atari Gaming 
Forum on CompuServe. Type GO JAGUAR to access 
this area 24 hours a day. Atari, the Atari 

logo, and Jaguar are trademarks or registered 
trademarks of Atari Corporation. All rights 
reserved. Alien and Predator(tm) & (c) 
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All 
rights reserved. Used under sublicense from 


In the lower right hand corner of the right page is the 
Jaguar logo with a square stating "DO+THE MATH" and six 
circled yellow reverse letters spelling out "64-BIT". 
Beneath the logo it states: "INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA 

-From: (Sgt. Dudley) 
-Date: Sun Sep 4 00:02:25 1994 

Jag Wolf 3D was on Babbages top ten sales list for September 
Here is the whole list 

Breath of Fire 
FIFA Soccer 
Sega CD Rebel Assault 
Jag Wolf 3D 
World Series Baseball. 
Hardball '94 for Genesis 
Ken Griffey Baseball 
The Incredible Hulk 
0. Vay 


This is the first time I’ve seen a jag game on this monthly flier. 
It’s a good sign. 


-From: (Darren Bates) 
Date: Tue Sep 6 20:09:59 1994 

European Computer Trade Show 

I have just attended the ECTS in London, it was ACE. Although Atari did not 
have a dedicated stand there (they held a private conference in a nearby 
hotel), there was a stand showing off RAYMAN on Jag. I must say it looked 
absolutely stunning! 24-bit backgrounds, 30 FPS, cool! I know cute platform 
games are not everyones’ cup of tea, but this game may convert a few of us. 
The animation on the central character was some of the best I’ve seen, and 
the enemy characters were equally impressive. Hopefully, this will aid 
Atari’s sales at Xmas with the younger players. 

Also, one of the rep’s at the Atari area revealed that Atari has a secret 
game in development that no-one has seen or heard of. He also claimed it 
would blow ANY game away, on ANY platform! Does anyone have any clues to 

what he was referring to? 

BTW, the PSX video made me wet my pants, Labyrinth boasted the best graphics 
I have seen in years and Poly Circus Racing was more impressive than 
Cruisin’ USA on Ultra 64!!!! 

The future is looking EXCITING JAG SITE RETURNS! 
-From: (Andrew K. Heller) 
-Date: Fri Sep 2 23:29:16 1994 

Its up again. Remember this site has not been updated 
with new information since May 5, 1994. If you could tell me 
the name of a site or two that has the Jag stuff..I’1l pull 
it all. 

Uploads are welcome... =) 

-From: (Kevin Haley) 
Date: Wed Sep 7 12:50:57 1994 

There is a 70-page book published by the Computer Science Department of 
South Bank University (UK) called "The History of Computing". It is a 
chronological timeline of major events, milestones, and accomplishments in 
the history of computing. The publishing date is March 1994, so it is 
quite recent. 

Anyway, I had to buy this book for a Comp. Science course. A quick perusal 
of the book revealed a mention of the Jaguar! The entry is dated 

"November, 1993", and it gives a 3 line mention, "Atari introduces Jaguar 
games console; 64-bit architecture with multiple RISC processors estimated at 
55MIPS", or something similar. 

I was rather impressed to see that the Professors who authored the book 

found the Jaguar of significance to mention it. This is magnified when the 
mentioned topics seem to be those that are "new or innovative". For 
xample, the Super Famicom is mentioned, but the NES, SNES, 

Genesis, and other competing machines aren’t mentioned. CD-I is mentioned 
as "first consumer based dedicated multimedia machine", but there is no 
mention of 3D0. 

Other Atari-related events mentioned: 

- Creation of Pong 
— Creation of Atari VCS (2600) 
— Introduction of Atari ST 

to the readers of: 





CAIN Newsletter 

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Michael Current 

8-Bit Support Area News 

Apparently quite a few 8-bit users showed up at our CAIN Atari Fun Fest 
this month, but I was personally unable to attend (I live in Iowa City, 


Maybe I’ll see you next year! 

8-Bit Product News 


ATARI CLASSICS: Final Farewell August 10, 1994 

It pleases me greatly to report that the issuing of refunds to all 

former subscribers to the old AC is now essentially complete, and as of 

this date the original 

I wish to officially announce my departure from the AC Staff, and 

hereby declare my resignation therefrom in the positions I occupied, 
Managing Editor and Circulation Editor. 



The status of refunds at this time is as follows: 
A batch of 88 refund checks, representing the last of the American 
refunds and all of the Canadian refunds, was posted on August 9 and 
should be in the hands of their intended recipients shortly. 
A batch of 18 IPMOs and bank drafts, representing refunds to overseas 
subscribers, was posted today. The IPMOs will take a few weeks for 
postal processing before final delivery. 

publication may be considered officially terminated. 

3.) Unicorn Publications is presently working up 17 credit card refunds to 
overseas subscribers. Notices of account credits will be mailed out 
shortly by Unicorn Publications from Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

All together, a total of 351 refunds has been/are being issued. The refund 
policy as announced in the April AC was followed very nearly as given, except 
in the case of Australian refunds: one Australian refund was denied and the 
remainder made by bank draft, in consequence of the discovery that IPMOs are 
not available to Australia. 

The entire stock of back issues of the old AC has been transferred to 
the magazine’s new management in California, including back issues of the 
AC Software Disk. I will no longer respond to inquiries concerning back 
issues or subscriptions to AC. Individuals desiring such information about 
the new AC should contact: 

5507 Langford Court 
Concord, CA 94521 

ATTN: Jim Hood, Managing Editor 

A number of people have asked what role I will play in the new AC. 
I’ve made myself available to the new management in a consulting/support 
capacity over the past 6 months and expect to continue in that role for as 
long as they desire my services. Many people have begged me to continue 
my "Alchemist" column in the new AC, but regrettably circumstances will not 
permit me to make contributions of that nature in the foreseeable future. 

In consequence of unprecedented instability now sweeping the U.S. 
pharmaceutical industry in the wake of political turmoil surrounding the 
Clinton national health plan proposals, many scientists in that industry are 
experiencing the loss of their jobs and wreckage of their careers. I am one 
of them. In June the department where I worked for 13 years was abolished, 
and I became unemployed. A few weeks later I received news that my mother 
has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. In a few days I’ll be leaving for 
an extended visit to Mesa, Arizona to attend my mother’s needs. I trust the 
8-bit community will forgive me for placing these serious concerns far above 
any continued participation in Atari magazines. However, I anticipate being 
an 8-bit user for quite some time to come, and of course I’m a charter 
subscriber to the new AC. 

The slow pace of refunds over the summer on the part of Unicorn 
Publications initially hobbled the efforts of our California colleagues to 
restart the magazine. Many loyal readers apparently held off subscribing 
to the new AC until they had received their refund from the old AC. By 
encouraging Unicorn to complete the refund process in a timely manner I 
expect to see a corresponding boost in support for the new AC in the weeks 
ahead. Feedback I’ve received from readers in response to the refund 
program has consisted mainly of expressions of astonishment that the 
policies stated in the April issue were actually followed and people had a 
cash refund in hand from an Atari magazine for the first time in the history 
of Atari computers. I’m very proud of the legacy AC established in dealing 
"up-front" with its loyal supporters and hope the new management will 
continue the tradition. 

I don’t have any real figures for the present level of support for the 
new AC, but reasonable estimates place it at around 200 paid subscriptions. 
Based on my experience I believe the revived publication will probably top 
out with a subscriber base in the range of 300-350. Unpublished manuscripts 
remaining in my hands were turned over to the new management following their 

promise to continue the same pol 

originally establi 
staff, and I’m pl 
the new publishe 
with Unicorn Pub] 

mailing permit. 


licies to 

ward author compensation that I 

ly they’ve begun aggressively recruiting a 
leased to report many of the former AC Staff will be se 


I’m also aware the new management has been in contact 

point to a revival 
that’s purely spec 

Finally, many 

AC and start it up anew instead of just having the old publ 

operations to the 

had already been laid in January 1994, 

lications to secure transfer of 
They’ve also made local 
to print the new AC far more cheaply than Unicorn did, 
able to survive financially with a small 

of AC very soon, I wo 

people have question 
new. First, I must po 


he magazine’s 2nd Class 
arrangements that will permit them 
which means they’1ll be 
er subscriber base. All indications 
uld guess September but must admit 

d why it was necessary to shut down 
lisher turn over 

int out that plans to shut down AC 

before Bob Woolley became 

actively involved in saving the magazine and securing a new publisher. 

Once t 
I coul 
no one knew what 

was extremely low 
and even Bob Wool] 


presses began to roll it was too ] 
d do was extend support to the new effort. 
level of support a revived AC might attain. 

late to stop the process; the best 
Second, back in February 
Staff morale 

due to the sharp falloff in renewals in Dec.’93/Jan.'94, 

ley and Jim Hood wer 
t to warrant their continuing the effort. 
January-—May 1994 was fraught with unknowns, 


oncerned there might not be enough 
The whole period of 
chaos, and instabil 

anxiety, Lity-- 

punctuated by power blackouts and disruptions caused by the Killer Winter of 

n under ideal 




(for example, 
scope of my author 
was threatened by 
t into existence. 
epresentative of 
uthorized him to 

ity to 
a failu 

the 615 
ask me 

have to be an independent effort. 
her of AC had the authority 

to tra 

Had AC b 

hich left me with $2,000 in property damage and a huge mess to clean 
For Unicorn to turn over AC to an unknown third party in such a cl 
have been an act of catastrophic stupidity. 
Bob Woolley and I mutually agreed any continuation of AC 

Due to the uncertainty of 
And finally, neither the Staff nor 
nsfer the magazine’s operations 

the collapse of its publisher), 
re of support from the very communi 
In conferring with Jeff McWill 

the op 


n threatened by som xternal event 
it would have been within the 
eration elsewhere. But instead, AC 
ty that brought 
liams (de facto 


to start 


the ma 


he situation th 
hat authorized it 
taff back to 
ack to the commun 
hence it sprang, 
riginal mandate. 

(o S O re E W E a 


s exist 


onse was t 






in effec 


in consequence of the community's failure 

sponse to the mail campaign of 1992 
gazine), we agreed t 
o "give AC back" to 

way to do that was 

hat in view of 
the community 
to release the 

the community and distribute the magazine’s financial resources 

t given AC back to the community from 

to support the 

People should bear in mind that the revival of AC in California is 

totally indepe 

of it official. 
adherence to t 
personal desire to 

S th 

of Bob Woolley and 
of the old and new 
accounts. We have 
arise as a Phoenix 

For some of y 
cashed and spent. 
that refund check 

a mutua 


been th 

ndent of the original AC. 
of the old publication to th 

new have b 

All the support given by elements 

1 sp 

For the past 8 months I’ve walked a fin 
he original proposals upon which AC was founded and my own 


n at a purely personal level, none 
line between strict 

live on. Through the intervention 

irit of in 


from the flames. 

ou, the 
But for 
is a tic 

refund you receive (d) 
others- those of you still capable of dreaming- 
ket to be used to vote yet a second time to continue 

formal cooperation between elements 

I believe I can at last claim success on both 
h a trial by fire, 

from whence a new AC will 

is merely a check, to be 

what still stands as one of the most unique events in the history of personal 
realize the extraordinary effort that has gone 


I hope people will 

into giving the community a second chance to vote, and that you will do so 

Respectfully submitted, 

Benjamin L. Poehland 
<Managing Editor> 
<Circulation Editor> 

From: dxl07@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Dean Garraghty) 


Date: 20 Aug 1994 04:43:50 -0500 

Ok, here’s a good deal for you all! 

We have now produced 5 printed issues of the News-Paper (our 
magazine). Get the lot for just $10 including Air Mail shipping! 
We must be mad!! 

Come on folks, get your $10 to us! 
As usual, pay in cash in USS. 
We have about 50 sets available, so there’s no need to reserve any. 

Dean Garraghty. 

Dean Garraghty Software (D.G.S.) - 
D.G.S., 62 Thomson Ave, Balby, Doncaster, DN4 ONU, ENGLAND. 
Phone (in UK): (0302) 855026 / International: +44-302-855-026 
D.G.S -- Supporting the Atari 8-bit!! 

8-Bit Feature Article 

FidoNet 8-bit Echo 
Rick Reaser 

Date: 13 Aug 1994 22:09:48 -0500 

The following is a list of FidoNet BBSes that carry the Atari 8-bit Echo. 

It is organized by area code and compiled from the taglines of messages 
posted over the past several months on the echo. Hopefully, the format won’t 
get too messed up and you will be able 

to decipher the list. It’s actual 93 

characters across. 

Phone Location Node # BBS Name 

SysOp Baud 

(204) 889-3608 Winnipeg MB 1:348/104 Ability 

Jim Martinuk 9600 

(206) 472-6805 Tacoma WA 1:138/245 Permanent Crew Rest 
John Schliep 2400 

(206) 695-0799 Vancouver WA 1:105/169 Aurora BBS 

Scott Hemphill 

210) 333-5360 
Mike Mazzola 
214) 442-0388 
Wes Newell 
216) 478-0548 
Gary Cox 
219) 674-6040 
Chris Smith 
301) 292-7955 
Ken LaCapria 
302) 239-7242 
Brian Funk 
305) 472-7715 
Bob Patten 
310) 374-7929 
Tony Reeves 
315) 797-3054 
Richard Seeley 
317) 356-5519 
Bill Jones 
407) 568-8774 
Kevin Hoffman 
501) 932-6961 
Jon Wagner 
501) 933-9281 
Gary Edwards 
504) 362-1636 
Todd Jordan 
514) 466-9637 
Chris Ross 
516) 579-2069 
Mark Ciochetto 
601) 992-4023 

James Simmons 

602) 459-0013 
Bill Starr 
602) 459-6514 
Bill Morris 
602) 464-4817 
Jeff Kovach 
604) 272-5888 
Terry Schreiber 
604) 323-9698 
David Poon 
609) 223-0133 
Rudy Schmidt 
609) 794-8907 
Michael Nelson 
612) 544-5118 
Craig Peterson 
615) 376-7623 
Mary Pinckard 
617) 595-5626 
Hal DuPrie 
617) 595-5627 
Hal DuPrie 
617) 932-0958 
Herb Oxley 
701) 727-9811 


San Antonio TX 

Wylie TX 


Canton OH 


Osceola IN 


Fort Washington MD 
Hockessin DE 

Fort Lauderdale FL 

Redondo Beach CA 

Utica NY 

Indianapolis IN 

Bithlo FL 


Jonesboro AR 

Jonesboro AR 

New Orleans LA 

Greenfield Park Qc 

Seaford NY 


Jackson MS 


Sierra Vista AZ 

Sierra Vista AZ 

Mesa AZ 


Richmond BC 

Vancouver BC 

Mullica Hill NJ 

Vineland NJ 
Minneapolis MN 

Knoxville TN 

Swampscott MA 

Swampscott MA 

Woburn MA 


Minot AFB ND 































Quantum Leap 

Wylie Connection 
CanCom BBS 

Ye Ole Connection 
The Computer Orphanage 
Inner World BBS 
Bashful Pervert BBS 
PC Heaven BBS 

The Zoo 

MoonRose HQ 

[The Wizard’s Domain 

The Gameing BBS! 

