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Serving Timex-Sinclair 
Personal Computers 


VOL.5 NO.3 

ISSN 0273*2696 




8K Programs 


Look Angles.8 


TS2068 Programs 



Books In Print.4 

Classified Ads.12 

Dear Editor.7 


Hardware Hints 

TS2 068.3 

TS2 04 0.3 


New Products and 



Ziff-Davis Loses Sync..l 
Timex Tech Info Offer..1 

Program Inprovements 

Reusable Loops.2 

Software Hint 


Syntax Errors.2 

t Users' Groups.2 


Vendor Report.2 

Index of Advertisers 

SYNC magazine, first announced in SYNTAX'S 2d 
issue, ceased publishing with the March/April 
1984 issue. Founded by David Ahl, SYNC built 
on the resources of its sister publications & 
became a fast-growing, friendly competitor to 
SYNTAX. In fact, SYNC advertised in SYNTAX, 
Dec.81, & SYNTAX had also advertised in SYNC, 
but after Ziff-Davis purchased SYNC, we could 
no longer advertise in SYNC, and ultimately 
in any Ziff computer group publication. 

SYNC grew rapidly in circulation and ad 
pages, becoming the volume leader of ZX/TS 
support publications. At its death, SYNC was 
serving nearly 40,000 subscribers. Defiant 
to the last, Ziff-Davis officials failed to 
return our phone calls—we've no idea what 
they will offer you. 

Separately, Ziff-Davis informed a major 
mailing list broker that the SYNC magazine 
subscriber names will not be available for 
purchase or rental as a separate list. Ziff- 
Davis will combine the lists with those of 
their other publications. 


Doug Smith of Timex informs SYNTAX that the 
information in Timex Technical Memos 1-9 and 
the 3rd Party Software Guide will be amended 
corrected and then distributed through their 
Little Rock, AK service facility.’ The packet 
will be available (beginning in May) for an 
undetermined fee. No nondisclosure agreement 
will be required. 

TS2068 schematics can be obtained now 
for $2.50 by writing the Little Rock repair 
facility at: 

Timex Computer Corporation 

Little Rock Product Service Center 

Little Rock, AK 72203 

Byte Back Co 

9 I No nondisclosure agreement required for this. 


SYNTAX ERRORS: Program 1 in 
Recipes for 2068 Advanced Video, 
Feb.84, must be RUN twice right 
after loading from tape and gives a 
false error the first time. 

In New Products and Services, 
Feb.84, Andropos Technology's name 
is actually Apropros Technology. 


In Reusable Loops, Jan.84, you 
ask for a memory efficient way to 
test a variable for "none of the 
above." Replace line 5 with: 

The program will only GOTO line 6 
if one of the relations in brackets 
holds true, otherwise it goes to 3. 

R. F. Fraser-Smith, Chicago, IL 


Timex will not produce the 
2060 Interface, 2065 Microdrive, or 
2080 Printer (announced in SYNTAX 
Jan.84). The 2 05 0 Modem has been 
sold in some places but may have a 
heat sensitivity problem. 2020 
Cassette Decks are available but 
offer no benefit over any good 
cassette deck and may have some 
design problems. 

Hawg Wild Software intends to 
continue supporting the ZX/TS. 

Marge Saylor of Compusa 
verified that they have a 35% 
charge for restocking unauthorized 
returns. Authorized returns that 
work according to their claims are 
charged 10-20%. Authorized returns 
that do not work have no restocking 
charge. This policy does not appear 
in their ads. 

Thomas B. Woods plans to 
continue developing software for 
the ZX/TS and TS2068. See his 
announcement on page 3. 

Simulsion (formerly Lamo-Lem 
Labs) has a new address: Box 2382, 
La Jolla, CA 92038. Their phone 
number is still 619/263-6591. 

Quicksilva Inc. (426 West 
Nakoma, San Antonio, TX 78216, 
512/340-3684) still has software 
available for the ZX/TS and games 
for the TS2068. They plan to 
market a software line for the QL 
including educational programs, 
utilities, and games. 


To check for a local group that's 
not listed, or to announce a new 
group, call 617/456-3661 or write 
SYNTAX, RD 2 Box 457, Bolton Rd., 
Harvard, MA 01451. Send SASE for 
name of group in your area. 

