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May 2004 
Number 418 

EDITOR/PUBLISHER: Lucius Farish • #2 Caney Valley Drive * Plumerville, AR 72127-8725 USA 

SCENE, Cleveland, OH - March 31, 2004 



involved, and things 


iW pril 17. 1966, 5 a.m.: Chief Gerald 
MgM Buchcrt is on patrol in Mantua, 
* ■ when the Portage County Sheriff’s 
Department sends word over the radio for 
its deputies to look for lights in the sky, 
last seen headed east. 

lluchert races home to wake his wife 
and grab his camera. Joan lluchert is still 
groggy as Gerald leads her from the 
house, babbling excitedly but making lit¬ 
tle sense. She becomes annoyed with his 
refusal to explain why she must venture 
outside in her bathrobe before sunrise. 

She stops complaining abruptly as 
he points into the dark, cloudless sky. 

An object resembling two tea saucers 
joined together hovers not far from 
their yard. Light emanates from it, 
but it makes no sound. Then it 
moves slowly and deliberately to 
the east, tilting and tipping 
along the way. Gerald snaps a 
photo before the object 
moves out of sight. 

At about the same time > 
near Ravenna, Portage ■ 

County deputies Dale J 
Spaur and Wilbur “liar- ; 
ney” Neff are investi- • 
gating a car abandoned 
at the side of a rural 
road. The vehicle ‘ 
appears to be filled ^ 
with radio equipment. 

Painted on the side is a 
triangle with a light¬ 
ning bolt through it and 
the words “Seven Steps 
to Hell.” 

From behind, they hear a strange elec¬ 
trical humming sound. They turn and 
watch in amazement as a saucer-shaped 
craft — perhaps 50 feet long and 20-some 
feet high - rises slowly from behind the 
trees and hovers in the air. A bright light 
shines from the bottom, bathing the 
ground. Squinting, the officers make out 
what appears to be a dome on top and a 
protrusion like a thick antenna. 

Spaur remembers his radio and reports 
what he’s seeing. After a confused 
exchange, the dispatcher advises the offi¬ 
cers to shoot it down, so they'll be able to 
prove their story. Spaur draws his gun 
hesitantly and aims it at the craft. 

At the Ravenna police station. Sergeant 
Henry Shoenfelt suddenly wonders 
whether Spaur and Neff have spotted a 
government weather balloon. He gets on 
the radio himself and reverses the order 
to fire. Wait there, he says, until someone 
can be sent with a camera. 

Hut then the craft suddenly starts haul¬ 
ing ass to the east. Spaur and 
Neff scramble back to their 
car and give chase. 

(continued on page 2) 

(continued from page 1 - SCENE, Cleveland, OH - March 31, 2004) 

Half an hour later, Spaur and Neff are 
miles out of their jurisdiction, racing 
down dark, rural roads at speeds 
exceeding 100 miles per hour. Near the 
Pennsylvania border, Officer Wayne 
Huston of the East Palestine PD joins 
the chase, which continues over the 
state line. Even as the impending dawn 
pales the sky, the lights of the strange 
craft remain distinct. 

Back in Ravenna, the dispatcher calls 
an air-traffic control tower in Pittsburgh. 
While they are on the phone, Spaur radios 
in to say there are already fighter jets in 
the sky, flying toward the craft. Another 
Portage County deputy also sees three jets 
moving to intercept 

At about 6:15 a.m., Spaur and Neff’s car 
sputters — it’s running on fumes. They pull 
into a Conway, Pennsylvania service sta¬ 
tion, where Officer Frank Panzanella 
stands drinking coffee, watching the 
object sail by. 

Moments later, Spaur, Neff, Huston, 
and Panzanella listen as their radios pick 
up chatter between pilots who are chasing 
the craft. As they catch sight of it below 
them, the saucer accelerates rapidly, head¬ 
ing straight up this time, and disappears. 


hen residents of Mantua, a small 
community in Portage County, called the 

police during the 1960s, the phone rang in 
Gerald Buchert's house. 

“As kids, we weren’t supposed to touch 
that phone,” says his son, Harry Buchert. 
“For a while, it was a one-man police depart¬ 
ment So he was it, 24 hours a day. My dad 
was very dedicated to the police depart¬ 
ment It’s probably what caused his death.” 
Gerald Buchert was still chief of police 
when he suffered a brain aneurysm in 1986. 

In life, the chief was known for his stub¬ 
bornness. “If he thought something was 
right, he wouldn’t back down,” recalls Joan, 
his wife. But he'd be forced to make an 
exception — publicly, at least — amid the 
furor touched off by his close encounter. 

The next morning, The Plain Dealer and 
three other papers carried stories about 
the high-speed, two-state chase. The PD 
quoted Buchert as saying the object was 
“round when I looked straight up at it, but 
when it moved to the left — I feel like an 
idiot saying this — it looked like a saucer, 
like two table saucers put together.” 

The attention from the local media was 
only the beginning. Tiny Mantua and other 
parts of Portage County were soon overrun 
with reporters from all over. The UFO phe¬ 
nomenon was already decades old in 1966, 
but this sighting was one of the most dra¬ 
matic — and seemingly credible, coming 
from police officers — ever reported. 

“It was like we set off a bomb in this 
town.” recalls Joan Buchert “My husband 
lost 20 pounds in three days.” 

Harry remembers the endless phone 
calls and knocks on the door. “It was three 
days of living hell.” 

Buchert wasted no time in getting his 
film developed. He was known for work¬ 
ing by a simple code — “Cover your ass” — 

and that’s what the photo 
would do. Or so he thought 

When he was finally sat¬ 
isfied that he'd captured an 
image of the craft, he called 
the Cleveland office of the 
FBI. An agent referred him 
to Wright-Patterson Air 
Force Base, near Dayton. 

Buchert relayed what he’d 
seen and was told that some¬ 
one would be in touch. 

Major Hector Quin¬ 
tanilla called the next 
morning. In addition to the 
incident, they discussed the 
photograph. The major told 
Buchert he could release a 
grainy copy of the photo to 
the press, but that he 
should send the negatives 
directly to him. The chief 
readily agreed. 

Only later did this seem¬ 
ingly routine request begin 
to look like a setup. As it 
turned out, photographic 
evidence and vivid eyewit¬ 
ness accounts would mean 
little to the Air Force. From 
his office at Wright-Patter¬ 
son, Quintanilla released a 
statement: Buchert’s film 
was “severely fogged,” he 
wrote, and the fuzzy image 
on it was nothing more exciting than a 
processing defect 

Furthermore, he said, his experts con¬ 
cluded that the officers had chased a sta¬ 
tionary object — the planet Venus, warped 
by atmospheric conditions. Nothing 


Chief Herald Buchert (left). Deputy Dale Spaur, and Dlepatcher Robert Wllaon were hounded by the preea after the Incident. 

Major Hector Quintanilla led the Air Force’a Project Blue 
Book In the 1960a. 

unusual appeared on radar, he said, and no 
fighter jets were sent up. 

The press abruptly backed off, but the 
cops were incensed. They were hardwork¬ 
ing men, devoted to their jobs and 
respected in their towns, and the United 
States government had just told the world 
that they were stupid enough to have 
chased a planet from Ravenna to the out¬ 
skirts of Pittsburgh. 

Buchert later documented his frustra¬ 
tion: “I was advised... that what I saw was 
PROBABLY only the planit [sic] Venus as 
it was in that general area,” he wrote on 
April 22,1966. "I asked the Major [Quin¬ 
tanilla] if it was the planit [sic] Venus then 
how come it moved up and down and to 
the Side. 1 at one time kept the wires from 
the telephone pole in view and the object 
DID go below the wires and then above 
them. The wires were NOT moving. I was 
advised by the Major that this was due to 
the atmospheric conditions most likely." 

And who could refute that? Quintanilla 
had an authority on such mistaken-iden¬ 
tity cases, civilian astronomer Dr. J. Allen 
Hynek, working for him. But it would later 
become clear that Hynek had been out of 
the loop on this one. 

Even after the reporters had left Man¬ 
tua and the excitement had died down, 
Buchert felt as if everyone in town was 
looking at him funny. He almost resigned. 
Over time he learned to live with the noto¬ 
riety, but he never forgot In a scrapbook, 
he kept every report, every newspaper 
article, every-scrap of information pertain¬ 
ing to the day that he couldn’t bring him¬ 
self to discuss. 

Harry has that scrapbook now. He 
keeps it in his office at the Mantua police 
station, where he has served as chief since 
his father’s death. For years, he has wanted 
nothing more than to find some way to 
clear his father’s name. This would be no 
small feat, given the time that’s gone by 
and the “official conclusion” of the Air 
Force. But Harry has some unlikely allies: 
the sons of the government officials. 

A arl Quintanilla’s earliest memories are 
of his father Hector getting ready for work. 
Donning his Air Force uniform. Sliding a 
firearm into his shoulder holster. Handcuff¬ 
ing a briefcase to his wrist 

In the early 1960s, Hector Quintanilla 
had been a security officer for the Air 
Force out of Rome, New York. But after 
declining assignments related to the esca¬ 
lating conflict in Vietnam — Hector wor¬ 
ried about leaving his family and perhaps 
not returning — he wound up in Ohio, 
chasing flying saucers. 

Apparently as punishment for defying 
his superiors, Hector Quintanilla was 
assigned to Project Blue Book, the Air 
Force’s investigation into unidentified fly¬ 
ing objects, conducted at Wright-Patter¬ 

son from 1952 to 1969. According to the 
Blue Book manual, the project had two 
missions: “First, to determine whether 
UFO’s pose a threat to 
the security of the 
United States; and, 
second, to determine 
whether UFO’s 
exhibit any unique 
scientific information 
or advanced technol¬ 
ogy which could con¬ 
tribute to scientific or 
technical research.” . 

Quintanilla was a 
skeptic. Though will¬ 
ing to accept the pos¬ 
sibility of other civi¬ 
lizations, he believed 
that the distances 
between our world 
and others were far 
too great to traverse. 

Whether his superiors 
knew this or cared 
isn’t clear, but skepti¬ 

cism was definitely an asset The Air Force 
wanted rational explanations for the thou¬ 
sands of UFO sightings that were being 

Dr. J. Allen Hynek 
Ravenna case. 

not endorse the official ruling on the 

reported each year, and Quintanilla was 
prepared to provide them. 

Unfortunately, investigating possible 
alien encounters was not a 9-to-5 job. 

“He got called. Often enough, it was in 
the middle of the night,” Karl recalls. “He 
was always grumbling, moaning about it.” 
Sometimes he would go himself. “And 
sometimes he would send Hynek.” 

Dr. J. Allen Hynek had been a professor 
of astronomy at Ohio State and Ohio Wes¬ 
leyan in 1948 when witnesses in western 
Kentucky, including the commander of 
Godman Air Force Base, reported seeing a 
craft that look like “an ice cream cone 
topped with red.” Air Force officials theo¬ 
rized that what they had really seen was 
the planet Venus, low on the horizon, 
through fog. What they lacked was a 
respected civilian who could back up 
these claims for a fearful public. 

“So they called the closest astronomer,” 
says Paul Hynek, the doctor’s son. “They 2 
needed a person in the field to say it was 
bunk.” This suited Dr. Hynek just fine; he 
I (continued on page 3) 

(continued from page 2 - SCENE, Cleveland, OH - March 31, 2004) 

relished the challenge of overcoming 
panic with science. And he was still con¬ 
sulting on UFO cases when Quintanilla 
was assigned to Blue Book. 

“Our house had all these relics," recalls 
Paul Hynek. "My bedroom, much to my 
chagrin, was the biggest UFO library in the 
country. We were a normal suburban fam¬ 
ily. But there were all these incongruous 
things, though. We had a Christmas tree, 
but most of the bulbs were UFOs.” 

“People used to ask Dad if he believed 
in UFOs,” says Scott Hynek, Paul's 
younger brother. “He challenged the 
word ‘believe.' ‘I haven’t seen a whale,' he 
would say. ‘But you wouldn’t ask me if I 
believe in whales. There are enough 
reports of them to believe they exist.’ 
Then eventually he saw a whale and 
couldn’t say that anymore.” 

There were also the phone calls. 
Answering them became a favorite pas¬ 

time for the Hynek kids. Sometimes it was 
a guy calling himself Prince Michael of the 
Perseids. Another would warn that star 
movements were indicating that their 
father’s life was in danger. 

"The phone would frequently ring at 
dinner," says Scott Hynek. “He would 
always take the call. A certain amount of 
these people were crazy, some weren’t. It 
was hard to tell the difference. But if 
you’re in your car and it suddenly stops 
and you see something in the sky, you're 
going to seem strange even to people who 
know you. He gave people a chance to tell 
their stories.” 

Over the years, Dr. Hynek was able to 
explain away nearly every reported sight¬ 
ing. Hector Quintanilla was haunted, how¬ 
ever, by the unexplained 2 or 3 percent. 
Hynek empathized, but the unresolved 
cases were a source of tension. 

“Dad sort of felt [Blue Book] was a 

dead-end job for Air Force personnel,” 
says Scott Hynek. "It was their job to make 
us feel safe about what was going on in the 
sky. But sometimes they wanted to fit a 
square peg into a round hole.” 

Karl Quintanilla recalls meeting Dr. 
Hynek once, when his father brought the 
scientist home for dinner. Even then, he 
knew that the men were at odds. “My 
father felt Hynek was exploiting the sub¬ 
ject for his own notoriety. In other words, 
when Dr. Hynek would go to press confer¬ 
ences, it wasn't with the exact line [my 
father] wanted.” 

Hector Quintanilla worried that some¬ 
day there would be a dramatic, credible 
sighting that Hynek would not be able to 
dismiss as Venus or an airplane. Such a sce¬ 
nario could ruin his career. Obviously, the 
UFO phenomenon was just a case of over- 
active imaginations. 

But that 2 percent — what of those? Why 
couldn’t the astronomer just do his job? 

I m uintanilla's concern over Hynek’s 
methods may have been why he didn’t 
consult the scientist on the Ravenna case. 

William Powers, Dr. Hynek's assistant 
at the time, blew Quintanilla's cover. In a 
letter to Spaur and Neff, Powers wrote: “I 
found out considerably more about this 
event than the Air Force investigator did, 
because I cannot agree with the evaluation 
publicly released a few days after the 
sighting. What you have reported to me 
could not possibly lead to such a conclu¬ 
sion [the Venus explanation]. As a matter 
of fact, Dr. Hynek agrees with this. He was 
not consulted before this news release was 
put forth.” 

When Quintanilla found out about the 
letter, he realized that if the situation were 
going to remain contained, he could no 
longer avoid visiting Mantua. The Buchert 
home was his first stop. 

Joan Buchert recalls the well-dressed 
man from the Air Force as friendly. “We sat 
and had coffee,” she says. “They discussed 
the picture. They discussed the priest” 

"The priest” was the head of St Joseph's 
Church in Mantua. The Bucherts cannot 
remember his name, only that he had come 
to Gerald and said that he too had seen the 
object. Another highly credible witness, 
another thorn in Quintanilla’s side. 

After this visit, the Air Force became 
"highly involved,” Harry Buchert says. 
“We were bombarded by calls at home. 
My Dad had more meetings with the Air 
Force. They were trying to tell him it was 
a weather ballpon. He couldn’t change 
their minds. You just surrender to it 

On May 10, Quintanilla conducted 
taped interviews with Spaur and Neff, 
their boss, Sheriff Ross Dustman, and 
dispatcher Robert Wilson. The tran¬ 
script shows that Quintanilla seemed to 
alternate between the Venus and 
weather-balloon explanations, but 
remained adamant that the officers had 
not seen anything out of the ordinary. He 
denied that Air Force jets had been dis- 
patched, insisting that nothing had 
shown up on radar. 

Silent through most of the interview, 
Dustman spoke up near the^end, appar¬ 
ently out of frustration: "Well, I, I feel 
this way about it. It’s too damn bad that 
these things are running around through 
our sky over our heads, and the United 
States Air Force and the government 
doesn't know what's going on out there. 
Because there’s too many of them, and 
there’s too many people have seen it.” 
(Dozens of civilians claimed to have seen 
the craft as well.) 

"What does the Air Force think these 
are, Major?” Wilson asked. 

“Misinterpretation of conventional 
objects and natural phenomena,” Quin¬ 
tanilla responded. 

"What category does this go under? 
What Dale saw?” 

“Place it under the category of satellite 
and atmospheric observations.” 

Dustman: “Well, I’m sorry it’s turned 
out this way, because I know a lot of peo¬ 
ple have come to me and they saw the 
same damn thing, and there’s too many 

people involved for this thing to be a 
mirage, or somebody's imagination.” 

oon after Quintanilla returned to his 
base, Chief Buchert was ready to call it 
quits. The mayor was annoyed with him, 
and everyone else was giving him side¬ 
ways glances. “The only reason he stayed 
[on the job] was, I made a call to his mom 
and dad,” Joan Buchert says. “It was a 
frantic phone call. His parents had a big 
impact on him. I don't know what they 
said to him, but he was better afterwards.” 

When a Plain Dealer reporter came 
calling about six months later, Buchert 
turned him away. “It’s something that 
should be forgotten," he explained, 
appearing, nervous. 

Officer Neff also declined to be inter¬ 
viewed, but his wife spoke. “I hope I never 
see him like he was after the chase,” she 
said. “He was real white, almost in a state 
of shock. It was awful. 

“And people made fun of him after¬ 
wards. He never talks about it anymore. 

Once he told me, ‘If that thing landed in 
my back yard, I wouldn’t tell a soul.’ He's 
been through a wringer.” 

Today he lives in Florida “with two of 
them Taco Bell dogs.” He can talk about it 
now, though he prefers not to. "When I left 
Ohio, I got away from it all,” he says. “I 
don’t look up anymore. I look down. I just 
want to forget.” But he stands by his story. 

So does Officer Wayne Huston, who left 
his job in East Palestine, moved out west, 
and started going by his middle name, 
Harold. People track him down occasion¬ 
ally, he says, and he’s gracious, but won’t 
dredge up the past In the aftermath, he 
took a lot of heat for leaving his town 
unprotected to join the chase. “The chief 
of police and I didn’t get along. [The inci¬ 
dent] didn’t help. I really don't want to go 
further than that” 

Pennsylvania officer Frank Panzanella 
refused to be interviewed. He is not known 
to have recanted any part of his account. 

Dale Spaur fared the worst — perhaps 
because he was alone among the cops . 
who saw the UFO again, about two 

Chief Buchert’s photo, digitally enhanced by Paul Hynek. 

months later. He lost 
weight and began disap¬ 
pearing for days at a time. 
He left his job and his wife. 
Six months after the chase, 
a PD reporter found him 
living in a motel in Solon, 
gaunt and destitute. 

"I have become a freak,” 
he said in his last known 
interview. “I’m so damn 
lonely. Look at me ... 34 
years old, and what do I 
have? Nothing. Who knows 
me? To everyone I'm Dale 
Spaur, the nut who chased a 
flying saucer.” 

