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VOL.5 NO.8 

ISSN 0273-2696 

AUG. 1984 



8K Programs 


capability to your 
ZX/TS with this MC 

Bill Russell tells SYNTAX he's creating some 
new products for ZX/TS machines as well as 
for the 2068. We can't say much at this 
point, but at least one will be the kind of 
software-hardware product that typifies G 
Russell efforts—like the speech recognizer. 



Line-by-line check¬ 
sums implemented by 
a clever collection 
of subroutines which 
simulate LIST & COPY 
in BASIC and show 
how to find the ne- xt 
line address to run 
MC in any REM. 

050 Modem Software Patch 
for ZX/TS.7 


In V.l, No.4 f the publishers of this Timex- 
Sinclair related newsletter announced their 
interest in "an interested party (to) merge 
resources for the purpose of continued 
growth." Elsewhere in the issue they declare 
a summer vacation to reformat the publication 
and announce that higher subscription and ad 
rates will take effect Sept. 1st. Basic 
Computer Newsletter, 3705 Biscayne Boulevard 
Miami, FL 33137. Mark investment proposals 
Harvey Abramson (confidential). 

Classified Ads 



Dear Editor.6 

Machine Code.....4 

Machine Code Subroutine 
and Controller to 
Delete to End.9,10 


Ports Used by 2050.7 

Thomas B. Woods will take over publication of 
SyncWare News as volume 2 begins. The final 
arrangements call for the newsletter to go to 
a full-size, 16-page format with spinwriter 
type (like this) and remain bi-monthly. Fred 
Nachbaur will provide technical input, and 
Tom Bent will take over editorial chores. Of 
course the price will rise to $16.95 in North 
America, $22.60 elsewhere. They'll also be 
taking ads now. Call Tom Woods for details 
at 603/586-7734 (POB 64, Jefferson, NH 03583) 




Vendor Reports.3 

Coming Next Issue 
Read Headers on 2068 (and 
Spectrum) tapes to get 
the program specs. 

No more RAMpaks and ZX printers will pour off 
assembly lines. Even the fabled ZX81, once 
made at the rate of one every 10 seconds, 
will now be produced only to order, and then 
mostly for export. 




Subscribers to ECC's ill-fated new 
venture into North America, Timex- 
Sinclair User, should have received 
postcards by now, offering K-Power 
to complete their subscriptions. 
Scholastic Magazines publishes this 
64-page slick magazine, which runs 
Timex-specific programs, as well as 
covering the Adam, Apple, IBM, TI, 
Atari, TRS-80, VIC-20, and 
Commodore 64 machines. Ad rates of 
$6300/page limit ads from Timex- 
only suppliers to the very largest. 


Yagsee Publishing stopped producing 
TS User newsletter with the Apr.84 
issue. According to Derek Stubbs, 
Timex's exit, followed by others, 
left a market without new customers 
as old ones moved to other machines 
Renewals & subscriptions dropped, & 
YAGSEE's informal survey projected 
poor financial performance. But 
you can still buy all of vol. 2 + 
the 2 issues of volume 3 for just 
$11.95 POB 155, Vicksburg, MI 49097 


Upgraded performance for Westridge' 
2050 modem will have to wait a tad 
longer, but we do not know quite 
when. The death of Stuart Lotwin 
seems to have thrown the company 
into chaos—phone calls unreturned, 
information unavailable, and people 
answering the phone who seem not to 
care. All of us will miss Stuart, 
and his rescue of the 2050 assures 
his place in our memories. May his 
family find solace in their grief. 


No persons knowledgeable about the 
bulk sale of Timex inventory or any 
proposals from any potential buyers 
were available at Timex. Doug 
Smith verifies that all computer 
hardware inventory is sold, and a 
bulk buyer bought much of it. 

The Ocean State Users Group reports 
that they successfully entered and 
used Spectrum machine code programs 
from the UK magazine Your Computer. 
Blockman, I.T., Lifter, and Doom 
Church all went fine. Only the 
program to copy Spectrum programs 
failed. Contact Bob Dyl at 401- 
849-3805 (eve) for details. 


