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Information and Gmiraien — TreaSury Note$ 
Inpuv Output — fyAfadfiafiafe 
«IL.O PD —Luke Peny 

Software— Jack Seatwrigtit 
288 Looking for a home 
A Trip to ZX-Team Land — Glen Goodwin 

Setting Caps Lock — David Solly 





Graphics HiSoft — David Solly 
Flasfey listiiigs — David SoUf 

Sinclair E-Mail List 
Ijaelassified Ads 

ZXir QLive Alive! © 
Established 1991 The Timex/Sinclai'r NorthAmerican User Groups Newsletter 

We wish to suooort the following 
platforms; ZX-80/8I. TS-1G0G, Spectrum, 

TS-2068. Z88 and QL. If you have any 
questions about any of these fine Siiiciaifs* 
contact the; 


Chief Motivator 
Donald S. Lambert 
738 GunnarLn. 
Forsyth, EL 62535 
(217) 875-8043 

¥ i c ir C h a i m m n m 

Tape & JLO PD Library 

Luke Ferry 
3708 NE 109th Ave 115 
Vancouver WA 98682 

Oave SviMiett (HATSUt?) 
1 275 Timber View Br, 
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-9.146 
717 732-4374 

jaw Hi w wwmtm 

Timothy Swenson 
2455 Medallion Dr. 
Union City, CA 94587-1914 

Rod Humphreys (VSUG) 
.10984 Collins PI 
Delta, BC V4C 7E6 Canada 
604 583-2819 

QL PD Library 

John Donaldson (CATUG) 
835 Foxwood Cir 
Geneva, IL 60134-1631 
630 232-6147 

AERCO & Z80 Emulator 

Keith Watson 
41634 Amberiy Dr 
Mt Clemens, .MI 48038 

— =GA70R=— 

Sob Swoger (CATUG) 
6J3 Parkside Cir 
Streamwood, IL 60107-1647 
630 837-7957 Work 847 576-8068 

ZXir QLive Alive! 



American User Groups, providing news and software sup- 
port to the T/S community in a VOLUME of four 
newsletters per year; beginning with the Spring (March) 


T/SNUG's main goal is to preserve and encourage 
the use of Sinclair computers by providing an open 
forum for the exchange of knowledge, building and 
maintaining of software libraries. Providing vendors, 
repair service and members with free ad space. 

It is the user groups and individual subscribers, rather than 

the vendors, that provide the pecuniary support for this 
newsletter. Vendors and developers receive this newsletter 
free of charge, though contribution from vendors and user 
groups is gratefully accepted. Please support our vendors 
and service providers whenever possible. 
If you have a problem or you have sol ved a problem, please 
share it with the rest of us. No problem will be considered 

unim portant v 



on can keep T./SNUG alive by an annual contribution of 
$12 for one VOLUME made payable to Abed Kahale 

Send check to> 


WOODSTOCK GA 30188-7358 
Back copies are available for SJJiOeacft postpaid. 

; Cunt rilM lion 

Send in your articles and inputs by disk, hardcopy mail, or e-mail to: — 

Abed Kahale 
E-mail : AKahale^compuserve . com 

jksbet gsagr gsmr 



qi-users@nvg . 

As of March 24, 2001, we have a balance of $698 

>>t>nng 2001 

My apologies for those of you who had their 
mail returned due to "Return to senda J5>J3> 
Address unknown**. 

The builder, with his infinite wisdom, 
assigned the same street numbers to W. Oaks 
Place and W. Oaks Trail. But the US Postal 
Service had the last word and the builder had to 
re-number the street. Mine from 232 to 432 West 
Oaks Trail. 

srniaaoo.* r • ...;<u cenmiij 
My Timex Sinclair 1000 has just come back to me 
after sweaty-some years in a friend's attic and apparently 
asms a little w&k, 

Can you point me to a possible source for the circuit 
diagram and any user groups? Many thanks and 73. 

intra S. Cayfor 

Oreettfigs, Abed 

Many thanks for vour kindness in replying to my 

query and in the midst of your own task of getting 

settled. Let me explain. 1 have a childish eagerness to fire 
up my TS- 1000 hut 1 do not want to put the slightest 
pressure on you. When you come across it, when it's 
convenient for you, Yd sure like to obtain a chant diagram 
for my ailing machine and to subscribe to your newsletter.. 

After years of sitting in a friend's attic, it was returned 
to me in apparent excellent condition but there's no output 
signal shown on a scope. Among my computer and ham 
friends £ can find no suggestion for a repair iecft for this 
machine without a circuit diagram. With a diagram, I can 

Hi Abed, 

last checked out the 'IJSMUG Website and &mm (Ml 
my email address is incorrect. My home address is: 
^Miidersn u reApesfii. com. i sure aiso Been cheeking out 
the Warajevo emulator and works quite well on my PC at 
hams. I have also downloaded the Slog Developer Studio 
to assist me in compiling machine code programs for the TS 
W6S ft sure is a lot easier to debug programs with m 
assembler than doing it by hand. 1 have also found and 
wtwc&sd. fypog^p&fc&J amm « muss- rf £hs pm^nms m 
the books 1 have. 

1 am still, interested in working directly with the TS 
2068, but my RamDisk. doesn't work too swell. I believe 
the f Eobtem. 'to be s.W soSfer'.piM or one or mxee mi. 
chips . Ym not that good at troubleshooting, hot I'm learning 
by doing. Cm% wait forfc next mm. feep up vim terrific 
work! Smckhiy, 

FmA Aaderson 

So, kindly update ZQAI, by deleting ail mention of h 

amongst extant BBSs, W&sd m Page 2. Aad, BTW, that 
mesas a lot of valuable stuff ta? to tie <§e*»e»sl oolteetor 
of 2068 memorabilia, and the BBS is still functional ! 
David E. Lassov 520-882-3972 (voice) 

ask one of the lew competent responsible people I know 
who would enjoy the challenge. 

