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TC S- 






SEPT 197 9 

Hello again. We are a littl« short of space in 
this iBsue but we'll see hov much information we can cram 
in. We apologize for anything that aets left out. 

Fir«t, PERSONAL COMPUTING '79 will be held October 
5th, 6th and 7th in Philadelphia at the Civic Center. 
Registration at the door is $5 per day or $10 for all 
three days. Last year's crowd was over 13,000. 

TON SHALENBERG is a reader we communicate with 
often and he'll have a booth at PC '79 under the name 
B0N2ANA ENTERPRISES. He will accept on consianment your 
good, 'original', useful, tested and functioning TRS-BO 
software or tested ft assembled hardware (all must be fully 
documented), for sale at the show for a 201 commission, an 
exclusive rate for TCS readers. He will demonstrate items 
with two TRS-80's including a 4BE disX system. You must 
pay shipping for return of unsold items. He must get the 
items by October 1st and although it's probably too Iste 
now for many, those in his area or planning to go to PC 
'79 anyway might be able to make arrangements with hlmi 
His address is PO Box 13089, Columbus, OH 43213 or phone 
(614) 235-7212, Tom would also like to communicate with 
anyone (not necessarily profeesionals] trtio are interested 
in developMant of microcomputer applications for various 
areas at the health care Industry. Re has some ideas which 
may be mutually interesting and profitable, 


RADIO SHACK now sells Microsoft's disk based Macro 
AssenUsler for $99. Some of it's features are disk storage, 
linking loader (object code is all relative and need not 
be reassembled to relocate), support of macros (similar to 
subroutines except you only use the name instead of the 
whole routine), and much more.,,, Redesioned PC boards 
with the "pregnant cable" circuitry and a better layout 
are used in the latest Expansion Interfaces and should 
eliminate problems they've been plagued with. Too bad 
present owners can ' t swap boards .... RADIO SHACK is 
finially going to offer a 'le gal" lower case modification, 
probably in the S30 to $60 range and maybe available by 
Xmas.... Also coming is a new keyboard, possibly for use 
at remote locations.,,, CTR-80 recorders with a production 
run date earlier than 2A9 are the ones which destroy 
programs and may be returned to have a fix installed.... 
If you are one of those who can't get Radio Shack to 
install the XRX-III board trfiich solves cassette loading 
problems, you might want to try a circuit designed by PAUL 
GOELZ and DAVE MILLER which they say provides the same 
results. It's called the E-K LOADER which can be built for 
about $10 to 120 and it can be mounted either inside or 
outside of the CPU. They sell the circuit board and 
instructions for 56, Their address is 222B Madison Place, 
Evanston, IL 60202.... There is a lot of talk about 
cheaper floppies coming soon. Several sources have 
mentioned new Japwinese drives for about S150 and one is 
said to be only S70. Those may be here before you know 

it On the horizon, Hitachi's new optical memory disk 

has 50 times the density of magnetic disks and may have 
500 times as much in the future. It uses a laser beam 
head, is suitable for miniaturization and both the disk 
and drive can be made for less than conventional types. 


To get all of the 255 characters allowable in a 
BASIC statement, it is necessary to ENTER as many as 
possible and add the rest with the edit mode's X 
comnand..,. Cassette programs last longer if the recorder 
"stop" key Is pressed after each load. Otherwise, the last 
portion of data (trfiich is past the head and causes the 
computer to stop the recorder) , is still caught between 
the capstan and pinch roller which was pulling it through. 
Continuous pressure in the sam** spot on a tape will 
eventually cause a 'dimple' that will not contact the head 
surface and allow the data bit to be read.... Electric 
Pencil users, duplicate a block of text in a new location 
the same way you would move a block. Only use the H 
command twice, once immediately following the last marker 
and once at the new location. Then you can use the U 
conmand to delete the markers so you don't have to go back 
and delete them separately. That will delete the original 
block but the first duplication will take it's place.... 
The July issue of DIGITAL DESIGN has a short article on 
the care and handling of floppy disks which la 
Interesting. Send us an SASE for a suntnary. 