Paul Donnelly sent us the Jun.84 
issue of L.I .S.T.inq . the monthly 
newsletter of the Long Island 
Sinclair Timex Group, containing 
full instructions for converting 
the Spectrum program Transylvanian 
Towers to operate on the 2068. TT 
is SAVEd as CODE, allowing you to 
LOAD the bytes to higher locations 
in your 2068 and then modify them 
as necessary. Reach them at 10 
Idle Day Dr., Centerport, NY 11721 


SYNTAX tried following the LI user 
group's instructions with 3 German 
programs from Profisoft. We could 
LOAD Pinoo. Jangler. and Alien 
Curse. and locate the system 
variables but we did not succeed in 
making all the necessary changes 
and moving an altered program—yet. 


Since the ZX-80 days, SYNTAX sold 
Zilog manuals as a reader service. 
No more though, because you can now 
get them free by writing direct: 
Zilog, Inc., 1315 Del Av., Mailstop 
Gl-5, Campbell, CA 95008 


Activities, Adaptation & Aging will 
publish "computer technology & the 
aged: implications & applications 
for activity programs." To submit 
papers, call Phyllis M. Foster, 
Editor, at 303/794-7676. 



American Software Technology is 
testing an interactive, multi-user, 
real-time game where you interact 
with other players as well as the 
computer. You can call Enternet at 
305/866-8060 at 300 or 1200 baud. 
You may pay by VISA, MC, or pre¬ 
paid deposit account. Currently, 
the game is Fazuul, an adventure 
game. Your object is to escape the 
planet—you may team up with or 
against other players. You pay for 
the call plus 3-6 cents per minute 
(depending on your modem speed). 


Sinclair Research, Ltd. will sell 
600 48K Spectrum computers to the 
computing and automation department 
of China's North East Technical 
College. According to Charles 
Cotton, head of Sinclair's export 
department: "China is a very 

important potential market for us, 
and one in which we are investing 
considerable time and effort. This 
deal represents an important 
stepping stone to further 

Wogen Engineering arranged the 
contract and also demonstrates the 
line of Sinclair computers at Wogen 
offices in Beijing and Shanghai. A 
consultant to the China trade, the 
company also maintains a London 
office and deals in metals, barter, 
and counter-purchase deals, with an 
emphasis on high-technology. 

Sinclair will supply a library 
of introductory programs including 
microPROLOG and LOGO. Graduate 
researchers at the college will use 
the Spectrum as an effective, low- 
cost means of learning BASIC skills 


Timex shipped its initial stock of 
photocopied 2068 Tech Manuals and 
has orders for its scheduled print 
run. A few orders were returned by 
mistake. Re-order—the print run 

will be expanded. Delivery to 
Timex is scheduled for 15 August, 
so you will not get your copy until 
3-4 weeks after that. 


Facing an offer too good to refuse, 
Maggie became Director of Marketing 
for Alpha Software (Burlington, MA) 
One of the few growing software 
houses. Alpha sells an integrated 
package with database, spreadsheet, 
word processor & communications for 
IBM PCs, JRs & XTs "We're steaming 
full ahead on business productivity 
software. Electric Desk is easy to 
use, comes on one disk, needs no 
extra memory & sells for only $345. 
It really is neat!" says Maggie. 


Byte-Back has nearly cleared up its 
backlog of 2068 modem orders, but 
is shipping only the dumb terminal 
software. Jerry Minchey hopes to 
get the smart software out quickly, 
and will send the tapes in a 
follow-on shipment. The current 
version is a dumb terminal with 
printing capability. 

Ray Kingsley of Sinware believes 
that some of you may have purchased 
bootleg copies of an early version 
of HOT-Z with a bug in it. Ray 
says he is the only legitimate 
seller of HOT-Z. If you purchased 
stolen goods, seek a refund from 
the seller and reinvest with the 
program owner. A simple offer to 
provide postal inspectors with 
evidence of the transaction will 
work wonders if you meet resistance 

We received an allegation from 
Canada so startling that we dare 
not print it. Suffice it to say 
that Timex software does not come 
in baggies with photocopied 
documentation and brand-x tapes. 
SYNTAX suggests that you do no 
business with stores that offer you 
such merchandise. 



Hawg Wild has FORTH for the 2068, 
deliverable now. 

Electronic Specialists, Inc. offer 
KLEEN LINE MODEM protection, for 
either 4-pin (RJ-11) or 8-pin (RJ- 
45) modular connectors. These 
modules suppress both power and 
telephone line spikes using MOV and 
gas discharge suppressors. Connect 
between your phone line and your 
modem—no soldering. About $93. 
P.0. Box 389, Natick MA 01760 or 
call 1-800-225-4876. 