Assassin’s Lair 

Evening Shade 

The Arena BBS 

MCS Micronet 

United We Stand America 
The Danish Tower BBS 



Miramax BBS 
Python Bbs 
Connections! BBS 
FlightLine BBS 
Soft Touch 

NewWorld Magicl 

NewWorld Magic2 

Gamma World 

Lance Powell 9600 

702) 435-0786 Las Vegas NV 1:209/745 The Rebel BBS 
Terry May 9600 

703) 642-3616 Alexandria VA 1:109/618 Infinite Data Source 
John Choi 9600 

706) 868-9726 Martinez GA 1:360/17 The Far Side BBS 
Jim Noblett 9600 

713) 461-1682 Houston TX 1:106/6969 STarship 
Rich Tietjens 9600 

718) 817-5500 Bronx NY 1:278/103 Fordham Jesuit BBS 
Fr. N. Lombardi 9600 

803) 731-3884 Columbia SC 1:376/50 Dreadnaught Class 
Julius Edwards 9600 

803) 788-8194 Elgin SC 1:376/112 Jake’s Place 
Leo Davidson 9600 

805) 734-4742 Vandenberg AFB CA 1:206/2703 FIDOdoor Support BBS 
Bryan Hall 9600 

816) 763-3353 Kansas City MO 1:280/66 Synergy 
John Hutton 9600 

818) 763-9006 N. Hollywood CA 1:102/836 Computer One 
Ed Baker 9600 

904) 268-9203 Jacksonville FL Tel O57 The Dragon’s Domain 
B. Himmelstoss 9600 

904) 375-7913 Gainesville FL 1:3601/106 The Den 
Ken Sallot 9600 

904) 871-6536 Panama City FL :3608/1 221B Baker St 
James Young 9600 

904) 769-9688 Panama City FL 1:3608/121 Th < Bejue > 
Larry Black 9600 

916) 737-1844 Sacramento CA 1:203/69 Humanx Commonwealth 
Smokey Layton 9600 

916) 448-5840 Sacramento CA 1:203/9264 *Your BBS* 
Curtis Delzer 9600 

919) 469-8463 Cary NC 1:151/139 ArenA 
Paul Newton 9600 

46-31-363973 Partille 2:203/221 STraight BBS 
Bertil Jagard 9600 

64-3-389-0898 Christchurch 3:770/140 Mirth Control [#1] 
Daniel Ayers 9600 

64-9-817-2868 Auckland NZ 3:772/480 Hitch-Hiker’s 
Jamie Walker 2400 

64-9-445-0661 Auckland NZ 3:772/1000 PC WORLD-1 
Chris Miller 9600 

Rick Reaser 
Atari 8-bit Editor 
Current Notes Magazine 

8-Bit Commentary 

Recently I received my postcard acknowledging my resubscription to Atari 
Classics magazine. Yes, folks, Atari Classics lives! Publication is 
expected to resume within a month or two. 

Meanwhile, Rick Reaser at Current Notes continues to deliver quality 
8-bit coverage in every issue, although CN has now been forced to move to 
a bimonthly (six issues per year) schedule. 

Over at Page 6 in Great Britain (publishers of New Atari User), things 
seem to be more desperate. They are presently almost begging people to 
add to their subscriptions or purchase merchandise from them as soon as 
possible, in order to prevent a deathly cash crunch which isn’t really 

anyone’s fault. The untimely demise of NAU would be a low blow to all 
8-bit users, as this publication has provided more quality coverage for a 
longer period of time than we’v ver experienced among 8-bit magazines in 

the U.S. Good luck Page 6! 

It’s been a couple weeks now since I began my attempt to install a 1Mb 
installation of the MEG130 upgrade by Newell Industries and now a product 
of Fine Tooned Engineering. I’ve managed to regain functionality of the 
lower 64K, but my upgraded memory is too flakey to be usable. Since I am 
very used to having at least 128K in my 130XE, my system is rather 
crippled for now, but I’m hoping to get everything working soon. Mike @ 
FTe has provided helpful telephone support. Maybe by the next issue 
you’ll be reading my report of the thrills of huge RAMdisks! 

Until next month, 

16/32-Bit Computers Support Area 

Thomas Main 

The Persistence of Vision Raytracer 

The Persistence of Vision Raytracer (POV-Ray) is a relatively new software 
package that will transform your Atari computer into a powerhouse graphics 
tool. POV-Ray allows you to create stunning and realistic three-dimensional 
images. Even if you don’t possess traditional artistic drawing skills, with 
POV-Ray you will be able to create beautiful true-color pictures that have 
perfect shading and perspective. 

A Note About the Required Hardware 
The POV Raytracer will run on all Atari computers, but because of the nature of 

its output--24 bit true color pictures--real use is limited to those who own a 
Falcon or an ST/TT with a graphics card. Also, POV-Ray’s method of rendering 
images is very math-intensive, so a math-coprocessor will significantly 
increase the speed of the program's execution and thereby increase its 

What Is Raytracing? 

Raytracing is a way of rendering pictures in three-dimensional space by 
describing objects that exist in that space and the light sources that are 

shining on them. For example, when we look out into the night sky and see a 
crescent moon, we see an object (in this case a sphere) that is only partially 
illuminated by its light source (the sun). If we were to trace the rays of 

light emanating from the sun, we would see that some of them hit our object, 
and thereby formed the visible crescent, and some were blocked by another 
object (the earth) which would form the shadow on the moon. 

This way of tracing rays of light and seeing which objects are illuminated and 
which objects are not forms the basis of raytracing. But raytracing is not 
limited simply to lights and shadows. Color intensity, texture, and reflection 

also play an important part. 

Let’s bring our example down to earth. 

that the top of t 

flat disk. A ray 

The texture of a 
from it. For ins 

the smooth sheen of a marbl 
example with a white marble we would still see a gradation of color 
But because of the smooth and lustrous texture of the marble, 
effects would become noticeable. 


a spot reflecting 

our scene. 
through this 
to calculate 
shortly, all 
allowing you 


As a final example of how raytracing works, 

the way 


the 1 
because its texture al 

object on a computer 

tennis ball also dete 


sam C 

a tennis ball 

Imagine putting 
table and illuminating it with a desk lamp that you hav 
If you view the tennis ball 
he ball appears to be a brighter color 
The gradation in the ball’s color from bright to 
our depth perception and allows us to 
tracer uses th 

from th 

a tennis ball o 
placed directl 


's level, you will 
yellow than the 

dark yellow enh 




see the ball as a sphere rather than a 

chnique of color shading to simulate a 


rmines how we perceive light 
is relatively dull 


e. If we wer 

ight source. 

the textur 


visual information. 
light shoul 
sorts of textures 
to create very realistic th 

d ref] 


We hav 
different textures can 
examine how direct ref] 


ready s 

influence our perception of the object. 

ections from othe 

realism. Let’s r 

at our object 



(the pinball) 
shading and reflects a light 
rfaces upon its face. 

the marble in ou 


For instance, 

For instance, 

to replac 

lowed for the spot’s absorption. 
the marble that reflects its light source adds a grater degr 
We can p 

and fuzzy comp 
the tennis ball in 

the marble’s surface wo 

This was unnoticeable on the tenni 

The spot of lig 
of reali 

ared to 

uld have 

s ball 
ht on 
sm to 

of an object without touching it 

already p 

but will 


surfaces give an object 
example with a pinball. 
we will see it as not only a sphere 

see the reflection 
we might see a representa 

other objects in the room wrapped around its shape. 


sphere, imag 

rror of the space surrounding it. 
is distorted. 
amount of distortion of refl 

with a mirror finish. 

around the sphere to achieve the illusion of three-dimensional 

Of course, 

raytracer uses textur 
ect from an object. 
redefined in the POV-Raytracer, 
ree-dimensional scenes. 

because of the s 
A raytracer will mathematical 
cted objects appearing on the face of a sphere 

As you’ll se 

let’s consider the idea of 
n how rays of light reflecting on objects of 

Now let 
a deg 
If w 
that ha 
of oth 
tion of 

acts a 
hape of 
ly calcul 

The pinball 



ree of 

e look 



all the 


ate the 

It will then "map," or wrap the distorted picture, 

two-dimensional computer screen. 

The Program 

The P 
As a 


create its images 


matter of fact, 

racer you must describ 

ription language. 
provided through writing a scene description fil 

A Note About Artistry 

In recent years, 
our brain suppo 
brain" supports 

is oriented more towards analytical and 



That’s right, 
the POV-Raytracer uses text-based input to 

you a 


unlike traditional 


The POV-Raytracer takes the information that you 


rt different types of thinking. 
and artistic reasoning whereas th 
rational reasoning. 

le and renders the pic 

much has been made of the theory that the two hemisphe 
It is said that the "right 



of Vision Raytracer is a unique program in the graphics field. 
it’s text based! 
and illustration programs, 
. Rather than draw with a mouse or graphics tablet, 

ith the 

re painting using a simple scene 

res in 


ce the 

POV-Raytracer uses mathematics and a computer programming language to render 

its scenes, some of you may be inclined to see this application as 
"left—-brained." Indeed, it does have a logical and straightforward structure 
that can be intimidating to the "right brained" artist. However, I prefer to 
see this program as more of a marriage between the two different ways of 
thinking. It requires "left brain" thinking in the implementation stage and 
"right brain" thinking in the design stage. Therefore a symbiosis is achieved 
that will, hopefully, improve the final product. 

The Scene Description Language 

POV-Ray’s scene description language can be compared with a simple computer 
programming language. This may seem daunting to users who are used to a point 
and click interface, but I assure you that the trouble of learning a few 
cryptic commands will pay off when you see the quality of the scenes that you 
can render with this powerful application. And, although it will take some 
time to master the language of POV-Ray, it is not that hard to start and within 

an half an hour of studying the language, you will be able to render som 
pretty good pictures. Probably the best way to see what is involved in 
learning to use POV-Ray’s language is to look at an example: 

include "" 
include "" 
include "" 

camera { 
location <0,2,-3> 
look_at <0,1,2> 

sphere { 
<0; 257.2 
texture {pigment {color Yellow} } 

light_source { <2,4,-3> color White} 

This is an example of a complete POV-Ray file that will render a sphere on your 

computer screen. Let’s take a look at this file in detail. The first three 
lines tell the raytracer to use some predefined colors, shapes, and textures in 

this scene. Using these "include" files, as the are called, can be of enormous 

benefit as they save artists from the trouble of defining these picture 
elements for themselves. The second part of the file specifies where th 
"camera" should be located. In other words, from what perspective shall this 
scene be viewed. Notice that the locations of the camera, sphere, and light 
source are all given using three numbers. These numbers are called a vector 
and simply represent the object’s location in t 
x,y, and z axis. Are you feeling nostalgic for your high-school days yet? The 

hree-dimensional space using an 

third part of the file specifies that the object you would like to place in 
this scene is a sphere and that its color should be yellow. And finally, the 
location of a light source is given so that you may illuminate the object from 
the proper angle. I hope this has given you a taste of the POV-Ray scene 
description language. 

Since this a review rather than a tutorial, we’ll move on. But don’t fear if 
this seems a little cryptic to you, the POV-Raytracer comes with complete 

documentation of all its features as well as a tutorial that will take you 
through the creation of scene files step-by-step. With a little determination, 

anyone with a basic understanding of a three dimensional coordinate system and 
a willingness to learn POV-Ray’s language will be able to create beautiful 
raytraced images. 

Some of the Included Files 

The POV-Raytracing package is a very complete program that comes with many 
predefined textures and sample scenes for you to render. There are far too 
many to list here, but to give you an overview, take a look at some of these 
textures that come predefined with the POV-Ray package: 

Classic white marble with red veins 

A grey blue agat 

Pink granite 

Basic Blue Sky w/ clouds 



Luminous finish 

Mirror finish 

Glass finish 


Brass texture 

Gold texture 

Bronze texture 

Copper texture 

Silver texture 

Imagine being able to use all of these textures to form your scenes. An array 
of basic shapes is also included with the POV-Ray distribution. You can use 

these textures on spheres, cones, boxes, or a multitude of other geometric and 
original shapes. 

Combining POV-Ray with Bitmapped Graphics 

Those of you looking to put a new spin on art you’ve already created with your 
computer will benefit from POV-Ray’s powerful graphics tools. For instance, it 

is easy to use an existing picture as part of your POV-Ray scene. You can even 

wrap your picture around a box, cone, or other object in your raytraced picture! 

Other Options 

The scope of all the tools POV-Ray has available does not allow for their 
inclusion in this short review. But POV-Ray has many features that are there 
for the user to explore. For instance, creating raytraced animations is 
simplified because of POV-Ray’s language. 

Once you have created a scene, it is easy to render the additional frames 
necessary for an animation. A simple animation could be created just by moving 

the camera in subsequent renderings of the same scene. Use your imagination! 
The Program’s Distribution 

The Persistence of Vision Raytracer was developed by a dedicated team of 

computer programmers and graphic artists who support the program by making it 
widely available to the public and who meet on-line regularly to dispense ideas 

regarding raytracing and offer new scene files that artists from around the 
world have created. To the end of making the program available to a large 
number of people, several versions have been created for almost every computer 
platform. There is a POV-Raytracer available for the IBM-PC and compatibles, 
Apple Macintosh, Commodore Amiga, Unix workstations, and our own favorite, the 
Atari. The Atari version of the POV-Raytracer is identical in output to all 
the other computer versions. Also, the standard "include" files are the same, 
allowing any computer user to take advantage of the predefined textures that 
come with the package. Another way in which the program has been made widely 
available has to do with its distribution. The POV-Raytracer is copyrighted 
freeware. This means that it may be freely distributed pending a few 
restrictions that the creators of the program have made (such as the 
distribution must be complete, it may not be modified and redistributed, etc.). 

This liberal attitude to the distribution of such a powerful graphics tool was 

themselves) in order 
I hope it will also 

implemented by the POV-Ray Team (as the originators call 
to make POV-Ray a standard in the computer graphics field. 

become a standard in your graphics work. It has become a staple program in my 
collection of quality software for the Atari computer. 

Free-Net News Part II 

CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94 Show Exhibitors 


Internet ID 




Internet ID 



The 2600 Connection 

Tim Duarte 

P.O. Box N664 

Westport, MA 02790 

Atari 2600 bi-monthly newsletter. 

A A A Video Repair & Computers 
Doug Novak 

5538 Pearl Road 

Parma, OH 44129 



Atari, PC, ICD, Panasonic, etc. 
hardware and software. 

Repairs, sales, 

CACUG (Cleveland Atari Classics User Group) 
Martin Quinones 

3201 Russell Ave 

Parma, OH 44134 

Atari 8-bit user group. 

CVACC (Cuyahoga Valley Atari Computer Club) 
Don Crano 

P.O. Box 9173 

Akron, OH 44305 


Fax / BBS 



Internet ID 


Internet ID 






Internet ID 




Atari user group. 

Dr. Bob + Bob Rakocy 

Harry Dodgson 
Harry Dodgson 
P.O. Box 19574 
Kalamazoo, MI 

Atari 7800 and LYNX developer. 


hesterland, OH 44026-0493 


tari 2600, 5200, 7800, 8-bit, Colecovision, 

DAM, Aquarius, Arcadia, Channel F, Intellivision 

hardware and video gam 

Fouch Software 

Jim Fouch 

1823 West 8th Street 
Erie, PA 16514 

Atari Mailing Manager ST 

ICD, Inc 

Tom Harker 

1220 Rock Street 

Rockford, IL 61101-1437 

815-968-2228 info 800-373-7700 orders 

ICD Link, ICD Jaguar Cat box, Adspeed ST, 

Star Battle (tm) Jaguar game, Atari hard drive 
connectors and software. 

It’s All Relative 
Greg Kopchak 
2233 Keeven 
Florissant, MO 

Photo CD, CD-ROM, Photo Show Pro, Art For Kids, 
It’s All Relative View II, and Sound Lab 


Jeff’s Atari Outpost 
Jeff Morin 

17545 Madison Ave. 
Lakewood, OH 44107 
Everything Atari. 

Majicsoft / Microcomputer Depot 
John Stewart 
348 Meredith Square 





Internet ID 









Internet ID 

Columbia, SC 
Atari ST/Falcon Software producers. 



Paul Plants 
P.O. Box 469 
Washington, PA 
Atari software, hardware, and magazines. 


Spectrum Atari Group of Erie 

Dennis McGuire 

P.O. Box 10562 

Erie, PA 16514-0562 


Atari usergroup, all Atari products. 


Terry Stiglic 
15610 Madison Ave. 
Cleveland, OH 
Atari Desktop Publishing, MIDI and IBM hardware 
and software. 


The Computer Shoppe 

Len Olenik 

297 Highland Ave 

Wadsworh, OH 44281 


Full line of Atari hardware and software, 
including Jaguar and LYNX. IBM hardware and 
software sales. 

Toad Computers 

David Troy 

570 Governor Ritchie Highway 

Severna Park, MD 21146-2925 

410-544-6943 info 800-448-8623 orders 
410-544-1329 410-544-0098 Fax Back 

Full line of Atari hardware, 

software, and 

Atari Classic Gaming Corner 

Fred Horvat 

Here’s something I down loaded from the Usenet last winter. 