Andover, KS: Air Capital Users 
Group, c/o Randy Cummings, 124 W. 
10th St., Andover, KS 67002, 
316/733-0242 . 

Louisville, KY: Bruce S. Chang, 6 
Rio Vista Dr., Louisville, KY 
40207, 502/458-6163. 

Matawan, NJ: Aerco Disc Nationwide 
Users Group, c/o Burke Mawby, POB 
49, Matawan, NJ 07747, 201/566- 
7445 (bus), 201/583-4675 (res). 

Amarillo, TX: New group forming, 
contact Joe E. Jenkins, 3100 
Mockingbird, Amarillo, TX 79109, 


A 10 Ohm, 1/4 Watt resistor in 
series with the hot lead of the ZX- 
99 Tape Controller remote line may 
prevent the internal relay from 
sticking closed. 

If you want to add this 
resistor without opening up your 
ZX-99, it can be fit inside the 
remote plug to the cassette deck. 

Jay Siegel, Brooklyn, NY 



PRO/FILE 2068 stores your database 
of up to 28,000 characters 
organized into files ("screens") 
and allows fast searching, user 
formatted printing, screen editing, 
and alphabetized file index. 
Available now, full documentation 
to come later, $29.95 cassette from 
Thomas B. Woods, POB 64, Jefferson, 
NH 03583, 603/586-7734. 

ROMPAK now offers 5 ROMs for their 
$16.95 ROM cartridge board (see 
review SYNTAX Jan.84): ZX PRO/FILE, 
Thomas Woods database program for 
ZX/TS ($24.95), TEXTWRITER word 
processor ($24.95), QUICKLOAD, 

LOADS and SAVEs 16K in 30 seconds 
($17.95 sep., included in PRO/FILE 
music program ($15.95), and GRAPHIX 
PAK utility routines ($16.95). 

Plans for 2716, 32, 64 EPROM 
programmer $15. ROMPAK Inc., Suite 
100, 82 06 Blackburn Ave., Los 
Angeles, CA 90048, 213/653-9741. 

CLS (POB 104, Cochituate, MA 01778) 
publishes a telephone directory of 
toll-free 800 numbers for leading 
high-tech computer firms ($3 PPD). 

JRC SOFTWARE (POB 448, Scottsburg, 
IN 47170 812/752-6071, -5106) 
offers the TS1000 Incredible Super 
Tape ($24.95 + $.37 SASE) with over 
20 programs, most in MC. Includes 
sound effects, system programs, an 
oscilloscope program, tape unlock, 
assembler, text editor, etc. 

Similar package for TS2068s also 
available, including Hi-Res Lander, 
Oscilloscope, and The Great 
Graphics Show. All with a 10-day 
unconditional money-back guarantee. 

Games to Learn By (POB 575, 
Williamsburg, MA 01096 413/268- 
7505) offers 3 new TS2068 games: 
DeathChase (3-D motorcycle chase) 
for $19.95, Mystery Manor (graphic 
adventure) for $15.95, and Art for 
All Ages (2068 canvas) for $15.95. 

Fidelity Brokerage Services (82 
Devonshire St., Boston, MA 02109 
800/343-8722) announces the first 
national home brokerage trading 
service, allowing subscribers to 
enter buy and sell orders on listed 
and OTC stocks and options 24 hours 
a day. Any terminal or computer 
with a modem may be used (MD-2 and 
ZX/TS or MD-68 and TS2068, for 
instance). Access is via TELENET. 
Available for a one-time subscrip¬ 
tion charge of $195, plus $.40/min. 
(business hours) or $.10/min (non¬ 
business hours). 


Please mention that you saw it in 
SYNTAX. We can't grow unless 
advertisers know you read us. 


To put the TS2068 (or ZX Spectrum) 
in caps mode (C cursor) from within 
a program, use: POKE 23658,8. 

Reset with POKE 23658,0. 

Randy Cummings, Andover, KS 


To use the ZX printer with the 
2068, wire a 9VDC power supply to 
the printer (do not connect to edge 
connector) . 


Your TS2040 Printer can use the 
thermal paper sold by Radio Shack 
for use with their 40 column Color 
Computer printer. 