Computer Buyers Protection Guide 
from Prentice-Hall covers legal 
differences between mail-order and 
store buying; pitfalls & protection 
of paying by cash, check or credit 
card? how to reject and revoke your 
acceptance of a computer; what a 
warranty covers? and effective 
complaining. At your bookstore. 
ISBN 0-13-164195-6 (CLOTH) $19.95 
ISBN 0-13-164187-5 (PAPER) $12.95 

Printer pedestal of welded rods can 
hold 100 lbs. 5 inches above table. 
Available for 80-column ($19.95) or 
132-column ($24.95) printers. Use 
bottom or rear feed. (Adequate to 
raise monitor also.) From Zavie 
Enterprises, 484 Lakepark Avenue, 
Suite 186, Oakland, CA 94610. Or 
call 1-800-824-7888, op 766. 

National Psychic Hotline available 
24 hours via your computer and 
modem. No charge except for phone 
call. 1-707-444-9765. 

Run Spectrum programs on your 2068. 
Snap-in kit requires no soldering, 
compatible with programs written 
for Spectrum3 and earlier ROM 
versions. $39.95+$3 S&H, from 
Phoenix Enterprises, 1780 N. DuPont 
Highway, #17, Dover, DE 19901 

McGraw-Hill releases 3 new ZX/TS 
books. Beepers contains 21 

electronic projects for ZX/TS 
machines, including IC versions of 
Shift Lock and one-key FUNCTION, 
Bogglers provides 22 games for the 
ZX/TS—some need only 2K—plus some 
useful appendices. GOSUBS consists 
of 100 subroutines to use in your 
programs. These include maximum, 
minimum, and sequence? scrolling? 
graphing? tables and computations. 
ISBN 0-07-053358-X BEEPERS $8.95 
ISBN 0-07-023959-2 BOGGLERS $9.95 
ISBN 0-07-022677-6 GOSUBS $9.95 

MULTI-DRAW 2068, a screen drawing 
program for use with AERCO's para¬ 
llel interface, provides a wide 
range of graphic and color options 
controlled by a joystick. String 
entries from the keyboard allow 
labels. Grey copy facility prints 
shades of grey for colors. You can 
patch BASIC programs onto this, and 
it includes a screen-magnify option 
as well as a 64-column screen copy. 
$24.95+$3 S&H. Knighted Computers, 
707 Highland St Fulton, NY 13069. 



DATASAVE allows you to save a 
selected portion of memory to tape 
and then load it back again to any 
part of memory. Loading code with 
DATASAVE does not (of necessity) 
write over the program that you are 
running, so a program can load data 
from tape, manipulate it, and then 
save it back to tape. 

DATASAVE's machine code (MC) 
resides in the first REM. To make 
the REM, type listing 1 exactly as 
shown. Note that there are a total 
of 155 A's, and the last line of 
REM should have four A's. 

If the Syntactic Sum checks 
out, RUN the program and enter the 
numbers from listing 2, reading 
left to right. When the program 
stops you should see a screen as in 
listing 3. Skip the next paragraph 
if the Syntactic Sum agrees with 
the one shown following listing 3. 



If you have a wrong Syntactic 
Sum, add lines 1000-1040, shown in 
listing 4. RUN 1000 and check the 
data on the TV screen (ignoring the 
final five numbers) against listing 
2. POKE as appropriate to correct 
data, or if you need major repairs. 

re-RUN the whole program. Now test 
for the Syntactic Sum shown at the 
end of listing 4. 

Delete all line numbers except 
1. The Syntactic Sum for line 1 is 
18612. As a precaution, you may 
want to change the line number to 0 
with POKE 16510,0. This prevents 
accidentally editing the REM. The 
POKE makes the Syntactic Sum 18611. 

DATASAVE works much like the 
ZX/TS's normal SAVE and LOAD: it 
uses ROM calls when possible. Set 
your recorder as you would normally 
for SAVE or LOAD. No "program 
name" is used, so none is required 
to SAVE data, and the first data 
found during LOADing will be read. 

Look at listing 5 to see how 
you can use DATASAVE. Variable S 
defines the start of your memory 
area to SAVE or LOAD: E sets the 
end. After defining S and E, you 
SAVE data with RAND USR 16514 or 
LOAD data using RAND USR 16543. 
Change S and E as you wish. The 
sample in listing 5 SAVES and LOADS 
the top 1024 bytes of a 16K memory. 
Set RAMTOP below this area. 