In the mid 80's 1 organized a Sinclair Club of young 
people and we had a wonderful time in our early, tumbling 
coding, -wiring in keyboards, and devising clips to keep 
connector cable plugs from slipping, 

I got seduced into Pascal coding on a and gavs 
all my Sinclair equipment to the local community college 
museum .... which later silently got rid of the collection 
When TS- 1000s started to be remaindered off at giveaway 
prices I got one for the young daughter of a friend, now a 
United Airline line mechanic who Just returned it. 

ilgaaL BSBf iftanks.. Sf tikre^ mything- I can for 
you out here, let me know 

Mai Gtjfer ... 

Hello John, 

I mmjgfit &m( § t&iier mspond mm raSktr gtarr 
sometime later 

:&nce & basin been m me for years, ! mspeci 
thai the electrolytic capacitors went had (shorted out). 
This mil happen io my eiectmmc device mat has. mt 
been in use for a long time. 

I- suggest Bmi af the afectwfytfc mpm^om be 
replaced by someone familiar with printed circuit 
isoaol <d&$mdemg/mide.ang. ffm mc&msr tStxfe 
maybe shorted out too and should be replaced. 

$ §mii me. ZK-m from a mm $373. when «f first 
became available so as io learn the BASIC language. 

I was mot m&$e to db a» m. Be mmpenf : $ 
mainframe computer because of my allotted time 
f&se} w/as mruied, i was me bean couriers* 
lierMl Abed 

I'm curious about the status of the use of Sinclair 
computers. I know some people was nostalgic for these 
antiques (in fact I have one around here some place) How 
many members does the m®f$ gronp fwe md am j&sgr 
really users or primarily historians? 

Fin wcddi^ on a story, sort of a "where are they now" 
piece on old OS's. 

Stephen Beats 


ftfeBo Stephen, 

Most of them am users just like myself, i do use 
my Sihdairs a few times a month. Mamfy mom 
programs thai I programmed myself back in the old 
'days. Unlike the PC, one can customize the programs 
to the whims of the moment - no macros to deal with. 

1 am a retired electrical engineer... In the early 
70% .............Later on, I was connecting through an 

acoustic modem and teletype (no monitor) to the IBM 

"Time Share* computer in down town Chicago. 

' _ Abed 


After a long time I write again and hope Ym not too 
fete for the next issue of ZQAf German ZX-TEAM is still 
alive, I hope you enjoy ZX-TEAM- MAGAZIN, issue 

.11,1 ve Aitve? 

Sorhw*; iOO \ 

&2QQQ mil be published ia the next days. In the aexi year 
we will have our jubilee meeting! 

5th. Z^iEAM-mssmsg mm -2nd w %h of march 
2001 in Dietges near Fulda in the "heart of Germany- Of 
©ourse you and all readers otZQAI are invited to come. For 
more information please look at ZX- TEAM-homepage 

This time l have a favour to ask you for, could you 
please publish Hie following test in '£QAL I also have 
attached a ZIPped BMP-file with the scanned ad, my text is 
related to. High speed interface for TSl.OOQ/ZX&l HS-i - 
information request. 

?V TIT A 4 

M- meeting: 2-4 march JOU i 


HS-1 Kit 

HS-1 W/T 




IS 1 500. 
Dfi IX 81 


Add Tax 
Payabie by 
Check or 
Money Order 

* Fast mode operation with continuous display 

* 5-5 limes taste.? than 1 computer >n stow 
mode, (Flight smnufalor responds like a jet') 

* Stlkscreened, soldermasked PC board (w<lf 
fC shekels) 

* Instructions and software I < 1 K) included 



lex ford. NY 

Dear readers of ZQAJ I'm searching for 
information about the HS-1. I've found the 
advertisement shown above in the American magazine 
I SYNC March/ April 1984. According to the text HS-1 
will connect two TS 10G0/ZX81 and you can operate \ 
your program in FAST mode on one of the computers, 
while the other one will work in SLOW mode for a 
continuous display. 

We have already tried to discuss the function in 
the ZX81 mailing list but nobody ever has seen a 
working HS-1 . Maybe it uses /BUSRQ and /BUSAK, 
but nobody really knows. J hope one of you will 
.know more about HS- 1 , or even better will have a HS- 
1 (dead or alive). I would be very glad, if someone of 
yon could help- me with more information. 
Thanks in advance, Suietairly yours 

Peter Liehert 
peter@zx8 1 .de 

For my postal address please took, at the Unciassrtteet Aas 
in this issue ofZQA! 

Good b.vte for now, yours *SSsdaMy Peter 

ZX%i~Weh-Bmg l/zx8 l_wbr.htm 

... .. jSpdtar: EL^er^N3gfiae.^g_ 


Subject: Re: Loading Tape Pro-ams 

On Sun, 4 Feb 200 L Christian Molnar wrote: 

I tried LOAD *" but it just sits there blank, although f 
hear the tape doing its thing. Is this the correct way of 
loading whatever it finds firstf 

Yes. Of course, it's been a white since I did that. 

Is ft that its just not hearing the tape right ami. t need 
W |sf&¥ with tie vdbmeleq? 

M&M likely. 'What ym see is the border of lie 
screen/ if l*s seeing data, me colors should elange, 
Mowed by moving horizontal feuds. 

William McBriiie 


zXir OLive Alive! 

Ill Louis, 

Itaarfum lo the October IM4 issue cf Update 
siaga^me, chere was/is a SSS frograrn wriasQ.. far fee 
f Jiigef drive sysfeni. Ifcre is the MarJb from the magazme. 
Oliger Disk Drive BBS Program, this creates a single user 
BBS program, with several message bases, E-mail, and 
Sysop Chat area. We have also added many other Oliger 
disk drive programs to this collection, as well as some 
playtime This was written by Paul Holmgren. The price is 

By the way, let me put in a plug here for John Oliger 
' | . He is still in business and he still has most if not all of 
the TS items he had for sale back in the 80's. He provides 
great service and even better customer service after the fact 
I. mmid encourage anyone not mm$ : case of Ms &w& 
systems to give it a try! Hope this helps. 