If you get The Works before Apr.15, 
you can select, absolutely FREE, 
any three products (including a 16K 
RAMpak, The. ZX81/TS1000 Home 
Computer Book, VU-CALC, Frogger, 
and many other Timex software 
titles) from the list on the back 
cover of SYNTAX, February 84. 



* Review appeared in SYNTAX (consult our Dec.83 Index) 

+ Future title still scheduled for publication 

- Out of stock but not out of print 

McGraw-Hill Books, 1221 Ave. Americas, New York, NY 10020 212/512-2000 

0-07-001698-4 An Introduction to Vu-Calc Spreadsheeting for the Timex- 
Sinclair 2000 & the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 
0-07-001699-2 An Introduction to Visicalc Spreadsheeting on the ZX-81 & 
Timex-Sinclair 1000 

*0-07-010831-5 Crunchers: 21 Games for the Timex Sinclair 1000 (2K) 
0-07-022677-6 Gosubs: 100 Program-Building Subroutines in 
Timex-Sinclair BASIC 

0-07-02 3959-2 Bogglers: 22 Smart Games (2k to 16k) in 
Timex-Sinclair BASIC 

0-07-031449-7 ZX81-TS1000 Programming for Young Programmers 

0-07-037444-9 Science & Engineering Programs for the Timex-Sinclair 
1000: Professional Programs for the Timex Sinclair 

0-07-044041-7 BASICS: A Guide to the Timex-Sinclair 1000 (2K) 

Osborne McGraw-Hill, 2600 10th St., Berkely, CA 94710 800/227-2895 
0-88134-106-1 ZX81, TS1000 Home Computer Book 

Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632 201/592-2000 
0-13-037318-4 Animation, Games, & Graphics for the Timex 1000 
+0-13-081050-9 Brain Ticklers: Timex Sinclair 1000 Version 

0-13-164278-2 Computer Graphics for the TIMEX 1000 & Sinclair ZX-81 
+0-13-477430-2 Introducing Timex-Sinclair 2000 Machine Code: How to Get 
+0-13-477422-1 More Speed & Power 

+0-13-561853-3 Mathematical Problem-Solving with the Microcomputer: 

Timex Sinclair 1000 Version 
+0-13-729582-0 Programming the Timex-Sinclair 2000 

0-13-729673-8 Programming Projects for Your Timex-Sinclair 1000 
0-13-729798-X Programs for Your Timex-Sinclair 1000 

0-13-729871-4 Programming Your Timex-Sinclair 1000 in BASIC 

0-13-918904-1 Thirty Games for the Timex-Sinclair 1000 

0-13-921759-2 Timex-Sinclair Interfacing: Tested Interfacing Projects 
0-13-921742-8 for the ZX80, ZX81 & the Timex-Sinclair 1000 
+0-13-921767-3 The Timex-Sinclair 2000 & How to Get the Most From It 
+0-13-921791-6 Timex-Sinclair 2000 Book of Games 

+0-13-921974-9 The Timex TS 2000: Your Personal Computer 

Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., Jacob Way, Reading, MA 01867 617/944-3700 

0-201-11064-4 Seventy Games for the Timex-Sinclair 1000 
0-201-16479-5 Tantalizing Games for the Timex Sinclair 2000 
+ 0-2 01-14649-5 An Explorer's Guide to the Timex-Sinclair 1000 & the 
Timex-Sinclair 2000 

Focal Press, 80 Montvale Ave., Stoneham, MA 02180 617/438-8464 

0-408-01101-7 Learning BASIC with your Sinclair ZX80 
0-4 08-0132 3-0 ZX Spectrum User's Handbook 

0-408-01338-9 Introducing ZX80 Assembly Language Programming 
Bantam Books Inc., 666 5th Ave., New York, NY 10103 212/765-3535 
*0-553-23241-X Mastering Your Timex-Sinclair 1000 Personal Computer 


Dell Publ., 1 Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, New York, NY 10017 212/605-3000 

0-440-52785-6 Games for Your Timex-Sinclair 1000 
0-440-52794-5 Games for Your Timex-Sinclair 2000 
New American Library, 1633 Broadway, New York, NY 10019 212/397-8000 
*0-451-12138-4 The Timex Personal Computer Made Simple 
0-451-12598-3 51 Game Programs for the Timex Sinclair 1000 & 1500 