This will help 

you find all the treasures in the classic game "Pitfall". 

by Thomas Clancy 

1 1 
6 3. eZ 1 3 2 34 .EGEND: 
#S-A%S*—---A<%>F>--A<-A%-A>-S* A<-AS<>%—-*FX-F*-—*F # Starting Point 
x % < Tunnel Left 

> Tunnel Right 


Dead End Tunnel 

45 5 67 6 - No Snake/Tunnel 
*--ASF*--ASSSSF-—-F*-S*F ROF *-A%<-A>F>-F*--ASSF Fire/Alligators 
<> % <% A Alligators 
S Snake 
F Camp Fire 
7 8 9 9 * Treasure 
AF A%--A%<F* *—-A%-A%%-*-A>-*-*-AF--S*--F*-ASF 
% > < The numbers show 
which tunnels 
1 11 1 connect. 
0 801 1 ie: 1 to 1 
S*SSF *-AS—-A%——*—*-AFS-—-A<<SF ROR SRST AS LS toO TS 
> >% < etc; 
1 vI 1 Tet 11 1 
2 2-3 3 45 64 6 
% % >< 

There are 254 screens which "wrap" together. ie: Going in either 
direction will eventually return you to start. Simply read the map from 
left to right and descend when you reach the end of a line [remember to 
read the new line left to right]. If you chose to go left when starting 
out simply reverse this, start at the bottom of the map and read from 
right to left and ascend when you reach the end of a line, then simply 
continue reading from the right to the left for each line. One is not 
limited to traveling in only one direction, as a matter of fact one can 
solve the game quicker by traveling in both directions. 

There are 4 different treasures types with eight of each to be found for 
a total of 32. 

Bag of Money $2000 I have a more detailed map [ie: that tells me 
Silver Bar $3000 exactly how many scorpions there are per tunnel] 
Gold Bar $4000 but it would be impossible to reduce to ASCII 
Diamond Ring $5000 form without cluttering p on Thomas Clancy 
an old cartridge and 1 Hunt’s Lane 

send it to someone that St. John’s NF, Canada 

will use it me! 8-) AIB 212 

This file is copyright 1993 and is freely distributable. If you publish 
any portion please include the author’s name. 

PITFALL is copyright of Activision, ATARI 2600 Copyright Atari Inc. 

Lynx Support Area 

Barry Cantin 

Lynx News 

Just when you thought you’d seen the last new title for the Lynx, we receive 

a surprise from Telegames! [wo games have just been released that we have 
been eagerly awaiting: Bubble Trouble and Super Off-Road. 

Bubble Trouble is about a research scientist named Travis who works ina 
physics lab which concentrates on high-energy dense matter used to create 
black holes for inter-dimensional travel. Travis finds himself travelling 
around the lab in a friendly bubble, which protects him from the dangers 
around him. His object is to collect radioactive deposits that will allow 
him to return home. The game is divided into five sections that travis must 
explore, inside his bubble companion. Naturally he meets with hostile 
entities along the way, and can defend himself and his bubble with shots from 
equipment he has with him. Energy is a factor here, and must be conserved so 
he can get from one level to the next. 

Super Off-Road is a translation of the arcade game of the same name. This 
one was reviewed in one of the popular video game magazines back in March, 
but the game is finally available. No specific details available on this one 

These games are "limited edition" releases, but no word on just how many of 
each title will be produced. They are not in the typical small card format, 
but rather on a bare circuit board with a plastic block covering the EPROM -- 
as Telegames puts it, "prototype cartridge form". Not much to look at, but a 
new release is a new release... 

These games can be ordered directly from Telegames USA at 1-(214)-228-0690. 
This is a NEW telephone number. Each game is $39.95 a piece. 

CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94 Lynx Report 

From: ah499@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (John Daniels) 
Subject: Re: Lynx at the CAIN show 

Date: Sun Aug 28 22:23:19 1994 

I was at the CAIN fest with my kids and our Lynxes. We were among the first in 

the Lynx Up room and due to the fact that there was no overlap between our 
collection and those of several other people that showed we wound up running 
Checkered Flag between the 3 of us. There were several others there that were 
having a good time razing cities playing Rampage. A fellow next to me had a 
copy of Desert Strike there that he let me play with (not comLynxable) and I’m 
suitably impressed to add it to my Want List. Rampage has been added to that 
list too (so what if I already have it for the Atari 7800 and the Sega Master 

I was quite impressed with my first viewing of Wolf 3-D on the Jaguar and 

a company (ICD) had a demo of a Jag game "Space Battle" with marvelous 
gourad-shaded polygon ships that you controlled the rotation and scaling of. 
Many ships with neat designs (the Castrator looks like a doubl dged axe head). 

ICD also had the Catbox there attached to a Jag - must have been the Plus 
model since it was driving headphones. 

Many tables with carts for the classic Atari game machines were there too. I 
resisted temptation several times by reminding myself that I need the money for 

new Jag and Lynx games. It worked. 

I hope there's another next year. I’ll discourage my wife from coming and 
bring another power strip for the comLynx room. And try to have more 
discretionary cash. If the Jag takes off like I hope it will a bigger 
facility than the Knights of Columbus might be needed. 

John Daniels 

Lynx Summer Steal Deal Extended to Fall 

The following Lynx Summer Steal Deal has been extended to at least 
Fall 1994. The original deal was only to the end of August, but you can 
still order Lynx games from Atari at dirt cheap prices. 

Now there’s NO excuse! 

Atari Corporation has a new summer deal everyone should enjoy... 
New low prices on almost every Lynx video game. By special 
arrangement with the factory, a large but limited quantity of 

60 outstanding game titles have been set aside especially for 
this special offer. 

Now and for a limited time, buy popular Lynx titles by Atari 
for as little as 14.99 each (SRP). Enjoy the fast paced action 
of Pinball Jam or an exciting whirl around the track with up 
to 6 ComLynx’d friends with Checkered Flag. Look for chilling 
answers to ghastly problems with Dracula The Undead for only 
$19.99 each (SRP). Beat incredible odds against an army of 
adversaries with Ninja Gaiden III for only $29.99 (SRP). 

In fact, NO specially reduced cartridge is priced any higher 
than $29.99. Most cartridges are less than $15. 

If you are tired of the same old thing that the other guys 

ram in front of your face, then ask your dealer for the system 
that’s exploding with colorful excitement. Find out what 
head-to-head ComLynx gaming is all about. Spend your allowance 
on the system that leaves you change for lunch! 

Can’t find the Lynx or great Lynx titles in your area? 

Call 1-800-221-3343 or 1-800-GO-ATARI toll free, 
Monday thru Friday; 9am to 5pm Pacific time. 

OR Write: Atari Lynx "Summer Steal Deal" 
P.O. 61657 
Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1657 

OR fax your order to Atari at 1-408-745-2088 

OR send a message from any online service through the 
Internet to CIS:70007,2363 or GE:ATARI 

Any way you do it... Get Connected... Get the Lynx! 

(limited time offer) 

NOW $29.99 


NOW $19.99 







NOW $14.99 





* denotes multiplayer games. 

the right 

Can’t find t 

pricing at any time without 

he Lynx or great Lynx titles 

Atari Corporation reserves 
to correct typing errors or 

to change 

in your area? 

Call 1-800-221-3343 or 1-800-GO-ATARI toll free, 
Monday thru Friday; 9am to 5pm Pacific time. 
OR Write: Atari Lynx "Summer Steal Deal" 
P.O. 61657 
Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1657 

OR fax your order to Atari at 1-408-745-2088 

OR send a message from any online service through the 
Internet to CIS:70007,2363 or GE:ATARI 

Any way you do it... 

Jaguar Support Area 

Get Connected... 

Get the Lynx! 

Len Stys 

Jaguar News 


Alien Vs. Predator is suppose to go into production this week. If it does 
go into production this week, there should be mass quantities available 
by the end of October, 1994. 


Status of DOOM ports---Updated: Thu, Sep 8th 12:20am 

JAG: Running very fast. We are doing this port in-house. Maps are 
being worked on now. They will be the same maps. This is very 
close to being finished. Out before Christmas. 

Sega 32X: Like the Jag version. Sega is doing this one. Close to 
being finished. No release date. 


INTERVIEW WITH: Shawn Green <> at id Software 

(Editor’s Note: The following is concerning why id Software is using a 
lower resolution for Jaguar DOOM) 

LS:Other people think it is because Jaguar DOOM is a direct port from 
LS:PC DOOM and special features of the Jaguar aren’t used. 

The portions of DOOM that were directly ported from the PC do not affect 
the refresh. When we port a game, the refresh must be re-written from scratch. 

LS:And finally, some people think that id Software is using a graphics 
LS:engine that doesn’t support the Jaguar’s blitter chip. 

Wrong. Don’t believe anything you hear unless it comes directly from id. (Even 
then it may change :) 

LS:One last question... In Jaguar DOOM, will it be possible to have two 
LS:Jaguars in one house and two Jaguars in another house and allow all four 
LS:systems to participate in the game? Or will Jaguar DOOM only allow for 
LS:four players if all four of them are sitting in the same room? 

JagDOOM will only be two player. : ( 

From: Mark Santora <> 
Date: Wed Aug 31 19:42:07 1994 


Yet Another UPDATE from GEnie:The official Atari on-line resource! 

-Mark "Stingray" Santora 

This messages if from a gu 

y named Steven Horn, a 

EBX manager. 

According to Gary Tramiel ( 
of 8/30 but is in the fina 

is the first week in Oct. 

and had a feeling it would 

running. I’ll let everyone 

x*xx*x**Kasumi Ninja Update 
The version seen at CES w 
final version will be 32 M 
and maybe some new back gr 
bad when you consider that 
what i’ve seen then it WIL 

I talk to him today) AvP is not in production as 
l stages. He added that the final version i 
HOTTER than anything seen previously. According to him it is much bet 
looking than what has been seen in the mags or at CES. He said the st 

rather than 9/22 that I posted earlier. Ih 
feeling that our list was dated but I posted exactly what I had in the store, 
be around early Oct. Hurray for me. It sho 
worth the wait. He’s also sending me a video tape of the final version 

know what I think. 



uld be 

as the 16meg version. According to Gary Tramiel the 

EGS !!!!! New characters and moves have b 
ounds. The price for the cart will be $69.99. Not 
MKII has a SRP of 74.99. If this one is as 
L be worth it. You have to finish the end boss by 

n added 

good as 

using each character in order and chase him through a maze ( and the maze I 

saw rivals DOOM graphics ) 
Well, that’s the latest.. 
amount of work ID has put 

him about the res and colo 
it...they might kick the r 

Date: Wed Aug 31 21:43:08 

...oh yeah...Gary said he was impressed with the 
into DOOM. It’s an early Oct. cart as well. 

r and he said that Id is still playing with 

es back up. 


I asked 

AT&T dropped the 3DO and Genesis Voice Modem module stating their focusing 
their efforts on "nuclear water polo league for the def impaired who have 

recently seen Elvis with Bi 

11 Belichick at a Bon Jovi concert". 

Maybe nobody was developing 

it seemed there were at least 10 games being developed for this feature. 
That’s 10 more than on any other gam 

for it. But as we all know and love the JAG’s 
voice/modem module should be making it’s way to us soon. Remembering CES 

finest. A selling point if you will. 

I predict the Genesis and 3D0 will 

system and this is originality a 


eventually have to develop this module 

to stay in pace. But it’s going to be a least 6 months before there’s on 

game for it, by then the JAG coul 

ld have a big lead. 

I’m especially interested in the Space Fighting game (Nam scapes me) 

will support up to 16 separate consoles hooked together, 

having their own star craft 
concept alone. 




with each player 

to explore in. This game sounds good to me in 


From: Marty Chinn <drknig 



The two hottest Jaguar tit] 
Alien vs Predator is still 
They need to place the items and aliens and p 
to 95 pe 
weeks and then 

Its 90 

it good. 
alien o 
brig for 

can leave. 

higher level 

Fri Sep 

no weapons, 

rcent completed. 

2 16:57:38 1994 



and face 

rmined how you kil 
ts will 

be given, 

to make i 
a fallen 

soldier with 

a fair chal 


He will 

also have 


key i 

they put a lot of effort into how 

for going 
will need 

a guy that is being cocooned for t 

he alien’s lai 

released in Septembe 
When you first start out, 
r predator. 
The story behind the soldie 
some reason that I have not 
is killed but you. 
to rid the aliens and predator of the area and rel 
When you first start out, 
no security access cards. 
various places and you need to have a certain amount of points 
You get points by of course killing aliens 
There is a catch to the scoring, 
led the enemy. 
but if you use a weak weapon, 
too easy. At the 
hat diary will 
th him that you will b 

lenge and no 
a diary and 
a shotgun wi 
tems that you need to obt 
r and you might 

y expect 


Yes its 
you can pick b 


you are 
Your goal is to self destruct and nuke the area 

you will have nothing. No 

If you use a st 

taking a long 


Everything will 

les had to be Alien vs Predator and Iron 
not completed but is nea 

r completion they 
redators around the levels. 
be done within a few more 
but damn is 

r th 


CW n 

locked up in the 
the base gets invaded and 


as scape pod so you 

be placed in 
to obtain 

and predators 

awarded is 

your points 
rong weapon, little 

you get mor They tried 
beginning you will find 

help you figure out what to 

ain to sel 
the Queen 

able to g One of 

lf destruct the base will be deep 

run into the Qu 
Alien looks 

and far into the 
the last item ne 

so deep 
to find 



to self destruct 
he alien eggs. 

n Alien.They said 
as kind of a reward 
alien’s lair, you 
the base which is in 

In the 

The story behind the Alien is the Queen is on the Predator’s ship and 
you have to bring her back to the lair. You start deep in the lair and have 
to work your way up into the Predator ship. The alien is fast but has limited 
weapons. It does have one good thing about it, it can travel through the air 
ducts. The soldier and predator can as well but this area will be infested 
with aliens. But when you’re the alien, it will be empty and a transportation 
route for you. 

The Predator is the opposite of the Alien. In this, you must capture 

the Alien 


will get minimum points. 

There are many small details to this game which makes it 
you if you don’t shake them off immediately. All 
when they ar 

Face hungers will 
aliens and predators will stay ther 
just have a floor full of dead bodies. 
course there is blood remaining.Those familiar 

you could 

alien has 

but later on in the game you can earn armor that 
There will also be thr saved game slots, one 
this sounds bad and when I was talking to the de 

it so the 
to a sing] 

could easily be done. 


is damn good. 
if they didn’t release any more games. 
Many people talked about how realistic it was and better 
that this game was better than most of 3DO. 


up to the hype. 


You start in the predator ship and so on. 
powerful weapons and can even cloak. But if you cloak and kill something, 

He has the mos 


ven bet 

acid for blood. When you wal 

three slots could be 
le character. He told 

go through. 

haven’t s 

say, they 

used for any cha 

lk over it, 


but I have to add my opinion to it. 
This game alone would keep me satisfied with buying a Jaguar 


n anything of this genre on the 3DO. 

for each character. 

dead so in certain places 
When you kill the alien, of 
o the movie know that the 
there will beminor damage 
will protect you from in. 
I know 
veloper I suggested they mak 

racter not just one dedicated 
me they never thought of doing it and that it 
He also asked if It 
and as representing you as Jaguar nuts on 
the change will 

Wow I know this is long, 

people would like it that 
he net, I said yes! Hopefully 

The game 
very impressed and it does 

I even heard some people 
The introduction 

and ending weren’t there but they did have one intro screen and its a 


course from the inside. 

around, you can also look up and down. 
to walk around and destroy things and the 3D effect was good. 
This will probably be the 

was cool 
were at least 5 weapons. 
release, next hit on the Jaguar. 

Kasumi Ninja was a very early ve 
was very good and I couldn’t ask for anything mo 
The characters were well anima 
is awkward and it 
lities in the game 
on the ground. Bu 
energy bar is unique. 

backgrounds were digitized. 
ends though. 
special moves. 

is where it 

figure out ar 

blood after every hit which was bad. 

The play control 
cool was the blood stayed when it landed 

picture and it is on the video. 
Iron Soldier is a mech type game in which you control the mech of 
Not only can you look left 
myself walk over a tank. 