Luke Ferry 

To.' 2068#$unixvi.lle. com 

Hi everyone, I had a thought about something and I 
wanted to run this by everybody and see what people 
thought. 1 have just about most of the Time Designs' 
magazines and 1 think all of the "Update' magazines also. 
There is a lot of great Timex/Sinclair info in those 
magazines, as well as info on all of the Sinclair machines 
(but Time Designs as you know focused more on the 

Wouldn't it be great if a web she could be created, 
that would have ail of the content of these magazines on it? 
J think it might be harder to get the OK from the people 
that ran Update, but Time Designs has been out of print for 
over 10 years now and 1 am sure the editors) could 
probably care less now if all of this were online. 1 do not 
have a scanner, but they are cheap and I would gladly buy 
one for this project 1 don't know, 1 just think there is too 
much good info in those magazines for them to just sit and 
collect dust. It would be a good source of reference 
material on the Timex computers to have these online. 
Any comments? see va, 

.Luke Perry 


I think that's a great project. You could host it on my 
server also, if you fifce. ftM fee coof if you could ran an OCR. 

Spring 2001 

mi It, also, so chat Ihe data cm be searched, hut I kmw wm. 
might be difficult Perhaps you could HTMLize the indexes 
ot the issues so at least some into is se&rchaofe.. 
It's definitely going to take you some time, though. And 
space, Fd gander each page of a scao can iafae up a sizable 
chunk of memory. If you need an OCR software I have one 
that runs ofc under windows. Let me fcnow offline.. 
Louis Florit 


It would he great to have all Time Design magazines 
on the net (t own two numbers). Of course this will get you 
lots of time 

This project is simitar with the Spanish MicmHobby 
magazines. I have read the Spanish Sinclair newsgroup and 

liobbyPress doesn't authorize the publication of 
MicroHobby magazines in the internet. 

Inftiiay ReC PortMga! 
Timex Computer World 

l stp;fft imex. !23go .ex. 

On Sua, 4 Feb 200 i , Ctetiaa Mmsar wrote: 

I tried LOAD ** but it just sits there blank, ^though i 
hear the tape doing sets thing. Is this the eonrecfc way of 
&M#ng whatever it finds first 

1£es . Of cowse,. «fs ij-eea a wMfe since I did that, 
either ;-) 

Is it feat Is just not: hearing the tape right and. I need 
to play with the wolutuefeq? 

Most likely. What dto you see in the border of the 
screen? If its seeing data, the colors should change, 
followed by mewing horizontal bmds . - 

William Me Brine 
watcbri ae@tei och y. emu 

Fin e Sinclair QL User (from about i M$-iy9$% but 
am aot because sty three Smctairs were excessively charred 
m a unum&ed Itouse ire fm dlfs&Med ciue to repeated 
back' injures* though not officially so (hot enough official 
hours wotted for Sock! Security to care (due to seven 
years of iiewspapep-rstits dteivery fat less than 1/3 of 
eiinimiiffl-wagel j )■ So f/m living on. my Mother's couch 
and making maybe $1110 a month anil m iff havetfr 
managed to have enough cash to -Buy- a replacement QL 

I had a backup orlsfte, Cstat nappeueu co oe on my ifesk 
fm mmpmi repair when the Ike bit I" SSI have fay 
software awl. manual. I want to mate a micrQdffwe- 
hardwareHEompatajfe Soppy-disk drive, hut t need, a s? stem 
to do the work with. I also need a system to move my tiles 
and programs to a QL software-einulator Then there's the 
about forty-ames. of IMF IMAM chips that Pd like to build 
into QL HAM' hoards |i bought teem by the pound ait She 
Tsteoaix SAMS (airpais) outlet for < $61. So fen ftopiog 
to help keep a bunch of QL. conif&iters running usefully 
feftfeer into this century. 

But I seed a wsrJopg safe {-Jssgbwtfgr I. can gad), 
and fmpefMy some Isfeaif QL% tor swappabte-spares ftoo 
often needed anyaiore).. 

So why am I hotheriag You? lipping you have GL*s 
that you are not using and havetft soM, or perhaps know 
other Users who have mm their machines to the closet or 
are at or over the edge of maintenance. I can raise the 
money for shipping. Fve ftmshed. a mxmkmg fo& that 

ZXh QLive Alive! * 

pays enooMi I can nay he Ikry a QL... .but they are very rfew 
at paying, and USA QL's are getting hard to find 

i used m get one woddng QL.. I have the American 
Technical Manual, and have fixed QL's successfully the 
three times' fey have failed on me. fm willing, to bs$g 
anyone who would like to convert to using a emulator, 
iadudhig transferring their microdrive files (once I -hmm-- 
a working machine! in exchange for their dead unit. Other 
tibm. that* fm good at finding answers, tad. searching the 
internet (barter, anyone?). 

St* fve used enough of four tone? W be imggy to 
answer any of your questions. I wish I still had a local QL 

staler (RMG Eoteqsiises in Oregon Chy m foug-gsne | . 

So how can 1 replace them? Yours truly, Bob Wilson, Jr.. 

There is a QL headed your way to your USPS address. 
Use postage was 313.80+my fafldihigjSS5.fM> mifes y our 
cost $18,80. 1 did get: a copyright screen to verify that it 
woftes that far. The rest is on you.. The Sorafebte game was 
m the box as shipped to RMGL Now it's yours. Ml 
TfSMUG asks is thM: you report' m your tinsisgs on the 
rnmdmm of At. CJL as m article &h: ZXir QLive Alive! the 
group's newsletter. 

The deliyery eoaSrniation # Ihat you can use to track 
the package on the web she is 0.304 799Q 0000 

2937 Good QLiog, 

X. Shepard 


Thanks tor the latest TiS marling digest... Would it be 
better to create a mailing list for all this T/'S discussion, 
instead of sending it out quarterly? Cte the QL side* we 
have a QL-users mailing list: is a ^eat way &r QL 
osers to get heip from others, and rather amckfy 

it me T/S commuthty has a similar mailmg &t I think 
i&at the rate of assistance would go up dramatieatly/. People 

I can see T/ISWG being the sponsor' of the mailing list If 
'WSNUCl needs any help,. I can do mms research on places 
to host the amftttg hst. 