“I know Dale had a lot ot problems alter 
that, but I’m not sure they were all caused 
by the UFO,” says Henry Shoenfelt, who 
was the sergeant who advised Spaur and 
Neff not to shoot at the object “All of the 
problems that occurred in his life after 
that, he blamed on it. I can't agree with 
that. We all have to accept responsibility 
for our actions.” 

Still, he adds, “I never doubted what 
happened. Not for one second.” 

As recently as two years ago, Spaur had 
a small house in Rocky River. His mail is 
forwarded to a post-office box in West Vir¬ 
ginia, but his whereabouts are unknown. 

uring Major Hector Quintanilla's 
interview with the police officers, one of 
them asked, “What did you do that you got 
this kind of job?” 

“I really don’t know,” Quintanilla 
responded. “I’ve often asked myself that 

Whether the historically skeptical 
major was moved at all by his interviews 
with the officers is not known. In any case, 
it did not affect his ruling. The Venus 
explanation stood. 

But not everyone was willing to accept it 
In May 1966, the National Investigations 
Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), 
then a 10-year-old, civilian-run organiza¬ 
tion, took an interest in the case. Investiga¬ 
tor William Weitzel picked up where Quin¬ 
tanilla had left off, collecting every report 
and newspaper article he could find, and 
reinterviewing Spaur several times. The 
most intriguing piece, however, came from 
Dr. J. Allen Hynek, the Air Force consultant 
Hynek noted that Venus had risen at 3:35 
that morning and would have been too high 
in the sky, by the time of the sightings, to be 
mistaken for an aircraft 

In 1968, Weitzel personally delivered his 
files to the University of Colorado, where 
researchers were conducting a review of 
UFO sightings for the Air Force. But their 
report submitted to Congress in 1969, made 
no mention of the Ravenna case. Armed 
with the researchers’ conclusion — that 
“further extensive study of UFOs probably 
cannot be justified in the expectation that 
science will be advanced thereby” — Con¬ 
gress disbanded Project Blue Book. 

Quintanilla was free. He retired from 
the Air Force not long after and focused on 
golf, until a golf-cart accident left him with 
head injuries from which he never fully 
recovered. He died in 1997. 

But he lived long enough to see his son 
Karl follow in his footsteps, in a manner of 
speaking. After working as a cameraman 
on game shows and soap operas, Karl 
Quintanilla began editing UFO documen¬ 
taries. His best-known work to date is a 
Sci-Fi. Network show on Bob Lazar, a 
physicist who claims to have worked on a 
top-secret “reverse engineering” project 
involving a captured UFO stored at a gov¬ 
ernment base in the Nevada desert. 

Karl told his father about Lazar. “He 
said, ‘That’s not the government, but be 
careful,'” Karl recalls. “I think he was sug¬ 
gesting there were other parties inter¬ 
ested. A black operation. Maybe not the 
government, but it comes to the govern¬ 
ment in the end.” 

In January, Karl received a scanned 
version of the Buchert photograph 
through e-mail. After viewing the digitally 
enhanced image, Karl was not inclined to 
dismiss it as a processing glitch, as his 
father had done in 1966. 

[continued on page 4) 

page 3 - SCENE, Cleveland , OH 

(continued Irom 

“The longer I look at it, the more fasci¬ 
nated I become," Karl says. "In the 
enhanced picture, it does have the classic 
[saucer] shape There’s the classic tilt for¬ 
ward, like the craft I've seen in the [Lazar] 
video. With all due respect to my father and 
the Air Force, given the fact that [the police] 

were tracking this thing at 103 miles per 
hour, saying it’s Venus is a stretch." 

After Blue Book folded, a disillusioned 
Dr. Hynek moved his family to Chicago 
and founded the Center for UFO Studies. 
Uninhibited by government overseers, he 
spent the rest of his years applying the sci¬ 
entific method to reports of sightings from 
around the country. 

In 1976, a young Steven Spielberg hired 
Dr. Hynek as a consultant for a movie. Its 

title, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, 
borrowed a phrase Hynek had coined. A 
scene near the beginning, in which police 
chase UFOs through rural Indiana in the 
middle of the night, is an homage to-the 
1966 Ohio-Pennsylvania incident. 

Dr. Hynek died in 1986. 

His son Paul Hynek, a partner in the 
production company behind many 
episodes of the MTV series Driven and 
other reality-based projects, also has seen 
enhanced versions of the Buchert photo. 
He too rejects the Venus explanation. 

"By 1966, [my father] had already inves¬ 
tigated thousands of UFO sightings, and 
he wrote extensively about just how often 
throughout the ages the planet Venus has 
been mistaken for a UFO,” Paul says. “So... 

March 31, 2004) 

when he says that this picture — and what¬ 
ever was reported by the Ohio deputies 
who zoomed into Pennsylvania in hot pur¬ 
suit of it — was not in fact Venus, it’s hard 
for a reasonably open person to dismiss it. 

"This shows what I believe were the 
misaligned interests of my father and the 

Air Force. For my father, a dispassionate 
scientific observer, the goal was to shed 
scrutinizing light on the reports, and let 
the chips fall where they may. 

“Does it mean that it’s a spaceship from 
Mars, with little green men? No. It just 
means that given the available evidence, it 
remains a UFO — an unidentified flying 

T he Ravenna case attracted the attention 
of Dr. James E. McDonald, the physicist, 
meteorologist, and former Naval intelli¬ 
gence officer who spent most of his career 
in the 1950s and ’60s arguing for real scien¬ 
tific inquiry into the UFO phenomenon. 

The incident “calls for reevaluation not 
only on the scientific grounds involved, 
but also to avoid unfairly subjecting to 
local public ridicule the several officers 
who have testified,” he wrote. “The avail¬ 
able evidence (especially Wm. Weitzel’s 
extensive report for NICAP) seems to me 
to make the astronomical explanation, 
that now stands as the official Air Force 
evaluation, quite unreasonable.” 

Problem is, there’s no one to hear an 
appeal. The Air Force has been out of the 
UFO investigation business — officially, 
at least — since Project Blue Book was 
shut down. 

Five days a week, Harry Buchert 
patrols the streets of Mantua from 6 a.m. 
to 2 p.m. When he pulls out of the station, 
he passes the baseball field dedicated to 
his late father. At the end of his shift, he 
writes reports on the day's events — usu¬ 
ally nothing more exciting than traffic vio¬ 
lations and domestic disturbances — in an 
office his father once owned. 

The episode with the UFO is always at 
the back of Harry's mind. He remembers the 
frenzy of the town in the days following the 
incident, his father's uncharacteristic 
acceptance of the humiliating explanation. 

Harry has spent his life following in 
the footsteps of his old man. So it’s only 
fitting that he’d want to write the final 
report on the one piece of business his 
father left undone. 

Validation will not come, from the Air 
Force, but maybe the opinions of Karl 
Quintanilla and Paul Hynek will help put 
the matter to rest. Or maybe from one of 
the pilots whose planes the officers saw. 
Or maybe from Dale Spaur, who may still 
be out there somewhere, running from 
his memories. 

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Little Rock, AR - April 23, 2004 



50 years ago 
April 23,1954 

■ HOT SPRINGS — Six men 
who had gathered late last 
night at a rural home near 
here to ride to work said they 
watched a mysterious, gleam¬ 
ing ball hover over the house 
for 20 minutes. Les Reather- 
ford said the ball once dived 
toward him, and he had to 
duck to avoid being hit. 

Harry Buchert took over for hie father In 1986. 


Angela Jones/Johnson City Press 

Stacey Allen McGee with the Alternate 
Realities Center studies the pyramid. 

PRESS, Johnson City, TN - March 7, 2004 CR: D. Perkins 

Is the truth out there? 

Unicoi group tackles the unexplained 

Our purpose is the pursuit of under¬ 
standing and awareness. It has 
tremendous value for humanity* 

By James Brooks 

Press StaffWriter 


UNICOI — Been 

abducted by aliens lately? 
Are there ghosts in your 
attic? Is Bigfoot stomping 
your daffodils and nobody’s 
taking you seriously? 

Try calling the 
Experiences, Sightings and 
Information Hotline at 735- 
0848, or e-mail to 

Director® Alternate According to 

Stacey Allen McGee of the 
Alternate Realities Center, 
your report will be “treated 
with the utmost discretion 
and confidence.” 

Stacey doesn’t care if a 

— Stacey Allen McGee, 
Alternate Realities Center 

UFO sighting is a figment 
of the observer’s imagina¬ 
tion. “If you can imagine 
something exists, perhaps 
somewhere in the universe 
it does,” McGee said. 

He hopes to lead people to 
use their imaginations 
more often so they might 
discover more of the abili¬ 
ties we possess as human 

"Our purpose is the pur¬ 
suit of understanding and 
awareness. It has tremen¬ 
dous value for humanity.” 

Stretching the limits of 
believability is one way to 
shift the mental map, which 
McGee describes as “the 
accepted truth of the indi- 

(continued on page 5) 


(continued Irom page 4 - PRESS, Johnson City, TN - March 7, 2004) 


The ARC’S biggest problem, 
according to McGee, is over¬ 
coming misconceptions about the 
group. “We are not a clan. I am a 
devout Christian, but not all 
answers are easily obtainable. 
The pursuit of knowledge may be 
our sole purpose on the planet, 
and this pursuit may take us 
closer to the creator. The more i 
complex the universe, the greater 
the glory of its creator.” 

McGee’s single-wide in rural 
Unicoi is unremarkable from his 
neighbors except for the two pyr¬ 
amids in his yard. Inside the walls 
are covered with space photos, 
including shots of a UFO he says 
were taken in Unicoi County. 
Space music plays and tables are 
covered with Egyptian symbols: 
pyramids, cobras, and falcons. 

ET dolls sit on the floor sur¬ 
veying this inner space wide- 

“We’re working on new ways to 
gather para-normal evidence,” 
McGee said. “We’ve had a lot of 
success with digital cameras. 
They can stop light better so we 
are able to see beyond the 
moment in time.” 

All these subjects and more 
will be explored on Sept. 24-25 at 
the Alternate Realities 
Conference at the Millennium 
Park Conference Center. Keynote 
speaker will be Kriss Stephens, 
host of the MTV series “Fear.” 

Other speakers will be Leah 
Haley, author of “Unlocking Alien 
Closets;” Jim Hickman speaking 
on alien abduction of humans and 
a history of UFOs in the media; 
Donald M. Ware (USAF retired) 
on “UFOs and the Spiritual 
Hierarchy;” Jason Martell on 
“Ancient Astronauts and the 
Sumerian Culture;” and McGee 
on his forthcoming book “Time, 
Space and Thought... Journeys in 

A 50 percent discount on door 
admission is offered to pre-regis¬ 
trants before May 1. E-mail 
inquiries to Director@Altemate 

Angela jones/Johnson City Press 

Stacey Allen McGee with a stuffed extra-terrestrial. 

“One of the hardest things to 
accept is change,” McGee said. 
“People will fight or resist, do 
everything they can to try and 
keep it away." 

The ARC is guilty of this ten¬ 
dency as well. “We didn’t own a 
computer until 1997,” McGee 
said. “We feared our privacy 
would be violated, but we’ve 
come to an understanding that it 
can do more positive things for 

He says there are 400 members 
in the organization, reached 
through their ermailing list. The 
non-paying members arein all 50 
states and 18 countries, MqGee 
said. i. V;/ . 

“Einstein spoke of the multi¬ 
dimensional universe,” McGee 
said. “He realized that conscious¬ 
ness may exist on several planes 
at once. Time may not be as linear 
as we would like to believe. 
Sometimes we are on waters 
where peo ple don’t want to go. As 
they say, where no man has gone 

McGee says The ARC wishes to 
examine UFO sightings and para¬ 
normal activities using scientific 
methods, but that takes equip¬ 
ment and equipment costs money. 

An alternative is to explore 
inner space. “You have to open 
your eyes and. ref use to t ake 
other people’s word for how 
things are,” McGee said. “We are 
each a universe unto ourselves 
and unless you explore inner 
space you cannot explore outer 
space. Unless we open ourselves 
we won’t have anything to offer 
other sentient beings out there.” 

Attendees at the ARC plan to 
share and exchange ideas in an 
afniosphere without ridicule. 

. McGee feels there is also an 
environmental message to 
ponder. “Why would God bring us 
to a perfect world if we can’t take 
care of what we have here?” 
McGee asked. “It's not too late to 
make changes' and do what you 
knoW is right” , 

GAZETTE, Ashland, NE - April 15, 2004 CR: J. Buder 

Analysts say 
UFO sighting 
is authentic 

By Ronna Wlig 

Staff Reporter _ 

Editor’s note - This is the second 
in a continuing series of articles 
about sightings of unidentified 
flying objects in the Ashland 
area. The couple in this story have 
asked to remain anonymous. 

ASHLAND - Sunday, Nov. 30, 
2003 was a beautiful 64-degree af¬ 
ternoon in Ashland. 

A young man was out on his 
porch enjoying the nice day when 
he noticed something in Hie sky 
about 12:45 p.m. He watched for a 
few minutes and then yelled 
through the door for his wife to 
come outside. They watched in 
amazement for a couple of min¬ 
utes before they think to grab the 

The young woman said, “It 
just looked like a black circle til 
it started moving.” 

She went on to explain the ob¬ 
ject moved up and away and then 
down before coming doser Just 
before it left, it Went up and went 

After the incident, the young 
couple watched and re-watched 
the video with close friends and 
family. Wanting more informa¬ 
tion, the woman then went to the 
computer and looked up uniden¬ 
tified flying objects on the Inter¬ 

“It was hard for me to type it” 
she said. “I thought to myself, 
yeah, right!” 

Under "UFO” she found a web¬ 

site, for reporting such incidents. 
After being prodded by friends 
and family she filed a report on a,. 
website. The report she filed was 
as follo ws: 

Time: 12:45 

Location: Ashland, NE 
Shape: Disk 
Duration: 3-5 Minutes 
Summary: Large dark disk 
shaped object with very bright 
light seen in daylight - Have video 

A couple of months later the 
couple was contacted by Doctor 
Jack Kasher, president of the lo¬ 
cal chapter of the Mutual UFO 
Network (MUFON). After the ini¬ 
tial contact she was skeptical so 
she took to the Internet again, 
this time to check out Kasher and 

The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. 
(MUFON) was founded in May of 
1969 and is an international sci¬ 
entific organization composed of 
people seriously interested in 
studying and- researching the 
phenomenon known as “Uniden¬ 
tified Flying Objects” (UFOs) by 
combining their mutual talents, 
areas of expertise and investiga¬ 
tive efforts. 

After she checked Kasher out 
and decided he and his organiza¬ 
tion were legitimate, the couple 
granted him an interview. Kasher 
and some of his colleagues came 
to the couple’s home to interview 
them and get a copy of the tape. 

“When we of MUFON investi¬ 
gate a sighting, we try to get to 
the truth of what really hap¬ 
pened, using science where we 
can,” said Kasher. “We just try to 
find out what happened.” 

The couple reported that the 
object made no noise and they es¬ 
timated it to be 30 to 50 feet in di¬ 
ameter. The whole incident lasted 
for about five or six minutes. 

Kasher sent the video to an in¬ 
ternationally known photo ana¬ 
lyst. The analyst, who Kasher de¬ 
scribes as being somewhat skepti¬ 
cal, said, "this video is interest¬ 
ing more than you know." 

“It is similar to another case I 
received in August although this 
is much closer video.” 

Black spots that continually 
appear on the object seem to be 
unexplained. The analyst said he 
first tried to explain them away 
as some kind of camera artifact 
but the trees, eves and other 
ojects show no hint of such spots. 
Also he said the spots are a con¬ 
sistent percentage of the disk di- 
a meter. If it were a camera arti¬ 
fact, it would be independent of 
the disk size. 

“Therefore a very unusual ob¬ 
ject,” he wrote. 

Kasher said he has reason to 
believe that the Ashland sighting 
was not a hoax. 

“By the way. in my experience 
hoaxes are few and far between. I 
usually have the opposite prob¬ 
lem. Most people are reluctant to 
talk about their sightings and 
must be encouraged to do so,” 
said Kasher. 

After the sighting was report-j 
ed on an Omaha television stal 
tion, the couple, via Kasher, have! 
been approached by a film pro? 
ducer about using the video and; 
Kasher’s expertise. 

Robert Kaviat has been the ex¬ 
ecutive producer for FOX pro¬ 
grams such as “The World’s 
Greatest Hoaxes: Secrets Finally! 
Revealed” in 1999, “UFOs: The, 
Best Evidence Ever Caught on 
Tape” in 1997 and “Alien Autopsy: 
Fact or Fiction” in 1995. 

The couple have released the 
video to Kaviat, but declined to bej 
interviewed by the television pro-! 
ducer for any upcoming pro¬ 

March 19, 2004 CR: G. Duplantier 


NASA’s Mars rover Spirit came across a surprising unidentified flying 
object while observing the sky with one of its cameras. 

rover spots 

Scientists believe 
image is ofViking 2 
launched in 1975 

By Mary Vallis 

Spirit, one of NASA& Mars rovers, 
has sent a photograph back to 
Earth that shows an unidentified 
flying object above the red planet. 

The rover snapped the image, 
which shows a pronounced 
streak across the Martian sky, 
while taking pictures of Earth, 
said Steven Squyres, the chief sci¬ 
entific investigator for the mis¬ 

The rover’s cameras are rarely 
pointed at the sky. It usually 
transmits close-ups of the Mart¬ 
ian surface and panoramic shots 
of the planet’s landscape. 

“We were incredibly lucky,” Dr. 
Squyres said in an interview yes¬ 
terday. “We were pointed at the 
Earth, but we caught a spacecraft 
in the frame, too. It’s kind of a re¬ 
markable thing.” 

Astronomers are still debating 
what caused the streak, but Dr. 
Squyres has a solid theory. Based 
on the streak’s length and orien¬ 
tation, he suspects Spirit caught 
an image ofViking 2, one of sev¬ 
en out-of-commission spacecraft 
still orbiting Mars. NASA 
launched Viking 2 in 1975 and it 
went out of service in 1978. 

NASA says the streak was the 
brightest object in the sky when 
the photograph was taken last 
week Spirit took the picture with 
the green filter of its panoramic 

camera and a 15-second expo¬ 

The streak covers about four de¬ 
grees along a north-south arc, 
which would match Viking 2’s po¬ 
lar orbit. 

But there are other possibilities. 
The streak could have been an¬ 
other spacecraft or a meteor, but 
Dr. Squyres is less convinced of 
those options. 

“It doesn’t really look like that to 
me," he said. “A meteor streak 
tends to be faint at both ends, and 
this one’s not. It starts abruptly at 
one end and ends abruptly at the 
other, as if it were something 
moving slowly across the sky." 

Calculations shuNfothe, object 
was moving at the right velocity 
to be a spacecraft ih orbit, he 

Tom Bolton, ah astronomer at 
the University of'Tbronto, said he 
would be "very surprised” if the 
streak was caused by anything 
but Viking 2. Meteors rarely 
move north to south, he said. “It 
does happen, but it would be un¬ 
usual unless it;»as> a meteor 

The photograph will likely be¬ 
come fodder for conspiracy theo¬ 
rists anxious to find proof of alien 
life, said Phil Plait, an as¬ 
tronomer at California’s Sonoma 
State University. 

