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JULY 26-30,1982 




SIGGRAPH '82 Call for Papers 

Ninth Annual Conference on Computer 
Graphics and Interactive Techniques 
July 26-30, 1982 
Boston, Massachusetts 

Sponsored by the Association for 
Computing Machinery Special Interest 
Group on Computer Graphics 

Due Dates 

300 Word Abstract 
Complete Draft with 

Panel Proposals 
Film, Slides, and Video 
Author Notification 
Final Copy 

November 15, 1981 
December 15, 1981 

January 15, 1982 
January 15, 1982 
March 15, 1982 
May 5, 1982 

The Conference 

Film, Slides, and Video 

Suggested Topics 

SIGGRAPH ’82 will consist of a blend of 
paper and panel discussions with major 
emphasis on human-machine communi¬ 
cation and applications demonstrating 
state-of-the-art techniques. Both hard¬ 
ware and software topics are encouraged. 
Courses will precede the conference. 

General Conference Information 

Elaine L. Sonderegger 
SIGGRAPH ’82 General Chairman 
P.O. Box 353 

Derby, Connecticut 06418 
(203) 735-9980 


Panel proposals should be developed by a 
panel moderator and should include brief 
descriptions of topic issues and sug¬ 
gested panelists. The panelists will not be 
expected to submit formal papers and 
only a summary of the panel subjects will 
appear in the Proceedings. 

Please send two (2) copies of panel 
proposals to: 

Carl Machover 
SIGGRAPH ’82 Technical 
Program Co-Chairman 
Machover Associates Corporation 
199 Main Street 
White Plains, New York 10601 
(914) 949-3777 

Film, slide, and video submissions are 
encouraged. When appropriate, these will 
be considered for acceptance without an 
accompanying paper, although every 
submission must be accompanied by a 
one-page abstract describing the submis¬ 
sion. Accepted submissions will be pre¬ 
sented at the Conference and will be dis¬ 
tributed as the SIGGRAPH Video Review. 
Film may be submitted in any format. 
Video must be NTSC (American Stan¬ 
dard). Send one (1) copy of submissions 
to R. Daniel Bergeron at the address 


Papers accepted will be published in the 
Conference Proceedings as an issue of 
Computer Graphics. Selected papers will 
be submitted for publication in the ACM 
Transactions on Graphics. Authors wish¬ 
ing their papers to be considered for TOG 
must so state on the paper when it is 
submitted. All submissions should con¬ 
form to CACM publications standards in 
form. The suggested maximum length is 
eight to ten pages in final form. 

Please send paper abstracts and six (6) 
copies of papers to: 

R. Daniel Bergeron 
SIGGRAPH ’82 Technical 
Program Co-Chairman 
Department of Computer Science 
University of New Hampshire 
Durham, New Hampshire 03824 
(603) 862-2321 

Graphics Algorithms including: 
Computational Geometry 
Surface Representation 
Hidden Lines/Surfaces 

Graphics Systems and Hardware 

Video/Color Devices 
VLSI Design Systems 
Distributed Graphics 
Interaction Devices 

Interactive Techniques including: 
Languages and Models 
Program Structure 
User Interfaces 
Information Presentation 

Applications including: 

Business Graphics 





Medical Sciences 



Natural/Social Sciences 
Database Management 
Process Control 

System Management including: 
Establishing Standards 
Management Development 
Cost Trade-Offs 
Obtaining Productivity 
Standards Experience 
User Training 

Selecting Hardware and Software 
Developing Utilization