P.S- fm ahout 100% QL riiese days f mosii^ on the 
laui I stSI have a. little knowledge of the IM and eariiei' 
systems.. I found myself looking at a couf fe of £80 hodks 
at home and wondering if it would he &n to try some .iSSO 
assembly commg:. 

'Fist Stvessoa 

Here is a listing of software available In 
the Tape and JLO PQ library- This software 
is avaftaWe on 5 double-defisfty disks in 
JLO format or on regular cassette tape, 
though the contents of a disk wiff cerfainly 
not fit onto one cassete tape. In this case, it 
woyid be wise for people to spedty what. 
pfOTBms they would Ike and I can copy 
those to tape. The software Is available to ail' 
T/SMUG members for She cost of the media 
and postage. 

I will have available to you next issue the 

Spring 2001 

contents of PD disks numbers 8-10. 

T/SNUG JLO Public? 
Oomain Software Ll^ts 

Disk #1 

I trader 


1*1 if* i*^£*x 

Wsrfc Move 

Rrsst? File 






©fani's Law 


ftsfc Vars 







Disk #2 

I VchcbcIusss 


j Shooter 


l • — — ■ 1 

Graph Show 

| Emms. 

j CifSSi! Fox 


1 Knktes 

Disk #3 

[ Adventure 

Advert j 

] Aftermath 

Album j 


Allfone4 | 




Anthem | 


Art | 


Asteroids j 


Autografix ] 

Disk #4 

Mscript 5,5 

feteard Tutor 



Disk #5 


fractal Theatre 




hChmg 1 5-OFuacL 

M Words 1 Dam Attack 

Bisk tiler 

Disk Label. 

Easy Edit 


Jul.. . . — -J 




Flow Chart 


, ■ l£. ■ , 

, . , T ; 








Calorie Burn 

Lake Perry 
3?08 HE 1G9fhAv@. #115 

ncouver, WA 98682 

I have a few things ftat may be of interest to someone 

TS-2068 Software 

Personal Secretary (for OS-64K2e5ra} 
Yacht (Wilcox) 
"Home Chess paftsync) 
Spectra TERM T.30 (Byte-Back) 
Zeus Assembler (Sot Sync) 
IPrM 80 (Zebra) " 
Screen Design (Arrow Sofware) 
Sound Design (Arrow Software) 

Tech Draw Jr. (Zebra) 
ArtWorx version f/1 povefSof! 

Wm the cost of shipping 
Jack Boatwright 

.. l$M get a fequest from Gave Lkfeowtiar |whs*i goiiss 
■M of a 288) who was looking isr the cable ffiat tales up 
tic ZS8 to a PC tie lias a aewer version of fee PC-UMK. 
program but no cable I told him if I could find mine I'd 
send it but the search revealed nothing J suggested he 
contact Jay Shepard in Iowa but haven't heard back from 
him (i hope he had more success there,) 

Speaking of the Z88, 1 got mine out of mothballs for 
an Alzheimer's Support meeting last month and find that 
it's still the best thing to use fror meeting notes. It weighs 
only 2 pounds; it's QUIET, the batteries don't run out while 
you're using it; and if s easier to use for this purpose than 
my Palm Pilot Unfortunately, since it never synched with 

a PC, I use a PC iMeboofc tor v irMne-li|F mmffnatm 
■ ~ *mt It's loo Earned heasy to lets? uaiier mur mm., 
TxSas care m£ mpy your new digs. 

Jsfea Donaldson 

fidn l<fen@ao t -cotn _ _ 

0r» the Sineiak front, f want to tiSk. mare to Oave Solly 

and .see if tie knows about LqgjCsif and also study Ms 
version of the LarKen Manual and see if k has any thing 
mme rftdWt or tf tbere Is staff in mine fie soitid use. I still 
get occas%itiaf Slocfaxr refatea mmi for rMngs iiar are hi tire 
mmm of Jack, or I. f then thewmM k to ton 

. €EM&108@e*aatl .®&Lm m _ 

To; M J Shepard 3 <Jshepari@wcaa.nfit> 
Sent. Friday, March <R. 200! 6: 1 1 PM 
Sa^ect.; QL monitor 

ffeswe one TywrMng. QL ■mas&Qt— do yon ^ast^M^IM 
'FfeB^ fir the offer, Manuel Hie ' !"§NOT warehouse 
woaM be more than baggy, to have mm mxmitm m offer to 
ttee ftat wotiM wish to have it 

at" Z.Air Qtive 

Could you please mit m its© east 

ZXir QLive Alive? 

Spring 2001 

ibm! $ewsiecieti chat 

I'm looking for an 8-pin 

Uli Ipv/Oil Illvi Illv/i vaUltf I vi 

Spectrum 128+ Computer, 

Thank You! 


AKRON HY 14001-1Q16 
daneiSbiifthet. net 

Dear Abed, 

On our Stfa jabiiee medSng I v 
fcoM roe that a least two issues of ZXT-TEAM-MAGAEIH 
have been r:eturaed ftom tfoe OHA. wM tfie iMoraiation, that 
they were ^deliverable to y m You will get them. again 
aad of course the nest ones teo ? to f star new postal actress. 

I hope Cites. Goodwra, wfeo same from Orianda t® »w 
meeting will write an article for igQAI &bs£> on Zsing. .... 

Peter iiebei* 

www.zxSl .de 


!. believe I have posted a different vtri&teon of ills 
question before to fee mailing list but I hmm since deleted 
the responses, What I am seeking is a terminal program for 
the TS296H thai will handle "VTI.O0* terminal emulation, f 
occasionally dial-in to my focal libraries card' catalog, antf it 
uses the VTI.08 temnal emylalicm standard: 

I seem fca recall someone meatkHferif a- pogratn £or iie 
Speemim fSpe^'Tersi?} feiit was isit aa&i? WiM&'mnM wmit 
with fee Wesindge 300 hwd modem? Thasfcs! 

Lake Percy 

ffLO-tClV ^'"t v -f£t|.^r ^f-£0£,? 

Hello AfeesL. 

