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Wellington Atari Computer Enthusiasts 

MARCH, 1985 

Dear Menbers, 

Herewith the third newsletter for 1985. Apologies for a rather 
scruffy note from the Secretary are tendered! a More "nornal" version 
was prepared hut a clerical error of Major proportions caused the 
wiping of the relevant disk-file. So. this is prepared in haste. 


Our next Meeting will begin at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 10 April <but 
see Chris Caudwell's note on "Bug Busting"). Once again, it will be 
held at the "LOAVES and FISHES" in MOLESWORTH St (just behind the 
Anglican Cathedral) in central Wellington. At this Meeting. two new 
tapes will be available for nenbers. In addition to the usual 
"general" tape, the first "educational" tape of 1985, which has been 
prepared by Jenny ChisholM and soms others will be distributed. Both 
will be well worthwhile. The third WACE disk will also be 

available.Tentatively entitled "Blasts fron the Past", this disk is 3 
conpilation of the best progrsMMes of WAGE'S 1983 tapes. Ron Pyne 
will, this tiMe. denonstrate and take orders for his device which 
allows non-Atari taoedecks to happily work with Atari coMputers. 
CoMMercial software will again be displayed, and their will be plenty 
of tine for nenbers to "walk 3nd talk". 


The AGM. I'm told, lasted 7-8 Minutes. In that tine. the 

President's report and the Accounts for 198^ were discussed and agreed 
to and a new CoMMittee elected. The full coMMittee list will be 
published next tiMe (the lost first draft had it all beautifully set 

out), but the naMes of Most inoediete interest to Menbers are as 


President- Michael Munro (ph Wn 793363) 

Secretary- Desoond Rowe (ph Wn 736716) 

Out of town Representative- Neil Upton (ph Wn 356505J Address- 15 
Mercury Way. Whitby. Wellington) 

Programme Librarian— Dennis Dawson (ph Wn 731176! Address 2/205 Cecil 
Rd., Wellington) 

Book Librarian- Felix BettelheiM (ph Wn 759711! Address 207 Gler.More 
St.. Wellington) 

Tape Sales- Rogan Maxwell (ph WN 660867). 


These are now due, having been set 
AGM. PayMents should be by cheque, Made 
0 Box 16011, Wellington. Alternatively, 

3 t $20.00 per faMily by the 
out to WACE 3 nd forwarded to P 
Menbers can pay at our next 


Fis was meritioned at the last club meeting we Plan to try 
a different approach to meetings this- year 

We will add a special trouble shootin9 section 
before the usual club meetings. The bug bustin9 session 
will now start at 7.00. and the main meet in-3 will start at 
7.45. If you have a Problem with either software or 
hardware come aIon9 to the next meetin9 at 7.00. 

On the other hand if you fancy the_ challenge_ of 
solving someone else-'s Problems or you want to learn from 
other People's mistakes then you. should come at 7.60 as 

we 11. 

There is a catch. The committee can only Provide one 
computer and that won't be enough to make the whole thin9 
work. THEREFORE if you have a Problem you want fixed 
Please brin9 your computer and T.V. if Possible. 

The type of Problems I envisage we mi9ht tackle are, 

BASIC language instruction 
ASSEMBLER cartrid9e instruction 
instruction in other languages 
typed in Pro9rams which don't 90 
Printer interface trouble- 
club tapes which won't load 
dud disc Problems 
tidying uP home grown progr ams 

NLxnon KL Problems- - —-—— 

instruction in running Programs 

There won't be enough 
debugging so you will need 
you want looked at so that 
to work on. 

time to do very much 
to bring a. copy of any 
someone else can take 

P rogram 
p rogram 
it home 

A c a u. t i o n a r y n o t e. 


The reasons for this are obvious. The committee is 
concerned to avoid any copyright infringements which could 
hurt us all. In addition the club needs the assistance of 
the refai1ers and wi11 have nothing to do with Pirating 
which hurts the software sellers.. do not coring 

Pirated software to meetings. 