John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 605 3rd Ave., New York, NY 10158 212/850-6000 
0-471-88730-7 What Can I Do with My Timex Sinclair 1000? Lots!: 56 
0-471-88729-3 Programs for the Timex Sinclair 1000 & ZX81 
0-471-89099-5 The Timex Sinclair 2000 Series Explored 
*0-471-89888-0 Byteing Deeper in Your Timex Sinclair 1000 
Howard W. Sams, 4300 W. 62nd St., Indianapolis, IN 46268 317/298-5400 
*0-672-21957-3 ZX-81 BASIC Book 

0-672-22012-1 Timex-Sinclair 1000/ZX81 User's Handbook 
0-672-22077-6 Timex-Sinclair BASIC Primer With Graphics 
0-672-22225-6 Timex-Sinclair 2068 Beginner/Intermediate Guide 
Birkhauser Books, 380 Green St., Cambridge, MA 02139 617/576-6637 
3-7643-3080-5 Timex Sinclair One-Thousand: Programs, Games, & Graphics 
3-7643-3115-1 Machine Code & Better BASIC: For the Timex Sinclair 
1000 & 2000 

Hayden Book Co., 50 Essex St., Rochelle Park, NJ 07662 201/393-6000 

0-8104-2102-4 Timex-Sinclair BASIC 
0-8104-1064-8 Timex-Sinclair Color Graphics 
Tab Books Inc., Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17214 717/794-2191 

0-8306-0108-2 A Kid's Manual for Programming the Sinclair-Timex 
0-8306-0608-4 Computers 

0-8306-0117-1 Using & Programming the ZX81-TS1000, Including Ready-to- 
0-8306-0617-3 Run Programs 
0-8306-0523-1 The Sinclair ZX81 
+0-8306-0708-0 A Kid's First Book to the Timex Sinclair 2068 

0-8306-1623-3 Computer Companion for the Timex-Sinclair Computers 
Reston Publ. Co., 11480 Sunset Hills Rd., Reston, VA 22090 703/437-8900 

0-8359-0348-6 BASIC Basics for the Timex Sinclair 1500 
*0-8359-4255-4 Mastering Machine Code on Your Timex Sinclair 1500 
+0—8359—7699—8 Timex Sinclair 2068, 1500, and 1000 Machine Language 
Programming and Interfacing 

Melbourne House, 333 E. 46st St., New York, NY 10017 212/490-7957 

*0-86161-101-2 Machine Language Programming Made Simple for the Sinclair 
0-86161-103-9 Understanding Your ZX81 Rom 
*0-86161-113-6 The Complete Sinclair ZX81 ROM Disassembly 
0-86161-102-0 Not Only 30 Programs for the ZX81 
0-86161-118-7 The Ins & Outs of the TS1000/ZX81 
0-86161-105-5 The Complete ZX81/TS1000 BASIC Course 
ARCsoft Publishers, POB 132, Woodsboro, MD 21798 301/845-8856 
0-86668-020-9 One Hundred & One Timex 1000-Sinclair ZX-81 Programming 
Tips & Tricks 

0-86668-021-7 Thirty Seven Timex 1000-Sinclair ZX-81 Computer Programs 
for Home, School & Office 

0-86668-026-8 Timex-Sinclair Computer Games Programs 

0-86668-027-6 Practical Timex-Sinclair Computer Programs for Beginners 
0-86668-810-2 Timex-Sinclair Computer Program Writing Workbook 
Wayne Green Inc., Rt. 101 & Elm St., Peterboro, NH 03458 800/343-0728 
0-88006-063-8 Converting to Timex-Sinclair BASIC 
0-88006-065-4 Using the Timex-Sinclair 1000 & 1500 


Simon & Schuster, 1230 Ave. Americas; New York, NY 10020 212/245-6400 

0-671-47069-8 The Essential Guide to Timex/Sinclair Home Computers 
Que Corporation, 7960 Castleway Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46250 317/842-7162 
-0-88022-016-3 The Timex-Sinclair User's Guide, Vol. 1 
0-88022-028-7 Timex-Sinclair 1000 Pocket Dictionary 
-0-88022-029-5 Timex-Sinclair User's Guide, Vol. 2 
0-88022-030-9 Timelost: Timex-Sinclair 1000 Version 
Datamost Inc., 8943 Fullbright Ave., Chatsworth, CA 91311 818/709-1202 
0-88190-058-3 The Elementary Timex-Sinclair 
Dilithium Press, 11000 SW 11th St., Beaverton, OR 97005 800/547-1842 
0-88056-090-8 The Sinclair ZX81 Book-Software Package: Programming for 
Real Applications, Also for the Timex Sinclair 1000 
0-88056-107-6 Using & Programming the Timex Sinclair Computer 
0-88056-113-0 How to Use the Timex-Sinclair Computer 
0-88056-127-0 Control Things with Your Timex-Sinclair 

