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OOOOThe  Boston  Computer  Society 


Volume  1,  Issue  4  October  1982 

This  newsletter  is  produced  to  inform  group  members  of  the  agenda  and 
logistics  for  future  meetings,  as  well  as  to  recap  and  amplify  the  information 
provided  at  the  last  meeting.  It  also  provides  a  forum  for  members  and 
interested  parties  to  communicate  what  they  have  learned  or  developed  relating 
to  Sinclair  and  Timex  computer  products. 


Date:  Wednesday,  October  20,  1982 

Time:  7 :00  p.m. 

Place:  Large  Science  Auditorium 

UMass,  Harbor  Campus 
(Directions  on  last  page) 


This  meeting  marks  the  first  anniversity  of  the  Sinclair/Timex  User  Group. 
We  are  planning  a  big  celebration,  and  have  executives  of  both  Sinclair 
Research,  Ltd.  and  Timex  Computer  Corporation  coming  to  our  meeting: 

Ms.  Maragret  Bruzelius,  Executive  Vice  President  for  the  U.  S. 
Operations  of  Sinclair  Research,  Ltd.,  will  offer  interesting 
insights  into  Sinclair's  history  and  its  goals.  Prior  to  becoming 
the  head  of  U.  S.  Operations,  Ms.  Bruzelius  was  with  Advent  and 
Polaroid.  She  has  been  involved  with  the  consumer  electronics 
industry  for  the  duration  of  her  professional  career. 

®  Mr.  Dan  Ross,  Vice  President  of  Timex  Computer  Corporation,  will 
speak  about  the  background  and  goals  of  the  Timex  Computer 
Corporation,  and  functions  of  the  newly  formed  Timex  Computer  Club. 
Mr.  Ross  has  over  15  years  experience  in  high  technology  areas,  and 
has  held  positions  with  IBM,  ITEL,  and  MEMOREX  Corporation. 

We  are  looking  forward  to  what  these  two  have  to  say  about  their  companies  and 
products.  In  addition,  we  have  asked  representatives  of  a  number  of  local 
Sinclair/Timex  related  companies  to  display  their  products. 

We  will  be  advertising  the  meeting  and  anticipate  a  large  turnout. 

HEELLLP  . . . 

We  would  like  to  encourage  more  direct  participation  in  the  planning  and 
implementation  of  group  meetings  and  activities.  Contact  Sue  or  Cliff  to 


In  November,  we  plan  a  meeting  primarily  for  prospective  buyers  or  new 
owners  of  a  Sinclair  or  Timex  computer.  This  meeting  could  help  you  decide  if 
the  Sinclair  or  Timex  computer  is  an  appropriate  gift  for  someone  you  know  this 
holiday  season. 


At  the  September  meeting,  Dave  Wood  described  the  new  CAI  (Widget) 
interface  and  printer  which  he  recently  purchased.  Paul  McGarry  described  and 
demonstrated  parallel  input/output  to  the  computer.  Also,  Henry  April  gave  us 
an  update  on  the  large  keyboard  he  developed. 

By  Susan  C.  T.  Mahoney,  Founder  and  Director 

Last  fall,  I  started  the  user  group  to  bring  owners  of  the  Sinclair 
computers  together  to  share  how  they  were  using  them,  as  well  as  to  discuss 
problems  and  discover  solutions.  During  late  summer  of  1981,  I  did  some 
contract  work  with  Sinclair  Research  in  Boston.  I  was  curious  and  anxious  to 
meet  people  who  were  interested  in  or  already  using  the  Sinclair  computer  for 
applications  in  business,  education,  science,  and  the  home. 