"There’s always a very small seg¬ 
ment of the population who dis¬ 
believes everything they hear 
from a government source,” said 
Dr. Plait, who runs a Web site de¬ 
bunking astronomy myths. 

“If NASA were frying to cover 
this stuff up, then why would they 
be releasing the pictures at all? 
They are, and that indicates 
there’s nothing to hide.” 

NASA sent two rovers - Spirit 
and its twin, Opportunity, — to 
Mars on a US$820-million mis¬ 
sion to research the planet, which 
has an esteemed position in alien 
folklore. This week, Spirit has 
been analyzing a drift of wind¬ 
blown material nicknamed “Ser¬ 
pent.” On the other side of the 
planet, Opportunity is examining 
soil samples. 

National Post 


_ V 

‘Alien creators’ topic of lecture at Aztec UFO Symposium 

DAILY TIMES, Farmington, NM - March 17, 2004 

1953, almost of which were 
documented in Air Force 

“Aircraft were picking up 
UFOs in New Mexico,” the 
.researcher said. “My declassifi¬ 
cations are centered around 
, Aztec and the Air Force during 
that time frame.” 

, Most of his research began 
with a book, “Behind the Fly¬ 
ing Saucers,” published in the 
1950s by Frank Scully, who 
j was tipped off by New Mexico 
oil men-Silas Newton and Leo 
. GeBauer. The two did not have 
the best reputation and most 
^skeptics believe the story was a 
farce used by Newton and 
GeBauer to sell oil “doodle 
bug” equipment. 

“They had their share of 
encounters with the law,” Ram¬ 
sey said of the men, but Scully 
also claimed he received infor¬ 
mation from eight or nine sci¬ 

' • Ramsey said Scully went 
into such great detail in his 
book, it had to come from sci¬ 
entists. Ramsey said he was 
able to prove many of the 
details from documents declas¬ 
sified in 1999. 

“It’s hard to put my presen¬ 
tation into.a nutshell, but we’ve 
looked at Scully’s story,” he 

In addition to Scully’s 
claims, Ramsey was able to 
discover secret military radar 
sites in the state. These sites ' 
may have detected the UFO 
before it crashed near Aztec, 
but Ramsey said he still has 
years of research before solidi¬ 
fying that claim. What he does 
have is maps of the radar bases 
fbr public review at the sympo¬ 

Ramsey also commissioned 
a study of artifacts found at the 
crash site. Unfortunately the 
findings will not be ready for 
presentation until next year. 

A key artifact was a piece of 
concrete slab at the site. The 
slab has been dismissed as a 
well cap, but a member of the 
military told Ramsey its pur¬ 
pose was as a footer for a crane 
used to remove the UFO. 

“It’s a controversial piece, 
we’re trying tp date to 1948,” 
Ramsey said adding the study 
is highly controlled with only 
one person on staff knowing 
the concrete came from a pur¬ 
ported UFO crash site. 

Ramsey said he will present 
his findings to date, some 
claims from skeptics, as Well as 
a time line for the crash. He 
will also lead tours to the crash 
site, when he is not speaking at 
the symposium. 

The cost for the symposium 
is $50 for Saturday and Sun¬ 
day, plus an additional $18 for 
the Meet and Greet from 6-8 
jxm. Friday. A one day ticket is 

Information: The Aztec 
UFO Information Center, (505) 
334-9890 or on the Web at 

Today is 54th anniversary of 
‘Farmington Armada ’ 

— By Debra Mayeux 

The Daily Times 

research has been done.” 

Ramsey will present his findings at the 
7th annual Aztec UFO Symposium Fri¬ 
day through Sunday at Koogler Middle 
School. His talk, which he says is “no 
smoking gun,” will be presented at 11 
a.m. Saturday. 

The alleged Aztec crash dccurred only 
months after the more famous 1947 
Roswell crash of another alleged UFO. It 
was two years before the March 17, 

1950, Farmington UFO Armada, which 
celebrates its 54th anniversary today. 

News accounts at the time, including a 
front page story in The Daily Times, said 
a fleet of hundreds of UFOs were seen by 
hundreds of residents flying in formation 
at high rates of speed across the city, The 
event later became know as the Farming- 
ton UFO Armada. 

Ramsey said there were several UFO 
sightings in the state between 1947 and 

AZTEC — Fifty-six years ago on a 
small, dirt road north of Aztec, something 
unexplainable happened. 

V< A saucer-shaped ship, 100-feet in 
diameter, was said to have crash-landed 
leaving-small charred bodies inside. 

There were eyewitnesses — military, 
locals and police officers . There are Air 
Force documents one man is working to 

Scott Ramsey of Charlotte, N.C., has 
spent the past 14 years of his life 
researching the purported Aztec UFO 
crash of 1948. He has traveled to 28 
states, visited numerous military bases 
and talked to alleged eyewitnesses of the 
event. ' 

“We want to be extremely careful to 
make sure people are reliable witnesses,” 
Ramsey said of his research. “We really 
try not to open our mouth until a lot of 


UFO artwork can ba seen In thla file photo 
from 2002. This year, the Aztec UFO Sympo¬ 
sium will begin Friday night with a Meet and 
Greet from 6-8 p.m. 

NEW MEXICAN, Santa Fe, NM - March 19, 2004 CR: D. Perkins 

Roswell enters the picture 

Taos isn’t the only New Mexico community 
experiencing a film festival frenzy. Roswell 
will host its first-ever film 
festival July 2 to 5 within 
the larger framework of 
the Roswell 2004 Festival, 
formerly known as the 
Roswell UFO Festival. 

More than 100 independent 
features, documentaries and 
shorts, mostly sci-fi related, 
will be shown at venues 
throughout the city, the 
Roswell Daily Record reported. 

The filtrt festival will comple¬ 
ment such other events-as an 
Alien Invasion and concerts by 
Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, 

Los Tigres del Norte, the Platters 
and the Drifters. 

Organizers expect overall attendance 
to push 50,000. ◄ 

Jon Bowman 
Film Critic 

Debra Mayeux: 

be destroyed. 26,000 to have the bare minimum 

He has two destruction theories, to make it a star or sun-like object. 
The first he claims is a lowering of Nuclear fusion would not be pre- 
the population from six billion to sent in the blast, thus a brown 
500 million with only ?0 million dwarf would be created, Thomas 
Americans left by the year 2012. said. 

The second is a theory that the ETs Green said his claims are real. 

‘This is not an X-File.” 

“would make this another sun.” He will speak at 4 p.m. Satur- 

This is not even a possibility, day at Koogler Middle School, 455 
said nuclear physicist Dave N. Light Plant Road. 

Thomas of Albuquerque. Tickets for the symposium are 

“Earth is a tiny little planet. It $50 for Saturday and Sunday, plus 
wouldn’t have enough atoms to go an additional $18 for Friday’s Meet 
nuclear,” said Thomas, who is a and Greet at 6 p.m. For a single day 
former presenter at the symposium, pass, the cost is $35. 

If the Earth could be vaporized, Information: The Aztec UFO 
it wouldn’t become a star, but a Information Center, (505) 334- 
brown dwarf. This is because its 9890 or on the Web at 
mass would need to be increase by 

book, he said, is a guide to salva¬ 
tion from upcoming attempts by 
extraterrestrials to wipe us out 
“(Through the book) you can 
see what is really going on in the 
world and be in contact with 
extraterrestrials,” he said. 

In the history according to will cause a nuclear war which 
Green, there was no Jesus and the 
books of the Bible are false. Instead 
aliens placed people on earth — a 
penal colony. People were created 
“All of the different races come as warriors and are “nothing more 
from different star systems,” he than holograms containing a spir- 
said. ’Tm sharing as much (infor- it," he said, 
mation) as possible,” “We are a product of the 

Green shares information, theo- thought of creation, and the wild 
ties and messages from space in a card is free will,” Green said 
book, which he said will be avail- adding free will has led to an over- 
able for free at the symposium. The populated earth, which could soon 

will just be the first time this type 
of thinking has been prompted at 
the symposium. 

Through these beings and a 
Swiss photographer, Green said he 
made contact with the commander 
from the Pleiadian Star System, 
who is named Quetzl. It was Quet- 
zl, who gave Green the troth about 
‘ its upcoming demise, 
different races come 

DAILY TIMES, Farmington, NM - March 19,2004 

Native view of ‘star ancestors’ to be topic 

— By Debra Mayeux — 

The Daily Times 

AZTEC — A Native Ameri¬ 
can filmmaker and author will: 
share her insights into strange 
sightings and extraterrestrial 
visitations Sunday at the 7th 
annual Aztec UFO Symposium. 

Nancy Red Star of Taos con¬ 
siders herself an investigator 
given the task of recording 

statements from indigenous- 
people and the military in 
regards to UFOs. 

“It’s been a wild ride,” the 
former professor of Indian stud¬ 
ies said, adding she's- inter¬ 
viewed 80 people. , 

Red Star became involved 
with the UFO phenomenori six 
years ago during the 50th 
anniversary of the Roswell 

, She was asked to set up a 
satellite connection With indige¬ 
nous cultures and present their 
testimony. The event fell 
-through, but Red Star said she 
decided to continue with the 

What she has found is a link 
between the sky and Native 
Americans everywhere. 

“All Indian' people have a 
relationship to the stars. Many 

DAILY TIMES, Farmington, NM - March 20,2004 

to ‘unveil 
the truth’ 

Ben Chrismaii/TTir Daily Times 

Paul Kimball, of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 
reacts to a question concerning the public's 
perception of UFOs during an open discus¬ 
sion prior to the start of the 2004 Aztec UFO 
symposium at Koogler Middle Friday evening. 
Kimball recently completed a UFO documen¬ 
tary, “Do You Believe In Majlc?" 

7th Annual UFO 
Symposium 2004 

All events held at Koogler 
Middle School, 455 N. Light 
Plant Road, Aztec, unless not¬ 
ed otherwise. Tickets for the 
symposium are $50 for Satur¬ 
day and Sunday or $35 for a 
day pass. Information: The 
Aztec UFO Information Cen¬ 
ter (505) 334-9890 or on the; 
Web at 


9 a.m. “Awakening” pre¬ 
sentation by Mark Kimmel. 
Kimmel will discuss extrater¬ 
restrial contact and how the 
events have been covered up, 
as well as the messages to be 
derived from these events. 

11 a.m. ‘The Aztec Crash, 
Categorizing Fact from Folk¬ 
lore” by Scott Ramsey. A 
close look at the original story 
of the Aztec incident. 

12:45 p.m. Lunch.. 

2 p.m. “Plains of San 
Augustin Project” by Aft 
Campbell. Campbell estab¬ 
lishes the basis for a San 
Augustin UFO crash in this 

4 p.m. “The Big Picture” 
by George Green. This is a 
personal account of Green’s 
own examination of UFOs, 
the implications of govern¬ 
ment cover-ups and future 

7:30 p.m. Paul Kimball’s 
film, “Do You Believe in 
Majic” film. 

7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. 
StarGaze at Aztec Ruins 
National Monument. 


9 a.m. “Legends of the Star 
Ancestors’ by Nancy Red 
Star, which will explore the 
connections that she has 
found to exist between 
extraterrestrials, the intema- 
j tional military and indigenous 
' cultures throughout the world. 

11 a.m. “Crop Circles, 
Cathedrals and Sacred Space: 
the Energy Connection,” a 
presentation by Freddy Silva 
regarding the importance of 
specific points on land for 
communication with higher 
levels of consciousness. 

1 p.m. - 2 p.m. Panel dis¬ 
cussion. ' 

— By Laura Banish — 

t The Daily Times , 

AZTEC — Whether you’re an earthling who 
scoffs at the thought of UFOs or’one who wonders if 
there really is other life out there, the 7th Annual 
UFO Symposium at Koogler Middle School should 
have something for everyone to ponder this week¬ 
end. / ■ .... 

“It’s for anybody with curiosity about UFOS, 
people who know nothing abotit UFOs and of 
course the diehards,” said Dennis Balthaser, master 
of ceremonies and a UFO investigator who takes the 
subject “very seriously.” 

Aztec, home of the alleged 1948 UFO incident, 
will abound with speakers and activities centered 
around extraterrestrial information and purported 
undocumented history in this year’s exposition 
themed, “Unveiling of the Truth.” 

“The symposium will give the public a chance to 
meet one-on-one with researchers and ask ques¬ 
tions,” Balthaser said. “There are so many books on 
this out there,.you Wbtildn’t live nearly long enough 
to read them all.” 

Presentations will vary from research and film to 
personal encounters, but the speakers all seem to 
have one agenda: Alien life does exist. However, 
don’t expect to be bombarded with stories about- lit¬ 
tle green men with almond-shaped eyes. According 
to one speaker, there are somewhere between 50 and 
100 different species of aliens that have visited plan- 
etEarth. . ..... -M y { 

In general, the speakers maintain that the main¬ 
stream public does not believe in UFOs because of 
government and media cover-ups. They Say 
acceptanceof other life would dis¬ 
rupt everything from the stock mar¬ 
ket to religion. . \ \ 

Paul Kimball, producer and 
director of two UFO documen¬ 
taries, “Dp You Believe in Majic” 
and “Aztec: 1948,” said North 
American people are so shielded by 
the mainstream, it would take a fly¬ 
ing saucer landing on the White 
House lawn or news about alien life 
on CNN to change their opinion's: 

Scott Ramsey, who will present 
“The Aztec Crash, Categorizing 
Fact from Folklore,” said he hopes 
the symposium will stimulate 
thought on extraterrestrial life. 

“We welcome all skeptics: The 
problem has been in the past that 
the skeptics don’t do mudh 
research, they just have knee-jerk 
reactions on this,” Ramsey said. 
“We have carefully laid out a lot of 
research to let people come and 
make up their own minds.” 

Event organizer Dave Albright 
calls the symposium a place for 
free thinking. 

say they came from the stars,” 
she said. “That’s part of the 
legacy — the quest.” 

Red Star is, familiar with 
many tribes and knows the tra¬ 
ditions of her own people — the 
Abenaki and Cherokee. She is 
also of Middle Eastern descent. 

Her journeys have also led her 
to learn some s tories surrounding 
the Navajo people of the Four 

Red Star said she had con¬ 
tact with “Red Wing” and his 
son “Aukee,” who live in Indi¬ 
an Wells, Ariz. 

“They had a UFO land 
above their house,” she said. 
“There is a whole group of 
Navajo people who have had 
sightings in that area.” 

Aukee, she said, pho¬ 
tographed everything includ¬ 
ing a burnt circle and a liquid 
substance, but his film was 
confiscated by NASA: 

“There are some interesting 
government twists and turns,” 
Red Star said of her work. 

In addition to the various 
cultures involved with UFOs, 
Red Star said she has learned 
about laws of the universe — 
“governing space and the 
care-taking of the planet” — 
set out by the star ancestors. 

“We haven’t followed 
those laws. We’re failing. This 
is a global message. ... Each 
race has responsibility to care 
take this planet*’’ Red Star 
said. “I’m not trying to put out 
platitudes. That this is the way 
it is. I’m trying to conneqt the 

Red Star will speak at 9 a.m. 
Sunday at Koogler Middle School. 

Other symposium speakers 
include Mark Kimmel speak^ 
ing on extraterrestrial contact, 
at 9 a.m. Saturday, Art Camp¬ 
bell speaking on the archaeo¬ 
logical excavation of a, UFO 
crash site in Roswell at 2 p.m. 
Saturday, and Freddie Silva 
speaking on Crop Circles at 11 
a.m. Sunday. 1 

Tickets for the symposium 
are $50 for Saturday and Sun¬ 
day, plus an additional $18 fpr 
Friday’s Meet and Greet at $ 
p.m. • 

F6r a single day pass, the 
cost is $35. 

Information: The Aztec 
UFO Information Center (505) 
334-9890 or on the Web at 

Debra Mayeux: 

“This is for people wno want to 
think for themselves instead of 
being told what the mainstream 
society and media wants them to 
believe,” Albright said. 

Balthaser offered the question, 
“If no other life exists in this uni¬ 
verse, why do we spend billions 
and billions of dollars looking for 


Staff Photo/Ronna Wiig 

UFO SIGHTING - It was on this spot In 1967 that Ashland Police 
Officer Herbert Schirmer reported seeing a UFO. A recent video¬ 
tape of another Ashland sighting as brought UFO experts to the 
area to research the events. 

Experts land in Ashland 
to review UFO sightings 

By Ronna Wiig 

Staff Reporter 

Editor’s note - This is the first 
in a series of articles on reported 
UFO sightings in Ashland. 

ASHLAND - A recent visit by 
experts in the field of "unidenti¬ 
fied flying objects” to the Ash¬ 
land area is renewing interest in 
the area’s history of sightings. 

The experts, members of the 
Mutual UFO Network, visited 
Ashland last week to study a UFO 
sighting that was videotaped last 
winter on Ashland’s east side. 
Their visit brought a news crew 
from Omaha’s KETV channel 7 
and a bit more notoriety to the 
area. However, this is not the first 
time the news media has report¬ 
ed a UFO sighting in Ashland. 
UFO makes headlines in 1897 
“Air ship seen in Ashland” was 
the headline over 100 years ago in 
the Ashland Gazette, In the April 
16, 1897 edition of the Ashland 
Gazette, it was reported that mys¬ 
terious lights had appeared in file 
heavens over Ashland. 

The first sightings started the 
night of April 5, 1897 in Omaha 

with over 100 people witnessing 
the appearance of the flying ob¬ 
ject. It was reported that the ob¬ 
ject was approximately 12 feet 
long, spherical in shape and 
shiny. The object was so lumi¬ 
nous that the brightness woke 
people as the light came through 
their bedroom windows. 

Several nights later there were 
sightings in Sioux City, Iowa. 
Next it was sighted in Chicago, 
Illinois where a newsstand dealer 
took pictures of the object. 

In Ashland, however Mrs. Cor¬ 
nelius and her son, Eugene, were 
fortunate to get a good view of 
the object, as reported in the 
Gazette the next week. 

“While returning home from 
church Sunday evening shortly 
after 9 p.m. they saw what first 
appeared to be a cloud. It was 
quite small, described as about as 
large as the side of an ordinary 
room and appeared not to be far 
from the ground and was hover¬ 
ing over the western part of 
town. Its flight was rapid and it 
moved towards the north. Twice 

Ashland, NE - April 8, 2004 CR: J. Buder 

it flashed a brilliant light and 
shortly passed beyond the range 
of vision. The evening was per¬ 
fectly clear and what was taken 
for a cloud was the only object 
bearing any such appearance 
anywhere in the heavens.” 

Professor Gibson Harris and 
several others at the Harris home 
in the western part of town wit¬ 
nessed a similar event, the 
Gazette reported. 

An interesting fact to ponder is 
that is wasn’t until Dec. 17,1903, 
in Kitty Hawk, N.C., that the 
Wright Flyer became the first 
powered, heavier than air ma¬ 
chine to achieve con¬ 
trolled, sustained 
flight with a pilot 
aboard. That is six 
years prior to these 
first reported sight¬ 
ings of an object fly¬ 
ing over Ashland. 

