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OQOQThe Boston Computer Society 


Volume 3 Issue 4 

Very Late April 1984 

A common recreation among pro¬ 
grammers has been the one-liner; 
a short program structures so as 
to be complete with only one line 
number. Indeed, the number is only 
necessary to allow LISTing. Since 
Sinclair BASIC allows lines of any 
length up to the limits of memory, 
the challenge is not as great as 
when characters per line are lim¬ 
ited to 88, as in PET BASIC, for 
example. However, one must still 
structure each one liner to make 
maximum use of IF/THEN and FOR/ 
NEXT plus other BASIC routines 
while avoiding GOTO and GOSUB. 

This one line program produces 
a surprising variety of displays 
and also illustrates the animation 
possibilities of the OVER command 
on the T/S 2068. Let's have some 
more of these! 

20 : 


Group Director Sue Mahoney 
opened the March meeting with a 
description of membership in the 
Boston Computer Society. For 
those non-member readers out 
there, BCS membership is *24 a 
year. Members receive a 
subscription to the society*s 
bimonthly magazine "The Computer 
Update", membership in all BCS 
user and special interest 
groups, subscriptions to any two 
of those group’s newsletters, as 
well as access to a variety of 
discounts and special member 
programs. To join or for more 
detailed infor mat ion call 367- 
8080 or wri tei BCS, One Center 
Plaza, Boston, MA 02108. 

Marty Warner—Dubay, f ormerl y of 
Timex and now with Timex 
retai ler Games to Learn By, 
reported to the group about the 
condition of the Timex 
community. Among many 
interesting observations, she 
estimated that 45-50 thousand 
TS2068’s had been sold by then, 
10-15 thousand more were in 
Timex’s warehouse, and that 
90,000 were still at the factory 
in Korea. Games to Learn By can 
be reached at 413-268-7505 in 
Williamsburg, MA. 

page 7 




OOOOIhe Boston Computer Society 

*** ZX PRO/FILE *** 
a 16K+ file manager for the Timex 

Annual membership in The Boston Computer Society includes 
all mailings from two user/special interest groups (attendance at 
monthly meetings is unlimited). 

□ Regular (1 year), $24 

□ Regular (2 year), $45 

□ Regular (3 year), $62 

□ Youth (under 18), $15 

□ Family, $36 

□ Overseas, $48 

□ Sustaining, $120 

□ Corporate, $200 

□ Lifetime, $2000 

Sign me up for these special interest grou] 

□ Apple/Boston 

□ Atari 

□ Commodore 

□ Digital Equipment 

□ Displaywriter > 

□ 80/Boston (TRS-80) 

□ Hewlett-Packard 


□ Kaypro 



□ Ohio Scientific 

□ Osborne 

□ Otrona 

TO Texas Instruments 

□ Victor 

□ Other_ 

Sign me up tor these special 

□ Artificial Intelligence 

□ Business 

□ Consultants/Entrepreneurs 

□ CP/M 

□ Database 

□ Education 

□ Family/Home 

□ Graphics 

□ Investment 

□ Legal 

□ Logo 


□ Medical/Dental 

□ Pascal 

□ Real Estate 

□ Robotics 

□ Science 8c Engineering 

□ Social Impact 

□ Telecommunications 

□ Training/Documentation 

□ UNIX 8c C 

□ Other_ 


ZX PRO/FILE is a machine language data base 
that gives you tremendous versatility: 

•instant access to any file stored in memory 
•files of any size in the same program run 
•single or multiple word search capabilities 
•ordered file displays 

•comprehensive programmable printer functions 

A 59 page manual comes with the cassette. In it 
are complete instructions, examples, directions 
for upgrading to larger memories, modifications, 
program listings, and a detailed explanation of 
how the program works. There's even an intro¬ 
duction to machine coding for beginners. 

ZX PRO/FILE is the best file manager you can 
get for your Timex. In fact, users report that it 
provides data handling functions found only on 
the most sophisticated systems. 

Price: just $16.95 ]\j ew 2068 Version! 1 

Let me send you fuil specifications. Write to: 

Thomas B. Woods 

One Center Plaza 

Boston, Massachusetts 02108 

P.O. Box 64, Jefferson, NH 03583 
Phone: (603) 586-7734 

Q Boston 
O Computer 
Q Society 

U S. Postage 

Permit 1138 
Boston, MA 

i )iv O iih i Plaza 

Circle Chess Group 
A# F. Stationis 

P.O. Box 63 

Des Plaines, 


lO REM ♦ A B i n cz 1 i r*“~ 

Thi • i * my last issue as editor of 
this publication. The demands o-f my 
career and other activities in the 
BCS have made it necessary for me 
to pass on the newsletter 
responsibi1ities to another. 