0-88056-137-8 Thirty-Two BASIC Programs for the Timex-Sinclair Computer 

*0-88056-155-6 The Sinclair ZX-81: Programming for Real Applications, 
Also for the Timex Sinclair 1000 

R.J. Brady Publishing, Rts. 197 & 450, Bowie, MD 20715 301/262-6300 

0-89303-348-0 Brain Games for Kids & Adults Using the Timex-Sinclair 
1000, 1500 & 2000 Series 

+0-89303-874-1 Teach Yourself BASIC with the Timex-Sinclair Computer: A 
Beginner's Guide 

0-89303-941-1 VU-CALC & VU-FILE (The Organizer): Getting Serious with 
Your Timex-Sinclair 

Sybex Inc., 2344 Sixth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710 415/848-8233 

*0-89588-099-7 Your Timex Sinclair 1000 and ZX81 

Trillium Books, POB 921, Madison Sq., New York, NY 10159 212/684-7399 
0-89824-058-1 Kids Working with Computers: Timex Sinclair BASIC Manual 
Book Co., 11223 South Hindry Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90045 213/410-9466 
0-912003-16-2 The Timex-Sinclair User's Encyclopedia 
Cibbarelli, 11684 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604 818/797-7654 
0-913203-02-5 Introduction to Computer Programming for 
0-913203-01-7 Information Services 

Creative Comp., 39 E. Hanover Ave., Morris Plains, NJ 07950 2 01/54 0-0445 

0-916688-23-2 Fifty Programs for the Timex-Sinclair 1000 
*0-916688-26-7 The ZX-81 Companion 
*0-916688-33-X Getting Acquainted with Your ZX-81 
0-916688-41-0 The Gateway Guide to the ZX-81 & ZX-80 
0-916688-43-7 The Best of SYNC 

0-916688-48-8 The Timex-Sinclair 1000 Idea Book 
+0-916688-66-6 The Working Timex-Sinclair 2068 

Compusoft Publishing, 535 Broadway, El Cajon, CA 92021 619/588-0996 

*0-932760-15-5 Learning Timex Sinclair BASIC for the Timex 1000 & the 
Sinclair ZX81 

K.D.V.H.E. Publishers, POB 6788, Chicago, IL 60680 312/791-9065 

0-932810-00-4 Timex Sinclair Statistics: 12 16K Programs 
Including Multifactor Analysis of Variance 
0-932810-01-2 Timex Sinclair Statistics: 12 16K Programs 
0-932810-02-0 For the ZX81, TS1000, TS1500, Including 
0-932810-03-9 Multifactor Analysis of Variance (3 editions: 

Data in REM, Data in Strings, and Data in Array) 

Computer Engineering Services, POB 1222, Show Low, AZ 85901 No Phone 
*None The Expandable ZX80 and ZX81 



I could not believe the 
pullout of Timex until I read it in 
SYNTAX! It breaks my heart to see 
a superior product like the 2068 
left an orphan. However, it was 
heartening to read your page 10 
statement of intent. I whole¬ 
heartedly support your stand and 
will do all I can to support your 

I have always mentioned your 
name when I bought a product 
advertised in SYNTAX and there have 
been many occasions. 

Looking forward to all future 
issues, I am yours truly, 

Virginia T. Lake, Wilmington, DE 

Is there any additional 
documentation available for the 
Timex Vu-Calc program? There must 
be a better description than the 
one that comes with the tape. 

Don Durst, Kettering, OH 

Our list of ZX/TS Books in Print 
(this issue) lists two books about 
Vu-Calc, ISBN 0-07-001698-4 for the 
TS2000 (presumably meaning 2068) 
and ISBN 0-89303-941-1 for ZX/TS. 

