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Come To The 
Meeting And See! 




November 3 rd 1998 

St. Leander School 

Davis Street - San Leandro 

October Stuff! 

President Robbie Bridges called the 
meeting to order at 8 PM with all officers in 
attendance. The meeting was a welcome 
change in the scenery, we had a very good 
turnout and very good membership 

club* While many of us have discussed this, no one 
has actually opened the subject up and tried to pin 
down, what we should be doing at future meetings. 
Well we cannot continue letting it slide* So at this 
months meeting, one way or another we will at least 
start talking about our future* 

That's all****. See you at the meeting !! 

Robbie reviewed the raffle prizes for the 
night’s raffle and an impressive collection of 
prizes they were. A complete Mega ST system 
including hard drives topped the list and was 
followed by a large assortment of vintage Atari 
pieces and parts. 

Digital cameras became a main subject 
for the night’s meeting when one of our 
members, shall we say a real fanatic on the 
subject, brought his experiences with this 
relatively new medium for all to appreciate and 
learn from. Mildred Lepley (Millie) just 
happened to have her Sony digital camera with 
her and joined in and told of her experiences 
and passed around copies of photos she had 
taken at the previous meeting. Much 
discussion was held on the use of digital 
pictures on the Internet, both in setting up 
Web Sites and for general viewing. The point 
was made that there was no cost for film or 
any costs to develop the pictures, as in this 
case, the Sony camera saves the pictures to a 
regular floppy disc that can be read on almost 
any PC. 

Bob Woolley demonstrated the latest 
piece of hardware for the 8-bit called Jam!!, 
which is made by Aimslab. This little jewel 
allows the 8-bit (or any NTSC video) to play 8 
bit games and view them on a VGA monitor. 
Bob used the old favorite “Pacman” game to 
show off the Jam!! From what I was able to 
see and do this is the best solution to running 8 
bit games yet. The Pacman play was as good 
or better than on the 8 Bit monitors. 

The October meeting was very good and 
informative but there was one item we didn’t 

rrivpr That. it.pTm is the future direction nf the 

Jim Moran - Secretary 

Club Officers: 

President Robbie Bridges (51 0)797-5636 

rrbridges&home . com 
Vice President Peter Chen (408)259-9642 
Treasurer Glenn Fowler (510)530-7128 
Secretary Jim Moran (510)865-6122 

Software Chairmen: 

8-Bit emeritus Bob Scholar 
8-Bit Terry Stearns 

16/32-Bit Glenn Fowler 




Disk Librarians: 

8-Bit Glenn Fowler (510)530-7128 


Special Interest Groups: 

Beginners ST 
Beginners 8-Bit 
Beginners Clone 

Jim Moran (510)865-6122 
Glenn Fowler (510)530-7128 
Jim Moran (510)865-6122 

Journal Staff 

8-Bit Editor Bob Woolley (510)865-1672 

rwoolleyQpacbell . net