I watched 

rsion but as far as visuals go, 

and right, and turn 

next hit, not next 

he characters an 
ted as well. Thi 
was hard to 
as well. What 
t there was also 
Its a sword 

Both t 


and when you get hit, more blood appears on it and it also drips down. Whe 
the sword is full of blood, you’re dead. 
For more reviews of Jaguar games, please request them but not by 

email. Request them in public, 

it in a few pos 


(Marty Chinn) 

The Land of Garg BBS -- +1 408 378-5108 




2 16:36:59 1994 


Tue Aug 


Summer CES Video for $7.00 

($10.00 p 

The video contains Jaguar game video 
includes video on the 3DO, third-par 


and several interviews. 
ty game companies, 





For more information, 

(Editor's Note: I (Len Stys) 
in getting a video, I recommend it. 
the AEO Summer CES video.) 



ALIEN vs. 
of the big screen! 


I thought it 

(Donald A. Thomas, 

It also 
and much more! 

received this video and if you are interested 

compared really well 


hoose you weapon and brawl with the notorious warriors 
Commission the Colonial Marine and use 

your weapons and your wits to destroy the base - and 

defend the hiv 


Be an Alien and use your voracious instincts to 

and rescue your Queen. r play a Predator 

and use your g 
trophy... the sku 

risly arsenal to acqui 

re the ultimate 
of the Alien Queen. Game fea 


"miles" of textu 

conquer. Detailed 

animation create ultra-realistic cha 

movements and 

ry Fox films 

character possesses his or her own a 

re-mapped 3D corridors to explore and 
graphics with chilling stop-motion 
racter likeness, 
Digitized SFX from the 20th 
bring graphic horror to life. Each 
rsenal and battle 

skills -- just like in the movies! 





and I will post them on 
This concludes part 1 of Day 3 of the Chicago CES. 
ts rather than just one huge post. 

I figured I’d put 

[1 player] $69.99 (Atari/J9008) Release: 4th QTR ‘94 


From: (Liu) 
Date: Sat Sep 10 02:16:02 1994 

One of my local TV news programs did a bit part on MKII and the "violence 
in video games" when they segued to Atari and how a majority of their 
games are "non-violent." I can’t remember the name of the guy that they 
talked to, but in the background, on a TV or monitor, was AvP in all it’s 
glory! Although the TV I was watching on was a old, puny, B&W Sony "tummy 
TV," AvP was cooking! !!!!!!!!! Extremely smooth. Bobbing just like in 
Doom. Shotgun pumping also. Part of what was shown was of the marine 

walking through a door and then around a corner, when an Alien comes after 
him. The marine starts moving backward, shotgun firing away, while the 
Alien chases after him. The details were amazing, especially the texture 
mapping on the walls. The HUD was very nice as well. You know it’s 
there, but in no way does it intrude. It was just amazing!!! I can’t 
watt! ti he Pree ert 

Eric Liu 

PS For those of you in the SF area, it was on the KTVU 10:00PM news. 
Hope you got a chance to catch it! 


From: (David Yee) 
Date: Sat Sep 10 02:59:00 1994 

Saw some more screen shots of AvP tonight on the local news show 
on channel 2 KTVU in the SF bay area. They did a news story on the game 
rating or lack of it on the new games. They interview GamePro, they show 
screen shots from MK II and Primal Rage. Anyway, then they interviewed 
someone from Atari. I first thought he was Sam T. No, it was an Atari 
spokesman I never heard of. Couldn’t catch his name fast enough. In the 
background was AvP running. Then they should close up of Zool and AvP. 
Now my copy of the AEO video is at my friend’s house, so I don’t know if 
this was on the AEO video. But the soldier’s hands moves back and forth. 
I couldn’t tell if it was running off a cart and I didn’t see fighting 
with Aliens or Predators, but I didn’t see the soldier collect a medikit 
when he walk over it. Well that’s all I could remember. 

Jaguar Reviews 


From: (Kevin Haley) 

Well, I had a chance to play Brutal Sports Football, so I thought I’d throw 
in my comments... 

Yes, graphics-wise, it doesn’t look much more spectacular than what the 

16bit systems can do. However, the graphics are nice, the complaint that 
they are not "64-bit" shouldn’t imply that they are bad... because they’r 

When I read the reviews on this group, I expected some "unimpressive" 

graphics, and a pretty lackluster game overall. But I was very pleasantly 



Playing by yourself doesn’t do the game justice... find a friend to play 
with you. Two player "unfriendly" matches are a blast! 

It took me and my friend a while to get used to the controls, but once we 
got the hang of it, it became quit njoyable. For those who have seen all 
the bad reviews of BSF, I offer a dissenting opinion, with the addendum 
that the game is much more fun when played with a friend. 

My personal list of "the top 3 most fun Jaguar games"... 

1. Tempest 2000 
Wolfenstein 3D 
3. Brutal Sports Football (2-player mode) 


My overall opinion on BSF? It’s a good game. However, it’s not worth the 
high price. Personally, I would buy it for even $40, but not much more 
than that. 

I would recommend the game for those who are into the "violent sports" 
genre, especially for those who know they would be playing the game against 
other human players 75% of the time. This is definitely a "2-player" game. 
Solo play doesn’t do the game justice. 



From: (Augie Kuo) 

I’ve had BSF for a couple of days now so here are my impressions of it: 

Graphics: People have said that they weren't really impressed with it - 
well, I wasn’t really impressed with Cybermorph’s graphics 
either or Tempest 2000. I think the graphics are better than 
the current games out and I think any more detail would 
probably get the game an "X" rating when heads start rolling. 

Sound: Definitely doesn’t rock like T2K but adequate. Music is kind 
of cheesy-Nintendo-like but it doesn’t distract from the 
action. I would have liked to hear screams/grunts when 

people get stomped on or get their heads cut off but then 
again maybe some people would complain. 

Documentation: Describes stuff with no pictorials of the icons - maybe 
some advanced players can post their findings? It’s not 
really a big deal since you can find out which ones are 
which. Maybe it was intentional so that advanced players can 
really stomp on beginners (hehe). 

Playability: Downright fun. I’ve stopped playing T2K because it got 
frustrating and repetitive. The two-player action is 
kind of slow in T2K but this one is a lot more exciting. 
The play is more like soccer, you kick/pass the ball to 
your offense to score a goal and you kick the ball away 
when the ball is too close to your goal. The really fun 

part is the smashing/slashing gam 

and axes which players can 

other/the opponent while play goes on. 

There are swords 
pick up and whomp on each 
A player has a 

limited lifeline which goes down every time he gets hit 

with an axe, 

he gets decapitated. 

stomped on while on the ground. 

slashed with a sword, or 
Once it goes to zero, 

The winner is the one with the 

most goals or chops off 6 heads of the opponent’s 7 

players. This is the interesting part because one guy 
could be scoring goals and the other is trying to kill 
him off. Even if you have 10 goals more than your 
opponent, if he kills off 6 of your players, you lose! 
Overall: Cool gam definitely recommended. It won’t get oohs 
and aaah’s for its looks but once you start playing it, 
your friends won’t want to leave. This may turn out to 
be a cult game like BallBlaster, MULE, etc. There are a 
lot of elements to this game (especially with two people 
playing) that will make you enjoy it for a long time. 
From: (Augie Kuo) 
Date: Sun Sep 11 16:51:34 1994 
I’d like to know how other people are playing BSF so I’m posting 
some of my own strategies. Basically the computer isn’t a very 
good opponent because it will continue to try to score goals even though 
you’re cutting the heads off of most of its players. Since you win 
outright when you kill 6 of the 7 players, trying to make goals only 
puts your players in a weaker position to defend themselves from getting 
stomped on and their heads cut off. The real name of this game should 

be BEH 
the real 

Basic stra 

The goal 
goals as 
get rid o 
and the s 
useful is 

serves as a hindrance to you most 

FADING RUGBY since there isn’t anything foo 

fun of 

this game is playing wi 

get rid of it! 

tegy: KILL! Igno 

is to kill 6 of your opponent's pl 
he wants but if you do this first, 
of- t 
he bal 

f it because when you have t 
the ball which lowers your health. 
moving it so you can see ot 

finding w 
drop thei 

When the ball first comes out, 
behind your player who’s supposed to go for 
him and switch to another player 
is stomping on 
Try grabbing the weapons before your opponen 
make him drop whatever he was car 
aren’t currently under his control 
reverse power up is useful 

useful be 

here a sword is) and giving it to 
r weapon/shield and you can tackle 
they had. 

to help ou 
(assume that your opponent i 

rying and 
since th 
looks like 
like a bomb 

Le at 
fore you can reach it, 

her parts of the field 

tball about it. Anyway 

h another player. 

re the ball - if you have it, 

ayers - he can score as many 
you win automatically. The 
he time. If it comes to you, 
1, you can’t pick up weapons 

Also people can tackle you then stomp on you if you’re 

The only time the ball is 

your opponents so that they 
them, stomp them and grab 

you can tackle your opponent’s players 

he jump ball. Stomp on 

the guy who your opponent 
using the same strategy). 
does. Use the ball to 

cut down his players that 
ey’re sitting ducks. The 
he’s about to grab something 
or a sword. Axes are cool 


to use on the guys guarding the goal since there are usually two of them 
close together and the axe takes both of them out! 

If you can make an easy goal, make it. Also if it looks like your guys 
are taking a beating, score a goal. Your opponent drops whatever he was 

arrying at the time and you line up again for the jump ball. If the 
illing takes awhile, score some goals to pressure your opponent. If 
it looks like you’re ahead on goals but low on players, HIDE them! Try 
to run out the clock. The "radar" is useful in moving your players 
away from your opponents. He’1ll have to carry the ball to look for 

you to stomp on and you can have a guy with a weapon ready to cut off 

his head. The goal is a nice place to hide inactive players since you 

to align his guy correctly to stomp on you. 

Anyway this is how my friends and I have been playing it so far and its 
served me well so far. I haven't used the fist or question mark powerup 
too effectively since I’m not sure what they do exactly. Anyone else 
have some ideas? 


Jaguar Messages of Interest 

-From: (Alen Milkovic) 
-Subject: Is the Jag better than PSX 
-Date: Wed Aug 31 16:18:05 1994 

S A game developer explained the potential of jag*s 64-bit GPU 

- What I can make of it is that the PSX is better if you use the 

- default texture mapping routines. In other terms almost any idiot 

—- could make an impressive texture mapped game on the PSX. To make the 
- same game on a jag you would need a really good coder. 

can’t see them too clearly and your opponent would have to spend some time 

- But on the other hand it I think it wouldn’t help much being a wizzcoder 

- on the PSX cause of the hardware limitations of the texture mapping 

- device. 
- The games I have seen on the Jag (T2K, Raiden,Cybermorph) have not 
- used the jags potential. Well T2K is somewhat impressive having 

4 the best 3d and color use i have seen in a game. But I think there 
- are almost no limits with the jag’s hardware since the chips are 

- fully programmable. It will take a good deal of time before the 

- limits of the hardware cant be pushed anymore. It’s much like the 

- old C64 that has pushed the limits beyond the obscene. But as I said 
- it takes time and lots of good coders. 

= The 3DO is no real hardware competition since its inept at 

= handling 2D graphics. (developers have serious problems 
= getting anything run on 60 fps) 

= The 3D handling capabilities are the same as 

= the Jags with default routines. (the jag is much faster!) 

= The PSX is real competition in Japan. THE PSX WILL OUTS 
= in JAPAN !!! (so what?) 

= It has great 3D hardware 

7 It has great 2D hardware 

It wont make it big outside Japan before next 



= X-mas. 

= It will cost much. 

- It has one big advantage above the jag, 

- its CD-rom. 

- (more gfx and sound,but not FMV SQes i hope) 
= I think the Jag will outsell the PSX in US. And if 

-the Jag doesn’t get it all wrong, it will outsell the 3DO in the US 

= The question is 

= will the Jag outsell 3DO in the US ? 

s and 

- will the games on Jag be better than on PSX ? 

- I dunno, time will tell 

-From: (Scott Miller) 


-Subject: How difficult is it to remake classics? 

-Date: Fri Sep 2 09:40:12 1994 

-In article <>, ("Jeff 
- Minter") writes: 

- I dunno. I realize that the classic Tempest I did was not 100 percent 
true, *but*, I didn’t have to put it in, I wanted to, and I was going by 
memories that were six odd years old. However I have seen *so* much 
bitching about ’oh classic version wasn’t an identically perfect version 
and there was no software version of the rotary controller’ that I am no 
longer convinced I should spend time doing classic versions in 2000 games 

2 ( 


-When I first read this I thought ’Oh no! That would be a shame!’. But then 
=I got thinking... (Don’t you hate when that happens?) 

-The problem I have with Traditional Tempest is that it ’felt’ different 
-enough that it didn’t push my nostalgia buttons, so I had a kind of lukewarm 
-reaction to it. T2K is clearly the superior game. So, for me, a ’classic’ 
-version should be as close as possible close to the original. 

-But I apologize profusely if that is bitching, ’cuz I don’t mean to bitch) 

-But it seems to me that recreating all of the details of a classic game might 

-be very difficult and time consuming. If it takes as much effort to recreate 

-the original as to update it, it may be better to leave it out entirely and 
spend the time on the next project. 

-But then again, Traditional Tempest was 95% of the way there, and it probably 
-wouldn’t have been much effort to get it all the way. (assuming access to an 
-original). And it would be *really* cool to have Defender/Stargate/D2K on 

-one cartridge, so I’d love to see it. 

-Somebody should be able to scare up some originals for you... 

-Scott Miller, in the bowels of Bell-Northern Research 
-signature USES DISCLAIMER Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 


-Does anyone know if Checkered F] 
-one player at a time? If so, 



(For personal 
Tue Aug 30 23:55:00 1994 

---Sal Manfredonia 

—-Subject: UPDATE 

-—Date: Sat Sep 



--> Jovi conce 


-—-> Rememberin 

--> system and 
--> will. 

-It’s a definite selling point. 



3 00: 

BEM s 

developed for this feature. 


30:00 1994 

focusing their efforts on "nuclear water polo le 
impaired who have recently seen Elvis with Bill 
Maybe nobody was developing for it. 
JAG’s voice/modem module should be making it’s way to us soon. 
g CES it s 

med ther 

email: aa438@fre 

:Checkered Flag and networking 

al Manfredoni) 

Sal Manfredonia) 

lag for the Jaguar will support more than 
will it support the modem and network 

AT&T dropped the 3DO and Genesis Voice Modem module stating their 

ague for the def 
Belichick at a Bon 

But as we al 

at least 10 

-modem--for in 





Ultra Vortex 

l know and love the 

games being 

That’s 10 more than on any other game 
is originality at it finest. 

elling point if you 

Many of the best games will use the 
Club Drive, 

and Iron Soldier. 


--> I predict the Genesis and 3DO will eventually have to develop this 

-—-> module 
> there’s 

to stay in pace. 


-That’s qui 

-their adve 
——-Sal Manf 

—Subject: Re: 
-Date: Thu Sep 

-This goes ou 
-should take 
-that worked 
-for one of th 
-have one of 
-fighting ove 



te possible, 
-really emphasize connectivity 
rtisements and such. 


for it; 

if Atari makes all 

the right 

(both modem and direct networking) 

Jaguar Game Release Disappointment 


to eve 

e repea 
he club 

it invo 

Works Works! 
tting in some Ad room on a shelf is stupid, 

rom day 1 and look at it over again, 

-remember how 
-Remember What 
-have si 
-stuff f 

from every on 
-work wi 

th todays people! 
-but they only have til 

11:22 1994 

ryone, but Adve 

ad’s) and 

more seriously. 
in the 2600 Ad’s. 

rtising is somet 
They should u 

Warner use some of th 

But it’s going to be a least 6 months before 
by then the JAG could have a big 1 


moves. They should 


hing i think atari 
se some of the things 
same people (kids 


ked me and my f 


ll Thanksgiving, 

rytime a new gam 

house members bash in with the game and all 
who was gonna play and what they liked about it. 

riends to do sor 

Starting over and not using ideas t 

and thi 

of them and put it together into something new t 
This is Atari's one c 

after that it 

came out they would 



ta the same 

hat you 
the Ad 

hat would 
hance to be #1 again, 
will most likely be 

take all of 
nk and take 

-to late to take control of the market it time for kids to get it in 
-thier minds and thier parents to buy JAGUAR! More Games and More Eye & 
-Mind Catching stuff is needed NOW! 