LISTING 5 (append these to 1 REM) 

Three error reports can occur 
when using DATASAVE: 

Report 2 - S or E not defined 

Report B - S or E out of range 

Report D - BREAK depressed 
When you use DATASAVE its Syntactic 
Sum changes. Restore it to its 
original value with POKE 16667,0 
and POKE 16668,0. 

Ron Charlton, Paducah, KY 


I'm quite put out. 

You say you're going to charge 
$48 for SYNTAX because of increased 
costs. You point out that Time Inc 
charges $48 for their 12-pager, and 
this justifies your decision. 

Time's newsletters are about 
IBM and Apple, which cost far more 
than ZX/TS computers. Time will 
charge "what the traffic will bear" 

My total costs to subscribe to 
ZX Computing (156pp) are $24.33 for 
six issues & Sinclair User (148pp) 
costs only $43.56 for 12 issues. 

Why should we pay you $48 for 
12 twelve-page newsletters? 

John Sampson, College Pt. NY 

John, I personally talked to Time's 
newsletter publisher about your 
point. Not so. The traffic would 
have borne far more—$48 is the 
lowest price Time considered. 

You pay $48 for value. Here's 
what 7 survey respondents said 
about the value they've received. 

"As a newcomer to computers 2 
years ago, I needed all the help I 
could get and found that SYNTAX 
(recommended to me by a freind) 
pointed the way to a lot of places 
I would not have found otherwise." 

"I appreciate your avoiding 
the high gloss and continuing with 
high quality instead." 

"It is virtually impossible to 
assign a dollar value to your 
publication, but some of the 
explanations and examples in your 
articles helped me to get my 
present job, which is obviously 
worth a great deal to me." 

"I learned a tremendous amount 
from SYNTAX & to date I've learned 
more about computers from SYNTAX 
per $ spent than any other computer 
publication I have bought." 

"Each good item is worth the 
price of that month's issue." 

"Please do eveything possible 
to continue publication. I would 
happily pay 2-3 times the price if 

needed to cover lost income from 
faint-hearted supplier's and 
manufacturer's advertising." 

SYNTAX is going the way of the dodo 
it will not emulate the phoenix. 
Anyone who has nerve to charge $48 
a year for the junk that has been 
printed in the past nine months 
deserves to fold. If you had a 
decent newsletter that would 
attract advertisers there would be 
no need for a 70% increase. 

Clifford Efaw, Morton, WA 

Courage is the most important 
virtue. Without it, no other can 
be consistently practiced. 

Ex-advertisers owe SYNTAX and 
SQ $22,690.10—and we switched to 
pre-pay in Jan.83! All companies 
on the Apr.84 list were asked to 
advertise, you see the results. 

Those who get $48 in value 
from SYNTAX should have the chance 
to keep on getting it—KO. 

InfoWorId's news page carried a 
report about TimeStar and the Timex 
Sinclair Computer. Synchro-Sette 
carried a similar artcle in March. 
Your publication was quick to 
denounce such reports as unfounded 
rumor, and even to assert that 
Timex was not negotiating or had 
received no proposals. It seems 
interesting that the last major 
publication for Timex Sinclair 
Computers can not find out 
information that a magazine like 
InfoWorld is able to obtain. 

It seems to many of us that 
you would better serve your own 
interests, as well as your readers, 
if you would investigate this 
possibilty fully and encourage Mr. 
Higgenbach (sic) instead of 
throwing cold water on such a 
possible deal. 

Lonnie Kendall, Reidsville, NC 

I believe in the stance taken by 
news stories in SYNTAX—KO. 


Programmers who want to alter 
the Westridge Modem software for 
ZX/TS machines must first POKE some 
locations in the REM line to avoid 
crashes. Here's how: 

LOAD the TS1000 software. 

At the 0/0 report, type: 

POKE 16529,149 
POKE 16530,14 
POKE 20264,118 

Now you can add BASIC lines. 

The authors of the modem soft¬ 
ware altered the pointers defining 
the length of the REM holding the 
code. Thus, when a user tries to 
add additional lines, the program 
crashes. The POKES correct these 
pointers and place a 118 (ENTER) at 
the end of the line. When the 
computer sees this line properly, 
new lines can be added. 

Also, Westridge uses port 115d 
for data and port 119d for control 
of the 8251 serial chip inside. 