Will Stackman, who has been active 
in our group from very early on, 
will take over as editor. I’m sure 
his personal touch will add much to 
it’s value and depth. His broad 
range of knowledge about not only 
the B/T community but al1 of 
personal computing makes him a 
valuable asset to us all. I'm 
looking forward to reading this 
letter in the future. 

This newsletter Is important. It 
serves an Important role in the 
Sinclair computer community. Now 
that there's no central exchange 
for users to communicate through ( 
like Timex, 8YNC, or T8 User 
Magazine) our groups and 
newsletters are more important than 

Well over a thousand people read 
this letter every month. But it is 
now more difficult than ever to put 
it out on a regular basis. You 
readers are more than just 
subscribers to this publication. It 
is YOUR newsletter. It will go on 
only if you make some sort of 
contribution to it. 

Write an article, review a product, 
write a letter to the editor, 
simply give the editor some 
feedback about Sinclair computing. 
All these things can make a 
tremendous difference. 

Let's get involved! You can make 
the difference! 

— 30 - 

O The 
O Boston 
Q Computer 
C Society 

This newsletter is produced to 
inform group members of the 
agenda and logistics of future 
meetings, as well as to recap 
and amplify the information 
provided at the meetings. It 
also provides a forum for 
members and interested parties 
to communicate what thay have 
learned or developed relating to 
Sinclair and Timex computing. 
Meetings are open to the public 
(non-member admission is $3); 
however attendees are encouraged 
to join the Boston Computer 
Society (BCS) This newsletter 
is free to members. Back issues 
are one dollar each. 

User Group meets in the Large 
Science Auditiorium (Room 8/2/ 
009) of the University of 
Massachusetts, Boston Harbor 
Campus. It is located only 3 
miles from downtown Boston and 
easily accessible by public and 
private transportation. From 
the north or west, take the 
Southeast Expressway to Exit 17. 

Turn left onto Columbia Road. 
Follow construction signs to get 
to Morrissey Boulevard in the 
direction of UMASS and the 
Kennedy Library. Bear right on 
traffic island, get in the right 
two lanes, following UMass/ 
Boston signs. Turn left at the 
light into Campus. From the 
south, take Morrissey Boulevard 
northward to the campus. On the 
M8TA, take the Red Line (Ashmont 
Train) to Columbia Station. 
Transfer to the free University 
shuttlebus in the T parking lot. 

P»b4D TS1 SOO 
review by Will Stackmar, 

If computer manufacturers would 
support manual s for their 
proprietary software of this 
grade they would not only sell 
more software but more computers 
too. If you want to make real 
use of your TS1000/1500 of ZX81 
for spreadsheet use this bool 
will walk you through both VU- 
CALC and VU-FILE (The Organizer). 

The author supplies reproducable 
worksheet templates which allow 
the user to set up spreadsheets 
of surprising complexity or 
manipulate inventories. 

One caveats the spreadsheet 
template folded into the back is 
slightly too large to xerox on 8 

1/2 by 14 (legal size paper). 
Have the supplied version 
reduced slightly on a fancy 
machine (for under a dollar) and 
then use that to make working 

We’ll get into some detailed 
notes on 6ettting Serious next 


Organizer) by Robert B.V. 

Masters, Robert J. Brady Co., 
Bowie, MD 20715. 

ONE-LINERS from page 1 

The Sinclair Timex User Group 

Sue Mahoney 
c/o BCS Office 
or 203-755-2699 

Jack Hodgson 
P.0. Box 526 
Cambridge, MA 02238 

John Kemeny 

User Group Correspondent 
284 Great Road, Apt. D5 
Acton, MA 01720 

A11 an Cohen 
Meeting Coordinator 

The Sinclair Timex Newsletter is 
published monthly by the 
Sinclair Timex User Group of the 
Boston Computer Society. 
Membership in the BCS is *24 per 
year which includes a 
subscription to its magazine 
"The Computer Updata" and 
subscription to two of its group 
newsletters (such as this one). 

Advertising space is available 
in this publication on a 
limited, first come first served 
basis. The rate is *60 per 
quarter page. At this time no 
other ad sizes are available. 

For detailed rate and discount 
information contact the 
Advertising Manager or the 
PuD1 i sher. 