Schirmer sighting 

Over 70 years later 
on Dec. 3, 1967, anoth¬ 
er UFO was sighted in _____ 
the Ashland area. 

This time, a 22-year-old Ash¬ 
land Police Officer, Herbert 
Schirmer, revealed that he had 
seen something in the southern 
part of town. His logbook read 
“Saw a flying saucer at the junc¬ 
tion of highways 6 and 63. Believe 
it or not!" 

The story, reported in the Dec. 
7, 1967 issue of the Ashland 
Gazette, said Schirmer was alone 
in his police car driving south¬ 
west oh Highway 6. He was ap¬ 
proaching the junction where 
Highways 6 and 63 meet when he 
saw a lighted object over the slope 
not far from where you turn off 
Highway 6 on to Highway 63 to 
come into town. 

He drove on south to the loop 
off to the right side of the road 
(on the shoulder) that encircled a 
tree to see what was there. He 
then saw what he described as a 
elliptical object about 20 feet long 
and 14 feet thick surrounded by 
lighted portholes connected by a 
line or a band which may have 
been paint and/or some sort of 

When the police car’s lights fell 
upon the object, the inner cabin 
lights of the object began to flash 

off and on. Schirmer said the 
craft was hovering a few feet off 
the ground partly on the highway 
and partly over the shoulder next 
to the ditch and the steep em¬ 
bankment. Schirmer speculated 
that the glow at the bottom of the 
craft must have been some type of 
ray rather than any sort of 
propulsion device. 

The craft soon shot up to 50 feet 
in the air and began to emit a 
strange noise. Schirmer com¬ 
pared it to the noise of Ashland’s 
new fire truck, only weirder, he 
said. Then he said the craft rose . 
straight up and disappeared. 

it or not!” 

Herbert Schirmer’s police logbook entry 
Dec. 3,1967 

In the article, Police Chief 
Charles Wlaschin was quoted as 
saying, "Schirmer is a fine officer 
and he is a teetotaler and he is 
perfectly willing to take a poly¬ 
graph test.” 

It was also reported that an 
U.S. Air Force investigation team 
was being sent to check out the 

In the Feb. 22,1968 issue of the 
Ashland Gazette the headlines 
read “Schirmer Talks Under Hyp¬ 
nosis: ‘Fuzzy Space Man to Visit 
Me Twice More This Year.’ Under 
this headline it was reported that 
Schirmer was asked to meet with 
the Unidentified Flying Object 
Study Team from Boulder, Colo, 
on Feb. 13. 

While in Boulder, Schirmer 
was said to recall under hypnosis 
that a white fuzzy human-shaped 
form approached him from the 
UFO. He said that the white form 
struck him in the neck. He told 
investigators that the visitors 
were not from our solar system 

but from another galaxy although 
they have bases on Jupiter and 
Mars. He also said that he was 
told that the spacecraft would 
make two more visits to him 
sometime in 1968. 

The Unidentified Flying Object 
Study Team based out of Boulder 
was better known as the Condon 
Committee. The committee of sci¬ 
entists set up in 1966 worked un¬ 
der the guidance of Dr. Edward 
Condon, scientific director at the 
University of Colorado. The Uni¬ 
versity of Colorado worked un¬ 
der contract dbr the U. S. Air 
Force to complete a study on 
UFQs.. The 
$g$3irt study ended 
SS-rwi: i n 1968 with 
a published 
report that 
said UFO’s 
were not 
worth fur¬ 
ther study 
and of little 
, s i g n i f i - 


Schirmer’s encounter was not 
only reported in the Omaha 
World-Herald, the Lincoln Jour¬ 
nal, the Lincoln Star and on 
KETV his encounter made the 
front page of the National En¬ 
quirer. Schirmer also signed book 
deals and in investigating this 
story, the Gazette staff has found 
Schirmer and his experience 
mentioned in numerous books 
and on several web sites dealing 
with UFOs. 

Next week, the Gazette will fo¬ 
cus on the most recent UFO sight¬ 
ing, as well as some of the experts 
who investigate these phenome¬ 














Personal accounts, declassified documents shared 

Presentations at UFO Symposium give 
residents ‘something to think about ’ 

— By Laura Banish — 

The Daily Times 

AZTEC — Up front, Don 
Watkins IV will say he is not a 
“100 percent believer” in aliens, 
but once he gets talking, he will 
tell you that he thinks life exists 
beyond the bounds of planet 

In fact, Watkins claims he has 
seen an extraterrestrial space 
craft first hand. The middle-age 
man said that as a 14-year-pld in 
St. Louis, Mo., he observed a 
circular object, “like an egg 
rolling” in the sky. 

“I know airplanes and I know 

what I saw that day,” said 
Watkins, a pilot whose parents 
own a flight school in Colorado. 
“It wasn’t an airplane.” 

Watkins said he took his two 
sons, ages 11 and 14, to the 7th 
Annual UFO Symposium in 
Aztec this weekend to open then- 
minds and keep them on their 

Those at Koogler Middle 
School Saturday were privy to a 
range of purported UFO infor¬ 
mation, which varied from Scott 
Ramsey’s presentation of declas¬ 
sified government documents 
and interviews related to the 
alleged 1948 Aztec incident to 

George Green’s personal 
account of allegedly seeing a 
space craft at a U.S. Air Force 
hangar and communicating with 
aliens from the Pleiadian Star 

Ramsey’s presentation was 
derived from thousands of docu¬ 
ments from the Atomic Energy 
Commission and U.S. Air Force, 
more than a dozen interviews 
from first-, second- and third- 

hand witnesses and field work BenChriaman I The Daily Times 

pertinent to the Aztec incident. Scott Ramsey, of Mooresvllle, North Carolina, (right) gives his 
The amplitude of data presentation on the alleged 1948 UFO crash in Aztec during the 
impressed Faith Martin, who, seventh annual Aztec UFO Symposium at Koogler Middle Satur- ’ 
day. The hand seen on the projector Is that of Ramsey's wife, 
Suzanne Ramsey. 

along with her husband, has been 
interested in extraterrestrials for 
quite some time. 

“The people here seem really 
well educated, which is nice 
because you know sometimes 
people think you are ridiculous 
when you tell them you think 
there is life on other planets,” 
said Martin of Rio Rancho. “I 
think there’s enough evidence 
that points out the crashes are 
real, the sightings are real and 
they are really visiting us. People 
are very closed-minded to think 
we’re the only ones out there.” 

Green maintained during his 
presentation that extraterrestrials, 
or ETs, are not only out there, 
but living on Earth now. 

“They walk among us,” he 
said. “We’re being visited by all 
kinds of extraterrestrials.” 

Green said the ETs take on 
many forms and some look like 
humans. Green presented the 
audience with photographs of sil¬ 
ver space crafts reported to be 
taken in Switzerland and a being 
who he claimed was an alien. 
The ETs face was not visible in 
the photos, only a gold suited- 

arm, which Green explained by 
saying it was because the alien 
did not want its identity known. 

While Green said some ETs 
have a friendly purpose — he 
claimed that Jesus’ earthly father 
Joseph was an alien — he also 
warned that through his extrater¬ 
restrial contacts he has learned 
that there is a global plan to Anni¬ 
hilate 83 percent of Earth’s popu¬ 
lation. He identified 2012 as the 
critical date. 

Green said the planet is unbal¬ 
anced because of destruction to 
the environment and the 

unhealthy vvays humans treat 
their bodies. 

“We are so out of balance on 
planet Earth, we are disrupting 
the balance of other planets,” he 
said. "You’re looking for some¬ 
one to save you, but you need to 
do it yourself.” 

He advised that people begin 
with reading the book, "Hand¬ 
book for the New Paradigm,” 
which he said was written by the 
Pleiadians themselves and given 
to him to promote. 

From Green’s presentation, 
Martin said it appeared as if alien 

life forms were using Green as a 
disciple. Martin said her only 
criticism was that she wondered 
how much of the information is 
from the ETs and how much was 
provided by other people. 

“It’s very strange and very 
interesting. I’d like to understand 
it better,” she said. “I don’t think 
you should leave this freaked out, 
but with something to think 

Laura Banish: 


[All British clippings courtesy of Timothy Good, unless otherwise credited.] 

STANDARD, Terrace, B.C., Canada - April 7, 2004 CR: G. Conway 

H AVE YOU seen 
anything unusual in 
the skies over Ter¬ 
race lately? 

You’re not alone. 
From the Horseshoe to Ferry 
Island, and from Krumm Road to 
Highway 16 West, residents of the 
Terrace area are seeing weird 
things in the sky that no one has 
been able to explain. 

According to the latest annual 
UFO survey, Terrace remains a 
hotbed of activity, accounting for 
about 10 per cent of all the sight¬ 
ings reported in B.C. last year 
Terrace is ranked in fourth spot 
in the country for UFO reports, 
according to the 2003 Canadian 
UFO Survey. 

We’re just behind Houston. 
B.C., Toronto, and Vancouver, 
which has emerged as the Cana¬ 
dian UFO capital. 

“There’s something happening, 
and I don’t know what it is," says 
Brian Vike, a Houston, B.C.-based 
researcher who operates a 1-800 
UFO hot line and sends in data to 
the UFO survey. 

A while back, every time he 
got a new UFO report from some¬ 
where in B.C., he'd put a pin into 
a map of the province he’d hung 
on the wall. 

An unmistakable pattern has 

To Vike, it sure looks like most 
of the reports are coming from in¬ 
side a band that stretches south¬ 
east from Terrace to the Cran- 
brook area in the Kootenays. 

‘This is where the majority of 
sightings of unusual craft are 
being seen,” he says, adding a 
number of the locations along this 
line are larger lakes, mines and 
power stations. 

"Terrace has a number of na¬ 
tural and manmade things which 
may attract these objects,” he 
adds, pointing to Alcan, a relat¬ 
ively close source of hydro elec¬ 
tric power. 

The natural thermal power of 
the hot springs may also be re¬ 
sponsible for local sightings over 
the years. 

“I get lots of reports around 
there of strange lights," Vike 
says, pointing out that seismic ac- 


Ikv ' .... 

, •• -• . 

t I > 

I p is m h 

WHAT WAS IT? This mysterious object was photographed over 
New Westminster and has garnered widespread interest. 



Giant disks, flying crosses among 
UFOs folks here reported last year 

By Jennifer Lang 

tivity is sometimes associated 
with UFO reports. 

But that certainly doesn’t ac¬ 
count for other unexplained Ter¬ 
race area reports Vike’s logged 
over the past year. 

■ In February, 2003 a couple 
driving home from Prince Rupert 
spotted a huge, disk-shaped object 
travelling north across the Skeena 
River, about 85 km west of Ter¬ 
race on Highway 16. 

It was dark, with two large, 
rectangular glowing lights on the 

The husband wanted to pull 

over, but his wife insisted they 
keep driving, Vike says. Both 
were disturbed because the object 
moved so slowly. 

■ In March of last year, a 
Tuck Ave. resident noticed a 
bright glowing object in the sky 
above the Eby.^t. intersection that 
looked like a meteor hurtling 
down to the ground. 

The eyewitness said it was 
moving from side to side, and 
didn’t make any noise. 

■ In July, a couple with a 
great view of Terrace and the 
Skeena Valley was enjoying the 

view, relaxing with cup of coffee. 

At around 11:45 p.m., they saw 
a large, glowing object moving 
slowly along the side of the high¬ 
way near the 16/37 intersection. 
At first they thought it was some 
sort of aircraft, because it kept 
pace with some of the cars. But 
then they realized it was flying 
too low. 

It appeared to stop suddenly 
before shooting off towards the 

■ Other witnesses reported 
seeing a flying cross - a huge, 
dark-coloured object with lights 
along the bottom panels - above 
the Skeena River. 

The sighting lasted for just a 
few seconds, before the object 
flew behind some trees, blocking 
their view. 

Vike is convinced people are 
seeing something. 

He just doesn’t know what. 

■ ■ ■ 

Last year, Canadians reported 
nearly two UFO sightings a day, 
adding up to 673 in all. 

That’s an all-time high for the 
Canadian UFO Survey, released 
by Ufology Research of Manitoba, 
an independent study group based 
in Winnipeg. 

Most UFO reports are eventu¬ 
ally identified as planets, me¬ 
teors, or aircraft. 

“Popular opinion to the con¬ 
trary, there is yet to be any incon¬ 
trovertible evidence that some 
UFO cases involve extraterrestrial 
contact,” study author Chris Rut- 
kowski said. 

Just seven per cent of sightings 
in the survey’s "unexplained” ca¬ 
tegory are deemed “high quality" 

Many eyewitnesses are pilots, 
police and other individuals who 
are expected to have good obser¬ 
vational skills - and good judg¬ 
ment, Rutkowski said. 

Nation-wide, the number of 
UFO sightings climbed by 39 per 
cent in 2003. 

British Columbia leads the rest 
of the country in terms of sheer 
volume of sightings, with 304 re¬ 
ported here last year, compared to 
150 in Ontario and 76 in Alberta. 

Aliens did it: circle investigator 

peared on a Scott Ave. lawn last 
month are the real deal, says 
Larry Sommerfield. 

They’re crop circles created by 
alien visitors who are secretly 
monitoring our planet. 

“Actually, I would call it ’lawn 
circles, not crop circles’," notes 
Sommerfield, who has been mon¬ 
itoring the site since he saw a 
photo in the Terrace Standard 
("What in the world?” Page Bl, 
March 17} 

There’s been very little change 
in their appearance, he said. 

He’s counted 16 circles of 
varying sizes. Some are a few 
inches in diameter, others are a 
few feet wide. 

Inside, the grass is still dead, 
while neighbouring blades on the 
lawn are growing taller and green¬ 
er with each passing day. 

"It could only be imitated by 
leaving a heavy weight there for 
several days, and would be seen," 

says Sommerfield, a retired tow 
truck driver and auto body repair 
man who lives in Thornhill. 

Just weeds are making a come¬ 
back now that the snow has mel¬ 

He notes the circles are loca¬ 
ted on the side of a ditch, leading 
down a small embankment. 

“A prankster would have put 
them in the centre of the lawn 
where they can be seen," he con¬ 

So, why would alien visitors 
leave such baffling clues on 
someone’s lawn? 

“It’s simply the aliens’ way of 
letting us know they’re around. 
They want us to know they're 

Sommerfield is something of a 
self-styled expert in the paranor¬ 
mal. He became interested in 
alien activity after he realized vi¬ 
sitors from outer space have been 
monitoring Earth for tens of thou¬ 
sands of years, a habit that in¬ 

creased once humans began test- says, recalling a particularly cur¬ 
ing and detonating atomic bombs, ious incident involving the unex¬ 
ending the Second World War but plained disappearance of a Frank 
ushering in the Cold War. Sinatra 8-Track tape that con- 

“Until the atomic_ 

bombs went off, they 
just had a mild in¬ 
terest,” he says. “It’s 
only when we en¬ 
tered the Space Age 
they realized we 
were doing some¬ 
thing to be con¬ 
cerned about." 

He claims to 
have been the target 
of ongoing alien 
pranks. Invisible vi¬ 
sitors from outer 
space occasionally 
steal objects from 
his home, only to re- Larry Sommerfield 
place them several 

days later - but not always in the Thompson 
original location. the curious 

“Normally, the stuff comes “Just l< 

back in about four day’s time,” he grow back.’ 

_tained the blue-eyed 

crooner’s signature 
ditty, "My Way”. 
Last year, Sommer- 
field and a colleague 
also found something 
they believe is Sas- 
quatch scat - drop¬ 
pings they hope to 
have analyzed by a 

So far, they still 
haven’t heard back 
from any of the 
scientists they con¬ 

Meanwhile, Som- 
nerfield merfield says Scott 
Ave. resident Jean 
Thompson shouldn't worry about 
the curious circles on her lawn. 
“Just leave it. By fall it will 

Most sightings have two 
( witnesses and last for 10 
' minutes. 

Mass sightings some¬ 
times stem from a big 
event - like a major fire¬ 
ball in 1993 that hundreds 
across Canada witnessed. 

Similarly, last year, a 
major event in the Okana¬ 
gan helped boost the num¬ 
ber of sightings. "Literally 
hundreds of people" saw a 
band of white light arching 
across the sky” on July 28, 
the report says. That mass 
sighting is unexplained, 
but some think it may be a 
phenomenon long-time re¬ 
sidents call the Okanagan 
Arch, a whitish band that 
crosses the sky. 

The reports offer no 
"positive proof that UFOs 
are either alien spacecraft 
or a specific natural phe¬ 
nomenon," the report cau¬ 
tions, but notes something 
people call a UFO is con¬ 
tinually, being observed. 

Various agencies and 
individuals participate in 
the survey, including the 
Houston, B.C., Centre for 
UFOs, which supplied 
seven, percent of the re¬ 
ports in this year'i 5 Survey. 

■ iv; 

Vike, meanwhile, says 
the northwest’s growing re¬ 
putation as a UFO magnet, 
is resulting in a tourism 
boom. He fields many 
calls from people who 
; want to visit the region. 

That’s why he’s started 
to showcase the region’s 
natural and tourist attrac¬ 
tions on his website. 

“I get lots of letters 
about the beautiful 
scenery,” he says. "That’s 
what’s catching people’s 
attention, too. They're say¬ 
ing, ’Yeah, I’m coming up 
your way.’ People are say¬ 
ing, ’This sounds good - 
you’ve got fishing and 

He can’t understand 
why the towns of Terrace 
and Houston don't capita¬ 
lize on their reputations as 
great places to see UFOs. 

Vike is in demand as a 
guest on talk radio shows 
in the U.S. He also runs his 
own website, tracking the 
reports from northwest B.C. 
- and far beyond. "I reach 
about 13 million people 
now a month," he says. 


Nick knows all about the real-life Men In Black 







They tried to hush 
up sightings fa 
of UFOs 

■ Nick owes his Interest 
In strange secrets to 
his dad, a former 
RAF radar operator. 

x 1^1 may not look much 
P like Fox Mulder, the 
P investigator of 
2 unexplained happenings 
40 in the TV series 
The X Files. 

But British-born Nick, 
author of the newly-published 
Strange Secrets, is just as 
dedicated when it comes to 

uncovering the facts behind 
mysterious goings-on such 
as sightings of UFOs or the 
Loch Ness monster. 

Remains detached 

Yet despite having seen enough 
information to keep conspiracy 
theorists going for a lifetime, Nick 
remains reassuringly detached. 

“People imagine that everyone 
interested in unexplained 
phenomena is some kind of anorak, 
but I’ve always thought it’s 
important to keep things in 
perspective and have a normal 
family life." he laughs. 

“The X Files was entertaining, 

By Gavin Sherriff 

but Mulder had no life away from 
his office. You have to enjoy the 
work and not get too paranoid. You 
can’t assume that every unexplained 
click on the telephone is because 
someone is bugging you." 

Nick's book is based on 
documents gleaned from official 
files obtained under America’s 
Freedom of Information Act and 
from the National Archive (formerly 
the Public Record Office) at Kew 
in London. 