ATTENTION USER GROUPS: People often ask if we know 
of a local user group In their area. Hake us up a flyer so 
we can burn copies and send them to inquirers. It should 
contain your ntune, mailing address, phone number of a 
contact, dues, meeting time and place or anything else you 
want to put on it. Also tell us which zip codes are 
nearest you. 

Readers, someday your nzure may be dropped from our 
mailing list if we don't hear from you. Send for a 'free 
registration" form to keep your najre on the list. You'll 
receive our letters on a rotating basis with other 
readers. All issues will go to you If you make a donation 
for postage. User Groups will receive all letters anyway 
and are encouraged to draw from them for their own 
newsletters which we hope they will send us.... Notes 
still available from TCSi KEYBOARD MAINTENANCE to cure 
bounce, KEYPAD you can add for as little as S7 , REVERSE 
VIDEO modification, RCT* notes, 44-PlN BUS standard. 
Specify the ones you want and send some stamps for the 
cigar box or a donation to the free newsletter fund 
(checks may be made payable to TCS)... JOE BP^TON of 
Charlotte, NC wants to receive our newsletter and wants to 
start a Users Group. But he didn't provide his address. 
Anyone know It?..., The PACIFICA USER GROUP meets at the 
Radio Shack store in Eureka Square at B p« on 2nd i 4th 
Thursdays. Contact GRAEM ATKINSON at (415) 647-9122 or 
write PO Box 403B7, San Francisco, CA 94140. Graem says he 
sells some software Including a disassembler using Z80 
mneumonics and a BASIC "toolkit", S9 each. He has a BASIC 
compiler in the works, to be announced later.... R. CILLEM 
can provide info on interfacing the Okidata CPllO printer 
to the TR5-B0. His address is Box 383, Hustusford, WI 


at 7:30 pm on 3rd Tuesdays at the Goodwyn Community Center 

in Montgomery, Alabama The August issue of POPULAR 

ELECTRONICS contains listings for three Level I TRS-BO 
programs on electronics designt Ohm's Law, Resonant 
Frequency and Inductance Formulas includino 0, Impedence, 
etc. . . . CALCULATORS/CCWPUTERS magazine has ceased 
publication, material is supposed to be passed to 
purser's Index is now the size of a magazine and Is called 
Pet and Apple software catalogued by source, contains some 
reviews and displays, published quarterly for S12 per 
year. The address is Box 466, El Dorado, CA 95623.... 


LEVEL II MANUAL - Page B/B i 7D hex is equal to 125 
decimal vice 208.., .Page 8/9i 4 Is not 10 binary as shown. 
It should be 2 - 10 binary.... Page A/16; active FOR/NEXT 
loops use 17 bytes vice 16r active GOSUB's use 5 bytes 
vice 6r for arithmetic operations, each temporary value 
uses B bytes plus 2, 4 or B for length, both levels of 
parentheses use 4 bytes plus 2, 4 or 8 for length, leading 
parentheses e.g. A-tBt etc, uses 6 bytes. (Not an error, 

but an apostrophe uaed in place of REM is stored as 3 
characters in memoryi 51, 147 and 2SU • 

EDITOR ASSEMBLER - Page 6i 400H loaded into BC 
ruins chances of getting back into a previously loaded 
BASIC program. Change 00140 to read LO BC,3FFH.... Pace 
26! address in example should read 2131H vice 2131M.... 
Page 64: contents of IX in example should be 3333H instead 
of 333H.... Page Bit first line of example should be 444H 
vice 4444H.... Page 103i OUT 01H,A will not work because 
the 01 must be expressed in decimal and enclosed in 
parentheses. OUT (01) , A would be correct.... Page 117t add 
the line 0459, ED5F, and LD A,R to bottom of right 
column. ... Page 130i the hex address of video memory 
starts atv^OO vice 3000 

Don Iranan's IMTRODUCTItW TO TRS-80 GRAPHICS - page 
51: XI - P-(1NT P/64)*64 instead of the way shown.... page 
59: line 36 should read "NEXT Y" vice "NEXT X" 

John Blair's GET ABOARD THE TRS-BO BUS notes from 
TCSi pin 9 (INT*) should be TRS-80 pin 23 vice 21; pin 10 
(TEST») should be TRS-BO pin 21 vice 23. 



