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Wellington Atari Computer Enthusiasts 

D e r m &m h er s, 

Herewith the newsletter for February, 1985. 

As members who were at the last meeting are aware, ■circumstances 

beyond our control have forced us to change the date nf oh<- nfvt. 

month, therefore, the club's' next meeting will be held -on 13 H / 

Members are thus summoned to the "Loaves and Fishes", which is l cr -it«d 

behind fit Paul’s Cathedral in Molesworth St., in central Wellinotnn" The 
meeting begins at 7.30 pm. 


The ASM will dominate this meeting. The President’s report i-*? 
attached, and copies of the financial report will be available before 
the AGM commences. We are required to elect a new committee, the size”of 
which is laid down in the rules as being a President,, Vice Pres-M d®** * 
Secretary, Treaursr and at. least six other members. The ontnoV^g 

Committee recommends that there be another two committee members! 

totalling eight. Nominations known to the Secretary are ■follow®" 
President Michael MUNRO ' * " 

Vice President. None 
Secretary Des ROWE 
T r e a s u r e r K a. r 1 B El TIE L. H EIM 
Committee members Ragan Maxwell 

C h r i s C a u d w e 11 
Neil Upton 
E d d i e N i c k 1 e s s 
Dennis Dawson 
John Blaikie 
F e 1 i x B e 11 e 1 h e i m 

Other nominations,, which should be placed in the Secretary’s hands, 
will be accepted up to the time of voting,, My own view is that the 
committee; could be strengthened by some female representation. Another 
mu L.... e. which could be decided is the annual membership fee,. These are 
now due, so members should bring their cheque-books. 

Continuing our long tradition, another'club tape will he available 
tor members,, Quite what is on it, I don’t know at present, but it will 
be another goodie! A •second club disk will also be available: this 

contains a number of the programmes on two of our recent tapes: those at 
our next meeting will see The _ disk demonstrated. Out of towners can 
write to me at 95 Cecil Ed, Wei 1 j. not on , enclosing *10. V 0 for a copy, 
(bee below for a further statement about, the club disks. ) 

Apart •from | the ASM, the next meet-trig will include the u?u U 

demonstrat i on 3- of new commercial software while Ron Pyp-'e W j [i 

demonstrate his enhancement that, makes it possible to use any " or cJ j n a r •" 
~tape" dec k ‘ w:Lt I i an Atari computer,, Those who want their present 43 A t -'> ■ 
decks giveh the "High reliability Modification" should hand them to' me 

at tuft meet i riy s you will be without them for about three wppkp fr 
month,, "" u a 


Ross Palmer" s fascinating talk on Action language madia it plain 
that this is a most powerful and f 3 exib1e language in which to 
programme. It was a pity that so many members left early, but perhaps 

they had been driven senseless by those (heavenly) bells! Members should 
. remembec- that meetings can continue unti 1 10..30 pm„ 


A t ar i !'i a s a n n o u n c e c J t h e i n t r o d u c t i o n a f a n e w f a m x 1 y a f c o m p u t e r s„ 
Compatible with the XL series, the new family includes a "portable" as 
wel 1 . as a machine. with 128k, There is, in addition, a 16 bit machine 
that is said to be the equal of the Apple Macintosh, while a 32 bit 
machine is on the way. Prices for Atari products are down, at least in 
the USA. 


This disk, which is being put together by Michael Munro, is nearly 
ready,, We have it available at the April meeting,, Some of the programmes 
have been contributed by our members, others have been taken from 
magazines such as Antic while others have come from our sister User- 
Groups in the US, 


Our aim in producing these disks is. to make available to at least 
some of our members, programmes which, for various reasons, we have not 
been able to down.load from disk to tape (much the bulk of our imported 
programmes come to us on disk). A second aim is to put on disks those' 
programmes that have recently been put out on tape. Prices have been set 
at t:l.0„00 per disk. Feedback from purchasers will be welcome, 


The •full list of all the programme's in our software library will be 
available to all members at. our next meeting. Copies, will be posted to 
the "out of town" members shortly thereafter. The delay in making this 
list available is regretted, but members will appreciate? the volume? of 
work involved when they see the list, 

Graeme b'cott. (ph 736.1.58) is interested in buying an 800 (XL 
o p t i o n a 1. ) w i t h 4 8 k „ 

Upgrades of 4@@s to 48ks members concerned should not despair, 

Felix Bettelheim is endeavouring to set up a deal that will allow 
upgrades to be done locally and at. reasonable cost. We hope to be able 
to say something more positive at the March 13 meeting,,,, 

Y o u. r s s i n c e r e J. y „ ■ ■ 

Des Rowe (Secretary)