“It’s important that I use 
information in such files. If I can 
impress on people that government 
agencies have looked seriously at 
these things, perhaps even the 
sceptics will think twice." 

Nick’s interest in the unexplained 
came from his father, who worked 
on radar with the RAF in the 1950s. 

“There were several sightings of 
strange objects. Pilots who were 
scrambled reported strange lights 
but everyone involved was told not 
to say anything. 

“My father told me this in 1978 
and that set me off. I wanted to find 
out what the government knew 
about these things and if they were 
trying to find answers. 

“There’s a lot more information 
available in America, but at our 
National Archive there are about 
4000 pages of information on UFO 
sightings — reports from pilots, 
policemen and radar officials — and 
many of them are very credible." 

Nick says that even in official 
circles there are disputes about 
what is and isn’t possible. 

“In the 1970s the CIA 
investigated remote viewing or ESP, 
looking at the possibility of training 
agents to spy at a distance using 
their minds. 

Waste of time 

“Some people thought it might 
work. Others said it was a waste of 
time and that at the height of the 
Cold War they should have been 
using their money elsewhere." 

Nick has come across declassified 
British files from World War 2 
showing that dowsing was used to 
find bodies buried in the rubble of 
bombed buildings. 

"A policeman who’d used 
dowsing to find water said he could 
help find a body, and he did. But 
some senior officers decided it 
shouldn’t be used — they thought 
it was witchcraft!” 

All over the world there are tales 

of strange creatures such as the 
Yeti in Asia or Bigfoot in North 
America, but Nick says some of 
them may be no more than rumours 
started by governments for their 
own purposes. 

“One strange case was the way 
the US military in Vietnam used 
psychological warfare. They spread 
the idea that there were werewolves 
and vampires living in the jungle. 
Idea was that when North 
Vietnamese troops in those areas 
got wind of it, they left at high 

Nick spent a lot of time looking 
into the real-life Men In Black, the 
mysterious people said to visit those 
who claim to have had encounters 
with aliens. 

“There are many accounts of 
people who say they’ve seen UFOs 
getting visits from officials asking 
them not to talk about it. 

“The first account of their 
activities was in a book from the 
1950s called They Knew Too Much 
About Flying Saucers. Intriguingly, 
American files show that J. Edgar 
Hoover, head of the FBI, requested 
a copy of the book." 

Nick believes it’s possible 
governments have encouraged the 
notion that alien spacecraft may 

visit earth as it can act as a useful 

“Many of the sightings of UFOs in 
the "70s and ’80s were probably of 
prototype stealth aircraft as they 
occurred in remote areas where 
these things are tested." 

As far as Nessie is concerned, 
Nick agrees with the biologists 
who say there’s no way an ancient 
dinosaur could be living in a 
Scottish loch. 

Giant eel 

But he says evidence from an 
investigation in 1965 by the RAF’s 
Joint Air Reconnaissance 
Intelligence Centre (JARIC) 
persuades him there might be a 
giant eel maybe 20 or 30 feet long. 

“I’m not a raving sceptic. I don’t 
doubt that strange phenomena 
occur, but it’s not always as black 
and white as people paint it. 

“People HAVE seen strange 
sights an the sky which our 
governments seem unable to 
explain to us. Maybe they are 
covering something up, or maybe 
they are using mistaken sightings 
for their own purposes." 

■ Strange Secrets (Simon and 
Schuster, £9.99). 

ISBN 0-7434-6976-3. 

NATIONAL POST, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Feb. 6, 2004 CR: G. Conway 

Searchers find no sign of Lagos plane crash, call it UFO 

"We are tired of looking at water, with more sophisticated equip- 
LAGO S • The search for a light We are now convinced that there ment to determine the veracity of 
aircraft that crashed into the sea off was no plane crash," said Em- the witnesses’claims. “Certainly, 
Lagos last week has been aban- manuel Ijewere, president of the an object was sighted crashing into 
doned after rescue workers found Nigerian Red Cross. the ocean. We have termed it for 

no trace of the plane or its occu- The Nigerian Aviation Ministry now as a UFO "he said. “We have 

pants, officials said yesterday. said it still had no lead on the re- advised government to intensify 

Hie alarm was raised after sever- ported crash. Air traffic controllers [the] search until we are absolute- 
al people told authorities they had had no knowledge of the plane. ly sure that it was not a plane.” 
seen a commercial aircraft capable The country's aviation watchdog. Industry experts blamed the mys- 

of carrying 25 people ditch in the the Nigeria Aviation Safety Initia- tery over the aircraft on the de¬ 
sea off Lekki beach, east of Lagos, tive (NASI), said on Sunday the plorable state of aviation facilities 
Nigeria’s commercial capital. crashed object had been classified at Lagos airport. Air safety has 

Local rescue workers and South as an Unidentified Flying Object been a source of worry ever since 
Africa-based Critical Rescue Inter- Captain Jerry Agbeyegbe, ex ecu- the government deregulated the 

national were called in, but they tive director of NASI, urged the airline industry in the mid-1980s, 
searched in vain for wreckage. government to intensify the search Reuters 

IRISH NEWS, Belfast, Ireland - Feb. 9, 2004 

F INGAL, In Co Dublin. Is 
becoming a ‘hot spot’ 
for UFOs with reports of 
almost 100 Incidents of unexplained 
events last year, according 
to the Fir gal Independent. 

The paper said many of the 
sightings centre around Dublin 
Airport, with one report exclusively 
described to the Fingal Independent 
by the UFO and Paranormal 
Research Ireland (UPRI), an 
organisation that monitors the skies 
of Ireland in search of strange and 
unexplained ’aerial phenomena’. 
The story continued: "Late last year 
the organisation received a report 
from the co-pilot of an airbus who 
said he had seen an unidentified 
’red disc’ flying In Irish skies after 
the co-pilot's flight had taken off 
from Dublin Airport. 

"With what the crew said was 
•phenomenal speed that no aircraft 
could perform’, the disc shot 
vertically upwards and disappeared 
from sight at 7,000 feet. 
“Twenty-seven minutes later the 

crew say they overheard a KLM 
pilot radioing air traffic control at 
Dublin Airport with a similar report. 
“The Irish Aviation Authority 
checked flight logs for the reported 
date at both Dublin and Shannon 
airports but found nothing unusual 
while a spokesperson 
from the Pilot’s Association said 
that none of its members has ever 
expressed concern over 
unidentified flying objects In the 
skies around Dublin Airport." 

The Fingal Independent claimed 
there had been a number of other 
incidents “equally as mysterious". 
The report continued: "Mystery still 
surrounds an incident last 
September when a Garda helicopter 
was called out to Investigate an 
unidentified flying object 
over Dublin Airport which 
resembled a paraglider. 

“When asked If that was possible, 
the Irish Paragliding Association 
stated that *no-one In their right 
mind would paraglide around 
the airport’." 

LIGHT IN THE NIGHT: The amateur photographer caught these images of what appears to be a flying saucer over Plymouth. 
Experts are puzzled by the object which seems to turn in different directions, above, and emit a bright light, top and inset ^ 

‘Flying saucer’ 
pictures stun 
UFO watchers 

REMARKABLE pictures of what 
seems to be a flying saucer hover¬ 
ing over houses have sent UFO 
watchers wild 

An amateur photographer captured 
the images whenhe was tryingouthisnew 
hi-tech digital camera at night 

They show what some experts are 
convinced is a UFO hovering above 
Plymouth. A photographic expert has 
said the pictures appear to be genuine and 
not faked in anyway. 

The pictures were taken by a Devonport 
Dockyard worker who wishes to remain 

By Martc McGlvem _ 
anonymous. The Royal Navy has already 
asked to study the snaps. 

Plymouth “UFO-logist" Bob Boyd has 
called the snaps among the best five 
pictures of a UFO he has seen in 25 years o f 
spotting the phenomena. 

Boyd, chairman of the Plymouth UFO 
Research Group, said: “There’s no doubt 
in my mind it’s the real thing.” 

The photographer was put In touch 
with the UFO Research Group. 

Boyd said: "He was just experimenting 

with his new camera and 
was amazed when he looked at the 
photographs an hour later. 

“He was a total sceptic before this but 
he’s now a firm believer. He was really 
shocked by what happened." 

The photographs were taken on 
January 28, just before 6pm, at St Budeaux 
Square In the Devon dty. 

Daily Record Picture Editor Stuart 
Nicol was more sceptical. He said: “It 
could be a number of things. 

“What concerns me most is that the 
images of the UFO are sharp but there is a 
degree of movement in the landscape." 


STANDARD, Terrace, B.C., Canada - March 17, 2004 CR: G. Conway 

| UFO mystery 
s' baffles mum 

C A MOTHER believes she may 
jJJ have had a close encounter 
with a UFO this week. 

She reported the sighting to 
^ the Courier after seeing a 
to mysterious object hovering in 
B the sky over Kineton at 
C 7.50am on Wednesday. An 
^ aeroplane in the vicinity 
a seemed to disappear as it 
Q. approached the object. 

^ Clare Reed, 29, of Lodge 
c Fanp near Compton Verney, 

2 caught the unidentified flying 
t? object on camera as she took 
•— her two sons to school. Her 
c pictures were inconclusive. 

§ She said: “It looked really 
bizarre - like a huge flame 
- with a whispy bit at the top 
5 and a black dot in the middle." 
— Ms Reed’s two sons Jamie, 

3 13, and Jacob, 12, were equal- 
O ly baffled. Ms Reed said: 
O *They said ‘wow, it’s an alien’, 

and we sat and watched for 
two minutes, trying to figure 
it out. 

“There could be a perfectly 
logical explanation, but I don’t 
have a wild imagination. I 
just don’t know what it was.” 

■ What in 
the world? 

SCOTT AVE. resident Jean 
Thomson watched in ama¬ 
zement last week as mys¬ 
terious circles began ap¬ 
pearing in her grass ditch. 
They began to multiply, be¬ 
coming more visible with 
each passing day. The per¬ 
fectly-shaped “crop circles” 
didn't appear on anyone 
else's lawns, she noticed, 
wondering why her house 
appears to have been sin¬ 
gled out for the curious phe¬ 
nomenon. “They’re small 
enough to be a leprechaun 
circle,” she speculated, 
pointing out they arrived in 
time for St. Patrick’s Day 
(today, March 17). Other¬ 
wise, she said, aliens could 
be the culprits, provided 
they were very small. 


Vancouver 1 
tops list of l 
UFO reports f 

WINNIPEG (CP) — Vancouver and o 
Toronto topped the list of Canadian g 
cities with UFO sightings, says an an- ^ 
nual report. jo 

According to the 2003 Canadian 
UFO Survey, released by Ufology Re 1 -I 
search of Manitoba, there were 673 P 
UFO sightings across Canada last year _ 
— a 39 per cent increase over 2002 » 
and a 350 increase since 1998. 

Forty-one sightings were reported in Q. 
Vancouver and 34 in Toronto. 

Survey author Chris Rutkowski said ' 
of all those sightings, only 17 per cent ® 
remain unexplained. F 

“We have enough information to g> 
judge that the other objects were a star " 
or an aircraft,” said Rutkowski. o 

He said it’s difficult to tell why mote g 
people are coming forward with UFO 
sightings. o 

“It’s still puzzling why we’re seeing 30 
an increase,” said Rutkowski. “It could 
be that more people are willing to ad- • 
mit they’ve seen a UFO because they o 
see other people admitting it. The ° 
ridicule barrier is almost completely <s 
eliminated.” “ 

Rutkowski said many witnesses are 
reliable sources with good observation¬ 
al skills, such as pilots and police. 

He has even received calls from Na-' ^ -J 
tional Defence and Transport Canada 

CITIZEN, Prince George, B.C., Canada - Feb. 11, 2004 CR: G. Conway __ 

Mysterious lights in night sky explained 

Citizen staff 

The mystery of the orange lights in the sky above 
Prince George about a week ago has been solved. 

“The lights turned out to be parachutists jumping 
at night,” said Brian Vike, a UFO expert from Hous¬ 

“The jumpers were doing acrobatics — almost do¬ 
ing someisaplts at times — and the orange lights at¬ 
tached to their feet or ankle areas would appear to 
rise upwards during these acrobatics,” Vike said. 
The mystery, was solved by a retired military man 
who viewed the action with a pair of binoculars, he 

“One landed close to his home, and he said just 
before landing, the jumper turned the lights off.” 

On Friday The Citizen ran a story of the unusual 
sightings reported by Andrea Lanoue who, with 
four friends, observed bright orange objects. 

She described the lights as hovering for a time be¬ 
fore moving slightly apart at different speeds, and 

some then “fading off.” 

Vike said he’s not sure if the skydivers used the 
lights to keep track of each other during formation 
jumping or if they were “playing some kind of 

A UFO survey released Monday by Ufology Re¬ 
search of Manitoba shows the top-10 communities 
in Canada for reported UFO sightings, Vike said. 

In 2003, there were 673 reported sightings across 
Canada, with Vancouver leading with 41. 

Toronto ranked second with 34 sightings followed 
by Houston at 33, Terrace at 30, and Airdrie, Alta:, 
at 17. Prince George is not among the top 10. ' 

“Most reported unfamiliar lights in the sky are 
identified as meteors, planets or stars,” said Vike, 
who became heavily involved in UFO sightings in 
2000 after moving to Houston. Since then he’s par¬ 
ticipated in radio shows in Canada and the U.S. and 
was one of the main characters featured in a 2002 
TV documentary called The Magnificent Obses- 

Among cases still unsolved is one involving two 
women travelling away from Kelowna last July. 

“They report seeing three white lights which 
turned green and dropped down in front of them 
on the highway. They both reported a loss of 45 
minutes, and a tingly feeling throughout their bod¬ 
ies,” Vike said. 

“They turned arotind and headed back to Kelow¬ 
na with the light following them for a short distance 
before disappearing,” said Vike, noting eight other 
people also reported;seeing green lights. 

The next day, both women felt ill with the passen¬ 
ger having a nosebleed and finding a bum on Bur 
tailbone which a doctor said appeared to be a radia¬ 
tion bum. 

Since then, both have experienced weight loss, 
hair loss, nausea, salt cravings, dehydration and 
pressure to the back of the neck, but doctors cannot 
figure out the problem, Vike said. 

Vike’s website at or call his toll- 
free number at 1-866-262-1989. 

NEWS & STAR, Carlisle, England - March 20, 2004 

It came from outer space - possibly! 

Ry Stephen Meredith 

SPOOKY Sharon Larkin, West 
Cumbria’s answer to Agent 
Scully, has enlisted the help of 
boffins at Cambridge 
University to try to fathom out 
whether a bizarre magnetic 
stone found on the side of a car 
is from outer space. 

Sharon, administration 
director for the North West 
Cumbria UFO research and 
investigations group, has been 
left baffled by the strange 
object which is 6cm long, dark 
brown in colour, shaped like a 
tapered cigar and weighs 2oz. 

She hopes scientists will be 
able to fathom out its origin 
but has also appealed to anyone 
who may know what it is to get 
in touch. The weird stone was 
sent to her by her cousin, 
Donald Fenwick, who was 
startled to leave his house one 
morning and find it attached to 
the driver’s door of his car. 

Sharon, 31, of Broughton 
Cross near Cockermouth, said: 
“I have never seen anything 
like it before. Donald’s a none 
believer, a sceptic, but this has 
even got him wondering. 

“We have sent a fragment to 
scientists and hope they will 
have the answer.’’ 

If you know what the object 
is, call Sharon on 07788 543850. 

Beam me up: Ufologist Sharon Larkin with the stone found stuck to her cousin's car 



Documentary lets 

ufologists battle over 
arcane details 



















Jason Chow 
on Television 

TIT atching middle-aged r 
VV argue over obscure det 


argue over obscure details 
of an issue far removed from 
most people's daily lives — say, 
the sexual proclivities of a U.S. 
Supreme Court appointee or the 
validity'of a set of government 
documents pertaining to UFOs — 
can be weirdly entertaining and 
engrossing simply because it’s so 
arcane and distant from reality. 

Few knew who Clarence Thomas 
was until he was a) nominated to 
sit on the Supreme Court and b) 
accused during his confirmation 
hearings of, among other things, 
making a bad joke involving pubic 
hair and a can of cola. 

Of course, this was broadcast on 
C-SPAN and CNN, and many of 
us watched hours of the long tes¬ 
timony in October, 1991, as sena¬ 
tors from both parties unleashed 
a barrage of questions. We be¬ 
came strangely enamoured by the 
drawling accents and serious 
tone lent to the details of some¬ 
thing so inane. 

The new documentary Do You 
Believe in Majic?, which pre¬ 
mieres tonight on Space (9 p.m. 
ET), potentially has the same ef¬ 
fect on viewers: Just substitute 
government papers on the 
Roswell UFO landings for 
Clarence Thomas’s private life 
and replace senators with science 
geeks. As an added bonus, the 
time investment is fractional — 


Watch the skies: Director Paul Kimball (left) and cinematographer T&rek Abouamin in northern New Mexico. 

since then to aid and abet the re¬ 
search and the cover-up of alien 
matters. Pitted against him is 
U.S. ufologist Karl Pflock, who 
says the documents are bogus 
and has spent much of his time 
over the years playing the skeptic 
on these documents and on the 
Roswell incident. 

And of course, behind the con¬ 
troversy is the Roswell UFO 
crash itself — long the source of 
conspiracy theories and sci-fi 
plots. The television shows 
X-Files, Dark Skies and Roswell 
have all ensured that the New 
Mexico town sticks in our popu¬ 
lar-culture consciousness and 
have jointly contributed to UFO 
fandom and paranoia around the 
world. As X-Files once had us 
ponder: Could it be that the U.S. 
government is secretly breeding 
the extraterrestrials recovered 

tic 12 debate is that the docu¬ 
ments are labelled “Top Secret 
Restricted” on each page — a re¬ 
dundancy that the Pflock et. al. 
say betrays that these things are a 
fraud (“Tbp Secret” would certain¬ 
ly have sufficed). Meanwhile, 
Friedman contends the label had 
been used sparingly at that time 
in genuine government docu¬ 
ments. Another UFO historian 
says the documents look real be¬ 
cause “the outer edges turned yel¬ 
low” and “the pages had few 
creases,” meaning the large docu¬ 
ment was held intact for a long 

Moments like these make you 
wonder what makes people like 
this spend so much time doing 
what they do. Of course, the UFO 
experts would say they’re uncov¬ 
ering a mass conspiracy (or a 

clever practical joke). Thirteen 
years ago, Democratic senators 
who were prying into Thomas's 
private life said they were doing 
so to protect the integrity of jus¬ 
tice. These people have noble 
goals, but the most hilarious and 
reductive ways of acting on them. 

Do You Believe in Majic? is 
hardly a masterpiece of docu¬ 
mentary-making — it’s visually 
boring, there are too many talk¬ 
ing heads and overuse of voice¬ 
over narration by filmmaker Paul 
Kimball. Still, once you get past 
the introduction and into the fury 
of this debate, it’s a submersion 
into another world where argu¬ 
ments are taken to extreme levels 
of obscurity and, somehow, re¬ 
main interesting. 