Thomas B. Woods, Jefferson NH 

Is there a way to reset ZX/TS 
computers and retain the contents 
from 16k-RAMT0P after a crash? 

Also, where will I find ways 
to use extra keys to get shifted 
functions or FUNCTION operations 
with single keystrokes? 

Bill Jones, Panama City FL 

SYNTAX knows of no simple way to 
alter the reset scheme to save the 
main memory area. Also, it might 
do no good to do so — how will you 
know the state of the machine? 

You add shifted key functions 
with diodes (SQ Winter 82 p.29) or 
ICs (Mar.81 p.7) or double-pole 
switches (Jan.83 p.10). To do the 
functions, you need 2 keystrokes— 
one to shift mode, the second to 
select the specific operation. You 
build the mode selector as shifted 
enter or 9, then use either the 
primary key or a specially marked 
one to make the second stroke. 
McGraw-Hill's new book. Beepers , 
shows an opto-isolator scheme for 
functional keys & a CAPS lock—KO. 

I am surprised that you stated 
that there was a bug in my COMPILER 
when I also sent you a correction 
to that bug. The correction 
probably did not arrive in time for 
publication, but please print that 
the bug has indeed been corrected. 

The review placed very little 
emphasis on the ability of COMPILER 
to handle strings and very little 
was mentioned of the Z80 ASSEMBLER 
that comes with COMPILER. 

I think most readers will be 
pleasantly surprised if they buy 
the compiler. It is not as user- 
unfriendly as you make it seem For 
one thing, you can run most pro¬ 
grams in BASIC prior to compiling 
This helps to de-bug programs. 

I don't know what you mean by 
"display poor".... 

John Richard Coffey, JRC Software 

Scottsburg, IN 

Your correction arrived on 5 July, 
the issue was already on press. We 
review the product we have, not the 
one the supplier promises. SYNTAX 
reviews only production versions of 
products. As you say, there was a 
bug. Years ago KO heard Dr. Harlan 
Mills of IBM say there is no formal 
proof that the last bug has been 
found—you can never know your code 
is bug-free unless you use methods 
that generate bug-free code. Most 
experienced programmers know "where 
there's one, there are many." 

SYNTAX reviewed only COMPILER, 
as the first and last paragraphs of 
the review emphasize. We therefore 
have no comment on the assembler 
other than to note that you sent us 
2 corrections to that program, too. 

Most does not mean all. If my 
program doesn't run, how do I know 
if it's my mistake or yours? Our 
program ran in BASIC, but not after 
compiling. If we use one of your 
non-standard BASIC constructs and 
it fails to run, what then? 

"Display: Poor" means error 

messages just print on the screen 
without formatting or organization. 



Locating errors made in typing 
from printed listings is easy when 
they include a checksum for every 
statement, and you have Linesum 
loaded. It displays, line by line, 
any BASIC present with line numbers 
below 9000, & displays the sum of 
the line's bytes. Add the line 
sums to get Syntactic Sum. 

Linesum's flexibility surfaces 
with use. You LOAD Linesum first, 
then after typing in a program line 
you RUN 9000 & use the edit option 
to fix errors or type another line 
before returning to Linesum. That 
way you check every program line as 
you type it. Use the quit option 
to free the computer to calculate, 
and reenter Linesum at the point 
you left it by typing GOTO SUM. 

Long programs may be finished 
piecemeal: if you tire, "quit" & 

SAVE your partial program. LOAD it 
later & take up where you left off. 
If you get an inspiration and want 
to try a BASIC routine while it's 
fresh in your mind, do it. Lines 
9536-999 are your work area. Don't 
even clean up: test programs in 
this area vanish when you erase 
Linesum. With a merge utility, you 
can type your new program, and only 
append Linesum if the Syntactic Sum 
indicates you have made a mistake. 

Once you start Linesum do not 
use RUN until you are all finished 
with Linesum. Do GOTO SUM instead 
to avoid killing variables. 

To make your copy, LOAD your 
Syntactic Sum tape, then type in 
Linesum. Don't type the checksums 
or the GRAPHICS 5, they aren't part 
of the program. Syntactic Sum at 
this point equals 35581. If you 
get a different number, find and 
correct any typing errors. Put 
your ZX/TS in FAST, then SAVE this 
version to a scratch tape. 

Next, RUN Linesum on itself, 
verifying each line in turn. The 
Print option stops at each line— 
the Lprint option runs by itself. 