We now have several htuidred folders of companies 
that sell items related to TRS-80's. Besides flyers, we'll 
keep copies of reviews and letters of praise or complaints 
that readers send us. We won't make reconnendations but 
for an SASE we'll let anyone know whats in a particular 

We recently got letters of PRAISF about two 
companies that have gone out of their way to help 
customersi CRT CORPORATION who sells G2 Level III and 

We're checking out complaints about non-delivery 
of two publications, one of which is TRS-BO COMPUTING. 


rrmm »d mpacm im donafa by TVS. A Mmall pmrcantrng* of 

jny profitM that rvauie will b* apprmdataa to halp 
continam thim amrvlcm hut thmrm im no obligation, 

documentation, debugging, publication, copyright*," etc. 
Level I or II up to 49K. Tractor feed, notebook size 

paper, SI per program, S3 aiinljkum MACHINE 

LANGUAGE PROGRAMS COPIEDi Only $1 for 2 guaranteed 
readable copies, TRP-flO Level II only. Either send a 
caaaette or add $1.50 for brand new quality data 

caaaette All order* shipped same day by first class 


FLASH CARD PROGRAMi Use your Own questions and answers 

with this progran to create data tapes of any length on 
any subject. When played back, a chance to aniw«r is given 
before the correct answer la displayed. School's open, 
parents, help your children by letting then play with rOOR 
toy. SI for list, S2 for tape from CHARLIE CAIN c/o TCS. 

RTHTF vnsT g^Yfiftttlr li*t for SA8E« tape for (1. STAN 

ocma, rkM box m, Kckport, il 60441 

SOrrWARE SonRf^: . published 3 tinea a year haa over 4,000 
listings of TRS-ao software fro« over 250 vendors, cross 
referenced six ways and includes 7 categories of info on 
each. Single issue $4, St outside N. Aaericai year 
aubscription 810, $16 outside N. toerica. COMPUTERKAT, BOX 
1664, LAKE BAVASU CITY, AI 86403 

BABYDUB copies any program up to 15. 5K long, BABYBUG is a 
BASIC program that lets you write machine language. Send 
SAST. for Hating of these and info on other FREE programs. 
PLAYING GOD MITH LIFE is only one for sale, 89. Will also 
provide free consultation on Level II stuff. DENNIS KITSr, 
ROXBURY, VT 05669 (that's full address] or call (B02) 

HIGH MEWORY OPERATING SYSTEW i Includes renumber, append, 
display BASIC variables, list BASIC 1-9 lines at a time, 
keyboard debounce, works with Level II or Disk Basic. 
Specify 16K, 32K or 4BK. 814.95 DDANE SAYLOR, 854 EADS 

software or hardware in Canada without obstacles of mail 
syst«n, currency exchange, Customs and exciae. Have 
articles published. Also newsletter S24/year. Write COTS, 

DISASSEMBLER ! Disassasibles machine code to Z-BO nnemonics, 
operands shown in both Bex and Decimal, displays menory in 
ASCII format, searches for specified words. Level II 16K, 
$2.00 to cover tape fe poatage. PHELPS GATES, 6 CRESTWOOD 
TR. PK. - RT. 4, CHAPEL HILL, HC 27514 

SPECIAL I A FREE newsletter and FREE program exchange and 
quality Level II and DOS programs for 81 each, send BASE. 
ACEY'DUECY, DOGFIGHT, STAR PATROL liatings $1 each, 3 for 
82.50| FROG, TROLL, MONSTER listings 82 each, 3 for $5. 
Added to your tape or diskette for sane price plus return 
postage or add SI to have them put on a used tape. VIC 

AHNOUNCEMENT TOU pSER GRQUPp (and other interested 
parties) t Radio Shack seems to have a policy *rtiieh 
prohibits local stores from getting involved in any way 
with local TRS-BO user groups, even to the point of not 
helping then contact each other so they can form one by 
themselves . I f you know of any organized attempt to 
convince Radio Shack or Tandy headquarters that, from a 
public relations aspect if nothing else, that it would be 
in their best interests to lift this restriction from 
company policy, please contact AL MACINTYRE, 6750 
SHENANDOAH, APT. 5, FLORENCE, KY 41042. He has propoaed 
such an attempt and would like to unite with others who 
are interested. 