National Post 

the film is only one hour long, 
while the Thomas hearings went 
on for days. 

The centre of this controversy is a 
stack of documents that allegedly 
pertain to a top-secret agency 
dubbed the Majestic 12, a group of 
high-level scientists and civil ser¬ 
vants that was formed in 1947 
within the UJS. government to deal 
with the crash landing of an alien 
spaceship near Roswell, NJVI. 

This story is true, argues Cana¬ 
dian ufologist Stanton Friedman, 
who says these papers were 
leaked to him and his associates 
in the early 1980s. He argues this 
group has remained in existence 

from Roswell in a far-flung cave 
in Alaska for their own research? 

Well, we won't get the answer to 
that question on this documen¬ 
tary. Instead, the discussion is 
tightly focused on the debate that 
surrounds the Majestic 12 pa¬ 
pers. This is not a broad-sweep¬ 
ing special about Roswell, and 
here comes the Thomas connec¬ 
tion: Midway through the special 
and the seemingly endless debate 
between the pro and anti forces, 
you realize that the details used 
to bolster or debunk arguments 
are equally compelling and 

One sticking point in the Majes- 








5 5 

-j o 


CC . 
LU n 

o = 









saw UFO 
00, says 

TIE ‘sighting’ of a UFO 
y children has been sup- 
orted by a 34-year-old IT 

Andrew Smith, who 
Ives in Smithy Bridge 
toad, says he saw a myste- 
ious flying object, forcing 
iim to pull off the M62 
notorway and on to the 
lard shoulder near to 
unction 21. 

The children playing 
tear their home in 
lummlt, Littleborough 
aid the ‘spacecraft’ hov- 
red slowly above the 
ooftops about 7pm last 
'hursday and then shot off 
it hyperspeed. 

. Andrew said: “There 
vas a similar sighting in 
Yakefield about three or 
bur weeks ago. It was hov- 
>ring over houses in the 
sarly hours of the mom- 

“One theory suggested 
was that it was a terrestri¬ 
al TV satellite, which tend 
to hover slowly. But in the 
case of the children and 
my experience, the object 
shot off at hyperspeed, 
which would seem to rule 
out a satellite. 

“It really freaked me 
out. It was either diamond 
or square in shape, it was 
bright and was below the 
cloud level. 

“A couple of days ago a 
fttend of mine saw a simi¬ 
lar object in the sky at 

“I am interested in 
UFOs, but I think the vast 
majority of sightings can 
be explained away I was 
wondering if any other 
readers had seen it last 
Thursday night.’’ 

GAZETTE, Blackpool, England - Feb. 19, 2004 

in port’s 

A FRESH batch of unex¬ 
plained sightings in the 
night sky above Fleetwood 
is giving the town a nation¬ 
al reputation as a UFO 

There have been strange 
lights in the sky periodi¬ 
cally over the past few 
years and after a rash of 
UFO activity just before 
Christmas more people 
have this week been re¬ 
porting unexplained or¬ 
ange lights. 

The incidents logged by 
Fylde coast UFO re¬ 
searchers are now so fre¬ 
quent that Fleetwood has 
featured on the cover of 
UFO Magazine. 

The Fylde branch of 
Lapis - the Lancashire 
Aerial Phenomena Investi¬ 
gation Society - says it has 
never known anything like 
it. But they are not ruling 
out the possibility that it 
could be the work of hoax¬ 


The latest sighting was 
on Sunday night at about 
8.30pm, when a number of 
people across the north of 

Fleetwood reported an 
array of orange lights in 
the sky over Rossall. 

Lapis member Rob 
Whitehead said: "Some¬ 
thing is going on, that’s for 
sure. It is always from the 
same area of north Fleet- 
wood, it is always on calm, 
clear nights and it is al¬ 
ways the same kind of 
thing - orange lights mov¬ 
ing slowly, fairly low in the 

“What are they? We’ve 
absolutely no idea, but we 
wouldn’t rule out anything 
at this stage.** 


| New website 
„- for UFO fans 

"2 FLYING Saucer expert 
» Russ Kellett of Filey is 
■4 ^ fillin g the gap left by the 
o imminent closure of 
55 ° UFO Magazine. 

O . The publication, pro- 
0. cm* duced at Stourton, 
,, ** Leeds, lost its founder, 
S £ Graham Birdsall who 
- “ died last September and 
J; « his family has decided to 

> 2 ,-ioge jt, 

1U Mr Kellett, 40, is 

U, launching an on-line 
ec pay-to-view magazine 
2? called ufoparanormaLoom 
(ft He can be contacted 

S4 on 07901 597743, or on 
CC or 
© by post at PO Box 33, 
Filey, Y14 9 YE. 

I Encounters 

- of second, 

I third and 

? fourth kind 



LU -- 

LAST week’s Chronicle report about a 
strange craft passing over Chester has 
encouraged more UFO spotters to 
come forward. 

O Steve Culshaw and his partner Hrika 
Tetley had told how they witnessed a 
qj triangular-shaped craft, which made a 
—I humming noise, skimming the roof 
O tops of the Blacon estate on a recent 
5 Sunday evening. 

O Other people nave since been 
CC prompted to contact the newsdesk 
with similar tales of angular-shaped 
craft travelling low and slow in the 

(Jne ex-llAF serviceman, who did 
not wish to be named, believes he too 
saw the craft above Blacon on 
February 29. 

The witness said he was an 
experienced pilot who only left the Air 
Force last year. 

He said: I was travelling back from 
my parents home in Huthin, i live in 
Chester, when I saw a light in the sky. 

It was like a very bright star in the 
distance. I was probably at about 
Loggerheads ut the time. 

‘As I got quite dose to Chester 
coming down Sealand Road, it was 
not long after 11pm, 1 did see it and it 
looked very muen like an airliner but I 
didn’t see the outline of an aircraft. 

’ll was quite difficult to see what the 
shape of me vehicle was.’ continued 
the witness, who added visibility was 
not brilliant because it was misty. 

There appeared to be more lights 
than on a normal airliner and it was 
moving very slowly. It was quite low, 
possibly about 1,000 feet.’ 

‘If it was an aeroplane it must have 
been very close to dropping out of the 
sky,’ said the observer, who 
commented he would be ‘surprised’ if 
the object was anything other th'an a 
jet, but added: ‘It was definitely 
unusual, I have got to say.’ 

Another reader Jane Steven believes 
she saw the same phenomenon on a 
different occasion. 

She said: ‘I read with interest the 
article on the UFO sighting as I am 
positive I saw this same ‘aircraft’ a 
few weeks ago. As 1 was driving to my 
family’s farm between Rossett and 
Holt a very low triangular aircraft 
suddenly passed overhead. I scriouslv 
thought it was going to land in one of 
our fields. 

‘This would have been at about 7pm 
and on a week night. The thought of it 
being a UFO flicked through my mind, 
but im sure there is a more realistic 

"Sisters Helen and Jenny 
Schrimshaw, of Malpas. were 
prompted to get in touch by their 
mother Kay who read last week’s 
article and remembered her 
daughters saying they had seen a 
UFO, although she had dismissed it at 
the time: - 

Helen, 19. who works at the 
Ramada Jarvis Hotel near Chester, 
said she and her sibling were with 
three friends In the churchyard at 
Malpas in April 2002 when they 
experienced a close encounter. 

She said: ’We were sitting there until 
4am. We heard this dodgy numming 
noise. We could see these red lights. 
We had no idea what it was. By the 
noise it seemed dead close to us. 

’Then we saw it and we thought 
‘What is that’. It was a bit like a cube 
in shape. It had a square base with a 
hexagon on top. We were underneath 
it We were really scared. 

’And it was hardly moving. We 
thought it was going to land in the 
other field. I had never seen anything 
like before.’ 

Helen compared the size of the craft 
to the JodreU Bank radio telescope 
which she visited recently. And 
although she doesn't believe in ‘little 
green men’ she finds it hard to 
Imagine how it could have been 
created with existing technology. 

Her theory is the craft, which only 
Just passed above the church spire is 
'something to do with the MOD’. 

Sister Jenny. 19, a sixth former, said: 
‘It looked like a massive blue or 
purple object which flew quite low 
above the church. It had green lights 
at the back comers and a massive 
beam of red light at the front. 

'At the time people thought I was 
mad,’ she added. 

Family friend Nick Sivil. 19, of 
Malpas. a performing arts student, 
said: ‘We definitely saw a solid object, 
and it was not a plane. I really don’t 
know what I saw that night.’ 



[The following translations are all courtesy of Scott Corrales and the Institute for 
Hispanic Ufology, with translation copyright being retained. Credit for individual 
contributors will be given at the end of each article. All articles are from South 
American and other Spanish-language newspapers and media sources.] 

March 10,2004 — La Estrella delLoa, Calama, Chile — STRANGE ANIMAL DEATHS — A new series 
of animal slayings occurred in Tocopila, reviving old fears about the existence of a pitiless creature that attacks 
without leaving a trace or explanation as to how the deaths occur. Yesterday, in the B Tres Marias" sector of 
the town, located to the north of the port area, the Chupacabras legend was resurrected at the smallhold of 
Eduardo Covarrubias, where 32 farm birds were found dead. Their bodies were scattered inside the 
henhouse, which showed no signs of forced entry by trespassers or other animals from the region. 
Covarrubias made the macabre find when he went to feed his animals as he did every day, coming across the 
unpleasant scene of his lifeless hens. 

The police was immediately informed. Alarmed by the violent animal slayings, law enforcement reached 
the site swiftly, witnessing the events on the ground. Carabineros (Chilean state police) cordoned off the area 
to avoid losing evidence while bloodhounds aided in collecting the first hints that would explain this strange 
event. However, area residents blame the legendary Chupacabras, who has returned to trouble their 
nightmares, a belief substantiated by the manner in which the deaths occurred. 

It was possible to ascertain that the birds showed a single orifice on the base of their necks, having 
almost the same depth throughout their bodies. Furthermore, it was not possible to find vast quantities of 
blood on the ground despite the magnitude of the killings. Added to this was the death of the only two 
roosters, who were beheaded during the attack. 

Covarrubias was shaken by the attack, which represented an economic blow in excess of 300,000 
Chilean pesos. Research personnel conducted a thorough investigation at the site, taking some of the dead 
hens with them for more detailed tests. — CREDIT: Liliana Nunez 

March 20, 2004 — Centro de Analisis de Fenomenos Espaciales (CAFE), Merida, Yucatan, Mexico — 
While members of the CAFE group were in the town of Nolo on March 20, 2004 in preparation for the UFO 
skywatch scheduled for that day, they were approached by Nicte Ha Martin Loeza, who reported having had 
a multiple UFO sighting on March 19 at 8:17 p.m. while she was at the Haltun Ha estate in Nolo doing some 
stargazing. Suddenly she noticed four white lights racing over her head; it was clear to see they were not an 
aircraft since there were no blinking lights. She also remarked that no sounds were heard. 

The weather was completely clear and the sky could be seen perfectly, aside from being in an area where 
there is little artificial light. While she observed the movement of the lights, the third light that followed the first 
two vanished from sight and reappeared in front of the two others, Her first idea was to think that it was some 
sort of satellite, but she dismissed the possibility in view of the apparent race that the objects were engaged 
in, since the second light seemed to be catching up to the first. All of the lights vanished after being in view for 
two minutes. 

After having received this information, the Centro de Analisis de Fenomenos Espaciales checked to see if 
a satellite or satellites had crossed the heavens at that time, but none coincided with the time and trajectory 
mentioned by Nicte Ha. Therefore, the conclusion was reached that she had seen an unidentified flying object. 
— CREDIT: David Triay Lucatero 

April 3, 2004 — Centro de Analisis de Fenomenos Espaciales (CAFE), Merida, Yucatan, Mexico — On 
Saturday, April 3,2004 the Centro de Analisis de Fenomenos Espaciales conducted a UFO investigation in the 
town of Ucu, Yucatan, where several interviews were conducted to glean information about sightings in the 

The site was visited due to reports of a strange presence: triangular, zig-zagging lights in the sky and 
objects that manifest themselves. 

Arriving at the site, which is close to the city of Merida, members of CAFE visited the home of Hugo Raciel 
Luna, 24, who told us of several UFO experiences. 

Hugo began by describing his first UFO sighting. At around 4 p.m. in the month of December [2003], he 
saw a very bright light having a magnitude greater than the planet Venus. He told us that the light's brilliance 
increased and diminished for several minutes. He thought at first that it was an airliner or a satellite, but rejected 
this possibility because the object lacked the navigation lights of an aircraft He adds that there was no sound 
whatsoever and that the object did not follow a definite trajectory, meaning that it couldn't be a satellite. He 
explains that several local residents came out of their homes to see the object, amounting to 9 witnesses after 
a while. He was starting to think the object might be some planet when the light suddenly began moving 
away and vanished from sight. 

After describing this inital sighting, he has devoted more time to looking at the sky and told us that on a 
recent Sunday evening, he saw three lights over the Ucu baseball field which were approaching in a 
zigzagging motion between 11 and 12 at night. He said that in the measure that the lights approached, he 
could tell that their number increased to a total of nine in a triangular formation. Hugo says they were the size of 
the lamp on top of a streetlight and appeared to be heading from the vicinity of Celestun. 

Upon seeing this, Hugo alerted his mother and aunts and all of the locals came out of their homes--a total of 
15 witnesses on this occasion--and remained outside until 1:30 a.m., at which time the lights vanished. 

Hugo explains that during the time that the objects were visible there was neither sound nor smoke. He 
comments that there was "a lot of air in the atmosphere" [sic] and the objects were forming triangles three by 
three-the first one toward the west, the second toward the north, and the third toward the east. After several 
turns, the objects constituted a larger triangle formed by the nine lights. Once this configuration was achieved, 
they sped off in the direction of Merida. 

Researchers: Ing. David Antonio Triay Lucatero, Ing. Yeymy Gamboa Ku, Emilio Cetz Aguiar. — CREDIT: 

April 10,2004 — El Dragon Invisible and El Diarto de la Republica, San Luis, Argentina — CONCERN IN 


JIISTO DARACT —"Child hospitalized; claims he was startled by El Unudo ("The Clawed One") —SAN 
LUIS - Local residents, police and community protection brigades went in search of the elusive creature, but it 
managed to escape yet again. The child only suffered a fright. 

First it was a source of amusement and very few paid it any attention. But the fact is that since 
Wednesday night, El Unudo went on to become the main subject of conversation in (the town of] Justo Daract 
after a child was hospitalized with nervous shock after having encountered the mysterious character. 

As mentioned by this newspaper in earlier editions, the strange character drew attention when it appeared 
before some young women who work for the Community Safety Watch, one of whom fainted. In any event, 
the most serious episode involving this creature occurred on Wednesday night, when a child heading home 
from doing some errands was startled by it. 

According to the information collected, the 11 year-old boy was returning home when on the dark comer of 
Liniers and Los Andes streets in Justo Daract's Barrio Norte, he felt someone tap him on the back. Upon 
turning around, he found something or someone that frightened him considerably, terrified, the boy ran home 
screaming, alerting neighbors to the situation. They immediately came out of their homes to find out what the 
commotion was about. 

While residents of this sector, adjacent to the train station, started the search, elements of the 18th Sheriff’s 
Department combed the area as well, without positive results. 

Journalist Maura Avila of the RJDl radio station reached the scene to conduct interviews as the search 
continued. She told El Diario de la Republica the following: "I was informed that there was a great deal of 
movement in Barrio Norte, near the hospital, and we headed there just as the police arrived. We learned that El 
Unudo had appeared - a character who has gained notoriety in Justo Daract because he/it has been 
appearing for several days now, and has now terrified an 11 year-old on the comer of Liniers and Los Andes." 
(...] "Those who claim having seen El Unudo [say] that it doesn't have human form, rather an animal one, 
adding that it walks on four legs and hops, being capable of very swift movements." 

The search, conducted by residents, policemen and community watch memebrs, concentrated around the 
railroad tracks since "some claimed having seen it climb to the very top of the grain silos found there. Some 
men climbed but saw nothing abnormal. They also searched nearby wells without any results. It managed to 
escape once again." 

Regarding the child, the journalist confirmed that "he was taken to the hospital to see if he'd experienced 
any injuries, but it was made dear that he'd only suffered a good fright." 

Beyond the remarks and eyewitness accounts regarding this phenomenon, Maura Avila stated: 
"Personally, I've seen nothing at all, and I think that there isn’t much reality to it and a good deal of psychosis. 
It is true that much is being said about this character in Justo Daract, espedally among the kids, but it could be 
a case of mass hysteria." 

She added that El Unudo isn't the only weirdo being spoken about in town: "There have been other 
cases, and not only featuring this entity, and they always take place in poorly lit locations. For example, a 
naked man is believed to appear in certain areas as well. 

Avila finally added that "it is worth noting the time at which these episodes take place, that is to say, Easter 
Week. In this regard, there are those who speak of the existence of black magic cults that could be involved in 
these events." 

A resident of Barrio Norte told the Panorama Informativo radio show, hosted by Maura Avila, that what 
happened was "that a little boy was frightened and the neighbors, especially the men, ran everywhere and 
couldn't catch it, although many saw it. The kid was taken to the hospital and the entire neighborhood is 
alarmed, since this character, who I believe is known as El Unudo, has already appeared in this area twice 

The woman added that "there is very little light in the neighborhood, so let's see if the commission can do 
something about it because you can't see a thing at night. But there is a great deal of concern now because 
its not normal. It isn't a game anymore, and an end must be found to this situation." 

Many sources claimed that several police officers were able to reach the mysterious fugitive on 
Wednesday night, and were able to trap it, but in a display of tremendous strength, and because of its 
slippery body, it was able to slip away and escape with prodigious leaps and bounds. 

Sheriff Miguel Miranda of Section 18 rejected said stories, stating that "it is true that there are rumors about 
a person dressed in black, but officially we have nothing, no reports making reference to such an event. In 
any case, we have increased our patrols as a preventive measure." The police officer acknowledged having 
heard remarks that the creature “walks on four legs like an animal and hops like a kangaroo, but there is no 
evidence to corroborate such statements." 

While some alleged witnesses describe it as a mythical, almost ethereal animal, others have described it as 
a tall man, dressed in black and caped, covering his face with a mask and using gloves equipped with long, 
seemingly metallic nails -- a detail which earned him the name "The Clawed One" (El Unudo). His latest 
apparition leads to the belief that it is a person disguised with the aim of frightening the population. Added to 
this is the fact that children and teenagers in Justo Daract are fans of the *X-Men" cartoons, whose 
protagonists are mutants. One of them-Wolverine-has metallic claws as his main weapon for fighting crime. 

On the other hand, the exploits of this mysterious creature are reminiscent of others that aroused popular 
curiosity at the time. Last year, around this same date, there was talk of "The Crow" (El Cuervo), a being 
described as similar to the bird in question, while in 2002 several locals claimed having seen two individuals 
clad in white robes, and others recalled another character whose brief fame earned him the nickname "Green 
Hood" (El Encapuchado Verde), until he was identified as a mentally impaired individual. 