I am trying to get a copy of 
the UK manual for the ZX Spectrum. 
The abbreviated 2068 manual does 
not cover the computer sufficiently 
and it may be doomsday before the 
Timex people come out with their 
own advanced manual. Of course, I 
am willing to buy the book if I 
knew where to get it. 

Warren Fricke, Depew, NY 

Sinclair's U.S. office cannot 
obtain Spectrum manuals for Timex 
customers since they do not support 
the TS2068. Timex will not publish 
the Advanced Programming Manual, 
however, they will make available 
technical information for the 2068 
starting in May. Schematics are 
available now. See story, page 1. 

After successfully using the 
old Sinclair ZX Printer for over a 
year, it finally gave out on me, 
and I decided to invest in the new 
Timex-Sinclair 2040 Printer. 

I am very disappointed in the 
product, specifically because the 
print is too light. Does anyone 
know of a way to improve the 
printing quality of the TS2040, so 
that it prints a darker, heavier 
image, at least as readable as the 
old ZX printer? 

Two separate phone calls to 
Timex have produced nothing but a 
"ho-hum" attitude. They don't seem 
to know anything about printing 
quality, and can't even tell me 
where I can buy replacement paper. 

Dan R. Sullivan, Seattle, WA 

TS2040S print darker on Radio Shack 
40 column thermal paper. We use it 
at SYNTAX for all our listings. 

I was shocked, as I'm sure 
many were, by the news that Timex 
was getting out of the computer 
business. And I'm worried about 
the alarming decrease in the 
SYNTAX'S size and ad volume. I 
almost feel I am the proud (?) 
owner of an unwanted orphan. Has 
my 16K ZX81 hit a dead end? 

I hope not. The Timex Sin¬ 
clair line remains an excellent 
value. The departure of Timex has 
created an opportunity for smaller, 
low-overhead operations to step in 
and fill the need for continued 
support of the T/S line. 

SYNTAX can play a badly needed 
role. People need to know what's 
happening. Who is selling, sup¬ 
porting, or developing what? Where 
can I get supplies and parts? 

What's happening in the U.K.? 

SYNTAX may be the only channel 
for distributing news and inform¬ 
ation to the T/S user community. 

It would be, in effect, the organ 
for a nation-wide user's group! 

Stephen Greene, N. Reading, MA 



Given the latitude, longitude, 
and local magnetic variation of a 
dish antenna and the longitude of a 
geostationary satellite, this 
program calculates the look angles 
(azimuth, elevation, and heading) 
for recieving signals. 

Because the ZX/TS computes 
trig functions only in radians, 

LOOK ANGLES converts all input into 
radians and all output back into 

This program runs on the 2 068 
without any changes after FIRST- 
LOAD ing. Adapted from a program 
published in ELECTRONICS . 8/25/82. 

Lawrence D. Terry, Naples, FL 


Here's a fast game written in 
machine code for ZX/TS machines. 

Enter the first listing, then 
RUN and input the numbers in the 
POKE list. Enter lines 20-50 in 
the final listing over the old 
lines. SAVE the program on tape, 
then check the Syntactic Sum. 

To play, RUN and avoid the 
asteroids by moving left and right 
(with 5 and 8). You get one point 
for each asteroid you avoid. Start 
a new game by pressing any key. 

Craig Bird, Victoria, BC, Canada 









In Stock! NEW MD-2B kit 
smart MODEM $119. 95 

• Send and receive Programs by Pb 

• Copy Information into mernoty ijjf / 

Print it, Review it. Save it on Tape ^ ' 

• Use Timex 2040 Printer or RS-232 **+*-«** 

• No extra memory Required 

See Review in Feb. ’84 SYNTAX • 2 FREE Hours on COMPUSERVE 


NEW MD-68 FOR THE 2068 


64-K MEMORY $109. 95 k.t I ?Sp“l ke . 

the “ULTIMATE MEMORY’’ $119. 95 assembled 

KEYBOARD without case .... .$39. 95 


w HD A /Til C Cassette & Book $16.95 

rnU/rlLL including shipping 

Clearly the Best File Management Program Avaiable. 
NEW PRO/FILE 2068 including shipping 

A new version of the Popular ZX PRO/FILE Program with many 
new features for the 2068. Includes a 100 Page Manual. 