-Thank you for listening to my Rambles :) 

Jeff ( :) 

— 4Next GT 

BBS ( 72 Lines (All 16.8 - 28.8) 

— 714-956-4698 (16.8’s) 714-956-8127 (28.8’s) 
— Soon Telnetable! For More Info, Email 

From: (null pointer) (George Belle) 
Subject: Atari ads on tv -- too early? 

Date: Wed Sep 14 12:04:20 1994 

Ok, of course I’m excited that Atari is actually advertising... but does 

anyon is 

agr with me in thinking perhaps they should have waited 

a few mor 

weeks before beginning them? Maybe even a month? If AvP is 

-delayed at all, it will be the end of October before it’s out. I just 

-think this may get even more people frustrated with Atari... but I guess 
-it may establish more of a user base. I’d just like to hear some opinions. 

-From: (Michael S. Smith) 
Subject: Re: Atari ads on tv -- too early? 

Date: Wed Sep 14 14:45:47 1994 

George Bell 

( wrote: 

Ok, of course I’m excited that Atari is actually advertising... but does 

anyone el 

lse agree with me in thinking perhaps they should have waited 

a few more weeks before beginning them? Maybe even a month? If AvP is 
delayed at all, it will be the end of October before it’s out. I just 

think this may get even more people frustrated with Atari... but I guess 
it may establish more of a user base. I’d just like to hear some opinions. 

I agree. Why shows tv ads with all these neat games that aren’t even out 
-yet? It’s just going to disappoint people when they go into buy a Jag. I 


think Atari should either wait until all those games are out (October?) 
or just show the T2K commercial. 

From: Travis Guy <> 
Subject: Re: Atari ads on tv -- too early? 

Michael S. 

Date: Wed Sep 14 22:32:02 1994 

Smith <> writes: 

>I agree. Why shows tv ads with all these neat games that aren’t even out 
—>yet? It’s just going to disappoint people when they go into buy a Jag. I 
—>think Atari should either wait until all those games are out (October?) 
->or just show the T2K commercial. 

-The Cabbage Patch syndrome. 

-From the early reports I’ve read, Jaguar "know nothings" are greatly impressed 

-by the clips in the scoolteacher ad. 

-Just wait until they see the AvP "attic" ad. Heh heh. 

Jaguar Release Date Lists 




From: cu593@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Alexander G. Falkenberg) 
Date: Fri Aug 26 01:01:01 1994 

I gleaned these from our POS today. As always, dates are subject to 
change, but we all knew that. For information purposes only. :) 

Here we go: 


Title Company Date 

Brutal Sports Football Telegames 09/12/94 
Dragon’s Lair - CD ReadySoft 09/15/94 
World Class Cricket Telegames 10/03/94 
Alien vs. Predator Atari 10/10/94 
Checkered Flag Atari 10/10/94 
Club Drive Atari 10/10/94 
Doom Atari 10/10/94 
Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls Williams Ent 10/17/94 
Troy Aikman NFL Football Williams Ent. 10/17/94 
Kasumi Ninja Atari 10/31/94 
Space Wars Atari 10/31/94 
Star Raiders 2000 Atari November 
Tiny Toon Adventures Atari November 
Ultimate Brain Games Telegames 11/21/94 

Re: BSF Football. Seems Atari told Babbage’s that only 1200 copies of BSF 
were produced in the recent run, and Babbage’s was not a part of that 
distribution... So, Babbage’s will apparently be getting their first 
copies of BSF in September... 

FWIW. :) 

Alex Falkenberg | cu593 @ cleveland. freenet .edu | 
| st7759 @ | 




From: (Dimitri L) 
Date: Wed Aug 24 03:40:01 1994 

Okay, this just came along as of CIS, and is the latest release list that 
Electronic Boutique just got. Thanks to Steve Horn. 


#: 50815 S15/Jaguar General 
23-Aug-94 22:25:52 

Sb: #EB Jaguar release list 

Fm: Steve Horn 74461, 637 

To: ALL 

Here is the complete Electronics Boutique release list for the Atari 

Jaguar as of 8-23-94: 

—---Alien vs Pred 
-—---Cannon Fodder 
—---Casino Action 
—---Air Car Wars 
-—---Club Drive 

----Double Dragon V 
----Dragon Bruce Lee 
—---Dragons Lair 

Dungeon Depths 
—---European Soccer Chall. 
—---Hardball III 
-—---Hosenose & Booger 
—---Iron Soilder 
—---Kasumi Ninja 
-—---Legions of the Undead 
Lester the Unlikely Dtmc 
----Military Might 
—---Pinball Fantasies 
-—---Return to Zork 
—---Skid Marks 
----Soccer Kid 
-—---Space Wars 
—---Thene Park 
----Tiny Toons 
----Troy Aikman Football 
—---Ultimate Brain Games 
----Ultra Vortex 

—---White men can’t Jump 

Here are th 

----Checkered Flag 
—---Demoliton Man 

----Assualt/ Covert Operations 

Look at all thos 

Okay, with AvP going into production this week, 

September dates! 
number of titles in September... 


Beyond Games 
Williams Ent. 
Ready Soft 
Midnight Soft. 

Us Gold 

All Systems Go 

Asg Tech. 



21st Century 



All Systems Go 

Beyond Games 


11/27/94 to 12/2/94 
9/30/94 (maybe sooner) 
















11/?/94..... this is gonna be 


titles that my rep tells are are on the way: 


11/2/94 to 12/2?/94<< 

Tal was saying we’d see a significant 

and Atari reps telling 

callers that the rollout is *still* scheduled for the first week of 
September (waitaminnit! A week away and it’s still on? Is this 
Atari?)--well, things look not so bad. 


Jaguar Commentary 

Len Stys 

Most of my commentary does little good unless the person reading it is 

Mr. Sam Tramiel, President of Atari. I have a better chance at winning the 
$4 million dollar Ohio lottery than I do of Sam reading this commentary, 
but I’m writing it anyway. Why? Because I play the Ohio lottery too. 

There is no need to rush through the games to make sure that 30 to 50 games 
are available for the Jaguar by Christmas. If a game is rushed, features 

may not be included in the game that could be a selling point next year and 
the year after. 

An example of this is Jaguar Checkered Flag. This game would be incredible 
if it included the feature of Jaguar networking and Jaguar voice-modem. 

And in all honesty, I really don’t care to s the game released without 
these features. How fun is racing around the track against drones in 1994? 
Not as fun as racing around the track with your friend from across town. 
And not as fun as racing around the track at an Atari show with several 
other Jaguar players. 

Atari--TAKE YOUR TIME AND DO IT RIGHT. There are 7 Jaguar games available 
now. I will be happy if there are a total of 25 by Christmas, 1994. 

This means Atari and third-party companies will need to release 18 games 
between them. This shouldn’t be that hard to do. 


I received my AEO Summer CES Video and a $7 video that was created by 
180DEGREES. I thought that each video had it strengths. The $7 video 

had better interviews. It also had video of all the games. The AEO video 
had the direct video of games, Sam Tramiel interview, and Jaguar 
commercials. But I definitely got more moneys worth with the $7 video. 

I would have paid $15 for the $7 video. 

Atari made some new Jaguar commercials in June that Tal from AFO put on 

the video. Since I have a degree in Business (emphasis in Marketing & 
Management) and I have studied advertising, I feel I can give my opinion on 


hat I thought of Atari’s commercials. My opinion is that if Atari wants 
o sell more Jaguars, they should make better commercials. 

The commercials looked like something put together for a video game 
manufacturer that has a lot of money to waste. They were more cute and 
fancy than they were convincing. I would expect such commercials from 
Nintendo--not Atari. The first commercial was "Video Game Marketing 101" 
and showed a classroom teacher teaching bored video game marketers about 
the Jaguar compared to other video game systems. I have no idea who the 
target audience is for this commercial. It can’t be children between th 
age of 8 and 18. This age range does not know anything about college 
courses or marketing. And they will not understand the point that the 
advertisement is trying to make. 

The second commercial was an Alien Vs. Predator advertisement. The 
problem with this commercial is that it focused more on the person playing 
Alien Vs. Predator than the game itself. Alien Vs. Predator is the first 

game to really demonstrate 64-bit power through its 

high quality graphics 

and sound. Showing the graphics and sound is the only thing that should 

matter in the commercial. But the audience never r 

at the game in this commercial. 

ally gets a good look 

he slogan "Do The Math" is not catchy either. Besides, kids play 

o hear is video games and math in the same sentenc 

ideo games to get away from math and homework. The last thing they want 

Or Cy eo od 

If you look at 

t from a psychological stand-point, it probably turns them off to the 
aguar more than it turns them on. The "Do The Math" slogan also does not 
elp convince people that the Jaguar is a true 64-bit system. I was 
rguing with a video game dealer that claimed the Jaguar had two 32-bit 

processors and they are added together to make the Jaguar a 64-bit system. 
I told him that he was wrong and he asked me then why do all of the ads 

say "do the math"? 

he "Marketing 101" commercial is being in use now. 


And I question why 

t is in use now. Perhaps the commercial is being targeted at retailers 
ore than consumers? In either case, it is advertising Kasumi Ninja, 

ron Soldier, Doom, and other games that are not available to purchase. 
nd they will not be available to purchase for at least another month. 

s the commercial creating suspense? No, it just makes people upset with 
tari for advertising products that are not on the market. 

Atari’s customer relations is the best, Atari’s producers and programmers 

of video games are very good, but Atari’s marketing 
and still needs improvement. 

department has needed 

If you are disappointed by the lack of games for the Jaguar, don’t be 

too disappointed. 

here are several good things that came out of these 

delays. The first thing is that the game quality should be very high. 

The second thing is that AvP, Kasumi Ninja, Club Drive, and Checkered Flag 
are now going to be double the size of what was originally planned. The 
third thing is that the games will be receiving major publicity in gaming 
magazines and television programs just in time for the Christmas shopping 
season. The fourth thing is that there will be A LOT of excitement over 
the Jaguar because of all the games coming out at once. 

You should also realize that making Jaguar games isn’t like making PC 
games. If there is a bug in a PC game, the game company just releases a 
quick patch for it. This cannot be done on a Jaguar game. The Jaguar cannot 

have any bugs in it when released. 

The Jaguar is on its way to success. But we can hel 

p get the games w 

want for it by writing game companies. I have included a list of popular 

game companies and their addresses in the CAIN News] 

letter Supplement so we 

can all encourage them to make their games for the Jaguar. 

Until next time--JAG RULES! 

Len Stys, Jaguar Support Area 

Head Organizer Show Report 

Fred Horvat 

OK, the C.A.I.N. Atari Fun Fest ’94 is officially over. The show 
went over better then anyone had expected. Our official or best 

estimate on the number of peopl xceeded 300 peopl 

! Because we did not 

charge admission, an exact count is unavailable to us. 

Well who was at 

the show? The 

elsewhere in this issue so I won’t 
appeared to really get into meeting 

Some vendors did real well selling 
that they did only fair. All vendo 

not sell as much of 

their products 

public relations side of attending 
down the line. What is meant by th 
and answer their questions on hardw 

takes a catalog and 
information to them. 

anything at the show, but some tim 

information and are 

What was there to see and do at 
unfortunately for me I did not get 
running the show. What I did s T 
start out with the user groups. Th 
in attendance. They wer ach give 

now knows that 
Maybe the per 

list of exhibitors is listed 
repeat it here. The exhibitors 
their customers face to face. 
their products. Others commented 
rs did mention that maybe they did 
as they would have liked, but the 
the show will help their business 
is is they get to meet customers 
are and software. The person 

the vendor is a great source of 
son is just not ready to purchase 

ready to purcha 

later when they need mor 

se they now know who to contact. 
the show? Plenty, but 

to see every display because I was 

half of the dealers 

really enjoyed. I guess I’ll 
re were a few local user groups 
n a free table to help promote 

their group and hopefully increas 

were from out o 

Cleveland. Without 

talking to them was 

the-know" on hardware and softwar 

dealer support 

have been much to the show. Thes 

their membership. Actually about 
f state with the rest local to 

a pleasure in i 

at the show it really would not 
are the people that are more "in- 
then the average user. Just 
tself. Besides all their 

the ones with a 

knowledge, they ar 

ll the great stuff. You actually 

got to test products out before you bought them. Its true that you can 
do this at your local dealer, but h 

Atari dealer? Plus 
even some prototype 

you got to see 
products. I ha 

Jaguar game "Star Battle" demo. Le 
I did get to see and play some prot 
mind was "Marlboro Challenge" which 
type race game. Some newsletter publishers were in attendance and they 
handed out free issues of their new 
an Asteroids stand up arcade game a 

The main attraction 

ow many of us still have a local 
some of the newest releases and 
ppened to miss seeing 4Play’s (ICD) 

n told me about it after the show. 
otype LYNX games. One that comes to 
was a Paris to Dakar motorcycle rally 

of the show was 

sletters. We also had from the past 
nd a 2600 kiosk for folks to play. 
obviously the Jaguar. Atari Corp 

was generous in giving C.A.I.N. three Jaguars and three Tempest 2000 
cartridges to demo and raffle off a 
Jaguars to try out on the C.A.I.N. 


So from going from one table to the next you were able to 

t the show. Besides the thr 
tables there were about 5 others 

ry out 

all the Jaguar games that are available. At certain times in the day 
you could hear Wolfenstein 3D’s music playing on eight Jaguars at once. 

The Cleveland LYNX-up started out s 
a dozen people ComLynxed-up in the front room and having a great time. 
This I really wanted to be a part o 

All of the dealers went out of 
prizes. We had an awesome collecti 
away. Again a list of free door prizes is listed elsewhere in this 
issue. We tried about every half h 
starting around 12:00. 

My observation on what type of crowd we had is best described as 
a curious one. Curious about the Jaguar and the world of Atari. The 
Jaguar brought the largest percentage of the people to the show 

low but around 2:00 there were about 

f but time did not permit it. 
there way to pitch in for door 
on of items on the table to give 

our to give a door prize away 

without a doubt. The final week b 
received were from people interest 
going to be on display for the Jaguar. Plus some people thought 

Atari was out of business or Nintendo had bought them in the 80’s and 
so on. The show really opened th 

fore the show most phone calls I 
d about the Jaguar and what was 

non-Atari community’s eyes wide 


Three dealers I recognized attended th 


They were totally 

dumbfounded that there was this much enthusiasm for the Jaguar! 



o play the 

Op Gk “el 

2000 in the Jaguar 
he show they we 

ted that 
he C.A.I.N. 

re not too amazed to se 
Jaguar and the 
"Gee I wish 

Atari show". 

t the 




and around the building to get up front. 
right size for 

Well I’d like to thank Sandy Durisin, 
Horvat for running the concessions. 

just about the 

food was great too. I'd 

thank the 
the specta 
known this, but t 

dealers, user g 

he deal 

Jaguar raffle table and to Robert 
Fuji flag to help people find 
tors for attending t 




e that 

3DO went untouched. 
that Sega or Nintendo would do a show like 
And this is a guy w 
00 hour the hall was so packed 
to the back to the front so I ended up going t 



hey were surprised that Atari still made computers and people use 
A couple of days later I contacted a dealer and he decided 
fter what he saw at the show to set up a Jaguar to demo. 
and set the unit next to 

He put 

the 3DO. After 

they had people in li 
Another dealer 


t to Summer CES. 
ldn’t get from the 
hrough the back door 
size otherwise was 

ho wen 
I cou 


number of dealers and spectators. 
Barb Gollini, 
They did a great job and the 

to thank Dennis Roff for handling the 
for standing in traffic with a 

and Michele 

Also I’d like to 


he show. 
nt well 

advertise the show. 
about 200-300 post 
would be at the s 
problem in the way was 
card two full wee 
something first class f 
Computers for their effort! 
and Atari Corpora 
Jaguar units and 
to raffle off. 


cards to 



Toad Computers actu 



out of their way 
tators heard about 
ally sent out two w 

the tri-sta 

how and giving $2.00 off at 
the U 
ks after the show! 
rom Ma 

.S. Postal 
ryland to 

One final 

tion for su 

a good show into a great show. 

pporting our show by sending us t 
Tempest 2000 game ca 
rt really made the differenc 
not mat 

It did 

first attempt at an Atari show or not. 