Add 1 REM with 22 placeholders 

Next, RUN 9505, to load the MC 
(machine code) into the Line 1 REM. 
Enter all numbers on the POKE list, 
then a STOP to exit the loader. 

EDIT Line 1 to line number 9490. 

Now edit line 9325, changing 
9999 to 9000. Linesum will no 
longer work on itself, but only on 
program lines below 9000. The new 
Syntactic Sum will be 38824. RUN 
linesum to get the result shown: 

Delete line 1. SAVE the 
program to tape for future use. At 
this step, Syntactic Sum is 36230. 

Leave Linesum loaded and type 
in the program "DATASAVE" shown 
on page 5 of this issue. You won't 
be able to get a correct Syntactic 
Sum using the standard Syntactic 
Sum program now, as Linesum is also 
present, so do RUN 9000. 

Now you can step through the 
typed-in program 1 line at a time. 
When the displayed checksum differs 
from the printed one, use the edit 
option to switch to normal BASIC 
listing at the current line. Find 
& EDIT the error, then do GOTO SUM 
to go back to Linesum for a display 
of the edited line and new checksum 
After everything is fixed and 
your line checksums agree with the 
printed ones, you reRUN, using the 
LPRINT option to get a LISTing with 
linesums and the Syntactic Sum. 

turn to p. 10 



When you finish, erase the 
entire Linesum program above 9000 
using: GOTO 9485 & 9000 ENTER. 

Linesum is menu-driven with 3 
options after each line display: 
Next Line, Quit, or Edit Current 
Line. At the beginning, you choose 
screen or printer output. At the 
end of a screen session you can 
examine the Syntactic Sum. 

Lines 9485-500 erase Linesum. 
Line 9485 gets the address of the 
next line. The relocatable machine 
code routine in line 9490 computes 
the Linesum program length (from 
9000 to the end of BASIC program 
area) and stores this number minus 
4 in the text length bytes of line 
9000. When you delete line 9000, 
all of Linesum disappears. 

C. C. Stalder, Orlando, FL 


Reach thousands of ZX/TS users—for 
just $9/line! Send your typed copy 
(35 characters per line) with check 
or MO to reach us by the 15th to be 
published in the next issue exactly 
as typed. No fractions or cent 
symbols. Include your phone No. 
SYNTAX Classified 
RD 2 Box 457, Harvard, MA 01451 

2068 KEYFINDER-alphabetical list of 
commands, cursors & keys-goes above 
keyboard $1.95 BANTA SOFTWARE 

8088 Highwood Wy Orangevale CA95662 

only $39.95!!!! Please add $3 for 
shipping. Mastercard/VISA accepted. 

1780 N. DuPont Hwy,No.l7, Dover, DE 

ZX81 OFFICE MANAGER. (64K, 80 col. 
prnt.) Set for ophthalmologist, 
easily changed. Takes appointments, 
prints bills, office forms, summary 
of days appts./ROA's/expns. $50.00. 
Conrad Ophthalmics; 3139 Tennyson 
St., N.W.; Wash., D. C. 20015 

Games to Learn By, Inc. 

Timex Survivors Flyer 
Call 203-673-7089 or 413-268-7505 
We have over 40 titles for both 
the TS2068 and TS1500 in Games, 
Education + Home/ Business, Timex's 
and our own. We have the Manufact¬ 
uring rights for VU-3D, VU-FILE 
and VU-CALC. Recently restocked in 
TS 2068, TS 1500, and TS 2040 plus 
Timex Software. For more informa¬ 
tion call for our flyer! Thank you 

TASMAN CENTRONICS printer interface 
Lets you run full size printers w/ 
your 2068. Encased unit has all 
cables+software needed. Allows use 
of LPRINT, LLIST keyboard commands, 
COPY with RAND USR call. Price: $90 
Package Deal : $30 OFF interface if 
ordered with Prowriter printer. Get 
details free. 

Tom Woods Box 64 Jefferson,NH 03583 

2050 Modem, driver sw & free Source 
memshp $114.95 frm Orion Computers 
Rt 2 Box 318 Louisville, TN 37777 

You can get every issue of SYNTAX 
ever printed, plus all three issues 
of SYNTAX QUARTERLY: over three 
years of expertise. Learn what 
makes the ZX81/TS1000 tick, and how 
to make it do your bidding. Order 
The Works II today! See our order 
form on the back cover. 