HIGHLIGHTS from page 1 

Bob Masters, &n original member 
of our group, spoke briefly 
about his recently published 
book about VU—CALC and VU-FILE. 

Bob has invited anyone 
interested in reviewing the book 
to get in touch with him for a 
review copy. Contact him c/o 
this newsletter or at the 

Dave Mood, another faithful 
member, had his T8 book 
cancelled at the last minute. He 
is thinking about self- 
publishing it. This reporter 
read an early draft and it’s a 
great TS1000 machine language 
resource. Contact Dave at the 
meeting or c/o this newsletter. 

It was reported that SYNTAX will 
try to continue publishing, 
subject to advertiser support. 

So tell ’em you heard about it 

The Machine Code Group lives! 

It’s in the process of locating 
a new permanent home. For up to 
the minute info call Jack 
Hodgson at 617-354-7S99. Also 
ask him about the Machine 
Language Newsletter. 

Finally, John Kemeny, who has 
been corresponding with other TS 
user groups for a couple years 
now, is thinking about trying to 
create an index for the 4 foot 
stack of TS publications he’s 
got in his living room. "There’s 
1ots of great stuff in there if 
we only had a reliable way to 
find a particular peice. 11 

To help John with this project 
contact him at the meeting or at 
the address 1isted for him on 

page 2. 


Whether they are called Sinclair Timex or Timex/Sinclair, User or Users 
or User s or Users , Group or Club or Society, there are a great many support 
organizations like our group located around the country and Canada. 

We know, because we ve been keeping a list and exchanging newsletters with 
many of them. You can find these publications in our library. 

When Timex closed shop, and Sync and Timex-Sinclair User (not to be 
confused with TS USER) magazines folded, the general consensus was that 
Users Groups need to communicate more than ever. 

While we have scrupulously maintained the confidentiality of our list, 
we feex that at this time it is more vital that communications be improved. 
The following is a list of the most active users groups - groups with whom 
we regularly exchange newsletters, correspondence and phone conversations. 

In addition, a much larger list of users groups (and former users groups?) 
is available from John Kemeny. Just send him a SASE. 

Group Name; Contact Person; Mailing Address; City, State and Zip Code 

ZX/TS User Group;Sergio Perez Davida;P.O. Box 38;Puerto Real, PR 00740 
BCS Newsletter Exchange;John Kemeny;284 Great Road Apt. D-5;Acton, MA 01720 
Mitre-Bedford Sinclair-Timex;Ed Lindsay;P. 0. Box 208;Bedford, MA 01730 
BCS Sinclair-Timex;Sue Mahoney, Director;Qne Center Plaza;Boston, MA 02108 
BCS Sinclair-Timex;Jack Hodgson;P. 0. Box 526;Cambridge, MA 02238 
SE Mass Computer Soc;David Mitchell;382 Locustfield Rd.;East Falmouth, MA 02536 
CQ ZX - Nashua Radio ClubjBill Burden, WBlBRE;ll Briand Dr.;Nashua, NH 03063 
New Ha ven Sinclair Study Group;Chris Baldwin;16 Lewis St.;New Haven, CT 06513 
*******CSG*******;Kent Zimmermann;115 Russet Dr.;Guilford, CT 06437 
Computer Study Group;Matthew Quinlan;227 McKinley Avenue;New Haven, CT 06515 
North Jersey;Larry W. Burkhart;133 Christopher St.;Montclair, NJ 07042 
;Laura Bajor;10 Marion;Short Hills, NJ 07078 

Morris County Users;Larry Spencer;6 Forest Ct.;Morris Plains, NJ 07950 
ZX Users of America;Michael Wilson;626 Water St.;New York, NY 10002 
ZX Users Group of NY;George Coronado;P.0. Box 560, Wall St.;New York, NY 10005 
DATAMERICA Company;;312 East 84 St. #lA;New York, NY 10028 

Albany Sinclair User's Group;Ron Barnard;36 Tanglewood Road;Albany, NY 12205 
SINCUS;Gary Ennis, Editor;P.O. Box 523;Owego, NY 13827 

Pittsburgh Computer Club;Dick Welsh;1605 Middlecrest Dr.;Glenshaw, PA 15116 
Synapse;Bill Russell;RD 1, P.0. Box 539;Centre Hall, PA 16828 
Washington Area Users;Steve Wyatt;P.0. Box 6239Washington, DC 20015 
Capital Area Timex/Sinclair;E1len S. Rogers;P.O. Box 725;Bladensburg, MD 20710 