Attach©!, to tills e-mail please Sod.' ffiree aiteies 
These are not really my own articles so f teafly can not take 
credit S>r them. These are exacted from various bulletins 
and books I have eolleeteci over the years,. As- for my own 
stiu%. I am pretty much at fte bottom of fte proverbial 
barrel. I lave one large Pascal program wttiofe I wrote to 
ckmw! M-Sc^iipr fsls 1BM-ASCII iles.. 'Fte pispaais 
are dm mssigm&i is sih sm Galxm innte^s ZiO cpsMstor 
rate a true "1?S :2§68 ar ZX S" fsai- aj» 

interested, perhaps f co«M present it over several issjss of 
ZSir QLsws Alive, 

ipeafcuig of Gerfoo Luster* 


does anyone tiave a recent e- 
or snail, mail address for Mm? 

Tubs msfy mMmsms I fee as father walii. 
Barriag ttiat does Miyose iaow low I iirigSr a legs! 

I am hosing aiar maybe someone can write an article 

mi aow to use me o& 2Uo»'s iuncttoif dimmmet. imam- m 
only a little blurb on it in one of Maziix's books and his 
example is not very clear to me. Cheers, 

David Solly 
k david 

Looking For A Home 

that will put it to work 

Complete with manual, books,, files, cables, 
AC adapter, serial printer cable, even 
connects to a Macintosh,., 
From Joan Kealy 
for trie cost of shipping {about $15} 
Abed Kahale 
432 ¥^lest Oaks 'Iff 
Woodstock GA 30138-7358 
afca'ftale@compuserve . com 

ZXir QLive Alivel 

Spring 2001 

Glen Goodwin 



'lie Film Annual rJaMtee"! ZX-TEAM meeting 
was Ma ift Dietges,, Qmmm March 2 m through 
4 :h - mid 1 was there! I 've always wanted to alteM 
a ZX-TEAM meeting, and this year, after getting a 
preliminary ""'okay'" from the Director of finance (my 
wife), I sent an inquiry to Peter Liebert-Adelt, who 
organizes the meeting each year. Peter very 
enthusiastically extended an invitation to me, and after 
hustling up a passport, tickets, etc. 1 found myself halfway 
over the Atlantic Ocean, on an eight-hour eastern-bound 

"he German railroad system is very efficient and 
user friendly. After my arrival at the Frankfurt- 
am-Mam Airport 1 only had to go down one floor 
to eateh a train to the ftmnfefiat Central Railway Station 
Another train took me from there to Fuida, the largest city 
near the meeting-place in Dieiges. AH in ail it only took 
about three tars for me to clmm my baggage, get through 
customs, exchange ccareney, m& travel to the WuU& 
Station, where Peter was to pick me up on his way to the 

TIP wasn t ^ on S until 1 was approached by a couple of 
|| suspicious-looking guys One of them - Peter - 
„Jti_ pulled a ZXSl from inside his jacket and asked if I ' 
knew where tig ©add onload a hmch of these. They 
hustled my luggage into Peter's van, which also contained 
Peter's wife Ruth and three other ZX~T£AMers, After a 
short drive we were at the lodge in Dietges. 

y this time it was about six o'clock on Friday 
night. 'The: meeting room was fall of people 
bustling around, getting acquainted, and setting up 
the equipment they had brought to show off. After dinner 
and a couple of more hours • of looking over people's 
shoulders I had to pack it in since I'd been up for about 35 
hours. I can never sleep on planes . . 

aturday morning 1 was jet-lagged and didn't get up 
.until after nine. Breakfast was almost over but 1 
managed to scarf a few roils and a pot of coffee 


God the Germans make coffee the same way we do 

in the States) before the food was cleared away. 
Pandemonium then ensued - throughout the day people 
were coming and going, trading information, hardware, 
software- etc. Additionally there were a number of 

m iischer was there to present rae with an IBM 
hard drive ana conttoier tor my ZX8i 0 had 
traded Mm mum State-side gmtHm m a^vaacej 
and also to off Ms ether, inventions including ihe 
"ZXS! laptop^ which has a hinged LCD screen attached! 
I think well see a lot more great projects from Kai. 

X-TEAM. feuader loacMm MerM md Gerhard 
^Dohnfce both had ZXvos on display These are 
srapressue and powerful machines with 
features including an fl>E hard drive, 3.5" Soppy drive, J 
MB RAM, AT-styfe keyboard interface, LCD screen, 
serial and parallel ports, dsd an impro ved n>is cottnecmr 
Gemot Feucht set up a 2X81 with a modem attached and 

sssed ft m *£af mm the EC-TEAM MaMhmL a 'M-bmir 
BBS, tatbsaoft-ZXSl department, Woitgang md Mm&m 
Matter pte ^Woisoteam*!* tf&ff seatf up the Socman 
Profi Quh, showed off their Sam Coupe which sported a 
.340 MB. hard drive, CD-ROM. drives, and lo-dst sound. 

f]||~ airway through the day the demos began, with 
jli Christof Odenthai, Markus Schiuharl, Joachim 
ilLand Gemot each bringing out then robots (or 
^hoiesT as the Germans sayjt Philip Midrane gave a 
demonstration of a DOSAVindows-based C compiler 
which produces ZXSi. code. Koally, Gemot snowed a 
film of some of his other ZXSl -based robotics projects, 
The rest of the afternoon and evening consisted of more 
people coming and going, lots of friendly trading, and for 
as* a graefcig one-hour crash, coucse m MEFi'SDGS at the 
hands of the master, Joachim himself. 

