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John Schuessler, Post Office Box 369, Morrison, CO 80465-0369 

No. 437 October 2000 

Back in the days before the advent of MUFON, I was a member/consultant for the 
Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO). It was a fine organization. The 
APRO investigators and consultants amassed an excellent database consisting of UFO 
reports from around the world. The results of their work clearly demonstrated the 
breadth and seriousness of the UFO problem. The pages of the APRO BULLETIN 
continually reported on real, solid unconventional flying objects. In this and future 
issues of UFO POTPOURRI I will cover some examples of APRO’s work. 

UFOs “Escort” Mexican Aircraft 

From: The APRO Bulletin, August 1975 

This incident took place on May 3, 1974 over Lake Tequesquitengo. The pilot, 
Carlos Antonio de Santo Montiel was flying a Piper Aztec 24. He had just passed 
from clear blue sky, down through a cloud layer and was flying under the cloud layer 
when he noticed something on his right and glanced that direction. He was shocked 
to see an object with the appearance of two plates joined together at the rim with a 
cupola that had what seemed to be a little window and an antenna on top. He glanced 
back to the left and saw another object of the same description just above his left 

“I was petrified,” Carlos told officials later, “after I saw a third object which 
seemed about to collide head-on with the windshield. But it went beneath the aircraft 
and I heard a strange noise from below as though it had collided with the underside of 
the plane.” 

Carlos noted that his airspeed had decreased from 140 nautical hours per hour to 
120. He tried to bank to the left, in an attempt to “bump” the object away from his 
plane but the controls were frozen and would not move. He then tried letting down 
the landing gear, hoping to get rid of the object under him, but with no results. 

APRO’s Field Investigator, Fernando J. Tellez Pareja, provided the following 
tape-recorded message between Carlos and the Mexico City International Airport 
Control Tower: 

Carlos: Center Mexico from extra bravo extra alfa union. Mayday! Mayday! 

Tower: Come in, extra bravo extra alfa union (Here the pilot repeated his call 

twice - apparently he did not hear Mexico City answer.) Center Mexico 
here, come in extra alfa union. 

Carlos: Extra alfa union to Center Mexico. My aircraft is out of control - I have 

no control over it - I have three unidentified objects flying around me. I 
have three unidentified flying objects flying around me, one came under 
my aircraft and hit it. The landing gear is locked in and the controls won’t 
release them. My position -1 am on the Radial 004 from the VOR 

Tequesquitengo - I an not controlling the plane - Center Mexico, can you 
hear me? 

Tower: Take note extra alfa union, give my your position and you situation. We 

are contacting competent authorities and (here interrupted by Carlos 

Carlos: The aircraft is out of control. 

At that point, Mexico City International Airport closed its runways to traffic and 
prepared for the expected emergency landing. The objects continued maintaining 
position on XB-XAU, exerting complete control over the aircraft. 

When Carlos had reached the Ajusco navigational fix, the UFOs had elevated the 
aircraft from 15,000 feet to 15,800 feet, and then, one by one, they left. First the 
object over his left wing elevated until it was over the cabin, then above the object on 
the right wing, and then these two flew off and were lost to view in the direction of 
Popocatepetl. The controls of the aircraft were immediately normal and Carlos 
regained control. 

Carlos then attempted to lower the landing gear, circling the airport eight times, in 
radio contact to ascertain if he was successful. After 40 minutes of circling while he 
worked with a screwdriver, he managed to lower the wheels and landed on the grassy 
area where emergency vehicles were waiting. 

Turin, Italy Case 

From: The APRO Bulletin, June 1975 

A weird, pulsating object was tracked on radar and observed by thousands of 
startled citizens at Turin, Italy on the night of November 30, 1973. Ricardo Marano, 
a professional pilot, reported he was piloting a small plane and returning from a flight 
when he was notified by the control tower that a UFO about the size of a DC-8 was 
hovering above the runway, and was asked to get a closer look. Marano said that at 
first he thought someone was playing a joke but suddenly when he was about 214 
miles out from the end of the runway he saw an enormous glowing globe which 
turned from violet to blue to red. When it moved away as if it had spotted his aircraft, 
he attempted to follow it. At that time it was moving at an approximate speed of 300 
miles per hour. 

Marano chased the thing for a short time but remembered that his fuel supply was 
low so he gave a burst of speed and tried to close on it aw which point the object went 
straight up into the air and disappeared from sight. He estimated its getaway speed at 
about 3,500 miles per hour. 

Another pilot in a DC-9 said that he was alerted by the control tower also and 
gave chase, following the object for about 114 miles but turned back when it 
disappeared at high speed. Meanwhile, thousands of local citizens watched the object 
hover over Turin and hundreds of people called Turin newspapers to describe the