Central Virginia Users;Herb Miller;Rt. 1, P.O. Box 192;Troy, VA 22974 

Hampton Roads User Group;Jim Langston;146 Hawthorne Dr.;Newport News, VA 23602 

Roanoke Area Users;Richard McGlothlin;P.0. Box 1165;Roanoke, VA 24011 

SLUG;Gary S. Preston II;Route 1, P.O. Box 21;Glade Hill, VA 24092 

Triangle Sinclair Users Group;Douglass Dewey;206 James St.;Carrboro, NC 27510 

Southeast Regional;Kathy Fitzgerald;880 Johnson Ferry Road;Atlanta, GA 30342 

T U G;Joe Williamson, Skipper's Electr;3708 Newberry Rd.;Gainesville, FL 32607 

ZX/T Southeast Region;Ralph M. Coletti;869 Levitt Parkway;Rockledge, FL 32955 

ZX Forum;Bob Pearsal1;9220 Fountain Road;Lake Worth, FL 33463 

TAMBAM;Me 1 Routt;P.O. Box 644;Safety Harbor, FL 33572 

Chatanooga Area Users;Dan Williams;P.O. Box 1321;Collegedale, TN 37315 

ATSU of Central Ohio;Gary Solomon;1281 Yellowwood Dr.;Columbus, OH 43229 

Syntym Cleveland Area Users;Dick Sieg;19502 Thornridge Av.;Cleveland, OH 44135 

TS Horizons;Richard Duncan;2002 Summit St.;Portsmouth, OH 45662 

;Richard Berg;915 Sunset Dr.;Anderson, IN 46011 

TS User;Yagsee Publications;P.0. Box 155;Vicksburg, MI 49097 

;K. Allen Ward & Lonnie Misner;520 Tulane #205;Grand Forks, ND 58201 

Circle Chess Group;A. F. Stanonis;P.O. Box 63;Des Plaines, IL 60017 

S.U.N.;William James Wright;2170 Oak Brook Circle;Palatine, IL 60067 

TSZ Users Group;Dave Hallas;P.O. Box 10363;Kansas City, MO 64111 

Kansas City User;Carl E. Mutch;4701 Northwest Linden Road;Kansas City, MO 64151 

Sinclair Users Network;Patrick Murphy;4903 Walker;Lincoln, NE 68504 

Greater New Orleans Users;E.V. Sandy Blaize;417 Ridgewood Dr.;Metaire, LA 70001 

Gulf Coast Users;c/o Norris Electronics;144 Terry Dr.;Slidell, LA 70458 

Users Group of Oklahoma;Patrick Spera;Tinker AFB T-148;Tinker A.F.B., OK 73145 

;M. Mark Wasicsko;Texas Wesleyan, School of Education;Fort Worth, TX 76105 

Houston (West) Users;David Bonner;13327 Rain Lilly Lane;Houston, TX 77083 

QZX ;Alex Burr K5XY, Physics Dept;Box 30, New Mexico State;Las Cruces, NM 88003 

;Dr. George Kuby;P.O. Box 34545;Los Angeles, CA 90034 

South Bay Users;John Peterson;2316 Walnut Av.;Manhattan Beach, CA 90226 
Syncware;Fred Nachbaur;P.0. Box 5177;E1 Monte, CA 91734 
Z-West;;P.O. Box 2411;Vista, CA 92083 

STUMP;Wi1liam M. Pierson;HHC, DLIFLC 104-46-7719;Presidio of Monterey, CA 93940 

;George Mockridge;263 Gateway #107;Pacifica, CA 94044 

TSUNAMI;Walter Gaby;3325 Pierce St.;San Francisco, CA 94123 

;Paul Perrault;947 Clara Dr.;Palo Alto, CA 94303 

Portland Area Users;Mike Veine;P.O. Box 3153;Portland, OR 97208 

Clackamas TS Users;Robert E. Evans;2615 SE Courtney Rd. #19;Milwaukee, OR 98222 

;John W. Palmer;Comp 53 Site 15 Castle Acres SS3;Fredericton NB, Canada E3B 5W9 

;Alan Wright;470 Granville St., Suite 611;Vancouver, Canada V6C 1V5 

TS Users Vancouver;J. Brohman;108-1205 Johnson;Coquit lam, Canada V3B 6E6 

Vimont Laval Users;;125 DePiemont 2;Vimont Laval, Canada H7M 1B7 

Toronto TS Users Club;Greg Lloyd;P.O. Box 7274, Stn. A;Toronto, Canada M5W 1X9 

;Heinz G. 0eder;305 Radisson;Chateauquay, Canada J65 1W6