'he MEFISDGS CiVfErklFIScherDOSi operating 
system, developed by Joachim MerM md Km 
Fischer, is p&wsM hut *er$» dmptz £» use, tt& 
arrow keys may be used to navigate through subdirectories 
mi LOAD programs, or commands can fee issued' direetlf 
from the command prompt. MEFISDGS commands can 
also be called from within BASIC programs, so its easy to 
make a program auto-run, for example. MEFISDOS was 
iflduded. m the hard, drive Interface f received from Km, 
and 1 have been using it on a daily basis for over two 
weeks I have yet to find any bugs or other anomalies 
The two main limitations 1 know of are. eight-character- 
max file names, and fife size is. limited to l€ KB., 'the 
latter isn't really a factor: since hard drive file ifti & fist, 
^chaining'" programs is easy and practical, so it's 
conceivable that a "program" - really a group of them - 
could consist* of i MB of BASIC code, or more! 

i unday morning there was just enough time to eat, 
pack, clean the lodge, and say goodbye to the other 
ZX-TEAM members. I learned so much and met so 
many fascinating and genuinely helpful people, and in 

such a snort usih 

Everyone was so willing to share 
whatever they had, which is especially remarkable 
considering that i don't speak German, and we had to 
converse in English 111 treasure this experience for the 
rest of my life, 

'X-TEAM is a great .group of people who are taking 
£m ZXSl far beyond anything Uncle Clive ever 
breamed of. mjrni^ who lias the slightest chance 
rfattnflog a meeting should start pknnhig now. 
: . Hm vmwt regret it for a minute. 

acme entu^ 

if^f~l~llll| jillil HOft€5tt'IIMP €it|IM I^€i€?l4 

f WI t is sometimes useful to be able to switch the ZK 
■■Spectrum keyboard's cap mode on and off so as to 
HH control the keys for which a program is testing. Caps 
mode is controlled by the system variable FLAGS2 at 
location 23658 (#5C6AL The instruction POKE 23658,8 
sets caps mode but also resets all the other flags in that 

there is a ROM routine which can be called using 
RANDOMIZE USR 4.317 but if caps mode is 
already set, this call will reset it 
The solution .is a short machine code routine that can be 
loaded anywhere in memory. It consists of just three 

LD HL,23658 



suitable program to set up this routine would look 
like this : 

i "■ 1 1 

1 000 LET start = any suitable address 
1 0 1 0 FOR a - start TO siart+5 
J 020 READ b: POKE a,b 
mm NEXT a 

1040 DATA 33,106,92,203,222,201 

David Solly 

Cmode can then fee set by 
JllIlM RANDOMIZE USR (start).. To force 
■ the Spectrum into lower case mode 

change 222 to 1 58 in the data in line 1040. 

This machine code routine renders itself nicely into 
the HiSoft Pascal procedure listed below. If the value 
passed to the Boolean variable ON is TRUE then the caps 
lock is switched on Tf the value passed is FALSE then the 
caps lock is switched off. 


his procedure will set the XX Spectrum 
and the T/S 2068 caps lock on when ON 
is TRUE and off when ON" is FALSE. 



1NLINE(#2 1 , #6A, #5C, { LD ML, 5C6A \ 
#CB, #DEL |SET3,<HL)j 

INLFN£{#2 1 , #6A, #5C, { LD HL, 5C6A } 
#€B, #9E); |RES J, (HL)} 




f m ■If 

if I< i 

IJavm !So. 

Ifhe following HiSoft Pascal, source code augments 
m and provides some alternative methods to the 
ML graphic functions and procedures provided in the 
Turtle Graphics package that is supplied with HiSoft's 
Pascal Version 1.. 7M compiler for the ZX Spectrum. 

CIRCLE{X,Y,R) draws a circle, center X,Y and radius 

DISK(X,Y,R) draws a series of circles at center 
X,Y in an attempt to fin a disk of radius R 

PLOT(X,Y) is a relative draw like the ZX 

Spectmms DRAW function but no third 
parameter is allowed so curves cannot be drawn 

LlME{Xl,Yi,X2,¥2)4raws a straight line between XI, Y I 
and X2,Y2 

FILL|Xi,YI,X2 J Y2) shades a rectangle. XI, Yl specifies 
the bottom left hand comer and X2, Y2 is the top 
right comer . 

COPY is identical to the BASIC COPY function 



est of the procedures work by calling the 
appropriate ZX Spectrum ROM subroutines. 

Others use a procedure which has already 



POKE(2368l, ORD(R)), 
POKE(23728, ORD(X)); 
POKE(23729, ORD(Y)); 

#E5 ? 


{EXX ) 


(LD AuXSCSi)} 
(CALL 2D28 \ 
|LDA,C,5C.B 1)1 
(CALL 2D28 j 

#3A ? #81,#5C); |LD A,(5C8i)| 

#CD,#28,#2D, {CALL 2D28 | 
#CD,#2D,#23, (CALL 232D J 
#D9, {EXX | 
#E1 {POP HL. ) 

#D9), (EXX } 

ZXir QLive Alive? 


Spring 2001 






JPOKE(23728, QRD(X), 
POKE(23729, ORD(Y); 

mUNEl$m #48, #80. #SC $LD BC.{5C8f3ii 
#CD,#E5,#22); {CALL 22E5 } 


CF X <tf THEN P0K£{23296, ORD(#Ff)f, 

IF X >- 0 THEN POKE(2329'6, ORD(l», 

IF Y < Q THEN POKE(2329?, ORDC#FF>).; 

IF Y >= 0 THEN POKE(23297, ORDf I)); 

PGKE(2372*, ORDC.ABS<X)B: 

POKEf23729 5 ORD(AB$(Y))); 


#E5, (PUSH ffl. } 

$09, iexx I 

#ED„ #4B, #B0, #5C, {LD BC,(5CB0)} 
#ED, #58, #00, #58, (LD OE^SBCRJJf 
#CD, #BA, #24, {CALL 24BA } 


{EXX ) 
f POP HL } 

{EXX | 



POKE(23677, ORD(Xl)); 
POKE<2367/g, GRD{Y1)}; 




WRITELM(€MR( i€j f €HR{iNK)k 
FOR 1 := 1 TO X2 DO 
PLOT(L Yi); 
DRAWS Y(0, O-YI); 



: i is not widely known ttot 

jeetrum and tfS 2CldS listings 
can Incorporate colour 
commands (and indeed FLASH 
and BRIGHT) as well as inverse 
video. This feature is probably a 
happy accident of the machine's 
logical structure but it allows vou 
to produce pretty listings. 