Our  first  meeting  was  on  October  14,  1981,  one  week  after  Clive  Sinclair, 
founder  of  Sinclair  Research,  Ltd.,  introduced  the  ZX-81  to  the  United  States 
at  a  press  conference  in  Boston.  The  user  group  met  in  an  office  located  in 
Kenmore  Square,  eighteen  people  attended  the  meeting.  Since  Sinclair  had  not 
started  shipping  the  ZX-81,  most  of  the  attendees  were  owners  of  the  ZX-80  (the 
model  that  preceeded  the  ZX-81).  The  meeting  was  very  successful  with  a  lot  of 
enthusiasm  exchanged. 

The  second  meeting,  however,  almost  did  not  occur.  Two  days  prior  to  the 
meeting,  I  was  informed  that  we  no  longer  had  access  to  our  meeting  place.  The 
company  that  was  letting  us  use  the  space  went  out  of  business.  Frantically,  I 
searched  to  find  another  place  that  was  available  for  the  right  price  (free) 
and  near  public  transportation.  After  checking  with  many  government  agencies 
and  failing  to  find  a  suitable  place,  we  met  in  the  BCS  office.  This  change 
required  posting  signs  at  the  old  meeting  site  to  inform  people  of  the  last 
minute  change.  After  trying  to  squeeze  22  people  into  the  BCS  office,  it  was 
obvious  that  we  needed  to  find  a  larger  meeting  place  for  the  group. 

At  the  Northeast  Computer  Show,  I  happened  to  sit  next  to  an  enthusiastic 
new  owner  of  a  ZX-81.  After  we  spoke  for  a  while,  she  offered  her  place  of 
work,  which  was  the  Countwa^T  library  (the  Harvard  Medical  Library).  That 
worked  out  for  two  meetings,  but  again  we  outgrew  the  space. 

Things  were  beginning  to  look  a  bit  grim  for  finding  a  permanent  meeting 
place  that  could  accommodate  our  rapid  growth.  Then,  Rick  Kane  called  and 
offered  me  the  use  of  the  whole  Physics  Department  at  UMass,  Boston,  Harbor 
Campus.  When  I  learned  we  could  have  TV  monitors,  places  to  store  some  of  our 
equipment,  a  choice  between  an  auditorium  that  could  seat  150  and  one  for  550, 
smaller  rooms  for  breakout  sessions,  access  by  public  transportation,  and 
parking,  it  was  obvious  where  our  home  would  be.  Futhermore,  Rick  is  director 
of  the  Source  and  CompuServe  users  groups  of  the  BCS.  I  knew  that  some  day  we 
would  have  a  modem  for  the  computer  and  that  cooperation  between  our  groups 
would  prove  very  beneficial. 

Since  February  we  have  been  meeting  in  the  small  auditorium  which 
accommodates  150  people.  During  the  summer  months  attendance  varied  between  50 
and  75  people.  Our  September  newsletter  had  a  mailing  of  over  300.  Now,  with 
people  returning  from  vacation,  the  number  of  attendees  will  grow.  Also,  due 
to  increased  sales  of  both  the  ZX-81  and  the  TS-1000,  we  expect  a  very  large 
increase  in  attendance.  Therefore,  as  of  October,  we  will  be  meeting  in  the 
large  auditorium,  one  floor  above  the  present  meeting  room.  We  hope  that  UMass 
will  continue  to  be  our  home  until  the  BCS  gets  its  new  building.  (See  the 
article  in  the  July-August  issue  of  the  Computer  Update.) 

In  July  our  group's  name  was  changed  from  Sinclair  User  Group  to 
Sinclair/Timex  User  Group  to  reflect  our  interest  and  support  for  owners  of 
both  Sinclair  and  Timex  Computers. 

I'm  excited  for  the  future  of  the  group.  With  the  rapid  growth,  we  have 
the  potential  of  becoming  the  largest  group  within  the  Boston  Computer  Society. 
However,  we  will  always  try  to  structure  the  meetings  so  that  everyone  is 
served.  We  are  always  open  to  new  suggestions  and  ideas.  If  you  have  any  for 
the  next  meetings,  please  contact  me. 