The Plan at this stage is 
session replace the BASIC language- 
year. If you. wish to start learning 
either Purchase a "do it yourself" 


borrow one from the- club and get started, 
can assist with book Purchase and the 
excellent range of books you can borrow. You 

have this earlier 
classes we held last 
BASIC.. I suggest you 
instruction book or 
J e n n y C h i s o 1 m 
Tub has an 
can use this 

pre-meetin9 session to 9et help arid meet others with the 
same Problems. 

This session can also be used by disc users to obtain 
copies of Public domain discs from the club library.You 
must brio 9 your own computer and drive Plus Preferably a 
suPPla of Pre-format ted discs. < You will be able to bu.y 
discs as usual>. You can then make a copy of a club disc 
by Payin 9 the club librarian $3.00. 

Don’t be concerned that three-quarters of an hour is 
not Ions enouSh. If experience shows that we need more 
11 me we can continue' on lon'Per quietly without dis-turoi n9 
the Presentations underway uP the front. 


The sale of club tapes is one of our chief sources of income. 
It enables us to keep membership fees down and an excellant 
suply of public domain software and writen material available 
for members. 

It has always been, and still is our policy to supply MACE 
TAPES with at least one usable program on a CIO cassete. To 
ensure this at least four are on each tape, for the price of 
one.(sometimes there have been 12 programs for the price of 
one!! and a C30 cassette). 

With Atari's intr-oduction of the £00/600XL series computers 

we now have members with these machines and the 400/800. 
Memories (RAM) range from 16K to 64K and the operating system 
used on the new XL's is slightly different to the others. 

This means some software will not run .without a translater 
program, usually only available on disk.(It's in our 
library). Other software will require more than 1SK to run. 

Because of all these variables we can not guarantee that all 
programs on MACE TAPES will run on your machine. It is now 
physically impossible to ckeck every program against all the 

If you have a problem, bring it up PUBLICALLY at the next 
meeting and someone may have the answer for you. 

Before returning a suspect Tape, should you think you have 
one, check it out on a friends machine first. Most "dud" 
tapes prove to be OK on test and we can't make up next months 
tape if we are still checking last months. 

Me look forward to providing some great software for your 
enjoyment in the comming months. 

If any of the following are not familiar to you ask for help 
at the next meeting:— CL0AD; ENTER"C; LIST"C; CSAVEj BOOT 

After purchasing an ATARI computer on special at a very reasonable price I was 
reluctant to spend an additional $160 on a special tape recorder when I knew I 
had several ordinary cassette recorders belonging to the kids and the stereo 
cassette deck at home already. 

With the help of a few club members I was pointed to an article in an electronics 
magazine which showed how to make an 'interface' and then use an ordinary tape- 
recorder to 'load' and 'save' information through the ATARI computer. 

In the first instance I was interested in why the Atari needed an interface 
when some other computers like Spectrum and ZX81 did not. I found that some 
computers have these built in to their circuit boards while others like Atari 
don't but they are needed in all cases. - 

What the interface does in fact is simply convert the two tone 'noises' that 
contain the coded information into either +5 volts or 0 volt signals. Simple? 

Yes: Cheap? Yes: There is now an IC (Intergrated circuit) to do the job which 
only costs $15.00. A few resisters and capacitors are needed as well but the 
cost should not exceed $30.00 as long as the interface is built into your 

If you do not wish to build it in then you will have the additional cost of an 
ATARI type 13 pin plug. 

Like to know more and see a demo of the interface? Be at the next monthly meeting 
of the ATARI Club. 


Three shops were* at the tine of writing* running bargains on 
Atari products* First* Microshop* of Featherston St** are closing one 
of their two shops and has* therfore* stocks they want to be rid of* 
Secondly* HMV-Vanvi* of Cuba Mall* have recently started stocking 
Atari and have some interesting deals going* especially for newcomers 
to the Atari* Finally* Einstein Scientific* of Willis St** has a 
number of deals goingJ the best thing is to get in and see them* in 
particular* Felix Bettelheim, who works there. 

That'll do. See you at the April 10 meeting* 

Yours sincerely* 

Des Rowe 

<Your ill- organised Secretary