People complain that Ata 

advertising. Well, 

ri does no 

te ar 


it to 


developers and to all 
of you may not have 

from their 
the show 

the show 
ks befor 
a stating that they 
their table. One 
I received my post 
ok one month to mail 
Well hats off to Toad 
goes out to Don Thomas 
ridges to give away and 

t spend 
if you think about it for 

in turning 
ter that this was our 

enough money on 
their cost of the 

Jaguars and games for our show they hit 100% of the audience that 

they wanted. 
on a nation 

are afewa 
turned out 

next year. 

CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94 Responses 

The following messages wer 

taken from Part-Time BBS: 

Message: 102 (#12334) 
Title: Fabulous Fest!!!!! 
Author: Mr. Haney 
To: All 
Posted: Sun 
Replies: 0 

Disney like.. 

7-Aug-94 at 11:43:00pm 

What would it have cost to hit t 
[V advertisement? 
Personally I learned a great deal on how to put on a show. 
rea’s that needed improvement. 
it definitely looks as if C.A.I.N. 


he 300+ Jaguar audience 

ter how well this one 
will have another show 


should hav 


I just can’t describe it any better. 

there indeed. It was 

There is no known 

noun or verb to 


Now for the BIG 

ICD, Triple AAA, Toad, C.V.A.C.C.. Computer Shop, Relative, (They hav 

ea, I know. I 
that I have for 

make it clear to those who missed it... 

am in 40col. Making the adjustment to t 

he COmm software 

2400 baud. Hey, this is ok. It is how W 

THANKS! Thanks to Len, Mark, Fred,.. 

E all started out. 

the CD stuff as well as TOAD).. 

Jeff’s Outpost and the many others who showed up. 



To all who made it happen: BIG THANKS! 

My apol 

own user group. 

happening in the K&C hall..Big Thanks to them for 
This was a big time for the Atari users in 



logy’s to anyone who I did not get to talk 

It was just 

in great detail about our 

It was really hard to concentrate with all that was 

hosting it. I loved the 
the Cleveland area. 

If you did not go, then you missed all the real fun. I could not sit 






There were: 

X1’s/Xe’s and 2600’ rds 
CD ROMS and Classic Games. 

the way, 




Te Gil. Axess! 

If you want to know wha 
hanks Russ for starting us out in 
you won a prise in the raffle drawing. But, you had to 

he Door Prizes and Inovations! 

t that means call me! 
the wee hours of the morning. By 

You had to be there to collect it, (Hey, we tried but 

les are rules). 
Washired won on the raffle. 

Sorry about that VAC! I just can’t thank everyone enough.. 

r and have 

***x Mr... Haney *** 

(102/175+) C.A.C.U.G.: 
Message: 103 (#12335) 


Author: Mr. Haney 

To: All 

Posted: Sun 7-Aug-94 at 11:56:00pm 
Replies: 0 

Yes it was Fab-U-Luss!! Atari Fest 94! We felt the pow 


This is 8-bit 
from an IDC R 

country’ ..quote 
There were alot 


of great deals. 




ea, somehow 
12.00 fora 

VAC got the best. 

he always does it. was one of 
types’ that wander 
round computer shows. He tried 

to sell me a mint-condition Sega 

system..old s 

tyle. I declined. 

I missed that one deal no dought. 

There was so muc 
equipment at the 
that I had gone 
I missed seeing 

h Used and ‘’NEW’ 
Fest that I felt 
on vacation again. 

AT/COM, yea. I 

miss ya Dud. We inherited som 
ideas from me sometime. 
Geez, we were there only for about 
6 to 7 hours and it was JAG that 
really made me stoned! The system 
is just beyond belief. Those who 
won one of Jag systems in the 

Raffle were inde 

ed to LUCKY! 

Oh yes, next time I will bring 
8-Bytes the father and mother of 
:) Mr. Haney :> 
(103/175+) C.A.C.U.G.: 
Message: 104 (#12336) 
Title: Vision 3000 
Author: Mr. Haney 
To: All 
Posted: Mon 8-Aug-94 at 12:32:00am 
Replies: 0 

The Fest was a b 
present and accou 

But where can U 
is a good Idea fo 
sit in the closet 
and go to a User- 

Really, There wa 

tter Idea. Yes, it was the best. 

nted for indeed. 

go from here? Hey, 
r the use of the old 8-BYT 

collecting dust. (You'll Sneez to much! 
Group meeting of some type. 



Cy AwEe AUG: 

we what to go. 
Don’t let your 8-BYT! 


Cy Aw 
) Get i 






s alot of interest I noticed for th 


were many peopl 
claimed to be lef 
computer. Underst 
people out there. 
the FEST. However 
world? Humm..I th 

xpressed an interest in the 8-Byte, 
t out without a group centered around t 
andable. Now I know that there are lot 
That is fact that presented it’s self 
can we innovate and leave us alive it 
this stuff is still useful. We must 


a littl Ther 
spoke very highly 
There are at les 
at 3-aaa, 
to all of this of 

there is still alot of unexplored computer landscape for it. 
ENIX like hardware production if anybody 
ld have never stopped making 

may even be a sor 
who cares reads t 
the 8-bit...said 

Mr. Haney.. 

(104/175+) C.A.C. 







he 8-bYTI] 

f 8-BY 
ome a 
he 64 
e show. 

‘hints’ of this by the ICD REP at t 
BOB PUFF and those New Guys..FINE T 




t 3 8-byte user groups in Cleveland. Noa 

C.V.A.C.C and use 

h 8 ove 
The k 

C.A.C.U.G peopl 

course is a practical use of the 8-BYT 
t-of a PHO! 
his message. They shoul 

that once before did I? 






e it 



Message: 105 (#12337) 
Title: FEST II 
Author: Mr. Haney 

To: All 
Posted: Mon 8-Aug-94 at 12:45:00am 
Replies: 1 

The Fest was a GREAT. Yes, you are getting sick of me talking about it 
are you? Not me!! There were some real good ideas put into this 
opps! THIS..SHOW. Next one should last of at lest 2 days. The Hall 
should be /Bigger’. Why do i say that? Well..There was so much to 

see and do of course. Will it be alot ..lot bigger we shall see. There was 
something that was GENIUS about this. Must be those Collage boys playing 
around again. EH? How about it LEN? 

Humm..2 days of Atari Festing, GOd, I love the thought! The very Idea. 
We would have a weekend of nothing but computers..without WINDO’s. For 
that WINDOW’ SUCKS..Quote from an x-Atari user. 

Yes. That would be nice..more space and lots of time. It just 
did not last long enough JOHN P.! 

(: Mr. Haney and the PIG :] 

‘What ever your read, it is Better 
Backwards. You know how it will 
end.’.. From the HighTeck Holy 
Book.. CHpt. 8.vs. 120 

(105/1754) CAs C Un Gini 

Message: 106 (#12374) - Reply to #105 
Title: FEST II 
Author: Aslan 
To: Mr. Haney (Recvd) 
Posted: Mon 8-Aug-94 at 3:43:00am 
Replies: 1 

Well I made it out there, had fun. Met Joe Pallendino and some strange guy 
with glasses who said his name was John something or other :-) 

Actually it was fun seeing those old 2600 games again (makes me want to 
pull mine out of the closet again) and seeing what the new stuff was. 

To bad I missed meeting Mr. Haney. 

(106/175+) C.A.C.U.G.: 

Message: 107 (#12377) 
Title: Thanks 
Author: Len Stys 

To: All 
Posted: Mon 8-Aug-94 at 11:55:00am 
Replies: 1 

Thank you all VERY much for attending. I am glad that everyone had a 
great time. Something like this really needed to happen in Ohio and I’m 
glad that Fred, Mark, and myself were able to organize it. 

One company that people forget to mention to thank is Atari Corporation. 
They really showed support by giving us Jaguars to demonstrate and then to 
raffle. The show would not have been as much of a success without Atari’s 
support of the show. A large number of people there came just to see the 
Jaguar 64-bit system. 

A couple of things I found out by the registration forms was that MANY 
people want more information about user groups in the Greater Cleveland 
area. They don’t belong to one, but they would like to belong to one. 

Another thing is that one of the Tempest 2000 winners bought a Jaguar from 
one of the vendors at the show. I’m sure if the others didn’t already 
have a Jaguar to play Tempest 2000, they soon will have one. :) 

Thanks for coming. I really had a lot of fun. I enjoyed meeting all of 
you and as soon as I take care of some things and get my car fixed, maybe 
I can attend some of your meetings. 


(107/175+) C.A.C.U.G.: 

Message: 108 (#12422) - Reply to #106 
Title: FEST II 
Author: Mr. Haney 
To: Aslan (Recvd) 
Posted: Tu 9-Aug-94 at 12:27:00am 

Replies: 2 [> Edited <] 

Yea, you should fire it up..the 2600 games. I really loved seeing 
them too. That was C.V.A.C.C Prez. who had that going. He was the Guy 
with the HAT. By the way, in case you did not know, the Sega Gen. 
Controllers will work with the old 2600 games. Try it if you 
get the is an interesting experience. 

I was there all day..should have run into me at lest once..but there 
were alot of people there. I was running all over the place looking 
at stuff..(Could not help my self). 

I talked and talked to alot of people..and was dizzy by it all. 
If I talked to you I don’t quite remember it. Hey, sorry it was 
just to much for me to handle. 

You did talk to Joe. He is our resident Genius hacker. He can 
put anything together that is broke. It fact, the very modem 
I am using, (2400 b.p.s.) was fixed by him. Russ Gilbert is 

the other guy you might have met. He is other G.H. type..and 
has written some Super programs for the 8-bit. To bad he missed 
his raffle prise. :) <-Big Grin> 

** Mr. Haney..and minus the PIG 

(108/175+) C.A.C.U.G.: 

Message: 109 (#12423) - Reply to #107 
Title: Thanks 
Author: Mr. Haney 
To: Len Stys (Recvd) 
Posted: Tu 9-Aug-94 at 12:58:00am 
Replies: 0 



The Jag was outstanding. 
having FUN. 


bought a whole lot of STuff. 

I would have bought one but I was to busy 

BETTER.. now for t 

it is that you can 
I know you can play 
a real catch on the 


here is one feeling about Atari that I have had all al 

have fun with this comput 


games on the I.B.M’ed. I 
educational end. But with 

r type system. Yes, 
know that Apple has 

have fun with all the work. I 
can emulate Atari 8-bit games 
486 to do it..! 
Falcon was doing the same thi 
8-BYTE games. 
Geez T 

, we at C.A.C.U.G. 
the SOAP BOX now.. 


You are LE 
in the 8-BYTE 

Of all the games.. 

find it REAL in 
on the 486, of 

Someone in the I.B.M.’ed world liked Atari. 

ng at the Fest. 


the Atari, you can 
teresting that you 
course it takes a 

Micro had it running 

(I Cringed!) 

could have provided a better gam 

no dought. 

N always welcome to our meetings..if you have any interest 
Do you still have one? No matter.. 

You must have had one 

at one time or other. Rememb 

r: We have NO F 


come when it is posted her 

end of the month. We will be ’Roving’ to ‘’Washired’s’ 
meeting. Please come if you can. 
But I can tell you it won’t ever get 

will focus on in Sept. 


I am not yet 


- Reply to #108 


Mr. Haney and Mrs. Dougles 
Fest 95’ yea..3 days of GRAP 
PEACE and MUSIC. *-0O (Guitar) 
(109/175+) C.A.C.U.G.: 
Message: 110 (#12453) 
Title: FEST II 
Author: Aslan 
To: Mr. Haney (Recvd) 

Posted: Tu 9-Aug-94 at 1: 
Replies: 1 

I was only there from 10-12, 

I was the one with the hat 

I had to run off for work. 

(the big 

—- Reply to #108 


a great time, 

seen me, 
Now all I want to do is get Narnia Up again. 
good system for $300 or less? 

(110/175+) C.A.C.U.G.: 
Message: 111 (#12454) 

Title: FEST II 
To: Mr. Haney (Recvd) 

Posted: Tu 9-Aug-94 at 7: 

Replies: 1 

Mr. Haney said it all. I had 

to stay for the raffle. Ok, 

it’s killing me. 

s or Dues. You just 

tings always happen the 3rd week 

house for the Next 
sure what the subject 

You might have 
black cowboy hat that is). 
Any ideas where I can get a 

but I just tire out too quick 

What prize did I miss? 

(111/175+) C.A.C.U.G.: 
Message: 112 (#12455) - Reply to #110 

Title: FEST II 


To: Aslan (Recvd) 

Posted: Tu 9-Aug-94 at 7:36:00am 
Replies: 1 
Aslan, You are one big clown. I saw you but didn’t know who you were. 

Missing you would be like missing the side of a barn. 

No offense. 

(112/175+) C.A.C.U.G.: 
Message: 114 (#12487) - Reply to #111 
Titles: FEST: IT 
Author: John Polka 
Posted: Wed 10-Aug-94 at 4:10:00am 
Replies: 0 
You missed whatever was left on the d00r prize table when your name was 
(114/175+) C.A.C.U.G.: 
Message: 117 (#12582) - Reply to #115 
Title: thank-you 
Author: Joseph Pallendino 
To: John Polka (Recvd) 
Posted: Thu 11-Aug-94 at 2:02:00am 
Replies: 1 [> Edited <] 
I haven’t had time to try the wireless joysticks. 
I’ve been trying to seal my garage roof for the 4th time in 5 years. 
I’ll let you know my thoughts on the wireless joysticks as soon as I 
have time to check them out. 
I had a fine time at the Atarifest & hope to attend another soon. 
Don’t spend that donation I gave you in one place. I appreciate the 

ability to post t 

hings I have for sale & occasionally download a shareware 

program through your BBS. This is what the donation was for. 
(117/175+) C.A.C.U.G.: 
Message: 124 (#12725) - Reply to #123 

Title: 2400 baud & Omnicom 

Author: Mr. Haney 

To: Joseph Pallendino (Recvd) 

Posted: Mon 15-Aug-94 at 1:29:00am 
Replies: 0 
ok. I am on vacation all this week. If you want to come by say, Tues. or 
Wed. I should be around. I have to get the SX212 back to VAC, I’ll 

be doing that tomorrow or sometime this week. 
Sparta Dos alot. 

I have been fooling with 
I can see why so many people like it so much. No 

matter how many times I hit the reset key it is still there in memory. 

I think VAC will really enjoy those boo 
the Sparta one. 

ks that you bought, especially 
We were lucky that ICD REP. had them on hand. 

I really enjoyed talking to the C.V.A.C.C. people. Thanks to the 
ANDY, we came away with some really nice PD demos. 

You do know that I am using the 2400 baud modem you fixed. To think 
that you pick out the problem and now I am putting it to good use. I 
have not had any problem with it at all. We will have to look at that 
little modem software that VAC had the outputs 80col. That looks a 
little better than OMINCOM. 

ct ct 

Yea, I think I know why RUSS like the Sparta so much.. The Fest was 
a real boost for us. Well, got to go. Have alot of exploring to do 
with the DOS. I have another game in mind as well.. 

(( MR. Haney )) 
(124/175+) C.A.C.U.G.: 

Message: 162 (#13151) - Reply to #161 
Title: POWER 

Author: Mr. Haney 

To: Aslan (Recvd) 

Posted: Sun 4-Sep-94 at 12:07:00am 

Replies: 1 

There where lot more that just 300..that was an official count of 
the registered vender and Atari People I believe. There were peopl 
coming and going all day lot through the doors. I never counted 
but I saw alot of people all day long. I would bet that the number 
was more like close to 7 to 8 hundred all told. This was of course 
considering it was a one day event and the location. It was a bit 
out there in Urban land. No dought if it had been closer to Cleveland 
or a more congested area it would be larger in attendance. It was 
great success to those who still have an interest in the computer 
system. A real shot in the arm. You know, I think I have a picture 
file of you lest it is of some fellow wearing a cowboy 
hat..say: HOWDY 

[[ MR. HANEY ] ] 

(162/175+) C.A.C.U.G.: 

Message: 166 (#13158) - Reply to #162 
Title: POWER 

Author: Aslan 

To: Mr. Haney (Recvd) 

Posted: Mon 5-Sep-94 at 12:38:00am 

Replies: 1 

Yeah I can’t believe I drove all that way to look at Atari’s, but it was 
fun. Speaking of that hat, it make a great identifier when meeting 
someone. I wore it to the TRO/Narniapik-a-nik and everyone was able to 
find us by looking for the hat <g> 

(166/175+) C.A.C.U.G.: 

Message: 168 (#13167) - Reply to #166 
Title: POWER 

Author: Mr. Haney 

To: Aslan (Recvd) 

Posted: Tu 6-Sep-94 at 2:36:00am 

Replies: 1 

I can’t believe that VaQ and I found anything at all..and we were not 
wearing any hats! The one major thing that impressed me at the show 
was the CD stuff. I forget just who it was that had a Falcon running 
the CD stuff but was Fantastic. Toad had tons of CD stuff in their 
booth. We had our little 8-bit setup right across from them. It 
was funny really. We '’Borrowed’ some PD demo’s from the C.Valley 
people .. (Poor 8-Byter that we are), and many of those who passed 
by us were stunned that it was an 8-bit graphic machine! 