CONTROL MODULE 8 relays, 8 inputs, $59. 95 KIT $69. 95 ASSEMBLED 


Rt. 3, Boi 147, Brodla Road I a I 

Laaavllla, S.C. 29070 I M ' I Hi 

ORDER PHONE 803-532-5812 1 

Add $4.95 shipping and handling 

90 Day Warranty On All Moduias. 10—Day Ralurn Priviladge_ 


This reverses every character 
on the screen. Enter the first 
program, RUN and input the numbers 
in the POKE list. Then enter lines 
5-80 in the second listing and RUN. 
Lines 20 & 30 reverse the screen; 
lines 50 & 60 set back to normal. 




These two programs do the same 
thing: POKE the attribute file with 
random colors, then sort the bytes, 
resulting in a display of the sort 
in progress on the screen. 

you can see what happens. You can 
add a line 77 PAUSE 15 to get a 
better look at the sorting process. 
This version has a BEEP loop at the 
end so you'll know when it's done 
(it takes about 2 hours to RUN). 

Now try M/C COLORSORT. You 
should be truly impressed. It 
finishes the sort in just a few 
seconds, PAUSES, and starts over. 

Lloyd Painter, Quackertown, PA 

Here's a program that counts 
on simple math to produce a random 
display of fans of color. It works 
by picking two pairs of points on 
the screen and drawing a series of 
lines between them. It leaves them 
on the screen for a while and then 
quietly picks up after itself. 

SYNTAX is published monthly by a wholly- 

owned subsidiary of The Harvard Group. 

Syntax ZX80, Inc. 

RD 2, Box 457, Harvard, MA 01451. 

Telephone 617/456-3661. 

12 issues, $29. Single issue, $4. 

Consulting Editor: 
Technical Consultant: 

Kirtland H. Olson 
Eric K. Olson 
Ann L. Zevnik 
Kirtland H. Olson 

© Syntax ZX80, Inc., 1984. All rights reserved. 
Photocopying prohibited. ISSN 0273-2696 


SYNTAX invites you to express opinions related to any Sinclair or Timex com¬ 
puter or peripheral, or the newsletter. We will print, as space allows, letters discuss¬ 
ing items of general interest. Of course we reserve the right to edit letters to a 
suitable length and to refuse publication of any material. 

We welcome program listings for all levels of expertise, written in either Sinclair 
BASIC or Z80 machine code. Programs can be for any fun or useful purpose. We 
will test run each one before publishing it, but we will not debug programs; please 
send only workable listings. Programs submitted on cassette can be tested more 
quickly and with less chance of error. 

In return for your listing, we will pay you a token fee of $2.00 per program we 
use. This payment gives us the nonexclusive right to use that program in any form, 
world-wide. This means you can still use it, sell it, or give it away, and so can we. 

We will consider submissions of news and hardware or software reviews. Please 
keep articles short (350-400 words). Again, we reserve the right to edit accepted 
articles to suitable length. We will pay 7 cents per 6 characters, including spaces and 
punctuation, for accepted articles. 

When you send in articles for possible publication in SYNTAX, please include 
the following information: 

• How to operate the program, including what to input if it does not contain 

• Whether you can run the program over again and how. 

• How to exit the program. 

• The Syntactic Sum (program published in June 81; 
send SASE for a free copy). 

• What RAM size program requires. 

• What ROM program uses (8K, 2068, Spectrum). 

• For MC programs, what addresses must change to relocate the code and what 
ROM calls are used. 

We pay for this explanatory text at the same rate as we pay for articles in addi¬ 
tion to payment for the program itself. 

If you want us to return your original program listing or article, please include 
a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Otherwise, we cannot return submitted material. 


During the next few weeks you 
will be inundated with bargains and 
off-price offers. Refer to your 
back issues of SYNTAX as you plan 
to deal with various vendors. Keep 
these points in mind. 

Vendors who never got it right 
before do not improve as they leave 
the business. Undelivered orders 
are not bargains. Use charge-card 
or COD payments to give you some 
leverage, and act swiftly if your 
order is delayed. 

Know the terms before you buy. 
As-is, where-is means you must know 
what you're buying. 

Closeouts, selloffs and other 
quick-disposal schemes are not seen 
by sellers as the start of a long¬ 
term relationship. Sellers want 
volume, turnover, & low order cost. 
Do not bet against yourself by 
thinking they want future benefits. 