Z-80 SpURCF LISTING , Hangman game for TRS-DOS. Well 
documenied , easily relocatable, structured code. Lots of 
good ideas. Listing 53, cassette with both source and 
object code S5. CHARLES BOTLER, 1806 ADA, LANSING, MI 

SUTJGRAPH is a 13K L-vel II BASIC program that claculates 
and plots the sun's local elevation and atinuth for any 
location on Farth for any date and tine, $49 cassette, $75 

■!f paif4 to a^vtKtiit' 

BASIC which append to your program with method provided. 
AUTOMATIC TELEPHONE DIALER uses cassette "remote" plug in 
series with phone line or SIS hardware package, 4K OTHELLO 
3-level difficulty, 1 or 2 people. CHECKBOOK BALANCEg aids 
end of month chore. 85 first program, $3 each additional 
on aanc cassette or 83 each if you supply cassette, 81 
each if you supply an original, usable program (nJ 
decision). JACK DECKER, 1804 W. IBth •ISS, SAUTE STET 
MARIE, MI 497B3 

MIHDt A Teach Yourself by Ccmputar Course that teaches you 
a system for nonorizing unrelated information, logical 
material, how to remember names and faces, better 
listening skills. HINP - STEP 1 is 2 coaiputer cassettes, 
10 programs, $24.95. MIND - STEP 2 is 2 coqputv 
cassettes, 9 programs, 1 audio cassette, $29.95. Both come 
in vinyl binder with teaching manual. Specify Level I 4K 
or Level II 16K. Order both, save 15, PSR 81,50 each. TYC 

TRBOq i Powerful M/L monitor allow* you to trace, single 
step and use 6 breakpoints in ROM or RAM. Has all features 
of TBOG plus block dump to printer or screen, block write* 
hex math, or change a register pair value dir*etly. 

Specify 16R, 32X or 48K. $12.00 RELOC i Ralocatea 

any M/L program to a new addresa In RAM, reaolvas all 
memory addressing and option writes the program from new 
location to tape. $5.00 R,J, NCIVTIRS, 1107 WQHBLB CT,, 
HAMPTON, VA 23663 

BLOCKADp I a game of speed, skill and atrategy. Play 
against a friend or the computer. Great graphics. Level II 

specify 4K or 16K, $3.50 5 GRAPHICS DISPLAYS that 

can be used 'as is" or in your 'own program, Level" II 4K, 

$2.50 Please add $1.00 for cassette and postage, 

BASE for list of others. Also Interested in marketing your 
programs on royalty basis. Sand it for evaluation or write 
ROAD, ESSEX, NY 12936 

PASCAL COMPILER FOR Tltg-BO DCS 48K i Includes 16-bit 
integer operations,' function dcclarationa , procedures 
{recursion permitted), full PASCAL control structures, all 

supporting routines, $35 for diskette RENAMEt 

Utility program which will replace a variable naas 
throughout any BASIC program with a selected new name to 
ahorten, lengthen, change type of suffix or make more 
neaningful. Specify memory size. $9,95 on tape. GENE 

LEVEL II PROGRAMMING HINTS i Graphics techniques, disable 
keyboard (great for dcnoa, kids can't stop execution), 
test if key is being held down (great for paddle and 
doodle programa) . 3 program listings to Illustrate 
techniques including DOODLE and ROAD RACE, fS.OO. MIKE 