WINKY BOARD 2000 interfaces TS2068, 
TS1000-1500/ZX. LOAD UPLOADER.Solve 
most LOAD problems! Copy ANY TS/ZX 
tape program! SALE $21.95 PPD ends 
TS2068 $32.95PPD.SALE on all prod¬ 
ucts. G Russell-Elec, RDl Box 539X 
Centre Hall PA 16828. 814-364-1325 

Lim.quant:TSl016 RAM $15,Red Alert, 
Sharks Treasure, Space Commando $10 
ea, Mazogs $14, Paper 2040 $5.30/2 

rl, ZX $ll/3r1. 8" Gold ribbon $17. 
All+$1.50 P&H /ord. UHF TS1000 $40+ 
$5 P&H. Cat $2 refundable. VISA/MC. 

11 Brighton Ave Toronto M4M 1P3 


SYNTAX is published monthly by a wholly- 

owned subsidiary of The Harvard Group. 

Syntax ZX80, Inc. 

RD 2, Box 457, Harvard, MA 01451. 

Telephone 617/456-3661. 

12 issues,$48 .Single issue, $5. 

Publisher: Kirtland H. Olson 
Editor: Eric K. Olson 
Consulting Editor: Ann L. Zevnik 
Technical Consultant: Kirtland H. Olson 

© Syntax ZX80, Inc., 1984. All rights reserved. 
Photocopying prohibited. ISSN 0273-2696 


SYNTAX invites you to express opinions related to any Sinclair or Timex com¬ 
puter or peripheral, or the newsletter. We will print, as space allows, letters discuss¬ 
ing items of general interest. Of course we reserve the right to edit letters to a 
suitable length and to refuse publication of any material. 

We welcome program listings for all levels of expertise, written in either Sinclair 
BASIC or Z80 machine code. Programs can be for any fun or useful purpose. We 
will test run each one before publishing it, but we will not debug programs; please 
send only workable listings. Programs submitted on cassette can be tested more 
quickly and with less chance of error. 

In return for your listing, we will pay you a token fee of $2.00 per program we 
use. This payment gives us the nonexclusive right to use that program in any form, 
world-wide. This means you can still use it, sell it, or give it away, and so can we. 

We will consider submissions of news and hardware or software reviews. Please 
keep articles short (350-400 words). Again, we reserve the right to edit accepted 
articles to suitable length. We will pay 7 cents per 6 characters, including spaces and 
punctuation, for accepted articles. 

When you send in articles for possible publication in SYNTAX, please include 
the following information: 

• How to operate the program, including what to input if it does not contain 

• Whether you can run the program over again and how. 

• How to exit the program. 

• The Syntactic Sum (program published in June 81; 
send SASE for a free copy). 

• What RAM size program requires. 

• What ROM program uses (8K, 2068, Spectrum). 

• For MC programs, what addresses must change to relocate the code and what 
ROM calls are used. 

We pay for this explanatory text at the same rate as we pay for articles in addi¬ 
tion to payment for the program itself. 

Z-EXCHEQUER**16-64K**Home Checkbook 
Tax/Budget Records***Easy Balancing 
8 Pg Text $14.95+150 S&H C. Fischer 
75 Dunfries San Rafael CA 94901 

Full-feature editing. Save/load and 
append text via cassette. Adaptable 
to disk or QSAVE. 4K machine code. 
$15 includes T2040 lower-case print 
driver: add $15 for tailored inter¬ 
face to any printer. (Not for 2068) 
SASE for details. SIRIUSWARE 
6 Turning Mill Lexington, MA 01273 

PROGS. R9 BX 1125 FRANKLIN NC 28734 

The #1 Timex database manager plus: 
QUICKLOAD-saves/loads a 16K file in 
30 sec! Stores 1 MEGABYTE on 1 tape 
Next best thing to a disk...with 59 
pg. manual. Send 39.95 + 4.00 sh to 

ROMPAK 1525 Aviation Blvd. 

Suite A-lll Redondo Beach CA 90278 
Send SASE for catalog 


Adventure through the depths of 
chaos, explore an ancient castle or 
flee from the starship of a mortal 
enemy. Adventures for 2068: 

ESCAPE! $19.95 ea. including P&H. 
Check, MO, or send SASE for 
catalog. PARAGON PROGRAMS, BOX 336, 
CANYON TX 79015 

If you want us to return your original program listing or article, please include 
a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Otherwise, we cannot return submitted material. 