Unsupported accessories may 
come at low prices, but can you do 
repairs? Will you get enough data? 
Timex computers & printers are good 
buys even at list price, but how 
about the tape recorder? Can you 
gain by buying it? What discount 
will equalize the value to one from 
a continuing manufacturer? 

Full price for full value is 
not the worst deal—just watch. 

Fill out the coupon below and mail to: SYNTAX, RD 2, Box 457, Harvard, MA 01451 

□ My check is enclosed. □ Please charge my □ VISA 

Make checks Payable to: □ Diner’s Club □ Mastercard 

SYNTAX ZX80, Inc. □ American Express □ Access 

□ Carte Blanche □ Barclaycard 

Account number _ 

Exp. date _ Bank number (MC only) _ 

Signature _ 

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Phone: Day (_) _ Evening (_) _ 

□ My subscription number is: _ 

□ This is a new subscription 


YES! Please send me: 

□ The Combination II (13 issues of SYNTAX and SQ 

Winter 82-Summer 83) . . . .\ . S39 

□ The Catch-up II (SYNTAX Jan. 82-Jan. 84, SQ Winter 

82-Summer 83, plus binder) . $77 

□ THE WORKS II (SYNTAX Nov. 80-Dec. 83, SQ Winter 

82-Summer 83, plus 2 binders) . $97 

□ 12 issues of SYNTAX . $29 

□ 3 issues of Syntax Quarterly (Winter 82-Summer 83) .. $25 

□ 1 issue Syntax Quarterly □ Winter 82 ( □ Spring 83 

□ Summer 83 ... $9 

□ 1 Binder . $9 0 1 issue of Syntax . $4 

Telephone orders call 

These offers expire 5/15/84 — SUBSCRIBE NOW. 



Reach 1000s of ZX/TS users! Call 
SYNTAX for details: 617/456-3661 

The best of the TS1000 machine 
utilities has migrated to the 
2068. Assemble, disassemble, 
label, relocate, single step, 
print/save listings with this 
multi-purpose utility. HOT Z-II 
is the way to learn Z80 code and 
discover how the computer works. 
Just $24.95 + $2 ph from Sinware 
PO Box 8032, Santa Fe, NM 87504 

CALL US! Take advantage of Timex's 
closeouts on TS2040 Printers,TS2050 
Modems,TS2 068 1 s,RAM-PACKS,TS1000's, 
software,etc. We accept VISA & MC. 
ZEBRA SYSTEMS. INC. (212) 296-2385 
78-06 Jamaica Ave,Woodhaven,NYll421 

Educational,practical programs.Send 
« for FREE catalog,program listings; 

data returns 22-Instant Charts;Each 
Chart covers 51-days.TSl000+64K RAM 

PRO/FILE UPDATES the newsletter for 
ZX Pro/File owners. Get mods, uses, 
enhancements, and explanations as 
they occur for $9.95/yr. 

Get the PRO/FILE program for $16.95 
on AERCO disk w/instructions $39.95 
New PRO/FILE 2068 on tape $29.95 
VISA/MC welcome-call (603) 586-7734 
Tom Woods Box 64 Jefferson,NH 03583 


* Kit $34:90; additional 6116LP-3 * 

* $8:50 each; ZX81/TS1000 female * 

* connectors gold bifurcated $5.00* 

* male extenders $1.50; HUNTER * 
* 1630 Forest Hills Qkemos MI 48864 * 

**NAMES** A Genealogical File 
Program for the ZX-81 and T/S 1000. 
Holds complete data on 100 persons. 
Searches, lists and prints data. 
Requires 64K memory. Also available 
for TIMEX 2000 series (holds data 
on 70 persons). $30 pp. Send check 
or money order to V.T. Lake, 

P.O.Box 351, Hockessin, DE 19707 

The #1 Timex database manager plus: 
QUICKLOAD-saves/loads a 16K file in 
30 sec! Stores 1 MEGABYTE on 1 tape 
Next best thing to a disk...with 59 
pg. manual. Send 39.95 + 2.75 sh to 
ROMPAK 8206 Blackburn Ave. 

L.A. CA 90048 Send SASE for catalog 




Bolton Road, Harvard. Mass. 01451 

First Class 

U.S. Postage 


Harvard, MA 
Permit No. 8 



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