SATTRK i An amateur radio operator satellite tracking 

program for Oscar 7 and Oscar B, Level II 16K, $5.00 

gflJES> « 255 byte M/L printer driver utility fir 
LLIST/LPRINT comstanda that allows you to select characters 
per line, lines per page, line spacing, form feeda, and 
head delay necessary for SOM printers. SpscLfy 4K, Ei; 
32K or 48K, $5.00. JOHN BLAIR, 122 DUHOHT ST., NORFOLK, VA 




HICS S FECI a;, (fund reiser to help continue 

this newsletter) . HONEST ABE i A recognisable image of Abe 
Lincoln like the one on a penny, programmed in poke 

graphics HAPPY i For kids 2 and up, randomly selected 

digits and letters are displayed one at a time in large 
block style. Nothing happens until the matching key is 
pressed then acknowledgement is graphic "happyface" that 

winks DOODLgR i Single version of the popular driginal 

allows you to doodle on the screen with prompted input 
conmands and stores them in memory for recall or 

replay QI£E> ^ graphic rolling dice subroutine for 

games, demonstrated by a craps game with scoring.... 
GRAPH I A vertical bargraph subroutine for displaying 12 
months or month by month comparison of 24 months of data. 
Operator specifies upper/lower scale lisiita, 
incresients/ center scale value, or automatic acaling by 

computer BOWIAVj; i Storea a whole season of 

individual bowling league game scores on a data tape that 
can be updated weekly and displayed graphically by gamaa 

and average All 6 for $20 (that's 83.33 each, folks) 

on one caaaette. TCS, PO BOX 10281, NORFOLK, VA 23513 

program to handle 51^ church mMibers making weekly 
donations in 5 categories. Weekly data to be stored on 
cassette for monthly and yearly statements. Respond toi 
53703 (Also want to make contact with other uaer groups.) 


For those of you on our "permanent" nailing list 
(who paid a dollar, are a newsletter editor, etc.), the 
last issue was June/July. There aren't many left bat if 
you didn't get it let us know. 

He wish to thank all of you who have sent us 
donations because they are keeping our losses low enough 
to enable us to continue theae TCS letters. It takes nore 
than mere SMSney, though. It takes effort and sacrifice by 
the volunteers in the local club for v*ich the only 
compensation is the satisfaction of doing something 
worthwhile (which is evident by the nice letters and 
compliments we've been receiving) . When those stop coeiing 
we'll know our services are no longer needed and we'll 

For those of you who are reading our letter for 
the first time, it is essentially free. Our readership is 
large enough that we could easily charge for a 
subscription but there are much better newsletters than 
ours %*ich you can buy. It is our belief that there should 
be at least one FREE source of information on the TRS-ao 
that is not limited in scope or influenced by a particular 
company. He distribute our letter by mailing it with 
flyer* frran various companies who participate in a 
"cooperative mailing" to share postage costs. We have no 
ties to those companies and neither endorse nor recomawnd 
their products. He rotate our mailing lists and mail 
newsletters until the flyers run out and then some. You 
can receive our letters more often by sending for a free 
registration form to fill out and return. He will then put 
you on a higher priority mailing list. Any donations or 
extra stamps for the cigar box will be appreciated but are 
not necessary for receiving our letter unless you want to 
make sure you get every one. He usually put one out every 
two or three months . 

The people who send us flyers to mail out really 
have no idea whether or not we are doing it unless it 
results in sales. So it is important, if you order from 
them, that you let the company know that TCS sent you the 
flyer. Continued participation is necessary for our 
letters to continue. 

If you have a business that benefits from direct 
mail advertising to TRS-ao owners, you might consider 
letting us mail your flyers, too. It coats as little as 
520 per thousand for 1/3-size "mini-flyers" mailed with 
your letter, first class and in sealed envelopes. The next 
rter will be in reader's hands the first week in 
DecMiber for those Christmas orders. Write for details. 