Fill out the coupon below and mail to: SYNTAX, RD 2, Box 457, Harvard, MA 01451 

□ My check is enclosed. □ Please charge my □ VISA 

Make checks Payable to: □ Diner’s Club □ Mastercard 

SYNTAX ZX80, Inc. □ American Express □ Access 

□ Carte Blanche □ Barclaycard 

Account number _ 

YES! Please send me: 

□ The Combination II (13 issues of SYNTAX and SQ 

Winter 82-Summer 83) . $58 

□ The Catch-up II (SYNTAX Jan. 82-Jan. 84, SQ Winter 

82-Summer 83, plus binder) . $77 

Exp. date _ Bank number (MC only) 

Signature _ 

Name _ 

Address _ 

City _ State _ Zip 

Phone: Day (_) _ Evening (_) 

□ My subscription number is: _ 

□ This is a new subscription 

□ THE WORKS II (SYNTAX Nov. 80-Dec. 83, SQ Winter 

82-Summer 83, plus 2 binders) . $97 

□ 12 issues of SYNTAX . $48 

□ 3 issues of Syntax Quarterly (Winter 82-Summer 83) .. $25 

□ 1 issue Syntax Quarterly □ Winter 82 □ Spring 83 

□ Summer 83 . $9 

□ 1 Binder . $9 □ 1 issue of Syntax . $5 

Telephone orders call 
617 - 456-3661 

These offers expire — SUBSCRIBE NOW. 



And we've got it for you—the chance to 
upgrade to a 2068 with a 2040 printer and 
a 2020 recorder plus great SoftSync 
software and, of course, a chance to catch 
up your SYNTAX collection—or start one if 
you've been a recalcitrant up to now. 

As you know, dealer prices on this stuff 
are rising, when you can find it! But 
we've got great packages that let you save 
and get everything you really want. 

These packages represent real savings over 
the list prices of the separate items and 
you get the convenience of dealing with 
one reliable company while saving. One 
quick command and your 2068 system will be 
on its way within days. 

We haven't forgotten the ZX/TS owner 
either, with a printer plus Works II 
package—the most-wanted peripheral and 
the most-needed information at only $>170! 

If you're buying a 2068 from us, you'll 
get a 13—issue subscription tailored to 
your needs—Dec.83-Dec.84—that addresses 
your need for 2068 information. If you 
have a ZX/TS and need all the back issues 
too, choose the $499 package—worth $738 
at list—and you'll receive: 

o 37 back issues of SYNTAX thru Dec.83 
o 2 binders with library-style wires 
o 3 back issues of SQ—all there are 
o 12 issues of SYNTAX—Jan.-Dec.84 
o 2068 Personal Color Computer 
o 2040 printer 
o 2020 tape recorder 


o Zeus Assembler Full-Screen Editor 
o Personal Accountant 3 Programs 
o Gulpman 15 Nazes, 9 Levels of Play 
o Cyberzone Voice-Activated Lasers 
o Voice Chess Awesome 

v*ua,n luuc item 

ASD 2068 + 2040 + 2020 + 
All 5 Programs + The 
Works II + Jan—Dec.84 
SYNTAX Subscription 

rrice Amt 


ADD 2068 + 2040 + 2020 + 
All 5 Programs + 

Dec.83-Dec.84 SYNTAX 


SCD 2068 + All 5 programs 
Dec.83-Dec.84 SYNTAX 

+ $292 

PWK 2040 + The Works II 


I also want to purchase: 

WRK The Works II 


CYB Cvborg Wars 


ZAS Zeus Assembler 


GLP Gulpman 


PAD Personal Accountant 


VCS Voice Chess 


PCC 2068 Computer 


PRT 2040 Printer 


RCD 2020 Tape Recorder 


We pay all P+H ### P+H ($5/item) FREE 
################## _TOTAL 

SYNTAX, RD 2 Box 457, Harvard, NA 01451 

[] Check (payable to SYNTAX ZX80) enclosed 
[] MC [] VISA [] AMEX [] Diners Club 

Account Number ___ 

Exp. Date _ Bank Number (MC) _ 




City _ State _ Zip _ 

Phone Day (_)_ Night (_)_ 

[] I am already a subscriber to SYNTAX 






Bolton Road. Harvard. Mass 01451 

First Class 

U.S. Postage 


Harvard, MA 
Permit No. 8 

W- uo. lOVY\\vn 50iY> s 

*2uS> 1 Pr* 

3ac)c$ovo uUU v- l ' v