Skip  Hammel 
David  Ornstein 
Dave  Wood 
John  Baskies 
Kirt  Olson 
Ann  Zevnik 
Mike  Gonnerman 
Mary  Reiman 
Mike  Levy 
Henry  April 
John  King 
Bob  Smith 
Mike  Weiskoff 

Sinclair  Technical  Information 

Computer  Display,  Keyboard  Scanning,  ZX-81  Parser 
FI.  Pt.  Numbers,  Tape  Utilities,  Linking  BASIC  Programs 
Timex  Marketing  Planning 
How  to  Write  for  SYNTAX 

SYNTAX  Group  Discount,  TS-1000  Press  Conference 

London  ZX  Microfair  Report 

New  Things  to  Come  from  Sinclair 

New  Hardware/Software  in  England,  Mindware  Products 

Design  of  the  E-Z  Key  Keyboard 

Clock/Family  Bulletin  Board  Program 

64K  Memory  Applications 

Computer  Education 

Walter  Stepanski  Survey  of  Support  Resources 
Rick  Kane  Computer  Bulletin  Boards 

Paul  McGarry  Parallel  I/O  Demonstration 

We  wish  to  acknowledge  the  following  companies  whose  representatives  made 
contributions  to  our  meetings:  Agnew,  Carter,  and  McCarthy;  Demystifying 
Computers;  E-Z  Key;  Heuristics;  Jordan  Kahn;  King  Software;  Mindware  Company; 
Sinclair  Research,  Ltd.;  Siriusware;  The  Harvard  Group;  and  Timex  Computer 


It  has  been  suggested  that  we  have  a  program  in  each  letter.  Here  is  a 
simple  program  that  plots  Lissajous  patterns,  such  as  you  may  see  on  an 
oscilloscope.  Enter  the  first  two  inputs  as  small  integers,  less  than  ten. 
The  third  parameter  controls  the  resolution  of  the  plot.  Try  2,  3,  50. 

10  INPUT  A 
20  INPUT  B 
30  INPUT  N 

40  FOR  1=0  TO  2*PI  STEP  PI/N 
50  PLOT  32+20*SIN  (A*I),  21+20*COS  (B*I) 

60  NEXT  I 

(Remember  TO,  PI,  STEP,  SIN,  and  COS  are  tokens.) 




The  Sinclair/Timex  User  Group  meets  in  the  Large  Science  Auditorium  (Room 
8/1/009)  of  the  University  of  Massachusets  of  Boston,  Harbor  Campus.  The 
Harbor  Campus  is  only  three  miles  from  downtown  Boston  and  easily  accessible  by 
public  or  private  transportation.  From  the  north  or  west,  take  the  Southeast 
Expressway  to  Exit  17.  Turn  left  onto  Columbia  Road.  Enter  the  rotary  and 
take  the  first  right  (Morrissey  Boulevard).  Bear  right  on  the  traffic  island, 
following  UMass/Boston  sign.  Turn  left  into  the  campus.  From  the  south,  take 
the  Southeast  Expressway  to  Exit  18  (near  the  Boston  Gas  tanks).  Follow 
Morrissey  Boulevard  northward  to  the  campus.  On  the  MBTA,  take  the  Red  Line 
(Ashmont  Train)  to  Columbia  Station.  Transfer  to  the  free  University  suttlebus 
in  the  T  parking  lot. 


For  more  information,  contact 

Sue  Mahoney,  Director 

c/o  The  Boston  Computer  Society 

or  leave  a  message  at 

(617)  361-4736  or  361-5819 

either : 

Cliff  Danielson,  Editor 
or  14  Davis  Road 

Chelmsford,  MA  01824 
(617)  256-4638  (Home) 

OOThe  Boston 
OQ  Computer  Society 

Three  Center  Plaza 
Boston,  MA  02108 

Circle  Chess  Group 

A.  F.  St an on  is 

P,  0.  Box  63 

Des  PI ai nes,  I  1  60017 

U.S.  Postage 

Permit  1 1 38 
Boston,  MA