The most impressive user group newsletter 
continues to be the Orange County TRS-BO User Group's. 
They now ntnnber over 500 and their professionally %rritten 
newsletter runs 25+ pages. They now have a data comm setup 
for access over phone lines and have had a lot of articles 
on the subject. Their latest issue lists over two dozen 
coatputer bulletin board phone numbers across the country, 
lots of articles, and product reviews on TRSDOS 2.2, VTOS 
3.0, and a couple on FORTH language. You can get the 
newsletter by joining OCTUC. for $10 sent to Dick White, 
Treasurer, PO Box 653, Norwalk, CA 90650. You can't go 

One of the best newsletters that concentrates on 
machine language is INSIDERS. It is currently running a 
series on Editor Assesibler, another on machine language 
programming and another on Level II RCW routine*, it also 
revletred TRSDOS 2.2, VTOS 3.0 and FORTH recently and 
described Radio Shack's fix for sensitive memory. 
Subscript ixsns are $7.50 for six issues, $15 outside North 
America and back issues are available. Computer 
Cablevision, Inc., PO Box 32296, Washington, DC 20007. 

ON-LINE is an advertising newsletter published and 
mailed first class every three weeks at a bargain price of 
S3. 75 for 18 issues. The latest issue was 36 half-sized 
pages of buy and sell items relating to computers, mostly 
by individuals. It has lots of TRS-BO stuff In it and 
publisher Dave Beetle ia a big supporter of clubs. In 
fact, he will sand you a complimentary issue just for 
asking and will send quantities to a computer club 
representative for distribution at meetings and list your 
meeting dates in each issue. Write ON-LINE, Dave Beetle, 
Publisher, 24695 Santa Crui Hwy., Lo* Gates, CA 95030. 


The most popular magazine by far among our readers 
is KIIXIBAUD MICROCOMPOTING because it has the most THS-80 
articles. They seem to be in the process of changing their 
name because it used to be just KILOBAUD and now that is 
in tiny letters next to the giant word MICROCOMPUTING. 
That is unfortunate because it is harder to say in 
conversation* and sounds so much like several of the other 
computer magazines, newcoewrs often think you are 
referring to a different one. Anyway, the October issue 

has about half a dozen article directly relating to the 
TRS-ao including a very interesting one that goes into the 
detail* of the World Power *cam. 

The Kilobaud publiahers are starting a new 
magazine devoted to the TRS-80 called 80 MICROCOMPUTING. 
This one ia to debut in November. Many people have already 
sent in the $12 subscription price based solely on the 
excellence of Kilobaud. Many people expect it to be the 
undisputed leader of all TRS-80 publications. 

But that doesn't mean other magazine* won't be of 
any value to TRS-80 owner*. There are several good 
competitors. CREATIVE COMPUTING has a regular TRS-80 
column which reviews new product* and even BYTE, which 
doesn't cater much to the TRS-80 specifically, haa 
programs which can easily be adapted, RECREATIONAL 
COMPUTING is recommended by a lot of oiir readers. It has 
many well written articles with a lot of variety and their 
"announcements" section makea particularly good reading 
for finding out about new software and peripheral* for 
your TRS-80. The Sept-Oct i*sue ha* one about uaing the 
VAR/80 device to monitor and control alrams or other 
devices with your TRS-80. The Aug/Sep issue of INTERFACE 
AGE ha* four TRS-80 articles including one on teaching 
BASIC to kids and a couple on disks (a renumbering program 
and indexed sequential random access files) . 

Not exactly falling under the category of 
magazines, but closer than anything else, is the 
"newspaper style" periodicals. SO-OS is one of the best 
for the money and is widely read. The August i*sue 
contained soate 15 article* including listing* of three 
programs, book and software reviews, and articles on high 
speed graphica techniques and restoring lost programa in 
memory. Our latest issue has been loaned out so we can't 
report on it this time. TRS-BO COMPUTING is a aimilar type 
of publication and is pretty good when it comes out. The 
first issue was over a year ago and was supposed to be 
monthly but there have only been three issue* so far. 
However, they do send out a free supplemental "bulletin" 
regularly every month or two >rfiich you can obtain by 
writing to CIE, Box 158, San Luis Rey, CA 92068. 