I had more than one person ask me what machine it was that we 
had setup..When I told them it was an XEGS they had to look again..! 
Of course it could not match the CD stuff..but, it was interesting 
to see the ’RAW’ graphics running away with some people.. 

Why oh why did they stop making these machines I really do and don’t hat’s off to those who put so much time into 

it for so little reward. 

You are you know welcome to the meetings..’Hat and all’. 

Mr. Haney at 2400.2 baud..the pig died by the way.. 

(168/175+) C.A.C.U.G.: 

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a Jaguar or plan on buying one as soon as some more games becom 

available for it. You are also interested in finding out what you can do 
to get your favorite games made for the Jaguar. I am glad to see that 
you are interested and if everyone participates in this campaign, we will 

_all_ be seeing our favorite games made for the Jaguar. 

This is the situation. The people at Atari Corp. are doing everything 
that they can do to make sure the Jaguar is a success. But because the 
Jaguar is a new product and it is competing against systems like 3DO, SNES, 
Genesis, and future systems like Saturn and the Nintendo 64-bit, big name 
companies are wary about investing in the Jaguar. They are also not sure 
if there is a demand for their games on the Jaguar. 

Yes, Atari Corp. has 150+ companies developing for the Jaguar, but most 

of these companies are one or two man operations. Anda lot of these 
people are writing games for the Jaguar as an extra to their full-time job. 
It could very well take these small companies a year or more just to 

finish one game. There is also no guarantee that these companies will 

ven release the game they are working on and if they do release it, the 
game may not be a hit. 

We are at a point where Atari Corp. is waiting for big name companies to 

decide to develop for the Jaguar. At the same time, these companies are 

waiting to see a demand for their games on the Jaguar. So when will these 
companies realize that there is a demand for their games on the Jaguar? 
One of two things must happen. Atari Corp. must sell 1 million or more 
Jaguar units before these companies will start making their games for the 
Jaguar. Since Atari Corp. will not be able to sell 1 million Jaguars 
without these companies selling their games for the Jaguar, the second 
thing must happen. This is for companies to receive hundreds of letters 
from Jaguar owners that want their games for the Jaguar. 

If these big name companies are not convinced to make their games for the 
Jaguar in the next few months, they will sign to develop for Sega's 32X, 
Sega’s Saturn, or Nintendo’s new 64-bit. If this happens, the Jaguar will 
never get the games you want. 

Will writing letters work? Yes, it will work. I’ve learned from my 
prior business experience that letter writing does work. There are many 
ways of determining a demand for a product, but nothing is more 
convincing to a company president than hundreds of letters from consumers 
that are asking for their product. Letters are concrete proof that 
demand exists. 

If you want to see big name companies and big name titles for the Jaguar, 
join in with this letter writing campaign. I’m participating in this 
campaign for three reasons: 1) I really think that my letter will make 
a difference in the decision making process at these companies. 

2) I don’t want to think "what if" in the future. I want to do my part 
now so I can say that I did my share. 3) It is my duty as a consumer to 
let companies know how they can satisfy my needs (or wants). 

I hope you will see a need to participate in this campaign as well. And 
don’t think that someone else will write because if that person feels the 
same way you do, nobody will write. The Atari Community is small and this 
campaign will requir veryone to participate. As soon as you are done 
reading this supplement, print it up, and put it some place where you 
won’t forget about it. Every month you will need to write the companies 
listed or this campaign won’t work. Make it a priority in your already 
busy life. 

If you do not see the games you want for the Jaguar in this campaign, 
do not be concerned! When the following game companies start making games 
for the Jaguar, the Jaguar will be on its way to becoming the most popular 

home video game system in the world! And when the Jaguar is on its way 

to fame, your favorite games will be made for it! But the campaign will 
not work unless you participate. And you cannot only write one game 
company and not the others. Each time one company signs to make Jaguar 
games, it helps get another company to make Jaguar games. Let’s make this 
writing campaign the most effective video game writing campaign that the 
world has ever seen! 

Ok, the companies we are concentrating on are companies that are familiar 
with high quality graphics and sound in games. Most of these companies 
are well-known for PC games. 




Atari Corp. 

id Software 

WMS Industries Inc. 
Capcom USA Inc. 
Electronic Arts Inc. 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Atari Corp. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 

First, we will first be writing Don Thomas, Jr. at Atari Corp. to let him 
know that we are participating in these campaigns. No, we aren't writing 
to annoy him. We are writing him so that Atari Corp. knows the magnitude 
of this letter writing campaign. If Atari Corp. knows that five-hundred 
people will be writing Dynamix in October, the appropriate person at Atari 
can contact this company on becoming a developer for the Jaguar during 
this time. Do not expect a letter from Don Thomas, Jr. We are not 
writing him for a response. We are only writing him to inform him of what 
we are doing. 

Atari’s mailing address is: 

Atari Corp. 

Attn: Don Thomas, Jr. 
1196 Borregas Avenue 
Sunnyvale, CA 94089 

Place the letters: C.A.I.N. at the bottom left side of the envelope so that 
Atari will know what it is for. 

Please use the following form letter: 
(your address) 
Don Thomas, Jr. 
Atari Corporation 
1196 Borregas Avenue 
Sunnyvale, CA 94089 

Dear Mr. Thomas, 

I am writing you to inform you that I will be writing the following 
game companies to encourage them to make games for the Jaguar. 

I hope that my efforts will help Atari Corp. to sign these companies 
to make games for the Jaguar. 

The companies I will be writing are: 

September: WMS Industries, Capcom, Electronic Arts 
October: Sierra On-Line, Dynamix, LucasArts, NovaLogic 
November: Spectrum Holobyte, Psygnosis, Origin 
December: QQP, Broderbund, Konami 

Thank you for reading my letter and for recording the number of 
people writing these companies. 

(sign your name) 

(print your name) 

>>> >>> >>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> id Software <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 

The letter to id Software should thank the company for producing 
Wolfenstein 3-D for the Jaguar, encourage them to make Jaguar DOOM the 
best that they can make it, and to encourage the company to make 

QUAKE for the Jaguar. 

id Software’s e-mailing address: 

Jay Wilbur, CEO 
id Software 

Town East Tower 
18601 LBJ Freeway 

Suite 615 

Mesquite, Texas 75150 

The form letter to Atari Corp. is the only form letter that will be used 

in this campaign. 

This is because companies do not take form letters as 

seriously as those that are originally written. 

The following is a list of things which you may want to say in your 

letter to id Software: 

Dear Mr. Wilbur, 

1) How much you enjoy Jaguar Wolfenstein 3-D. 

2) How much you like id Software. 

3) Thanks for making Wolfenstein 3-D for the Jaguar. 

4) How you would like to s the best graphics possible for DOOM 
on the Jaguar. 

5) How you would like to s four-player or more networking capability 
for Jaguar DOOM. 

6) How you are excited about Jaguar DOOM coming out this year. 

7) How you would like to see QUAKE made for the Jaguar. 

8) Thank you to Mr. Wilbur for reading your letter. 

Another thing which you may want to include in this letter is concerning 
the Jaguar resolutions. id Software is using a lower resolution on the 
Jaguar because they want to get the game as quick as Jaguar Wolfenstein. 

I, personally, do not care if Jaguar DOOM is as fast as Wolfenstein. 

One suggestion could be to make two modes (just like on the PC). One mode 
is for higher resolution and slower speed. The other mode is for a lower 
resolution, but higher speed. 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> WMS Industries Inc. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 

As of September 14, 1994, Mortal Kombat II is not being produced for the 
Jaguar. And Acclaim has no plans to produce Mortal Kombat for the Jaguar. 
But next year, WMS Industries will be able to release Mortal Kombat II for 
any game system that the company wishes to release it for. The time is 
now to let WMS Industries know that we want to see Mortal Kombat II and 
Mortal Kombat III for the Jaguar. 

Mortal Kombat II is by far the #1 most wanted game for the Jaguar 
according to the Most Wanted Games for the Jaguar list by CAIN Newsletter. 
If this game is released for the Jaguar, the Jaguar will be the most 
wanted game system. 

The mailing address of WMS Industries Inc. is: 

Louis J. Nicastro, CEO 
WMS Industries Inc. 

3401 North California Ave. 
Chicago, IL 60618-5889 

OK. I don’t think I have to remind you that you should write as neat and 
as professional as possible to get the best results. If you certify your 
letter, you may even reach the president with your letter. 

[The following is a list of things in which you may want to say in your 
letter to WMS Industries Inc.: 

Dear Mr. Nicastro, 

1) How much you enjoy Mortal Kombat II 

2) How you like the games that WMS Industries makes. 

3) How you enjoy the Atari Jaguar. 

4) How you think the Atari Jaguar is the only game system that will do 
the game justice. 

5) How you will run out and get the game for the Jaguar as soon as it 
is released. 

6) How you would also like to see Jaguar be the first system to get 
Mortal Kombat III. 

7) Thank you to Mr. Nicastro for reading your letter and for considering 
making Moral Kombat II for the Jaguar. 

PO >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Capcom USA INC. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 

Capcom is known for producing the Street Fighter II series of games. 

The company is also known for producing games such as The Great Circus 
Mystery Starring Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Demon’s Crest, and Saturday 
Night Slam Masters. The company also does conversions of popular titles 
such as Wizardry V and Eye of the Beholder. 

Super Street Fighter II Turbo is second only to Mortal Kombat II on the 
most wanted games for the Jaguar CAIN Newsletter listing. If the game 

existed for the Jaguar, it would no doubt sell a lot of Jaguars. But 
Capcom is not making Super Street Fighter for the Jaguar and no plans have 
been announced to do so in the near future. 

The strange thing is that Capcom is making Super Street Fighter II Turbo 
for the 3DO platform. The game will even have better graphics than that 
on the SNES and Genesis. But this only means that if Capcom will make a 
version of SSFIIT for a much higher-priced system than there is a chance 
that the company will be willing to make a Jaguar version. 

The mailing address for Capcom USA Inc. is: 

Scott Smith 

Product—Development Coordinator 
Capcom USA Inc. 

475 Oakmead Parkway 


The foll 

le, CA 94086 

owing is a list of things in which you may want to say in your 

letter to Capcom USA Inc.: 

Mr. Smith, 
1) How much you enjoy Street Fighter at the arcades. 
2) How you like the games that Capcom makes. 
3) How you enjoy the Atari Jaguar. 
4) How you think the Atari Jaguar is the only game system that will do 
the game justice. 
5) How you will run out and get Super Street Fighter II Turbo for the 
Jaguar as soon as it is released. 
6) Thank you to Mr. Smith for reading your letter and for considering 
making Super Street Fighter II Turbo for the Jaguar. 
You may also want to FAX Capcom USA by the phone number: 408/774-3995. 
But sending mail through the U.S. Postal Service may prove to be more 
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Electronic Arts Inc. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 

Electronic Arts is the publisher of some incredible games such as: 
NBA Showdown, FIFA International Soccer, PGA European Tour Golf, 

NHL Hockey "94, Wing Commander, Super Wing Commander, John Madden NFL 
ootball, Escape from Monster Manner, Twisted, Mario Andretti Racing, 




MLBPA Baseball, and many more! Electronic Arts also owns several other 
software companies that they may give the OK to develop the Jaguar for if 
they see there is a demand for Jaguar games. 

Unfortunately, Electronic Arts is also a major backer of 3D0, a company 

t is a big competitor of Atari Corp. Electronic Arts is spending a lot 
time and money on making games for 3DO that it could be spending on 
re is hope though! Electronic Arts is a licensee. This means that 
company has Jaguar developers units. Electronic Arts’ management 

just has to give the OK to make games for the Jaguar. 

The mailing address for Electronic Arts Inc. is: 

Lawrence F. Probst III, President 

Electronic Arts Inc. 
1450 Fashion Isle. Blv. 
San Mateo, CA 94404 

The following is a list of things in which you may want to say in your 
letter to Electronic Arts: 

Dear Mr. Probst, 

1) How much you enjoy Electronic Arts games. 

2) How you have been buying Electronic Arts games for your computers 

since the company was started (if this is true). 

3) How much you enjoy your Atari Jaguar. 

4) How you feel that the Jaguar will be the video game system of the 

future due to its high-performance/low-price. 

5) The games that you would love to slee on the Jaguar (choose two or 

three Electronic Arts games--I’m choosing John Madden NFL Football!). 

6) How you believe Electronic Arts games will be unbelievable when 

using the graphics and sound capabilities of the Jaguar. 

7) How you will run out and buy Electronic Arts’ games when they ar 
produced for the Jaguar. 

8) Thank you to Mr. Probst for reading your letter and a thank you for 
considering producing games for the Jaguar. 






Sierra On-Line Inc. 

Dynamix Inc. 

LucasArts Entertainment Co. 

>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sierra On-Line Inc. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 

Sierra On-Line is a company that is well-known for their role-playing 
games such as their Space Quest and Police Quest series. The company is 
also known for their latest hits in the PC world: Gabriel Knight, 

Aces Over Europe, and Leisure Suit Larry VI. Sierra On-Line is planning 
to release their new title, Phantasmagoria, very soon. 

Sierra On-Line is definitely a company that needs to be developing for 
the Jaguar if the Jaguar CD-ROM is to become used. If Sierra On-Line 
starts making games for the Jaguar CD-ROM, several other companies will 
make games for it as well. 

The mailing address for Sierra On-Line is: 

Kenneth A. Williams, President 
Sierra On-Line Inc. 

P.O. Box 485 

Coarsegold, CA 93614 

The following is a list of things in which you may want to say in your 


letter to Electronic Arts: 

Dear Mr. Williams, 

1) How much you enjoy Sierra On-Line games. 

2) How you have been buying Sierra On-Line games for your computer since 
the company started making computer games (if this is true). 

3) How much you enjoy your Atari Jaguar. 

4) How you feel that the Jaguar will be the video game system of the 
future due to its high-performance/low-price. 

5) How you would like to see Sierra On-Line producing several Jaguar 

CD-ROM games. 

6) The games you would love to see on the Jaguar (choose two or three 
Sierra On-Line games). 

7) How you believe Sierra On-Line games would be fantastic on the 
Atari Jaguar. 

8) How you will run out and buy Sierra On-Line games when they ar 
made for the Jaguar. 

9) Thank you to Mr. Williams for reading your letter and for considering 
producing games for the Jaguar. 

In my letter, I will also be encouraging Mr. Williams to make games which 

have the option of using a keyboard with the Jaguar. A keyboard can be 
created for the Jaguar and Sierra On-Line could work with Atari Corp. to 
produce one for it. The use of a keyboard in role-playing games help 
children learn words. This is something that Sierra has gotten away from 
in PC games. 


I’m also writing Sierra to release HOYLE Card Games for the Jaguar. 
I love this game and it would be great to see a modem feature being used 
in the Jaguar version of this game. 


POSDA E E RA Dynamix Inc. <<<<<<<<<< <<< <sssssess<<<s<<< 

Dynamix Inc. is a game company owned by Sierra On-Line. This game 
company makes many wonderful titles for the PC such as: Betrayal at 

Kronder, Aces of the Pacific, and Front Page Sports Football Pro. 

The company is planning to release: Front Page Baseball, Battledrome, 
LodeRunner: A Legend, MetalTech: Earth Siege, Alien Legacy, and an 
xcellent reviewed game called Aces of the Deep (submarine game). 