"be way to obtain these effects 
is to .go into extended mode 
(E-cursor) after the line 
number.. You can do this on first 
entering the fine or when, using 
EDIT. You then use the number 
keys f shifted and im-sMtted f to 
get the effects. 

is capacity has several uses: 
!. Producing an invisible 
listing (even when EDIT is 

David Solly 

2. Drawing attention to an important REM statement or a test line which, must 
fee deleted after debugging, and, 

3 Highlighting all the lines within a FOR - NEXT loop.. 

"*fy&$ effect of a control code is not confined to a single line so if you 
m wish to highlight a particular line then you must include two changes, 
/ one to produce the effect and another to restore the original 

conditions. Each of these control codes takes up two bytes of memory and 

very strange effects can be caused by deleting just one of the bytes. 


Effect When U rt-Shlftecf 

Effect When Shifted 


black paper 

black ink 


blue paper 

blue ink 


md paper 

.red. ink. 


magenta paper 

magenta ink 

jpsen paper 

green ink 


cyan paper 

cyan ink 


yellow paper 

yellow ink 


white paper 

white ink 


normal brightness 

flashing off 


high brightness 

flashing on 

ZXir OLivs Alive? 9 %rkig 200 1 

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The Industry's Management Journal 

Electronic" moisfy re sensing device 

-I dht&s^ c? ptrf'e* tor - W.\r5 

■ ri-i- ■, ■■» -,,„ .. ..... - O'w iLj--3f'*- .-f-v.-v S'-wc. 

el ^ec««fej • m 

i I t imAlfeg 1 lis - s 

* -> T is© " H T ' # ? s-i vdS*-. 

sneisns oi a sfip r»ng irH3**nter| on tie 

T - ; . •P",-.t;i, !*(if'. Ids 

d©l|iis sari Ife? .gnsc* cfesree 

United States Patent Office 


Patented May 6, 1960 


3, 443,I<J3 

WHbcrt E. Ilcller, Park Rs<!ge, and Abed G. Unhide, Ro- 
sell*) llij assgat«rs lo Co»frolv Company of ArocHcs* S 
M«kme Park. IH« 3 corponrfion of l>*hw»r« 
Filed Feb. 21, 1967, S*r. No. 6I7,^9« 
lut CI. HOIh 47/32 
UA a 317—148.5 4 Oaiisis 


The moisture seosing control for clothes dr,ers charges 
a capacfior as moisture level decreases (resistance of ieak- 
age path inci cases) until neon bulb fires 10 pube the base i 
o£ a switching transistoi to pass enough voitagc Jhrough 
a coll in the collector circuit to cause a m^gwifc latch 
to open aod shut down tbe dryer. A voiragi network 
forward biases (he transistor to pass a $mixll amount of 
carrem through the coil — ies? than required to open the 2 
ktch — which varies with variation of suppjy voltage to 
thereby function as a voltage regulator. 

The magnetic latch concept is claimed in our applica- " y 
fionScr. No, 617.630, filed Fab. 21, 1967, 

Background of invention 

Moisture sensing controls of this general type are ta 


to allow for clothes not bridging tlse rings for a period 
of time. As the charge builds up on capacitor Q the po- 
tential across nsors bulb N 3 increases. Ixad i6 connected 
to the other side of K 3 is connected to the base of 
transistor Ch throagh resistor R g . 

Coll Ki is connected between the DC supply and the 
collector of the transistor while the emitter is conuecled 
to lead 30, When tube Ka fires, the transistor conducts 
and tl«e current ifcwiog Jhrougli coil K> will set up a «?ag- 
lictic field opposing the field of penuaneat ruagnel iS. 
TJjc pcimaueat magrjet is used to hold switch 20 closed 
by attracting a ferrous keeper. V/heo the coil is eaergized 
by the transistor, the magoettc fields cancel af«3 a ieu»rc 
spring acting on the keeper will open the switch. The 
swilch controls energization of the heater 1% and moior 
24 connected across l.y Lj. This magnetic latch arrange- 
ment is claimed in the aforesaid application. The kick 
also controls switch 21 which, vhen opened, de-eneigt'^es 
the eoniroh 

A small voltsrjre through, the coin K t will not unlatch 
the switch. With this in mind, a resistor R 4 Is connected 
between leads 26 and 2S. Resistor K 3 is connected be- 
tween lead 1$ and grounded lead 30 which connects to 
N. Resistors R4 and R$ are connected to act as a voltage 
divider to ht3s tlte transistor forward slightly so a small 
current flows through K: at normal line voltage. If line 
voltage Increases, die Has increases to increase the cur- 
rent through the coil (still not enough to unlatch switch 
20) and increases the current through resistor Rj which 
increases the voltag* drop across Tbis> then, main- 

United States Patent 

Belter et al. 

mi magnetically latched switch 


[72] Inventors: Wiiiasrt £. Belter, Park Ridge; Abed G. 
S**, Rosele, both of HI. 

H3]; Controls Company of America, Meirose 

United States Patent im 

Haassea et al . 


gwrroj assembly 

|75] Inventors: Tare B. Masses; Abed G. Kabul*. 

^oOi of Hoffman Esiafes, HI 

plf Assignee GMtnlF Oisspasj' of America. 
Schiller Park, 111. 

[is] 3*662,475 
£45] May 16, 1972 

l,253j»§ 5/i9£6 Fairy- ™ USUI! 

3,m4M5 mmm Charamond ..„., 335/174 

Primsty Examiner -John J. Cambv 

,4l?omc>— John W. Michael, Gerrit D Foster, Bayard H, 
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5,579.284 5/1911 Mason et al, . 

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£751 Inventors: Irving Gefeel, Oak Park; Abed G. 

Kahale, Roseile . both of 111 . 