That's all the room we have for this time. It is certain 
that some things got left out and we apologize to anyone 
whose ad got left out of the bulletin board. Since we 
night not catch it for the next issue, drop us a postcard 
to remind u*. If you order anything from us and don't hear 
from us in about three weeks, remind us about that too. We 
know of at least four Instances that we either didn't get 
the order or we misfiled it ourselves. That's a pretty 
good record from our point of view but if you were one of 
those affected, it was pretty bad from your point of 

If you have a special interest and want to contact 
others with the same interests, send in your name to go on 
the "pen pals' list. We don't want to take up space here 
listing those who have written but so far we have heard 
from people who are interested in healthcare, education* 
war-gaming, scientific applications, electronics, machine 
language and word processing. All of them want to 
communicate directly with other* who share the same 
special interests with the TRS-80. 

He still have a bunch of people who want to sell 
their 4R RAM's trtiich were removed after converting to 16K. 
The going price is $15 per set of 8. Any of you in clubs 
that are not strictly TRS-80 oriented are urged to spread 
the word among members who might find this an attractive 
price for expanding memory in other types of cosiputerB. 
Let us know and we'll send you names and addresses of 
those t^o trant to sell then. 

He still have lists of people who have both single 
chip and two-chip sets of Level I ROM's for sale for S20. 
If you are interested, specify which you want and 'let us 
know. The October issue of KILOBAUD has an article on how 
to install both Level I and Level II in the same machine. 

Some 16K RAM's work great in the CPU but are 
unnecessarily fast (and therefore sensitive to noise) for 
the Expansion box. if you have a set of these chips you 
can't use and will take 550 to keep from being a total 
loss, send in your name and address and tre may be able to 
find a buyer. 

If we can be of any other help, just write. He'll 
try to help if we can. Please send stamps for replies, 
though, and any extra* will go into the cigar box for 
those who don't. HAPPY CMIPOTING. 

Overheard in a store in the southwest and sent to usi 

Clerkt You cai! get the TRS-80 with 4, 16, 32 or 

Custoawrt What does that mean? 

Clerkt That's how many bytes of memory it haa. 
Customer I How many bytes in 4K7 

Clerkt I dunno for sore but there must be at leaat a 
million of 'em. 



P. O. BOX 1707 
TAMPA. FL 33601 

This flyer Is a coupon good for a 10^ discount off your order rec- 
eived prior to 10-30-79. Please return it for your discount. 


The LETTER PROCESSOR is a multi-purpose utility program. With it, 

you can generate multiple copies of notes, receipts ^ manuscripts, 

and letters. You have the choice with receipts and letters of 

having each personally addressed. The names and addresses may be 

input from either the keyboard or cassette. 

For use on the TRS-80 level 2 16K. Please remit $15.00. 


This system performs simple double entry bookkeeping. There are 
two fixed accounts in addition to any the user may create. One 
is under assets called cash on hand^ the other is under liabilities 
called debt to owner. Automatic second entries are made to the 
appropriate of these two accounts by one of the two system programs 
when updating the data base. The other program quieries the data 
base and produces a Balance Sheet and a Profit-Loss statement. 
TRS-80 level 2 16K and PET. Please remit $20.00. 


Technical analysis, 12 daily and 15 weekly indicators for the 

stock market enthusiast. This system signaled the October 78 

debacle. For $25.00 you receive two programs plus data base 

and 27 page detailed instruction manual. 

Please indicate: TRS-BO level 1 or 2 16K or PET. $25.00. 


This system is strictly for the market speculator. Working with 

price, calculated volatility, and calculated average daily premium, 

this system picks the best buys from 75 or more options. Judgement 

by the analyst is required. For $35-00 you receive two programs 

plus example data base and instruction manual. 

Please indicate: TRS-80 level 2 i6k or PET. $35-00. 


Includes two programs and hard copy instructions for better control 
of your stock and option transactions. For $20.00, you receive 
software with eight analysis routines. Two of these routines are 
stock transactions which made money and option transactions which 
made money. Six more program routines exist with some consideration 
given to taxes. Please indicate: TRS-80 level 2 16k or PET. $20.00