Most people have a predilection for fear at the level offered by a horror film. This explains the 
repercussion achieved by these strange apparitions. However, beyond the countless anecdotes that keep 
piling up, nothing proves the existence of the paranormal in these events. 

On the other hand, most people suspect that behind this situation are one or two individuals who want to 
have fun by frightening people, not dismissing the possibility that these could be deranged persons or 
practitioners of black magic or the occult in general. Some residents of Justo Daract told this newspaper that 
they knew who were the parties behind this wave of apparitions. 

Padre Fabian, parish priest in Justo Daract, dismisses the phenomenon, saying that "there are only three 
things to be said: first there isn't enough street lighting in Justo Daract. Therefore, at night one sees not only 
clawed ones, but also dinosaurs, sea serpents and other things, espedally when there’s a psychosis afoot. 
Secondly, if a prankster is involved, he will be apprehended at any time by the authorities, since the police 
force is on alert. Finally, if it is a supernatural force, it would evidently be some game of the Devil to confound 
people, since at this time of the year their attention should be fixed on Christ. Of course, you can add the 
psychological element to all this, especially in small towns and cities." — CREDIT: Mario Luis Bracamonte and 
Carlos lurchuk 


April 11, 2004 — El Diario de la Republica, San Luis, Argentina — SEARCH FOR “CLAWED ONE" 
CONTINUES — "Strange character who frightened boy, young women has not been found" — SAN LUIS 
— It all began a few weeks ago when some young women left school around 23:00 hours and came across 
someone described as "dressed in black, masked, with long nails" who climbed deftly up the main flagpole in 
Pringles Plaza, causing terror among the students. 

Almost simultaneously it was said that a person involved with the Community Watch program saw the 
strange entity in an open field between the Pringles Club soccer field and the Libertario Ferrari neighborhood, 
while other ladies claimed having seen it climbing up trees in the Juan Esteban Pedemera square of the Barrio 
331 Viviendas neighborhood. 

Remarks began to spread despite the fact that no formal complaint had been made, according to 
authorities of the local sheriffs office. Some locals said that the authorities had indeed been apprised of the 
strange phenomenon, accepting that the stories indeed existed. 

Up to this moment, the descriptions of the persons who claimed having been startled in the dark involved 
a somewhat tall person wearing a mask and who appeared to have horns; subsequent acounts changed its 
size, although descriptions of its agility of movement remained the same in all accounts. 

Little by little, the intrigue increased along with the collective psychosis, and manifestations of "El Unudo" 
(The Clawed One) took place in a variety of neighborhoods, times and with other circumstances and 

Reliable official sources said that on the evening of April 5th, there were joint operations involving police 
and community watch personnel to the south of the llusion and Libertario Ferrari neighborhoods, where some 
claimed having seen the sinister character near a soccer field. 

"It jumped over the barbed wire fences with remarkable agility and moved with such long strides that it 
appeared to be floating on air, and was impossible to reach," said some witnesses to the enigmatic apparition, 
while adding that the chase and tracking were fruitless. 

That same night, others claimed having seen the now "small" character in the Jardin Ferroviario 
neighborhood to the south of the city and in 62 Viviendas to the southeast of the urban radius, 

Tuesday night was restful, since no one reported encounters with "El Unudo" the next day, but 
Wednesday the 7th caused the most comment and terrified many people, unleashing mass hysteria: an 1 1 
year-old boy from Barrio Norte went into shock after the sinister creature of the night tapped him on the 
shoulder and showed his terrifying face to him. 

The boy was treated and released from the "Ernesto Pompeo Borsani" hospital. But it was precisely this 
medical center that became the source of the rumors, since it is said that a nurse, a doctor and an ambulance 
driver, along with security personnel on site, caught a fleeting glimpse of the night creature, causing panic in 
some of the witnesses. 

The authorities were informed immediately and a patrol car reached the site, but nothing could be gleaned 
except for the considerable fright experienced by some witnesses, particularly the nurse. Another guard did 
not deny this event occured; on the contrary, he said that the Police had been phoned and that nothing was 
found. Further details were unavailable since "everyone here was really scared." 

A truck driver living dose to the Pringles Club's stadium also claimed having seen the character appear 
over the wall of this building and although this has not been ascertained, he fired some shots at "El Unudo", 
who seemed immune. A subsequent inspection of the site with a flashlight showed no signs of the apparition. 

"It has an ape-like appearance, standing no more than 1.20 meters, and leaves footprints similar to those 
of a goat." This is what some who daim having seen the creature are saying after having witnessed it climbing 
the flagpole at Plaza Pringles, the Pringles soccer field and the cereal silos in the vicinity of Barrio Norte. This 
apparition is linked to a young woman who was riding her bicyde back to her home in barrio Libertario Ferrari 
around 3 o'dock in the morning on Friday, April 8th. She saw a strange character jumping from rooftop to 
rooftop in the 331 Viviendas neighborhood. 

Frightened, the young woman pedalled back to the bus station, some 10 blocks distant, to take the bus 
and return home in tears, as was seen by the very same employees of the bus stop who attended to the 
young lady. 

Large and with a mask and horns; small and apelike, black or brown, with a nude upper torso and covered 
with tattoos; walking upright or on four legs; leaving goat-shaped hoofprints; climbing trees, pipelines or metal 
silos; jumping over wire fences and large lagoons, swift and elusive — these are the descriptions that have 
been given of the sadly notorious Unudo who has captured the public’s attention and caused fear in most — 
CREDIT: Mario Luis Bracamonte and Carlos lurchuk 

April 23, 2004 — El Diario de la Republica, San Luis, Argentina — EL UNUDO MANIFESTATIONS 
CONTINUE IN JUSTO DARACT — "Locals Claim "El Unudo" still wanders through the night** — The 
bothersome and disquieting manifestations of "El Unudo" (The Clawed One) have become more sporadic but 
have not vanished altogether, according to eyewitness accounts from residents of Justo Daract, who claim that 
the night stiH belongs to this elusive character. 

Everyone believed that the strange phantom would vanish with the passing of Easter, but this has not 
been the case. Some claim having seen it under different guises. 

It was thus that two persons were in the offices of the ADAD organization, located in Barrio 331 
Viviendas, and noticed a being descending from the rooftop of a nearby building, while others claimed having 
seen a similar apparition near the swimming pool of Public school No. 16 in the center of town and in locations 
adjacent to said school. The witnesses have been a community watchman and a young stalwart from the 
Pringles soccer team. 

Nearby Villa Salles allegedly witnessed a similar creature last Monday night, spreading panic as has 
occurred in early events. 

What no longer coincide are the descriptions of the creature’s shape and the color of its attire: it is now 
being described as small and dark, brown or black, and at other times taller and dressed in white. The strange 
and improbable character seems to be affiliated to some transportation company, since nocturnal travel by 
night using hired cars has increased significantly, according to half-humorous remarks. Many people in Daract, 
especially women, now avoid walking the streets after dark. 

On Wednesday, police officers in Justo Daract acknowledge having received reports of a similar event in 
Villa Mercedes. These accounts state that an undefined figure had been seen by some persons in the Ciudad 
Jardin neighborhood in the city's northwestern corner, bordering the Serranias Puntanas Highway. 

"We were told that some persons had seen a kind of shadow in that area, which has little light at night. 
Knowing that we were dealing with apparitions here in Justo Daract, they called us for advice. In any event, 
we must make it clear that there is nothing that attests to the veracity of this phenomenon from a police 
perspective," said police sources. — CREDIT: Mario Luis Bracamonte 

April 25, 2004 — El Diario de Araucania, Temuco, Chile — MORE MUTILATED ANIMALS — **Animal 
remains were a horrifying spectacle** — A family in Collipulli is going through hard times after having 
discovered remains of twelve hens kept locked in a henhouse beside their home. 

"This looks abnormal," said Orlando Coronado, still profoundly disturbed by the macabre spectacle that 
revealed itself before his eyes in the early hours of yesterday morning, and which affected his household 
located at Agromedo 807 in this city. 

"I don't understand what happened, i opened the chicken coop like I do every day to feed my birds, and 
I'm faced with this. All of the hens were dead. Some were headless, others were missing their legs and the 
strangest thing is that there wasn't a drop of blood. I really don't understand how they were slain, or exactly 
what happened." 

There are two fierce dogs in the Coronado backyard, but neither of them barked. As for himself and his 
family, they heard nothing, in spite of the fact that the master bedroom isn’t very far from the henhouse. "We 
heard no sounds at all, nothing." 

"I keep my hens under lock and key every evening, so there's no explanation. We don't know what 
happened and we don't understand it," he said, showing the dozen or so dead and exsanguinated birds. 

The event caused a stir among Collipulli’s inhabitants. Word spread immediately that a "Chupacabras" 
attack had taken place, attributing the event to the legendary contemporary character to whom hundreds of 
similar attacks throughout Latin America have been blamed. 

A less sensational explanation involves a mink, a foreign species that has caused serious losses to 
residents of the Aysen region after having been introduced there a few years ago. — CREDIT: Liliana Nunez 

April 27, 2004 — El Tribuno, Salta, Argentina — LA POMA: ANOTHER SIGHTING IN THE 
CHALCHAQUI VALLEYS — ***Shepherds Feared UFO Abduction*** — **!t was an intense light that 
suddenly began moving and stopped above us. I thought it would whisk us away** — The terrifying story 
was told by Julio Rafael Espinosa, 39, a farmer of the La Poma region, who, two weeks ago - in the company 
of his two sons and an elderly shepherdess -- witnessed one of so many luminous apparitions at Quebrada 
de Orozco, some 20 kilometers away from the aforementioned community in the Chalchaqui Valleys. 

"On that night, around 20:30, we were waiting on National Highway 40, which links La Poma to San 
Antonio de los Cobres, for the merchandise truck that passes by a few times a week bringing novelties with it 
and supplies," the man recalled as he hugged one of his sons. Espinoza added: "We were with my two boys, 
ages 6 and 9, and with Grandma Braulia, 82, a sheperdess who is a neighbor of our stand in the Sauzalito 
area, when suddenly, a luminous object appeared out of the slopes of the Nevado de Cachi, flying at low 
altitude and zigzagging." 

According to the humble farmer's testimony, the large object's luminosity increased and diminished in the 
measure that it approached the point where the group observed the phenomenon at the edge of the road, 
surrounded by the mountainous massifs of La Poma. Espinoza says that they were perplexed and nearly 
frozen by the situation until the UFO stood over their heads, which was the time of greatest luminous intensity 
emanating from the vehicle. "It lasted only an instant. It was motionless in the air, some fifty meters above us 
and its white light would become yellowish. It had no shape... it was like an enormous, refulgent mass," he 

The shepherd said that after a few seconds, the object lost itself swiftly among the northern hills in the 
vicinity of the location known as Punta del Agua. “The UFO came from the area of La Poma and the entire 
event lasted some three minutes, from the moment it appeared, stood over us, and vanished. After that, we 
remained waiting for the truck, didn't say anything to anybody, and left. The next day Grandma Brautia told me 
that that wasn't the first time she’d seen a similar phenomenon in the area. Before that I thought I was the only 
one who had seen so many flying objects. However, many more locals have witnessed this phenomenon," 
the man said. 

Espinosa, a privileged eyewitness to this new sighting, had already witnessed similar events, such as 
one last December as he travelled in the company of six people aboard a bus on the Tin Tin highway. On 
that occasion, he managed to see lights similar to those of a UFO on the ground in the middle of Los Cardones 
National Park. But on that occasion, Espinoza claims having seen some aliens descending from the craft and 
who appeared to be taking samples of the soil or shrubs growing in the region. 

Somewhat more confidently, Espinosa dared to reflect that "this area appears to be used by these 
strange devices as a passageway to the Cordilleran region, because it’s surrounded by large massifs and the 
basin of the Chalchaqui River could serve as permanent means of communication toward the Andes." — 
CREDIT: Gloria Coluchi 

April 27, 2004 — El Once Digital and La Calle Online, Entre Rios, Argentina — IS THERE A 
LOBIZON IN OUR CITY? — A story that some people took with good humor and which created anxiety 
among others gave rise to a state of general unrest--and a desire to know the truth-regarding the being that 
has kept the community on tenterhooks. 

It is said that a person with a deformed face, an out-of-proportion body, about the size of a calf and with 
extremely red eyes, has terrified an Important sector of the city's northwestern quarter. 

The strange apparition comes about at night, has been seen by some people and at least two of them had 
been hospitalized in a state of shock in our city's medical center, according to some residents. 

Without going any further, our newsroom received a phone call yesterday complaining about a similar 
situation, since an elderly man had a shocking experience when this entity appeared before him as he rode his 

The story is strange and it is a fact that several employees of the meat packing plant located in the city's 
northwestern sector have expressed a certain fear of running into the strange "lobizon." 


CREDIT: Gloria Coluchi 


REVIEW, Lake Oswego, OR - March 11,2004 

Bigfoot has a toe-hold locally? 

Editor’s note: For the last few 
months, a team of Lake Oswego 
Review and West Linn Tidings 
writers and correspondents has 
worked to put together stories 
for our annual Perspective mag¬ 
azine. The stories were all based 
on the general theme: ' Amazing 
But True." 

Inside today’s newspaper, 
readers will find the culmination 
of that effort: 104 pages filled 
with stories about people in 
Lake Oswego and West Linn who 
have had or done something out 
of the ordinary. 

Fifteen writers crafted 25 sto¬ 
ries for the special section. In 
addition, we have combed the 
archives for unusual stories from 
the past. Finally, we asked our 
readers to submit some interest¬ 
ing tales of their own: While we 
were unable to include all of 
these, we tried to give a good 
representation of their com¬ 

We hope you will enjoy the 
offerings of the 2004 
Perspective. It represents some 
hard work by a group of people 
interested in sharing some 
"amazing" stories with the com¬ 

— Martin Forbes 

Review Editor 

By Staff Reporter Scott Hammers 

T here is a highway run¬ 
ning through Lake 
Oswego and West Linn. 
An invisible highway, 
lined not with service stations 
but with roots and berries and 
crawfish to fuel the journey of 
those who travel along it. 

Travelers who do not cloak 
themselves in tons of steel, rub¬ 
ber and glass, but instead go 
naked. They travel by foot. Big 

The highway is the Tualatin 
River. But if those who study it 
are correct, it may as well be 
called the Bigfoot Expressway. 

Thom Powell, a Clackamas 
County resi¬ 
dent, junior 
school sci- 

See BIG¬ 
Page A2 

ence teacher, and author of “The Locals: A 
Contemporary Investigation of the 
Bigfoot/Sasquatch Phenomenon ,” has never 
seen a Bigfoot, He’s a skeptic. But in years of 
research, he’s convinced there’s no reason the 
creature :— if it exists — could not freely 
roam up and down the Tualatin River. As 
Powell sees it, the river is a natural migration 
route for animals traveling back and forth 
between the Coast Range and the Cascades. 
Given the elusive and nocturnal tendencies 
attributed to the Bigfoot, as well as the heav¬ 
ily wooded ravines that crisscross the area, a 
large and intelligent animal could go all but 

“All bets are off at night,” Powell said. 
“We are absolutely not inhabitants of the 
landscape at night, so whatever’s inhabiting 
it, we have no awareness of it, we can’t do 
anything about it, and we absolutely can’t 
document it.” 

But Bigfoot sightings have been docu¬ 
mented locally., a Web 
site maintained by Eugene-based researchers 
Bob and Autumn Williams, collects witness 
reports from people who claim to have 
encountered a Bigfoot. Their site features 
three reports submitted by local residents. 

A report from sometime between the 
1950’s to early 1960’s recounts the experi¬ 
ence of a young boy living near Boones Ferry 
Road in Lake Grove. The boy was with his 
brother in the attic of the family home when 
they spotted an apelike face ringed with 
white hair looking at them through a window 
nine feet off the ground. The report con¬ 

The two boys fled down the ladder to the 
ground floor and hid in the shower until their 
father returned. The ape was gone and their 
mother, and their mother, a deeply religious 
Southern Baptist, was convinced they had 

seen the devil. 

Fast forward to June 1987. A couple living 
on Troon Drive, atop the hill overlooking 
Marylhurst University, are settling down to 
sleep when a warbling scream came wafting 
through their open windows. The noise 
seemed to be coming from a cul-de-sac 
downhill from the couple’s home, a popular 
make-out spot for local high schoolers. 
Concerned that a young girl had gotten in 
over her head, the husband put on his clothes 
and went down to investigate: 

I ran down to the cul-de-sac (approx. 200 
yards) and The Sound was now clearer. There 
were no cars, and no teenagers. It seemed to 
be coming from an area ofgreenbelt heavy in 
brush, blackberry bushes and Douglas Firs. 
The screams stopped after about 4 to 5 min¬ 
utes. The Police arrived and I told them about 
the screams and they flashed some lights 

tcantinuad on otae 18 ) 

(continued from page 17-REVIEW, Lake Oswego, OR • March 11,2004) 

around, and said they’d check it out. 

At midnight on July 12, 1995, a man and 
his dog were near the Willamette River in the 
Willamette area of West Linn: 

Along a sewage stream with brambles and 
swamp off the freeway, lit by arc streetlights, 
he saw a large white creature moving around. 
It kept bobbing up and down in different 
locations, and seemed to just be looking at 
him, moving around to different places 100- 
200feet away. It was about 7 foot high, had 
three-inch long white dirty hair, head the 
shape of a big dome. 

The sightings don’t end there, according 
to one local man. An amateur Bigfoot track¬ 
er, the man is now maintaining a low profile 
in order to protect his family’s privacy, and 
requested his name not appear in print. Like 
Powell, he subscribes to the river-as-highway 
theory, and maintains it’s easy for clever ani¬ 
mals to hide in the city, noting a cougar that 
lives on the south side of West Linn. 

The man knows of two additional local 
sightings, both within the last three to four 
years. In the first, a local siding installer was 
fishing with friends on the Tualatin River, 
near the low-head dam about three-and-a- 
half miles upstream from the Willamette. 

Across the river, on the south side, they 
saw an ape-like creature crouched in the 
reeds, using its hand to scoop water into its 
mouth. The men took pictures with a dispos¬ 
able camera — their prints were “pretty 
indistinct,” said the anonymous fnan, but 
“with the right equipment, you could proba¬ 
bly do something.” 

The second sighting involves what the 
anonymous man calls a “pretty stable kid” 
who shot a video of a suspected Bigfoot near 
Wanker’s Comer. The video is less than per¬ 
fect, he says, but the boy’s recollection of the 
event has convinced him the tape is not a 

“The young man would have had to do 
tons of research over many years to come up 
with some details that are generally known 
only to enthusiasts,” he said. 

Both men are sure there are more sight¬ 
ings out there than have been reported. Many 
people, the anonymous man included, keep 
their encounters to themselves for years, 
fearful they’ll be branded as delusional. 

“If a person sees one of these things, the 
typical pattern is they’ll sit on it for six 
months to six years, then they’ll go, ‘uh-oh, I 
gotta find out,”’ said the anonymous man. 