Assignee: €«H*t***f$ Company of America, 

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p§] Inventor: A*e« Cafal* Hofltaaa Estate* fit. 
p3| Assignee; EUaa €aff®raSio«, Ctevdan4 OMo^ 

nil 3J98,4§© 

[45] Mar, 19, 1974 

tic, electrically iasuiattve case ako*e diaphragm. 
"Us ijerimeser <rf Ike diaphragm is capnaed ttfiwcen 
the siastie case and she cap ^feeh has a lubutar con- 
•lector fax conneciion to. a source of pressure m he 
sensed. The chamber below the diaphragm between 
the diaphragm and c up » the pressure chamber and 

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iisi 3,720,936 
HsiMarch 13, 1973 


|?5I taventors: Abed G. Kahafc, Rmelte; 

YstsosMns, Chicago; Tltadiieas 
Wfelgos, Des Pfaines, ail of 18, 

[73 1 Assignee: Cosstrals Company of Ajnerics, Mef- 

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The switch is deslgited lis he issed in a washii 

Electronics Review 

turns of the instrument: have been 

developed: WiV With 3. Slflgk* SCO- 

sor praho tor measuring tempera- 
tures of a single location with re- 
spect Co a?>s«mte and flic 
other with two sensor probes thill 
measure temperature 
heLwevo two locations, "flu- instm- 
moots- may Ik* cahlnafed to -read, 
io centigrade or Fahrenheit 

The siii^fc-prohe l*as 3, 

readers! rosofjition of CUH'll C or 
F: t?K' hvo-pt obe design, measuring 






r Button' Senses Moisture 

M M«gl« ; Katies?' dtefitrsnsc aaoiiinire sensing device de- 
igned fear inns* lawaiiiy dryers ffysvSAaig tow coat; wmwe^at 
mtimsgmmd:. of awistfista sss sletiiisig sssd gs-€issw«ofi? if 
%L«a5l«M* : asf «r controls. Bwgldpisii by Oastrofc Cae^risssy 
«£ mmtt^k Melrose Wksk, the stats itrne* €ilaimf*s 
^WasTy* factory iasta$afissxs of previous c«fttrel iesigss* 


Make mine dry 

Kfeeironie devices that automati- 
cally turn oil a home etolhes tlrier 
when the laimdry is dry are start- 
ing to gala, ta jpofHilarttj* afthQm§h 

Button senses moisture of faanctry in 
home clothes drier. When the laundry 
is dry, ciFCttrt: turns oft drier. 

they've bene around since IfJfil, 
Practical!) oil majeff drier [mo • 
diner's art' evpeeied to otter such 
sensors mi their machines this year 
and mm electronics comparo* bus 
fust developed an improved iHm*- 
tourr-sczismg de\ Ice". 

Driers u it hunt electronu mois- 
ture-sensors have toners that turn 
off :t luachiue, Bui :i fumsen lie 
must «}.icss a! flit:' lime eve a 1 , t'.en- 
eralty. -t*P to 6ff of : the Height or 
dry garments is turns in re. if a butch 
of laundry is over-dried, garments 
limy shrink, Slot and feel 

fn 1961. the May tag Cam which 
produces it's own sensing devices, 
first used them to its top fine rif 
machines. Now the middle-price 
models have them too 

OP tlie tlpSWiog. Last year, two 
ofhor drier makers started featur- 
ing flie sbut-olf device, fhc Hamil- 
ton Maimhiettiring Co. and die 
Whirlpnol Corp. (under the ICen- 
more Iitbel. the house hrand m 
Sears. Iim*lwiek &r Cod. Hamilton 
fit t vs. its systems from tlu* Control 
Corp. iif" Aiaeiiva and Whirlpool 
lmy< its troai Texas Instrumentii, 

"I I say •* h«}r other sruirodW'torer.s 
are fiiatmuw; tu use its: moix- 
tttre-seitsing dt^iee this year, 

fkttitrul Cerp. has iutro- 
doee-i! a moj.stttre-setisor that U 
xitivoii r am! cheaper thuii \H preile- 
ctwsor; the one wenrks oa tSte 

isrincwlc as {he Tl clv^ict 
The new* device <lllhi*s »i tw 
ways: it no longer is nrcessai*' !. 
directly measure the eteeuiea! 
sistancc of cbe c!oth«-s- to dele 
the iiinoimt of wmfsttm-. am! 
single button replaerx. the Ion 
brass strips tlwt encircle rise msrkf 
r*f the drier's thnm. or Ihe bras 
tinkers that are mc«oiUd ofj eac 
of the iUu r'> biilll^v, r« fins, 

Willi t-oitvenfH»<i.d deva.ex,. til 
strips or lingers are connected wit 
slip: rings to a Hmiit so that th 
clothes are s?ne leg of a iBflaa 
divider. As ihv clothes d«'\, ihc: 
reststance increases, until at a \m 
set TeyeL a IrHigerincs circuit stop 
the drier. 

Bufton, button. lb*' ImUon sei 
snr is j? small condoctor that 
connected to the gonmdet! dror 
through a capacitor. Tiw nnde? 
groniKled sitle c?l llu* e;q\iK-ili>r 
emmrt'ted. m a vriprr cariiaei a 
the iwiler siile of tjie drotn Ear 
Una- tht' ffr/uo re\Y>h-e.s. a chaff 
of WO vults is applied throngh tV 
tviper to the cafmcitor As the xn 
clothes pass over I he sensor. !,! 
capacitor is discharged to i*rot»*M 
11ic ii mount of residual ilisorsl^ '• .? 
fl«.» caiMcitor ss picked oil throna 
the wiper on every., rocohttkm < 
the «ln »n fost !>efo?e ti?e capai"itr 
is r< 'charged. As the rWbes dr 
laoir residoul « luu ue is Is It on t! 
capacitor after each tarn of tf 
dnnn. When the cbar,i*e n-adies 
press-it h*vel. & dreufr fx t.rij?gr.»m 
turning off fhc drier., 

Tbe Control Corps's emjinecrin 
director, Paul Williams., esilniair 
that anar! from the h istafialkr 
which is sitnolrr. the new s\ sUn 
will ros! SI2, 5'3 less than the earha 
device. \m.I Ihnndton is evoeck 
to he the first customer for the ne 

"fi^.r- lllstroiHrju's" dee«-e e<:i,s 
ahont $10 lor the eircnifn alon 
flu* brass sensor strips and install 
tarn are e\tra. 


Irradlatec! circuits 

frrarfiaiioo K hs-i-omhoi a favor? 
iet-htttqtte- for stahii«»tig and stu«» 
ardizioa the (^aetrieai char^cU'd