Dynamix Inc. is making some real great games and these games would be 
a very good addition to the present Jaguar game library. 

The mailing address for Dynamix Inc. is: 

Alan Higginson 

Executive Vice-President 
Dynamix Inc. 

P.O. Box 978 

Oakhurst, CA 93644-0978 

The following is a list of things in which you may want to say in your 
letter to Dynamix Inc.: 

Dear Mr. Higginson, 

1) How you enjoy Dynamix games on the PC. 

2) How much you enjoy your Atari Jaguar. 

3) How you feel that the Jaguar will be the video game system of the 
future due to its high-performance/low-price. 

4) The games that you would love to see on the Jaguar (choose two or 
three Dynamix games--I’m choosing Front Page Sports Football, 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> LucasArts 

Alien Legacy, and Aces of the Deep). 

How you believe Dynamix games will b 

unbelievable when using the 

graphics and sound capabilities of the Jaguar. 

How you will run out and buy Dynamix games when they ar 

for the Jaguar. 
Thank you to the person for reading 
producing games for the Jaguar. 

Entertainment Co. 


your letter and for considering 

<<< KKK 

LucasArts is famous for making games based on popular movies. 

has also has several popular titles out 
are: Star Wars Rebel Assault, X-Wing, 
Atlantis, Monkey Island 2: Le chuck’s Revenge, 

The company 

for the PC. Some of these titles 

Indiana Jones and the Fate of 

and Day of the Tentacle. 

And if there is any truth to the rumor of a new Indiana Jones movie, 
LucasArts will probably make a great game based on this movie. 



LucasArts Games Division 

mailing address for LucasArts is: 

Entertainment Co. 

Box 10307 
Rafael, CA 94912 

Dear Sir or Madam, 



222D S22 SooS SSos oS o >> S> Nova 

How much you enjoy LucasArts games. 

The following is a list of things in which you may want to say in your 
letter to LucasArts: 

How much you enjoy the Atari Jaguar. 

How you feel that the Jaguar will b 
future due to its high-performance/] 

LucasArts games). 
How you believe LucasArts games woul 

The games you would love to see on the Jaguar 


video game system of the 
(choose two or three 

ld be fantastic on the Atari 

How you will run out and buy LucasA 
the Jaguar. 

Thank you to the person for reading 
producing games for the Jaguar. 

may also want to FAX LucasArts by the phon 

rts games when they ar 

made for 

your letter and for considering 

number: 415/721-3344. 


NovaLogic is known for its high-quali 
CEO, John Garcia makes sure each gam 
NovaLogic is known for producing Comanche: 
t rated high on the Most Wanted Games for 
The company also produced WolfPack 
The latest and greatest 


(a game title tha 
listing from CANI 
NovaLogic is Armo 
have seen it. 

John Garcia 
in the futu 



rine simulator) and UltraBots. 
red Fist. 

This game is high] 

games on the PC. The president 
title released is of the highest 

Maximum Overkill 

the Jaguar 


game from 

reviewers that 

y praised by 

re. NovaLogic’s games would 

game library. 

is interested in producing modem games and networking games 

be a great addition to the Jaguar 

The mailing address for NovaLogic is: 

John Garcia, President 

19510 Ventura Blvd. 
Suite 200 

Tarzana, CA 91356 

[The following is a list of things in which you may want to say in your 
letter to NovaLogic: 

Dear Mr. Garcia, 

1) How much you enjoy NovaLogic games. 

2) How much you enjoy your Atari Jaguar. 

3) How you feel that the Jaguar will be the video game system of the 
future due to its high-performance/low-price. 

4) The games that you would love to see on the Jaguar (choose a couple 
of NovaLogic games). 

5) How you believe that NovaLogic games will be even more fantastic when 
using the graphics and sound capabilities of the Jaguar. 

6) How you would like to see NovaLogic games that use the Jaguar 
voice-modem and networking capabilities. 

7) How you will run out and buy NovaLogic games when they are produced 
for the Jaguar. 

8) Thank Mr. Garcia for reading your letter and for considering producing 
games for the Jaguar. 

You may also want to FAX NovaLogic by the phone number: 818/774-0684. 
Please consider writing NovaLogic through the U.S. mail first and then 
FAX NovaLogic. 




Virgin Games 
Spectrum Holobyte 

Origin Systems 

>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Virgin Games <<<<<<<<<<<<< <<< <<sss<<<<<<< 

Virgin Games is already a Jaguar developer, so this letter is mainly to 
thank the company and to encourage them to make more titles for the Jaguar. 
Virgin is suppose to be making Cannon Fodder, Demolition Man, and 

Dragon for the Jaguar. The company is also planning to make a CD-ROM game 
called Creature Shock for the Jaguar. 

Virgin Games is known for making a popular PC CD-ROM game called: 

The 7th Guest. It has also made Land of Lore, Dune II, and 

Indy Car Racing. It will also be releasing 11th Hour and Command & Conquer 
for the PC soon. 

The mailing address for Virgin Games is: 

Virgin Games 
18061 Fitch Avenue 

Irvine, CA 92714 

Dear Sir or Madam, 

[The following is a list of things in which you may want to say in your 
letter to Virgin Games: 

1) How you enjoy Virgin Games’ games. 

2) How much you enjoy the Atari Jaguar. 

3) How you are really happy that Virgin Games is making games for the 

4) How you feel that the Jaguar will be the video game system of the 
future due to its high-performance/low-price. 

5) How you would like to s other popular games such as The 7th Guest 

(and name a 


for the Jaguar. 

w) b 

6) How you would like 
in Virgin Games’ so 
7) How you will run ou 

sides the ones the company is already making 

to see the Jaguar modem and network features used 
ftware (OPTIONAL). 
t and buy Virgin Games’ games when they ar 

produced for the Jaguar. 
8) Thank you to the pe 
games for the Jagua 

rson for reading your letter and for producing 

You may also want to FAX Virgin Games by the phone number: 714/833-8717. 

>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Spectrum Holobyte <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 

Spectrum Holobyte is famous for their Falcon flight simulator game. 

The game can even be played through the modem on PCs. Spectrum Holobyte 
has just released Fields of Glory and is rumored to be working on 

Falcon 4.0. 

Modem games is something that a game system must have if it will be 
successful in the future. And Spectrum Holobyte is well-known for their 
modem games. Falcon 4.0 sounds like it would be perfect for the 


The mailing address for Spectrum Holobyte is: 

Barry J. Folsom, 

Spectrum Holobyte 
2490 Mariners Square Loop 
Alameda, CA 94501 


Dear Mr. Folsom, 


The following is a list of things in which you may want to say in your 
letter to Spectrum Holobyte: 

1) How much you enjoy Spectrum Holobyte games. 

2) How much you enjoy your Atari Jaguar. 

3) How you feel that the Jaguar will be the video game system of the 
future due to its high-performance/low-price. 

4) How you would like to see Falcon 4.0 with voice-modem and networking 



5) How you woul 

capabilities on the Jaguar. 

to see Fields of Glory and other Spectrum Holobyte 

games for the Jaguar. 

6) How you believe Spectrum Holobyte games will be unbelievable when 

using the graphics and sound capabilities of the Jaguar. 

7) How you will run out and buy Spectrum Holobyte games when they ar 
produced for the Jaguar. 

8) Thank Mr. Folsom for reading your letter and for considering 
producing games for the Jaguar. 

You may also want to FAX Spectrum Holobyte by the phone number: 
510/522-2138. But please keep in mind that sending a letter through 
the U.S. Postal Service may be mor ffectiv 

>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Psygnosis OOOO GGG GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGLG 

Psygnosis is a well known producer of video games. A few of Psygnosis’ 
popular games are Microcosm, Shadow of the Best II, and Puggsy. A recent 
game is Hexx: Heresy of the Wizard. TThe company has also done Lemmings. 

The mailing address for Psygnosis is: 

675 Massachusetts Ave. 
Cambridge, MA 02139 

[The following is a list of things in which you may want to say in your 
letter to Psygnosis: 

Dear Sir or Madam, 

1) How much you enjoy Psygnosis games. 

2) How much you enjoy your Atari Jaguar. 

3) How you feel that the Jaguar will be the video game system of the 
future due to its high-performance/low-price. 

4) The games that you would love to see on the Jaguar (choose a couple 
of Pysgnosis games). 

5) How you believe Psygnosis games will be unbelievable when using the 
graphics and sound capabilities of the Jaguar. 

6) How you will run out and buy Psygnosis games when they are produced 
for the Jaguar. 

7) Thank the person for reading your letter and for considering producing 
games for the Jaguar. 

You may also want to FAX Psygnosis by the phone number: 617/497-6759. 

>>> >>> >> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Origin Systems <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 

Origin Systems is a maker of many popular PC role-playing and action games. 
The company is owned by Electronic Arts but may have freedom to develop 
for any system it wishes. Some of the games that Origin makes are: 

Ultima series (most recently Ultima VIII: Pagan), Wing Commander Privateer, 
and just recently Pacific Strike. Origin will be also making Biforge 

and Wings of Glory. 

Since Origin Systems is a subsidary of Electronic Arts, there is no 
specific person to write. 

The mailing address for Origin Systems is: 

Origin Systems 
Attn: Production Teams 
P.O. Box 161750 

Austin, TX 78716 

[The following is a list of things in which you may want to say in your 
letter to Origin Systems: 

Dear Sir or Madam, 

1) How much you enjoy Origin Systems games. 

2) How much you enjoy your Atari Jaguar. 

3) How you feel that the Jaguar will be the video game system of the 

future due to its high-performance/low-price. 

4) The games that you would love to see on the Jaguar (choose two or 

three Origin Systems games). 

5) How you wish the Origin Systems Production Teams will attempt to get 

these great games on the Jaguar. 

6) How unbelievable Origin Systems games will be when using the graphics 

and sound capabilities of the Jaguar. 

7) How you will run out and buy Origin Systems games when they ar 
produced for the Jaguar. 

8) A thank you to the person reading for reading your letter and for 
considering producing games for the Jaguar. 




QOP, Inc. 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> QOPI Inc <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<e<<<<<<<<<<<<< 

Many people are not familiar with QQP, but the company has released some 
pretty amazing games for the PC. Some of the games are: Solitaire’s 
Journey, Merchant Prince, The Perfect General, Conquered Kingdoms, and 
their most recent-——-Origamo. 

Most of the games that QQP makes either has to do with strategy or war. 
Strategy games are always popular, but war games have been restricted to 
PCs due to lack of a "Save game" feature on video game systems. Jaguar 
can save games on its cartridges so this is no longer a problem in getting 
war games to home video game systems. 

The mailing address for QQP, Inc. is: 

QOP; Inc. 

495 Highway 202 
Flemington, NJ 08822 
The following is a list of things in which you may want to say in your 
letter to QQP: 

Dear Sir or Madam, 

1) How much you enjoy strategy games. 

2) How much you enjoy your Atari Jaguar. 

3) How you feel that the Jaguar will be the video game system of the 
future due to its high-performance/low-price. 

4) The games that you love to see on the Jaguar (choose two or three 
QQP games). 

5) How you would like to s these games make use of Jaguar’s voice-modem 
and networking capabilities. 

6) How you believe QQP games will be unbelievable when using the graphics 
and sound capabilities of the Jaguar. 

7) How you will run out and buy QQP games when they are produced for 
the Jaguar. 

8) Thank you to the person for reading your letter and for considering 
producing games for the Jaguar. 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Broderbund Software Inc. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 

Broderbund Software is well-known for producing two games. The first game 
is a CD-ROM game called Myst. The second is the Carmen Sandiego series 
of games. The Carmen Sandiego is educational. 

The mailing address for Broderbund Software Inc. is: 

Edmund R. Auer, President 
Broderbund Software Inc. 
500 Redwood Blvd. 

Novato, CA 94948-6121 

The following is a list of things in which you may want to say in your 
letter to Broderbund: 

Dear Mr. Auer, 

1) How much you enjoy Broderbund Software’s games. 

2) How much you enjoy your Atari Jaguar. 

3) How you feel that the Jaguar will be the video game system of the 
future due to its high-performance/low-price. 

4) How you would love to see Myst, Carmen Sandiego, and any other new 
Broderbund titles on the Jaguar. 

5) How unbelievable Broderbund Software games will be when using the 
graphics and sound capabilities of the Jaguar. 

6) How you will run out and buy Broderbund Software’s games when they ar 

roduced for the Jaguar. 

7) A thank you to Mr. Auer for reading your letter and for considering 
producing games for the Jaguar. 

>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Konami Inc. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 

Konami makes several popular games. Among these are Double Dribble: 

The Playoff Edition, Lethal Enforcers 2, Batman the Animated Series, and 
a new game called Contra 4. The company has also made Rocket Knight 
Adventures, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters, Blades of 
Steel, Track & Field II, Top Gun: The Second Mission, and many others. 
Konami is also rumored to be developing Gradius for Sony’s new PSX. 
Since Konami is already developing for other next generation systems, it 
may be more difficult to convince them to make games for the Jaguar. 

But Konami certainly does bring a lot of titles to a game system. 

The mailing address of Konami is: 

Konami Inc. 
900 Deerfield Parkway 





alo Grove, IL 60089-4510 

folowing is a list of things in which you may want to say in your 
er to Konami: 

Sir or Madam, 

How much you enjoy Konami games. 

How much you enjoy your Atari Jaguar. 

How you feel that the Jaguar will be the video game system of the 
future due to its high-performance/low-price. 

The games that you would love to see on the Jaguar (choose a few 
Konami games). 

How unbelievable Konami games will be when using the graphics and 
sound capabilities of the Jaguar. 

How you will run out and buy Konami games when they are produced for 
the Jaguar. 

A thank you to the person for reading your letter and for considering 
producing games for the Jaguar. 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> MicroProse Inc. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 

be m 







oProse is already developing Jaguar games so this letter will be 

ly to thank MicroProse and encourage the company to make more of their 
s for the Jaguar. MicroProse is supposedly making Grand Prix, 

hip 2000, and possibly Star Trek: The Next Generation game. But 
oProse has made a lot of fantastic games for the PC that should really 
ade for the Jaguar. These include: World Circuit, Fleet Defender, 

er of Orion, and Civilization. Civilization has already been mad 
the Falcon030 so it may not be too hard to convert the game to the 
ar. Since Jaguar can save games on cartridge, it may be possible to 

Civilization on the Jaguar. MicroProse is also making Across the 
e, Colonization, and Masters of Magic. 

oProse is indeed a very good company to have making Jaguar games. 
quality has always been good and it would be nice for the company to 
a lot of their games for the Jaguar. 

mailing address for MicroProse is: 

ld J. Bueche, CEO 
oProse Inc. 

Lakefront Dr. 

Valley, MD 21030-2245 

following is a list of things in which you may want to say in your 
er to MicroProse: 

Mr. Bueche, 

How much you enjoy MicroProse games. 

How much you enjoy your Atari Jaguar. 

How you are really glad that MicroProse is making games for the 
How you feel that the Jaguar will be the video game system of the 
future due to its high-performance/low-price. 

How you would like to s other popular games besides Gunship 2000 
and Grand Prix be made for the Jaguar (name a few of your favorite 

MicroProse games). 
6) How you would like to see the Jaguar voice modem and network 
capabilities used in MicroProse games. (OPTIONAL) 
7) How you will run out and buy MicroProse games when they are produced 
for the Jaguar. 
8) Thank you to Mr. Bueche for reading your letter and for making games 
for the Jaguar. 

You may also want to FAX MicroProse at the phone number: 410/771-1174. 
But only FAX MicroProse if you do not have time to mail the letter or if 
you have already sent mail to the company. 


* *x 
* * 


After you have done writing all of these companies, the letter writing 
campaign will be finished. If you have written all of these companies, 
the campaign will no doubt be successful and we will be seeing the games 
we want for the Jaguar very soon. 

Please spread the word around about this letter writing campaign on online 
systems, BBSs, message areas, user groups, and any other place that you 
can help get the word out abuot this campaign. 

Also, please tell your friends! It is very important to get everyone 
participating in this letter writing campaign! 

kxkxkxkxkxxxxx*x THANK YOU! KKKKKKKKKKK 

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