Trying to “find out” often leads to more 
questions than answers. Even among those 
who believe Bigfoot exists, there’s no con¬ 
sensus as to what it might be. Many believe 
it’s a relative of modern apes, 
Gigantopithecus blackii, a towering southeast 
Asian primate that went extinct — maybe — 
around 300,000 years ago. Lesser-circulated 
theories hold that it is something altogether 
different from any other animal, a creature 
capable of altering its own physical form and 
vanishing into thin air. 

Powell is of the opinion that any real-life 
Bigfoot is likely a Hominid, the scientific 
classifications for all animals on the 

“human” side of man’s evolutionary diver¬ 
gence from the ancestors of modem apes, an 
event believed to have occurred some 15 to 
30 million years ago. 

“Neanderthals may not be as extinct as we 
think,” he said. 

The anonymous local man says he would¬ 
n’t be a researcher, let alone a believer, if not 
for his own experiences. 

“It’s an interesting phenomenon. But the 
bottom line is you have no bones, no bodies, 
and no reputable, good photographs except 
for the Bluff Creek one,” he said. 

The Bluff Creek photographs come from 
the 16-mm movie shot in 1967 by Roger 
Patterson near Bluff Creek, Calif. The validi¬ 
ty of the film has been in question ever since 
it became public, and definitive answers have 
eluded both skeptics and believers. 

Perhaps the truth will never be known. But 
the question of just what, if anything, is out 
there goes back far further than 1967. 
Powell’s interviews with Native Americans 
on nearby reservations have unearthed stories 
of “stick Indians,” a lost Native American 
tribe bearing an uncanny resemblance to the 
modem Bigfoot legend. 

And their stories speak to a local connec¬ 
tion, a long-lingering dispute over fishing 
rights at the base of Willamette Falls. 

“Native American lore holds that they 
would fish the east side of the falls and 
avoid the west side, because they believed it 
was the domain of the hairy man,” Powell 

STATESMAN JOURNAL, Salem, OR - April 25,2004 

Author chases visions 

On Valentine’s Day of 1994, 
Randall Sullivan sat down at his 
home in Portland and picked up 
The Oregonian. 

Reading a newspaper was 
something Sullivan did every 
day, as is true of many of us. 

But this time, Sullivan read 
about something that would take 
him not only halfway around the 
world but almost out of this 
world. He read an account of a 
vision of the Virgin Mary — a 
vision that took place in a dilapi¬ 
dated trailer home in Boardman 
in northeast Oregon. 

The story intrigued him, espe¬ 
cially the part about how many 
people came to see the vision 
and how many of them claimed 
they saw it. 

The glowing figure appeared 
in the comer of a landscape 
painting on a bedroom wall. 

Sullivan went to northeast 
Oregon to talk to the witnesses, 
and that was the beginning of a 
long journey that took him to the 
Vatican and to the miniscule vil¬ 
lage of Medjugorje in Bosnia- 
Herzegovina. The trail of visions 
led him back to America, to 
Scottsdale, Ariz. 

For eight years, he 
researched and studied and 
talked to people. The story of his 
journey and his search is told in 
“The Miracle Detective.” 

This book is an examination of 
religious ecstasy, of illusion, of 
truth — objective and subjective. 
Ultimately, it is a discussion of 
what the word “miraculous” 

This book isn’t a hymn of 
praise to anyone or anything. 
Sullivan quotes those who 

Dan Hays 

Northwest Books 

'The Miracle Detective: An 
Investigation of Holy 

AUTHOR: Randall Sullivan 
PUBLISHER: Atlantic Monthly, New 
York; 2004; 450 pages; ISBN 0- 
FORMAT: Hardbound 
COST: $25 

AVAILABLE AT: Borders, Escape 
Fiction, Jackson’s Books, The 
Willamette Store 

believe with honesty and open¬ 
ness. What is considered here is 
intensely Roman Catholic, but 
one can extrapolate to a large 
number of truths from the mate¬ 
rial the author provides. 

Whatever one might think 
about visions of the Virgin Mary, 
it cannot be denied that many of 
the people Sullivan met believe 
with all their hearts. Some of the 
priests he describes are fasci¬ 
nating. Almost everyone he tells 
us about is drawn with such 
pure wording as to make them 
seem real. 

Sullivan is aware that search¬ 
es often become living creatures 
and that what you find may not 
only be something different than 



An IrtvtitliQatt&D Q? Holy Visions 

Hand ail Sullivan 

what you thought you were seek¬ 
ing, but something you did not 
want to find. 

Sullivan’s journey is a reli¬ 
gious one, a Christian one. But 
what happened on that journey 
and what it might mean to peo¬ 
ple of all—or no — faiths makes 
this book unique and valuable. 

If you want to talk to Sullivan, 
he’ll be signing copies of the 
book at 7:30 p.m. on May 3 at 
Powell’s City of Books, 1005 W 
Burnside in Portland. Call: (800) 

MAIL TRIBUNE, Medford. OR - April 4,2004 

Bigfoot lives 

“Dispelling the myth of Bigfoot” by 
Paul Fattig left an impression that the 
Bigfoot phenomenon is now surely 
dead because of recent events. That 
impression can be best summarized by 
the famous Mark Twain quote, “The 
rumors of my demise have been greatly 

The carved wooden feet the Wallace 
family produced to support their claim 
that Wallace was Bigfoot at the 1958 
work site don’t hold up to scrutiny. 
There were three separate sized tracks 
found, casts were made and the carved 
feet match none of the casts in size and 

People attempting to wear the feet 
and make tracks find it to no avail. 
Their size makes them work like 
snowshoes and won’t let anyone sink to 
produce a track, even in soft soil. 

When looking at interviews, past and 
present, and comparing them to what’s 
in Greg Long’s book, “The Making of 
Bigfoot,” there are numerous 
contradictions about the suit and more 
The long list of names of those claimini 
to have worn a Bigfoot suit in the film 
dates back to when the film was 
released; there is nothing new here. 

You’ll find modem researchers 
online at and; it’s a whole 
.new world.—Sam Saladino, Medford 


EASTERN OKLAHOMA COUNTY TODAY, Oklahoma City, OK - March 4,2004 

Big Foot sighted by OK resident? 


CNHI News Service 

TAHLEQUAH (CNHI) — Bigfoot in Pumpkin Hollow? 

Several weeks ago, a young Tahlequonian presented a 
photo he said his mother shot in the Pumpkin Hollow area, 
and that it plainly showed what could only be identified as 
Bigfoot him/herself, right smack-dab in the middle of the pic¬ 

After some investigation, we have to admit that the aber¬ 
ration in the photograph - while not clearly identifiable as 
Bigfoot - isn’t really identifiable as anything besides Bigfoot 

Of course, it could be a scratch on the lens of a camera or 
a speck of dust on the film or any number of other technical 
explanations. But we can’t rule out the possibility that it just 
might, inaybe — within the realm of all possibilities — real¬ 
ly be a hairy, upright-walking creature that is commonly 
known as “Bigfoot.” 

If it isn’t Bigfoot in the picture, what the heck — no harm 

But if it is Bigfoot, or a variant thereof, it wouldn’t be the 
first one allegedly sighted in these parts. 

According to the Aug. 3, 1990, edition of the Tahlequah 
Daily Press, a Bigfoot sighting on the east side of Eldon Hill 
was reported to the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department on 
Aug. 1 of that year. 

“We kind of shook our heads when we got the call but the 
lady sounded serious,” Jack Goss, then a sheriff's investiga¬ 
tor, was reported as saying. “She said Bigfoot was in her back 
yard. We thought she might have seen a bear but she was real¬ 
ly sure that it wasn’t. She said it was hairy and stank really 

. The story also cites then-and-now Cherokee County 
Undersheriff Dan Garber, who said several residents in the 
area had reported similar sightings and that several calves and 
sheep had been reported missing in the area. 

“I’ve known other areas to get calls like this but this is the 
first time we’ve heard anything like this in Cherokee 
County,” Garber said in the 1990 story. 

On Monday this week, Garber said he remembered that 
incident fairly well. 

“It caused quite a commotion for about a week,” he said. 
“The people from the national Bigfoot organization called up 
and said, ‘If you hear of any other sightings, let us know.’” 

The national organization to which Garber referred is the 
Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization and, according to 
their Web site, the 1990 Eldon incident is a “Class A” sight¬ 

According to that Web site: “Class A reports involve clear 
sightings, in circumstances where misinterpretation or 
misidentification of other animals can be ruled out with 
greater confidence. There are few footprint cases that are very 
well-documented. Those are considered Class A reports as 
well, because misidentification of common animals can be 
confidently ruled out, thus the potential for misinterpretation 
is very low.” 

The Web site states that Cherokee County Sheriff’s 
Deputy Joe Weavel investigated the sighting and found foot 
impressions big enough to place both his feet in. It also states 
that two days after the initial report, an 8-year-old girl and 
her mother described a similar creature rummaging through a 
trash pile near their house. 

“Their dog chased it but returned with its tail between its 
legs. The creature was described as 8 feet tall with dark 
brown frizzy hair and similar to a bear, except that it was 
described as walking upright,” states the BFRO report. 

Since 1990, there haven’t been any other sightings — until 

Of course, if Bigfoot really does live in the woods of 
Cherokee County, it seems reasonable to assume that the per¬ 
son most likely to see him (or her) would be someone who 
spends a lot of time out in those woods. 

That someone would be Oklahoma Game Warden Brady 

A TahlequafKirea resident claims to have taken a photo of Bigfoot, or some 
similarly large, hairy creature. (CNHI/Tahlequah Daily Press) 


May, however, has never seen Bigfoot. But he has seen a 
couple of bears. In fact, May said 1990 was during a several- 
year-long period in which bear sightings were common in 
Cherokee County. Most of the bears in Oklahoma are in the 
southeastern part of the state but young males are often run 
out of normal mating areas by older, larger males. 

“It’s not uncommon for our department to go to an area 
where there’s a nuisance bear complaint, trap it and release 
it,” said May. “It wouldn’t be uncommmon for someone to see 
one around here.” 

Still, the 1990 Eldon Bigfoot sighting is (at least in 
Bigfoot parlance) a “Class A” event, and according to the 
BFRO Web site, “Several reports near this area (have been 
made) since the early ‘70s, also possible reports near Peggs, 
Okla., northwest of Tahlequah, Okla.” 

According to Garber, regardless of whether Bigfoot is a 
Cherokee County resident, the terrain is definitely conducive 
to such sightings. 

“One thing that always seems to be consistent in these 
sightings,” he said, “is they always seem to be in wooded 
areas where an animal could move around undetected. You 
don’t get many sightings in Arizona, or Enid for that matter. I 
mean, how many Bigfoot sightings do you hear of in Enid?” 

Eddie Glenn is a Tahlequah Daily Press staff writer. 

USA TODAY, Washington, DC - Feb. 12,2004 

Mysterious fires hit Italian town 

Unexplained fires have been flaring up in a Sicilian 
village. For almost a month in Canneto di Caronia, 
electrical appliances and wiring have burst into 
flames, said Giuseppe Maschio, an expert looking into 
the problem for the Civil Defense Agency. At least one 
house was damaged, he said. The utility company cut 
power to the town after the first reports, but the fires 
continued. Catholic exorcist Gabriele Amorth blamed 
Satan, Maschio said he was looking into whether an 
electromagnetic disturbance could be the cause. 

By Smita P. Nordwall with wire reports 


MAIL TRIBUNE, Medford, OR - April 4,2004 

Off the 
Beaten Path 



v !Rh' 

• tn • C . , we Jen 

m Bigioot 
rebut claim 
that it’s fake 

A s Sherlock Holmes often told 
Dr. Watson, the game is afoot. 

In this case, we’re talking re¬ 
ally wild game with really big feet. 

Last week, slipping headlong on 
the banana peel of poor judgment, I 
wrote a column about Bigfoot. 

Talk about 

stepping in it p au | 

Those who fol- c-hj- 

low the Bigfoot rauig 

path were not at 
all amused by 

But I won’t say 
they went ape. 

Promise. Yet 
they definitely 
went bananas. 

Most indi¬ 
cated it didn’t 

take a Sherlock Qff fog 

the'trafl of dues' 
left by Bigfoot ▼ 

over the years. 

And they were quick to point out 
that I was definitely no Sherlock. 

The seemingly innocent news 
hook was that a retired fellow from 
Yakima, Wash., had announced that 
he had donned a big monkey suit to 
star in the famous Roger Patterson 
film shot of an alleged Sasquatch 
along Bluff Creek, Calif., in October 
1967. His confession is in “The Mak¬ 
ing of Bigfoot,” a new book by para¬ 
normal investigator Greg Long. 

Following the slippery slope of 
Bigfoot doubters, the column noted 
that when retired logger Ray Wal¬ 
lace of Centralia, 

Wash., died at age 
84 late in 2002, his 
son, Michael Wal¬ 
lace, had told The 
Seattle Times that 
his father was the 
one who started the 
modem Bigfoot leg- 

<fr Kjker^ T ^ ie senio1 * Wal ' 

* ‘ lace was a practical 

joker and had left 
large footprints at a logging site in 
Humboldt County, Calif., by strap¬ 
ping on a pair of 16-inch carved 
wooden feet on an August morning 
in 1958 before the rest of the crew ar¬ 
rived, his son said. 

Finally, I mentioned that while 
setting chokers during the summer 
of1968 in the Bluff Creek drainage, 
two choker-setters I worked with 
had told me they had contributed to 
the Sasquatch lore the previous year 
by making big footprints in the dusty 
log landing and tossing equipment 
over the side of the landing. Bluff 
Creek is about 50 miles south of 
Happy Camp. 

Like I said, the Bigfoot true believ¬ 
ers out there found it abominable. 

Several noted that the U.S. Army 
Corps of Engineers has stated that it 
is “not unlikely” that Bigfoot exists. 
Scientists have even dubbed it Gi- 
gantopithecus americana, they 

Consider the lengthy e-mail from 
Daryl Colyer who describes himself 
as a Texas field investigator for the 

or joker? 

Bigfoot Field Researchers Organi¬ 

“Let me state that the BFRO is 
convinced there is indeed an undoc¬ 
umented, elusive hominid, probably 
a primate, that dwells, albeit in 
small numbers, in the remote por¬ 
tions of North America,” he began. 
“In addition to the mounds of anec¬ 
dotal evidence based on literally 
thousands of credible eyewitness 
accounts through many decades, 
physical evidence continues to accu¬ 

That includes hair, tracks, possi¬ 
ble nests and vocalizations heard, 
he added. 

“There are certain characteristics 
of bigfoot, learned through observa¬ 
tion of the animal, that promote the 
creature’s survival wherever it may 
dwell, and may provide an answer as 
to why, to our knowledge, hunters 
have not killed one,” he continued. 

His group believes the creature is 
extremely intelligent, nocturnal, no¬ 
madic and has a healthy fear of hu¬ 

When it came to the Patterson 
film, he pointed to what he says are 
flexing muscles. 

“When I watch the footage, details 
digitally augmented, it is evident to 
me that a costume of1967 could in no 
way simulate the definition of the 
creature’s latissimus dorsi, quadri- i 
ceps, gastrocnemius, trapezius and , 
gluteal muscles,” he wrote. “These 
muscles are all quite clearly flexing 
as the animal attempts to flee.” 

Then there was Jon-Erik Beck- 
jord, director of the Bigfoot Investi¬ 
gation Project in Berkeley, Calif. 

The group has been researching the 
big fellow for 28 years, he noted. 
Echoing the sentiments of his 
like-minded believer in Texas, 
Beckjord says the Patterson 
film could npt'be a hoax. 

Beckjord iites a college pro¬ 
fessor at Idaho State University 
who says that a natal cleft is ob¬ 
vious in the film. The bottom 
line, so to speak, is that the crea¬ 
ture has a butt crack, unlike 
someone in a costume, Beck¬ 
jord said. 

Moreover, citing training 
which includes film analysis at 
the U.S. Air Force Academy, 
Beckjord believes a female re¬ 
productive organ and an anus 
can also be seen. 

“... only those with a fine eye 
for detail will immediately see 
these last two features,” he said. 

But he figures the natal cleft 
alone is enough to crack the 
hoax case. 

On a lighter note, there was 
the e-mail from a wise old friend 
who remains open minded 
about the Bigfoot question. He 
submitted a few lines from a 
Wendell Berry poem in which 
the poet quotes his daughter: 

“Ihope there’s an animal 
somewhere that nobody has 

And I hope nobody ever sees 

You can reach Paul Fattig 
at 77 6-4496 or e-mail him at 

i Truth is out about Bigfoot 

(LAT) — Now it can be told: Bigfoot isn't real. 

S So says Bob Heironimus, a retired Pepsi bottler from 
d Yakima, Wash., who reveals to the Reliable Source that he 
5 donned a gorilla costume and appeared in the famous grainy 
g' film clip that helped fuel the Bigfoot craze in 1967 and is 
g 1 studied by Bigfoot, Sasquatch and Yeti investigators to this 
“i day. 

^ “It's time people knew it was a hoax,” Heironimus told us. 
Z “It's time to let this thing go. I've been burdened with this for 
uj 36 years, seeing the film clip on TV numerous times. 

< Somebody's making lots of money off this, except for me. But 
w that's not the issue _ the issue is that it's time to finally let 
people know the truth.” 

' Heironimus, 63, makes his full “confession,” as he calls it, 
in a just-published book by paranormal investigator Greg 
Long, “The Making of Bigfoot.” Long spent four years inves¬ 
tigating the 60-second film clip and the people behind it. He 
traces the shaggy Bigfoot costume to a North Carolina gorilla 
suit specialist, Philip Morris, who says he sold it for $435 to 
an amateur documentary maker named Roger Patterson 
(who died in 1972). The hoax was staged near Bluff Creek in 
Northern California, according to Heironimus. 

“Patterson was the cameraman,” Long tells us. “They 
made a gentleman's agreement that Bob would get in the 
suit and walk in front of the camera for $1,000.” 

But, Heironimus says, “I was never paid a dime for that, 
no sir,” and adds, “Sure I want to make some money. I feel 
that after 36 years I should get some of it.” 

Backers of the Bigfoot legend include primatologist Jane 
Goodall, who was in Silver Spring, Md., last week to tout a 
new chimpanzee documentary airing this month on 
Discovery Communications' Animal Planet network. Too 
busy to comment herself, Goodall authorized an aide, Nona 
Gandelman, to tell us she has read “countless books” about 
Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Chinese wild men and other crea¬ 
tures. “She's spoken to people whom she respects who say 
they have seen one of these hominids,” said Gandelman, “and 
to many other people she respects who have heard .strange 
calls they thought were made by Bigfoot. As a scientist, she 
has a very open mind about this and has yet to close the door 
on the possibili ty.” 

Bigfoot researcher John Green, a retired Canadian jour¬ 
nalist, says the book doesn't disprove the existence of the 
mysterious beast. “It's all (expletive),” he told us. “There are 
going to be libel actions flying.” 

Tom Malone, a lawyer in Minneapolis, called us Friday on 
behalf of Bob Gimlin, associate of the now-dead Bigfoot 
filmmaker. “I'm authorized to tell you that nobody wore a 
gorilla suit or monkey suit and that Mr. Gimlin's position is 
that it's absolutely false and untrue.” 

And the mystery lives on ...