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Full text of "apple contact v4 197812 letter"

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10260 Bandley Drive 
Cupertino, California 95014 
(408) 996-1010 

December 18, 1978 

Dear Apple Customer, 

The serial card announced as avai lable in the December 1978 CONTACT 4 
wi 1 1 not be ready for release unti 1 the latter part of February. This 
delay is to due to the shortage of one of the ROM chips used for the 
serial and other Apple interface cards. As you are probably aware, 
supply 1 ines for state of the art components can be rather fluid at 
times . 

If you wish to purchase a serial card, please place an order with an 
authorized Apple dealer so that he in turn can schedule his orders with 

his distributor. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

Sincerely yours , 
Apple Computer Inc. 

Michael J. Connor 
Dealer Support Manager